Quarterly Fine Art Sale on
Friday 26th March 2010

1.      A Suite of Waterford Crystal Lismore Glassware, comprising seven hock glasses, five large red wine, four small red wine, three sherry, four port, six brandy, three liqueur, one champagne flute, one tumbler; together with other assorted crystal glasses. (** one of five Waterford port glasses broken, 3 rim chips).£60-80
2.      A Monart Glass Vase, of circular tapering form, the blue mottled body with aventurine dashed rim, 20.25cms high. £60-80
3.      An Early XX Century Opaque Green Glass Bowl, mounted with pewter collar and four floral swags, marks for the Sphinx glass factory, Maastricht, 18 cms diameter.£35-55
4.      A Perthshire Paperweight by Stuart Drysdale, circa 1986, designed with a golfer to the centre, against a latticino ground, surrounded by millefiori canes, 8.5cms diameter. £60-80
5.      A Heavy Cut Glass Pedestal Punch Bowl, with cut flower and diamond panels on a faceted stem and domed foot, 34cms high, 38cms diameter.£50-70
6.      An XVIII Century Wine Glass, the ogee bowl with reeded basal border over an air and cotton twist stem from a domed circular foot, 15cms high; Together with Another Glass, probably XIX Century, with a funnel bowl over a spiral and cotton twist stem from a domed circular foot, 15cms high. £60-80
7.      A Whitefriars Ruby Ribbon-Trailer Vase, designed by Barnaby Powell in 1935, 17cms high (Jackson Whitefriars Glass page 123).£25-40
8.      A Heavy Cut Glass Pedestal Bowl, with a scalloped rim, cut with flower and leaf forms, 22cms diameter, on faceted stem and domed foot, 31 cms high.£30-50
11.     A Royal Doulton 'Carlyle' Pattern Part Dinner Service, H5108 in deep turquoise with gilt and floral decoration, in almost unused condition, comprising eight place settings - dinner and side plates, soup bowls and stands, two vegetable tureens and covers, oval meat plate, gravy boat, coffee pot, eight coffee cups and seven saucers, eight tea cups and seven saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl. (69)£200-300
12.     A Pair of Early XX Century German Porcelain Candelabra, modelled as a man and female companion, in XVIII Century dress, each standing by a rose encrusted stem, on conforming domed bases, 38cms high (damages to one and lacking candelabra fitting). £50-80
13.     An Ernst Wahliss Bisque Porcelain Vase, modelled as a coy young woman standing before a sinuous lily plant issuing from a lobed pad base, Alexandra Porcelain Works impressed and painted marks to base, 45.5 cms high.£250-350
14.     A Royal Copenhagen Figure, of a heron, resting amongst foliage, oval base, no. 532, 27.5 cms high.£40-80
15.     A Wedgwood Blue Jasper Dressing Table Set, of six pieces, each piece sprigged in white with classical figures and acorn oak leaf borders, comprising an oblong canted tray, pair of candlesticks, ring stand and two covered pots.£50-100
16.     A Wedgwood Blue Jasper Biscuit Barrel, sprigged with classical figures, and acanthus leaves, with EPNS mounts and swing handle, 14 cms high; Together with a Similar Preserve Pot and Cover, 13 cms high. (2)£35-50
17.     A Set of Six Early XX Century Wedgwood Porcelain Coffee Cans and Saucers, decorated in the Persian manner with a blue and green band beneath gilt rims, the cans held within pierced silver stands, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1925, in a fitted black leather case.£240-280
18.     A Set of Eight Late XIX Century Minton's Tiles, designed by John Moyr Smith for James Thomson's "The Seasons", two differing designs for each season, makers marks verso. (8)£400-500
19.     Two XIX Century Minton's Tiles, with transfer print of "High Tor, Matlock" and "The Giants Causeway, Ireland", makers marks verso.£100-200
20.     A Beswick Highland Pony "Mackionneach", in dark dun gloss, model 1644, designed by Arthur Gredington, paper label, 18.4cms. £100-150
21.     A Bishop & Stonier Pottery Charger, decorated in the Imari palette with an Oriental garden to the centre, within decorative borders and a wavy rim, raised on toupie feet, printed marks and named Hong Kong pattern, 49 cms diameter.£50-70
22.     A Beswick Pottery Model of a Shire Foal, large, no. 951 in rocking horse grey gloss, designed by Arthur Gredington.
23.     A Beswick Pottery Model of a Racehorse and Jockey, walking racehorse, colour no. 1, model no. 1037, in brown gloss, the jockey in green and yellow silks, (restored).£80-120
24.     A Charlotte Rhead Small Bowl, decorated with lustred fruits in orange and yellow, on fruiting boughs with stylised blue flowerheads, internally with a dentil border above a lustre well, pattern TL5 for Bursley, printed mark, 18cms diameter. £60-80
25.     An Early XIX Century Nantgurw Plate, painted to the centre with floral sprays, the moulded border between blue lines, impressed marks, 25 cms diameter.£60-80
26.     An Early XIX Century Swansea Dish, possibly by William Pollard, of oval form, the centre painted with convulvulous within a gilt cavetto, the moulded border painted with differing flowers and fruits, gilt line rim, 26.5 cms wide.£400-600
27.     A Doulton Burslem Jug, by Harriett Hibbut, of ovoid form, with a face mask to spout, painted in blue and ochre glazes with four foliate and dot panels between bosses, the strap handle with rosette detail, on a circular foot, impressed marks and dated 1877, 23 cms high.£60-80
28.     A Royal Doulton Chamberstick, printed with with a landscape border, in black, against an ochre and green ground, 15.5 cms diameter.£30-50
29.     A Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Octagonal Fruit Bowl, pattern 1128, modern, 24 cms wide.£50-80
30.     A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Plates, with wavy rims, pattern no. 1128, modern, 21 cms diameter.£30-50
31.     A Quimper Jug of a Man, sitting on a barrel, mark to base, 24 cms high.£80-100
32.     A Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted Full Lace Small Coffee Pot and Two Matching Cream Jugs, painted in underglaze blue with blue flowers and scale borders, the spout and handles with face mask, raised on shaped raised foot rims, 22 cms, 11.5 cms and 9.5 cms high respectively.£60-80
33.     A XIX Century Rockingham Trio, each piece painted with landscape vignette, within grey borders gilt with fruiting vine, the saucer with puce factory mark.£30-50
34.     A XIX Century English Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, each painted with a cottage vignette, within heavily gilt ivy and acanthus leaf borders, pattern no. 3/925.£30-50
35.     A XIX Century Rockingham Trio, of quilted outline, the cups internally decorated with pink roses and gilt fern, within gilt line rims, the saucer with puce factory marks.£30-50
36.     A XIX Century Rockingham Plate, centrally painted with a cottage vignette, within a blue, yellow and gilt scrolling border, puce factory mark, 23 cms diameter; Together with Another, printed and polychrome painted with plants within a gilt line border and gadroon and shell moulded rim, puce factory marks, 24 cms diameter. (2)£40-60
37.     A Late XIX Century Samson Style Armorial Mug, polychrome enamelled with the heraldic crest and flowers of the Duke of Norfolk between gilt lambrequin borders, 11.5 cms high.£40-60
38.     A Late XVIII Century Worcester Bowl, painted with stylised birds and butterflies, gilt reserves, against a pale blue ground, gilt dentil rim, 20 cms diameter.£150-200
39.     A XIX Century English Porcelain Pot Pourri Basket and Cover, of circular form, the basket painted with a band of flowers, the everted rim applied with flowers and foliage beneath an overhead twig handle, the pierced cover with conforming detail, 14 cms diameter.£175-225
40.     A Late XVIII Century Worcester Fluted Bullet Shape Teapot, polychrome painted with Chinese figures, the cover with flower finial, blue seal mark to base, (cover repaired), 16 cms high.£150-200
41.     A Late XVIII Century Worcester Bullet Shape Teapot, painted with Oriental figural panels, the cover with flower finial, 15.5 cms high.£150-200
42.     A Masons Ironstone Plate, printed in blue and painted in colours with birds and Oriental flowers, 24 cms wide; Together with a Similar Jug, 11 cms high. (2)£30-50
43.     An English Porcelain Teapot, possibly Newhall, the silver shape teapot painted and gilt with the Imari palette with a river landscape, pattern no. 1154; Together with a Matching Cup and Saucer. (3)£100-200
44.     A XIX Century Staffordshire Imari Pattern Tureen on Stand, the stand 20 cms diameter.£30-50
45.     A Rare XIX Century Don Pottery Boat-Shape Pedestal Dish, printed in blue with country figures in a market place with rampaging cattle and dogs, within a floral border, externally with figures in mountainous landscapes, 30 cms wide, 9 cms high.£150-200
46.     An XVIII Century Lambeth Blue and White Delft Plate, painted with waterfowl and flowering plants, single line rim, 30.5 cms diameter.£150-200
47.     An XVIII Century Lambeth Blue and White Delft Plate, painted to the centre with a chicken and flowers, the border with similar plant forms, single line rim, 22 cms diameter.£60-80
48.     A XIX Century Leeds Pearlware Coffee Pot, printed in blue with the willow pattern, the domed cover with bud finial, on a raised circular foot rim, 26 cms high.£125-175
49.     A XIX Century Blue and White Ladle, printed with a Continental boating scene, the base with impressed V mark, 28 cms.£30-50
50.     A Late XVIII Century Newhall Coffee Can and Saucer, printed in blue and painted and gilt in the Imari palette with stylised flowers and leaves, with blue printed gilt over narrow borders, pattern 274; Together with a Similar Cream Jug and Cup. (4)£100-150
51.     A XIX Century Staffordshire Pearlware Mug, printed in blue with a rural scene of boys fishing, watched by their mother and baby, 12 cms high.£50-70
52.     A Brameld Pearlware Octagonal Plate, printed in blue, with the Cottagers Return, impressed Brameld, 15.5 cms diameter; Together with Another Example, printed with flowers, impressed Brameld, 15.5 cms diameter. (2)£20-40
53.     A XIX Century Rockingham Blue and White Teacup and Saucer, printed in blue with Chinese figures in a garden, puce factory marks.£20-40
54.     An Early XIX Century Spode Jug, moulded with playful putti in high relief beneath a painted and moulded vine border, gilt line rims, painted mark, pattern no. 2687, 14.5 cms high.£75-125
55.     A Spode Leaf Moulded Pickle Dish, printed in blue with Continental river landscape, 12.5 cms wide, printed mark in blue; Together with a XIX Century Small Stand, printed in blue with a landscape between floral borders, on a raised foot rim, 16 cms diameter; Together with a Don Pottery Green leaf and Flower Moulded Plate, 19.5 cms diameter. (3) £30-40
56.     An Early XIX Century Yorkshire Potteries Blue and White Bowl, (possibly Leeds), printed in blue with the Spotted Deer pattern, within deep floral borders, on raised foot rim, 26 cms diameter.£75-125
57.     A Worcester Coffee Can, with wrythen fluting, painted and gilt with floral sprigs, circa 1790, Together with A Worcester Blue and White Coffee Cup, printed with Chinese landscapes beneath a scalloped rim; A Miles Mason Blue and White Coffee Can, three further coffee cans, two teacups and a Worcester blue and white saucer, (rim chip). (8)£70-90
58.     A XIX Century Blue and White Two Handled Bowl, printed with rural landscapes, on a raised foot, 11.5 cms high; Together with a Pearlware Circular Dish and Cover, printed in blue with flowers, gilt line rim and finial, 8 cms high. £40-60
59.     An Early XIX Century English Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, of quilted outline, painted with a floral panel in mirror shape reserves, butterflies and sprigs, within narrow underglaze blue printed borders.£60-80
60.     A XIX Century Prattware Pot Lid, The Village Wedding, 11cms diameter; Another of Fishing Boats at Sea, 9.5cms diameter, Another of a Hunting Party After Wouvermann, 14cms wide. (3)£20-40
61.     Four Continental Porcelain Figures, each in XVIII Century dress, two with faux Derby marks (damages). £40-60
62.     Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Dinner Plate, pattern 1128, 27cms diameter; A Boat Shape Bon-Bon Dish, pattern 1128, 14cms wide; An Imari Pattern Tea Plate, 21.5cms diameter; Sugar Bowl and Saucer, pattern 2451 (bowl lacking cover), modern. (5) £50-70
63.     A Royal Crown Derby 'Green Derby Panel' Part Coffee Service, comprising six coffee cans and saucers, coffee pot and large plate. £30-50
64.     French Pottery Faience Luneville Part Dinner Service, decorated with pink floral sprays, of fifty one pieces (damages). £100-150
65.     An XVIII Century English Porcelain Custard Cup, probably Worcester, painted in blue with a Chinese temple and flowers, loop handle, 6.25 cms high, (minor chips to rim).£70-90
66.     A XIX Century Cream Pottery Footbath, of rounded rectangular form, having two moulded handles and banded body, 51 cms wide.£20-40
67.     A Royal Doulton Stoneware Inkstand, the circular wavy edge stand centred by a vase shape well and cover, tubelined with a monogram EJA, in white against a mottled green ground, impressed mark and numbered 5642, 26cms diameter. £50-80
68.     A Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Coffee Pot, pattern no. 1128, modern, 23 cms high.£50-80
69.     A XIX Century Creamware Basket, oval, with loop handles, pierced with quatrefoils and arcading between rope borders, 11 cms high, 23 cms wide.£40-60
70.     A Victorian Porcelain Jug, moulded in high relief with wild boar and a stag under attack by hounds in woodland, inscribed in gilt "Presented to Mr Boyes, Birmingham by F. Williams Longton 1865", with moulded twig handle and gilt line borders, 22.5 cms high.£75-125
71.     A Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Ware Vase, decorated with the 'Stork And Bamboo' pattern on a black ground, c. 1924, 26 cms high.£30-40
72.     A Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Ware Shouldered Ovoid Vase, decorated with the 'Stork And Bamboo' pattern on a black ground, c. 1924, 26 cms high.£30-40
73.     A Wiltshaw & Robinson Carlton Ware Footed Bowl, decorated with the 'Stork And Bamboo' pattern on a black ground, c. 1924, 24 cms diameter.£20-30
