Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Friday 3rd November 2017

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1.      A Child's Sewing Machine, E.P.B.M pin dish, Acme and Dowler whistles, Senior Service advertising ashtray, Victorian photograph album, circa 1940's 'Ormond' Sunburst radio, lotto, etc. £20-30
2.      Brasswares- Fire irons, kettle, goblets, firegrille, decorative wares, etc:- One Box £10-20
3.      A Leather Flask, pre decimal G.B coinage, moulding plane, marker, spoke shave, Hohner harmonica, vanity set, binoculars:- One Box £15-25
4.      Pub Water Jugs, St. George mugs, etc:- One Box £10-20
5.      Canon and Chinon Lenses, Nikon fisheye lens, Ricoh, Yashica, Iconica, Zorki, etc:- One Box £15-25
6.      A Pair of XIX Century Old Sheffield Plate Wine Coasters, decorated with foliate scrolled borders, a quantity of New Zealand Shipping Company goblets, three piece carving set (cased), early XX century porcelain vase and cover decorated with Oriental figures (damages):- One Box £15-25
7.      A Quantity of Royal Doulton 'April Showers' Tea and Dinnerwares, Denby twin tone teacups, saucers, etc, 'Coalport' Flying Scotsman cabinet plate, dish, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
8.      Josh Kirby Three Fantasy Prints, including 'Sorcery', 'The Colour of Magic', approximately 28 x 39cm. £90-100
9.      A Modern Novelty 'Karma Chameleon' Telephone. £15-25
10.     A Collection of Over Seventy 1940's/50's and Later Ordnance Survey Maps, and over thirty-five Bartholomew's contoured maps:- Two Boxes £20-40
11.     Minton and Other Plates, pair of Leonardo owls, chamber pot, etc:- One Box £15-20
12.     A Quantity of Tins, soda syphon, thermos flask, etc:- One Box £15-25
13.     A Sigma UC 70-210 M/M F4-5:6 Lens, boxed Canon EOS 600 camera, Canon EF 50mm F/8II lens and other camera accessories. £20-40
14.     A Pair of XIX Century Still Life Paintings on Glass, large pottery vases, brass plaques, plated wares, ceramics. £15-25
15.     Postcards- A large quantity, mainly topographical:- Two Boxes £15-25
16.     A Mahogany Box, ceramics, picture frames, earthenware mixing bowl, etc. £15-20
17.     A Needham Baby Plate, cased cutlery, other plated ware:- One Tray £8-12
18.     Lyle Antiques Price Guides, Observers Book of Glass, Antiques and Their Values Kitchen Equipment, Treasures in Your Home, etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
19.     Loose Plated Cutlery, enamel dish and cover, mantel clock, LP's, cameras, binoculars, E. J. Riley Ltd smoker rest, cane basket, etc. £15-25
20.     A Ladies Musical Manicure Box, gent's travelling case, Continental tea service, H Samuel plated tea service. £15-20
21.     Matchbox Diecast Models, playworn:- One Box £10-20
22.     A Plated Three Piece Teaset, assorted cutlery sugar caster, napkin rings, souvenir teaspoons, mini posy bowl, etc:- One Box £15-25
23.     A Family C.S. Jones Sewing Machine, cased. £10-20
24.     James Agate 'Kingdoms for Horses' First Edition 1936; Ethel Bassett Gallimore 'The Pride of the Peak', first edition 1926; Memoirs of a Sword Swallower, Animal Life in the British Isles, Seaside England and other books. £15-25
25.     Glassware, satchel, binoculars, Indian table, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
26.     Football Programmes, mostly 1960's - 2000's including many Sheffield derby issues, Chesterfield, S.W.F.C etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
27.     Sixteen Wedgwood Limited Edition Country Days Plates, a large Royal Doulton example and certiticates, 'Alexandra', meat plate:- One Box £15-20
28.     A Collection (In Excess of 2000) Bear, Cider, Lager and Wine Mats, many vintage and obscure breweries noted, including King and Barnes, Anchor, Double Diamond, Sable Stout, Shipstones, Guinness, Barclay's, Cherapear, Kimberley, Wood, Yates, etc:- Four Boxes £30-50
29.     A Pair of Tasco 20 x 50 Binoculars, (cased), a Pentax MZ-5N, Oriental massage balls, slide viewers, dressing table wares, circa 1900 Dictionary of Cookery, etc. £10-20
30.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox, Hot Wheels, Corgi Whizwheels, etc. £15-25
31.     Aynsley, Spode, Edwardian 'Mining' Worcester and Other Collectors Plates:- One Box £15-25
32.     A Mid XX Century British Made Black Girl Doll, articulated with voice box, another plastic black girl doll, mid XX Century dolls, modern porcelain dolls, Oriental Geisha. £10-20
33.     'Rian' and 'Marccain' Feather Dress Accessories, L.S.A. vase, Hormel thermos flask, Bose radio, light bulbs, etc, (untested sold for parts only). £10-20
34.     Mannequin and Jewellery Stands:- One Box £10-20
35.     A Matchbox Powertrack 3000 Slot Racing Set, (boxed). £10-20
36.     A Westminster Chimes Mantel Clock, glassware, cassettes, tureen, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
37.     Vases, plates, Rington's, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
38.     Kitchenalia- Stoneware tureens, cooking pots, flan dishes, avocado dishes, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
39.     A Quantity of Cameras- instamatics, cam-corders, digital cameras, accessories:- Three Boxes £10-20
40.     45RPM Records, to include Goons, New Seekers, Wayfarers, J.R.C radio, candelabra. £15-25
41.     A Case of Coloured Glass Vases, together with a bowl. £5-10
42.     Record Pipe Crimper, Marples angle cutter, a Coventry Gauge Precision Sine Bar/ Plate, G- clamps, spanners, and other tools.(3) £20-40
43.     Two Scalextric Pixar Cars Micro Sets, a quantity of modern Lego (boxed and loose), Go, Roulette, etc. £20-30
44.     Casserole Dishes, stadium lamp, pictures, glass trinket set, Dysons cape, etc:- One Box £15-25
45.     Coins, snuff box, models, weights, etc:- One Box, together with an L. M & S Railway plaque. £15-25
46.     A Lava Lamp, copper tea urn, posser stick. £15-25
47.     A Chinese Small Jewel Box, Champion grinder, Wendy Zollinger miniature, sweet jar, etc:- One Box £15-20
48.     An Early XX Century Mahogany Toilet Mirror, shield mirror, shaped and scrolled supports and feet, a gilt cast iron oval mirror and a copper warming pan with turned handle, stamp album. (4) £15-30
49.     A Collection of Vintage and Modern Handbags:- One Box £10-20
50.     Japanese Pottery Dinner Ware, bear cookie jars, Swineside novelty teapot, XIX Century hand painted cup and saucer other ceramics:- Two Boxes £15-25
51.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles, etc:- One Box £20-30
52.     Royal Worcester Ramekins, ten Worcester egg coddlers, dessert set, flan trays, pans, cast iron Kitchenware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
53.     Classical LP's, including stereo recording on CBS, Saga, box sets, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
54.     Plates, vases, model ducks, other ceramics:- Three Boxes £10-20
55.     A XIX Century Military Tailors Shop Receipt, (framed), a reproduction print of an early XX Century football team, further prints, oil studies, map prints, etc. £10-20
56.     Stoneware and Studio Pottery Bowls, shallow dishes, dinnerwares, decorative plates, bowl and cover, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
57.     A Coopercraft Dog, other animals, figures:- One Box £10-15
58.     Heron Books, Alistair Maclean, model engineer reprints, printing blocks, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
59.     A Moorcroft Pottery Trio, (saucer chip), money boxes, Price cheese dish, other ceramics:- One Box £15-20
60.     A Sewing Box and Contents, tin box, postcards, hall clothes brush set, table lamp, typewriters, tin hat box, etc. £15-25
61.     Vintage British Girl Doll, Scalextrix and other slot racing sets, four section Golly coat hanger, etc. £10-20
62.     Twelve Collector's Plates From 'The Legend of the Firebird' Series, all boxed with certificates. (12) £20-30
63.     Two Rubian Art Pottery Kingfisher Jugs, pressed glass bowl, California and Aster plates, collectors spoons, etc:- One Box £15-20
64.     A Five Branch Candelabrum, plated champagnes, two heavy brass twin tap sets, brass light chandelier, match holder/striker, etc:- One Box £10-20
65.     A Palissy 'Taurus' Coffee Set, (circa 1970's), lead crystal basket, bread knives, Doulton Lambeth jug and vase. £15-20
66.     Dolls, Crawford's Biscuits 1932 blotter, Aynsley shell vase, etc:- One Box £15-20
67.     Worcester Evesham, Portmeirion, Crown Devon and Other Oven to Table Ware:- One Box £15-25
68.     Royal Stafford Coffee Set, tea service, early XX Century blush ground dressing table set, Victorian meat plate, planter, Poole and Sylvac wares, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
69.     Limoges, Wedgwood, ceramics, atomiser, glass trinkets, etc:- One Box £15-20
70.     A Shell Motor Spirit Can, 'three shillings' to top, record and jack planes, etc. £20-30
71.     An Articulated White Metal Miniature Bear, metal trinket pots, novelty trinket boxes, modelled with teddy bears and a quantity of resin bears, including Nolan Porridge:- One Tray £15-25
72.     Copeland Italian Spode Biscuit Barrel, Japanese coffee ware, Art Deco bowl, other ceramics, etc:- One Box £15-20
73.     Royal Vale Edwardian Tea Ware, Corona tureen, Booth's dinner plates, collectors plates, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
74.     Bewley, Leeds Woodworkers Plane, spoke shave, saws, glue pot, etc:- One Box £15-25
75.     Country Guides, musical analysis, classic novels, nature and antique literature:- Three Boxes £10-20
76.     Glassware, ceramics, Lladro butterfly, Leonardo bird, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
77.     B & W Necklace, boxed, assorted costume beads, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £15-25
78.     Haddon Blue and White Soups, quantity of plates, tureens, Oxney green bowl, Aynsley jardiniere. £20-30
79.     Gentleman's Magazines - Mayfair twenty six editions, Fiesta two editions, Penthouse one edition, circa 1960's -1980's:- One Box £30-50
80.     Novelty Glazed Pottery 'Fruit Bowl' Ornaments, ginger jar, cabinet plates, Willow pattern condiments, glass bowls, etc:- One Box £10-20
81.     Two Pottery Table Lamps, of ribbed ovoid form, two further table lamps, bread bin, watering can, wall clock, copperware, picture frames, etc. £15-25
81A.    A Chinese Vase, poppy meat plate, Pendelfin, pictures, etc:- One Box £10-20
82.     Collectors Plates, tea ware, Spode sandwich plates, Portuguese pottery cockerel and bowl, etc:- Three Boxes £15-20
83.     A Quantity of Modern Postcards. £10-20
84.     Assorted Ear Phones:- One Box £5-10
85.     A Mid XX Century Illuminated Silhouette Stag, parasol, chrome wear, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
86.     A Welsh Wool Blanket Coat, lambskin, sheepskin and leather coats, 1970's and later:- Two Boxes £20-30
87.     Cameras, projector, linens, etc:- One Box; a Babyliss portable hair dryer in box (untested sold for parts only. £15-20
88.     Wedgwood Collectors Plaques, boxed, approximately seventeen:- One Box £15-25
89.     XIX Century Needlework Tapestry, linens, clothing, webbing, lotto, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
90.     Winston S. Churchill Six Volumes by Randolph S. Churchill, Heinemann, London and other books. £8.-12
91.     Metal Stands, mini painted dresser, baskets, etc:- One Box £5-10
92.     Sewing Thread, cotton reels, loose buttons, wicker baskets, etc, together with a collection of card charms, craft accessories, keyrings, etc. £10-20
93.     Lead Crystal Decanters, other glassware, Royal Albert 'Gossamer' tea ware, bottles, Old Hall stainless steel tea service:- One Box £15-25
94.     A Bullnose Shaving Plane, a No. 78 Stanley plane, moulding and block planes, Diamic chisels, Record Power chuck set, Duplex Chuck System and other tools:- One Box £20-40
95.     An Entree Dish, Old Hall rose bowl, cutlery, plated ware, etc:- One Box £15-25
96.     Barbie 'My Graduation 2003', 'Toy Story 2', Surprise 'The Brownie Guide Doll', two ladies evening bags and one other:- One Box £15-25
97.     Vintage Advertising- A collection of storage tins to include Morris Gold Leaf, Blakey's Oatmeal, Player Navy Cut, Buchanan's 'Game of Zoo' confectionery, etc:- One Box £15-20
