The Collectors Auction including Dolls, Teddies & Nursery Toys
on Friday 17th November 2017

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1.      1985 Ford Fiesta XR2 (C769 XBU) 1.6 Petrol, 3-Door Hatchback, in Paris Blue Metallic with Half-Leather Heated Recaro front seats, a matching numbers car with 140,853 Miles, 1 Owner from new, MOT expires Jan 2018. 2 Keys and V5 present. Original 1985 purchase receipt presented with extensive history, every conceivable receipt along with fully documented purchases and all historic MOT certificates and tax discs.

Original steering wheel also supplied and possibly original exhaust system and front seats.
1A.     Two Large Modern Soft Toys, a tiger and a reindeer. £10-20
2.      Three Modern Teddy Bears by Steiff (Danbury Mint), Merrythought (Danbury Mint), including Merrythought London 2012 Olympic Games Collectable Bear, No. 828, Steiff Dylan Bear and Pilla Duck 'Spring', certificated Steiff Scrumpy Bear, certificated. £20-40
3.      A 1st Half XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Heubahn Keppelsdorf, head stamped 342/7, sleepy eyes, open mouth with tongue and teeth, 65cm tall. Composition body missing leg. Needs re-stringing. £25-40
4.      A Quantity of Mid XX Century Tin Plate and Nursery Toys, including Brio (Sweden) wooden soldier boy. £20-40
5.      Five Modern Merrythought Teddy Bears, including Cheeky Hocus Pocus, No. 264 of 500. £40-60
6.      A Quantity of Books on Dolls, including a modern doll related jigsaw, unopened. £15-25
7.      Six Mid XX Century and Later Teddy Bears by Chad Valley and Others, 23-48cm, well loved. £30-50
8.      A Substantial Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Double Fronted Dolls House, in the form of a gentleman's villa, with four rooms, removable roof, no back, width 101cm, depth 48cm, height approximately 66cm. £30-50
9.      An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll, head stamped 14. Fixed eyes, open mouth with teeth, 73cm tall, composition body. £40-80
10.     A Mid XX Century Dolls House, single door opening, six rooms, frontage to house has six windows, front door, 43cm long, 28cm wide, 46cm high. £20-40
11.     Three Modern Steiff Teddy Bears, including 1920 Classic Teddy Bear, 1908 Replica Teddy Bear, 2012 Teddy Bear. £30-50
12.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Armand Marseilles of Germany, head stamped 390/A 9. Fixed eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed composition body, 70cm tall, signs of restoration to body. £40-60
13.     A Mid XX Century Childs Mangle, on wheels, by Tri-ang. £20-30
14.     Two Modern Merrythought Teddy Bears, Great Ormond Street "Visiting Day" Bear, 69/9500, Winter Bear, 120/2950. £20-40
15.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Simon Halbig of Germany, head stamped PB/1906/10, sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, fully jointed composition body, 67cm tall. £50-100
16.     Three Modern Steiff (Danbury Mint) Teddy Bears, The 2011 Steiff Bear, certificated boxed, The 2002 Bear, certificated, Steiff cloth bag, The Romantic Bear 'I Love You XXX', Steiff cloth bag. £20-40
17.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Armand Marseilles of Germany, head stamped 390/7½M. Sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth. Composition jointed body, 60cm tall. £30-50
18.     A Boxed Steiff Teddy Bear Millennium Band Set, consisting of five Teddy Bears and a wooden stage with velvet curtains, each bear is dressed in a velvet jacket and has a musical instrument (drums, clarinet, banjo, trumpet and trombone), certificated number 01581. £100-200
19.     Two Modern Teddy Bears by The Cotswold Bear Co, 'The Artist Gallery', Ambrose by Christine Pike No. 84 of 100, Tennyson by G. Gyllenship, NO. 17 of 100. £40-60
20.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll By Armand Marseilles of Germany, head stamped 390N, DRGM 246/1. A 6 M, fixed eyes, open mouth with teeth. Jointed composition body, 50cm tall. £30-50
21.     Two Modern Teddy Bears by The Cotswold Bear Co, 'The Artist Gallery' Jupiter by G. Gyllenship No. 34 of 100, 'The Flower Collection' Snowdrop No. 12 of 100. £20-40
22.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Max Handwerck of Germany, head stamped 283/285. Sleepy eyes (shut), open mouth with teeth, jointed composition body, 59cm tall. £40-60
23.     A Mid XX Century Child's 'Pixie Phone', by Gama and a little Betty sewing machine, both boxed. £20-30
24.     Four Steiff Soft Toy Animals, 1960's and later, including growler bear, retriever puppy, baby rabbit, red squirrel. £25-30
25.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Armand Marseilles of Germany, head stamped 390 A8 M. Fixed eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed composition body, 58cm tall. £30-50
26.     A Boxed Pre-War Chad Valley 'Mickey Mouse' Ring Set, plus a HMV 'Mickey Mouse' Silly Symphonies Four Record Set. £30-50
27.     Two Modern Teddy Bears by The Cotswold Bear Co, Shanghai, No. 35 of 100, Masquerade, No. 14 of 100. £20-40
28.     A Large Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll, head stamped 191. Crack to back of head, sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed composition body, 83cm tall. £30-50
29.     Three Modern Teddy Bear by The Cotswold Bear Co., Waldo Artist Christine Pike, No. 20 of 100, Duke 'Cub Collection' No. 16 of 100, Gustav 'Attic Collection' No. 22 of 100. £30-50
30.     Two Modern Steiff Teddy Bears, Petsy Bear and Classic 1909 Bear, (jointed). £20-40
31.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Armand Marseilles, head stamped 390 A3 M. Sleepy eyes with open mouth and teeth. Composition body, unstrung. £20-40
32.     A Mid XX Century Child's Rocking Horse, in the style of Mickey Mouse, 80cm long, 70cm high, some signs of restoration. £40-80
33.     Four Modern Teddy Bears, by K. M. Bears, C and M's Bear Hugs and other including Bear Hugs Silver Bear No. 1 of 1, K. M. Bears Jason, a cased Millennium Bear. £30-50
34.     Four Early Mid XX Century Games, including 'Trencho' with board, Spin Golf, boxed, 'Skee-Ball' by Bell and Skip Ball. £30-50
35.     Three Modern Teddy Bears by Steiff and Gund, Steiff Manschili Panda, Steiff Bobby Bear, Gund Honey Grams Bear. £20-40
36.     A Quantity of Early-Mid XX Century Tinplate Railway items, mainly British or German. £30-50
37.     Six Modern Teddy Bear and Rag Dolls, by Huggy Bears, Kim Bearly's, Robin Rive, Keel Toys including Huggy Bears Zig Zag NO. 1 of 1, Isobel by Robin Rive No. 5 of 145. £20-40
38.     A Quantity of 1960's and Later Dolls and Associated Clothing, Sindy noted. £20-30
39.     A Quantity of Early XX Century and Later Children's Games and Nursery Items, including table croquet, mainly boxed. £20-40
40.     Three Modern Teddy Bears and Golly by Merrythought, including Cheeky in the Beat No. 311 of 500, Fiddler Golly No. 97 of 500. £20-40
41.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Baby Doll by Armand Marseilles, head stamped 351/8K. Sleepy eyes with open mould and teeth. Head repaired composition body, 56cm tall. Plus an early XX Century bisque headed doll by Simon & Halbig of Germany. Head stamped KR with star. Sleepy eyes (damaged), open mouth with teeth, fully jointed composition body, 54cm tall. £40-80
42.     Three Modern Teddy Bears, including Paprika Bear by The Cotswold Bear Company, A Collectors Bear by Barbara - Ann Bears. £20-30
43.     Three Modern Teddy Bears by Deans Rag Book Company, including Atlantis No. 61 of 1000, Karina No. 3 of 200, Marmalade Toast No. 111 of 250. £40-60
44.     Approximately Twenty Wooden Jointed Dolls, a small Rosebud plastic jointed doll, plus a mid XX Century composition head and bodied doll, approximately 50cm high. £25-40
45.     Six Modern Teddy Bears, by Cotswold Bears, Deans, Country Life Bears and other including Country Life Bears Sailing Sam NO. 22 of 300, Cotswold Bears Rex No. 1 of 1 exclusive to the Dolls House, Deans Erik The Viking Bear No. 217 of 400. £40-60
46.     Four Mid XX Century and Later Teddy Bears, 41-51cm, well loved. £20-30
47.     An Oak Child's Chair, for a doll or teddy. £10-20
48.     A Modern Steiff Classic Teddy Bear 'Sitting Down', red, with tags, 000218. Small hole noted on the bears left foot. £20-40
49.     A Gabrielle Paddington Bear, circa 1980, red duffle coat, blue boots, brown felt hat, Darkest Peru to London, England ticket, together with a framed photograph and autograph of Michael Bond - author of Paddington Bear books. £30-50
50.     A Set of Mazda Disney Fantasia Lights, boxed, and a BGL toy theatre floodlight set, boxed. £20-30
51.     Four Boxes 1:16th Scale Dolls House Furniture by Spot-On, including #1003 wing settee (two), #1010 chest of drawers (two). £20-40
52.     A Boxed Modern Steiff (Danbury Mint) Charlotte 'Royal Baby' Teddy Bear, certificated No. 2194, as new. £20-40
53.     A Bisque Headed Baby Doll, with sleepy eyes and open mouth. Head stamped 'Made in Japan' 500/2½K. With jointed composition body, 32cm tall, needs re-stringing. £15-25
54.     A XX Century Child's Transfer Tea Set, often with teddy bear subject, boxed, box poor. £20-40
55.     Three Early XX Century Bisque Headed Dolls, one stamped Germany, 370, 710M. With sleepy eyes, open mouth and teeth, replacement later leather body, 35cm tall. Plus two others 25cm tall (replacement body) and one 21cm tall. £30-50
56.     Two Boxed Modern Steiff (Danbury Mint) Bears, Panda Bear (mother and cub), Joshua Teddy Bear, certificated No. 1941. £20-40
57.     Two Mid XX Century Jointed Chad Valley Teddy Bears, 36cm tall, well loved. £20-40
58.     Three Modern Small Teddy Bears, and a Japanese circa 1960's wind up 'milk drinking' bear, well loved. £20-30
59.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll, Simon Halbig, stamped 1909, sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, fully jointed composition body, hair cut, in original clothes, approximately 40cm high. £30-50
60.     Two Japanese Celluloid Dolls, a small bisque headed doll in parts, jointed wooden characters, a Tunbridge Ware cradle, greyhound racing game. £30-50
61.     Two Boxed Modern Steiff (Danbury Mint) Teddy Bears, George - The Steiff Royal Baby Bear certificated No. 6250, The Queens' 90th Birthday Bear, certificated No. 865. £20-40
62.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll by Walter Goebaus of Germany, sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, cloth body, porcelain arms, in later dress. £30-50
63.     A Aunt Lucy "Paddington" Bear, circa late 1970's by Gabrielle, missing glasses and hat, rugby ticket present (slight tear). £20-40
64.     Two Modern Teddy Bears by The Cotswold Bear Co, 'The Artist Gallery' Montgomery by G. Gyllenship No. 55 of 100, Macbeth Bear. £20-40
65.     A Sasha Brunette Female Doll, 30cm tall. £30-50
66.     A Mid XX Century Remote Control Helicopter by 'Nulli Secundus', boxed. £15-25
67.     A Pre-War Japanese Celluloid Clockwork Mickey Mouse Toy by Whirlygig, missing one ear, damaged; an early XX Century spinning top 'Made in Germany' 'never choral-singkreisel', in original box. £20-40
68.     An Original Mohair Schuco Monkey, approximately 8.5cm high, jointed head, arms and legs, plus a modern Steiff bear. £25-40
69.     Two 1960's Japanese Clockwork Toys, ' Fishing Bear', by Alps and 'The Juggling Bunny' by TN, both boxed. £20-40
70.     A Modern Teddy Bear by Deans Rag Book, circa 2003, Matthew designed by Janet Clark and certified 52 of 250. £20-40
71.     A Modern Teddy Bear by Teddy Style "Bothen", exclusively made for House of Fraser Bruins Tenth Birthday, Janet Clark June 1999, numbered 2 of 5. £20-40
72.     Four Modern Teddy Bears by The Cotswold Bear Co, including 'Shop Executive' IISAC No. 1 of 1, 'The Artist Gallery' Brandy by G. Gyllenship No. 38 of 100. £30-50
73.     A Mid XX Century Tinplate Childs Kitchen Unit, in original card packaging, made in Gt. Britain, plus a 1960's Peter Pan 'Queens Arcade Childs Shop', with interior. £20-40
