Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 3rd July 2015

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1.      A Praktica L with a Domiplan 2.8/ 50, a Praktica MTL 5B with Pentacon 1.8/ 50, a Photina Reflex Box camera, a Brownie Reflex, magnifying lenses, tripod, Regent binocular. £15-30
2.      A Circa 1910 Fielding Crown Devon Vase, of blush ground, Portmeirion "Ecclesfield Parish Church" cabinet plate, painted plaster wall plaques, circa 1940's biscuit jar and cover, leaf moulded wares, egg cruet, pie funnel, etc:- One Box £15-25
3.      A Stoneware Chemist Jar, an electroplated angling trophy with grill, dated 1929-30, a desk stand, two pine display cases, together with a box containing bags, pipes, Dresden style candlestick, etc. (6) £15-25
4.      Pewter, Electroplate and Other Metalware, including teapots, serving trays, castors, cutlery, sugar basins, etc:- One Box £10-20
5.      A XIX Century Glazed Stoneware Bowl, of oriental design, in underglaze ochre and blue, Copeland oval dish, Copeland jug, Hummel style figure, XIX Century hand painted soup dishes, teaware, etc:- One Box £10-20
6.      Two Boxes of Cut Glass Stemware; plus other loose and boxed glassware. £15-25
7.      A Wooden Sailing Pond Yacht, wooden masts, cotton sails, painted in colours, a studded tinplate model of a German WWI biplane, and a WWI British biplane. (3) £10-20
8.      Electroplated Candlesticks, plated baskets, jugs, teapot, rose bowl, condiments, and other plates wares:- One Box £15-25
9.      A Quantity of Collectors Plates, including Johnson Bros., Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, etc, together with an Oriental tea service, plus Minton pin trays:- One Box £10-20
10.     Five Babycham Glasses, together with a quantity of pressed glassware, including posy holder, pedestal vase, etc:- One Box £10-20
11.     A Large Quantity of Match Boxes and Match Books. Many with contents. £15-25
12.     A Circa 1950's Two Floor Dolls House, tinplate windows, with contents, a further wooden dolls house and contents, press cut furniture, and Mattel plastic dolls house and garden furniture. £15-30
13.     A Passap Duomatic 80 Knitting Machine, and accessories, including Intarsia, Hague Linker, knitting patterns, punched cards, assorted wool on cones, zips, etc. £10-30
14.     A Small Collection of Barbie Fashion Dolls, associated kitchen , bathroom, etc accessories, circa 1971, soft bodied Bugs Bunny, golly, Sweep, plastic farm animals, diecast and other toys:- Two Boxes £15-30
15.     Old Hall Stainless Tea Service, Hornsea part tea service, etc:- One Box £10-20
16.     XIX Century Horse Brasses, on a leather strap, XIX Century flat iron, oak tray, etc:- One Box £10-20
17.     A Collection of TY Beanie Babies, some loose and in perspex boxes:- One Box £10-20
18.     A Wedgwood Leaf Moulded Part Dressing Table Set, model figures in period costume, Meakin tureen, cabinet plates, other china, together with keyrings, miniature frames, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
19.     Stratego Game, brass candlesticks, tankards, etc:- One Box, a coal bucket and wall lights £15-25
20.     Martin Olive "Central Sheffield", further Sheffield archive series books, and local history reference literature, water colouring interest, etc:- One Box £15-25
21.     Rolling Stones LP's, including "Some Girls", "Emotional Rescue", Neil Young, 10cc, the Eagles, Thin Lizzy etc. £10-20
22.     Blue Glass Fruit Bowls, ruby glass cylindrical vase, punch bowl and glasses, wines, liqueurs, champagnes, frog, brandy glasses, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
23.     "Ashley Jackson's Yorkshire: A Love Affair", signed hardback copy, further watercolour reference books and painting accessories, brushes, frames, etc:- One Box £10-20
24.     A Bretby Leaf Moulded Planter, Beswick character teapot (both damaged), cabinet plate, mug, Wade Heath coffee pot, Hampton biscuit barrel with plated lid, and other pottery:- One Box £10-20
25.     The Ladies Calling, in two parts, fifth impression, 1677; Punch bound volumes - 1921 Jan- June and July - Dec; a collection of mid XX Century collectors costume dolls and brass tea/coffee services:- One Box £20-30
26.     A Glass Ceiling Globe Light Fitting and other light fittings:- One Box £10-20
27.     Stainless Steel Table Ware - including goblets, sundaes, serving trays, gravy boat, ice bucket:- One Box plus a canteen of stainless steel cutlery in teak case. (2) £20-40
28.     A Collection of Modern Dolls, including the Designa Friend Collection, plus a quantity of dolls' clothing. £15-25
29.     A Morley Ware Dinner Service, together with a Paragon trio, Duchess dinner service, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
30.     Windsor and Newton Paint Box, watercolour pencils, ink pens, pen nibs, watercolour pastels, Rowley colour box, gouache paint, etc:- One Box £15-25
31.     A Collection of DVD's, CD's and LP's, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
32.     A Quantity of LP's, 45RPM and 78's, including Rod Stewart, Bread, Dire Straits, Beatles, Eco, Jethro Tull, Paul Robeson:- One Box
33.     A 1920's Glass Shade, and other 1920's glass shades:- Two Boxes £15-20
34.     Souvenir Items, together with tea services, vases, trinket bowls, pin trays, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
35.     A Quantity of Loose Assorted China, including a Spode blue and white ware teapot, Palissy collectors plates, cups, saucers, oriental style teaware, etc:- One Box £15-25
36.     V-Beat Air Guitar, jigsaws, battery operated road race set, dolls:- Two Boxes £5-10
37.     Two XIX Century Blue and White Transfer Printed Meat Plates, early to mid XIX Century blue and white plates, Carlton Ware jam pot, Sylvac ivy leaf moulded vase, beetroot jar, Copeland Spode dishes, preserve pots, etc:- One Box £20-40
38.     A Quantity of Sewing Accessories, scissors, cotton, etc, contained in seagrass tray, and a circa 1930's sewing box. £15-20
39.     An Old Sheffield Plate Candlestick, electroplated oval dish, tureen cover, sundae dishes, butter dishes, kettle, jugs, and other plates wares:- One Box £15-30
40.     A Sunbeam Mixmaster, power mixer, Minipimer steamer, pynex, stoneware, pancheon, mixing bowl, tea service, etc.
41.     Horse Brasses, ashtrays, tapersticks, jug, and other brass and copper decorative wares:- One Tray £5-10
42.     A Circa 1970 Dolls House by Shardlow of Derby. Sliding front door to four rooms. 45cms x 30cms x 35cms. As new in original box. £10-20
43.     Plated Ware - four piece tea services, ice bucket, set of eight wine goblets, Tala icing set:- Two Boxes £15-20
44.     A Collection of 78RPM Records, including Boby Darin "Dream Lover", Tommy Steele "Singing the Blues", Gene Vincent "Blue Jean Bop", further rock and roll, together with a wall mirror, plaques, cutlery, vase, medallions, etc. (3) £10-20
45.     T.G.Green Cream Pottery Mixing Bowl, other ceramics, glass swans, piggy banks, soda siphon, picture frames, Star Encounter game, books etc:- Two Boxes plus a print and a large mallet. (4) £10-20
46.     A Quantity of Plated Ware, including goblets, trays, teapots, etc:- One Box £10-20
47.     Mariokart DS, Transformers Risk, Marvel booklets, circa 1960's wooden jigsaw, story books, Electric Dragster and other games. £15-25
48.     A Collection Collectors Plates, together with a fine lace china tea service and other tea ware:- Two Boxes £10-20
49.     Late XX Century Action Men Figures, circa 1978, Battlestar Galactica Figure, plastic military soldiers, gyro, further action figures, two action men sports cars, etc. £15-25
50.     Grey Anvil Telephone, Teal Tronic telephone, Super-Fone CT-620, Panasonic Answerphone. £10-20
51.     A Quantity of Still Life Prints, together with a collection of prints, including after P. Basham. £10-20
52.     Four Lightweight XX Century Fishing Rods. (4) £10-20
53.     A Collection of Soft Toys, including bears, teddies, etc, together with a collection of handmade dolls:- Two Boxes £20-30
54.     Pure Evoke Dab Radio, shredder, Panasonic DVD player, Sony terrestrial receiver, (untested, sold for parts only), lamps, etc, all in a picnic basket. £10-20
55.     Painted Wooden Military Figures, artists jointed figure, skittles, trapeze, reproduction tinplate "Honeymooners" TV box, vintage model cars, commercial buses, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
56.     A Circa 1990's Plastic Battery Operated Robots, Batman alarm clock, US highway police bike and rider, motorcycle, Be-Ro Fred's, tank and other children's plastic toys:- Two Boxes £15-30
57.     A Carved Hardwood Box, shallow dishes, lead crystal bowl, wines, amber and clear glass vase, fruitwood and brass table lamp bases, etc:- One Box £15-25
58.     A Swinnertons Earthenware Part Dinner Service, including two tureens, three graduating meat plates, etc, (approximately twenty-four pieces):- One Box £10-20
59.     A 1980's Bendy Bully, rag doll Popeye and Olive Oil, a 1984 Pillsbury Dough Boy, Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, ET and other children's figures:- One Box £10-20
60.     Coloured Pencils, wooden rocking horse, film annuals, wall clock, prints, barometer, wall plaques and other items:- Two Boxes £10-20
61.     A Wedgwood 'Coliseum' Teapot, Milk Jug and Sugar Bowl (all boxed), lacquered tray, commemorative ware, jugs, beaker etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
62.     A Walnut Cutlery Canteen, with loose plated and stainless steel cutlery, teapot, mug, horn handle carving set, etc:- One Box £10-20
63.     A Circa 1920's Cauldon China Toilet Jug and Bowl, of terracotta and white ground, two Continental porcelain part tea services, and a lustre dressing table set:- One Box £15-25
64.     A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, necklaces, chains etc :- One Box
65.     An Oak Cased Singer Sewing Machine, together with another similar, plus a mahogany cased sewing table. £20-40
65A.    A Set of Four Victorian Style Cistern/ Sink Wall Brackets, pierced scroll and foliate decoration. (4) £10-20
66.     A Lead Crystal Ships Decanter, press moulded Royal Commemorative bowls, marbled glass fish, various scent bottles, Earthenware mixing bow, etc:- One Box £10-15
67.     A Boxed Barbie Dolls House, together with a collection of other modern dolls. £15-25
68.     A Collection of Dolls, some porcelain, including Cinderella, etc, together with a collection of teddy bears. £15-25
69.     A 1970's Hornsea Pottery Tea and Coffee Service "Bronte" Pattern:- One Box £10-20
70.     An Edwardian Salisbury China Part Tea Service, other tea and dinner ware including Royal Sutherland and Royal Standard:- Two Boxes £15-25
