Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 10th April 2015

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1.      A XIX Century Adderley and Co Jug and Bowl Set, decorated with flowers, together with another XIX Century jug and bowl set, decorated with pink bands, (damaged). £20-30
2.      Deans of Burslem "Ross" Toilet Jug, bowl, chamber pot and trinket set. £20-40
3.      An Aynsley Boxed Table Lamp, in "Wild Tudor" pattern, together with cased fish knives and forks and an Art Deco dressing table set, oriental vase:- One tray £15-25
4.      Worcester "Yorkshire", Noritake, Austrian, Spode, Coalport, mining and other plates. (9) £15-25
5.      An Art Deco Painted Figure of a Reclining Lady, stamped "Nieribros", plus a Czech Art Deco vase. £20-40
6.      Salisbury Teaware, Bavarian coffee ware, cased and loose cutlery:- One Tray £10-20
7.      Edinburgh Crystal Victorian Anniversary Plate and Elizabeth II plate, C&W, mining, King George VI, Wedgwood and others. (8) £15-25
8.      Reproduction Leeches Jar and Cover, water jug, Boronian tea ware, dishes, etc:- One Tray £20-40
9.      Commemorative China, including Hornsea Humber Bridge, Sutherland "V.I. Day, "D-Day Landings", Worcester "Victory in the Gulf", 1919 Peace Mug and others:- One Tray £15-25
10.     Denby Marrakesh Dinner Ware, of twenty-six pieces. £20-40
11.     A Country Artists Figurine "Bluetit on Tap", together with a pair of Paragon trinkets in the form of shoes, Royal Albert pin trays, posies, silver thimble, etc:- One Tray £20-40
12.     Capodimonte and Japanese Chargers, three Doulton southern hemisphere subject plates, Adams, Johnson, etc, oval Middle Eastern tray. £15-25
13.     A Royal Albert Old Country Roses Dinner and Tea Service, comprising teapot, sugar bowl and milk jug, dinner plates, bowls cups and saucers etc. (forty-five pieces, all first quality). £80-120
14.     Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Fruit Bowl, plate, twelve piece tea service, trinket pots, candlestick:- One Tray £20-30
15.     A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight, "The Duck", with gold stopper. £15-30
16.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Staffordshire Gold" Design by Alicia Amison, shape 226/5, impressed and painted marks to base, 9.5cms high. £90-110
17.     Tosca Capo Di Monte Pottery Figure Group of "Which Necklace to Select", on kidney shaped base, 32.5cms tall, Nao figure group of courting couple, (damaged). £30-40
18.     A XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback Figure Group, of two figures sat above a clock face, together with another XIX Century flatback figure group. £20-30
19.     A XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback Figure Group, of two musicians and a dog, together with another XIX Century figure group. £20-30
20.     A Crown Devon Plate, handpainted with a scene of gun dogs and pheasant on moorland, signed R. Hinton (small chip to underside); together with a pair of Vienna plates, decorated with cupids. £30-50
21.     Custard Glasses, wines, rummer, stirrers, gilt overlaid spill vase, etc:- One Tray £20-40
22.     A Collection of Royal Commemorative China Wares, including twin handled mugs, teacups and saucers, ornamental bells, Jasperware, etc, varying makes, including Ringtons, Aynsley, etc:- One Tray £10-20
23.     Copenhagen Xmas and Golfing Plates, Beswick "Tony Weller" character jug, other character jug, other china, novelty spoons, pewter tankard:- One Tray £20-30
24.     Wedgwood Black Basalt Shallow Bowl, Clews Chameleon finger bowl, Bullers pottery:- One Tray £20-30
25.     A Quantity of Blue and White China Tea Ware, in the Royal Crown Derby style. £15-25
26.     A XIX Century Staffordshire Group of John Wesley, (damaged), XIX Century figure of a spaniel, other XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback figures:- One Tray £15-25
27.     A Moorcroft Pottery Plaque in the "Double Take" Design by Rachel Bishop, impressed, painted 'Trial' and dated 21.08.14 to base, 22 x 42cms, in frame. £180-220
28.     A Mid XX Century Wedgwood Sheringham Five Disk Candlestick, by Ronald Stennet-Wilson, in amber together with a single disk candlestick also in amber; plus a blue glass vase, gilt decorated with a stylised flowerhead and a Bohemian vase. (4) £40-50
29.     A Set of Ten Wedgwood "Flower Fairies" Cabinet Plates, with certificates:- One Tray £10-20
30.     Hummel Pottery Large Figure of Schoolboy, 82/2, wearing lederhosen and carrying satchel on his back, 19cms high, and others of dog and scared child, 15cms high, a boy on a bench (repaired) and a girl with basket. £40-60
31.     Wedgwood Jasperware, including pin trays, cups, saucers, framed plaques, etc (some boxed):- One Tray £15-25
32.     An Edwardian St. Michael China Part Tea Service, printed and painted decoration of flower heads and swags amid a cobalt blue frieze:- One Tray £15-25
33.     Doulton Chine, (lid damaged), Johnson's, oriental, continental and XIX Century lustre teapots, pair of spill vases:- One Tray £20-40
34.     A Victorian China Comport, painted with tulips and gilt highlights, two further Victorian comports, an Edwardian bowl, shallow bowl, a china souvenir teapot printed with Sheffield coat of arms, etc:- One Tray £15-25
35.     A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Jug, Japanese cloisonné jar and cover, cut glass vases, Royal Worcester Evesham pickle jar:- One Tray £15-20
36.     A Clarice Cliff Bizarre Cake Stand in the "Jonquil" Pattern, on chrome pedestal, black backstamp, three further Clarice Cliff plates and gravy boat; plus four Crown Devon Coffee Cans and saucers:- One Tray £30-50
37.     Clarice Cliff Celtic Harvest Fruit Bowl, (chipped), and Arthur Woods wall vase. (2) £15-25
38.     Royal Albert China Part Tea Service, Minton china part tea service:- One Tray £10-20
39.     Two XIX Century Pratt Lids, The Game Bag, Dr. Johnson, carved horse, XIX Century fairings, a pair of genuine butterfly wing pictures, pair of XIX Century bisque figures, etc:- One Tray £20-30
40.     Bronzed Resin Figures, hedgehogs, otter, Art Deco style figure of a ballerina, together with an Arthur Wood dish, and dressing table set:- One Tray £20-30
41.     An Early XX Century Brownfields China Part Tea and Dinner Service, printed and painted with reserves of flowers and foliage on a cobalt blue ground, gilt highlights, (approximately thirty pieces). £20-30
42.     A Collection of Studio Glassware, including novelty paperweights, globular and slice cut examples, model duck, specimen vase, Bristol Blue Glass vases, with gilt floral decoration, etc:- One Tray £15-25
43.     Wedgwood Jasperware, including pin trays, a thimble, mantle clock, commemorative jar and cover, etc:- One Tray £15-25
44.     A Susie Cooper Meat Plate, No. 2216, painted floral decoration, together with further Susie Cooper dishes, meat plate, etc. £15-30
45.     A Goebel Hummel "Little Drummer" Figure, and four other models, including "Singing Lesson", "Little Shopper", "Wren", etc. (5) £20-40
46.     Lorna Bailey "Fluffy The Cat", limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £15-25
47.     Royal Worcester China Figurines, "Monday's Child" 3519 and "Friday's Child" 3523. £30-50
48.     Lorna Bailey "Albert The Cat". £15-25
49.     Three Beswick Beatrix Potter Figures, including "Little Pig Robinson", (silver backstamp), "Pigling Bland" and "Pig-Wig", (both brown backstamp). (3) £15-30
50.     Royal Doulton Figurines, "Bo Peep" HN1811 (chipped), "Goody Two Shoes" HN2037 and "Buttercup" 3268. (2) £20-40
51.     Lorna Bailey "Wellington The Cat". £15-25
52.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Anna Lily" design by Nicola Slaney, shape 25/3, impressed and painted marks to base, 8cms high. £60-70
53.     A Pressed Clear Glass Two Branch Candelabra, of writhen spiral form, each drip pan fitted with prismatic drops. £15-25
54.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Ayin Flowers in Frost" Design, tubelined and decorated with snowdrops and pansies, shape 7/3, No. edition 72, impressed and painted marks to base, 9.5cms high. £90-110
55.     A Lorna Bailey "Pugwash" Legs and Co. Cruet, released through the Lorna Bailey Collectors Club August 2007, limited edition No.13/60, with certificate. £40-50
56.     Crown Ducal "Orange Tree" Teaware, comprising:- six tea plates, four side plates, six dishes, four cups, three saucers and a tea pot stand:- One Tray £20-30
57.     Art Deco Yellow and Silvered Teapot, in the form of a sports car, and a Wade 1930's tea for two set, stamped 3302. £20-40
58.     Wedgwood Jasperware Oval Tray, paperweight, trinket trays in varying colours:- One Tray £15-25
59.     A XIX Century Style Jasperware Bowl, with a plated rim, together with a pair of plated servers. £20-30
60.     A Pair of XIX Century Jelly Glasses, cranberry glasses, a pair of XVIII style spiral twist glasses, Whitefriars style bark vase, etc:- One Tray £20-40
61.     A Shelley Art Deco China Tea Set, decorated with yellow daisies on a banded white ground, pattern No. W12556, Regent shape, comprising bread and butter plate, six tea plates, tea cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl. £40-70
62.     A Large Mdina Glass Paperweight, together with another similar, and a Scotia paperweight depicting three mice, plus one other paperweight. £20-30
63.     A Wedgwood Charnwood Cabinet Plate, a Coalport and Famile Rose cabinet plate, a Minton "Marlow" jar and cover, a Mason's "Harrods" jar, chian flower posies, fairing, etc. £15-25
64.     A Victorian Opaque Glass Dish, of triangular form, gilt decoration of foliage, a Royal Doulton "Wendy" figure, two Royal Worcester figures, "June" and "My favourite", (both damaged), ginger jar and cover, etc:- One Tray £15-25
65.     A Quantity of Drinking Glasses, Stuart, Tudor, Doulton, etc:- One Tray £15-25
66.     A Large Glass Paperweight, of globular form, having bubble inclusions and ground pontil, together with a Marcolin paperweight, Waterford cut glass paperweight, plus three others. £20-30
67.     A Foley China "Century Rose" Pattern, twelve place part tea service, printed Paul Granet, lacking six side plates, (approximately forty-four pieces). £60-100
68.     A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight, modelled as a rabbit, gold stopper, and a reproduction model cat in the Imari pattern. (2) £10-20
69.     A Wedgwood Jasperware Castor, Crown Derby urn and cover, (blue and white stage), an early XX Century Royal Worcester shell moulded shallow dish. blue and white goblet, Delft plate, etc:- One Tray £15-25
70.     A Collection of Wedgwood Jasperware, including a pair of candlesticks, jar and cover, Christmas plates, etc:- One Tray £15-25
71.     A Spode Blue and White Transfer Printed Jar and Cover, a Bloor Derby coffee can, Wedgwood oval tray, Aynsley vase, Mason's preserve pot, Coalport Valentine jar and cover, and other decorative wares:- One Tray £15-25
