Quarterly Antique & Fine Art Sale
on Friday 15th October 2010

1.      A Pair of XIX Century Opaque Blue Glass Baluster Vases, with a petallated neck, applied with gilt splashed serpent below, 28cms high. £30-50
2.      An XVIII Century / XIX Century Cordial Glass, the funnel bowl etched with a simple border, and basal fluting on a double series opaque glass stem from a circular domed foot, 14cms high. £80-120
3.      A Late XIX Century Blue Glass Cylindrical Vase, decorated with raised gilding of fruiting vine, on a gilt metal base with mask feet, 11.5cms high.£50-80
4.      A Kosta Boda Blue Contrast Bowl, with white and black trails, 34.5cms diameter, 15.5cms high.£40-60
5.      A Kosta Boda Cased Black Barcelona Vase, with white trails, 33cms high.£30-50
6.      An Orrefors Glass Nobel Water Jug, with a clear ovoid body and elongated neck, with blue tinted handle and foot, 30cms high. Together with Six Wines, each with wavy blue tinted stems, 22.5cms high.£40-60
7.      A Lalique Frosted Glass Figure of a Seated Lion, signed in script to base, circa 1970, 20cms high (minor graze to right shoulder). £100-150
8.      A Pair of Opaque Pink Glass Baskets, with wrythen bodies and everted rims and sprigged clear glass overhead handles, 19cms high. £80-120
9.      A Sabino Opalescent Glass Model of a Butterfly, signed Sabino Paris to base, 15cms high; A Scottish Cased Glass Vase, internally decorated with pale yellow shading to green, 16.5cms high (chip to rim). (2) £40-60
10.     A Bohemian Cut Glass Pedestal Bowl, in two parts, the bowl with diamond, star and hatched cut panels below a serrated rim, raised on a domed pedestal base with conforming panels, 26cms high, 23cms diameter. £20-30
11.     A Set of Six Victorian Wines, the ruby and amber flashed bowls etched with differing panels and flowers and cut swags, on facetted stems from circular foot with facetted rim, 11cms high; Together with an EPNS Waiter. £30-50
12.     A Pair of Loetz Style Iridescent Glass Vases, modelled as shells, on moulded base, 12cms high, 29cms wide. (2) £150-250
15.     A Pair of Early XX Century Wedgwood Pottery Ovoid Vases, with flared necks and pedestal feet, painted and gilt with autumn leaves against a yellow ground, 27.5cms high. £40-60
16.     A Pair of Victorian Staffordshire Cow and Calf Spill Vases, glazed in iron red, green and pale blue, 28cms high.£30-50
17.     A XIX Century Wedgwood Pottery Circular Meat Drainer, painted with a border pattern in grey and iron red, 32.5cms diameter. £60-80
18.     A Wedgwood Pearlware Oval Meat Drainer, printed in grey with the Ranunculus pattern, 29cms wide. £40-60
19.     A XIX Century Wedgwood Pearlware Meat Drainer, printed in grey and gilt with the Poppy pattern, impressed and printed marks, 31cms high. £40-60
20.     An Ironstone Meat Drainer, printed in underglaze blue with flowers and bird, 31.5cms wide. £40-60
21.     A Dutch Delft Plate, painted in blue to the well with a house in a Chinese garden, 23cms diameter; Together with Another, with willow trees and flowers, 23.5cms diameter. (2) £80-120
22.     An XVIII Century Dutch Delft Shallow Dish, painted in blue with a Chinese garden and flower forms, 27cms wide. £100-150
23.     A Shelley Bone China Teaset, printed with green, grey and black with daisies, pattern no 13206, comprising six tea cups, saucers and plates, one large plate, milk jug and sugar bowl. £100-150
24.     A Shelley Art Deco Tea Service, of Queen Anne shape, pattern No 11575, printed with underglaze black stylized foliage with handpainted multi-coloured berries, comprising twelve place settings (lacking one teacup), two bread and butter plates, milk jug and sugar bowl. (39 pieces)£80-120
25.     A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Pot Pourri Vase And Cover, the ovoid shape vase printed, painted and lightly gilt with summer flowers, above a moulded basket weave basal border, raised on gilt weave foot, the pierced cover with crown and orb finial, shape No1286, puce factory mark for 1912, 28cms high (lacking inner cover).£100-150
26.     A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Jug, the shouldered ovoid body moulded in relief with geometric banding and glazed in shades of blue and brown, impressed marks and numerals d1669, 18cms high. £60-80
27.     A XIX Century Stoneware Ale Flagon, printed cartouche, inscribed Samuel Hilton, Carbrook, Sheffield, impressed mark of Pearson, Chesterfield; Another printed trademark of H. Meadowcroft, Attercliffe, Sheffield, impressed mark of George & Son, Tamworth, both 27cms high. Together With A Denby Stoneware "Bungalow Footwarmer", 29cms. (3)£20-40
28.     A Royal Worcester Figure of a Female Cairo Water Carrier, model No.1250, decorated in blush ivory and picked out in colours, on a shaped base, printed and impressed factory marks, 24cms high.£75-125
29.     A Royal Worcester Bon Bon Dish, modelled as a young boy beside a large oval basket weave coracle, leaning on a tree trunk, with an ivory glaze, naturalistic features and highlighted in gilt, printed and impressed marks, no 777, 17cms high. £50-70
30.     A Pair of German Porcelain Hemispherical Bowls And Covers, with ring handles, raised on three scroll feet, painted with a band of summer flowers to the cavetto shoulders, sprays and sprigs to the body and cover, within simple gilt borders, 16.5cms high.£25-40
31.     A Beswick Pottery Model of a Seated Alsatian, model 410, 34.5cms high.£60-80
32.     An Aynsley Bone China 1953 Commemorative Plate, printed to the well with a portrait of Queen Elizabeth within a richly gilt border, 26.5cms diameter. £80-120
33.     A Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Pattern Trio, of teacup, saucer and plate, pattern 2451; Together with a Similar Footed Pin Tray, XX Century. (4) £50-70
34.     A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Abdullah", HN2104, multicoloured, designed by L.Harradine and issued 1953-1962, green printed mark to base, 15.2cms high.£80-120
35.     A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Long John Silver", HN2204 Style One in green, black and white, designed by M.Nicoll and issued 1957-1965, green printed mark to base, 22.9cms high.£80-120
36.     A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "The Mendicant", HN1365, designed by L.Harradine and issued 1929-1969, green printed mark to base, 21cms high.£60-80
37.     A 1950's Carlton Ware Six Setting Rouge Royale Coffee Service, decorated in the Spider's Web pattern, of ovoid form with gilded fanned finials and interior, including coffee pot, cream jug and sugar bowl (chip to rim of sugar bowl). £60-80
38.     A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Pattern Tygs, decorated in underglaze blue, with iron red and gilt, pattern No. 2451, 5.5cms high; Together with a Small Ovoid Vase with a frill neck, pattern 1450, 7cms high. (3)£60-80
39.     A MacIntyre Pottery Imari Pattern Small Jug and Bowl, decorated in underglaze blue, iron red and gilt, painted 235/C and printed mark to underside, 7.5cms high and 5cms high respectively.£40-60
40.     A Pair of Villeroy & Boch Mettlach Stoneware Vases, of urn shape with trumpet necks, incised and enamelled with figures of children in four panels, on knopped pedestal foot, impressed marks and numbered 1537, 36.5cms high. £200-300
41.     A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Circular Basket, internally decorated with polychrome flowers, the moulded rim with two gilt integral handles, shape no 441, green mark and date code for 1906, 22.5cms diameter. £120-180
42.     A Pair of Beswick Pottery Seated Spaniels, each with gilt flecked coats, collar and chain, impressed marks and no.1378-3, 25cms high. £30-50
43.     A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Pot-Pourri Ovoid Vase and Cover, painted and gilt with berries, autumnal leaves and blossom fitted with an inner cover and pierced outer cover (lacking finial), shape no 2407, puce factory mark and date code for 1907, 18cms high. £120-180
44.     A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Pot-Pourri and Pieced Cover, painted in pale enamels and gilt, the body moulded in relief with a band of foliage raised on three paw feet with acanthus terminals, shape number 846, green printed mark and date code for 1905, 20cms diameter. £150-200
45.     A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Pot-Pourri Baluster Vase and Cover, decorated in polychrome and gilt flowers over a wrythen fluted body, with an inner cover and a pierced outer cover, moulded with a trellis border, on conforming foot, shape no 1720, puce factory mark and date code for 1900, 21cms high. £180-200
46.     A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Slab Back Vase, decorated in polychrome and gilt with wild summer flowers, the gilt fluted handle with moulded terminals, shape no 1094, puce factory marks and date code for 1898, 12.5cms high. £60-80
47.     A Royal Worcester Small Pot-Pourri and Cover, the compressed circular body moulded in relief and with leafy scrolls in shot enamels and gilt above painted rose sprays, on three scroll feet, shape no 183, green mark and date code for 1905, 12cms high. £60-90
A Kevin Francis Limited Edition Character Jug, modelled as William Moorcroft, modelled by Douglas V Tootle for Peggy Davies Ceramics, 23cms high, with certificate. £90-120
49.     A Vienna Porcelain Coffee Service, comprising six coffee cups, saucers and plates, cream jug and sugar bowl, painted with differing named classical figural panels, within raised gilt bead borders, enriched with scrollwork against a rich blue ground, titled in script, blue shield mark. £380-420
50.     A William John Moorcroft Vase, of compressed globular form and decorated in the Inca sunflower pattern on a Teracotta ground, cancelled monogram, 10.5cms high.£50-70
51.     A William John Moorcroft Vase, of compressed globular form, decorated with pansies on a purple ground 10.5cms high; Another, of squat bulbous form and in the same pattern, 9cms high. (2)£100-140
52.     A William John Moorcroft Pottery Powder Box and Cover, the bowl decorated with a chain of leaves and the cover with pansies, all on a purple ground and painted by Mary Etheridge, 12.5cms high.£70-90
53.     A Mid XIX Century Sunderland Lustre Wall Plaque, printed and painted with a schooner and blessing, 23cms. £40-60
54.     A Mid XIX Century Sunderland Lustre Wall Plaque, printed and painted with a Turkish river landscape, impressed Dixon, Philip & Co, 21.5cms wide. £40-60
55.     An XVIII Century Liverpool Delft Plate, painted with Oriental flowers within a diaper and sgraffito border, the outer rim with simple flower forms, 23cms wide. £60-80
56.     An XVIII Century Lambeth Delft Plate, painted with an Oriental garden landscape within a dentil border, the outer border with repeat scroll and foliate motifs, 22.5cms wide. £60-80
57.     A Poole Delphis Pottery Circular Bowl, the design on an orange ground, externally green, No 89 and with painted initials, 22.5cms diameter.£30-50
58.     A William Moorcroft Pottery Inverted Baluster Vase, painted with purple vases and green leaves, against a deep blue ground, impressed mark and facsimile signature in green for William Moorcroft, 15.5cms high. £100-150
59.     A Pair of Royal Doulton Stoneware Vases, of fluted form with swivelling necks, painted with streaky blue glaze, the necks moulded, painted and gilt with Art Nouveau flower forms, impressed marks and incised initials, 13.5cms high. £100-150
60.     A Royal Doulton Stoneware Vase, of circular tapering form with an everted frill rim, with applied bead panels linked by flowerhead filled with quatrefoil motifs, against a streaky blue ground, impressed, 20cms high. £50-70
61.     An Early XIX Century Derby Porcelain Cream Jug, silver shape, painted and gilt with trailing flowers and foliage, on bun feet, painted mark, circa 1825, 13.5cms high. £40-60
62.     A Set of Sitzendorf Figures of King Henry VIII and his Six Wives, on oval bases, underglaze blue mark and gilt German DR, 20.5cms high. (7) £200-300
63.     An Early XX Century Scent Flask, with gilt metal mounts, the blue enamelled body applied with silvered Art Nouveau flowers, suspended on a short chain, 4cms wide. £30-50
64.     A Sarreguemines Pottery Character Jug, modelled as a jolly fellow, impressed marks and numbered 3181, 21.5cms high. £30-50
65.     A Pair of XIX Century Creamware Nursery Plates, printed with colourful images "The Washer Woman" and "Taking Young Birds", each within moulded and painted floral borders, 15cms wide. £60-80
66.     A Pair of Belleek Vases, modelled as horses, with cornucopia bodies, on moulded oblong bases, impressed marks, 8.5cms high, 12cms wide. £40-60
67.     A South Wales Pottery Nursery Plate, printed to the centre in pink with a child and Chinese attendants in an exotic garden, the border moulded with pink and blue flowers, impressed marks, 13cms wide. £40-60
68.     Two XIX Century 'Opaque China' Jugs, each polychrome painted, one in the Chinese manner, the other with dignitaries and attendants with elephant and camel, 11cms high and 13cms high respectively. £25-40
69.     A Pratt Ware Pot Lid, Sandown Castle, Kent, with its base, 10cms. £30-40
70.     A Pratt Ware Pot Lid, King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, with its base, 10.5cms. £25-40
71.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Harbour of Hong Kong, with its base, 10.5cms; Transplanting Rice, 10cms. (2) £80-120
72.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari Paperweight, of a chicken, gold stopper, 8cms high.£30-50
73.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Dr Johnson, 10.5cms; The Times, with its base, 10.5cms. (2) £40-60
74.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Charing Cross, with its base, 10.5cms; Albert Memorial, 11cms. (2) £40-60
75.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, War, 10.5cms; The Battle of the Nile, 10.5cms. (2) £40-60
76.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Shakespeare's Birth Place, 10.5cms; Philadelphia Exhibition 1876, 11cms. (2) £60-80
77.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Castle and Ruins, 12cms; Herring Fishing, 11cms. (2) £40-60
78.     Two Pot Lids, Chieftains Return from the Deerstalking, 12cms; The Sportsman 10.5cm. (2) £40-60
79.     Two Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Draughts Players and Shrimping (the latter with chips to flange), 11.5 x 10.5cms respectively. (2) £20-30
80.     Three Pratt Ware Pot Lids, Little Red Riding Hood, 7.5cms (with base); Bears amongst rocks, 9cms; The Late Prince Consort, 7.25cms. (3) £30-50
81.     A XIX Century Pottery Toby Jug and Cover, modelled as a snuff taker with underglaze blue jacket, green waistcoat and red breeches, 17.5cms high. £40-60
82.     A XIX Century Hand Hammered Gutty Golf Ball, together with four further early examples including Silver Town and Dunlop 2. (5)£350-500
83.     A Wemyss Early Morning Teacup, inscribed Bonjour and painted with cockerels, unmarked but bearing T.G.Goode retailers mark; Together with a Wemyss Honey Pot and Cover, painted with a beehive and bees in a garden (crazed), painted mark in green, 12cms high. £40-60
84.     A Royal Worcester Matched Coffee Can and Saucer, the can painted with fruit against a mossy bank, signed Townsend, the saucer similarly painted, signed Shuck, brown factory marks rubbed. £40-60
85.     An Early XIX Century Creamware Fruit Basket and Cover, possibly Leeds, of pierced openwork design with entwined handles, the cover with rose finial (restored), 19.5cms high.£125-175
86.     An Early Pearlware Blue And White Bowl, internally printed with a panel of Abbey ruins, surrounded by four rural panels and poppies, with a conforming outer border, on a raised foot rim, 28.5cms diameter.£50-80
87.     A XIX Century Midhopestones Pottery Porringer, with a reeded handle, 9.5cms high. £30-50
88.     An Early XIX Century Pearlware Jug, of baluster shape, printed in black and painted with a vignette titled 'Steam Wagon', another 'Steam Coach', beneath a deep border of red flowers and leaves and lustre rim, scroll handle, 14.5cms high.£100-200
89.     A XIX Century Pearlware Mocha Mug, with trellis glaze between slipware bands, strap handle, 12cms high; Together with a Similar Example, 10cms high. (2) £80-120
90.     A Matched Set of Ten Yorkshire Pottery Nursery Plates, printed in blue with flowers within a berry border, 10.5cms diameter. £60-90
91.     A XIX Century Ironstone Jug, with a deeply shaped neck and bifurcated twig moulded handle, moulded in low relief with copper lustre oak tree branches, printed and painted with summer flowers, impressed mark, 20cms high.£60-90
92.     A XIX Century Faience Casket, of oblong form, moulded and painted in relief with flowers and scrolls, the cover with foliate scroll finial, raised on claw feet, painted marks for G.B.Viero and marked Nove, 10cms high, 9.5cms wide.£60-80
93.     A Martin Brothers Stoneware Vase by Robert Wallace Martin, of slender baluster form, incised with foliate scrolls in blue against metallic grey and mottled brown ground, incised 611 and signed R.W.Martin, London and Southall, 21cms high. £150-200