74.     A Quantity of Dolls Clothes and Shoes, plus a plastic doll. £15-25
75.     A Japanese Battery 'Charlie Weaver' Toy, a Peter Pan clockwork stubborn donkey and clockwork dancers, all playworn. £20-40
76.     Four Modern Teddy Bears, by Auntie Bears, Gund, Ashton-Drake Gallery, including Bartons Greek Collection - Albert, the Cliff Richard Collection - Cuthbert. £20-40
77.     A Norah Wellings Felt Doll in Grass Skirt, 36cm high, a WWI period composition male doll, perhaps POW related, missing cap, and a Norah Wellings style Naval doll. £30-50
78.     A 1st Half XX Century Bisque Headed Baby Doll by Armand Marseilles, head stamped 351/4K fixed eyes, open mouth with teeth. Composition body, 46cm tall. £20-40
79.     A Boxed Modern Steiff (Danbury Mint) William 'Royal Family' Teddy Bear, certificated No. 524, as new. £20-40
80.     A Tinplate Clockwork Rowing Boat, by Paya, boxed. £10-20
81.     An Original Miniature Monkey by Schuco, jointed head, arms and legs, 8.5cm high. £25-40
82.     A "Harry The Hawk" Felt Doll by Norah Wellings, 20cm high. £40-60
83.     Two 1960's Japanese Clockwork Toys, 'Sheriff Sam' by T. N and 'Clever Bear' by Alps, both boxed. £20-40
84.     Five Small Teddy Bears, including two by Steiff the tallest measuring 17cm in height. £20-30
85.     A Modern Steiff Teddy Bear - Baerie 43 PAB 1904, 63cm high. £20-30
86.     A Modern Steiner Bears Teddy Bear, 60cm high. £20-30
87.     A Mid XX Century 'Mystery Express' Tinplate Train Set, made in England, boxed. £20-30
88.     A Small Mid XX Century Dolls House, in the form of a thatched cottage. £15-25
89.     An Early XX Century Bisque Headed Doll, German, stamp unreadable, sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, jointed leather body with jointed composition arms, 50cm tall. £40-80
90.     Two Dean's Teddy Bears, Hector Bear, 1994, number 1230, and Herbert Bear, 1995, number 2300. £20-40
91.     A Pre-War 'Mechanical Acrobat', Made in Japan, clockwork, figure celluloid, boxed, box poor; plus a later tinplate fire chief car. £25-40
92.     An Armand Marseilles Baby Doll, plus three other bisque headed dolls. Two with signs of cracks to head, one dress Highland doll, boxed. £20-40
93.     A Quantity of Tinplate and Other Toys, by Mobo, among others, all playworn. £25-50
94.     Five Modern Teddy Bears, by Gund, Charlie Bears, Deb Canham, Fair Bears, including Gund Nesbit Bear, Charlie Bears Branwell. £40-60
95.     Six Mid XX Century Games and Toys, including Knapp Electric Questioner 'Port Chester N.Y. Chalet Suisse wooden building set by Jeujura, The Ernest Sewell Cabinet of Conjuring Tricks, unchecked, boxed. £20-40
96.     Four Modern Teddy Bears, by Toy Box Teddys, Gund, Kaycee and other, including P. Tschaikowskis Bear, Hailey Bear 'Hand Crafted'. £20-40
97.     A Marx Toys #G-210 Casino Battery Powered Arcade Type Pinball Machine, circa 1960's plastic and perspex construction, battery compartment clean, with original box. £15-25
98.     Four Modern Teddy Bears by the Cotswold Bear Co. £20-40
99.     Two Early XX Century Dolls, one with waxed covered face, both in very poor condition. £10-20
100.    Four Modern Teddy Bears by Steiff (Danbury Mint), Merrythought (Danbury Mint) including Harris Bear, certificated 222 of 950, Steiff Millennium Bear, Steiff Wednesday's Bear, certificated, Steiff Bobby Bear, certificated. £20-40
101.    An Armand Marseilles Pottery Head Small Doll, stamped A.M 16/O with glass eyes and composition limbs, approximately 11.5cm tall. £15-20
102.    A Victorian Parian Model of Playful Dog Group, titled 'Retribution' D.C. French, a XIX Century porcelain figural group in period costume, and a small collection of late XVIII Century/early XIX Century China tea bowls, saucers (with damages), etc:- One Tray £15-25
103.    Minton 'Buckingham' Dinner Ware, of fifty-six pieces. £20-30
104.    Five Crown Devon 'Stockholm' Leaping Deer Dinner Plates and Bowl, three Coalport Reach for the Sky plates. £15-20
105.    Mason's, Aynsley, Belleek, Doulton figurine, etc. £20-30
106.    A Pair of Murano Glass Juggling Clowns, (one damaged), another pair (one repaired). (4)
107.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Chocolate Cosmos design by Rachel Bishop, shape 92/6, impressed and painted marks to base.
108.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Phoebe Summer design by Rachel Bishop, shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks to base.
109.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, in the Meadow Daisy design by Paul Hilditch, impressed and painted marks to base. £90-120
110.    A XIX Century Bulbous Shaped Jug, with gilt highlights, light green ground, the handle in the form of a dolphin (with kite mark on base No. 1731). £30-50
111.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Spook Salt and Pepper Pots. £15-25
112.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Pole to Pole design by Kerry Goodwin, impressed and painted marks to base.
113.    Five Coalport Figurines, including 'My Sweetheart', 'Thinking of You', 'Mary', 'Lucy', and 'With Love', together with a Royal Doulton miniature lady 'Annabel' (boxed):- One Tray £20-30
114.    Coalport Y2665 Tea Ware, moustache cups, cabbage leaf comport:- One Tray £20-40
115.    A Victorian Transfer Printed Stand, copper lustre goblet, tin glazed bowl and tiles, Oriental tea cups, Victorian tea cups and saucers, teapot, green glass wine glasses, etc:- One Tray £15-25
116.    A Victorian Green Glass Dump, with bubble inclusions, height 15.5cm; a Greenhalgh Studio Glass paperweight, of circular compressed form, etched signature to base; a green glass float, frog, vase and Sommerso type vase. (5):- One Tray £20-30
117.    A Pair of Murano Style Glass Ducks, two pheasant jugs, Coopercraft Yorkshire Terrier:- One Tray £15-25
118.    A Moorcroft Pottery Ginger Jar and Cover, in the Bullnose Morris design by Paul Hilditch, shape 769/10, limited edition number 12/50, signed, impressed and painted marks to base. £500-600
119.    A Pair of Crown Devon Dishes, with floral decoration, Shelley bulbous shaped vase, (Royal princess Parade, Bridlington), pottery model of Anne Hathaways Cottage, etc:- One Tray £5-10
120.    A Copenhagen Dish, 12cm square, Minton, Doulton and other ceramics:- One Tray £20-30
121.    A Cranberry Bulbous Vase, with wavy frill rim, bell, decanter, oil lamp, posy bowl, (some with faults):- One Tray £15-30
122.    Mason's 'Mandalay' Bowl and Jug, 'Empress' dish, 'Cathay' dish and vase, Falcon Happy Days plate:- One Tray and brass plaque of Charles I £20-30
123.    A Pair of Continental Bisque Pottery Musical Figures, Turn Vienna porcelain bowl with twin gilt handles. £15-25
124.    A Coalport 'Titania' Miniature Tea for One, Campana lion, plate. £15-20
125.    A Lilac Glass Jar and Cover, pyramid scent bottle, ruby glass sugar caster, etc:- One Tray £15-25
126.    Wedgwood 'Clementine Cup and Saucer, Devon 1920's tea for two, Poole Aegean 81 quadrilateral dish, etc:- One Tray £20-30
127.    A Glyn Ware Tenby Bowl, B. P & Co Ltd Scotland lustre bowl decorated with leaves and butterflies and a pair of black glass vases, enamelled with flowers:- One Tray £20-30
128.    A Carlton Ware Money Box as a Children's Train, in blue and white, numbered to front; Poole ashtray with cruciform well, Continental desk standish GH 1707. (3) £20-30
129.    Three Nao Figures - Repeat After Me, boxed, Girl Feeding a Lamb and another of a young girl. (3) £30-40
130.    An Aynsley D. Jones Pin Tray, trinket boxes, Coalport dish, etc:- One Tray £20-30
131.    Royal Albert 'Masquerade' Tea and Coffee Ware, of forty-seven pieces, including teapot (repaired), coffee pot. £30-40
132.    A Shelley "Sheraton" Pattern Part Tea Service:- One Tray £10-20
133.    Four Reproduction Staffordshire Figures, fairing, two Wedgwood mugs by Richard Guyatt, glass Silver Jubilee goblet:- One Tray £15-25
134.    A Musical Jewel Case as a Piano, crested ware, Plichta cat, Sylvac squirrel jug, etc:- One Tray £15-20
135.    A Pair of 'City of Bennares' Meat Plates, teapot, Spode, Wedgwood and other blue and white pottery:- One Tray £20-40
136.    A Royal Grafton China Tea Service, twenty-one pieces including teapot; three Royal Doulton 'Wind in the Willows' plates; Poole 'A Christmas Carol' 1981 limited edition plate by Barbara Linley Adams:- One Tray £20-30
137.    Caithness Paperweights - Speckle the Hen, Trumpet the Elephant and other paperweights, two glass candelabra, hand, etc:- One Tray £15-20
138.    Two Royal Doulton Plates, eight Wedgwood 'Street Seller' plates, scent bottles, piano babies, etc:- One Tray £15-25
139.    Albion 'Tyke' Pottery Mug, four XIX Century pottery mugs (with faults):- One Tray £15-30
140.    Four Beswick Pigs - Gloucester Old Spot Sow, Berkshire Pig, Middlewhite Boar, Tamworth Brown Pig. (4) £50-80
141.    A Clarice Cliff 'Bizarre' Bowl, decorated with band of yellow and red, 19cm diameter, and a Carlton Lustre Ware 'Armand' bowl, printed with butterflies, diameter 23.5cm. (2) £40-60
142.    A Poole Pottery Charger, in the "Cosmic" design by Janice Tchalenko and Anita Harris, with a hand painted lustre finish, 2000; a vase in the same design. (2) £30-50
143.    A Moorcroft Pottery Miniature Pottery Vase, in the Queen's Choice design by Emma Bossons, shape 03/4, impressed and painted marks to base. £80-110
144.    A XIX Century Glass Dump, of Ovoid Form having bubble inclusions, 12cm high. £30-40
145.    A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight, 'Russian Walrus', limited edition of 1500 commissioned by Connaught House, gold stopper, and a Imari ladybird, silver stopper, date code for 1998. (2) £25-35
146.    Two Oval Shaped Moorcroft Pin Dishes, Hibiscus and Anemone patterns, with impressed marks on base. £40-60
147.    A Pair of Copenhagen Globular Spill Vases 2688, Carlton 70's square trinket box. £15-25
148.    A Set of Six Blue Glass Goblets, with gilt vine decoration. (6) £20-30
149.    A Pair of Wedgwood Yellow Matt Pottery Candlesticks, with chevron decoration to cylindrical bodies, 20.5cm high, (boxed). £20-30
150.    A Phoenician (Malta) Glass Scent Bottle; spherical paperweight and vase. (3) £20-30
151.    A Poole Pottery Ovoid Vase, decorated with flame coloured leaves on dark ground, 18cm high. £20-30
152.    A Pair of Wall Candle Holders, with leaf design in green and gilt; a Continental bisque figure group. £20-40
153.    A Noritake China Part Tea Service, handpainted decoration of hay sheaths and cottages in a landscape, (approximately thirty-five pieces); together with Royal Worcester teacups and saucers, etc, (over fifteen pieces). £20-30
154.    A Lorna Bailey Charger, in the Ratcatcher design, limited edition 32/50, released October 2004, with certificate. £70-90
155.    Jasper Conran for Stuart Crystal Bowl, Bohemian bell, Stuart cut glass vase, Adrian Sankey and other paperweight, skeleton style clock, glass sculpture, etc:- One Tray £20-30
156.    Three Blue and White Willow Pattern Tureens, Wedgwood ' 'Ferrara' and Allertons jugs, etc:- One Tray £15-25
157.    A Coalport Cleopatra Model, after Compton and Woodhouse, with certificate, a Royal Doulton 'Impressions Sunset' HN 4198, Royal Doulton Classics 'Faye', Coalport 'Sarah' and three miniature figures - 'Good Luck', 'Katie' and 'Party Time'. (7):- One Tray £30-50
158.    A Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Tea Service, comprising cake plate, six tea plates, six tea cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl:- One Tray £40-80
159.    A Crown Derby Autumnal Equinox Mug, Coalport, hand painted and other plates, Paragon 1937 cup and saucer, paperweights, blue glass decanter, etc:- One Tray £20-30
160.    A Wedgwood '36' and Doulton Meridian Tea Ware:- One Tray £15-25
161.    Three Nao Figures - Cupid the Frog, Will He Like Me? and a Sad Looking Hound, all with boxes. (3) £25-35