74.     A XIX Century Parian Figure Group 'You Can't Read', modelled as a young girl and collie, seated on a couch with an open book, moulded base with impressed title, unmarked, 30cms high, 29cms wide. £100-150
75.     A Continental Terracotta Bust of a Young Girl, wearing a frilled bonnet and neck ribbon, matt glaze highlighted in turquoise and ochre, painted numeral 1745, on a waisted socle, 16.5cms high (cracked). £20-30
76.     An Early XX Century Dresden Watering Can, encrusted with flowers and moss, 11cms high; A Pair of Slippers, similarly decorated, 8.5cms long, and a salt, encrusted with a flower spray against a moss ground, 4.25cms high. (4) £30-50
77.     A Beswick Pottery Figure of a Dove Designed by Colin Melbourne, painted in blue, green, brown and pink against a cream ground, facsimile signature and impressed no.1413, 13cms high. £100-150
78.     A Pair of Losol Ware Pottery Vases, ensuite with the Watteau Pattern Covered Bowl, of shouldered tapering form, 28 cms high.£40-60
79.     A Losol Ware Pottery Watteau Pattern Covered Bowl, printed in blue with figural panels, the domed cover with bud finial, raised on scroll feet, printed factory masks, 30 cms high.£30-50
80.     A Moorcroft Pottery Clematis Pattern Ginger Jar and Cover, tubelined and painted in purple hues against a blue ground, impressed masks and facsimile signature in blue, 15 cms high.£60-80
81.     A Moorcroft Pottery Plate, tubelined and painted in the Magnolia pattern, in tones of pink, blue and green, against a deep blue ground, 25 cms diameter.£60-80
82.     A Moorcroft Enamel Box, decorated with patriotic flowers, 6 cms wide, original case.£20-30
83.     A Moorcroft Pottery Pin Tray, tubelined and painted with the New Forest pattern, cira 2006, 11.5 cms diameter; Another Example, marked seconds, both boxed. (2)£30-40
84.     A Moorcroft Pottery Triangular Freestanding Plaque, decorated in the Ryden Fields pattern, Moorcroft Pottery inscribed verso, 18 cms wide.£60-80
85.     A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Oberon Plaque, tubelined and painted with Hellebores, in shades of pink, yellow and green, within a deep blue border, 24.5 cms diameter, in a wooden frame.£50-70
86.     A Keeling Two Handled Vase, of double gourd form, with a flared neck, decorated with gilt sponging against blue ground, the body with underglaze blue poppies and leaves, highlighted in gilt, 30.5 cms high.£30-50
87.     A Beswick Shire Mare, (lying) in grey gloss, model 2459, produced 1973-1976, 12.7cms. £150-200
88.     A Moorcroft Pottery Ryden Fields Pattern Candlestick, with a flat circular drip tray over a tapering body from circular domed foot, tubelined and painted in bright colours against a black ground, 19.5cms high. £100-150
89.     A Poole Pottery Living Glaze Purse Vase, painted with overlapping lancet forms in blue, orange, turquoise and yellow, 26.5cms high. £30-50
90.     A Lorna Bailey Chevron Jug, of asymmetrical form, with a black moulded handle, limited edition 107/250, 31cms high. £60-80
91.     A Lorna Bailey Lucy Lidded Pot, limited edition 22/75, issued 2005, signed, 23cms high. £60-80
92.     A Poole Living Glaze Manhatten Vase, decorated in the Volcano pattern, 36.5 cms high.£40-60
93.     A Poole Living Glaze Manhatten Vase, by Lorna Whitmash, painted in a turquoise, grey and orange chevron pattern, signed to base, 36.5 cms high.£40-60
94.     A Beswick Pottery Model of a Zebra, model number 845B, designed by Arthur Gredington, second version, 18.4 cms high.£80-120
95.     Royal Doulton Disney Showcase Collection Figurines, SW22 "Fairest of Them All", SW30 "Take The Apple Dearie" and SW31 "Heigh-Ho", all limited editions of Snow White, The Seven Dwarfs and the Witch. Complete with certificates and boxes. (3) £80-120
96.     A Beswick Model of Ayrshire Bull, "Whitehill Mandate" second version in gloss, 12cms high. £60-80
97.     A Beswick Model of a Pinto Pony, first version skewbald, 17cms high. £60-80
98.     A Moorcroft Pottery 'Evening Sky' Pin Tray, by Emma Bossons, 12cms diameter.£25-35
99.     A Scholm Earthenware Vase, of ovoid form, the combed body moulded with paterae bands, glazed in brown with turquoise slip, impressed marks to base, 41cms high. £25-40
100.    A Pair of Capo di Monte Porcelain Figures of a Dandy and his Female Companion, he holding a rose, she with a book, both standing by an urn on pedestals, square waisted bases, 19.5 cms high.£50-80
101.    A XIX Century Rockingham (Probably) Porcelain Tea Service, pattern 1168, moulded and painted with grey and gilt foliage, comprising teapot with crown finial, covered sugar bowl, milk jug, slop bowl, tea saucers, sixteen cups in two sizes and two large plates, unmarked. £300-400
102.    An Ernst Wahliss Austrian Porcelain Two Handled Vase, the lozenge shape bowl painted and gilt with flowering branches, beneath a pierced raised gallery, linked by scroll handles raised on a conforming shaped foot rim, printed mark in red with painted numerals, 19.5cms high, 28cms wide. £40-80
103.    A Wemyss Pottery Toilet Bucket, of circular tapering form, painted with pink cabbage roses and green leaves, painted mark in yellow, 24cms high (cracked). £75-100
104.    A Wemyss Pottery Baluster Ewer, painted with pink cabbage roses and green leaves, painted mark in turquoise Wemyss T. Goode London, 25.5cms high (chipped and cracked). £50-70
105.    A Royal Worcester Hadley Figure of a Miner, drinking from a jar, a pick at his feet, painted in shot gilt, green and blush tones, printed mark in green, shape number 1606 and date code for 1912, 41 cms high.£350-450
106.    A Royal Worcester Hadley Figure of a Female Miner, modelled leaning on a spade, decorated in shot gilt, green and blush tones, printed mark in puce, shape number 1606, date code for 1913, 34.5 cms high.£300-400
107.    A Hochst Porcelain Figure Group, of a female and cupid, she seated holding a floral wreath and choosing from a basket of flowers, offered by cupid, on an oval moulded base with guilloche border, blue mark to base, 21 cms high.£100-150
108.    A Sitzendorf Porcelain Figure Group, of two children with a goat, the girl seated on the goats back, holding a vine, the boy with a pipe, on an oval moulded base, underglaze blue, mark to base, 16 cms high.£100-150
109.    A William Moorcroft Ginger Jar and Cover, 'Clematis' pattern on blue ground, monogram signature and Queen Mary label to base, 20 cms high.£80-120
110.    A Late XIX Century James MacIntyre & Co. Biscuit Barrel, with EPNS mounts, handle and cover, of circular tapering form, decorated in the Aesthetic manner with floral reserves against a green ground, detailed in gilt, impressed mark, 14 cms high.£60-80
111.    A Set of Three XIX Century Rockingham Style Graduated Jugs, of baluster form, moulded and gilt with scrolls against a green ground, marked c1.2 to base, 14.5 cms, 12.5 cms and 10.5 cms high. (3)£60-80
112.    A Pair of Early XIX Century Blue and White Tea Bowls and Saucers, printed with the willow pattern, unmarked.£20-40
113.    A Belleek Breakfast Set, comprising teapot, two cups, saucers and plates, milk and sugar, each with basket weave body, painted with shamrocks, modern factory mark, (with jug handle detached).£150-200
114.    A Royal Worcester Blush Ivory Cornucopia Posy Vase, with shot gilt highlights, raised on a coral stem and moulded base, puce factory mark and date code for 1904, 10 cms high.£6-80
115.    An Early XIX Century Pearlware Nursery Teapot, printed in black with two figural vignettes, beneath a printed border, 9.5cms high; Together with a Mochaware Stoneware Mug, 8cms high; Another Mug, with brown and cream chequerboard ground, 7cms high. (3) £30-50
116.    A Pair of Late XIX / Early XX Century Pottery Boot Spill Vases, the black ground with gilt detail, 6cms high. £20-40
117.    Aynsley Wilton (Pink) Dinner Ware, of eighty pieces, comprising two graduated meat plates, two lidded tureens, sauce boat on stand, five soups on stands, five soup plates, eighteen tea side plates, a cake plate, eleven teacups, twelve saucers, two large cups with saucers, two egg cups. (80)£120-180
118.    A XIX Century Pottery Part Dinner Service, printed in blue and painted in the Imari palette with a Chinese pheasant in a garden comprising, twenty-three plates in two sizes, six soup plates and three platters.£60-80
119.    A Katzhutte Figure of A Young Lady, wearing a lilac dress and matching bonnet, on circular base, 25 cms high.£15-20
120.    A Pair of Early XIX Century Hochst Oval Plates, the wells enamelled with forget-me-nots, within a trailing floral border and gilt rims, 23 cms wide.£40-60
121.    A Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Figures, of a cobbler and his wife, on square bases, 17 cms high.£50-70
130.    An HA EA FA Plated Oval Roll-Top Breakfast Server, the swivelling domed cover revealing pierced and plain liner dishes, overall decorated with flowerheads and scrolls, , between reeded loop handles and raised on four reeded paw feet. £50-70
131.    A White Metal Basket, of shaped oval form with scrolling detail, to rigid handle, raised on four pad feet; A White Metal Openwork Dish, of garland design and shaped edge. (2) £50-70
132.    A 'Superior Electro Plate' Three Piece Teaset, of lobed baluster form with geometric decoration, with capped scroll handles, raised on pad feet. (3) £40-60
133.    A Walker & Hall Art Deco Plated Four Piece Teaset, comprising teapot, hot water pot, jug and twin handed sugar bowl, each of banded circular form with loop handles and angular spouts, on rim base. (4) £30-50
134.    A J&TS Large Electroplated Oval Twin Handled Tray, the plain oval centre within acanthus leaf scroll border and twin leaf and scroll handles, raised on four leaf scroll feet, stamped "J&TS" "8554", 72.8cms over handles. £100-150
135.    An Eastern White Metal Box, of compressed circular form, profusely detailed in relief depicting wild animals amongst scrolling foliage. £80-100
136.    A J.G. Graves Electroplated Single Glass Flute Epergne, the shaped triangular base with scrolls supporting glass flute with wavy edge, on three ball feet. £15-25
137.    A Victorian EPNS Table Centrepiece, cast with trailing vine and supporting a glass dish, 20.5 cms high, 22.5 cms diameter.£125-175
138.    A WH&S Electroplated Three Bottle Tantalus, the rectangular base with knopped supports to plain top and angular loop handle, fitted with three cut glass decanters (cracked), with side lock, and three decanter labels including hallmarked silver 'Sherry' label.£60-80
139.    A Pair of Plated Candlesticks, each circular base with gadrooned decoration supporting plain column, gadrooned shoulder and sconce, 30.5cms high. (2)£40-60
140.    A Gerofabriek Plated Jug and Sugar Bowl, each of rounded triangular design on rim bases, on plain oval tray, each stamped "C GERO A60". (3) £30-50
141.    A TW&S Plated Swing Handled Basket, of shaped circular form with geometric pierced decoration and raised central panel of flowering fruit, with openwork scrolling swing handle. £30-50
142.    A Pair of Elkington & Co Plated Chambersticks, the plain circular dishes with gadrooned leaf and shell borders supporting candle holders with similar borders, each fitted with removable snuffer and flying scroll handles with plain thumbpiece. (2) £40-60
143.    A White Metal Comport, the circular dish with gadrooned centre within border of flowerheads and acanthus leaf scrolls, on spirally gadrooned circular pedestal base, scratch marked "GHB 6/4/09", 29cms wide. £60-80
144.    A JD&S Electroplated Desk Stand, the floral highlighted shaped base raised on four mask feet, fitted with two removable glass inkwells flanking central figure of St. Michael slaying the dragon, with acorns and oak leaves candle holder, 28.3cms wide (damaged). £60-80
145.    A Cased Set of Four Pairs of Nutcrackers and Grape Scissors, the nutcrackers with spirally beaded handles, the scissors with openwork scrolling handles, in fitted case (damaged). £30-50
146.    A Set of Six AS&GR Mother of Pearl Handled Fish Knives and Forks, in a case. £30-50
147.    A Plated Three Piece Teaset, each of rectangular form profusely decorated, with central shield, raised on elaborate shell and leaf capped pad feet. (3) £30-50
148.    A Canteen of Electroplated King's Pattern Cutlery, of fifty pieces, in fitted case, with four odd teaspoons. £60-80
149.    A Pair of Mappin & Webb Berry Spoons, with fruiting bowls and detailed handles, in fitted case. £20-40
150.    A Pair of Electroplated Fish Servers, with beaded and scroll handles and floral decoration, in fitted case (damaged). £30-50
153.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Teapot and Twin Handled Sugar Bowl, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, London 1912, 1913, each of compressed form with reeded decoration, raised on ball feet, bearing crested motto " Pro Deo Et Patria"; Together with Similar Jug, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co, London 1917, bearing the same crested motto, with leaf capped loop handle, on four ball feet, total weight 1027grams. (3)
154.    A Hallmarked Silver Mug, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1929, of baluster form, on spreading base, with scroll capped scroll handle, 310grams. £60-80
155.    A Hallmarked Silver Tray, William Hutton & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1933, of square form with central presentation inscription "Presented to George Neale Esq... December 20th 1933", raised on four feet, 35.5cms wide, 1366grams. £300-400
156.    A Hallmarked Silver Oil Candlestick, makers mark rubbed, Birmingham, modelled as a chamberstick; Hallmarked Silver Hunting Cup, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1919; A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, AE&Co Ltd, Sheffield 1944; A Pair of Sugar Tongs. (4) £40-60
157.    A Hallmarked Silver Table Lamp, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1933, of octagonal form supporting knopped stem, 29cms high. £80-120
158.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, EL, Sheffield 1937, in fitted case.£60-80
159.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, EL, Sheffield 1937, in fitted case.£60-80
160.    An Irish Part Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Sifter Ladle, MK, possibly Michael Keating, Dublin, the plain handle to cross pierced circular bowl, 46grams. £100-150
