Coins, Stamps, Postcards, Trade Cards & Banknotes Auction on
Thursday 19th February 2015

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1.      Approximately 195 Royal Mail Pictorial FDC's, in three albums and loose, 1978-1994, many typed addressee, all with Sheffield postmark with two 5 London Life Prestige booklets, six spare but good for thematics "schoolboy" albums, loose material in packets and other stamp envelopes. 30-50
2.      Four Stockbooks of Mid to Late XX Century Mint and Used Commonwealth Stamp Issues, with some good mint sets and a number of blocks and mini sheets. 20-40
3.      An Accumulation of Mid to Late XX Century All World Stamps, in nine albums and loose pages, mint and used with a fair amount of GB face value. Good general interest with a few covers and two boxes of off paper GB Wildings and George VI issues. 20-40
4.      An Album of Approximately Eighty Handwritten GB First Day Covers, from 1970's-1980's, with eight presentation packs fro the 1970's and the 1990 Penny Black definitive pack and a 1953 Australian Coronation cover. 15-25
5.      A GB Stamp Collection 1840-1995, in two pre-printed Davo albums (one boxed) and a sparse stockbook, mint and used, including a fair three margin Penny Black with red MX, cut to shape 1847 embossed issue, SG 54, 57, 59 and Two Pence Blues, plated Penny Reds, SG 171 fourteen dots used, 1887 Jubilee set used, Edward VII, George V 1912 used including Seahorses, and George VI 1937 used including Arms High Values, with later QEII material incomplete but often mint. 50-70
6.      A Large Quantity (Hundreds) of Post Office Headquarters Cards, 1974-2003, including some rare early ones, e.g. 1974 British Trees SG 949 (cat 150), 1974 Fire SG 950 (cat 140), 1974 Medieval Warriors, 1975 Turner SG 972 (2) and 1975 Public railways set of four (cat 72). All with stamps affixed first day of issue. 40-60
7.      Five Albums and Stock Books of Stamps, with good collections of GB (1911-1970) Switzerland, Germany (including DDR) Australia and a really good album of Canadian FDC's 1980-1988. 30-40
8.      Eight all World Schoolboy Stamp Albums, some sparse, but plenty of interest with good French Colonies and 1932 China "Air" junkers F13 set M.M. an overprints noted, together with 1990 Royal Mail "Penny Black Anniversary Book" (with mini sheet) and six packets and tubs of all world (largely GB) stamps and off paper as kiloware. 10-20
9.      A Huge All World Late XX Century Accumulation, of mint and used commemorative stamps, fastidiously arranged on approximately 320 Prinz black album stock cards, often double sided. Many thousands, absolutely superb for thematics. 40-60
10.     An Interesting Accumulation of Late XX Century World Stamps, material including approximately fifty five New Zealand First Day Covers and odd miniature sheets, approximately twenty five 1987 Pacific Island Fortieth Wedding Anniversary QEII covers, China 1989 Year of the Snake SG 767A booklet, Hong Kong 1990 Year of the Horse SG 661-634 presentation pack, a quantity of USSR miniature sheets and those of the "Sand States", GB numismatic covers for cricket 1973, Jane Austin 1975, and Turner 1975 and other oddments:- One Box 20-30
12.     Approximately 280 GB Pictorial First Day Covers 1967-97, neatly stored in four large albums, hand written and typed address, with a few oddments. 30-50
13.     GB Stamps - In two albums (one sparse) and stockbook, Victoria to QEII late 1960's. A good selection of Wildings (often blocks) and castles with some degree of study evident by annotations, later issues much duplicated with some phosphors apparent, with a full sheet of 1969 British Architecture SG 796-800, well centred for a change and further part sheets of decimal machins. 20-40
14.     The RMS Titanic Centenary Cover Collection 2009-10. Approximately 152 gold foiled pictorial covers depicting the history of the ill fated ship, from the dockyard to the survivors. All with stamps affixed and relevant cachets, No.80 in a limited edition, in two large albums. 80-150
15.     A Useful Assortment of Postcards, usually having a Devon or Cornwall interest. In two albums. 20-40
16.     Six Transport Buttons, a quantity of postcards, including humour, a WWI discharge certificate and a stamp album. 30-40
17.     A Large GB and World Accumulation of Stamps and Covers in Albums, sorted in packets (hundreds of used QEII Castles) and envelopes, Singapore 1990 year book, Channel Islands, some high value Commonwealth mint and used and some degree of Machin study. Hawid mounts and some literature also. A good sort. 40-60
18.     GB FDC's: approximately twenty five typed philatelic bureau covers 1992-95, with six presentation packs and oddments in an album. Together with approximately seventy five late 1980's to early 1990's Royal Mail FCS's postmarked Rhyl, handwritten, and a small number of presentation packs and odds, loose in packets. 15-25
19.     A Stanley Gibbons Detectamark, for stamp watermarks, complete with adaptor. A Morley bright Inst-A-Tector watermark detector. A stamp mount cutter. All offered in a wooden storage box. 40-60
20.     Approximately 540 GB Pictorial First Day Covers, 1987-2005, neatly stored in six large cover albums, typed and hand written addressee with much interest in different cachets on same issues, often relevant to subject. 50-70
21.     A Small Accumulation of Stamp Material, including approximately 125 GB FDC's (handwritten) from the 1980's, a small stockbook of mint GB issues (Machins/Coils), an attractive embroidered Japanese booklet of issues 1979, 1980, 1991 and other oddments including a 1995 Queen Mother 5 coin cover. 15-25
22.     Commonwealth Stamps, five deluxe 1981 Charles and Diana Royal Wedding pre printed albums by Stanley Gibbons, full (with a few gaps) of mint commemorative nations. Together with one other containing commemorative booklets and mini sheets. 30-50
23.     The David Fletcher 1977 Silver Jubilee First Day Coin Cover Collection (20) with the 1981 Royal Wedding First Day Coin Cover Collection (13) and the David Fletcher Coin Cover Collection Channel Islands and I.O.M. (14). With seventeen loose coin covers of GB, Commonwealth and Channel Islands. 30-50
24.     A Quantity of Tin Trunks, money boxes and biscuit barrels. 10-20
25.     Approximately Forty Five GB Pictorial FDC's from 1964-65, a few mint Chinese mini sheets and FDCs from 1990 to 2001, 1973 Inauguration of Isle of Man Post Office Cover with Penny Black silver gilt ingot and a small album of Guernsey presentation packs. 20-40
26.     A Collection of Early XX Century Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers in a damaged contemporary album. Other trade cards including two framed displays. (N.B. Some of the cards in this lot are nostalgia reprints.) 20-40
27.     Approximately 300 GB Pictorial First Day Covers, 1975-2008, neatly stored in four large Royal Mail cover albums, hand written and typed, often Tallents House and frequently as pairs with relevant cachet. 40-60
28.     GB Stamp Collection 1854-1979, in a pre-printed SG Great Britain album. Somewhat sparse in paces, nonetheless some useful bits including 1948 R.S.W. 1 mint, Wembley 1924, 25 mint one penny and later phosphors and mint sets, together with a file of GB oddments, reds on cover, FDC's etc, and small SG catalogues and Murray Cigarette Card Values 1988. 30-40
29.     Isle of Man Stamps: an interesting selection comprising seven full sheets of Wildings (3d, 4d (5) and 5d), four full sheets of Machins (2p, 3p, 5p and 7p), six full sheets 1973 P.O. Inauguration and four full sheets 1973 T.T. Races. Together with approximately eight FDC's from the 1970's with I.O.M. cachets and thirteen presentation packs. Also, a full sheet of the 1969 GB Concorde issue 4d, and oddments. 20-50
30.     A Stockbook, Album and Tin of All World Stamps, primarily used mid to late XX Century, sparse in places with a fair bit of GB 1970's booklets (empty) and George V fiscally used rent book pages from 1934-36 noted. 10-20
31.     Commonwealth Stamps: Sixteen A4 files of mid to late XX century material, predominately used with some mint in later issues. Somewhat sparse in places and "stuck down" on standard ruled paper, nonetheless plenty of material, particular GB Caribbean, New Zealand and Australia. 20-40
32.     Approximately 300 GB Pictorial First Day Covers, 1974-2000, neatly stored in four large Royal Mail cover albums, hand written and typed, some Tallents House, often Sheffield C.D.S. and some relevant cachets. 40-60
33.     Official Australia Stamp Collections, for 1982 and 1990. They contain a considerable face value of unmounted mint stamps. 20-40
34.     Four Mid XX Century All World Stamp Albums, of mint and used material of all round interest with other items of stamp ephemera, including the Millennium Collections guide books, first day covers and a pine wood Royal Mail presentation box. 20-40
35.     Two Smart United Nations Commemorative First Day Cover Albums. Approximately 120 graphic designed covers from 1976-1991 no addressee. 15-25
36.     Three Commemorative Albums, with some numismatic covers, Westminster WWII with eleven N.M. covers, mini sheets etc, Olympic Games one N.M. cover, mint issues other covers, with other odd N.M. covers relating to royalty. 20-40
37.     An Accumulation of Often Mid Late XX century GB Stamps, including collectors packs, Machins, commemoratives, loose in packets, boxes and envelopes. Considerable face value. 40-60
38.     All World Stamps. Early to mid XX century predominantly used in four albums. Good general interest, particularly Commonwealth, Eastern block, GB, French Colonies and South America. 20-30
39.     Jersey Pictorial First Day Covers. Approximately 130 highly attractive covers 2000-2009 with relevant cachets neatly stored in an album including Vintage Cars III and Buses commemorative booklets, a few loose and two packets of pocket album leaves. 30-40
40.     Hundreds of GB Royal Mail Pictorial FDC's, 1977-2001, including definitives and mini sheets almost wholly typed addressee with thirty mint London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition mini sheets (three types). 30-50
41.     A Deutsches Reich Stamp Collection, on loose album pages, packets and whole sheets. A really interesting group including full sheets (100) of 1922 Air Issues - Paul R. Schwerdtner, Berlin in selvedge. SG224, SG226, SG229, WMK mesh with some repetition, 1938 party officials SG0648-0658 (missing 0654 and 0653), general government issues full and part sheets allied issues, mini sheets EG 19356 SGMS618 42pf brown ribbon (water damage) and much more. Viewing recommended. 40-60
42.     One Box of Unsorted Charity Kiloware, on paper, predominantly GB, some world and older material noted. 10-20
43.     An All World XX Century Stamp Accumulation, predominately used with some mint GB loose in packets. Housed in seven schoolboy albums, three stockbooks and loose on/off paper in tin. Used pair of SG172 and SG33 1891 British Bechuanaland overprint noted. 20-40
44.     A Good but Duplicated Quantity of Modern Topographical Postcards, carefully bundled by type by the vendor. 30-50
45.     A Mint Isle of Man Stamp Collection, in an album 1973-2000 comprising full sets, mini sheets and FDC's. 10-20
46.     A Collection of Attractive Grandee Cards (John Player & Sons) as part of an accumulation of modern trade cards. 20-40
47.     An All World Stamp Accumulation, in six albums and a small stockbook. Mid to late XX Century mint and used. Much of interest, particularly thematics and a small quantity of 1960's African First Day Covers (Zambia, Rhodesia). Also, a few postcards and ephemera. 20-40
48.     Approximately 390 Royal Mail Pictorial First Day Covers, 1976-1995, including high value definitives, all typed addressee and generally Edinburgh Philatelic Bureau unless specifically appropriate. Some nice covers, including 1980 Liverpool/Manchester Railway Trial re-enactment with covers carried on Stephenson's Rocket, "Sans Pareil" and "Novelty". All well stored in four Royal mail albums, with a few oddments. 80-120
49.     A Blank with Pages and Mounts Westminster Stamp Album, a blank with pages FDC album and two SG small sixteen side stockbooks. Plus, three empty FDC albums. 10-20
50.     A Good Quantity of Loose Postcards; regularly, but not exclusively, mid XX Century. 60-90
51.     Five Albums of Largely Thematic Stamps, including "Locomotive Philatelica" of Commonwealth mint pairs, a number of railway interest mint and used, with written up wildlife pages and an album of early GB PHQ cards. 20-40
52.     A Large All World Accumulation of Stamps, early to late 20th Century in fourteen albums and loose pages. plenty of all round interest. One or two better quality albums including an SG Senator DeLuxe with blank pages. 25-45
53.     Finland Collection in a Fine 32-page Lindner Stockbook, with many hundreds of stamps, from early to modern. 25-40
54.     Approximately 160 GB Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 1980's-1990's, with much duplication. 150-250
55.     Liechtenstein, middle to modern XX Century fine used collection in Abria stockbook. Cat value approximately 370. 25-40
56.     Crowns: 1847 and 1900; both NF/F. A florin, 1887, NF. Two pounds and twenty five pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. Approximately 93 silver threepences. Two modern one pound banknotes and fourteen modern ten shilling notes. Other coins, sometimes silver. 70-120
57.     Greece, 32-page Lighthouse stockbook with collection of Greece, starting with sixty-nine "Hermes Heads" and Olympics issues. Also, some interesting Crete and Samos. (Hundreds.) 20-40
58.     Netherlands, a heavy Chinese stock album with duplicated issues, from earlies and a few colonies. Heavy duplication but a good sorter for early types and varieties. Cat 975+ 20-30
59.     Three Albums of Royal Interest Commonwealth FDC's, mint sets and mini sheets, including Andrew and Sarah Wedding 1986, QEII 40th Anniversary and Queen Mother 90 Years, etc. 15-20
60.     Two Stamp Albums, of predominantly used all world mid XX Century material with thematic stamp packets (largely animals), sorted off paper stamps in envelopes, the SG Commonwealth Catalogue Part One 1963 and Collect British Stamps 33rd and 42nd editions. 40-60
61.     Five Large Well Filled Stockbooks, of mint and used predominantly mid XX Century all world stamps, some good sets and mini sheets noted, with two further albums of GB and Channel Islands material. 30-50
62.     An Accumulation of Loose Postcards, usually mid XX Century but earlier cards are also present. Other items. 20-30
63.     GB Royal Mail Pictorial First Day Covers. Approximately 155 Edinburgh Philatelic Bureau typed addressee covers 2006-2009, including some presentation packs. And many higher value items. Immaculately stored in two large albums. 60-100
64.     A Small Album of George VI and QEII Wildings on Piece, with interest in slogan postmarks. Together with the Stoneham GB Stamp Catalogue 12th Edition 1998, and the Stamp Atlas by Rossiter and Flowers, 1991. 10-20
65.     Ogdens Ltd: By the Roadside (1932) (set of fifty cards). A range of other good cigarette cards, all in a contemporary album. The Molassine Co. (dog food); approximately thirty seven cards in the Manufacturer's album. Other items. 40-70
66.     Seven 1951 Proof Crowns. A range of other coins and related items. 40-60
67.     France, a ring binder with "internet" album for France, 1849-1970's. Starts with a good range of Napoleon and Ceres, later is sparse in places. SG cat value 1300+ 50-70
68.     A Germany Collection, with some Austria, Italy and Spain, but strength in Germany, in an old SG Exeter album. Including Reich, Weimer and Occupations, with better Reich towards the back of the book. 20-40
69.     West Germany, a fine used collection in excellent Schaubek album, 1949 to 1956 alone cat 1100+ Also,good early 1950's commemoratives, 1959 Beethoven sheet F.U., then looks almost complete to 1979. Total cat value approximately 1500. 100-130
70.     Approximately Eighty Five Base Metal Crowns, or crown sized coins, regularly GB or the Commonwealth. 30-40
71.     Greece, from Hermes and 1896 Olympics to modern. Good quantity to sort with dues, overprints, different printings, etc. Good sorter (thousands.) 30-50
72.     Austria Stamps, in a stockbook, 1970's-1989, mostly unmounted mint. Face value 1700 AS + with some fine used. 30-50
73.     A Small Quantity of Cigarette and Other Trade Cards, packeted by type. Cards in the manufacturer's albums are included. 20-30
74.     A Thailand 20 Baht, 1963, n.unc. A further 95g of assorted silver coins. All as part of an array of GB and foreign coins; sometimes in a "Boots" coin album. 40-70
75.     An Assortment of Trade Cards; modern tea cards are abundant. 15-30
76.     A 1980 Proof Set. Two modern base metal five pound coins, Modern Bank of England notes comprising 1 x 10, 2 x 5, 4 x 1 and 2 x 10 shillings, an assortment of other coins, all in a small suitcase. 40-60
77.     Commonwealth Proof Sets, comprising Bahamas eight coin set 1974, Barbados eight coin set 1974, British Virgin Islands six coin set, 1974 and Papua New Guinea eight coin set, 1975. 30-40
78.     A Random Assortment of Mixed Coins, almost always foreign. Offered in six trays in an attractive storage case. Thirty four usually higher grade USA quarter dollars in a presentation Whitman folder. 30-50
