Fine Stamps plus Coins, Postcards, Trade Cards
and Banknotes on Thursday 2nd November 2017

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1.      Twenty Four Sets of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers, occasionally nostalgia reprints. 70-100
2.      A Large Box of Stamps, in albums, boxes and packets, World stamps on leaves. 20-30
3.      A Large Box with G.B, Channel Islands, Sheffield Postcards, USA, etc; military uniforms postcards, large quantity. 20-40
4.      A Collection of Guernsey, Jersey and Isle of Man in Five Albums, from 1960's to 2003. Very high face value including a collection of Isle of Man 1973 to 2003. 60-100
5.      Stamps, Postcards, Catalogues- A large box with an accumulation of albums and catalogues (1940's-50's), juvenile albums, etc. Note two small packets of postcards with Gibraltar, Cherbourg Railway and others. 20-40
6.      Four Albums of Benham Silk FDC's, mainly G.B 1980's but also Channel Islands and others. Most G.B has special postmarks. 30-50
7.      Mixed Box of Stamps, in packets, old empty Lincoln album, damaged 1902 Stanley Gibbons Album. 20-30
8.      Collection of Early to Modern G.B Stamps, in large plastic box. Includes some decent Queen Victoria surface printed to 1s 1883/4 lilac and greens, Edward VII to 5s, 1925 Wembley fine used, sea horses to 10s, 1948 wedding F.U. Other volume with G.B face, Commonwealth, presentation packs, etc. Worth viewing. 60-120
9.      Stamps - G.B, Channel Islands and World, note some USA year packs with dollar face value. 20-40
10.     Stamps - An Excellent Collection of Middle East Stamps, in four large stock books in large plastic tub. Mainly u/m with two books of Libya Ghadaffi period 1990's - post 2000 with mini sheets and some paper money. Stock book of Saudi Arabia. Note Saudi 1982 Postal Buildings Set and four scarce sheets S.G MS 1334 and other mini sheets. 4th stock book with Oman with good 1980's and 1990's thematic mini sheets SG 359, SG 412, etc. (games, dolphins, etc), First Day Covers High cat value lot with good potential and not often seen. Including two books on the postal history of Oman. 60-100
11.     Box of G.B Stamps - Mainly Presentation Packs, with 1970's - 1980's u/m sets in albums and loose. With a face value of approximately 170. 70-100
12.     A Large Accumulation of Stamps, in two old Everest albums, small stock books and various small boxes. Some G.B Queen Victoria and Edward VII noted, some G.B face value. 20-40
13.     G.B First Day Covers, large box with a collection of first day covers 1960's - 1995 in five very clean SG and Kestrel albums. Over 200 covers and five expensive albums, high original cost. 40-70
14.     A Large Box of G.B and World Stamps, in eleven albums and stock books, loose and in packets. Some interest in China, Japan, KVT 1960 FDC to 1 value. Very large quantity. Some G.B face value with two year packs plus sets in an album. 120-170
15.     LOT WITHDRAWN - An Extraordinary Collection of G.B. Commemorative Stamps 1960-1973, as full never mounted mint sheets with all values represented, in immaculate condition. 50-100
16.     GB Face Value Stamps- A Collection of GB stamps in two Windsor albums 1970-2002, with a good run of U/M sets, booklets, booklet panes, blocks and premium panes, also a few First Day covers. Considerable face value in later period, much in the form of 1st class stamps. Face value alone in excess of 560. 280-350
17.     In Excess of 3.00 Kilos of the Stamps of the Isle of Man as Kiloware. 10-20
18.     Kiloware On and Off Paper, predominately G. B. modern machins, many thousands with some unfranked noted. 20-40
19.     A Large Box of Stamps, with a lot of material to sort, includes an album of Finland with a decent 1866 Serpentine Roulette. Interest in Germany with a stock book and many packets. Some better noted including occupations and covers. Many part circulated club books, covers and all sorts. Careful viewing may reward. 40-80
20.     LOT WITHDRAWN - A Plastic Tub With a Mixture of World Stamps and Covers, loose, in boxes and in packets. Includes 1945 Victory album (looks complete), plus a few pages of George 6th Falklands, a few Russia. 20-40
21.     Stamps - G.B, Channel Islands and World, note some USA year packs with dollar face value. 20-40
22.     An All World Stamp Accumulation, early to late XX Century mint and used in ten stock books. Good general interest, particularly China, U.S.A. and Thematic's. 40-60
23.     Approximately Four Hundred and Fifty G.B. Isle of Man, Jersey, First Day Covers, typed, hand written and blank addressee, 1997-2003, an attractive collection covering a variety of thematic's Benham issues noted, plus other oddments. 30-50
24.     A G.B. Stamp Accumulation, in albums, stock books, loose album leaves and stock cards. Early XX Century to early XXI Century. Mint and used with over 150 face value often As N/V.I. booklets, first day covers and an uncut sheet of twelve Diamond Jubilee 2012 mini sheets. With some empty albums. 70-100
25.     Stamps All World Large Carton With Albums and Stock Books, including Gibraltar, Canada, Yeman, Indonesia, Europe, Germany and others. Also some coins, ephemera and Laurel and Hardy postcards noted. 30-50
26.     A Large Box of All World Stamps, with an A-Z collection on leaves, First Day covers, catalogues, loose in small boxes, etc. 20-40
27.     G.B. and World Stamps and Lifeboats, in 10 stock books and albums in Hagner sheets. Includes an attractive collection of signed 1980's lifeboat covers. 20-40
28.     An Accumulation of Mixed Stamps, including stamp covers, kiloware and PHQ cards. Other items. (N.B. The lot includes mint GB decimal stamps having a face value in excess of 130 but sometimes with faults.) 50-80
30.     A Quantity of Brooke Bond Tea Cards, an album containing mint stamps of Gibraltar, Isle of Man, many as sheetlets, three small school boy stamp albums, fifty U.S circa 1982 First Day Covers- The Birds and Flowers of the Fifty States, Tuvalu, Nevis Official progressive proofs noted, plus other philatelic oddments. 20-40
31.     Ten All World Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, early to late XX Century mint and used, some good thematics, Frama labels, royalty interest noted. 20-40
32.     GB- Specialised Machins Collection and Face Value. Collection of U/M specialised Machins on Hagners in three binders. Face value alone is well over 200 but also includes varieties, blocks and various printings. The third book contains 80+ face of 1 and 50p values in blocks, together with a Machin handbook and a stockbook of used. Useful lot for collection and face value. 100-140
33.     Nine All World Stamp Albums, early to late XX Century, good general interest and sometimes annotated by S.G. numbers. 20-40
35.     Nine All World Stamp Albums/Stockbooks, early to late XX Century, good general interest and sometimes annotated by S.G. numbers. 20-40
36.     Stamps - Six Small Albums of Channel Islands, with face value, presentation packs, FDC, etc. Also some Sark Churchill issues. 20-40
37.     An Assortment of the Stamps of GB, on nine pages. Other items including nine stock books (which are empty or very partially filled, presentation packs, stamp covers, etc. 20-40
38.     Large Box of GB Stamps- All periods GB in a large box with some modern face value, TV license stamps, George 5th, together with a large empty stockbook and 2010/2011 GB catalogues. 50-100
39.     Stamps - A Collection of G.B. FDC's 1969 to 1999, looks fairly complete up to Millennium issues in 5 cover albums. 30-50
40.     Two Large Plastic Tubs of GB and Isle of Man Stamps, with two Lindner luxury albums, mainly FDC's, lost of British philatelic bulletins, GB album, plus loose in packets. Careful viewing required as some packets contain GB and Isle of Man face value. 20-50
41.     Modern China Postal Service Interest, including in excess of two hundred and fifty first day covers, presentation packs with mint stamps, postal stationery. Many issued by the Chinese State Postal Bureau, presented in seven albums. 20-40
42.     An Album of Vintage Photographs, a quantity of PH and other cards in a Post Office presentation album, loose postcards (military interest noticed) other items. 30-40
43.     A Good Quality of Silk Cigarette Cards and a Number of Typhoo Tea Trade Cards, as part of an accumulation of trade cards and related items. 35-40
44.     An Interesting and Varied All World Stamp Accumulation, on album leaves, stock cards, sorted in packets, F.D.C's and other oddments. A good sort with some particularly good Russia including 1960's mini sheets. 50-80
45.     An All World Stamp Accumulation, early to late XX Century mint and used in nine albums and loose leaves. Lots of interest particularly Commonwealth and some nice Austria sets. 40-60
46.     A Range of Collectables Including Postcards, higher value commemorate stamps (as kiloware) and stamp booklets. 15-20
47.     Nine All World Stamp Albums/Stockbooks, early to late XX Century, good general interest and sometimes annotated by S.G. numbers. 20-40
48.     An Assortment of Stamps, GB, Commonwealth and overseas, sometimes in an album on stockbook, occasional better stamp noticed. 15-30
49.     A Large Quantity of Mint G.B. Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal Commemorative and Definitive Stamp Issues, often as large blocks or full sheets, most with traffic lights and controls. 40-80
50.     An Interesting Array of G.B and All World Coins, including 2008 Royal Mint Royal Shield of Arms proof set, 2008 Jersey five pounds proof coin Lest we Forget 1918 Poppy, Royal Mint sealed 2015 twenty pounds silver coin, 1943 U.S. half dollar, cased Westminster five pounds three coin set Land - Sea - Air, small coin album containing approximately fifty coins, plus other items. 30-50
