The Household Auction
on Saturday 18th November 2017

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621.    Boxed Perfumes, to include Christian Dior, Estee Lauder, Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Arden. £20-30
622.    North Carolina Car Registration Plate, plus fifty-four novelty miniatures, mounted on board, and railway cards on card. (2) £15-30
623.    A Wooden Fort, Britains Knights of the Sword, seven figure set plus plastic figures. £10-20
624.    A Large Reproduction Chinese Vase, of ovoid form, decorated with reserves of mountainous landscapes, 43cm high, Hornsea 'Saffron' storage jar, other pottery, and a gilt framed print. £15-20
625.    A Brass Bell, with turned handle, model of a cannon, J. Rabone Sons brass level, Burago diecast model Jaguar XK120, etc:- One Box £10-20
626.    A Large Modern Shop Display, formed as two lipsticks, height 89cm. £10-15
627.    Dolls, soft toys, knitting wool, etc. £10-15
628.    A Quantity of Novelty Cats, in pottery, wood, etc:- One Box and an oval wall mirror £15-20
629.    Bretby Pottery Jardiniere, Cyprus ewer's, chamber pot, etc:- One Box £15-20
630.    Four Signs, including a tinplate 'Castrol Oil' advert, a 1947 hand drawn certificate, a Zeebrugge memorial poster and an 1893 shop calendar for John Marriot, Grocer, Chesterfield. (4) £20-30
631.    Denby, Johnson Bros Denmark and other pottery:- Two Boxes £15-20
632.    A Collection of Watercolours, to include British lakeland scenes, Oriental rives scenes, Victorian figural beach scene, mirrors, etc. £15-25
633.    A Large Quantity of Unframed Colour Prints, (over 300), including Edwin Alexander 1870-1926, A White Duck, 30 x 40cm; Sir Edward Burne-Jones 1833-98, Cat & Kitten, 40 x 50cm; Sir John Lavery 1856-1941, The Tennis Party 1885, 50 x 70cm, and Luigi Russolo, Car Being Driven, 1913, 60 x 80cm, all still in original (opened) packaging. £10-20
634.    An Imperial Typewriter, and five branch ceiling light. £10-15
635.    A Cast Metal Firescreen, with red glass drops and glass candle holders, chestnut roasting pan, brass kitchen spoons. £10-20
636.    A Metamec Mantel Clock, a Europa clock/barometer, longship wall mounted plaque, framed copper horse study, storage jars, juice set, Klimit styled glassware,etc. £15-25
637.    P. G. Wodehouse, 'The Old Reliable', 1951, Hairdressing 1908.09, 1912. £15-25
638.    Postcards, lamp, cutlery, copper kettle, etc:- One Box £15-20
639.    A Mid XX Century Composition Baby Doll, impressed H W to back of neck, and another doll (in parts), teddy bear and other soft toys:- One Box £15-20
640.    A Towle Sterling Teapot Stand, trophies, candlesticks, other plated wares:- Two Boxes £20-30
641.    Glass Tops of Electrical Pylons, 'Made in U.S.A' in clear and green glass, brass cows bells, etc:- One Box £5-10
642.    A XIX Century Glass Vase, with painted floral decoration, amber glass bowls, ship in a bottle, other glassware, etc:- One Box £5-10
643.    Pottery Plates, to include MInton, Crescent, Albert:- One Box £15-20
644.    Meccano Outfit No. 5, Scrabble, Ludo, Monopoly, etc:- One Box £15-20
645.    Wedgwood 'Gold Chelsea' Tea Ware, plates, desk stand, model soldier, quantity of postcards. £15-25
646.    Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Tea wares, (approximately eighteen pieces), early XX Century and later marbled and clear glass frogs, lead crystal glassware, etc:- One Box £15-25
647.    A Collection of Over Fifty 'Our Wullie' and 'The Broons' Childrens Annuals, (circa 1970's onwards):- One Box £15-20
648.    Denby Berry Design Table Ware, of twenty-nine pieces, Wedgwood 'Blue Pacific' tea and coffee pots:- One Box £15-25
649.    A Collection of CD's, (Oasis, 50 Cent, Madonna, Keane, etc), and a quantity of theatre programmes/brochures- mostly Sheffield Crucible, etc:- Two Boxes £8-15
650.    A Table Top Roulette Wheel, vintage darts, cased dominoes, wooden games box, a Silstar graphite FRB30 fishing reel, horse racing game, odds calculators, racing literature, etc:- One Box £10-20
651.    45 RPM Records, glass, Oriental ceramics, Womble, etc:- One Box plus a Coney fur coat. £15-20
652.    Stuart and Other Drinking Glasses, pair of decanters, oval plated tray, jam pots, etc:- One Tray £15-25
653.    Philip Martin and Many Other prints:- One Box and a larger French pair £10-20
654.    Embroidered Covers, gents 'county' shirts, picnic blanket, wicker basket, ladies shoes, jewellery dress organiser, etc:- One Box £15-25
655.    CD's, shredder, table lamp, board games, glazed pottery planters, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
656.    A Singer Sewing Machine, in domed case. £15-20
657.    A Sterling Briefcase, CD's, magnifying angle poise desk light, car accessories, fishing nets, flask, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
658.    Whieldon Blythe Dinner Ware, other ceramics, glass:- Three Boxes £10-20
659.    Kettles, toaster, paper shredder, etc, (untested-sold for parts only). £10-20
660.    A Collection of Over 150 DVD's, many modern titles noted:- Three Boxes £15-25
661.    A Quantity of Glassware, ceramics:- Three Boxes, and 'Country Garden' tabletop boxed table ware £20-30
662.    A Mini Cocotte Pan, Johnson Bro teawares, storage jars, tureens, glassware, etc. £10-20
663.    A Carved Hardwood Bust of an Elderly Man, a heavy marble weight initialled J. G., clay pipes, brass paraffin lamp base, etc:- One Tray and a mid XX Century wall mirror. (2) £20-30
664.    Two Circa 1970's West German Pottery Vases, Capo Di Monte figure, cooking jars, oak cutlery tray, etc:- One Box £10-15
665.    A Quantity of Table Lamps, wine display stand, clock, etc, in a fabric box; a white pottery jardiniere and stand. (2) £10-20
666.    A Quantity of Fabric, material, ladies hat, etc, in case, together with dolls in boxes. £15-20
667.    A Meakin Elite Coffee Service, circa 1970's of thirty pieces, inhalers, other ceramics:- Two Boxes £15-20
668.    The History of the City of Sheffield 1843-1993, (three volumes) published by Sheffield Academic Press; Sculpture of embracing couple, Victorian jug. £10-20
669.    Merit 'Monte Carlo' Roulette Game, Little Betty miniature sewing machine, Gigster drum, tambourine and soft toys:- Two Boxes £10-20
670.    Quantity of Kitchenalia, water feature, games, thermos, binder, - untested sold for parts only, etc:- One Tray £15-20
671.    A Boxed Britains Knights of the Sword Lion Castle and Jousting set, unchecked. £10-20
672.    After Andrew Hutchinson 'Sleeping Cockerel' Graphite Signed Limited Edition Print, 298/375, four K. Melling signed limited edition prints, each in gilt frames, four watercolour coastal, mountain scape studies by J.F. Tree and two silk studies. (11) £15-25
673.    A Royal Doulton 'Burgundy' Dinner Ware, other china, glass, lien, etc mirror and two glass ceiling light shades:- Two Boxes £15-20
674.    Assorted Plated Ware, including teapots, pedestal dish, cruet, posy bowl, egg cruet stand (incomplete), boxed dish, etc. £15-25
675.    A Mid XX Century Revelation Travel Case, a tin storage box containing tools, CD player, Reginald Cox's 'Military Badges', reference books, and a small selection of modern postcards. (2) £15-25
676.    An Oak Cased Mantel Clock, a Temco electric marble clock, Paico and Bentima Anniversary clock, further clocks, spares, etc:- One Box £30-50
677.    Tonka Tinplate Model Vehicles:- One Box and a jewellery box £15-25
678.    Cow Creamers, plaster bust, coasters, Bonsai tree, Plichta berry jar, character jug, etc:- One Box £15-20
679.    A Soldering kit, oil stove, drill stand, Stanley plane, drill bit sharpener and other items:- One Box £15-25
