Antiques, Collectables & Militaria Auction on
Friday 6th February 2015

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610.    A WWI Medal Duo, made up of War Medal and Victory Medal to 795580 Dvr. F.W. Singleton, Royal Artillery. £30-50
611.    Three WWI Medals, one 1914/15 Star to 10014 Pte. A. Loxley of the Yorks Light Infantry, one Victory Medal to 44785 Sgt. J. Blake of Machine Gun Corps and one War Medal to 5925T5 F.L. Indo of the Royal Naval Reserve. £30-50
612.    Four Masonic Jewels, one silver gilt noted, all on ribbons. £15-25
613.    Two WWI Victory Medals, one to Spr. C.A. Early, Royal Engineers, and one to 12-1234 Pte. W. Woodhouse, Yorks and Lancs. Plus, a cap badge, shooting medallions among other items. £25-40
614.    A Small Quantity of WWII Period British and German Badges and Medals, including a German Faithful Service medal, "Tiny" Tank Battle badge, among others. £40-60
615.    A WWI Medal Pair to G5-36526 Cpl. W. Grimshaw, Royal Fusiliers, made up of a War Medal and Victory Medal. Plus, a 1914 Queen Mary Christmas tin and a 1919 Bradford Peace Medallion. £30-50
616.    A WWI Victory Medal to 25512 Cpl. J.W. Brooks, Northamptonshire Reg. Plus, five WWII medals made up of two Africa Star, two 1939-1945 stars, War Medal, plus a silver ARP badge. £30-50
617.    A WWI Medal Trio of War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-15 to 27441 Gnr. S. Wright, Royal Artillery. Plus, some silk postcards, photograph, cap badge, among other items. £40-60
618.    A WWI Medal Pair of War Medal and Victory Medal, to 122563 Pte. G.W. Gill, Machine Gun Corps, with missing ribbons. £30-50
619.    A Queen Elizabeth II General Service Medal, to 23218402 Pte. G. Hirst, Paras, with Cyprus bar. £30-50
620.    A WWI Medal Pair of Victory Medal and war Medal to 51826 Pte. C. Bassingdale, West Yorks regiment. Plus, cap badge and "Ypres" brooch. £30-50
621.    A Small Quantity of Military Cap Badges, buttons and associated items. £10-20
622.    A 1930's German Silver Mothers Cross, two Third Reich ribbon bars and a cap badge. £25-40
623.    A Third Reich Belt Buckle, five Sheffield Wednesday enamel badges, a 1914 On Service Badge and a Scout buckle. £30-50
624.    A British WWI Compass, stamped D. H. Powell, I. I. G. M10 No. 0671, with 1918 to rear, in split leather case with WD arrow, plus a swagger sticks, with a Notts and Derby stamped pommel. £30-50
625.    A Mid XX Century German Clock by "Junghans", 18cm silver coloured face to Bakelite case and hinged glass, case overpainted yellow. Face bears Third Reich Swastika and eagle with letter "M", (standing for naval).

*Buyers must fully satisfy themselves of authentication and condition before removal from saleroom. Items cannot be returned after removal from saleroom premises. Items purchased unviewed with third party delivery will be deemed to having been viewed. £100-200
626.    A Queens South Africa Medal to 5708 M. Mitchell, West Yorkshire Regiment, missing ribbon and suspender, bruised, plus a 1900 South Africa Christmas tin, the lot also includes a 1945 to a Mathew Mitchell No. 1509272, intelligence corps. £30-50
627.    A Mid XX Century German Machete, 40.5cm long blade stamped Alcoso, Solingen with scales, brass cross guard, with grooved wooden grip, complete with black metal scabbard, possibly a Luftwaffe survival machete.

*Buyers must fully satisfy themselves of authentication and condition before removal from saleroom. Items cannot be returned after removal from saleroom premises. Items purchased unviewed with third party delivery will be deemed to having been viewed. £200-400
628.    A Pair of RAF AM Aviator's Goggles, with angled lenses, eye guard and leather strap. No.22C/826 2022. £40-80
629.    A Circa 1940 German Third Reich Red Cross Dagger, 26cms saw back blade with hatchet tip to cross guard with centred eagle, black plastic grip and shaped pommel, with black scabbard. £150-250
630.    collected back
A US Civil War Period Starr Model 1863 Percussion Revolver, 0.44 calibre, with No.39668 stamped on cylinder, clearly stamped "Starr Arms, New York" and "Starrs Patent Jan '15 1856" and various other proof stamps. Fitted with one piece walnut grip. Overall some signs of wear, including light pitting to barrel and cylinder. £600-800
631.    A WWI Period German 9mm Erfurt Model 1908 Luger Service Pistol, dated 1917, serial No.2758. Various stamped proof marks and chequered wooden grips, with cut for shoulder stock. Still retaining some original blue finish with only slight holster wear. Deactivation certificate No.DA86646, dated 23/7/97. Complete with clip. £500-700
632.    A Mid XIX Century Continental Military Percussion Pistol, large calibre "Man Stopper" octagonal barrel, multi rifled and 19cms long, lanyard ring to butt, faint decoration to lock plate. Complete with ram rod. £200-400
633.    A 1960's Royal Military Police No.1 Uniform, comprising tunic with buttons and Sergeant stripes and trousers. £20-40
634.    A Mid XX Century ERII British Army Royal Engineers No.2 Uniform, with Corporal stripes, including all buttons, plus Royal Engineers khaki trousers and tunic. £20-40
635.    A 1950's RAF Tunic, Trousers and Cap, complete with buttons and badges. £15-25
636.    A 1960's British Military No. 2 Uniform, with parachute regiment buttons, badges and sergeants stripes, tunic and trousers. £15-25
637.    A XIX Century Snider Three Band Rifle, originally a muzzle loading Beaumont rifle, converted to the Snider system in 1867. Large amount of proof stamps, manufacturer's stamp "P", Stevens, Maastricht. Appears complete and unbroken, including flip up sight and clearing rod. £250-400
638.    A XIX Century Snider Three Band Rifle by BSA, stamped 1869 to lock plate, 0.577 calibre mark three. Full range of proof marks. Appears complete and unbroken, including flip up sight and clearing rod. Good original; finish with chequering to forend and wrist. A lovely patena. £500-800
639.    A XIX Century Snider Two Band Rifle by BSA, lock clearly stamped 1866 with VR proof marks, 0.577 calibre mark two. Appears complete and unbroken, including flip up sights and clearing rod. However, overall signs of wear present. Good bore. £250-400
640.    A XIX Century Snider Cavalry Carbine 0.57 Calibre Mark I. All parts appear unbroken, including percussion and sights. Good bore. £300-400
641.    A XIX Century Muzzle Loading Percussion Sporting Gun, barrel shortened to 52cms, still bearing faint marks of London maker. Decorated lock plate and chequered polished wooden butt. Ram rod later replacement. £80-120
642.    A Mid XIX Century Percussion Pistol, brass barrel stamped "London", significant damage and wear. Overall length 37cms. £30-50
643.    A Webley and Scott Service Air Rifle Mark Two, Pat No.371548. Plus, fully stamped with international patent numbers. Plus, a Webley tin of pellets and Parker Hale pull through. £150-200
644.    A Mid XX Century Haenel Mod VI E 0.22 Calibre Air Rifle, top loading with adjustable rear sight, walnut hale pistol grip butt with chequering. Overall length 115cms. Butt loose. £40-80
645.    An 0.22 Calibre Air Rifle, faulty, with Milbro Telescopic Sight. £10-20
646.    A George V British Army Service Corps Officers Sword, plain triple bar hilt, rounded pommel and chequered backstrap, fullered blade etched withy Royal Cypher. Complete with leather covered scabbard and frog. £40-60
647.    An Early XX Century French Officer's Infantry Sword Model 1845, slightly curved fullered blade, 77cms long, with heavy ornamental brass hilt with floral pierced guard and wirebound grip. Maker stamped to back edge of blade. Complete with steel scabbard with single suspension ring. Overall very good. £200-300
648.    A Late XIX Century Imperial German Officers Sword, with simple knuckle bow, round pommel to wire bound grip (missing wire), single side curved blade etched both sides and to back edge. Signs of wear to grip and bow. Complete with scabbard and rings. £40-80
649.    A Mid XIX Century Pioneer word, with sawback blade. Ricasso WD marked. Blade 56cms long. Rusting to blade. Brass ribbed grip and knuckle bow. Complete with leather/brass scabbard, missing tip and top of scabbard stamped "5/00-3WR". £70-100
650.    A USA WWI Bayonet, with wooden grip to 43cms fullered blade, Remington 1917 stamp, complete with damaged scabbard, plus a horn handled hunting knife. £20-30
651.    A British 1907 Pattern Bayonet, 43cms fullered blade stamped "Wilkinson" and with "B" proof marks, complete with leather scabbard and metal fittings. Overall very good. £50-70
652.    A Mid XX Century Commando Dagger, double edges, 17.5cm blade, complete with leather scabbard, (repaired), possibly Fairbairn Sykes. £40-60
653.    An 1890 Pattern Turkish Bayonet, with wooden grip to 46cms fullered blade. Signs of wear. Missing scabbard. £30-50
654.    An Eastern Kris, with stylised carved wood, finial in the form of a bird with wooden scabbard, damaged, wavy blade, overall length 36cms. £15-25
655.    A WWI Period Three Drawer Brass Telescope, stamped "Tel Sig (MK IV)" also CS/ R. J. Beck Ltd/ 1915 No. 1382, with war department arrow, leather, fully extended 92cms. £30-50
656.    A 1943 Wartime Handwritten Diary, covering the period January 1st- December 31st, includes newspaper cuttings, entries appear to have been taken from newspapers in UK. £20-40
657.    A WWI Medal Duo of War Medal and Victory Medal to Lieut. H.S. Cros RAF, plus a 1914-15 Star to 288382 D. Farrel, Royal Navy and an unmarked two draw leather bound telescope. £30-50
658.    A Pair of Mid XX Century German Binoculars, stamped Dienstglas, 6 x 30, dd x with a triangle, no obvious military markings, complete with eye cover and strap. £20-30
659.    A Teak Dish and Coaster, with circular plaque to centre which reads "Teak from the German Battleship Prinz Regent Liutpold Scuttled Scapa Flow 27th June 1919". £15-25
660.    A Pair of WWII British Military Binoculars By Ross of London, stamped with war department arrow and No. 1759, in associated leather case. £20-30
661.    A Pair of WWII British Army Binoculars, by Barr and Stroud, 7x magnification. Stamped with War Department Arrows in yellow and serial no.79389. In leather case. £20-30
662.    A WWII Medal Quartet, made up of War Medal, 1939-1945 Star, Italy Star and Africa Star, all to 2114458 L/Cpl. Arthur Wood, Royal Engineers. Plus, a quantity of war time military paperwork, sweetheart badges and letters home among other items, including king's books.

*Mr A Wood, a Sheffield man, joined up in July 1940. It is believed he saw most of his acting service in Africa and Italy and was discharged in December 1945, probably on medical grounds. £30-50
663.    A Reproduction Ply and Brass Shoulderstock, to fit German Luger pistol. £20-30
664.    A Replacement Top for a Periscope, perhaps for a tank. In original packaging. £10-20
665.    An Original Brown Leather Holster for a World War I German Luger Pistol, complete with stripping tool and makers name under flap, and an old repair to front. £80-120
666.    A Pair of WWII British Military Binoculars, stamped with War Department Arrow, CGB40MA-14336-C and Rel Canada 1944. In black leather case. £20-40
667.    A Quantity of Mainly Mid XX Century Military Buttons, Women's Land Army badge, Loyal Service badge and LMS whistle among other items. £15-25
668.    A World War II Medal Quarter, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, French/Germany Star and 1939-1945 Star, with miniature dress set, with later Normandy campaign medal with bar, and two French medals "La France" RF A Ses Liberateurs and "Overlord 1944", together with Reconnaissance Corps beret and patch. £20-40
669.    A Pair of British Mid XX Century Military Binoculars, by Barr and Stroud of Glasgow and London, stamped 7 x CF25 and APNL 1949 with large War Department Arrow, in an associated leather case. £15-25
670.    "Der Kampf im Westen" 1940 Book with Binocular Viewer, and a series of stereotype photographs depicting German military success in France, Holland and Belgium, with instruction sheet, damage and repairs to spine and covers. Nonetheless, extraordinary pictures. £30-50
671.    A Quantity of Reproduction German Third Reich Badges and Armbands Among Associated Items, including Mid XX Century booklets and postcards. £30-50
672.    An Early XX Century Single Draw Telescope, by T.Cooke and Sons Ltd, No.646. Leather bound. £20-40
673.    A Pair of Royal Navy Epaulette's, together with a dress belt, in a fitted japanned tin case, named on the lid to "Michael Claud Janvrin".

* The naval service record for Michael Claud Janvrin is included with this lot. £50-80
674.    An Early XX Century Woolwork Picture Showing Military Colours, plus the Illustrated History of the Yorks and Lancs (1907) and 1935 reprint of plans for Sheffield Hillsborough Barracks, among other items. £30-50
675.    A 1946 RAF Tunic, trousers and vests, with buttons. Contained in original tailor's box. £20-30
676.    A Blue Cloth British Police Helmet, circa 1970's Derbyshire Constabulary, with county badge and Queen's crown. Condition good, size 7 1/8. £25-35
677.    A Reproduction 1916 Pattern German Steel helmet, with leather chin strap. £25-35
678.    A Blue Cloth British Police Helmet, circa 1970's Derbyshire Constabulary, with country badge and Queen's crown with ball finial . As worn by the Derbyshire Constabulary Band. Condition good, size 7½. £50-60
679.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Army Webbing Items, including belts, bags, trousers, beret and bottles amongst other items.