79.     In Excess of Two Pounds (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins as part of a collection of GB coins of mixed denominations in a coin album. 30-50
80.     In Excess of Nineteen Kilos of GB Coins. Regularly pre-decimal pennies and halfpennies. 40-70
81.     Three All World Stamp Albums, containing an accumulation of material, late XIX to mid XX Century, much of interest including early Austria, Belgium, German Empire, France and South America, particularly Mexico, Haiti and Guatemala, with an empty SG Imperial album. 40-60
82.     Austria, a nice boxed and interleaved Warwick album with a collection of Austria, early to 1946. Clean and attractive with definitives, dues and commemorative sets. 30-50
83.     Approximately 260 GB Definitive First Day Covers, 1967-200, neatly stored in four large albums, the majority typed, including high value pre and post decimal issues, booklet panes and prestige booklet panes, regionals and several first adhesive non value indicator Oct 19 1993 including stamp card - cachet "Licky End, Bromsgrove". 80-100
84.     A Prince William Silver Coin Cover Collection, set number 1548 from an edition limited to 2500 collections. By Westminster. 20-30
85.     A Quantity of British and Foreign Base Metal Coins. Mixed banknotes. In a cash box and casket. 20-30
86.     RAF Flown Covers, from the 1970's to 1980's. Approximately 52, including Hendon Museum series,Battle of Britain (signed), other anniversaries and events and two fully signed Red Arrows "Farewell to the Gnat" and "Welcome to the Hawk" covers in an RAF museum album. 20-40
87.     Crowns: 1845 (NF/F) and 1891 (F). Approximately 167 silver threepences. Other mixed coins and associated items. 50-80
88.     Germany, small useful accumulation in stockbook, including East Germany portraits post war series in U.M. blocks (cat 600 alone), 1936 Olympics set F.U. on special sheet, some revenues, plus Saar blocks of four. A useful lot. Cat 600+ 25-40
89.     A Tray of Foreign Coins. Modern Euro coinage and other current or exchageable coins noticed. 50-70
90.     A Complete Collection of Pennies, 1930 to 1966, in a Whitman folder. The 1950, 1951 and 1953 coins are all in acceptable grade. 15-30
91.     Whole World Stamp Collections, with a range of earlier material in two G F Rapkin Movaleaf albums. 30-50
92.     A Crown, 1889, F. A halfcrown, 1889, poor. A modern base metal five pounds coin. A penny, 1937, n.unc. Seven silver threepences. All as part of a mixed lot of base metal coinage, almost always GB. 20-40
93.     An Attractive Collection of "Banknotes of All Nations". In a presentation box file. 10-20
94.     Ten Kilos of Mixed Foreign Coins; sometimes current or exchangeable. 50-100
95.     Australia Post Stamp Year Books: 1981, 1982 and 1983, in slipcases with protectors. 1981 was the first year these were issued and perhaps the first of their type anywhere in the world. Complete with all stamps in "Hawid" type mounts. With an album of early to mid XX Century Commonwealth Stamps. 20-40
96.     A Maria Teresa Thaler (restrike). A 1953 plastic set of coins. A selection of other presentation packs of coins. Related items. 20-40
97.     UK Silver Proof One Pound Coins: 1988, 1989, 1990 and 1991. A 1990 silver proof five pence two coin set. (5) 20-40
98.     A Jersey 1966 Two Coin Crown Set. A Royal Bank of Scotland uncirculated twenty pounds banknote (4/8/2000). A proof cupro nickel "Pearl Black" Penny Black crown (Pobjoy Mint Ltd.) 25-40
99.     Crowns: 1822 (NF/F), 1844 (NF), 1887 (F/GF), 1890 (F), 1891 (F), 1935 (GF/NVF), 1937 (GF/NVF), 1951 (proof), 1953 (VF), 1960 (VF), 1965 (n. unc) and 1972 (n. unc). In two Sandhill cases. 50-80
100.    A Quantity of Water Damaged Coins, regularly foreign and sometimes current. 10-20
101.    A Quantity of Base Metal GB and Foreign Coins. Some of the foreign coins are current or exchangeable. Other items. 20-40
102.    An Assortment of Trade Cards (including railway interest). Nine assorted modern one pound banknotes, conditions various. Other items. 20-30
103.    An Array of Topographical Postcards, in two shoe boxes. 15-20
104.    GB Stamps, an album of mint and used commemorative sets from 1971 to 1977 with other oddments, with 1979 year pack and a group of other presentation packs and mint issues in packets. Together with an uncirculated QEII ten shilling note (J.S. Fforde cashier), philatelic sundries and tram and aviation related picture cards. 30-50
105.    A Nice Coin Collection in an Album. Almost always GB and with a variety of denominations. The collection contains pre-1947 silver coins having a total face value in excess of four pounds and approximately 45 silver threepences. 50-80
106.    A Quantity of Foreign Coins, sometimes current or exchangeable. Other items. 20-30
107.    Commonwealth and GB Stamps - An accumulation on album pages and small album with oddments. Including a good selection of earlier Victorian issues for Transvaal, Zululand OVPTS, Dominica, St Lucia, Bechuanaland (SG197 1/2d OVPT) British Bechuanaland surcharge fourpence protectorate), Rhodesia, early Australian states, B.M.A., George V Morocco Agencies etc - much of interest. 20-40
108.    A Quantity of Foreign Coins; sometimes current or exchangeable. 30-50
109.    A Selection of Numismatic Oddments, including cased coin sets, loose coins, etc. 20-30
110.    "Squadron of the Royal Air Force". An Attractive Collection of Gold on Copper 'Coins' by Westminster, A similar collection of 'The Historic Coins of Grea Britain'. Other oddments. 40-60
111.    A New Zealand Halfcrown, 1933, F. A modern base metal five pounds coin. Other mixed coins, regularly GB and sometimes silver. Collections of pennies in two albums. 20-30
112.    The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents: Modern British Motor Cycle (1953), full set of 22 cards in an album (album has been scribbled on in pencil). A Quantity of stamps for postage. Other items. 20-30
113.    A Random Assortment of Coins of the World. Regularly, but not exclusively, base metal. 20-30
114.    A Collection of UK Coins in an Album. The collection includes pre-1947 silver coins having a total face value of approximately three pounds and, in addition, fifty silver threepences. 40-70
115.    An Untidy Array of Paper Ephemera, including cigarette cards, photographs and postcards. 20-30
116.    A GB Commonwealth and World Collection of Stamps of th Late 20th Century, comprising large stock book of mint largely commonwealth issues, an album of mint GB presentation packs and mini sheets, two good small stockbooks of mint regional decimal machins - another sparse, and an interesting group of Bulgarian FDC's from the 1950's-60's in an album. Together with other stamps on and off paper in packets. 25-45
117.    A Falkland Islands Proof Set, 1980. A Jersey proof set, 1980. A 1951 proof set. A 1953 plastic set. A range of other coins and related items. 20-40
118.    An Attractive Collection of Postcards. Usually mid XX Century but including good themes including film and pop stars, Royalty and sentimental subjects. In a partially filled album. 20-40
119.    A Quantity of Generally Lower Grade Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers. Other items. 15-25
120.    An Eclectic Group of Philatelic Oddments, including a wartime 1943 cover posted in Jersey bearing occupation issues SG 4, 1d (2) and SG 3, d, 1925 Edward VIII Newfoundland Customs Duty 1 and 5 cents, United Nations 1967 6c Chagall window mini sheet, mint GB blocks and 1986 Royal Mail yearbook and a box of loose unsorted mid XX Century world stamps. 10-20
121.    An Early to Mid XX Century Album of Deutsches Reich Stamps, mint and used with some choice items therein. One or two facsimiles 91930/31 Luftpost Zeppelins!), particularly good occupation issues for Poland largely mint with some blocks. 25-45
122.    Approximately Two Hundred GB First Day Covers, sixty eight of which are in a Royal Mail Album, 1978-1985, with an interesting group of Machin covers with unusual cachets, a number P.H.Q. cards, and loose stamps in packets, together with an empty P.H.Q. card album. 20-40
123.    Australia Stamps in Two Well Filled Albums and Stock Book, 1956-21st Century. Much mint material and FDC's, Antarctic territory and Xmas Island, often as mint pairs. 20-40
124.    Crowns: 1889 (NF/F) and 1951 (proof). A USA silver dollar, 1884, F, and a Kennedy silver half dollar, 1964, EF. A 1953 plastic set of coins. Other coins and related items. 20-40
125.    A Quantity of Mixed Base Metal GB and Foreign Coins. There is a considerable quantity of exchangeable decimal coinage in this lot. 40-70
126.    An Array of Foreign Banknotes; sometimes current or exchangeable. Cinderella issues noticed. 30-40
127.    Commonwealth Stamps, two large stockbooks and an album of mint and used issues, predominately mid XX Century. A lot of good George VI material and engraved QEII issues, which may combine into sets. 30-50
128.    Approximately Two Hundred and Fifty Nine Coins in an Album. The coins are almost always British and are, very occasionally, silver. A small quantity of other coins. 15-30
129.    Approximately 150 GB Largely Pictorial First Day Covers, 1967 to 1992, in three albums, one with dust jacket, with a further thirty two Isle of Man and Jersey, predominantly hand addressed with an interesting section addressed to the postmark club, Great Ouseburn with unusual cachets. 30-50
130.    A 1940's Autograph Album. An assortment of postcards sometimes from the same era. 20-30
131.    A Shilling, 1826, NF. A Modern base metal two pounds coin. Six low grade "cartwheel" pennies. Other mixed items. 20-30
132.    A Small Collection of Loose Non Tobacco Trade Cards, by D.C. Thompson & Co Ltd, from the Wizard series (1930), with other trade cards and assorted items. 20-40
133.    Halfcrowns: 1828 (NF/F) and 1898 (F/GF). One pound and twenty five pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. Twenty six silver threepences. Further silver coins. Mixed base metal coins, GB and foreign. 20-40
134.    An Accumulation of British and Foreign Coins, in a tray. The coins are almost always base metal. 20-30
135.    A Range of Loose Postcards, which regularly date from the early XX Century. Royalty interest noticed. 50-70
136.    An Array of Cigarette Cards. Silks predominate and the collection includes a good assortment of larger and smaller format Kensitas flowers (J.Wix & Sons Ltd.) in their original outers. A lot which could reward careful viewing. 70-100
137.    A Good Quantity of GB and Foreign Coinage. Much of the foreign is current or exchangeable. 70-100
138.    Turkey, interesting accumulation in album and three stockbooks, from early types with much specialist interest to modern. A good sorter (thousands.) 40-60
139.    Approximately One Hundred and Fifty Four British and Foreign Banknotes, in an album and with loose. (N.B., several of the notes are nostalgia reprints.) 20-40
140.    Collections of Postcards in Two Albums. The cards almost always are early XX Century and cover a variety of themes with sentimental subjects being abundant. 50-80
141.    Proof Sets: 1970 and 1971. Bahamas 9 coin proof set, 1976. A Jamaica 9 coin proof set, 1976. 20-40
142.    A Halfcrown, 1899, NF. A florin, 1902, NF. A shilling, 1900, F. A Brazil 200 Reis, 1865, GF. A further 80g of mixed silver coins. Other coins. Associated items. 30-50
143.    Approximately Twenty Four Foreign Banknotes, almost always near European issues from the early XX Century. A number of vintage railway tickets and related items. 20-30
144.    Germany, duplicated Empire period in stockbook, 1872 to 1902. Heavy duplication but identified by specialised Michel numbers and much scope for varieties, postmarks and shades. SG Cat 2500+ (simplified.) 30-50
145.    Four Modern Two Metal Five Pounds Coins as Presentation Packs. Other items. 20-30
146.    Sixty-Nine Silver Threepences. A range of other coins, occasionally silver. Related items. 20-40
147.    Teofane & Co Ltd: Past & Present "A"- The Army "No frame) (1938), set of 24 cards. With useful Chinese and India material. All as part of a good cigarette collection in a modern album. 70-100
148.    98 Shillings (including obverses) in three Whitman folders. Approximately 39 of the coins are pre-1947 and a further ten coins are pre-1920. Additionally a number of the coins are in the higher grade. 30-60
149.    Ten Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coins, a modern base metal two pounds and three one pounds. Sometimes as presentation packs. (N.B. Occasionally these coins are from the Channel Islands.) 40-60
150.    A Collection of PHQ Cards; sometimes in an album. 10-15
151.    A 2008 Royal Mint Proof Set. Great Britons: a collection of four sterling silver medallic First Day Covers by John Pinches (1974). Other stamp covers. 40-50
152.    A Collection of Usually XX Century GB Coinage. The collection contains coins of mixed denominations and includes some five pounds and sixty pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins and fifty silver threepences. In two albums and on album pages etc. Other coins. A modern circulated (and stained) ten pounds note. 70-120
153.    An Array of Base Metal Coinage, GB and foreign. Some items of interest noticed. The lot might reward careful viewing. 70-120
154.    Ten Coins, regularly crown sized. Usually proof issues and sometimes silver. In a coin case. A similar empty case. 30-50
155.    An Accumulation of Cigarette Cards by the Major Manufacturers. 20-40
156.    A Collection of Nineteen Commemorative Coin/Stamp Covers from the 1970's. Some are in a presentation album. 15-20
157.    A 1998 Proof Set (Red Case). A UK Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection, 1999. A Diana Memorial Crown as a presentation pack. Other coins. Stamps. 30-40
158.    The Royal Events Collection of Mint Commonwealth Stamps and Miniature Sheets, in a twenty three ring album with a 1986 Royal Wedding mint issues collection and royal interest oddments. Together with two albums of approximately sixty Jersey pictorial FDC's, 1981-1990. 15-25
159.    One Pound (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. A quantity of other coins, occasionally silver. 20-40
160.    An Assortment of Mixed Cigarette Cards, usually by the major manufacturers but including some earlier material. Sometimes low grade. Occasionally bundled by type. 40-60
161.    Edwinstowe, Market Cross and Sunderlaw Street (Tickhill) and Wesleyan Methodist Church Seaside Mission. All as part of a collection of really clean postcards. In a contemporary album and with loose. 40-70
162.    A 2002 UK Executive Proof Set. 30-40
163.    GB Silver Proof Crowns: 1972 x 2 and 1977 x 3. 40-70
164.    Switzerland Pro Juventute, a stock album from 1914 to 1980, fairly complete mint and used stock with duplication. Some faults on early material but much is fine used. High SG cat value (over 2000.) 60-80
165.    RAF Flown Signed Covers, and others from the 1990's. Approximately ninety four, including RAF FDC series No.1-23 1992-1994, RAF 75th Anniversary No's 1-30 1993, Greenwich Workshop, including 75th Anniversary (16) and R.A.F.A. Battle of Britain Series 1990-1991, including signatures W.C. Currant DSO DFC, A.V. Marshall H. Bird Wilson, A.. Marshall F.D. Hughes, Wing Commander Cosby, and many more. In protective covers in album. 30-50
166.    RAF Flown Signed Covers, from the 1980's to 1990's. Approximately 156, including seventy two RFDC series No's 28-100, with various signature, including Richard Todd (Guy Gibson in the film Dambusters), R.A.B. Learoyd V.C. and Wing Commander N. Beresford (Queens Flight), the rest being JS0 series, signatures including Richard Annan V.C., Field Marshall Lord Carver, Lt. Colonel Eric Wilson V.C., Wing Commander Gwyn Jones, Col. Patrick Porteus V.C., Maj. Gen Sir George Burns OBE, MC, John Cruickshank V.C., Bill Reid V.C. and a host of others. 50-100
167.    A Large Quantity of Interesting Royal Mail Post Office New Issue Advertising Cards, from the 1980's-1990's in a file and loose, printed by Moore and Matthews, and Fulmar Colour Printing Co. 20-40
168.    A 2001 UK Executive Proof Set. 30-40
169.    A Range of Collectables, including coins, cigarette cards (sporting interest noticed), foreign banknotes and vintage postcards. 20-40
170.    Stamps - GB 1997 Diana Princess of Wales Royal Mail Presentation Pack, Welsh version. 20-30
171.    Stamps - Hong Kong 1962 5c to $20, SG 196-210, fine and fresh mounted mint. 30-40
172.    GB FDC's - Edward VIII 1936, Edward VIII with George V, 1936 and QEII Coronation set on FDC bearing 'Up Down Hill' CDS's. 10-20
173.    South Africa Stamps. 1961 50C sepia and buff S. G. 196 and R1 black and blue S. G. 197 lightly used. cat 34. 10-20
174.    Stamps - Tristan da Cunha, an attractive cover bearing George VI d and 1d, with Edward VIII d, 1d and 2d. Cancelled by three good strikes of the type V Cachet in purple, with another on reverse. Some hinge remains on reverse. 20-30
175.    GB Stamps - 1 Penny Red Star (1857), tied to piece by fine strike of the scarce blue sideways duplex of Taunton. SG cat 400. 40-50
176.    GB 1972 Royal Silver Wedding, 3P (SG916) showing dramatic shift to right and upwards of value inscription, u.m. matched with normal stamp. 10-20