94.     An XVIII Century English Delft Shallow Dish, painted in underglaze blue with a celestial dragon amidst clouds, chasing the sacred pearl, 17.5cms diameter. £200-300
95.     A Royal Doulton Figurine "Fortune Teller", HN2159, 17cms high. £50-100
96.     A Mid XIX Century Rockingham Porcelain Tea and Coffee Service, comprising teapot, covered sugar bowl, slop bowl, milk jug, twelve cups in two sizes, six saucers and three large plates, each piece decorated with a rich blue band and yellow flowers enriched with gilt overall, the cups and saucers lightly quilted, the large plates moulded with acanthus borders, four saucers with puce griffin mark, circa 1830-35, pattern 821. £300-400
97.     **COLLECTED BACK**
An 18ct Gold Diamond Ring, composed of two rows of ten brilliant-cut stones, in scroll carved setting. £150-200
98.     A Rockingham Porcelain Baluster Scent Bottle, encrusted with flowers and painted with a butterfly, within gilt line rims, puce griffin mark, circa 1830-35, 8cms high (lacking cover). £75-125
99.     A Mid XIX Century Rockingham Style Teapot, with pale green banding, overall gilt with ferns, the domed cover with crown finial on acanthus moulded feet, 17.5cms high, circa 1830-35. £30-50
100.    A XIX Century French Gilt Metal and Porcelain Desk Set, comprising an oval casket, the cover mounted with a gilt enriched turquoise ground tableau of doves, flanking an oval panel painted with a putti in a garden, internally fitted with a well and raised on winged ball feet, 23cms high, 22cms wide; Together with a Pair of Candlesticks, modelled as putti, each supporting an urn shaped sconce with wheat ear and flower stems, on square bases with incurving corners, 29cms high. £250-350
101.    A Pair of Sampson Kakiemon Vases, of shouldered hexagonal form, painted with pink and purple flowers, green leaves and pink ribbon, with narrow green banding to shoulder and foot, 21cms high. £150-200
102.    A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Baluster Vase by Frank A Butler, with a deeply everted dark blue rim, above incised grey/green stylised plant forms, on a circular slightly domed foot, impressed and incised marks and initials, 28.5cms high. £300-400
103.    A Royal Crown Derby Bone China Two Handled Vase, ovoid, with a fluted neck and scroll lug handles, both gilt, the body decorated with shot gilt floral sprays against a pink ground, printed factory marks and retailer mark for J.E.Caldwell & Co, Philadelphia, numbered 2971/868, 30cms high. £250-300
104.    A Royal Worcester Matt Ivory Bottle Vase, printed and painted with summer flowers, shape no 1449, puce factory mark and date code for 1893, 32.5cms high. £280-320
105.    A Troika Small Wheel Vase, moulded and sgraffito decorated with abstract design to both sides, in shades of brown and cream, painted marks and initials for Tina Doubleday, 11.75cms diameter (minor damage). £70-100
106.    A Carlton Ware Ovoid Vase and Cover, enamelled and gilt with Sketching Bird pattern against a mottled rouge ground, the domed core with a gilt bud finial, 18cms high. £225-275
107.    A Carlton Ware Rouge Ginger Jar and Cover, painted, enamelled and gilt with mallard in flight above iris, 17cms high. £80-120
108.    A Carlton Ware Bleu Coffee Pot, ovoid, with enamelled and gilt Chinoiserie garden, printed mark in black painted no.3199, 21cms high. £180-220
109.    A Royal Worcester Miniature Tea Cup and Saucer, the cup painted internally with peaches and black grapes against a mossy bank, the exterior gilt, signed Ricketts, the saucer painted with apples and blackberries, signed Price, circa 1921. £30-40
110.    A Royal Doulton Figure "Miss Demure", HN1402, dated 1931, red handpainted and printed marks to base, 20cms high. £40-60
111.    A Carlton Ware Art Deco Anemone Tea-For-Two Set, the design of vivid anemones set against a streaked yellow and green ground and comprising teapot, milk and sugar, two teacups and saucers, tea and sandwich plate. (9) £100-150
112.    Omega Seamaster De Ville; A Gent's Stainless Steel Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with baton numerals and date aperture, on a bracelet strap; Omega; A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with gilt Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, on expanding bracelet. (2)£200-250
113.    A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Sheep, both recumbent with painted features, on moulded bases, 6.5cms high. £30-50
114.    A XIX Century Pearlware Figure of a Cobbler, painted in polychrome, on a square base, 17cms high. £40-60
115.    A XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Boot Decanter, painted with green, red and blue sponging, 15.5cms high. £50-80
116.    A Mid XIX Century Blue and White Pottery Small Platter, printed with cattle in a landscape with country house, within a floral border, 27cms wide. £30-50
117.    A XIX Century Delft Plate, possibly English, painted with a 'fountain' of flowers within a sprigged border in manganese ochre, blue and green, 20cms wide; A Blue and White Delft Dish, 23cms wide (cracked); A Davenport Ironstone Plate, 20.5cms; A Delft Blue and White Plate, painted in the Chinese manner with flowers and fences, 21.5cms wide. (4) £30-50
118.    A White Feldspathic Stoneware Teapot, probably Castleford, sprigged and moulded in relief with two panels of children, one with a lion, within blue line borders, between shell, swag and stiff leaf borders, the cover with a floral finial. £75-125
119.    An XVIII Century Chelsea Plate, painted to the well with summer flowers within moulded and shaped borders, highlighted in gilt and painted with asiatic pheasants and foliage, gold anchor mark, 24cms diameter. £200-300
120.    An XVIII Century Chelsea Plate, painted with scattered flowers within a brown line rim, red anchor mark, 22cms diameter; Another Example, painted with flowers, the shaped rim with asiatic pheasants, red anchor mark, 21.5cms diameter (restored). (2) £150-200
121.    A Mid XIX Century Copeland & Garrett Armorial Plate, for the 92nd Gordon Highlanders Regiment of the Foot, decorated to the centre with the regimental crest within a thistle frieze suspending a medallion, the moulded border gilt with battle names and thistle sprays, printed marks, 23.5cms diameter. £80-120
122.    An Early XIX Century Flight, Barr & Barr Plate, painted to the centre with a named view of Brougham Castle, Westmorland, within a gilt wrigglework apricot border and gilt line rims, printed and impressed marks, titled in script, 20.5cms diameter. £75-125
123.    An Early XIX Century English Pottery Plate, probably Castleford, with brown transfer printed Chinoiserie garden landscape with figures, within a palm and fern border, 20cms diameter; A Pair of Brameld Pottery Don Quixote Pattern Plates, printed in black, 26cms diameter. (3) £75-125
124.    A Derby Plate, painted in the manner of Thomas Steele, with a still life arrangement of fruit and leaves in a basket, on a ledge, within a gilded panel enclosed by acanthus and leaf detail, the border similarly gilded, red painted mark circa 1825, 22cms diameter. £60-80
125.    An Early XIX Century English Porcelain Cabinet Plate, painted to the centre with a young lady, seated in a garden, serenaded by her lover, within a gilt band, the border gilt with flowers, fern and scrolls, moulded rim, titled verso 'The Lute' and printed unrecorded factory mark for China Works, Wath, 22.5cms diameter. £60-80
126.    A Cunard White Star Line First Class Chocolate Cup and Saucer, decorated in the brown and turquoise 'small' pattern and the company crest, registration numbers and dates including 3/1912 to base. £300-400
127.    An Early XX Century Chinese Panoramic Scroll, printed in black and hand tinted, depicting a busy township with harbour, numerous figures, buildings, ships and garden, printed with text, silk laid on paper, 450 x 30cms.
Together With a Pair of Scrolls, vertically decorated with figures, approx 130 x 64cms. (3) £100-200
128.    A Late XVIII Century Pearlware Plate, painted in underglaze blue with a Long Eliza figure standing near a pavilion or pagoda, with trellis cavetto and shell moulded "Feuille De Chou" border; Together with a Similar Example, painted with a Chinese Landscape. (2) £80-120
129.    A XIX Century Rockingham Porcelain Small Basket, painted to the well with a vignette of a church on the cliff tops above a river, within a gilt acorn border, the exterior rim encrusted with flowers and with an entwined flower encrusted handle, puce marks circa 1830, 10cms diameter, 7cms high. £120-180
130.    A XIX Century Copeland Cabinet Plate, painted with three groups of musical instruments within sky blue border decorated with raised gilt scrolls, quivers and painted flowers, printed mark circa 1855, 23cms diameter; Together with An English Porcelain Plate, painted to the centre with a still life arrangement of flowers and fruit, within a gilt border and moulded rim, unmarked, 23cms diameter. £40-60
131.    A Wemyss Plate, painted with fishing boats on a calm sea, within a dark green line rim, impressed marks and printed retail mark for Thomas Goode, London, 18.5cms diameter; Together with a Pratt Ware Saucer Dish, colour printed with a classical scene of ruins by a rushing river, 16.5cms diameter. £60-80
132.    An Early XIX Century Derby Coffee Can, painted with a named view 'On the River Dore' within a gilt line border, against a white ground gilt with trailing leaves titled in script, red mark circa 1825, 6cms high. £150-200
133.    An Early XIX Century Derby Coffee Can, painted with a named view 'Near Ashburn Derbyshire' within a gilt line border, against a white ground gilt with trailing leaves, titled in script, red mark circa 1825, 6.5cms high. £150-200
134.    A MacIntyre Mug, transfer printed in brown with an image of a soldier ' A Gentleman in Kharki' after Caton Woodville and a verse "The Absent Minded Beggar" by Kipling, 8cms high. £25-40
135.    A Masons Ironstone Dish, decorated in the Imari palette and gilt with Chinese birds amongst flowers and fencing, the border with water lilies and peonies, impressed marks, circa 1815, 24cms diameter; A XIX Century Pottery Plate, painted and gilt with a centre shell, flowers and leaves against an ochre printed cell ground, with a narrow iron motif red border, 25cms diameter. £50-70
136.    An Early XIX Century Derby Dessert Plate, decorated in polychrome enamels with Chinese motifs within a basket weave border and gilt line rim, puce painted mark, circa 1810, 23.5cms diameter; A Derby Plate, painted with butterflies and fruit, red painted mark circa 1825, 22cms diameter. (2) £30-50
137.    A Chinese Dark Green Jade Desk Seal, carved with figures, animals and pine trees, nine character marks to one side, 10cms high; Two Further Jade Seals, one carved with a Water Buffalo, 6.5cms high, the other with a Shi-Shi, 6cms high, both signed and three square section seals, each with dragon cresting, and a soapstone seal. (7)£250-300
138.    A Flight & Barr Worcester Straight Sided Mug, with scroll handle, painted en grisaille with a continuous panoramic landscape between gilt bands against a bright yellow ground, rare printed mark to base, circa 1800 (handle restored), 8cms high. £200-300
139.    A Copeland & Garrett Boat Shape Comport, painted with four named views 'AView in Cornwall' 'Lord Ard', 'Dovedale' and 'Tickhill Castle', within gilt moulded scrolling foliage against a pale yellow ground; Together with Two Matching Plates, each with three named views 'Holy Cross Abbey', 'Wingfield Castle', 'Loch Ard' and 'Yarmouth', 'Loch Katrine' and 'Loch Gill', titled verso in script and printed marks circa 1833, pattern 6801. £50-80
140.    A Rockingham Plate, painted with a red breasted bird on a branch, within a border of grey and gilt scroll panels and a moulded rim, puce mark circa 1830, 23cms diameter; Another Example, with a relief moulded and gilded border, painted with flowers, red printed mark, circa 1830, pattern 534, 25.5cms diameter. £50-70
141.    A Royal Worcester Figure "The First Cuckoo", modelled by F.G.Doughty, numbered 3082/1, circa 1936, 16.5cms high. £75-125
142.    A Hadley's Worcester Sack Shape Vase, with moulded strapwork shoulders and decorated with roses on a tinted ivory ground, printed mark and numbered 175/10, 7.5cms high; A Stevenson & Hancock (Derby) Model of a Pig, glazed in the white, underglaze blue mark, 4.5cms high; Wedgwood Miniature Twin Handled Vase, enamelled with a figure of a soldier, inscribed "Royal Engineers". (3) £30-50
143.    A XIX Century Brameld Green Ground Plate, moulded with a border pattern of basket-weave and diaper panels, impressed mark circa 1810, 21.5cms diameter; Another Leaf Moulded Example, 21.5cms diameter; An Oblong Serving Platter, moulded with roses, shamrock and thistles, within a trailing leaf border, 26cms diameter. (3) £40-60
144.    A Bow Style Frill Vase, with mask handles, encrusted with a frieze of flower and shell shape frill, painted with butterflies beneath pierced trellis panels, 22cms high (lacking cover). £50-70
145.    A Pair of XIX Century Brameld Pottery Octagonal Plates, transfer printed in blue with the Returning Woodsman pattern, 18cms wide. £40-60
146.    A XIX Century Pearlware Soup Plate, printed in blue with a Russian street scene, of figures in a carriage and on horseback before a palace, within a flowered border, unmarked, 24cms diameter. £40-60
147.    A XIX Century Pottery Plate, printed in blue with a rural scene of Knaresborough Castle, Yorkshire, within a floral border, printed marks, 25.5cms diameter; Together with a Don Pottery Plate, printed in blue with a Continental river scene, within a panelled floral border, impressed and printed marks, circa 1825, 25cms diameter. (2) £30-50
148.    A XIX Century Plate, Hartley, Greens & Co, Leeds Pottery, printed in blue with a Continental river scene, after Claude Lorraine, within a strip border, impressed marks, circa 1810, 25.5cms diameter. £30-50
149.    A XIX Century Brameld Pottery Plate, printed in blue with 'Castle of Rochefort- South France' pattern, with figures in a classical landscape, impressed and printed marks, circa 1820, 25cms diameter, Another, printed with the Willow pattern, 23.5cms diameter; An Oval Platter, unmarked, printed with a view "At the Foot of Vesuvius", within a floral and putti border, 27cms wide. £30-50
150.    A XIX Century Castleford Pottery Plate, printed in blue with figures in a Chinese Garden, within a palm and fern border, impressed marks, circa 1820, 23.5cms diameter; Together with a Ferrybridge Pottery Plate, printed in blue with classical figures, 25cms diameter; Another, with a Willow pattern, impressed marks, 215cms diameter. £30-50
151.    A Copeland & Garrett Plate, printed in blue with a rural scene, 21.5cms diameter; A Spode Example, printed with a river landscape, 21cms diameter; A Wedgwood Plate, printed with a Chinese landscape, 24.5cms diameter; Another Plate, unmarked, printed with classical figures, within a pierced rim, 21cms diameter. £30-50
152.    A Great War Campaign Ash Walking Stick, for Brigadier Célestin Sonneville during the Battle of Arras, dated 1914-1917 and suitably inscribed, 99cms long. £40-60
153.    A Rockingham Cup and Saucer, of moulded form, printed in green with a Chinese infant and nanny on a terrace, pattern 1151, puce mark circa 1830/35. £25-40
154.    A Rockingham Dessert Plate, painted with landscape vignette within a gilt scrollwork border, and dentil and moulded gilt rim, iron red printed mark circa 1826, 24cms diameter; Together with a Matching Dish, unmarked, 27cms diameter; A XIX Century Oval Platter, printed mark with a cottage landscape within a moulded frieze, the border sprigged with floral sprays and sprigs within gilt line rim, impressed crown device, 28.5cms diameter; A Pair of XIX Century Dessert Plates, painted with a border pattern of landscape vignettes, gilt and moulded scrollwork, 25cms diameter; A Plate, painted in sepia tones with figures in a rocky classical landscapes, enclosed by four blue ground panels reserved with floral sprays, moulded border, 23.5cms diameter. (6) £50-70
155.    A XIX Century Porcelain Figure of a Shepherd Playing a Recorder, in a black hat, yellow jacket and flowered breeches, a lamb at his feet, 16cms high. £60-80
156.    An XVIII Century Worcester Saucer Dish, enamelled with The Beckoning Chinaman pattern within iron red double line rim, blue crossed swords and numeral 9 mark, 13cms diameter. £25-40
157.    A Rockingham Plate, painted with flowers and peach panels gilt with scrolls and sprigs, within a moulded rim, iron red printed mark, circa 1826, 24.5cms diameter; A XIX Century Shell Shape Comport, painted with a flower within buff border, gilt, moulded and pierced with scrolls, 24cms diameter; An Enoch Wood & Sons Pottery Plate, printed in pink with a hunting scene "Belzoni" 23.5cms diameter (cracked). (3) £30-50
158.    A Royal Worcester Circular Plate, painted and signed by James Skerrett with a border of flowers, black printed mark, 23cms diameter. £80-120
An oval ceramic plaque, painted with highlighted cattle in a misty Scottish landscape, signed, 16 x 12cms, framed. £150-250
An oval ceramic plaque, painted with highlighted cattle in a misty river landscape, signed,
16 x 23.5cms, framed.
