The Household Auction
on Saturday 12th August 2017

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450.    An Early XX Century Child's Rush Seated Chair, a stained pine candle box, a hand coloured engraved map of Derbyshire, Peter Scott's "Morning Flight" (5th impression) and two related prints. (6) £15-20
451.    Two XIX Century Brass Jam Pans, with swing handles, two Bladon blow lamps, pokers, dishes:- One Box £20-40
452.    Advertising- A Mid XX Century "Nutbrown" Rolling Pin, Lyle's "Golden Syrup" box, Gray's "Light Blue Tennis Ball" box, etc. £15-25
453.    A Circa 1970's Style Twin Tone Telephone (8766-FWR82), and two novelty night lights formed as a pig and a frog. £10-15
454.    Cased and Loose Cutlery, brass tea caddy, vases, plated goblets, pewter tankards, trivet and other metal wares:- One Box £12-18
455.    Denby "Romany" Table Ware, of nine pieces, including teapot, Honiton pottery terracotta coloured table ware of thirty-one pieces including casserole, teapot:- Two Boxes £20-30
456.    Advertising Storage Tins, tinplate 'Household Needs' sign, Radiance, Oxo, etc together with glazed stoneware jars, flagons, etc:- One Box and One Tray £15-25
457.    A Quantity of Framed Reproduction Cigarette Card Sets (6), jewellery cabinet, table lamp, embroidered tray, dressing table mirror, onyx book-ends etc. (7) £15-20
458.    Pottery Vases, planters, china tea wares, lead crystal and other glass ware:- Two Boxes £15-25
459.    A Portmeirion "Botanic Garden" Vase, jardiniere, ramekins, Denby Greenwheat jug, various cups, etc:- One Box £15-20
460.    Doulton "Isabelle" and Edinburgh Brandies, Stuart vase, Wedgwood 1970's black coffee set, Sheffield stag handled carving set, Cauldon comport, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
461.    An Interesting Collection of DVD's, themes noted to include German Film Noir, horror, Fritz Lang, etc, (over seventy-five):- Two Boxes, together with a "Heart of Darkness: Film Noir" poster. (3) £15-30
462.    A Lead Crystal Vase, sundae dishes, dessert dishes and other glassware. £8-12
463.    Royal Commemorative Cups and Saucers, mugs, storage tins, newspapers, books, CD etc; together with carved hardwood African figures, Coalport model of a gentleman, framed map print, etc. (3) £10-20
464.    Two Singer and Jones Sewing Machines. £15-20
465.    A Scalextric 200 Set, Aurora set (missing cars) and associated items. £15-25
466.    A Quantity of Triang "OO" Gauge Railway, including locomotives, all playworn. £20-40
467.    A Noritake China Part Tea Service, kitchen scales, pair of lined curtains, etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
468.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles by Dinky, Corgi and Others, playworn. £20-30
469.    A Quantity of DVD and CD's, modern titles noted, (over ninety):- Two Boxes £15-20
470.    A Black Spur Smooth Plane No.4, (2), socket set, chisels, screwdrivers, other tools, two boxes. £20-40
471.    A Circa 1950 Pic Circular Camera (boxed), a cased pair of World Ranger 8x50 binoculars, portable TV, mid 1960's and later mantel and wall clocks including metamec, coral, horalogical example also noted:- Two Boxes £15-20
472.    LP's to include Beatles, 10CC, Wanda Jackson, Neil Diamond, etc:- One Box £5-10
473.    Italian Dish, Murillo, Seltmann and other collectors plates etc. £5-10
474.    Meat Plates, egg crock, cheese dish, Portmeirion and other pottery :- Two Boxes plus Food Mixer, Smoothie Machine etc. (4)
475.    Two Pairs of Norwegian Cross Country Ski's, by Tronder and Madshus, poles, paddles, tripod stands, fishing net, Brent rod, etc. £15-25
476.    A Late XIX / Early XX Century Gold Velvet Dining Table Cloth, and other table cloths, bed spread with red ground and floral decoration, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
477.    A Quantity of 1960's and Later Dandy, 1950's Adventure Annual and other Annuals. £5-10
478.    A Quantity of 33, 45 and 78 RPM Records. £5-10
479.    A Sky HD Box, ID Armor shredder, records, pictures, mirror, etc, (untested, sold for parts only). £15-20
480.    A Box of Books, mainly transport related. £5-10
481.    Table Lamps and Shades:- Two Boxes £15-25
482.    An Early XX Century Vase, XIX Century meat plate, Ringtons Jubilee beakers, other commemorative ware, china, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
483.    A Large Quantity of Sony Playstation 1, 2, 3, Games, PC, CD-ROM Games, unchecked:- Three Boxes £30-50
483A.   Reflector Diamator AFM, 'Creative' Speakers, wireless weather station, etc. (untested - for parts only).
484.    Toy Plastic Family Phone, Patchesi Game Board, boxed Reddish Maid Toy Microscope, Paxina 29-Braun Nurnberg Film Camera, Reflektaii Film Camera, Toys, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
485.    A Scratch Built Wooden Construction Mono Plane, fitted with a Magnum GP IC Engine, Sanwa FM Receiver, throttle servo and four Aileron servo in need of restoration, no transmitter. £15-25
486.    Two 1940's Wall Mirrors, scratch built windmill, XX Century mahogany box, oak carry case and other wooden decorative wares. £15-25
487.    1930's "Peoples of All Nations" Periodicals, slope front child's writing desk top, Victorian gilt bound "Life of Christ", gilt framed mirror, prints, assorted glassware, lemonade set, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
488.    A 12" Wooden Artist's Mannequin, DVD's, knitting patterns, trade cards, musical compact, etc:- One Box £10-20
489.    A Quantity of Post War Meccano, including clockwork motor, boxed #38A accessory outfit (unchecked), instruction booklet. £20-30
490.    A Esso Blue Can, shuttle, flat iron, war books, photo album, other military publications:- Two Boxes £15-25
491.    Two Boxes of Chinese Collectors Plates from the "Legends of the Lake", "Beauties of the Red Mansion" and "Summer Palace" Series etc. £10-20
492.    Harlequin and Ruby Bowl Wine/Hock Glasses, comport, other glassware:- Two Boxes £10-20
493.    Kitchenware, ceramics, mirror, scales, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
494.     Brown Three Quarter Length Coney Fur Coat. £8-12
495.    A Lantern, National stereo speaker system, pair of brass jugs, Tank Command, ten pin bowling bowl, etc. (4) £15-20
496.    Five Boxed Children's Games and Construction Sets, including Technofix sets, including Technofix mini golf, Minibrix, Armalo steam locomotive kit, "Construments" and S.E.L Ltd electrical outfit, with a Hobbykit horse drawn wagon kit and matchstick constructed wagon. £20-40
497.    A Cambridge Audio DVD Player and Remote, a quantity of CD's, pottery table lamp, blue glass jug, cane basket, chalk studies, etc:- Two Boxes £12-18
498.    Mason's Ware Plates, Adderley Ware saucers and plates, Royal Doulton cabinet plates, etc. £5-10
499.    A Quantity of Playworn Hornby O Gauge Tinplate Railway Items, including signals, warehouse, water tower, rolling stock parts, and track. £25-50
500.    Glass Wines, harlequin champagnes, ladies handbags, decoupage pictures, onyx table lamps, plated butter dish, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
501.    A Large Scale Wooden Built Model of a Horse Drawn Gypsy Caravan, no horse, length 44cm. £20-40
502.    A Quantity of Hornsea 'Saffron' Tea and Dinner Wares, (approximately fifty pieces), a Holmgaard studio glass vase, toilet jug and bowl, etc. £10-20
503.    A Wicker Picnic Hamper, riding crop, watercolour paints, souvenir teaspoons, travel games and other items. £10-20
504.    Royal Grafton China Teawares, lead crystal vase, Hornsea Pottery vases, further teawares, etc. £10-20
505.    A Quantity of Modern Diecast Vehicles, by all the major manufacturers, including Matchbox, Aircraft, buses and cars. £20-40
506.    A Quantity of Johnson Bros "Indian Tree" Tea and Dinnerwares, cabinet plates, posies, jugs, knife block, etc:- Three Boxes £15-20
