Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 19th June 2015

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1.      P. Fouillen, Quimper Signed Bowl, XIX Century Parian type wall plaque, Austrian vase, glassware:- One Box £20-30
2.      Franklin Mint Plates of the World Set of Twenty Six Miniature plates, on painted shelf unit. £20-30
3.      Royal Albert and Paragon "Holyrood" Pattern Tableware, of sixty one pieces, comprising coffee pot, twelve cups, fourteen saucers, bread plate, fruit bowl, twelve side plates, eight fruit dishes and twelve cereal bowls. Many second quality. £30-50
4.      Royal Albert and Paragon "Holyrood" Pattern Dinner Service, of eighty pieces, comprising two oval meat plates, twelve dinner and twelve side plates, twelve soup bowls, eleven stands, teapot, twelve cups and twelve saucers, two tureens, gravy boat in stand and two oval dishes. Many second quality. £50-90
5.      Two Boxed Sets of Bohemian Crystal Wine Glasses, and two further boxes of champagne flutes (10 glasses). (4) £20-30
6.      A Large Gouda Pitcher, (damaged), a Buchanan stoneware jug, impressed No. 184/60, and a large glass vase on wrythen pedestal. (3) £15-25
7.      A Large High Gloss Beswick Shire Horse, approximately 30cms long, and a Beswick shire horse and wooden cart. (2) £25-45
8.      Portmeirion Game Casserole Dish, Devon jug, stoneware tankard, etc:- One Box £15-25
9.      A Large Collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses Decorative Dinnerware, including tureen, soup dishes, vases, condiments, bowls, meat plate, place mats, cutlery. (Approximately 60+ pieces) £100-150
10.     A Pair of Royal Doulton Vases, of inverted baluster form with floral decoration, together with a smaller example. (3) £20-30
11.     A Capo di Monte Figure Group, a tramp playing accordion with monkey and boy and girl, signed B. Merli, on rococo style base. £20-40
12.     A Large Beswick Bay Horse, 35cms long. £25-40
13.     Two Circa 1930's Sylvac Ware Novelty Wall Pockets, including rabbit and pixie, and a pair of reproduction Victorian style tobacco jars and covers, modelled as a gentleman smoking a pipe and a woman seated drinking tea, together with a pair of Grimwades Winton vases:- One Tray £50-60
14.     Villeroy & Boch - Bangkok and Tokyo Square Pin Dishes, designed by Paloma Picasso; Rosenthal oval trinket pot; Alvin F. Irving scent bottle and an iridescent mushroom paperweight. £20-40
15.     An Isle of Wight Glass Scent Bottle, with iridescent inclusions and lollipop stopper; a similar smaller scent bottle and a cylindrical vase. (3) £30-40
16.     Royal Doulton Figurines - Sarah HN4720; Happy Birthday HN4215; Christine HN3805 and Special Wishes HN4749. (4) £30-40
17.     A Circa 1930's Moulded Green Glass Bowl, triple handled with geometric decoration, two Wrythen moulded green glass dessert sets, art glass puffer fish paperweight, an opaque glass bowl moulded with rose heads, carnival glass dish, etc:- One Tray £15-25
18.     An Early XX Century Worcester Biscuit Jar and Cover, printed and painted decoration of flowers and foliage on a cream ground, plated lid and swing handle, printed puce mark, numbered 1451, and an ewer jug, cast brass handle and Rococo base, with blush ground, ovoid body. (2) £40-50
19.     Five Booths Real Old Willow Saucers and Six Cups, Crown Derby "Mikado" pin tray, other blue and white china:- One Tray £15-25
20.     Six Royal Worcester Christmas Plates, 1987-92, each with certificates and box. £10-20
21.     Green and Yellow Glass Vase, together with glass bottles, jars etc :- One Tray £10-15
22.     A Large Collection of Royal Albert Old Country Roses Tea and Coffee Ware, including cafetiere, cake stands, cake plates, refreshment sets, etc. (Approximately 60+ pieces) £100-150
23.     Royal Doulton Figurines - Ballet Class HN3731 and Ballet Shoes HN3434; Royal Worcester figurine Ballet Shoes. (3) £20-30
24.     A Royal Crown Derby "Unfinished" Three Tier Cake Stand, two similar cabinet plates, two smaller plates, shallow dish. £15-25
25.     Nao Pottery Figurine of Lady and Daughter (chipped fingers), shorter three piece tea service, Mottahdeh V&A tea set and Staffordshire type cats:- One Tray £20-40
26.     A Royal Worcester Cake Plate and Matching Cake Slice, decorated with pink and white roses; Another in the "Silver Viceroy" pattern with silver plated cake slice. (4) £15-25
27.     Midwinter Peter Scott 'Wild Geese' Breakfast Cup and Saucer, two motto egg cups (damages), bunny mould, chamber pot, Silver Scenes vase, 'P' seal stamp, etc :- One Tray £15-20
28.     Majolica Jugs, 1920's jug, tins, Reeves Greyhound Pastels, penknives, etc:- One Tray £15-20
29.     A 1920's Royal Albert Tea Service, decorated with flowers:- One Tray £40-60
30.     A Royal Winton Lustre Pedestal Bowl, a XIX Century Staffordshire "Indian Tree" pattern dessert set, Victorian cabinet plate with flowers printed within pink band, Noritake dish, Ashworth Ironstone oval dish, etc. £20-40
31.     A Pair of XIX Century Ovoid Glass Vases, Czech vase on triform base, Dartington vase and Burghley Horse Trial goblet:- One Tray £20-30
32.     A Royal Doulton "April" Coffee, stamped "V2000" to base, a Crown Devon juice set, of celadon ground in the Art Deco fashion, novelty flower head condiments, Royal Worcester leaf moulded jug, etc:- One Tray £20-40
33.     Glass Two Sectional Table Lamp, Brierley rose bowl, Walsh powder bowl, candlesticks, etc:- One Tray £20-40
34.     Maling "Corn Flour Blanc-mange Brown & Polson's" Mould, Carlton ware condiment set, Wedgewood, H.J. Wood vase, etc:- One Tray £20-30
35.     Aynsley Decorative China Ware, including jar and cover, pin dishes, box and cover, vases, etc, together with Chinese vase, Wade turtles, etc:- One Tray £10-20
36.     An Early XX Century Roslyn China Floral Tea Service, of thirty-seven pieces:- One Tray £20-30
37.     An Aynsley Tea Service, decorated with floral swags and gilt, for T. Goode & Co., comprising six each tea cups, saucers and tea plates and bread and butter plate. £30-40
38.     A Pair of Fenton China Orange Lustre Vases, of slender ovoid form, printed with gilt foliage and reserves of oriental scenes, a Crown Devon purple lustre "Galleon" oval dish, Aynsley bottle vases, trio, cabinet plate, Shelley dish:- One Tray £15-25
39.     Three Royal Doulton Figures, "Bedtime Story" RD No.60/50, "Marie" HN1370 and "Bo Peep" HN1811. £20-30
40.     A Dimple Glass Decanter, with silver hallmarked Birmingham collar, (date marks rubbed), lobed stopper with applied prunts, a Victorian clear and opaque glass vase, crimped rim with applied decoration, and an Italian green glass vase. (3) £10-20
41.     Royal Doulton Figurines of the Year, "Melissa" 2001 HN3977, "Sarah" 2002 HN3978 and "Susan" 2004 HN4532. All first quality with certificates and boxes. (3) £50-70
42.     A Pair of Early XIX Century Figures, of man and woman both on square bases, (damaged), together with a pair of Continental style figures, (damaged). £20-30
43.     Royal Crown Derby Paperweight as an Owl, second quality, lacking stopper, 7cms high. £15-25
44.     A Crown Devon "Beverley" Pattern Coffee Set, comprising coffee pot, cream, sugar, and six cups and saucers:- One Tray £20-30
45.     Noritake Pedestal Bowl, Caverswall "Summer" jardiniere, Old Tupton clock and vase, etc:- One Tray £15-25
46.     A Continental "Rosenthal" China Part Fish Service, printed with freshwater fish amongst reed beds, including plates, platter, tureen, etc:- One Box £20-40
47.     A Minton "Haddon Hall" Pattern Part Tea Service, teapot, cake stand, etc (approximately fourteen pieces):- One Tray £15-25
48.     A Lead Crystal Bowl, with cross hatch and swag decoration on star patterned base, all suspended on three footed scrolled electroplated frame, a flycatcher, two crystal celery vases and a moulded bowl, with frosted figural centre posy and other glassware. £15-25
49.     A Circa 1930 Grays Pottery "Sunbuff" Design Tea For Two/Breakfast Set (thirteen pieces) and a Crown Ducal four setting egg cruet with condiments. £25-40
