Antiques, General & Household Auction on
Saturday 5th December 2015

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520.    2012 Honda Jazz, registration number YT62 LTK, 1.4 Petrol i-VTEC ES 5-door Hatchback CVT (automatic with tiptronic) in Urban Titanium metallic Brown, 1,430 Miles, Full Honda Service History, V5 Present, Two Keys, 2 Previous Owners, Owners Handbooks, A/C Climate Control, CD/MP3/USB Port, Alloy Wheels, Electric Mirrors & Windows. (Noted; Minor cosmetic scuff to N/S/F Bumper & Wing). 6000-7000
521.    2013 Renault Clio, registration YR13 GYG, 5-door Hatchback, 900cc Petrol TCE (90bhp) Dynamique MediaNav in French Blue, 19,992 Miles, Full Service History, V5 Present, Two Keys, 1 Previous Owners, Owners Handbooks, A/C. 4000-4500
522.    Brass Ceiling Light Fittings, Corinthian column table lamp bases, lantern type ceiling light fittings, girandole type wall light, associating fitments, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
523.    Worcester "Evesham", Doulton "Clarendon" (2nd quality), Wedgwood, Oriental ceramics, clock, etc:- One Box 15-25
524.    A Quantity of DVD's, including Calendar Girls, plus a large quantity of CD's including The Carpenters, Andrea Bocelli, Shirley Bassey, etc. 10-20
525.    Angram Hand Pump, Matchbox labels, Marylin Monroe pencil drawings, etc:- One Box 15-20
526.    A XX Century English School "Abstract Floral Study", mixmedia, 30x49cms, indistinctly signed, a circa 1929 still life of flowers and fruit, watercolour, an oil still life study, and a collection of colour prints including May Morris after Rossetti. (9) 10-20
527.    A Large Wooden Fort and Wooden Model of a Church. 5-12
528.    A Quantity of Old Country Roses Trinkets, together with three crystal cut glass decanters, plus three boxed miners plates:- One Box 15-25
529.    Two Contemporary Prints, signed p. d'a lower left Suidi lower right, together with a limited edition print 12/20 signed M----, together with a pottery Buddha. 10-20
530.    A Nao Figurine of a Girl with Teddy Bear, together with another similar plus six Babycham glasses, oriental figure, glassware, etc:- One Box 15-25
531.    A XIX Century Brass Bedroom Fender, with pierced decoration, XIX Century cast iron fender, ebonised firescreen, together with a resin chess set, brass saucepan, copper warming pan:- One Box 10-20
532.    Two Indian Brass Chargers, a brass warming pan, plant stand, early XX Century wrought iron firescreen frame with hammered copper panel. (5) 15-25
533.    A Cased Einhell Bavaria Power Drill, together with a cased automotive tool set, Rotary tool kit, spanners etc.
534.    Wedgwood Bottle Vase, Polish crystal jug, turquoise decanter, Regency Fine Arts figure, etc:- One Box, plus ceramic table lamp. 15-25
535.    A Kamusa Tools Socket and Spanner Set, together with a quantity of loose tools including hammers, planes, etc. 10-20
536.    After Pollyanna Pickering "Brave New World", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print 62/250 (?), a further print and signed limited edition print by the same hand, and a quantity of Disney related items, planter, CD's, cake plate, etc:- One Box 10-25
537.    Five Graduating Oval Watercolour Still Life Studies, each in reproduction mahogany frames, assorted model clown figures, model apple, artificial flowers, limited edition prints etc, embroidered holdall. 15-25
538.    "Jazz" Clarinet, Heges mantel clock, Vogue ashtray, perfume bottle, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
539.    Seven Roy Kirkham Character Jugs, Aynsley, Wedgwood, Old Foley and other ceramics, decoupages, oil, copper, trays, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
540.    A Quantity of Unframed Watercolours, still life, oriental, J. Helsby pastoral, etc. 15-25
541.    Children's Books, Samsung PLEOMAX 8X DVD, Quartz clocks, etc:- Three Boxes 10-20
542.    A Box of Various Plated Ware. 15-25
543.    Six Vols (of Nine) - The Horse Professor J. Wortley Axe, 1906, together with two stethoscopes. 10-20
543A.   An Early XX Century cat basket. 15-25
544.    A Small Collection of c.1900 Art Nouveau Tiles, Coalport tea caddy, Worcester coffee cup and saucer, jelly moulds, electroplated tea cannister, sugar tongs, Carlton ware etc:- One Box 15-30
545.    Kerplunk, Totopoly, Magic Robot, Blast-Off!, Spy Ring, table tennis and other vintage board games:- Two Boxes 20-30
546.    Cut Glass Vase, Wedgwood bowls, pressed glassware, teaware, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
547.    Wedgwood Evesham Tureen, dish, and Thomas, Germany part tea service, etc:- One Box 10-20
548.    Brass Fire Dogs, Jardiniere, copper kettle, posser stick, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
549.    Gaydin Melmex Picnic Ware, Insulex flask, soda syphon, etc, 33 an 78RPM records, including The Beatles, Procol Harum, the Animals:- Two Boxes 15-25
550.    A Quantity of Vintage Board Games, card games, including Spirograph, Roulette, Lotto, Crazy Post, etc, a tinplate St. Michael cash til and a Lott's chemistry set (incomplete):- Three Boxes 20-30
551.    Kettles, toaster, lamps, (untested, sold for parts only), prints, ceramics, books, clock, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
552.    A Quantity of SLR Cameras, including Nikon, PSS, Praktica B100, Praktica MTL3, etc, together with lens covers, filters, films, flash bulbs, etc:- One Box 15-25
553.    Art Deco Style Glass Shades, plated ware, spelter figure, etc:- One Box 10-20
554.    A Collection of Over Two Hundred 45rpm Singles, mostly circa 1960's-1980's including David Bowie, Tin Lizzy, Beatles, T-Rex etc :- One Box 15-25
555.    Panasonic DVD Recorder, telephones, shredder, etc, in case, (untested, sold for parts). 15-25
556.    An Intempo Digital Radio, together with wall mounted light fittings, candles, etc:- One Box 10-20
557.    Lead Crystal Vase, jug, comport, fruit bowl, shallow dishes, liqueurs, cameo style vase, miniature condiments with lids, stamped "925" and other glassware :- One Box 10-20
558.    A Collection of Circa 1980's and Later Polaroid Cameras, including Insta 20, Spirit, Colour Swinger, and a good quantity of Instamatic camera's including Chinon Bellami, a Sony Cyber-Shot digital camera, Canon, Chinon, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
559.    A Quantity of Ceramics:- One Box and Jardiniere 10-20