72.     A Bohemian Lead Crystal Water Jug, with cross cut and slice cut decoration, a Bohemian crystal bowl and lead crystal whisky decanter:- One Tray (3) £20-40
73.     Winton "Cromer" and Ridgway Dishes, Aynsley 2965 cups and saucers, etc:- One Tray £15-25
74.     Sica Pottery of Italy, six fish plates stamped 84 23 and serving plate 84 22, all of oval form, circa 1960's. £15-25
75.     A Wedgwood Glass Paperweight, (in conjunction with Coalport), with certificate, together with a Caithness paperweight, plus two other paperweights, both Millefiori pattern. £20-30
76.     Prattware Pot Lids, "I See You My Boy" and "Persuasion", both circular, another of possibly Crystal Palace with serpentine sides, all with bases. (3) £30-50
77.     Royal Crown Derby China Coffee Cup and Saucer, decorated in the Imari 1128 pattern. £15-25
78.     A XIX Century Blue and White Pottery Sweet Meat Dish, of loaf form, 15cms from handle to tip, another lacking handle, another smaller. (3) £20-40
79.     A Mason's "Vista" Pattern Soup Tureen, ladle and stand. (3) £15-25
80.     Minton "Marlow" Tea for Two Set, of nine pieces. £15-25
81.     An XVIII Century Blue and White Jug, with initials F. M on base, XIX Century blue and white plates and dishes decorated with baskets of flowers, Delft plate, etc:- One Tray £20-30
82.     Goss "Leaden Measure", "Bronze Pot", "Highland Milk Crogan", Elite "Matlock Pig", other crested ware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
83.     A Matts Jonasson Sculptural Paperweight, formed as a ladies head study, a Vetrovivo Murano figural weight, an amethyst shaped cylindrical vase, etc:- One Tray £20-40
84.     Shelley Ribbed Vase, Minton breakfast cup, Spode "Jasmine" fruit set, Mason's plate, etc:- One Tray £20-30
85.     A Susie Cooper "Green Nebula" Match Pot Coffee Set:- One Tray £15-25
86.     Rilio Capodimonte Figure of Child Musician, two others, vase, two posies:- One Tray £15-25
87.     Wedgwood "Venus" Octagonal Trinket Box, trinket set, staff dishes, Ducal jam pot, etc:- One Tray £15-25
88.     A Set of Eight "Royal Collection" Glass Goblets, each with gilt transfer decoration of scrolls, labelled "Buckingham Palace", (all boxed). (8) £15-25
89.     A Pair of Early XX Century Quimper Earthenware Dished Plates, hand painted decoration of flowers and ferns, painted initials to base, together with a Henriot Quimper plate, jug, oval dish and bottle base and two refernce books on the subject:- One Tray £20-30
90.     A Set of Four Cut Lead Crystal Circular Shallow Dishes, a pair of early XX Century amber and clear glass scent bottles, (damaged), cod bottle, Jack-In-The-Pulpit vase, a 1982 Pope visit commemorative goblet and other glassware:- One Tray £20-40
91.     Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" Teaware, of eleven pieces including teapot:- One Tray £20-30
92.     Commemorative Ware, Leek Queen Victoria Jubilee, Radford Edward VII mugs, D. A. C Camp Blackpool 1938 tankard, Bisto 1913 Leek beaker, etc:- One Tray £15-25
93.     Three Cased Sets of Coalport Revelry Cutlery, plus two sets unboxed (eight place settings - one handle damaged). £15-20
94.     Two XIX Century Prattware Pot Lids, fishing boats and unloading the catch, two ammonites. £20-40
95.     A Coalport "Revelry" Tea Service, comprising bread and butter plate, six tea plates, five saucers, six cups, sugar basin and preserve pot; plus two Shelley commemorative beakers and an Aynsley tea cup and saucer:- One Tray £30-40
96.     Twelve Sherry, six liqueur, six cut glass tumblers all matching, six tots and decanters:- One Tray £20-40
97.     A Pair of Composite Plaques, of rectangular form depicting farming figures with animals and fruit picking, verso showing oval inset "St. Petersburg" 1882m, each 14.5 x 10cms. £20-40
98.     A Pair of XIX Century Blue and White Willow Pattern Meat Plates. £15-25
99.     A Doulton and Slaters Glazed Stoneware Vase, of ovoid form, tall flared neck and rim on circular spreading foot, mottled decoration of blue and green ground with enamel floral central frieze. 26cms, and a Locke and Co. Worcester cabinet plate of blush ground with gilt highlights. (2) £20-40
100.    A Lorna Bailey Prototype Guinness Toucan, 14.5cms high. £40-50
101.    A Peggy Davies Figurine "Celebration", limited edition No. 91/500, 28cms high, with certificate. £70-80
102.    Royal Doulton Figurines, "Autumn Breezes" HN1934 and "Southern Belle" HN2229. (2) £20-30
103.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Blue Flames" Design by Emma Bossons, shape 3/7, impressed and painted marks to base, 18cms high. £40-50
104.    Royal Worcester China Figurines, "November" 3418 and "May" 3455, both modelled by Freda Doughty. (2) £30-50
105.    A Circa 1930's Poole Jug of "Bluebird" Design, on a red Earthenware base, and two further Poole jugs of traditional pattern. (3) £40-60
106.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Fairies Foxglove" Design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 9/9 limited edition No. 9/30, impressed and painted marks to base, 24cms high. £200-220
107.    Three Lladro Figures, including "Young Girl with Basket of Flowers", "Boy with Fishing Rod", and "Young Girl with Hen". (3) £20-40
108.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Costa Rica" design, tubelined and decorated with exotic birds and tropical flowers, shape 198/5, impressed marks, painted 'Trial' and dated 11.12.14 to base 14.5cms high. £140-160
109.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in "The Clouds" Design, shape 3/5, No. Edition 31, impressed and painted marks to base, 13cms high. £90-110
110.    Two Lladro Pottery Geisha Girl Figures, the smallest being 26.5cms high. £40-80
111.    Royal Doulton Figurines, "Victoria" HN2471 (cracked) and "Easter Days" HN2039. (2) £15-25
112.    A 1940's Bullers Studio Pottery Vase by Agnete Hoy, in a matte brown glaze, with a band of scratched and inlaid blue and cream abstract decoration above a bulbous lower body, impressed no. 282 and monogrammed to base, 18.5cms high. £20-40
113.    Royal Worcester China Figurines, "Wednesday's Child" 3521 and "Grandmother's Dress" 3081. (2) £30-50
114.    A Coalport China Twin Handled Vase, of urn form, central green band with a hand painted reserve of a lakeland mountain scene, gilt highlights on a pale lemon ground, height 15cms, and a china specimen vase of double gourd form, encrusted with flowers and fruit, with stopper. (2) £20-40
115.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "White Anemone" Design, shape 65/6, impressed, painted 'Trial' and dated 05.09.12 to base, 15cms high. £100-120
116.    A Royal Standard China Coffee Set, printed with flowers, a Taylor and Kent and a Rosalyn china part batchelor's tea set:- One Tray £15-30
116A.   Two Lead Crystal Whisky Decanters, and assorted lead crystal whisky tumblers:- One Tray £10-20
117.    William Knutzen of Norway Twin Handled Pottery Bowl, with symmetrical floral centre and eye decoration to pedestal, stamped "William Norway" underneath. £15-25
118.    Bisto "Stanford" Wash Jug, and Meakin "Sol" soap holder. £12-18
119.    Sylvac 1379 Tan Terrier, XIX Century and later figures, Shredded Wheat bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-40
120.    Nine XIX Century Wines, conical ale glass, liqueurs, decanters, etc. :- One Tray £20-40
121.    White Basalt Style Circular Plate, with mother of pearl and mineral floral inlay, 32cms diameter; a rectangular lacquered tray with mother of pearl insets. £15-25
122.    Two Czech Art Deco Pottery Ashtrays as Reclining Figures, 14009 (damaged) and 14008, Crown Devon fruit set, Carlton Australian leaf bowl and lobster saucer bowl:- One Tray £20-40
123.    Doulton Stoneware Jug, with applied toppers, windmill and dogs, Crown Derby 1128 pattern dish, Wedgwood Jasperware trinkets, Jersey coasters, meat plate:- One Tray £20-30
124.    Two Decanters, condiment set, ruby glass sugar caster, coaster, two horn handled implements, etc:- One Tray £20-40
125.    Miniature Plates from Around the World: a collection of twenty-five plates from the Franklin Mint, including:- Wedgwood, Royal Doulton, Coalport, Spode, Lladro, Royal Copenhagen etc. with wooden wall display case and certificates. £30-40
126.    A Collection of XIX Century Staffordshire Dogs, and a pair of XIX Century glazed pottery bulldogs:- One Tray £20-30
127.    A Set of Six Victorian China Teacups and Saucers, gilt and pink bands with printed swags on a white ground, with matching sandwich plate (damaged), together with a pair of early XX Century bisque figures and a contemporary water jug:- One Tray £40-60
128.    A Beswick Pottery Huntsman on Horseback, two hounds and a fox. (4) £30-50
129.    A Pair of Capo di Monte Figures, the male carrying a basket of fruit and leaning on a stoop, the female carrying a bouquet of flowers, impressed Tosca, on circular wooden bases, each 45cms high. £100-150
130.    Royal Doulton Figurine "Daddy's Joy" HN3294, limited edition 298 of 12,500. £20-30
131.    A Pair of Mason's Ironstone China Vases, of square and bulbous form, with chinoiserie decoration, B9995, 23cms tall. £30-50
132.    Lorna Bailey "Busy Bee The Cat". £15-25
133.    Edward Whyatt Treacle Glaze Pottery Decanter as a Seated Gentleman, 24.5cms tall, (no stopper). £30-40
134.    Two Lladro Pottery Figures of Seated Ballet Dancers, the tallest 20.5cms. £30-40
135.    Royal Doulton Figurines, "Grand Manner" HN2723 and "Good Morning" (in matt) 2671. (2) £30-40
136.    Lladro Pottery Figure of a Seated Lady, with swan in attendance, 23cms high. £20-40
137.    A Pair of Dutch Pottery Candlesticks, of circular and hexagonal form, painted marks under base "Collier FP8 1242 Holland", 18cms high. £20-40
138.    Royal Doulton Figurines, "The Last Waltz" HN3215 and "Fair Lady" HN2193. (2) £20-30
139.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase in the "Peacock Parade" Design by Rachel Bishop, shape 3/5, impressed and painted marks to base, 13cms high. £50-60
140.    Royal Doulton Fair Lady, HN2193, together with Royal Doulton Cookie HN2218. (2) £15-20
141.    A 1930's Wade Snow White Figure. £15-30
142.    Wedgwood Cream Ware Pottery Potpourri, basket and cover with pierced leaf decoration and rope twist handles, stamped "75 BB", 22cms wide. £20-40
143.    Two Modern Reproduction Staffordshire Style Figures, a cricketer and a rider. (2) £15-20
144.    A XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback Figure Group of Wallace, together with a flatback figure group of a soldier and a sailor. £25-45
145.    A Grays Pottery Conical Wall Pocket, moulded decoration of Autumn leaf on a cream ground, a Grays hand painted plaque and a contemporary pottery oval wall hanging frame. (3) £25-40
