Antiques, Collectables & General Sale on
Saturday 7th March 2015

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730.    Halls Calvo Mirror, plus another oval mirror, and a Singer sewing machine. (3) 15-25
731.    A Globular Ceiling Light, with gilt mounts, 1930's ceiling light, and three branch light fittings:- One Box 15-25
732.    A Matchbox Monza 2000 Powertrack Slot Racing Set, boxed, a further similar unboxed part set, and a Videoscope 5000 microscope (untested - sold for parts only). 10-20
733.    A Quantity of Aardman Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts Novelty Models, together with resin models, novelty mantel clock and alarm clocks, etc:- One Box 5-15
734.    Three Reproduction Unframed Coca Cola Mirrors, together with a framed mirror, with an Alfa Romeo 1930 Gran Sport car. 10-20
735.    Assorted Linen, silver topped globular match holder strikes, assorted lead crystal glassware, jelly mould, plates wares, pewter tankards, etc:- One Box 10-20
736.    A Wedgwood Vase, toby jugs, Sylvac dog, oriental vases, etc:- One Box 20-40
737.    A Quantity of Circa 1920's Diamond China Teaware, printed and painted with butterflies and flora, and other china:- One Box 10-15
738.    South Yorkshire Transport 1974-95 by D. Scott Hellewell, and five other transport books. 5-15
739.    A 1930's Wall Hanging Mirror, together with a rectangular bevelled mirror in gilt frame, plus one other. 15-25
740.    A Spong and Co. No. 1 Mincer, one further mincer, ink stoneware jars, Empire Bakelite juicer, Schweppes soda syphon, tie press, shoe stretcher, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
741.    A Royal Doulton China Flower Posy, Wedgwood year plate, Susie Cooper coffee can and saucer, glass decanters, lead crystal jar and cover, framed coffee set, etc:- One Box 15-25
742.    A Part Empire Dinner Service, in "Majestic" pattern, together with a Royal Albert teapot, a Paragon cup and saucer, plus other trinkets. 20-30
743.    An Early XX Century Pottery Mantel Clock, of blush ground, lead crystal bowl, jug, china posies, Famille rose cylindrical vase, etc:- One Box 10-20
744.    Halia Inlaid Sewing Box, alarm clocks, model ducks, stationery set, treen, resin figures, etc:- One Box 10-15
745.    Richard Cole and O. V. Downer Graphite Signed Prints, six other pictures. (8) 15-25
746.    A Quantity of Glassware:- Two Boxes 15-25
747.    A Quantity of Electroplated and Other Metalware, including goblets, coal bucket, novelty money boxes, three branch candelabra, etc:- One Box 10-15
748.    "Around Bradfield, 2nd Edition", Malcolm Nann, "Around Stannington", "A History of Sheffield", "William Morris by Himself" and other books:- One Box 10-20
749.    A Large Assortment of Screws and Nails, contained within two boxes, plus wall plugs, and other associated items, (untested, sold for parts):- Two Boxes 20-40
750.    Continental China, moulded glass, teawares, plates ware, etc:- One Box 10-15
751.    A Collection of Wedgwood Collectors Plates, including Christmas plates, 1971, 1986, 1982, plus a Wedgwood collectors mug, etc:- One Box 20-30
752.    Bachelors Teapots, planters, china tea wares, champagne glasses, and other items:- One Box 5-15
753.    A Brio Wooden Road and Rail Set. 20-40
754.    An Oriental Style Jewellery Box, figurines, tins, wall hanging crucifix, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
755.    Approximately Forty Plus Nintendo Wii Games, accessories, assorted Top Trump sets, etc:- One Box 20-40
756.    Boxed Triang Railway and Accessories, together with boxed Tetley Teafolk collection, etc:- One Box 8-12
757.    Four Plastic Kits, including two Heller 1/600 La Couronne and two 1/48 SE sa, two plastic lightsabers and a collection of modern action figures:- One Box 10-15
758.    A Collection of Quartz Alarm Clocks, mostly boxed:- One Box 5-15
759.    A Quantity of Fifty Plus DVD's, portable CD player, a Sony recording Walkman, etc. Untested, sold for parts:- One Box 10-20
760.    A Part Wedgwood Tea Service "Harvest Moon", comprising cups, teapot, coffee pot, etc, together with "The Jerusalem Bible" and other teawares:- One Box 10-20
761.    A Quantity of Pyrex Table Ware and Sunbeam, Mixmaster, etc (untested - sold for parts only):- Two Boxes 15-25
762.    Picquot Ware, kettle, teapot, plated teapot, other plated ware, etc:- One Box 10-20
763.    Three Modern Wall Mirrors, wall clock and framed floral studies. (5) 5-10
764.    A Quantity of Pottery Mugs, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
765.    The Beatles "Please Please Me LP, assorted singles, mantel clocks, a Freeview box, table lit decorations, plastic girl doll etc (untested - sold for parts only):- One Box 10-15
766.    Two Indian Kukri Sets, with hardwood handles, (rusting noted), in leather scabbards, wooden skittles, designoscope, Kenroy wringerette with drip tray. 20-40
767.    A Dart Board, boxed, plus a Johnson's Bros Eternal Beau thirty two piece dinner ware. 10-15
768.    "Derbyshire Railways" by Clive Hardy, "Forgotten Railways" by H. P. White, and further books of railways and steam interest:- Two Boxes 20-30
769.    A Collection of Sunny and Other Alarm Clocks, boxed and loose:- One Box 5-15
770.    Hand Drills, screwdrivers, drillbits, saw blades, spanners, and a large assortment:- Two Boxes 20-40
771.    Dinner Plates, cheese dish, strawberry and cream set, figures, etc:- Three Boxes 15-25
772.    Chisels, spanners, hammers, clamps, drill bits, a Sirram boiling set and other tools:- One Box 15-25
773.    Cassell's History of England in 9 Volumes, together with five atlases, and a commemorative edition of World War II. 10-20
774.    A HP Photosmart C3180, (untested - sold for parts), Easyfit zone intruder alarm, dreamcatcher, bongos, assorted c.1980's LP's, 12"'s and singles, canvas print, etc (untested - sold for parts only). 10-20
775.    A XIX Century Ash Stool, on turned legs, together with a gilt rectangular mirror. 10-15
776.    A Stanley Socket Set, rachets, spanners, files and other DIY accessories:- Tin and Box (2) 10-20
777.    A Quantity of George Cunningham and Other Prints, Continental oil. 10-20
778.    Brooches, earrings, necklaces and other costume jewellery, gold plated Royal Albert teaspoons, cased Sheaffer pen set, plated gallery tray, etc:- One Box 20-40
779.    An Early XX Century Transfer Printed Toilet Bowl, two meat plates, late XX Century Chinese style cabinet plates, willow pattern wares, Limoges bowl, press moulded dessert set, etc:- One Box 10-20
780.    A Quantity of XX Century Decorative Vases, planters, part tea services, rose bowls, alabaster candlesticks, Whitefriars style glassware, etc:- Four Boxes 5-15
781.    Pottery Plates, Portuguese tableware, part tea services, bed pan, etc:- Three Boxes 5-15
782.    A Large Quantity of Denby Arabesque Pattern Tea and Dinner Wares, (approximately fifty pieces):- Three Boxes 50-100
783.    Various Australian National Gallery Posters, together with reproduction colour prints. (8) 5-15
784.    A Set of Thirteen Bradford Exchange Boxed Chinese Collectors Plates, together with two other collectors plates, with French village scenes. 15-20
785.    A Broute Tweed Fringed Blanket, a table lamp formed as a pottery vase, one modern table lamp, a Gainsborough coloured print, and two needlework studies (untested - sold for parts only). (6) 10-20
786.    A Collection of Modern Resin and China Figurines, together with costume jewellery, cased pens, angel candles, etc:- One Box 10-15