51.     The Stamps of Malta 1956 - Late XX Century, Predominantly used, cancelled to order including 1956 S.E. 266 - 282 set of 17 good used, and 1973 S.E. 486 - 500A, Set of 15, Good Used. High Catalogue Value. 15-30
52.     G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps, in booklets and presentation packs, predominately circa 1980's with a face value in excess of two hundred pounds. A quantity of Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Isle of Man mint stamps in booklets, circa 1980's. 100-120
53.     A Quantity of G.B. and All World Coins, sometimes arranged into coin folders, including one shilling 1883, one penny 1854, florin 1900, halfcrown 1891, pre 1947 G.B. silver coinage noted, 1922 U.S. silver 'Peace' dollar, two pence (Norwich) Robert Blake token circa 1811 'Cotton and Bombazine Manufacturer'. A cased commemorative medallion series of the Mascots of the Olympic Games Munich 1972 - Beijing 2008 (eleven medallions), commemorative crowns and other oddments. 30-50
54.     A 1977 Proof Set. Crowns: 1889 (NF) and 1892 (NF). Modern, regularly higher grade, base metal coins comprising 10 x 5, 8 x 2, 4 x 1 and 5 x fifty pence. Other coins. 70-100
55.     A Quantity of G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps, presentation packs, 1971 -2010. Both commemorative and definite, NVI present, includes Royal Mail post and go stamps, with a total face value in excess of 350. 175-200
56.     An Assortment of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards, sometimes in the Manufacturers' albums. (N.B. most of the cards in this lot have suffered as a result of inappropriate storage). 20-30
57.     Poland Stamps - In Three Full Albums Mint and Used, 1951 - 1995, Many complete sets and a large quantity of full and part sheets often cancelled to order, Great For Thematics. 30-50
58.     A Collection of GB Coins of Mixed Denominations, often in a loose leaf folder. Very occasionally the coins are silver. 20-30
59.     Four Hagner Binder Modern G.B. Face Value Stamps, with a collection of G.B. commemorative's and definitive's and mini sheets from 1970's to post 2000. Face value alone over 780. 375-475
60.     A Quantity of Fifty Pence, Ten Pence and Five Pence Coins. Regularly early 1970's and usually in the higher grades. Two modern high grade base metal five pounds coins. A selection of decimal halfpennies in a Glenmorangie whisky bottle. 20-30
61.     World and Commonwealth Stamps - Two Large Stockbooks of Varied Commonwealth and World Sorted by Country Lots. Note Ethiopia, decent Barbados, Middle East, South America, British Honduras, Chile, etc. Lots to sort (many 100's). 40-60
62.     Approximately Two Hundred and Fifty G.B. First Day Covers, 1969-2012, both commemorative and definitive including prestige booklet panes, almost always typed addressee, presented in four Royal Mail albums. 20-40
63.     Twelve Stockbooks of All World Stamps, mint and used, selection of Italian stamps, 1940's - 1990's, some sparsely populated albums noted. 20-40
64.     A G.B. Coin Collection of Varying Denominations, regularly offered in Schulz albums. The collection includes pre-1947 silver coins having a total face value of approximately four pounds and twenty five pence with 33 silver threepences in addition. A smaller collection of overseas coins. A 1994 brilliant in circulated coin collection. A 2006 base metal five pounds. Reference material, other items. 70-120
65.     A Carton of Luxuriant Mid XX Century Empty Stamp Albums. 20-40
66.     A Quantity of G.B, Channel Islands, All World Presentation Packs and F.D.C's, predominately 1970's - 2000's, sometimes displayed in an album. The Monarchy, Military, Sporting Themes noted, PHQ cards, postcards, loose stamps and much more. 20-40
67.     An Attractive Leuchtturm Six Tray Aluminium Coin Storage Case, No Key. 20-30
68.     Fourteen Albums of G.B., Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Commonwealth First Day Covers 1970's - 2000's, Commemorative and Definitive, typed, handwritten and blank addressee, PHQ cards, packets of used mint stamps. Individually sorted by country, plus other oddments. (Two cartons). 30-50
69.     Approximately 13.50 Kilos of Mixed UK Coins; almost always pre-decimal. Approximately 2.00 kilos of foreign coins; sometimes current. 25-40
70.     G.B. First Day Covers 2002-2016, a superior collection of 350 plus all Royal Mail Tallents House, the majority still being in their original outer plastic packaging. Probably a complete run with mini-sheets, blocks and all variable versions in six albums and some loose. All hand written, thousands of pound spent; together with two signed St. Peter's Hospice (Barnsley) 'Dickie Bird' receipts. 250-400
71.     A Quantity of G.B. Channel Islands Including Guernsey and Isle of Man, All World Presentation Packs and F.D.C's, predominently 1970's -2000's, commemorative issues several signed military themed F.D.C's noted; together with Wildings mint part sheets and a small amount of G.B. face value stamps. 20-40
72.     Six Commonwealth Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, mint and used early to late XX Century, plenty of interest, particularly South Africa, Rhodesia, Australia, New Zealand, Burma and much duplicated Malta, one or two higher values noted; together with a large album of mint and used P.H.Q. cards 1976-79. 20-40
73.     A Quantity of Postcards, regularly mid XX Century. A collection of Brooke Bond tea cards, usually offered in the Manufacturer's albums. Stamp covers, often First Day or commemorative issues but vintage covers are included. Other items. 20-25
74.     Approximately 16.0 Kgs of Mixed Base Metal GB Coinage, pre and post-decimal. 50-80
75.     Channel Islands, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Gibraltar Mint Presentation Packs and F.D.C's, 1970's - 1990's commemorative covers, a wide variety of themes including Jersey aviation history, cars, maritime; together with Jersey post office (high values) definitive issue 1982. 20-40
76.     A Carton of Eleven Large and Full Albums of G.B. First Day Covers, 1960's - 1990's, many hundreds, well stored, typed, handwritten and blank addressee. Definitive and Commemorative. One or two more unusual items noted. 20-40
77.     G.B. and All World Stamp Accumulation, in albums, on stockcards and in packets with some interesting covers and postcards, particularly American with nautical and NASA themes, other philatelic oddments and a second box of G.B. 1950's-1970's pre-paid illustrated airmail letters, good number of mint phosphors noted in one album:- Two Boxes 20-40
78.     Two Boxes of Stamp Albums, eleven albums. Some G.B from Queen Victoria with G.B FDC's 1985 - 2002, Australia 1986 year book. All World in two albums with China, Royalty, James Mackay, stamp encyclopaedia, etc. 30-60
79.     An Accumulation of Off Paper Stamps, sometimes sorted by type, plus a quantity of beer mats. 20-30
80.     Ten All World Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, early to late XX Century, good general interest and sometimes annotated by S.G. numbers. 20-40
81.     All World Stamps, a very good mixed accumulation , mint and used early to mid XX Century in albums, packets, stock pages and F.D.C's. Plenty of interest, nice mint block of 8 G.B. 1881 S.G. 172 1 Penny lilac noted, along with nice clean mint lower value Commonwealth, also a couple of George VI Malaya straights settlement, censor covers 1941. Together with a quantity philatelic literature including 1940 S.G. catalogue and Benham 1981 F.D.C catalogue and a framed 'Stamp Map of Britain'. 25-40
82.     A Large Carton of Stamp Albums and Stockbooks, mint and used early to late XX Century, including G.B. cover album, albums of Iceland, Ireland, Cuba, Russia, Australia, Gold Coast, Ghana and attractive thematic bird album, with two empty Singapore albums. 30-50
83.     Seven All World Stamp and Stock Albums, (two empty), better Eastern European noted, etc. 20-40
84.     G.B. and World Stamps and Lifeboats, 6 stock books and albums with mainly G.B stamps, some world. Also G.B 5 postage dues used (27) and an interesting collection of 1980's lifeboat covers signed by crews. 20-40
85.     Stamps G.B. Commonwealth and Europe, in a large box with Rhodesia, Pakistan, Papua, Germany, empty lighthouse album, etc. 20-40
86.     A Very Extensive Collection of First Day Covers, looks complete from 2000 to 2015 in six Royal Mail albums. Huge cost when purchased, with sets, mini sheets and panes all on very fine first day covers. A superior lot of FDC as it covers the hard to get recent period. Well over 300 covers, original cost was probably over 900. 150-250
87.     A Very Extensive Collection of Clean Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards, in four albums (three of which are good quality larger format). Very regularly the cards are nostalgia reprints. 60-90
88.     An Extensive Range of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards, regularly depicting natural history subjects. Offered in an over filled larger format album. A selection of trade card oddments. Two cigarette card catalogues by the London Cigarette Card Company (1980's). 40-70
89.     Over 300 G.B. First Day Covers 1967-1999, with gaps. Largely typed addressee, some more interesting covers noted definite and commemorative including high values. 1969 Y.P.A Convention Sheffield, 1969 B.P. EX London, Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway 1971, Cantat 1971, Phyll Oympia 1970 etc, in seven albums and few loose. 30-50
90.     Stamps Canada - A very attractive lot of U/M Canadian stamps, apparently complete in 13 year books for the years 1990-2002, complete with mini sheets in well produced presentation books, most are boxed. Face value alone considerable, estimate over $300. 100-140