177.    Hong Kong Stamps George V 1912-21 Used Group. S. G. 100, 101, 102A, 104, 105A, 107, 110, 106A, 111, 111A, and 111C. 10-20
178.    Stamps - 1859 Mauritius 2d Blue Lapirot. A very fine worn impression pair cancelled by light barred ovals. Right hand impression is four margin, left hand is just shaved at top and left. SG 39. Previously sold at Robson Lowe in 1956. 130-200
179.    British South Africa Company (Rhodesia) 1913 3 Shilling Chocolate and Blue S. G. 250 Die II Perf 15 Unused (Possibly Cleaned) Cat 750 if Correct. 120-150
180.    British South Africa Company (Rhodesia) 1892 10 Brown S. G. 13 Used. A scarce stamp. Cat 700. 150-200
181.    Hong Kong Stamps, Victoria 1863-70. 4 cent grey S. G. 9, 4 cent greenish grey S. G. 9D, 8 cents pale dull orange S. G. 11, and 24 cent pale green S. G. 14A watermark crown CC good used cat 96. 10-20
182.    Malta Stamp 1863 Victoria D Buff S. G. 4 Lightly Mounted Mint, watermark crown CC, cat 120. 15-25
183.    Hong Kong, 1885 Victoria $1 Dollar on 96 Cents Grey- olive S. G. 42 used cat 85. 10-20
184.    Hong Kong 1901 Victoria 30 Cents Brown S. G. 61, watermark crown CA lightly mounted mint. Cat 60. 10-20
185.    Hong Kong 1863 Victoria 2Cent Pale Yellowish Brown S. G. 8B Crown CC Watermark Lightly Mounted Mint, cat 160. Viewing recommended to authenticate. 20-40
186.    Hong Kong 1891 Victoria 20 Cents S. G. 48, and 50 cents S. G. 49 overprints, lightly mounted mint cat 135. 20-40
187.    Hong Kong 1882/96 Victoria 2 Cents, 10 cents and thirty cents S. G. 32A, 36, 37, 39A, 39 watermark crown CA. (15) used. Cat 158. 20-40
188.    Malta Stamp 1886 5 Shillings Rose S. G. 30 Watermark Crown CC Mint with Good Perfs. Cat 110. 20-30
189.    USA Stamps 1961 Washington 12 Cent Black S. G. 65 Good Used Cat 60. 10-20
190.    Stamps - New Zealand 1888 Three Shilling Mauve Postal Fiscal, wmk 126, perf 12, mounted mint. SG F36. 20-30
191.    Stamps - GB George V 1912 1d Vermilion, wmk Royal Cypher, "Cancelled" overprint type 24, unmounted mint. SG Spec N16(7)v). 20-30
192.    Stamps - GB 1841 1d Red Imperf. Fine four margins cancelled by a good obvious strike of the rare Kilmarnock Maltese Cross. SG Spec B1tj. 160-220
193.    GB 1957 QEII 4d Blue 46th Inter-Parliamentary Conference SG 560, unmounted block of nine, sheet number 15795 in margin. 10-20
194.    Stamps of the Gold Coast: 1938 George VI SG 120-132, d to 10/-, very lightly mounted mint set of thirteen (cat 32) and 1948 George VI SG135-146, d to 10/-, very lightly mounted mint set of twelve (cat 70). 20-40
194A.   Stamps of Montserrat: 1951 George VI SG 123-135, 1c to $4.80, very lightly mounted mint set of thirteen (cat 60), and 1953 QEII SG 136A-149A, c to $4.80, very lightly mounted mint set of fifteen with colour variations, c, 3c, 6c, $4.80 (cat 85). 20-40
195.    Stamps of Gambia: 1953 QEII SG 171-185, d to 10/-, very lightly mounted mint set of fourteen with SG 185, 1, used (cat 80) and 1963 QEII SG 193-205 Birds d to 1, lightly mounted mint set of seventeen (cat 95). 20-40
196.    GB 880 4d Grey-Brown SG 160, plate 17, lightly mounted mint, G.K. corner letters. Cat 425. 40-60
197.    GB 1880 Six Pence Grey SG 147, plate 17, lightly mounted mint. Cat 950. 100-120
198.    GB 1880 2d Blue SG 142, plate 17 mounted mint with some toning, lettered A.A. Cat 500. 40-60
199.    GB 1855 Penny Red Stars SG 40, mounted mint L.H. and L.K. Cat 90. 20-40
200.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 158, block of four mounted mint, E.H.-F.I. Cat 200. 50-60
201.    GB 1913 George 5/- Red Seahorse SG 401 Waterlow, used. Cat 300. 30-40
202.    GB 1858 Penny Reds SG 43, mounted mint, plate 155, B.J., plate 164 pair O.A.-O.B. (creases), plate 200-H.L. and plate 208-Q.A. Cat 260 20-40
203.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 44, plate 212, block of four mounted mint, E.H.-F.I. Cat 220 60-80
204.    Cape of Good Hope 4 Pence Blue Triangular S. G. 4A on Cover. 4 good margins tied with black C. O. C-H. Triangle and red graaff reinett on back. With certificate. Cat 260 stamp alone. 60-80
205.    Canada Stamps - A good accumulation of Queen Victoria - mid period mint issues on stock cards with some duplication. Some nice material with high cat vals. 60-80
206.    Superb Southern Rhodesia 1932 Victoria Falls 2D Imperforate Proofs. In blocks of 12 (6 x 2) from bottom of sheets with printers notes waterlow in margin. 2D complete, frame, and vignette S. G. 29, condition variable. 500-600
207.    Southern Rhodesia Stamps on Stock Card. George VI 1937 S. G. 40, D green, S. G. 41, 1D scarlet, S. G. 42, 1D red brown and 1953 S. G. 75 1 shilling black and red brown. All imperf unmounted proofs in blocks of four with neat punch holes. Cat 500+. 150-170
208.    Stamps of Cyprus, comprising George V 1934 SG 133-142 mounted mint, well centred and 1962 SG 225 1 bronze-grey-green St. Hilarion Castle used block of four (cat 30 as singles), with St. Kitts-Nevis George VI set of twelve U.M. with some tone spots, SG 69A-77F. 25-45
209.    Switzerland, an old Swiss pre-printed album with collection to 1940 including back of the book, sparse in places and with varied condition but good specialist high value interest and catalogued 1900+. A useful collection with Dues, Airs, Pro Juventute etc. Also, spaces for Liechtenstein and a few stamps. 100-150
210.    A Shoe Box of Mixed Cigarette and Non-Tobacco Trade Cards, regularly by the major manufacturers and sometimes bundled by type. Football interest noticed. 20-40
211.    An Interesting Collection of the Early Stamps of Russia, Bulgaria, Romania and Poland, with some choice material mint and used on loose album pages. 20-40
212.    The Stamps of China, Japan, Iran and Iraq, on stock pages in a full well sorted album, including China from 1885 Empire with a good amount of Imperial Post 1897-1905 and 1913 "Junks", Sun Yat Sen surcharges and Shanghai local posts with provinces and later issues, Japan mint and used to 1999, a superb accumulation of Iran, including some very rare items in quantity from 1868 onwards, 1902-3 Persianes "Provisoire" overprints, 1911 Ahmed Mirza with "Officials", 1926 Regne de Pahlavi overprints. Viewing highly recommended. 80-120
213.    GB FDC's - Approximately 300 (some souvenir covers) 1960's-2000. All in individual packets, priced for retail. All but a few typed addressee, some duplication. 40-50
214.    The Stamps of Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands, 1849-1980's, a large album of stock cards with some repetition, good early Belgium King Leopold I to a large quantity of "Bandalettes" etc, with Netherlands King William III 1852-Queen Wilhelmina and "Indies" 1870-1888, and Switzerland Federal Administration issues 1854-62, mint and used. A fine collection. 40-60
215.    An Album of Approximately Thirty GB Pictorial FDC's, from the 1960's, with one or two later presentation packs and another album of approximately forty interesting West German FDC's from the post war period up to 1994, most with commemorative cachets. 20-30
216.    *COLLECTED BACK 19/02/15*
An Album of Early XX Century Postcards, regularly having sentimental interest. The cards almost always are in good condition. 70-120
217.    A Range of Postcards, regularly mid XX Century carefully mounted in two scrap books. 20-30
218.    The Stamps of Canada, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Isles, Cyprus, Dominica and Ireland, well organised on stock pages in a large full album of some rare and choice items, including Canada 1852 and 1859 "Beavers", SG 39 used, large and small heads including SG 51 and SG 52 used, SG 46 mint and used, 1897 double heads, 1903 issues to 50c used and much more up to 1999, Postage Dues, letter stamps, Air Mails and perforated "Officials", New Brunswick 1860 SG 7 (3), SG 10 mint, SG 14, (4), SG 18 one mint and two used, including 5 cent blue (3) used, Prince Edward Island including 6 cent black mint, Newfoundland 1865 including SG 30 with Seals and Cod to 1947 with 1937 set mint, Cyprus with much Victorian material including Penny Red plate 216 overprint "Cyprus 30 paras" mint, high value George V Dominica and an extensive Irish section with many 1922 overprints. Viewing recommended. 150-200
219.    Two Large Stockbooks of Largely Pre and Post Decimal GB QEII Stamps, frequently as blocks, traffic light blocks, gutter strips and pairs U.M. mint. Some earlier material, Victoria to George VI, with a further stockbook of mint and used stamps of Eire mid to late XX Century. 30-50
220.    A Large Quantity of Mint Modern GB Stamps, regularly as part sheets or booklets, with a high face value. Together with some mini sheets. 100-150
221.    Stamps of the USA, a large well laid out collection on stock pages, in a full album from 1851, including SG 16 10c Washington used, 1869 SG 1141c Franklin used, SG 115, 116, 119 used, 1870 Presidents, 1901 Commemorative Series, with strength in numbers through to 1994, predominantly used with Air Mails, Postage Dues, etc, a small section of late XIX to ear;y XX Century Philippines and Hawaii at the back, including 1864 Princess Victoria Kamamalu, and 1893 Princess Likelike provisional government overprints. 40-60
222.    GB Proof Sets: 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. (16) (N.B. a few of these sets are missing their card outers). 50-80
223.    The Stamps of Falkland Islands, Fiji, Gibraltar, Grenada and India and States, well organised on stock cards in a large full album, including Gibraltar from 1886 (Bermuda overprinted), with a quantity of Victorian, Edwardian and Georgian issues to early QEII, Grenada from SG 1 1861, 1921 George V to 5/- mint, India with Victorian issues in large quantities from 1854 one anna used (2) with a lot of "Officials", equally Edward VII and George V/VI to 1992 with much repetition mint and used, and service issues, telegraphs, fiscals, etc, C.E.F. and I.E.F. overprints, Burma, Patiala, Cochin, Hyderabad, Indore, Travancore, Bhopal, Gwalior and other states in quantity. 60-80
224.    "Money of the World". A collection of foreign coins and banknotes in a presentation folder. A further array of foreign banknotes in a modern photograph album. Five Bank of England one pound banknotes in an album. 20-40
225.    Singapore Stamps: a superb large collection from 1955-2006. All mint with mini sheets, presentation packs, etc. Well annotated on protected stock cards in an album. Very attractive material, including 1955 SG 38-52 1 cent to 5 dollars definitive set mint and 1971 SG 160-164 Satellite Station (block of four and single). 80-120
226.    GB Proof Sets: 2000, 2001, 2002 AND 2003. (4) 20-30
227.    France and Portugal Stamps, a large full album of issues from late XIX Century to the early 1960's, primarily used with some good early material and much repetition, nice Ceres and Napoleon heads, Portugal from 1861 King Luis with some fine colonial issues and overprints. All fastidiously laid out on stock pages. 30-60
228.    Approximately Eighty Six Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 1998-2003, including SG 2232-2237, 2001 Nobel Prizes, SG 2348-2357, 2003 Fruit and Veg and SG MS2416 England Rugby World Champions. 150-200
229.    An Album of Stamp Covers; often GB, 1960's onwards. A quantity of loose covers including Australia First Day from the 1970's. 20-30
230.    A 1953 Plastic Set of Coins. a collection of base metal halfcrowns, florins an shillings in a Boots Coin Collection album. Other coin sets in Sandhill cases. Loose coins. Stamps and stamp covers. 20-40
231.    A Collection of Earlier Postcards, regularly by W.D. & H.O Wills Ltd. offered in two contemporary albums. 30-50
232.    GB Stamps - 14 different u.m. miniature sheets 2005-2010. Including Festival of Stamps, Castles and Beatles. Face value 40.99. 20-30
233.    GB Stamps - Full set of 29 London Olympics GB Gold Medal Winners miniature sheets. Giving 174 '1st' Class self adhesive stamps. Face value 107.88. 70-90
234.    British Commonwealth Empire Stamps, an interesting accumulation of predominantly mint singles, sets and part sets on stock cards. Some lovely Queen Victoria - George VI material. St Vincent, St Helena, Bermuda etc. Viewing is highly recommended. 140-160
235.    G. B. Victoria 1841 Pence Blue on Cover. 3 margins tied with numeral 10 (Edmonton) and Aylesbury C. D. S. and 1852 cross on back (S, E) Cat 350. 100-120
236.    G. B. George VI Stamps 1948 1 Brown S. G. 478B Unmounted Mint Block of Four Top Marginal, Cat 80. 20-40
237.    G. B Victoria 2 Pence Blue S. G. 47 Plate 13 Mounted Mint Block of 4. Watermark large crown, park O. G. deep colour and very crisp Cat "1400 as singles. 150-200
238.    Cape of Good Hope 1859 1 Shilling Deep Dark Green S. G. 8B 3 Margins Used. 40-60
239.    Cape of Good Hope Triangles 1858 S. G. SA Rose, 7 lilac, 8 yellow green, 19 deep blue and 19A blue used with close margins. Cat 890. 100-120
240.    Southern Rhodesia Stamps 1924-29, d blue green SG 1, 1d bright rose SG 2 and 1d bistre brown SG 3, all in left marginal imperf blocks of four with Waterlow punch holes. Unused, fair to fine. 150-200
241.    Southern Rhodesia Stamps 1924-29, d blue green SG 1, 1d bright rose SG 2 and 1d bistre brown SG 3, all in top marginal imperf blocks of four with Waterlow punch holes, unused fair to fine. 150-200
242.    British South Africa Company Stamps. Very nice set of six 1905 Victoria Falls SG 94s-99s, overprinted "Specimen" (5d perfin ) with extra 2d and 5/- (eight in total) unmounted and lightly mounted mint. Cat 425+ 120-150
243.    USA Stamps 1933 Chicago Federal Building Graf Zeppelin S. G. A732 50C Green. Lovely block of six unmounted mint with top margin cat $750. 150-200
244.    G. B. Victoria 1841 Penny Black on Cover with Four Good Margins, black Maltese cross and "Moreton in Marsh" C:D. S. on black Cat 700. 150-200
245.    G. B. Victoria 1840 2 Pence Blue S. G. 5 on Part Cover. 3 good margins, part red Maltese cross, Liverpool C. D. S. (S, E) Cat 850. 150-200
246.    G. B. Victoria 1840 Penny Black S. G. 2 Plate 10 "Raised A" Just Four Margins, black Maltese cross (A. F) Cat 900. 150-200
247.    G. B. Queen Victoria 1840 Penny Black S. G. 2. Very fine used with four good margins and red maltese cross PMK. (T,A) Cat 275. 70-90
248.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 72, block of six unmounted mint. 60-80
249.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 178, left hand marginal block of six, two mounted mint and four unmounted mint. H.A.-I.C. Cat 450+ 100-130
250.    Stamps of Swaziland and Turks & Caicos Islands: 1956 QEII SG 53-64, d to 1, very lightly mounted mint set of twelve (cat 95), and Turks and Caicos 1957 QEII SG 237-250 c to 10/-, very lightly mounted mint set of fourteen (cat 70). 20-40
251.    GB 1934 George V Re-engraved 5/- Red Seahorse SG 451, mint. Cat 175. 30-50
252.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 150, left marginal vertical strip of three, mounted and unmounted mint. Cat 250 50-70
253.    Cape of God Hope 1861 4D Pale Milky Blue "Woodblock" S. G. 14. Mint, slight thin, no gum, dealers mark on back, some toning. Catalogues perfect at 25,000. Rare item. 1500-2000
254.    British South Africa Company Stamps, 1898-1908, d. 1d, 2d, 6d and 1 (SG 75s, 78s, 79s, 83s, and 90s.) Perf 15 all overprinted "Specimen" (Samuel type R3), lightly mounted mint. 100-120
255.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, the rare plate 225, used with bar cancel. Cat 800+ 250-300
256.    G. B. Victoria 1883 10 Shilling Pale Ultramarine S. G. 183A Postmark Registered Threadneedle Cat 550. 80-120
257.    G. B. 1858 Penny Red S. G. 44 Plate 140 Block of 4 Mounted Mint A, A,- B, B Cat 280. 60-80
258.    Stamps of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands: 1939 George VI SG 43-54, d to 5/-, very lightly mounted mint set of twelve (cat 42) and 1956 QEII SG b64-75, p to 10/-, very lightly mounted mint set of twelve (cat 65). 20-40
259.    Stamps of St. Helena and St. Christopher Nevis Anguilla: 1953 QEII SG 153-165, d to 10/-, very lightly mounted mint set of thirteen (cat 80), and St. Christopher 1954 QEII SG106A-118, c to $4.80 , very lightly mounted mint set of fifteen (cat 60). 20-40
260.    Stamps - Cape of Good Hope 1853 1d Brick Red, on slightly blued paper. SG 3. A fine example with three good margins and light Cape of Good Hope cancel. 40-50
261.    G. B. Victoria 1840 2 pence Blue S. G. 5. Just four margins with central black Maltese cross (D, F) Cat 875. 120-150
262.    A Group of Early Post Office Headqaurters Cards, P.H.Q. 1, 3p County Cricket 1973 No.928 (cat 70), P.H.Q. 2, 3p Inigo Jones 1973 No.936 (cat 200), P.H.Q. 5, 10p British Treese (cat 150), P.H.Q. 6, 3 Fire (cat 140), 1974 Medieval Warriors (4), 1975 Turner 5p and 1975 Railways (4.) 30-50
263.    Stamps of the Leeward Islands and British Solomon Islands: 1954 QEII SG 126-140, c to $4.80, very lightly mounted mint set of fifteen (cat 60) and Solomon Islands 1956 QEII SG 82-96 d to 1, very lightly mounted mint set of seventeen (cat 95). 20-40
264.    Falkland Islands Dependencies Stamps, George VI 1946-49 SH G9-G16 "Thin Maps" (1948) mounted mint (cat 100) and 1948 R.S.W. 2d and 1/- SG G19 and G20. 20-40
265.    A Postcard Album, containing WWI, topographical, coastal, holiday and travel themed postcards. 70-100
265A.   A 1983 BASF "Chemie Im Dienst Det Industrie" DDR Calendar, with stamps attached, some superb images along the lines of 'Banksy', 56.5cms wide.