71.     A Royal Stafford China "True Love" Pattern Tea Service, Meakin plates, etc:- One Box £15-20
72.     Three Copper Cider Measures, copper posher, brass bellows, brass table lamp base, framed prints, all within a scratch built wooden hinged box. £10-20
73.     Cut and Pressed Glassware, amber glass jug and bowl, jelly moulds etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
74.     A Fugica ST901 Camera, a USSR Fed 3, a Minolta Hi-Matic 7, Rauk Aldis, Agfa, a Zenith-E, a Zeiss Ikon Contina Prontor-SVS and other cased cameras:- One Box £20-40
75.     Henry G. Walker Signed Etching "The Quiver", girl's annual, ceramics, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
76.     A Collection of Circa 1960's and Later Plastic Girl Dolls, soft bodied dolls, Pelham puppet, loose clothing, dolls wooden cot and accessories. (3) £10-30
77.     China Part Tea Sets, pottery jugs, cake plate, Deco vases, dessert dishes, preserve pots and other china and pottery:- Two Boxes £15-20
78.     XIX Century Style Photos of Fishermen and Farmers, XIX Century framed Islamic book page, decorated with figures, etc. £10-20
79.     A Pair of Continental Resin Figures, together with oriental style vases, XIX century meat plate (damaged), etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
80.     Meat Plates, chamber pots, Victorian electroplated pint tankard, press moulded glassware, dinnerware's, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
81.     Tetley's Cookie Jars, teapot, Lurpak egg cups, butter dish, toast rack, castor, Rington's Millennium 2000 cups, Wedgwood cabinet plates, etc:- One Box £15-20
82.     Six Scrap Books, containing postcards of a Sheffield and North Derbyshire interest, tourist scene, photographic prints, family portraits, together with two Dean and Son "Walt Disney" booklets, etc. £10-20
83.     A Collection of Blue and White Wares, including reproduction Ringtons tea canisters, Ringtons jug, cabinet plates, dinner plates, etc:- One Box £15-30
84.     A. Wainwright Sketchbook, circa 1950's photographic Almanac's, and other reference books, including wildlife, cookery, gardening, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
85.     Camera Accessories, to include developing tanks, mounted lenses, auto processor, line camera, compact cameras, range finders, Polaroid telescopic camera mount, exposure meter, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
86.     Glass Wines, liqueurs, butter dishes, bowls, vases, tankards, tumblers, and other glassware. £10-20
87.     A Collection of China Thimbles, all within two display cases, a pottery shire horse and dray, twin handled vase with matching stand, model shoes, china roses, together with wooden trinket boxes, scratch built model steam ship, biscuit barrel, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
88.     A Sandler Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers, milk jug, teapot, in "Romance" pattern, together with a Johnson Brothers tea service, plus other tea wares:- Two Boxes £15-25
89.     A Lead Crystal Spirit Barrel, Fielding's Crown Devon toilet jug of blush ground, Hornsea Heirloom storage jars, Victorian Earthenware pedestal bowl, a framed print, and other china:- Two Boxes £10-20
90.     A Six Plate Setting Electroplated Kings Pattern Cutlery Canteen, further cutlery, china pin dishes, chocolate pot, decorative wears, cabinet plate, etc. £20-30
91.     A Praktica MTL-3, with a Pancolor 1, 8/50, a Yashica camera with 1:2.8 lens, Yashica compact, Super Takumas 1:1.9/88, Super Takumas 1:2/55 lenses, Sunpack flash, light meter and other accessories, all contained in two executive camera storage cases. (2) £20-40
92.     An Early XX Century Novelty Matchstriker, formed with two pigs, a UA "Pink Panther" mug and ashtray, a Keele St. pottery dog mug, and a Shaun the Sheep money bank:- One Tray £5-10
93.     Whitefriars Fruit Set, wine glasses, etc:- One Box £5-10
94.     A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, necklaces, chains etc :- One Box £10-15
95.     Two Boxed Sets of Six Tienshan Cut Glass Wine Glasses; plus four Bohemian Crystal wines (boxed. (3) £20-30
96.     Rock and Pop, The Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers" LP with zip, King Crimson "In the Court of...", Island Pink Rim, Rolling Stones' 1st, Led Zeppelin II, Status Quo, and box set other LP's, (over thirty). £20-40
97.     A Collection of Thirty Plus Goss Crested Wares, a presentation china three footed bowl, two Royal Worcester Christmas plates, and painted blue and white decorative pottery. £15-25
98.     A Quantity of Mostly Loose Electroplated Cutlery, part carving set (cased), etc:- One Tray £15-30
99.     A XIX Century Blue and White Willow Pattern Meat Plate, and one other meat plate (hairlines), reproduction Staffordshire flatbacks, dog groups, pie funnels, egg croc, etc. £20-30
100.    Camera Accessories, to include light meters, lens covers, lens hoods, straps, filters, cable switches, tripod, etc. All contained in protective camera cases, storage box, etc. (4) £30-50
101.    A Le Blond Print, of a figure in a mountain landscape, brass bell weights, electroplated part candelabra's, oval portrait prints, 1955 Sheffield Empire programme, etc:- One Tray £10-20
102.    A Wedgwood Commemorative Plate of Edward VII, together with other Coronation plates:- One Box £20-30
103.    An Electroplated Part Tea Set, bachelors teapots, pedestal oval dish, candelabra parts, etc, all on an electroplated oval gallery tray:- One Tray £20-30
104.    A Reproduction Cast Iron Novelty Money Bank "Artillery Bank", a battery operated Lamborghini Miura, together with boxed and loose diecast, including Vanguards, Corgi Classics, Eddie Stobart, Spice Girls models, etc:- One Box £20-30
105.    Early XX Century Christening Gowns, ladies red ball gown with gold ribbon. £10-20
106.    A Part Royal Doulton Tea Service, "Burgundy" pattern, together with a Wedgwood dinner service "Tiger Lily" pattern, plus two Chinese National Character dolls:- Two Boxes £15-25
107.    An Oak Cased 1940's Smiths Mantel Clock, with Westminster chimes, together with a fox stole, leather makers tools, plated cutlery, etc:- One Box £20-30
108.    Silver Plated Baskets, plated teapot, plated candlesticks, blue and white Spode plate, etc:- One Tray £10-20
109.    A Pressed Glass Comport, sundae dishes, tot glasses, vases, marbled glass light shades, friggers, bowl.
110.    An Olympus 15-20 DLX, Minolta Dynax 300si, Canon EOS 5000, Canon EOS 500, an Olympus AZ-330 Superzoom camera, all cased, together with other cameras:- One Box £20-40
111.    Royal Worcester Evesham Tureens, ramekins, Wedgwood campana vase, Casa Pupo model of white doves, china posy, glassware, a quantity of studio pottery bowls, planters, salt glazed flagon, a Linthorpe style blue glazed bottle vase (damaged), jug, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
112.    A Pair of Mark Scheffel 20 x 50 Binoculars, (cased), Le Maitre 8 x 25 binoculars, infrared binoculars, camera tripods, protective carry cases, 1974 Coca Cola calendars, reproduction colour prints, workshop manuals, etc. £20-40
113.    A Meakin Studio Pattern Dinner Tea Service:- One Box £10-20
114.    Sewing and Knitting Equipment, cotton, bobbins and other related accessories, together with a mini sewing machine. £20-30
115.    A Small Collection of Tools, lamps, brassware, whisky bottle, Castrol oil can, lase, etc. (3) £15-25
116.    A Wade Pin Tray, Oriental style vases, teapots, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
117.    A Large Collection of Soft Toys, including bears, dolls, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
118.    A Boxed Yamaha Portatone PSR19 Electric Piano, together with a Varsity ¾ size acoustic guitar. £10-20
119.    Cross Stitch, needlework, weaving, lacework, and related reference books, circa 1920's and later children's annuals, etc. £10-15
120.    Teapots, vases, Kitchenalia and other pottery:- Two Boxes £5-15
121.    Lamps, Praktica 8x20 camera, Old Hall ware, mahogany wall shelf, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
122.    Best Lock Construction Toys, loose Lego, K-nex, Mega Bloks, Jenga, etc. £10-20
123.    A Large Collection of Dolls and Associated Accessories:- Three Boxes £10-15
124.    British Rail No.1 North East Great Steam Locomotives of All Time, and other books, photo albums on steam and electric trains, British Railway pocket books, videos, print of steam engine:- Two Boxes £15-20
125.    A Large Collection of Approximately Twenty Five Barbie Dolls, including Ken, together with other dolls similar:- Two Boxes £20-30
126.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery :- One Box £20-30
127.    A Chas E. Methven "Dolls House: The House that Jill Built", in original box (with repairs.) £15-25
128.    A Collection of Modern Porcelain Headed Dolls, together with a school wall hanging map of West Riding, plus other school related items, and a fishing wicker basket. £10-20
129.    A Plastic Tool Box and Contents, further loose tools, cased Polaroid, Laurel & Hardy DVD's, battery charger, CD's, and five walking sticks, etc. £10-20
130.    A Brass Framed Glass Topped Coffee Table, and a teak "Fold Out" tea trolley. (2) £10-25
131.    A Meopta Opemus 5 Enlarger, Gnome Universal alpha enlarger, light box, paper cutter, developing tanks, spools, trays, etc. £10-30
132.    W. Collins, Pair of Early XX Century Waterfall Studies, oils, each 35 x 25cms; two lead crystal decanters; Hammerton's "The War Illustrated", in six volumes. £15-25
133.    Oriental Chargers, Imari plate, Losol water jug, vases:- One Box £15-25
134.    A Royal Worcester Bone China Tea and Coffee Service, white with gilt lined rim, comprising:- six each tea cups, saucers, coffee cups and saucers, twelve tea plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, small plate; plus a similar coffee pot and lidded sugar:- One Tray £20-40
135.    Midwinter Peter Scott 'Wild Geese' Breakfast Cup and Saucer, two motto egg cups (damages), bunny mould, chamber pot, Silver Scenes vase, 'P' seal stamp, etc :- One Tray £8-12
136.    Six Stuart Cut Glass Tumblers; plus a collection of other cut and pressed glass vases. jugs, bowl, candlesticks etc:- One Tray £20-30
137.    A Royal Doulton Bowl, decorated with Shakespeare's Memorial Theatre and Shakespeare's birthplace (damaged), Royal Doulton twin handled tray decorated with a bird on a branch, Shelley green rimmed vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
138.    Royal Doulton Series Ware Coaching Scene Bowl, Crown Derby 'Chandos' plate, The World of Beatrix Potter 'Tom Kitten' figure, Sylvac bowl, mineral eggs, carved turtle etc:- One Tray