560.    A Folder Containing a Quantity of Sepia Prints, all signed indistinctly H. Dupary, together with other XIX Century prints plus frames, etc:- One Box 15-25
561.    A Boxed Cybon 1 Radio Control Bionic Cybernetic Driver and Off-Road Racer by Galoob. Unusual as the driver controls the steering and throttle and can also operate a winch. With 2 channel transmitter- appears little used. 20-30
562.    Gilt Framed Oval Wall Mirror, board games, fruit bowl, wicker basket, extension cord, Whitaker 1955 almanac, chandelier (Laura Ashley), etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
563.    Twenty Mid XX Century Milk Bottles, some advertising interest, plus three milk crates. 10-20
564.    A Quantity of Books, Principles of Figure Drawing, Kontiki Expedition, etc:- One Box Together with a D. Ashton Watercolour, Briefcase 15-20
565.    Glassware, Ironstone "Spain" and other ceramics, copper bed pan, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
566.    Royal Doulton Bradford Exchange Collectors Plates, including "The Magical Window", Journey "Through the Village" winter landscapes. (20) 20-30
567.    Kitchenware, toaster, ceramics, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
568.    Bonn Dessert Ware, Melba dinner ware, Spode Strathmore coffee ware, other ceramics :-Two Boxes 15-25
569.    An Edwardian Wall Barometer, English Roses and other tea ware, sandwich set, print, needlework, rose bowl, etc:- One Box 15-25
570.    A Pair of 1960's Ski's and Boots, (Fischer), made in Austria. 15-25
571.    Brass Candlesticks, hyacinth and other vases, prints, cast iron candle ceiling light fitting, tapestry frame etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
572.    Beer Mats, Swedish bar set, hip flask, Fosters ashtray, laminator (untested, sold for parts), cigar labels, files, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
573.    A Collection of Carded and Loose Maisto "Mega Bikes", with associated display stands, together with three related bound fact files, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
574.    Wedgwood Bradford Exchange Collectors Plates, including Waterways by Winter, five Royal Albert examples. (15) 15-20
575.    A Quantity of Loose Diecast and Plastic Vehicles, including Dinky Morris Oxford, Hotwheels, Matchbox, Corgi, a mid XX Century remote control plastic saloon car, etc:- One Box 15-25
576.    A Quantity of Boxed Light Bulbs, saw, screw driver set, vice, lift & roll set etc :- One Box
577.    Bradford Exchange Collectors Plates, including Thomas Kinkade's "Bridges of Life", W. S. George "Roses", Vohenstrauss, Coalport (19) and frames. 15-20
578.    A Game of Go, quarter size snooker balls, among associated items. 10-20
579.    Roe Bowl, fruit bowls, vases, sundaes, drinking glass :- Two Boxes 15-25
580.    A Quantity of Hand Tools, including saws, hammers, planes, plus drill bits etc :- One Box
581.    Fulham Pottery Vase, and others with vendors labels including 'Chris Aston' Bawtry, 'Alan Ward of Holloway', green glass bottle :- One Box 15-25
582.    Brass Stair Rods and Fittings, brass door handles, mahogany wall mounted coat rack, brass hinges :- One Box 10-20
583.    "Nauticalia" Model Yacht, Monopoly, spy ring, Yahtzee, Bontempi organ, other games. 15-25
584.    Boxed Record Sets, American telephone directories, books including The Kennel Encyclopedia, Dickens, Hollywood album:- Three Boxes 15-25
585.    Mistral Radiator Valves, brass door handles, window latches, etc:- One Box 15-25
586.    Royal Albert, mason's, Jean Cameron for Shorter and Other Plates, Old Tupton wall clock:- One Box 15-25
587.    A Small Accumulation of Modelling Books, for aircraft, ships, soldiers and military subjects with eight Philips 1995 Sylvia Anderson (wife of Gerry) Thunderbirds marionette catalogues. 10-20
588.    A Large Confederation of Canada Reproduction Jug, together with a Clarice Cliff cup (damaged), plus a set of scales, reproduction XIX Century hen etc, folding chair. 20-40
589.    A XIX Century Pine Chest, containing DIY tools, hammers, drill bits, files etc. (2) 15-20
590.    A Bush Reproduction Radio, together with a Kenwood car radio, BT wireless telephone, etc:- One Box 10-20
591.    A XIX Century Minton Wash Jug, Aynsley vase, together with a quantity of books all relating to the Peninsular War, model train, etc:- One Box 10-20
592.    Brittens Watch & Clock Makers Handbook, Dictionary and Guide; Wheel and Pinion Cutting in Horology;Restoring Grandfather Clocks, Eric and Brian Smith; The Carriage Clock - A Repair and Restoration Manual, Laurie Penman; other related books:- One Box 25-45
593.    A Large Quantity of Loose Playworn Diecast, including Burago, Corgi, etc, together with two Hornby Scalextric cars and track:- Two Boxes 15-25
594.    Five Military Crest Wall Plaques, Tetley tea figures, travelling flask set. 15-25
595.    A Large Quantity of Collectors Teaspoons, caddy spoons, teaspoon racks, Sheffield plated teapot, etc:- One Box 20-30
596.    A Panasonic VHS-C Movie Camera and Case, together with a Ilford Sportsman camera, Piquot stainless steel four piece tea service, etc:- One Box 15-25
597.    A Large Quantity of Dolls House Furniture, together with loose toys, teddy bear, etc, cigarette cards:- Two Boxes 15-25
598.    Corgi Saladin Armored Car, Bachelors peas van, Matchbox Caterpillar traxcavator, many other diecast vehicles, toys:- Two Boxes 20-40
599.    A Quantity of Kitchenalia, including kettle, iron, knife rack, George Foreman grill, etc:- One Box 10-20
600.    Salter Brass Potato Scales, 200lb - 1lb, Salter Kitchen scales and weights; brass towel rail, Replica White Star, Liverpool brass wall lights:- One Box 15-25
601.    A Cased Miniature Desktop Sundial, together with a junior zither, tip top, on the farm pop-up book, etc:- One Box 10-20
602.    Roger Amos 'Model Railway Electronics', 2nd edition, hardback, 'Taff Vale Railway, Fred Dibnah's Memoirs of a Steeplejack dvd, 6 dvd box set on steam trains etc :- One Basket 5-10
603.    Motorbike Clothing, including Akito, Buffalo, Skintan, all mens. 20-30
604.    Chesterman, Sheffield, Long Feeler Gauge, in an oak case; weighted angle lamp, clockworks ; springs, Kinder clock parts etc:- Three Boxes 30-50
605.    A Large Collection of Thirty-Three RPM Vinyl Records, of eclectic genres, including Don Mclean, Whitney Houston, Abba, together with two carry cases, plus a collection of 45RPM records. 20-30