680.    A Radway Safe Company Wall Safe, (with two keys). £10-20
681.    A Franklin Mint Model 'Guinevere: Queen of Camelot', limited edition, a cherubic cast brass table lamp and shade (untested: sold for parts only), Scheaffer fountain pen, storage jar, etc:- One Tray and an Imperial typewriter £15-25
682.    A Quantity of Denby Tea and Coffee Wares, varying designs, and Midwinter tablewares:- Two Boxes £20-30
683.    Denby 'Greenwheat', including two teapots, three water jugs, oval dishes, soup dishes with covers (approximately fifteen pieces):- One Box £20-30
684.    A Victorian Style Hunting Jug, Royal Crown Derby Silver Jubilee commemorative dish, Old Country Roses teawares, cabinet plate, etc:- One Box £15-25
685.    A Singer Model 401G Sewing Machine; together with dressmaking accessories. £10-20
686.    Meat Plates, tureens, coffee and tea ware:- One Box, large jug, bowl £15-20
687.    A Shortland Barometer, figures, book cupboard, crucifix, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
688.    Subbuteo Angling Table Soccer, two boxes of Cluedo. £5-10
689.    Literature, to include 'Lyell's Geology' (3 Vols); 'Popular Manual of the Art of Preserving Health' 1836, further books; beer mats (many Hull Brewery examples), prints, 45RPM's, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
690.    Vintage Christmas Decorations, Wade alsation dog pipe rest, Austrian decorative coasters, Lovatts light green glaze vase, Wedgwood and Honiton ceramics, etc:- One Box £8-12
691.    An Epson Printer, Rexel shredder, Sony turntable, Grundig DVD player, DVD discs, (untested, sold for parts only). £15-30
692.    A Chatsworth Hamper, ice bucket, jelly moulds, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
693.    Shell Guides, Essex, Suffolk, Cornwall, Ward Lock, Arthur Mee, Jarrold in colour. £15-20
694.    Doverstone 'Heather' Tea and Dinner Wares, model figures, assorted costume jewellery, vases, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
695.    The Life of James McNeill Whistler by E. R. & J. Pennell, two volumes, Heinemann 1908 - John Brown Atlas Works Catalogue 1924. The Studio 1932 and 33 - Royal Academy Illustrated 1948 and 52, auction catalogues, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
696.    Loose Diecast (mostly Matchbox), a Seaforth plastic bagatelle, Triang dolls high chair, a mid XX Century plastic girl doll, etc. £15-25
697.    Glass Fruit Bowls, Japanese coffee set, Diamond China tea ware, Heirloom teapot, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
698.    Golf Clubs, Singer electric sewing machine (untested - sold for parts only), wine rack. £15-25
699.    A Quantity of China and Glassware:- Three Boxes £10-15
700.    Ladies Bags, travelling sets, Thoren's musical box, etc:- One Box £15-25
701.    Plated Cutlery, teapot, tankards, German pot headed doll, scissors, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
702.    A Pressed Glass Decanter, china, etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
703.    Records, Lindisfarne 'Fog on the Tyne, etc; children's toys:- Two Boxes plus a jigsaw. £5-10
704.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Mantel Clock, ebony and boxwood stringing, adapted for battery (original workings loose but present) a Kodak 8 movie camera, a Kodak Brownie 8 movie projector and a 'Quacky II' novelty wooden Mallard duck telephone:- One Box £15-25
705.    A Sharp Compact Audio System, CD player, case of LP's, Beano comics, two travel cases, etc. £10-20
706.    A Quantity of Film and Digital Compact Cameras, with large storage case. £20-40
707.    Two Pairs of Cream / Off-white Tab Top Curtains, one pair measuring 204cm (80") drop x 133cm (52") wide; the other 212cm (7') drop x 132cm (53") wide:- One Box £10-20
708.    A Stainless Steel Fish Kettle, mixing bowls, salmon dish, pottery comport, storage jars, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
709.    Stanley Woodworkers Plane Bailey No. 4, a Rabone spirit level and other tools:- Two Boxes £15-30
710.    Early XX Century Victoria Tea Ware, of thirty eight pieces, other table ware, Doulton plate,:- Two Boxes £15-25
711.    A Brio Track Layout, spare track, bridge, cars and accessories; together with two Chad spinning tops, including a 'Humming Top', a German spinning top and other toys. £20-30
712.    A Royal Doulton 'Central Park' Six Place Tea Service, matching oval dish, Worcester Evesham wares, Bradford Exchange cabinet plates, Goebel figural group, etc:- One Box £15-25
713.    A Plaster Figure of Jesus, pair of German vases, etc:- One Tray £15-25
714.    A Quantity of Cased Cutlery, including Wostenholm knives. £15-25
715.    Leonardo Country Life, Beswick and Other Pottery Horses, cart:- One Box £20-30
716.    A Quantity of Glassware, to include Star and Crescent drinking glasses, cockerel. £15-25
717.    A Quantity of Cased Cutlery, including Walker & Hall butter knives, community plate:- One Tray £20-30
718.    A Cambridge Disappearing Filament Pyrometer, in fitted stitched leather case with strap, a Powerite Speed Reduction Unit (boxed), pillow bearings, a Sykes Picavant valve compressor, etc. £15-25
719.    A Large Quantity of Blush Ivory Pottery. £15-30
720.    Oil Lamp Accessories, to include wells, shades, funnels:- One Box £15-25
721.    A Quantity of Toy Plastic Farm Animals, Disney figures, fencing, buildings:- One Box £10-20
722.    A Highly Decorative Pastry Slice and Serving Spoon, in original fitted case; together with cased teaspoons, fish knives and forks etc:- One Tray £20-30
723.    Eight Collectors Plates from the "Jewels of the Golden Ring" Russian Series; together with eleven from the "Russian Legends" series and two others:- One Box £10-20
724.    Assorted Plated Ware, including bottle stand, cased cutlery, egg cruet, cigarette case, cruet, etc:- One Box £20-30
725.    A XIX Century Small Copper Kettle, semi circular example brass horses plumes, other metal wares:- One Box £20-30
726.    Fosters 'Honeycomb' Pottery Kitchenware and Teaware, assorted china, large meat plate etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
727.    A Quantity of LP's, 45RPM and 78 Records, including Queen, Bee Gees, Kinks, Chi-lites, Dooley's etc. £15-25
728.    A Quantity of Hotwheel Diecast Vehicles, and 'OO' railway rolling stock. £10-20
729.    A Paraffin Lamp, fireside accessories, brass plates, plated oval gallery tray, cast iron flat irons, etc. £15-25
730.    A Quantity of Glassware, meat plate, Oriental serving dishes:- Two Boxes £10-15
731.    Decorative Plates, Losol 'Landsdowne' chamber pot and toothbrush holder, glassware, Melitta glass coffee jugs and vintage Gaydon 'Encore' kitchenware in orange:- Two Boxes £15-25
732.    A Quantity of Books, CD's and stand. £10-20
733.    AB Circle Pro Step Exerciser, Henry Cotton golf clubs in canvas bag. £10-15
734.    Two Boxes of Kitchenware. £15-25
735.    A Horse Riders Helmet, linens, coral fleeces, etc:- One Box £15-30
736.    A Gilt Musical Cherub, books, oak carved panels, etc:- One Box £15-20
737.    A Quantity of Plastic Animals, three plastic toy tractors, Silver Knight plastic set, Wild Frontier plastic figures, Mickey Mouse block puzzle (German). The Wind in the Willows Game, etc:- One Box £10-20
738.    Chisels, T squares, oil can, shears, level and other tools:- Two Boxes £15-25
739.    Pictures, records, books, C.D's:- Two Boxes and a Defiant reel to reel. £10-20
740.    Car Speakers, radios, compression tester, oil, flexicable, tape and other car accessories:- Three Boxes £15-25
741.    CD's, books, prints:- Two Boxes £10-15
742.    An XVIII Century Emanuel Bowen Map of Nottinghamshire Military Print, etc; Booths willow pattern vase, Booths willow soap dish chamber pot, blue white jug, etc:- One Box £10-20