139.    Abbeydale Bone China Floral Cups and Saucers, Portmeirion, Minton Belbrachen, Minton Haddon Hall, Old Country Roses vase, Wedgwood Angela etc :- One Tray £10-20
140.    Waterford Crystal "Millennium Collection" Toasting Flutes (boxed), four Waterford sherry glasses, Stuart decanter and other cut glassware:- One Tray £40-50
141.    A Shelley Tea Pot, decorated with printed foliate decoration together with further Shelley trios and tea ware of varying designs:- One Tray £20-40
142.    A Carlton Ware Art Deco Vert Royale Twin Handled Bowl, with gilt highlighted shaped rim; another of oval form, a (W & R) lustre bowl and cream oil and vinegar bottles, cranberry glass jug, plates, modern ruby glass goblets, posy bowl, cut glass pedestal bowl, with prism cut decoration, a set of six crystal sherry glasses, decanters, pressed glass tazza etc:- One Tray £20-30
143.    Two Winton Grimwades Collectors Plates, both depicting war scenes with printed signature. £15-25
144.    A Set of Twelve Spode Christmas Plates, 1970-1981(inclusive) (boxed with certificates). £10-20
145.    A Quantity of Hornsea Rabbit Posy Vases and Troughs, Sylvac model dogs, circa 1930's money box formed as a gnome beside a tree trunk, bisque "Mabel Lucie Atwell" type babies, novelty condiment, etc:- One Tray £10-25
146.    A Quantity of Matched Royal Doulton "Rondelay" Tea, Coffee and Dinnerware's, approximately eighty-five plus pieces. £30-50
147.    A Heavy Star and Slice Cut Glass Bucket Vase, 29cms high; cut glass flower bowl and baskets etc:- One Tray
148.    Two XIX Century Treacle Glaze Stoneware Tobacco Jars, one of naturalistic form with ivy decoration, 14cms high, the other with chine effect body. (2) £20-30
149.    Royal Doulton Figurines of the Year, "Melissa" 2001 HN3977, "Sarah" 2002 HN3978 and "Susan" 2004 HN4532. All first quality with certificates and boxes. (3) £30-50
150.    Lilliput Lane: Lead Kindly Light; The Flower Basket and The Windmill (all boxed); plus St Lawrence's Church, Three Feathers, Anne Hathaway, Ash Nook, Going for a Song and teddy bear book ends:- One Tray £30-40
151.    A Cut Glass Tray, cut glass sectional dish, cut glass, bowls, etc:- One Tray £10-20
152.    An Early XX Century China Tea Service "New Japan" Pattern, thirty-eight pieces:- One Tray £20-30
153.    A Late XIX Century Doulton Burslem Biscuit Barrel, printed with flower heads in blue and beige, with plated lid and handle; Foley china tea cup, two saucers and tea plate; two Heinrich "Children of the World", collection plates:- One Tray £10-20
154.    A Cut Glass Bowl, on scroll feet, Galaxy Quartz cut glass mantel clock, cut glass vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
155.    The Dragon Master, sculpted by Roger Gibson, Leonardo figures of angels, Christmas decorations:- One Tray £10-20
156.    Wedgwood Jasperwares, including planter, bottle vase, trinket box, cabinet plate, pin dishes, Limoges decorative wares, china posy, etc:- One Tray £20-30
157.    Wadeheath Nursery Teaset, Shelley, Sylvac and other circa 1930's jugs, comport:- One Tray £15-25
158.    Aynsley Rectangular Meat Plate, decorated with flowers and butterflies, Royal Worcester comport, Royal Stafford "La Vigne D'or" cup and saucer, other china including Spode, Limoges etc:- One Tray £30-40
159.    1930's Amber Glass Trinket Stand, featuring maidens, and other pink pressed glassware, £20-30
160.    A Matched Mason's Ironstone and Franciscan Ironstone China Pink Vista, large tea and dinner service, tureens, meet plate, plates, side plates, etc. £40-80
161.    An Edwardian Toilet Jug (damaged), and bowl, with matching soap dish and cover, and toothbrush holder (repaired), transfer print decoration of a gilt and hand painted floral roundel within a cobalt blue border. (4) £10-20
162.    Carlton Ware Dishes, Burlington Ware butter dish, plates, etc:- One Tray £10-20
163.    A Collectio of Souvenir Teaspoons, a XIX Century commemorative plate for William Gladstone, Rolls razor, horn handled razor in wooden case:- One Tray £15-20
164.    A Collection of China and Other Thimbles, including:- Royal Doulton, Limoges, Caverswall; Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" pin trays (boxed); approx. twenty Wade Whimsies:- One tray £20-30
165.    XIX Century Glass Travelling Jars/Pots, crested, together with Royal Worcester, Royal Albert, buttons, banknote, trinket pots etc :- One Tray £10-15
166.    WWII Recognition Cards (Planes), penknives, full matchboxes, toy saucepans, sweet jars, etc. £10-20
167.    Moorcroft Pottery Hibiscus Pattern Circular Plate, on cream ground, stamped "Moorcroft Made in England", 18cms diameter; A Whitefriars Cinnamon Glass Oval Vase, 16cms high, 10cms wide. 92) £20-40
168.    Two Circa Late 1950's Goebel Figurines, in crinoline dresses, both impressed base marks indistinct, a squat bun tea pot and part childs tea service:- One Tray £10-20
169.    Tutbury Glass, amber lemonade set, carnival dish, dairy thermometer, etc:- One Tray £15-25
170.    XX Century Shorter Son Plates, gravy boat, etc, in the form of a fish. £15-20
171.    A 1930's Salisbury Tea Service, comprising sugar bowl, milk jug, cups, saucers, etc, all decorated with floral motifs and gilt scrollwork, on beige ground:- One Tray £30-50
172.    Lorna Bailey - Make My Day (Clint Eastwood) the Cat. £15-20
173.    Lorna Bailey - Pikey the Cat. £15-20
174.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Coaster in the Anna Lily design, impressed and painted marks to underside.
175.    A Small Collection of Crested Wares, to include Carlton, Goss, Shelley examples, a Ringtons relief moulded oval wall plaque, and a set of three graduating pottery wall ducks:- One Tray £15-25
176.    A XX Century Royal Albert Six Piece Tea Service, decorated in a floral pattern. £20-30
177.    A Lorna Bailey "Mobsters" Charger, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway, 34cms diameter. £60-80
178.    Lorna Bailey - Mouse Trap the Cat. £15-20
179.    Lorna Bailey - Mack the Cat. £15-20
180.    Lorna Bailey - Albert the Cat. £15-20
181.    Lorna Bailey - Tex the Cat. £15-20
182.    A c.1940's Crown Devon Lustre Jug, painted and gilt with a galleon and seagulls on a blue ground, signed D. Cole, impressed A153, printed mark and No. 5256 to underside, 22cms high. £15-25
183.    A Mason's Chartreuse Tea Canister, Octagonal Jug and three Plates, a carnival glass comport and a plate, frosted and clear glass and moulded with ears of corn radiating from centre:- One Tray
184.    A XIX Century Chinese Blue and White Dish, pair of Jasper style jar and covers, 1920's pink gloss bon-bon dish, etc:- One Tray £10-20
185.    Royal Doulton Figurines - Babie HN1679, Monica HN1467, Francine HN2422 and Rose HN1368. (4) £25-40
186.    A Murano Cesare Torso Frosted Brick Vase, with moulded stylised decoration, two Orrefors lead crystal ashtrays and matching shallow dish, Wedgwood mushroom paperweight, and two bud vases:- One Tray £20-40
187.    A Portmeirion "Magic City" Six Place Setting Coffee Service, designed by Susan Williams-Ellis, with original box. £25-45
188.    A Royal Worcester Shell Shaped Bowl, painted with summer flowers and gilt highlighted, shape 1413, puce mark to underside; a Royal China Works, Worcester posy modelled as three flower heads; plus three pieces of Royal Worcester white china. £30-40
189.    A Maling Crocus Pattern Bowl, 21.3cms diameter. £20-30
190.    A Pair of Royal Brierley Studio Irridescent and White Speckled Globular Vases, two Millrace paperweights, other glassware:- One Tray £40-60
191.    Locke & Co. Worcester, blush ivory sugar caster, twin handled miniature cup, crested ware, trays, basket, condiments etc:- One Tray £40-50
192.    A Lorna Bailey Beatles Four Face Sgt. Pepper Teapot. £34-45
193.    Copelands Grosvenor China Tea Service, with gilt and swag decoration on an ivory ground. £15-25
194.    An Early XX Century Osborne China Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers, milk jug, etc, together with "The Faberge Egg" imperial egg:- One Tray £15-30
195.    A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Bowl, pair of XIX Century dishes, James Dixon Britannia metal teapot, etc:- One Tray £10-20
196.    Brierley rose bowl, Walsh powder bowl, candlesticks, sundae dishes etc:- One Tray £10-20
197.    Lilliput Lane Miniature Masterpieces, Thatchers Rest, Red Lion, Village Shops, Sulgrave Manor, together with two ships in bottles, etc:- One Tray £10-20
198.    A Royal Copenhagen Coffee Service, in the "Quaking Grass" design, No. 9535, comprising coffee pot, lidded sugar pot, milk jug, six demitasse cups and saucers. £20-30
199.    Two Clarice Cliff for Wilkinson Ltd. Triangular Plates, decorated with stylised tree and foxgloves, Royal Doulton 'Cresta' bowl, Aynsley Art Deco part tea set, Carlton Ware (W & R) rectangular bowl decorated with pink blossom on matte black ground etc:- One Tray £30-40
200.    A Pair of 1920's Cranston Pottery P.P & Co Slender Waisted Vases, on mottled blue ground, stamped "24", 19cms high, together with another pair stamped "Spring" (one chipped), ginger jar, Carlton and Old Court vases. £30-50
201.    A Part Shelley Charm Pattern Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers, sugar bowl, etc, together with a Shelley Art Deco style trio plus another:- One Tray £20-40
202.    Copenhagen Decanter, Coopercraft dog, homemaker and other plates, cranberry vase, etc:- One Tray £20-30
203.    Brooks & Bentley St. Christopher, Titus, Accurist and Other Wristwatches, America pocket watch, hat pins, costume jewellery, etc:- One Tray £15-25
204.    A Set of Twelve Cut Glass Pedestal Dessert Dishes and two cut glass fruit bowls:- One Tray £20-30
205.    A Cased Electroplated Dessert Fork Set, plated tankard, late Victorian teapot, two piece presentation tea set, circular salvers, salts, specimen vases and other plates wares:- One Tray £20-40
206.    A Victorian Twelve Piece Mother of Pearl Handled Knife and Fork Set, ware to the monograms, in plush lined mahogany case, with brass plate. £20-25
207.    A Circa 1920's Burleigh Ware Lustre Planter, decorated with fruit and foliage, a pair of matching flared cylindrical vases and four Hummel figures, including "Wayside Harmony", "Barnyard Hero", world and GB coins, banknotes, crowns, etc. £15-25
208.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Fleurs Deco design by Vicky Lovatt, impressed and painted marks to underside. £75-95
209.    A Lorna Bailey Snowman Sugar Caster, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway - released for one day only 24/11/07. £35-45
210.    A Lorna Bailey Striped Teapot. £20-30
211.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase decorated in the Anemone Blush design, shape 55/3, impressed and painted marks to underside.
