Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 9th January 2015

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1.      Royal Worcester Moments Friendship Figure Group, Nadal girl, glass clown, etc:- One Tray £15-25
2.      Wedgwood Green Leaf Plate, Worcester Palissy Avon scenes blue and white dinner ware, Waterman's fountain pen, with gold nib and ferrules. £15-25
3.      Stoneware Hot Water Jug, Wade ashtray, stoneware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
4.      Imperial and Meakin Tea Services, P. P. C hunting jug and teapot:- One Tray £15-25
5.      A Pair of Bath Pattern Ovoid Pottery Vases, with rose decoration with covers (one damaged). £20-40
6.      Two Carlton Ware Leaf Dishes, a Wedgwood Beatrix Potter dish, Beleek vase, a reproduction money box in the form of a clown:- One Tray £20-30
7.      Amber Glass Basket, fruit ornaments, other coloured glassware:- One Tray £15-25
8.      Seven Wade Pig Money Boxes (some duplicated):- One Tray £20-30
9.      Mottled Glass Vases, Cunard glass tankard, basket, heart shaped box, etc:- One Tray £20-30
10.     A XIX Century Tea Service, stamped on base "Stella Oetzmann & Co London Sole Vendors"; cups, saucers, plates, cream jug, bowl, all decorated with bands of fruit. £25-35
11.     1920's Vaseline Glass Bowl, green glass vase, with rimmed decoration, paperweights, etc:- One Tray £20-40
12.     Wedgwood 1930's Coffee Ware, Cries of London plates, dolls teaset, etc:- One Tray £15-25
13.     XIX Century Tea Cup and Saucer, with a yellow background and gilt highlights, a handpainted flower decoration (damaged), Royal Doulton water jug, H.K. Tunstall teapot and jugs, etc:- One Tray £15-20
14.     Two Sylvac Figures of Shire Horses, both marked Sylvac, England. £25-45
15.     Falcon Ware Hat Wall Posy, Wood's jardiniere, goblets, Oldcourt jug, plates:- One Tray £15-25
16.     A Poole Aegean Dish, Christmas cabinet plate, Sadler rolling pin, studio glass dish, Hornsea posy vases, lead crystal vase, etc. £10-30
17.     A Beswick Standing Black Labrador, a large stoneware mug labelled chedder, a Goebel great tit, Crown Derby dish, Viennese cabinet plate and other items. £15-20
18.     XIX Century Staffordshire Figure of Queen Victoria, with the inscription "Queen of England, Empress of India, Crowned June 20th 1837 Years of Jubilee 1887". £20-30
19.     Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery White King Charles Spaniel Dogs, a flatback Red Riding Hood spill vase. £20-40
20.     A Quantity of Royal Doulton Rondelay Pattern China, tea, coffee and dinner wares, (approximately fifty-five plus pieces). £30-50
21.     Midwinter Fashion Shape Breakfast and Teaware, including cake stands, toast rack, biscuit barrel etc. £30-40
22.     Winterling Bavarian Dinner Service, of approximately thirty-two pieces:- One Box £15-25
23.     Indian Tree China Dinner Ware, of fifty-four pieces. £20-30
24.     Royal Doulton for British Airways Oxford Blue Dinner Ware, of approximately thirty-eight pieces, EC1110 and ramekins EC1054. £20-40
25.     Siltone, Stoneware and Ivy Leaf Jugs, Lovatt's jardinettes, plates:- One Tray £15-25
26.     Freestanding Barbola Mirror, Brentleigh vase and slipper posy, etc:- One Box £15-25
27.     Myott "Malaga" Dinner Ware, of forty-two pieces:- One Box £15-20
28.     Maling "Peony Rose" Lustre Bowl, pair of Holperl signed, hand painted coffee cans and saucers, coins, etc:- One Tray £15-25
29.     XIX Century Oval Pottery Teapot, (spout damaged), "Present From" mugs, tea ware:- One Tray £20-40
30.     Royal Doulton New Romance Collection Oxford Blue and Other Dinner Ware, of approximately forty-three pieces. £20-40
31.     Grosvenor "Ye Olde English" Bone China Coffee Service, of thirty-two pieces:- One Tray £15-25
32.     Wedgwood 'Chinese Legend' Coffee Pot, ginger jar, bowl, coffee cups and saucers, bud vase:- One Tray £10-20
33.     Staffordshire China Commemorative Plaque for the 25th Anniversary of H.M. Queen Elizabeth, limited edition 291/1500, signed J.Bailey; a Caverswall jar and cover, Coalport Athlone Marone plate, Rington's tea jars etc:- One Tray £25-40
34.     An Early XX Century Japanese Kutani Porcelain Bottle Vase, decorated with panels of flowers and butterflies; a Satsuma vase decorated with Geisha's and birds, a pair of miniature Satsuma bottle vases and other Japanese and Chinese porcelain:- One Tray £15-25
35.     A Pair of Mason's Pottery Circular Wall Chargers, featuring figures on horseback, 34.5cms diameter (one damaged). £20-30
36.     Early XX Century "Melody" Pattern Comport, Poole plate and Poole table lamp. £20-30
37.     Wedgwood Glass Seal, and otter. £15-25
38.     Lorna Bailey Pottery "Doodles the Dog". £15-25
39.     Whitefriars Textured Bark Vase, in pewter colour, 19cms high. £15-25
40.     Heavy Cut Glass Vase, with thumbnail rim, star, slice and hobnail waisted body. £20-30
41.     Lorna Bailey Pottery "Dozey the Dog". £15-25
42.     Royal Crown Derby Floral Plate, sugar and cream jug, Aynsley "Pembroke" comport, Poole platter, Coalport plate, etc:- One Tray £15-25
43.     Pair of XIX Century Bisque Pottery Figures, 36.5cms high, Worcester posy vase "2351", Continental figures, planes, etc:- One Tray £15-25
44.     XIX Century Wedgwood, Jasper Style Stilton Dish, decorated with classical figures, (damaged), three XIX Century style Staffordshire figures, Continental tea warmer, etc:- One Tray £30-40
45.     A Whitefriars Ruby and Clear Glass Ashtray, with bubble inclusions, diameter 20cms a red glass vase, and two Phoenician Studio Glass globular vases; A Studio Glass Vase, of cylindrical form, with white and brown marbled and flecked decoration, 33cms high, and a marbled amber glass vase of ovoid form, 25cms; A XX Century Glass Vase, of baluster form, wavy rim, blue overlay on a white glass ground, together with two other studio glass vases. (9)
46.     Royal Doulton "Espirit" Dinner Ware, of thirty-four pieces. £15-25
47.     Paragon China Figures, "Lady Patricia" AW120, "Lady Evelyn" 114A, "Spring" AW55, (damaged), Paulette and Joan. (5) £40-80
48.     A Pair of Victorian Staffordshire Gilt Lustre Jugs, a late XVIII Century bullet shaped teapot, a pair of XIX Century knopped jelly glasses, an early XIX Century Ironstone soap dish, etc:- One Tray £30-50
49.     Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" Tea Ware, of thirty-six pieces, all first quality, including teapot and hot water jug, a similar sugar bowl unstamped. £50-70
50.     Franklin Mint Porcelain "Pride of the Spring" Horse Figure Groups, (12), together with certificates and display stand. £30-50
51.     Yellow and Cream Opaque Glass Jardiniere, decanter, tazza, bowl, paperweight. £15-25
52.     Crown Devon Vase, Poole pottery animals, Hornsea ashtrays, etc:- One Tray £15-25
53.     Opaque China "Genevese" Blue and White Pottery Meat Plate, with draining facility, "Oriental groups", "Roseville" and John Tams meat plates. (4) £20-40
54.     Two Lead Crystal Decanters, champagnes, whisky tumblers, presentation beaker c.1916, etc:- One Tray £15-30
55.     Early XX Century Tea Service, stamped J. C. S & Co. "Onion" pattern; cups, saucers, plates, cream jug, bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-30
56.     Pair of Chinese Blue and White Vases, Delft ware, ginger cover storage jars, Delft candlestick, etc:- One Tray £15-25
57.     Branksome T.V Cups and Saucers, sugar and cream, mother of pearl handled knife and fork, other cutlery, silver plated napkin rings:- One Tray £20-30
58.     Beswick Grazing Shire, model No. 1050 in brown gloss, Shetland Mare (ear chip), Swarovski teddy bear and rabbit, other miniature glass animals, Wade turtles, Goss pot etc:- One Tray £30-40