161.    A XIX Century Continental Bisque Figure Group, of two courting couples in XVIII Century dress, around a tree, a flute player to the centre, on a plain circular base, 37cms high. £100-200
162.    A Royal Doulton Figure "Romany Sue", HN 1757, dated 1940 with green printed and impressed marks to base, 23cms high.£200-300
163.    A Royal Doulton Figure "Daffy-Down-Dilly", HN1712 dated 1941 with green printed and impressed marks to base, 20cms high.£80-120
164.    A 1920's Cauldon China Twelve Setting Dinner Service, (handpainted pattern number L4000 to bases) decorated with black and gold geometric bands on a cream ground comprising dinner, soup, salad and side plates, seven graduated oval meat plates (11"-19"), two large lidded tureens and two small lidded tureens and stands. £100-150
165.    A Royal Crown Derby Miniature Urn, decorated in the Old Imari pallette, enriched with gilding, on a square base, pattern 1128, 9.5cms high; A Similar Pin Tray, 11.5cms diameter; A Dessert Plate, 23cms diameter. (3) £50-70
167.    Boxing Interest : A Lonsdale Padded Leather Head Guard, signed in ink with various signatures including Terry Spinks, Pat McCormack and others; Together with a Pair of Small Boxing Gloves, and a moulded glass head. £150-200
171.    Four Japanese Sumida Pottery Vases, all with glazed rims on a red ground, with native figures peering round the sides, glazed plaques marked 'Inoue Ryosai', tallest vase 21.5cms; A Sumida Pottery Diamond Shaped Dish, with young boy peering over the glazed rim. Unmarked. (with faults).£80-120
172.    A Japanese Sumida Pottery Vase, with glazed rim and two applied figures climbing down the outside, glazed plaque for Inoue Ryosai (rim chip), 24cms high; A Sumida Pottery Bowl, the glazed rim with three elders peering over the side, 22cms diameter; Two Smaller Sumida Pottery Bowls, each with single child applied to the glazed rim. Glazed plaques for Ban-Ni. £80-120
173.    A Pair of XIX Century Canton Sleeve Vases, painted in Famille rose enamels with figural panels and opposing bird, butterfly and flower panels, 11.5cms high.
174.    A Chinese Export Octagonal Plate, painted in underglaze blue with songbirds amongst magnolia, peonies and rockwork, within a diaper well, the borders with flower sprays, 22cms diameter; Together with Another, circular, painted with flowers, bamboo and rockwork, the border with flower sprays, 22.5cms diameter. (2) £40-60
175.    A Pair of Chinese Vases Guangxu Period c.1900, with swelling necks and elephant mask handles, decorated with Famille Rose enamels, brown etched mark to base, 37cms high. £75-125
178.    A XIX Century HF&Co Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, coffee pot, jug and twin handled lidded sugar bowl, each of bulbous circular form with allover fruit, flowerheads and acanthus leaf scroll decoration, with vacant cartouches, raised on circular pedestal bases, height of coffee pot 29.5cms. (4) £60-80
179.    A Large XIX Century Plated Oval Tray, with acanthus leaf scroll decoration within ivy leaf border, between twin scroll handles, 73.7cms over handles. £60-80
180.    A XIX Century Old Sheffield Plate Oval Stand/Dish, within openwork and beaded border; An Electroplated Waiter, with allover scrolling foliate detail, within openwork and beaded border, raised on three bun feet, numbered 6175. (2)£20-30
181.    A Cased Set of Twelve JR&S Ivory Handled Fish Knives and Forks, with ivy leaf and fruiting berry decoration, in fitted mahogany case. £30-50
182.    A Cast Metal Cigar Lighter, modelled as a highland soldier, wearing formal highland dress, holding a sword, on a canted oblong base, 23.5 cm high.£30-50
183.    An Early XX Century EPNS Gallery Tray, of oval form with engraved shell and scroll decoration with central vacant cartouche, within galleried border with twin handles, 61cms over handles. £60-80
184.    An Ivory Handled Stilton Scoop, with beaded detail, initialled "N". £30-50
185.    An Electroplated Mounted Glass Biscuit Barrel, the flowerhead etched glass jar with floral and scroll decorated lid, fitted on circular stand with openwork swing handle, raised on four scroll decorated feet. £30-50
186.    A JD&S EPBM Epergne, the shaped base with leaf scrolling supports, loose fitted with three lime green vaseline glass trumpet flutes, 23.5cms high. £40-60
187.    A XIX Century Plated Condiment Stand, the circular galleried stand with central loop handle, raised on openwork scroll feet, fitted with six assorted glass bottles. £30-50
188.    A Pair of XIX Century Horn Handled Fish Servers, the knife with scroll decoration, the horn handles with disc capped ends, stamped HB&H, cased. £30-50
189.    A Pair of EPNS Table Cruets, modelled as pheasants, 10cms high.£30-50
190.    An RL&CoS Plated Swing Handled Lidded Basket, of openwork design with decorative clear glass liner, the cover with fern decoration, ivory knop and beaded swing handle, raised on three ball feet; Together with a Pair of Kings Pattern Bird Claw Sugar Tongs. (2) £30-50
191.    A Mappin & Webb Prince's Plate Entree Dish on Warmer Stand, of plain rectangular form with beaded detail, twin handles and detachable loop handle, raised on four leaf capped scroll feet, crested with motto "Nescit Amor Fines" (Love Knows no Bounds). £70-100
192.    A Viners Plated Rose Bowl, with fruiting vine decoration, inscribed "The Hallam Steel Rose Bowl", on socle base. £40-60
193.    A Walker & Hall EPBM Presentation Rose Bowl, inscribed "The Abrafract Trophy", on socle base, 25.8cms diameter, with wooden storage/travelling box. £30-50
194.    A Large Britannia Metal Lidded Trophy, "Sheffield & District Works Sports Association Football Premier League", the twin handled urn supported on barleytwist stem (footballer finial detached), overall height 67cms. £50-70
197.    A Mid XX Century Black Leather Handbag by Lightstone Hubbard, accompanied by a printed presentation card from H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, with Clarence House St. James Crest, and a raffle ticket relating to a draw for a leather handbag presented by the Queen, dated 1967 and a pamphlet of the company. (4) £50-70
198.    A German Silver and Enamel Box by Louis Kuppenheim of Pforzheim, of square cylindrical form with concave corners, each side decorated with a panel of cobalt blue enamel with white enamel highlights, the hinged lid engraved "XV", the base "Junius 9", bearing stamped marks LK for Louis Kuppenheim, the crown for Germany and "900", in fitted velvet box marked for "Edlauder...", 7.6cms high, 81grams. £300-500
199.    A Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, Cohen & Charles, London 1927, detailed in relief depicting country estate, the sky highlighted in green enamel, the gilt interior engraved "B. Allen Sept.1.1927. £80-120
200.    A Pair of George III Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Table Spoons, RB, London 1818, initialled, total weight 129grams. (2)£30-50
201.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Soup Spoons, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1934, initialled, total weight 394grams. (6) £80-120
202.    A Pair of Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Table Spoons, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1899, initialled; A Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoon, makers mark indistinct, London 1815, initialled, total weight 170grams. (3) £40-60
203.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, Walter & Charles Sissons, London 1903, with wavy edge and leaf capped flying scroll handle, raised on three shell capped hoof feet, 286grams. £60-80
204.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, EV, Sheffield 1935/1960, with wavy edge and carved wooden handle, on three pad feet, 200grams. £40-60
205.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Teapot and Hot Water Pot, Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1924, 1925, each of compressed rounded rectangular reeded form, raised on ball feet. (2) £300-400
206.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Jug, George Nathan & Ridley Hayes, Chester 1903, with wavy edge and reeded flying scroll handle, on three shell capped pad feet. £20-30
207.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Sugar Bowl and Cream Jug, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1898, each with wavy edge and reeded waist, raised on pad feet, 283grams. (2) £60-80
208.    A Set of Six Victorian Hallmarked Silver Spoons, George Adams, London 1866, 333grams; Together with a Set of Six Walker & Hall Plated Forks, with similar beaded decoration, initialled. (12) £100-150
209.    A Pair of Victorian Hallmarked Silver Cockerel Pepperettes, Edward H. Stockwell, London 1882, naturalistically modelled, total weight 259grams (heads glued). £500-700
210.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Mounted Clear Glass Claret Jug, IF(?), London 1858, with leaf scroll engraved decoration with circular hinged lid with shell capped thumbpiece, 23.8cms high. £300-350
211.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Mounted Heart Shape Box, William Comyns, London 1901, relief decorated with classical scenes, the blue velvet box with dusky pink quilted lining. £50-70
212.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Cigar Case, G.L, Birmingham 1908, with gilt interior and allover leaf and scroll decoration, 12.5cms long. £100-150
213.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Tea Caddy, of plain tapering hexagonal design with pull-off cover, 8cms high, 96grams. £70-90
214.    A George II Hallmarked Silver Sifter, I.D, London 1758, of baluster form, on pedestal base, with reeded decoration, initialled, 11cms high, 70grams. £100-160
215.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Card Case, RM(?), Birmingham 1866, of shaped rectangular design with allover engraved star and scroll decoration, initialled, 10cms long. £150-200
216.    A George III Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, MI/J(?), Birmingham 1807, of curved reeded form, with gilt interior. £150-200
217.    A Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Teaset, HA, Sheffield 1918 (some marks unclear), comprising teapot, coffee pot, jug and suagr bowl, each of bulbous circular form, on hoof feet (one finial absent/handle damaged), total weight 1488grams. (4) £300-400
218.    A Hallmarked Silver Tray, Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1977, of plain oval design with gadrooned border between knopped loop handles, 61.4cms over handles, 2356grams. £600-800
219.    A Hallmarked Silver Waiter, CSLd, London 1976, of plain circular design with beaded border, 21cms diameter, 258grams. £60-80
220.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet Set, P&S, Birmingham 1960, comprising lidded mustard, salt and pepperette, of compressed design, on pad feet. £25-40
221.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet Set, Roberts & Belk, Sheffield 1978, comprising lidded drum mustard, large oval salt and pepperette, each of openwork design with blue glass liners. £60-80
222.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Condiment Set, WNLtd, Birmingham 1931, comprising lidded mustard, salt (blue glass liner damaged) and pepperette, each of plain elongated octagonal form, with pair of spoons, in fitted case marked for Kemp & Wilcox Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Wolverhampton. £25-40
223.    A Pair of Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Preserve Spoons, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1902, with floral decoration, in fitted case. £15-25
224.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Tray, WM&S, Sheffield 1899, of oval form with central acanthus leaf scroll decoration, within openwork leaf scroll and reeded border and loop handles, 52.6cms over handles, 1744grams. £400-500
225.    A Hallmarked Silver Cake Stand, HA, Sheffield 1920, of shaped circular design with scrolling openwork detail, raised on leaf feet, 23.6cms diameter, 498grams. £100-150
226.    A Large Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Trophy Cup, JDWD, Chester 1905, of plain goblet design, on circular spreading base, between three angular openwork loop handles, "Daily Express National Motor Rally Hastings 1951", 26.5cms high, 1739grams. £400-500
227.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, ACMCo, Birmingham (date letter rubbed), on pedestal base between flying scroll handles "Vister Automobile Club Circuit of Ireland Trial 1951", 22.2cms across handles, 282grams. £60-80
228.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Mother of Pearl Handled Knife, Hilliard & Thomason, Birmingham 1868, in fitted case. £30-50
229.    A Part Canteen of Victorian Hallmarked Silver Queens Pattern Cutlery, SHDC(?), London 1852, comprising three serving spoons, seven table forks (one plated), four forks and five spoons, initialled, total weight 1465grams. £400-500
230.    A Set of Seven Victorian Hallmarked Silver Kings Pattern Spoons, William Eaton, London 1840, and matching fork; A Set of Seven Victorian Hallmarked Silver Kings Pattern Forks, W.B (William Bateman?), London 1834, initialled, total weight 1022grams. £200-300
231.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Trinket Box, I.S.Greenburgh & Co, Birmingham 1906, the shield shape hinged cover with a shaped foliate border, with deep red velvet lining, raised on cabriole legs, 3.5cms high, 6.2cms wide. £70-90
232.    A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Serving Spoons, A&D, Sheffield 1919, 1923, each with bright cut decoration, in fitted case. £30-50
233.    A Late Victorian Matched Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet Set, JG, Birmingham 1899, 1900, comprising lidded mustard and pair of salts, each of compressed rounded rectangular form with gadrooned decoration, in fitted case with matching spoons. £50-70
234.    A Hallmarked Silver Compact, with enamel decoration to the lid depicting a white West Highland terrier, patent 313673, C&N, Birmingham 1931; Together with Another, similar depicting brown and white greyhound, C&N, Birmingham 1930 (enamel damaged). (2) £80-120
235.    A Continental Turquoise and White Enamel Decorated Coffee Spoon, stamped "930S". £15-20
236.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Caddy Spoon, with shaped circular bowl with allover detail, to plain (damaged) handle. £20-30
237.    A Hallmarked Silver Blue and White Guilloche Enamel Compact, John & William Deakin, Birmingham 1921, of slim octagonal form with central circular hinged lid revealing puff and mirror, on suspension loop; Together with a Hallmarked Silver and Tortoiseshell Lidded Pot, marks rubbed, of cylindrical form with internal mirror. (2) £40-60
238.    International Silver 'Royal Danish' Canteen of Cutlery, comprising eight knives, forks, spoons and soup spoons, sixteen teaspoons, eight dessert forks and tea/butter knives, pair of serving spoons, ladle, condiment spoon and butter knife, stamped "Royal Danish" "International Sterling U.S.A", in fitted canteen; together with a cake slice stamped "Web Sterling Handle", ladles, coffee spoon, XIX Century dessert slice with fruiting vine decoration and twisted handle, initialled, and a set of Chinese chopsticks and two matching spoons. £650-750
239.    A Hallmarked Silver Sifter, CE, London 1910, of plain baluster form with pierced pull-off cover on pedestal base, 22.7cms high, 246grams. £60-80