50.     An Edwardian Royal Vale China Tea Set, printed and painted floral borders in an ochre and cobalt blue palette, (approximately thirty-five pieces), and two similar sandwich plates:- One Tray £20-30
51.     A Collection of Early XX Century China Crested Wares, to include 1924 Wembley Exhibition, 1911 Coronation Exhibition, etc, (approximately thirty-five plus). £20-30
52.     Geometric Design Amethyst Glass Vase, mottled oval lilac vase, mid XX Century ruby bottle vase, XIX Century conical ale glass, XIX Century wines:- One Tray £20-40
53.     Caithness Glass Paperweights, "Pastures", "Watercolours", "Pink Floral" 555 of 1500, "Eagle" and eleven others unnamed:- One Tray £30-50
54.     Copelands Grosvenor China Tea Service, with gilt and swag decoration on an ivory ground. £30-50
55.     A Grosvenor China Tea Service in the "Wu Ting" Pattern. £20-30
56.     Spode Blue Room Collection, of six jars and two canisters, XIX Century willow pattern tureen, etc:- One Tray £20-30
57.     Goebel Elephant Paperweight, irridescent squat glass vase, paperweights, decanter, oil bottle, etc:- One Tray £20-30
58.     Four Waring and Gillow Ltd China Cabinet Plates, wavy border showing painted gilt and printed floral decoration with panels, all around central floral spray. (4) £20-40
59.     A Collection of Neapolitan China Figures and Figural Group, many depicting playful children in period costume in the Rococo taste, together with a Continental china jug of blush ground:- One Tray £20-30
60.     XIX Century Crown Derby Bowl, Swarovski hedgehog, Kosta Boda vase, trinket boxes, etc:- One Tray £20-40
61.     A Moorcroft Pottery Shallow Bowl, decorated in the Wind Runner design by Emma Bossons, shape 620/9, limited edition No. 32/75, impressed and painted marks to underside. £230-260
62.     A Goebel Model Dapple Grey Horse, three Beswick model kittens (two white), Beswick robin and Goebel tit. (6) £15-25
63.     Three Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, including walrus, seal cub (each lacking stoppers), partridge (repaired with silver stopper) and a Royal Doulton character jug "Old Salt" D6554. (4) £25-45
64.     Dresden China Urn and Cover, featuring oval garden, castle and fishing scenes, gilt scroll and mottled decoration on a deep blue ground, 31cms high. £30-50
65.     Whitefriars Willow Glass Oval Bowl, bearing paper label, 17cms high, 25.5cms wide. £40-60
66.     Whitefriars Cinnamon Glass Oval Vase, 16cms high, 10cms wide. £20-40
67.     Two XIX Century Treacle Glaze Stoneware Tobacco Jars, one of naturalistic form with ivy decoration, 14cms high, the other with chine effect body. (2) £50-70
68.     Troika Elongated Square Vase, with wheel to base of back and front, named "Troika, Cornwall, England", all under base, 12cms high (damaged), together with Masons "Blue Mandalay", Buchan, Wedgwood and Potmeirion:- One Tray £20-40
69.     A Late XIX Century Staffordshire China Twin Handled Tea Tray, of quatrefoil form, gilt transfer printed with birds amongst oak branches and borders, on mottled pale blue ground. £10-15
70.     Alabaster, onyx, other mineral and wooden eggs, in glass bowl. £15-25
71.     A Shelley China Part Tea Service, printed decoration of rose head and foliage on a white ground, gilt borders, painted gilt "A.8625H" to base (thirty two pieces):- One Tray £25-45
72.     A Noritake Cake Plate, part dressing table set, hair tidies, china pen and ink stand, two Victorian lustre graduating jugs, Wedgwood jar and cover, and other china:- One Tray £20-30
73.     A Beswick Bay Horse, a Beswick grey dapple prancing shire horse (ear damaged), a Beswick standing model foal and a model donkey (4):- One Tray £20-40
74.     Wedgwood Jasperware Bowl (green), two cups and saucers (lilac), Wedgwood floral muffin dish and trio, two Coalport Historic Coffee Cup Collection cups etc:- One Tray £20-40
75.     A Collection of Carlton Ware, trinkets, lidded bowl, mushroom condiment stand, floral bowl, blush ivory (W & R) hot water jug etc:- One Tray £20-40
76.     Cut Glass Vase, cut glass water jug, cut glass jar and cover, ruby glass vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
77.     A Royal Doulton Tea for Two Set, in cream and gilt, together with a Royal Worcester salad plate of similar design:- One Tray £20-30
78.     Masons - 'Fruit Basket' jug and plate; 'Mandalay Red' jar and cover and pin dish; 'Chartreuse' bowl and plate, ginger jar:- One Tray £20-40
79.     Cranberry Glass Jug, plates, modern ruby glass goblets, posy bowl etc:- One Tray £20-30
80.     Four Royal Doulton Figurines from the Pretty Ladies Series - Annabel; All my Love; Karen and Rachel. (4) £25-40
81.     A Heavy Cut Glass Pedestal Bowl, with prism cut decoration, a set of six crystal sherry glasses, decanters, pressed glass tazza etc:- One Tray £20-40
82.     A Carlton Ware Art Deco Vert Royale Twin Handled Bowl, with gilt highlighted shaped rim; another of oval form, a (W & R) lustre bowl and cream oil and vinegar bottles:- One Tray £20-30
83.     Moorcroft Pottery Hibiscus Pattern Pin Tray, on green ground, stamped "Moorcroft Made in England". Applied paper label. 20.5 x 9cms. £20-40
84.     Moorcroft Pottery Hibiscus Pattern Circular Plate, on cream ground, stamped "Moorcroft Made in England", 18cms diameter. £30-50
85.     A Pair of Press Moulded Two Section Pedestal Dished Comports, cross hatched and lobed bowls on ribbed knopped steam, domed foot height 28cms, and one further pedestal dish raised on entwined sea serpents and matching jug. £20-30
86.     Beatrix Potter "Mr. Benjamin Bunny" (pipe away from mouth), by Beswick, with lustre backstamp. £15-25
87.     A Capo di Monte Figure Group of a Grandfather with child and balloon; Another mother and child figure group, both signed B. Merli. (2) £20-30
88.     A Royal Doulton Dickens Ware Jug "Trotty Veck", transfer printed with street scene. £15-25
89.     Kosta Boda Blue Glass Bucket Vase, with random linear decoration to rim, 20cms high. £20-40
90.     A Peggy Davies Figurine "Afternoon Tea", limited edition No. 468/650. £70-90
91.     Lorna Bailey - Grouch the Cat. £15-20
92.     A Royal Doulton Figurine "Autumn Breezes" HN1934, (20cms high). £20-30
93.     Royal Doulton Dickens Characters - Bill Sykes, Sam Weller and Fagin; plus a G & S, Burslem, pottery figure of Mr. Pickwick. (4) £30-40
94.     Lorna Bailey Limited Edition Fireside Cat, 1 of 1 painted in this colourway. £40-50
95.     A Victorian Staffordshire Twin Handled Frog Mug, with moulded decoration of three seated gentlemen with notation "Willie Brewdapeckomant". £20-30
96.     A Moorcorft Pottery Vase, decorated in the Cornflower Cavalcade design by Vicky Lovatt, impressed, painted and signature (gold) to underside. £100-140
97.     A Pink Tinted Crystal Scent Bottle, with faceted stopper. £20-30
98.     Royal Doulton Figurines, "Megan" HN3306 (with box), Figures of the Year "Rachel" 2000 HN3976, and Elizabeth 2003 HN4426. All first quality. (3) £40-60
99.     Phoenician of Malta Irridescent Cylindric Glass Vase, with white speckled decoration, 19cms high, together with Mdina squat glass vase with turquoise curved band decoration. £30-50
100.    Royal Doulton China Archives Figurine "Lady Lido" HN4247. £20-30
101.    Two Capo di Monte Figure Groups - Cobbler and Watchmaker, both signed B. Merli. (2) £20-30
102.    A Clarice Cliff Newport Pottery Waisted Jug Vase, with wavy rim, floral base with yellow and green handle, 19.5cms high. £20-30
103.    A Lorna Bailey British Bulldog, decorated with union jack. £25-30
104.    A Moorcorft Pottery Vase, decorated in the Clonter Wood design, limited edition No. 32/100, signed by Emma Bossons, shape 95/10, impressed and painted marks to underside. £150-180
105.    Two 1930's Crown Devon Figurines, a Royal Doulton figurine 'Tinkle Bell' and Sleeping Kitten; plus a further figurine. £30-40
106.    A Royal Copenhagen Coffee Service, in the "Quaking Grass" design, No. 9535, comprising coffee pot, lidded sugar pot, milk jug, six demitasse cups and saucers. £40-60
107.    A Quantity of Royal Albert Teaware, including Lady Hamilton, Old Country Roses, Concerto and Tranquility patterns, together with a Paragon cup and saucer:- One Tray £20-30
