Antiquarian & Modern Books, Medals & Militaria and
Postcards, Coins, Stamps, Cigarette Cards & Banknotes Sales
on Friday 20th August 2010

1.      Early XX Century Church Lads Brigade Uniform with Chester shoulder titles and collar dogs and fitted with brass buttons by Dowler. £30-40
2.      An Early XX Century Four Pocket Khaki Drill or Tropical Service Tunic, with the Rifle Brigade (Prince Consorts Own) black horn buttons. £60-80
3.      A Reichsarbeitsdienst of RAD Tunic, stamped 'Max Wenzel, Breslau' and other marks to inner. £60-80
4.      A Seaforth Highlanders Uniform, comprising green tunic with wing epaulettes with white trim and white metal buttons bearing thistle, Mackenzie tartan kilt and plaid, brown leather and horses hair sporran with white metal thistle mount to front, and a circular white metal brooch with large amber inset. £80-120
5.      A Post War British Army Helmet, MKIV by Briggs Motor Bodies Ltd and dated 1953, with later liner; An Early XX Century O.R'S Service Dress Tunic by Silberston & Sons; a Dutch M1895 Hembrug bayonet (damaged); a Spanish dagger, brass guard with wire bound grip, Toledo blade; a Bernard's 'Manual of Guerilla Tactics' booklet :- One Box £30-40
6.      A Great War Memorial Plaque (Woolwich Arsenal) for 22262 Pte Horatio James Lloyd, of the Royal West Surrey Rgt; together with an IWGC payment slip and facsimile documents, noting that he is buried at Pernoise Cemetery. £40-60
7.      Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders Tam O'Shanter, made by A&J Gelfer and stamped 1941 with war department arrow, white metal badge; WWII Period Peak Cap, with KOYLI bi-metal badge, together with a silk embroidery bearing KOYLI insignia, a Union Jack flag, three army belts and a soldiers guide. £30-50
8.      A Mid XX Century RAMC Uniform, the tunic bearing Staff Sergeant insignia, visor cap by J Collett of London and stamped 1962 with WD arrow; an RAF canvas kit bag. £20-30
9.      Two Kangol Berets, together with four visor caps bearing various badges including West Riding regiment and Dutch Police. £30-40
10.     Eight EIIR Period Anodised Cap Badges, including Royal Scots, Highland Light Infantry, 16th (Queens Lancers) etc on two cloth backed display frames. £40-60
11.     Military Ephemera - a brass and copper bugle, two military band drum ice buckets, two brass model cannons on wooden plinths and a small glazed display box bearing four late XX Century badges, a hand quilted embroidered cushion depicting Guardsmen :- Two Boxes £40-60
12.     The Aero Field, published by Francis J Field, sixty editions printed 1937-1943, loose bound in publisher's folders, with three further single issues. £35-45
13.     Military Reference - Julian Paget - The Coldstream Guards 1650-2000; Adrian Greaves - Rorke's Drift; John Retallack - The Welsh Guards; Oliver Lindsay - Once A Grenadier; and others, generally Near Mint in dustjackets; together with a complete Lord Roberts Memorial Stamp Album (approximately 40) :- Two Boxes £30-40
14.     General Reference - Fourteen titles relating guns, their collecting and maintenance including Ian V Hogg's The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Firearms and FWA Hobart's Pictorial History of The Sub Machine Gun. £15-25
15.     An Early XX Century Continental Sword, 88cms curved blade with crowned makers mark slightly obscured by the hilt, lions head pommel with screw nut. £50-80
16.     A US 1913-17 Bayonet, WD and other stamps to both ricasso, in scabbard. £15-25
17.     A Wilkinson Dress Sword, 76cms blade with cruciform hilt, wire spiral bound plastic grip, with matching scabbard. £50-70
18.     A Japanese WWII Officers Katana by Ido Hidetoshi, the 67cms curved blade with applied hamon, the pierced brass tsuba stamped with two figures of eight, rayskin same, with a single floral menuki to each side, the saya with copper mounts. £600-800
19.     A Japanese WWII Officers Katana, the 70cms curved blade with copper habaki, white metal seppa, iron tsuba marked with characters within a circle, rayskin same with single neuki to each side, leather bound saya. £400-600
20.     A Post War Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knife, third pattern and unmarked, with brown leather scabbard; Together with a Bowie Knife, stag grip with white metal pommel. (2) £20-30
21.     An American Mark I Trench Fighting Knife by Landers, Frary & Clark, the 16.5cms double edged blade leading to brass hilt with knuckle duster style guard, the grip impressed "U.S 1918 L.F&C-1918", with 'skull crusher' pommel. £100-150
22.     A French Chassepot Bayonet, worn; A Mock Percussion Pistol. (2) £10-20
23.     A Large Bowie Style Knife, the 31cm steel blade etched with blackleaf decoration surrounding the legend 'Remember the Alamo', brass guard, wooden hilt with brass rivets. 50cm long, brown leather sheath. £30-40
24.     A Large Bowie Knife, the 31cm steel blade marked 'Bell Bowie Knife Co, Sheffield, England', brass guard, wooden hilt with brass rivets, 50cm long, brown leather sheath. £30-40
25.     A Bowie Knife Made to Commemorate the 1964 Olympic Games, the 24cm steel blade with false edge and acid etched "Olympic Games Tokyo 1964, Gold Medals Mary Rand, Ann Packer, Ken Matthews, Lynn Davies", brass guard, rosewood hilt with finger notches, 38cm long, leather sheath.£40-60
26.     A Gras Bayonet, Chatellerault Arsenal 1876, stamps to ricasso, in original scabbard; together with a WWI period detonator box, leather front with brass cock. £45-55
27.     A Certificate of Service for Cyril Spencer Warwick RAMC, bearing the order of the garter and published by Reid & Co, in the original folder. Lithographed life saving certificates for the same, with two lithographs. A Russian linen flag. £15-25
28.     A Small Quantity of RAF Related Photographs, an RAF/Polish Resettlement Corps brochure dated 1946, a USAF Star identifier and a spotter's guide. £30-40
29.     After WH Overend "The Hero of Trafalgar" Chromolithograph Published by The Illustrated Sporting And Dramatic News 1898, The Battlefields of Marne 1914 illustrated Michelin Guide, VG; Army & Navy General Price List 1933-34, and three others. (6) £30-40
30.     A Range of Items, Often Military, and regularly relating to the 'Home Guard'. £50-100
31.     A Quantity of Ephemera Relating to 7524176 Sgt Frank Cartledge, including medal miniatures, transfer certificates, his RAMC insignia, service and pay book, together with a Malta 50th Anniversary medal. £15-25
32.     A Blue Sash Bearing York and Lancaster, Royal Artillery and Staff Sergeant Insignia, and mounted with four WWII medals including Burma Star; two Great War period photographs of soldiers, and two pottery tiles for the USS De Wert mounted on a wooden plaque. £30-40
33.     A Small Quantity of WWI Documents and Ephemera Relating to 86641 Corporal Ambrose Lockwood, Machine Gun Corps, and a 1914 George V Christmas tin. £10-20
34.     A WWI M14 105mm Shell, converted into a hanging bell; two smaller brass shells converted into vases with lattice decoration; a pair of 3-BTT-66 shells converted into modern "trench art" vases, each bearing EIIR period Royal Horse Artillery badges. (5) £30-50
35.     Eight Small Models of Various Cannons, all with brass or other metal barrels, and two brass anchor paperweights. £20-30
36.     A Brass Trench Art Style Chamberstick, together with a brown leather shot flask. (2) £15-25
37.     A Trench Art Desk Piece Brass Model of a De Havilland "Albatross", on a wooden plinth, 19cms high, 33cms wide. £30-40
38.     Clifford Saber - The Desert Rat Sketch Book. 1959 First Edition. VF in slipcase; The Eighth Army 1941-1943. HMSO publication. (2) £15-25
39.     Field Marshall, Viscout Montgomery, The Path to Leadership, Collins 1961 First Edition, signed by the author to the title page. £50-75
40.     British Infantry Cap and Other Badges - Royal Berkshire brass helmet plate centre, four loops, West Yorkshire bi-metal helmet plate centre, three loops (one damaged) and a bi-metal cap badge for the same; Lincolnshire Yeomanry brass cap badge, two copper lugs; seven other bi-metal badges including Cheshire and Norfolk Regiments, all with sliders. (11) £30-40
41.     A Royal Artillery Busby Badge and Plume, together with two spurs, both with indistinct military marks. £20-30
42.     Yorks And Lancs 2nd VB - A Victorian Glengarry Badge, bi-metal rose within white metal circlet surmounted by QVC; a white metal belt clasp with the "cat and cabbage" in brass, and a bi-metal cap badge. All items Fine or better. £80-120
43.     British Infantry Cap and Other Badges - Princess of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment white metal badge with slider and a pair of white metal collar dogs; 3rd Carabiniers bi-metal badge with slider; Northumberland Hussars silvered and gilded badges with two lugs; Kings Shropshire Light Infantry bi-metal with slider; 5th Inniskilling Dragoon Guards bi-metal shoulder title; 21st Lancers bi-metal badge with slider and a pair of silver hallmarked 17th/21st collar dogs; three others. £30-40
44.     A Late XIX or Early XX Century Starting Pistol, 11.5cms. £15-25
45.     A XIX Century Percussion Pocket Pistol, the foliate scroll engraved lock marked "Stanton & Son, Oswestry". Fair condition. £20-30
46.     An EIIR General Service Medal with Malaya Bar to 23638287 Pte K Oxspring, RAMC, cabinet toned but VF; a mid XX Century kukri in black leather scabbard with khaki sheath, and a Persian style export knife. £60-80
47.     A Leather Shot Flask, with hunting scene to both sides and a later brass pocket flask; together with a Grenadier Guards brass belt clasp, and a Boys Brigade leather belt and brass clasp. £20-30
47A.    An Old Flask with Pewter Cup, engraved with a soldier lying prone with rifle. £20-30
47B.    An ARP Whistle, and another. (2) £10-20
48.     British Infantry Cap and Other Badges - Warwickshire Imperial Yeomanry white metal and two other Warwickshire Regiment badges; Berkshire Regiment bi-metal with two lugs; Queens Own West Kent Yeomanry white metal with slider etc. (49)£40-60
49.     An Early XX Century 9th Lancers Ladies Dress Belt, two part gilt clasp bearing white metal regimental insignia, decorative gilt bullion thread on blue morocco ground. £20-30
50.     A Thomas Glauser & Co Ltd / Barker & Son MKII Military Marching Compass. £20-30
51.     An Attractive Early XX Century Brass Purse, with chainmail style covered body, the Art Deco style mirror backed cover bearing insignia for the Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa Regiment. £30-40
52.     Military Ephemera - KOYLI, West Yorkshire and other regiment badges; a small quantity of soldier photographs including twins in a hallmarked silver frame, two 1914 Christmas tins, 1919 Victory mug etc. £25-35
53.     Scottish Regiment Badges - Lovat Scouts WWII period white metal with two copper lugs; Scots Guards bi-metal with two copper lugs; The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) white metal, two lugs, and a Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders white metal badge; and four other similar period badges including Highland Light Infantry, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, Gordon Highlanders and Scottish Borderers. (8) £30-40
54.     A Great War Victory Medal to 92082 Pte P Winter Notts & Derby Rgt, Fine; together with family documentation; A Wooden Truncheon and Acme Scout Whistle, two walking and one miniature compass. £25-35
55.     A XIX Century Military or Police Truncheon, black painted with gilt VR surmounted by gilt and red crown and marked "1st". £40-60
56.     A WWII Child's 'Mickey Mouse' Respirator, in original box; together with an ARP poster for the civilian respirator. (2) £30-40
57.     A Royal Scot Fusiliers Forage Cap Badge, KK620, two copper lugs and backed with the regiments Hunting Erskine tartan; Coldstream Guards OR's Puggaree badge, KK904, two copper lugs; A Victorian period RMC Sandhurst Officer-Cadets cap badge, KK1072, with the VR cypher in silver (slight loss of blue enamel); and two other badges. £60-80
58.     Family Group - A Great War Memorial Plaque with Scroll, Tube and Other Documents, for 82774 Pte Charles Cecil Betts, 15th Btn Durham Light Infantry, who enlisted under the legal age in September 1918; together with WWII WM, DM 39-45 and Africa Stars with Dunkirk medal for Albert Betts, RASC, with box of issue.
