Quarterly Antique & Fine Art Sale on
Friday 18th June 2010

1.      A Georgian Ale Glass, with fluted stem, 12.5cms high. £20-30
2.      A Pair of Victorian Green Glass Dumps, internally decorated with tiered trumpet shaped flowers in pots, 14cms high. (2)£50-80
3.      A XIX Century Green Glass Dump, internally decorated with abstract plant form, 12cms high. £20-30
4.      A XX Century Brown Glass Flagon with compressed sides, loop handle, metal mount and cork, 22cms high.£40-60
4A.     An Isle of Wight Glass Ovoid Vase by Timothy Harris, decorated with wavy blue and gold leaf decoration, 25cms high. A Circular Bowl similarly decorated, 10 cms high. Both etched signature and dated to bases 2006, with labels.£60-80
5.      A Pair of XIX Century Overlaid Turquoise Glass Vases, of circular urn form each decorated with roses and enamelled beadwork, with gilt bands to neck and base, 33.5cms high. (2) £40-60
6.      A XIX Century Bohemian Ruby Glass Urn Vase, of circular form with central oval enamel and hand painted floral panel within gilt sprays, on baluster stem, 42cms high. £50-90
7.      A French Art Deco Shallow Opalescent Circular Glass Bowl, the exterior decorated in relief with fish and starfish, raised on three shell feet, marked "FRANCE" to base, 25cms wide. £20-30
8.      A Mid XX Century Murano Glass Bowl with wavy rim, in deep green encasing twisted canes, coloured murrines and aventurine inclusions, 17cms diameter. Another similar bowl 13cms diameter. (2)£20-30
9.      A Pair of XIX Century Green Glass Dumps, internally decorated with a tiered basket of flowers, 13cms high. £30-50
10.     A XIX Century Vaseline Glass Posy Bowl, with ribbed body and flared rim raised on three applied shell handles, 10.5cms high; A XIX Century Vaseline Glass Cream Jug, 8cms high (crack to base); A XIX Century Mottled Glass Posy Basket Dish, with clear glass handle, 13cms high. (3) £20-30
10A.    An Okra Studio Glass Vase, of shouldered circular form with folded rim decorated with feathered leaves and flowers against a blue ground, signed Okra 1987 NCBV No 18, 13.5cms.£40-60
11.     A Cranberry Glass Epergne, the bowl with serpentine rim, the single flute decorated with applied clear crimped bands, 31cms high. £60-90
12.     A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Sugar Caster, of fluted tapering form with and electroplated pierced top, 14cms high;A Cranberry Glass Bulbous Vase with dimpled decoration and clear glass frill to rim; A Cranberry Glass Shallow Circular Bowl, on applied clear glass shell feet. £40-60
13.     A XIX Century Green Glass Dump, internally decorated with a tiered basket of flowers, 14cms high; Another Glass Dump, decorated with abstract plant forms, 13cms high. (2) £30-50
14.     A XIX Century Spherical Green Glass Dump, decorated with free form opaque ribbons and bubbles, 11cms wide; A Smaller XIX Century Dump, decorated with flowerheads, stamped Kilner, Wakefield, 9cms wide. (2) £30-50
15.     A XIX Century Three Piece Flavescent Glass Garniture Set, each of urn form and hand painted with peacock, scrollwork, foliage and mountain landscape, the larger with windmill scene and bell shaped cover, 48 x 37cms high. £100-200
16.     A Vasart Seafoam Mottled Glass Vase, of oviform shape with flared rim, acid etched signature to base, 18cms high.£60-80
17.     A Cameo Glass Vase, of bulbous form with flared neck and decorated with blue flowers, butterflies and leaves on a frosted ground, cameo signature 'Galle' to lower third, 18cms high.£40-60
18.     A Royal Worcester Pot Pourri Vase and Cover, decorated with flowers on a blush ground, pierced gilt cover with twist droplet finial (cover restored), printed puce mark to base, dated 1924, 12cms high. £100-140
19.     A Poole Pottery Purse Vase, of elipse ovoid form, decorated with leaves of blue and orange upon a lava brown ground, 25cms high. £60-80
20.     A Doulton Lambeth Jardiniere Stand by George Tinworth, of tapering baluster form with lower astragal band, decorated with sweeping beaded leaves and peacock eye style cabochons, 52cms high (small hairline crack to base).£80-120
21.     A Royal Worcester Porcelain Two-Handled Vase and Cover, of bulbous form with swept and tapered neck flanked by mask handles, the body hand-painted with flowers and heightened enamels on a blush ground, pedestal stem on circular base, impressed and printed puce marks to base, dated 1904, 30 cms high, (small chip to cover).£100-150
22.     A Pair of Late XIX Century Minton Pottery Vases, of urn form with gilt rim and twin loop handles, each with gilt bordered hand-painted central band of shipping scenes. by J E Dean, impressed and printed marks to base, 15 cms high.£250-350
23.     A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Paperweight, as Teddy Bear, seated, imari pattern waistcoat, 11.5 cms high; A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Miniature Teddy Bear William, 6.5 cms high. (2), £40-60
24.     A Beswick Pottery Figure of a Dalmation, impressed 2271, designed by Graham Tonge, 35 cms high.£80-120
25.     An Early XX Century Austrian Pottery Wall Plaque, decorated with figures and cherub to centre panel, within a deep blue border, beehive mark to back, 34.5 cms wide.£50-80
26.     A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "The Balloon Seller", HN583 designed by L Harradine, hand painted, printed and impressed 4.1.31 to base, 22.9cms. £100-150
27.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure "Dancing Girl", hand painted and impressed marks to base 2444, designed by V Waldorff, 20cms high. £30-50
28.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure "Small Goose Girl", stamped and hand painted 528 to base, monogram for Christian Thomsen on top of mound, 1969-74, 19cms high. £30-50
29.     A Late XX Century Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Coffee Service, of twenty two pieces, pattern No. 1128, with Imari decoration, comprising coffee pot, bread plate 21.5cms diameter, six side plates 16cms diameter, six cups, six saucers, sugar bowl, cream jug, together with a scalloped rim cake plate, 22cms diameter. (22)£150-200
30.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure "Girl with Calf", designed by Christian Thomsen, printed and hand painted 779 to base, 1975-79, 16cms high. £60-80
31.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Ovoid Vase, with everted rim decorated with apple blossom on a blue ground, painted and printed marks to base, 23cms high. £20-30
32.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure "June Boy with Briefcase", printed and hand painted 4528 to base; Together with Another Figure "September Girl with Satchel", printed and hand painted 4531 to base, both designed by Hans Henrik Hansen 1975-79. (2) £40-60
33.     A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Trinket Box, pattern No. 1128, of rectangular form with imari decoration 11 x 9.5 cms; together with A Similar Hexagonal Vase. (2)£30-50
34.     A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain 1930's Vase, of squat form with twin gilt handles and rim, imari pattern, painted numbers 1128 and 1344, 7 cms high.£50-70
35.     A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Pattern Coffee Cup and Saucer, circa 1930's, stamped 2451; A Similar Cabinet Cup and Saucer.£30-50
36.     Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Miniature Urn Vase, circa 1930 with imari decoration, blue back stamp and red numbering 6294, 3.5 cms high, (chipped); Another Similar, of ovoid form 3.8 cms high; together with A Davenport Longport Pin Tray, painted 2614, 6.7 cms diameter. (3)£50-80
37.     A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Cabinet Coffee Cup and Saucer, in the imari style, painted number 1128; A Similar Dish, with wavy rim, 12 cms diameter. (2)£30-50
38.     A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Cabinet Coffee Cup and Saucer, in the imari style, painted No. 2451; Another Similar, painted No. 6041. £40-60
39.     A Border Fine Arts Model "Barn Owl and Brambles", model 484458 from the Birds of Prey series, modelled by Russell Willis, on circular wooden plinth, 19.7cms high. £30-50
40.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure of a "Dog with Slipper", designed by Ada Bonfils (1980-84) printed and hand painted 3476 to base, 9.5cms high; A R Copenhagen Figure "Mouse on a Corncob", 512, 5cms high. (2) £30-50
41.     A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Flat back Figures of Dick Turpin and Tom King, both on horseback, 23 cms high.£125-150
42.     A Royal Doulton Figure "Annette", HN1550, registered number 764557; impressed, printed and hand written marks to base, 16cms high. £80-120
43.     A Continental Porcelain Figure Group, of a Harlequin and lady, underglaze crowned N mark to base; A Sitzendorf Figure, of a country boy with spade; A Pair of Continental Porcelain Figures, a boy and a girl. (4) £50-70
44.     A XIX Century Sevres Style Porcelain Scent Bottle, the body hand painted with floral bouquets within gilt and royal blue borders, the pierced cover with floral finial, 'A' within interlaced L mark to base, 9cms high. £30-50
45.     A 1940's Walter Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with anemones on a deep blue ground, impressed signature, painted monogram and "Potters to HM The Queen" marked to base, 15cms high. £50-70
46.     A Samson Style Porcelain Figure of a Regency Period Beau and Belle, each holding posies, pseudo gold anchor mark to base; Two XX Century Bohemian Porcelain Figurines, one of a gent holding a face mask in his left hand, the other of a ballerina, printed marks to bases. (3) £30-40
47.     A Pair of Early XX Century Continental Pottery Posy Sleighs, each with swan neck, maiden and cherub with applied garland decoration. (2) £30-50
48.     A Pair of XIX Century Pottery Ovoid Vases, each decorated with flowers on a grey mottled ground, and twin gilt handles and rim to squat neck, (one chipped), 38.5 cms high.£40-60
49.     A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Spaniel Dogs, each with red nose and painted eyes, (one chipped / cracked), 32.5 cms high.£30-50
50.     A XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback Pottery Watch Stand, in the form of a highland dancer and his partner with linked hands above aperture, 31 cms high.£40-60
51.     A Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Figure of a Kingfisher, with a fish in it's beak, printed and hand painted 2257 to base and Mulberry Hall paper label, designed by Herold & Hallermundt 69-74. 18cms high. £40-60
52.     A Zsolnay Pecs Pottery Moon Flask, circa 1900, with heart and circular openwork centre, multi-coloured stylized floral decoration to slender body, impressed No's 6894 36, 15 cms high, inclusive of stopper.£30-50
53.     A Troika Pottery Vase, of rectangular form, incised geometric and abstract design, monogram for Penny Black to base, 22cms high. £70-100
54.     An Early XIX Century Swansea Dish, possibly by William Pollard, of oval form, the centre painted with convulvulous within a gilt cavetto, the moulded border painted with differing flowers and fruits, gilt line rim, 26.5 cms wide.£200-300
55.     A XIX Century English Porcelain Pot Pourri Basket and Cover, of circular form, the basket painted with a band of flowers, the everted rim applied with flowers and foliage beneath an overhead twig handle, the pierced cover with conforming detail, 14 cms diameter.£80-120
56.     A Late XIX Century Earthenware Jar and Cover, in the form of a crown, the cover with orb finial, 15cms high. £20-30
57.     A XVIII Century Delft Polychrome Charger, possibly Bristol, decorated with flowers and vines issuing from two central vases, within a similar floral border (repaired). 35cms diameter.£50-80
58.     A Mid XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Blue and White Jug, transfer printed with flowers and birds, within scalloped ropetwist rim and loop handle, 20.5cms high. £10-20
59.     An Early XIX Century Pottery Christening Jug, of baluster form and painted white with two floral bouquets and gilt script "Charles Wilde, Sheffield, Born Jan 21st 1802", ogee scroll handle, 21 cms high.£80-120
60.     A Delft Blue and White Posy Bowl, possibly late XVII Century, the body naively decorated with a floral landscape, rim chips. 10cms high x 20cms diameter.£150-200
61.     A Late XVIII Century Derby Porcelain Cup and Saucer, painted floral sprigs within three gilt borders, puce crown mark and number 139 to bases.£80-120
62.     A XIX Century Rockingham Cup and Saucer, with floral decoration, puce mark Rockingham Works Brameld. £30-50
63.     An XVIII Century Worcester Cylindrical Mug, decorated in the Bouquets pattern in underglaze blue, c1770 with crescent mark to base, 11cms high.£100-150
64.     A XIX Century Rockingham Porcelain Scent Bottle with bulbous body and elongated neck, encrusted with flowers, the stopper formed as a flowerhead, printed puce mark to base (base cracks) 16.5cms high.£100-150
65.     A Late XVIII Century Chelsea Derby Porcelain Cup and Saucer, gilt rim with loops suspending floral chain garter, gilt 'D' anchor mark to bases.£60-80
66.     An XVIII Century Delft Flower Brick, possibly Liverpool, decorated in underglaze blue with a main panel of a figure within a garden, and three sides of floral sprays, rim chips.6.5cms x 13cms.£100-150
67.     A Minton Secessionist Majolica Jardiniere, decorated with four panels of yellow and tubelined on a deep turquoise ground, printed and impressed marks to base, 16cms high. £150-200
68.     A Late XVIII Century Worcester Porcelain Trio, comprising tea and coffee cups with single saucer with spiralled gilt and blue decoration, crescent marks to base.£40-60
69.     An Early XIX Century Creamware Fruit Basket and Cover possibly Leeds, of pierced openwork design with entwined handles, the cover with rose finial (restored). 19.5cms high.£250-350
70.     A XIX Century Prattware Pottery Lid, transfer printed with a view of 'Sebastopol', 12cms wide; A Small Prattware Lid, transfer printed with 'The Albert Memorial', 10.5cms wide, both mounted in circular oak frames. (2) £30-50