680.    Approximately 400 Early XX Century Black and White Prints, all navy associated from the naval and military record and Royal Dockyard Gazette. All appear different. £100-200
681.    A Small Group of Normandy Veteran Association Items, including 55th anniversary plate and mug, blazer patch and enamel badges, with a shaving kit, Sekonda pocket watch and World war II book by Ivor Matanle. £15-25
682.    Approximately One Hundred Wartime Information Posters, including "You Can Get Water At" and "Use Only Boiled Water for Drinking, Preparing Food and Washing Up. Boil All Milk." A3 size and larger:- One Box £30-50
683.    A Large Quantity of Mid XX Century British Army Manuals, training booklets, field military furniture, pair of binoculars, Kukri, Victory V tin. among many other items. £30-50
684.    A Quantity of WWI Silk Postcards, all contained in three frames. £15-25
685.    A Small Quantity of Military Books, including a number of Zulu based volumes. £20-30
686.    A WWII Medal Quartet, made up of War Medal, Defence Medal, Africa Star and 1939-1945 Star to 4861649 Sgt. Samuel Speight, Royal Engineers. Plus dog tags, military file, photographs, certificate of good service among other items relating to Sgt. Speight and his time in the war. The lot also includes photographs of his father, Samuel Speight, who served in the Royal Artillery in WWI. £30-50
687.    Approximately Five-Hundred Staybright Military Buttons, all appear to be British with many different regiments noted. £60-100
688.    A Two Piece Gun Cleaning Rod, a wooden carved model of a rifle bearing Ceylon 1907, a quantity of cut flint and a whistle stamped "NSR" among other associated items. £20-40
689.    Approximately Twelve WWI Prints, finished in black and colour, all contained in folder labelled "Abdullah Co Ltd", (cigarettes). £20-40
690.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Earlier Buttons, Badges and Medallions, many military related, some silver noted, plus some WWI silks, handkerchief and WD 1944 map holder. £25-40
691.    A Quantity of Cap Badges, buttons, commemorative medals, amongst associated items. Some re-casts and reproduction noted. £20-40
692.    A Wall Plaque Presented to Air Vice Marshall Johnny Johnson, CB, CBE, DSO, DFC, by the Canadian Fighter Pilots Association, Toronto in June 1986 on the occasion of a reunion. Plus, two framed pictures including one of colonial Hong Kong. £20-40
693.    Over 130 Military Cap Badges, contained in two cases, plus a large quantity of military buttons. £250-350
694.    A Quantity of Used Ordnance, including a deactivated hand grenade. £30-50
695.    A Webley Ranger Air Rifle, and another 0.177 calibre Diana air rifle stamped "Mod 23", both contained in a homemade pine case with ammunition. £30-50
696.    Four Military Swagger Sticks/Canes, all with crested pommels, including Suffolk regiment, Royal Artillery and Royal Sussex regiment. £30-50
697.    A XIX Century Percussion Cap Muzzle Loading Gun, wooden stock with brass reinforcement, 90cms barrel with octagonal at lockplate, thin band with significant signs of wear. £30-50
698.    A XIX Century Percussion Cap Muzzle Loading Gun, wooden stock stamped 937, single band. Possibly Ottoman. Overall length 120cms, and with significant wear. £30-50
699.    A XIX Century Flintlock Sporting Gun, 85cms barrel octagonal at lockplate. Lockplate with engraved decoration and faintly signed "Aston". Signs of wear and restoration. Ramrod a later replacement. £40-60
700.    A XIX Century Grandfather Clock Weights, finials, XIX Century table winding handles, assorted keys, etc:- One Box £20-40
701.    A Royal Doulton Table Cake Stand in "Canton" Pattern, Royal Albert, plate, collector's plates, Coronation ware, etc:- One Box £10-20
703.    Early XX Century Tea Service, stamped J. C. S & Co. "Onion" pattern; cups, saucers, plates, cream jug, bowl, etc:- One Tray Plus an early XX Century sepia photograph of steamship "Gulf of Venice", sepia watercolour of continental coastal port, 18.5 x 27cms. £15-25
704.    A Heathcote Tea Service, Cottage ware, oriental plates, plus other ceramics:- One Box £10-20
704A.   A Pair of Japanese Pottery Vases, (damages), astraka coat, brass candlesticks, ceramics, etc:- One Box £15-25
705.    A Quantity of Embroidered Linen Covers, sheets, place mats, crocheted mats, together with buttons, buckles, etc:- One Box £15-30
707.    Cut and Leaded Glass Fruit Bowls, XIX Century comport, swan, etc:- One Box and a pair of M. Walter coloured prints £15-25
708.    Viners Coffee Pot, ladles, desk lamp, photo album, skates, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
709.    Two Stoneware Jelly Moulds, Smith Pwllheli stone bottle, Lighton of Brampton, Taff Vale and other glass bottles. shoe lasts, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
710.    Two Toilet Bowls, and four meat plates. £15-25
711.    A Pottery Baluster Shaped Table Lamp, with gilt bands, body with painted floral decoration, on a circular gilded brass base. £30-50
712.    A Quantity of Continental China Dinner Wares, printed decoration of flowers and foliage, base printed Haviland France, William Litherland and Co, (approximately nineteen pieces). £10-20
713.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari Plate, in the 1128 pattern, second quality. £15-25
714.    Pratt Ware Pot Lids, farmyard scene, (damaged), "The Battle of the Nile", two Cries of London, later. £20-40
715.    Two Royal Crown Derby Imari Plates, pattern No. 1128 (second quality), each 27cms diameter. (2) £20-40
716.    Edwardian China Tea Service, of twenty-two pieces, having blue and white fan and floral decoration and gilt rims:- One Tray £15-25
717.    Swarovski Galleon, (boxed), spectacles, cloisonné ginger jar, Capo Di Monte table centre, etc:- One Tray £20-30
718.    An Aesthetic "Rustic" Dinner Ware by Hill Pottery, comprising two tureens, 6 x 26.5cms, 11 x 24.5cms, 2 x 19cms, plates, sauce boat and ladle. £20-30
719.    Wedgwood Pottery Blue Oval Dish, "Vieux Rouen" bowls, hot water jug, Charles Meigh jug, etc:- One Tray £20-30
720.    A Circa 1930's Thirty-Two Piece Sutherland Tea Service, decorated with gilt banding and floral motifs on white ground, together with another service similar comprising teapot, (damaged), cups, saucers, etc:- One Tray £20-40
721.    Cut Glass Decanter and Oil Jug, together with a Royal Doulton Toby jug titled "Drake" plus others. £15-25
722.    A 1887 Victorian Jubilee Sugar Bowl, with matching milk jug, two 1937 commemorative glasses, a large cardboard chemist jar and a chrome 1950's "Heatmaster" casserole dish:- One Tray £20-40
723.    Pottery Armorial Charger, nine piece dessert service, Cauldon plate all hand painted by M. B. Bartlett, Jersey Pottery fruit bowl. £15-25
724.    Two Crystal Whisky Decanters, and a circa 1920's six piece moulded glass dressing table set of jade ground:- One Tray £15-25
725.    A Moorcroft Pottery Rectangular Plaque in the Lakeside Slumber Design, the final design in the Lake District Collection by Nicola Slaney, limited edition no. 29/50, impressed and pinted marks to base, 33.5 x 14cms, framed. £130-150
726.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Costa Rica Design, tubelined with brightly coloured exotic birds amongst tropical foliage, shape 121/14, painted 'Trial' and dated 23.9.14, impressed marks to base, 34cms high. £380-440
727.    Ginger jar, ribbon plate, Wedgwood and other ceramics:- One Tray £10-20
728.    Two XIX Century Glass Dumps, with plant design, (one damaged), and glass paperweights. £20-40
729.    An Early XX Century Jug, with slip ware ground and raised bird decoration. £15-20
730.    A Venetian Millefiore and Aventurine Glass Stem Vase, the bowl with everted rim and applied dragon ornament. £8-12
731.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Where Titania Sleeps Design, by Rachel Bishop, shape 3/8, limited edition No. 28/30, impressed and painted marks to base, 19.5cms high. £240-280
732.    A Peggy Davies Figurine "Marilyn Monroe", original proof from a design by John Michael, 25cms high. £70-90
733.    A Moorcroft Pottery Candlestick in the Golden Bough Design, from the Winter Legacy Collection, shape 98/3, designed by Rachel Bishop and decorated with mistletoe berries within a red and green panel on a deep blue ground, impressed makers and painters marks and dated 2012 to base, 8.5cms high.
734.    A Moorcroft Pottery Candlestick in the Golden Bough Design, from the Winter Legacy Collection, shape 98/3, designed by Rachel Bishop and decorated with mistletoe berries within a red and green panel on a deep blue ground, impressed makers and painters marks and dated 2012 to base, 8.5cms high.
735.    A Late XX Century Blue Glass Carafe and Tumbler, white enamelled with scenes of children in the manner of Mary Gregory, the carafe 17.5cms high; A Similar Circular Section Pedestal Vase, further enhanced with gilt lining, 25.5cms high; A Pair of Circular Section Vases, white enamelled with forget-me-nots, clear crimped handles, 22cms high, and a similar slender circular section vase. (6) £30-40
736.    A Majolica Teapot, modelled with mouse finial and cat on handle, painted in underglaze green and mottled brown, a XIX Century Ridgeway hunting jug, Victoria lustre jugs, pink lustre teacup and saucer, etc:- One Tray £15-30
737.    Three Royal Doulton Figurines, "Buttercup" HN2309, "Fragrance" HN2334 and "Coralie" HN2307. £20-30
738.    Paragon China Figures, "Lady Patricia" AW120, "Lady Evelyn" 114A, "Spring" AW55, (damaged), Paulette and Joan. (5) £20-40
739.    A Set of Five Spode 'Italian' Spice Jars - Parsley, Sage, Thyme, Mint and Bay, Spode 'Fitzhugh' octagonal plate, Coalport "Harvey's Bristol Cream" pottery decanter and stopper, Doulton Silicon vase, Doulton 'Bunnykins' bowl:- One Tray £15-25
740.    A Victorian Staffordshire Flatback "Will Watch", and one other Staffordshire figural group of a young man and girl on grassy mound. (2) £20-40
741.    A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Dessert Plates, in the 1128 Imari pattern, (16cms diameter). £20-40
742.    An Edwardian Part China Tea Set, printed and painted decoration of floral swags and pendant drops (approximately thirty four pieces):- One Tray £15-25
743.    Admiral Nelson Themed Items, two Doulton, one N. M. S plate, continental pottery bust impressed 9065, Parian type bust, with associated stand:- One Tray £20-40
744.    A Quantity of Royal Worcester "Woodland" Tea and Dinnerware's, (approximately thirty-eight pieces). £25-40
745.    A Royal Crown Derby Dinner Plate, in 1128 Imari pattern, (27cms diameter). £30-50
746.    A Royal Doulton Chamber Pot, printed decoration in the Art Nouveau taste, Carlton Ware bowl of yellow ground, a Bloor Derby plate and two further plates. (5) £15-30
747.    Royal Albert "New Romance" Coffee Set, of fourteen pieces, 1920's Staffordshire teaware, Colclough, etc:- One Tray £15-25
748.    Twelve Webb Cut Glass Champagnes, with hexagonal stems:- One Tray £30-50
749.    A Midwinter Stylcraft Coffee Set, "Riverside" pattern, twin tone cups in sage and white, the pot and plates printed with foliage on a white ground, with matching cake plate:- One Tray £15-25
750.    Wedgwood Vase, plus other trinkets, Masons Mandalay ware, Coalport "Indian Tree Coral" plate, Poole jar and cover, etc:- One Tray £20-40
751.    A Wedgwood Black Basalt Ware Bowl, an early XX Century Crown Potteries vase and cover, Goss Tyg, a Victorian Sowerby glass salt, a Shaw inhaler, china model penguin, figural group and other china:- One Tray £15-30
752.    Chamber Pot, Grindley meat plate, cheese dish and cover, plant pots, part tea set, Whitefriars style ashtray and other china:- One Box £10-15
753.    Ten Custard Glasses, glass swans, mottled bottle vase, two comports:- One Tray £15-25
754.    An Impressive Moorcroft Pottery Prestige Vase in the Waratah - New World Design, by Emma Bossons, painted with tropical flowers, seed pods and birds, on a black ground, limited edition no. 5/25, shape 18/16, impressed and painted marks to base, 39cms high. £1200-1400
755.    A Large Cut Glass Goblet, together with a pedestal bowl. (2) £10-20
756.    An 1886 Commemorative Tea Set, celebrating the appointment of W. Youngman Esq. as first major of Lowestoft, (approximately fifty pieces). £20-30
757.    A Kingsway China "Tudor Shape" Coffee Set, printed and painted decoration of garden flowers on a white ground, together with a figural group, teacups and saucers, pin dishes, etc:- Two Trays £15-25
758.    Seven XIX Century Wine Glasses, some with etched decoration:- One Tray £30-40
759.    Two Royal Doulton Figurines, "Meditation" HN2330 and "Southern Belle" HN2229. (2) £15-20
760.    Two Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, "Wren" and "Robin" each with gold stoppers, Royal Doulton figure "Adrienne", two paperweights, Crown Derby Imari pin dish, etc:- One Tray £25-40
761.    A Moorcorft Pottery Vase in the Life on the Estuaries - Little Egrets Design, No. 73/125 from the limited edition 'Homage to British Wildlife Collection' by Kerry Goodwin, shape 25/9, impressed and painted marks to base, 24cms high. £400-450
762.    Royal Worcester "Masquerade" Figurine, and Royal Doulton "Country Rose" HN 3221. £20-30
763.    A Collection of Minton "Haddon Hall" Pattern Tea Wares, including cake dish, cups and saucers, etc, (approximately twenty-five pieces):- One Tray £15-25
764.    Two Glass Whisky Decanters, water jug, two Webb brandy and three other brandy glasses. £15-25
765.    Lemonade Set, Stuart glasses, fruit bowls:- One Tray £15-25
766.    A Royal Doulton Vase and Plate, together with a Mason toby jug, titled "The School Mistress", plus oriental ginger jars and plates. £15-25
767.    Pratt Ware Pot Lids, "The Residence of Anne Hathaway", "Hide and Seek", "Pegwell Bay", (all damaged), Kirkham's "Windsor Castle" wall plaque. £20-40
768.    Five Royal Dux Style Graduating Model Elephants, of matte green and brown ground with brushed gilt highlights, 22cms and smaller:- One Tray £30-50
769.    A Star and Slice Cut Glass Fruit Bowl, with wavy rim. £15-25
770.    A Forty-One Piece Royal Albert 1920's Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, cake plates, etc, all decorated with pink roses on white ground and gilt border:- One Tray £20-40
771.    A Royal Worcester Vase, of ovoid form, painted decoration of rose heads and foliage, powdered gilt rim and baluster stem, (repaired), a "Matched" Royal Crown Derby Imari teacup and plate, a pair of Paragon teacups and saucers and a Coalport "Revelry" plate. (8) £30-60
772.    A Large Cut Glass Vase, conical in shape with slice and prism cut decoration, on star cut circular base, 24.5cms high. £15-25
773.    Paperweights, Avondale (3), Wedgwood, Isle of Wight, Murano (3), and Millefiori. (9) £30-40
774.    Royal Crown Derby Traditional Imari Pattern Teaware, no. 2451 comprising a teacup, coffee can (6.5cms high), coffee can (5.5cms high), three saucers, four 15.5cms tea plates and two 18cm tea plates :- One Tray £60-80
775.    A Pair of Early XX Century French Enamelled Glass Vases, of two-handled baluster form, decorated with ribbon-tied swags of blue flowers, each set within a gilt metal, foliate tendril frame and on a stamped square base with four splay feet, 18cms high. £50-80
776.    Four Victorian "Burgess Anchovy Paste" Jars and Lids. £15-25
777.    Lalique Style Bell Shaped Glass Shade, milky tinted featuring Clipper ship to front and back, 19.5cms high, 25.5cms wide, with associated base, (chip to top). £40-80
778.    A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Fantasque Bowl, of octagonal form, "Windbells Design", (damaged), and a Royal Doulton rack plate in a floral arabesque design. (2) £20-40
779.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Lidded Bowl in the Anna Lily design by Nicola Slaney, shape 147/5, 12cms diameter, impressed and painted marks to base. £130-150
780.    A Royal Doulton Flambe Model of Two Seated Monkey's, height 7cms, (attached to an onyx rhomboid base). £30-50
780A.   A 1970's Opaque Studio Glass Scent Bottle, having blue and green mottled effect, signed to base. £15-25
781.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Coaster in the Snowmen's Greetings Design, by Vicky Lovatt, shape 780/4, tubelined with a scene of snowmen in front of a row of houses, impressed makers stamp, painted marks and dated 2012 to base, 11.5cms diameter. £50-70
782.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Box and Cover in The Nursery Design, shape 125/4, designed by Nicola Slaney and decorated with nursery toys on a cream ground, impressed makers and painters marks and dated 2011 to base, 10.5cms diameter, 5.5cms high. £70-90
783.    Royal Crown Derby Bone China Egg and Stand, stamped Old Imari 1128, 14cms tall overall, a similar sideplate. £40-80
785.    A Royal Crown Derby "Vine Pattern" China Tea Service, (fourteen pieces), together with a Royal Crown Derby tea service of small proportions, with printed decoration of flowers and foliage:- One Tray £30-50
786.    A Hobnail Cut Glass Barrel, with plated lid and swing handle and label for "Biscuits", a hobnail cut glass decanter, two further decanters, ice bucket, sugar castors and table lamp:- One Tray £30-40
787.    An Early XX Century Pink Opaque Glass Bowl, having hallmarked silver rim and ground out pontil.
788.    A Clarice Cliff Wall Pocket, with moulded and highlighted decoration of a lady in crinoline dress and bonnet, with trees behind, brown printed mark "Clarice Cliff, Newport Pottery Co. England" to back 20cms high.
789.    Royal Copenhagen Figure Group of Two Puppy Dogs, stamped NVX 260. £20-30
790.    A Forty Two Piece Crown Staffordshire Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers and plates, all decorated with gilt edging and blue printed foliate motifs:- One Tray £20-30
791.    A Minton "Archive Collection" Fish Teapot, limited edition No. 708/2500, in original box of issue (no certificate).