212.    Lorna Bailey Limited Edition Fireside Cat, 1 of 1 painted in this colourway. £30-40
213.    A Moorcorft Pottery Ginger Jar in the Kew Gardens design by Nicola Slaney, limited edition No28/100, impressed and painted marks to underside.
214.    Royal Doulton Figurines - Victoria HN2471, For You, HN3863 and Loretta HN2337. (3) £30-40
215.    A Moorcroft Pottery Mug in the Bird House (Trial) design by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks to underside. £55-75
216.    A Peggy Davies "Clarice Cliff the Artisan" Figurine, limited edition 25/500. £60-80
217.    A Moorcroft Pottery Planter in the Symbol of Scotland design, shape 500s, impressed and painted marks to underside.
218.    Three Royal Doulton Figurines, including "Top O' The Hill" HN 1833, "Vivienne" HN 2073, and "Lady Charmian" HN 1948. (3) £30-50
219.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock in the Nursery design, shape CL1, impressed and painted marks to underside.
220.    Royal Doulton Figurines - Soireé HN2312, Alexandra HN2398 and Premiére HN2343. (3) £30-40
221.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Queens Choice design by Emma Bossons, shape 33/3, impressed and painted marks to underside.
222.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Peacock Parade design by Rachel Bishop, shape 869/6, impressed and painted marks to underside.
223.    Royal Doulton Miniatures - The Old Balloon Seller HN2129 and Town Crier HN3261. (2) £15-20
224.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Cinco Blue design by Nicola Slaney, shape 158/6, gold signature, impressed and painted marks to underside.
225.    Royal Doulton Figurines - Olga HN2463 and Coralie HN2307. (2) £20-30
226.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Anna Lily design by Nicola Slaney, shape 200/5, impressed and painted marks to underside.
227.    1930's Green Glass Table Centre Piece, with frosted dolphin to posy ring. £15-25
228.    Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches, Sekonda pocketwatch etc :- One Box £15-20
229.    Silver Goblet London 1922, with Masonic inscription, together with three others later. £15-25
230.    Royal Doulton Figures - Picnic HN2308, Mary Had a Little Lamb HN2048 and Dinnertime HN3726. (3) £20-30
231.    Royal Crown Derby Imari Paperweights - Blue Tit, gold stopper and Wren, lacking stopper.(2) £15-25
232.    Royal Doulton Figures - Bedtime HN1978; Darling HN1985 and Daddy's Girl HN3435. (3) £20-30
233.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Mug, allover foliate engraved, later inscribed "Presented to P Gaskell Esq J.P on his elevation to the Magistracy 1919". £40-60
234.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bracelets, watches, brooches etc :- One Box £15-20
235.    An Early XX Century Cast White Metal Model of a Gentleman on Horseback, on naturalistic rectangular base, all on ebonised plinth, overall height 12cms, a bronzed figure of a harvestman, and a bronzed figure of a man with metal working tools, in the manner of Frederick William Pomeroy, 15cms. (3) £30-50
236.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches, including flowers, butterflies etc :- One Tray £20-40
237.    Royal Doulton Figures - This Little Pig HN1793, First Perfomance HN3605 and Catherine HN3044. (3) £20-30
238.    Mizpah Brooch, stamped "9ct" (damaged), together with amber type beads, brooches, bangles etc, contained in an old box. £20-30
239.    A Pair of Early XIX Century Figures, of man and woman both on square bases, (damaged), together with a pair of Continental style figures, (damaged). £10-20
240.    1953 Commemorative Teaspoons, in original box, XIX Century lady's fob watch (damages), RAF wings brooches, enamel badges, 1935 commemorative mirror etc, contained in a jewellery box. £20-30
241.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, beads, bangle etc, contained in an old jewellery box. £20-30
242.    Royal Crown Derby Teddy Bear Paperweight, complete with gold stopper, together with a 'Millennium Bug' paperweight, complete with gold stopper. £35-50
243.    Assorted Costume Beads, bracelets, small collection of 'Keltik Enamels' jewellery etc :- One Tray £15-20
244.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Pepperettes, pair of candlesticks and a lidded mustard (all with damages). £25-40
245.    Brass Inset Wooden Box, with lift out tray, together with further boxes, cigarette case, coins, signet ring, chain etc. £15-25
246.    A Small Collection of Circa 1960's and Later Pin Badges, enamel badges, Castrol thick book of Captain Eyston landspeed world record, tinted glasses, five carded Golden Shred enamel Gollies, a WDP Timex wristwatch, cigarette cases:- One Tray £40-60
247.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, allover engine turned stripes, 17.7cms wide. £40-60
248.    A XIX Century Lady's Fob Watch, case indistinctly stamped "18K"? (damages), together with assorted lady's and gent's wristwatches, contained in an old wood box with bevelled glass inset lid. £80-100
249.    Six "BMF ASU" Stamped Table Forks, silver dessert fork, Rogers elongated spoons, other cutlery, name stamps:- One Tray £20-40
250.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches, including black and white enamel double dog brooch, mother of pearl basket brooch etc :- One Tray £15-20
251.    Assorted Modern Costume Brooches, including hallmarked silver fairy, butterflies, flowers, diamanté apple etc :- One Tray £20-30
252.    A Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Tea Knives, together with fish knives and forks with hallmarked silver ferrules, mother of pearl handled dessert knives and forks, Fiddle pattern forks, knives, pair of knife rests, hallmarked silver sugar tongs etc. £30-40
253.    Oak Butter Dish and Trowel, a quantity of silver plated ware:- One Tray £15-25
254.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, earrings, bracelets etc :- One Tray £20-30
255.    Cased Dessert Forks, other cased cutlery, and loose cutlery. £10-20
256.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including chain, pendants, rings, imitation pearls etc :- One Box £10-15
257.    A Part Dressing Table Set, with needlepoint detail, together with trinket boxes, glass ring tree, compact mirrors, butterfly magnifying glass etc :- One Tray £15-25
258.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Wristwatches, diamanté necklace etc :- One Tray £15-25
259.    A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Bowl, together with an oak cased cutlery canteen, plated ware, etc:- One Tray £20-30
260.    Assorted Plated Ware, including Four Piece Teaset, biscuit barrel, Art Deco dish, vase etc :- One Tray £20-30
261.    A Set of Four Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, together with further napkin rings, comport, fluted dish and pair of pieced bonbon dishes. £20-40
262.    Two Twin Branch Candelabra, a pair of candlesticks, silver plated biscuit box with lion mask loop handles and hinged lid, cased fish servers:- One Tray £40-50
263.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including flowers etc :- One Tray £15-25
264.    A Collection of Assorted Lady's Wristwatches :- One Box £15-20
265.    An Electroplated Oval Gallery Tray, stamped scrolling decoration on lion claw feet, circular gallery tray, pedestal bowl, teapot, two lead crystal decanters, etc:- One Tray £20-30
266.    An Electroplated Three Piece Tea Service, hotel plate, brass candlesticks, oval gallery tray, twin handled oval tray, beaker and other items:- One Tray £10-20
267.    A Hallmarked Silver Bangle, together with bracelets, pearl pendants, chains, earrings etc, together with two travelling jewellery cases. £15-25
268.    A Collection of Brass Pill/Snuff Boxes, including enamel highlighted example, together with a match box cover, miniature trowel etc. (12) £30-50
269.    A Four Piece Silver Plated Tea Service, of gadrooned form with angular ebonised handles; a plated sugar castor and a golf trophy:- One Tray £30-40
270.    XIX Century and Later Brooches, wristwatches, lady's compact, cufflinks, cigar cutter etc :- One Tray £15-25
271.    A Collection of Assorted Diamanté Costume Jewellery, including Swarovski earrings, together with brooches, further earrings, bracelets, brooches etc :- One Tray £20-30
272.    A George III Silver Crown Dates 1820, (worn), two silver threepences, two farthings, a silver bladed butter knife, loose plated cutlery, further Churchill crowns, napkin ring, etc:- One Tray £20-30
273.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, together with a lady's compact, hallmarked silver back hand mirror and a brush. £30-50
274.    1930's Manicure Set in Case, a pocket example, badges, pistol handled miniature knife in case. £20-30
275.    Modern Chain Necklaces and Bracelets, together with two gilt metal lady's belt, earrings, bangles, small travelling jewellery case etc :- One Tray £15-25
276.    A Necklace, suspending heart pendant, stamped "925", together with further assorted chains, earrings and two black travelling jewellery cases. £15-25
277.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, including commemorative knives, folding pocket knives etc :- One Box £10-15
278.    Lady's Polished Stone Ring, stamped "750" and two chains stamped "375". £40-80
279.    22ct Gold Wedding Band, Birmingham hallmark. £70-80
280.    A Three Stone Ring, stamped "18ct Plat", together with two further rings, one stamped "9c". £40-60
281.    18ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, with Chester hallmark. £70-90
282.    14ct Gold Gent's and Lady's Wedding Bands, each engraved and stamped "585". £70-80