59.     Paragon "Pompadour" Jam Pot, harlequin tea ware, oval dish, hexagonal canister, Shelley pin tray, etc:- One Tray £15-25
60.     Wedgwood Pottery, Jasper trinkets, "Ice Rose" and "Clementine" teaware, etc:- One Tray £20-30
61.     Belleek Pottery, shell bread plate, encrusted vase, clover trio, two vases and two jugs, all with green backstamps; a bulbous clover jug with brown backstamp:- One Tray (10) £20-30
62.     Murano Style Glass Bowl, in red and green with folded rim, glass swan and two carnival glass bowls:- One Tray £10-20
63.     Maling Lustre Dish, Gouda ashtray, Carlton dishes, German bird, etc:- One Tray £15-25
64.     Royal Crown Derby Paperweight Donkey "Thistle", for Govier's of Sidmouth, 11cms high. First quality. Gilt stopper and box. £30-40
65.     Royal Crown Derby Paperweight Donkey "Holly", for Govier's of Sidmouth, 8.5cms. First quality. Gilt stopper and box. £20-30
66.     A Sylvac Figure of a Horse, marked Sylvac, England. £25-45
67.     Aynsley, Cut Glass and Other Scent Bottles and Atomisers, Worcester stem vase etc:- One Tray £20-30
68.     Wade Disney Whimsies, XIX Century lacquered spectacle case, watch chain, miniatures, etc. £15-25
69.     Wedgwood Trinket Box, Schmid musical "Beatrix Potter Duchess", Wade Afghan hound, Villeroy & Boch rabbit box, ladies, Staffordshire dog, etc:- One Tray £15-25
70.     Cut Glass Decanters, wine glasses, liqueur glasses, etc:- One Tray £15-20
71.     Approximately Forty Five Wade Whimsies, together with a Wade figure of Toad from The Wind In The Willows Series, plus other Wade trinkets. £20-30
72.     A Pair of Two Cut Glass Decanters, together with a matching set of six cut glass brandy glasses. £20-30
73.     Two Beswick Pottery Donkeys, Doulton "Eeyore's Tail" WP7. (3) £15-25
74.     Limoges Porcelain Trinket Boxes, mother of pearl, hardstone and other scent bottles/atomisers, a ruby glass smelling salts bottle etc. £20-30
75.     Moorcroft Pottery "Harvest Poppy" Coaster, 780/4, dated 2009, 11.5cms diameter. £30-40
76.     Moorcroft Pottery Blue Floral Trial Vase, 81/10 dated 11-6-13, 15.5cms high. £140-160
77.     Dresden Mid XX Century Pottery Table Centre Piece, with lattice pierced bowl supported by three winged cherubs on naturalistic base, some damage. £20-40
78.     Moorcroft Pottery "Cinco Blue" Vase, 200/5, 13.5cms high. £70-90
79.     Moorcroft Pottery "The Clouds" Vase, 3/5 No.33, 13cms high. £100-120
80.     Moorcroft Pottery Oak Nymph Model, dated 2010, 17cms high. £100-120
81.     Moorcroft Pottery "Peony Bride" Jug, by Emily Bossons, limited edition 16 of 50, stamped maker's marks and date for 2013, 30.5cms high. £340-380
82.     Moorcroft Pottery "Shrinking Violets" Vase, 33/3, No.15, 7.5cms high. £10-120
83.     Moorcroft Pottery "Honeymoon" Vase, 55/3, limited edition 26 of 50, 7.5cms high. £80-100
84.     Moorcroft Pottery "Royal House of Windsor" Tray, limited edition, 1/9 of 300, dated 2012, 19.5 x 8.5cms. £70-90
85.     A Lalique Glass Paperweight, as an owl, italic signed Lalique France, 8,5cms high. £40-60
86.     Three Beswick Figures, of foxes. £20-30
87.     Lorna Bailey Pottery "Manhattan" Spherical Vase, on four feet, 16cms high. £30-40
88.     A Troika Cyndrical Vase, finished in blue with a circular pattern, 20cms high. £30-50
89.     Hutschen Reuher Pottery Model of an Eagle, with outstretched talons, impressed K. Tutter and maker's blue mark and "8" under base, 44.5cms high. £60-80
90.     Royal Crown Derby Paperweight as a Teddy Bear, (no stopper), and another of a piglet. Second quality. £20-40
91.     A Wedgwood Glass Paperweight, of mushroom form, together with another in the form an apple in green mottled glass. £10-20
92.     Pair of Gold Anchor Dalmatian Dog Figure Groups, 7cms high, Mason's "Vista" octagonal fruit bowl, glassware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
93.     Minton "Spring Bouquet" Tea Ware, of twenty-seven pieces. £15-25
94.     A Circa 1900 Satsuma Vase, painted with honeysuckle, flowers and foliage, 24cms, a Blanc de Chine table lamp base modelled with two figures, and a pair of ginger jars, etc:- One Tray £10-30
95.     Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "The Cottage" Twin Handled Vase, 21cms high. £30-40
96.     Lorna Bailey Pottery "Cruise" Vase, 19.5cms high/ £20-40
97.     Dresden Porcelain Comport, with lattice work bowl and cherubs to naturalistic support, 30.5cms high, impressed 2108, another with floral encrustation, impressed 618 and 75. £15-30
98.     Daher Oval Tray, Jenny Lind Fruit Bowl, boxed Olympic plates by Wedgwood, Oriental tea bowl and saucer. £10-20
99.     Royal Doulton Figurine ' Southern Belle' HN2229, Minton jam pot, Victorian tureen, Franklin Mint Ashes commemorative tankard 1882-1982 and Portmeirion Rex Whistler tribute jug:- One Tray £20-30
100.    A Denby 'Glynbourne' Jug, brass candlesticks and cast brass rose, collector's plates:- One Tray £15-25
101.    An Early XIX Century Rockingham Style Twin Handled Shallow Dish, painted with central panel of figures in a river landscape, a XIX Century Coalport hexagonal plate, one other early XIX Century shallow dish, painted decoration of fruit and foliage, and a Radfords Fenton china plate. (4) £25-50
102.    A Grosvenor China Floral Tea Service, Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' cream jug and sugar bowl, Royal Doulton Series Ware Coffee Pot, D2735:- One Tray £25-35
103.    A Collection of Old Tupton Ware, including vases, honey pot, planter, all decorated with foliate and floral decoration, together with Royal Worcester trinket boxes, Maling dish, etc:- One Tray £20-40
104.    XIX Century Cranberry Glass Jar and Cover, with clear frill base, vase, Art Deco table centre, 1970's cube lighter, amethyst bowls, etc:- One Tray £20-40
105.    Two XIX Century Pottery Pictorial Plates, Queen Victoria jug, pair of Continental porcelain figures v20686 &/5. £15-25
106.    A Lorna Bailey Limited Edition Model of Fred Dibnah, standing on an oval plinth, 6/100, with certificate. £20-30
107.    A Lorna Bailey Limited Edition Novelty Teapot, modelled as Fred Dibnah driving his landrover, 5/100, with certificate. £20-30
108.    Imari Style Biscuit Barrel, with plated lid and loop handle, XIX Century lustre mug, three piece garniture, Mason's shoe posy, Wade whimsies, Continental figural spill vases:- One Tray £15-25
109.    Cut Glass Vase, biscuit barrel, basket and two candle holders with faceted drops:- One Tray £20-30
110.    Seven Chintz Pottery Plates, Devon butter dish, posies, etc:- One Tray £15-25
111.    A Pair of XIX Century Austrian Bisque Figures, in classical dress, XIX Century fairings, pair of bookends of children sitting, Delft style candlesticks:- One Tray £25-35
112.    Royal Doulton Small Character Jug of Robin Hood and Beswick Mr Pickwick, commemorative ware, XIX Century stoneware jug and book The Sorrows of Werter etc:- One Tray
113.    Whisky, wine, tumbler glasses:- One Tray £10-20
114.    Barbara Linley Adams for Poole Pottery Six Bird Plates, dormouse and mouse figures, Denby Studio plate featuring a large house. £20-30
115.    Blackpool "How Ink Is Made" Crested China Novelty, (cracked), shell and anchor ornaments, shoe posies, etc:- One Tray £15-25
116.    Noritake Early XX Century Tea Service, of nine pieces, hand painted with flowers within a pale green and gilt border (some damage) and similar wares:- One Tray £15-25
117.    Wedgwood Jasper Ware Biscuit Barrel, pair of Tunstall vases, plated dish, Noratake condiments, etc:- One Tray £15-20
118.    A Lead Crystal Jug, cross cut and star patterned base, vases, further jugs, scent bottles, etc:- One Tray £15-25