162.    A Quantity of XIX Century English Imari Plates, soups, etc. £15-30
163.    A Beswick Jug, Crown Ducal 'Chintz' chamber stick, Bursley ware tea set, Wedgwood pedestal cake plate, etc:- One Tray £20-30
164.    Royal Doulton Christopher Robin Figure, WP9, from the Winnie the Pooh Collection, two Royal Doulton Snowmen egg cups and miniature plates and a Goebel First Edition Annual Bell, HUM 700. £30-40
165.    A Collection of Approximately Fifiteen Modern Cloisonné Miniature Vases, flagons and bowls, varying designs, many mounted on wooden stands:- One Tray £20-40
166.    An Art Deco Sutherland China Part Tea Set, Wedgwood 'Florentine' pattern plate, three fluted glass dishes etc:- One Tray £20-30
167.    Tutbury Crystal, Kosta Boda, Arabia Wartsila, Stuart and Other Glassware:- One Tray £15-20
168.    A Lorna Bailey Prototype "Valentine Drive" Offset vase, released November 2004. £40-50
169.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Anna Lily design by Nicola Slaney, shape 393/5, impressed and painted marks to base. £90-110
170.    A Pair of Noritake Pottery Hand Painted Floral Vases, with pale green sides and gilt highlights, 30cm tall. £20-40
171.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Circa 1998 Footballer, with blue shorts, 15.5cm high. £20-30
172.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Circa 1998 Footballer, with orange shorts, 14cm high. £20-30
173.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Circa 1998 Football Goalkeeper, yellow shorts, 16cm high. £20-30
174.    A Lorna Bailey Prototype Christmas Pudding Teapot, released November 2004. £50-70
175.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Lucky Black Cat design by Paul Hilditch, numbered edition 476, shape 158/6, impressed and painted marks to base.
176.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Bella Houston design by Emma Bossons, shape 200/8, impressed and painted marks to base.
177.    A Lladro Figure of Two Nuns; together with another of a girl holding a goose with a dog at her feet. (2) £30-40
178.    A Royal Copenhagen Celadon Vase, of cylindrical form, decorated with four bands of three fish, numbered 1/3163 HH, 26.5cm high. £50-70
179.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the "Who Goes There" design by Anji Davenport, numbered edition 296, shape 03/7, impressed and painted marks to base.
180.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Christmas Morning design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 7/3, impressed and painted marks to base.
181.    Beswick Ware Rupert Bear Figure and Podgy Pig. (2) £20-30
182.    Four Nao Models, including lady wearing a bonnet, lady in evening dress, a country girl with duck and a seated dog. (4):- One Tray £30-50
183.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the 'Trial' Fluttering Colour (Butterflies) design, shape 93/8, impressed, dated 6.4.17. and painted marks to base. £100-140
184.    Lorna Bailey Pottery Bridesmaid, 11.5cm high, and groom, 16.5cm high. £30-40
185.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, in the Spring Duckling design by Kerry Goodwin, numbered edition 144, shape 102/6, impressed and painted marks to base. £90-120
186.    Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Elizabeth' HN2465 2nd quality and 'Helen' HN4806. (2) £15-25
187.    Three Nao Figures - I have Arrived and I am Here; together with a Nadal figure Pleasant Dreams, all boxed.(3) £25-35
188.    A Quantity of Sheffield Made Silver Plated Cutlery:- One Tray £20-40
189.    A Pair of XIX Century Decanters, with etched decoration, XIX Century wine glass and other glassware. £15-20
190.    A Victorian Hardstone Brooch, filigree panel necklace, of flowerhead design, bead necklaces, evening bags:- One Tray £20-40
191.    A Decorative Electroplated Three Piece Tea Set, allover detailed in relief with leaf scrolls; fish serving forks, pickle forks, sugar tongs, etc:- One Tray £30-50
192.    Costume Brooches, enamel badge, earrings, etc:- One Tray £20-30
193.    A Plated Cake Stand, pair of Corinthian column candlesticks, entree dish, pedestal dish, seven bar toast rack, etc:- One Tray £20-40
194.    Costume Bead Necklaces, earrings, etc:- One Tray £20-30
195.    Six Silver Handled Butter Knives, six mother of pearl handled knives, Walker & Hall, Watts, Ibberson and other cased cutlery:- One Tray £20-40
196.    Assorted Costume Beads, ladies wristwatches, Modernist style pendants on chains, etc:- One Tray £20-30
197.    Mdina, Davidson, Czech Mid XX Century Blue Handkerchief Vase and Other Glassware:- One Tray £15-25
198.    A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, (chipped), Simpson's Teapot Arcadian cenotaph, O.C.R vase, Wedgwood and other ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
199.    A Set of Three XIX Century Glass Custard Cups; together with a part canteen of Insignia Plate cutlery, initialled "B". £15-25
200.    A Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' Dinner and Tea Ware. comprising six dinner plates, tureen, cake plate, six large tea plates, eighteen tea plates, twelve tea cups and saucers, teapot sugar bowl, milk jug and gravy boat and stand, meat plate. £80-120
201.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoons, crested, decorative butter knife, Walker & Hall swing handled pedestal dish. £30-50
202.    A Circa 1900 Electroplated Three Bottle Tantalus, swing handle and engraved base plate of fruiting vines. £30-50
203.    A Pair of Plated Candlesticks, each of tapering form with removable nozzle and acanthus leaf and gadrooned detail, 28cm high. (2)
204.    Wedgwood 'Sarah's Garden' Queens Ware, of thirty-six pieces. £30-50
205.    Assorted Costume Brooches; together with vintage and later earrings:- One Tray £20-30
206.    A Collection of Modern Cloisonné Decorative Ornaments, including articulated fish, thermometer, kitten, bell, dogs of foe, penguin, horse, casket, etc. (18):- One Tray £20-40
207.    Coalport 'The Umbrella House' and 'Village Church', plated butter dish, coasters, etc:- One Tray £15-25
208.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including souvenir panel bracelet, earrings, necklaces, pendants on chains, etc:- One Tray £20-30
209.    A Late XIX Century Masons Ironstone China Hydra Jug, decorated in the Imari palette, another later example, a Crown Devon musical 'John Peel' tankard, Beswick 'Dawn Chorus' jug, a Royal Doulton 'Blackberry' two handled octagonal bowl, a Crown Devon 'Fuchsia' jug and a Royal Doulton hunting scene two handled tray. £15-20
210.    Royal Doulton Ware "Grantham" Pattern Dinner Service, comprising plates, bowls, etc, (fifty pieces approximately). £15-20
211.    King's Pattern Plated Cutlery:- One Tray £25-30
212.    A Campana Urn, decanter, cow creamer, Ducal comport, vase, etc:- One Tray £15-25
213.    A Rosenthal 'Pompadour' Part Tea Set, comprising six plates, cups and saucers and two pierced dishes; Capo di Monte figure of a girl feeding chickens:- One Tray £20-30
214.    Four Continental Pottery Musketeers, other figures, spaniel dogs, Woods Toby jug:- One Tray £20-30
215.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including Trifari, Grosse, micromosaic, etc:- One Tray £10-15
216.    An Electroplated Teapot, hot water jug, Christening mug, loose cutlery, cased tea knives with mother of pearl handles:- One Tray £20-30
217.    A Royal Doulton Figurine 'Heather' HN2956, Wedgwood 'Wild Strawberry' vases, a ten plate setting Doulton 'Claudia' tea service, teacup and saucer, etc:- One Tray £20-40
218.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bracelets, necklaces, pendants on chains, earrings, etc:- One Tray £15-25
219.    Assorted Plated Ware, including pair of sauce boats, offering dish, lidded tureen, hors d'oeuvres, fish knives and forks, ladles, teaspoons, etc. £30-50
220.    An Early XX Century Six Setting Cutlery Set, by Mappin & Webb, (forty-three pieces in total), in a fitted oak canteen with inset brass shield and manufacturers label, with keys, (appears unused with oiled knife blades). £120-160
221.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including cluster dress ring, imitation and fresh water pearls, wristwatches, brooches, pendants on chains, Royal Mint silver postage stamp pendant, etc:- One Tray £25-40
222.    Coasters, napkin rings, candlesticks, epergne stands, etc:- One Tray £15-25
223.    Three Sets of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Tea Knives, in fitted cases, plated forks and spoons, cased fish servers, dessert spoons, brass trays:- One Tray £25-40
224.    A Henriot Quimper Eight Piece Fish Service, 'Sea Life' design by Guy Trevoux, consisting of one oval platter and seven 23cm diameter plates. (8) £25-45
225.    A Decorative Flower Centre Piece, with removable petals, an oval lidded entree dish, decorative sauce boat on stand, water jug, etc:- One Tray £20-30
226.    Assorted Plated Ware, including four piece tea set, further tea wares, jug, spoons, sauce boat, etc:- One Tray £15-25
227.    Two Lladro Figures; together with two Nao figures. (4) £30-40
228.    Royal Worcester 'Bacchanal' Dinner Ware, of approximately sixty nine pieces. £30-40
229.    Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Fruit Knives and Forks, hallmarked silver miniature goblet, plated teapot, posy, ladles, spoon, fish servers, jug, etc:- One Tray £30-50
230.    A Set of Six Plated Napkin Rings, each as a belt buckle, in original fitted case; a cased three piece christening set, fish servers, hallmarked silver handled glove stretchers and shoe horn, mugs, etc. £25-40
231.    A Collection of Modern Cloisonné Decorative Wares, including miniature shallow chargers, trinket pot, model eggs, bowl etc, (many mounted on stands). £25-45
232.    Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, hallmarked silver teaspoons, ladle, decorative fish slice, further spoons, wishbone sugar tongs, oval entree dish, coffee pot, etc. £25-40
233.    Six XIX Century Staffordshire Figure Groups, to include Scottish and musical couples, Little Red Riding Hood, (some damages). £20-40
234.    Three Nao Figures - Girl and Boy Hikers and a Boy Resting, all boxed. (3) £30-40
235.    Lorna Bailey - Busy Bee the Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-30
236.    Lorna Bailey - Mack the Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-30
237.    Lorna Bailey - Fluffy the Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-30
238.    Lorna Bailey - Flora the Cat, limited edition 1/1 in this colourway. £20-30
239.    Lorna Bailey - Forever England the Cat. £18-25
240.    Lorna Bailey - Ali (Boxer) the Cat. £18-25
241.    Lorna Bailey - Arnie the Cat. £18-25
242.    Lorna Bailey - Nelson the Cat. £18-25
243.    Three Nao Figures of Children at Bedtime. (3) £25-40
244.    Royal Worcester "Madelaine", from the Victorian Series modelled by Ruth Esther Van Ruyckvelt. £20-30
245.    Three Nao Figures - Girl with Puppy, Girl with Fan and another (two boxed). (3) £30-40
246.    Royal Doulton "Victorian Lady", HN159 (?) wearing green shawl. £40-60
247.    Three Nao Figures - Girl with Candle, Girl with Flower and Girl in the Wind, all boxed. (3) £30-40
248.    Two Nao Figures - Spring Petals and A Joyful New Friend, both boxed. (2) £20-30
249.    A 1960's Beatles Guitar Brooch, hallmarked silver ring, costume jewellery, wristwatches, compacts etc, in a vanity case. £20-30
250.    Elkington Plated Copper Serving Dishes, swing handled dishes, oval lidded entree dish, salver, etc. £20-30
251.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, wristwatches, boxes, etc, contained in a ladies travel case. £10-15
252.    Bottle Holders, decanter labels, hip flasks, bottle coasters, place mats, stopper, mug, etc. £20-30
253.    Hallmarked Silver and Embroidered Backed Hand Mirrors, brushes etc, contained in a ladies travel case. £30-50
