Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 31st July 2015

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1.      Two Oval Bevelled Wall Mirrors, another circular with brass surround, and XIX Century engraving of gentlemen's meeting (4); Plus Wade Ashtray, Continental liqueur decanter, shell and other posy vases:- One Tray £10-20
2.      A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
4.      A Chesterman Tape Measure, enamel badges and buttons, Universal avometer, plated four section egg cruet, slot machine reference guide, etc:- One Tray, together with copper warming pan. £10-20
5.      A Shorter and Son Nautilus Shell Vase, a Sylvac shell vase, a Fielding's Devon lustre bowl, Losol Ware graduating jugs, Jasperware jug, and other items:- One Tray £15-25
6.      A Quantity of Antique Collecting Guides, blank cards, memo pads, vintage music scores/sheets, card games, reference books, etc:- One Box £10-20
7.      A Wicker Basket, an oak book nest, oak lidded box, souvenir musical cigarette box, a Bellamy's confectionery box and assorted brassware, etc:- One Box £15-25
8.      A Good Collection of Beer Pump Clips, including Hobgoblin, Fullers, Young's, Broadside, etc (approximately sixty plus):- One Box £15-25
9.      A Hand Coloured Carte d'Afrique 1823 Map, framed reproduction "Famous Beauties" cigarette cards, an S. A. S. regiment plaque, continental colour prints, and other items. £15-25
10.     Burleighware Ceramic and Brass Wall Mirror. £15-20
11.     A Maling Waisted Vase, Woods basket, Lawleys shallow bowl, etc:- One Tray and Two Prints £15-25
12.     A Collection of Early to Mid XX Century Wooden Shoe Stretchers, a collection of moulding planes, shaves, a camera tripod and carrying case, together with a Chinese red lacquered storage box, and a French brass and copper pump fire extinguisher. (4) £55-65
13.     Polished Hardstone and Other Necklaces, etc:- One Box £5-10
14.     Two Colclough China Tea Services, decorated with floral decoration:- One Tray £10-20
15.     Two Brass Paraffin Lamps, with milk glass shades, (both converted for electricity, though untested sold for parts only), and a colour print after W. Hunt showing calves in a farmshed. (3) £15-30
16.     Franko Bruno and Amir Khan Signed Prints, two others unrelated. (4) £15-25
17.     Rose Bowl, vases, jugs, paperweight, etc:- One Tray £15-25
18.     A Leonardo Collection Seated Model Lady, on oval plinth, two Regal House figurines, Carlton Ware and Crown Devon shallow dishes, transfer printed bowl, specimen vases, plated sugar castor, biscuit barrel, etc:- One Tray £10-20
19.     A Pair of Regency Fine Arts Resin Figures, in period costume, each holding a lamb, on circular plinths, a figural table lamp and a figural mantel clock, together with instamatic cameras, Polaroid and a collection of mostly ladies wristwatches, etc:- One Box £30-40
20.     A Good Collection of Mostly Cast Metal Beer Pump Clips, including Stones, Banks, Magnet, Whitbread, Wards, Trophy Bitter, Tetley, Bass, etc (fifty plus):- Two Trays £20-40
21.     Blackpool Opera House Souvenir Programmes, framed Pet Shop Boys single, West End Boys autographs, photos, etc:- One Box £10-20
22.     Vintage Cookery Books, loose plated cutlery, vintage Christmas decoration, jewellery box, badminton and tennis racquets, Mark Scheffel binoculars, etc:- One Box £10-20
23.     A Collection of Collectors Cabinet Plates, including ten Seftman Weiden countryside scenes, three Franklin porcelain "Water Birds of the World", two Coalport bird scenes, eleven Barnett animal/ bird scenes, twelve Royal Grafton Christmas plates, together with a collection of assorted pottery egg crocks, pie dish, novelty teapot, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
24.     Two XIX Century Jugs, storage jar, etc:- One Box £10-20
25.     Circa 1960's and Later Children's Games, toys, etc, to include part tea service, costume dolls, satchel, plastic figures, cut out prints, train, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
26.     Seven Giles Paperback Annuals, knitting accessories, chess set, Christmas decorations, canvas guitar case, tape measure, matchbooks, linen, etc:- One Box £15-25
27.     A Small Collection of Circa 1960's Scalextric Cars, accessories, track, etc. £10-20
28.     A Pub on Every Corner, by Douglas Lamb, paperback 1999, and a collection of brewery related literature, reference guides, etc:- One Box £10-20
29.     A Collection of Boxed and Matched Model Shoes by "Just the Right Shoe and "If the Shoe Fits", etc, approximately eighteen:- One Box £5-15
30.     A Collection of Embroidered Linen, "Modern Masterpieces" periodicals, knitting needles, coloured prints, "The Song of Hiawatha 1855", and other literature, etc:- One Box £10-20
31.     A Large Quantity of Miscellaneous Collectables, including matchboxes, old lamps, tins, coin cabinet, Boots slipper; leather apothecary case a/f, etc:- Four Boxes £20-30
32.     A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
33.     Jobeezer Steps, screwdriver, saws, drill and many other tools:- One Box £25-45
34.     Rock and Pop; LP's to include The Beatles "Hard Days Night" and "With The Beatles", both in yellow Parlophone, together with Queen, Elton John, John Lennon, Wings, etc, plus a small selection of 45rpms, cased. £10-20
35.     Assorted Ceramics, including set of six cups, saucers and plates with matching jug and bowl, Aynsley Cottage Garden, Commemorative ware, jugs, plates, modern oval lacquer tray etc :- Two Boxes
36.     A XIX Century Brass Jam Pan, with iron loop handle, ewer, barge ware, mats, etc:- One Box and Wooden Bowls £15-25
37.     A Bavarian Germany Part Dinner Service, plates, tureens, gravy boat with flower decoration. £10-20
38.     Wine Glasses, cut glass fruit bowl, beer glasses, sectional dish, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
39.     A Collections of Railway, tram, cookery and landscape related guides, reference and factual literature:- Three Boxes £10-30
40.     Breweriana, pump clip accessories, a pump clip martingale, beer mats and a collection of beer pump clips including Star Bitter, Rocking Rudolph, Hook Norton, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
41.     A Quantity of Books, natural history, O. E. D's. £10-20
42.     XIX Century and Later Strips of Embroidered Lace, etc:- One Box £15-25
43.     A National Automatic Machines Ltd Mahogany Cased Postal Box. £15-25
44.     A Good Collection of Beer Pump Clips, including Wadsworth 6x, Whitbread, Black Sheep, etc (sixty plus):- One Box £15-25
45.     XIX Century Barge Ware Style Pottery Teapot, on stand, with raised decoration (damaged), Devon ware, Doulton teapot (damaged):- One Tray £20-30
46.     A Quantity of Loose Cutlery Stamped, together with eight cane and woven lined baskets. £20-40
47.     Two Persian Themed Prints on Cloth, each depicting mythological scenes, an oil river woodland study and three framed prints. (6) £10-20
48.     A XIX Century Meat Plate, pepper mills, doll, scrapbooks, asparagus plate, together with sword (damaged):- One Box £10-20
49.     A Five Star 45RPM Record Case, with three sectioned interior. £20-40
50.     Table Lamps, clocks, marbles, etc:- Two Boxes, together with a wicker basket, with pictures. £10-20
51.     A "Regal Collection" Earthenware Bread Bin, together with assorted tea wares including Sadler "Romance", Alfred Meakin "Hereford", etc:- Two Boxes and Bin £10-20
52.     A Collection of Elvis Memorabilia, including printed mirrors, fanzines, photographic prints, price guide, circa 1980's annuals, film DVD's, pendants, jigsaw, paper and magazine extracts, biographies, etc, together with a Celine Dion "Because You Loved Me" CD, cover and photographic print, (framed as one). £30-50
53.     A Good Collection of Boxed French Glassware, mostly wines and champagnes by Luminarc, Gala, etc, (fifteen boxes). £20-30
54.     A Gilt Framed L. S. Lowry Print; A Signed Terry Gorman Limited Edition Print, 395/500, Meeting Point; plus a quantity of other prints including after B. Basham and coastal interest noted. £15-25
55.     A Collection of Circa 1960's/70's Children's T-Shirts, shorts, vests, slippers, etc, together with a circa 1960's ladies fur hat, all contained in a tan leather suitcase, a Clarks of Retford and a Cole Brothers of Sheffield clothes box. (3) £20-40
56.     A Painted Plaster Model of a Roaring Leopard, painted in black, on stepped plinth base, china ribbon plate, blush ground vase, glazed earthenware bottle vase, planter, etc:- One Tray £5-15
57.     Assorted Ear/Head Phones, purses/wallets, sunglasses etc :- One Box £10-15
58.     Miniature Clocks, nail clippers, head bands, book marks, stud earrings, bangles etc :- One Box £8-12
59.     A Set of Four Cast Brass Two Branch Wall Lights, of acanthus leaf and laurel wreath design, reeded arms. (4) £30-50
60.     A Studio Glass Squat Vase, multicoloured mottled and streaked effect decoration on a yellow ground, indistinctly signed, a Millefiore miniature dish, a Mtarfa swirl glass vase, a clear glass scent bottle and a further studio vase:- One Tray £15-20
61.     Onyx Table Lamp, with ormulu mounts, together with two other gilded brass table lamps. (3)
62.     Cobra, Riley Surridge, B. C. E and Two Other Snooker Cues, Aramith (2), Super Crystalate snooker balls, and eight ball set, together with a truncheon. £20-30
63.     A Pioneer Stereo Turntable, model PL-512X, and a Rotel Dolby systelm stereo tuner RT-1024, untested sold for parts. (2) £20-40
64.     Fruit Set, XIX Century green tinted bowl, jug, drinking glasses:- One Tray £15-25
65.     Two Italian Table Lamps of a Lady, together with a similar pair and one other. (5) £10-20
66.     Assorted Ceramics, including planters, mugs and plates, a model bust, etc:- One Box, together with four unframed prints. (5) £5-10
67.     Onyx Cigarette Box, ashtray, clocks, etc:- One Tray £10-20
68.     An Unsigned Oil on Canvas, depicting a bluebell wood, together with a quantity of reproduction Victorian etching prints, plus others similar. (9) £10-15
69.     Crown Derby "Derby Posies" Cake Plate, Bolsterstone plates, Crown Devon hors d'oeuvres, Doulton "Canton", Honiton, Poole, etc:- One Tray £15-25
70.     1960's Hornsea Pottery Dinner and Coffee Service "Bronte":- One Box £15-20
71.     A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
72.     Painted Young Child's Rocking Horse, Henselite and Tyrolite lawn green bowls in bag. £20-30
73.     The Art of Italy, Lucy Whitaker, Hardback 2007, Rare Record Price Guide 2012, The Grand Tour, and other historical and reference literature. Together with a collection of LP's to include Tubular Bells, Ray McVay, Crusaders, Hollies, The Beat, Smiley Culture, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
74.     After D. C. Bell "River Work", Graphite Signed Colour Print, 27 x 48cms, two oil studies, a Picasso print, a Samsung Digital-Cam (cased), and a circa 1940's Arthur Wood twin preserve pot set. £10-20
75.     Two Volumes of Topographical Dictionary of England, Blacks Guide to Derbyshire, Endcliffe Woods and the Origin, Twenty Five Percent 1887, The Floral World and Garden Guide edited by Shirley Hibberd 1872, map etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