507.    A Collection of Doctor Who, Famous Five and Secret Seven Novels, (over eighty many hardbacks- all later pressings):- Two Boxes £10-20
508.    A Quantity of 7" Singles, 1960's and later, and a case of LP's. (2) £15-25
509.    A Pair of Reproduction Seated King Charles Spaniels, Continental tankard, ginger jar, Victorian style model poodle, boxed and loose glassware, table lamps, etc:- Three Boxes £15-25
510.    A Quantity of LP's and 7" Singles, 1950's and later. £5-10
511.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, by all the major manufacturers, including cars, lorries, plant machinery, etc; together with a scratch built wooden garage. £20-40
512.    A Large Quantity of Brass Plaques and Other Brassware, National Geographic Maps, playworn Matchbox and other vehicles, Price Kensington Cottage Ware and a quantity of tools, etc:-Three Boxes £10-15
513.    A Collection of Modern Porcelain Dolls, including The Knightsbridge Collection, The Leonardo Collection, Regency Fine Arts, predominantly boxed, plus clown, doll feeding chair:- Three Boxes £15-30
514.    Japanned Black Lacquer Album, classical LP albums, antique reference books, XIX Century fender, two prints:- One Box £15-20
515.    A Boxed Lego System #5600 Radio Controlled Car, controller, two ramps. Unchecked for completeness, plus Lego Technic instructions. Boxed £10-20
516.    Penguin, Cat and Pig Biscuit Jars, hen on nest, jug and bowl, dinner ware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
517.    A Sony Hi-Fi CD System, paper shredder and kitchen accessories - untested sold for parts only, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
518.    A M&S Wash Jug and Bowl, jardiniere, concrete ducks, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
519.    A Mid XX Century Philips "Stereophonic" 4 Speed Portable Record Player, in two-tone green and cream, and a collection of LP's, music scores, CD's. £15-25
520.    A Mid XX Century Chad Valley Escalado Game, plus a quantity of later toys and games, all boxed. £10-20
521.    A 1930's Oak Ceiling Three Branch Light Fitting, Laura Ashley Lamp, advertising stoneware storage jars including Virol, Moutarde de Maille Paris, Provincial Dairies Cream, Boams Manchester Cream, Victorian style jugs, 1930's picture frame:- One Box £10-20
522.    Umbrellas, vases, jug, plastic flowers, etc. £10-20
523.    Vintage Tennis Racquets, parasol, modern tins, Oxo, Thornes toffees; together with shoe stretchers, etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
524.    Maisto Scale Cars, including 1/18 model of a McLaren, Ferrari, etc, Lledo promotional vans, Beezer children's books, oval shaped hand painted picture, etc:- One Box £10-15
525.    A Pair of Candlesticks, scales, weights, tray, African carving of animals; together with cased cutlery, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
526.    John Maddock Dinnerware, including two tureens, three graduating oval meat plates, Brentleigh coffee wares, figures, vases, posies:- Two Boxes £15-20
527.    Loose and Cased Cutlery, brass trivets, coasters, pewter tankards, candelabra, tea caddies, tongs, and other metalware :- Two Boxes £10-20
528.    Artists Equipment, slope front drawing work box, oak storage case, wooden artist 12" mannequin, carved hardwood book rest. £15-25
529.    Four "Biker Mouse", JLS action figure, Lego, plus associated items, mainly boxed. £20-30
530.    Electroplated Gallery Trays, salvers, pewter tankards, coffee pot, loose cutlery, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
531.    Mid XX Century Birthday and Greetings Cards, tea cards, soft toy golly, Echo Hohner harmonica, doweling jig (boxed), etc, and a 1950's Murphy valve radio, type A482. (2) £10-20
532.    A Tree Branch' Style Table Lamp, jardiniere, desk set, jasperware, D. Freeman Smith watercolour, dated '58, etc:- One Box £10-15
533.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles by Corgi, Matchbox, Tonka. £15-25
534.    A Bretby Jardiniere, Cyprus flagons, Wedgwood tureens, Grindley meat plate, etc:- One Box £15-20
535.    A Collection of Victorian and Later Glazed Stoneware Storage Jars, bottles, glass jars, cased cutlery, etc:- One Box £15-25
536.    A Copper Fireguard, brass decorative wares including martingales, brasses, rocking chair, horse and cart, saws, a collection of EPNS and other modern modern golfing trophies:- Two Boxes £15-25
537.    Vintage Cast Iron Scales, loose cutlery, three branch candelabra, hardwood boxes, souvenir tribal totem, bellows, etc:- One Box £15-25
538.    A Pair of XX Century Crystoleums, pair of oval minatures, W.Elliot, Moorland Scene, Continental oil on canvas of fishing, signed lower right, Virlilo Costa?, Unsigned, J. Scarborough print. £15-25
539.    A Drawer of Stag Ivorine Handled Stainless Steel and Other Cutlery. £15-25
540.    A Reproduction Wade "Brass and Co. Pale Ale" Jug, Royal Commemorative mugs, Colclough tea service, carnival shallow dish, etc:- One Box £8-12
541.    A Gilt Metal Lamp, with china flautist (chips), oak tea canister, alabaster boxes, etc:- One Tray £10-20
542.    A Black & Decker Wallpaper Stripper, hand pump, hedge trimmer, Bosch drill, drill bits, saws and other tools:- One Box £10-20
543.    U. W. W. of Birmingham Brass Parallel Rule, fire irons, Bausch & Lomb case with lens, brass anvil octagonal dish, crucifixes, etc:- One Box £25-35
544.    Chad Valley Roulette, Poolette, Lego, diecast vehicles, Robertson's figures:- One Box £20-30
545.    A Stanley Plane, Stanley No. 78 plane, brass spirit level, wooden handled wood working tools, chisels, file, etc, in a drawer. £20-40
546.    XIX Century and Later Bottles, Britvic soda syphon, stoneware jugs with inscription "John Lancaster, Botanical Brewer, Burton St, Sheffield", etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
547.    A Jolly Man Cast Iron Money Bank, vintage "Acorn" crayons (boxed), Maisto Supercar diecast vehicles all boxed, cassette recorder, pre-decimal coins, crowns, etc:- One Box £15-25
548.    A Record No. 24 Quick Release Engineers Bench Vice, and a cast iron cobblers last. (2) £15-25
549.    A Collection of Over Eighty Electroplated Souvenir Teaspoons, contained in a glazed display case and wall mounting rack; together with a three piece horn handled carving set and other cutlery. £15-20
550.    Two Circa 1930's Oak Firescreens, in the Art Deco style, a needlework firescreen, woven fishing creel type basket, cane hampers. £15-25
551.    Records - Boxed Sets, 78 and 33 RPM's, musicals, two 1960's carry cases, GEC radio. £10-20
552.    An Early XX Century Adams Jug and Bowl, (damaged), Capo De Monte figure group (Damaged), Lowry prints, :- Two Boxes £10-15
553.    Building Blocks and Pulley Trolley, Fisher Price toys and other children's games, etc. £5-15
554.    DVD's, including jump racing, sports, films, serialisations, documentaries, nature etc:- Eighteen Boxes £10-20
555.    A Large Collection of Reproduction Mahogany "Edwardian Style" Arched Mantel Clock Cases, bracket clock cases, etc:- Four Boxes £10-20
556.    A Collection of Children's Games, toys and figures, including WWF, Commando play set, tenpin bowling ball, etc. £5-15
556A.   A Hand Carved Pool Cue, in a Sugg sport case. £10-20
557.    A Foot Stool, lamp shade, children's annuals, storage jars. £10-15
558.    A Golf Bag and Irons, folding chair; together with cafetiere, bar heater, lamp standard, etc. £10-20
559.    A Brabantia Rotary Airer; together with a Rolson toolbox and two pairs of step ladders. £10-20
560.    Five Tea Chests. £10-20
561.    A Set of Safety Ladders, and a set of household steps. (2) £5-10
562.    Five Tea Chests. £10-20
563.    A Metal Toolbox Containing a Variety of Tools, cable extension reel, a set of Lloyds alloy ladders and two sets of alloy household steps. £10-20
563A.   Two Green Plastic Folding Lounger Chairs, stool, office chair, steps. £10-15