787.    Four Royal Doulton "Colin Newman's Country Christmas" Series Cabinet Plates, Royal Doulton "Winter Landscapes", all boxed, and further cabinet plates:- Two Boxes 15-25
788.    A Moncrief of Perth, Scotland Stepped Glass Storage Jar, with domed lid, one further glass jar lid, a circa 1940's marbled glass ceiling light shade, and two other shades. 10-20
789.    Art Pottery Vases, beaker, china thimbles, wall pockets, Beerstein, early XX Century bed pan, etc:- One Box 5-15
A Part Crown Ducal Dinner Service, in "Knutsford" pattern, comprising cups, plates, bowls, etc, together with another part tea service. 8-12
791.    Black and Decker Jigsaw, together with a power drill, plus a collection of vices, chisels, and other miscellaneous tools, (untested, sold for parts):- Two Boxes 20-40
792.    A Technika DVD Player, (boxed), and a Moulinex Fryer, (boxed):- Untested, sold for parts 5-10
793.    Two Ivory Effect Graduated Elephant Figure Groups, on stands, carved horn birds. 15-25
794.    Barometer, rulers, blow lamp, pewter and plated ware, wicker basket, carpet beater, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
795.    Beech Jack Planes, moulding planes, mallet, and other vintage tools:- One Box 15-25
796.    Alfred Meakin Dinnerware, circa 1930's, Wade sherry barrel:- One Box 15-25
797.    Franz Hermle Longcase Clock Movement, Face and Twin Weights, cast iron ware, pewter plate, etc:- One Box 15-25
798.    Almark Clubmaster Lawn Bowls, in original box. (4) 10-20
799.    A Collection of Coloured Prints, trouser press, magazine racks, scales, Bodum cafetiere, two piece espresso cup and saucer sets, etc (untested - sold for parts only). 5-15
800.    Ventura Music System, Prima slow cooker, massager, etc, (not tested sold for parts). 10-20
801.    A Quantity of Reference Books, mainly antique and collecting subjects. 10-20
802.    A Quantity of Saw Blades, together with screws and drill bits, contained within a Raaco wall hanging unit. 20-30
803.    Ringtons Blue and White Ware, glass comports, mirror, etc:- One Box 15-25
804.    Three Nodding Dog Figures, oil lamp, Sutherland Royal Standard and other table ware, two cradles, etc. 20-30
805.    A Canon 514XL Camera, train themed calendars, eclectic collection of other garage contents:- Two Boxes 20-30
806.    An Early XX Century Chromolithograph of "Ruins by a Lake with Ship", in moulded gilt frame, three further watercolours, two graphite signed prints, a resin relief moulded fisher woman, and Egyptian papyrus souvenir. (7) 5-15
807.    A Kennedy Reciprocating Bench Saw (untested - sold for parts only). 10-20
808.    Cooking Pans, Rington's storage jars, enamel jug, etc:- One Box 5-15
808A.   A Collection of Vintage Clothing, including furs, flat caps, etc, plus a Singer sewing machine. 10-20
809.    A Large Collection of Pottery Pomander's, including novelty examples, mostly circa 1970's and later:- Three Boxes 10-30
810.    Moulded and Pressed Glass, Imperial cups and saucers, plated cutlery, etc:- One Box 10-20
811.    A Baldor Bench Grinder, spirit level, chisels, files, heat gun and other tools:- One Box Untested- sold for parts. 15-30
812.    A Large Quantity of Assorted Late XIX Century and Later Part Tea and Dinner Series, varying designs, together with three Hornsea Heirloom storage jars:- Four Boxes 5-15
813.    A Quantity of Denby Arabesque Tea and Dinner Wares:- Three Boxes
814.    Car Foot Pumps, brass sprayer, clamps, door handles, angle poise lamps, castors:- Two Boxes 10-20
815.    A "BR" Railway Lamp, leather cased binoculars, whisky bowl, dolls tea ware. 20-30
816.    An Empire Mincer, XIX Century stoneware barrel, Japanese part tea service, flat iron, etc:- One Box 10-20
817.    Five Reproduction Tin Plate Wall Hanging Advertising Signs, including Cadbury's Cocoa, Quaker Oats, plus others similar, all contained in a wicker basket, plus a Ferodo brake testing meter. 20-30
818.    A Quantity of DVD's, (approximately 100 plus):- Two Boxes 20-30
819.    A Gryphon Bench Grinder (untested - sold for parts only). 10-20
820.    Spirit Well, template former, plane, oil can, rules and other tools:- One Box 10-30
821.    A Series of Peter Rabbit Books, late XX Century re-presses, to include No. 5 1-23, further books and a painted study of two lovers, on porcelain plaque. 10-20
821A.   A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles. 10-20
822.    Railway Interest, "Bradshaws Hardbook 1, 2, 3, 4" 2012 pressing, twelve DVD sets of greatest railway journeys in Europe, boxed, a further collection of railway DVD's and a watercolour steam railway scene by R. Larkman. 10-20
823.    A Pottery Figure of a Spaniel, pale blue glass table lamp with raised decoration, biscuit barrel, etc:- One Box 10-15
824.    Black Decker Dustbuster Pivot, Sony digital photo frame, Olympus U 720 SW Shock waterproof digital camera (untested - sold for parts only):- One Box 20-40
825.    Russell Hobbs Cafetiere, desk fan, irons, jar open, etc, in wicker washing basket (untested - sold for parts only). 10-20
826.    A Mid XX Century Mahogany Cased Radio, (collector's item only), mahogany cased metronome, and a wall mounted bell, advertising McCormick Farmal:- One Box 15-20
827.    Linen Tablecloths Ladies, fur and leather gloves, hat, etc:- One Box 10-20
828.    A Hand Drill, hammers, set square, gauges, saw, a mini DIY accessory chest, etc:- One Box 20-30
829.    A Quantity of Plastic Action Figures, creatures, buildings, etc, including Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Thundercats, She-Ra, etc:- Two Boxes 10-30
830.    An Oak Cased Wall Barometer, walnut spearer, flat irons, Paul fencing sword with uhlmann blade, earthenware mixing bowl. 15-25
831.    45RPM Records, Beatles, Eddie Cochran, Cliff Richard, The Platters, Gerry and The Pacemakers, etc, in wicker basket. 15-25
832.    Peter Pan Dominoes, pewter dish, assorted cameras, Victorian wicker sewing box, 1930's hair clipper, boxed playing cards, together with a collection of miniature model houses, including Wade and De Beers, and a small collection of ladies evening bags:- Three Boxes 10-30
833.    Two West German "Lava" Vases, a Radford "Crocus" vase, together with twin handled vases, matching planters, vases and other pottery:- Two Boxes 10-15
834.    Leather Bound Volumes, Hoggs Weekly Instructor, Temple Bar, Haydyn's Dictionary of Dates, XIX Century prints, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
835.    Wedgewood Dinner Ware, Oriental shadow puppet, bathroom and kitchen scales, sundae dishes, etc:- One Box 5-10
836.    A Quantity of Unusual Hacksaws, rachet set, spray gun and other tools:- One Box 15-25
837.    A Panasonic DVD Player, a Sky+ HD box, and a Phillips DVD player, all with remoted controls. Untested, sold for parts. (3) 20-30
838.    "The Railway Story Book Annual", "the Story of the Heavens" assorted children's annuals, novels and other books:- Two Boxes 10-30
839.    Pottery Vases, resin smoking accessories, china tea ware, Wedgewood pin dishes, novelty dog money bank etc. 5-15
840.    A large Quantity of Villeroy & Boch Dinner Ware, in Bauernblume pattern, comprising plates, a teapot, tureens, cups, etc:- Three Boxes 20-30
841.    A Gilt and Tile Framed Wall Mirror, rectangular plate, together with two pairs of table lamps, and a Laura Ashley alarm clock. (4) Untested, sold for parts. 10-20