91.     An Extraordinary Collection of G.B. Printed Postage Impressions (P.P.I's), in six full albums and a full shoe box. Designed for business users averaging more than 250 inland items a day or spending more than 1200 per year on postage. Meticulously laid out including House of Commons, Bucking Palace, P.P.I 'M', 1 and 2, locals, standard, unclassified and overseas with some literature. 30-50
92.     G.B. First Day Covers and Franked P.H.Q Cards, over 430 from 1964 Forth Road Bridge to the early 2000's. Definitive and commemorative, often duplicated, all hand written, usually propriety, but many self created and often with local (Sheffield, Barnsley C.D.S) interest. Many more unusual items in seven albums. 30-50
93.     Vintage Austrian Stamps, GB Machin stamp varieties (often packeted by type) and GB commemorative issues. All as part of an extensive range of eclectic philatelic material. 20-40
94.     Nine All World First Day Cover Albums, mid to late XX Century. Some better items noted including D.D.R, Eire, Commonwealth, Australia, unusual Russian 1960's and other items. Presented in a large case. 30-50
95.     A Good Quantity of GB Base Metal Coins, pre and post decimal; pre-decimal pennies and halfpennies are abundant. A small quantity of foreign coins. Other items. 20-40
96.     An Array of Numismatic Oddments, including base metal crowns, cased coins and coin sets, banknotes. Related items. 15-30
97.     A Pair of 1951 Proof Crowns, a 1953 'plastic' set of coins. A Cartwheel twopence, 1797, poor. 74.0g of mixed silver coins. Other coins, including presentation packs. Related items. 30-50
98.     A Quantity of GB and Foreign Coins; base metal crown sized coins are abundant. Related items. 40-60
99.     Bermuda Stamps, a very good duplicated accumulation in a well organised stock and album leaves. Mint and used from Victoria 1865 S.G.1 to late XX Century, including 1901 overprints, 1902-1910 'Dry Docks' in quantity, 1920 Tercentenary set of nine mint, very good George V and George VI including a number of high value key plates to 1 and very good QEII. Huge catalogue value. Viewing recommended; together with a further album of first day covers. 100-200
100.    Approximately 748 Silver Threepences: very regularly the coins are pre-1920. A further nine pounds and seventy five (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins and fifty pence (total face value) of pre-1920 silver coins. All in a loose leaf folder. 300-500
101.    The Stamps of Luxembourg and Portugal, the latter being on album leaves largely used late XIX Century-early XX Century, a good early selection from 1853 Queen Maria, King Pedro, 1862 King Louis, 1910 issues optd. Republica up to 200 Reis, and mint blocks and part sheets 1910 S.G. 390 King Mandel II, 2R lilac; Luxembourg in a pre-printed Collecta album 1859-late 1960's, good selection of used early Grand Duke William III, Grand Duke Adolf and Grand Duke William IV 1919 onwards, Grand Duchess Charlotte issues regularly mint and often complete sets, "back of book" with postage dues, ovpts. and officials. 30-50
102.    Channel Islands Stamps, Jersey and Guernsey largely mint 1969-late 1970's, including many blocks, and more unusual postage dues in two quality albums with slipcases; together with further oddments in envelopes and packets. 20-40
103.    An Assortment of Modern Base Metal Coins, GB and Foreign. Base metal crowns are common place. 15-30
104.    Approximately 1.70kg of Assorted Coins. Current (or exchangeable) foreign coins are included and collectable fifty pence coins have been noticed. 20-30
105.    The East African Currency Board One Shilling Banknote, number A53853, heavily circulated. Twelve further overseas banknotes. A quantity of base metal coins, GB and Foreign. 20-40
106.    Gibraltar Stamps - A Very Good Comprehensive Collection of Mint and Used in Two Stockbooks, from first issues Victoria 1886 to the 1990's. Some choice material including mint 1889 overprints, very good George V with some degree of study on shades particularly on the one shilling value and good amount of other high values, 1935 Silver Jubilee mint and used. Good George VI. Then pretty full to the 1990's, good lot.
107.    A Double Florin, 1890, NF/F, halfcrowns 1909 (NF but polished) and 1921 (F). A florin, 1928, F, a King George VI nine coin type set, halfcrown to farthing. Other coins, very occasionally silver. 20-40
108.    G.B. Stamps in Three Albums, with loose oddments Victoria late XX Century. One or two red and blues, some surface printed including good used 1883 S.G. 181, 5/. Later issues regularly mint with good full sets, traffic lights and blocks, particularly nice 1875, 3d red cover to Paris, plate 13 noted. 30-50
109.    A Low Grade Pepplatt Mauve Ten Shillings Banknote, number C31D 202656. A quantity of G.B and foreign coins. Two further banknotes. 20-30
110.    An Interesting Accumulation of Cigarette Cards. Regularly by the major manufacturers but much of interest here. Regularly the cards have been packeted by type and the packets used are themselves worthy of careful viewing. 100-150
111.    A Good Quantity of Base Metal Coins, GB and foreign. The foreign coins (which are regularly bagged country-by-country) are sometimes current or exchangeable. 30-50
112.    Stamps West Germany Luxury Hingeless Lighthouse Album, with a collection of mainly fine used 1975 to 1997, a few are u/m cat. value 940 plus album alone, retails 100 plus. 75-100
113.    A Large Quantity of Mint G.B. Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal and Early Decimal Commemorative and Definitive Stamp Issues, often as large blocks or full sheets, most with traffic lights and controls. 40-80
114.    The Stamps of Great Britain. A collection of QEII stamps offered used in a Stanley Gibbons "The Senator" album. The collection has strength in the commemorative issues of the late XX Century/Early XXI Century which, almost always, are from First Day covers. A further GB stamp collection in a very sparsely filled Stanley Gibbons "Great Britain" album. 20-40
115.    A Small Quantity of G.B. Coinage, some pre-1947 silver coins noted, a circulated Government of Jamaica five shillings bank note, 1940. Three other banknotes, contained within a five tray aluminium coin storage case, no key. 20-40
116.    A USA Half Dollar, 1915, F. A brass threepence, 1946, NF. A good quantity of other coins, G.B and Foreign. Very occasionally silver and sometimes offered in coin boxes. 30-40
117.    A Quantity of Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man Presentation Packs and First Day Covers, commemorative and definitive, 1973-1978, including Isle of Man Golden Jubilee Manx Grand Prix 1923-1973. 20-40
118.    The Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ten Dollar Banknote, number UG0233869, faults but still crisp. A quantity of base metal coins of the world; pre-decimal pennies and halfpennies are abundant. 30-50
119.    Stamps of the Commonwealth and Whole World, sorted by country in two large stockbooks, with useful Hong Kong from QV to QE, Dominica, Falkland Islands, Fiji, Gold Coast, Bahamas with George 6th, Iceland, Antigua and others. A worthwhile interesting sorter lot. Many many 100's. 50-80
120.    GB Proof Sets: 1977, 1980, 1981 and 1982. The 1989 UK Brilliant uncirculated Two Pounds coins. A 1995 UK Brilliant uncirculated Two Pound coin. A Falkland Islands commemorative fifty pence, 1983. A Hong Kong seven coin Brilliant uncirculated coin set, 1997. All the coins in this lot are offered in presentation packs or cases. 30-40
121.    A Quantity of G.B. First Day Covers, both commemorative and definitive, early 1960's-early 1990's, predominantly handwritten addressee. 15-30
122.    GB Proof Sets: 1970 (two sets) and 1971, cased silver proof crowns dated 1977 and 1981. Further GB coins regularly modern base metal crowns. 20-40
123.    West Germany, Czechoslovakia and Eastern European Stamps, in two large stock books and two albums. 1872 to late XX Century, with a good amount of early States and Deutsches Reich Issues, Excellent Hitler era mint and used full and part sets, Danzig, Australia, Bosnia and French Colonies. 20-40
124.    A Carded Royal Mint GB BU Coin Collection 1987, United Kingdom ECU set 1992, new one pound coin 2017 collectors pack including the 1967 brass threepence, Royal Mint 'Girl Guiding UK' 2010 BU fifty pence coin 2010, Canada 1942 fifty cents silver coin, small quantity of (pre-1947) silver coins noted, plus other oddments. 20-40
125.    Duplicated Stamps of Iran, on a stock card, loose and in packets, all unmounted mint, most in blocks of 4. Including 1891 SG 95 5ch (39), 1950's and 1960's values in blocks of 4 with SG 1039 and others. Also some mint G.B castles to 1 (many many 100's). 20-40
126.    An Assortment of Cigarette Cards, regularly by the major manufacturers. In an album and with loose. A smaller number of postcards. 20-40
127.    A Collection of Commonwealth Stamps, in two albums and two stock books. Untidy in places but with interest in Hong Kong George VI, Gold Coast, Gibraltar, Cyprus and others, few hundred. 30-60
128.    Twenty-Four QEII Halfcrowns. A quantity of other GB coins. Mixed denomination and often in the highest grades. Irish pennies. 20-40
129.    Thematic Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards in Three Well Filled Albums. Themes covered are entertainment, space and wildlife. 60-90
130.    A Crown, 1889, GF/NVF. A 1953 plastic set of coins. Other coins; very occasionally silver. A George V Silver Jubilee Medal (this is the 31mm version). Associated items. 40-60
131.    A Fine Collection of the Stamps of Germany, well presented and written up in 2 Stanley Gibbons Devon albums. Commences with an 1848 pre-stamp cover. Good showing of 1872 Eagles to 9 Kreuzer and 18 Kreuzer. Then Reichpost issues, Germanias, many covers with better noticed. 1928 Zeppelins 2m and 4m are fine used, Wagnor to 25 PF, good showing of Reich with covers and mini sheets. Volume 2 has a good spread of zones, occupations, West and Berlin including some better 1950's often mint and fine used including 1951 St. Mary's pair. Excellent collection, worth viewing. 80-150
