Specialist Collectable Toys Auction on
Thursday 5th February 2015

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1.      Boxed "G" Scale "USA Trains" GP38-2 R22201 "Burlington Route" Diesel Locomotive, with two motors, Powertrac drive system, operating smoke stacks, interior and directional lighting. Appears unused. £80-150
2.      Boxed Spectrum by Bachmann "G" Scale Two Truck hay Electric Steam Locomotive and Tender, "Ely Thomas Lumber Co,." with manual No.81198. Appears unused with boxed seven pieces Peco Streamlinen SL900 Nickel Silver Rail, 92cms straights and one SL800 straight rail. £50-80
3.      Boxed "G" Scale "USA Trains" EMD F3AB R22257 "Santa Fe", two motors in each unit, Powertrac drive system, operating smoke stacks, interior and exterior lighting. Appears unused. £100-200
4.      A Reproduction Class SS "Deltic" Locomotive, nameplate "Pinza", in cast alloy, 76 x 20cms.
"Pinza" bore the No.55007 and was scrapped in 1981. £50-100
5.      A Reproduction Class SS "Deltic" Locomotive, nameplate "Alycidon", in cast alloy, 105 x 20cms.
"Alycidon" bore the No.55009 and was put into preservation in 1982. £50-100
6.      A Vintage Motor Car Grill Surround, converted into a wall mounted display cabinet. £50-80
7.      Two Reprint Technical Railway Plans, one "Express Passenger Engine - Great Northern Rail - 1871" and one standard first and second class carriage, "North London Railway - 1869". Both framed. £15-25
8.      A Quantity of Mainly Modern Railway Related Books, all relating to Great Western Railway, Southern Railway and London North Eastern Railway. £20-30
9.      A Quantity of Bus and Diecast Toy Collecting Books, including "The Leyland Bus" by Doug Jack, Routemaster Omnibus, Plaxton, Stagecoach, Encyclopaedia of Metal Toys, by Richard O'Neill, Millers Diecast, Dinky and Corgi by Edward Force and a quantity of National Express, English Majors and London Coach Handbooks amongst others with a framed bus print. £25-40
10.     An Accumulation of Railway Related Ephemera, including postcards and original photographs of steam locomotives, train registers, occurrence logs, London North east invoice books, engineers' track records, freight record books, etc, together with a framed print after Cuneo "A Thoroughbred Heads Cathedrals Express" up Chipping Campden Bank, 1969. £20-40
11.     A Quantity of Modern Books, relating to buses and coaches, including the Leyland Bus by D. Jack. £20-30
12.     A Quantity of Soft Back Books, all railway related, mainly British subjects, many Ian Allan titles noted. £30-50
13.     A Quantity of Observers Books, all "Automobiles"- mainly 1960's, plus five motoring ABC guides, among associated items. £20-40
14.     A Quantity of Modern Books All Railway Related, mainly diesel and London subjects, including London Underground. £20-30
15.     A Quantity of Bus Related Pictorial Text Books, including Albion and Crossley, Stewart Brown, Daimler, ECW, Classic Buses, trolleys and trams, British motor bus etc. £20-30
16.     A Quantity of Modern Railway Related Books, mainly UK steam related, many locomotive manufacturers subjects and pre-grouping noted. £30-50
17.     A Quantity of Mainly Modern Books, relating to cars, motorbikes and trucks. £20-30
18.     A Quantity of Mainly Modern Transport Related Books, mainly train related although commercial vehicles noted, mainly UK related, includes three volumes of "Great Central Railway". £30-60
19.     A Mixed Quantity of Books, all railway related, many with British subjects:- Two Boxes £15-25
20.     A Quantity of Books, all relating to American Railways, including "Iron Horses of the Santa Fe", "Iron Horses to Promontory", "Steam's Finest Hour", among many others. £30-50
21.     Three Bound Volumes of The Railway Magazine, volumes I, II and III, dated July 1897- December 1898. £20-30
22.     A Live Steam Model Wilesco 00006 D6, on 8inch by 5½inch base in playworn condition, with missing chimney stack. £20-40
23.     A Live Steam Stuart 10V Vertical Engine, 6inch high, with ¾inch bore, ¾inch stroke, flywheel 3inch, and with steam and exhaust pipes. No drain cocks fitted. £70-100
24.     A Live Steam Model of a Horizontal "Mill" Type Engine, on wooden plinth, 8inch square, well engineered in steel and brass with 3¾inch flywheel, ¼inch bore and 1inch stroke. Fitted with a belt driven governor and crank shaft linkages to steam supply valve. £200-300
25.     An Unusual Live Steam Model of a Horizontal Boiler Overtype Engine, 10inch long and 6inch high (13inch to top of chimney), with a 3inch flywheel and liquid fuel reservoir in base to twin wicked burner, pressure gauge, twin cranked piston and water pump crank, with numerous stop cocks. Finished to a very high standard on painted wooden base plate, with copper water reservoir and hinged chimney. £180-250
26.     A Midland Railway Ambulance Corps Enamel Badge, and a quantity of Sheffield transport and LMS buttons. £20-30
27.     Live Steam 2½ Gauge "Dyak" Tender Locomotive 2-6-0, by L.B.S.C. LNER K4 Class, locomotive and tender 32inch overall length. Finished to a very high standard. No boiler certificate. £1000-1500
28.     An Engineered 3½inch Gauge 4-8-4 Rolling Chassis, including front/rear ponies, mechanical water feed pump, boiler springs, wheels among other items. Overall length 118cms. Plus, an associated set of wheels. £150-250
29.     A Mid XX Century Live Steam Pond Model of the Launch Isis, comprising a wooden hull, 100cms long, with twin boilers feeding a Stewart Marine engine, complete with burner. Missing superstructure. An ideal restoration project. £150-250
30.     A Mamod SE1 Stationary Steam Engine, steamed and worn, boxed. Plus, a Mamod shaft, boxed. £20-40
31.     A 3inch Scale Live Steam Model of a Charles Burrell of Thetford Traction Engine, with a full set of Stuart plans, large quantity of original paperwork, boiler certificate dated 21/6/07 to a test pressure of 240 PSI. Overall length 110cms. Plus,a transportation trolley. The paperwork suggests the model was started in the 1980's, with what appears to be only minor work left to complete including valve for waterlifter, ashtray, whistle costing, name plaque, all of which are included. £3000-4000
32.     A Small Vertical Steam Plant, plus three steam accessories, including windmill. Probably 1930's, German. All playworn. £30-50
33.     Nine Volumes of Automobile Quarterly, all 1970's, all hardback. £10-20
34.     A Small Quantity of Mainly Model Railway Building Books, including "Simple Model Locomotive Building", "Model Locomotive Boilers" and "Model Stream Locomotive Construction" among others. £20-30
35.     A Hornby 3½inch Gauge Live Steam Model of Stephenson's Rocket, complete with track, instructions and tools, boxed and appears unused. £120-180
36.     A Scratch Built Model of a Showman's Traction Engine, Burrel typle, 11inch long, 6inch high. Largely metal construction, finished in maroon and sign written "Tuby's Modern Amusements, Doncaster", nameplate "Silver". Note, not live steam. £20-40
37.     A Scratch Built Model of a Showman's Traction Engine, Burrel type, 11inch long, 6inch high. Largely metal construction, finished in dark blue and sign written "Tuby's Modern Amusements, Doncaster". Name plate "Silver". Note, not live steam. £20-40
38.     A Scratch Built Model of a Steam Traction Engine, 10½inch long and 6inch high. Wooden and metal construction with several moving parts/working steering. Note, not live steam. £20-40
39.     A Scratch Built Model of a Steam Road Roller, Fowler type, 11inch long and 6inch high. Wooden and metal construction with several moving parts/working steering. Note, not live steam. £20-40
40.     A Scratchbuilt Wooden/Metal Model, of an "O" gauge 4-4-0 L.S.W.R. locomotive and tender, mounted on a section of track. £15-25
41.     A Scratch Built Scale Model of the 4-6-2 A3 "Flying Scotsman", 22inch long and 4½inch high. Finished in bright green LNER livery. Largely metal construction, mounted on rails, on an oak plinth with glass case. £20-40
42.     An Enamel Sign (Dangerous), believed to be from a tram, a 1960's conductor's badge, four tramways brass buttons, Acme Thunderer whistle N.D.M.C. 9541 enamel badge, Birmingham and Midland Omnibus rules and regulations for 1966 and a cast iron G.C.R. (Great Central Railway so pre 1923) sign FH 1. FT, corroded with damage. £30-50
43.     A Mixed Quantity of Meccano, including a No.10 set of instructions (1960's), blue and gold Meccano, clockwork motors among many other items. All playworn. £20-40
44.     A Quantity of Action Figures, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and others:- One Box £10-20
45.     Hornby OO B.R. 68472 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, with inter city 125's, a small amount of track, a Noch Linka HO building kit, and DVD in a smart Hornby carry crate. £15-25
46.     Fourteen Boxed Corgi and Matchbox Buses and Coaches, including Superkings K15-Berlin, Londoner and Jubilee. Corgi Shearings, 1984 Liverpool Garden Festival and other double deckers with Matchbox K17 container truck. £25-40
47.     Thirty One Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 1984 series. Almost wholly commercial vehicles, including two three vehicle gift sets and special edition Scania Vabis motor bus, with some repetition. £20-40
48.     Twenty One Boxed Corgi Classics and Corgi Diecast, including Corgi Collectors Club 1991 1950's Morris J2 van, Pat Moss' Saab, Thornycroft trucks, Model T Fords and the Best of British Series. £25-40
49.     A Collection of Boxed WWII and Later Military Aircraft, thirteen Corgi "Battle of Britain", Fighting Machines and others, Corgi "Nose Art" P-51 Mustang "Dooleybird", Aviation Archive B.O.B. Spitfire and Hurricane, Atlas Editions Junkers JU 52/3 1:144 scale and Corgi Aviation Archive Royal Aircraft Factory SE5A bi-plane. £30-40
50.     Two Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive Diecast Aircraft, 1:144 scale Lockheed VC-121A Constellation "Columbine" and Berlin aircraft Avro York Skyways (missing base) with two small glass aircraft models i domes, and thirty eight assorted modern diecast vehicles by Lledo, Corgi and others. £25-40
51.     A Large Mid XX Century Crane, by Marx. Plus, three Tonka trucks. £15-25
52.     Fourteen Boxed Corgi Double Decker Buses, 1983/4, including Manchester United open top and Buzby with boxed Corgi "Transport of the 30's" Thornycroft and Model "T" Times pattern, three EFE open tops and Matchbox Royal Wedding DD 1981, all boxed. £30-50
53.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox, etc, including Corgi Major, Chipperfields Circus and Scammel Crane. £20-30
54.     Over Twenty Re-Issue Star Wars Action Figures, all in original packaging, some episode one, some duplicates. £30-50
55.     Sixteen Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 1978 and 1986, predominantly commercials (boxes faded) with five boxed with crushing Lledo Days Gone By, a boxed Corgi AEC ladder fire engine (Cardiff) and AEC Regent double decker bus (Sheffield, boxes faded), with a musical clockwork clown. £20-40
56.     Eleven Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches and Buses, all different, by Gilbow EFE, Creative Master and Corgi. £30-50
57.     A Quantity of Mainly Mid XX Century Toys, including a conjuring set, tinplate aircraft, Models of Yesteryear (boxed), Dinky, lead figures, among other items. £30-40
58.     Star Wars Micro-Machines, collection I/II/III/IV, twelve in total, some duplicates, all in original packaging, in original outer card case. £30-50
59.     Five Modern Boxed Captain Scarlet Spectrum Command Team Diecast Set, with carded Micro Machines Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Next Generation scale miniatures, Revell Star Trek U.S.S. Voyager Model Kit (bagged, no box), with decals and instructions, and a N.I.B. Airfix 1:72 scale P-51D Mustang model kit with paint, glue and brushes, all in a smart Airfix crate. £15-25
60.     Three Star Wars Collector Series 12inch Action Figures, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, boxed with accessories by Kenner 1996, with rechargeable aluminium handled light sabre with sound effects (and charger), Tom Strong boxed figure set, Dr. Who Cyberman mask, boxed, Lego Darth Vader figurine with USB cable and Spears "Four in a Row". £30-50
61.     Ten Boxed Maisto Supercar Collection, with nine boxed Lledo commercials and the Lledo Royal Air Force ground crew support set of three vehicles, boxed. £20-30
62.     A Large Quantity of Buses Illustrated Magazine, by Ian Allen from 1950 to 1990's (hundreds). £10-20
63.     Approximately 160 DC, Marvel and other comics from the 1980's-1990's, including Wolverine, Aquaman, Grendel, Punisher, X-Men. etc, and a first issue Vigilante DC Vol.1 No.1 (Nov 1983). £20-40
64.     Twenty Eight Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, Woodgrain 1973, Hispano Suiza, Mercedes, Riley, Lagonda, MGTC, fire engines, RAF tender etc. £30-50
65.     Twenty Five Boxed Lledo "Days Gone By" Diecast Vehicles, including twenty horse drawn commercials, trams, fire engines, omnibus and commercial vans. £15-25
66.     A Quantity of Batman Related Items, including Animated Series pop up books, illuminated talking alarm clock, board games, D.C. Comics Batman black and white book, Bob Kane autobiography, box of candy canes, film stills, etc. £20-30
67.     Approximately Fifty-Two Carded Nasta Batman Flashlights, 1989, "Project Bat Signal on Any Surface". £20-40
68.     A Quantity of Large Scale Model Buses, including Sylvanian Family etc:- One Box £15-25
69.     A Large Quantity of Batman and other Superhero Comics, primarily 1980-90's, with sticker albums, miscellaneous annuals etc, and a quantity of Dandy, Topper and Beano comics 1965-1990's, together with a box of Beano stickers, 1994. £20-30
70.     Thirty One Boxed (Straw Box) Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, a mixture of commercials and cars, with some repetition. £20-40
71.     Approximately Eighteen Diecast and Plastic Model Buses and Coaches, predominately boxed by a variety of manufacturers, with some friction drive and some "push and go". £20-30
72.     A Quantity of "OO" and Dublo Model Railway Items, including locomotives, rolling stock, long points, lineside accessories among other items. All playworn. £30-40
73.     Over 250 Marvel and Other Action Comics, mainly 1980's and later. £25-40
74.     Boxed Scalextric "Ascot" Horse Track Electric Slot Racing Set, with the Matchbox Powertrack PT-1500, electric slot car set (Porsche and TR7), together with a boxed Playmobil "Playmo Space" No.3536 Space Station, a Playmobil Space Shuttle and Transformer First Generation Apeface (missing head). £20-30
75.     Over 250 DC, Marvel and other action comics, mainly 1990's and later. £25-40