*Consigned by the family with all proceeds donated to Help for Heroes. £60-90
59.     British Infantry Cap And Other Badges - Royal Welsh Fusiliers bi-metal with slider; 8th Irish Battalion The Kings Liverpool Regiment white metal with slider; Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry white metal with slider; Loyal Suffolk Hussars bi-metal with slider etc. (28) £50-70
60.     Third Reich Documents - A DAF Mitgliedsbuch with numerous stamps, together with a pre-war Wehrpass and an unmarked Heer Soldbuch; together with an SS NCO's style belt buckle. £20-30
61.     Third Reich Interest - A collection of facsimile documents and photographs relating to Knights Cross recipients, some bearing original signatures, including Gustav Lombard, Johann Klaus, Othmar Hermes, Otto Schmidt etc, in a binder. £40-60
62.     A Third Reich Dress or Parade Bayonet, the 20cm blade with narrow fuller by Paul Sfilheimer, Solingen, double rivet grip, with scabbard and frog. £80-100
63.     A Third Reich 1935 Pattern Heer Dagger, the 26.5cms blade with makers mark for Carl Julius Krebs, Solingen, eagle crossguard, orange celluloid grip and oakleaf cap pommel, steel scabbard, no portepee. £80-120
64.     Early XX Century German Boot Knife 15cm blade, three rivet wooden grip, in original scabbard.£80-100
65.     A Hitler Youth Knife, early isue, the 13-73cm blade by Lauterjung & Sohn (Puma-Werk) of Solingen etched to one side with the motto "Blut Und Ehre", the grip inset with HJ insignia with swastika to centre, with it's scabbard. £150-180
66.     A Third Reich Hitler Youth or Hitler Jugend Dagger, the 13.5cms blade with Solingen makers mark and number to ricassos, pistol grip hilt with HY flag and two rivets, black painted steel scabbard with black leather hanger. £60-90
67.     A Third Reich 1937 Pattern Luftwaffe Dress Dagger, Eickhorn Solingen blade, eagle and swastika crosspiece, orange variant grip, with silvered wire, pommel with gilt swastika, steel scabbard, no portepee. £250-350
68.     A K98 Combat Bayonet, the 25cms blade with wide fillers and blackened finish by Richard A Herder, number '3767' stamped to the ricasso, bakelite grip hilt, with scabbard and frog. £90-100
69.     A Czechoslovakian VZ24 Bayonet, 30cms wide fullered blade, the scabbard with post war markings "TGF E3 (Lion) 48". £30-50
70.     An Imperial Germany Military Stein, intricately hand painted with soldiers head and shoulders profile amidst trophy of arms and battleground, presented to Reservist Brandes, 1st Company of the 4th Regiment Of The Foot, Berlin 1906-08, and inscribed "Wer Treu Gedient hat seine zeit dem sei ein voller krug geweiht" (for he who has faithfully served his time, dedicated to a great pitcher), the pewter lid with eagle thumbpiece and relief decoration of trophies, pickelhaubes and shields, the finial in the form of of drinking soldier raising his flask, the stein base with lithophane of sweethearts in front of steam train, 28 cms high.£400-600
71.     A WWII RAF Peak Cap by Silberston & Sons, liner stamped with war department and other marks, brass cap badge; Field Service cap with badge; together with a contemporary Warrant Officer's badge, Air Crew miniature and further badge, with a later QEII period pin£20-30
72.     After R.S.Douglas; A White Metal Figure of Lord Kitchener in Full Dress Uniform, on a titled base marked 'Cooper Brothers, Sheffield', on a wooden plinth, 28cms high. £50-70
73.     A Brass Table Lighter in the form of a missile; A Brass Snuff Box, hand decoration of a lady and flowers, marked 'H Kimber' and dated 1920; A Silver and Tortoiseshell Norfolk Regiment Badge (damaged).£15-25
74.     A Pair of Early XX Century Field Glasses by Colmont of Paris, in a WWI stamped brown leather case marked C&R Brinsley 1916. £60-80
75.     Military - Royal Engineers GVR mother of pearl badge, RAF white metal, mother of pearl and enamel badge, Duke of Wellington's The West Riding Regiment gilded badge etc; together with a 1939-45 Star and a bullet belt. £20-30
76.     A Hallmarked Silver Vase, H.S, Sheffield 1888, of tapering cylindrical form with gadrooned decoration, bearing presentation inscription "Presented by Capt Wheatley & The Officers of C Troop 2nd W.Y.P.W.O. Yeomanry Cavalry to Charles Henry Moxon, as being the best swordsman in the year 1889", stamped to underside Pearce & Sons Leeds Huddersfield Leicester 2465. £40-60
77.     A Waterloo Medal After Benedetto Pistrucci, a silver limited edition authorised by the Waterloo Committee mounted and framed with c.o.a. verso. £50-70
78.     A Mounted Display Featuring Two Photographs of Soldiers, WWI Discharge Document and Related Postcards, together with six loose silks bearing insignia for 17th Lancers, R.E, ASC and others, and seven mounted displays of floral themed cigarette cards. £20-30
79.     Aviation Prints - Kevan Buckingham "Mother of Them All", monotone print of Lancaster ED888, signed by the artist, Nick Ross, DSO and one other. Framed and glazed; together with thirty two unsigned copies of Barrie Slatten's "Lancaster - Practice Flights Over Derwent Water Dam", and two other prints. £40-60
80.     Aviation Prints - An untitled colour print of Lancaster Bomber AJ-P evading flak after releasing bomb, signed by ten airmen including Terry Kearns DSO, DFC, DFM; Alex McKie DFM, Gill Chalmers DFC, DFM.
Seven others bearing one or two signatures including the artists.£30-40
"The Ace And His Mascot" monotone print signed in graphite by Noel Corry, Doug Nicholls, John Kealings, the man himself, George 'Grumpy' Unwin, and seven other airmen.
"The Dambusters 50th Anniversary", montage print signed in graphite by Douglas Webb, Les Munro, Dudley Heal, Ray Grayston and the artist.
Two unsigned aviation prints.£20-30
82.     Aviation Prints - After Chris Stothard 2The Battle of The Barges" colour print signed by Wing Commander David Penman, OBE, Wing Commander W J Lewis, DFC; Warrant Officer Jim Taylor, Warrant Officer Peter Gurnell and Warrant Officer J Cheesman, with certificate of authenticity signed by Group Captain J Laycock, 45 x 64cms; After Mark Postlethwaite "Zero Feet To Augsburg" colour print of Lancaster OF-K of 97 Squadron, leading the second formation to attack, Augsburg, by David Penman, Hank Keane, Ron Irons ad four others, 30 x 42cms.
"Tallboy Away", "Grand Slam Guardian", "Nachtjager" and "Life Goes On".
All approximately 50 x 70cms and unframed.£20-30
84.     The Dambusters - After P. E. Holland "Salute To A Legend" colour print signed in graphite to the margin by Jim Clay, DFC; Douglas Webb, DFM; Dudley Heal, DFM; Ken Brown, C.G.M; and four others.
After John Larder "Operation Chastise" colour print signed by the artist and Gill Chalmers, DFC,DFM.
Two copies of the same untitled colour print of a Lancaster Bomber evading flak over a dam, signed to the margin by John Bell, Alex McKie, Terry Kearns and several other airmen.
All unframed.£60-80
85.     Aviation Prints - John Larder "50 Years Fly By" signed by the artist; P. E. Holland "Salute To A Legend" signed by Harold Roddis and one other; John Larder "Operation Chastise" signed by the artist and Gill Chalmers; Keith Aspinall "Bergen Incident" unsigned; John Peirson "Defence By Detterrent" signed by the artist and Martin Withers, DFC; Maurice Gardner "Nachtjager" signed by Peter Spoden.
Together with a colour laser scan of artwork depicting Lancaster AJ-K firing on enemy target and signed by Air Gunner Tom Mclean, DFC, DFM.£30-40
86.     Aviation Prints - G. L. Wright "Dam Practice", colour print of BIII Lancasters over Derwent Dam, signed by Harold Roddis, Les Smith and one other; John Larder "Operation Chastise", signed by the artist; John Larder "50 Years Fly By" signed by the artist, Vince O'Sullivan, R Barton, Colin Cole, Rich Crook and seven others in a limited edition of 617; P. E. Holland "Now They Know We're There", monotone print of Guy Gibson's Lancaster over the Mohne Dam, unsigned. (4) £20-30
87.     Aviation Prints - Six colour prints including John Larder's "Operation Chastise" signed by the artist and Gill Chalmers DFC, DFM; And "50 Years Fly By" by the same and signed by Nicky Ross DSO, DFC.£25-35
88.     Aviation Prints - Fifteen prints after John Larder, P. E. Holland and others (some duplication) a few bearing one or two signatures. £50-70
Lancaster - Practice flights over Derwent Water Dam 1943 (Guy Gibson).
Twenty prints signed by the artist.£20-30
90.     Aviation Prints - Twenty two prints of various sizes and formats including K B Hancock's "For Valour - Cyril Barton, V.C", P. E. Hollands "Prelude To The Storm" (33 x 46cms), Michel Smart's "After Me The Floods", and a panoramic group shot of 617 Squadron posing before a BIII, bearing facsimile signatures. £20-70
"Salute To A Legend" colour print, signed in graphite to the margin by Bill Reid, VC, and Tom McLean, Nicky Ross, Wilf Bichly and Jock Calder.
Together with two other colour prints relating to Guy Gibson.£20-30
92.     Paper Ephemera - First Day Covers, modern greetings cards, miscellaneous stamps etc; together with two framed military themed prints. £30-40
93.     **COLLECTED ABCK 20/08/10**
A Boer & Great War Group of Four, QSA (type 3) with South Africa 1901, Transvaal, OFS and Cape Colony bars to 29613 Pte F Lisle 101st Coy Imp Yeo, and 14-15 Star (1494 Dvr F Lisle RFA), VM and WM (750470 Dvr F Lisle RA), all mounted with ribbon bar. GVF or better; together with a copy of KB Spurgin's "On Active Service With The Northumberland and Durham Yeomen, South Africa 1900-1901", and a copy of "The War History of The 1st Northumbrian Brigade RFA August 1914-July 1919", which is signed y numerous soldiers including Fredericke Lisle. £300-400
94.     A Great War Group of Three to Pte Walter Stanley Greaves, 1st East Yorkshire Regiment, comprising 1914 Star (7834 Pte W.S. Greaves. 1/E. York : R.) and Victory and War medals (7834 Pte. W.S. Greaves. E. York. R.), all Fine to Very Fine; Together with Memorial Plaque to Walter Stanley Greaves, with its envelope, scroll and tube, four pro-forma documents from George V (two) Kitchener and Lloyd-George, and the record office document issued with the 1914 Star clasp (not present); together with a small quantity of unassociated documents.
*Pte Walter Stanley Greaves was K.I.A on the 20th September 1914 whilst serving with the 1st Btn East Yorkshire Regiment and is listed on the La Ferte-Sous-Jouarre memorial and on the memorial plaque at St Matthews Church, Sheffield. £150-200
95.     A Great War Trio of 14-15 Star, VM and WM to SS-18657 A-Cpl H L Stevens, A.S.C, with five official forms including Ministry of Pensions, noting that Henry Lewis Stevens was discharged having being diagnosed with locomotor ataxia. £60-80
96.     A Great War Pair of 14-15 Star and WM to Y-504 Pte E Hinsley, Kings Royal Rifle Corps, both VF; Victory Medal to 166640 Gnr W J Hinsley, R.A. GF. £40-60
97.     A Great War Trio - of 14-15 Star, VM and WM to T1-3139 Dvr J Potter A.S.C, the star a little rubbed, the others GF/VF. £25-35
98.     A Great War Pair and Brighouse Tribute Medal to 47835 Pte H S Denham, of the West Yorkshire Regiment. All GF or slightly better. £40-60
99.     A Great War Pair of VM and WM to 4280 Pte Vincent Bird, Royal Warwickshire Regiment, later Cpl and Lieut Sgt and also in the Lancashire Fusiliers. Both medals GVF in box of issue and with dogtags, cap badges and shoulder titles for both regiments; together with a small quantity of miscellaneous stamps. £40-60
100.    A George V Military Medal Group of Three to 14552 Sjt Albert Messenger, uncrowned MM (14552 Sjt A Messenger 9 / York R) 14-15 Star (14552 Pte A Messenger York R) and WM (14552 Sjt A Messenger York R). The Star GVF, the medals EF.
*London Gazette 16/8/17. £250-350
101.    A Great War Pair of 14-15 Star and VM to PLY15395 Pte A I Benfield, RMLI, together with his silver war badge. All GVF. £30-40
102.    A Great War Trio of 1914-15 Star, VM and WM, to M2-113563 Pte T Osborne A.S.C, Fair condition only; four military theme photographic postcards, commemorative medallions. £20-30
103.    A Great War Victory Medal to 11718 Cpl J H Slack, West Yorkshire Regiment, GF;1 together with his small book and life savers medal; other unassociated documents. £15-25
104.    A Family Group of Medals, comprising Great War Trio of 14-15 Star, VW and WM to 34984 Pte C Holroyd RAMC, all VF, together with George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal to 324996 Pte E Holroyd KOYLI and five WWII medals 39-45 Star, Italy Star and Africa Star with 8th Army bar, WM and DM. All GVF. £80-120
105.    A Great War Pair to 6238 Pte J Williamson, 15 London Regiment, VF. £20-30
106.    An Afghanistan 1878-80 Medal Awarded to 3273 Driv J Smith D/B BDE RHA, engraved oblique serif capitals, Very Fine, no ribbon. £100-150
107.    An Abyssinia War Medal 1867-68, awarded to 240 J Paraman 3rd Dragoon Guards. Suspender restored. £140-180
108.    A 9ct Gold Pocketwatch Presented to Thomas H Crowe for His Services Aboard HMS Exeter During the Battle of River Plate, the full inscription reads "Presented by Prominent Sheffield Industrial Concerns to Tom Crowe, to commemorate his service on HMS Exeter in her victory over the Graf Spee. Capitol Cinema, Sheffield 1940". The white enamel dial and fifteen jewel movement signed "'Everite' H Samuel, Manchester", in the original box bearing inscribed plaque.