76.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
77.     A Quantity of Mid XX Century Handmade Maltese Lace, mats, table cloth etc. £15-25
78.     Books; On This Day, Yorkshire, Asterix, Van Gogh and many others:- Two Boxes £10-20
79.     Johnson Brothers Tea Service, Japanese tea service, etc:- One Box £10-20
80.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
81.     Royal Worcester "Evesham" Oven to Table Ware:- One Box £20-30
82.     A Large Collection of Mostly Limoges and Eastern China Dinner and Coffee Wares, including approximately 120 Limoges basket weave dinner plates, soup dishes, saucers, coffee cups, etc. £50-100
83.     A Brass Gong and Hammer, mounted on an oak plinth, a brass lantern, two copper lanterns, martingales, leaf moulded crumb tray. £10-20
84.     South Col. One Man's Adventure on the Ascent of Everest, 1953, Wilfred Noyce, Nepal Himalaya by H.W. Tillman, North of the Circle by Frank Illingworth, etc:- One Box £15-25
85.     West German Vase, tureens, studio pottery, glassware, etc:- Three Boxes £15-25
86.     A Metal Bound Black Travelling trunk, with a checked interior. £15-25
87.     A Gem China Part Tea Service, tea cups, jugs, and other china/ pottery wares, together with a Grindley "Myrtle Leaf" part dinner service and Aynsley and Co. Ltd "England's Heritage" tea and dinner wares:- Two Boxes £15-25
88.     Communion Stands, trophies, asparagus dish, silver brush, etc:- One Box £20-40
89.     Late XIX Century C.W.S. Federation Sewing Machine, together with a Singer sewing machine. £10-20
90.     Prints, glassware, ceramics, brass candlestick, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
91.     A Quantity of Ceramics, tiles, plates, Oriental, etc:- One Box and a Basket £10-20
92.     A Quantity of Cased and Loose Cutlery, all with ivorine handles, varying makers marks:- One Tray £20-40
93.     A Pair of Vases, Masons ginger jar, etc:- One Tray £10-20
94.     Coalport Ginger Jar and Cover, decorated with floral decoration, Coalport tidy jar etc:- One Tray £10-20
95.     A Modern Steiff Soft Bodied Teddy Bear, a modern Steiff beanie elephant, a circa 1970's plastic girl doll and a Lakeland bear with golden plush hair:- One Box (4) £10-20
96.     A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
97.     Japanese Satsuma Pot Pourri, lacquer coasters, Chinese soft metal casket, a small pair of cloisonné vases (damaged):- One Tray £20-30
98.     Four Wedgwood Four Seasons Plates, twelve Doulton "Old Country Crafts" plates, Bradford Exchange collectors plate book, P & K teapot, pair of metal paperweights. £10-20
99.     Fossils, shells, rocks, crystals, etc:- One Box £5-10
100.    Stromberg Scandinavian Stag Glass Vase, "LB" leaf tapering vase, other coloured glassware:- One Tray £20-40
101.    Two Brass and Hardwood Wall Hanging Decorative Pistols, a cast brass Romany caravan and horse, a reproduction bird cage, and a novelty revolver "lighter":- One Tray £15-30
102.    A Collection of Circa 1930's/40's Printed Posters, advertisements, leaflets, etc, including motor car, clothing, watch, perfume themed, together with XIX Century literature:- One Basket £10-20
103.    Two Italian Trays, biscuit barrel, candelabra, coasters, glassware. £15-25
104.    Fruit Bowls, sundaes, drinking glasses, etc:- One Box £15-25
105.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
106.    Basting Spoon and Other Victorian Cutlery, mainly Sheffield makers. £10-20
107.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
108.    Miscellaneous Collectables, in two boxes and leather case, including tins, cameras, etc, plus a tray of coins, small boxes, etc. £20-30
109.    Burleigh Ivory Dinner Ware, including ladies Italian jugs, John Bull printing outfit:- One Tray £10-20
110.    RCR Figurine, WMF dish, pressed glass vase, posy holders, etc:- One Tray £15-25
111.    Losol Dinnerware, of approximately thirty six pieces, plates:- One Box £15-25
112.    A Small Collection of Circa 1960's and Later 45RPM Singles, including Steve Ellis, Sly, Small Faces, Manford Mann, etc, together with company record sleeves:- One Box £10-20
113.    A Collection of Sea Shells, including razor shells, conch, clams, etc, together with netted coloured glass floats, cork floats, etc:- One Box £20-40
114.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles, bracelets, etc:- One Box £15-20
115.    Booths Real Old Willow Pattern, part dinner service, meat plates, dinner plates, etc:- One Box £10-20
116.    Bacons Cycling Road Map of England and Wales, Pawson & Brailsford Cycling Touring and Railway & District Bartholomew's Ordnance Survey maps, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
117.    Royal Imperial Bone China Floral Tea Service, six plated cake forks and cake slice, Poole dolphin and Nao figure of a young girl with puppy:- One Tray £15-25
118.    Cased and Loose Cutlery, wall plaques, brass Weiss clock, etc:- One Box £15-25
119.    A XIX Century Treen, cloisonné vase, onyx, wooden ware, etc:- One Tray £20-30
120.    Three Royal Mail Diecast Definitive Double Deckers, (all boxed), together with Past Times Queen Mother collectables:- One Tray £5-15
121.    A Collection of Miniature Model Dwellings, including Philip Laureston Village Collection, resign, souvenir example, together with Victorian plates, lead crystal bell, etc:- One Tray £10-20
122.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
123.    Two Leonardo Figures, Caithness paperweight, Queens Virginia Strawberry bowl and dish, plated nut dish, bookmarks, etc:- One Tray £10-20
124.    A Collection of Thirteen Models of Yesteryear, including Y-6 Cadillac, Y-8 Stutz Roadster and Y-16 Mercedes SS Coupe, etc:- One Tray (13) £10-20
125.    Kodak Camera, Voigtlander camera 6x6 4½x6, Festival of Britain crown 1951, coins, etc:- One Tray £20-30
126.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
127.    Rock and Pop - "Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" 1969 re-press, "That'll Be the Day" LP Buddy Holly Mono AH3, Buddy Holly No.2 EP, "It's So Easy!" The Crickets EP FEP2014, and other related 45RPMs, etc. £15-25
128.    French Early XX Century Seven Piece Dessert Service, Poole hors d'oeuvre's, Maling dish, Ascot teaware, Carlton vase:- One Tray £20-30
129.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £8-10
130.    After Terry Gorman "Lyceum Theatre Royal" Graphite Signed Colour Print, further nostalgic and aviation themed colour prints, postcards, etc. £10-20
131.    A Collection of Mostly Circa 1960's/70's 45RPM Singles and EP's, including Elvis Presley, Tamila Motown, T-Rex, Hollies, Duane Eddy, Buddy Holly, etc (approximately 150+):- One Box £30-60
132.    Breweriana, R.A. James & Co "Wards of Sheffield" advertising ashtrays, Wade Home Brewery ashtrays, a Marstons Pedigree ashtray, pottery pump handles, bottle labels, Wards oval advertising tin trays, tankard, cabinet plates, beer steins, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
133.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
134.    Soda Syphon, mixing bowl, cutlery:- Two Boxes
135.    A Pollyanna Pickering Reproduction Colour Print of a Dog, 29.5 x 39cms, together with further dog related colour prints, including after Cecil Aldin, Prive, Cecil Aldin, Victorian Romantic, etc. (12) £20-40
136.    Hillstonia Two Handled Vase, hat iron, figures of cats, book ends, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
137.    A Quantity of Equestrian Themed Figurines, a German beer stein, commemorative ware, together with a quantity of Wedgwood collectors plates.
138.    Kitchen Scales, viewfinder, a pair of table lamps and other table lamps:- Two Boxes and Lampshades
139.    A Very Large Quantity of 1960's to 1980's LP's, including mostly rock and pop, etc, (approximately 200-300):- Three Boxes £40-60
140.    A Pair of Brass Candlesticks, with spiral decoration, a pair of XIX Century brass chamber candlesticks, university plaques, etc:- One Box £10-20
141.    A Stoneware Casserole Pot, Royal Worcester Evesham oval dish, dinner and tea wares, Pyrex, vases, bowls, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
142.    Stanley Drill, 220 block plane, saws, tools, carry case, etc. £20-40
143.    A Pair of Oriental Jardinieres, having Greek key rims. £10-15
144.    Late XIX Century Jug and Bowl, decorated with floral decoration. £10-20
145.    A Circa 1900 Losol Ware Toilet Jug and Bowl, blue transfer printed floral decoration with powdered gilt highlights. (2) £20-30
146.    A Circa 1900 Losol Ware Toilet Jug and Bowl, with printed and painted floral decoration and gilt highlights, together with a matching part soap dish and cover. (3) £15-25
146A.   A 1930's Delphine China Teaset, by J.H. Middleton & Co., printed and painted with floral swags within gilt borders, on an apple green ground, printed mark to the undersides. £30-50
147.    Four Coalport RSPB Model Waders, including Pintail, Shoveller, Widgeon and Mallard, a Nao geese group, two Royal Dux model birds and a collection of Szeiler miniatures:- One Tray £20-40
148.    Aynsley "Cottage Garden" Cake Stand, vases, bowl, etc. £15-25
149.    Pair of Waterford Candlesticks, drinking glasses, vases, other glassware:- One Tray £15-25
150.    A Collection of Mostly Caithness Paperweights, including pebble examples, "Sunflare" limited edition 929/3000, Streamers J65827, Whirlpool v13458, Mdina cross weight, etc:- One Tray £30-50
151.    A Carlton Ware "Australian Design" Leaf Moulded Dish and Matching Jam Dish, further Carlton Ware leaf moulded wares, a Royal Doulton Gleaners service saucer, Cauldon saucers, and other china wares:- One Tray £10-20
152.    Royal Albert, Tuscan, Grosvenor, Richmond, and Other Tea ware, comport:- One Tray £15-20
153.    A Caithness "Creatures" Amethyst Globular Paperweight, with slice cup and bubble inclusions, together with a Victorian primrose glass dish, a press moulded blue milk glass jug, cranberry dish, an Art Deco frosted green glass powder bowl, specimen vase and other glassware:- One Tray £20-40
154.    Wood and Sons Toby Jug, Wedgwood Jasper, heart shaped trinket box, Royal Doulton figure of Susan, Royal Lancastrian ashtray, etc:- One Tray £15-20
155.    Chinese Turquoise Glaze Dogs of Fo, Wedgwood Wild Strawberry vase, Coalport, Gouda, other ceramics:- One Tray £20-30
156.    A Caithness Amethyst Ashtray, a Caithness dish (boxed), Bristol blue type eye baths, 1953 Coronation paperweight, model seal with ball, fruit bowl, Murano seal, etc:- One Tray £15-25
157.    A XIX Century Parian Ware Jug, decorated with figures, (damaged), early XX Century "shorter" jug decorated with flowers, XIX Century reversible plate, Courtship and Matrimony, Wedgwood Jasper, vase and plate. £25-45
158.    Noritake Tea Ware, of twenty seven pieces, featuring lagoon, figure and garden scenes, two Sheffield pictorial teapots and mug, XIX Century blue and white pedestal bowl:- One Tray £15-25
159.    A Pair of XIX Century Imari Vases, teapots including cloisonné miniature, Royal Vale china, etc:- One Tray and J. W. Booth watercolour winter scene £20-40
160.    Lorna Bailey - Humbug the Cat. £15-20
161.    A Moorcroft Circular Coaster in the Harvest Poppy Design by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks to underside.
