Football Programmes & Sporting Memorabilia Sale
on Friday 8th October 2010

1.      Subbuteo. Club Edition circa 1984. With scoreboard.£10-20
2.      Corinthian Pro Stars Series 9. Sixteen figures in blister packs.£15-25
3.      Corinthian Pro Stars. England Three Lions twelve pieces figure set (boxed).£15-25
4.      Corinthian Pro Stars. 1966 Team Figure Set. Legends of the Sixties, limited edition set 1900/2160. (boxed)£30-50
5.      Corinthian Pro Stars. Four figure collection packs. Glasgow Rangers (2), Celtic, Leeds, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Brazil, Serie 'A' (ten packs).£30-50
6.      Corinthian Pro Stars Figures. British Clubs, European, International (44). All loose.£20-40
7.      Corinthian Collection Figures. Including:- Jim Leighton (Hibs), Eric Cantona, Fabrizio Ravenelli. (31)£30-40
8.      Corinthian Pro Stars Figures. Manchester United 915), Liverpool (13), Arsenal (7). All loose together with twenty Microstars.£20-40
9.      Corinthian Pro Stars Series 10. Sixteen figures in blister packs.£15-25
10.     Corinthian Pro Stars Figures. Spanning series 12-22. (15)£10-20
11.     Corinthian Pro Stars Series 7. England Squad. Ten figures in blister packs and thirteen in boxes. Twelve European superstars.£30-50
12.     Corinthian Pro Stars. England three figure packs (6). Together with two individual and Sven Goran Ericsson air freshener.£20-30
13.     Corinthian Collection. Four figure collection packs - Four Manchester United and Three Liverpool.£20-40
14.     Corinthian Pro Stars Series 11. Twelve figures in blister packs.£15-25
15.     Corinthian International Pro Stars Series 1. Twelve figures in blister packs.£20-30
16.     Corinthian International Pro Stars Series 2. Eleven figures in blister packs.£15-25
17.     Corinthian Pro Stars Series 3. England Legends. Twelve in blister packs.£15-25
18.     Corinthian International Pro Stars Series 4. Eleven figures in blister packs, and fourteen in boxes.£20-40
19.     Corinthian Pro Stars Series 5. Ten figures in blister packs and eight in boxes.£15-25
20.     Corinthian Pro Stars Series 8. Sixteen figures in blister packs.£15-25
21.     Corinthian Pro Stars XL Figures - Platini, Maradona, Schmeichel, Beckham, Zola, Shearer, Moore, Pele. (8) (boxed).£15-25
22.     Corinthian Pro Stars World Superstars Five Figure Set. FIve 'World Stars 98', Four 'Superstars of Serie 'A'.£10-20
23.     Corinthian Pro Stars Manchester United treble Winners Special Edition. Individual figures in blister packs. (18)£20-40
24.     Corinthian Pro Stars Manchester United Treble Winners and 1999-2000. Boxed sets of figures.£30-40
25.     Three Corgi Icon Collectable Figures. Corinthian Pro Stars Figures boxed and loose. (25)£20-40
26.     Corithian Pro Stars. Individual figures (12). Together with Year Books and Newsletters.£15-25
27.     Corinthian Pro Stars. Manchester United three and four figure packs. (twenty figures in six packs).£20-30
28.     Rothman's Football League Players Records and Football League Records, Caxton Annuals 1962 and 63, "Soccer At War" by Jack Rollin, Arsenal Official History etc. (37)£20-40
29.     Luton v. Manchester United, Leeds v. Blackburn, Newcastle Reserves v. Aston Villa Reserves, all 1958-9. Together with other programmes 1957-59. (15)£20-30
30.     F.A. Youth Cup Final Programmes. Blackburn v West Ham 1959, Arsenal v Sunderland 65-6, Wolves v West Bromwich 75-6, Watford v Man City (both legs) 1989, Middlesborough v Tottenham 1990. (6)£10-20
31.     London Team Programmes - including Chelsea v Everton (1954-5) v Bahia 56-7, Arsenal v Man City 1951-2, Spurs v Feijenoord 1961-2. £20-30
32.     European Cup Final Programmes, 1978, 82 and 99, Cup Winners Cup Finals 1962, 67, 76 at Anderlecht, 98 and Arsenal Finals v Anderlecht 1970 and Galatasaray. (9) £50-70
33.     West Ham v Dortmund 1966 v Deportivo, Chelsea v Barcelona 1966, Man City 1971, Roma v Dundee United 1998, Wolves v Rangers 1961, Spurs v Belgrade 1963. All European Semi-Finals; together with other same stage games 1967-95. (23) £30-50
34.     Arsenal. 1969-70 v Bacau, Rouen , Sporting. Newcastle 1969-70 v Southampton (Fairs Cup). Dynamo v Nottingham Forest 1980, Slovan v Chelsea 1997 and other British team in Europe programmes. (15)£30-50
35.     1950's Programmes - including Brighton v Banik, Newport v Spandau, Everton v Red Star, Plymouth v Newcastle (FA Cup), Burnley res v Huddersfield res, Aston Villa v British Army, League 3 South v North. (15) £30-50
36.     The F.A Cup Annual 1885 to 1934, (creased, cover loose and selotaped), Chelsea v. Newcastle 1952-3, F.A Cup Finals, Semi's and other programmes. (28)£20-30
37.     Football Favourites New series books 2, 3 and 5; Playfair 1950-1; Stars of Today - Denis Law; World Cup 90 First Day Covers. (16)£20-30
38.     Dundee United. v Newcastle 1969-71, 81-2 v Winterslag, Borussia, 83-4 v Rapid, 85-6 v Vardar, 89-90 v Antwerp Bohemians v Newcastle 77-8 and other British team in Europe programmes. (14)£20-30
39.     Football Annuals - Goal, Denis Law, Billy Wright, Match Of The Day, Jimmy Hill, Kenneth Wolstenholme. Approximately eight-seven.£20-30
40.     Charles Buchan's Football Monthly Magazines, 1959-68. (87)£30-40
41.     Shoot Football Annuals 1970's to 90's together with Topical Times Annuals 1960's-80's. (96)£15-25
42.     Charles Buchan, All Stars, Football Champions, Roy of the Rovers football annuals. (83)£15-25
43.     News Of The World Football Annuals, 1966-7, 67-8, 71-2, 73-4, 76-7, 80-1, 82-3 to 2005-6.£15-25
44.     World Cup Video Collection. Various Football books including 'The FA Cup', 'Match of the Day', Kevin Keegan, 'The Football Programme'. (40)£15-25
45.     Chelsea Team Sheets 2001-2. including v Manchester United, PFC Levski (Home and Away), Leeds. (26)£30-50
46.     1950's Programmes. Including:- Leyton Orient, Sheffield United, Huddersfield, Aston Villa. (52)£60-90
47.     Sportief. Dutch Football Magazines from 1947 featuring English Match Reports. (6)£20-30
48.     Blackpool v Luton 53-4, Notts County v York, Burnley v Bradford City 1954-5, all FA Cup, Man City v HIBS 1960 and other programmes 1955-60. (17)£20-40
49.     Charles Buchan's Football Monthly Magazines 1953-54. (11)£30-40
50.     Arsenal v Villareal. April 2006 press packs for Brian Woolnough from the Champions League game.£20-30
51.     Sunday Chronicle Football Annuals, 1950-1, 51-2, 52-3, 56-7, News of the World, Playfair Cricket etc. (12) £15-25
52.     Topical Times 1936, Football League Jubilee Programme, F. League v League of Ireland 1957 and 69, Oldham v Crystal Palace 1959-60, Non-League Finals, Scarborough 1973 Wembley Brochure etc. (24)£20-40
53.     Aston Villa Football Shirt, bearing Nike logo and acorns advert. Signed by team players. Mounted and framed.£20-40
54.     Rothman's Yearbooks - 1984-5 to 1992-3. (9) £50-70
55.     Middlesborough. Crling Cup 2004 winners. Thirteen squad numbered final players signed Carling Beer bottles from Civic reception. Together with Steve McLaren autograph.£20-30
56.     Leeds United v. Everton, Birmingham (1973-4), Sheffield Wednesday, Barnsley, England, and other programmes. League Reviews including:- Volume Ones, Luton pennant etc:- Two Boxes£15-25
57.     Mid 1960's Northern Club Programmes. Burnley, Preston, Blackburn, Manchester City and United, Liverpool. 1966 F.A. Cup Final etc. 950)£15-25
58.     Tottenham Hotspur Testimonial Programmes. Including:- Alan Gilzean, Steve Perryman, Ossie Ardiles. (7)£20-30
59.     Southampton v York 1970-1, Reading v Arsenal 1971-2, Newcastle v Hendon 1973-4 - All FA Cup, Gillingham v QPR 1956-7, 57-8 (punched holes) and other programmes 1959-73. (14)£20-30
60.     Plymouth Argyle 60 Years Jubilee Book by W.S.Tonkin, 1963.£20-30
61.     Dulwich v Ilford 1949, Gravesend v Sunderland 1963, Harlow v Barnet 1964, Yeovil v Arsenal 1993 and other Non-League Club programmes. (15)£20-30
62.     Everton Reserve Programmes - Large quantity single sheet / 8 page issues 1991-97. £20-30
63.     FA Cup Final Programmes. 1969, 71, 72, 73, 74, Semi's, League Cup, Brian Clough Finale Programme. Amsterdam 705 Tournament, Derby pennant, other programmes, reviews etc.£20-40
64.     Horse Racing Programmes, The Curragh 1967, Newcastle, Doncaster Sty Leger, York, Football League Cup Final programmes 1975 with tickets and 76; 1966 World Cup Tournament Brochure England v Luxemburg 1961-2 and England v Football League 1963 (both at Highbury), Billy Wright Testimonial. (24)£15-25
65.     Harold Shepherson, Phil Lunn, Dickie Guy, Bobby Tambling and other Testimonial Programmes. (15)£20-30
66.     Charles Buchan's Football Monthly and Soccer Stars Magazines. Mid 1960's. Together with Scottish and English club programmes.£15-25
67.     Mid 1960's Programmes. Including:- Barrow, Workington, Leeds, Arsenal, 1967 F.A. Cup Final and Hillsborough Semi-Final, F.A Cup second replay programmes 1966 at Preston, 67 at Coventry (45) and League Reviews.£20-40
68.     Holland v Brazil 1963, Frem v Vasco Da Gama 1961, Santos Guide, World Cup 1966 Tournament Brochure, England International and other programmes (some W.O.F.). (41)£20-30
69.     Esso FA Cup Coin Collection, Soccer Jackdaw No 104, Football Cards, Big Match programmes etc.£15-25
70.     Tony Currie. Limited edition colour print by A.Damms, 3/500 signed by artist and player. Together with colour print of Jimmy Hagan. (2)£15-25
71.     Sheffield United, Chesterfield, Peterborough and other League Clubs from the 1960's. (150)£30-50
72.     1960's Programmes. Including :- Sheffield United v Wednesday FA Cup 1960, Wednesday v Bournemouth 1969 League Cup. 1952-3 F.A. Book For Boys, Billy Wright Book of Soccer etc.£10-20
73.     Four World Cup 1966 Scrapbooks, magazines, video collection and other football memorabilia:- One Box£20-30
74.     Football Story Monthly. Booklets, large quantity including No 1.£10-20
75.     FA Cup Final Programmes. 1966, 85, 86, 86 Villa Park Semi (bearing signatures and Howard Kendall letter). Many Sheffield Wednesday Homes, Fanzines etc:- One Box£20-40
76.     Football Books - Bobby Charlotn, Geaorge Best, Alan Ball, Leeds United, Jimmy Armfield and many others Northern related. (37)£15-25
77.     FA Cup and League Cup Final Programmes. Huddersfield Town and other League Club programmes, Fanzines, 1958-90's:- One Box£10-20
78.     The Football League Handbook. Complete run of seasons 1962-3 to 2007-8 and Scottish Football League Handbooks 1963-4, 64-5, 66-7, 74-5, 78-9 to 86-7, 88-9, 89-90, 92-3.£20-40
79.     Rothman's Football Yearbooks and Barclay's Directories, some duplications. (16)£15-25
80.     Silk and Acrylic Football Scarves, Chelsea, West Ham, Manchester United etc:- One Box£10-20
81.     Sunday Chronicle/Empire News/News Of The World Football Annuals. Complete run 1950-1 to 2009-10. (60)£50-80
82.     1989 Hillsborough FA Cup Semi-Final Programme and Newspaper. Maidstone 1989-90, Chesterfield v Rangers and ticket, many other programmes.£15-25
83.     1960's League Programmes including:- Newport, Barrow, Leeds. Middlesborough handbook. (60).£15-25
84.     Football Favourites Booklets from 1949, books 4,5 and 6. (3)£20-30