564.    A Qualcast Easi-Track 32 Lawn Mower and garden tools.
565.    Two Pairs of Aluminium Folding Ladders.
566.    A Relyon 'Royal Edinburgh' 4'-10" Mattress, with divan and drawers.
567.    John Lewis Ortho 1200 Double Divan Bed. £40-80
568.    A Vax "Swift" Bagless Vacuum Cleaner.
569.    A Beko Fridge.
570.    A Dimplex Portable Radiator.
571.    A Meaco DD8L Junior Dehumidifier.
572.    A Zanussi Fridge Freezer.
573.    A Portable Dehumidifier.
574.    A DeLonghi Dragon Portable Radiator.
575.    A Karcher K2.01 Pressure Washer.
576.    A Pine Open Bookcase and a pair of folding bookcases. (3) £10-15
577.    A Panasonic Vacuum Clean, another Rowenta 1300w Revo vacuum. (2)
578.    A Vax Power 2 2000w Vacuum Cleaner.
579.    An Amica Fridge Freezer.
579A.   A Hotpoint Freezer.
579B.   A Toshiba 22" Television (no remote).
580.    A Dawes Kalahari Bicycle, Shimano 7 speed, Madison L20 seat. £20-40
581.    A Wrought Iron Lantern Type Standard Lamp. £10-15
582.    A Philips 26" Flatscreen TV, with stand, and a Samsung 18" flatscreen TV, both with remote controls. (2)
583.    A Sony 32" Flat Screen TV, with remote, stand and Sky Plus HD box.
584.    A Philips 22" LED 227E Flatscreen Monitor and a Panasonic Viera 18" in white. (2)
585.    A Panasonic Viera 32" Flat Screen TV with Remote.
586.    A Samsung 26" Flatscreen TV with remote.
587.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Johnson Bros "Victorian" Pottery Tea and Dinnerwares, decorated with stylised geometric and foliate motifs on a cream ground, (approximately fifty pieces). £10-15
588.    A Pair of Mid XX Century Quimper Portrait Plates, the centre with a lady and gentleman in traditional costume and sponged border, marked "Henriot Quimper" to underside and F6 D211 MJ. (2) £10-20
589.    A Decorative Coffee Grinder, Minton Haddon Hall dishes, cup and saucer, cat cruet, mugs, Greek pottery, etc:- One Tray £5-10
590.    Custard Glasses, oil bottles, ruby glass ewer, other glassware:- One Tray £15-20
591.    A Paragon 'Athena' China Tea Service:- One Tray £15-25
592.    A Pair of Reproduction Staffordshire Seated King Charles Spaniels, a large Goebel model cat (damages), a novelty pottery model crocodile on motorbike and sidecar, etc:- One Tray £10-20
593.    A Wedgwood 'Windsor' Three Piece Tea Service, with two matching cups, Royal Crown Derby 'Posies' Miniature Jug, Crown Devon Cabinet Plates, hunting themed tea wares:- One Tray £15-25
594.    an Early XX Century Biscuit Jar, with plated lid and swing handle, two tier cake stand, early XX Century two section Crown Devon pickle dish, oval dish, etc:- One Tray £20-40
595.    A Set of Six Lead Crystal Champagnes, a set of eleven further champagnes, crystal sundae dishes, custard cups, port, sherry glasses, etc. £20-30
596.    A Royal Winton Four Bar Toast Rack, studio glass weights, crested ware, banjo, Wedgwood pin dishes and other china:- One Tray £15-25
597.    Wedgwood Jasperware Powder Bowl, trinket pot, etc in powder blue, a Carlton Ware Rouge Royale Compart, Aynsley Harvest Fruit jar, cover and saucers signed 'D. Jones', jug, etc:- One Tray £20-40
598.    A Royal Doulton Limited Edition 'Grace Darling' for the R.N.L.I 24/9500, Royal Doulton 'Frith' Limited Edition Model HN3082, Bountiful Garden Model (boxed), pipes, enamel badges, etc. £15-25
599.    T. G. Green 'Flour' and 'Sugar' Caster's (black shield base stamps), a studio blue glass seated model cat, Victorian and later meat plates, Lovatts ribbed jug, etc:- One Tray £20-30
600.    A 1960's Blue Glass Vase, Arthur Wood Vase decorated with yachts (damaged), a Hanley part tea service, teapot, cups, sugar bowl floral decoration, 1920's Beswick jug with mottled green decoration, number 148 impressed on base, etc:- One Tray £15-25
601.    Dartington Decanters, glass pedestal dish, Stuart Crystal whiskey tumblers and other glassware:- One Tray £12-18
602.    Denby "Chevron" Dinner and Coffee Service, including plates, tureens etc. (thirty-five pieces). £10-20
603.    A Quantity of China Flower Posies, varying makers including Coalport, Royal Doulton, etc; together with Royal Albert. £15-25
604.    Six Spode Collectors Plates, from "The Noble Horse" series; plus three others with a similar theme by Royal Worcester. £10-20
605.    A Blue Glass and Silver Overlay Liqueur Decanter, powder bowl with green engine turned enamel lid, green glass jar and cover, scent bottles, etc:- One Tray £15-25
606.    Drinking Glasses, whisky decanters, vases, basket, other glassware:- Two Boxes £15-25
606A.   Denby 'Marrakesh' Oven to Table Ware Stoneware Pottery, of approximately ninety pieces. £40-60
607.    Fourteen Davenport Collectors Plates from "The Cries of London" Series, (all boxed with certificates); six Royal Doulton plates from "The Huntsmans Call" series:- Two Boxes £10-20
608.    After C. R. Boulton 'Smugglers Above' Signed Limited Edition Print 160/850, further prints including 'Conquering the Storms'. £15-25
609.    A Lead Crystal Candle Lamp, domed shade over circular spreading foot, a fruit bowl with plated rim, vases, pedestal dish, etc, and a Burleighware circular wall mirror with cast brass foliate borders. £20-30
610.    Alfred Meakin "Bleu de Roi" Dinnerware, James Kent "June Roses" bowl and biscuit barrel, Wedgwood Jasperware trinket pots, etc:- One Box £10-20
610A.   A Copper Tea Urn, glassware, Sadler teapot, etc:- One Tray £15-25
611.    Early XX Century Pressed Green Glass Dressing Table Trays, dressing table brushes, candlesticks, pressed green glass vase, hand mirrors, wine glasses, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
612.    Twenty Five Boxed Collectors Series Cabinet Plates, varying themes to include Bing and Grondahl 'Road to Virtuosity' Lueckel's Village Scene selection, etc. (25) £15-25
613.    A Pair of Transfer Printed Ovoid Vases, two Victorian graduating jugs, 1930's Kensington green lustre bowl, teapot stand, Spode Italian bowl, etc. £15-18
