Coins, Stamps, Postcards, Cigarette Cards & Banknotes Auction
on Friday 9th March 2018

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1.      Three Albums Containing G.B Stamps From Scout Jamboree 1957 to 1983, including modern presentation packs. Face value of decimal stamps 85 plus. 30-40
2.      Three Albums Containing World Stamp Collection, including a mint and used selection of China, George VI and Queen Elizabeth II commonwealth countries present, including Hong Kong, Australia, Canada. 25-40
3.      Approximately Thirty Pre-War Sets of Cigarette Cards, by Wills/Players/ Gallaher/John Players and Sons among others. Nature/military/transport themes notices. All contained in three albums 80-150
An Extensive Collection of Cigarette Cards, offered in album pages in two shoe boxes. Regularly the cards are by the major manufacturers and the collection is multi thematic. 100-140
5.      In Excess of 200 Pre-Euro German Marks in Coin. 50-100
6.      Two Stockbooks of GB and Commonwealth Stamps, a few Victoria but majority George VI and Elizabeth II, mainly used values to 1/-. Many hundreds. 40-60
7.      An Album of Early XX Century Picture Postcards of British Topographical Views, many black and white including 'Church Street Liverpool, 'Helmsley', 'St Mary Redcliffe Church Bristol', etc. 30-40
8.      A Collection of First Day Covers and Presentation Packs, from Great Britain and Channel Islands, face value of mint stamps over one hundred and thirty pounds including values to five pounds. The first day covers are mainly modern but 1953 Queen Elizabeth Coronation FDC noted. Also a range of letters from Marlborough House and Buckingham Palace, with Masonic interest. A good lot. 80-120
9.      Three Folders of Commonwealth Stamps, a good collection from Early Queen Victoria to modern mint and used. Countries include Antigua, Bahamas, Bermuda with George VI 2 shilling used. Malta, New Zealand, etc. Very good lot with very high catalogue value. 100-150
10.     A Swedish Collection of Stamps in a Large Stockbook, mainly used with many pre war stamps and a further collection on leaves. A good lot with high catalogue value. 40-60
11.     An Album of The Stamp Show 2000 Souvenir, Sheets, First Day Covers, Smiler Sheets, Special Covers, PHQ Cards, from Great Britain, Guernsey, The Isle of Man. Interesting lot of over fifty items. 30-60
12.     A Mainly Commonwealth Stamp Collection, in a Simplex medium album, both mint and used. Noted king George V Ceylon one rupee, mint. Grenada 1938 King George VI set to ten shillings. Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika used to five shillings and 1938 King George VI set to five shillings. A fine lot with high catalogue value. 80-120
13.     A Set of Twelve Salmond Series Picture Postcards of Isle of Wight, and approximately two hundred others; Picture postcards of Royalty, flowers, birthday greetings and topographical views both British and Continental. 25-35
14.     A Small Box Containing Four Albums of All World Used Stamps, including a small selection of first day covers. 15-25
15.     Approximately 360 Clean Grandee Cigarette Cards (John Player & Sons). In an album. 20-40
16.     A Royal Mail London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Team GB Gold Medal Winners First Day Covers Stamp Collection, (29 Olympic covers, thirty four Paralympic covers). 40-60
17.     Two Early XX Century Picture Postcard Albums, containing Bamforth poem cards, floral birthday greetings, animals and topographical views mainly foreign. 40-60
18.     A Box of Ten Stockbooks with Used Selection of Stamps, from Russia, Balkan and East European Countries, Norway, China, Japan, Turkey, etc. 20-30
19.     Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Lake District Interest, including Windermere, Kendal, Coniston, etc. One Box 30-50
20.     A Davo Canada Stamp Album With Collection From 1897 - 1983, earlier issues used the mainly mint, some unmounted, commems, deffinatures including stamp booklets, plus a stockbook of South America, U.S.A and Canada, Album in good condition. 30-50
21.     Three Stockbooks of Commonwealth Stamps From Queen Victoria To Queen Elizabeth II Mint And Used, noted Hong Kong 1935 Silver jubilee used. George VI 1938 set to $2, Queen Elizabeth to $20, a range of 1937 Coronation sets from various countries and a small selection of GB mint and used with high values face value of unused GB $40 plus. 50-80
22.     Modern G.B Stamps in Two Envelopes Mint and Used, including an envelope containing small Victoria postcards with Rotherham and Sheffield post mark interest. Face value of mint decimal stamps 55 plus. 30-50
23.     A Folder and Two Stockbooks of All World Stamps, including GB and Commonwealth and a collection of France from 1853, imperf. plus a stockcard. 15-30
24.     A Collection of First Day Covers, PHQ Cards and Presentation Packs, in an album from 1976 - 1979. 20-30
25.     A Used Collection of French and French Colonial Stamps, in four stockbooks, duplicated from early period but some fine used stamps with good catalogue value. 20-30
26.     A Box of Early to Late XX Century Picture Postcards, of topographical views of Great Britain and Europe, military interest, television stars, arts, etc; and a small quantity of overseas base metal coinage two bank notes, some red noted. 30-40
27.     An Accumulation of Whole World Stamps, in two Worldex stamp albums, with many fine used. Noted Hong Kong Q. E II to $10. Mainly from the 1960's. 20-40
28.     A Collection of Mint Stamps in Packets, mainly Alderney and Guernsey with sets and miniature sheets with value to 5. 35-50
29.     A Quantity of GB and Overseas Base Metal Coinage, sometimes redeemable, some silver coins noted, including George IV 1826 shilling, bag of decimal half pennies. 10-20
30.     A Small Box of Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, to include topographical views of Derbyshire, Wales, Isle of Man, etc, sentimental, Bamforth seaside humour, etc. 20-30
31.     A Miscellaneous Collection of Stamps, on album pages and Hagnar sheets. Covers and a few cigarette cards. Noting good selection of GB postage dues mint and used, Collection of Finland on pages and Third Reich. 20-30
32.     An Accumulation of Commonwealth Stamps in Packets, including Canada, Australia, George VI to ten shillings noted, India, Hong Kong, Malay. Good lot mint and used. 30-40
33.     A Stamp Album Containing A mint Collection From George VI To 1985 Queen Elizabeth II, noting George VI 1939 and 1951 high values, Queen Elizabeth II Tudor Crown set, TS Edwards crown set, 1958 graphite lines added FFH and life boat Phosphor sets life boat in blocks of four, booklet panes including Wedgwood and commems and defins with decimal face value of 60 plus. 80-160
34.     Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used in packets and on stock cards. From Queen Victoria to modern, noting Queen Elizabeth British Guiana to 48 cents. Pitcarin to one shilling, North Borrneo to one dollar. Al good lot with high catalogue:- One Box 30-50
35.     A World Collection, in three albums. Mainly used with most European countries represented. Many hundreds of stamps, some very fine used, worth inspection. 30-50
36.     Picture Postcards Mainly of Churches and Cathedrals From Early XX Century to 1980's, including Hereford Cathedral, Lullington Church which is the smallest church in England:- One Box 25-35
37.     A Stamp Collection in Four Albums, G.B., Commonwealth and World mainly used. Noted G.B. Queen Victoria and Edward VII I.R. Offcials, Board of Education. 20-40
38.     Seven Stockbooks with a Collection of Mainly USA and South America Stamps Mint and Used from 1860's, also two catalogues, one of USA stamps by Harris and Stanley Gibbons South America. 35-50
39.     A Range of G.B First Day Covers In Three Boxes, mint Aerograms apparantly all different in three folders and a range of commonwealth and world stamps in two stockbooks. 20-40
40.     A Mixed Box of GB First Day Covers and Postal History from Around the World, including PPC, covers, aerogrammes, etc; together with a collection of presentation packs from isle of Man, Channel Islands and GB. Face over 30. Interesting lot. 30-40
41.     Two Hundred and Twenty Five First Day Covers, in five albums. Commemorative's and definitive's to 1.60. Mainly unaddressed and in good condition. 80-120
42.     A Box of Good Quality Kiloware Stamps on and Off Paper. A large quantity. 30-40
43.     A Quantity of Early to Late XX Century Cigarette and Trade Cards, including Fry's Cocoa , Ogdens 'Children of All Nations', Lyons Tea, ABC Chewing Gum - 'Bottle of Britain', schoolboy stamp album, among other items. 25-40
44.     Seven German Trade Card Albums, (predominantly circa 1930's) thematics include The Middle Ages, Birds, Mammals, Ancient Civilisations, Artists, Historical Figures. 100-150
45.     In Excess of Sixty Numismatic Philatelic Covers, (four Westminster albums), The Queen Mother 1900-2002, including 2002 Jersey five pounds and 1995 Ascension Island fifty pence memorial cover. 20-40
46.     Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Ecclesiastical Interest, showing Cathedrals and Churches throughout the country:- Two Boxes 30-50
47.     Over Thirty Numismatic Philatelic Covers, by Westminster, Benham, and The Royal Mint, all modern British monarchy thematics, including 2015 one pound coin - HM Queen Elizabeth II portrait coin cover, 2016 two pounds coin - HM Queen Elizabeth II 90th birthday cover. 20-40
48.     A Large Amount of World Postal History, noted letters from Queen Elizabeth, George V, unchecked. 30-40
49.     A Collection of GB and World Stamps G-Z, including GB from Queen Victoria to QEII mint and used. Noted Hong Kong George V twenty five cents, India and States, 1948 Gandhi to 12a mint but adhesion to pages. 20-30
50.     Two Cased Coin Sets of Famous US Coin Replicas, eight Famous Coin Replicas (cased), The Pre-Decimals of Elizabeth II, George VI, cased but incomplete; six further religious and papal themed coin sets including The Life of John Paul II and The Twelve Apostles. 30-50
51.     A GB and Commonwealth Accumulation, from Edward VII to present day used, also an album of forty Guernsey covers, many hundreds of stamps. Contained in two biscuit tins. 30-50
52.     A Collection of Mainly Used Commonwealth and European Countries from 1880's - 1960's, countries noted are Australia and States, Austria, Belgium, France and Colonies, Germany, etc plus a selection of stamps in packets and loose. 20-30
53.     A Mixed Accumulation of World Stamps in Stockbooks, many European countries represented including Belgium from the 1880's, Austria, Spain from 1900, Yugosalvia, Serbia, and some GB and Commonwealth mint and used, small amount of GB decimal mint. Good sorter. 30-50
54.     A Small Carton Containing Mainly Used Accumulation of All World Stamps, on sheets, album pages and stockcards. A good sorter thousands of stamps. 40-60
55.     Over Three Hundred First Day Covers, in albums. From Concorde 1969 to Queens Award for Export 1990. 50-90
56.     A Large Quantity of Great Britain Used Machins and Commemorative's in Two Wallets, with many fine used. Noted fine used castle high values. 10-15
57.     A Collection of Over Two Hundred First Day Covers, from 1979 - 2000. In four albums plus a few mint sets in Royal Mail Millennium Collection. 30-50
58.     A Range of Commonwealth Queen Elizabeth II Miniature Sheets and Mint and Cancelled to Order Stamps, in seven stockbooks. A few hundred, with good catalogue value. Countries include Montserrat, Bahamas, Seychelles and Cook Islands. 40-60
59.     Four Albums Containing G.B Presentation Packs, miniature sheets, booklets with high values and many NV indicator stamps. face value 630 200-400
60.     A Suitcase Containing a Small Selection of G.B From Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II and Foreign Stamps, used. An album containing the same. Hundreds of envelopes containing Commonwealth and Foreign used, many thousands. 20-30
61.     Three Sixty-Four Page Stockbooks, with a used GB collection from George V to Queen Elizabeth II 1991 greetings commemoratives. Noted George VI to 5/-, Castles to 10/-. Also three packets of loose stamps off paper. Stockbooks in very good condition. 25-50
62.     A Good Quantity of Photographic Cigarette Cards; 'Beauties'. Sometimes by the Ardath Tobacco Co. Ltd. 30-50
63.     G.B and World Stamps, on and off paper, mint and used. Plus a Stanley Gibbons collect British Stamps 2014 Edition. Thousands of tamps to sort:- One Box 30-50
64.     Over Two Hundred First Day Covers from 1969, G.B and Channel Islands with a little duplication in four cover albums and loose. 30-50
65.     A Box Containing A Cover Album With Over Eighty Firsts Day Covers To 5 And Noting Wedgwood Booklets And Others With Post Mark Interest, five stock books containing GB frankines and a stockbook of modern mint GB face value over 240. 40-60
66.     A Large Quantity of Clear Plastic Postcard Sleeves. 15-25
67.     A Channel Island Collection, in albums. Including 1941-44 Arms mint and used, Regional issues, sets and singles mixed mint and used with values to 1. First day covers include Guernsey Arms 1d and 2d 1943 pictorial issue. A range of presentation packs with values to 5. A good lot. 30-60
68.     A Mixed Accumulation of G.B First Day Covers and Presentation Packs, first day covers with some railway interest. Over two hundred covers. Face value of presentation packs of over 70. 60-90
69.     Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include Mabel Lucie Attwell, Margaret Tarrant, Foreign and British topographical views, letter cards, etc. 25-35
70.     A Box of Albums, Folders Containing G.B. First Day Covers, from 1988. Guernsey Royalty covers and stamps. A folder of flown philatelic covers signed. Signatories including Group Captain John Cunningham CBE DSO Air Vice Marshall Johnnie Johnson CB CBE DSO DFC, Major General Julian Thompson CB OBE. Some loose covers and ephemera. 50-80
71.     Three Albums of GB and All World Mint and Used Stamps, with Commonwealth from Queen Victoria to QEII ad two four ring binders with a selection of commemorative coin covers, noted English, Northern Ireland and Scottish 1 coins. 20-40
72.     Twenty-One Empty Vintage Cigarette Card Albums. 15-30
73.     In Excess of 3000 Cigarette Cards by W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd. Multithematic. Offered in five albums. 100-150
74.     Old Time Stamp Albums Containing Mainly Used and All World Stamps, from Queen Victoria to modern. Noted George VI Cyprus Coronation set mint, Ceylon War Tax stamps. A nice album of New Zealand and Dependencies. Good sorter with thousands of stamps:- One Box 30-50
75.     A Box of World Stamps in Packets, on leaves and in albums, noted early USA, China, Japan, many 100's. Good sorter. 20-30
76.     A Quantity of Coins, GB and Foreign. Earlier items noticed. Forty-Six foreign banknotes. 30-40
77.     Stamp Albums Containing a Collection of West and East Germany, mint and used from 1951. A sparse collection of Iceland from 1902 to 1991. A World collection in an album. G.B presentation packs with face value of 30+ and some G.B covers in two albums and a packet containing a small number of G.B and Foreign booklets. 25-50
78.     A Good Quantity of Cigarette Cards by the Major Manufacturers. Offered boxed or packeted by type. 50-100
79.     A Collection of PHQ Cards, from the Centenary of Cricket 1973 to Kings and Queens 2008. Appears complete including high values. A fine well presented lot. 100-150
80.     A Box Containing a Collection of Flown Covers, late 1960-90's loose and in an album. Over two hundred covers some signed signatories include Sqd Leader A. Holman, Sqd Leader W. Web, Lord of Abbots-Hay, Sqd Leader W. R. Henshaw. Some duplication and mixed condition. 50-100
81.     A Whole World Stamp Collection in Eight Albums, including useful Australia, Papua, Canada, etc; together with a collection of Spain from National Costumes 1968-75, Paraguay including earlier. Mixed condition but decent cat value, 100's mainly used. 40-50
82.     A Large Accumulation of Stamps on Loose Album Pages, in Stockbooks, including all world mint and used, over 150 GB Victoria Penny Reds, also a box of postal history. Unchecked. Very good sorter. 50-80
83.     A Box of Seven Stamp Albums Celebrating The Royal Family, including forty plus covers and three special albums commemorating 25th anniversary of coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, a cover album with forty plus covers of Princess Diana and the Queen Mother, two albums of covers, special albums showing kings and Queens of England, very high initial purchase price, . 20-40
84.     A Mint and Used Collection of GB Stamps in Six Albums, including early Queen Elizabeth II mint Commemoratives, Castles and Machin high values; together with an album containing Victoria line engraved and over 100 First Day Covers from 1979-2000. 50-70
85.     A Mixed Collection of Mint and Used Stamps from Whole World, noted many Queen Victoria to George VI Commonwealth including Hong Kong EDVII to thirty cents. George VI Victory sets, low value Silver Wedding and UPU. A collection of Third Reich sheets of 100, SE770-781. 60-90
86.     A Box of First Day Covers In Ten Albums, over 450 covers with flown covers, railway interest ,and post mark interest, Sheffield, Doncaster, from 1979 - some duplication, very heavy lot. 30-50
87.     A Large Box of Covers, Postal History, Stamps, Postcards etc, in albums, in packets, many thousands to sort, all world selection mint and used, noted U.S.A 1990 Wildlife, Bob cat Sg2523k16 fine used, G.B mint decimal presentation packs and booklets with a face value of 170 plus, many thousands to sort. 60-90
88.     Seven Hundred Post Cards From Edward VII To Modern, including real photographs, topographic, greetings, embossed, humorous, etc, (Mixed condition but some nice cards to be found). 40-60
89.     Six Sets of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers offered in album pages. A small number of silk cigarette cards by R.J.Lea Ltd. Other items. 20-40
90.     An Attractive Array of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers offered in five albums. 100-150
91.     Six Albums And A Stockbook Containing A Mainly Used Collection of All World Stamps, needs a good sorter. 15-30
92.     A Box of Kiloware, mainly GB decimal stamps. 20-30
