Collectors' Auction with Cameras & Photographic Equipment
on Friday 7th April 2017

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1.      Heavy Glass Magnifier Approx 15cm Diameter, others smaller brass bound £20-40
1A.     Lenses - Vivitar 400mm 1:5.6, 1:3.5- 5.3, Tokina 200mm 1:3.5, 60-300mm 1:4-5.6, Soligor 1:1.8 f=135mm, Sirius 1:40-5.6 f=60-300mm. (6) £40-80
1B.     lenses - Paragon 1:5.6 f = 300mm, 1:8 f =500mm Pentax, Praktica Pentagon 4.5.6/70 - 210, Tamron 1:3:5, 200mm, auto Tamron 1:5.6 f=300mm. (6) £40-80
2.      J. Lancaster & Son, Birmingham, The 1898 Instantograph Patent, mahogany and brass Bellows camera, for L & H Whetter, Arcade, Bristol, together with glass plates. £60-90
3.      Cased Kodak Retinette 235mm Camera, Schneider-Kreuznach F3.5 45mm lens, cased Kodak retinette 1B camera, Reomar Rodenstock F2.8 45mm lens, lens hoods, filters, retinette guide and instruction booklet, cased box Brownie six-20 camera model C, cased Kodak 155x instamatic camera, cased Minolta Vectis 300 IX-Dare APS camera, APS film, boxed medis Rangefinder, Agfatronic 250B flash unit, cased USSR 33T 10x30 lens, Cullman 0741 Monopod. £30-50
4.      A Cased Paillard Bolex H16T, 16mm Cine Camera, fitted with Switar 1:1, 8 F=16mm lens #510817, YVAR 1:1, 8, F=75mm lens, together with a boxed Dallmeyer #559552, 6" F/3.5 telephoto lens, viewfinder with four focal lengths, tripod, shoulder straps and instruction books, all contained in a velvet lined fitted leather case. £100-200
5.      Cased Voigtlander Vitessa 35mm Rangefinder Camera, color-skopar F3.5 50mm lens; together with cased Voightlander Perkeo I camera, Vaskar F4.5 80mm lens, Riviex Hotshoe mounted accessory. £30-50
6.      Nineteen Camera Lenses, including Olympus OM-System F.Zuiko Auto-S 1;1,8 50mm, lens, Mirage auto reflex 1:2,8 135mm lens, (cased). £50-80
7.      A Cased 35mm Camera Outfit, comprising a Praktica Super TL camera, with Edixa auto-focus 1:2.8 F=50 mm lens, a Wirgin Edixa-Mat Kadett reflex camera body, Hanimex telephoto lens 1;6.3, f=400 mm, Soligor wide-angle lens 1:2.8, F=28 mm, and Hanimar auto's lens 1:2.8 £20-40
8.      An Assortment of Camera Lenses, including Minolta E.Rokkor 1:4.5 75mm lens, C.R.T lens copying 4:1 Wray, London. £20-40
9.      Seven Cameras, including cased Rank Mamiya F2.8 40mm Mamiya-Sekkor lens, Vest Pocket camera, Autographic Kodak, Zeiss Ikon Ikophot light meter, Soligor Telephoto lens 1:4 105mm, USSR Jupiter-9 lens 2/85, other photographic equipment, Ernst Leitz Wtzlar Viewfinder. £30-50
10.     Microscope Base C.Baker 4895 London, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Epis 400mm Lens, Carl Zeiss Jena NR.21449 filter (Mess-Farbfilter D), Canon TV zoom lens VSx20 20-100mm 1:2:5, together with other items. £20-40
11.     Cased Miranda F 35mm SLR Camera, S/N 703239 50mm FI.9 lens Auto Miranda S/N 4533955; together with cased Solingor 35mm F3.5 lens S/N 9693992. £20-40
12.     Twelve Cameras, including cased Braun Nurnbers Paxette Camera 1:2,8 45mm lens, Kodak six-20 'Brownie' Junior, Yashica Minster. £20-40
13.     Cased Zeiss Ikon Super Ikonta 530/2 Camera, Tessar 1:4, S, F = 10, 5cm lens, circa mid 1930's. £20-40
14.     A Cased Pair of Byra 10 x 50 Binoculars, a Pentax P30 with Tokiva 70-210mm, a Pentax 50mm, Super Ozecki II f:28mm lens, fitters, camera case, Ronson lighters, pocket knives etc:- One Tray £15-25
15.     Cameras- Ferrania Lince 3, Nikon RF 10, Samsung Digimax 5700, together with Vivitar spotting scope, tripod. £30-50
15A.    A Cased Zeiss Ikon Contarex "Bullseye" Camera, Carl Zeiss 1:1,4 55mm Planar lens, lens hood, Contapol, Skylight filter, Contarex lens catalogue, instruction booklet, Contarex tables booklet, guide, Box. £100-150
16.     A Dallmeyer Ser XIV Projection Lens #248443 F=3 1/4" lacquered brass body with good clear lenses. £50-100
17.     A Dallmeyer Super-six Projection Anastigmat Lens, #247984 F/1.9, F=2 1/4". Black lacquered brass body with good clear lenses. £50-100
18.     A Dallmeyer Super-Six Projection Anastigmat Lens, #247989 F/19, F=2 1/4". Black lacquered brass body with good clear lenses, one slight knock on filter ring. £50-100
19.     Boxed Olive Green Coronet Midget, sub-miniature camera with bakelite body. Box tatty but does have instructions. £30-50
20.     A 1939 Leica 35mm Camera, model IIIa, E. Leitz g.m.b.h. Germany, body serial no. 310312, Summar 5cm fl.2 lens no. 368747, in leather case, with lens hood. £100-150
21.     A 1939 Leica 35mm Camera, model IIIb, E. Leitz g.m.b.h. Germany, body serial. no. 323855, f.2 summar, lens serial. no. 421033, with E.R. case, S.H. lens hood and S.H. Leica cassette. £200-250
22.     Two Cased Minox Subminiature Cameras Complan 1:3, 5 F=15mm Lens, including "B Model" light meter, Minox flash unit attachment, cased Petie subminiature camera. £30-50
23.     A Late XIX Century Folding Camera, marked James Cole patent No. 5374 March 14th 1894, flexible rising and falling front #53. Mahogany and brass construction, bellows appear in very good order; Together with nine assorted glass plate carriers and leather case. £100-200
24.     Rolleiflex T (Type 1) TLR Camera (Serial Number T2121141), leather case, lens caps, viewfinder lens Heidosmat F2.8 75mm (serial number 2465124) Carl Zeiss Tessar F3.5 75mm lens (serial number 1902620), reproduction instructions. £80-120
25.     Cased Pentax Auto 110 Camera 1:2.8 24mm lens (Asahi), together with 1:2.8 18mm lens (Asahi), 1:2.8 70mm (Asahi), Soligor 1.7x Teleconverter, Pentax AF13OP flash unit, Asahi Pentax 110 winder, instruction booklet. £30-50
26.     Cased Super Duplex 120 Dual-Lens Camera, Mid XX Century, it has a pair of ISO Iriar 35mm F3.5 lenses, six shutter speeds from 1/10-1/200 second plus P. (Serial number 3346). £20-40
27.     Vintage Cameras: Kompur Ideal III, Kodak Duaflex, Kodak No. 1A Pocket, Coronet, No. 2 folding automatic Brownie, Kodak box camera, etc:- One Box £40-70
28.     Sixteen Camera Lenses, including cased Schneider-Kreuznach Vario-Curtar 0,75 x Lens, Sigma Zoom 28-105mm 1:3.8-5.6 UC-III. £50-80
29.     Contax 35mm SLR Camera (159mm) Carl Zeiss Planer F1.7 50mm Lens, Contax 35 mm SLR camera (139 Quartz) Yashica ML lens 28mm F2.8, Sigma Mark-I SLR camera Pentacon F1.8 50mm lens. £20-40
30.     Cased Microcord MK II (Micro Precision Products M.P.P) 6X6 TLR Camera, Prontor SVS shutter, four Element Ross Xpres F3.5 77.5mm lens, in need of shutter service. £40-60
31.     Camera Lenses: Sirius Auto Zoom f=80-200mm; Super Cosina 80-200mm; Carl Zeiss Jena Flektogon 2,4/.35; Mirage f=135mm; Carl Zeiss Jena f=135, etc:- One Box £40-60
32.     Part of an Early XX Century Folding Camera, greens 1:3.5 75mm lens, box 1/2 oz microscoal glass circles. gnome achromat 105 mm lens, plus other equipment, lenses etc. £20-40
33.     A Vintage Eastman Kodak Model TB 25 50100 Bellows Camera, the camera body and red bellows in nice condition, the casing a little scuffed, on a tripod with leather case. £20-40
34.     Boxed Olympus OM-D E-M5 Micro Four Thirds M.Zuiko Digital Camera, together with Olympus M.Zuiko ED 12-50mm F3.5-6.3 EZ lens, electronic flash FL-LM2, boxed OM-D power battery holder HLD-6, batteries, charger, strap, lens hood, user manual. £150-200
35.     A Cased Horizon T Russian (USSR) 35mm Panoramic Camera, S/N 6907602 manufactured by KMZ, slight signs of wear noted; together with reproduction 'English' instruction manual and steady mount. £30-50
36.     An 1889 Folding Field Camera by T. T. and H. M. Watson and Sons 313 High Holbourn, with a Zeiss convertible Anastigmatic 16½ lens #3322 Ross of London, and a further W. Watson and Sons 8x5 RP #2985 lens. Together with three mahogany glass plate carriers. £100-200
37.     A Large Cased Tamron Zoom Lens, 200-400 mm 1:63 #391168, M42 fitting, together with a cased sun Japan Tele zoom F:4.5, 110-180 mm lens, M42 #35541, a cased Steinheil Palinar telephoto 1:3:5, F=135mm #ST61303, Bayonet fitting, a Meopta Belar 4.5/50 enlarger lens, #14280 and a greenkat 12 x-40x40 spotting scope. £30-50
38.     Rollei 35 T Camera (Black) Tessar 1:3.5F= 40mm (Serial Number 6352251), Rollei 100XL miniature electronic flash, Yashica Mimy half frame camera Yashinon F2.8 28mm lens, (Serial Number ME4024407), instruction booklet. £30-50
39.     Cased Zeiss Ikon Rangefinder, Zeiss Ikon viewfinder, miniature and precision cameras book by Lipinski, optics by Arthur Cox, Lenwgrad 7 light meter, Wollensak Perfex Velostigmat 50mm F3.5 lens, together with lens elements, filters, Finejar 1:4 43mm lens. £20-40
40.     A Voigtlander Bessa 1 120 Roll Film Folding Camera, together with two Eastman Kodak examples including #2 autographic folding brownie and a further example by Agfa all with cases, with an interesting manual aperture meter. £40-60
41.     A Collection of Lenses and Mack Lantern Parts, including Ross of London 3 1/3" Definex f/4.5, Kodak and Brass Lens mounts. £20-40
42.     Cameras and Accessories: Praktica LTL, Praktica MTL3 (x2) LZ, Canon AV-1, Olympus Trip 35 (x2), Fujica ST-701, STX-1 etc, together with filters, light meters, flash unit, etc:- Two Boxes £30-50
43.     Leica, Fotografie Magazines, late 60s early 70s (approximately 38), photography yearbooks, Watkins brass exposure meter, Wynnes infallible hunter meter, etc :- One Box £15-25
44.     A 'Millionaire' Calculating Machine, by Otto Steiger, rack and pinion, direct multiplication, key set, manufactured in Switzerland (circa 1913-30's), serial number 2930, with applied distributors plaque "Gilbert Wood - Sole Agent for Great Britain. £400-450
44A.    A Special Ltd projector, Siemens line camera Kinecam 16mm projector, Bingoscope 9.5mm projector, reels etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
45.     A Circa 1930's Art Deco Frosted Glass Table Centrepiece, as a seated lady, plus a similar period spelter Art Deco lady figure, holding a fan on a black bakelite little base, 33.5cms high. (2) £20-40
46.     Yellow and Vaseline Twist Glass Light Shade, a cranberry tinted example and two others. (4) £30-50
47.     XIX Century Beige Glass Three Piece Garniture Set, overprinted with flowers in bloom, approximately 36cms high, (one cracked), a similar vase, smaller in white. (4) £30-50
48.     XIX Century Pottery Meat Serving Plate, with blue and white shell design, draining recess, in soft metal base having hot water facility, turned wooden handles and feet. £20-30
49.     The Birds of Dorothy Doughty, seven times limited edition plates, boxed. £10-20
50.     An Art Deco Hallmarked Silver Tazza, Birmingham 1932. £30-50
51.     A Pair of XIX Century Style Staffordshire Figures, Carlton Ware Australian design leaf moulded dish, Foley teacup, saucer, etc:- One Tray £10-20
52.     Two Blue and White Willow Pattern Meat Plates, sauce tureen and boat, Spode Italian circular lidded pot etc. £20-30
53.     Four XIX Century Cranberry Tots, spirit decanters, celery vase etc:- One Tray £20-40