*During the latter half of 1939, the German 'pocket battleship' the Graf Spee had sunk several merchantmen in the Southern Atlantic. HMS Exeter was one of nine forces sent to search for her and on December 13th the battle commenced, and was the first major naval conflict of the Second World War. £200-300
109.    A General Service Medal 1918-62, (bar Iraq) to 59552 Pte. F. Savage E.York R. £50-100
110.    A George V General Service Medal, with N.W Persia bar to 4736665 Pte W Taylor, Yorks & Lancs Regiment. VF. £50-70
111.    A Queens South Africa Medal with Belmont, Modder River and OFS bars to 5286 Pte H. Roebuck. 2:Yorks:Lt Inft. Reverse type 1B, Very Fine; Together with His George V Imperial Service Medal to Harry Roebuck. Very Fine, and a hallmarked silver Buffaloes medal to the same. (3) £70-100
112.    WWII War and Defence Medals, RAF service book for 1112679 LAC William Davison, NSPCC Medal with ribbon, cap badges, scouts badge etc.£15-25
113.    An Early XX Century Hampshire Regiment Lewis Gunners Award as a Bronze Medallion, the obverse with 'B Company' and the regimental insignia, the reverse with the Lewis Gunner monogram within a wreath, by Phillips of Aldershot, in the case of issue. £20-30
114.    York And Lancaster Regiment - Bi-metal cap helmet plate centre with three loops, two bi-metal cap badges with sliders, and a bronzed cap badge by Gaunt, two loops. (4) £20-30
115.    West Yorkshire 2nd VB Glengarry Badge, in white metal, horse within circlet surmounted by QVC, three lugs. £20-30
116.    British Infantry Cap and Other Badges - Loyal North Lancashire Regiment bronzed badge by Gaunt, two blades, together with a pair of others for the same; other bronzed badges including pre-1923 Manchester Regiment, South Lancashire Regiment, Buckinghamshire Battalion etc. (14) £20-30
117.    An RAF Brass and Enamel Badge on Brass Bar, with CVSM ribbon and silver maple leaf; WWII Royal Engineers Badges, fusiliers badges and buttons, BDV and Kensitas silks. £15-25
118.    88th Foot (Connaught Rangers) Glengarry Badge, 88 surmounted by harp within wreath, the whole surmounted by QVC, copper lugs North & South, red cloth backed; Connaught Rangers cap badge, harp above motto within circle surmounted by QVC, copper lugs East and West. (2) £30-40
119.    A Small Quantity of Badges, as part of an assortment of objects which regularly have a military interest. £20-40
120.    Cap Badges - Royal Warwickshire 1st Birmingham Battalion, 17th / 21st Lanars, ACC, Royal Tank Corps and three others. £20-30
121.    Late XIX Century Derbyshire Regiment Forage Cap Badge, gilt wreath with 'Sherwood Foresters' and 'Derbyshire' scroll, upon a white metal star, at the centre a white metal stag upon blue enamel; a Royal Scots Guards silver hallmarked badge by Jennens & Co, 1917; a pair of 'The Buffs' silver collar dogs by Jennens & Co, 1948. £40-60
122.    A 1st West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry Troopers Helmet Plate, the whole surmounted by Queen Victoria's Crown. £50-70
123.    A Set of Twelve XIX Century Silver Livery Buttons, a lion sejant-erect on ermine, holding banner titled 'Don', by W. Dowler & Sons Ltd, Birmingham. £20-30
124.    Soviet Military Awards - A World War II period Order of The Badge of Honour, Type 4 with concave reverse, inscribed serial number 410768, VF; Order of The Red Banner of Labour, Type 6 with five sided suspension and ribbon, inscribed serial number 615534, VF. (2) £50-70
125.    British Infantry Cap and Other Badges - South Wales Borders bi-metal, two lugs; The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) yellow metal with slider; Royal Observer Corps white metal, two lugs; Lanarkshire Yeomanry yellow metal with slider; 3rd Gloucestershire Volunteers, white metal, two lugs; Artists Rifles white metal with slider; Middlesex Regiment bi-metal with two lugs; Queen's Own Worcestershire Hussars bi-metal with slider etc. (26) £50-70
126.    A Kings South Africa Medal, naming removed leaving 'S. Wales Bord'; medal ribbons, reproduction Third Reich award in soft metal, cap badges, buttons etc :- One Tin £40-60
127.    A Women's Voluntary Service Medal, Mint in box; Four WWII Medals, a silver war badge, ribbon bars etc and a white metal and enamel RAF vehicle plaque bearing motto "Behold St Christopher Then Go Your Way In Safety". £20-30
128.    A Pair of Early XX Century Hiatt Handcuffs, miscellaneous badges and two gentleman's wristwatches. £15-25
129.    Weimar Republic / Third Reich Awards - German Field Decoration, vertical pin reverse and suitably marked; Eastern Front or "Ostmedaille", makers mark for Ferdinand Hoffstatter, with envelope by the same; War Merit Cross with swords. VF or better. £80-100
130.    Third Reich Interest - An interesting and rare booklet published for the 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich" in May 1944, reviewing various battles, determining the whereabouts (and graves) of the seriously injured, missing or dead. Illustrative pages include a sketch of the Mikilska graves near Kiev and burial place of SS-Rttf Adolf Weber. 30 pages, card covers, minor loss to front cover, internally bright. £50-80
131.    A Prussian Honorary Knights Cross, 1914-1918. £40-60
132.    A Third Reich Blockade Runners Award, vertical pin back, made by Otto Placzek, Berlin. Some rubbing to eagles head and wing tip, otherwise Fine, 51mm diameter. £60-80
133.    Livery Buttons - Thirty Victorian and Early XX Century examples by J Platt & Co, C&J Weldon, Firmin & Sons etc. £20-30
134.    Sheffield University OTC Brass Badge and Shoulder Titles, together with other similar including Dover & Manchester Grammar School, and a St Andrews UOTC gilded button. £20-30
135.    Approximately Forty Military and Other Badges, including Wiltshire Regiment bronzed badge with three blade reverse, early XX Century silver and enamel Rifles brooch, silver and enamel KOYLI brooch of white enamel rose within silver bugle; together with a few later damaged re-strikes. £40-60
136.    A Good Collection of XIX Century and Later Military Buttons, including silver 1st Surrey Rifles c.1900, white metal Cameronian Pipers badge, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry with QVC, Queens Own Yorkshire Dragoons Yeomanry Cavalry in silver, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) in black horn with QVC, and a French brass button depicting man-at-arms (approximately 300).£100-150
137.    A Full Set of Twenty Six 'Battles for The Flag' Collectors Cards, issued by DC Thomson. VG condition. £30-40
138.    Postcards - Forty military theme postcards, generally photographic of soldiers and regiments in uniform. A few a little rubbed or dusted but generally VG, mostly unused. £35-50
138A.   A Collection of Military Postcards and Stereo Cards, featuring WWI Committee, silks and 12 WWI stereo cards of battle planes, trenches, stretcher bearers etc. £20-30
139.    Military Theme Postcards - An excellent selection of approximately ninety cards including Harry Payne Tocks Oilette, Gale & Polden, Daily Mail, Bamforth, War Bond, Propaganda and humorous etc. Generally Unused. £50-70
139A.   Military Postcards, including Nazi nursery rhymes, Gun onto the Rhine Bank 1919, silks etc. Approximately 40 WWI cards. £15-25
140.    Postcards - Approximately 100 early XX Century cards, mostly silk or embroidered, many military themed Great War examples through mostly flag or Victory related with few regiment insignias. £60-80
141.    Postcards - Approximately forty silk embroidered cards, many military themed, including 'Greetings from the Trenches' with two soldiers firing their rifles, 'Hands Across The Sea' and sentimental etc; together with approximately thirty royalty themed cards, in two folders. £50-80
142.    An Early XX Century Yellow Metal Bracelet, composed of nine square panels with relief vignettes depicting scenes from the conflict in and around the Adriatic during the Great War, some including Italian military insignia and the mottos "Nulla Via Invia" and "Sempre E Ovunque". £70-100
142A.   A Rolled Gold Identity Bracelet, to Ethel Midgley KKCH/156/Z plus other badges. £10-20
143.    A Large and Impressive Bowie Knife by F W James of Sheffield, the 36cms clip point blade with notched pattern to spine and etched to one side with 'California Knife' beneath a patriotic banner, makers name to ricasso, brass guard, horn grip between white metal mounts, brown leather sheath. £450-550
144.    A Coldstream Guards Officers Service Dress Silver and Enamel Cap Badge, KK898, by Gaunt & Sons. £20-30
145.    A 14-15 Star and Victory Medal to 11549 Cpl A Butcher, York & Lancs Regiment, Fine; A Great War Memorial Plaque to Walter Maw, (possibly of the Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry). £40-60
146.    A Fine Collection of Ninety Four WWII and Generally Later German and East German Military Badges and Awards, post-war Kampfschwimmer (Commando Frogman), Bundeswehr and Fallschirmjagertruppe (Paratroops) awards both in metal and cloth. All mounted and in three framed displays.
147.    Navigational Instruments - A Field's Pattern Parallel Rule, a large brass rule by Cooke & Sons, London, in a wooden case; together with several celestial navigation discs, two plotting compasses etc.
148.    Military General Service Medal 1793-1814, impressed "R Smart Corp.l 85th Foot", possibly re-named, lacks the issued clasp of St Sebastian. Light bruise to obverse base otherwise F/VF.
151.    A Pair of USA Large Cents, both dated 1844 (GF and F). A farthing 1806, VF/GVF. A range of other coins and related items (including a Macclesfield token). Foreign banknotes. £30-50
152.    5x USA 2002 Silver Eagle Dollars, all having images of Elvis Presley. Other Presley memorabilia items. Other items. £40-60
153.    34 Silver Threepences, other coins. Foreign banknotes. All in a small cash box. Other collectables including silk postcards. £15-20
154.    A Damaged WWI Victory Medal to 28806 Pte. A. Doggan S. Staff. R, and a selection of GB and foreign coins; silver noticed. Foreign banknotes. Other items. £15-30
155.    Crowns, 1935 (F), 1951 (proof) and 1977 (cased silver proof) (two coins). A modern base metal five pounds coin. A Florin, 1908, NF/F (as part of a mounted display). Other coins. £30-50
156.    An Interesting Range of Trade Cards, by Typhoo Tea Ltd. £20-30
157.    A Hoard of Off-Paper Stamps, offered in shoe boxes etc. Other items. £20-30
158.    Approximately 2000 Early XX Century Larger Issue Cigarette Cards, including a small quantity of collectors cards. Generally odds in VG condition. £70-140
158A.   A Shoebox of Postcards, GB and overseas. Sometimes mid XX Century. £15-25
159.    A Mounted Mint and Used Collection of Foreign Stamps, offered in three 'Express' binders. The Collection is pre-WWII. Better stamps are commonplace. £200-300
160.    An Interesting Array of Modern Stamp Oddments, regularly GB and Australia including commemorative covers, stamp booklets and presentation packs of stamps. In two albums. £70-100
161.    A Range of Loose Foreign Stamps, offered in envelopes and packets; earlier issues are commonplace. £40-70
162.    Cigarette Cards - approx 3000 early XX Century odds by the major manufacturers. £60-90
163.    A Large Accumulation of Walkers 'Tozo' Cards. £30-50
164.    Five Empty Stamp Albums, a box of philatelic reference material. £20-30
165.    A Collection of In Excess of 200 Glamour Postcards, regularly early XX Century. In three albums. £70-100
166.    A Selection of Postcards in a Shoebox, the cards sometimes have suffered as a result of inappropriate storage, but the lot contains some useful earlier material depicting a variety of themes. £30-50
167.    A Damaged 1953 'Plastic' Set of Coins, a City of Sheffield Education Committee medal to H. Johnson for 'Four Years Punctual Attendance and Good Conduct'. A tray of coins comprising GB coinage of mixed denominations and assorted foreign. £15-20
168.    A Duplicated Collection of The Stamps of King George VI, in a sparsely filled stockbook. £20-30
169.    An Old Postcard Album, dated December 5th 1903, containing over 100 mixed postcards. Churches and street scenes noticed. £30-40
170.    A 'Schoolboy' Stamp Collection, mixed philatelic and related oddments. £10-15
171.    An Album of GB First Day Stamp Covers, 1960's and 1970's. Stamp oddments in a J.E.Lea 'The Portland' stamp album. £20-25
172.    A Random Assortment of Cigarette and Non-Tobacco Trade Cards, useful earlier material by Typhoo Tea Ltd noticed. £50-80
173.    One Pound and Twenty Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins as part of a GB and foreign coin collection in an album. £20-40
174.    Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, GB, Commonwealth and Foreign stamp covers and related items. Offered in two albums. £20-40
175.    An Array of Used Stamp Duplicates, in five stock books, GB and Commonwealth material predominates. Other philatelic items. £50-100
176.    Duplicated Collection of Stamps of The World, offered in four partially filled stock books. £30-50
177.    The Royal Wedding Coin Collection, a collection of 14 crowns and crown sized coins offered as a glazed display. £5-10
178.    An Array of Victorian Stamp Covers, regularly from the 1880's and often complete with their original enclosures. Other postal history items. £70-120
179.    QEII's Diamond Wedding, a collection of commemorative coin covers by Westminster. Offered in two plush presentation albums. £60-90
180.    GB Proof Sets - 1970, 1971, 1973, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1987 and 1996. £40-60
181.    Postcards - Approximately 200 early to mid XX Century examples including topographical, art subjects, architecture, religious etc. Generally VG. £30-40
182.    A Range of Loose Postcards from Different Eras, including A Few Lines from Mablethorpe, Clock Tower and High Street Redcar, High Street Stockton and Rye Bank Road Chorlton-Cum-Hardy. £20-40
183.    An Attractive Array of the 12th May 1937 Royal Wedding Stamps, as part of a clean collection of the stamps of King George VI. In a stockbook. £70-100
184.    A Four Margin OC Penny Black with Red Maltese Cross Cancel, 1925 Empire Exhibition stamps, 1947 Malta Self Government, 2d, 4d, 6d, 9d and 1/-, Falkland Islands with Graham Land South Orkney, South Shetland, South Georgia overprints, 1948 Olympic Games Bahrain and a few Victorian overprints.£300-400
185.    Two Small Mid XX Century Stamp Albums containing various non-British stamps, many sporting and Olympic examples.£30-40
186.    Approximately Fifty One Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, regularly 1990's. £40-70
187.    Approximately 70 Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, regularly 1980's and 1990's. Other items including Royal Mail stamp booklets and first day covers. All in a Royal Mint album. £70-100
188.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Rugby Internationals, Players Motor Cars, Characters from Dickens, Poultry. £80-120
189.    Schoolboy Stamp Collections, loose stamps and other oddments. £20-40
190.    GB Proof Sets - 1974, 1976 and 1980 (no box). A tray of mixed GB and foreign coins. Four modern one pound banknotes and a modern ten shillings note. £30-40
191.    Duplicated Accumulations of Used Stamps of the World, in three stock books. Other philatelic items (including kiloware). £20-30
192.    An Interesting Collection of Shillings, 1920 to 1966. Regularly the coins are in the higher grades. Offered in two album pages. £80-100
193.    A Postcard Collection, offered in two albums. The cards often are from the 1950's and 1960's. £20-40
194.    A Good Quantity of GB Commemorative Stamps, regularly offered as kiloware. Other collectables. £20-30
195.    A Tray of GB and Foreign Coins, the foreign material is often current or still exchangeable. £20-40
196.    Mixed Collections of Used Stamps, in four stockbooks. Useful Swiss and some earlier British Commonwealth noticed. £20-40
197.    GB Proof Sets - 1983, 1984, 1985 (two sets), 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. £70-120
198.    Six Albums of Modern Postcards, comic cards predominate. £20-30
199.    A Duplicated Array of Unused PHQ Cards, earlier cards are abundant. £20-40
200.    Two Mixed General Stamp Collections, regularly comprising used issues and often mid XX Century. £15-20
201.    Approximately 2.4kg of George VI and EIIR Brass Threepences :- One Bag£15-25
202.    A Mixed General Stamp Collection, with strength in mid XX Century issues. Offered in a SG 'Devon' album. £20-40
203.    A Collection of Earlier GB and Commonwealth Stamps, in a partially filled stockbook. £20-30
204.    Postcards - Approximately 197 early XX Century examples, mostly sentimental and child studies, a few Mary Pickford 'Weekly Welcome' cards. £30-50
205.    A United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection for 2008, A 1951 proof crown. Other items. £10-20
206.    Postcards - Approximately 243 early XX Century examples, topographical, dogs, Hands Across the Sea style (Wildt and Kray) etc. £50-70
207.    A Small Tub of Mixed GB and Foreign Coins, very occasionally silver. A selection of loose postcards, sometimes early XX Century. £20-30
208.    Presentation Stamp Collections, comprising 25th Anniversary of QEII's Coronation, Christmas stamps from around the world and locomotive philatelica. £10-20
209.    Comic, Glamour and Sentimental Cards, as part of a collection of some 100 earlier postcards offered in a 1940's album. £40-70
210.    A Collection of First Day Coin Covers, by Westminster, in an album. Two loose first day coin covers. £20-40
211.    A Selection of Stamps from The GB Commonwealth, all drawn from the reign of QEII. Very regularly Mint and often unmounted. £15-30
212.    Aviation Interest as Part of a Multi-Theme Collection of Postcards, regularly early XX Century. In a damaged contemporary album. £50-100
213.    Schoolboy Stamp Collections, in four albums. Other philatelic and related oddments. £20-30
214.    30 Sets of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Flags of the Empire, Players Bygone Beauties. Generally Wills and Players. £100-140