792.    Caithness "Acrobat", "Miniature Moonflowers", two "Reflections", "Wish", "Pixie", "Mooncrystal" paperweights. (9) £30-40
793.    A Quantity of Early 1900's Medical Equipment, including an acid proof pestle and mortar, a Duncan Flockhart of London & Edinburgh allergen test kit, three glass specimen jars, stands, etc:- One Tray £15-25
794.    A Sevres Pottery Circular Dish, of shaped circular form, blue glazed, and fitted within a flowerhead and leaf decorated iron frame and carrying handle, printed mark to dish, probably 1930's, 30.5cms high overall; A XIX Century Meissen Porcelain Sparrow Beak Jug, polychrome painted with flowers (lacking cover), painted underglaze blue mark to the underside, 12.6cms high; A XIX Century Continental Porcelain Small Cape Edged Teapot and Cover, polychrome painted with flowers, gilt borders (silver band repair to spout), 11.1cms high, and three XX Century Meissen porcelain small circular ash dishes, variously painted, painted underglaze blue mark to the undersides :- One Tray £40-60
795.    A Thirty Three Piece Royal Albert Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers, teapot etc, in the "Clarence" pattern (all seconds), together with a small collection of Royal Worcester "Evesham". £20-30
796.    A Large 1960's Clear Glass Vase, designed by Frantisek Vizna for Sklo Union Glassworks (Czech), with raised linear decoration, 24.5cms high, a cut glass posy bowl, fruit bowls, sundaes etc:- One Tray £15-25
797.    A Coalport Early XX Century China Tea Service, of thirty-seven pieces with blue wavy octagonal rims, gilt handles and borders, No. Y3982:- One Tray £20-40
798.    A set of Six Lead Crystal Sundae Dishes, a Kosta Boda ribbed bowl, a set of six crystal wines, and other glassware:- One Box £10-20
799.    Copeland Spode's Italian Bowls, plate, Allerton's willow dish, "Booth's Lowestoft Border" kidney dishes, etc:- One Tray £15-25
800.    A XIX Century Blue and White Transfer Meat Plate, shaped oval form, decorated with classical buildings in a landscape, floral border. £15-30
801.    A XIX Century Rockingham China Armorial Dessert Plate, of shaped circular form, painted and gilt to the border with sprays of flowers on a green ground, printed red mark and number 465 to the underside, 24.5cms diameter; A Jug, polychrome painted with floral sprays and with a gilt lined broad green band to the neck, printed puce mark to the underside, 19cms high overall. (2) £30-50
802.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Anemone Blush design by Emma Bossons, tubelined with pastel flower heads on a deep blue ground, shape 46/10, 25.5cms diameter, impressed and painted marks to base. £230-260
803.    Three Nao Pottery Figurines, girl holding basket, person holding dog, and cloaked boy, a G. D. R seated axeman, (damaged). (4) £20-40
804.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Shallow Bowl in the Queen's Choice design by Emma Bossons, tubelined with ripe fruit and butterflies on a deep blue ground, impressed and painted marks to base, 16cms diameter. £150-180
805.    A Royal Doulton Jug, painted decoration of anemone style flowers on a blue ground, 17.5cms high. £15-25
806.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Maccy Rose Design, shape 75/10, impressed marks, painted 'Trial' and dated 13.11.14 to base, 26cms high. £160-180
807.    A Carlton Ware Armand Lustre Flies Pattern Vase, on mottled blue ground, of ovoid form, waisted flared neck, circular spreading foot, blue and gold stamp, height 24.5cms. £25-45
808.    A Royal Doulton Character Jug "Aramis" D6441, and a Basil Mathews pottery seated pig (damaged). (2) £10-20
809.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Wardrobe Design, shape 03/7, impressed marks and painted 'Trial' to base, 17.5cms high. £130-150
810.    A Rosenthal China Blanc de Chine Model of a Putto Musician Playing a Flute, on a ball, gilt highlights. £50-70
811.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Blue Flame Design, by Emma Bossons, shape 65/6, impressed and painted marks to base, 15.5cms high. £50-70
812.    Two Royal Worcester China Figurines, Jane Austen Collection, "Fanny Price" and "Anne Elliot". £20-40
813.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Peacock Parade Design, by Rachel Bishop, shape 304/7, impressed and painted marks to base, 17.5cms high. £70-90
814.    An Early XX Century Royal Doulton Black and White Tutankhamun's Treasures Luxor Bowl, the exterior with Egyptian figures, the interior with Egyptian chariot and figure surrounded by geometric shapes, 20cms diameter. £30-50
815.    A Royal Doulton Vase Garniture, of hexagonal ovoid form, printed decoration of flowers and foliage on a white ground, 31.5cms and smaller. £30-40
816.    A Kevin Francis Spitting Image Jug, featuring Prince Charles and Princess Diana, modelled by Ray Noble, limited edition No. 225/350. £60-80
817.    Lorna Bailey Fireside Cat - Marmalade, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £35-50
818.    A Chinese Bottle Vase, globular body with tall flared neck on circular spreading foot, tube line decoration of mythical dragons and stylised foliate motifs, all on a yellow ground, six character mark to base, 23cms. £20-40
819.    A Circa 1930's Charlotte Rhead for Bursley Ware Pottery Jug Vase, tube lined and painted with stylised fruiting and flowering branches, printed mark and painted pattern no. T50 to the underside, 26cms high. £50-80
820.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Florian Daisy design on a deep blue/green ground, shape 914/4, impressed and painted marks to base, 10.5cms high. £130-150
821.    A Victorian Staffordshire Twin Handled Lizard Mug, moulded decoration of hunting dogs with birds, painted in colours. £20-40
822.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Flamminian Design, shape 35/3, decorated with blue and green tubelined roundels on a celadon ground, impressed makers and painters marks to base, 8.5cms high.
823.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, marks rubbed, each tapering stem supporting semi reeded sconce with removable nozzle, on spreading oval base, inscribed "1898 J.W.D.H. - M.B.H. 1923", 22cms high. £60-80
824.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Eventide Design, by Vicky Lovatt as part of the Winter Legacy Collection, shape 35/3, impressed makers and painters marks to base, 1913-2013, 8cms high.
825.    A Royal Worcester Figurine of a Girl with Snowballs, titled "December" 3458, together with a Lladro figure of a boy and sheep, plus a Lladro swan. £20-40
826.    Assorted Wristwatches, including 'Disney Time Works', Timex 'Pooh', Ingersoll, Seiko etc. £15-20
827.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Magical Toadstool Design, shape 7/3, designed by Kerry Goodwin and decorated with toadstools on aceladon ground, impressed makers and painters marks to base, 10cms high.
828.    A Royal Crown Derby Seated Teddy Bear Paperweight, with imari waistcoat and pads and blue bow tie, gold stopper, MMI, 11.5cms high.
829.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Snowmen's Greetings Design, by Vicky Lovatt, shape 7/3, tubelined with a scene of snowmen in front of a row of houses, on a cream ground with deep blue upper body and interior, impressed makers mark, painted and dated 2012 to base, 9.5cms high.
830.    A Royal Crown Derby Rabbit Paperweight, gold stopper, LVIII, 7.5cms long.
831.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Summer Silhouette Design, shape 102/3, designed by Vicky Lovatt and decorated with cow parsley in monochrome tones on a grey ground, impressed makers and painters marks to base, 9.5cms high.
832.    Lorna Bailey - Dashy the Dog. £15-20
833.    A Miniature Royal Doulton Figurine "Chloe", M29, green printed and painted marks to base, 7cms high; six further miniature figurines - Emmie, Eva (2), Dora (2) and one other, each painted 'V Peers' to base; plus a tiny white porcelain figurine of a lady in gilt crinoline dress, painted marks to base. (8) £25-40
834.    A Royal Doulton Figurine "Lucy Ann" HN1502, and one other figure of a Victorian military gentleman, (damaged). (2) £10-20
835.    Lorna Bailey - Sylvester the Cat. £15-20
836.    A Pair of Decorative XIX Century Plated Fish Servers, each with leaf scroll detail in (damaged) fitted case. £20-30
837.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the Flamminian Design, shape 102/3, decorated with blue and red tubelined roundels on a mustard ground, impressed makers and painters marks to base, 9.5cms high.
838.    A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, together with trinket and pill boxes, swan ornament, Sphinx etc :- One Box £10-15
839.    A Collection of Late XIX - Early XX Century Miniature Figures, mainly Continental, in period costume. (13) £20-40
840.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including mesh link purse/bag, wristwatches, brooches etc :- One Box
841.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including Edwardian seed pearl set example, stamped "15ct", together with chains, earrings etc. £40-50
842.    A Lorna Bailey "Legs & Co" Cruet Set, limited edition No. 2/60, released through the Collector's Club July 2007, with certificate. £35-45
843.    A Chinese Carved Bone Figural Group, modelled as a mother balancing a tray of fish on her head, whilst carrying a baby and child, with three character mark, 8cms high, and a carved and pierced bone depiction of figures, buildings amongst trees. (2) £20-40
844.    A Hallmarked Silver Buckle, together with pair of cut steel shoe buckles, further buckle set with colourless paste, bead necklaces, brooches etc. £30-50
845.    Lorna Bailey - Woof Woof the Dog £15-20
846.    Lorna Bailey - Grouch the Cat. £15-20
847.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including polished hardstone and other bead necklaces, bangles, bracelets, A&S vintage dress ring, further rings, etc.
848.    Lorna Bailey - a Prototype Figure of Guinness Pelican. £30-40
849.    Seven Swarovski Crystal Miniature Models, including hedgehog, globe, owl, duck, oyster shell, pig and turtle. (7) £40-70
850.    Cheroot Holder, with silver collar, plated spirit label, chain mail purse, silver thimble, scent bottle, (damaged), etc, in jewellery box. £10-20
851.    Two Dress Rings, stamped "9ct", coral twig necklace, imitation pearls, further beads, earrings, rings etc :- One Tray £30-40
852.    An Early XX Century Beadwork Purse, stylised floral pattern with an electroplated clasp, engraved decoration of foliate scrolls, with link chain. £20-30
853.    A 1937 Souvenir Penknife, cigar cutter and other penknives, including bone handled, etc. £10-30
854.    A Brass Carriage Clock, with reeded pillars, Roman numerals to white enamel dial, (glass damaged), 6cms wide. £30-40
855.    A Collection of XIX Century and Later Snuff Boxes and Pill Boxes, including:- Ruskin type, Chinese lacquer, shell inlaid etc. (14) £20-40
856.    Casio, Waltham, Oris, Q&Q, Fero and Other Wristwatches. £15-25
857.    A Mid XX Century Lead State Coach, footmen, outriders, by Jouillco, boxed. £15-25
858.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, earrings, brooches, stickpins etyc, contained in a modern wooden jewellery chest of drawers. £20-30
859.    A Lead Crystal Claret Jug, slice cut decoration on star patterned base, plated collar and handle, a set of six goblets, and further plated goblets:- One Tray £10-20
860.    Necklaces, brooches, bangles, earrings, and other costume jewellery, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
861.    Four Piece Plated Tea Service, Dixon's basket with fall handle, spoons:- One Tray £20-30
862.    A Silver Bangle, stamped 925, brooches, necklaces, rings, earrings and other costume jewellery:- Two Boxes £15-35
863.    A Large Collection of plated ware, including cased teaspoons, knives, forks, salad servers, etc:- One Tray £10-20
864.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including wristwatches, cufflinks, beads, dress rings etc, contained in a jewellery box. £20-30
865.    A Pair of XIX Century Plated Candlesticks, each of circular form with acanthus leaf decoration, on circular base, 26cms high. £40-60
866.    A Modern Plated Four Branch Candelabrum, the four reeded scroll arms supporting sconces with removable nozzles and central sconce, on plain tapering stem and circular base, approximately 47cms high. £60-80
867.    Viners Plated Wine Cooler, with lion ring handles on a stepped circular base, together with a cut glass decanter, with a silver collar. (2) £20-40
868.    A Modern Plated Four Branch Candelabrum, the four reeded scroll arms supporting sconces with removable nozzles and central sconce, on plain tapering stem with gadrooned detail, on circular base, approximately 37cms high.
869.    A Pair of Modern Plated Twin Branch Candelabra, each with two reeded scroll branches, supporting three sconces, on plain tapering stem and circular base, 36cms high. £40-60
870.    An Electroplated Oval Gallery Tray, two shaped circular salvers, cast foliate borders, two entree dishes and other plates wares. £20-30
871.    A Catholic League of Boys Silver Topped Ebonised Swagger Stick, Birmingham 1909, a silver conserve spoon and a cased set of six silver handled tea knives. (3) £15-20
872.    A XIX Century Plated Tea Urn, of circular form with twin scroll handles (old lead repair) and tap, with circular pull-off cover, raised on four foot pedestal base. £30-50
873.    A Pair of XIX Century Sheffield Plate Telescopic Candlesticks, gadrooned borders, knopped stems on circular spreading foot, an electroplated shaped circular tray, cast foliate borders and a late XVIII Century Chinese bowl, painted with figures within reserves, (damaged). (4)
874.    Necklaces, brooches, bangles, ladies wristwatch and other costume jewellery. £10-20
875.    A Cased Set of Six Electroplated Ice Cream Spoons, cased fish knives and forks, loose cutlery, sugar tongs, souvenir spoons, etc:- One Tray £20-30
876.    A XIX Century Plated Egg Cruet, on a stand, XIX Century table brush, nut crackers, cutlery, etc:- One Tray £15-25
877.    An Electroplated Oval gallery Tray, pierced and stamped decoration, a white metal pedestal shallow dish, tankard, fish servers and preserve stand with crystal jar and cover:- One Tray £15-30
878.    A Duchess of Sutherland Cripples Guild of Handicrafts (D.S.C.G.) Plated Bowl, of circular form with hammered finish, detailed in relief with fruiting vines, in fitted case. £50-70
879.    A Viners of Sheffield Silver Plated Four Piece Tea Service, with acorn finials, scroll handles and feet. £15-25
880.    A Three Piece Electroplated Tea Service, an electroplated muffin dish, sauce boats, cruet, condiments, etc:- One Tray £15-30
881.    A Hallmarked Silver Salver, EV, Sheffield 1965, of shaped circular form, raised on three scroll feet, 470grams. £100-150
882.    David Mellor: An electroplated teapot and hot water pot designed by David Mellor for Walker & Hall, each of plain tapering oval form, the recessed covers with black handles, each stamped "Walker & Hall 53725". (2) £20-30
883.    A Part Fitted "Robert F. Mosley" Twelve Place Setting Cutlery Canteen, in fitted mahogany case, an electroplated jug of tapering cylindrical form, spur capped handle, an oval gallery tray, trophy cup, loose cutlery, etc. £25-40
884.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Carved and Red Stained Ivory Chess Set, the kings and queens as dignitaries, the bishops as sages, the castles as caparisoned elephants and the remainder as warriors, the king's 9.5cms high. £60-90
885.    A Mid XIX Century Chinese Carved and Red Stained Ivory Chess Set, depicting dignitaries and warriors, the red king 12.5cms high (white king and castle missing). £100-150
886.    A Vintage Glass Necklace, as flowerheads, leaves and birds, together with matching (unpierced) clip earrings, stamped "Italy". £20-30
887.    Silver Threepence Bracelet, together with a silver coin belt. £15-20
888.    A Silver and Enamel Pin Badge of "Institute of Almoners", a silver thimble, a pair of silver and amethyst pendant earrings, stamped "9252, and a mother of pearl handled file. £10-20
889.    Dainty Necklace, chain stamped "9ct", together with a horse brooch, Scottie dog brooch, beads, bar brooches, butterfly wing pendant, ring etc. £30-50
890.    A Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklace, of uniform design, to cluster clasp, stamped "375", together with imitation pearl necklaces. £40-50
891.    A Modern Pearl Set Pendant, stamped "750", on box link chain stamped "750", together with imitation pearls, enamel heart shape pendant etc. £100-150
892.    Oval Cameo Brooches, Wedgwood Jasperware pendant, Derbyshire Blue John inset jewellery, thimbles etc, contained in a silver plated box. £30-40
893.    An Art Deco Style Marcasite Set Brooch, of geometric design, together with a filigree bracelet and a brooch as a swallow, highlighted in blue. (3) £20-30
894.    An Oval Locket Pendant, with floral enamel highlights, together with a 9ct gold bow brooch, a circular locket pendant, turquoise set brooch, charm pendant etc. £40-60
895.    Assorted Gent's Cufflinks, badges etc, together with souvenir studs box. £15-20
896.    9ct Gold Oval Cuff Links (3), a plated pair of engine turned and stud case. £20-40
897.    A Signet Ring, stamped "375", together with an eternity style band, stamped "375" (stones missing). (2) £70-100
898.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, of crossover design, illusion set, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £100-120
899.    Seven Modern Dress Rings, multi set, stamped "925". (7) £20-30
900.    Nine Modern Dress Rings, stamped "925". (9) £20-30
901.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated brilliant cut stones collet rubover set, stamped "18ct". £800-900
902.    An Art Deco Style Dress Ring, the carved pierced panel claw set, stamped "9ct". £20-30
903.    A Bar Brooch, stamped "15ct", together with an oval locket pendant on chain, earrings and a small ring, stamped "375", and a further brooch. £50-70
904.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £60-80
905.    An 18ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £40-60
906.    A 9ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, together with two further rings (damages). (3) £30-40
907.    An Emerald and Diamond Cluster Ring, the central oval emerald claw set, within border of brilliant cut diamonds (one damaged), stamped "18ct". £700-900
908.    An Emerald and Diamond Seven Stone Ring, channel rubover set alternately with three square cut diamonds and four square emeralds, stamped "18ct". £400-500
909.    A 9ct Gold Three Stone Dress Ring, together with another, stamped "585". (2) £30-50
910.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated brilliant cut stones high claw set (central stone diameter 5mm), stamped "18ct". £700-900
911.    A Modern 18ct Gold Thirteen Stone Diamond Ring, of half eternity style, claw set throughout with graduated stones. £800-900
912.    An 18ct Gold Marquise Cut Single Stone Diamond Ring, claw set. £200-250
913.    A Three Stone Ring, illusion crossover set, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £60-80
914.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £100-120
915.    A 9ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, inscribed to the inside "I Love You". £30-40
916.    An 18ct Gold Three Stone Ring, with scroll detail. £60-80
917.    A Modern Diamond Cluster Ring, the central marquise cut diamond claw set high between channel set crossover shoulders, stamped "14k". £80-120
918.    A 9ct Gold Two Stone Diamond Ring, of crossover design, the two brilliant cut stones claw set, stamped ".33". £80-100
919.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old cut stone claw set. £200-250
920.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone collet rubover set, on textured band. £200-250
921.    A Sapphire and Diamond Five Stone Ring, alternately set, within scroll carved setting, stamped "18ct". £80-120
922.    An Edwardian Openwork Bar Brooch, circular collet set to the centre, between flowerhead detail, applied "9ct". £20-30
923.    Charles Horner; A Hallmarked Silver Brooch, stamped "CH", highlighted in green enamel (shell damaged). £20-30
924.    A Continental Diamond Set Brooch, (converted from a fob watch case) set with old cut stone, within ropetwist border. £80-100
925.    A Curb Link Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, stamped "9ct". £120-150
926.    George IV Half Sovereign, 1828. £100-200
927.    A Collection of Butterfly Wing Jewellery, comprising rings, pendants and a brooch. (11) £20-30
928.    A XIX Century Oval Shell Carved Cameo of Hebe Feeding the Eagle of Zeus, collet set within twisted border with engraved highlights. £50-70
929.    A 9ct Gold Oval Locket Pendant, with leaf engraved decoration, on a chain. £100-150
930.    A 9ct Gold Hinged Bangle, foliate and leaf scroll engraved to the front. £100-120
931.    A 9ct Gold Box Link Chain, of uniform design. £80-90
932.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Gent's Cufflinks, engine turned, together with tie slides, rugby ball novelty cufflinks etc. £40-60
933.    Summit; A Lady's Cocktail Wristwatch, the signed circular dial within circular case, inscribed "Platinum", to integral bracelet with 9ct white gold clasp (quartz movement). £80-120
934.    A Decorative Bracelet, with tinsel style domed panels, stamped "T.L.M" for Thomas L Mott "Sterling England", together with a marcasite set openwork brooch. (2) £20-30
935.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Gent's Cufflinks, the oval panels (one engine turned/one initialled) on chain connections, in an associated case. £30-50
936.    Seiko; A Gent's Automatic Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with baton markers and day/date aperture, within square case, on later strap. £30-50
937.    Bentima; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, within plain case, on later expanding bracelet. £30-40
938.    A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, the elongated dial within shaped case, on later bracelet; Griffon; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, on later bracelet. (2) £30-50
939.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Tea/Coffee Spoons, including "Oakes Turner 1959", a gent's ring, bracelet, pendants, coins etc. £15-25
940.    Helvetia; A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial; together with a lady;'s wristwatch on ribbon strap (damages), and another. (3) £60-80
941.    Dunhill; A 1980's Wristwatch, the cushion shaped signed dial with black Roman numerals, reverse of case stamped "925" "Sterling Silver", to shaped leather strap with hallmarked silver gilt buckle, bearing makers mark "AD", London 1980. £150-180
942.    A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, the white dial with black and red Roman numerals, within plain case, to integral expanding bracelet, stamped "9ct" (broken). £60-80
943.    Hamilton; A 1950's/60's Gent's Wristwatch, the signed swirl dial with Arabic numerals and baton markers, the reverse of the case inscribed "To Gaspar From Genesee Co. Road Dept. Employees 10-2-61", on later leather strap, in original plastic box.