119.    Paragon "Victoriana Rose" Tea Ware, of twenty-one pieces, Crown Devon Burry Inn, and orange preserve jars:- One Tray £15-25
120.    Royal Standard "Caprice" Tea Service, of twenty-one pieces, Queen Anne tea ware of nineteen pieces:- One Tray £15-25
121.    A Large Beswick Dachshund, together with a Beswick shire horse (damaged), a Beswick donkey, Poole seal, Wade collectors mugs, etc:- One Tray £20-30
122.    A Quantity of Cut Glassware, many stamped Tudor. £30-50
123.    Royal Vale Early XX Century Floral Teaware, of thirty-five pieces:- One Tray £15-25
124.    Two Capo Di Monte and Other Pottery Figures, all as military themes. £15-25
125.    Victoria 1920's Gilt and Greek Key Tea Service, of thirty-five pieces:- One Tray £15-25
126.    Japanese Fruit China Vase, plate and lidded pot, Limoges miniatures, Royal Albert Reginald Johnson Plates, another by Lenox:- One Tray £20-30
127.    Four Tudor Stamped Hock Glasses, having coloured glass bowls, five smaller similar, two brandies:- One Tray £30-50
128.    A Beswick Standing Horse, a pottery shire horse, Wade Whimsies, tortoises, etc:- One Tray £10-20
129.    Austrian and Dresden Porcelain Ewers; and two plates. £20-30
130.    XIX Century Continental Porcelain Figure Group, of chess players, and four others smaller (with damages):- One Tray £15-25
131.    XIX Century Dresden Porcelain Posy Boat, with floral encrustation and applied musical cherubs, a pair of similar candle holders and a vase with cover (all with damages). £20-40
132.    Wedgwood W 1149 Pattern China Tea Service, with blue and gilt borders:- One Tray £30-50
133.    A Royal Doulton Little Mester, limited edition, (1074 0f 3500), character jug. £10-20
134.    A Figure of a Terrier, with impressed mark, Sylvac 1380. £15-20
135.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "Wellington the Cat". £15-25
136.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "Pikey the Cat". £15-25
137.    A Connoisseur Model by Beswick, of a standing horse "Hunter", in dapple grey, on mahogany oval plinth. £30-50
138.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "Inky the Cat", limited edition 1 of 1. £15-25
139.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "Tucker the Cat" £15-25
140.    Moorcroft Pottery "Peacock Parade" Vase, 75/8, 20.5cms high. £70-90
141.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Fireside Marmalade the Cat", limited edition 1 of 1, 21.5cms high. £40-50
142.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Bengo the Dog". £15-25
143.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "Fluffy the Cat". £15-25
144.    A XIX Century Pedestal Vase, of urn form, hand painted with birds, having gilt scroll and encrusted rim, twin cherubs to lower body on square base. £20-30
145.    Moorcroft Pottery "Harvest Poppy" Vase, 138/12, 31cms high. £90-110
146.    Moorcroft Pottery "Fairies Foxglove" Vase, 81/10 limited edition 21 of 50, dated for 2011, 25.5cms high. £200-240
147.    A Large Pair of Late XIX Century Japanese Satsuma Vases, decorated with Samurai warriors (damaged). £50-80
148.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Marsh House" Spherical Vase, on four feet. £30-40
149.    Moorcroft Pottery "Snowmen's Greetings" Coaster, 780/4, dated 2012, 11.5cms diameter. £40-50
150.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Rainbow" Teapot. £25-35
151.    Moorcroft Pottery "Fungi" Trial Vase, 98/5, dated 7-1-14, 13.5cms high. £120-140
152.    Moorcroft Pottery "Shrinking Violets" Vase, 7/3, No.21, 9.5cms high. £70-90
153.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Hill Street" Orb Art Deco Vase, 14cms high. £20-30
154.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Colourway "Growler the Cat". £15-25
155.    A Green Sylvac Figure of a Terrier, with impressed mark, Sylvac 1380. £20-30
156.    A Pair of Early XX Century Staffordshire Pottery Vases, with bulbous lower body to narrow neck, painted with roses to stippled surface. £30-50
157.    Royal Doulton White Matt Pottery Figure Group "Spirit of Affection", on black oval base, (boxed). £20-30
158.    Capo Di Monte, figure of an eagle spread winged, on circular base. £10-20
159.    A Glazed West German Vase, by Scueurich No. 239-41, 43cms. £15-30
160.    Miniature Plates of the World (13), Wedgwood Schweppes ashtray, ceramic thimbles, Eurastyle mini clock, bottle:- One Tray £20-30
161.    XIX Century Blue and White Pottery Bottle Vase, (chipped), Woods vase, Shelley "Versaille" pin tray, carnival bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-40
162.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Chinese Imari Pattern Plates, vases, two late XVIII Century tea bowls, etc:- One Tray £15-30
163.    An Early XIX Century Derby Imari Oval Dish, painted decoration and reserves of flowers and foliage, (repaired), a pair of XIX Century Derby blue and white transfer printed dishes, and a XIX Century saucer, (possibly Coalport). (4) £20-40
164.    XIX Century Delft Pottery Blue and White Jar and Cover, of hexagonal form (cracked), a Continental slender vase, featuring cherub scene and an Italian pottery posy boat. (3) £20-40
165.    An F & M Early XX Century China Tea Service, of twenty-one pieces, with gilt overlay to dark blue and light blue borders. £20-40
166.    Paragon China Circa 1930's Tea Service, of twenty-three pieces "Thorn" trio, (cracked), Bristol coffee pot:- One Tray £15-25
167.    Ruby Overlaid Glass Scent Bottle, glass dump, Swedish and other coloured vases, pear paperweight, blue glass float:- One Tray £20-40
168.    A Twenty-One Piece Pink Bone China Tuscan Tea Service, comprising jug, cups, sugar bowl, saucers, etc. £15-25
169.    Stuart Devlin Goblet, carnival dish, fanned glass vase, Bakelite cigar case, chamber stick, etc:- One Tray £18-25
170.    A 1930's Forty Piece Royal Stafford Tea Service, decorated with floral motifs on green ground, comprising of cups, saucers, sugar bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-40
171.    A Circle Pottery "Inca" Vase, in Art Deco green and brown wavy design, 26.5cms tall. £15-25
172.    Three XIX Century Prattware Pot Lids, "Il Penseroso", "The Game Bag" and "Walmer Castle", two XIX Century pottery busts and four figures:- One Tray £30-50
173.    Oval Plated Tray, twelve wine glasses, two decanters. £15-25
174.    Continental China Three Piece Tea Service, Gibsons Teapot, Doulton Countess ware, ladle, Limoges trinket pot:- One Tray £18-25
175.    WITHDRAWN Carlton Ware "Orbit" Mid XX Century Teapot, toast rack, two dishes, six soups and saucers. £50-100
176.    A Set of Four Edinburgh Cut Glasses, four etched Stuart glasses, together with four cut hock glasses, plus others similar. £15-25
177.    Earthenware Vase, circa XIX Century, in the form of a tree trunk, and a mid XX Century pottery jug vase. £20-40
178.    Nachtmann Frosted Glass Chicken and Wren, unnamed owl, two Terrestrial globes featuring minerals. £20-40
179.    Mason's "Blue Mandalay" Ashtray, Aynsley "Orchard Gold" plate and bowl, Spode vase, Coalport "Ming Rose" tray:- One Tray £20-30
180.    Six Aynsley Coffee Cans, with silver holders Birmingham 1923 and saucers, (damages). £15-30
181.    Atomisers; ruby, cranberry and blue glass each overlaid, silver topped, etc, mineral squirrel. £20-40
182.    Blue Glass Fish Plate, trinket set, basket, top hat, posy and 50's dish:- One Tray £15-25
183.    A C.1950's Clarice Cliff 'Clematis' Pattern Salad Bowl and Servers, the wrythen moulded cream body decorated with pink clematis, green makers stamp for "Staffordshire Pottery" and impressed 494 to base, 27cms diameter. £30-50
184.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "The Beatles" Four Face Teapot.