240.    A Matched Late Victorian/Early Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Cruet Set, HA, Sheffield 1900, 1903, comprising two lidded mustards, two salts and two pepperettes, each of openwork design with blue glass liners. (6) £40-60
241.    A Pair of George III Hallmarked Silver Knife Rests, I.B John Bridge(?), London 1818. (2) £60-80
242.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Teaset, each of circular panelled form on pedestal bases, EV, Sheffield 1934. £150-200
243.    A 1920's Hallmarked Silver Ashtray, DS&Co Ltd, London 1925, the shaped dish surmounted with a standing Egyptian goddess, stamped "PAT.APPd FOR No8954/25", 218grams. £60-80
244.    A Hallmarked Silver Dressing Table Tray, WJM&Co, Birmingham 1911, of shaped oval design with flowerhead decoration and scrolling leaves, within shaped border, 29cms diameter, 183grams. £40-60
245.    A Large Hallmarked Silver Presentation Mug, V&S, Birmingham 1937, bearing presentation inscription "The Bassett Challenge Tankard", 26.8cms high, 1499grams, on high socle base with applied rim, overall height 38.5cms. £400-600
246.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Posy Bowl, FH, Sheffield 1962, bearing presentation inscription "The Runners Up Cup Presented by G. Wilton Lee Esq 1962", 12.3cms high, 524grams. £120-160
247.    An Impressive George V Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Presentation Pedestal Rose Bowl, John & William Deakin, Sheffield 1912, inscribed "Balfour Trophy to Commemorate the Presidency of the Hon. Francis Henry Balfour", 27.8cms high, 43cms over handles, 2264grams, on socle base.£1500-2000
248.    A Hallmarked Silver Presentation Rose Bowl, EV, Sheffield 1964, "WD & HO Wills Angling Trophy", 574grams, on socle base with applied rim, overall height 19cms. £150-200
249.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, Sheffield 1925 (?hallmarks rubbed), "The Wilton Lee Trophy 1947", 520grams, on socle base. £100-150
250.    A Hallmarked Silver Presentation Goblet, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1957, "The Morrison Cup Sheffield 1957", 480grams, on socle base, overall height 29.8cms. £100-150
251.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, hallmarks rubbed, "Angling Section 1925 Presented by Mappin & Webb", 495grams, 23cms high. £100-150
252.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1925, "Angling Section Challenge Cup Presented by James Dixon & Sons Ltd 1926", 553grams, on double socle base, overall height 32.5cms. £120-160
253.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Presentation Vase, Wakely & Wheeler, London 1938 "presented by J Atherton 1948", 407grams. £80-120
254.    A Hallmarked Silver Presentation Twin Handled Mug, Messrs Hutton, Sheffield 1935, "Chess Section presented by E.R.Davy 1936", 18cms high, 739grams, on double socle base. £180-220
255.    A Large Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Presentation Trophy Cup, EV, Sheffield 1935, "Carborundum Company Golden Jubilee Cup 1961", on socle base, overall height 35cms. £300-500
256.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Presentation Rose Bowl, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1902, with Art Nouveau decoration, "Shipman Cup", on socle base with applied shields, overall height 25.5cms. £300-500
257.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, K.Ltd, Birmingham 1937, "The Morton Trophy 1965", 382grams, on socle base, overall height 24.5cms. £100-150
258.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, CE, London 1951, "The J C Snow Cup", 14.5cms high, 228grams, on double socle base. £50-70
259.    A Hallmarked Silver Presentation Goblet, JNM, London 1894, "C.K.Everitt Trophy", crested, on socle base. £40-60
260.    A Hallmarked Silver Chess Trophy, (makers mark rubbed) Sheffield 1922, "Chess League", modelled as a rook, with moulded shields engraved with various names and dates, 10.5cms high, 130grams. £30-50
261.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Wooden Darts Trophy, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1936, modelled as a dart board raised on rectangular tapering base, applied with silver plaques engraved with various names and dates, 42cms high. £70-100
262.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Trophy Cup, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield (date letter rubbed), "Laycock Cup", 15cms high, 199grams. £40-60
263.    A Hallmarked Silver Jug, GH, Sheffield 1918, of rounded rectangular form with reeded waist, on four bun feet, 145grams. £40-60
264.    A Late Victorian Hallmarked Silver Mounted Clear Glass Decanter, John Heath & John Middleton, London 1898, the reeded body with synched waist, to plain reeded collar and lobed stopper, etched "35", 22.5cms high.
265.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Goblet, William Smily (AB Savory & Sons), London 1862, with elaborate floral and acanthus leaf decoration and vacant cartouches, with leafy knop, on acanthus leaf textured shaped circular pedestal base, 24cms high, 591grams. £250-300
266.    A Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Cigarette Case, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1937. £40-60
270.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone six claw set high between diamond set shoulders, approximate principal diamond weight 1.39cts, complete with European Gemological Laboratory Certificate. £3500-4000
271.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with three uniform brilliant-cut stones, approximate total diamond weight 1.50cts+. £1800-2200
272.    An 18ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with three uniform brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 2.10cts. £2000-2500
273.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with three brilliant-cut stones, approximate total diamond weight 3.25cts. £4500-5500
274.    An 18ct Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with five uniform brilliant-cut stones, approximate total diamond weight 1.00ct+. £800-900
275.    An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, bar claw set with brilliant-cut stones, approximate total diamond weight 1.05cts. £750-850
276.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut stones, approximate total diamond weight 3.10cts. £2800-3500
277.    A Gent's 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone claw set between reeded shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.60cts. £850-950
278.    An 18ct White Gold Radiant and Brilliant-Cut Three Stone Diamond Ring, the central radiant-cut stone four claw set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate principal diamond weight 1.30cts, complete with European Gemological Laboratory Certificate. £3000-3500
279.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Five Stone Diamond Ring, bar claw set with uniform stones, approximate total diamond weight 1.05cts. £850-950
280.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring, the oval tanzanite claw set within border of brilliant-cut diamonds. £380-450
281.    A Byzantine Style Single Stone Diamond Ring, the plain wide tapering band with raised edges high collet set to the centre with an old oval cut diamond, stamped "18ct", approximate diamond weight 1.10cts.
282.    A Beaverbrooks Platinum Pear-Shape Single Stone Diamond Ring, complete with certificate stating diamond weight 0.61cts. £800-1000
283.    An Art Deco Opal and Diamond Dress Ring, the large central oval cabochon opal collet set within border of single-cut diamonds, between diamond set shoulders, stamped "950". £700-800
284.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with graduated old and single-cut stones, marks worn. £80-120
285.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with graduated old and single-cut stones, marks rubbed. £150-200
286.    A Victorian Gent's 15ct Gold Sardonyx Inset Ring, oval collet set between pierced shoulders and engraved shank, Birmingham 1866. £100-150
287.    A Victorian Gent's 18ct Gold Cornelian Inset Ring, collet set between reeded shoulders, 1886. £200-250
288.    A Victorian 12ct Gold Turquoise Flowerhead Cluster Ring, Birmingham 1865; An 18ct Gold Black Enamelled Mourning Ring, "In Memory Of", inscribed "WA&MAC", Birmingham 1869. (2) £100-150
289.    A Nine Stone Diamond Cluster Ring, millegrain set with graduated brilliant-cut stones, shank stamped "35". £500-600
290.    A Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring, claw set with central circular ruby between two old-brilliant-cut stones, on later 18ct gold shank. £350-400
291.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-cut stone six double claw set, stamped "18ct Plat", approximate diamond weight 0.75cts (diameter 7mm). £500-700
292.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with five graduated old-cut stones, indistinctly stamped "Plat & 18ct". £250-350
293.    A Heart-Shape Opal Ring, stamped "9ct" (claws missing); A Marquise Shape Cluster Ring, (claw missing); a half eternity style ring; a 9ct gold scroll and engraved ring (one stone absent), and another. (5)£50-70
294.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone in square setting high between plain shoulders, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £300-350
295.    An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, of uniform design, the modern setting claw set with six old-cut diamonds and one brilliant-cut diamond. £600-700
296.    A Seven Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, the white metal mount unmarked. £750-950
297.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Amethyst Ring, the pale oval stone high six claw set. £40-50
298.    A Victorian 18ct Gold Gent's Single Stone Diamond Ring, reeded claw set with an old-cut diamond, Chester 1892. £500-600
299.    A Gent's Single Stone Diamond Ring, reeded illusion set with a brilliant-cut stone, stamped "18ct". £250-300
300.    A Gent's Single Stone Diamond Ring, reeded claw set with an old-cut stone, stamped "18ct". £250-300
301.    A Modern 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone eight claw set between plain shoulders, approximate diamond weight 2.98cts (9mm diamater), shank stamped "3.00". £5000-7000
302.    A Jade Ring, the pierced and carved rectangular panel, claw set, stamped "8ct8ct". £40-60
303.    An 18ct Gold Three Stone Gypsy Style Ring, the plain mount star set with three graduated brilliant-cut diamonds. £150-250
304.    A Modern Royal Doulton 9ct Gold Diamond Set Dress Ring, of stylised openwork design collet rub over set with a brilliant-cut diamond, in fitted box. £70-100
306.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Bracelet, of uniform design claw set throughout with fifty two brilliant-cut diamonds. £800-900
307.    A 9ct Gold Elongated Belcher Link Charm Bracelet, to oversized bolt ring, suspending twenty four assorted novelty charm pendants including hardstone inset seals, folding fruit knife, whistle, Masonic and other pendants. £800-1000
308.    A 9ct Gold Hinged Bangle, of uniform design with engraved decoration. £100-150
309.    A 9ct Gold Torque Bangle, of plain design. £100-150
310.    A Silver Flat Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending eighteen assorted novelty silver and white metal charm pendants. £50-70
311.    A Wide Multi-Strand Bracelet, composed of six uniform fancy-link chain rows, to wide tapering panel clasp with engraved detail; A Shell Panel Bracelet, composed of seven collet set rectangular carved shell panels, linked to snap clasp, stamped "800". (2) £40-60
312.    A Victorian Padlock Bracelet, the uniform-link bracelet interlocking, suspending large openwork locket clasp, oval cabochon set to the centre, with glazed hairwork locket verso. £150-200
313.    Three Chunky Ivory Bangles. (3) £30-50
314.    A Pair of Jade Bangles. (2) £80-120
315.    A Modern Silver Gilt and Blue Topaz Bracelet, composed of twenty six uniform circular stones each claw set, to snap clasp, stamped "925". £30-50
316.    A 9ct Gold Amethyst Bangle, of wide openwork design, collet set with three large oval pale amethysts, hinged to snap clasp. £250-300
317.    A Carved Shell Cameo Panel Bracelet, French jet beads, panel links, boot buttons, black 'unfoiled jet' pieces in original packet etc. £30-50
318.    A 9ct Gold Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending twenty one assorted novelty charm pendants. £550-650
319.    A Jade Panel Bracelet, composed of six rectangular pierced and carved panels, claw set on plain elongated links, to snap clasp. £100-150
320.    A XIX Century Flowerhead Bracelet, composed of central circular flowerhead panel cluster, claw set with rose-cut garnet style clusters, to eleven smaller uniform cluster panel links, in a box. £40-60
321.    A Wide 9ct Gold Hinged Bangle, with leaf scroll engraved decoration, to snap clasp. £100-150
323.    A Large Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting female and cherub flanking large floor standing vase of flowers, collet set within scroll applied border. £200-250
324.    A XIX Century Mourning Brooch, of openwork design. £25-40
325.    A Seed Pearl and Enamel Brooch, of scrolling design with crown surmount; A Knot Bar Brooch, stamped "9ct"; An Oval Cluster Brooch, oval collet set within border of half pearls. (3) £50-70
326.    A XIX Century Oval Brooch, of stepped design with applied beaded detail and glazed locket verso; A Mother of Pearl Brooch, collet set within openwork and bead border. (2) £50-70
327.    A XIX Century Pietra Dura Brooch, the oval plaque inset to the centre with yellow, red and turquoise floral spray; A Micromosaic Bar Brooch, (losses). (2) £40-60
328.    A 1950's Scottish Hallmarked Silver Brooch, oval claw set to the centre, within wide shape engraved border, WBs, Glasgow 1951; A Derbyshire Blue John Brooch, stamped "Silver", a Derbyshire Blue John bar brooch, a hallmarked silver 'Mother' brooch, further Scottish brooch, Aesthetic brooch, charms etc. £50-70
329.    A XIX Century Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, her tied up hair adorned with flowers, wearing a bead necklace, collet set in oval frame with hinged glazed locket verso. £120-180
330.    A Cloak Clasp Double Stickpin, together with Art Nouveau brooches, hand painted brooch, cluster brooch, (damages) etc. (8) £40-60
331.    An Art Nouveau Brooch, peridot set to the centre between openwork shoulders suspending collet set teardrop, indistinctly stamped "D&F 9ct", in fitted box. £15-25
332.    An Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, collet set within openwork border; An Oval Cameo Ring, depicting female profile, collet set in high openwork setting, stamped "583". (2) £40-50
333.    A XIX Century Bog Oak Brooch, carved with fern and clovers (lacking pin), a circular brooch, carved depicting buildings and a pair of openwork carved panels. (4) £30-50
334.    An Edwardian Diamond Set Brooch, of openwork design pearl set to the centre; An Oval Locket Back Brooch, and a baroque pearl stickpin. (3) £60-80
335.    A Pipe Stickpin, modelled as a tobacco pipe (can be/has been smoked). £80-120
336.    An Unmounted Oval Cameo, (16x13mm) depicting four profiles each facing outwards (visibly apparent when turned clockwise) of a gentleman, two bearded gentlemen and a ram, scratch signed to the reverse.