85.     1978 Panini Sticker Card Album (complete), Stanley Matthews Sports Stars of Today. League Cup programmes 1960's and 70's. (9)£30-50
86.     Chesterfield v Southampton 1959-60, West Brom v Liverpool 1968 FA Cup at Maine Road, and 68-9 v Dunfirmaline (Cup Winners Cup). Sheffield United v Eintracht, Mansfield v Cardiff both 1961-2 and other 1960's programmes. (34)£15-25
87.     1980 Nations Cup Programme and American Bicentennial Soccer Cup Programme 1976. (2)£20-30
88.     1966 World Cup Tournament Programme, Final (reprint), Barcelona v Liverpool UEFA Cup 1979?, FA Cup and League Cup Finals, Internationals and other big match. (23)
89.     Reserves Programmes. Single sheet and four-page issues 1960's - 80's including:- West Ham 1961-2, Southampton 1968-9, Coventry 1967-8£30-50
90.     Doncaster Rovers Programmes 1963-65 Home and Away, (some punched holes) other South Yorkshire clubs, Sunderland v Wolves 1955-6 etc. (45) £20-40
91.     Books - Sheffield Related. Including:- "Blades and Owls", "Images of Sport Doncaster Rovers", "150 Years of Bramall Lane", "Alick Jeffrey". (8)£10-20
92.     Manchester United v Real Madrid, home and away 1968, Willem II 1963, Twente v Manchester City 1978, Liverpool, Everton, Chelsea and other European matches involving British teams 1956-79. (26) £20-40
93.     Football Trophy - Steel, Peech & Tozer Social Service Interdepartmental Football Competition (Sheffield), brass, in the form of a 1930's football, on stepped circular base, engraved with all winners 1937-8 (Bar Mill) to 1982-3 (Aldwarke Finishing Banks). £30-50
94.     Programmes - including Rangers v AC Milan 1957, 1950's non-league, 1973 FA Cup Final, Leeds v Barcelona 2000, Aston Villa v British Army. (19) £15-25
95.     1966 World Cup Tournament Brochure, Liverpool programmes in Europe, Scottish, First Day covers, Hornet and Victory team cards, medal etc. £15-25
96.     Esso 100 Years of Football F.A Cup Winners Coin Sets (2), 1970 World Cup Collection, Top Team Sets (2 but one incomplete), Football Badges (incomplete), Snooker Score etc. £20-40
97.     Sheffield Wednesday Programmes including:- 1966 FA Cup Final, 1993 semi. Together with other clubs 1962-92. £15-25
98.     Everton v Liverpool Floodlit Cup 1961-2, Spurs v Arsenal League Cup semi 1967-8 and other programmes 1961-69 (71); and two later issues. £20-40
99.     Topical Times Large Format Panel Cards, 24 black and white images, 16 single colour including Jock Dodds, James Mercer, Vic Woodley, Bery Sproston; together with album of great players. £20-40
100.    Liverpool Away Programmes. At Lech, Austria Memphis 84-5, at Ireland 87-8, Chelsea v Barcelona 1965-6 and closed circuit TV issue. Norwich and Orient v Sliema 1963 etc. (24)£30-50
101.    Reynolds News Colour Photo Unit Team Groups, 1960, approx. 33.£15-25
102.    Ty-Phoo Tea Large Format Football Cards, featuring teams, stars in action and portraits. (61) (8 creased).£30-50
103.    'Bell Boy' Bubblegum Famous Soccer Club and Noted Football Clubs albums. Together with Victor Stars of all Nations. Castrol Achievements 1959 and 62, etc.£20-40
104.    World Soccer Magazines 1960-1970, 109 copies including:- 1966 World Cup Edition.£30-50
105.    1960's Football Programmes - including:- York v. Torquay 63-4 autographed, Walsall v. Leeds 62-3, 1960 F.A Cup Semi at Maine Road, England v. Scotland 1961, Football Guide. (33)£15-25
106.    Merlin Flik Balls, approximately 400; together with set of Esso squelchers in wallet.£15-25
107.    1967 League Cup Semi-Final 2nd Leg, West Ham v. West Brom. 1981 and 82 Finals. 1981 F.A Cup Final and Hillsborough Semi-Final. Wolves v. Eindhoven 1980, Arsenal v. Brazil 1965. Other programmes, cards. (44)£20-30
108.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, v. Halifax 1970-71 and others 2004-7. Ticket. (45)£5-10
109.    1968 Scotland v England Programme and rosettes, 1966 World Cup tournament brochure, other programmes, League reviews, Tour de France, 1964 and 65 Road Race programme at Oulton and Mallory Park, other sporting items, books.£20-30
110.    Barnsley Programmes. Large quantity of 1970's - 2000's including:- Friendlies, FA Cup, Aways, 1997-8 Premier League Handbook:- One Box£15-25
111.    Nottingham Forest. Home and Away programmes. 1983-94 including:- 1988 and 89 Semi-Finals at Hillsborough, Re-match at Old Trafford. 1992 Zenith Cup Final etc. all in binders. Together with other clubs. 1981, 81 replay, 82 FA Cup Finals, Rangers binders, Harlem Globetrotters 1976, Brook Bond tea cards, motoring guides.£20-40
112.    Blackpool Football Club by Robin Daniels. . New Brighton by Gareth Dykes. Reprints of Carreras footballers and Tom Finney.£20-40
113.    Breedon Books. "Blackpool" and "Bolton Wanderers" by Mike Prestage. (2)£20-30
114.    Breedon Books. "Burnley" and "Preston North End" by Mike Prestage. (2)£20-30
115.    Association Football - by A.H. Fabian and Godfrey Green 1960, in four volumes. Together with supplements.£15-25
116.    A & B.C. Football Cards, Players Cup Winners cigarette cards, postcard of Leek United 1905-6, Raich Carter jigsaw, blow football etc :- One Box £10-20
117.    Signed Football Autobiographies - Including:- Bobby Robson, Martin Peters, Dave Mackay, Jimmy Greaves, Billy McNeill, Stan Bowles, Claudio Ranieri. (15)£30-50
118.    Hull City A Complete Record 1904 - 89 by Chris Elton. Together with York City 1922-90 by Dave Batters. (2)£20-40
119.    Newcastle United The Black 'N' White Alphabet by Paul Johnson. The Foxes Alphabet by Paul Taylor and Dave Smith. (2)£20-40
120.    Derby County Programmes, Home and Away 1992-2000 (199):- Three Boxes£10-20
121.    Daily Express Poster. Soccer forum on Sheffield, Signed by Brian Clough and Jackie Charlton.£20-50
122.    Collection of Corinthian Figures, Wembley Stadium Tattoo, books, magazines and other football memorabilia:- One Box£20-40
123.    1992 Autoglass Final. Table plan and programme of arrangements, booklet. Together with Carlisle v Newcastle Home and Away programme 1974-5. (4)£15-25
124.    Quantity of Esso Top Team Badges in unopened packets, World Cup coins etc:- One Box£15-25
125.    Sheffield Telegraph Football Guides. 1946-7 to 59-60. (14)£30-50
126.    Sheffield Telegraph Football Guides. 1932-3, 36-7, 37-8, 38-9 and 39-40 (with faults). (5)£20-30
127.    Sheffield Telegraph Football Guides. 1937-8, 38-9 and 39-40.£20-40
128.    Sheffield Telegraph Football Guides. 1946-7 (includes biographies of all local players), 47-8 and 48-9.£15-25
129.    The Encyclopedia of Football Circa 1935, edited by Frank Johnston. £10-20
130.    Collection of Over 100 Glossy Team and Player Photo's 1950's. 2000 including:- Stan Anderson, Blackpool v Chelsea.£30-50
131.    Tiger Album of Club Badges, circa 1961, Stars of Soccer, Daily Mail Guide 1959-60, team shots. £10-20
132.    Wiley's Almanack and Sports Guide 1939, by Wiley & Co, Millsands Sheffield (cover wear). £15-25
133.    'The Champion' Photograph Albums, circa 1930's division 2, division 3 (north and south) 'Each 22 Team Photographs'; together with New Wonder booklets. (5) £30-40
134.    Pair of Mid XX Century Leather Child's Football Boots, bearing label 'The Stanley Football Boot'.£20-30
135.    1920's Sepia Team Shots Presented with the "Boys Magazine" - Huddersfield Town, Manchester City, Preston N.E, Yorkshire, Middlesex, Notts, Essex, Lancs. (8) £10-20
136.    1960's Black and White Postcards of Footballers in Action, Euro 2000 stamp presentation packs, photo of Alan Birchenall, signed cards - Brian Robson, David Platt, Ian St John etc.£20-40
137.    Sporting Record, Empire News, Daily Worker, Findon's, News Chronicle, Football Annuals 1946-54 and Two Cycling Booklets. (13)£20-30
138.    Sporting Chronical Annual 1932, Sunday Chronicle 51-2, 1960's Playfairs, 1979 Topps Football cards etc.£20-30
139.    Thai Printed Linen Table Placemats. Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid. Together with MK Foods Football Cards. (99)£30-50
140.    Joe Scarborough 'The Local Derby Again' original ink and pen drawing featuring Sheffield teams, supporters and city crest. Signed and dated 1980. Copyright retained by the artist. 51 x 63.5 cms£200-300
141.    Euro '96. Two large street lamp post banners. Advertising the then forthcoming tournament.£10-20
142.    Rotherham United 1951 and 1981 Promotion Booklets. 1996 Autoglass Final, John Green and Richard Finney Testimonials, 100 Years of Football in Rotherham, and Away FA Cup programmes at Manchester United 1966 and Emley 1998. (8)£20-30
143.    Rotherham United Programmes - 1955-69 home and aways including 62-3 v Chelsea, 63-4 v Leeds, 59-60 at Liverpool, 60-1 at Bolton (League Cup). (25)£20-40
144.    Rotherham United Programmes, mainly 1960's Homes and Aways including:- 1955 v Bristol City, 1959 v Sheffield Wednesday. (48) £20-40
145.    Huddersfield Town Programmes 1947-8 v Sheffield United and 59-60 v Rotherham United, signed by Denis Law. (2)£15-25
146.    Huddersfield Twon Programmes 1957-68, including 1968 League Cup semi and v Barnsley 57-8, 58-9 and 60-1 (FA Cup). (17) £20-40
147.    Huddersfield Town Programmes. 1957-8 including:- Friendly v Leeds, Reserves v Manchester United (some rusty staples). (19)£15-25
148.    Huddersfield Town Programmes. 1960's, Homes, 1967-8 and 71-2 season Home and Aways. (114)£15-25
149.    Chesterfield Programmes. 1970's (180)£15-25
150.    Chesterfield 1944-5 Season Programmes, v Derby (creased), Doncaster 4th November and 17th March. (3) £60-80
151.    Chesterfield 1945-6 Homes v Barnsley, Blackburn, Burnley, Bury, Huddersfield, Stoke (torn). (6)£30-50
152.    Chesterfield Programmes, 1948-9 v West Ham. Away at Wolves (cover loose). 49-50 v Tottenham Hotspur. 56-7 at Burnley. (4)£20-30
153.    Chesterfield Programmes, 1953-4 v Barrow, Bury, Mansfield, 54-5 v Wrexham, 56-7 v Hull, Barrow, Workington, 58-9 v Accrington. (8)£30-50
154.    Bradford City Programmes, 1952-3 v Barrow and 58-9 v Wrexham. (2)£10-20
155.    Sheffield v Glasgow Programmes. 1949 (at Bramall Lane), 1955 and 59 and v England 'B' 1957 (at Hillsborough) (writing on face). (4)£15-25
156.    Sheffield Football Club Programmes. Queens Park 1957, v Billericay 1977 Vase Final and Replay, v Manchester United 1982. (writing on face). Together with centenary booklet. (5)£20-30
157.    Halifax Town Programmes. 1950's Home v Port Vale (October 24th), 59-60 v Norwich dated 9th January. Away at Southampton. Away at Southampton. Away at Mansfield 56-7, 58-9. (5)£20-40
158.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 52-3 Away at Arsenal (FA Cup), 53-4 v Wacker, Falkirk (Friendlies), 55-6 and 56-7 v Liverpool. (5)£20-40
159.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes. 1953-4 v Falkirk, 56-7 v Stoke (both writing on face), and official handbooks 1950, 51, 52, 54, 55 and 64. (8)£20-40
160.    Accrington Stanley Programme - 1959-60 v Port Vale. £10-20
161.    Accrington Stanley Programme, 1952-3 v Tranmere.£15-25
162.    Scarborough Programmes. 1947-8 v Grantham, 1946-7 v Gainsborough Trinity, and possibly same season April 7th v Nottingham Forest Reserves, 59-60 v North Shields, 60-1 v Whitley Bay FA Cup (rusty staples). (5) £30-40