185.    A Glazed Sylvac Figure of a Terrier, marked Sylvac and impressed No. Rd no 778504. £20-30
186.    A Circular XIX Century Majolica Pottery Cheese Dome, (chipped), with stand. £20-40
187.    A Cranberry Glass Vase, white enamel painted with Mary Gregory style figure and lily of the valley, plus other cranberry glass:- One Tray £20-30
188.    A Collection of Oriental Scent Bottles, interior painted on glass and porcelain etc. £15-25
189.    Dresden & Blue Anchor Stamped Pottery Tea Ware, comprising hot water jug, milk jug, four cups and four saucers, each hand painted with insects and encrusted with flowers. £30-45
190.    Wedgwood Green Jasperware Trinkets, "Design 63" canister, Queen Elizabeth II coronation mug and blue Jasper jar:- One Tray £20-30
191.    Wedgwood "Kutani Crane" China Vase, urn, ginger jar, miniature tea set and pin tray. £20-40
192.    Doulton Carnival Character Jug, Dresden figurines, glassware, Derby and Adderley ceramics, St. Michaels Mount paperweight:- One Tray £15-25
193.    XIX Century Hand Painted Porcelain Dessert Comport; and five plates, No.3 and No.139, with gilt scroll borders; Minton "Haddon Hall", "Marlow" and "Dainty Sprays" wares:- One Tray £15-25
194.    Aynsley China Breakfast Set, Delphine coffee ware, other china:- One Tray £15-25
195.    Arthur Woods 'Kingfisher' Jug Vase, another with floral moulded body, Radford posy and bud vase, Mdina glass scent bottle, mushroom and fish:- One Tray £15-25
196.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Spooky Ghost Cat". £15-25
197.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "K" Jug, in monochrome, 23cms high. £30-40
198.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Oval Plate, in the Imari palette, together with two modern Oriental chargers, plus Oriental cups, saucers, etc. £20-30
199.    Blue Flash Glass Decanter, with dodecagonal body, blue bowled drinking glasses, Mats Jonasson polar bear paperweight, etc:- One Tray £15-25
200.    Paperweights, Caithness "Optix", "Moon Crystal" (2), Mdina, Wedgwood Mushroom and others (22):- One Tray £30-50
201.    A Royal Standard Art Deco Tea Service, in the 'Shirley' pattern No. 6510, decorated with red and blue poppies to a white ground with green and gilt border, comprising six each cups, saucers and tea plates, cake plate and sugar bowl and milk jug. £40-60
202.    Paragon China Preserve Pots, "Glamis", "Hamilton" (2), coffee cups and saucers, pin tray:- One Tray £15-25
203.    XIX Century Mary Gregory Green Glass Vase, with white enamel figure of a girl (damaged), carnival glass bowl, 1920's green glass sundae dishes, etc:- One Tray £15-20
204.    Tudor Glass Water Jug, whisky, wine and other drinking glasses, sundaes:- One Tray £20-40
205.    XIX Century Tea Service, including cups, saucers, milk jug, bowl, etc, all with gilt leaf decoration:- One Tray £30-50
206.    Early XX Century Porcelain Three Piece Clock Garniture Set, with floral encrustation and cherub supports. £20-40
207.    An Overcased Studio Glass Vase, with blue and gold mottled banding, together with a Murano glass vase. £15-25
208.    Pottery Boot, Beswick buffalo (damaged), Friedel violinist, Poole wren on apple, Hummel girl with basket and rabbit, impressed FR222 to base etc:- One Tray £20-30
209.    Royal Doulton Cuddling Spaniels HN 2590, Royal Dux elephant, ceramic dog. (3) £20-30
210.    A Worcester Parian Charger, with Gothic arch moulded border, 24cms diameter; a XIX Century Wedgwood Tea Canister, of canted oval form, transfer printed with floral decoration; a XIX Century Brameld Blue and White Octagonal Shaped Plate (cracked), Prattware pot depicting scene of fisherman and children amongst rock pools, Royal Crown Derby jam dish and knife, Lladro puppy etc:- One Tray
211.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Woof Woof the Dog". £15-25
212.    Moorcroft Pottery "Karzal" Ginger Jar, 769/6, No.84 dated 2012, 15cms high. £230-250
213.    Moorcroft Pottery "Anemone Tribute" Vase, 402/4, 10.5cms high. £150-170
214.    Moorcroft Pottery "Japanese Honey Suckle" Ginger Jar, 769/6. No.59 dated 2012, 14.5cms high. £230-250
215.    Royal Crown Derby Figure of "Farmyard Cockerel", limited edition 2792/500, boxed. £30-50
216.    A Pair of Beswick Bison (damaged), 15cms high. £10-20
217.    A Clarice Cliff Vase, with rimmed and raised floral decoration, (and with a raised Clarice Cliff mark). £40-60
218.    A Pair of Japanese Kutani Porcelain Ovoid Vases, decorated with cranes amongst clouds on a red ground. (2) £15-20
219.    Caithness Glass, jardiniere with ebony interior, stylised single flower design on a sand ground. After a design by Jimmy Manson and Gordon Hendry, 14.5cms high. £20-30
220.    Royal Doulton Character Jug, "Little Mester Museum Piece" D6819, with another, smaller, of Robin Hood. (2) £15-25
221.    Lorna Bailey Pottery "Apedale Valley" Teapot, of angular form, 17cms high. £30-40
222.    Two Goebel Frosted Glass Eagles, on octagonal pedestals; Sevres parakeet. (3) £20-40
223.    A Clarice Cliff 'Indian Tree' Vase, the ovoid body moulded with tree branches and blossom on a cream ground, facsimile signature and Newport Pottery backstamp to base, impressed 989, 20.5cms high. £40-50
224.    P. B & Co. Early XX Century Pottery Biscuit Jar, with crown finial to plated lid, a preserve jar with plated lid. £15-25
225.    A Beswick Highland Bull. £40-60
226.    XIX Century Green Glass Dump, with bubble inclusions, 11.5cms high. £25-30
227.    Four Coalport China Golden Ace Figures, "Georgina", "Alexandra at the Ball", "Charlotte a Royal Debut" and "Louisa at Ascot". £40-80
228.    Moorcroft Pottery "Cornflower Calvacade" Vase, 375/7, limited edition 67/100, dated 2012, 18.5cms high £120-140
229.    Moorcroft Pottery "Eventide Winter" Vase, 35/3 No.50, 8.5cms high. £70-90
230.    Three Royal Worcester China Figurines "The Milkmaid", "Rosie Picking Apples" and "Love". £30-40
231.    Mineral Matrix Specimens, including garnet. (5) £5-10
232.    A Collection of Quartz Specimens. (8) £5-10
233.    Two Quartz Specimens, approximately 14cms long. (2) £5-10
234.    Three Quartz Specimens, each approximately 9.5cms long. (3) £5-10
235.    Two Quartz Specimens, approximately 11cms wide. (2) £10-15
236.    Two Quartz in Matrix Specimens, largest approximately 15cms wide. (2) £10-20
237.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Napkin Rings, monogrammed; another with foliate engraving plus an EPNS napkin ring; electroplated muffin dish and cover, pierced cake basket and christening mug:- One Tray £20-30
238.    Costume Jewellery, gent's cufflinks, tie pins, wristwatch etc:- One Box £15-25
239.    WMF Plated Stand to Glass Ink Bottle, carriage clock, napkin rings, picquot and 1930's teaware:- One Tray £15-25
240.    Plated Baskets, trays, napkin rings, cutlery, etc. £15-25
241.    A Three Row Fresh Water Pearl Bead Necklace, clasp stamped "585", together with assorted costume jewellery including beads, chains, brooches, earrings, diamanté cross pendant stamped "B&W", cufflinks etc. £30-40
242.    Plated Trinket Box, cigarette box, goblets, cutlery, etc:- One Tray £10-20
243.    Plated Globular Egg Warmer, with burner, gadrooned teapot, Dixon's sugar and cream, shell, etched glass shades:- One Tray £20-40
244.    Plated Epergne, with four glass flutes, (3+1), on club shape base, an epergne with single flute on three scroll supports. (2) £20-40
245.    Decorative Plated Three Piece Teaset, together with a bachelors three piece teaset, seven bar toast rack, jug and sugar bowl on stand. £25-40
246.    James Dixon & Sons Decorative Plated Swing Handled Pedestal Dish, together with another example and a Walker & Hall pedestal dish with fruiting vine decoration. (3) £25-40
247.    Stuart Glass Decanter, and spiral twist glass jug with plated lid and handle. £15-25
248.    Plated Salver, plated bon-bon dish, plated bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-30
249.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including pocketwatch, imitation pearls, beads, pendants on chains, earrings etc. £20-30
250.    A JBC & S Ltd Four Piece Plated Tea Service, with gadrooned lower bodies. £20-40
251.    A Viners Electroplated Four Piece Tea Service, half lobed baluster form, with ebonised handles and finials, together with circular putter, cake slice, cutlery, and other plated wares:- One Tray £10-20
252.    Silver Plated Two Handled Trophy, "Edelweiss Cup", and others smaller. £20-40
253.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including 9ct gold cased lady's wristwatch, further wristwatches, fresh water pearls, bracelets, rings, bangles, chains etc :- One Tray £30-50
254.    Serpentine Shaped Five Piece Plated Tea Service, on scroll feet. £30-50
255.    XIX Century James Dixon Plated Bowl, with embossed decoration, silver hallmarked brush, cut glass condiment bottles on a plated stand, plated entree dish, etc:- One Tray £20-40
256.    Two Glass Claret Jugs, with plated lids and handles, together with whisky decanter. £15-25
257.    Silver Plated Epergne, with pierced centre bowl and three hanging baskets, on sinuous triform support, and circular stepped base. £30-50