132.    An Interesting Array of Cigarette Cards. Regularly by the major manufacturers but better cards are included including larger format and silks. 40-70
133.    Fourteen Crown Sized Coins, including Solomon Islands 'Bismarck' twenty five dollars 2005 coin, Gibraltar one crown 2006, one florin 1935, G.B. two pounds coin 2006. A small quantity of G.B. and all world base metal coinage. 20-40
134.    Sets of Canadian Coins for 1965 (Two Sets of This Year), 1966, 1967 and 1973. Two further type sets of Canadian coins; one is incomplete. 40-70
135.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps 1971-2001, sometimes in sets, mini sheets, NVI booklets, with a face value of approximately 500 250-270
136.    Australia Stamps, a very interesting group of covers, pre-printed newspaper wrappers, letter cards and censor mail from the 1850's to the 1950's, including Antarctic Territory, Ross Dependency, and Pre Federation States. 30-50
137.    A Quantity of Base Metal Coins, GB and foreign. Foreign banknotes. 20-40
138.    Crowns: 1935 (GF but polished) and 1951 (proof, not boxed.) A modern base metal five pounds coin. A range of other coins, very occasionally silver. 20-40
139.    Small Assortment of Unmounted USA Stamps on Sheets, high face value alone but includes the 13c flags sheet and US birds sheet of fifty. Also civil war, cartoons, wild west and others plus United Nations. 20-30
140.    A Croatia 100 Kuna and a Poland 50 Zlotych, as part of a selection of circulated foreign banknotes which are sometimes current. 30-40
141.    A Carton with Three Schoolboy Albums, and some stamps in tins, note six pages of China. 10-20
142.    In Excess of 13.0 Euros in Coin, a high grade Rhodesia and Nyasaland seven coin type set, 25 cents to half penny, other coins, G.B and Foreign. Foreign banknotes. 20-30
143.    Europe and All World Stamps - Three Large Stockbooks of All World Sorted by Country. Diverse lot includes Austria, Aden, Basutoland, Grenada, Ascension, plus many Europe, South America, USA, etc. (1000's). 50-100
144.    A Good Quantity of Base Metal GB and Foreign Coins. Associated items. 30-40
145.    G.B. London Olympics 2012 Mint Stamps, full set of 29, S.A. sheets of six Gold Medal Winners and full set of thirty-four S.A. sheets of Paralympic Winners, two 2008 handover presentation packs, 2012 welcome cover and two memories of 2012 covers, in excess of 160 N.V.I. face value alone. 80-100
146.    The Stamps of Europe in Two Large Stockbooks, includes a collection of Russia with better middle period, Germany with Reich and Bavaria, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal, Estonia, together with Gibraltar and Morocco Agencies. 40-60
147.    Approximately 160 G.B. Royal Mail Presentation Packs, both commemorative and definitive, 1967-1979, including Post Office Technology, Battle of Hastings 1066, Railways. 30-50
148.    An Assortment of GB and Foreign Coins; very occasionally silver. Euro currency and lower grade ancient material noticed. 20-40
149.    Collections of Clean Cigarette Cards in Two Very Well Filled Albums. Multithematic, Manufacturers present include W. A. & A. C. Churchman, Cope Bros & Co. Ltd and W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd. 30-40
150.    A Good Quantity of Mint G.B. Stamps, Queen Elizabeth II Wildings and Machins, usually as full, part sheets and blocks, 1960's-1970's. 25-40
151.    Approximately 1.50 kgs of Assorted Foreign Coins. Current issues are included but also fantasy coins are present. 15-30
152.    Seven Royal Mint Royal Mail Encapsulated One Pound Coin Commemorative Numismatic First Day Covers, including A Parliament for Scotland (1999), High Value Definitions (2009), A Fine Day Out in Newcastle and Gateshead (2007). 25-40
153.    Stamps - G.B 2012 Gold Medal Winners, Royal Mail Album with collections of 2012 winners in full u/m blocks of 6, used block of 6, u/m pairs and used pairs. Face value of mint alone is 170. 100-150
154.    An Unusual Collection of The Stamps of Transkei, South Africa. In a well laid out stockbook. From first issue 1976-1994. Virtually a complete run of mint and corresponding used sets. Really very attractive and not something you see everyday and off course this short lived "experiment" no longer exists. Good lot. 20-30
155.    A Proof Set, 1970. A collection of circulated pennies, 1903 to 1928, in a Whitman folder. A collection of brass threepences, 1937 to 1967, incomplete but 1946 and 1949 are present. A selection of other coin sets of the world, some silver content. Other coins. Accessories. 30-50
156.    Two Large Stockbooks of the Stamps of Europe and Whole World, with mainstream collections of Hungary, Spain, Monaco, Netherlands with early period, Egypt and Italy. 40-60
157.    A Box File Containing Fifty-Four G.B. F.D.C.'s 1969-73. Somalian F.D.C.'s and postal issue information. Various world wide covers and The Booth catalogue "Collect GB First Day Covers" 29th edition. 15-25
158.    A Morgan Mint Presentation Case, (to hold thirty three coins), including seventeen commemorative crown sized coins. 20-40
159.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps, presentation packs with a face value in excess of 230. 110-130
160.    Ten Interesting G.B. Queen Elizabeth II Early First Day and Other Covers, including pictorial 2nd June 1953 Coronation covers, one of which is registered with a full set, and 1955, First September high value castles 10/ and 1, with an empty album with slipcase. 30-50
161.    36 Heavily Circulated Foreign Banknotes, a quantity of medals and tokens sometimes having a Royalty interest. The Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money (volume 2); seventh edition. 20-30
162.    A Varied Accumulation of Mint and Used All World Stamps in Albums, and a collection of G.B. F.D.C.'s, well worth a look, some good full and part sets, particularly Commonwealth late George VI, early Queen Elizabeth II, often high values. 50-100
163.    Fourteen Royal Mint/Royal Mail Numismatic and Philatelic Covers, including five pounds coins (ten) predominately monarchy themes, two pounds coin 2003 - DNA Discoveries, one pound coin 2003 -Extreme Endeavours, one pound coin 2001 - Northern Island, one pound coin 2002 - Wembley England. 30-50
164.    Commonwealth, World with China Sorted by Country in Two Large Stockbooks, condition varies but some better, with extensive Ceylon, St. Helena, including George 5th, Uruguay, St. Lucia, Greece Hermes heads, British Guiana, Denmark, a few China from Dragons, Rhodesia and others. Worthwhile lot with much to sort (1000's). 40-60
165.    Twenty-Eight Coins, presented in a Ordex aluminium coin case (five trays to hold 205 coins. With tokens including U.S. 2010 Liberty silver one ounce coin, Golden State mint Liberty ounce silver coin, Golden State mint ounce silver coin, U.S. Liberty one dollar 2008, pre-1947 silver including three half crowns 1921, 1992 (2). 30-50
166.    Arms and National Flags. A Thematic Collection of Clean Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards in a Larger Format Album. Regularly the cards are by the major manufacturers. Larger format and silk cards are included in the collection. 40-70
167.    Royalty Interest. A Collection of Clean Tobacco and Non Tobacco Trade Cards by a Variety of Manufacturers. A good section on Princess Diana, silk cards are included in addition. (N.B. Some of the cards in this lot are nostalgia reprints.) 40-70
168.    An Album of Non-Tobacco Trade Cards. Manufacturers present include Aplin & Barrett Ltd, Typhoo Tea Ltd. and Whitbread & Co. Ltd. In a very well filled album. 30-40
169.    An Assortment of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Cards in an Album. Usually the cards aren't in sets but a few nice oddments here. Some of the cards are nostalgia reprints. 30-40
170.    A Collection of Pre-Decimal GB Coinage, of mixed denominations in a SG coin album. 20-40
171.    Thirty Two Morgan Mint Elvis Movies Colorised Half Dollars, contained in a Morgan mint thirty two coin presentation case, certified, unchecked for any duplication. Plus a 2005 U.S half dollar coin. 30-50
172.    World Stamp Ranges in a Sixty-Four Page and Sixteen Page Stockbook, with much Liberia from early to modern, together with Romania, Kenya, Jamaica (with some mint). A Stockbook of the stamps of Turkey (many 100's). 40-60
173.    3.0 Kg GB Coins of Mixed Denominations. 1.0 Kg of foreign coins; current or exchangeable coins noticed. 20-40
174.    Stamps of France- Two Large Stockbooks, with a general collection of used but main value in modern U/M sets, booklet panes and mini sheets from 1980's to post 2000. Attractive lot. 30-50
175.    An Interesting Accumulation of Cigarette Cards. Regularly by the major manufacturers but much of interest here. A lot which could reward careful viewing. 100-150
176.    Approximately Seventy Five Pence Face Value Pre 1947 Silver Coins, a quantity of base metal sixpences in a Haig dimple whisky bottle, other base metal G. B. coinage, occasionally silver. 20-40
177.    A Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal (by T. Brock), this is the bronze version, uncased. A 1970 proof set, further coins and coin sets. 40-70
178.    A Pair of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Crowns (2012); both are offered in presentation packs. Six further presentation coins or coin sets. A small quantity of coins, sometimes silver. Related items. 30-50
179.    3 x Silver proof Crown to Commemorate the D Day Landings; in Westminster coin case. An Isle of Man two pounds, 1995, and 1981, 1982 Royal Mint coin sets. 30-50
180.    Over Two Hundred Britannic Assurance Co. Ltd, '100 Years 1866-1966' Post Paid Cards with Wildings, and Machins attached, all franked Birmingham with Countrywide Cachets. Peculiar!