76.     Vintage Lego Set 6950 (1982) Mobile Rocket Transport, with sets 6801, 897, 6821 (2), 6803 Space, all made up, bagged with instructions. Together with 617, 210 Cowboys, 601 Shell Fuel Pump and Figure, 276 Nurse, 661 Plane, 6363 Breakdown Garage and Truck, 294 Sideboard with contents, and 970 Light Brick set. Al made up, bagged with instrcutions, with a quantity of assorted bricks and vehicles in two Lego tubs. £30-50
77.     A Large Quantity of Batman Related Merchandise, including figures, snacks, plaster kits, DVD's, comics, Pogs, kites, rucksacks, etc. £15-25
78.     Seven Boxed Continental Outline Diecast Coaches/Buses, by Dinky, Corgi, Joal, Vitesse and others, including PTT livery, plus two snowploughs by Vitesse and Solido. Both boxed. £30-50
79.     Ten 1:18 Scale Model Cars, by Burago, including Ferrari, Morgan, Porsche and Jaguar, among others, all unboxed. £25-40
80.     Twelve Carded or Boxed Film and TV Related Figures, including Dapol Dr.Who (Sylvester McCoy) and Tardis 1987, three different LJN "E.T." figures 1982, ERTL Batman and Joker, FAB1 and two Star Wars Emperor mail outs. £25-40
81.     Four Boxed (in Polystyrene) Batman Figurines, three Two Face, one Robin resin model from Warner Bros. Studio store, approximately 12 1/2", 32cms high. £20-40
82.     Nine Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches, all different, by Gilbow EFE, one by Corgi. £30-50
83.     Three Boxed Britains Diecast and Plastic Farm Models, Disc Harrow, Superspray Tanker and Renault Tractor, with four Burago 1:24/1:25 diecast cars, Mercedes, Porche, Ferrari and Audi Quattro. £20-40
84.     Ten Boxed Gilbow EFE "OO" Scale Diecast Buses and Coaches, with two Corgi Original coaches (plastic cased), all different bearing Southern liveries. £30-50
85.     Eleven Film and TV Related Carded Figures, including four Thundercats 8cms figures (Juguettes con Vida, Mexico), three LJN "E.T." 1982, ERTL Batman and Joker, Homer's Van, and Star Wars Emperor mail out. £20-40
86.     Thirteen Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Buses and Coaches (some with plastic display cases), by Corgi, Gilbow EFE and Creative Master, all China/Hong Kong liveries, with some repetition. £30-50
87.     Over Twenty Five Re-Issue Star Wars Action Figures, all in original box packaging, some duplicates. £30-50
88.     Thirteen Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Buses and Coaches, by Corgi Original Omnibus, Gilbow "EFE" and Creative Master. All Ireland, Scotland and Wales liveries with some repetition. £30-50
89.     Approximately Thirty-Nine "HO" Scale Model Railway Wagons, by Roundhouse and Athean, all American outline. All boxed, some damaged. £60-100
90.     Twelve Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches and Buses (some with plastic display cases), by Corgi, Creative Master and Gilbow EFE, all different bearing Southern liveries. £30-50
91.     Five Airfix Betta Bilda Construction Sets, No.2 Building Set Factory, sealed with instructions, No.3 factory sealed with instructions, Engineer Set E.1 factory sealed with instructions and a set of two, one with tear to seal. £20-40
92.     Ten Boxed (Plastic Display Cases) Corgi Original Omnibus "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches, all different. £30-50
93.     Approximately Seventeen Atlas Editions Diecast Military Aircraft, on stands, including B29, Lancaster, Messerschmitt, Halifax, Mitsubishi, etc, with three Corgi "Nose Art" models, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster and three small "Hampshire Editions" brushed steel aircraft. £20-30
94.     Lego System Model Team 4x4 No.5561, with instructions. Kit is part built up with loose unchecked parts, together with a tub of deconstructed Lego Racers and Bionicles "Slammer Raptor" 8469 etc, with some instructions and Lego Mosaic Kit 6162. £20-40
95.     Boxed Univeral Hobbies 1:16 Scale Diecast Nuffield Universal Four DM-1958 Tractor, No.UH2715. £20-40
96.     Boxed Universal Hobbies 1:16 Scale Diecast "Fordson E27N Roadless Tractor", No.UH2816. £20-40
97.     Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "M48 A2GA2-1984" Battle Tank. £30-50
98.     Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "SD. KFZ. 251/1" Tank Escort Half Track. £30-50
99.     Boxed Universal Hobbies 1:16 Scale Diecast Ford 7600 Tractor, No.UH2799. £20-40
100.    Boxed Universal Hobbies 1:16 Scale Diecast Fordson Super Major 1960 Launch Model Tractor, No.UH2951. Limited edition of 999 pieces. £20-40
101.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "SD.KFZ.7" German Personnel Carrier Half Track. £30-50
102.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "Panzerkampfwagen V Jagdpanther" Tank. £30-50
103.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Honda CBX 1000", No.37, in silver. £30-50
104.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Triumph Hurricane Y75", No.43 in red. £30-50
105.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "Panzerkampfwagen V1 Tiger 1 - Late Version" Tank. £30-50
106.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "M60A1 W/Era - Kuwait City 1991 Desert Storm" Tank. £30-50
107.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Brough Superior SS100 T.E. Lawrence 1932", No.33. £60-100
108.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Triumph Rocket III 2300cc", No.14, in an unusual red colourway. £30-50
109.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Vincent Black Shadow", No.31. £60-100
110.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Moto Guzzi Mk.1 Le Mans", No.47, in sliver-blue. £30-50
111.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Laverda Jota 180°", No.51, in orange. £30-50
112.    Boxed Minichamps 1:12 Scale Classic Bike Series "Honda Gold Wing 1975 GL1000", No.44, in blue. £30-50
113.    Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive 1:72 Scale Diecast "Westland Sea King HAS.2 825 Sqn Royal Navy Falklands Campaign 20th Anniversary 1982-2002" Helicopter, appears complete although buyer should assure themselves of parts present. £30-50
114.    Boxed Corgi Diecast "Pickfords Industrial Heavy Haulage" Set No.18005 , two Scammel Contractor, Nicholas bogies and generator. Certified No.2911 of 4000. 89cms long. Appears complete. £50-80
115.    Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive 1:72 Scale Diecast "Boeing-Vertol Chinook HC.1 No.18 Sqn, R.A.F. Falklands Detachment 1982 Helicopter", appears complete, although buyer should assure themselves of parts present. £30-50
116.    Two Original Board Games, Waddingtons "Battle of the Little Bog Horn" and "Railroader", both appear very good. £15-25
117.    Over 250 DC, Marvel and other action comics, mainly 1980's and later. £25-40
118.    Ten Boxed British Outline Diecast Buses, including a Tomica Dandy London Routemaster, Corgi Classics, Gilbow and EFE "OO" scale double deckers. £40-60
119.    Over 250 DC, Marvel, Vertigo and other action comics, mainly 1990's and later. £25-40
120.    Twenty Nine Boxed Lledo "Days Gone" Diecast Vehicles, nearly all vintage commercials with two KLM three vehicle sets, No.1 and No.2. £20-30
121.    Five Modern Star Wars Vehicles, all playworn, Tie Fighter, X-wing, Troop Ship etc, with a small Clone Wars tin of figures and accessories. Unchecked for completeness (loose parts present). £20-40
122.    Twenty Nine Boxed Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Oxford Diecast and others. Predominantly commercials/vintage, with 1977 Jubilee State Coach and two Atlas warships (Hood and Bismarck). £20-30
123.    Corgi "24 Adventures to Christmas" Boxed Advent Calendar, with twenty four diecast vehicles behind perforated (unbroken) car windows. With nine decorative tins, four silver crane wheeled, three shops and and Cadburys examples. £20-40
124.    A Large Quantity of Modern Playworn Lego, including Technic Motorcycle, several Bionicle figures, set 3182 Airliner and Airport and other loose bricks, kit parts, etc. £30-50
125.    A 1960's Scalextric Set No. 33, including two Mini Coopers, a Scalextric C/85 B. R. M, plus a quantity of other Scalextric items, all playworn, mainly boxed. £20-40
126.    A Quantity of Diecast Toy Vehicles, from the 1950's-1980's, including Dinky, Matchbox and Corgi. All playworn. £30-50
127.    A Quantity of Boxed or Carded Diecast Buses, by a variety of manufacturers, all on a London commemorative/souvenir theme. £20-30
128.    A Boxed Rosebud Doll, a B-26 Marauder plastic kit by Airfix, and two diecast aircrafts. £20-30
129.    A Quantity of "N" Gauge Railway Spares, parts and empty boxes, including a snow plough, ten diesel outline bodies, motors, transfers and etched brass accessories:- One Box £20-40
130.    Twenty Eight Boxed Lledo "Days Gone" Diecast Vehicles, primarily sign written commercials. £20-30
131.    Ten Boxed Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Dinky, Solido and Vitesse, largely commercials including Corgi British Railways set and Watneys Scammel Scarab. £25-40
132.    A Quantity of 1960's and Later Diecast Toys, by Corgi, Matchbox and others. All playworn. £25-40
133.    Twenty Two Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, and others, including Special Edition YS-38 1920 Rolls Royce armoured car, as well as straw packs and woodgrains, commercials and saloons. £20-40
134.    Twenty Eight Boxed Lledo "Days Gone" Diecast Vehicles, primarily sign written commercials. £20-30
135.    Two Boxed Norscot 1:50 Scale Diecast Models, No.55115, cat 992Gb wheel loader, and No.55122 cat W345B series II material handler with work tools. £30-50
136.    Four Original Omnibus Plaxton Panther, Oxford Bus Company, Oxford City X90. All boxed in original case. £20-40
137.    Eight Boxed Corgi Diecast Buses and Trams, Original Omnibus 1:76 scale Blackpool "Balloon Tram", Bedford Val Panaorama "Magical Mystery Tour" bus, James Bond "Live and Let Die" and five others. £20-30
138.    Three Boxed Matchbox 1-75's, No.65, No.16 and No.60. All circa 1970. Plus, a small quantity of Lledo and similar items. Some boxed. £15-25
139.    Five Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive Diecast 1:72 Scale Models, Douglas C-47 "Dakota" RAF Y-SL KG374 D-Day (1:144 scale), Hawker Hunter F Mk6 Blue Diamonds, P51S Mustang "Hun Hunter from Texas" first Henry Brown 354th Fighter Sqn, Junkers JU-87R-2 Stuka "T6 + CP" of 6./STG 2 Tmimi/Libya, July 1941, and Supermarine Spitfire MkIIC - No.276 Air-Sea Rescue Sqn, with a boxed 1:64 scale "Yat Ming" diecast De Havilland Mosquito Mk.VI. All appear complete, though buyer should assure themselves of parts present. £30-50
140.    Six Corgi Limited Edition Nine Double Nine Series Fire service Diecast 1:50 Scale Vehicles. Dennis F12 Side Pump City of Bradford, Dennis F15 Rear Pump Blackburn, Land Rover 110 "Mountain Range" South Glamorgan, Dennis F12 Belfast, Land Rover Airfield Crash Rescue RAF St. Athan and Dennis F12 Side Pump Escape City of Coventry. £30-50
141.    Five Boxed Corgi Classic 1:50 Scale Diecast Fire Service Vehicles. AEC Ergomatic Pump Escape Blackpool, AEC Turntable Ladder West Yorkshire, AEC Ladder Dublin, Simon Snorkel Cleveland County USA (with figures) and AEC Fire Support Hong Kong Central. £25-40
142.    Approximately Sixty Small Scale Diecast Buses and Commercials, by Matchbox, Corgi and others, including five Lesney Bedford Duple No.21, three BEA coaches, airport buses, American outline coaches, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
143.    A Quantity of Books on Toy Collecting and Associated Subjects, including model railway and aero modelling. £15-25
144.    Three Boxed Norscot 1:50 Scale Diecast Models, No.55113 cat TH360B telescopic handlers with tolls, No.55073 cat 725 articulated truck, and No.55104 cat 777D off highway truck. £40-60
145.    Two Boxed Limited Edition Late XX Century Tinplate 1950's Split Screen VW Samba Vans, by Ichiko Japan, sealed with certificates, in turquoise and maroon (only 2500 of each colourway). £20-40
146.    Seven Boxed Late 1970's Diecast Double Decker Buses, including Corgi open top Disneyland, Matchbox and Corgi Silver Jubilee and Royal Wedding editions and Seerol Routemaster. £20-30
147.    Ten Oxford Diecast Omnibus "N" Gauge Coaches, mainly National Express Plaxton Elite. All boxed. £25-40
148.    A Quantity of Hornby "O" Gauge Model Railway Accessories, including a No.2 Double Arm Signal, buffers, set of three rail points among other items. £20-40
149.    Eleven Boxed and Carded Diecast Buses and Vans, including Matchbox collectables 1931 Diddler trolley and 1930 Leyland Titan - Glasgow, two Siku Centroliners, Corgi James Bon "Live and Let Die" double decker, "San Monique", Corgi Eddie Stobart transit and five others. £20-40
150.    Twenty Three Matchbox 1-75's and Hot Wheels, in carry case, with three other diecast vehicles. £20-30
151.    Ten Boxed Dinky Collection Vehicles, by Matchbox, still in original tissue packing and outer. £20-40
152.    Twenty Four Boxed and Carded Modern Small Scale Diecast Buses, by Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Realtoy and others, including Matchbox "Big Movers", Disneyland 2000, double deckers and American outline school buses. £20-30
153.    Four Original Omnibus Caetano Levante, National Express Union flag for British Armed Forces day, Bristol. All boxed in original case. £20-40
154.    A Collection of Badges, from the 1970's-1980's, including eleven original Star Wars, 1977, Silver Jubilee, rock and pop, including Boomtown Rats, Ian Dury, Status Quo, Genesis, etc, TV related, including the Wombles, Disney and others. £10-20
155.    A Corgi No. 1126 Simon Snorkel, a "Dion" Corgi London Routemaster Bus and two USSR load models, all boxed. £20-30
156.    Nine Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, by Corgi Original Omnibus, Gilbow EFE and Creative Master, all different Yorkshire and Lancashire liveries. £30-50
157.    Six Boxed Corgi Diecast Buses, Premium Edition (1 of 2000), AEC Routemaster - Blackpool, Classics Metropolitan Police Bedford Coach and Morris Minor, Classics Daimler CW - Derby, Classics Daimler CW Green Line - London, and two others. £20-30
158.    Four Original Omnibus Caetano CT650 Kings Ferry, all boxed in original case. £20-40
159.    Nine Boxed Gilbow EFE and Corgi Original Omnibus "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, all except one (Grimsby) with Sheffield liveries, and all different. £30-50
160.    Ten Boxed Dinky Collection Vehicles, by Matchbox, still in original tissue packing and outer. £20-40
161.    Ten Plastic Cased Corgi Original Omnibus "OO" Scale Diecast National Express Coaches, six of which are destination Bournemouth, three Salisbury and one Eurolines. £30-50
162.    Four Boxed Corgi 1:50 Scale Diecast Fire Service Vehicles. 50th Anniversary Dennis F125 Simon Snorkel Bedfordshire, Classic AEC Ladder Cardiff, Classic AEC Pump Escape Nottingham and Nine Double Nine CC10310 AEC Turntable Ladder Wiltshire. £25-40