258.    Large Oval Plated Serving Tray, with scroll handles and engraved shell border, stamped H.E. & Co. £20-40
259.    A Collection of Scent Bottles and Atomisers, some with silver hallmarked collars etc. £20-30
260.    A Collection of Silver, Nickel and Copper Coins, Crowns, etc, over two pound face value pre-1947 silver, in a tinplate money box. £15-30
261.    EPNS Coffee, Teapot and Sugar Bowl, tea strainer, pair of candlesticks, silver handled shoe horn/button hook etc, on a plated twin handled oval tray. £20-30
262.    Glass Waisted Vase, having silver rim, an oval glass tray with silver rim. £15-25
263.    Coin Bracelet, commemorative coins, XIX Century and other brooches, compacts, assorted wristwatches and cufflinks etc:- One Tray £20-40
264.    Silver Rimmed Vesta Holder, and salts, sugar tongs, manicure items, button hook, plated cutlery, goblet, brass shell case, etc. £15-25
265.    Early XX Century Mahogany Canteen, of dessert knife and forks. £30-50
266.    Lions Clubs International Badges, enamel flag badge, gent's cufflinks, further brooches etc, contained in a jewellery box. £15-25
267.    Thimbles, shell purse, miniature animals, brooches, earrings, elephant charm etc :- One Box £15-20
268.    Ladies Watches, leather watch strap, monocle, whistle, etc. £10-20
269.    Glass Scent Bottle, as a bulldog, golfing miniature and heart shaped box. £15-25
270.    Montblanc Starwalker Pen, together with a Montblanc pen holder. (2) £40-60
271.    Montblanc Black Leather Credit Card Wallet, (boxed). £15-25
272.    Bentima and Other Pocket Watch, chains, etc, in morocco case. £20-30
273.    Six Lead Soldiers, "The Georgian Sealing Set", buttons, potted meat dish, tins, etc. £15-25
274.    A National Service Medal No.93288, in fitted case, together with a Merchant Navy Service Medal, No.02440, in fitted case, an Australian Penny collectors coin and a commemorative medallion. £15-25
275.    English and Japanese Ceramic Miniatures, French trinket box, oval plaque and plated tray. £15-25
276.    The Otis King Calculator, Conway Stewart fountain pen, with14k gold nib, and other fountain pens, etc. £20-40
277.    Buckton Gilt Metal Royal Mail Coach to Bath, napkin ring, bunting, etc, in royalty tin. £15-25
278.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches :- One Tray £20-30
279.    Five Modern 9ct Gold Dress Rings, multi set, together with another ring stamped "585". (6) £100-150
280.    Single Stone Black Opal Ring, four claw set, stamped "9ct", together with three further rings. £30-50
281.    Four 9ct Gold Dress Rings, together with a cameo dress ring. (5) £60-80
282.    A 9ct Gold Wedding Band, together with a 9ct white gold eternity band, a double cluster ring and another. (4) £50-70
283.    A 22ct Plain Gold Wedding Band, together with an 18ct gold ring, stone set between scroll detail and a single stone ring, stamped "18ct&Pt". (3) £150-200
284.    A 9ct Gold Singe Stone Ring, illusion set, together with a cluster ring, stamped "9ct", and a further single stone ring, stamped "18ct&PLAT". (3) £60-80
285.    A Modern Three Stone Diamond Ring, of graduated design, high claw set with collet rubover set highlights, stamped "14k". £200-250
286.    18ct Gold Five Stone Ring, a 9ct gold ring and another. (3) £50-70
287.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, illusion crossover set, together with a pearl set cluster ring. (2) £30-50
288.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £80-100
289.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, together with a cluster ring and another ring (damaged). £40-50
290.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £60-80
291.    A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, on later bracelet, together with eternity style rings. £30-40
292.    A 9ct Gold Heart Shape Pendant, claw set to the centre, on chain, together with a 9ct gold cross pendant on chain. £50-70
293.    Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants. £15-20
294.    A 9ct Gold Four Leaf Clover Pendant, on chain, together with another pendant, stamped "K14" and a 9ct gold bangle, single stone set within openwork setting. £40-60
295.    A Modern Stone Set Pendant, oval collet set, stamped "750", on 18ct gold chain. £80-100
296.    A Modern 9ct Gold Hardstone Inset Swivel Pendant, on 9ct gold chain. £80-100
297.    A Modern Bangle, of hinged twisted design, stamped "375". £50-70
298.    A Modern Shell Pendant, of oval form depicting female profile, collet set within openwork pendant mount, with brooch fitting, stamped "14k". £100-120
299.    A Modern Leaf Brooch, of textured design, stamped "750". £30-50
300.    9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, on later bracelet. £40-60
301.    A Modern 9ct Gold Bangle, of openwork design, together with pair of similar earrings. £40-50
302.    An Irregular Amber Bead Necklace, together with another necklace, earrings, hardstone brooch and a Derbyshire Blue John pendant. £40-50
303.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Gent's Cufflinks, together with three lady's cluster dress rings and a marcasite set necklace. £50-70
304.    "925" Silver Gilt Chain, bracelet, dress ring, further rings etc. £30-40
305.    Ladies Ring, stamped "9ct", ladies watch, brooch, etc. £20-40
306.    A Collection of Assorted Stud Earrings, including "375" etc. £70-90
307.    A Large Modern 9ct Gold Oval Locket Pendant, with engraved detail, on chain, together with a smaller oval locket pedant. £80-100
308.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Pendant, on chain, a single stone pendant, heart shape pendant, etc. £60-80
309.    A Modern 9ct Gold Necklace, of flat brick link design; together with a ropetwist chain (damaged). £100-120
310.    Lea Stein Terrier Brooch. £15-20
311.    Circular Locket Pendant, bar brooch, heart locket and two eternity bands. £30-50
312.    David Anderson Norwegian Enamel Butterfly Brooch, diamanté bracelet, further bracelet stamped "925" and a ring. £30-50
313.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including cameo brooches, imitation and fresh water pearls, further brooches, ball locket pendant, bracelet, decorative bangle, chains etc. £30-50
314.    David Anderson Norwegian Enamel Brooch, together with two miniature lady's Victorian boot charms, stamped "Use 2 in 1 Shoe Polish". £20-30
315.    Articulated and Other Charm Pendants, including cats, rabbit, teddy bear, penguin etc. (10) £15-20
316.    A Watermelon Tourmaline Pendant, stamped "22k", together with an opal pendant on chain, 9ct gold earrings, single stone pendant etc. £50-70
317.    A 9ct Gold Cross Pendant, claw set, on chain; together with an oversized bolt ring clasp. £30-50
318.    XIX Century and Later Costume Jewellery, including cut steel, beads, earrings, cufflinks, brooches etc, contained in an old jewellery box. £20-30
319.    Modern Enamel and Other Badges, cufflinks, etc. £10-15
320.    Derbyshire Blue John Inset Pendant, together with a bracelet, bangle, locket on chain, further chains, marcasite set and other rings etc, contained in an old jewellery box. £20-30
321.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including hallmarked silver bangle (marks rubbed), brooches, bracelet, medallion pendants, ring etc. £25-30
322.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including two 9ct gold cased lady's wristwatches, on later expanding bracelets, imitation pearls, brooches, 9ct gold signet ring (cut), further ring, earrings etc. £30-50
323.    9ct Gold Matching Lady's and Gent's 'Sovereign' Wristwatches, in original box. £100-150
324.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including chains, watch, rings, earrings, kangaroo charm stamped "9ct", trinket pot etc :- One Box
325.    Three Hayne Watch/Lighters, mother of pearl Pacific Sigma "Aden", pistol and other lighter, Smiths and Ingersol pocket watches, Ricoh wristwatch. (10) £20-40
326.    A Ladies Pocket Watch, stamped 0-395, with an Albert chain. £25-35
327.    A 9ct Gold Wedding Band, (worn) together with a stone set band and two lady's wristwatch. £30-40
328.    Hardstone Inset Seal Pendant, "Toujours Le Meme", together with a filigree pendant as a Maltese Cross surmounted by a crown and an enamel flag brooch. £20-30
329.    XIX Century Silver Hallmarked Pocket Watch, the dial signed Richard Ingram Heckmondwike 47196 (damaged). £20-40
330.    Avia; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, on later bracelet, clasp stamped "Rolled Gold", together with two further lady's wristwatches and a gent's Enicar Ultrasonic wristwatch. (4) £30-50
331.    A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, the white dial with black and red Roman numerals, within monogrammed case, together with a Continental cased lady's fob watch. (2) £60-80
332.    Ladies and Gent's Watches, costume jewellery, ladies compacts. £10-20
333.    Silver Cased Pocket Watch; and silver graduated watch chain. £30-50
334.    H. Williamson of London Military Pocket Watch, 98808F, together with another, 99042F. £20-40
335.    Continental Cased Lady's Fob Watches, together with brass cased hunter pocketwatch, further examples, together with lady's wristwatches, contained in a brass box. £30-50