54.     Twelve Wedgwood Collectors Series Plates, from the 'Flower Fairies' series, with certificates, together with cased fish knives and forks, cake knife and baby feeders:- One Tray £20-30
55.     Susie Cooper Coffee Ware, Carlton jam pot, Doulton, Jasper and other trinkets:- One Tray £20-30
56.     A Pair of Early XX Century Coalport Vases, of tapering cylindrical form, with painted reserve of a lakeland mountain scene within a gilt and turquoise enamel beaded panel, green ground, height 12cms, a Wedgwood Jasperware planter and a Royal Doulton 'Dickensware' dish 'Buzfuz' (4):- One Tray £20-30
57.     A Moorcroft Pottery Jug, decorated with the Harvest Poppy design by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks to base. £55-75
58.     Whitefriars Black Tinted Glass Vase, of bucket form having waved ribbed decoration, 25cms high. £20-40
59.     Lladro Matt Pottery Figure of Girl Holding Flowerpot, stamped Daisa 1978 23N, 33cms high. £30-50
60.     A XIX Century Iron Eel Spear. £40-60
61.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Trefoil design by Nicola Slaney, shape 93/8, impressed and painted marks to base. £90-110
62.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Bellahouston design by Emma Bossons, shape 200/8, impressed and painted marks to base. £100-140
63.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Bobbin' Boats design, shape 159/10, numbered edition 43, impressed and painted marks to base. £120-150
64.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Bellahouston design by Emma Bossons, shape 03/4, impressed and painted marks to base. £50-80
65.     Strathearn Twist Glass Table Lamp, having dolphin pontil; an orange bulbous glass vase.(2) £15-25
66.     Midwinter and Carlton Ware Salad Bowls, Doulton character jugs, Japanese condiment set, Aynsley, Sharrat & Simpson Figures:- One Tray £15-25
67.     An Early XX Century Diamond China Tea Service, decorated with gilt and cobalt blue geometric band on a white ground (approximately forty pieces):- One Tray £20-30
68.     Kathleen Burguin Stoneware Teapot, jelly mould, Jasperware jug etc:- One Tray £15-25
69.     Royal Doulton 'Katherine' & Shylock' Plates, coaching scene dish. (2) £15-20
70.     An Early XIX Century Hallmarked Silver Button Hook and Shoe Horn Set, Birmingham 1909, in fitted case. £20-30
71.     Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Pitcher, saltglazed mug with ribbed loop handle and a XIX Century pottery jug with sepia transfer printed scene of hunting dogs and rabbit in landscape. (3) £30-40
72.     A Collection of 1950's and Later Hornsea Pottery, including John Clappison designed Fish spoon rests, slip dotted condiments and bowls, Fauna posy etc:- One Tray £40-60
73.     Wedgwood 'Humming Birds' Charger, vase, dish, cards in box and 'Sarah' trinket. £15-25
74.     XIX Century Staffordshire Pottery Figure of Seated Gentleman, snuff taker toby jug, Dick Turpin and Tom King flatback figures:- One Tray
75.     Cut Glass Decanter, with a silver collar, other decanters, cut glass bowl, cut glass tray etc:- One Tray £10-20
76.     Doulton Tony Weller Character Jug, and John Barleycorn jug , Country Artists and Doulton resin figures, Nao figurine, etc:- One Tray £20-30
77.     Goss Harrogate Tyg, Minton and Foley teaware, Tartanware cauldron, Spode miniature loving cup etc:- One Tray £20-40
78.     Silver Trinket Box, candle snuffers, pewter mugs, etc:- One Tray £20-40
79.     Myott Art Deco Fruit Bowl, Batna jug, Radford jug, Poole '987 EE' vase having stylised floral decoration, 9.5cms high etc:- One Tray £20-40
80.     Two Large Glass Fishing Floats, bound with twine, possibly XIX Century. £20-30
81.     A Blue Glass Vase, of tapering cylindrical form, with engraved decoration of a sailing ship at sea, 25.5cms high, a XIX Century lead crystal dish, a Victorian press moulded basket, goblet etc:- One Tray £15-25
82.     Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Dinner and Teaware, of sixty pieces including twelve dinner and tea plates and cups and saucers, five bowls, milk jug, sugar bowl, oval meat plate, two sandwich plates, three serving dishes and gravy boat and stand. £100-150
83.     Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, beads, necklaces, etc:- One Tray £20-40
84.     XVIII Century Imari Pattern Derby Plate, Masons Ironstone plate, together with one other plate. £5-10
85.     Reproduction Lorna Bailey Bulldog, with a Union Jack on the dogs back. £15-25
86.     Lladro Pottery Cowboy, P. 20 My and Girl Holding Hat, F-16 My. (2) £30-50
87.     L & Sons English Ware Teapot, water jugs, etc, of seven pieces, featuring 'The Jolly Drover':- One Tray £15-20
88.     Pair of German Pottery Tobacco Jars, late circa XIX Century, one as a pipe smoking gentleman, the other as a lady drinking tea, 22x21cm high (damages). £30-50
89.     Peter Tomkins Naturecraft Bassethound, others by Border Fine Arts, and Country Artists, Goebel bird 'CV81 1967' and pottery owl:- One Tray £15-25
90.     A Large Vintage Pond Yacht. £30-50
91.     Shelley 'Melody' Jug, Heathcote and Aynsley teaware:- One Tray £15-25
92.     Bursley Ware China Coffee Cans, saucers (boxed). £15-20
93.     A Late XIX Century Crystal Two Part Pedestal Table Centrepiece, (possibly Waterford) the shallow bowl leaf cut with scalloped border on detachable pedestal with spreading circular base (fracture to bowl). £20-40
94.     Lorna Bailey - Miss Prim the Cat. £15-20
95.     Lorna Bailey - Pawthos the Pusketeer Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-25
96.     Lorna Bailey - Tiny Marmalade the Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-25
97.     Lorna Bailey - Fluffy the Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-25
98.     Lorna Bailey - Busy Bee the Cat. £15-20
99.     Lorna Bailey - Elizabeth the Cat. £15-20
100.    Four Late 1940's/50's Plush Soft Toys - a Pelican, a Bambi, a Squirrel and a Duck. (4) £20-40
101.    Royal Doulton Figure, "Miss Demure" HN1402, Royal Doulton figure "Celeste" HN2237, together with two Royal Worcester figures "Sweet Anne" 3630, "First Dance" 3629 both modelled by F. G. Doughty. (4) £40-60
102.    Sylvac 1514 Elf Bowl, Shelley yellow and gilt tea ware of seventeen pieces, pair of 'Blythe' hexagonal vases. £15-25
103.    Cut Glass Powder Bowls and Scent Bottle, and other glassware, Copelands Grosvenor china cups and saucers, trinkets etc:- One Tray £15-25
104.    Miniature Moorcroft Vase (damaged), stamped Moorcroft on base, frosted glass, animal figures, pair of miniature figures of Alice ADA stamped Peters 88 on base, miniature childs tea service etc:- One Tray £15-20
105.    A Large Cut Lead Crystal Pedestal Bowl, star cut decoration to the bowl and foot, a marbled glass fish, cranberry jar and cover with Mary Gregory white enamel decoration, photo frame, etc:- One Tray £15-25
106.    Early XX Century Dressing Table Trinket Set of Seven Pieces, to include three cornucopia shell lidded jars. £15-20
107.    Doulton Pastoral Scene Jug, floral vase, Worcester Locke & Co. sugar caster and bulbous posy. £20-40
108.    Radfords Fenton Bone China "Poppy" Pattern Tea Service, cup and saucers, plates, bread plates (forty pieces). £30-40
109.    A C.1940's Clarice Cliff for Newport Pottery Drainer Dish, decorated in relief with the 'Fruit Basket' design, black printed mark, impressed no. 934 and a similarly decorated stand for A & J Wilkinsons Ltd. £15-20
110.    A Copper and Brass Art Nouveau Vase, and a Late Georgian Rummer. (2) £20-30
111.    A Royal Worcester Gilt Monogrammed Plate, retailed by Waring & Gillow, Oxford St London, two Wedgwood gilt and blue plates and a further plate painted with flowers and butterflies. (4) £20-30
112.    Crown Ducal Teapot, with inscription "War Against Hitlerism, This Souvenir Teapot was Made for Dyson and Horsfall of Preston to Replace Aluminium Stocks Taken For Allied Armaments 1939", also decorated with flags. £10-20
113.    Mdina Glass Angel Fish, moon flask vase, similar seahorse and spill vase, all in turquoise glass. £20-40
114.    Seventeen Glass Paperweights, symmetrical and caned examples noted:- One Tray £30-50
115.    Duchess China Early XX Century Tea Service, of approximately thirty pieces floral and green banded, with gilt highlights:- One Tray £20-40
116.    Aynsley 'Pembroke' Clock, Spode, Raphael, Hammersley, Doulton and other ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
117.    French Early XX Century Green Irridescent Glass Vase, of conical form, overlaid with white enamel flowers, 9.5cms tall (chipped), Art Deco scent bottle, silver topped spill vases etc:- One Tray £20-40
118.    Nao Figures, Chamberstick girl, Brolly girl, Night light birds, etc. (6) £20-40
119.    XIX Century Mason's Miniature Sugar and Cream, other Mason's and Ironstone table ware:- One Tray £20-30
120.    Two Covered Drug Jars, one stamped "Mourier of Paris", each titled in a part gilt banner "Man: Lacrym" and "Anisum Viridis". (2) £30-50
121.    Royal Copenhagen Vase, featuring shipping scene 3430, figurine 758, ashtrays, trinket dishes, etc:- One Tray £20-40
122.    A 1950's Hornsea Pottery Semi-Gloss Black Panther, possibly Marian Campbell, unmarked. £30-40
123.    Royal Crown Derby Imari Griffin and Lion Candlesticks, both date coded for 1988, lacking stoppers. (2) £30-50
124.    A Pair of Glass Stem Vases, of flattened baluster form, painted cranberry and gilt reserves, with glass prismatic drops, and a Victorian cranberry jug, shallow dish and salt:- One Tray £15-25
125.    Royal Doulton Figure "Salome", HN 3267, limited edition number 71/1000, green printed mark, with certificate. £50-80
126.    Royal Doulton Figure "Blue Beard", HN 2105, green printed mark. £30-50
127.    A Moorcroft Pottery Mug, decorated with the Eglantine design by Rachel Bishop, impressed and painted amrks to base. £50-70
128.    A Moorcroft Preserve Jar, orange lustre with electroplated rim and lid, ball finial, impressed marks to base. £10-20
129.    Mdina Glass, two turquoise glass vases with yellow linear and chevron inclusions, both etched makers name under base, 12 x 12.5cms tall. £20-40
130.    A Silver and Marcasite Brooch, with safety chain; a Marcasite brooch set with green stones. (2) £10-20
131.    Three Royal Doulton China Cats, to include 'Lucky' and HN2579. £30-50
132.    Coalport Miniature Cup and Saucers, Spode miniature cup and saucers, Royal Crown Derby, Derby Roses, miniature cup and saucer and other miniature cup and saucers:- One Tray £25-35
133.    An Art Nouveau Style Blue/Green Irridescent Vase, with raised veined decoration; a Dartington kingfisher blue daisy vase and one other. (3) £30-50
134.    Early XX Century Royal Worcester Pot Pourri Pot, each of the four sections painted with roses, gilt highlighted pierced lid, finial detached, green printed mask, numbered 162, date code for 1909; A Royal Doulton cylindrical vase, painted with sheep amongst rocks. (2) £40-60
135.    Royal Worcester Porcelain Cup, (cracked) and saucer, white jug, 'Kingfisher barrel' and blush-ivory flat-black anniversary jugs. £20-40
