Vinyl Records & Music Ephemera Auction on
Thursday 8th February 2018

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601.    Punk LP's, to include Sex Pistols 'Never Mind The Bo**ocks'; X-Ray Spex 'Germ Free Adolescents'; The Jam 'All Mod Cons'; The Skids 'Wide Open'; 'Sex Pistols 'A Punk Prayer by Ronnie Biggs', Sham 69, Stranglers also noted. (7) 30-50
602.    The Animals. Five 1960's EP's to include 1st, The Animals Are Back, The Animals (SEG 8439), In The Beginning There Was and The Animals Is Here; together with four 45rpms. (9) 20-40
603.    The Animals: 'Animal Tracks' LP, 1965, blue/black Columbia, Mono 33SX 1708, -1/-1 matrix, polylined Emitex inner sleeve, flipback Garrod & Lofthouse sleeve (Patents Pending) and 'Animalisms' LP, 1966, unboxed red grooved Decca, Mono LK 4797, 1A/1A matrix, polylined inner, flipback MacNeill sleeve.(2). 30-50
604.    LP's. To include Manfred Mann 'Five Faces Of' mono CLP 1731, original polylined inner, 1N/1N Matrix, Patents Pending sleeve; 'Mann Made', mono CLP 1911, -2/-1 matrix, Patents Pending sleeve; Donovan 'Fairytale', 'What's Bin Hid', Pink Floyd 'Piper At The Gates of Down' mono 1967 (poor record, good sleeve), Procol Harum 'A Salty Dog' and 'Well Respected' Kinks. (7) 25-40
605.    Pink Floyd 'A Nice Pair' (Two LP Harvest, Stereo 4031, -1/-2/-1/-3, Boxed EMI), Rolling Stones 'Exile On Main Street' (Stereo A2/B1/C1/D2) - no cards, Traffic 'Mr Fantasy' (Island, Stereo, Pink Rim), Taj Mahal 'Giant Step' (Direction A1/B1/C1/D1), Roy Harper 'Flat Baroque' (Harvest) and an original 1970 Isle of Wight Festival programme (damages). 30-50
606.    Pink Floyd 'See Emily Play', 'Arnold Layne 7" singles, 'Point Me At The Sky' (p/s) and 'One Of These Days' 7" Italian pressings (p/s), Yes 'Something's Coming', Electric Flag etc. 15-30
607.    Queen 'The Complete Works', box set of fourteen LP's in numbered white embossed sleeves, with poster and inserts; together with Queen Greatest Hits I, II and III. (4) 50-80
608.    A Rare Julie Driscoll Promotional Poster, circa early 1970's, produced by Polydor records, cubist style art work after W. Loth. Ohermann, Hamburg, 115 x 80cm. 50-100
609.    Reggae Interest - a nice collection of 7" singles (mostly 1960's /70's) to include artists Pioneers, Prince Buster, The Aggravators, Upsetters, Jubilee Stompers etc (labels: Trojan, Explosion, Cactus, Ackee, Blue Beat, Grape etc.):- One Box 30-50
610.    Reggae Interest - to include 'Club Ska '67' (2 vols, Wirl label); 'This Is Sue' (Island compilation, mono, eye logo, 1969); Otis Wright 'It Will Soon Be Done' (Doctor Bird), Ken Boothe 'Mr Rock Steady' (Studio One, 1967), Shadow 'Constant Jammin' etc. 30-50
611.    Promo's/Demonstration 7" Vinyl - Bob Dylan, Iron Virgin, Stephen Stills, Neil Young, Steve and Eydie, Curved Air, Gladys Knight, Johnnie Ray, Michael Holliday etc. 20-40
612.    A Nice Collection of Over Eighty Punk and Inspired 7" Singles, including Vibrators, Sex Pistols, X-Ray Spex, Clash, Monks, Devo, Tubes, Bishops, Undertones, Jam, Rich Kids, Patti Smith, 999, Dickies etc (picture discs and coloured vinyl noted):- One Box 30-50
613.    Yardbirds 'Five Live' LP, 1964, Mono 33SX 1677, Columbia blue/black, 1N/1N matrix, Emitex inner, flipback Garrod & Lofthouse Patents Pending sleeve; plus 'Five Yardbirds' EP; 'Yardbirds 'Roger The Engineer' LP, The Troggs 'Trogglodynamite', LP 1967 Page One. (4) 30-50
614.    The Who 'My Generation' LP (Brunswick LAT 8616 Mono, 1965, 1B/1B matrix); The Doors 'L.A. Woman' (Elektra, Stereo); The Monkees '1st', (RCA Victor, Mono 1966); Donovan 'What's Bin Did and What's Bin Hid' LP (NPL 18117, Pye 1965) and The Rolling Stones 'Miss You' 12" single, pink vinyl. (5) 30-50
615.    Punk/New Wave/Indie/Mod Revival - 7" Singles, to include Specials, The Jam, Undertones, Damned, The Beat, Elvis Costello, Adverts, Stranglers etc (over fifty):- One Box 20-40
616.    Soul Interest - A Small Collection, to include Jackson 5 'Hallelujah Day' (demo), Narvel Felts (Southern Sound), Supremes, Edwin Starr, Four Tops, Velvelletes, Eddie Curtis (Raftis Records), Candy and The Kisses (Lost Nite), Delfonics (Philly Groove), Shirelles, Patti Labelle (King), Rascals, Dion etc. 15-25
617.    The Cramps 'Kizmiaz' 12" Single, pink vinyl, 'Get Off The Road', 10" and 7" singles, Fuzztones; Illusions of The Crackling Void, Psychotic Reactions Comp, Teenage Riot, Girl groups, T-Rex etc. (coloured vinyl noted). 20-30
618.    Nick Drake 'Five Leaves Left' LP, early 70's Island Pink Rim pressing, A-3U/B-3U matrix endings, sleeve printed by Rabor Ltd. 30-50
619.    Film Interest - 'Sid and Nancy - Love Kills', colour poster of the 1986 film release, 101 x 67cm, framed and glazed. 40-60
620.    Early Rock/ Rockabilly etc., a great batch of 7" singles, many on obscure US labels (Tiara, Spade, King etc) to include Vera Pullens, Mac Curtis, The Phantom, Sammy Gowans, The Shirelles etc. and other vinyl. 30-50
621.    Rap/Gangsta Rap - a collection of 12" singles, LP's etc., to include Ice Cube (Death Certificate, Kill At Will, Amerikkas Most Wanted), Public Enemy, EPMD, Tony D, NWA, X-Clan, London Posse etc. (press release inserts noted). 30-50
622.    A Collection of Over Sixty CD's (Promo Only/'Not For Sale' Issues) - Oasis 'Masterplan' and Oasis Collectors 'Be Here Now', Methodman, Massive Attack, Moloko, Ludacris, L.L. Cool J; plus many obscure artists including Nova Mob, Speech, Liquor Giants, Le Tone, Syd Matters, Mecca Normal etc:- One Box 20-40
623.    Procol Harum '1st' LP, 1967, blue Regal Zonophone, Mono LRZ 1001, -2/-2 matrix, Garrod & Lofthouse patents pending flipback sleeve; Eric Burdon and The Animals 'Winds of Change' LP, 1967, MGM Mono C-8052, -1/-1 matrix, flipback Garrod & Lofthouse Patents Pending sleeve; and Georgie Fame 'Sweet Things' 1966, blue/black Columbia, Mono, -1/-1matrix. (3) 30-50
624.    Traffic '2nd LP', stereo Island ILPS 9081T, Pink Rim A-3U/B-3U and an unknown White Label LP (possibly 'Little Feat'?). (2) 15-20
625.    60's US Interest - Beach Boys 'Smile' (Rainbow Capitol, -1/-1 matrix, mono, Patents Pending sleeve); Monkees 'Monkey Business' 12" picture disc; Sonny and Cher ' Look At Us' (purple Atlantic, mono), Nancy Dinatra 'Boots' (three colour steamboat Reprise). 15-30