266.    An Attractive Collection of Some 125 Postcards. Regularly early XX Century and in a contemporary album. The cards cover a variety of themes including nautical interest, pierrots, sentimental subjects and street scenes. 40-70
267.    A Collection of Early XX Century Postcards, which almost always depict views of Italian cities. Offered in a contemporary album. 30-40
268.    Approximately 73 Railway Interest Postcards, regularly very early XX Century and offered in a contemporary album. An occasional card shows signs of previous mounting but a nice collection nonetheless. 70-100
269.    An Accumulation of Cigarette and Non-Tobacco Trade Cards. Packeted by type. 15-20
270.    In Excess of One Pound (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins as part of incomplete collections of GB coins in ten Whitman (and other) folders. 20-40
271.    A Postcard Album, mostly including early XX Century theatrical actresses, including Marie Studholme, Edna May, Gabielle Ray, Grace Lane, Mabel Green, Billie Burke, etc, also including travel related (approximately 150). 70-120
272.    An Array of Early (20 British and French) in a very well filed contemporary album. A small number of other loose postcards; replica Sheffield interest cards noticed. 40-50
273.    The 2011 38th Edition Standard Catalogue of Coins, Cvhaj, Michael. Over 2500 pages, cover price $65, and with "The Beginners Guide to Coin Collecting", Mackay 1994. 15-25
274.    An Assortment of Cigarette Cards (including larger format) and non tobacco trade cards, in album pages and sometimes bagged by type, "The Great Chocolate Recipes of Europe" (by Cadbury's) and a small quantity of phone cards. 30-40
275.    An Interesting Array of Vintage Postcards, usually depicting views of India during the British Raj, together with three further contemporary albums of postcards and photographs. 50-70
276.    An Array of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers and regularly boxed by type and occasionally in the manufacturers' albums. WWII interest postcards. Associated Items including a pair of dwarf candlesticks. 20-40
277.    A Large Accumulation of GB Stamp Material Mint and Used, covering all periods. Many thousands of stamps in packets, boxes and regularly sorted as "bundleware", part sheets, etc. A lot to look at. 30-50
278.    An Exciting and Extensive Collection of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards, which was assembled during the early part of the XX Century. The last additions were reputed to have been made in 1939. Whilst largely housed in Player's cigarette boxes, the collection encompasses a wide variety of brands, fastidiously indexed on accompanying cards - many thousands. The collection is accompanied by extensive documentation and reference material. Possibly a unique opportunity to acquire a collection of this type:- Two Large Boxes 300-400
279.    All World Stamps - Many thousands on album pages, stockbooks, packets and loose. Particularly France, Netherlands, Congo and South America, with a particularly interesting collection of old German crested wax seals, seldom seen. 20-40
280.    Royal Mail Special Stamps Yearbooks, for 1990, 1991 and 1992, with Irish stamp yearbooks 1992-3. All with mint stamps either mounted (Hawid type) or in packets, with two boxes of hundred of P.H.Q. cards. 20-40
281.    A Large Quantity of GB Pictorial First Day Covers, 1960's-1990's. An ex-dealer's stock with a lot of less common material, largely with issue relevant cachets and often limited editions. 30-50
282.    Commonwealth Stamps: two neat stockbooks of largely mint issues, often as sets of early QEII and some George VI, including Bermuda 1970 Flowers SG 249-265A mint set of twenty four; Solomon Islands 1965 SG 112-126 mint set of fifteen; Ceylon 1935 George V SG 368-378 mint set of eleven, Fiji 1959 SG 298-310 mint set of thirteen and 1968 SG 371-387 mint set of seventeen; Mauritius 1965 Birds SG 317-331 mint set of fifteen, 2c to Rs10, with corresponding self government set, 1967, and 1969 SG 382-399 mint set of eighteen; Montserrat 1970 Birds SG 242-254C mint set of fourteen; with further sets and groups for Canada, Kenya, Pitcairn Islands, St. Helena, St. Vincent, Trinidad and others. Together with four USA commemorative sheets, 1993 Legends of the West, 1994 Civil War, 198 Arctic Animals and 1998 Trans-Mississippi reprints. All very fresh. 50-100
283.    A Large Quantity of Mainly GB and United Nations Covers, from Edward VII to Edward VIII, with a number of 1935 "Jubilees" and interest in postmarks. 20-40
284.    Nine Large Albums and Stockbooks, of mint and used early to late XX Century stamps. A good all round interest with nice thematics in quantity. 30-50
285.    RAF Flown Covers, from the 1970's. Approximately 116, often signed by the pilots or base commanding officers. Historic aviator covers, British Forces South Atlantic Mail, RAF Hendon Museum series and other RAF cachets on covers. 30-50
286.    The Stamps of Germany - A large accumulation of ten duplicated, from the early period - 2003, in four large stockbooks and two albums. Many thousands of stamps that careful sorting will reward. 30-50
287.    A Huge Accumulation of Mint Stamps and Covers, of the Isle of Man (many hundreds) 1973 onwards in five large albums and loose pages. Mini sheets, part sheets and cards with other oddments. 30-50
288.    A Box Containing Many Hundreds of Post Office Headquarters Pictorial Stamp Cards, 1980's-1990's, with no stamps affixed and much repetition. 30-50
289.    An All World Accumulation of Stamps in Albums, on pages, in stockbooks and loose on paper. Early to mid XX Century. Plenty of interest in GB and thematics with a Chinese stamps yearbook 2009 (stamps contained within.) 30-50
290.    Two Albums of Early XX Century Postcards, regularly from the WWI era and often from the near continent. 40-70
291.    A Wooden Post Office A-Board for Kilburn (North Derbyshire), advertising various services. Painted cream with applied lettering. 30-40
292.    Africa Stamps, a large full album of the stamps of South Africa, Bechuanaland (a quantity of Q.V. overprints), Cape of Good Hope (including Triangles), Gambia (1896 Victoria, large amount of Edward VII), Gold Coast, Natal (including Chalon heads and SG 71 shades (3) used), Sierra Leone (including 1884 SG 27 mint block of nine (2), Transvaal, East Africa and K.U.T., Rhodesia (including double heads), Nigeria and Zululand (including Q.V. overprints). Superb material, viewing recommended. 80-120
293.    The Stamps of Germany, Austria and Hungary, in a large album on stock pages, some superb early material, particularly German States, e.g. Baden 1851, 1862, Brunswick, Hamburg, Prussia, Saxony and Wurttemberg, excellent Austria and Deutsches Reich. Viewing recommended. 40-80
294.    Two Stockbooks of GB Stamp Material, including many mint sets from the 1980's-1990's, with an element of Wilding and Machin study (including blocks), together with a quantity of mint loose pairs, FDC's, "Collect British Stamps" books from a similar period, UV light and a Morley-Bright watermark detector. 30-50
295.    GB Stamps, a much duplicated early QEII collection of commemoratives and Wildings, with a small selection of George V and George VI in an album with one or two plate flaws (Churchill), phosphors and colour shifts (World Cup 1966) noted, together with an FDC album of approximately eighty covers, 1964-1978. 20-50
296.    A Quantity of Ex Dealer's Stamp Stock, put together in the 1960's, well sorted by country/issue on envelopes, glassine packets etc. Primarily mid XX century Commonwealth mint and used but with world material included, together with twenty two small filled approval booklets and an interesting 1885 receipt with eleven SG 172 fiscally used attached. Well worth a rummage. 30-50
297.    An Accumulation of British and Foreign Coins, very occasionally silver. Some of the foreign is current or exchangeable. Also, Embassy vouchers and two foreign banknotes. 20-40
298.    Approximately 160 GB Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 1980's-1990's, with much duplication. 150-250
299.    Commonwealth Stamps, a large full album of the stamps of Aden to Ceylon, 1880's-1950's, including a lot of very good early material mint and used on stock pages, including Antigua 1884 SG 24/25 mint block of four, Bahamas George V and George VI, Barbados page of 1850's issues, good 1920's Victory stamps mint to 3/- and 1948 R.S.W. Bermuda Victoria 1865 and 1883, George V 5/- mint, George VI and 1948 R.S.W. mint, superb early British Guiana 1863 onwards with overprints/surcharges, some fine Victorian British Honduras 1872-1890 and up to new constitution, Levant overprints, including SG 178 mint, Cayman Islands and Ceylon. Viewing recommended. 80-120
300.    The Westminster Railway Heritage Collection, 1993-95. Approximately sixty two pages of Commonwealth mint stamp issues, all rail related. Mounted on pre-printed pages with a wealth of information. Receipts in excess of 300 showing. 20-40
301.    Approximately Eighty GB Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 1994-2000, well stored in two large cover albums. High face value including 1999 SG MS2123 Timekeeper, 200 SG MS2147 Stamp Show and 2000 SG MS2161 100th Birthday. 100-150
302.    Approximately 94 Royal Mail Folded Stamp Booklets, seven at 2, twenty at 1, nineteen at 50p, with the remainder Prestige booklets, 1993 Collectors Year Pack, ten presentation packs including high value Castles and further mini mint sheets and issues. 100-150
303.    Thirty Three Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 1993-1997, in an album, with two first class (12's) stamp booklet and large quantity of mint modern issues on stock cards and loose in packets. (100's), including miniature sheets. A considerable face value. 150-200
304.    Scandinavia Stamps, a large full album on stock pages of stamps from Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Finland from the 1850';s-1960's, mint and used with much repetition, particularly nice early King Frederic, Denmark, King Oscar and Charles XV Norway and Finland 1866 SG 34 20pen used, amongst much of interest. 30-60
305.    A Quantity of Base Metal Coinage, almost always pre-decimal GB. 20-30
306.    Approximately 160 GB Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 1980's-1990's, with much duplication. 150-250
307.    GB Stamps Victoria 1881 1d Lilac (16 Dots) SG 174 U.M. mint sheet of seventy-two with some torn perfs and selvedge, penny green "Jubilee" SG 213 unmounted mint block of fifteen and a quantity of penny red stars and plates on piece and in packets (hundreds) with a similar quantity of Ed VII 1d reds for postmarks/varieties, and a sheet of 116 India 1898 A on A blue green U.M. Good lot. 40-60
308.    An Interesting Late XIX to XX Century Collection of South American Stamps, mint and used, particularly good Puerto Rico, Peru, Nicaragua and Venezuela. Some choice material on loose album pages. 20-40
309.    A Large Predominantly Mint GB Stamp Accumulation, 1982 to Millennium, with miniature sheets, regional Machins, and philatelic commemorative issues amongst much high face value in an album. 70-100
310.    Rare Guernsey Wartime Occupation Bisected Stamps on Piece, with clear postmarks, George V SG BS1 1912-22 2d orange, SG BS2 1924-26 2d orange and SG BS3 1934-36 2d orange. High catalogue value. A stockbook of mint late XX century issues and some Isle of Man also. 30-50
311.    Twenty Four Royal Mail Prestige Stamp Books, 1982-2002, including 1972 1 Story of Wedgwood, complete, 1986 Story of British Rail, 1999 Profile on Print, 1984 Christian Heritage, etc. High catalogue value. 80-120
312.    A Predominantly Used GB Stamp Collection, of Victoria to 1970, with some real gems including a close three margin red MX Penny Black pl.4, mint, close four margin 1841 Penny Red on blued paper and two with MX numbers 6 and 2, a horizontal 1841 used pair 2d blue, 1883 SG 179 2/6 with postmark "Corn Exchange, Liverpool" and SG 180 5/- postmark "Cork", a used 1929 1 P.U.C. SG438, slightly off centre with some toning and blunt perfs and the Victoria 1878-80 1 brown/lilac SG 136 missing perfs, letters A,A, Maltese cross watermark, date stamp "Liverpool Oct 15 1878", some toning - inspection recommended for this early usage (issued Sept 78), together with further much duplicated QEII issues of the 1960's. 200-300
313.    Stamps of Australia and New Zealand, an exceptional collection on stock cards in a large full and well organised album, large quantity of early material for Australian States, New South Wales 1851 SG 517 used and 1854 Diadems to 1/-, Queensland 1860 Chalon heads and 1882 1 deep green retouch R 6/4 fine used, South Australia from 1855 in quantity up to 2/- used and 1902-1904 large formats, Tasmania Chalon heads 1855 and 1892 series used, Victoria from 1850 including half length Queen Victoria, Queen on throne and issues from 1860 to 1880 with "duty" stamps and Postage Dues, Western Australia "Swans" in quantity with 1874 surcharges noted and SG 1 used amongst much of interest, 1935 Roos SG 135, 136, 5/- and 10/- used with many others, George V heads and much material up to 1999, a comprehensive collection of New Zealand from 1862 Chalon heads to 1999 used and mint with much repetition. Some fantastic material, including mint blocks, "health" issues, high value "duty" stamps and islands. 150-250
314.    United Nations and USA Pictorial First Day Covers, 1958-1968. Approximately eighty United Nations Covers, including 1960 24th October 4c, 8c souvenir sheet issue and 1967 17th November Chagall window 6c mini sheet. With approximately 208 further US covers and a few New Zealand, Australia, Norfolk Island from a similar period. Very attractive. Together with a large quantity of Canadian Air Mail covers and some loose stamps 1970's. 30-40
315.    GB Royal Mail Presentation Packs: approximately 160 as new in packets, 1994 (Steam) to Christmas 2007, including many high value sets, with 2000 Her Majesty's Stamps M/S, 2001 Nobel Prizes, 2001 Flags and Ensigns M/S, 2007 Harry Potter M/S amongst others with three 1970's packs, Historic Buildings, Roses and Chemistry, and a 2006 QEII 80th Birthday 5 crown pack. High face value. 300-400
316.    A Well Presented Collection of The Stamps of India, 1951 - 67 almost entirely as mint blocks of four and neatly annotated. Together with a study of Wilding and Machin material on loose leaves and approximately fifty five pretty French pictorial FDC's from the late 1960's with interesting cachets, and a number of late XX Century postcards with Scottish and Belgian interest. 30-40
317.    GB Royal Mail Pictorial First Day Covers. Approximately 116 Edinburgh Philatelic Bureau typed addressee covers 1990-1999 with 5 coin numismatic covers QEII Golden Jubilee, Queen Mother 100th Birthday and Millennium. With Prince Charles 25th Anniversary and four other numismatic covers, 1997 Castles Pack 40 (75) high value definitives and other definitives, and approximately fourteen earlier covers. Immaculately stored in two large albums. Includes the withdrawn 1993 first adhesive booklet (UB 078) Walsall. 60-100
318.    Six Large Well Filled Stamp Stockbooks, of predominately early to mid XX Century Commonwealth material used and mint. A good all round selection with much of interest, including GB Penny Reds, early Barbados, 1935 Silver Jubilee omnibus issues, George VI in general, together with two smaller stockbooks and few stamp club approval booklets with interest in Falklands, Canada, Fiji, etc. Also, six 1937 Coronation Commonwealth FDC's. 30-50
319.    Crowns: 1935 (F) and 1937, two coins, F and NVF. A small quantity of lower denomination base metal GB coinage. Two banknotes. 30-50
320.    Baltic States Stamps - A good accumulation in two stockbooks 1919-39 of Estonia, Lithuania, Central Lithuania and Latvia - including a numver of blocks of 'Cigarette Paper' issues. Mint and used with some good CDS's and OVPT's. 25-45
321.    Stamps of Malta, Mauritius, Montserrat, Bahrain (overprints), Kuwait (overprints), Morocco Agencies, Palestine, Saint Kitts, St. Helena, Samoa, Sarawak, Seychelles and British Solomon Islands, a superb collection neatly laid out on stock cards in a large full album, including Malta from 1863 to late XX Century, including SG 4(?) buff/orange mint, Victorian overprints, Edward VII 1904 mint and used, George V, George VI mint an used with Self Government issues, Mauritius from 1858 SG 27, 28 mint, 1859 SG 40 R.P.S.L. reprints 1900 and further extensive Victorian issues, George V 1913 SG 196-204C mint set of eight 5c to 10R and further late issues, St. Kitts from 1870 mint and used including 1866 SG 14B "crossed lines" used, George V 1920 "Doubles", George VI and mint R.S.W., a good selection of St. Helena early 1864 issues with surcharges through to Edward VII, George V and George VI key types, excellent early St. Lucia, a large quantity of St. Vincent Victorian issues and surcharges, a good selection of Samoa, early Seychelles and Sarawak. Excellent material. Viewing recommended. 200-300
322.    Approximately Two Hundred Royal Mail Presentation Packs, in an almost complete run from 1969-1998, excluding definitives, all well stored in three full Royal Mail albums. 200-300
323.    Italy, 32-page Lighthouse stockbook with a few hundred U.M. sets, with some better. Some in pairs and blocks of four. Then, a range of early to middle fine used with some better commemoratives. 800+ stamps, mostly U.M. 20-40
324.    The Stamps of Hong Kong, Jamaica and Malaya on stock pages in a full well sorted album, including Hong Kong from Victoria 1862 to QEII 1999, large quantity of early material with some high values in the Victorian/Edwardian and Georgian eras and up to $50 used QEII 1990, a large quantity of Jamaican Victorian issues from 1860, 1870, 1883, including "Officials", Edward VII to QEII 1994, Leeward Islands Victorian material from 1890 up to 1/- with Edward VII and 1902 surcharges, Perak 1897 surcharges, 1892-1895 Tigers, Sultan Iskandar, Malay States 1900 overprints, 1900-1904 Tigers, B.M.A. superb Straits Settlements Victoria, Edward VII, George V, including high values to $5 used, Johore, Kedah, Selangor, Singapore, Brunei and Borneo. Some very good material. 80-120
325.    The Stamps of Egypt, Greece, Italy (including states), Luxembourg and Monaco, in a large full album of neatly arranged stock pages of Greece from 1861, with a good selection of "Hermes heads", many with postal value imprinted on backs, 1896 Olympic Games and 1922 "Revolution" overprints, Italian States of Modena, Naples, Sardinia and Ionian Isles, with early King Victor Emmanuel II and King Umberto I, in quantity. Some rare Luxembourg 1852 William III and later Duke Adolf. All with later issues in quantity. 40-80
326.    Approximately 195 Royal Mail Presentation Packs, in an almost complete run from 1999-2012 excluding definitives, but including many higher value packs, e.g. 2000 Queen Mother, 2001 Submarines, Nobel and lags, 2002 London Bridges, 2003 Fruit, 2004 Classic Locomotives, etc. All well stored in three full Royal Mail albums. 400-500
327.    Two Large Black Faced Stockbooks, partially filled with late XX century mint and used stamps, predominately the Pacific Region and Channel Islands, with earlier GB noted. Together with a few stock pages of used Eire and a 1977 Canadian souvenir stamp book. 20-40
328.    Stamps of Sudan, Trinidad, Tobago, Tonga, Turks & Caicos and the British Virgin Islands, on well organised stock pages in a large full album, including Sudan from 1897 (overprint Egyptian), with a large quantity of 1898, 1921 and 1948 "Camel Post" issues mint and used including Self Government perfins and overprints, army and officials, Trinidad from 1859 Britannias, some with overprints and further Victorian issues, Tobago from 1879, including SG 5 5/- slate (mint, some toning) and mint 1880, 1882 and 1885 issues, 1913 to 1923 issues mint and used with red cross and "War Tax" overprints, George V mint and used to 5/- (mint), 1935 Silver Jubilee with SG 239A "extra flagstaff" variety, George VI 1948 R.S.W. $4.80 mint and further QEII issues, Tonga from 1887 mint and used with 1926 Queen Salote mint set, Turks and Caicos from 1873 with a good amount of mint Victorian, Edwardian, George V, George VI and QEII, and British Virgin Islands from 1883, predominately mint with St. Ursula and Victorian issues, George V 1913 SG 69-77 mint set to 5/- with varieties and duplicates. Viewing recommended. Excellent material/ 100-150
329.    GB - 14 Different Numismatic Covers, 1994-99, often bearing 2 and 5 coins, including large New Millennium Benham cover. 20-30
330.    A Tray of Pre-Decimal Pennies and Halfpennies; Victorian pennies are abundant. 15-30
331.    GB Stamps, sixty-six Royal Mail presentation packs, mid to late 1990's with a few earlier, stored in good order, including Millennium Timekeeper 1999, Comedians 1998 and Classic Cars 1996 amongst others. High face value. 50-70
332.    An Album of Approximately Eighty Canadian Pictorial First Day Covers, 1958-168, sometimes with loose mint issues accompanying them. With two small all world mid XX century used stamp albums and a full stockbook of predominantly mint GB and Canada stamp issues of the 1970's, often as blocks with traffic lights, selvedge, etc. 20-40
