Medals & Militaria plus Model Railway Sale on
Thursday 2nd July 2015

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1.      A Quantity of Different Styled Army Camouflage Trousers, and a size 8 men's Magnum boots. 20-40
2.      A WWII Tommy Helmet, gas mask, kit bag, plus a quantity of military badges, coins, trench art, pictures, powder flask among other items. 30-50
3.      Three Army Armour Body, Fragmentation Protective Vests with Heavyweight Filling. By Rachmann Manufacturing, James Smith and Co., and Kings Point Manufacturing. Together with another vest, mosquito net and sundries. 20-40
4.      A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Military Canvass Bags, webbed belts and associated items. Contained in two boxes. 20-40
5.      A Quantity of Mid XX Century British Military Equipment, including a wind finding attachment, headsets, microphone sets, parts of magnetron among other items. 30-50
6.      A WWII Tommy Helmet, gas mask and canvas bag. 15-25
7.      A Quantity of XX Century Lead Flat Military Figures and Cannons. Many depicting XVIII styles. 20-40
8.      Four Ornamental/Decorative Sabers, with scabbards. 20-30
9.      A Marconi R1155 Radio Receiver Mid XX Century, often used in Lancaster Bombers, plus a later military radio receiver bearing a last serviced date of 1981. 50-100
10.     A Pair of Military, Possibly Naval Electric Rangefinder (?) Binoculars, approximately 11" wide (29cms) by 9" deep (23cms). No immediately obvious markings, contained in a purpose built wooden box. 30-50
10A.    A XIX Century Ivory Grip Pesh Kabz Dagger, with leather covered scabbard, a Continental stiletto dagger with triangular blade, and a XIX Century kukri in scabbard. 100-150
11.     A Quantity of Used Ordnance, including thirty smaller calibre mounted on a wooden display and some form of illuminating or incendiary casing. 20-40
12.     A Talwar/Indian Curved Sabre, plus on later decorative sabre. Both in scabbards. Both poor condition. 25-40
13.     A British Army "Tommy" Helmet, and a NATO ES MK 6 combat helmet 1984 kevlar by N. E. I Electronics Ltd. 20-30
14.     A Late XIX Century Martin Henry Rifle, breech loading. In poor condition, with corrosion and parts missing and broken. 30-50
15.     A Mid XIX Century Percussion Carbine of Indian or Similar Origin. Barrel and lock stamped. Re-varnished and barrel loose. Overall length 98cms. 20-40
16.     A Webley Service Air Rifle MkII 0.22 Calibre, leave spring barrel release. Walnut stock. Some pitting to all areas. Plus, a hints on shooting and a quantity of pellets, including an unopened tin of "wasp" pellets. Serial no. S2259 150-250
17.     A Healthways Top Scorer Sharpshooter 175 AB Air Pistol, appears unused. Boxed with all paperwork. 20-40
18.     A WWII Artillery Director No.7 Mk1, by Cooke, Troughton & Simms 1924. In original leather case. Plus, a telescopic sight No.220 Mk1, in original packaging, stamped "A. Forbes". 40-60
19.     An 1845 Pattern British Infantry Offices Sword. Approximately 82cms fullered slightly curved blade, bearing floral decoration and Royal cypher. Brass hilt with Victorian cypher and snake skin wired grip. Complete with scabbard. 60-100
20.     A British George IV 1822 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword, fish skin grip with wire, knuckle guard bears Royal Cypher and is bent, folding side ring in place. Wear to curved 82cms blade. Missing scabbard. 30-50
21.     A XX Century Sword Stick of Indian Origin, with brass lion head pommel, circa 90cms long. 20-40
21A.    Two XIX Century Personal Protection Swords. A steel knuckle bow to 66cms blade, and a brass knuckle bow to a 67cms blade. Both missing scabbards. 60-100
22.     A 1856 Pattern British Pioneer Saw, 57cms sawback blade with indistinct stamp, circa 1900. Brass grip stamped with WD arrow. Complete with leather and brass scabbard. 70-100
23.     An 1856 Pattern British Pioneers Saw, 57cms sawback blade stamped with WD arrow and 1893 date stamp. Brass grip and knuckle guard, complete with leather and brass scabbard. 70-100
24.     American P17 WWI Bayonet, by Remington. Fullered 43cms blade, complete with scabbard and belt hanger. 30-50
25.     A 1907 Pattern British Bayonet. 43cms fullered blade, stamped with WD arrow and George cypher. Complete with scabbard. 25-40
26.     A WWI P17 United States of America Bayonet by Remington, fullered 43cms blade, complete with scabbard and frog. 30-50
27.     A XIX Century French Sabre Bayonet, with ribbed brass grip and spring catch operating. No.13785. Blade blackened. Complete with scabbard. 20-40
28.     A XIX Century African Short Sword, 49cms, double edged blade to ivory carved handle, snakeskin covered scabbard, rusting to blade, scabbard broken in two. 40-60
29.     A XIX Century French Sabre Bayonet, ribbed brass grip, spring catch operative. Pitting and wear. Blackened blade. Complete with scabbard. 20-30
30.     American P17 WWI Bayonet, by Remington. Fullered 43cms blade, complete with scabbard and belt hanger. 30-50
31.     A Late XIX Century French Sabre Bayonet, with ribbed brass grip, No.97463, with scabbard. Scabbard no. matches. 30-50
32.     Approximately Two Hundred Military Cap Badges, Buttons and Other Regimental Insignia, mainly British including Royal Artillery, Guards Regiments, County Regiments among many others. Restrikes noted. 250-400
33.     A Mid XX Century Despatch Riders Helmet, with original leather liner and chin strap in place. Plus, an army service corps hat badge. 40-80
34.     A WWI Sketch Book, containing approximately forty black and white pen and ink military sketches. Mostly satire. 30-50
35.     A Mid XX Century Desk Top Model of a V2 Rocket, made of wood with aluminium tail pieces, with 28cms tail. 20-30
36.     A 1940 Pattern German Helmet. No decals, replacement liner. 25-40
37.     A Swagger Stick, with blade (44cms long) to pommel, bearing arms of the Norfolk Regiment. 30-50
38.     A Quantity of 1930's German Third Reich Pictures, to be stuck into various albums. All appear unused, plus associated items. 20-30
39.     A Small Quantity Reproduction Medals, including Victoria Cross and George Cross amongst others. 15-25
40.     A Set of Seven Mid XX Century Composition "Elastolin" of Germany Mounted Household Cavalry, 10cms high. One tail broken. In original box. 80-120
41.     A German Third Reich Deutsche Reichbahn Soup Bowl, white with rim decoration and DR decoration with Swastika and Eagle, stamped "Nymphenburg" to base, 24ms diameter. 100-150
42.     A WWII British Brass Tel Elevation No.10 Mk1, Reg no.9816, with WD Arrow. 20-30
43.     A Cast Ink Well in the Form of a Gun Turret, made from metal from HMS Tiger, a WWII Battlecruiser scrapped in 1932. Made by Thomas W. Ward Ltd, Albion Works, Sheffield. 60-100
44.     An RAF Mark IV Tautness Meter, by Stanley of London. In lacquered and black enamelled brass, with MOD arrow. In fitted case. 30-50
45.     A Well Made WWII Model Diorama, entitled "Long Range Desert Group", depicting two vehicles and a soldier, 38 x 21cms. 20-30
46.     Three U. S. Army Style WWII and Post War Helmets. 20-30