337.    Georg Jensen; An Abstract Brooch Designed by Henning Koppel, of openwork design as a stylised tree, stamped "Sterling Denmark" and numbered "323". £150-250
338.    Eriksen; A Leaf Brooch, of naturalistic design, stamped "Sterling" "UVC Eriksen". £20-30
339.    An Oval Cameo Brooch, carved depicting female profile with flowers in her ringletted hair, collet set, applied "9ct"; A Smaller Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile. (2) £50-70
340.    A Large Oval Polished Hardstone Brooch, collet set with orange banded agate; An Oval Polished Hardstone Brooch, four claw set. (2) £80-100
341.    A Chinese Exotic Bird Brooch, hand coloured, stamped "China"; An Amber Pendant Brooch, with inclusion, an amber boat brooch, and amber pieces. £30-50
342.    An Edwardian Dragonfly Brooch, with graduated claw set body between textured and inset wings. £70-90
343.    A Piqué Work Brooch, with geometric inlaid decoration; A Bar Brooch, alternately set, stamped "Sterling"; A Polished Hardstone Bar Brooch, Stamped "Sterling JC&S"; An Openwork Bar Brooch, collet set to the centre. (4) £50-70
344.    A XIX Century Mourning Bar Brooch, with pearl detail; A Carved Bar Brooch; a hand and wreath mourning brooch and a claw set triple flowerhead brooch. (4) £40-60
346.    A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each wide rub over set with brilliant-cut stone. £250-300
347.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set. £150-200
348.    A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Earstuds, claw set with brilliant-cut stones. £200-250
349.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set on screw posts, approximate total diamond weight 0.60cts. £500-550
350.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.05cts. £1000-1200
351.    A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set in turret style setting, approximate total diamond weight 1.20cts. £1000-1300
352.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set on screw posts, approximate total diamond weight 1.45cts. £1800-2200
353.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.60cts. £500-600
354.    A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each stone collet rub over set in deep square setting, approximate total diamond weight 2.50cts. £2500-3000
355.    A Pair of Pearl and Turquoise Zircon Earrings, each set with seven uniform pearl beads and claw set circular zircon, on unpierced screw fittings stamped "9ct". £30-50
356.    A Pair of 18ct Gold Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Earstuds, each claw set with seven brilliant-cut diamonds. £800-1000
357.    A Pair of Jade Earrings, each composed of circular pierced and carved panel, four claw set on unpierced screw fittings, stamped "9ct". £25-40
358.    A Modern Pair of Royal Doulton 9ct Gold Diamond Earstuds, each of stylised crossover design, collet rubover set with a brilliant-cut diamond, in fitted box. £60-80
360.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone collet rub over set, on wide reeded bale and fancy 18ct white gold chain. £650-700
361.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the princess-cut stone four claw set on split bale and fine 18ct white gold chain. £400-500
362.    An Edwardian Filigree and Seed Pearl Necklace, composed of oval openwork links to pear-shape seed pearl set panels and central circular panel, suspending further pear drop, with chain detail. £100-150
363.    A Victorian Large Oval Locket Pendant, with engraved decoration inscribed "CJ Carter Nov 2th 1878" suspended on beaded oval and engraved panel link necklace. £60-80
364.    A 15ct Gold Diamond Set Heart Shape Locket Pendant, star set with single and rose-cut diamonds; A Heart Shape Locket Pendant, with engraved foliate decoration, on chain. £50-70
365.    A Single Strand Uniform Coral Bead Necklace, individually knotted to clasp and safety chain, contained in a circular carved wood red velvet lined box. (2) £30-50
366.    A Large XIX Century Oval Locket Pendant, with foliate engraved decoration highlighted in black, white and blue enamel. £50-70
367.    A XIX Century Micromosaic Necklace, the central oval panel depicting classical facade, between shaped panel links. £50-70
368.    A Single Strand Graduated Cultured Pearl Bead Necklace, to marcasite set clasp; Two Pearl and Chain Necklaces, and a pearl and collet set circlet brooch, stamped "15ct". (4) £60-80
369.    An Ivory Necklace, composed of crescent shape panel with white metal capped end to fine chain; A Pendant, and a carved bead necklace. (3) £30-50
370.    A Chunky Ivory Bead Necklace, composed of twenty four circular beads, individually knotted to screw-in fastener. £30-50
371.    An Edwardian Turquoise and Seed Pearl Openwork Pendant, with collet set drops, stamped "9ct", on fine chain. £40-60
372.    An Edwardian Amethyst Pendant, of openwork design claw set to the centre, stamped "9ct", on chain stamped "585 14k"; A Pair of Teardrop Earpendants, and a pendant. £60-80
373.    A XIX Century Jet Necklace, of uniform geometric design. £40-60
374.    A Modern Diamond Cluster Necklace, composed of thirty uniform flowerhead clusters, each claw set with seven brilliant-cut diamonds, linked to central circular cluster set with twenty four brilliant-cut diamonds, to snap clasp stamped "K18" "750" "15.00", approximate total diamond weight 15.00cts.
375.    A Modern Royal Doulton 9ct Gold Diamond Set Pendant, of stylised openwork crossover design, collet rubover set with two brilliant-cut diamonds, sliding on 9ct gold chain, in fitted box. £100-150
377.    A United States Gold Two And A Half Dollar Coin, 1873, and A Gold Fancy Coin, 1855 but with Liberty head.£120-150
378.    A Mixed Lot of Jet and French Jet, including beads, panel links, part chains etc. £30-50
379.    A Pair of Gent's Pearl Collar Studs, together with polished and faceted part cufflinks etc. £30-50
380.    Four Unmounted Amber Specimens, with insect inclusions. £40-60
381.    Four Unmounted Amber Specimens, with insect inclusions. £40-60
382.    An Unmounted Opal in Matrix, polished marquise; Together with Another, polished oval. (2) £40-60
383.    An Unmounted Smoky Quartz, (23x15mm); Together with Another, (15x20mm). (2) £70-100
384.    A Sovereign 1957, in 9ct gold loose pendant mount, within gadrooned border, on 9ct gold ropetwist chain. £250-350
385.    A Victorian Sovereign 1899, in (worn) loose pendant mount, on belcher-link chain. £300-400
388.    An 18ct Gold Cased Lady's Watch, the white enamel dial with black and red Arabic numerals with half hunter case detailed with Arabic numerals, London 1915, to expanding bracelet, stamped "15ct". £300-400
389.    Omega; A Gent's 1970's 9ct Gold Wristwatch, the signed circular dial 'Omega Electronic f300Hz Chronometer' with block numerals and date aperture, on 9ct gold bracelet, London 1974, clasp stamped "FON-BL 3985001". £800-900
390.    Favre-Leuba Geneve Gent's Watch, on expanding bracelet; A Lady's 9ct Gold Cased Watch, on heart-link bracelet, Birmingham 1935; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Rotary Watch, on expanding bracelet; A 'Dominant' Watch Head, with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial. (4) £200-300
391.    A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Watch, the white dial with black and red Arabic numerals, London 1927, on expanding bracelet; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Watch, London 1914; A Continental Cased Lady's Fob Watch, the white dial with Roman numerals and gilt highlights, within foliate engraved case, stamped "0.935", etc. £100-150
392.    Accurist; A Lady's 9ct Gold Cased Dress Watch, the signed dial with baton and Arabic numerals to 9ct gold cross link bracelet. £60-80
393.    Rotary; A Gent's 9ct Cased Wristwatch, the signed rectangular white dial with black Roman numerals, London 1967, on black leather strap, £80-120
394.    Charles Jourdan; A Lady's Diamond Set Dress Watch, the mother of pearl inset dial with black Roman numerals within rectangular case, claw set with twenty four uniform diamonds, to satin and polished bracelet, in fitted box with documents. £100-150
396.    Cyma; A 9ct Gold Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed (cracked) white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case. £150-250
397.    Zenith; A Gent's Openface Pocketwatch, the white enamel dial marked "Carnaval de Venise Paris", with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case numbered "115159", movement signed "Zenith 1649692", movement cover marked "Grand Prix Paris 1900 Zenith", Swiss control marks, Insurance Valuation stating tests as 18ct gold. £600-800
398.    Elgin; A Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the circular dial signed ELGIN USA, with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within floral engraved and engine turned case with screw down back, movement marked "Elgin Natl Watch Co USA Seven Jewels 22347930". £30-50
399.    A 9ct Gold Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking two hands), movement stamped "21 Jewels A.Reymond", in plain case, Birmingham 1924. £150-250
400.    An 18ct Gold Cased Openface Repeater Pocketwatch, the plain dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, import marks for London 1910.£500-700
401.    W.H.Wightman East Kirkby Notts; An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case, movement stamped "East Kirkby Notts" "W H Wightman 97704", Chester 1907. £30-50
402.    Dan A. Johnston 49 Cherry Street Nashville-Tenn; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, movement signed "Dan A. Johnston 49 Cherry Street Nashville Tenn 7729", within engine turned case, MWG, London 1857. £30-50
403.    Emka; An Art Deco Lady's Diamond Set Cocktail Watch, the signed dial with baton markers, within elongated rectangular bezel and shoulders, set throughout with single-cut diamonds, to leather cord strap, case inscribed "Platinum". £600-700
404.    An AWWCo Waltham Openface Fob Watch, the signed white enamel dial with black Roman numerals within plain case hand enamelled with spray of three pansies, movement stamped "Wm Ellery 2878262 Waltham Mass", case stamped "14k"£70-100
405.    A Victorian 18ct Gold Lady's Fob Watch, with black Roman numerals within engine turned case, movement case inscribed "S.Stanley", London 1867. £100-150
"My Turn Next", signed limited edition colour print, 1985.
25 x 37cms, framed and glazed.£30-50
'The Trio', colour reproduction print, from an edition of 850, signed in pencil to margin with blindstamp,
47 x 60cms. £150-200
'The Shower' colour reproduction print, from an edition of 756, signed in pencil to margin with blindstamp,
44 x 57cms. (Faded)£100-150
Turkey and Farm Machine II, colour printed proof of a linocut, 1959, trimmed, unsigned,
55 x 85cms. £100-150
412.    Three Baxter Licensee Colour Prints, "Me Warm Now" and two others, image sizes 16 x 11cms. £60-90
413.    A Set Of Ten Baxter Needlebox Prints, various subjects, in two frames with verre eglomise glass and Hogarth frames, overall 50 x 13cms. (2)£40-60
414.    A XIX Century Stipple Engraving, printed in colour, of Queen Charlotte, 17 x 13cms, in gilt frame. A Portrait Miniature of Mr William Lemon. Plus Two Modern Prints after George Baxter of Nelson and Wellington, framed.£30-50
415.    AFTER JOHN PIPER (1903-1992)
'Clytha Castle', lithograph in colour, signed limited edition 33/90, published by Christie's Contemporary Art, with full margins,
image size 26 x 39cms.
Accompanied by Christie's certificate. £250-350
416.    AFTER BERNARD DUNSTON (b.1920)
'Interior Viterbo' lithograph, signed limited edition 81/150 published by Christie's Contemporary Art, with full margins,
image size 31 x 29cms.
Accompanied by Christie's certificate and biog. £60-80
417.    AFTER PETER BROOKE (b.1927)
'Pennine Way', lithograph in colour, signed limited edition 73/150, published by Christies Contemporary Art, with blindstamp to margin,
image size 50 x 75cms.
Accompanied by Christie's certificate and biog. £25-40
418.    JOSEF HERMAN (1911-2000)
'Cockle Gatherers', lithograph in colours, signed limited edition 75/150, published by Christie's Contemporary Art, with blindstamp,
image size 49 x 65cms.
Accompanied by Christie's certificate and biog. £70-90
419.    Seven Late XIX Century Chinese Prints, some body colour, of landscapes and scenes from domestic life. £50-80
420.    AFTER CECIL ALDIN (1870-1935)
The Liverpool to London Stagecoach, colour print,
37.5 x 101cms, in a custom made early XX Century frame, with Liberty & Co London label. £100-150
421.    Three Signed Colour Prints of Game Dogs with Dead Game, indistinctly signed in pencil,
plate size 50 x 35cms. £80-120
422.    W POTTS
"Littleton Harbour, N.Z" tinted lithograph,
image size 16.5 x 37cms. £50-80
Figure and lazy hound in a classical terrace landscape, steel engraving pub. by Thom. Agnew circa 1885, signed in pencil by engraver and artist.
Image size 55cm x 66cm. Framed and glazed.£30-40
Young girl asleep in a snowy landscape with dogs, steel engraving pub. by Thos. Agnew circa 1882, signed in pencil by engraver and artist.
Image size 57cm x 60 cm. Framed and glazed. £30-40
Girl with a drove of pigs, steel engraving pub. by Thos. Agnew circa 1875, signed in pencil by engraver and artist.
Image size 41cm x 77cm. Framed and glazed.
Girl on a country lane by a brook, watercolour, signed lower left,
23 x 17.5cms. £300-400
427.    CHARLES PIGOTT (1863-1940)
Hathersage Roughs, Derbyshire, watercolour, signed lower left;
Sheep, Ringinglowe Moor, a pair of watercolours,
16.5 x 24cms. (2) £200-300
428.    Two Mid XIX Century Chinese Watercolours, on rice paper depicting a debate at court with masked prisoner, and a ceremonial procession,
16 x 25cms (one damaged). £40-60
Portrait of Elizabeth Anne Hall (daughter of General Thomas Hall), an XVIII Century study of her sporting a white dress and bonnet with blue ribbon, linking arms with a spaniel dog, oil and gouache, many details verso,
51 x 41.5cms. £500-800
430.    WILLIAM MANNERS (1865-1940)
Figure driving geese on a country lane; Figure driving on flock of sheep on moorland path, a pair, watercolours, signed and dated 1910 lower right,
19.5 x 29.5cms. £100-200
431.    VINCENT HENRY LINES (1909-1968)
"Pulborough Bridge", watercolour, signed lower right and dated indistinctly, label verso,
37 x 53.5cms.£60-90
432.    ROWLAND SUDDABY (1912-1973)
'Trudging Home', watercolour signed lower right,
37 x 54.5cms;
Together with Another by the Same Hand,
but unsigned, Suffolk Scene 2, watercolour,
31 x 39cms
Provenance - Derwent-Wye Fine Art, originally from the Suddaby Estate, purchased with other signed works in a portfolio. (2) £170-225
433.    AMY M WATT (Exh.1938-39)
"St. Ives Harbour", shipping at sunset, oil on board, signed lower left,
15 x 34cms. £70-120
434.    VITTORIO RAPPINI (1877-1939)
"Interior of a Turkish House" watercolour, signed lower right,
34 x 24cms. £200-300
435.    WILLIAM TURNER F.R.S.A. R Camb A (b.1920)
"Old Lady Yzeron", oxide drawing, Pitcairn Galleries Knutsford label verso, signed lower right.