162.    Beswick Wall Plate of Romeo and Juliet, titled "For In a Minute There Are Many Days." £20-40
163.    Lorna Bailey - Fritz the Cat. £15-20
164.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock in the Stitch in Time Design by Nicola Slaney. £50-60
165.    A Royal Crown Derby Cabinet Plate, central handpainted roundel depicting a figure within a river mountainscape, signed W.E.J. Dean, all with printed gilt borders, diameter 23cms, date mark for 1913. £10-25
166.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Hamley Design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 80/6, impressed and painted marks to underside. £80-100
167.    An Early 1900's Majolica Jug/ Vase, in the Art Nouveau style featuring corn on the cob design, 28.5cms tall. £20-30
168.    A Moorcroft Pottery Bowl in the Nova Foresta Design by Rachel Bishop, shape 711/6, limited edition No. 36/100, impressed and painted marks to underside. £100-120
169.    A Royal Doulton Shire Horse, together with a Royal Doulton foal. £10-20
170.    Beswick Hereford Bull, CH of Champions Second Version, horns flush to ears, model No. 1363B, brown and white gloss. £30-50
171.    A Beswick Brown Gloss Glaze Horse. £30-40
172.    Royal Copenhagen Figure Group, of a fox and cubs. £25-40
173.    Japanese Early XX Century Trinket Set, bowl (damaged), XIX jug, Wedgwood Fairbanks plate:- One Tray £15-25
174.    Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Plates, candlesticks, pin trays, "Wild Strawberry" and "Kutani Crane vases:- One Tray £15-25
175.    Royal Doulton Toby Jugs, Jolly Toby, The Huntsman, Honest Measure, Royal Doulton character jug John Philpots, etc:- One Tray £20-30
176.    Royal Doulton for Cacharel, Anais Anais porcelain jug and bowl, trinket pots etc, flower pot and flower stem factices, Cacharel Lou Lou perfume bottle etc:- One Tray £15-20
177.    A Pair of Early XIX Century Wine Glasses, each with engraved decoration, folded foot, and other XIX Century glassware, etc:- One Tray £20-30
178.    XIX Century Cranberry Glass Bowl and Dish, Murano paperweight in the form of a seahorse, other paperweights, etc:- One Tray £20-30
179.    An Art Deco Circa 1930's Wade Heath Jug/Vase, as a budgerigar on a garden stand, a pair of lidded hand painted Art Deco honeyglaze tureens by Wilkinson (Clarice Cliff), plus other Deco vase, etc:- One Tray £40-50
180.    Minton "Haddon Hall" Dinner and Teaware, comprising:- six dinner plates, three side plates, soup bowl, four tea plates, five teacups, seven saucers, two coffee cups and saucers, oval vegetable dish, gravy boat and stand, salt and pepper, bachelor teapot, small and large milk jugs, sugar bowl, breakfast cup and saucer, bon bon dish (42 pieces). £60-80
181.    A Pair of Lead Crystal Vases, of baluster form, a pair of moulded ruby glass ashtrays, a pair of specimen vases, green glass ashtrays and a cube tea light holder, etc:- One Tray £10-20
182.    A XIX Century Mary Gregory Style Glass, XIX Century glassware, XIX Century scent bottle, with a silver top, Indian bowl, etc:- One Tray £25-35
183.    A XIX Century Mintons Breakfast Cup and Saucer, printed and painted decoration of foliate and geometric bands, and two matching plates, a circa 1930's Myott handpainted jug, Torquay ware squat teapot, silver lustre wares, etc:- One Tray £10-20
184.    Keito Tea service, of fifteen pieces, "Aynsley Pembroke", Wedgwood and other ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
185.    Ginger Jars, blue and white ovoid vase, other Oriental ceramics:- One Tray £15-30
186.    Royal Doulton Character Jug "Little Mester", Mintons part tea service, Royal Crown Derby Imari pattern plate, etc:- One Tray £20-30
187.    A Susie Cooper Part China Tea Service, printed decoration of meadow flowers on an apple green ground (missing milk jug), a Sylvac oval shallow dish of mottled green ground, and four "African Series" Royal Doulton cabinet plates:- One Tray £20-40
188.    XX Century Cut Glass Pedestal Bowl, with hobnail decoration, on a circular base, together with two cut glass vases. £30-40
189.    XIX Century Large Blue and White Transfer Painted Plate, with shaped border, 44cms diameter. £15-25
190.    A Moorcroft Rectangular Plaque in the "Silver Birch" design by Emma Bossons, edition No 24, impressed and painted marks to underside.
191.    A Moorcroft Vase in the "Swept Away" design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 121/14, limited edition No 54/100, impressed and painted marks to underside. £300-350
192.    A Collection of Wade Whimsies, glass friggers, Wade twin handled posy vase, tortoises, Sylvac bunnies, etc, all contained on a copper circular tray (included). £15-25
193.    A Circular Salver, decanter, quantity of drinking glasses:- One Tray £20-30
194.    A Pair of Old Tupton Ware Vases, of ovoid form, wavy flared lip, tubelined decoration of Daffodils, height 19cms, and an Old Tupton "Bluebell" vase, (all boxed). (3) £25-40
195.    A Capo Di Monte Model of a Tramp on a Bench Feeding a Red Squirrel, on gilt scrolled naturalistic base, signed B. Merli, and a further model of a fisherman hauling a catch. (2) £15-20
196.    A Pair of Early XX Century Chinese Blue and White Ginger Jars, together with a 1930's pottery vase, stamped "Elaine Goddard" on base. £10-20
197.    A Pair of Lead Crystal Decanters, slice cut and cross cut decoration on star patterned bases, with mushroom stoppers, a XIX Century style mallet decanter, globular decanter etc:- One Tray £15-30
198.    A Silver Collared Lead Crystal Fruit Bowl, Sheffield 1925, and a wrythen moulded clear Studio Glass bowl, 64cms long. (2) £15-25
199.    A XIX Century Davenport Willow Pattern Leaf Moulded Pickle Dish, miniature mortar and pestle, Copeland coffee can and saucer, china "Beatles" thimbles, sugar scuttle, whisky flash and other china:- One Tray £20-30
200.    Shelley W12189 Cup, (chipped) and saucer, and miniature 13425, Hammersley, Coalport, Aynsley, etc:- One Tray £15-25
201.    A Wedgwood Bizarre Clarice Cliff Centenary Collection Octagonal Bowl, "Summer House" design, diameter 19cms, a conical sugar shaker "Red Roofs" design (boxed) and one further caster. (3) £30-50
202.    An Edwardian Engraved Glass Decanter, of squat bun form, decorated with a frieze of roundels and foliage, silver hallmarked collar, Sheffield 1903, and with prunts to the neck (no stopper), together with a cranberry glass bowl, Murano seahorse paperweight and other glassware:- One Tray £20-40
203.    A Pair of Old Tupton Ware Tubelined Vases, in the Moorcroft manner, of ovoid form, decorated with a winged lady within entwined foliage, all on a navy blue ground, 19cms, (both boxed). £20-30
204.    A Wedgwood Jasperware Box and Cover, pin dishes, vase, jug, etc, (all in powder blue and green), Wedgwood "Wakefield" tea wares, china posies, preserve pot, etc:- One Tray £10-20
205.    A Set of Six Soy Sauce Shallow Pedestal Dishes, printed and painted enamel stylised decoration on an imperial yellow ground, four matching rice dishes (all with painted character mark), Famille Rose soy dishes, later XX Century rice bowl and spoons and other Oriental wares:- One Tray £20-40
206.    Two Doulton Figurines, Wedgwood, Oriental ware, Syrian plate, etc:- One Tray £15-25
207.    Three Modern Beswick Collectables, including black and grey kitten and a seated West Highland White (all boxed), together with a Sylvac Corgi and a puppy. (5) £15-20
208.    Cut Glass Sundae Dishes, cut glass, glass jar and covers, etc:- One Tray £10-20
209.    A Pair of XIX Century Blue and White Transfer Printed Pickle Dishes, each in the form of a maple leaf, a Coalport "First Tree" model on plinth, a Coalport teacup and saucer and a Desvres of France Majolica style vase:- One Tray £20-40
210.    An Early XIX Century Tea Cup and Bowls, with floral decoration, bearing mark D and Anchor, together with Noritake part tea service:- One Tray £20-30
211.    1960's Ruby Glass, bowl, Capidimonte style figure group, cut glass vase, Beswick salmon (damaged), etc:- One Tray £10-20
212.    A Royal Doulton Miniature Character Jug "Old Charley", a Royal Doulton "Tinklebell", mottoware, early XX Century fairings, Royal Worcester sparrow beak jugs, Viennese model girl, glazed earthenware:- One Tray £20-30
213.    Crown Ducal Tea Ware, of eleven pieces, Carlton Ware 1920's blue lustre bowl (chipped) and vase:- One Tray £15-25
214.    A Collection of W.R. Midwinter Models, including penguin and young, leaping lamb, swan posy, rabbit pin dish, together with Branksome china collectables, Goebel model geese, etc:- One Tray £15-25
215.    Royal Crown Derby Ware, including five pin dishes, milk and sugar, coffee cans and saucers, personalised cup, etc:- One Tray £25-40
216.    A Bistro "Rosamund" Miniature Blue and White Transfer Printed Part Tea and Dinner Service, including oval meat plates, tureens, gravy jug, together with two Aynsley pin dishes and further children's miniature dinnerware:- One Tray £15-30
217.    Whitefriars Ruby Nobbly Glass Vase and Ashtray, both with paper labels, abd a Svaja ovoid paperweight. (3) £30-40
218.    Two Royal Worcester Candle Snuffers - Budge and Toddie, each with black printed mark; plus another pottery candle snuffer as a monk. (3) £15-25
219.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Bursting Bubbles Design by Emma Bossons, shape 198/5, impressed and painted marks to underside. £35-45
220.    Beswick Beatrix Potter Figures - Simpkin; Ribby and Tom Kitten. Royal Albert - Cousin Ribby, Tabitha Twitchett and Ribby and the Patty Pan. (6) £30-50
221.    A Victorian Cranberry Glass Bowl and Jug, with clear glass applied decoration, a Noritake "Desert" dish, mounted on an electroplated four bead footed stand, and a Poole vase of traditional design. (4) £15-25
222.    A Moulded Glass Jug, heavily decorated with millefiore canes in the manner of Fratelli Toso, 24cms high, two millefiore paperweights with close packed and filigree and a "peacock" paperweight. (4) £30-50
223.    A Small Pair of Imari Pattern Royal Crown Derby Vases, 1128 pattern, together with a Royal Copenhagen dish (damaged.) £15-20
224.    A XIX Century Minton's Cream pottery Game Pie Dish, of oval form featuring rabbit and game birds to lid and acorns to base. £30-50
225.    A 1920's Royal Doulton Tea Service, with floral decoration, stamped V Calin, Joyce RD No.7767 16:- One Tray (twenty-one pieces) £25-45
226.    Two Shelley China Shaped Circular Pin Dishes, a nursery bowl and jug, Paragon coffee can and saucer, Susie Cooper coffee cans and saucers, Royal commemorative ware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
227.    Three Table Lighters, with concave square bodies, inkwell, blue and ruby glass vases:- One Tray £20-30
228.    A Caithness Limited Edition "Pastoralo" Paperweight, of slice cut teardrop form, with abstract inclusions, 163/500, a "Sea Pearls" Caithness paperweight No.U15547, a Caithness lobed "ringstand" weight, six circa 1900 souvenir paperweights, etc:- One Tray £30-60
229.    Wedgwood China in the "Hathaway Rose" Pattern, of eleven pieces. £25-35
230.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Lidded Box, in the Ruby Red Design by Emma Bossons, shape 223/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £80-100
231.    A Moorcroft Ginger Jar in the "Nursery" Design by Nicola Slaney, shape 769/4, impressed and painted marks to underside.