163.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 1952-3 v Carlisle, Gateshead (rusty staples and marks). 1958-9 v Crystal Palace. (3)£15-25
164.    Gateshead Programme, 1953-4 v Halifax (slight creasing).£15-25
165.    Lincoln City Reserves Programmes, 1956-7 v Peterborough United, Gainsborough Town (single sheets, some wear).£15-25
166.    Aldershot Programme 1944-5 v Watford.£15-25
167.    Brentford 1947- 8 Programme v Bury and Cardiff 48-9 v Plymouth (torn on crease). (2) £15-25
168.    Barrow v Aldershot, Workington v Rochdale 1963-4 and other programmes 1959-64. (14)£30-50
169.    Sheffield United 1948-9 Programmes v Manchester United, Wolves. 1954 FA Cup 6th round second replay Preston v Leicester at Hillsborough, 1947 England v Scotland and 1946 v Belgium (pirate). (5)£20-40
170.    Chelsea 1954-5 Away Programme, at Blackpool (creased and slightly grubby).£20-40
171.    Barnsley Programmes 1964-68 including:- v. Sheffield Wednesday and United, Rotherham, Doncaster, John Short Testimonial v. Select. (many writing on face) (99).£20-40
172.    Barnsley Programmes 1966-76 including:- v. Barrow, Southport, Newcastle, at Workington 76-7. (67)£20-40
173.    Barnsley Home Programmes 1965-83, 51 issues from the 1960's including v Sheffield United and Wednesday, Leicester, Bohemians. (69) £20-40
174.    Barnsley Away Programmes 1965-70, including at Barrow, Bradford, Leicester (36); together with 23 later away issues. (59) £15-25
175.    Barnsley. Bound albums of programmes. Seasons 1998-9 and 99-2000, possibly Directors issues. (2)£80-120
176.    Barnsley Big Match / Special Programmes. 1956-2009. Including:- Floodlight Opening, Testimonials, Promotion games, Play-off, FA Cup, Sunday games, Full Members, Simod, LDV etc. (all W.O.F.). (56)£30-50
177.    Barnsley League Cup Programmes. 1965-2009 including:- 76-7 replay at York, 98-9 v Scarborough Home and Away. (all W.O.F.). (124)£20-30
178.    Barnsley FA Cup Programmes. 1985-2010 including:- 2008 Semi-Final, at Caernarfon, Bromsgrove, (some W.O.F.). (73)£10-20
179.    Barnsley Programmes 1968-75 including v. Bohemians Prague, Leicester (with tickets) and replay, Rhyl (Homes and 2nd replay at Old Trafford). Together with handbook and bus advertisements for forthcoming games, autographs noticed. (130).£30-50
180.    Barnsley Home Programmes. 1955-60. (77) including:- 59-60 v Accrington.£50-80
181.    Barnsley Home Programmes. 1960 - 63. (76)£30-50
182.    Barnsley 1935-6 Programme v Doncaster Rovers, (slight clip stain). £80-120
183.    Barnsley 1938-9 Programme v Hull City, (slight crease). £80-120
184.    Hull City 1938-9 Programme v Barnsley. £80-120
185.    Doncaster Rovers 1938-9 Programme v Barnsley. £80-120
186.    Bradford City 1938-9 Programme v Barnsley, (small tear to top). £80-120
187.    Barnsley 1933-4 Programme v Stockport, (W.O.F., half page 7/8 missing).£20-40
188.    Barnsley 1935-6 Programme v Stoke City (FA Cup)(W.O.F.).£50-70
189.    Barnsley v Chesterfield 1938-9 Season Jubilee programme.£40-60
190.    Barnsley 1945-6 FA Cup Programmes, v Newcastle, Rotherham, Bradford P.A. (all W.O.F.) (3)£20-30
191.    Arsenal 1935-6 Programme v Barnsley (FA Cup) (W.O.F.)£40-60
192.    Barnsley 1951 Festival Of Britain Programmes. v Haarlem, Rapid. (both W.O.F.)£20-40
193.    Barnsley Away Programmes 1947-8, at Chesterfield, 49-50 at Hull City, 51-2 at Arsenal (FA Cup). (3) £20-40
194.    Barnsley Programmes - 1946-7 v Nottingham Forest, 52-3 v Swansea, 58-9 v Bristol Rovers, and (single sheets) reserves v Manchester City reserves 1961-2, friendly v Halifax 62-3. (5) £20-30
195.    Barnsley v Gateshead 1954-5 FA Cup 2nd Round and 2nd Round Replay Programmes. (both W.O.F).£20-30
196.    Barnsley 1940's FA Cup Programmes. 1946-7 at Huddersfield, Preston, 47-8 at Manchester City, 48-9 v Blackpool. (all W.O.F.). (4)£20-30
197.    Barnsley Away Programmes 1946-7, at Burnley, at Leicester, at Preston (FA Cup) (cover loose). (3) £20-40
198.    Barnsley Home Programmes - 1961-64 14 cup games plus Morton (friendly) All Stars (Wood Test), Bolton (floodlight opening). (17) £20-30
199.    Barnsley FA Cup Programmes. 49-50 at Stockport, 50-1 at Northampton (both selotaped), 51-2 v Colchester, at Arsenal 52-3 v Brighton, at Plymouth, 53-4 v York, at Norwich, 54-5 v Wigan. (all W.O.F.). (9)£20-40
200.    Barnsley FA Cup Programmes. 1970-84 including:- 70-1 v Bradford P.A., all three games v Rhyl, 73-4 at Bradford City, Marine. (all W.O.F.). (34)£15-25
201.    Barnsley FA Cup Programmes. 55-6 at Aldershot v Blackburn, 56-7 v Port Vale Home and Away (single card), at Cardiff, v Nottingham Forset, 57-8 v Hull Home and Away, 58-9 at Brentford, 59-60 v Bradford City Home and Away. (all W.O.F.). (11)£30-50
202.    Barnsley Programmes, 1953-4 v Carlisle, Workington. 56-7 v Middlesborough, Leicester. (4)£20-30
203.    Barnsley FA Cup Programmes. 1961-70 including:- v West Aukland, Rhyl, Everton, Manchester United. Aways at Netherfield, Port Vale 1967 Replay single card. (all W.O.F.). (32)£20-30
204.    Barnsley all 1960-61 FA Cup Programmes. v Gateshead Away and Home, at Bradford City, v Reading, v Huddersfield Away and Home, v Luton, v Leicester Away and Home. (all W.O.F.) .(10)£20-30
205.    Barnsley League Cup Programmes. 1960-1 at Ipswich, at Derby, 61-2 v Southport, Workington, 62-3 v Hartlepool, Home and Away, v Grimsby, Luton, 63-4 v Darlington Home and Away, at Aston Villa (single card), 64-5 v Lincoln at Orient. (all W.O.F.). (13)£15-25
206.    Barnsley Away Programmes 1957-64, including at Bradford 61-2 and 62-3, Halifax 62-3. (21) £20-30
207.    1945 Midland Cup Final 2nd Leg, Derby County v Aston Villa four page programme. £40-60
208.    FA Cup Semi-Final Programmes - 1956 Sunderland v Birmingham, 57 Aston Villa v West Brom, 1960 Sheffield Wednesday v Blackburn. (3) £20-40
209.    FA Cup Semi-Final Programmes. 1964, 65 and 67, all at Villa Park. Plus 1966 at Bolton. (4)£10-20
210.    1952 F.A.Cup Semi-Final and Semi-Final Replay Programmes. Blackburn Rovers v Newcastle United (both writing on face), and Newcastle Journal Cup Romance Souvenir. (3)£40-60
211.    1938 FA Cup Semi-Final Programme, Preston North End v Aston Villa at Bramall Lane. £180-220
212.    1922 F.A.Cup Semi-Final Programme. At Hillsborough, Tottenham Hotspur v Preston North End (writing on face).£300-400
213.    Wolves Programmes 1960-85. Many cup games including :- 1981 and 83 F.A. Cup Semi-finals. 1973-4 replay at Leeds. League Cup Semi's. 1965 at Bristol City (floodlight opening) (67)£15-25
214.    Wolves Programmes, 1953-4 v Newcastle, Middlesborough, 57-8 v Real Madrid, Darlington, 58-9 v Blackburn, 59-60 v Manchester City. Together with Luton v Blackpool FA Cup 3rd replay at Molyneux. (7)£20-40
215.    Barcelona v Wolves European Cup 1959-60 Programme. £20-30
216.    Wolverhampton Wanderers 1960 FA Cup Final Club Banquet Menu, list of diners and matches with image of first goal. All at Cafe Royal, London 7th May. £60-80
217.    Wolves Programmes 1954-5 v. Honved, Spartak, 55-6 v. Huddersfield (grubby), 47-8 v. Aston Villa (no back cover), 57-8 and 59-9 v. Portsmouth. £15-25
218.    Wolves Programmes - 1960 FA Cup Final v Blackburn and semi-final v Aston Villa; together with 1950's European games v Barcelona, Moscow Dynamo, Red Banner, Red Star, Real Madrid. (7) £20-40
219.    Aston Villa Two Game Programmes 1961-65. Including:- 64-5 v Leeds United/Newcastle Reserves. (10)£20-30
220.    Tottenham Hotspur 1960-61 Double Winning Season Programmes, including Cup games v Crewe, Sunderland (some with faults). (21) £70-90
221.    Tottenham Hotspur 1960-61 Double Winning Season Programmes, v Aston Villa, Birmingham, Charlton, Man City, Man United, Nottingham Forest, Wolves. (7) £10-20
222.    1960 Inter Continental Cup Final 2nd Leg Programme, Real Madrid v Penarol (sellotaped spine and pin hole). £150-200
223.    1946 FA Amateur Cup Final Programme. Bishop Auckland v Barnet. (at Chelsea).£40-60
224.    FA Amateur Cup Final Programmes, 1955, 56, 58, 59, 60, 61, 63, 65 and 67. (9)£20-30
225.    Blackpool Programmes. 1963-67. Including 63-4 v Charlton (League Cup), Derby Reserves, Manchester United. (47)£20-30
226.    Hull City Programmes. 1965-68. Including v Chelsea, Southport (F.A Cup), Sofia Select XI. (46)£20-30
227.    Sheffield Wednesday Medal.Wharncliffe Charity Cup Winners 1937-8. to Arnold.R.Lowes, Sheffield Wednesday F.C. IN 9ct gold and enamel. Bearing hallmarks for Birmingham 1937.£400-600
228.    Medal. Surrey County F.A. Junior League Division Winners in silver and enamel, with original box.£20-30
229.    United Challenge Shield 1912 Medal, Sheffield Schools A.A. to E.Cotterill, in silver. (cased)£20-30
230.    Hull & District Cross County Association Medal. Second place finish Junior team 1936. Hallmarked for Chester 1933. (cased)£20-30
231.    Sir George Touche 1922 Cup Medal. Borough of Islington Football League. In silver and enamel, hallmarked for London 1921. (cased)£40-60
232.    Preston & District Y.M.C.A. Football League Season 1945-46 Medal. Presented to Preston Home Guard, runners-up Challenge Cup season 1945-46. In silver , hallmarked Birmingham 1946.£20-30
233.    HQ London District Football 1949-50 Medal. Engraved L/Cpl D.H.Clark, Army Football bronzed in original F.Phillips of Aldershot box.£20-40
234.    Sheffield Sunday School Cricket League Medal. Engraved "Trinity UN Winners Div IV, E.Morris", in silver and enamel. Hallmarked Birmingham 1922.£20-30
235.    City of Birmingham Tramways & Omnibus District Cricket Medals to E. Randall. 1948, 49 and 52 in silver and enamel.£90-120
236.    Bank of England Athletics Championships Medal. Engraved "5 miles C.C. Championships 1924. 2nd J.M.B. Caie. 33mins, 9secs". Copper medal in case.£20-40
237.    Medal. Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association. City League 1948-9 Runners-up. Awarded to L.McKelvey G.O.B.F.C. in silver and enamel (cased).£15-25
238.    Medal. Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association. City League 1949-50 Runners-up. In silver and enamel (cased).£15-25
239.    Medal. Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association. City League 1950-51 Runners-up. In silver and enamel (cased).£15-25
240.    Medal. Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association. City League 1951-52 Runners-up. In silver and enamel (cased).£15-25
241.    Medals. Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association. Intermediate League 16-18 Div. Champions 1941-42 War time. Int. Cup.W 1942-3 under 18 years War time. Both in silver. (2)£15-25
242.    Sheffield Schools Athletic Association, button badge in gilt and enamel, engraved on reverse Football 'Wednesday' Shield 1938. A similar badge and Sheffield medal. (3)£10-20
243.    Sheffield Wednesday. Butter knife, commemorating the Club's FA Cup Final victory. Engraved to stainless steel blade.£20-30
244.    England v Ireland 1925 Amateur International at Maidstone Card Badge, together with similar for Kent Cup 1926, 27 and Rally 1911. £20-30
245.    Middlesborough Pass and Fixtures Booklets, 1973-4, 74-5, 75-6 and 77-8. All with gilt lettering to maroon morocco covers. (4) £10-20
246.    1947 FA Cup Final Football Association Stewards Enamelled Badge. £50-70