71.     A XIX Century Prattware Pottery Lid, transfer printed with 'The Late Prince Consort', 10.5cms wide; Two Further Prattware Lids, 'The Village Wedding Teniers Pinx' and 'The Residence of Anne Hathaway Shakespeare's Wife, Shottery, Stratford on Avon, 10.5cms, all mounted in ebonised frames. (3) £40-60
72.     A Rockingham Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, transfer printed with willow pattern with gilt outer bands, puce mark to saucer (rim chip). £20-30
73.     An XVIII Century Lambeth Delft Polychrome Plate, the central panel decorated with exotic bird and forest river scene within outer foliate border, 19.5cms diameter; Another XVIII Century Delft Polychrome Plate, central floral vignette within outer border of sunflowers (restored). (2)£100-150
74.     A Pair of Mid XX Century Continental Porcelain Figures, of male and female flower sellers, on circular gilt bases, impressed and printed marks to base, 19 cms high.£20-30
75.     A XIX Century Worcester White Pottery Stand, of triangular form, each pierced side with convex centres, internal white metal liner, on six bun feet, underglaze blue makers and kite marks to base, dated 1871.£30-50
76.     An Early XIX Century English Porcelain Pastille or Incense Burner, of conical form, painted with two opposing vignettes of flowers and a country house within scroll gilt borders on a blue ground, on square base with four bun feet (damaged). £30-50
77.     An Early XIX Century English Porcelain Pastille or Incense Burner, of conical form, painted with floral sprigs on a white ground with gilt borders, gilt square base on four bun feet.£70-100
78.     Two XIX Century Rockingham Cups and Saucers, decorated with a blue ground and gilt highlights, with flowers to the saucers, both with puce griffin mark; Together with a Similar Rockingham Plate. (5) £40-80
79.     An Early XIX Century Spode Pottery Blue and White Meat Drainer transfer printed with the "Tiber" pattern, 37.5cms diameter.£60-90
80.     An Oldfield & Co Early XIX Century Salt Glazed Pottery Toby Jug, depicting tricorn hatted seated gentleman holding a jug, bearing impressed mark under handle Oldfield & Co, Make's, with stopper, 24.5cms high. £500-600
81.     An Art Deco Czechoslovakian Pottery Figure of a Period Lady, arms outstretched, wearing a Charleston dress and matching hat, on circular base, impressed 14240 33, 38cms high. £200-300
82.     A XIX Century Sunderland Lustre Pottery Jug, embossed with sporting dogs and figures, bearing 'B' mark under base, 14.5 cms high; Another Similar, of rounded octagonal form featuring symmetrical pattern to body, 13.5 cms high. (chip to base). (2)£40-80
83.     A 1930's Shelley China Tea Service, of thirty nine pieces, in the Acacia pattern 12204, Regent shape, comprising two bread and butter plates, twelve tea plates, tea cups and saucers and a sugar bowl. (39)£50-80
84.     A Beswick Polar Bear, model 1533, designed by Arthur Gredington 1958-1966, 12cms high. £60-80
85.     A Moorcroft Pottery Shallow Circular Bowl with inverted rim, decorated with an orchid against a deep blue ground, painted and impressed marks to base, 11.5cms diameter.£30-50
86.     A Royal Doulton Limited Edition Figure "Florence Nightingale", 2278/5000, designed by Pauline Parsons 1988, HN3144, 23cms high, in fitted case with certificate. £100-150
87.     A Royal Doulton Figurine "Rose", HN1368, designed by L. Harradine, hand painted marks to base (1931), 11.4cms high. £30-50
88.     A Royal Doulton Figurine "Miss Demure", HN1402 with pink dress and lavender shawl, design by L. Harradine, green hand painted marks to base (1934), 19.1cms high. £40-60
89.     A 1930's Royal Crown Derby Coffee Service, in the Imari palette comprising thirteen cans (one cracked) and twelve saucers, each bearing factory mark and number 2451. £100-150
90.     Three XIX Century Mason's Ironstone Plates decorated with oriental style flowers and highlighted in gilt, impressed 'Mason's Patent Ironstone China', each 24cms diameter.£30-50
91.     A 1930's Rex Whistler for Wedgwood Clovelly Design Tea For Two Set, including teapot, sugar and cream, two tea plates, saucers and teacups, printed and impressed factory marks to base.£60-80
92.     Three Rockingham Porcelain Tea Cups and Saucers, all with a design of grey 'C' scrolls and foliage, two with puce griffin marks to base; together with One Other Rockingham Cup and Saucer, with blue and gilt border around a beige leaf design, red griffin mark to base, (damaged).£40-60
93.     Two Beswick Elephants, models 974 and 998, with trunks stretching, both in gloss and measuring 12cms, 26cms high respectively. (2) £60-90
94.     A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "June", HN1691 in yellow and pink, designed by L Harradine and issued 1935-1949, 18.4cms high. £80-120
95.     A Royal Worcester Vase by James Stinton, with elongated trumpet neck, the globular body painted with a pheasant amidst landscape, puce marks to base, dated 1912 with pattern number 1661, 16.5cms high. £300-400
96.     A Royal Doulton "Verona" Dinner and Tea Service, H5064 of sixty two pieces, decorated with a tan and brown geometric border, comprising two tureens, eleven dinner plates, twelve side plates, meat plate and gravy boat and stand, sandwich plate, twelve tea plates, twelve saucers and nine teacups. (62)£80-120
97.     A Minton Bone China "Aragon" Tea Service decorated with a pale green and gilt border, comprising twelve each of tea plates, teacups and saucers and a bread and butter plate (thirty-seven pieces), purchased form John Sinclair Ltd., Sheffield and with original boxes.£80-120
98.     An Early XX Century Royal Crown Derby Tea Service, of thirty six pieces, decorated with rust red flowers, crown shaped cartouches and allover gilt work and scrolling, bearing red factory mark and painted no 6151. £100-200
99.     A Late XIX Century Pottery Part Dessert Service, comprising two serving dishes and nine plates, each with printed scene of fishermen, bridge and castle, within a blue classical border featuring cherubs and gilt highlights. (11) £50-90
100.    A Royal Worcester Figurine "Irish Girl" model No 1874, dated 1913, tinted in green and blush on square base, 16.5cms high.£60-80
101.    A XIX Century Rockingham Pottery Tea Cup and Saucer, in plain blue and gilt with cream interior, bearing rust red factory mark Rockingham Works, Brameld and griffin under saucer. £30-50
102.    A 1940's Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of bulbous form decorated with anemones on a deep blue ground, stamped Moorcroft, Made In England, with WM monogram and torn paper label, 19 cms high.£200-300
103.    A Late XIX Century Royal Worcester Three Piece Garniture Set, each with gilt scalloped oval rim and naturalistic handles, dimpled neck and quatrefoil bulbous body, hand painted with flower on blush ivory ground, puce factory mark numbered 1663 and date for 1893, 21 x 16cms high. (3) £200-300
104.    A Beswick Pottery Model of a Leghorn Cockerel, model No 1892, designed by Arthur Gredington and issued 1963-83, 22.9cms. £80-120
105.    A Beswick Pottery Model of Horse 'Imperial', model No 1557 in brown gloss, designed by Albert Hallam and James Hayward and issued 1958-82, 21 cms high.£20-30
106.    A Beswick Pottery Model of A Large Racehorse, model No 1564, in palomino gloss colourway, designed by Arthur Gredington and issued 1959-82, 28.5 cms high.£40-60
107.    An Early XX Century Royal Worcester Pot Pourri Bowl and Cover, the bowl with foliate gilt border and decorated with flowers on a blush ground, and on three gilt scroll feet (cover restored), 12cms high, 11.5cms wide. £60-100
109.    A Set of Three 1930's Keith Murray for Wedgwood Tankards in matt green glaze with incised bands to base, printed marks and facsimile signature. (rim chip to one).£25-40
110.    An Early XX Century Dresden Wall Mirror, oblong, the bevelled glass within a porcelain frame with rococo scroll corners, encrusted with flowers and putti, 46 x 33cms.£100-200
112.    A XIX Century Cantonese Pottery Milk Jug, with scalloped rim, profusely decorated with figures, roses, insects and birds, 12.5 cms high.£20-40
113.    An Early XX Century Japanese Pottery Ovoid Vase, painted with exotic birds and blossoming trees, with a carved wooden cover with finial and standing on a wooden base impressed 'Made In Japan'.£30-40
114.    A XX Century Japanese Kutani Vase, in the River's Edge pattern, of baluster form with hand painted and enamel decoration of village scene with bijin and fishermen, two shishi mounted to the neck, six character mark to base. £40-60
115.    A XVIII Century Delft Style Pottery Bowl, decorated to the outer body with Chinese fishermen and boats, with internal fishing vignette, on a footed base, 9.5cms x 22cms.£100-150
116.    An XVIII Century Pottery Flask Bottle Vase, possibly Chinese, of flattened arched form, naively decorated with peony,11cms high.£80-120
117.    A Pair of Early XX Century Kiataki Ware Pottery Vases, each depicting Geisha Girls, tree house and landscape, makers mark to base, 31.5cms high. (2) £40-60
118.    An XVIII Century Oriental Pottery Charger, decorated with varying vases, tables, screen, scrolls, in multicoloured enamels all within a floral and patterned rim, 36 cms diameter, (Y crack under).£100-200
119.    An XVIII Century Chinese Pottery Charger, decorated in blue and white with foliage and single bird in flight within a cruciform, foliate and patterned border, 38.5 cms diameter, (hairline crack).£100-200
120.    An Oriental Pottery Fruit Bowl, circa 1900, of shallow form with peony and other floral decoration, on twelve alternate bands of blue and white to interior and exterior, 25cms wide. £60-90
121.    An Early XX Century Satsuma Pottery Finger Bowl, of rounded pentagonal form, hand painted with birds and foliage to interior and leaves to exterior, bearing Satsuma mon mark, 8cms wide. £40-60
126.    An Impressive Pinder Bros Plated Centrepiece, commissioned by Henry Baker & Company of Sheffield for The Festival of Britain in 1951, mounted with three figures representing the arts and International trade and industry, the whole surmounted by winged female holding a dove, standing on a globe, stamped to underside "Pinder Bros Sheffield", approximately 60cms high.
*Henry Baker & Company were a manufacturing company based in Sheffield, making munitions, axles etc. Henry Baker was MD when the factory closed in 1964.£400-600
127.    A White Metal Condiment Set, circa 1870, with glass rectangular salt and pepper jars set within a stand in the form of an elephant.£150-200
128.    A James Dixon & Sons Pewter Coffee Pot, of shaped baluster form with scroll spout and scroll capped scroll handle, on pedestal base; Together with Matching Teapot, each numbered 1413. (2) £30-50
129.    A Plated Mounted Glass Biscuit Barrel, the star detailed glass jar with plated collar and hinged lid, loose fitted on raised plated mount with hoop support (lid detached).£30-50
130.    A GE&S Plated Swing Handled Basket, of shaped oval design with raised and pierced detail and swing handle, raised on four scroll feet. £30-50
131.    An Old Sheffield Plate Seven Bottle Condiment Stand, the rectangular base with shell and scroll decoration, raised on shell feet with central reeded loop handle, fitted with seven assorted cut glass bottles (some lacking stoppers/tops). £50-80
132.    A Set of Ten Early XX Century Dessert Knives, with engraved blades and mother of pearl handles, together with matching forks, stamped "Rodgers EP". £40-60
133.    A Plated Bottle Coaster, with foliate border and inset turned wooden base. £30-50
134.    An Old Sheffield Plate Bougie Box, of plain cylindrical form with central wick, loop handle and conical snuffer on chain connection, initialled "JS".£60-100
135.    A Pair of Old Sheffield Plate Chambersticks, each of rounded rectangular form with gadrooned border and sconce, to flying scroll handle with thumbpiece, supporting conical snuffer, numbered 2993. (2) £60-100
136.    An Old Sheffield Plate Argyle, with gadrooned detail, scroll spout, wooden handle and turned finial (solder to inside lid). £60-100
137.    A Pair of Plated Candle Snuffers, on shaped stand with scrolling decoration and flying scroll handle, on scroll feet. £30-50
138.    A Pair of Plated Candle Snuffers, stamped marks, letter J, on shaped stand with scrolling decoration, raised on four feet.£30-50
140.    A White Metal Centrepiece, with two cherubs to the centre above four heads each with fruiting vine headress, above acanthus leaf scroll and mask decoration and circular base, stamped to underside "E&CO" "Elkington Plate 86269". £50-70
141.    A Plated Table Lamp Base, the reeded tapering column above bulbous openwork scrolling support, on circular base with leaf and scroll decoration, weighted, inscribed to underside "E&CO 1281", 38.5cms high.£70-90
142.    A Cased Set of Twelve Walker & Hall Plated Tea Knives and Forks, stamped "W&HS", each with shell capped handles and leaf scroll detail to blades, stamped "Rd No 234286", in fitted case labelled for "John Dyson & Sons Gold & Silversmiths Leeds". £40-60
143.    A Cheroot Holder, the black mouthpiece spring loaded to engraved holder, indistinctly stamped "835"; A "Solid Nickel" Sovereign Case, with allover leaf scroll engraved decoration, and an electroplated decanter label. (3)£20-30
144.    A Set of Six HF&CO S Electroplated Napkin Rings, each of semi circular form with openwork fronts of scrolling design. (6) £25-40
145.    A Pair of Plated Candlesticks, Walker & Hall, of tapering design, on shaped oval bases with reeded borders, 24cms high (filled).(2) £30-50
146.    A Set of Four Electroplated Salts, each of shaped oval scrolling design, stamped "EPNS", in fitted case with set of four spoons. £20-30
148.    An Early XX Century Canteen of Cutlery, of 142 pieces by Frank Wood of Sheffield including fish knives and forks with silver ferrules, ladles, confiture set, dinner knives and forks. All housed within an Oak Table Top Canteen of four graduated drawers with brass campaign handles.£200-300
149.    An Early XX Century Silver Plated Table Centre, with pierced border to detachable top and twin hanging baskets, stamped "M&Co"; Together with Another Similar, smaller, stamped "T.W". (2) £80-120
150.    A Pair of Georgian Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Table Spoons, Samuel Godbehere, Edward Wigan & James Boult, London 1799, initialled JMP?.