47.     A Military Modeler's Diorama, using mainly Britains soldiers of the line. Approximately twenty five figures, many with enhanced paint finish. Base 60 x 28cms. 50-80
48.     A First Half of XX Century French Infantry Steel Helmet, missing liner, plus a late "Tommy" helmet with camouflage and lining. 20-40
49.     A Quantity of 1930's German Third Reich Collectors Cards and Photographs, all black and white, all contained in three later albums. 20-40
50.     A WWII American Machete, single sided blade, 38cms long, stamped "Legitimus Collins & Co", No.1250. Some rusting to blade, complete with leather scabbard. 20-40
51.     A Mid XX Century Fairburn-Sykes Fighting Knife, double edged 16cms blade, bent tip, blackened blade, and missing sheath. 30-50
52.     Two 1888 Pattern Bayonets, a MkI and a MkII, both showing signs of wear. MkII blade may have been shortened. Both missing scabbards. 25-40
53.     A Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife, double sided 17cms blade, polished. Blackened brass grip, complete with leather scabbard. 40-60
54.     The Remnants of a XX Century Japanese Katana, two kukri without sheaths, and a decorative Persian style knife. 30-50
55.     Two WWII British Despatch Rider Helmets. Both with liners, possibly replacements. 40-60
56.     Approximately Sixty Cap Badges, mainly British, but Commonwealth noted, including Royals Scots Fusiliers, Military Police and Devonshires among many others. Some restrikes. 100-200
57.     Approximately Forty Five United Nations Medals, covering 1950's to the early 2000's. All different. 150-250
58.     Four Reproduction Fairbairn Sykes Fighting Knives, plus another. 30-50
59.     A Pair of Mid XX Century Field Binoculars, by A. Kershaw and Son. With WD stamp, in a leather case. 15-25
60.     "After Pretoria" Volumes One and Two, and the "Flag to Pretoria" Volumes One and Two, by H.W. Wilson, 1902. All half calf. 20-30
61.     Two Military Figures. A Marine Bandsman fully painted, 20cms high, and a 1980's Paratrooper, 23cms high. 15-25
62.     A 1940 Pattern German Helmet. Correct liner. Painted with later decal. 20-40
63.     Two Reproduction British Medals. Air Crew Star and Q6II South Atlantic medal. Plus a quantity of Atlas Ribbon pin badges. 15-25
64.     A Chinese Brass Dagger, white metal wirework grip, brass sheath decorated with a mythical beast entwined amongst foliage. 20-30
65.     A Copper Powder Flask, by James Dixon and Sons of Sheffield, plus a WWI War Medal to T4-042220 Dvr J. Norris ASC. 20-40
66.     Three British "Pig" Bayonets, a military fighting knife, and a British rifle ammunition clip. 20-40
67.     Five Reproduction Firearms. Based on XIX Century and earlier handguns. 20-40
68.     A Small Quantity of Mainly Mid XX Century Brass Shell Cases, and two pig stick bayonets with scabbards. 20-40
69.     Two Pieces of What Are Believed to be WWII POW Items from Burma, a pair of bone chopsticks in a simple wooden box and a fan. Plus, a bamboo musical pipe. 20-40
70.     A Mid XX Century British Military Beret, an American military peak cap, a small quantity of cloth badges among associated items. 20-30
71.     Military Modelling Magazine 1975 and 1976 Bound in Two Volumes, with military headdress by Col. Robert Rankin, two other military themed books and a number of "tea type" cards, depicting German military uniforms. 10-20
72.     Three Reproduction German Third Reich Daggers, including RAD, SS and Luftwaffe. All with sheaths. 30-50
73.     Two Model XIX Century Ships Cannons, and a pewter model of a German 88mm gun. 20-40
74.     Four Reproduction German Third Reich Daggers, including a Luftwaffe, two SS (one damaged) and a Hitler Youth. Plus, two toy guns. 30-50
75.     A Pair of Mid XX Century British Flying Goggles, with spare lenses among other military related items including belts. 30-50
76.     A Leeds City Police Truncheon, with turned handle and a copy of City Leeds Police P.T. Russell and others. 20-30
77.     A WWI 1914 Christmas Tin, plus three pieces of trench art. 20-30
78.     Three Reproduction German Third Reich Daggers, including RAD, SS and Luftwaffe. All with sheaths. 30-50
79.     An SLR Bayonet with Scabbard, a small quantity of reproduction Third Reich badges and a mid XX Century Red Cross armband, among associated items. 25-40
79A.    Five XIX Century and XX Century Koshes, including a WWI trench type. 60-100
80.     A Quantity of Mainly Military Berets. Many colours, some with badges. 20-40
81.     Two 1950's Military Periscope Heads, by Cooke, Troughton & Simms, Ltd. Both in original packaging (one unopened), together with a tin of used Meccano among other items. 25-40
82.     A Quantity of Military Forage Caps, camouflage caps and FEZ's. All second half XX Century. Some with badges. 20-40
83.     Six Mid XX Century World War Helmets, of different design and country of origin, including Belgium and Eastern Europe. 20-40
84.     A Mid XX Century British Military Range Finder, a hand held generator and GEC military valve and an American military field telephone. 30-50
85.     A Quantity of 1950's and Later Peak Military and Associated Caps. German and Canadian noted. 25-40
86.     A Large British WWII Paraffin Blowtorch by Monitor, stamped "No.79" with WD arrow and "1940". 20-40
87.     An Early XIX Century Truncheon, of a simple turned style, with painted crown and GR III cypher, 38cms long, plus a pair of turn key handcuffs. 30-50
88.     A WWII RAF DFM Medal Group. Made up of a Distinguished Flying Medal, Africa Star, Italy Star, France Germany Star, 1939-45 Star, War Medal to F/ Lieut 1045555 Thomas Dickinson, RAF. Also included are original flying log, photographs, Kings Badge, memoirs and other associated items.

Thomas Dickinson was born 1923 and trained with The Royal Canadian Air Force and qualified as a first pilot on Wellington's and Halifax in December 1942/ January 1943. By March 1943 Sgt Dickinson was with RAF 148 Squadron, a Special Duties Squadron based in Libya flying Halifax aircraft, many for the Special Operations Executive. In May 1943 Dickinson piloted a Halifax on a mission to drop Bill Deakin (later Sir William Deakin) to meet up and act as GCHQ representative with the Yugoslav Resistance and Tito. Deakin was parachuted in over the mountains Montenegro. Due to bad weather Dickinson spent over two hours near the drop zone waiting for the weather to clear. It was for this mission Dickinson was awarded the DFM. A copy of the RAF bulletin is in the lot and makes a typical "SOE" mention of the task. The episode is also mentioned in Deakins biography, "The Embattled Mountain". By early 1944 Dickinson had retrained on Mosquito's and joined 692 Squadron flying missions over Europe. On June 28th 1944, with over 1000 logged flying hours, Dickinson was forced to crash land his Mosquito in a corn field near Antingham in East Anglia following engine failure. A crash he was lucky to survive. There is a letter with a first hand account of the crash by his navigator in the lot. F/L Thomas Dickinson did not fly again in the war, leaving the RAF in July 1946 and returning to Gateshead.