161.    A Rectangular Hallmarked Silver Photograph Frame, HM, Birmingham 1927, of geometric design with foliate detail, on wooden easel back, 10.5 x 15cms. £70-90
162.    A Dutch Snuff Box, of cushion form, highlighted with floral detail and raised lozenge centre, stamped to inside. £60-80
163.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Fish Servers, JS&S, Sheffield 1921, with ivory handles, in fitted case. £50-70
164.    A Hallmarked Silver Waiter, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1911, of shaped circular form with foliate and scroll border, raised on three scroll feet, 27.5cms wide, 577grams. £120-160
165.    A Hallmarked Silver Shoe Pin Cushion, SB&SLd, Birmingham 1910, modelled as a gentleman's shoe, with oak sole and pincushion and laces. £60-80
166.    A Hallmarked Silver and Ivorine Desk Calendar, William Hutton & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1919.£25-40
167.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Branch Three Light Candelabrum, J.G Ltd, Birmingham 1972, the shaped oval base with reeded border supporting reeded tapering column issuing twin scrolling reeded branches. £80-100
168.    A Hallmarked Silver Blotter, hallmarks rubbed, of plain design, crested and initialled. £30-50
169.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Shell Dish, HA, Sheffield 1889, with frosted glass liner, and inscribed thumbpiece "1865 Silver Wedding 1890", initialled, on three shell feet. £30-50
170.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, hallmarks rubbed, of plain rectangular form, initialled, 13.5 x 8.5cms. £40-60
171.    An Irish Hallmarked Silver Dish Ring, E.Johnson Ltd, Dublin 1917, of openwork design highlighted with garland swags and leaf scroll decoration with plain oval cartouche, supporting blue glass liner, base 20.3cms wide. £300-500
172.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Dressing Table Set, WN Ltd, Birmingham 1921, 1922, comprising hand mirror, pair of brushes and mounted comb, each with engine turned decoration, initialled "M". (4). £30-50
173.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Mounted Thermometer, J&R, Chester 1905, within Art Nouveau frame, on wooden easel back. £40-60
174.    A Rectangular Hallmarked Silver Photograph Frame, HM, Birmingham 1914, of plain design with wavy detail, on velour easel back. £40-60
175.    A Hallmarked Silver Five Bar Toast Rack, E.Viner, Sheffield 1936, of plain design, 106grams. £25-40
176.    A Hallmarked Silver Coffee Pot, EB, London 1978, of plain baluster form with gadrooned borders and leaf capped spout, 805grams. £150-200
177.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coasters, BESCo, Birmingham 1973, each of shallow form with geometric pierced sides. (6) £50-70
178.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Bottle Coasters, Mappin & Webb, Birmingham 1975, with pierced and textured sides and gadrooned borders and disc inset turned bases. (2) £60-80
179.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Shell Bowls, JNL, Sheffield 1977, each fanned bowl profusely decorated with floral detail, with shell thumbpiece, raised on reeded scroll feet, total weight 223grams. (2) £100-150
180.    A George III Hallmarked Silver Coaster / Stand, Robert Hennell, London 1783, of plain circular form with beaded border, raised on three ball and claw feet, 13cms wide, 127grams. £120-160
181.    A Hallmarked Silver Rose Bowl, HM, Chester 1911, of circular form with shaped shell and scroll border, on pedestal base, 20.5cms wide, 635grams. £120-180
182.    A Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, JR (makers mark rubbed), Birmingham 1906, with foliate scroll engraved decoration and gilt interior. £70-100
183.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, M.W&Co Ltd, London 1937, of slim rectangular form with engine turned decoration, sliding to open, 176grams. £30-50
184.    A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, W.N Ltd, Birmingham 1939, of tapering octagonal form, with pierced pull-off cover, 151grams. £30-50
185.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, marks indistinct, of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, 17 x 10cms. £50-70
186.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, WN Ltd, Birmingham 1924, with engine turned decoration, initialled; An Oval Aesthetic Vesta Case, with engraved bird decoration. £20-30
187.    A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, WJM&Co, Birmingham 1908, with leaf scroll decoration, initialled; A George III 1814 3 Shilling Bank Token, in swivel brooch mount; a hallmarked silver handle, Birmingham 1898. (3) £20-30
188.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, W.N, Birmingham 1910, of plain design, initialled. £25-40
189.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, FF, Birmingham 1923, of rectangular form all over leaf scroll engraved, with inscription "Shearman Cup Irlams Oth Height Conservative Club won by A. Robinson". £25-40
190.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigar Case, R.P, Birmingham 1912, of plain design, initialled. £30-50
191.    A 1930's Chinese Export Cigarette Case, bearing marks for CJ&Co and shop mark (Chinese character mark), and "Sterling", of slim rectangular form engraved to each side with a dragon, on planished ground, initialled "K.R". £60-80
192.    A Limited Edition Hallmarked Silver Plate, R&D, London 1973, commemorating the marriage of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, 478/2000, 375grams, in fitted box with certificate. £80-100
193.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Teaset, B.B.S.Ld, Birmingham 1934, each of plain compressed oval form with reeded edges and angular loop handles, total weight 971grams. £200-300
194.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, LAC, London 1924, of rectangular form with engine turned decoration, 13 x 9cms. £30-50
195.    A Hallmarked Silver Waiter, B.B.S.Ld, Birmingham 1931, of plain circular design with piecrust edge, 26.2cms wide, 501grams. £100-150
196.    A Hallmarked Silver Tea Strainer and Stand, EB, London 1953, of plain design with stepped finial and plain circular bowl, 111grams. £20-40
197.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Four Piece Teaset, GH, Sheffield 1934, 1935, each of plain elongated octagonal form, with angular loop handles, total weight 1634grams. (4) £350-450
198.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, R.P, London 1908 of plain design with gadrooned borders, initialled; A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, J&RG, Chester 1900. (3) £20-30
199.    A Set of Five William IV Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoons, W.R, Glasgow 1835, initialled. £20-30
200.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons and Matching Tongs, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1908. £15-20
201.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Tea For One Set, James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield 1903, 1909, comprising teapot with ivory handle and finial and strainer liner, gilt lined jug and twin handled sugar bowl, each with shell and scroll borders raised on textured feet, all on a tray of elongated shaped rectangular from, total weight 1019grams. £200-300
202.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Swing Handled Sugar Basket, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1904, of shaped oval form with semi reeded body and reeded border, on oval pedestal base with reeded swing handle, 250grams. £60-80
203.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard and Matching Salt, Walker & Hall, Birmingham 1918, each of plain compressed circular form on octagonal pedestal base, with blue glass liners, and a pair of spoons, GH, Sheffield 1905, in modern fitted case. £40-60
204.    A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Handled Folding Fruit Knife, TP&S(?), Sheffield 1867, handle inset and initialled. £20-40
205.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Twin Handled Salts, EHP, Sheffield 1976, each of tapering rounded rectangular form, with semi reeded body, on pedestal base between twin loop handles, total weight 310grams. £60-80
206.    A Hallmarked Silver Folding Photograph Frame and Vanity Mirror, London 1900, with a silver gilt clasp opening to reveal an oval photograph aperture within an emerald green glass surround, and an opposing mirror, 7 x 5.75cms. £40-60
207.    An Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Candlestick, W.L&S, Sheffield 1902, the beaded square base supporting reeded column, inscribed "Silver Wedding Dec 26 1925...". 22cms high. £50-70
208.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, H.Bros, Birmingham 1957, with engine turned decoration, raised on stepped corner feet. 11.5 x 8.5cms. £30-50
209.    A Limited Edition Hallmarked Silver Plate, R&D, London 1972, commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, 636/1700, 210grams, in fitted case with certificate. £40-60
210.    A Limited Edition Hallmarked Silver Plate, R.C, London 1972, commemorating the Silver Wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, 260/2000, 377grams, in fitted box with certificate. £80-100
211.    A Set of Six George IV Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoons, JH in script, London 1829, initialled, 256grams. (6) £50-70
212.    A Pair of William IV Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Table Spoons, R.H, London 1830, initialled, 135grams. (2)£30-50
213.    A Matched Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Forks, CL, London 1844, WE (makers mark rubbed), London 1844, initialled, 281grams. (6) £50-70
214.    A Hallmarked Silver Tea Strainer and Stand, BBSLd, Birmingham 1939, 1940, with pierced handle on plain circular dish. £20-40
215.    A XIX Century Russian Silver Swing Handled Dish, stamped for Moscow 1893, silversmith Egorov Aleksandr Sergeev, assayer Aleksandr Alekseevich Smirnov, of satin finish rounded square form with openwork swing handle, raised on four scroll loop feet, the centre detailed with floral spray, initialled. £120-180
216.    A French Silver Mounted Mother Of Pearl Card Case, composed of two rectangular panels of mother of pearl, hinged and mounted with scrolling detail and central plaque "C.G.Firth", lined in salmon pink watered silk, each scroll piece stamped with boar's head and bearing stamp "AHO". 11.5 x 7.1cms (slight damage). £40-60
217.    A Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, GGR, Sheffield 1927, in fitted case with tongs, C.B&S, Sheffield 1917. £25-40
218.    A Cased Set of Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, JW&Co, London 1936, in fitted case. £20-30
219.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Shell Salts, J.G, Birmingham 1900, each shell bowl raised on three ball feet, in fitted case with matching shell bowl spoons. £30-50
219A.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Pepperettes, Martin, Hall & Co Ltd, Sheffield 1902 (loaded), in fitted case. £50-70
219B.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boats, GHH, Sheffield 1902, each with loop handle, raised on reeded rim base, in fitted case. £30-50
220.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Ring, the central heart-shape tanzanite double three claw set between six graduated brilliant-cut diamonds. £650-750
221.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone rub-over collet set. £170-200
222.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Dress Ring, 'italic' set with alternate brilliant-cut and baguette-cut diamonds. £400-450
223.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Crossover Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones rub-over collet set in crossover setting. £350-450
224.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated brilliant-cut stones rub-over set on plain band, approximate total diamond weight 0.51cts. £400-500
225.    An 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Cluster Ring, the oval tanzanite claw set within border of sixteen uniform brilliant-cut diamonds. £800-1000
226.    An 18ct Gold Victorian Style Gent's Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone in reeded claw setting, approximate diamond weight 0.90cts. £1000-1200
227.    An 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set between plain shoulders, approximate diamond weight 0.43cts.£350-400
228.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Single Stone Dress Ring, semi collet set with a square fancy yellow diamond, approximate diamond weight 0.30cts.£450-550
229.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the central emerald-cut diamond, rub-over collet set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 0.60cts. £450-550
230.    An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, the central brilliant-cut stone four claw set high between six smaller brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 0.92cts. £700-800
231.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated brilliant-cut stones bar claw set between plain shoulders, approximate total diamond weight 0.51cts. £500-600
232.    An 18ct Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stones rub-over collet set, between plain shoulders, approximate total diamond weight 0.77cts. £650-750
233.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the old-brilliant-cut stones claw set, approximate total diamond weight 3.25cts. £3500-4000
234.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones rub-over collet set, approximate total diamond weight 1.36cts.£1000-1200
235.    An 18ct Gold Seven Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform brilliant-cut stones bar claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.10cts.£700-800
236.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Five Stone Diamond Ring, the uniform stones bar claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.05cts. £750-850
237.    An 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Cluster Ring, claw set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 2.11cts.£1700-1900
238.    An 18ct White Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the central radiant-cut diamond four claw set between two brilliant-cut diamonds, approximate total diamond weight 1.48cts.