108.    Carlton Ware Coffee Service, of fourteen pieces and a toast rack, Poole posy and jam pot, plated tea service, silver sugar tongs, etc:- One Tray £20-40
109.    Caithness Paperweights, carved shell, Sylvac cat, Russian tiger, necklaces, etc:- One Tray £15-25
110.    Staffordshire Pottery Figures, dogs, etc:- One Tray £15-25
111.    Royal Doulton 'Rondelay' Dinner Service, comprising 9 dinner plates, 11 side plates, 12 tea plates, 12 cups and saucers, 12 bowls, milk and lidded sugar, gravy, sauce boat on stand, oval dish and two lidded tureens, cake plate. £30-40
112.    A Set of Six Masons, Chaucers, Canterbury Pilgrims Cabinet Plates. £10-20
113.    Abbeydale Bone China Floral Cups and Saucers, Portmeirion, Minton Belbrachen, Minton Haddon Hall, Old Country Roses vase, Wedgwood Angela etc :- One Tray £20-30
114.    Cinque Ports Pottery Hand Painted Number Plaques :- One Tray £15-20
115.    Eleven Black Based Glass Sundaes, ten sherry glasses similar, other glassware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
116.    A Quantity of Silver Plated Cutlery, predominantly Walker & Hall:- One Tray £20-40
117.    Spode Dish "Campanula" Pattern, a pair of late XIX Century jugs, two Wedgwood children's story plates, plated teapot (damaged), late XIX Century jardiniere (damaged), chemist bottles, etc:- One Tray £10-20
118.    A Plated Tureen, XIX Century plated teapot, fish knives and forks, plated dish, etc. £15-25
119.    A Plated Three Piece Tea Service, cut glass decanters, on a plated circular tray. £15-20
120.    A Poole Pottery Cylindrical Table Lamp, with brass fitting. £10-20
121.    A Circa 1930's Wade Heath Plaque, hand painted decoration of Autumn leaves on a mottled brown ground, diameter 30cms, Beswick vase 1306, Sylvac squirrel fruit bowl 2800, Mason's tea canister, Carlton Ware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
122.    A Noritake Offering Dish, condiment set, trinket pot, etc:- One Tray £15-25
123.    An Iridescent Yellow Glass Bowl, on three scroll feet, another in blue, slag glass vase, scent bottles, water jug, Villeroy & Boch, Stuart and other glassware:- One Tray £20-40
124.    A Cased Set of Six Edinburgh Crystal Whisky Tumblers, plus various other crystal whisky tumblers, decanter and water jug:- One Tray £20-40
125.    A Locke & Co. Worcester Blush Ivory Biscuit Barrel, with plated lid, rim and fall handle, together with a similar comport, signed "J. Lewis", with hand painted peacock on plated pedestal. (2) £20-40
126.    A Spode Italian Blue and White Jardiniere, with ribbed body, Worcester, Booth's, H&G, Ducal and Danish ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
127.    A Noritake "New Lineage II" Three Piece Coffee Serving Set, Minton "Meridan" nineteen piece tea ware:- One Tray £20-30
128.    A Villeroy & Boch Cake Plate in the 'Petit Fleurs' design, a similar rectangular plate, Aynsley Cottage Garden trinket pots, Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' jugs etc:- One Tray £20-30
129.    A Large Collection of Webb Cut Glass Stemware, including wines and liqueur glasses, together with a water jug with ground pontil, plus other glassware. £20-40
130.    A Royal Albert "Old Country Roses", two dinner, six dessert and six side plates, coffee pot, sugar and cream, four cereal bowls, five cups, eight saucers, all first quality. Second quality four dinner plates, teapot, four saucers, six cups, sugar and cream. £60-90
131.    Three Hammersley 1920's Cups and Saucers, Aynsley bachelors teapot, four tea ware, Worcester "Lily of the Valley" coffee cups and saucers:- One Tray £15-25
132.    Four Royal Doulton Dickens Figures: Sairey Gamp, Sam Weller, Artful Dodger, Bill Sykes, and two Royal Doulton bulldogs. £20-30
133.    Royal Crown Derby 1128 Pattern Imari Fruit Bowl, second quality, 24cms diameter (rim chip reglued.) £40-80
134.    A Lorna Bailey Hippo Money Box. £25-35
135.    A Pair of Early XX Century Bisque Pottery Figures of a Boy and Girl. £15-25
136.    Royal Doulton Figurines of the Year, "Patricia" 1993 HN3365, "Deborah" 1995 HN3644, with certificate, and "Belle" 1996 HN3703. First quality and all boxed. (3) £50-70
137.    Lorna Bailey - Ethan the Cat. £15-20
138.    Two Caop di Monte Figure Groups - Mother and Child and a Lady in Evening Dress with Dog, both signed B. Merli. (2) £20-30
139.    Lorna Bailey - Fluffy the Cat. £15-20
140.    Royal Doulton Figurines of the Year, "Rebecca" 1998 HN4041, "Lauren" 1999 3975, with certificate, and "Emily" 2006 HN4817, with certificate. All first quality and boxed. £50-70
141.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the Queen's Choice design by Emma Bossons, shape M1/3, impressed and painted marks to underside. £80-100
142.    Lorna Bailey - Mouse Trap the Cat. £15-20
143.    A Moorcroft Pottery Egg, decorated in the Bluebell design by Kerry Goodwin, impressed and painted marks to underside. £70-90
144.    Lorna Bailey - Busy Bee the Cat. £15-20
145.    A Lorna Bailey Fireside Model - Shampoo the Cat, prototype in this colourway. £40-50
146.    A Moorcorft Pottery Vase, decorated in the Anna Lily design by Nicola Slaney, shape 46/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £60-80
147.    A Kevin Francis Figurine "Charlotte Rhead", produced in a limited edition of 950. £40-60
148.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in 'the Hamlet' design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 80/9, impressed and painted marks to underside. £90-120
149.    A Continental China Figural Group, of lovers in period costume beside a rose encrusted pedestal urn, on a scrolled and gilt base, painted in colours, printed base mark, height 24cms. £20-40
150.    A Moorcroft Pottery Bowl decorated in the Honeysuckle design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 201/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £80-100
151.    A Beswick Model "Susie Jamaica", black shield base stamp, impressed "1347" and a Lladro model Scottie dog with ball on a cushion, impressed number "6985". (2) £40-60
152.    Mother of Pearl Handled and Other Teaspoons, grape scissors, bride's knife, silver hallmarked mustard spoon, cased set of Mappin & Webb preserve spoons etc:- One Tray £20-40
153.    Assorted Diamanté Costume Jewellery, including large lizard and owl brooches, earrings etc, contained in a modern jewellery box. £30-50
154.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearls, filigree necklace, diamanté, Wedgwood black and white Jasperware brooch, locket pendant, earrings etc :- One Tray £20-30
155.    Mother of Pearl Handled Pickle Set and Fish Servers, jam spoons, etc. £15-25
156.    Walker & Hall Hors D'Oeuvres, ladle, basting spoon, napkin rings, brass bell, etc:- One Tray £15-25
157.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Rectangular Photograph Frame, together with two oval photograph frames, plated goblets, shell dish, pair of knife rests, trinket pot, twin handled sugar bowl etc :- One Tray £30-40
158.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery Beads, contained in a jewellery box. £10-15
159.    A 1920's Plated Four Piece Tea and Coffee Service, Walker & Hall plated basket, with a twist handle, pierced border:- One Tray £20-40
160.    A John Turton Hand Chased Plated Three Piece Teaset, on large circular plated tray, indistinctly stamped "Marque Deposee L'Abeille". (4) £20-30
161.    Ladles, forks, knives, teaspoons, etc, stamped "Granton Grant & Cork Sheffield":- One Tray £20-40
162.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, including fish servers in fitted case, fish knives and forks, tea knives etc :- One Tray £20-40
163.    A Collection of Silver Plated and Other Trophies and Tankards, hip flask etc:- One Tray £15-25
164.    A Mahogany Cased Set of Twelve Fish Knives and Forks, with ivory effect knobbed handles; a set of horn handled fish servers with pierced and leaf scroll decoration and a cased set of fish servers. £20-40