Footnote: Bill Deakins wife was Pussy Deakin, an SOE Operative on whom Ian Fleming based his James Bond character "Pussy Galore" in Goldfinger. 1000-2000
89.     A WWII Medal Quartet to T231490 Pte F. H. Rowe, Royal Army Service Corps made up of War Medal, Africa Star with 1st Army bar, 1939-45 Star, and Italy Star. The lot also includes a large quantity of paperwork and other items relating to Pte Rowe. Including photographs, badges, letters, military papers, wartime newspapers, military memos, a Mercedes Benz car badge among many other items.

* Francis Harry Rowe from Kirkby-in-Ashfield was born 16 July 1914 and before the war he was a driver/ labourer. He enlisted in November 1940 and joined The Royal Army Service Corps qualifying as a driver and motor mechanic. Assigned to the 78th Infantry Division, "The Battleaxe Division", he saw action in Tunisia, Sicily and Italy. He left the army in May 1946. 100-200
90.     A WWII and Later Royal Navy Medal Group of Eight, to Chief Radio Supervisor Norman Guest, No.J246402. Made up of War Medal, 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star with Pacific Bar, Italy Star, QEII Royal Naval Meritorious Service Medal, QEII Royal Naval Long Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal and British Empire Medal. The lot also contains the service record, BEM paperwork, and a photograph among other items. A very interesting lot.

* A Sheffield man, Norman Guest was born in 1924 and enlisted in 1941. He saw service on many ships, including HMS Unicorn (aircraft carrier) and HMS Gambia among others, raising to the rank of Chief Radio Supervisor and ending his career as Commander of HMS Hallam (RNR Sheffield) in 1986 after forty five years service. 200-400
91.     A WWI 1914-15 Star to 5572 Pte. J. Come, Cyclist Corps, a Victory Medal to 11922 Pte. H. Yeomans, Notts and Derby, plus a Sunday School Medal and associated items in a Jacobs Biscuits tin. 20-40
92.     A QEII British Empire Medal, to Dennis MacDonald. Boxed. 30-50
93.     A WWI Medal Trio, to 50396 Gnr H.J. Tilbury, Royal Artillery - War Medal, Victory Medal and 1914-15 Star. 30-50
94.     A Group of Six WWII Medals, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, Italy Star, Atlantic Star and Africa Star, together with OHMS box. 25-40
95.     Eight Russian Medals and Commemorative Medals, all appear to be from the communist era. All different. 25-40
96.     A WWII German War Merit Medal, Third Reich tinnies, Customs hat badge and Women Work Badge among other associated items. Some reproductions noted. 50-80
97.     1915 Lusitania Medal, British Version, portraying the lost moments of the Lusitania before she sank after being torpedoed by a German U-Boat. 20-30
98.     A Quantity of Reproduction German Third Reich Awards and Campaign Honours. 40-60
99.     Three 1930's German Third Reich Mothers Enamel Crosses. Two gold, one bronze. All showing signs of wear. 20-30
100.    Four WWII Medals, two War Medals, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, plus a small quantity of hat badges. 20-30
101.    A Group of Medals Representing the WWII Group of Eight, awarded to No. 117548 Captain (T/Major) R.G. Martin of 44th Royal Tank Regiment, comprising War medal, Defence medal, Italy star, 1939-45 star, France Germany star, Africa star with North Africa 1942-43 bar, George VI Efficiency decoration. The group also contains what is believed to be a reproduction Military Cross. Also included are some copy photographs and paperwork relating to Capt. Martin.
*Capt. Ralph George Martin was awarded the Military Cross during the Battle of Primsole Bride on 18/19th July 1943. 80-150
102.    A WWI Pocket Sextant by a London Maker (stamp indistinct), complete with cover and leather case. 40-60
103.    A WWI Abney Level by F. Parker and Son, stamped "Mk IV No.5892 1917", in original leather case. 30-50
104.    A WWI Victory Medal to M-337047 Pte H.F. Miller, Army Service Corps, a 1939-45 India Service Medal, a WWII Africa Star and an American Purple Heart. 25-40
105.    A Group of Six WWII Medals, War Medal, Defence Medal, Africa Star, Burma Star, 1939-45 Star and Italy Star. 25-40
106.    A South Africa/India/WWI Medal Group of Five Medals, comprising Queens South Africa Medal third striking with Cape Colony, Orange Free State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 Clasps, India General Service Medal with North West Frontier 1908 Clasp (Calcutta striking), 1914-15 Star, War Medal and Victory Medal to Pte. J. B. Taylor West Yorks Regiment (later 284415 Sgt J. Taylor RAMC). Lot also contains some associated paperwork, badges, personal items and St. Johns medals. A fascinating group.

* Joseph B. Taylor was born in 1884, probably in Derbyshire, perhaps Bolsover where he lived after WWI. The Second Battalion West Yorkshire regiment was sent to South Africa in 1899 when Pte. Taylor was fifteen years of age. It is likely he left the army sometime after returning from India to pursue some form of medical career which included a 1913 St. Johns Ambulance medal. Papers show he was recalled to the army on 17th November 1914 as a S/Sgt in the RAMC. Demobilized 18/2/1919. 300-500
107.    A WWI Victory and War Medal Pair, awarded to No.1-365104 Dvr. W. Gallimore of the Army Service Corp, together with a silver stamped mounted 1953 Coronation shilling. 30-50
108.    A WWI Death Plaque to Joseph Winter. 30-50
109.    A QEII General Service Medal, with Arabian Peninsula Bar, to 23398696 Pte. M. Selby, Yorks and Lancs. In box with paperwork. 20-30
110.    A WWI War Medal to 145720 Spr R.H. Hague Royal Engineers, plus a brass vesta case in the form of a book and a 1918 penny in the form of a cap. 20-30
111.    A WWI Medal Duo of War Medal and Victory Medal, to R4167 C. Smith RNVR. 30-50
112.    A Quantity of German Third Reich Tinnies. Including Kriegsmarine. 20-40
113.    A 1930's German Third Reich Luftwaffe Buckle, plus an associated buckle. 20-40
114.    Two German Third Reich Wound Badges. One hollow tin, the other silver, (damaged). 20-40
115.    A 1977 Silver Jubilee Medal, in box. 10-20
116.    Four German Third Reich Campaign Badges. Two tank battle, one general assault and infantry assault. Some damages. 40-80
117.    A German WWII Third Reich Medal Quartet. Comprising Eastern Front medal, War Merit Cross 2nd class, War Merit Cross 2nd class with swords and a war Merit medal. 30-40
118.    A WWII Japanese Katana or Sword Belt Chain, stamped to one end, 36cms long. Repeat figure of eight links. 80-120
119.    A Group of Seven WWII Medals, to 895813 J.H. Elliot REME. Made up of War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, France Germany Star, Italy Star, Africa Star and George VI Territorial Efficiency Medal, all with ribbons. 30-50
120.    A George V Special Constabulary Faithful Service Medal, to E. Dyson, plus a WWII War Medal and miniature. 15-25
121.    Two WWI Victory Medals, one to 51121 Pte A Macbain, Royal Staffordshire Fusiliers, and one to Lieutenant L.S. Ward. Plus, a cap badge. 20-40
122.    A WWII Luftwaffe "Soldbuch", plus a WWII 1939-45 Star. 15-25
