Antiques, General & Household Sale on
Saturday 14th January 2017

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580.    A Plated Rose Bowl, plated and engraved trays, pewter tankard, candelabra etc:- One Box 15-20
581.    Five Circa 1970's and Later Telephones, including twin tone 706 I/C, 746F, P.O.2/722 etc (5):- One Box 15-25
582.    An Original Circa 1930's Circus Poster 'Hannefords Big 3 Ring Circus' approximately 48 x 66cms in contemporary frame. 30-40
583.    An Original Circa 1930's Circus Poster 'Hanneford'- The Worlds Greatest Circus Talent', approximately 49x67 in contemporary frame. 30-40
584.    XIX Century Ironstone Plates, ribbon plates, Limoges plates, commemorative plates etc, bread croc:- One Box 10-20
585.    A XX Century Brown Suitcase, Shelley bowl, wooden bowl, table lamp. 10-20
586.    Tento 8 x 40 Binoculars, cameras, Denby teapot, Dresden cabinet, cup and saucer, other ceramics, glassware, oil, etc:- One Box, flag, print. 15-25
587.    Oak Cased Canteens of Fish Knives and Forks, other cased cutlery including tea knives, commemorative etc:- One Box 20-30
588.    A Set of Six Thomas Webb Crystal Whisky Tumblers, a Wordsley crystal whisky decanter, a set of six Edinburgh crystal tumblers, other decanter sets (all boxed) together with paperweights, vases, wines etc. 15-25
589.    A XIX Century Jam Pan, table clamps, door lock etc:- One Box 10-20
590.    A Toilet Jug and Bowl, with matching chamber pot, an early XX Century twin handled vase of squared baluster section, ginger jar and cover, ceiling shade, etc. (2) 10-20
591.    Observer Reference Books, 'About Britain' country maps, ocean liner tin cards, Royal literature, Hogarth and L.S Lowry literature, Dunkirk to Berlin map circa 1956, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
592.    Early XX Century Large Pottery Jar and Cover, with floral decoration, XIX Century bowl, XIX Century Jugs etc:- One Box 15-20
593.    Photo Gallery and Other Jigsaws, circa 1930's, English pot headed doll, long life bulbs, mobile phone, folding seat, gardening set, novelty quartz 'drum kit' clock, brass table lamps, US military satchel, maps etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
594.    Sheet Music:- Four Boxes 10-20
595.    K.C.Edwards 'The Peak District', Crichton Porteous "Portrait of Peakland', Helen Mathers 'Steel City Scholars', autobiographies, novels and reference also noted:- Two Boxes 10-20
596.    Quantity of 33RPM Records, classical themes, with carry case:- One Box 10-20
597.    Wine Glasses, wall plates, soup bowls, Lurpak butterdish etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
598.    Plated Brandy Goblets, plated engraved tray, ice bucket etc:- One Box 5-10
599.    Parker 'Frontier' Pen, travel clocks, stationary, ladies purses, table lamp, wooden decorative wares, framed prints etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
600.    XIX Century Coloured and Black White Framed Prints, South East View of Haddon Hall Buxton, Cromford House, Tissington Hall etc, together with black white framed XIX Century prints of "Huntingdonshire" Ramsey Abbey, Buckden Palace, Conington Castle etc, all in Hogarth frames:- One Box 20-40
601.    A Quantity of Plates, Austrian tureens and other ceramics etc:- Three Boxes 10-20
602.    Wedgwood 'Argosy' Dinnerwares, mixing bowl, studio pottery, part teawares, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
603.    Artists Models, Ordnance Survey maps, cash box, gent's tan bag etc:- One Box 10-20
604.    Embroided Linen, damask cloths, mats, tea cloths, covers, Sorelle pillow cases, flatsheets, cotton, buttons etc:- One Box 15-25
605.    A Collection of Matchbox and Some Corgi Diecast Vehicles, including Matchbox 'Super Kings' Scammell Heavy Wreck Truck, Matchbox king size No.KI Hydraulic Excavator, and Corgi Cadbury's Dairy Milk Goods Transporter. 10-20
606.    Viners Plated Tea Service, plated and engraved trays, Babycham glasses etc:- One Box 15-20
607.    A Large Quantity of Framed Prints:- Two Boxes 15-25
608.    A Quantity of Glassware and Ceramics, to include XIX Century blue and white plates, pottery animals, glass vases, glass tazza, inkstand etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
609.    Gurkha Kukri, metalwares including a cash tin, ceramic vases, Russian doll, tins etc. 15-20
610.    Elkington Stainless Steel Teapot, designed by David Mellor, stainless hotel ware, pewter tea service, etc:- One Box 15-20
611.    Glassware- Sugar Caster, with silver plated top, champagne glasses, decanter of square form etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
612.    Military Trunk of Metal Wares. 10-15
613.    Oak Biscuit Barrel, tureen, 'Tudric' Pewter comport and other Pewter, copper pan lid etc:- One Box 15-20
614.    A Pair of Staffordshire Style Spaniels, XIX Century blue and white jug, a pair of green glass pressed vases:- One Box 10-20
615.    Two Boxes of Pottery, Glassware etc. 10-20
616.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Hair Clips, costume jewellery, wristwatch, etc:- One Box 5-10
617.    A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Glassware, including dishes, drinking glasses etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
618.    Peter Alliss's 100 Greatest Golfers, The Golf Tour of Great Britain and Ireland, other books relating to golf, In Your Garden with Percy Thrower, Good Ideas for you Garden and other gardening books:- Two Boxes 10-20
619.    Atkinson Grimshaw Style Print of a Dock Scene, together with a pair of still life prints. 10-15
620.    A 3/4 Acoustic Guitar, in soft leatherette case, a childs guitar, three guitar stands, a pair of boxed miniature guitars, copper posher and trumpet. 10-20
621.    Colclough Part Coffee Service, EPNS and other cutlery, textile panel:- One Box; together with a glazed front wall display case and firescreen. (3) 20-30
622.    Gilt Shaped Wall Mirror, Dunelm chest, XIX Century copper warming pan, clock, etc. 15-25
623.    Large Quantity of Sheet Music:- Three Boxes 10-20
624.    Scrabble, prints, china, basket, enamelled jug, decorations:-One Box 10-20
625.    Boxed Set 33RPM Records, classical themes:- Two Boxes 10-20
626.    A Storage Jar, mixing bowl, shooting stick, Bush radio, quartz clock etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
627.    Spode Blue and White Italian Pattern Plate and Silver Lustre Sugar Bowl, tablewares, drinking glasses, Japanese vase etc:- Three Boxes 15-20
628.    Barrie Pearson, "A Vision of Yesteryear", graphite signed limited edition colour print, 72 of 550, 40.5x54cms; together with others. (6) 15-25
629.    An Oak Cased Singer Sewing Machine, tasseled Chinese sculptured rug and a pair of winter ski's. (3) 10-15
630.    Picture Frames, brass candlesticks, gilt mirror, etc:- One Box 5-10
631.    Gavin and Stacey DVD, Shaft DVD, children's DVD's CD's etc:- One Box 5-10
632.    Seven Pottery Shire Horses, and three handmade wooden carts:- Two Boxes 20-30
633.    DVD's and CD's, many classical. Two Boxes 15-20
634.    A Quantity of Dolls House Furniture / Costume Dolls, including associated items. 15-25
635.    Royalty Books, publications and ceramics, Hillsborough Disaster newspaper etc:- Three Boxes 15-20
636.    Denby Stoneware, Pearson's Casserole, other kitchenware:- One Box 15-20
637.    Monopoly, Saitek Chess, Braille Dominoes, other games, sewing implements:- One Box 15-25
638.    Seven Later XX Century Telephones, including 741G wall mounted Geemarc, Dialogue Europe etc together with telephone extension cable etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
639.    A Pair of Barleytwist Candlesticks, brass planter, mirror, scale and weights, wooden bowls, copper tankards, pewter etc. (2) 15-25
640.    Planters, coffee wares, cabinet plates, dinnerwares West German pottery planters, Mediterranean pottery, Continental china tea service etc:- Three Boxes 20-40