98.     Le Creuset Cooking Pans/Pots, glazed stoneware storage jars, cutlery, vintage clamp grinder, etc:- One Box £15-30
99.     A Late XX Century Four Drawer Flame Coloured Jewellery Box, with opening side compartments and lift-up top containing vintage carded bracelets and some jewellery. £15-25
100.    Lilliput Lane Cottages, Kiln Cottage, Petticoat Lane, Fresh Today, Ash Nook and other cottages, etc:- One Tray £15-25
101.    A Vintage Glass Sweet Jar, antimony box, Rowntree Sweet tin, spectacles, lens, Trustee postal scales, Tricolore flag, etc:- One Tray £15-25
102.    Plated Candlesticks, offering dish, further dishes, muffin dish, cruet, etc:- One Tray £15-25
103.    Ridgway 'Somerset' Dinner Ware, of twenty-six pieces, 'Conway' of twenty pieces, various drinking glasses:- One Box £15-25
104.    A Late XIX Century Bronzed Spelter Figure of History, incised Aug. Moreau, on ebonised socle (fitted for electricity), a mid XIX Century pewter teapot, Copeland jug with applied hunting frieze, 45rpm records and a British plastic black Girl Doll, with voice box. £10-20
105.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Earrings, etc:- One Tray £10-20
106.    A Collection of Thirty-Seven Cherished Teddies Ornaments, including Pieter, Kacie, Sonny, Gregg, Kelsie, Michel, Kitty and Nancy:- One Tray £30-40
107.    Royal Doulton Cabinet Plates, The Doctor, The Squire, The Mayor, The Parson, other plates, Aynsley cup and saucer, other china, etc:- One Box £10-20
108.    An Electroplated Bottle Holder, engraved with classical swags, cocktail shaker, basket wine holder, biscuit jar, other plated wares:- One Tray £15-25
109.    A Royal Doulton Figure 'Lily' HN 1798, Coalport figure 'Ladies of Fashion', 'Winsome' Goebel figure, etc:- One Tray £10-20
110.    Midwinter 'Riverside' Tea Service, designed by John Russell, of twenty eight pieces, including teapot; Royal Stafford 'Roses to Remember' teaware of twenty three pieces including teapot; Ferneyhough teaware of nineteen pieces. £20-30
111.    Smiths Bakelite Cased Wall Barometer, cutlery, xylophone, iron, weights, etc:- One Box £15-25
112.    A Pelham Puppet Gipsy?, dolls, Harrod's boxed bear, etc. £15-25
113.    A Royal Stafford Tea Set, a coloured glass clown (height 37cm), two wade 'Dry Don' sherry bottles. £15-20
114.    A Wade Novelty Teapot Formed as a Mans Head Wearing a Tartan Cap, with gold base stamp, two Victorian meat plates, early XX Century blush ground dressing table set, novelty Chinese cat and fish teapot, etc. £15-20
115.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bangles, beads, wristwatches, imitation pearls, etc, contained in a display case and a wooden box. £20-40
116.    Guinness Advertising Salt and Pepper Pots, jug, soft toy; pottery cat, Denby, Sadler, Arthur Woods teapots:- One Tray £15-25
117.    Four Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates, pattern 7368, puce mark, Arthur Wood ribbed jug, reproduction 'Derwent Water' jar, Continental china bowl, Wedgwood powder bowl, etc:- One Tray £15-25
118.    Noritake Tea for One Set, mugs, 'Bread' dish, Maling dish and servers, planter, etc:- One Tray £15-20
119.    A Quantity of Stem Drinking Glasses:- One Tray £5-10
120.    Cutlery, glassware, Japanese teaware, etc:- One Tray £15-20
121.    A Pair of Plate on Copper Candelabra, decanters, cutlery, cakestand, pictures, etc:- One Box £15-25
122.    Wedgwood Raspberry Cane Table Pottery, of thirty-four pieces. £20-40
123.    A Mid XX Century Chrome Microphone, Runbaken magneto tester, garden syringe, oak box, etc. £15-30
124.    Loose Stainless Steel Cutlery, mostly with ivorine handles:- One Tray £10-20
125.    An Alabaster Mantel Clock, with female gilt mounts, Adderley 'Persian Rose' tea ware, Chinese plate, etc:- One Tray £15-25
126.    Two Beswick Horses, 1920's tea ware, glass vase, Chodziez teapot, etc:- One Tray £15-30
127.    Britains Pride Brass Door Stops, coffee spoons, geometry set, postcards, etc:- One Tray £15-25
128.    Book - The Cottages of Lilliput Lane, Lilliput Lane Collectors Club magazines, Lilliput Lane cottages, etc (damaged):- One Box £10-20
129.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, cased and loose:- One Tray £10-20
130.    Costume Jewellery - abalone dragonfly brooch, koala brooch, earrings, wristwatches, necklaces etc:- One Tray £10-15
131.    World Banknotes, GB pre-decimal copper coinage, 78RPM's, cricket monthly's, a collection of match holders, etc:- One Box £15-25
132.    Monopoly, playing cards, draughts other board games:- One Box £15-25
133.    Shell Necklaces, drop earrings, dress rings, etc, contained in a XIX Century wooden box, with brass inlaid plaque. £15-25
133A.   Elongated Leather Bellows, featuring 'The Last Halt' scene by Tom Hardwick, with brass air extinguish nozzle. W. Mills, Sunderland shooting stick and one other. £15-25
134.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later 'Indian Tree' Pattern Tea and Dinnerwares, varying makers including Coalport, Bridgeport, Anchor, Duchess, etc. £20-30
135.    A Casio Camera, sports watches, Tom Tom, Garmin, etc- One Tray £15-20
136.    Three Outside Wall Lights, blue case. £15-20
137.    A Mid XX Century Wooden Chest, with metal strapwork, containing 78RPM's, reference books, watercolour sailing scene by Howard, two oil studies, etc. £15-20
138.    A Victorian Meat Plate, teawares, china figures, glass cakestand, table lamps, etc; together with an Epson printer, egg crock, angle poise lamp. £15-25
139.    A Brass Coal Helmet, flying jacket, Boots bed pan, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
140.    Tools, plastic flower, coffee maker (untested sold for parts), picture frame. £10-20
141.    Kitchenalia- Cutlery, pans, trays, scales, etc. £10-15
142.    Novelty Teapots, tinglazed bowls, jugs, glassware, meat plate, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
143.    A Quantity of Glassware:- Three Boxes £10-15
144.    Lisa Rowe Watercolour of Bridge by Hamlet, 27.5 x 34cm, signed lower left Rick, Sturgeon and two other prints, eleven satirical hunting scene prints in three frames. £8-12
145.    Mixed Pottery, Denby dinnerwares, dishes, etc:- Four Boxes £15-25
146.    A Siram Cane Picnic Hamper, two baskets. £15-25
147.    A Quantity of John Offord Watercolours, paints, pictures, mirror, table lamps, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
148.    A Quantity of D.I.Y Saws, files, screwdrivers, tool belt, car jacks, power drill shaper kit etc. £15-25
149.    Three Framed Chromolithograph Bird Studies, butterfly study prints, Chinese landscape studies on silk, other prints, and a folding woven sewing basket on spiral effect wooden supports, two wall mirrors. £15-25
150.    An Acorn Woodworkers Plane No. 4, quantity of tools:- One Box; A Vono card table. £20-40
151.    Flowers, baskets, modern glitter Christmas decorations, candles, painted stands, etc. £10-20
152.    A Quantity of Brass Furniture Castors:- One Box £15-25
153.    Planters, blue and white coffee set, blush ground vases, miniature houses, dinnerwares, novelty teapots, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
154.    A Fidelity Rad 12 Transistor Radio, vintage Sunshine 'Lighting Set', four piece stainless steel tea set, telephone, LP's, 45RPM's, three branch brass table lamp, etc:- One Box £15-25
154A.   Optical Interest- Seven pairs of binoculars, including TCM 10x30x60, Oxford Sport 8x40, Sumit 8x26, etc, Polaroid camera, Nikkorex cased camera, etc:- One Box £15-25
155.    Wedgwood 'Penshurst', Paragon 'Country Lane' Table Ware:- One Box £15-25
156.    A Cleveland Drill Size Tin Wall Chart, onyx telephone, carved oak panels, a 1977 Royal Jubilee telephone in navy blue, LCD colour TV, ceiling shade, etc. £15-25
157.    DIY Tools, saws, spirit level, shoe last, hammers, drill bits, step ladders, etc. £15-25
158.    An Orbit 8.25 x 30mm Zoom Telescope, Olympus Trip 3S camera, travelling vanity set, quantity of slides and viewer, Sportsview project, etc. £20-40
159.    A Hollow Rubber Bear, with squeaker, Star Wars, Kenner, chess other games, etc:- Three Boxes £20-30
160.    A 'Coronet of Sheffield' Metal Lathe, (in pieces)- unchecked for completeness:- Two Boxes £20-30
161.    M. Pratt, Oil on Canvas, still life of flowers, 49.5 x 39.5cm, signed lower right, together with two large prints. £10-15
162.    A Denby Fire Chilli Circular Platter, 33.5cm diameter, other Denby wares:- Two Boxes £20-30
163.    A Tryptich of Porcelain Plaques Depicting 'The Miracle of Christmas' by L.M. Roth, in fitted wooden stand; various collectors plates by Davenport, Dominion China, Coalport and eight Rosenthal 'Classic Rose' plates:- Two Boxes £20-30
164.    Books- Percy Bate 'English Table Glass', 1951 Festival of Britain, many novels:- Two Boxes £10-20
165.    Two Late XIX Century/Early XX Century China Part Tea Services, each with printed and painted foliate borders, by Sutherland and Melba works. £10-20
166.    Assorted Lamp Bases, etc:- One Box £5-10
167.    Painted Pine Magazine Rack, memo pin board and a two tier side table with base drawer. (3) £10-20
168.    "Corinthian" Bagatelle (boxed), Waddy "Physogs" game and other vintage children's and party games. £15-25
169.    Hunter (Joseph) FSN:- Hallamshire The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield (a new and enlarged edition by the Rev. A. Catty 1869); plus other general interest books and '69 Cortina handbooks' (3) :- Two Boxes £15-25
170.    A Circa 1940's/50's Tri-ang Lines Bros Toy Theatre, with rising velvet curtain and tinplate light fittings (also comes with card characters, instruction booklet, plays, etc). £30-50
171.    A Beauty Counselor Ladies Vanity Case; oak canteen of cutlery. £15-25
172.    A Cast Brass Three Branch Candelabrum, pocket balance scales, horse brasses, trivet, cast iron door stop, etc:- One Tray £10-20
173.    Carnival Glassware, to include 'Good Luck' bowl, peacock bowl, butter dish:- One Tray £30-50
174.    A Circa 1930's 'Hobbies' Fretwork Set, (boxed), Mickey Mouse cut-out figures and three unused 'Our Tots' cut-out books:- One Tray £20-30
175.    A Presentation Goblet, decanter, drinking glasses:- One Tray £10-20
176.    A Royal Worcester 'Contessa' China Six Setting Tea Service, with teapot, and a Crown Devon 'Harlequin' coffee set:- One Tray £15-25
177.    A Portmeirion Coffee Pot, XIX Century Pearl Ware teapot (spout damage), Masons King George V Jubilee jug, other ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
178.    An Early XIX Century Pearlware Teapot, of shaped oval form and moulded decoration of classical musicians and foliage (damages), Victorian copper lustre wares, glazed stoneware hunting pot, Victorian 'Gothic' jug, etc:- One Tray £15-25
179.    A Studio Glass Vase, of ovoid form, engraved decoration of a lady within a scroll, a Sylvac vase, studio pottery vases, etc:- One Tray £10-20
180.    Silver Plated Posy Holder, toast rack, teapots, scent bottles, ladies sewing items, cutlery, etc:- One Box £15-25
181.    Pre Decimal Coinage, balance scales, vintage Sheffield made guitar steels, Jews harps, cased cutlery, etc:- One Tray £15-25
182.    A Royal Cream Ware Sauce Bowl, with pierced lid, condiments, Aynsley Cottage Garden bear with butterfly (boxed), Wedgwood decorative ware, studio glass paperweights, etc:- One Tray £15-25
183.    A Wurtemberg Eight Day Mantel Clock, circa 1910, Napoleon hat example, another metal cased with applied ribbon decoration. (3) £20-30
184.    Lilliput Lane Cottages, Old Mother Hubbard's, Moreton Manor and other cottages, (some damage). £10-20
185.    Helios Violet High Frequency Rays Machine, Seth Thomas Quartzmatic mantel and other clocks, Olympus Super Zoom 800S Kodak Kodette and Ricoh cameras:- One Tray £30-40
186.    Price Kensington Cottage Ware, Chinese Mikado tea set, Yardley ginger jar, fauna, etc:- One Tray £15-25
187.    A Thomas Kitchen XVII Century Map of Yorkshire, C. S. Lewis XVII Century map of Derbyshire, Yorkshire West Riding map, XIX Century map of Norfolk, three XIX Century prints of Norwich, The Free School, Bishops Bridge, Arch Way Gate House. £15-20
188.    Crown Derby Yellow Floral Coffee Pot, frosted glass bowl, Minton trio, ruler, etc:- One Tray £15-25