146.    A XX Century Dimple Blue Glass Cocktail Shaker, of cylindrical tapering form, plated lid and collar, a press moulded comport, blue tinted vase, wavy rim, a circa 1950's liqueur decanter and glasses etc:- One Tray £20-30
147.    Wellington China "706" Pattern China Tea Service, of thirty-six pieces, circa 1920's:- One Tray £20-30
148.    Royal Albert Songbird New Romance Tea Service, of twenty one pieces. £30-40
149.    An Elaine Goddard Dartmouth Pottery Planter, glazed pottery moulds, drip glaze jug, planters, further jugs etc:- One Tray £10-20
150.    A Caithness Limited Edition Paperweight, 99 of 750, "Reactor", plus another Caithness paperweight, together with four others similar. £20-30
151.    A Victorian T & H Boots "Yosemite" Transfer Printed Meatplate, a Sylvac bowl 5406, Susie Cooper plate, continental porcelain comport, a Wilkinson's "Pans Garden" lustre bowl, and other china. £10-20
152.    An 1887 Jubilee China Teacup and Saucer, Royal Commemorative beakers, cups, ribbon plate, etc, (early XX Century and later):- One Tray £10-20
153.    Coalport Dish, Mason's plates, Old Country Roses trinket, Carlton Ware toast rack and two sectional dish, etc:- One Tray £15-25
154.    Six XIX Century Staffordshire Flat Back Figures, of a stag and dog, Burns and his Mary, and other figures (damages):- One Tray £20-30
155.    Delft Ware Jar and Cover, XIX Century pottery jug, dessert comport, etc:- One Tray £20-40
156.    A Set of Six Lead Crystal Hock Glasses, a set of six crystal liqueurs, mounted on an electroplated tray, and clear glass and gilt edged shallow dish and matching card holder:- One Tray £15-25
157.    An Electroplated Three Piece Tea Service, of cushioned semi gadrooned form, gilt lined with spurr capped ebonised handles, a further three piece tea service of tapering rectangular form, and an electroplated oval gallery tray. £25-45
158.    A1 Plate Coffee Pot and Hot Water Jug, with gadrooned lower bodies, two Sheffield coffee pots and sugar bowl:- One Tray £20-40
159.    An Eastern White Metal Sugar Bowl and Milk Jug, decorated ornately with foliate motifs. £30-50
160.    Three Electroplated Entree Dishes, shallow dishes, jug, etc. £15-25
161.    "Hallowes Golf Club, Gillott Bowl" Rose Bowl President's Putter Goblet 1971, Victory Cup 1971 C. Coy 66 Btn. W.R. Home Group Shooting Championship tankard. All in silver plate. (4) £8-12
162.    Assorted Bead Necklace, imitation pearls,stud earrings, jewellery tree etc :- One Tray £10-15
163.    Pewter Tankards, cutlery, Mappin and Webb meat skewers, grape scissors, etc:- One Tray £20-30
164.    Kings Pattern Cutlery of Fifty Five Pieces, plus twelve knives by S. Pearson, in canteen. £20-40
165.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including rosary beads, imitation pearls, brooches, necklaces, shell inlaid heart shaped compact, earrings etc :- One Box £20-30
166.    A Late Victorian Electroplated Bottle Holder, cast and pierced decoration of swags and foliage, raised on four reeded and lion paw legs, two entree dishes, bowl, cutlery, and teapot, etc:- One Tray £20-40
167.    Mappin and Webb Three Piece Plated Tea Service, and spirit kettle, (no stand), all with gadrooned lower bodies. £20-30
168.    Plated Teaspoons, dessert spoons, forks, knives, etc:- One Tray £30-40
169.    Garrard & Co Ltd; A Garrard Plate Six Setting Canteen of Jesmond Pattern Cutlery, in modern fitted canteen case, bearing label inscribed "Elkington & Co". £60-80
170.    A Three Piece 'Mutual' (Hiram Wild) Stag Handled Carving Set with matching set of steak knives and forks; plus a similar set of steak knives and forks (all boxed). A horn handled carving knife and fork by J.W. Stutter, Bishopsgate St., all on a twin handled silver plated tray. £30-40
171.    A XIX Century Plated on Copper Twin Branch Candelabrum, with reeded scroll branches, on shaped square base, 53cms high. £20-40
172.    XIX Century Shaw & Fisher Sheffield Three Piece Tea Service, with ribbed oval tapering form and pressed decoration. £20-30
173.    Parker Pens, boxed Waterman pen, costume jewellery, coins, etc. £10-15
174.    A Viners Electroplated Four Piece Teaset, in original wrapping and box. £30-40
175.    A Sheffield Made Mahogany Cased "Community" Plate, cutlery canteen, (incomplete). £20-40
176.    Assorted Modern Lady's Costume Jewellery, including fresh water pearl necklaces, bead, brooches including pheasant in flight, boxed watch, neacklace and earrings set, bracelet, earrings etc, contained in a Chinese style hardwood jewellery box.
177.    An Oval Galleried Tray, octagonal entree dish, Richardson & Dinny teapot, a gadrooned examples, and a pair of cockerels. £20-30
178.    Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles etc. £10-15
179.    "HA EA FA" Stamped Plated Circular Comport, with stepped decoration, mustard pot, a quantity of cutlery including silver handled pistol knives. £15-25
180.    Rosita Bead Necklace, Ronson lighter, fan, French beaded purse, girl guides knife, etc. £15-25
181.    Diesel, Sekonda, Otis, Other Ladies and Gents Watches:- One Box £10-20
182.    A XIX Century Five Piece Horn Handled Carving Set, stamped "Taylor's Celebrated Witness Sheffield" on blade, (cased). £30-50
183.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, beads, Maltese Moda pendant and brooch, bracelets, imitation pearls etc:- One Box £20-30
184.    Three Piece Plated Tea Service, a pickle set, cigarette case and a quantity of predominantly Victorian pennies:- One Tray £15-25
185.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, including commemorative cake slice etc:- One Box £15-25
186.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, rings, brooches etc :- One Box £15-20
187.    Slater Bros Electroplated Four Bottle Condiment Stand, each bottle of pedestal style, together with two hallmarked silver napkin rings, a plated three piece teaset, oval tray, mug etc. £20-30
188.    An Electroplated Canteen of Cutlery, all contained in wooden canteen case, with lift up top and two drawers. £30-50
189.    A Robert Mosley and Co Sheffield Three Piece Stag Handled Carving Set, in fitted case, and four piece Picquot Ware tea set, a Smiths electric wall clock, etc:- One Tray £20-30
190.    Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery, including pearl bracelet, brooches, lady's wristwatch, bangle, chain etc :- One Tray £20-30
191.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, brooches, etc. £25-40
192.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearls, beads, brooches, chains, bangle, modern Amber necklace etc :- One Tray £15-25
193.    A 9ct Gold Three Stone Ring, together with a five stone opal set ring and another. (3) £40-60
194.    A Victorian Cluster Ring, stamped "18ct", together with a single stone dress ring and a rectangular cluster ring. (3) £40-60
195.    A 15ct Gold Pearl Set Ring, together with a further ring, collet set between openwork shoulders. (2) £40-60
196.    An 18ct Gold Five Stone Ring, together with a three stone ring, stamped "18ct", and a 15ct gold ring. (3) £100-120
197.    An Edwardian 18ct Gold Opal Set Heart Shape Ring, together with a double cluster dress ring. (2) £40-60
198.    An Edwardian 18ct Gold Cluster Ring, together with a 9ct gold ring. (2) £50-70
199.    A Seven Stone Ring, oval collet set, stamped "18ct", together with a pearl set ring, indistinctly stamped "8c", and a three stone ring. (3) £100-120
200.    A Victorian 18ct Gold Heart Shape Cluster Ring, together with an 18ct gold seven stone ring. (2) £80-100
201.    An Amethyst Single Stone Dress Ring, collet set, indistinctly stamped "18ct". £40-60
202.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, (damaged) together with another ring. £30-40
203.    An 18ct Gold Dress Ring, oval semi collet set to the centre together with a single stone ring, stamped "18ct&Plat". (2) £80-100
204.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Dress Ring, four claw set. £60-80
205.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Dress Ring, oval collet set, together with a 9ct gold five stone ring and another. (3) £30-50
206.    A 9ct Gold Ring, of belt buckle design, together with two textured bands and another ring. (4) £60-80
207.    A 9ct Gold Band, engraved "Mizpah". £30-50
208.    A 22ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band. £80-100
209.    A 9ct Gold Chain, of twist design. £50-60
210.    A Modern Fancy Link Bracelet, to 9ct gold clasp. £60-80
211.    A Geometric Link Chain, stamped "750", with safety chain. £80-120
212.    A Hardstone Inset Locket Pendant, on belcher link chain. £60-80
213.    A Bar Brooch, collet set with four stones (the first letter of each stone spelling Dear), together with a large bar brooch, circular collet set to the centre, stamped "15ct". (2) £70-90
214.    A Modern 9ct Gold Spray Brooch, marquise collet set. £15-25
215.    A Collection of Assorted Bar Brooches, including 'Mizpah', 'Baby' etc (damages). (9) £80-100
216.    A Fancy Link Bracelet, applied "9ct" (damaged), to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp. £120-150
217.    A 9ct Gold Amethyst Single Stone Brooch, circular collet set. £30-40
218.    A Lady's Wristwatch, the circular dial within tapering case, to expanding bracelet, stamped "15ct", to snap clasp. £150-200
219.    A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the rectangular dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, on later strap. £60-80
220.    A Victorian Lava Cameo Bracelet, composed of eleven oval plaques each depicting female profile, to snap clasp; together with two early XIX Century Egyptian Revival charm/pendants, one complete with baby, the other with mummy. £40-60
221.    Hallmarked Silver Large Cross Pendant, bangle, large locket (damaged), rings etc. £20-30
222.    Aesthetic and Other Brooches, buttons etc. £20-30
223.    XIX Century and Later Brooches, including Scottish hardstone type etc. £25-40
224.    A 9ct Gold Necklace, (damages) together with an oval single stone brooch, applied "9ct", a single strand graduated pearl bead necklace etc. (4) £50-70
225.    A Large Costume Jewellery Brooch, in oranges, greens and brown, together with matching clip earrings. £20-25
226.    A Shell Cameo Pendant, depicting Classical female profile, stamped "10k", on chain, stamped "375". £60-80
227.    Modern Hardstone Necklaces, etc. £15-20
228.    A Novelty Brooch, in the form of a lady golfer, stamped "375", together with opal set and other earrings. £30-40
229.    A Collection of XIX Century Style Miniatures, depicting ladies and a locket. £15-20
230.    Coral Tooth Necklace, (damaged) together with brooches, beads etc. £15-20
231.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Rings, beads, Swarovski brooch, stud earrings etc. £30-40
232.    Trifari Leaf Spray Brooch, with matching clip earrings, together with marcasite set, oval cameo, carved panel and a further brooch.