842.    A Rexon SCM-12A Mitre Saw, with Tri-Axis System (untested - sold for parts only). 50-100
843.    A Record Bench Vice, together with a corner bench vice. 8-12
844.    A Stihl FSE-81 Electric Strimmer (untested - sold for parts only). 15-25
845.    A Quantity of DIY Accessories, drill bits, screws, spark plugs, etc, all contained in a narrow floor standing ten drawer tin tool chest. Together with one other five drawer chest. (2) 25-50
846.    Aiwa Portable CD Stereo, bread bin, table lamps, bed tray, rolling pin, etc (untested - sold for parts only):- One Box 5-15
847.    Plated Wares, trays, moulded and pressed glass, meat mincer, plates, etc:- One Box 8-12
848.    A Collection of O/S Maps, mid XX Century and later:- One Box 10-20
849.    David Hey "A History of Sheffield", "Historic Hallamshire" and other books, mostly reference and novels:- Two Boxes 15-25
850.    A Collection of Cased Cameras, polaroids, etc, together with a Tippa cased typewriter, and a quantity of 78 and 45RPM records, Adam Faith periodicals, etc. 10-20
851.    Saucepans, cutlery, cut glass vase, soft toys, pair of prints, etc:- Two Boxes
852.    A Quantity of Pottery and China Novelty Teapots, jars, decorative wares, glass vases, wall plaques, etc:- Four Boxes 10-20
853.    Cutlery, fan, iron, kitchenware, etc (untested - sold for parts only): Three Boxes
854.    "The Crossing of Antarctica", 1958, Cheshire VC, 1954, and a collection of ladies bags, paper shredder, playing cards, scrabble, etc, all contained in a wicker corner washing basket. 5-15
855.    Poole China, plated salver, pressed glassware, glassware, china, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
856.    A Quantity of Pottery and Glass Vases, jugs, drinking glasses, framed colour prints, etc:- Four Boxes 10-20
857.    Sky Box, CD's, doll parts, DVD's, etc (untested - sold for parts):- One Box 10-20
858.    An Oval Gilt Framed Wall Mirror, a pair of contemporary prints, six London scene prints, picture frame. 15-25
859.    A Sony S-Master Three CD Micro Hi-Fi, one further Sony SC/MP3 player, a collection of CD's, portable CD players, etc. Untested, sold for parts. 10-20
860.    An Oil on Board, depicting a woodcutter and a pair of oxen clearing a forest glade, in moulded gilt frame, signed S. Billing, together with a framed oil on canvas of wooden, plus two other prints of portraits. 10-20
861.    Two Plated and Engraved Trays, onyx table lamp, Chinese bowls:- One Box 5-10
862.    Grinding Brushes, saw blades, tube chips, screws, etc:- Five Boxes 10-20
863.    An E. W Cowell Ltd Bench Drill (tested - sold for parts). 20-40
864.    A Mid XX Century Painted Pine Tool Chest, hinged lid and fall front concealing drawers below open well, all to include chisels, saw, hammer and other tools and accessories. 40-60
864A.   A Galvanised Wheelbarrow, garden tools, two lanterns, enamel light shades, etc. 10-30
865.    An Atco Petrol Driven Lawn Mower. 20-40
866.    A Petrol Driven Lawn Mower. 20-40
867.    A Briggs and Stratton V38 G Petrol Driven Lawnmower. 30-50
868.    A Shred-It MTD Petrol Driven Shredder. 30-50
869.    A Set of Aluminium Extending Roof Ladders, (ten runs to each ladder). 20-30
870.    A Set of Aluminium Extending Ladders, (eighteen runs to each ladder). 20-40
871.    A Stihl FS 44 Petrol Driven Strimmer (untested - sold for parts). 10-30
872.    A Silent Night Miracoil Sorrento Deluxe Double Mattress and Headboard. (2) 10-30
873.    A Pair of Halcyon Harlech Single Beds. 10-20
874.    An Aloe Vera Massaging Double Mattress Vibradorm Adapter. 10-15
875.    A Sleepvendor Woodford Double Divan. 20-40
876.    Panasonic 1500 Hoover, together with a set of aluminium steps. 10-20
877.    A Hotpoint Fridge Freezer.
878.    A Bosch Fridge Freezer.
879.    A Belling Electric Cooker.
880.    A Zanussi Aqua Cycle 1000 Washing Machine.
881.    An Amcor Dehumidifier.
882.    A Panasonic 800W Microwave Oven.
883.    Hotpoint Aquarius 6kg WML 540 Washing Machine. 30-50
884.    A Two Run Folding Step Ladder, an ironing board, and a folding mobility zimmer frame. (3) 10-15
885.    Two Sets of Aluminium Steps, together with one pair of steps. 10-20
886.    A Delonghi Dehumidifier.
887.    A LEC Fridge.
888.    A Liebherr Fridge Freezer.
889.    A Vax Rapide Spring Carpet Washer.
890.    An Indesit AAA Class IDF 125 Dishwasher.
891.    A Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine.
892.    A B&Q Portable Oil Filled Radiator.
893.    A Zanussi Spinner.

894.    An Indesit Washer Dryer.
895.    A Modern Brushed Chrome Two Branch Floor Lamp. 10-20
896.    A Dirt Devil Room Mate, and a Dimplex Multi-Purpose Heater, (boxed). (2)
897.    A Beko 5kg Washing Machine.
898.    A Hotpoint Ultima 7kg Washer/Dryer.
899.    A Modern Brushed Metal Standard Lamp and Shade, and an electric fan. (2) 10-15
900.    A Sony Bravia 26" Flat Screen Colour TV, with remote control and manual. 20-40
901.    A Toshiba 32" Flatscreen TV, with remote control.
902.    An Acoustic Solutions Hi-Fi Stereo Amplifier, model CAMP-1B, and a Philips DVP S960 DVD player, with remotes. 20-40
903.    A Bush HD Ready 26" Flat Screen TV.
904.    A Samsung 37" Flat Screen TV, with remote control.
905.    A Bose Wave Radio/CD, in cream, with remote. 30-50
906.    A Panasonic DMP-BD30 Blu-Ray Disc Player, with remote and four blu-ray films. (5) 20-40
907.    A Three Tier Black Glass TV Stand, on chrome supports, suitable for 50" TV. 10-20
908.    A Black Three-Tier Television Stand. 10-20
909.    Italian Spode Bowl, Portuguese Campagna vase, studio vase, glassware. 15-25
910.    A Wedgwood Tea Service, "Beaconsfield" pattern, cups, saucers, side plates, together with Coalport coffee cans, saucers, plates, paradise. 20-30
911.    A Rose Bowl, Edwardian celery vase, Murano glass pedestal with naked lady support, other glassware:- One Tray 15-25
912.    Colclough Floral Tea Ware of Twenty One Pieces, and Coalport "Revelry" of nine pieces- One Tray 15-25
913.    Oval Shaped Cut Glass Bowl, digital clock, Wedgwood spill vase, etc:- One Tray 10-20
914.    Capo Di Monte and Other Figurines:- One Tray (10) 20-30
915.    Three Wedgwood Graduated Jugs, crested ware, Devon "Etna" jam dish, etc:- One Tray 15-25
916.    A Caithness Reflections Globular Paperweight, with bubble inclusions, and fourteen further globular paperweights:- One Tray 15-25
917.    Lead Crystal Vases, art glass model duck, crystal biscuit jar, jug, etc:- One Tray 10-15
918.    A XIX Century Jug, Suzie Cooper coffee cans, XIX century trifle bowl and dishes, etc:- One Tray 10-20
919.    A Quantity of English China Tea and Dinner Wares, the "Indian Tree" pattern, (approximately forty-five plus pieces). 30-50
920.    An Edinburgh Crystal Bowl, boxed with certificate, an etched dessert set, a collection of twelve Babycham glasses, etc. 15-30
921.    Two Pairs of XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Spaniel Dogs. 20-30
922.    A Kosta Boda Tea Light Holder, of globular naturalistic form, a sculptural paperweight modelled with a seal, etched Jonasson, and a blue glass studio vase, of triangular section with tall neck, with marbled streaks. (3) 20-40
923.    Large Denby Style Vase, of ovoid form, painted with stylised foliage, a pair of Minton dwarf candlesticks, Royal Doulton flower posy, Wedgwood ribbed vase, etc:- One Tray 10-20
924.    Glassware, Stoneware, blue and white pig money bank, cheese dish, posies, pin and other dishes, Hornsea cups, bowls, etc :- One Tray 10-15