189.    A Vintage Burberry Bag, scarves, 1973 Properties of the National Trust book. £10-20
190.    A Claret Jug, decanter, brass letter box, coinage, etc:- One Tray £10-20
191.    Border Fine Arts Figures by Ayres, Boyt, Auld. (6) £20-30
192.    Blush Ivory Dressing Table Ware, Coalport 'Together Forever' swan figure, Reutter pottery plates, handkerchiefs, etc:- One Tray £15-20
193.    A XIX Century Pottery Jug, (cracked), Maling TV cups and saucers, Delft and stoneware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
194.    Worcester Evesham Pattern Part Dinner Service, including plates, bowls, cups, saucers, etc:- One Box £10-20
195.    Commemorative Mugs, including Beswick Edward VIII, Wedgwood calendar plates (1973-80, 89 and 90) (10) and other collectors plates, etc:- One Tray £20-40
196.    A Set of Victorian Small Travelling Apothecary Scales, twenty-eight Victorian magic lantern slides, box of vintage cottons, Bluebell change mats:- One Tray £20-30
197.    Liberace Musical Baldwin Model Piano, Kathie Winkie cake comport, Heatmaster, Embee and other table ware:- One Tray £20-30
198.    A Taylor & Kent 1920's Tea Service, of twenty-one pieces; four Doulton 'Coffee Time' cups and saucers:- One Tray £20-30
199.    Meakin 1920's Teaware, of thirty-one pieces, Doulton Victoria beakers, etc:- One Tray £15-25
200.    A Carlton Ware Art Deco Black, Green and Gilt Coffee Service, comprising six saucers, six cups, sugar bowl, cream jug and (badly damaged) coffee pot, all in presentation case. £30-50
201.    Carlton Ware, W.H. Goss, Arcadian Ware, a collection of crested china mostly North of England related:- One Tray £20-30
202.    Royal Doulton 'Rondelay' Dinner Ware, of forty-four pieces. £20-40
203.    A Dresden Tea Set, of thirty eight pieces, circa mid XX Century with floral decoration 'Versailles' and 'Louis XIV', green backstamps. £20-40
204.    Hawarden Castle Teapot, Mablethorpe sugar caster, Cleethorpes binoculars salt and pepper set, etc:- One Tray £15-25
205.    A Lead Crystal Set of Ten Tumblers, jar and cover, fruit bowls, pedestal bowl, etc:- One Tray £10-15
206.    Thomas Webb, Stuart and Other Drinking Glasses, frill based sugar and cream, etc:- One Tray £15-25
207.    'Decoro' Vase, Rubens 'Pomegranate' jug (cracks), Worcester plates, Belleek clock, model animals:- One Tray £15-25
208.    Carlton China Crested Ware, "Sheffield" of a Yorkshireman holding a pint of beer with verse, W.H. Goss ware, other crested ware china:- One Tray £20-30
209.    A Phoenix Tea Service, ruby glass bowl, cutlery, USSR lion cub, Nao ducks, etc:- One Tray £15-25
210.    XIX Century Pottery Cherubs, (restoration), chamberstick, Windsor tea ware, etc:- One Tray £15-20
211.    Arcadian Pedestal Monarchs, (one chipped), Carlton bull dog, Avon teddy bear, Victoria man in stocks, Willow goat, other crested ware:- One Tray £20-40
212.    Two XIX Century Staffordshire Flatbacks, Mason's 'Fruit Basket' hydra jug and pedestal fruit bowl, art glass paperweights, Torquay ware inkwell and pen rest, etc:- One Tray £15-25
213.    Eight Russian Porcelain Collector's Plates - 'The Legend of the Snowmaiden', all boxed with certificates. (8) £10-20
214.    Four Spode Collector's Plates from 'The Noble Horse' Series - The Appaloosa, American Quarter Horse, Cleveland Bay and The Arabian; three similar from The Majestic Horse series by W.S. George China and a similar rectangular plaque:- One Box £10-20
215.    A 1920's/30's Royal Albert Twelve Setting China Tea Service, pattern 6241, comprising two sandwich plates, sugar and matched later jug:- One Tray £40-80
216.    Adderley's 'Montrose' Teaware, of twenty-two pieces. £20-40
217.    Five Tan Sylvac Rabbits, the tallest 25cm (cracked). £15-30
218.    Goss, Alexandra, Arcadian, Carlton, Tudor and other crested ware:- One Tray £15-30
219.    A Copeland China Tea Service, of thirty-two pieces, with floral decoration in the Chelsea manner:- One Tray £20-30
220.    Border Fine Arts Figures, including 'King of the Castle', 'West Highland White Terrier', 'Robin', 'Badgers', 'Great Tit on Coconut'. (5) £20-30
221.    A Poole Pottery Bowl, dish, cheese dish, three dinner plates, all with stylised floral decoration; Lingard heart shaped teapot decorated with crinoline lady:- One Tray £15-25
222.    A Staffordshire 'Penang' Bowl, Wedgwood, Delft and other ceramics, glass salts with silver rims, etc:- One Tray £15-25
223.    A Worcester Celebration 2001 Dish, Wedgwood 'Rosemeade' vase, Aynsley, etc:- One Tray £15-25
224.    An Early XX Century Royal Albert Tea Service, of thirty nine pieces:- One Tray £20-30
225.    A Mid XX Century Compressed Glass Decanter, with collar stamped "E Dragsted Denmark, Sterling" fern etched and other glassware, octagonal lidded glass bowl, vase, etc:- One Tray £30-50
226.    A Quantity of Pottery and Other Trinkets, on five display racks, silver hallmarked thimbles including Charles Horner, pair of cased Wedgwood Jasperware thimbles, child's Staffordshire pottery tea set and a collection of match books:- One Tray £20-40
227.    Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Six Place Tea Service, together with coffee pot, milk, sugar, matching ovoid vase, etc:- One Tray £25-45
228.    A 'Tokio' Art Nouveau China Tea Service, of forty pieces. £20-40
229.    Willow Art China Crested Ware Grandfather Clock with"Shipley" Crest, W. H. Goss ware "Halifax" mug, other crested ware China, etc:- One Tray £20-30
230.    Two Staffordshire Dogs, Maling and Hornsea Vases, 1930's glassware, etc:- One Tray £15-25
231.    David Winter Dwellings, 'The Village', 'The Parsonage', 'Hertford Court', 'Cotswold Village', 'The Hogs Head Beer House' and others:- One Tray (10) £30-50
232.    Spode Italian Design Blue and White Table Ware, of twenty-one pieces, including tureen, teapot. £40-60
232A.   Four Natwest Pig Money Boxes. £15-20
233.    Lilliput Lane Cottages, Periwinkle Cottage, Ann Hathaway Cottage, The Croft, etc, other cottages:- One Tray £15-25
234.    Worcester 'Arcadia' Table Pottery, of approximately fifty-five pieces. £20-40
235.    A Bourne Denby Glyn Colledge Bottle Vase, 20.5cm high, similar jug and fanned vase. £20-30
236.    A Spode 'Italian' Rectangular Dish, two 'Rural Scenes' circular lidded pots - all Managing Director's gifts 1995, 1996 and 1998; Poole Traditional floral jug, majolica type twin handled leaf dish and four pin trays by Minton, Wedgwood and Crown Staffordshire:- One Tray £20-30
237.    A Mid XX Century Venetian Style Green and Pink Tinted Triform Based Vase, cut glass fruit bowl possibly Waterford 25cm diameter, Wedgwood and other paperweight:- One Tray £20-40
238.    Wade Tortoises, Bear Ambitions, Hornsea and Eastgate fauna, etc:- One Tray £15-20
239.    Mason's 'Mandarin' Pattern Teapot and Plate, 'Decoupage' pattern candlestick and oval lidded trinket box, Limoges trinket box and pin trays, Caithness paperweight commemorating the Royal Doulton Summer Show 1999:- One Tray £30-40
240.    Three Border Fine Art Figures by Ayres, another by Nightingale, Country Artists, etc:- One Tray £15-25
241.    Wedgwood Bizarre by Clarice Cliff Lotus Jug, decorated in the Farmhouse pattern, 20cm high, limited edition 164 of 250, with certificate and box. £30-40
242.    Arcadian, Shelley, Victoria and other crested china:- One Tray £15-25
243.    A Hammersley China Twelve Setting Tea Service, pattern number 14235, decorated with gilt swags and borders on a white ground, (forty pieces):- One Tray £30-50
244.    Two Doulton Horses, XIX Century pottery figurine with striped shirt and black hat (damaged), Staffordshire cottage (damaged), 1953 coronation jug. £20-40
245.    A Late XIX Century Masons Ironstone China Hydra Jug, decorated in the Imari palette, another later example, a Crown Devon musical 'John Peel' tankard, Beswick 'Dawn Chorus' jug, a Royal Doulton 'Blackberry' two handled octagonal bowl, a Crown Devon 'Fuchsia' jug and a Royal Doulton hunting scene two handled tray. £30-50
246.    A Winstanley Pottery Tabby Cat, with glass eyes (tail repaired) No. '4' under base; another smaller No. '2'. £20-40
247.    A Davenport Imari Bowl, Spode Copeland lobed Imari vase (repaired), Cauldon hand painted miniature twin handled vase (repaired), Royal Doulton John Peel small character jug and series ware plate, Bretby Art Nouveau twin handled vase, etc:- One Tray £30-40
248.    A Samson Style Vase, pair of XVII Century Chinese style saucers, XVII Century mug, three Wedgwood 'Landscape' pattern plates, etc:- One Tray £15-20
249.    A XIX Century China Cauldron, with applied decoration with crowned cross swords, 'D' on base; together with a squat shaped vase hand painted flowers, butterflies (crowned cross swords 'D' on base. £20-30
250.    Carlton Ware London Transport Double Decker Bus Money Box, advertising Guinness extra stout 9.8cm high, 14.5cm wide. £20-30
251.    A John Clappison Hornsea Studio Craft Tasty Dish, Irish Hospitals Sweepstakes and Woodbine ashtrays. (3) £20-30
252.    A XX Century Perthshire Cartwheel Paperweight, with sections of pastel millefiore canes between eleven radial twist spokes to central cluster, set in a pale blue ground, 7cm diameter; another similar, set in a deep blue ground, 5.75cm diameter, both with paper labels. (2) £20-40
253.    A Basil Matthews Studio Pottery Stylised Foal, 12cm high (leg damaged) and camel, 11.5cm high. (2)
254.    Two Moorcroft Pottery Beakers, each decorated with a bottle kiln and dated 1986, printed marks. (2) £25-40
255.    A XIX Century Crown Derby Bough Pot, with handpainted fascia featuring birds amongst fruit, and allover gilt highlights, 9cm high (cracked). £20-30
256.    A Spode China Twelve Setting Tea Service, printed and painted decoration of exotic birds and butterflies amongst flowering trees (one saucer missing -thirty-nine pieces):- One Tray £40-70
257.    Arcadian Motor Car and Gramphone, clown bust, Devonia Charabanc, Willow Art ambulance, lion, Goss City of London tray (chipped). £20-40
258.    A Winstanley Pottery Tabby Cat, with glass eyes, painted signature and No. '5' under base, 28cm wide. £20-40
259.    Four Poole Pottery Posy Vases, Aynsley, Mason's, Old Country Roses, etc:- One Tray £15-25
260.    Clarence Model of British Tank, Alexandra Zeppelin, Corona battleship, Shelley cannon, two Cenotaphs, Podmore 'War Memorial' Matlock Bath' and damaged Mons Meg and WWI machine gunner:- One Tray £40-60
261.    Royal Worcester Splendour at Court Limited Edition China Figurines, 'A Celebration at Windsor' and 'The Jewel in the Crown', both No. 2395. (2) £30-50
262.    A Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' Pattern Tea Set, comprising, six large plates, tea plates, cups, saucers and fruit bowls, sandwich plate, milk jug and sugar basin. (Thirty-three pieces) £30-50
263.    A Royal Doulton H. M. Bateman Jug, decorated with handpainted military figures on a white ground, gilt handle, a Beswick Ware 'A Double Diamond Works Wonders' novelty jug and a Wilkinson Ltd Chairman Tobacco novelty ashtray/vesta holder, (damages noted). (3):- One Tray £40-60
264.    A Pair of Continental Porcelain Circular Plaques, each printed and overpainted with XIX Century society ladies in feather hats, in wooden frames; a pair of blue and white figural candlesticks (damages) and two Adams Jasperware oval plaques:- One Tray £30-40
265.    Stuart Devlin Champagne Cup, jade coloured knife rests, cloisonne eggs, paper hooded miniature parasol (boxed), trinket box, etc:- One Tray £10-15
266.    Hock, Whisky and Other Drinking Glasses:- One Tray £15-25
267.    A Burleigh Art Deco Jug Vase, with dragon handle, Poole pottery oval dish (damaged) and two other plates with stylised floral design, etc:- One Tray £20-40
268.    A Moorcroft Pottery Bowl, in the Phoebe Summer design by Rachel Bishop, shape 201/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £35-45
269.    A Moorcroft Pottery Coaster, in the Pulsatilla design by Rachel Bishop, shape 780/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £35-45
270.    A Moorcroft Pottery Coaster, in the Bramble Revisited design by Alicia Amison, shape 780/4, impressed and painted marks to underside. £35-45
271.    Lorna Bailey - Purrthos the Pussketeer Cat. £20-25