233.    Micromosaic and Other Brooches, 'Merry Christmas' pendant, fancy link bracelet to heart shape padlock clasp, further pendants etc, contained in a jewellery box. £20-30
234.    Filigree and Other Brooches, fresh water pearls and rings, contained in a jewellery box. £20-30
235.    Curb Link Bar Brooch, XIX Century malachite brooch, Art Deco cufflinks, micromosaic etc :- One Box £30-40
236.    Nine Modern Pendants. £20-25
237.    Mexican and Other Brooches, together with pendants, chains, tings etc, contained in a small jewellery case. £20-30
238.    An Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch/Pendant, oval collet set, within shaped border. £25-40
239.    Amber, Jet and Other Necklaces, a cross pendant an a XIX Century floral spray brooch, contained in a wooden box. £80-100
240.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, pearls, bracelet, brooches, chains, pendants etc, contained in a yellow zipped travelling case. £20-30
241.    Beltime Gent's LCD Quartz Wristwatch, in original box, together with pins/badges, lady's wristwatch etc. £15-25
242.    A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, together with a XIX Century lady's fob watch, a match book case, stamp case, chains, cufflinks etc :- One Box £40-60
243.    Costume Brooches, together with lady's and gent's wristwatches, etc. £20-30
244.    A Collection of Assorted Gent's Wristwatches, including Omega DeVille Quartz, Newmark, Delvina, Hefik etc, together with two openface pocketwatches and a lady's wristwatch (damages). £30-50
245.    A 9ct Gold Plain Wedding Band, together with lady's wristwatches, commemorative coin pendant, dress clip, slide etc. £15-20
246.    Rotary; A Lady's Wristwatch, to integral 9ct gold textured bracelet, together with a further lady's wristwatch and a modern gent's wristwatch. £80-120
247.    Assorted Wristwatches, pocketwatch etc :- One Tray £10-20
248.    Folding Pocket Knives, (rusty) together with filigree brooch and a lighter and two openface pocketwatches. £20-30
249.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, (damaged) together with a 9ct gold lady's wristwatch case (lacking strap), further watches etc. £30-50
250.    A Silver Hallmarked Toast Rack, Sheffield Hallmark, together with two silver condiments. £20-30
251.    A Taper Stick Holder, of scroll design with central Viking ship, stamped "Holland", together with a x5 eye glass. (2) £8-10
252.    A Hallmarked Silver Lady's Compact, detailed with cherubs heads, together with a smaller compact, magnifying glass on chain, 'Stamps' case etc. £30-50
253.    A XIX Century Lady's Fob Watch, the gilt highlighted dial with black Roman numerals, commemorative medallion "..The Opening of Birmingham University 1909", chain, modern pocketwatch etc. £20-30
254.    Two XIX Century Agate Snuff Boxes, of rectangular form, each with engine turned decoration, and an agate oval locket. (3) £30-50
255.    Nine Packets of "Sterling Silver Christmas Pudding Charms", together with 'Silver Scenes' miniature pot and brooch. £15-20
256.    A Silver Hallmarked Brush, London, pair of spoons stamped "Norwegian Silver", plated sugar tongs. £10-20
257.    Glass Conical Scent Bottle with silver lidded spoon by J. G & S, having IMP terminal. £15-25
258.    A Hallmarked Silver Sifter Spoon, with shaped pierced bowl, together with a hallmarked silver medallion pendant, part chain and a nut dish with squirrel handle. £15-20
259.    Silver Hallmarked Vesta Case, silver dessert knife and fork, lady's scent bottle and a bangle. £20-30
260.    Watch Bracelet Clasp, together with odd links. £30-50
261.    A Hallmarked Silver Lady's Purse, JGLtd, Birmingham 1919, allover leaf scroll engraved , on chain suspension. £50-70
262.    A Hallmarked Silver Lady's Purse, engine turned, on chain suspension, together with a miniature hallmarked silver hand mirror. (2) £25-30
263.    Silver Bladed Preserve Knife and Pickle Fork. £15-25
264.    Two Early 1900's Ladies Mesh Evening Bags, mother of pearl penknives, Victorian forks, etc. £20-40
265.    A Quantity of Small Silver Items, including a Sheffield medallion, bookmark, tongues, badge, circular snuff box, etc. £40-60
266.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Rectangular Photograph Frame, containing calendar for December 1970, together with a match book case, Charles Horner pendant, (damaged), rosary beads etc. £20-30
267.    A Hallmarked Silver Hand Mirror, together with scent bottle and lidded jar (damages). £20-30
268.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Rectangular Photograph Frame, engine turned, on wooden easel back, together with a smaller example. (2) £30-50
269.    A Set of Six Silver Cased Old English Teaspoons, hallmarked Sheffield 1910. £20-40
270.    Small Cartier Quartz Travel Alarm Clock, the cushion shaped dial within a brass and red enamel frame, having easel back, 7cms wide (small chip to base.) £50-100
271.    James Dixon Plated Chamber Candlestick, with snuffer, another similar. (2) £20-40
272.    A Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Trinket Box, manicure items, button hooks etc. £20-30
273.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Epergnes, each with central fared vase with three smaller, on weighted base (damages), together with a napkin ring and a napkin holder. £30-50
274.    Necklaces, bangles, brooches and other costume jewellery, contained in a mahogany cutlery canteen. £20-40
275.    A G. Duncan & Son Twelve Setting Stainless Canteen of Cutlery, bone effect handles, in fitted oak canteen. £40-60
276.    Brooches, bangles, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings and other costume jewellery in perspex slope front display case. £20-40
277.    Silver Topped Dressing Table Jar, XIX Century four piece plated tea and coffee service, three cased cutlery sets, spoons, etc:- One Tray £25-35
278.    Chesterman Ruler, a quantity of cutlery, a bakelite belt buckle, hair slides, etc. £20-40
279.    Cased Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, with matching tongs, together with assorted plated cutlery, including fish knives and forks, cake slice, sugar tongs, serving forks etc. £30-40
280.    E. McClarence Firth Brearley Stainless Steel Knives and Chrome Cutlery, in an oak canteen. £15-25
281.    Eight O.S. Maps, highlighting North Derbyshire and Sheffield areas, varying scales including 1inch to 6miles, dated 1923, 1955, etc. (8) £15-35
282.    A World War II War and Defence Medal, mounted with The Order of The Knight of St John of Jerusalem and Order of St John Service Medal with three bars, together with St. Johns Ambulance enamel pin badges, tram badges and others:- One Tray £40-60
283.    Westminster Collectors Coins, in pouches, curb link watch chain and a necklace. £10-20
284.    Carrs of Sheffield Set of Seven Coins, each depicting a building of particular significance or interest in the development of the City of Sheffield, in fitted case, with leaflet. £20-30
285.    Sheffield Wednesday Shareholders Disc, circular in nickel metal. Numbered 422. £20-30
286.    A Silver Match Medal Inscribed "Football League 41 B.G.H. 1946", the reverse reading "H. Cox", in pierced surround. £10-20
287.    A Quantity of Enamel Badges, mother of pearl, brooches, sailor's hat band, etc. £20-40
288.    A Two Blade Folding Knife, with hallmarked silver scales, together with a novelty Stanhope viewer in the form of a pipe, and two coins. £15-25
289.    Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes Hallmarked Silver and Other Medallion Pendants and Certificates, all relating to Bro. Michael Parkin, Lord Methuen Lodge 798. £25-40
290.    Assorted Enamel Badges and Medallion Pendants, including Felix the Cat, British Red Cross, WI etc, contained in s 'Work Box'. £15-25
291.    A Silver Sheffield Hallmarked Commemorative Medal 1773-1973, together with a pen knife, with silver scales, inscribed H. F. Constantine, and a Millennium coin. £30-50
292.    A XIX Century Cold Painted Miniature Bronze of a Pug, together with two other bronze models. £30-50
293.    Oak Pepper Mill with Silver Bands, 9.5cms tall. £15-25
294.    Maw's Prince of Wales' Soda Water Tap, and one other, both cased. £40-60
295.    Royal Worcester Hand Painted Miniature Loving Cup, Jug and Lid, each on blush ivory ground. (3) £20-40
296.    An Unused Circa 1970 Frys Chocolate Selection Box, containing two Cokernut, two Crunchie, one Fry's Cream and one Tiffin, all unopened. Not for consumption. £20-40
297.    Enamel Golly Badge, Order of Oddfellows medallions, lighters, cufflinks, chains, trinket pots etc. £20-30
298.    A Tray of Collectable Items, including penknives, two folding scissors in original pouches, corkscrew, unusual stamp pen, etc. £20-40
299.    Polaire Paris, Bedside Clock Come Lighter, stamped "DEP" to silvered dial, in a nickel plated brass case, 11.5cms tall, another lighter in oval pink enamel and brass, both with "Ministere Des Finances" oval inset plaques under base. (2) £50-100
300.    Gent's Wristwatches, lighters, coins, military badges etc :- One Box
301.    Japanese Pattern Book, dated in Japanese 1878, for metal and other workings, with a David Battie Antiques Roadshow valuation; a W. Straw of Worksop grocer and tea blender account book from 1919. (2) £15-30
302.    Five Porcelain Headed Dolls. Knightsbridge Collection "Jenna", "Norma", and "Pipaluk" eskimo child with seal cub. Leonardo Collection "Baby" and House of Valentina "Anya", all with stands, 40cms high, all boxed. £20-30
303.    Two Mid XX Century Chad Valley Jointed Teddy Bears. Both with good golden coats. £20-30
304.    An Early XX Century Porcelain Headed Baby Doll by Heubach Kopplesdorf. Closed mouth, sleeping eyes and head stamped 350/5. Composition body in later dress, approximately 36cms high. Plus a damaged Armand Marseille doll and an associated porcelain head. £20-40
305.    An Armand Marseille Porcelain Headed Baby Doll, with sleeping eyes, open mouth, (one tooth broken). Head stamped 351/6K. Composition body in later clothes. Approximately 42cms high. £20-30
306.    Eight Four Legged Mid XX Century Soft Toys, including dogs, cow, donkey, elephant and pyjama cases. £20-40
307.    A Mid XX Century Doll, with sleeping eyes, both body and head composition. Only minor wear. 48cms high. £15-25
308.    Nine Four Legged Mid XX Century Soft Toys, including a Pedigree lionness, a bulldog, terriers, poodle, deer, cat and pyjama cases. £20-40
309.    Twelve "Tourist" Character Dolls, from around the world, with four small real fur animals, a musical animated panda, a well loved teddy bear and a plastic doll in a knitted outfit; a game of Snap issued by C.W.S Tea and a W.D. & H.O Wills cigarette card jig-saw "Between Two Fires". £20-30
310.    Six Early to Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, including a real fur jointed koala (35cms high), a Merrythought doe-eyed black and white spaniel and two pandas. £20-40
311.    Two 1970's Trikes, one by Raleigh, plus a contemporary childs wheel barrow. £15-25
312.    Four Knightsbridge Collection Porcelain Headed Dolls. "Kaitlin", "June", (with swing), "Ling-Ling" and "Felicity", (musical, moving head). All with certificates and stands. 40-50cms high. All boxed. £20-30