333.    GB Stamps, a large album of mint and used issues from 1840 to 1982, a good Victorian selection, from Reds and Bantams to surface printed (a nice used SG 114 Plate 1 noted), greens and lilacs, Jubilees and Edward VII with Officials, George V, Seahorses used and Wembley pair 1925 mint, George VI, QEII pre-decimal often as mint blocks, a good selection of Wildings and Machins mint and used and Postage Dues up to high values mint, some booklet panes and much duplication of post decimal issues. 50-100
334.    Fifty Nine Interesting US Air Mail Commemorative Flown Covers. All experimental government contract flights AM 1001 an AM 1002, May/June 1939 bearing SG A845 6c bald eagle Air Mail stamp. Countrywide to Olney, Illinois, on Royal Hotel , Grimsby Docks stationery. With a sparsely filled "Harris" pre-printed US stamp album, loose pages of mint Commonwealth material (including 1939 omnibus issues) and World Wildlife Fund 1988 stamps and covers in album. 20-40
335.    Mint GB QEII Stamps, from the 1950's-1970's, regularly as large sheets or blocks in three books (kept flat, some water damage) and four small stockbooks, seven mint George V 1913 International Stamp Exhibition 1d Blue noted, with a packet of FDC's and stamp oddments. 20-40
336.    Two Albums of World (not Commonwealth) Stamps, late XIX to mid XX Century. Lots of interest, including Brazil 1866 Dom Pedro 300r, France and Colonies, Mexico and a USA Washington 3c "points up" grill used amongst others. 20-40
337.    Approximately 64 Postcards, from the WI era. The cards are often hand drawn. Occasionally a card is foxed but a lovely lot nevertheless. 200-250
338.    An Interesting Array of Cigarette Cards, boxed by type and offered in two very well filled shoe boxes. The cards are usually by the major manufacturers but earlier material is also included in the lot. 70-120
339.    GB Stamps. Two large immaculately arranged stock books of stamps Edward VII-George VI largely used but some mint noted. much duplication so excellent for varieties post marks, inverts etc and often annotated. Wembley 1924 covers noted (one with Belfast p.m.) Some nice material, viewing recommended. 50-70
340.    Approximately 102 Royal Mail Presentation Packs, 2004-2011, including SG 2417-2422, 2004 Classic Locomotives, SG 2750/MS2757, 2007 Harry Potter, etc. High face value. 250-300
341.    GB - 26 Different Royal Mail 'Prestige' Booklets 1980-2007, including 2003 'Coronation', Breaking Barriers, Profile on Print. Face value alone 200. 100-120
342.    Three Albums and Stockbooks of Stamps of India, Ireland and the Third Reich, the latter having some particularly good mint and used sets. 20-40
343.    Approximately 600 Post Office Headquarters (PHQ) Cards, from 1979-1994, almost all used postally with relevant stamp affixed and post 1985 typed addressee. With Royal Mail mint stamp year packs for 1980, 81, 82, 83, 87, 88 and 89. 30-50
344.    A Collection of Approximately Seventy Nine Foreign Banknotes. Some of the notes are current or exchangeable and high denominations are present. In a modern album. 30-50
345.    A UK 2005 Brilliant Uncirculated Two Crown Commemorative Set. A 2007 Diamond Wedding Crown. Ten further presentation packs of modern UK coins. 20-40
346.    Twenty Royal Mail First Class Stamp Booklets (in tens), with eight Prestige booklets and nine mint mini sheets, together with a 2d Blue tie. 50-100
347.    An Accumulation of Coins; GB and foreign. Some of the foreign is current or exchangeable. Thirty Five dollars in Singapore banknotes. 30-40
348.    Stamps of India and Feudatory States, in two albums from the late XIX Century (1854) to early XX century mint and used. Different dies for SG 1, SG 11 and SG 17. Much Victorian, Edwardian material with overprints, including 1902 set, mint and used O.H.M.S. to 15 rupees. Interesting issues from Alwar, Bundi, Bhor, Cochin (including mint block of six SG 48A 1924 "capital 'P' in 'pies'"), Charkari, Duttia, Hyderabad, Bijiwar (mint blocks), Jaipur State (including errors 1911-1912 issue), Nawanagar, Nepal, Soruth and Las Bela. Superb, viewing recommended. 100-200
349.    A Collection of Approximately 290 Empty GB Stamp Booklets, stithced, folded and self adhesive from the 1970's-1990's. 15-25
350.    GB Victoria 1840 Penny Blacks, both 4 margin (some close). One black Maltese Cross, one red. J, E and L, F (possibly plate 6) with 1889 Crown NF. 40-70
351.    GB Stamps, Queen Victoria, three Penny Blacks, one just four margin, clear MX cancels (I.K., Q.F., O.D.), with ten used Two Pence Blue, various plates including earlier stars. 30-50
352.    GB 1855 Penny Red Stars SG 40, unmounted mint block of eighteen with gum toning on back and short bottom perfs. 150-200
353.    GB Stamps, Queen Victoria high values 1883-84, SG 178 (2), SG 181 (2) and SG 183, with Edward VII high values 1902 SG 260 (2), SG 263 and SG 265, all used with some cancels clearer than others. 20-40
354.    Stamps - GB 1875 One Shilling Green, Plate 12, SG 150 on piece with entire "Penny Post Jubilee" 1840-1890 South Kensington postmark. 20-40
355.    GB 1840 Penny Black SG 2, superb plate four lettered O.D. mounted mint, four good margins with original gum, slight crinkle. Cat 12,000+ 2500-3000
356.    Stamps - GB 1884 Five Shilling Rose B.G. An attractive example with good colour, cancelled by a clear thimble "Blandford 91" CDS. SG 180. 30-40
357.    G. B. George VI Stamps 1948 High Values Collection on Stock Card. 2 shilling 6D brown S. G. 476 x 2 (M), 2 shillings 6D green S. G. 476A x 3 (M), 5 shilling red S. G. 477 (M), 10 shilling dark blue S. G. 478 block of 4 used, 10 shilling ultramarine S. G. 478A used and 1 brown S. G. 478B (M) Cat 350. 80-120
358.    GB 1855 Penny Red Stars SG 40, plate 140 block of four, two stamps mounted mint, A.F.-B.G. Cat 280. 60-80
359.    Stamps - MNH 1879 Tender Essays, by Charles Skipper and east. Engraved by Alfred B. Wyon, son of William, showing profile of Ceres, in orange and purple. 20-40
360.    GB Stamps, Queen Victoria "Jubilee Issue" 1887-1900 M.M. set excluding SG 205 (4d) and SG 211 (1/-) Some missing perfs and faults but nonetheless attractive. 30-50
361.    Stamps - MNH 1879 Tender Essay, by Charles Skipper and East. 1d dull rose, line perforated 14 x 12, left hand marginal block of eight on thin cream gummed paper. Adapted from Inland Revenue Type L20, often mistaken for De La Rue proofs. 50-100
362.    GB 1840 Penny Black, fine used, lettered L.B. with black Maltese cross postmark, four margins. Cat 425 100-130
363.    GB 1847 6d Purple Embossed Issue SG 59, cut square. Three margins close top. Left and bottom part of other stamp. Diamond 16 cancel. Cat 1000. 150-170
364.    Southern Rhodesia Stamps. 1924 full beautiful set S. G. 1, D- S. G. 14, 5 shillings mounted mint. Cat 150+ 30-50
365.    GB 1902 Edward VII 1/- Green and Red SG O78, overprinted type 07 "Govt Parcels" lightly used. Cat 300 (6,750) 970. 60-80
366.    GB 1887 4d "Jubilee" Green and Red SG O71, overprinted type 07 "Govt. Parcels", heavy postmark. 40-60
367.    GB 1880 1/- Orange-Brown SG 151, plate 13 lettered C.K. Inverness postmark, small nick at top. 80-100
368.    GB 1874 1/- Green SG 150, plate nine, large coloured corner letters K.M. mounted mint with vertical crease. High cat value. 40-60
369.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, the rare plate 225, used with bar cancel 210. Small nick to bottom left. Cat 800+ 150-200
370.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 208 block of nine, one stamp mounted mint, top perfs missing G.A.-I.C. Cat 540. 100-120
371.    GB 1857 Penny Red SG 41, mounted mint, S.H. Cat 160 40-60
372.    GB 1865 10d Pale Red-Brown SG 114, plate one, good used, lettered E.M. Cat 300. 30-50
373.    GB 1883 1/- Dull Green SG 196, lightly mounted mint, lettered B.C. Cat 1400. 100-120
374.    GB 1870 4d Vermillion SG 94, plate 12 lightly mounted mint few short perfs. Cat 575. 80-100
375.    GB 1882 6d Grey SG O4, plate 18, overprinted type 01 I.R. Official. Lettered J.D. Lightly used. Cat 130. 20-40
376.    Stamps - GB 1d Pink Postal Stationery Letter of 1855, uprated by 1d imperf (three margin) and sent from Haverfordwest to Gloucester Station on new railway link for delivery at Longhope. 20-30
377.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 44, plate 174, block of six mounted mint, R.A.-S.C. Cat 200. 60-80
378.    GB 1872 6d Grey, scarce plate 12, SG 125 mounted mint, some average perfs. Cat 1600. 200-280
379.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 158 block of six mounted mint, slight tone spots, E.J.-F.L. Cat 260 50-70
380.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 181, block of six, one stamp mounted mint. Cat 360. 80-120
381.    GB 1883 6d on 6d (Surcharge Type 51) SG 162, mounted mint. Cat 650. 40-60
382.    GB 1858 Penny Red SG 43, plate 114, block of four mint (two mounted), C.B.-D.C. Cat 1200. 300-350
383.    21.5kg GB Charity Kiloware, in three large bags. Appears to be unsorted. 30-60
384.    A Collection of Well Presented and Protected Album Leaves of All World Stamps, early to mid XX Century. Some nice clean individual and part set mint Commonwealth items with further interest in French colonies and South Africa. Together with loose stamp oddment on paper. 20-40
385.    An Assortment of Postcards, drawn from various eras. An accumulation of other paper ephemera, including greetings cards. 15-30
386.    GB Stamp Collection, in two immaculately arranged large stock books. The first being mint issues 1935-1973 with much repetition and many complete sets of commemoratives. The second being used QEII 1970-1980 in large numbers much duplicated with an emphasis on highest values - particularly machins. 40-60
387.    An Accumulation of RAF Related Philatelic Material, including approximately ninety five mostly signed flown covers from Jersey 1990's, 1986 RAF Issue PHQ Cards (stamp affixed with cachet), Battle of Britain signed aerogramme, bi-lingual Canadian Airborne Heritage Stamp Book, a few thematic aircraft stamps and ephemera. 30-50
388.    Fifty Six Base Metal Isle of Man Crowns From the 1980's, sometimes in an album. 20-30
389.    J Lyons & Co Ltd: Famous Locomotives (1964) some twenty three cards, as part of a somewhat random assortment of cigarette and non tobacco trade cards. Other items. 20-40
390.    Seven Cover Albums, covering a variety of subjects and countries, including USA pictorial FDC's from the 1970's with write-ups, Canada WWII commemoratives and mini sheets, London 1980 Stamp Fair mint Commonwealth issues, Australia FDC's, Europa FDC albums and United Nations 1970's. 30-50
391.    Two 1953 "Plastic" Sets of Coins, two Mexico silver 25 Pesos, 1968, with other coins including cased sets. 20-40
392.    A Good but Duplicated Quantity of Later Postcards, bundled by type. Child related subjects predominate. 30-50
393.    A Large Accumulation of GB Stamp Material, including two albums of predominantly used issues 1972-95, with some degree of study of colour shifts. A large quantity of FDC's 1960's-1980's, Royal Mail Special Stamps Year Book 13 (1996) with stamps to mount. A few booklet planes, two stamp themed canvasses (approximately 40cms square); and a Royal Mail booklet counter display stand. 20-30
394.    The Banknote Yearbooks for 2011 and 2013. Coin Year Books for 2013 and 2014. Two empty Lindner Coin Trays. Other items. 20-40
395.    An Untidy Assortment of Coins and Related Items. A variety of crown sized coins is included. A quantity of empty coin boxes. (Although the items in this lot have suffered as a result of inappropriate storage, nevertheless careful viewing could be rewarded.) 70-100
396.    An Accumulation of Mixed Postcards; regularly mid XX Century but very occasionally earlier. Offered in three albums and with a good quantity of loose. 20-40
397.    A Palestine 50 Mils, 1935, F/GF with a small quantity of other silver coins as part of an accumulation of coins of the world. In an album and small cash box. Other collectables. 20-30
398.    An All World Stamp Collection, predominantly used mid XX Century in three albums, and loose, sorted into envelopes. Good general interest, particularly East Germany 1950's, thematics and odd china issues. With a further sparse Stanley Gibbons "Strand" album. 20-40
399.    All World Stamps in Six Albums, mint and used, largely mid to late XX century with some earlier noted. GB from 1857 with mint material in later issues, and some degree of study in Machins with mint booklets and panes, excellent thematics, "Sand States" and Equatorial Guinea, Barbados 1985 $5 "Rock Beauty" used, and China 1950 "Peace" issues mint noted, with one other late XIX Century to early XX Century "Lincoln" album. 30-50
400.    Four Large Full Stockbooks of Mid X Century World Stamps, including K.U.T., Chile, particularly good Liberia, Cuba, Germany (including D.D.R.), Malaysia, Monaco, Touva, Australia, China and more, including China 1950 SG 1458 2000 "Peace" with 2500 mint and 5000 noted mint, and 1951 SG 1512 mint, among much of interest, with a quantity of tins with a small amount of off paper sorted material. 50-70
401.    Philatelic Literature and Covers, Stanley Gibbons Stamps of the World Vol.3 (Commonwealth) 1995, SG Stamps of the World Vol.1 and 1997 and SG Stamps of the World 1970 with an album of interesting air mail covers, 1950's-1970's from South America, Italy, Australia, etc. 20-40
402.    A Quantity of Empty Storage Items for Coins, stamp covers etc. Assorted reference material. 20-40
403.    An All World Stamp Accumulation, on and off paper, largely sorted by country in envelopes,. in three file boxes and A3 box file. Generally mid XX Century. 20-40
404.    A Good Quantity of Nostalgia Reproduction and Cigarette Cards, in three impressive Card Collectors' Society albums and in album pages, etc. 70-120
405.    A Range of Trade Cards; regularly, but not exclusively, non-tobacco issues. Sometimes framed. Football and other sporting interest cards are commonplace. In four albums and a casket. 40-60
406.    An All World Stamp Accumulation, in sixteen A4 files, mid to late XX Century, predominately used but a fair amount of mint in later issues. Somewhat sparse in places and "stuck down" on standard ruled paper. Nonetheless, some lovely thematics and earlier bits of note. Together with a box of blank files, two early 1970's SG Elizabethan catalogues, and ephemera:- Two Boxes 20-40
407.    A Good Quantity of Modern Postcards and Related Items. In six albums and with loose. 50-70
408.    Thirteen Empty Multi-Ring Padded Albums, in green, maroon and black. 20-30
409.    An Assortment of Collectables, including cigarette and non tobacco trade cards and base metal vesta cases. 20-40
410.    A Collection of Largely Late XX Century GB Comemmorative Covers, including Benham silks, signed Jersey Battle of Britain, 1966 World Cup (Sheffield cachet x 8), Rotherham Borough 1974 etc. With Royal Mail Special Stamps Year Book 1991, Benham D-Dy Guernsey 1994 Stamp Sheet and others. Together with an as new and boxed GB G.P.O. album 1990-1997 blank with pages and SG Book of Stamps by James Watson. 30-40
411.    GB Stamps Kiloware, many thousands on paper, in bags, tins and packets. Late XX Century: One Box 10-20
412.    A Host of Philatelic Oddments, including stamps in two stockbooks, on album pages, overseas kiloware and reference material. 30-40
413.    A Series of Numismatic Oddments (including pre-1947 and other silver coins) offered as seven glazed displays. 20-40
414.    An All World Stamp Accumulation, in two albums, off paper loose in packets and album pages, tins, etc. Mint and used with a quantity of 1970's-1980's GB mint face value in a "Stamp Bug" album. Presentation packs, FDC's and ephemera, including a Tasco illuminated magnifying glass and volumes one and two 1983 SG Stamps of the World. 30-50
415.    An Accumulation of GB Stamp Material in Two Stock Books and Album, and quantity of FDC's and oddments. Including a good amount of mint QEII issues often as blocks, gutter pairs, traffic lights etc. With tin of stamps loose on paper. 20-40
416.    A Tray of Base Metal Coinage, GB and foreign. Foreign banknotes. 30-40
417.    Approximately 130 GB Pictorial First Day Covers, from 1966 to 1992. Largely typed addressee philatelic bureau Edinburgh, earlier ones being hand written, Fylde coast postmark. In four albums often with information cards displayed. 25-45
418.    Proof Sets: 1984, 1985, 1991 and 1992. Six further packs of GB coins. Ten high grade foreign banknotes. 30-40
419.    A Much Duplicated But Extensive Collection of Overseas Banknotes, and British Armed Forces vouchers. In a lever arch file. 70-120
420.    A Low Grade and Damaged Crown, 1819. A low grade and damaged Elizabeth I shilling. A Canada silver dollar, 1966, VF. A quantity of modern base metal crowns. Other coins and related items. 50-70
421.    Two Albums and a Stockbook of All World Stamps, mint and used early to late XX Century. Good French Colonies and George VI Commonwealth material. 15-25
422.    A Collection of Advertising (and other) Reproduction Postcards, in a loose leaf file. A quantity of earlier greetings cards and other paper ephemera. 15-20
423.    A Good Quantity of Pre-Decimal Pennies Offered in Rolls. Other Coins. 20-40
424.    A Half Crown, 1837, F. A German east Africa (Tanzania) rupee, 1890, F/GF. Other coins; sometimes silver, Foreign Banknotes, modern postcards. 20-30
425.    Coronation Pageant, Ecclesfield Parade, Grindleford Station, Penistone Market and Soldiers' Home Hillsborough. All as part of an attractive collection of 60 early XX Century postcards all of which have a Sheffield interest. In a partially filled modern album. 120-170
426.    A Tray of Base Metal GB Coinage; pre and post decimal. 20-40
427.    Australia Stamps, approximately 450 attractive pictorial first day covers from the 1980's-1990's in two albums, album pages and lose in packets, including two large embossed "Ausipex 84" covers with mini sheets and many more of thematic interest. 20-40
428.    A Quantity of British and Foreign Coins; very occasionally silver. Other collectables. 15-20
429.    Approximately 95 Royal Mail Mint Presentation Packs, 1980-1990, often with double sets with collectors packs 1978-1984 and mini sheets. Face value in excess of 200. Fastidiously labelled and listed. 100-150
430.    Five Large Full Stockbooks of Mid XX Century World Stamps, including Sierra Leone, "Sand States", Canada, Ecuador, South Africa, Egypt, Finland, Rwanda, Spain, Paraguay, Switzerland, Philippines, Turkey, Poland and more, with lots of interest, together with Australian Antarctic Territory mint collection 2006. 50-70
431.    GB Stamps, two albums of mint issues including twelve presentation packs from 1987-1992, laid out with corresponding P.H.Q. cards and amounting to a considerable face value. 40-60
432.    An Assortment of Stamps of the World, regularly packeted country by country. The lot could reward careful viewing. 30-40
433.    A Quantity of Mixed Base Metal GB and Foreign Coins. There is a considerable amount of exchangeable decimal coinage in this lot. 40-70
434.    GB Stamps, a mint and used collection of Queen Victoria ton 1980's, housed in two stockbooks and a sparse pre-printed Stanley Gibbons Davo album with dust jacket, including a space filler 1840 2d blue, George V 5/- re-engraved Seahorse mint (missing perfs), some traffic lights, light colour shifts, etc, with a section of Commonwealth material. 30-50
435.    Approximately 240 GB Pictorial First Day Covers 1968-2008, neatly stored in four cover albums, hand written and typed with some interesting earlier items, including Jersey and Guernsey Victory issue 1948 (2), Olympic Games 1948 (2), U.P.U. 1949 (2), Festival of Britain (plain), 34th Philatelic Congress Southampton 1952 (2) and several early QEII issues, often in pairs or more with different cachets/covers. 40-60
436.    A 1970 Proof Set, a USA 1776-1976 bicentennial silver proof set. Foreign silver coins having a total weight of 95g. Other Items. 20-40
437.    UK Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collections: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 (two sets), and 1994 (three sets. (10) 30-50
438.    A Pair of 1951 Proof Crowns and Three 1953 Crowns (all higher grade), a range of other crowns and crown sized coins. Other items include foreign coins. 20-40
439.    A Tray of Mixed Coins; regularly GB and often pre-decimal florins. 30-40
440.    Five Large Full Stockbooks of Mid XX Century World Stamps, including Indonesia, Czechoslovakia, Commonwealth, "Sand States", Italy , Spain, Romania, particualry good USA, Vatican, very good China and more, with China including 1963 pandas SG 2116-2118 mint set. 50-70
441.    Twenty-nine Early XX Century Postcards. Regularly sentimental subjects. Cards by Raphael Tucks & Sons Ltd. noticed. 15-20
442.    Cunard White Star Liner "Queen Mary" (seven cards) and Empire Day (Sheffield 1906). All as part of a small assortment of loose early/mid XX Century postcards. 20-40
443.    Six Good WWI Postcards, as issued by the Y.M.C.A. Hut Fund "to provide comfort, shelter and recreation to our soldiers", with four further postcards.