*Today the Genesee County Road Commission is responsible for the maintenance of County primary roads, local roads and the State trunk lines in Genesee County, Michigan USA. £100-150
944.    Rado; A Gent's "Waterproof Antimagnetic" Wristwatch, the signed dial with baton markers, within plain case, on later leather strap. £60-80
945.    A XIX Century Plated Pierced Nurses Buckle, fruit knife with a silver blade. £15-25
946.    A XIX Century Silver Pocket Watch, together with three fountain pens with 14K nibs. £30-50
947.    A XIX Century Pocket Watch, stamped 925, and other pocket watches. £35-45
948.    A Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoons, Elizabeth Eaton, London 1853, initialled, together with a knife. £40-60
949.    An Oval Miniature, depicting lady in 19th Century Indian dress, within fitted case with easel back; together with two filigree brooches, a ring and a further brooch. £40-50
950.    A XIX Century Lady's Fob Watch, the engraved dial with black Roan numerals,within engraved case; together with a gun metal cased example, a Goliath pocketwatch in travelling case (damages) etc. £30-50
951.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial (lacking a hand) with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case, initialled, London 1875.
952.    A Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Lady's Compact, GS, bearing import marks for London 1928, of circular form, the lid detailed with a row of cottages next to a bridge over a river, the side highlighted in yellow enamel (damages). £60-80
953.    A Collection of Reproduction Military Medals and Cloth Badges. £15-25
954.    A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Folding Fruit Knife (overall length when open 9cms), together with travel razor, razor blades, Young Ornithologists Club enamel badge, sliding tooth pick, pencil. thermometer, Boy Scouts badge etc. £20-30
955.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Spoons, salt (damaged), vesta case, napkin ring and a commemorative medallion etc. £30-50
956.    A Set of Four Hallmarked Silver Salts, Peter & Ann Bateman, London 1798, each of classical oval form with pierced detail, raised on reeded legs, initialled, with blue glass liner (damages). (4) £80-120
957.    A Hallmarked Silver Bowl, WNLtd, Birmingham 1922, of plain circular form, initialled "G.B.W.". £25-40
958.    An Early XX Century Italian Mosaic Glass and Gilt Metal Photograph Frame, of horseshoe form, 8cms high. £40-50
959.    A XIX Century Continental Tortoiseshell Match Case, stamped "935"; a circular brass mounted horn snuff box, a trinket pot and a rectangular horn snuff box. (4) £20-40
960.    A XX Century Pill Box, reverse painted with a rider on horseback and hound; together with a heart shaped souvenir pill box "William Shakespeare", and a hexagonal example with cabouchon detail, (3) £20-40
961.    A Pewter Mussel Shell Snuff Box, with Celtic style band decoration; together with a limpet shell coin purse. (2) £20-30
962.    A XIX Century Mother of Pearl Lidded Rectangular Snuff Box, with foliate scrolled borders, the hinged lid with inset panel, stamped "CB"; together with an elongated oval example, the hinged lid foliate and scroll decorated (rubbed). (2) £20-40
963.    Two Hallmarked Silver Vesta Cases, each with leaf scroll engraved decoration and vacant cartouche. (2) £20-30
964.    Two Early XIX Century Gilt Metal Mounted Banded Agate Rectangular Snuff Boxes, with hinged lids; together with an oval banded agate locket. (3) £20-40
965.    XIX Century Gilt Mounted Glass Decorative Ring Casket, with scroll catch; a XIX Century Continental porcelain box, a rectangular snuff box and another. (4) £20-40
966.    A C.1920's Shuco Compact Teddy Bear: with black metal bead eyes, stitched nose and mouth, removeable head concealing lipstick holder, the hinged body containing powder, mirror and powder puff which are all present, slight wear and fading to plush, 9cms high. £150-250
967.    An Oval Moss Agate Inset Trinket Pot, a similar square pill box together with a larger blue banded agate example. (3) £20-40
968.    A XIX Century Plated Oval Snuff Box, of fluted design, the hinged lid with acanthus leaf scroll engraved decoration, initialled; together with a Continental rectangular example of shaped design, all-over decorated and a circular pill box detailed in relief with a swan. (3) £20-40
969.    An Early XX Century Hardwood Netsuke, carved as a crouching monkey, two character mark to the underside, 4cms high. A Further Ivory Example, as a coiled snake, two character mark to the underside, 3cms high. (2) £50-70
970.    A C. Curry. S Stamped Model of a Hump Back Dog, with two separate puppies. £20-40
971.    Over Thirty Robertson's Pin Badges, all non-vintage, all in original packets. £25-40
972.    An Early XX Century Novelty Table Lighter, formed as a cavalry boot. £20-40
973.    A WWI British War Medal, awarded to 28155 Pte J. Schofield S. Lan. R, with ribbon, two silver hallmarked dancing medals, assorted costume jewellery, electroplated teapot and tankard, measuring gauge, savings box, etc:- One Tray £20-40
974.    An Electroplated and Pottery Muffin Dish, assorted hotel plates, toast rack, candlesticks, sugar basin, cruet stand, etc:- One Box £15-25
975.    A Collection of Oval and Circular Gallery Trays, salvers and dishes. £15-25
976.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, watches, medallion pendants, pen set (incomplete), necklace etc :- One Tray £20-30
977.    An Electroplated Entree Dish, cushioned rectangular form, gadrooned borders, a five section cruet stand, three piece tea service and cake basket:- One Tray £20-40
978.    A Quantity of Electroplated "Dubarry Pattern" Cutlery, together with entree dish, cased and loose cutlery:- Two Trays £40-60
979.    A Three Ring Charm Pendant, stamped "375", together with bar brooches, further charms, stickpins, "1930 K" brooch, Lorus wristwatch, vesta case and necklaces :- One Box £30-50
980.    A Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Sugar Shaker, together with three hallmarked silver teaspoons, hallmarked silver napkin rings and assorted plated ware including entree dishes, further spoons etc :- One Box £40-60
981.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearls, beads, brooches, rings etc :- One Tray £30-50
982.    Shield and Beaded Silver Plated Cutlery, Berry spoons, Tennis tea spoons, other cutlery, toast racks, basket, condiments:- One Tray £20-40
983.    Two Continental Cased Lady's Fob Watches, together with assorted modern wristwatches including hallmarked silver cased Lady's Rotary, and commemorative coins :- One Tray £30-50
984.    Necklaces, brooches, wristwatches, bracelets and other costume jewellery:- Three Boxes £20-30
985.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, beads, chains, pendants etc :- One Box £20-30
986.    Five Electroplated Ladles, salad servers, and other cased and loose cutlery:- One Tray £15-25
987.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, brooches, earrings, dress rings, cufflinks etc :- One Tray £20-40
988.    A Collection of Early XX Century Tools for Rug Making, needlework, a bone bookmark, an electroplated tray, wirework basket, goblet, etc:- One Tray £15-25
989.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery Findings, including ring mounts, brooches, bracelets, plastic cabochons etc, contained in a twelve drawer table top plastic chest of drawers and a box. £30-50
990.    An Early XX Century Bronze Figure, of a crusader knight holding shield in left hand and sword, (fitting altered), in right, all on a rectangular plinth base having canted corners. £100-200
991.    After Frederick Remington (1861-1909), Bronze Figure Group "The Stampede", held on a green marble base, overall height approximately 50cms, 110cms wide, (one horn damaged). £500-700
992.    A c.1970's Vintage Susan Small Outfit, comprising 'A' line mid calf length skirt, waistcoat and full length cape with toggle fastening, in wool with multi-coloured florentine type decoration (size 14). £10-20
993.    A Bang & Olufsen Beosound Ouverture Sound System, together with two speakers, plus manual. £50-100
994.    A Cast Iron Vintage Luggage Scale, an oak plant stand on bobbin turned stretchered legs, and one other plant stand. (3) £10-20
995.    An Enamel Advertising Sign, "Players Please", 51 x 46cms, and a lithograph on a tin advertising sign "Cherry Blossom Boot Polish". (2) £20-40
996.    A Cast Iron Clock Case Only, of cartel form. £8-15
997.    A Cast Iron Railway Sign, "Any Person Who Omits To Shut And Fasten This Gate Is Liable To A Penalty Not Exceeding Forty Shillings", 8 x 83cms. £20-40
998.    Two Brass Eccles Miners Safety Lamps, No. 42 and B609, together with Hallwood Ackroyd Leeds miners lamp, and one other miners lamp. £30-50
999.    A Miniature Singer Manufacturing Company Sewing Machine, 16cms high. £10-20
1000.   An Early Victorian Iron and Brass Crimping Iron, with table mounting. £25-40
1001.   A Miners Lamp, bearing inscription on rim "The Wolf Safety Lamp Co. (with Maurice), Sheffield Wolf type fs", miners lamp stamped Davis Derby, together with two other miners lamps. £30-50
1002.   A XIX Century Glass Tube Ruler Sample, inset with paper note "Depot for the Celebrated Fire - Polished Water Gauge Tubes. Thomas A. Ashton Engineers, Factor and Merchant, 34 Change Alley, Sheffield", 35cms long, a "Five Art Views of Sheffield and District" and Victorian group of printed dignitaries on mother of pearl, mounted in an ebonised frame. (3) £20-40
1003.   A Staunton Pattern Chess Set, weighted pieces contained in a mahogany box. £40-60
1004.   An Early XIX Century Rack and Pinion Corkscrew, the turned handle with brush, the brass barrel 10.8cms long. £50-70
1005.   A XIX Century Ice Cream Mould, of three tier turret form, stamped 539 under lighthouse, 11cms diameter together with lid impressed Benham & Sons, Wigmore St. London, later brass screw top, a pair of oriental painted lead candlestick, having elephant handles, (one damaged). £20-40
1006.   "Ringrose" Firedamp Alarm, Leeds British Patent No. 682663 686091. £20-30
1007.   A Newcastle Brown Tinplate Sign, "Simply Splendid For The Simple Life", 61 x 38cms. £20-30
1008.   Art Deco Walnut Fireside Companion, with chrome mounts and circular swivel table to centre, a chrome framed porthole style mirror. (2) £15-25
1009.   A Tinplate and Wood Shop Advertising Stand, for Rawl Plug products. £20-40
1010.   A Session Pro Drum Kit. £20-40
1011.   "The Brigson" Shooting Stick, silver topped walking cane, another with pelican head and others. (6) £15-25
1012.   Two Fur Stoles, a fur scarf and a collection of embroidered linen sheets, table covers, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1013.   An Early XX Century Linen Table Cloths, linen tray cloths, Doyles pair of spats, ladies parasol in a white suitcase. £25-45
1014.   Five Piece Ebony Dressing Table Ware, with silver "R" mounts, associated tray and a XIX Century treen turned seal. £15-25
1015.   A Small Autograph Album of Signatures, largely collected at the Sheffield Lyceum in the 1940's, with Amy Johnson from 1938, Phylis Calvert, Frankie Howerd, Jimmy Hanley, World Champion Flyweight Boxer Jimmy Wilde (1915) and F.W. Holmes, who was the only man with English and French V.C.'s at the time (1915). Also, Paul Robeson 1939 with a further contemporary small photograph album and few film and stage actors promotional pictures. Also, some facsimile signatures.