641.    A Table Top Cabinet, with glazed doors, with dolls etc. 5-10
642.    Brief Case, Trainline Cards etc:- One Box Tools in Green Box 10-20
643.    Le Creuset Round Individual Cocottes, both boxed, tea caddy rolling pins etc:- One Box 10-20
644.    S.Martin, Pair of Early XX Century Watercolours, country scenes signed lower right, together with oval picture frames:- One Box 10-20
645.    Board Games - Escalado, Knapp electric questioner, whisky flask, Harley Davidson Apple iPhone (damaged) etc, fish knife board etc:- One Box 10-20
646.    Dolls, blue and white Willow pattern, pottery rabbits, lamp, vase, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
647.    Italian Green Glass Decanter, set with six glasses (boxed) goblets, wines, liqueurs. storage jars, bowls etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
648.    A Quantity of Scarves, coat hangers, etc, in two suitcases. 15-20
649.    Glass and Ceramics, to include Copeland Spode teacups 'Italian' pattern, Victorian cups and saucers, glass condiments, tablewares etc:- Three Boxes 20-30
650.    Singer Sewing Machine, with tools in case. 10-15
651.    Quantity of 33RPM Records, classical themes:- Two Boxes 10-20
652.    A Quantity of Books, including political biographies, London history among others. 10-20
653.    Pressure Cooker, storage tins, racks, cutlery, food warmer, dirt devil vacuum etc:- Three Boxes-untested: sold for parts only. (3) 10-20
654.    Dickens, Burns, Cookery, and Other Books, 1980's Glastonbury memorabilia, linens, tupperware, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
655.    Early XX Century Linen, tablecloths, doilies etc:- One Box 20-30
656.    Victorian, Edwardian and Later Ceramics, to include cups and saucers, part tea sets, Noritake dressing table tray etc:- Three Boxes 15-20
657.    "MB" Marjorie B Watercolour, oil, charcoal drawings including Tewkesbury, prints, frames, etc:- One Box 15-25
658.    A Pair of XIX Century Plates, copper jug, tankards, etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
659.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Childrens Annuals, including Dandy. 10-20
660.    XIX Century Bowl, pottery figure of a Peacock, pottery vase, walking sticks, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
661.    Bresley Mixing Bowls, storage jars, glass ware, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
662.    A Large Quantity of Ceramics, Edwardian part teasets miscellaneous cups and saucers plant pots etc:- Three Boxes 10-20
663.    Five Mid XX Century American Military Jackets. 10-20
664.    An Ericsson R320sc Mobile Phone, (boxed). 10-25
665.    Stationary Tin, Spectacles, Magnifier etc in case, box and wicker basket. 15-20
666.    A Small Quantity of Books Relating to the History of Yorkshire Cricket, including Anthony Woodhouse "The History of YCC". 8-12
667.    Imperial Typewriter, Smiths bakelite cased mantel clock, Poole vase, guitar jewel case, Giles annuals, etc:- One Box 15-20
668.    Sheffield Steel, Dick Francis, other books, many music related:- Four Boxes 10-15
669.    W.W.F Astraka Coat, linens, dolls etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
670.    Disklok Crook Lock, Mo Digi Walker Satnav, knife set, ceramics, postcards etc:- One Box 15-25
671.    Books - Hector Berlioz Folio Society, groves pictionary of music, mainly music related:- Three Boxes 10-20
672.    Prints. Glassware, Ceramics:- Three Boxes 10-15
673.    Assorted Ceramics, candlesticks, plated basket etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
674.    Books - Sheffield, Christianity, Robin Cook, many music related, maps:- Three Boxes 10-20
675.    Tools, Artists Pens, Pine Cones etc:- Two Boxes; plus MEOPTA architects board, table. 20-30
676.    William Blake Vala Clarendon Plates 1963, David Shepherd, Jewish humour, many others, music related:- Three Boxes 10-15
677.    A Raaco Plastic Tool Box, with box spanners, circlips, ring and double open ended spanners, a further toolbox and contents, and a Rolson 12V 1/2 DR impact wrench (cased). (3) 15-30
678.    Fans, shoe horns, "Xact" hem guide, gilt dressing clock, etc, in basket. 15-25
679.    Folio Book of Historical Mysteries, Folio Book of Impossible Journey's, Batik Fabled Cloth of Java by Inger McCabe Elliott. Treasures of Korea Roger Goepper, Roderick Whitfield. 10-20
680.    A Metal Toolbox and Contents, cased chisel set, collection of hard hats, a Workzone turbo fan, gas heater etc. 15-25
681.    Ring of Bells By John Betjeman, Peter James, Dick Francis, and many other books:- Four Boxes 10-15
682.    A Raaco Plastic Tool Box, a Wickes plastic tool box, two Workzone portable floor lamps, jigsaw, accessories etc. (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-25
683.    A Bevelled Glass Rectangular Wall Mirror, framed watercolour still lives, colour prints, hand coloured engravings, rush seated stool, tool box and contents etc. 5-15
684.    Quantity of Books - many music related:- Five Boxes 10-15
685.    Pedestal Bowl, copper pan, kitchen scales, books, games, etc:- Three Boxes 10-20
686.    Wicker Paper Bins, wicker bowls, shopping basket, ladies silk paisley scarf, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
687.    A Pair of Onyx Table Lamp Bases, Observer reference books, folding seat, umbrella, tool box and contents, Sky HD box, framed prints, postcards etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
688.    Royal Worcester Ramekins, (boxed and loose), Royal Doulton 'Whisper' tea and dinnerwares, lamplights, loose cutlery, wicker basket etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
689.    Two Kenwood Mixers and Two Boxes of Kitchenware. (Untested, sold for parts only) 20-30
690.    Hornsea Ware Storage Jars "SAFFRON" Pattern, tureens etc, together with two prints, Sturgeon signed print and one other. 5-10
691.    Matsui DVD Player, Iron, Call Guardian, etc:- One Box, Photoax, Norris projector- all untested sold for parts only. 10-15
692.    A Pair of Early XX Cenury Leaded Glass Windows; together with one other leaded glass window and a box of old drop glass 'bullseye' windows. 20-40
693.    XIX Century Stoneware Bed Warmers, 45.R.P.M Records, ABC "Poison Arrow", Roxy Music Virginia plain, posters, spear etc:- One Box 10-20
694.    Spill Vases, glass water jug, vases, moulded glass decanter, etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
695.    XIX Century Jug/Bowl/Gazunder, Royal Worcester "Evesham" pattern tureen, etc:- One Box 10-20
696.    Playing Cards, chess set, picture frames, crib board, abacus, Linsar 15" TV (untested, sold for parts only), etc:- One Box 5-10
697.    Table Lamp, with gilt and swag decoration, resin figures battery operated fountain, etc:- One Box 5-10
698.    A Powercraft 3200W Dual Voltage Generator (poor box). 40-70
699.    Two Citroen 2CV Dolly Boot Lids; together with a circa 1970's Citroen DS rear quarter panel, with filler cap, and Citroen DS Estate rear quarter panel with filler cap and lights. 15-20
699A.   A Set of Twenty Six Rung Extending Ladders, a set of household steps. (2) 15-25
700.    A Flymo Petrol Driven Lawn Mower, with a Briggs and Stratton 450 Quicksilver engine. 30-50
701.    Xtreme BMX Bike, with giro facility. 20-30
702.    Vibe Nucleus HI- Ten BMX Bike, with giro facility, together with helmet. 20-30
703.    Garden Tools, rakes, brushes, saws, pick-axe etc. 10-20
704.    Powerlite 'The Boss' Upright Hoover.
705.    A Russell Hobbs 20 Litre Digital Microwave with Grill:- Boxed 10-20
706.    A Zanussi Freezer.
707.    A Miele Vacuum Cleaner, and accessories.
708.    A JCB Petrol Inverter Generator G850 (Boxed). 20-40
709.    A Zanussi Fridge.
710.    Homebase Floor Standing Fan, box of lamps, footsie blanket, etc. 10-20
711.    Zanussi Fridge Freezer.
711A.   X.Rocker Gaming Chair.