31 x 24.5cms.£800-1200
436.    R H BALL
'Good Bye-ee' and Make Me a Good Girl', pair of watercolour and ink nursery drawings, both signed and dated 1922,
25 x 37cms. £200-250
437.    GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (1924-1996)
Pond Hill, Sheffield, a snowy winters day with numerous figures, Joseph Rodgers & Sons Sheaf Island Works in the corner with River Lane, watercolour signed lower left, Hibbert Gallery label verso,
53 x 75cms. £3000-4000
438.    HAZEL LALE (Contemporary)
Cats in an urban landscape, evening, watercolour, signed lower right,
33 x 23cms, framed and glazed.£30-50
439.    HAZEL LALE (Contemporary)
Study of a Drake, watercolour, signed lower right,
29 x 38cms, framed and glazed.
Three watercolours with heightened white;
A view of Marsamxetto Harbour, Valetta, Malta, signed D'Esposito lower left.
A View of The Grand Harbour, Malta, unsigned.
A Moonlit Harbour Scene, signed D'Esposito lower left,
all 12 x 24cms. (3) £100-200
441.    J HARDY MEADOWS (XX Century)
Queen Elizabeth II and a warship off the coast, watercolour/heightened white, signed and dated 1990 lower left,
37 x 55cms. £100-150
445.    FRANK JAMIESON (1834-1899)
Scottish landscapes with loch, a pair, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
52 x 78cms, gilt frames. £200-300
446.    PETER COULTHARD (b.1949)
Watering cattle, farmhand and dog nearby, oil on board, signed lower right,
38 x 57cms.
447.    PETER COULTHARD (b.1949)
Rainster Rocks, Brassington, Derbyshire, oil on panel, signed lower left,
41 x 61cms. £200-300
448.    STANLEY ROYLE (1888-1961)
Scarborough Castle, oil on board, signed and dated 1950 lower right,
30 x 40cms (hairline crack to wall). £250-400
Half length study of a young woman in traditional costume,
28.5 x 21cms. £200-300
450.    SAMUEL BARLING CLARKE (fl.1852-72)
"The Reading Lesson", oil on canvas, signed and dated 1864.
47 x 52cms, framed.£400-600
Portrait of a girl in pink dress seated and holding a dog on her lap, her sister in white dress standing beside her, oil on canvas, in gilt frame,
75 x 62cms. £1200-1800
452.    GERALDINE M O'BRIEN (*1922)
Still life vase of lillies, blue daisies and sprigs of blackberries, standing aside a bowl of fruit, oil on canvas, signed and dated "G.M O'Brien '59" lower right,
89.5 x 74cms within gilt frame. £500-800
Portrait miniature of an XVIII Century lady, wearing a flower trimmed hat, in a garden, oil on card, artist label verso, gilt metal frame,
12cms high x 10.5cms wide. £80-100
454.    WILLIAM TURNER F.R.S.A., R.Cam. A. (b.1920)
"Bradford Gasworks", oil on board, signed and dated (19)69 lower right,
36 x 28cms
Tib Lane Gallery, Manchester, label verso, also title and signature written in ink and exhibition info.£1200-1500
455.    WILLIAM TURNER F.R.S.A. R Camb. A (b.1920)
"Crest De La Perdrix" oil on board, signed and dated (19)72 lower left,
23 x 20cms.
Pitcairn Gallery Knutsford label verso.£800-1200
456.    ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM TURNER F.R.S.A., R. Camb A (b.1920)
Self Portrait, oil on board, inscribed in ink on Pitcairn Galleries label verso,
35.5 x 30cms.£300-500
457.    A VALETTE (1876 -1942)
"Railway Bridge", oil on board, Tib Lane Gallery label verso,
17 x 10cms.£300-400
458.    A VALETTE (1876-1942)
"Barge" oil on board, Tib Lane Gallery label verso,
13.5 x 22cms.£300-400
459.    A VALETTE (1876-1942)
Le Chateau de la Tourette, pres de Vernaux, Ardeche, oil on board, signed lower right, Tib Lane Gallery label verso,
34 x 41.5cms.£400-600
460.    VALETTE (1876-1942)
Continental landscape, oil on board, bears signature,
26 x 41cms.£100-150
Peak District - figures by homesteads beneath granite cliffs, a pair, oil on canvas, signed and dated (19)21.
65 x 97cms, gilt framed.
'The Banqueting Hall, Haddon', oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904 (some restoration),
35 x 52.5cms. £200-300
463.    CHARLES BEATSON (Sheffield Artist)
Study of a card playing cavalier, oil on board, signed lower right,
18 x 14cms. £150-200
464.    JOE SCARBOROUGH (b.1938)
Royal Ascot, oil on canvas, signed and dated (19)88,
92 x 102cms, framed.£3000-4000
465.    ERNEST KNIGHT (1915-1995)
'Widecombe-in-the-Moor', oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled verso on stretcher and biog on paper,
31 x 41cms. £75-125
466.    EMILY CHARLESWORTH (Sheffield Artist)
'Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire', farmhouses with sheep in foreground, oil on canvas, signed and dated '91, details verso,
62 x 52cms. £200-300
470.    An Early XX Century German Teddy Bear, c.1910, with black button eyes, leather snout, probably later pads and restoration stitching, 25cms tall; Together with an Eighty Seven Page Typed Manuscript of a Story Written by The Previous Owner, depicting the bear in various adventures and featuring photographs of "Edward" and other characters.
*The teddy bear is believed to have been given to the vendor's grandmother by an American before he sailed aboard the Titanic. £80-120
471.    Dinky Toys Trade Box For Six 30s or 413 Austin Covered Wagons. The box contains the original dividers, a little dusted and rubbed at extremities. Contains two 30s models in blue/light blue and one in maroon/tan. VG/EXC condition. A further two 30s models in maroon with the tan tilts over painted with light blue, and four 30J Austin wagons, two of them with signs of use, the other two in Excellent condition.£120-180
472.    Dinky Toys 691 Striker Anti-Tank Vehicle. VG with one yellow missile in G/VG box; 688 Field Artillery Tractor, VG in Good box; Together with unboxed Chieftan Tanks (two), Centurion Tank, 621 and 623 Army wagons, field artillery tractors (two), three 25Y Jeeps and three others. Two Britains Military items. All unboxed models showing signs of use though generally good condition.£30-40
473.    A Quantity of Boxed and Unboxed Solid and Hollowcast Toy Soldiers and Figures, manufacturers include Charles Stadden, Hinchliffe, Hearne Originals, Mitrecap Miniatures, Phoenix miniatures etc, various scales, mostly unused; together with nine Britains style mounted figures :- Four Trays £100-150
474.    Matchbox Superfast - No 1 Mercedes Truck in metallic gold, with No 2 Trailer in the same colour; No 5 Lotus Europa in dark metallic blue; No 10 Pipe Truck in orange; No14 Iso Grifo in light blue; No 19 Road Dragster in red; No 26 GMC Tipper Truck; No 29d Racing Mini in metallic bronze (box lacking flap); No 29c Fire Pumper Truck in plain red; No 28 Mack Dump Truck in metallic lime; Two No 32 Leyland Petrol Tankers, both in dark green; No 41 Ford GT in metallic bronze; No 44 Refrigerator Truck with yellow cab and body; No 48 Dodge Dumper Truck; No 53 Ford Zodiac in metallic green. Models are generally Near Mint in similar boxes unless stated. (16) £80-120
475.    Matchbox Regular Wheels - No 51c 'Douglas' 8 wheel Tipper with white grille. A couple of very slight signs of use to cab otherwise Excellent in Excellent box; Together with No 11d Scaffolding Truck, 21d Concrete Truck, 26c GMC Tipper Truck, 47c Container Truck in silver, 58c Girder Truck and 63c Dodge Crane Truck. Various conditions.£30-40
476.    Matchbox Regular Wheels - 1e and 2d Mercedes Truck and Trailer; 8e Ford Mustang in white; 9d Boat and Trailer;17e Horse Box in green, two white horses; 23d Trailer Caravan in pink with FT tyres, 28c Jaguar MK 10 with bpw, 34c VW Camper with low roof, 38c Honda Motorcycle and Trailer without decals, 39c and 40c Ford Tractor and Trailer, 43c Pony Trailer, 44c Tipping Trailer, 50b John Deere Lanz Tractor, 51b Tipping Trailer, 60b Site Truck, 62c Mercury Cougar in metallic lime (Fair to Good), 65c Combine Harvester, 67b VW 1600TL in red, 72b Jeep in yellow, 74b Daimler Bus in green. A few models showing signs of use and boxes lacking end flap though generally VG/EXC condition. (21)£80-120
479.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Sarcophagus Tea Caddy, with rosewood banding and bone escutcheon, raised on bun feet, 18cms wide. £40-60
480.    An Early XIX Century Burr Elm Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form with gilt metal ring handles to each side, the interior fitted with two mahogany lidded boxes, flanking a bowl aperture, on later scroll feet, 30cms wide. £50-80
481.    An Early XX Century Oak Stationery Box, with two hinged sloping doors beneath a moulded hinged cover, the latter enclosing a perennial calendar, internally fitted with divisions, ink well apertures and quill tray, over a lower concealed drawer, 34cms high, 34cms wide.£200-250
482.    A Victorian Walking Stick, with a carved ivory handle, embossed silver collar with inscription, 94cms high; Together with Another Stick, 80cms high and A Lady's Umbrella with faux bamboo handle with gilt metal mounts.£25-40
483.    Two Oriental Carved Wood Box Figures, with ivory faces and hands, each modelled as a crouching woman, 8.5cms high. Together With Two Similarly Carved Figures of seated musicians, 9cms and 9.5cms high. (4)£50-70
484.    A Pair Of XVII Century Wood Carvings of Two Apostles, each holding a staff, 26cms high.£250-400
485.    A XVII Century Wood Carving of Madonna, remains of monochrome pigment, 31cms high.£100-150
486.    An Edwardian Oval Inlaid Mahogany Tray, with galleried top and inlaid oval panel of musical instruments, with brass carrying handles. £30-50
487.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Kidney Shaped Tray, with decorative gallery and inlaid centre panel. £40-60
488.    An Early XIX Century Fruitwood Snuff Box, modelled as a monkey's head, with pale amber and glass eyes, with a hinged rear opening, 4cms high. £50-80
A pair of patinated bronze Bacchanalian figure groups of a male and female satyrs with putto, signed Clodion, 32cms high, on black marble square plinths (one arm restored). £500-800
491.    A Multi Bladed Penknife, with a mother of pearl handle, stamped "Vulcan, T.Ellin & Co Sheffield, 7.5cms long. £50-80
492.    An Early XX Century Japanese Page Turner, the gilt metal blade engraved with birds and foliage, the handle cast in relief with bronze frogs amongst silvered and gilt vegetation, 30cms long. £40-60
493.    A Late XIX Century Russian Silver Gilt and Champleve Enamel Two Handled Vase, mark of Antip Kuzmichev, Moscow (1896-1908) Made for Tiffany & Co, the ovoid body raised on a domed foot with a shaped neck and two ear shape handles, decorated with four ogee panels of stylised foliage and flowers against a green ground, blue panel scrolls and flowers and between stylised scroll and foliate borders, 13cms high. £2000-3000
494.    J Greenhough Sheffield Four Bladed Folding Knife, with mother of pearl scales; An HMS Victory Portsmouth Harbour Souvenir Knife. (2) £25-40
495.    An XVIII Century Pewter Charger, the plain border inscribed with initials, 42cms diameter; Together with a Pewter Plate, touchmark verso, 22.5cms diameter. (2) £30-50
496.    A XIX Century Folding Fleam Knife, the two blades marked William, with a two-part horn handle, 8cms.£40-60
498.    A Set of Six Carved Ivory Napkin Rings, numbered 1 to 6, in fitted case. £30-50
499.    An Early XX Century Ivory Tusk Box and Cover, carved in relief with elephants, the cover with an elephant and tiger finial, 10cms high, 10cms wide. £40-60
500.    A XIX Century Chinese Ivory Figure Of a Fisherman, holding a net, his right foot resting on a rock, oval base, 21cms high.£500-700
501.    A Japanese Meiji Period Carved Ivory Figure of a Father and Son, the former carrying an open book in his left hand, a box suspended across his body, his son holding a Noh mask, both with incised and lightly stained costume, on a moulded base with a gourd vessel on its side, signed with two character marks to base, 23cms high.£600-800
502.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Carved Ivory Figure of a Farmer, holding a fruit in his right hand, a staff in his left, and a basket suspended from his waist, with a two character signature, 12cm high.£60-80
503.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Carved Ivory Group of a Camel and Snake, 17cm long.£60-80
504.    An Early XX Century Fan, with ivory sticks, the paper silk covered leaf embroidered with stylised birds amongst flowers and rock work to both sides, the end sticks pierced and carved with flowers, hung with a silk tassel, in a Japanned lacquer case, 32cms long. £100-150
505.    An Ivory Quill Cutter, with folding knife, 9cms. £20-30
506.    A Japanese Meiji Period Ivory Okimono, carved as a rat and shells, 6.5cms wide.£50-70
507.    A Japanese Meiji Period Ivory Figure Of a Bijin, in ceremonial dress, holding a ball, 14cms high.£100-150
508.    A Japanese Meiji Period Ivory Okimono, carved as a fisherman, mending his net, on a flat base, signed to underside, 13.5cms high. on a stained hardwood base.£180-220
508A.   A Japanese Ivory Carving of a Satsuma, c.1920, half peeled form and stained orange, 9cms. £300-400
508B.   A Japanese Ivory Carving of a Banana, c.1920, half peeled form, 15cms. £300-400
509.    A Japanese Sectional Ivory Figure Group, carved as two chatting figures, seated on a bound pile of logs with a picnic, 10cms high. £40-60
510.    A Mounted Stag's Head, with twelve point antlers, on an oak shield.£100-150
511.    A Victorian Stag Horn Handled Driving Whip, with white metal ferrule and malacca cane and plaited leather whip. £50-70
512.    An XVIII Century Bilston Enamel Upright Oblong Box, painted with flowers on a pale ground, 5 x 2.5cms. £75-100
513.    An XVIII Century Bilston Enamel Patch Box, oval, the over faintly inscribed 'Keep this for my Sake', within a rose and swag border, the moulded body plae blue, metal mount and interior mirror, 4cms wide.