232.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Summer Silhouette Design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 576/6, impressed and painted marks to underside. £60-80
233.    A Lorna Bailey 'Lord Charles' Deco Head, limited edition 3/11. £30-40
234.    Royal Doulton Sweeting HN1935, Aynsley J. A. Bailey, Burleigh, Paragon, Carlton Ware, Minton, etc:- One Tray £20-40
235.    A Small Collection of Lead Crystal Scent Bottles, condiments, oil bottles, four piece table cruet:- One Tray £15-25
236.    A Collection of Over Thirty Wade Whimsies, including Disney film related, together with a miniature dwelling, a Britains cast bear, etc:- One Tray £20-40
237.    Five Wade Natwest Piggy Banks, all having black rubber stoppers. £20-30
238.    A Beswick Model Standing Boxer Dog "Blue Mountain Greta", 14cms, a Beswick model 454 Lollopy dog, Dachshund and model 2102. (4) £20-30
239.    Carved Parian Style Desk Perpetual Date Calendar, housed in a "rugby ball" stand, three Pendelfin models, advertising lids including Anchovy Paste, Cold Cream, etc, novelty "negro" cast metal money bank, ebony elephant, etc:- One Tray £20-30
240.    Belleek Vases, with green back stamp, Belleek cup and saucer with black stamp, pair of Wilton Ware vases with gilt decoration, Indian Tree pattern vase. £25-35
241.    A Pair of Continental Figures of Soldiers, Kernewek, Cornwall Toby jug, Royal Doulton figure, The Snooker Player, (seconds), etc:- One Tray £15-25
242.    Two Mdina Studio Glass Pink Mottled Globular Vases, a Mtarfa flecked glass vase, specimen vase, mushroom paperweight and other glassware:- One Tray £20-30
243.    Lorna Bailey - Andy the Cat. £15-20
244.    Lorna Bailey - Dashey the Dog. £20-25
245.    A Carltonware Preserve Dish and Spoon Set (boxed), crested ware including "The Black Watch", Carltonware, W.H. Goss, etc, Royal Doulton "Burns Poem" oval pot, Carltonware Rouge Royale ashtray, miniature Royal Crown Derby cup, Mdina lustre pin dish and other china:- One Tray £20-40
246.    A Miniature Continental China Harlequin Tea Set, mounted on a rack, a Noritake bowl and cover, Poole jug, Carlton Ware leaf moulded pin dish, petal bowl, posy trough, leaf encrusted miniature coffee pot, Sylvac swans, etc:- One Tray £15-30
247.    A Beswick White Standing Persian Cat, a seated brown cat, a Beswick Siamese cat model 1887 and a seated Beswick West Highland White. (4) £20-30
248.    Shelley H8414/2 Pattern Tea Service, of thirty six pieces:- One Tray £20-40
249.    Krosno of Poland Glassware, comprising two ewers, decanter, pair of candlesticks, large and two small bowls, all in orange lustre, green and cranberry:- One Tray £30-40
250.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Fleurs Deco Design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 87/6, impressed and painted marks to underside.
251.    Three Royal Doulton Figures, "Top of the Hill", HN834, Linda HN2106 and Janet HN1537. £25-35
252.    A Pair of Turn Teplitz Bohemia R.S.K. (Reissner, Stellmacher & Kessel) Deco Ceramic Ewers, each with gilt neck and handle, blue petal flowers on cream ground and blue lustre base, united by dragonflies, 26.5cms high (damaged.) £40-80
253.    Czech Mid XX Century Green Tinted Glass Vase, on quatrefoil base, M. Murano signed faceted vase, Whitefriars style ruby glass ashtray. (3) £15-25
254.    Four Royal Worcester Figures, "Clara", "Daisy", "Mille" and "Diana", titled "The 1920's Vogue Collection." £15-25
255.    Royal Doulton Figures, "Top of the Hill" HN1834, together with "Elyse" HN2429. £25-35
256.    A Peggy Davies Figurine "Art Deco Imitating Life", limited edition No. 245/500 £70-90
257.    WITHDRAWN/COLLECTING BACK A Modern Moorcroft Baluster Vase, tubelined and painted with red and orange tulips and leaves, impressed marks and designers mark for Emma Bossons, dated 2008 to base, 20.5cms high. £60-80
258.    A Peggy Davies Figurine "In the Arms of a Hero", limited edition No. 121/500. £70-90
259.    A Pair of XX Century Continental Figures, of a farmer and his wife (damaged), stamped "N. Dresden". £20-30
260.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Bramley Revisited Design, shape 304/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £60-80
261.    A Lorna Bailey Figure - 'Fred Dibnah', holding yellow horn. £35-50
262.    Three Liskeard Amethyst and Clear Glass Nobbly Vases, together with a similar ashtray. (4) £20-40
263.    A Royal Worcester Midnight Rendezvous Limited Edition Figurine by Maureen Anderson, 263 of 1000, and Royal Doulton "Happy Birthday" 2001. (2) £20-40
264.    Liskeard Green Ovoid Vase, two nobbly vases and ashtray. (4) £20-40
265.    Three Royal Doulton Figures of Ladies, "Winsome" HN2220, "Fair Lady" HN2193 and "Leading Lady" HN2269. £25-35
266.    Gouda Pottery Large Art Deco Chamber Candlestick, drizzle design in blue, red and white, 36.5cms high. £40-60
267.    Royal Doulton Figurine "The Old Balloon Seller" HN1315. £20-25
268.    Gouda Pottery Conical Art Deco Chamber Candlestick, with fruit design on black ground. £20-40
269.    A Moorcroft Vase in the "Bus Stop" design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 370/6, limited edition No 9/50, impressed and painted marks to underside. £180-220
270.    Lorna Bailey - Dimsdale View East Large Bent Handled Jug, available for one day only at the 10th anniversary open day 29-10-15. £25-35
271.    Two Royal Doulton Toby Jugs, Falstaff and Happy John. £20-30
272.    A Lorna Bailey Prototype Guinness Toucan. £30-40
273.    Crested Ware, Victoria lucky black cat (Baslow), Willow art elephant (Castleton), One Special Scotch (Matlock) and many others, Yorkshire locations. £20-30
274.    Lladro Figurines, snail and curious puppy and girl admiring teddy. (2) £20-30
275.    Lorna Bailey - Sheba the Cat. £15-20
276.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Tankard, of plain cylindrical form, the hinged lid with scroll thumbpiece (the hinge lacking pin) and scroll handle, bearing presentation inscription dated 1926, overall height 11.5cms. £80-100
277.    A Hallmarked Silver Christening Mug, allover foliate and leaf scroll engraved, raised on leaf scroll base, inscribed "Ann 3rd Nov 1946". £40-60
278.    A Silver Hallmarked Presentation Trophy Cup, Birmingham 1922, dedicated to L/ C M. B. Sheppard, Army Athletic Meeting 1923 Open Mile Winner, Q. O. Yorkshire Dragoons, beaded knop on circular spreading foot, with ebonised socle. £40-60
279.    A Moorcroft Vase in the Flamminian Design, on a mustard ground, shape 198/3, impressed and painted marks to underside.
280.    A Wade Collectors Club Model Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 1996, and a Wade limited edition model "Collectus". £15-25
281.    A Collection of Assorted Enamel and Other Badges/Pins :- One Box £10-20
282.    A Royal Doulton Model of a Seated Retriever Holding a Pheasant, HN1029, a Royal Doulton dog group, HN 2590, a seated terrier and a smaller example. £25-35
283.    Lorna Bailey - Elizabeth the Cat. £15-20
284.    Lorna Bailey - Miss Prim the Cat. £15-20
285.    Spoons, Gent's cufflinks, 'Studs' box (damaged), medallions on ribbons, Italian style wooden box etc. £10-20
286.    Lorna Bailey - Dimsdale View East Jug, available for one day only at the 10th anniversary open day 29-10-15. £40-50
287.    Gouda Pottery Waisted Art Deco Vase "Gaby", 9.5cms high, and another ovoid, "R.A." (2) £20-30
288.    Four x hTC smartphones. (4) £10-30
289.    Gent's Cufflinks, enamel, military and other badges, coins, 'Walt Disney Productions' Disneyland enamelled souvenir teaspoon etc, contained in a jewellery box. £15-25
290.    XIX Century and Later Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangle, necklaces, rings, brooches, watches, etc:- One Tray £20-30
291.    A Display Case, containing enamel pin badges, relating to Butlins, British Legion, railway, Red Cross, M.U.F.C., police and LND, together with reproduction coin, brass Worthingtons Ale seal, silver thimble, commemorative medallions, etc:- One Case £40-60
292.    Two x Apple iPhone 4's (white & black), Apple iPod 160Gb, Apple iPod 16Gb and Apple iPod Nano 6th Generation. (5) £20-40
293.    A Beswick "Rupert the Bear" Model, together with "Algy Pug", "Pony Ping" and "Bill Badger", all for Express Newspapers Ltd, 1981. (4) £60-90
294.    J.S. Plated Fish Servers, with pierced and engraved blades in original case, an Arts and Crafts style frosted glass candlestick, having upper copper band. £15-25
295.    Four Mobile Smartphones, including Blackberry, Samsung & LG. £20-40
296.    Assorted Folding Knives, including "Worthington's" advertising, together with collection of lighters, cigarette case and pens. £20-30
297.    Seven "Napoleon" Cut Throat Razors (unused and boxed) by John and William Ragg of Sheffield No.90½ (three ebonised handles, four ivory effect handles) and two tuning forks:- One Tray £40-70
298.    A Beswick Beatrix Potter's "The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe", a model Peter Rabbit, brown stamp, a John Beswick advertising oval plaque and a Beswick Beneagle Scotch Whisky trout flask, 1969. (4) £15-25
299.    Cased and Loose Cigar Cutters, cased calligraphy set, spare nibs, fountain pens, netsuke, marble egg, beadwork pouch, modern pill boxes, plectrums, hair pins and other miniature collectables:- One Tray £15-25
300.    Tigers Eye Necklace, further necklaces, pendants etc. £10-15
301.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches :- One Box £10-15
302.    Imitation Pearls, beads, wristwatches, brooches, commemorative coins, chains, etc. £10-20
303.    An assortment of mobile telephones (various makes/models), digital cameras, Nintendo DS Lite, Pebble portable battery pack, MP3's etc :- One Box £10-15
304.    Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches :- One Box £10-15
305.    A Collection of Assorted Fresh Water Pearl Necklaces and Bracelets, including multi strand necklaces :- One Tray £25-40
306.    Twenty-Four Shillings Old Face Value of Pre 1947 Coinage, together with a large quantity of post 1946 sixpences and shillings. £20-40
307.    A Collection of Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches :- One Box £10-15
308.    An Apple iPad, 16GB (screen broken/smashed) and black case, together with a white Apple iPhone. (2) £30-50
309.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, imitation pearls, chains, etc:- One Box £10-15
310.    Assorted Wristwatches, all on rubber straps :- One Box £10-15
311.    Plated Biscuit Barrel, basket, dishes, Sheaffer pen, etc:- One Tray £15-25
312.    Four Part Plated Tea Service, four goblets and a shaped tray. £15-25
313.    An Eight Setting Canteen of Electroplated Cutlery, in fitted case. £30-50
314.    A Pewter Lustre Comport, with Art Nouveau style decoration, a claret jug, plated tea kettle, coffee pot, a c.1960's Elkington plated ashtray of freeform shape:- One Tray £15-25
315.    Stuart Devlin; a set of six plated goblets, for Viners. (6) £30-50
316.    Mappin & Webb Forty Two Pieces of Stainless Cutlery, in an oak canteen. £30-50
317.    A Masonic Leather Bag, (Comp. A. J. Threlkeld Perseverance Chapter, No. 345), together with two Masonic medals, apron and sash. £20-30
318.    A Lead Crystal Sugar Caster, of baluster form, sway cut decoration, on star patterned base, with a silver hallmarked pierced hood, Walker & Hall, Chester 1941, two globular cut glass scent bottles, with silver caps and collar and one further silver collared example:- One Tray (4) £15-25
319.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, pendants, imitation pearls, rings, bangles etc :- One Tray £20-30
320.    A Collection of Modern "925" Cubic Zirconia Set Earrings, contained in a fitted ring case. £25-40
321.    A Decorative Plated Teapot, with crest type finial, together with matching coffee pot, together with a twin handled trophy cup, mug and a hallmarked silver vase, of openwork design (damages) :- One Tray £30-50
322.    A Modern Platinum Diamond Set Band, rubover set with four uniform brilliant cut diamonds. £100-150
323.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the central stone high claw illusion set, between diamond set shoulders. £200-250
324.    An 18ct Gold Victorian Style Ruby and Diamond Five Stone Ring, alternately set within scroll carved setting. £300-350
325.    A Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring, the old cut stones rub over set, between texture patterned shoulders. £100-150
326.    George V Sovereign, 1913, curved and converted to a ring, between bifurcated shoulders. £100-150
327.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, crossover set, stamped "18ct"; together with a five stone ring, indistinctly stamped "18". £60-80
328.    Three 9ct Gold Dress Rings, including a single stone, illusion set, a cluster etc. £50-70
329.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring, together with another gent's ring, and two lady's dress rings (one lacking stones). £60-80
330.    Rotary; A Lady's Wristwatch, the case stamped "9k 0.375", bearing presentation inscription dated 1974, to textured bracelet. £100-150
331.    Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, the case with inset crown, to decorative stone set openwork bracelet.