444.    Approximately 82 "Red Letter" Midget Message Cards. 20-40
445.    Postcards: Anlaby Road, Hessle Road, Jameson Street, King Edward Street, Market Place, Paragon Square and Victoria Square. All as part of a small collection of loose postcards having a Hull (Yorkshire) interest. 20-40
446.    Postcards: Auchterless Station (four views) and approximately thirty six other early XX Century postcards, which regularly have an Aberdeenshire interest. 30-50
447.    Boys Brigade (Sheffield) (three identical cards). "Lady R" (The Guideless Wonder), Marcus Manton (The Sheffield Aviator) and Thos. W. Ward Ltd (Albion Works, Sheffield). Four other good postcards. 20-40
448.    Seven Good and Early Postcards, depicting pierrots and other seaside entertainers. 15-25
449.    48 Good Comic Postcards, regularly pre-1918. 20-40
450.    Fawcett Street (Sunderland), Hasland Hall, Mansfield Rd (Hasland), Thos Hanley & Sons Ltd (Doncaster), Victoria Street (Glossop) and Yew Lane (Ecclesfield). Thirteen further good postcards, regularly pre-1920. 20-40
451.    Postcards. Bampton Egg Climbers, Bombardment of West Hartlepool (two cards), Fatal Telegraph Pole Accident at Balby, Froggatt Village and Rocks, R.M.S. Megantic and Victoria Road (New Brighton). (7) 20-30
452.    Convalescent Home, Holmpton Rd Camp, Lighthouse, Queen's Hotel, Saturday Afternoon at the Rink at Withernsea Station. Eight further cards, all having a Withernsea interest. 20-40
453.    Arras Trenches (Blackpool) and Budden 1912. Thirteen further military/shipping interest postcards, regularly WWI era. 20-30
454.    Approximately Fifty Five Postcards from the Mid XX Century, all have child related subjects and including cards by Molly Brett, Tracey Helps and Margaret W. Tarrant. 15-30
455.    Eleven WWI Silk Postcards. 20-30
456.    An Attractive Array of Loose Postcards, regularly having a local interest. Other postcards including military, social history and sporting. 30-50
457.    Littleborough Flood (Dec 1910); two cards, Post Boat, Cottam Flood (Dec 1910) and Mablethorpe Flood Disaster. Seventeen further good postcards which regularly have a local interest. 40-50
459.    Cortworth Home, Fore St (St Austell), Boys Life Brigade, Infirmary (Doncaster) and Canal Near Sprotbro Bridge. All as part of an interesting little collection of early/mid XX Century postcards. 30-40
460.    Falkland Island Dependencies Stamps, 1946, George VI SG G1-G8 mint set of eight, all showing variety "gap in 80th parallel". With 1944 George VI Graham Land SG A1-A8, South Georgia 1944 SG B1-B8, South Shetlands 1944 SG D1-D8 and South Orkneys 1944 SG C1-C8 mint sets d to 1/-. 20-40
461.    Stamps - GB 1880 Tender Essays, by Perkins Bacon, all MNH. d to 2d dull blue strip of six, d to 2d turquoise green strip of six, d to 2d brick red strip of six, d to 2d red brown strip of six, d to 2d salmon strip of six, and 1d black single. 100-200
462.    Stamps - Heligoland 1875-90 SG 16 Deep Green and Rose, die II, perf 13 x 14, mint sheet of fifty. Small selvedge loss and delicate perfs top right corner, otherwise very fresh and scarce. 250-400
463.    Ogdens Ltd, fifteen early cards regularly tabs type issues and including cricket interest. Seven further earlier cigarette and non tobacco trade cards. In three album pages. 20-40
464.    GB 1948 Royal Silver Wedding 1 Blue SG 494, unmounted mint block of ten from bottom of sheet with selvedge, sheet number 39781. Cat 400. 80-120
465.    A Small Folding Book of Early Japanese 1880-1886 Stamps and Postal History/Cards. Some scarce items. 30-50
466.    Cape of Good Hope Stamps 1858 Triangular's on Stock Card. S. G. 7B 6 pence with certificate. S. G. 7 (x 2) and S. G. 5A one penny rose with certificate. All good margins and colour, used. Car 1200. 150-200
467.    Approximately Twenty-One Modern Royal Mail Presentation Packs, high face value, including 2002 100th Year of the Queen Mother miniature sheets (2) and Wildings. With 2005 Grand Prix Drivers, 2012 Limited Edition 150th Anniversary of Notts Country commemorative sheets and approximately twenty four PHQ cards, some used with stamps (cows, heritage, etc). 50-60
468.    Stamps of Spain, well organised on stock pages in a large full album, 1851 to late XX century, a good amount of early Queen Isabella II, King Alfonso XII and XIII, mint and used with much duplication of later issues, and a small amount of unusual Spanish Guinea including rarely seen 1906-1907 Elobey, Annobon and Corsico mint. 40-60
469.    An Array of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers and bundled by type. The lot is accompanied by the vendor's inventory. 20-30
470.    Collections of Cigarette Cards, in four albums, mainly, but not exclusively, by the major manufacturers. The cards cover a variety of themes including cricket, railway interest and shipping. 40-70
471.    A Quantity of Loose Postcards; early to mid XX Century and sometimes in a modern album. Coins and other collectables. 15-30
472.    A Collection of GB and Foreign Coins, offered in album pages. A quantity of loose coins. Other items. 20-40
473.    New Zealand Stamps - An album of issues from Victoria to the 1970's. Mint and used with some choice items. Including 1957 Health SG MS762B, MS762B, MS762C WMK upright, sheets of six, 1958 Health sheets of six, 1960 Health SG MS804B two sheets, 1962 Health SG MS813B two sheets and 1974 Health SG MS1057 sheet amongst much of interest. 20-40
474.    North Korea Stamps, a stockbook of highly pictorial largely mint of cancelled to order commemoratives from 1992, often as blocks or mini sheets. Great for thematics. 10-20
475.    An Assortment of Postcards, early to late XX Century and original black and white photographs pastoral scenes, people, towns and some military interest. 15-30
476.    An Album of Military Interest Postcards. A photograph album. 10-20
477.    RAF Flown and Signed Pictorial Covers, approximately 250 including eighty-eight JS series and others from Hendon and Brooklands, mostly bearing GB stamps, but also Channel Islands and foreign where applicable to cover. In three albums and loose. 40-60
478.    India and Hong Kong Stamps, in two well filled stock books, both with issues from Victoria to the late 1990's, much duplicated with some high cat value items therein. 20-40
479.    Chestnut Avenue (Kiveton Park), Devonshire Hotel and Main Street (Grassington), The Railway Convalescent Home and Tetney Village. All as part of a collection of early to mid XX Century postcards. 30-40
480.    Franklyn, Davey & Co: Hunting (1925) (set of 25 cards). United Kingdom Tobacco Co. Ltd: Chinese Scenes (1933) (set of 24 cards). Both as part of Collections of Trade Cards. In three modern albums. 40-60
481.    Commonwealth Stamps, a goof varied accumulation on stock cards, loose in packets and sheets, including a number of mint omnibus issues for Royal Wedding 1937, Victory 1946, U..U. 1949 and Coronation 1953. A number of part mint sets of George VI on cards in a tin, 1958-65 d orange Wilding (SG 570) wmk mult. crowns full sheet, 1948 Silver Wedding 2d, two blocks of thirty, Commonwealth stamp booklets (St. Vincent) and Royal Mail prestige booklets "Special by Design" amongst much of interest. 40-60
482.    Approximately 366 Postcards, in a partially filled contemporary album. The cards regularly date from the WWI era and cover a variety of themes but social history subjects are abundant. A lot that might reward careful viewing. 120-150
483.    A Selection of Early XX Century Postcards. An attractive Edwardian photograph album. 30-40
484.    Jersey Stamps: a smart ex-dealer's stock album containing mainly U.M. mint sets and singles, definitives and miniature sheets from 1941-2006. A virtually complete collection, with eighteen presentation packs. Some choicer items such as 1969 postage dues noted. High catalogue value. Well over a thousand pounds. 80-120
485.    An Album and Stockbook of Largely Mint GB an Commonwealth Stamps, including a nice set of Aden 1942-46 to 5R, mint, and Falkland Dependencies groups mint to 1/-. Also,a quantity of George VI mint part sheet commemoratives, with Victory, Olympics, U.P.U. and Festival amongst them. 40-60
486.    An Interesting GB Stamp Accumulation, comprising a British Post Office Royal Mail deluxe pre-printed album, with dust jacket of mint issues from 1971-1988 with gaps, three sparse stockbooks of mint and used GB stamps, an empty "Strand" and schoolboy album, a checklist of Lundy stamps, a small collection of pre-paid pictorial aerogrammes and two nice 1851 covers, bearing strips of four deeply blued Penny Reds, postmarked Bristol and two covers 1875 bearing bantams. 30-50
487.    Useful Trade Cards, by A & B.C. Gum and Anglo Confectionery Ltd. Other items. 30-50
488.    A Quantity of Postcards including Shipping Interest. Trade cards (including items from the Nostalgia Collection). Other items. 20-25
489.    An All World Stamp Accumulation, in three albums, a stockbook and loose in envelopes, sometimes sparse but with some interest including Australia, Roos to 5 shilling, and South Australia 1894 SG 241 block of four mint and GB 1935 2p Jubilee postmarked S.S. Calypso. Amongst later thematics etc, with a 1967 Canadian commemorative stamp box. 20-40
490.    Four Large Full Albums of Mint GB Commemoratives, three of which (1982-1991) have every issue as blocks of four gutter pairs and blocks of six traffic lights (put together by an ex post master), the fourth album being a mixture of earlier and later mint issues a singles, all neatly arranged on black stock cards. A superb collection. 200-250
491.    An Assortment of Various Coin Sets, GB and overseas. Regularly in Whitman folders. Related items. 20-30
492.    Three Full First Day Cover Albums 1980's-2001, predominantly pictorial Royal Mail, with others included from Holland, Hong Kong, Australia and Canada. Typed and hand written approx. 175, with some earlier and more unusual items noted. Together with a well filled GB and Commonwealth stock book, Victoria - 1980's mint and used with some pre-decimal mint QEII blocks and some face value. Also Commonwealth QEII stamp catalogue 1978 Urch, Harris. 30-50
493.    Nine Well Filled SG 'Improved' All World Stamp Albums, with a large quantity of loose album pages. A wealth of predominantly early-mid XX Century material with superb thematics. (N.B. The stamps are heavily stuck down.) 20-40
494.    French Colonies Stamps, an interesting collection on album leaves, early to mid XX Century, mint and used including Obock, Senegal, Fezzan, New Caledonia, etc, with Portuguese Colonies, Serbia, Yugoslavia and others, together with a sparse stockbook with some unusual oddments of Inhambane (Moz), Mirdities (Alb) and Norske Sjomaends, etc. 20-40
495.    An Interesting Array of Cigarette Cards, regularly by the major manufacturers. Some offered in the manufacturers' albums and others boxed by type. Horse racing interest noticed. 40-70
496.    Crowns: 1951 (proof) and 1953 (EF); a quantity of coins of the world, very occasionally silver, in an articulated jewellery box. 15-30
497.    Approximately 205 GB Royal Mail Presentation Packs 1975-1989, with some repetition. 50-100
498.    Approximately Eighty Six Attractive Early to Mid XX Century Postcards, in contemporary album. Local interest cards noted. 30-40
499.    Approximately Ninety Early XX Century Postcards, in a partially filled contemporary album. The cards regularly have a Scottish interest. (N.B. A few cards have been damaged as a result of removing their stamps.) 30-40
500.    Views of Dronfield with Other Local Cards, as part of a collection of early XX Century postcards. In a well filled modern album. (N.B. The cards in this lot are sometimes low grade and/or damaged.) 50-80
501.    A Possibly Complete Album of the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Postal Union Empire Stamps 1949, mounted mint (a few used) in a Frank Godden pre-printed book. 50-100
502.    An Interesting Array of Vintage Postcards, and greetings cards. WWI interest noted. 20-40
503.    Ogdens Ltd: Captains of Association Football Clubs and Colours (1926) (35 cards). As part of a collection of sporting interest trade cards in a modern album. 20-40
504.    An Assortment of GB Coins, tokens and related items. 20-40
505.    Cope Bros & Co Ltd: Song Birds (1926), six cards, offered as part of a useful accumulation of cigarette cards in a contemporary album. Multi thematic and with a quantity of earlier cards. 30-40
506.    A Halfcrown, 1834, F (mark on obverse), a Kruger florin, 1895, F, and a selection of other coins, very regularly base metal GB. 20-30
507.    A Quantity of GB and Foreign Coins; exchangeable GB decimal coinage is included. 15-30
508.    Jersey FDC's - A good lot of 59 typed addressee covers 1969-89. 10-20
509.    82 Halfcrowns (including obverses) in three Whitman folders. Approximately 50 of the coins are pre-1947 and a further five are pre-1920. 70-100
510.    A Small Collection of Banknotes and British Armed Forces Vouchers, regularly of WWII vintage and including a heavily circulated Malta Two Shillings banknote. Other items. 15-20
511.    A Late XIX Century to Mid XX Century Stamp Collection, in "The Lincoln" and "Victory" albums. Some interesting early material for Hungary, Japan, Russia, Italy and Straits Settlements, including a nice SG 166 $2 1906 on piece with large red Penang postmark and Victorian revenue issues, amongst others. With SG Stamp of Foreign Countries 1926 Part II. 20-30
512.    31 Foreign Banknotes. A quantity of foreign coins. 20-30
513.    UK Brilliant Uncirculated Collections: 1985, 1986, 1987 (three sets), 1988 (two sets), 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 and 1995. 40-70
514.    The Empire Collection. A collection of 25 gold plated solid silver stamp replicas by Hallmark Replicas Limited. Complete with certificate and literature. 100-150
515.    A Bank of Scotland Twenty Pounds Banknote, Edinburgh 17th September 2007, number BG 71152. A Clydesbank PLC twenty pounds banknote, Glasgow 21st November 2004, number ADD 392451. Both notes have faults. 40-60
516.    A Circulated and Folded Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt Mauve Ten Shillings Note, number B05D 954832. Six further Bank of England ten shilling banknotes; various Chief Cashiers and graded poor to uncirculated. 15-20
517.    A Circulated and Folded Bank of Scotland Five Pounds Banknote, Edinburgh 7th January 1994, number EY662187. Eleven further circulated Scottish banknotes. All have a face value of one pound and are drawn from various issues. 20-30
518.    Nine Scottish Banknotes, comprising a ten pound note, two five pounds notes and six one pounds notes. Conditions various. 30-50
519.    32 Foreign Bank Notes, which are sometimes current or exchangeable. 10-20
520.    Three High Grade Ten Shillings Bank of England Notes, Leslie Kenneth O'Brien Chief Cashier, numbers D66Y 364747, Y68Y 926515 and Y68Y 926516, nine further banknotes, GB and foreign. 20-30
521.    17 High Grade Somerset One Pound Notes; some are consecutive. A pair of consecutive Somerset five pounds notes, KT48861543 and KT48861544, high grade but folded vertically. Five further GB banknotes. 30-50
522.    A Collection of Eight Bank of England Banknotes, comprising two ten pounds and six five pounds. Regularly better grades. Usually from the 1990's. 60-80
523.    240 Thai Baht in Circulated Banknotes. 45 New Zealand Dollars in circulated banknotes. A circulated Canada five dollar banknote. 30-50
524.    95 Australian Dollars in Circulated Banknotes. 30-50
525.    2,720 French Francs in Banknotes, from the 1990's. The notes regularly are higher denomination. 50-70