165.    A Globular Glass Match Holder/Striker, with silver collar, an electroplated late Victorian teapot of tapering oval section, engraved with cranes, butter dish, two section hors d'oeuvre, oval dishes, etc:- One Tray £15-25
166.    An Electroplated Three Branch Candelabra, an entree dish of cushioned rectangular form with beaded outlines and a plated oval platter. (3) £15-30
167.    An Early XX Century Electroplated Tea Kettle, of globular form, with twin bands, applied loop handles and knop finial, on stepped square base and ball feet. £20-40
168.    A Hallmarked Silver Backed Hand Mirror, together with a further brush and comb (damages) and a plated three piece teaset :- One Tray £30-40
169.    Hallmarked Silver Handled Cheese Knives, bread knife, hallmarked silver miniature trophy cup, a plated cocktail shaker, entree dish, sauce boats mug etc :- One Tray £30-40
170.    Tiffany & Co; A Plated Chafing Dish on Stand, the circular pan with pull off cover, initialled, stamped "Tiffany & Co Makers", on stand of three reeded legs with bun feet (alterations/lacking burner). £20-40
171.    A Pair of Walker & Hall Rectangular Lidded Tureens, with piecrust edging; plus an oval plated lidded tureen. (3) £20-30
173.    A Hallmarked Silver Trumpet vase, three Mappin & Webb pierced cake plates and comport, a cased silver hallmarked three piece christening set:- One Tray £20-40
174.    A Continental Engine Turned Cup and Saucer, a four piece EPNS tea service with ebonised handles, condiments etc:- One Tray £30-40
175.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including fine rimmed spectacles, earrings, brooches bangles etc, contained in a jewellery box. £15-25
176.    A Walker & Hall Cased Set, comprising butter knife, pickle fork cheese scoop and bread fork, together with an Art Deco oval entree dish and a 1937 souvenir pusher. £30-40
177.    A Pair of Silver Plated Corinthian Column Candlesticks, with swag decoration, a XIX Century plated teapot, cigarette box etc:- One Tray £30-50
178.    A Pair of Goldsmiths & Silversmiths 'Regent Plate' Match Holders. (2) £20-30
179.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cut Glass Scent Bottle, with a stopper. £10-15
180.    Kings Pattern Cutlery, including Ibbotson and Pinder Bros. Approximately seventy seven pieces:- One Tray £30-50
181.    A Canteen of Plated Cutlery, contained in fitted canteen case, with hinged lid and base drawer. £30-50
182.    RAF Embroidered Cloth Badges, coin bracelet, RAFVR button hole badge etc, contained in a suede jewellery case. £5-10
183.    An Attwood & Sawyer 'The Attwood Collection' Green and White Diamanté Necklace and Matching Bracelet, together with assorted imitation pearl bead necklaces. £30-40
184.    White Metal Bison, sheep, enamelled and other figures, snuff boxes and scent bottle. £20-30
185.    A Silver Bladed Fruit Knife, makers mark J. Y. C, mother of pearl handle, a circa 1900 Blackpool souvenir box and cover, bone and mother of pearl handled sewing accessories, button hooks, scoop, navette cotton winder, silver sixpence, etc:- One Tray £60-100
186.    A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Folding Fruit Knife, together with further knife, vesta case, badges, brooches, etc. £20-30
187.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches, including flowers etc. £20-40
188.    Thornton of Manchester Geometry Set, agate stick pin, stud set, Olympic spoon. £20-30
189.    XIX Century Mother of Pearl Case in Allover Diamond Pattern. £30-50
190.    A Victorian Hipflask, silver hallmarked cap and holster, Sheffield 1897, Walker & Hall, with engraved monogram and dated 1898. £20-30
191.    Two Silver Hallmarked Teacups, silver hallmarked pierced bowl stand, silver thimble, etc. £10-20
192.    A WWI Brass Cased Military Compass, having "Verner's" pattern, etched to casing. £15-20
193.    Kigu; A Lady's Compact, allover engine turned, with powder compact, cigarette compartment and detachable lipstick holder, complete with fabric sleeve, together with another Kigu compact, of circular form with central hinged compartment for a photograph, with fabric sleeve. (2) £40-60
194.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Diamond Set Dress Ring, of stylised satin and polished design, collet and rubover set with graduated brilliant cut diamonds (principal diamond 5mm diameter). £800-1000
195.    A 9ct Gold Opal and Diamond Dress Ring, claw set. £30-50
196.    A 9ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band, together with another 9ct gold ring, illusion set. £40-50
197.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, together with a three stone ring, stamped "18ct" "Plat". £70-100
198.    A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, of textured domed design, with claw set highlights. £40-50
199.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £40-50
200.    An 18ct Gold Three Stone Ring, of gypsy style, star set. £50-60
201.    A 9ct Gold Opal Five Stone Ring, set with graduated stones (one chipped), together with a five stone dress ring, indistinctly stamped. £50-70
202.    A 9ct Gold Belcher Link Chain, of uniform design. £170-200
203.    A 9ct Gold Ingot Pendant, 4.8cms long (excluding suspension loop). £100-120
204.    A 15ct Gold Medallion Pendant, "Manchester Coal Exchange", highlighted in enamel, the reverse inscribed "J.G.Freeman President 1901 & 1922". £170-200
205.    A Modern Ruby Set Pendant, in the form of a lady's handbag, stamped "925", on uniform chain. £10-15
206.    A Pair of Modern Earrings, each of triple three colour hoop design, each suspending tear drop, on hook fitting with hinged back stamped "9ct". £15-20
207.    A Hallmarked Silver and Hardstone Set Pendant, bearing feature hallmarks, on hallmarked silver chain. £20-30
208.    A XIX Century Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile with wavy hair, within openwork border. £20-30
209.    A Modern Bangle, of geometric design, rubover set, with heart highlights, stamped "925", of concertina design (closing to form a ring). £40-60
210.    A Modern Bracelet, the textured front panel detailed with stylised figures, stamped "585", hinged to snap clasp. £200-250
211.    A Modern 9ct Gold Bracelet, of geometric design, to snap clasp. £80-100
212.    A Single Stone Pendant, collet rubover set, stamped "375", on 9ct gold chain. £60-70
213.    A Modern Butterfly Pendant, with stone set body and wings highlighted in green enamel, stamped "750", to box link chain stamped "750". £150-180
214.    A 9ct Gold Malachite Pendant, oval rubover set, on 9ct gold box link chain. £70-90
215.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant, claw set to the centre with drop below, stamped "9c", on fine chain. £75-100
216.    Edwardian Openwork Pendant, (lacking stones) beads, assorted brooches including 'Baby', earrings etc. £20-30
217.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, necklaces etc. £10-15
218.    A Collection of Swarovski and Other Costume Earrings, Pendants and Brooches, including butterfly brooch, stamped "925", etc. £40-60
219.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including dove, fish, butterfly etc. £10-15
220.    Accurist; A Lady's Wristwatch, stamped "375", together with a 9ct gold cameo brooch, two pendants and a circular locket. £80-100
221.    A Modern Opal Set Pendant, on chain, together with a further chain, earring and a single strand pearl bead necklace. £60-80
222.    A Coral Tooth Necklace, together with a twig brooch, a pair of earrings and a fox brooch. £30-50
223.    A Two Strand Graduated Pearl Bead Necklace, to 9ct gold oval cluster clasp, together with a pair of peal stud earrings. £80-100
224.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Bangle, together with a marcasite set necklace and similar ring, costume chains, filigree wristwatch, enamel bangle, brooches, pendants etc. £30-40
225.    Two Modern Multi Set Pendants. £10-15
226.    A XIX Century Oval Locket Pendant, together with cameo brooches, earrings, dress ring etc. £20-30
227.    A XIX Century Shell Inlaid Pendant, together with banded agate and other brooches and earrings. £40-60
228.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Costume Jewellery Necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. £15-20