626.    Late 60's/Early 70's Prog/Rock - Fat 'Same Title' (RCA Victor 1970 1E/1E); Show Of Hands 'Formerly Anthrax' (Elektra stereo A1/B1 matrix), 'It's A Beautiful Day 's/t' (CBS A2/B1); Marvin, Welch & Farrar 'Second Opinion' and a related 7" single, Mungo Jerry 'Electronically Tested, Amon Duul etc. 30-50
627.    Psych/Pop/Soul 45rpm's. To include the rare West Coast Delegation 'Reach The Top' (Deram 113), Dead Sea Fruit 'Kensington High Street' (Camp), Jimi Hendrix, The Nashville Teens, Sam The Sham, Lovin' Spoonful (Kama Sutra), Murray Head, Sorrows, James Brown, Frugal Sound, Ivans Meads; together with Tamla Motown/Stateside/Atlantic labels, Dylan, Troggs etc:- One Tray 30-50
628.    A 'ZZ Top' Freestanding Promotional 3D Effect Card Display For The 'Recycler' Tour, c.1991, 73 x 98cm, and ten late 1980's/early 1990's rock/metal tour and other band T-shirts - Aerosmith 1993, Pantera 1994, Metallica 91-92, Danzig 1992 (?), Skid Row 1989, Red Hot Chilli Peppers 1992, Ozzy Osbourne 'Ozmosis', Terrorvision, Shamen, Hendrix; and a pair of drumsticks. 30-50
629.    A Collection of LP's and 7" Records, to include Meat Loaf 'Bat Out of Hell', The Who, Michael Jackson, Spandau Ballet, Drifters, Foreigner, Tamla Motown (Four Tops) etc:- Two Boxes and a 1960's 45rpm chrome display rack. (3) 20-40
630.    A Collection of LP's. To include The Monkees (2), Simon and Garfunkel (3), Bob Lind, Paul Simon Songbook, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, Santana, Bobby Goldsboro, Eagles, CCR and twelve Dr. Hook LP's. 20-40
631.    Elvis Interest - A collection of LP's, EP's and box set to include Tickle Me Vol 2, For Every One, Roustabout, Jailhouse Rock etc; together with further LP's (Searchers, Dave Clark Five, Robin McNamara, Hollies, Kinks, Moody Blues) etc. 20-30
632.    A Quantity of LP's, 12" Singles etc. to include Michael Jackson (picture disc noted), Prince, Soft Cell, Oscar The Frog, Gerry Rafferty, Music De Wolfe 'Airwaves', B52's, Gene Page etc; together with a Jimi Hendrix CD box set etc:- One Box 20-30
633.    US Blues. A nice collection to include Charley Musselwhite 'Stone Blues', The Son Seals Blues Band, James and Snooky Pryor, Magic Sam, Bobby Bland, Muddy Waters, Albert King, Junior Wells Chicago Blues Band, Sonny Boy Williamson 'Down and Out Blues' (Pye Int) etc. 30-50
634.    A Quantity of LP's and 45rpms. To include John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Dire Straits, Boston, Rod Stewart, Bowie, Meat Loaf, Foreigner, Kate Bush, UB40, Supertramp, 10cc. 40-50
635.    A Mixed Selection of LP's and Over Three Hundred 45rpm's. Including The Rolling Stones, Beatles, Scorpions (red vinyl), DJ Promo, Genesis, Skids, Robbie Williams, Boomtown Rats etc. and a small quantity of circa 1960's music scores (Gun, The Move etc). 20-40
636.    1980's Interest - A collection of over sixty-five LP's/12" singles to include Elvis Costello Interview picture disc, Cream 'Fresh Cream' (re-issue), Marc Almond, Roxette, Eurythmics, Julian Cope, Simple Minds, Wham, Thompson Twins, Level 42, Paula Abdul, J.M. Jarre, compilations etc:- One Box 20-40
637.    Harry J All Stars 'Liquidator' LP (Trojan), John Schroeder's 'Working in The Soulmine' LP (Picadilly mono 1966), 'Where Soul Begins - Kent Modern' comp; and The Best of Pebbles Vol 1. (4) 20-40
638.    Soul LP's - Barbara Lewis 'It's Magic' (Atlantic), Temptations 'Live' (Tamla, Stereo), 'Cloud Nine' (Tamla, Stereo), 'London Swings at The Marquee (Pye, mono 1966), Jimmy James and The Vagabonds 'You Don't Stand a Chance' (Pye); The Girls With Soul' LP (Wand 1970), 'Soul Direction' (compilation, 1968) etc. 40-70
639.    Gravy Train: Ballad of A Peaceful Man' LP, small Vertigo swirl 6360 051, 1971, 1Y/1 2Y/1 matrix endings (note: record only - no outer gatefold sleeve or swirl inner) - a Holy Grail of a Prog Rock LP. 30-50
640.    An Intereresting Collection of 45prm's (mostly 1960's), including scarce labels Avanti, Prodigal, Flashback, Black Wax, Gallotone, Cadet Concept, Jolly etc; together with four 'Calibre Auto Recordings', Dave Clark 5 EP, Frigid Pink, Montanas 45's etc. 20-30
641.    The Beatles 'Magical Mystery Tour EP, 1967, Twist and Shout EP (8882), Kwyet Kinks EP, Dave Berry 'Can I Get It From You' EP and Manfred Mann 'The One In The Middle' EP. (5) 20-30
642.    Foo Fighters/Led Zeppelin LP's - a nice collection of six Foo Fighters LP's, Greatest Hits (2009), In Your Honour, Skin and Bones, There is Nothing Left to Loose, Foo Fighters (all 2011) and Concrete and Gold (2017); together with Led Zeppelin 'IV' LP (gatefold 180g re-issue) (6), all excellent condition. 50-80
643.    A Mixed Collection of LP's, 12" Singles, to include Tommy Boy 'Power Jam '85', Grace Jones(pre-release issue), Autowax, Incantation, The Force M.D.'s, Shabba Ranks, UB40, Plauxty, Apache Indian, Sound Systemme, Kurtis Blow etc. 30-50
644.    A Nice Collection of 1960's/70's 7" and EP Records, including 'I'm Jimmy Reed', Walker Brothers, The Who, Medicine Head, Traffic, Paul Revere, Georgie Fame, Kinks, Led Zeppelin (US pressing), Dylan, Focus etc. and a quantity of Francoise Hardy. 20-40
645.    A Wharfedale 'Denton' Receiver, a pair of Wharfedale teak cased Denton W/20D speakers, a Panasonic SL-H302 turntable, a pair of Solavox TK 19 S speakers, accessories.s 30-50
646.    UK Psych/Rock - The Who 'Sell Out' LP (Track, Stereo, 613002 A2/B1 matrix, Patent Pending E.J. Day sleeve); George Harrison 'Wonderwall' (Apple, Stereo 1A-1/1B-2 matrix, with insert); Pink Floyd 'More' Soundtrack (Columbia silver box, Stereo -3/-1G matrix); Idle Race 'Same Title' (Liberty, Stereo LBS 83221, A1/B1) The Equinox 'Hard Rock' (Boulevard 1973). (5) 40-60
647.    US Rock. A collection of LP's to included The Stooges 'Fun House' (Elektra 1A/1B matrix), Iggy and The Stooges 'Raw Power', Lou Reed 'Legendary Hearts', 'Rock n Roll Animal', Patti Smith 'Horses', MC5 'Back in the USA (Atlantic), Capt Beefheart 'Safe As Milk', Radio City 'Big Star' (two LP Stax), Virgin Fugs 'Esp-Disk' (Fontana 1Y/1-2Y/I) 30-50
648.    US/UK Metal and Rock - 'Metal For Muthas', Riot, Girl, Guns n' Roses, Force, Hot Spikes, Ramones, Witchfynde, Accept, Exciter, Sammy Hagar, Van Halen, Saxon etc. 20-30