136.    Three XIX Century Green Glass Dumps, with flower inclusions (damaged). £20-40
137.    Lladro Figure Group of Ducks, Lladro figure of a boy and a dog. (2) £15-20
138.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, decorated with the Chocolate Cosmos design by Rachel Bishop, shape CL1, impressed and painted marks to base. £80-100
139.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Peacock Parade design by Nicola Slaney, shape 7/3, impressed and painted marks to base. £40-60
140.    A Late Georgian Mahogany Rectangular Breakfast Table, raised on a turned column with four outswept legs with brass caps. £60-100
141.    Moorcroft Heart Shaped Dish, "Clematis" pattern. £20-30
142.    A Circa 1960's Rosenthal Bud Vase, of waisted form with black abstract designs on a yellow ground; together with a Royal Crown Derby Imari Blue Tit, silver stopper. (2) £20-30
143.    New Chelsea 'Woodland' Tea Service, circa 1920's, of forty-one pieces:- One Tray £30-50
144.    Spode Miniature Cup and Saucer, Royal Adderley miniature cup and saucer, Hammersley & Co cup and saucer etc, and other miniature cup and saucers:- One Tray £20-30
145.    An Art Deco Pale Blue Glass Centrepiece, the bowl with geometric frosted panels, with figural centre pierced for flowers. £30-40
146.    Masons Ironstone Jug "Golden Azalea", Wedgwood quartz mantel clock, Wedgwood Jasperware vase, bowl etc:- One Tray £15-20
147.    Beswick Pottery Huntsman, on chestnut horse, together with fox and five hounds. £100-150
148.    A Moorcroft Pottery Plaque, decorated with the 'Jam and Jerusalem' design by Emma Bossons, shape PLQ10, numbered edition, impressed and painted marks to base. £250-280
149.    Crescent China Floral Tea Service, of approximately thirty-seven pieces, circa 1920's, painted No.16615. £15-25
150.    Royal Crown Derby Imari Cat, having gold stopper, four posies trinket trays. £15-25
151.    Meissen Flared Vase, 9.5cms high, another similar, cylindrical, Copenhagen trinkets, Coalport classical bust, handpainted teapot etc:- One Tray £20-30
152.    Mary Gregory Jug, spirit decanter, Christmas vase, other glassware:- One Tray £15-25
153.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, decorated with the Queens Choice design by Emma Bossons, shape CL3, impressed and painted marks to base. £120-150
154.    Aysnley China Ware, mantel clock, vase, bowls, vases etc, all "Cottage Garden", Aynsley ware "Somerset" pattern vase:- One Tray £15-20
155.    Susie Cooper, Wedgwood "Gay Stripes" Coffee Ware, of twenty-one pieces. £30-40
156.    A Royal Doulton Vase, of orange lustre ground, Poole pin dishes of traditional design, Sylvac rabbit and cat, lead crystal vase etc:- One Tray £15-25
157.    Victorian and Early 1900's Etched Glassware, including 'Isle of Man Exhibition 1892', Clough Hall Gardens, Rawson Hotel Bradford:- One Tray £20-30
158.    A Moorcroft Pottery Twin Handled Lidded Box, of square form, decorated with the Queens Choice design by Emma Bossons, shape 243/6, impressed and painted marks to base. £220-260
159.    A Foley China Beaker Commemorating the Glorious Defence and Relief of Mafeking, May 17th 1900 and Major General Baden-Powell "The Pillar of People's Hope"; together with a Foley bone china Commemorative loving cup for the 1953 Coronation (both cracked). (2) £10-20
160.    Venetian Glass Birds, brandy, whisky and other glasses, decanter etc:- One Tray £15-25
161.    Royal Doulton Figure "Officer of the Line", HN 2733, green printed mark. £40-50
162.    Royal Worcester Old Country Ways Figurines, 'The Milkmaid', and 'The Shepherdess' both limited edition, to 9500. £30-40
163.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Lucky Black Cat design by Paul Hilditch, shape 158/6, numbered edition 441, impressed and painted marks to base. £70-100
164.    Lorna Bailey "Hill Street" Jug, and "Bursley Way" vase. (2) £30-40
165.    Royal Copenhagen Figure, of boy holding dog, numbered 422, 17 cms high, B&G figure of crying girl 2246. (2) £30-50
166.    A Peggy Davis Figure "Together We Serve", limited edition number 83/500. £60-80
167.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Phoebe Summer design by Rachel Bishop, shape 7/7, impressed and painted marks to base. £90-110
168.    Beswick Bassett Hound on Plinth, together with owl '2026'. (2) £20-30
169.    Royal Doulton Figure "Mendicant", HN 1365, green printed mark. £30-50
170.    Moorcroft Pottery 'Valley Gardens' Vase, designed by Emma Bossons, 20.5 cms high. £190-210
171.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Forever England design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 226/7, impressed and painted marks to base. £120-150
172.    Royal Doulton Figure "The Centurion", HN 2726, green printed mark. £30-40
173.    Royal Worcester Porcelain Ewer, shape 1094 green backstamp, and patent metallic 15.5cms high. £30-50
174.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Harvest Poppy design by Emma Bossons, shape 393/5, impressed and painted marks to base. £50-70
175.    Royal Doulton Figure "Cavalier", HN 2716, green printed mark. £20-30
176.    A Moorcroft Pottery Twin Handled Vase, decorated with the Trial 'Merry Wives of Windsor' design by Nicola Slaney, shape 5/7, signed in green, impressed and painted marks to base. £220-260
177.    Royal Doulton Figure "Abdullah", HN 2104, green printed mark. £40-60
178.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Blue Geranium design by Kerry Goodwin, shape 72/6, impressed and painted marks to base. £100-140
179.    Royal Doulton Figure "The Captain", HN 2260, green printed mark. £20-30
180.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated with the Phoebe Summer design by Rachel Bishop, shape 3/5, impressed and painted marks to base. £70-90
181.    Goebel Buffalo CW63, Kowa Common Snipe. (2) £20-30
182.    XVIII Century Pottery Cream Jug, finger bowls, Chinese rice bows, terracotta viase, Jadeite dishes (some damages) etc:- One Tray £30-50
183.    Late XIX Century Timepiece, in a pine lacquered case, as a grandfather clock, handpainted with swallows, gilt top and base. £20-40
184.    Early XIX Century Pearlware Blue and White Pottery Teapot, with concentric circles to handle (lid repaired, finial absent). £40-60
185.    XIX Century Cantonese Small Teapot (handle repair), Satsuma pail, carved bamboo brush pots etc:- One Tray £20-30
186.    Japanese Imari Palette Plate, (damaged), blue and white Chinese bowl, teapot, a footed bowl with three figures to rim, ginger jar etc:- One Tray £20-40
187.    An Early XX Century Cloisonné Planter, of bulbous form, decorated with scrolls, stylised flower heads, and mythical beasts, 19cms high. £20-40
188.    A Pair of Oval Cufflinks, with engraved detail, on figure of eight connections; together with assorted costume jewellery including beads, earrings, bangles, diamanté, pill boxes etc:- One Tray £15-20
189.    A Late XIX Century Meissen Vase, globular form tall neck, Augustus Rex (AR) mark to base, ginger jar, a pair of Continental porcelain figurines, Oriental blue and white vases and covers, Wedgwood etc:- One Tray £15-25
190.    A Quantity of Royal Cauldon "Victoria" Pattern Tea and Dinnerwares, including two tureens, meat plates, etc (approximately sixty-five pieces). £25-45
191.    Two Late Victorian Beaded Handbags, hat pins and hair accessories, ring boxes etc:- one Tray £30-40
192.    XIX Century Prattware Figure Group, of couple with interlinked arms, 17cms high (damages), Old Tupton and pair of Spode vases, Shelley bowl, quantity of plates:- One Tray £20-30
193.    A Quantity Of Viners Electroplated Cutlery, an Embassy electroplated three piece tea service and an oval gallery tray. £15-25
194.    Pair of Continental Posy Vases, with hand supports, Limoges trinket set, pug dogs, posy boots etc:- One Tray £20-30
195.    Coalport Age of Elegance Figurines, "On the Balcony", "Matinee Performance", together with Beau Monde "Christine". £20-40
196.    A Duchess 'Spring' China Tea Service, a Poole dolphins vase (painted 84 to base), a pair of marbled green glass urns, Satsuma vase and other ceramics:- One Tray £15-20
197.    Enamel and Other Badges, trinket box, oval waist buckle, thimbles, magnifying glass, caddy spoon, carved wooden box, cockerel, purse clasp, etc:- One Tray

197A.   Enamel and Other Badges, trinket box, oval waist buckle, thimbles, magnifying glass, caddy spoon, carved wooden box, cockerel, purse clasp, etc:- One Tray £20-30
198.    Walker & Hall Four Piece Silver Plated Tea Service, bottle stands, oval tray, tankard:- One Tray £40-60
199.    An Electroplated Twelve Setting of Fish Knives And Forks, engraved scrolled decoration to the blade, silver hallmarked ferrules, ivorine handles, a cased set of six tea knives and a cased set of six Kings pattern berry spoons, gilt bowls. (3) £15-25
200.    A Plated Three Piece Teaset, of semi reeded design, together with other tea ware, two fluted dishes, mugs, pair of salts, paperknife, etc:- One Box £30-50
201.    Diamanté and Other Costume Jewellery, including brooches, necklaces, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £20-40
202.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Paper Knife; together with assorted plated teawares, swing handled dish, jug and sugar bowl on stand, serving spoons, goblet etc. £25-40
203.    A Red Leather Dunhill Wallet, with press stud fastener, brown leather wallet marked "Highland Calf", beige and blue pattern Hermes silk tie, Dunhill gold plated tie pin with retainer in original box. £40-60
204.    An EPNS Circular Cake Basket, with swing handle, toast rack, shell pin tray, napkin ring, candle snuffers etc:- One Tray £20-40
205.    Four Lego Technic Educational Dakta cased Construction sets. One 1031, and three of set 1033 - two with electric motors one with motor missing, however all seem largely complete together with a large quantity (some full sets of twenty) instruction leaflets, and three empty cars £30-50
206.    A Decorative Plated Biscuiteer, with scroll handle and feet, together with assorted cutlery, carving knife and fork, crumb scoop, ladles, plated candelabra, plated three piece teaset. £25-40
207.    Necklaces and Other Costume Jewellery, black jewel case:- One Tray £15-25
208.    Plated Circular Casket, pierced cup holder, kangaroo ornaments, other metalwares:- One Tray £15-25
209.    Assorted Plated Ware, including oval entree dish, three piece plated teaset, pair of twin branch candelabra, sugar scuttle, oval tray, etc. £25-40
210.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Brush and Comb, in original box; together with two pairs of plated spoons and two hip flasks. £20-30
211.    A Quantity of Britains Farm Vehicles and accessories, including Mercedes tractor, Land Rover with trailer, Massey Ferguson combine harvester, Unimog, trailers, Bailer with Bales, tractor, drawn implements and building parts, all play worn.