93.     A Good Quantity of Photographic Cigarette Cards by J. A. Pattreiouex Ltd. Some of the cards are offered in the manufacturer's albums. 20-40
95.     Two Old World Albums, containing a used collection of World stamps and presentation pack of Queens Mother's 100th Birthday miniature sheet. 10-15
96.     A Mint and Used Collection of Queen Elizabeth Commemorative Stamps from 1978-1982, including traffic light pairs. Face value over 110. 50-70
97.     A Collection of Over One Hundred and Fifty Picture Postcards and Photographs of Transport Interest, to include trams, steam trains, buses, etc; together with slides of transport interest, etc. 20-40
98.     A Used G.B Collection Victoria Penny Reds, Jubilee to 4d, Edward VII with I.R and Army Official overprints, George V to 1/-. Then a duplicated selection of QEII decimal with values to 3. 25-40
98A.    A Stockbook of Mint Blocks of Modern New Zealand and Canadian Stamps. 15-30
99.     A Quantity of Royal Mail Presentation and Annual Collectors Stamps Packs, early 1970's - 2006, some non value indicators noted with a face value of in excess of 560. 180-200
100.    A Windsor Album of Mainly Fine Used QEII Stamps from 1984 to 2001, including castles to five pounds, commemorative sets and singles and ten pound Britainia. 30-50
101.    An Album of Covers and Cards Celebrating The Life of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, includes first day covers of 1937 Coronation, The Silver Wedding of 1948 from Barbados, Great Britain, Gibraltar and Jamaica covers from 1948 Silver Wedding with high values in pairs, over one hundred items 60-100
102.    A Cased 1986 Uncirculated U.S. Silver Dollar Coin 'Ellis Island', G.B. 1951 Festival of Britain Crown, 1953 coin set, commemorative crowns. A quantity of cigarette cards by Wills, De Reszke, Player's, Senior Service, Gallaher, Thematics noted include British seaside, British railways, animals, celebrated oil paintings, British butterflies, roses. 20-40
103.    A Collection of Mint and Used Ethiopia Stamps from 1909-1944, in an album. An interesting lot with good catalogue value. 30-40
104.    An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include an interesting assortment of cards, topographical views some of Sheffield and other Yorkshire towns, comic, sentimental, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Christmas greetings, etc. 50-80
105.    A Stockbook of Mint and Used GB Stamps, from Queen Victoria to 1975. 30-50
106.    A Collection of Mainly Used Switzerland Stamps from 1802-1978, mostly fine used with good catalogue value. 20-30
106A.   An Album of Mainly Commonwealth Countries Stamps From Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, mint and used, good range of Hong Kong from 1863 - modern including Edward VII to $1, Edward V to $2, Queen Elizabeth II to $20, all used, Barbados from Crown Colony Britannia issue, British Guiana, etc. also a few U.S.A and Saudi Arabia, a useful lot with good pickings throughout. 40-60
107.    A Small Album of George VI and Q. Elizabeth Mint and Used Stamps, noted George VI to one shilling used and 1939 high values to ten shillings mint and Festival high values to 1. QE II wildings to one shilling and six pence. Regionals to twenty-six pence and a range of mint and used commemoratives from 1964. 40-60
107A.   A GB and Commonwealth Mint Stamp Collection, in a stockbook. Noted George V photo set to one shilling and 1924 Wembley set, mint. Alderney definitives to 2. One hundred Q. Victoria penny reds. Trinidad and Tobago 1913-22, values to one shilling, mint. 40-70
108.    Sheets and Part Sheets of GVI 1947 Ceylon New Constitution Stamps, including a part sheet of 1960 World Refugee stamps. All unmounted mint. Total cat 73. 10-15
109.    A GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps from 1946 to 1996 Olympic Games, noted 1953 Coronation mint and used. George VI Festival high values to 1 used and ten shillings mint. A nice lot. 30-50
110.    An Assortment of Cigarette and Tea Cards, regularly bundled by type. 20-30
111.    Two Albums of Stamps of New Zealand And New Foundland From Victoria To George VI, mainly used but a good lot with high cat value, high cat value, also two stockbooks and folders containing New Zealand and Newfoundland Duplicated. 40-60
112.    A Small Collection of First Day Covers G.B and Jersey, from 1969 Concorde and ships. 5-10
113.    Two Albums of Stamps, a Unicef special album and one containing used stamps. Also a collection of five Brooke Bond card albums and sixteen further full or part sets of cards. Plus G.B stamps on paper. 10-15
114.    A Box of Over Three Hundred and Fifty G.B and Commonwealth First Day Covers, including G.B from George VI Festival of Britain, Falkland Islands, Birds 1991, Whales 1989, Jersey from 1982 definitive's, Guernsey from 1969, Pitcairn Islands, Gibraltar, etc. 60-90
115.    A Box of Stanley Gibbons and Other Catalogues, including World Stamps 2008 Complete, Collect British Stamps 2000, Channel Islands and Isle of Man 2005. 20-30
116.    A Box Containing A Large Selection of First Day Covers, presentation packs and stamps on stock cards, most of the covers are GB in mixed condition from 1960 to 1990 with some duplication, the stock cards contain all world assortment mint and used face value of presentation packs is 60 plus, thousands to sort. 40-60
117.     A Box Containing A GB Stamp Accumulation on Leaves, in stockbooks and albums including 120 first day covers from Ghandi 1969 - all the Queens Horses 1997 E.B Stamps used and mint (some 20-40
118.    Four Cover Albums, two Westminster History of Monarchy. One containing first day covers of royalty, Diana and Charles, etc. Further album of official tributes to John Paul II. 20-40
119.    A Collection of Mint and Used All World Stamps, with useful Great Britain from George V to Queen Elizabeth, some used blocks of world stamps and some mint and used Commonwealth. High cat value. A good sorter. 40-50
120.    A Mixed Lot of Mint and Used Stamps, postal history, first day covers and PHQ cards. GB from Queen Victoria in albums and in packets. Noted 2004 Classic Locomotives with 2 coin. Small amount of decimal GB face value, 50 + with some NVI stamps. 40-60
121.    A Box of Kiloware Mainly Great Britain. 15-20
122.    Six Box Files, including First Day Covers, postal history, postcards and stamps in packets. 30-50
123.    An Accumulation of Mainly Used Stamps, comprising New Zealand, Hungary, Russia, Germany and Great Britain, some early Commonwealth and many George VI Great Britain used. Unchecked for watermark varieties. 25-40
124.    Two Junior Stamp Albums G.B. and All World, G.B. stamps Queen Victoria - Queen Elizabeth II noted, in excess of forty G.B. First Day Covers, 1968 - 1986, both typed and handwritten addressee. A postcard album which includes postcards depicting Yorkshire town scenes, continental seaside, short wave radio cards noted, loose stamps sometimes in packets both on and off paper, plus other oddments. 20-40
125.    A Mixed Collection of All World Stamps in Stockbooks and Albums, mainly modern used but noted Bahamas, George V war tax opts, Great Britain from George VI used. Many 100's. 20-40
126.    A Collection of First Day Covers, mainly pre decimal, a stockbook of GB mint stamps in sets and singles, and a number of Victorian letters from 1882. An interesting lot. 15-30
127.    A Collection of Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamps on Leaves, from early Queen Victoria to George VI. Many sets of George VI Coronation mint and used, Universal Postal Union and Victory. Fine used, Australia and States, Canada from 1870 to George VI. South Africa and States mint and used, British Guiana George VI to ninety six cents. Bahamas George VI to five shillings. Large quantity with high catalogue value. 100-150
128.    A Collection of First Day Covers, with George VI and Early Queen Elizabeth present. Noted Olympic 1948 two and a halfpenny with Wembley post mark, 1961 Savings bank on plain cover, 1963 Red Cross, Forth Road Bridge, Festival of Britain over two hundred covers. 50-80
129.    A Collection of Presentation Packs, in two albums and loose plus two 1987 year books and a commemorative folder of Channel Tunnel. Face value over ninety four pounds. 30-50
130.    A Large Collection of G.B and Rest of the World Stamps, on and off paper in envelopes, packets, tins. Two new four ring binders in slip case and two FDC albums. Stamps mint and used. A heavy lot with much to sort:- One Box 25-50
131.    A Range of G.B First Day Covers to 2003 Coronation Set, over three hundred and fifty covers in albums. 60-90
132.    Four Albums of G.B Modern Definatives and Commemoratives, including thirty prestige booklets, a similar sheet presentation packs, one of the prestige booklets has some stamps removed, also presentation packs total face value 580. 200-400
133.    A Collection of Channel Island and Isle of Man Presentation Packs, and a few first day covers, over one hundred and forty. 30-50
134.    Six Albums of Stamps GB and World, mainly used, from Queen Victoria through to Queen Elizabeth II. Plus a few first day covers and presentation packs. 40-60
135.    A Box of Seven Unused Stamp Albums, a Stanley Gibbon twenty four page stock book still sealed. A range of album refills and stock pages and Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth catalogue 1988 heavy lot. 20-40
136.    Nine Albums Containing a Range of PHQ Cards from 1973-2010, mint and used. Many hundreds in sets and singles. 40-60
137.    A Box of Loose Stamps and Albums, two first day cover albums from 1980-91, eighty covers.
138.    A Large Carton Containing All World Stamp Accumulation, including G.B. in albums, packets, chocolate containers, etc. Good sorter. 40-60
139.    A Box Containing Three Albums of Flown Covers, from 1962 - 1975. Over one hundred and forty covers. Some signed and includes many Squadron anniversary covers. 50-100
140.    A Collection of GB First Day Covers, presentation packs and Commonwealth stamps in packets. 30-50
141.    A Box Containing a Number of Stamp and Cover Albums. Includes mint and used GB from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, world stamps mainly used, definitive covers with GB decimal Castles to 5, used PHQ cards. Over seventy covers including a nice 1877 cover postmark Holsworthy 25-50
142.    Four Hundred And Eighty Post Cards And PHQ Cards From Early XX Century To Modern, mainly topographic but some with film/ pop stars, noted 25 embroidered greetings cards. 30-50
143.    A Box Containing an Accumulation of Stamps, F.D.C, PHQ Cards, from G.B and Channel Islands. Three albums with All World collection mainly used. Q.E. Silver Jubilee collection in album and a small stockbook with stamps from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth used. 40-60
144.    A Mainly Used Stamp Accumulation of Mainly European Countries, including early Romania from 1890's, Russia, France, etc, a few early German postcards and stamps. Good sorter lot. 20-40
145.    A Box of Albums, Stockbooks, Covers and Presentation Packs, containing world, GB and Commonwealth stamps, noted GB Collectors packs for 1979,1982 and 1985, some useful EVI, close inspection may reward. 15-25
146.    Eight Albums/Stockbooks Containing World Selection of Stamps, including East Germany to 1966, Olympic Games 1994 in special folder, France, Italy, Greece, New Zealand and many more. 100's of stamps mint and used. High cat value. 50-70
147.    Over Three Hundred and Forty First Day Covers, mainly G.B, but some Isle of Man in eight albums. 40-60
148.    A Quantity of Kiloware, predominantly GB, both on and off paper, a small collection of 1929 PUC George V mint and used stamps, small packets of stamps with thematic interest. 5-10
149.    A Large Box of Mainly European Mint and Used Stamps in Packets and on Leaves, most countries represented, noted German Third Reich. 30-40
150.    A Box of Mainly Mid to Late XX Century Picture Postcards, some earlier examples noted of mainly foreign and British topographical views and eighteen Picton's and other postcards catalogues 20-30
151.    A Mixed Accumulation of World Stamps in Stockbooks, Albums and Loose, including Malaya, South Africa, Gibraltar, Australia; together with a selection of PHQ cards and covers. 20-40
152.    A Large Box of Kiloware predominately GB Machins on and off Paper, many thousands with some unfranked. 20-40
153.    A Box of G.B. Channel Island and Regional First Day Covers From 1973, with high values noted. Two junior albums of word stamps, 270 covers plus a few PHQ cards and presentation packs. 25-40
154.    A Box of Junior Stamp Albums, stockbooks containing mainly Europe with most countries countries represented, useful Hungary with thousands of stamps. 30-50
155.    A Large Carton of Stamps with World Mixture, in albums, packets, exercise books, including a collection of U.S.A First Day Covers. 30-50
156.    A Quantity of Cigarette and Trade Cards 1930's-2000's, by Players, Wills, Castella, Gallaher, Clover Dairies and many more. Predominantly arranged and presented in albums but sometimes loose, thematics include Gallaher Butterflies and Moths, Gallaher Racing Scenes, Players Aeroplanes (Civil), Players Motor Cars, Sporting Profiles FA Cup Finals, Space Shots Apollo Missions, The Reign of King George V 1910-Silver Jubilee-1935 completed Wills album. 30-50
157.    A Large Carton Containing an Accumulation of World Stamps, in stockbooks, albums and loose on leaves. Countries include Spain, Portugal, Greece, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, mint and used. 30-50
158.    460 First Day Covers From 1966 Including 74 Benham Covers, both commemorative's and definitives with some duplication. 40-60
159.    A Box Containing Stamps, in packets, stockbook envelopes and album of First Day Covers. Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth and All World catalogues, mint and used, good sorter. 20-40
160.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to Present Day of Foreign Topographical Scenes, including Jerusalem, Australia, Switzerland, etc:- Two Boxes 30-40
161.    A Collection of All World Stamps in Four Albums, mint and used including Gibraltar 1973 military uniforms.
162.    A Good Quantity of Large Scale Cigarette and Trade Cards, by John Player/Radio Review/Players/Wills/Kensitas Silks, among others. Contained in two albums. 30-50
163.    Two Stock Books and an Album, contains G.B Victoria to modern including 2d blues, 1d reds, Jubilee set to 9d used modern commemorative's and definitive's to 1.60 mint and used. Commonwealth Victoria to modern including Antigua, Canada, Cyprus, India, etc. Few rest of world noted. 20-30
164.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to Present Day Mainly Churches and Cathedrals, Norwich Cathedral and rural churches:- Two Boxes 50-80
165.    Two Album of Benham Railway Covers, in special albums. Over a hundred covers in excellent condition. 30-60
166.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to 1980's, mainly churches abbeys, castles including St Werburgh Church, Derby showing horses and carts, Dewsbury Parish Church, Eynsham Church and cross, etc; some good chromo-lithograph examples:- Two Boxes 40-60
167.    A Varied Collection of Loose Cigarette and Trade Cards From the 1930's - 1970's, including Wills/Barratt & Co/ABC/Players/Anglo Confectionary among many others. Many football and TV themes noted. 30-50
168.    Two Special Albums Containing Over One Hundred and Twenty Railway Related Covers and Cards, over fifty Benham covers. Nice collection in excellent condition. 30-60
169.    A Collection of Mainly Used GB Machins, heavily duplicated in three albums. 20-40
170.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to Present Day, Mainly Churches and Cathedrals, including many of Durham Cathedral and small Cornish Churches:- Two Boxes 40-60
171.    A Stanley Gibbons Devon Album and a Stockbook of Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamps, noted Fiji George VI values to 1/6 used 8d mint, Singapore 1977 values to Five Dollars used. 20-40
172.    Two Albums of Early XX Century Picture Postcards and Photographs, to include Christmas and Easter cards, animals including Louis Wain, sentimental numerous many by Donald McGill and topographical views. 60-80
173.    A School Boy Album, with a collection of mint and used G.B and World. Noted Straits settlements GV Silver Jubliee 25c used sg 259. 10-20
174.    Picture Postcards of Scottish Interest, Edwardian to 1980's, including many of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Pitlochry, etc.:- Three Boxes 40-60
175.    An Early XX Century Postcard Album, containing a good variety of picture postcards including British and Foreign topographical views, some of Sheffield, royalty, humorous, Mabel Lucie Attwell, birthday and christmas greetings, Bamforth 'Songs' series, etc. 50-80
176.    A Lincoln Album with World Collection of Used Stamps, mostly pre war noted G.B. line engraved and surface printed, Edward VII to five d. Straits settlement George V to 50 cents, worth inspection. 30-50
177.    William Gossage & Sons Ltd. (Bodyguard Soap), 'British Birds & Their Eggs' (1924); set of forty-eight cards. A range of other non tobacco trade cards. 30-60
178.    An Album of Victorian/Edwardian Scraps, depicting figures, flowers, birds and animals. 15-25
179.    Four Albums of Used GB and Mainly European Stamps, with values to two pounds, a packet of used stamps on paper and a New Zealand selection of stamps in folder. 20-40
180.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to 1980's Many Chromo-Lithograph Examples, including Saltaire Church, Parish Church of Saltburn-by-Sea, Parish Church of St Ives, etc:- Two Boxes 40-60
181.    An Attractive Array of Some 700 Larger Format Cigarette Cards in an Album. Regularly by the major manufacturers. Some nice bits and pieces here but the condition of the cards is variable. 50-100
182.    A GB Stamp Collection, mainly used from Victoria One Penny Reds through to Queen Elizabeth II, including commemorative sets and singles. 30-40
183.    An Album of Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamps, from India to Zanzibar, noted Pitcairn Islands UPU 3d blue and part 1957 set to 1/- mint. Unchecked for varieties and shades. 15-30
184.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Topographical Views, mainly of Southern seaside towns and as well Essex and other towns and villages:- Two Boxes 40-60