1016.   A Circa 1900 Art Nouveau Brass Ink Blotter, cast with stylised foliate design, an Art Deco bevelled oval mirror, and a stained oak mantel clock:- One Tray £20-30
1017.   A Prinz Galaxy 135mm Lens, an Access 5Q No. 78624 lens, Chinon CE-45 camera, Miranda camera and accessories:- One Box £10-30
1018.   A Pair of Cased Binoculars, a small Victorian table bell, Sir Hiram Maxm's "Pipe of Peace", and a Victorian glass horseshoe shaped freestanding picture frame:- One Tray £20-40
1019.   Horn Whistle, cigarette cards, (Chairman Miniatures R. J. Lea Ltd), pen knives, World War I tank core cap badge, leather stud box. £15-20
1019A.  A Classic Transport Model of "Indian" Cruiser Motorbike. £30-40
1020.   Two Enamel "Order of the Oddfellows" Medals, 1905 Tideswell Horticultural Medallion, travel razor, name stamp, cut throat razor, gum cleaning set, loose kiloware, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1021.   A Cased Hutchinson's Gravity Gauge, together with a pair of cased early XX Century binoculars, plus sample trays. £15-25
1022.   A Continental Part Fitted Manicure Set, in gilt tooled leather case, a Bakelite ELO fly fishing reel, bevelled arched mirror, binoculars, cased camera's, brass telescopes, (damaged), etc:- One Tray £15-30
1023.   A Hammered Pewter Comport, embossed pewter covered cigar box, and two jars and covers, oval picture frame, two hardwood plate stands, pencil study of a hunting dog with pheasant, etc. £15-30
1024.   A XIX Century Rosewood Musical Box, costume jewellery, XIX Century lacquer snuff box, Edwardian photo frame, etc:- One Tray £25-45
1025.   A XIX Century Chinese Imari Vase, of ribbed ovoid form, flamed rim (damaged), two later XX Century charger printed with oriental figures in a landscape and a XIX Century Beech and Hancock soup dish. (4) £10-20
1026.   Horse Brasses, plus other brassware, together with three malachite trinkets:- One Tray £10-20
1027.   An Early XX Century Christy's of London Folding Theatre Top Hat, approximately 61/4 x 73/4 inches inside measurements; A Pair of Ladies Italian Brown Patent Leather Court Shoes, in original box. £35-45
1028.   A 1st World War Army Regulation 1914 Binoculars, Brownie Junior Six-20 camera, opera glasses, Bowie knife, Educator II Hohner Harmonica, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1029.   A Dansette RG.30 Table Top Radiogram, in red and cream, (collectors item only). £20-30
1030.   Pair of Early XX Century Japanese Vases, together with three Chinese style ginger jars, Chinese style blue and white rectangular posies, blue and white jar with spout and a circular trinket pot :- One Tray £20-40
1031.   A Late XX Century Oriental Pottery Ginger Jar, with fish and floral decoration in pink and blue, with cover, 31cms overall height. £10-20
1032.   A Chinese Blue and Transfer Printed Charger, decorated with birds amongst trees, diameter 36cms, and a Chinese dish, with painted decoration of flowers and foliage in underglaze blue (old repairs and restoration), diameter 22cms (damaged). (2) £20-30
1033.   A Large Pair of Late XIX Century Japanese Satsuma Vases, decorated with Samurai warriors (damaged). £20-40
1034.   Pair of Cloisonné Ovoid Vases, decorated with butterflies and birds in flight, (bruising), Japanese bronze cockerel, (damaged) and bird on octagonal base. (4) £20-40
1035.   A Pair of Oriental Brass Face Screen Paddles, each featuring cranes and lotus blossom, with cane handle. £15-25
1036.   A Pair of Cloisonné Vases, of shouldered ovoid form, decorated with flowers and foliage, 16cms. £20-30
1037.   A Circa XVIII Century Chinese Bowl, painted decoration of a frieze of swags, roundel's and floral motifs, diameter 16.5cms, (rubbed and hairline). £15-25
1038.   A Chinese Vase, of double gourd form, decorated with mottled red design on brown ground, six character mark to base, 21cms. £15-35
1039.   An Early XX Century Japanese Porcelain Circular Wall Plate, blue and white printed with a depiction of Mount Fuji and pine trees, with cranes flying past, 45.5cms diameter. £15-25
1040.   A XX Century Chinese Famille Rose Fish Bowl, gilt and polychrome enamel decoration with reserves of figures in an interior and exotic birds within flowering foliage, internal decoration of carp and pond weed, six character mark to base, diameter 47cms. £60-100
1041.   A XIX Century Chinese Ironstone Octagonal Dished Plate, enamel decoration of flowers and foliage around a central tree, a Chinese tea bowl, ginger jar base, Staffordshire spill vases, etc:- One Tray £10-30
1042.   An Early XX Century Townsend Croquet Ltd Croquet Set, in pine box. £15-30
1043.   A Pair of Mirakel Harwix Berlin Binoculars, with a combination alloy and bakelite body (damaged), cased, Boy Scout badges, heavy cast brass bowl, playing cards, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1044.   A XIX Century Walnut Work Box, with mother of pearl escutcheon's, dome top and fitted interior. £30-50
1045.   A Miniature Oval Portrait of Mother and Child, three classical prints of Georgian Ladies; plus a further miniature. (5) £20-40
1046.   Two Copper Kettles, "J. M" brass watering can, dinner gong, French art shells, candlesticks, trivet, etc:- One Box £20-30
1047.   An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Fruit Dish, of shaped quatrefoil form, centrally blue and white painted with a landscape, within an ornamental border, (a/f), 20.5cms wide; Another, similar dish (a/f); An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Dish, of shaped circular form, blue and white centrally painted with a landscape, within an ornamental border (broken and stapled), 25.5cms wide; An Early XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Bowl, painted with flowers in the famille rose palette (cracked and chipped), 22.7cms diameter; And a XIX Century English Pearlware Small Two Handled Bowl, painted in the Imari palette, 5.9cms diameter. (5) £70-100
1048.   A Chinese Dish, of rectangular section, painted stylised decoration in underglaze blue, raised on four shaped feet. £10-30
1049.   A XIX Century Red Lacquered Cabinet Cup and Saucer, applied decoration of pheasants within grasses and flower heads, serpent handles, one similar cup with applied running stags, a similar saucer with moulded foliate design, and a Kutani cup and saucer. £10-20
1050.   •DAVID BACKHOUSE FRBS (b.1941)
Seated Nude, leaning forward, edition bronze, signed and numbered 2/7, marble base, 28cms high overall. £400-600
1051.   Co-Operative Wholesale Ltd 20lb Weighing Scales, on stepped oak plinth base with bell weights, etc. £20-40
1052.   "Papers" Holoder, tray, Cidu stitcher and wooden trinkets. £10-20
1053.   A XIX Century Brass Bound Writing Box, with a fitted interior, and a secret drawer, (damage to lock). £50-100
1054.   A Plush Cased Set of Brass Balance Scales, weights 1g to 50g, two hip flasks, cufflink's, Great British coinage, (some silver content), etc:- One Tray £20-40
1055.   An Edwardian Oval Mahogany Tray, with wavy gallery and shell petora to centre. £20-40
1056.   An Early XX Century Bamboo Walking Cane, root ball pommel, carved decoration of mythical beats and together, silver collar dated 1900 bearing signature, one other hardwood walking cane with silver buckle collar, and a bamboo and printed paper parasol. (3) £30-50
1057.   A XIX Century Walnut Writing Slope, with brass mounts, escutcheon and blank name shield, and tooled morocco interior. £30-50
1058.   An Oak Bombe Shaped Money Box, two circa 1920's portrait miniatures, desk stamp press, assorted razors, fan, champagne tap, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1059.   Japanese Parquetry Stationary Box, with butterfly hinge, slope front doors and lacquer compartment interior. £15-25
1060.   A Hammered Brass Vase, of ovoid form with applied rope twist decoration, 32cms, a brass covered cigarette box, embossed decoration of setters in a woodland, model cat, crumb brush, and other brass ware:- One Tray £10-20
1061.   A Collection of Bookmarks, in one album, assorted world coins, mostly copper and nickel, folding camera, dominoes, etc. £10-15
1062.   A Selection of Cased and Folding Cameras, including Ensign Pocket 20, Kodak Six 20, vest pocket Kodak, field glasses, together with a Russian projector frame and stand, telescopic lenses, banknote checker, etc:- One Tray and One Box (4) £20-40
1063.   Three XIX Century Walking Sticks, with horn and ivory handles, together with an umbrella. £20-30
1064.   A Large Collection of XX Century and Later Smokers Pipes, including hardwood and carved pipes. £30-50
1065.   A Lachenal & Co, Concertina, with thirty-one ivorine buttons, steel reeds, fretwork decoration to hexagonal ends, bearing paper makers label and number 97262, leather handle damage in box, lacking lid. £100-150
1066.   An Ebonised Walking Cane, silver pommel, and further walking sticks. (6) £20-30
1067.   A Pietro De Luxe Italia Piano Accordian, (cased). £40-60
1068.   An Electric Vinatage Cast Metal Patent Table Fan, patent No. 372499, on circular base. £10-20
1069.   A Late XX Century Phrenology Head, by L. N. Fowler. £20-30
1070.   A Pair of Cast Iron Punch Door Stops, as Mr. Punch and his wife, she stamped "Greenside". £20-40
1071.   A Classic Transport Model of a Cruiser Motorbike. £30-40
1072.   DAVID BACKHOUSE FRBS (b.1941)
Woman Standing, bronze, signed, 40cms high. £300-400
1073.   A Pair of Cantonese Vases, of ovoid form, printed and painted decoration in polychrome enamels of reserves showing figures within an interior, birds and foliage, with a six character mark to base. 31cms high. £20-40
1074.   An Early XX Century Glass Display Dome, on painted circular base, raised on squat bun feet, dome diameter 23cms, height 20cms. £15-30
1075.   A Victorian Walnut Writing Slope, with twin parquetry bands of geometric design, brass escutcheon. £15-25
1076.   Large Egyptian Brass Octagonal Coffee Pot, having applied motifs, another smaller, and two horns and XIX Century copper pan. £20-30
1077.   Early Advertising, a "Youngers" Back Bar, figure of a bearded man with umbrella, and a cast metal ashtray marked "Josiah France-Huddersfield". £40-50
1078.   A XIX Century Coopered Bucket, rope twist handle with twin brass bands. £40-60
1079.   A Large Victorian Glazed Stoneware Teapot, marked "British Make", 22cms high. £40-50
1080.   A Victorian Copper Lustre and Cast Iron Model Field Canon, base stamped 522, registered 889857, length 23cms. £20-30
1081.   A Cast Brass Table Lamp Base, of hexagonal knopped section, on scrolled tripod base. £10-20
1082.   Early XX Century Oak Smokers Cabinet, with upper gallery, side fall pipe apertures, single glazed door, pottery tobacco jar over lower drawer. £20-30
1083.   A XIX Century Stoneware Whisky Barrel, with applied knights on horseback, vines, lions, royal cresting and "I. Whisky" label, tap with bung present, (rim chips). £20-40
1084.   A Black Painted XIX Century Sewing Machine, bearing brass plaque, patent lock, stitch hand machine. £20-30
1085.   An Early XX Century Bar Lock Typewriter Model 22. £10-20
1086.   "The Acme" Patent Corkscrew, with bar clamp fitting. £20-35
1087.   A Zeiss Ikon Nettar II Roll Film Folding Camera, cased, a Kodak "Baby Hawkeye", Box Brownie, two gents wristwatches, "Countryside" periodicals, Bath Pump Room theatre programmes, gravity thermometers, etc:- One Box £15-30
1088.   A Collection of Carved Hardwood Vase Stands, oak heraldic shield plaques, mahogany framed pressed floral study, fruit bowl, etc:- One Box £10-20
1089.   An Oak Cased Barometer, J. Hall optician, Bradford, carved rope twist decoration, a pair of onyx bookends, a pair of leather collar boxes, stamped decoration to the lids, embroidered studies, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1090.   A Pair of XX Century Ormolu Two Branch Wall Lights, each with cherub's holding cornucopia's, with frosted glass shades. £100-150
1091.   A Pair of Edinburgh Crystal Whisky Decanters, one other whisky decanter, assorted barometers, plated goblets, earthenware tobacco jar, cased cutlery, binoculars, etc:- One Box £15-30
1092.   A C.1960's P.O. Black Telephone, model 706L, a leaded stained glass panel (damaged); a First Aid Box with contanets. (3)
1093.   A Circa 1930's Etched Glass Shop Window, in the Art Deco style, marked "Tobacco". £30-50
1093A.  A Circa 1930's Etched Glass Shop Window, in the Art Deco style, marked "Fancy Goods". £30-50
1093B.  A Circa 1930's Etched Glass Shop Window, in the Art Deco style, marked "Cigarettes". £30-50
1094.   A Circa 1950's Pye Fen-Man 1 Cased Radio, a Pye walnut cased radio and a Philips bakelite type B3485U. (3) £20-40
1095.   A Brass Fender, with pierced and applied ribbon decoration. £20-30
1096.   Stuart Crystal and Tutbury Crystal Boxed Comports, Dartington vase, French brandy wagon, rose bowl, jug:- One Box £15-25
1097.   Crochet Edged Mats, table cloths, etc:- One Box £15-25
1098.   A Pair of British Rail Spot Lights, in red and green, No's 222063 and 906123, a circa 1960's Bush radio, (collectors item only), pewter tankard, travel vanity sets, etc:- One Box £10-20
1099.   A Walnut Cased Single Sewing Machine, with carrying handle. £10-20
1100.   A Collection of Brass Stair Rods, and a copper warming pan, turned ebonised handle. (2) £20-30
1101.   Spoke Planes, hand drills, Chesterman tape measure and other tools, together with shooting stick and souvenir sword. £15-25
1102.   Two Two Piece Cane Coarse Fishing Rods, an intrepid reel, a fly fishing reel, flies, accessories, wicker fishing basket, umbrella, etc. £15-35
1103.   An Early XX Century Royal Wenton ware Jug and Bowl, washstand set, comprising jug, bowl, jars, tray, candlesticks, ring tree, etc, all decorated with grapes and vine leaves. £40-60
1104.   Swatch Maxi Swatch Wall Clock, Swiss made, the 27cms face bearing half male face and stamped Swatch AG 1991, with elongated arms, assembly instructions and original box. £20-40
1105.   Leather Stationery Case, with green morocco interior, two other cases and brief case, Ross stainless steel cutlery set. £20-30
1106.   A Set of Three Early XX Century Luggage Cases, labelled Brooks of Birmingham, comprising deep box with inner tray over lattice basket, and a pair of low deep narrow cases having corner mounts, all in black leatherette with later labels. £80-120
1107.   The "Alford" Trunk, with blackened hessian covering, and peerage suitcase. £30-40
1108.   A Leather Travel Case, impressed initial C. W. £10-30
1109.   Red and Brown Leather Suitcases, brief case, stationery folios, Tress Trilby hat. £20-30
1110.   Mettoy Model Hoover Washing Machine, and Jones Meccano Lockstitch sewing machine, both in original box. £15-25
1111.   An Armand Marseilles (Germany) Costume Doll 390, A. 6/0.M. Sleepy eyes, with open mouth and teeth and articulated arms and hips, 35cms high. Together with two small bisque headed Scottish dolls, the girl with sleepy eyes, open mouth and teeth, 16cms high, and the boy with a startled expression, 14cms high. Also, one other bisque headed doll, 28cms high, sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth and missing one shoe. £40-60
1112.   A Collection of Mid XX Century and Earlier Children's Novelty Toys, including clockwork donkey, seal, dancers, baby, robot and leprechaun on donkey, ball games, kaleidoscope, spinning tops, parrot and mule magnetic toys, etc. £25-40
1113.   A Mid XX Century Teddy Bear, with jointed limbs, straw filled, well loved, 47cms high. Plus, a bisque headed doll, 40cms high. £20-40
1114.   An Unusual Mid XX Century Sewing Companion, made as a 20cms doll like figure, with pins and thimble in pockets and scissors in belt. With a charming group of ten early "Christmas dolls" (10cms high approximately), made from plastic, celluloid, card, crepe paper and pipe cleaners. £20-40
1115.   A Collection of Five Modern Collectable Bears, by Parkland, Hayley Jaynes, Charlie Bears, Metro and one other:- One Box £20-40
1116.   Two Early XX Century Pin Cushion/Pot Pourri Dolls, both with porcelain torsos and heads, one with legs and four leaf clover mark 12723. £10-20
1117.   A Mid XX Century Doll's House, double opening front to four rooms, plus a garage to the side, 80 x 30 x 55cms. £15-25
1118.   Two Modern Steiff Soft Toys, "Slo", finished in brown and green, 16cms high, and "Whiskas" cat, 16cms high, both with buttons and labels. Both very good condition. £10-20
1119.    A Modern Collectable Teddy Bear, by "Cotswold", named "Britannia", finished in pink and cream, 28cms high, No.97/100. Complete with badge and very good condition. £10-20