229.    A Modern Long Single Strand Fresh Water Pearl and Polished Hardstone Necklace, together with a fresh water pearl tassel drop necklace. £15-25
230.    Two Polished Tigers Eye Graduated Bead Necklaces, each to clasp stamped "925", together with two further hardstone necklaces. £15-25
231.    Sixteen Modern Pendants, together with a chain, in partitioned box. £20-30
232.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement cover inscribed "Henry Bishop Cropwell Bishop Nottingham Year 1900", within plain case with vacant cartouche. £30-50
233.    Fattorini & Sons Bradford; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case with vacant cartouche. £30-50
234.    E Jackson Derby; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case with vacant cartouche (worn/damaged). £30-40
235.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman Numerals, within plain case with vacant cartouche. £30-50
236.    Waltham; A Gold Plated Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case. £30-50
237.    Longuevue; A Continental Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed white dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement cover engraved "Médaille D'Or 1895 Longuevue", within plain case, stamped "14k" "0.585". £150-200
238.    A XIX Century Lady's Fob Watch, the white dial with black Roman numerals, within engineturned and foliate engraved case, indistinctly stamped "18k"(?). £150-200
239.    A Lady's Wristwatch, case indistinctly stamped, on uniform bracelet. £30-40
240.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Pair Case Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement signed "Richd Sulley Nottingham" and numbered "1977", the case inscribed "Thomas Greensmith Presented by the Workmen of Annesley Colliery 4 March 1871", within plain pair case, London 1864, together with a miniature single blade folding knife, with green enamel scales (damaged). £80-120
241.    A XIX Century Continental Lady's Half Hunter Fob Watch, the white dial with black Roman and Arabic numerals, the allover textured case with enamel highlights, stamped "K12", together with a fancy link Albertina chain, suspending novelty charm in the form of a ewer and a Girard-Perregaux gent's wristwatch head (lacking strap). £150-200
242.    A 9ct Gold Replica Queen Anne Touch Piece, by Johnson Matthey 1974, in original presentation case. £20-30
243.    Gent's Cufflinks, medallion pendant, coins etc. £10-15
244.    A Curb Link Albert Chain, together with a cross pendant stamped "DIA" "0.15", badges, further chain, beads, coins etc. £30-50
245.    Assorted Wristwatches, modern pill boxes etc. £10-15
246.    DKNY; A Modern Lady's Wristwatch, with mother of pearl dial. £40-50
247.    An Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, case stamped "925", together with a 9ct gold cased lady's wristwatch and a further wristwatch. £30-50
248.    XIX Century Continental Cased Lady's Fob Watches, brass cased pair case pocketwatch (damages/lacking pair case etc. (5) £40-60
249.    Assorted Lady's Wristwatches, pendant watch, brooches etc. £15-25
250.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Glass Salts, together with a small photograph frame (damaged.) £15-20
251.    Rotary; A Modern Lady's 'Elite' Wristwatch. £40-50
252.    A Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Trinket Box, together with a graduated curb link Albert chain, suspending medallion pendant and a further medallion pendant. £30-40
253.    Three Silver Spoons, knife, fork. £15-25
254.    A Modern Pill Box, with applied articulated bear, stamped "925", together with a miniature chamberstick, of heart shape, a hallmarked silver vesta case and a Yard-O-Led hallmarked silver engine turned pencil, in original case. £25-30
255.    A Hallmarked Silver Hip Flask, together with a napkin ring, a rattle in the form of a little girl (lacking suspension loop) and a thimble. £30-40
256.    A Hallmarked Silver Five Bar Toast Rack, with central loop handle, together with a rectangular photograph frame and a hallmarked silver hinged bangle. £30-50
257.    A Silver Hallmarked Bon Bon Dish, Birmingham 1989, of shaped oval form in the rococo style, with "C" scrolls and flowerheads, a Conway Stewart 14 ct nibbed fountain pen, an electroplated three piece condiment set, etc. £25-35
258.    A Set of Six Silver Hallmarked Coffee Spoons, Sheffield 1933, cased. £20-30
259.    A Set of Eight Early XX Century Commemorative Teaspoons, detailed in relief "1901 Federation", made to commemorate the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901, each bearing profile of the Duke and Duchess of York who opened the first Commonwealth Parliament. £20-30
260.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, leaf scroll engraved, together with a hallmarked silver vesta case. £25-40
261.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet Set, together with a crepe paper "Official Programme of the Royal Visit to Sheffield Sheffield University God Save The King", two commemorative medallions and a napkin ring. £30-50
262.    A Hallmarked Silver Glass Decanter, together with a scent bottle and two further items. (4) £30-40
263.    A Samsung Galaxy S III Marble White Mobile Phone, and a Samsung Galaxy S III Mini in marble white, both with charger and boxed. (2) £40-60
264.    A Quantity of Cutlery, cased and loose, scissors, pierced dish:- One Box £20-40
265.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
266.    Fish Knives and Forks, with silver ferrules, bread knife, Parker pens and other cased cutlery. £15-25
267.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, brooches, earrings, pendant and earring set stamped "925" etc :- One Box £15-25
268.    SBS Bestecke Solingen Gold Plated Cutlery, of approximately seventy pieces, in leather travelling case. £30-50
269.    Fish Knives and Forks, stamped "Scottish & Newcastle Breweries" on handle, together with a large quantity of Walker & Hall knives in greaseproof paper, etc:- One Box £20-40
270.    Two Cased Horn Handled Carving Sets, horn handled steak knives, other cased and loose cutlery and a cine camera:- One Box £20-40
271.    Early XX Century Mahogany Oval Tray, with wavy gallery, shell patera inset and brass handles. £15-25
272.    Pair of Oriental Bronze Patinated Vases, each with Greek key shoulders and sinuous dragon decoration to tapering body, 29cms high. £40-60
273.    M. Morigi Faenza Impressed Shallow Pottery Bowl, with blue and yellow leaf design. £15-25
274.    A Chinese Blue and White Pottery Dish, with shaped wavy rim and sinuous dragon decoration, 31cms diameter. £15-25
275.    XX Century Indonesian/Persian White Metal Panel, the border decorated with berries and the centre with cranes and foliage, in a decorative frame. £20-40
276.    An Unusual Stretched Neck Mackeson Stout Bottle, plus a box of small spirits, liqueurs etc. £15-25
277.    A Quantity of Lace, mats, edging, tatting, veils, etc, in case. £40-80
278.    A Safari Imperial Typewriter, together with three early XX century nightgowns, etc:- One Tray £10-20
279.    Lawn Green Bowls, travelling iron, barometer, map, glassware, Carlton ware, salad drainer and stand, carving set, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
280.    Lucie Attwell and Rupert Annuals, circa 1950's, Enid Blyton and other books:- One Box £10-20
281.    Folding Valet, briefcases, shops female bust, etc:- One Box £15-25
282.    Leitz, Mynette and Eumig Projectors, Polaroid Swinger Model 20 camera, Ross and Omiya binoculars, Mills Episcope etc. £20-40
283.    Two 1930's Hornby Speedboats, one Hawk and one Racer 1. Both clockwork. £30-50
284.    A Collection of Late XIX to Early XX Century Stereoscopic View Cards, varying themes, including comic, travel, Blackpool, New York, etc, by the Stereoscopic View Co., Glens Falls, William H. Rau etc. £20-30
285.    The Cunard White Star "MV Britannic" Menu Cards, Luncheon and Dinner, Tuesday 15th and Thursday 17th 1952 and associated ship guide. (3) £15-25