712.    "A" Rated Frigidaire Freezer.
713.    Grafter Aluminium Steps, another pair, black metal plant stand. (3)
714.    A Brushed Brass Effect Standard Uplighter, frosted shade.
715.    Dyson Upright Vacuum Cleaner, aluminium steps, corner shelf, two mirrors. 15-25
716.    A Workzone Industrial Hand Truck. Together with an ironing board.
717.    Top Line Garden Table, and sun shade umbrella, two chairs and two folding lounger chairs.
718.    PP1300 Pressure Washer. The Handy Leaf Blower, Black & Decker hedge cutter, two cable extensions.
719.    Foldable Workbench, box of tools, footpump, sander, spanners, jigsaw, speed drill, etc.(Untested, sold for parts only)
720.    Four Yacht Sails, varying sizes, largest 10 metres high by 6 metres wide. Together with 16 sailing charts from Humber Estuary North around top of Scotland and South to Clyde Estuary. 10-20
721.    A Bosch Electric Lawnmower, with grass basket and a small selection of garden tools.
722.    Two Soft Travel Cases, on castors (in black). (2) 5-10
723.    A Quantity of Black Leather Folio's, combination lock briefcase, satchel, etc:- One Box 5-15
724.    An Acorn Wood Plane, mallet, saw etc and other tools etc:- One Box 10-20
725.    Garden Hose Pipe, in reel, garden tools, watering can.
726.    Battery Operated Child's Jeep, in blue and black. 20-40
727.    Garden Tools, snow shovel, loppers etc. 10-20
728.    Panasonic Viera Flat Screen T.V., 18.5 inch screen.
729.    Panasonic Viera Flat Screen T.V, 31 inch screen and remote.
730.    Samsung Flat Screen T.V 31 inch, and remote. (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-25
731.    Samsung Flatscreen T.V, 21 inch screen and remote.
732.    Black Glass and Silvered Metal TV Stand. 5-10
733.    A Quantity of DIY Tools, contained in two hard plastic tool boxes and a Tooltec camping canvas bag. 15-25
734.    Two Yale 'Wirefree Security Alarm Systems' (both boxed), two aluminium lantern lights (boxed), lantern locks, bell pushes etc. 10-20
735.    office Kodak Ink Cartridges, computer disk cases, envelopes, briefcase, carry folders, storage case, dog jumpers etc. (3) 15-20
736.    Portable Jumpstarter, fire blanket, Workzone portable worksite radio, portable light, postbox, batteries, socket set etc. (4) (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-25
737.    A JCB Petrol Inverter Generator G850 (Boxed). 20-40
738.    A Tooltec 2 Stroke Petrol Generator (boxed). 20-40
739.    A Tooltec 50 Litre Direct Drive Air Compressor (Boxed). 40-70
740.    A Tooltec 2 Stroke Petrol Generator (boxed). 20-40
741.    Wireless TV Link, rear seat TV monitor, scart switching units, crimp plugs, tap connectors, plastic moulded shoes, sheet magnifiers etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
742.    Workzone 800W 2 stroke generator (boxed). 20-40
743.    Four Winter Snow Shovels. (4) 10-20
744.    A Tooltec 36 Pieces Air Tool Set, (boxed with cardboard outer), a 5m coiled air hoses, a Promox 24v drill set (cased) and a 12 amp smart charger. 15-25
745.    A Sealy Service 160 Battery Charger, on mobile stand. 15-25
746.    Johnson Bros Blue and White Pottery Dinner Service, of approximately 87 pieces. 30-40
747.    Doulton 'Morning Dew' Table Ware, Kastehelmi, Matti & Maisa etc:- One Box 15-25
748.    Eight Mick Bensley 'Crinkley Bottom' Plates, and one other. 15-20
749.    Edinburgh Etched Brandy Glass, bucket vase and jam pot, other glassware. One Tray 20-30
750.    J.G.Meakin "Studio" Pattern Coffee Service, child's nursery rhyme tea service:- One Tray 10-20
751.    Lladro Pin Tray, Nao figure, Wedgwood Peter Rabbit money box, Chintz cake plates etc:- One Tray 20-30
752.    Early XX Century Cased Set of Fish Knives and Forks, cut glass decanters, biscuit barrel:- One Tray 10-20
753.    XIX Century Delft Ware, vase (D), Delft Ware plate, "Bisto" coffee cans, posie bowl etc:- One tray 10-20
754.    Crown Devon Table Lamp, whisky glasses, Paragon part tea service, honey pots, One Tray 10-20
755.    Worcester "Herbs", Portmeirion "Botanic Garden", and other small pottery:- One Tray 15-25
756.    Two Tony Carter Novelty Teapots, another Daintee Ladyee, two Border Fine Arts Cool Cats, Delft vase, two cheetah design trinket pots:- One Tray 15-25
757.    Avon Cologne, Aftershave and Scent Bottles, including, Tai Winds, Blue Blazer, etc., as cannon, pistol, pipe, carriage, etc:- One tray 15-25
758.    Oval Miniature of Lady, initialled 'L.P', common mugs, cutlery etc:- One Box 15-25
759.    A Gilt and Embroidered Dressing Table Set, Poole cucumber dish, fruit painted pottery, miniature baluster vase decorated with iris flowers:- One Tray 20-40
760.    P. Menim Two Etchings, Venetian gondola scenes, 30x23.5cms and 19x29.5cms, both graphite signed, Mettlach and satirical tankards, two Kaiser vases. 15-25
761.    A XIX Century Brass Copper Desk Stand, decorated with cherab's masons blue-white plate, black pressed glass bowl, Leonardo figure groups, The Cooper Clockmaster etc:- One Tray 10-20
762.    Sixteen Continental Military Figures, on a plated Ashberry tray. 15-25
763.    Mikado 1920's Coffee Service, mother of pearl handled anchovy knives and forks, Swarovski petal candle holder, trinket set, cheese dish, etc:- One Tray 20-40
764.    Three Victorian Meat Plates by Pinder, Bourne and Co, earthenware meat plates, Victorian Rockingham style teawares, sugar bowl with plated lid and swing handle, Mintons drainer, Copelands sauce dish etc. 15-25
765.    Old Country Roses, Limoges, Adderley and many other ceramics:- Two Boxes 15-25
766.    Novelty Pottery Teaware, Carlton Ware white pottery posies, Lovetts jelly mould etc:- One Tray 15-20
767.    Goss 'Marmalade' Pot, and Crested ware, Wade Ashtrays, Eastgate bird model, Bretby etc:- One Tray 15-25
768.    Two Beswick Horses, (one standing, one sitting), two Coalport cottages, "The Master's House" and "Keepers Cottage", Wedgwood decorative dish with box and certificate, etc. 10-20
769.    Mid XX Century Woodsware 'Beryl' Pattern Tea/Dinner Ware, in excess of 130 pieces. 25-40
770.    Wooden Rhino, ceramic dog, barrel, tin, a Price Kensington spotted tea set etc:- One Tray, and a picture. 15-20
771.    Wicker Basket, linens, sewing accessories, etc:- One Box 15-20
772.    A Quantity of Cased and Loose Electroplated and Stainless Steel Cutlery, including Community Plate etc:- One Box 15-25
773.    Wade Whimsies Glass Figures, of animals, mixed glassware etc:- One Box 10-20
774.    Chinese Silkwork Pictures, watercolour riverscene signed 'Hill', oil winter mountainscape, framed prints, easel mirror, still lifes and other prints. 15-30
775.    Bread Boards, brass ruler, coasters, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
776.    Judge's Pan, mixing bowls, Morphy Richards bread machine, kitchen ware, etc. (Untested, sold for parts only) 10-20
777.    Photo Frame, Avon powder jar, ceramics, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
778.    Dolls: Ross Vanity Fair (Boxed), Joy 86 and two others, cradle. 15-25
779.    Janome Model 1571 Sewing Machine, in original box. 15-25
780.    Coffee Pot, mugs, Woods Ivory, other ceramics, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
781.    "Venetian" Meat Plate, with draining facility, Willow pattern meat plate, wash bowl, linens, glassware, Derby "Vine Cobalt" soup bowl. 20-30