514.    A XIX Century Vizigapatam Coromandel Work Box, oblong with fluted sides, the interior fitted with a tray, divided into nine compartments, each with ivory penwork covers (two ivory panels missing), the interior of lid inlaid with ivory elephant motif and leaf sprays, 29cms wide. £80-120
515.    A Pair of XIX Century Papier-Maché Mirror Shape Panels by Jennens & Bettridge, each painted with Classical moonlit scenes inlaid with mother of pearl, within moulded frames gilt with shells, scrolls and diaper panels, 44 x 43cms. £150-200
516.    A Pair of XIX Century Persian Papier Maché Pedestal Cups and Covers, painted and gilt with flowers, the domed covers with baluster finials, 21.5cms high. (2) £180-250
517.    Two Pairs of XIX Century Cast Iron Bench Ends, of branch form with scroll handles, on hoof feet, (removed from Sheffield Station), 81cms high.£75-125
518.    A Pair of Blue John Obelisks, of classical tapering form with black polished slate and white marble bases, 31cms high.£2500-3000
519.    A Blue John Desk Ornament, of elongated ovoid form, with silver plated mount and pedestal, on a square polished slate base, 20cms high.£600-800
520.    A Pair Of Polished Blue John Paperweights, 12cms wide.£300-400
521.    A Collection of Red and Salmon Pink Polished Coral Pieces and Beads, including carved coral toggle/netsuke. £60-80
522.    A Scarce Skinner's Archimedian Reel, the first fly fishing reel, patented by Frederick Skinner of Sheffield in 1848. Solid brass spool with ivory knob, marked "Fredk Skinner's Archimedian Reel, Sheffield, Registered April 25 1848 No.1426", differing from the No.2 reel which has a perforated spool, 5.5cms diameter (lacks tension screw). £2000-3000
523.    An Early XX Century Japanese Kushi (Hair Comb) and Kogai (Hair Stick), each hand detailed depicting chrysanthemums and water lilies, the comb highlighted with a stork. (2) £100-150
527.    A George III Silkwork Sampler, by Ann Crompton, 1798, Worked in coloured silks with a map of England and Wales, showing the counties, 50 x 37cms, framed and glazed.£200-300
528.    A Victorian Cream Embroidered Lace Trimmed Cloth, worked in cream silks with flowers and leaves, approximately 200 x 210cms. £75-125
529.    A 1920's Turkish Carpet, with central blue geometric motif and similar border in tones of blue, all on a red ground, approximately 336 x 460cms. £250-300
530.    A XX Century Persian Tasseled Carpet, with a central shaped lozenge and all over floral decoration, on a red ground. £300-500
533.    The Miniature London Almanack for 1792. Moon information, Sheriff and Mayor lists etc. Gilt tooled morocco with matching slipcase. John Ruskin, ed. Kate Greenaway, illu; Dame Wiggins of Lee And Her Seven Wonderful Cats. London 1823. Woodcuts and humorous verse, worn green cloth; Oxford Bible - The Book of Common Prayer. Oxford 1773, Wright & Gill; Chadwicks Super Sewing Cotton advertising calendar, chromolitho, 1873.£40-60
534.    Robert Burns - The Works... With An Account of His Life And Criticism of His Writings. Liverpool 1800. Four volumes octavo, full calf (worn), engraved portrait frontis; Together with The Memoirs of Literature. London 1772 Second edition, eight volumes octavo, half calf. £60-80
535.    Edward, Earl of Clarendon - The History of The Rebellion And Civil Wars In England. Abridged, with index. London 1703. Five Books in One Volume, small octavo. 418pp + ind. Full calf; Gerard De Lairesse - A Treatise On The Art of Painting, Revised by W M Craig. London 1817. Two volumes quarto, engraved frontis and seventy one plates; John Walker - Elements of Elocution. London 1799, full calf. £80-120
536.    Henry Hallam - The Constitutional History of England, Murray 1846 Fifth Edition, two volumes octavo; A View of The State of Europe, Murray 1846 ninth edition, two volumes, with 1848 supplementary volume. All full calf, antique spot marble endpapers and edges, gilt tooled upper boards with Yorkshire Rose surmounted by coronet. £40-60
537.    John Guillim - A Display Of Heraldrie; An Exact Register Of All The Knights Of The Garter, London 1660, fourth edition. 444 + 36pp + table. 4to, full calf (worn) woodcuts, front board detaching, internally bright.£250-300
538.    Peter Nicholson - The Carpenter's New Guide, Being A Complete Book Of Lines For Carpentry & Joinery, London 1808, 4to, seventy eight copper engraved plates, publishers catalogue to rear, fully contemp calf, rubbed at extremes, internally Very Good.£50-80
539.    William Pain - The Practical Builder, Or, Workman's General Assistant, London 1787, 4to, eighty two copper engraved plates, with text and publishers catalogue, full contemp calf, raised bands, rubbed at extremis.£250-300
540.    Peter Nicholson - The Carpenter And Joiners Assistant.....Illustrated With Seventy Nine Plates And Copious Explanations, The Second Edition, London 1805, 4to, 79pp plus folding and other plates, publishers catalogue tipped in, full contemp calf rubbed at extremis, internally Very Good.£60-80
541.    Lord G G N Byron - The Bride of Abydos. Murray 1813, third edition; The Giaour. Murray 1813. Fourth Edition; The Siege of Corinth / Paisina. Murray 1816; Childe Harold's Pilgrimage - Third Canto. Murray 1816; Sardanapalus, A Tragedy / The Two Foscari / Cain, A Mystery. Murray 1821. 439pp + ads, boards; Childe Harold's Pilgrimage - A Romaunt. Murray 1815 (ninth); Marino Faliero / A Prophecy of Dante. Murray 1821. First edition, second printing with p101 mis-numbered, boards. £200-250
542.    F M A De Voltaire - Oeuvres. Geneva 1768-69. 4to, twenty four volumes, engraved frontis pieces and plates, full calf, gilt spines, red and green labels (worn). £200-250
543.    Samuel Clarke - Homeri Ilias. London 1806. Two volumes 8vo, folding maps, full contemp calf; Samuel Patrick - Homeri Iliade. London 1796. 8vo, full contemp calf. £60-80
544.    Hunter (Joseph) - Hallamshire The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield In the County of York, new edition with additions by The Rev. Alfred Gatty, Virtue & Co, n.d circa 1880, engraved frontis of Sheffield from the Attercliffe Road, title vignette of Old Cutlers Hall, t.e.g. half calf gt. £50-80
545.    Van Der Burg (A.R. and P.)
School of Painting For the Imitation of Woods and Marbles, 7th edition, London The Technical Press Ltd 1936, illus. orig. cloth, folio.£60-80
548.    An Impressive Early XX Century Lacquered Brass Telescope by Dollond of London, the five drawers extending to a total length of 110cms, signed "Dollond, London" and in a brown leather case.£300-350
549.    A Boxwood Slide Rule Designed by Benjamin Bevan and Made by Cary of London, with slides to two faces revealing annuity scales, marked with 'square, cylinder, globe' figures for twelve subjects including cast brass, bricks, copper, marble, linseed oil etc. Marked 'Cary, 181 Strand, London' to one face and impressed 'John P Roe' to one slide well, 30cms long.
*The slide rule is described in Benjamin Bevan's 1882 work "A Practical Treatise On The Sliding Rule In Two Parts". £80-120
550.    A Brass Inclinometer By Casella & Co, London, with rotation spirit level arm; A Brass Vernier Protractor, by Fenn of London; A Two Fold Boxwood and Steel Slide Rule, impressed "I.P.Roe, C/E Cardiff" bearing coal bushel and other measurements; Stanley - two rules and four scales in a fitted Great Turnstile Holborn Case, and one other rule. £50-80
551.    A XIX Century Instrument Set, with compasses, dividers and callipers, in a fitted walnut case; together with similar loose instruments in a Japanned box. £50-80
552.    A Large Mahogany and Steel Slide Rule, probably XIX Century with scales A to D, 158cms long. £20-30
553.    A Brass and Black Metal Monocular Microscope, in a mahogany case fitted with a drawer containing various accessories, 32cms high. £30-50
554.    A Coronet Midget 16mm Camera, in a marbled blue case, circa 1935, 6.5cms high.£100-150
557.    A Pair of US Military 6x20 Field Glasses by Gundlach Turner Reich, with 'crowsfoot' and British War Department arrow stamps, marked "S2 16351", in a fitted Gundlach Manhattan Optical Company brown leather case; A US Model 1917 Enfield Bayonet by Remington, US Ordnance stamp to ricasso, in scabbard with brown leather frog, marked "Cliff Walsall 1940". (2) £40-60
558.    A German K98 Combat Bayonet, the 25cms steel blade stamped to one ricasso "Walter & Co, Mulhausen In Thr" and to the other ricasso "F Herder A Sn Solingen" with cross keys mark, matching number 597 to bayonet and scabbard. £30-40
559.    **COLLECTED BACK 15/10/10**
562.    A Good XIX Century Rosewood Banjo Barometer by J. L. Casartelli, 43 Market Street, Manchester, decorated with 'C' scrolls to top and base, with thermometer over silvered circular dial (lacking back cover). £80-120
563.    An Early XX Century Combination Aneroid Barometer and Clock, in a walnut case, with brass carrying handle to the caddy top, on bun feet, 26cms high, 30cms wide.£250-350
565.    A Mid XX Century Glass Chandelier, with five ropetwist branches and faceted lustre drops, suspending spherical drop. £100-150
566.    A Mid XX Century Brass Five Scroll Branch Chandelier, with faceted lustre drops and acorn knopf. £70-90
567.    An Early XX Century Gilded Metal Chandelier, with nine scroll and openwork branches and acorn knopf. £90-120
568.    A Mid XX Century Glass Chandelier, with six 'C' scroll branches and faceted lustre drops and hangings. £120-180
569.    A Pair Of Waterford Crystal Table Lamps, the circular tapering bodies with floral cut shoulders over hobnail and diamond cut bodies, on circular moulded plinth and four feet, 41cms high, complete with cream silk pleated shades.£180-220
572.    A XIX Century Musical Box, playing eight airs, as described on the hand written paper label to the inside of the cover, three bells in sight with ball strikes, the faux rosewood case with walnut cover, 41cms wide. £400-600
573.    An Italian Eight String Mandolin, with a string inlaid rosewood body, the pine soundboard with tortoiseshell inlay, 61cms.£50-70
574.    A XIX Century Swiss Musical Box, playing eight airs as listed on the printed label, the rosewood case inlaid with musical instruments and leaves within box stringing, 42cms wide. £200-300
575.    A 1920's Ritzmar Mahogany Cased Baby Grand Piano, together with a duet stool. £100-200
576.    A XIX Century Stained Wood Musical Box, playing ten airs, as described on the printed paper label to the underside of the cover, three bells in flight with butterfly strikes, the case with a transfer printed royal crest in the faux rosewood banding, 47cms wide.
579.    A Regency Giltwood Pier Glass, with a ball cavetto beneath a projecting pediment, the frieze moulded with flowers, the rectangular glass in a reeded surround and flanked by rope pilasters, 92 x 60cms.£75-125
580.    An XVIII Century Mahogany and Parcel Gilt Wall Mirror, the fret cut frame with phoenix cresting, 73 x 45cms. £100-150
581.    A Modern Rectangular Wall Mirror, with mirrored cushion frame with gilt mounts.
47 x 52cms.£40-60
582.    Mid XIX Century Oak Overmantle Mirror, with applied arched top, dental cornice, and column supports, having carved scroll, ribbon and acanthus leaf decoration and pokerwork carving to corner brackets, the bevelled glass mirror measuring 131.5 x 117.5cms (overall 179.5 x 183cms). £400-600
584.    A XIX Century Mahogany Cased School Clock, with fusee movement, black Roman numerals to white painted dial, by F. Appleby 4 Bridge Gate, Retford, 39cms wide. £80-120
585.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Cased Bracket Clock by Eduard Hauser, of eight day movement striking on a gong, the backplate stamped "Lenzkirch" and makers mark, the arched dial with silver chapter ring, Roman numerals and a slow-fast dial to the arch, within cast gilt metal foliate scrolls, the case with a caddy top with foliate and scroll detail, brass finials, and mounts, on scroll feet, 40cms high.£150-250
586.    A XIX Century Rosewood Bracket Clock, with an eight day single fusee timepiece movement, the circular cream dial with Roman numerals and signed Barwise London, the backplate signed J.Barwise St. Martin's Lane, London, the case with an ogee moulded pediment, on moulded base and bun feet, 27.5cms high, together with a simple bracket. £200-300
588.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Mantle Clock, of eight day movement striking on a gong, the silvered dial with a Roman chapter ring, slow/fast dial to the arch, in a lancet case with box stringing, on bun feet, 32cms high. £80-120
589.    A XIX Century French Boulle Mantle Clock by Japy Frere, of 8 day movement striking on a bell, the cartouche dial with blue Roman numerals to a pressed gilt dial signed C.Burk, Wiesbaden, the ebonised case with red and cut brass boulle work and gilt metal mounts, raised on sabots, 33cms high. £200-300
590.    A XIX Century Gilt Metal Carriage Clock, with a fusee timepiece movement, the backplate signed T.C.Titchener, Knightsbridge, 150, the white arched face with black Roman numerals and gilt hands, in a case engraved overall with foliate scrolls, 15cms over handles.£200-300
591.    An Early XX Century Mantle Clock, with a timepiece movement, signed to the dial Wm Greenwood & Sons, Huddersfield & Leeds, in a walnut case with Chinoiserie decoration, 14.5cms high. £30-50
592.    An Early XX Century Art Nouveau Timepiece, the cream circular dial with Arabic numerals and inscribed New Haven, USA, the drum shaped movement in a gilt metal pedestal case with encircling scrolls, the shaped pedestal relief cast with shell, mask and flowers, 25.5cms high.£30-50
593.    An Early XX Century Gilt Metal Mantle Clock, of eight day movement striking on a bell, in an architectural case with square tapering finials, Corinthian columns to each corner, on a stage base and toupie feet, 37cms high. £60-80
595.    XVIII Century Longcase Clock, with eagle finials and reeded columns to shaped hood, the trunk having long door on stepped base, 30 hour movement, having silver chapter dial and gilded brass spandrels by George Lumley of Bury, 210cms high. £500-700
596.    An XVIII Century Oak Longcase Clock, with swan neck pediment and circular aperture to hood, the trunk having pilasters and long door and panelled base, the associated brass dial by Mosley of Penistone (near Sheffield), with 30 hour movement. £250-350
599.    A XIX Century Walnut Sewing/Games Table, with heavy inlay to chessboard top, with fitted interior and octagonal basket, on bulbous pedestal and three carved legs. £200-300
600.    A Maple & Co Late XIX Century Partners Walnut Writing Table, with leather inset scriver to crossbanded top and four drawers to each side, on turned and reeded legs, stamped Maple & Co Ld to one drawer, 244 x 121.5cms. £600-800
601.    A Late XIX Century Oak Partners Desk, with crossbanded top and leatherette scriver, with four top drawers over three drawers and cupboard on plinth bases, 184 x 105cms. £300-500
602.    A Late XIX Century Oak Library Chest, with crossbanded top and leather scriver, over four graduated long drawers, on plinth base, 88cms wide. £150-250
603.    A Mid to Late George III Mahogany Dining Table, with central drop leaf section on tapering legs, having pad feet and 'D' ends (cut) on tapering legs, 295 x 130cms. £200-400
604.    A XVII Century Oak Coffer, with later planked top and knulled frieze, with diamond carving to three panel fascia, on stile feet, 107.5cms wide. £200-300
605.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Armchair, with carved floral top rail and scroll hand rests, on cabriole legs and ball and claw feet. £80-120
606.    A XX Century Mahogany Bachelors Chest of Drawers, with a fold over top and four long drawers, on bracket feet. £100-150
607.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short and two long, on ogee feet, 117 x 110cms. £200-300
608.    A Mid XVIII Century Oak Drop Leaf Table, with two end drawers, on pad feet, 137 x 70cms. £400-600
609.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Armchair, with turned and reeded legs, upholstered in a gold floral dralon. £100-150
610.    An Early XX Century Pedestal Desk, with a crossbanded top and black leather scriver, three top drawers and flanking pedestal with three graduated drawers, on plinth bases, 77cms high, 139cms wide. £200-300