649.    Picture Disc/Coloured Vinyl - Michael Jackson Souvenir pack, Kraftwerk (yellow vinyl), Yello 'I Love You' (with 3D glasses), Bad Manners, Rush, Stranglers, Kiss etc:- One Box 20-30
650.    Prog/Rock/Funk - Charisma 'Disturbance' two LP compliation v/a; The Chris Hinze Combination 'Stoned Flute' (Dutch Prog); Stoneground 's/t (WBrothers 1971); BT Express, Rare Earth, En Medio - Saracho; David Staughton 'Transformer', Central Nervous System. 30-50
651.    Soul/Mod 45's. A great collection to include Soul Agents 'The Seventh Son', Spencer Davis 'I'm a Man', Cryin' Shames 'Please Stay, John Mayall 'Crocodile Walk', The Ugly's 'It's Alright', The Who 'My Generation', St. Louis Union 'Girl'. 20-40
652.    1960'S /70's UK Interest - Rolling Stones (Love You Live, Black and Blue, Exile on Main Street, Sucking in the Seventies), Edgar Broughton Band (Bunch of 45's), Rare Bird, East of Eden (New Leaf-Harvest), Hawkwind, Steve Hillage, John Martyn, Nick Drake (Exploration Of ....), Groundhogs (Split). 40-70
653.    The Beatles: Please Please Me LP , 1963 the rare Black/Gold Parlophone label, Mono PMC 1202, Parlophone Co. Ltd at start of perimeter, 1N/1N matrix endings 10/1M (?) mother stampers, ZT tax code; Dick James credits to side 1 tracks 1 and 2; polylined 'Emitex' sleevel E.J. Day flipback front laminated sleeve with Angus Mc Bean photo credit 80-120
654.    *WITHDRAWN*
The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' Quad Film Poster, 30 x 40in (folded and 7cm tear to top edge).

* (The age of this poster is unknown. Buyers must have satisfied themselves before bidding regarding originality and age.)
655.    Joy Division 'Still' LP, 'Unknown Pleasures' (Fact 10 'A Porky Prime Cut' on run-out), New Order 'Touched By The Hand of God', UB40, John Cooper Clarke, The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu (All You Need Is Love 12" single) etc. 20-40
656.    Rock LP's. A collection to include Wishbone Ash (Live Dates Vol 2, No Smoke Without Fire, New England etc.), UFO, Thin Lizzy, Journey, Cozy Powell, AC/DC (Back In Black, Highway to Hell, Let There Be Rock, For Those About To Rock), Rainbow etc. (over thirty LP's). 40-60
657.    Prog/Rock LP's - Soft Machine 'Six', Ten Years After 'Cricklewood Green' (Deram, stereo SML 1065 1W/1W matrix); Suck It and See' Vertigo Compilation two LP gatefold; Groundhogs 'Thank Christ For The Bomb', Free 'Free Story', 'Heartbreaker' and 'Highway', Uriah Heep, Manfred Mann also noted. 30-50
658.    A Quantity of LP's AND 45rpm's. To include David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, Aladdin Sane etc.); Lou Reed (Live, Street Hassle, Rock n Roll Animal etc.); Frank Zappa, U2, New Order, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Rutz, Ian Dury etc; together with 45's - Buzzcocks, Who, The Knack, Bowie, Focus, Floyd, AC/DC etc. 40-60
659.    A Small Collection of 45rpm's, to include labels Wand, Mirwood, Atlantic, Tamla, Trojan, Marmalade, Ackee, Spark, People etc. 10-20
660.    Def Leppard, a great batch of LP's, 12" singles and shaped 7" single picture discs, including 'Adrenalize', 'Let's Get Rocked', 'Hysteria'; Hysteria Collectors Edition with poster, further 12" singles, Greatest Hits etc. 30-50
661.    A Quantity of 45rpm's (Mostly 1970's - 80's), including Yazz, S. Express, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Malcolm McClaren, Michael Jackson, KLF, Beautiful South, White Lion etc:- Three Cases and Two Boxes. (5) 20-40
662.    Beatles 'With The Beatles' LP, Twist and Shout EP, Beatles 7" singles, Tommy Steele 'Come On Lets's Go' EP, Elvis, Everly Brothers, Johnny Kidd. 10-20
663.    A Collection of Over Sixty 78rpm's (51/4" to 10" Diameter), with labels to included Edison Bell Radio, The Little Briton Record, Marspen, Mimosa, Little Marvel, Eclipse, Crown, Jumbo, Winner etc. 15-25
664.    Johnny Cash Interest. A great collection of over forty LP's including I Walk The Line, Orange Blossom Special, Bitter Tears, Blood Sweat and Tears, America, 'I Walk The Line' Soundtrack etc. 15-25
665.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Twenty CD's, many obscure titles including Royal City, Hornweb, Micronauts, Agartha, Lotion, Hoboken, T.G. Starr, Smegma, The Milkshakes' Revenge, Lazy Dog, The Very Things etc:- One Box 25-45
666.    A Collection of Vinyl and Ephemera, to include Billy Fury LP 'We Want Billy' (grooved unboxed red Decca), Chuck Berry (Pye International), Chet Atkins; EP's and 45rpm's to include Everly Brothers, Dave Berry, Phil Collins; Beatles 'You Can't Do That' songsheet and illustrated book etc:- One Box 15-25
667.    Pop Memorabilia. An interesting collection of over fifteen personal photographs of music and television stars including four taken on the location of the Beatles 1967 'Magical Mystery Tour'; a circa 1965(?) photograph of Paul McCartney; five Cliff Richard images (circa early 1960's); Cilla Black, Pat Pheonix, Barbara Windsor, Dave Allen and Frankie Vaughan. 20-40
668.    A Quantity of 45rpm's and EP's, mostly 1950's to 80's including Moody Blues, Fleetwood Mac, Elton, Status Quo, Eagles, Elvis etc. (over three hundred):- Two Boxes 20-40
669.    Rolling Stones. 'It's All Over Now' (rare French EP, Decca 457.039M, 1964); Little Red Rooster' 7"; Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night' LP 3N/3N matrix; Beach Boys, Johnny Cash and other vinyl:- One Tray 15-25
670.    A Mixed Collection of 1950's to 1980's 45rpm's and EP's, over three hundred:- Two Boxes 20-40
671.    Punk Interest. A collection of LP's, 12" and 10" singles to include Wreckless Eric, The Motors, The Damned, Skids, Devo, Lene Lovitch, The Doll, The Members, Elvis Costello, Ian Dury, Bram Tchaikovsky, Patti Smith etc. (coloured vinyl and picture discs noted); together with Deep Purple, Stevie Wonder, Jona Lewie etc:- One Box 30-50
672.    A Varied Collection of LP's. To include Robert Palmer, Bruce Springsteen, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan, 10cc, Wailers, Ry Cooder, Jimmy Cliff, Michael Jackson etc. 20-40
673.    A Quantity of LP's. Varying styles including Classical (mostly Decca SKL series), MOR, East Listening, Humour etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