782.    A Large Collection of LP's, including Phil Collins, Wham, Classical interest. 10-20
783.    Ostrich Egg, glasses, mugs, etc:- One Tray 15-20
784.    A Late Victorian Rosewood Sewing Box, the lid inlaid with a mother of pearl rosette, blue silk lined interior. 15-30
786.    Sylvac Cucumber Jar, Shelley teapot sugar and cream, Portmeriion mug, Midwinter fruit set, etc:- One Tray 15-20
787.    A Masonic Apron, related Ground Lodge Constitution literature, Freemason history, guidance booklets, duties pamphlets, etc- all contained in a leather case. 10-15
788.    Roy Kirkham Toby Jugs, ginger jars, XIX Century teapot. 10-20
789.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, earrings, jewellery box etc:- One Tray 10-15
790.    Small Group of G.B. First Day Covers, with blocks of Royal visit to South Africa 1947 and other oddments. 5-10
791.    A Collection of Swarovski Crystal Models, including a locomotive with tender and wagon, a baby grand piano, two miniature model houses, a taperstick holder in the form of an open flowerhead, etc:- One Tray 15-25
792.    XIX Century Ivory Letter Opener, with a carved head of the Duke of Wellington, brass nutcrackers, brass spirit levels, XIX Century black lacquer snuff box, etc:- One Tray 10-20
793.     Ladies Costume Jewellery, ladies, gents watches etc:- One Tray 5-10
794.    An Album of Approximately 180 Postcards, mostly greetings etc. 20-40
795.    Ladies and Gents Watches, jubilee crowns, ladies and gents rings etc:- One Tray 10-20
796.    Needlework Accessories, in Carved Wooden Box. Pine writing slope having transfer printed lid. (2) 15-25
797.    A Nokia 6090 Car Phone, Ericsson R320sc mobile phone, Samsung mobile, Eriksson T610 mobile, Vibe 10N chargers, and a photo bag etc:- One Box 15-25
798.    Four Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Plates, and nine Wedgwood RSPB plates. 20-30
799.    Golden Era 'Cat' Cards, six prints. 10-15
800.    A Light Brown Knee Length Mink Coat, with front pockets, button trimmed back half belt, retailers label "Crown Furs" London, W1, 91cms long; together with a tan calf skin full length ladies coat, with fox fur shawl collar and cuffs, hook fastening to front, 104cms long. 30-40
801.    Rechargeable Battery Converters, plug sets, sockets, TV boxes, AC to DC adaptors, videophone, microtourch etc:- Three Boxes, (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-20
802.    Tandy Ferrari F.40 Radio Controlled Car, 'Welswept' tinplate child's carpet sweeper; Artin Scalextric type track and cars; 'Meccano for Christmas' sign:- One Box 15-25
803.    A Victorian Glass Jug, brandy glasses, champagne glasses, glass bowl etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
804.    Four Modern Porcelain Costume Dolls. 5-10
805.    Mains Lead Cable, further cable reels, Co-Ax cable, socket points, Blaupunkt digital antenna, signal amplifiers etc:- Two Boxes, 5 Reels 10-20
806.    Tureens, including Derby, Royal Worcester 'Evesham' etc, Royal Worcester egg coddlers (boxed), Derby jugs, cast iron pot etc:- One Box 10-20
807.    1930's Rose Pattern Dinner Service, Czech pearl lustre and gilt coffee service, Toby jug, lamp etc. 20-40
808.    Wisdens Cricket Almanacks 1985, 91, 93, 94, 98, 02, 04 and 08, other book, programmes including last XX Century test in South Africa, football and rugby programmes, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
809.    Car Jack, digital tyre inflator, mudflaps, snowgrips, brake pads, lubrocharger, brake light and other car accessories:- Two Boxes 20-30
810.    Resin Model Dogs, wall clock, picture frames, Schatz anniversary type clock etc, and a Sony part speaker system. (3) 5-15
811.    Star Wars Makers Kit, Fingerprint kit, Words Words, other games and jigsaws etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
812.    Royal Doulton "Fresh Flowers" Tea Service, Royal Doulton "Hill Top" coffee service, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
813.    A BT Paperjet 55, hardwood coat-hangers, pet hair clipper, photograph wall print, shower mixer tap, a Solo travel case etc. 10-20
814.    Leonardo 'Little Nook Village' Figures, approximately twenty. One Box` 15-25
815.    A Quantity of Photograph and Picture Frames, XIX Century examples noted:- One Box 10-20
816.    George Sneed Woodware Suffolk England Pine Quartz Rectangular Wall Clock, with circular dial black pointers. 20-30
817.    Linen Tablecloths, Ladies handbags, including 'Waldybag', fur hat etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
818.    Twelve Place Setting Canteen of Cutlery, cased. 10-20
819.    A Comitti of London Mahogany Cased Wall Clock, having batwing corners, brass acorn finals and chiming eight day movement. 20-40
820.    Two XIX Century Mahogany and Brass Fishing Reels, three later aluminum examples including Tokoz, Ultimate and other rod carry cases etc:- One Box 15-25
821.    A Lead Crystal Vase, rose bowl, whisky decanter, resin figural groups, mantel clock, Royal Crown Derby pin dish, Masons plate, tea wares, a leaded and coloured glass house lantern, etc:- Three Boxes 10-20
822.    A Royal Doulton 'Mr.Squeers' and 'Sydney Carton' Plates, five others, Grafton Harlequin tea ware:- One Tray 15-25
823.    1960's Soda Syphon, six cut glass brandy glasses, sundae dishes, etc:- One Tray 10-20
824.    Eight Piggin' Figures, and limited edition zoo group; Seven Mats Jonasson animal paperweights:- One Tray 15-25
825.    Cut Glass Wine Glasses, brandy glasses, decanters, etc:- One Tray 5-10
826.    'Old Country Roses', Wedgwood, Aynsley and other ceramics:- One Tray 15-20
827.    A Crown Ducal Three Piece Pottery Tea Set, Swinnertons coffee set, 1930's H. J. Woods jug vase, Denby stoneware jug, etc. 20-40
828.    Large Quantity of Glass Animals, to include penguin, swans, angel fish, owl, horse. One Tray 15-25
829.    Royal Doulton, Crown Staffordshire, Shelley, Copeland Spode etc:- One Box 15-20
830.    Royal Scot Lead Crystal Spirit Decanter, and a set of six whisky tumblers (both boxed), further Royal Scot crystal glassware, together with a Johnson Bros 'Pareek' part dinner service, Portmeirion oval dish etc. (5) 20-40
831.    Avon Cologne, Aftershave and Scent Bottles, including Black Suede, Tai Winds, First Flowers, Sweet Honesty, etc., as dolphins, lion, dog, rabbits, etc:- One Tray 15-25
832.    Sylvac Leaf Pattern Vase, early XX Century biscuit barrel, Crown Devon urn shaped vase, Royal Winton, Maling and Radford lustre vases etc:- One Tray 20-30
833.    Lladro Figure of a Child Holding a Lamb, piano babies, ladies dressing table set, etc:- One Tray 15-20
834.    Walker & Hall A1 Plated Basket, with a gadrooned and pierced border, on an oval shaped pedestal, XIX Century pressed E.P.N.S basket on bun feet, XIX Century plated sugar bowl, cut glass basket etc:- One Tray 20-40
834A.   Austin Sculpture Bronzed Figure, of reclining lady, scantily clad, on naturalistic base, stamped 'Heath'. 21 cms high. 20-30
835.    1960's Lord Nelson Pottery "Bermuda" Pattern Part Tea Service, Heron glass mottled glass vase, Poole part tea service:- One Tray 10-20
836.    Avon Cologne, Aftershave and Scent bottles, including, Charisma, First Flowers, Moonwind, as ladies, indian ranger, oil lamp, etc:- One tray 15-25