163.    Ten Boxed 1:76 Scale Diecast Eddie Stobart Vehicles, including Scania, Volvo, Man, AEC, Atkinson and Ford Trucks, a "Conescranes" reach stacker and Scania Irizar Coach. £30-50
164.    Masters of the Universe Carded "Battle Armour Skeletor", Mattel 7301, 1983 (creases, yellowing), with boxed "Modulok" Evil Horde, 1985, and Motorised Dragon Walker, Mattel 4902, 1983 (remains of box) together with an 8cms carded Thundercat Lion-o, 8010 (Mexican manufacture) and He-Man Falcon Zoar. £30-50
165.    Thirteen Plastic Cased Corgi Original Omnibus "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, all bearing Southern liveries, with some repetition. £30-50
166.    Seven Boxed Solido Veteran Diecast Cars, including factory sealed Age D'or Rolls Royce 1:43 scale two car metal kit (ref:5402) and limited edition Solido Joshua Tetley Vintage Brewery Lorry 1989 with certificate , and one other Eligor model. £20-40
167.    Eight Boxed or Plastic Cased "OO" Scale Diecast Buses and coaches, by Corgi original omnibus and Gilbow EFE, all North East liveries, including two Gateshead "bendy bus" with some repetition. £30-50
168.    Six Corgi Classics, Donington Collection Formula 1 cars, all boxed, all different. £20-30
169.    Five Boxed Corgi 1:50 Scale Diecast Fire Service Vehicles. Classic AEC Water Tender Dublin, Classic Simon/Dennis Hydraulic Platform 20th Anniversary West Glamorgan, Classics AEC Turntable Ladder Dunedin New Zealand (with figures), Classics AEC Pump Nottingham, and Nine Double Nine Dennis F12 City of Stoke-on-Trent. £25-40
170.    Eight Boxed or Plastic Cased "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, by Corgi Original Omnibus, Gilbow "EFE" and Creative Master, including Corgi "Feltham Tram", all different London liveries. £30-50
171.    A Group of Six Diecast Sports/Supercar Models, Maisto-Mercedes CLK-GTR 1:18, Lamborghini Murcielago 1:18, Porsche 911 Carrera 4S, 1:18 on base and Audi TT Roadster 1:18, with a Beanstalk Group 2003 Thunderbird 1:18 scale, Revell Bugatto EB110 small scale plastic and Maisto Ducati Supersport 900FE small scale motorbike. £20-40
172.    A Quantity of "OO" Model railway Wagons, both four wheel and eight wheel, all Bachmann, all boxed. £40-60
173.    Eleven Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, all different by Gilbow EFE. £30-50
174.    Nineteen "OO" Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons, mainly Bachmann, all boxed. £40-60
175.    Twelve Boxed "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches and Buses, all Lancashire/North West livery, Corgi Original Omnibus and Gilbow EFE, with some repetition. £30-50
176.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail, including a N2 0-6-2 tank, finished in British Rail black, plus wagons, lineside accessories and turntable among other items. All playworn, some boxed. Boxes good to poor. £30-50
177.    Ten Boxed (Plastic Display Cases) Corgi Original Omnibus "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches, all different. £30-50
178.    A Quantity of "OO" Model Railway Coaches, by Bachmann, Dapol and Hornby, all boxed. £30-50
179.    Ten Boxed (Plastic Display Cases) Corgi Original Omnibus "OO" Scale Diecast Coaches, all different. £30-50
180.    Sixteen Boxed or Cased Modern Diecast Vehicles and Aircraft, Atlas Editions Battle of Britain and Memphis Belle, Burago 14 scale Bugatti "55", Corgi Eddie Stobart Curtainsider, military, commercials, fire service and others. £30-50
181.    Twenty Boxed Corgi Double Deck Buses, icluding Manchester United open top, East Yorks AEC and 1984 Liverpool Garden Festival. £30-50
182.    Three Boxed Subbuteo Games, 1995 F.A. Cup Edition with scoreboard and cup, Club Edition and Standard Edition, unchecked but appear complete with 1971-72 catalogue. £15-25
183.    A Quantity of "HO" Model Railway Wagons and Coaches, American outline. All playworn. Plus, a 2-8-0 locomotive, damaged. £20-30
184.    Four Boxed Corgi Gift Sets, Ford Model "T" Vans 1988, Transport of the 30's Model "T" vans 1986, "The Hotspur" 1991 and "The Skipper" 1991. £20-30
185.    Eighteen Different Carded Monogram HO "Exact Saloons and Sports Cars", with twelve Jaguar XKS Matchbox 1-7 1882 Motor Show Pack, the John Ramsey book of diecast, eighth edition, two Matchbox commemorative first five 1-75's, three carded 1-75's, two boxed 1-75's and four Corgi boxed "Best of British". £20-40
186.    A Quantity of Carded Film and TV Related Figures and Diecast, with two boxes of six dozen Noddy and Friends enamelled metal brooches and rings (Edco 1975) with P.O.S. cards, three LJN "E.T." 1982, Matchbox Fab1 (1982), ERTL Noddy plane, Batman, Tygro 8cms Thundercat, Star Wars Emperor mail out and others. £30-50
187.    Nineteen Boxed Corgi, Siku and Matchbox diecast vehicles, including Corgi No.56 Tipper Trailer (1976) and No.602 Mini (1984), Matchbox K80 Custom Van (Rock and Roll 1979), Siku mobile homes and others. £30-50
188.    Three Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-901A Collett 0-6-OPT, 8700 G.W.R. green Shirtbutton, No.31-052, J72 class, 0-6-0, 69023 B.R. green, and No.32-125A 45XX tank 4569 B.R. lined green. All appear unused. £40-60
189.    Eight Boxed or Plastic Cased "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, by Corgi Original Omnibus and Gilbow "EFE", including Corgi "Feltham Tram", all different London liveries. £30-50
190.    A Small Quantity of Scalextric Items, including a 1960's blue Cooper, a boxed First Aid Hut, plus four later cars. £30-50
191.    A Quantity of Tinplate Novelty Toys, China/India/Eastern block manufacture, including girl playing glockenspiel, jumping Zebra (Nikey), tractor, sparrow, Kennel money box, etc. £20-30
192.    A Quantity of Modern Diecast, by Vanguard, Minichamp and Corgi among others, including Atkinson four wheeler - "D.M. Smith", Rover 3500, Morris 1800, VW Beetle, among others. All boxed. £25-40
193.    A Boxed Mettoy Tinplate and Plastic Merry Go Round No.6155, with circular and vertical motion, with a Brimtoy fly-wheel drive cleansing department truck, with tatty box. £15-25
194.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "88mm Flak" Anti-Aircraft Gun. £30-50
195.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway No. 32-451 Turbostar Two Car DMU Set, finished in Central Trains livery, boxed with outer slip. £40-60
196.    A Collection of Mostly Airfix Plastic Military, Britain's Deetail Japanese and other Plastic Figures and Vehicles, 1/32 scale, all playworn. £30-50
197.    Three Corgi Buses, Original Omnibus No.42403 "Beatles Magical Mystery Tour", No.43710 Millennium Collection Trolleybus, CC26101 RT Double Deck Bus "London Transport", all boxed. £30-50
198.    A Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast, 1:16 Scale Model "T" Ford and a 1925 1:24 scale Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. Both with certificates and paperwork. £20-40
199.    A Quantity of "OO" Model Ralway Items, including a Tri-ang DMU/AHST125 by Hornby, among other locomotives and associated items. All playworn. £30-50
200.    A Dinky No. 722 Hawker Harrier, (missing canopy), in perspex box, plus three other diecast aircraft. £20-30
201.    Two Boxed Corgi Diecast Articulated Lorries, No.1157 Esso Ford Tanker 1981, with crushing and tear to cellophane, and C1245 Bilspedition Volvo Globetrotter, 1985. £20-30
202.    Eight Boxed Modern Corgi and Other Makes, buses, coaches and trams, including Corgi QEII Golden Jubilee, Atlas Blackpool Balloon Tram and Guinness Routemasters. £20-40
203.    Ten Boxed Tinplate Novelty Toys, some clockwork/friction drive, comprising duck, tractor, zebra vehicles, etc. Chinese, Indian, Czech and Hungarian manufacture. £20-30
204.    Three Boxed Construction Site Diecast Models, Norscot 1:50 scale cat rental store flatbed hauler with 420D IT backhoe loader, Britains 1:32 scale JCB 3CX backhoe loader and joal 1:35 scale JCB 2175 centremount backhoe loader. £30-50
205.    Five Boxed Corgi Classics 1:50 Scale Diecast Fire Service Vehicles. Dennis/Simon Snorkel Cheshire, AEC Pump Cleveland, AEC Pump Escape Rotherham, Leyland Emergency Tender St. Helens and AEC Ladder Staffordshire. £25-40
206.    A Mid XX Century Tri-ang Steel Train, stamped LMS plus a No.2 Bayko set and a small quantity of Meccano in a Bayko box. £20-30
207.    Two "HO" Scale Model Railway Steam Outline Locomotives, by Rivarossi, a 0-4-0 tender engine for a 0-6-0 W.C. and T.T.R. tank, plus a quantity of rolling stock. All American outline. Mainly boxed. £40-80
208.    A Post War Hornby "O" Gauge No.40 0-4-0 Locomotive, playworn, plus other Hornby "O" gauge items, including a level crossing and crane, among other items, some boxed. £30-50
209.    Six Corgi Diecast Buses, including Premium Dennis Lancet Coach "Smiths of Reading", Premium Leyland Leopard "Sheffield Corporation" and Connoisseur Duple Coach "Western" among others, all boxed. £25-40
210.    Twelve Boxed "O" Scale Diecast Buses, by Corgi Original Omnibus and Gilbow "EFE", all North East liveries, including two Gateshead "bendy bus" with some repetition. £30-50
211.    Boxed Lego Creator Sopwith Camel No.3451 (2001) Original Version, with instructions. Kit is part made up with a bag of unchecked parts. £20-40
212.    A Boxed Corgi "Chipperfields Circus" Collection, of all different vehicles 1994, with limited edition certificates, collectors cards, replica posters, collector album and catalogue. All appear to have never been out of the boxes. £100-200
213.    Three Boxed Corgi Diecast Helicopters, 1:48 scale "Firebase" Nam UH-1C Huey "Hog" helicopter U.S. Army, Aviation Archive 1:72 scale AA34208 Boeing-Vertol BV-234L Chinook, British Airways, Aberdeen, Scotland, 1982 (G-Bisp) - exclusive 1000 piece edition Corgi Heritage centre, and Aviation Archive Boeing-Vertol CH-47C Chinook, 180th Aviation Company, U.S. Army, Schwabisch-Hall, Germany, 1975. All appear complete although buyer should assure themselves of parts present. £30-50
214.    A Subbuteo Stadium Edition, incomplete and boxed. Plus, a quantity of other Subbuteo accessories and empty boxes. Stadium set has three box trays. Playworn. £30-50
215.    Four Boxed Airfix Model Kits, circa 1980, two series four "OO" gauge locomotives ("City of Truro" and Schools Class Harrow"), series five "Biggin Hill" and series six 1:32 1914 Dennis fire engine. Buyer needs to assure themselves of parts present. £15-25
216.    Two Boxed Limited Edition Late XX Century Tinplate 1950's Split Screen VW Samba Vans, by Ichiko Japan, sealed with certificates, in turquoise and maroon (only 2500 of each colourway). £20-40
217.    Approximately Forty Matchbox 1-75's, Mainly Super Fast, many circa 1970, all playworn, fair, many boxed, although most boxes poor. £40-60
218.    A Quantity of Playworn Original Corgi, Matchbox and other diecast vehicles, including fire engines, buses, commercials and sports cars:- One Box £20-30
219.    A Quantity of Hornby "OO" Items, including a 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman, class 43, three car DMU, rolling stock, among other items, unboxed. £80-150
220.    Approximately Twenty 1960's Lego Boxes and Accessories, including No. 242/1 Flags No. 233 Street Lights, No. 232 Street Signs, all unchecked, plus a small quantity of contemporary loose Lego, and Lego No. 1 Handbook, unchecked. £50-80
221.    A Corgi "Hauliers of Renown" Volvo F10 Curtainside, "Prestons of Potto", plus a Corgi heavy haulage Scammell Contractor "Wynns", three Corgi nine double nine models and two other diecast lorries, all boxed. £40-60
222.    Four Factory Sealed Plastic Model Kits, Nu-be (GDR) 1:25 scale Vostok 1 Satellite, Lindberg ½inch scale Jaguar D-Type, AMT 1:25 scale Ecto 1A Ghostbusters vehicle and Revell 1:24 scale Citroen 2CV Special. £20-40
223.    A Busy Painted Wooden Bus Depot/Garage, with twenty eight London king size double decker buses by Corgi and Matchbox, Londoner Carnaby Street K-15's, Routemasters etc, with various liveries/destinations. £15-25
224.    Eight Corgi Eddie Stobart Commercial Vehicles, all boxed, except Shutter Truck, including Volvo Curatinsider, Foden 521 Arctic Trailer with containers, Volvo S.W.B. Draw Bar Unit, fork lift truck, Escort van, Transit and "Super Haulers" trailer. £30-50
225.    A 1930's Meccano Elecktron Electrical Experiments Set No.1, contents unchecked but a good number still in place including tin, packets, compass, plus original instructions and Hornby marketing leaflet. Boxed. Wear to parts and box. £50-80
226.    Three Early to Mid XX Century Children's Games, "Tailless Mickey" by Chad Valley , with eight tails and a large fold out poster, "Teddy Tail's Tea Party" jigsaw puzzle by Chad Valley and G.W.R. Cornish Riveira wooden jigsaw by Chad Valley. Note that these have not been checked for completeness. £30-50
227.    Four Original Omnibus Caetano Levante, National Express coaches, No.202 Heathrow Airport. All boxed in original case. £20-40
228.    Two Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast 1:24 Scale Model Cars, 1915 Stutz Bearcat Roadster and 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SC. Both with paperwork. £20-40
229.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, both No.32-025 class 20 diesel 20063 B.R. blue with indicator discs. Both appear unused. £40-60
230.    A Hornby "O" Gauge Post War No.2 Signal Cabin, in very good condition, plus a post war goods depot. Overall very good except for two additional advertising signs added. Both unboxed. £40-60
231.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Clockwork Wind Up "Rodeo Queen", by Haji of Japan, a girl sat of a white horse. Clockwork appears to work, boxed. £20-40
232.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.32-875 2-6-4 Fairdurn Tank 2691 LMS black, and No.32-350 2-6-4 standard class 4MT tank 80061 B.R. black early/emblem. £50-80
233.    Two Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast 1:24 Scale Model Cars, 1954 Mercedes Benz 300 SL and 1961 Jaguar E-Type, both with certificates and paperwork. £20-40
234.    A Mid XX Century Schuco Variato "3010" Extra Set, including 3042 lorry and tunnel track amongst other items. Boxed. £40-60
235.    A Circa 1920 Tinplate Motor Car and Garage, by Brenco (JG Brennel-Co, Manchester), comprising four seater open top car with crank handle motor and No. plate BM-5090, rubber tyres to tin wheels, 26cms long, garage with twin opening doors, bearing words "Motor Garage"; significant wear to all areas and car running boards replaced. £80-150
236.    Two Pre War "Gutland" Eight Wheel "O" Gauge Model Railway Box Vans, both finished in maroon with yellow logo. £30-50
237.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-852 J39, 0-6-0, 64967 B.R. black late crest, and No.31-700 B1 4-6-0, 1264, L.N.E.R. green. Both appear unused. £40-60