332.    A Three Colour Necklace, of graduated textured design, to snap clasp, stamped "750". £550-600
333.    A Three Colour Necklace, of uniform textured design, to snap clasp, stamped "750". £400-450
334.    A Modern 9ct Gold Triple Bangle. £120-160
335.    A 9ct Gold Gate Link Style Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp. £40-60
336.    A Modern Bracelet, stamped "750". £150-200
337.    A Modern Three Colour Bracelet, suspending heart shape padlock clasp, stamped "9ct Gold". £20-30
338.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Gilt Cloak/Shawl Type Clasp, composed of two openwork heart shape brooches, with fine chain connection. £30-50
339.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, together with another ring (shank cut). (2) £40-60
340.    Four Odd Hoop Earrings, one stamped "750", together with a pearl set bar brooch. £30-40
341.    A Modern Chain, stamped "375" (broken), together with a ropetwist chain (broken). £90-100
342.    A 9ct Gold St Christopher Pendant, together with two pairs of earrings and two miniature charm/pendants. £15-20
343.    George V Sovereign, 1915. £150-180
344.    A Modern Opal and Diamond Set Suite of Jewellery, comprising pendant on chain, pair of earrings and a ring, each claw set with pear shape white opal and curved row of brilliant cut diamonds, stamped "750", in fitted box. £600-650
345.    Assorted Odd and Other Earrings, including pair stamped "375" etc. £20-30
345A.   A Modern Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone four claw set, stamped "750" "Approx 0.33ct", complete with certificate. £150-200
346.    A Collection of Assorted Chains and Pendants, including "925", and an expanding bangle :- One Box £15-25
347.    A 9ct Gold Signet Ring, together with an engine turned cigarette case. £20-25
348.    Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, cat bar brooch, further brooches, bracelet, lady's watch head (lacking strap), necklace etc :- One Box £30-50
349.    A Collection of Assorted Brooches, including earrings, etc:- One Box £10-15
350.    A Collection of Assorted Dress Rings :- One Box £5-8
351.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including charm bracelet, 'Traditional Silver Christmas Charms' in packet, brooches, pendants on chains, pendant watch etc, contained in a jewellery box. £15-20
352.    Assorted Modern Lady's Bracelets, including stone set etc, all stamped "925". £15-25
353.    A Modern Ropetwist Chain, stamped "375", together with a similar bracelet, further bracelet etc. £30-50
354.    A Set of Six Edwardian Hallmarked Silver Buttons, Birmingham 1905, together with three enamelled buttons, of openwork design. £30-40
355.    Ruskin Style Ceramic Brooch, together with other brooches, including polished hardstone, etc. £20-30
356.    Modern Necklaces and Pendants on Chains, including "925". £15-25
357.    Beads, bangles etc:- One Box £10-15
358.    Assorted Modern Polished Hardstone Inset and Other Jewellery, including necklaces, rings, earrings, pendants etc :- One Box £20-30
359.    A Modern Three Row Freshwater Pearl Bead Necklace, to twisted snap clasp, stamped "925", complete with certificate of authenticity; together with a single strand necklace, and a hallmarked silver thimble. (3) £15-25
360.    A Multi Strand Chain Bracelet, stamped "Tiffany & Co 925", together with further bracelets including one stamped "Gucci" and two stamped "Pandora". £30-50
361.    Assorted Modern Bracelets, including "925" :- One Box £20-30
362.    A 9ct Gold Bangel, together with two 9ct gold rings, a chain, imitation pearls and a further necklace. £100-150
363.    Ram's Head Bangle, stamped "925", together with chains, pendant, rings, etc. £15-20
364.    A Collection of Assorted Pendants, all stamped "925", on chains :- One Box £20-30
365.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including coral, cameo brooch and ring, further brooches, diamanté, imitation peals, shell pendant, chains, pendants, earrings etc :- One Box £20-30
366.    Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches, including Cyma, case indistinctly inscribed "9ct" etc :- One Box £20-40
367.    A Lady's Belt, composed of eleven circular panels, each detailed in relief with wild animal, the panel buckle with two lions, all on chain connections. £20-30
368.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including chain stamped "375", pocketwatch chain, child's signet ring, two lady's fob watches, diamanté etc (damages) :- One Box £20-40
369.    Rone; A 9ct Gold Cased Lady's Wristwatch, on textured bracelet, in original case with guarantee dated "16.5.64". £70-80
370.    Thompson & Sons 83 & 85 Sheffield Moor; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, together with a gold plated cased openface pocketwatch, a part chain and assorted lady's wristwatches :- One Box £60-80
371.    Gent's Cufflinks, etc:- One Box £10-15
372.    A Collection of Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches, including Yeoman lady's Art Deco bangle watch, Royce pendant watch, Timex etc :- One Box £40-50
373.    Decorative Plated Pin Dishes, Art Nouveau pepperette, baby's spoon and pusher, egg cup, sugar tongs, travelling razor, twisted handle toasting fork etc :- One Tray £15-20
374.    Raymond Weil; A Lady's Wristwatch, the signed oval dial with Roman numerals, within stepped case with inset crown; together with a Rotary lady's wristwatch. £20-30
375.    "Captain" Enamel Badge, 9ct gold and other gent's dress studs, cufflinks, cross pendants, stock pins, etc:- One Box £20-30
376.    A Novelty Whistle, as a dogs head, stamped "925", together with a sliding pencil. (2) £30-40
377.    An Early XX Century Cloisonné Pill Box, with petit point top, with floral decoration. £20-30
378.    A 1950's Wade Alphabet Train, of seven pieces (damage/repair). £30-50
379.    Russian Style Double Eagle Brooch, stamped "800", mother of pearl gaming counter, etc. £10-15
380.    Enamel and Other Badges, matchbook cases, car mascot, brass candle snuffers, pocket knives, etc:- One Box £15-25
381.    Book Vesta Case, together with an engine turned cigarette case, a XIX Century snuff box and a further vesta case. £10-15
382.    A Pair of Silver Thimbles, produced by The Royal Mint to commemorate her majesty's eighteenth birthday, stamped 925, cased. £15-25
383.    A Two Blade Folding Knife, together with another, gent's cufflinks, thimble, 'Prefect' badge etc. £10-15
384.    A Victorian Pair of Sugar Tongs, London 1889, an electroplated three piece tea service of canted square section, with ebonised spurr capped handle and lobed finial, and embossed foliate decoration on bun feet, model Dickens bust, a further pair of sugar tongs and graduating hexagonal weights:- One Tray £15-25
385.    A Large Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches:- One Tray £20-30
386.    Cased and Loose Electroplated Cutlery, silver napkin ring and other plated wares:- One Tray £20-40
387.    Plated and Engraved Twin Handled Tray, plated bottle stand on claw feet. £15-20
388.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery :- One Box £10-15
389.    Assorted Lady's and Gent's Wristwatches, enamel and other badges, lady's evening purse, modern pocketwatch etc :- One Tray £20-30
390.    Early XX Century Plated Trophy, inscribed "Presented by Coun. C.R. Nowill to the Wood Gardeners Allotment Soc. For Best Cultivated Garden" under a glass dome. £30-50
391.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including earrings, necklaces, diamanté, Festival of Britain coin, brooches, etc:- One Tray £15-20
392.    A Pair of Plated Dishes, plated salver, condiments, cutlery, etc, together with twin handled tray with butterfly decoration. £15-20
393.    An Electroplated Four Piece Coffee Service, of leaf capped baluster form, with heavy foliate and printed decoration, raised on four cast feet, an electroplated sardine dish, presentation footed dish, preserve pots, photograph frame and other plated wares:- One Tray £20-40
394.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches :- One Tray £20-30
395.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, imitation pearls, lady's compacts, bangle, jewellery case etc :- One Box £20-30
396.    Plated Swing Handled Dish, brushes, spoons, knives and forks, novelty cannon, etc:- One Tray £10-15
397.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearls, beads, rings, earrings etc, contained in three jewellery boxes. £15-25
398.    Walker and Hall Dish, with scroll ends, biscuit barrel, plated spill vase, etc:- One Tray £25-35
399.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including dress rings, bangles, bracelets, earrings, chains etc :- One Tray £10-15
400.    A Ladies Fox Fur Jacket, shading dark to light brown in a chevron design to body and sleeves and plain collar, retailed by Joseph Fox Furriers, Sheffield, 74cms long.