336.    Amber Style Bead Necklace, wooden beads, wristwatches, marcasite set brooch etc. £20-30
337.    Boss Orange; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the black dial with orange and white Arabic numerals, on black leather strap. £50-60
338.    Elgin; A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking glass), within tonneau shape case (damages), on strap. £60-80
339.    Silver Hallmarked (Sheffield) Boxed Coronation Elizabeth R 1953 Sword. £15-25
340.    Silver Salt on Pad Feet, four silver teaspoons, silver condiment, silver butter knife, silver napkin ring and five Apostel spoons. £30-40
341.    Two 1997 Hong Kong Uncirculated Coin Sets, Decimal and Coronation sets, together with XIX Century copper warming pan with ebonised handle. £15-25
342.    Scent Bottle, with a silver top, ladies dressing table, tidy jars, button hook, etc. £20-40
343.    An Early XX Century Silver Hallmarked Ladies Purse, Birmingham hallmark 1905. £30-50
344.    Silver Pierced Buckle, Sheffield 1902 and silver bladed fruit knife with mother of pearl scales, Sheffield 1900. £20-40
345.    Two Late XIX/Early XX Century Bottle Stoppers, each depicting Pre-Raphaelite female profile. £20-30
346.    An XVIII Century Part Hallmarked Silver Hanoverian Pattern Spoon, Isaac Callard (possibly 1793, marks rubbed), initialled. £30-50
347.    Steel Button Hook, with silver mounts to twist ebonised handle, Bimingham 1890. £15-25
348.    An Indian Jug and Casket, each detailed in relief with wild animals and hunters, stamped "75". (2) £40-60
349.    A Salt and Pepper Shaker, in the form of two plated owls perched on a branch, together with a Walker & Hall silver salt, corkscrew plus other trinkets. £10-15
350.    A Cased Set of Silver Teaspoons, Sheffield hallmark 1912. £50-80
351.    Silver Topped Trinket Box, silver backed brush, silver spoon, plated mustard pots and cutlery. £20-30
352.    Georgian Silver Table Spoon, four Kings pattern silver handled knives. £20-40
353.    A Collection of Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches, mainly boxed. £30-40
354.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including condiment stand, teak kettle on stand, cutlery, cruets, sugar caster etc :- One Box £20-30
355.    A Large Mixed Lot of Costume Jewellery, including wristwatches, beads, rings, brooches, chains, earrings etc, contained in a jewellery box and loose. £30-50
356.    Viners Four Piece Plated Tea and Coffee Service, pewter jug and comport on a plated engraved tray. £10-20
357.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, rings, earrings, chains, bangle jewellery boxes etc :- One Box £20-30
358.    A Large Quantity of Shield Handled Plated Cutlery, including fish knives, forks, spoons, etc:- One Tray £20-30
359.    A Large Mix of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including wristwatches, beads, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc, in three jewellery boxes. £30-50
360.    Quantity of Cutlery, gilt metal and embroidered dressing table ware, etc:- One Box £20-40
361.    Cased Fish Knife and Fork, plated salver, XIX Century plated bowl with swag decoration, other cased cutlery, etc:- One Tray £15-20
362.    Parker Fountain Pen, with a 14K nib, costume jewellery, cutlery, etc:- One Tray £20-30
363.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, compact, wristwatches, rings etc :- One Box £15-20
364.    Two Mid XVIII Century Pewter Dished Plates, one with touchmarks, and a smaller electroplated entree dish, shaped circular salver and presentation twin handled trophy:- One Tray £20-40
365.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, wristwatches, brooches, rings etc :- One Box £15-20
366.    Plated Four Piece Teaset, together with glass claret jug (lacking lid), assorted tankards etc :- One Box £20-30
367.    Beaten Pewter Tea Service, silver based letter moistener, inkwell, Beswick duck pin tray, (damaged), etc:- One Tray £15-25
368.    King of the Road Brass Car Horn, lamp, model diecast and brass vehicles:- One Tray £20-40
369.    Ships Wheel Nutcracker, Aires and Ensign cameras, spectacles, pipes, etc:- One Tray £15-25
370.    Thomas Taylor Lawn Green Bowls, Widdop Art Deco style lamp and a brandy pourer. (3) £15-25
371.    Pipe Rack and Four Pipes, bone teethers, "Our Soldiers Wives" 1899-1900 Boer War Forget-me-Nots souvenir book, commemorative mugs, Taylor's Grand Razor in case stamped "George St. & Grand Hotel etc:- One Tray £20-30
372.    An Early 1900's Pair of Industrial Figures, on marble bases. £20-30
373.    Cameras, Pentak Zoom-70, Olympus OM10, Canon, Kodak Instamatic, Vivitar lense, etc:- One Box £20-30
374.    Ronset "Comet", "Varaflame", Canary, Dongcheng, Loyne, Typhoon and other lighters. (27) £20-40
375.    Two Coppered Spelter Figures, Charles Dickens and William Shakespeare, each on circular ebonised base. £15-25
376.    XIX Century Horses Hoof, with a small silver plaque, Rabone leather cased tape measure and one other, playing cards, etc:- One Tray £20-30
377.    Elm Fruit Bowl, plane, black metal box, Cardle toffee tin, butter churner, mincer:- One Tray £15-25
378.    Early XX Century Magic Lantern, in tin plate and brass (cased), together with many slides, including Mickey Mouse "Traffic Trouble", "Birthday Party", "Pioneer Days", "The Castaway", "Moose Hunt", "Fishin' Around", etc. £50-80
379.    A XX Century Walnut Cased Optician Travelling Box, with a fitted interior, with lenses, and four boxes of lenses. £50-80
380.    Eccles Brass Miners Lamp, type G R 6 S. £15-25
381.    A Miners Lamp, type 6. £15-25
382.    Thomas & Williams Brass Miners Lamp, nickel mounted and engraved, horn shot holder. £15-25
383.    Quantity of British Coinage, XIX Century copper included, six pences, ten pences, etc. £15-20
384.    Three Nokia Mobile Phones, gent's wristwatch, razor, trinket boxes, chick egg timer, knives, etc:- One Tray £20-40
385.    An SMS Academy Chrome Plated Piccolo, cased, and a Vivace by Kurioshi V2979 three piece flute, (in pink), cased. (2) £30-50
386.    An Album of Postcards, mostly locomotive and ship related, together with two cigarette card albums. (3) £10-30
387.    Quantity of Glass Prism Drops. £15-25
388.    Fujica Flash II and Kodak Instamatic Cameras, quantity of boxed presentation spoons, and teaspoons:- One Box £15-25
389.    Kym Pepper Mill, Chesterfield lighter, Art deco tea strainer, clock, etc:- One Tray £15-25
390.    WWII War Medal, commemorative coins, badges, advertising and other penknives, pens, marbles, ARP whistle etc:- One Tray £30-40
391.    Lorus, Sekonda and Other Gents Wristwatches, silver necklace, pens, brass desk bell, mermaid figures, etc:- One Tray £20-40
392.    The Self Interpreting Bible, by the late Rev John Brown, published by Thos Kelly 1824, another with brass mounts. £20-40
393.    XIX Century Chess, backgammon board, together with a chess set, draught set, playing cards, etc. £20-40
394.    A Victorian Ladies Embroidered Nightdress, and similar childs nightdress, a small collection of unused vintage buttons, two chess sets, (unchecked if complete), in a small case. £20-40
395.    Assorted Coins, ewer, brass candlesticks, camera etc :- One Tray £15-20
396.    A Small Selection of 45RPM Singles, including Beatles, Buzzcocks, Stevie Wonder, etc. £5-15
397.    Two Boss Guitar Chromatic Tuners TU-12, another TU-12 H, Trace Elliot strap, xylophone as a bench:- One Tray £15-25
398.    A Ruby Glass Decanter and Stopper with Tots, Studio glass scent bottle, model tree with glass leaves and berries, keys, wristwatches :- One Tray £20-40
399.    Dewhurst's and Other Cottons, Price's thin white taper sticks in original cylinder tin, gilt metal belt, playing cards, Clarke's fairy glass stands, etc:- One Tray £20-40
400.    Mother of Pearl Spoon, Chinese cloisonné bowls, Russian painted and carved plaque, etc:- One Tray £20-30
401.    Razors, mother of pearl handled and other cutlery, silver box lid, brass chamberstick, keys, padlock, clock key, etc:- One Tray £15-25
402.    Silver Sixpenses, brass jar of pennies, pen knives, Art Deco bronze figure. £15-25
403.    Sheffield Wednesday 1890 Cup Final Team Sepia Reprint, and Edwardian building brick set. £20-40
404.    Butchers Electric Photo-Lantern, a quantity of slides, including British battleships, (boxed), humorous, famous figures, ethical figures, nursery stories. £50-70
405.    Tin Plate Taper Stick Cylinder, drum sticks, E. Cabapiero hand painted fan, Chesterman tape, faux tortoiseshell cigarette case, Beecham's tin, scales, box:- One Tray £30-80
406.    Ernest Maurico Jessop, Jackdaw of Rheims, published by Eyre & Spottiswoode, (faults), Mary. N. Tuck, "East and West", Stanford's Map of the World of Mercators Projection, The Fair One with the Golden Locks. (4) £15-25
407.    Pelham Puppet of Tyrolean Boy (boxed), bust of pope, pewter condiment set, opera glasses, stamp case, office organiser:- One Tray £15-25
408.    A Lead Coronation Figure of The Queen, boxed, plus another by Britain's, and a small quantity of commemorative medallions and associated items. £20-30
409.    Gallahers, Wills, Players, Turf and other Cigarette Cards. £15-25