614.    Vintage Children's Games, to include "Remote Control Driving Test", "Magic Robot", "Sooty Super Xylophone", vista screen, modern Meccano, etc. £15-25
615.    Six Ashton-Drake Modern Porcelain Dolls, including Little Red Riding Hood, Little Bo Peep, all boxed. £20-40
616.    A XIX Century Copper Warming Pan, with pierced brass cover, copper ewer, brass log bucket, curtain pole. £15-20
617.    Beswick Model Shire Horse, white dapple grey horse and elephant, a Royal Doulton large Black Setter and a model Shire Horse damages noted on all. One tray and a display shelf of decorative eggs, trinket boxes, ginger jar, etc:- One box. (2) £15-25
618.    A Collection of Boxed Modern Porcelain Dolls, including Ashton-Drake Galleries, Yolanda's Picture Perfect Babies, The Leonardo Collection, fine porcelain baby doll by Regency Fine Arts. (7) £15-30
619.    A Reproduction 'Kitsch' Drinks Globe, (boxed), together with a collection of 78 RPM's (early titles and Glenn Miller included). South Park and Yoda Soft Toys. £15-25
620.    A Quantity of Loose Ring Turned Wooden Furniture Legs, rails, etc:- Four Boxes £10-20
620A.   A Panasonic DVD Player, Alba music system, DVD's, CD's, LP's etc., (untested, sold for parts only). £10-15
621.    Royal Worcester "Evesham" Oven to Table Ware, of approximately eighty-two pieces. £50-70
622.    A Claret Jug, with a plated top and handle, Country Roses mantel clock and similar wares, a Denby ware green glass bottle inscribed "The Glass Studio Denby", etc:- One Tray £20-40
623.    Royal Stafford China Tea Set, Royal Doulton Series Ware Plate D4585, miniature glass figures. £10-15
624.    A Sommerso Vase, Babycham glasses, lemonade set, studio pottery table lamp base, china tea service, Tuscan china teawares, etc. £15-20
625.    Whisky Glasses, brandy glasses, sundae dishes, etc:- One Tray £5-10
626.    A Capo di Monte Model of a 'Seated Boy Playing a Concertina on a Bench' by Milio, Capo di Monte Seated Tramp, Model Bird, Goebel style figures by Friedel of Germany, etc:- One Tray £15-25
627.    A Royal Crown Derby 'Posies' Ovoid Slender Vase, Wedgwood 'Rosemeade' vase, Wedgwood campana urn, pin dishes, dwarf candlesticks, flower posies teawares, Royal Doulton 'Emma' figurine, etc:- One Tray £10-20
628.    A Porcelain Miniature Tea Set, in gilt on a white ground, all on a Rococo styled tray, hallmarked silver souvenir teaspoons, cloisonné vase, thimble, pin dishes, powder compact, etc:- One Tray £15-25
629.    A Claret Jug, Worcester oven proof table ware, Grafton 'Viceroy' coffee set, ginger jar, etc:- One Box £10-15
630.    A Decanter, 1930's pressed glass fruit bowl, sucrier, pair of blue glass bon bon dishes, etc:- One Tray £10-20
631.    A Collection of China Circular Jars and Covers, pin dishes, trinket pots, etc reproduction Victorian themes noted:- One Tray £15-25
632.    An Aynsley "Cottage Garden" Bread Plate and Knife, (boxed), Wedgwood trinket dishes, etc:- One Tray £5-10
633.    A Set of Six Lead Crystal Tumblers, jug, liqueur decanter, sundae dishes and other glassware:- One Tray £10-20
634.    An Aynsley Pattern Tea Service, with floral decoration; together with Tuscan ware tea service:- One Tray £10-20
635.    Portmeirion Rose Trinkets, Bristolia cornucopia bon bon dish, Florentine trinket box, etc:- One Tray £15-25
636.    A Collection of Clear and Coloured Glass Model Swans, including Sabino, blue lustre, aquamarine examples, model fox Lanham, Bristol blue type model boots, studio glass pear etc:- One Tray £15-25
636A.   A Pair of Bisque Wall Plaques, Bavarian coffee ware, novelty coffee pots, Honiton jug, etc:- One Tray £10-20
637.    A Wedgwood Jasperware Bowl, trinket pots, pin dish in powder puce and green, Oriental scensor collectors plates, Royal Albert "Masquerade" teawares, etc:- One Box £15-30
638.    A Royal Doulton 'Booths Old Willow' Jars and Covers, sandwich plate, Old Tupton jar, ginger jar, pot pourri pots, etc:- One Tray £15-25
639.    A Collection of Eleven Clear and Coloured Glass Model Swans, 17cm and smaller:- One Tray £10-20
639A.   A Metronome, clocks, musical stein, plated candlestick, etc:- One Tray £15-25
640.    A Mason's 'Fruit Basket' 'Mandalay' and 'Chartreuse' Jars and Covers, one tray together with a Vista charger and a Chartreuse table lamp. (3) £30-40
641.    A Ironstone China Biscuit Barrel, with chinoiserie decoration, a bowl similary decorated, etc on lacquer tray. £15-20
642.    Hornsea 'Rabbit' Spill Vases, Wedgwood meat plate, Windsor 'Lupins' Tea Wares, Delft Ware, etc:- One Box £10-20
643.    Paragon 'Tree of Kashmir' Tea, Coffee Wares and Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' tea service:- One Tray £10-20
644.    Denby "Imperial Blue" Stoneware Table Pottery, of thirty-four pieces, including teapot, butter dish, jug, four dinner plates. £30-50
645.    A Beswick 'Barn Owl' 2026, Beswick 'Blue Tit' 992 and a Beswick 'Goldcrest' 2415. (3) £15-25
646.    An Edwardian Blush Ivory and Floral Wash Jug and Bowl. £10-20
647.    Denby Arabesque Oven to Table Ware, circa 1970's of approximately ninety pieces. £30-50
648.    A Set of Twelve Titanic Themed Cabinet Plates by The Bradford Exchange, Heart of the Ocean porcelain trinket box, Bradford Exchange, "Jewel of the Ocean" pendant by Ardleigh Elliott, all boxed. (14) £15-25
650.    A Royal Crown Derby Trinkets, Sterling, Leonard's and other trinkets, Royal Worcester Millennium pin tray, etc:- One Tray £15-20
651.    Two Beswick Models 'Chaffinch' and 'Wren', Beswick Foal, Sylvac 'Drink Like a Fish' Jug 4566, Charles Dickens Mr and Mrs Micawber by Kingston Potteries, glug jug, etc:- One Tray £15-20
652.    A Sekonda, Janus and Other Wristwatches, costume jewellery, etc:- In tin and case. £15-25
653.    Ten Coloured and Clear Glass Model Swans, including Sabino, some rough pontil marks noted, 15cm high and smaller. £10-20