401.    A Ladies ½ Length Fur Coat, lined interior. £15-25
402.    A XIX Century Watercolour, of a river with a castle in the background, signed Short, together with a pair of miniatures. £15-20
403.    A XIX Century Glass Walking Stick, with barley twist decoration. £15-25
404.    A Horn Handled Sword Stick, ebonised casing with brass ferrule, and a further sword stick with brass and incised decoration. (2) £20-40
405.    Masonic Ware, aprons, sachets gloves, leather bag, relating to the London Lodge. £40-80
406.    An Early XX Century Railway Lamp, bearing label Reg. 878136, formerly 686127, with turned wooden handle, together with a XIX Century pair of sugar nips. £25-30
407.    A Paillard B8 Bolex Cine Camera, a Eumig projector (cased), a Leitz Wetzlar Eldia printer (boxed), Eumig splicer, B.P.M. bellows unit, reference guides and other items. £10-20
408.    Oak Medicine Cabinet, with single door and partitioned interior. £15-25
409.    Late XIX Century Wall Shelves, with turned finials, reeded supports. £15-20
410.    Kershaw "Monarch Ten" Binoculars, 10x40 No.69067, in original case. £20-30
411.    A New Improved Saccharometer/Hydrometer by Joseph Long, Little Tower Street, London, in fitted mahogany case, with brass stringing and escutcheon, and a Doulton Lambeth silicon stoneware tobacco jar and cover, barrel form with incised and beaded decoration. (2) £15-25
412.    Three Pairs of Turned Wooden Jugglers Batons. £20-30
413.    A Victorian Coromandel Writing Slope, fitted interior with gilt tooled black leather scriver, the case with brass banding, escutcheon and twin recessed carrying handles. £100-200
414.    Sheffield Books, 1912-49, by T. Walter Hill, and Water Mills of Sheffield by W. T. Miller. £20-40
415.    Two Folk Art Beadwork "Sweetheart" Pin Cushions, in the form of hearts, dedicated to the "18th (Queen Mary's Own) Hussars" and the "2nd Life Guards", both 18cms long, together with a WWII war medal, military cap badges, Somme badges etc:- One Tray £20-40
416.    A XIX Century Stanley Geometry Set, including twin hinged ivory rule, further ivory rule, many other geometry implements stamped Stanley and F. C. G. O. A in ivory and nickel, etc, housed in a plush lined oak box with brass escutcheon and removable inner tray, inner lid with crest "To HM Government Great Turnstile Railway Terminus, Holborn W. C, London Bridge", the lock stamped Wobbs and Co., with key. £40-60
417.    Bronze Urn Cover, having acorn finial, berry and acanthus leaf decoration, 42cms diameter, Salters spring balance, pulley and sundial. (4) £20-40
418.    Chinese Lark Violin, with bow and case. £15-25
419.    A Circa 1960's Anji Mini Skirt Dress, button front, pleated lower half and white dotted upper, a contemporary plastic necklace and matching earrings, a Boy Scouts Master's hat and belt, a View-Master and reels, etc:- One Tray £15-25
420.    Breweriana, three Wards brass cased bar top advertising plaques (two Wards and one Sheffield Best Bitter), a brass "Golden Bitter" last orders bell, Beermaster tap, S.H. Ward brass rings etc:- One Tray £15-30
421.    A NBL Microscopy Kit, together with loose slides, a Merit slinky (boxed), cast white metal military figures, Corgi members certificate, vintage Gordon's gin coasters, pendants including Isle of Man TT and Cunard R. M. S. Queen Elizabeth, etc:- One Tray £20-40
422.    Twenty Two Block Packs of Sheffield Made Blades, each pack containing twenty five packets of four knock out razors, together with four "Sheffield Special" blades:- One Tray £30-50
423.    A 1953 Crown, together with a One Pound banknote, two Scottish banknotes, decimal coin set, a 1951 Festival of Britain crown, plus a 1953 Coronation programme, tot glasses, etc:- One Tray £15-30
424.    Viners Candelabra, cutlery, needlework implements, linens:- One Tray £15-25
425.    Soapstone "Rock and Silver" and Other Minerals, sea shells:- One Tray £20-40
426.    A Vintage Tinplate Eclipse 45 Tool Tin, a collection of cased and loose mircometers, reacted manufacturers cards, slide rule and a Fowler's long scale calculator, etc:- One Tray £10-20
427.    The Parish Register of Sheffield Pt III, 1635-1686 (1921 edition), containing frontispiece notes and letters commenting on amendments, notifications, etc, including T. Walker Hall, a Buck and Hillman Ltd 1958 tool catalogue and Henley's XX Century Formulas and Trade Secrets. (3) £20-40
428.    Lehmann Bibi 855 Tinplate Spinning Top, made in Germany U.S. Zone, together with a Steiff modern teddy bear. £20-30
429.    A Collection of Postcards, early to mid XX Century, including comic, humour, topographical, African interest, etc:- One Tray £20-40
430.    Rolls Royce Car Badge, A.A. car badge, Kodak camera, ladies bag, etc:- One Tray £25-35
431.    A Late XIX Century Hallmarked Fob, a double glazed J. Cary hand coloured map of Derbyshire, a set of Marples carving tools, white metal stirrup cup, reproduction Chinese seal, two brooches, oak money box, etc. £15-30
432.    A Leica DRP Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Camera, Nr 698027, with a Leitz Elmar F - 5cms lens, cased, together with an Elmar F - 9cms No.839100 lens, a 5cms and 9cms circular viewing lens, further F - 5cms Elmar lens, a super Wray London No.217783 lens, a Lumar Corfield 1:4/100 lens, a Cassar 1:35 2040389 lens, and other guides/catalogues and accessories. £100-200
433.    Tin Badges, coinage, spectacles, cigarette cases, etc. £15-25
434.    A Seven Piece Ebony Dressing Table Set, including hand mirror and cut lead crystal powder bowl and ebony cover, together with an ostrich egg:- One Tray £20-30
435.    A Circa 1900 Cast Iron Pen and Ink Stand, twin lobed inkwells with a pierced foliate stand in the Art Nouveau taste, numbered 31, Reg. 503528, together with a tinplate "The Aero" thermo gas fire model money bank, and a "Eureka No. 410" tinplate novelty money bank. (3) £20-40
436.    Mid XIX Century Pewter Plate, XIX Century copper jug, together with with a pair of pewter candlesticks. £15-25
437.    XIX Century Sovereign Scales, XIX century ruler, pen knives, opera glasses, etc:- One Tray £20-40
438.    Late XIX Century Arts and Crafts Copper Jug, with stylised flowers, stamped J. S & S, on base, together with an early XX Century hand beaten copper jardiniere, with fish decoration. (2) £25-30
439.    A Victorian Jewellery Box, with mother of pearl inlay and escutcheon, a pair of silver hallmarked circular photograph frames, a further silver photo frame, pewter tobacco jar, Victorian souvenir paperweight, pop-up book, etc:- One Tray £15-25
440.    Army Badges, World War I medal, R. A. C. badge, early XX Century rectangular shaped box with a view of a church, child's puppet, etc:- One Tray £20-30
441.    Early XX Century Brass Inkwell Garniture Set, decorated with Pegasus horses, all on bun feet. £25-35
442.    A Pair of Early XX Century Tins, decorated with mount Fuji, together with a tin in the form of a case. £20-30
443.    Austin Read Gentleman's Black Bowler Hat, in a box labelled "Bates Gentlemen's Hatter, 21st Jermyn St". £15-20
444.    Two Volumes of South Yorkshire Joseph Hunter, with a new introduction by George R. Potter, republished 1974 by E.P. Publishing Ltd. £10-20
445.    A Roberts Transistor Radio Model R200, a pair of cased Jenoptem 8 x 30 binoculars, rock mineral samples, flower lights, boat rally plaques, cigarette cards, XIX Century turned wooden hooked implement (wool work?) with brass ferrules stamped Fischer(?):- One Tray £20-40
446.    A XIX Wall Barometer, Thornton geometry set, buttons, tin, etc:- One Tray £15-25
447.    A Collection of XX Century Topographical, Coastal, Seaside and Architectural Postcards. £15-25
448.    A Good Collection of Sea Shells, including abalone, star fish, conch, etc:- One Tray £20-40
449.    Pipe Stands, a pair of bookends, minerals, brass vesta cases, etc:- One Tray
450.    A Brass British Rail Pressure Gauge, by Budenberg and two inspection lamps. £20-30
451.    A Victorian Cast Iron Desk Stamp, a Universal avometer, chemical bottle, crucible pan, scissors, glasses, etc:- One Tray £15-30
452.    1920's Mahogany Cased Musical Mantel Clock, with an oval dial on scroll feet, together with a Smiths oak cased mantel clock. (2) £25-30
453.    Lima Italy Engine, Hornby Inter City 25 247, M5232 Royal Mail coach, and other trains and accessories in box. £30-40
454.    A Quantity of Elvis Presley Memorabilia, including LP's, magazines, bubblegum cards. £15-25
455.    A Pair of Mintons for Bass and Co Ltd Advertising Bottle Stands/Coasters, transfer printed "Bass in Bottle" in green on a white ground, diamanté 13cms, a pair of Wade Regicoy "Kings Ale" ashtrays and a collection of pottery pump brewery advertising cups, etc:- One Tray £15-25
456.    XIX Century Photographs, in period albums, Aristotle's works, other publications:- One Box £20-30
457.    Brass Casting of a Lion, together with a pair of brass elephants. (3) £15-20
458.    XIX Century Spelter Figure of a Disciple Sitting Down, holding a scroll. £25-45
459.    XX Century Brass Censor, with a dragon finial, together with a pair of oriental brass vases. £25-35
460.    A Lignum Vitae Carved Bust of a Bearded African Man Wearing a Hat, height 26cms, and a similar carving of woman with pleated hair. (2) £30-50
461.    An Art Deco Grouping of Two Antelope, mounted on a rectangular marble plinth, length 55.5cms. £60-80
462.    A XX Century German Kinder Style Gilded Brass Mantel Clock, under a glass dome. £20-30
463.    A Capo Di Monte Figural Group "The Cheats", signed Merli, on oval scrolled base, length 52cms, mounted on mahogany plinth. £70-100
464.    A Kundo Anniversary Clock, and a Bentima anniversary clock. (2) £15-25
465.    Two Lignum Vitae Carved Busts of African Men, and one similar model of an African woman, 17cms and smaller. £15-25
466.    A Kasuga Custom Deluxe Electric Guitar, with rhythm/ treble switch, and a LEO amplifier. £40-60
467.    XIX Century Walnut Brass Bound Writing Box, together with a XIX Century walnut sewing box with parquetry inlay. (2) £25-45
468.    A Painted Metal Ceiling Centre Light Chandelier, of wrythen foliate and flower head design, in pale green and pink. £20-40
469.    A Late XIX Century Early XX Century Brass Coal Scuttle, with a turned wooden handle, on bun feet, together with brass fire irons. £25-45
470.    1930's Frosted Glass Ceiling Light Shade, with coloured mottled wavy rim. £15-25
471.    A Circa 1900 American Shelf Clock, Thomaston CT, USA, pierced and moulded arched pediment, with fret cut appliques flanking gilt decorated glazed central door, plinth base (damaged). £15-25
472.    A Painted Fibre Glass Standing Model, reputedly of Esther Williams, on plinth base, height 88cms, and a painted plaster model of a grotesque. (2) £20-30
473.    An Early XX Century Brass Coal Bin, the lid with a finial and beadwork decoration, on paw feet. £25-45
474.    A Very Large Heavy Victorian Gladstone Bag, with brass lock. £40-50
475.    An Original Victorian Cast Iron Street Sign for Glenalmond Road, (Sheffield). £70-90
476.    Rock, Pop and General LP's, plus 78's. £10-20
477.    A Box of Old Toys and Games, including a 1940's jigsaw, Mabel Lucy Attwell books, wooden soldiers, etc. £10-20
478.    Edward's Dessicated Soup, Sobraine, Ostermilk, Army Club, Thornes and many other tin boxes:- One Box £15-25
479.    A Denis Wick of London Tuba Mute, a cased collection of 78rpm's, Rupert Brooke poems, souvenir booklets, sketch books, etc. £10-20
480.    A Gilt Brass Effect Centre Ceiling Light Fitting, triple rings suspending prismatic glass droplet spears. £30-50
481.    Cards, draughts and other games, etc, plus various albums of postcards:- One Box £15-25
482.    Travelling Case (lacking contents), together with wooden boxes, daguerreotype, "E" desk clip/paperweight, wooden pedestal dish, porcelain saucers, etc. £15-25
483.    Pine Table Top Cash Holder, with hinged top and five coin wells. £15-25
484.    A Cast Brass Four Branch Wall Light, of scrolled design, a matching two branch light, a pair of brass two branch wall lights with prismatic drops, and a gilt effect George III style two branch girandole wall light. (5) £20-40
485.    Persian Style Wool Rug, decorated with the tree of life and vase decoration. £40-60
486.    Persian Style Rug, with a floral border and nevette central motif. £30-50
487.    Laura Ashley Rectangular Wool and Cotton Rug, with pink floral and scroll design on a cream ground, 174 x 117cms. £10-20
488.    A XX Century Persian Style Silk Rug, with tassel ends, blue border and with hexagonal centre decoration, 140cms wide x 202cms long. £30-50
489.    Film Posters, including "Hawaii" (1966) "55 Days in Peking" (1963), "Hombre" (1967), plus two associated flyers, and "The Way West", various distribution artists. (6) £20-40