837.    Doulton Burslem Basket, wavy rim, above circular body decorated with applied flowers and butterflies, two Royal Winton fruit painted dishes and signed D.Austin, other decorative ceramics:- One Tray 20-30
838.    Susie Cooper, Stratford 'Broom', Royal Albert and others teaware: - One Tray 15-20
839.    Grafton "Fragrance" Dinner Ware, of approximately thirty-two pieces; Britannia Peony ware. 15-25
840.    E.M & Co. Terracotta Wall Plaques, Paragon soups, Worcester 'Alba' coffee ware, G.ESCH jug, other ceramics. One Box 15-25
841.    Wade Whisky Bell's Decanter, Coalport limited edition plate "Welcome Party Going In etc:- One Tray 10-20
842.    Sixteen Pieces of Crested Ware, by Shelley and others, all Blackpool Tower related. 15-25
843.    Sea Shells, Terracotta Indian Figures, Indian box, Buxton crested cottage etc:- one Tray 15-25
844.    Mason's "Brown Velvet" Octagonal Jug, 1930's carnival and other plates, tape measure, etc:- One Tray 15-25
845.    Mason's, Devon, Grosvenor, Old Foley and Other Ceramics:- One Tray 15-25
846.    1930's Hand Painted Posy, Sylvac bowl, 1930's Wade Heath vase, with ribbed decoration etc:- One Tray 20-30
847.    Waterford Glass Jam Pot, biscuit barrel, tazza etc:- One Tray 15-25
848.    Denby 'Pacific Blue' Dinnerware, comprising five each dinner, breakfast and tea plates, five each cereal, pasta and pudding bowls, three tureens, gravy boat, oval meat plate, jug and five mugs. 60-80
849.    A Tooltec 36 Pieces Air Tool Set (cased), and a sun coiled air hose. (2) 15-25
850.    Ladies Wristwatch, Gents Outdoor Watches, illuminated sheet magnifiers, binoculars 10x50, etc together within an ultrasonic cleaner (boxed). 10-20
851.    Acetate Coat, cape, Griffin & Spalding stole, two pairs of fur gloves. 15-25
852.    Charge Parking Sensor, portable light, waterproof P.I.R lights, jump leads, plugometers, tow rope, torque wrench, socket set etc:- One Box, (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-25
853.    Sporting Lot - Various Fishing Rods, net, reels, scales etc including a Venus 3 piece cane fly rod, plus a vintage tennis racquet in frame. 15-25
854.    Italian Beadwork Ladies Handbag, other ladies bags, silk scarves etc:- One Box 10-20
855.    A Carnival Glass Dish, Lilliput Lane cottages, boxed dominoes, dolls; together with dijaridoo:- One Box and 31 Day wall clock:- 10-20
856.    A Collection of DVD's, many modern titles noted including James Bond collection, Only Fools and Horses etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
857.    Chinese Blue-White Vase, XIX Century plate, trinket box, pressed glass style vase etc:- One Box 10-20
858.    A Box of Pottery, including teapots, commemorative ware, plated teapot and prints. 5-10
859.    Silver Mounted Walking Cane, quantity of soft toys in two cases. 10-20
860.    A Portable Spot Lamp, battery recharging set, amp charger, cordless headphones, stereo transmitter, power inverter, locks etc:- One Box, (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-25
861.    Graphite Signed Engraving After ......, Ikea lamp shade, Victorian meat plate , DVDs prints, Black Sabbath books, Cath Kidson purse etc:- One Box 10-20
862.    A Portable Power Station, portable spotlight, Tooltec carpet fixer, JCB outdoor socket set, power garden set, electric chainsaw etc:- One Box, (Untested, sold for parts only) 15-25
863.    Two Yale 'Premium Alarm' Sets (boxed), door/window contacts, smoke alarm etc. 10-25
864.    A tevion 'Elite' HD Satellite Kit (Boxed), satellite dish kit (cased), TV box 1440 ex, satellite further kit etc. 10-30
865.    'Scrutiny A Quarterly Review', reissue in twenty volumes, Cambridge Press 1963. 5-15
866.    A Sierra 3/4 Acoustic Guitar, in blue, with soft protective case and guitar stand. (2) 10-20
867.    F.C.N 'Kent' Acoustic Guitar. 15-20
868.    Cased Laurel and Hardy DVD Set, plastic costume dolls in national costume, novelty hairdryer, illuminating globe, Diecast, plastic Noddy vehicles etc:- Two Boxes, (Untested, sold for parts only) 10-20
869.    Five Walking Sticks, all with various animal heads. 20-30
870.    Buttons, compacts, photo frames, thimbles, etc:- One Box 10-20
871.    Cooks Geography Vol 1, Chadburn Bros of Sheffield, early XX Century circular wall barometer (dial crack), viewer, trade cards:- One Box and Cossor Melody Maker Radio. (Untested, sold for parts only) 20-30
872.    Zenith 16x50 Super Zenith 10x50 and Prolosirs 12x50 binoculars and scales and weights. 15-25
873.    Cherub Table Lamp, pottery elephants, Rington's money box, glassware, etc:- One Tray 15-25
874.    Two Albums of First Day Covers (1974-81), including definitions, presentation packs (with approximately face value of 32.00) and other philatelic items. 15-25
875.    Four Walking Sticks, including a metal handled example. 10-20
876.    Five Boxwood Yard Measures. 5-10
877.    Late XIX Century Photo of Wentworth Woodhouse, "Great Coal Strike" 1893", of mounted Coldstream Guards, brass fire irons, cow bell, Regency style gilded table lamp, etc:- One Box, (Untested, sold for parts only) 10-20
878.    AA Badge, studs, Spelter figure, tastevins etc:- One Tray 15-25
879.    XIX Century Bed Warmer, scales and weights, XIX bottles, brass fire irons, XIX Century style copper kettle etc:- One Box 10-20
880.    Box Containing Buttons, boot buttons. 10-20
881.    Glass Ware, glass fruit bowl, sundae dishes, china etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
882.    XIX Century Green Glass Wine Bottle, XIX Century glass fly catcher, glass jug:-One Tray 10-20
883.    An Ericsson R320sc Mobile Phone (Boxed), Sagem mobile, further mobiles, chargers etc:- One Box 15-25
884.    Mason's 'Strathmore' Dinner Ware, of approximately 95 pieces, including-large meat plate, heart shaped dish having griffin handle, teapot (many items with faults) and six sherry glasses, nutcrackers. 40-60
885.    A Quantity of Silver Plated Trays, in various shapes, vases, teawares etc:- One Box 15-25
886.    Oxo Tins, Smiths clocks, XIX Century box, corkscrew etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
887.    One Box of Fossils and Minerals. 5-10
888.    Dean's Monkey, Painted Doll, Games, Camera's, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
889.    Tray of Fossils, shells, ostrich egg, etc:- One Tray; together with a white painted wall cabinet, containing minerals. 10-20
890.    Goodman's Digital Radio, box camera, decorative brassware, loose cutlery, arometer, Sievert accessories, pocket knives etc:0 Two Boxes 15-25
891.    Large Chevron Pattern Denby Ware, dinner, tea-coffee service, bowls, turreen, plates etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
892.    Light Fittings, sealant guns, car battery charger, locks, voltage tester, carbon monoxide tester, smoke alarms etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
893.    XIX Century Brass Bound Mahogany Writing Slope, having campaign handles (damaged). 15-20
894.    Pair of Indian Dress Sabres, three others. (5) 20-30
895.    Two Steel Brass Pulley's Blocks, stamped "MVVF SWL 30-CWTS-MVVE.SWL 30CWTS". 15-20
896.    Four Circa 1970's/80's Telephones, including an 8746 G, a P.O 746 (both in ivory), an 8746 F etc (4):- One Box 15-25
897.    Two Dress Swords in Scabbards. 15-25