247.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, Birmingham 1906, engraved with a footballer in action (purportedly awarded for running the line of Hathersage Football Club) (dints noticed). £30-50
248.    Yorkshire County Cricket Club Members Ticket 1929, Lady or Youths coupons (no's 50 missing), in red morocco cover. £15-25
249.    Yorkshire County Cricket Club Members Ticket 1928, Lady or Youths coupons (no's 5 and 30 missing), in green morocco cover. £15-25
250.    Yorkshire County Cricket Club Members Ticket 1931, Lady or youths coupons (some missing), in green morocco cover; together with 1932 (lacking coupons). (2) £20-40
251.    'Sheffield Wednesday' 1970's Park Drive black plastic cigarette case. Another with Park Drive crest.(2) £10-20
252.    Manchester United enamelled badges (29), key ring, Busby Babes 50 Years Set. Other badges including:- Sheffield Tigers.£20-40
253.    Enamelled Football Badges, Bayern Munich, PSV, Ajax, A.C.Milan and other European clubs. (27)£25-35
254.    Sheffield United. Early XX Century postcard of team group. Together with F.Tunstall, South African 1935 Cricket team, etc. (5)£30-50
255.    Duffield F.C. Silver Long Service Medal awarded to W.Butler, hallmarked Birmingham 1918. Together with two reprint postcards.£10-20
256.    Postcard - Manchester City, 1913-14. £20-30
257.    Postcard - Wolverhampton Wanderers FC, circa 1913 by Shakespeare Press, Hinckley Street Birmingham. £20-30
258.    Medal. Inscribed and dated - W.S.A. Premier League Winners 1945-6, bearing silver hallmarks for Birmingham 1945 (on plated watch chain). Together with a Beney popular lighter for the A.S.Lee Cup. Both presented to H.Hopkinson. (2) £20-30
259.    1920 England v Scotland. Directors ticket for the game played at Hillsborough on 10th April.£200-300
260.    1975 European Cup Final Ticket, Leeds United v Bayern Munich. £40-60
261.    1939 FA Cup Final. Ticket. Portsmouth v Wolves.£60-80
262.    1981 FA Cup Final. Ticket. Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester City. Carreras and Wills football cards, Wembley Speedway lapel badge.£10-20
263.    Sheffield United and Wednesday, 1913-14 season fixture card.£15-25
264.    Bradford Park Avenue. Fixture list for 1969-70 season (last in league).£10-20
265.    Sheffield United Home Programmes. A large quantity 1965-2004 including:- Testemonials, Reserve, Friendly, Associate members.:- Three Boxes£20-40
266.    1966 League Cup Final 2nd Leg Programme. West Bromwich Albion v West Ham United. Together with both semi-finals 1967 between the same teams. (3)£40-60
267.    1966 League Cup Final Programme. West Ham v West Brom. Together with the 1964 Semi West Ham v Leicester. 92)£40-60
268.    League Cup Final Programmes. 1967, 86, 88, 99, 2002.£10-20
269.    Football League Cup Final Programmes. Complete run 1967 to 1992 and Replays 1977 at Hillsborough and Old Trafford 1977 and1978, 1981 at Villa (all writing on face). (30)£20-40
270.    Football League Cup Final Programmes. Complete run 1993 to 2009. (17)£20-40
271.    2001 Worthington Cup Final Liverpool v Birmingham City Programme, and signed photograph of Robbie Fowler with cup. £10-20
272.    Autographs. 1960's Sheffield United and Wednesday players, postcards.£20-40
273.    Pre-War Sporting Autographs - Football - Arsenal A.F.C 1935 including:- Hapgod, Drake, Bastin. Manchester City 1935 including:- Matt Busby, F.Swift. Middlesborough, Sheffield Wednesday, Everton 1935 including:- J.Mercer, D.Dean. Chesterfield, Manchester United including:- J.Carey. Individuals include:- Stanley Matthews, Alf Lythgoe, Stan Cullis, Sam Barkas, Hughie Gallacher. Cricket - H.Verity, L.Constantine, Don Bradman, J.Hobbs. Billiards - Joe Davis, Fred Davis, Joyce Gardner, Horace Lindrum etc. Boxing - Jock McAvoy, Benny Lynch etc. Olympians - Cyclists, Malcolm Campbell. Motor Racing etc. *A Who's Who of Sport From the late 1930's. Facsimilies also. All in Album.£300-500
274.    Autographs. England. All twelve players from the 1963 game v Scotland including Bobby Moore, Gordon Banks, Bobby Charlton. Together with Alf Ramsay and Harold Shepperdson. All neatly signed on a team image inside a V.I.P. issue of the Wales v England programme, 12th October 1963.£200-300
275.    Autographs. Footballers including Matt Busby, Bobby Charlton, Bill Shankly, Jimmy Greaves, Bert Trautmann and many others in a 1960-61 Charles Buchan's Soccer Gift Book.£150-250
276.    Cricket Autographs - Late 1950's including Sobers, Kanhai, Walcott, Weekes, Hall (West Indies), and County sides Leicester, Warwick, Gloucester, Northants, Essex, Glamorgan, Worcester, Surrey, Sussex, Somerset, Yorks, Lancs, Notts, Middlesex, Kent, Hants, Derby, New Zealand, many signatures, in album. £200-300
277.    Autographs. Mid 1950's Football Teams including:- Bradford City, Leeds United (3), Blackpool, Nottingham Forest, Red Star Belgrade. Individuals include:- Jimmy Scouler, Len Shackleton, Peter McParland, David Pegg, Bobby Charlton, Bobby Robson. Cricket teams include:- Yorkshire, Middlesex. Other sports. All in two albums.£150-250
278.    Autographs. Jack Charlton, Denis Law, Bill Shankley, Nobby Stiles and many others mainly 1970's in contemporary 'Derbyshire Album'.£30-40
279.    Autographs. Nobby Stiles, Tom Graveney, Paul Fletcher and others. On three 1990's dinner menus.£40-60
280.    Pele. Autograph on ticket application form for 1971-2 game at Hillsborough. Together with programme.£50-70
281.    Mexico 1986 'Match' Poster, signed Bryan Robson.£10-20
282.    Autographs. Stanley Matthews, Jimmy Greave, Albert Quixall and John Charles.£20-40
283.    FA Cup Final Programmes, 1955, 56, 57 and 58 (all sellotaped); together with similar period facsimile autographs of Manchester City and United, Birmingham, Sunderland. (8) £30-40
284.    Album of Facsimile Autographs, mainly 1960's/70's (43).£20-40
285.    Autographs - Georg Robledo, Jackie Milburn, Newcastle United mid 1950's FA Cup Final team; together with Raich Carter, Wilf Mannion, Len Shackleton. £40-60
286.    Autographs - John Carey, Stanley Matthews, Wally Barnes, Stan Mortensen, Harry Johnston, Ronnie Burgess, Ted Ditchburn, Tommy Lawton, Billy Wright, Bill Liddell, Bert Tratmann, Tom Finney; together with 1970's snooker player. £40-60
287.    Goal Annual 1976 bearing signatures, other annuals, Esso football club badges, France '98 towel etc.£20-40
288.    Autographs. Tony Currie,Edu, Malcolm Allison, Norman Hunter, Derek Dooley, Nobby Stiles, Gordon Banks, Denis Law, Kevin Keegan and many others in two albums.£20-40
289.    Autographs - Jim Dickinson, John Aston, Neil Franklin, Tom Finney, Ted Ditchburn, Billy Wright, Billy Steel, Trevor Ford, Bert Williams, Peter Doherty, Alf Ramsey, Stanley Matthews and Stan Mortensen, Alex Forbes, John Carey, Tommy Lawton, all on coloured magazine prints, circa 1950's. £50-80
290.    Manchester United. Decorative mirror and Royal Worcester 'Treble Winners' plate. (2)£10-20
291.    Cigarette Cards - Players Association Cup Winners (44), Football Caricatures by Mac
(42) and others, in album.£20-30
292.    1977 Charity Shield Liverpool v Manchester United First Day Cover, Rare issue. £50-70
293.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Cricketers 1928, Association Footballers, Wild Flowers, Armies of The British Empire, Churchman Kings of Speed and Kensitas Silks of National Flags. £80-120
294.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Gallahers Famous Jockeys, Players Wild Animal Heads, History of Naval Dress, Westminster Indian Empire, Brooke Bond Out into Space. £80-120
295.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Cricketers 1928, Wills Radio Celebrities, Players Military Headdress, Players Past & Present, Wills Railway Locomotives. £80-120
296.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Rugby Internationals, Players Motor Cars, Characters from Dickens, Poultry. £80-120
297.    World Cup Masterfile Stamp Collections from Mexico '86 to Italia '90. A History Of The World Cup. Other commemorative stamps and coins. All in five albums.£80-120
298.    Cigarette Cards - Wills Footballers mid 1930's and Hints on Football. £20-30
299.    1950's British National Team Programmes, including:- Wales v. Israel 1958, Ireland v. Portugal 1957 (both World Cup), R.O Ireland v. Germany 1956. (10)£15-25
300.    England Programmes - 1953-4 v Hungary, 54-5 away at Ireland, other home and aways 1956-60 including Representative game at Finland 15.9.57, 59-60 at Wales and Song Sheet. £30-40
301.    England Programmes 1957-1963. Norway v Scotland 1988, Northern Ireland Homes, Irish League v Football League 1961. (11)£20-30
302.    Two V.I.P. Copies Of The Scotland v England Programme 2nd April 1966. In personalized hardback tartan covers for Mr.A. Hardaker and Mr.W.P.Allan. (2)£30-50
303.    1969 FA Cup Final and City Semi-Final, 1969 Manchester United v Manchester City League Cup Semi, Fulham v Birmingham 1975 FA Cup Semi and Replay. Other big match programmes. (14)£20-30
304.    England v Scotland 1953, v Rumania 1969 and ticket, Football League v Scottish League 1951, Blackpool v Wolves 1955-6. Other football programmes. 1969 Cricket Gillette Cup Final. (13)£10-20
305.    England Programmes.1956 v. Denmark (World Cup) at Wolves. Aways 1955 and 57 at Wales, 1956 at Ireland and representative Homes 1950's and 60's. (13)£20-40
306.    Playfair Football Annual 1957-8, a quantity of newspapers including:- Milaniter, Kicker, Il Giorno, Blick, France Football. Together with British, all relating to mainly 1960's football.£20-40
307.    England Programmes. 1965-6 v Poland (at Everton), v Rest of The World 1963, other Home and Aways 65-67, song sheet, Inter-League games Nurnberg. Homes, F.A. News etc. (Duplication). (44) £20-40
308.    England v Scotland 1955 FA XI v The Army 1954 and v The RAF 1956, English League v Scottish League 1951 and others at Hillsborough. (all writing on face). (7) £20-30
309.    1947 Irish Cup Final Programme. Belfast v Glentoran. (professional repair work noticed).£80-120
310.    Al Nasr v Liverpool Programme, May 1978 ( Al Nasr Stadium opening game). £20-30
311.    England v Scotland 1955, v France 1962 (both at Hillsborough), Scotland v England 1962, other England matches at various levels, 1966 World Cup brochure, 1962 amateur Cup Final, 1963 European Cup Final, 1950 Manchester Boys and Barnsley Boys etc. (20) £20-40
312.    World Cup. 1966 Publications - Kicker, Evening News, Soviet Weekly, Liverpool Echo, Daily Express, Fusbal Pokal. Together with Excelsior (Mexico), Balon and others from the 1970 tournament.£20-40
313.    World Cup 1966 1/8 Final Ticket at Hillsborough 19 July, tournament brochure and football monthly souvenir, 1960 qualifying programme at Luxembourg and three homes. (7) £30-50
314.    World Cup 1958, Swedish Stamp Cover 3rd place postcard, 1962 Vignette for stamps, 1966 First Day Covers, Tournament brochure etc. (9)£20-30
315.    World Cup Mexico 1970. Tickets. Final and 3rd/4th place play-offs in Aztec Stadium. Together with games at Jalisco, Guadalahara - Semi-Final Brazil v. Uruguay (June 7th), Quarter -Final Brazil v. Peru (June 14th), 1/8 Final games June 11th England v. Czechoslovakia, 10th, 7th England v. Brazil, 6th, 3rd and 2nd England v. Rumania. (10) £200-300