313.    Seven Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, some with jointed limbs, 30 to 80cms high. £20-30
314.    Four Porcelain Headed Dolls. Stewart Ross Collection "Annabel", "Sabrina" and "Mary Jane", with a Regency Fine Arts young Henry VIII. All with stands, 40-50cms high. All boxed. £20-30
315.    Seven Well Loved Teddy Bears, 20-40cms high, with a pull along yapping action dog. £20-30
316.    Four Porcelain Headed Dolls. Knightsbridge Collection "Amelia "And" Nelly", with stands and certificates, and "Suzy", with a house of Valentine Gold Collection "Francoise", with stand. 45-50cms high. All boxed. £20-30
317.    A Reborn Boy Doll, with ginger hair in a pink striped pyjama top, and six Artists Collectors dolls. (7) £30-50
318.    Five Articles Collection Porcelain Headed Dolls. "Lydia" and friends (two kids), and two "Chloe" and friends dolls. All with stands, 50-60cms high. All boxed. £20-30
319.    Seven Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, some with jointed limbs, 40 to 50cms high. £20-40
320.    Nine Modern Porcelain Costume Dolls, with stands; plus other soft toys in a basket. £20-30
321.    A Childs Walker, in the form of a lion, by Summer Rose Toys. £15-25
322.    Four Porcelain Headed Dolls. The Windsor Collection "Norman and Janet" with mirror and certificate. Knightsbridge Collection "Fern Heirloom" and Knightsbridge Collection "Dulcie". With certificates, and all with stands. 40-67cms high. All boxed. £20-30
323.    A Quantity of Mid to Late XX Century Costume Dolls, and others in various scales. All playworn. £20-40
324.    A Mid XX Century Chad Valley Child's Washing Machine, boxed, a boxed Vulcan sewing machine, and another toy. £20-30
325.    A C. 1970 Childs Tri-Cycle by Bantel, blue in colour and unused, but not made up. In box. £15-25
326.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Costume Dolls and Associated Items, including Peggy Nesbit among others. £20-30
327.    Six Porcelain Headed Dolls. Leonardo Collection "Imogen" and "Beefeater". Regency Collection "Jack" of Jack and Gill, and Little Boy Blue. Bronwen Dolls "Rhianwen" and Stewart Ross Collection "Nancy", 40cms high, all with stands and boxes. £20-30
328.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Soft Toys and Pyjama Cases, mainly dog related. All well loved. £20-30
329.    Five Leonardo Collection Porcelain Headed Dolls. "Maddie" in a chair, "Olivia", "Holly", "Chrissie" and "Emily". All with stands, 35-40cms high. All boxed. £20-30
330.    A Quantity of Dolls House Furniture and Accessories, modern and older, including prams and sweet shop contents. £30-50
331.    Two Porcelain Headed/Composite Bodied Armand Marseilles Dolls, head no.351/7K and no.351/4K. Both sleepy eyes, one with bad cracks in head and face, both bodies in pieces with damage, approximately 30cms and 50cms high, with two other dolls, composite and porcelain, approximately 30cms high. £20-40
332.    Two Large (70cms) Merrythought Bears, with jointed limbs. £20-40
333.    An Early XX Century Porcelain Headed Baby Doll by George Borgfeldt. Head moulded by Armand Marseille, stamped 6327B, with sleeping eyes, open mouth, with teeth. Composition body, in later dress. 61cms tall, in moses basket. £80-120
334.    An Early XX Century Porcelain Headed Costume Doll, by Kammer and Reinhardt. Head stamped "KR" with star and No.26. Porcelain head with blonde wig, sleeping eyes, open mouth with teeth, body dressed in tartan. Plus, a large doll's bagpipes and parasol. £30-50
335.    Two Modern Steiff Teddy Bears, 1909 replica bear no.406201, jointed limbs, mohair, 26cms high with ear stud, and no.001154, 19cms high, mohair with ear stud, with one other small bear (damages), 15cms high. £20-30
336.    A Ceramic Mabel Lucy Attwell Style Baby Doll, with jointed arms in good condition, 22.5cms high. £20-30
337.    A Lead Gypsy Caravan, a Dinky wheelbarrow, a Benbros Coronation coach among associated items. All playworn. £20-40
338.    A Mid XX Century Chad Valley Kiddies Gramophone "Mellow Tone", boxed, with a child's cast iron toy Singer sewing machine, a small Victorian lamb and two metal vintage car gaming pieces. £30-50
339.    A Deans Rag Book "Miss Betty Oxo" Cloth Doll, circa 1920's, with velvet hat, coat and label to foot. Overall signs of wear. 41cms high. £30-50
340.    A Quantity of 1930's Dinky Toys Dolly Varden Dolls House Furniture. Including bedroom items. All playworn. £20-40
341.    Two Pelham Puppets. Clown and Gypsy. Both in yellow boxes. £15-25
342.    A Mid XX Century Teddy Bear, golden coat, synthetic paws, open moving mouth. __cms high. No splits but well loved. £20-30
343.    An Early X Century Cast Novelty Money Box, head and shoulders with moving arm. £20-30
344.    An Early XX Century Porcelain Headed Doll by Societe Francaise De Fabrication De Barbes. Head stamped SFBJ/60/3/D, Paris. Sleeping eyes, open mouth with teeth. Fully jointed composition body, 38cms high. In contemporary dress. £40-80
345.    An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Armand Marseilles, with sleeping eyes, open mouth with teeth, head stamped "990", composition body, circa 60cms high. £30-50
346.    Three Deans Rag Book Company Collector's Club Bears, all with jointed limbs and certifications, "Howard" (28cms high), "Hardy" (30cms high) and special edition "Snowdrop" 36cms high.) £20-40
347.    Simon and Halbig Pottery Headed Doll. Stamped PB within star, SH, 1909- 4½ Germany, with composition body. An A.M doll, hand repaired, and Hong Kong doll. (3) £30-40
348.    An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll, head stamped "Made in Germany" with No.63 with sleeping eyes, open mouth with teeth and composition, jointed body, circa 60cms high. £30-50
349.    An Early XX Century Porcelain Headed Girl Doll, CM Bergmann Waltershausen, Germany. Head Mold No. 1916, with sleeping eyes, open mouth, with teeth. Fully jointed composition body in later clothes. 61cms tall. £80-120
350.    A Late XIX Century/ Early XX Century Childs Horse, made from real animal skin/ hair. 54cms long and 60cms tall. Missing wheeled base. £25-40
351.    Seven Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, with a couple of missing limbs, including one blue Merrythought, 40 to 50cms high. £20-40
352.    A Modern Double Fronted Dolls House, opening to six rooms and staircase, 85 x 79 x 32cms, together with a large quantity of modern dolls' furniture and four dolls. £100-200
353.    A Mid XX Century Teddy Bear,with jointed limbs, together with a well loved smaller example (damages/repairs). (2) £20-25
354.    Two Children's Mid XX Century Tea and Dinner Sets. Including "Bunny Bobtail" by Corona Ware. Plus an associated box. £20-30
355.    Nine Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, some jointed, 24 to 45cms high. £20-40
356.    A Mid XX Century Child's Walker by Tri-ang. In the form of a St. Bernard dog on wheels. Includes barrel. £20-40
357.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Soft Toys and Others, including two battery operated bears (untested), various children's characters, a Tri-ang truck and other oddments. £20-40
358.    A Childs Rocking Horse. £10-20
359.    A Quantity of Russ Berrie "Birthstone" Bears, with other miniature bears and mixed soft toys. £10-20
360.    A Quantity of Modern Porcelain Costume Dolls, and associated items. £20-30
361.    A Quantity of Rupert Bear Soft Toys, and merchandise, including "bendy" figures, animals, jigsaws, puzzles, badges and enamel brooches. £20-40
362.    A Mid XX Century Children's Telephone Exchange by Codeg; A Mettoy typewriter and later cast bank " Artillery Bank". £20-30
363.    A Quantity of Sindy Furniture and Related Items. £10-20
364.    A Large Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Dolls, by Pedigree and others:- Two Boxes £20-30
365.    A Straw Filled Teddy Bear, an Allwin doll, a velvet Chad Valley doll, a Pelham boxed witch and a koala bear. All with damages. £30-50
366.    A Quantity of Children's Toys and Dolls, including a Pippa doll and copy, wooden jigsaw and Paddington figurines. £10-20
367.    A Large Quantity of Soft Toys, of all types, including Merrythought for Harrods pink bear (30cms), Merrythought doe-eyed golden white spaniel (30cms), and larger (50cms), Merrythought ivory coloured blush bear:- Four Boxes £20-40
368.    A Mid XX Century or Earlier Childs Handcart, probably Tri-ang, and a contemporary childs sack cart by Larkson. £20-30
369.    A Mid XX Century or Earlier Child's Dolls Pram, finished in grey with hood, plus a child's push chair. £20-40
370.    Seven Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, some with jointed limbs, 40 to 50cms high. £20-40
371.    Five Porcelain Headed Dolls. Leonardo Collection "Gypsy May", "Guinevere", "Monica", "Leah" and "Alice". All with stands, 40-48cms high. All boxed. £20-30
372.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Teddy Bears and Associated Items, including velvet covered cots. All well loved. £20-40
373.    Five Porcelain Headed Dolls. Knightsbridge Collection "Camilla" and "Ailsa". Leonardo Collection "Wendy", Phillipe Cambon Collection girl on swing, and Articles Collection girl on chair, "Melanie" and friends. 35-45cms high. All boxed. £20-30
374.    A Reborn Boy Doll in Blue Knitted Cardigan, together with seven Artists collectors dolls. (8) £30-50
375.    Seven Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all well loved, some with jointed limbs, 30 to 50cms high. £20-40
376.    A Collection of Nine Artists Collectors Dolls. (9) £30-50
377.    Two Early XX Century Porcelain Headed Dolls, one head stamped "Made in Germany", 2¼ with fixed eyes, teeth broken, to composition jointed body, circa 52cms high, the other head stamped "390 DRGM 246", with fixed eyes and broken teeth to composition body, circa 52cms high, plus the doll's chairs and a well loved teddy bear. £30-50
378.    A Quantity of Toys, Action Figures and Associated Items Relating to the 1990's TV Series Gladiators. Mainly boxed. Plus a signed backpack, including Rhino and Trojan. £15-25
379.    A Mid XX Century Tri-ang Dolls Pram, with single hood. Finished in cream and blue. Appears complete. £20-40
380.    A 1970's Childs Doll Sally Carry Cot Holder by Crescent. Appears unused and boxed. Plus a contemporary childs walker with bricks. Unused and boxed. £20-40
381.    A 1970's/1980's Childs Dolls Pram. Appears unused. Boxed. £20-30
382.    A XIX Century Painted Cast Iron Door Stop as a Kangaroo, kite mark to base, a two sectional door stop with ribbon handle. £20-40
383.    A XIX Century Drover's Whip, with simple turned wooden handle and worked leather strap. £15-25
384.    Three XVIII/XIX Century Pewter Plates, each bearing touch mark and pseudo-silver hallmark (worn/rubbed), 22.5cms diameter. (3) £20-30
385.    A Circa 1900 Arts & Crafts Benham & Froud Copper Coal Bucket, embossed decoration of stylised flowers and rivet effect studs, with swing carrying handle (lacking side handle), stamped orb mark to underside.