272.    Lorna Bailey 'Second Avenue' Large Bent Jug - the pattern for the day on the 24.4.2004 open day (a rare piece). £40-50
273.    A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vase, by John Broad, with pate-sur-pate decoration of flowering branches on textured green ground, impressed factory marks, dated 1882 and painted and incised artists monograms, 30cm high. £20-40
274.    Doulton 'Tomorrow's Dreams', Coalport 'In Love' figurines, Wade Whimsies, Lurpak toast rack, etc:- One Tray £15-25
275.    A Sylvac '1378' Tan Terrier, 12.5cm high, seated spaniel '114', stalk jug, Beswick jug, etc:- One Tray £20-30
276.    Susie Cooper 'Glen Mist' C1035 Wedgwood China Dinner Service, of fifty-nine pieces. £30-40
277.    Wellington China Teaware, of ten pieces, standard china Tudor shape teaware circa 1920's of twenty-one pieces:- One Tray £20-30
278.    Six Nao Models, including seated ballerina (height 25cm), two playful girls with puppies, hen and chick groups, etc. (6) £20-40
279.    Arcadian Hat Pin Stand, Carlton yacht, Duchess lighthouse, Willow Art drum and other crested ware:- One Tray £15-30
280.    A Pair of Continental Bisque Musical Figures, (damages), two Franklin Mint figurines. £20-30
281.    A Royal Doulton Figurine 'Embroidering' HN 2855, 18.5cms high. £20-30
282.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the 'Trial' Wild Gladioli design by Nicola Slaney, shape 365/12, impressed and painted marks to base. £200-240
283.    Royal Doulton Figurine 'Winsome', HN 2220, another 'Christine' and Paragon 'Ursula'. (3) £25-40
284.    Two Lladro Model Figurines (B7-J-U and B-18-S impressed to bases), height 18cm and a Nao model of a seated woman and child. (3) £30-50
285.    Royal Worcester Limited Edition China Figurines, 'The Last Waltz' No. 11658 and 'The First Quadrille' No. 9504, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
286.    Royal Worcester Splendour at Court Limited Edition China Figurines, 'The Embassy Ball' and 'The Golden Jubilee Ball', both No. 2395. (2) £30-50
287.    Coalport Cries of London Limited Edition China Figurines, 'Oranges and Lemons' No. 191 and 'Ripe Cherries Ripe' No. 104, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
288.    Coalport Cries of London Limited Edition China Figurines, 'Strawberries Scarlet Strawberries' No. 289 and 'Milk Maid' No. 355, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
289.    Coalport Cries of London Limited Edition China Figurines, 'The Flower Seller' No. 1915 'Lavender Sweet Lavender' No. 1564, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
290.    Coalport Limited Edition China Figurines, 'With This Ring' No. 3193 and 'A Letter to Santa' No. 707 , each with certificate. (2) £30-50
291.    A Royal Doulton Figurine 'Teatime' HN 2255, (2nd quality) another 'Lynne' HN 2329. £15-25
292.    A Royal Doulton Two Handled Loving Cup, featuring coaching scene and biscuit barrel. £15-25
293.    A Lladro Model 'Girl and Ducks My Hungry Brood', base impressed 5074. £30-50
294.    An Early XX Century Royal Worcester Twin Handled Vase, of stepped pear form, tall neck, decorated with flowers on a cream ground, puce base mark, height 30.5cm. £30-50
295.    Two Lladro Models, 'Spring is Here' (05223) and 'Sweet Scent' (05221) both boxed. (2) £20-40
296.    Royal Worcester Limited Edition China Figurines, 'The Masquerade Begins No. 8145 (damage to hand) and 'Belle of the Ball' No. 4991, each with certificate. (2) £20-40
297.    Coalport Limited Edition China Figurines, 'Flamenco' No. 401 and 'Antoinette Sisley' No. 506, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
298.    Royal Worcester Limited Edition China Figurines, 'Sweetest Valentine' No. 5263 and 'The Fairest Rose' No. 12054, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
299.    Royal Worcester Limited Edition China Figurines, 'Royal Debut' No. 2583 and 'Queen of Hearts' No. 9672, each with certificate. (2) £30-50
300.    Royal Worcester Splendour at Court Limited Edition China Figurines, 'A Royal Presentation' and 'A Royal Anniversary', both No. 2395. (2) £30-50
301.    Royal Worcester China Figurines, 'Serena' and 'Isabelle', each with certificate. (2) £30-50
302.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including signet style, cameo and other rings, "9ct Metal Core" hinged bangles, marcasite set brooches, etc contained in a jewellery box. £30-50
303.    A Set of Six Large Plated Napkin Rings, numbered 1-6, with bead border and engraved decoration. £20-30
304.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Brooches:- One Tray £15-25
305.    A Collection of Hat and Stickpins, magnifying glasses, plug head figure of a Swiss Guard, possibly German, etc. £30-50
306.    An Alan Young Pottery Figure Group of Card Players ' Alan Young Devon England' under base, 13.5cm high. £30-50
307.    A Victorian Dark Amber Coloured Glass Flagon, with plated mounts and internal stopper; together with a wine funnel and a plated dish. (3) £30-50
308.    Accurist, Infinite, Citizen, Casio and Other Assorted Wristwatches:- One Tray £20-40
309.    Assorted Ladies Dress Wristwatches, contained in a trinket box with carry handle. £15-20
310.    Cased Spectacles, mother of pearl military brooches, 1951 Exhibition pin badge, miners check, snuff box, etc:- One Tray £20-40
311.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Rectangular Photograph Frame, on wooden easel back, overall height 27cm; together with two smaller hallmarked silver mounted photograph frames. (3) £70-100
312.    Royal Albert Old Country Roses and Other Ladies Compacts, bead necklaces, brooches, etc:- One Tray £15-25
313.    A Small Collection of Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Ingersoll skeleton type, etc. £10-20
314.    Pocketwatch Dials, movements, etc, (spares/repairs only). £15-25
315.    A Graduated Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklace, an openwork pendant on chain, stickpin, coral and other necklaces, unmounted faceted stones, Delft style oval panel, etc:- One Tray £20-30
316.    Assorted Ladies Wristwatches, including Rotary, Casio, Accurist, etc. £15-25
317.    Assorted Costume Dress Rings, including "925". £15-25
318.    Banknotes, commemorative and other coins, Oertling brass weights, Budokwai 1925 leaflet etc. £10-20
319.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including Wedgwood Jasperware, "925", Sarah Coventry and other brooches, ladies wristwatches, imitation pearls, ring, etc all contained in a jewellery box. £20-40
320.    Assorted Plated Ware, including teapot, oval entree dishes, coffee pot, sauce boats, etc:- One Tray £20-30
321.    A Lead Crystal Scent Bottle, of globular form, silver hallmarked collar and hinged gilt lined lid, embossed foliate decoration, Birmingham 1905, and a small collection of costume jewellery. £20-30
322.    Mobile Phones, headphones, etc:- One Box £10-20
323.    Diamanté Necklace, assorted earrings, bangles, etc:- One Tray £15-25
324.    Cooper Brothers Silver Plated Cutlery, of approximately ninety one pieces:- One Tray £30-50
325.    An Assortment of Mixed Costume Jewellery, in a case. £15-20
326.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled (Filled) Kings Pattern Fish Knives and Forks; together with servers, in original fitted case; together with a 1952-1977 commemorative plated waiter, in fitted case; and three hallmarked silver pencils. (5) £40-60
327.    Six John Rodgers Plated Salvers, B. Bohrmann, Nachfolger oval tray. £20-40
328.    A Pair of Chinese White Metal Teaspoons, an amber glass with silver overlay liqueur set, six section table cruet (damages), lead crystal whisky decanter, etc:- One Tray £15-25
329.    "10ct Gold Front", "12ct Front & Back" and Other Gent's Cufflinks, tie slides, 'S' pendant on chain, etc. £10-20
330.    An Electroplated Pedestal Dish, beakers, egg cruet sets, salver, trays, christening set and other plated wares. £15-25
331.    Six Elkington Plate One Pint Tankards, bearing P.C.C monogram. £15-25
332.    A Viners of Sheffield Six Place Setting Canteen of Electroplated Cutlery, Kings pattern. £20-40
333.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches:- One Tray £15-25
334.    Accurist, Repco Watch, Citizen, Joyas and Other Gent's Wristwatches:- One Box £15-20
335.    An Oval Plated Galleried Tray, four piece tea service, Gladwin sauce boat, other plated ware. £15-25
336.    Gold Plated Lorgnettes, articulated nacre fish, skirt lifter, walking stick handles. £20-40
337.    John Pinches Set of Four Bronze Coins Commemorating Winston Churchill, in case. £20-40
338.    1970 UK Proof Coin Set, D-Day Landings Fifty Pence commemorative coin, Festival of Britain coins. £15-20
339.    Souvenir and Other Folding Pocket Knives, "Battle of Trafalgar 200th Anniversary" pocketwatch, etc. £15-20
340.    An Early XX Century Ivory manicure Case, spherical pen stand, netsuke, trench art, vesta case. £45-55
341.    Silver Jam Knife, butter knife, other cutlery, thimbles, Middle Eastern scent bottles, pen knife, folding scissors, etc. £20-40
342.    Enamel and Other Badges, Young Conservatives, John Ginger Ginger Nuts, The Church Girls Brigade, British Legion, The Holiday Camp Douglas, Sheffield & Hallamshire Motor Club, Golly guitar player, etc. £15-25
343.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Medallion Pendants, circular Art Nouveau brooch, depicting female profile, Rosary beads, cigarette case with mother of pearl detail, etc. £15-20
344.    A Georgian Hallmarked Silver Fish Slice, London 1785, of pierced and bright cut design (handle damage/repair); a decorative hallmarked silver and mother or pearl butter knife, a hallmarked silver handled cake slice and two hallmarked silver napkin rings. (5) £40-60
345.    A Hallmarked Silver Frame, of plain rectangular form, A&CoLtd, London 1927 (lacking back), 23.5cm wide overall. £30-50
346.    A Carry Case Containing Five PSVITA Games. £10-20
347.    "The University of Sheffield" 1947 Medallion, in original fitted case, "Sheffield Scholars Federation" 1935 medallion, Academy of Music pendants, WWII Defence Medal. £15-20
348.    A Set of Twelve Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, London, Chester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and Sheffield 1959, in original fitted case. £70-90
349.    A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Backed Brushes, a hallmarked silver backed hand mirror, dressing table jars/bottles and a comb. £40-60
350.    A Collection of Assorted Hallmarked Silver Mounted Dressing Table Items, including tortoiseshell piqué trinket boxes, pair of taper candlesticks, hand mirror, etc (damages):- One Tray £60-80
351.    A Small Hallmarked Silver Dish, of pierced design, with wavy edge, on spreading base. £10-20
352.    A Hallmarked Silver Ladies Compact, of square form, allover engine turned. £40-60
353.    Two Rolex Watches Bucherer Souvenir Teaspoons. £10-15
354.    Two Hallmarked Silver Pots, mini salt and pepper shakers (damaged), etc. £20-30
355.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Teaspoons, possibly Thomas Wallis, London 1802, initialled; a decorative pair of sugar tongs and a pair of salts. £20-40
356.    A Silver Scaled Twin Bladed Pocket Knife, Sheffield 1930, and a silver backed brush. (2) £15-25
357.    Three 1935 'Rocking Horse' Crowns, 1965 Churchill 'Coins' and a rolled gold engine turned pencil. £15-20
358.    A Modern Saturno Style Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Model Boxer Dog, MH, Sheffield 2000, 13cms high. £150-200
359.    A Multi Blade Folding Pocket Knife, mother of pearl scales (cracked) by William Roberts, Sheffield. £20-30
360.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, the rectangular engine turned lid initialled "J.W.B", inscribed to the front "Presented to Mr J. W. Barber to mark his retirement by Mr P.M. Rambaut, D.S.C. Chairman, Richard Johnson and Nephew Limited from his colleagues on the Boards of the Spencer Group of Companies A.R. Gill - Chairman P. Johnson, J. M. Avison, J. Pretty, T.G. Kirkbride, R.G. Hardie December 1923 - March 1970", 16.5cm wide. £25-35
361.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, JD&S, Sheffield 1915, each within lion mask detail to handles, in a fitted case, and a hallmarked silver salt spoon. £20-30