743.    A Quantity of Wall Lights, switches, etc. £15-25
744.    A Kenwood Chef MM200, kettle, cutlery, Le Creuset dishes, wooden bread board and other kitchenalia:- Two Boxes £10-20
745.    Christmas Decorations, 1960's/70's Italian Style Pottery Table Lamp, canvas folding box etc. £10-20
746.    Clear and Coloured Glassware:- Three Boxes £10-20
747.    Camera Accessories, film for prints, clamps, carousel slide trays, enlarging mask, etc. £15-30
748.    Cross Country Skis - SS-T47 Moon Glassfiber, teak stool, wicker child's chair. (3) £15-20
749.    A Canvas Rucksack, child's chair, 5.5" black and white TV, circa 1970's mini TV, (untested, sold for parts only), cat basket, and two oak occasional tables. £15-25
750.    A 24 rung Extending Set of Ladders. £15-20
751.    A Victorian Cast Iron Garden Roller, indistinct maker. £20-40
752.    A Draper Metal Tool Box, with contents and a wheelbarrow. (2) £15-20
753.    A Brass Umbrella Stand, as a cavalry man's boat; brass candlesticks, bed pans, copper jug, etc:- One Box £20-40
754.    Five Multi Drawer Storage Units/Organisers, with metal frames and plastic removable drawers, 53.5cm high, 30cm wide, (two units with larger drawers). (5) £40-50
755.    Seven Collectors Plates from John McClelland's "The Treasured Songs of Childhood" Collection, by Knowles China, all boxed with certificates; The Four Seasons and Davenport "Memories of Diana" plates and other oddments:- One Box £10-20
756.    A Y. Bartlett Watercolour, Sand Planes, Ireland, 175 x 25cm, signed lower right, BBS Mediterranean coastal scene, oil on board, 30 x 44cm, signed lower left, prints:- One Box £15-20
757.    A Quantity of Plastic Soldiers, Airfix, Deetail, Hong Kong dinosaurs, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
758.    Thirteen 'Original Suffolk Canisters' Stair Clips, kitchenware, glass, china. £15-30
759.    A Quantity of Mainly Pottery Headed Dolls, Windsor Regency Fine Arts, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
760.    Five Ten-Pin Bowling Bowls, with accessories, contained in two soft carrying bags. (2) £15-25
761.    Ambrose Shardlow and Co. Micrometers, dividers, rulers, drill, Wickes pneumatic drill, (sold for parts), etc:- One Box. £20-40
762.    A Modern Pine Display Case, glazed front, 81 x 70cm; together with nine 1960's craft pottery tiles. (2) £15-25
763.    A Rexon M2500A Circular Saw; a Wolfcraft Master 800 Multi functional work bench and a Performance portable tool stand. (3) £15-30
764.    Childrens Games and Toys, including cased chess set, TY bears, Thunderbirds and other plastic dolls, Matchbox Electronic Service City (incomplete), Buzz Lightyear figures, etc. £15-25
765.    A Quantity of 1960's and Later Vintage Textiles, in varying lengths, including Moygashel screen print 'Voyageur and 'Heidi' by Genia Sapper, Jonelle 'Tulip Miniature', Daisy Chain' and 'Meadow', Collier-Campbell 'Cote d'Azur', etc. £20-30
766.    A Large Quantity of Haberdashery, including lace trim, Broderie Anglais etc, in an Aero Luggage 'Texhyde' suitcase by Meyer & Stark of Detroit and a box. (2) £20-30
767.    A Large Quantity of Haberdashery, including cottons, zips, buttons, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
768.    A Large Quantity of c.1980's Dressmaking Patterns; plus two large bags of assorted wools. £20-30
768A.   A Quantity of Children's Nursery Fabrics, in pieces and rolls; plus 'Lorry' quilted fabric and Winnie the Pooh cotton panels:- One Box £15-25
769.    Haberdashery; including braid, ribbon, cord, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
770.    A Large Quantity of Fabric, in boltsand pieces in varying lengths, designs, colours:- Two Boxes £20-30
771.    Haberdashery: ostrich feathers, beads, rhinestones, sequins, braid, etc:- Three Boxes £20-30
772.    Haberdashery: lace trim, applique, sewing kits, braid, ribbon, etc; plus wigs :- Two Boxes £15-20
773.    A Large Quantity of 1970's-1980's Vintage Fabrics, curtains panels, etc, in varying sized pieces:- Two Boxes £20-30
774.    A Large Quantity of Ladies Scarves, including Jacqmar, silk etc; together with three ballroom dancing dresses. £10-20
775.    Three Boxes of Assorted Dressmaking Fabrics. £15-20
776.    A Large Quantity of Fur Fabric and Felt etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
776A.   A Box of Miscellaneous Items, including two framed racing car prints and a mirror, vinyl, bags, etc; together with five blue painted metal buckets and a metal plate rack. (3) £5-10
777.    A Very Large Quantity of Mixed Tools by Various Makers, including mechanics tools contained in a Talco cantilever metal box; digital moisture meter, voltage tester, nuts, bolts, drill bits, clamps, hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers, tape measures, etc, some contained in a Rothberger soldering bag and other tool boxes; together with a 180cm long spirit level, bogie and blow torch, etc. (Untested, sold for parts only). £50-60
778.    An Amcor Portable Air Conditioner.
779.    A Electrolux power-plus 1800 W Vacumn Cleaner (boxed), and a queen garden barbecue (boxed),(2)
780.    A Beko A+ Class Fridge Freezer.
781.    A Zanussi Fridge Freezer.
782.    A Delonghi 'Stretto' Portable Radiator.
783.    A Panasonic Viera 32" Flat Screen Television, with remote control and stand. (2)
784.    A Panasonic SA-HC7 Compact Audio System, made for iPod, with a pair of SB-HC7 speakers, together with remote control. £30-50
785.    A Toshiba Portable DVD Player. £10-20
786.    A Samsung Syn Master P2270HD 22" Flat Screen HD TV Monitor, with remote control.
787.    A Panasonic Viera Television, with remote control.
788.    A Samsung 32" Flatscreen TV, with remote control.
788A.   An Anysley Blue and Gilt Rimmed Tea Service, of approximately forty-one pieces, circa early XX Century. £20-40
789.    A Quantity of Denby Tea and Dinner Wares, serving dishes, etc, varying designs (over fifty pieces):- Two Boxes £20-40
790.    Six Minton China 'York' Dinner Plates. £10-15
791.    Berg. Denmark Silver Plated Pentagonal Candlestand, myrtle and oak trays, etc. £15-20
792.    A Hobnail Cut Glass Pedestal Dish, Victorian bon bon dish, decanter, other cut glassware:- One Tray £15-20
793.    Alexandra Edwardian Tea Ware, of forty pieces. £20-30
794.    A Smoke Glass Ovoid Vase, a Fenton china blue and white globular vase on square foot, eight Wedgwood Jasperware pin dishes, Continental jar and cover, dishes, model cottage, etc:- One Tray £10-20
795.    A Wedgwood Black Basalt Jasperware Bowl, applied classical frieze, seven Webb Corbet crystal sundae dishes, Noritake dish, Mason's 'Chartreuse' preserve pot, etc. £10-20
796.    An Oriental Teapot and Canister, Capodimonte figurine, etc:- One Tray £10-20
797.    A Poole Vase, Clarice Cliff cup and saucer, Royal Doulton 'Bunnykins' bowl, crested ware, etc:- One Tray £10-20
798.    Letter Weights in Mahogany Case, Coalport, Adderley and other posies, plated sugar and cream, etc:- One Tray and box £20-30
799.    Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Dinnerware - comprising eight oval dinner plates, eight side plates, eight scallop dishes, soufflé dish, six ramekins, gravy boat and stand, preserve pot, four mugs, oval dish ; another similar. £20-30
800.    Four Royal Doulton Dickensian Figure Plates, a XIX Century lustrine tea ware of thirty eight pieces in the Hilditch manner £20-30
801.    Cased Teaspoons, including novelty souvenir examples, cake slice, loose cutlery, onyx eggs, paperweight, marble glass vase, etc:- One Box £15-20