654.    A Beswick Seated Kitten, three Royal Copenhagen pin dishes, Wade Whimsies, pin cushion doll, Wedgwood "Fallow Deer" miniature teapot, Limoges style teacups and saucers:- One Tray £10-20
655.    Four Cases of Electroplated Cutlery; together with an onyx table lamp base, decorative brassware, oval wall mirror, etc. (5) £20-30
656.    A Pair of Staffordshire Style Spaniel Dogs, ginger jar, commemorative mugs, etc:- One Box £10-15
657.    Over Twenty Boxed Collectors Series Cabinet Plates, themes to include Knowles 'The Four Ancient Elements', Limoges 'Napoleon - Empire Style', etc. £15-25
658.    A Quantity of Framed Prints, watercolour, still life's, woolwork studies; together with table lamps and shades;- Two Boxes £10-12
659.    A Copper Coal Scuttle, copper kettle, brass shell case, stoneware jug, brass oil lamp, etc £15-20
660.    A Brass Bell, copper watering cans, enamelled jug, Tasco binoculars, etc, in case. £15-20
661.    Early XX Century Tea Wares, Crown Devon biscuit jar and jug of blush ground, Masons "Mandalay" shallow dish, reproduction toilet jug and bowl, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
662.    A Large Collection of Loose Modern Slender and Squat Cabriole Legs:- Six Boxes £10-20
663.    An Edwardian Stanley China Tea Service, other tea ware, Salter kitchen scales, plated ware, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
664.    Over Twenty Royal Doulton R.H.S. Cabinet Show Plates; together with etched glass wines, liqueurs, etc:- One Tray £15-25
665.    A Candelabra, oval tray, cutlery, other plated wares:- One Box £10-20
665A.   Studio Vases, teapot, plated ware, Dunn & Co Bowler Hat, dolls, camera's, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
665B.   Wedgwood Plates, studio vases, Fire King glassware, Crown Ming teaware, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
666.    A Lead Crystal Bowl, cake stand, Old Country Roses vase, boxed china vase, trio and other items:- Two Boxes £15-20
667.    An Electroplated Six Section Egg Cruet, a pair of oval entree dishes, loose cutlery, white metal and brass ribbed ovoid vase, rope twist "bag" vase, cased teaspoons, etc:- One Box £15-20
668.    A Circa 1960's Gent's Military Dress Jacket, in olive green, internal labels reads "1966, size No. 33, Suit No. 2 Dress", a cased pair of 1940's military x 6 Taylor and Hobson binoculars, a pair of further field glasses and an ecclesiastical cloak. (5) £15-25
670.    Abu and Shakespeare Fishing Rods, Penn No49, Garcia Mitchell 624 and 602A reels, J. Marttiini of Finland knife, bag. £20-40
671.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Cased "Reflex Radio Company" Radio with Headphones, and a 1930's oak framed bevelled mirror. (2) £15-25
672.    A WWI Period "Bulletelle" Game, Tidley Winks, Jokari, jigsaw, Halma and other games:- One Box £15-30
673.    A 1930's Oak Cased Mantel Clock, of geometric form, silvered chapter ring, Arabic numerals, a wooden model ship on stand and a pair of colour prints after Lillian Rowles. (4) £15-25
674.    A Copper Kettle, brass trivet, copper jug, tapering cylindrical vase, hot water bottle, brass watering can, etc - all on an oak galleried tray, (included). £20-30
675.    A Collection of Sixteen Pewter Soldiers by Art Foundry, nearly all wooden plinths, diecast and brass miniature cannons, one miniature metal soldier figure:- One Tray £10-20
676.    A Quantity of Reproduction Mahogany and Oak Cutlery Canteen Cases, (unhinged) hardwood case parts, etc. £10-20
677.    White Star Two Section Fishing Rod, Edwardian mahogany oval wall mirror, barometer/thermometer and a walking cane with resin moulded dog's head handle. (4) £15-25
677A.   A Quantity of Presentation Spoons and two display racks. £15-20
677B.   An Oak Cased Banjo Barometer, Invicta typewriter. £15-25
678.    A Pair of Toscana Italian Cream Leather Ladies Boots, matching handbag, K Shoes multi-leather ladies boots, soft toy bears, Beatrix Pottery books (circa 1960's and later) etc. £10-20
679.    An Early XX Century Novelty Cast Iron Money Bank, (later base grille). £5-10
680.    A English School 'Figures on a Country Path' Oil on Canvas, in Victorian style gilt moulded frame, 19 x 24cm, two hand coloured engraving prints after Rowlandson, spirit bottle, treen goblet, souvenir tribal wares, Thatcher candle, lace bobbins, etc. £15-25
681.    A Quantity of Toy Circus Elephants, wearing "Billy Cotton" blankets. £20-30
682.    A Geometry Instruments in Fitted Morocco Case, further geometry sets, slide rule, etc:- One Tray £15-20
683.    A Large Quantity of Marbles, four boxes including pot examples:- One Tray £15-25
684.    A Cast Iron Three Footed Cauldron, leather clad with tassels and geometric bands, diameter 16cm, and a leather clad Capstan tin. (2) £8-12
685.    Schoolboy Stamp Album, Royal Mint stamps and first day covers, cigarette cards, Monopoly Set, (cardboard figures). £10-15
686.    Four Franklin Mint Die Cast Precision Model Vintage Saloon Cars, including 1933 Duesenburg and 1925 Hispano-Suiza Kellner H5B, etc:- One Tray £15-25
687.    A Quantity of Post War Bayko and Airfix No. 3 Building Sets, (boxed). £15-25
688.    A Waterman Pen Pencil Set, a Cross pen, pencil set (both boxed), ebony hair tidy, electroplated shallow dishes, onyx table lighter, gilt framed paint plaque, etc:- One Tray £15-25
689.    Sporting- A Vintage Circa 1930's Tennis Racquet, a box of six Slazenger tennis balls and a "Lawn Tennis" measure; A 1934 and 5 Presentation Green Velvet and Gold Edged Football Cap, labelled Rawcliffes Ltd, Blackpool, Leeds, Southport, plus a 1909 novel "Playing The Game". £20-40
690.    A "Pennine Way 1973" Presentation Horn Trophy, vintage storage tins, boxwood chess pieces, costume jewellery, inlaid cigarette dispenser, etc, on tray. £15-25
691.    A Brass Whisky Flask, Evans Patent Brass Concinnum machine, Wills woodbines advertising jug, pair of .... vases, including oak two handled tray.