238.    Seven Window Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Cars, No. 393 Mercedes Benz 350 SL, No. 395 Fire Bug, (missing ladder), No. 418 Austin London Taxi, No. 347 Chevrolet Astro 1, (cracked windshield), No. 150 Surtees T. S. 9 F/1 Racing Car, No. 154 John Player Special Lotus, all Whizzwheels, and N0. 315 Lotus Elite, all showing slight chipping but fair to good, boxes with crushing, wear and some wear to cellophane, with 1971/72 Corgi catalogue. £30-50
239.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Shunters, No.32-100 08 diesel shunter 13365 in B.R. green and No.31-341 04 diesel shunter 11222 in B.R. black early/emblem. Both appear unused. £40-60
240.    A 1930's "Construment" Science Set No.200, all contained in original box with instructions. £25-40
241.    Two Boxed Bachman "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-302, 4-6-0 Manor class "Hook Norton Manor" 7823 BR green, and No.31-777 Modified Hall 6962 "Soughton Hall" G.W. lined green. Both appear unused. £50-80
242.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "Sherman M4A3" Tank. £30-50
243.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausgf.G" Tank. £30-50
244.    A Post War Hornby "O" Gauge No.3 Station, including ramps, in overall good condition with two additional transfers added to station front. Boxed. £40-60
245.    Three Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Cars, all playworn to a greater or lesser degree, boxes with crushing, tears and wear, No. 133 Ford Cortina in lime green, No. 205 Lotus Cortina Rally, (missing one aerial), and No. 169 Ford Corsair 2000E. £30-50
246.    Two Boxed Matchbox Railway Gift Set, G2 1979. Both appear complete and untouched. £20-30
247.    Boxed Rosenbauer Conrad Airport Tender, No.5501, 1:50 scale diecast model. £20-30
248.    A Post War Hornby "O" Gauge Set No. 45, includes a clockwork 0-4-0 locomotive in BR black, and three No.50 wagons, all playworn, boxed. £40-60
249.    A Hornby "OO" Model Railway, 4-6-2 Southern Region West Country Class "Exeter", with original card box and wooden presentation case. £30-50
250.    An Early XX Century Hand Painted Wooden Noah's Ark Children's Toy, approximately 53cms long and 30cms high. It features removable roof and side panels into which slide very detailed mangers with hinged gates (detached but present). In all of these there are thirteen pairs of finely carved intricately painted wooden animals (some small damages) and four odds, an elephant, cow, rabbit and a pig. Noah is also present. £100-200
251.    A Tin Globe, (21cms high) in the form of a biscuit tin for William Cranford & Sons Ltd. £20-40
252.    1962 Matchbox Tiered (Two) Wooden and Card Point of Sale Shop Display, in yellow with blue back board, showing No.65 Jaguar 3.8 Sedan, box and one shilling nine. Holds seventy five vehicles. Missing perspex cover. £70-100
253.    Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive, large 1:72 scale Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Avro Lancaster EE176 "Mickey the Moocher", Spitfire MKIIA-P7350 abnd Hawker Hurricane LF363. Appears complete with stands. £60-100
254.    Lego Harry Potter Hogwarts No.4709 (2001), deconstructed, with elements of No.4708 Hogwarts Express, No.4707 Hagrid and No.4714 Gringotts, all unchecked for parts:- One Box, with instruction manuals. £20-40
255.    Nine Mid XX Century "O" Gauge Model Railway Four Wheel Wagons, similar in style to Leeds/Bonds etc, including five open wagons, a guard's van and three box vans. All in good plus condition. £50-100
256.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-102 B.R. class 4, 4-6-0 double chimney, 75073, tender type B.R.1B black, and No.32-953DC standard class, 2-6-0, 4MT, 76020, B.R2B tender early/emblem. Both appear unused. £50-80
257.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail EDP12 "Duchess of Montrose" Set, containing 4-6-2 locomotive and tender, plus two carriages. All playworn. Boxed in a poor box. Plus, an Ian Allen badge. £30-50
258.    A 1960's Scalextric Set, No. 31, with two junior cars, a Cooper and a Lotus, damages/playworn, boxed. £20-30
259.    Boxed Hornby "O" Gauge Good Set No.30, locomotive and tender in British Railways green, with two goods wagons. Clockwork, no key, and in good order. £30-50
260.    Two Boxed Corgi 1:50 Scale Diecast Tanker Lorries, Eddie Stobart CC15207 Man TG-X (XL) Fuel Tanker and Mercedes Actros 2546 Hanson Powder Tanker. £30-50
261.    A Quantity of Corgi Rocket Diecast Cars, including Capri, Control Car, Saints Volvo, among others, all playworn, plus a Corgi Multi Garage and some Corgi Whizzwheels Juniors. £25-40
262.    Five Boxed/Carded Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and other double decker buses. Dinky 289 Esso Routemaster, Corgi 480 "White Label" AEC Renown, Matchbox Royal Wedding 1981 and empty Dinky 292 Leyland Atlantean Bus box. £20-40
263.    A Quantity of Hornby "O" Gauge "M" Series Lineside Accessories, including station, signal box, telegraph pole, footbridge among other items. Many pre war. £20-30
264.    Boxed Franklin Mint 1:10 Scale Diecast "1957 BMW R6012 Motorcycle and Sidecar", very fine detailed model, in two boxes. £40-60
265.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-403, 4-6-0 Maunsell in B.R. green, and No.31-401 Maunsell "Sir Martin Frobisher" malachite green. Both appear unused. £50-80
266.    Eighteen "N" Gauge British Rail Coaches, in rakes of six, by Graham Farish and Lima, often as "close couple" units with guard, parcel and buffet cars, housed in a wooden storage box. £50-80
267.    Three Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-607 Gresley V3 tank 2-6-2T, 67684 Doncaster green British Railways (hopper type bunker), No.31-602 Gresley V1 class 2-6-2T, 67664 B.R. black (hopper type bunker), and No.31-450 Ivatt 2-6-2 tank 41221, B.R. lined black, fitted with push/pull. All appear unused. £40-60
268.    A Medieval Castle, made from blown plastic (probably late Elastolin). Complete with drawbridge. £20-30
269.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-319 0-6-0 Robinson Class J11 R/No. 64311, finished in British Rail black with early emblem. £40-60
270.    An Original Circular Dan Dare Jigsaw, by Waddingtons, with Gerry Anderson UFO jigsaw by Arrow (1970) and Waddington's "Teaching Jigsaw" doll's house. Unchecked for completeness. £15-25
271.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.32-575 Ivatt class 4-6-0, 3001 LMS black double chimney and No.32-177, 2-6-0 Crab 42789 B.R. lined black with coal rail riveted. Both appear unused. £50-80
272.    Boxed Universal Hobbies 1:16 Scale JCB Farm Trailer, No.UH2712. An exact model of the first J.C. Bamford product from 1945. £20-40
273.    A Collection of Vintage Early to Mid XX century Marbles, some with pontil marks, intricately formed "whirlies" and china. In a small contemporary case. £15-30
274.    Vintage Lego Set 182 (1975) Train, with carriages, motor and track, and 146 Level Crossing (196), made up with instructions. Completeness of parts cannot be guaranteed. £30-50
275.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, no.32-411 class 25/2 diesel B.R. green D5233, and No.32-057 class 42 warship diesel D870 "Zulu" B.R. blue. Both appear unused. £40-60
276.    A Small Quantity of Original Diecast Toy Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox among others, including a Corgi Mobilgas tanker. All playworn. £20-30
277.    A Boxed Hornby "OO" Gauge Transcontinental Steamliner Set RS.101, with loco, two coaches and operating mail coach and receiving bin and hook. No track (system 6). £50-80
278.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.32-275 K3 LNER 2934 black group standard tender, and No.32-278 K3 2-6-0, 61823 B.R. lined black, late crest and stepped tender. Both appear unused. £50-80
279.    Four Original Dinky Diecast Fire Engines, boxed No. 955 with extending ladder, fair with light chipping and rubbing to raised edges, box fair, boxed No. 259 Fire Engine, chipping and rubbing to raised edges, box with tape and missing flaps, No. 250 Fire Engine, significant chips and rubbing, and No. 285 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender, very good with slight chips, hose and water pump action. £30-50
280.    A Group of Four Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast, 1:24 and 1:32 scale vehicles. 1930 Duesenberg J Derham Roadster, with faults and breakages (some parts), 1907 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, with faults and breakages (some parts), Peterbilt Truck 379 1:32 scale (minor breakage with parts and certificate) and Precision Pewter Classics 1957 Corvette 2925/9500 on base. £20-40
281.    Five Boxed Corgi Limited Edition Nine Double Nine Series Fire Service Diecast 1:50 Scale Vehicles, Land Rover 110 Greater Manchester , Dennis F12 Ladder Hartlepool, Dennis F15 Rear Pump Escape, Leicestershire and Rutland, AEC HCB Angus, Leicester City and Dennis F125/Simon Snorkel Merseyside. £25-40
282.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, No.32-778 class 37/0 diesel B.R. green centre head D6826 and No.32-527 class 55 Deltic 55012 "Crepello" B.R. blue. £40-60
283.    Two Boxed Corgi Heavy Haulage Sets, No.55201 Pickfords Diamond T Ballast (2) with twenty four wheel girder trailer and English Steel Corporation casting (Sheffield) load. Certified 06228 of 8,200 produced. With No.CC12507 1:50 scale Atkinson Venturer, two Axle King Trailer and Boiler Load, certified 0844 of 2,600 produced. £30-50
284.    A Quantity of Vintage Corgi and Matchbox Kingsize, among others. All playworn. £30-50
285.    An Early XX Century Boxed Gerbruder Bing Tinplate Electric Child's Glass Plate Projector, with a box of twelve colour glass slides depicting vignettes from childhood fables, and other loose negatives, complete with hanging screen. Box tatty. £30-50
286.    Five Boxed Original Matchbox Super/Speed Kings and One Yesteryear (Y5 Bentley), all fair with crushing and tears to boxes and some parts missing, including K-17 Low Loader with Bulldozer, K-13 D. A. F. Building Transporter with Office, and K-37 Sand Cat, etc. £20-40
287.    Boxed Corgi Cartoon Characters, Gift Set No.3084 Tom and Jerry, Popeye and Olive and Pink Panther 1980. £20-40
288.    Four Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Commercials, No. 952 Vega Major Luxury Coach, No. 945 AEC Fuel Tanker Esso, (missing one filler cap and pipes), No. 451 Johnston Road Sweeper, (bubble pack damaged), and No. 34 French Dinky Berliet with container, (slight chipping, good, missing container door), all playworn to a greater or lesser degree, boxes with crushing, tears, missing flaps. £40-60
289.    Two Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive Diecast Aircraft, 1:144 scale Hadley Page Victor K.2-XL511, No.55 Squadron Falklands Campaign 20th Anniversary 1982-2002, limited edtiion of 2300 (No.1249) with replica South Atlantic medal and the English Electric Lightning F.Mk.1 XM139-No.226 Operational Conversion Unit RAF, 1963. £30-50
290.    Four Boxed Fire Engines, 1:50 scale diecast models by Paul Slade, Dennis "Leicestershire", Scania "Cambridgeshire", Ateco "London" and Magirus turntable ladder. £30-50
291.    Two Hornby "OO" Three Rail Locomotives, 4-6-2 Duchess of Montrose, in British Railways green, and a 4-6-2 A4, repainted in LNER blue. Both playworn. £30-50
292.    Nine Diecast Bus and Taxi Models, including Tekno Mercedes Benz D302, two Matchbox Lesney Daimler No.74, Fun HO No.7 Bus (New Zealand), Dinky Viceroys and poorly painted Vega Major Luxury Coach amongst others. £30-50
293.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, No.32-803 class 47 diesel 47148 B.R. blue with full yellow end, four digit head code (ex domino type) and No.32-801 class 47 diesel 1764 two tone green with full yellow ends, four digit head code. Both appear unused. £40-60
294.    Four Hornby "O" Gauge Post War Items, a No.1 Watch Tower, No.2 Double Arm Signal and two No.31 Coaches, all very good condition and boxed. £30-50
295.    Two Boxed Norscot 1:50 Scale Diecast Models, No.55058 cat 365B L series II excavator and No.55025 cat D11R track type tractor. £30-50
296.    Post War Boxed Hornby "O" Gauge Tank Goods Set No.45, including 0-4-0 tank engine B. R. Black, clockwork with key, a quantity of Straights and Curves, and three No. 50 rolling stock- shell oil tank, coal wagon, lumber wagon, playworn but fair, with a boxed Hornby No. 2 turntable. £40-60
297.    A Limited Edition Franklin Mint Diecast 1:8 Scale 1893 Duryea, highly detailed with folding leather hood, certificate and paperwork. £30-50
298.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-975A 2-6-2 Class 3MT Tank R/No. 82020, finished in British Rail black with early emblem, boxed. £30-50
299.    Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotive and Carriage, No.32-902 class 108 DMU 2 car B.R. blue and grey 53959. Appears unused. £40-60
300.    Two Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast 1:24 Scale Model Cars, 1924 Hispano-Suiza in tulipwood and a 1924 Bugatti Type 35. Certificate and paperwork for the Hispano Suiza only. £20-40
301.    1967 Matchbox Revolving Point of Sale Shop Display, with clear plastic cover "Matchbox 2 Shillings" in red and yellow. Designed to hold all seventy five models and new ones in numbered compartments. Some damage but serviceable. £70-100
302.    Two Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast 1:24 Scale Cars, 1937 Alfa Romeo 2900B and 1941 Lincoln Continental. Both with paperwork. £20-40
303.    Two Boxed Modern Scalextric Cars, C2082 Mercedes GTI No.2 Westminster and C2297 Opel V8 Coupé "Opel Service No.7". Both on spare brushes on display stand. £15-25
304.    A Rivarossi "HO" Scale 4-6-6-4 Locomotive, finished in "Delaware and Hudson" black, in original perspex case. £50-80
305.    Boxed Corgi Gift Set No.13 Tour de France 1981, Team Raleigh with Peugeot car, four cycles, two riders and shouting coach with megaphone. £20-40
306.    Boxed Heljan by Hatton's "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotive, No.266201 2-6-6-2 Beyer Garratt 4970 L.M.S. black appears unused. £100-200
307.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "Russian T34/76 - 1943 Production" Tank. £30-50
308.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.32-251 WD 2-8-0 Austerity 90275 B.R. black e/emblem and No.32-827 Ivatt class 2MT 2-6-0, 6404 LMS black. Both appear unused. £50-80
309.    "OO" Model Railway 4-6-2 A3 "Flying Scotsman" Locomotive, by Trix, with only one tender. Boxed. £30-50
310.    A Bachmann "00" Model Railway, No. 31-166 2-4-2 Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Tank R/No. 50636, finished in British Rail black with early emblem. £40-60