898.    A Quantity of CD's and DVD's, many modern titles noted, together with a Bush 'retro' style radio, etc:- Three Boxes (and one radio) 20-30
899.    A Box of Books, and a dolls cot on bobbin and ring turned supports. 5-10
900.    Cameras- Polaroid Super Swinger, Olympus, Sharp Digital Viewcam etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
901.    DIY Tools, spirit level, plastic tool boxes, a turbo fan gas heater (boxed) etc:- One Box 15-25
902.    Johnson's Indian Tree, Crown Royal, Spode, Wedgwood plates, other ceramics. Two Boxes 10-20
903.    A Quantity of DIY Tools, metal and plastic tool boxes, screws, files, spark plugs etc. (2) 15-25
904.    Kalimar A Camera, Winton "Old Cottage" Chintz plate, Colclough and R.Windsor tableware etc:- One Box 10-20
905.    Pair of Edwardian Picture Frames, torches, candles, etc:- One Box and Case 15-20
906.    A Workzone Worksite Radio, radio controlled clocks, wireless transmitter, Woodstock DAB 52 MP3 car radio, etc:- One Box 15-25
907.    A JCB Petrol Inverter Generator G850 (Boxed). 20-40
908.    A Workzone Portable Light, a Halogen Spotlight, further torches, and a quantity of batteries including rechargeable and button examples:- Two Boxes, (Untested, sold for parts only) 20-40
909.    78rpm Records, Tennessee Ernie, Doris Day, Billy May, etc:- One Box 15-25
910.    D.V.D's, books, prints, etc:- Three Boxes 15-25
911.    Six Volumes Practical Coal Mining 1913; The Life and Paintings of Vicat Cole by Robert Chignell 1898, Pilgrims Progress etc:- One Box 20-30
912.    Schoolgirl's Own Annual-1931, 33, 34, 35, 36- other girls annuals etc, Sergio Valente and other ladies fur coats. 15-25
913.    Matchbox, Burago and other boxed vehicles, dolls etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
914.    Poole Ware, coffee cups, coffee pot, Price Kensington potteries hand painted coffee cups, tea-cups, Denby ware coffee cups etc:- One Box 10-20
915.    Camera's-Chinon, Fujifilm, Olympus, Iloca, Ricoh and many others:- Two Boxes 20-40
916.    Carl Zeiss Binoculars, Jenoptem 8x30, Lady Clarke place mats, collectors plates, Betula bread board etc:- One Box 20-30
917.    Stanley Saw, Van Gogh print, cockerel door stop etc:- Two Boxes, (Untested, sold for parts only) 10-20
918.    A Quantity of Modern Action Men Figures, accessories, vehicles, together with other modern plastic action figures, sci-fi characters and accessories:- Four Boxes 20-40
919.    Soft Starter Inverter's, TV box, electricity monitor, signal amplifier, out of distance monitors, energy monitors etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
920.    Two Tevion Vision Free-to-Air Satellite Kits (boxed), satellite finder kit, Sky remote controls (seal packed), VGA box etc. 15-25
921.    A Set of Metal Car Ramps, car jack, speakers, fan belt, brake shoe set, clutch parts etc. 20-30
922.    A Pacific 'Adults Tent Set', nine campingaz 'Chef', an Adventuridge dual burner with grill, camping lanterns (all boxed), camping kitchen stand etc. 15-25
923.    A Quantity of Long Life Energy Saving Light Bulbs, further boxed bulbs etc. 15-25
924.    Table Lamps, fluorescent light, aquarium light, three portable power boxes, etc. (Untested, sold for parts only). 15-20
925.    Tools-Torches, nuts, bolts, saws, spanners, ear protectors etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
926.    Lloyds Register of Ships, approximately 23 volumes, 1971-2011 and List of Ship Owners 1973-74, 71-72, Jane's Merchant Ships & Reviews. 15-25
927.    Typewriters 'Ghia' Calypso by Smith Corona, Empire, Aristocrat, Silver Reed x 2. (5) 15-20
928.    Cased Electroplated Flatware, cased binoculars, Elvis Golden Records LP, handsfree telephones, soapstone model etc:- One Box 10-20
929.    A Classical Style Brass Table Lamp, with pink fabric shade. (Untested, sold for parts only). 20-30
930.    A 'Bren Ray Demag-netiser', jewellery box, a pair of wooden boat signs for 'Vitus', table fan etc:- One Tray 20-30
931.    A XIX Century Oval Tin Hat Box, wicker basket, parasol. 15-25
932.    A Four Piece 'Piquot Ware' Tea Set, together with matching tray and original labels. 20-40
933.    Oak Easel, flour scoop, bread board etc:- One Box; fire irons, mantel clock (damaged), fender. 15-25
934.    Three XIX Century Brass Jam Pans, together with an early XX Century brass coal shuttle. 30-50
935.    A Large Quantity of Clear and Blue Glass Liners:- Two Boxes 20-40
936.    African Mask, decorators brush, brass coal bin etc:- One Box 15-25
937.    Boxed Cutlery, fish-knive forks, dessert folks, XIX Century cups, saucers, with gilt decoration, Ordnance Survey maps, Voigklander camera etc:- One Box 10-20
938.    Books- Mainly ship orientated, including Talbot-Booth 1949-50, Naval Front, Hardy Plants, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
939.    Ultimate Cars, Restored to Glory (a guide to renovating your period home) Charlie and Sally Bevan, The Reclaimers (a complete guide to salvage) Sally Bevan. Rice's Architectural Primer by M. Price, etc:- One Box 5-10
940.    Mobile Phones, candlesticks, cassettes, C.D's, pick, shooting stick, etc:- Bag and Box 15-20
941.    Robin Page Eleven Mounted Prints, many others, frames, mirror, map, etc. 15-20
942.    Scovill Dritz, One Yard Rule, walking sticks, croquet mallets, two other etc. 10-20
942A.   Female Shops Mannequin, with moveable wrists, upper arms and body at waist, standing on a circular chrome base. 40-60
942B.   Female Shops Mannequin, with moveable wrists, upper arms and body at waist, standing on a circular chrome base. 40-60
943.    A Brass Five Glass Panel Ceiling Lamp, a brass twisted stem lamp plus an Art Nouveau style example. (3) 20-30
944.    XX Century Five Branch Plated Ceiling Light, and three matching wall lights. 20-30
945.    Green Painted Ceiling Light, with central frosty glass shade and bell shades to three scroll branches. 20-30
946.    A Large Folder Containing Vintage Theatre Posters, prints, Rod Stewart concert programmes etc. 15-25
947.    XIX Century Singer Sewing Machine, in a oak case. 10-20
948.    A Vintage Wicker Laundry Basket Marked 'Spring Grove'. 30-40
949.    Tin Plate Rocking Horse, having wood slatted seat, a later Mobo Horse on cable springs (damage). (2) 15-25
950.    A Vintage Wicker Laundry Basket Marked 'Wilsons'. 30-40
951.    A Singer 99K Model Sewing Machine, black machine with gilt lettering, in a fitted carry case. 15-25
953.    BMC, SSCS Galvanised Metal Craze, singer sewing machine. (2) 20-30
954.    A Jones Vintage Sewing Machine, produced at 'The Guide Factory, Manchester Suppliers to Queen Alexandra' highly decorated with scrolling leaves, complete carry case; together with a cased Singer sewing machine and a treadle frame. 15-25
955.    Wicker Basket, with galvanised locking bar. 20-30
956.    Two Pairs of Wooden Step Ladders. 10-20
957.    Two Director's Chairs. 5-10
958.    Regentone Mid XX Century Record Player, typewriter, Kay bagatelle, suitcase. 15-25
959.    Singer Treadle Sewing Machine, in oak cabinet, Kayser 18 sewing machine. (2) 20-30
959A.   Gebr. Nothmann Sewing Machine, in inlaid and transfer printed case. 20-30
959B.   A Quantity of Horses Hooves, some mounted:- Two Boxes 15-25
960.    Painted Pottery Urn Shaped Table Lamp, on a green ground, swag decoration on a square base. (Untested, sold for parts only). 8-12