606.    A Collection of Folding, Box and Further Cameras, including Agfa Synchro Box, Ensign Full-View, Viscount, Kodak, Penguin, Eumig Gossen Cine camera, etc:- One Box 15-25
607.    Early XX Century Hanging Oil Lamp, with turquoise glass well, funnel and white shade, in iron holder having three branches. 30-40
608.    Copeland Spode "Italian" Pattern Dinner Plates, side plates, Wedgwood "Strawberry Blue" pattern teapot, mugs, oak cutlery box, etc:- One Box 10-20
609.    LP's - Including Elvis Presley, Jazz, Easy Listening, Soundtracks, 10CC, Steve Hacket, Dr Hook etc. 10-20
610.    Studio Pottery, including Syd Walker of Montrose pottery bowl, shallow dish, table lamp base, vases, jugs, Hornsea saffron storage jars, Denby wares, blue and white dinnerware's, etc:- Three Boxes 20-40
611.    A Quantity of Blue and White China, lidded tureens, tea service, punch bowl, pressed glassware etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
612.    A Quantity of Ceramics, including Carlton salad plate, toast rack, Willow pattern tureen, animals, etc, (damages):- Three Boxes 15-20
613.    A Collection of Circa 1950's-80's LP's, EP's and 45RPM's, including trad, jazz, folk, rock and pop. 15-30
614.    WITHDRAWN - TO BE PLACED IN NEXT AUCTION - Bailey Plane, Stormont and Langard chisels, hand drills, other DIY tools, furniture finials, Purdey gun cleaning kit etc. (2) 50-100
615.    A Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player, together with a Sky+ HD Box, plus a Panasonic SC-HTB65 sound bar. 15-25
616.    Block Planes, chisels, float, axe, hydraulic jack and further DIY tools:- Three Boxes plus a vintage lawn mower. 10-20
617.    Pewter Tankards, teapot, trays, cutlery, other metalware:- Three Boxes 20-40
618.    A Small Collection of Late XIX Century Early XX Century Pipe Bowl, Cheroots, etc, turned wooden table lamp base, HMV 1922 gramophone catalogue, miniature model chairs, Persian style box, storage box, etc. (2) 20-30
619.    Churchill Tea Ware, quantity of ceramics, glass condiments:- Three Boxes 15-25
620.    A Large Quantity of Tea Cards, mainly in albums:- One Box 15-25
621.    A XIX Century Walking Stick, gavel, with a plaque inscribed "Stone Laying of Beauchief Church Hall, 1935", together with a box of glassware, biscuit tins:- One Box 15-20
622.    Carved Wooden Tankard, junk boat, table, etc:- One Box 15-25
623.    Lurpak Toast and Butter Dish, Swineside teapot, Thornton's van money boxes, pipe, stand and knife, Italian decanter, other ceramics:- Two Boxes 15-25
624.    A Quantity of Glassware, including decanters, amethyst bowls (damages):- Three Boxes 10-20
625.    A Poole Dinner Service, comprising meat pleats, lidded tureens, plates, etc, all decorated with brown handles on beige ground, together with other loose china. 10-20
626.    Hardwood Stationery, ink stand, crumb trays, bookends (damaged), etc:- One Box 10-20
627.    A Circa 1930's Wadeheath Style Hand Painted Jug, Doulton tea and dinnerware's, Dorchester tea wares, tureen base, etc:- One Box 10-20
628.    A Pair of Continental Prints, signed lower right Radg V-J. Neumann, and other pictures, etc:- One Box 5-10
629.    Paragon Plates, XIX Century meat plate (damaged), Aynsley dish, Delft mug, etc:- One Box 5-10
630.    A Quantity of Floral Cotton Sateen Curtains. Pale pink and green - 52cms drop, 156cms wide (4) and 52cms drop, 112cms wide (2). Dark green with rust and peach lilies - 210cms drop, 120cms wide (2); 137cms drop, 120cms wide (2) and 135cms drop, 56cms wide (2); Plus a further pair of curtains, all lined. 15-25
631.    A Quantity of Prints, pencil drawing, Cannell motor group certificate, framed pot lid, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
632.    Robert Clive and Other Signs, two oils, print, large African zebra scene oil, signed "Ola '98", linens, cape by Lewis Silverblatt, etc:- One Box 15-25
633.    A XIX Century Style Chinese Jug, plates, blue and white saucers, etc:- One Box 10-20
634.    Glenys M Lawson, Watercolour, Ainsdale Beach, 25.5 x 20.5cms signed lower right, watercolour of clipper ship, pair of impressionist style oils, quantity of prints, Bassano Italian table lamp. 20-40
635.    Two Briefcases, Guinness poster, videos and CD's. 15-20
636.    Boots PT400 Typewriter compendium of games, chess, cameras, dome top box etc :- One Box 15-25
637.    After P. J. Hargreaves "Sunderland Point", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print 71/750 (2), Mary Shaw limited edition signed print, two Vernon Ward still life prints, Windmill watercolour scene, oil study etc (6), together with a collection of mostly art related literature etc:- One Box 15-25
638.    A Denon CD Recorder, together with a Denon cassette tape deck, plus matching speakers and Denon CD changer, (all boxed). 20-30
639.    A Quantity of Oriental Style China, including vases, cups, saucers, etc, together with a stainless steel tankard, etc:- One Box 15-30
640.    A Pair of Edwardian Stag Dessert Plates, Doulton Brambly Hedge, other ceramics:- Three Boxes 15-20
641.    A Quantity of Late XX Century Boxed Children's Games, including Kiddicraft. 10-20
642.    A Large Quantity of Picture Frames, some with glass, together with a quantity of prints. 10-20
643.    A Eumig Boxed Projector, together with a Prinz Proofmaster, Gilmour's Bitter advertising mirror, one other. 15-25
644.    A Quantity of Prints and Pictures:- One Box 15-25
645.    A Motocaddy Golf Bag, and a Pinseeker No. 8 golfing iron. (2) 10-15
646.    An "X-Rocker" Black Leather Gaming Chair, a Playstation 2/3 Rockband drum kit and a Guitar Hero faceplate. (3) 15-25
647.    A Myers Arran Mattress and Matching Duran, width 93cms. 10-20
648.    A Dual Actuator Electric Duvan Bed, together with a Dreams Stratus adjustable mattress, width 93cms. 10-20
649.    A Flymo Power Trim 700, together with a Black & Decker hedge trimmer plus a Black & Decker circular saw and electric planer. (Untested, sold for parts only)
650.    Spirit Level, shovel, rake, snow shovel, sledge hammer etc.
651.    Work Bench, hose reel, extension leas, lawn aerator etc.
652.    A Clarke 37" Wood Lather; a Black & Decker D994 lathe and a mounted saw. (3) 20-30
653.    A Wolf Floor Standing Pillar Drill; together with a quantity of drill bits and accessories etc. (3) 15-25
654.    A Quantity of Golfing Irons and Woods, various makers including:- Wilson, Slazenger, Howson etc; together with two golf bags and trolley. 10-20