283.    Two Gold Wedding Bands, wishbone ring, crossover ring (one stone absent) and three stone ring, all stamped "9ct". £60-80
284.    XIX Century Cameo Brooch, with female profiles in openwork surround with safety chain. £15-25
285.    A Ring, stamped "18ct", together with two further rings. £40-50
286.    A Single Stone Ring, claw set, indistinctly stamped, together with a bracelet link. £20-30
287.    A 9ct Gold Ruby and Pearl Set Brooch, of openwork textured design, together with a pair of oval cameo earrings, (unpierced screw fitting). £50-70
288.    9ct Gold Bangle, with floral engraving, stamped "375". £150-170
289.    A Modern 9ct Gold Oval Locket Pendant, on 9ct gold chain. £40-50
289A.   A Modern Bangle, of geometric design, rubover set, with heart highlights, stamped "925", of concertina design (closing to form a ring). £20-40
290.    A 9ct Gold Figaro Link Chain. £20-30
291.    A Single Strand Fresh Water Pearl Bead Necklace, knotted. £20-30
292.    A Cross Pendant, on chain applied "9ct", together with a ropetwist bracelet, locket pendants etc. £50-60
293.    Assorted Hoop Earrings. £50-60
294.    A Collection of "925" and Other Modern Earrings, contained in a case. £10-15
295.    Fancy Link Bracelet, stamped "925", claw set, together with dress rings, chains etc. £25-30
296.    "925"\ and Other Dress Rings, including coin inset, claw set etc. £35-40
297.    Two Green/White Hardstone Rings, together with two polished rectangular panels. £20-30
298.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Pendant, together with a pair of modern hoop earrings stamped "9kt" and a further pendant on chain. £30-50
299.    A Fancy Link Albertina, of three row design, to single swivel, suspending T-bar, tassel and charm pendants. £20-30
300.    Coin Ring, together with earrings, pendants etc. £10-15
301.    Dress Rings, cameos, bangles etc. £10-15
302.    A Collection of Assorted Earrings. £50-60
303.    Gold Set Oval Twin Cameo Brooch, featuring classical busts in white agate on a black surrounded by 18 seed pearls with safety chain, 1986 valuation present. £70-90
304.    9ct Gold Pierced Drop Pendant, set with 32 seed pearls (one absent), centre oval amethyst and teardrop, all on a fine chain stamped "375", 1986 valuation present. £70-90
305.    9ct Gold Chains, locket, silver and plated bracelets, R.G. cameo and silver chains. £20-40
305A.   Two Modern Multi Set Pendants. £10-15
306.    A Collection of Assorted Modern Dress Rings, predominantly claw set. £15-25
307.    XIX Century and Later Brooches, stickpins, buckles, together with beads, chain etc. £20-40
307A.   Two Polished Tigers Eye Graduated Bead Necklaces, each to clasp stamped "925", together with two further hardstone necklaces. £10-15
308.    Assorted Polished Hardstone Necklaces, including malachite, peridot, sodalite etc. £15-25
309.    Articulated Fish Bearing Stamps, gold plated engine turned locket, silver tie pins, child's bracelet, chains, etc, in jewel case. £20-40
310.    A 9ct Crucifix Pendant, (marks rubbed), five silver threepences, locket, necklaces, wristwatches, cufflink's, etc:- One Tray £20-40
311.    A Silver Hallmarked Sauce Boat, Birmingham 1929, a silver hallmarked pair of sugar tongs, (George IV?), and a silver miniature cup. (3) £50-80
312.    An Art Nouveau Pendant, of scroll design, together with stud earrings, brooch, thimble etc, on 'Firth Staybrite' dish. £30-50
313.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including Kenart enamel stickpin, necklace etc. £15-20
314.    A Charm Bracelet, many charms, stamped and raised with "Silver", some showing silver hallmarks, silver circular pendant on chain, other costume jewellery, lacquered powder box, and a plastic six drawer storage chest containing dolls clothing, etc:- One Tray £20-40
315.    A Hallmarked Silver Canister, of plain form with oval pull off cover, together with pair of hallmarked silver Fiddle pattern sugar tongs. £30-50
316.    Edward VII Half Sovereign, dated 1910. £65-75
316A.   A XIX Century Lady's Fob Watch, the white dial with black Roman numerals, within engineturned and foliate engraved case, indistinctly stamped "18k"(?). £100-150
317.    A Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, allover engine turned, together with a miniature box. (2) £30-50
318.    Oris, Smiths, Astral, Technos, Ingersoll, and other gents wristwatches. (11) £30-50
319.    Assorted Folding Pocket Knives, lighters etc. £10-15
320.    A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Folding Fruit Knife, together with three further folding knives, contained in a cigarette box. £20-40
321.    A Hallmarked Silver Jug and Sugar Caster, each of plain tapering cylindrical form, with reeded band, total weight 230grams. £50-70
322.    Two Engine Turned Silver Napkin Rings, another Continental, two sets of six silver spoons, six other, and sugar tongs. £40-60
323.    Mondaine Incabloc 25 Jewels Gents Wristwatch, John Wilkinson workhouse token, 1893 and 1951 crowns, and other coinage. £20-30
324.    A XIX Century Tunbridge Ware Box, of rectangular form, with a five tesserae depiction of a walking dog within geometric borders, compartmentalised interior, length 8.5cms, a Tunbridge stamp box and a Persian style Tesserae box. (3) £50-80
325.    Jet Bracelet Incorporating Compass, faceted necklaces, hat pins, brooches, etc. £20-40
326.    A Square Hallmarked Silver Lady's Compact, allover engine turned, with textured thumbpiece, together with a mother of pearl and shell inlaid circular compact "Bethlehem". £30-50
327.    A Three Blade Folding Knife, the scales inscribed "Deputy Prov. G.M. (W.Yorks) 1969 Geoffrey Le Pla Grand Treasurer 1957" "Master 1947 Commander R.A.M. 1948 Prov. Steward 1951 Prov. Senior Warden 1952 Grand Senior Deacon 1961" and an image of Britannia. £30-50
328.    Slava 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch on Plated Strap, Omega lady's wristwatch with certificate and box, Oris lady's wristwatch and gent's Seiko wristwatch in box. £30-50
329.    A Chinese Cloisonné Cigarette Case, each side detailed with sinuous dragon on a black ground, 7.5cms. £30-50
330.    A XIX Century Fruit Knife, with a silver blade (Sheffield hallmark), mother of pearl scales, silver serviette ring, Continental spoon. £15-20
331.    Ladies Costume Jewellery, compacts, glass prism, ladies watches, etc:- One Tray £20-30
332.    A XIX Century Indian Rosewood Brass Bound Box, cased cutlery, black bowl with polka dot decoration. £25-35
333.    A Collection of Italian 'Veronese Collection' Silver Gilt Jewellery, stamped "925" including earrings, bracelets, heart shape locket, dress rings, together with imitation pearls etc :- One Tray £20-30
334.    A SBS of Solingen Stainless Steel and Gilt Handled Twelve Place Setting Canteen, contained in a three level cutlery case. £15-25
335.    Assorted Plated Ware, including glass butter dish, pair of candlesticks (damages), rectangular entree dish, swing handled dish, muffin dish, pedestal dish etc :- One Box £20-30
336.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles, jewellery boxes etc :- One Tray £20-30
337.    Firth Staybrite, Henckels and other cutlery:- One Tray £20-40
338.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, imitation pearls, diamanté, earrings etc :- One Tray £15-20
339.    Silver Handled Butter Knives, community and other cased cutlery, basket, sardine dish:- One Tray £20-40
340.    Mother of Pearl Spoons, coin bracelet, medallion pendant, pen, folding knife etc :- One Box £15-25
341.    Costume Jewellery, Masonic medal, smokers pipes, corkscrew, tray, model dragonfly etc. £15-25
342.    Coins, cufflinks, cufflink fittings, pill boxes, Kigu compact, bookmarks, cake forks etc :- One Box £10-15
343.    XIX Century and Later Brooches, together with bead and other necklaces etc :- One Tray £15-25
344.    Gladwin Embassy Plate Octagonal Table Lamp, a tray on four claw feet, and cutlery. £15-25
345.    Assorted Gent's Wristwatches, including Poljot automatic, Limit, Seiko etc :- One Tray £15-20
346.    A Large Collection of Assorted Imitation Pearl Bead Necklaces, together with earrings and a black travelling jewellery case :- One Tray £15-25
347.    A Collection of Assorted Polished Hardstone Bead Necklaces, fresh water pearls, shell and other bracelets etc :- One Tray £15-25
348.    Community Plate Cutlery, of approximately seventy seven pieces, decorated with swags and scrolls. £40-60
349.    Three Wooden Early XX Century Shop Display Hat Stands, 95cms. £15-25
350.    A Circa 1950's Chad Valley Wooden Bagatelle, No.9332 (boxed). £10-20
351.    A Pair of Military John Browning Binoculars, (showing wear). £15-25
352.    An Ebonised Sword Stick, with lion head finial, and an Indian dress sword in pierced brass sheath. (2) £15-25
353.    A XIX Century Mahogany Sarcophagus Shaped Tea Caddy, with ivory escutcheon and brass ring pull to top, on bun feet with twin compartments. £20-30
354.    An Early XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, with inlaid mother of pearl floral sprigs and escutcheon, raised on bun feet (one missing.) £30-50
355.    A XIX Century Mahogany Writing Box, with blank brass cartouche and fitted interior . £15-30
356.    A XIX Century Inlaid Mahogany Box, with lift out tray, containing letters, newspaper cuttings, cards, receipts etc. £20-30
357.    A Victorian Mahogany Framed Tray, with inset beadwork, tapestry of grape bunches and foliage within a border, glazed, on bun feet, and a needlework tapestry. (2) £20-40
358.    A Large Pair of Indian Hardwood Exercise Clubs, together with a smaller similar pair. £20-30