802.    Christmas Decorations, brandy glasses and carafe with white metal decoration, Denby Ware coffee mugs, etc, Wales Triple Crown Winners mirror:- One Box £10-20
803.    Vialk - Geoffrey Lithograph 'Rosa Rosa', together with a pair of Ellie Martino Maritime prints. £15-20
804.    A Large Faience Style Jar and Cover, Spanish pottery plates and covered jars:- One Tray £15-25
805.    A Decanter, whisky and other drinking glasses:- One Tray £15-30
806.    A Coloured Glass Gilt Decorated Decanter and Goblets, with Roman centurion details, Devon ware, Fielding 'Windsor' lustre jug, etc:- One Tray £15-25
807.    A XIX Century Teapot Stand, cup and saucer (damaged) with floral decoration, XIX Century Asiatic Pheasant patterned blue and white meat plate, etc:- One Tray £10-20
808.    E. Beyer Pair of Equestrian Porcelain Chargers, with gilt and cream border, 32.5cm diameter. £20-40
809.    Royal Grafton Majestic Coffee Set, of twenty-one pieces, Tuscan 'Gardenia' tea set, Wedgwood, Crown Derby, etc:- One Tray £15-30
809A.   A Quantity Of Villeroy Bosh 'Granada' Tablewears Of Approximately Thirty Eight Pieces. £30-50
810.    An Austrian Bon Bon Dish, printed and highlighted with roses, part dressing table ware, figure of Madonna, plates, etc:- One Tray £10-20
811.    LOT WITHDRAWN - Royal Doulton 'Morning Star' Coffee Service, of thirty-seven pieces, Villeroy & Boch Granada table ware of thirty-eight pieces. £15-25
812.    Shudehill Piggies, Worcester, Poole and other animal figures:- One Tray £15-25
813.    A Quantity of Blue and White Pottery, including Italian Spode. £15-20
814.    A Continental Pottery Floral Decorated Charger, stamped '155', 45.5cm diameter, Willow pattern meat plate, Eastgate Fauna, Doulton Bunnykins ware, etc. £15-25
815.    China Teaware, including Royal Worcester, Colclough, Christmas cabinet plates, cake plate, two tier cake stand, glassware, studio glass bird paperweight by Svaja, etc:- One Box £15-25
816.    Two Plastic Toy Warships, a quantity of Airfix miniature plastic soldiers. £10-20
817.    Brooke Bond Tea Cards, early XX Century family postcards, postcard periodicals, albums with contents, etc (mostly later XX Century issues); and a pair of Oriental themed cabinet plates. £10-20
818.    Twelve Collectors Plates from the "Chinese Children's Games" Series (two sets of No's1-6); together with eight plates from the "China's Imperial Palace: The Forbidden City Collection", all boxed with certificates:- One Box
819.    Jean Musgrave, Oil on Canvas, study of a dog, 34 x 44.5cm, another by H. R. Nash, larger example of a nude maiden, together with a large pottery cockerel, ginger jar, Capo Di Monte vase (damaged). (6) £15-25
820.    A Quantity of DVD's, CD's, etc - modern titles notes:- Three Boxes £15-25
821.    Early XX Century Linen, doilies, etc:- One Box £10-20
822.    Three Radio Controlled Helicopters, of differing scale, playworn; a boxed 1:87th scale Telitoy plastic train set, plus other items. £15-25
823.    An Original Corgi No. 1902 'State Landau', boxed; a toy boat, boxed, and a tinplate roadway, boxed. £15-25
824.    "The Songbirds of Europe" - A Set of Eight Plates by Porzellan Fabrik Tirschenreuth for the W.W.F. (+ six duplicates); six "On Wings of Snow" series plates by Lena Lui and three others similar:- One Box £10-20
825.    A Wooden Writing Slope, flower press by Watts (Sheffield), The Wind in the Willows game; a quantity of Eagle annuals, antique books. £10-20
826.    AA Road Badge, decimalisation converter chart, table guages, maps, cap gun, and cap roll, cigarette cards, vintage newspapers, song books, etc amd a Ridgway 'Fanfare' dinner service, (in original packaging):- Two Boxes £1-25
827.    Pedigree, Italian and Other Dolls, toys, games, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
828.    A Bontempi 104 Electric Chord Organ, table lamp, DIY tools, metal wares, table lamp, mixing bowl, pottery, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
829.    Ten Limited Edition Collectors Plates from "The Last of Their Kind - Endangered Species" Series, by W.S. George (+ one duplicate); three from "The Vanishing Giants" series, all boxed with certificates (14):- One Box £10-20
830.    A Lilliput Lane "Yuletide Shambles", The Great Equatorial Millennium Special Edition and other Lilliput Cottages, etc:- One Tray £15-20
831.    Four Hotel Plate Sundries, pierced posy, quantity of Quimper ware. £15-25
832.    Nine Glass Decanters:- One Tray £20-30
833.    Staffordshire Rose Pattern Teaware, Faience candlestick, Wedgwood 'Charwood' ashtray, Carlton cream and sugar:- One Tray £15-20
834.    A Quantity of Denby Tea and Coffee Wares, varying designs in blue, cream and pink (over sixty pieces):- Two Boxes £20-40
835.    Wedgwood Stennett Wilson Candle Holder, Royal Doulton scent bottle, half circular ash tray, other glass ware. £15-20
836.    A Quantity of Novelty Cats, in pottery, resin, glass:- One Tray £15-20
837.    Paragon Harry Wheatcroft Rose Tea Ware, of twenty one pieces and other tea ware:- One Tray £20-30
838.    A Large Wade Disney Model of Bambi, Royal Worcester 'Red Cardinal', Royal Doulton Tabby Cat, Wade Whimsies, Beswick horses (with damages):- One Tray £15-20
839.    Etched Celery Vase, cut glass decanter, fruit bowl, powder bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-30
840.    Heathcote Teaware, Minton plates, pottery animals, etc:- One Tray £15-25
841.    A Wedgwood, American Bicentennial and Staffordshire Pottery Mugs, W. Germany jug vase, two boxed Eddie Stobart Corgi toys:- One Tray £20-30
842.    A Midwinter Black Ribbed Cylindrical Vase, Thoune pottery tray, Wedgwood 'Man's Life's a Vapour...' plates, two others, hors d'oeuvres. £15-30
843.    A Quantity of Plated Cutlery, salad servers, pickle forks, etc in a twin handled cutlery box. £15-20
844.    A Davenport Imari Bowl, Spode Copeland lobed Imari vase (repaired), Cauldon hand painted miniature twin handled vase (repaired), Royal Doulton John Peel small character jug and series ware plate, Bretby Art Nouveau twin handled vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
845.    Four Natwest Pigs, resin figures of sheep dressed up in a rugby shirt and football shirt, etc. £15-20
846.    Wedgwood Sydney 2000 Olympic Trinket Boxes, of circular form. (19) £30-40
847.    Fire Service Interest, including a pewter 'Fire Dept' hip flask, sixteen fire engines collector cards (framed), 'A Century of the Fire Service 1900-2000' plate, Home Office issue Fire Service drill book circa 1968, plus other oddments including cutlery, Guinness glass. £15-25
848.    Spode 'Italian' Pattern Dishes, bowls, preserve jar, cups and saucers, Ben Thomas jug, Portmeirion planter, etc:- One Tray £15-25
849.    A XIX Century Worcester Porcelain Dessert Service, of plates and tazza's, with blue gilt borders, bouquet of wild flowers (with damages). £20-30
850.    A XIX Century Pair of Staffordshire Spaniels, XIX Century glass vase (rubbed), etc:- One Tray £10-20
851.    Bohemia, Zawiercie and Other Drinking Glasses:- One Tray £15-20
852.    Midwinter, Hornsea and Other Table Ware, Crown Ducal pastoral vase, printing block, metalware, Christmas decorations:- Two Boxes £15-20
853.    Pendelphin Figures, MIckey Mouse alarm clock, Lilliput Lane cottage, etc:- One Tray £5-10
854.    Three Nao Figures - Girl Yawning, Girl with Violin and Girl with Flute and a Capo di Monte Sibania figure. (4) £20-30
856.    Five Capo Di Monte Style Figure Groups, a pair of musicians; together with three other figures. £20-40
857.    A Portmeirion 'Phoenix' Coffee Service, in original box and packaging. £20-40
858.    A Resin Eagle; together with a pair of elephants. £10-20