655.    Wooden and Aluminium Steps, and a single chair. 10-20
656.    A Ten Rung Ladder, together with a five rung step ladder.
657.    A 26 Rung Stainless Steel Sliding Ladder. 10-20
658.    A Bosch Rotak 43 Lawn Mower.
659.    A Geronje Sensocare Washing Machine.
660.    A Beko Verical Fridge Freezer.
661.    A Karcher K 4.99 Jet Washer.
662.    A Vax V-2000S Vacuum Cleaner.
663.    A Bosch Classixx 6 1400 Washing Machine.
664.    A Mercedes Combi 1117 Vacuum Cleaner.
665.    A Panasonic 1000w Microwave.
666.    A Zanussi Freezone Fridge Freezer.
667.    A 32" HD Hitachi Television, with remote.
668.    A Dell Inspiron 4100 Laptop PC, Windows X, 128 RAM, Intel Pentium III with processor. 10-20
669.    Acer Aspire V5-571 Laptop Personal Computer, Windows 8, Intel Core i5 1.7Ghz Processor, 8Gb RAM. Mouse and power supply included. 80-120
670.    A Panasonic 32" Viera HD Television, and two tier stand. (2) 30-50
671.    A Panasonic Viera 26" HD Television, with built in digital Freeview. 20-40
672.    A B&O Beo Center 3500 Record Deck, a B&O Beocord 2200 tape deck and a Panasonic SL-H350 turntable. (3) 20-40
673.    New Chelsea Wild Rose Tea Ware, of twenty one pieces, Grays jug, chintz pin trays etc :- One Tray 15-25
674.    Tuscan and Other Indian Tree Ware, two Doulton snowmen mugs, collectors plates:- One Tray 15-25
675.    James Kent Tea Service, malachite egg, amethyst vase with cat, etc:- One Tray 15-20
676.    Decanter, six sherry glasses, Mason's and glass dishes, whisky flagon:- One Tray 15-25
677.    Four Copeland Spode Dessert Plates, plus matching oval, square and circular bowls, transfer printed and painted with exotic bird and foliage, retailed by Waring & Gillow, Oxford St. (7) 20-30
678.    Limoges Cabinet Plates, Pendelfin 'Dodger', display thimbles, Royal Osbourne China robin, Masons jug, Royal Albert Old Country Roses, decorative wares :- One Tray 15-25
679.    Two Sadler Ginger Jars, with floral decoration, Shorter & Son jug, etc:- One Tray 10-20
680.    Cut Glass Bowls, posy bowl, knife rests etc :- One Tray 10-20
681.    A Ceramic Table Lamp, Worcester shell teapot, "Bridlington" Wonder ashtray, Derby egg separator, Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest jar, etc:- One Tray 15-25
682.    Two Sylvac Planters, German style steiners, amongst other items:- One Tray 15-25
683.    Royal Albert "Lady Hamilton" Coffee Pot, "Ballerina" teapot, "Spodes Fitzhugh" coffee ware, Doulton figurine "Sally" HN2741 (2nd, repaired), Coalport napkin rings, Hawthornden & Worcester teapots:- One Tray 20-30
684.    Wedgwood Volendam Bowl, Trentham streaked vase, Doulton "Coralie" figurines, two Beswick foxes, Bavarian pierced plates, etc:- One Tray 20-40
685.    Carved Mouse, ceramic eggs, Botanic Garden vase, minerals, etc:- One Tray 15-20
686.    Blue Glass Decanters, German whistle mug, Doulton pouring jug, etc:- One Tray 10-20
687.    Seven Susie Cooper Cups and Saucers, together with a Masons Brocade pattern jar and cover plus Nao figure, etc. 10-20
688.    Spode Kensington Coffee Ware, of fifteen pieces Y8051, eleven pieces of Edwardian tea ware :- One Tray 15-25
689.    Two Falcon Ware Cavalier Jugs, hexagonal vase, Losol Pagoda bowl, Worcester and Doulton plates :- One Tray 15-25
690.    XIX Century Large Stoneware Jug, with a hunting scene (damaged), other XIX Century stoneware jugs (damaged) etc :- One Tray 15-20
691.    Fourteen Collectors Series Plates, including Royal Doulton "In Defence of the Realm", Coalport "Reach for the Sky", "Heroes of the Sky", etc, all boxed, together with a Jack Daniels poker set. 20-30
692.    Early XX Century Dressing Table Trays, trinket boxes, Shelley jug, etc:- One Tray 10-20
693.    Poole Teaware, umbrella cake plate, Biarritz plate, etc:- One Tray 10-20
694.    Sadler and Sylvac Vases, Sadler teapot, Stylecraft trio, etc:- One Tray 15-20
695.    Royal Doulton Part Dinner/Tea Service "Clarendon" Pattern, of nineteen pieces:- One Tray 15-20
696.    A Circa 1924 O. S. Map Showing the Handsworth Area, (mounted on board), a cottage woodland oil study, comic golfing prints, "Arming the Young Knight" print, stained glass photographic print, etc. (6) 5-15
697.    A Cornucopia Vase, French fish plates, three glass vases, six goblets, teapot, etc:- One Tray 15-20
698.    Bohemia, Caithness, amethyst, decanters, rolling pin, other glassware:- One Tray 20-30
699.    Masons Ironstone "Vista" Pattern Dinner Service, comprising plates, tureens, soup bowls, etc, forty-one pieces. 25-45
700.    A Large Chinese Pottery Vase, decorated with figures at work and recreation; plus anothwer oriental style vase decorated with geishas. (2) 10-20
701.    Six Various Decanters, drinking glasses, vase, bell:- One Tray 20-40
702.    Set of Three Graduated Edwardian Pottery Jugs, with all over floral decoration, pair of French dessert comports. 15-25
703.    XIX Century Blue Lustre and Floral Table Ware, f seventeen pieces, Masons and Wedgwood tureens, wash jug. 15-25
703A.   A Collection of Decorative Cutlery Handles, hand painted ceramic, mother of pearl, etc:- One Box 10-15
704.    A Beswick Pottery Book Stack Dish, base impressed Beswick England 1290, length 28cms. 20-40
705.    A Plated Spirit Burner, with pierced body, twin scroll handles on three ball and claw feet. 15-25
706.    Tyche Tosca Pottery Figure Group of Anniversary Couple, 24cms high, together with a gilt framed convex wall mirror. (2) 15-20
707.    A Quantity of Modern Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, bangles etc:- One Box 10-20
708.    Plated Soup Spoons, serving spoons, knives, forks etc :- One Tray 15-20
709.    Canteen of Sheffield Plated Cutlery, of forty four pieces, with beaded handles, together with another Viners "Eternal Beau". (2) 30-40
710.    A Quantity of Digital Watches, including Casio, Kalenji, etc:- One Box 8-12
711.    A Mother of Pearl Handled Multi Blade Penknife, "The City" whistle, Victorian and later pre decimal coinage (including silver content), military cap badges, crowns, rolled gold two part cheroot (cased), etc:- One Tub 20-30
712.    A Silver Hallmarked Brooch, filigree and cameo bracelet and earrings, ladies wristwatches, costume jewellery, Delft pendant necklace, etc. 15-25
713.    Cased Teaspoons, dessert spoons, cufflink's, cutlery, etc:- One Tray 10-20
714.    A Cased Canteen of Sheffield Plate, all in Queens pattern, together with hat pins, cased Bellini silver plate, plus further plated cutlery. 15-25
715.    Early XX Century Carnival Glass Pedestal Bowl, carnival glass bowl, Beswick bowl, pair of prints of ballerinas etc :- One Box 10-20
716.    Three Plated Trays, two twin handled bowls, cruet set, etc:- One Box 10-20
717.    Continental China Shallow Dish, ribbon plate, ruby overlay glass vase, Johnson Bros dinnerware's, sunflower moulded teapot, figurines, German jug, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
718.    Viners Alpha Tray, hip flasks, sugar helmet, condiments, etc:- One Box 15-20
719.    A Timbercraft Shallow Display Cabinet by David Cooper, with glaze front, glass shelves, (lacking pegs). 10-20
720.    Rugby World Cup 1991 Official Commemorative Plate by Griffiths of Dyfed, Cawthorne Cricket Club and other limited edition plates by Worcester, Bradex, Grafton and Doulton. 10-20
721.    Two Cawthorne Limited Edition, Five Penistone, Coalport and Border Fine Arts Plates. (9) 10-20
722.    Walker & Hall Entree Dish, pierced dish, condiment set, Alpacaa cigarette case, Pearce's muffin dish, other plated ware:- One Tray 15-25
723.    Denby Dale Pie Memorabilia, including Hornsea, Jenny Hinchcliffe, Britannia, Falcon, limited edition paperweight. 10-20
724.    "Best Good" Blue and White Pottery Tureen, Spode dish, tobacco jar (no lid), etc:- One Tray 15-20
725.    Culfonia EPNS A1 Pierced Basket, on a circular base, plated pierced basket on pedestal base, blue and white china teaspoons, cut throat razor Geo. Wostenholm & Son. 10-20
726.    Crown Staffordshire Rose Pattern Tea Ware, of approximately sixty pieces. 15-25