674.    A Large Collection of LP's (Over One Hundred and Fifty), varying themes, in two boxes and an LP case. (3) 15-30
675.    Queen Interest - 'Freddie Mercury' After Rob Larson, graphite signed limited edition colour print 31/1000; a further signed limited edition colour print 'Queen', 63/299, Queen LP's, 12" singles; and a Human League mounted gold disc 'Crash LP', with presentation plaque, 50 x 39cm. 20-40
676.    Audio: A Realistic STA-2290 Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver, (with manual), a Sony STR-6036 stereo receiver and a Pioneer TX-608L stereo tuner. (3) 30-60
677.    Miles Davis - Ten LP's To include 'Directions' (CBS), We Want Miles, In a Silent Way (CBS, 1969), Agharta, Live Evil etc. 20-40
678.    Folk Interest - Burl Ives 'Down To The Sea In Ships' (Brunswick - rare), Wilkie and Hart 'Sea Shanties', Woody Guthrie (Topic), The Nocturnes (SCX 6223, blue Columbia), Live Folk, 'Xtra' label noted also; together with Grandpa Jones 'Makes The Rafters Ring' (Monument, stereo), Fairport, Jethro Tull, Alan Hull etc. 30-50
679.    Soul, Funk, Jazz LP's. To include Marvin Gaye 'What's Going On' (Tamla, Stereo A-2/B-3), Marvin Gaye 'Get It On' (Tamla, Stereo A1/B1), Best of Booker T (Atlantic), Lee Dorsey, Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, John Coltrane etc. 20-40
680.    Reggae/Dub LP's and 12" Singles etc, Promo's and record label insert releases to include Gregory Isaacs, Queen Latifah, Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra, Ram 'Dancehall' (v/a), George Faith, Dennis Brown, Aswad, Burning Spear; together with related 12" singles etc. 20-40
681.    A Collection of LP's, to include artists Elton John, Price, Bob Marley, Beach Boys, Status Quo, Isaac Hayes, Byrds, Clapton, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Dire Straits etc. 20-30
682.    Blues/Jazz - Joe Callicot 'Deal Gone Down' (Revival mono 1002 A/B), Miles and Monk at Newport (CBS textured label '33'); John Lee Hooker 'That's Where It's At' (Stax); Thelonious Monk 'Way Out' (Fontana); Miles Davis 'Porgy and Bess' (Fontana), Dinah Washington etc. 30-40
683.    A Collection of Approximately Thirty LP's/12" Singles, including Dire Straits (1st album Vertigo 1/2 matrix, Communique, Brothers in Arms etc.), Eric Clapton, Bad Company, Status Quo, Eagles, ELO, Fleetwood Mac etc. 30-50
684.    A Miscellaneous Collection of LP's, to include 'Spike Jones Spooktacular', 'The Scarlet Claw', Billy Fury, Soundtracks. Rockabilly, Classical (Menuhin RCA red spot ASD 377 stereo) etc. 10-20
685.    A Collection of 78rpm's, labels to include Vocation, Sterno, Rex, Winner, Zonophon etc:- One Box 15-25
686.    LP's and 12" Singles, to include Bruce Springsteen, Dread Zeppelin, Hue and Cry, Simply Red, Eurythmics, Bangles, Yazoo etc. 20-40
687.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Eighty CD's, mostly Dixieland jazz themed including Jelly Roll Morton, Bob Shultz, Dave Moorwood, Jimmie Noone, Sonny Morris etc(local private releases also noted);- Two Boxes 25-40
688.    A Quantity of 7" Singles (Circa 1950's to 1980's), including Hollies, Jam, Donovan, Elvis etc. a good amount of company sleeves noted, loose and in folders:- Two Boxes 25-45
688A.   Over Two Hundred 45rpm's (1960's - 90's), including Shamen, Style Council, U2, Depeche Mode, Madness, Bad Manners, Arrested Development, Meat Loaf etc. 20-30
689.    A Collection of LP's and 45rpm Records, to include John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Fleetwood Mac, Teardrop Explodes, Steely Dan etc. (over 300):- Four Boxes 20-40
690.    A Collection of 78rpm Records, to include two Elvis (Hound Dog, HMV POP.249 and Love Me Tender, POP 253), Frankie Lymon and The Teenagers, early XX Century examples on rarer labels - Winner, Broadcast (13), Solex, Picadilly, Imperial (blue), Pheonix, Ariel etc:- One Box 10-20
691.    Classical Interest: To include ten box sets, a well represented Deutsche Grammophon LP section noted, and other LP's:- Two Boxes 20-30
692.    A Quantity of 78rpm Records, including Bill Haley and The Comets (3), Orchestral, Big Band, Classical themes also noted:- Three LP Cases and Two Boxes 10-25
693.    A Nice Collection of Double Quad Promotional Posters, mostly late 1990's, including Oasis, Def Leppard, Richard Ashcroft, Rage Against The Machine, Cranberries, All Saints, Jamiroquai etc. 20-30
694.    Vinyl and Memorabilia - A Collection of L.P's, 12" and 7" Singles, to include AC/DC 12" picture disc 'Heatseeker', Let There Be Rock L.P, Undertones, Bad Manners, Specials, Cure (interview and picture disc), Madness (including 'House of Fun' picture disc), Elvis Costello, James Brown, etc; together with reproduction Deep Purple band shot, McCartney's birth certificate copy, 'Lennon' exhibition catalogue and Kate Bush illustrated biography, etc. 20-40
695.    Classical Interest: A nice collection to include Karajan (Columbia Blue/Silver SAX 2404), Sir Thomas Beecham 'Berlioz' (HMV gold rim/cream ASD 399), Rimsky-Korsakov 'Scheherazade' (HMV gold rim ASD 251), Columbia SAX 2347, HMV gold rim 269 and 420, and other stereo pressings ED2's, ED4's noted. 40-70
696.    1960's Cool/Obscure - John Lewis 'Cool' (Fontana, mono), Charlie Byrd 'In' (Fontana Jazz Series), Penthouse Magazine Presents The Bedside Bond (unboxed grooved Decca, 1966 mono); Richard Hyman 'Voodoo' (Stereo, Mercury); Limbo Party, Cinema Italiano etc. 20-30
697.    A Collection of Over One Hundred 7" Singles (1960's -90's), including David Bowie, Queen, Beautiful South, Bolan, McCoys, Howlin Wolf, AC/DC, Yes, Stones, Don Fardon, Jethro Tull, Merseybeats etc:- One Box 20-40
698.    Magic 'Same Title' 1975 Rare Bullseye Private Pressing - only 99 made, fully signed on rear sleeve; 'Tyke 'Picture Postcard' - private pressing 1977, Magnum Records - together with other LP's - Thin Lizzy, Robin Thrower, Focus, Mud, Santana, Alun Davies, Ocean, Argent etc. (approximately twenty). 20-40
699.    A Mixed Selection of LP's, to include CCS 'Same Title' (1970, laminated gatefold stereo RAK), Beatles 'Revolver' LP, Beatles Red and Blue double LP's, Soul Hits, Dionne Warwick LP on Vogue, Steeleye Span and other LP's. 20-30