123.    Three Post WWII Military Tunics. American Tank, German Air Force and one other. 15-30
124.    A Mid XX Century Print of Hitler Reviewing Battleship Gneisenau, framed. 15-25
125.    Seven Different Army Jackets, Jumpers and Vests. Including De Boog 1990, liner combat smock, jacket DPM field and waterproofs. 20-40
126.    A WWI Medal Pair, of War medal and Victory medal to J2402 Cpl. M. Cohen Royal Fusiliers; plus Coronation/Jubilee and associated medals. 30-50
127.    An Early XX Century African Spear. 65cms double edged blade to one end, pointed shaft to other. Overall length 165cms. 40-60
150.    A Large Quantity of OO/ HO Model Railway Empty Boxes, by Hornby, Lima, Mainline, among others. 15-25
151.    Twelve Boxed Hornby Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including tanker, milk wagons, mineral wagons, and Tri-ang container. 20-30
152.    Thirty Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including bogie bolsters, well wagons, brake vans, tankers and open trucks. All playworn. 30-50
153.    Seven Boxed and Bubble Packed Graham Farish "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, and two boxed sets Fyffes bananas and LMS coal wagons. 25-40
154.    Ten Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including bolster wagons, brake van, vacuum oil tanker and horse box. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. 20-40
155.    Fourteen Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons and Two Composite Coaches. Including fish vans, tarpaulin wagon, open wagons and tender. All playworn. 20-40
156.    Twenty-Three Hornby Dublo Oil and Fuel Tankers. Shell, Mobil, Power Petrol, Esso, Vacuum, and Royal Daylight. 25-40
157.    Nineteen Boxed and Bagged "OO" Gauge Plastic Kits by Ratio, Peco, Slaters and Others. Including carriages, goods wagons, footbridge, engine shed, kiosks and accessories. 30-50
158.    Approximately Twenty Five "OO" Trix Model Railway Wagons and Coaches, all playworn. All post war. 20-40
159.    Fifteen Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including oil tankers, brick wagon, cattle wagon, brake vans and track cleaning car. All playworn. 20-30
160.    Four Boxed Grafar "OO" Gauge Dual and Triple Goods Wagon Sets. LMS, Southern, bass and Worthington wagons. 20-40
161.    Twenty-Five Boxed and One Loose Trackmaster "OO" Gauge Open Wagons and Box Vans. All playworn. 20-40
162.    Twenty-Three Pre and Post War Trix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons and LMS Carriages. Including Shell and Esso tankers. Brick wagon and Charringtons coal wagons. All playworn. 20-40
163.    Over Twenty Hornby Dublo Three Rail Four Wheel Wagons, including horse box, fish van and tankers, all playworn. 30-40
164.    Twelve "OO" Model Railway Four and Eight Wheel Wagons, by Lima. All boxed. 20-40
165.    Four Hornby "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders. 4-6-0 in B. R. black, boxed No. R063 Britannia 4-6-2 in B. R. green, and loose 4-6-0 Lord Rathmore, and 4-6-0 in B. R. black 45/32. 40-60
166.    Twelve Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including bolsters, well wagons and tube wagon. All playworn. Boxes tatty. 25-40
167.    Eleven Hornby "OO" Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons, all boxed. 20-40
168.    Twelve Boxed Airfix "OO" Scale Plastic Model Kits. Including turntables, engine shed, refrigerator, vans, tanker and wagons. Please note kits are not made up or checked for completeness. 20-40
169.    Eighteen Books, all in German and German railway related. 10-20
170.    Five Boxed Hornby Dublo Passenger Coaches, in B. R. maroon with a boxed T. P. O Royal Mail van. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. 20-40
171.    A Quantity of Playworn "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons by Hornby, Lima, Airfix, Tri-ang, Grafar and Others. 20-30
172.    Ten Boxed "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons by Dapol and Replica Railways. Including vent vans, Frank Lomas, Kirkland and Perkin and Pimm and Son's wagons. 20-40
173.    Thirty-One Playworn Trix "OO" Gauge Railway Carriages, tankers and open wagons, including blood and custards, Shell, Esso, etc. 20-40
174.    Fifteen Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including horse boxes, tankers and cable drums. All playworn. 20-40
175.    Fourteen Boxed "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons by Airfix and Mainline. Including box wagons, "Lyons Tea", tankers and brake van. All playworn. 25-40
176.    Thirty-Three Playworn Pre and Post War Trix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons and Carriages. Including tankers, coal wagons, Charringtons and open trucks. 25-40
177.    Three Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Breakdown Cranes. No. R749 76 Tonne's Operating Crane, and two No. R739 75 Ton Breakdown Crown with Tender. Together with another part set of match trucks. 20-30
178.    Eleven Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including Saxa Salt, goods brake van, U. G. B. sand wagon and Esso petrol tank. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. 20-40
179.    Nine Boxed Peco "OO" Gauge Plastic and Metal "Wonderful Wagon Kits". Including I. C. I, Colmans, Saxa Salt and Mendip Quarries. Please note kits are un-made and not checked for completeness. 15-25
180.    Four Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Western Region Mainline Coaches. R. 329 2nd brake coach (2), R. 330 composite coach and R. 331 restaurant car. Boxes and models in good plus condition. 20-30
181.    Fourteen Boxed Trix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, with six sealed in packets Wagonmaster kits and four boxed Trix Wagonmaster kits. 30-50
182.    Six "OO" Scale Model Railway Tank Locomotives, by Tri-ang and others. All 0-6-0 and 0-4-0. All playworn. 20-30
183.    Nine Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including refrigerator van, tube wagon, horse box and cattle wagon. All playworn. Boxes tatty. 20-40
184.    Eleven Boxed "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons by Dapol, Airfix and Replica Railways. Including brake van, tanker, vent vans and coal wagons. All playworn. 20-40
185.    Six Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, and two boxed three wagon sets "Coal Traders Classics" and "Tank Traffic Classics". 25-40
186.    Thirteen Pre and Post War Trix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including brick trucks., large box vans, BR covered wagons and Hinchliffes coals, in fair condition. 25-40
187.    Four Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Goods Wagon Sets. No. R. 666 Cartic Articulated Car Carrier, No. R. 6004 Operating Maintenance Crane. No. R. 124 Car Transporter with three cars. Together with one other R. 124 Car Transporter. 20-30
188.    Eleven Boxed Trix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, including tarpaulin wagons, cattle wagon, coal and three plank. Fair to good condition. 20-30