727.    Glass Kidney Shaped Side Dishes, oval bowl, Hors d'oeuvre's, jam pot, decanter:- One Tray 15-25
728.    Crown Staffordshire Floral Tea Ware, of approximately thirty seven pieces for Tate & Oglesby, Hull :- One Tray 15-25
729.    Sheffield in the 1930's Plate by George Cunningham, with signed certificate 31 of 1000, four meat plates, Japanese egg shell tea ware, Coronation set. 15-25
730.    Blue Glass and Bulbous Decanters, drinking glasses :- One Tray 15-25
731.    Spode Twenty Seven Piece Floral Tea Service, Y5926, Edwardian green floral tea ware:- One Tray 20-40
732.    Mason's "Regency" Dinner Ware, of seventy two pieces, including two teapots, two lidded tureens, three bread plates and twelve dinner plates. 40-60
733.    Two Royal Adderley Budgerigars, two bird groups, one other, Wedgwood Jasperware:- One Tray 20-30
734.    Decorative China, including Wedgwood Swallow and Clementine vase, Royal Doulton china posies, Minton Haddon Hall milk and sugar, Royal Albert cabinet plates etc :- One Tray 10-20
735.    A Part Suite of Gilt Rimmed Glassware, foliate decoration to the bowls, and three lead crystal cocktail glasses:- One Tray 10-25
736.    Maling and Devon T.V Cups and Saucers, Adams, Coalport, Aynsley and other china:- One Tray 15-25
737.    Twelve Masons Mrs Beeton's Spices Jars and Covers, including garlic, thyme, ginger, etc:- One Tray 20-30
738.    A Pair of Royal Doulton Tureens, "Kingswood" pattern pair of XIX Century plates, cake plates, etc:- One Tray 20-30
739.    Masons Chartreuse Ginger Jar, Copenhagen decanter, Wedgwood vase, etc :- One Tray 15-25
740.    Beswick Figures, Palomino horses, Sylvac terrier, Goebel figures as hedgehogs, etc:- One Tray 25-35
741.    XIX Century Spirit Decanter, and an early XX Century liqueur decanter, quantity of tumblers etc :- One Tray 20-30
742.    A Quantity of Nao and Other Figurines, (faults noted):- One Tray 15-25
743.    A Marie Whitby Studio Bus, together with Art Pottery piggy money bank, together with four others similar. 15-25
744.    Belleek Bowl and Jug, with black back stamp, XIX Century jug, Shelley commemorative coronation mug, George V and Mary, etc:- One Tray 15-25
745.    Royal Doulton "Counterpoint" Dinner Ware, of approximately thirty-three pieces, Wedgwood "Westbury" coffee pot, Royal Albert "Memory Lane" cake plate. 20-30
746.    Maska Figurine of Female Nude, 45.5cms high, a similar classical bust, barometer, Coalport bowl, etc:- One Tray 15-25
747.    A Crown Ducal Planter, in Charlotte Rhead style, together with a Burleigh ware cheese platter, plus a boxed Wedgwood Ulander pattern plate:- One Tray 20-40
748.    Edinburgh Crystal decanter, pair of cased tumblers, Stuart whisky and other drinking glasses, decanter:- One Tray 20-30
749.    Two Sandland Character Jugs, lighter, lamp, breweriana, etc:- One Tray 15-20
750.    Two Nao Ballerinas, girl in night gown, one Lladro and two Leonardo clowns (faults noted). (6) 20-40
751.    Poor Richard's Maxim's Pottery Plate, (chipped), Welsh costumes, Derby and other XIX Century tea ware, George 5th mugs:- One Tray 15-20
752.    A Large Quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham Ware, including lidded tureens, cups, saucers, plates, jugs, plus a quantity of Royal Worcester Wild Harvest ware. 15-25
753.    A Stoneware Flagon for Courage and Co Ltd, together with two tea services comprising teapot, cups, saucers, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
754.    Atlas and Other Edwardian Floral Tea Ware, of approximately fifty seven pieces including teapot :- One Tray 20-30
754A.   Two Claret Jugs, each with plated collar, hinged lid and handle. 10-20
755.    Large Studio Pottery Bowl, Singapore, Bisto and one other meat plate, Wedgwood bowl and West Yorkshire County Council plate. 15-20
756.    Pair of Elkington Plate Condiments, steak knives, other cutlery, Ortak clock, Nick Munro bowl, etc:- One Tray 15-25
757.    Blue and White Wares, including meat plate, sandwich plate, jatr ad cover, diner wares etc, together with Crown Ducal 'Bristol' tea wares, ramekins and other tea wares :- Two Boxes
758.    Royal Worcester Evesham Diner Wares, including tureen, condiments, oval dish, large bowl, ramekins etc, together with Queens China Virginia Strawberry graduating dishes, 'Homestead' pattern comport etc :- One Box 15-25
759.    A Quantity of Denby Tea and Dinner Wares, varying designs (approx. forty pieces) :- Two Boxes 20-40
760.    A Ladies Biking Jacket and Matching Trousers by Frank Thomas, in powder blue, size ten in leather. 20-30
761.    Two Posser Sticks, copper kettle, bed warmer, garden syringe, lamp, three flat irons, Ewbank sweeper. 15-25
762.    A Yamaha C40 Acoustic Guitar, (boxed). 20-40
763.    Royal Doulton "Ardon" Tureen, six dessert and six dinner plates and Larchmont tureen, Petite Super International and Imperial 200N typewriters. 20-30
764.    Elvis Presley, The Pony-Tails, The Platters, The Crickets and Other 78 RPM Records, quantity of books, Sheffield interest noted:- One Box 15-25
765.    A Cast Metal Chess Set, in the form of Roman soldiers, together with a chess board. 15-20
766.    A Chad Valley Tinplate Nursery Clock, circa 1930's Indian woven shoes, clogs, pewter flask, novelty money bank, WWI silk, cigarette cards, 78's including Elvis (blue and black labels, Bill Haley, Little Richard), etc:- One Tray 15-20
767.    Cutlery, reproduction carved tooth, tankards, alabaster box etc :- One Box 15-20
768.    A Vintage TR 82B Radio, two Hohner harmonicas, oak cased wall barometer/ thermometer, Harper scales and weights, box camera, Record plane, etc. 20-30
769.    Three Cased Cut Throat Razors, including Newton No. 500 Special, together with a Casades figure of young boy dressed as pirate, large quantity of marbles and beads, etc:- One Tray 15-30
770.    A Large Victorian Gladstone Bag. 15-25
771.    Metamec Clock, table lamps, Seiko watch, coinage, Solid State calculator, etc:- One Tray 15-25
772.    The Chessman Chess Set and Board, the figures hand painted of Medieval figures. 20-30
773.    Stanley 220 and 110 Planes, Preston & Rabone spirit level, Chesterman rule, slide rule etc :- One Tray 20-30
774.    A Quantity of Pewter Ware, including XIX Century tankards and a tray, together with later pewter. 15-25
775.    Ebonised Candlesticks, painted egg, carved wooden animals, lighter, etc:- One Tray 15-25
776.    Five Golfing Trophies, tankard, approximately thirty five first day covers, mainly 1968 and 1969, XIX Century black slate garniture piece, with bronzed Corinthian columns and figures:- One Tray 10-20
776A.   Stanley No 10 Plane and Yankee No. 130A Screw Driver, Rabone 6 foot rule, Moore & Wright micrometer, Chesterman rule, etc:- One Tray 20-40
777.    A Collection of Penknives and Fruit Knives, (approx. fifteen), including mother of pearl handled and silver bladed, hallmarked silver handle examples noted, together with EPNS cutlery, souvenir wares, geometry pieces, two boxes etc :- One Tray 15-30
778.    Twenty Glass Lamp Shades of Bell Form, 6 x 21cms and 14 x 16.5cms high. 30-40
779.    Rock and Pop LP's, including Beatles, "Help", Sgt Pepper, Oldies but Goodies, etc, T-Rex, Buddy Holly, Adam and the Ants, etc, (loose and cased). 10-20
780.    A XIX Century Mahogany Cased Writing Slope, with fitted interior (lacking some fretwork). 20-30
781.    A Black and White Chess Board, together with American Independence chess set. 10-20
782.    A Circa 1930's Ribbed Ceiling Light Fitting, with flecked yellow marbled decoration, a further marbled shade, bakelite flask, an 8 day walnut cased mantel clock, CWS tinplate biscuit box etc. 15-25
783.    A Dutch Style Wall Clock, with twin pear drop weights. 15-20
784.    Three Mantel Clocks, another with fall door lower section. 10-20
785.    An African Style Turned Wood Chess Set, together with a chess board with two drawers. 15-20
786.    W. Watson & Sons Ltd of London "Kima" Microscope 89033, and childs and one other (incomplete), two travel clocks. 15-20