286.    Jewellery Box, carved figure, horseshoe sugar tongs, hair clips, trinket boxes, coaster etc :- One Box £10-15
287.    Pair of Beech and Chrome Candlesticks, cigarette dispenser, gavel, etc:- One Tray £15-25
288.    An Early XX Century Tin, containing loose buttons, an embossed silver topped box containing silks, a silver embossed and bevelled mirror box, lacquered pen box, marble "Bible" paperweight, antimony box and cover, similar globular vase, etc:- One Tray £15-30
289.    An Edwardian Maroon Leather Ladies Travelling Glove and Handkerchief Case, including silver topped scent bottle, together with a Gladstone bag with brass mounts. (2) £20-40
290.    A Leather Cased 7 x 50 Coated Binoculars, a mid XX Century ink stamping set, cased dominoes, cased fishing flies, planes, lighters, and a Smiths clock:- One Tray £15-20
291.    F.A. Cup Finals Programmes, 1963, 74, 87 and 89, League Cup Finals 77 (second replay), 78, 79, 85, 94, 97, 97 (replay), 99, 2000 and 2003, with other big match programmes. (25) £20-30
292.    A Pair of Child's Leather Boxing Gloves, circa 1930's, heavily stitched, with lace ties. No visible size or maker's name. £20-30
293.    Two 1960's/ 1970's Architects Models. Both representing London Borough of Hillingdon. York Road Uxbridge and Woodlands Avenue Eastgate. Both in original cases. £30-50
294.    A Tray of Miscellaneous Collectables, including cigarette boxes, safety deposit boxes, mirror, etc, plus a box of old photographic equipment. £15-25
295.    Ensign Camera, early XX century wall mounted telephone exchange, 1980's brown British Telecom phone (8813-0032799), cabinet handles, etc:- One Box £15-20
296.    Platignum "Silverline" Burnham, Summit and many other writing pens, a quantity of cameras. £20-40
297.    The Stanley Super Shaving Blades, Major Shaving, boxes of surgical scalpel blades, etc:- One Box £15-20
298.    Goebel, Shudehill, Siwok, brass and other owls, ceramic thimbles:- One Tray £15-25
299.    Yashica "FR", Ilford and Canon E08 Cameras, together with a quantity of accessories:- One Box £20-40
300.    Mrs Beetons Cookery Book, 1899, coins, spoons, forks, pocketwatch, glasses, pen knives, Tinsley Park Colliery half pint token, etc:- One Tray £20-30
301.    A Pair of Lignum Vitae Lawn Green Bowls, with ivory insets (cased), and another pair, all stamped "Thomas Taylor, Glasgow". £20-40
302.    Cine Kodak Model B Camera, in leather case, Zeiss Ikon camera, Kodak Series III camera, Kodak Pronto 500 LK camera:- One Box £25-35
303.    A Circa 1984 "Raffles" English One Pound Note, a 1983 uncirculated coin collection, various first day covers, a schoolboy "Royal Mail" stamp album, etc:- One Tray £5-10
304.    A Quantity of Various Buttons, on numbered cards, including glass with rose insets, crescent, ammonite, padlock and others in varying materials, two beadwork panels. £30-50
305.    A XIX Century Brass Bound Rosewood Travelling Vanity Case, with four inner jars and bottle. £60-90
306.    A Wafax Copper Bed Pan, one other copper bed pan, together with an early XX Century black lacquered jar and cover. (3) £8-12
307.    A Black Bakelite Telephone, No. 332L FWR 58/2. £20-30
308.    Two Brass in Mahogany Rulers, Cooke, Troughton & Simms Ltd London, York, M.W./1920. £20-30
309.    Two XIX Century Snuff Boxes, carved figures, Egyptian ebony bust, etc. £15-25
310.    A XIX Wine Bottle in Olive Green, deep punt and pontil mark, and two further XIX Century beer bottles, one advertising Whitbread and Co Ltd. London. (3) £20-40
311.    A Late XIX Century Ansonia Clock Co. Black Slate Eight Day Mantel Clock, of architectural form, gilt dial, Roman numerals. £20-40
312.    Smiths Mantel Clock, in chrome and green glass surround, Oriental carved bamboo vase, mineral vases, O. Udo quartz alarm and a tin. £15-25
313.    A Late XIX Century Black Slate Eight Day Mantel Clock, of architectural form, ivorine chapter ring, Arabic numerals on triple stepped plinth base. £30-50
314.    An Early XX Century Huntley & Palmers Novelty Biscuit Tin, formed as a Toby Philpot jug, lidded, a Rowntrees Pastilles tin, and a further Huntley & Palmers tin. (3) £20-40
315.    A XIX Century Walnut Dome Topped Tea Caddy, with brass mount and escutcheon. £20-40
316.    A Walker & Hall Copper Cased Mantel Clock, on bun feet; together with a bedside clock, the circular dial within paua shell case. (2) £30-50
316A.   An Art Deco Chrome Table Lighter, of globular form, supported by naked female on a square black base, 18cms high. £20-40
317.    A XIX Century Black Slate Cased Mantel Clock, with brass eight day movement, Arabic numerals to white enamel chapter ring, stamped F. Marti, Paris to back plate, 24cms high. £30-40
318.    A 1950 Gents of Leicester Electronic Master Clock, in wooden case complete with pendulum and instruction, 128cms high, together with a Gents bakelite circular slave wall clock, 31cms diameter. £60-80
319.    A Turned Wood Chess Set, in old wooden box with sliding top, together with a pen. £20-30
320.    An Early XIX Century Alphabet Sampler, showing upper and lower case, with Adam and Eve depiction, by Anne Chrich (?), Treeton School, (wear evident), an oak biscuit barrel, with plated rim and strapwork, a horn beaker, and a mid XIX Century salt glazed stoneware coffee pot:- One Tray £30-50
321.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, including fish knives and forks, together with a clock, wooden dish, hand whisk, bottle openers, cruet, Ogden's 'Guinea Gold Cigarettes' cards etc :- One Box £20-30
322.    Mother of Pearl Backed Manicure Set, including Dewsnap scissors in morocco case. Another with bakelite accessories. (2) £20-30
323.    A Masonic Regalia Case, with initials W. H. P containing three various aprons, a boxed gilt metal jewel, together with related paper ephemera. £20-40
324.    A Princess Plate Meat Cover, microscope, Laing of Glasgow clock, etc:- One Tray £15-25
325.    An Early XX Century Oak Cased Clocking in Clock, bearing label "The Gledhill-Brook Time Recorders Ltd". £50-80
326.    A Large Quantity of Mainly 1950's "The Autocar" Magazines:- Two Boxes £15-25
327.    Yashica FR Camera Tamron 70-210mm Zoom Lens, Yashica slide copier, Yashica auto extension bellows, Slik Gazelle 95D tripod stand, etc:- One Box £25-35
328.    Cameras, Olympus AZ 300, Pentax MZ-50, Minolta Dynax 4, Sony Handycam, Pentax lens, Garmin satnav, etc. £20-40
329.    Early XX Century Sheffield Road Sign "Jessop Lane S1". £25-45
330.    Victoria Her Life and Empire, Edward VII His Life and Times; The Voyage of Discovery- Captain Robert F. Scott R. N. Volumes 1 and 2, Smith Elder & Co. 1905, The Heart of the Antarctic, E. H. Shackleton C. V. O Volumes 1 and 2, Heinemann 1902, (three maps and pictorial plan to back of volume 2). :- One Box £30-50
331.    Two Brass Paraffin Lamps, (one lacking shade), a pair of wrought iron candle stands on tripod feet, a cased school microscope and a quantity of world coins:- One Box £15-25
332.    A Canon ATI SLR Camera, Sony Handycam, DCR-SR32E Zeiss Ikon Nettar camera, Pentax Zoom 60-X camera, Fujifilm FinePIXZ1, Kenlock camera 300 GL, tripod stand, and camera parts:- One Box £40-60
333.    A Quantity of Theatre Programmes, with wartime noted, a storage box as a book, 1950's tin bins and juggler's baton. £20-30
334.    Jazz Interest, Leith Stevens "The Wild One", "Zoot Sims Goes to Town", Gene Norman "The Chase", Stan Kenton "New Concepts of Artistry and Rhythm" and other 10" jazz vinyl, together with 45RPM records, including Milt Jackson, The Four Aces, Howard Rumsey, etc. £30-50
335.    Yashica FX-2 SLR Camera Vivitar Wide Angle Lens, together with two canteens of cutlery, etc:- One Box £15-20
336.    An Imitation White Fur Ladies Jacket, a fur cape, together with a XIX Century beadwork photograph frame, circa 1900 child's cotton petticoat, linen book, etc. £20-40
337.    A Collection of Sunday Express, Daily Express Giles Cartoons:- One Box £10-20
338.    Kenworthy [Joseph]: The Broken Earthenware of Midhope Potteries (Bolsterstone and Gawber Glass Works), Pub. James F. Hinchliffe, The Wharncliffe Press, Deepcar; plus The Modern Carpenter and Joiner and Cabinet Maker, 1903, vol VII. (2) £10-20