316.    1966 World Cup - Five Tickets at Wembley, July 26th (Semi-Final), 28th (3rd Place), 23rd (Q-F), 19th and 16th (eighth finals); together with White City venue July 15th. (6) and wallet. £80-120
317.    1966 World Cup Final Ticket, for north stand priced 3 pounds 15 pence. £70-90
318.    1966 World Cup. Tickets. For 1/8 final games at Hillsborough, July 12th, 15th and 23rd (3). With wallet. (Small staining to two).£80-120
319.    1966 World Cup. Tickets. For 1/8 final games at Villa Park. July 13th, 16th and 20th. (3)£80-120
320.    1966 World Cup. Tickets at Hillsborough. 1/8 th Final July 12th and 15th. 1/4 Final July 23rd. (3)£40-60
321.    World Cup 1966 Tickets. July 13th at Old Trafford (1/8 final) and two for July 23rd at Hillsborough (1/4 final). (staining) (3)£40-60
322.    1966 World Cup. Penknife for Sheffield, bearing flags of four competing nations at the city, by Joseph Rogers, in original sleeve. Plus Marx lion figure.£20-30
323.    World Cup 1966. Weltmeisterschaft. German book report of the Tournament.£20-30
324.    World Cup 1966 Sheffield Visitors Handbook and Players Association Cup Winners cigarette cards.£15-25
325.    1966 World Cup Final Programme. England v West Germany. Together with players Handbook and Sheffield Visitors Handbook. (3)£80-120
326.    1966 World Cup Final Programme, England v. West Germany.£60-90
327.    1966 World Cup Final Programme. England v. West Germany. Together with tournament brochure. (2)£60-80
328.    1962 World Cup - Six Glass Tumblers, each depicting two competing teams. £15-20
329.    World Cup 1966 Official Handbook. World Cup 66 and 70 by Hugh McIlvanney. Official F.I.F.A. Reports on World Cup 74 and 78. A Complete Record 1930-90, and others. (8)£15-25
330.    FIFA World Cup 2006. England's official response and a profile of England's candidacy. In blue and red bound volumes housed in white wallet. Entitled "We Are Ready" published by the FA.£20-40
331.    World Cup 2002. "The Moment", report of The Tournament in Japan/Korea.£20-30
332.    Germany. World Cup 2006 and 1974 Official Programmes.£15-25
333.    Rothman's Football Year books 1971-2 to 2005-6, Complete run of thirty-five books.£80-120
334.    Leeds United Programmes. 1951-2 v. Bradford P.A. (writing on face), 52-3 v. Lincoln, 53-4 v. Derby. (3)£20-30
335.    Leeds United Programmes. v. Rampla 1956, v. Juventus, Banik Ostrava 1957, v. Bayern Munich, Djurgardens 1958. (5)£20-40
336.    Leeds United Programmes. v. Huddersfield 1955-6 and 57-8, v. Halifax 56-7, v. Bradford P.A. 54-5 and 56-7 (all West Riding Cup). Reserves v. Manchester United 1956-7, v. Stoke, Friendly v. Peterborough 1963-4 and Youths v. Manchester city circa 1960, v. Sunderland 68-9. (10)£30-40
337.    Northern Command v Eastern Command February 1946. Leeds City Boys v Sheffield Boys 1967 (both at Elland Road). Plus three Sheffield Boys 1960's Programmes at Bramall Lane. (5)£20-30
338.    Leeds United Programmes v European Opposition, including Semi-Finals v Zaragoza 1966, Kilmarnock 1967, Dundee 1968, Celtic 1970, Liverpool 1971, Barcelona 1975, Fairs Cup Final v Juventus, 1969 v Lyn Oslo and others 1965-71. (25) £30-50
339.    1970 FA Cup Final Replay Programme, Chelsea v Leeds United (at Old Trafford).£15-25
340.    Torquay United Programme - 1954-5 v Leeds United floodlight friendly 21 March (small tear). £10-20
341.    Leeds United Away Programmes in Europe, 1967 at DWS, 1968 at Hibs, 1970 at Sparta Prague, 1975 at Barcelona (Semi-Final), 1979 at Universitatea Craviova. (5) £150-250
342.    Leeds United Programmes - 1969 Charity Shield (creased), 68 League Cup semi at Derby, 1972 FA Cup Final and semi and others 1967-72. (30)£20-40
343.    Leeds United Signed Autobiographies - Norman Hunter, Peter Lorimer, Howard Wilkinson, Jack Charlton, Gary McAllister, Vinnie Jones, David Batty, Lee Chapman, Eddie Gray and images of sport books. £20-40
344.    1975 European Cup Final Programme, Leeds United v. Bayern Munich.£30-50
345.    1968 Inter City Fairs Cup Final Programme, Ferencvarus v Leeds United (17 Jatekos Nyilatkozata). £200-300
346.    Leeds United Home Programmes, in European competition 1966-19669 including v Ferencvaros and Juventus (Fairs Cup Finals), Lyn Oslo, Zaragoza. (9) £20-30
347.    Leeds United Programmes - 1954-5 v Blackburn, 1966-7 at Sunderland (League, FA Cup and 2nd replay at Hull), 1965 FA Cup Final 1963 and 67, FA Cup semi's and other home and aways 1962-67. (18) £20-40
348.    1950's Inter League Programmes, Stanley Matthews XI v. World Stars 1965, Uganda 1956 Tour programmes, 1956 Olympic GB v. Bulgaria. Real Madrid colour print and England and Australia cricket prints with facsimile autographs etc. (15)£20-40
349.    1975 European Cup Final Programme, Bayern Munich v Leeds United. £40-60
350.    (Billy) Bremner. Signed limited edition colour print by D. Baker. 46.5 x 52.5 cm. 30/500.£20-40
351.    Leeds United Colour Prints, Billy Bremner, Elland Road and Montage. (3)£10-20
352.    Sheffield Wednesday Memorabilia, including poster, newspapers, Soccer Supremo game, L.P, pennant, book, Fanzines, bib etc:- One Box£15-25
353.    Sheffield Wednesday. Two Puma Match Balls, bearing many signatures including:- Trevor Francis, Graham Hyde, Chris Waddle. Together with programmes, newspapers.£15-25
354.    Sheffield United. Four Match Balls including Mitre Ulimax. All many bearing signatures 1990's/2000's. Together with programmes.£20-30
355.    Autographed Football. Oldham Athletic including:- Steve Redmond; A Bradford City pennant bearing signatures and Sheffield United autographs in album. (3)£10-20
356.    South Yorkshire Football Publications - Including:- Ronnie Moore, 'Wednesday', 'Fever Pitch', Brian Marwood. Images of Sheffield United, Rotherham United, Sheffield Eagles. signatures noticed. (12)£10-20
357.    *WITHDRAWN*
Boys Book of Soccer for 1955 and 1957 bearing signatures.£15-25
358.    Signed Paperback Autobiographies - Including:- Alex Ferguson, Jimmy Greaves, Tony Adams, Rob Lee, Peter McConnell, Paolo Di Canio. (11)£15-25
359.    Autographed Footballs. Manchester United including :- P.Neville. Barnsley including:- Chris Morgan, Lee Butler, Adrian Moses.(2)£10-20
360.    Derby County Puma Football Shirt No 27 Baiano. With five signatures. A Sheffield Wednesday Diadora Shirt bearing many signatures. (2)£15-25
361.    Duncan Fearnley Cricket Bat. Bearing signatures of teams - Kent 1970, Lancashire, Surrey, Essex, Glamorgan, Leicestershire.£40-60
362.    Gunn & Moore Cricket Bat Trophy, commemorating England v Australia 1954-5 with facsimile autographs; together with two brass topped stamps. (3) £20-30
363.    The Game of Cricket : Lonsdale Library Volume Six, signed by Harold Larwood and C.O Allen to respective photographic plates. Very Good in Very Good unclipped dustjacket. £30-50
364.    Cricket. Autographs. M.Tremlett, P.B.Wright, L.Angell and thirteen others. All on a copy of 'Cricket is My Life' by Len Hutton.£30-40
365.    Cricket. Memorabilia. Including:- M.C.C. Tickets, committee room pass, High Commission invitation, car park ticket. All signed by Angus Fraser.£20-30
366.    Free Foresters Cricket Club 1975 with amendments.£20-30
367.    Cricket. Autobiographs of Australian 1981 team including:- Border, Lawson, Lillee. On official notepaper.£20-40
368.    Cricket. 'W.G.Grace, A Biography', by W.Methven Brownlee. Plus 'Handbook of Cricket' by Edmund Routledge. (writing on face) £25-35
369.    Kent County Cricket Team. Autographs. Including:- B.Edrich, P.Hearn, D.V.P.Wright. Priced at Two Shillings for the D.V.P.Wright Benefit Fund £20-30
370.    'Cricketing Courtesy' by Bobbie Burlton and 'August Occasions' by Nico Craven. Both signed by authors.£15-25
371.    The History of Yorkshire County Cricket 1833-1903 by The Rev. R.S. Holmes. 1904.£20-40
372.    Cricket. Tour Brochures To England - 1948 to 1969 including:- Australia 1948 (selotaped), 53, 56, 61, 64 and 68. (22)£30-50
373.    Cricket. Coalport Porcelain. County Champions plates Hampshire 1973, Worcester 1974, Leicester 1975, Middlesex 1976. Sir Donald Bradman 'Century of Centuries'. Together with Essex Centenary 1976 by Edwardian China. (6)£50-70
374.    Cricket. Autographs. Australia 1981, Somerset and Gloucester teams (some fading). All on a Duncan Fearnley bat.£30-40
375.    Yorkshire County Cricket Club Annuals - 1950, 53 to 57, 59, 61(2), 62 65, 68, 70, 73, 74, 75, 77, 78, 79. (19).£20-30
376.    Cricket - Photographic postcard of Australian Team 1909, four other cards of Yorkshire players G.H.Hirst, D.Denzon, S.Haigh, W.Rhodes. (5) £30-50
377.    Yorkshire Cricket Publications - 1969 Gilette Cup Final, Century of Cricket at Bramall Lane, Scarborough Festivals, Vic Wilson, Johnny Wardle, Geoff Boycott and other Testimonials, Hallam Cricket Festival 1979. etc.£20-30
378.    Wisden's Cricket Almanack 1954 in Yellow Limp Cloth.£20-30
379.    Wisden's Cricket Almanack 1958 in Yellow Limp Cloth.£20-40
380.    Wisden's Cricket Almanack 1962 in Yellow Limp Cloth.£15-25
381.    Wisden's Cricket Almanacks 1972, 73 and 74 in Limp Yellow Cloth.£20-40
382.    Cricket Scorecards. 1949 England v New Zealand, v South Africa 1951, v India 1952, v Australia 1953 etc. (all writing on teams).£10-20
383.    Cricket. Yorkshire C.C.C. Annuals 1949, 52, 54, 56 to 61, 64, 65, 71 to 77, 80, 83, 85. (20) £20-30
384.    Duncan Fearnley Small Cricket Bats, bearing signature of Australia 1977 and Kent 1977. Another Crushpur bat, smaller and linen towel both bearing signatures of Kent players and tankard.£20-40
385.    Reprint of Yorkshire Cricket Team and 50 Players Cricketer cigarette cards in displays. (3)£10-20
386.    Cricket. Photo of England 1989 Nehru Cup team. Signed on the mount by all seventeen players/officials including:- Allan Lamb, Graham Gooch, Nasser Hussain, Jack Russell, Robin Smith.£40-60
387.    Cricket. Oil painting of cricket match circa 1920's. 30.5 x 40cms, signed Ashby Tilley. £25-35
388.    Cricket. Four hand coloured Punch cartoons after Reynolds & Thomas. 13.5 x 17.5 cms.£20-30
389.    Cricket. Prints. 'Headingley' and 'Over Before Tea' by Terry Harrison. 'Clumber Park' by John Rudkin limited edition 289/500, 'Village Cricket' by Jedd and others, all signed. (11)£20-30
390.    Cricket Books - Many relating to The Ashes, Bradman, Rohan Kanhai, Programmes etc:- One Box£15-25
391.    Cricket Books, Mihir Bose, Sir Pelham Warner, Rait Kerr, Playfair annuals, Yorkshire CCC 1992, 94, Wisden's Cricket Records, etc:- One Box£15-25
392.    Cricket. Books on Yorkshire - Hedley Verity, Johnny Wardle, Holmes & Sutcliffe, 12th Man Wombwell Society, Sheffield Cricket Lovers, A Century of Cricket at Bramall Lane:- One Box£20-40
393.    Signed Cricket Autobiographies - Geoff Boycott, Michael Vaughan, Michael Atherton, Ian Botham, Dickie Bird, Graham Gooch, Mark and Steve Waugh and others. Lords souvenir guides etc. (21)£40-80
394.    Cricket Books. Lords 1787-1945 by Sir Pelham Warner; Cornerstone of English Cricket by Gerald French; Athletic News Cricket and Golf 1946 etc. (7)£10-20