359.    A Turned Wood Chess Set, in old wooden box with sliding top, together with a pen. £10-20
360.    XIX Century Horn Handled Walking Stick, together with two other walking sticks. £10-20
361.    A Five Section Telescope, in fitted hardwood box, a cased set of twenty-eight ivory and ebony dominoes, a Roneo number stamp, and a white metal box. (4) £20-30
362.    An SMK Underlever DB4. 22 Air Rifle, with non adjustable 4 x 20 hiviz sight. £20-40
363.    A Craved Oak Box, in the form of a coffer, on bun feet, 21cms wide, together with a mahogany box with brass inlay. (2) £10-15
364.    A Vintage Fire Bucket. £15-25
365.    Four XX Century Inlaid Trays, decorated with butterfly wings, together with a XIX Century tambourine, decorated with flowers, bearing label on verso, Raphael Tuck and Sons, Art Students and Amateur Exhibition, 1980, by Eleanor Fanny Livery. £25-35
366.    A Mid XX Century Ekco Radio. £10-15
367.    The Beatles "Ain't She Sweet", nineteen on orange Polydor label, and original company sleeve, "Twist and Shout" and "The Beatles Hits" EP's, and nine Beatles and associated singles. £10-20
368.    A XIX Century Walnut Parquetry Writing Box, together with a XIX Century rosewood box, and a late XIX Century painted pine box. (3) £30-50
369.    A Domed Cased Electric Singer Sewing Machine, with associated accessories. £15-20
370.    Camera Accessories, to include lens hoods, camera tripods, tele converter, Kodak "Beehive" safe lamp, 35mm film loaders, filter sets, canvas protective camera bags:- Two Boxes £20-30
371.    Miscellaneous Collectables, including binoculars in leather case, more cameras, artists items, St. Barnardo's trays. £15-25
372.    An Ekosynth P15 Digital System Keyboard, together with a Watkins Copicat amplifier. £10-20
373.    Three Original Early 1900's Framed Prints for Bovril, Hudsons Soap, etc, plus a 1950's original Belgian film poster "La Lycene". £15-25
374.    A Violin, two piece back, internal label reading "The Maidstone: John G. Murdoch and Co Ltd. London", cased with bow. £15-25
375.    Aldis Projector, Black and Decker drill, and oak Westminster chimes mantel clock. £15-25
376.    A Small Collection of G. B. First Day Stamp Covers from the 1960's-1970's, home produced often with no addressee, together with an old world schoolboy stamp album. £10-15
377.    Canada Stamps, First Day Covers, Sheffield Lyceum Theatre programmes including pre-war, The Tempest, signed Derek Jacobi, other paper ephemera:- One Box, vendors inventory present £15-25
378.    A Stratocaster Style Encore Electric Guitar, with rouge body, together with a "Kustom" amplifier. £20-30
379.    A Large Quantity of Advertising Wooden Coat Hangers. £10-20
380.    An Ovation Acoustic Guitar, manufactured in New Hartford, U. S. A. (cased). £30-50
381.    Woodworkers Tools, moulding and jack planes, Depledge brass mounted drill, etc:- One Box £20-40
382.    An Oak Cased Napoleon's Hat Style Mantel Clock, Westminster chime, a three peice electroplated tea set, condiments and four bar toast rack, and two circa 1930's children's annuals. £15-25
383.    GB and World Coins, to include Jubilee miniatures, cartwheel penny, gaming guinea token, silver content, Huntley and Palmers miniature biscuit tin, John Watts tie press, dressing table set, etc:- One Tray £20-30
384.    Brass Weights, mini miners lamp, cannon, badges, other miniatures in brass:- One Tray £15-25
385.    A Desk Standish, having twin glass wells, models, pipes, bottle openers, ceramic beer pump handles, badges, etc:- One Box £15-25
386.    A Welbeck Toys "Kiddies Pastry Set", (poor box), and a painted plaster S. P. C. K nativity set. £20-40
387.    Four Sanewood Brewery Trays, and Webb & Co scales. £15-25
388.    A 1970's/80's Cartier Burgundy Clutch Bag, (lacking strap) together with fur tippet in original box, hand mirror, hair pins etc. £15-20
389.    A Victorian Metal Safety Deposit Box, the handle and plate stamped "Milners Safe Co. Ltd" and an early XX Century tin cash box with key. (2) £20-30
390.    GB and World Coins, crowns, loose kiloware, rosary beads, enamel badges, penknife, etc. £5-15
391.    An Electroplated Shaped Circular Salver, moulded edge, engraved monogram "H", on three scrolled feet, one further Mappin and Webb electroplated circular salver, hotel plate, water jug, castor, copper trough, pair of brass model waders, etc. £20-40
392.    A Yashica FRI with 50mm Lens, an FRI with 55mm lens, a Contax 139 Quartz with Soligor 70mm zoom lens, Yashica FX-D with 50mm lens, Nikon, Rank Aldis, Zorki and other cameras. Cased and loose:- One Box £30-50
393.    Wall Plaque of a Fish, taken from a British Aircraft propeller of the war period, 1914-1918, hip flask, plated ware, binoculars, etc:- One Tray £20-30
394.    A Collection of Assorted Souvenir Teaspoons, boxed and loose, caddy spoons etc :- One Tray £15-25
395.    A Wade Truman Special Bitter Pottery Ashtray, novelty lighters, including Wedgwood Jasperware, onyx, various carved and moulded pipes, a cased Ewee cigar cutter, etc:- One Tray £10-20
396.    A Mahogany Box, of rectangular section, hinged lid, brass strapwork and escutcheon, lined interior, two further hinged boxes, oak crumb tray and brush, mahogany comport and a cane basket. £20-40
397.    A Brass Inset Wooden Box, with lift out tray, badges, manicure items, rosary, cufflinks etc. £15-25
398.    Glass Furniture Stops, white metal figures, teaspoons, etc:- One Tray £15-25
399.    A Hornby "O" Gauge Tinplate Train Set. £25-35
400.    An Echo Super Vamper M. Hohner Mouth Organ, boxed, Super Chromonica Hohner mouth organ, Jew's harp, guitar spares. £10-20
401.    Two Reproduction Cast Iron Novelty Money Boxes; plus a mid XX Century plush teddy bear. (3) £15-25
402.    A Circa 1974 British Military Helmet, with internal webbing and strap, and a circa WWII gas mask. (2) £15-25
403.    A Circa 1930's Collapsible Mottled Brown Bakelite Book Stand, 51cms long. £15-25
404.    A WWII Folding Army Knife, stamped "1944 Richards, Sheffield", an English fountain pen, the nib reading "Platignum 1st", a silver teaspoon, binoculars, seashells, Victorian lustre mug, Victorian moulded glass commemorative bowl and cover, spectacles, etc:- One Tray £20-40
405.    A Small Collection of Circa 1960's Children's Shoes, by Clarks, Flexi and Babydeer:- One Tray £20-40
406.    A Brass Cigarette Box, stamped "State Express Cigarettes" to base, a smaller box for "Markovitch Black and White Cigarettes", an Art Deco cigarette box, pair brass candlesticks, oil can, spray, copper trilby, match striker etc:- One Tray £20-30
407.    A Victorian Mahogany Box, of flattened rectangular form, brass strapwork and escutcheon, containing a collection of fifteen plus Observer reference guides. £15-30
408.    Carl Zeiss Turact 8x Binoculars in leather case; Jumelle Elliptique ivory and gilded brass glasses (damaged); another pair and a collection of glass photographic slides in box:- One Tray £15-25
409.    The Works of Charles Dickens, the author's favourite edition in facsimile, fourteen volumes, pub. the Waverley Book Company Ltd., gilt tooled red cloth binding. £10-20
410.    A Pine Trug, bread board, early XX Century souvenir paperweight, Chesterman tape measure, Bournville storage tin, magnifying lenses, a Sheffield made military trench knife, dated 1944, and a collection of doll reference guides, etc:- Three Boxes £15-25
411.    A XIX Century Black Lacquered and Mother of Pearl Book Cover, ebonised hand mirror and brush, a Rosetti recorder (boxed), two Kodak box camera's, further folding camera;s, etc:- One Tray £15-25
412.    A Petri FT Camera, (cased), folding camera, a Soligor 135mm lens, further lenses, Koma mantel clock, a Propper microscope No. 5 70 30 model SMS-L (cased), etc:- Tray and Case £15-30
413.    A Small Collection of Late XIX Century and Later Collectable Books, some leather bound, including 1927 RAC Handbook, The Penetration of Arabia 1904, etc:- One Box £15-20
414.    A XIX Century Brass Jam Pan, together with children's building blocks. £15-20
415.    Two Late XIX Century/ Early XX Century Gilt Tooled and Moulded Photograph Albums. (2) £5-10
416.    A Small Collection of Tools, to include Stanley plane, clamp, hand drill, last, together with iron keys, steam rally brass plaques, vintage bus tickets in stand, etc:- One Box £15-30
417.    A Set of Three Leather Bound Books, History of Protestantism (illustrated), a leather gents travel case, a doctors stethoscope, etc:- One Box £20-30
418.    An Onyx Chess Set and Board, the pieces of geometric design in the Inca fashion. £20-30
419.    A Modern Early XX Century Style Table Lamp, formed as three entwined flower heads, early to mid XX century ladies evening purses, including beaded and sequined examples, a Maestro violin, etc:- One Tray £20-40
420.    A XIX Century Brass Jam Pan, with iron loop handle, copper kettle, chamberstick, ashtrays etc on a rectangular brass tray; together with a coal helmet and decorative brass ware. (2)
421.    A Twin Branch Brass Candlestick Table Lamp; a brass Corinthian column table lamp and an onyx table lamp with cherub. (3) £20-30
422.    A Set of Goodbrand and Co. Ltd Pharmacy Scales, with single drawer, brass feet. £10-20
423.    A Victorian Walking Stick, bone handle and silver plated mount. £20-30
424.    A Tiffany Style Table Lamp and Shade, decorated with dragonflies and glass cabochons on a segmented coloured glass ground, and a circular wall mirror with porcelain and cast brass surround. (2) £20-40
425.    An Early XX Century Lithographed Storage Tin, labelled "Liverpool China and India Tea Co. Ltd", with printed decoration of Indian scenes, together with a Huntley and Palmers cocktail biscuit tin.