859.    Two Capstan Pottery Yorkshire Terriers, Dulux type dog, afghan hound and unstamped lassie. (5) £20-40
859A.   A Royal Doulton 'Morning Star' Tea Service, eight place setting, with sandwich plate, teapot, milk, sugar, etc (Approximately Thirty Seven Pieces) £30-50
860.    Ten Cardboard Storage Boxes, three drawers to each box. £10-20
861.    Three Nao Figures - Baby in a Fancy Dress Costume, Young Girl with Clown Doll and one other. (3) £25-30
862.    A Pair of Old Tupton Ware Trumpet Shaped Vases, tube lined with fruit and leaves, together with three smaller bud vases. (5) £15-25
863.    G-Shock, Casio, Lapgo and Other Assorted Wristwatches, with rubber straps. £10-20
864.    A Melba Pottery Lion and two bulls. (3) £15-20
865.    Six 'Vanroe' Powder Compacts, foliate decoration with birds and butterflies, and five other compacts. (11):- One Tray £30-40
866.    Brass Weights, crib board, plated watch, studs, Whimsies, etc:- One Tray £15-25
867.    A XIX Century Compass Pendant, costume Jewellery, commemorative coins. £10-20
868.    Modern Compact Mirrors, folding combs, cufflinks and a micromosaic lidded pill box:- One Box £25-40
869.    Two Silver and Enamelled Oddfellows Medals, other medals, silver ingot, locket, brooches, etc. £20-40
870.    A Plated Toast Rack, Blue John cufflinks, plated basket, etc:- One Tray £10-20
871.    Condiments, cruet sets, nutcrackers, etc:- One Tray £15-25
872.    A Canteen of Viners Stainless Steel Cutlery. £15-20
873.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, wristwatches, pearl bracelet, brooches, etc. £15-20
874.    A Wooden King Arthurs Castle by Joy Toys and wooden fort Cherokee by TP Toys, both boxed. £10-20
875.    'The East Prospect of Sheffield' Hand Coloured Print, and embroidered collage labelled 'Mary Wall Southlands 1884', two hand coloured engravings after M. C. Robinson, watercolour, etc. £15-25
876.    A Mixed Lot of Plated Ware, including coasters, tureen, trays, teaware etc:- One Box and Basket £15-25
877.    A Quantity of Doctor Who Books, including Doctor Who the Legend - Four Decades of Time Travel by Justin Richards, Treasures From the First 50 Years, Doctor Who The Vault by Marcus Hearn. £10-20
878.    An Electroplated Twin Handled Tray, loose cutlery, candelabrum, match holder/striker, pepperette, tea service (damages), etc:- Two Trays £5-10
879.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including hallmarked silver handled pilchard fork, decorative cake slice, Kings Pattern knives, forks etc:- One Box £25-40
880.    A Mottled Glass Fish Vase, (some damages):- One Box £15-25
881.    A Dual 505-2 Belt Driven Turn Table, a pair of HB1 speakers, and a music stack system with Technics, Denon, etc, components. £20-40
882.    A Quantity of Lord of the Rings Metal and Plastic Figures, plastic fort. £10-20
883.    Berg Denmark Modern Silver Plated Circular Candle Holder, Jonelle plated goblets in three sizes, rose bowl, cocktail shaker, cigarette box and case, etc:- One Tray £20-30
884.    A Quantity of Mainly 1970's and Later Motoring Car Handbooks and Associated Items, many Ford subjects noted; plus a number of earlier motoring books. £20-40
885.    A Quantity of Plated Trophies:- Two Boxes £10-20
886.    A Pair of Silver Plated Twin Branch Candelabra, swing handled cake baskets, butter dish, cruet, etc:- One Tray £20-30
887.    Table Knives, including Taylor Witness, Firth, Butler:- One Tray £20-30
888.    Community Plate, of fifty pieces, in walnut canteen; stainless set. (2) £20-40
889.    A Wooden Fort with Camelot, Robin Hood and other plastic figures. £10-20
890.    Eric Goodliffe, Watercolour, 'The Magpie Lead Mine, Sheldon Moor Derbyshire', signed and numbered '274' lower right, titled lower left, 36 x 60cm; together with further prints, mirrors, needlework study, etc. (9) £10-20
891.    Two Iron Floor Standing Candle Holders, a pair of plated table examples. (4) £15-25
892.    1947 National Savings Day and Aeronautical Achievement Prints, woolwork tapestry, all framed. (3) £15-25
893.    A XIX Century Style Classical Composition Bust of a Lady, on a pedestal. £30-50
894.    Two Shop Calendar Posters, dated 1886 fir W+R Carruthers Grocers of Workington, and a 1934 'Light At Eventide' with advert space example, both framed. (2) £20-30
895.    A Cane with a Dog Head Handle, two brass topped canes, two with crook handles, cows yoke. £15-25
896.    A U.S.A Military Tents, flags, cases. £15-25
897.    Bannister-Fletcher 'History of Architecture' 1945; French Painting; History of Glass; Jewellery; A History of Sheffield; Water Under The Bridge; Peak District interest noted also and other books:- Two Boxes £20-30
898.    A Budenburg Standard Test Pressure Gauge, and five coin slot gas meter reading machines. (6) £15-25
899.    Folding Chair, basketwork stick stand, wooden plant container, rug, teak framed and circular mirrors and oil on canvas of an owl. £10-20
900.    A Quantity of Jigsaws, games, puzzles:- Two Boxes £15-25
901.    Keglespil Skittles, USB robotic arm, Mars Chaser, bagatelle, boulle, carpet beater. £15-20
902.    A Tomy 2XL Talking Robot. £5-10
903.    A Brass Three Tier What Not; together with a quantity of brassware. (2) £20-30
904.    Old Furniture 1927-1928 - five volumes, The Royal Acadamy by Charles Holme, court beauties, Charles II, Botticelli, Celanne, other books, pair of American tapestries. £15-30
905.    Table Lamps, commemorative mugs, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
906.    Child's Wooden Building Bricks in Trolley, badmington equipment, cane dolls patio furniture. £15-25
907.    Snooker - A John Spencer Signed Cue in Case, Eaton, Surridge and three other examples, scoreboard. (7) £15-30
908.    A 1960's Brass Five Branch Chandelier, with clear and amber glass shades. £20-30
909.    A Geo-Logic Fishing Rod, Geo-Logic RD 30-1 fishing reel, folding stool, box, floats, etc. £10-20
910.    A Good Collection of O.S. Maps, mid XX Century and later (over seventy):- One Box £20-40
911.    A Large Collection of Photographs in Albums, depicting Chesterfield mostly taken in the 1980's and early 2000's of Robinson's, Vicar Lane, Bradbury Hall, etc:- One Box £10-20
912.    A Late 1960's Sheffield Wednesday Colour Team Photograph, with autographs in blue ink (unverified), and a quantity of reproduction photographic copies showing Sheffield scenery, football teams, humour, etc:- One Basket £10-20
913.    Roberts Radio Model R 800, Polaroid camera, ink pens, cutlery, clocks, Hong Kong Made American footballer, etc:- One Tray £20-30
914.    Folio Society- The Wind in the Willows (2005), Into the Dark Continent (2002), The Marx Brothers (shrink wrapped), Oscar Wilde (3 vols, 1993), etc:- One Box £15-25
915.    A Ginger Jar, Oriental stands, lights, etc:- One Tray £15-25
916.    Elizabeth Arden 'Ardena' Containers:- One Tray £15-20
917.    A Romance Cuckoo Clock, and Dutch wall clock. £15-25
918.    Canon Zoom XL and Petri 7 Cameras, onyx vases, glass finger plates, etc:- One Tray £15-25
919.    A Box, in the form of a book with a sliding end, pepperette with silver bands, etc:- One Tray £10-20
920.    Marbles, jam dish, plated sundaes, onyx pear, etc:- Tray £15-25
921.    Record No. 220 Woodworkers Plane, three crucifixes including mother of pearl example, oak lamp, star plaque:- One Tray £20-30
922.    Coins, badges, binoculars, Wards beer pump sign, mouth organ, etc:- One Tray £10-20
923.    A XIX Century Walnut Box; a tambour fronted stationery box. (2) £15-20
924.    A Cherypohka? Russian Tinplate Doll, in box Chinese monkey and three other toys. £15-25
925.    Marbles, Chad Valley solitaire, Mah Jong tiles and counters:- One Tray £10-20
926.    A Block and Anderson Facit Calculator, circa 1920's. £15-20