1120.   A Modern Collectable Teddy Bear, by Hermann of Germany. Finished in light brown mohair, with numbered certificate 13/50. Very good condition, 42cms high. £10-20
1121.   A Modern Collectable Teddy Bear, by Martin of Germany. Named "Annabel", finished in lime green, with certificate No.162/999. Boxed. Very good condition. 36cms high. £10-20
1122.   A First Half XX Century French "Boudoir" Doll, card painted head to fabric body, with porcelain limbs, 80cms tall, undressed. £30-50
1123.   A Modern Collectable Teddy Bear, by Steiff, finished in white with black eyes. Not jointed limbs. Complete with button. Very good condition, 35cms high. £10-20
1124.   A Modern Collectable Teddy, by Annette Funicello. Named "Whisper", finished in cream. Still tied in original box. Very good condition, 42cms high. £10-20
1125.   Two Modern Collectable Teddy Bears, by Martin Herman one "Classic 1929", finished in dark tipped mohair, certificate No.107/250, 32cms high. Plus, another finished in cream, certificate No.136, 36cms high. Both with growlers and in very good condition. £20-40
1126.   Two Reproduction Doll Push Chairs, in a Victorian style. £20-30
1127.   A Large Soft Toy of a Seated Dog, 65cms high. £20-40
1128.   Two Reproduction Doll Push Chairs, in a Victorian style. £20-30
1129.   A Mid XX Century Child's Push-a-long Bear, by Chiltern Toys, with a doll's high chair and doll's metal framed pram. Together with two modern bears. £20-40
1130.   A XX Century Rocking Horse, by Elf Toys. Appears complete with saddle and unbroken. 65cms to saddle. £20-40
1131.   A Model of "H. M. S Victory 1765", under glass case. £20-40
1132.   Three Modern Collectable Teddy Bears, by Annette Funicello, including "Live". One boxed. Plus, a mid XX century child's tea set and a soft monkey dressed in a sailor suit. £20-40
1133.   A Late XX Century Childs Rocking Toy, in the form of a lion, by Trupa of Italy, 75cms long and 60cms tall. £20-40
1134.   Five Mid to Late XX Century Teddy Bears, varying in height from approximately 24inch (60cms) to 12inch (30cms), with jointed limbs and all "well loved". £30-50
1135.   A Large Box of Mid XX Century and Later Dolls, teddies and children's toys, including a first half XX Century free standing doll's house front with impressive portico and balustrade balcony. £20-40
1136.   A Large Quantity of Modern Dolls House Furniture, and accessories including eleven dolls in packets by Lily Belle Dolls and Dolls House Emporium, wardrobes, sideboards, tables, chairs, baths, cooking range and many smaller items:- One Box £50-80
1137.   Three Mid to Late XX Century Teddy Bears, ranging from 18" (46cms) to 15" (38cms) tall approximately, two by Merrythought and one by Chad Valley, all with jointed limbs and one further dog "Pajama Case" style toy. £30-50
1138.   Two Boxed Pelham Puppets, SS Tyrolean girl and SS Dutch girl with two boxed Peggy Nisbet dolls, "British Traditional Costumes (Cries of London)" BR305 Nell Gwyn and BR304 Lavender Girl. Together with a boxed (tatty) Pedigree Dolls pink plastic tea set, Archie Andrews type ventriloquist doll with monocle, Negro doll and long-limbed homemade doll with celluloid head. £30-50
1139.   Five Cabbage Patch Dolls, various sizes, all but one undressed. £20-30
1140.   A 1960's Merryweather Soft Toy of Tobo Gigio, plus a well loved teddy bear, a glove puppet and a view master. £20-30
1141.   Seven Mid to Late XX Century Teddy Bears, ranging in height from 24" (60cms) to 15" (38cms) approximately, all with jointed limbs. £20-40
1142.   Eight Teddy Bear Collectors Reference Books, including Miller's Teddy Bears, Bear Encyclopedia, Cockrill, Teddy Bear Hall of Fame, Brown, Bears, Sue Pearson, etc. £20-40
1143.   Six Mid to Late XX Century Teddy Bears, including one panda, ranging in height from 24" (60cms) to 15" (38cms), the majority having jointed limbs. £20-40
1144.   Three Mid to Late XX Century Teddy Bears, all approximately 20-24inch high, and "well loved", particularly Albert. £20-40
1145.   A Mid XX Century Ventriloquist Dummy, board games and cards among other items. £15-25
1146.   A Collection of Nine Smaller Teddy Bears, ranging in height from 15" (38cms) to 6" (15cms), mid to late XX Century with jointed limbs, also a small wooden dolls pram, 10" Inches long by 8" tall. £20-40
1147.   Plush, Knitted and Other Modern Soft Toys, (19), including Mr. Bean's Bear, monkeys, donkeys, Beanie Bears, Kenny, dogs, a gorilla and a duck:- Two Boxes £20-40
1148.   Days Gone Boxed Diecast Toys, plus others similar, together with a cased modelling knife set, table mats, plated picture frames, etc. £10-20
1149.   A Quantity of Modern Plush Toys, including two "Merrythought" bears and a scottie dog. £20-40
1150.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Toys and Associated Items, including Corgi, Matchbox and postcards amongst others. £20-30
1151.   A Circa 1920's Painted Wood and Tin Child's "Dancing Man" Figure, on a stick with plywood dancefloor paddle. Missing one foot. Together with two first half of the XX Century nodding dogs (one missing eyes). £20-40
1152.   A Large Quantity of Mainly Late XX Century Dolls and Associated Items, including Sindy, Barbie, Pippa "style" dolls, clothing, furniture and accessories, some boxed, all playworn. £40-80
1153.   Gotham of New York G-130 Big Shot Tin Plate Bagatelle, in original casing, a reproduction "Boxing Bank" featuring boxers in a ring. (2) £20-40
1154.   A Large Quantity (Dozens) of Mid to Late XX Century Costume Dolls. All world interest, having been purchased on family holidays from 1930's to 1980's. Varying in size, from a few centimetres to 35cms high:- Three Boxes £20-40
1155.   A Chad Valley Wooden Jigsaw "RMS Coronia", one other wooden jigsaw "The Smithy", a "Pluck-A-Tune-Xylophone", (damaged), and a collection of loose diecast:- One Tray £15-25
1156.   A Collection of Five Modern Collectable Bears, by Russ Berrie, Jan Tarlton, Merrythought, Grisly and one other. £20-40
1157.   A Large Quantity of Mid XX Century Children's Games and Annuals, including Blue Peter annuals to to seven in various states, jigsaws, puzzles, Etch-a-Sketch, Fuzzy Felt, plastic building blocks, Magnastix "Wonder Builder", chess, etc, with a few later ball bearing puzzles:- Two Boxes £20-40
1158.   Two Mid XX Century Soft Toys, a lion and a koala bear, both well loved. £15-25
1159.   A Mid XX Century Child's Double Hood Doll's Pram, and four associated dolls. £20-40
1160.   A Mid XX Century Silver Cross Doll's Pram, plus two associated dolls and a quantity of homemade dolls. £20-30
1161.   Books, including Leo Tolstoy, The Blenchley Round Up and Ted Hughes. £10-20
1162.   Patterson [James] and Gross [Andrew]: 3rd. Degree, Little, Brown and Co., 1st. ed, 2004, signed by both authors on title page, d.w., Smith [Wilbur]: Desert God, Harper Collins, 1st. ed., 2014, signed by the author on title page, d.w.; Austen [Jane] and Thomson [Hugh] illus: Mansfield Park, Macmillan and Co., London 1897, gilt cloth (ex. libris): and a small quantity of other, mainly children's literature, historic newspapers including some reprints etc. £30-50
1163.   African Starlings; a folio to include bird prints after Rena Fennessy, (some graphite signed), together with "African Birds" after C. E. Talbot Kelly. £10-20
1164.   "The Star Jan-June 1947" Omnibus, (damaged), a 1947 and 1949 Britannica Book of the Year, and a small collection of C.1956 newspapers. £15-25
1165.   The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments: Newly Translated out of the original Tongues: and with the former Translations diligently compared and revised by His Majesties Special Command. Appointed to be read in Churches, 1730, full calf, poor condition, boards detached. £30-50
1166.   Two kelly's Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham, 1965, (spine worn), and 1973. (2) £15-30
1167.   ASHBEE [Charles Robert] : Modern English Silverwork, a new edition with introductory essays by Alan Crawford & Shirley Bury, pub. B. Weinreb, London 1974, numbered copy 153 to back endpaper, gilt cloth. £30-50
1168.   Four Folio Society Six-Book Sets, Marcel Proust "In Search of Lost Time", "The Arabian Nights", 2003, P.G. Wodehouse, E.M. Forster. £30-50
1169.   Peter Pan and Wendy, decorated by Gwynedd M. Hudson, Rupert and the Magic Key/Brigands, A.A. Milne, E. Nesbitt "The New Treasure Seekers" and other children's books, 1904. £30-50
1170.   A Quantity of XIX Century and Earlier Indentures, on parchment. £10-20
1171.   The Folio Society Nine Vols Joseph Conrad, the Fables of Aesop, Mark Twain, George Eliot, Richard Dawkins, Roald Dahl and others (21):- One Box £20-40
1172.   C. F. Tunnicliffe R. A. Sketches of Bird Life, Shorelands Summer Diary, by C. F. Tunnicliffe, and other books illustrated by Tunnicliffe:- One Box £20-40
1173.   The Folio Society Boxed Books, "The Brontës", "East of the Sun and West of the Moon", "Rudyard Kipling", "The Cream of Noel Coward", Benjamin Franklin, Gulliver's Travels, etc (18):- One Box £20-40
1174.   Jane Austen, R.L. Stevenson and Thomas Hardy books:- Two Boxes £15-25
1175.   A Quantity of Victorian Chromolithograph Book Prints, highlighting skeletal and anatomical studies, etc. (18) £30-50
1176.   Two Folio Society Three-Book Sets, Oscar Wilde and Legends of King Arthur. Also, six-book boxed set of Mapp and Lucia and a two-book boxed set of the Life of Samuel Johnson. £20-40
1177.   Newspaper Cuttings; an album of original cuttings relating to early XX Century events, including Titanic disaster, Franz Ferdinand assassination, Captain Scott death, Colonel Cody death, Lusitania sinking and many related ephemera to the General Strike, etc. £10-30
1178.   Herbert [James]: The Secret of Crickley Hall, Macmillan, 1st. ed., 2006, signed by the author on title page, d.w.; The Ghosts of Sleath, Harper Collins, 1st. ed., 1994, signed by the author on title page, d.w.; and Ash, Macmillan, 1st. limited ed., 2012, signed by the author on title page and containing a further signed event flyer, d.w. (3) £30-50
1179.   Rowling [J.K.]: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Arthur A. Levine, U.S. Special Collector's Edition, signed by the author on title page, 1999. £70-100
1180.   Fleming [Ian]: You Only Live Twice, Jonathan Cape, 1st. ed., London 1964, d.w. £30-50
1181.   Two Folio Society Five-Book Sets, Dorothy L. Sayers and John Buchan, and two four-book sets, "Great Stories of Crime and Detection" and Wilkie Collins. £30-50
1182.   Fleming [Ian]: You Only Live Twice, Jonathan Cape, 1st. ed., London 1964, d.w., and The Man with the Golden Gun, Jonathan Cape, 1st. ed, 2nd imp., London 1965, d.w. (2) £50-70
1183.   Fleming [Ian]: Octopussy and The Living Daylights, Jonathan Cape, 1st. ed., London 1966, d.w. £70-100
1184.   King [Stephen]: Misery, signed by the author on title page, Viking, 1st. ed., 1987, d.w. £40-60
1184A.  Le Carre [John]: The Naive and Sentimental Lover, signed by the author on the page, Hodder and Stoughton, 1st. ed., 1971, d.w. £40-60
1185.   King [Stephen]: Bag of Bones, signed by the author on title page, Scribner, 1st. ed., 1998, d.w. £40-60
1186.   Fleming [Ian]: The Spy Who Loved Me, Jonathan Cape, 1st. ed., London 1962, d.w. £70-100
1187.   Rushdie [Salman]: The Satanic Verses, Viking, 1st. ed., London 1988, d.w. £40-60
1188.   The Times Atlas and Gazetteer of the World, Selfridge edition, 1922. Also, Newnes, Philips, Citizens, Murray's, etc. (9) £15-25
1189.   S.R. Crockett "The Grey Man", 1896, Special Illustrated Edition by Seymour Lucas, limited to 250 copies. Presentation inscription by the author. Navy blue buckram, gilt decoration, 358 p.p. Together with another copy in cream vellum. £30-50
1190.   Folio Society Books by Graham Greene, The Complete Entertainments and The Great Novels in hardback covers, together with Raymond Chandler The Complete Novels in a hardback cover. Also, a hardback book by Graham Greene titled "Stamboul Train". £20-40
1191.   Milne [A.A]: The House at Pooh Corner, Methuen & Co., 1st. ed., London 1928, gilt cloth; and The Christopher Robin Birthday Book, Methuen & Co., 1st. ed., London 1930, gilt cloth. (2) £55-70
1192.   Kipling [Rudyard]: The Jungle Book, Macmillan & Co., 1st. ed. reprinted, 1894, gilt cloth; and The Second Jungle Book, Macmillan & Co., 1st. ed., London 1895, gilt cloth. (2) £100-150
1193.   Kate Greenaway: M.H. Speilman & G.S. Layard, 1905, hardback, pub. Adam and Charles Black, blue decorated gilt stamped cloth binding, 301pp, 52 colour illustrations; The Pied Piper of Hamelin: Robert Downing, illustrated by Kate Greenaway; The Language of Flowers: illustrated by Kate Greenaway, London: George Routledge & Sons. (3) £30-50
1194.   XVII Century Book of Common Prayer, containing psalms and the Greek New Testament, page A4 stating "Given at our Palace of Westminster, the 5-day of March, in the First Year of our Reigne of England, France and Ireland, and of Scotland the Seven and Thirtieth - God Save the King". Over 750 pages. £50-80
1194A.  James Demarr, Adventures in Australia, Fifty Years Ago, Swan Sonnenschein & Co. 1893, 1839-1844. £30-50
1195.   "White Rabbit", Cecil Alden Letter Book Series, Humphrey Milford, London. £20-40
1195A.  E.H. Shackleton "The Heart of the Antarctic", in two volumes. Published William Heineman, first edition, London 1909, blue cloth boards, gilt embossed decorative illustrated cover, three folding maps and folding panorama present to rear of volume 2. Spine partly detached. £50-100
1196.   Folio Society Books by the Brontë Sisters, the complete novels in a hardback cover, together with The Story of the Renaissance in a hardback cover. £20-40
1197.   Louey Chisholm "The Enchanted Land", with pictures by Katharine Cameron. T.C. and E.C. Jack 1906 First Edition, original gilt tooled cream cloth . £20-40
1198.   Tales from Ebony, by Harcourt Williams, illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe, together with Shorelands Summer Diary, illustrated by C. F. Tunnicliffe. £20-40
1199.   The Folio Society Eight Volumes of the Folio Poets, a Folio of Anthology, Icelandic sagas and Folio Golden Treasury. £20-40
1200.   Frank Finn, T.A. Coward, Anne Platt, Ernest Seton Thompson, G.C. Moore Smith and other books relating to nature:- One Box £20-40
1201.   The Folio Society Boxed Books, "Natural History of Selborne", "100 Greatest Photographs", "Myths and Legends of Russia", "Egypt Revealed", "Virgil Aeneid" and others (19):- One Box £20-40
1202.   Tolstoy, Hallam and other leather bound books:- One Box £15-25
1203.   The Folio Society Boxed Books, Tom Jones, Henry James, "Nelson and Emma", Erskine Childers, etc (23):- One Box £20-40
1204.   A & C Black Colour Plate Books, Durbar 1903, Burma 1912, Canada 1907, Hampshire 1909, Belgium 1908, Le Keux's Memorials of Cambridge Volume One, 1841, and other location themed books. £30-50
1205.   Rudyard Kipling Approximately Thirty-Nine Books, mainly 1910's/20's by McMillan & Co. £20-40
1206.   The Folio Society Boxed Books, "The Source of the Nile", "Captain Cook's Voyages", "London Characters and Crooks", "The Conquest of Mexico", "The Fatal Shore", "The Raj" and others. (11) £20-40
1207.   Rowling [J.K.]: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Ted Smart, 1st. ed., 2000, d.w.; 2000 (with printing errors), d.w., two copies; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Bloomsbury, 1st. ed., 2007, d.w.; Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Bloomsbury 1998, d.w.; Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Bloomsbury, 1st. ed., 2005, bears signature on title page, d.w.; and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Bloomsbury, 1st. ed., 2005. (7) £40-70
1208.   "Sakoontala" 1855, "Venice" by T. Okey, Washington Irving, Pictorial England and Wales/Scotland and Ireland, etc:- One Box £20-30
1209.   Folio Society Books, by Anthony Trollope, each with hardbook cover (21). Boxed. £30-50
1210.   Tedious Brief Tales of Granta and Gramarye by Ingulphus, 1919 First Edition, "Half Hours with the Stars", "Young Fu", "Chess" by Staunton and Wormald, etc:- One Box £15-25
1211.   Folio Society Books with Hard Back Cases, including Grimms Fairy Tales, the Pink Fairy Book, J.R.R. Tolkien:- One Box £20-30
1212.   S.R. Crockett Quantity of Books, including "Red Cap Tales", "Hal O'the Ironsides", "Me and Myn" and "Lone March". £20-40
1213.   Histoire D'Herodote in Nine Volumes, French text, Paris 1802, leather spine, each with Christopher Wordsworth bookplate, (Bishop of Lincoln 1869-85). £70-100
1214.   "Pictures from Punch", "Shakespeare's Works", etymological dictionary, Forces of Nature, the Atmosphere, other books with leather bindings noticed:- Two Boxes £15-25