151.    A Pair of Georgian Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Table Spoons, Samuel Godbehere & Edward Wigan, London 1798, initialled JMP?. £40-60
152.    A Pair of Early XIX Century Scottish Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Toddy Ladles, Heron (John Heron), Edinburgh 1814, initialled "B", 86grams. (2) £200-300
153.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cut Glass Decanter, London 1924; together with "Claret" label. (2)£40-60
154.    Two Cased Sets of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, Sheffield 1937.£30-50
155.    A Silver Presentation Spoon, Sheffield 1903, James Usher & Sons, with circular bowl, wrythen body and Lincoln Imp finial, in fitted case.£50-80
156.    A Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Dressing Table Set, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1927, comprising hand mirror, hair brush and pair of clothes brushes, each with engine turned decoration. (4)£30-50
157.    A Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Dressing Table Set, B&Co, Birmingham 1969, comprising hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush and lidded trinket pot, each profusely embossed with stylised masks and scrolling foliage. (4)£40-60
158.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, B&Co, Birmingham 1975, each profusely embossed with birds amongst scrolling foliage (filled), 10cms high. (2) £40-60
159.    A Hallmarked Silver Presentation Trophy Bowl, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd, London 1912, of plain circular form between twin scroll loop handles, raised on pedestal base, inscribed "The Graham Parramore Trophy Presented to F Parramore & Sons (1924) Ltd...", 490grams. £100-150
160.    A Hallmarked Silver Swing Handled Basket, HA, Sheffield 1916, of fluted, rounded rectangular form within gadrooned border, with plain shaped swing handle, raised on rounded rectangular spreading base, 666grams. £150-200
161.    A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1918, 1921, the tapering columns supporting fluted tops with oval reeded removable sconces, on spreading oval bases with reeded borders, 29cms high (filled). (2) £150-250
162.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet, AC&SS Ld, London 1976, of compressed oval form, with wavy cut edge on pad feet, with matching spoons, in fitted case. £30-50
163.    A George IV Hallmarked Silver Sugar Shovel, makers mark indistinct, Birmingham 1826, the spade bowl with geometric decoration, to engraved hollow handle. £30-50
164.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Prong Hair Comb Ornament, makers mark indistinct, Chester 1907, of openwork design, with engraved decoration; A Smaller Two Prong Hair Comb Ornament, P&T, Birmingham 1907, of openwork flowerhead design. (2) £30-50
165.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Christening Mug, Richards & Brown, London 1869, of baluster form with scrolling foliate decoration, on circular base, initialled "EEM", 9cms high, 90grams. £50-70
166.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, S.Blanckensee & Son Ltd, Chester 1911, each of plain and reeded circular design on square base with canted corners, 14cms high (filled). (2)£40-60
167.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Teaset, Sheffield 1936, 1937, of compressed oval form with gadrooned border, on four ball feet, total weight 1112grams. (3) £250-350
168.    A Georgian Hallmarked Silver Fish Slice, Henry Chawner, London 1792, the rounded rectangular blade pierced and engraved. £100-150
169.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Teaset, EV, Sheffield, London 1935, each of octagonal form, the pots with light wood handles, raised on four feet, total weight 1577grams. (4) (coffee pot finial detached). £350-450
170.    A Hallmarked Silver Epergne, John & William Deakin, Sheffield 1919, the central tapering panelled vase with flared rim, between two smaller detachable spill holders, on spreading circular base. £80-120
171.    A Hallmarked Silver Inkwell, marks rubbed, of tapering shaped design, domed hinged lid and central clear glass liner (filled). £30-50
172.    A Hallmarked Silver Dish, HA, Sheffield 1920, of shaped oval form with openwork border, 22cms wide, 298grams. £60-80
173.    A Hallmarked Silver Pedestal Bonbon Dish, E.S.B, Birmingham 1920, the plain centre within openwork border, on pedestal base, 85grams. £15-25
174.    A Hallmarked Silver Box, A&LLd, Birmingham 1900, the hinged lid profusely embossed with scrolling decoration, 7.2cms wide. £15-25
175.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, marks rubbed, of tapering design on square bases with canted corners, 19.5cms high (filled). (2) £40-60
176.    A William IV Hallmarked Silver Coronation Folding Knife, the scales relief decorated with profiles of William IV and Queen Adelaide "CRD SEP 8 1831", blade inscribed "E Holliday". £80-120
177.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Bachelor's Teaset, CCP, London 1913, each of compressed circular form with swirl decoration, raised on shell capped hoof feet, total weight 567grams. £120-160
178.    A Hallmarked Silver Pepperette, makers mark indistinct, London 1911, of reeded cylindrical form with domed pierced twist/lock cover, 10cms high, 76grams. £30-50
179.    A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Berry Spoons, possibly Peter & William Bateman (marks rubbed), London 1805, RF, Edinburgh 1788(?) (marks unclear), in fitted case. £50-70
180.    A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, Mappin & Webb, London 1913, of plain baluster form with pierced pull-off cover, on rim base, 111grams. £30-50
181.    A Set of Four Hallmarked Silver Salts, W.D, Birmingham 1907, each of oval reeded form with gilt interior between angular loop handles, in fitted case with four matching spoons. £40-60
182.    A Hallmarked Silver Nurse's Style Buckle, Birmingham 1972, of shaped acanthus leaf design panel form, . £20-30
183.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Ruby Glass Scent Bottle, (hinged lid worn/dented), hallmarks indistinct, Birmingham 1896?; A Small Hand Mirror, with floral decoration, stamped "Turan 900". (2) £20-30
184.    A White Metal Figure, possibly of the Viking fertility God Freyr, approximately 4.3cms high. £40-60
185.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Trinket Boxes, WLC, marks rubbed, each of plain design with hinged lid, raised on three pad feet (damaged). (2) £40-60
186.    A Hallmarked Silver Sovereign Case, Birmingham 1913. £15-20
187.    A Hallmarked Silver Waiter, CB&S, Sheffield 1914, with central scrolling foliate decoration, within gadrooned border, on bun feet, 26.5cms wide, 512grams. £100-150
188.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cut Glass Scent Bottle, makers mark rubbed, Birmingham 1900, the hinged ball cover embossed with scrolling foliage (lacking inner stopper), to globular cut glass body, 15.5cms high. £50-70
189.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Kings Pattern Teaspoons, G&H, Sheffield 1975, in fitted case. £25-40
190.    A Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Apostle Top Coffee Spoons, L&S, Birmingham 1904, in Joseph Rodgers & Sons fitted case. £15-25
191.    A Part Set Of Twelve William IV Hallmarked Silver and Ivory Dessert Knives and Forks, Atkin & Oxley, Sheffield 1833, comprising twelve carved ivory handled dessert knives, nine matching carved ivory handled dessert forks and two replacement forks, unmarked, in (damaged) fitted mahogany box. £100-200
192.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1956, with wavy cut edge, on three hoof feet, 95grams. £20-40
193.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, Adie Bros, Birmingham 1932, of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, 188grams.£40-50
194.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Dressing Table Set, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1959, 1960, comprising hand mirror, hair brush and clothes brush, with engine turned decoration. (3) £30-50
195.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Christening Set, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1958, 1959, 1960, comprising hand mirror, hair brush and clothes brush, with engine turned decoration. £30-50
196.    A Lady's Sterling Part Travelling/Dressing Table Set, makers marks erased, stamped "Sterling", comprising hand mirror, hair brush, clothes brush, two lidded glass pots, further lids, shoe horn, button hook and file, each detailed in relief with scrolling foliate decoration, initialled "EJ". (9)£50-80
197.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Trophy Cup, JS, Sheffield 1928, of tapering octagonal form between acanthus leaf twin handles, on pedestal base with lid, engraved "Hillsborough Park Sunday School Union Boys Cricket League... June 1932", the reverse engraved with winners 1932 to 1959, 529grams. £100-150
198.    A Large Hallmarked Silver Trophy Goblet, makers mark indistinct, Birmingham 1906, of plain circular form with knopped stem, engraved "Hillsboro Park Sunday School Union Boys Football League... 1934", the reverse also engraved and dated, 495grams, on circular socle base. £100-150
199.    A Hallmarked Silver Table Cigarette Box, E&Co Ltd, Birmingham 1962, of rectangular form with crest decoration and turned wood offering handle, raised on four hoof feet, weight 140grams. £30-50
200.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Whisky Water Jug, Hukin & Heath, Birmingham 1922, of plain tapering form with loop handle, silver collar and flat hinged lid; Together with hallmarked silver "Whiskey" label, Hukin & Heath London 1913.£40-60
201.    A Set of Six Mother of Pearl Handled Butter Knives, Wade & Butcher, Sheffield 1923, with silver ferrules, cased. £15-25
202.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard, Thomas Bradbury & Sons, Sheffield 1923, of plain compressed circular form, with blue glass liner, on three hoof feet, with a salt spoon. £15-25
203.    A Hallmarked Silver Pepper Mill, makers mark rubbed, Birmingham 1919, of typical form, with applied plaque "Lytham And St Annes Golf Club", engraved "1st Handicap Prize (1st Division) 16th May 1921 Won By", 8.5cms high (dented). £30-50
204.    A Set of Four Georgian Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, G.W, London 1793, with bright-cut engraved handles, initialled "CI.N". (4)
207.    An Armand Marseille Bisque Head Doll, moulded hair, sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth (teeth loose), cloth body with composition hands, 24cms high. £50-70
208.    MA Child's 'Decca' Record Player, by Dora Roderick, decorated with nursery rhyme figures; And a 78rpm Record.£50-70
209.    Alps Toys (Japan) Television Spaceman Robot. 1960's tinplate model, clear plastic face (lacking one red 'ear'), television screen chest, antenna with securing chain, batteries placed within oxygen tanks to rear. Obvious signs of use, Fair/Good without box.£30-40
210.    A Mid XX Century Russian Tinplate Crane Truck, blue with grey/blue jib. Obvious signs of use, no box. £15-25
211.    Dinky Toys 359 Eagle Transporter, red thrusters, signs of use, near VG in VG/Exc box; 360 Eagle Freighter, red thrusters, Exc in Exc box. (2)£60-80
212.    Matchbox Superfast - thirteen boxed vehicles comprising variants of 7, 19, 28, 30, 34, 42, 45, 47, 52, 54, 61, 68 and 75, conditions vary from Good to Exc, with signs of use, in boxes with minor damage, (some lacking end flap). (13)£70-100
213.    Corgi Toys - 406 Mercedes Benz Unimog, Exc/NM in Exc box; 1302 Piper Navajo, VG in box with crack to lid; 1308 BAC Jaguar, burned canopy otherwise VG in VG box. (3)£40-60
214.    Subbuteo - A good selection of club and international teams, accessories etc, comprising ten complete sets including C138 England, seventeen incomplete or repainted sets, camera tower, photographs, four trophies etc, generally in good to very good boxes.£60-100
215.    A 3.5" Gauge Scratch Built Model of a 4-4-2 Loco, of wood and metal construction, in need of restoration, 80cms long. £30-40
216.    Hornby Dublo Part EDP2 Electric Train Set, comprising 3-rail 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' loco, tender and two passenger coaches in LMS maroon, VG/Exc in near VG box; D1 Through Station, VG/Exc with 'Newark' stickers in Good box with splits to corners; D1 Girder Bridge, Exc in Exc 1950's box. (3) £70-100
217.    Triang Spot-On Model #117 Jones Crane KL10-10, minor signs of use. VG/Exc with instructions and picture slip in VG box. £50-70
218.    Triang Scalextric Set CM33, in VG box; Grande Bridge Set, with instructions, in VG box; Two Porsche GT CK/2 Cars, VG/Exc in similar boxes, Four Unboxed Cars, including Ford GT #12 and D Type Jaguar #15; together with five boxed sets of track, banners etc. £80-120
219.    An Early XX Century Mohair Teddy Bear, boot button eyes, suede pads (possibly restored) with stuffing shifted/lacking from head, torso and legs, 49cms high. £40-60
220.    A Merrythought Cheeky Teddy Bear, rattling ears, felt pads, 24 cms high; A Mid to Late XX Century Moulded Plastic Figure of a Gnome; together with A Porcelain Figure of a Clown. (3)£30-40
221.    A Mid XX Century Teddy Bear, three seam snout, jointed limbs, rexine pads to paws with felt pads to feet, 65 cms high; Another, mid XX Century teddy bear, poor condition; and A Soft Sensations Teddy. (3)£50-70
222.    A St. Michael's "Wings Flying Club" Diecast Set by Corgi Toys, comprising Land Rover and trailer, helicopter, Lotus Elite, Nipper Aircraft, excellent in box with split window.£80-120
223.    Triang R50 Princess Elizabeth Loco and Tender, (two models), Triang Transcontinental Diesel Loco, Observation Coach and Other Rolling Stock, no boxes; A Pre-War Hornby Wooden Tunnel, with label to inner :- Two Trays.£30-40
230.    A XIX Century Walnut Circular Cased School Clock, by Ansonia, with eight-day movement and black painted Roman numerals to white dial, 41 cms diameter.£80-120
231.    An Early XX Century Silver Plate on Copper Domed Cased Mantle Clock, with barley twist columns, bun feet and Arabic numerals to silvered dial bearing retailers label, The Sheffield Goldsmiths Co., Fargate, (rubbed).£100-140
232.    An Edwardian Mahogany Dome Cased Mantle Clock, with batwing inlay on stepped base and brass ball feet, 8 day movement having Westminster chimes and Arabic numerals to silvered dial, 32.5cms high. £60-90
233.    A XIX Century Inlaid Rosewood Mantle Clock Case with circular brass dial and carrying handle, Roman numerals, with later quartz movement, 23cms high.£30-50