339.    T. Walter Hall "Ancient Charters" 1913, "The Jackson Collection" 1914, "The Wheat Collection," 1920, "The Edmonds Collection" 1924 (softback edition), L. Du Garde Peach "Company of Cutlers" (one volume) and Water Mills of Sheffield. (6) £30-50
340.    A Masonic Apron, a related small leather satchel and sash, together with circa 1970's Hamleys Toy catalogues. Harrods drapery house needs provisions, Bond St White House catalogue, two comic postcards etc:- One Tray £20-40
341.    Extracts from the Records of the Cutlery Company. L. Du Garde Peach, 'The Company of Cutlers' two volumes; Sheffield Burns and many other publications, mainly relating to Sheffield Cutlers. £30-50
342.    Samuel Harrison "A Complete History of the Great Flood at Sheffield, March 11th and 12th 1864, published by S. Harrison 1864. £30-50
343.    T. Walter Hall "City of Sheffield Charters Deeds and Manuscripts, 1912", "Manor of Eckington, 1924", "The Jackson Collection, 1914", "Wincobank, 1922" and "Water Mills of Sheffield." (5) £30-50
344.    Joseph Hunter's Hallamshire, by the Rev Alfred Gatty D.D. Virtue & Company Ltd, City Road, London. Gilt tooled leather binding. £50-70
345.    Mrs Beeton's Household Management; Pub Ward Lock and Co. new edition. £15-25
346.    Thomas Bateman "Vestiges of the Antiquities of Derbyshire, 1848" and "Ten Years' Diggings in Celtic and Saxon Grave Hills in the Counties of Derby, Stafford and York, 1861". Both by J.R. Smith, London. (2) £30-50
347.    Robert Eadon Leader "History of the Sheffield Cutlers Company in Hallamshire", Volume One 1905 and Volume Two 1906, by Pawson & Brailsford. Gilt tooled green velum binding. £80-120
348.    T. Walker Hall "Sheffield Manorial Records, 1926" with signed handwritten latter from author to Bradbury, together with "1928". (2) £30-50
349.    Seth Evans "Bradwell Ancient and Modern 1912", Harold Armitage "Chantreyland 1910", and "The Old Halls, Manors and Families of Derbyshire" Volumes Two, Three and Four, by J.T., 1893, 1899 and 1902. (5) £40-60
350.    Sheffield Parish Register Parts One to Four, 1560-1703, transcribed and edited by Charles Drury and T. Walker Hall, privately printed for the Hunter Archaeological Society of Sheffield, 1917, 1918, 1921 and 1924. Marbled end boards, half calf. £40-60
351.    J.D. Leader and S. Snell "Sheffield General Infirmary 1797-1897", S.O. Addy "A Glossary of Words Used in the Neighbourhood of Sheffield", Rev T.A. Seed "Norfolk Street Wesleyan Chapel", W.T. Freemantle "Bibliography of Sheffield, 1911", "A Century of Thrift", "Water Mills", "T'Heft an' Blades o'Shevvield." (7) £30-50
352.    Zimmerman's Sketches of the Neighbourhood of Sheffield, 1863, Sketch of the Life and Character of the late Mr. Joseph Cowley, John Edwards "Tour of the Dove" Second Edition, "Sheffield Pedigrees" 1915, "Water Mills of Sheffield", Sheffield Independent Extra No.5 The Great Sheffield Flood. (6) £30-50
353.    A Circa 1960's School Folio of Historic Scenes, each colour, 15 x 30cms, print with associated text, a 1948 Olympic Games BOA official report, and two landscape colour prints after Frank Sherwin:- One Box £10-30
354.    "Picture of Life and Character" Series 2, 4 and 5, by John Leech from the collection of Mr. Punch. (3) £15-30
355.    The Illustrated Guide to Sheffield and the Surrounding District, 1879, Edit. John Taylor, a bound volume of Sheffield related reference guides, manuals etc entitled "Sheffield Items", HMSO wartime literature, etc:- One Box £15-30
356.    Hardy Bros of Alnwick "The Sunbeam, Fly Reel" Size 3, together with Octofly De-luxe three piece cane rod in Sealey bag. £50-70
357.    J. Swift & Son, London 22841 Black Laboratory Microscope, in a mahogany case. £20-30
358.    An Early XX Century Blickenderfer Model No.5 Typewriter, made in the USA, in fitted oak, case with leather strap carrying handle. £30-40
359.    Thornton-Pickard Wooden Framed Brass Mounted Plate Bellows Field Camera, 21 x 24cms. £60-90
360.    An Early XX Century Leather Cosh; plus another cosh and three hickory shafted golf clubs. (5) £10-20
361.    An Oval Bevelled Barbola Easel Mirror, with painted plaster foliate outlines. £15-25
362.    Art Deco Wall Mirror, with pink tinted serpentine side mounts. £30-50
363.    Pink Glass Hexagonal Ceiling Light, with brass fitting. £15-25
364.    Mahogany Apprentice Piece Tilt Top Table. £15-25
365.    Two Circa Mid XX Century Taiwanese/Chinese Payphones, one in green and the other in red. £40-60
366.    Black Silk Top Hat, stamped "H.S. Ashton, Wigan", lightweight and Moss Bros bowler hats. (3) £20-40
367.    A Late XIX Century Coaching Whip, a XIX Century hickory shafted golf club stamped "R. Forgan and Son, St. Andrews" and a silver tipped walking stick. (3) £20-40
368.    A Brown Leather Revelation Suitcase, together with two attaché cases. £20-40
369.    A Reproduction Early XX Century Horn Gramophone, together with a modern bell telephone. £10-20
370.    Two A. A. Car Badges, Salter scale, glue pots. £15-25
371.    "Revelation" and Leather Cases, wicker basket. (3) £15-25
372.    Veil, wedding dress, shoes, tapestry hanging:- One Box £15-25
373.    Flying Helmet, reproduction brass helmet, Stetson, Wrangler and three other cowboy hats and boots. £20-30
374.    A Circa 1900 Ebonised Walking Cane, with silver pommel, plus a collection of umbrellas, etc. £20-30
375.    A Pot Headed Black Girl Doll, moulded painted features, soft bodied, and three mid XX Century plastic girl dolls, etc:- One Box £15-25
376.    Two Brown Revelation Suitcases. £10-20
377.    An Early XX Century National Time Recorder Co. Ltd. London Clocking in Machine, in an oak case, white dial, Roman numerals, lever action. £80-120
378.    A Pentax P30T Camera, with Sigma zoom lens, a Sigma MK1 camera, a Centon mirror lens, a Sigma 135mm lens, flash lights, four tripods, cased view cams, protective cases and other camera accessories. £30-50
379.    XX Century City of Sheffield Enamel Road Sign, "Police Caution" road sign, together with a framed fire warning sign. (3) £20-30
380.    A Large Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi and others. £20-40
381.    A Chad Valley "Crackshot" Moving Target Game,boxed; A Boxed Hornby Three Dimensional Space System Mission One Circa 1980. Level, vertical or inverted operation with "Photon Firing Gunship". Appears complete and unused, with instructions for space cadets. (2) £10-20
382.    Ten Corgi Classics. All boxed. £15-25
383.    XIX Century Holy Bible by Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1950's fairy lights, signed limited edition print of bear catching fish, 57 of 750. £10-20
384.    A Triumph Herald, Vitesse, Spitfire Workshop Manual and Atomic Flipper Game, by Tomy and Chad Valley "Close N' Play". £10-20
385.    A Large Quantity of Mainly Pre-War Meccano. Blue and gold noted. Contained in wooden box. £20-40
386.    A Late XX Century Revell Paints Shop Counter Display Dispenser, 50cms wide, 27cms deep, 29cms high. Unused in original box. £10-20
387.    A Boxed Circa 1980's BBC Bridge Companion Computer, designed to connect to a TV, with instructions, cartridge, a large quantity of score cards, sixteen sealed packs of cards and numerous hand wallets. £10-20
388.    A Scratchbuilt Wooden Hulled Radio Controlled Pond Yacht, 35inch (90cms) long, 11inch (28cms) beam, with deep heavy, metal bulbous keel and rudder. No mast, although fitments in place. Held in purpose built carry/storage cradle. £20-30
389.    Eleven Corgi Classic Vans. All boxed. £20-30
390.    A 1970's Chad Valley Tom and Jerry Childs Walker. In original box. £10-20
391.    A Circa 1970 Dolls House by Shardlow of Derby. Sliding front door to four rooms. 45cms x 30cms x 35cms. As new in original box. £10-20
392.    A Mid XX Century Chinese Carved Wooden Model Junk painted in colours, approximately 78cms long, incomplete and mounted on base. £40-60
393.    A Circa 1980's Pedigree Worzel Gummidge String Puppet, a Toysee plastic girl doll and accessories, a Codec fashion doll, an Annette plastic girl doll (all boxed) and two further circa 1960's plastic girl dolls. (6) £10-20