1215.   Books, including Henry James, Japanese poetry, the Last Tudor King and other books:- Three Boxes £10-20
1216.   Art Nouveau Architecture Edited by Frank Russell, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, by Anthony Jones, Brussels Fin De Siecle, edited by Philippe Robert-Jones, etc:- One Box £15-20
1217.   Books on Art; Impressionist Art 1860-1920, edited by Ingo F. Walther, Monet by Himself, edited by Richard Kendall, books on Gauguin, edited by Belinda Thomson, Manet, edited by J. Wilson-Bareau, etc:- One Box £20-40
1218.   Art Nouveau by Gabriele Fahr-Becker, Art Nouveau 1890-1914, edited by Paul Greenhalgh, William Morris, by Charlotte and Peter Fiell, other books on Art Nouveau and Art Deco. £20-40
1219.   Impressionists in Winter, Effets de Neige, The Dictionary of Nineteenth Century British, book illustrations by Simon Houfe, The Folio Society Book of the 100 Greatest Paintings, etc:- One Box £10-20
1220.   Winston Churchill, H.G. Wells and other books, History of Paris by Duby & Lobrichon, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1221.   Degas by Himself Edited by Richard Kendall, The Pre-Raphaelite Landscape, Allan Staley, Russian Art Nouveau, by Elana Borisova and Grigory Stermin, and other art books:- One Box £15-20
1222.   Tutankhamun, Buddhism, architecture, cats and other books on varying subjects:- Two Boxes £15-25
1223.   A Collection of Military Reference Books, HM Stationery Office wartime booklets, plane silhouette identification book, street guides, etc:- One Box £10-30
1224.   Trade Card Albums, H.G. Wells, the Cat on Top of Pine Ridge, Reprint Society and other books:- Four Boxes £10-20
1225.   Three Cases of Books. £15-25
1226.   Anthony Buckeridge "Jennings and Darbishire" First Edition 1954 with Dust Jacket, three Billy Bunter first editions, and other Enid Blyton novels including first editions, together with Ladybird books, Victorian family photograph album, etc:- One Box £20-30
1227.   Books, including "Masters of Photography" and the Guinness "Book of Records":- Three Boxes £10-20
1228.   An Art Deco Marble Three Piece Clock Garniture Set, the clock having Arabic numerals and gilded centre, set within black fanned surround, all on varying coloured stands. £60-90
1229.   A "Norland Clock Co" Art Deco Westminster Chime Mantel Clock, surmounted by a cast brass figure of a girl. £20-40
1230.   An Art Deco Marble Desk Ink Stand, twin inkwells of square section flanking central cast metal model of a seated alsation, and a pair of matching bookends. (3) £40-60
1231.   A British Made Mantel Clock, in a japanned metal circular case, with visible pendulum movement, stamped L5805. £15-25
1232.   A Reproduction Ship's Style Clock, in a lacquered brass case, with bulkhead style mounting. £10-20
1233.   A 1920's Oak Cased Presentation Mantel Clock, with eight day striking movement, black Roman numerals to white enamel dial. £10-20
1234.   A Victorian Mantel Clock, with eight day striking cylinder movement, in a marble and slate architectural case, named Wilson, Paris to the white enamel dial. £20-35
1235.   A Victorian Mantel Clock, with eight day striking cylinder movement, in a marble and slate rectangular section case, (pendulum lacking). £20-35
1236.   An Edwardian Mantel Clock, with eight day striking movement, (gong lacking), in a high arched mahogany and line-inlaid case. £10-20
1237.   A Late XIX Century French Four Glass Mantel Clock, with eight day movement, (associated pendulum), for Benetfink & Co London. £40-70
1238.   A Late XIX Century Mantel Clock, with eight day striking cylinder movement, in a relief decorated rectangular section brass case, (pendulum lacking), names Exam'd by Bianchi & Son, Tunbridge Wells, with wooden stand. £20-40
1239.   A Postman's Alarm Style Striking Wall Clock. £15-25
1240.   A Late Victorian Mantel Clock, with eight day striking cylinder movement, in an onyx and gilt metal case surmounted by a figure of Cupid after Moreau, (pendulum lacking). £40-60
1241.   A Late Victorian Mantel Clock, with striking cylinder movement, in an onyx and spelter case, surmounted by a figure of a cherub after Bouret, (pendulum lacking). £40-70
1242.   A Victorian Clockwork Roasting Jack, on adjustable cast iron tripod base. £20-35
1243.   An Early XX Century Onyx and Gilt Metal Mantel Clock, the cylinder movement stamped A.D. Mougin and numbered 89939, with painted porcelain circular dial, the case of stepped architectural form surmounted by a vase finial, 38cms high; together with a matched pair of candlestick style side ornaments, 27cms high. (3) £80-120
1244.   A Mahogany Cased Wall Clock, white enamel dial, (damaged), "Fattorini and Sons" Bradford, (lacking pediment finials), and an oak cased Napoleon's hat style mantel clock, Westminster chime. (2) £20-40
1245.   A XIX Century Vienna Wall Clock, pediment with turned finals, lion mask head, circular dial, two brass weights, turned supports, gadrooned base. £50-100
1246.   A Late XVIII Century Oak Eight-Day Longcase Clock, by Archibald Buchan, Bridgend, Perth, with Roman numerals to silvered dial and two subsidiary dials, the hood with swan neck pediment and reeded columns, the trunk with shaped door and chamfered sides, the base with bracket feet, 214cms high. £300-400
1247.   A Mahogany 8-Day Musical Grandfather Clock, hood with a swan neck pediment, silvered dial, trunk door with a glass panel, on a plinth base. £60-100
1248.   A Drop Dial Wall Clock, with eight day brass fusee movement, the dial inscribed "GPO". £70-100
1249.   A Victorian Van Dyke Regulator Drop Dial Wall Clock, in an inlaid rosewood case, dial glass damaged. £20-35
1250.   A Harvey Guzzini Style Tulip Standard Lamp, circa 1960's with chrome metal base and stem, caramel and white plastic shade, approximately 172cms high, (dent to upper chrome rim). £300-350
1251.   Middle Eastern Tasseled Wool Rug, circa 1920's with all over floral motifs, symmetrical centre piece, on a cream ground and rust red border, 210 x 142cms. £30-50
1252.   A XIX Century Oak Writing Slope, parquetry design of geometric banding, star cut and lozenge motifs (damaged) and an Edwardian mahogany bathroom mirror, reeded and ring turned gallery tray. (2) £15-25
1253.   A Viennese XIX Century Style Glass Framed Wall Mirror, with figural and scroll decoration and applied petal and twist glass mounts. £50-80
1254.   Mid XX Century Walnut Cheval Mirror, with an oval shaped mirror with reeded supports on shaped splayed feet. £40-80
1255.   A Modern Over Mantel Mirror, rectangular plate, in an antique effect cream frame. £40-50
1256.   A 1920's Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, in beaded oak frame. £15-25
1257.   An Early XX Century Bevelled Oval Wall Mirror, in a pierced carved foliate frame, 64 x 89cms. £15-30
1258.   A Gilt Framed Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, featuring clipper ship and palm trees. £15-20
1259.   Mix XX Century Gilt Mirror, with decorated foliage decoration, bevelled glass. £10-20
1260.   A Mid XX Century Cream and Gilt Panelled Circular Wall Mirror, in the Regency style, an oval wall mirror in gilt vine plaster frame, and three others. £20-40
1261.   A 1920's Octagonal Oak Mirror, with egg and dart decoration, together with an Edwardian oval mirror, with satin crossbanding plus one other. £20-30
1262.   A large Gold and Copper Leaf Backed Geometric Image, with stem flowers in silhouette, 100 x 160cms. £10-30
1263.   R. Martens, Oil on Canvas, landscape with cottage in foreground, 60 x 90cms, signed lower left, I. Cafieri and R. Brown oils similar. (3) £15-25
1264.   J. Irwin, Pen, Ink and Watercolour, Haworth street scene with Black Bull Hotel in foreground, 28 x 35.5, signed lower left, foxing. £20-30
1265.   Cyril Kay (South Yorkshire Artist) Pair of Watercolours, "Tithe Barn, Hooton Roberts" and "Low Mills, Farndale", 26 x 36cms, signed and dated 76 lower right. £15-25
A Bit of Surrey, a woman and child on a lane outside a thatched cottage, watercolour,
15.5 x 25cms. £50-80
1267.   James Priddey Coloured Etching of Bourton on the Water, 22 x 30cms, graphite signed and titled, with artist's proof blind backstamp, all to mount. £15-25
Study of a shepherd with dog tending sheep, in a landscape, oil on oak panel,
23 x 29cms, gilt plaster frame. £100-200
1269.   Samuel Cousins after J. E. Millais, "Yes" and "No" Chromolithographs, in heavy moulded gilt gesso frames, 47 x 33cms each, f. n. Dorothy Tennant who became Lady Stanley following marriage in 1890 to explorer H. M. Stanley. £45-70
1270.   Tunesong Pair of Oils on Canvas, Middle Eastern scenes featuring figures, camels, desert and dwellings, 30.5 x 40.5cms, each indistinctly signed lower right. £15-25
1271.   An English School "Esholt Village Buildings with Stream" Watercolour, 35 x 23cms, framed and glazed. £15-20
1272.   Attributed to Alfred Elmore, R. A (1815-81) Watercolour, "A Street in a Continental Town", 24.5 x 17.5cms, (mount slip), Christie's lot 74, 15th October 1992, label verso. £30-50
1273.   Monerif, Oil on Canvas, lakeland scene with ice capped mountains in background, 60 x 90cms, signed lower right, Hardwick, oil on board country cottage, 52 x 112, signed lower left. (2) £15-25
1274.   Frank Saltfleet, "Country Lane with Trees", Watercolour, signed lower left, 51.5 x 69.5cms. £40-80
1275.   Pair of Early XX Century Graphite Signed Etchings, of St. Peters Square, Russia, 14 x 19cms. £15-25
1276.   XIX Century Pen and Pencil Drawing, of cottages at Crosspool, W. Lowe, 1850, marquetry panel of the Isle of Skye, two XIX Century prints, two framed photo's. £20-30
1277.   ___ May Watercolour of a Mountain Landscape, with lake to foreground, signed indistinctly lower right, 22 x 32.5cms, and a watercolour of woodland, unsigned. (2) £20-40
1278.   "Gordon Lees", Riverside Walk, Oil on Canvas, signed, 33 x 59cms, and an artist proof limited edition colour print "At Peace" 145/500, indistinctly signed lower right. £20-30
1279.   A Print after Van Dyke, portrait of the Duke of York as a young boy, 47 x 37cms. £40-80
1280.   After Sir William Russell Flint, Pair of Unsigned Coloured Prints, 22 x 37cms, a large hunting party print. (3) £15-25
1281.   Louis Jennings, Oil on Canvas, "A Townscape, Caprice", 35 x 55.5cms, signed lower right, details verso. £20-30
1282.   Late XX Century Oil on Canvas, abstract, various burgundy shapes on white ground, 120 x 120cms, JP monogram lower right. £20-40
1283.   D. Newsome, "Bakewell Bridge, The River Wye", Derbyshire, signed and dated 78 lower left, titled verso; Bakewell Village with church spire in the background, and Bakewell bridge over the River Wye in the foreground, signed lower left. A Pair of oil on board landscapes, gilt framed, 50 cm x 40 cm. (2) £20-40
1284.   T.A.V. Ford Watercolour of a Moorland Track, with heather and distant cottage, signed and dated '95 lower left, 25 x 49.5cms. £20-30
1285.   A Circa 1920's Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, plain frieze above glazed astragal doors, fall front with fitted interior over three graduating drawers, all on squared legs with fretwork spandrels, showing "Woof of Sheffield" distributors paper label. £100-150
1286.   A 1920's Walnut Demi-Lune Card Table, with fold over top, having green baize lined interior, on cabriole legs with claw and ball feet. £40-60
1287.   An Early XX Century Oak Roll Top Desk, shaped tambour front, above two pedestals each of four drawers. £150-200
1288.   A 1920's Double Drop Arm Settee, on tapering legs, (front leg repaired). £30-50
1289.   A Pair of 1930's Oak Framed Armchairs, with upholstered back and seat, with foliate decoration.
1290.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Davenport, the upper section with pierced gallery (damaged), serpentine shaped fall, fitted interior, four small and four dummy drawers, on "S" shaped supports and bun feet, 88cms high, 54cms wide. £250-350
1291.   Chiavari Style Brass Parlour Chairs, (2), circa 1950's, one with broken cresting and spindle back, the other with three oval back panels, both on splayed feet and stamped, "Made in Italy" under seat. £40-80
1292.   A Hardwood Bench, with floral carvings and cast iron stud work to seat and back, on block supports, united by stretcher. £20-30
1293.   A Mahogany Twin Pedestal Desk, gilt tooled leather scriver, fitted with three frieze drawers, the pedestals with combination drawers and cupboard door. £80-120
1294.   A Victorian Burr Walnut Commode, moulded edge, later lid and plinth base. £10-20
1295.   An Early XIX Century Oak and Mahogany Press, the top having stepped cornice, panelled doors with two internal shelves and three drawers with reeded sides, the base having two secret drawers over two short and three long drawers, shaped apron on bracket feet, 226cms high, 121cms wide. £250-300
1295A.  A Modern Victorian Style Brass Fire Surround, flanking tile panels and cast iron fire basket. £30-50
1296.   A Late XIX Century Oak Stick Stand, with carved borders, uprights, brass handle to divider, complete with drip well. £30-40
1297.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with low back lead glazed single door, on tapering legs united by undershelf. £50-80
1298.   A George III Oak Barrel Fronted Hanging Corner Cupboard, with interior shelving, brass "H" hinges. £20-40
1299.   A XIX Century Burr Walnut Stationery Box, crossbanding, with inlaid geometrical lozenges, (damaged), and a mahogany toilet mirror, with serpentine frieze of three drawers, (no mirror). (2) £40-70
1300.   A Pine Straight Fronted Chest of Four Drawers, having turned handles. £20-40
1301.   A Pair of C. 1900 Brass Single Bed Heads and Foot, of squared geometric design with applied foliate decoration, (lacking two connection irons). £30-50
1302.   Early to Mid XX Century Oak Dresser, the rack with a dentil cornice, panelled back, two shelves, base having two small drawers, shaped apron on stile feet, united by undershelf. £50-80
1303.   A Victorian Pine Dresser Base, the drawers and cupboard door with brass handles, with later pine plate rack top.
1304.   A Wall Hanging Stained Mahogany Framed Glazed Display Case, canted sides, burgundy felt backed, 64cms high. £20-30
1305.   A Modern Pine Cabinet, with twin glazed cupboard doors over central drawer, on bun feet. £15-25
1306.   A Dark Wood Set of Bookshelves. £15-25
1307.   An Art Nouveau Oak Cupboard, with inlaid stylised lily to single door, alter serpentine top and brushing slide, 90cms tall. £40-60
1308.   A Green Painted Lloyd Loom Armchair, bearing label. £20-40
1309.   An Art Deco Style Chrome and Glass Five Shelf Display Unit. £20-30
1310.   A Pair of XIX Century Balloon Back Bedroom Chairs, with upholstered seats, on turned legs. £10-20
1311.   A Reproduction Mahogany Chest of Drawers, crossbanded top, moulded edge, fitted with frieze drawers over three long drawers, shaped apron piece and bracket feet. £30-50
1312.   Edwardian Inlaid Dressing Table, with a central oval mirror, tapering supports, two jewel drawers over two short drawers, one long drawer on tapering legs. £30-50
1313.   A 1920's Mahogany Display Cabinet, with blind fret frieze over glazed astragal twin cupboard doors, on squat cabriole legs, with claw and ball feet. £30-50
1314.   A Demi-Lune Sidetable, together with a small table and modern table. £10-20
1315.   A Mid XX Century Blanket Box, with flip top over carved lunette's to front. £10-20
1316.   A 1920's Oak Bedroom Suite, comprising wardrobe with central mirror, dressing table and chest of drawers. £40-60
1317.   A Modern Mahogany Effect Six Heights Bookcase, dentil cornice, all on plinth base, height 195cms. £10-20
1318.   A Late XIX Century Mahogany Commode, twin ring turned handles, shaped ends. £10-20
1319.   A 1920's Oak Wardrobe, with central mirror and beadwork decoration, together with an oak dressing table an oak chest. £20-40
1320.   A XX Century Walnut Drinks Cabinet, with glazed doors with etched decoration, over a brushing slide with a glass top, and astragal doors on small cabriole legs, pad feet. £25-35
1321.   A XIX Century Painted Pine Cupboard, with two panelled doors on plinth base. £40-60
1322.   A Mid XIX Century Mahogany and Pine Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with two small drawers and three long drawers. £50-100
1323.   A North American Chest, on chest style set of bedroom drawers, fitted with six long drawers, dentil cornice, reeded ends on bracket feet, and two matching two heights bedside chests. (3) £30-50
1324.   A Jaycee Pine Chest of Drawers, with a low shaped back, four small drawers over four long drawers, on bracket feet.