925.    Tuscan "Rondeley" Tea Ware of Twenty Four Pieces, Royal Thailand coffee ware:- One Tray 15-25
926.    Seventeen Babycham Glasses. 10-20
927.    An Amber Glass Lemonade Set, Crown Devon blush ground vase, model castle and assorted electroplated wares, etc.
928.    Art Deco Chalk Figure Group, (damaged), and mirror, 1930's amber glass trinket set, Winton cake stand, etc:- One Tray 15-25
929.    A Collection of Eight Conical Paperweights, and two other examples:- One Tray (10) 20-30
930.    GLVA 79 Twin Boomerang Carving, (damaged), oak framed barometer, Sir John D'aubernoun wall plaque, etc:- One Tray 15-25
931.    Seven Coalport "Reach for the Sky" Series Cabinet Plates, all boxed with certificates. 15-25
932.    Brooches, necklaces, ladies wristwatches, and other costume jewellery. 10-20
933.    Spode Christmas Tree Cake Plate, Floribel, Doulton and other plates, teaware, Snowdon Wedgwood and Grafton tankards, etc:- One Box 15-25
934.    A Pearson's of Chesterfield Stoneware Bread Bin, XIX Century brass bed warmer and coal helmet. 15-25
935.    Three Wade Whisky Bells, Sylvac cucumber jar and others similar, bowl:- One Box 15-25
936.    Alfred Meakin Dinner Ware, of approximately nineteen pieces, oriental ceramics:- One Box 15-25
937.    Churchill Ports of Call "Kabul" Dinner Ware, by Jeff Banks of London, forty pieces. 15-25
938.    Three Late XX Century Pottery Headed Dolls, Hong Kong baby doll, Edwardian photo album containing period images, demijohn, brush and mirror:- One Box 15-25
939.    A Quantity of Loose Plated and Stainless Steel Cutlery, in an oak canteen, together with an electroplated and engraved goblet, mug, pair of Art Nouveau style beakers, etc. 10-20
940.    An Electroplated Coal Scuttle, three section "Thistle" condiment set, miniature goblets, quaich and other plated wares:- One Tray 10-20
941.    A Three Piece "Viners" Plated Coffee Service, with gadrooned border, together with a collection of casual plated cutlery:- One Tray 20-30
942.    Mappin & Web Cutlery, John Turton cutlery, etc, in an oak fitted box. 15-20
943.    Octopus Microscope, cased weights, geometry set, cased cutlery:- One Tray 25-30
944.    Arco Femiano Argenterie Drinks Tots and Tray, and a quantity of cutlery. 15-25
945.    Gilt and Needlework Dressing Table Ware, Laura Ashley clock, desk stamp and plated ware:- One Tray 20-30
946.    Plated Lobster Picks, plated knife rests, horn handled steak knives and forks, etc:- One Tray 10-20
947.    A Cased Six Place Setting of Stainless Steel Fish Knives and Forks, together with further table cutlery, mostly boxed. (4) 10-15
948.    A Pair of Continental Porcelain Floral and Gilt Plates, miniature tea service, a Beswick foal, beer stein, meat plate. 15-25
949.    Cut Glass Decanter, claret jug with a plated top and handle, together with a press glass ships decanter. 15-20
950.    An Oak Cased Singer Sewing Machine. 10-15
951.    The Royal Mint: Coinage of Great Britain 1970, Marcovitch black and white cigarettes brass box with faux crocodile lid, EPNS cruet, Miranda 8 x 32 binoculars, ration books, etc:- One Tray 20-30
952.    A Collection of Eight Post Office and Regional Savings Banks, including Sheffield, Nottingham, YEB, Midland Bank:- One Tray 20-40
953.    Two Boxed E. M. Knowles Dolls, "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Rapunzel". 10-20
954.    Brooches, wristwatches, cased Parker pen, necklaces, and two tin money boxes containing decimal coppers:- One Tray 10-20
955.    A Portuguese Style Moulded Shallow Oval Dish, encrusted with lizard and foliage, shaving mug, Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' jar and covers, Paragon bowl etc:- One Tray 10-20
956.    A Charm Bracelet, electroplated snuff box, three piece tea service, moulded glass biscuit jar and plated lid, three branch candelabra, and other plates wares:- One Tray 20-30
957.    A Collection of Coloured Glass Vases, of pear form, applied encrusted flowers, two coloured glass dishes and two sculptured glass paperweights: One Tray 10-20
958.    A Langham Glass Novelty Paperweight, formed as an otter on a sphere, and eleven other novelty paperweight, including fish, crass, weight, etc:- One Tray 20-30
959.    A Webb Glass Bowl, plated condiments, EMRO gents watch, etc, plated "Hotel Ware" tea service:- One Tray 10-20
960.    A Large Quantity of Continental Furstenberg Dinner Ware, comprising plates and soup bowls, and other pieces similar:- One Tray 15-25
961.    Seltmann Weiden "Julia" Pattern Bavarian China Dinner Ware, white ground with gilt borders, (approximately forty-five plus pieces). 30-50
962.    Two Portmeirion Storage Jars, a Portmeirion vase, and a collection of honey jars and covers:- One Tray 10-20
963.    A Beswick "Dartmoor" Model Horse, a Beswick seated foal numbered 915, three model Shire horses, a brass Shire horse and cat, etc:- One Tray 15-30
964.    A Wedgwood Jasperware Box and Cover, and three further pieces all in powder green, Royal Doulton Bunnykins christening plate, mug, egg cups, coffee can and saucer, etc:- One Tray 10-15
965.    A Pair of Wedgwood Vases, "Hathaway Rose" pattern, Spanish style figures of girls, Limoges tidy jar, etc:- One Tray 10-20
966.    Quantity of Edwardian and Late Victorian Bisque Pottery Figures:- One Tray 20-30
967.    A Royal Worcester Model of Two "Cole Tits" No. 3376, Wedgwood Jasperwares, Melba Ware model Shire horse, china posy, Coalport shallow dish, etc:- One Tray 10-20
968.    A Collection of Lilliput Lane, miniature model dwelling "Summer Haze", "Ostlers Keep", St.Mary's, etc:- One Tray 15-20
969.    Three Giuseppe Armani Figures, a pair of Franklin Mint Romeo and Juliet candlesticks, sunflower plate. 15-25
970.    Wedgwood and Doulton Children's Ware, posy boots, fairing, Hong Kong Donald Duck puppet, etc:- One Tray 15-25
971.    A Five Section Table Cruet, a four section chrome table centrepiece with assorted flutes, and a pair of chrome single flutes, wine glasses:- One Tray 5-15
972.    A Tudor Lead Crystal Bowl, a lead crystal comport, shallow dish and two vases:- One Tray 15-25
973.    Paragon "Pandora" Tea Ware of Twenty Six Pieces, other china:- One Tray 10-20
974.    1930's Pressed Glass Trinket Set, Ale tankard, amber glass sugar and cream, other glassware:- One Tray 10-20
975.    Colclough Tea Ware of Seventeen Pieces, Wellington Edwardian tea ware, trio, plate, etc. 15-25
976.    A Royal Stafford Tea Service, "Carousel" pattern, (forty-eight pieces). 20-30
977.    Wedgwood Jasper Ware Hot Water Jug, Limoges and other plates, overlaid blue glass vases, etc:- One Tray 15-25
978.    An Art Glass Model Clown, jar and cover, model fish, fruit bowl and other glassware: One Tray 5-10
979.    An Alfred Meakin Tea Service, comprising cups, saucers, sugar bowl, etc, all decorated with rural scenes, together with an Arthur Wood teapot, in the form a lady in a large dress. 10-20
980.    Doulton "Rondelay" Coffee Service, of thirteen pieces, Copeland Spode, Mason's Poole:- One Tray 15-25
981.    A Royal Worcester Tea and Dinner Service, "June Garland" pattern, of forty-six pieces. 15-25
982.    A Pair of Delft Transfer Printed Globular Vases, tall necks, printed with Dutch scenes, a Delft medicine bottle, flask , mid XX Century Chinese vases, etc. 20-30
983.    A Caithness Starlight No.22958 Globular Paperweight, and five further examples:- One Tray 15-25
984.    Two Early XIX Century Printed Teapots, including Hilditch and Sons, a four piece Cottage ware tea set, and "Chantry Land" and related cabinet plates:- One Tray 15-25
985.    A Pair of Samuel Alcock and Sons Vase, printed and painted with Grecian figures on a blue ground, and a matching pair of cylindrical vases, cabinet plates, a 1912 Barnsley Co-Op souvenir mug, and other china:- One Tray 15-25