254.    Plate on Copper Pair of Twin Branch Candelabra, dwarf candlestick, circular trays, swing handled footed dish, etc. £15-20
255.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including spoons, cased fish servers, ladles, tongs, servers, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
256.    Plated Teaware, including teapots, lidded sugar bowl, twin handled rectangular tray, etc. £20-40
257.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including knives and forks, cased sets, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
258.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, imitation pearls, etc:- One box £10-15
259.    Diamanté, Marcasite and Other Brooches, hair slide, etc, contained in a jewellery box. £10-15
260.    A Large French Art Deco Style Diamanté Pendant, of geometric design, stamped "Made In France", overall length 9cm. £30-50
261.    An Engine Turned Bangle, stamped "Sterling Silver", wristwatch, bangle, Rosary beads, brooches, etc. £20-30
262.    An Edwardian Style Heart Shape Openwork Pendant, (lacking drop) on a chain; together with assorted costume jewellery, including bead and other necklaces, further pendants on chains, dress ring, gent's cufflinks, brooches, earrings, etc. £20-30
263.    A Chester Hallmarked Silver Wide Bangle, foliate detailed to the front, hinged to snap clasp, Siam Sterling enamel brooch, butterfly wing earrings, filigree bracelets, further bangle, flowerhead necklace, fancy link chain, etc. £25-40
264.    A Modern Flowerhead Brooch, pearl set to the centre, stamped "585"; a double row graduated pearl bead necklace, to marcasite set clasp. £40-60
265.    Hallmarked Silver Ingot Pendant, pink hardstone heart pendant, earrings, chains, rings, etc. £10-20
266.    A Long Single Strand Faceted Amber Coloured Bead Necklace. £25-40
267.    Lotos Vintage Brooch Watch, as a horse drawn carriage (damaged), imitation pearls, earrings, etc. £20-30
268.    A Single Strand Graduated Pearl Bead Necklace, to barrel clasp indistinctly stamped "9ct", in original case; malachite bead necklaces, bangle, etc, together with a trinket box. £20-30
269.    A 9ct Gold Cross Pendant, filigree gilt panel bracelet, enamel clover leaf pendant stamped "18ct", chains, etc, contained in a jewellery box. £40-60
270.    A Golden Shred Golly Enamel Badge, diamanté and other cat brooches, coins, etc. £10-15
271.    "Elvis Presley Signature Product" Gent's Dress Ring, of horseshoe design, stamped "925", boxed with certificate; "The Soaring Eagle Diamond Ring", boxed with certificate. (2) £15-20
272.    A Five Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated old cut stones illusion set. £70-100
273.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, of flowerhead design, claw set; together with another ring high claw set. (2) £40-60
274.    An 18ct Gold Two Stone Ring, circular collet set; together with another ring (stones missing). (2) £60-80
275.    An 18ct Gold Patterned Band, (misshapen). £60-80
276.    A Single Stone Ring, claw set between pierced shoulders, stamped "9ct Sil Set"; together with eternity band stamped "9ct". (2) £25-40
277.    An Egyptian Cartouche Pendant, (Jane) with certificate dated 22 October 1985. £70-100
278.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated old and single cut stones illusion set between crossover shoulders, stamped "18ct" "Plat", in an old box. £80-100
279.    A Modern Pearl Set Pendant, stamped "750". £60-80
280.    A Single Stone Ring, oval collet set, indistinctly stamped "22ct"; an eternity band stamped "9ct". (2) £30-50
281.    A Modern Pendant, of tapering design, claw set, stamped "375"; together with a pair of 9ct gold claw set earrings of openwork design. £60-80
282.    A Pair of Novelty Owl Earrings, indistinctly stamped, on claw set post, a novelty owl pendant, indistinctly stamped "750". £80-120
283.    A Modern Tassel Pendant, stamped "375"; together with a pair of tassel drop earrings. £70-100
284.    A Rectangular Pendant, star set to the centre, stamped "750", a two stone pendant, graduated claw set, on box link chain, a disc pendant depicting a Centurion. £70-100
285.    A 9ct Gold Shell and Pearl Brooch, of stylised textured design. £60-80
286.    A Modern Opal (Doublet) Pendant, oval collet set; together with a pair of similar stud earrings. £60-80
287.    An Edward VII Half Sovereign, 1905. £90-100
288.    A Curb Link Bracelet, of uniform design, to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp. £100-150
289.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant, oval and circular collet set, stamped "9ct"; on fancy link chain. £70-90
290.    A 9ct Gold Chain, with applied knot detail; together with a pair of 9ct gold stud earrings, of stylised knot design. £80-100
291.    A 9ct Gold Oval Locket Pendant, together with a 9ct gold pendant on chain, of pierced design and a further pendant. £40-60
292.    A Fancy Link Chain, stamped "750", suspending pendant; a 9ct gold harp pendant and a further pendant on chain. £70-100
293.    An Openwork Brooch, set with a single pearl, stamped; a further brooch and a jade set necklace. (3) £30-50
294.    A "9ct & Sil" Cluster Ring; together with a single stone ring and a 9ct gold three stone ring, claw set. (3) £60-80
295.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Hoop and Other Earrings. £40-60
296.    An Edwardian Openwork Brooch, circular collet set to the centre, a belcher link chain (clasp damaged); and a ladies wristwatch head (no strap). (3) £70-100
297.    A 9ct Gold Pendant, a 9ct gold ring, pendant on chain and a bracelet. £40-60
298.    A Large 9ct Gold Oval Locket Pendant, leaf scroll engraved to the front, on a chain. £180-220
299.    A Modern Openwork Cat Pendant, with inset eyes, stamped "375", on a chain; together with matching earrings. £40-60
300.    A Modern Heart Pendant, stamped "375", on a chain; a coffee bean pendant on chain and a further chain. £50-70
301.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Flowerhead Stud Earrings, together with a similar pendant and a pair of three colour drop earrings. £50-70
302.    A Bar Brooch, oval and circular collet set, on bar indistinctly stamped "9ct"; an Aesthetic style bangle, an enamel locket pendant, detailed with a rose, further locket, double heart brooch, micromosaic pendant, etc. £30-50
303.    A Modern Diamond Set Pendant, stamped "375"; cross pendants, chains. £30-50
304.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Engine Turned Gent's Cufflinks, on chain connections. £20-30
305.    A Pair of Gent's 9ct Gold Cufflinks, each oval panel engine turned, on chain connections, a similar design tie pin, and a case. £40-60
306.    A 9ct Gold Cameo Ring, oval collet set, a smokey quartz single stone ring, a gent's ring, with plain rectangular panel between wide plain tapering shoulders. £150-200
307.    An 18ct Gold Single Stone Ring, illusion set; together with a pair of cat stud earrings. £40-60
308.    A 9ct Gold Ring, four claw set to the centre, between wide plain tapering shoulders; a tigers eye set Modernist style ring, "925" and other rings. £30-50
309.    A 9ct Gold Necklace, cross pendants and another chain and a ring. £60-80
310.    9ct Gold Earrings, bow stud earrings, heart studs, backs stamped "750", etc. £50-80
311.    A Gent's Tie Pin, stamped "18ct"; pendant stamped "9ct", dress studs, etc. £60-80
312.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet; suspending numerous novelty charm pendants including carriage, car, 10 shillings bank note, etc. to heart shape pendant clasp; costume brooches. £25-40
313.    Decorative Drop Earrings, (unpierced screw fittings stamped "925"), studs, etc. £20-40
314.    A Rolled Gold Expanding Bangle, earrings, gent's signet style ring, pendants, etc. £20-30
315.    A Single Strand Uniform Pearl Bead Necklace, to marcasite set clasp; together with two single strand graduated pearl bead necklaces. (3) £30-50
316.    A Fancy Link Charm Bracelet; together with a hallmarked silver bangle, leaf scroll engraved to the front, feature hallmarks to the back, and a bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp. £30-50
317.    Single Stone Dress Rings, Egyptian cartouche, 'J' and other pendants, plaited bangle, openwork brooch, three stone pendant on chain, etc. £25-40
318.    A 9ct Gold Mounted Hardstone Inset swivel Fob Pendant, circular glazed locket pendant, rings, double circlet brooch, etc. £30-50
319.    Lead Dog Brooches, XIX Century ring, novelty marcasite turtle ring, enamel brooch, etc. £10-15
320.    A Single Stone Bar Brooch, stamped "9ct", marcasite set and other dress rings. £20-30
321.    Filigree, Marcasite Set, Siam and Other Brooches. £20-30
322.    A Silver Charm Bracelet and 'Classic Timepiece'. (2) £30-40
323.    Mother of Pearl Charm Bracelet, glass pendants on chains, shell inset earrings, cross pendant on chain, drop earrings, etc. £10-15
324.    Two 9ct Gold Signet Rings, cross pendants, chain and an expanding bangle, stamped "Silver". £20-30
325.    A Hardstone Inset Swivel Fob Pendant; together with a seal type pendant, Spanish 5 Pesetas, 1870, a hallmarked silver thimble and a skull charm. (5) £30-50
326.    A Modern Cat Pendant, together with matching earrings, a hallmarked silver open heart cat pendant, oval locket, elephant earrings, "Sacred Spirit" pendant (Bradford Exchange) with certificate, etc. £20-40
327.    A Stock Pin, initialled 'S'; a marcasite set dress clip and a chain. £10-20
328.    Amber Set Brooches, butterfly wing panel brooch, Siam brooch, hallmarked silver and other bangles, etc. £20-40
329.    A Modern Openwork Pendant, of tear drop design, stamped "925", on chain; together with a Pilgrim butterfly necklace, pendant on choker type necklace, etc. £5-10
330.    Four Modernist Style Costume Necklaces, each large pendant of geometric polished and textured finish, on long chain; together with a brooch, a malachite set oval brooch and a cross pendant on fine chain. £20-30
331.    XIX Century and Later Brooches, fresh water pearl necklaces, pendant on chain, pendant watches, 'Mother' brooch, etc. £20-30
332.    A Collection of Assorted Rosary Beads, a XIX Century hardstone cross pendant, enamel and other pendants, small brooch, etc. £10-15
333.    Omega; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking winder), on 9ct gold expanding bracelet, cased; together with expanding watch bracelet. £70-100
334.    Omega; A c.1970's Constellation LCD Digital Gent's Wristwatch, on original bracelet (movement unseen). £120-150
335.    Omega; A Ladies Wristwatch, the signed circular dial with baton markers, on later expanding bracelet. £30-50
336.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Ladies Fob Watch, the plain dial with black Roman numerals, within decorative case; together with a Continental cased example, the gilt highlighted dial with Arabic numerals (lacking bow), case stamped "0,935". (2) £20-40
337.    Pocketwatch Cases, etc, (spares/repairs only). £8-12
338.    Trebex; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, on later expanding bracelet; together with another ladies wristwatch, the dial with black and blue Arabic numerals, within plain case, on later expanding bracelet. (2) £40-60
339.    A Continental Cased Ladies Fob Watch, (lacking glass), case stamped "0.800"; together with another example, case stamped "0,935". (2) £20-40
340.    Waltham USA; A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, on part strap. £50-80
341.    A. H. Shires & Son Harrogate By Special Appointment to Their Highnesses Prince Omar and Prince Said of Egypt; A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hand), within plain case with vacant cartouche; together with an Ingersoll Triumph pocketwatch. (2) £60-80
342.    A Plated Fob Watch, dial marked 'Tramway Watch, Cairo', interior back stamped 'Tramway Watch, Dusonchet, Le Caire'. £30-50
343.    Two Early XX Century Silver Hallmarked Ladies Fob Watches, each with enamelled dials, Roman numerals, and chased foliate decoration, and two keys. £20-40