181.    Approximately Fifty-Eight German Second World War Period 1939-43 Stamp Covers, some very good clear cachets including Nuremberg, Munchen, Hamburg, Kaiserslautern, Berlin and Aschaffenburg, many are registered. Attractive lot. 30-50
182.    Approximately 90 Circulated Foreign Banknotes, which are sometimes current or exchangeable. 20-40
183.    A GB Proof Set, 2008, UK Brilliant Uncirculated coin collections: 1987, 2004 and 2006. 30-50
184.    A 1944 Eight Coin Year Set, halfcrown to farthing. No silver threepence but the other coins are regularly offered in the higher grades. Other coins, almost always as sets. 20-40
185.    LOT WITHDRAWN - G.B. Stamps, a large quantity of George VI covers including 1946 Victory S.G. 491, 2D Ultramarine, 1948 Silver Wedding S.G. 493, 2D Ultramarine, 1948 Olympics S.G. 495, 2D Ultramarine, 1949 U.P.U., S.G. 499 2D Ultramarine, and 1951 Festival S.G. 513, 2D scarlet; together with other George VI covers and a few Victorian pre-paid letter cards, condition variable. 30-50
186.    LOT WITHDRAWN - The 1949 U.P.U. 75th Anniversary Stamps, possibly a complete set as U.M.M. blocks of four, inappropriately sorted, but not stuck together (would iron out), together with a further group of the 1945-46 Victory Omnibus issue in similar condition. 30-50
187.    Stamps - Australia in Two Large Chinese Stock Books, from heads and roos, some air mails. QEII to 10 dollars, heavy duplication of modern issues many hundreds. 20-30
188.    A Mint Sealed Five Pounds Bag of Pre-Decimal Half Pennies, presumably 1967 coins (label dated 16th June 1966). 30-50
189.    Approximately 9.0 Kgs of Mixed Foreign Coins, current and exchangeable coins noticed. 50-100
190.    Stamps of Costa Rica, a decent collection of Costa Rica 1863 to 1950's, well presented. Together with a thirty-two page stockbook with diverse ranges from Sudan, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Trinidad and Iran. Interesting lot. (Many 100's). 40-60
191.    Two Hagner Binders With a Collection of Mint G.B. George 5th to QEII Stamps, with wildings, u/m machins, regionals and some modern sets and mini sheets. With face value in modern material. 40-70
192.    A Circulated States of Jersey Ten Shillings Banknote Number A928246. Four choice and consecutive Somerset banknotes, BR 63 413549 to BR 63 413552 (inclusive). Two further one pound banknotes and two ten shillings notes. A good quantity of base metal coins, regularly pre-decimal pennies and halfpennies. 20-40
193.    G.B. Stamps, commemorative and definitive in eleven well organised stock books 1953 - early 1980's predominently mint, often in blocks with traffic lights and selvedge. Often well annotated, with one or two errors noted. Together with a small quantity of presentation packs. Good amount of face value albeit low denominations. 50-100
194.    Mainly G.B Stamps, untidy lot but with many better items lurking. In a ring binder and stockcards, with a 3 margin Penny Black (cut into). Additional ranges on stockcards with mint George V including inverted wmks, 1924-5 Wembley's. High cat ranges of mint Edward VII (some with control no.'s). Some Queen Victoria in mint blocks, George VI control blocks, etc. Small amount of face with Britannia 10 x 3, condition varies but much is fine. Also a few u/m Iran in blocks, strips and sheets. Including 1972 200r SG 1726 b cat 10.50 each (50 copies), 1999 birds full u/m sheet and others. 60-100
195.    Thirteen Modern Base Metal Five Pounds Coins, three modern base metal two pounds coins and two fifty pence coins, sometimes as presentation packs or coin covers. 60-80