189.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives in B. R. Black. Together with two 0-6-0 loco's with tenders, a 0-4-0 tank locomotive and two dock authority shunters. All playworn. 30-50
190.    Twenty Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including Shell and Esso tankers, cable drums, box vans and open flats. All playworn. 30-50
191.    Twelve Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including Royal Daylight tanker, Persil, Courtaulds and Warrener wagons. 25-40
192.    Four "N" Gauge Model Railway British Railway "Teak Gresley" Coaches by Dapol, all boxed, all appear unused. 20-40
193.    Seven "OO" Model Railway Graham Farish Eight Wheel Coaches, all LNER livery. All boxed. 25-40
194.    Thirteen Sealed in Packet Parkside Dundas "OO" Scale Goods Wagon Plastic and Metal Kits. Including fish vans, trestle wagon, mineral wagon and brake van. 25-40
195.    Eleven Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including cattle van, brake van, Shell tanker, "Weetabix" and rail freight. All playworn. 20-40
196.    Ten Boxed Hornby Dublo Tankers. Including Royal Daylight, Esso and Mobil. All playworn, boxes tatty. 25-40
197.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Scale Model Railway 0-6-0 Locomotive, all R.52, all boxed. 25-40
198.    Nine Hornby "OO" Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons, all boxed. 20-40
199.    Nine Boxed Hornby Dublo Passenger Carriages. Including LMS and blood and custards, corridor coaches and restaurant cars. All playworn. 25-40
200.    Boxed Mainline by Palitoy LNER Branch Line Freight "OO" Gauge Electric Train Set. 0-6-0 locomotive, five wagons, controller and track. 20-30
201.    Six "OO" Model Railway Graham Farish Eight Wheel Coaches, all LMS livery, all boxed. 20-40
202.    Sixteen "OO" Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons, by Trix. All boxed. 30-50
203.    Twenty-Nine Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including Royal Daylight, Mobil and Shell tankers, brake van, open wagons and flats. All playworn. 30-50
204.    Nine Boxed Graham Farish "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons. Including refrigerator van, Bullcroft, Wood, Frost and Spiers wagons. 20-40
205.    Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Passenger Train Set. With 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth steam locomotive and tender in B. R. black 46201. Together with two LMS carriages, power supply and track. All playworn, carriage roofs misshapen with age, box with tears. 15-25
206.    Seven Boxed Hornby Dublo Passenger Coaches. Including two post war LNER and five LMS. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. Some boxes fair. 25-40
207.    Two "OO" Steam Outline Locomotives. 0-4-0 LNY Pug in British Rail black, by Dapol; and an 0-6-0 J-72 Locomotive in British Rail black by Bachmann. Both boxed. (2) 20-40
208.    Two Bachmann "OO" Scale Model Railway Locomotives, No.31-054 J72 0-6-0 tank in LNER black and No.31-451A 2-6-2 Ivatt tank in British Rail black. Both boxed. 25-40
209.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Scale Steam Outline Locomotives, a R52 0-6-0 3F class tank locomotive and a R59 2-6-2 class 3MT tank locomotive. Both appear very good, boxed. 25-40
210.    Two Boxed "OO" Gauge Wills Finecast Metal Locomotive Kits, LMS 6-P/5-F Class the "Brab" and LMS Class 4 "Stannier". Unchecked for parts but appear complete. 25-40
211.    Two Hornby "OO" Model Railway 0-6-0 J13 Tank Locomotives, one in GNR colours and one in LNER black. Both boxed. 20-40
212.    Two Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Tank Locomotives. No. 37-054 0-6-0 LNER livery. Together with No. 37-054 0-6-0 North Eastern livery. 20-30
213.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives. No. 31-603 V 1/3 Class 2-6-2T lined LNER black 466. Together with No. 31-055A J72 Tank Loco 0-6-0 68737 B. R. black weathered. 25-40
214.    Seven Tri-ang "OO" Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives, 47606, all BR black and playworn to a greater or lesser degree. 25-40
215.    Nine Boxed Hornby Dublo Passenger Coaches, B. R. maroon and blood and custard. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. Boxes tatty. 25-40
216.    Eight Hornby Dublo Electric Points. All boxed. All three rail. 15-25
217.    Three Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, with tenders, No.37-075 Patriot Class 4-6-0 "Sir Robert Turnbull" 45540 in BR apple green, No.936153 Jubilee Class 4-6-0 "Amethyst" with Fowler tender in BR black and No.37045 class 43 XX Mogul 4358 in BR green livery. 30-50
218.    Two Hornby and One Airfix "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives. 4-6-0 NE 7476 in black, 4-4-0 LMS 690 in black, and 0-6-0 LMS 4454 in black, all playworn. 20-40
219.    Two Boxed "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, with tenders, Mainline 2-6-0 "Glorius" 5719 LMS and Airfix 0-6-0 4F Fowler 4454 LMS black. 20-30
220.    Nineteen Boxed and Loose "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, and Pullman carriages by Graham Farish, all playworn, parts missing, boxes tatty. 20-30
221.    Twelve Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons, including cable drums, Esso tanker, goods vans, horse box and a fish van. All playworn, boxes tatty. 20-30
222.    Three "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, with tenders by Tri-ang, 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth (2) in BR green and 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth in BR black, together with a 2-6-2 tank locomotive in BR black. All playworn. 25-40
223.    Two Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge R.739 Operating Breakdown Cranes, with match trucks. 20-30
224.    Five "N" Gauge Model Railway British Rail Maroon Coaches Western Region, all boxed, all appear unused. By Dapol. 30-50
224A.   Eleven Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Six Wheel Freight Vans, nine of which are LMS insulated milk vans and two "Palethorpes Pork Sausages". All playworn. 25-40
225.    Two Boxed Lima "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.205119 2-6-0 with tender 13000 LMS maroon, and No.205117 MWG 0-6-0 Pannier Tank Engine GWR green 8400. 20-30
226.    Seven Boxed "OO" Gauge LMS Coaches, by Airfix, Lima and Hornby, including corridor coaches, luggage vans and dining car. 20-30
227.    Eight Boxed Peco Streamline HO/OO Large Radius Points, and long crossings and one loose. 15-25
228.    A Tri-ang "OO" Scale Model Railway Streamliner, "King George VI", finished in LMS maroon. Plus an associated LMS blue tender. 20-30
229.    Eight "OO" Scale Model Railway Eight Wheel Coaches, by Bachmann, Replica and others. All British Rail Midland Region, all boxed. 25-40
230.    Three Boxed Airfix GMR "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives and Tenders, No.54121-3, Royal Scot 4-6-0 BR green and two No.54123-9 Fowler 0-6-0 BR black 44454. 30-50
231.    Eleven Four-Wheel OO Railway Wagons, of various makers. All boxed. 20-40