410.    A Quantity of XIX Century Share Certificates, including railway related, "Sheffield and Macclesfield Railway"/ Peterborough and Nottingham Junction Railway, among others. £20-40
411.    A Bullseye Desk Clock, (enamel damaged), gent's wristwatches, The Tale of Peter Rabbit, measuring instruments, spyglass, etc, on a poker work tray. £20-40
412.    Two Circular Jug Covers, the edge with applied beads. (2) £5-10
413.    XIX Century Marble Desk Stand, with twin glass inkwells. £15-25
414.    XIX Century Lacquered Tea Caddy, of octagonal form on paw feet, the interior fitted with two lead canisters, having inner lids (some damage). £20-40
415.    XIX Century Mahogany Framed Servants Call Display Box, a horn handled walking cane with plated ferrule. £20-40
416.    Bell MFG Anvers Belgium Black and Gilt Telephone. £20-40
417.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Domed Top Tea Caddy, (brass inserts missing). £20-30
418.    A Circa 1950's Bakelite Telephone. £20-40
419.    Early XX Century Oak Smokers Cabinet, with upper gallery, side fall pipe apertures, single glazed door, pottery tobacco jar over lower drawer. £40-80
420.    A XIX Century Stationery Cabinet, with slope doored front and fitted interior. £20-40
421.    A Negretti & Zambra of London Black Painted Thermograph. £20-40
422.    A Victorian Mahogany Geometry Case, hinged lid with brass strapwork, and escutcheon, lined interior, removable inner tray and a quantity of geometry tools, (incomplete). £30-50
423.    XIX Century Valentine Card, in frame, S. Mahadeo sepia postcard featuring "Keith" family, miniatures of Wellington. £20-30
424.    A Pair of Early XX Century Opaque Glass Lustres, with pink tinted crimped rims. £30-40
425.    XIX Century Continental Bisque Figure, of a man playing guitar, together with a XX Century slipware vase, with impressed marks "A.161" and of an owl. £20-30
426.    A Pair of Early XX Century Cloisonné Vases, cream background, decorated with floral decoration, together with another cloisonné vase. £30-50
427.    XIX Century Pine and Walnut Cased Mantel Clock, with H.A.C. fourteen day strike movement, Arabic numerals to cream chapter ring. £20-40
428.    Bentimo Westminster Chimes Mantel Clock, and 1930's oak cased mantel clock. (2) £15-25
429.    Smith's Children's Alarm Clock, with cockerel pictorial face, Azizoff alabaster mantel clock and Bentima clock. (3) £15-25
430.    Bayard Brass Cased Carriage Clock, with eight day movement, a Rotary gents wristwatch, (cased, with purchase booklet). £30-50
431.    1920's Oak Cased Regulator Wall Clock, for Fears Ltd, Bristol Bridge. £20-30
432.    A Circa 1920's Black Lacquered Mantel Clock, brass dial, Roman numerals, movement case stamped "France", arched case with brass finials and carrying handle, the lacquer with gilt chinoiserie decoration, all on bracket feet, (slightly rubbed). £20-40
433.    Edwardian Mahogany Cased Mantel Clock, with boxwood inlay, French movement, Arabic numerals to white enamel dial. £15-25
434.    Late XIX century French Black Slate and Marble Mantel Clock, with vase finial, bronzed mounts and paw feet, the C de Touche, Paris, "Feur" movement striking on a gong. £50-90
435.    Edwardian Mahogany Topped Mantel Clock, with eight day movement, black Roman numerals to white enamel dial on brass bun feet. £20-40
436.    Continental Mid XX Century Porcelain Wall Clock, by Mauthe. £20-30
437.    Early XX Century Stained Wooden Mantel Clock, with HAC German movement, Roman numerals to silvered dial. £15-25
438.    Early XX Century Ropetwist Framed Barometer, with white glass dial (cover cracked); an oak jewel case. £15-25
439.    A 1920's Mahogany Dome Cased Mantel Clock, with inlaid fascia, Arabic numerals to silvered dial. £15-25
440.    1930's Oak Cased Grandmother Clock, with an eight day movement, Arabic numerals to silvered dial (lacking cover). £20-40
440A.   A XIX Century Agricultural Implement, with curved metal lattice head and elm handle. £20-40
441.    A 1930's Wall Hanging Barometer, (damaged), together with a geographic large scale plan of Sheffield, Beswick Toby jug, plated cutlery, (cased):- One Box £15-25
442.    Oak Art Deco Mantel Clock, with Haller movement and box of clock parts. £20-40
443.    German Made Hohner Accordion (boxed). £15-25
444.    Astoria Banjo, with mother of pearl insets. Labelled "Made in Japan", No.818158 (cased). £30-40
445.    Leather Brief Case, desk blotter, tin box. £10-20
446.    A Mahogany Cased Table Top Gramophone, with silvered needle arm and winder, and brass horn, together with a quantity of 78RPM records, including The Four Aces, Johnnie Ray, Jerry Lewis, Ava Gardner, The Hillbillies. £40-60
447.    A Collection of Books Relating to Ornithology and Natural History : Birds of the Sheffield Area; Identification Guide to European Non-Passerines; Derbyshire Bird Reports 1990's / 2000's; Collins 'Butterflies', 'Reptiles and Amphibians' and 'Wild Flowers'' plus other general interest books:- Two Boxes £20-30
448.    Two Mid XX Century Dewhurst's Sylko Three Shells Advertising Chests, each of three drawers. £30-50
449.    Kipling, Brooke, Browning, Royalty and other books, prints:- One Box £15-25
450.    Oak, mahogany and pine boxes. (4) £15-25
451.    Eleven Large Wooden Textile Shuttles, reportedly from West Yorkshire. £15-25
452.    A Quantity of "OO" Model Railway by Hornby, and others, including five locomotives, rolling stock and track. £20-40
453.    Imari Pattern Pottery Jardiniere, Wedgwood terracotta teapot, (damaged), on stand, two T. G. Green storage jars, Sylvac ashtray, two Camel china and two Doulton plates, hexagonal glass candlesticks. £30-50
454.    1970's Electra Automatic Typewriter, in cream and brown, an Imperial Tab-O-Matic and Remington Model 5T. £15-25
455.    Griffin & George Cased Laboratory Scales, stoneware footwarmer, Middle Eastern turned wood ceiling suspension. £15-25
456.    Late XX Century Metal Figure of Michelin Man, on a motorbike. £20-25
457.    An Early XX Century Bronze Table Lamp, with acanthus leaf and wreath support, with a later cream glass shade. £20-40
458.    Darwin, Charles, "Naturalists Voyage Round the World", 1970, Taylor, J, "The Wonders of Nature and Art", 1833, Trusler's Chronology, 1776, Brees, S. C, "Practical Architecture", 1852, Lutyens. F. M, "Mr Spinks and his Hounds", Nimrod, "Life and Death of John Mytton. (6) £15-25
459.    A White Enamel Bread Bin. £20-30
460.    World War II Related Letters, ephemera, correspondence, maps, etc, including yellow fever embarkation certificate, RAF signal manual, leave form, theatre programme, many items relating to Sudan, Cairo. £100-200
461.    Brass Bell, circa Mid XX Century, probably off a fire engine, attached at the top to a bracket mount, the gong connected to a side spring chrome lever. £80-120
462.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Framed Wool Winder, with a turned cup over arched rail, on square supports with round holes, on shaped feet, (repaired on supports). £50-80
463.    Two Circa 1930's Mottled Glass Ceiling Globes. £20-30
464.    Eagle Star Insurance Company Sign In Card, circa 1930's. £15-25
465.    Three Early XX Century Stoneware Bottles: Hilton Green Wine Merchants, Northallerton; Hepworth & Co. Ld, Ripon; plus one other and three glass bottles. (6) £20-30
466.    XX Century Majolica Style Pottery Figure of a Frog. £25-45
467.    Late XX Century Phrenology Pottery Head, after L.N. Fowler. £30-40
Brass Plaques Relating to Canals and Barges, including Barnsley 1991, 92, Leeds-Liverpool 1992, Ellesmere Port 1985, Gloucester '90. £15-25
469.    XIX Century Brass School Bell, XIX Century brass and copper bugle, mid XX Century Smiths mantel clock, tie-press, brass burner:- One Box £25-45
470.    Stoneware Flagon for The Brampton Brewery Co. Chesterfield, another for Samuel Hilton, Carbrook, Sheffield. (2) £20-30
471.    Late XIX Century Girls Night Dresses, fur collar:- One Box £10-20
472.    Record Plane, dominoes, camera, etc, in a wicker case. £15-25
473.    Pearson's Stoneware Flagon, for Fentiman's, one other, jars, glass bottles, Gilmour, Rider Wilson's of Sheffield, Puckrin of Whitby. £20-30
474.    Life of Wellington by an Old Soldier 1852, Memoirs of the Marquis of Wellington 1812, Napoleon The Little 1852, Fitchett's "Deeds that Won the Empire", Biographich Magazine 1819, etc. (8) £15-25
475.    A Pair of Metal Spring Loaded Nursery Candlesticks, with shades, featuring duck cut-outs, probably 1950's era, plus three early 1900's children's books, and an octagonal wall mirror. £15-25
476.    "Chesterfield and Derbyshire Institute of Engineers-Transactions" 1872-82 in nine volumes, containing fold out illustrations. £30-60
477.    Guitar, cricket bats, walking cane, etc, in box. £10-20
478.    An Early XX Century Cast Iron Street Sign, "Ringinglow Road", (Sheffield). £30-50
479.    An Early XX Century Cast Iron Street Sign, "Glenalmond Road", (Sheffield). £30-50
480.    Chinese "Skylark" and "Stentor" Violins, each with bow and case. £20-30
481.    Chinese "Cathedral" and "Lark" Violins, each with bow and case. £20-30
482.    A Royal Doulton Rupert Bear Figurine, together with a Bunnykins figurine "King Arthur", plus children's books, diecast, etc:- One Box £20-40