*The 'orb' was used as their markers mark, as the company made the present cross on the dome of St Pauls Cathedral. £30-50
386.    A XIX Century Blue and White Pottery Diamond Shaped Bowl, with willow pattern decoration, (cracked and chipped). £15-25
387.    A Pair of Chinese Blue and White Jars and Covers, of ovoid form, printed decoration of Prunus blossom, lion finials to the lids, 38cms. £20-40
388.    A Mid XX Century Chinese Vase, decorated with figures reading a scroll within a garden setting and internally with blue flowers, six character mark to base (crack to body) £30-50
389.    Jennens & Bettridge Black Lacquer Tray, with mother of pearl and gilt decoration, (lacking handle), a hardwood tray with gilt insects to top, and tooled work under base. £20-40
390.    Six Various Walking Canes, silver collars noticed, and a swagger stick with silver handle to Captain C.H.J.R. Joynson (damaged.) (7) £30-40
391.    Two Freestanding Barbola Dressing Table Mirrors, with ball feet (one lacking easel back.) £10-20
392.    Demask and White Linens, bedspread, Irish linen pillow cases, etc:- One Box £20-40
393.    "Billy Bunter at Butlins", 1961, with dust jacket, "Five on a Secret Trail", 1956, "Have a Wonderful Time", 1952, "The Mystery of the Invisible Thief", 1950, "Little Picky Goes to School", 1944. Ladybird and other children's books. Late XIX Century photograph album containing some period images. £15-25
394.    Matthias Robinson Fur Coat, fur muff, quantity of scarves and a brief case. £20-40
395.    Handbags, including Riviera for Carmichael's of Hull, handkerchiefs, Carlton & Prior ladies hat, head scarves, etc:- One Box £20-40
396.    One Hundred Famous Paintings, parts one to twenty five, by Cassell & Co, 1912. £20-30
397.    Large White Damask Tablecloths, Irish embroidered tea set:- One Box £20-40
398.    A Collection of XX Brass Martingales, loose horse brasses, etc:- One Box £30-60
399.    Stoneware Flagon, shorter vase, Govancraft jug, chess pieces, copper ware etc. £15-25
400.    A Cased Set of Six Electroplated Teaspoons 1937 Royal Commemorative, souvenir teaspoons, brass trinket box, badge, tokens, playing cards, etc:- One Tray £10-20
401.    Peter Bettley Bermona Trend "Bermona" and Two Other Lady's Hats, together with another two boxes. £20-30
402.    A Quantity of Circa 1950 "Theatre World" Periodicals, (approximately 100 plus), "The Sheffield Repertory Theatre: A History" by T. Alec Seed, playhouse programmes, music scores, etc:- One Box £10-30
403.    A Quantity of Embroidered and Other Table Linen:- Two Boxes £20-40
404.    Hessian and Leather Mounted Suitcase, blankets, Webron and other ladies hats, and two card boxes. £20-40
405.    S. Mawson of Leeds, Mawson of London Suppository Holders, scalpels, XIX Century glass measures, etc:- One Tray £20-40
406.    Tudric 01366 Pewter Box, lead octagonal jar and cover, brass desk stand, watering can, plated tray, Tonbridge rule, etc. £20-40
407.    Early XX Century and Later Postcards, a collection of Brooke Bond tea cards, a 1944 R. A. F Middle East Christmas card, Players Navy Cut, Wills and other cigarette cards, including 1934 cricketers, etc:- One Box £10-20
408.    A Set of Victorian Anchor Blocks, in original box, some signs of wear. £15-25
409.    Seven XIX Century Apothecaries Bottles, each with gilt and black Latin labels. £30-50
410.    John Player Sons Will's Cigarette Picture, card album, Senior Service cigarette cards, etc. £5-10
411.    Royal Mint, "Windsor Mint", and Other Collectable Coins and Medallions, mostly gold plated, some with decorative pictorial insets, (approximately twenty-three in wooden compartmental display case), and eight other empty cardboard display boxes. £40-60
412.    Early XX Century Baby Teethers, together with a pair of Oriental vases, horse brasses, etc:- One Tray £15-25
413.    "Familiar Wild Birds" by Swaysland, 4 volumes, other books, autograph book, cards, racecourse badges, toilet pull, etc:- One Tray £20-40
414.    A Collection of Mainly Late XX Century Lapel Badges, including Albertville '92 and Euro '96 etc. £15-25
415.    Voigtlander Vito B Camera, cuckoo clock, binoculars, carved tusk, wooden implements, etc:- One Tray £15-25
416.    A Tinplate Money Bank of Pussy in the Well, small tinplate cars, 1950's seaside spade and lilo ball, etc.
417.    Davis & Son Derby Brass 360 Degrees Circular Measure, Sandon Park Mill Co. milk cart postcard, New Chronicle cricket annual 1954, inkwell, Turnwright's toffee tin, etc. £15-25
418.    Two Brough, Nicholson and Hall Woven Silks, Arts and Crafts embroidered photo frame, sampler and other needlework. (6) £20-40
419.    Gold Plush Doll, urn, prints, Homes & Sons tin box, etc. £15-25
420.    A XIX Century Twin Handled Copper Tankard, together with a copper tray, German steins, cut throat razor, pianola scripts, etc:- One Tray £20-40
421.    Cigarette Cards, Senior Service Photographic, Players Highland Clans, others in albums. £15-25
422.    Queens Visit to English Steel Coronation Ltd, Sheffield 1954, Booklet with Cream Leather Cover, together with a quantity of Star Wars memorabilia. £15-25
423.    A Modern 1:50 Scale Lorry, with "Boddingtons" livery, in original case. £15-25
424.    A Static Wooden Scale Model of a Motor Launch, 63cms long with brass fittings on a display plinth. £20-30
425.    A XIX Century Desk Stand, dressing table clock set, XIX Century copper candlestick. £15-20
426.    Ebony Trinket Set, including silver monograms to brushes. £20-30
427.    A Pair of XIX Century Old Sheffield Plate Telescopic Candlesticks, electroplated muffin dish, a pair of brass candlesticks, cloisonné dish and cigarette case. £20-40
428.    A Pair of Onyx Bookends, formed as horses heads, Bourn brass sovereign scales, onyx eggs, cast metal shallow dish, moulded with ornamental samurai within a rock pool, and birds amongst foliage to the verso, circa 1930's cents:- One Tray £20-30
429.    A Large Quantity of Collectable Tins, etc. £15-25
429A.   Collections of Cigarette Cards, in four albums, mainly, but not exclusively, by the major manufacturers. The cards cover a variety of themes including cricket, railway interest and shipping. £15-30
430.    An Accumulation of Mid XX Century and Earlier All World Stamps, mint and used, including two full "approvals" booklets, other stamp packets and loose GB material in file pockets. £10-20
431.    Wills Senior Service, Trex Players Cigarette Cards in Albums, elongated cards and others loose, Sheffield Stock Exchange list 17th and 18th August 1937. £20-30
432.    A XIX Century Leather Bound Family Holy Bible, with pierced brass corners. £10-20
433.    A Victorian Elm Stool, of small proportions, together with a late XIX Century blue glazed pen and ink stand, a collection of brass Christmas tree candle clip-on holders, bell, model seagull, etc:- One Tray £20-40
434.    Ladies Costume Jewellery, hardwood boxes, Carl Zeiss Jena 8 x 30w binoculars, in a leather case, etc. £15-20
435.    A Quantity of First Day Covers, plus Guernsey Presentation Packs. £10-25
436.    "The Cup - Fifty Years of English Cup Finals", published by Period Publications, 1932, 1933, 1934 and 1935 (some with faults.) (4) £20-40
437.    Horn Handled Ebonised Walking Cane, another with silver ferrule, plus one other. (3) £15-25
438.    Barnsley 1955 Supporters Handbook, Oldham 63-4 and Derby 61-2 programmes, Arsenal 1994-5 tickets, Swindon Town 1969 Daily Express hat, etc. £15-20
439.    The Original Illustrated "Strand" Sherlock Holmes Limited Edition, 2156 of 4000, and the Complete Sherlock Holmes 2005 by CRW Publishing. £15-25
439A.   Beatrix Potter Books, predominantly 1920's to 50's, varying conditions, many with spine tears and loss, by F. Warne and Co. Twenty-five editions. £40-60
440.    Messrs. Kamdene Barnesburie and D'Alston's Tour in the North, plus a Yachting Holiday and North Again, Simpkin, Marshall (London) and John Menzies (Edinburgh and Glasgow.) £20-30
441.    A XIX Century Rev. Brown's Bible, with tooled leather boards, ribbed and tooled spine (damaged.) £5-10
442.    Three Sparsely Filled All World Mid XX Century Stamp Albums, mint and used with good all round interest particularly French Colonies. £15-20
443.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1954-5 vs. Aston Villa, Huddersfield, Tottenham, Burnley, Wolves, Charlton, Notts County, Sheffield United, Portsmouth, Everton, Preston, Cardiff, Bolton, Leicester, West Brom; Sheffield Wednesday vs. C.C.A. Bucharest, Zagreb 56-7, Juventus 57-8, Santos 62-3, West Ham 51-2, reserves vs. Stoke , etc. Plus approximately 145 Sheffield Wednesday 1961/1970 home issues; Sheffield Wednesday vs. C.C.A. Bucharest, Zagreb 56-7, Juventus 57-8, Santos 62-3, West Ham 51-2, reserves vs. Stoke , etc (some with faults.) (173 in total) £20-40
444.    A Small Quantity of Jewellery Cases, Black Forest boxes, purse, etc. £15-25
445.    Aston Villa 1930-31 Linen Handkerchief, with black and white image of team group, bearing individual names underneath. £15-25
446.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes 1976, 77 (2), 93, Semis, 91 and 93 League Cup finals, Bridlington F.A. Vase, rosettes and tickets. £8-12
447.    Cricket Autographs, 1957 Yorkshire and Lancashire, Brian Close, J Wardle, H.D. Bird, F.S. Trueman, A.Wharton, T.Greenhough, G. Washbrook and others, the twenty five ink signatures on a Slazenger Denis Compton bat (from the drawn match at Bramall Lane.) £30-50
448.    Everton Souvenir Football, circa 1980's, bearing many signatures. Unverified. £15-30
449.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1962-76, including vs. Santos 62-3, vs. Cologne, Utrecht 63-4 and vs. Barrow 67-8. (Approximately 105) £15-25
450.    Two Horn Handled Riding Crops, and two Malacca walking canes. (4) £20-40
451.    Eight Volumes of Leather Bound Books, Cassell's Illustrated History of England, 1864, together with photos around the 1920's of Razmak Field Forces Camp, Razoni, and other photo's. £15-20