1325.   An Oak Nest of Tables, blind arcaded frieze on stretchered legs, a drop leaf occasional table of small proportions, a drop leaf two tier tea trolley and an oak coffee table. (4) £20-30
1326.   A 1940's Oak Bureau, having fall front with fitted interior over three long drawers, together with an oak cabinet, having low back and panel door. £20-30
1327.   A Reproduction Mirror Backed Display Cabinet, two glazed centre doors and glazed canted sides, moulded cornice on plinth base, with internal lighting and shelving. £20-40
1328.   A Three Tier Pine Bookcase, on plinth base. £20-30
1329.   A Mahogany Filing Cabinet, having leather scriver and moulded edge top, over four dummy drawers concealing two filing drawers, on plinth base.
1330.   A Mahogany Four Drawer Filing Cabinet, tooled leather scriver, moulded edge, the drawers concealed as two banks of four drawers. £20-40
1331.   A Pitch Pine Child's Wardrobe, with rounded arched top, and two panelled doors. £40-60
1332.   A XIX Century Pine Sidetable, with single drawer on turned legs, together with a cut down kitchen table, plus a pine kitchen chair and pedestal. £30-50
1333.   A Pair of Oriental Style Side Cabinets, decorated with birds and floral decoration, with gilt highlights, on bracket feet. £50-100
1334.   A Walnut Display Cabinet, circa 1920's, with cloud astragal glazed doors on carved cabriole legs. £40-60
1335.   An Oak Plant Table, and silver top tea trolley. £15-25
1336.   A Late XIX Century Salin Walnut Washstand, with a central mirror, marble top over two small drawers, on turned legs, and central cupboard door. £40-80
1337.   An Oak Octagonal Topped Table, together with a walnut framed fire screen, having a central glazed foliate needlework panel. £10-20
1338.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Dressing Table, with a central mirror, tapering supports, base with two short drawers, two long drawers, on chamfered legs. £40-60
1339.   An Early XX Century Walnut Bookcase, with a low shaped back, glazed doors, on small cabriole legs. £15-20
1340.   A XIX Century Oak Blanket Box Fascia, with three lozenge panels, with carved feathered borders. £50-100
1341.   A 1920's Oak Sideboard, Jacobean style with applied motifs, and bead work to twin drawers and flanking cupboard doors, on turned and block supports. £80-120
1342.   An Ercol Dark Elm Open Arm Rocking Chair, hoop spindle back, and an Edwardian mahogany bedroom chair. (2) £15-25
1343.   A Late XIX Century Satin Walnut Chest, of two short and three long drawers, having Art Nouveau handles, over horizontal banded decoration. £60-80
1344.   A Stained Oak Three Heights Dressing Chest, on plinth base. £20-40
1345.   A Mid XX Century Oak Blanket Box, with a hinged lid, panelled front, on cabriole legs. £20-30
1346.   Mid XX Century Oak Bureau, the fall front with linen fold panels, fitted interior, three long drawers on bracket feet. £20-30
1347.   A Walnut Standard Lamp, the column with tapering upper section, ring turned baluster centre and tapering octagonal lower section, all on octagonal base.
1348.   Two Bedside Tables, having central drawer over shelf on swept legs, together with a matching dressing table and stool. £30-50
1349.   A Refectory Table, with a rectangular top, trestle ends and centre rail, together with four XIX Century kitchen chairs, with pierced splats and turned legs. £30-50
1350.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, having drop leaves over single drawer, on turned tapering legs on brass castors. £40-60
1351.   A Mid XX Century Mahogany Desk, tooled leather scriver, moulded edge, fitted with three frieze drawers on chamfered and reeded squared legs. £40-70
1352.   A Large Laundry Basket, with labels for "Arthur Craven", Chepstow Str. Manchester, with labels and interior covers. £60-90
1353.   A 1920's Walnut Bureau, having fall front with fitted interior over two long drawers, on cabriole legs with pad feet. £40-60
1354.   A Late XIX Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror, bevelled glass over hinged storage box, shaped ends, and an upholstered foot stool. (2) £20-30
1355.   A Mahogany Side Table, tooled leather scriver with fitted three frieze drawers, on squared reeded and chamfered legs. £20-40
1356.   A XIX Century Pine Tool Chest. £30-50
1357.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bureau, with crossbanded fall front, fitted interior, four long drawers on bracket feet, 111cms high, 102cms wide. £100-120
1358.   A Set of Four 1920's Oak Rail Back Dining Chairs, on turned and block supports, a similar period draw leaf table. (5) £60-80
1359.   A XIX Century Carved Oak Smokers Cabinet, twin doors with high relief carved entwined foliate decoration, all above single frieze drawer. £30-50
1360.   An Oak Cabinet, with panel door, brushing slide over arched panelled door, on slide feet bearing label "Reprodux". £25-35
1361.   A Circa 1930's Dresser, moulded cornice over blind arcaded frieze and foliate scrolled spandrels, the shelving over cupboard doors with carved arch motifs, on squat bun feet and block stretchered legs. £50-100
1362.   A XIX Century Mahogany Wardrobe, with curved corners, stepped pediment, arched mirrored single door over dingle drawer bearing label R. M. Hackett, Jewry Street, London. £80-120
1363.   An Oak Drop Leaf Dining Table, oval top with moulded edge, on barley twist stretchered legs, together with four rush seated ladder back dining chairs. (5) £20-40
1364.   An Oak Pot Cupboard and Cabinet, having blind fret carving to twin doors. £20-30
1365.   A Set of Seven Late XVIII Century Harlequin Country Chairs, with two sets of three matching chairs, and one single chair. £30-50
1366.   XIX Century Oak Wind Out Table, with rectangular top, on turned and reeded legs (with an extra leaf). £80-120
1367.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leafs, single drawer, on tapering legs. £30-50
1368.   Three Matching Oak Ladder Back Chairs, with rush seats on turned and tapering legs, plus two similar. £15-25
1369.   A Victorian Mahogany Pembroke Table, moulded edge, on ring turned legs, with castors. £20-30
1370.   A XX Century Oak Refectory Style Dining Table, with trestle ends and central rail. £30-50
1371.   An Early XX Century Rocking Chair, steam pressed shell motif seat and backrest on ring turned stretchers, and a mahogany towel rail. (2)

1372.   A Square Topped Oak Dining Table, with twin pull-out leaf's, on turned legs united by stretchers. £10-20
1373.   A Mid XX Century Oak Office Desk, having central knee hole and flanking drawers, on square block supports. £30-50
1374.   Mahogany Pedestal Desk Top, with a crossbanded top, green leather scriver, three top drawers, flanking pedestals, on bracket feet. £50-80
1375.   A Late XIX Century Rosewood Table, with foliate inlaid decoration to top over central drawer, on tapering square legs, united by under shelf, (cut down). £20-40
1376.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Mirror Back Sideboard, the back with a rectangular mirror, turned supports, base with bow fronted drawers, over carved cupboard doors, on turned feet. £100-150
1377.   An Early XVIII Century Walnut Tallboy, with shaped cornice, two short drawers over five long drawers, all with crossbanding and leather inlay, on bracket feet, 158cms high, 107cms wide. £200-300
1378.   A Mid XX Century Circular Brass Tray, with pressed decoration on wooden carved base, together with another large Indian brass tray, having foliate pressed decoration. £15-25
1379.   A XIX Century Oak Cupboard, top and sides with heavy relief, carved decoration of birds and animals within foliate lunette borders. £80-120
1380.   A Hardwood Refectory Style Dining Table, rectangular top, shaped ends united by heavy spindle stretcher, 200cms x 80cms. £30-50
1381.   A Set of Six Spanish Elm Dining Chairs, close studded leather high backs, on scrolled stretchered "X" shaped legs. £50-80
1382.   A Set of Four Early XX Century Oak Chairs, with rail back, rushed seats, tapering legs, united by stretchers. £40-70
1383.   A Modern Oval Topped Pine Loo Table, having turned pedestal on swept legs. £30-50
1384.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Table, with oval quarter veneered top, turned pedestal on carved cabriole legs, 73cms high, 150cms wide. £150-200
1385.   A Circa 1930's Oak Drop Leaf Table, oval top with moulded edge on barley twist stretchered legs, and four oak dining chairs, shaped slat backs on squared tapering legs. (5) £40-60
1386.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Caddy Top Chest, with four long drawers on bracket feet, 79cms high, 76cms wide. £130-150
1387.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Davenport, the upper section with fitted interior, fall front, four drawers and dummy to rear, on turned supports, (castor missing). £60-80
1388.   A Jaycee Oak Occasional Table, with a rectangular top, turned legs and block supports, together with two other oak tables. £15-20
1389.   A Mahogany Twin pedestal Desk, green tooled leather scriver, fitted three frieze drawers, over two banks of three drawers, bracket feet. £50-100
1390.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Davenport, with inlaid upper section and hinged lid, two internal drawers over single fitted drawer above sewing basket, flanking dummy and two short drawers on turned feet, 90cms high, 55cms wide. £70-90
1391.   Edwardian Inlaid Chest of Drawers, with a low back frieze with knulled decoration, two short drawers and three long drawers on tapering legs. £60-100
1392.   A Circa 1920's Oak Monks Bench, open arms raised on foliate carved cup and cover supports, hinged box seat above moulded geometric panels. £60-100
1393.   An Oak Occasional Table, with an octagonal top, turned legs on an "X" stretcher base, together with an oak wine table with a turned pedestal. £25-45
1394.   A Victorian Mahogany Veneered Chest of Drawers, fitted with two short and three long drawers, plinth base, (pine carcass). £70-100
1395.   A Circa 1920's Jacobean Style Oak Bureau, fall front with fitted interior, over twin drawers with brass drop handles, on barley twist stretchered legs. £25-50
1396.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bureau, with a fall front and fitted interior, over four long drawers, on bracket feet, 108cms high, 99cms wide. £100-150
1397.   A XIX Century and Earlier Oak Stool, the top with carved circular panel of crown and flowers, with carved shaped frieze on four reeded and carved supports, 23cms high, 32cms wide. £50-80
1398.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Jardiniere Stand, with a circular top, marble inset frieze with carved pierced decoration, on cabriole legs, claw and ball feet. £100-150
1399.   A Late XVII Century Oak Chest of Drawers, with four graduated moulded drawers and panelled sides, on bun feet, 98cms high, 100cms wide. £150-200
1400.   Mid XIX Century Mahogany Bureau, with fall front, pigeon hole and split pillar interior, over one long and two small drawers on cabriole legs, having shell carved knees. £50-90
1401.   A XVII Century and Later Oak Box Settle, with a carved top rail with the initials EI and 1969, panelled back, with lozenge and rounded decoration, panelled seat, carved frieze on stile feet. £150-250
1402.   A Victorian Mahogany Twin Pedestal Desk, of narrow proportions, gilt tooled blue scriver, three frieze drawers, and three drawers to each pedestal, plinth base (reduced). £50-80
1403.   A XIX Century Walnut and Mahogany Cabinet, with two small drawers over panelled doors on a plinth base, stamped Heals London, (top not original). £50-100
1404.   A Modern Red Upholstered Armchair, on oak turned legs with brass castors. £20-40
1405.   An Early XX Century Oak Chair, with carved top rail over bergere panel, upholstered seat on turned stretchered legs.
1406.   A Set of Four Oak Dining Chairs, with rectangular rail top, having circular decoration over drop in seats, on tapering legs. £25-45
1407.   A Set of Six Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs, the bar backs carved with foliate roundels, pierced twin bar crossrail and reeded ends, on sabre legs. £100-150
1408.   An Oak Railway/Tram Bench, with forward/back adjustable back rest, each end on twin turned pillar supports, 182.5cms long. £80-120
1409.   A Set of Five Victorian Mahogany Dining Chairs, shaped balloon backs, dralon stuff over seats, on lobed baluster legs. £70-90
1410.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Walnut His Hers Chairs, with carved, upholstered back panel and seat, turned rail supports, on turned legs. £50-80
1411.   A Modern Armchair, upholstered with geometric pattern, on turned oak legs, with brass castors. £20-40
1412.   A Black Leather Reclining Swivel Office Armchair, with foot rest. (2) £20-40
1413.   A XIX Century Armchair, upholstered in floral damask, on turned legs. £30-50
1414.   A Small XIX Century Oak Court Cupboard, with central cupboard door and flanking cup and cover supports, over twin arched panel doors on block supports. £80-120
1415.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Book Cabinet, with stepped pediment, twin astragal doors and adjustable shelves over panelled cupboard doors, on bracket feet, 186cms high, 119.5cms wide. £200-300
1416.   A XIX Century Mahogany Balloon Back Nursing Chair, with scroll hand rests, serpentine front, on cabriole legs, upholstered in a button back dralon. £50-70
1417.   WITHDRAWN - A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Jardiniere Stand, of hexagonal form, with marble inset top within a beaded border, on heavily carved floral tripod supports united by triform stretcher, 91cms high. £150-200
1418.   A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Footstool, upholstered on cabriole legs. £10-20
1419.   An Edwardian Oval Topped Sidetable, with boxwood crossbanding on tapering swept legs. £30-50
1420.   A Pair of Late XVII Century Style Framed Hall Chairs, cane backs and seats, carved foliate cresting, barley twist uprights on block and bobbin turned stretchered legs. £20-30
1421.   An Early XVIII Century and Later Oak Refectory Table, with baton ends, on trestle ends united by a centre stretcher, 75cms wide, 185cms long. £100-200
1422.   A Late XIX Century Oak and Mahogany Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, with dentil cornice, the panelled door with lozenge inlay, over single small drawer and two dummy drawers, 119cms high, 81cms wide. £30-50
1423.   An Edwardian Mahogany Occasional Table, circular top, boxwood stringing and moulded edge, plain frieze, on squared tapering legs, with splayed ends, with undertier. £30-50
1424.   An Early XX Century Oak Gate Leg Table, with drop leafs, single drawer, on turned and block supports. £10-20
1425.   A XIX Century French Kingwood Vitrine, having serpentine shaped glazed central door and bowed side compartments, over floral parquetry inlaid lower sections, on squat cabriole legs, further decorated with allover gilt ormolu mounts, 163cms high, 84cms wide. £300-400
1426.   A Bullseye Desk Clock, (enamel damaged), gent's wristwatches, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, measuring instruments, spyglass, etc, on a poker work tray. £20-40