526.    An Assortment of Lower Grade GB and Foreign Banknotes. Some of the foreign notes are exchangeable. 20-30
527.    Circulated Royal Bank of Scotland Ten Pounds Note (26/3/87) and Five Pounds Note (22/6/88). High grade Isle of Man banknotes comprising five pounds and 4 x one pound. Other mixed banknotes. 20-40
528.    Thirty Two Bank of England One Pound Banknotes. Chief Cashiers represented include Hollom, Fforde, Page and Somerset. The notes grade from poor to uncirculated. 50-80
529.    A Low Grade John Bradbury First Issue Ten Shillings Banknote, number A16 771883. 40-70
530.    A Bank of England White Five Pounds Banknote. Thicker paper. Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt Chief Cashier. Number H07 098750. London 4th January 1945. A good grade note but with reverse staining. 50-80
531.    Three High Grade Irish Banknotes. 10-20
532.    A Bank of England Twenty Pound Banknote, three ten pounds banknotes and three five pounds banknotes. Various Chief Cashiers. Regularly higher grades. 70-100
533.    A Pair of Low Grade Norman Fenwick Warren Fisher One Pound Bank of England Banknotes, numbers A37 853358 and GI 20500190. 10-20
534.    A Collection of GB Banknotes, including a Beale white five pounds, a pair of Peppiatt one pounds and a helmeted Britannia five pounds. 40-60
535.    A Bank of England White Five Pounds Banknote, Percival Spencer Beale Chief Cashier. Number 509 019551. Stained, folded and with pin holes. 30-50
536.    Approximately 124 Circulated Foreign Banknotes. 20-40
537.    A Collection of Four White Provincial Banknotes; Darlington Bank, Dartmouth General Bank, Durham Bank and Stockton on Tees Bank. All have a face value of five pounds and are low grade. 70-120
538.    Twenty Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 250-300
539.    A Part Set of Five Crown Sized Coins, regularly silver, to commemorate the Queen Mother and QEII. In fitted casket and complete with literature. 30-40
540.    An Interesting Array of Twelve Presentation Packs (including proof material) of coins from Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Silver noticed. 40-70
541.    Approximately Twelve Hundred Base Metal Sixpences. 20-30
542.    Belgium 5 Francs, 1873, F. France 5 Francs, 1873, F. A quantity of mixed coins, GB and foreign; sometimes silver. Two foreign banknotes. 20-40
543.    Twenty Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 250-300
544.    A 1977 Silver Proof Crown. A 2012 Remembrance Day silver proof crown. Seven further crown sized coins; sometimes silver (9). 40-70
545.    An Attractive Array of Early XX Century Postcards, regularly depicting natural history subjects. 20-40
546.    Twelve Pounds and Thirty Seven and a Half Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. Almost always sixpences. 120-150
547.    "Milestones of the Millenium". A collection of three numismatic and philatelic proof items (each contains one ounce of 0.999 fine silver). B.U. USA silver dollars dated 2000 and 2001. 40-60
548.    An Interesting Array of Loose Postcards. Regularly early XX Century and almost always with a shipping interest. 20-30
549.    GB Stamps - 78 different miniature sheets to 2012, generally cancelled by operational type cds, often on close cut piece. 20-40
550.    Five Pounds and Twenty Pence (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 50-70
551.    London 2012 Olympics GB Gold Medal Winners Stamps, twenty eight singles on backing paper and Jessica Ennis sheet of six, with thirty four Paralympic double stamp sheets in Royal Mail envelopes. 30-40
552.    A Tray of GB and Foreign Coins. Some are current or redeemable. Related items. 70-120
553.    A Damaged 1953 Plastic Set of Coins. A "Cartwheel" Twopence, 1797, F/GF (but usual edge damage). A farthing, 1806, NVF. Other coins (including coin sets) and related items. 20-40
554.    Proof Sets: 1970 and 1971. A crown, 1895, NF. A modern base metal five pounds coin. A sixpence, 1916, pleasing EF. Eleven high grade modern banknotes including consecutive runs. A ten shilling note. 20-40
555.    GB Proof Sets: 1983, 1984 and 1992 (all blue cases). A 1998 UK Brilliant Uncirculated coin collection. Two further coin sets. 20-40
556.    Twenty Two Royal Mail Presentation Packs from Christmas 2003 - South West England Feb 2005, including woodland animals (10x 1st), Harry Potter and farm animals (10x 1st class), Dr Who (8x 1st). Face value 100+. 60-80
557.    A Set of Twelve Silver Proof Coins, by Westminster to commemorate the 100th Birthday of the Queen Mother. In the case of issue. 70-120
558.    A Cartwheel Two Pence, 1797. A decent coin but usual edge damage. A cartwheel penny, 1797, F. Seventeen further base metal coins from the same era. Other coins. 20-30
559.    Crowns: 1889 (NF) and 1951 (proof, three of these). A halfcrown, 1846, poor. A florin, 1914, F. Shillings: 1895 (F), 1891 (NF), 1899 (NF) and 1901 (F). A further seventy two and a half pence of pre-1947 silver coins. Other items including military interest. 30-50
560.    Five WWI Silk Postcards, local interest noticed. A small quantity of cigarette cards by the major manufacturers, packeted by type. 20-30
561.    Silver Halfcrowns. 37 sixpences and 31 silver threepences. All higher grade and all pre-1947. 30-40
562.    A Quantity of Modern Base Metal Coinage. 15-25
563.    A Collection of Early/Mid XX Century Postcards, in a modern photograph album. 20-40
564.    English Base Metal Coinage; pre and post decimal. 20-30
565.    A Double Florin, 1887, NVF. A Canada Dollar, 1867-1967, VF. A pair of Australian florins, both 1927, NVF and VF. A USA dollar, 1900, NVF. 40-70
566.    Four Items of Coin Jewellery, containing 31 coins. Sometimes the coins are silver. 15-20
567.    Crowns: 1819, 1820 and 1821. All NF/F. Halfcrowns: 1834 (two coins), 1836 and 1837. All NF/F. (7) 60-90
568.    Six Modern USA Silver Dollars; regularly tarnished. 40-70
569.    A Halfcrown, 1893, NF. Shillings: 1758 (NF/F), 1817 (F), 1826 (NF) and 1887 (F). An Irish Ten Pence. Silver Bank Token, 1805, NF. Twelve further silver coins. 30-40
570.    Halfcrowns: 1836 (poor), 1895 (F), 1910 (NF), 1913 (GVF), 1915 (NEF), 1923 (two coins, both F/GF), 1929 (NVF) and 1945 (NVF/VF). 40-60
571.    Approximately 238 Grammes of Mixed Silver Coinage; pre-1920 and pre-1947 UK coins are included. A proof quality papal medallion. 40-60
572.    162 Grammes of Foreign Silver Coins. 30-50
573.    A USA Silver Eagle. Silver dollars dated 1878 (as a brooch) and 1923 GVF (in a loose fitting silver pendant mount). Four Kennedy half dollars. A 5 cents, 1904, pleasing GVF. 40-60
574.    An 1887 Crown, fine, a Spanish 5 Pesetas, 1882, fine, and twenty one further silver coins, GB and foreign. 50-70
575.    USA Dollars: 1889, 1922, 1923, 1971, 1976 and 1988. All are tarnished. 20-30
576.    "Queens of the British Isles"; four commemorative silver medals. Total weight is 181 grammes. 30-50
577.    Halfcrowns: 1817, 1887, 1897, 1898 and 1936. NF to NVF. Eleven low grade pre-1911 sixpences. 20-40
578.    A Halfcrown, 1898, F. A sixpence, 1887 (JH) GF. 29 further coins, regularly pre-1920 silver. 15-30
579.    A Shilling, 1741, F. Eleven further pre-1902 shillings; assorted grades. 25-40
580.    A Crown, 1844, NF/F. A halfcrown, 1889, NF. A further one pound and twenty pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. 30-40
581.    Three Canada Silver Dollars, 1867-1967, VF to EF. A 10 cents, 1914, VF. Nine further Canadian silver coins. 40-70
582.    A Palestine 50 Mils, 1940, n.unc. Twelve further Palestinian coins, sometimes higher grade. 70-120
583.    Thirteen Pre-1947 Silver Halfcrowns and Four Pre-1947 Silver Florins. All from the reign of King George VI and all in the higher grades. 20-40
584.    Pennies: 1887 and 1889; VF to GVF. A one shilling and six pence, 1811, F. Other coins and related items. 50-70
585.    A Silver Two Pounds "Britannia" Coin, 1998. A silver 20 pence "Britannia" coin, 1997. Guernsey proof one pound coins: 1998, 1999 and 2000. 20-40
586.    A Selection of Coins from Palestine. Eight Chinese coins (all identified by the vendor). Other coins, sometimes silver. 30-40
587.    Twenty Six Good Coins of the World, silver and base metal. 40-60
588.    Approximately Two Hundred Farthings. A nice assortment of coins including a variety of earlier issues and key dates. 20-40
589.    A Crown, 1887, enamelled in six colours. A crown, 1937, NVF (but polished). Other coins. 20-40
590.    Crowns: 1818 and 184(?). Both poor. Groats: 1836 (F) and 1849 (F but obverse scratching). Pennies: 1797 (NF) and 1953 (F). A half farthing, 1844, F/GF. Other coins. 30-40
591.    Approximately One Hundred and Thirty Eight Pounds (total face value) of modern UK higher denomination coinage. 70-100
592.    An Interesting Array of Coins, GB and foreign, including higher grade pre-1900. Russian silver, good GB copper and USA silver. Related items. 70-100
593.    Shillings: 1711 (NF/F) and 1887 (F). One pound and seventeen and a half pence of pre-1947 silver coins. Other coins. 20-40
594.    Three "The George and the Dragon" 2013 UK Fine Silver Coins. As issued. 40-70
595.    23.94 Euros in Notes and Coins. 15-20
596.    A Silver Medal to Commemorate the Reign of Queen Victoria. A small quantity of coins. 15-30
597.    Approximately 52 Coins of the World, regularly silver. (This lot could reward careful viewing.) 70-120
598.    Approximately Eight Pounds and Fifty Seven and a Half Pence of Pre-1920 Silver Coins. Sometimes low grade and damaged but better coins are included. A lot worthy of careful viewing. 150-200
599.    Crowns: 1820 (two coins), 1821, 1893, 1896 and 1935; NF to GF. A South African crown 1948, NVF (but polished). Three high grade USA silver dollars. 70-140
600.    A Crown, 1935, GF. Netherlands 2 Guilden: 1846 and 1870 (both NF/F). A Straits Settlements Dollar, 1908, F. Six further silver coins. A low grade Sheffield One Penny copper Token, 1815. 40-70
601.    Six Pounds and Twenty Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, almost always shillings. 70-100
602.    Approximately 495 Silver Threepences. Many pre-1920 coins noticed. 150-200
603.    An Impressive Hallmarked Silver Medal from 1975, to commemorative the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Community. A quantity of other items, regularly replica coins or gaming tokens. 20-40
604.    Fourteen Modern Base Metal Crowns. Twenty different base metal halfcrowns. Other coins. 10-15
605.    Approximately Twenty Six Pounds Sixty Seven and Half Pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. 250-400
606.    A Netherlands Silver 21/2 Guilden, 1937, GF. Six florins, eight sixpences and two silver threepences; all are pre-1947, sometimes pre-1920. A quantity of other coins; all GB and all base metal. 20-30
607.    Thirty Four Pounds and Eighty Two and a Half Pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. 320-380
608.    A Half Farthing, 1844, GF. One third farthings: 1868 (F), 1902 (VF, wl), 1913 (two coins, both VF, wl). A limited edition proof Millennium medal, Nottingham 2000. A Jersey silver two pounds coin, 2010. A 2011 silver one pound, 2011. Other silver coins and related items. 30-50
609.    Brass Threepences: 1946 (four coins), 1949 (two coins), 1950 and 1951. Average circulated, occasionally polished. A "cartwheel" penny, 1797, NF/F (but some verdigris). Pennies: 1901 (NEF, wl), 1918 KN (F), 1926 (F) and 1950 (NF/F). A sixpence, 1952, F. 20-25
610.    Three 1935 Crowns; all F/GF. A Netherlands 10 Guilden, 1973, unc. Eight further crown sized coins; regularly silver. 70-120
611.    Pennies: 1902 (VF, wl), 1919 KN (F), 1926 ME (F), 1930 (VF), 1935 (VF/GVF, wl), 1936 (VF, wl), 1951 (GF) and 1953 (three coins, GF to EF). Halfpennies: 1806 (NVF), 1901 (VF/GVF, wl), 1938 (n.unc) and 1945 (VF/GVF, wl). 20-30
612.    Halfcrowns: 1908 (NF), 1911 (F), 1942 (two coins, both VF). Florins: 1888 (NF/F), 1919 (F) and 1944 (NVF/VF). A 1901 shilling, NF/F. Thirteen further silver coins. Forty seven further halfcrowns; all are post 1946 but better grades are present. 30-50
613.    Five Halfcrowns, two florins and five shillings. All low grade but all pre-1902. 30-50
614.    Halfcrowns: 1835, 1888, 1890, 1891, 1898 (two of this date) and 1899 (clear date to Fine). Twenty one further pre-1947 silver halfcrowns. 40-70
615.    Shillings: 1820 (NF/F) and 1826 (NF/F). Sixpences: 1887 (JH) (GF), 1897 (GF but tarnished) and 1926 (NVF). Threepences: 1887 (two coins, n.unc and unc) and 1933 (GEF). 20-30
616.    An Interesting Small Collection of Earlier GB Copper Coinage, tokens and related items. 30-50
617.    A Farthing, 1724, NF/F. Three pre-1920 shillings. All as part of a small quantity of British and foreign coins. Related items. 15-20
618.    Three Pounds and Thirty Pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. 30-40
619.    Two Pounds and Forty Pence (Total face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 20-30
620.    A Florin, 1935, VF (but some staining). A shilling, 1906, F. A sixpence, 1935, VF/GVF (but some staining. Other items. 20-30
621.    180g of Mixed Foreign coinage, including Pre 1947. 50-70
622.    Halfcrowns: 1844, 1845, 1846, 1874, 1875, 1877, 1878, 1879, 1881, 1882, 1884, 1885, 1886 and 1887 (Young Head). NF to F. (14) 90-140
623.    Approximately One Hundred Silver Threepences. 30-50
624.    Twenty Modern Five Pounds Coins, and three modern two pounds coins. Regularly from the Channel Islands. All are tarnished. 100-150
625.    Crowns: 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897 (two coins), 1898, 1899 (two coins) and 1900 (two coins). All around Fine. (10) 80-120
626.    Halfcrowns: 1927, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945 and 1946. All around Fine. (20) 40-60
627.    Halfcrowns: 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1898, 1899, 1900 and 1901. NF to F. (15) 60-90
628.    Twelve Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coins. 40-70
629.    Crowns: 1822, 1845 (?), 1887, 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892 and 1893 (two coins) NF to F. (10) 80-120
630.    Halfcrowns: 1911, 1912, 1913, 1914, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1918, 1919, 1920, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1924, 1925 and 1926. All around Fine. (16) 50-80
631.    Ships and Explorers, a collection of twelve proof coins. Regularly crown sized. In a presentation case. 50-80
632.    An Australian "Silver Roo" One Dollar Coin. Six silver proof medals to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Albert Schweitzer; offered as medallic stamp covers. 40-70
633.    Crowns: 1935 (NVF) and 1937 (GF). A cased USA dollar, 1921, F. A high grade halfcrown, 1894, as a brooch in a loose fitting mount. 30-40
634.    Confederate States of America Five Dollars and Twenty Dollars Banknotes, with literature, with a range of other collectables including coins and postcards. 20-40
635.    Legendary Aircraft of WWII. An attractive part set of fourteen proof ten dollar coins from the Marshall Islands. In presentation case. 40-60
636.    Crowns: 1822 (VG), 1897 (F), 1935 (GF/NVF) and 1937 (NVF). A double florin, 1899, F. Six further crown sized coins. A penny, 1797, F/GF. A modern base metal five pounds coin. Other items. 40-70
637.    A Halfcrown, 1887, NF/F. Other coins, occasionally silver. Six modern circulated ten shillings banknotes. 20-30
638.    Twenty Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 250-300
639.    "Queens of the British Isles". A limited edition collection of nine hallmarked silver medals by the Birmingham Mint to commemorate the Queens of the British Isles on the occasion of QEII's Silver Jubilee in 1977. The set is accompanied by its certificate. The medals weigh a total of approximately 400 grammes. Other items. 100-150