986.    A Beswick "Miss Moppet", a Beswick model cat No.1886, shaving mugs, Lurpak butter and toast rack, honey jar, jelly mould, etc:- One Tray 10-20
987.    Five Heavy Globular Paperweights, four with bubble inclusions and one with spiral twist inclusion. 20-30
988.    Earthenware Vase, circa XIX Century, in the form of a tree trunk, and a mid XX Century pottery jug vase. 10-20
989.    A Quantity of Royal Worcester Evesham Tea and Dinner Wares, approximately fifty-five plus pieces, including cake plate, (boxed), ramekins, quiche dishes, etc. 30-50
990.    A Langham Glass Paperweight, formed as a pear, a sand filled apple paperweight,a matching clear glass pear and apple paperweight etc. (5) 20-30
991.    A Leather Suitcase, and a Benjamin Edgington of London canvas tent, (unchecked). (2) 10-20
992.    Four Print Makers Drawers. 15-25
993.    Beatles For Sale LP, and Joe Cocker "Mad Dogs and Englishmen". (2) 15-30
994.    A Vintage Leather Gladstone Bag, with label Thomas Douthwaite. 10-20
995.    Simco Riviera Chrome Cake Stand, in original box, Oneida dish, cutlery, tankards, tie press, four prints, etc:- One Box 15-25
996.    Edinburgh Crystal Vase, (boxed), cut glass fruit bowl, 1930's pink glass trinkets, incense bottle, cards, etc:- One Box 15-25
997.    Six Berlin China Blue and White Christmas Plates, Royal Albert Chelsea Flower Show, Wedgwood calendar and other plates etc:- One Box 10-20
998.    An Antoria Mid XX Century Walnut Cased Table Top Gramophone, Reg No. 490108/9 and Sobell receiver type 615 (collector's items only). (2) 20-30
999.    A XX Century Adam Style Gilded Brass Mirror, with swag decoration, oval mirror, lrimogue panel, together with two wall lights, with Limoges oval panels and ribbon decoration. 15-25
1000.   A Circa 1930's "Hibernia" Oak Tool Cabinet. 40-50
1001.   A Resin Chess Table, with reeded legs, together with a resin Chinese style chess set. 10-20
1002.   An Underwood "Standard" Typewriter, circa 1920's. 15-25
1003.   A Circa 1920's Bandmaster Oak Cased Gramophone Player. 25-35
1004.   An Olympus OM-2 Cased Camera, a Yashica TL-Electro cased camera, and assorted lenses, including an Olympus Zuiko Auto Zoom, a Yashica 50mm, Olympus Oni-System 70mm Auto Zoom, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1005.   A 1960's Style Kitsch Yacht Lamp (collector's item only). 25-35
1006.   A Selection of Cast Steel Chisels, by Ward, Ibbotson and Co. of Sheffield, etc, together with planes, wrenches, pliers, and other tools:- Three Boxes 20-30
1007.   An African Style Hardwood Table, plus a wicker wine basket. 10-20
1008.   An African Two Sectional Hardwood Chair, with carving to back; a five bowled dough maker; furniture pediment. 30-50
1009.   A HMV Model 2008A Table Top Record Player, with a Garrard RC 120 MKII deck, and a small quantity of singles. 20-40
1010.   "British Railways' Workshops" by Edgar Larkin, "Steam in the Western Islands" edited by Jack Kernahan, and further books and railway and steam interest:- Two Boxes 20-30
1011.   A Dansette "Popular" Table Top Gramophone, (collectors item only), and a case of mostly circa 1960's 45RPM records. (2) 15-30
1012.   Vintage Car Accessories, including Den-Len magnetic car lock covers, (unopened), road maps, file, battery carrier, lamps, etc:- One Box 10-20
1013.   The Beatles "Sgt Peppers", "Revolver", "Magical Mystery Tour" LP's, together with Elton John, Moody Blues, etc, assorted 45RPM's, etc:- One Box 20-40
1014.   A Large Collection of LP's, mostly M. O. R and easy listening, but to include Beatles represses, a quantity of 45RPM, 78RPM's, etc. 10-20
1015.   Chisels, hammers, hand drills, block planes, screwdrivers, and other tools:- One Box 15-25
1016.   Electroplated Christening set, comprising two spoons, in fitted case, other cutlery, pierced bowl, butter dish, condiment stand, tankards etc:- One Box 10-20
1017.   A XIX Century Elm Stool, and a brass fender. (2) 10-20
1018.   A Silver Hallmarked Set of Miniature Condiments, Birmingham, a circa 1900 pewter crumb tray and brush, brass inkwell, serpentine jar and cover, Shelley dish, Wedgwood Jasperwares, copper rose bowl, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1019.   A XIX Century Paper Mache Box and Cover, with lithograph printed lid of flowers, assorted tinplate money/cash boxes, including OXO post box, magic pocket savings bank, miniature model scales, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1020.   A Victorian Electroplated Teapot, of lobed squat form, a plated epergne stand, toast rack, Bachelors teapot, salver, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1021.   A Pair of Electroplated Trumpet Vases, pair of brass squat bowls, barometer, brass lighter, tureen, condiments, vesta, etc:- One Tray 10-20
1022.   A Carl Zeiss Jena Werra 1 Camera, cased, with a Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8/50 lens. 20-40
1023.   Assorted Advertising Tins, silver bladed fruit knife, cut throat razors, pre-decimal copper coins, bone card case, Fuji camera, etc. 15-25
1024.   An Oak Cased Bentima 8 Day Mantel Clock, a Kodak folding camera, A. E. Oulsnam and Sons ironstone "Savings" motto plate, and a William Stones "Valuable" freehold lease. 10-20
1025.   A Quantity of Porcelain Miniature Teapots including V & A Museum examples, a New Chelsea water jug, beer stein etc:- One Tray 15-30
1026.   A XIX Century Bound Book, "The Royal History of England" by Henry Tyrell, W. C. Stafford and John Sheever, with black and white plates, dated 1877. 10-20
1027.   A Franklin Mint Porcelain Model of a Great Horned Owl, on circular base, with protective casing; a Mason's ironstone 'Mandalay' table lamp (untested - sold for parts only). (2) 15-25
1028.   Two Edwardian Mahogany Inalid Mantel Clocks, with circular dials. 15-25
1029.   Cameras, decanters, XIX Century celery vase, cigarette cases, novelty lighters, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1030.   A Reproduction Cast Metal Novelty Money Bank "Uncle Sam", painted in colours, and two other models "John Deere" and "Stump Speaker". (3) 20-40
1031.   A Reproduction Pottery White Horse Scotch Whisky Saving Bank, a collection of novelty money boxes, including wooden piano, turtle, etc, and a soft toy fox in hunting attire:- Two Trays 15-30
1032.   An Oak Cased Arched Mantel Clock, silvered dial, and a metronome. 10-20
1033.   An Olympus Om-10 Camera, a Yashica TL-Electro, Kodak folding camera, Instamatic's, and a quantity of camera accessories, carry cases, etc:- One Box 20-30
1034.   Plated Ware, green Cornish ware mug, stoneware cups, etc:- One Box 10-20
1035.   A Victorian Family Bible, tooled boards, with brass clasps, and one other bible. (2) 5-15
1036.   A Cut Glass Dressing Table Set, pair of squat candlesticks, plated brandy cups, cased cutlery. 15-25
1037.   "The Posthumous Papers of The Pickwick Papers" Illustrated by Frank Reynolds, "Old England" in two volumes, Victorian folio of photographs, Spur magazines, 1953/54 ration book, etc. 15-25
1038.   Two Cast Metal Chrome and Tinplate Savings Banks, including "Trick Dog" and "The One That Got Away". (2) 20-30
1039.   A Glazed Stoneware "Auld Lang Syne" Flagon, a blue and white transfer printed bowl, desk stamp shell case, and other brassware. 10-15
1040.   A XIX Century Oil Painting of Rittling Craft, Owlerton, 1885 by a waterfall, oak tea caddy, gilt dressing table mirror, etc:- One Box, together with a XIX Century walking stick. 10-20
1041.   Chinese Red Lacquered Glove Box, one further lacquered hinged box, two early XX Century souvenir paperweights, magnifying glasses, scissors, pocket watch, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1042.   A Victorian Glazed Stoneware Bed Warmer Brick, of triangular form, two further of flattened rectangular form, and a stoneware footwarmer. (4) 10-20