362.    A Hallmarked Silver Oval Dish, Sheffield 1930, pierced scrolled border on four pad feet, length 10cm. £20-40
363.    A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, allover engine turned, initialled "R.B"; together with a 1953 Commemorative Coronation Medallion and commemorative coins. £10-15
364.    A Hallmarked Silver Ladies Compact, of circular form, allover engine turned and highlighted in pale blue enamel, with RAF wings to the centre; together with a pair of hallmarked silver handled knives. (3) £30-50
365.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Ring, the square panel sixteen stone inset, between scroll textured shoulders. £80-120
366.    An 18ct Gold Patterned Band, of bark textured finish. £80-100
367.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Signet Style Ring, initialled; together with a smaller signet ring. (2) £30-50
368.    A Gent's Ring, with applied initial 'A', stamped "9ct". £40-60
369.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Ring, of flowerhead design claw set, between textured shoulders; together with a 9ct gold eternity style band, with inset highlights. (2) £40-60
370.    A Gent's 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, star set to the centre between textured shoulders; together with a 9ct gold wedding band (both shanks cut). (2) £50-80
371.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated old cut stones illusion set. £100-150
372.    An 18ct Gold Two Stone Ring, claw set to the centre between tapering bark textured shoulders. £70-100
373.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, oval claw set to the centre; together with a single stone dress ring, stamped "9ct" and another ring, stamped "925DQCZ". (3) £60-80
374.    A 9ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band. £20-30
375.    An 18ct Gold Ring, graduated claw set (one stone missing). £40-60
376.    A Modern 14ct White Gold Diamond Set Half Eternity Style Ring, alternately set with brilliant and baguette cut stones. £300-400
377.    A Wide Band, inscribed inside "Jimmy-Marthe 12.02.04"; a patterned band, a 9ct gold three stone ring and another ring of crossover design. (4) £40-60
378.    A 9ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band. £20-30
379.    A Pair of Continental Earrings, of tapering pierced design; together with a pair of diamanté earrings stamped "94". £20-30
380.    A Thomas Sabo Bracelet, a wide dress ring stamped "925" and an expanding ring. (3) £20-30
381.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, within tonneau shape case, on openwork bracelet. £30-50
382.    A Curb Link Bracelet, stamped "9c", to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp, suspending charm pendants. £120-160
383.    A Modern 9ct Two Colour Gold Fancy Link Necklace, of uniform design. £100-150
384.    A Gent's Tie Pin, stamped "9ct", of plain bar design. £20-30
385.    An 18ct Gold Half Eternity Style Ring, alternately set. £50-70
386.    An Opal and Diamond Five Stone Ring, circular cabochon claw set, indistinctly stamped; together with a 9ct gold garnet cluster ring. (2) £100-150
387.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone six claw set between inset shoulders. £80-120
388.    A Pair of Pearl Set Earrings, collet set, a XIX Century brooch, of circular design and a pair of openwork earrings. £30-50
389.    A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, (lacking stone) a necklace with pendant drop stamped "925", and a pair of pearl effect clip earrings. £10-15
390.    A XIX Century Oval Shell Carved Cameo, depicting female with bow beside a tree, collet set within shaped openwork border; together with two rings, a heart pendant and a bangle. £30-50
391.    A Modern Three Colour Bracelet, of tapering textured design, stamped "375"; together with a 9ct three colour gold plaited necklace. (2) £100-150
392.    A Cross Pendant on Chain, stud earrings, chains, expanding bangle, etc. £30-50
393.    A Fancy Link Chain, to T-bar and loop fastener, suspending charm pendants; together with a polished hardstone pendant on chain. (2) £15-25
394.    A 9ct Gold Ropetwist Chain, with coil detail, together with a single stone opal bar brooch, a further chain with egg pendant and a Maple leaf brooch. £30-50
395.    A Pair of Cocktail Earrings; together with matching pin brooch and a champagne glass diamanté brooch, £15-25
396.    An Eternity Style Band, with inset detail, a single stone dress ring, hat pins and three stickpins, one of heart shape, oval collet set. £40-50
397.    A XIX Century Ring, five stone set (closed back setting) between bifurcated shoulders (one stone missing); a panel ring, inset to the centre, claw set within shaped border, stamped "14K" and two hallmarked silver thimbles. (4) £40-60
398.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant, stamped "94", on a chain; a horseshoe stickpin, a cross pendant, novelty "Fumsup" charm stamped "9ct", pair of earrings and a micromosaic panel bracelet. £30-50
399.    A Modern Black Pearl set Brooch, stamped "18k"; a floral spray brooch, stamped "Ster" and another brooch. (3) £80-100
400.    A Part Amber Coloured Bead Necklace, (string broken), comprising twenty-three beads. £40-60
401.    A Single Strand Uniform Pearl Bead Necklace, to marcasite set clasp; together with two single strand graduated pearl bead necklaces. (3) £50-70
402.    Fancy Link Part Albert, guard and other chains, ring made from a 1958 two shilling coin, religious pendant, coin, etc. £15-20
403.    A Fancy Link Bracelet, stamped "375", together with 9ct gold and other rings; and a pair of earrings. £80-120
404.    9ct Gold Cross Pendants, stud earrings, a hallmarked silver bangle, belcher link chains, imitation pearl beads and a decorative garnet set necklace, of stylised fan design. £50-70
405.    A Modern Square Cluster Pendant, on chain stamped "925", panel bracelet, oval collet set, an openwork pendant on chain, etc. £15-25
406.    A Stock Pin, initialled 'S'; a marcasite set dress clip and a chain. £20-30
407.    Cross Pendant on Chain, plain bangle stamped "925", pendants etc. £20-40
408.    Assorted Costume Rings, including "925". £10-15
409.    A 9ct Gold Heart Shape Locket Pendant, on a chain, a 9ct gold five stone ring, further pendants on chains, a pair of openwork drop earrings, claw set to the centre, etc. £40-60
410.    A Kramer Vintage Costume Necklace; together with filigree panels and other earrings, bracelet, medallion pendant, etc:- One Tray £15-25
411.    "925" Chains, earrings, pendants, bracelet, etc. £15-25
412.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including haematite necklace, earrings, brooches, diamante necklace, large cross, studs box, etc. £15-25
413.    Seiko and Other Wristwatches, Smiths openface stopwatch, etc. £10-15
414.    CYMA; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on 9ct gold expanding bracelet; together with a Seiko ladies wristwatch. (2) £40-60
415.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Goliath Pocketwatch, the Lancashire Watch Co Ltd London & Prescot dial with bold black Roman numerals, within engine turned case, Chester 1900 (damages/incomplete). £20-40
416.    Kendal & Dent London Makers To the Admiralty; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement signed "Kendal & Dent 106 Cheapside London", within plain case. £30-50
417.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals and subsidiary dial, within plain case with vacant cartouche. £30-50
418.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Goliath Pocketwatch, the dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case. £30-50
419.    Butlins Badges - Pwllheli 1964 (2), 1965, 1966 (2), 1967, Butlins Beavers Club 1964, Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution 1973 medallion, etc. £20-30
420.    Assorted Wristwatches and Pendant Watch, with a watch jewellery case. £5-10
421.    A Half Hunter Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement cover inscribed "Examined by Hunt & Roskell" and "In Memory of Ted Killed in Action April 25th 1918", within engine turned case; together with a hallmarked silver medallion pendant and part watch chain. £30-50
422.    J.G. Graves Sheffield The Express English Lever; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement signed J.G. Graves Sheffield, within engine turned case, Birmingham 1898. £50-70
423.    Irvine Towler & Co Bradford; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case; together with a graduated curb link Albert chain suspending T-bar. £30-50
424.    An Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement stamped "Paul Ditisheim Solvil" (lacking bow); an openface pocket stopwatch within plain case. (2) £30-50
425.    Nine Assorted Pocketwatches, (damages/incomplete), including Hebdomas 8 day, 'Railway Timekeeper', etc. £20-30
426.    Pocketwatch Cases, etc, (spares/repairs only). £15-25
427.    An Art Deco Ladies Cocktail Wristwatch, the circular dial (lacking hands) within shaped case, inside case stamped "Guaranteed Platinum", case back engraved "E.C. 22.12.25", on two row fabric strap; together with a Rotary ladies wristwatch. (2) £80-120
428.    A Continental Cased Openface Pocketwatch, case stamped "0,800"; together with another pocketwatch, case stamped "0,935" and two ladies fob watches (damages/incomplete). (4) £30-50
429.    A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the Accurist signed dial with Roman numerals and dot markers and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, on a strap. £50-70
430.    J. D. Fisher Lincoln; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial; together with another hallmarked silver cased openface pocketwatch, the movement signed "Ralph Ainsley 4 Market Place Acton". (2) £30-50
431.    Tudor; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed shaped dial with Arabic numerals, within shaped case on later openwork bracelet; together with three further 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatches. (4) £70-100
432.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on openwork bracelet; together with two further ladies wristwatches. (3) £40-50
433.    A Hallmarked Silver Openface Pocketwatch Case, (lacking movement/dial), London 1815; together with another, London 1873. (2) £30-50
434.    Omega; A Gent's Automatic Constellation Calendar Wristwatch, the signed dial with baton markers, centre seconds and date aperture, on later expanding bracelet; A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the case engraved "Presented by The Spencer Wire Co Ltd Wakefield to J. W. Barber after 40 Years Service 1970". (2) £100-200
435.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on later curb link bracelet with 9ct gold clasp; together with another ladies wristwatch. (2) £70-100
436.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Ladies Fob Watch, the dial with gilt highlights and foliate detail, the movement cover engraved "J.T. Clarke Mexboro", within engraved case. £20-30
437.    Helvetia; A Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case; together with a zipped travel case. £40-60
438.    Gradus Engine Turned Hunter Pocketwatch; together with a chain and a "Railway Timekeeper" openface pocketwatch. £10-15
439.    Kendall & Dent Makers to the Admiralty; A Continental Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case, stamped "0.935"; together with a curb link Albert chain, heart padlock clasp. £30-50
440.    American Waltham U.S.A; A Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial; a graduated curb link Albert chain and a 'Practical Motorist Map Measurer'. £30-50
441.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including "925" pendant on chain, bangles, necklaces, earrings, etc:- One Box £20-30
442.    Beads, imitation pearls, necklaces, heart shape locket on chain, etc:- One Tray £15-25
443.    A XX Century Seven Piece Manicure Set, stamped "800" with damages, in fitted case with mirror, labelled 'Cavallar, Trieste, Argento 800-1000'. £15-25
444.    A Vintage Corocraft Ladies Wristwatch, in original box, a double row bracelet, with filigree detail, imitation pearl and diamanté necklace and earrings and two necklaces, stamped "925".