640.    GB - 72 Vending Machine / Counter Stamp Booklets, including First Greetings booklets with excellent perfs. Some cylinder no's noted. Face value approx. 73. 30-40
641.    Approximately 1460 Grammes of Coins (regularly foreign) and related items. 20-30
642.    GB Proof Sets 1970, 1981 and 1982. An attractive Sandhill cased set of sixpences, 1937 to 1952. Very regularly the coins are in the higher grade. 20-30
643.    Seven Pounds Sixty Seven and a Halfpence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. 70-120
644.    Four Two Pounds Coins, as part of a coin/stamp cover to commemorate the XVII Commonwealth Games (Manchester 2002). Royal Mint coin collections for 2009 and 2011. The 2012 Diamond Jubilee Coin Collections. 20-30
645.    Seven Limited Edition Commemorative Silver Medals by Spink & Son Limited, to commemorate QEII's Silver Jubilee (1977). The medals are offered in their fitted cases of issues and are complete with literature. Each medal is fully hallmarked and weighs 76 grammes. 120-170
646.    European Architectural Heritage Year 1975, a limited proof edition of five commemorative medallions (all are tarnished). In fitted case of issue. A six coin Nigeria proof set (1959). A Harry Potter "coin" collection. Other items. 20-40
647.    A Collection of Pre-Decimal GB Coins in an Album. The collection includes pre-1947 silver coins having a total face value of approximately seven pounds and twenty five pence. 70-120
648.    Approximately 1630 Grammes of Mixed Foreign Coins. 20-30
649.    The UK Millennium Silver Collection. Thirteen coins (including Maundy) in Royal Mint case of issue and accompanied by literature. 70-120
650.    An Album of Some Thirty One Banknotes, GB and foreign. Twelve British Armed Forces vouchers. 50-80
651.    A 2008 UK Britannia One Tenth Ounce Silver Proof Coin. A 1977 silver proof coin. A year 2000 Cook Islands silver proof dollar. An Isle of Man silver proof crown, 1975. Other items. 30-50
652.    A Prince of Wales Investiture Medal (1969) in Royal Mint fitted case of issue. An Edward VIII fantasy crown (1936). 20-30
653.    Proof Sets: British Virgin Islands eight coin set 1974. Cayman Islands eight coin set 1974. Jamaica seven coin set 1973. New Zealand seven coin set 1975. Four further coin sets. 40-70
654.    Canada. The set of four silver proof coins to commemorate the 1976 Olympic Games, comprising 2x ten dollars and 2x five dollars. 20-40
655.    A 1935 Silver Jubilee Medal (by P. Metcalfe). This is the 32mm silver version. In the box of issue. 15-30
656.    Man In Flight; a collection of eight crown sized coins by the Pobjoy Mint. In the fitted case of issue. 30-50
657.    A Proof Silver Five Pounds Coin, to commemorate the Christening of Prince George. In Royal Mint fitted case of issue and complete with literature. 15-20
658.    A Limited Edition Set of Four Medals, by the Tower Mint to commemorate QEII's Silver Jubilee. In fitted case of issue.. 20-30
659.    A Set of Three Commemorative Tablets by Sandhill (Bullion) Limited, to commemorate the 75th birthday of the Queen Mother. This is set number 062 of an edition limited to 100 such sets and it contains 5.64 ounces of silver. 40-60
660.    A Collection of Eight Crown Sized Coins, by the Pobjoy Mint to commemorate the life of QEII. In the fitted case of issue. 30-50
661.    A Collection of Eight Crown Sized Coins, by Pobjoy Mint to commemorate the life of the Queen Mother. In the fitted case of issue. 30-50
662.    A 1994 UK Silver Proof One Pound Coin. A year 2000 Guernsey silver proof one pound coin. A 2001 UK silver proof Piedfort one pound coin. A 2001 Falkland Islands silver proof Piedfort fifty pence coin. 40-60
663.    A 1992 UK Four Coin Silver Proof Collection. 20-40
664.    A Queen Elizabeth II Ten Coin Silver Proof Collection, by Westminster to commemorate the 70th birthday of QEII. In the case of issue. 70-120
665.    A UK 2003 Four Coin Silver Proof Britannia Collection. As issued. 30-50
666.    "The Three Kings of 1936". A vintage collection of three medals to commemorate King George V, King Edward VIII and King George VI. In fitted case of issue. 20-30
667.    An Attractive Collection of Six Dollars, from the 1990's, to celebrate "Pirates". In two fitted cases. 20-40
668.    Twenty Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 250-300
669.    A Pair of Australian 2013 Silver Proof 50 Cents Coins, to commemorate the "first born" of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (2013). A silver proof five dollars, 2001, to commemorate Don Bradman. A silver proof one dollar to commemorate the Bicentenary of the "Holey" dollar. All as issued. 20-30
670.    A Pair of Tablets by Sandhill (Bullion) Limited, to commemorate the Queen's Mother's 75th birthday (August 4th 1975). One tablet is silver (2.82 ozs troy) and the second bronze. In fitted case of issue with literature. 20-40
671.    A Bermuda Silver Dollar, 1972, n.unc. An Isle of Man silver proof crown, 1972. A range of other coins; usually GB and occasionally silver. 30-50
672.    An Array of Irish Coinage, of mixed denomination. 10-20
673.    Twenty Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 250-300
674.    Canadian Silver Coinage; Two 10 cents and thirteen 5 cents. Regularly from the reign of King Edward VII and all pre-1920. 40-60
675.    Farthings: 1672, 1699, 1719, 1730, 1799, 1806, 1821, 1835, 1850 and 1900. All NF to NVF. 20-40
676.    A Silver Twopence, 1899, VF/GVF. A silver penny, 1899, NVF. A penny, 1806, VF/GVF (but some pitting on reverse). Sixteen further coins and related items. 20-30
677.    Pennies, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, and 1913. All NEF w/l. 20-30
679.    Pennies: 1806, 1826, 1831 and 1857. Halfpennies: 1700, 1724, 1752, 1806, 1826 and 1853. All NF/F. 20-30
680.    Three Commemorative Medals, usually having a royalty interest. 20-30
681.    A Halfcrown, 1887, F/GF. Shillings: 1817 (NF/F) and 1887 (VF/GVF). A French 5 Francs, 1876, NF/F. Nineteen further silver coins of the world. 25-45
682.    Montreal Olympics (1976) two 10 dollars and two 5 dollars. (These coins contain approximately 140g of silver.) 30-40
683.    A German 5 Marks, 1914, F/GF. A Canada cent, 1890H, GVF w/l (but some staining). Eight further coins. 20-40
684.    23.60 Euros in Coin. 15-20
685.    An Attractive Crown Sized Medal, by Heator to commemorate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee, 1837-1887. Five white metal medals; all have a royalty interest. Six badges, sometimes having a sporting interest. Other related items. 30-50
686.    A Halfcrown, 1887, F (but dirty). A farthing, 1850 NVF/VF (but minor obverse scratch). A range of other coins, GB and foreign, and regularly silver. 40-70
687.    Seven Silver and Base Metal Medals; five relate to Sheffield, Brincliffe, Ecclesall and NRA Rifles Club. A Coin engraved "1324 CE 12th Y & L, W. Woodhouse." One other item. 20-40
688.    A Low Grade Crown from the Reign of King William III. A crown, 1819, poor. A halfcrown, 1820, NF. A shilling, 1758, NF (but damaged). A silver fourpence, 1899, VF/GVF. A cartwheel twopence, 1797, NF/F. 30-50
689.    Approximately Twenty Seven Ancient or Medieval Coins, a lot which is worthy of careful viewing. 40-70
690.    Approximately One Hundred Early to Mid XX Century Postcards, in a contemporary album. The cards regularly depict UK coastal resorts. Also, a small bundle of postcards regularly having a Sheffield interest but often nostalgia reprints. 20-40
691.    Twenty Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins; all half crowns or florins. 250-300
692.    A 1998 Britannia Two Pounds Silver Coin. Six modern base metal five pounds coins, all in presentation packs. 30-40
693.    An Attractive Array of Foreign Banknotes, regularly German and usually from the interwar years. In a folder. 50-80
694.    Four Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coins, sometimes in presentation packs. A Belgium 50 Francs, 1939, F. A halfcrown, 1941, F. A range of other coins and banknotes, GB and foreign; some of the foreign is current or exchangeable. 30-40
695.    A 1972 Jersey Royal Silver Wedding Four Coin Proof Set. 20-30
696.    Halfcrowns: 1878 (NF) and 1889 (NF). Florins: 1888 (NF/F), 1898 (F/GF), 1904 (NF/F, date partially rubbed) and 1923 (GF). A USA dollar, 1926 (GF) but dirty. Thirty-three further coins; all are silver. 30-50
697.    Four Pounds and Eighty Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. Thirteen further silver coins. 50-70
698.    Queens of the British Isles. A collection of nine silver medals by the Birmingham Mint. In fitted case of issue. 70-120
699.    Two Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1920 Silver Coins. 50-80
700.    Ten Pounds and Seventy Pence, (total face value), of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 100-150
701.    Two Pendant Mounts to Hold Sovereign Sized Coins, both marked "9CT". A fitted case to hold two half sovereign. A fitted case to hold a sovereign. A fitted case to hold a half sovereign. 20-30
702.    Eight Queen Victoria Crowns; Jubilee Head or Old Head. All round fine, occasionally polished. Four Victoria double florins, F/GF. 80-140
703.    Crowns: 1819 (poor), 1821 (VG), 1900 (two coins, both F), 1935 (two coins, NVF and VF) and 1953 (two coins, both EF/GEF). 40-70
704.    A 1984-1987 UK One Pound Silver Proof Collection. 20-30
705.    Crowns: 1887 (NVF), 1895 (LVIII) (F), two 1937 (GF/NVF but obverse staining and VF) and 1951 (proof). A 1953 plastic set of coins. Three high grade Swiss silver 5 Francs. Other coins. 40-70
706.    A USA Indian Head Cent, 1905; high grade with trace of lustre, with other loose base metal coins of the world. 30-50
707.    An 1887 Seven Coin Silver Type Set, crown to silver threepence, in a Sandhill case. Regularly the coins are in the higher grades. 70-100
708.    Thirty Silver Threepences, a small quantity of other silver coinage, GB and foreign, five modern base metal five pounds coins and three two pounds coins. 30-50
709.    An Impressive Bronze Medal to Commemorate Queen Victoria's Jubilee in 1887. In plush fitted case of issue and complete with literature. 50-80
710.    Foreign Silver Coins Weighing a Total of 120g. A Quantity of base metal foreign coins. 30-50
711.    An Impressive Fully Hallmarked Silver Medal to Commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the "Year of the Kings". 30-50
712.    Silver Proof Crowns: 1981 and 1990. A King George VI Coronation medal (by P. Metcalfe). 40-50
713.    Four High Grade Kennedy Half Dollars, 1964 to 1967. A Canada six coin set, 1965. A shilling, 1887, GVF. 20-40
714.    An 1834 Halfcrown as a Brooch. A halfcrown, 1885, NF. A pair of lower grade Victorian florins. Thirteen further silver coins. 40-70
715.    Two 1953 Plastic Sets of Coins. Eleven crowns or crown sized coins, occasionally silver. 20-30
716.    184 Grammes of Mixed Silver Coins, GB and foreign. Better items noticed. 40-60
717.    Thirteen Replica or Cinderella Coins, including a 1933 penny! 15-30
718.    A Selection of Earlier Copper Coinage, GB and foreign tokens and related oddments. 20-40
719.    A Shilling, 1758, F. Sixpences: 1697 (NF/F but bent), 1746 (NF/F) and 1819 (GF). 30-40
720.    A Spanish 8 Reales, 1778, F. 50-100
721.    An 1816 Sixpence; attractive EF/GEF. 30-50
722.    Netherlands 2 Guilden: 1931 (GF) and 1940 (VF) (both are dirty). Eight further Dutch silver coins all from a similar era. 20-30
723.    Florins: 1883 (GF), 1896 (GF/NVF but minor edge damage), 1902 (NF), 1908 (NF), 1929 (NVF) and 1939 (two coins, both GF/NVF). 30-40
724.    Crowns: 1935, 1937, 1951 (two coins), 1953, 1960 and 1965. F to Unc. (7) 30-40
725.    Crowns: 1888 and 1889 (three of this date). (4) 40-60
726.    Halfcrowns: 1689, 1707 and 1708. All NF. (3) 90-120
727.    A Shilling, 1758. Pleasing VF. 20-40
728.    Halfcrowns: 1817 (Bull Head), 1817 (Small Head), 1819, 1823 and 1824. All NF/F. (5) 50-80
729.    Double Florins: 1887, 1889 and 1890. All F/GF. (3) 40-60
730.    Halfcrowns: 1834 (NVF) and 1935 (NVF/VF). 20-40
731.    A Spanish 20 Reales, 1852, F. 40-60
732.    Silver Two Pounds "Britannia" Coins: 205 and 2009. Both are stained. 20-30
733.    A Gothic Florin, 1852, GF. A shilling, 1837, NF/F. A low grade pre-1920 halfcrown. 30-40
734.    USA Half Dollars: 1893, 1942, 1946, 1962 and 1964. All are tarnished. 20-30
735.    A French Royal Half Ecu, 1726 NF/F. 20-40
736.    One Pound and Seven and a Halfpence (total face value) of pre-1920 silver coins. 20-30
737.    Crowns: 1819 (NF), 1822 (poor) and 1889 (F). A USA dollar, 1893, F. 20-40
738.    Halfcrowns: 1902, 1904, 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909 and 1910. NF to F. (7) 50-70
739.    A Khedive's Star, 1884-86. 30-50
740.    A Quantity of Military Buttons and Related Items. 20-30
741.    A 2012 UK Quarter Sovereign. As issued. 70-100
742.    A Sovereign, 2006, B.U. 150-200
743.    A 1982 Proof Sovereign. 150-200
744.    A 1982 Proof Half Sovereign. 70-100
745.    A 1979 Proof Sovereign. 150-200
746.    A 2013 "HRH Prince George" oz Gold Proof Coin (Perth Mint, Australia). As issued and complete with certificate. 200-220
747.    Fabula Aurum St George and The Dragon Half Crown Gold Proof Coin, 2009, in magnified capsule and original box; 40th Anniversary of The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II 1 Gram Gold Proof Coin, 1993. (2) 30-50
748.    Australian Kangaroo Gold Proof Coin, 2013, 0.5grams, in capsule and presentation packet of issue with certificate; together with another. (2) 30-50
749.    A Sovereign, 1884, F/GF, and a fitted case to hold ten sovereigns. 140-180
750.    A Beilby Porteus Medal of Christ's College Cambridge 1808, named to edge "Philip Lewin Newman", later converted to a brooch, 4.2cms diameter, overall weight 46grams, contained in a fitted case.
*Awarded annually by Christ's College for excellence in the reading of the Holy Scriptures. 800-1000
751.    A Half Sovereign, 1915, VF/GVF. In a fitted box. 70-100
752.    A Sovereign, 1963. N. unc (but minor scratching). A s a pendant in a loose fitting mount and on a chain. 170-220
753.    A Guinea, 1779, NF. Hard fixed ring mount. 170-220
754.    A One Third Guinea, 1804, NF/F. 70-100
755.    George V Half Sovereign, 1914. 70-100
756.    A Guinea, 1776, VF. 200-250
757.    A King George III Half Sovereign, 1820, F. 70-100
758.    A French Gold 2 Louis D'Or, 1786 (Limoges), F/GF. 450-600
759.    France, 5 Francs, 1856. 30-50
760.    A Guinea, 1776, Attractive NEF. 200-250
761.    Denmark Gold 12 Marks, 1758 and 1759 (2). Both coins are pleasing NVF/VF. 400-450
762.    A Guinea, 1787, NF/F. Some obverse scratching. 170-220
763.    Denmark Gold 12 Marks, 1758 and 1762. Both coins are F/NVF, the 1762 coin has a weak strike on its reverse. 350-400
764.    A One Third Guinea, 1803, NF/F. 70-120
765.    A Guinea, 1789, F. 200-240
766.    Two King George III Guineas. Both as pendants with hard fixed ring mounts. 300-350
767.    Netherlands Gold Ducats: 1789 and 1802. Both coins are fine but both are bent. 400-450
768.    A One Third Guinea, 1798, F/GF. 70-120
769.    A King George II Guinea 1752. A classic coin. This example is graded Fine but is bent. 200-220
770.    Edward VII Sovereign, 1905. 150-180
771.    A Half Sovereign, 1912, GF. 70-90
772.    A Sovereign, 1968, N.unc. 150-200
773.    A Half Sovereign, 1906, F. 70-90
774.    A Sovereign, 1974, N.unc. 150-200
775.    A Sovereign, 1902, NVF. 150-200
776.    A Sovereign, 1910, GF/NVF. 150-200
777.    A Silver Fourpence, 1877, GF. A silver threepence, 1883, F. Silver twopences: 1840 (EF) and 1883 (F). Silver pennies: 1840 (EF) and 1844 (GF). 20-40
778.    A Shilling, 1711, F/GF. 20-30