490.    Four Original Cinema Film Posters, including "The Train" (1964), "The Finest Hours" (1964) and two alternative versions of "Behold a Pale House" (1964), 76 x 102cms and smaller. (4) £20-40
491.    A Small Collection of Original Film Posters, Walt Disney, Pathé News posters, etc, including double bill Snow White and The Legend of Lobo, The Young Dick Turpin, Follow Me Boys, It Happens in Athens, 80,000 Suspects, plus film flyers, 76 x 102cms and smaller. £30-60
492.    A Victorian Style Rocking Zebra, on safety trestle, with brass plaque noting "Special Millennium Limited Edition to Mark Year 2008", Serial No. 17 of 50, height 129cms, length 153cms. £200-300
493.    A Small Cast Iron Safe "Thomas Skidmore Manufacturer Patent Wolverhampton", on a plinth base. £40-80
494.    XIX Century Rosewood Writing Box, with mother of pearl inlay, together with a XIX Century mahogany box. (2) £30-50
495.    A Pair of Gilded Brass Table Lamps, with cherub decoration, together with a similar table lamp. (3) £25-35
496.    Mid XX Century Gilded Brass Standard Lamp. £10-20
497.    A Pair of Oak Coopered Barrels, ends stamped "Barlow", 43cms high. (2) £30-50
498.    A Freestanding Double Hand Pull Beer Pump, ebonised and and brass fittings with chips, on mahogany and painted frame, with sprinklers and drip tray. £30-50
499.    A Dalex Freestanding Triple Pull Beer Pump, ebonised and chrome fittings with beer clips, mahogany casing with drip tray, decal to read "Self oiling hinge: Gaskell Chambers Ltd". £40-70
500.    A Freestanding Single Hand Pull Beer Pump, ebonised and metallic finish hand pull, mounted on a mahogany plinth. £20-30
501.    A Russell's Ales Lithograph on Tinplate Advertising Sign, Hancor Mitcham to base, moulded frame edging, 3 x 53cms. £30-50
502.    Breweriana, a collection of framed nationwide spirit/beer mats and labels, advertising mirrors, reproduction ale postcards, including items relating to SH Ward and Co Ltd, Sheaf Brewery Sheffield, and a Samuel Smith's Taddy beer advertising mount. (10) £20-30
503.    A "Bass in Bottle" Advertising Mirror, stamped "Property of Bass Radcliffe & Gretton Ltd", the moulded oak frame stamped "Bass & Co Ltd" and applied "By Appointment: Brewery to the King", with Royal Crest, 47 x 57cms. £40-80
504.    A Bisley Four Drawer Filing Cabinet. £15-25
505.    A Black Forest Style Wall Hanging Cuckoo Clock, with bird of paradise finial over face, with Roman numerals, applied label "Anton Brunz" to back. £20-40
506.    A Stained Oak Barometer/Thermometer, with carved foliate cresting. £5-15
507.    XIX Century Mahogany Stick Barometer, Chadburn Bros of Sheffield and Liverpool to silvered dial, bone backed thermometer and scale adjusters to body. £50-80
508.    A 1920's Oak Grandmother Clock, with beaded surround to domed hood, Westminster chimes movement, black Roman numerals to silvered dial. £30-50
509.    Early XX Century Oval Shaped Wall Mirror, with beadwork decoration, together with a rectangular shaped mirror. (2) £15-20
510.    A Mahogany Framed Wall Mirror, part pie crust edging to the top, with twin frosted bell strip to the mirror, overall 51 x 73cms. £20-40
511.    A "Laroche Parfum" Advertising Mirror, printed with an Art Nouveau maiden, after Mucha, 85 x 55cms. £20-25
512.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Ornamental Mirror, moulded dentil cornice supported on ring turned uprights, and triple shelving with a five mirror configuration and carved foliate panel. £10-20
513.    Pastel Signed by Sandra Orme "Nine Ladies in Summer", prints, woolwork picture, etc. £10-20
513A.   Dorothea Buxton-Hyde "Children Playing at the Side of a River" Oil on Canvas, signed lower right, 41 x 51cms. £50-80
514.    Richard Walker, Paul Klee and Bruges Prints, and three modern floral prints. (6) £10-20
515.    After Cesare Smith "Gamekeeper on a Woodland Path", Graphite Signed Colour Print, with ALA watermark, 39 x 54cms, and two limited edition graphite signed colour prints after Mick Cawston, "Flushed" 111/850 and "Otter in Winter" 536/850. (3) £15-25
516.    T. Leighton, a Pastel Study of a Hunting Scene in a Riverside Landscape, framed. £20-30
517.    Eric Entwisle Three Signed Watercolours, "Great Turnstile Lane from Lincolns Inn Fields", dated 1949, 31 x 22.5cms, "The Royal Stag, Datchet Village", dated 1950, and "The Pandora Inn, Restronguet", dated 1946. (3) £20-40
518.    A Pair of Late XIX/Early XX Century Oil Paintings of a Cottage and a River, one signed lower left. (2) £40-60
519.    Frank Saltfleet Watercolour of a Woodland Scene, signed lower right. £20-30
520.    Gwilym John Blockley Watercolour "Cotswold Barn", signed G. John Blockley lower right, Fraser Carver Gallery label and other details verso, 26 x 34.5cms. £40-80
521.    After Ade Breamster(?) A Lady Beside a Cottage Looking Towards the Harbour, Colour Print, 60 x 29cms, and a companion piece, both in circa 1960 moulded gilt gesso frames. (2) £15-25
522.    "XVIII Century Sailing Ships in Battle on Choppy Waters" an Oil Study, 49.5 x 59.5cms, in reproduction mahogany frame. £15-30
523.    In the Manner of W.E. Frost Oil on Panel of a Maiden's Head, 13.5 x 12.5cms. £20-30
524.    A Still Life of Fruit of a Cucumber and Tomatoes, signed Lily F. Whaite, together with a watercolour of a hall, with name G. Butcher on the mount. (2) £10-20
525.    Early XX Century Oil Paintings of a House a by a River, signed G. Jennings. £15-20
526.    After George Cunningham "The Markets", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print, 33 of 500, with watermark, 32 x 44cms. £20-40
527.    After George Cunningham "Church Street", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print, 199 of 350, with watermark, 30 x 44cms. £20-40
528.    William Greaves "Mountainous Landscape with Sheep and a Stream" Watercolour and Bodycolour, 23 x 33cms, and Herbert H. Bingley "Coastal Path with Grazing Sheep" watercolour (with tear), 26 x 36cms. Both framed. (2) £15-25
529.    Eric Entwisle Watercolour "Old Custom House, King's Lynn", signed and dated 1947 lower right, 29.5 x 24.5cms, together with a simialr "Hyde Park" and "West Side Aspley House, Hyde Park", both dated 1950. (3) £20-40
530.    A Photograph Print by Lafayette, of Field Marshall Lord Roberts, Commander in Chief of The British Army, two circa 1960 photographs of Cawporee, a Victorian printed glass plaque, a watercolour harbour scene, etc. (5) £10-20
531.    Watercolour Circa 1920's of a Panaromanic View of Scarborough, north and south bays, 27 x 68cms. £20-30
532.    Dorothea Buxton-Hyde "Pastoral Landscape with Hayfield" Oil on Canvas, signed lower left, 13 x 17.7cms, and four others similar by the same hand. (5) £40-60
533.    An Early XX Century Watercolour, of rocks in a river and trees in the background, (unsigned). £25-35
534.    E. Midwood Watercolour of a Rural Farmstead, 35 x 53cms. £15-25
535.    After George Cunningham "Saturday Night", Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Print, 485 of 500, with watermark, 18.5 x 33cms, together with a Terry Gorman graphite signed colour print "The Wicker", and one other George Cunningham print. (3) £20-30
536.    Daradici Constantin Pastel of an Abstract, 19.5 x 14.5cms, Olga Shipston oil "Thro my Window", 28.5 x 38.5cms, both details verso. £15-25
537.    Still Life Oil Painting of Flowers in a Vase, signed Velosi Kirkby, print of Dore Village, prints of Norton Church and Dore Church. (8) £15-25
538.    Beldlinzarah(?) Oil on Canvas, 29 x 68.5cms, multicoloured figural scene, two prints, Anton Pieck decoupage. (4) £10-20
539.    Eric Entwisle Three Signed Watercolours, "Postbox by Country House", dated 1939, 17 x 23cms, "Tudor House", dated 1948, and a tranquil harbour scene dated 1946. £20-40
540.    English School, Portrait of a Lady, Oil on Canvas, pine frame, 30.5 x 24.5cms, and a river landscape with church and mountains, oil on copper, verso etched GRIFFIER, 27 x 35.5cms. (2) £15-25
541.    K. Cherrington Watercolour of 1920's/1930's Street Scene with Distant Figures, 28.5 x 37.5cms, together with a Reginald Day pair of watercolours, of rural riverside scenes, signed and dated 1905. (3) £25-40
542.    A Pair of Prints of Babies, in oval frames, steel engraving, oil painting of galleons, etc. £10-20
543.    XIX Century Watercolour by Edvaldsson of a Panoramic Landscape, signed indistinctly, 21 x 36cms, together with an attributed to Enid Walcott watercolour landscape and still life watercolour. (3) £15-25
544.    XIX Century Engraving After J.E. Millais "Sewing onto a Tricorn Hat", 57 x 42cms. £20-40
545.    A Mid XX Century Circular Shaped Display Cabinet, with central glass tubes, silvered glass and two internal doors, on a shaped base. £40-60
546.    An Early XX Century Three High Oak Matched Globe Wernicke Bookcase. £100-150
547.    An Edwardian Oak Book Cabinet, with twin lead glaze upper doors over two drawers, and two panelled cupboard doors, on plinth base. £100-150
548.    A XIX Century Oak Side Table, relief carved decoration of a flowerhead roundal with foliage, lunette borders, a green man handle to the single frieze drawer, on barley twist supports with undertier. £50-100
549.    An Oak Church Lectern, on cruciform base. £20-30
550.    A XX Century Mahogany Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising incurved double wardrobe, plain frieze flanked by foliate capped and reeded supports, a matching compactum and dressing table. (3) £80-120
551.    A Pair of XIX Century Carved Oak Chairs, the backs heavily carved with mythological animals and C scroll decoration, upholstered seats, on turned and block supports, united by H stretchers. £50-100
552.    An Early XIX Century Oak Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, stepped cornice, mahogany frieze, panelled door, two internal shelves. £30-50
553.    A 1920's Three Piece Suite, comprising drop arm settee, together with two armchairs. £30-50
554.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Upholstered Three Piece Lounge Suite, comprising two seater sofa and two armchairs, buttoned back with star motifs on a deep red field, together with a matching nursing chair. (4) £20-40
555.    A Late XVIII Century Oak Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with a dentil cornice, mahogany frieze, bow fronted doors. £40-60
556.    A Georgian Oak Corner Cupboard, having moulded cornice over twin panelled doors, with H hinges. £15-30
557.    Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with low back, astragal doors, tapering legs on spade feet (damaged side panels). £50-90
558.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Four Piece Light Oak Bedroom Suite, comprising double wardrobe, compactum, five heights chest of drawers and a two heights dressing chest with two trinket drawers below twin arm light fittings. (4) £30-60
559.    Three Vintage School Chairs, with rail backs. £15-25
560.    A 1970's Teak Coffee Table, with rectangular top and slatted undershelf. £10-20
561.    A Pair of Ercol Beech Comb Back Chairs, on "H" stretchered legs. (2) £20-40
562.    A Pair of Circa 1957 Golden Oak Three Heights Corner Shelves, height 85cms. (2) £20-40
563.    A Circa 1900 American Rocking Chair, heavy ring turned supports and spindles, ceramic castors. £15-35
564.    A 1920's Oak Hallstand, with a mirror on a panelled back over a glove compartment, on square supports. £25-45
565.    A Victorian Stained Pine Travel Chest, with metal strapwork and candle box, printed Serg. H. Boyer, 2nd Battalion K. O. S. B. £40-60
566.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Set of Four Light Oak Dining Chairs, and similar draw leaf table, on splayed legs. (5) £30-50
567.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Light Oak Bedroom Suite, comprising double wardrobe, compact, dressing table and headboard. (4) £30-50
568.    A G-Plan Teak Sideboard, with left hand fall front compartment, over three drawers and four cupboard doors. £20-30
569.    Homeworthy Teak Gents and Ladies Wardrobes. £10-20
570.    A Pair of Circa 1900 Oak Bed Ends, plain slat end and central splat with carved stylised Art Nouveau foliate motif, with irons. £15-30
571.    A Circa 1970's G-Plan Teak Nest of Tables. £15-30
572.    A Wall Hanging Bow Fronted Oak Display Cabinet, with twin glazed leaded doors, together with an early XX Century balloon back chair. £10-20
573.    A Small Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with four graduated drawers, on bracket feet, (converted). £40-60
574.    Oak Occasional Table, on cup and cover supports and slender drop leaf table. (2) £15-25
575.    An Oak Sideboard, fitted with four frieze drawers, each with carved stylised foliate motifs, all over four panelled cupboard doors, stile ends. £10-25