212.    NAO and Chinese Figured,palmistry hand, L and M of Canada Eskimo dish etc:- One Tray £15-25
213.    Gianni Sabatini, Slazenger, Time and six other wristwatches and Quartz bedside clock. £20-30
214.    Electroplated Oval and Circular Gallery trays, circa 1900 teapot, cased and loose cutlery, bon-bon dish, etc. £8-12
215.    A Hallmarked Silver Backed Part Dressing Table Set, each allover detailed in relief, including trinket box and scent bottle:- One Tray £40-60
216.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, brooches, 9ct gold and other rings, filigree bangle, etc:- One Tray £20-30
217.    Pair of White Metal Candlesticks, of Rococo style, 22cms high. £20-40
218.    A Walker & Hall Silver Plated Four Piece Teaset, numbered 53722. (4) £60-80
219.    A Pair of Decorative Plated Candlesticks, each with acanthus leaf scroll detail, on rounded square base, 33cms high; together with a smaller pair of candlesticks, each of circular design. (2) £50-80
220.    An Electroplated Four Piece Tea Service, semi lobed decoration, ebonised spur capped handles and finial, caster, twin oval gallery trays etc. £15-25
221.    A Noritake Plated Canteen of Cutlery, stamped "Esperanza", in fitted case. £30-50
222.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, in a fitted case, together with cased and boxed cutlery and an oval plated swing handled dish, on oval pedestal base. £20-30
223.    Three Cased Sets of Plated Cutlery, each in fitted case. (3) £40-60
224.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including hardstone and other bead necklaces, "Siam Sterling" brooch and clip earrings, hardstone inset clover leaf brooch, lace fan etc:- One Tray £30-50
225.    A 'Railway' Pocket Watch, other watches, advertising penknives, horn whistle etc:- One Tray £20-30
226.    Penknives - Richards, Briers, Harrison, Guinness, Horn etc. (12) £20-30
227.    Two Oval Entree Dishes, cake comport, Manco butter dish, XIX Century coaster, Dixon's crumb tray etc:- One Tray £20-30
228.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Brooches, including dogs, imitation cameo, etc:- One Tray £20-40
229.    Silver Plate on Copper Four Piece Tea Service, chocolate pots, Dixon's coffee pot and water jug, jam globe, shaped tray. £30-40
230.    Ingersoll and Other Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, pocketwatches etc (damages):- One Tray £15-25
231.    Silver Sugar Tongs, two silver dessert knives with mother of pearl handles, six 42 Sola 9c spoons, grape scissors, other cutlery, instanta cigarette case, Ronson lighter. £30-40
232.    Plated Three Piece Tea Service, pierced basket and comport, silver topped glass tidy jar, cutlery etc:- One Tray £30-40
233.    Swarovski Heart Shape Pendant, in original box, "925" matching bracelet and necklace, a brooch, earrings, imitation pearls etc:- One Box £20-30
234.    Six Silver Teaspoons in Case, mother of pearl handled dessert cutlery (incomplete), other cutlery and drawer. £30-50
235.    Assorted Plated Ware, including trays, teaset, cruets, decorative jug, sugar scuttles, boxed sugar and cream jug set, fish knives and forks etc:- One Box £25-40
236.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including diamante and other necklaces, cameo and other brooches, wristwatch, earrings, "Pray for us" and other charm pendants, bullet pendant etc:- One Box £20-40
237.    A Modern Wristwatch Storage Case, fitted for six wristwatches, together with a smaller display case, with see through hinged lid, fitted for five wristwatches. £10-20
238.    A Pair of Scottish Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Sugar Tongs, together with a set of six plated goblets, fish knives and forks etc. £20-30
239.    A Quantity of Serrated Edge Bread Knives, many J.H. Thompson, with original boxes:- One Box £20-30
240.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Backed Three Piece Dressing Table Set, each with engraved foliate detail; together with a "Tiffany & Co Handcrafted Pewter" circular trinket box. (4) £30-40
241.    XIX Century Plated Teapot, with leaf capped scroll handle and foliate border, raised on circular pedestal base; together with a plated three piece teaset, twin handled sugar bowl, spoon, etc:- One Tray £30-50
242.    Plated Twelve Teaspoons, sugar nips (boxed), pair of plated berry spoons, cake knife, cased fruit knives, teaspoons. (5) £20-40
243.    Plated Three Piece Tea Service, having gadrooned lower bodies; a similar coffee pot. (4) £20-30
244.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads , chains, earrings, bangle, brooches, wristwatches etc:- One Box £20-30
245.    Hallmarked Silver and Blue Enamel Part Dressing Table Set, (damages), matching powder bowl, manicure stand (one piece missing), modern brush and mirror, etc. £30-50
246.    Silver Topped Scent Bottle, picture frame and other dressing table ware:- One Tray £30-50
247.    A Set of Six British Hallmark Silver Coffee Spoons, in original fitted case, a pair of hallmarked silver vases, (damages), plated cutlery, including knives, forks, mugs, etc. £20-40
248.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, together with decorative water jug, pair of plated vases, three piece teaset, swing handled dish, crumb scoop, etc:- One Tray £25-35
249.    Bulova, Seiko, Rotary, Lucerne de Luxe and other wristwatches, Empire pocket watch, Cubisco map milometer, in green box. £20-30
250.    A Bone Handled Three Piece Carving Set, by R.F. Moseley Ltd., cased; plus two sets of cased EPNS fish servers. (3) £20-30
251.    Mappin & Webb Egg Coddler, of ovoid form, over burner (replating required); U.S.A. coffee percolator. (2) £15-25
252.    A XIX Century Cross Pendant, open heart and other brooches, beads, etc, contained in an old jewellery box. £30-50
253.    Two Hallmarked Silver Wine Bottle Drip Catchers, a silver plated "Sphera" and wine bottle cork/drip stopper. £20-30
254.    Smith Seymour of Sheffield Kings Pattern Cutlery, of sixty two pieces in canteen. £30-50
255.    A Large Abstract Pendant, of stylised mask design below scroll mount with applied bead detail, stamped "Mexico". £20-30
256.    Rectangular Pendant, oval set to the centre on belcher link chain, large oval link choker necklace with T-bar and loop fastener with two hearts hanging, and a silver bar pendant on curb link chain. Together with three strand ball and curb link necklet with T-bar and silver "Links of London" oval ring fastener, with tassel pendant. £40-60
257.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Hardstone Inset Brooches, XIX Century hand brooch, etc. £20-30
258.    Hallmarked Silver St. Christopher Pendant, Trifari leaf bracelet and similar necklace, costume brooches, Mabel brooch. £10-15
259.    Ola Marie Gorie; A Modern Hallmarked Silver Brooch, of openwork circle design, stamped "OMG"; together with three further brooches, stamped "925". (4) £40-60
260.    An Art Nouveau Style Marcasite Set Pendant, on a chain, together with a marcasite set owl pendant/brooch, a mother of pearl inset brooch, marcasite set necklace etc. £20-40
261.    XIX Century Jet and Other Panel Links, brooches, etc:- One Box £20-40
262.    Micromosaic and Other Brooches, part chain, etc. £20-40
263.    A Large Oval Locket Pendant, stamped "Thailand 925", on a chain, together with three further locket pendants. £20-30
264.    Openwork Butterfly Brooch, together with hardstone inset and other brooches, polished hardstone and other bead necklaces, etc:- One Box £30-40
265.    A Mabe Pearl Drop Pendant, stamped "K18", on chain stamped "K18"; together with a long imitation pearl necklace and a brooch. £60-80
266.    Banded Agate Style Graduated Bead Necklace, further beads, mother of pearl buckle, banded agate panels, etc. £20-30
267.    An Art Deco Style Dragonfly Brooch, oval cabochon set to the centre, between enamel and marcasite set wings, stamped "925". £30-40
268.    A Modern Brooch, of stylised design, stamped "Chr Dior"; together with a star pendant, highlighted in red, "Dior" to the centre, on a chain. £40-60
269.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Bangles, a gatelink style bracelet and a curblink bracelet to heart shape padlock clasp. £30-40
270.    St.Justin Pewter Brooch, of stylised horse design, an oval cameo brooch, modern amber inset bangle, stamped "925", imitation pearls, earrings, brooches, etc. £30-40
271.    Hallmarked Silver Bangles, part chains, earrings, etc. £15-25
272.    A Modern Shell Inset Necklace, graduated oval collet set, together with similar earrings, a novelty spider brooch, highlighted in black, turquoise inset earrings stamped "Mexico", etc. £30-40
273.    XIX Century Black Bead Necklace, of faceted design, coral necklace, polished beads, etc. £20-40
274.    A Hallmarked Silver Mizpah Brooch, heart shape and other pendants, Eiffel Tower souvenir stanhope/letter opener, souvenir comb, medallion and other pendants etc, contained in a wooden box. £20-30
275.    A Siam Sterling brooch, star design to centre, marcasite set bracelet, sliding pencil, brooches with circular locket stamped "9ct Back and Front" oval small small photo frame micromosaic, yellow and blue flower design, WWII sweetheart pendant etc, contained in a jewellery box.