700.    A Collection of Mainly US Folk Singer/Songwriter LP's. Including The Band 'Music From The Big Pink', 'Stage Fright', Neil Young 'Everybody Knows' (Reprise), Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman, John Hammond, Tim Buckley 'Goodbye' (Elektra), Ry Cooder, John Fahey etc - later repressings noted. 20-40
701.    Six 1960's EP's. Kwyet Kinks, Fame At Last, Donovan - Universal Soldier, Beatles - Twist and Shout, Spencer Davis 'You Put The Hurt On Me; together with a collection of Georgie Fame, Kinks and Yardbirds singles. 15-25
702.    US Country Rock/Blues etc. A collection of LP's to include Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles, Doobie Brothers, Outlaws, REO Speedwagon, Allman Bros, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Hiller, Joe Walsh etc. 40-50
703.    A Collection of Over Fifty 1960's 45rpm's and EP's, including Cliff Richard 'Serious Change' (first EP 1959), Elvis 'Kid Galahad', Little Richard 'Vol 3', Beatles, Bill Haley, Ray Charles, Crystals etc:- One Box 15-25
704.    A Collection of Late 1980's - Mid 1990's 12" Singles, 10" Singles and LP's, to include The Sundays, The High, Carter U.S.M., Whiteout, Two Tone 'Dance Craze' compilation, Animals That Swim, Red Kross, Tripmaster Monkey, The Primevals etc. 30-50
705.    A Nice Collection of Late 1960's/70's Psych/Rock/Prog/Pop LP's, to include - Pink Floyd 'Saucerful of Secrets' (1968 stereo silver Columbia), 'Obscured by Clouds' (stereo, boxed EMI, Harvest), 'Umma Gumma' (Harvest 1969 stereo, unboxed EMI -1/-2/-1/-2), 'Meddle' (1971, Harvest stereo), 'Final Cut', Led Zeppelin 'II' (plum Atlantic, 'Lemon Song' credit, A2/B2 matrix), 'Four Symbols' (plum Atlantic), Colosseum 'Those Who Are About to Die Salute You' (1969 Fontana, 1Y/1 2Y/1 matrix), Led Zeppelin 'Houses of the Holy', T-Rex (s/t 1971, Fly), Black Sabbath, Nazareth, Beatles, Derek and the Dominoes etc. 180-200
706.    Prog/Electronic/ Space Interest LP's, to include Genesis, Tomita, Mike Oldfield (including box set), Sky, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Bo Hansson etc. (approximately 25). 20-40
707.    Classical Interest - to include Klemperer, Callas, Viennese Dances etc on HMV, Decca, Columbia etc:- One Box 10-20
708.    Rock and Roll/Doo Wop Teddy Boy/Rockability Interest - A Collection of L.P's and 45rpm's, to include Matchbox, Nino and The Ebb Tides, Avons, Jim and Monica, Eddie Cochran, Crazy Cavan and The Rhythm Rockers, Cadillac, Dion, Little Richard, Johnny Kidd, Buddy Knox, Elvis (pink vinyl noted), etc; together with CCR 'Bad Moon Rising' E.P, The First Edition, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
709.    Rock 'n' Roll 78's - to include the rare Cliff Richard 'Travellin' Light' and 'Livin' Lovin' Doll' singles on green Columbia (4249 and 4351), Elvis 'All Shook Up' (Pop 359), Canadian's 'Rock Around The Clock', King Brothers, Coronets, Tommy Steele, Bill Haley, Frankie Lyman, Goofers etc; together with Bing 'Five Disc Box Set' and other 78's (Jelly Roll Morton, Big Bill Broonzy etc) :- One Box 20-30
710.    A Nice Collection of Late 1950's/60's Artists, including Elvis, Cliff Richard, V/A Instrumentals, Gale Storm, Brenda Lee, Guy Mitchell, Platters, Johnny Stevens, Kathy Kirby, Sinatra, Hunters, Carl Perkins, Bill Anderson etc. (over sixty). 30-60
711.    Rock n Roll Interest - Billy Fury 'Maybe Tomorrow' EP (rare yellow picture sleeve), Bill Haley 'Rock Around The Clock' EP, Everly Brothers, Four Aces (Gold Brunswick), Ran-dells 'Martian Hop' (London 9760) etc. 15-25
712.    78rpm's: A Nice Collection to Include, Rock n Roll Elvis x 5 (four on RCA and 'Hound Dog' HMV Pop), Cliff Richard ('Move it' and 'High Class Baby'), Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chordettes, Everley Brothers, Crickets, etc) and a quantity of earlier examples on Eclipse, Broadcast, Crown, Dex, Zonophon, Edison Bell Radio, etc:- One Box 20-30
713.    A Quantity of L.P's, E.P's and 45rpm's, to include Beatles 'Twist and Shout' E.P, Buddy Holly, Hollies, Sandie Shaw L.P (mono), Marc Bolan, Johnny Hallyday, etc; picture disc noted, 'Here we Go Round The Mulberry Bush' novel, theatre programmes, etc:- One Box 10-20
714.    Reggae/African/World Music, Reggae compilations to include Tighten Up, Sunsplash '81, Play It All Back, Wilo Paarty Sounds etc; artists Jabby U, Orchestra Matassy, Lidj Incorporated, Cedric Myton and The Congo's, Jah Lion, Sugar Minott, The Tropical Sounds of Columbo etc. 30-50
715.    A Collection of Mostly 1960's Picture Sleeve EP's and 7" Singles, various artists (over fifty) etc:- One Box 20-40
716.    A Collection of Over Eighty LP's, many with a Dixieland jazz theme, to include Harry Zimmerman, Sharkey, Louis Armstrong, Perez Prado, Ernestine Anderson, Kid Thomas Valentine, Terry Lightfoot, Kenny Ball, Pete Allen, Ken Coyler etc - all genres also noted:- Two Boxes 20-30
717.    A Quantity of LP's, 10" Vinyl and 78's - Elvis, Johnny Cash, Stylistics, Mammouth, Sinatra etc:- Three Boxes 15-25
718.    Classical Interest etc. A collection to include Columbia SCX series (Blue/Silver labels); Decca SKL; HMV CSD,ASD and other LP's (over fifty contained in two LP cases). (2) 15-30
719.    A Large Collection of 45rpm's (circa 1960's - 80's), including Madonna, Madness, E.L.O., Lennon, Blondie etc:- Three Boxes. 30-50
720.    A Dual 505 Belt Driven Turntable, a pair of floor standing teak cased speakers, a Sony STR-7035 Stereo receiver, a Sherwood CD - 5010R CD player, a Marantz 2245 stereo receiver, a Sharp stereo tape deck. 15-25
721.    Reggae Interest - An Interesting Collection of Mostly 1990's Reggae/Dub/Roots Vinyl LP,'s, 12" Singles, Promo's, White Label, 45rpm's, to include X-Rated Gang, Papa Levi, Johnny P, Beenie Man, Jack Radics, Spanner Banner, Howie Irie, Ninja Ford etc. (over 200):- One Box 40-70
722.    A Pair of Celestion Ditton 25 Teak Cased Speakers, height 81.5cm, and a pair of National Panasonic Model SB-205L speakers. (4) 30-50
723.    A Rare 1950's/Early 1960's Wharfedale W.15/FS Model 'Omni Directional Three Speaker Corner System' Mounted with a Wharfedale Cross Over Twin Treble Cabinet - fitted with type HS/CR3/2 800 & 5000 C.P.S Wharfedale Cross - Over frequency speakers (as featured in the August 1962 Wharfedale catalogue).