1043.   A Small Quantity of Military Books, including a number of Zulu based volumes. 10-20
1044.   A Beswick Shire Horse, an Italian china vase, two evening purses, and an Art Deco photograph frame. 10-15
1045.   Postcards, early XX Century sentimental, military, Holm on Spalding Moor, etc, a quantity of tea trade cards:- One Box 10-15
1046.   A Bausch and Lomb Optical Company Adjustable Microscope, stamped Rochester N.Y. USA, 196788, with 7.5 eyepiece, together with a small selection of mineral samples. (2) 20-30
1047.   A XIX Century Overlay Glass Vase, pear form painted with flowers and foliage, 1914 Christmas tin, Pelham puppet Scotsman, carnival glass dish, crested ware including model WWI tank, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1048.   A Collection of Eight Cast Metal Chrome and Tinplate Savings Banks, including Midland Bank, Scunthorpe, Co-op, Birmingham municipal, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1049.   A XIX Century Ebonised Mantel Clock, with a stepped cornice, marbleized columns and circular dial, on a plinth base. 15-25
1050.   A Collection of Military Cap Badges, British Railway buttons, brooches, cased cameras, 1947/8 clothing coupons, clay pipes, plated tankard, cigarette cases, etc:- One Box 15-25
1051.   Sir Walter Scott, Tales of a Grandfather, 1864, Articles of Visitation 1781, W. T. Freemantle, Bibliography of Sheffield and Vicinity, The Stirring in Sheffield and other books, maps, etc. 10-20
1052.   Two Large Seashells, recorder, convex mirror, camera, framed prints and brass miniatures. 10-15
1053.   A Tiffany Style Table Lamp, with a leaded glass shade, together with an Art Deco style table lamp, with a leaded glass shade (untested - sold for parts only). (2) 15-20
1054.   A 1920's Oak Dome Cased Mantel Clock, with Westminster chimes movement. 15-20
1055.   A Quartz Resin Mantel Clock, with a lady in Roman costume, together with a pair of resin cupids holding brass pricket sconces. 15-20
1056.   Three Aluminium Novelty Money Banks, formed as ethnic busts. (3) 15-30
1057.   Oak and Walnut Cased Mantel Clocks. (2) 15-20
1058.   Art Deco Table Lamp, with ceramic dancing lady mounted (damage) on black bakelite base and chrome support (untested - sold for parts only). 10-20
1059.   Two Reproduction "Victorian Style" Novelty Cast Metal Money Banks, both "Trick Dog", together with another reproduction model of a standing naval officer. (3) 20-30
1060.   A Mounted Set of Three Modern Graduating Samurai Swords. 20-40
1061.   A Modern Floor Standing Iron Model of a Breaking Heart Held Down with Chains, height 118cms. 5-15
1062.   A 5 x 3inch Slate Bed Snooker Table, on folding legs, together with cues, balls, etc. 10-20
1063.   A Pine Framed Table Top Display Case, glazed hinged lid, lined interior, 71 x 61cms. 10-20
1064.   A Terracotta Chimney Pot, a dolly tub, two poshers and a walking stick. (5)
1064A.  A Galvanized Wash Tub. 15-25
1065.   Normandy Landings, Limited Edition Map print, by The Met Office, 254 of 5000, featuring reprinted letter and summary from the events in June 1944. 10-20
1066.   A Large XIX Century Style Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt frame with foliate decoration, 104 x 74cms. 30-50
1067.   An Impressionist Style Print of a Man Overlooking The Sea. 15-25
1068.   A Pair of Framed Prints of Red Roses and Poppies, in black frames. 10-20
1069.   A Late XIX Century Chromolithograph of a Lady Giving Money to a Boy, in a moulded gilt frame. 10-20
1070.   Syddall Landscape Scene, with cattle over bridge, oil on board, signed lower left, in moulded gilt frame. 15-25
1071.   A Reproduction Antique Effect Colour Print of Coastal Fisher Folk, in heavy gilt frame. 20-30
1072.   A Set of Three Contemporary Canvas Prints Depicting a Flower, with printed signature, Dilemme. 10-20
1073.   An Aborigine Study of a Kangaroo, in the pointilist manner, signed P. Brandy, a pair of contemporary Balinese watercolour and ink figural scenes, in carved and pierced gilt frames, and one other Balinese souvenir framed market scene. (4) 10-15
1074.   A Limited Edition Print, graphite signed bottom right, Emma Oxley, 55 of 100, of butterflies, together with a contemporary mixed media picture signed lower left, "E". 25-35
1075.   H. Parker, "Cattle Drinking in a Woodland", Oil on Canvas, dated 1899, in heavy moulded gilt gesso frame, overall 87 x 117cms. 20-40
1076.   A Set of Five Maud Earl Prints of Dogs. 40-60
1077.   A Framed Oil on Board, depicting an early XX Century Parisian scene, illustrating a shanty house to foreground and church to background, signed Fromer. 15-25
1078.   C. J. Senior, Watercolour, country farmhouse, 34.5 x 52 signed lower right, another by R. Donkersley, J. Evans still life oil. (3) 20-30
1079.   English School, "River Mountain Scene at Dusk", Oil on Canvas, (perforated), in heavy gilt gesso frame, 89 x 102cms. 20-40
1080.   Two XIX Century Chinese Style Oil Paintings, together with three XIX Century style prints. 10-20
1081.   A XIX Century Framed Print of South East View of Seaham Harbour, (WM, Monkhouse York). 10-20
1082.   Altabas Signed Print of Exmouth, Le Mans reprint, and two others. (4) 10-20
1083.   After Jedd, Four Comic Colour Prints, including Bowls, The Brigade, Nine Half Pints of The Law, The Dug Out, together with a reproduction Johan Bleau map, plus mirror. 10-15
1084.   M. Roberts, "Gig Slippen", Watercolour, framed, 36 x 29cms, together with "Echidna" limited edition 2/3 by Heather Cary 1992, a limited edition colour print "Rock Opera", Sydney 27/485, and an early XX Century chromolithograph advertising poster "Stone's Perfumed Furniture Cream". (4) 15-25
1085.   Four Reproduction Punch Posters, including 1931, 1924, 1926, 1923, all framed and glazed in punch carved frames, plus another similar. 10-20
1086.   George Cunningham Millet and Casablanca Prints, and an oval wall mirror. 15-25
1087.   Four Reproduction Sets of Cigarette Cards, including Lambert and Butler motor cars, Cope Bros Cope's Golfers, etc, all in double glass frames. 15-30
1088.   A Set of Three Contemporary Canvas Prints of a Sunset, with printed signature, Dilemme. 10-20
1089.   An Early XX Century Oval wall Mirror, and brass demi lune stick stand. 15-25
1090.   An Oak Cased Regulator Wall Clock, having silvered dial with Winchester chimes, over three bevelled glass panels. 10-20
1091.   A XIX Century Viennese Wall Clock, with black Roman numerals and J. Salum mold name to gilt dial. 15-25
1092.   An Early XX Century Walnut Cased Wall Clock, white enamel dial, Roman numerals, with subsidiary second dial. 70-100
1093.   Early XX Century Oak Two Dial Aneroid Barometer, with retailer's name H.L. Brown, together with a mid XX Century mahogany aneroid barometer. (2) 20-30
1094.   A Mahogany Three Tier Folding Cake Stand, dished plates, standard ends, and an oak cased wall clock, silvered dial. (2) 20-30
1095.   A Painted Open Bookcase, with stepped pediment, 121cms wide. 20-40
1096.   A Pair of Bedside Cupboards, with open shelves and cupboard doors. 10-20
1097.   Mid XX century Mahogany Five Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising "his and hers" wardrobes and a dressing table and stool. 30-50
1098.   A Z-Bed, in stainless steel frame. 10-15
1098A.  A House of Fraser Double Divan Base. 10-15
1099.   A Mahogany Nest of Tables, together with a white painted laundry basket. 8-12
1100.   A Pair of Habitat Five Heights Metal Shelving Units, and a matching two heights trolley, on castors. 10-20
1101.   A Cream and Gilt Painted Serpentine Chest of Five Drawers, on squat cabriole legs, together with a similar two drawer bedside cupboard. 20-40
1102.   An Oak Bedroom Chest of Drawers, having four long drawers on bracket feet, together with a matching dressing chest. 20-30