215.    A Collection of Foreign Coins, (regularly European or Scandinavian) offered in an album.
N.B. Some of the coins are current or still exchangeable. £50-80
216.    "The Official Collection of World Wildlife Day Covers", by Franklin Philatelic Ltd. In presentation album. £20-40
217.    A Duplicated Collection of The Stamps of King George V, in a sparsely filled stockbook. £20-30
218.    An Assortment of Loose Postcards and Cigarette Cards. £10-20
219.    'The History of The Royal Air Force', a mint stamp collection by Westminster. £10-15
220.    A Range of Earlier Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers offered in a partly filled contemporary album. £30-50
221.    An Array of Philatelic Oddments, including loose stamps, kiloware, stamp covers and reference material. In a carton. £20-30
222.    A Carton of Philatelic Oddments, including all world, in stockbooks, packets etc. Philatelic reference material. £20-30
223.    Mixed Trade Cards, including Ogden's Tabs and a Lever Bros Card, as part of a small range of collectables. £15-20
224.    Commemorative Medallions and Crowns, miscellaneous early XX Century coins, well circulated New Zealand and Fiji banknotes. £15-25
225.    A Box of Postcards.£15-20
226.    A Quantity of Mixed GB and Foreign Coins, other items. £20-40
227.    A Range of Mint GB Stamps, regularly 1970's and 1980's. Blocks of stamps noticed. £15-25
228.    A Crown 1937, NVF. A groat 1837, F. Other coins. An assortment of foreign banknotes in a very sparsely filled album. £15-25
229.    Approximately 42 Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, regularly from the 1980's. Other items. £30-50
230.    A Duplicated Array of Used Stamps from New Zealand, from earliest issues to mid 1990's. High catalogue value. Offered in two stock books. £50-80
231.    A Selection of Loose Cigarette Cards, sometimes boxed into sets and part sets. Earlier cards are present but the condition of cards in this lot is very variable. £20-40
232.    A Cigar Box of Used GB Stamp Duplicates, George V, Edward VIII and George VI. Other oddments including stamps on stock cards and philatelic reference material. £15-20
233.    'The Royal Family', a stamp and stamp cover collection to commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Coronation of QEII. The Royal Houses of Europe', a stamp cover collection to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation of QEII. Both collections are offered in the attractive albums of issue. £15-25
234.    An Album of Postcards and Stamp Covers, sometimes early XX Century. Two further albums of GB stamp covers. £15-25
235.    A Stockbook of Used GB Stamps Drawn from The Reigns of King George V and King George VI, although the collection is much duplicated watermark varieties and seahorses are included. £40-60
236.    GB Proof Sets - 1970, 1971, 1994 (two sets, both red cased), 1997 (two sets, both red cased) and 1999 (two sets, both red cased). £50-100
237.    A Duplicated Collection of Used Older Stamps from Germany, in a stockbook and exercise book. £15-20
238.    An Accumulation of Postcards, regularly modern. £15-20
239.    A Mixed Whole World Stamp Collection, in a G.F. Rapkin 'The Triumph' stamp album. Earlier issues noticed. £20-30
240.    A Collection of GB and Foreign Coins, sometimes silver. Offered in a 'Collecta' coin album. £15-20
241.    An Array of Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, Stamp Covers and Associated Items, regularly 1990's. In an album. £80-130
242.    An Accumulation of Loose Postcards, regularly from the 1970's. £20-40
243.    A Small Collection of The Stamps of Malaya and Its Neighbours, offered in a sparsely filled SG 'Simplex' album. Other philatelic items including stamps on album pages and on stock cards. £30-50
244.    A Selection of Cigarette Cards, regularly by the major manufacturers and often earlier issues. In a contemporary album. £30-50
245.    Useful Earlier Indian Stamps, as part of a duplicated assembly of Mint stamps of The British Commonwealth in a stockbook. £70-100
246.    A Shoe Box of GB First Day Stamp Covers, (1980's and 1990's). Other items. £10-15
247.    The Alderney, Jersey and Guernsey Three Coin Commemorative Coin Collection, to celebrate the life of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997); Seven presentation packs of modern crown sized coins. A pair of USA half dollars. Other items. £30-50
248.    Cigarette Cards - 30 sets including Wills and Players RAF badges, Flags of The League of Nations etc. £60-90
249.    Approximately 10.5 Kilos of GB Kiloware Stamps. £20-40
249A.   Four Framed Displays of Gallaher's Army Badges, and other cigarette cards. £15-25
250.    An Album of Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, commemorative stamp covers (including silks) and stamp booklets. £80-120
251.    Fargate (Sheffield) and a multi-view postcard of Barnsley, other postcards and mixed collectables including coins and banknotes.
252.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Players Uniforms of the TA, Footballers 1928, others by the regular manufacturers; together with 126 'Henry' cards by Kensitas / Wix. £80-120
253.    Cigarette Cards - 30 Sets of Players and Wills. Generally VG condition. £100-140
254.    A Clean, but Random Collection of GB and Commonwealth Stamps, in a stockbook. Mid XX Century issues are abundant. £30-50
255.    A Stockbook of Used Eire and GB Stamps. £20-30
256.    The Master Vending Machine Co. Ltd, Jet Aircraft of the World, (1958) (33 cards), card oddments by Barrett & Co Ltd, Major Drapkin & Co, J.Lyons & Co Ltd, Horriman's Tea, Kelloggs, The Sun and Twinings Tea, as part of an accumulation of cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards (including cards in the manufacturers albums). £30-50
257.    Collections of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers offered in two contemporary albums. Sporting interest cards are included. £40-60
258.    Postcards - Approximately 237 early XX Century examples, Bamforth Song series, sentimental and sepia greetings, floral embossed etc. £40-60
259.    Whole World Stamp Collections, offered in nine albums. £70-120
260.    An Untidy Accumulation of Philatelic Material, comprising Channel Islands and Gibraltar Presentation Packs of stamps, loose stamps, reference material etc. All in a suitcase.
(N.B. Some of the items in this lot have suffered as a result of inappropriate storage.) £100-150
261.    School Boy Stamp Collections in an Album, and a stock book. Other items including Guinness ephemera. £15-25
262.    'Schoolboy' Stamp Collections, offered in six albums. 'The Stanley Gibbons Book of Stamps and Stamp Collecting'. £30-50
263.    An Album of GB First Day Stamp Covers, 1980's and 1990's. £15-20
264.    An Extensive Whole World Accumulation of Used Stamps, offered in club books, on stock cards, in albums etc. £50-80
265.    Two Albums of GB Stamp Covers from the 1970's and 1980's, regularly, but not exclusively, First Day (N.B. One album is sparsely filled). A range of other covers and related items, usually GB. £20-40
266.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Cricketers 1928, Association Footballers, Wild Flowers, Armies of The British Empire, Churchman Kings of Speed and Kensitas Silks of National Flags. £80-120
267.    An Extensive Collection of Postcards, all depicting great works of art. In six attractive modern albums. £20-30
268.    Philatelic Oddments, comprising stamps in stock books, on album pages etc. Regularly GB Commonwealth and earlier stamps noticed. £40-70
269.    A Range of Collectables, including Doncella trade cards, other mixed cigarette and non-tobacco cards and stamps. £20-40
270.    The Stamps of Germany and Switzerland, sometimes of WWII vintage, offered Mint and used in two small stockbooks. £30-40
271.    Godfrey Phillips Ltd 'Aircraft' Series No.1, (Matt) (1938), set of 54 cards. A range of other cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards regularly boxed into sets. £30-50
272.    A Collection of Stamps of The British Commonwealth, with strength in the 'Kings' issues. Offered mounted Mint and used in two albums. £40-70
273.    30 Modern Base Metal Crowns, (GB and Gibraltar). A modern base metal five pounds coin. £15-20
274.    Cycling Interest - As part of a collection of some 184 early XX Century postcards in a contemporary album. £50-70
275.    A Selection of Modern Cased GB Coins and Coin Sets. £20-30
276.    Postcards - Approximately 195 early to mid XX Century examples, generally topographical subjects in Very Good condition. £30-40
277.    A Shoebox of Modern Postcards. £15-20
278.    Random Arrangements of GB and Foreign Stamps, in four stockbooks. Other items. £20-30
279.    A Range of PHQ Cards, regularly 1980's and 1990's. In two albums (one is partially filled). £15-25
280.    An Attractive but Much Duplicated Array of The Stamps of Australia, from early issues to recent offered used in a very well filled stockbook. £50-80
281.    A Most Attractive Collection of Clean, Unused PHQ Cards, from PHQ 7 (July 10 1974) to PHQ 203 (Jan 12 1999). £30-50
282.    Useful Accumulation of Off Loose Stamps, from France and Germany, sometimes as kiloware £20-40
283.    A USA Dollar, 1884, NVF, 4x modern base metal five pound coins. 2x modern base metal two pound coins. A range of other coins and related items. £40-60
284.    Duplicated Selections of Stamps From Canada, the Scandinavian Countries, South Africa and Switzerland as part of a range of stamp oddments in eight stockbooks. £70-140
285.    Approximately 200 GB FDC's, in five albums. £30-50
286.    An Interesting Array of GB Flown Stamp Covers, from the 1970's. First Day Covers from the same era. £20-40
287.    Three Stockbooks of Used Stamps from The Far and Middle East, and Malaysia. £30-50
288.    An Album of Approximately 850 Longer Issue Cigarette Cards, Boguslavsky Winners on the Turf, Wills Old Sundials, Wills, Old Inns, Master's Cricketers Series, Senior Service Sporting Events, Wix & Sons Henry. £80-120
289.    Approximately 30 Sets of PHQ Cards from the 1980's, a selection of GB First Day stamp covers, 1960's to 1980's. £20-30
290.    A Mixed General Stamp Collection, in a SG 'The Strand' stamp album. An assortment of loose stamps; often as kiloware. £20-40
291.    Approximately 350 Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, regularly 1970's to 1990's (miniature sheets are included). £200-300
292.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps. £20-40
293.    An Array of GB First Day Stamp Covers, 1970's to 1990's; regularly with Sheffield postmarks. In three albums and with loose. PHQ card No.4 (14-11-73), used. Other items including 'Schoolgirl' stamp collections. £20-30
294.    An Interesting Array of Sets and Part Sets of Coins, (including those in Whitman folders and Sandhill cases), loose coins and related oddments. £40-70
295.    Approximately 65 Silk Cigarette Cards, by J. Wix & Sons Ltd. Other cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards, football interest noticed. £30-50
296.    The Complete Set of Brass Threepences, 1937 to 1967. A 1970 proof set. A pair of uncirculated 1956 farthings. A one-third farthing, 1902, VF (w/l). £20-30
297.    2x GB FU 'Sea Horses' Stamps, 1915 2/6 (SG 413a) and 1934 2/6 (SG 450). Other stamps, regularly GB, some in an album. Stamp booklets. Mixed cigarette cards. £20-40
298.    A Random Assortment of GB and Foreign Coins, in a storage box. £10-20
299.    Some 46 GB First Day Stamp Covers, from the 1970's and 80's. Nine presentation packs of GB stamps from the same era. Three modern one pound banknotes, all choice. £15-25
300.    Approximately 2300 Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, covering a variety of subjects. No Players or Wills. Some Oriental issues. £60-90
301.    An Attractive Array of The Stamps of Germany, of WWII vintage as part of a nice, Mint and used accumulation of foreign stamps in a well filled quality stockbook. £40-60
302.    The Stamps of USA, a random assortment in a stock book. £15-20
303.    A Collection of The Stamps of GB, with strength in the 1960's and 1970's. A partly filled album of GB stamp covers, often 1960's and 1970's. A quantity of used PHQ cards from the 1980's regularly with special postmarks. £20-30
304.    **WITHDRAWN**
A Random Selection of GB and Foreign Coins, silver noticed. Other items including banknotes. £10-20
305.    A Schoolgirl Stamp Collection, regularly foreign countries. Other philatelic oddments. £10-20
306.    GB Proof Sets, 1983, 1984, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2000. £70-120
307.    A Mixed General Earlier Stamp Collection, in a G F Rapkin 'Movaleaf' album. £15-20
308.    A Collection of GB and Foreign Coins, silver and base metal. Offered in an album. £20-40
309.    An Assortment of GB First Day Stamp Covers, PHQ cards and presentation packs of GB stamps, regularly 1970's and 1980's. Other philatelic items. £20-40
310.    Holmesfield and Holmesfield Church School, other postcards and photographs sometimes having a local interest. £20-30
311.    A Range of Used GB and Foreign Stamps, randomly presented in a well filled stockbook; useful earlier material noticed. £30-50
312.    Royal Mail Stamp Collections for 1997 and 1998, 'The Royal Family', a presentation stamp collection to commemorate QEII's 60th Birthday. £20-40
313.    Approximately 2300 Cigarette, Collectors and Bubble Gum Cards, ranging from Topps Shocking Laffs, Battlestar Galactica, Panini Stickers, tradiaitonal Wills and Players. £60-90
314.    Fifty Six Presentation Packs of GB Mint Stamps, recent issues in an album. £70-120
315.    Approximately 433 Post-1946 GB Halfcrowns. £50-80
316.    Approx 3000 Cigarette Cards, including Players, Wills etc. £60-90
317.    A Shoe box of Modern Postcards, some have been postally used. £15-20
318.    Transport Memorabilia - leather conductors satchell with ticket puncher, a Williamson's ticket printer for tramways, omnibuses, railways, steamboats etc, Ashton-under-Lyme with leather strap and a Barker's ticket punch.£50-70
319.    A Selection of Stamps, banknotes, stamp covers and P.H.Q. cards randomly arranged in a modern photograph album. French postcards (WWI era). £15-20
320.    A Range of GB Stamp Covers Queen Victoria to 1960's, local interest covers predominate. Schoolboy stamp collections in an album and (partially filled) stockbook. £15-20
321.    A Range of GB First Day (and Other) Stamp Covers, 1960's to 1980's in three albums. Approximately 39 presentation packs of GB stamps, 1980's and 1990's; regularly the pack is accompanied by the appropriate first day cover. Other items. £70-100
322.    The Stamps of Great Britain, a mounted mint and used assembly (to 1984). Strength in the QEII issues, not much earlier. £20-40
323.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Wills Cricketers 1928, Wills Radio Celebrities, Players Military Headdress, Players Past & Present, Wills Railway Locomotives. £80-120
324.    A Selection of Items Regularly Connected with Service in The Royal Navy, in the 1960's. £15-20
325.    Stamps of GB, The Commonwealth and The USA, in two sparsely filled SG 'Devon' albums and a SG 'The Windsor' album. £20-30
326.    Seven Uncirculated Year-Type Sets of GB Coins from the 1960's, all in presentation folders. £20-40
327.    Approximately 3000 Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, a few full sets of Players and Wills, mostly part sets by the major manufacturers. £60-90
328.    Cigarette Cards - Approximately 1000 pre-1930 examples. Odds including Ogdens Guinea Gold Abdullah & Co Feathered Friends, Cavanders Ancient Egypt, Players Fishes of the World. £80-120