* This speaker system was the type exhibited by the founder G.A. Briggs during the infamous 1950's 'Live v Recorded' Lectures in The Royal Festival Hall (London, Philharmonic Hall (Liverpool), St Georges Hall (Bradford) and Carnegie Hall (New York). 150-180
724.    1980's LP's. Stevie Wonder, Godley Creme, Paul McCartney, ELO (including box set), 10CC, David Mathews, David Essex, Alison Moyet, Chicago, Supertramp etc (approximately 25). 25-50
725.    A Quantity of LP's and 7" Singles, varying themes including Metal (Kreator, Anthrax, Judas Priest, Wolfsbane, Sepultura, Venum etc), Rock (Quo), Soul, Rock 'n Roll, Pop etc. (including Cannon budget series and scarce labels Sparkette, White Label Motown, Turbo, SMC, Smash etc):- One Box 20-30
726.    Def Leppard, a collection to include the first Def Leppard EP (re-issue), 'First Strike' EP (unreleased Demo's limited issue of only 1000), four picture disc interview set, Special Edition autographed etched 7" disc 'Heaven Is', Limited Edition CD singles collectors box set and other vinyl to include Iron Maiden, Thunder box set, Motley Crue, Aerosmith etc. 40-60
727.    Rock Interest. A quantity of LP's to include Thin Lizzy (4), Queen (6), Meatloaf, Styx, Joe Walsh, Bob Seger, Gerry Rafferty, Bread etc. 20-40
728.    A Collection of 60's US Artists. To include Velvet Underground & Nico (MGM Stereo 2315-056B A1/B1 Matrix), The Doors '1st', Moby Grape (s/t, Columbia Stereo), Grateful Dead 's/t', 'Workman's Dead', 'Revolution' soundtrack, Quicksilver 'Happy Trails', Byrds 'Fifth Dimension' (CBS Stereo A1/B1). 30-50
729.    Garage/Punk/Trash Interest - a nice collection to include The Fuzztones 'Live in Europe'; The Cramps 'Off The Bone' (picture disc); The Times, The Addicts; Compilations 'Basement Walls', 'Miniatures', 'Rockabilly Psychosis and The Garage Disease' etc. 20-40
730.    Prog/Rock LP's - Yes 'Topographic Oceans', fragile (with poster), Close To The Edge, Yes Album, Led Zeppelinn 'Physical Graffiti', 'In Through The Out Door' (UK and Portuguese pressings), Deep Purple 'Fireball', Black Sabbath etc. 30-50
731.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Blur, Ice Cube, Hawkwind, Doves, Echobelly, Placebo, Alice Cooper, Corrs, Portishead etc. 20-40
732.    Stackridge 'Friendliness' (MCA stereo 1L/2L matrix), Bob Dylan 'Bringing It All Back Home' (mono) and 'Highway 61 Revisited' (mono) - both CBS '33' label; Four Seasons 'Story' (two LP gatefold, Tim Rose, Joni Mitchell, Gram Parsons, Mom's Apple Pie, Wild Angels, Stampeders. 15-30
733.    Queen Interest: A collection to include fifteen LP's (Sheer Heat Attack, Jazz, Queen, Queen II included), ten 12" singles and 12" solo works - later pressings noted, contained in an LP DJ case. 30-50
734.    A Collection of 45rpm's, including The Who 'My Generation', Tamla Motown, Stateside, Jam, Dusty, The Kinks, Rolling Stones, Mojo's etc (many with original sleeves). 15-20
735.    45's and EP's, to include Walker Brothers 'I Need You' EP; Frankie Valli 'The Night' (Mowest), Northern Soul Classic Tobi Legend 'Time Will Pass You By' (Eric), Tamla, Yardbirds, P.P. Arnold, Stones, Fleetwood Mac, Rockin' Berries, Gordy label etc. (one case) and Scott Walker 'Lookin Back With' LP (Ember 1968). 20-40
736.    Soundtracks/TV Related. Original 1977 'Star Wars', double LP, with poster and inner, BDT-541, Mash, Lord Of The Rings, One On One, Close Encounters (Italian Issue), Muppet Shows 1 and 2 etc. 20-30
737.    Manfred Mann. Five 1960's EP's - Cock-a-Hoop, Groovin' With, The One In The Middle, No Living Without Loving and Machines; together with seven 45rpm singles. (12) 20-30
738.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Cypress Hill, Cranberries, Crowded House, Vic Reeves, David Lee Roth, Radiohead etc. 20-40
739.    US Avant Garde Interest - A Collection to include Frank Zappa (In New York, Joe's Garage, Them Or Us (manufacturers' copy with press release), 200 Motels, Zoot Allures etc.), John Cale (Slow Dazzle), Lou Reed (Street Hassle, Live), Moe Tucker etc 30-50
740.    LP's, 7" and 12" Singles, to include Madonna, Pink Fairies, Yes, Fleetwood Mac, Quincy Jones, Blondie, Human League, ELO, George Michael, Genesis, Billy Joel etc. (coloured vinyl and picture discs noted). 30-50
741.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Shed 7, Clapton, Beta Band, Corduroy, Suede, Daft Punk, Stereophonics, Asian Dub Foundation etc. 20-40
742.    A Collection of Soundtracks and Children's Themed LP's, including 'Koyaanisqatsi' (Philip Glass), The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The Odd Couple, Kung Fu, Enter The Dragon, Jan and Dean Meet Batman, Baby, The Rain Must Fall, Walt Disney 'Pirates of the Caribbean' (1968 booklet issue), Hanna Barbera etc. 20-30
743.    A Collection of LP's, 12" Singles and 45rpm Singles, to include Beatles, Elkie Brooks, Progress, Lulu, Commodores, Pigbag, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Culture Club etc:- One Box and Two 45 Cases. 20-40
744.    A Collection of Over Fifty LP's. To include Fairport Convention, Lindisfarne, Ralph McTell, Corries, Julie Felix, Steeleye Span, Judy Collins, Joan Baez. 25-45
745.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Stone Roses, Joe Satriani, Shed 7, John Lennon, Bert Jansch, Julian Cope, Desmond Dekker, Lenny Kravitz, Kinks, Duran Duran etc. 20-40
746.    Queen Interest: The scarce 'Keep Yourself Alive' LP (white label), 'Live Killers', 'Queen at The Beeb', 'Live Magic', 'Live at Wembley '86', 'Made in Heaven' (limited edition colour vinyl), 'The Show Must Go On' (etched 12" disc), Queen Rareties 1973-77 (blank red label), 'By Appointment Only' (white label) and a 7" fandisc white label 'Rock 'n' Roll). 30-50
747.    Prog/Folk LP's. To include Yes 'Tales of Topograhic Oceans', 'Yes Songs' (three LP, red Elektra label), 'Tormato' and 'Going For The One', Jethro Tull (three LP's), Manfred Mann's Earth Band 'Watch' etc. 25-45