344.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on openwork bracelet; together with two further ladies wristwatches. (3) £20-40
345.    Avia; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, within elongated rectangular case, to integral geometric link bracelet with 9ct gold clasp; another ladies wristwatch and a ladies watch dial/movement. £70-90
346.    A Chester Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial 'Improved Patent' with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hands) (damages); a graduated curb link Albert chain suspending hallmarked silver medallion pendant, etc. £30-50
347.    Rotary Maximus; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, to integral bracelet; together with another example similar; and a 9ct gold cased Omega ladies wristwatch head (no strap). (3) £100-150
348.    Omega; A Ladymatic Seamaster Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with baton makers and date aperture, on a later strap. £20-30
349.    Kelton, Smiths Empire, Ingersoll, Raffles and Other Openface Pocketwatches. £15-25
350.    An Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking glass), the movement numbered "944924"; a Smiths nurses style watch and a Newmark wristwatch head (no strap). (3) £15-20
351.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the unsigned movement with diamond end stone, London 1853; a hallmarked silver graduated curb link Albert chain, suspending T-bar, hallmarked silver "York Schools Athletic Association" enamel medallion, etc. £40-60
352.    Smiths and Ingersoll Openface Pocketwatches, "925" chains, marcasite set ring, further rings, etc. £20-40
353.    Vintage Gent's Wristwatches, including Services Colonial, Josmar, etc; modern wristwatches, etc. £20-40
354.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Mounted Cut Glass Scent Bottles, each of globular form with internal stopper; a hallmarked silver lidded trinket box, a hand mirror, a scent phial in cylindrical filigree casing and another scent. £40-60
355.    A Pair of Dwarf Candlesticks, each of plain circular form, stamped "Birks Sterling", 7.5cm high. (2) £20-40
356.    A Hallmarked Silver Jug, (marks rubbed) with reeded edge and leaf capped handle; a hallmarked silver mug, of plain baluster form with elongated loop handle, 7cm high. (2) £30-50
357.    A Hallmarked Silver Christening Mug, "Marie Josephine 31st July 1936", of baluster form with acanthus leaf capped scroll handle. £25-40
358.    A Decorative Dish, of shaped circular form, detailed in relief with leaves, engraved to the centre "A.G.A. of A.I. July 8th - 13th 1912 Bretton Woods, N.H", stamped "Sterling". £30-50
359.    A Decorative Dish, detailed in relief with flowerheads and engraved with leaf scrolls, on circular spreading base, stamped "Sterling". £60-80
360.    A Mint Tableware Plated Wine Cooler, of campana form, boxed; square glass decanter, ships decanter, bottle holder, coaster. £30-50
361.    A Plated Candelabra, dwarf candlesticks, posy bowls, decorative dishes, etc:- One Tray £20-30
362.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, shell necklace, bangles, panel bracelets, etc:- One Tray £15-25
363.    A Salver, claret jug, mother of pearl handled cutlery, etc. £20-30
364.    An Italian Oil Bottle Stand, sugar sifter, napkin rings, cased teaspoons, circular tray, Danish slender jug/vase, pierced dishes, etc:- One Tray £20-30
365.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including Exquisite, a matching brooch and earrings, souvenir, etc:- One Tray £15-25
366.    A Hallmarked Silver Vase, Birmingham, egg cup and gadrooned salt and spoon, together with a plated candlestick, etc. £20-30
367.    Cased Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, boxed bread knife, serving spoons, glass spoon, vintage cased "Lancashire" orange peeler, etc:- One Tray £15-25
368.    Diamanté, Bead and Other Costume Necklaces:- One Tray £10-20
369.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including ladies wristwatches, brooches, imitation pearls, rings, etc:- One Tray £15-20
370.    A Three Piece Horn Handled Carving Set, the blade stamped 'Bear Shaw & Co, Victoria Street, Sheffield', silver ferrules and handle caps, Sheffield 1902, in plush fitted case. £20-30
371.    Assorted Plated Cutlery:- One Tray £10-20
372.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, diamanté bangle, cufflinks, flowerhead necklace, chains, pendants, earrings, etc:- One Tray £15-25
373.    A Mixed Lot of Plated Ware, including wine cooler, cocktail shaker, sugar casters, goblets etc, on a large shaped galleried tray (lacking two paw feet). £20-30
374.    Assorted Costume Bead Necklaces:- One Tray £10-15
375.    Cased Fish Knives and Forks, cased teaspoons, grapefruit spoons, dessert knives and forks, etc. £20-30
376.    Assorted Plated Ware, including toast racks, jugs and sugar bowls, knife rests, tea strainers on stands, decorative spoon, etc:- One Tray £15-25
377.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including hallmarked silver Blue John pendant, a modern necklace, suspending heart pendants, stamped "925", graduated necklace stamped "925", wristwatches, beads, etc:- One Tray £20-30
378.    Assorted Plated Tea Wares, including teapots, jugs and sugar bowls, trays, etc. £20-30
379.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Three Piece Carving Set, each with reeded tapering handle, knife blade stamped "William Batt & Sons Sheffield". (3) £20-40
380.    A Hallmarked Silver Champagne Twizzler, hallmarked silver topped tidy jar, preserve pot with swing handle, tea knives, decorative spoons, etc. £20-30
381.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Dish, of pierced design; together with a pair of Corinthian column candlesticks, a cigarette case, a hallmarked silver lidded pot, etc. £20-40
382.    A Cherry Coloured Bead Necklace, of uniform roundel form, 35cm long, together with another and a graduated example. (3)
383.    A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, "Ann", in a fitted case; another hallmarked silver napkin ring, EPNS spoon and pusher, a plated mug "Ann". £15-20
384.    Jewelcraft Necklace and Earrings, diamanté necklace, festive skating boot brooch, further brooches, single strand graduated pearl bead necklace. £20-30
385.    A Novelty Decorative Pear and Apple, cake/sandwich stand, rectangular photograph frame detailed in relief "1954-1994", Art Deco teaspoons, novelty brass peg, pictures, small twin handled tray, etc:- One Tray £20-30
386.    A Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1930; together with another set of five hallmarked silver spoons, Sheffield 1923; a pair of sugar tongs, etc. £40-60
387.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Sugar Tongs, CB TB, London 1801, initialled; together with two further pairs, each with bright cut decoration. (3) £40-60
388.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Salts, each of cauldron form, raised on three hoof capped hoof feet, and blue glass liner; together with a pair of knife rests. (4) £25-40
389.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Tidy Jar, the pull off cover with applied half crown coin; a Chilean trinket dish, detailed in relief with the Chilean Coat of Arms, stamped "Plata Fina" and a hallmarked silver rimmed glass salt. (3) £20-30
390.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Pepperettes, a hallmarked silver lidded mustard (blue glass liner damages) and two pairs of hallmarked silver butter knives. £25-40
391.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard, together with matching salt, each of elongated oval form, with reeded edge (mustard lacking liner). (2) £25-40
392.    Malawi Rifles Cap Badge, medallion pendant, gent's cufflinks. £10-15
393.    A Germany Prussia Dem Besten Schutzen Medal. £20-30
394.    A Hallmarked Silver Tea Strainer, EV, Sheffield 1938, with decorative pierced bowl and handle; together with a pair of dessert/preserve spoons, each with scroll pierced handle and fruit detailed bowl. (3) £15-20
395.    Hallmarked Silver Tea and Coffee Spoons, and a napkin ring. (5) £10-15
396.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, of cushion shape, engine turned and initialled "A.E.B". £20-30
397.    An Erotic Bone Oval Box, with swivel top. £15-25
398.    A Hallmarked Silver and Polished Hardstone Trowel Book Mark, a hallmarked silver and mother or pearl folding fruit knife, curb link chain suspending charm pendants, W.V.S. Civil Defence badge, etc. £20-30
399.    A Matched Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Teaspoons, initialled; together with a matched set of three teaspoons and another set of three, initialled. (12) £40-60
400.    A Hallmarked Silver Triangular Shaped Pin dish, tea Strainer, two blade folding knife with mother of pearl scales, coins, pencil, etc. £10-20
401.    A Novelty Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, with applied dog and cat, in original fitted case. £20-30
402.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Teaspoons, Samuel Godbehere, Edward Wigan & James Boult, London 1803; together with a set of six hallmarked silver teaspoons, in a fitted case with a pair of tongs; and a set of coffee bean knop coffee spoons. £40-60
403.    A Decorative Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Knives and Forks, a hallmarked silver Kings Pattern spoon, further spoons, sifter ladle, knives, sugar tongs, etc. £30-50
404.    1960's and 70's Proof Coin sets, commemorative coins, "Sterling Silver", "Rolled Silver", "Rolled Gold" and other engine turned pencils. £25-40
405.    A Solingen Cutthroat Razor, hallmarked silver letter opener, purse, folding knives, photographs, gent's combs, engine turned cigarette box, etc. £20-30
406.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard, complete with liner and associated spoon; and a decorative JR&S plated pastry server. (2) £20-30
407.    Inner Wheel, Girl Guides, National Trust and Other Badges, whistle, book style vesta case with coin compartment, Caphouse Colliery Visitor discs, rings, RAF wings brooch, etc. £15-25
408.    A WWI Medal Duo to A. Sjt. A. Baldwin. R.A.M.C, gent's cufflinks, etc, contained in an inlaid trinket box. £10-15
409.    A Ronson Lighter, spectacles, gent's cufflinks, medallion pendant "Clifton Cycling Club", Art Nouveau openwork brooch, ring, etc. £20-30
410.    A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Spill Vases, a hallmarked silver button hook, nail files, etc. £20-40
411.    An R.A.F. Sweethearts Badge, other miniature aeroplanes, framed; together with a carved clenched fist with a brass top. £10-20
412.    Three Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings; together with another stamped "925"; three hallmarked silver Fiddle Pattern teaspoons (various makers and dates) and another spoon. (8) £50-70
413.    Hallmarked Silver Handled Shoe Horns and Button Hooks, etc. £20-30
414.    Gorham: An American Dish, of pierced design with gadrooned border, stamped "Gorham Sterling"; together with three further dishes. (4) £20-30
415.    A Four Colour Sliding Pencil, engine turned, stamped "Brit. Pat. No. 381028", Parker 17 hooded nib ink pen, Parker 17 pencil, etc. £30-50
416.    A Matched Hallmarked Backed Silver Three Piece Dressing Table Set, each with striped engine turned decoration, initialled; a hallmarked silver openwork coaster mount (lacking coaster) of geometric pierced design. (4) £30-50
417.    A Late XVII Century Bible Box, with a sloping hinged top, knulled decoration to the frieze (in need of restoration). £25-45
418.    After S. Kinsburger, Pair of Bronzed Figures, 'Nelson' and 'Wellington', on circular marble bases, approximately 42cm overall. £60-90
419.    A Pair Brass Fluted Column Oil Lamps. £1-020
420.    A Model Ice Cream Vendors Bicycle, bamboo and Windsor dolls chairs. (3) £15-30