787.    A Model Hull for a Battleship, with motor. Missing superstructure. 140cms long. 10-20
788.    Two Sets of Black Painted Cast Iron Scales, with weights and pans. 20-30
789.    A Quantity of 1960's/1970's 45rpm Records, in a case.
790.    Oil Lamp, brassware, teapots, etc:- One Box, BR (W) Lamp, Magicook Fan 20-40
791.    A BSR Portable Record Player, together with a photograph of The Drifters signed by Johnny Moore, plus a quantity of 78 records. 20-40
792.    A. W. Gamage of Holborn Snooker Scoreboard, (incorrect markers), Fitzpatrick & Longley iron, 193's tool chest, Desmo and two Pyrene extinguishers. 20-40
793.    A Large Quantity of 78RPM Records, including Decca, his Masters Voice, etc, all classical interest. 10-20
794.    Zenith, Lieberman & Gortz, Samsung, binoculars all cased. 10-20
795.    Three Matchbox Models of Boxed Sets, Lord of the Rings, Golden Veterans etc:- One Box 15-25
796.    Inlaid, Lacquered and Oak Boxes, two clocks (some damage):- One Box 15-20
797.    A Set of Prinz Cased Binoculars, together with Steiner, Yellow Stone binoculars, plus other associated items. 10-20
798.    Four Vintage Travel Cases, varying designs and a small collection of LP's, etc. 10-20
799.    A Hachette Partworks Diecast and Plastic 1:16 Tiger Tank Model, 2010, as a weekly subscribed kit of parts in sealed bags with instruction sheets. Unchecked for completeness but a lot here. Together with a set of balsa wood parts for a spitfire sealed in bags with with weekly instructions by De Agostini, unchecked for completeness. 20-40
800.    Heavy Brass Six Branch Ceiling Centre Light, two five branch ceiling lights, two bulbous wall lights, two others. 20-40
801.    A Quantity of Fishing Related Items, including care rods, shelters, landing nets, Shakespeare carbon rod. 10-20
802.    Two Circa 1940's Wall Hanging Mirrors, together with a hardwood rack and painted rack. 10-20
802A.   A Child's Tri-ang Gee-Gee Rocking Horse. 10-20
802B.   A Rectangular Hall Mirror, in beaten brass frame having three branch swing candelabra to base. 15-25
803.    Italian Alabaster Pedestal Stand, with cut corners to square top, turned cylindrical support and octagonal base, 94cms high. 20-40
803A.   An Early XX Century Oval Mirror, in twin border gilt frame, decorated with faceted glass. 15-25
803B.   E.B.C. Pair of Mid to Late XX Century Oils on Canvas of Botanical Studies, 39.5 x 49.5cms, together with an earlier still life study (torn). (3) 15-25
804.    Carl Fogarty Print, framed cigarette cards, print of Jack Nicklaus at 2000 British Open. 10-20
805.    A Set of Three Silhouette Type Prints of XVIII Gentleman in glazed heavy brass frames, further colour prints, two oil studies (framed and loose), modern print of a cowboy, etc. 10-20
806.    Modern Blue and Black Abstract, 79 x 79cms, three large unframed oils of reflective child (torn), church interior and nude. (4) 15-25
807.    A Pair of Large Next Modern Rectangular Wall Mirrors, each in cushioned stitched dark brown leatherette frames, 66 x 86cms, and two Egyptian souvenir gouache studies. (4) 20-40
808.    Russian Engraving Watercolour on Fabric of Blue Birds, together with five other large prints. (7) 15-25
809.    Two Circa 1930's Oak Framed Reproduction Colour Prints, after Pissarro and Monet, a further Dutch river scene print in oak frame and further print after Maurice Utrillo 'Suburban Street' in an ebonised frame. (4) 15-30
810.    An Oriental Rosewood Panel, decorated with mother of pearl inlay, together with another similar, plus an original Ronald Grampton watercolour plus another similar. 100-120
811.    Ray Figg Pair of Pencil Signed Limited Edition Colour Prints, 29 of 850, of tranquil shipping scenes, 38.5 x 29.5cms. 15-25
812.    Mike Green (Sheffield Artist) Acrylic "Wiremill Blues", signed lower right, details verso, 37 x 46cms, plus a Mediterranean scene pen and ink dated 2011. (2) 20-30
813.    A XX Century Continental School- "Abstract Self Portrait", mixed media, indistinctly signed, 48x38cms, an oil study of a Venetian church signed Layfield '68, a monochrome watercolour figural study, oil landscape study, Modigliani copy, etc. 10-20
814.    Herbert George Slater (1898-1978), Watercolour, still life of flowers in pottery jug, 49 x 35cms, signed lower left, another similar (slipped in frame). (2) 20-40
815.    A XIX Century Burr Walnut Picture Frame, two mirrors, J. Lewis Stant signed print, etc. (6) 15-25
816.    A Pastel Depicting Rural Scene, titled High Up in the Peak District, signed F. E. Woodard, together with limited edition print of Bradfield Church amongst other items. 15-25
817.    Olive E. D. Atherton "Winter Reflection, Frensham Little Pond", Watercolour and Pencil, 32x52cms, together with English School, "Lighting a Fire Beside Estuary", watercolour, an abbey ruins oil study, watercolour village scene, coastal scenes, etc. 15-25
818.    Limited Edition Print Anton?, of a man on children's scooter, 36/275; two XIX Century style horse racing prints of Elis and Barefoot, together with a watercolour Egyptian scene a man n a camel. (4) 10-20
819.    Derek Abel Limited Edition Colour Prints, "Corpus Christi 00", 14 of 20, 27.5 x 36.5cms, and "Leckhampton" 21 of 50, plus four F. Robson prints. (6) 15-25
820.    British School - 'Ben Eighe, Glen Torridon, West Ross' Oil on Board, label verso, titled and indistinctly signed, 44.5 x 59cms, two Scottish Highland colour prints and two c.1900 oak framed prints. (5)
821.    A Quantity of Nude Studies, varying media, including pencil folio works, oil studies, chalk and watercolour studies, etc (many). 15-25
822.    An Oval Wall Hanging Mirror, in carved wooden frame, together with another rectangular mirror, plus a framed print of Dutch scene. 10-20
823.    Folio of Richard Barrett Prints, and four unsigned watercolours. 15-25
824.    An Oil on Board Depicting a Ford Cortina MK3 in Woodland Scene, signed A. G. Dobbs 84. 20-40
825.    Two Folios of Architectural Drawings and Prints. 15-25
826.    A Pair of XIX Century Oils on Board of Dog Studies, pair of painted mirrors, another in black painted frame. (5) 15-20
827.    A Circa 1920's Oak Cased Eight Day Wall Clock, silvered dial, Arabic numerals. 10-20
828.    A Mid XX Century Venetian Style Wall Clock, having stallion pediment over central enamelled face with Roman numeral, flanking turned pilasters on turned base. 20-40
829.    Early XIX Century Oak Mahogany White Dial 30 Hour Grandfather Clock, hood with swan neck pediment, arched door, trunk with small door with shell inlay, base with bracket dial, a painted white dial with floral decoration. 200-300
830.    A Circa 1930's Oak Cased Grandfather Clock, silvered Arabic numerals. 15-30