311.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Toys, No. 290 Kojak's Buick with Kojak and Crocker figures, badge and detachable beacon, good, chips to raised edges, box and inner fair, with Corgi gist set No. 7 "Daktari" Land Rover 109" W. B. with tiger, Clarence, (with glasses), Judy, Paula and lion, good condition, missing Dr. Marsh, box poor. £40-60
312.    Lego Set No. 308 Fire Station with Fire Engine, signs of wear, boxed with original insert. £30-50
313.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway No. 31-500A Class 158 Two Car DMU Set, in Regional Railways finish, boxed with outer slip. £30-50
314.    Three Boxed Matchbox Super/Speed Kings, K12, 1975 Hercules Mobile Crane, K33, 1971 Citroen SM (damage to cellophane) and K44 1973 Bazooka funny car. Together with small boxed Lego helicopter 1630. £20-30
315.    Two Boxed Corgi Heavy Haulage Sets, No.17601 "Hills of Botley" Scammel Constructor and twenty four wheel low loader, certified 03570 of 6,800 produced. With Heavy Haulers 1:50 scale Mack LJ Flatbed with hay load, certified 0962 of only 1310 produced. "Handy's Hay Co. USA". £30-50
316.    Original Boxed 1972 "Souvenirs" by Matchbox K-37 Sand Bug, in gold and orange fixed to ceramic "and Dune" ashtray, with a boxed 1973 1:18 scale Corgi No.190 J.P.S. Lotus Formula One Car, Emerson Fitipaldi model with painted driver figure, wheel spanner, nuts and information sheet. £20-30
317.    Four Original Dinky Diecast Military Toys, boxed No. 677 Armored Command Vehicle, fair with chipping and rubbing to raised edges, box with crushing and missing some flaps, boxed No. 686 25-Pounder Field Gun, very good, box with some marks, No. 621 3 Ton Army Wagon, good with light chipping to raised edges, possible replacement rear cover, and No. 643 Army Water Tanker, chipping to mudguards and raised edges, otherwise fair. £25-40
318.    A Rake of Six "N" Gauge Graham Farish British Rail Coaches, including buffet car. Finished in post war Southern green. £20-40
319.    Two Boxed Corgi Diecast Military Vehicles, insert, No. 908 AMX 30D Recovery Tank 1976, very good with figures and lifting gear, box with some crushing and tape repair, and No. 905 SU100 Russian Tank Destroyer, very good with the smallest chips, firing mechanism with sixteen plastic shells-still on sprue, box fair. £25-40
320.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-326 Class 105 Two Car DMU, in British Rail green, boxed. £40-60
321.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, No.32-676 Class 45 Diesel 45114 B.R. blue with white roof, and No.32-650 Class 44 Diesel DI "Scaffell Pike" B.R. green. Both appear unused. £40-60
322.    Two Boxed Corgi Diecast Articulated Lorries, No.1157 Esso Ford Tanker 1981 and Bilspedition Volvo Globetrotter 1985. £20-40
323.    Two Boxed Original Dinky Toys, from Gerry Anderson's UFO S. H. A. D. O. TV Programme, No. 351, (first type card box), UFO Interceptor, fair with some wear, missile, box and inner with crushing, tears and missing flaps, and No. 353 Shado 2 Mobile, smooth top with chipping to raised edges, with missile, box tatty, missing flaps. £30-50
324.    Two Dinky Toys, No.266 ERF Fire Engine, appears very good, boxed, good box, plus No. 285 Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender, good, in poor box. £25-40
325.    Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotive, No.32-852 9F 2-10-0 standard 92116 B.R. black BR1c tender. Appears unused. £30-50
326.    Boxed Pre-war Dinky Royal Tank Corps Set 152, all showing signs of repair, fatigue, parts missing and worn box. With Dinky 25pound ammo trailer and light dragon tractor with faults. £30-50
327.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "M48 A3 - Vietnam 1969" Tank. £30-50
328.    Five Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Toys, No. 117 Four Berth Caravan with transparent roof, chipping and rubbing to raised areas, No. 165 Ford Capri Speedwheels in metallic purple, No. 134 Triumph Vitesse, No. 136 Vauxhall Viva in blue, and No. 135 Triumph 2000, missing luggage, all playworn to a greater or lesser degree but fair, boxes with damages. £40-60
329.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway No. 32-936 Class 150 Two Car DMU Set, in "Regional Railways" finish, boxed. £40-60
330.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Vehicles, No. 40 Avengers gift set, playworn, Bentley missing windscreen and John Steed, Lotus with Emma Steel, no umbrellas, inner fair, box with crushing and tears, and No. 266 Original Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, fair condition, missing one tail light, jewel and front sail, four figures present, box and inner tatty, cellophane broken. £40-60
331.    Corgi Original Omnibus Centenary Bus Set, "Plaxton 100 Years" set no.0M49901. Contains four buses. Boxed. £30-50
332.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway No. 32-515 "Derby Lightweight" Two Car DBU Set, finished in green and yellow, boxed. £40-60
333.    Boxed Corgi Aviation Archive 1:72 Scale Diecast "Sikorsky SH-3D Sea King-HS-4 Sqn U.S. Navy 1969 Apollo Recovery" Helicopter. Appears complete although buyer should assure themselves of parts present. £30-50
334.    Two Matchbox Military Carded "Two" Packs 1975, TP-15 military truck and trailer, TP-16 dump truck and bulldozer, with seven Matchbox 1-75's No.17 Londoner double deck buses 1971, 1979, often with Doncaster interest adverts and a carded No.47 Pannier Locomotive 1976. £20-40
335.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.32-279, K3 2-6-0 LNER 1935 Doncaster green, and No.32-504 standard class 4-6-0 5MT 73014 B.R. green. Both appear unused. £50-80
336.    Boxed Franklin Mint 1:10 Scale Diecast "1969 Triumph Bonneville Motorcycle", in red with helmet and manuals. £30-50
337.    Boxed Original Dinky Police Vehicles Gift Set No. 297, all playworn with crushing, tears and repairs to box, some missing parts, (including two lots of bollard's and aerials), comprises No. 250 Police Mini Cooper, No. 255 Zodiac, No. 287 Transit Accident Unit with two signs and three cones. £20-40
338.    Boxed Dinky Ferrari, 312/B2 Racing Car No.226 1976, with four other playworn Dinky 1950's race cars 23J- H.W.M, 23G-Cooper, Bristol, 23K-Talbot Lago and 23I-Maserati. £30-50
339.    Corgi Hauliers of Renown, Set No.CC99203 "Edward Stobart" 1954-2011, contains two tractor units and a trailer. £30-50
340.    Two Boxed Factory Sealed Solido Militaires General Lee Tanks, No.253. £10-20
341.    Dinky Toy Gift Set No. 304 "Fire Rescue", includes Fire Chief Range Rover, Fire Land Rover and Convoy Fire Truck, all models appear very good, boxed, some wear to box corners, perspex intact. £30-50
342.    Two Boxed Dinky Diecast Double Decker Buses, No.289 Esso Routemaster 1978, and No.291 Kenning Atlantean City Bus 1978 with a No.292 Dinky Leyland Atlantean empty box. £30-50
343.    Six "N" Gauge Graham Farish Network South East Coaches, all but one "close coupled". £25-40
344.    Four Perspex Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Cars, No. 152 Rolls-Royce Phantom V Limousine, No. 220 Ferrari P5, No. 188 Jensen FF, and No. 110 Aston Martin DB5, all with wear to a greater or lesser degree, the Aston missing headlight, the Jensen re-touched, boxes with wear and cracks. £20-40
345.    A Dinky Toy, No. 721 "Battle of Britain Junkers JU87B Stuka, appears unbroken, in good condition with minor wear, bomb A replacement reproduction, in all card box, some crushing, missing box inserts. £25-40
346.    Three Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Vehicles, No. 486 Kennel Service Wagon with four dogs, No. 471 Smith's Karrier Mobile Canteen, and No. 447 Walls Ice Cream Van, (non musical, missing boy), all playworn to fair, boxes all have issues. £40-60
347.    A Mid XX Century "OO" Scale Diecast Model of a 0-6-0 Saddle Tank, finished in GWR Green by Gaiety Models. Two rail electric. Boxed. £20-40
348.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Police Cars, No. 492 V. W European Police Car and No. 506 Police "Panda" Imp, both playworn, with chipping to raised edges, the V. W missing headlight, boxes with crushing, wear and missing flaps. £20-40
349.    A Small Quantity of Both Pre and Post War Hornby "O" Gauge Station Figures, plus a Britains gate and hedge. All playworn. £20-30
350.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-002 0-8-0 Robinson 04 Class R/ No. 63635, finished in British Rail black with early emblem. £40-60
351.    An Original Corgi, No. 1143 American La France Aerial Rescue, overall model appears very good and complete, in perspex fronted box, some damage to perspex. £20-40
352.    Boxed Minichamps 1:35 Scale Diecast "Leopard 2" Tank German Army Livery. £30-50
353.    Dinky Supertoys Gift Set No.698 Tank Transporter, with tank, non matching green on tank and transporter, both complete and in fair condition; boxed, significant repaired damage to box, missing all inserts. £30-50
354.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.32-551 class A1 4-6-2, 60158 "Aberdonian" B.R. green and No.32-553 class A1 4-6-2, 60161 "North British" B.R. blue early/emblem. Both appear unused. £50-80
355.    Three Dinky Toys, No.161 Austin Somerset (2) and a Morris Oxford. All repainted to a high standard. £20-30
356.    Two Original Dinky Diecast Toys, No. 670 Armored Car and No.676 Armored Personal Carrier, both fair/good condition, with chipping to raised edges, both boxed, significant crushing to box 670. £25-40
357.    Two Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Cars, No. 100 (1966) Lady Penelope's FAB 1, two figures, two rockets, missing rear missiles, dome misshapen with paint loss, box missing flaps, inner fair, with No. 103 Spectrum Patrol Car, missing aerial, with chipping, box with crushing and missing flaps. £30-50
358.    Boxed Original Corgi No. 479 Commer Van with Samuelson Film Services and Camera Man, good condition with light chipping to raised edges, box with crushing, tears, and split cellophane. £20-40
359.    Two Boxed Dinky Diecast Double Decker Buses, No.289 Esso Routemaster 1978, and No.291 Kenning Atlantean City Bus 1978 with a No.292 Dinky Leyland Atlantean empty box. £30-50
360.    Three Boxed Corgi Original Diecast Cars, No. 336 James Bond Toyota 2000 GT, playworn, missing James Bond, missiles and aerial, box and inner rubbed but fair, No. 261 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 in gold, chipping and missing baddie, box crushed and missing flaps, inner with tears, missing documents, and "The Man from Uncle" Gun Firing "Thrush Buster" Oldsmobile, playworn with firing action, crushing, rubbing and box missing flaps, inner similar, missing waverley ring. £50-80
361.    Two 1970's Dinky Toys, No. 266 ERF Fire Tender and No.263 Airport Fire Rescue Tender, both appear complete and very good, slight wear to boxes. £30-50
362.    Two Boxed Dinky Zygon War Chariot, No.361 1979, silver and red version, with 1950's Dinky Esso petrol pump set No.781 with sign and hoses and sodium flare street lamp on base. £20-40
363.    A 1:24(?) Scale Metal Model of a 1957 Chevy Bel-Air, finished in blue and white, in a 50th Anniversary boxed set issued by Enterprise Vehicle Hire. £30-50
364.    Boxed Corgi Cartoon Characters, Gift Set No.3084 Tom and Jerry, Popeye and Olive and Pink Panther 1980. £20-40
365.    Three Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Tractors, No. 60 Fordson "Power Major", (missing driver), No. 66 Massey-Ferguson 165, and No. 67 Ford 5000 Super Major, (missing driver), all playworn but fair, boxes with crushing, tears, repairs and missing flaps. £30-50
366.    Six Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Mini's, all playworn to a greater degree, with crushing, tears, repairs to boxes and some parts missing, No. 448 B. M. C. Mini Van Police with Tracker Dog, figure and inner- with aerial, No. 334 Mini "Magnifique", No. 226 Morris Mini-Minor, No. 249 Mini Cooper "Wickerwork", No. 339 Monte-Carlo B. M. C. "S", and No. 450 Austin Mini Van. £40-80
367.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, No.32-426 class 24 diesel plain B.R. green, and No.32-400 class 25/3 diesel B.R. green D7645. Both appear unused. £40-60
368.    Fourteen "N" Gauge Lima and Dapol British Rail and Great Western Parcel and Freight Wagons, the B.R. coaches being "close coupled". £30-50
369.    Corgi Hauliers of Renown, Set No.CC99202 Eddie Stobart 40th Anniversary Set, contains four tractor units. Boxed. £40-60
370.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 32-311 0-6-0 Collett Goods Locomotive R/No. 2259, finished in British Rail black, boxed. £30-50
371.    An "OO" Model Railway 2-8-0 8F Class Locomotive, by Wrenn. Finished in LNER black, with R/No.3144. Playworn. £20-40
372.    Two Boxed Original Corgi No. 302 M. G. A. Sports Cars, one good, in red, white wall tyres, missing steering wheel, the other in metallic green with missing windshield, both boxes with crushing, tears, repairs and missing flaps. £25-40
373.    Five Post War Hornby "O" Gauge Advertising Hoardings, all with doubled sided adverts. £20-30
374.    Boxed Franklin Mint 1:10 Scale Diecast "Harley Davidson VRSCA V-Rod Motorcycle", in silver. £30-50
375.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Whizzwheels, both playworn with chipping to extremities, No. 313 Ford Cortina GXL "Graham Hill", with figure, No. 389 Reliant Bond Bug 700 ES, boxes with wear, tear and split cellophane. £20-40
376.    Boxed Dinky B.O.A.C. Coach No.283, in fair condition, with some crushing and tape repair to box. £20-30
377.    Two Early Airfix Plastic Model Kits, boxed Triumph TR4A No.M202C, and 4½ litre supercharged 1930 Bentley No.1344 in hang bag. Both 1:32 scale, neither model started although pieces loose from sprues and buyer needs to assure themselves of parts present. Both with instructions. £25-40
378.    An Original Boxed Dinky No. 240 Cooper Racing Car, in light blue, very good with replacement perspex, box fair, some rubbing and sellotape. £30-50
379.    Two 1970's Corgi Whizzwheels, No.388 Mercedes Benz CIII in orange and No.371 Porsche Carrera 6. Both boxed. £20-40
380.    A Small Quantity of Vintage Dinky and Corgi Commercial Vehicles, including Guy Van, Foden and Ecurrie Ecosse Transporter. All playworn. £40-60
381.    A Rake of Nine "N" Gauge Dapol and Lima British Rail Coaches, in post war maroon Midland livery. £30-50
382.    A Marx, USA Clockwork Tinplate Tank, gun turret to front, operating hatch at rear reveals figure with gun dressed in red, appears complete; signs of wear especially to top. £30-50
383.    A Limited Edition Franklin Mint Diecast , 1:24 Scale 1939 Duesenberg Coupé "Simone" with certificate, paperwork and nameplate. £20-40
384.    Dinky Toys No. 275 Brinks Truck, metal wheels, blue base, model appears very good plus, based, tear to box header. £20-40