185.    A Boxed Jubilee Mint Her Majesty's 90 Glorious Years Commemorative Coin and Stamp Set, Birmingham mint medallic First Day Cover commemorating The Centenary of the Shire Horse Society 1978, Jubilee mint UK new and old One Pound coin cover, Jubilee mint Remembrance Day Five Pounds Coin Collection (three coins), Royal Mint 1977 Silver Jubilee Medal, commemorative crowns and other oddments. 25-40
186.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Ecclesiastical Interest, showing Cathedrals such as Canterbury to small rural Churches throughout the country:- Two Boxes 40-60
187.    Four Albums Celebrating the Royal Family, over one hundred and seventy covers and over forty sets of mint stamps from around the Commonwealth. 50-90
188.    G.B. First Day Covers, four albums containing two hundred and ninety plus, F.D.C.'s, predominately typed addressee, 1996-2014, an attractive collection covering a variety of themes including birds, of prey, airliners - fifty years of jet travel, post boxes. 30-60
189.    A Selection of Approximately One Hundred Eighty Picture Postcards, mainly from the XX Century depicting transport including trams, cars, boats, etc. 40-60
190.    A Album of Flown Covers, many signed. Signatories include Air Vice Marshal H.A.C Bird Wilson, Peter, Lord of Abbots Hay. Air Commodore A.C. Deere DSO OBE. Many of the covers flown in WWII planes. Over sixty covers. 60-100
191.    Three Albums of Early/Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, to include Elite Gardens, Franco, British Exhibition London 1908, Col Codys Biplane, British and Continental topographical views, royalty, ships, animals, etc. 70-100
192.    One Album of Mint and Used Great Britain Stamps, from Queen Victoria to 1973; together with a few George VI and Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth. 30-50
193.    Approximately 1000 Earlier Cigarette Cards by John Player & Sons. Multithematic. Conditions various. In an album. 50-70
194.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the 1980's, of Topographical Interest, including many of the North \West, Manchester, Liverpool, Southport as well as seaside towns, etc; together with four volumes of Ward Locks maps and plans:- Three Boxes 50-80
195.    A Good Mint and Used Netherlands Stamp Collection in Two Stockbooks, from earliest issue. Very good catalogue value. 50-70
196.    Two Albums of Covers Featuring Great Britain Railways, and four covers from 2008 Olympic Games signed by Rebecca Romero, Nicole Cook, Rebecca Adlington, Ben Ainslie. Also a sheet of 2008 Stampex Exhibition stamps. 40-60
197.    Two Stockbooks of Mint And Used Australia Stamps From Queen Victoria To Queen Elizabeth II, issues from Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Western Australia, Victoria, Australia Antarctic Territory, etc, noted Western Australia on 1d yellow ochre, Australia Antarctic Territory sg37-52 mint and used, a good lot with high catalog value, worth a close inspection. 60-80
198.    A WWI Silk Postcard Showing the Flags of the Allies in 1917 and Entitled Souvenir de France, three other similar. A quantity of postcards of Royal interest, comic and Christmas and various photographs, a lot. 30-40
199.    A 1913 One Third Farthing, uncirculated. Offered in a presentation casket. White metal and other medals sometimes with a Sheffield interest. Other items 15-30
200.    Three Cover Albums Containing a Range of Benham, Covers, Presentation Packs, Stamp Booklets, with much thematic interest in shipping and transport. High face value. 40-60
201.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Ecclesiastical Interest, mainly of small Churches throughout the country:- Two Boxes 40-60
202.    Two Special Albums Containing Over One Hundred and Twenty Railway Related Covers and PHQ Cards, over fifty Benham covers, nice condition. 30-60
203.    Collection of Assorted Cigarette and Trading Cards, items noted including Churchman's Howlers, Wills Association Footballers 1935-1936 Pro Set Desert Storm our South African National Parks. Two empty Guardian card albums and a First Day album featuring sixteen covers from 1966 to 2006. 15-25
204.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals, throughout Great Britain:- Two Boxes 30-50
205.    Two Albums of Benham Railway Covers, in special albums. Over a hundred covers in excellent condition. 30-60
206.    A Cased London Mint Office 2012 Tristan Da Cunha, super crown size RMS Titanic Centenary Coin, individually numbered 048 of 999, literature. 20-40
207.    A Cased London Mint Office 2012 Tristan Da Cunha, super crown size Elizabeth and the Lion Diamond Jubilee commemorative coin, individually numbered 853 of 999, literature. 25-50
208.    A Box of Presentation Packs, with face value of over one hundred and twenty pounds with many NVI values present. 45-60
209.    Great Popes Through History, twelve commemorative coins by The Windsor Mint, presented in three wooden cases; plus one other coin. 20-40
210.    An Album of Mixed Covers, some flown and signed by air crew between 1970-1980. Commemorative Battle of Britain, Major Edward Mannock VC, The Spitfires of the Battle of Britain, Lancasters of the Battle of Britain signatories include Councillor W.E. Evans (Lord Mayor of Plymouth) Sir John Mogg, Sqd Leader K. E. Sneller Wing Commander J. J. Maynard Sqd Leader E.J. Randell. 50-100
211.    Seven Silver Coin Philatelic Covers, by Westminster, Jubilee Mint and Benham, predominantly British monarchy thematics, including 2015 silver proof two pounds coin - Queen Elizabeth II portrait coin cover, 2016 silver Britannia two pounds coin - Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday commemorative cover. 30-50
212.    A Collection of Early/Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Topographical Interest, to include seaside and town scenes throughout Britain, many of London, Cornwall, Scottish Lochs, etc; many hundreds:- Two Boxes 50-80
213.    A Quantity of GB Pre-Decimal Pennies, Halfpennies and Farthings, Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II; plus a Danbury Mint carded 'World's First Postage Stamps' coin and stamp presentation including 1854 penny. 15-25
214.    A Heavily Duplicated Mint and Used Stamp Collection In A Large Stockbook, from Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, noting ninety penny reds in mixed condition, 1897 Jubilees to 6d, d rose sg 48 Edward VII to 10/- good used, George V sea horses and British empire exhibition mint (1924-25) pairs, George VI to 1 and Queen Elizabeth II from coronation to football legends , mint and used. (High Catalogue Value). 30-60
215.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to Present Day Mainly of Topographical Views,, of Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey:- Two Boxes 40-60
216.    Over Four Hundred G.B First Day Covers From Festival of Britain 1951 to Modern, earlier covers of Shakespeare, Hastings. 80-100
217.    Over Sixty Covers Relating to RAF, some signed notably Peter, Lord of Abbots Hay. Some Benham covers a few with coins, A good interesting lot in good condition. 30-70
218.    Approximately Seventeen Sets of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards Offered in Album Pages. 20-40
219.    A Small Collection of Australia Used in Two Stockbooks, noted Roos to two shillings, some fine used. Stamps unchecked for varieties. 30-40
220.    A Selection of Approximately XVIII Century Picture Postcards of London, mainly from the early XX Century including Crystal Palace, Piccadilly Circus, The Lake by Night, British Empire Exhibitions Wembley, etc. 30-50
221.    A Tray of Over 180 Stockcards, with mint and used part sets and singles from around the world, noted GB Edward VII 2nd green and red strip of three, BMA Somalia to two shilling fifty cents; together with a small number of mint GB Queen Elizabeth stamps. Face value over 15. Good lot. 50-80
222.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to the 1980's Mainly Castles, including the Scottish Highlands, Ireland, Windsor Castle, etc:- Two Boxes. 40-60
223.    Approximately 3000 Cigarette Cards Almost Always by John Player & Sons. An interesting multithematic collection in three albums. Some better subjects noticed. 100-150
224.    Two Albums of Early XX Century Picture Postcards and Photographs, to include Bamforth and Co numerous cards, Christmas cards, sentimental, trains and topographical mainly of Northern views. 40-60
225.    Two Stamp Stockbooks, with mainly G.B mint and used stamps. Noted ninety Queen Victoria Penny Reds, mixed condition to Queen Elizabeth 1977. 50-70
226.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the 1980's of Yorkshire Topographical Interest, including many of Sheffield, Bradford and the Yorkshire Dales, etc.:- One Box 30-50
227.    GB Q.E II Commemorative Stamps, mint and used, in three albums and 1969 and 1971 regional stamps, mint. Some mint Commonwealth. 30-60
228.    A Mint and Used Accumulation of GB and Commonwealth Stamps in Packets, comprising Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, Jamaica, Malta, etc. Unchecked but issues from George V to present. Many hundreds. 30-50
229.    A Quantity of Predominately Pre-Decimal G.B. Base Metal Coinage Queen Victoria - Queen Elizabeth II Halfcrown, Halfpenny, a boxed Festival of Britain 1951 George VI crown, George III 1799 halfpenny, George II 1739 halfpenny (poor), plus a small quantity of overseas base metal coinage. 20-40
230.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to the Present Day of Topographic Interest, including South Coast scenes, Lowestoft, etc:- One Box 30-50
231.    Three Four Ring Albums, containing a range of G.B presentation packs with face value over 125 and a collection of first day covers from 1993-98. 50-70
232.    In Excess of 500 Larger Format Cigarette Cards in an Album. Usually clean cards and some better subjects but nostalgia reproduction cards are included. 40-70
233.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to the 1980's Mainly Topographical View of Southern English Towns and Villages, including Ryde, Western Esplanade, Brighton Cliffs near Black Rock, etc.:- Two Boxes 50-80
234.    A Shoe Box of Vietnamese Stamps, mint, used and cancelled to order. Hundreds of stamps and including North Vietnam Socialist Republic of Vietnam. High cat value worth a look. 20-40
235.    An Early XX Century Album of Picture Postcards and Photographs, to include 'R.M.S Melita', silk WWI cards, Margaret Tarrant, humorous sentimental and topographical, mainly Northern seaside towns and London; together with a box of scraps. 60-80
236.    Two Albums Commemorating The Life of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, with fifty two sets of mint Commonwealth stamps and over seventy covers. 30-50
237.    A Small Collection of RAF Covers, mostly flown commemorating various squadron anniversaries with some signed. Signatories include Wing Commander F.W. Higgins OBE, DFC, DFM. Air Vice Marshall, A VR Johnstone CB DFC. Some Gulf War interest. 40-60
238.    A Collection of Over 700 Cigarette Cards by John Player & Sons. Generally earlier issues including Arms & Armour, British Empire Series, Butterflies & Moths, and Life On Board a Man of War. In an album. 40-70
239.    Two 1968 Mexico Silver 25 Pesos Coins 'Olympic Games', Medallion 1855 Paris Universal Exposition - Bronze Medal of Honour, Alexandre Pere and Fils, India One Anna coin, 1907 Edward VII, other silver coinage, noted. A quantity of overseas base metal coinage including Australia 1919 one penny, G.B. commemorative crowns, bank roll od 1971 pennies. 30-50
240.    Picture Postcards Mainly Early XX Century of Yorkshire Interest, including many Celesque Series cards of the Yorkshire Dales, Harrogate, Whitby, etc:- One Box 40-60
241.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the 1980's of Castles, many of Wales, including Conwy, Cardiff as well as Isle of Wight, etc. 30-50
242.    A Quantity of G.B and All World Base Metal Coinage, including and abundance of G.B Commemorative crowns, Royal Mint coin sets 1970, 1971. A mint roll of 1971 halfpenny coins. 20-40
243.    An Album of Covers Commemorating the 75th and 78th Anniversary of The RAF, sixty covers from G.B Montserat, Ascension Island, Bahamas and many other Commonwealth countries, some flown signatories include Sir Michael Beetham GCB, CBF, DFC. 30-50
244.    A Collection of Early/Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Foreign Topographical Interest, to include Jerusalem, Bruges, Montreal, etc:- Two Boxes 30-40
245.    A Collection of Approximately One Hundred and Sixty Two Tucks 'Oilette' Picture Postcards, of animals, flowers and topographical views many of Continental scenes and sixty other postcards of paintings and topographical views:- One Box 25-35
246.    A Quantity of G.B Base Metal Coinage post 1947 Including Sixpences, shillings, two shillings half crowns, commemorative crowns, approximate weight 1.8kg. 15-25
247.    A Tray Containing GB Stamps from Victoria to Queen Elizabeth Mint and Used, some blocks of Queen Elizabeth II Wildings, Machins and Commems, a few First Day Covers and unused aerogrammes. Good variety and condition. 30-40
248.    A Collection of Third Reich Stamps, mint, noted Olympic Games, plus some ephemera, some adhesion to backing/pages, nice looking lot. 40-60
249.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to Present Day Mainly Churches and Cathedrals, including many of Durham Cathedral and small Cornish Churches and Chapels including many from the South Coast of England, etc:- Two Boxes 30-50
250.    Three Albums in Slip Cases of World Wide Fund for Nature Cards from Around the World, depicting birds, mammals, fish and insects. An interesting lot. 30-60
251.    An Empty 'Christmas 1914' Tin. Cigarette and non tobacco trade cards. Empty cigarette packets. 20-40
252.    A Quantity of All World Base Metal Coinage, including 1925 Denmark 2 kroner, 1998 Jersey one pound coin, Guernsey 8 doubles 1920, some redeemable coins noted. 15-30
253.    A Small Selection of Mainly Flown Covers, with some signed .signatories, include Squadron Leader R.M.Raw, Squadron Leader K Lee DFC. Sub Lieutenant Lowden DSC. 40-60
254.    Six Tucks Queens Dolls House Postcards, plus a box of other picture postcards mainly British topographical views, animals, sentimental and some photographs:- One Box 30-50
255.    Approximately Forty Crown Sized Coins and Larger British Monarchy Themed Commemorative Coins by The Windsor Mint, including The Diamond Jubilee, The Speeches of HM The Queen Elizabeth II and Portraits of a Queen, all presented in six cases, many certificates present. 30-50
256.    Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, of topographical Yorkshire views including Town Hall Square, Sheffield, Cutlers at Work, Sheffield, Westgate, Wakefield and Church Walk, Normanton. 40-60
257.    Over Seventy Benham Covers, in a special album relating to the travelling post office. A good lot of railway covers in excellent condition. 30-60
258.    Two Albums of GB Stamps, mainly used but some mint QE II decimal commemorative sets with a face value of over 40. Noted Edward VII to one shilling used. George V seahorses to ten shillings used. George VI to 1 used. 50-80
259.    Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, to include comic, Mabel Lucie Atwell, Queens dolls house, sentimental, etc:- One Box 30-40
260.    J. Bibby & Sons Ltd. Four Sets of Clean Cards in the Manufacturer's Albums, comprising 'Don't You Believe It?', 'Good Dogs', 'Isn't it Strange' and 'This Wonderful World' (all 1955). Further non-tobacco trade cards. Other items. 20-40
261.    Early/Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Yorkshire and Derbyshire Topographical Interest, to include Scarborough, Bolton Abbey, Buxton, etc:- One Box 30-40
262.    Approximately Sixty Three Sets of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards; better cards by Typhoo Tea Ltd, noticed. In a two drawer cabinet. 50-100
263.    A Special Album of Railway Covers and Postcards, relating to the Great Western Railway 1835-1985. Many if the covers are Benhams. Clean lot, over ninety five items. 30-60
264.    Approximately 40 Canadian Dollars in Coin, a quantity of USA coin. 20-40
265.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Yorkshire Interest, to include, York, Hull, Scarborough, the Dales, etc:- One Box 40-60
266.    A Large Collection of Used Australia Stamps, from early Roo's to 1/- through to 1980's. Good lot with very high catalogue value and unchecked for varieties. 50-70
267.    Three Folders of Mainly Used But Some Mint Stamps of the Commonwealth, with Queen Victoria stamps from India, Ceylon, Canada and many George V and George VI present. Noted QEII Hong Kong 5g 717 fine used, Ireland 1 5sg. 550 fine used. 50-80
268.    Early/Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Topographical Interest, to include London scenes Stratford-Upon-Avon, Salisbury Cathedral, etc:- One Box 25-35
269.    Over Fifty Flown Covers, many signed by officers of the Queens Flight, whilst piloting members of the Royal Family, signatories include Flight Lieutenant G. Clark, Squadron Leader R. King, Wing Commander N.E.L. Bereford, Group Captain J.R.D Morley MBE. Interesting lot. 30-50
270.    Jersey 2004 The 'Travelled' Flying Scotsman Coin Cover, 5 crown and certificate of authenticity. 25-35
271.    A Collection of Fifty Three Early Mid XX Century Mainly Humorous Picture Postcards, to include Valentines Lawson Wood Granpop Series Cards, Studley Dog cards, etc:- One Box 20-30
272.    The Turner Bicentenary First Day Cover, Royal Mint 2017 Tom Kitten 50p in sealed pack and collectors coin book 1968 - 2017. 20-30
273.    A Useful Deed Box, (dimensions 34.5 x 23cm). Complete with key. 15-30
274.    Twenty-Seven Commemorative Coins by Windsor Mint and Westminster Mint, comprising Westminster Mint WWII Tanks (six coins); Windsor Mint - The Queen's Diamond Jubilee (six coins), The Diamond Jubilee Weekend (three coins) and The Most Famous Coin Replicas (twelve coins), with certificates, presented in five cases. 25-50
275.    Seventeen Commemorative Papal Themed Coins, comprising Pontefices Maximi Ex Pax Laetitia (16 coins), Tiaras Papalis (6 coins) including Sanctus Petras, state visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the UK, September 2010 commemorative medal cover. 20-40.