196.    An Assortment of GB and Foreign Coins. Much earlier material herein. A selection of associated oddments.
(N.B. This lot might reward careful viewing.) 50-100
197.    British Commonwealth Stamps - Two Stockbooks of British Commonwealth from Queen Victoria to QEII. Note Niger Coast, Nigeria, COGH, Seychelles, Pitcairn Islands and others. Many 1000's. 40-60
198.    Stamps of New Zealand, India and South America- Two Stockbooks, with New Zealand duplicated Queen Victoria, some later postal fiscals and general ranges, together with India and states, Pakistan with George 6th, Peru and Ecuador. (Many 100's). 40-60
199.    3.70 Kg of Mixed GB and Foreign Base Metal Coins. Foreign coins predominate and many of them are current or exchangeable. 40-70
200.    Nineteen Interesting G.B. George VI First Day and Other Covers, including 1939 high value 'Arms' Air Mail to Columbia, Olympic Games 1948 set on cover, 1951 high values set registered First Day, and other combinations. 50-100
201.    G.B. Stamps, mint modern commemorative issues as supplied by Royal Mail as 'Smilers' sheets including Occasions, Consignia 2001, all 1st and 2nd class N.V.I. Face value in excess of 180. 90-110
202.    Two Late XIX Century to Mid XX Century All World Stamp Stock Books, interest in Early America including Presidents, Officials and Local Post Carried labels including East River P.O. and Husseys S.M. Post (as seen), G.B penny reds and two pence blues, Australian States. GB Consular Service 1 revenue on piece, some European Classics (mixed condition), India GV 25 rupees. Of note is Australia 3p merino ram SG 151 in a fine u/m 'John Ash' gutter block of 4. Viewing recommended. 30-60
203.    G.B. Stamps, mint modern commemorative issues as supplied by Royal Mail on stock cards, including mini sheets. A quantity of first class N.V.I. noted. Face value on excess of 250. 120-140
204.    GB Large Stockbook of GB from Edward VII-QEII. Some better material apparent including 1924 Wembley mint (x2), 1948 Wedding 1 mint, mint George 5th and 6th, then QEII with Wildings and modern face, together with two additional stockbooks with GB and Commonwealth QEII. 40-70
205.    Guernsey Stamps Mint Presentation Packs, from First Independent Definitive Issues 1969 and virtually complete to 1986 in five albums, together with over 40 F.D.C's from the 1970's and a large quantity of Hagner stock cards and some album leaves in packets. 20-40
206.    A Large Quantity of Channel Islands First Day Covers, 1969-mid 1980's, largely I.O.M. and Guernsey with Jersey oddments; together with a full used stock book similar and the Stanley Gibbons 2010 Specialised Channel Islands and I.O.M. catalogue (R.R.P. 27). 20-40
207.    Approximately One Pound and Twenty Five Pence Face Value (Pre-1947) Silver G.B. Coins, in excess of thirty commemorative crowns and medallions, G.B. base metal coinage, a small quantity of G.B. (face value) mint stamps. 20-40
208.    Stamps Canada - Box With a Collection of Canada Year Packs For 1980-89, (plus duplicates), 12 year packs, high face value, also three other books of GB and other stamps. 30-50
209.    Fourteen Royal Mint Royal Mail Encapsulated Five Pounds Coin Commemorative Numismatic First Day Covers, redeemable value 80, including London 2012, The Restoration of the Monarchy; together with Trafalgar Cover 2005 with George VI S.G. 509 2/6 'Victory' encapsulated silver ingot, plus other first day cover Philatelic numismatic cover oddments. 40-60
210.    Canada/Cinderella- Collection of Canada in Two Hagner Binders. From QV heads to modern mint and used. Note SG 116 50c (2), SG 285 1928 olive green dollar used, officials, etc. Includes a nice selection of revenues with law stamps, gas and light inspection with values to 10 dollars (31 items), together with some USA including duplicated Ohio revenues (95) and New York stock transfer stamps (48), 2nd binder with u.m. Canada to $5. 50-100
211.    Two 1951 Proof Coins, a quantity of other base metal coins, GB and Foreign. Three white metal commemorative medals. Other related and associated items. 20-30
212.    A Small Quantity of (Pre 1947) G.B Silver Coins, including halfcrowns 1921, 1943, florin 1921, G.B and all world base metal coinage, commemorative crowns and other oddments. 15-25
213.    The Stamps of Germany, a small collection in a partly filled stock book. 15-20
214.    A Lovely and Extensive Collection of Clean Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards, almost always having a transport theme (cars and ships). Offered in two top quality larger format albums. (N.B. An occasional set in this lot is a nostalgia reprint.) 70-120
215.    G.B. Stamps, Victoria to early Queen Elizabeth II, largely used and much duplicated, with several items on piece, good amount of perforated Penny Reds, two pence blues, surface printed, Jubilees, fiscals, postal Stationery cut outs, etc, some high values noted, large quantity of George V and George VI issues, in two stockbooks, one of which has a few pages of used Czechoslovakia stamps. 30-50
216.    Man in Flight (by Shell); Two Complete Sets of 'Coins' and 'Historic Cars', (one 'coin' missing). 10-15
217.    Natural History. An Extensive Collection of Clean Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards by a Variety of Manufacturers. In two albums, one being larger format. (N.B. Some of the cards in this lot are nostalgia reprints.) 60-90
218.    Stamps of Cyprus and Malta- Two Stockbooks, with duplicated Cyprus, Malta, Mauritius and Norway. Useful ranges of duplicated Cyprus from Queen Victoria (postmark interest) to George 6th including mint. Noted SG 160/161 mint 18p and 45p. Malta also includes QV, GV and George 6th. Together with Norway from early period, good lot to sort. 40-60
219.    Isle of Man Stamps- Collection of U/M apparently complete 1973 to 1996 in a luxury Lindner hingeless album. Face value alone over 140 and album costs 100+. 35-60
220.    A Small Assortment of Stamps, on stock cards. Mainly Australia and Canada. However, also included some additional better items with 1945 BMA Malaya mint to 5 dollars, Andorra, Sardinia, Colombian States, Tibet and Saudi Arabia mini sheet - 1982 New Postal Buildings SG MS 1334 (4 sheets) u/m. 30-60
221.    Railways. A Nice Thematic Collection of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards; vintage and modern. In two albums. 40-60
222.    Stamps - Egypt, small binder with duplicated used Egypt from Pyramid types through to middle period on stock pages, (1700 plus stamps). 40-60
223.    A Multithematic Collection of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Trade Cards in Two Very Well Filled Albums. The cards very regularly are by the major Manufacturers. 30-40
224.    Ogdens Ltd: Poultry (1915) Sixteen Cards, Alexander Boguslavsky Ltd: Mythological Gods and Goddesses (1924), sixteen cards. As part of a good collection of earlier cigarette cards in three contemporary albums. 50-70
225.    An Attractive Array of Cigarette Cards by R. & J. Hill Ltd, Westminster Tobacco Co. Ltd, W. D. & H. O. Wills Ltd and others in two very well filled albums. Very regularly the cards depict views of interest around Britain. 30-40
226.    Morocco Agencies (British Post Offices) Including Tangier, an exceptional collection, 1898 Q. V. onwards lightly mounted mint, with often corresponding used sets, it is almost complete, with very few issues missing, including 1898 type 1 S.G. 1-8 with shades and varieties, 1903 Edward VII S.G. 17-23 duplicated with high values, pairs, shades and varieties, George V, nearly all the various printings of Seahorses, and many blocks showing ovpt. varieties and shades, viewing highly recommended- superb; together with a stock book of mint repetitives. 800-1200
227.    The Stamps of Greece in Two Full Albums, 1861-1960's mint and used, extensive early Hermes and Mercury's, 1926 Air S.G. 408, and 4089 mint, 1933 Zeppelins S.G. 458-460 mint (cat 370+) and 1952 S.G. 698-701 Anti-Communism mint set of four noted, all carefully annotated with S.G. numbers. 40-80
228.    Stamps - Ceylon - a large Compass stock book, almost as new, with a reasonable collection of early imperfs. Many high cat items though condition variable as usual. Particularly strong George V with annotation, SG 353 die 1, etc; duplicated 1935 Jubilee with much duplication throughout. George VI includes values to 5 rupees (mint) and used (7, most fine used). 50-100
229.    Commonwealth Stamps, mid XX Century on album leaves including Canada 1942 War Effort set of fourteen, S.G. 399-400 Air 6c and 7c, 1946 Peace set of seven, 1947 Norfolk Island set mint, Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius, Tokelau, South Africa and a large quantity of used 1946 Omnibus issues. 20-40
230.    Stamps - West Berlin, a fairly comprehensive collection, mainly used, in a stock book, with high cat value and duplication. With Berlin overprints, some better 1950's, then duplicated to modern. 30-50
231.    G.B. Stamps, a good selection mint and used 1840 to early Queen Elizabeth II, space filler Penny Black, blues, reds, including mint plate 204 A, H, with selvedge, surface printed Victorian issues up to two Shillings, green and lilacs, Jubilees, reds on piece for post marks, Edward VII up to S.G. 250, 9D mint, George V mint and used including 1924 and 1925 Wembleys, Edward VIII in blocks and part sheets, Seahorses and George VI 1948 S.G. 478B V.M.M. 1 pair amongst much of interest. Good lot. 50-100