385.    Two Dinky Toys, No.561 Blaw Knox Bulldozer, red, fair condition, boxed, green box with staining, tears to labels, plus Dinky 563 Heavy Tractor, finished in red with green wheels, overall good but chipping to edges; boxed, blue box good. £30-50
386.    A Franklin Mint Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, highly detailed diecast scale model, mounted on a wooden plinth with glass display box. £15-25
387.    Two Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast 1:24 Scale Model Cars, 1948 MGTC Roadster and 1967 Volkswagen Beetle. Both with paperwork and certificate. £20-40
388.    Hornby "O" Gauge No.3C 4-4-2 "Flying Scotsman", clockwork with tender, appears mainly complete with some restoration, including replacement front bogie wheels, paint re-touching to base plate and repainted buffer beams. £80-150
389.    An "HO" Scale Model Railway 2-6-0 Brass Steam Outline Locomotive, by F.E.D. of Japan, American W.C. and T.T.R. livery. Boxed with some wear. Plus, a brass caboose. £20-40
390.    Eight Early to Mid XX Century Scale Tinplate Four Wheel Railway Coaches, all playworn. £20-40
391.    A Post War Hornby "O" Gauge Island Platform "Ripon" complete with ramps, appears complete and unbroken and in overall fair condition. £30-50
392.    A Pre-War Hornby "o" Gauge No. 1 0-4-0 Clockwork Locomotive, finished in LNER green, all repainted/new transfers. £30-50
393.    A Limited Edition Franklin Mint Diecast, 1:24 scale 1930 Al Capone's armoured Cadillac, with tommy gun and briefcase (shooting holes in rear windows) and certificate and paperwork. £20-40
394.    A Post War Hornby "O" Gauge No.1 0-4-0 Locomotive, finished in LNER, R/No.460, clockwork. £20-40
395.    A Cast Iron Toy Washing Mangle, stamped H. Wallwork and Co, Manchester, a company perhaps better known for their floor trains, 22cms high. £20-40
396.    Boxed Dinky Volvo 265 DL Estate (122) 1978, in cream, and boxed Rover 3500 (180) 1979 in white. A tiny rust blemish to roof. £20-40
397.    Two Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Toys, No. 965 Euclid Rear Dump Truck, light chipping to raised edges, some discolouration, fair with rubbing to box, and No. 522, (522 on toy, 922 on box), Big Bedford Lorry, maroon chassis and cab, light brown rear, light chipping and rubbing to raised edges otherwise fair, box with marks and discolouration. £40-60
398.    Boxed Original Corgi Major Massey Ferguson "780" Combine Harvester No. 1111, fresh with slight chipping to extremities, all plastic intact, box and inner fair. £30-50
399.    Two Boxed Original Dinky Lorries, No. 933 Leyland Comet "Blue Circle Portland Cement" Wagon, significant chipping to cab and raised edges, decals fair, box with slight crushing and rubbing, and No.931 Leyland Comet, blue and yellow, some rubbing and chipping to raised edges but fair, box with wear. £40-60
400.    A Diecast Model of a Case 4890 Tractor, by Gama of West Germany. Finished in white and red, unboxed. £20-40
401.    Fourteen "N" Gauge Graham Farish Coaches, twelve of which are finished in Scot Rail livery, four being "close coupled", with two other B.R. coaches including buffet car. All housed in a wooden storage box. £40-60
402.    A Small Quantity of Mid XX Century Dinky Diecast Toys, including a Pullmore car transporter, RAC mini van, among others; some signs of restoration/repainting, plus two reproduction boxes. £30-50
403.    A Quantity of Original Corgi Vehicles, including No. 259 "Le Dandy Coupe", No. 233 Heinkel, No.3356 type, all playworn, fair, all boxed, boxes mainly poor and flaps missing. £40-60
404.    Corgi Original Omnibus Centenary Set, No.0M49902, J. Fishwick and Sons. Contains two buses. Boxed. Plus, Corgi "Blackpool" set, boxed. £30-50
405.    Two Boxed Bachmann "OO" Gauge Steam Locomotives, No.31-200, 4-6-0 rebuilt Patriot class 45528 B.R. black, and No.31-554 V2 class 2-6-2 , 60903 double chimney B.R. green. £50-80
406.    A Quantity of Mainly Airfix WWII Infantry Toy Plastic Soldiers, some painted, and a boxed Airfix HO-OO scale Sherwood Castle "snap together" kit. Buyer needs to assure themselves of parts present. £15-25
407.    Four Boxed Fire Brigade 1:50 Scale Diecast Models, by Paul Slade, Dennis "Devon", Dodge, Dennis Fire and Rescue (two different), the last three being in plastic display boxes. £30-50
408.    Kato (Japan) "N" Gauge "Eurostar" Eight Car Set No.10-327, in presentation box with associated literature. £50-80
409.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-475A 0-8-0 Class G2A Locomotive, finished in British Rail black, boxed. £40-60
410.    A Rake of Ten "N" Gauge Lima British Rail Coaches, in post war maroon Midland livery. £30-50
411.    Three Mid XX Century "O" Gauge Model Railway Eight Wheel Southern Coaches, all in SR livery and of wooden construction. £40-80
412.    Two Franklin Mint Highly Detailed Diecast 1:24 Scale Model Cars, 1985 Lamborghini Countach 5000S and 1965 Shelby Mustang G.T.350, some paperwork with the Lamborghini. £20-40
413.    A Rake of Fourteen "N" Gauge Graham Farish British Rail Midland "Blood and Custard" Coaches. £40-60
414.    Twelve Matchbox 1-75's, mainly Superfast, including No.11 Flying Bug, No. 64 Slingshot Dragster, No. 54 Cadillac Ambulance, No. 21 Foden Cement Mixer, among others, all fair, good, all boxed, however some boxes damaged. £30-50
415.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-626A 0-6-0 Class 3F R/No. 43257, finished in British Rail black with early emblem, boxed. £40-60
416.    Three Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Farm Goods Toys, No. 483 Dodge "Kew Fargo" Tipper, No. 484 Dodge "Kew Fargo" Livestock Transporter, (missing pigs), and No. 58 Beast carrier with net, missing one goat, all in good condition, boxes with crushing, tears, repairs and missing flaps. £20-40
417.    A Small Quantity of Dinky Diecast, all playworn, mainly military, Stalwart, Daimler armoured car etc, with six Britains cows, five sheep and boxed Corgi L.T. Silver Jubilee double decker bus. £25-40
418.    Boxed Schuco Re-issue Grand Prix 1075 Tin Plate Clockwork Racer, in presentation pack. Appears complete with key and tools/instructions. £20-40
419.    Nine Carded 8cms Thundercats Figures, (Juguettes con Vida, Mexico), including Tuska, Tyrgro, Lion-o, Reptilo, Mumm-ra and Panthro. £20-40
420.    Lego Set No. 307 with Two VW Beetles and "Showroom", signs of wear, in original box with insert. £30-50
421.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-145 4-6-0 Class D11 "Butler Henderson", finished in Great Central livery, boxed, a special edition for the "National Railway Museum". £50-80
422.    Eleven Bassett Lowke Advertising Tins Signs, including "The Model Engineer" and "South for Sunshine". £20-30
423.    A Mid XX Century Wells Brimtoy Four Wheel Trolley Bus, clockwork, with "Buy British" adverts, some fading and signs of wear, especially to roof. £30-50
424.    A Mid XX Century Diecast Toy of a Vanwall Formula One Racer, push and go with white plastic driver, finish in the more unusual blue, signs of wear. £30-50
425.    A 1930's Hornby "O" Gauge No.1 0-4-0 Locomotive, clockwork, finished in LMS, R/No. 2115, in overall good condition but missing conrods. £25-40
426.    An Original Boxed Dinky No. 651 Centurion Tank, very good with minor chips, box fair with rubbing. £20-40
427.    A Post war Hornby "O" Gauge 0-4-0 "501" Locomotive and Tender, finished in LMS, clockwork. Overall very good with only slight paint loss to buffers. Boxed. £50-80
428.    An Original Boxed "Mystery Space Ship", by Marx Toys, gyro-powered on stand with rocket launcher, space car, astronauts, moon men, key, and two instruction booklets. £30-50
429.    A Boxed "N" Gauge Gunderson Twinstack Five Unit Articulated Container Car Set No.15020-A, Evergreen livery on econo-stack cars. £25-40
430.    A Heubach Koppelsdorf Bisque Headed Doll, head stamped 407.4, with sleeping eyes and open mouth, and head to composition jointed body. In later clothing. 60cms high. £30-50
431.    Three Early XX Century Teddy Bears, one being approximately 24" (60cms) tall, growler with extended stomach and hump back, with jointed limbs, another approximately 17" (43cms) tall with jointed limbs, the third approximately 10" (25cms) tall, missing one arm, all "well loved" with signs of wear/repair. £50-100
432.    A Restored Mobo Child's Rocking Horse. £20-30
433.    A First Half XX Century Fully Jointed Teddy Bear, well loved golden coat with some seams splitting, straw filled with growler, 65cms tall. £40-80
434.    An Early XX Century Porcelain Headed (1916-6½A) Doll, sleepy eyes, with open mouth and teeth, fully jointed composite body, (one hand detached but present), fully dressed with undergarments, bonnet, knitted shoes and wooden coat, approximately 24 inches (60cms) tall. £40-60
435.    Three 1970's Pelham Puppets, Gretel, the witch and Hansel. All boxed. £20-30
436.    An Early XX Century Simon and Halbig (Germany) Bisque Headed Fully Jointed Composite Bodied Doll in Parts, head marked "S H Star P B (Wholesaler) 1909 5½ Germany", with sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, legs detached but present with ball joints, skull cap and hair also present, linen and lace garments with some moth damage, one finger missing. £30-50
437.    A 1930's Teddy Bear, jointed arms and legs, stitched nose, height 58cms, straw filled, one arm detached, probably German, plus another well loved teddy bear. £60-100
438.    A Large Armand Marseilles Bisque Headed Doll, stamped 990A12M, with sleeping eyes, open mouth and teeth, to limbed composition body. In later dress. 63cms high. £40-60
439.    A 1930's Armand Marseilles of Germany Doll, head stamped 996-A/8/M, with fixed eyes and open mouth and teeth, on a composition body and dressed in later clothes, 52cms high. £30-50
440.    A Mid XX Century Battery Operated Clown, by Alps of Japan, with the clown playing a squeeze box and connected to a cymbal playing monkey. Plus, a Mettoy clown jack-in-a-box and another clown. All playworn. £30-50
441.    A Heubach Koppelsdorf Bisque Headed Doll, head stamped 342.15/0, with sleeping eyes, open mouth and teeth, and head to pottery jointed body. Dressed in clothes, some of which may be contemporary. 19cms high. Plus, another baby doll and some dolls' clothes. £25-40
442.    An Early XX Century Willow Pattern Child's/Doll's Dinner Service, made up of three meat plates, twelve other plates, sauce boat and two tureens. All stamped "W. Ridgeway, England". Contained in original box. £40-60
443.    A Heubach and Koppelsdorf Bisque Headed Doll, head stamped 302-4, with sleeping eyes and open mouth and teeth to composition body. Not all body limbs attached. 60cms high. Plus, another bisque headed doll, stamped "12", with sleeping eyes and open mouth. Head detached from a composition body. £80-120
444.    A Collection of Early to Mid XX Century Children's Nursery Juvenalia, including early celluloid teddy bears, lead animals, small soft toys, dolls, early plastic radios, toy snakes, etc. £30-50
445.    A Mixed Box of Diecast Buses, by Solido, Corgi, Britbus, BT Models and others, including a Volvo coach, Leyland Leopard and Leyland Atlanteans among others, all boxed. £25-40
446.    Four Factory Sealed Plastic Model Kits, Nu-be (GDR) 1:25 scale Vostok 1 Satellite, Lindberg ½ scale Jaguar D-Type, AMT 1:25 scale Ecto 1A Ghostbusters vehicle and Revell 1:24 scale Citroen 2CV Special. £20-40
447.    A Quantity of "OO" Gauge Model Railway Rolling Stock, lineside accessories and a quantity of diecast toys. All playworn. £20-30
448.    A Quantity of Lledo "Days Gone" Corgi Collectables, among others, including Pickfords Set; all boxed. £20-40
449.    A Quantity of "OO" and Dublo Model Railway, including Dublo track, rolling stock and station. All playworn. £20-30
450.    Thirty Boxed Lledo "Days Gone" Diecast Vehicles, all vintage commercials, vans, buses, fire engines, police, etc, including a KLM No.5 vehicle gift set. £20-30
451.    Nineteen Boxed Gilbow "EFE" Diecast Buses, coaches and double deck buses, Leyland, Daimler, AEC, Bedford, Bristol etc. Some Sheffield and Yorkshire liveries. £50-70
452.    A Collection of Early to Mid XX Century Children's Jigsaws, both wooden and card, Disney song books and card games:- One Box £30-50
453.    A Quantity of "OO" Model Railway, by Trix, including three 0-4-0 locomotives, wagons, signals and track among other items. Some boxed, all playworn. Plus a quantity of Faller motorway track. £30-50
454.    Eighteen Boxed Lledo "Days Gone" Diecast Buses and Trams, with four boxed Lledo "Days Gone" Collectors Guild buses (plastic display cased) and three boxed Atlas Editions "Great British Buses" with accompanying pictorial information cards and DVD. £20-30
455.    A Quantity of Red Box Matchbox Yesteryears, Lledo and Days Gone, all boxed. £25-40
456.    A Quantity of Mainly 1970's/1980's Subbuteo Items, including teams England, France, Arsenal and Birmingham among others. Many boxed, but all playworn. £40-80
457.    Twenty One Boxed Corgi Original Omnibus, and one Oxford, diecast double decker buses, with a broad sweep of liveries and types. £50-70
458.    Two Corgi Heartbeat Models, including Morris Minor Traveller, plus ten Corgi Legends of Speed; all boxed. £30-50
459.    Fifty Boxed X-Box Game Discs, including Halo 2, Pro Evo Soccer 6, Fable, etc. £20-40
460.    Computer Games and Console Bundle, Sega Megadrive 16Bit Cconsole, Sega Megadrive II console, two Genesis/Megadrive NTSC/PAL game adaptors, three boxed Sega Genesis games, Sega Mega CD's Sol-Feace and Cobra Command, three Sega Game Gear games, boxed Sega Total War: Eras PC DVD ROMs and Atari 2600 Spiderman. £15-25
461.    Thirty Nine Sega Master System Boxed Cartridges, including Batman, Submarine Attack, Terminator, Joe Montana, Football, etc, with Hang On Sega Card. £10-20
462.    Sega Megadrive 16Bit Games Console, with two joypads, power supply and TV lead, together with twelve boxed cartridges, Sonic 2, Euro Club, Soccer and Chuck Rock II, etc. £20-40
463.    A Boxed Atari 800XL 64K Computer, with boxed Atari 1010 program recorder, joystick, instructions and leads. £20-40
464.    Thirteen Sony PSP Game Discs, including Fifa '07, '08, '09, Sims 2 Pets, Daxter etc, with other CD-ROMs and PS2 titles and Snes controller. £10-20
465.    Tomy Omnibot 2000 Programmable Robot, with tray, remote control and charger, untested although digital clock is working. Some discolouration but generally clean appearance. £50-100
466.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose Super Nintendo and NES Game Cartridges, with some rare Japanese Super Famicom titles, together with another box of Amstrad and Commodore tape cassette games and console ephemera, four Nintendo controllers, 3DS cradle, odd leads, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
467.    Sixty One Sony Playstation One Boxed Game Discs, including Star Trek Invasion, Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. £15-25