276.    Four Albums of First Day Covers with G.B, from Hastings 1966 to 1987. Isle of Man from inauguration 1973 with values to 1. Over two hundred and eighty covers. 40-70
277.    A Box Containing Hundreds of Covers GB and Foreign, including First Day Covers and postcards. 30-50
278.    A Mixed Assortment of Covers, Postcards, Stamps and Ephemera, mainly modern and used including GB, Canada, Sweden, Italy, noted Gibraltar George V war tax 1d block of four, various omnibus stamps including George V Jubilee, UPU, 1937 Coronation and Victory. 30-50
279.    Four Coin Cases. 20-40
280.    A Mixed Stamp Collection of Countries Mint and Used, including Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Denmark, Great Britain, Channel Islands, etc, noted small collection of Falkland Islands from d 1891 to Queen Elizabeth. A good sorter with high cat value. Many 100's. 30-50
281.    A Box Containing Thousands of GB, Commonwealth and Foreign Stamps, on and off paper, in packets. 30-40
282.    A Mixed Accumulation in Stockbooks, comprising world selection of mint and used stamps, Great Britain from Edward VII to Queen Elizabeth with many fine used and some mint blocks of Wildings and Commems, noted George VI to five shillings, Machins to 5 and Castles to 5. High cat value. 40-50
283.    Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, containing whole world stamps, mint and used, including Isle of Man mint and used, Guernsey to 1 mint, George VI Sarawak 1938 to $5. GB mint and used and a range of covers:- One Box 40-60
284.    A Collection of First Day Covers, from Channel Islands, Isle of Man G.B. and Gibraltar from GVI 1d Pale Scarlet 11 Aug 1941 to modern. Three hundred plus covers, mostly unaddressed. Also a Lighthouse Hingeless album containing a small collection of Alderney. 60-80
285.    A Box Containing a Range of Philatelic Literature, including International Stamp Encyclopedia Volumes 1-6, Italian Stamps by Roy Dehn and Dictionary of World Stamps. 20-30
286.    Eight Stockbooks Containing a Whole World Mixture of Mint and Used Stamps, noted Queen Victoria Straits settlements to 24c, Gibraltar George VI to one shilling, George VI Coronation issue of Gibraltar and Ascension. Good sorter with hundreds of stamps. 40-80
287.    Five Box Files Containing Hundreds of Items of Postal History, aerogrammes, PHQ cards, First Day Covers, postcards, etc, plus five albums of used stamps. 30-50
288.    A Selection of Stamps, in packets, boxes, envelopes with large quantity present. 20-40
289.    Three Albums Containing Over Two Hundred Benham First Day Covers, from Authors 1980. 30-60
290.    Five Albums Containing G.B Decimal Presentation Packs, face value 250 plus. 50-80
291.    Over Three Hundred First Day Covers, in four albums, mainly G.B and Jersey. A good selection of commemorative's and definitive's from 1973 and including regional's. 50-90
292.    Over Two Hundred First Day Covers From the Isle of Man, in five albums. Slight duplication from steam railway 1973 to 1985. 40-60
293.    Seven Stockbooks of All World Stamps, a good selection of Australia including Roos to two shilling noted, Queen Elizabeth, used Canada mainly modem used, Belgium and Belgian coned. 40-60
294.    A Mixed Accumulation of World Stamps in Nine Stockbooks Mint and Used, noted George V Jubilee, George VI Nyasaland, Queen Elizabeth mint decimal, USA, Germany, Austria. Well represented. 25-40
295.    A Selection of Royal Mail Year Packs, from 1990 to 2002. Stamps still unopened face value over 180. 70-100
296.    A Box of Stamp Stockbooks and Albums, containing mainly used selection of stamps from Great Britain, Commonwealth and world, noted George VI Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika to three shillings. Unchecked for perf/watermark varieties. Many 100's of stamps. 30-50
297.    A Collection of G.B and Regional's FDC in Seven Albums, Five hundred plus covers with address either hand written or on stickers. From Red Cross 1963 to modern with both definitive's and commemorative's present. Noted high value definitive's to 5 and also 10 Britannia. 100-150
298.    A Collection of First Day Covers, in twelve albums from January 99 to August 1915. Seems completer also a small amount of unused NVI stamps, face 7.50 over two hundred and eighty covers. 60-90
299.    Seven Albums Containing Covers, some with coins, stamps and miniature sheets, celebrating Queen Elizabeth Birthday Queen Mothers 100th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee.. 40-60
300.    A Specialised G.B Machin Collection, heavily duplicated but with some fine used up to 5, thousands. 30-40
301.    Two Albums od Used G.B Stamps, from 1929 PUC to modern with QEII values to 5 and small packets of mint stamps. 25-40
302.    Six Stanley Gibbon Special Albums, four containing stamps miniature sheets celebrating the marriage of HRH The Prince of Wales and Diana Spencer. Virtually complete including specimen overprints. Two albums celebrating Royal events. 40-60
303.    Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World 2008, complete and look unused. Also British stamp market values and other literature. 20-30
304.    Six Albums Containing Covers, some with coins, stamps and miniature sheets, commemorating the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. 30-50
305.    An Accumulation of World Stamps, envelopes, many thousands mainly used with much duplication:- Boxed 20-30
306.    Four Albums Containing GB Machin Definatives And Commemorative Presentation Packs, prestige booklets, miniature sheets, many NVI stamps and high value to 10, face value 680. 200-400
307.    Five Albums of Covers, some with coins, stamps and miniature sheets, commemorating the 80th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. 30-50
308.    A Mint and Used Accumulation of GB Stamps in Bags, Packets, Albums and Box, many mint Queen Elizabeth II early, including blocks, many stamps on piece, noted Victoria surface printed, George V. 40-60
309.    Five Cover Albums of GB First Day Covers, from Red Cross 1963 on plain cover to 1992. Over 200 covers, (signed covers noted include Bill Beaumont, Arthur C. Clarke, Patrick Moore, David Attenborough, Vera Lynn (uncertified). 30-60
310.    Kiloware Predominantly GB On Paper Machins, many thousands with some unfranked. 20-30
311.    Nine Stockbooks Containing European Countries, including Germany, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Germany includes early and used with Bayern, Saar, Danzig and Third Reich noted. 50-70
312.    A Box Containing Empty Binders, new album pages, stamp sorting trays, Stanley Gibbons Overseas Stamp Catalogues A-Z, Japan and Korea 1980 Edition, and a large quantity of Hawid stamp mount strips of various sizes. 15-25
313.    A Collection of Royal Mail year Books From 1984 - 2009, in good condition with extra 1990 no.7 all stamps seem to be present, face value 470 plus. 170-210
314.    A Mixed Lot of World Stamps Mint and Used, mint miniature sheets, exhibition sheets, Queen Elizabeth Jubilee in album, noted good collection of German Third Reich including covers. Good lot with high cat value. 80-120
315.    A Large Accumulation of Clean Cigarette Cards Very Regularly by Gallaher Ltd. The cards are multi-thematic but duplicated. They are packeted by type. 100-150
316.    A First Day Cover Collection In Six Albums, between 1993 and 2011, 330 covers including commemorative's and definitive's, including some high values. 40-60
317.    SG 2010 Stamps of the World Catalogue Complete, SG2012 Commonwealth catalogue (tatty). A range of Hawid mounts and Stanley Gibbons. Detect a mark and colour key:- One Box 30-40
318.    Six Albums Containing Machin Defins And Commems, presentation packs, miniature sheet, booklets with values to 5, face value 800. 250-450
319.    A Quantity of Cigarette Cards and Brooke Bond Picture Cards, including Senior Service British Rural Scenes, Player's Kings and Queens of England, Player's National Flags and Arms, Player's Bird's and Their Young. 10-20
320.    Seven Stockbooks Containing a Large Selection of Mainly GB and Commonwealth Stamps, a few Victoria but strength in George VI and Elizabeth II, many 100's and decent cat value. 40-60
321.    A Box Containing Over 200 Club Books, many different Commonwealth and rest of the world represented, two albums contain very few stamps but noted GB Queen Victoria officials used, and a Schaubek album of Germany from 1951-72. 30-60
322.    A Box of Mainly GB Stamps and Covers, main value in presentation packs and booklets, face value over 450 with many NVI stamps present. 180-220
323.    A Box of Nine Albums of Mainly Great Britain and Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used, including early Victoria Barbados, Bermuda, GB from George V, also 1975 SG Elizabethan Catalogue. 40-60
324.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, partly filled with six Tucks Oilette 'Fighting the Flames', art, religion, topographical views and eight cards with Japanese Geishas, etc. 20-30
325.    A Senator Album of Queen Victoria to George V Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamps, including Ceylon and Bermuda 1935 Jubilee used. Canada, India and a New Age stamp album with QEII, Penang 195455 to $5, Somalia 1953 set to 10/- Pitcairn 1957 - 2/6. Good lot with high catalogue. 60-100
326.    Two Albums of Early XX Century Picture Postcards, including many of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire 'Boating Lake, Chesterfield', 'Wharncliffe Craggs, Sheffield', 'Chatsworth', etc. 50-80
327.    A Collection of Mint and Used Mainly Commonwealth Stamps, including George VI Coronation and Victory issue. Queen Victoria Nova Scotia five cents and modern miniature sheets. 20-40
328.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing mainly American, Canadian and Japanese topographical views, including 'The Hudson River Night Line Adlrondack', 'Kingston NY, N.Y.O and W.R.R Station and 'Steel Pier', Atlantic City, etc. 30-50
329.    A Mainly Mint Collection of GB and Commonwealth Stamps, Booklets and Miniature Sheets, including Canada Brunel, Channel Islands. 20-40
330.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the Present Day of Transport Interest, mainly ships but also traction engines, planes, etc.:- Two Boxes 40-60
331.    A Stockbook Containing A New Zealand Collection From 1862 30-60
332.    Twenty Two Royal Mail / Royal Mint Philatelic Numismatic Covers, including 2006 two pounds coins- Brunel, 2007 two pounds coin - 300th anniversary of the act of union, 2006 Fifty pence coins - for valour 150th anniversary of the Victoria cross, British motor racing 1907-2007 Sir Stirling moss (Brooklands) medallion, all presented in the official blue album. 40-70
333.    Two Albums of Used GB Stamps from Victoria, including 3d Jubilee to modern Queen Elizabeth with some fine used to 5. 15-30
334.    A Quantity of Emphemera, including Worthing Aircraft guides/Tourist guides/maps among associated literature. 20-30
335.    Six Stockbooks Containing GB Commonwealth and Rest of World Stamps, mainly used, mostly modern but some earlier USA and GB. 30-40
336.    Stamp Albums and Stockbooks Containing A Whole World Accumulation, mainly used. Two First Day Cover albums and other ephemera. A good, interesting lot to sort through. 30-50
337.    Early XX Century and Later Picture Postcards, mainly of topographical views of Great Britain and Europe including Sheffield and Derbyshire, Mabel Lucie Attwell, ship, etc. 40-60
338.    An Old Time Collection In Three Albums From A-Z Most Countries Represented, mainly used, GB includes values from Victoria 1d reds to Queen Elizabeth II 1981 butterfly, some mint face 11 plus. 20-30
339.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing a varied selection of Bamforth seaside comic, actresses, WWI, silk, British and foreign topographical views and another album of cars and topographical views. (2) 50-80
340.    A Grafton Album Containing a Good Commonwealth Collection, with a few George VI G.B. Stamps both mint and used. Noted George V Jubilee in Basutoland, Swaziland, Northern Rhodesia. George VI 1938 Grenada to 5/-. 1952 St Kitts and Nevis values to 1.20. A good clean lot with many high catalogue items. 60-80
341.    A Collection of Presentation Packs, in two cover albums. Face value over one hundred and seventy pounds many NVI stamps. 60-80
342.    A Whole World Stamp Accumulation, mainly used with early Commonwealth well represented. Including Canada, Newfoundland, India and States, Hong Kong, etc. Great Britain on and off paper and a small collection of Victoria surface printed in a small stock book, very high catalogue value. 50-80
343.    Stamps, on album leaves, on cards and in packets, mainly Commonwealth, all reigns; First Day Covers and postcards. 20-30
344.    A Very Good Collection of Hungary Stamps And Covers From 1867 To 1985, in three albums, a stockbook, a cover album, two folders and a shoe box, a close inspection will reward, High Cat. 40-60
345.    Great Britain Presentation Packs, with many NVI stamps present. Face value 180 70-90
346.    All World Accumulation, mainly used in packets. Folder on and off paper many thousands, unsorted. 30-40
347.    Junior Stamp Collections, in six albums. 30-50
348.    Fifteen Junior And Old Time Albums Containing All World And Used Stamps, a useful sorter lot. 30-50
349.    A Box Containing a Whole World Accumulation in Three Albums, with many Commonwealth countries present. Both mint and used. Also packets of stamps on and off paper with some mint. A good sorter many thousands. 30-50
350.    A Box of All World Stamps, mint and used in packets envelopes, junior albums. Mint in presentation packs face value 22 and a few used surface printed 1887 Jubilee stamps. Also a large number of Lesotho 1982 Scouting Anniversary miniature sheets. 25-40
351.    A Box of Foreign Stamps, on and off paper, some sorted by country in envelopes. 15-30
352.    A Large Box of Stanley Gibbons Album Supplements, stocksheets, clear protectors, empty First Day Cover sheets. Heavy lot. 15-20
353.    A Box Containing Thirteen Albums And Folders, mainly GB and Commonwealth stamps used and mint, from Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II with many GV and EVI present and including countries from Aden to Zululand, unchecked for perferation watermark varieties. 30-50
354.    A Box Containing Three Sketchbooks, containing mainly used stamp collection from Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, some mint including EV Downey Heads, 1924-25 Empire Exhibition, festival high values 5g 509-512, EVI set to 1/- include light colours and colour change, Queen Elizabeth II regional's and commemorative's plus 1993 10 Britannia, good sorter. 25-40
355.    A Large Box of Kiloware Mainly GB Machins, many thousands with some unfranked some wildines noted. 20-40
356.    A Whole World Accumulation of Stamps Mainly Used. Noted Basutoland 1937 Coronation mint and fined used on piece. 20-30
357.    A Box Containing an Ideal Album with Fine Used Collection of Commonwealth and All World Stamps, sparely filled but decent Victoria from Hong Kong, India, etc; together with ten stockbooks of Commonwealth mint and used with George VI blocks of four. 80-100
358.    Eight Stamp Stockbooks Containing Mainly Great Britain and Commonwealth Countries, including George V Jamaica, New Zealand used, Australia Roo's used, Great Britain from George VI mint and used, Canada, South Africa; together with a collection of Bosnia Herzegovina military post. 30-50
359.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing a varied selection of humorous, Bamforth 'Poem' cards, animals, Christmas and birthday greetings and British topographical views, etc (some later cards noted). 30-50
360.    Royal Mint Annual Coin Sets Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1979 (toned), 1980, commemorative crowns, G.B and foreign base metal coinage, 1941 Malaya ten cents silver coin, two Queen Mother's 90th Birthday five pounds coins. 15-30
361.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century, including Christmas, Easter and Birthday cards, as well as song cards, comic, etc:- One Box 40-60
362.    Quantities of Moroccan, South Africa and U.A.E Coins, a smaller number of pre-decimal G.B coins, Six heavily circulated Bank of England, ten shillings notes. 20-30
363.    Over 2000 World Stamps in Packets, off paper. 15-30
364.    A Metal Cash/Deed Box, with key. 10-20
365.    A Mint and Fine Used Collection of GB and Channel Islands Stamps, commemoratives from 1966 through to modern mint. Definitives from 1960's including Castle to 1 to decimal issues. A good lot with GB decimal face value of over 65, with many NVI stamps, in a stockbook. 50-70
366.    A Quantity of G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coinage, 1902 'cased' Edward VII Coronation Medal, 1981 U.S. six coin set, 1951 Festival of Britain Crown, commemorative crowns, six banknotes (Bank of England, Isle of Man, Saudi Arabia), other numismatic oddments including Guernsey (1918) eight doubles. 20-40
367.    A Mint and Used Collection of Channel Island and Isle of Man Stamps, in a album. Some early to 1977. 30-50
368.    A Collection of Some 800 Cigarette Cards by W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd. A wealth of earlier cards here and including Scissors issues. Somewhat variable condition. In an album. 50-70
369.    A Quantity of GB Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coinage, including threepences, sixpences, shillings, two shillings, halfcrowns, approximately 8kg weight. 15-25
370.    Sheets and Part Sheets of 1968 Bradbury Wilkinson Castles, to shilling six pence plate 10, five shillings plate 5, ten shilling plate 2, 1 plate 1. 100 sets. Also one thousand 1973 8d two phospher bands plate no. 2. 500-600
371.    Picture Postcards Mainly Early to Mid XX Century of Derbyshire Topographical Interest, including Matlock, Buxton, Hathersage, etc:- One Box 30-50
372.    Over One Hundred and Forty Very Attractive Meissner and Buch Edwardian Chromo-Litho Art Picture Postcards, including "Junge Fraun", "Emaille Series", Continental views, Art Nouveau flora greetings cards and views of Surrey, viewing recommended. 70-100
373.    An Assortment of Coins of the World, generally base metal but earlier items noticed. 30-40
374.    A Cased Set of Six Proof Coins '250th Anniversary of the HMS Victory', six Tristan Da Cunha 2014 one crown coins commemorating the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, cased with certification. A cased London mint office Tristan Da Cunha Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday coin with inverted die alignment and correct die alignment silver proof coin. 25-50
375.    Over Ninety Covers and Post Card Commemorative The Life of Sir Winston Churchill, in a album. A good interesting lot with covers from Nicaragua, Grenada, G.B, Monserat, the U.S.A. 30-50
376.    A Quantity of G.B. Pre-Decimal Coinage, sometimes in red 'bank' rolls, 4.5kg 1967 one penny coins (bagged), one shilling 1922, foreign coinages, 2017 British coins market values book, other oddments. 20-40
377.    A Mint and Used Collection of Mainly GB Stamps, in a good stockbook, noted George V seahorses to five shillings, 1929 PUC to 2d used, George VI values to ten shillings. Queen Elizabeth from 1961 to 1998 mint and fine used with machin values to 5 used and face value of mint decimal over 25. 40-60
378.    Four Stamp Albums of Mainly European Countries, used including The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Italy, Sweden, France. 25-50
379.    A Quantity of Loose Cigarette and Trade Cards by Ardath, Salmon and Gluckstein, Carreras, Senior Service, Knock Out Razor Blades, Among Others. Many themes noted. 30-50
380.    Three Cover Albums, including sixty G.B first day covers from 1975 and over one hundred Benham covers celebrating the era of steam railways. 40-60
381.    A Royal Mint Cased 1977 Silver Jubilee Crown (Silver), a Royal Mint cased 1981 silver proof coin commemorating the Marriage of HRH Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, 1964 cased Great Britain coin set (eight coins), commemorative crowns, Shell Historic Cars completed token card, Esso completed token set 100 years of Football F.A. Cup Winners 1872-1972, Esso completed 1970 World Cup coin collection. 20-40
382.    A 1953 Plastic Set of Coins, a quantity of Euro coins. Both as part of an accumulation of base metal coins of the world. 20-40
383.    Two Early XX Century Picture Postcard Albums, to include 'Irish International Exhibition Dublin 1907 humorous, sentimental, topographical views, some of local Sheffield interest photographs, etc; together with a George VI Coronation book. 40-60
384.    A Quantity of Pre-Decimal Pennies and Halfpennies. Lower grade foreign banknotes and British Military Authority notes. 10-15
385.    U.S. Stamps 1960's-1970's, in three full albums, with masses of well researched annotation and U.S.P.S. leaflets, interesting issues such as American hero poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1963 First 48 Star "Flags"- one of the few non British stamps with no country name. 15-30
386.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to Present Day, of Ecclesiastical Interest, showing Churches, Abbeys and Cathedrals throughout Britain:- Three Boxes 50-80
387.    A Collection of GB Coins, silver and base metal. Sometimes in an album. 15-20
388.    A Large Quantity of Loose Pre-War Cigarette Cards by Ogden's, Wills, John Player, Among Others. Many themes noted. 20-40
389.    Approximately Fifty GB Commemorative Crowns, including 1965 Churchill, 1981 wedding of HRH Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer; eight uncirculated GB pre-decimal coins 1953; four cased commemorative coins including Western Samoa one dollar coin, 1976 Olympic Games Montreal and New Zealand one dollar coins 1967, 1969 and 1970. 15-30