831.    An American Shelf Clock, 8 day, Roman numerals, mahogany and rosewood cushioned case. 20-40
832.    A Belgian Cotton Chenille Rug, with allover scroll decoration on a mustard ground, 200 x 280cms. 20-30
833.    Tigar Polypropylene Rug, with floral motifs on beige ground, 285 x 190cms, Kashan rug and small rugs. (4) 15-25
834.    Tassled Egyptian Harvard Olefin Rug, with floral motifs and multicoloured border on claret ground, 224 x 160cms, another similar smaller. (2) 20-30
835.    An English Carpet Circa 1920's, with central Indian style motif, allover floral decoration on cream ground, 356x274cms. 20-40
836.    Barratt & Robinson of London, mid to late XX Century mahogany cased upright piano, numbered 75732. 50-100
837.    Mahogany Bookshelves, with reeded canted sides and adjustable shelves. 20-40
838.    A Mahogany Glazed Corner Cupboard, with reeded sides, glazed door, with internal shelf. 20-40
839.    A Circa 1920's Two Seater Drop Arm Settee, upholstered in celadon dralon, on castors, together with a wing back armchair on squat cabriole legs. (2) 30-60
840.    An Oak Framed Firescreen, with a needlework panel depicting the willow pattern, and a reproduction mahogany side cabinet with two frieze drawers over an adjustable shelf. (2) 5-15
841.    A Modern Single Seater Settee, decorated with purple foliate motifs on beige ground. 20-40
842.    1920's Beech Framed Bergeres Two Seater Settee, on cabriole legs, a matching chair (cane damaged). 10-20
843.    Two Modern Bevelled Rectangular Wall Mirrors, each in reproduction mahogany effect frames, a demi-lune side table with undertier and an octagonal occasional table. (4) 20-40
844.    Early XX Century Wall Hanging Shelves, with shaped sides, two open shelves over two cupboard doors. 25-45
845.    An Edwardian Mahogany Three heights Bookcase, adjustable shelving and two glazed doors, bracket feet. 30-50
846.    A Walnut Art Deco Display Cabinet, with astragal circular centre to twin glazed doors, on plinth base (stained top). 20-40
847.    XX Century Mahogany Wall Hanging Shelves, with a shaped low back, pierced sides, three serpentine shaped shelves over three small drawers, together with a jardiniere stand. 20-30
848.    A Two Seater Wooden Garden Bench, matching single open armchair and garden table. (3) 20-30
849.    A 1970's Teak Chest of Five Drawers, on tapering tubular legs. 15-25
850.    A Computer Table, with sliding shelves on castors. 10-20
851.    1930's Oak Wardrobe, with mirrored door over single drawer. 5-10
852.    A Stained Pine Bookcase, with slope front. 15-25
853.    A Painted Pine Wall Hanging glazed cupboard, with internal shelving. 15-25
854.    Two Standard Lamps and Oak Single Bed. 15-20
855.    A Modern Circular Topped Oak Dining Table, together with four matching farmhouse style spindle back chairs. 20-40
856.    A 1930's Oak Draw Leaf Table, with barley twist legs and "X" stretcher. 20-30
857.    A Modern Mahogany Bureau, having fall front over four long drawers on bracket feet. 15-30
858.    A Yew Wood Drop Leaf Dining Table, with curved ends to rectangular top, on turned supports. 15-25
859.    A Set of Four Wheel Back Dining Chairs, together with a slender oak drop leaf table. (5) 15-25
860.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Chair, with pierced splat back, together with an oak coffee table with turned stretchered legs plus a foot stool. 15-25
861.    An XVIII D Ended Oak Drop Leaf Gate Leg table, on ring turned and block stretchered legs. 15-25
862.    Glass Concentric Circle Design Topped Table, folding table, two fire stools. 15-20
863.    An Early XX Century Ash Tub Chair, with shaped splats, rail supports on square legs. 10-20
864.    A Pair of 1920's Queen Anne Oak Dining Chairs, and a metal bound travel trunk. (3) 15-20
865.    A XIX Century Mahogany Partners Desk, with moulded edge and black leatherette scriver over three top drawers, the twin pedestals with graduated drawers and cupboards, on plinth bases, 79cms high, 152cms wide. 200-300
866.    An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Bedside Cupboard, with a low back, moulded edge, open shelf over panelled cupboard door, on a plinth base, (bearing label Maple Co. London). 25-35
867.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Tea Table, with fold over top on ring turned tapering legs. Together with a circa 1920's mahogany pot cupboard. 30-50
868.    A Mahogany Wine Table, with piecrust gallery to oval top, together with a Lloyd Loom lusty commode. (2) 15-20
869.    A XIX Century Mahogany Breakfront Sideboard Base, with a single drawer over two arched panel doors and flanking cupboard doors, on a plinth base. 20-40
870.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Revolving Piano Stool, (damaged); plus a mahogany tapering pedestal. (2) 20-40
871.    An XVIII Century D Ended Oak Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, on ring turned stretchered legs. 20-40
872.    A Pine Sewing Box, together with a Lloyd Loom style chair and stool. 20-30
873.    An Ebonised Book Cabinet, with twin glazed doors. 15-20
874.    An Oak Gateleg Table, with oval top and barley twist legs. 20-30
875.    A Mahogany Hifi Cabinet, in Georgian style, having six short dummy drawers over single long drawer on bracket feet. 15-25
876.    A Late XIX Century Pine Chest of Drawers, having three quarter galleried back over three long graduated drawers, on bun feet. 30-50
877.    A Pair of Circa 1960's Ernest Gomme for G Plan Dining Chairs, kidney shaped back rest, shaped seats on an ebonised stylised frame, gilt stamp, and a matching three heights chest of drawers. (3) 30-50
878.    A 1930's Oak Bureau, with fall front over two drawers on barley twist legs and block supports. 20-40
879.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Dressing Chest, having central oval bevelled mirror over flanking jewellery drawers, three long graduated drawers on bracket feet. 30-50
880.    An Edwardian Walnut Purdonium, with pokerwork carved panel to fall fronted coal storage area, on turned legs. 20-30
881.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Pot Cupboard, having low back over top with moulded edge, two panelled doors on turned seat. 30-50
882.    A Marble Top Circular Table, on a stainless steel pedestal base, together with four chairs. 15-20
883.    A Circular Topped Drum Table, together with two wine tables. Together with a modern "Jade" Chinese sculptured rug. (4) 10-20
884.    An Early XX Century Inlaid Oak Dressing Table, with shield shape swing mirror, pear drop handles to two short and two long drawers, on tapering legs, together with matching wardrobes. (2) 80-120
885.    A 1970's Teak Coffee Table, another earlier in walnut. 15-25