421.    A Black Anvil Telephone, No. 2638, raised cradle for receiver which is stamped GPO H36 234 No. 164; a later example in cream BLD16 IMP2. (2) £30-40
422.    Two Brass Based Oil Lamps, with glass wells (one shade damaged). £15-30
423.    A Circa 1920's 'Orbit' Traversing Fan Co. Ltd Electric Fan, by Veritas Ltd. £150-170
424.    A c.1960's Vintage Space Age Influenced President Timelite Combination Clock/Radio/Lamp; together with a similar era Microlite (untested - sold for parts only). £15-20
425.    A Brass Oil Lamp, with cranberry tinted shade. £20-30
426.    A Brass Twin Branch Table Lamp, scrolled arms and fitted with glass rod droplet shades. £20-30
427.    Seven Mid XX Century Etched Advertising Soda Syphons, three with chrome dispensers. £30-40
428.    Three Piece Brass Rope Twist Fire Irons Set; together with dogs having rose finials. £20-40
429.    Two XIX Century Copper Coal Helmets, fruitwood handled scoop. £20-30
430.    A Victorian Cast Iron Boot Scraper, on a gritstone plinth. £40-50
431.    A XIX Century Mahogany and Brass Wall Bracket, coopered oak jardiniere, gilt wood bracket (damage), etc:- One Tray £20-30
432.    A XIX Century Chestnut Roaster, with fruitwood handle, copper bowl and pierced cover; another in brass. £15-25
433.    Four 35mm Film Cameras, including Minolta Maxxum 3000i, Pentax ME Super, Prakitca MTL 5 B, etc; and lenses to include 35-80mm 200mm, Super Ozeck II f=75-250mm 200mm, Chinon f=200mm, Cosina 28-70mm, etc; all in four soft cases. £30-50
434.    Early XX Century and Later Horse Brasses, 'Chipperfields Circus', other elephant horse brasses, other horse brasses, etc, on black leather straps. £10-20
435.    A MInolta Dynax 500 Bi and Minolta Cameras, Carl Zeiss S 1:3.5f =135, Tessar 2.8/50 Inter City 1:8 f = 500mm Sakar lenses, accessories in metal Prinzflex 2.3x. £50-100
436.    A Circa 1950's Rotamint Super Wall Mounting Slot Machine, (possibly German). £50-80
437.    Cork Displays, each under glass dome, magnifier, leather dolls clogs, brass crest on oak shield, etc:- One Tray £15-20
438.    Flying Goggles Pat No. 127545, smokers pipes, desk stamp, carved hippos, etc:- One Tray £20-40
439.    A Mabel Lucie Atwell Bathroom Chart, Robertson's Golly Bandsmen, Goebel figural group, Wade Whimsies. £10-20
440.    An Ecclesiastical Brass Jewel Box, opera glasses, clocks, ethnic figures:- One Tray £20-30
441.    A Quantity of GB Pre-Decimal and World Coinage, including silver content:- One Tray £15-25
442.    Collectables, to include a 1939 Butlins plated tankard, Easiped box, military badges, spoons, etc:- One Tray £15-25
443.    Sewing Collectables, including scissors, cottons, sequins, buttons, machine tools, etc:- One Tray £15-25
444.    Three Pairs of Oak Barley Twist Candlesticks, and an early XX Century oak cabinet with pokerwork carved doors and inner drawers. £30-40
445.    A Falcon 22 x Enbeeco Three Drawer Telescope, an earlier leather bound example (with faults). (2) £20-30
446.    A Quantity of Old Postcards, mainly train/shipping related, plus school emblem cigarette cards. £20-30
447.    A Cantrax 1637 MA Quartz Camera, other camera and equipment, Halina 20 x 50 binoculars cased, gauge. £20-30
448.    Smokers Interest - Three glass Senior Service ashtrays, novelty Egyptian souvenir carved wooden cigarette/Vesta holder, match cigarette and boxed, cigarette case, novelty 'barrel' ashtray, etc and a musical Parisian souvenir bakelite model:- One Tray £15-25
449.    A Marx Tinplate Climbing Fireman, boxed. £50-60
450.    A XIX Century and Later Pharmacy Bottles, on wooden stand, Methylated Spirit bottles in chrome containers, etc:- One Tray £30-50
451.    A Rams Skull, foliate carved hardwood plaques, hardwood wrythen sculpture, Mrs Beeton's Household Management, pocket knife, etc:- One Tray £20-30
452.    A XIX Century Japanese Pottery Bowl, with later silver rim, Chinese example, terracotta bowl, brass candlesticks, pewter hot plate. £20-40
453.    A Pine Cutlery Box, brass weights, Polaroid 1000 Land Camera, Tala crinked pastry cutters set, grater, Carvel Hall by Briddell three piece carving set etc. on an inlaid Overton bentwood tray. £20-30
454.    Conway Stewart, Parker and Other Ink Pens, hair curlers, etc:- One Tray £20-30
455.    A Canon EOS 50E Camera, a Sigma 28-105mm 200mm lens, electroplated cutlery, etc:- One Tray £5-10
456.    Cut Throat Razors, Fox Brothers, Sheffield, T. Ellis & Co,. Sheffield and German cut throat razors; together with a leather case. £20-40
457.    Wade Tom and Jerry, glassware, spoons, souvenir and other postcards, Gallahers cigarette cards, Robertson golly figure, miniature Coronation coach, etc. £10-20
458.    A Ten Pound Note, coin set 1967, crowns, other coins, medals, mini miners lamp, little lady harmonica, etc:- One Tray £20-40
459.    A Quantity of of Mid XX Century and Later lead Figures, by Britains and others with associated items. £20-40
460.    A Malachite Egg and Ashtray, coins, playing cards, fan, etc:- One Tray £15-25
461.    A 35mm Ricoh KR-10 Super Camera, with a Tokina SD 28-70mm lens, a Ricoh Rikenon 135mm lens, a Ricoh 50mm lens, accessories and a soft canvas case. £15-25
462.    A Pair of Early XX Century Spelter Figures - 'Mutualite' and 'Bienfaisance'. £20-30
463.    H. L. Brown & Son Ltd Sheffield; A Green Onyx Cased Elliott Mantel Clock, the silvered chapter ring with black Roman numerals, with top handle, raised on four bun feet; together with a collection of vintage tins. £20-30
464.    Vintage Games, including 'Birds Eye', 'Pit', various die, golf ball, childs early 1900 racket, playing cards, etc:- One Tray £15-25
465.    An Oak Salad Bowl, 'Made from S S Lugania', mahogany biscuit barrel 'Made from H.M.S Dreadnought'. (2) £20-40
466.    A Wooden Jewellery Box, ladies compacts, purses, 'Studs & Links' box , pill boxes, thimble, etc:- One Box £10-15
467.    A Cash Box, carved shell, Japanese tin plate circus, plane, whistles, etc:- One Tray £15-25
468.    A Reproduction Bronzed Effect Bust of a Lady in Period Costume, mounted on a socle and reeded column, circular base, height 45cm. £30-50
469.    H. L. Brown & Son Ltd Sheffield; An Oak Cased Elliott Mantel Clock, the signed dial with black Roman numerals, the case with applied plaque "25 Years Osborn Service", on bun feet. £20-30
470.    An Early XX Century Mahogany and Walnut Dome Cased Mantel Clock, with Buren movement, black Roman numerals to silvered dial, on brass bun feet. £20-40
471.    A XIX Century Glass Dome, of oval form, 34cm high 31cm wide.
472.    H. L. Brown & Son Ltd Sheffield; An Oak Cased Elliott Mantel Clock, the signed dial with black Roman numerals, the case with applied plaque "G. A. Gambles 1920-1960", on bun feet. £20-30
473.    Two Eccles Miners Type 6 Safety Lamps. £20-40
474.    A Skull, and mandible, etc. £100-200
475.    A Black Horse Riding Helmet 'The Epsom', three riding crops. £15-20
476.    Eleven Various Miniatures. £20-30
477.    Two XIX Century Hallmarked Silver Mounted Horn Beakers, each with applied shield, initialled; a T. Swaffield Brown Copyright oval panel, dated 25/5/1911, detailed in relief with a Scout; and a pair of Dixon plated napkin rings "Beauchief Abbey Lodge No. 3793". £30-50
478.    A Roddymatic Open Face Spining Fishing Reel, (Roddy 34); together with fishing flies, etc:- One Tray £20-40
479.    A Pre-War Metal and Wood Construction Camera, prism viewfinder, no markings present to designate camera maker; two camera lenses including a brass camera lens by Lancaster and Sons, patent prism. £30-50
480.    A XIX Century Horn Powder Flask, (inscribed "Edw Kilner Worksop" on base), together with two XIX Century horn cups. (3) £20-40
481.    Ebonised Wooden Cane, with bark textured silver handle. A crook handled cane having silver mounts. (2) £20-40
482.    A Military Bayonet, with arrow through 'M' stamp, and sheath, 52.5cm overall length. £20-40
483.    An Early XX Century Oak Stationery Box, with lift up top, glazed drop door, sectional compartments, ceramic inkwells and dish to interior, (top loose). £30-50
484.    A Collection of Eight Modern Cloisonné Vases, and trinket pots and covers, of ovoid and baluster form, varying designs of flowering foliage:- One Tray
485.    A Modern Cloisonné Vase, of ovoid form, decorated with stylised flowers on a mottled brown/blue/green ground, height 26cm, with stand, and a pair of shouldered ovoid Cloisonné vases with a mottled green/yellow foliate decoration, height 16cm. (3) £40-70
486.    A Modern Cloisonné Vase, of shouldered ovoid form, decorated with exotic birds amongst trees on a white ground, height 26cm, with stand, and a Cloisonné bowl, with flowering foliage on a white ground, diameter 23cm, with stand. (2) £30-60
487.    A Mahogany Jong Set, with plastic tiles and bone counters, in carry box. £20-40
488.    A Modern Cloisonné Vase, of ovoid form, tall neck, decorated profusely with flowerheads, height 31cm, on stand, and a pair of Cloisonné vases of baluster form, with flowers and foliage on an ochre ground, height 12.5cm. (3):- One Tray £30-50
489.    Mike Edwards, (South Western Artist), Studio Pottery Vase, with lustrine finish, 23.5cm high; pair of Robert Olley mining plaques. (3) £20-30
490.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Inlaid Mantel Clock, with an arched top, silvered dial, Roman numerals, stepped plinth base on gilded brass bun feet. £70-100
491.    A Late XIX Century Black Slate Cased Mantel Clock, eight day movement, black numerals to cream chapter ring. £20-40
492.    Two Gilt Sunburst Wall Mirrors, and clock. £20-30
493.    A Warmink Oak Cased Mantel Clock, Frank Hermle skeleton type clock. £15-25
494.    A Late XIX Century Ebonised Cased American Mantel Clock with split pilasters, stamped 'Gilbert' to gilt pierced dial. £20-30
495.    A Mandolin, circa late XIX century, with bellied back, boxwood and ebonised rim, butterfly decoration under sound box, labelled 'Alfredo Albertini', Catania N64, cased. £50-70
496.    A 'Republic of China' Made Violin, two piece back, internal label reading 'MV007' with a lark shoulder est, with bow, in a fitted 'Skylark' hard case. £25-45
497.    A George Formby Banjo, with maple back, cased. £20-30
498.    A Circa 1950's Hilger and Watts Transit Theodolite, No. 77148, in fitted mahogany case, and 'Plane and Geodetic Surveying', 1957, by James Clendinning. (2) £20-30
499.    A Set of Three XIX Century Graduated Black Lacquer Papier Mache Trays, with wavy border and gilt chinoiserie scenes. £30-50
500.    The Beatles 'Please Please Me' LP, mono PMC 1202, yellow Parlophone, 1N/1N matrix endings; Johnny Cash 'San Quentin' LP, Elvis LP (mfp); 'English Furniture Woodwork, Decoration' T.A. Strange and 'Adventure in British Furniture 1851-1951, 1953. (5) £10-20
501.    A Decca The Salon 105 Portable Record Player, and a quantity of records. £20-40
502.    Concorde Memorabilia, circa late 1970's to include Cutlery by Arthur Price, Filofax, menu, eyeshields, luggage labels:- One Box and four B.A. bags and A.M. bags £20-40
503.    George Formby, Ukulele Banjo, in case. £20-30
504.    An Interesting and Varied All World Stamp Accumulation, on album leaves, stock cards, sorted in packets, F.D.C's and other oddments. A good sort with some particularly good Russia including 1960's mini sheets. £30-50
505.    An Extraordinary Collection of G.B. Printed Postage Impressions (P.P.I's), in six full albums and a full shoe box. Designed for business users averaging more than 250 inland items a day or spending more than £1200 per year on postage. Meticulously laid out including House of Commons, Bucking Palace, P.P.I 'M', 1 and 2, locals, standard, unclassified and overseas with some literature. £20-30
506.    Stamps Canada - A very attractive lot of U/M Canadian stamps, apparently complete in 13 year books for the years 1990-2002, complete with mini sheets in well produced presentation books, most are boxed. Face value alone considerable, estimate over $300. £50-100