The radiant-cut diamond is accompanied by a certificate from the European Geological Laboratory stating size 1.15cts, clarity I1, Colour G. £2000-2500
239.    A Sapphire and Diamond Oval Cluster Ring, the central sapphire within claw set border of eight old-cut diamonds, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £350-450
240.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-brilliant-cut stone eight claw set between tapering shoulders, stamped "18c" "Plat", approximate diamond weight 0.55cts. £500-600
241.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone six claw set, stamped "18ct" "750", approximate diamond weight 0.45cts. £500-600
242.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone eight claw set. £150-200
243.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with five graduated old-cut stones, within scroll setting. £250-300
244.    An 18ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band, Birmingham 1906. £100-130
245.    An 18ct Gold Emerald and Diamond Ring, of openwork knife-edge scroll design, claw set with central old-cut diamond and two square emeralds, spaced by single-cut diamonds. Birmingham 1910. £250-300
246.    An Edwardian 18ct Gold Diamond Ring, claw set with fifteen old-cut diamonds, between scroll carved shoulders, Chester 1901. £250-350
247.    A Modern Diamond Set Dress Ring, of bombe crossover design, set throughout with single-cut diamonds, indistinctly stamped "18". £250-300
248.    A Victorian Opal and Diamond Ring, set with three uniform oval cabochon opals, spaced by six single-cut diamonds, within scroll carved setting, stamped "18". £550-650
250.    A Gent's 9ct Gold Diamond Set Ring, "RF", of bark textured design. £100-150
251.    A XIX Century Opal and Half Pearl Ring, the rectangular opal collet set within border of half pearls, between trifurcated textured shoulders. £60-80
252.    A XIX Century 12ct Gold Pearl Set Ring, London 1870, the circular cluster with central claw setting, between engraved shoulders and band (repaired). £60-80
253.    A Platinum and Diamond Five Stone Ring, semi rub-over set with three uniform emerald-cut diamonds and rub-over set with two trillion-cut diamonds. £300-400
254.    A White Sapphire Single Stone Ring, the 9 x 9mm stone eight claw set. £20-40
255.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old-cut stone four double claw set, stamped "18ct&Plat". £60-80
256.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, illusion set between textured shoulders, stamped "18ct Plat"; A Four Stone Diamond Ring, illusion set with single-cut diamonds, stamped "18ct&Plat". (2) £70-90
257.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant-cut stone six claw set in high setting, between tapering shoulders, stamped "18ct". £300-400
258.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set with three old-brilliant-cut diamonds (chipped), stamped "plat" "18ct". £100-150
259.    A Victorian 15ct Gold Ring, Birmingham 1864, collet and claw set with square, circular and heart-shape stones, between pierced scroll shoulders. £60-80
261.    A 9ct Gold Curb-Link Bracelet, of uniform design to heart-shape padlock clasp. £350-450
262.    A Victorian Hinged Bangle, of graduated design, claw set to the front, to snap clasp. £50-80
263.    A 9ct Gold Hinged Bangle, with leaf scroll engraved decoration, hinged to snap clasp (damaged), Birmingham 1912, in fitted velour box. £60-80
264.    A Gate-Link Style Bracelet, applied "15c", to heart-shape padlock clasp, stamped "15". £300-350
265.    A Modern Emerald and Diamond Bracelet, of uniform line design, claw set with circular emeralds and diamonds, with bar spacers, to snap clasp with safety hook. £200-300
266.    An Oval Belcher-link Part Chain Bracelet, of uniform design to large bolt ring, indistinctly stamped. £80-100
268.    A Pearl and Diamond Bar Brooch, stamped "15ct"; A Seed Pearl Bar Brooch, as a lily of the valley spray; and a diamond set pendant. (3) £50-70
269.    A Large Single Stone Amethyst Brooch, collet set within lozenge shape border; An Oval Cameo Brooch, collet set within openwork border; and a graduated bead necklace. (3) £30-50
270.    A XIX Century Hairwork Brooch, of elongated oval form with central glazed panel enclosing hairwork, within foliate carved border. £80-120
271.    A XIX Century Mourning Brooch, of rounded rectangular form with central glazed panel within black enamel border bearing initials and flowerhead, the reverse with glazed panel and inscription (indistinct) (converted / lacking brooch hook).
272.    A Cameo Brooch, depicting classical female with roses in her hair and on her dress, collet and claw set in irregular mount. £100-150
273.    An Edwardian Hardstone Inset Dirk Brooch, J.C&S, Birmingham 1907, with engraved gold mounts and faceted amethyst finial, in fitted box. £50-70
274.    A Modern Diamond Set Heart-Shape Pendant, stamped "375", on 18ct gold chain.£180-220
275.    A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Diamond Earrings, each of uniform line design, claw set throughout with seven brilliant-cut diamonds. £300-350
276.    A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Earpendants, each of marquise design, with central tanzanite within border of brilliant-cut diamonds, on diamond set post fitting. £350-450
277.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each stone rub-over collet set, approximate total diamond weight 0.66cts. £550-650
278.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.65cts. £500-550
279.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each stone corner claw set, approximate total diamond weight 1.12cts. £1000-1200
280.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Tanzanite and Diamond Oval Cluster Earstuds, the oval tanzanite four claw set within uniform border of brilliant-cut diamonds. £450-550
281.    A Pair of 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Earstuds, each brilliant-cut stone four claw set, approximate total diamond weight 0.27cts.£170-200
282.    An 18ct Yellow and White Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone rub-over set, on 18ct gold chain. £200-250
283.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone four claw set, on 18ct white gold fine-link chain.£200-250
284.    A Modern Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the fancy 'diamond' shape diamond on split bale, on 18ct white gold chain. £350-400
285.    An 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Heart-Shape Pendant, millegrain set throughout with brilliant-cut diamonds, on diamond set bale and 18ct white gold chain.£700-800
286.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the heart-shape diamond claw set on plain bale and 18ct gold fancy-link chain, approximate diamond weight 0.60cts.£550-650
287.    A Single Stone Diamond Pendant, rub-over collet set with brilliant-cut stone, sliding on 18ct gold fancy-link chain.£250-300
288.    A Single Stone Diamond Pendant, the brilliant-cut stone rub-over collet set on 18ct white gold fancy-link chain, approximate diamond weight 0.40cts. £350-400
289.    An 18ct White Gold Princess-Cut Single Stone Diamond Pendant, four claw set on split bale, on 18ct white gold fancy-link chain, approximate diamond weight 0.37cts. £400-450
290.    A 9ct Gold Pendant, of trefoil design claw set to the centres, on plain bale, possibly William Comyns, Chester 1907, on fine-link chain. £30-40
291.    An Edwardian Amethyst and Seed Pearl Openwork Pendant / Brooch, of heart-shaped design collet set with central amethyst and teardrop pendant (lacking two seed pearls), stamped "9ct", on fine-link chain. £70-100
292.    A Victorian Panel Bracelet, of geometric design; A Graduated Single Strand Black Bead Necklace, to three row snap clasp; A Long Single Strand Multi Black Bead Necklace, of uniform design; and a brooch (damaged). (4) £50-70
293.    An Oval Shell Carved Cameo, depicting female profile with floral headdress, collet set within modern 9ct gold pendant mount. £50-70
294.    A Polished Hardstone Pendant, of tear drop form, in plain mount. £30-50
295.    A Fancy-Link Chain, suspending glazed circular locket pendant enclosing coin. £60-80
296.    A 9ct Gold Box-Link Chain, of uniform design. £50-60
297.    A Large Victorian Oval Diamond Set Locket, of plain design, star set to the centre with graduated old-cut diamonds (chips), on plain bale, on oval belcher-link chain. £750-850
298.    An Oval Locket Pendant, with foliate engraved decoration and vacant cartouche, and enamel cross within enamel border. £50-70
300.    A Half Sovereign 1982, loose set in 9ct gold square ring mount with pierced shoulders. £100-150
301.    A Sovereign 1863, loose set in 9ct gold pendant mount of scroll design. £250-300
302.    A Victorian Sapphire, Diamond and Ruby Set Cigar Cutter, initialled "SLB". £120-180
303.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Cufflinks, the oval panels engine turned and engraved "GBYA" and "4-10-53", on chain connections, in fitted box. £40-60
304.    A George III Guinea, 1769, S3727.£300-400
305.    A George III Third Guinea, 1798.£40-60
306.    Two George II Shillings, 1758, converted to a pair of cufflinks, stamped "S.L". £40-60
308.    A 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the circular dial with black and red Arabic numerals, within plain case, on expanding bracelet, London 1924; A 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the circular dial with blue and red Arabic numerals and gilt highlights, within plain case initialled "SM", import marks for London 1915. (2) £40-60
309.    Longines; A Gent's 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with Arabic and dagger numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, movement stamped "Longines Swiss Made 8757177 12.68Z", in plain case D.S&S., London 1952, in fitted box. £100-200
310.    Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, the signed oval dial with Roman and baton numerals, to integral geometric bracelet, of uniform design, on original box with extra links. £150-200
311.    Must De Cartier; A Lady's Silver Gilt Cased Wristwatch, the signed rectangular dial with black Roman numerals, on leather strap, in fitted box with booklets. £120-180
312.    Emka; An Art Deco Lady's Diamond Set Cocktail Watch, the signed dial with baton markers, within elongated rectangular bezel and shoulders, set throughout with single-cut diamonds, to leather cord strap, case inscribed "Platinum". £800-900
313.    A Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within monogrammed case, movement inscribed "Am. Watch Co. Waltham, Mass.", numbered 8391048. £40-60
314.    An 18ct Gold Openface Fob Watch, the scroll engraved dial with Roman numerals, within engine turned case, movement no.3065 set with diamond end-stone, London 1842; Together with A T-Bar Watch Key, inset with sardonyx. £250-350
315.    A Ropetwist Guard / Muff Chain, of uniform design, applied "9c", to single swivel, stamped "9c", suspending openwork seed pearl pendant (lacking two seed pearls); Together with Another Long Chain. £200-300
316.    A 9ct Gold Double Albert Chain, to two swivels, suspending T-bar and glazed circular locket pendant enclosing coin. £400-500
317.    A Reeded Belcher-Link Albertina, of uniform design to single swivel, suspending twisted T-bar and enamel flowerhead textured cube pendant. £50-70
318.    A 9ct Gold Graduated Albert Chain, to single swivel. £100-150
323.    *JACK SIMCOCK [b.1929] ARR
Farm Buildings and Figures, Oil on board, signed lower left and dated indistinctly 1956,
53 x 60.7cms.£300-400
324.    RUSKIN SPEAR CBE, RA [1911-1990]
Farm on the Edge of the Wood, Oil on board, signed lower right,
45.4 x 55.3 cms.£1200-1800
325.    HENRY MOORE [1831-1895]
Silver Sea, seascape, Oil on canvas, signed lower right and dated 1869,
39.6 x 64 cms.