390.    Collection of Mainly Cacti on Stamps, in three stocks books. Over four hundred and fifty stamps and miniature sheets mainly unmounted mint. 20-40
391.    A Large Quantity of Pre-War Cigarette Cards by Gallaher, Wills, Park Drive, John Player, Among Others. Both sets and part sets noted. All contained in nostalgia album sleeves. 50-100
392.    A Quantity of Base Metal Coins, G.B and foreign. Sometimes in an album. 20-40
393.    A Mint and Used Collection of World Stamps, in four folders with many European countries present. No G.B a good lot of many hundreds. 30-60
394.    Modern Picture Postcards of Steam and Other Trains, including approximately fifty Pamlin prints cards of trains. 30-40
395.    A 2007 United States Mint Proof Set. A USA gold plated Statehood Quarter Dollars Collection. A 1953 plastic set of coins. A further quantity of cased coin sets and crown sized coins (silver noticed). 30-50
396.    A Quantity of Cigarette and Trade Cards, associated items including empty albums/stock in albums/ reference books. 20-30
397.    Assorted G.B. and World Coinage, occasionally redeemable, coins noted include 1855 Napoleon II Cinq Centimes, 1945 Guernsey 8 Doubles, 1948 New Zealand one Florin, 1917 Farthing, Quarter Rupee India 1886. 20-40
398.    An Album of G.B Stamps From 1840 - 2011, mint and used, first day covers, etc. Noted a range of surface printed and line engraved including 1d penny black and 1/- green OPT. Govt parcels with faults. EVII to 1/- used. GU. A vertical strip of 3sg 328 mint. 1924 British Empire Exhibition pair. 60-80
399.    A Large Quantity of Mainly 1960's and Later Trade Cards, Cigarette Points Cards, by Brooke Bond/John Player among others. Many sets noted. All contained in four loose leaf albums. 30-50
400.    A Box of Early/Mid XX Century Topographic Picture Postcards of Street scenes of English and Welsh Towns and Villages, including Cromer, Penzance, Liverpool, etc. 40-60
401.    Over Fifty Pre-War Cigarette Card Albums by John Player, Wills, Park Drive, Among Others. Mainly stuck down type. Various themes. 30-50
402.    A Quantity of Predominately Pre-Decimal G.B. Base metal Coinage, farthing - half crown, covering monarchs Queen Victoria - Queen Elizabeth II, in excess of 10kg, plus token oddments. 20-30
403.    Two Albums of G.B Mint and Used Queen Elizabeth Stamps, including two albums of first day covers ranging from 1968 to recent. Face value of mint stamps over 50. 40-60
404.    Modern Picture Postcards, including animals, fish, flowers, art, etc:- One Box 20-30
405.    Approximately 100g of Pre 1947 Circulated Silver Coins, including 1881 (YH) half crown, 1883 (YH) half crown, 1887 (JH) florin, ten shilling banknote J. S. Fforde, commemorative crowns, a Stanley Gibbons schoolboy stamp album. 25-40
406.    GB, Commonwealth and Whole World Stamps and Miniature Sheets, contained in three stockbooks, both mint and used. Noted Q Victoria GB penny reds. Guernsey to 1. Isle of Man to 1, mint. 30-50
407.    Thirty Westminster British Army Commemorative Coins, with literature, including 2012 Guernsey five pounds coin 'Saluting Our Armed Forces', two Benham numismatic covers 25th Anniversary Falklands Conflict, a cased Jubilee Mint 70th Anniversary of V.E. Day five pounds (three coin set), Guernsey 1995 two pounds coin cover '50th Anniversary V.E. Day, 2003 Jersey five pounds Royal Navy commemorative coin. 25-50
408.    A Fine Used Collection of Guernsey and 10M Stamps and First Day Covers, in three albums. 20-40
409.    A Collection of Over Two Hundred Postcards All Black and White Early to Mid XX Century of Railway Interest, including 'The Caledonian', 'Royal Train and 'Velocipedi', etc. 40-80
410.    A GB Stamp Collection, mainly used with over one hundred plated Penny Reds, surface printed to one shilling Edward VII used to one shilling with shades, George V 1912 mint and used with B12 and B13 plate numbers, 1924 and 1925 British Empire, George VI to ten shillings, then trough to 1981 Christmas. 60-100
411.    A Selection of Collectables, including Road Safety medals and unmounted mint GB stamps. 15-20
412.    A Collection of Bird Stamp Covers, Postcards and PHQ Cards, all in a Universal padded album, nice thematic lot with over ninety covers and cards. 20-40
413.    A Thematic Collection of Birds on Cover and Cards, from Great Britain and Jersey, with stamp values to 1. Over seventy five items. 30-50
414.    A Collection of Approximately One Hundred and Sixty Picture Postcards, mainly early XX Century of transport interest to include R.M.S Cymric (White Star Line), cars, trams, buses, etc. 40-60
415.    A Quantity of Loose Cigarette Cards and Trade Cards by Players, Churchman, Cavenders, Silks, Among Others. Many themes noted. 20-40
416.    Royal Mint Cased Coin Sets, 1970 (3), 1977, 1993, 1994, 1995 UK (BU), two pounds coin Second World War, 1996 UK (BU), two pounds coins, Euro 96. A cased set coinage of the Falkland Islands 1974, G.B Commemorative crowns including HM Queen Elizabeth II 70th Birthday Crown. 30-50
417.    A Sterling Silver States of Jersey Seven Coin Proof Set 1983, one penny - one pound. 20-40
418.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps Presentation Packs, 1996 - 2009, some non value indicators with a face value in excess of 420. 140-160
419.    Nine Royal Mail Yearbooks, 1998 - 2006, some unopened noted. 40-60
420.    Thirty-Six Crown Sized Coins, presented in a Westminster three tray coin case, many silver coins noted including 2007 Jersey Queen Mother five pounds silver proof coin, 2005 silver proof Nightingale Island one crown coin 'colorised' - The Life of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, 1999 Isle of Man silver proof one crown coin, many certificates present. Worthy of further inspection. 100-150
421.    Ten Royal Mail Yearbooks, 1985, 1989-1997. some unopened noted. 30-50
422.    "The History of the Royal Navy": Eighteen Silver Five Pounds Coins, including 2005 Jersey - HMS Conqueror, 2003 Alderney - The Mary Rose, 2004 Jersey - HMS Victory, 2003 Guernsey - The Golden Hind, presented in a two tray presentation case and with accompanying literature. 100-200
423.    A Sixpence, 1952, F, one pound twenty two and a half pence of pre-1947 silver coins. Other coins, assorted items. 20-30
424.    A Queen Elizabeth II and George VI Mainly Mint Commonwealth Collection, in a Tower stamp album. Noted Bahamas 1954 set to 1. Cayman Islands 1962 set to 1. Nyasaland 1945 set to twenty shillings. St Vincent 1938 set to 1. 1948 Silver Wedding for Somaliland Protectorate, Zanzibar, St Kitts and Nevis. A high value lot. 100-150
425.    A Well Filled Stockbook with a Collection of G.B and Commonwealth, mint and used. Noted 100 1d Queen Victoria reds, George V Jubilee sets used x 2, George VI to 10/- and Queen Elizabeth II mint sets with face value of over 60 including NVI stamps. 60-80
426.    A Good G.B and Commonwealth Stamp Collection on Stock Leave, mint and used. G.B from Queen Victoria Penny Reds to six Penny Jubilee used, duplicated Edward VII and George V to 2/6 Seahorse mainly used, George VI to 5/-. Then a range of mainly used Commonwealth from Victoria to George VI noted George VI Hong Kong five dollar green and violet VFU, Jamaica George VI to ten shillings both mint, very high catalogue. 160-200
427.    A Good Collection of Commonwealth and G.B Stamps, mint and used in a stockbook. Noted Barbados 1921-25 values to two shillings, St Lucia Queen Victoria 1891-98. Three and six penny stamps mint. Bechuanaland 1935 Jubilee set mint. Unchecked for perf and watermark varieties. 60-80
428.    Sixteen Royal Mail / Royal Mint Philatelic Numismatic Covers, including 2005 two pounds coin, End of the war, 2004 one pound coin - A Fine Days out on the Firth and Forth, 2003 two pounds coin, DNA discoveries, the Queens Golden Jubilee medallion, all presented in the official blue album. 30-50
429.    George VI Coronation 1937 Omnibus First Day Covers, in a album. Virtually complete and a nearly complete mint collection. 120-200
430.    Twenty Two Royal Mail / Royal Mint Philatelic Numismatic Covers, including 2009 two pounds coin - Robert Burns, 20110 one pound coin - city of Belfast, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I two medallion cover, all presented in the original blue album. 40-70
430A.   A Very Nice Grafton Album, containing a mixed collection of mint and used stamps, including French Colonies, German Third Reich Bavaria, Vatican, Mozambique including Mozambigue company. A good lot with high catalogue value. 50-80
431.    A Mainly Mint Collection of Commonwealth Stamps, in a good quality Grafton Album. Noted 1984 British Antarctic Territory to 3, Nyasaland 1938 values to one shilling mint, Seychelles 1952 set to 10 rupees mint, Malta 1938 George VI set to ten shillings mint. A good clean lot with many high value stamps. 70-90
432.    Approximately Fifty Tea/Trade Card Albums for Brooke-Bond, PG Tips, Among Others. Mainly stick down variety with cards in. Various themes. Some Canadian variations noted. 30-50
433.    A Simplex Medium Album, with a nice collection of Commonwealth stamps from Queen Victoria to early Queen Elizabeth II. Noted Fiji 1978 mixed mint and used to 5/-, 1968 Fiji set mint to 1, Falkland Islands 1938 set to 1/- 1952 set to 1, 1960 set to 5/- very high catalogue. 80-120
434.    A Quantity of G.B and All World Base Metal Coins, in excess of fifteen U.S Dollars, redeemable banknotes and coins, fourteen further banknotes including two Bank of England one pound notes, other redeemable coins noted, plus an array of G.B commemorative crowns. 25-50
435.    Approximately Twenty-Five Sets of Pre-War Cigarette Cards by Wills, Ogden's, Carreras, Player, Among Others. Plus some part sets. Contained in four nostalgia albums. Sport, military, nature themes. 80-150
436.    A Very Good Mint Collection of G.B Stamps From Victoria To George VI, including surface printed, 1897 Jubilee set, Seventy Edward VII stamps to 1/- including shades and printings George V Royal cypher, block cypher sets, Bradbury Wilkinson Seahorses 2/6 and 5/- 1924-25 Wembleys, Upu, sets, HUI to 1 very good lot, very high catalogue value. 300-500
437.    Two Albums, one containing G.B Definite from 1840 1d black to Queen Elizabeth II machins used. Noting 2d blues. 100 plus 1d reds, 1883 5/- Queen Victoria Jubilee to 9d, George V and VI one album containing G.B commemorative's from 1929 UPU to modern used and mint. Face value of unused 35 plus. 100-200
438.    Three Cased Royal Mint Annual Coin Sets 1972, 1973, 1980, a cased government of the Republic of Seychelles eight coin set, three other coins. 20-40
439.    A Large Quantity of Pre-War Cigarette Cards by Gallaher, Wills, Park Drive, John Player, Among Others. Both sets and part sets noted. All contained in nostalgia album sleeves. 50-100
440.    A Well Presented Collection of Mint and Used New Zealand Stamps, in an album, range from six pence Chalon head in good condition to 1958. Noted 1909 values to one shilling. 1915 values to six pence. 1935 values to three shillings. A good collection with high value stamps. 80-120
441.    A Good Quantity of Mainly Post War Tea/Trade Cards by Ty-Phoo, PG Tips, Brooke Bond, Among Others. Many subjects noted. Includes sets and odds. Many contained in original cigarette packets. 40-60
442.    An Album of Royalty and Commonwealth Omnibus Issues, to include 1937 Coronation, appears complete mint, 1948-49 Royal Silver Wedding mint, appears complete, The Queen Mothers 80th Birthday. Fine lot. 400-600
443.    A Small Quantity of G.B. (Pre 1947) Silver Threepences Sixpence, Shillings, Pre-Decimal G.B. Base Metal Coinage, three G.B. five pounds coins, in excess of thirty G.B. commemorative crowns, Bank of Canada one dollar banknotes - 1973 (2), two Bank of England one pound banknotes - page, other numismatic oddments. 20-40
444.    A Fine Used Commonwealth Collection, in Simplex medium album, noted Gold Coast George VI 1938 set to ten shillings mint, and 1948 set mint, QE II 1952 set mint, Montserrat Q. Victoria Sg 1 mint and used, George VI 1938 to 2/6 mint, North Borneo 1888 values to $2, George VI 1949 set to $5 mint. 80-100
445.    An Interesting Array of Base Metal Coinage. Regularly GB. Lots of earlier copper here. Generally lower grade material but careful inspection might be rewarded. 40-60
446.    An Album of Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Animals in Captivity, including 'Camel Riding at London Zoological Gardens', 'Rosie (the elephant) at the Bristol Zoo' and 'Giant Panda Whipsnade'. Attractive and interesting album. 50-70
447.    An Album of Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Animals and Birds, including many of cats 'Waiting Admittance' and 'The Snow Maidens', horses and donkeys, etc. Attractive and interesting album. 50-70
448.    An Album of Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of Animals, including many of cats and dogs, Easter and Birthday Greetings; together with a single leather postcard by W. S. Heal, illustrated with four pigs eating from a trough 'Be It Ever So Humble There's No Place Like Home', New York, 1905. Attractive and interesting lot. 50-70
449.    An Album of G.B. Stamp, mint and used from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth. Noted two Penny Blacks, four margin one three margin in good condition. Eighty Penny Reds, plus one on cover dated 1867. Then a range of George V Downey Heads and Mackennals to George VI 1936 set. Very high catalogue. 140-200
450.    A Collection of First Day Covers And Postal Stationary From 1940 Postage Stamp Centenary, with Bournemouth Pavilion special hand stamp to 1976 bicentennial of American independence noting 1948 Olympic Games, 1948 1 silver wedding, 1949 UPU, 1963 Freedom from hunger, 1963 Red Cross, over 160 items in good condition. 30-50
451.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing a varied selection of sentimental animals, birthday greetings, humorous and topographical views, including many of Scotland with tartan borders, etc. 30-50
452.    A Quantity of G.B Base Metal Coinage, predominately pre-decimal, some silver coins and metal detector finds noted. 10-15
453.    A Collection of Approximately Two Hundred Picture Postcards, early XX Century to the 1980's of London interest, including Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, etc. 40-60
454.    Early XX Century Picture Postcards, mainly Gladys Copper some embossed border other with verse:- One Box 20-30
455.    Two Albums of Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used. Noted Seychelles 1938 values to five rupees mint. Seychelles Victoria 1890 ten cents mint. British Honduras 1962 set used, 1953 British Honduras values to $5 mint. Fiji various George V printings with values to six pence mint. George VI 1938 Fiji values to two shillings six pence mixed mint and used. A good lot with high catalogue value. 80-120
456.    A Mint Collection of Modern GB, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, in a stockbook. GB commemorative sets to 2013 Merchant Navy with a face value of over 60 GB mint. 50-80
457.    Approximately Thirty Sets of Pre-War Cigarette Cards by Wills, Ogden's, Carreras, Player, Among Others. Plus some part sets. Contained in four nostalgia albums. Sport, military, nature themes. 80-150
458.    An Album and Approximately Seventy Five Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, of topographical Yorkshire views including many of Scarborough and Whitby, Harewood House, Leeds, etc. A postcard album of mainly Bamforth and Co humorous postcards and eleven postcards of glamour girls. 30-40
459.    A Used GB Stamp Collection from Three Margin 2d Blue to Queen Elizabeth II Machin Definitives, over 150 line engraved, then a good selection of surface printer, Edward VII to one shilling, George V to five chilling Seahorse, George VI to ten shillings with blocks of four, various watermark varieties throughout. Good lot. High cat value. 80-110
460.    A Range of Collectibles Including Vintage Stamps as Kiloware. 5-10
461.    Twelve 2015 Tristan DA Cunia One Crown Coins, all British monarchy themes, presented in a Westminster high gloss case, a cased 2013 Coronation jubilee 65mm coin, an encapsulated 2015 uk Churchill five pounds coin, a cased Westminster nine coin 1953 Coronation set. 25-40
462.    A USA Dollar, 1921, GF/NVF, as a pendant on a loose fitting mount and on a chain. Other coins. A circulated commercial Bank of Scotland Ltd One Pound note, Edinburgh, January 1947, further banknotes. Other items. 20-30
463.    A Collection of Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamps, in good condition noted St Helena Edward VII 8d and 2 shilling mint, Seychelles George V 75 cents. Good lot with high catalogue. 60-100
464.    A Collection of Cigarette and Trade Cards, in three modern albums. Many full sets noted including Mitchells Our Empire, Players Curious Bears, GDS Horse Racing, Famous Footballers by Stubbs and types of Nations. 20-30
465.    Three Cased Commemorative Crown Sets, comprising of twelve Flying Scotsman - end of an era commemorative coins, six 2010 Tristan Da Cunia one crown coins 'Great British Heroes' including Douglas Bader, a Westminster G.B Commemorative four coin set, plus a cased 1978 Barbados ten dollars silver coin. 25-40
466.    A Range of Numismatic Oddments, including coin collections in two albums, coins in Whitman folders and Sandhill cased and base metal pre-decimal UK coinage. 30-50
467.    An Album of Early XX Century Picture Postcards, including a interesting selection of humorous, Royalty, actresses, Christmas greeting and topographical views including many Yorkshire views, etc. 50-80
468.    A Quantity of Base Metal Coins, regularly pre-decimal G.B coin sets. Other oddments. 20-30
469.    Fifteen Cased Predominately Pre-Decimal G.B. Coin Sets, including 1937-1952 George VI complete set of brass threepence coins (2), 1937-1952 George VI sixpences, coinage of Great Britain 1953 Elizabeth II, coinage of Great Britain 1966, Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth II halfcrowns 1953-1960, Royal Mint 1976 G.B. proof coin set, plus shilling folder 1948-1960. A Whitman Great Britain halfpennies 1937 coin folder (incomplete). 20-40
470.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing cards of actors and actresses mainly in black and white including 'Miss Connie Ediss', Miss Kilty Loftus', 'Mr James Welch', etc. 20-30
471.    Eight Commemorative Coins by The London Mint Office Westminster, including The Life of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother silver proof (5) coin collection; Her Majesty The Queen's 90th Birthday silver coin First Day Cover. 25-50
472.    A Mainly GB Stamp Stockbook, with some Commonwealth. GB includes Edward VI mint and used with high values used to ten shillings. QE II from 1953 Coronation to modern machins and commemorative sets. Noted 1938 Bermuda five shillings and ten shillings used. 1935 Straits of Settlement Jubilee issue, fine used. 30-60
473.    Fiteen Crown Sized Coins, predominantly British Monarchy themes, including Fiji 2006 five dollars silver coin, Falkland Islands 2006 fifty pence silver coin, presented in a Westminster coin case. 40-70
474.    A Westminster Folder, containing a 6d lilac embossed stamp from 1854. 30-50
475.    A GB Proof Set, 2008, UK Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collections: 1987, 2004 and 2006. 30-50
476.    Thirteen G.B Isle OF Man Fifty Pence Coins, including G.B dual dated 1992/1993 E.U Presidency, encapsulated Isle of Man Christmas fifty pence coins 2005-2010 (6), plus a silver proof 2010 two pounds coin - Maroni. 40-80
477.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps Presentation Packs, 2003 - 2007 and loose stamps, some non value indicators and high value castle noted with a face value in excess of 180. 60-80
478.    A Quantity of G.B. and All World Base Metal Coinage, Maria Theresa 1780 silver restrike coin noted, contained within a medium sized cash box. 25-40
479.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing an interesting selection of Christmas greetings, animals, historical figures and mainly British topographical views, etc. 40-60
480.    A Stockbook of Mainly Mint and Used Q.E II Commemoratives, face value of mint decimal over 45. Noted George VI high values 1939 set to 1 fine used. 30-60
481.    A Collection of Cigarette and Trade Cards, in three modern albums. Many full sets noted including nine sets of Warus Beatles cards, Ogdens Bird Eggs (1908) Carreras Film Stars (2nd series) and Players Racing Caricatures. 30-40
482.    A Well Presented Mint and Used Collection of G.B Commemorative's, from 1970-79 in a twenty two ring album, each set mint and fine used. 25-35
483.    Picture Postcards Mainly Early XX Century of Topographical Interest, mainly Southern views, Jersey amongst others:- Two Boxes 50-80
484.    Four Royal Mint Coin Sets 1970, 1980, 1981, 2004 (BU), A Royal mint presentation pack Charles Dickens 200th Celebration 2 commemorative coin, a 1992/1993 dual dated EC fifty pence coin presented in a Royal Mint blue case, plus other odments. 40-60
485.    A Good Commonwealth Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, mostly Queen Victoria to George V. Noted Queen Victoria India two and three rupees very fine used. Ceylon Queen Victoria fifteen cents sage green mint. A nice lot with huge catalogue value. 300-500
486.    A Quantity of Predominantly Monarchy Themed Commemorative Coin Issues, including The Bradford Exchange Prince George First Birthday photographic five crown coin, 2007 Alderney BU five pound coin 'Princess Diana', Royal Mint Golden Wedding crown 1997, Royal Mint 'The Millenium' crown1999 five pounds, Bradford Exchange St Nicholas Christmas 2014 coin, Baroness Thatcher numis proof coin; plus other oddments. 20-40.