445.    A Plated Three Piece Teaset, glass scent bottle, butter knife, thimbles, etc, on circular plated tray. £15-20
446.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including earrings, necklaces, rings, diamanté, jewellery boxes, etc:- One Tray £25-40
447.    A Quantity of Sheffield Made Kings Pattern Cutlery:- One Tray £30-50
448.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £15-25
449.    G-Shock, Casio, Lapgo and Other Assorted Wristwatches, with rubber straps. £20-40
450.    A Chester Hallmarked Silver Vase, of plain tapering form (marks rubbed); together with a hallmarked silver mounted scent bottle, glass bowl and a pickle jar. (4) £20-30
451.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £15-25
452.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, hallmarked silver handled and other tea knives, etc:- One Box £20-30
453.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, diamanté, bracelets, earrings, etc:- One Tray £10-20
454.    A Burner Stand/Hot Plate, with twin handles; together with a bottle holder, goblets, plated four piece teaset on tray, etc. £30-50
455.    Assorted Plated Ware, including pair of candlesticks, vases, sugar pot, preserve pot, posy bowl, sifter spoon, etc:- One Tray £15-25
456.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Lorus, Seiko, Services, Sekonda, Timex, etc:- One Box £20-30
457.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Rectangular Photograph Frame, (damaged) another photograph frame and a hallmarked silver vase. (3) £15-25
458.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, decorative serving spoon, pickle forks, "Tea Spoons" fabric roll, etc:- One Box £15-20
459.    Firth Stainless "Safari" Fish Knives and Forks, ladies and gent's wristwatches, etc. £15-20
460.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £15-25
461.    A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Dressing Table Set, comprising hand mirror and two brushes, each allover engine turned; together with another brush; initialled "J.W.B"; and two comb mounts. £20-30
462.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bangles, necklaces, beads, pendants on chains, etc:- One Tray £15-25
463.    Assorted Plated Ware, including dish, cutlery, sugar sifter, jug, salts, waiter, etc:- One Tray £10-15
464.    Imitation Pearl Necklaces, pendants on chains, diamanté necklace, etc:- One Tray £15-20
465.    A Part Canteen of Fiddle Pattern Plated Cutlery, etc:- One Tray £20-30
466.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including large diamanté spider, earrings, hair clips, etc:- One Tray £20-30
467.    S.L.A & Co Flexible Flyer Sledge, No. 2E with grooved runners, made in the U.S.A. £30-40
468.    An Early to Mid XX Century Circular Oak Framed Wall Barometer, stamped 2503½?, 27.5cm diameter. £15-25
469.    A Raffles Hotel Advertising Print. £10-20
470.    Masonic and Boys Brigade Regalia, in a Victorian complimentary metal travel case. £15-25
471.    Souvenir Tea Spoons, manicure implements, "The Span Bracer" in original box, etc:- One Tray £15-25
472.    Postcards - Bamforth's, McGill, other seaside humour, early XX Century London scenes, etc, loose and in album. £20-40
473.    A Students Microscope Magnification 70X, drawing instruments in a mahogany box and including a leather wallet:- One Tray £15-20
474.    'Sears and Rainbow' Microscopes, glass microscope slides, small three drawer brass telescope, wooden box. £20-30
475.    A XX Century Stanley London Precision Instruments Stanley 541294 in fitted mahogany box. £30-50
476.    A Quartz Crystal Specimen, 9cms long; together with a smaller specimen, 9.5cms long; a green mineral specimen, 7.5cms long; together with another specimen, 6.5cms long. (4) £10-20
477.    Fowler's Calculator, John Brown Swansea and other folding rulers, geometry items:- One Tray £20-40
478.    A Leather Travelling Stationery Wallet, with green Morocco interior; scissors in maroon Morocco case. £15-25
479.    A Mah Jong Set, with bamboo tiles and bone counters in brass mounted box. £20-40
480.    Political Autographs and Letters, a black and white portrait photograph of Margaret Thatcher with signature in blue ink, with accompanying thank you letter, on Downing Street headed paper dated May 1979 and two Edward Health signed thank you letters on headed paper with envelopes (dated 1970 and 1974). £30-50
481.    A Set of Brass Balance Scales, with eight graduated weights inset to shaped base. £30-50
482.    A XIX Century Browns Family Bible, with brass clasps. £15-25
483.    Postcards- 'The Allies', 'Kirkstall Abbey', 'Arras' and other embroidered examples, photographs, etc, in an album. £20-40
484.    An Art Nouveau Cast Iron Desk Tidy, pierced stylised foliate frame with twin inkwells and pen rest, an Art Nouveau storage tin, Art Deco bakelite cigarette box and a marquetry inlaid cigarette box:- One Tray £20-30
485.    A Victorian Coloured Glass Vase, of ovoid form with applied twin gilt scroll handles, enamel overpainted decoration of blue tits amongst flowering foliage (adapted for a table lamp, damages), height 37cm, together with a gilt framed rectangular wall mirror and an Edwardian mahogany kidney shaped tray. (3) £20-40
486.    Lichtinger Munchen Art Nouveau Pewter Tankard, circa early XX Century, with hinged cover, cast and applied thumb piece, lobed body, stamped under base, pewter measure, embassy plate mug, two spoons. £20-30
487.    Elson Measuring Tape, Thornton slide rule, geometry items, Interlox folding ruler, etc:- One Box £20-40
488.    A Maelzel Metronome, Hohner Echo-Luxe Harmonica, tuning forks, whistles, etc £15-25
489.    William and the Masked Ranger, pub.1966 George Newnes Ltd, dustjacket; Just William, Just William's Luck, both 1972. Many others mainly paperbacks. £20-30
490.    A German Pot Headed Doll, stamped W.G to back of head, open/shut glass eyes, moveable composition limbs, approximately 59cm high; a mid XX Century composition doll with open/shut eyes. (2) £20-40
491.    A Vicente Sanchis Model 28 Acoustic Guitar, and a Tatra classic acoustic guitar. (2) £20-30
492.    A Session Pro Electric Guitar, sunburst finish with soft case. £25-45
493.    A Dave Lee Fox M13 Method Electric Guitar, with soft protective case. £20-30
494.    An Egmond Rosetti Acoustic Guitar, ('Lucky 7' in style), punch holes for electric adaptation - with soft protective case. £20-40
495.    An Aria Pro Electric Guitar, in metallic green, stamped 7080621, with soft case. £30-50
496.    An Early XX Century Mandolin, scrollwork to the pick guard and parquetry inlay to the borders, rosewood bowl and neck. £20-40
497.    A Washburn G-8V Six String Electric Guitar, numbered 709 5004, USA, in glossy black, with plush lined hard protective case. £60-100
498.    A Violin, two piece back, ebonised finger board, interior label reads "Made in Canton, China", cased. £20-40
499.    A KC333 Acoustic Guitar, and an Encore RCGSON acoustic guitar, in soft protective case. (2) £20-30
500.    A XIX Century Violin, with two piece back and bow in case, another case. £30-50
501.    Two Acoustic Parlour Guitars. (2) £15-30
502.    Errol Flynn- Scrapbook, Kensitas Flowers, Wills cigarette cards, etc:- One Box £15-20
503.    Loose Electroplated Cutlery:- One Tray £15-25
504.    Postcards - Dennis-Bradford, sentimental, letter cards, etc:- One Box £15-25
505.    A 1930's Frosted Green Glass Posy, with figural centre, dressing table set, etc:- One Tray £15-25
506.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, brooches, wristwatch, Rowan Crafts bluebell pendant, etc:- One Tray £15-25
507.    A 'Violeta' Skeleton Clock Under Glass Dome, Hermle example under plastic dome, etc:- One Tray £15-25
508.    Star Wars Gift Sets, uncover shark, coins, model vehicles, pirate pistol set, etc:- One Tray £15-20
509.    A Cased Olympus E-410 Digital SLR Camera and Lens Outfit, Including Olympus 14-42mm F3.5-5.6 Ed lens, Olympus 40-150mm F4-5.6 Ed Lens, Olympus 35mm f3.5 lens, Olympus 25mm f2.8 'Pancake' lens, Neewer digital high definition 2.2 x 58mm telephoto lens, filters, literature, battery charger, minolta dynax 500s1 film slr camera, with 35-80mm lens, camera cases and other photographic oddments. £120-200
510.    Pair of Early XX Century Nurses Black Leather Boots, two oak tea caddies, early XX Century pottery sandwich box, oval tray, etc:- One Tray £20-30
511.    A 'Turf Cigarettes' Advertising Tin, (which converts to a roulette games), with rules, counters and card, a vintage nodding donkey hoopla in original box, plus other small boxed party games, etc:- One Tray £20-30
512.    Diamanté and Other Costume Jewellery Necklaces, bangles, imitation pearls, chains, earrings, etc:- One Tray £15-20
513.    Lang [Andrew]: The Blue Fairy Book, Folio Society 2003, Illustrated by Charles Van Sandwyk, in slipcase, fine; together with two further Folio Society books- A Christmas Carol and The Folio Book of Carols and the English Year a Month by Month Guide to the National Customs and Festivals. (4) £20-30
514.    Glass Paperweights, two shilling coins, travel clock, costume jewellery, Wade Whimsies and Disney dogs, dominoes, opera glasses, Chesterman folding ruler, cruet, etc:- One Box £15-25
515.    An Ebony Opium Carved Box, micromosaic style rounded rectangular box, horses bit, pin cushions, pokerwork box:- One Tray £30-60
516.    Openwork Ladies Belt, Continental spoons, brass candlestick, keys, British Legion badge, Ronson lighter, etc::- One Tray £10-15
517.    A John Lilley & Sons North Shields Chrome Framed Barometer, 60-70's coral clock, early XX Century German wall clock. £15-25
518.    Two Victorian 'Kayes Patent' Oil Cans, hammer heads and handles, 1930's Art Deco front door bell, measure, etc:- One Tray £15-25
519.    Swimming Award Badges, tokens, Bovril wooden box, playing card games, die, fuse wire holder, WWI silk postcards, etc:- One Box £20-30
520.    A Carved Duck, Indian? nut crackers with a carved face, brass Salters weighing scales, rulers, plated tankard, etc:- One Tray £15-20
521.    1970's Tin Badges, coins, weights, cricket ball, medallions, etc:- One Tray £15-25
522.    A Circa Early 1960's 'Sunglasses - Glamourise Your Eyes' Advertising Shop Display Set of Twelve Coloured Rimmed Glasses, with Bartletts retail 2/6 price tags and 'Crookes Lenses' sticker, fitted box with hinged lid. £50-70
523.    Penknives, studs, bottle openers, souvenir scissors, etc, in a cutlery box. £15-25
524.    Vintage Tinplate Novelty Money Boxes, including cash till, Eureka 410 oven, 1935 Jubilee, etc:- One Tray £20-30
525.    A Pair of Trench Art Brass Shell Cases, embossed and stipple decoration of oak leaves and cartouche to read 'Alexandra, Princess of Wales, Yorkshire', height 29.5cm, and a collection of early XX Century and later postcards including two silks. £15-25
526.    An Improved Magneto-Electric Machine for Nervous Diseases, circa 1900 in mahogany box. £20-30
527.    A Turned Wooden Chess Set, circa 1900 with red crown impressed to horses and castles of both sides. £30-50
528.    XIX Century Butter Stamps/Moulds, designs include cow, thistle, swan, butter wheel stamp, Victorian Egg Crock, painted in colours, three earthenware 'rustic' 'hen' money banks etc:- One Tray £40-60
529.    A Pair of Jumelles Mars Folding Opera Glasses, a bone handled manicure set, pair of Victorian brass candlesticks, Victorian 'Rhine' meat plate, soda syphon and glasses, etc. £20-40
530.    Smokers Pipes, two bulls head, Meerschaum claw, etc; amber and silver cheroot holder, etc:- One Tray £30-50
531.    Boxed Letter Opener, Coty and other compacts, Black Forest carved desk blotter, horn cruets, spoons, etc:- One Tray £15-20
532.    Raylite Binoculars, Spring scales, Chesterman tape, pruners, etc:- One Box £15-25
533.    Turned Wooden Chess Pieces, playing cards, dominoes, skipping rope, peg dolls, tin plate post box, etc:- One Tray £20-30
534.    Vintage Postcards and Birthday Cards- A collection to include Mabel Lucie Atwell, comic, Bamforth examples also noted, in a basket. £10-20
535.    A Cased Set of Mayfair 'Magic Swords-Symbols of Power', with certificates of authenticity. £50-60
536.    A Gilt Metal Cherub, Kinux and German binoculars, folding cups in Morocco cases, calculators:- One Tray £15-25
537.    A Nikon D3200 Digital SLR Camera, Nikon DX AF-5 Nikkor 18-55mm, F3.5-5.6 lens, Nikon DX AF-5 Nikkor 55-200mm F.45-5.6 lens, battery charger, holdall. £50-80
538.    A Collection of Early XX Century Glass Lantern Slides, including comic humour, childrens themed, etc, (contained in a pine box), and a quantity of glass slides. (2) £15-25
539.    A Lifeguard Periscope by F. Duerr, Manchester, stereoscope viewer, cards, Ross field glasses, etc. £15-25
540.    'Je Chante Haut Et Clair' Oak Cased Phonograph, (no horn). £25-40
541.    Folio Society: The Lifted Veil, Women's XIX Century Stories; Jane Austens Letters; The Wings of the Dove (Henry James); Sylvia's Lovers (Elizabeth Gaskell); The Old Wives' Tale (Arnold Bennett), Vanity Fair (WM Thackeray) and The Gentleman's Daughter (Amanda Vickery). (7) £20-30
542.    Needles in Leather Wallets, corset hooks, eyes, costume jewellery, etc:- One Tray £20-30
543.    A Copper Chestnut Roaster, pewter coffee pot, posser, early XX Century cast brass table lamp base, three XIX Century hand coloured engravings, including 'Christ Church and Coal Staith, Leeds', etc:- One Tray £20-30
544.    An Early XX Century Camera, Newman & Guardia Ltd 90-98, Shaftsbury Avenue, London, Kodak Brownie camera, folding Autographie Brownie camera, in a leather case, two pairs of binoculars, etc:- One Box £20-40
545.    Morton Steak Knives, walnut box, stationery rack, etc:- One Tray £15-25
546.    An Early XX Century Set of Salter Improved Balance Scales, trivets, candlesticks, horse brasses, bell, etc:- One Tray £15-25
547.    Shell Nature Studies Calendar Posters, circa 1950's, quantity in tin. £20-30
548.    Royal Spa Sealing Set, circa 1900 in Morocco effect case: a quantity of penknives, four pens, Laxey Wheel ebonised cylindrical rule, metal pencils, etc:- One Tray £30-50