234.    Zentih; A Gilt Metal and Enamel Lady's Bedroom Alarm Clock, the signed circular dial with black Arabic numerals within rectangular case, the cream ground highlighted with mauve and orange foliate decoration, raised on bun feet, with stepped top, case stamped "Zenith No 2986 Zenith Watch Co Switzerland MÉTAL DORÉ", movement stamped "Zenith Watch Co Swiss Made 31221", door stamped "2996", height 12cms. £60-80
235.    An XVIII Century Longcase Clock, the hood with circular aperture and ormolu mounts to Corinthian columns, the trunk and base heavily carved with vases, flowers and dolphins, the thirty-hour movement with brass dial by T. Morgan, Edinburgh, bearing sun face, (later carving), 184.5 cms high.£300-500
236.    An Edwardian Rosewood Dome Cased Mantle Clock, with gilt metal acorn finials and turned columns on bracket feet, with eight-day movement and Roman numerals to white enamel dial, 31.5 cms high.£100-150
241.    A Fancy-Link Albert Chain, composed of elongated twisted and textured circular links, stamped "9ct", to double swivel, both stamped "9ct", suspending T-Bar. £60-80
242.    A Fancy-Link Muff Chain, of uniform design to single swivel. £300-400
243.    A Belcher-Link Muff Chain, applied "9ct", of uniform design to single swivel, stamped "9c", suspending gilt metal propelling pencil, cross pendant, stamped "9ct" etc. £150-200
244.    A 9ct Gold Fancy-Link Watch Chain, to double swivel (damaged). £150-200
245.    A Hallmarked Silver Graduated Albert Chain, suspending T-Bar, to single swivel, also suspending St.Johns Ambulance Association pendant "364503 James A Batty", a vacant medallion pendant and a hallmarked silver ingot. £15-30
246.    A Fancy-Link Watch Chain, composed of belcher and pierced panel links, suspending hallmarked silver medallion pendant, Another Fancy-Link Chain, to swivel and oversized bolt ring, a graduated watch chain, another and a 94 inch long fine belcher-link chain. £20-30
247.    An Albertina, composed of ropetwist and belcher-link chains, to scroll ends and central foliate decorated sliding panel, to single swivel. £30-40
248.    A Faceted Belcher-Link Guard / Muff Chain, of uniform design to single swivel. £20-30
249.    A Ropetwist Guard / Muff Chain, of uniform design to single swivel. £20-30
250.    A Belcher-Link Guard / Muff Chain, of uniform design to single swivel, Together with Another, a long belcher-link chain, a belcher-link part chain and another to single swivel. (5)
255.    An 18ct White Gold Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring, the central circular sapphire claw set between two illusion set brilliant-cut diamonds. £180-220
256.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band; Together with A 9ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. (2) £70-90
257.    An 18ct Gold Pear-Shape Single Stone Diamond Ring, approximate diamond weight 1.06cts. £1100-1300
258.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Ring, the central stone bar claw set between brilliant-cut diamond channel set shoulders, approximate total diamond weight 0.70cts. £750-850
259.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with central emerald-cut diamond between two brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.01cts. £1400-1800
260.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform stones bar claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.06cts. £900-1000
261.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the central stone semi-tension set between crossover shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.59cts. £900-1100
262.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone six claw set, approximate diamond weight 0.71cts. £650-750
263.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stones claw set, approximate total diamond weight 3.10cts. £4500-5000
264.    An 18ct Two Tone Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform stones rub-over set, approximate total diamond weight 0.83cts. £550-650
265.    An 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones claw set, approximate diamond weight 1.08cts. £850-950
266.    An 18ct Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones bar claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.03cts. £750-850
267.    An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Flowerhead Cluster Ring, claw set with brilliant-cut stones, approximate total diamond weight 2.70cts.£2500-3000
268.    An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, the central oval tanzanite four claw set between diamond set shoulders. £420-480
269.    An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring, the central oval tanzanite within uniform claw set border of brilliant-cut diamonds. £900-1100
270.    A Byzantine Style Single Stone Diamond Ring, the plain wide tapering band with raised edges high collet set to the centre with an old oval cut diamond, stamped "18ct", approximate diamond weight 1.10cts. £1200-1500
271.    A Gent's 18ct Gold Victorian Style Single Stone Diamond Ring, the central stone reeded claw set, approximate diamond weight 0.52cts. £850-950
272.    A Gent's 18ct Gold Diamond Set Ring, the square panel off-centre set with a brilliant-cut diamond. £700-800
273.    An 18ct Gold Princess-Cut Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform stones bar claw set, approximate total diamond weight 2.50cts. £2500-3000
274.    An 18ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the central oval stone claw set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, stamped "50pts". £100-150
275.    A 22ct Plain Gold Wedding Band, (cut). £80-100
276.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring, together with another (damaged). (2)£80-120
277.    An Oval Cameo Ring, a 9ct gold signet ring, a buckle ring (damaged) an 18ct gold lady's ring (damaged), a wishbone ring. £40-60
278.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, uniform set with old-cut stones in closed back setting. £40-60
279.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone eight claw set between high tapering shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.65cts (diameter 6mm). £450-650
280.    A Gent's 9ct Gold Tiger's Eye Signet Ring, a 9ct gold cufflink, a curb-link bracelet to heart-shape padlock clasp, 9ct gold signet ring, heart-shape locket pendant etc. £100-200
281.    A Victorian 22ct Gold Wedding Band, a gent's 22ct gold wedding band, a three stone ring, a 15ct gold ring (one stone absent) and another. (5) £200-300
282.    A Turquoise Single Stone Dress Ring, the polished oval cabochon stone claw set between textured shoulders. £30-50
283.    A Modern Openwork Dress Ring, of crossover design, stamped "14k"; Together with A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, of twist design. (2)£30-50
284.    A Rectangular Sapphire Cluster Ring, claw and collet set, on fine shank. £100-150
285.    An Art Deco Turquoise and Diamond Cluster Ring, the central oval cabochon turquoise within uniform border of single-cut diamonds (white metal mount unmarked). £150-200
286.    A Pearl and Diamond Cocktail Ring, set to the centre with three single-cut diamonds, within border of four claw set pearls, between plain tapering shoulders, stamped "10k". £150-200
287.    A Diamond Set Cocktail Ring, high set to the centre with brilliant-cut diamond, within double crescent border of single-cut diamonds, the white metal mount unmarked. £150-200
288.    A 9ct Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with brilliant-cut stones. £80-100
289.    A Modern Diamond Circular Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, hallmarks rubbed. £350-400
290.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated old and single-cut stones in scroll carved setting, stamped "18ct", inscribed "L to I Aug 1951". £60-80
291.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, stamped "18ct"; A Three Stone Crossover Style Ring, stamped "18ct Plat"; and two five stone diamond rings (lacking one diamond / alteration). (4) £80-120
292.    An Art Deco Single Stone Diamond Ring, the central circular stone eight claw set between six collet rub over set baguette-cut diamonds, shank inscribed "WSC - MHP 19.7.39", stamped "PLAT", approximate principal diamond weight 1.35cts (diameter 8mm). £2000-2500
293.    An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, composed of three oval sapphires, claw set spaced by four single-cut diamonds. £150-200
294.    A 9ct Gold Cabochon Garnet Ring, oval collet set within textured border. £60-80
296.    An 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Bangle, of uniform design claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.50cts. £1500-2000
297.    A XIX Century Bangle, of stylised openwork knot design, with textured detail, hinged to snap clasp, indistinctly stamped "15"(?). £150-200
298.    An Edwardian 9ct Gold Bangle, of boat-shape, within twisted border, hinged to snap clasp, set with graduated circular stones spaced by diamond chips, Chester 1908. £60-80
299.    An Edwardian 9ct Gold Bangle, set to the front with star set diamonds between openwork reeded bangle and applied bead detail, hinged to snap clasp, Chester 1900. £100-150
300.    A 9ct Gold Gate-Link Bracelet, of uniform design, to 9ct gold heart-shape padlock clasp. £70-90
301.    A Fancy-Link Bracelet, stamped "375" (damaged); A Figaro-Link Bracelet, stamped "9kt" (damaged); A Curb-Link Bracelet, to lobster clasp, stamped "9k" (damaged); and assorted broken links. £400-500
302.    A Fancy-Link Bracelet, stamped "375"; A 9ct Gold Curb-link Bracelet, and an openwork bracelet, to lobster clasp, stamped "375". £250-300
303.    A Curb-Link Bracelet, stamped "9ct"; A 9ct Gold Expanding Watch Bracelet; a fancy-link chain and a muff chain, to single swivel. £100-150
304.    Hermes; A Black and Gold Plated Bangle, inside stamped "Hermes Paris" "Made in Austria +E", 6.5cms diameter. £60-80
305.    A Geometric Link Panel Bracelet, of uniform textured design, to snap clasp. £30-50
306.    A Chunky Gilt Metal Bracelet, further gilt metal panel bracelets, upper arm bangle indistinctly scratched "July 8th 1929", wirework bangle and another. (7) £40-60
307.    A Modern 9ct White Gold Diamond Set Bracelet, of uniform design with millegrain diamond set panels; Together with a 9ct White Gold Reef Knot Design Ring, with textured detail. (2) £120-160
308.    A XIX Century Five Row Garnet Bracelet, the uniform beads strung to rose-cut set snap clasp.£300-400
309.    A Coin Bracelet, (gilded), composed of seven coins with applied connection links - one George III Sixpence 1820 and six George VI Sixpences, 1937 (3), 1938 (3). £25-40
310.    An Eastern White Metal Bracelet, of uniform design highlighted in blue, green, turquoise and red enamel, with applied scroll detail to sliding pin clasp, each panel verso stamped "84N.U"; An Inset Curved Panel Bracelet, hinged to snap clasp, stamped "925"; A Bangle, with scrolling decoration and engraved to the inside with image of a dragon. (3) £50-70
311.    A Knife-Edge Hinged Bangle, cluster set to the centre, to snap clasp; Together with Matching Bar Brooch, (lacking pin); A Child's Torque Bangle. (3) £30-50
312.    An Emerald Set Bangle, claw set to the centre with oval cluster, between scroll shoulders and plain bangle; Together with A Mesh Ropetwist Bracelet. (2) £30-50
313.    A 9ct Gold Uniform Curb-Link Chain, altered to a double row bracelet, suspending eight assorted 9ct gold and other novelty charm pendants, to large bolt ring. £300-400
314.    An Eastern Style Bracelet, of textured design, to snap clasp and safety chain, stamped "14k". £350-450
315.    A Wide Hinged Bangle, foliate engraved, modelled as a belt and buckle, rings, beads, oval pendant on chain, brooches etc. £20-40
316.    A 9ct Gold Curb-Link Bracelet, to heat-shape padlock clasp, suspending fifteen novelty charm pendants and a swivel pendant mount. £300-350
317.    A Gate-Link Style Bracelet, of uniform and textured design, stamped "9ct", to heart-shape padlock clasp with leaf engraved decoration, stamped "9ct Gold". £100-150
319.    An Oval Cameo Brooch, similar earstuds, oval locket pendants, padlock clasps, 9ct gold heart pendant on chain, pearl drop pendant, novelty charm pendants etc. £100-200
320.    A Bar Brooch, composed of double knife-edge, applied with fox head, horseshoe and riding crop, in fitted box. £15-25
321.    An Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile with fruiting vines in her hair (damaged), collet set in scroll applied mount, stamped "9ct"; Together with Another, (damaged), in plain collet mount with pendant loop, stamped "375", on chain. £30-50
322.    A Charles Horner Hallmarked Silver Brooch, CH, Chester 1908, the circular disc with scroll design, highlighted in green and turquoise enamel, applied to stock pin. £40-60
323.    A XIX Century Brooch, of shaped and central bombé design, collet claw set, within textured leaf scroll and applied beaded details (lacking pendant drop); Together with Matching Earrings En-Suite, each of raised and textured design, with collet set detail with pendant drop, on hook fitting, in XIX Century (damaged) fitted box (stones damaged/repaired). £400-600
324.    A XIX Century Brooch, of oval raised and textured design, with collet set and applied detail and stylised flowerheads, suspending bead chain and similar pendant drop. £100-200
325.    A Victorian Citrine Brooch, oval collet set to the centre, within openwork scroll border. £50-70
326.    A Victorian Style 9ct Gold Amethyst and Seed Pearl Set Brooch/Pendant, of openwork scrolling design with central oval amethyst, on split pendant bale, suspending pendant drop (lacking seed pearl); Together with A Pair of Matching Victorian Style 9ct Gold Amethyst Set Earpendants, of leaf scroll design with central oval amethyst, London 1973. (3) £120-160
327.    A Victorian Diamond Set Crescent Brooch, set with thirteen graduated circular red stones, spaced by diamond chips. £100-150
328.    A Modern Pearl Set Brooch, of openwork textured design, applied with three graduated pearl beads, stamped monogram and "585". £100-120
329.    A Flag Bar Brooch, the red and white stone set flag applied to circular mount on stock pin. £40-60
330.    A Tassel Drop Bar Brooch, the double bar with ball finials, applied with central star set shield between scrolling detail, stamped "15c", suspending tassel drop. £120-160
331.    A Pair of Small Shell Cameo Brooches, depicting female profiles with pendant loops, star burst brooch, a single stone bar brooch, further cameo, souvenir brooch, diamanté buckles etc. £40-60
332.    A Goldstone Brooch, the circular panel claw set on tubular bar; An Edwardian Heart-Shape Brooch, with seed and half pearl detail (one absent), stirrup and crop bar brooch, horseshoe and crop brooch, 'Pwllheli' leaf brooch, costume fly brooch etc. £30-50