487.    Three Original Pre-War 'London' Cigarette Card Albums, containing mainly sets of cards by Wills, John Player, Churchman, among others. Sporting themes noted. Plus three empty pre-war Players annuals. 40-80
488.    A Varies Selection of Commonwealth Countries Mint and Used Stamps, in a Simplex medium album. Noted George VI 1938 Antigua, values to one shilling mint. Used Australia from George V. Fine used Bermuda. Early Canada and India. 40-60
489.    Three Albums of Mainly Used Commonwealth Stamps, noted Australia 200's to 2/- George V heads to 5d. QEII Hong Kong to $50. Useful lot. 55-100
490.    Thirteen Whitman Coin Folders; almost always empty. A quantity of base metal pre-decimal G.B coinage; an occasional higher grade coin noticed, An empty 'Boots' coin album. 20-40
491.    A GB and Commonwealth Stamp Collection, mint and used, in a stockbook, noted Q. Victoria Sierra Leone 6d mint. St Helena 1912 to 2d. Mint sets of George VI Coronation. Mint GB George VI to two shillings and six pence. Aden 1951 set to one shilling. 50-80
492.    A Cartwheel Twopence 1797, F, a quantity of other coins, generally base metal foreign, foreign banknotes. A collection of cigarette cards by W.D and H.O. Wills in a partially filled album. 30-50
493.    A Collection of Bavaria Stamps from 1876-1919, both mint and fine used, with a high catalogue value. 30-40
494.    A Royal Mint Cased 1990 Silver Proof Crown Five Pounds Coin, '90th Birthday' HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. A Royal Mint cased 1998 silver one pound coin, commemorative crowns, eight five pounds coins including 1999/2000 Anno Domini (3), Isle of Man one crown 1980 'Winter Olympics Lake Placid - USA', Royal Canadian mint Winnipeg token, five two pounds coins (1995), three medallions including Charles Dickens 1812 - 1870. 25-50
495.    A Special Album of Victory and Peace Stamps 1945-46, appears to be complete with mint and used sets, plus two First Day Covers - one plain post mark SW18, one illustrated. 30-60
496.    Twelve Royal Mail / Royal Mint Philatelic Numismatic Covers, London 2012 fifty pence coin Olympic and Paralympic sports covers, including Shooting, Athletics, Taekwondo, Goalball, Football, Cycling Wrestling, Handball, Boccia, Weight lifting, Boxing, Hockey, all presented in official black box. 40-70
497.    A Small Quantity of Early XX Century Photographs, including Beverley Minster Roven and family portraits. A small quantity of coinage and a white metal bottle stopper with the Mercedes Benz logo. 10-20
498.     A Quantity of All World Base Metal Coinage, sometimes redeemable (over 10 U.S dollars in quarters noted), a framed San Marino coin set, the Morgan mint WWII leaders- the peacemakers two coin set- 1965 Churchill crown and Roosevelt dime. 25-50
499.    A Collection of Mint and Fine Used G.B Stamps, in two albums. Noted 1924 British Empire Exhibition used, George VI Commens complete from 1937 to 1951 mint. Then very fine used Queen Elizabeth to 1980. 30-60
500.    Picture Postcards Edwardian to Present Day Depicting Topographical Views of Cambridge, Cornwall, etc; including harbour and fishing fleet, Newquay chalk hill cutting, Dunstable landing fish and St Ives, etc:- Two Boxes 40-60
501.    A Higher Grade Leslie Kenneth O'Brien Helmeted Britannia Five Pounds Banknote, number K16 095904. A quantity of coins occasionally silver including some in an album. Related items. 30-40
502.    In Excess of 600 Telephone Cards, issued by BT, Telstra, OTE, Telecom New Zealand and others, thematics include Formula One, football, animals, Asterix, PG Tips, cartoon characters, a good representation of countries and networks. 20-40
503.    Four Stockbooks of Mint and Used G.B Commonwealth, with sets, singles and many miniature sheets. Mainly modern but a few Victoria and George VI noted 1949 UPU sets from Northern Rhodesia, Grenada and Bermuda. 40-60
504.    Collection of Trade Cards, in three large modern albums. Items noted include six hundred James Bond Cards including full set of spy cards (275) Die Another Day (90) and Tomorrow Never Dies (90) Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, The Saint, Ring Lords, Pro Set World League and approximately 120 Doctor Who (published by Strictly Ink 2000). 30-50
505.    Two Stockbooks of G.B and Commonwealth Mint Stamps, including sets, miniature sheets and blocks of four. Noted G.B Wildings and high value machins to 10/- in blocks of four. Some G.B decimal face value of over 25. 40-60
506.    Approximately 12kg of G.B Base Metal Coinage, Queen Victoria - Queen Elizabeth II, Farthings- shilings, good and varied dates noted. 20-40
507.    Twenty Six Royal Mail / Royal Mint Philatelic Numismatic Covers, including 1999 two pounds coin - Rugby World Cup, Wales, 1998 one pound coin - Royal beasts, 1997 Hong Kong brilliant uncirculated five dollar coin, all presented in the official blue album. 40-70
508.    A U.S.A Wild West Twenty Coin Collection Presented In A Wooden Box, including 1906 Indian head one cent, one dollar 'Native American Dollar Series' - Arrows 2010, together with two Westminster coin case containing forty five 2010 native indian theme coins, including sitting bull, Indian warrior, red cloud. 60-100
509.    Approximately Forty-Three Silver Threepences; in two Whitman coin folders. Further coins. Foreign banknotes and associated items. 20-40
510.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century to the 1990's Mainly of Southern Coastal Scenes and Towns/Villages, including Dover, Eastbourne, Canterbury amongst others:- Two Boxes 50-80
511.    A Collection of Cigarette and Trade Cards, in three modern albums. Many full sets noted including Ogden Derby Entrants 1926, Players Straight Line Caricatures, Arms and Flags Colonial Badges. Miranda Motoring and Teofani Transport then and now. 20-30
512.    Ten Assorted Whitman Coin Folders, which are often empty or sparsely filled. A range of base metal coins, GB and foreign, and often in album pages. Other related items. 40-70
513.    Picture Postcards Early XX Century Including Southern Coastal Views, Bath, Tunbridge Wells, etc.:-One Box 40-60
514.    A Hallmarked Silver Medallion, commemorative crowns, a Red Indian belt buckle, coins including G.B. pre 1947 silver 1900 shillings, 1865 sixpence, 1909 sixpence noted, Marvel 'Schoolboy' postage stamp album, Podgy and I picture book. A quantity of cigarette cards by Willis, Player's including speed and motor cars thematics. 15-30
515.    Two Stamp Albums, containing a sparse collection of West German Stamps from 1951, mainly fine used. 25-50
516.    A Tray of Picture Postcards, early XX Century to the present day of Churches and Abbeys. 30-50
517.    Three Empty Windsor Albums from 1991-2012, plus a Windsor album from 1955 - 1970 with a mint and used stamp collection with values to one pound. 40-70
518.    A Quantity of All World Base Metal Coinage, sometimes redeemable, in excess of 5kg. 20-30
519.    A Quantity of Loose Silk Cigarette Cards by J. Wix & Sons Ltd. Very regularly the silks are offered in their original outers. 20-30
520.    Ninety-Six Crown Sized Coins Presented in an Aluminium Five Tray Coin Case, many commemorative crowns, a 2002 U.S Silver Eagle one dollar coin, 'Colourised Elvis Presley' noted, viewing recomended. 30-50
521.    1970's Pamlin Prints Picture Postcards, reproducing photographs from the early XX Century of trains, trams, stations, street scenes, etc:- One Box 15-25
522.    Nine Sets of Photographic Cigarette Cards By J. A. Pattreiouex Ltd. 10-20
523.    Thirteen Often Higher Grade Bank of England Ten Shillings Banknotes, comprising O'Brien (one note), Hollom (eleven notes) and Fforde (one note). 20-40
524.    A Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt Mauve Ten Shillings Banknote, number R33D 634994. A Leslie Kenneth O'Brien Ten Shillings Banknote, number M04 225307. A Jasper Quintus Hollom Ten Shillings Banknote, number M51 645480. All of the notes in this lot are from circulation. 20-40
525.    Twenty Nine Circulated Banknotes, including Bank of England Ten shillings banknote (O'Brien - Chief Cashier) T68Y 546777, Banque De France (100) cent francs 1970, 100 Spanish Pesetas 1965 IC99771582, some redeemable noted. 20-40
526.    A Circulated Bank of England Twenty Pounds Note, G.M. Gill Chief Cashier, number 6IW 000001.
527.    Four Heavily Circulated Norman Fenwick Warren Fisher One Pound Banknotes. 60-100
528.    Circulated Norman Fenwick Warren Fisher One Pound Banknote, (number NI/8 940412) and ten shillings banknote (number P/88 736000). A circulated Leslie Kenneth O'Brien Helmeted Britannia five pounds banknote (number C47 717311). 50-70
529.    A Circulated Percival Spencer Beale White Five Pounds Banknote (9 June 1950), number R73 047472. 40-70
530.    A Circulated Leslie Kenneth O'Brien White Five Pounds Banknote (19 February 1955), number Z01 066467. 50-70
531.    A Circulated White Five Pounds Banknote, Percival Spencer Beale Chief Cashie, number NZ9 072403. Thinner paper. 40-60
532.    A Circulated White Five Pounds Banknote, Percival Spencer Beale Chief Casher, number 009 048195. Thinner paper. 40-60
533.    A Circulated Percival Spencer Beale White Five Pounds Banknote (8 July 1950), number R98 095797. 40-70
534.    Five Northern Bank Polymer Five Pounds Banknotes, usually higher grades, occasional minor faults. 40-60
535.    Eight Northern Bank Polymer Five Pounds Banknotes, some faults but still crisp. 50-70
536.    An Assortment of Circulated Bank of England Notes, comprising 1 x five pounds, 9 x one pound and 9 x ten shillings. Two foreign banknotes. 20-40
537.    Twelve Northern Bank Polymer Five Pounds Banknotes, various faults but still crisp. 80-100
538.    G.B. Stamps, George V Selection, on stockcards, including block cipher 1924 set mint, with controls, aniline scarlet Downey Heads used, Seahorses and eight mint 1924/25 Wembleys. 20-40
539.    United States 1865 Large Format Newspaper and Periodicals Stamp Proofs on Thick Paper, Scott PR1-PR3 (as perforated stamps), two sets, 5c Washington (white border), 10c Franklin and 25c Franklin (orange red), mounted mint. 20-40
540.    Australia Stamps, 1937-49 S.G. 176, 5 shilling claret U.M.M. block of ten, some slight toning to rear, catalogue value 200+. 20-40
541.    United States 1865-1875 Large Format Newspaper and Periodical Stamps Proofs on Thin Paper, all dark bluish green, Scott PR1-PR3, as perforated stamps, 5c Washington, 10c Franklin, and 25c Lincoln, mounted mint. 10-20
542.    G.B. Stamp, Queen Victoria 1840 Penny Black, mint, lightly mounted, large part original gum, very close three margins P, E, intense black, very "crisp" appearance. 100-200
543.    Australia Stamps, 1929 "Roos" S.G. 107, 108 and 110 with 1931-36, S.G. 1365-1385 optd. specimen set of three, all lightly mounted mint. 10-20
544.    United States 1865-1875 Large Format Newspaper and Periodicals Stamps, one set Scott PR1-PR3 (as perforated stamps) on thick paper 5c blue, 10c blue green and 25c orange red, the other set Scott PR5-PR7 (as perforated stamps) on card 5c blue, 10c blue green and 25c dark carmine, mounted mint. 20-40
545.    Twenty Five Early XX Century Postcards of English Smaller Railway Station, all black and white including 'Raunes Park Station', Northern Station', and 'Station New Milton', etc:- (25) 30-50
546.    Twenty Five Early XX Century Postcards English Railway Stations, all black and white including 'Birmingham New Street Station', Maidstone Barrrack', 'Folkstone Warren Halt', etc:- (25) 40-60
547.    Twenty Five Early XX Century Postcards of Railway Stations Including Welsh and Scottish Interest, all black and white including 'Station on Anglesey', 'Railway Station Inverness, 'The Bridge and Barbers Hill Llangollen', etc:- (25) 40-60
548.    Eighteen Early XX Century Postcards of London Railway Stations, all black and white including 'Highgate Station', 'Euston Station', 'Railway Station West Dulwich'. (18) 40-60
549.    Thirty Early XX Century Postcards of Large English Railway Stations, mainly black and white, including 'York Station', 'Leeds New Station' and 'Paddington Station', etc. (30) 30-50
550.    Eighteen Early to Mid XX Century Postcards and Photographs of British Railway Stations, all black and white including 'Caterham Station', 'Rly Station' and 'Tooting Junction'. (18) 30-40
551.    Twenty Five Early XX Century and Later Postcards and Photographs of British and Continental Railway Stations, including ' North West Railway Station Ambala', 'Dent Station and 'BIllericay Railway Station'. 20-30
552.    An Early XX Century Postcard Tram and Terminus 'Stony Stratford', plus twenty five postcards of smaller British Railway Station, all black and white including 'Kentallen Station' and 'Trimingham Station'. (26) 40-60
553.    Twenty Five Early XX Century Postcards of British Smaller Railway Stations, all black and white including 'Station and Victoria Road Eyemouth', 'Dyffryn Railway Station' and 'The Station Croft Spa'. (25) 30-50
554.    Two Early XX Century Postcards of 'Tay Bridge From South' including twenty three other postcards of British smaller railway Stations all black and white including 'Westen Hagen Station' and 'The Railway Station Southfields. (25) 30-50
555.    Nineteen Early XX Century Postcards of Mainly English Smaller Railway Stations, including 'Southwold Station', 'Tilehurst Station' and 'Alverstone Railway Station, etc:- (19) 40-60
556.    Twenty Seven Early XX Century Postcards of Mainly Railway Stations, including Lime Street Station, Liverpool, York Railway Station, Shrub Hill Station, Worcester, etc:- (27) 40-60
557.    Twenty One Early XX Century Postcards of London and Southern Railway Stations, including 'Ealing Broadway Station, Charing Cross Station and Bexhill Station, etc:- (21) 40-60
558.    Twenty One Early XX Century Postcards of Northern Railway Stations, including 'The Station Sowerby Bridge', 'The Station Withernsea' and 'Ripponden Station', etc:-. (21) 40-60
559.    Seventeen Early XX Century Postcards of Mainly English Smaller Railway Stations, including 'Station Rowlands Gill, 'Mundesley Railway Station' and 'Winchmore Hill Station', etc. (17) 40-60
560.    Thirteen Early XX Century Postcards of Welsh Railway Stations, including 'Railway Station Rhayader', 'Wemyss Bay Station' and 'Rhiwbryfdir Blaenau Ffestiniog; etc:- (13) 30-50
561.    Twenty Two Mainly Early XX Century Postcards Depicting Railway Disasters, including 'Colchester Disaster' 12th July 1918, 'Salisbury Railway Disaster July 1906' and the 'Smash at Shrewsbury October 15th 1907', etc.:- (22) 50-80
562.    Dirigible No 1 (New Army Airship) and G.W.R. Station (Buckfastleigh). Four further vintage postcards. (N.B. The postcards in this lot are somewhat damaged.) 20-30
562A.   A Set of Ten Price's Patent Candle Company Limited Trade Cards of Famous Battles, including 'Battle of Plassey; 'Kassassin Egyptian War', 'Paardeberg Boer War', 'Blake and Van Tromp', 'Trafalgar', 'Glorious First of June', 'Spanish Armada', 'Battle of the Nile', 'Balakava Crimean War' and 'Bombardment of Alexandria'. (10) 25-35
563.    Mazawattee Tea, 'Kings and Queens'. Approximately thirty-eight larger format cards. 20-30
564.    A Canada 1967 EXPO Set of Six Coins. A low grade and damaged Norman Fenwick Warren Fisher one pound banknote. Two further banknotes. A coin stamp cover. 20-40
565.    Approximately Ninety Banknotes From Circulation, a good array of countries represented all non G.B. including Central Bank of Egypt fifty pounds banknote, 200 Cruzeiros Banco Central Do Brasil banknote, Japanese Government ten dollars 'Malaya' banknote. 20-40
566.    Approximately Forty-Eight Circulated Foreign Banknotes. Some are current. 20-30
567.    Approximately One Hundred and Thirty Five Banknotes From Circulation, a good array of countries represented all non G.B. including Singapore one dollar banknote, Belgian twenty francs banknote 1964, Portuguese Vinte Escudos 1978. 20-40
568.    Approximately One Hundred and Twenty-One German 20 Reichsmark Banknotes (1924). Conditions various but generally acceptable notes. 50-80
569.    Approximately Ninety Banknotes From Circulation, a good array of countries represented all non G.B. including Yugoslavia 5000 Dinar banknote, Belgium fifty francs banknote 1966, Naro Dowy Bank Polski 100 ZLOTYCH, 1986. 20-40
570.    A Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt White Five Pounds Banknote (16 October 1944), number E38 096704 as a glazed display. Possible German forgery; 40-70
571.    4,900 India Rupees in banknotes. 30-40
572.    Maltese Banknotes. A one shilling on two, number A/1 83838. Six further Maltese notes. All seven notes have been circulated but a nice lot worthy of close inspection. 100-150
573.    75 Brazil Reals, 700 Morocco Dirhams and 700 United Emirates Dirhams in banknotes. 120-170
574.    Danish Banknotes: A 10 kroner, 1936, number G3601E 3852960 and a 5 kroner E3418947, twenty three further circulated banknotes, G.B and foreign. 30-40
575.    47 Circulated Banknotes, regularly Eastern European. 100-200
576.    Approximately Fifty German 20 Reichsmark Banknotes (1924). High grade and regularly consecutive. 30-50
577.    Approximately Fifty German 20 Reichsmark Banknotes (1924). High grade and regularly consecutive. 30-50
578.    Approximately Fifty German 20 Reichsmark Banknotes (1924). High grade and regularly consecutive. 30-50
579.    Approximately Twenty-Three Pre-WWII European Banknotes, regularly German. Conditions various. 15-20
580.    Approximately Twenty-Two German 100 Reichsmark Banknotes (1924). Usually offered in acceptable grades. 20-40
581.    A Quantity of Commemorative Crowns, medallions including 2015 Guernsey proof five pounds coin 70th Anniversary VE Day Cased, the Lincoln imp bronze medal, twelve commemorative metal ingots, 2014 jersey five pounds coin poppy 'Lest We Forget', Apollo II - july 1969 Silve rcoin, plus other numismatic oddments. 25-50
582.    In Excess of One Hundred Well Circulated All World Banknotes, including 10000 Indonesian Rupiah banknote, twenty Moroccan Durhams banknote, some current and redeemable banknotes noted. 20-40
583.    Silver Proof Crown Collection, celebrating the Diamond Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen, HRH Prince Philip (1947-2007). This incomplete set comprises of twelve silver proof crowns including Solomon Island ten dollars - the Royal train, Fiji ten dollars - Balmoral Castle, some certificates present, plus other commemorative crowns, presented in a Royal Mint high gloss lacquer case. 60-100
584.    A Westminster Collection of Four Cape Triangular's From 1853, a nice presentation box. Stamps unchecked. 50-80
585.    2 x Five Pounds, 3 x One Pound and 3 x Ten Shillings Banknotes. Assorted foreign banknotes. Modern base metal decimal coinage. All in one album. 20-40
586.    A Collection of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mint and used on stock cards. Includes mint GB definitives and commemoratives with small face value. Noted twenty-five sets of 1937 Coronation omnibus issue stamps. 20-50
587.    Two Albums Containing Mainly Channel Island FDC Bot Bot Some GB, noted Gui centenary 2d orange bisect 6 Jan 41 not first day covers, Guernsey arms d first day covers, Channel Island liberation, nice lot with values to 1. 20-40
588.    Five G.B. Five Pounds Coins, 1996, 1997 (4), eighteen G.B. two pounds coins 1986, 1994, 1995, 1996 including 1986 XIII Commonwealth Games commemorative two pounds coin, Euro 96 two pounds coin. 30-50
589.    A Norman Fenwick Warren Fisher One Pound Note, number R/7 155628. A Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt mauve ten shillings note, number K93D Z85187. Both as part of a collection of banknotes and coins offered as three glazed displays. 30-50
590.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing an interesting selection of Britain and Foreign topographical views, Bamforth 'Poem' cards, sentimental, humorous, floral, etc. 40-60
591.    In Excess of Three Hundred G.B And Foreign Coins, predominantly base metal but some silver noted, including 1938 two shillings, 1944 U.S half dollar, one rupee India 1915, all presented in a seven tray Leuchtturn coin case, worthy of closer inspection. 40-70
592.    An Interesting Pre-Decimal G.B Coin Collection, containing various denominations crown, farthing, many as date runs. In excess of ten pounds (total face value) pre 1947 G.B silver coinage noted, 1797 'Cartwheel' two pence - George III. All fastidiously arranged in a Collect a Coin album. 100-200
593.    Two Albums Containing Postcards, Covers and Ephemera Relating to the Opening and Running of the North York Moors Railway, including official opening cover carried on Royal train 1st May 1973, over 180 items. 30-60
594.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps Presentation Packs, 1997 - 2008, some non value indicators with a face value in excess of 300. 100-120
595.    Over Four Hundred and Fifty G.B First Day Covers, from 1968, but noted 1948 Silver Wedding 2d with London wavy line cancellation. 60-80
596.    In Excess of 6 Kgs Assorted Coins; almost always foreign. 30-50
597.    A Good Quantity of Loose Mainly Pre-War Cigarette and Trade Cards. By Westminster, Rover, De Reszke, Cavenders, Louis Gerard, among others. Many themes noted. 40-80
598.    A Collection of Mint Jersey Commemorative Stamps From 1980's, in a stock book and three other stock books of mint Commonwealth miniature sheets and a small collection of G.B first day covers. 30-60
599.    An Assortment of Coins, regularly base metal foreign. Foreign banknotes. Related items. A coin case. 20-30
600.    Picture Postcards of Welsh Interest Edwardian to Present Day, including Betws-y-coed, Conwy, Llanberis, etc:- Three Boxes 30-50
601.    An Interesting Selection of Early XIX Century and Later Cigarette and Trade Cards. Sets, parts sets and odds, including 1980 Timperley Card Collectors, Gallaher Ltd, Typhoo, Rand J Hill, Wills, Ogden's St. Julian, Godfrey Phillips, Body Guard Soap, Val 'Footer' Gum, among others. Contained in three nostalgia albums. Worthy of closer inspection. 60-100
602.    Stamps - Mint and Used GB Definitives and Commemoratives, in two stockbooks. Mostly Q.E. II from 1961 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference to Tommy Cooper 1998. High catalogue value with decimal mint face value over 50. 40-60
603.    An Interesting and Extensive Clean Array of GB First Day and Other Covers and Presentation Packs, regularly from the late 1990's/early 2000s'. 40-60
604.    A Quantity of Base Metal Foreign Coins; regularly European pre-Euro currency. (N.B some of these coins are still exchangeable.) 20-40
605.    A Mint Collection of G.B Stamps, from George V photo set and Jubilee to 1993. Face value of mint decimal over 150. 75-100
606.    A Mint and Used Collection of GB, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, in two stockbooks, including sets, singles and miniature sheets, from 1969. High catalogue value. 30-60
607.    A Collection of Usually Foreign Coins in Seven Albums. Near European issues are abundant. The coins are almost always base metal. 40-70
608.    Four Royal Mint Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection Sets 1998, 2004, 2006, 2007, plus a Diana memorial coin. 30-50
609.    A Collection of Postal History, in four albums. Third Reich, German States and Post War Germany. Also and album of USSR covers. Interesting lot. One hundred and twenty covers. 60-80
610.    Ten Royal Mail Year Books, from 1984 - 1993. All stamps present. 30-40
611.    Thirteen Commemorative Coins by Windsor Mint, commemorating The British Banknote, with certification, cased. 15-30
612.    A Thematic Collection of Birds in Two Albums, includes Benham covers, PHQ cards, presentation packs from Great Britain and the Channel Islands. A very well presented collection. 20-50
613.    A Selection of Approximately One Hundred and Twenty Picture Postcards Mainly Early to Mid XX Century of Railway Interest, showing British and Continental trains including 'Caledonian Railway' 'G.E.R Manchester Express' and G.S and W.R American mail, etc. 50-80
614.    Approximately Six Pounds and Forty Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. 60-100
615.    Ninety Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcard of Transport Interest, showing trams, cars, ships, etc; including Princess Street looking West Edinburgh water chute and boating station, Gourock and municipal buildings, Glasgow, etc.