549.    A Zenit Camera, bone dominoes in ebonised box, Chinese cloisonné bowl, brass inkwell, Welsh wedding box, etc:- One Tray £15-25
550.    An Electroplated Twin Handled Tray, loose cutlery, candelabrum, match holder/striker, pepperette, tea service (damages), etc:- Two Trays £15-25
551.    Small Collectables - A large quantity of mother of pearl buttons, studs, etc, small sewing items, umbrella stanhope (damaged), badges, etc:- One Tray £15-25
552.    Vintage 'Clipper' Copper Stair Clips, loose buttons, bobbins, postcards, gilt metal figural table place name holders, oval frame, etc:- One Tray £15-25
553.    Elvis Presley 'King Creole', Ray Charles, Supremes, Ella Fitzgerald, Ricky Nelson and other 45RPM records and 33 RPM's:- One Box £15-25
554.    A Mahogany Cased Metronome de Maelzel of Paris, and a further walnut cased metronome. (2) £20-40
555.    A Mid XX Century 'White Monarch' Set of Balance Scales, with applied label 'William Webb Ltd, to weight 2oz', and a black bakelite cased set of Townson and Mercer Ltd weights. (2) £15-25
556.    An Early XX Century Cast Iron Novelty 'Jolly' Money Bank, paint worn, mounted on mahogany plinth, replaced grille base. £15-25
557.    A Whitefriars Ruby Glass Bucket Vase, 17.5cm high; a brass urn. (2) £15-20
558.    A Pair of Chinese Vases, decorated in blue and white with dragons amongst clouds; a Chinese sleeve vase decorated in blue and white with a dragon amongst flowers and leaves, four character mark to base and an Imari plate. (4) £30-40
559.    A Junghans ATO Mid XX Century Electro Magnetic Clock, Roman numerals. £20-40
560.    An Early XX Century Mantel Clock, the pediment with a carrying handle, brass silvered dial, on a stepped base on bracket and bun feet. £30-50
561.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Cast Brass Novelty Inkwell, modelled with two young boys in period costume, flanking central hinged globe, all on a rusted rug effect pen rest stand. £30-50
562.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Arch Cased Mantel Clock, with Roman numerals to cream dial, 23cm high. £20-30
563.    A County Cigarette Supply Co Vending Cabinet No. 234, circa 1920's (lacking key). £15-25
564.    A 1940's Enfield Brown Bakelite Mantel Clock, domed case, silvered dial, Arabic numerals and two mid XX Century mantel clocks. (3) £30-50
565.    A XIX Century Walnut Box, mortar and pestle. £15-20
566.    A Large Stainless Steel Pedestal Bowl, flared lip, diameter 45.5cm. £10-20
567.    A Silver Mounted Cane, Shalelagh, Oriental cane (reduced) umbrella, etc. (5) £15-25
568.    An Oriental Bronzed Metal Lamp, the base as a male figure, with tasseled beaded shade. £50-70
569.    Two Modern Tinplate Red Buses, including a 1920's open top design 'General', and a No. 52 double decker London bus. (2) £15-25
570.    An Early 1900's Three Drawer Counter Top Apothecary Cabinet, with original ceramic black and white labels (Mullbinden 5 x 5 for example). £40-70
571.    An Early XX Century Brass Oil Lamp, on circular wooden base with clear (overpainted) glass well and later shade; another. (2) £20-30
572.    A XX Century Glazed Pottery Oriental Seat, modelled as an elephant. £15-25
573.    A Victorian Canvas and Leather Top Hat Case, (with key), three circa 1930's shop hat stands and a vintage fan. £40-60
574.    A Parker Chalwyn Three Aspect Roadside/Railway Safety Lamp. £10-20
575.    A Wooden Model 'Mary Rose', on porcelain navette base, limited edition 40/500, and three other wooden model galleons. (4) £15-25
576.    Over Twenty-Five 'Highways and Byways' Country Reference Hardbacks, further country guides, etc:- One Box £30-50
577.    A Toy 'Codeg' Cash Register, in original box, two Mettoy tinplate typewriters in original boxes, plus a 'Gold Baskets' game. £30-40
578.    Cryselco Jewel Reflector Lights, (collectors item only-untested sold for parts); a quantity of mid XX Century Christmas baubles. £20-40
579.    Railway Books, to include Terence Cuneo 'The Mouse and His Master', J.H. Russell 'Great Western Coaches', Rutherford, Hollingsworth, Kichenside:- One Box £40-60
580.    A Holy Bible 1799, four linen backed Ordnance Survey maps, Sutton Farmers year books 1890, 1891, etc. £20-40
581.    Three Sets of Maple & Co Finest Egyptian Cotton Sheets, (unopened) Finlays reinforced sheets, another set. £20-40
582.    Folio Society: The Norton Facsimile - The First Folio of Shakespeare, Mr William Shakespeares Comedies, Histories & Tragedies, second edition 1996 in slipcase, fine; nine further Folio Society books all in slipcases and two other books:- One Box £30-60
583.    A Three Piece Split Cane Fishing Rod, (with cover), and five wooden fly fishing reels, 4½" diameter and smaller. £10-20
584.    A Large Quantity of Vintage Tins:- One Box £15-25
585.    A Quantity of Fur Tippets and Collars etc; 1950's and later sewing patterns, knitting needles and knitting patterns:- One Box £10-20
586.    Apple Interest: IPhone SE 16GB rose gold, sim free (boxed), original IPAD 32GB (wi-fi/sim), original Iphone (requires OS), MacintoshClassic II Computer (circa early 1990's) missing keyboard and mouse (untested sold for parts only), Stylewriter 1200 printer, manuals. £30-50
587.    A Brexton Mid XX Century Picnic Set for Two, four early to mid XX Century light shades. £15-25
588.    A Hexagonal Mottled Glass Ceiling Light, circa 1930's, another circular. (2) £15-25
589.    An Art Deco Chrome Ceiling Light, with frosted glass shades and hexagonal branches. £15-25
590.    Poster "Racing Specials for the National Hunt Meeting at Cheltenham", dated Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 16, 17, 18 March, "Day return £2.50 2nd class, £3.75 1st class from Paddington"; East Prospect of Sheffield Print. (2) £10-20
591.    A Bokhara Style Tasseled Rug, with large hexagonal central motif on a rust red ground, approximately 188cm x 106cm. £20-40
592.    A Chinese Sculptured Wool Rug, foliate decoration within border, 170 x 240cm. £5-15
593.    A Chinese Wool Carpet, with sinuous dragons on a rust red ground, within Greek key border, approximately 370 x 263cm (worn patches). £15-30
594.    A Smirna Synthetic Rug, with allover floral decoration on olive green ground, approximately 326 x 238cm. £10-20
595.    A Triang Dolls Pram, Mobo duck rocker, tricycle. (3) £15-25
596.    Scan Globe of Copenhagen Terrestrial Globe, in original box. £20-30
596A.   A Large Modern Phrenology Head, printed L. N. Fowler, height 43cm. £20-40
597.    A 1930's-40's Freestanding Corner Speaker, in the Art Deco fashion, applied label reads 'Voigt Domestic Horn', serial number 116, Lic. Plate No. 849 and a scratch built 1930's turntable twin deck, fitted with a Collaro Type AC47 and a Garrod turntable mounted on a mahogany plinth and a 1930's oak case fitted with valves and tone/volume dials and 'Milliamperes' dial. (2) £1500-1600
598.    *WITHDRAWN*
A Scratch Built 1930's Turntable Twin Deck, fitted with a Collaro Type AC47 and a Garrod turntable mounted on a mahogany plinth and a 1930's oak case fitted with valves and tone/volume dials and 'Milliamperes' dial. (2) £15-25
599.    Two 1930's Oak Cased Mantel Clocks, 78RPM records, child's vintage dolls pram, angle poise lamp, etc (untested, sold for parts only). £15-25
600.    A XIX Century Marquetry Inlaid Stool, on three turned legs, copper and brass warming pan and other brass ware, Pears print in oak frame in small case. (3) £10-20
601.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Hinged Display Case, glazed lower section, the inner lid with a later reproduction 'Cadbury's Chocolate' label, 33 x 59.5cm, and a scratch built three shelf box. (2) £20-30
602.    A Monarch Childs Pram, together with a wicker laundry basket. (2) £15-25
603.    A Large Cylindrical Twin Handled Storage Vessel, with armorial motif to the fascia, diameter 57cm, woven baskets, trays, etc. £15-25
604.    A Metal Bound Green Painted Hessian Travel Trunk, with wooden latted enforcers to top, front, back and base, twin leather carry handles, complete with inner tray, stamped 'Donnington' to top. £40-60
605.    A Painted Cast Iron Stick/Umbrella Stand, with drip tray. £20-40
606.    Six Suitcases. £15-25
607.    A Mid 1900's Tan Leather Gent's Travel Case, part fitted with razor, soap dish, etc. £20-40
608.    A XIX Century Dome Topped Travel Trunk, with metal mounts, wooden enforcers, twin hat compartments under lid, (no inner tray); a large pottery vase (damages). £40-60
609.    A Pair of Italian Style Pottery Table Lamps, on gilt metal acanthus leaf square bases. £20-40
610.    Scan Globe of Denmark Terrestrial Globe Type 5, in original box. £20-30
611.    A XIX Century Walnut Cased Viennese Wall Clock, with twin weights, cream dial and split Corinthian pillars. £60-80
612.    A 1920's Oak Cased Twin Weight Driven Grandfather Clock, brass dial, Arabic numerals, the hood with plain cornice and barley twist supports, over arched glazed trunk. £80-120
613.    A XIX Century Postman's Clock, with a pink dial, Roman numerals. £20-40
614.    XIX Century Mahogany Onion Top Five Dial Barometer, with hydrometer, temperature, butlers mirror, dial, level. £15-20
615.    A Circa 1900 Mahogany Cased Barometer/Thermometer, by D. Arnoldi of Gloucester, mercury driven with dry/damp aperture and mirror roundel, boxwood stringing. £15-20
616.    A 1920's Oak Grandmother Clock, with an arched hood, silvered dial, trunk with applied decoration, on bracket feet. £30-50
617.    A Circa 1940's GPO 'GR' Wall Clock, Roman numerals, baton markers, with a magneto impulse movement, back plate marked 4A/BK51/5 and with applied handwritten label 'May 1944', in an octagonal mottled brown bakelite case. £40-60
618.    H. R. Camplin, Oil on Canvas, 'Tree Lined Landscape with Barge', signed lower right, 50 x 75cm, further oil studies, colour prints, etc. £10-20
619.    After Terry Gorman Graphite Signed Limited Edition Print, 'Paradise Square', 24/500, in gilt frame, 38.5 x 50cm (image only), and two further signed limited edition prints. (3) £10-20
620.    A Quemby 'Woodland Scene with Distant Vista' Oil on Canvas, signed lower right 37 x 50cm (with tears), in gilt frame. £5-10
621.    Terry Gorman (Sheffield Artist) Watercolour, Cole Brothers with many figures at the entrance of the store, 22 x 14.5cm, signed lower left. £60-80
622.    Jenny Oliver Dick Print, Dutch figures, 17 x 27.5cm, Schonberg silhouette, miniature on board, Japanese watercolour on fabric. (4) £15-25
623.    Terry Gorman (Sheffield Artist) Watercolour, Weston Park University with trams in foreground, 28 x 39.5cm, signed and dated '94. £80-120
624.    British School Oil on Board, castle scene with figures in foreground, 10.5 x 21cm, 'Pin Mill, Ipswich' oil on canvas, monogrammed indistinctly and dated 1910, 29 x 39cm. (2) £30-40
625.    G. Bales Oil on Canvas, still life with ewer and fruit, 45 x 35cm, signed lower right. £30-50
626.    John. C. Brown Oil on Board, Thwaite Village, Upper Swaledale, 61.5 x 74cm, signed lower right. £30-50
627.    A Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print, 'Walkley Winter', 35 of 500, 40 x 53cm, signed P .O. Jones. £30-50
628.    A Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print, 'In Glorious Technicolour', 88 of 500, 40 x 53cm, signed P .O. Jones. £30-50
629.    A Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print, 'Sheaf Street', 393 of 500, 40.5 x 53cm, signed P .O. Jones. £30-40
630.    XIX Century Continental School Oil on Canvas, room interior with seated couple admiring pipe, 25.5 x 21cm. £30-40
631.    Steven Scholes Oil on Board, The Chimney Sweep, 29 x 24cm, signed lower right. £120-180
632.    Steven Scholes Oil on Canvas, a busy early evening city street scene, 39 x 49cm, signed lower right. £150-250
633.    Joseph Oliveri Oil on Canvas, busy Continental street scene, 50 x 60cm, signed lower right. £30-50
634.    Paul Bertram (Sheffield Artist 1872-1929) Pair of Watercolours, depicting woodland scenes, 49 x 34cm, signed. £30-50
634A.   A Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print, 'Coles Corner', 250 of 500, 40 x 53cm, signed P .O. Jones. £30-50
635.    After Paul-Emile Lecomte (1877-1950) Graphite Signed Colour Print, 'Continental Harbour Scene', signed lower right margin, 42 x 53cm, and a George Hann print of a Mediterranean street scene. (2) £15-25
636.    A Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print, 'Railway Station Scene', 40.5 x 67cm, signed P .O. Jones. £30-50
637.    Claude Terray Oil on Canvas, seascape with five gulls, 49.5 x 75cm, signed lower right. £30-50
638.    Peter Rolfe Winter Desolate Farmhouse Scenes, pair of watercolours 19 x 26cm, signed lower right, another Rivelin Valley, Ronald Day 'Orange Rose' oil on card, signed lower right. (4) £15-25
639.    Vic Smith Gouache, 'Landscape Scene in the Yorkshire Dales', signed lower right, 38 x 57cm, and 'Swaledale, Near Healuagh', 25 x 35cm by the same hand. (2) £15-25
640.    Three George Lodge and One Archibald Thorburn Colour Prints of Birds, two others. £10-20
641.    F. North Countryside Scenes, pair of watercolours 22 x 27.5cm Elm Hill, Norwich, oil on board and three others smaller. (6) £15-20
642.    Four B. Mitchell Prints of Birds- wren, goldcrest, kingfisher and a robbin, signed lower right. (4) £15-20
643.    Les Parson Oil on Canvas, two boys by a coastal track, 39 x 49cm, signed lower left. £20-40
644.    Les Parson Oil on Canvas, Watching The Ducks, 39 x 49cm, signed lower right. £20-40
645.    After Thumann Crystoleum, classical scene with painter decorating a vase, 31.5 x 24.5cm, woolwork woodland picture, XIX Century copper half gallon jug. (3) £10-20
646.    Three Chinese Plaques Featuring Pekingese Dogs, each in gilt frame, pus a red carry case. £15-30
647.    A Peter Owen Jones Limited Edition Colour Print, 'The Night Scotsman Passes', 129 of 350, 40 x 61cm, signed P .O. Jones. £30-50