232.    Seventeen Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons and Two Caboose, including cattle wagon, open wagons, tanker and goods wagons. 25-40
233.    A Mainline "OO" Scale Railway Set. Comprising 0-6-0 BR tank, and four wagons and accessories. Boxed. 20-40
234.    Tri-ang "OO" Model Railway Set RS15, comprising 4-6-2 American outline steam locomotive and 4 x 8 wheel wagons. Boxed. 25-40
235.    Three Hornby "OO" Scale Model Railway 0-4-0 Steam Outline Locomotives. Including "Smokey Joe" and "Highland Railway". All boxed. 20-40
236.    An Assortment of Nine Boxed Hornby Dublo Coaches and Goods Wagons, three Western region, including restaurant car, BR maroon and blood and custard brick wagon and Bolster Bogies, all playworn with boxes tatty. 20-30
237.    Ten Bagged Airfix "OO" Gauge Plastic Lineside Accessory Kits, including station fittings, fencing, canopies, telegraph poles, etc. 20-30
238.    Six Boxed "OO" Gauge BR Southern Region Carriages, by Bachmann, Hornby and Replica Railways, including corridor coaches, brake van and luggage van. 20-30
239.    Three Hornby "OO" Scale Steam Outline Locomotives, all 0-4-0, including two in LMS black livery. All boxed. 20-40
240.    Ten Boxed Airfix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, including box vans, a tanker, coal and iron wagons. 20-30
241.    Seven Grafar "OO" Scale Model Railway Eight Wheel Coaches. All LMS. All boxed. 20-40
242.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders. No. 31-707, 4-6-0 B1 61002 "Impala" Doncaster Green BR, and No. 31-855 J39, 0-6-0 1856 LNER lined black. 30-50
243.    A Trix Twin Cadet and Railway Set, containing two 0-4-0 Locomotives, three wagons, track and instructions, boxed. Some contents missing. 20-40
244.    Fourteen Hornby "OO" Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons. All boxed. 25-40
245.    An Assorted Lot of Eight Boxed "OO" Gauge Carriages, in various BR liveries, by Mainline, Airfix and Replica Railways, largely cream and crimson. 25-40
246.    Two Boxed "OO" Gauge Car Transporters by Hornby and Lima, with three and five cars respectively and two loose Tri-ang car transporters with eleven cars in total (one Wiking, cracked roof.) 15-25
247.    Three "OO" Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotives, Airfix 0-6-0 and tender, Airfix 4-6-0 "Royal Scots Fusilier", Mainline 4-6-0 "Sir Frank Reed." All finished in LMS black. All unboxed. 20-40
248.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Model Railway Royal Mail Operating Coach Sets, one No.323 and one No.319, both boxed. 15-25
249.    Ten Hornby "OO" Scale Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons. All boxed. 20-40
250.    Approximately Twenty-Five Hornby Dublo Four and Eight Wheel Wagons. Mainly three rail, including tankers. All playworn. 30-50
251.    Seven Tri-ang "OO" 0-6-0 Tank Locomotives, all finished in BR black with R/No.47606. All playworn, with one chimney stack missing. 25-40
252.    Two Boxed and One Loose "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, by Airfix, with tenders, Castle Class 4-6-0 "Caerphilly Castle", 4073 Great Western green, 4-4-0, in LMS black, playworn. 25-40
253.    Six "OO" Scale Model Railway Eight Wheel Coaches Grafar. All Southern livery. All boxed. 20-40
254.    Eight Boxed "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, by Mainline and 1 by Graham Farish, various signwritten box vans including "England's Glory Matches", LMS furniture and Bedwas coke. 20-30
255.    An Assortment of Boxed "00" Gauge Carriages, in various BR liveries by Bachmann, Airfix, Mainline and Replica Railway, including corridor coaches, restaurant cars and guard vans. 20-40
256.    Three Boxed Tri-ang Hornby "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives. R. 051 GWR 0-6-0 PT (damages), and two R. 355R 0-4-0 industrial loco "Polly", red livery, one missing name plate. 20-40
257.    Two Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders. No. 37-076 Rebuilt Patriot Class 4-6-0 6P "Private W. Wood V. C." in B. R. black, and No. 37-075 Rebuilt Patriot Class 4-6-0 6P "Sir Robert Turnbull" in B. R. apple green. 20-40
258.    Two Hornby "OO" Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotives, No.R859 4-4-0 "Fitzwilliam", finished in LNER green, No.R324 4-6-0 Patriot Class "Lady Godiva" in British Rail black. Both boxed. 30-50
259.    Three Boxed Airfix "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives. No. 54151-4 Prairie Tank Loco 2-6-2 in B. R. black livery. No. No. 54122-6 4F Fowler 0-6-0 in LMS livery with tender, and a 4-6-0 Loco in B. R. black with tender 6103. 25-40
260.    Three Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders. No. 37057 Royal Scot 4-6-0 in B. R. green. No. 37-052 Standard Class 4, 4-6-0 MT livery (black), and No. 37-060 Rebuilt Royal Scot 4-6-0 in L. M. S (preserved) crimson. 30-50
261.    Two Boxed Replica Railways "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders. No. 11013 Class B1 4-6-0 "Springbok" in LNER green. Together with No. 11013 class B1 4-6-0 in LNER black. 20-40
262.    Three Boxed Lima "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders, all B. R. lined black. No. 204814A5-2-6-0 "Crab" class certified 635 of 850, and two No. 205120 MWG 2-6-0 42700 "Crab" class. 30-50
263.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Model Railway BB Diesel Components, No.R58 B-Unit, R55 Diesel Locopower Unit and R57 Diesel Dummy End. All boxed. 20-40
264.    Three Mainline "OO" Scale Steam Outline Locomotives, No.37-056 4-6-0 rebuilt Scots Class "Scots Guardsman", 4-6-0 rebuilt Patriot Class "Sir Robert Turnball" in BR apple green and a 4-6-0 Class 4 in BR green. All boxed. 30-50
265.    Two Hornby "OO" Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotives, a 4-6-0 5PSF in LMS black and a 4-6-2 Class 7P "Princess Royal" in LMS, both boxed. 25-40
266.    Two Tri-ang "OO" Scale Model Railway Locomotives. A R52 0-6-0 tank and A R59 2-6-2 tank in British Rail green. Both boxed, however R59 box is for a black locomotive. 20-30
267.    Three Boxed "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, by Lima, two No.205120 MWG 2-6-0 with tenders in BR black 42700 and no.205118MWG 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive 9420 in BR black. 25-40
268.    Two Boxed Mainline by Palitoy "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders. No. 37-502, 4-6-0 Standard Class 4 MT livery (black), and No. 37-057, 4-6-0 7P Rebuilt Royal Scot in B. R. green. 20-40
269.    Two Boxed Tri-ang Hornby "OO" Gauge Locomotives, with tenders, R.053 Princess Victoria 4-6-2 in unusual BR green, excellent condition, and R.1505 4-6-0 in BR black 61572, playworn. 20-30
270.    Two Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives. No. R239 BR 2-6-4T Class 4P in lined black. 30-50
271.    Two Boxed American Train and Track Corp. "HO" gauge diesel electric locomotives. Northern Pacific 300 and Chesapeake and Ohio 9000. Plus another. 20-40
272.    Two Hornby "OO" Scale Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotives. No. R033 Class 7MT 4-6-2, "Morning Star", and No. R150 4-6-0 B12, finished in North Eastern black. Both boxed. 25-40