452.    "Old England, A Museum of Popular Antiques" 1844, edited by Charles Knight, in two volumes, published by James Songster & Co. half calf binding. £40-60
453.    Fleming [Ian]: The Spy Who Loved Me, 1962 third impression, in poor dustjacket; Rowling [J.K.]: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 2003 first American edition, in dustjacket and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, 1999 first American edition, in dustjacket. (3) £20-25
454.    XIX Century and Later Legal Documents, including post nuptial settlement, indenture and a list of silver at Barnes Hall, etc. £10-15
455.    Four Original Mid XX Century Scrap Books, covering many subjects, including WWII, sport, films, royalty, among many other subjects. £40-60
456.    Four Ranson Table Lighters, plus an advertising ashtray for Vintegg, and cigarette cases. £10-20
457.    A Quantity of Smaller Advertising Items, including ink bottles, shop display tobacco packets, booklets, South African hotel plate, Guinness items etc. £15-25
458.    Enid Blyton's "Secret Seven Adventure", signed copy, second impression 1951, dust jacket torn, together with five Enid Blyton books including "The Red Spotted Handkerchief and Other Stories", first edition "Brer Rabbit's a Rascal", 1965 and "Hello Mr Twiddle!", 1968, etc. (6) £20-40
459.    An Early 1900's Necretti and Zambia Barograph, plus a similar period shock machine in mahogany case. £40-60
460.    Postal Balance Scales with Weights, together with four bell weight 2Ib, and three 1Ib:- One Tray £10-20
461.    An Early 1900's Boxed Racehorse Game, with lead horse and jockeys, plus a tin containing flags, finishing poles, etc. £20-40
462.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Tea Caddy, of rectangular section, moulded edge, with cast drop carrying handle, replacement escutcheon. £30-50
463.    A Kodak Vest Pocket Folding Camera, army lapel, oak cased circular compass, circa 1900 cast copper photograph frame, loose GB coins, a pair of Dury's and Co. Sheffield paperweights formed as seated lions:- One Box £20-40
464.    Small Sewing Collectables, including bone/ivory reels, Victorian scissors, etc, in a decorative Victorian Clark & Co sewing cotton box. £40-60
465.    Brass Boot Door Stops, shell cases (empty), Players and Wills cigarette cards. £15-25
466.    A Victorian Vacuum Operated Servants Signal Box, for four rooms. £20-30
467.    An Aston & Mander Slide Rule, together with a 6" ivory rectangular protractor, two treen grain measures, stamped VR cypher over 178 and a flat iron. (4) £30-50
468.    A XIX Century Wooden Coaster, horn beakers, corkscrews, razors, etc:- One Tray £20-40
469.    An Edwardian Stationery Holder, with painted batwing decoration to fascia and curved side panels. £20-40
470.    Early XX Century Brass Postal Scales and Weights, on mahogany stand. £15-25
471.    A Circa 1920's Oak Cased Mantel Clock, silvered dial, Roman numerals, arched case with flanking barley twist strips, encased butterfly in glass roundel, desk stamp, earthenware table lamp base, etc:- One Tray £15-25
472.    A XIX Century Mahogany Writing Box, with a fitted interior, together with a XIX Century blue and white meat plate. £15-20
473.    A Spanish Green Lady's Travelling Jewellery Case, (faded) stamped "Nestares Madrid-Barcelona" with lift out tray, velour pads and carrying handle, 32cms wide. £20-30
474.    A Ronson Cigarette Case, gilt, metal, with mother of pearl to the hinged lid, together with a Tallent slim cigarette case and a Daily Sketch Housewives Guide E Hulton & Co Ltd London : Shoe Lane, E.C.4. Manchester : Withy Grove. £10-15
475.    A Lady's Manicure Set, fitted in rectangular case with mirrored lid, complete with scissors, circular pots etc. £20-30
476.    A Victorian Aesthetic Design Meat Plate, stamped "J.H. Davies, Chatsworth" (including a scene of Chatsworth in design.) £15-25
477.    A Wilkinson Sword Seven Day Cased Razor Set, plus three other cased razors. £20-40
478.    A XX Century African Tribal Hardwood Carved Figural Groups:- One Tray £20-30
479.    A Silver Trophy Cup, Birmingham 1925, presented to Private Simmonds, Stafford Regiment Cross Country Championships 1926, together with regimental dinner card, commemoration service papers, Indian military related postcards, souvenir postcards, etc. £15-30
480.    A Royal Doulton "Real Old Willow" Vase, together with an early XX Century brass inkwell, plus one other, together with other brassware. £15-25
481.    A Leather Bound Three Draw Telescope, 38cms extended, brass horses hoof inkwell. £20-30
482.    A XIX Century Pokerwork Stand, rounded rectangular, raised on four metal feet. £15-20
483.    A Pair of Cut Throat Razors, made by Shemeld & Son Sheffield, in a leather box, Joseph Rodgers & Sons barbers leather strap sovereign holder. £40-60
484.    A Modern Barograph, on circular base beneath glass dome with a quantity of spare charts ; a set of Jackson Bros, "Eureka" technical drawing instruments. £50-80
485.    A Pair of XIX Century Continental Spelter Figures, in XVI Century costume, on ebonised bases. £20-30
486.    British Coal Mining "Aberaman Colliery", copper and brass miners lamp, copper kettle. £15-25
487.    A Commemorative Postcard, posted just after the Titanic disaster, on a wooden "easel" stand. £20-40
488.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, brass drop carrying handle and escutcheon, on bracket feet, lacking interior. £20-40
489.    Spode Carriage Clock, with hand painted Regency garden scene to face and gilding to side panels, all within a brass carry case on bun feet, 9.5cms wide with original receipt and box. £40-70
490.    Early XX Century Mantel Clock, with floral carving to oak case, Arabic numerals to silver chapter ring, stamped Lenzkirch to movement back plate. £40-60
491.    "Insonia" and "The Cadet" Shooting Sticks, horn handled, and four other walking canes, three umbrellas. £20-40
492.    The Ridgmont Straw Boater Hat; Argyll Fidelity Minor reel to reel tape. £15-25
493.    A Mid XX Century Dewhursts Sylko Cotton Reel Retailers Cabinet, approximately 75cms tall, good logos to sides, however missing some drawers. £30-50
494.    A Large Quantity of Collectable Records, including 78RPM boxed sets, Beatles and pop LP's, singles, etc. £15-25
495.    Scunthorpe United and Doncaster Rovers Programmes, Rovers 65-6 handbook, etc:- One Box £5-10
496.    "Resilia" Foster's of Letchworth Voltmeter, type 750 YJ, a Cambridge potentiometer, both mahogany cased with leather carry handles. £15-25
497.    "Football in Sheffield" by Percy Young, "A History" by Keith Farnsworth, Wisden's "Cricketers Almanac 1981", and other publications. £10-15
498.    A Quantity of Chemists Bottles, "Boots", Woodward, Poison, green and brown glass, etc:- One Box £30-50
499.    Players Cigarette Cards "Cricketers 1938", mounted with details below. £8-12
500.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, mainly Homes 1966 to 2004, including 91 League Cup final and 93 semi, Friendly vs. Bronby, many tickets:- One Box £15-20
501.    A Korean Rabbit Fur Jacket, with acetate satin lining, Elam rabbit fur jacket, another in black. (3) £15-25
502.    Advertising Ephemera, a cabinet, photos, leather book, early Beanos:- One Box £20-30
503.    Rupert Annual 1955; Adventures of Rupert 1950; Enid Blyton Twelfth Holiday Book; Mickey Mouse Annual 1949 (crossword not filled in); Radio Fun 1956 and a collection of other mid XX Century and later children's annuals and books:- Two Boxes £20-40
504.    A Stones Canon Brewery, Sheffield, Circular Brass Gilmours Whisky Ashtray, a copper Players navy cut ashtray, and a coopered oak spirit barrel with copper strapwork. (4) £15-30
505.    A Quantity of Books, all with Sheffield interest, including "The Sheffield Knife Book", images of Sheffield, street names of Sheffield and transport related titles. £20-40
506.    Early XX Century Sepia Photograph of Gymnastic Group, eleven competitors and two officials, together with victory shields, 23 x 28.5cms. Stamped "Furniss Sheffield" to mount. £10-15
507.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Cased Balance Scales, twin brass scales over marble plinth, the case inlaid with satinwood and showing oval heading window, together with a small set of brass weights. £50-60
508.    Brown's Bible, with two others, sheet music and Victor comic. £15-25
509.    A Collection of Approximately Thirty Military Mounted Shields, dedicated to the Army, Royal Air Force and Navy, including Royal Green Jackets, Irish Guards, St Andrew, etc:- One Box £30-50
510.    Oval Mirrored Hall Brush Set, Watts tie press, and a quantity of table linens. £15-25
511.    Mounted Spiral Animal Horns, length from skull to top 50cms, and a XIX Century pewter vase. (2) £15-25
512.    Capt. W. E. Johns "Biggles Goes to War" 1st Edition, with dust wrapper, "Biggles Fails to Return", 1st Edition, 1943, with dust wrapper, (torn), "Biggles Flies East", 1st Edition, May 1942, with dust wrapper, (tears evident), and "The Biggles Flying Omnibus", 1940. (4) £20-40
513.    Four Original 1950's Belgium Cinema Posters, three framed and one loose. £20-40
514.    A XX Century Plaster Bust of Beethoven, together with a bakelite jug. £10-20
515.    Glass Negative Slides, circa 1900, mainly featuring Sheffield and district scenes, many with small paper location labels attached (46), in original pine box bearing list to lid. £30-50
516.    A Collection of Grand Tour Lava Cameos, formed into a display; an African hardwood carving of a horned animal, stylised and pierced decoration, a large seashell (3). £10-20
517.    A Circa 1930's Hammonds 12inch Terrestrial Desk Globe, on a tinplate base. £50-70
518.    A Victorian Leather Gladstone Bag. £30-50
519.    Pearson's of Chesterfield Stoneware Flagons for Rea & Haworth and J. A. E. Meyer, (chipped rim), both Leeds, another unnamed, together with a two gallon flagon for Plowman & Barrett, Vauxhall, no makers stamp. (4) £30-50
520.    A Decorative Victorian Religious Texted Sign, with gold strapwork border, mother of pearl inlay, in ebonised pine frame, 73.5 x 68cms overall. £30-40