1103.   A Mahogany Six Heights Bookcase, plain cornice, fluted ends with adjustable shelving.
1104.   A Modern Limed Oak Five Heights Bookcase, above single drawer. 20-30
1105.   A Modern Office Cabinet, with open adjustable shelving, over sliding cupboard doors. 10-30
1106.   A Painted Towel Rail, corner unit and medicine cabinet. 15-25
1107.   Three Drawer Filing Cabinet, and a standard lamp. 10-20
1108.   A Teak Sideboard, with configuration of drinks cabinet and shelving over cupboard door and three drawers. 20-40
1109.   A Modern Pine Wall Unit, glazed cupboard doors, flanking central recess shelf, above a base of frieze drawers over cupboard doors, together with a modern pine 5ft bed head. (2) 10-20
1110.   A 1920's Mahogany Sideboard, having circular bevelled mirror to shaped back, with single drawer over cupboard door and two others flanking, on cabriole legs. 50-80
1111.   A Nest of Oak Coffee Tables, on bobbin supports and stepped feet, oak (cut down) table. 20-30
1112.   1930's Walnut Dining Room Suite, comprising extending table on lyre ends, four rexine covered chairs, and bow fronted sideboard, (with faults). 15-25
1113.   An Edwardian Chest, of two short and three long drawers, with Art Nouveau oxidized copper handles. 20-30
1114.   A Reproduction Yew Four Height Chest of Drawers, of small proportions, a bedroom chair, a modern double wardrobe, and two heights bedside chests. (5) 10-20
1115.   Gibbs Bookcase, with sliding glass doors. 15-25
1116.   A Light Elm Ercol Dining Table, having rectangular top, together with four matching chairs. 30-50
1117.   A XX Century Italian Walnut Marquetry Top Table, on a bulbous carved pedestal, on carved cabriole legs, together with a set of four balloon back chairs, on cabriole legs. 25-45
1118.   A Modern Teak Chest of Drawers, having five long drawers on block supports. 10-20
1119.   A Mid XX Century Oak Dresser Base, with two short drawers with knulled decoration, over two linen fold cupboard doors on stile feet. 20-30
1120.   An Oak Nest of Coffee Tables, with knulled apron, turned and block supports. 20-40
1121.   An Oak Monks Bench, with linen fold decoration. 20-30
1122.   A Modern Oak Dining Table, rectangular top, squared legs, and four matching chairs. (5) 10-30
1123.   A Lloyd Loom Style Painted White Armchair, together with a Lloyd Loom style washing basket. 20-30
1124.   A Victorian Mahogany Chiffonier, (lacking galleried back), plain top over single drawer, with two cupboard doors flanked by ring turned supports, plinth base. 10-20
1125.   A Three Drawer Filing Cabinet, and a modern computer desk. (2) 10-20
1126.   A 1920's Oak Oval Shaped Drinks Cabinet, with a sliding top, small drawer over cupboard doors. 15-20
1127.   A 1930's Oak Gents and Ladies Wardrobes, and associated chest of three drawers. 15-25
1128.   A Green and Gilt Basket Work Table, and lilac linen box. 15-25
1129.   A Modern Softwood Five Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising wardrobe, a pair of three heights bedside chests, four heights chest of drawers, and double bed frame. (5) 30-50
1130.   A Nest of Mahogany Coffee Tables, and a piano stool, on splayed feet. 20-40
1131.   A Reproduction Mahogany Sideboard, single frieze drawer over cupboard doors, with flanking incurved doors. 10-20
1132.   A 1920's Walnut Bureau, having central flip down front over central cupboard, and flanking shelves, plus octagonal topped table of similar design. 10-20
1133.   A Modern Chest of Drawers, comprising two short, and five long drawers, and a Stag four heights bedroom chest. (2) 20-40
1134.   An Oak Drop Leaf Tea Trolley, "D" ended drop leaves with single drawer and undertier, and an oak drop leaf table of small proportions. (2) 15-30
1135.   Schreiber Wood Effect Bedroom Chests. 15-25
1136.   A Four Drawer Light Oak Effect Floor Standing Filing Cabinet. 5-15
1137.   A Teak Drop Leaf Dining Table, rectangular top, rounded ends, and two modern dining chairs, upholstered in dark brown leatherette. (3) 10-20
1138.   A Brass Extending Standard Lamp, lobed central knop, on three cast paws and circular spreading foot, and one other brass standard lamp, with shades. (untested - sold for parts only) (2) 20-30
1139.   A Teak Nest of Tables, and a teak drop leaf tea trolley. (2) 20-40
1140.   A Pine Coffee Table, with under tier and two modern pine spindle backed kitchen high chairs. (3) 5-15
1141.   An Italian Inlaid Musical Sewing Box/Table. 10-20
1142.   Mid XX Century Oak Telephone Table, with a knulled top rial, together with an oak blanket box, with linen fold panels. 20-30
1143.   A 1920's Walnut Display Cabinet, with a low back, glazed door, on a plinth base. 25-35
1144.   A Circa 1960's Teak Dressing Table, of stepped design, comprising single short drawer over one long drawer and single shelf, and matching two heights chest of drawers. (2) 30-50
1145.   A Pine and Iron Ducal Coffee Table, with a rectangular top, on cabriole legs, with undershelf. 35-45
1146.   A Mahogany Effect Desk, with gilt tooled green inset scriver to three drawer top, on twin pedestals, each with single and filing drawer, 121.5cms wide. 40-60
1147.   A 1920's Gate Leg Table, with drop leaves, barley twist legs, united by stretchers. 10-20
1148.   A Mid XX Century Walnut Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with three long drawers on bracket feet. 30-50
1149.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Piano Stool, with blind fretwork, carved fascia to box seat. 20-30
1150.   A Golden Oak Drop Leaf Table. 20-30
1151.   A Pair of Wooden Framed Sun Loungers, cane seated bedroom chairs and standard lamp base. (4) 10-15
1152.   Six Nathan Furniture Teak Dining Chairs, with twin splat backs but no seat pads, and a similar corner unit. 15-25
1153.   A 1920's Oak Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, with a wool work tapestry top, on turned legs, together with a late XIX Century chair. 20-40
1154.   A Teak Sideboard, circa 1970's. 15-25
1155.   A Copper Covered Coal Box, with upholstered top, together with a Lloyd Loom style blanket box. 10-20
1156.   An Iron and Pine Washing Mangle. 20-30
1157.   A Set of Six Oak Dining Chairs, with splat backs barley twist legs, and draw leaf table. 30-50
1158.   A 1920's Oak Barley Twist Legged Drop Leaf Table and Four Chairs, having carved top rails, "T" backs, on turned legs. 50-80
1159.   A G. Plan 1970's Teak Coffee Table, with fifteen tile Aztec pattern top. 30-50
1160.   A Pair of Mahogany Low Cupboards, with interior shelving and a teak framed wall mirror. (3) 10-30
1161.   A Coal Effect Electric Fire, with oak effect surround, flanked by open shelves. 10-20
1162.   A Two Seater Settee, having foliate patterns on beige ground. 15-25
1163.   XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers and three long drawers, on bun feet. 40-60
1164.   An Edwardian Beech Washstand, with marble top, two short and two long drawers. 20-30
1165.   A Tyrela Oak Gramophone Cabinet, circa 1920's with records. 20-30
1166.   A XIX Century Walnut Dresser, with shaped sides and top rail to planked rack, over two drawers and lower cupboards, on plinth base, 138cms wide. 80-120
1167.   A Reproduction Double Bed Frame, broken arched pediment, turned uprights surmounted with finials, and Victorian style iron framed bedhead and foot with irons. (2) 20-40
1168.   A 1930's Walnut Coffee Table, with pie crust top on cabriole legs, having ball and claw feet, together with a circular topped table with octagonal under shelf. (2) 8-12
1169.   A Demi-Lune Walnut Hall Table, together with a rectangular wall mirror, plus a 1940's circular topped needlework table. 15-25
1170.   A Mahogany Display Cabinet, with single astragal door, on bracket feet. 20-40
1171.   An Oak Framed Firescreen, with needlework garden scene, with an oak piano stool. 10-20
1172.   A Hardwood Sideboard, fitted with three frieze drawers, over ring turned and panelled doors. 20-40
1173.   A 1980's Display Cabinet, top with glazed doors, base, single drawer over panelled cupboard doors. 10-15
1174.   A Modern Nest of Tables, an occasional table with single filing drawer, and a mobile kitchen chopping block storage unit. (3) 20-30