748.    Funk Interest - Parliament LP 'The Clones of Dr Funkenstein', 'Mothership Connection'; together with 'Headless Heroes of the Apocolypse' (Atlantic), Best of the J.B.'s, Dr John 'The Brightest Smile in Town', George Clinton, J.B.'s 'Hustle With Speed', Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson 'From South Africa to South Carolina etc. 30-50
749.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Sex Pistols, Corduroy, Chemical Brothers, Portishead, Jimi Hendrix, Ice-T, Puff Daddy, Aretha Franklin, Bush, Dreadzone etc. 20-40
750.    1980's/1990's 12" Dance/House/Hip Hop etc., Eminem 'Stan' single, Prodigy 'Out of Space', Public Domain, Barthezz, Brainbashers, Cookie Crew, 49ers, Ninah Cherry etc; together with other 80's/90's 12" singles. 20-30
751.    Classical Interest: Four good stereo LP's to include 'Karajan - Rossini Overtures William Tell' (Columbia Blue/Silver SAX 2378); 'Karajan - 1812 Overture' (Columbia Blue/Silver SAX 2302); 'Bokovsky - Strauss Concert' (Decca ED1 SXL 2082) and 'Litolff Schero/Curzon Gieg Piano Concerto (Decca ED SXL 2173). (4) 30-60
752.    LP's. To include The Beatles 'Help' mono, rarer South African pressing; 'Abbey Road' (misaligned Apple on rear sleeve); 'Revolver' (mono, 1966, -2/-2 matrix); King Crimson 'Islands' LP, Tangerine Dream, Mamas and Papas, Donovan, Genesis and other albums. 25-45
753.    Reggae/Roots/Dub etc., a nice collection of approximately twenty LP's to include Jah Woosh (Religious Dread on Trojan), Toots and The Maytals (Just Like That), I-Roy, Foundation, The Royal Rasses, Jimmy Riley, The Mighty Diamonds, Jah Lloyd, Keith Hudson, Pluto, Gladiators etc. 50-80
754.    A Collection of Mostly 1970's/1980's LP's and 7" Singles - Def Leppard, Blondie, Public Enemy, T-Rex (Tank LP), Michael Jackson, INXS, L.L Cool J, Human League, Billy Idol, Springsteen etc:- One Box 20-40
755.    A Technics Four Section Music Stacking System, comprising amplifier SA - EH780, Sound processor SH - EH780, CD Changer SL - EH780 and cassette deck RS - DV280, with a pair of Technics SB - DV280 speakers. (6) 30-50
756.    A Pair of Bang & Olufson Beovox 2700 Type 6232 Speakers; together with a three section Kenwood music system, including CD player, AM-FM stereo receiver and stereo cassette deck. (5) 30-60
757.    A Collection of LP's, 12" Singles, 45's and 78's, to include Madonna 'Hanky Panky' and Interview Picture discs, Madonna 12" singles, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Michael Jackson 12" singles, Rock n' Roll 78's and other vinyl:- One Box 20-40
758.    LP's, to include 'Enter The Dragon' soundtrack (WB),'Genuine Dud' (Decca, mono), Hollies 'Greatest', The Eternal Fire of Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight, Barclay James Harvest, Status Quo, Stones, Bonzo Dog Band, Al Stewart, Beatles, Isaac Hayes etc. 20-40
759.    Blues/US Folk Interest - Blues Jam at Chess (Blue Horizon, two LP gatefold, 1969, stereo), Freddie King 'Larger Than Life', Albert King, Robert Cray, Phoebe Snow, Jon Hassell etc; together with Shel Silverstein 'Boy Named Sue' Blacky Ranchette, Asleep at The Wheel etc. 20-40
760.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Jimi Hendrix, Ice Cube, Inxs, Incognito, Inspiral Carpets, St. Etienne, Iron Maiden etc. 20-40
761.    Soul Interest LP's, to include The Persuasions 'We Still Aint Got No Band', Shirley Brown 'Woman To Woman' (Stax), Dobie Gray, Sam and Dave, George Faith, J.R. Walker, Temptations etc. 20-40
761A.   Jazz LP - A Holy Grail and Rare Jazz LP: Ted Curson - 'Live at La' Tete De L'Art', TWJ 7000, MG - 1562/1563-2 in run-out, 1962, on the rare Canadian 'Trans World' silver label private pressing, with LeRoi Jones notes to the back cover - great copy (replaced poly-lined inner sleeve). 200-300
762.    Jazz Interest - LP's and 10" Records, to include Tubby Hayes 'Tubbs' (Fontana stereo STFL 562),Roosevelt Sykes 'Honeydripper' (Columbia, mono); Sarah Vaughan 'Pop Artistry' (Mercury), Barry Galbraith 'Guitar And The Wind', Oscar Peterson, Pat Healy, Lester Young, Chris Barber, Bev Kelly, Cannonball Adderley etc. 30-50
763.    A Collection of Mostly 1960's/1970's LP's, to include The Beatles 'Rubber Soul' (Odeon BTL-1001), 'Abbey Road' (Mono) - both scarce Brazilian pressings; 'Sgt Peppers'; The Who 'Quadrophenia' (1973 issue); Pink Floyd 'The Wall'; Yes 'Tales From Topographic Oceans'; Joni Mitchell, Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers etc. (15) 30-50
764.    A Collection of Rock/Pop/Electro Vinyl, to include Pet Shop Boys (Alternative, Discography, Introspective, Behavoir included), Tin Machine (with David Bowie), Thin Lizzy, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Little Angels, Method Man, Terrorvision, etc; CD sets and 7" also noted, all contained in a DJ flight case. 30-50
765.    A Varied Collection of LP's and 12" Singles, to include Nils Lofgren 'Live: Bootleg', White Promo; S/T (1975 A & M), Dr Feelgood 'Stupidity', Talking Heads, Fun Boy Three, Modern Lovers, Brian Eno, Joe Jackson, R.E.M., The Meters, U2, Graham Parker etc. 20-40
766.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Rolling Stones, Verve, John Lee Hooker, Beautiful South, Billy Bragg etc. 20-40
767.    LP's. To include Beatles ' Magical Mystery Tour', 'Hard Days Night'; Monkees 's/t', Dusty Springfield, The Who, Animals, Kinks 'Kinda Kinks', 'Tommy 'L.S.O.' etc. 15-25
768.    Neil Young/Todd Rundgren - Nine LP's to Include On The Beach, Comes A Time, Re-Act-Or, American Stars 'n' Bars, Utopia, Runt, Back to The Bars, Imitation etc. 20-40
769.    Classical Interest, to include Berlioz 'Symphonie Fantastique' (ED 1 Decca, SXL 2009), Knappertsbusch 'Vienna Holiday' (ED 2 SXL 2016), Krips 'Tchaikovsky No 5' (ED 1 Decca SXL 2109) and Khachaturian 'Spartacus' (Decca SXL 6000, narrow band). (4) 30-50
770.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Coldplay, Tricky, Beta Band, Cornershop, Guns n Roses, Buzzcocks, David Gray, Keith Richards, Super Furry Animals etc. 20-40
771.    Beatles Interest. Six Beatles LP's to include Revolver (mono) - 2 matrix; Rubber Soul (-1 matrix 'loud' cut); Help, A Hard Day's Night, For Sale and With The Beatles; together with 'Hard Day's Night' Pan film book. (7) 15-30