648.    J. J. Morey Three Pen and Ink Drawings, Shipping in Choppy Seas, Rowing on River and Tranquil River Scene, approximately 12 x 21cm, each signed. £10-15
649.    S. R. Fever Watercolour, country hamlet with thatched cottages and church, 26.5 x 43cm, signed lower right, Fred Williams, Staithes, limited edition colour print, 162 of 500, graphite signed. £15-25
650.    George Deakins 'Abstract' Gouache(?) on Board, signed lower left, 60 x 45cm, an artists proof after Z. Williams, an etching (possibly Channock), and two chromolithographs. (5) £15-25
651.    After James Priddy Aquatint, 'Whitby Harbour', graphite signed artist proof, Warwick Galleries blind stamp, 26 x 35cm, and 'Vieussan Shadow' graphite signed limited edition print after M. Wood, 39/475. £15-25
652.    Victor Monkanious? Road to the Beach, Oil on Canvas, 62 x 75cm, signed lower right, details verso, two rectangular wall mirrors. (3) £15-20
653.    A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in moulded gilt frame, 59 x 90cm. £10-20
654.    A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt frame. £15-20
655.    An Atsonea Wall Mirror, with gilt bauble surround. £15-20
656.    A 1920's Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, a gilt framed wall mirror and two others. (4) £10-20
657.    A Gunn Oak Sectional Bookcase, with lift up glazed doors. £40-60
658.    A Cane Framed Swivel Open Armchair, and a cane framed circular glass topped coffee table. (2) £10-20
659.    A Pine Single Bed, with headboard, foot and side rails and a silent night mattress. £20-40
660.    A Modern Rocking Chair, foliate carved bar back, shaped arms. £10-20
661.    A Gent's Late XIX Century Walnut Armchair, with spindle arm supports, upholstered in a green velvet. £15-25
662.    A 1920's Chinoiserie Armchair, with bergere back; green basket work chair. (2) £20-30
663.    A Painted Early XX Century Pot Cupboard, oval mirror and slate top. (3) £15-30
664.    A Pair of Circa 1930's Tub Chairs, in a studded green leatherette on ebonised cabriole legs. £20-40
665.    A Pair of Circa 1930's Tub Chairs, in a studded green leatherette on ebonised cabriole legs. £20-40
666.    A Teak Bed Settee, circa 1970's with shaped arms and tapering tubular legs (frame only). £20-40
667.    A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with snap action on tripod base. £15-25
668.    A Set of Three Early XX Century Mahogany Bedroom Chairs, ladder back armchair with rush seat. (4) £15-25
669.    A Mid XX Century Teak Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, with undershelf, mahogany nest of tables, wine table, standard lamp. (4) £5-10
670.    A Mahogany Double Corner Cupboard, with a dentil cornice, glazed door over cupboard door, on bracket feet. £10-20
671.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with a moulded pediment, three internal shelves. £20-30
672.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Wardrobe, with twin panelled doors, long drawer, plinth base and a mahogany bedside cupboard with square top, cross banded door, chamfered legs. (2) £15-25
673.    An Early XX Century Walnut Wardrobe, with mirrored door over single drawer, together with a matching dressing table. (2) £20-30
674.    A XIX Century Mahogany Towel Rail, with turned rails on small bun feet. £15-20
675.    An Early XX Century Display Cabinet, with stepped pediment and twin glazed doors. £20-40
676.    A Pair of Bedside Tables, each with bamboo effect supports and lower drawer. £15-25
677.    A 1920's Mahogany Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising wardrobe, dressing table and chest of four drawers, all with oxidised octagonal handles. £20-40
678.    1920's Mahogany Triple Wardrobe and Dressing Table. £20-40
679.    A Mid XX Century Oak Bookcase, with glass sliding upper doors. £15-20
680.    A Walnut Occasional table, quarter veneer top with under shelf, having bergere ends on slender cabriole legs, and a Victorian two tier bamboo occasional table. (2) £10-20
681.    An Early XX Century Walnut Mirror Back Sideboard, with two small drawers, over cupboard doors. £15-20
682.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Two Part Bedroom Suite, comprising dressing table with oval shaped top, jewel drawers, base with two small drawers over one long drawer, and washstand with a marble back, cupboard door, two long drawers, on tapering legs. £10-20
683.    A Singer Sewing Machine, Bentwood small child's rocker. (2) £15-20
684.    A 1920's Oak Barley Twist Legged Occasional Table, bentwood chair. (2) £15-25
685.    A Pair of Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Rail Back Bedroom Chairs. £15-20
686.    A 1920's Mahogany Three Tier Folding Cake Stand, together with a pair of similar pedestals. (3) £20-30
687.    A Continental Oak Sideboard, with central drawer and three cupboard doors, 172cm wide. £10-20
688.    Beithcraft Mahogany Tallboy and Chest of Five Drawers, on squat cabriole legs. £20-30
689.    A Stag Chest of Four Long and Three Short Drawers, on bracket feet. £15-25
690.    A Jaycee Oak Drink Cabinet, with linen-fold fall front, over knulled drawer and twin carved doors. £30-50
691.    A XX Century Joined Oak Circular Topped Occasional Table, on splayed ring turned and block stretchered legs; a joined oak seat. (2) £5-10
692.    A 1920's Oak Dressing Table, on turned legs. £15-25
693.    A 1920's Mahogany Chest of Four Drawers, on bracket feet. £15-25
694.    An Oak Nest of Tables, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £10-20
695.    A 1930's Oak Tallboy, with fall front, chrome handles to twin drawers, on heavy turned legs. £20-30
696.    A XX Century Gothic Bookstand, with 3/4 gallery, pierced decoration, on block feet (cut down). £15-20
697.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, single drawer, on turned legs. £20-30
698.    A Pair of XIX Century Corner Chairs, with bobbin decoration, caned seats, united by X stretchers. £30-50
699.    A Golden Oak Chest of Four Drawers. £15-25
700.    A Circa Early XX Century Offering Stand, with triform top (lacking handle) brass gallery and tripod legs, stamped "Hall" to iron swivel under connectors, 60cm high. £30-50
701.    A 1920's Mahogany Chest of Two Short and Two Long Drawers, on short cabriole legs, £15-25
702.    A Mid XX Century Oak Folding Needlework Table, with contents; a Bentwood chair. (2) £15-25
703.    A Gilbert Early XX Century Mahogany Cased Gramophone, with hinged lid, turntable, cupboards doors, on shaped feet. £40-60
704.    A XIX Century Shabby Chic Pembroke Table, with a mahogany top, drop leaves, on painted turned legs. £10-20
705.    An Early XX Century Octagonal Shaped Table; together with a 1920's oak jardiniere stand with a barley twist pedestal and shaped legs. £15-20
706.    An Early XX Century White Painted Washstand, with marble top. £15-25
707.    Two Basket Weave Linen Boxes and Chair, later gilt painted. (3) £20-30
708.    An Oak Dinner Trolley, with two coffee tables, wine table. £10-20
709.    A 1920's Oak Buffet Sideboard, in the Jacobean manner with carved cupboard door (damaged), over twin drawers and lower cupboards. £15-25
710.    A XIX Century Mahogany Stepped Commode, in the Gillows manner on fluted legs. £20-40
711.    A Victorian Painted Pine Chest, fitted with a configuration of short drawers and central cupboard, glass handles and plinth base. £70-100
712.    Late XIX Century Painted Washstand, with a central mirror, shaped supports, base with two long and two short drawers, on a plinth base. £20-30
713.    A 1920's Oak Magazine and Book Stand, oak smokers companion stand. (2) £20-30
714.    A 1920's Oak Dining Room Suite, comprising sideboard, draw leaf table and four chairs, all with heavy fluted legs. £50-80
715.    A 1920's Oak Tea Trolley, with turned corner finials to low gallery, on barley twist supports. £20-30
716.    A Pine Blanket Box, plinth base, with key. £20-30
717.    A XIX Century Ebonised Drop Leaf Table, on turned supports, undershelf with gallery, on splayed feet; together with a 1920's oak drop leaf table, with a swivel top, on barley twist supports. (2) £15-20
718.    A Mahogany Dining Room Suite, comprising table and eight chairs; the table with a shaped top, moulded edge, on cabriole legs, pad feet, (with centre leaf), eight chairs with Queen Ann style central splat, drop in seats, cabriole legs, pad feet. £40-60
719.    A 1920's Oak Draw Leaf Dining Table, with curved corners, fluted cup and cover supports, block feet united by 'H' stretcher. £50-80
720.    A Set of Six 1920's Oak Dining Chairs, having carved rope twist top rails and barley twist supports. £80-120
721.    A XX Century Walnut Cabinet, twin glazed astragal doors, flanking cupboard doors, central long drawer, on cabriole legs. £50-100
722.    An Italian Style Brass Framed Rectangular Coffee Table, with smokey glass top. £20-30
723.    A Reproduction Mahogany Partners Desk, moulded edge over three frieze drawers, reeded corners, and three drawers and cupboard door to each pedestal, on ogee feet. £150-250
724.    A Walnut Bureau, fall front with fitted interior, over two drawers, shaped apron piece and cabriole legs. £15-25
725.    A Walnut Table, with drop leaves, single drawer, cupboard door, on cabriole legs, pad feet. £20-40
726.    A XX Century Old Charm Oak Blanket Box, with an arched and panelled front, on stile feet. £40-60
727.    A 1930's Mahogany Two Drawer Bedside Table, with undershelf. £15-25
728.    A XIX Century Mahogany Fold Over Tea Table, with single drawer (veneer loss) and dressing mirror. £15-20
729.    A XIX Century Painted Pine Chest of Drawers, with two long and two short drawers, on bun feet. £20-40
730.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Sutherland Table, with rail side supports. £10-20
731.    A XIX Century Nursing Chair, with upholstered back and seat, on turned forefront legs. £20-30
732.    A XIX Century Prie Dieu Chair, with a 'T' shaped upholstered back and seat, on rosewood cabriole legs. £15-25
733.    A Mid XX Century Walnut Bureau, with fall front, fitted interior, over three drawers on cabriole legs, having ball and claw feet, retail label E. Burdett, Sheffield. £40-60
734.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Games Table, with a rectangular top, baize interior, on tapering legs; together with a mahogany occasional table on square legs with undershelf. £15-20
735.    A Modern Black Lacquered Nest of Tables, relief decoration of figures in a landscape, gilt highlights, bamboo effect stretchered legs. £30-50
736.    A XIX Century Mahogany and Oak Chest of Four Drawers, on bracket feet, 56cm wide. £30-50
737.    A Mahogany Serpentine Fronted Small Sideboard, with boxwood stringing, five drawers, roll front cupboard door, on tapering legs and spade feet, 92cm wide. £40-80
738.    A XIX Century Pine Stool, with a rectangular top, trestle ends; together with another XIX Century stool. £15-25
739.    A XX Century Chinese Style Red Lacquer Cabinet, twin doors, with floral and bird decoration, brass lock plate, shaped bracket feet. £50-100
739A.   A 1920's Oak Footstool, with a hinged and upholstered top, knulled decoration on bun feet. £10-20
740.    A Pair of Chinese Style Red Lacquer Lamp Tables, with square tops, with bird, floral and all over gilt decoration, on square legs. (2) £40-80
741.    A Set of Four Early XX Century Mahogany Dining Chairs, with shaped top rail, pieced splats, drop in seats, on cabriole legs, pad feet. £20-30
742.    Two Ibex Chairs, and splat back single chair. (3) £15-20
743.    A 1920's Oak Wardrobe, with a central oval mirror, panelled sides, with applied decoration, base with single drawer on stile feet. £20-40
744.    An Oak Fold Over Tea Trolley, together with a Lloyd Loom stool. £15-25
745.    A XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chair, with scroll cresting and pierced oval centre to shaped back, splitting to seat, on cabriole legs. £40-60
746.    A Late Victorian Mahogany Bookcase, moulded cornice over twin glazed doors with adjustable shelving, over two frieze drawers and relief carved cupboard doors. £20-30
747.    A Modern Pine Three Height Bookcase, shaped apron piece over fixed shelves, plinth base, height 122cm. £20-30
748.    Two XIX Century Ash and Elm Wheel Back Chairs, early XIX Century ash carver chair, XIX Century ladder back rush seated chair, two bedroom chairs, mahogany dining chairs. (7) £20-40
749.    A 1920's Mahogany Double Wardrobe, with stepped cornice, mirrored door and single drawer base, a matching six drawer dressing table. £10-20
750.    An Edwardian Mahogany Sutherland Table, with turned supports and pot castors. £15-25
751.    A XIX Century Ash Stool, with an oval top on splayed legs; together with one other XIX Century stool with turned legs. £15-20
752.    A 1920's Oak Barley Twist Standard Lamp, on stepped circular base, with three feet. £20-30
753.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Smokers Armchair, with pad hand rests, spindle supports, pierced centre splat. £50-70
754.    An Early XX Century Oak Bookcase, pediment with knulled decoration, twin glazed doors, on cabriole legs. £20-30
755.    A 1920's Walnut Fold Over Card Table, with undershelf on cabriole legs. £20-30
756.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Bookcase, shaped cornice, twin glazed astragal doors, base, panelled cupboard doors, on a plinth base. £150-250
757.    An Indian Octagonal Topped Hardwood Coffee Table, with star and floral inlay in ebony and brass, labelled 'Arts & Craft Depot, Punjab', 41.5cm high. £30-50
758.    An Early XX Century Walnut Games Table, circular reversible top, baize interior, on cabriole legs, claw and ball feet, united with undershelf. £20-40
759.    A XIX Century Mahogany Carver Chair, with a rectangular bar back, centre rail, shaped arms, drop in seat, turned legs. £25-45
760.    A XIX Century Rosewood Card Table, with a rectangular fold over top, baize interior, quatrefoil base, bun feet. £30-50
761.    An Edwardian Walnut Occasional Table, with turned splayed legs, united by an 'H' stretcher. £20-30