Small angled tear of approximately 1cm x 1cm top left of canvas.
326.    RONALD OSSORY DUNLOP [1894-1973]
Landscape, Oil on canvas, signed lower right,
63.7 x 76.7 cms.
327.    ATTRIBUTED TO MARY POTTER [1900-1981]
The Red Bog, Oil on board, Graves Art Gallery label verso,
59.5 x 75.3 cms. £1000-1500
328.    STEPHEN BONE [1904-1958]
Blowy Day Galway Bay, Oil on board, signed lower left, Fine Art Society label verso dated 1929, 26.3 x 34.2 cms.
329.    STEPHEN BONE [1904-1958]
Winter Sunset, Oil on board, signed lower right,
23.7 x 34.3 cms.£250-350
330.    HENRY LAMB [1883-1960]
Woman with a Pram and Four Idle Men, Oil on board, signed and dated (19) 38,
22.7 x 31.5 cms.
n.b. This woman is possibly Lamb's wife who he also painted.£4000-6000
331.    *JAMES NEAL [b. 1918] ARR
The New Flats, Oil on board, signed lower right,
18.5 x 28.4 cms.
Ancestral House and Garden, Oil on board, unsigned, attribution verso and inscribed with exh. date of 1931 for The Iman Show, 29 x 39.1 cms.£200-250
333.    JOSEF HERMAN [1911-2000]
Snooker Player 1983, Oil on board, Signed to Backboard,
26.5 x 34.2 cms.
Sketch of Hathersage Area, Oil on canvas, unsigned, attribution verso,
23.5 x 33.4 cms.£30-40
335.    STEVEN BONE [1904-1958]
Ailsa Craig from Bruce's Camp, Oil on board,
25.2 x 34 cms. £150-250
A tinted crystoleum of a tavern interior with Cavaliers and wise woman, serving wench looking on; Another Companion Work, of a family group,
20 x 23.5 cms, gilt frames.
Study of a young girl in a green dress; A Companion Work, of a girl in a cream gown strewn with roses,
26 x 18 cms. (2)£80-120
338.    A Pair of XIX Century Sepia Crystoleums, of hunting scenes, 16 x 24 cms, gilt frames.£80-120
339.    A Mid XIX Century Theatre Poster, for The Theatre Royal Sheffield Tuesday March 20th, including, "The Gamester", "Your Life's In Danger",
74 x 24.5 cms (later reframed).£50-70
340.    PETER OWEN JONES [1933-1993]
'Blue and Gold Morning', signed limited edition colour print 148/500,
40 x 48cms. £20-40
Study of a young woman, leaning over a balcony, pastel, bears pencil signature of A. Marquet, oval,
52 x 44 cms.£100-150
342.    BY & AFTER ELYSE LORD [1900-1971]
Fan Dancer, coloured etching, signed in pencil to the margin, no 16/50,
image size 23 x 14 cms.£60-100
343.    BY & AFTER ELYSE LORD [1900-1971]
Japanese couple in a garden, coloured etching, signed in pencil to the margin, no 75/75,
image size 20 x 26 cms.£60-100
344.    BY & AFTER CLAUDE FRANCIS BARRY RA [1883-1970]
Venetian Serenade; monochrome blue/green aquatint, signed and titled in pencil to margin, another by the same hand of a Venetian street, signed to margin, both with a dedication from the artist verso.
30.5 x 36.5 cms and 48.5 x 17 cms respectively. (2)£200-300
345.    BY & AFTER ERIC GILL [1882-1942]
Omnia . Laudant . Deum . Ovi . Creavit . woodblock, 352/480,
6.5 cms diameter, unframed.£20-30
346.    HARRY EPWORTH ALLEN [1894-1958]
Study of a nude female, another verso, pencil on paper, signed,
47 x 22.5 cms.£300-400
347.    HARRY EPWORTH ALLEN [1894-1958]
Study of a nude female, facing dexter, pencil on paper, signed,
43 x 24 cms.£300-400
348.    LEIGH (CHARLES) - A New Map of Lancashire, Cheshire & Derbyshire, a hand coloured double sheet map, engraved by Mole c. 1700,
29 x 38.5 cms.£20-30
"The Gentlemen of the Jury", etching, signed and titled in graphite to the margin,
23.5 cms x 40.5 cms within the mount.£250-300
350.    A XIX Century Map of Yorkshire, engraved Thos. Starling, c. 1831, framed and glazed.£30-50
354.    R. WARREN VERNON [Fl. 1882-1908]
Fishing fleets in a becalmed sea off the coast, a pair, watercolours, signed,
11.5 x 34 cms.£60-80
Venice, figures on the steps of a palazzo, watercolour, signed,
19 x 25 cms.£60-80
Bruges, Where The Water Gently Glides; Kingsbury Mid...., a pair, watercolours, signed,
43 x 67 cms£200-400
357.    PAUL BERTRAM [1833-1901]
Grazing sheep by a meandering stream, watercolour, signed,
17 x 24.5 cms
(n.b. Paul Bertram was the pseudonym for William Henry Piggott)£150-200
358.    PAUL BERTRAM [1833-1901]
Grazing sheep on moorland, watercolour, signed,
17 x 24.5 cms
(n.b. Paul Bertram was the pseudonym for William Henry Piggott)£100-150
"The Fair", a view of The Royal Victoria Hotel and Victoria Station, with a busy fairground scene in the foreground, the River Don and smoking chimneys to the left, watercolour, signed lower right, Hibbert Bros gallery label verso,
53 x 73.5 cms, framed and glazed.
360.    CHARLES PIGGOTT [Fl. 1888-98]
Grazing sheep in a summer landscape, watercolour, signed,
38 x 74 cms.£200-300
361.    FRANK SALTFLEET [1860-1937]
Pensive fisherwoman, standing on a beach with a large basket by her side, watercolour, signed and dated 1888,
34 x 24 cms.£100-200
362.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A coastal scene with white cliffs on a sunny day, watercolour, signed,
28 x 36 cms.£40-60
363.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A coastal scene with a rocky outcrop in the foreground, watercolour, heightened white, signed,
21 x 27 cms.£40-60
364.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A village street scene, with a horse and cart outside 'The Angel Inn', watercolour, signed,
24 x 35 cms.£100-150
365.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A rural lane, with a wooden bridge and tree, watercolour, signed,
24 x 18 cms.£60-80
366.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A rural river scene, with cattle crossing a bridge and a young woman leaning on a wall in the foreground, a thatched cottage beyond, watercolour, signed,
34 x 53 cms.£300-400
367.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
"The Bend In The River" - with a farm cottage on the bank, watercolour, signed,
35 x 54 cms.£100-150
368.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A harvest scene, with corn stooks in the foreground and rabbits by a hedgerow, watercolour, signed, (some discolouration),
26 x 56 cms.£75-125
369.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
An autumnal moorland lake landscape, with trees in the foreground, watercolour, signed,
37 x 53 cms, (foxed).£75-125
370.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A moorland coastal scene, watercolour, signed,
24 x 34 cms.£60-80
371.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A Cornish harbour scene, with a fishing trawler by a lighthouse, watercolour, signed,
25 x 36.5 cms.£75-125
372.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A harbour scene, with fishing boats moored at the quayside, by a lighthouse, watercolour, signed,
24 x 52 cms.£80-120
373.    FRANK DUFFIELD [b. 1901]
Full Cry, huntsman and hounds in a landscape, watercolour, signed lower left,
26 x 37 cms.£70-90
374.    H. M. ***USE [XIX CENTURY]
Melrose Abbey, figures before the Abbey ruins, watercolour, signed lower right,
49 x 38 cms.£120-180
375.    MABEL AMBER KINGWELL [1890-1924]
Head study of a horse, graphite and watercolour on brown paper, signed and dated 1918 lower left, gilt mount and glazed,
18 x 18 cms.£100-150
The Madonna Adoring The Holy Child, oil on canvas, inscribed verso, G. Agliette, Pittire, Firenze Via Maggio, 1877, additional details including a page from the Daily Graphic, 1907, showing the original which hangs in the Uffizi, Florence,
83.5 x 69 cms, in a florentice giltwood frame.£300-500
379.    ** WITHDRAWN **
BLANCHE ? M. WHITNEY [XIX CENTURY] - Head and shoulders study of a monk, facing sinister, oil on canvas, signed, 53 x 43 cms.£100-150
380.    CHARLES M. WIGG [1880-1959]
The Quay, Blakeney, oil on canvas, signed lower left, artists details and title verso,
30.5 x 41 cms.£300-400
381.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
An autumnal river scene, with a flock of sheep grazing by trees and two figures resting on a grassy bank, oil on canvas, signed,
50 x 74 cms.£200-300
382.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A farmyard scene, with a woman carrying a jug, and geese in the foreground, oil on canvas, signed,
56 x 40 cms.£150-200
383.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A rural river scene, with a sheep and a drover in the foreground, a village beyond, oil on canvas, signed,
39 x 64 cms.£200-300
384.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A sunset coastal scene, with a team of horses cutting a meadow in the foreground, oil on board, unsigned,
29 x 39 cms.£60-80
385.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
A Cornish stream, with boats drawn up onto the sands, a rocky outcrop and cottage in the foreground, hills beyond, oil on board, signed,
26 x 34.5 cms.£200-300
386.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
Whitby harbour, with the Abbey beyond; oil on board, signed,
28 x 36 cms.£80-120
387.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
Cottage garden with nasturtiums and climbing plants against a brick wall, oil on card, signed,
16.5 x 23.5 cms.£60-80
388.    JOHN W. MATTHEWMAN [Fl. 1936-1938]
Harbour scene with fishing boats, oil on board, signed,
27.5 x 35.5 cms.£75-125
Yorkshire village in the Peak District, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1940,
40 x 51 cms.£30-50
Broadfield Toll Bar, figure standing in the doorway of the toll house, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
46 x 62 cms; Together with another work;
Canal Wharf, Worksop, oil on board, signed,
51 x 61 cms.