395.    Derbyshire County Cricket Club Yearbooks 1980's to 90's, The Cricketers Who's Who, Yorkshire Full Members Ticket 1966, Wisden Book of International Cricket etc:- One Box£10-20
396.    Cricket. Playfair Annuals 1948 to 2000, 2002 to 2007, 2009.(60)£30-50
397.    Cricket Books - Wisden's 'Quatations', 'Cricket Grounds', 'The Concise', 'County Cricket'. Lancashire Cricket at the Top, Neville Cardus, Derek Underwood etc:- One Box£15-25
398.    Cricket. Books - including 'West Indian Cricket' by Christopher Nicole, 'Sobers', The Ashes Captains', 'Wisden Book of Records'. (48):- Two Boxes£20-40
399.    Books. Various Sports including Formula 1 Yearbooks, Flat Racing, Fly Fishing, Golf, Boxing, Nastase (51) :- Two Boxes£20-40
400.    Sports Programmes. Silverstone Grand Prix 1975, World Rowing 1975, Snooker at Derby, Milk Race 1972, Madrid Bullfighting 1959, Valour in Sport Awards Menu 1980, and a quantity of books:- Two Boxes£15-25
401.    Olympic Games. The British Olympic Association Official Reports 1956, 60, 64, 68 and 72. Together with a quantity of books, programmes, 1968 GB team handbook etc.£30-50
402.    Speedway Programmes 1955-94 including:- American, Australian, Internationals in England (65)£15-25
403.    Rugby. Programmes. England v Wales 1952, Auckland and New Zealand Homes, Dinner Menus for Wales and France 1982, Scotland v France 1984. Tickets - Midland Counties v New Zealand, Australia 1963 and 66. (20)£30-50
404.    Rugby Union Programmes. England Homes 1952-77 (53). Together with Oxford v Cambridge, Twickenham 7-a-sides, Ebbw Vale v Bedford 1952, All Blacks Aways, etc. (83 in total).£40-60
405.    Rugby League International Programmes, 1959-90. Including Great Britain v France, Australia 1959, v New Zealand 1961, 65. Rugby Union noticed. (40)£15-25
406.    Sheffield Wednesday. Late 1960's player photographs including:- Gerry Young, Don Megson. Image of 1896 Cup montage. Wrestling book, Prince Naseem photo. Programmes etc.£15-25
407.    Boxing. Signed photos Archie Moore, Lennox Lewis and Carmen Basilio.(3)£50-70
408.    Sydney 2000 Olympics. Two Wedgwood pottery commemorative mugs (boxed).£10-20
409.    Sheffield and Area Sports Programmes. Including:- 1954 Stock Cars at Wombwell, 1952 Rugby Championship Final at Huddersfield, 1957 England v Scotland Hockey match.£20-30
410.    Athletics. 1938 Breslau (Germany) games programme/scorer with pull-outs, 24th - 31st July 1938.£40-60
411.    Rugby League Cup Final 1963 Wakefield v Wigan. Programme, ticket and Lancashire Post souvenir. (3)
412.    Silverstone. 1961 British Empire Trophy, programme.£15-20
413.    Horse Racing. Autographs. Including:- Gordon Richards, Bob Jones, Steve Donohue, Jimmy Wilson (boxing), and five others, all on a Gordon Richards Victory Banquet Menu at Forest Glen Pavilion 1933. (cover loose)£30-40
414.    Speedway Programmes - Britain v Overseas, Exeter v Stoke (Cup Final) 1962, and others, 1970 Alcoa Trophy Meeting, 1956-7-8 Royal Enfield Catalogue. (10) £10-20
415.    Speedway Programmes 1960-70. Mainly Sheffield Homes, Internationals noticed, some bearing signatures, Peter Moore, Peter Craven etc.£30-40
416.    Sheffield United and Wednesday Prints, Programmes. Including Jimmy Hagan Testimonial, 'Undefeated' by Terry Marsh bearing personalised signature to Clinton (Woods), signed pennant, World cup '66 book, boxing programmes etc.£15-25
417.    Snooker. Alex Higgins signed book picture, 28.5 x 18.5 cms. And signing day montage.£20-30
418.    Early XX Century 'Wonder' Tennis Racket with leather lower grip. (re-stringing required)£30-40
419.    Golf Memorabilia. Including:- Colin Montgomerie signed ball, Lee Westwood signed book, trophies, three hickory shafted clubs.£20-30
420.    Horse Racing. Programmes. Grand National 1957, St Leger 1971 and 76, The Derby 1975. books including:- "Bull" by Howard Wright (signed), Arkle.£15-25
421.    1926 Sporting Chronicle Annual, Cushendall 1927 Regatta, 1939 White City Athletics, Ascot, Cricket and other programmes and publications. £10-20
422.    Golf. Programmes. 1971 R.Birkdale with Draw Card. Lindrick Match Play 1975, Y.E.News 1957 at Sand Moor, Stuart C.Goodwin 1956 at Thrybergh. Books - Henry Cotton 'My Golfing Album' (signed), Walter Hagen Story etc£20-40
423.    Wimbledon Tennis Programmes - 1972, 1980, 81 and 92. English Table Tennis Programme 1959 (all writing on face). Together with books on the sports. (16)£20-40
424.    Rugby League Programmes 1958-80 including:- Challenge Cup semi-finals at Odsal 1957, 58, 59, 68, 71, 73, at Swinton 1966, 67, 68, at Hartstown 1964, at Headingley 1968, at St Helens 1965, at Wigan 1972, club games, Tom Webb's Rugby League Record vol.1 No.1 etc£20-40
425.    Rugby League Programmes - 1960's - 1990's including:- Dewsbury, Hull K.R., Castleford, Leeds, Hull:- One Box£10-20
426.    Huddersfield Giants Memorabilia including:- programmes, calendar, key ring, 2007, 8 and 9 Super League Final programmes etc:- One Box£10-20
426A.   A Collection of Mid XX Century Horse Racing Form and Statistic Books:- One Box£15-25
427.    Pair of Mid XX Century Child's Leather Boxing Gloves.£10-20
428.    Rugby Union Programmes - including Wales v England 1957, Midland Counties v Australia 1958, Northern Division v New Zealand 1979, many England homes and tickets; together with England v Wales autographed ball 1982. £20-40
429.    Horse Racing. Badges 1980's/90's at Nottingham, Ripon, Newton Abbott, Sandown etc. Champion Cork from winner. (37)£15-25
430.    Horse Racing - Grand National Programmes, 1961, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68 (2), 69, 70, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 79, 82, 83, 84 (2), 85, 86 (2), 87, 88 (2), 89 and two other days. (29) £20-40
431.    Signed Snooker Autobiographies - Jimmy White, Alex Higgins, Willie Thorne, Terry Griffiths, Steve Davis. Event flyers noticed. Romance of the Turf by The Duke of Devonshire. (6)£20-40
432.    German Winter and Summer Sports Sepia Prints, circa 1920's/30's. 18 x 235. cm. Each stamped ('Aktueller Bilderdienst' verlag J.J.Weber, Leipzig). (20)£40-50
433.    1919/20's Sepia Sports Prints Presented with All Sports Weekly, including boxers and footballers of the day, Scottish Victory, Joe Beckett, Jack Dempsey, George Duncan (14) and seven others non-sporting. £20-30
434.    Manx Grand Prix 1962, Wimbledon Tennis 1971, Athletics Weekly Magazines 1973, Badminton 1947, other sports publications. (36)£20-30
435.    Boxing. Programmes 1980's involving Herol Graham. Books - "British, Heavyweight Champions" by Ivan Treherne 1959, "Come In Barry" 1961, "Massacre In The Sun" 1960 etc.£15-25
436.    Manchester United Programmes - 1956-7 v Bilbao, 57-8 v Dukla Prague, Red Star, AC Milan, 58-9 v Young Boys, 59-60 v Man City, 60-1 v FC Bayern, Sheffield Wednesday. (8) £20-30
437.    Manchester United Programmes. 1967 Charity Shield v Tottenham, European games v Tottenham, Sporting, Dortmund, Everton, Partizan and others 1963-66. (8)£20-30
438.    Manchester United Away Programmes, 1964 at Sporting, 1967 at Hibernians, 1976 at Ajax. (3) £10-20
439.    1958 FA Cup Final Programme - Manchester United v Bolton Wanderers; together with semi-final v Fulham. £20-30
440.    Manchester United Programmes. 1958 FA Cup Final (rusty staples), 1949 Semi v Wolves, 64-5 Away at Leeds. (3)£40-60
441.    Manchester United v Sheffield Wednesday Programme 19th February 1958, (team filled in, token missing). £40-60
442.    Manchester United Programmes. 1963-4 v Willem II, 1964 and 1966 F.A. Cup Semi-Finals, 65-6 v Leeds, 66-7 v Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham. 1967 Charity Shield v Tottenham, 67-8 v West Brom. (9)£20-30
443.    Manchester United. Programmes. 1958 (marks) and 1963 FA Cup Finals, 1955-6 v Blackpool, 1961-2 Youth Cup v Arsenal (token loss) and Lancashire Post Souvenir. (3)£15-25
444.    Manchester United. Banquet Menu, commemorating the winning of the League Championship 1966-7. Held at the Midland Hotel, August 4th 1967.£80-120
445.    Manchester United Programmes 1967 Charity Shield v Spurs, and youths v Doncaster 57-8 v youth Semi-Final v Blackburn 58-9. £10-20
446.    Munich 58. Programme for Manchester United v Sheffield Wednesday 19th February. (cover loose, team filled in, token intact).£20-40
447.    Manchester United Programmes, 1958 and 63 FA Cup Finals, 1962, 64 and 65 Hillsborough Semi's, 56-7 v Dortmund, 59-60 v Real Madrid, 63-4 v Sporting, 65-6 v Benfica, Vorwarts, Partizan. (some with faults) (11).£20-30
448.    'Salute To Manchester United' , The United Story, Manchester Evening News Publications. (4)£10-20
449.    Manchester United v Barcelona Cup Winners Cup Final Programmes with Tickets in original wallets (2). Together with other United Home programmes v European opposition 1984-98. (16)£15-25
450.    Manchester United Signed Autobiographies - Roy Keane, Ron Atkinson, Alex Ferguson, Steve Bruce, Bryan Robson. Together with others unsigned including:- 'George Best and Twenty-one Others', 'Player by Player', 'The Legendary Years'. (15)£20-40
451.    Manchester United Memorabilia. Yearbooks, prints of George Best, calendars, 1968 European Cup final record (no sleeve), and Champions of Europe paper carrying bag by Coloroll, London etc.£20-30
452.    Manchester United Programmes. 1970-2000 including:- 71-2 v West Brom (at Stoke), 22nd Jan 1992 v Aston Villa (insert), 1970 and 91and 92 League Cup semi-finals. (191)£20-40
453.    Manchester United 1977 F.A Cup Final Mirror. Books including:- George Best, Cantona, Ferguson, Big Ron, Greavsie, Gerrard. 1998 World Cup cigarette lighters:- One Box£15-25
454.    Munich 58. Twelve newspapers covering The Disaster.£50-70
455.    Manchester United Programmes 1961-93 including:- 1967 Chrarity Shield, 1968 European Cup Final, 1976 and 1977 FA Cup Finals. (52).£20-40
456.    Manchester United Champions League Final Programmes 1999 and 2008. A 1968 European Cup Final (pages missing) and 1999 Super Cup ticket. (4)£20-40
457.    Manchester United Programmes. 1968-70 including:- FA Cup semi-final replay and 2nd replay, European games. (some duplicates and some tokens missing). (77)£20-40
458.    Munich 58. Manchester United Programme v Sheffield Wednesday, 19th February '58. (Token missing, team filled in).£50-70
459.    1965 Charity Shield Programme. Manchester United v Liverpool.£20-30
460.    1956 Youth Cup Final First Leg Programme. Manchester United v Chesterfield. (creased, four page issue).£60-80
461.    Manchester United. Away Programmes. 1967 at Western Australia, 1968 at Hamburg, 1977 at Rosenborg. (3)£50-70
462.    FA News May/June 1957 featuring Busby Babes. Football Monthly Memorial card for Munich and a collection of George Best memorabilia:- One Box£20-40
463.    Manchester United Programmes - 1963-4 FA Cup Semi-Final v Spurs and Sporting ( Cup Winners Cup) 1974-5 v R.O.Ireland, Blackpool, many other home and aways 1963-76, Champions of Europe brochure. (53) £20-40
464.    Manchester United. Tickets. 1980's and 90's. Plus 1970 at Middlesborough (FA Cup). Wembley 85,92. Season tickets and voucher sheets.£30-40
465.    Manchester United Programmes - 1968 European Cup Final and semi final, 1979 FA Cup semi-final and other 1980's. (15) £10-20