927.    A German Composition Headed Doll, circa early XX Century, stamped 600-2, fabric body. £15-20
928.    Lacquer Cabinet, carved tribal figures, brassware, cash's woven picture, clocks, etc:- One Tray £15-25
929.    Two Building Sets by Chad Valley, including No. 3 girder and panel building set, No. 4 bridge and roadways building set, playworn, unchecked. £5-10
930.    A Pair of Victorian Brass candlesticks, copper jug, barometer, kitchen scales, Carl Zeiss Jena 8 x 30 binoculars, mantel clock, etc:- One Tray £15-25
931.    A XIX Century Photograph Album, with nickel clasp and gilt edges pages, containing period images. £20-40
932.    A XIX Century Clock Dial, repainted by Louis Jennings, white background, Roman numerals and galleons; together with a Louis Jennings print of the Barlow Hunt at Beauchief Hall. £10-20
933.    A Quantity of Christmas Decorations, many mid XX Century examples:- One Box £20-40
934.    Leo Walmsley Books, to include Invisible Cargo 1952, Master Mariner 1948, Sally Lunn 1937, scrapbook. Alfred J. Brown and others related to North Yorkshire:- One Box - including vendors list. £20-30
935.    A Victorian Brass Jam Pan, trivet, photograph album, a tin security box, onyx book-ends:- One Tray
936.    A Quantity of Metal and Plastic Military Figures, by various makers. £10-20
937.    A Hotchkiss Ammunition Box, artists boxes, needlework items. £15-25
938.    Twelve Framed Stamp Sheets, including Royal Commemorative, Flying Scotsman, Queens Award for Export, Cornish Riviera, George Stubbs, Henry VIII and his wives, Glasgow 1990 City of Culture. £15-25
939.    A Quantity of Walking Canes and Umbrellas. £15-25
940.    Six Brass Roasters, all with iron handles. £15-30
941.    A XIX Century Rosewood Writing Slope, bearing Seabrook label; a turned plant stand, wine bottle carrier. £25-35
942.    A Venus Trombone - unchecked for completeness, in hard protective case. £10-20
943.    C. Harley, Etching, pair of Dickensian prints, photographs, Escalado, records, etc:- One Box, 78RPM's in case £20-30
944.    A Kolster - Brandes Ltd Brown Bakelite Valve Radio, and a vac - rec vinyl cleaner (boxed). (2) £10-20
945.    A Leather Bound Vanity Case, quantity of books, including children's pop-ups, football programmes:- Two Boxes £15-20
946.    Two Vintage Tin Travel Chests. £15-20
947.    A Carved African Hardwood Bust Of A Middle Aged man, inscribed by Kenneth M KAshri and a similar bust of a young lady. £10-20
948.    Two Lapis Globes, each approximately 14cm diameter, in rotating cradle on four legs. £20-40
949.    A Pottery Phrenology Head, after L.N. Fowler, 25cm tall. £15-25
950.    A White Metal Desk Stand as a Bomber Plane. £15-25
951.    A Bronzed Bust of Adolf Hitler, 20cm tall. £15-20
952.    A Large Pottery Phrenology Head, after L.N. Fowler, 41cm tall. £20-30
953.    A Zenith Mahogany Cased Mantel Clock, circa 1920's, another in oak. (2) £20-30
954.    A Pottery Phrenology Head, after L.N. Fowler and pottery Palmistry hand. (2) £20-30
955.    A XIX Century Black Slate Mantel Clock, with a arched top circular dial, twin marble column supports on a plinth base. £20-40
956.    Three Brass Based Paraffin Lamps, each with white glass globular shades. (3) £15-20
957.    A XIX Century Salt Glaze Teapot, W. Percival, New Haven (damage) other similar vessels, jars; a later jug with mask pourer. £20-40
958.    Lynx 'C' Labeler, hip flasks, pipes, camera, monocular, stamp books etc. £15-20
959.    A Modern Oriental Seat, formed as an elephant, painted in colours. £20-30
960.    A Pair of Cylindrical Pottery Stick Stands, with floral decoration, 46cm high. £15-25
961.    A 1930's Mottled Glass Ceiling Light, a frosted glass ceiling globe. (2) £15-25
962.    A 1930's Oak Cased Mantel Clock, copper fish kettle, Zenit E 35mm camera, leather effect case, beerstein, etc:- One Tray £15-25
963.    An Early XX Century Set of W. T. Avery Shop Scales, and a collection of early XX Century Beer bottles including Tennants of Sheffield, Whitmarsh of Sheffield, Gilmour's, Wheatley of Sheffield, etc- all with original advertising stoppers. (2) £20-40
964.    A Large Collection of PHQ Cards, mostly 1980's/1990's, and other postcards (over 700 contained in ten albums):- One Box £30-50
964A.   Eight Clear Glass Demi Johns, and a bag of wine corks. £5-10
965.    Two Pairs of Lawn Green Bowls, in case. Enamelled bowls, galvanised tub. £15-25
965A.   A Good Collection of Mid XX Century and Later Postcards, including reproduction Bamforth 'Saucy' examples, Mabel Lucie Attwell, aircraft, birdlife, coastal, seaside, tram, WWII themed, etc, (over 500), contained in ten postcard albums:- One Box £20-40
966.    Crochet Edged Linens, curtain tie backs, etc: One Box £15-25
967.    Christening Gowns, embroidered linen, ladies blue leather bikers jacket and boots, sheets, covers, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
968.    A Quantity of Car Magazines, including Hot Rod and Custom, Supercar Classics. £10-20
969.    Camera Interest - Beirette (cased), Ilford Sportsman (cased), Vivitar 100-200mm lens, further cameras, accessories, cine cameras, etc:- One Box £15-25
970.    An Etched Celery Vase and Jug, Carlton coffee pot, early XX Century Continental china vase, figures, flasks, stoneware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
971.    GN and Warrior Cricket Pads, stumps, fishing rods, reel , keep net, etc. £15-20
972.    Twelve Sets of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers, occasionally nostalgia reprints, framed. £15-20
973.    A Circa 1960's Tri-ang Pram, with hood and company wheels, in two tone, and a Tri-ang push-a-long dog with rocking action. (2) £20-40
974.    A Hessian Luggage Trunk, with leather corners and handles, wood rail enforcers. £20-40
975.    A Triumph Multi-Drawer Filing Cabinet, of narrow proportions. £20-40
976.    Two Bamboo Tables, Christmas tree in box. (3) £8-12
977.    Three Terracotta Chimney Pots, approximately 63cm high (one cracked). £30-50
978.    A Modern Hardwood Steamer Chair, with cushion seat. £20-40
979.    A Pegasus Rocking Horse, soft dark brown plush, on standard supports. £20-40
980.    A XIX Century Metal Trunk £15-20
981.    A Victorian Mahogany Rush Seated Low Rocking Chair, ring turned cresting rail over shaped support and a Singer sewing machine. (2) £10-20
982.    An 'Airport' Metal Luggage Case, hat, leather suitcase, umbrella, etc. £15-25
982A.   Two Standard Lamps, and brass fender. £10-15
983.    A Hardwood Folding Armchair, carved hardwood sculpture and a Rowenta desk fan. (3) £15-25
984.    A Hessian Luggage Trunk, with leather handles, wood rail enforcers and inner tray. £20-40
985.    A Black Painted Tin Trunk. £20-30
986.    A Victorian Cast Iron Umbrella/Stick Stand, in the Gothic manner with lancet arch and Fleur De Lys motifs, removable drip tray. £30-50
987.    A Brass Bound Oak Barrel Stick Stand, circa XIX Century, approximately 61cm high. £30-50
988.    A Vintage 'Albion' Tractor Seat Stool. £40-50
989.    A Cream Wool Rug, 230 x 158cm, and Chinese tasseled wool rug, floral on cream ground, 248 x 158cm. £15-25
990.    A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in carved oak frame. £10-20
991.    Modern Canvas Print of Madonna, 100 x 100cm. £20-30
992.    A Butterfly Effect Wall Mirror, another with chrome cresting. (2) £10-20
993.    A Collection of Coloured Prints, including landscapes, still life's, animal studies, etc. £10-20
994.    After Philip Galley, 'Disturbed Browse', Limited Edition Print, graphite signed, 148/850, 34 x 49cm, a companion piece 'At Rest'; together with 'The Golden Boys' graphite signed limited edition 56/250, and another horse racing print. (4) £15-20