329.    A Sparsely Filled SG 'King George VI' Stamp Album. £10-20
330.    An Edward VII Florin, (date rubbed). A range of other coins, (silver noticed), 15 modern one pound notes and two ten shilling notes (sometimes the notes are choice). £25-40
331.    A Collection of Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, and GB first day covers from the 1980's. In an album. £20-40
332.    A Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coin, a USA silver dollar 1922, VF. A 1951 proof crown (not boxed). A quantity of other coins, regularly but not exclusively, pre-Euro European issues. £20-40
333.    Four Modern Presentation Packs of GB Stamps, a collection of stamps to commemorate the 1972 Royal Silver Wedding. Two stamp coin covers. A 'Farewell to Concorde' commemorative stamp cover. £20-30
334.    A Whole World Stamp Collection, offered in nine albums. £100-150
335.    A Duplicated Offering of The Stamps of San Marino, from earlier issues to the 1980's. High catalogue value. In two stockbooks. £50-80
336.    A Collection of First Day Stamp Covers, usually 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. A small number of presentation packs of stamps from the same era. In three albums. £50-80
337.    Approximately 36 Clean Cigarette Cards by Godfrey Phillips Ltd, ('Our Dogs' and 'Our Puppies') as part of an array of usually very clean cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards which often have been boxed into sets and part sets. £50-70
338.    A Collection of Foreign Stamps, earlier issues are abundant. £60-80
339.    A Selection of GB Base Metal Coinage, mixed denominations. £15-20
340.    Ten Illustrated Albums of South African Cigarette Cards, two albums of Panini stickers - 'Animals of The World'. £50-80
341.    Schoolboy Stamp Collections in Two Albums, and a stockbook. Other philatelic oddments. £15-20
342.    A Range of Cards Having a Gibraltar Interest, as part of a collection of some 200 postcards, Often early / mid XX Century. In two modern albums. £30-50
343.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Churchman Association Footballers (second series), Wills Railway Engines, Wills Signalling Series, Players Football Characatures by Mac. £80-120
344.    A Quantity of GB Mint Decimal Stamps, 1970's and 1980's. Regularly as presentation packs. Other philatelic items including a few GB first day covers from the same era. In three photograph albums. £40-60
345.    A Selection of Postcards, regularly early XX Century. In three modern albums which sometimes are sparsely filled. £20-40
346.    A Collection of Topographical Postcards, pasted down into ten art books. A Set of Wills Railway Equipment cigarette cards. £20-30
347.    Cigarette Cards - approx 3000 early XX Century odds by the major manufacturers. £60-90
348.    Postcards - Approximately 300 examples, mostly mid to late XX Century although some earlier including Grant & Co Silk of University of Glasgow, seaside humour and Tucks Oilette. £30-40
349.    Cigarette Cards - approx 3000 early XX Century odds by the major manufacturers. £60-90
350.    An Array of PHQ Cards, regularly from the 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. Some have been postally used. £20-40
351.    A Shoebox of Postcards and Greetings Cards, other collectables. £20-30
352.    An Album of Photographs, circa 1918, depicting missionary work in West Africa. £20-40
353.    30 Sets of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, mainly Wills and Players including Players Army Corps and Divisional Signs and Wills Life in The Royal Navy. £100-140
354.    A Stockbook of Used Stamps From the GB Commonwealth, much duplicated but regularly mid XX Century issues. £20-30
355.    In Excess of £45.00 (Total Face Value) of Post-1946 Sixpences, shillings and florins. A range of other coins and associated items. All in a small case. £40-70
356.    A Collection of Earlier Foreign Stamps, in a GF Rapkin 'The Triumph Stamp Album' (the album is dated Nov 21st 1933). Other philatelic items. £30-50
357.    Cigarette Cards - Ogdens Boy Scouts (green back full set), Ogdens Jockeys And Owners Colours (full set), Ogdens Prominent Racehorses of 1933 (full set), Ogdens Whaling (full set 25), Ogdens Famous Dirt-Track Riders (full set 25), Player & Sons Poultry (full set) etc, with part sets including Wills Kings And Queens of England. Generally VG or Better. £60-80
358.    An Array of Stamps of The World, often randomly arranged in three stockbooks. Better Guernsey and Australia noticed. £20-40
359.    A Tray of Mixed Stamps of The World, regularly offered on stock cards. £20-30
360.    Mixed Stamp Collections, offered in five albums. Earlier stamps noticed. £30-50
361.    Two Thematic Stamp Cover Collections, "Flora and Fauna of The World" and "The Official Millennium Postal Cover Collection". £10-20
362.    Postcards - A good selection of approximately four hundred early XX Century cards including Tucks Oilette, Sinking of The Lusitania (cartoon), Donald McGill and other artist signed , International Horse Show, Bourneville Works, real photo, seaside humour, British Birds And Butterflies, Photogravure Beauties, and comprising seventy five Heraldic series. Good postally used to Fine unused condition. £150-250
363.    An Assortment of Modern Postcards, a small quantity of GB First Day Covers from the 1980's and 1990's. Ten presentation packs of Australian stamps (1980's). Other items. £15-25
364.    Military Theme Cigarette Cards - A Good Selection including Typhoo 'Our Empires Defenders' (9), Woodhead & Sons / Izabe Tea Types of British Soldiers (18), Players Drum Banners and Cap Badges (full set), Players Military Head-Dress (full set); and a quantity of BDV / Kensitas Silks and odds including Wills Russo - Japanese, Ogdens Army Crests and Mottoes. £40-60
365.    A Collection of Stamps, regularly from the GB Commonwealth. Useful King George VI material noticed. Mounted Mint and used in a SG 'The Ace' album. £20-30
366.    Two Albums of Early to Mid XX Century Postcards, generally embossed sentimental and holiday landscape themes. £20-30
367.    An Alderney Five Pounds Silver Proof Coin, 2002. A UK uncirculated coin collection 1982. An uncirculated base metal five pounds coin, 1997. Other coins and related items (Sheffield interest noticed). £20-40
368.    Approximately 765 Mostly Pre-1930 Cigarette Cards, including Wills Houses of Parliament, Ogden's tab cigarette issues, Lambert & Butler Motor Cars, Ardath Famous Film Stars etc. £80-120
369.    The Stamps of Spain, a collection 1870's to 1960's. £15-20
370.    A Random Assortment of Stamps of The British Commonwealth, in a well filled stock book. Five other smaller stock books of mixed stamps. £30-50
371.    8x Modern GB Base Metal Five Pounds Coins, and 2x modern GB base metal two pounds coins; regularly as coin stamp covers. Other items. £50-70
372.    'Stamp Bug Club', a series of items including presentation packs of GB stamps, stamp covers and 'Stamp Bug Albums' from the 1980's and 1990's. £70-100
373.    A Collection of Usually Foreign Stamps, offered mint and used in two albums. Sometimes the stamps are damaged but this is an interesting mixture, regularly early XX Century. £40-70
374.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Carreras 'Turf' Dogs, History of Army Uniforms, Ogdens Modern British Pottery, Players Game Birds and Wildfowl, Gallaher's The Navy. £80-120
375.    A Stamp Collection to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the Birth of Elvis Presley, and other items. £20-30
376.    An Accumulation of Mixed Stamps of The World, in a partially filled stockbook. A small collection of used GB stamps, 1930's to 1980's. £15-20
377.    Postcards - Approximately 286 generally Edwardian and George V examples, including seaside humour, sentimental, topographical, Tucks Oilette etc. £60-80
378.    An Attractive, but Much Duplicated Accumulation of Earlier Used Australian Stamps, (to the 1960's). In a stockbook. £70-120
379.    An Accumulation of Pre-Decimal GB Pennies and Halfpennies. £10-20
380.    Approximately 900 Cigarette Cards, odds, all having a catalogue price of £2 or higher. Ogden's Infantry Training, Greyhound Racing, Football Players, Cricket 1926, Boy Scouts. £100-140
381.    An Album of Early XX Century Postcards, assorted themes. £30-50
382.    Clevedon Confectionery Ltd, British Aircraft, 1958, 3 cards. J.S. Fry & Sons Ltd, Scout Series, 1912, card number 48. All as part of a small collection of cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards. £15-25
383.    A Collection of Earlier XX Century Cigarette Cards, regularly by Ogdens Ltd. Offered in a contemporary album. £30-50
384.    Postcards - Approximately 165 early XX Century examples, mostly of the Indian sub-continent, and published by Dhur & Sons, Mizra and Sons etc. Mostly unused and in VG/Exc condition. £50-70
385.    A Selection of Stamps, GB and Commonwealth, offered in a well filled stockbook. The Stamps regularly are mid XX Century issues but earlier material is also included. £40-70
386.    A Range of Earlier Postcards, all depicting views of London, in a modern photogrpah album. £25-40
387.    A Mint (Sometimes) Unmounted Collection of The Stamps of Japan, from early issues to mid XX Century. High catalogue value. Offered in four album pages. £40-70
388.    Stamps of The World, an interesting array of earlier stamp issues offered in a SG 'The Improved' stamp album. £70-90
389.    A Well Filled Contemporary Album of Early XX Century Postcards, which regularly depict churches. £20-40
390.    A Collection of Post and Greetings Cards, usually early XX Century in a postkarten album. Mixed themes including comic and sentimental. £40-60
391.    Crowns, 1891 (GF but e.k.), 1960 (pair, both VF/GVF) and 1970 (cased Isle of Man silver proof). A halfcrown, 1915, F. A shilling, 1887, GVF. An Eire uncirculated 1968 year type set. Other coins. £20-30
392.    A Collection of Cigarette Cards, sometimes by Ogdens Ltd. Offered in a contemporary album. £20-30
393.    Duplicated Offerings of Used Stamps from the Reigns of Queen Victoria, King Edward VII, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth II, (to 1975). In four stockbooks. £40-60
394.    Two Empty Will's Cigarette Card Albums, a small quantity of cigarette cards. £10-15
395.    A Shoe Box of Mixed Postcards, early to mid XX Century. Two mounted displays of foreign postcards. £15-20
396.    The 1881 One Penny Lilac (14 dots), SG 170, Mint (unmounted?). As part of a small collection of better GB stamps on album pages in two folders. £30-50
397.    An Array of Philatelic Oddments, comprising empty stock books, GB first day covers (1970's and 1980's), duplicated accumulations of loose stamps (including Malta) etc. £20-30
398.    Two Stockbooks of Used Foreign Stamps, European and South American issues noticed. £20-40
399.    A Tray of GB and Foreign Coins, (sometimes still current). A Jersey one pound banknote. A modern ten shillings note. Other items. £20-40
400.    A Selection of Loose Stamps of The World, sometimes as kiloware. £5-10
401.    The Set of GB Farthings 1937 to 1956, in a Whitman folder. The complete set of GB brass threepences, 1937 to 1956. N.B. many of the coins in this lot have mint lustre. £30-50
402.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Gallahers Famous Jockeys, Players Wild Animal Heads, History of Naval Dress, Westminster Indian Empire, Brooke Bond Out into Space. £80-120
403.    A Quantity of Kiloware Stamps, in a shoe box; regularly, but not exclusively GB. £10-20
404.    A Large Collection of Mid to Late XX Century Postcards, (approx 600) mainly topographical, in filing drawers ad box. £40-60
405.    A Range of Used European and Russian Stamps, in two stockbooks. £40-60
406.    Buxton (Cat & Fiddle), Eyam, Charabanc outing and shop fronts. All as part of a loose selection of postcards from different eras. £20-40
407.    A Quantity of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including Players Footballers 1928-29, Churchman Association Footballers 1938, Wills Flags of The Empire, Players Cricketers 1938, Ogdens Orders of Chivalry. £80-120
408.    An Accumulation of Used GB Stamp Duplicates, late XIX Century to recent offered in six albums and stockbooks. Other loose GB stamps. £50-80
409.    Over Ten Thousand Brooke Bond Tea Cards, odds. £50-70
410.    An Interesting and Comprehensive Array of GB First Day Stamp Covers, 1960's to recent. In five albums and with loose. £70-120
411.    USA. A Duplicated Accumulation of Used Stamps, often mid XX Century issues. In three stock books. £30-50
412.    GB Proof Sets, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982. £40-70
413.    A Duplicated Assortment of Used Stamps from European Countries, often earlier issues, in two stockbooks. £40-70
414.    20 Post-1946 Halfcrowns, as part of an accumulation of base metal GB and Foreign Coinage. Other items. £15-25
415.    An Extensive Accumulation of All World Philatelic Material, including stamp covers and reference items. £30-50
416.    Three Folders of Commemorative First Day Covers for Diana Princess of Wales, together with the Elvis Collection single folder. £15-25
417.    Mixed Stamp Accumulations, in 14 albums and stockbooks. £70-120
418.    An Accumulation of Philatelic Items, usually GB and Commonwealth comprising kiloware, presentation packs of stamps, stamps on album pages etc :- Two Cartons. £40-70
419.    An Attractive and Clean Array of GB First Day Stamp Covers, 1981 to 2000, often with Sheffield postmarks. In six Royal Mint First Day Cover albums. A similar empty album. £70-120
420.    A Random Assortment of Postcards, regularly modern. Other items. £15-20
421.    A GB Stamp Collection from 1840 to George VI, including MA Penny Black, NH two penny blue and many penny reds, with strength in Victorian issues. £30-50
422.    An Array of Earlier Issues, as part of a duplicated assortment of the stamps of GB. In a stockbook, on stockbook pages etc. Other items. £20-30
423.    30 Sets of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, including sporting, animal and personality subjects. No Players or Wills. £120-150
424.    A Selection of Philatelic Items, having a Channel Islands interest, including presentation packs, Prestige booklets and reference material. £15-25
425.    Hustler Soap, approximately 24 cards from the 1925 Animals series. As part of a selection of cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards; Brooke Bond Tea cards are abundant. £15-20
426.    An Assortment of Used Stamps of North and South America, earlier stamps are abundant. In a stockbook. £30-50
427.    An Album of Jersey and Guernsey Presentation Packs of Stamps, 1980's to recent. £30-60
428.    A Range of Off-Paper Stamps of The World, in two stockbooks (one is partially filled); stamps of GB and the Commonwealth predominate. Two presentation packs of GB stamps. £20-30
428A.   A Large Quantity of Old Postcards, in two shoe boxes; plus 17 stereo cards marked 'Realistic Travels'. £15-25
429.    A 1970 Proof Set, Florins, 1900 (F) and 1918 (GF). Six other coins regularly reasonable grade silver. £15-25
430.    Crowns, 1953 (VF but stained) and 1960 (VF). Approximately 32 other modern base metal coins. A modern base metal five pounds coin. Other items. £15-20
431.    'The Churchill Centenary Collection', a collection of 24 gold on silver medals by John Pincher. This is collection number 2871. Complete with extensive literature and offered in the lavish album of issue. £170-250
432.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps.