276.    A Diamond Cluster Ring, of oval design set with single cut stones, stamped "18ct". £150-200
277.    A Modern 9ct Gold Cluster Ring, claw set, together with another ring and three dress rings. (5) £20-40
278.    A Wide Patterned Band, together with a 9ct gold eternity style band, and another ring. (3) £100-150
279.    A Single Stone Ring, stamped "PLAT"; together with a three stone stone ring stamped "18ct". (2) £70-100
280.    A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Cluster Ring, of flowerhead design claw set, stamped ".50". £70-100
281.    An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring, graduated claw set. £100-150
282.    An 18ct Gold Ring, (one stone missing) together with two eternity bands, and a J TRACO ring watch. (4) £70-100
283.    An 18ct Gold Gent's Ring Mount, of shield shape (lacking stone), in a ring box. £60-80
284.    A Graduated Belcher Link Albert Chain, stamped "9c", to double swivel type clasps, suspending T-bar, stamped "9c". £150-200
285.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, of marquise design. £30-50
286.    Studio Ring Stamped 'TH & Sil', shilling ring and turquoise stone ring stamped 925 (3) £20-30
287.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Ring, of belt and buckle design with engraved decoration. £50-70
288.    A Gate Link Style Bracelet, to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp. £20-30
289.    A Fancy Link Albert Chain, stamped "9c" suspending T-bar and swivel pendant. £60-80
290.    XIX Century Black And White Enamel Disc Brooch, bearing raised gilt symmetrical cross, 4.3cm diameter. £20-40
291.    A 9ct Gold ROAB Medallion Pendant, the reverse engraved "This Order of Merit and Honour of Knighthood was conferred upon Bro. Albert Wm Hayden C.P. by the members of the Kitchener Lodge 1704 as a mark of respect for services in the cause of Buffaloism and their regard for him as a man and bro May 29th 1924", suspended on ribbon with pin mount "March 13th 1907". £100-150
292.    A 9ct Gold RAOB Medallion Pendant, "Palma Non Sine Pulvere", inscribed to the reverse "This Roll of Honor Was Conferred upon Bro Albt W. Hayden K.O.M. by the Members of the Kitchener Lge No. 1704 23 Jan 1930 As a token of Esteem & Regard for his services in the Cause of Buffaloism", suspended on ribbon with pin mount "Roll of Honor". £200-250
293.    A Collection of Assorted "375" and Other Earrings, including Celtic cross style, three colour twisted hoops etc. £40-60
294.    A Large XIX Century Brooch, of openwork scroll design, oval collet set, suspending collet set drop. £40-60
295.    A 9ct Gold Bracelet (damaged), a heart shape pendant, hoop earrings etc. £40-50
296.    A 9ct Gold Chain, (damaged) together with another chain and assorted earrings. £80-120
297.    A Modern Ring Mount, (lacking central stone) with inset detail and textured shoulders, stamped "10k"; together with an oval shell carved cameo brooch and a curb link chain stamped "925". (3) £60-80
298.    A XIX Century Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, collet set; together with a large single stone brooch, collet set within scroll border. (2) £30-50
299.    An Art Nouveau Style Brooch, of openwork foliate design, stamped makers mark "F.S.B"; together with an openwork pendant, an oval locket pendant and assorted chains, etc. £30-50
300.    9ct Gold and Other Locket Pendants, together with two chains. £70-100
301.    A XIX Century Hardstone Panel Brooch, collet set within bead applied border; together with a XIX Century citrine inset brooch, oval collet set to the centre within scroll border. £25-35
302.    A South African Shovel and Pick Ave Brooch, with gold "nugget" detail, stamped "18ct", in original "H. Wolfe Cape Twon" fitted case. £70-100
303.    A Sapphire and Ruby Inset Cross Pendant, stamped "9K", on a chain; together with a small oval locket pendant on box link chain. £70-100
304.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant, of openwork design stamped "9ct", figaro link necklet. £50-80
305.    A 15ct Gold Bangle, with star set detail, hinged to snap clasp. £100-150
306.    A Pearl and Diamond Chip Set Bar Brooch, together with a 9ct gold oval shell carved cameo brooch. (2) £50-80
307.    A 9ct Gold Ropetwist Chain; together with a rectangular panel pendant on a chain. £100-150
308.    A Pique Work Pendant, brooches, heart shape locket pendant, stickpins, etc (damages). £30-50
309.    A Set of Three Gent's Dress Studs, a part chain, stock type pins, etc. £20-30
310.    A Signet Ring Mount, (lacking stone), together with a pendant mount (lacking stone), bar and other brooches, Charles Horner enamel pendant (lacking enamel/chain/damages), etc. £40-60
311.    A Polished Green Hardstone Bead Necklace, of uniform design. £50-80
312.    An 18ct Gold Wedding Band, together with further rings, bangle, wristwatch, etc. (9) £30-50
313.    A 9ct Gold Bow Brooch, suspending swivel clasp; together with an umbrella brooch and a single stone inset brooch (damages). (3) £40-60
314.    Three 9ct Gold Rings, together with a "Mum" ring. £50-80
315.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending numerous charm pendants. £15-25
316.    XIX Century and Later Locket Pendants, serpent bracelet, etc . £25-40
317.    A 9ct Gold Bracelet, together with a curb link bracelet and another (damaged). (3) £80-100
318.    A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, of marquise shape, collet set to the centre; together with a single stone ring, and another stamped "375". (3) £80-100
319.    "9ct Metal Core" and Another Bangle, stickpins, bar brooches, large oval panel pendant, stamped "9ct", locket back brooch etc. £30-50
320.    Gent's Signet Style Rings, studio style and other rings. (10) £20-30
321.    Two 9ct Gold Circular Coin Pendant Mounts, a bangle (broken), wristwatch bracelet, chains, earrings, etc. £60-80
322.    An Amber Graduated Bead Necklace, together with a faceted bead necklace and an amber pendant on chain. £70-100
323.    A Modern Amber Set Bracelet, composed of six shaped links collet set, to snap clasp, stamped "800"; together with amber and other pendants, dress ring etc. £30-40
324.    Curb Link Albert Chains, cowboy tie slides, cross pendant, etc. £20-40
325.    A Collection of Assorted "925" and Other Rings, including "Mexico Taxco", Wedgwood Jasperware, marcasite, hardstone inset etc. £30-50
326.    Hallmarked Silver and Other Pendants, and chains. £20-30
327.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, including coins etc. £30-40
328.    "925" and Other Rings, enamel Golly badge, large oval shell carved cameo brooch, further cameo brooch, panel bracelet etc. £30-40
329.    Ruskin Style Ceramic Inset Brooch, of Art Nouveau design, (lacking pin), together with Scottish hardstone inset brooch (damages), "Tillie", "Meggie", souvenir and other brooches. £30-50
329A.   9ct Stamped Oval Locket, and brooch ( damaged ), fine chain and engraved locket. £40-60
329B.   Silver Identity Bracelets, Italian heavy chain link bracelet. £25-30
330.    A Graduated Single Strand Amber Bead Necklace, further beads:- One Box £20-40
331.    Two Chinese Mineral Bangles £10-20
332.    A Hallmarked Silver Upper Arm Style Bangle, of plain design. £20-30
333.    Assorted Hardstone and Other Inset Pendants, and collection of chains. £20-40
334.    Predator Modern Gent's Wristwatch, together with a Seiko French/English day/date gent's wristwatch and a Next gent's wristwatch. (3) £20-40
335.    A Continental Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals, and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case; together with an identity bracelet. £20-30
336.    Unlisted; A Kenneth Cole Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed black dial with baton markers and Arabic numerals, on black rubber strap, in original box. £20-30
337.    Royal Marines Bradford Exchange Modern Gents Wristwatch, limited edition 2431/4999, in original box with related paperwork. £60-80
338.    "Mallard 70th Anniversary 1938-2008 World Speed Record" Limited Edition Gents Wristwatch, in original box with related paperwork. £60-80
339.    M.Johansson; A Large Modern Gent's Automatic Wristwatch, the signed black dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary dials, within 57mm case, in original box. £60-80
340.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the case inscribed "Mrs Readman from Burngreave W.L.A after 12 years as Secretary Sept 8th 1914", on bracelet stamped "9ct".
341.    Constantin Weisz; A Modern Gent's Automatic Wristwatch, Ref: 11Q155CW, on black leather strap. £40-60
342.    Animal Gent's Wristwatch, Ref: W004, on black rubber strap. £15-20
343.    Waltham; A Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black and red Arabic numerals, within monogrammed case; together with a miniature single blade folding knife, pocketwatch key, etc. £15-25
344.    A Continental Cased Ladies Half Hunter Fob Watch, the white dial with black Roman numerals, the movement detailed "No.646037 Examined by J.W.Benson 62 & 64 Ludgate Hill London Watch Marker by Warrants to the Queen & The Prince of Wales", the case highlighted in pink enamel; together with a chain. £25-40
345.    A Decorative Continental Cased Ladies Fob Watch, the gilt highlighted dial with black Roman numerals, within allover engraved case, stamped "0.935. £30-40
346.    A Gent's Pocketwatch, back outer casing stamped "9ct", white enamel dial, Roman numerals, and a Continental ladies pocketwatch. (2) £30-50
347.    Summit, Sekonda and Other Gent's Wristwatches, two pairs of gent's cufflinks and two tie pins. £15-25
348.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch Head, (lacking strap), together with another, the case stamped "585", and a gold plated cased ladies wristwatch. (4) £30-50
349.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the AVIA signed dial with Arabic numerals and baton markers, integral bracelet. £50-80
350.    Three Hallmarked Silver Gent's Pocketwatches, each with subsidiary seconds dial and Roman numerals, one glass face missing. (3) £40-70
351.    Chronometre Strembel; A Continental Pocketwatch; together with a hallmarked silver cased openface pocketwatch, another example, a bangle etc. £20-40
352.    Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and subsidiary seconds dial; together with a ladies wristwatch, (damages). (2) £40-60
353.    A Ladies Fob Watch, the gilt highlighted dial with with burgundy Arabic numerals, within engraved case, stamped "14K"; together with a gold plated cased openface pocketwatch (lacking glass). (2) £60-80
354.    A 9ct Gold Cigar Cutter, allover engine turned, with suspension loop; together with a leather cigar case. (2) £60-80
355.    Three Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatches, each with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case. (3) £50-80
356.    J.W.Benson London; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, together with another hallmarked silver cased openface pocketwatch. (2) £30-50
357.    Ingersoll and Other Openface Pocketwatches, chains etc. £10-15
358.    Gold Plated Pocket Watch, silver watch cases, SYD wristwatch, mother of pearl cased example etc in morocco jewel case. £30-50
359.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the engraved dial with Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial; together with two fob watches. (3)
360.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Wooden Photograph Frame, (damages) on easel back; together with two button hooks and a shoe horn. (4) £20-40
361.    White Metal Oval Bon Bon Dish, the oval and pierced embossed border decorated with figures, complete with wire twist handle, 17.5cms wide. £30-50
362.    A Pair of Decorative Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, each allover detailed in relief, 9.5cms high. (2) £25-40
363.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, H Bros, Birmingham 1990, allover engine turned with presentation inscription "Presented to Dorothy Beck by your colleagues at Lucas in appreciation of Forty years Valuable Service 1990", 20.5cms inside. £40-60