232.    Stamps of the Commonwealth, in a large stockbook, with duplicated Bermuda from Queen Victoria to George 6th, including mint, Malaya and Straits Settlements, Sarawak, etc, together with some Switzerland and South America. 50-80
233.    Luxembourg Stamps, M.M. and fine used collection on album leaves 1951-58, with 1933 airmail set, includes 1952 Olympics set, 1955 Mondorf-Les-Bains Flowers, catalogue value 900+. 80-100
234.    Stamps - New Zealand, a good clean run of u/m sets on Hagner pages in a binder 1990-1994, with lots of mini sheets, blocks of 4, attractive thematic's and very high face value. Worthwhile lot, few hundred. 40-60
235.    Twenty-Three Interesting G.B. First Day Covers 1936-1952, including Three Kings 1937, Victory 1946, 1948 S.G. 478B, 1 (Gleadless P.M.), 1951 Festival of Britain, and 1940 S.G. 479-484, set of six (3). 50-100
236.    A Splendid Collection of GB Strike Post and Cinderella Material, very well presented in a Windsor album with a wealth of information, with 1962 Peoples League, 1971 Emergency Covers, Plymouth Pennycabs, various locals, extensive Roland Hill Exporters, 1965 Harrison essays and Air Mail essays. A lovely collection with some scarcer items included. 50-100
237.    South Africa Stamps. A very good accumulation on album pages, George V to Queen Victoria, mint and used, with many blocks and doubles, including controls. 30-50
238.    Stamps - West Berlin, mainly fine used collection in a stock book from Berlin overprint types to 1990. Much of later period is in u/m sets. Cat. value over 1230 plus. 75-100
239.    G.B. George VI Stamp Accumulation, a very good collection mint and used on stockcards, album pages, as bundleware, and sorted in packets, includes 1939-48 S.G. 476-478B, two shilling six-1 full set L.M.M. and corresponding used set, and much duplicated used, 1948 Silver Wedding mint, First Day Covers-1951 Festival, 1948 Olympics, 1949 U.P.U. amongst others, with a large quantity of definitive and commemorative mint control blocks. Viewing highly recommended. High catalogue value. 100-200
240.    Stamps of Canada- (Also Some Japan). A Fine Thirty-Two page Stockbook, with early to modern ranges of Canada, Newfoundland and some Japan, with a good range of Queen Victoria heads and later QV including duplicated 1897 Jubilee issues. Together with five pages of Newfoundland and a few Japan. 40-60
241.    A Quantity of George V, George VI, Edward VIII Bundleware, mint and used Wildings and Machins both commemorative and definitive, sorted into packets, loose and stock books, often with S.G. numbers, together with other philatelic oddments. 25-40
242.    Stamps - Large Stock Book with a Collection of Syria, mainly early to middle period with Airs, postage dues and a few modern. Many 100's. 50-80
243.    A Quantity of G.B. Post Office Headquarters Cards, including #1 County Cricket 3p, #3 Inigo Jones (2), Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference, 1973 Royal Wedding and 1974 Fire Engine, thereafter much duplicated to the 1980's. 20-40
244.    British Occupation of Italian Colonies Stamps, a very good nearly complete mint collection on album leaves, some high value items and ovpt. varieties, including M.E.F. 1943 S.G. M19, M20 1/6, 5/, Cyrenaica 1950 S.G. 136-148 set of thirteen mint, 1948 B.M.A. Eritrea S.G. E10-E12, 2/6-10/, 1950 B.A. Eritrea S.G. E23-E25, 2/6-10/, 1950 B.A. Eritrea S.G. E30-E32, 2/6-10/, 1943 Somalia E.A.F. S.G. 59 2/6, 1948 B.M.A. S.G. 519, 520, 2/6, 5/, 1950 B.A. S.G. 530, 531, 2/6 5/, 1948 B.M.A. Tripolitania S.G. T11, T12, 2/6, 5/, 1950 B.A. Tripolitania S.G. T24, T25, 2/6, 5/, 1951 B.A. Tripolitania S.G. T24-T26 2/6-10/, viewing recommended, huge catalogue value. 60-120
245.    U.S.A. Stamps, three full stock books of pre-cancelled "thirteens" 1902-1931, very neatly laid out into annotated state groupings. 40-80
246.    Two Stock Books, with a collection of G.B commencing with three Penny Blacks (2 to 3 margins), Queen Victoria, Edward VII duplicated used values, 5S seahorse shade (good used) - bright carmine? Later period to George VI and QEII. A 2nd stock book sparse with machin high values to 5 (3) U/M, mint Queen Victoria, Morocco Agencies and Middle East Forces. 100-140
247.    The Stamps of Italy 1863-2000's, predominantly used, some good earlier including 1891 King Umberto S.G. 61, five lire, carmine and blue, 1950 Radio Conference S.G. 750, 5SL blue, 1951 Centenary First Tuscan stamp S.G. 780, 5SL, 1951 Milan Fair S.G. 784, 5SL, Montecassino high values and much more, meticulously annotated by S.G. number with some duplication, colour shifts and shades noted. Choice material. 50-80
248.    Stock Book With a Collection of Vietnam Stamps, early 1950's to late 1960's. Note duplication of early 1950's issues. 20-40
249.    The Stamps of Greece, 1861-late XX Century mint and used, in two albums, some good full and part sets, excellent thematics, and Lemnos, Epirus, and Cretian ovpts.- undervalued. 20-40
250.    Falkland Islands and Dependencies Stamps, some good material, all M.M. including George VI 1946 S.G. G1-8 thick maps as pairs all showing "Gap in 80th Parallel" flaw on left stamp and corresponding "Thin Maps" set, 1949 U.P.U. set, George VI 1944 ovpts. as sets to 1 shilling for South Orkneys, South Georgia, South Shetland and Graham Land with some duplication, 1952 set mint to 2 shillings, six pence and more. Nice little lot. 30-60
251.    Stamps of Australia- Thirty-Two Page Stockbook of Australian States and Australia. Includes ten pages of states with duplication but some better from imperf issues, together with general ranges of Australia from Roos and Heads, George 6th values to 2 and through to modern. Lots to sort through (1000's). 50-100
252.    G.B. Stamps, a very good album of predominantly used issues Victoria-George V, large amount of Penny Reds- used abroad noted, Bantams including nice pairs, 1847 embossed issues cut square, large amount of surface printed including high values, mint and used Jubilees up to one shilling, fiscals, good quantity of Morocco Agencies ovpts., contract notes, controls, Victoria Bechuanaland ovpts., Seahorses and much more. Viewing recommended.. 200-400
253.    Stamps - Germany States and Occupations, an excellent accumulation of States and Occupations issues in a stock book. Condition varies but many fine, with particular strong Bavaria from imperfs (48), good Prussia, Wurtemburg, then some SAAR and Occupations. Good pickings to be had here, huge cat value. 50-100
254.    U.S. Stamps 1960's-1970's, in three full albums, with masses of well researched annotation and U.S.P.S. leaflets, interesting issues such as American hero poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, 1963 First 48 Star "Flags"- one of the few non British stamps with no country name. 40-60
255.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Elizabeth II Castles 1955 Waterlow used selection, 1959 De La Rue selection and 1967 Bradbury Wilkinson selection all used, with mint control blocks 1967 no WMK. Attractive lot. 30-50
256.    Australia Stamps 1913-1967, largely lightly mounted mint in a pre-printed album, some good material including S.G. 19 "Kookaburra" 6D claret, good selection of M.M. Roos 2D-2/ and George V to 1930 including S.G. 120 five pence ovpt., 1932 S.G. 140 1/ green Lyrebird M.M., 1935 Silver Jubilee set M.M., 1940 S.G. 196-199 Imperial Forces set M.M., Post Decimal Navigators and more. 50-100
257.    Australia Stamps, predominantly used 1913-1960's, good selection of "Roos" including S.G. 136-138, 10 shilling to 2 good used, George V, 1934 S.G. 152, 9D purple good used, 1935 Silver Jubilee set good used, 1940 Imperial Forces set good used, and 1963 Explorers set good used, amongst much of interest; together with a small album of used Australian states issues with some choice spacefillers. 50-100
258.    Germany Stamps, a huge much duplicated, comprehensive collection from unification 1949 to the 1990's, very well laid out with a lot of complete sets and missing very little, predominently used, viewing recommended. 40-60
259.    G.B. Stamps, very good group of George VI covers, seven 1940 Centenary sets, P.M. Huddersfield, 1948 Victory Guernsey, 1948 Olympics, six 1951 Festivals, 1937, 1D brown (4), Jersey Occupation D with Evening Post selvedge block of three 1942 and peculiar 1D Occupation Issue P.M. 1941 with 1940-1945 label? Great lot. 50-100
260.    A Large Pre-Printed Lighthouse Album of The Stamps of Germany 1872-1944, a little sparse in places but some good sets and part sets including 1941/42 Polish General Government, early Deutsches Reich, 1922 officials, airmails, very good mint and used inflationaries up to 50 million marks, 1936 Olympics on pieces with stadium post marks, 1937 Hitlers Culture Fund S.G. MS 635, U.M. mini sheet of four P.M. Munchen, Brown Ribbon Munchen 1936 mini sheet, 1937 Winter Relief Fund S.G. 639-647 set of nine M.M. and much more of interest. 50-100
261.    U.S.A. Stamps, in a pre-printed Schaubek album and well filled stock book 1851-late1960's, the album containing a fairly comprehensive used collection with a good selection of early Presidents, Columbian Exposition, 1901 good Pan American Exposition set to 10c, pre-cancels, airmails, 1894-1925 postage dues and a few "back of book" 1873 officials, with many full and part sets, the stock book being wholly U.M.M. or lightly mounted mint issues 1935 onwards often as control blocks of four or more. 50-100
262.    The Stamps of The Netherlands, a good quality pre-printed Davo album, 1852-1983, predominantly good used, some good complete and part sets with some high values, good basis for completion. 40-60