507.    Five XIX Century Meteorligical Charts, including The Arabian Sea, The Bay of Bengal, Cape of Good Hope. £20-40
508.    Two 1950's Bus Tickets Machines, a ticket punch, bus tickets among associated items. £70-80
509.    A Diana Accordion, with steel reeds, gas mask, cameras.
510.    Banjolin, with ivorine keys in case. £20-30
511.    A Mid XX Century Standard Banjo, five string, twenty-two fret, fingerboard, length 46.5cm, drum skin torn, in a hard protective case, loose cover. £30-50
512.    A XX Century Fitzroy Melody-Uke Ukulele, in a black case. £20-30
513.    An Attractive Array of Cigarette Cards by R. & J. Hill Ltd, Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd, W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd and others in two very well filled albums. Very regularly the cards depict views of interest around Britain. £20-40
514.    World Stamp Ranges in a Sixty-Four Page and Sixteen Page Stockbook, with much Liberia from early to modern, together with Romania, Kenya, Jamaica (with some mint). A Stockbook of the stamps of Turkey (many 100's). £20-40
515.    A Multithematic Collection of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards in Two Very Well Filled Albums. The cards very regularly are by the major Manufacturers. £20-40
516.    Kellys Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham 1948. £20-30
517.    Germany Stamps, a huge much duplicated, comprehensive collection from unification 1949 to the 1990's, very well laid out with a lot of complete sets and missing very little, predominently used, viewing recommended. £20-40
518.    Lawson Wood "Gran Pop" Series, Early XX Century Silks, "Flags" Famous Artists, R. J. Lea Old Pottery silks, other silks, etc:- One Box £20-30
519.    Two Large Stockbooks of the Stamps of Europe and Whole World, with mainstream collections of Hungary, Spain, Monaco, Netherlands with early period, Egypt and Italy. £20-40
520.    Rupert Annuals - A collection to include 1947, 1948, 1949 and other 1950's editions, further childrens books, etc:- One Box £20-30
521.    A Quantity of Engravings, book prints, etc; many XIX Century examples, varying themes:- One Box £15-30
522.    An Early XX Century Photograph Album, featuring African Big Game Hunting, scenery and tribal life. Four volumes of The Casquet of Literature; sketch book, gilt clasped album, autograph album:- One Box £20-40
523.    Michael Ondaatje 'The English Patent' 1992, D. H. Lawrence 'Birds, Beasts and Flowers' 1923, Alan Bennett 'Writing Home' bearing signature, The Sundial Book, Swinson, Riddell, Chandler, Villari, books, 1945 LM&S Railway Company booklet. £50-90
524.    A 1973 'Beano' Summer Special Comic. £10-15
525.    A 1973 'Dandy' Summer Special Comic. £10-15
526.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Brown Leather Photograph Album, (with photographs). £15-20
527.    Postcards:- 'The Aldershot Smiler' and 'Dundee' Mailing Novelty Cards, Corona seaside humour, early XX Century glamour, military, Sheffield pageant, early XX Century Japanese, Burmese Donald McGill, photographic, Doncaster races, ships, etc:- Large quantity in four folios. £60-90
528.    Enid Blyton 'Secret Seven Mystery, 1st edition, d.c, 1957, Brockhampton Press; 'Five on a Treasure Island, 5th impression 1948; Richmal Crompton 'Williams and A.R.P', 1st edition 1939; Herge 'Seven Crystal Balls', 1962; 'Prisoners of the Sun 1962, other children's books and D'images D'epinal carton strip book. (10) £20-40
529.    Europe and All World Stamps - Three Large Stockbooks of All World Sorted by Country. Diverse lot includes Austria, Aden, Basutoland, Grenada, Ascension, plus many Europe, South America, USA, etc. (1000's). £30-50
530.    An Album of Cigarette and Trade Card Sets, to include 1938 Gallahers Racing Scenes, Wills Cricketers 1928, Players Cricketers 1934, Park Drive Champions, Kellogg's Olympic Champions, Brindley Cricket, 1972 Trucards Sport, 1982 P.M.R England World Cup Spain 82, Hobby Press Cricketers, 1957 Junior Service Famous Sports Records. Various Spot 'The Winner', 'Ball'. £20-40
531.    A Quantity of Silk Cigarette Cards. Offered packeted by type. £10-20
532.    Breedon Books- Leeds United, Blackburn Rovers, Derby County, Exeter City, Leyton Orient, Wrexham. (6) £10-15
533.    Signed First Day Cover Commemorating Football Legends, including Stanley Matthews, Tom Finney, etc. (5) £20-40
534.    England 1966 Autographs, banks, Wilson, Cohen, Stiles, Hurst, Peters, all black pen signed in a reprint world cup finial programme. £15-25
535.    Barnsley Home and Away Programmes 1970's to Date, large quantity and official history 1887-1998 by Dennis, Daykin and Hyde:- Two Boxes £10-15
536.    Rothmans Yearbooks- 'Jack and Bobby', 'The King', 'White Heat' and other football books; West Bromwich Albion- Two Magazine Team Prints, bearing many signatures:- One Box £15-25
537.    Sheffield Wednesday Quantity of Programmes, 1960's-1990's, hat, video, FA cup final programmes 1966, 74, 77, 78, 83, league cup 91, 93 and 97 replay, many others:- One Box £10-15
538.    'Raich Carter's Soccer Star' Bound Volume, September 20th 1952 to September 26th 1953. Thirty five loose issues, eleven 'Charles Buchan's Monthly' Magazines 1951-53. A quantity of 'Sport' magazines 1949-53 £20-40
539.    Big Match Programmes, to include Euro 2004, World Cup 2006, FA Cup semis, charity shields, League Cup, European, etc, duplication:- Two Boxes £30-50
540.    Soccer Star, Football Weekly, Charles Buchan and Other Football Magazines, ESSO FA Cup coin collection:- One Box £15-25
541.    England Home Programmes 1991 - 2002, Including non Wembley issues; England Home Programmes 2003 - 2013, Including non Wembley issues; Norwich City Canaries Souvenir Scrapbook, '90 Years of the Canaries on Camera'. Optical History by Eastwood and Davage, Canary Preview, programmes v. European Opposition, League Cup Final reprint, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
542.    Manchester United Programmes 1980-97, large quantity of home issues, European Ties noted and 1976-95, F.A. Cup Finals, 76, 77 and 90 Semi's, European, 71 Friendly v. Coventry, 83-85 Reserves, etc. £15-20
543.    1949 Wisden Cricketers Almanack, yellow limp cloth cover, Wimbledon 1986 Programme, Wembley 1923-2000, Match Day Programmes, many other publications on sport. One Box £15-25
544.    Leeds United 88 - 9 v. Shrewsbury Simod Cup, 85 -6 handbook, Doncaster 82 - 3, 84 - 5 handbooks, 87 -8 v. Tottenham Youth Cup Semi and many others to include Chelsea, Barnsley; Aldershot Programmes 1960-62, including 60-1 v. Stoke-FA Cup, 61-2 v. Accrington, Tunbridge Wells-FA Cup. - One Box £15-20
545.    1945-6 Charlton v. Brentford- FA Cup, 46-7 Fulham v. Bury (inside page part absent), Millwall v. Barnsley (torn), 47-8 Tottenham v. Millwall. £15-20
546.    Fulham F. C Bound Album of Programmes - 1950-1, v. Huddersfield, Sheffield Wednesday - League and F.A. Cup, 51-2 v. Birmingham F.A. Cup, 52-3 v. Plymouth, Brentford, West Ham. Swansea, Airdrie - friendly, Sheffield United, Chelsea - Coronation Festival, Pegasus v. Southall - Amateur Cup Semi Final Replay. 53-4 all twenty one League games + Grimsby - F.A. Cup. All in a black bound album having gilt lettering Fulham F.C 1950-54' to spine. £30-40
547.    Bobby Moore Autographs, (unverified) - blue ink signed on a magazine print of him in casual clothes and George Best autograph similar, both stuck on to a lined paper page; another, with blue ink signature, on a magazine print of him in West Ham strip a George Best autograph to the back; another, with blue ink signature, on a magazine print of him in Fulham strip, (punch holes unaffecting signature) and a Fulham team print bearing many signatures including Bobby Moore and George Best. £30-50
548.    Trade Cards- All Sheffield United Related, News Chronicle- Waldock, Burgin, Taddy- W. Barnes, Champion- Gillespie, Adventure- Mercer, etc, (approximately thirty-eight). £15-20
549.    FA Cup Final Programmes 1954, 59, 60, (all score on face). (3) £15-25
550.    A 1945-6 Rotherham United v. Carlisle United Single Sheet Programme, dated November 10th. £20-40
551.    A 1944-5 Rotherham United v. Grimsby Town Single Sheet Programme, dated February 24th. £30-50
552.    Approximately 200 Small Colour Pictures Bearing Signatures, including Leadbetter, A. Williams, Moses, Chadwick, Coleman, Dyer, Alexander, Strachan. £30-50
553.    England Programmes 46-7 v. Scotland, (grubby), 48-9 v. Wales- at Aston Villa, 49-50 Schools v. Wales at Hillsborough (torn). (3) £20-30
554.    Hull City Four Tiger Mags, 1949-50, Programmes v. Japan 1971, Reserves v. Stockton 1967 and rosette. £20-30
555.    Huddersfield Town Programmes, 56-7 v. Burnley (taped) and others, 66-68 including v. Arsenal - League Cup Semi, Dundee United, Dortmund, Kilmarnock. Approx 46 £15-20
556.    A 1944-5 Rotherham United v. Barnsley Cup? Programme, dated March 24th. £30-40
557.    F. A Cup Final Programmes, 1969, 71, 72, 74, 81, replay, 82, 84, 86, 89, 96. (10) £15-25
558.    Fulham Programmes 1947-8 v. Everton - F.A Cup, 48-9 v. Preston - Friendly, West Ham; Preston 1948-9 Away Programmes at Burnley and Manchester City. (5) £20-30
559.    1960-1 Tottenham v. Carlisle- FA Cup, Walthamstow v. West Ham-friendly, 63-4 Salisbury v. Bristol City, 61-2 Bexleyheath and Welling v. Oxford Utd, 69-70 Bradford P.A. v. Port Vale, 70-1 Cambridge Utd v. Workington, Barrow v. Lincoln and others 1960's to date. (67) £20-40