333.    A Collection of Assorted Bar Brooches, including name brooches, Scottish tie slide etc. £30-50
334.    A Micromosaic Brooch, of circular design, an oval micromosaic pendant with pendant drop (lacking pendant loop), a shell brooch, carved hardstone panel necklace, hardstone pendant etc. £40-60
335.    A 9ct Gold Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile; An Oval Cameo Pendant, within marcasite set border; Another, in white metal mount; A Gold Plated Cameo, and another. (5) £40-60
336.    A 9ct Gold Mounted Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, collet set within ropetwist border; A Smaller 9ct Gold Oval Cameo Brooch, claw set with openwork border. (2) £40-60
337.    An Oval Cameo Brooch/Pendant, depicting floral spray, collet set within plain mount and bale, indistinctly stamped. £40-60
338.    An Oval Cameo Brooch/Pendant, depicting female profile with scrolling foliate decoration, deep collet set, with swivel pendant loop. £40-60
339.    A Oval Cameo Brooch, depicting classical gentleman, collet set; A Sun Dial Ring, "Carpe Diem"; A Hardstone Inset Ring, and an oval brooch depicting crinoline lady. (4) £30-50
340.    An Oval Cameo Brooch, in 9ct gold openwork mount; Together with A Double Sided Circular Locket, on belcher-link chain applied "9c", to clasp stamped "9c". £30-50
341.    An Arts & Crafts Polished Hardstone Brooch, the oval cabochon collet set within rectangular mount, applied with stylised leaves, indistinctly stamped "Silver"; Together with Another Brooch, of panel design within shaped border with cabochon highlights, suspending tear drop, stamped "925". (2) £20-30
342.    A Modern 9ct Gold Openwork Brooch, of stylised leaf design with pearl highlights (one absent). £50-70
343.    An Oval Shell Carved Cameo, (17 x 14mm) depicting female profile, in plain collet frame, scratch signed to the reverse. £20-30
345.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Earrings, each of triple teardrop design, rub-over set with three brilliant-cut diamonds.£220-280
346.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.52cts. £380-450
347.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Earstuds, each of trefoil design, set with three brilliant-cut stones. £380-450
348.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set on screw posts, approximate total diamond weight 0.62cts. £480-550
349.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.65cts. £400-500
350.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.10cts. £1100-1300
351.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set on screw posts, approximate total diamond weight 1.60cts. £1500-2000
352.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone three claw set, approximate total diamond weight 2.05cts. £3000-4000
353.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each princess-cut stone rub-over collet set, approximate total diamond weight 1.50cts. £1500-2000
354.    A Pair of 18ct Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Earstuds, each claw set with a cushion shape tanzanite within border of brilliant-cut diamonds. £550-650
355.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted 9ct Gold and Other Earrings, (some odd) including hoops, studs etc. £200-300
357.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set on split bale and 18ct white gold chain, approximate diamond weight 0.20cts. £180-250
358.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set on long bale set with five small brilliant-cut diamonds, on 18ct white gold chain, approximate diamond weight 0.50cts. £550-650
359.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set on wide bale, on fancy 18ct white gold chain, approximate diamond weight 0.55cts.£750-850
360.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the princess-cut stone four claw set, on 18ct white gold chain, approximate diamond weight 0.28cts.£320-380
361.    An 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Openwork Heart-Shape Pendant, claw set with brilliant-cut diamonds, on fancy 18ct white gold chain. £700-800
362.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Set Necklace, of plain uniform design, to a 'V' front, rub-over collet set with a brilliant-cut diamond. £900-1100
363.    An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Tear-Drop Cluster Pendant, on split bale and fancy 18ct white gold chain. £800-900
364.    A XIX Century Micromosaic Pendant, of elongated design with three drops, depicting dove and floral sprigs, with applied beaded detail (slight loss), on fancy-link chain, to engraved clasp (damaged). £300-500
365.    An Edwardian Synthetic Ruby and Diamond Negligee Pendant, the openwork panel claw set to the centre with synthetic teardrop, suspending two further tear drops with floral surmounts on diamond and knife-edge connections, the whole on fine-link chain, in fitted Hartley Sintzenich & Hayward Jewellers & Silversmiths 77 Jermyn St. London case. £1400-1800
366.    A 9ct Gold Belcher-Link Chain, of uniform design, to bolt ring. £250-300
367.    A Belcher-Link Chain, of uniform design, stamped "375", to bolt ring (detached). £120-180
368.    A 9ct Gold Framed Locket Pendant, an oval locket pendant, a bow brooch suspending swivel, a gate-link bracelet, chains. £20-30
369.    A Curb-Link Chain, of uniform design, stamped "18c", to bolt ring (damaged). £260-300
370.    An Edwardian Amethyst and Seed Pearl Openwork Pendant/Brooch, applied "9ct"; A Turquoise and Seed Pearl Openwork Pendant, applied "9ct", another openwork pendant/brooch and a damaged/incomplete example. (4) £80-100
371.    A Spherical Pendant, set with vari-coloured gemstones on pendant loop, indistinctly stamped. £40-60
372.    A Continental Guilloche Enamel Circular Locket Pendant, the front hand painted in mauve, pink and blue depicting rowing boat at full sail with mountains in the distance, numbered 821, stamped "935" (damaged). £30-50
373.    A XIX Century Garnet Bead Necklace, the uniform faceted beads knotted to white metal clasp. £60-80
374.    A Bird Pendant, of naturalistic design modelled as bird with outstretched wings (with pendant loops) and open beak, with gem set eye; Together with Further Pendant, of tied ribbon bow design, with central textured panel and collet set detail. (2) £100-150
375.    A Victorian Pendant, of scrolling lozenge design with central enamel decoration, on textured bale (alterations); Together with Another, similar with raised central panel, an oval locket brooch, an elongated pendant with floral decoration, 'Baby' brooch, swivel fob pendant, bar brooch, stock pin etc. £80-120
376.    A Bloodstone and Cornelian Swivel Fob Pendant, on plain collet setting, applied "9ct", A Carved Jade Pendant, depicting seated female, an elephant pendant and a ring. (4) £30-50
377.    A Graduated Faceted Bead Necklace, a guard chain, gilt metal pendant, Solora pendant watch, Stema novelty pendant watch, necklace, brooch. £25-40
378.    A Hardstone Inset Locket Pendant, with foliate engraved decoration; An Oval Engine Turned Locket Pendant, a circular example, a compass pendant on chain etc. £30-50
379.    A Large Openwork Scrolling Pendant/Brooch, with oval drop and seed pearl detail (lacking pin), stamped "GD IP18"(?); An Earpendant, (converted to a brooch), an inset cross pendant, shield pendant etc. £40-60
380.    An Edwardian Moonstone Fringe Necklace, composed of graduated drops, on fine chain to clasp stamped "9c" (lacking one drop). £80-120
381.    A 9ct Gold Flat Necklace, of graduated geometric design, to snap clasp and safety bolt ring. £200-300
382.    A Citrine Heart-Shape Pendant, the single stone in plain collet setting, on chain; A XIX Century Oval Brooch, with seed pearl border, stamped "15ct" (repaired). (2) £30-50
383.    A Large Victorian Oval Diamond Set Locket Pendant, of plain design, star set to the centre with graduated old-cut diamond (chips), on plain bale, on oval belcher-link chain. £650-750
384.    A Modern 9ct Gold Openwork Necklace, of geometric graduated design to bolt ring. £140-160
386.    A Diamond Set Cocktail Watch, the circular dial with Arabic numerals within wide octagonal diamond set case, to hinged diamond set shoulders and expanding bracelet, inside case stamped "PLATINE PUR" (battery movement).£300-400
387.    Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Watch, to bracelet with 9ct gold clasp; Omega; A Lady's Watch, to incorrect expanding bracelet, inscribed "9ct", a 9ct gold cased watch with red and black Arabic numerals, on leather strap, further 9ct gold cased watch, and another. (5) £150-250
388.    Omega; A World War I Period Hallmarked Silver Cased Wristwatch Head, the signed circular black dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial within plain case to wire lugs, case numbered "5866961" "Omega", import marks for London 1917, movement stamped "Omega 5040913" (damaged/losses). £30-50
389.    Everite; A Lady's 9ct Gold Cased Watch, on 9ct gold expanding bracelet; Rone; A Lady's 9ct Gold Cased Watch, on 9ct gold bracelet; and another lady's watch. (3) £100-200
390.    Omega; A 1950's Gent's 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with Arabic and dagger markers and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, Birmingham 1956, to 9ct gold uniform brick-link bracelet, Birmingham 1963. £200-300
391.    Omega; A 1950's Gent's 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, within plain case, Birmingham 1956, on leather strap with 9ct gold Omega buckle. £80-120
392.    A Gold Plated Cased Lady's Watch, the dial marked "HERMES", with Arabic and baton markers, within plain case (stainless steel back), to integral geometric link bracelet and snap clasp. £30-50
393.    Thos Russell & Sons Liverpool; A Gold Plated Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed white enamel dial with black Roman numerals (minute hand detached but present) and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, in a fitted box; Together with A Westclox Pocket Ben Openface Pocketwatch. £30-50
394.    A Hallmarked Silver Pair Case Pocketwatch, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, within plain case, movement marked "J N Moore Keightley 10864" (movement damaged), E.B, Birmingham 1827 (lacking pair case). £50-80
395.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the enamel dial with black Roman numerals within engine turned case, internally decorated with inscribed "John Moore", W.H, London 1874 (damages); Prescot; A Hallmarked Silver Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial within engine turned case, movement signed "Lancashire Watch Co Ltd VIGIL 845953". (2) £30-50
396.    A Military Pocketwatch, with once luminous Arabic numerals and hands and seconds subsidiary dial, case stamped with arrow above "G.S.T.P. F051379"; A Smiths Empire Openface Pocketwatch, a 'Regus' pocketwatch, St.Johns Ambulance medallion pendant "216562 Winifred Charlesworth", shield plaque, engine turned pencil, micromosaic brooch, watch chain, further brooch, pendant etc. £30-50
397.    A Hallmarked Silver Openface Pocketwatch, the "Improved Patent" signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial within plain case, movement set with diamond end stone and inscribed 1893, London 1858 (dial hinge broken); W W Co Waltham; A Lady's Openface Fob Watch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals, within plain case, movement cover inscribed "Presented to Miss J L Oliver by a few friends in Messrs G J Mason & Co XMAS 1903"; and four watch keys. £30-50
398.    Zenith; A Gent's Openface Pocketwatch, the white enamel dial marked "Carnaval de Venise Paris", with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case numbered "115159", movement signed "Zenith 1649692", movement cover marked "Grand Prix Paris 1900 Zenith", Swiss control marks, Insurance Valuation stating tests as 18ct gold. £600-800
399.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, the movement cover bearing presentation inscription "Presented to Arthur Unwin Newsome... by Thos W Ward Limited Albion Works Sheffield... 17th August 1912", movement signed E.Rippon, Wicker, Sheffield, in plain case, London 1911, in fitted E.Rippon case; Together with Another Openface Pocketwatch, the white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, stamped "0.935". £40-60
400.    A Gold Plated Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the black military style dial with white Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement stamped "ROLEX LEVER SWISS MADE", in plain Dennison watch case; Together with A Le Paix Slim Hunter Fob Watch, on chain. £150-250
401.    Helvetia; Military Pocketwatch, the signed black dial with once luminous Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, case stamped "G.S / T.P 167712" above arrow; Together with Another Similar, (damaged/incomplete), case stamped "G.S / T.P 167711" above arrow. (2) £30-50
402.    Wm Greenwood & Sons Leeds & Huddersfield; A 9ct Gold Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white enamel dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, movement stamped "15 FIFTEEN JEWELS ROLEX", A.L.D Dennison watch case, Birmingham 1926. £300-500
403.    A Hallmarked Silver Pair Case Pocketwatch, the white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals and hand painted rural scene with buildings and trees with figure and farm animal in the foreground, movement inscribed "No.6127 Weston Liverpool", W.R Birmingham 1801, (damaged/lacking balance cock) in plain outer case. £80-120
404.    A Hallmarked Silver Pair Case Pocket Watch, the enamel dial hand painted to the centre with a blacksmith shoeing a horse with gentleman standing by, within border of black Roman numerals, within plain case, ES, Sheffield 1805(?) (no duty mark), movement with foliate and scroll pierced balance cock, in plain outer case (damages, glass present but damaged/repaired). £250-350
405.    Cyma; A Lady's Hunter Fob Watch, the signed dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (damaged no glass), in engine turned case; A Uniform Link Watch Chain, and a leaf engraved disc applied bar brooch, in a fitted case. (3) £20-30
406.    An Openface Lady's Fob Watch, the foliate engraved dial with black Roman numerals within leaf scroll engraved case, stamped "18k", movement cover stamped "Exd by Aldred & Son George St Gt Yarmouth", No.7054, in fitted box. £140-160
407.    Emka; An Art Deco Lady's Diamond Set Cocktail Watch, the signed dial with baton markers, within elongated rectangular bezel and shoulders, set throughout with single-cut diamonds, to leather cord strap, case inscribed "Platinum". £600-700
408.    A Pair of Victorian 15ct Gold Cufflinks, Birmingham 1877, the foliate engraved panels on elongated link connections, bearing small monogram stamp. £100-120