995.    A Chromolithograph Print of a Late XVIII Century Lady with Two Young Children, beside a classical stand within a landscape. £10-20
996.    Stein, Mad Professor, Satirical Watercolour, 43 x 31.5cm C Jones. AN Abstract face study, mixed media, signed and dated '98. A Pair of Beryl Cook prints. (4) £15-30
997.    A Gilt Framed Colour Print of a Mountainous Scene, with track and wild flowers, with applied silvered presentation shield. £10-20
998.    A G. Reid 'Aldbury' Watercolour, 17.5 x 25cm, signed to mount. A Dennis Charlesworth still life, oil, L. Vose River Esk, Glaisdale pastel, 28 x 37.5. (3) £15-20
999.    J. David, Oil on Canvas of a Clipper Ship, 24 x 19cm, signed lower left, two coastal scene oils, Joe Anna Arnett and two other prints. (6) £15-25
1000.   Kenneth Jack 'Waterhole, Palm Valley, Central Australia', Pencil and Chalk Study, signed lower left, 32 x 54cm; 'Arum Lilies' limited edition colour print after Rosalind Forster 9/30, and a watercolour coastal scene. (3) £15-25
1001.   Wall Mirrors, coloured prints, canvas print, watercolour studies after Jenny Gilroy and Richard Johns, etc. £15-20
1002.   R.H. Malc Montage, two prints, oval mirror. (4) £15-20
1003.   Adbakker, Still Life of Leek and Lemons, Watercolour, signed and dated 93 23.5cm x 32.5cm, small watercolour, oil and three prints. (6) £15-25
1004.   A Quantity of Prints, including Phillip Solly, Robert Wade, signed examples:- One Box £15-20
1005.   A Quantity of Unframed Watercolours, to include Barbara Fox of Woodward, P. Jones, H. Moye, Dennis Wyke, Richard Taylor, prints, etc; many mounted:- One Box £20-40
1006.   Frank Ruddock, Pamela Chapman Elliott and Other Prints. £15-20
1007.   Three Large Oriental Fans, embroidered picture, two religious prints and three photographs. £15-30
1008.   Eleven Sets of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers, occasionally nostalgia reprints, framed. £15-20
1009.   After Terry Gorman 'Wigfalls' Graphite Signed Colour Print, 18 x 25cm, a further Terry Gorman signed print 'Telegraph and Star' two 'Rik' prints and a further print. (5) £15-25
1010.   Claude Luty, 'Jerusalem Towards The Mt of Olives', Watercolour, 46.5 x 30cm, signed and dated 1920 lower right, together with two prints and two photographs. (5) £8-12
1011.   An Oval Wall Mirror, in gilt frame, circular example in metal frame; together with three prints. (5) £15-25
1012.   After Anthony Waller, 'Golden Pool', Graphite Signed Limited Edition Print, 429/850, with blind stamp, two further limited edition signed prints, and a figural oil study. (5) £15-25
1013.   Oval and Circular Gilt Framed Wall Mirrors, another with plaster frame. £15-20
1014.   A Quantity of Oils, prints, mainly framed:- One Box plus a folio of prints. £15-20
1015.   A George III Style Mahogany Pier Glass, fretwork scrolled cresting and apron piece. £10-20
1016.   A Modern Hardwood Bed, with heavy squared ends, metal appliques. £15-25
1017.   A Pine Bed Frame (width 130cm), with ring turned top rail and chevron back board flanked by block and ball supports, £20-40
1018.   A Modern Composition Fire Surround, moulded top over central arch with fruit and foliage spandrels; together with two marble bases (black and white examples). £20-40
1019.   An Oak Bureau Bookcase, moulded cornice over glazed doors, fitted interior over three long graduating drawers, 'H' stretchers. £25-45
1020.   A Cream Fabric Settee and Easy Chair, on splayed legs.
1021.   A Brown Leather Two Seater Settee. £40-80
1022.   A Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Chest of Drawers, top with a moulded edge, six drawers, on bracket feet. £25-45
1023.   An Oxblood Leather Two Seater Settee, on tapering block feet. £40-60
1023A.  A Pair of Brass Lamp Tables, glass tops, brass columns, united by stretchers and glass under shelves. £40-60
1024.   A Knoll Type Settee upholstered in beige. £30-50
1025.   A Rectangular Shaped Brass Coffee Table, with a glass top, brass columns, united by stretchers and a glass undershelf. £30-50
1026.   A George III Oak Cylinder Front Hanging Corner Cupboard, mahogany crossbanding under dentil cornice with three interior shelves. £25-40
1027.   Two Mahogany Effect Coffee Tables, and wall mirror. (3) £10-20
1028.   A Hermle Wall Clock, with Westminster chimes facility, circa late XX Century. £20-30
1029.   A Pair of Beech Ladder Back Carver Chairs, with raffia seats; a fluted pedestal. (3) £20-30
1030.   A Two Drawer Filing Cabinet, and a swivel two section shelf. (2) £5-15
1030A.  A Square Sewing Box, on cabriole legs, with hinged floral tapestry top concealing haberdashery items, fabric, etc. £10-20
1031.   A Mid XX Century 'Wetmaya' Kitchen Cabinet, with twin frosted and pictured cupboard doors over fall front and further storage. £40-60
1032.   A Painted Wardrobe and Side Table. (2) £15-25
1033.   A Modern Pine Five Heights Bookcase, and two matched three heights bookcases. (3) £20-30
1034.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Wardrobe, with twin panelled doors, long drawer and plinth base;A Mahogany Bedside Cupboard, with square top, cross banded door, chamfered legs.
1035.   A 1920's Dressing Table and Chest of Drawers with oxidised octagonal handles. £5-10
1036.   1920's Mahogany Triple Wardrobe. £5-10
1037.   A Mid XX Century Demi Lune Sidetable, together with a small corner unit. £10-20
1038.   An Early XX Century Walnut Mirror Back Sideboard, with two small drawers, over cupboard doors. £8-12
1039.   Modern Wall Mountable Cabinets And Two Bathroom Tissue Cabinets.(4) £10-20
1040.   A Pair of Modern Pine Two Heights Bedside Chests, a three heights bedside chest and a modern pine cricket table. (4) £15-25
1041.   A Pine Wall Display Rack.
1042.   An Exel Mantel Bookcase, with glass sliding doors and adjustable shelf, over twin oak cupboard doors. £15-25
1043.   A White Melamine Desk, together with a chest of five graduated drawers. £15-25
1044.   An Edwardian Mahogany Chest of Two Short and Two Long Drawers, and a washstand. £15-20
1045.   A XIX Century Dark Oak Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, oval top with carved border of stylised flowers, on ring turned stretchered legs, standard ends and an oak blanket box. (2) £20-30
1046.   A Modern Pine Desk, with single frieze drawer, a pine cupboard and a pine framed wall mirror. £15-25
1047.   A Collaro Record Player, in mid XX Century walnut cabinet, and adapted chest of three drawers. (2) £10-20
1048.   A Pair of Reproduction Mahogany Wall hanging corner cupboard, each with dentil cornice over astragal glazed doors. £8-12
1049.   A Lloyd Loom Bedroom Chair; early XX Century chrome effect fire screen and a linen basket.
1050.   A Stag Chest, of two long and four short drawers. £15-30
1051.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Piano Seat, turned twin galleried undertier and a pair of 1920's mahogany dining chairs with swag pierced splats. (3) £20-30
1052.   A 1920's Oak Gateleg Table, with drop leaves, on turned and block supports. £10-20
1053.   An Oak Veneer Blanket Chest. £10-20
1054.   A XX Century Oak Gate Leg Table, with drop leaves on turned and block supports. £5-10
1055.   A Brown Leather Button Back Armchair, with stud decoration on cabriole legs, pad feet. £50-100
1056.   An Early XX Century Oak Bookcase, pediment with knulled decoration, twin glazed doors, on cabriole legs. £10-20
1057.   A Victorian Mahogany Commode, a stained wood wheelback rocking armchair of small proportions and an occasional table. (3) £10-20
1058.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with single drawer, on squared tapering legs. £10-20