616.    A Collection of Cigarette and Trade Cards, in three modern albums. Many full sets noted including Carreras Notable MP's, Sinclair well known footballers, Players Bygone Beatles and Players Footballers 1928/9. 25-35
617.    An Assortment of GB Coins, regularly base metal halfcrowns and florins. Other related items. 30-40
618.    A Mainly Mint Collection of GB, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps, in a stockbook, noted ninety nine penny reds, George V block cypher to one shilling fine used, values to two shillings and six pence. Isle of Man miniature sheet to 1. A good lot with a small amount of GB decimal mint. 60-90
619.    A Collection of Over Two Hundred and Eighty Picture Postcards, mainly early XX Century of topographical views of Sheffield and Wakefield and the surrounding areas including 'The Kings Visit to Sheffield 1905', 'Broomhill to Lodge Moor, Motor Bus Service, Sheffield' and 'Heath Old Hall, Wakefield'. 70-100
620.    Seven Photo Albums Containing A Range of Used Post Cards, many giving short wave listening station information, some greeting, humorous cards, an interesting lot. 20-40
621.    A Quantity of Foreign Base Metal Coinages, (redeemable coins noted), eleven banknotes including 725 Mauritius Rupees, Calgary Stampede dollar (1977), BANFF Indian Days dollar (1977), 1825 George IV shilling (applied) pendant loop). 20-40
622.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
623.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
624.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G Reg. FD. 60-100
625.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G Reg. FD. 60-100
626.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
627.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
628.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G Reg. FD. 60-100
629.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
630.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G Reg. FD. 60-100
631.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G Reg. FD. 60-100
632.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
633.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G Reg. FD. 60-100
634.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
635.    *WITHDRAWN* Two 'Undated' Twenty Pence Coins (Issued in 2008), Elizabeth II D.G. Reg FD. 60-100
636.    A Blue Cased Royal Mint 1992 - 1993 Dual Dated Silver Proof Fifty Pence Coin, encapsulated. 30-50
637.    A 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games Royal Mint Philatelic Two Pounds Four Coin Set, featuring the coins of the four home nations, no 25462. 60-100
638.    A Cased Royal Mint 1922 - 1993 Dual Dated Silver proof, fifty pence coin, with accompanying certification, encapulated. 30-50
639.    A Cased Royal Mint 1992 - 1993 Dual Dated Silver Proof Piedford Fifty Pence Coin, certified, encapsulated. 40-60
640.    A G.B Two pounds Silver Proof Piedfort Coin 1999, rugby world cup, hologram on coin, a one pound silver proof piedfort coin 1998, a fifty pence silver proof coin 1998 (tarnished), 60-100
641.    A Royal Mint 2015 Uk 100 Fine Silver Coin, Big Ben - heartbeat of the nation, encapsulated within a Royal Mint presentation pack. 50-100
642.    A Royal Mint 2015 Uk 100 Fine Silver Coin, Big Ben - heartbeat of the nation, encapsulated within a Royal Mint presentation pack. 50-100
643.    A Royal Mint Shakespeare 2016 UK 50, fine silver brilliant un circulated coin in original packaging. 25-50
644.    A Royal Mint 2015 Uk 100 Fine Silver Coin, Big Ben - heartbeat of the nation, encapsulated within a Royal Mint presentation pack. 50-100
645.    A Cased Royal Mint 90th Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen 2016 UK Five Pounds Silver Proof Piedfort Coin, certified No.1618, encapsulated. 25-50
646.    A boxed Royal mint 30th Anniversary of the 1 Coin Royal Arms Three Coin Set, accompanied by Royal Mint Literature, and certification. 50-80
647.    A Cased Undated Twenty Pence Coin, (issued 2008), obverse: Queen Elizabeth II, undated, Reverse: segment of The Royal Shield of Arms, undated, encapsulated, with literature issued by The London Mint Office. 30-50
648.    Five Coins In Presentation Boxes, 2012 Fiji twenty dollars 20g silver coin 'Red Fire Dragon' 2012 Republique du Denin 500 francs silver coin, 1978 Bahamas ten dollars silver coin, 1975 Bahamas silver proof ten dollars coin, a 2009 Tristan da Cunha five pounds coin. 30-50
649.    5x Modern Base Metal Five Pound Coins, and 17x modern base metal two pounds coins. Regularly in the higher grades. 50-80
650.    A 1996 Tuvalu 20 Dollars Silver Coin (999) Silver, celebrating the birthday of Queen Elizabeth - The Queen Mother, 155g, Encapsulated. 50-80
651.    Five Silver Bullion Coins, 1998 Canadian Silver Maple five dollar coin, 1999 Australian Silver Kookaburra one dollar coin, 1999 Australian Silver Kangaroo one dollar coin, two Silver Britannia coins 1998, 1999. All encapsulated. 50-80
652.    Five Silver Crown Sized Coins, comprising Australian Kookaburra 2000, Chinese panda 2000, Canadian Maple 1996, Australian kangaroo 1998, Britannia 2008, all one Oz fine silves, encapsulated. 40-70
653.    A Cased Jubilee Mint Ascension Island 2016 5oz Five Crown, 999 silver proof coin, struck to commemorate the 90th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, limited edition 1 of 299 pieces, with literature. 30-60
654.    Fifteen Silver Coins, predominately crown sized including Sydney Olympics 2000 Australian five dollars coin, Western Samoa $10 coin 1987 America's Cup Race 1987 Pert (proof), New Zealand crown 1949, South Africa five shillings 1952, Cayman Islands 1994 silver one dollar coin (proof) Royal visit February 1994. All presented in a two tray Westminster coin case. 80-120
655.    Twelve Silver Coins, predominately crown sized including 1996 Atlanta USA Olympics silver pattern crown coin Peru 20 Nuevos soles, 1986 5 Statue of Liberty Ellis Island silver commemorative dollar (U.S mint), silver one Rupee India 1901, USA one dollar coin 'Morgan' 1883 'O'. All coins encapsulated and presented in a official Coins of U.S.A coin case. 60-100
656.    Thirteen Falkland Islands Silver Proof 2002 Fifty Pence Coins , predominantly commemorating the Queen's Golden jubilee, presented in a coin case, with certification. 70-120
657.    Thirty Six Crown Sized Coins Presented In A Three tray Westminster Coin Case, coins noted include 1935 George V Crown, 1995 China silver panda ten yuan, 1891 Queen Victoria crown. 40-70
658.    A Cased Royal Canadian Mint 2013 Canada Maple Leaf Fifty Dollars Five Ounce Silver Coin, certified. 40-80
659.    Four Cased Pobjoy Mint Silver Commemorative Crowns/medallions, Including The Medallion To Commemorate the first passenger flight of Concorde from London to Bahrain, 21st January 1976, a Crown Medal minted to commemorate the first flight of Concorde from London to Washington, 24th may 1976. 25-40
660.    A 2015 United Kingdom Silver Britannia Two Pounds Coin, 2015 Tristan Da Cunha Silver Five Pounds Coin commemorating the 75th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain, 2016 Tristan Da Cunha Silver One Pound Coin celebrating the 50th Anniversary of England's 1966 Victory, 1977 Falklands Island Silver Fifty Pence Coin (slight tarnishing), all cased with literature. 25-50
661.    A Cased Pobjoy Mint Five Coin Millennium Crowns Set, issued to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of Tynwald, 1979, minted in sterling silver. 30-50
662.    Thirteen Commemorative Coins From The Westminster Pope John Paul II Coin Collection, many silver coins including 2005 U.S. dollar silver eagle, 2005 Malta 10 liras 'Knights of Malta', with certificates, cased. 60-100
663.    Twenty-Three Crown Sized Coins, predominantly commemorating the 80th birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II, many silver coins noted including 2006 Isle of Man one crown and 2006 British Virgin Islands ten dollar coin. 80-150
664.    Twenty Four Predominantly Crown Sized Coins Presented In a Two Tray Westminster Presentation Case, including Isle of Man silver Jubilee one crown coin 1977, Australian 2012 one dollar silver coin 'year of the dragon', 1997 Fiji silver ten dollar coin. 30-50
665.    A Cased Falkland Islands Fifty Pence Silver Coin 'Liberation 14th June 1982', two Swedish 50 krone coins 'Constitutional Reform', 1976 Swedish silver 50 krone coin 'Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia, 1958 Canada silver one dollar coin 'Totem Pole', 1976 cased Swedish coin set. 30-50
666.    Six Silver Crown Sized Coins, including 2015 GB two pounds silver Britannia, 1977 Silver Jubilee sterling silver crown, 2016 Guernsey silver five pounds coin (proof) and HRH Prince Philip's 95th birthday, predomiantly cased. 30-50
667.    Tristan da Cunha 'The Heraldic Beasts' 2013 Silver Crown Four Coin Set, including the Lion, Unicorn, Dragon and Stag, cased. 25-50
668.    Six Silver Bullion Coins including 2012 Australian kuola, 2011 Australian Kookadurra, 2013 Australian one dollar 'Road Sign Series' - boxed 2012 Australian one dollar 'Year of the dragon', all one ounce, 999 silver, encapsulated. 50-80
669.    A London Mint Office Cased Three Coin John F Kennedy Silver Set Comprising of 1917 Walking Liberty Silver half Dollar, 1963 Silver half Dollar, 1964 JFK Silver half dollar, two 'Colourised' Elvis 2202 Silver Eagle one dollar coins, 1998 Silver eagle one dollar coin. 30-50
670.    Four Cased Pobjoy Mint Silver Commemorative Crowns / Medallions, including the medallion to commemorate the first passenger flight of Concorde from London to Bahrain, 21st January 1976, The Washington crown (Tynwald) to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to the U.S.A to honour bicentenary year 1976. 25-40
671.    A 1937 Crown, NVF/VF. A South Africa crown, 1955, VF/GVF. A USA Liberty two coin proof set, 1986. 30-40
672.    A 2010 Australian Kookaburra Silver One Dollar Coin, 2010 China silver Panda coin, 2010 Australian Koala silver one dollar coin, 2010 Australian Kangaroo silver one dollar coin, all encapsulated, with literature. 25-50
673.    Seven Silver Coins, comprising a 2015 UK two pounds silver Britannia, 1991 Canadian five dollars silver maple, 2006 Jersey five pounds - Charles Darwin, a cased 2014 Jersey five pounds - D-Day, with certification, Jubilee Mint Queen Elizabeth II Longest Reigning Monarch 2015 silver coin Benham cover. A cased Royal Mint WWF silver medal. 1978 Fifi twenty dollars coin. 40-60
674.    Commonwealth of Australia 1966 Proof Coin Set, (six coins) presented in a Royal Australian Mint - Canberra Blue leatherette case, four cased New Zealand one dollar coins, 1969, 1972, 1973, 1975. 40-60
675.    A Royal Mint 2008 United Kingdom BU Nine Coin Collection, The Act of Union 2007 silver two pounds coin cover, Royal Mint - 2009 UK Charles Darwin two pounds coin, 2003 One Hundredth Anniversary of the Women's Social and Political Union fifty pence coin and 2004 BU two pounds coin - Steam Locomotive. 25-50
676.    A Cased Royal Mint 2008 UK Queen Elizabeth I Five Pounds Silver Proof Coin, with certification. A cased H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 90th Birthday silver proof crown, with Royal Mint literature. A cased Jubilee Mint 1999 UK silver proof Diana Memorial five pounds coin. A cased Jubilee Mint 2015 Isle of Man one crown Queen Elizabeth II silver proof coin. Jubilee Mint Tristan da Cunha 2016 The Queen and Prince Philip silver proof one pound coin. 25-50
677.    A Cased Pobjoy Mint Six Silver Coins Set, Isle of Man, 1978, Pobjoy Mint medallion, together with four 1978 Isle of Man one pound coins. 30-50
678.    A Coinex Silver Proof Medal, 1988. In case of issue and accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. The 1996 UK Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection. Other items. 50-70
679.    Eight Canada One Dollar Silver Coins, 1963, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, predominately cased. 25-50
680.    Eight Coins, regularly crown sized and often silver proof. 50-100
681.    Six Silver Commemorative Coins Including The Perth Mint First Man on The Moon Cook Islands One Dollar Silver Coin, boxed with certification, Pobjoy mint Republic of Seychelles 2014 - Pope John paul II 25 Rupees silver coin, boxed , a Jubilee mint gold plated .925 silver proof five pounds coin, the 70th Anniversary of D-Day. 30-50
682.    A Cased Westminster National Service 50th Anniversary Silver Six Coin Set, including 'Square Bashing' 2010 Guernsey five pounds coin. 30-50
683.    A USA Sealed Liberty Quarter Dollar, 1878, attractive GVF. 30-50
684.    A 1819 George III Silver Crown, 1797 George III 'Cartwheel' two pence coin. 20-40
685.    3x Cartwheel Two Pences, 1797, F to GF but usual edge damage. 20-30
686.    Crowns: 1845 (attractive NVF but some minor obverse surface marking and eks) and 1892 (NF but dirty). 50-100
687.    A Groat, 1848, F. A pair of cartwheel pennies, 1979, F and NF. A penny, 1858, attractive NEF/EF. 20-40
688.    Three Pounds Seventy Two and a Half Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins, Seven further silver coins. 40-70
689.    Approximately Two Pounds Twenty Five Pence, (total face value) of pre 1947 G.B. silver coins including 1898 halfcrown, 1887 shilling (poor), 1897 threepence, all from circulation. 25-40
690.    Shillings: 1816 (two coins), 1826 (two coins), 1836 and 1883 (All NF/F). Sixpences: 1816 (three coins), 1817 and 1834 (All NF/F) A groat, 1839, NF/F. Fifteen silver threepences. 30-50
691.    Approximately 50 x 1961 Pennies; all are uncirculated. In a coin tube. 20-30
692.    Crowns: 1888, 1889, 1890, 1892 and 1935. All are around fine but some polishing. 50-100
693.    A Mobassa 1888H Silver Rupee, GF/NVF. 40-70
694.    Seventy-Six British West Africa One Tenth of Penny. Often 1927. Regularly high grade coins. 20-40
695.    Twenty-Five Ancient and Medieval Coins, which have been carefully researched by the vendor. 30-50
696.    One Pound and Forty Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. A trade dollar, 1910, F. A Guernsey proof one pound, 1997. Other coins. 40-70
697.    Approximately 112g Silver Coins, GB and foreign. 30-50
698.    A Cased Royal Mint 1951 Festival of Britain Proof Coin Set, (ten coins); together with a letter from the Leeds Office - Yorkshire Penny Bank dated 12.12.1951. 40-60
699.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver coins. 40-60
700.    A Cased Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee 1897 Bronze Medal. 30-50
701.    In Excess of Three Pounds Fifty Pence (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver coins, approximate weight of 410g. 40-60
702.    Approximately 135g of Silver Coins, almost always foreign. An occasional better coin noticed. 20-40
703.    Five Pounds (Total Face value), of pre 1947 silver shilling coins. 50-80
704.    A Good Quantity of Ancient Coins. Almost always low grade and/or damaged. 20-40
705.    Five Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver florin coins. 50-80
706.    Four Pounds and Ninety Pence (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver shilling crowns. 50-80
707.    Five Pounds and Twenty Pence (Total Face value), of pre 1947 silver florin coins. 50-80
708.    A USA Dollar, 1929, GVF. Six further coins, regularly foreign crown sized and silver. 50-100
709.    Five Shillings, 16 Sixpences and 21 Silver Threepences, all pre-1947 and regularly pre-1920. Higher grade coins noticed. 20-40
710.    Two Silver Crowns, 1935, 1937, five silver florins, including three Queen Victoria (dates illegible), Edward VII 1909, George V 1922. 30-50
711.    USA Coins: A Half Dollar, 1941, F/GF, a quarter dollar 1854, F, a half dime, 1844, F. Eleven further coins. 40-70
712.    Crowns: 1890 and 1892; both are fine, other coins. 20-40
713.    Crowns: 1891 (NF/F) and 1960 (polished die?). Double florins: 1889 and 1890 (both NF/F). Ahalfcrown, 1875 (poor). A florin, 1932, F. A low grade and clipped King James I shilling. 20-40
714.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver florin coins. 40-60
715.    In Excess of Four pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre 1947 Silver Sixpences, from circulation. 40-60
716.    Four Cased EEC Proof Fifty Pence Coins, 1973, halfcrowns 1931 (NVF), 1933 (GF) and 1938 (VF). Twenty six further coins; G.B and foreign and regularly silver. A circulated Canadian twenty dollar banknote, Ottawa 1954. Further banknotes. 30-50
717.    A Quantity of G.B Pre Decimal Coinage, some pre 1947 silver G.B coins noted; together with a George III one penny 1797. 15-20
718.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver florin coins. 40-60