466.    Manchester United Away Programmes. 1964-92 including:- 1970 FA Cup semi-final and 2nd replay, Watney Cup semi-final and final, 1983,1991 and 92 League Cup finals. 945)£20-30
467.    Manchester United Programmes. May 78 Away at Tampa Bay Rowdies, 1976, 77 and 79 FA Cup Finals, 1957, 65 Replay, 66, 70, 76 and 77 Semi's and others (some writing on face). (13)£30-40
468.    Munich 1958. Manchester United Programme v Sheffield Wednesday 19th February 1958. Slight folds, token intact, team sheet blank. Together with used match ticket for the Stretford end. (2)£80-120
469.    1957 Charity Shield Programme Manchester United v Aston Villa, (token missing). £30-50
470.    Sheffield Wednesday At Wembley Programmes. 1993 FA Cup Final and Final Replay, Semi, 1993 League Cup Final, 91 ITV Sport Brochure. (5)£50-70
471.    Sheffield Wednesday. Telegraph and other team groups, Ron Springett memorabilia, photographs.£20-40
472.    Sheffield Wednesday Books - "Everyday of the Week", "Wednesday", "21 Photographic History" and "Wednesday Boys". (4)£15-25
473.    1935 FA Cup Final Sheffield Wednesday v West Brom, Daily Mail Cup Final supplement; together with many post match pres cuttings and Star and Morning Telegraph Cup Final souvenirs from 1966. £20-30
474.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1958-69. Including:- Napoli (s.o.f.), Bulgarian Select XI, Sheffield United (some rusty staples). (70)£20-40
475.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, including Anglo Italian, Pele at Wednesday, Testimonials, Handbooks 1961-72. (39) and League Reviews.£15-25
476.    Sheffield Wednesday. Handbooks, Yearbooks, Promotion souvenirs, Testimonial and other programmes. (42)£15-25
477.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. 1951-2 Away at Rotherham (signed by Derek Dooley), 55-6 v. Lincoln and 1966 F.A Cup Final. (3)£15-25
478.    Sheffield Wednesday Press Photographs, late 1970's early 80's including dangerous kicking v Luton, Mculloch Goal v Blackburn, Gary Mogson and Trevor Steven, many bearing newspapers stamp. (22) £20-40
479.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1960-61 v Tbilisi, Arsenal. 61-2 v Manchester United (FA Cup replay), Arsenal, Roma. 1972 Pele at Hillsborough. Together with others mainly v Manchester United. 1966 FA Cup semi-final and star souvenir. (33)£20-30
480.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1935 Ale Glass. By Gilmour's Celebrated Ales & Stout with image of Windsor to front and "Sheffield Wednesday Winners of the English Cup Season 1934-35" to reverse.£50-80
480A.   Sheffield Wednesday 1896 FA Cup Winners Pottery Mug. with sepia image of team to front and route to final on reverse, 10cm tall, chip under base.£80-120
481.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. 55-6 v Vasas, 56-7 v C.C.A. Bucharest, 56-60 v Torpedo, 60-1 v Tbilisi, 63-4 v Colgne, 64-5 v Bremen and others (all W.O.F.) (9)£15-25
482.    Football Tickets. 1993 FA Cup Final, Final Replay, Semi; League Cup Finals, 1991 and 93; Semi-Finals etc. all signed by David Hirst. (13) Plus four programmes£10-20
483.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. Including:- 49-50 v Barnsley, 50-1 v Burnley. Other ephemera.£20-40
484.    1966 FA Cup Final Programme Sheffield Wednesday v Everton. £5-10
485.    Sheffield Wednesday. Three early XX Century team shot postcards and print of 1894-5 team.£20-40
486.    Sheffield Wednesday. Photographs of Derek Dooley, Albert Quixall. Other individual player portraits, team groups circa 1950's. (16)£30-50
487.    1897-8 Corinthians v Sheffield Wednesday at Queens Club Teams Card, (result filled in Corinthians won two nil). £50-70
488.    Sheffield Wednesday. Postcard of 1904 football team. The Wrench series No 9121. (slight tear).£30-40
489.    1993 FA Cup Final and Final Re-play Programmes. Arsenal v Sheffield Wednesday. (2)£40-60
490.    Derek Dooley Photograph, signed to folding sleeve, photograph of Sheffield Wednesday 1952 team and match action shot. (3)£30-50
491.    Sheffield Wednesday Press Photograph, Mayor greeting victorious FA Cup winning team of 1935 at train station; together with topical times card of Ronnie Starling. (2) £10-20
492.    Sheffield Wednesday, single sheet/four page Home programmes including 1961-2 FA Cup v Manchester United, 1964-5 v. Everton, Bremen; Together with 1946-7 v Blackpool (FA Cup), Chesterfield (grubby). (10) £20-30
493.    Sheffield Wednesday. 1934-5 season FA Cup souvenir blotter (selotaped and grubby) and programme from the match v Grimsby (commemorating final win) (cover loose), and compliments slip. (3)£20-40
494.    Sheffield Wednesday. Sheffield Mail Special Souvenir celebrating club's promotion to Division One 1925-6 season.£20-40
495.    Sheffield Wednesday. Away programmes 1959-69 including 1966 FA Cup final. (15)£15-25
496.    1920 England v Scotland Programme at Hillsborough, April 10th, (cover torn, pages 5/6 and 19/20 missing). Together with a Sheffield Telegraph sepia print of Sheffield Wednesday League Champions 1928-29.£40-60
497.    RAF v Scotland Programme, 25th November 1944 at Hillsborough. £30-40
498.    Sheffield Wednesday Reserves v Montrose Works 1900-01 Season Programme. £20-40
499.    Sheffield Wednesday v Liverpool 1929-30 Season Programme. £60-80
500.    Sheffield Wednesday 1936-7 Season Programme v Liverpool.£50-70
501.    Sheffield v Eindhoven Single Sheet Programme, for game at Brammall Lane, August 1946.
502.    Sheffield Wednesday Large Typhoo Team Group Card, bearing signatures of players, photos of Derek Dooley and Ron Springett, team prints of team 1957-8 and Stoke City 55-6. (5) £20-40
503.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1945-6 v Bury, Sheffield United, Sunderland. (3)£20-40
504.    Sheffield Wednesday advert for forthcoming game v Vasas 1955. Letter offering position of chief trainer coach to Jack Mansell (1962), and eve of the Final Rally honouring the Officials for the 1966 FA Cup Final.
505.    "The Romance of The Wednesday" Book by Richard A. Sparling, 1926. (interior amendments and cover alterations).£25-40
506.    Sheffield Wednesday. Sepia card of 1896 FA Cup winners 10 x 12 cm. Together with postcard of early team group (both repaired).£15-25
507.    "The Romance Of The Wednesday" Book by Richard Sparling.£30-50
508.    Aston Villa Reserves v Sheffield Wednesday Reserves 1931-32 Season Programme. £20-40
509.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1961-2 v Barcelona, 63-4 v Utrecht, Cologne; together with ticket for unplayed 1993 Semi-Final replay v Sheffield United and one other. (5) £10-20
510.    Sheffield Wednesday Programme. 10th March 1923 v Corinthians. (Corinthians underlined).£60-90
511.    Sheffield Wednesday 1922-3 Programme v Barnsley (FA Cup), (W.O.F. and selotaped to back page).£50-70
512.    Sheffield Wednesday 1900-01 Programme, v Bury (ex binder). £80-120
Sheffield Wednesday 1903-4 Programme, v Bury (ex binder). £80-120
514.    Sheffield Wednesday 1902-3 Programme, v Blackburn Rovers (ex binder). £80-100
Sheffield Wednesday 1902-3 Programme, v Grimsby Town (ex binder). £80-100
516.    Aston Villa 1928-9 Programme, v Sheffield Wednesday (Wednesday Champions). £50-70
517.    Sheffield Wednesday Programme 1954-5 v Manchester United and Pirate v Hull 57-8. (2)£15-25
518.    Sheffield Wednesday Reserves Programmes, 1935-6 v Aston Villa (creased) and 37-8 Away at Everton. (2)£30-50
519.    The All England Cricket and Football Journal April 1878. Featuring photo of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Cup Team to cover, and article on Sheffield F.C. Challenge Cup to page 5 (selotaped). £30-50
520.    Sheffield Wednesday Match Reports. 1945-6 and 46-7 seasons. Well mounted in folder.£20-40
521.    Sheffield Wednesday Match Reports. 1947-8, 48-9, 50-1 and 51-2 seasons. Well mounted in folder.£20-40
522.    Sheffield Wednesday. 'The Star' 1959 Promotion Souvenir and three other newspapers. Together with Testimonial Programmes, last match on the uncovered Kop badge, 1948-9 programme Away at Cardiff.£20-40
523.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes - 1957-73 including v Roma, Barcelona (61-2), Utrecht (63-4) (some score on face). (37) £20-40
524.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. Including :- 1966 FA Cup Final signed by Ray Wilson, Mike Trebilcock, Derek Temple (Everton), 1962 v Barcelona, 63 v Cologne, Handbooks, 1963 FA Cup Semi-Final Leicester v Liverpool and ticket etc. (19)£20-30
525.    Sheffield Wednesday. - 'A Complete Record' and 'Wednesday' both by Keith Farnsworth. Together with Chris Waddle Signed Autobiography and 1934-5 FA Cup Final Team reprint. (4)£10-20
526.    Sheffield Wednesday. Scrapbooks including 1966 FA Cup Final programme, song sheet and ticket, rosette, scarves etc:- One Box£20-40
527.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes. Including:- 1971-2 v. Werdor Bremen, Away at Chesterfield (Friendlies), Pele at Wednesday, County Cup four page issues v. Sheffield United, Eric Taylor Testimonial. (91)£15-25
528.    Sheffield Wednesday Home and Away Programmes. 1960's - 80's, 1969 FA Cup Final, 1977 League Cup Final replay, Speedway etc.£10-20
529.    Sheffield Wednesday. Diadora grey 3rd strip shirt from 2004-5 season bearing twenty-three signatures of squad and manager Paul Sturrock.£30-50
530.    Sheffield United Programmes. Including:- Harry Latham, John Shaw, John Harris Testimonials, Friendly v River Plate 1978 and menu at Cutlers Hall, (some writing on face). (22)£20-40
531.    Sheffield United. Club card player images, 1990's-2000's. Signatures noticed.(60)£15-25
532.    Sheffield United. Cup-Tie, Friendly, Testimonial and other programmes 1955-92 including:- v Eintracht, Frank Swifts XI. (52)£20-40
533.    Sheffield United 1974-75 Tour Programme at Tunisia (writing on face), promotion souvenir booklets 1971, 82 and 84. 50 Years souvenir, Facts and Figures 1964-5, Supporters Guide 1968-9, Blades history 1974. (8)£20-40
534.    Sheffield United Away Programmes. 1960's. Fifty-eight issues. £20-40
535.    Cricket - Arthur Wood Benefit Souvenir Book 1939, together with a quantity of Sheffield United football programmes 1967-9. £15-25
536.    Sheffield United Home Programmes. 1955-60. Forty-six issues.£50-70
537.    Sheffield United Home Programmes. 1960's, seventy-nine issues.£20-30
538.    Sheffield United. Player and team photo's - press, team and magazine.£20-30
539.    A Complete Record of Sheffield United 1889-1999 compiled and written by Denis Clareborough and Andrew Kickham. Bearing many signatures.£10-20
540.    Sheffield United Home Programmes. 1960's. One hundred and twenty three issues.
541.    Sheffield United Football Club 1926-27 : A Bound Volume Of Programmes for all senior and reserve team games played at Bramall Lane that season, including the February 28th 1927 game between
Sheffield Wednesday Reserves and Mexboro Athletic, and both programmes for the United v Bury matches ( the game was due to take place on April 30th 1927 but was postponed until May 5th ). Bound in maroon cloth with gilt titles and football vignette to upper cover. A Fine copy.