364.    A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard, London 1847, of octagonal form, geometric openwork detail with scroll handle and blue glass liner; together with a hallmarked silver fiddle pattern spoon, crested £70-90
365.    Middle Eastern White Metal Cigarette/Trinket Box, all-over symmetrical and floral engraving, gilt interior, stamped under base. £40-60
366.    Silver Tankard by Mappin & Webb, London & Sheffield, Sheffield 1950 hallmark. £20-40
367.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Miniature Book of Common Prayer, detailed with cherubs heads; together with another miniature book. (2) £15-20
368.    "The Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Ltd" Oval Shareholders Disc, in nickel, stamped '316'. £20-40
369.    1914-1918 Medal to 2819 DVR.F.Cuckson R.E (no ribbon), and war Civilstation medal to the same. (2) £15-20
370.    A "Monaco-Roulette" Clockwork Game, in pocketwatch case with top wind movement (glass cracked). £30-50
371.    Silver Cigarette Case, Yard-O-Led silver pencil, German enamelled Managgio souvenir spoon, two others. £20-40
372.    A Hallmarked Silver Pedestal Bowl, engraved "Brass Challenge Vase 1936-7", on socle base; together with a rectangular photograph frame, military issue Bosons style whistle, coins, watch chain and St. Johns Ambulance medallion, page marker, etc. £20-30
373.    XIX Century Ebonised Snuff Box With Tortoiseshell Inset To Hinged Lid, another featuring king and advisers (2) £20-30
374.    Mother Of Pearl Handled Manicure / Needlework Set, silver thimble in claret Morocco case £20-30
375.    A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, crested and engraved "Britannia Monarch Northampton Imperieuse Houre Volage", further napkin rings, trinket boxes, buttons, page marker with bear surmount, etc. £20-30
376.    Saynor Single Blade Budding Type Knife, with ivory handle; together with a corn knife and a two blade folding knife. (3) £30-50
377.    A Hallmarked Silver Model of a Hedgehog, (filled), together with a hallmarked silver napkin ring, of openwork scroll design and a hallmarked silver bangle. (3) £20-40
378.    A XIX Century Ivory Paper Knife, with folding quill blade; together with another example and a fixed blade ivory handled quill knife. (3) £40-60
379.    Newton Sheffield Two Blade Folding Pocket Knife; together with a Newton three blade example. (2) £25-40
380.    Firth Stainless Two Blade Folding Pocket Knife, with mother of pearl scales; together with a J. Fenton & Sons example. (2) £30-50
381.    USA One Dollar, 1886; Bailiwick of Guernsey ten shillings coins, commemorative etc. £20-30
382.    Taylors Eye Witness Two Blade Folding Knife; together with a two blade folding knife and another with corkscrew and pick. (3) £30-50
383.    A. J. Jordan Two Blade Folding Pocket Knife, with file and mother of pearl scales; together with an Ibberson two blade folding pocket knife, with engine turned scales. (2) £30-50
384.    Penknives, (twenty-four), to include ivorine, stainless steel examples - Newton, Harrison Fisher, Thompson of Sheffield. £30-40
385.    Gold Plated Longettes, green Bakelite cased manicure set, pen, wooden pendants, etc £20-30
386.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, initialled, banknotes, Zippo lighter, and a Russian icon. £20-30
387.    Ten Penknives with Stag and Wooden Handles to include - Thompson, Allen, Turner of Sheffield. £20-40
388.    Penknives - Richards, Rogers, Kaysor, Stag etc. (19) £20-30
389.    Advertising Penknives - Guinness, Lund of Blyth, B4 Any, Double Diamond. (14) £20-30
390.    A Silver 'Thistle' Seal, Chester 1923(?), with amethyst terminal, an electroplated 'crown top' vesta case, a Victorian 'whistle' mug, 10 shilling note and three silver hallmarked Order of The Buffalo medallions on ribbon:- One Tray £30-40
391.    XX Century Black Lacquered Snuff Box, vulcanite and Punch vesta cases etc. £20-30
392.    Silver Kigu Compact, having engine turned decoration, Stratton compact, silver mounted 1887 shilling in silver chain. £30-40
393.    Approximately Thirty-Eight Mottled Bakelite Pens, eleven unopened boxes of metal STHB Fleetwing nibs. £40-80
394.    Parker Two Piece Pen and Biro Set, in case. £40-60
395.    A Small Two Blade Folding Knife, with button hook, pick and mother of pearl scales. £20-30
396.    Eight silver topped glass pepperets. £15-25
397.    Winstanley Charity Cup 1911 Bearing Preston Lamb, Gloops, & Life guard badges all in silver. masj. Hat Brooch, swimming medal (5) £15-25
398.    A Large Collection of Assorted Hallmarked Silver and Hallmarked Silver Gilt RAOB Medallion Pendants, all to A. Hayden, including "President", "Secretary", all on ribbon suspension, together with some gilt metal medallion pendants, cutthroat razor, etc. £100-150
399.    Staonal Crayons, Staedtler Pencils, penholders, staples etc. original boxes noted:- One Box £30-40
400.    A Quantity of Damask Tablecloths, etc and box. £15-25
401.    Vintage Ephemera, including 1930's Spanish Theatre posters, Walt Disney books, quiz books etc:- One Box £15-20
402.    Cameras- Polaroid Land Camera, Halina, Konica, Kodak, Atari Basketball, Space Invaders 1978, Golf 1980, Astroid's Yars'Revenge 1981 and others, and paddles, Praktica binoculars, Fowler's calculator. £30-40
403.    Three Large Lever Arch Files of Mounted Matchbox Labels, mid XX Century including Watneys Red, Dodo, England's Glory plus mounted cigarette packets including Senior Service, Players Navy Cut. £10-20
404.    Pair of Open Barleytwist Candlesticks, 36cms high, black painted military hat tin and case. £30-40
405.    Cottons, Linens, Needlework and Accessories:- One Box £15-25
406.    An Interesting Collection of Early and Later XX Century Theatre Programmes, including 'Stoll Attractions', 'Theatre Royal', 'Goldern Green Hippodrome', 1958 coliseum (with signatures), Westminster theatre, 'Vic Oliver' conductor signed programme etc:- One Box £30-50
407.    Circa Mid XX Century Needlework and Knitting Accessories, including needles, cottons, patterns, instruction books etc, and a quantity of embroided and other linens:- One Box £20-40
408.    Three Master Djembe African Drum, two with carved stylised decoration to the base, all in need of re-skinning, (together with an instructional dvd). (4) £30-50
409.    Five African Djembe Carved Drums, all varying sizes (one with soft protective carry case). (5) £40-60
410.    Three African Doum Doum (Dum Dum) Drums, all graduating in size (60, 47, and 45cms high). (3) £30-50
411.    Two African 'Kambala' Kpanlogo Drums, carved wooden bodies with taught stringed skins, 66 and 68cms high. £30-50
412.    Three African Doum Doum (Dum Dum) Drums, all graduating in size (60, 52, and 41cms high). (3) £30-50
413.    An Aluminium Darbuka Egyptian Drum, embossed decoration of stylised floral motifs, with a Stagg skin, 37cms high, a further drum and drumsticks. £15-25
414.    A Quantity of Pen Nibs, many Wm. Mitchell Pedigree Fleetwing, Joseph Gillott's. £30-40
415.    Boxed Ink Pens, with gold nibs, to include 'Cub', 'Cadet' Stephens 106, Conway Stewart, Swan. (10) £40-60
416.    HEUBACH KOPPELSDORF German Pot Headed Doll- dolls, leather gloves, shoes and slippers. £20-30
417.    Gilt Metal and Mother of Pearl Shell Decorated Desk Bell, compact, watch, bakelite photo frame etc:- One Tray £20-40
418.    Beadwork Ladies Evening Bag, brass knight, carved wooden box, gilt dressing table set etc:- One Tray £15-25
419.    A Small Quantity of Items by "Milbro" of Sheffield, including chess set, fishing reel, bait press x 2, microscope. £15-25
420.    Spectacles, Rabone folding ruler, scissors, coal inkwell etc. £15-25
421.    B.D.V. Silks Regiments, flags, cigarette and trade cards, Sheffield Independent Art Portfolio of War Leaders:- One Box £20-30
422.    XIX Century Pewter Plates, jug, pounce pot etc, brass octagonal tobacco jar with lion mask top, brass snuff box with bulldog to lid etc:- One Tray £20-30
423.    Sycamore Bowl, another in ash, iron tobacco jar, XIX Century boat shaped trinket box etc:- One Tray £20-40
424.    Quantity of Knives, to include William Rodgers, Thompson, Wadsworth, Wade and Butcher. (23) £30-50
425.    The Illustrated Library Shakespeare, pub. William Mackenzie, illus. Sir John Gilbert, nine volumes, gilt tooled green cloth. (9) £15-25
426.    Cigarette Cases, razors to include early XX Century cut throat examples, lighters, Fritum pistol, etc:- One Tray £20-30
427.    Mahogany Candlesticks on Hexagonal Bases, early XX Century twist column pair, tie press, Blue John specimens, shells etc:- One Tray £20-30
428.    "All Hail", Simple, Teachings on The Bible, by Baroness Freda de. Knoop, with inscription, "To a Friend of Many Years, Standing from the Authoress, 1911". £10-20
429.    'Fred' Portrait of a Fast Bowler by John Arlott, signed by Fred Trueman with personal notation to John Wilson's Anthology 1940-63, 1963-82. Wisden Book of Test Cricket. (4) £8-12
430.    Whites, History and Directory of The Country of Derby, with The Town of Burton-Upon-Trent, 1857, Pigot and Co's National Commercial Directory 1835. (2) £20-40
431.    The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle Volumes 31 & 36, Printed for D. Henry (and R. Cave) St. John's Gate Pastoral letters, circa 1785, The Encyclopedia of Wit "For Eternal Life" dated 1648 to page 10 of the Epistle, pieces in prose, etc. £15-25
432.    An Original 1960's "Beatles" Jigsaw, (unchecked/boxed), plus later Beatles fanzines and other rock programmes by U2, Genesis, Jam. £10-20
433.    A Cast Brass Needle Case, multi blade knife with mother of pearl scales, carved hardwood twin handled shallow dish, porcelain headed doll, trade cards, Persian cast brass cutter (cigars?) etc:- One Tray £20-30
434.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Lead Figures, and associated items. £10-20
435.    Quantity of Badges, Patches, Robertson's figures etc. £10-20
436.    Driving? Goggles, hat pin stand, tortoiseshell effect ware, bakelite boxes, fishing reels, studs etc:- One Tray £20-30
437.    Advertising Collectables, including 'Robertson' jam labels, beer bottles, Guinness and Bass ashtrays etc:- One Box £15-25
438.    A Pair of Cloisonné Vases, of shouldered ovoid form, GB and World coinage, marble ball and frog, schoolboy stamp album, Mexican brooch, necklace, etc. £10-20
439.    Treen Spherical String Holder, featuring Edinburgh Castle scene, Chinese card case, mineral ashtray, onyx cased clock etc:- One Tray £30-40
440.    Diamante Trimming, pansy photograph frame, gold leaf, "Brough Park Speedway Supporters Club" mirrors, Kensitas Flowers, Geo Bassett & Co old tin, etc:- One Tray

440A.   Diamante Trimming, pansy photograph frame, gold leaf, "Brough Park Speedway Supporters
Club" mirrors, Kensitas Flowers, Geo Bassett & Co old tin, etc:- One Tray £20-30
441.    Ebony Dressing Table Items, handmirror, gloves stretchers, button hooks, brushes, together with Art Deco glass table bottles, silver hallmarked button hooks etc:- One Tray £15-25
442.    An Early XX Century Cigarette Card Album, containing various part sets, Senior Service album, loose cards, a 1961 Meccano price brochure etc:- One Tray £5-10
443.    Pair of XIX Century Brass Pheasant Range Ornaments, three flying ducks, button guard etc:- One Tray £15-25
444.    A Collection of Advertising and Other Bottle Openers, Mackeson, double diamond, Black and White whiskey Coca Cola, Tetleys etc:- One Tray £15-25
445.    Stories From The Arabian Night Illus, by Edmund Dulac, retold by Laurence Housman, with twenty pasted down illustrations, gilt tooled red cloth binding. £15-20
446.    WITHDRAWN - Early Bible, containing 'The Second Boke' on page 191, 'The Holy Gospel' towards the back numbered page '2'. Some pages absent and many in poor condition. Lots of handwritten pages relative to the book, including date 1560. Leather bound. With faults.