409.    Bank of England Banknotes - £20 (Somerset) (3); £10 (Somerset) (8) and £5 (Fforde) (12).
N.B. Regularly the notes are choice and there are some mint runs present. £240-300
410.    A Selection of BU GB Coinage Offered in Coin Tubes, comprising 1967 halfcrowns (125), 1966 halfcrowns (25), 1966 florins (25), 1966 threepences (25) and 1967 halfpennies (25). £20-40
411.    Eleven Pounds and Thirty Five Pence, in pre-1947 silver coins. £120-200
412.    32 George VI Halfcrowns, all are pre-1947 and are offered in the highest grades. £50-80
413.    Halfcrowns - 1914, 1915 (two coins), 1916 (two coins), 1917, 1918 and 1919. All choice. £70-120
414.    Halfcrowns - 1927, 1931 (two coins), 1932, 1935 and 1936. £60-90
415.    26 Post 1946 Halfcrowns, all are in the higher grades and an uncirculated coin dated 1954 is included. £30-50
416.    Florins - 1914, 1918 and 1936. All un-circulated but occasional toning. £20-30
417.    23 King George VI Florins - all pre-1947 and all in the higher grades. £30-50
418.    Sixpences - 1888 (BU), 1896 (GVF) and 1911 (BU). £50-80
419.    Shillings - 1915 (BU), 1918 (unc) and 1926 (Type II) NEF. £20-40
420.    Seven Pounds Fifty Seven and a Half Pence Total Face Value, of pre-1947 silver coins. £70-120
421.    A Key-Date 1952 Sixpence, EF. £10-20
422.    Pennies - 1951 and 1953 (pair). All uncirculated with lustre. £20-40
423.    Farthings - 1838 (GF), 1888 (unc) and 1956 (BU). 28 other farthings which regularly have mint lustre. £15-25
424.    A Range of USA Coinage, including an un-circulated dollar dated 1880, a choice half dollar dated 1963 and a large cent dated 1835 (GF). £15-25
425.    A Tub of Mixed GB and Foreign Coins and Related Items, including banknotes. £15-25
426.    Halfpennies - 1929 (BU), 1934 (GVF w/c) and 1953 (unc). Approximately 49 other halfpennies which regularly are un-circulated. £20-30
427.    Shillings - 1928, 1936, 1939 Sc, 1940 Sc, 1942 E. A 1953 plastic set of coins (plastic undamaged).l The set of four farthings from the reign of QE11; all BU. £15-20
428.    A Cartwheel Twopence 1797, F but usual edge damage; A penny, 1862 NF/F; A shilling, 1826, NF; A silver threepence, 1918, BU. An assortment of other coins including modern decimals. £20-30
429.    24 Sets of Britain's First Decimal Coins, (blue plastic cases). GB proof sets - 1970 (two sets) and 1971; A pair of 1951 proof coins. £20-30
430.    17 Cased Coin Sets, regularly GB Commonwealth and sometimes silver. An Isle of Man 1874-1974 proof crown (Pobjoy). Other items. £40-60
431.    Victorian Sovereign 1893, loose set in circular pendant mount. £120-160
432.    A Part Cased Set of Three Mother of Pearl Studs, an 18ct gold stud, pair of 9ct gold cufflinks on chain connections and a bangle of crossover design (damaged). £40-60
433.    Military Interest - 1939-45 Star, The Pacific Star, The Atlantic Star, 'Association de Sta Rita de Casia' pendant, Queens Own Gurkha Transporters Regiment badge, 1941 coin pendant, Royal British Legion badges, RWAFF badge. £30-50
434.    A Ball Pendant, made from a 1951 Half Crown and another, a chiming ball pendant, a bar brooch, a button hook, novelty souvenir pendant, pair of dress buttons etc. £20-40
435.    George V Sovereign, 1912, loose mounted into uniform link panel bracelet, to 9ct gold heart-shape padlock clasp. £120-160
436.    A Masonic Ball Pendant, opening to form a cross, stamped "9ct & Sil", to pendant loop and swivel. £40-60
437.    A Propelling Toothpick, with allover leaf scroll engraved decoration, initialled "MAS" (damaged). £25-40
438.    George V Sovereign, 1912. £120-160
439.    Edward VII Half Sovereign, 1910; George V Half Sovereign, 1911, both VF. (2) £120-140
440.    Edward VII Sovereign, 1909, Perth Mint, Near VF. £120-140
441.    A Late XIX Century Chrystoleum
Of a lady in classical costume, standing on steps with swans in attendance,
23 x 18 cms.£45-65
442.    A Late XIX Century Chrystoleum - After Eugen Von Blaas
Featuring a lady, water carriers and onlookers,
19 x 24 cms.£45-65
443.    A Late XIX Century Chrystoleum
Of three ladies seated in conversation,
23 x 17.5 cms.£55-85
444.    W HUNT
A pheasant on a cottage garden path, pen ink and watercolour, card on board,
15 x 23cms. £40-60
445.    A XIX Century Chrystoleum
A melon seller and prospective buyer,
24.5 x 18 cms, in gilt frame with velvet mount.£40-60
446.    A XIX Century Chrystoleum
A Regency courting couple,
24.5 x 18 cms, in gilt frame with velvet mount.£40-60
"Great Landscape", screen print, edition of 27, signed and dated 1968,
51 x 61.5 cms;
Another Similar,
47 x 63 cms. (2)£30-50
Study of galloping stallions, pastel drawing highlighted in white, signed and dated '61 lower right,
32 x 62.5 cms.£20-40
Nine XIX Century Rake's Progress Engravings, 'His Expensive Levee', 'Resorts to a Gaming Table and is Ruined by Sharpers', 'He is Chained Raving Mad in Bedlam',
each approximately 23.5 x 31.5cms. (9)
450.    TOSHI YOSHIDA (1911-1995)
Plum Tree Of The Friendly Garden, woodblock print, 1980 Franklin Gallery label verso,
52 x 26 cms within mount.£50-80
"The Pick Of The Pack", monochrome print, published by Thomas Agnew 1901, signed in graphite to the margin lower left, (slightly foxed),
53 x 65 cms.£100-150
453.    FRED HINES
Lady and child by a gathering of ducklings, Another, of a lady by a cottage door, watercolours, a pair, both signed lower right,
17 x 38 cms. (2)£300-400
454.    THOMAS BUSH HARDY (1842-97)
'Ambleteuse', with clipper ship and fishing smacks in attendance, watercolour, signed with title and dated 1893 lower right, (restoration top right)
22 x 34.5 cms.£200-300
Bruges, Where The Water Gently Glides; Kingsbury Mid...., a pair, watercolours, signed,
43 x 67 cms£100-200
456.    JOHN GUTTERIDGE SYKES (1866-1941) (Sheffield Artist)
Harbour scene, looking inland, watercolour,
27 x 37cms, within mount, framed and glazed. £80-120
Portrait of Elizabeth Anne Hall (daughter of General Thomas Hall), an XVIII Century study of her sporting a white dress and bonnet with blue ribbon, linking arms with a spaniel dog, oil and gouache, many details verso,
51 x 41.5cms. £1000-1500
458.    STANLEY ROYLE (1888-1961) (Sheffield Artist)
Thatched and other cottages by a bridge and a river with trees in the foreground, watercolour, signed lower left, 16.5 x 25 cms.£200-400
Lord Leycester Hospital, Westgate, Warwick looking towards the church watercolour, signed indistinctly with other indecipherable details,
23 x 33 cms.£30-50
Cottages and woodland with figures in the distance, pencil and watercolour, initialled T.M.R. lower left,
23 x 33.5 cms.
* Provenance - purchased from Bonhams 2006.£200-300
Moorland mountain scene with blooming heather in the foreground, gouaches, a pair, signed lower left and right,
25.5 x 37.5 cms.£30-50
462.    THOMAS BUSH HARDY (1842-1897)
'Calais Pier' and another similar of fishing smacks and rowing boat, in choppy sea, pair of watercolours, both signed and dated 1893,
17 x 25cms, .
463.    PAUL BERTRAM (1872-1929)
Woodland scene with silver birch amongst bluebells, watercolour, signed and dated 1913,
34.5 x 24.5cms.£20-40
464.    ARTHUR GERALD ACKERMANN R.I. (1876-1960)
"Priory Mill" - Fritton Mill, Great Yarmouth, with sea and white cliffs in the background, watercolour, signed lower left, Fine Art Society label verso,
23 x 35 cms.£200-300
465.    WILLIAM YORKE MACGREGOR R.S.A. (1855-1923)
"A French Port", watercolour and pastel, signed lower central, label verso,
29 x 34.5 cms.£100-200
466.    VINCENT HENRY LINES (1909-1968)
"Pulborough Bridge", watercolour, signed lower right and dated indistinctly, label verso,
37 x 53.5 cms.£100-200
467.    CHARLES L. SAUNDERS (1855-1915)
A rocky countryside river scene with buildings and waterwheel in the background, watercolour, signed lower left,
47.5 x 73 cms.£200-300
468.    A. WHITE
A view of a church tower seen through a forest, watercolour, signed lower right,
22 x 32.5 cms.£20-40
469.    CHARLES ASHMORE (1851-1925) (Sheffield Artist)
A farmyard scene with a lady feeding chickens, watercolour, signed lower left and dated '07,
24.5 x 34.5 cms.£200-300
470.    ARTHUR WHITE (1865-1953) (Sheffield Artist)
XIX Century yard scenes, possibly Cornish, with a lady washing and other figures, watercolours, a pair, both signed lower left,
36 x 25.5 cms. (2)£300-500
Thatched farmhouse cottage, with a lady carrying a berry basket on a track, watercolours, a pair, signed lower right, slight foxing,
24 x 34 cms. (2)£60-90
Lakeland cottage, with a lady carrying a basket, one with figures in a boat, watercolours, a pair, both signed lower right and dated '09,
29 x 44.5 cms. (2)£60-90
473.    W. J. HISLOP
Figure of a lady carrying kindling on a woodland path, watercolour, signed and dated 1891 lower right,
24 x 42 cms.£80-120
Portrait of a girl in pink dress seated and holding a dog on her lap, her sister in white dress standing beside her, oil on canvas, in gilt frame,
75 x 62cms. £2500-3000
477.    GERALDINE M O'BRIEN (*1922)
Still life vase of lillies, blue daisies and sprigs of blackberries, standing aside a bowl of fruit, oil on canvas, signed and dated "G.M O'Brien '59" lower right,
89.5 x 74cms within gilt frame. £1000-1500
478.    TOM PETERS (Sheffield Artist)
A view of Stoney Middleton, impasto oil on board, signed lower right and dated indistinctly, details verso,
29 x 39 cms.£100-200
Haystacks, one with a ladder and covering, oil on canvas, initialled G. G. and dated 1952 lower right,
26 x 41 cms.£40-80
480.    CLIVE RICHARD BROWNE (1901-1991)
"September Evening", (Near Limber), oil on canvas, signed lower right, bearing label verso "Exhibited - 1 Usher Art Gallery, Lincoln. 2 - Grantham 1949........."
49.5 x 59 cms.£100-200
481.    OWEN BOWEN R.O.I, P.R.Cam. A (1873-1967)
A figure on a sunlit lane, oil on board,
29 x 39cms, framed. £175-225
482.    MARK WAYNER (1889-1980) (Russian Born Sheffield Artist)
Head and shoulders portrait study of an old sea salt, with cliffs, sea and vessels in the background, oil on board, signed lower right,
64 x 51 cms.£100-200
483.    HENRY LAMB (1883-1960)
Woman with a Pram and Four Idle Men, Oil on board, signed and dated (19) 38,
22.7 x 31.5 cms.
n.b. This woman is possibly Lamb's wife who he also painted.£3000-5000
484.    AUSTIN WINTERBOTTOM (1860-1919) (Sheffield Artist)
A sunlit country track by a bridge, with a hamlet in the background, oil on canvas, signed lower right, details verso,
59.5 x 49 cms.£500-600
Loch Leven with tranquil waters, mist shrouded mountains and cattle in the foreground, a large oil on canvas, signed lower right,
65 x 112.5 cms.£100-200
486.    C. D. ROBINSON
Lakeland landscape with house and moored canoes in the foreground, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
39 x 49 cms.£30-50
489.    A XIX Century Mahogany Coin or Specimen Cabinet, with fall front concealing twenty four fitted drawers, 22.5 x 32.5cms. £60-90
490.    A XIX Century Table Top Cutlery Cabinet, with twin panelled doors concealing five graduated drawers having velvet fitments on moulded base, with two brass carrying handles, bearing label Elkington & Co Manchester. £120-150
491.    A "Black Forest" Smokers Companion Set, circa 1930's, with detachable bear, ash tray, pipe aperture and vesta stand, impressed Luzern to base, 18 cms wide.£150-200
492.    A Mid XIX Century Treen Bobbin Stand with three tiers holding sixteen metal pegs, on turned pedestal, circular base with bun feet, 32cms high.£100-150
493.    A Pair of XIX Century Yew Wood Candlesticks with turned and bobbin columns on circular bases, 21cms high.£80-120
494.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Mounted Ivory Handled Fruit Wood Riding Crop, UW, London 1864 (ivory damaged). £20-40
495.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Jewel Cabinet, with dome top and strapwork and applied mounts. £60-100
496.    A XIX Century Ebony Cane, with plated handle modelled as a leg with boot; A XIX Century Three Sectional Cane, with spirit facility to upper section; Another, with knotted decoration. (3) £50-80
497.    A XVIII Century Walnut and Ebony Desk Standish, with brass cruciform carrying handle and mounts to top and single drawer, ebony button handles and feet. Together with two glass inkwells having faceted hinged lids.£60-90
498.    A XIX Century Walnut Work Box, with parquetry inlay to fascia and domed top, 25cms wide.£30-50
499.    A XIX Century Rosewood Ladies Workbox, with mother of pearl escutcheons to fascia and cushion shaped lid, fitted interior.£50-80
500.    Mid XX Century Robert Thompson of Kilburn "Mouseman" Oak Ash Tray, with carved mouse adjacent to well, 10 cms wide.£20-40
501.    Mid XX Century Robert Thompson of Kilburn "Mouseman" Oak Ash Tray, with carved mouse adjacent to well, 9.5 cms wide.£20-40
502.    A XIX Century Treen Pin Cushion, with wooden screw to clamp on edge of a table; together with A XIX Century Treen Screw Nutcracker. (2)£30-50
503.    Two XIX Century Treen Rosewood Bottle Holders, with arched tops and circular bodies; together with A XIX Century Treen Boxwood Pharmacists Bottle Holder, with glass jar and stopper, bearing name Gilbertsons, London, stamped on the lid.£50-100
504.    A Mid XIX Century Treen Lignum Vitae Tobacco Jar and Cover, with finial top, barrel shaped body dated and named M. O. M. 1868 on a silver token under the lid; together with A Later XX Century Laburnam Jar and Cover, with turned lid and ribbed body. (2)£50-100
505.    A Pair of XIX Century Treen Lignum Vitae Drinking Vessels, with a ribbed edge, turned stem, on circular stepped bases; together with A XIX Century Treen Goblet, with slightly waisted body on a circular base. (3)£40-60
506.    A XIX Century Treen Egg Shaped Needlework Case, with twist top; together with A Treen Dice Shaker; Treen Campagna Shaped Vase, on stepped circular base. (3)£20-30
507.    A Mauchline Ware Spherical Shaped String Holder, with twist top, with transfer printed scene of Ventnor, Isle of Wight; together with A Mauchline Ware Dish, with transfer printed scene of Douglas, Isle of Man. (2)£20-30
508.    Two XIX Century Treen Boxwood Pharmacists Bottle Holders, both with twist tops and circular bodies; together with A Boxwood String Holder. (3)£25-45
509.    A XIX Century Small Treen Boxwood Bottle Holder; Two XIX Century Treen Boxwood Thimble Holders; XIX Century Boxwood Needle Holder; Two Other Treen Items; Needlework Accessories; Cherry Shaped Jar and Cover, (damaged). (5)£20-40
510.    A XIX Century Treen Novelty Boot; Egg Timer; Two Barrel Shaped String Holders; A XIX Century Treen Jar and Cover. (5)£20-30