611.    XIX Century Carved Oak Settle, with floret top rail and diamond shaped three panel back, with lifting seat, cable arms and petal fascia, on small bun feet, 120cms wide. £200-250
612.    A XIX Century and Earlier Joined Oak Wainscott Style Chair, heavily carved with shell and leaf top rail and vase in arch panel back, with shaped arms on turned and block supports united by stretchers. £100-150
613.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Jardiniere Stand, of hexagonal form, having marble inset top and six bamboo effect carved legs united by leaf fretwork, 51cms high. £100-150
614.    An Edwardian Inlaid Display Cabinet, with shaped low back and frieze having painted decoration, over glazed door, with two internal shelves on tapering legs. £150-200
615.    An Early XX Century 1/4 Size Snooker Table, on mahogany base bearing label R.W.Winfield & Co London & Birmingham; together with cues, scoreboard, balls and accessories. £100-200
616.    A Liberty & Co Oak Etagere Designed by Leonard Wyburd, with rectangular top above two lower tiers attached by lattice grilles with turned and block supports, on turned legs linked with stretchers, no label, 79 x 72 x 33cms. £100-200
617.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with end glazed panels flanking astragal concave centre door over painted bow front door, on tapering legs and spade feet, 114.5cms wide. £250-300
618.    A XIX Century Rosewood Folio Cabinet, with pokerwork carved panels to twin drawers, with reeded sides on squat tapering legs (lacking inner shelves), 107cms wide. £150-200
619.    A Late XVII Century Oak Blanket Box, with two panel top, carved frieze and panelled base and sides, on stile feet, 93cms wide, 53cms high. £300-500
620.    A Mid XVIII Century Oak Chest of Drawers, with four small drawers and two long drawers on bracket feet, 81cms wide, 76cms high (has been a bachelors chest of drawers). £300-500
621.    Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson of Kilburn Pair of Mid XX Century Light Oak Stools, of rectangular form each with adzed top on octagonal supports and block feet united by stretchers, bearing signature carved mouse, 37cms high. (2) £400-600
622.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Fold Over Tea Table, with serpentine front and applied mouldings, on cabriole legs with scroll feet, 85cms wide. £300-400
623.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Salon Suite, comprising two seater settee and four chairs (one damaged), with carved scroll and shell decoration, re-upholstered in a floral damask. £200-300
624.    Two Edwardian Rosewood Salon Chairs, each heavily inlaid with ribbon, swags and fauna, on tapering legs and spade feet. £30-50
625.    A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, of two short and three long graduated, with turned handles and legs, 108cms wide. £200-300
626.    A XIX Century Pollard Oak Two Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising wardrobe with mirror door and dressing table with swing mirror. (2) £100-150
627.    A Late XIX Century Oak Bookcase, with Art Nouveau heart shaped piercing to gallery back over open shelf, with fall front bureau with single drawer and two open shelves, 70.5cms wide. £100-150
628.    A 1930's Art Deco Oak Reading Table/Bookcase, with octagonal top and slatted corners, on cruciform base with 'X' stretchers. £40-60
629.    A Set of Four Late XIX Century Oak Dining Chairs, each with arched top and upholstered back and seat, on turned legs. £80-120
630.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Ladies Sewing Box, with mother of pearl inserts and inlaid key decoration. £30-50
631.    A 1920's Walnut Framed Three Piece Bergere Lounge Suite, with shaped top rails and cane backs, on squat cabriole legs. £250-300
632.    A Late XIX Century Oak Iron Bound Silver Chest, with lifting top and baized interior, pair of carrying handles and central lock plate. £60-80
633.    A XIX Century Mahogany Biedermeier Dressing Table, with rectangular mirror and barleytwist supports, over serpentine drawer, and further base drawers, on turned feet, 195cms high, 97cms wide. £450-650
634.    A XIX Century Mahogany Biedermeier Secretaire Chest, with quartered top and fall front, with fitted interior and three long drawers, on turned bun feet, 115cms high, 100cms wide. £500-800
635.    An Edwardian Mahogany Armchair, with rectangular shaped back having ribbon inlay, with shaped arms, on tapering legs upholstered in a green damask. £80-120
636.    A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular dish top on turned and spiral support, on tripod feet. £60-90
637.    A Set of Four XIX Century Rosewood Balloon Back Dining Chairs, with central splat decorated with 'C' scrolls and drop-in seats, on turned tapering legs. £200-300.
638.    A XIX Century Mirror Back Sideboard, with swan neck pediment and central and side mirrors, with pokerwork carved panels over three reeded cushion drawers and carved cupboard doors, on plinth base, 171cms wide. £200-300
639.    A Pair of Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Armchairs, with carved floral cresting and inlaid splats with shaped arms and upholstered seats, on cabriole legs and pad feet. (2) £60-100
640.    A Mid XX Century Walnut Drop Leaf Side Table, with single drawer, on cabriole legs and pad feet. £60-80
641.    A Pair of Mid XIX Century Walnut Nursing Chairs, with carved floral cresting and cream patterned upholstery, on carved cabriole legs. £300-400
642.    A Set of Four Ash and Elm Kitchen Chairs, with a pierced shaped splat and turned rails, on turned legs united by an 'H' stretcher. (4) £120-150
643.    Early XIX Century Bow Fronted Mahogany Chest of Four Graduated Drawers, with brass lion mask handles and bobbin moulding to base, on ring turned legs, 90cms wide. £300-500
644.    A Late XVII Century Walnut Side Table, with inlaid and cross banded top, with single drawer and shaped apron, on turned and bulbous legs united by an 'X' stretcher, 59cms wide.£600-800
645.    An Early XVIII Century Yew and Oak Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, with single drawer on turned and block supports, 123.5 x 95.5cms. £250-400
646.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Cabinet, with stepped pediment, dental cornice and arched panelled doors, the base having three graduated drawers on ogee feet, 103cms wide. £500-600
647.    A Regency Mahogany Sofa Table, with single drawer and dummy drawer to front and rear, on turned supports and stretchers with splayed feet. £1000-1500
648.    A 1920's Mahogany Single Cane Bergere Three Piece Lounge Suite, comprising two seater settee and two chairs, each with shaped back and carved frieze, on scroll feet. £250-350
649.    A Late XVII / Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Settle, with carved top rail and five carved field panelled back depicting dolphins, with shaped arms and carved frieze, on stump feet, 184cms wide. £300-500
650.    A Late XVII Century Oak Joined Stool, with rectangular top, on turned legs and block supports, united by stretchers. £250-350
651.    A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Bench, with elongated rectangular top on turned and block supports, 153cms wide. £500-800
652.    A XIX Century Turned Fruitwood and Elm Spinning Wheel, with spindle spokes to the wheel, supported by three legs, joined by a treadle platform, 102cms high. Together with a Folding Wool Winder. (2)£60-80
653.    A XIX Century Walnut Bedroom Chair, with upholstered back, arms and seat, with turned spindles and turned legs. £80-100
654.    An Early XIX Century Ash Armchair, with rectangular bar back, scroll arms and upholstered seat, on turned legs. £50-100
655.    Early XIX Century Stained Mahogany Wall Hanging Shelves, with gallery back, three open shelves and turned supports, 90 x 63cms. £100-150
656.    Mid XIX Century Mahogany Wall Hanging Shelves, with gallery back and four shelves with shaped sides, 77 x 64cms. £50-100
657.    A late XIX Century Two Seater Settee, upholstered in a blue flecked fabric, on tapering mahogany legs. £150-250
658.    A 1920's Green Dralon Knole Settee, with drop ends; Together with a Pair of Matching Chairs. (3) £200-300
659.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Wardrobe, with stepped pediments to end having compartments, flanking chest of two short and six long graduated drawers, on plinth base. £400-600
660.    A XIX Century Rosewood Loo Table, with snap action oval top, on carved bulbous pedestal and four scroll cabriole legs, the top 128 x 96cms. £400-600
661.    A XVII Century Oak Coffer, with moulded border to top, carved frieze and applied lozenge fascia carved initials "ES", on stile feet. £250-350
662.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with glass sides and two internal shelves, on tapering legs, 100cms high. £40-60
663.    A Late XIX Century Ebonised Corner Cupboard on Stand, with a glass door with bevelled edges and two internal shelves, reeded sides and gilt highlights, the base having turned legs with undershelf. £60-100
664.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Ladies Sewing Table, with hinged rectangular top and fitted interior, with fretwork basket on bulbous pedestal and quatrefoil base. £80-120
665.    An Early XIX Century Inlaid Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with four internal shelves and two drawers below, 112cms high. £125-175
666.    A 1930's Mahogany Oval Drop Leaf Table, with turned legs, on pad feet. £80-120
667.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Nursing Chair, with carved top rail and floral dralon upholstered back and seat, on cabriole legs. £100-150
668.    An Early XX Century Oak Monk's Bench, with carved mask and lozenge decoration to fascia and adjustable back, on turned and block supports and plinth base. £150-250
669.    A XX Century Livery Cupboard in the XVII Century Style, with top drawers and central cupboard, with cup and cover supports, the base having two drawers and undershelf, on stile feet, 108cms wide, 123cms high. £300-400
670.    An XVIII Century Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers and three long drawers, on ogee feet, 111cms wide, 93cms high. £300-400
671.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Floor Standing Corner Cupboard, with a single door with carved stylised flowers and three internal shelves, on bracket feet, 157cms high. £50-100
672.    An Art Nouveau Brass Double Bedstead, with turned finials and stylised floral decoration to rail ends. £100-150
673.    A Set of Thirteen Mahogany Dining Chairs, (12+1) each with rectangular rail back, knulled decoration and reeded supports, with upholstered seat, on turned legs. (13)£300-400
674.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Two Seater Window Seat, with a rectangular rail back and shaped arms, with rail supports and upholstered oval splat and seat, on tapering legs, 120cms wide. £100-200
675.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Century Drop Leaf Dining Table, on moulded legs, 72cms high, 122cms wide. £150-250
676.    An XVIII Century Oak Mule Chest, with a three panelled arched front and two small drawers, on stile feet, 141cms wide, 66cms high. £200-300
677.    A George III Mahogany Demi Lune Tea Table, on tapering legs (with faults), 96cms wide, 74cms high. £200-300
678.    A Set of Six XIX Century Oak Chairs, with finial tops and leather panel back and seat, with studded decoration, on cup and cover legs united by 'H' stretchers. £250-350
679.    A 1930's Oak Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising wardrobe with knulled cornice and single mirrored door, with two short drawers, on bun feet, a chest of drawers with moulded front drawers, on barleytwist legs and a dressing table with a central mirror, on barleytwist supports with moulded front drawers, on barleytwist legs. £300-400
680.    An Early XX Century Walnut Folding Chair, with carved arched cresting rail and turned finials, with turned supports and caned back and seat. £30-50
681.    An Early XX Century Chippendale Style Mahogany Double Corner Cupboard, with dental cornice, blind fretwork decoration to frieze and sides and twin glazed astragal doors over two panelled doors, on bracket feet. £150-200
682.    An Early XIX Century Armchair, with upholstered panel back and seat, on turned swept legs. £300-500
683.    An XVIII Century Pedestal Table, with mahogany dish top, on turned pedestal and cabriole legs with pad feet. £80-120
684.    An Early XX Century Oak Refectory Table, with rectangular top on twin heavy cup and cover supports, on quatrefoil bases. £200-300
685.    An XVIII Century Style Mahogany Stool, with upholstered seat and cabriole legs, with carved shell decoration and pad feet. £50-100
686.    A William IV Mahogany Chiffonier, with a scroll cresting, over two shelves with baluster fluted uprights, the base with a pair of doors with inset panels, flanked by fluted panels, on turned feet, 121cms wide.£400-600
687.    A XIX Century Joined Oak Refectory Table, with two plank rectangular top and trestle supports united by adzed stretcher, 239.5 x 59cms. £300-400
688.    A XIX Century Mahogany Two Section Bookcase, with stepped pediment and four open shelves on a plinth base (marriage), 89cms wide. £100-150
689.    A 1920's Walnut Framed Wing Chair, with shell carving to cabriole legs on pad feet, upholstered in a green fabric. £80-120
690.    A XIX Century Mahogany Dumbwaiter, with three galleried trays united by bobbin supports on turned legs. £120-180
691.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Tea Table, with rectangular top and reeded edge, on turned legs, 92cms wide, 74cms high. £100-150
692.    A Pair of Late XVIII Century Mahogany Dining Chairs, each with acanthus leaf and vase carving to balloon back and pierced central splat (some restoration). £100-200
693.    An Edwardian Inlaid Two Tier Eterge, with galleried oval top and shaped supports, with undershelf on shaped legs, 80cms high. £50-100
694.    A XIX Century Mahogany Freestanding Corner Cupboard, with blind fretwork frieze, glazed astragal door and five internal shaped shelves, on bracket feet, 194cms high. £250-350
695.    A Mid to Late XVIII Century Oak Dresser Base, with three central drawers flanked by cupboard doors, on bracket feet, 162cms wide. £400-600
696.    A XIX Century Walnut Framed Chaise Longue, upholstered in a pink button back draylon, on turned legs, 163cms wide. £200-300
697.    A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Footstools, upholstered in a green button back draylon, on cabriole legs, having scroll feet. £100-150
698.    A XIX Century Walnut Framed Bedroom Easy Chair, upholstered in a green button back draylon on turned legs. £100-150
699.    A Mid XVIII Century Oak Oval Topped Leaf Table, on tapering legs and pad feet, 67.5cms high. £100-150
700.    A Set of Seven Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs, (6+1) each with reeded top rail, 'X' back and drop in seat, on tapering legs united by an 'H' stretcher. £800-1200
701.    A XIX Century Ash Desk Tub Chair, with turned spindle back and leather seat, on turned legs with two stretchers. £80-120
702.    An XVIII Century Mahogany and Pine Chest of Four Graduated Drawers, on bracket feet, 87 x 56cms. £200-300
703.    A Mid XVIII Century Mahogany Oval Topped Drop Leaf Dining Table, with drawer to each end on tapering legs and pad feet, 157 x 120.5cms. £300-500
704.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Wall Display Cabinet, with glazed ,door and side panels, 81 x 51cms. £50-80
705.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Wall Display Cabinet, with stepped cornice and glazed door, 97 x 61.5cms. £60-90
706.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Bookcase, with stepped pediment and twin arched glazed doors, over cushion drawer and panelled doors, on plinth base. £400-600
707.    A XIX Century Mahogany Canterbury, with a centre division and two side panels, each with square section spindles, the centre with a scroll moulded carrying handle, each with acorn finials, on sledge supports, 30cm high, 38cm wide.£125-175
708.    A Mid XIX Century Straight Front Chest of Drawers, with two small drawers above three long graduated drawers having turned handles and feet. 98cm wide.£100-150
709.    Early XX Century Oak Fire Surround, with stepped pediment and inset panels, 153cm wide, 76cm opening.£150-200