433.    Royal Mail Stamp Booklets, comprising £3 x6, £4 x7, £5 x18 and £6 x5. Various issues. £150-200
434.    Crowns - 1977, 1980 and 1981 (all Royal Mint cased silver proofs). Other coins and coin sets. £30-50
435.    A Florin, 1916, GF. A sixpence, 1893, F. A pair of threepences, 1917, both GVF. All as part of an assortment of GB coins. £15-20
436.    An Attractive but Incomplete Collection of GB One Penny 'Plate' Stamps, (1858-79); in two folders. A box of similar duplicate stamps. £70-120
437.    A GB 1951 Proof Set, in box of issue; 3x 1951 proof crowns. £70-100
438.    A Sixpence, 1891, NF. 19 silver threepences. A modern base metal five pounds coin. A Pearl Harbour 50th Anniversary medallion. Other items. £20-30
439.    Approximately 86 Clean Large Format Cigarette Cards by John Player & Sons, 1930's. £20-40
440.    Approximately 63 National Flags (Silk), J. Wix & Sons Ltd, 1934. All choice. Offered in a QEII 1953 Coronation tin. £20-30
441.    Rowntree & Co (Confectionery) - York Views (1924), set of 24 clean cards. £50-80
442.    Marsuma Co - Famous Golfers and Their Strokes (1914), card number 24 (H.H. Hilton). Seven other earlier cigarette cards by the minor manufacturers. £15-25
443.    John Player & Sons - Country Sports (1930), 18 different very clean large format cigarette cards. £20-30
444.    Famous Footballers (D.C. Thomson & Co Ltd), 1955, set of 25 trade cards, regularly clean. £10-15
445.    English & Scottish C.W.S (Shops) - In Victoria's Days (1930), approximately 61 cards. Conditions various. £20-30
446.    41 Mixed Earlier Cigarette Cards, by Gallaher Ltd, Lambert & Butler and John Player & Sons. £15-20
447.    W.D & H.O. Wills Ltd - Famous British Authors (1937), 68 very clean large format cigarette cards. £20-40
448.    Approximately 51 Clean Large Format Cigarette Cards, by John Player & Sons and W.D. & H.O. Wills Ltd. £15-30
449.    A Mint Run of Ten Russian 500 Rouble Banknotes, (1912) issue). Three early XX Century German banknotes. £30-50
449A.   Indian Scenes - Approximately 50 cards of people, cities, views etc. £15-25
450.    An 1894 Confederate States of America $500 Bond, printed by Evans & Cogwell, with fifty nine of the sixty coupons intact. £60-80
451.    Two Early Aviation Postcards, 'Chavez in Flight' and 'The Late Hon C.S.Rolls'.£20-30
452.    Postcards - Empire (Ardwick), Fargate (Sheffield), Norwood Road (Stretford), Station Road (Woodford Halse) and Transporter Bridge (Middlesborough). All as part of a small collection of loose postcards. £20-40
453.    Calamity at Public Hall Barnsley (January 11th 1908) and Johnny Watson and His Pals, six other good postcards. £20-30
454.    Postcards - Twenty five early XX Century military themed cards including Zeppelin propaganda (artwork), photo of "The Surrender as Seen from the Valiant", humorous etc. Generally used. £15-25
455.    Ten Earlier Loose Postcards, including football interest. £15-20
456.    6 Contemporary Zeppelin Postcards, sometimes postally used, one has been 'flown'. £70-100
457.    Two Advertising Postcards, depicting the liners Normandie and Queen Mary. A postcard of RMS Mauretania. An autographed postcard (Pegasus Bridge interest). £15-20
458.    Prince Henry of Battenburg Unveiling Memorial To Queen Victoria at Sheffield, (May 11th 1905) and Sheffield Corporation Tramways (two cards). All as part of a small collection of loose postcards all having a Sheffield interest. £20-40
459.    Edale Road Hope, Edwinstowe Village, Fox House Inn Hathersage and Hope Church. Ten other postcards all having a Sheffield area interest. £20-30
460.    The Car Terminus (Balby), other loose postcards and greetings cards. £20-30
461.    Shipping Postcards - An excellent selection of approximately 110 cards including White Star, Royal Mail, P & O, Bibby, Orient etc. Generally early XX Century and VG or better unused condition. £80-120
461A.   Approximately Forty Photographic Postcards, of Sheffield and surrounding areas including Firth Park. £15-25
461B.   Approximately 45 Photographic Postcards, including Nidderdale Dairy, shop front views of 'Scar Village', decorated 'Leeds' trams etc. £20-30
462.    Approximately 75 Banknotes, usually foreign. In an attractive album and loose. 6x British Armed Forces Special Vouchers. £10-20
463.    Nine One Pound Banknotes, eight are Scottish and drawn from a variety of issues. Together with eight further miscellaneous notes. £15-20
464.    26 Modern Bank of England One Pound Banknotes, conditions various but some are uncirculated. £30-40
465.    A Collection of the Banknotes of Poland from the 1930's, comprising 20 Zloty (x4), 50 Zloty (x16) and 100 Zloty (x6). All of the notes have been circulated but they are almost always crisp. £20-40
466.    A Royal Mint Collection of Twelve Silver Proof Crowns to Commemorate the 70th Birthday of QEII, in plush, fitted case of issue. £70-120
467.    'The Masterpiece 2000 Millennium Collection', a presentation collection of twenty four silver proof coins. In Royal Mint fitted case of issue and complete with extensive literature. £150-200
468.    A 'Royal Heritage' Collection of Twelve Silver Proof Crowns, by the Royal Mint. In plush, fitted case of issue. £70-120
469.    The Royal Mint and Bank of England Twenty Pounds and Silver Crown Set, as issued. £30-50
470.    'The Queen Mother Centenary Collection', a collection of 12 silver proof crowns to celebrate the Queen Mother's centenary. In plush Royal Mint fitted case of issue and complete with extensive literature. £70-120
471.    '500 Years of China', a commemorative limited edition collection of twelve silver proof 5 yuan coins by the Shenyang Mint. In presentation case and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. £60-100
472.    An Attractive Collection of 24 Silver Proof Coins, to commemorate the Golden Wedding of QEII and Prince Philip (1947-1997). In plush Royal Mint fitted case of issue and complete with extensive literature. £150-200
473.    The Complete Set of Brass Threepences 1937 to 1967, in a Whitman folder. A selection of stamps in a stockbook, issues from King George V's Silver Jubilee noticed. £20-40
474.    A 1970 Proof Set, crowns, 1937 (pair, GF and NVF), 1951 (proof, pair, one not boxed) and 1953 (pair, both n.unc.). A worn 1816 halfcrown. 21 pre-1911 silver threepences. Other coins. 2x modern one pound banknotes and 3x ten shilling notes. £40-60
475.    A Ceylon Proof Set 1971, a Falkland Islands proof set 1974, a Swaziland proof set 1974. A pair of EEC fifty pence coins, 1973 (one is a proof). A UK uncirculated coin collection, 1982. A Queen Mother centenary crown, 2000. A QEII and Philip Diamond Wedding crown 2007. Other coins. A 1973 Royal Wedding stamp collection. £20-30
476.    A Selection of Foreign Banknotes, regularly WWII issues, offered as a glazed display. Other banknotes. A USA cent 1865, F. Other coins. £30-40