692.    Victorian Locket, with leaf scroll decoration on heavy link chain, hallmarked silver medallion, badges including Diesel, Leyland, Gold Stone and other pins, etc:- on circular plated tray. £20-30
693.    Early XX Century Cast Iron and Brass Scales, with bell weights, various gents cufflinks, tie clip, evening purse, pair of cast metal cockerels, jar, etc:- One Tray £15-25
694.    A Quantity of GB Base Metal Coinage, 1970 cased GB proof set, forty-two foreign banknotes and various foreign coins. £10-15
695.    Trinket Boxes, miniature Royal Selangor vases, antimony box, Oriental sundial/compass, mother of pearl multi blade knife (damages), etc:- One Tray £12-18
696.    A Collection of Seashells, conches, coral geological samples, etc:- One Box £10-20
697.    A Electroplated Pedestal Galleried Dish, Viners candlesticks, early XX Century ewer jug, stirrup cup, etc:- One Tray £15-25
698.    An Early XX Century Oak Sewing Box, black cartouche, hinged lid with single drawer and contents and a quantity of embroidered sheets, covers, linen, etc:- (2) £20-40
699.    Circa 1920's Oak Frame, stoneware storage jars, set of W & T Avery Scales, fold out tray, 1930's office file, etc. £10-20
700.    A Set of Postal Balance Scales and Weights, brass cased compass, gents wristwatch, loose cutlery, folding rule, novelty nutcrackers, etc:- One Tray £15-25
701.    A Land Operations 1969 Booklet, Bomber Command and other WWII publications, newspapers, cigarette cards, daguerreotype, etc:- One Box £15-25
702.    A National Panasonic Belt Driven Turntable with Cassette Deck, model SG - 1030L, speakers and manual. £10-20
703.    A Reproduction Cast Metal Postal Services Motorcycle and Sidecar, a Lambretta bag, and scooter reference book. (3) £15-25
704.    A 1930's "National Band" Portable Gramophone; together with a quantity of 78RPM's and LP's (7" and larger). £20-30
705.    A XIX Century Turned Hardwood Walking Cane, with iron tip; six crook handled canes. (7) £20-30
706.    An Analytical/Chemical Balance, serial No. B-33878, in glazed case by Christian Becker Inc., New York. £15-25
707.    A 1920's Oak Napoleon Style Mantel Clock, with a silvered dial; together with a 1940's Smiths Enfield. (2) £10-20
708.    Brass Planter, loose cutlery, mother-of-pearl dish, barometer, an oak money box (?), tape measure, etc:- One Tray £15-25
709.    A 1940's Oak Cased Mantel clock, domed case, silvered dial, a 1930's Smiths oak mantel clock and an oak biscuit barrel with plated rim, lid and blank shield cartouche. £15-20
710.    Three Oak Bookshelves, width 40.5cm and smaller, and two others. (5) £25-45
711.    A Modern Bow Fronted "Wall Clock", glazed case and two framed resin Oriental models. (3) £10-15
712.    A Vadome & Hart Ltd. of London Shop Counter Set of Scales, No. 11371, with enamel plaque and a number of fitted weights. £20-25
713.    Two Mid XX Century Valve Radios, including a Pye "FenMan table model" and a Bush walnut cased example, type AC 34. (2) £15-25
714.    A Collection of Walking Sticks, parasols, umbrellas, etc. £15-20
715.    Boys Brigade Cloth Caps, 36" drum, embroidered Royal Navy covers, Boys Brigade belt, etc; together with spare drum skins, Valve radio, etc. £8-12
716.    Linens, perfumes, etc, in a case. £15-20
717.    A 1940's Oak Wall Clock, with a silvered dial, glazed door, with bevelled glass panels; together with one other oak wall clock. (2) £20-25
718.    Vintage Linen, embroidered sheets, covers, etc, and a quantity of "Velcro" 25 metre length rolls:- Three Boxes £15-20
719.    Early XX Century Linen, including tablecloths, place mats etc:- One Box £20-40
720.    A 1930's Oak Tray, with needlework panel, dressing table part sets, log bucket, literature, carved wooden models, wicker basket, musical boxes, etc. £12-18
721.    Five Crook Handled Walking Canes, three shepherd examples, together with three others. (11) £20-30
721A.   Vintage Linen and Damask Table Covers, lace collars, apron, tea cloths, etc:- One Box £10-20
722.    Denby Style Table Ware, Duchess tea set, Oriental ceramics, etc:- One Box. Basket of glass, large pottery stick stand in the form of an owl. £10-20
722A.   Four Studio Pottery Table Lamps. £15-20
723.    A Reebock Mini Trampoline (boxed). £10-20
724.    A 1940's Oak Wall Clock, with a silvered dial. £20-40
725.    A Circular Wall Mirror, in gilt bauble frame. £15-25
726.    A 1920's Oak Grandmother Clock, with beadwork decoration, (converted to a Quartz movement). £10-20
727.    Fishing Interest, to include approximately eight rods by Flectes Non Frangas, Milbro, etc. Four course fishing reels including Noris Shakespeare Standard 2003, one fly fishing reel, nets, basket, etc. £30-50
728.    A XIX Century Vienna Style Wall Clock, with a stepped pediment, enamel dial, turned pilasters. £25-45
729.    Gresham Flyer Tricycle, with wooden seat, probably 1930's/40's, together with a similar child's bicycle with leather seat. (2) £30-40
730.    Early XX Century Revelation Suitcase, other suitcases; together with a stool. (7) £10-20
731.    A Modern Hardwood Rocking Chair, a two drawer mobile sewing chest and contents, a portrait oil study of a Bavarian elder, signed 'Becker', print, etc. £10-15
732.    A Mid XIX Century Wooden Ribbed travel Trunk, with removable inner tray. £10-20
733.    A Late XIX Century Mahogany Vienna Wall Clock, carved cresting with eagle surmount, glazed case. £15-25
734.    A XIX Century American Walnut Ansonia Wall Clock, with circular dial, glazed door; together with a XIX Century style Vienna style wall clock. (2) £20-30
735.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Cased Vienna Wall Clock, ivorine dial, Roman numerals, moulded cornice (lacking pediment) over glazed case with applied half turned columns and drop finials. £40-60
736.    Five Mid XX Century Travel Cases Including Python and Foxcroft, together with with a stitched leather briefcase. (6) £15-25
737.    An Early XX Century Oxidized Copper and Brass Standard Oil Lamp, in the Art Nouveau manner, converted to electricity. £20-30
738.    A 1940's Oak and Mahogany Wall Clock, with a silvered dial, glazed door with bevelled panels, stepped base; together with a small aneroid barometer. (2) £20-30
739.    A Circa 1950's Vintage Baby's Pushchair, in maroon. £10-20
740.    A Large Persian Style Carpet Square, decorated with stylised foliate motif's and guls, all on a red field, 277 x 277cm together with a large Chinese sculptured rug, central medallion within borders on a cream field. (2) £20-40
741.    Negret Freres, Two Stevengraphs, 'Les Rameaux' after E. Sonrel and 'Noel Des Vieux' after A. Perret, images approximately 14.5 x 17.5cm. £10-20
742.    A Modern Gilt Framed Bevelled Over Mantel Mirror, 74 x 83cm. £20-30
743.    A Lady Butler 'Scotland Forever' Colour Print, 37 x 72.5cm. Two other prints, Chesterman oil. (4) £10-15
744.    Four Japanese Watercolours on Fabric, featuring foliage scenes. £10-15
745.    Four Terry Gorman Signed Prints, Rick and St. James Church print, all Sheffield themed. (6) £15-20