521.    British Railways (Great Northern) Poster, The Master Cutler, The Business Man's Pullman Train, Diesel Hauled Sheffield and London, by Waterlow & Sons Limited London and Dunstable, published by British Railways (Eastern region) PP 9441, approximately 102.5 x 63.5cms. £150-200
522.    W&T Avery Brass Dispensing Beam Balance Scales, on mahogany base, with a quantity of weights. £30-50
523.    A XIX Century Rosewood Writing Slope, with brass corner mounts and inset scriver, escutcheon's absent. £20-40
524.    A Rosewood Four Sectional Clarinet, with nickel mounts, one stamped I. T. L and Horn on mouthpiece. £20-40
525.    A Circa 1930's Oak Cased Mantel Clock, silvered dial, and a violin, two piece back, with bow, (no case). (3) £15-25
526.    A Mid XX Century Retailers Display Cabinet, probably jewellers, branded "Progress Counter" to light box, curved glass top, missing a shelf and header. £30-50
527.    Baird and Tatlock Scales, in mahogany glazed case, and a snooker scoreboard. (2) £15-25
528.    Brass Gong, on oak wall bracket with beater, an oxidised copper vase with acorn leaf decoration, to three handles and neck. £20-40
529.    An Early XX Century Oak Wall Hanging Smokers Cabinet, with glazed cupboard doors, and two internal drawers. £30-50
530.    A Rosewood Five Section Clarinet, stamped "John Varley, 105 Northgate, Halifax" to the body, in fitted velvet lined carrying case, with Surplus Rico reeds. £30-60
531.    A Mid XX Century Recording Photographic Shop Display Stand, branded "Walton Colour Slides" fitted for light (collector's item only.) £20-30
532.    A Pair of Mid XX Century Part Torso/Brassier, mannequin, branded "Berlei". (2) £20-40
533.    A Mid XX Century Part Torso Female Mannequin, branded "Berlei", invicta plastics stamp under base. (2) £20-40
534.    Retro Period Wall Mirror, as a guitar, having piecrust rim to body (pitting.) £20-40
535.    A West & Co of London Gent's Top Hat, contained in leather top hat travelling case, bearing remnants of paper labels (damages), together with a pair of Verres opera glasses, in original case. £40-60
536.    A XIX Century Violin, with one piece back, no visible label, with bow and period case. £30-50
537.    A Hohner Piano Accordion, with ivorine casing, 120 buttons in black carry case. £30-40
538.    A Pair of Early XX Century Cream Pig Skin Suitcases. £40-60
539.    A XIX Century Travelling Tin Trunk, of rectangular form with hinged lid. £15-20
540.    A Late XIX Century Neapolitan Mandolin, internal label reading "Brevetto Gennaro Rubino, 1899", lacking strings and bridge. But with one tuning keys, mother of pearl position marks, cased. £20-40
541.    A Circa 1900 Floorstanding Steamship Trunk, with fitted interior. £50-80
542.    1940's Tea Dress, two ladies fur coats, Marshall & Snelgrave stole, fox fur, etc. £30-50
543.    Gents Evening Suits, night shirt, bonnets, tin hat box. £30-50
544.    Welsh Wool Blanket, approximately 190 x 224cms, with tasseled ends and geometric patterns in maroon and gold. £10-15
545.    A School Wall Hanging Geological Map of England and Wales. £10-30
546.    A 1920's Circular Wall Mirror, in gilt frame with applied floral mounts. £15-25
547.    An Art Deco Wall Mirror of Stepped Rectangular Form, scalloped bevelled edge, and engraved entwined arches to the frieze. £20-40
548.    An Early XX Century Oak Cased Aneroid Two Gauge Barometer, with caved shaped top and enamel fahrenheit gauge over circular dial. £20-30
549.    "1926 Pompeian Beauty Panel", 63.5 x 16cms, "Beauty Gained is Love Retained" an "Honeymooning in the Alps" Art Deco moonlit prints. (3) £40-60
550.    T.J. Bertram Watercolour Bridge Over River Tweed with Angler in Foreground, signed and dated '06 lower right, 27.5 x 37cms. £80-120
551.    C. Dickens Four Graphite Signed Etchings, "Lincoln Cathedral", 13 x 8cms, "Thirlmere", "Selworthy Green" and "Old Curiosity Shop." £15-25
552.    George Butler Watercolour "Above Millers Dale", 13.5 x 21cms, together with Josephine Ann watercolour of the School House, Violin, Shetland, 17 x 24.5cms. (2) £15-25
553.    Tony Flanagan, Three Oils on Board of Highland Scenes, C. Innes oil of pheasants, J. Medina, pair of oils, three kings print. (7) £20-40
554.    Terry Gorman Limited Edition Colour Print of Wicker Arches, 123 of 500, graphite signed to margin, 39 x 49cms, and Jimmy White (signed) and Mike Hallett caricature prints, Burgess: print of the Peel monument, Dronfield, Blue Stoops print and another of NASA Challenger at take off. (5) £20-30
555.    Martin Decent Two Artist Proof Prints, "Stanage", 34.5 x 37.5cms, and "Burbage Moor", both graphite signed to mount. £15-25
556.    After George Morland, two J. R. Smith Mezzotints, "The Fern Gatherers" and "The Horse Feeder". £15-25
557.    Kirby Watercolour of Country Cottages, signed lower left, 27 x 33cms, together with a pastel "Road to Porter Clough", signed lower left, 26.5 x 36cms. (2) £20-30
558.    After Russell Flint, "La Voulte Sur Rhone", Colour Print, graphite signed in lower right margin, with watermark, 45 x 60cms. £40-80
559.    Bogi Oil on Canvas Continental Street Scene, signed lower left, 44.5 x 53cms, together with another of an artist at work, indistinctly signed. (2) £20-30
560.    XIX Century Oil on Panel of a Gorge Scene with Figures in Foreground, 21 x 14.5cms, together with overpainted print of riverside church. (2) £20-30
561.    J. W. Matthewman Signed Watercolour of Sea and Cliffs. £40-80
562.    K. Burns Oil on Canvas of a White Fronted Building with Figure in Foreground, 48.5 x 59cms, together with an abstract oil of winter landscape. £20-40
563.    Mark Cromsal(?) Limited Edition Woocut "Hungarians", 2/12, signed lower left and dated '92, 21 x 14.5cms, together with a religious print. (2) £15-25
564.    J. Beswick Watercolour of a Woodland Stream, signed lower left and dated 1916, 16 x 22.5cms, together with another similar by Fannie Ogden. (2) £15-25
565.    Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print "Blue and Gold Morning", 190 of 500, graphite signed P.O. Jones to margin, 40 x 48cms. £20-40
566.    Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print "In Glorious Technicolour", 184 of 500, graphite signed P.O. Jones to margin, 40 x 53cms. £30-50
567.    Terence Grundy (Sheffield Artist) Pair of Oils on Canvas, countryside scenes, each with distant church and river, 19 x 24cms, signed lower left and right. (2) £40-80
568.    A Pair of Le Blond & Co. Oval Prints, in maple frames, four more in gilt frames, countryside, fisher woman and varying subjects. (6) £20-30
569.    B. Bulmer Oil on Canvas of Poppies, signed and dated lower right, 33.5 x 28.5cms, together with a W.J. Taylor oil of a mountain landscape, signed lower left. (2) £15-25
570.    Willis Hudson Pair of Watercolours of a Coastal Farmstead, signed lower right, 18 x 29cms. £20-40
571.    J. M. Mallender XIX/ XX Century Oil on Panel of a Winter Village Scene, with cow and drover in foreground, 15 x 22cms, signed lower right. £50-80
572.    A Pair of Victorian Crystoleum Framed Pictures, depicting a coastal scene and a river scene, both framed. £30-50
573.    A George Cunningham Oil on Board of a Countryside Scene, initialled in corner and dated 1975, 27 x 22cms. £15-25
574.    A XIX Century Watercolour, of country scene with church in background, with text verso, (believed to be by Thomas Churchyard and exhibited 1832, according to exhibition catalogues). £15-20
575.    Oil on Board, signed Chris Slater, of a steam engine. £30-50
576.    After Frank H. Mason, "Sailing Boats at Harbour", Graphite Signed Colour Print, 29 x 43cms, in moulded gilt effect frame. £20-40
577.    Baragwanath King Watercolour "Source of the Plym, Dartmouth", signed lower left, 27.5 x 45.5cms. £40-80
578.    Molly Jubb Two Watercolours, "Cyclamen", signed and dated 1991, 47.5 x 31cms, and Daisies, signed and dated 1990, 33.5 x 25cms. £15-25
579.    A Pair of Early XX Century Watercolour, both signed D. Bates of a farmer, with steep hills in the background, and of a sheep in the fields, 26 x 35cms. Together with two other watercolours. (4) £30-50
580.    Arthur Pass Pastel "Shipping in the Grand Harbour", with Pastel Society label verso, 36.5 x 54cms. £20-30
581.    Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print of Sheffield Cathedral with Tram in Foreground, 164 of 500, graphite signed P.O. Jones to margin, 40 x 53cms. £30-50
582.    Peter Owen Jones Signed Limited Edition Print, 315 of 500, "In Glorious Technicolour". £20-30
583.    Milton Drinkwater (1862-1923) Pair of Watercolours, mountain river landscapes with sheep in foreground, 28 x 42cms, signed lower left and right, (fading). £30-50
584.    Vincent Selby (1919-2005), Oil on Board, a country track with distant figures under tree, 19.5 x 29.5cms, together with an unsigned oil on board of Derwent Bridge, 8.5 x 16cms. (2) £40-60
585.    After George Cunningham "Pinstone Street" Limited Edition Artist Proof Colour Print, 32 x 44cms, and "Rag 'n Tag" artist proof colour print. (2) £30-50
586.    After Henry Alken, Four Coloured Engravings Sporting Dogs and Game Birds Scenes, each approximately 9 x 15cms. (4) £20-30
587.    K. Grice Watercolour of Sheep Congregated by a Gateway, signed lower left, 24.5 x 34cms. £20-40
588.    William Neal, "Meadow Flowers", Watercolour, Gouache and Pencil on Paper, graphite signed lower right, 22 x 15cms, and two further colour print portrait studies. (3) £20-30
589.    I. Cafieri, Oil on Canvas, cottage by riverside, 19 x 24cms, signed lower left, another similar. (2) £20-30
590.    J.A. Goring Watercolour Harbour Scene at Sunset, signed lower left, 35 x 47.5cms, together with Lynn Llewelyn Davies watercolour of a village church, signed lower right. (2) £15-25
591.    After Montague Dawson "Sailing Ship at Sea" Colour Print, graphite signed lower right, together with "The Old Bing O'Dee", signed limited edition colour print by Tim Havers. £20-30