772.    Queen and Solo Interest, a collection of approximately fifty-five 7" singles and EP's, including Dutch and US pressings; together with related CD box sets, further CD's etc. 20-40
773.    An Interesting Collection of LP's and 12" Singles, mostly by obscure artists including Marc Ribot, American Music Club, The Mabuses, Giant Sand, Shy Reptiles, Chemical People, Dust, Bikini Kill etc. 20-40
774.    US Rock - to include Hello People (Handsome Devils), Ross (Pit and Pendulum), Joe Beck, Zzebra (Panic), Leon Live (three LP trifold, A & M), Spirit, Eagles, Compilations etc. 30-40
775.    Folk Interest etc. Bob Dylan 'Highway 61 Revisited' (textured '33' label, thick CBS square A1/B2), 'Bringing It All Back Home' (textured '33' label), 'Folksong '65' (gold Elektra label), Joan Baez,, Phil Potter; together with 'The Buddy Holly Story', Julie London, Annie Ross, Danny Williams, Chet Atkins etc. 15-30
776.    A Varied Collection - A mix of over LP's (1950's - 80's) to include the First Elvis LP (HMV 1093 - very poor copy), Stevie Wonder, UFO, Sky, Dire Straits, E.L.P., Asia, James Taylor, 10cc, Status Quo, Compilations, Faces etc; together with two unusual 'Ralston Purina Company' research records (on red vinyl). 30-50
777.    Roots/Reggae/Dub etc, a great collection of twenty LP's to include Dr. Alimantado (Best Dressed Chicken In Town, Kings Bread), Third World, Michael Prophet (Serious Reasoning), Gregory Isaacs (Slum), Version Galore Vol 2, Dollar Brand, Gladiators, Black Uhuru etc. 60-90
778.    Early 1990's Promo's, to include Velvet Crush, The Set, Puressense, Liquid, Hypothetical Poets, The Set, Goodnight Said Florence, Daddy Rich, White Rope, Masterland, Roger Eno, The Reckoning (stamped 'Demonstration Only' or with paper 'Press Release') etc. 30-50
779.    Beatles Interest: 'Let It Be' LP (3U matrix), Help, Abbey Road (2), 1967-70 blue double LP, George Martin 'Help' (stereo 2) etc; together with the rare Crossbeats LP 'Crazy Mixed Up Generation' (1967 KLP 12 Pilgrim), Mersey Mania (Hurrah Records), McCartney 'Press' fold-out single; Beatles 7" singles, EP etc. 30-50
780.    A Collection of Circa 1960's - 1980's 45rpm's, including T-Rex, Supremes, Smokey Robinson, Elgins, Edwin Starr, Dusty etc. - on Stateside, Gordy, Tamla Motown etc. contained in an 'Audition' record case. 10-20
781.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists include Oasis, Jam, Kula Shaker, Embrace, Ray Davies, Ian Brown. 20-40
782.    Picture Discs and Coloured Vinyl, a collection to include Thunder, Aerosmith, Extreme, Terrorvision, David Bowie, Alice Cooper, Manic Street Preachers, MC Spy D etc. 40-70
783.    A Collection of Mostly US Artists. Including Beach Boys, 'Pet Sounds', Duck Baker, Blue Oyster Cult 'On Your Feet' (Columbia two LP set), Buffalo Springfield 'Again', The Byrds, Moby Grape, Kaleidoscope, Flamin Groovies, Butterfield Blues Band, Little Feat etc. - later repressings noted. 25-40
784.    The Clash 'Sandinista!' LP; The Stranglers 'UA Years Singles'; The Professionals 'I Didn't See It Coming' LP; The Ramones 'All The Stuff and More' vol 1; Johnny Winter (CBS, Stereo A1/B1), Led Zeppelin II (plum); Black Sabbath 'Paranoid' LP (large swirl, swirl inner, no Simpson reference), AC/DC etc. 25-45
785.    Rock/Prog LP's. A Collection to include Pink Floyd 'Ummagumma' (boxed EMI), 'The Wall', 'Dark Side Of The Moon'; Led Zeppelin 'Physical Graffiti', 'House Of The Holy'; Yes, Genesis, Deep Purple, Camel, Tangerine Dream, Mike Oldfield etc. (over thirty LP's). 40-70
786.    Roots/Reggae/Dub, a nice collection of approximately twenty LP's to include U-Roy (Version Galore), Prince For I (Livity), George Faith, The Gladiators, Prince Hammer, Peter Tosh, The Golden Hen, Augustus Pablo etc. 50-80
787.    Beat/Rock n Roll LP's - A great collection to include The Ventures 'Where The Action Is' (Liberty), 'The Fabulous Ventures' (Dolton 2029), Heinz 'Tribute To Eddie (Decca), Francoise Hardy (Vogue), Chuck Berry, Honeycombs, Bozz Combo, Connie Francis etc. 25-45
788.    A Collection of Over One Hundred Black and White Band/Artist Publicity and Promotional Photographs, many used for editorial use, artists to include Ramones, P.I.L., JTQ, Shed 7, Cure, Ian Brown, Robbie Williams, Roni Size, etc. 20-40
789.    US/UK Psych/Prog/Rock - To include Quintessense: 's/t' (ILPS - 9128 LP, gatefold, large 'i' label stereo), Family 'Old Songs New Songs', Jamme, Strider, Fleetwood Mac, Therapy, Santana, Barry McGuire etc. 25-40
790.    A Collection of LP's. To include Elvis Costello and The Attractions (2), Stranglers, Jona Lewie, Cher (picture disc 'Take Me Home'), Kate Bush, Gary Numan, Boomtown Rats, Stones, Blondie etc. 20-30
791.    A Collection of Mostly 1960's/70's LP's. To include Beatles 'White Album' (side opening numbered 288,090), Rolling Stones 'Aftermath' (boxed Decca), Traffic 'When The Eagle Flies', Fleetwood Mac, David Bowie, Jimmy Cliff, Roy Harper, Pink Floyd (Dark Side). 30-50
792.    English Folk LP's. A collection to include Fred Neil 'Bleecker and MacDougal' (Elektra EK57293 A1/B1), John Renbourn, Steve Ashley 'Stroll On' (Gull 1003), Bert Jansch, Nick Drake 'An Explosion Of ', Davey Graham, Fairport, John Martyn, Richard Thompson etc. 25-40
793.    Queen and Solo Works, a great collection of LP's, 12" and 7" picture discs and coloured vinyl - It's a Hard Life, Innuendo, Interviews, Let Me Live Breakthru, Invisible Man, Headlong etc. 40-60
794.    Bob Dylan LP Interest. 'Freewheelin', 'The Times', 'Another Side Of', 'Bringing It All Back Home', 'Highway 61 Revisited', 'Blonde On Blonde' (A1/B1/C1/D1 matrix); together with 'John Wesley Harding', 'Nashville Skyline' and 'Bob Dylan'. (9) 25-45
795.    Joy Division 'Still' (Fact 40) LP , 'Unknown Pleasures' LP (Fact 10), The Clash 'London Calling' LP, Joy Division 'Closer'; together with New Order, Elvis Costello and The Attractions, The Beat, Special's 'Ghost Town' 12" EP, Television etc. 25-40