1175.   A Mahogany Floor Standing Corner cupboard, with a glazed astragal door, on swept feet.
1176.   An Early XX Century School Writing Desk, with hinged lidded top and inset inkwell, with Kingfisher LTD West Bromwich stamped to top. 20-30
1177.   Three Folding Beech Garden Chairs, and bergere topped oak stool. 20-40
1178.   A Victorian Walnut Four Tier Corner What-Not, each bowed shelf inlaid with urns and foliate scrolls, all supported on ring turned and spiral twist uprights, together with an Italian inlaid musical sewing table. (2) 20-40
1179.   XIX Century Mahogany Straight Fronted Chest of Two Short and Three Long Graduated Drawers, on splayed feet. 60-90
1180.   A Circa 1930's Wooden Ribbed Travel Case. 15-30
1181.   XIX Century Painted Pine Cupboard, with a panelled door on a plinth base. 30-60
1182.   A Mahogany Chest on Chest, of small proportions, crossbanded top, fluted chamfered sides on bracket feet. 30-50
1183.   A Mid XX Century Walnut Bureau, with two glazed doors with interior shelving above hinged writing surface, and two frieze drawers on squared tapering legs. 70-100
1184.   A Lynwood and Sons of London Walnut Framed Upright Piano. 20-40
1185.   A Eavestaff Pianette "Minipiano", with "Wilson Peck" and "As used by HRH Princess Ingrid of Sweden" gilt decals. 20-40
1186.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Revolving Chair, reeded geometric back rest on reeded squared and stepped tapering legs, united by "X" stretcher. 30-40
1187.   A Modern Two Seater Sofa, upholstered with beige herringbone design. 10-20
1188.   An Edwardian Octagonal Shaped Occasional Table, with a crossbanded top, tapering legs, united by stretchers. 10-20
1189.   An Oak Drop Leaf Table, on barley twist supports, together with two oak dining chairs. 15-25
1190.   A Mahogany Four Drawer Cabinet, each drawer with brass handles stamped "milners", case altered. 20-40
1191.   An Ercol Elm TV Stand, single drop leaf, with undertier over single drawer. 20-40
1192.   A Mahogany Desk, with inset scriver over three drawers, on twin pedestals, each of three drawers. 60-90
1193.   XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Two Short and Three Long Graduated Drawers, on splayed feet. 60-90
1194.   A Nest of Three Mahogany Coffee Tables, on bamboo effect supports. 20-40
1195.   An Ercol Elm Nest of Tables, pierced shaped ends. 20-40
1196.   A 1920's Oak Dining Room Suite, draw leaf table, four chairs, and sideboard, all with cup and cover supports. 80-120
1197.   A XIX Century Wood and Metal Bound Travelling Trunk, with dome top and painted Hessian covering. 40-60
1198.   A Set of Four Industrial Style Tubular Framed Stacking Chairs, painted plywood backs and seat. 40-50
1199.   A Set of Four Caned Conservatory Chairs, with "X" stretchers. 10-20
1200.   A Victorian Style Windsor Chair, hoop spindle back, Christmas tree splat, on ring turned crinoline stretchered legs. 30-50
1201.   A Set of Eight Circa 1930's Oak Dining Chairs, studded tan leather backs and seats, on ring turned and block supports and bobbin turned front stretcher, incorporating two carvers. (8) 80-120
1202.   A Set of Six Multi York Dining Chairs, padded seats and high backs, with cream floral patterned covers. (6) 20-40
1203.   A Parker Knoll Electric Recliner Chair, upholstered in a floral fabric. 30-50
1204.   A Middle Eastern Wool Rug, with central cruciform motif, all over floral decoration, multicoloured, on deep blue ground and rust red border, 154 x 100cms. 30-50
1205.   A Mid XX Century Carpet, decorated with fruit, foliage and bird motifs around a central circular roundel, on a beige ground, all within borders, 280 x 321cms. 10-20
1206.   A Circa 1900 Thonet Stained Bentwood Hat and Coat Stand, stamped Thonet. 60-100
1207.   A 1920's Oak Bureau Bookcase, with stepped pediment and twin leaded glazed doors, having beadwork edges over fall front, and three graduated drawers on bracket feet. 100-150
1208.   A XIX Century Carved Oak Chair, with a carved top rail, upholstered seat, on barley twist legs, united by stretchers.
1209.   A 1920's Oak Hall Stand, with blind fretwork carving, shaped inset mirror, oval rail supports, lift up seat, side umbrella apertures, with drip trays. 50-70
1210.   An Oak Drop Leaf Coffee Table, on turned and block supports. 15-25
1211.   A Jones Oak Cased Treadle Sewing Machine. 15-25
1212.   A Green Basket Work Linen Box, chair and bamboo table. 15-25
1213.   A XIX Century Curtain Pole and Rings. 40-50
1214.   A Modern Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, with dental cornice over glazed astragal doors, base having flip down front with fitted interior, over four long drawers on bracket feet. 20-40
1215.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, with leaded astragal glazed doors and stepped pediment to book compartment, over fall front fitted interior and three drawers on bracket feet. 50-90
1216.   An Oak Drop Leaf Dining Table, on turned supports and dual topped kitchen table, on barley twist legs. (2) 15-25
1217.   A Mahogany Fire Surround, circa 1920's, stepped mantel, with a lattice work and pokerwork carving to apron, egg and dart terminals to shaped supports, bearing label "Parker's Adjustable Mantel", 94cms inner aperture width. 50-90
1218.   A 1930's Oak Display Cabinet, with shaped top, twin glazed doors on ball and block feet. 40-60
1219.   An Oak and Draw Leaf Table, on heavy lobed cup and cover supports and platform base. 20-30
1220.   An Early XX Century Wicker Laundry Basket, with the initials J. H. S printed to both sides. 40-60