477.    An Accumulation of Crown and Crown Sized Coins, sometimes by Westminster.
(N.B. The lot contains seven modern base metal five pounds coins.)£40-60
478.    A Selection of Coins and Banknotes, from Venezuela. Other coins. £15-20
479.    Crowns - 1898 (LXII) (F but ek), 1935 (GF) and 1951 (two boxed proofs). Five further modern crowns. All in a small money box. £15-25
480.    Twenty Seven Modern Crowns, and other crown sized 'coins'. Occasionally silver. £20-30
481.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps. £20-40
482.    A Mounted Mint and Used Collection of The Stamps of Great Britain and The Commonwealth, 1840 to 1948. The collection contains many better stamps; well worth viewing. In a SG 'Simplex Deluxe' album and on loose sheets. £200-300
483.    Crowns - 1953 (six coins) and 1960. Approximately 61 other crowns and crown size 'coins'. N.B. The coins in this lot are regularly in the higher grades but often have suffered water damage. £15-20
484.    First and Last Inn in England, Land's End Post Office. Other loose postcards. £5-10
485.    A Penny, 1854, NF, a halfpenny, 1855, a farthing, 1737, F. 14 other coins (silver noticed). Two modern one pound banknotes and six ten shilling notes. £20-30
486.    A Crown, 1953, unc. A worn pre-1920 halfcrown. An 1887 halfcrown as a brooch. An uncirculated Austrian silver 50 schilling, 1959, other coins, sometimes silver. Other oddments. £30-50
487.    A Random Assortment of Kensitas Silk Flags, (1934) (J. Wix & Sons Ltd). £20-30
488.    An Assortment of Weetabix Ltd "Thrill Cards", (1960) accompanied by a Weetabix 3D viewer. £20-40
489.    An Isle of Man Halfpenny 1798, NF/F (but edge damaged). A farthing 1746, NF. Eight other earlier copper coins. A range of other coins and related items. £20-25
490.    151 Pre-1947 Florins, all from the reign of King George VI and usually in the higher grades. £130-200
491.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps. £20-40
492.    An Attractive Set of Farthings 1860 to 1936, offered in three Whitman folders. £70-100
493.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps. £20-40
494.    A Cased USA 1964 Part Type-Set, a range of GB and foreign coins; silver noticed. £10-20
495.    A Pair of GB Proof Sets for The Millennium. £30-50
496.    UK Silver Proof One Pound Coins - 1985, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 1998. A pair of Guernsey silver proof one pound coins dated 1995 and 1997 and an Aldemey silver proof one pound coin dated 1995. (N.B. The CI coins are not in cases.) £60-90
497.    A 1996 UK Silver Anniversary Coin Collection, in case of issue and complete with certificate of Authenticity. £20-25
498.    An Attractive Array of Thirty Silver Proof Coins, by the Royal Mint, regularly to celebrate Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother - 'Lady of the Century'. Very regularly crown sized and offered in fitted cases. Complete with literature. £150-200
499.    Cigarette Cards - 30 sets of Players and Wills including Players Natural History, Sea Fishes, Wills Do You Know? etc. £100-140
500.    A Tub of Foreign Coins, an 1818 Prussian Thaler is included. £20-40
501.    GB Proof Sets - 1970, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981 and 1982. £40-70
502.    Approximately 103 Early XX Century Post and Greetings Cards, in a damaged contemporary album. WWI silks and sentimental subjects noticed. £25-40
503.    United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collections, 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1988. £20-40
504.    An Exceptional Collection of Clean Cigarette Cards Related to Horse Racing, complete sets including Ogdens Owners, Racing Colours & Jockeys (blue and green), Ogdens Racehorses, Highett's Prominent Racehorses of 1933, Ogdens Turf Personalities, Ogdens Derby Entrants 1928, Seagram Grand National Winners, Daily Herald Turf Personalities, Lea's (Chairman) Famous Racehorses of 1926, Lambert & Butler Horsemanship etc; with other subjects including Ogdens Champions of 1936 and Carreras Horses & Hounds. Generally Very Fine condition. £1000-1500
505.    An Attractive Collection of Seventeen Silver Proof Coins, by Westminster; the coins regularly weigh 28.28g. The lot is accompanied by literature and the coins are offered encapsulated in fitted cases. £100-150
506.    A Well Filled Stockbook of Stamps of The World, mid XX Century issues predominate. £20-30
507.    A Collection of Postcards in a Modern Album, shipping interest noticed. £15-20
508.    A 1951 Crown, 1966 Scottish shilling, 1940 silver threepence and 1966 Australian 50 cents. All enamelled. £20-40
509.    A Crown 1929, F/GF. Minor e.k's. £50-100
510.    An 1856 5 Lires, Victorius Emmanuel II obverse crowned shield reverse, mounted as a brooch. £10-20
511.    A Halfcrown, 1713, NF but ex-mount. £20-40
512.    A Part 1941 Maundy Set, comprising fourpence, threepence and twopence. All toned unc. £20-40
513.    A Halfcrown, 1746 (Lima), NF/F. £70-130
514.    A Threepence, 1682, minor damage but overall F/GF. A twopence, 1679, NF/F. £30-40
515.    An Eire Florin, F. £5-10
516.    A Silver Twopence, 1838, F. A silver three halfpence, 1838, F. A silver penny, 1855, GF. £20-30
517.    A Halfcrown, 1887, GVF. A florin, 1895, GF/NVF. £20-30
518.    A Halfcrown 1905, a NF example of this classic date. £70-120
519.    Coins of Egypt - Tetradrachm, King bust right, reverse with eagle standing left on thunderbolt, 14.7g. £60-100
520.    A Chinese 1914 Silver Dollar, Yuan Shih-Kai facing left, VF. £20-30
521.    An Attractive Bronze Prize Medal Awarded to Brown & Wells (Class 21) For The 1851 Great Exhibition, designed by Leonard Wyon and produced by the Royal Mint, the obverse featuring Queen Victoria and Prince Albert busts surmounting two dolphins, reverse with Britannia awarding victory, minor edge bruise otherwise Near VGF. £120-180
522.    A China Gold 5 Yuan 1998, proof. £20-40
523.    A Sovereign, 1912, GVF/EF. £120-150
524.    Two George V Sovereigns, 1914, both GVF. £240-280
525.    A Sovereign, 1907, F. £140-160
526.    Queen Victoria Sovereign, 1870, Sydney Mint, reverse with crowned Australia with wreath. £130-150
527.    Queen Victoria Sovereign, 1896, Melbourne, F/VF. £120-140
528.    Five Edward VII Half Sovereigns. £280-320
529.    Five Edward VII Half Sovereigns. £280-320
530.    A Queen Victoria 1894 and 1897 (two) Half Sovereigns. (3) £180-220
531.    Four George V Half Sovereigns, 1911 or 1912. £220-250
532.    A Queen Victoria 1890, 1892 and 1894 (Melbourne) Sovereigns. £450-480
533.    Edward VII, two 1910 Sovereigns. (2) £300-320
534.    A Queen Victoria 1887 Double Sovereign, 1887 Half Sovereign, normal J.E.B. Both GVF/EF. (2) £400-450
535.    A Proof Half Sovereign 1980, as issued.£50-100
536.    A Proof Sovereign 1980, as issued. £100-150
537.    A Canada Gold Maple Leaf One Dollar 1995. £20-40
538.    Crowns - 1890 (F) and 1935 (VF). Six modern base metal crowns. Other coins and associated items. £20-30
539.    A Crown 1889, F. Halfcrowns - 1836 (NF) and 1887 (GF). A Manchester halfpenny token 1793, 'Success to Navigation'. A halfpenny 1826, F. Ten other coins and related items. £20-30
540.    Sixpences, 1885, 1889, 1892, 1899 and 1900 (NF to F). Seven other silver coins, regularly damaged. £15-20
541.    Ten Lower Grade Pre-1947 Shillings, five of the coins are pre-1900. 13 lower grade pre-1947 sixpences; five of the coins are pre-1902. £15-25
542.    6x Pre-1920 Halfcrowns, (three are Victorian) and 5x pre-1911 florins (four are Victorian, one is Edwardian). All polished. £20-40
543.    Shillings - 1826 (F) and 1878 (F/GF). Twenty five other Victorian shillings; graded to Fine. £40-70
544.    Six Lower Grade Pre-1911 Halfcrowns, a NF coin dated 1904 is included. £20-40
545.    Three Worn South African Silver Halfcrowns, from the reign of King George V. An Australian shilling, 1926, F. Four other silver coins regularly from the Old Commonwealth. £15-25
546.    A Crown, 1890 F, a double florin, 1887, F. A halfcrown, 1887, GF/NVF. Two other coins. £20-30
547.    Pennies, 1920, 1931, 1932, 1936 (2 coins), 1937 (2 coins). N.B. All of the pennies have Mint Lustre. £20-40
548.    Halfpennies, 1806 (F), 1855 (F but verdigris), 1861 (F), 1901 (GVF w/l), 1923 (GVF w/l) and 1927 (unc.). £20-40
549.    Pennies, 1855 (NF), 1861 (F), 1881 H (NF), 1902 (LT) (NF), 1928 (GVF w/l) and 1953 (2 coins, GF and NVF). £15-20
550.    A Choice Calcutta Agricultural Exhibition Exhibitor's Medal, 1964; A USA silver half dollar, 1936, F. Other items. £10-20
551.    Key Date Brass Threepences, 1946 (3 coins), 1949 (6 coins), 1950 (7 coins) and 1951 (5 coins). Average circulated. £20-30
552.    USA Silver Dollars, 1921 (three coins) and 1922. GF to VF. A half dime, 1853, NF. £20-40
553.    Farthings, 1696, 1754 and 1799, usually Fine, occasional damage. Ten silver coins, regularly earlier dates but usually damaged. £20-40
554.    A 1929 Florin, NVF, a shilling, 1826, F. Two other silver coins. £10-20
555.    Eire Coins, comprising halfcrowns 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1963, florins 1961, shillings 1928 and 1963 and pennies 1928 and 1943. All average circulated. £20-30
556.    A USA Dollar, 1924, GF. USA half dollars, 1946, 1950 and 1964 (F to NVF). USA quarter dollars, 1942, 1947 and 1962 (F/GF). £15-25
557.    A 1900 Crown, LXIV, F. A double florin 1890, F. A pair of 1887 shillings (both VF). 13 other coins regularly silver. £15-25
558.    Sixpences, 1817 (F/GF) and 1887 (shield reverse) (GF). A threepence, 1762, F.£20-30
559.    A Sixpence, 1787, NVF. A twopence, 1797, F (but usual edge damage). A penny, 1797, NF. £15-25
560.    A Penryn Volunteers Token, Aoril3 1794, NF/F, edge damage. £20-40
561.    An Associated Irish Miners Arms Token, 1789, choice with lustre. A South Shields halfpenny token, 1794, F/GF. Three other tokens. £30-50
562.    A Worn Pre-1920 Halfcrown and Florin, shillings; 1825 (NF) and 1887 (F). Four other pre-1947 shillings. 27 silver threepences. £10-20
563.    A Pair of Alpine Garden Society Merit Medals, to Mrs S. Frost, 1983 and 1985. The latter is struck in silver. £15-20
564.    A Halfcrown, 1916, GVF. Seven other pre-1920 halfcrowns from the reign of King George V, usually F+. £30-50
565.    A Crown, 1844, F but eks. Halfcrowns , 1882, 1891, 1897, 1907, 1908 and 1909 (all NF/F). £40-70
566.    Pennies, 1922, 1927 and 1928, all with lustre occasionally tarnished. 7x pre-1947 silver florins. £20-40
567.    An 1844 Crown, F. Halfcrowns - 1887 (unc) and 1891 (NF). A USA dollar, 1901, F. £30-50
568.    Halfpennies - 1806 (pair, NVF and VF, one with e.k), 1807 (VF) and 1854 (GF). Ten other pre-Victoria copper halfpennies. £20-40
569.    A Base Metal Copy of an 1887 Five Pounds. £10-20
570.    Crowns - 1820 (NF), 1821 (NF/F), 1951 (proof, not boxed) and 1953 VF (polished?). Eight coins (all are silver). £20-25
571.    Shillings - 1898, 1899, 1906, 1912, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918 and 1919. At least GF, usually much better. £30-50
572.    Five Halfcrowns, five florins, eight shillings and four sixpences. Occasionally F or better. £30-50
573.    Four Victorian Halfcrowns, (all lower grades). Other coins including pre-1947 and foreign silver. £15-25
574.    Five Florins, six shillings, seven sixpences and two silver threepences. All of the coins are pre-1947, some are pre-1920. £15-20
575.    Australian Florins Dated 1954 and 1960, shillings dated 1956, 1958, 1961 (three coins), sixpences dated 1961 and 1962 and a threepence dated 1962. 18 other foreign silver coins. (N.B. The coins in this lot regularly are in the higher grades.) £20-40
576.    Pennies - 1922 and 1927 (three coins); all choice w/l. Halfpennies - 1853 (F), 1868 (F), 1925 (GVF w/l) and 1926 (GVF w/l). Other coins, GB and foreign, silver and base metal. £20-40
577.    Halfcrowns - 1918, 1923, 1927, 1928, 1929, 1931, 1933, 1935 and 1936. All offered in the higher grades. £40-60
578.    A Hupeh Province (China) Silver Dollar, F but edge damage. Three other foreign silver coins, sometimes crown sized. £20-40
579.    Crowns - 1889 (F) and 1993 (silver proof). A BU USA dollar 1995. A set of Britain's first decimal coins (blue plastic case). £20-30
580.    Halfcrowns - 1850 and 1876 (both NF). A halfpenny 1910, VF. An India Rupee 1890, VF/GVF. A coin mount. £10-20
581.    Five Modern Crown Sized Silver Coins, comprising a tarnished 1972 proof crown and four choice Netherlands 10 Guildens. £20-30
582.    UK Silver Proof Two Pounds Coins, 1994, 1995 (two different coins) and 1996. All in Royal Mint cases of issue and complete with literature. £50-80
583.    Silver Proof 'Crowns' - 1990, 1996 and 1997. £20-30
584.    Silver Proof Crowns - 1977, 1978 (Guernsey) and 1981. £20-30
585.    A 1990 Silver Proof Five Pence Two Coin Set, a pair of silver proof fifty pence coins; 1993 and 1994. £40-60
586.    Fifteen Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coins, various issues. £50-80
587.    Approximately Four Pounds, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. Approximately 84 silver threepences. £60-80
588.    Twelve Modern Base Metal Two Pounds Coins, various issues. £20-30
589.    Four Pounds and Ninety Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. £50-100
590.    Crowns - 1889 (pair, both F, one with e.k). Approximately 75 silver threepences. Other coins and related items. £30-50
591.    A 1990 UK Silver Proof One Pound Coin, a 1990 UK silver proof Piedfort five pence coin. £15-20
592.    An Iceland Two Coin Proof Set 1974, a St Helena proof crown 1973. £10-20
593.    A Set of Four Cased Gold Plated Sterling Silver Railway Anniversary Replicas, by Hallmark Replicas Limited (this is set number 3838 of an edition of 5000). £30-50
594.    Approximately 384 Post-1946 Sixpences, 7 pre-1947 sixpences, 14 silver threepences. An 1894 shilling (NF). Other coins and related items. £10-15
595.    Four Pounds and Fifty Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. £40-70
596.    Crowns, 1953 (F) and 1960 (GVF). A shilling, 1816 (F). A sixpence, 1952, GF. A penny, 1891, F. Other coins and related items. £15-25
597.    A 1951 Proof Crown, sixpences, 1758 (F), 1816 (GF) and 1858 (NF). Other coins. £15-20
598.    A Halfcrown 1885, (clear date only). Pennies - 1862 (NF/F) and 1937 (GVF w/l). Other coins, GB and foreign, silver and base metal. £15-20
599.    A UK Britannia Silver Proof Four Coin Collection, 2007. As issued and complete with literature. £70-100
600.    A Pair of Crowns, both 1953 and both unc. A halfcrown 1887, GF but polished. A pair of 1953 plastic sets of coins (plastic undamaged). Other coins, sometimes silver. £20-30
601.    A Crown, 1897 (LXI), F but eks. 25 other silver coins, GB and foreign. £15-25
602.    Double Florin, 1887, F. Shillings, 1890 and 1900 (both F). A halfpenny, 1773, F/GF (but trace of verdigris). Other coins, higher grade and silver noticed. £30-50
603.    Crowns, 1893 (LVII) (F) and 1953 (2 coins) (both unc). An uncirculated USA Dollar, 1995. £15-25
604.    Three Silver Proof Coins, including a German 10 Euros 2003. A 2001 UK silver proof Piedfort one pound coin. A 2001 UK silver proof one pound coin. £60-90
605.    Approximately 468 Silver Threepences, pre-1920 coinage is abundant. £70-120
606.    A Crown, 1953, GVF. A halfcrown, 1883, Poor. A groat, 1845, NF/F. Other coins, occasionally silver. £15-20
607.    3x Silver Bullion £2 Britannia Coins, a 1937 crown, NVF. Other coins, often crown sized and occasionally silver. £30-50
608.    One Pound and Fifty Pence of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, N.B. Some of the coins in this lot are in the higher grades. £20-30
609.    USA Dollars - 1879 (NVF) and 1896 (NF). A halfcrown 1902, F. A 2003 silver two pounds Britannia coin. A pair of modern base metal two pounds coins. All in a small cash box. £20-30
610.    An Elvis Presley Commemorative Eighteen Coin Collection, by the Morgan Mint. Attractively presented in fitted casket and complete with Certificate of Authenticity. £50-70
611.    A Penny 1947, EF (w/l). A mint sealed tube of 1977 crowns. Other Coins, GB and foreign, silver and base metal. £10-15
612.    A Useful Collection of Coins of The British Commonwealth, in a Boots coin collectors' album. Silver and high grade coins are commonplace. £50-100
613.    The Victoria Cross 1856-2006, a silver proof fifty pence coin, in Royal Mint case of issue. A selection of other presentation coins (including commemorative coin covers). Two one pound banknotes. Ten ten shilling banknotes. £30-50
614.    £44.00 (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. £400-600
615.    25 Royal Mail Stamp Booklets, various issues. £20-40
616.    Queen Victoria Crown, 1845, cinquefoil, Fine; seven later Victorian Crowns, similarly Fine; three later numismatic items. £60-80
617.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps. £20-40
618.    A USA Large Cent 1835, NVF. A South Africa Kruger shilling 1897, NVF. Other coins and related items, together with a selection of Items, (including white metal medals) all having a Sheffield Interest. All in a small cash box. £20-40
619.    The 2007 Diamond Wedding Silver Proof Crown, a BU Diamond Wedding Crown. Three base metal crowns. £10-20
620.    Approximately 183 Silver Threepences, many pre-1920 coins noticed. Five foreign coins; all are silver. £20-40
621.    USA Dollars - 1972 and 1998; both are B.U. Guernsey silver proof one pound coins; 1999 (two coins) and 2000. Other mixed coins. An Oxo tin. £20-40
622.    26 Post 1946 Halfcrowns, all are in the higher grades and an uncirculated coin dated 1954 is included. £30-50
623.    'The Story of Wedgwood', 4x £3 stamp booklets. £15-30
624.    A Tub of Mixed Coinage, regularly foreign. Current or exchangeable coins are present. £30-50
625.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps. £20-40
626.    In Excess of Twenty Two Dollars of USA Coinage. £10-20
627.    A Selection of Loose Post and Greetings Cards, usually early XX Century. Comic cards are abundant. £20-30
628.    A Small Selection of GB and Foreign Coins, silver noticed. Twelve foreign banknotes, regularly Portugal and Spain and often 1960's and 1970's. £15-20
629.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps.