511.    A XIX Century Pine Miniature Chest, of two short and two long drawers, having shaped back and shelf, 48 cms high.£30-50
512.    An Edwardian Oak Stationery Box, with batwing inlay to top and fall front, the fitted interior with shaped dividers, twin drawers, ink bottle and fold over scriver. £80-120
513.    A XIX Century Treen Trinket Box, depicting 'Royal Mount, The Residence of Wordsworth', bearing label for Hogarth & Hayes, Keswick; Together with a Circular Patch Box, with glass inset to screw top. (2) £20-40
515.    A Bronze Figure of a Mythological Female Warrior, with an eagle on her helmet, shield in left hand and spear in right, 121cms high, on a circular concrete Corinthian base.£250-350
516.    Five Items of Cloisonné, comprising a vase of baluster form, decorated with flowers on a black ground, 23cms; a dish with central floral medallion within flowers and vines, 31cms diameter; a smaller vase, a cup and a pin tray. (5) £40-60
517.    A XIX Century Cast Iron Dog Grate, supported by mythological beasts and cherubs; Together with Meat Ratchet and Skillet Stand. £50-70
518.    An Early XX Century Cold Painted Metal Table Lighter, in the style of Bergman, depicting camel and rider with unraveled rug and seller in attendance, on rectangular base, overall height 19cms.£40-60
519.    A Pair of XIX Century Cloisonné Vases, of ovoid form, each decorated with birds amongst foliage on turquoise ground, the neck depicting coastal scene, 44cms high (one damaged). £40-60
520.    A XIX Century Pewter Mounted Ram's Horn Snuff Mull, modelled and joined with central pewter snuff box, of shaped oval design, with pewter capped ends.£80-120
522.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono of a Monkey Trainer, with ball in left hand and monkey at his feet, late Meiji period, 11cms high. £40-60
523.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono of a Bijin, late Meiji period, signature to base. £40-60
524.    An Early XX Century Four Piece Ivory Figure Group, of a snake charmer, snake and sack at his feet, on rectangular base, 8cms high. £15-25
526.    A Late XIX Century Gentleman's Travelling Set, with detachable bottle, tidy, implement holder, containing six silver lidded bottles by Wolfsky & Co, London 1892, with mother of pearl and silver handled manicure items, ebony brushes, many monogrammed "MB". All in a leather reptile skin effect case. £280-320
527.    A XIX Century Tortoiseshell Card Case, with hinged top and plated stringing, 10.8 x 7.8cms (loss under base). £40-60
528.    A Pair of Early XX Century Miniature Scissors, modelled as a stork, in "A Sharp Pair" case; Two Miniature Folding Penknives. (3)£50-70
529.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Soapstone Figure Group, of a figure with an opium pipe on horseback with three attendants at his feet, on a wooden stand.£50-70
530.    A XIX Century Tortoiseshell Card Case, with hinged top and silvered decoration of castle, birds and dogs to front and back, 11 x 8cms. £100-150
531.    A XIX Century Mother of Pearl Card Case, with hinged top and allover diamond shaped covering, 9 x 5.5cms. £30-50
532.    A Mother of Pearl Caviar Palette, raised on three white metal ball feet. £20-40
534.    A XIX Century Derbyshire Blue John Bowl, 12.8cms wide (chip to rim). £100-200
535.    An Early XX Century Brass Tambour Fronted Shops Till by National Cash Register Co. of Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A., with black glass finger plate over single drawer,on oak base, numbered 439529 to oval cartouche, 49.5 cms wide.£150-200
538.    A Brass Based Oil Lamp, with XIX Century opaque painted glass well, together with green tinted frosted shade and funnel. £30-40
539.    An Art Deco Brass Table Lamp, in the form of a scantily clad maiden standing on tip toes, on stepped pedestal, her upraised right hand as a support to a cut glass ruby shade, stamped "Banksway", with registration number, 52cms high. £300-400
540.    Francis Grose - Military Antiquities, Respecting A History Of The English Army & A Treatise On Ancient Armour And Weapons. London 1801. Second edition of three parts in two volumes, 4to, engraved frontis, title vignette and plates of men at arms and their weapons. Full contemporary calf with gilt tooled anthemion borders to covers, gilt spine with raised double bands, marbled edges. Minor water stain to margins of plates at rear of volume two, otherwise a Very Good set. £200-300
541.    EDWARD BAINES - History of The Wars of The French Revolution ... illustrated By Maps Plans And Charts. London 1817. Two vols, 4to. Full calf spine labels. Engraved frontis of George III and plates of other leaders, engraved fold-out and double page maps and charts. Vol II front board detached; A.F Busching - A New System of Geography, 1762. Vol II only, Poor. £70-100
542.    JOHN GUILLIM - A Display Of Heraldrie; An Exact Register Of All The Knights Of The Garter, London 1660, fourth edition. 444 + 36pp + table. 4to, full calf (worn) woodcuts, front board detaching, internally bright.£300-400
543.    ROBERT BURTON - The Anatomy Of Melancholy, Cripps 1632, 4to, 722pp + table, engraved title frontis with argument to opposing leaf, full contemp calf with loss to rear board, A/F.£200-300
544.    PETER NICHOLSON - The Carpenter's New Guide, Being A Complete Book Of Lines For Carpentry & Joinery, London 1808, 4to, seventy eight copper engraved plates, publishers catalogue to rear, fully contemp calf, rubbed at extrems, internally very good.£80-120
545.    WILLIAM PAIN - The Practical Builder, Or, Workman's General Assistant, London 1787, 4to, eighty two copper engraved plates, with text and publishers catalogue, full contemp calf, raised bands, rubbed at extremis.£300-400
546.    PETER NICHOLSON - The Carpenter And Joiners Assistant.....Illustrated With Seventy Nine Plates And Copious Explanations, The Second Edition, London 1805, 4to, 79pp plus folding and other plates, publishers catalogue tipped in, full contemp calf rubbed at extremis, internally very good.£80-120
547.    DR J. G. SPURZHEIM - The Physiological System... Founded on An Anatomical And Physiological Examination Of The Nervous System In General. London 1815. Large 8vo, 581pp, engraved frontis and eighteen other plates. Half calf, gloster marble cloth, bookplate verso front board. £50-70
548.    LORD G G N BYRON - The Bride of Abydos. Murray 1813, third edition; The Giaour. Murray 1813. Fourth Edition; The Siege of Corinth / Paisina. Murray 1816; Childe Harold's Pilgrimage - Third Canto. Murray 1816; Sardanapalus, A Tragedy / The Two Foscari / Cain, A Mystery. Murray 1821. 439pp + ads, boards; Childe Harold's Pilgrimage - A Romaunt. Murray 1815 (ninth); Marino Faliero / A Prophecy of Dante. Murray 1821. First edition, second printing with p101 mis-numbered, boards. £250-350
549.    F M A De VOLTAIRE - Oeuvres. Geneva 1768-69. 4to, twenty four volumes, engraved frontispieces and plates, full calf, gilt spines, red and green labels (worn). £250-350
550.    SAMUEL CLARKE - Homeri Ilias. London 1806. Two volumes 8vo, folding maps, full contemp calf; Samuel Patrick - Homeri Iliade. London 1796. 8vo, full contemp calf. £80-120
551.    J J ROUSSEAU - Oeuvres. Amsterdam 1772. Nineteen volumes 8vo, engraved plates, musical scores, full calf. £80-120
552.    ISAAC TAYLOR - The Temple of Melekartha. Holdsworth & Ball 1831. Three Volumes 8vo, half vellum. £40-60
553.    The Illustrated London News January to June 1864, American Civil War and Sheffield Flood content, half brown Morocco and marbled boards; 1846 January to June, folding panoramic view of Dublin (torn), similarly bound, (front board detached). (2)£50-70
554.    Priscilla Haslehurst - The Family Friend And Young Woman's Companion, Or, Housekeeper Instructor, Sheffield 1816. Third edition. 8vo, 215pp, cooking and confectionary recipes, complete but covers detached, binding split. Scarce. £40-60
555.    Beatrix Potter - The Tale of Tom Kitten, published by F Warne & Co. Early impression with '1907' verso title page and c.1910 end papers (plate X, Quinby). Good; The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Poor. (2) £20-30
556.    Trade Catalogue - United Brush Manufacturers of Nuremberg, 1896 catalogue published for their British clients with numerous chromolithographs, by Ernest Nister, of their products, with stock numbers and size ranges. 8vo, 126pp, red cloth. Binding slightly soiled and dusted but internally bright. £40-60
557.    The Sportsman - British Sports And Sportsmen : Shooting And Deer Stalking. Published 1913 in a limited edition of one thousand, folio, brown and green cloth, gilt titles and edges, frontis and title page detached; Joseph Whitaker - A Descriptive List of The Deer Parks And Paddocks of England. London 1892. 8vo, gilt and green cloth; The Badminton Library - Shooting. Longmans 1893. Worn; Alexander Innes Shand - Shooting. Dent & Co 1902. 8vo, 352pp; Eric Parker - Shooting : By Moor, Field & Shore. Seeley, Service & Co, Ltd, in dustjacket; and four others related. £80-120
558.    JCH MACBETH - The Marconi International Code Volume 1, published c.1919 by MICC Ltd. 4to, 575pp+ ads, half morocco with gilt stamped blue cloth. Slight rubbing to spine ends o/w Very Good; EL Bentley - Bentley's Second Phrase Book 1936, 4to, half green morocco with gilt titles. Scarce and essential reference for the telegraph and morse code systems. £80-120
559.    Lawrence Durrell - Justine. Faber & Faber 1957. First edition.; 8vo, 253pp. Puce cloth with gilt titles to spine. Very slight foxing to compressed edges but internally Very Fine. Dustjacket unclipped, rubbing to extremities, spine dusted. £400-600
560.    Baedeker's Russland, 1901 fifth impression, German printing, very good condition.£70-100
560A.   PERCIVAL CHRISTOPHER WREN. BEAU GESTE. Murray 1927 Limited Deluxe Edition of 1,000 copies, signed by the author, with his own bookplate bearing further signature and inscription pasted to the f.f.e; Soldiers of Misfortune. Murray 1929, First Edition, signed bookplate to the f.f.e, together with a four page a.l from Isabel Wren on Westwood House headed paper, and a photograph of P C Wren and party aboard the "Viceroy of India". All to George Field and hence from the family. £100-150
561.    A Houghtons Ltd 'Ticka' Pocket Camera, white metal monogrammed case. £30-50
562.    A Sanderson Hand And Stand Camera, with a B#2 shutter 1-1/100, B,T, red bellows, together with tripod stand, soft gradation panchromatic plates and other accessories. £200-250
564.    Henri Selmer of Paris Super Saxophone, circa 1930, in brass with mother of pearl keys and white metal mouthpiece, bearing makers name and no 12670, 81cms; together with accessories in original carrying case. £100-200
565.    Henri Selmer of Paris 'Modele 26' Saxophone, in brass with mother of pearl keys and white metal mouthpiece, bearing makers name and number 7475, 62cms; together with accessories in original carrying case. £100-200
566.    Henri Selmer 'Pennsylvania Special' Tenor Saxophone, circa 1930, white metal plated, with mother of pearl keys, stamped Made in Czechoslovakia; together with mouthpiece and accessories, in original carrying case. £100-200
567.    Crampon & Co Buffet A Paris Ebony Clarinet, together with many other clarinet pieces, accessories, consols, Selmer noticed. £60-90
568.    A French Flutina Accordion by Busson, Paris, with mother of pearl keys, rectangular inlaid mahogany body and decorative bellows. £30-50
569.    A Collard & Collard Early XIX Century Mahogany Spinette, with crossbanding to folding top and rosewood open fretwork keyboard back, on turned legs, 181.5cms wide. £150-250
571.    A XIX Century Rectangular Gilt Wood Console Mirror, with applied 'C' scrolls, fleur-de-lys and floral decoration, 178 x 92cms overall. £200-300
572.    An Edwardian Chippendale Style Mahogany Wall Mirror, with circular symmetrical inlay and bevelled glass. £30-50
573.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Dressing Mirror, with arched top to rectangular swing mirror on tapering supports, with bow fronted base having single drawer and ogee feet. £100-150
574.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror, with shaped supports and oval mirror over three short drawers, on bracket feet. £20-50
575.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Chippendale Style Pier Glass, with gilt bird and moulding surrounding bevelled glass, 105.5cms overall (some damage). £100-200
577.    A Middle Eastern Rug, with multicoloured floral decoration on burgundy and cream ground, 187.5 x 121.5cms. £60-90
578.    A 1930's Middle Eastern Tasseled Wool Rug, with five bands of fourteen octagonal motifs on red ground and patterned border (some wear), 278 x 192 cms. £50-80
579.    A 1930's Middle Eastern Tasseled Wool Carpet, with three bands of six black octagonal motifs on an orange ground, 330 x 268 cms.£150-200
580.    A Mid XX Century Tasseled Wool Carpet, with all over multi-coloured decoration on a salmon pink ground within a deep blue border, 402 x 295 cms.£150-200
581.    A Persian Wool and Cotton Rug, decorated with birds and figures on black ground surrounding central cartouche, 186 x 132cms. £150-200
582.    A Persian Wool and Cotton Rug, with central motif on red ground, 148 x 90cms. £80-120
583.    A Persian Wool and Cotton Rug, with two cream lozenges on a salmon pink ground, 304 x 87cms. £150-200
584.    A Persian Wool and Cotton Rug, with multicoloured geometric design on a red ground, 142 x 93cms. £80-120
585.    A Kazak Rug, with central hexagonal motif on claret ground and cream border, 152 x 108cms. £180-220
586.    A Turkish Wool Tasseled Rug, with multicoloured floral border and plain pink central ground, 175 x 127cms. £140-180
587.    A Persian Hassenabad Carpet, with central motif and allover floral decoration, on deep blue ground with red border, 291 x 196cms. £380-420
588.    A Persian Wool and Cotton Rug, with central hexagonal motif in black, beige and fawn, 208 x 149cms. £200-250
589.    A XIX Century Sampler, handworked with alphabet, trees, kettles, crowns and name Annie Barber 1886, all within a Greek key border,
40.5 x 37 cms, framed.£30-50
590.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Book Cabinet, with stepped pediment, twin glazed doors and adjustable shelves over three small drawers, the base with inset arch on bulbous feet, 216cms high, 110.5cms wide. £200-300
591.    A XIX Century Walnut Sideboard, with swan neck top, applied scrollwork moulding and shelf to mirror back, the base with single drawer over arched cupboard doors and turned supports on plinth base, 106cms wide. £150-250