719.    Approximately One Hundred and Forty G.B (Pre 1947) Silver Threepences, from circulation. 20-40
720.    Eleven Halfcrowns and Four Florins, all pre 1947 and from the reign of King George VI. Higher grade coins. 30-40
721.    Approximately 168g of Pre-1947 and Pre-1920 G.B Silver Coins, which regularly are low grade silver threepences. 30-60
722.    Four Pounds Seventy Five Pence (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver half crown coins. 50-80
723.    Approximately 256g of Foreign Silver Coins, better items noticed. 70-100
724.    Five Pounds (Total fave Value), of pre 1947 silver half crown coins. 50-80
725.    Two Pounds Ninety Two and a Half Pence, (total face value) pf pre-1947 silver coins. 30-50
726.    Approximately Two Pounds Seventy Five Pence, (total face value) (329g) of pre 1947 silver coins, plus one rupee India 1889 (holed). 40-60
727.    Approximately Two Pounds Seventy Five Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre 1947 G.B Silver Coins, including 1937 crown, 1896 shilling. 30-50
728.    Approximately Ninety Silver Threepences. 25-40
729.    A Pair of Higher Grade Austrian Silver 50 Schillings, an Indian Rupee. 1905, GF but polished. South African Kruger coins comprising a halfcrown, 1892, a florin, 1896 and a shilling 1894; all are around fine. Other coins. 20-40
730.    Five Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silver shilling coins, some pre 1920 dated coins noted. 50-80
731.    Thirty Four Silver Threepences, two 1953 plastic sets of coins (one has damaged case). An uncirculated and cased Eire ten shillings 1966. 30-50
732.    A 1879 United States Morgan Silver Dollar Coin, a Royal Mint London 2012 silver fifty pence coin (2011) Football - offside rule, encapsulated, three G.B. commemorative crowns, other coin oddments. 15-25
733.    A Cased Royal Mint 1953 Queen Elizabeth II Coronation Proof Coin Set, (ten coins), some discolouration to case inner noted. 20-40
734.    In Excess of One Hundred and Ten G.B. Silver Threepence Coins of Variable Grade, two 1887 Queen Victoria (JH) half crowns (one mounted), Canada silver five cents - 1885, 1806 farthing, two cased 1951 Festival of Britain crowns, plus other coins. 40-60
735.    Approximately Five Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre 1947 silve sixpence coins, plus in excess of 65 pre 1947 silver threepence coins, some pre 1920 coins noted. 60-90
736.    Twenty Euros in Banknotes, a modern base metal five pounds coin. Other coins. 20-30
737.    A Bermuda Crown, 1964, high grade (but some staining). A South Africa crown, 1952, VF, USA cents 1836 (F but some damage) and 1856 (GF/NVF), other coins. 30-40
738.    Approximately Fifty Silver Threepences, regularly low grade and/or damaged, eight silver sixpences, shillings 1887, 1929, 1920 (poor), one Florin 1922, two shillings 1943, halfcrowns: 1890, 1920, 1923, 1935, all from circulation. 25-50
739.    A Spanish Five Pesetas, 1883, F, fourteen further foreign coins which sometimes are silver. 30-40
740.    In Excess of One Pound and Fifty Pence, (total face value) pre 1947 silver G.B coins, predominately florins and shillings, ten Deutsche Reich Pfening (two) dated 1925, 1931, commemorative crowns, cased shellfish pickers, other oddments. 20-40
741.    A Bremen 36 Grote, 1840, F. Approximately twenty-five further coins, often vintage and regularly silver. (This lot might reward careful viewing.) 70-120
742.    Halfcrowns: 1915 (F), 1937 (NVF), 1938 (NVF), 1939 (VF) and 1945 (NVF). Florins: 1902 (GF), 1904 (GF but polished) and 1926 (F). Shillings: 1887 (EF/GEF but some toning), 1902 (F) and 1918 (F). 30-50
743.    Circulated and Folded Bank of England Banknotes, comprising 6 x ten pounds and 8 x five pound notes. Regularly David Henry Fitzroy Somerset Chief Cashier. Coins. A vintage cash box. 70-120
744.    Three Royal Mint Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Sets, 1994, 1995, 1999. 20-40
745.    Four Jubilee Mint Silver Commemorative Coins, comprising T.D.C. Five Pounds Coin, The Queen and Prince Philip Silver Proof Coin (triple thickness) 2016, T.D.C. Winston Churchill Gold Plated Silver Proof Five Pounds Coin 2015, T.D.C. Queen Elizabeth II 90th Birthday Silver One Pound Coin 2016, princess Charlotte of Cambridge Silver Proof Commemorative Coin 2015, all encapsulated with certification. 30-50
746.    A Cased Pobjoy Mint Seven Crown Set, proof crowns struck to commemorate the Silver Jubilee of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, 1977, minted in sterling silver for the governments of Gibraltar, Mauritius, Tristan Da Cunha, St. Helena, Jersey, Guernsey and Great Britain, plus Silver Jubilee Crown medal, literature, some tarnishing to coins noted. 50-80
747.    A 1997 Silver Piedfort Two Pounds Coin, a 2015 silver Britannia two pounds coin, a Royal Mint cased 2015 United Kingdom 5 silver proof coin 'The Royal birth', a cased Winston Churchill 2015 silver twenty pounds coin, all encapsulated. 40-60
748.    LOT WITHDRAWN - Two Morgan Mint Cased U.S Coin collections, comprising of ten Elvis Presley colorized state quarters, twelve Kennedy half dollars colorized in honour of R.M.S Titanic, plus a 2002 silver U.S one dollar coin, colorized Elvis Presley 25th anniversary 1977-2002 25-40
749.    Eleven Predominantly Silver Coins Including Canadian 'Banknote' Series, 2014 five dollars St George slaying dragon, 2013 Jersey five pounds 'Flying Scotsman', 1997 Silver Britannia twenty pence, 2000 turks and caicos 25 crowns, plus a one troy ounce silver minted ingot, mainly encapsulated. 40-60
750.    A 1922 US Silver Peace One Dollar Coin (San Francisco Mint), 1849 half crown - young head, (well circulated), commemorative crowns, plus other coins. 20-40
751.    An Encapsulated 2012 L.A.O Peoples Democratic Republic 2000 KIP 'Year of The Dragon' Commemorative Silver Jade Coin, 2Oz 999 silver certified no 2125 of 2888, presentation box. 40-70
752.    A Cased Commemorative Silver Four Coin Set, 2014 Fifa World cup comprising of two mascot coins, certified. 25-40
753.    Six Canada One Dollar Coins, 1958, 1964 (2), 1966 (2), 1967. Twelve Canadian BU Coin Sets 1963, 1964, 1965 (2), 1967, 1968 (2), 1969, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974. 50-80
754.    A Cased 2012 Canadian Twenty Dollar Coin Commemorating The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, certified; a 1997 Guernsey silver proof one pound coin; a Royal Mint 2014 UK BU two pounds coin "100th Anniversary of the First World War"; a Royal Mint 2000 UK BU fifty pence coin "The Public Library"; eight crown sized coins including 50mm coin "History of British Currency" with farthing inlay; plus other numismatic oddments. 30-50
755.    Two Cased Winston Churchill 2015 Silver Twenty Pounds Coins, encapsulated with a first class stamp, (30th January 2015 - Tower Hill, London, Ec3), a cased 'Year of the Sheep' 2015 silver two pounds coin, encapsulated with a first class stamp (19th February 2015 - Tower Hill, London, Ec3). 25-40
756.    South Africa Proof and BU Coin Sets, 1965, 1966, 1967 (2), 1968, 1969 (2), Zambia 1968 coin set, predominately in presentation cases. 25-40
757.    Thirteen Crown Sized Five Pounds Coins, including 1990 H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother's 90th Birthday, 1999/2000 Anno Domini, 2012 Jersey colorised Poppy five pounds coin; plus a 1937 George VI crown. 40-60
758.    A Cased Jubilee Mint 80th Anniversary of the Spitfire Three Coin Set, 1936 - 2016, Tristan Da Cunia five pounds, two pounds and one pound, limited to 499 produced. 30-50
759.    Six German 'Bundesrepublik Deutschland' Ten Euro Silver Coins, including 2005 Magdeburg 1200 Jahre, 2003 Industrieschaft, 2003 FIFA, 2003 Weltmeisterschaft Deutschland 2006. 15-30
760.    A Royal Mint / Royal Mail Philatelic Numismatic Cover 2009 Fifty Pence Coin, (Bu) Kew Gardens' The 250th Anniversary of the Royal Botanic Gardens at kew. 100-150
761.    A Cased 1992 / 93 EU Presidency Fifty Pence Coin, dual dated, encapsulated. 20-40
762.    A Cased 1992 / 93 EU Presidency Fifty Pence Coin, dual dated, encapsulated. 20-40
763.    A Cased 1992 / 93 EU Presidency Fifty Pence Coin, dual dated, encapsulated. 20-40
764.    A Circulated Undated Twenty Pence Coin, (2008), an encapsulated 2011 Jersey five pounds coin - Poppy Design 'Lest We Forget', thirteen G.B silver and base metal coins including 1923 one shilling. 30-50
765.    Thirty Three Crown Sized Coins, presented in a blue Westminster coin case, including 2003 East Caribbean states ten dollar coin, 2003 jersey history of the Royal Navy Francis Drake, 2006 Guernsey five pounds coin Victor buller Turner - Western desert 1942. 40-60
766.    A Specialised Briefmarken Stamp Album of East Germany, mint and used to final issues. 40-60
767.    A Small Quantity of Pre-Decimal G.B. Coinage, Foreign coins, some silver coins noted including 1911 East Africa fifty cents. 5-10
768.    A Quantity of Coins, GB and Foreign, some of the foreign coins are current or exchangeable. An accumulation of circulated banknotes, British regional and foreign. 30-40
769.    Three G.B Silver Crowns 1893, 1935, 1937, a 1963 U.S half dollar encapsulated coin, G.B base metal coinage, six Scottish one pound banknotes (1966-1969), Isle of Man banknotes in denominations 5, 50p, 10/-. Maltese ten shilling banknote, Bank of England ten shilling banknote (Fforde - Chief Cashier). 20-40
770.    USA Coins. Dollars: 1880 (NVF) and 1883 (NVF/VF). 5 Cents: 1867 (F but stained) and 1874 (GF/NVF but minor surface scratching). A Cent, 1873, NVF/VF with lustre). A further sixty-three coins which have beem carefully researched by the vendor. 40-70
771.    A Selection of Approximately One Hundred and Fifty Picture Postcards Early XX Century, showing the different tartans of Scotland, some with Scottish views, others with crests, early XX Century. 30-50
772.    A 2001 Australian 10 Dollars 10 OZ (999) Silver Coin, Lunar year of the snake (with eggs), encapsulated. 100-180
773.    A 2010 Australian 30 Dollars 1KG (999) Silver Coin, Lunar II Tiger, Perth Mint, Encapsulated. 300-500
774.    A Cased Royal Mint 2011 UK Fifty Pence Gold Proof Coin Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the WWF, encapsulated, certified 0154 of 1500. 350-500
775.    A Drake Sterling Silver Medal Map Replica Minted to Mark the Occasion of the 400th Anniversary of the Famous Round the World Voyage of Sir Francis Drake, National Maritime Museum, certified number 0988, cased, with accompanying literature, some tarnishing noted. 25-40
776.    A Cased Numsproof HRH Princess Charlotte Proof 1oz 9ct Gold Coin, certified 38 of 60. 200-300
777.    A United States Mint 2013 American Eagle One Tenth Ounce Gold Proof Coin, cased with certification; a Jubilee Mint 'The Year of the Three Kings' 80th Anniversary gold coin Benham Philatelic cover. 70-120
778.    A Cased Windsor Mint "The Twelve Apostles in Gold", fourteen gold coins, certificates present. 80-100
779.    A Cased Windsor Mint "Popes of the Modern Times" Coin Set, twelve gold coins, eleven certificates present; plus an encapsulated 2014 Cook Islands gold one dollar coin. 50-60
780.    A Cased Pobjoy Mint 2007 Isle of Man .999 Gold One Fifth Ounce Crown Coin, Centenary of Scouting, with accompanying literature. 120-160
781.    A 2008 Tristan Da Cunha 'Trafalgar' Gold Half Guinea, the coin was struck to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Admiral Lord Nelson, encapsulated and presented in a high gloss display box, accompanied by certification, mintage limited to 499. 90-120
782.    A Cased 2008 Tristan da Cunha 22ct Gold One Crown Coin, commemorating The 250th Anniversary of the Birth of Admiral Lord Nelson, with accompanying literature. 40-60
783.    A Cased Pobjoy Mint 2007 Falkland Islands .999 Gold One Fifth Ounce Crown Coin, 20th Anniversary of The Falkland Islands Fishery, with accompanying literature. 120-160
784.    A 2006 1/20th Ounce Chinese Gold Panda Coin; a 2006 South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands gold four pounds coin - Rockhopper Penguin and a 2017 Tristan da Cunha twelve sided gold quarter sovereign, all encapsulated. 60-100
785.    A Twenty French Francs Gold Coin, 1913, GF. 70-120
786.    A Cased Royal Australian Mint 2013 Australia Ten Dollars Gold Proof Kangaroo Coin, certified 1320 of 1500. 70-100
787.    Six Jubilee Mint Gold One Crown Coins, struck to commemorate The 100th Anniversary of The House of Windsor 2017, The 90th and 95th Birthdays of the Queen and Prince Philip, 2016, Country of Issue Tristan Da Cunha, cased with certification. 50-80
788.    Elizabeth II Half Crown Gold Coin, 2009, in capsule and Fabula Aurum box; Elizabeth II Half Crown Gold Coin, 2009, in magnified capsule and Fabula Aurum box. (2) 20-40
789.    Two The Queen Elizabeth II Gold Coins, 2015, in capsules, with Certificates of Authenticity. (2) 25-45
790.    Two The Queen Elizabeth II Gold Coins, 2015, in capsules, with Certificates of Authenticity; together with HRH Prince George of Cambridge 1st Birthday 9ct gold coin 2014 one crown Tristan Da Cunha with certificate. (3) 35-55
791.    Two Elizabeth II St George & The Dragon Half Crown Gold Coins, 2009, in capsules and Fabula Aurum box. 25-45
792.    A 2009 Gold Quarter Sovereign, encapsulated, a Royal Canadian mint gold 50 cents coin, 2015. 40-70
793.    A 1907 Half Sovereign, Edward VII. 80-100
794.    An Alderney Gold One Pound, 2005. 20-40
795.    A Half Sovereign, 1900. 90-110
796.    A 1912 Sovereign, George V. 170-200
797.    A 1912 Sovereign, George V. 170-200
798.    A Half Sovereign, 1913 George V. 90-100
799.    A 2014 Tristan Da Cunha Prince George First Birthday Gold Sovereign, encapsulated, accompanied by literature signed by the Sheffield Assay Office Assay Master confirming that the sovereign was struck on the Prince's first birthday. Presented in a high gloss display box, limited to a mintage of 999. 180-220
800.    A Twenty French Francs Gold Coin, 1858. 70-120
801.    A 1913 Sovereign, George V. 170-200
802.    A Sovereign, 1914 George V. 180-200
803.    A Sovereign, 1911, GF. Hard mounted in a pendant. 180-220
804.    A 2012 Sovereign, Day's St George and Dragon reverse, encapsulated, certification present. 170-250
805.    A Cased 1987 25 Pounds 1/4 Ounce Gold Britainnia Coin. 180-200
806.    A 2013 United Kingdom Gold Sovereign, encapsulated, with certification. 180-200
807.    A Royal Mint 2000 Gold Bullion Sovereign, encapsulated. 180-200
808.    An 1887 Two Pounds Double Gold Sovereign, with applied pendant loop. 350-400
809.    A Two Pounds, 1887. In a hard fixed pendant mount. 350-400
809A.   A George III Guinea, 1793, NF. 300-400
810.    A Guinea, 1788. In a hard fixed mount. 180-220
810A.   A George II Guinea, 1759. Attractive NVF/VF. 700-1000
811.    A Hard Mounted Guinea, 1704. 170-220
811A.   A Half Sovereign, 1826. Attractive VF/GVF. 300-400
812.    A Hard Mounted Guinea, George III, date rubbed. 170-220
812A.   A Sovereign, 1820. Proof-like GEF. 1500-2000
813.    A Cased Royal Canadian Mint 1977 Hong Kong Gold Proof $1000 Coin, encapsulated, certified No. 28150, the coin was struck to commemorate the hand over of Hong Kong to China. 300-400
813A.   A Shield Back Sovereign, 1847, NVF. 300-400
814.    A Cased Royal Mint 1998 Hong Kong Gold Proof $1000 Coin, encapsulated, certified No. 07250, the coin was struck to commemorate Kong Kong International Airport. 300-400
814A.   A George II Two Guinea Coin, 1748, GF/NVF. 1000-1500
815.    An Arabic Coin, unresearched (holed). 80-120
816.    A Henry VIII Gold Crown of the Double Rose, badly creased from 11 O'clock to 5 O'clock, accompanied by literature. 350-500
817.    Philip II, 359-336 B.C. (Greek Macedonian Empire), Gold Stater, obverse attractive GF, reverse F but some minor staining. 2000-3000
818.    Alexander III (The Great), 336-323 B.C., Gold Stater, attractive coin, F/GF, minor reverse damage. 2500-3000
819.    The Royal Mint 2013 First Strike PCGS PR69DCAM Encapsulated Four Coin Gold Sovereign Set, comprising double sovereign, sovereign, half sovereign and quarter sovereign. In original London Mint Office fitted casket of issue including outer case accompanied by certificate of authentity, No. 128. 1000-1500
820.     A Queen Elizabeth II Double Sovereigns First Date Portrait Set, the three coins ware dated 1980, 1985 and 1998. In original fitted casket of issue and accompanied by literature. 1200-1800
821.    The Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee 1887 Three Coin Set, comprising two pounds, sovereign and half sovereign. All three coins are high grade (around EF/GEF) but both have very minor surface scratching. Offered in a London Mint fitted casket and accompanied by literature. 800-1000