468.    Sega Mega Drive Console Video Games System, PAL1 No.1601-05, with power supply, TV lead, two joypads (one missing direction control) and twenty three boxed cartridges with two loose, Sonic 3D, Ecco, Mortal Kombat II, Fifa 95, 97, Michael Jackson Moonwalker, etc. Untested. £20-40
469.    Forty Eight Boxed X-Box Game Discs, including Call of Duty II, Grand Theft Auto, Enclave etc. £20-40
470.    Forty Sega Dreamcast Cased Game Discs, including Ecco, Jet Set Radio, Metropolis Street Racer, etc, with thirteen Sega Saturn boxed discs, including Virtua Fighter, 3 x 3 Eyes (Japanese import), Sega Rally, etc. £15-25
471.    Forty Eight Boxed Sony Playstation 2 Games, with six boxed Playstation 3 games, including Call of Duty Black Ops, Medal of Honour, Modern Warfare II, etc, together with eight PSP games Universal Media Discs, Siny Sin, Kung Fu Hustle etc and PS3 Move two player sport pack controller handles, tennis, ping pong, golf, sword, etc. £20-40
472.    Eight Boxed Atari 2600 Game Cartridges, including Dig-Dug and Parker R.O.T.J., Super Cobra and Spiderman, together with eight boxed Batman games for Amiga, Spectrum, NES and Sega, and a boxed (tatty) Grandstand Batman Electronic LCD game in the form of the Batmobile. £20-40
473.    Boxed Nintendo 64 Games Console, with controller, power supply, aerial switch box and modulator, together with Mad Catz Ana/Digi steering wheeln with brake and accelerator pedals, memory pack, rumble pack, second controller and four games, V-Rally, F1 World Grand Prix, etc. £30-50
474.    Boxed Commodore Amiga 500 Personal Computer 1985, with power supply and CRT monitor, together with a large quantity of games and software on 3½inch disks in five Rexel "Flipboxs" and associated manuals. Discolouration to computer and keyboard with stickers. Untested. £20-40
475.    Two Sega Megadrive 16Bit Games Consoles, with twelve boxed cartridges, Fantasia, Ecco, Power Drive, etc. £20-30
476.    Nintendo Gamecube, with two joypads, power supply, TV lead and twenty eight boxed game discs, including Star wars, X-Men, Desert Storm, Batman, etc, together with Freeloader import Enabler disc and Geist, Baten Kaitos and Naruto Clash of Ninja import. £20-40
477.    Sega Megadrive 16Bit Games Console, with two joypads and twelve boxed cartridges , Klax, James Pond 3, Space Harrier II, etc. £20-40
478.    A Classic Sony Micro TV-720 UK, 5½" black and white screen with 12 volt car adapter, antenna and instructions. £10-20
479.    Boxed Commodore 64C Computer Pack, with data cassette player and twenty nine software and game titles, with light gun. £20-40
480.    A Cased Sinclair Cambridge Calculator, with four 1970's cereal "Giveaways". £10-20
481.    A 1970's Trafalgar LED Gents Wristwatch, in original case (untested). £10-15
482.    An Original 1980 Boxed Rubik's Cube, by Ideal, with instruction leaflet. £15-30
483.    Boxed Nintendo 64 Games Console, with controller power supply, aerial switch box, modulator, two 1mb "Wild Things" memory modules and six game cartridges. £20-40
484.    A Bachmann "OO" Model Railway, No. 31-585 Class 70 Diesel Locomotive "Freightlinger", boxed. £40-60
485.    A Bachmann "OO"Model Railway, No. 31-525 4-6-2 Class A2 Locomotive "A. H. Peppercorn", finished LNER green, boxed. £30-50
486.    Boxed Franklin Mint 1:10 Scale Diecast "1976 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Road Rally Edition Motorcycle", limited edition in red and white. £30-50
487.    Two Dinky Twenty Five Series Lorries and Three Trailers, 1946 Flat Truck in green and fourth series Market Gardeners in green, repainted with replacement grill. Trailers in grey, green and orange. £30-50
488.    A Modern Tinplate "Titanic" Clockwork Boat, in a traditional style by Tucker and Walter of Germany, with four funnels and two masts and a stand. In very good condition. In original box. £70-100
489.    Graham Farish "N" Gauge Inter-City Group of Eight Coaches, and two diesel locomotives (one driven), all close link, including buffet car. With three further parcel cars. Housed in a wooden storage box. £40-60
490.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class. 33 B.R. blue "Minimodal" Direct Rail Services livery, Hawker Siddeley prototype "Kestrel" HS4000 (sold to Russia in the 1960's) and "Lion" D0260, kit body, cream livery, in associated boxes. £50-80
491.    Dinky Toy No. 232 Alfa Romeo Racing Car, overall model fair/good, with chipping to raised edges, slight rubbing to racing No. however significant chipping to drivers head, boxed, crushing, stains to box, both with flaps detached and repaired. £20-40
492.    Four Boxed Original Corgi "Golden Jacks", No. 273 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, chipping to extremities, No. 300 Corvette Stingray, significant chipping in metallic green, No. 275 Rover 2000 TC, triplex roof, missing spare tyre and lid, and No. 341 Mini Marcos GT 850, significant chipping, all boxes with wear and missing or damaged cellophane, removable wheels all present. £30-50
493.    Original 1960's Corgi Retail Rotary Display Stand, with space for thirty two vehicles (eight vehicles per side), with perspex sides. On tripod legs and with a four sided Corgi toys header, 70cms high. £100-150
494.    Three Boxed "N" Gauge Locomotives, Arnold Rapido Class 74, Bachmann Class 45, and a Class 40, all finished in B.R. blue, in associated boxes. £30-50
495.    Two Boxed "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Dapol Class 35 and Bachmann Class 37, in associated boxes. £25-40
496.    Two Boxed "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Dapol Class 73 large logo British rail blue and Graham Farish Class 47 "Lady Godiva" in Waterman livery. £30-50
497.    Two Boxed "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 55 Deltic in First livery, and Trix Class 47 in B.R. Railfreight livery, in associated boxes. £25-40
498.    A Boxed "N" Gauge Steam Loco, Graham Farish 4-6-00 46106 with tender "Gordon Highlander", finished in British Rail green. £20-40
499.    A Boxed "N" Gauge Steam Locomotive, Graham Farish 2-8-0 Class 48 B.R. Black "Relivery" by Moray's (Mac) Centres. £20-40
500.    A Boxed "N" Gauge Steam Locomotive, Graham Farish by Bachmann 4-6-0 with tender 61139 British Rail black. £20-40
501.    Trix "N" Gauge A3 4-6-2 "Flying Scotsman", finished in B.R. Green and in associated box. £25-40
502.    A Boxed "N" Gauge Steam Locomotive, Graham Farish by Bachmann, 2-6-2 V2 60807 with tender British Rail lined black E/Crest. £30-50
503.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 47 "Sir Walter Scott" in Scot Rail livery, Graham Farish Class 25 and a Class 31, both in B.R. blue livery. £30-50
504.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Trix Class 42 "Monarch" Warship Class, Arnold Rapido Class 35 and Graham Farish Class 40, all finished in British Rail green. £30-50
505.    Three "N" Gauge Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 33, trix Class 25 and Graham Farish Class 50 "Sir Edward Elgar". All finished in B.R. green. £30-50
506.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Trix Class 42 "Dragon" Warship Class, finished in British Rail maroon, Bachmann Class 46 and Graham Farish Class 25 "Tamworth Castle", both finished in B.R. blue. £30-50
507.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Trix Class 58, finished in B.R. Railfreight colours, and two Graham farish Class 37, finished in B.R. Railfreight livery. £30-50
508.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class 37, Class 33 and Class 37 "Oor Wullie". All finished in B.R. Blue. £30-50
509.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class 31, Class 37 "Loch Lomond", and Class 37. All finished in B.R. Blue. £30-50
510.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 37, Arnold Rapido Class 33 and Arnold Rapido Class 35. All finished in B.R. green. £30-50
511.    Three "N" Gauge Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class 45, Class 37 "Scotty Dog Logo" and Class 55 "Argyll and Sutherland Highlander". All finished in B.R. Blue. £30-50
512.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class 24, Class 33 and Class 52 "Western Gauntlet". All finished in B.R. Blue. £30-50
513.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all by Graham Farish Class 26 and Class 56, finished in B.R. Railfreight Black Diamond livery and Class 33 "The Burma Star", finished in B.R. Railfreight Blue Square Construction livery. £30-50
514.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 26 and Class 60 "Buachaille Etive More", finished in B.R. Railfreight Black Diamond Coal livery and Class 47 "The Silcock Express", finished in B.R. Railfreight Red Diamond Distribution livery. £30-50
515.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class 47 Network Southeast "Evening Standard", Trix Class 25 and Trix Class 47 "Lady Diana Spencer". All finished in B.R. Blue. £30-50
516.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Trix Class 47 "County of Hertfordshire", Graham Farish Class 40, and Trix Class 24, all finished in British Rail blue. £30-60
517.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Arnold Rapido-Class 35, Hymek, Trix Class 42, "Hermes" Warship Class and Graham Farish Class 37 "Fort William". All finished in B.R. blue. £30-50
518.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish Class 47, Class 31 and Class 37 "Highland Region". All finished in B.R. Blue. £30-50
519.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 27, Trix Class 33, Trix Class 47, all finished in British Rail blue. £30-60
520.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 46, Graham Farish Class 33 and Trix Class 47, all finished in British Rail blue. £30-60
521.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, all Graham Farish, Class 25, Class 27 and Prototype Falcon Class 53, all finished in British Rail blue. £30-50
522.    Three "N" Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Graham Farish Class 22, Trix Class 56, Graham Farish Class 26, all finished in British Rail blue. £30-60
523.    A Large Scale Chad Valley Clockwork Diecast Fordson Major Tractor, No.9235, in dark blue. In very good condition with a few minor chips, and in original tractor dealer's box with label. Together with a Britains Lilliput Fordson tractor with driver figure and Hachette Tractors magazine No.5 with associated diecast model of a Fordson E27N tractor. £200-300
524.    A 1920's/1930's German Tinplate Clockwork Car, by Bing, finished in black over red with tinplate balloon tyres, chauffeur figure to driving seat, the opening doors to rear seat, 27cms long, overall fair, however doors replaced. £150-250
525.    A Circa 1930's Large Karl Bub Fire Engine, No.788, with tinplate balloon tyres, four seated firemen, elevating ladder, battery operated headlights, steering wheel, bell later replacements, missing secondary ladder; overall fair, with significant fading to some areas. £100-200
526.    An Original Boxed 1960's Alps (Japan) Battery Operated Television Spaceman Robot, walking, spinning eyes, scrolling "T.V" in chest cavity and sound/light effects, no corrosion, with metal antenna and on off switch; box with some crushing, rubbing and damage to lower left corner. £200-400
527.    A Circa 1920 Tinplate Brimtoy Saloon, open front seat with slot for driver, two door access to enclosed back seat, finished in blue with "Brimtoy" to radiator front, registration No. N.3852, signs of restoration to some areas, including replacement running boards, replacement doors, repainted roof, many other areas original, 28cms long. £100-200
528.    A Circa 1920's Les Jovets Citroen LA 5 Chevaux Carbriolet Tinplate Car. Fully repainted with replacement/missing parts. Also missing clockwork motor 1:10 scale 21cms long. Replacement parts include radiator, windscreen, gear lever and start handle. £60-100
529.    A Circa 1920 Whitanco WWI Style "Barney" EI Tank, made in Liverpool by Whitely Tansley and Co. finished in tan, with original metal tracks, clockwork with rear opening hatch; a hard to find item. £100-150
530.    A Marx Toys (New York, USA) "Doughboy Tank", tinplate clockwork WW1 style tank, opening hatch reveals figure with gun dressed in red uniform, appears complete, overall fair/good condition. £40-80
531.    A Lehmann of Germany No. 690 "Oh My" Alabama Jigger, lithograph dancing figure on a tin base, 25cms high, overall signs of wear including some surface rust. £100-150
532.    Two Mid XX Century English Tinplate Clockwork Toy Vehicles, a Mettoy two seater sports car, finished in yellow and green, and a Wells breakdown service lorry, finished in brown and cream, with driver, both showing signs of wear, plus a later tinplate toy lorry. £50-80
533.    Nine Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Toys, all farm related and all playworn with some parts missing and crushing, tears, repairs to boxes, including No. 64 Working Conveyer on FWD Control Jeep F. C-150, (missing figure and sacks, with inner), No. 321 Massey Harris Manure Spreader and No. 57 Tractor with Fork, etc. £30-50
534.    Fifteen 1950's-1960's Diecast Dinky Toys, all repainted and/or replacement parts to a greater or lesser degree, including ERF, Guy lorries, Austin van, Alvis, Armstrong Siddeley, Riley, Buick, Taxi, etc. £40-60
535.    A Shackleton Dyson Trailer, finished in blue top, red arches, appears complete and unbroken, some slight signs of corrosion, boxed, wear to box and one flap detached. £50-80
536.    Twenty One Boxed Matchbox 1-75's, from the 1960's-1970's, including New31 Volks-dragon, No.25 Audi Quattro, No.21 Concrete Truck, No.28 Formula Racing Car, etc, and one empty box. Some slight chipping and rubbing to raised edges. £30-50
537.    Sixteen Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Toys, all playworn with some parts missing and crushing, tears, repairs to boxes, including No. 247 Mercedes 600 Pullman, No. 238 Jaguar Mark X, No. 228 Volvo P. 1800, etc. £50-80
538.    A Small Quantity of Hornby Dublo Coaches, and wagons, both two rail and three rail, including No. 4053 Corridor Coach Brake 2nd, and No. 4052 Corridor Coach 1st/2nd. (Boxed)
539.    Five "HO" Scale Model Railway Twelve Wheel Santa Fe Coaches, in green, by Rivarossi. All boxed. £20-30
540.    A Quantity of Vintage Dinky/Corgi Diecast Vehicles, including Bedford Car Transporter and Rally Hillman Hunter. Plus, a small quantity of circa 1970 Matchbox 1-75's. All playworn. £30-50
541.    Seven Boxed Original Matchbox Kingsize Diecast Vehicles, generally commercials, all playworn to fair, with crushing, tears, damages to boxes and some parts missing, including M-6 Racing Car Transporter with Lotus and BRM Cars, K-8 Laing Scammel with Low Loader and Bulldozer and K-3 Hatra Tractor Shovel, etc. £40-80