746.    L.R. Black, Mayfield Valley, watercolour, signed lower right; Fred Lawson, Moorland scene, watercolour, signed lower left; further watercolour and pair of prints by Spencer etc. £5-10
747.    Peter Coulthard, "Longshaw Trials (The Wisest Dogs in the World)", limited edition print 167/250, signed lower right'; a further Peter Coulthard limited edition print "Mayfield Valley", signed lower right. (2) £10-20
748.    ? Binns 'Top of Langsett Avenue, Nr Wadsley', watercolour, signed and dated 1912 lower left, title verso; gilt mirror, naval prints and oil study, signed landscape prints etc. £10-20
749.    A Limited Edition Hunting Scene Print, numbered 210/850; a framed "Declaration of Independence" reproduction lace panel, two further prints and a floral panel. (5) £5-10
750.    An Oval Barbola Wall Mirror, another smaller with ribbon cresting. (2) £15-25
751.    Rex N. Preston 'Dunnerdale From Wrynose Pass, Lake District' Watercolour, signed and dated '84 lower left, 21 x 26cm; H .G. Slater 'Ruined Farm Buildings' watercolour and ink, signed with Hibbert Bros stamp verso and three other watercolour. (5) £20-40
752.    G. P. Abraham Pair of Tinted Black and White Oval Photographs, 'Buttermere Lake' and 'Wastwater', 21.5 x 28cm, in gilt frames. £15-20
753.    A Pair of Stag Antlers, six points; together with an early XX Century oval shaped mirror. (2) £10-15
754.    A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in moulded and gilt frame, 64 x 37cm, and a convex mirror. (2) £10-12
755.    A Large Quantity of Unframed Prints, (over 400+), including colourful abstract work, 85 x 85cm, Henri Matisse, Blue Nude 1, 1952, 90 x 120cm, Lord Leighton, Perseus on Pegasus, with the head of Medusa, 1902, 50 x 70cm, and Michelangelo, Creation of Adam (Detail), 1508-1512, 80 x 60cm. £10-20
756.    Joe Scarborough and Other Prints, needleworks, etc:- One Box £15-25
757.    A Late XIX Century American Walnut Hall Stand, with a shaped pediment, oval shaped central mirror, brass hooks, shaped supports. £50-100
758.    A Modern Reproduction Oak Grandmother Clock, brushed metal chapter ring, brass spandrels, three weight driven. £20-30
759.    A Three Seater Leather Settee, in beige; together with a matching two seater settee. (2) £20-40
760.    A Hardwood Plant Stand, with undertier. A reproduction yew wood corner table and a reproduction mahogany and yew wine table. (3) £15-30
761.    1920's Oak Bookcase, three quarter gallery, three shelves, plinth base together with an oak drop leaf table. £15-20
762.    A Pine Double Bed, headboard, foot and rails. £10-20
763.    Two Reproduction Mahogany Nests of Tables. (2) £15-25
764.    An Edwardian Ebonised Tub Chair, with pierced splats, cabriole legs, upholstered in a checked fabric. £10-20
765.    A Stained Pine Kitchen Table, rectangular top and two associated seats. (3) £10-20
766.    An Edwardian Mahogany Music Cabinet, shaped gallery and hinged lid over cupboard with three slide drawers and undertier. £10-20
767.    A Pine Cheval Mirror, with a rectangular shaped mirror, turned and block supports, on swept feet. £20-40
768.    A Chinese Red Lacquer Cabinet, the twin panelled doors with large circular bronzed lock plate engraved with figural landscapes, twin handles and finger plates, two small pierced and gilt highlighted drawers above shaped and carved apron, on square supports, 175cms high, 102cms wide. £20-40
769.    A Pine Bedside Chest of Four Drawers, having turned handles. £15-25
770.    A XX Century Oak Blanket Box, the top with moulded edge, panelled base on stile feet. £30-50
771.    An Oak Painted Dresser, with an oak top, moulded edge, egg and dart frieze, painted drawers and cupboard doors, on bracket feet. £50-100
772.    A Stag Three Piece Bedroom Suite, wardrobe, dressing table and three heights chest. (3) £10-20
773.    Three Matching Modern Folding Four Heights Open Freestanding Shelves, height 126cm. £20-30
774.    A Stained Oak Narrow Four Heights Bookcase, CD rack, further wall shelving, occasional table. (6) £10-20
775.    A Modern Freestanding Four Heights Open Bookcase, folding shelves, and four smaller shelving units. (5) £15-25
776.    An Oak Nest of Tables, with moulded edges, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £10-15
777.    A XIX Century Mahogany Rectangular Dressing Table Mirror, on turned supports, a wine table with inlaid dish top. (2) £10-20
778.    A Victorian Mahogany Chest, fitted with four long graduating drawers, (damaged with alterations). £20-40
779.    A Tall Victorian Oak Bookcase, decorated with quatrefoil motifs, adjustable shelving. £20-40
780.    XX Century Oak Blanket Box, with a hinged lid, panelled front, stile feet, together with a oak bedside cabinet with gothic style panels. £20-30
781.    A Mahogany Two Tier Tea Trolley, a mahogany sewing box and a pair of Schreiber teak bedside cupboards. (4) £15-25
782.    A Marble Topped Coffee Table, further mahogany coffee table and three Chinese sculptured rugs. (5) £10-20
783.    A Circa 1980's Four Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising two three heights chests, a three heights bedside chest and a compactum. (4) £15-25
784.    An Oak Occasional Table, with barley twist legs, Aldis projector, screen. £5-10
785.    A Singer Treadle Sewing Machine. £10-20
786.    A 1930's Mahogany Bedside Cupboard, and later coffee table. (2) £15-25
787.    Lloyd Loom Corner Basket, lamp standard, two two tea trolleys and a upholstered foot stool. (5) £5-10
790.    A XIX Century Oak Drop Leaf Table, on tapering legs. £10-20
791.    A Nathan Reproduction Yew Dinning Table, with concealed extra leaf; a Jonell mahogany three heights bookcase, twin glazed slide doors, length 99cm. (2) £10-15
792.    A Set of Six Stacking Stools, with grey dished plastic seats. £8-12
793.    A Onyx and Brass Framed Coffee Table, shaped oval top. £15-25
794.    A Berry Reproduction Mahogany Six Heights Chest of Drawers, matching bedside cabinets. (2) £10-20
795.    A Modern Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising single mirrored wardrobe, five heights chest of drawers and three heights bedside cabinets. (3) £15-25
796.    A Modern Drop Leaf Kitchen Table, circular top, together with six spindle back chairs (four plus two). (7) £10-20
797.    A Walnut Demi-Lune Fold-Over Card Table, with baize interior and card drawer to back. £20-40
798.    An Oak Magazine Rack, of narrow proportions beaded outlines and an Edwardian footstool. (2) £10-20
799.    A Painted Corner TV Stand, with glazed doors, bracket feet. £5-10
800.    A Reproduction Mahogany Coffee Table, drum table with a crossbanded top, green leather scriver, four small drawers, on swept and reeded legs. £25-45
801.    A Pair of Mahogany Bedside Chests, with moulded edges, reeded sides, three small drawers, on cabriole legs, pad feet. £20-30
802.    A Set of Six Edwardian Chairs, with upholstered backs and seats, on turned forefront legs. (6) £25-45
803.    A 1920's Oak Drop Leaf Table, with oval top, barley twist and block supports, together with a small drop leaf table raised on bobbin supports (2) £20-30