961.    Early XX Century Brass Coal Scuttle, together with a early XX Century brass log bin on paw feet. (2) 20-40
962.    Landers, Frary & Clark of USA "Universal" Coffee Grinder, another "Excel, Minerva"- (Untested, sold for parts only). 15-25
962A.   Pine Wine Crate and Two Prints. 15-25
963.    A Circa 1930's Art Deco Chrome Lamp Standard, with period fringed shade. 50-60
964.    Stetson Premier Red and Green Skoda Motorsport Works Team Rally Jacket, mink stoles etc, all together in a suitcase. 15-25
965.    A Gilt Metal Triple Folding Dressing Table Mirror, gilt effect oval and rectangular wall mirrors, framed prints. (6) 10-15
966.    A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in a moulded gilt effect frame 60x90 cms. 10-30
967.    1920's Oak Octagonal Framed Bevelled Wall Mirror, in the Jacobean style. 15-25
968.    Art Deco Wall Mirror, with pink tinted strips, and pie crust decoration in border. 20-30
969.    Gilt Scroll Framed Rectangular Wall Mirror. 20-30
970.    Gilt Scroll Framed Wall Mirror, another Italian. (2) 15-25
971.    A 'Worthington' E' Rectangular Bevelled Pub Mirror, circa 1950's. 30-40
972.    Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt frame. Pine Dressing mirror by Younger. (2) 10-20
973.    Peerart Gilt Scroll Framed Arched Wall Mirror. 20-30
974.    A Small Early XX Century Walnut Overmantel, with a shaped top, gadrooned frieze, three glass panels with shelf; together with mahogany stand with a 3/4 gallery. 20-30
975.    John Parkinson, Max Cremnitz and Autumn Sunlight Prints, wall mirror (4). 10-15
976.    Rilto** Plaster Work Picture, African Hut dwellings with orange dressed figures to foreground, 55 x 148cms, signed top right. 20-40
977.    Wall Mirror, with segmented border, rectangular framed wall mirror. (2) 10-20
978.    H.M.S Kelly and HMS Ark Royal Prints by Robert Taylor, East Prospect of Sheffield print. (3) 8-12
979.    A Limited Edition Black and White Etching 22/50 'Kingfisher Hunting', indistinctly graphite signed lower right 18x36cms, a monochrome watercolour of a Chinese backyard scene, a French hand coloured fashion print, F. Robson framed architectural etchings, and two gilt wall mirrors. 15-25
980.    Valerie Weir, 'The Backs at Kings Cambridge', print, graphite signed, 29x39 cms; two John Rudkin signed Derbyshire prints. (3) 15-25
981.    Framed Wills's and Player's Cigarette Cards, of Commonwealth Flags, Kings and Queens from William I-H.M Queen Mary etc. (6) 10-20
982.    Early XX Century Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, with tortoiseshell effect surround, a pair of colour cottage prints after A. Stead. (3) 15-20
983.    Three Frank Ruddock Graphite Signed Limited Edition Colour Prints of Derbyshire Scenes, four Sheffield scene reprints. (7) 15-20
984.    XIX Century Illuminated Sign, presented by West Gorton Midwives. 15-25
985.    A Pair of Framed Pictures, both by W. J. Shayer, "Cottagers" and "The Rabbit Seller". (2) 25-35
986.    Early XX Century Colour Print, in the Pears manner; together with two other pictures. (3) 15-20
987.    Prints-'East Prospect of Sheffield', 'Toros Sevilla 2008' and leaf scroll. (3) 20-40
988.    Huardel-Bly & Edward J Cherry Etchings, prints embroideries, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
989.    H.Clayton Still Life Watercolour, Oriental floral pictures, photos, prints etc, unframed pictures:- One Box; together with four XIX Century style prints of Madeira. 5-10
990.    Three Framed Cork Pictures, Vietnamese block painting of a Peacock. Together with two framed pictures of wallpaper marble by Chris Loeinnauu? label on verso. Not signed Karli Frigge label on verso, not signed. 20-40
991.    F.Barrett, Late XX Century Oil on Canvas, colourful coastal scene, 75x101cms. 15-25
992.    Gloria Merino Monochrome Print 'Chadix', graphite signed, Hyde Church Winchester signed print, four black and white reprints of Heckmondwike. (6) 10-20
993.    A B. W. Lund 1932 Oil Canvas, of a town scene, M.Bingley watercolour of fishing boats at St.Ives prints etc:- One Box 15-20
994.    Indian Style Wool Carpet, multicoloured having central symmetrical motif, within a floral banded boarder, approximately 315x225cms. 30-40
995.    Super Keshan Tassled Wool Carpet, with allover geometric designs on a pink and deep blue ground, approximately 340 x 272. 30-50
995A.   Mahogany Sleigh Bed, king size.
996.    Pine Single bed, framed with rail ends. 10-20
997.    An Edwardian Mahogany Display Cabinet, with a moulded edge, frieze with painted decoration, glazed astragal door, two internal shelves on square tapering legs with undershelf. 40-60
998.    A Danish MK Rush Seated Bedroom Chair, bar back, and a modern black glass and chrome TV stand. (2) 10-20
999.    A XIX Century Three Seater Settee, upholsted in red damask on turned feet, with later brass castors. 150-200
1000.   A XX Century Armchair, in floral tapestry fabric, on cabriole legs, pad feet. 5-10
1001.   A XIX Century Mahogany Spoon Back Nursing Chair, having serpentine front and turned legs. 15-25
1002.   Lloyd Loom Basket Chair, in original gold paint and dated 1939 under base. 30-40
1003.   A Teak 'Ladderax Style' Wall Unit, with adjustable sectional cupboards and open shelving. 20-40
1004.   A XIX Century and Later Armchair, with hooped back, on cabriole legs (upholstered in a pink draylon) (back legs replaced). 30-50
1005.   A Tempus Fugit Reproduction Mahogany Grandfather Clock, with arched head, glazed door on bracket feet. 20-30
1006.   A XX Century Walnut Two Door Hi-Fi Cabinet. 5-10
1007.   A Walnut Cabinet, with two cupboard doors, over three long drawers, on cabriole legs, a XX Century walnut two door wardrobe and bed ends. 10-20
1008.   An Oak Court Cupboard, having cup and cover supports to upper section, over panelled doors on turned and block supports. 10-15
1009.   Early XX Century Walnut Wardrobe, with a central mirror, over a long drawer, on turned feet. 10-20
1010.   An Edwardian Mahogany Part Bedroom Suite, wardrobe, dressing table, bed and two bedroom chairs. 15-25
1011.   Mid XX Century Burr Walnut His and Hers Wardrobes, with twin doors on cabriole legs. 10-20
1012.   Three Matching Modern Pine Two Heights Bookcases, three quarter galleried backs and a box of ring binders. (4) 10-15
1013.   Charles Maude Iron Bound Travelling Trunk, having wood slatted top, (no inner tray). 20-40
1014.   A Oak Continental Dining Table, circa 1900, the top 108.5 x 98.5cm, having moulded edge, supported by four bulbous legs and "H" base. 10-20
1015.   A Set of Four Early XX Century Walnut Dining Chairs, with pokerwork cresting and spindle backs, upholstered in a gold velvet. 20-30
1016.   Mid XX Century Loughborough Chest, of four graduated drawers. 15-25
1017.   A Mid XX Century Teak Chest of Drawers, "WRIGHTON" with four long drawers on splayed legs. 15-20
1018.   A Late Victorian Mahogany Chest of Drawers, fitted with two short and three long graduating drawers. 10-20
1019.   A 'Carters' Invalid Bedside Reading Slope, on a trefoil base. 10-20
1020.   An Early XX Century Walnut Wash Stand, rectangular top above a pair of panelled cupboard doors with gilt metal ring handles on squat ring-turned legs with ceramic castors, 79 x 106 x 50cms. 10-20
1020A.  Pine Hi-Fi Cabinet.