447.    A Late XIX Century Scrap Book, with a few Christmas, Birthday and postcards. £30-40
448.    Booth [John] : The Art of Fabergé; together with Diana Unseen Archives book. (2) £10-20
449.    Early XX Century Needlework Accessories, pin holders, needles and cases, stork scissors, writing tablet linen marker etc. £20-40
450.    XIX Century Ashford Marble Oval Floral Panel, in ebonised framed. £20-30
451.    Four Early XX Century Mother of Pearl Buttons, overlaid with a floral design, three silk flower embroidered buttons, gilt examples and two beadwork panels. £15-25
452.    Painted Coronation Coach, Dutch gallery soft metal salts, Hantel figures, posies etc. £20-30
453.    Bone Stanhope, Kevelaer needle holder, manicure and needlework items in two green cases. £30-40
454.    A Small Silver Dish, one 1988 silver proof £1, a Jo Page £1 note among other items. All contained in a wooden box. £20-40
455.    A Deep Relief Carved Hardwood Twin Handled Tray, oval centre surrounded with stylised foliate and floral motifs, three further carved hardwood boxes etc. (5) £15-25
456.    Pens- Large Quantity, to include Cader, Turnstile-S x 4, Wyvern, Stephens 106 ( with gold nibs), boxed examples, two blotters. £40-80
457.    Ebonised and Bone Carved Sheffield Sword Stick, with brass lion head to end, a Spanish dress sword. (2) £30-50
458.    XIX Century Mahogany Sarcophagus Shaped Tea Caddy, having brass lion mask handles and paw feet (one absent). £20-40
459.    A Collection of Over 150 Circa 1900 Magic Lantern Slides- themes to include USA and Yesotoma African Safari, animals, Scotland lochs, bridges, ships, paddle steamers etc (approximately 160)- all contained in a circa 1900 stained pine box. £30-50
460.    A XIX Century Mahogany Work Box, with fitted interior. £25-45
461.    XIX Century Rosewood Box, with mother of pearl scrollwork inlay to lid. £20-40
462.    An Early XX Century Games Compendium, retailed by A.M. Viener, Blackpool & Southport, including turned wooden chess set, backgammon, "The Camden" whist marker etc. £20-40
463.    Stoneware Jars, Boots Sarsaparilla Jar, Pratt ware pot lids etc:- One Tray £20-30
464.    Turned Large Wooden Chess Set, complete, the king 9.9cms high; Remy Martin 'Connect 4' type ball game. £20-30
465.    Ross 9 x 35 Durant Paris Binoculars. £20-30
466.    Smokers Pipers, Wanup baccyflap, Vesta case etc:- One Tray £15-25
467.    City of Sheffield Hawkers Licence, 1923, together with certificate and enamelled badge '208'. £20-40
468.    An Unusual Pair of Folding Binoculars, marked 'LA Mignonne', another cased pair, a carved nut 'Stanhope' viewer, bakelite tape measures etc:- One Tray £20-40
469.    Pair of Stevengraphs - 'The Start' and 'The Finish'. (2) £20-30
470.    Brass and Mahogany Telescope, two draw action. £20-30
471.    XIX Century Mahogany Travelling Chess Set, with a rosewood and boxwood chess board. £30-50
472.    R. M. S. "Queen Mary" Green Plastic Ashtray, with a black liner bowl stamped "Souvenir" on base. £10-20
473.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Tea Caddy, with crossbanded top with inner lidded components. £30-50
474.    A Mid XX Century Wooden "Banker" Card Shoe. £20-30
475.    An Early XX Century Brass Photo Frame, of peacock wing design, featuring six oval apertures (damages). £20-40
476.    A XIX Century Glass Display Dome, 18cm Tall 12.8 diameter on an ebonized stand. £15-20
477.    Late XIX Century Stationery Box, by Finnigan of Manchester, having stained wooden casing, opening to reveal gilt tooled black Morocco fronted drawers, letter apertures and blotter slope. £40-60
478.    An Early XX Century Oak Smokers Cabinet, fitted with two racks to fit three pipes, over twin drawers and pigeon hole, glazed door £25-45
479.    An Early XX Century Oak Ladies Travelling Cabinet, of small proportions, raised velvet lined over four wells, and twin bevelled hinged doors, together with four lead crystal scent bottles. £20-40
480.    BC 2001 Mahogany Cased Radio, Inst No. 8222 featuring variometer and condenser dials. Together with 'BTH' 'BBC' Bakelite and leather headphones and early wireless book. £20-40
481.    Ekco All Electric Radio 1932-3 Poster. £15-25
482.    XIX Century Rosewood Writing Slope, the top inlaid with prancing horse and foliage. £30-50
483.    'Brunswick' Portable Gramophone, with black leatherette casing. £20-40
484.    A XIX Century Oval Side Portrait of an Elderly Lady, a Zeiss Ikon Nettar Anastigmatic folding camera, magnifying glass, Sheffield Police lamp, record planes, etc:- One Tray £20-30
485.    XIX Century and Later Glass Marbles, electric shock machine, ginger jars, tin:- One Tray £20-40
486.    Green Plastic Cased Anvil Telephone 746F SPK 73/1, another in cream 746 GNA 72/1. (2) £15-25
487.    A Horn Crook Handled Walking Cane, with composite shaft; a Malacca style cane with horn crook handle and engraved silver ferrule. (2) £30-50
488.    'System' Desk Diary, Carvacraft Art Deco bakelite ashtray, vest pocket cup, Platignum black bakelite desk stand etc:- One Tray £20-40
489.    A XX Century Shop Sign "Miss Payne Dress Maker & Co", glazed and framed. £20-40
490.    Two 'BR' Black Painted Railway Hand Lamps, each stamped 'BR' to back plate, 28cms high. £30-50
491.    John Nesbitt Limited of Manchester Brass Wool Strength Measure, on iron tripod base, another on mahogany stepped base, an unnamed, turned wooden example. (3) £30-50
492.    1930's Oak Office File, with brass handle to single drawer. £20-30
493.    A Victorian Glass Display Dome, on oval ebonised plinth, overall 52cms high. £40-60
494.    Moon Landing Newspapers, carved Indian box, carbide lamp, Morritt's surfcast reel, ladies companion, postcards etc. £20-30
495.    Eagle Projector (Lacking Film Strip), in box, Viewmaster and discs:- One Tray £15-25
496.    A Scratch Built Apprentice Piece Roll-Top Desk, the tambour revealing inner drawer plus four drawers with miniature brass handles to base, 39.5 x 52.5cms. £40-60
497.    Brass Gun Sighting Telescope by W. Ottway & Co, Orion Works, Ealing, V. P 7 to 21 patent 1906, 65.5cms long. £20-30
498.    Kent's Patent Knife Sharpener, with applied makers crest and address High Holborn, London. £30-40
499.    Eight Clay Pipes In Free Standing Display Case, R.A.F wall display. (2) £20-30
500.    Art Deco Gilded Plaster Figure, of a boy carrying a basket looking at a butterfly on his torso- stamped 883 L.M.C PEG, 58cms high (repair to neck). £20-40
501.    Eccles Miners Lamp, XIX Century brass candlesticks, casket etc:- One Tray £20-40
502.    A Set of Brass Postal Balance Scales, with weights, on a mahogany serpentine plinth, and a victorian copper kettle, acorn finial. (2) £20-30
503.    XIX Century Brass Candlesticks, chambersticks, snuffers, oil lamp etc. £20-40
504.    Quantity of Keys, XIX Century examples noted. £15-25
505.    XIX Century Copper Ships Stern Lamp, by R.C. Murray, Glasgow, stamped Lampads No. 53 (converted to electricity). £20-40
506.    Picnic Hamper, circa 1930's, containing Bandalasta Ware cups and plates. £20-30
507.    Pair of Brass Bear and Beehive Bookends, pair of pewter Art Nouveau vases, pewter measures, E & J Tagg, Dronfield teapot, sugar cutters etc:- One Tray £20-40
508.    Brass Barrel Taps, measures, weights, bottles to include Ind Coppe, Symington & Co, Kirkby & Staveley:- One Box £15-25
509.    Regency Copper Tea Urn, stamped under lid 'Best London Manufact', gadrooned rim and supports to bone handles, brass tap, quatrefoil base, early XX Century. £30-50
510.    A Brass Jam Pan, with iron loop handle, copper twin handled oval pan, two small brass saucepans, skimmer, trivet etc. £30-40
511.    A XIX Century Small Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, together with an early XX Century mahogany wall bracket. (2) £25-35
512.    A Circa 1930's 16 1/2 oz Snooker Cue, by Barnes Bro's, of Kidsgrove, in a tin case. £30-40
513.    Early XX Century Lacquered Glove Box, oak jewel casket (damages), two other boxes, hall brush set:- One Box £15-25
514.    Ward Locks Guides, Richardson's New Chart of British Isles, O.S. Maps, Lodges Almanacks 1919, 20, 23, 24, 27, Bacon's Plan of Bradford and Wakefield, etc:- One Box £20-40
515.    Silver Goblet, with baluster stem, Birmingham hallmarked for Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee. Quantity of cased and loose cutlery, tray, camera, etc:- One Box £30-50
516.    A Bell Piano Accordion S1720, cased. £15-25
517.    Avery Scales, with brass pans and weights, a carved wooden model galleon. (2) £20-40
518.    Early XX Century Table Top Filing Cabinet, with five drawers on bracket feet. £30-50
519.    A Tribal Deep Relief Carved Hardwood Seat, depicting a central figure with sword and spears, stood within flanking figures, one depicting a captive, and fish carved motifs to the stretchers, together with a club. (2) £30-50
520.    Original Film Posters: 'Doctor in The House (1954 printed by Charles Reade Ltd) 76 x 100 cms, and 'Rockets Galore' (Charles Rhead printed) 76 x 101 cms. (2). (1957), together with two circa 1940's East Ham Palace theatre posters, showing 'The Naughtiest Girls in Town' and 'Billy Cotton'. (4) £30-50
521.    Early to Mid XX Century Periodicals, and related ephemera, including 'New Songs and Music', The Strand Music Magazine, Music and Youth, Musical Opinion, The Choir etc:- Three Boxes £20-40
522.    Philatelic Literature, Stanley Gibbons All World Catalogues 1968 and 1981, eleven copies of Collect British Stamps up to 2010 and others, with a Morley Bright Watermark Detector, stamp oddments, Hawid mounts and a number of stamp collecting magazines:- Two Boxes £20-30
523.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Packaging, including chocolate boxes, tins, etc. £10-20
524.    Theatre and Variety Literature- to include 'The Melodies Linger On', 'St.James's Theatre of Distinction', 'The Footlights Flickered', 'Gaiety: Theatre of Enchantment', 'Goodbye Piccadilly' all by W.MacQueen.Pope, and other literature:- Two Boxes £20-40
525.    A Quantity of XX Century Variety Theatre, Festival and Concert Programmes, film fanzines (1960's noted), pop periodicals, nursery/children's and folk themed music scores, songbooks, Royal commemorative papers, etc:- Three Boxes £20-40
526.    XX Century Persian Style Wool Carpet, with a brown border, geometric design, 202 x 125 cm. £40-60
527.    Opera Music Variety Theatre Interest- XX Century programmes to include BBC symphony concerts, Royal Philharmonic performances, Halle orchestra, Proms, Royal festival hall, local theatre productions, signed theatre production ephemera, Old Vic, strand etc:- Three Boxes £30-50
528.    Besson & Co 'Class A' Silver Plated Brass Cornet, 33.5cms long. £30-50
529.    A Bundy Five Section Clarinet, in plush lined hard protective carry case, with accessories. £20-40
530.    Beatles Interest- Approximately fifteen original 1960's songsheets, including 'I Feel Fine', 'You've Got To Hide Your Love Away' etc, plus others by Cilla, Billy J.Kramer etc:- One Folder £20-30
531.    1947 FA Cup Final Programme, Burnley v Charlton Athletic (spine tears, rusty staples, creased). £20-30
532.    Bobby Charlton Autograph, black ink signature on a Nanumea Tuvalu 1986 World Cup commemorative cover, another signed by David Speeding, fourteen other unsigned covers; including 1979 horse racing and facsimile 1986 world cup tickets. £20-40
533.    Tickets Hillsborough Semi Finals, 14th March and 27th March, both five shillings. Sheffield United v. Fulham 1966 F.A. Cup. 1961 F.A. Cup Final Programme, six Hillsborough Semi's, etc. Cadets 66-7 Fixture Card, etc. £15-25
534.    Pele Autograph, with personal mention to Anthony, black pen signed on a print of him in action, Dwain Chambers item similar. (2) £20-40
535.    Two England Representative Pennants, both ink signed including- Alex Williams, Derek Mountfield, Nigel Clough, Gary Stevens, Alan Smith. Acme Thunder Whistle, Sheffield United first 100 years book. £20-40