630.    A Nice Range of The Stamps of The British Commonwealth, from Queen Victoria to King George VI. Offered Mint and used on stock cards or in packets. £50-80
631.    The Four Stamps of the 1951 (3rd May) GB Higher Values, (SG 509 TO 512); used. A small assortment of other loose stamps. £15-25
632.    Eire Coinage, comprising halfcrown 1928, Florin 1930, shillings 1928 and 1935 (GF to NVF). All as part of an assortment of mixed coinage and other items. £20-30
633.    A Tub of Modern Off Paper GB Decimal Stamps.
634.    A 1997 Guernsey 5oz Silver Proof £10 Coin, in case of issue and complete with certificate of Authenticity. £40-70
635.    A Tub of Mixed Coins, current foreign material noticed. Other items. £15-20
636.    Franklin Mint Proof Sets of Coins, for Bahamas (1974), Barbados (1973), Belize (1974) and British Virgin Islands (1973). £70-130
637.    A Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coin, a modern base metal two pounds coin. 6x fifty pence coins,. A circulated Bank of England ten pounds banknote (John Brangwyn Page Chief Cashier). A choice Bank of England one pound banknote (David Henry Fitzroy Somerset Chief Cashier). A selection of mixed coins, silver noticed. £20-40
638.    A Farthing 1822, GF. A selection of reproduction medals, coins including Roman, possibly casts etc. £10-15
639.    A Shilling 1879, F (but tarnished). 56x silver threepences. A Penny 1931, GVF (w/l). Other coins (including pre-1947 silver). A damaged Yorkshire Penny Black money box. £20-40
640.    A Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coin, five modern base metal two pounds coins. Other coins and coin sets. £20-30
641.    A 1799 Halfpenny, GF. A pair of 1953 crowns (both GVF). A modern base metal two pounds coin. A modern five pounds banknote. Six modern one pound banknotes. An Eire halfcrown 1930, NVF but toned. £15-25
642.    36 Halfcrowns, six are pre-1920 and a further eleven others are pre-1947. Usually high grade material. £50-80
643.    A Double Florin, 1888, F/GF and halfcrown, 1879, NF. Stamps and stamp covers. £10-15
644.    A Small Quantity of 1947 and Earlier George VI Silver Coins, a 1780 Thaler, possible restrike, in a white metal mount with "925" stamped belcher-link chain, and a small quantity of miscellaneous coins. £30-40
645.    French Republic Currency - an uncut sheet of five 500 Francs Mandat Territorial notes, second variant with serial number. Vertical fold otherwise Very Fine. £150-250
646.    Crowns - 1887 and 1895 (LIX). A double florin 1887. All GEF/N.unc, minor staining on double florin. £120-200
647.    Halfcrowns - 1887 (two coins) and 1893 (two coins). All GEF/N.unc. £60-90
648.    Quenn Victoria Florins - 1887 (two coins) and 1893. All GEF/N.unc, minor staining on one of the 1887 coins. £60-80
649.    A William & Mary Halfcrown 1689, NF/F. £70-120
650.    Crown 1818, LVIII. Minor pitting on truncation but a pleasing GEF/N.unc nevertheless. £500-800
651.    Halfcrown 1819, minor surface scratching but a pleasing GEF nevertheless. £150-200
652.    Queen Anne Shillings - 1707 and 1708 (two coins). All NF. £30-50
653.    Charles II Scottish Merk 1669, F. £40-60
654.    Silver Fourpences - 1786 (VF), 1800 (GF) and 1836 (F). £20-40
655.    A Canada Ten Cents 1872 H, GF. £50-100
656.    A Charles II Halfcrown 1671, F.£50-70
657.    A Queen Anne Halfcrown 1707, minor edge damage but Fine overall. £70-120
658.    A George II Halfcrown 1734, F/GF. £70-120
659.    Sixpences - 1711, 1757 (two coins) and 1787. NF to F. £40-70
660.    Shillings - 1723, 1758 (two coins), 1787 and 1824. F to GF. £70-100
661.    A Sixpence 1887, (shield) and a pair of silver threepences (both 1887), one is YH the second is JH. All unc. £40-70
662.    A Halfcrown 1900, toned VF. Sixpences 1898 (EF), 1905 (GVF), 1910 (NVF), 1914 (GF) and 1915 (NVF). £50-80
663.    Sixpences - 1887 (shield reverse) (two coins) and 1895. All GEF/N.unc. £30-50
664.    A Newfoundland Gold Two Dollars 1870, variant with dot after Newfoundland, uncirculated.£300-400
665.    Shillings - 1697, 1723, 1741 and 1787. NF to F. £70-100
666.    USA Coinage - Halfdollar 18257 (GF/NVF). Ten Cents 1823 (GF) and 1853 (F). A Five Cent 1835 (F). A Three Cents 1851 F (but minor damage). One Cents 1825 (NF/F) and 1857 (pleasing GVF+). £100-150
667.    A United Netherlands Rijksdaalder (Silver Ducat) 1787, (F) and a Guilden 1792 (NF/F). Two other early United Netherlands silver coins. £80-140
668.    East India Company - Half Rupee 1840, GF. 1/4 Rupee 1840, F and two Annas 1841, GVF. Eight other coins from the East India Company. £15-20
669.    Crowns - 1935 (GVF but tarnished), 1937 (GVF) and 1953 (VF). Halfcrowns 1937 (GVF) and 1953 (VF). A florin 1937, NVF. Shillings 1910 (NVF/VF), 1937 E (VF) and 1937 SC (VF). A sixpence 1937, VF. £30-50
670.    Shillings - 1885, 1887, 1893 and 1895. All GEF/N.unc, minor staining on 1887 and 1895 coins. £60-90
671.    Alex III (1249-1286) Penny, crowned head left holding sceptre, possible 28 points reverse, VF; Edward IV (1471-1483) penny, cross with three pellets at each angle, GF, Charles I (1625-1649) Scottish 40 pence, crowned bust left with XL behind head, thistle reverse GF/VF; one other similar. £80-120
672.    A Pair of Worn 1849 'Godless' Florins, Shillings, 1826 (NF/F) and 1863 (F). A William III shilling (date rubbed), other worn/damaged silver coins (including hammered). £70-100
673.    Bolivia: Carlos III 1759-1788, Cob 2 Reales, 1772, thick 2, P/L/V to left of pillar, reverse with Jerusalem cross. VF. £40-60
674.    A Netherlands 1/4 Guilden, cut from a Dutch Guilden (crenated edges), Oval countermark "C". 'Coin' is F, countermark is NVF. £70-100
675.    An Irish Ten Pence Bank Token 1813, F. Half farthings 1843 and 1844 (both GF). A silver threehalfpence 1834, F (but bent). Four Victorian farthings (coins with a trace of lustre noticed). £20-40
676.    Farthings - 1750 (NF), 1775 (NF), 1821 (NVF) and 1835 (F). 17 other farthings, all pre-1911. £20-40
677.    Pennies - 1876 H, 1895 (three coins), 1897, 1898 and 1910. All N.unc w/l. £60-90
678.    Russian Empire Coinage, comprising Rouble 1897 (GF), 20 Kopeks 1817 (GF), Kopek 1844 (GF) and 1/2 Kopek 1841 (F). £20-40
679.    A Swiss Franc 1861, obverse is GF, reverse is F but pitted. £20-30
680.    Isle of Man Coinage - Penny (1839) and halfpennies (1839 pair). All NF/F. Other coins. £30-40
681.    France - a five francs 1869, F. A two francs 1868, F/GF. A range of other coins, regularly silver and usually French. £60-90
682.    Thirty Two GB and Foreign Coins, usually silver, earlier dates noticed. £30-50
683.    A Selection of Generally XVIII and XIX Century European Coins, in the lesser grades including German 1 Kreuzer 1844 (Frankfurt), Swiss 'Canton De Vaud' 1/2 Batz, 1811. £60-90
684.    A Groat 1855, F. a threepence 1878, GF. A silver twopence 1838, F. A silver three halfpence 1839, GF. Five 1797 'Cartwheel' pennies (all poor). A halfpenny 1797, NF. £30-50
685.    A Threepence 1763, F/GF. A penny 1806, F. A halfpenny 1775, F. £20-30
686.    A Choice Silver King George V Coronation Medal (1911), an attractive bronze medal "In Defence of our Queen and Country" awarded to Andrew Macredie (30th July 1861). A Sheffield one penny copper token 1812. Other items. £30-50
687.    A Prussia 2 1/2 Silver Groschen 1865, VF. A Belgium 50 centimes 1866, VF. 17 other earlier silver coins, regularly mainland Europe. £50-80
688.    A Denmark 2 Rigsbankskilling 1818, GF. Twelve other coins, regularly mainland Europe and usually XIX Century. £20-40
689.    Denmark, 1710 Twelve Skilling and 1711 Twelve Skilling, both VF. (2) £20-30
690.    An Interesting Array of Earlier Coins, generally European and Asian in the lesser grades, including a Russian 1788 5 Kopek, Ekaterinburg Mint, and another similar for 1781. £150-250
691.    Portugal - Jose 1750-1777 80 Reis, no date, crown over LXXX, reverse with 'In hoc signo vinces', cross with clover leaf stops; with one other similar in Fair condition. £20-30
692.    A Canada Cent 1859, GF, seven other coins (regularly Victorian). A 'Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland Medal' (1873). £20-30
693.    Pennies - 1858 (F), 1892 (F) and 1895 (VF/GVF w/l). Halfpennies 1853 (F), 1858 (GF/NVF), 1861 (GF), 1887 (NVF) and 1898 (GVF w/l). £30-50
694.    Two Dutch Zeeland Duits, 1758 and 1784, and a Dutch East India Company duit 1735, GF/VF. A small quantity of other similar period coins, generally well circulated. £30-40
695.    A Uruguay 20 Centesimos 1844, NF/F. £30-50
696.    Bank and Other Tokens - 1842 Gibraltar Two Quarts, Canadian 1837 one penny, 1794 Coventry halfpenny, 1852 Quebec half penny, 1792 Rochdale halfpenny, 1857 Bank of upper Canada one penny. £30-40
697.    Patagon, 1617, Albertus. Et - Elisabet. Dei. Gratia, crowned shield within wreath and date above. GF. £30-40
698.    Roman and Ancient Coins - Claudius II Gothicus. Antoninianus. 3.4g, 19mm, bust right, reverse with victory holding wreath and palm; Nero Denarius, 3.4g; Consular Denarius, 3.9g; Augustus Denarius, 19mm, bare head right, reverse with Capricorn holding globe, cornucopia on its back; and others various grades.£600-800
699.    An Interesting Array of Mixed Coins, regularly base metal, GB and foreign. Earlier items noticed. Mixed banknotes. £70-100
700.    Queen Victoria 1849 'Godless' Florin GF/N.UNC.£60-100
701.    Mary, Scotland 1542-1567, Bawbee, crowned thistle M-R, reverse with crown and saltire with two cinquefoils. VF, 2.0g.£40-60