391.    Franz Hoepfner [XIX Century], a rural landscape with harvesters, painted in oils on a Bishop & Stonier pottery plate, signed and dated 1882 verso, gilt frame,
29.5 cms diameter.£100-150
393.    A Large Chad Valley Plush Teddy Bear, circa 1960, with amber glass eyes and stitched nore, jointed limbs with rexine pads, defunct growler, (restored right ear), 67 cms high.£70-100
394.    An Early XX Century Max Handwerck Bisque Head Doll, number 5, with brown hair, sleeping blue glass eyes, open mouth with upper teeth, composition body, period undergarments and pink dress with lace trim, 75cms high. £60-90
395.    Dinky Toys No.16 Silver Jubilee Train Set, silver loco and coaches with red trim, cast '2509' and 'LNER', white wheels. Excellent in Very Good box with illustrated inner. £80-120
396.    Dinky Toys 52A Cunard White Star Liner Queen Mary, cast '534' underneath, green plastic rollers, some oxidisation to masts otherwise VG/Exc in similar box with illustrated inner. £40-60
397.    Dinky Toys 299 Post Office Services Gift Set, comprising Royal Mail Morris Van, GPO Telephone Van, Messenger and Postman figures, minor signs of use to vehicles with baseplates a little worn, generally very good to excellent with excellent illustrated liner in very good striped box.£120-180
398.    Dinky Toys 401 Coventry Climax Fork Lift Truck, minor signs of use, Excellent in Near Very Good box.£20-30
399.    Corgi Major 1118 International 6x6 Truck, signs of use, Near Very Good in G/VG box with scuff to one end.£30-40
400.    Dinky Toys Military Vehicles - 661 Recovery tractor with driver, VG/Exc in VG datestamped supertoys box; 674 Austin Champ with driver, VG in VG box; 693 7.2 Howitzer, Exc in Fair box; 69 25 Pounder Field Gun Unit, VG in VG datestamped box; together with an empty Corgi Toys 101 Platform trailer box.£60-90
403.    An Early XX Century Brass Bound Oak Ship's Wheel, having eight pointers and central plaque bearing name Mactaggart Scott & Co Ltd, Edinburgh. £80-120
404.    A XIX Century Coromandel Box, the interior fitted with a manicure set behind a velvet flap, and assorted glass jars with silver plated covers and accessories, 25 cms wide.£40-80
405.    An Early XIX Century Fruitwood Marquetry Watch Night Stand, the slender oblong case with caddy top, raised on a projecting base with narrow frieze drawer, inlaid with foliage, 29 cms high, 17 cms wide; Containing An Early Victorian Pair Cased Fusee Pocket Watch, the back plate with pierced balance cock, no. 2319, the silver case hallmarked Birmingham 1849, the dial with Roman numerals and engraved to the bezel "Keep Me Clean And Use Me Well And I To You The Truth Will Tell", (dial centre and hands missing).£100-150
406.    An Italianate Giltwood Wall Bracket, the shaped tableau over scrolling leaf support, 35cms wide, 35cms high. £30-50
407.    A XIX Century Mahogany Box and Cover, of sarcophagus form, with a velvet lined interior, 20 cms high, 46 cms wide.£30-50
408.    An Early XIX Century Continental Fruitwood Caddy, of pear shape, with a later knop finial and iron escutcheon, 18 cms high.£200-300
409.    A XIX Century Table Top Wellington Chest, with six graduated drawers, side locking flaps on bun feet, 44 cms wide, 40 cms high.£80-120
410.    A XIX Century Mahogany Specimen Table Chest, of four drawers with inserted brass handles, 39 x 40 cms.£80-120
411.    A XIX Century Cosh or Persuader, platted leather, with wrist strap, 33 cms.£20-30
412.    A Cylindrical Treen Case, with geometric banding and brass sleeve containing five bone handled crochet hooks, 13.5 cms high.£30-50
413.    An Early XX Century Fruitwood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, painted with blue flowers and foliage, the interior fitted with two lidded compartments raised on bun feet.£25-35
414.    An Early XX Century Treen Snuff Box, carved as an ornamental slipper, with sliding cover, 11.5cms long; Together with a Victorian Novelty Treen Pin Cushion, carved as a pair of pointed toe boots (pad missing), 10cms long. £50-70
416.    An Art Deco Enamel and Brass Hard Cased Evening Bag Compact / Cigarette Case, the two hinged sides opening to reveal compact, rouge and lipstick compartment, hinged tablet and pencil, the other side with hinged cigarette holder and stamp/note holder, suspended on short mesh link strap. £30-50
417.    An Arts & Crafts Urania Pewter Wine Jug, attributed to Friedrich Adler, of tapering form with a band of stylised leaf forms to the body, the handle modelled as a stag, the head being the thumbpiece to the domed cover, marked Urania 1168, 26.5 cms high.£100-200
418.    A Pewter Woodlined Glove Box, embossed in the Arts & Crafts manner with flowers, initialled B, 27 cms long; Together with a Similar Playing Card Case, the cover with turquoise enamel cabochon to the centre, 11 cms wide. (2)£40-60
419.    A Wier's Patent Double Lever Concertina Corkscrew, impressed "Wier's Patent Double No 4283 J.H.S.B", bronze painted with turned rosewood handle. £300-500
420.    A Victorian Cast Iron Garden Urn and Pedestal, the urn with petallated rim and calyx, on a square tapering pedestal, painted white, 69 cms high.£50-70
420A.   A Late XIX Century Cast Iron Fireplace with Art Nouveau sinuous floral decoration to gilded hood and painted base with pierced sides, numbered 1875.15.£60-90
421.    A Newlyn Copper Charger, with a scalloped medallion to the centre, and a cavetto border, 46.5 cms diameter.£80-120
422.    A Pair of Goberg Arts & Crafts Anodised Metal Candlesticks, the fixed sconces with dished drip trays with punched borders, over open scroll and notched columns, from panelled circular foot, stamped mark, 28cms high. £60-80
423.    A Liberty & Co. Tudric Pewter Jug, designed by Archibald Knox and of cylindrical form, decorated with Honesty and having a wicker strapped handle, impressed 'Made In England RD. 421108, Tudric, 0280, 0" to base, 20 cms high.£60-80
424.    A Liberty & Co. English Pewter Jug, designed by Archibald Knox and of cylindrical form, decorated with Honesty and having a wicker strapped handle, the hinged cover with wooden thumbpiece, impressed 'English Pewter, Made By Liberty & Co., 0280, RD 421108, P" to base, 20 cms high.£60-80
425.    A Pair of Cast Brass Fire Dogs, modelled as griffons, 35 cms high.£40-60
427.    A Late XIX Century Cantonese Ivory Small Jug, finely carved and pierced with three figural panels within cartouche borders, and further carved figural tableaux amongst foliage, conforming scroll handle, 7cms high. £200-300
428.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono, carved as an elderly man, an eagle strapped to his back and a monkey at his feet, holding a leafy branch, the man wearing simple peasant dress, lightly engraved and stained in black, on a plain irregular circular base, Gyokuzan red seal mark to base, Meiji Period 1868-1911, 7cms high. £200-300
429.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono, carved as an elderly sage, clasping a flower in his right hand and a fan in his left, his inclined head looking up to the left, Meiji period 1868-1911, 11.5cms high. £100-150
430.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono, carved as a smiling fisherman, holding a turtle in his left hand and a rope handled basket at his feet, wearing a woven straw apron hung with a pouch, over a simply patterned kimono, on oval base bearing a seal signature to underside, Meiji period 1868-1911, 17cms high. £200-300
431.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono, carved as an elderly man, gazing at a freshly picked rose in his hand, the other hand holding scissors, wearing traditional garbe, on plinth base bearing red seal signature to underside, Meiji period 1868-1911, 17cms high. £150-200
432.    A Japanese Ivory Okimono, carved as a man atop a water wheel, holding onto two supporting sticks, an attendant with a pannier on the rocky base, signed to underside, Meiji period 1868-1911, 16.5cms high. £200-300
434.    Carcharocles Megalodon - A large megatooth shark tooth, 12.2 cms long; together with two smaller teeth of 5.8 cms and 4.8 cms respectively, South Carolina, U.S.A. Miocene.
n.b. Discovered during diving off the coast of South Carolina, the teeth are from a distant relation of the Mako shark, believed to have weighed more than eight times a Great White; the larger tooth has a slant length of 13.5 cms. (3)£600-1000
435.    A XIX Century Horn Beaker, of plain tapering form, with a white metal rim and shield engraved with a monogram, 8.5cms high (splits to rim). £15-25
436.    A Head and Shoulders Tiger Skin, 210 x 99 cms£100-200
437.    A Leopard Skin, complete with head, legs and tail, 254cms. £80-120
438.    A Small Leopard Skin Rug, 101 cms.£30-50
439.    Taxidermy - An Alligator Head.£40-60
440.    A Victorian Tortoiseshell Card Case, mounted to the centre with a monogrammed garter, within silver stringing, 9 x 5.5 cms.£60-80
441.    A Mont Blanc Classique Fountain Pen, no. 146, with a 14k nib; Together with a Matching Rollerball and Pencil, in a black Lamy three pen leather pouch.£200-300
442.    A Small Bone Gavel, 10cms long; A Turned Wood Gavel, 13.5cms long; An Armorial Wax Seal, in a circular ebony box; An Earthenware Treacleglaze Candle Snuffer, modelled as a lady, 9.5cms high, and a bone pick. (5) £30-50
443.    A Dilettanti Carrara Marble Reproduction Sculture of the 'Exotic Dancer', originally made by William Calder Marshall. Medallion seal to base. 45 cms high.£60-80
444.    A Dilettanti Carrara Marble Reproduction Sculpture of 'Autumn', a lady in classical dress carrying a wheatsheaf and resting on a pedestal, possibly after Auguste - Joseph Carrier and bearing signature 'A Carrier' and seal to the pedestal base. 73 cms high.£160-200
445.    A Carrara Marble Style Reproduction Bust Sculpture of William Murray, Ist Earl of Mansfield, cast from the original by Joseph Nollekens in 1779 and which now resides at Kenwood House. Trunc inscription "Uni Aequus Virtuti" and the reverse "Mansfield", the base signed 'All Rights Reserved Stormont Estate'. 69 cms high.£350-450
448.    Brown & Co Atlas Works Catalogue 1864-1924, 4to, landscape format, colour prints after Herbert J Finn, tipped in plate of of HMS Hood and litho plates of Cunard Lines 'Aquitania' and Canadian Pacific 'Montclare'. Very Fine. £30-50
449.    French Republic Currency - An uncut sheet of five 500 Francs Mandat Territorial notes, second variant with serial number, vertical fold otherwise Very Fine. £150-250
450.    Sheffield And Local Interest Postcards, The Ball Inn fishing club 1912, Queens visit to Blonk Street, The Royal Arch on Lady's Bridge; and eighteen others.£15-25
451.    Postcards, approximately 380 including Harrison Fisher, topographical, humorous, sentimental etc, some postally used, generally early XX Century; together with a small quantity of photographers cards.£80-120
452.    The Sheffield Directory And Guide... With Commercial Information. Blackwell 1828. 8vo, rebound half calf with marble boards, gilt spine label with raised bands, engraved plates advertising Thomas Hunt, Dixon & Son, Frederick Stones and other local companies. Fine. £160-190
453.    John Pointer - A Rational Account of The Weather. Second edition, London 1738. 8vo, 224pp, full calf. Worn, Internally Bright. £150-180
454.    Charles Peace, Or, The Adventures of A Notorious Burglar. C.1880, 4to, 798pp, rebound, qtr morocco and cloth, gilt spine, text illustrations. A few leaves restored with tape, however Generally Very Good. £80-120
455.    Architecture - Edmund Sharpe - Decorated Windows : A Series of Illustrations of Window Tracery. London 1849. Two vols 8vo, rebound brown cloth, black and gilt spine labels, engraved plates; TG Jackson - Reason In Architecture. Murray 1906; Thomas Rickman - Gothic Architecture. Seventh edition 1881. 8vo, red and gilt cloth, plates and illustrations. (4) £30-40
456.    C Hussey / G Stewart / ASG Butler - The Life / Architecture of Sir Edwin Lutyens. Vol 1 Country Life Special Edition 1953, Vols 2 and 3 only of Butler. Very Good to Near Fine, in dusted jackets with minor closed tears. (3) £250-300
457.    Lieut Col Williams - England's Battles By Sea And Land. Twelve volumes, red cloth, gilt vignette stamped covers and spines, engraved plates with maps after J Rapkin. £140-180
461.    A WWII Irvin Style Leather Flying Jacket, with sheepskin liner, Clix zippers. £40-60
462.    A Great War Pair, to T4-219109 J. H. Taylor, A. S. C., VM, fair, WM, fine; Together with Two WWII France / Germany Stars, Two 39-45 Stars, Wm, DM and Ribbon Bar, with Documents and Box.£30-40
'Salute to a Legend', colour print, signed in graphite to the margin by the artist, Chan Chandler, R Valentin, Gill Charmers, Alf Johnstone and seven others. Mounted, framed and glazed.£70-100
464.    An 1888 MKII Lee Enfield Bayonet, with War Department, Birmingham Proof and other marks to ricasso, in original sheath. Excellent condition; Together with a Kukri, with Spanish style notch and drill hole to blade. (2) £40-60
465.    A Middle Eastern Jambiya Dagger, the hilt inlaid with horn, bone and mother of pearl, white metal, pommel, yellow metal sheath; Together with A Steel Powder Flask, lever release mechanism. (2)£40-60
466.    A King George VI General Service Medal with Palestine Clasp, and Long Service And Good Conduct Medal, to 7261289 W. O. CL. 2 L. G. Nugus. R. A. M. C. both VF; Together with His Brothers Great War VM and WM (25957 Pte. S. J. Nugus. R. Lancs. R; A WWII DM and Africa Star, Two R.A.M.C. Aldershot Depot Cross Country Medals, to Pte. L. G. Nugus, a Silver Hallmarked RAOB Medal, and a ribbon bar.£100-140
467.    A Great War Pair, to 12-1956 Pte. E. Smith, Yorks & Lancs, the WM with W5112 form, and both in boxes of issue, VF; A Great War Victory Medal, to 202848 Pte. W. Simmonite, Yorks & Lanc, fair.£25-35
468.    Military Postcards, An excellent selection of sixty nine cards including Daily Mail, and Bamforth but also interesting photographic examples of English prisoners in German and Ostende camps, propoganda featuring bulldogs and lions, silks, and soldiers returning home during armistice, a few Fair, generally Good to Very Good condition.£80-120
'Lancaster - Practice flights over Derwent Water Dam 1943 (Wg Colr Guy Gibson, VC)' colour print, fifteen copies signed by the artist within the margin,
41cm x 61cm (15).£25-35
'Salute to a Legend', colour print, signed in graphite to the margin by Bill Reid, VC ; Tom Mclean, DFC, DFM ; J Castognola, DSO, DFC ; Nicky Ross, DSO, DFC, AE ; and three other signatures.