542.    Three Athean "HO" Scale Model Railway Locomotives, all American outline diesels, including SD-9 "Santa Fe" and SDP-40 "Southern Pacific". All boxed. £20-30
543.    Six Post War Hornby "O" Gauge Four Wheel Coaches and Wagons, including a "Saxa Salt" and three maroon coaches. All unboxed. All fair to good. £40-60
544.    Four Window Boxed Original Corgi Gift Sets, all playworn to fair with parts missing, crushing and tears to boxes, No. 15 Land Rover and Rice's Beaufort Double Horse Box, (missing horse and foal), No. 19 Land Rover, Nipper Aircraft and Trailer, (missing rear soft top and canopy), No. 36 Oldsmobile Tornado, Glastron Sportsman Speedboat and Trailer, (missing boat and inner), and Whizzwheels No. 461 Police Vigilant Range rover, (missing signs, bollard's, cradle). £50-80
545.    A Quantity of Original Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Spot-On, including Batmobile and boat, all playworn, four in very poor boxes. £40-60
546.    Three Gama of West Germany Diecast Plant Vehicles, including Fiat-Allis Bulldozer and two Caterpillar models, all unboxed. Playworn. Plus, a Mitsubishi MS280 by Shinsei. Boxed. £30-50
547.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Toys, by Dinky, Corgi and Spot On, among others, including a Spot On Morris 1100 (repainted and boxed), Dinky 521 Bedford articulated lorry (red and boxed), Dinky 562 dumper truck (boxed), among other items. All playworn. £50-80
548.    Four Boxed Original Corgi and Corgi Major Emergency Vehicles, all playworn to a greater or lesser degree, with crushing, tears, missing flaps to boxes, and some missing parts, No. 1143 American Lafrance Aerial Rescue Truck, No. 1127 Simon Snorkel, No. 464 Commer Police Van and No. 463 Commer Ambulance. £25-40
549.    Four Pre War Hornby "O" Gauge Four Wheel Wagons, including No.1 Crane Truck, in grey, Castrol Barrel Wagon, red cement wagon, crane truck boxed, plus a German lime/cement wagon. £30-50
550.    A Post Ware Hornby "O" Gauge 501 Locomotive, clockwork, finished in LMS livery, boxed and missing tender. Plus, a pre-war Hornby No.1 special LNER tender, playworn. Also, a book. £30-50
551.    A Quantity of Mainly 1940/1950's Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky and Crescent, amongst others, including Daimler Ambulance, Vanguard, Fire Engine, amongst others. Plus, a Lego car. All playworn. £60-100
552.    A Quantity of "HO" Model Railway Coaches, six Santa Fe by Athean and four silver Santa Fe in silver. £20-30
553.    Lego Set No. 309 Model of Church with Legend, signs of wear, boxed, plus Lego set No. 314, wheels, tyres, two link, turn circle, etc, boxed with original insert and original leaflet. £30-50
554.    A Quantity of 1950's/1960's Dinky Diecast Vehicles, all playworn, including cars, buses and vans. £50-80
555.    Two Original Corgi No. 1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engines, both models appear fairly good, with chipping to raised edges, one in polystyrene and card box, one in later cellophane fronted box, some damage to both boxes. £25-40
556.    A Quantity of Mainly Immediate Post-war Dinky Vehicles, including 25/36/38/40 series. All playworn with one or two headlamps missing. £150-200
557.    Four Boxed Original Corgi "Major" Diecast Commercials, all playworn with crushing and damage to boxes, No. 1142 "Holmes Wrecker" Recovery Vehicle, Ford Tilt Cab, (missing figures), No. 1137 Ford Tilt Cab "H" Series with detachable trailer, (missing figure, with inner), No. 1110 Mobilgas Petrol Tanker, and No. 1129 Articulated Milk Tanker. £30-50
558.    A Collection of Early to Mid XX Century Children's Toys, including an alpine music box, skittles, spinning tops, miniature roulette, etc. £20-40
559.    Twelve Boxed Original Corgi Diecast Toys, all playworn with some parts missing and crushing, tears and repairs to boxes, including No. 440 Ford Consul Cortina Estate with Golfer, caddy, trolley and inner, No. 256 V. W. 1200 Safari with Rhino, No. 409 FWD Control Jeep, No. 4065 Yellow Land Rover, etc. £60-100
560.    Eighteen 1950's-1960's Diecast Dinky Toys, all repainted and/or replacement parts to a greater or lesser degree, including military, buses, coaches, Lagonda. Mercedes, Jaguar and lorries etc, with caravan, guns and trailer. £50-70
561.    Ten Window Boxed Corgi Whizzwheels, all playworn to fair, with crushing, tears, damage to cellophane boxes, some parts missing, including No. 26 Beach Buggy and Sailing Boat gift set, (missing boat), No. 343 Pontiac Firebird, and No. 380 Alfa-Romeo Pinin Farina P.33 £40-60
562.    A Quantity of Toy Catalogues, including Marklin 1952 Metallbaukasten, Dinky Toys Club Membership Card, 1956, Dinky P.O.S. sign and others for Brumm (1960's), Rio, Solido, Matchbox, Duga, Britains, Lion Car and Tri-ang (1988 reprint). £25-40
563.    A 1970's Meccano Model of a "Chronolog" Clock, made from silver and yellow Meccano. Electrically powered, 36cms high and 27cms wide. £70-100
564.    A Clock Tower Built out of 1970's Meccano, in blue, yellow and silver. Standing 85cms high, built to a good standard with electric in-built motor. Meccano clock face 14cms diameter. £50-80
565.    A Boxed Original Corgi No. 268 "Black Beauty" Green Hornet Crime Fighting Car, chipping to raised edges, missing gun and instructions but fair, with three missiles and radar scanner, box and inner with wear and tear but fair. £40-60
566.    Bubble Boxed Original Dinky Diecast No. 359 Eagle Transporter Space 1999, very good plus, discolouration to bubble plastic cover. £30-50
567.    A Pre-War Hornby "O" Gauge "Bitumen Tank Wagon-Colas", fully restored and repainted to a very high standard. £30-50
568.    A 1930's Hornby "O" Gauge Private Owners Box Van, "Cadbury's Chocolate", all original, however, signs of wear. £50-80
569.    A Britains Mid XX Century Knights of Agincourt Lead Figure No.1660, mounted knight with sword finished in blue and yellow. Appears unbroken and very good. Boxed in stone type box. £60-100
570.    Six Original Britains Painted Lead Seven Dwarves, missing one and Snow White, with a related small mid XX Century plastic brooch, missing pin, playworn. £30-50
571.    A Quantity of Hornby "O" Gauge Pre War Platform Accessories, including four pieces of luggage, trolley, milk churns and truck, platform machine and ticket machine. £30-50
572.    A Quantity of Original Lego Vehicles, including the VW Van and Esso Tanker, plus Lego motorbikes, cycles, petrol pumps, all unboxed. £30-50
573.    A Pre War Dinky No.63 Mayo Composite Aircraft, although original aircraft has broken into a number of pieces. Boxed with original top insert and fading and staining to box lid. £25-40
574.    A Pre-War Hornby "O" Gauge Oil Tank Wagon- "Mobiloil", finished in grey, over very good, boxed. £50-80
575.    Original Boxed Corgi No. 499 Citroen Safari 1968 Winter Olympics, playworn but fair with toboggan, skier, figure and skis- no sticks, box with some crushing and tears. £40-60
576.    A "HO" Scale Model Locomotive 0-8-0 SG-4, with tender. Brass by Balboa of Japan, unpainted and in original box with paperwork dated 13/2/1971. £60-100
577.    A Quantity of Original Hornby and Dinky Post-war Accessories, including bears from "Stripey the Magic Mini", ABC cameras, boat kit and float, and coal sacks among other items. Plus, a Dinky Dublo tractor and Dinky car. £30-50
578.    Five Pre-war Dinky Twenty Five Series Lorries. Grey tipping wagon, tailboard with "pins" present, missing headlamps; green flat truck, with hook, and one headlamp missing; yellow market gardeners, repainted with hook and headlamps; blue wagon, fatigued, missing mudguard, radiator, hook and headlamps; blue first series flat truck and trailer, very fatigued and parts missing. £30-50
579.    Three Boxed Original Corgi Diecast V. W Vans, No. 433 V. W Delivery Van, two tone red and white, chipping and slight rust to raised edges, No. 431 V. W Pick-Up in yellow, chipping and red plastic tilt, and No. 490 V. W Breakdown Truck in Mustard, missing tow hook and spare wheel, chipping and rubbing to raised edges, all boxes with wear and rubbing but fair. £50-80
580.    Pre-war Dinky Dolly Varden Furniture, comprising bedroom brown bed, brown dressing table with mirror (missing drawers), brown dressing table seat (fatigued), bathroom green bath (fatigued with missing taps), pedestal sink (missing mirror and taps), toilet with cistern (missing seat) and hexagonal Lloyd Loom linen basket with lid. £20-40
581.    Pre-war Dinky Dolly Varden Bathroom Furniture, comprising bath (fatigued/missing taps), pedestal wash basin with mirror (one tap missing), toilet with cistern (missing seat), and a hexagonal Lloyd Loom linen basket with lid. £20-40
582.    Pre-war Dinky Dolly Varden Furniture, comprising green bed, two pink bedroom tallboys (both with signs of fatigue) with drawers, bedroom dressing table seat, bathroom pink pedestal sink with mirror (missing one tap), kitchen table in blue and cream and two dining room tables, one in green and one in brown, with a dining room chair in green. £30-50
583.    Pre-war Dinky Dolly Varden Dining Room Furniture, comprising table, four chairs, one armchair and sideboard, the latter showing fatigue and small part missing. £20-40
584.    Pre-war Dinky Dolly Varden Kitchen and Bedroom Furniture, comprising kitchenette in blue and cream (one door missing), cooker (missing door and back plate), fridge (missing door), table, and chair (two legs missing). With two bedroom dressing tables, one fatigued, missing drawers, the other with one drawer. £30-50
585.    Pre-war Dinky Dolly Varden Bedroom Furniture, in pink, comprising bed (fatigued, with part missing, dressing table with two drawers, mirror and stool, and a tallboy. £20-40
586.    Two Pre War Hornby "O" Gauge Sets of Figures, No.1 Station Staff (six figures) and No.4 Engineering Staff (five figures). Both sets unboxed. £40-60
587.    A Britain's Diecast Scooter, in turquoise with stand and passenger, (no driver), with chipping to raised edges, and a Britain's B. M. W 1:32nd Scale Racing Sidecar Combination, playworn with rider and passenger. £20-40
588.    A Boxed Matchbox 1-75 No-14 Lomas Ambulance, silver plastic wheels, LCC decals, opening rear doors, slight chip and rubbing to raised edge roof, box slightly crushed, in fair condition. £30-50
589.    Two Boxed Matchbox 1-75's, No.5 London Routemaster Bus, grey plastic wheels, B.P. Visco-Static Decals, chipping to rear lower deck, slight rubbing to left decal, crushing and tear to box, No. 33 Ford Zephyr III, silver plastic wheels, white interior, chipping to wings, raised edges, box fair. £30-50
590.    Matchbox Superfast 1-75 No.10 Pipe Truck, orange narrow wheels, yellow pipes, grey base and grill. Overall very good plus. Pipes still on sprue. Boxed with some crushing to box. £30-50
591.    Boxed Original Dinky No. 197 Morris Mini Traveller, some chipping and wear to raised edges, ivory colour, yellow interior, box with some crushing. £20-40
592.    A Boxed Matchbox 1-75 No.57 Wolseley 1500, grey plastic wheels, good condition, slight crushing to box. £20-30
593.    A Boxed Original Corgi No. 485 "Surfing" with the B. M. C Mini Countryman, all complete with boards, surf dude and aerial, light chipping to raised edges, box with wear but fair. £30-50
594.    Two Boxed Matchbox 1-75's No.32 "E" Type Jaguar, grey plastic spoked wheels, small chips and rubbing to raised edges otherwise fair with good box, and No.65 3.4 litre Jaguar, silver plastic wheels, light chips and rubbing to raised edges, box with slight crushing, missing some flaps. £20-40
595.    Two Pre-war Dinky 1934 Twenty Four Series Two Seater Tourers, for restoration. One green, fatigued, no chassis, rear arch broken, and the other green, with base plate fatigued, but with axles and wheels. £20-40
596.    Three Immediate Post War Dinky Aircraft, two silver medium bombers (one missing propellers) and a four engine liner in grey and red. Plus, a pre-war Hornby "O" gauge figure. All playworn. £20-30
597.    A Window Boxed Original Corgi No. 74 Ford 5000 Super Major Tractor with Hydraulic Scoop, very good, missing one headlight, box and inner fair, with only slight crushing. £40-60
598.    Two Original Corgi Toy Racing Cars, No. 314 Ferrari 250 Le Mans, fair condition, boxed, some crushing and flap tears, plus No. 159 Cooper-Maserati in yellow, overall good, however slight paint re-touching to nose, loss of paint to drivers head and tear to R/No.3; boxed, good box. £30-50
599.    A 1950's Charbens Model of a Horse Drawn Bakers Delivery Van, finished in blue and white, bearing the unusual side label "Baker and Pastry Cook", complete with correct horse and bakers. Appears unbroken. Unboxed. A rare item. £200-300
600.    Dinky Toys No. 106, "The Prisoner Mini Moke", overall good plus, chipping to some raised edges, areal, stripy hood, spare wheel cover in place, (cracks to spare wheel cover), boxed, missing end flaps, sellotape marks, crushing and tears. £30-50
601.    Two Pre War Dinky Aircraft, a Whitley Bomber and a Gladiator, both finished in silver. Little sign of fatigue, although Whitley has a set of wheels missing. £25-40
602.    Corgi No. 270 James Bond Aston Martin DB5, silver with revolving number plates, tyre slashers, opening roof, all parts appear to be working, very good plus condition except for one chip to passenger door and number plates applied, boxed, yellow and blue perspex box very good, baddie and secret instructions (open), unused lapel badge, used number plate sheet. £100-200
603.    Two Britains Tractors, a Ford Fordson in yellow, with parts missing and playworn, plus a Ford Super Major in good plus condition. £30-50
604.    Early XX Century Teddy Bear, wooden, tin, wire, cloth and plush construction with clapping motion when chest is pressed, approximately 10½ inches, (27cms) tall. £40-60
605.    A Dinky Toys No.511 Guy Four Ton Lorry, with fawn cab and back, red chassis, wings and hubs. Overall good plus condition, with some chipping to red wings and back edges. Boxed in a brown box with label, with a tear to end label, staining to the lid and a tear to one corner of the lid. £80-150
606.    A Shackleton Foden FG Flatbed, finished in blue, with red arches, some damage to front suspension, otherwise very good, boxed with instructions. £150-250
607.    An "O" Gauge Scale Model, of a Southern Railway "Gatestock" coach, a brake/third. £20-30
608.    A Shackleton Foden F. G. 6 Tipper, finished in light green, significant corrosion and damage to cab, one axle detached; boxed, wear to box, complete with instructions. £100-150
609.    An Early XX Century Wooden Dismantling Dreadnaught Style Toy Battleship, by Eaton and Munby (later Burleytoys) with a boxed spring loaded firing turret gun and six "shells" by the same manufacturer. The "aim" being to shoot off parts of the ship. A backing sheet is included for stray missiles. £50-80