576.    A Circa 1900 Mahogany Washstand, three quarter galleried back, reeded frieze on ring turned tapering legs. £15-25
577.    Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Oval Occasional Table, with central batwing cartouche, undershelf, tapering legs having spade feet. £30-50
578.    A Circa 1970's Teak Sideboard, with fold over handles and tapering legs, together with a dressing table with swivel jewel drawers. £20-30
579.    A Golden Oak Occasional Table, in the manner of E. Gomme, squared top on tapering pedestal and stepped plinth base, and a further golden oak occasional table. (2) £10-20
580.    A G-Plan Teak Circular Dining Table, and six rail back chairs. £30-50
581.    A 1920's Mahogany Tub Chair, with pierced splat. £10-20
582.    *WITHDRAWN*
A Very Large Joined Pine Blanket Box, with hinged top, 124 x 80 x 73cms. £10-20
583.    Three Vintage Pub Stools, all with label for "Gaskell & Chambers Ltd Dalex Works Birmingham". £15-25
584.    A Victorian Stained Pine Chest, fitted with candle box, metal strapwork, labelled Serg. H. Boyer, 2nd Battalion K. O. S. B. (Kings Own Scottish Borderers). £30-40
585.    A Victorian Stained Pine Chest, fitted with candle and two frieze drawers. £25-50
586.    A Vintage Coffee Table, chrome frame with removable top featuring a 1960's circular splash design. £40-60
587.    A Victorian Mahogany Sidetable, plain top with galleried back, reeded single frieze drawer and ring turned tapering legs. £10-20
588.    A XIX Century Bamboo Hexagonal Shaped Table, with undershelf on splayed feet. £10-20
589.    A Light Oak Sideboard, with left cupboard housing tray, twin cupboard and single drawer. £20-40
590.    Colonola Oak Gramophone, circa 1920's, together with winder and a quantity of 78RPM records. £15-20
591.    An Edwardian Mahogany Octagonal Shaped Table, with satin wood crossband, batwing inlay, shaped legs, united by stretchers, with undershelf. £30-50
592.    A Victorian Pine Kitchen Table, rectangular top with roundel ends, fitted with single drop leaf and frieze drawer, on ring turned legs. £30-50
593.    A Light Oak Chest of Three Drawers, sideboard and two cream bedside cupboards. £15-25
594.    A Light Oak Slope Front Bookcase, with glazed sliding sliding doors, and corner bookcase. £20-40
595.    An Early XX Century Oak Bureau, with a fall front, fitted interior, central well, two short drawers over two long drawers, on bracket feet. £40-60
596.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Corner Four Sectional Cabinet/ Bookcase, the corner cupboard with single frieze drawer flanked by twin glazed bookcase and further bookcase. (4) £30-60
597.    A Reproduction Mahogany Circular Revolving Bookcase, with a crossbanded top, green leather scriver, three small drawers over open shelves, on splayed legs. £30-40
598.    A Pair of Mid XX Century Child's Comb Back armchairs, shaped seats on stretchered legs. (2) £20-30
599.    An Early XX Century Walnut Coal Bin, with a low shaped back, fall front, bracket feet. £20-30
600.    A Light Oak Hanging Corner Cupboard, with glazed door, and an oak blanket box. (2) £15-30
601.    A XIX Century Mahogany and Elm Pedestal Table, with a circular top, turned pedestal, on cabriole legs. £20-30
602.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Light Oak Dressing Table, and chest of four drawers. £30-40
603.    A Golden Oak Two Heights Tea Trolley, on block and turned supports. £10-20
604.    A XX Century Walnut Bureau, with a fall front, fitted interior, single long drawer over cupboard doors, on cabriole legs. £15-25
605.    A Mahogany Nest of Tables, shaped rectangular tops on slender legs. £10-15
606.    An E. Gomme for G-Plan Light Oak Chest of Five Drawers. £20-40
607.    An Early XX Century Armchair, with a caned back and seat, shaped arms, on tapering legs, spade feet. £25-45
608.    An E. Gomme For G-Plan Golden Oak Dining Room Suite, comprising draw leaf table with six matching dining chairs, and a sideboard with shelving. (8) £30-50
609.    Oak Extending Dining Table, on tapering legs labelled "The Forway Table". £15-25
610.    Art Nouveau Oak Purdonium, with low back, iron and oxidised copper handle, centre panel and hinges, having stylised floral decoration to fall front. £30-50
611.    A Circa 1900 Marble Topped Oak Washstand, stylised carved foliate strip in the Art Nouveau taste and tiled splashback, all over cupboard doors, on squared legs, brass castors, and a matching three heights dressing chest. (2) £40-70
612.    A Victorian Mahogany Four Heights Chest of Drawers, comprising two short and three long drawers, turned handles with mother of pearl rosette inlay, all on turned feet. £30-50
613.    A Reproduction Mahogany Circular Revolving Bookcase, with a crossbanded top, red leather scriver, with three small drawers over open shelves, on splayed legs. £30-40
614.    An XVIII Century Oak Chest of Drawers. £80-100
615.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Four Heights Graduated Chest of Drawers, with flamed mahogany panels, on turned circular supports. £30-50
616.    XIX Century Mahogany Straight Front Chest of Two Short and Four Long Graduated Drawers, with half split pilasters and turned knobs (two absent) (split). £60-100
617.    A Victorian Walnut Nursing Chair, buttoned hoop back, leaf capped cabriole legs, scrolled feet with brass and ivorine castors. £50-80
618.    1920's Mahogany Bow Fronted Display Cabinet, with low back, gadrooned border, astragal doors on squat, cabriole legs having ball and claw feet. £40-60
619.    Set of Four XIX Century Oak Dining Chairs, each having pierced splat, carved scroll top rail on tapering legs. £30-50
620.    A Victorian Mahogany Breakfast Table, moulded edge on heavy ring turned and baluster column, with shaped tripod feet with "C" scrolls. £40-60
621.    Edwardian Mahogany Window Table, with shaped top and undershelf united by sabre legs. £20-40
622.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Extending Dining Table, having two additional leaves on circular ring turned fluted legs, on porcelain castors.
623.    A Matched Set of Ten mahogany Queen Anne Style Chairs, one armchair, nine single chairs, with shaped splat's, drop in seats on cabriole legs, pad feet. £40-60
624.    A XX Century Pedestal Table, with a circular top, turned pedestal, shaped legs. £20-30
625.    A Set of Four Light Ercol Dining Chairs, with comb backs. £30-50
626.    A Large XIX Century Painted Pine Blanket Box, with hinged lid, having moulded edge, on porcelain castors. £30-50
627.    A 1920's Upholstered Armchair, on reeded bun feet. £20-30
628.    A Reproduction Mahogany Davenport, fall front below hinged stationery box, foliate carved scrolled supports and fitted with four side drawers. £40-70
629.    XIX Century Farmhouse Ladder Back Armchair. £20-30
630.    A Late XX Century Chaise Longue, in cream brown stripe cloth upholstery with bolster. £100-120
631.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, three long drawers, on a plinth base. £80-120
632.    A Reproduction Mahogany Canterbury, with a carrying handle, rail supports, single drawer, on turned legs. £15-25
633.    A Victorian Mahogany Pembroke Table, D ends, fitted with single frieze drawer and dummy drawer, on squared tapering legs, brass castors. £20-30
634.    An Early XX Century Writing Table, with a rectangular top, with a hinged lid, fitted interior, on turned legs. £40-60
635.    An Early XX Century Walnut Breakfronted Cabinet, with two cupboard doors. £20-40
636.    A 1920's Mahogany Bureau, with a fall front fitted interior, three graduated drawers, on carved cabriole legs, claw and ball feet. £40-60
637.    A Pair of Cream Floral Wing Armchairs. £15-25
638.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, top with moulded edge over two short and two long flame mahogany drawers, on plinth base. £60-90
639.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, crossbanded top and boxwood stringing, and fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers above shaped apron piece, with ivory escutcheons. £30-50
640.    An Early XIX Century Oak Bureau, with a fall front, fitted interior, with two small drawers over two cupboard doors, on bracket feet. £20-30
641.    A Reproduction Mahogany Bon De Jour, having a bank of six central drawers, flanking cupboard doors over leather scriver, on swept stretchered legs, lyre ends. £50-80
642.    A Georgian Mahogany Three Heights Graduated Chest of Drawers, all under brushing slide, on plinth base with bracket feet. £80-120
643.    1920's Oak Office Tub Chair, with rail back. £30-50
644.    XIX Century Mahogany and Marble Washstand, with gallery top, button handles to three drawers over twin cupboard doors, shaped kneehole compartment. £80-120
645.    A XX Century Gilded French Style Bedroom Chair, with a caned back, upholstered seat, on turned and reeded legs. £30-50
646.    An Ercol Two Seater Settee, with rail sides and back, and blue floral cushions. £30-50
647.    An Early XX Century Walnut Framed Two Seater Settee, with scroll carving to hand rests and cabriole legs. £80-120
648.    An Early XX Century Satin Wood Two Seater Settee, on tapering legs, spade feet. £60-100
649.    A Late XIX Century Armchair, with upholstered back, seat and arms, with turned arm supports and turned legs. £30-50
650.    XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Armchair, with spindles to upper back, turned supports, dished seat and "H" stretcher. £50-70
651.    A Set of Six XIX Century Mahogany Hepplewhite Shield Back Chairs, on tapering stretchered legs, (five singles and one carver). £10-20
652.    A Large XIX Century Pine Storage Cupboard, having fixed inner shelves, stepped pediment, panelled doors and plinth base. £80-120
653.    An Early XX Century Five High Matched Globe Wernicke Bookcase.
654.    A Pair of Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Bedroom Chairs, another pair having macrame seats. (4) £15-20
655.    A Late Victorian Mahogany Mirror Back Sideboard, moulded cornice on ring turned supports and candle shelves with triple bevelled mirror back, all over two frieze drawers and foliate carved and reeded cupboard doors, ball feet. £20-40
656.    An Oak Coffee Table, with a circular top, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £10-20
657.    A Persian Style Hardwood Folding "X" Framed Seat, inlaid with bone lozenge and star motifs within scrolled stringing. £15-25
658.    A Victorian Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers, all with ebony stringing, shaped apron piece. £40-60
659.    A Demi Lune Side Table, marble top on an ormolu mount, modelled as a putti with foliate lower half, and a similar marble effect and gilt wood demi lune side table, and a mahogany framed marble topped occasional table. (3) £20-30
660.    A Set of Four Victorian Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs, solid seats on ring turned tapering legs. (4) £20-30
661.    A Circa 1900 Oak Arts and Crafts Mirror Fronted wardrobe, moulded cornice over inlaid stylised floral motifs and copper hinges to the door, all over single drawer. £80-100
662.    A Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, bobbin beading over four short drawers flanking central hat drawer, over three long graduating drawers, all with satinwood stringing, reeded canted ends with shaped apron piece. £60-100
663.    A XIX Century Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror, with a rectangular mirror, shaped supports, moulded plinth base. £25-45
664.    A Victorian Mahogany Toilet Mirror Frame, with flattened arched surround, supported on barley twist and finial uprights, all on shaped serpentine marble topped base, (no mirror). £20-40
665.    An Ebonised Vase Stand, in the Chinese fashion, circular top with elongated Greek key pattern border, foliate and shell carved apron, supported on four serpent legs, with undertier. £20-40
666.    A Mahogany Occasional Table, with turned baluster column on tripod base. £15-25
667.    A XIX Century Ash Armchair, with turned rail supports, on turned legs united by stretchers, (cut down). £20-40
668.    A XIX Century Mahogany Mirror Back Sideboard, mirror with flanking brackets, breakfront base with a central drawer over cupboard doors, flanking cupboard doors, on a plinth base. £100-150
669.    A Circa 1900 Stained Pitch Pine Towel Rail, on ring turned and block supports, with urn finials, all on arched feet. £20-40
670.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Flat Fronted Glazed Corner Cupboard, with a dentil cornice, glazed astragal doors, four internal shelves. £50-100
671.    A XIX Century Mahogany Bed Footboard, with arched and scroll decoration and raised panel with rails, and mahogany foot on bun feet. £40-60
672.    Three Light Ercol Armchairs, with spindle rail backs, (no cushions). £20-30