1059.   A Mahogany Dressing Table.
1060.   A 1980's McIntosh Teak Extending Dining Table, circular top with concealed leaf and four matching dining chairs. (5)
1061.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Cane Seated Bedroom Chair, with triple spindle splat, and an oak low stool, trestle ends. (2) £10-20
1062.   A Mahogany Six Drawer Dressing Table. £10-20
1063.   A Fold Under Dining Table, with a set off four 'Caxton chairs. £30-50
1063A.  A XX Century Set of Six Ladder Back Chairs, two carver and four single, with drop-in seats, on turned and block supports. £15-25
1064.   An Oak Refectory Style Table, rectangular top with stretchered trestle ends. £20-40
1065.   A 1930's Oak Sewing Box, a mid XX Century tin travel trunk and a glass topped demi lune side table. (3) £20-30
1066.   A 1920's Wing Back Armchair, shaped back and arms, upholstered in deep red velvet, on mahogany squat cabriole legs. £30-50
1067.   A Chaise Longue, upholstered in a green floral damask, on turned legs. £30-50
1068.   A Mid XX Century Oak Twin Pedestal Desk, each pedestal with three short drawers under slide rest. £30-50
1069.   A Mahogany of Serpentine Shaped Nest of Tables, with moulded edge on cabriole legs. £8-10
1070.   An Oak Table, with centre leaf; together with four upholstered chairs, on oak legs. (5) £20-40
1071.   An Oak Blanket box, with three panelled fascia, on bun feet. £30-50
1072.   A Mid XX Century Oak Bookcase, with glass sliding upper doors. £8-10
1073.   A 1930's Oak Gate Leg Table, of small proportions, canted rectangular top on barley twist stretchered legs, and an oak oval tilt top occasional table. (2) £20-40
1074.   A Light Wood Spoon Back Parlour Chair, on cabriole legs, upholstered in cream button back damask. £30-50
1075.   A Modern Pine Four Heights Chest of Drawers, below a configuration of pigeon holes and small drawers. £25-45
1076.   A XIX Century Walnut Piano Stool, with circular swivel top on carved tripod legs. £20-40
1077.   A Small Ercol Light Ash Drop Leaf Coffee Table. £30-40
1078.   A Late XIX Mahogany Sideboard, base, fitted with two frieze drawers over high relief carved panel cupboard doors. £10-20
1079.   A XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chair, with scroll cresting and pierced oval centre to shaped back, splitting to seat, on cabriole legs. £20-30
1080.   R.A. Lister & Co of Dursley Oak Oval Plant Stand, with brass bands, on sabre legs and 'X' stretcher. £30-50
1081.   A XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chair, with pierced scrolling to oval back, on turned legs. £30-50
1082.   A Large Sideboard, with all-over antique effect painted decoration, fitted with two frieze drawers above cupboard doors, plinth base.
1083.   A Rex Ware Coal Box, circa 1920's, with chrome handles; oak fire screen with needlework galleon panel. (2) £15-25
1084.   A Stag Chest, of three long drawers. £15-30
1085.   An Early XX Century Oak Centre Table, with moulded edge, cabriole legs, united with undershelf; together with a child's chair with folding back on square legs. £10-20
1086.   A Modern Pine Three Height Bookcase, shaped apron piece over fixed shelves, plinth base, height 122cm. £10-20
1087.   A XIX Century Mahogany Commode, with two cupboard doors over dummy drawers, on bracket feet. £15-30
1088.   A Jaycee Oak Three Heights Bookcase, lunette carved frieze over adjustable shelving, and an oak bedside chest. (2) £20-40
1089.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Games Table, with a rectangular top, baize interior, on tapering legs; together with a mahogany occasional table on square legs with undershelf. £10-20
1090.   An Early Victorian Mahogany Snap Top Table, squared top, moulded ends on a ring turned column, tripod splayed legs. £15-25
1091.   A Mid XX Century Walnut Bureau, fall front over three long drawers, on cabriole legs. £15-25
1092.   A Stag Chest, of two long and three short drawers. £15-30
1093.   A XIX Century Ash Low Stool, on four splayed legs; a painted example. (2) £20-30
1094.   A XIX Century Oak Side Table, on turned legs, mahogany wine table on swept feet. (2) £15-25
1095.   A Satinwood Wall Hanging Cupboard, shaped 3/4 gallery, twin doors with an internal configuration of shelves and drawers, (internal label reads 'Made at the Kandy Industrial School'). £20-40
1096.   An Early XX Century Oak Side Table, moulded edge, central bow fronted frieze drawer with flanking drawers. on squared tapering legs. £15-25
1097.   Jacob & Josef Kohn of Austria Bentwood Armchair, circa 1920's, bearing label and fire mark; early XX Century beech dolls chair with raffia seat. (2) £30-40
1098.   A 1980's McIntosh Teak Sideboard, fitted with a bank of three short drawers beside three cupboard doors. £50-80
1099.   An Art Deco Style Maple Part Bedroom Suite, comprising kneehole dressing table, with flanking pedestals, with three drawers, central drawer, plinth base, stool with an upholstered hinged top and marquetry inlay; together with a pair of bedside cupboards, with marquetry doors, on plinth bases. £40-60
1100.   A XIX Century Mahogany Bureau, with fall front, fitted interior, over two short and two long drawers. £15-25
1101.   An Oak Joint Stool, with a rectangular top, moulded edge, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers £15-20
1102.   An Early XX Century Bleached Ash Washstand, with tile back and marble top. £20-40
1103.   A Set of Four Modern Hardwood Dining Chairs, squared legs, drop in seats. £15-25
1104.   A Set of Four Art Nouveau Oak Dining Chairs, having pokerwork carved top rail, pierced splats on turned legs. £20-40
1105.   A XIX Century Mahogany Carver Chair, with a rectangular bar back, centre rail, shaped arms, drop in seat, turned legs. £10-20
1106.   A Set of Four Kitchen Chairs, chrome backs. £10-20
1107.   A Pair of Edwardian Mahogany Occasional Chairs, vase splats, boxwood stringing, serpentine front on squared tapering legs and three c.1900 bedroom chairs. (5) £20-30
1108.   A Set of Three Early XX Century Mahogany Bedroom Chairs, ladder back armchair with rush seat; together with two Ibex chairs, and splat back single chair. (7) £15-25
1109.   A 1920's Oak Wardrobe, with a central oval mirror, panelled sides, with applied decoration, base with single drawer on stile feet. £10-20
1110.   An Oak Fold Over Tea Trolley, together with a Lloyd Loom stool. £8-12
1111.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, bookcase with glazed astragal doors, fall front, fitted interior, three long drawers on bracket feet (married top to base). £15-30
1112.   A XIX Century Elm Farmhouse Chair, another similar later example, a bentwood chair (damages) and a mahogany corner cupboard with glazed astragal door and glass shelves (with key). (4) £8-12
1113.   Two Slender Freestanding Bookcases. £10-20
1114.   A 1920's M.A.H China Cabinet, with astral glazed door, on cabriole legs. £15-25
1115.   A 1920's Mahogany Double Wardrobe, with stepped cornice, mirrored door and single drawer base.
1116.   An Indian Brass Topped Occasional Table, three tier folding cake stand and a pair of circa 1900 bedroom chairs. (4) £15-20
1117.   A Cream Painted Dresser, with flanked rack, lilac wall shelf and ladder. (3) £20-40
1118.   A Pair of XIX Century Elm Wheelback Country Chairs, on ring turned 'H' stretchered legs. £15-25
1119.   An Early XX Century Painted Pine Trunk, initialled 'F.D'. £20-40
1120.   A XIX Century Walnut Cased Viennese Wall Clock, with eight day movement, black Roman numerals to gilt dial. £20-30
1121.   A 1920's Oak Grandmother Clock, arched hood, silvered dial, on plinth base. £20-30
1122.   An Oriental Style Display Cabinet, with twin glazed doors, brass lock plate with internal shelves, four small drawers, on stile feet, 109cm wide, 200cm high. £40-60
1123.   An Early XX Century Walnut Plant Stand, with concave sided top and undershelf, united by tapering splayed legs. £20-40
1124.   A XIX Century Ash and Elm Smokers Armchair, with pad hand rests, spindle supports, pierced centre splat. £20-30
1125.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bookcase, shaped cornice, twin glazed astragal doors, base, panelled cupboard doors, on a plinth base. £20-40
1126.   An Edwardian Mahogany Sutherland Table, with turned supports and pot castors; together with an Edwardian walnut occasional table, with turned splayed legs, united by an 'H' stretcher. (2) £15-25
1127.   A Pair of XIX Century Corner Chairs, with bobbin decoration, caned seats, united by X stretchers. £15-30
1128.   A Nest of Coffee Tables, raffia seated nursing chair. £10-15
1129.   An Oak Prayer Chair, with carved equestrian scene to seat. £15-25
1130.   An Early XX Century Walnut Games Table, circular reversible top, baize interior, on cabriole legs, claw and ball feet, united with undershelf. £10-20
1131.   A XX Century German 'Emperor' Oak Cased Three Weight Grandfather Clock, with a swan neck pediment, dial with a silvered chapter ring, Roman numerals, glazed trunk door, on a panelled base, bracket feet. £40-60