426.    A Brass Miners Lamp, circular plinth stamped 25 and IVT, with domed hood and carrying loop, and two pairs of Victorian brass candlesticks. (3) £20-40
427.    Brass Mantel Clock, in pierced easel stand, Reg No. 202748, the enamel face with wreath numeral dividers, (damaged). £20-40
428.    A Reproduction Cast Iron "Uncle Sam" Novelty Money Bank, painted in colours, and one other reproduction example "Mason Bank". (2) £15-30
429.    A Toulet Imperator Pigeon Racing Clock, No. 102899, in oak case; an "Earth" microscope (cased). (2) £10-20
430.    A Box Camera, in blue, Photina Reflex (cased), a Zeiss Ikon box-tengor, a Kodak No.1 Junior folding camera, a SIX-20 folding "brownie", Polaroids, magnifying lenses, etc:- One Box £20-40
431.    Bermona Trend, Peter Bettley and Other Ladies Hats, shoes, gloves, circa mid XX Century:- One Box and a Firescreen and dressing mirror £20-30
432.    A Vintage Set of Seven "Henry Cotton" Golf Clubs, together with one other, in a canvas golf bag. £20-30
433.    Two Heavy Brass Solicitor Wall Signs, one "A Bell, Jackson & Reece", "A Frank Pritchett", together with "Duffin and Son Ltd Printers". (3) £20-30
434.    A Reproduction Wall Hanging Sword, cast brass effect guard and pommel, with leather grip, together with three Indian wall hanging swords. (4) £15-25
435.    A Circa 1940's "Underwood" Typewriter, in gun metal grey. £20-30
436.    A Victorian Saltglazed Stoneware Three Gallon Barrel, impressed "Etherium Drinking Water", with original tap impressed "off" and cover. £40-50
437.    An Early XX Century Underwood Tabulator Typewriter. £10-20
438.    A Victorian Mahogany Framed Circular Station Clock, white enamel dial, Roman numerals, fusee movement (no glass). £50-100
439.    A French Style Ormolu Side Lamp, decorated with floral swag and cherubs, on marble base with claw feet, together with another similar, plus a modern brass framed lamp. £10-20
440.    Green and Yellow Glass Vase, together with glass bottles, jars etc :- One Tray £10-15
441.    A Circa 1920's "Underwood" Typewriter, in black. £30-40
442.    Two USSR Zorki-4K, (one cased), a Zorki-4 with Jupiter 8 lens, an Edixa Prismat Cds, a Canon Canonet, a Canonet QL25, a Ricoh 3005, Paxina 35, loose lenses:- One Tray and a Camera Box (2) £30-50
443.    Vintage Children's Toys and Games, including early 1900's Easter egg boxes, cutlery, etc. £15-25
444.    A Collection of Over Fifty Cased and Loose Compact Cameras, including Riva Zoom 70EX, Praktica SA90, Olympus Super Zoom, Minolta Zoom 70, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
445.    A Pair of Early XX Century Style Flecked Glass Lustre Wall Lights and Arched Fittings, a similar spare shade, and a collection of four and two domed flecked glass shades with brass rims:- One Box £20-40
446.    A Circa 1955 Wedding Dress, with veil, head piece, pattern, spare material, etc, boxed. £15-30
447.    Haycock & Jarman of Sheffield Gents Evening Jacket and Trousers, other jackets, hats, satchels, etc:- One Box £15-25
448.    A XX Century Suitcase, with initials D. B. C. £25-35
449.    A Quantity of Linen, bedspread, cushion, etc:- One Box £15-25
450.    Rock and Classical LP's, including KPM Music Library, Steve Hackett, Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck, Buddy Rich, circa 1950's, 1960's classical, assorted 45RPM including coloured vinyl:- One Box £15-30
451.    Pink Glass Ceiling Light, with chrome fitting. £15-25
452.    A Middle Eastern Rug, central depiction of the tree of life, stylised floral motifs on a cream ground and twin spandrels, all within borders 126 x 194cms, (old repairs and tassel loss). £40-80
453.    A Middle Eastern Tasseled Rug, centrally decorated with stylized geometric rows within multi borders, 94 x 160cms. £10-20
454.    A 1920's Bakelite and Chrome Table Lamp, with a glass shade. £25-35
455.    A 1920's Chrome Desk Top Table Lamp, with a chrome shade, on a circular base. £25-45
456.    A XX Century Oriental Cloisonné Table Lamp, with floral and butterfly decoration, on a circular base. £30-50
457.    A Rowney Wooden Artists Easel, together with a mahogany piano stool, plus a bevelled wall hanging mirror. £10-20
458.    A Circa 1950's Tin Travel Trunk. £10-30
459.    Two Vintage 'Revelation' Suitcases. (2)
460.    A Circa 1960's Tinplate Childs Rocking Horse, painted in colours. £15-25
461.    A Royal Doulton Pottery Sink, 67cms wide. £15-25
462.    A Copper Bowl, XIX Century coaching lamp, copper horn, copper oil lamp, two European hats:- One Box and a carved Chinese style table £10-20
463.    A Large Modern Flecked Glass Light Shade, on a pale pink ground, tinted rim, together with two floor standing lamps. (3) £10-20
464.    A Circa 1930's Oak Cased Eight Day Wall Clock, a Victorian mahogany framed weight driven wall clock, and two mahogany wall clocks. (4) £20-30
465.    An Early XX Century Aneroid Barometer, with pokerwork carving to banjo case, featuring thermometer to neck. £20-40
466.    A Circa 1930's Oak Cased Barometer/ Thermometer, engraved circular brass face, and one other barometer. (2) £20-40
467.    A Late XVIII Century Early XIX Century Oak Eight Day White Dial Grandfather Clock, Robert Wright Kennoway hood, with a swan neck pediment, reeded supports, case with a shaped door, reeded pilasters, on a plinth base, with floral and bird decoration and with two subsidiary dials. £100-150
468.    A Reproduction Rolls Royce Advertising Mirror, together with a rectangular and shaped wall hanging mirror. (3) £15-25
469.    An Early XX Century Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, in brass frame with vase cresting. £15-25
470.    A 1920's Mahogany Framed Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror. £15-25
471.    An Early XX Century Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, the moulded frame with beading and "C" scrolls. £10-20
472.    Four XIX Century Gilt Gesso Picture Frames, each with foliate scrolls, 71 x 99cms and smaller. £20-30
473.    A Collection of Late XIX Century/ Early XX Century Engravings, depicting landscapes, religious, historical ("Oliver Cromwell Refusing the Crown" by Samuel Bellin), portrait studies, etc. £20-40
474.    S. Williams (?), "Tree Lined Lane", Watercolour and Ink Study, 35 x 46cms, together with an oil river scene, comic prints, photographic prints, The Metton Hunt, religious prints, etc. £15-25
475.    An Artists Folio, containing life study sketches, architectural drawings/ plans, watercolour landscapes, XIX Century comic prints, dress pattern, "The Motor" check boards, etc. £20-40
476.    A Part Set of XIX Century Hand Coloured Hogarth "Times of Day" Prints, together with "Mouth of the Thames", Haddon Hall, Newark Castle, two "Spy" colour print portraits, Jack Cheetham-Silversmith by Pauline Shearstone, and other XIX Century prints. (13) £20-40
477.    After Terry Gorman, "Fitzalan Square and High Street", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print 132/ 450, 31.5 x 41.5cms. £20-30
478.    A Mid XIX Century Continental Chromolithograph, with handled coloured highlights depicting "Wellington at Waterloo", possibly mounted in a walnut frame, 55 x 36(?)cms. £10-20
479.    Maggi Mallallah? Watercolour "Sara, New Zealand 2002", 12 x 25cms triangular, signed indistinctly, three pastel and pencil female portraits by the same hand from the 1980's. (4) £20-40
480.    Sheffield Eagles Signed Print, Syd Schofield, B. Wilkinson, and Allan Womersly prints. (5) £15-25
481.    C.W. Adderton, colour print "Holy Island Castle", other including .... Oscar Naddermier, Baxter, pastels etc:- One Box £15-25
482.    Four Lawson Wood Satirical Sporting Reprints, Corrina Button limited edition print, spy print, watercolours, etc:- One Box £15-25
483.    Maggi Three Pastel Portraits, together with others unsigned, W. Barker watercolours, prints, etc, in two folios, Sandra Silva signed print, three of owls, and nude monochrome study. £15-28
484.    A Quantity of Framed Sheffield Wednesday Prints. £8-12
484A.   A Collection of Prints, including L. S. Lowry. £10-20
485.    After S. Noulman, XIX Century Monochrome Print "The Leopard Skin", 46 x 71cms. £15-25
486.    Large Continental, Still Life and Monet Prints. (3) £8-12
487.    After Alan Ingham, "Prelude to Spring", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print 768/850, 33.5 x 66cms, and a further colour print by the same hand. (2) £10-25
488.    Donald Ayres, "Huntsmen and Hounds in a Panoramic Landscape", Oil on Canvas, signed and dated '75 lower left, 49 x 100cms, in gilt frame. £20-40
489.    Maggi M, Three Artist Proof Prints, another limited edition, all signed, together with three others predominantly cat related. (7) £15-25
490.    Charles Philip Slocombe - Tintern Abbey, etching, signed low centre and dated 1872, 19 x 34cms; a further etching of "The Guildhall, Guildford" by K. Vernon. (2) £10-20
491.    After James D. Preston, "Woodland River with Stepping Stones", (possibly Dovedale), Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print 361/500, 33 x 44cms, and a companion piece by the same hand, 292/500, together with a Wedgwood vase and cabinet plate. (4) £15-30
492.    M. A. Hadfield, Watercolour of a Country Road, 23.5 x 18cms, signed lower left, A. Woodhead pencil "York Minster", A. H. Mann watercolour of highlands, and unsigned oil. (4) £15-25
493.    Doreen Clark "Winter Landscape with Horse and Cart at Sunset", Oil on Board, 19 x 24cms, and a similar work by the same hand. (2) £20-40
494.    J. D. Hitchcock, "Elephant Family on an African Plain Beneath a Mountain", Oil on Canvas, 49 x 75cms, in mahogany frame. £15-25
495.    ? Winterbourne, "Country Lane in a Panoramic Landscape at Dawn", Oil on Canvas, signed lower right, 44 x 120cms, in moulded gilt frame. £20-40
496.    A Mid XX Century Oil on Photo, of a young lady with flowing blonde hair, possible naval interest, (framed). £8-12
497.    Still Life Oils of Flowers, flying ducks, and other pictures. £20-30
498.    Tenence Grundy, "Two Girls Feeding Ducks in a Rural Cottage Landscape", Oil on Canvas, 60 x 90cms, in moulded gilt frame. £20-40
499.    A Print of an Interior Panelled Room, woolwork picture, prints and other pictures, etc. £10-20
500.    A Reproduction Colour Portrait Print of a Young Victorian Lady, printed signature "Polar", 39 x 29cms, in heavy gilt effect frame, and a similar portrait study. (2) £20-40
501.    W. Hallam, "Droving Sheep with Autumn Sunset", Oil on Board, signed and dated 1920 lower left, 30 x 44cms, and one other oil study. (2) £15-25
502.    J. Spurr, A Watercolour of a Coastal Scene, together with a black and white print after P. Danton 97/250. £10-20