542.    1993 FA Cup Semi-Final. Sheffield at Wembley Celebration Ale and tankard.£10-20
543.    Sheffield United. Programmes. Full Home sets 1982-3 and 83-4. Handbooks, prints, photo's and other ephemera.£15-25
544.    Sheffield United Programmes. Predominantly 1960's Homes. Together with Aways and Sheffield Wednesday Aways. (59)£15-25
545.    Sheffield United. Photographs, Mid XX Century team group shots, pre-kick off handshake, Jimmy Hagan sporting England shirt and cap etc. (8)£40-60
546.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1953-4 v Blackpool (writing on face), West Brom (2), Portsmouth, Preston. 54-5 v Newcastle, Portsmouth. (7)£15-25
547.    Birmingham City v Sheffield United 1927-28 Season Programme. £80-120
548.    Sheffield United. Photographs of Jimmy Hagan, Alan Hodgkinson. Other individual player portraits, team groups circa 1950's. (12)£20-40
549.    Harold Barton, Harry Cooper and Harry Gooney. Press photo's by Wilkes & Son, West Bromwich. of 1930's Sheffield United Players.£20-40
550.    Fred Tunstall, Seth King and Harold Pantling. Sepia postcards of Sheffield United 1925 Cup Winners. (3)£20-40
551.    Bill (Fatty) Foulke. Two early XX Century postcards of the Sheffield United Goalkeeper. (Slight Staining).£20-40
552.    Sheffield United. Telegraph & Star presentation pictures of Jock Dodds, Ernest Jackson and Tom Johnson. Together with press cuttings on 1939 promotion game v Spurs.£15-25
553.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes. Four page issues 1963-2004 including:- 65-6 v Manchester United. (27)£20-40
554.    Sheffield United Cup Tie Programmes. Including:- 1961 FA Cup Semi-Final and Replay, 1962 v Bury at Hillsborough, Anglo Scottish at Dundee. Watney Cup, Texaco etc. (22)£20-40
555.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1945-6 v Liverpool and Away at Bradford P.A. (punched holes), 1948-9 v Wolves and Away at Arsenal. 1949-50 v Preston.(5)£30-40
556.    Sheffield United 1945-6 Home Programmes. v Bradford P.A.,Chesterfield, Grimsby, Huddersfield (League and Cup), Liverpool, Middlesborough. (7) £40-60
557.    Sheffield United Programme. November 1946 v. Norrkoeping (Friendly).£20-30
558.    Sheffield United 1905-6 Programme, v Sheffield Wednesday (ex binder). £80-120
559.    Sheffield United Programmes 1948-9 v Liverpool (cover torn), 51-2 v Q.P.R., 52-3 v Everton, Nottingham Forest and 53-4 and 54-5 v Barnsley (County Cup). (6)£30-40
560.    Sheffield United Programmes. 1953-4 v. Huddersfield, 1947 Reserves v. Blackburn Res., 73-4 v. Barnsley (County Cup), 1980 v. Leeds. At Torquay friendlies, Texaco Cup, Testimonial, re-arranged fixture inserts, etc. (18)£20-40
561.    Aston Villa v Sheffield United 1913-14 Season Programme, (cover loose). £80-120
562.    Sheffield United Reserves v Southport 1928-29 Season Programme, (creased). £20-30
563.    Sheffield United v Leeds City 1917-18 Season Programme. £150-250
564.    Sheffield United Reserves v Rotherham County 1910-11 Season Programme, (margin tear). £20-40
565.    Sheffield United Reserves v Walsall 1902-03 Season Programme. £50-70
566.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1962-3 v Stoke (single sheet, friendly), 1967 v Doncaster (County Cup), 1974 Away at Gornik; together with five tickets 1971 and 72. (8) £20-40
567.    Sheffield United Home Programmes 1972-83. (150)£20-40
568.    Sheffield United Away Programmes 1961-2003 including:- Play-off Final v Wolves. Many 4th Division:- One Box£10-20
569.    Sheffield United. Signed Footballs. 1987-8 and 1992-3 seasons (Thirty signatures).(2)£15-25
570.    Sheffield United . Signed Footballs. 1999-2000 and 2000-01 seasons (Thirty-two signatures). (2)£15-25
571.    "Blades 3 Owls 1" Limited edition colour print 7/100 signed by artist and three United goal scorers. Together with signed colour print of Dean Saunders.£10-20
572.    Sheffield United 1994-5 Player Montage. Signed by Alan Rolph (artist). Together with 1986-7 season shirt, by Umbro, bearing many signatures. (2)£15-25
573.    Sheffield United Large Early 1960's Black and White Print of Team Group bearing many signatures. 58 x 73cms.£40-60
574.    *WITHDRAWN*
FA Cup Final Programmes. 1959-68 complete run (some with faults) (10).£20-40
575.    FA Cup Final Programmes. 1969-95 complete run with Replays for 81, 82 and 90. (30).£30-50
576.    *WITHDRAWN*
FA cup Final Programmes. 1997, 1998, 2000-2009. (12).£20-40
577.    1938 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Preston North End v. Huddersfield Town (rusty staples, spine tear, slight foxing).£100-200
578.    1946 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Charlton Athletic v Derby County (selotape, writing on face).£20-40
579.    1947 FA Cup Final Programme. Burnley v Charlton Athletic (rusty staples).£60-90
580.    1947 FA Cup Final Programme. Burnley v Charlton Athletic. (rusty staples). Together with Charlton rosette. (2)£50-70
581.    1947 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Charlton Athletic v Burnley (rusty staples).£40-60
582.    1948 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Blackpool v Manchester United (selotape, writing on face).£15-25
583.    1947 FA Cup Final Programme. Manchester United v Blackpool. (cover detached, rusty staples).£50-70
584.    1949 FA Cup Final Programme, Leicester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers (slight clip stain). £40-60
585.    1949 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Leicester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers (writing on face, rusty staples).£30-50
586.    1950 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Arsenal v Liverpool (writing on face). £30-50
587.    1951 FA Cup Final Programme, Blackpool v Newcastle United (rusty staples). £30-50
588.    1951 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Blackpool v Newcastle United (writing on face, rusty staples). £20-40
589.    1952 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Arsenal v Newcastle United (writing on face). £20-40
590.    1952 FA Cup Final Programme, Arsenal v Newcastle United (rusty staples). £30-50
591.    1952 FA Cup Final Programme, Arsenal v Newcastle United (slight clip stain). £30-50
592.    1953 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Blackpool v Bolton Wanderers (writing on face). £30-50
593.    1953 FA Cup Final Programme, Blackpool v. Bolton Wanderers.£50-70
594.    1953 FA Cup Final Programme, Blackpool v. Bolton Wanderers.£50-70
595.    1954 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Preston North End v West Bromwich Albion (writing on face). £15-25
596.    1954 FA Cup Final Programme, Preston N.E. v. West Bromwich Albion.£20-30
597.    1955 FA Cup Final Programme, Manchester City v Newcastle United. £30-50
598.    1955 and 1956 F.A Cup Final Programmes. Manchester City v Birmingham City and Newcastle United (both writing on face).£20-30
599.    Manchester City FA Cup Final Programmes 1955 v Newcastle (grubby, s.o.f.) and 1956 v Birmingham (cover loose). (2)£15-25
600.    FA Cup Final Programmes - 1955-6 Man City v Birmingham (small writing on face), 1964 Preston v West Ham. £15-25
601.    FA Cup Final Programme - 1956 Birmingham v Man City (small tear). £15-25
602.    1957 FA Cup Final Programme - Manchester United v Aston Villa. £15-25
603.    Manchester United FA Cup Final Programmes 1957 v Aston Villa (mark on face) and 1958 reprint v Bolton. (2)£15-25
604.    1957 and 1958 F.A.Cup Final Programmes. Manchester United v Aston Villa and Bolton Wanderers (both writing on face).£20-30
605.    FA Cup Final Community Song Sheets, 1959, 60, 61, 63, 65, 68, 69 (3), and schools matches. (12) £20-30
606.    F.A Cup Final Programmes 1959, 61 and 74. (3) £10-20
607.    F.A.Cup Final Programmes. Complete run 1959 to 1969 (all writing on face).£20-30
608.    Four FA Cup Final Programmes, 1960, 62, 64 and 65. £20-30
609.    FA Cup Final Programmes - 1962, 64, 66, 67 and Hillsborough semi 68. £20-30
610.    1967 F.A. Cup Final Programmes. Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur. Seven copies, three song sheets, and Hillsborough Semi-Final.£15-25
611.    F.A Cup Final Programmes 1965 (mark on face), 1966 and 1967 (with song sheet). (4)£15-20
612.    FA Cup Final Programmes. 1959 (S.O.F), 60, 61, 62, 64 and 65. (6)£15-25
613.    1970 F.A.Cup Final and Final Replay Programmes. Leeds United v Chelsea (both writing on face).£15-25
614.    FA Cup Final Programmes. 1972, 78, 79, 82, 91, 2000. Plus Charity Shields 1985, 93, 94. (9)£20-30
615.    FA Cup Final Programmes. 1971, 72, 73, 74, 75, 77, 78, 79, 82 and 82 replay, 87, 2000.£20-30
616.    1970 FA Cup Final and Cup Final Replay Programmes, Chelsea v Leeds United. £20-30
617.    1996 F.A.Cup Final Programme. Liverpool v Manchester United.£40-60
618.    1996 FA Cup Final Programme. Liverpool v Manchester United.£50-70
619.    'The Cup' Booklet of 50 Years of English Cup Finals 1883 to 1932. £30-40
620.    F.A Cup Final Programmes. 1946 Derby v. Charlton (pirate), 1964 and 68. 1967 Hillsborough semi-final and 1961 St. Andrew's semi-final replay. (5)£15-25
621.    Arsenal - Two colour and two black and white photographs from 1979 FA Cup Final signed by Pat Rice, Alan Sunderland, Brian Talbot and Frank Stapleton. £20-30
622.    The FA Cup Annual 1934 (selotaped cover), FA Cup Final Programmes 72, 74, 75, 79 and Semi's including:- 64 and 65 at Villa (some writing on face). (18)£20-30
623.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes 1961, 62, 85 and 94. 1992 League Cup and Zenith Data Cup Finals. Plus three 2007 Liverpool Champions league games. 99)£15-25
624.    FA Cup Final 2006 - Mag Globe clock and frame in original box; together with programme, ticket and wallet. £20-40
625.    1907 FA Cup Paper Serviette Sheffield Wednesday Souvenir of The Winners of the English Cup, with printed team and player names below, by Burgess William & Co, Stoney Lane, Houndsditch, London. £60-80
626.    Manchester United F.A. Cup Final Programmes 1979, 85, 90, 2004, 05 and 07. (6)£15-25
627.    F.A.Cup Final Programmes. Complete run 1971 to 1986 (all writing on face) and then through to 1995. No replays. (25)£20-40
628.    F.A.Cup Final Programmes. Complete run 1997 to 2009. (13)£20-40
629.    Newcastle United. Signed colour print of late 1960's squad. Two Liverpool montages.£10-20
630.    Nottingham Forest 1979 European Cup Memorabilia. Celebration mirror with route to final, scoreboard of match result signed by Trevor Francis and team print signed by Brian Clough.£40-60
631.    F.A. and League Cup Final Programmes, Charity Shield and a quantity of League Clubs etc:- One Box£10-20
632.    World Cup Winners 1966, World Cup 74 Official F.I.F.A Report. Other World Cup books, International Football, Liverpool etc. (40)£20-30
633.    The Official Illustrated History Of The FA Cup, Premier League, Footballers Factfiles, Panini Yearbook, other football books:- One Box£15-25
634.    Football Autographs. Players autographs, team sheets, programmes, football etc.£20-30
635.    Rothmans Football Yearbooks 1971-2,73-4, 81-2, 89-90, 91-2, 95-6. News of the World and other football books. (50)£15-25
636.    Football Books. "The Hostory of Chelsea", "The Tottenham Hotspur Story", "The Official History of the FA Cup, 1960", Derby County, Coventry City, Billy Wright, Bobby Moore and many others. (44)£20-40
637.    Charity Shield, League Cup Final, Sheffield Wednesday, Notts. County and other Programmes, approximately 200:- One Box£10-20
638.    1977 League Cup Semi-Final, QPR v Aston Villa. Manchester United, England, West Ham, Sheffield United, Spurs. Scottish and other programmes together with tickets involving Tottenham Hotspur 1970's/80's. Old Trafford FA Cup Semi-Final :- One Box£20-30
639.    Sheffield United Programmes - a large quantity, predominantly Homes 1970-85.£15-25
640.    Sheffield Wednesday - Large quantity of Home and Away programmes including:- 1983 and 86 F.A Cup Semi's, 91 League Cup Final and Semis, 1978 v. Doncaster, 87 v. Bournemouth. Autographs, Fanzines:- One Box £15-25
641.    Sheffield United Memorabilia. Including:- team sheets, photos, autographs. Club shop memorabilia.£20-30
642.    F.A. Cup Final, Programmes 1980's and 70's. 1986 World Cup Programme (U.K. edition), Victor Football Favourites, magazines, League Reviews etc:- One Box£20-30
643.    Mansfield Town Programmes. 1962-3. Twenty-three issues including:- v Chester (League Cup), Hounslow, Crystal Palace, Ipswich and ticket, (all FA Cup), Bradford City (both abandoned and replayed games), Oxford United (W.O.F.), Barrow.£20-30
644.    Mansfield Town Programmes. 1959-60 v Accrington, and twelve 61-2 issues including Cardiff (League Cup), Millwall and Workington.£20-30
645.    Mansfield Town Programmes. 1963-90 mainly Homes including:- 66-7 v Middlesborough, Bangor, 68-9 v Rotherham, Sheffield United, West Ham, Leicester (all FA Cup), 70-1 v Liverpool (League Cup). Some rusty staples. (111)£20-40
646.    Torquay United Programmes - 1953-4 v Bristol City (League and Cup), Exeter (home and away), Ipswich, Millwall, QPR, Southampton (some rusty staples). (8) £30-40
647.    Torquay United Programmes - 1954-5 including FA Cup v Huddersfield, Cambridge, friendlies v Stoke, Birmingham, Blackburn. (15) £40-60
648.    Torquay United Programmes - 1955-6 v Birmingham October 17th and January 7th, Bury, Exeter, Orient, Middlesborough. (6) £25-40
649.    Torquay United Programmes - 1956-7 24 home games and four aways. (28) £60-80
650.    Torquay United Programmes - 1957-61 including v Portsmouth, Harwich and Bournemouth (League Cup), Plymouth away (League Cup), Gold & Blues v Whites. (22) £30-50
651.    Torquay United Programmes - 1955-71 including v Spurs 1965 and 71, Arsenal (Testimonial), reserve single sheet games etc (swf). (20)£20-40
652.    F.I.F.A 2002 World Cup Official Guide Book, F.I.F.A. World Magazines, 75 and 90 Years of F.I.F.A. Publications etc.£20-30
653.    Hibernian Programmes 1960's to 70's Including:- v Derby , Middlesborough, West Brom, Hamburg, Sporting, Malmo, Leipzig, Naples, Porto (some with faults). Approx 109.£20-30
654.    Scottish Club Programmes. 1960's/70's including:- Celtic v Leeds 1976, Hearts v Eintracht, Gornik, St Johnstone v Vasas, Zeljeznicar, Motherwell (bearing many signatures), Rangers v Lisbon, Moscow, Bayern Munich, Cologne. (approx 160).£20-40
655.    Sheffield Wednesday Memorabilia. Including:- programmes, autographs, team sheets, pictures.£20-30