536.    Autographs- Alf Ramsey, Bill Nicholson, Danny Blanchflower, Don Hardisty, Roy Bentley, Jimmy Seed, Kenneth Wolstenholm, Syd Owen, Bernard Joy, Don Revie, Jim Armfield and many others, totaly approximately fifty two all ink signed on a football writers dinner menu for football of the year 1961. £50-90
537.    F A Cup Final Programmes 2001 to 2016, no replays. (sixteen) £20-30
538.    Fishing- Brass Patinated Brass Reel, 2 1/2 inches, 6.2 diameter, 'The Wey Mark 1', 'Condex' in box, 'Gemina' and two aluminium examples. (6) £15-25
539.    F.A. Cup Finals 1966 and 86, League Cup Finals 87 and 88 Sheffield Wednesday v. Chelsea 1980's Press Photo, other programmes, booklets; Eight Football First Day Covers, to include World Cup 1966 - Victory for England, Mercantile Credit, Liverpool Double. £20-30
540.    1936-7 Rotherham United Fixtures Card, Buxton Town F.C postcard to E.Bailey of Hanley relating to directions of ground from station for game v Rotherham in FA Cup 1937. Rotherham United Supporters Club Len Hutton benefit programmes, 2 Pattreiouex cigarette cards of Radford Manchester United, Golden Goal tickets, Chester F.D.C etc. £20-30
541.    Nine Mid XX Century Photographs of Footballers With Trophies, Team and Match Action, possibly military personnel in India, sporting 66 badges, 2 similar horse racing photos. £10-15
542.    Skiing, Holmenkollen Competitors Breast Plate, fabric number bibs '2711' for 1979 and '1748 for 1980. Two related enamel lapel badges. Four x Ferdighetsmerke examples, three others, Patch and Casio 'Boxing' calculator. £15-25
543.    1930's Autographs Cricketers, to include Norman Yardley, A.Hall, Len Hutton- Yorkshire, J Bailey, P Mead, W McCorkell, A Bothecary- Hampshire, JG & J Langridge, JH Parks, A Melville- Sussex, W Voce- Notts, pencil signed in period album, another album containing Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, New Zealand, including Walter Hadlee, Jack Lamason, Geoff Vivian, Jack Cowie, Curly Page and others, many in ink. £40-60
544.    Cricket Fixtures Booklet for 1929, featuring M C C Touring Team to centre. Who's Who of Test Cricketers 1987, Observers, Daily Telegraph 1995 Rugby Player Profiles. £15-25
545.    Sixty Four England 2010 Fridge Magnets, in packs of four, Legends of 66 teapot stand, Gordon Banks print and Geoff Hurst signed They Think Its All Over print. £15-25
546.    Middlesbrough Match Red Home Shirt By Errea, bearing logo (Colin) 'Cooper' & '23' to back, F.A Premier League logo to number and arm patches, black pen signed by player; England Red Umbro Shirt, bearing six signatures. Spain white Adidas shirt bearing four signatures. (3) £30-50
547.    Barry Sheene, Mark Selby, Jessica Ennis Autographs, Rawlings Baseball glove PL130 13 inch, basket-web. Pheonix ball, cap:- One Box £15-25
548.    'Turf Moor' Peter.J.Lewis Black and White Limited Edition Print, 259 of 850, 36.5 x 62.5 cms, pencil signed; Manchester United Official Club Magazines, and away ticket at LKS PTAK 1998:- One Box £15-20
549.    Rugby Union Programmes, internationals club games 1970's to date; North East Counties v New Zealand 1972, England v Overseas x1 1971, other internationals, big match, club games :- Two Boxes £15-25
550.    A Later XX Century Violin, two piece back, internal label reads 'Blessing', with bow and folding music stand. (3) £15-25
551.    Over 25 'Superman The Movie' (1978 DC Comics), promotional colour lobby cards 28 x 35.5cms (housed in original paper sleeves), and a 'Tales of Beatrix Potter' MGM lobby card (duplicated noted). £20-40
552.    An Original WW II Poster, dated December 1st 1939- 'A Call To Our Citizens', plus an original circa 1950's framed poster for the 'Crazy Gang' at the New Theatre Oxford. (2) £15-25
553.    A Large Quantity of Early 1900's Railway Ephemera, contained in six albums, including tickets, freight labels, certificates, booklets etc, plus a G.W.R door lock and key (stamped on keep) and an L.M.S bottle opener:- One Box £20-40
554.    A Vintage Pine 'New Zealand' Apple box containing kitchenalia- a 'Green & Co' flour container, a Saddler blue and white ceramic rolling pin etc. £20-40
555.    A Collection of Theatre/Opera Related Ephemera, including cinema photographs, PHQ cards, first day covers, black and white actress promotional photographs (with Nazi stamp), etc, and other Ephemera- postcards, WWII tobacco fund voucher, framed and loose theatre posters, music scene etc. £20-40
556.    Cecil Aldin 'The George Inn Dorchester' Coloured Print, 12.5 x 15.5cms, graphite signed to margin, two unsigned examples of The Star and the Talbot Inn. £30-50
557.    D.Francis Finn, Parade Lost Verse, as part of a pictorial montage of watercolours, one signed at 9, 36 x 23.5cms overall, others similarly signed of still life and venation scene, an unsigned oil of shoreline from arched terrace. (4) £30-50
558.    Herbert Railton (1857-1911) Clerkenwell Green, ink drawing, 15 x 22.5cms, signed and dated 1891; two XIX Century maps of Middlesex and Surrey, Preston Cribb Norwich Cathedral print. (4) £15-25
559.    N.S. Oxley, Pair of Watercolours, to include 'Eyam Hall', 17.5 x 30cms, another of bridge scene. (3) £15-25
560.    John Bampfield (Born 1947), Gas Lit Portside Street Scene with Figures in Foreground, 51 x 76.5cms, signed lower right. £80-120
561.    John Bampfield (born 1947), Ships Moored in Harbour, with Pier Head in Foreground, Oil on Canvas, 51 x 76.5cms, signed lower left. £80-120
562.    Geoff Kersey Watercolour, snow and river scene of a sailing boat, windmill and church ruin in the foreground, signed lower left, together with an oil on canvas by T.Cooper, of farm building in the background, trees in the foreground, signed lower right. (2) £20-40
563.    W. E. Clark, Watercolour of a Sailing Boat, with sea in the background, signed lower right. £20-40
564.    Three Graphite Signed Coloured Prints - Rex Preston 'Autumn at Winster' 34.5 x 74.5cms . Alan Ingram 'The George', limited edition and Country Farmhouse. £30-40
565.    Charles Bronson Prison Art, Original Pastel, Watercolour and Pen. 'Insanity' - featuring heads in the clouds, quotes and spiders, 29 x 40cms, signed and dated 2011 lower right. Together with prints 'Remember Me to Santa' and 'I'm Just an Artist'. Both signed and titled to back and dated 2017. (3)

*Born Michael Gordon Peterson in 1952, also known as Charles Bronson and Charles Salvador, often referred to as Britain's most notorious prisoner, currently serving a life sentence at Wakefield Prison. £180-220
566.    Cecil Aldin Four Old Inns Coloured Prints, together with 'Old Inns' book- William Heinemann Limited. (5) £20-30
567.    Jack Savage (1910-2003) 'Early Morning Fishing' Oil on Board, 18.5 x 26cms, signed lower right, details verso. £40-60
568.    Claude. Luty, "Jerusalem Towards the Mt of Olives", Watercolour, 46.5 x 30cms, signed and dated 1920 lower right, two Lewis Protherne(?) signed port scene photos, two prints. (5) £15-25
569.    Cecil Aldin 'The Goose Inn Salisbury' Coloured Print, 38 x 32.5cms, graphite signed to margin. £40-80
570.    C.D Taylor, A London Park Scene with Distant Buildings, 45 x 75cms signed and dated 1970 lower right. W. Haslam, countryside landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower right. (2) £20-30
571.    George Cunningham (Sheffield Artist) Limited Edition Prints, 'Harry Metcalf's, 56 of 250 21.5 x 28.5cms, 'Crookes', 'Norfolk Street', 285 and 341 of 500. All graphite signed. (3) £30-40
572.    M.D. Barnfather, Spring At Hampnett Church, oil on canvas 30 x 46cms signed lower left. £20-40
573.    After Sir William Russell Flint, Limited Edition Colour Print, 428 of 850, "Variations II", blind back stamp. £40-60
574.    After Sir William Russell Flint, Limited Edition Colour Print, 642 of 850, "Variations III", 46.5 x 67cms, blind back stamp. £40-60
575.    Two XIX Century Horse Racing Prints, Vespasian Winner of the Chesterfield Cup a 10st 4lb "Nutwilth" winner of the Doncaster St.Legar 1843. £5-10
576.    George Cunningham (Sheffield Artist) Limited Edition Prints, of 500, 'The Chapel Valley', 23 x 34cms, 'Fulwood Village'. Both graphite signed. (2) £20-40
577.    Nadia Tzatchey Eadie, Street Scene with Trees, Oil On Board, 37.5 x 47.5cms, signed and dated 1947 lower right. £20-30
578.    Follower Of Thomas Bush Hardy, 'Shipping In Choppy Seas', watercolour, 21.5 x 49.5cms £30-40
579.    B.T.H Country House and Garden, Oil On Board, 30 x 45.5cms, signed indistinctly lower left. Another similar of figure on path. (2) £20-30
580.    T. Mentimen, Watercolour, shipping scene with moored fishing smack in foreground, signed lower left, 15 x 24.5cms. £15-25
581.    J.A.Hutchinson (Suffolk Artist) River Alde from Iken Cliff, Watercolour, 26 x 36cms, signed and dated 1979 lower right, another Holy Trinity Church, Blythburgh 17 x 24, details verso. (2) £20-30
582.    Fomin, Seascape, With Rocks to Foreground, Oil On Canvas, 51 x 72cms, signed lower right. £50-70
583.    George.M. Blake (Sheffield Artist) Seats Pines, Watercolour, 24.5 x 16.5cms, 'Rushwick Garden' and 'From Nature Overhead', all details verso. (3) £20-30
584.    J.A.Hutchinson (Suffolk Artist), Holy Trinity Church and River Blyth at Blythburgh, Suffolk, pair of watercolour's, 25.5 x 36cms, signed and dated 1979, details verso. £30-50
585.    P.B. Heavy Industry on Estuary Banks, With Barges in Foreground, Watercolour 50.5 x 77.5cms, monograms and dated (19) 63, lower left. £30-60
586.    XIX Century British School, Study of a Man in Thought Holding a Pistol in His Right Hand, Oil on Canvas, 59.5 x 49cms, in later frame. £30-60
587.    Jenny Blome, Farm Buildings in Snow, Oil on Canvas, 39.5 x 49.5cms, signed lower right. £20-30
588.    E.M.Frinch? Sand Dunes by Estuary, watercolour, 22 x 35cms, signed and dated '07, lower right; English School, Horses and Carts in Meadow, watercolour, 13 x 25cms. (2) £15-25
589.    W.Heaten Cooper, Pair of Graphite Signed Colour Prints, 'Wastwater' and 'Langdale' pike, Wilfred Ball and Robin Smith watercolours £30-40
590.    George Cunningham, (Sheffield Artist), Limited Edition Prints, of 250, 'The Moorhead', 30 x 41.5cms, 'Workshouse Green'. Both graphite signed. (2) £20-40
591.    Peter Owen Jones, Picture Palace, Abbeydale Road, Limited Edition Colour Print, 474 of 500, 40.5 x 53cms, graphite signed P O Jones lower right. £20-40
592.    George Outram (Sheffield Artist) 'A Country Hamlet' Watercolour, 26.5 x 32.5cms, signed lower left. £10-20
593.    After Franz Han....., Pair of Early XX Century Crystoleums, each featuring lady on terrace, 23 x 15.5cms (faults to frames). (2) £20-40
594.    J.A Hutchinson (Suffolk Artist) Birdwatchers Hide and Walberswick Side of River Blyth, Suffolk, pair of watercolours, 26 x 36cms, signed and dated 1979 & 80, details verso. £30-50
595.    Isobel Blincow, (Sheffield Artist), "Roundhouse Ringinglow" and "Wire Mill Cottages", Pair of Circular Watercolours with Red Pen Highlights, 17.5cm diameter, signed and titled. (2) £20-30
596.    British School Study of Two Ponies, Oil On Board, circa 1900, 29 x 38cms. £50-70
597.    Paul Emille Leconte Colour Print, fishing boats in harbour 42 x 53cms, graphite signed lower right Russell Reeve print 'Circus'. £30-40
598.    Victor Cloverley-Price (Born Winchester 1901), Vase of Roses Watercolour, 27 x 37.5 cms, signed lower left, details verso. £40-60
599.    Attribution to Maude Payne Boscastle, Cornwall Watercolour, 30.5 x 23.5cms, details verso, D.Francis Finn, surrealist still life, oil on board, 29 x 24.5cms, further oil, print, Egyptian picture. (5) £30-50
600.    Attributed to Guy Marson Panoramic Landscape, with distant viaduct, 45.5 x 55.5cms. Another of continental fort. (2) £20-30
601.    Isobel Blincow, (Sheffield Artist), "Harrison Lane" Watercolour, 27.5x35cm, signed, together with gilt framed mirror and print. (3) £20-30
602.    Peter Owen Jones, Fargate, Sheffield, limited edition colour Print, 478 of 500, 40 x 8.5cms, graphite signed P O Jones, lower right. £20-40