503.    After Tom Harland "The Rescue" Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print 399/1100, 19 x 29cms, three other signed limited edition colour prints by the same hand, and a Kevin Wood signed limited edition print 689/2000. (5) £10-20
504.    Guy Grundy, Four Graphite Signed Photographs, snack shop, outside court, family scenes, signed print, and two other prints. (7) £15-25
505.    A Watercolour, depicting a coastal township with onlookers staring out to sea, signed lower right D. Dishman, framed. £10-15
506.    A Reproduction Colour Print Portrait of a Young Victorian Boy with Puppy, 24 x 19cms, in heavy gilt effect frame, and a further similar reproduction portrait study. (2) £20-40
507.    A Late XVIII Century Oak Bureau, having fall front with fitted interior over four long graduated drawers, flanking canted reeded corners, on bracket feet. £30-50
508.    A Modern Mahogany Corner Cupboard, together with an oak tea trolley, plus freestanding cupboard. £10-20
509.    A Mid XX Century Oak Kneehole Desk, with single drop leaf and bank of four drawers, on block supports, together with an oak coffee table. £20-30
510.    A Very Large Joined Pine Blanket Box, with hinged top, 124 x 80 x 73cms. £50-80
511.    XIX Century Ash Farmhouse Kitchen Chair, with rail back, scroll hand rests and turned supports. £50-70
512.    A Modern Oak Double Height Freestanding Corner Cupboard, with serpentine upper shelves and panelled lower door. £20-30
513.    A Child's Silvercross Dolls Pram, dark green body with floral oval insets and ivory interior with bedding. £30-40
514.    A Six Heights Teak Bookcase, stamped "Made in Denmark" to back. £20-40
515.    A Modern Mahogany Corner Cupboard, having swan neck pediment over glazed astragal door and cupboard door on block supports. £5-15
516.    A Modern Oak Cabinet, having twin glazed leaded doors over cupboard doors, on bracket feet with knulled decoration throughout. £30-50
517.    A Mid XX Century Painted Childs School Desk, with flip up top on square block supports, together with an oak captains chair, having turned spindle rails, on turned stretchered legs, (damaged). £20-30
518.    A Demi Lune Sidetable, together with a magazine rack, two headboards, wine table, mah-jong table etc. £10-20
519.    An Oak Reproduction Six Branch Hat Stand, together with a painted pine stool. £15-25
520.    A Reproduction Oak Court Cupboard, with twin glazed leaded doors, flanking cup and cover supports over two short drawers, linen fold doors on block supports, knulled decoration throughout. £20-40
521.    A XX Century Yew Wood Serpentine Shaped Chest of Drawers, with four long drawers, on bracket feet, together with a small yew wood chest of drawers, on bracket feet. £20-30
522.    A Modern Pine Sideboard, having three short drawers over cupboard doors, on plinth base. £40-60
523.    A G-Plan Style Teak Wardrobe, with twin cupboard doors with fitted interior. £10-20
524.    A Lowther Freestanding Corner Speaker, together with a Wharfedale speaker. £10-20
525.    A Regency Style Modern Living Room Suite, comprising bookcase, HI FI cabinet, plate cupboard. £15-25
526.    A Late XIX Century Pine Three Heights Graduated Chest of Drawers, on bracket feet, together with a three heights pine plate rack. £30-50
527.    A Modern Pine Desk, with fall front on long square block supports, united by stretchers; together with a campaign style mahogany hifi cabinet. (2) £10-20
528.    1930's Walnut Bureau, with fall front over twin drawers on turned cup and block supports. £20-40
529.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Pot Cupboard, with reeded decoration, together with another similar example. £10-20
530.    A 1940's Oak Four Heights Chest of Graduated Drawers, on block supports. £20-30
531.    An Oak Tea Trolley, with knulled single drawer, and a pair of Edwardian bedroom chairs. £15-20
532.    An Early XX Century Oval Topped Pine Dining Table, on barley twist legs. £10-20
533.    An Early XX Century Oak Blanket Box, on castors. £15-25
534.    A Circa 1930's Oak Sideboard, canted gallery back, and foliate and linen folded panels, flanking two cupboard doors on turned stretchered legs. £20-40
535.    Mahogany Display Cabinet and Radiogram Cabinet. £15-25
536.    A Pine Desk, the upper section fitted with drawers and pigeon holes, over two frieze drawers, on ring turned tapering legs. £30-50
537.    Early XX Century Mahogany Sutherland Table, with rail sides and splayed feet, and a similar period parlour chair. (2) £20-40
538.    A Circa 1940's Oak Two Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising cupboard/chest and matching two heights dressing chest, each with knulled decoration to the gallery and the frieze. (2) £40-70
539.    A Circular Topped Oak Coffee Table, on splayed legs, and a pair of coffin stools. £20-40
540.    Nathan Furniture Teak Sideboard, with three drawers over two panelled cupboard doors and central fall compartment. £30-50
541.    Teak Extending Dining Table, and four ladder back chairs. £20-40
542.    An Ercol Style Light Elm Framed Double Settee, with spindle back on tapering stretchered legs. £20-40
543.    A Ring Turned and Knopped Mahogany Standard Lamp, on circular base. £15-25
544.    A Modern Pine Rectangular Topped Kitchen Table, on turned legs, together with four farmhouse style pine dining chairs. £30-50
545.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Bookcase, with twin glazed doors, on plinth base. £20-30
546.    A Modern Pine Chest of Drawers, having low back over two two short drawers, and four long graduated drawers, on bun feet, together with a desk of similar design. £20-30
547.    A Joined Pine Blanket Box, with hinged top. £20-40
548.    An Oak Rectangular Topped Magazine Rack, together with a nest of three oak coffee tables. £10-20
549.    A XIX Century Mahogany Sidetable, with single long drawer on turned tapering legs. £20-40
550.    An Oak Drop Leaf Dining Table, "D" ends on cup and cover supports, block feet, together with a set of four walnut dining chairs with cream leatherette backs and drop in seats. (5)
551.    A Modern Rectangular Topped Coffee Table, moulded edge with wrought iron grill and squared tapering legs, and a squared example. (2) £10-20
552.    A 1920's Serpentine Fronted Oak Display Cabinet, having twin glazed astragal doors, with cabriole legs on claw and ball feet. £30-50
553.    An Edwardian Bureau Bookcase, having moulded cornice over twin glazed astragal doors, base having fall front with fitted interior, cupboard doors, on bracket feet, having boxwood inlay and stringing throughout. £40-60
554.    A 1930's Oak Sideboard, having low back over three cupboard doors, with carved floral motifs, base with two short drawers, on cup and cover supports united by stretchers. £30-50
555.    An Early XX Century Oak Childs Open Elbow Chair, on turned stretchered legs, together with a pair of oak stools. £10-20
556.    A Pair of Modern Squared Coffee Tables, moulded edge with wrought iron grill, on squared tapering legs. (2) £10-20
557.    A 1930's Oak Side Table, square top with moulded edge over single drawer, with beadwork decoration on stretchered barley twist legs. £10-20
558.    A Reproduction Yew Bow Fronted Graduated Four Height Chest of Drawers, all under brushing slide with green gilt tooled leather sciver; and a reproduction yew side table. (2) £40-60
559.    A Late XIX Century Stained Pine Chest of Drawers, having two short drawers over two long drawers, on bun feet. £40-60
560.    A XIX Century Style Reproduction Mahogany Twin Pedestal Partners Desk, having leather scriver, three drawers to frieze over twin pedestals, with short drawers and cupboard doors, decorated with quarter reeded columns on bracket feet. £100-200
561.    An XVIII Century Style Sideboard, having two short drawers over twin cupboard doors, on block supports, decorated throughout with knulled and foliate carving. £30-50
562.    XVIII Century Oak Blanket Chest, with four panelled top and three panelled fascia on stile feet (bottom shelf part absent.) £100-150
563.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Framed Settee, having upholstered back seat and arms, on square tapering legs with brass castors. £80-120
564.    A Living Room Suite, comprising a two seater settee, plus a single armchair, decorated with mottled pattern on red ground. £10-20
565.    A Set of Six XIX Century Mahogany Hepplewhite Shield Back Chairs, on tapering stretchered legs, (five singles and one carver). £30-50
566.    A Set of Six Oak Ercol Style Spindle Back Chairs. £20-40
567.    An Oak Ladder Back Rocking Chair, together with a 1920's oak spindle back chair, with leather upholstered seat, and three comb back dining chairs. (5) £20-30
568.    A 1950's Walnut Drinks Cabinet, having flip up front with fitted interior, over cupboard doors, on plinth base. £15-25
569.    An Art Deco Walnut Drinks Cabinet. having central glass fronted shelves and flanking incurve panels over three frieze drawers, cupboard doors and central drinks cellar. £25-35
570.    A XIX Century Style Reproduction Mahogany Chest of Drawers, having four filing cabinet drawers, on bracket feet. £40-80
571.    A Set of Four Late XIX Century Dining Chairs, with shaped top rail over upholstered seat, on tapering turned legs. £20-40
572.    A 1920's Oak Jacobean Style Dresser, the rack with knulled cornice, cupboard doors, beadwork decoration, the base with cupboard doors over two small drawers, on barley twist supports. £150-250
573.    A Yew Wood Glazed Cabinet, with astragal door, three internal shelves, on bracket feet. £20-40
574.    A Bleached Elm and Ash Club Chair, hoop back, pad arm on turned spindles, united by double "H" stretchered legs. £20-40
574A.   An Oak Wheel Back Farmhouse Style Carver Chair, on turned legs, united by stretchers. £5-15
575.    Early XX Century Mahogany Work Table, with hinged serpentine lid, padded interior, cabriole legs united by undershelf. £30-50
576.    A Victorian Mahogany Captains Chair, celadon dralon, upholstered padded hoop back, carved scrolled ends supported on turned spindles, sculptured dralon stuffover seat, on turned and fluted tapering legs, with castors. £30-60
577.    A Mahogany Four Section Globe Wernicke Bookcase, with glass sliding doors on plinth base. £150-200
578.    A Set of Four Regency Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, with a shaped top rail, drop in seats, on sabre legs. £15-20
579.    A Victorian Mahogany Bookcase, shaped gallery back, moulded edge and cornice, with two flattened arched glazed doors and interior shelving, on plinth base, bun feet. £40-60