886.    A XIX Century Ebonised Revolving Bookcase, with circular top, gilt spindle dividers to cruciform central section, on tripod legs. 20-40
887.    A XIX Century Mahogany Straight Front Chest of Two Short and Three Long Drawers, having turned knobs, curved ends and plinth base. 60-90
888.    A 1920's Oak Bookcase, with moulded edge, two shelves, on bracket feet. 10-20
889.    A Circa 1930's Wooden Bound Travel Trunk. 20-40
890.    A Late Victorian Marble Topped Washstand, two frieze drawers over cupboard door and undertiers, on ring turned supports, and a matched contemporary marble and mirror back, shaped broken swan neck pediment. (2) 40-80
891.    A Bleached Maple and Mahogany Bureau, crossbanded fall front over two drawers, on shell carved cabriole legs. 40-60
892.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Fold Over Tea Table, with a rectangular swivel top, on turned legs. 50-100
893.    Late XVII Century and Later Oak Gate Leg Table, with an oval top, o bobbin and block supports, united by stretchers. 50-100
894.    A XIX Century Mahogany Slender Chest of Four Graduated Drawers, with turned knobs, curved ends and plinth base stamped Garnett & Sons 2633. 40-60
895.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Sidetable, (formerly a dressing table), top with moulded edge of single bow fronted drawer to frieze, flanking drawers on square tapering legs terminating on castors. Decorated with boxwood stringing throughout. 30-50
896.    A Mahogany Georgian Style Bureau, having fall front with fitted interior over three long drawers, on block supports. 20-40
897.    A Mid XX Century Oriental Camphor Wood Chest, heavily carved with wise men, buffalo and foliage. 50-100
898.    A XX Century Oak Three Sectional Bookcase, with leaded glass, sliding doors, on small stile feet. 50-100
899.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Two Short and Three Long Graduated Drawers, with canted corners and plinth base. 100-150
901.    A Modern Mahogany Georgian Style Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, top with moulded edge over four long drawers on bracket feet. 20-40
902.    A XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with single drawer, reeded and turned legs. 30-50
903.    A Mid XX Century Mahogany Sidetable, having two short drawers over square tapering legs, on spade feet. 15-25
904.    A XIX Century Mahogany Serpentine Bookcase, with twin upper glazed doors, fitted secretaire drawer over two graduated drawers, on turned legs, 110cms wide. 80-120
905.    A XIX Century Dark Oak Sideboard, with stepped pediment, twelve panel door, twin mask panels and bevelled mirror to back, two drawers and two cupboard doors to base on block legs. 60-90
906.    Four "Ercol" Mid XX Century Child's Chairs, with rectangular bar backs, over two supports, solid seats, on round tapering legs. 30-50
907.    Early XX Century Walnut Piano Stool, with twin turned carry handles, and lift up seat. 15-25
908.    A XIX Century Pitch Pine Church Pew, (213cms wide); Another Pitch Pine Church Pew, (210cms wide). (2) 40-60
909.    A XIX Century Pitch Pine Church Pew, (212cms wide); Another Pitch Pine Church Pew, (211cms wide). (2) 40-60
910.    A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Bar Back Country Chairs, moulded cresting rail over bow-tie crossrail, rush drop in seats, a similar pair of chairs and an elm wheel back chair. (5) 20-40
911.    A Set of Six Ash and Elm Ladder Back Chairs, with rush seats, on cabriole legs united by rails. 80-120
912.    A Set of Four Regency Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, together with mahogany wall hanging shelves. 10-20
913.    XIX Century Mahogany Rocking Chair, with scroll arms, turned legs, drop in seat. 50-70
914.    XIX Century Walnut Easy Chair, on turned legs, upholstered in a gold button back dralon. 30-50
915.    A Mid XIX Century Hooped Back Mahogany Framed Armchair, with carved C scroll decoration, on cabriole legs. 80-120
916.    A Mid XIX Century Hooped Back Walnut Framed Armchair, with button back, C-scroll carving on turned legs. 70-100
917.    G. May Set of Four XIX Century Hall Chairs, each with scroll bar back on turned legs, and bearing makers stamp to back. Two others similar unstamped. (6) 30-50
918.    Set of Ten (Two Carver, Eight Single) Stained Wooden Ladder Back Dining Chairs, each with rush seat and block legs 200-250
919.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Armchair, with spindle back and side rails, rush seat on turned legs. 40-60
920.    A Victorian Gothic Style Chair, with central carved clover to back flanking barley twist supports, on stretchered legs. 15-25
921.    A Circa 1920's Oak Armchair, with shaped top rail over upholstered back and seat on turned stretchered legs. 15-25
922.    A Mid XX Century South East Asian Folding Hardwood Coffee Table. The circular top heavily carved with pagoda's, figures in boat, garden and sunburst within a Greek key border, under glass plate top, 59cms high, 60.5cms wide. 30-50
923.    A Wicker Laundry Basket, with carry handles. 15-25
924.    A Mid XX Century South East Asian Folding Hardwood Coffee Table. The circular top heavily carved with pagoda's, figures, garden and sunburst within a Greek key border, under glass plate top, 61.5cms high, 61cms wide. 40-60
925.    A Victorian Walnut Dressing Table Mirror, having central rectangular mirror on scroll supports over breakfront base, on bun feet. 15-25
926.    A XIX Century Mahogany Table Cabinet, with panelled doors, seven internal drawers (one missing), on a moulded edge plinth. 30-50
927.    A c.1920's Oak Framed Toilet Table Mirror, double arched plate with ring turned supports, splayed legs. 20-30
927A.   A 1920's Mahogany Bow Fronted Sideboard, with a low back, gadrooned edge, three central drawers, flanking panelled cupboard doors, on cabriole legs and claw and ball feet. 50-100
928.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Double Corner Cupboard, with a stepped pediment, glazed astragal door, two internal shelves, base, with a panelled door, on bracket feet. 30-50
929.    A Mahogany Bow Fronted Tall Boy, top with moulded edge over five graduated long drawers, on squat cabriole legs with pad feet. 50-80
930.    A 1930's Oak Display Cabinet, with glazed leaded, astragal doors, on bracket feet. 40-60
931.    A Vintage Ribbed Travel Trunk. 15-25
932.    A Reprodux Mahogany Nest of Tables, with rectangular tops and 'X' stretcher supports. 20-40
933.    A Late XIX Century Height Adjustable Piano Stool, on turned pedestal with swept legs, together with a mahogany sidetable. 20-30
934.    A French Style Bedroom Suite, comprising serpentine fronted dressing, pair of bedside cabinets, bedhead all decorated with gilted scroll decoration. 80-120