483.    Lesser & Pavey Classic Transport "Indian Cruiser" Motorbike, boxed. £30-40
484.    Lesser & Pavey Classic Transport Cruiser Motorbike, boxed. £30-40
485.    XIX Century Brass Jam Pan, flat irons, XIX Century copper oil lamp, storage jars, etc:- One Box £20-30
486.    A Remington Rand Portable Typewriter, in black leatherette casing. £20-30
487.    Early XX Century Brass Rise and Fall Ceiling Light Fitting, with twin holophane glass shades on twist brass connecting rail having Art Nouveau loop drop. £40-80
488.    Early XX Century Continental Pottery Circular Wall Plaque, of tavern interior, within a brass border. £10-20
489.    Copper Bed Pan, oak stationery rack, mahogany display case, tin, carving set, brass trivet, martingale:- One Box £15-25
490.    A Mid XX Century "Saprani" Black Accordion, in a case. £30-50
491.    A Quantity of Meccano. £5-10
492.    A Box of Sports Badges, trophies, medallions, etc, plus a box of old school ties, most new. £15-25
493.    Six Volumes of "Witsons Tales of The Borders", plus three volumes of Geography of the World, 1840's, all in an early 1900's Arts and Crafts bookrack and three leather bound books. £10-20
494.    Two Pairs of Leather Cased Binoculars, plus cameras, lenses, etc. £10-20
495.    A Shooting Stick, a horse-whip, a walking stick and a wooden folding easel. £10-20
496.    Tan Leather Travelling Suitcase, labelled "Leed's Tested New York." £15-25
497.    Cameras; Fujica STX-1N, Kodak, etc, binoculars, case. £20-30
498.    Valor Petrol Can, Clem travelling iron, Simplex posser stick, Lurpak egg cups, black top hat by Tress & Co. London. £40-60
499.    Ellam's Duplicator No.2 Model; and Pye walnut cast radio. £15-25
500.    A Brown Bush Bakelite Radio. £30-50
501.    Black Painted Desk Angle Lamp. £15-25
502.    A Desk Top Anglepoise Lamp. £15-20
503.    Circular Freestanding Barbola Mirror, and an early XX Century oval wall mirror. £5-10
504.    Mettoy Model Hoover Washing Machine, and Jones Meccano Lockstitch sewing machine, both in original box. £40-60
505.    1920's Reptile Skin and Effect Gloves, snakeskin, fur, and other examples, cased and loose cutlery, napkin rings, etc, together with a plated three piece tea service. £20-40
506.    Aitken and Niven Button Jacket, waistcoat, tartan kilt, sporran, socks, tie and beret. £15-25
507.    Five Vintage Suitcases, some leather, ranging from 14inch width to 26inch. £10-20
508.    A Persian Rug, showing eight rows of twenty gulls, all within multi borders on a red field, 235 x 350cms, (cuts and worn). £20-50
509.    Persian Style Tassled Wool Rug, circa 1920's, with central oval motif, all over scroll decoration on a rust red ground, 340 x 240cms. £40-80
510.    A Persian Runner, large central motif containing geometric design, on a black field, all within spandrels and multi borders, (worn), 142 x 185cms. £20-40
511.    Middle Eastern Wool Rug, circa 1920's, with two large central motifs, multicoloured on a rust red ground, 214 x 135cms. £20-40
512.    A Persian Rug, central motif of the Tree of Life on a beige field, all with multi borders, (worn), 142 x 185cms. £20-40
513.    Middle Eastern Tassled Wool Rug, circa 1920's, with geometric and floral decoration on rust red ground, 300 x 206cms. £40-60
514.    Six XIX Century French Prints, in gilt frames, (titles on verso). £20-40
515.    XIX Century Oil on Panel, of a country scene with huntsman and dog in foreground, 29.5 x 23cms, Pears Soap prints and Crinoline lady picture. (3) £15-25
516.    XX Century Oil on Card of Bridge Scene, engraving of Conway Castle, two golfing prints and one other. (5) £10-20
517.    Gillian Ross Signed Limited Etching "Harlech Castle", 14.5 x 23.5cms, and four engravings, all of Harlech Castle. (5) £10-20
518.    A Signed Print, by John Harden, titled "Operation Chastise". £25-35
519.    Keith Andrew Graphite Signed Limited Edition Etching, "John Williams Boots", 35 of 75, 9.5 x 14.5cms, an Oriental peacock print and a signed Mansfield Bitter advertising poster. (3) £15-25
520.    After William Daniell Pair of Limited edition Colour Prints, 38 of 950, of views of Falmouth, signed by Colin Nunn, proprietor, 33.5 x 62cms. £20-40
521.    Early XX Century Sepia Photograph, of steamship "Gulf of Venice", sepia watercolour of continual coastal port, 18.5 x 27cms. (2) £20-40
522.    Ron Davidson "Sheffield 2000" Coloured Print, 26 x 37.5cms, signed by artist and Sean Bean. £15-25
523.    After Von Menzel "The Round Table" Print, others by Relf and Picasso. (3) £10-20
524.    Six Needlework Tapestries, print sampler, D. Guest monochrome picture, two prints. (10) £15-25
525.    K. Melling, Two Graphite Signed Coloured Prints, countryside scene with sheep in foreground, 36.5 x 55cms. £15-25
526.    A Gilt Framed Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, featuring clipper ship and palm trees. £30-40
527.    Oil Painting of an Archway, signed Pichai Niran, 1962, together with an oil painting by Euayporn Kerdchouay "Horizon", 1963. £20-40
528.    H. Holt, gouache, tranquil river scene, 39 x 59cms, signed lower left, F. L, Hewitt, oil depicting a hunting meet, 41.5 x 71.5cms, signed and dated 1970 lower right. (2) £15-25
529.    Cyril Kay (South Yorkshire Artist) Three Watercolours. "North Bavey", "Near Heartland Point" and "Mattersey", 21.5 x 29.5cms, all singed, one dated 74, 2 x 75cms. £40-60
530.    Tom Burke Oil on Panel, of fishing boats in harbour, signed lower right, 29 x 39cms, E. Torry watercolour of a coastline scene, M.C.C. Jubilee Match Circular reprint. £15-25
531.    A Pair of Late XIX Century English School Watercolours, "Tranquil Lake Scenes with Country House and Castle to background", both initialled E. A. W, (one dated 1894), 17.5 x 38cms, (foxing). £40-80
532.    Three Graphite Signed Etchings; Tom Maxwell, Susan F. Crawford and Fred Slocombe. (3) £20-40
533.    G. Lehnert Watercolour of Distant View of Town, with sheep in foreground, signed lower right, 33 x 46cms; Esder oil on panel of lake scene with mountains in distance, signed and dated lower right, 29 x 44cms. (2) £20-30
534.    Jean Francois Oil on Canvas, impressionist study of harbour scene, signed and dated 1970 lower right, 22.5 x 17.5cms, together with "Tom B" woodcut. (2) £20-30
535.    C. Baker Oil on Canvas, still life of flowers, 60 x 49.5, signed lower right. £15-25
536.    H.G. Green Watercolour in Monochrome "The Round House, Ringinglow", signed lower left, 24 x 34.5cms, together with a highland lake scene watercolour, signed P. De Wint. £20-40
537.    Helen Bradley Coloured Print "Snowman in the Highstreet, Lees", 36.5 x 55cms, graphite singed lower right margin, W. Russell Flint, coloured print, French town square scene, 43 59.5cms. (2) £60-100
538.    F.E. Jamieson Pair of Watercolours, busy coastal shipping scenes with figures on shoreline, signed lower left, 23.5 x 53cms. £60-120
539.    Oil Painting of Salamche, "Upper Savoy Seen from Montforcher", painted by G. L. De Lisle, 1896, watercolour of a river scene, early XX Century scene. (4) £15-20
540.    Lysbeth M. Wilson Watercolour, Foxhouse Inn, Derbyshire, label verso, 20 x 34cms, P. Gaskell and one other signed etching. (3) £15-25
541.    An Early XX Century Pastel and Pencil Drawing, of young girl, 47 x 37cms. £40-80
542.    Cyril Kay (South Yorkshire Artist) Pair of Watercolours, "Tithe Barn, Hooton Roberts" and "Low Mills, Farndale", 26 x 36cms, signed and dated 76 lower right. £30-50
543.    XIX Century Pen and Pencil Drawing, of cottages at Crosspool, W. Lowe, 1850, marquetry panel of the Isle of Skye, two XIX Century prints, two framed photo's. £20-30
544.    Bill Lowe Pair of Watercolours, "Whitby Harbour" and "Potting", signed lower left, 21.5 x 32.5cms. £30-50
545.    Terry Gorman Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print "H. Turner & Son", 117/300, together with a Doyley John coloured print, Venetian scene. (2) £20-40
546.    Henry H. Parker, Oil on Canvas, early XX Century countryside scene with hay cart and gatherer's in foreground, 28.5 x 44cms, signed lower left. £40-80
547.    Mid XX Century Pastel of a Girls Head and Shoulders, signed Daniel Der Vea x 48, together with a XIX Century woolwork sampler, Amie White aged 11, 1879, and a watercolour of a sailing boat, signed F. Montimen. (3) £20-30
548.    Late XIX Century and Early XX Century Watercolour, titled Road to Bonchurch, signed David Law. £20-30
549.    J.M. Morgan Oil on Board Still Life Study of Flowers, signed lower left, 43.5 x 37cms. £15-25
550.    A.M.Clifton "A Hampshire Village", signed lower left, 34 x 24cms. £20-40
551.    Watercolour Still Life of Flowers, unsigned, a pastel of Lincolnshire by Diana Holland, other pictures. £10-20
552.    After Douglas. E. West. Early XX Century Golfing Scenes, 36.5 x 53.5cms. £15-25
553.    Norman Wilkinson Signed Engraving of Steamship, 16 x 22.5cms, Ronald G. Crosby, woodcut, Ashover. (2) £20-40
554.    Greenup Moorsom Storm Oil on Board, "The Shambles, York", signed lower right. Royal Academy Exhibition 1975 label verso. 41 x 25.5cms. £15-20
555.    Early XX Century Continental Picture, of a lady with the sea in background, together with two XIX Century Baxter prints. (3) £20-40