592.    A XIX Century Oak Buffet, with shaped gallery back and carved supports, the base having applied star motifs to three cupboard doors, on plinth base, 123cms wide. £100-150
593.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Settee, with turned spindle back and upholstered seat and top rail, on turned legs, 143cms wide, 58cms high. £50-100
594.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Extending Dining Table, with draw leaf action and gadrooned border, on heavily carved cabriole legs and ball and claw feet, 181.5 x 105.5. £100-150
595.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Inlaid Tea Table, with rectangular, breakfront crossbanded top, on tapering legs and spade feet, 96cms wide. £80-120
596.    An Early XX Century Oak Whatnot, of rectangular form with two undershelves united by lattice work sides, on bobbin supports, 59cms wide, 79cms high. £50-100
597.    A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Stools, on turned supports, 32 cms wide.£50-80
598.    A 1950's Walnut Demi Lune Fold Over Card Table, with carved border and scrollwork knees to cabriole legs on ball and claw feet, 83.5cms wide. £150-250
599.    A 1950's Walnut Display Cabinet, with carved shellwork cresting and apron, two bevelled glazed doors over twin drawers on cabriole legs having carved knees, 99cms wide. £200-300
600.    A XX Century Mahogany Sideboard, in the George III style, having serpentine front and central drawer flanked by cupboards on tapering legs and spade feet, 114.5cms wide. £120-180
601.    A XX Century Mahogany Freestanding Corner Cupboard, with dental cornice and astragal glazed upper doors, with panelled cupboard door on ogee feet, 188.5cms high. £80-120
602.    A 1920's Walnut Art Deco Bedroom Suite, comprising double wardrobe and tall boy, both with inner trays, well dressing table and bed ends, all with crossbanding on cabriole legs, bearing retailers label Sheard Binnington & Co Doncaster. (4) £150-250
603.    A Mid XX Century Mahogany Dressing Table, with serpentine front and central drawers flanked by two banks of three concave drawers, on cabriole legs, 106.5cms wide. £40-60
604.    A XIX Century Inlaid Walnut Oval Topped Centre Table, on four turned tapering supports united by central baluster on cabriole legs having pokerwork carved knees, 89 x 54cms. £80-120
605.    A Mid XIX Century Ebonised and Walnut Breakfront Credenza, with bowed glazed (perspex) end compartments, with flanking Corinthian columns and twin cupboard doors having inlaid cartouches, decorated allover with ormolu ropetwist and beading, 185cms wide. £600-900
606.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Dresser, with planked and pigeon hole back, the base with three drawers over arched panelled cupboard doors, 142cms wide. £500-600
607.    A George III Mahogany Press, with a dentil cornice and two cupboard doors over two short drawers and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 197cms high, 120cms wide (no slides). £200-400
608.    A William IV Mahogany Tea Table, with a rectangular top and scroll supports with lobed finial, on four carved swept legs, 90cms wide, 73cms high. £300-400
609.    A Late XVII Century Walnut Side Table, with inlaid and cross banded top, with single drawer and shaped apron, on turned and bulbous legs united by an 'X' stretcher, 59cms wide. £1200-1500
610.    A Late XIX Century Oak Desk, with crossbanded top and leather inset scriver, on twin pedestals having nine drawers, 103.5cms wide. £200-300
611.    Early XIX Century Bow Fronted Mahogany Chest of Four Graduated Drawers, with brass lion mask handles and bobbin moulding to base, on ring turned legs, 90cms wide. £600-800
612.    A Pair of XIX Century Style Yew and Elm Kitchen Chairs, each with central wheel back splat on turned legs united by crinoline stretcher. £40-80
613.    An Early XVIII Century Yew and Oak Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, with single drawer on turned and block supports, 123.5 x 95.5cms. £400-600
614.    XVIII Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with satinwood crossbanding and single drawer, on tapering legs, 83.5cms wide. £300-400
615.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Cabinet, with stepped pediment, dental cornice and arched panelled doors, the base having three graduated drawers on ogee feet, 103cms wide. £1200-1500
616.    A Regency Mahogany Work Table, with drop leaves and two single and two dummy drawers, on turned legs, 68 x 50.5cms. £300-500
617.    A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Side Table, with single drawer on barleytwist legs and stretchers, 85.5cms wide. £600-800
618.    XVIII Century Oak Bow Fronted Hanging Corner Shelves, with four graduated sections, 92cms high. £100-150
619.    A XIX Century Rosewood Canterbury, with shaped carrying handle to central divider, turned supports and single drawer, on turned legs (alterations). £300-400
620.    An Early XIX Century Painted Ash Armchair, having rectangular back and rush seat, on turned legs. £100-150
621.    An XVIII Century Oak Wine Table, with circular top on tapering pedestal, on cabriole legs and pad feet, 46cms wide. £150-250
622.    A Regency Mahogany Sofa Table, with single drawer and dummy drawer to front and rear, on turned supports and stretchers with splayed feet. £2000-2500
623.    A XIX Century Walnut Footstool, with shaped apron on cabriole legs with upholstered top. £40-60
624.    A XIX Century and Later Yew Wood Kitchen Chair, with wheel back splat on turned legs united by crinoline stretcher (later back legs). £100-150
625.    A XX Century Mahogany Nest of Three Coffee Tables, with rectangular tops and turned supports, splayed feet and bow fronted stretchers. £30-50
626.    A Regency Mahogany Stool, upholstered in a brown button back dralon, on turned and reeded legs. £100-150
627.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Drop Leaf Sofa Table, with single drawer on splayed reeded legs. £300-500
628.    A XIX Century Walnut Framed Nursing Chair, with pokerwork carved florets, turned and reeded legs and button back dralon back and seat (one arm repaired). £100-150
629.    An XVIII Century Fruitwood Based Wine Table, with marquetry decoration in varying woods to circular top, on turned pedestal and tripod feet. £100-150
630.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Stool, upholstered in a cream button back fabric, on turned legs. £60-90
631.    A 1920's Black Lacquer Armchair, with chinoiserie decoration, with upholstered seat on cabriole legs and pad feet. £50-80
632.    A Mid XVIII Century Joined Oak Settle, with five arch panelled back and scroll hand rests, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £400-500
633.    A Set of Six 1920's Oak Dining Chairs, each with shaped top rail and studded leather seat and back, on bobbin supports and stretcher. £40-80
634.    An XVIII Century Oak Travelling Trunk, with domed top and iron binding, with carrying handles and double locking system, 41cms high, 79cms wide. £400-500
635.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Bookcase, with a stepped cornice, glazed arched doors and applied carved mouldings, the base having a single drawer and panelled doors below, on plinth base, 215cms high.£200-300
636.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm High Back Windsor Chair, with pierced splat and pad arms, on turned supports and turned legs united by an 'H' stretcher. £200-250
637.    A XIX Century Elm Cutler's Stool, with rectangular top and cut corners, on three turned legs. £30-50
638.    A William IV Rosewood Tea Table, the rectangular top with beadwork decoration, on tapering pedestal and quatrefoil base with claw feet, 92cms wide, 76cms high. £400-500
639.    A Regency Rosewood Armchair, with scroll carved top rail and arm supports, on turned and reeded legs, with upholstered back, sides and seat. £200-300
640.    A Mid XX Century Regency Style Mahogany Hall Table, with brass inlay and crossbanded top to breakfront, with three drawers on reeded legs, 129.5cms wide. £100-150
641.    A Pair of Early XX Century Walnut Armchairs, in the XVII Century manner, each with studded mustard leatherette re-upholstery and original cushions, on carved bulbous supports and 'C' scroll front stretcher. £300-400
642.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Straight Fronted Chest of Two Short and Three Long Drawers, with ivory escutcheons and turned handles, with three upper secret drawers, on ogee feet, 128cms wide. £100-150
643.    A Late XIX Century Oak Single Wardrobe, with pokerwork carved upper panels, flanking mirror door.£20-40
644.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Chest, with two short and three long drawers, with shaped cushion drawer, turned pillars, on turned bun feet. £50-80
645.    A Mid XVIII Century Oak Bureau, with a fall front and fitted interior, with three small drawers and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 94 x 104cms. £150-250
646.    An Early XVIII Century Oak Table, with turned legs united by stretchers, 130 x 72cms (restored). £100-200
647.    A Set of Four XIX Century Harlequin Ash and Elm Ladder Back Chairs, with rush seats and turned legs with front stretcher, (one wormed); Together with a Later Ladder Back Chair; And Another XIX Century Carver Chair. (6) £250-350
648.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Glazed Corner Cupboard, with dental cornice and blind fret frieze, with glazed astragal door and three shaped internal shelves, 112cms high. £120-150
649.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Wardrobe, with stepped cornice and panelled doors, the base having two short and two long drawers, on plinth base. £150-250
650.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Four Long Graduated Drawers, on turned feet, 91cms wide, 86cms high. £150-250
651.    An Arts & Crafts Ash Hall Chair, with turned finials and pierced diamond to shaped central splat, raffia seat, on turned supports, (some damage).£30-50
652.    A Mid XX Century Oak Refectory Table, with distressed border to rectangular top, on trestle supports united by a central stretcher, 183 x 80 cms.£80-120
653.    A Set of Five Arts & Crafts Ash Dining Chairs, each having kidney shaped inset to upper back, with raffia seats on turned legs, united by 'X' stretchers. (5)£100-200
654.    A Mid XIX Century Ebonised Cabinet, with spindle and mirrored gallery back, the base with central cupboard door, hand painted with a bird amongst foliage, all over undershelf on octagonal supports, 67 cms wide, (damage to gallery).£150-200
655.    A XX Century Mahogany Stool, with rectangular upholstered top, on turned legs with brass castors, 118cms wide. £40-60
656.    A Regency Mahogany Dressing Table, with central drawer flanked by two over two drawers, on turned supports, 93cms wide. £120-180
657.    An Early Victorian Rosewood Card Table, with rectangular fold-over top, applied scroll moulding to frieze, on tapering octagonal pedestal and circular base with four scroll feet.£200-300
658.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Smokers Bow Chair, with spindle back supports, dish seat on turned legs and 'H' stretcher.£60-90
659.    A Late XIX Century Rosewood Display Cabinet, the upper section with bevelled glass doors, three mirrored panels and adjacent panels with boxwood and satinwood inlay of vases and swags, on spindle supports, the base similar with single drawer flanked by cupboard doors over pot board, 137 cms wide.£400-600
660.    A Late XIX Century Rosewood Music / Side Cabinet, with ivory and boxwood inlay to fall front and lower back panel, the upper back with single shelf under domed bevelled mirror, all on tapering reeded legs and block supports to undershelf.£250-350
661.    A Beaten Brass Dinner Gong in A XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Surround, heavily carved with foliage and berries on hooved feet, 98.5 cms high; Together with Beater.£200-300
662.    A Mid XX Century Oak Continental Hall Chair, heavily carved with lions rampant, scrollwork and peacock to pierced back, with lion and mask supports to dish seat, 114.5 cms high.£200-250
663.    A 1920's Mahogany Oval Topped Extending Dining Table, with gadrooned border and wind-out action, on heavy carved cabriole legs, with one spare leaf, extends to 176 x 106cms; Together with Six Chippendale Style Chairs, having pierced splats. £500-800
664.    A 1920's Mahogany Sideboard, with applied shell carving to low back, the base having three central drawers flanked by cupboards on cabriole legs, 156cms wide. £100-150
665.    An XVIII Century Oak Mule Chest, with lifting top with three fielded panels and two single drawers, on bracket feet, 144cms wide, 90cms high. £200-400
666.    A XVII Century Joined Oak Chest of Three Long Drawers, with beadwork decoration to fascia, the sides having twin panels, on bun feet (some alterations), 92.5cms wide. £250-350
667.    Mid XX Century Robert Thompson of Kilburn "Mouseman" Oak Stool, with kidney shaped seat featuring carved mouse, on three splayed octagonal legs, 44.5 cms high.£100-150
668.    A XIX Century Mahogany Sideboard, with shaped and carved back and three cushion drawers to break fronted top, on twin pedestal base having cupboard doors, on plinth base, 198cms wide. £300-400
669.    A Mid XIX Century Pollard Oak Sideboard, with low panelled back and break fronted top with twin drawers over carved central panel, flanked by cupboard doors having applied carved motifs and scrolled ends, supporting lion masks, bearing makers label Woof Ltd, Sheffield. £600-800
670.    An Early XX Century Oak Sectional Bookcase, in the Globe Wernicke style, with four compartments having honeycomb lead glazed lift up doors, on single drawer base, 86.5 cms wide.£200-300
671.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Framed Easy Chair, with scroll back, spindle arm supports, on turned and reeded legs, re-upholstered in a beige button back dralon.£100-150
672.    A XIX Century Brass Double Bedstead, with turned finials, rails and ends. £100-150
673.    A Late XIX Century Painted Mahogany Freestanding Display Cabinet, of rectangular form with stepped pediment and glazed sides, on plinth base with two interior shelves, 98.5cms wide. £200-300
674.    A Late XIX Century Painted Mahogany Freestanding Display Cabinet, of rectangular form with stepped pediment and glazed sides, on plinth base with two interior shelves, 94.5cms wide.