394.    A Tasseled Wool Rug, circa 1920's with three central octagonal motifs, on a rust red ground, approximately 310 x 208cms. £20-40
395.    Ken Johnson, Oil on Board, "Hawnby Lonely Moor", 36.5 x 49cms, signed lower right, a pair of watercolours, two XIX Century engravings, needlework, toddler photo. £15-25
396.    Reproduction Sporting Print "Tattanham Corner", 40 x 69cms, together with another of a maritime scene, in gilt frame. (2) £15-25
397.    Girot Watercolour of a Seated Red Cleric Studying Parrot, 33.5 x 26cms. £15-25
398.    A Pair of Bess Roberts Pencil Drawings, a Jagger oil of the approach to Frisling Hall and a Charles Dickens stamp montage. £15-25
399.    XIX Century Sampler, Catharine Saul's work, aged ten, 29.5 x 29.5cms, together with "Magna Carta" and "Battle Abbey Roll Call" prints, and a needlework. (4) £20-40
400.    E. St. John Watercolour of a Tranquil River Scene, 18 x 48.5cms, together with three various oils. (4) £15-25
401.    After Arthur Drummond, Black and White Print "His Majesty the Baby", 50.5 x 76.5cms. £15-25
402.    Frank Lonsdale (North Yorkshire Artist) Watercolour of Still Life of Flowers in Classical Urn, signed and dated '59 lower right, 75 x 60cms. £20-40
403.    A British Country Scene Watercolour, depicting a rural township, indistinctly signed L. Feather, together with coastal prints, etc. £10-15
404.    XIX Century Watercolour, entitled "The Woodman", 51.5 x 36.5cms, XIX Century pencil drawing of Backarack on the Rhine. (2) £15-25
405.    Jean-Paul Pettisse Watercolour of Horse and Figure on Village Street, 25 x 35.5cms, M.L. Wade watercolour of a rocky coastal scene, a manner of William Callow confederate states ship "Petrel" off the Welsh coast watercolour, and one other. (4) £20-40
406.    A Pair of 1920's Countryside Prints, in Hogarth style frames. £10-20
407.    Four Early XX Century Equine Prints. £10-20
408.    Four XIX Century Colour Engravings, featuring village and spectator scenes, including "Le Menuet De La Mariee", and "La Noce Au Chateau". £20-40
409.    Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print "In Glorious Technicolour", signed P.O. Jones, 40 x 53cms. £15-25
410.    Cruickshank Pencil and Watercolour of a Duel Scene, signed lower centre, 9 x 7cms, a watercolour of a gravestone in Ecclesall Wood, and a miniature of a continental scene. (3) £20-40
411.    Three XIX Century Watercolours, including busy fort scene, initialled "M.T.", 19.5 x 30cms. £30-50
412.    Helen Bradley - Two First Edition Books 'And Miss Carter Wore Pink', 'In The Beginning Said Great-Aunt Jane' and another 'Miss Carter Came With Us'; together with a large framed print. (4) £30-50
413.    After George Cunningham "Fitzalan Square", graphite signed limited edition 186/350, a signed limited edition colour print "Conistone, Wharfedale" 16/500 by John Wood, and one other J. Coetze signed limited edition print 4/6. (3) £15-30
414.    A XIX Century Oil on Board, portrait of Lady Craven, 43 x 28.5cms, details verso. £15-25
415.    David Bates Oil on Board of a Waterwheel, with seated figure and dog by river, signed and dated 1904 lower right, 24 x 36.5cms. £100-200
416.    XIX Century Pencil Drawing of Cattle, 17.5 x 27cms, together with a pen and ink drawing of kiln works by a river. (2) £15-25
417.    Joe Scarborough Limited Edition Print, 271 of 500 "Our University", signed, 30.5 x 37.5cms. £15-25
418.    After George Cunningham Limited Edition Print Titled "Ecclesall", pencil signed, no. 392/500. £30-50
419.    George Cunningham Limited Edition Colour Print, 154 of 250, "Early Doors", graphite signed lower right margin, 30 x 41cms. £20-30
420.    L.G. Cartlidge Watercolour of a Lady on a Country Path, 34.5 x 24.5cms, together with another of a windmill. £15-25
421.    Three XIX Century Watercolours, including Grenoble 1829, 11.5 x 16.5cms. £15-25
422.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Oil on Board, signed J. Gould, of river scenes, together with a watercolour of Major B.J. Holliday, Royal Artillery 1914-18 to 1939-45. Also, a seacape, a still life and a country scene with cows in foreground. (6) £20-30
423.    Manner of William Callow "Lake Thun from Interlaken", details of Manning Galleries Ltd label verso stating "signed on the back dated August 16th 1865", 10.5 x 17cms, together with two other watercolours. (3) £20-40
424.    Manner of P. De Wint Watercolour of a View of Tree Lined Meadows, 14 x 21cms, and another of a similar view. (2) £15-25
425.    After George Cunningham Two Framed Prints, together with a pencil signed Terry Gorman print of London Road. £15-25
426.    William Burns Oil on Board "Higgor Tor and Carl Ware 2004", signed lower left, details verso, 28.5 x 38cms. £40-60
427.    W. Hunt Watercolour of Tinsley Docks, Sheffield, signed lower right, 24.5 x 36.5cms. £15-25
428.    Edwardian Colour Print "The Final Tip", 37 x 33cms, and a later satirical golfing scene. (2) £15-25
429.    Spanish School Circa Mid XX Century Oil on Canvas of a Busy Continental Street Scene, with donkeys, figures and dogs, indistinctly signed lower right, 53 x 64cms. £30-50
430.    Harry Taylor (Yorkshire Artist, Born 1931) Pair of Oils on Board, of a countryside scene featuring hens, geese, cart and figures, 13.5 x 18.5cms. £30-50
431.    William Burns Oil on Card "Windsor Castle Early Morning", signed lower left, 9 x 13cms, together with another, "Thames Barge Race, Before the Start", signed lower left, 10 x 14cms. (2) £40-80
432.    D.H.P. Watercolour of a Busy Shipping Scene, initialled lower right, 8.5 x 11cms. £15-25
433.    William Burns Oil on Board "A Track in Dronfield", circa 1980, signed lower left, details verso, 13 x 18cms. £30-50
434.    After Bill Kirby a Pencil Signed Limited Edition Print "Bramall Lane", 65 of 500. £15-30
435.    J.M. Farquhar Watercolour of a Lady in a Desolate Building, signed and dated 1914, 21 x 13cms, together with XIX Century watercolour of a gentlemen in meadow, 20 x 12.5cms. (2) £15-25
436.    XIX Century Watercolour Rocky Coastal Scene, initialled "W.S.M.", 9.5 x 13cms, and another of a gondola, signed "Gianni". (2) £20-40
437.    A. Stanley, Oil Painting, (possibly) Table Mountain, 22 x 29, signed lower left, Jim Gott pen and ink Ripon Cathedral. £15-25
438.    D.P. Little Oil on Board of a Gloomy View of Sheffield City Centre, featuring Electra Palace, trams, horse and carts, signed and dated 1982, 38.5 x 59cms. £30-50
439.    J. Barrie Haste, Watercolour, Venetian scene with gondolas in foreground, 36 x 55cms, signed lower left. £20-40
440.    A. Riccardi Pair of Watercolours, of a female flower seller and drinks server, both signed, 41 x 23.5cms. £30-50
441.    Terence Grundy Oil on Board "Huntsman on a Country Lane with Cottage", signed lower right, in moulded gilt frame, 29 x 39cms. £20-30
442.    Ernest Turner Oil on Board of a Dutch Winter Scene, with skaters in foreground, signed lower right, 39 x 49cms, and an oval mountain scene in Italian brass frame. (2) £8-12
443.    J. Knowle Watercolour of Elderly Couple on Boat, signed and dated '95, together with a watercolour of pack dogs. (2) £15-25
444.    J. Macpherson Watercolour Transporting Cattle by Boat, signed lower left, 13 x 28cms, plus one other panoramic port scene. (2) £20-40
445.    Manner of Miles Birket Foster Watercolour of "The Manor House", 8 x 15.5cms. £20-30
446.    Manner of Thomas Bush Hardy XIX Century Watercolour of Shipping in Choppy Seas, signed and dated 1848, 12.5 x 18.5cms. £20-40
447.    M E DENTON (Exh.1929) Watercolour of Whitby, framed and glazed. £80-100
448.    Robert Penistone Signed Limited Edition Colour Print "Making the Blades", 30/200, and Jeremy Storr signed limited edition print "The Derwent at Chatsworth", 153/500. (2) £10-20
449.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Watercolours of Thatched Cottages, with figures in the foreground, signed F.W., together with a print. £10-20
450.    English School "Woman and Child in a Mountain Landscape" Watercolour, indistinctly signed, 36 x 26cms, and a circa 1900 oil study of a Lakeland Mountain scene. (2) £15-20