48cm x 64cm including margin.
471.    The Dambusters / 617 Squadron - Two copies of an untitled colour art print of 'A J-P' evading flak after dropping it's bomb before the dam, signed in graphite and ink to the margin by Alex M Mckie, Gill Charmers, Terry Kearns, Harry Johnson, John Bell, M Colyer, and seventeen other signatures. 44cms x 64 cms including margin ; After John Larder "Operation Chastise", colour print, signed in graphite to the margin by the artist and Gill Charmers, DFC, DFM.
45cms x 63cms including margin. (3)£30-40
'Halifax' colour print published by the Military College, Bath. Signed in graphite by Arthur T Harris and Leonard Cheshire.
51cms x 61cms including margin.£20-30
'Lancaster - Practice Flights Over Derwent Water Dam 1943 (Wg Colr Guy P Gibson, VC)' colour print, signed in graphite and ink to the margin by David Shannon, Douglas Webb, Gill Charmers, Les Munro, Ray Grayston, Dudley Heal, Jim Clay and the artist.
48cms x 68cms including margin.£20-30
474.    An Imperial Germany Military Stein, intricately hand painted with soldiers head and shoulders profile amidst trophy of arms and battleground, presented to Reservist Brandes, 1st Company of the 4th Regiment Of The Foot, Berlin 1906-08, and inscribed "Wer Treu Gedient hat seine zeit dem sei ein voller krug geweiht" (for he who has faithfully served his time, dedicated to a great pitcher), the pewter lid with eagle thumbpiece and relief decoration of trophies, pickelhaubes and shields, the finial in the form of of drinking soldier raising his flask, the stein base with lithophane of sweethearts in front of steam train, 28 cms high.£550-750
476.    A XIX Century Style Gilt Overmantle, with turned finial top, broken pediment and bevelled mirror, with reeded sides and applied corner brackets to base. £50-100
477.    An Early XX Century Wall Mirror, the bevelled quatrefoil glass within a blue mirrored bezel with floret mounts, giltwood frame, 53 cms.£40-60
478.    An Early XX Century Dresden Wall Mirror, oblong, the bevelled glass within a porcelain frame with rococco scroll corners, encrusted with flowers and putti, 46 x 33 cms.£200-400
479.    A XIX Century Rectangular Gilt Wood Console Mirror, with applied 'C' scrolls, fleur-de-lys and floral decoration, 178 x 92cms overall. £400-600
480.    An Early XIX Century Giltwood Pier Glass, with bead cavetto, the glass flanked by twist columns, 89 x 56 cms.£80-120
481.    An Early XIX Century Giltwood Overmantle, the triple glass panels beneath a moulded honeysuckle frieze, and flanked by fluted columns, 132 x 68 cms.£100-150
482.    A William IV Rosewood Rectangular Shaped Overmantle, with gilt mounts, half pilasters, on block supports, 94 cms wide, 58 cms high.£100-150
485.    A Student Violin, the two-part back measuring 35.5 cms, label inscribed Antonius Stradivarious Gremoueuses; Together with An Unmarked Bow.
487.    Early XX Century Oak Aneroid Barometer, with pokerwork carving, thermometer and circular enamel dial bearing name Nutt, Sheffield. £40-60
488.    A XIX Century Negretti & Zambra Four Drawer Telescope, 84 cms extended length, engraved to the third drawer "The Gillie", Negretti & Zambra, London", in a contemporary brown leather case.£140-180
489.    A Late Victorian Ericsson Skeleton 'Magneto' Table Telephone, the handset grip with switch marked 'Press this whilst speaking', the earpiece marked 'No. 28', the stand marked with the National Telephone Service Bell, the stretcher base marked "L. M. Ericsson & Co." with junction box attached.£450-550
490.    An Early XX Century Carl Zeiss Jena Binocular Microscope, #203756, the eyepiece mounted to a horizontal sliding beam on a vertically extending stand, with three bi-optics and four single optics, in a fitted wooden case.£80-120
493.    A Continental Five Light Gilt Metal and Crystal Chandelier, 59 cms high.£80-120
494.    A Mid XX Century Four Branch Cut Glass Chandelier, 59 cms high.£100-150
495.    A Continental Gilt Metal and Glass Ceiling Light Fitting, 42 cms high.£50-70
498.    A Pair of Late XVIII Century Chinese Silkwork Panels, each embroidered with exotic flowers and buttterflies beneath a brocade trim,
27 x 84 cms, framed.£100-150
500.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Mantle Clock, with circular dial and stepped base, on brass bun feet. £30-50
501.    A Jaeger-Le-Coultre Atmos Clock, No. 424778, in a plain four-glass gilt metal case, 22.5 x 18 cms.£200-300
502.    An Early XX Century French Balloon Clock, with a timepiece movement, the circular enamelled dial with Arabic numerals, the mahogany case with ogee top, boxwood stringing and inlaid with classical medallion beneath the dial, raised on compressed bun feet, 25cms high. £80-120
503.    An Edwardian Eight Day Mantle Clock, in dome topped and inlaid mahogany case, having twin columns and silvered dial, on a stepped base. £150-200
504.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Cased Mantle Clock, with an eight day French movement, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, the arch case with turned columns, gadroon apron and on claw and ball feet, 25 cms high, 31 cms wide.£60-80
505.    A Late XIX Century Black Slate and Rouge Marble Mantle Clock, of eight day movement striking on a gong, the two-part dial with a black chapter ring with gilt Roman numerals, the architecturally inspired case with inset marble panels and columns and gilt engraved detail, 35 cms high, 42 cms wide.£50-80
506.    A XIX Century Longcase Clock Face and Movement, the painted dial with Roman numerals and moon phase to arch, 30 cms diameter.£150-200
507.    A XIX Century Longcase Clock Face, signed Cohen, Sheffield, the painted dial with Roman numerals, seconds dial and calendar aperture, the spandrels and arch painted with rural landscapes, 31 cms wide, (lacking hands and paint loss).£100-150
508.    A XIX Century Longcase Clock Face and 8 Day Movement, signed R. Taylor, Mainfleet, the painted dial with Arabic numerals, with shell spandrels, the arch with similar detail, 29 cms wide, (lacking hands and some paint loss).£100-150
509.    A XIX Century Oak and Mahogany Longcase Clock, with swan neck pediment, cross banded door and reeded columns, on square base, the 8 day movement having painted white dial, by Thomas De Gruchy, Jersey. £500-800
510.    An Early XIX Century Painted Pine Longcase Clock, with stepped pediment to hood, (glass damaged), the trunk having arched door, on plinth base, with 30 hour movement and white painted dial by J. C. Petherick of Stratton.£300-400
511.    A 1930's Oak Eight Day Westminster Grandmother Clock, with circular dial and applied decoration, glazed and bevelled door, on bracket feet, 196cms high. £150-250
512.    An XVIII Century Oak Longcase Clock by Robert Schofield, of thirty hour movement, the brass dial with Roman numerals and date ring, the hood with stepped pediment and turned supports, the trunk with a plain door, on square base standing on a plinth, 212cms high. £300-500
516.    A 1920's Five Piece Burr Walnut Bedroom Suite, comprising triple wardrobe with sliding shelves and drawers, gents wardrobe with labelled fitted interior, pot cupboard and dressing table, all with bow fronts and carved scroll work to knees and feet, with brass acorn handles; together with a foot stool with concave seat. (5)£200-300
517.    A 1920's Burr Walnut Cheval Mirror, with shaped bevelled glass, on moulded supports and carved knees to cabriole legs.£60-90
518.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Card Table, with an inlaid rectangular top with swivel action, baize interior, turned and reeded supports, carved cabriole legs united by a turned stretcher, 92 cms wide, 70 cms high.£250-350
519.    An Early XVIII Century Dowelled Oak Gateleg Table, with oval top, single drawer on turned and block supports, united by stretchers, 116.5 x 108.5 cms.£250-350
520.    Set of Four Edwardian Mahogany Dining Chairs, with carved Prince of Wales splats with upholstered seats, on tapering legs (some damage) (2+2). £100-150
521.    A Late XIX / Early XX Century Circular Marble Topped Occasional Table, with pierced brass gallery and mounts, having single drawer and brushing slide, on reeded tapering legs, 65cms wide. £400-600
522.    A XIX Century Oak Rectangular Topped Extending Dining Table, with canted corners and wind-out action, on turned legs, 119.5 x 178.5cms. £150-250
523.    A XIX Century Continental Oak Side Table, with carved half wheel border to rectangular top over twin drawers, on barleytwist legs united by an 'H' stretcher, 99.5cms wide. £150-200
524.    An Art Nouveau Mahogany Carver Chair, with mother of pearl and boxwood inlaid central splat in the form of a stylised flower, over drop-in seat, bearing label T.G. Woof, Sheffield; Together with a Similar Period Bedroom Chair. (2) £50-100
525.    An Early XX Century Oak Coffer, with three panel top and tin panelled fascia featuring ship and stylised trees in the Art Nouveau manner, on stepped square feet, 95.5cms wide. £100-150
526.    An XVIII Century Oak Delft Rack, with stepped cornice and fretwork carved sides, with three shelves, 113cms wide (some damage). £150-250
527.    A 1920's Beech Bentwood Hat and Coat Stand, with eight 'S' shape hangers and circular stick stand, on quatrefoil base bearing label Mundus & Kohn of Czechoslovakia. £100-150
528.    A Set of Six XX Century Mahogany Chippendale Style Dining Chairs, with shaped top rail and pierced splats, with drop-in seats and chamfered legs, united by an 'H' stretcher. £350-450
529.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with shaped arms, turned supports and legs, upholstered in a beige buttoned back velvet.£100-150
530.    A Mid XIX Century Victorian Inlaid Walnut Loo Table, with quartered top, turned pedestal on carved quatrefoil legs with pot castors, 136 cms diameter, bearing makers label Taylor Bros. Sheffield.£250-350
531.    A Georgian Mahogany Tilt-Top Table, with a circular top, turned bulbous pedestal and tripod legs with pad feet, 86 cms wide.£100-200
532.    An Early XX Century Tub Chair, upholstered in a salmon coloured watered silk. £40-60
533.    A Victorian Two Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising Duchess dressing table with an oval mirror on shaped supports, with centre drawer and flanking jewel drawers, the base with central drawer, on carved cabriole legs, together with a marble wash stand with shaped back, the base with a central drawer, on carved cabriole legs. (2) £250-350
534.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Display Cabinet, with central glazed door and two internal shelves, with flanking cupboard doors with oval panels, on ball and claw feet. £100-150
535.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with cushion drawer, central drawer, flanking drawers and three long drawers, on plinth base and turned legs, 129cms wide, 132cms high. £120-180
536.    An Arts & Crafts Oak Breakfront Sideboard, with period oxidized copper handles and strapwork to single drawer, over pokerwork carved fall front, cellerette and end cupboard, on shaped apron with carved stylised floral supports and platform feet, 183cms wide. £400-600