273.    Eleven Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including horse box, cable drums, mineral wagons and tanker. All playworn. Boxes tatty. 20-40
274.    A Hornby "OO" Gauge No.R375 LNER 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive, and tender, Class A3 "Pretty Polly" limited edition with two boxed LNER teak finish coaches (R.477 and R.478.) 25-40
275.    Twenty-One Dublo Goods Wagons. Including Shell, Mobil, Power and Royal Daylight tankers, coal wagons, brake van and open flats. All playworn. 30-50
276.    Two Boxed and One Loose Hornby "OO" Gauge Carriages, and one boxed R.6143 BR Car Flat Car Transporter "B748698", boxed BR Mk1 Brake "M35110", boxed R.4188 BR 68ft Dining Car "M234M" and loose BR Midland Restaurant Car. 20-30
277.    Twelve Boxed and Loose Hornby Dublo Corridor and Suburban Coaches, in various liveries with two locomotive bodies, all playworn. 20-40
278.    Eleven Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, nearly all coal related including Barnsley Main, Wadsworth, Joshua Grey and A.E. Moody. 20-40
279.    Ten Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including meat van, cattle wagon, brake van and refrigerator van. All playworn. Boxes tatty. 20-40
280.    Ten "OO" Four-Wheel Railway Wagons by Airfix. All boxed. 20-30
281.    Five Boxed Lima "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, and L305698 Breakdown Crane with match truck, No.305602 Ketton Cement Tanker, No.302913W Amoco Sheffield Tanker, No.309056W Philips Generator Load, No.20511MW Milk Tanker and No.302908W Esso Tanker. 15-25
282.    Approximately Thirty Hornby Dublo Model Railway Wagons, both four and eight wheel. All post war, all playworn. 30-50
283.    Eight "OO" 0-4-0 and 0-6-0 Locomotives. All playworn. 20-30
284.    Approximately Fifteen Hornby Dublo Three Rail Points and Crossovers, some electric. Mainly boxed. 20-30
285.    A Quantity of "OO" Scale Four-Wheel Wagons. All playworn. 20-30
286.    Two Kit Built "OO" Scale Steam Locomotives, with an A.B.S. models BR suburban coach kit, a PC models LMS 57ft corridor coach kit, and a further box of parts and mouldings. 20-30
287.    Four Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, two GWR Bogie Bolster Wagons, Bogie Bell Wagon with boiler and 45 ton Bogie Bolster Wagon. 15-25
288.    Five Boxed Hornby "OO" Car Transporter Sets, R.666 Cartic Articulated Car Carrier with sixteen cars, R.124 Car Transporter with three cars, R.126 Car Transporter with three cars and two R.6143 BR Car Flat Car Transporter "B748698" with three cars each. 20-30
289.    Nine Flip Top Boxed Trix "True to Life" "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, with a loose 0-4-0 locomotive in BR black. 20-30
290.    Twelve Boxed Hornby Dublo Lineside Accessories. Including D1 signal cabin, D1 level crossings (2), buffer stops (four boxes x two), loading gauges (3), D1 footbridge, and junction signals. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. 20-40
291.    Twelve Boxed Trix "OO" Gauge Open Goods Wagons, various liveries including Spiers, Charringtons, Chubb, ICI and Isaac Wilkinson Coal. 20-40
292.    Fourteen Boxed Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Carriages and Bogie Bolster Wagons. Including R. 132 Vista Dome Car, maroon and cream restaurant car, snow plough, G. W. R. brake car and L. M. S. passenger coach. 25-40
293.    Fourteen Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including Royal Daylight and Shell tankers, open and coal wagons, and bolster bogie's. 30-50
294.    An Airfix HO Scale Model Railway 4-4-0 Central Pacific Locomotive. Plus two associated wagons. All boxed. 20-40
295.    Four Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge "Scaledale" Railway Layout Buildings, R.8522 Holly Farm House, R.8515 Clovelly Cottage, R.8518 ld Green Cottages and R.8588 Weighbridge and Scales. All appear unused. 20-30
296.    Fifteen Boxed Hornby Dublo Goods Wagons. Including coal wagons, furniture container, Esso petrol tank, goods brake van and cattle truck. Playworn but fair condition. 30-50
297.    Three Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, with tenders, all 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth BR black, one with plunger pick ups, with Tri-ang 0-6-0 tank locomotive 47606. 20-40
298.    Sixteen Hornby Dublo Two Rail Four Wheel Wagons, including bulk grain and tankers. All playworn to a greater or lesser degree. 25-40
299.    Eleven Boxed Trix "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, including tarpaulin wagons, cattle wagon, coal and three plank. Fair to good condition. 20-30
300.    Twelve Boxed Lima "OO" Gauge Goods Wagons, including Express Dairies and Mobil Tankers, Typhoo, Schweppes and Heinz box vans and Watney's Barrel wagon. 20-30
301.    Twelve "OO" Four-Wheel Wagons by Grafar. All boxed. 20-30
302.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Wagons. All playworn. 20-30
303.    Seven Boxed Airfix "OO" Scale Plastic Locomotive Kits. Including "Biggin Hill", "Evening Star", "Harrow", prairie tank and saddle tank. Please note kits are not made up or checked for completeness. 30-50
304.    A Quantity of Empty Hornby Dublo Boxes for Goods Wagons, Coaches and Lineside Accessories. Including D1 signals, 5047 colour light signals, T. P. O. mail van set etc. 15-25
305.    Seventeen Boxed "OO" Gauge Goods Wagon and Carriage Kits, by Trix, Slaters, PC Models, Pendon and Ratio, including four Gresley corridor coaches LNER and open wagons. 20-30
306.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose Diecast Vehicles, by Burago, Minichamps, Solido, Majorette and others, the majority being Fiat related. 30-50
307.    Approximately Fifty Railway Related DVD's, mainly in German and relating to German railways. 10-20
308.    Seven Boxed and Loose Hornby Dublo Lineside Accessories. D1 Through Station, D1 Island Platform, D1 Footbridges, level crossing, signal box and buffers. 25-40
309.    A Large Quantity of "OO" Gauge New Locomotive Bodyshells and Tender Parts, by Hornby and others. 20-40
310.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose Tri-ang "OO" Gauge Rolling Stock, and track including coaches in various liveries. 0-6-0 tank locomotive, Santa Fe loco, Vista coach and goods wagons. All playworn. 25-40
311.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail Track. Including points, crossovers, among other items. Mainly boxed. 20-30
312.    Six Rosebud Kitmaster Kits, Saddle Tank, Maroon Restaurant Car (both appear unstarted with instructions), plus Beyer Garrett, Prairie Tank, Harrow Schools Class and Baureihe 23 (all started to a lesser or greater degree.) All boxed. 15-25
313.    A Large Quantity of "OO" Gauge New Locomotive Bodyshells and Carriage Shells, by Hornby and others. 20-40
314.    The Contents of a Model Railway Enthusiast's Workshop, containing hundreds of carriages, wagons, locomotives, parts, building kits, etc, for spare or repairs:- Two Boxes 30-50
315.    A Large Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail Track, including points. All playworn. 20-30