560.    FA Cup Final Programmes 1955, (name on cover), 58, 59, 60, 62, 63 (punch holes), 65 to 69, 77, 78, 79, 81 and 82 and both replays, 83, 84. (20) £40-60
561.    Swansea Town Welsh Cup Semi Final Programmes, at Ninian Park 1950 v Merthyr Tydfil, 56 v. Newport County. £15-25
562.    A 1944-5 Doncaster Rovers v. Sheffield Wednesday Programme, dated February 3rd 1945. £20-30
563.    A 1936 UDV Dansk Hold v. Sheffield United Programme, dated June 3rd, 1936, (restoration). £25-30
564.    A 1950 Sheffield and Hallamshire F.A v. Lincolnshire F.A Single Sheet Programme, at Worksop, dated December 2nd 1950. £15-20
565.    A 1950 Sheffield Wednesday v. Sheffield United County Cup Final Programme, dated May 13th 1950. £15-25
566.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1946-7 v. Manchester City, 45-6 away at Chesterfield. £20-30
567.    Golf, Gutta-Peacha Golf Ball, circa late XIX Century/early XX Century, misshaped otherwise complete. £10-15
568.    Leeds United Action Photos, including Kewell, McCormack, Martyn, Batty, Day, Wijnhard, autographs on magazine images, etc, (approximately forty). £15-20
569.    Big Match Programmes, to include FA Cup Finals, semis, charity shields, League Cup, European, duplication:- Two Boxes £30-50
570.    Manchester United Programmes 1970 - 2010, including 1985 FA Cup Final 04.05.07 Semi's, Starkey Pirate v. Leeds, Manchester City Homes, Dynamo Kiev Away's, Euro 96 Group C,
Motor Racing Grand Prix 83 Silverstone, 85 Brand Hatch and Austria, 1981 Cosmos v. Fort Lauderdale, etc:- One Box £10-20
571.    Cricket Yorkshire County Cricket Club Annuals, South Africa 1947 tour and Australia 1961 booklets, books, magazines, cricket England score cards and programmes, 1980's and 90's. and cricket scorecards, Gentleman v. Players 1939 and 49, Lancs v. New Zealand 1949 (writing) many other later including internationals:- One Box £20-40
572.    FA Cup Final Programmes 1980, 90, 95, 2000, semis, play offs, World Cup 78, League Cup Finals, charity shields, big match:- One Box £25-35
573.    Manchester United Programmes 1962 - 86, including 67 v. Italian Olympic XI, McKinnon (Partick0, Law and Charlton Testimonials, July 76 at Nurnberg. One Box £15-20
574.    A Manchester United Multi Signed Football Circa 1992, over sixteen signatures including Robson, McClair, Parker. £15-25
575.    England Home Programmes, 51-2 v. Austria, 54-5 v. Wales, 64.5 v. Scotland; plus many others 70's and 80's plus 57 ticket v. Wales; England Away Programmes, Including June 83 v. Australia, 2008 v. Trinidad and Tobago, 2009 v. Brasil at Khalifa Stadium, 2012 v. Italy at Berne, Five x England Euro 96 programmes, World Cup winners 1966 book, Argentina 78 and Spain 82 Programmes. £15-25
576.    A Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1949 Hardback Edition, 1954, 60, 61, 63, 64, 67, 68, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74. All yellow limp cloth covers and 1969 hardback:- One Box £20-40
577.    FA Cup Final Programmes 1958, 59, 62, 67, 68, 81, 82, 83, 87, 89, 2007, 08 and 2010. (13) £20-40
578.    Three Boxes of Rotherham United Programmes from the 1990's. £5-10
579.    Rugby League-Wigan- Nike Player Shirt, circa 1995, bearing 'Energi' logo and many autographs in black marker pen, mounted glazed and framed. £25-40
580.    Burnley, Harley Match Worn Home Shirt, with Football League arm patches and logo to number '21', mounted with back showing, glazed and framed. £25-40
581.    Four Framed Reprints of Football Autograph Montages. £10-20
582.    Burnley '120 Years Old' Limited Edition Colour Print, 331 of 500, by Peter Watson (signed by artist), 30.5 x 55.5cm. £20-30
583.    Cricket C.R. Cooper Two Limited Edition Colour Prints of 250, Queens park, Chesterfield and Abbeydale Park Sheffield, both graphite signed. £15-25
583A.   Rowland Hilder, Mountain Landscape with Angler in Foreground, colour print, graphite signed, blind backstamp, 43 x 60cm. £15-25
584.    Jonathan (Earl Bowser) Two Limited Edition Fantasy Prints, 7 and 16 of 300, 65 x 42.5cm. £20-40
585.    J. Wilson Hepburn River Landscape with Cattle Oil on Board, 54 x 81cm, signed lower left, label verso. £20-40
586.    A Elizabeth Bairstow Summertime Limited Edition Colour Print, 87 of 500, 39.5 x 52.5cm, signed lower right; Joan Grimble 'Three Trees' fabric collage, 42.5 x 32.5cm. £15-25
587.    Robert Morden, Hand Coloured Map of Lincolnshire, circa XVIII Century, approximately 34.5 x 40cm. £20-40
588.    After Peter Owen Jones 'Blue and Gold Morning', limited edition colour print, 440/500, graphite signed lower right margin, 40 x 48cm. £20-40
589.    A Richard Beer 'The New Stock Exchange' Limited Edition Etching, 215 of 250, 44 x 34cm, graphite signed lower left. £15-25
590.    Charles Potter, (Sheffield Artist), Watercolour of Ringinglow Moors, 25 x 35.5cm, signed lower right. £15-25
591.    E. Mayberry, Etchings - 'Lyme Regis' and 'Barnstaple Bridge', 9.5 x 22cm signed; Margaret O'Brien 'The Farrier II' limited edition etching, 3 of 50, signed lower right. (3) £15-25
592.    A John M. Threlfall 'Coastal Marsh Lane' Coloured Chalk on Paper, signed lower right, 33 x 48cm and Eloise Billington 'Abstract Study with Sun and Grasses', chalk study. (2) £20-40
593.    D. Short(?): 'Sailing Boat on Calm Sunset Waters' Gouache, signed lower left, 11 x 15cm, and a companion piece. (2) £15-25
594.    Moore 'Eve and the Serpent' Limited Edition Etching, 1 of 6, 44 x 40cm, signed lower right. £15-25
595.    Lionel Holmes, Pair of Oval Watercolours, remote moorland scenes with distant sheep and mountains, 45 x 35cm, both signed. £30-40
596.    Patricia Baldwin, Portrait of a Lady, 50 x 40cm, signed lower right, two others similar; 'Northumberland Road', 34.5 x 24.5cm and 'Away from it All'. (5) £15-20
597.    G. Roy Sheep in Barn Study Oil on Board, 12 x 17cm, signed lower right, another hunting party 17 x 12cm, signed lower left. £20-40
598.    Claude Muncaster, Watercolour, countryside scene with distant hamlet, 26 x 36.5cm, signed lower left. £40-60
599.    A Joe Scarborough Signed Print "Ella Harland's Whitby", signed by P.N. Thompson (Coxswain Mechanic of the Whitby Lifeboat) faded, N. J. Barker C.B.E R.N Captain H.M.S Barker and signed lower right J. Scarborough. £30-50
600.    A Green XIX Century Sunlit Harbour Scene, oil on canvas, 59 x 90cm, signed lower right. £20-40
601.    D.H.W Venetian Scene, with fishing boats in foreground, oil painting, 19 x 34cm signed and dated 1926. £30-40
602.    Four Terry Gorman Graphite Signed Colour Prints, including 'The Wicker', 'Down Attercliffe', 'Button Lane' and 'Hillsborough Crossroads', each 16 x 25cm, framed. (4) £20-30
603.    L. Ruet, Pair of Signed Etchings, after Meissonier, 'The Standard Bearer' and 'A Cavalier', 20 x 11.5cm. £15-20
604.    Les Parson Summer Scene, with figures by chickens and house, 29 x 38.5cm, signed lower left. £30-40
605.    A Joe Scarborough Limited Edition "Two Sheffield's" Print, 30 of 450, signed lower right. £30-50
606.    Gary Cartwright (Manchester Artist), circa 1930's city centre scene with tram, bus and figures in foreground, oil painting, 38.5 x 49cm, signed lower left. £50-80
607.    Two Baxter Prints 'Boy with Bellow' and 'Boy with Broomstick', each 15 x 10.5cm; a hand coloured print of 'Beauchief Abbey', Derbyshire', a XIX Century crystoleum of a XVII Century style tavern scene and a pair of watercolour still life scenes in oval gilt frames. (6) £20-40
608.    H. Walter, Figures in the Fore Shore Watercolour, 27 x 36cm, signed lower left; Christopher Carter, Turkish Fort, Tripoli watercolour, 36 x 53cm, signed and dated '81. £15-30
609.    J. Hill Fishing Boats in Choppy Seas Watercolour, 31.5 x 22cm, signed lower right. £20-40
610.    European School Alpine Landscape with Chalets in Foreground Oil on Canvas, 49 x 59cm, signed indistinctly lower right. £30-40
611.    In the Manner of Joe Scarborough, Rear View of Capped Gentleman with Dog, Child and Friends, Three Watercolours, each 12 x 18.5cm, in single frame. £20-40
612.    Steven Scholes (Manchester Artist) 'Going to the Corner Shop' oil painting, 34.5 x 26.5cm, signed lower left, details verso. £130-150
613.    Edwin Galea (Born 1934), Watercolour, Malta, 17 x 27cm, signed lower left. £30-50
614.    Morgan Dennis, (American 1892-1960), Etching, 'When Do We Eat?', 8.5 x 12.5cm, signed and titled to mount. £60-80
615.    A Valerie Barnaby Street Scene Oil on Canvas, 40 x 60cm, signed lower left. A Robert Thompson 'Lastingham' oil on canvas, 34 x 44cm details verso. (2) £15-25
616.    R. S Cattle in Meadow and Village Scene, two watercolours, approximately 20 x 30cm bearing monogram, one dated 1937, the other 1941. (2) £20-30
617.    A Jeremy King 'Silverdale' Limited Edition Lithograph, 14 of 150, 40.5 x 59.5cm, signed lower right; together with a still life of flowers, oil on board, 49.5 x 74.5cm, monogrammed A. C? (2) £20-40
618.    A.M. Elliott Moored Fishing Boats Etching, signed lower right and three cathedral prints. (4) £15-25
619.    Stephen Oliver Early Morning Autumn Fields, pair of sepia oils on canvas, 60.5 x 44cm, signed. £20-40
620.    After Alken, Four Race Horse Themed Colour Prints, including 'Ipswich', 'Ascot Heath', 'Epsom' and 'Newmarket'. £30-50