537.    A Mid XVIII Century Oak Bureau, with fall front and fitted interior and sliding well, over two short and two long graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 86.5cms wide, £300-500
538.    A XVIII Century Style Walnut Bow Fronted Kneehole Desk, with crossbanded quartered top and single drawer over two flights of three drawers and central cupboard, on bracket feet, 80cms wide, 78cms high. £300-500
539.    A 1920's Walnut Framed Triple Dressing Table Mirror, with acorn finials to shaped tops, on button feet. £30-50
540.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Games and Work Table, with inlaid swivel top, revealing backgammon and chess boards, over single drawer and basket, on turned supports and carved cabriole legs. £400-600
541.    A 1920's Walnut Dressing Stool, with rectangular wool work top, on cabriole legs and shell carved knees and pad feet. £60-80
542.    A George III Mahogany Press, with a dentil cornice and two cupboard doors over two short drawers and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 197cms high, 120cms wide (no slides). £400-600
543.    A William IV Mahogany Tea Table, with a rectangular top and scroll supports with lobed finial, on four carved swept legs, 90cms wide, 73cms high. £600-800
544.    A 1920's Mahogany Side Table, with low back and single drawer on tapering legs with spade feet, 91.5cms wide. £50-80
545.    A XIX Century Walnut Washstand, with rectangular marble top and two single drawers, on carved bulbous supports and scroll feet united by turned stretcher, 122cms wide. £150-250
546.    A Late XIX Century Ash Framed Two Seater Settee, with curved shaped back on tapering legs, upholstered in a gold dralon. £100-150
547.    A XIX Century Rosewood Piano Stool, with upholstered circular top and turned pedestal, on circular base with claw feet. £100-150
548.    A Mid XX Century Mahogany Dining Room Suite, comprising serpentine fronted sideboard with single drawer and flanking cupboard, on tapering legs; six mahogany shield back chairs with drop-in seats and serpentine front rail, on tapering legs and a twin pedestal dining table with swept legs. (8)£300-400
549.    A Regency Single Dining Chair, with rectangular bar back and applied brass mounts, with drop-in seat and sabre legs. £60-80
550.    A Late XIX Century Oak Roll Top Desk, with 'S' shape fall and fitted interior, with flanking pedestal drawers and panelled back and sides, on plinth base, 107cms wide, 114cms high. £200-300
551.    A Late XIX Century Oak Bookcase, with a broken pediment and glazed doors, with three internal shelves and two short drawers and carved panel doors, on plinth base, 226cms high, 104cms wide. £200-250
552.    A 1920's Mahogany Display Cabinet, with open fret galleried back and two astragal glazed doors, with three internal shelves, on moulded legs with corner brackets, 129cms x 134cms. £180-220
553.    A Victorian Walnut Work Table, the plain rectangular top with moulded edge, over a plain frieze and tapering well, with four pierced fretwork panels with fabric backing, on four cabriole legs. £100-150
554.    A Victorian Rosewood Firescreen, having a petit point panel worked in coloured thread with shells and seaweed, within an oblong, scroll, fluted and strapwork frame, fitted with a folding shelf to the back, 103 x 58 cms.£120-150
555.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Bookcase, with a top shelf flanking cupboard doors and central open shelves, with three short drawers, on a plinth base, 168cms wide, 130cms high. £200-300
556.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Dressing Table, with serpentine front and central drawer, the flanking pedestals with graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 154cms wide. £250-300
557.    A 1920's Mahogany Kneehole Desk, the gadrooned and crossbanded top with leatherette scriver and three upper drawers over twin pedestals with two drawers, on cabriole legs with ball and claw feet, 151cms wide. £250-300
558.    A XIX Century Mahogany Framed Chesterfield, with black leather button back upholstery on turned legs, 192cms wide. £100-150
559.    A Set of Eight XIX Century Oak Dining Chairs, each with crown finial, pokerwork carved top rail and reeded sides with cup and cover supports and leather upholstered back and seat. (8) £200-300
560.    A Set of Ten 1920's Oak Dining Chairs, each with baluster supports and 'H' stretcher, with studded leather back and seat. (10)£150-250
561.    A Set of Nine 1920's Oak Dining Chairs, each with baluster supports and 'H' stretcher, with studded leather back and seat. (9)
562.    A Late XIX Century Oak Library Table, with later rectangular top and inset scriver, stepped frieze and screw-in legs, 270.5 x 133.5cms. £80-120
563.    An XVIII Century Style Oak Breakfront Wall Bookcase, with swan neck pediment and four glazed astragal doors on plinth base, 171.5cms wide. £300-400
564.    A 1920's Globe Wernicke Style Bookcase, with three sectional glazed fronted compartments, on two door cupboard base with paw feet. £300-400
565.    A 1920's Oak Globe Wernicke Style Bookcase, with four sectional glazed fronted compartments, on block supports. £300-400
566.    A 1920's Oak Rectangular Topped Library Table, with stepped and moulded edge, on turned and block supports united by an 'H' stretcher, 152.5 x 92.5cms. £60-100
567.    A 1920's Oak Rectangular Topped Library Table, with stepped and moulded edge, on turned and block supports united by an 'H' stretcher, 152.5 x 92.5cms.£60-100
568.    A 1920's Oak Roll Top Desk, with flat back and tambour front, the central drawer flanked by two banks of three drawers and side fall flaps, on block supports, 158cms wide (extending to 212cms).£200-300
569.    A Set of Twelve Early XX Century Mahogany Chippendale Style Dining Chairs, each with shaped top rail and pierced splat back with 'C' scrolls, with drop-in seat, on cabriole legs and claw and ball feet. £1000-1500
570.    A Set of Eight Early XX Century Mahogany Chippendale Style Dining Chairs, each with shaped top rail and pierced splat back with 'C' scrolls, with drop-in seat, on cabriole legs and claw and ball feet.
571.    A Set of Eight Early XX Century Mahogany Chippendale Style Dining Chairs, each with shaped top rail and pierced splat back with 'C' scrolls, with drop-in seat, on cabriole legs and claw and ball feet.£500-800
572.    A Pair of 1920's Oak Framed Tub Chairs, with studded leather backs and seats, on barleytwist legs and 'H' stretchers. £120-180
573.    A Pair of 1920's Oak Framed Tub Chairs, with studded leather backs and seats, on barleytwist legs and 'H' stretchers.
574.    A Pair of 1920's Oak Framed Tub Chairs, with studded leather backs and seats, on barleytwist legs and 'H' stretchers.
575.    A Single 1920's Oak Framed Tub Chair, with studded leather back and seat, on turned barleytwist legs and 'H' stretcher. £60-90
576.    A 1920's Oak Framed Office Swivel Armchair, with tan leather upholstery on cruciform base. £80-120
577.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Library Table, with rectangular top and moulded edge, on tapering legs united by stretchers, 170.5 x 78.5cms. £60-90
578.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Library Table, with rectangular top and moulded edge, on tapering legs united by 'H' stretcher, 121.5 x 60cms.
579.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Library Table, with rectangular top and moulded edge, on tapering legs united by 'H' stretcher, 121.5 x 60cms. £40-60
580.    An Early XX Century Oak Library Table, with rectangular top and moulded edge, on turned tapering legs united by an 'H' stretcher, 121.5 x 59.5cms. £30-50
581.    An Early XX Century Oak Library Table, with rectangular top and moulded edge, on turned tapering legs united by an 'H' stretcher, 121.5 x 59.5cms.
582.    A Set of Four Mid XX Century Mahogany Boardroom Chairs, with red leather seats and backs. £20-40
583.    A Set of Four Mid XX Century Mahogany Boardroom Chairs, with red leather seats and backs.
584.    A Set of Four Mid XX Century Mahogany Boardroom Chairs, with red leather seats and backs.
585.    A Set of XX Century Oak Double Sided, Two-flight Bookcases, each with stepped pediment and many adjustable shelves, on plinth base, 173 cms high, 156 cms wide.£400-600
586.    A Set of XX Century Oak Double Sided, Two-flight Bookcases, each with stepped pediment and many adjustable shelves, on plinth base, 173 cms high, 156 cms wide.£400-600
587.    A Georgian Mahogany Demi-Lune Fold Over Card Table, with satin wood and boxwood stringing, on tapering legs. £150-250
588.    A Late XIX Century Four Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising triple wardrobe, dressing table, pot cupboard and marble topped washstand, each having carved floral symmetrical panels. £400-600
589.    A XIX Century Mahogany Secretaire Bookcase, with upper glazed doors and single drawer with fitted interior over two arched cupboard doors, on plinth base, 120cms wide. £400-600
590.    A XIX Century Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with two short and three long graduated drawers with mother of pearl insets to turned handles, and turned side pilasters, 125.5cms wide. £200-300
591.    A Late XVII Century Oak Blanket Box, with knulled frieze and three front panels, on stile feet, 125cms wide, 59cms high. £250-350
592.    A Late XIX Century Dark Oak Desk, heavily carved with fruit and scrolls to gallery back, with lion mask handles to an arrangement of ten drawers, on barleytwist legs and 'H' stretchers, 112cms wide. £200-300
593.    An XVIII Century Oak Mule Chest, with lifting top with three fielded panels and two single drawers, on bracket feet, 144cms wide, 90cms high. £400-600
594.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Three Piece Bergere Suite, comprising settee and two armchairs, each with upholstered back and seat, with reeded arms with carved rams head, on claw feet. (3) £400-600
595.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Piano Stool, stamped "Brooks Limited" with revolving top, on turned supports with splayed feet. £50-80
596.    A Set of Four Walnut Salon Chairs, with balloon backs and upholstered seats, on cabriole legs (damaged). £150-200
597.    A Mid XIX Century Oval Shaped Loo Table, with quartered top and inlaid detail, on turned supports and carved cabriole legs. £100-150
598.    An XVIII Century Oak Delft Rack, with stepped pediment, shaped apron and sides, and divider between lover shelves, (some restoration), 100.5 cms wide. £100-150
599.    An XVIII Century Oak Delft Rack, with stepped pediment, shaped apron and end pigeon hole compartments, (some damage), 149 cms wide. £150-250
600.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Oval Topped Drop Leaf Dining Table, with single drawer, on turned and block supports, 169 x 122cms; Together with Six Ash and Elm Ladder Back Chairs, (4+2). (7) £500-700
601.    A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Delft Rack, in the XVIII Century style, having shaped frieze over two shelves and two small drawers. £200-300