1021.   Lightwood Six Drawer Plan Chest, in two sections. 30-50
1022.   An Oak Nest of Tables, with turned and block supports; together with one other nest of tables. 10-20
1022A.  Childs Light Wood Wardrobe, and bedside table.
1023.   Oak Bookcase, having leaded glazed doors and linen fold panels, to fall front and cupboard door; together with an oak two drawer bureau. (2) 15-25
1024.   Stanley Hand Dril No. 805, Marples Chisels, other woodworkers tools, glue pot, etc., in painted pine tool chest. 30-50
1024A.  A Vintage Tin Trunk and Two Mid XX Century Travel Cases. (3) 15-25
1025.   A XX Century Oak Dinner Trolley, with a gallery top, cupboard door, with middle shelf and bottom shelf, on square legs. 10-20
1026.   A Black Painted Cabinet, with cupboard doors and two drawers; together with a 1960's coffee table and a magazine rack. 40-60
1027.   Ikea Enetri Display Unit. 20-30
1027A.  A XX Century Walnut Draw Leaf Table, on cabriole legs and pad feet. 15-25
1028.   A XX Century Oak Drop Leaf Table, the top with an oval top moulded edge, on square reeded legs; together with an Ercol stool. (2) 5-10
1029.   Computer Table on Castors.
1030.   Oak Tea Trolley, standard lamp with reeded lower section on circular base. (2). (Untested, sold for parts only). 10-20
1031.   Three Victorian Pine Shop Drawers, with cup handles. 20-30
1032.   Oak Octagonal Cased Floor Speaker, circa mid XX Century; tin travelling trunk. (2) 20-30
1033.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Jardiniere Stand, on splayed legs, united by undershelf. 15-20
1034.   Bombe Fronted Cane Chest of Four Drawers; together with a mahogany bedside chest by Stag. (2) 15-25
1035.   A XIX Century Mahogany Flat Fronted Corner Cupboard, having three shaped inner shelves. 10-20
1036.   Late XVIII Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, having snap action top to circular top, on turned stalk and tripod legs. 60-90
1037.   Mahogany Single Drawer Side Table, with associated top. 15-25
1038.   A XX Century Walnut Chest of Drawers, with a crossbanded top, moulded edge, brushing slide, three long drawers on bracket feet. 10-20
1039.   Nest of Nathan Mahogany Coffee Tables, pair of Edwardian bedroom chairs, walnut foot stool. 15-20
1040.   A XIX Century Mahogany Desk, having tooled inset scriver to rectangular top, moulded border, over two J. E. A. S lock doors and turned legs. 30-50
1041.   An Oak Gate Leg Fold-Over Table, leaf carved frieze, oval drop flaps, on ring turned legs, united by a rectangular stretcher, 75 x 92 x 116cms, (leaves up). 20-30
1042.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Mahogany Salon Chairs, with a shaped top rail, pierced splats, upholsted seats, on small cabriole legs. 20-40
1043.   A Circa 1940's Oak Bedroom Compactum. 5-10
1043A.  Light Oak Effect Rectangular Topped Dining Table.
1044.   Oak Blanket Chest, with knulled fascia. 20-40
1044A.  Light Wood Effect Chest, of five long and two short drawers.
1045.   Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Towel Rail, painted bookcase. 15-25
1047.   A Wrought Iron Two Seater Garden Bench, arched lattice back and seat, open scrolled arms. 20-40
1048.   A pair of Chrome Framed Rise and Fall Bar Stools, stitched cream leatherette cover, on circular foot. (2) 15-25
1049.   An Early XX Century Walnut Piano Stool, with a upholstered revolving top, turned pedestal, on carved splayed feet. 30-50
1050.   A XIX Century Ash and Elm Stool, turned legs, circular top and 'x' stretcher. 10-20
1051.   Early XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two small and three long drawers, on bracket feet. 15-25
1052.   An Early XX Century Oak Cased Four Drawer Cabinet, of small proportions, with recessed removable door and stitched leather carrying handle, length 42cms, height 28cms, depth 20cms. 25-30
1053.   A XX Century Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Cabinet, with crossbanded doors, reeded sides, on small tapering legs, bearing "Cameo Furniture" label. 20-30
1054.   An Early XX Century Commode Chair, Early XX Century salon chair and a bedroom chair. (3) 15-20
1055.   Plank Topped Garden Table, with two folding chairs. (3) 15-25
1056.   A XIX Century Upholsted Stool, with a hinged lid, tapering sides, on mahogany bun feet. 30-50
1057.   XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest, of two small and three long graduated drawers on bracket feet. 40-60
1058.   Oak Tea Trolley, on turned and block supports; a 1930's Bentwood Nursing Chair by Thonet. 15-25
1059.   A Stripped Mahogany Circular Topped Occasional Table, on tripod legs and a mahogany torchere with foliate carved column and tripod legs. (2) 10-20
1060.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Framed Nursing Chair, upholstered in a gold button back dralon. 15-25
1061.   A Set of Four XX Century Dining Chairs, with Gothic panel backs and stuff over seats, on cup and cover supports. 10-20
1062.   A Set of Six Wheelback Chairs, four single chairs, two carver chairs with hooped backs, pierced splats, on turned legs. 15-20
1063.   A Set of Six Wheelback Chairs, with hooped backs, pierced splats, turned legs, united by H stretchers. 15-20
1064.   A Set of Four Wheelback Chairs, with hooped backs, turned legs, together with a pair of ladder back chairs with rushed seats. (6) 10-20
1065.   A Set of SIx Wheelback Chairs, with hooped backs, pierced splats, turned legs, united by H stretchers. 15-20
1066.   A Late XVIII Century Ash and Elm Pedestal Table, with a circular top, turned pedestal and cabriole legs, pad feet (with woodworm). 30-50
1067.   A Modern Glazed Corner Cupboard, together with a nest of three tables and a magazine rack. (3) 10-15
1068.   A Three Piece Lounge Suite, in textured oatmeal upholstery. 10-20
1069.   A Modern Tub Chair, together with a pouffe and a footstool. (3) 10-15
1070.   A XIX Century And Earlier Oak Court Cupboard, with cup and cover supports, central carved panel of 'The Olde Guildhall' flanking carved figures, on a panelled base. 50-80
1071.   A 1920's Oak Dresser, the rack with two shelves, panelled back base, having two cupboard doors on barley twist supports, united by stretchers. 15-30
1072.   Sorb Stole of Denmark, pair of elm ladder back dining chairs having raffia seats and tubular legs; a similar dinner wagon. (3) 20-30
1073.   A Painted Corner Unit, and a painted bedside cupboard. (2) 10-20
1074.   Mahogany Fire Surround, circa 1900, with carved shell motifs and applied scroll mounts, a painted cast iron fire place. 40-60