804.    An XVIII Century Oak Gate Leg Table, on turned and block supports, (damaged). £10-20
805.    An Early XX Century Woven Cane Topped Seat, ring turned stained mahogany standard lamp base and a mahogany combination armchair/occasional table. (3) £15-25
806.    A Circa 1930's Oak Rectangular Topped Table, with trestle ends and platform feet. £15-25
807.    A 1920's Oak Bureau, with a fall front, two long drawers on barley twist supports, (damaged). £10-20
808.    A Set of Four Late Victorian Walnut Dining Chairs, shell carved and foliate cresting rail, reeded supports, re-upholstered back rest and stuff over seat, ring turned legs. £15-25
809.    A Mahogany Wine Table, with pie crust border to circular tilt top, snap action, tripod legs. £20-30
810.    A George III Mahogany Snap Top Circular Pedestal Table, ring turned central column on tripod legs, pad feet, diameter 84cm. £25-50
811.    A Mahogany Cupboard, fitted with five drawers with cupboard beside and undertier (converted from a music cabinet). £15-20
812.    An Oak Blanket Box and a Painted Late Victorian Pot Cupboard. (2) £10-20
813.    A Wrightson Bleached Walnut Dressing Table, bow front chest of five drawers, and a pair of bedside cupboards. £40-60
814.    A Dark Elm "Country Style" Wheelback Rocking Open Armchair, shaped arms and seat supported on ring turned "H" stretchered legs, and a matching open armchair. (2) £15-25
815.    An Early XX Century Oak Rectangular Topped Dining Table, with cut corners on tapering legs. £10-20
816.    A Walnut Wine Table, with pie crust border to circular top, carved tripod legs. £20-30
817.    A XIX Century Mahogany Washstand, with a moulded edge, two small drawers, with shaped and pierced supports, shaped stretcher on bun feet. £30-50
818.    A Mahogany Music Canterbury, high single drawer on turned legs. £15-25
819.    A Straight Front Pine Chest of Three Small and Two Long Drawers, having turned handles. £30-40
820.    A XIX Century Oak Armchair, with a shaped and carved top rail, reeded sides, upholstered back, arm pads and seat on turned fore front legs. £40-60
821.    Oak Nest of Tables, with rectangular top, trestle ends, together with mahogany wine table. (2). £15-20
822.    Oak Telephone Table, with two small drawers, oak seat, rail back, on turned legs, together with a Lloyd Loom style chair. (2) £15-20
823.    A Mid XX Century Walnut Bachelors Chest, with baize interior to damaged fold over top, on bracket feet. £20-40
824.    A Pine Cutler's Stool, an early XX Century brass bow fronted coal box and an oak framed fire screen. (3) £10-25
825.    An XVIII Century Joined Oak Gate Leg Table, with oval top and single drawer, on turned and block supports. £30-50
826.    An Oak Circular Topped Occasional Table, moulded edge, with conforming undertier and shaped supports. £20-30
827.    A XX Century Walnut Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, moulded edge, fitted with four long drawers, bracket feet. £30-50
828.    XIX Century Elm Stool on Turned Legs, turned X stretcher, together with one other stool with oval top and turned legs (2) £25-45
829.    A Pine Straight Front Chest of Three Small and Three Long Drawers, with turned handles. £30-40
830.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers, brass drop handles, bracket feet. £30-50
831.    A XIX Century White Painted Towel Rail, with barley twist supports, raised on cabriole legs £15-20
832.    A Late XIX Century Walnut Chest of Drawers, with a moulded edge, two short drawers, two long drawers. £20-40
833.    A XIX Century Walnut Games Table, with a chessboard top, on bobbin legs and stretchers; together with a mahogany two tier table. (2) £10-20
834.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with three drawers over two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet. £30-50
835.    An Early XX Century Elm Stool, pierced oval top on squared tapering legs, and an elm circular topped occasional table. (2) £20-40
836.    An XVIII Century Chest of Drawers, with two small drawers, three long drawers, on bracket feet. £80-120
837.    A 1920's Oak Corner Stick Stand, with barley twist supports, together with an oak standard lamp with barley twist pedestal on circular base. £20-30
838.    A Late Victorian Mahogany Nursing Chair, arched and foliate carved cresting on reeded supports, upholstered in sculptured olive, pot castors. £20-30
839.    A 1920's Oak Set of Four Dining Chairs, with rail supports, drop in seats, bobbin and block supports, united by stretchers. £10-20
839A.   A Set of Four Kitchen Chairs, with rectangular rail backs, turned supports, solid seats, turned legs, united by H stretchers. £10-20
840.    A Demi-Lune Side Table, and a walnut oval topped coffee table. (2) £15-20
841.    A 1920's Three Piece Lounge Suite, upholstered in a cream floral fabric, on bun feet. £10-20
842.    A 1920's Mahogany Firescreen, with needlework panel on tapering legs and spade feet, a light oak effect modern coffee table and an Ikea example brass standard lamp and shade: untested - sold for parts only . (3) £10-20
843.    A Late Victorian Mahogany Nursing Chair, arched and foliate carved cresting rail, reeded supports, on ring turned tapering legs, pot castors. £20-30
844.    A 1920's Oak Wall Clock, with a silvered dial, oval bevelled glass panel, chrome pendulum, stepped base. £20-30
845.    A 1920's Walnut Bedside Cupboard, on cabriole legs. £20-30
846.    An Early XX Century Oak Two Heights Wall Hanging Open Bookshelf, shaped ends, reeded edges, width 107cm, and a three heights pine example. (2) £20-40
847.    A Cream Two Seater Settee and Chair.

848.    "Stressless" Cream Leather Armchair, and footstool. (2) £40-60
849.    An Electric Reclining Armchair.
850.    A Circa 1930's Oak Side Table, fitted with a single frieze drawer, with undertier, squared legs, an Edwardian bathroom mirror and Victorian walnut effect rectangular wall mirror, and an adjustable carved mahogany standard lamp. (4) £15-25
851.    A XIX Century Walnut Bedside Cupboard, with a low back, moulded edge, panelled cupboard door, on square supports. £20-30
852.    A Mid XX Century Four Piece Bedroom Suite, in cream with applied classical wreaths, swags and pendants, comprising two double wardrobes and a pair of five heights chests of drawers. (4) £20-40
853.    An Edwardian Mahogany Open Armchair, with stringing and shaped open arms, a beechwood bedroom chair and a pair of bedroom chairs. (4) £10-20
854.    A Small Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Chest of Drawers, with a crossbanded top, moulded edge, on cabriole legs, pad feet. £20-30
855.    A Modern Two Seater Sofa, gold effect dralon and tan leather. £10-20
856.    A Pair of Parker Knoll Wing Armchairs, upholstered in a slate grey draylon. £20-40
857.    Sleigh Bed by Cotswold Caners. £20-30
858.    A Pair of Edwardian Salon Chairs, with a rectangular shaped top rail, oval inlaid panels, upholstered seats, on tapering legs, together with another pair of salon chairs. £15-20