316.    Seven Boxed Airfix "OO" Scale Plastic Locomotive Model Kits. Including BR Mogul (2), City of Truro (2), "Harrow", prairie and saddle tank engines. Please note kits are not made up or checked for completeness. 25-40
317.    A Trix Twin "OO" Railway Large Many Ways Station, boxed, another station building and a quantity of boxed track. 15-25
318.    A Large Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail rack, including points. All playworn. 20-40
319.    A Quantity of "N" Gauge Model Railway by Kato, including track, transformers and buildings among other items. Some items boxed. 20-40
320.    Eight Boxed Airfix "OO" Scale Plastic Locomotive Kits, including 4-6-2 "Biggin Hill", 2-10-0 "Evening Star", 2-6-0 BR Mogul (2) and 2-6-2 Prairie tank (2). Please note models are not made-up and not checked for parts, although some are in sealed bags. 20-40
321.    A Quantity of Mainly Post War Hornby "O" Gauge Railway Four Wheel Wagons. Including cattle truck and guards van. Mainly boxed. 30-50
322.    A Hornby "OO" Scale No. R2223 British Rail Fowler 2-6-4T class 4P. R/ No. 42355. Appears unused. Boxed. 20-30
323.    A Hornby "OO" Model Railway No.2207 Britannia Class Locomotive, R/No.70000. Boxed, appears unused. 30-50
324.    A Hornby "OO" Model Railway No.R2229 2-8-0 Class 8F Locomotive, locomotive in British Rail black finish. Boxed, appears unused. 30-50
325.    Five Hornby Dublo Three Rail Lineside Accessories. D1 level crossing, D1 footbridge, D1 signal cabin, D1 island platform and buffers. All good plus, boxed. 20-30
326.    A "OO" Model Railway 4-6-2 "Princess Elizabeth" by Rovex, rare plunger type, with tender and coach, in poor boxes. 20-40
327.    Three Boxed Tri-ang Hornby "OO" Gauge Freightliner Wagon Sets, R.677 Fyffes and Manchester, R.633 Freightliner three containers and R.632 Frieghtliner BR open containers, together with a boxed Tri-ang R.128 Operative Helicopter Car, a tanker and open wagon. 25-40
328.    A Hornby "OO" Model Railway Set R2138 "The Colliery Set", comprising a 4F 0-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, and six wagons. Boxed. 30-50
329.    A Bachmann "OO" Scale Model Railway Standard 4-6-0 4MT Locomotive and Tender. Finished in British Rail black. Boxed. R/ No. 75059. 20-30
330.    A Bachmann "OO" Scale Model Railway 4-6-0 Royal Scot R/ No. 46159, "The Royal Air Force". Finished in British Rail green. Appears unused. Boxed. 25-40
331.    A Bachmann "OO" Scale Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotive. No. 31-280 4-6-0 "Gordon Highlander", finished in LMS maroon. Boxed with all paperwork. 25-40
332.    Three Hornby "OO" Scale Model Railway 0-6-0 3F Locomotives, two in British Rail black. All boxed. 20-40
333.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, with tenders. No. 32-500 4-6-0 Standard Class 5MT 73068 BR Green Lion Crest, and No. 31-102 4-6-0 BR Class 4 Standard Loco, in lined black lion crest livery. 30-50
334.    Three Lima "O" Gauge Scale Model Railway Eight Wheel Coaches. All blood and custard British Rail finish. All boxed. 30-50
335.    Three Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Tank Locomotives, R.2658 LMS 0-6-0 T Class 3F No.7412 black, R.504 LNER 0-6-0 ST Class J2 No.3111 black and R.058 BR 0-6-0 T Jinty Loco black 3420. 25-40
336.    Two Boxed Mainline "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.937086, 6100 class 2-6-2 (prairie) tank locomotive BR lined green, and 0-6-0 tank locomotive BR black. 20-30
337.    Three Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Tank Locomotives, R.795 0-4-0 T "Lion Works" Sheffield, R.052 LMS 0-6-0 T Jinty "Colmans" and R.255 0-4-0 Passenger in blue 7178. 20-40
338.    A Hornby "OO" Model Railway R2172 LMS 4-4-0 Class 2P Train Pack, including locomotive and three coaches, boxed, appears unused. 40-60
339.    A Hornby "OO" Model Railway R2329M "Thames Clyde Express" Train Pack, containing Britannia class locomotive and three coaches. Appears unused, boxed. 40-60
340.    Seven "OO" Scale Eight Wheel Wagons by Triang Hornby. Including Anglo-Continental Ferry Van. All boxed. 20-30
341.    Three Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Tank locomotives. R. 531 industrial loco "King George V", R. 255 0-4-0 passenger and R.796 0-4-OT "Crewe and District Quarries". 25-40
342.    Five Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Freightliner Sets, R.036 CP and IFF containers, R.6172 three 20ft CMA CGN - Uniglory - UASC, R.633 Freightliners and two R.035 Freightliners Wagon with containers. 20-30
343.    Three Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Tank Locomotives. R. 396 GNER class J13 0-6-0 saddle tank, R. 052 BR 0-6-0 lined black, and R. 252 L. N. E. R. 0-6-0 J83 class. 25-40
344.    Eleven "OO" Scale Wrenn Four Wheel Wagons. Including auto spares, Young's fruit van, among others. All boxed. 40-60
345.    A Tri-ang "OO" Model Railways Giraffe Car Set, and a Tri-ang railways side tipping car set. Both boxed. 25-40
346.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Tank Locomotives, No.31-452A Ivatt Tank 2-6-2T BR black lined crest and No.31-602 Gresley V1/3 Class 2-6-2T BR black. 25-40
347.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail EDP12 Passenger Train Set "Duchess of Montrose", including 4-6-2 locomotive and three coaches (should be two). Some signs of wear. Boxed with wear, sellotape and staining to the box lid. 40-60
348.    An Early Series Ruvex "OO" Model Train Set. With 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth locomotive, tender, two coaches, battery box and track. With plunger pick up. Box distressed. 40-60
349.    A Bachmann "OO" Branch Line Model Railway 4-6-0 Locomotive Limited Edition "Grenadier Guardsman", in presentation case. 30-50
350.    A Hard to Find Mint Boxed "OO" Gauge "Parkhouse" Collieries Limited Coal Wagon by Dapol. With authentication gold card, No. 88 of 200. 0-5
351.    A Hornby Dublo DI Girder Bridge. Finished in green and orange. Boxed. 15-25
352.    A Kit Built "OO" Scale Model 4-4-0 Locomotive, R/No.40580, finished in British Rail black. 20-30
353.    A Trix "OO" Scale Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotive 4-6-2 A3 "Flying Scotsman". Finished in LNER green. Single tender. Boxed. 20-40
354.    A Wrenn "OO" Scale Model Railway 4-6-2 Locomotive W2227 "Stoke-on-Trent", finished in LMS black. Some minor signs of wear. In reproduction box. 30-50
355.    A Wrenn "OO" Scale Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotive. No. W2224 2-8-0 BR Goods. Only minor wear. Boxed. 40-60
356.    A Hornby Dublo EDL18 2-6-4 Standard Tank. R/ No. 50054. Three rail. Boxed. 20-40
357.    A Trix "OO" Model Railway 4-6-2 A4 "Mallard", finished in LNER blue. Missing a front buffer. Boxed. 20-30
358.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 7 EDL 0-6-2 NR Tank Locomotive, finished in LMS black, R/No.6917. No coal. Signs of wear. In correct box. 20-40
359.    A Quantity of Dinky Toys Dublo Figures and Trix Railway Figures, all playworn, some boxed. 20-40