263.    Monaco Stamps, a predominantly mint album, 1920-1973, 1933, seven values to S.G. 41, 1937 ovpt. set, 1940 Red Cross set, 1948 Olympics, 1948 Centenary of Joseph BO510 set mint, and 1955 S.G. 510, 511 mint noted, way above average, catalogue value 3,800+. 180-250
264.    The Stamps of Liechtenstein 1954-1983, M.M. on album leaves, includes S.G. 327-329 Termination of Marian Year set, 1956 Athletics, 1954 Football set of four, 1960 airmails, 1962 MS412A Anniversary sheet, and much more, in very good condition, and well annotated, catalogue value 960+. 80-120
265.    Over 100 German Second World War Era Stamp Covers, with very varied and interesting cachets, together with three paper Nazi propaganda leaflets, including one dated 01/09/39 addressing the Americans, informing them that Adolf Hitler had sent his soldiers into Poland. 40-60
266.    A Fascinating Small Collection of First Flight Censor and Maritime Cover, most with Doncaster interest. Noted 1938 First Flight Doncaster to London with Cachet Doncaster Municipal Airport 3rd October 1938. Also New Zealand first flights with SG 551 5d air (2), Maritime Mail. George VI Censor covers (about thirty cover) interesting lot. 40-80
267.    Romania Stamps, a very good early collection in a large full album, 1862-1947 mint and used including 1862 S.G. 29 and 30 mint, good selection of imperf and perf Prince/later King Carol issues, Welfare Funds, 1918 Transylvania ovpts., Kztrsasg ovpts., later issues often mint with full and part sets, with a very good selection of postage dues. 30-50
268.    A Fine Collection of G.B Stamps and Covers to 1967, commences with 1784 and 1792 Bishop Mark covers then a reasonable 3 margin Penny Black with Red MX, 1841 Reds (4). Included a good to fine used collection of Penny Reds missing only plates 77 and 225 with condition well above average, 1858-1879 Blues plates 7 to 15 (7 different). Also reasonable QV surface printed, Edward VII, George V with Sea Horses to 105. Then a general collection mint and used to 1967. Some mixed condition but much is fine, particularly the Penny Reds and Blues. 100-200
269.    G.B. Stamps. A very good and interesting collection of covers, largely George VI, but with George V, Edward VIII, and Queen Elizabeth II oddments. Condition not always good, but nonetheless some unusual items including 1946 London to Doncaster (x2) 1D bisects, 1953 1d showing 'chopped nose' variety, Harmer Auction catalogue 1943, postage dues, censor mails, ship and air, field posts and more viewing recommended. Good lot. 40-60
270.    A Very Large Rapkin 'Challenge' All World Stamp Album, very sparse but with some high value items hidden within for those who persevere. Largely first half of the XX Century including Antigua, Belgium 1929 Express Set of four mint, 1932 Research 'Balloons' set of three mint, Bavaria 1914 King Ludwig III set of twenty, Canada 1930 'Air' SC deep drown, Cayman Islands, Falkland Islands 1933 S.G. 127-134, d -1/ mint, Holland 1928 Olympics set of eight mint, Italy, Montserrat, Newfoundland, Norway 1922 S.C 163-166 set mint, 1925 Air set, 1930 'Norths' set three mint and good Romania, Persia, Sudan, Spain and U.S.A well worth a look. 30-50
271.    Canada Stamps. A fabulous lightly m.m. and u.m.m. accumulation 1870-1977. Some choice high catalogue material including 1897 Jubilee 'Double Heads' up to S.G. 134, 50c ultramarine, Downey Heads 1897-1902 up to 7 cents, 1898 Imperial Penny Postage Christmas variants, 1908 Quebec Tercentenary Double Heads, to S.G. 194, 15c brown orange, etc, 1928 'Bluenose Fishing' 50c, some superb coil strips. All immaculately laid out on stock pages in an album. Later issues with some phosphor band varieties. Viewing recommended. 150-200
272.    Luxembourg Stamps, 1859-2000, in a large full stock book, mint and used, fastidiously arranged and often annotated, some good clear "socked on the nose" postmarks, officials, and ovpts. Viewing recommended. Good lot. 100-150
273.    Liechtenstein Stamps, 1933-1948 predominantly mint in a high quality pre-printed with mounts album, sparse in places, nonetheless some good material and excellent basis for completion, high catalogue value. 100-150
274.    G.B. Stamps, an unusual collection Victoria to early Queen Elizabeth II, almost wholly on piece collated for postmarks, some very attractive multiple frankings, field posts, used abroad and slogans. Fascinating study. 40-60
275.    Stamps - West Germany 1971 - 1980 Collection, nearly complete both unmounted mint and fine used in a luxury hinge less 'Bi Collect' album with spaces for both mint and used. Very high cat. value, few 100's. Album alone retails 100 plus. 40-60
276.    The Stamps of Italy, mint and used from 1861 Neapolitan Provinces to the 1960's, in a pre printed Borek album, some really choice items including S.G. 10 Embossed Neapolitan 2g blue mint, S.G. 16 good used, 1890 King Umberto S.G. 45 ovpt. 20c on 30c brown mint, parcel post ovpts., 1911 Jubilees, and 1929 Monte Cassino S.G. 263, 264 mint and used, high catalogue value. 30-50
277.    G.B. and Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used in a full well organised stock book, lots of interest with most countries well represented, G.B. used Seahorses, reds, blues and surface printed, Canada including mint 1928 booklet panes 1c and 2c, large amount of 1946 Omnibus issues, Falkland Islands and dependencies. Worth viewing. 40-80
278.    Germany Stamps, a large much duplicated predominently used comprehensive collection 1923 - 1949 in a large well laid out stock book. Some high catalogue items noted. 30-50
279.    LOT WITHDRAWN - A Very Good Mint Commonwealth and All World George VI Stamp Album, many full and part sets with occasional missing items, but high values usually present, including Montserrat 1938 S.G. 101-110, D-5/, Dominica 1938 S.G. 99-107 D-2/6, Antigua 1938 S.G. 98-106, D-2/6, St. Kitts 1938 S.G. 68-77, D-5/, Gibraltar 1938 S.G. 121-131, D-1, Bahamas 1938 S.G. 149-157, D-1 and similar for Greada, St. Helena, Cayman Islands, Bechuanaland, Nyasaland, Solomon Isles, Fiji, Gambia, St. Vincent, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Ceylon, Southern Rhodesia, Sudan and much more. Viewing highly recommended, high catalogue value. 300-500
280.    LOT WITHDRAWN - Commonwealth Stamps, a very good mint George VI accumulation in a stock book, including Leeward Islands 1938 S.G. 113, 10/ and S.G. 114, 1, Bermuda 1938 S.G. 116, 2/ (2), S.G. 117, 2/6, S.G. 118, 5/ (2), Falkland Islands 1938 S.G. 168, 1, Bahamas 1948 S.G. 178-193 set of sixteen to 1, G.B. 1942 S.G. 476A 2/6 green strip of four and other excellent material for New Zealand, St. Vincent, Jamaica, amongst others. Viewing highly recommended. Very high catalogue value. 200-400
281.    Berlin Stamps, interesting collection much duplicated mint and used 1948-1987. Good amount of early overprints with rare S.G. B17 1M and S.G. B34 2M (red ovpt.) good used and many other high catalogue items. 30-50
282.    G. B. Victoria Perforated Used Penny Red Collection in a Stock Book, sometimes plates, includes a blued block of five and several pairs, a good number still on paper with very good clear cancels. Good little lot. 30-50
283.    LOT WITHDRAWN - A Varied and Interesting Mid XX Century Stamp Accumulation, in a large stock book, including a good amount of covers, full G.B. stamp sheets, G.B. stamps on piece for cachets, U.S.A. stamps as mint blocks of four, and Commonwealth F.D.C.'s. Good lot. 50-100
284.    West Germany-Federal Republic 1949-1957 Stamp Issues, fine used complete album excluding 1951 National Philatelic Exhibition pair, very well laid out with copious annotation almost to exhibition standard, with some very good covers, catalogue value well over 3,000. 170-250
285.    Danzig Stamps 1920-1939, much duplicated mint and used. Very comprehensive and well laid out, with a lot of high catalogue items and a few nice F.D.C's in back of book. 30-50
286.    Ethiopia Stamps, mint and used in a stock book, much duplicated from 1894 S.G.1 - 1970's. Some good material including 1919 set mint to $10, 1931 'AIRS', 1936 Italian colonies, then fairly comprehensive to the 1970's, with a small collection of air mails. 30-50
287.    Sweden Stamps, a very good well organised fine used and mint collection 1862-1960's, including 1924 U.P.U. set M.M. to 1K and complete used set to 5K. 150-200
288.    Australia Stamps, a half filled stock book of mint issues almost wholly as blocks of four or more, 1942-1952, including 1947 Marriage of Queen Elizabeth II and Anniversary of Newcastle, 1949, 75th Anniversary of The U.P.U., 1942-50 George VI set S.G. 203-208, 1948 Sir Ferdinand Von Mueller, 1951 Foundation of The Commonwealth, and 1950 Centenary of First Adhesives, much duplicated with shades and varieties, and nearly always with government printed selvedge. 30-60
289.    Canada Stamps. A lightly mounted and u.m.m. accumulation on stock cards. A good amount of Special Delivery issues. 1942 S.G. 513 and 514 and earlier 1898-S.G. S1, 10 cent green, 1930's issues with overprints. Viewing recommended. 100-200
290.    A Very Good GB Stamp Album Mint and Used 1840-1970. Including a good four margin Penny Black 'ND' plate 5 clear red MX., 152 plated used Penny Reds, two pence blues, Bantams, small amount of surface printed. S.G. 178-181 high values good used, Edward VII high values, good selection of mint Downey Heads, several fine used Seahorses, George VI S.G. 476-478B 'Arms' high values set used. Thereafter largely mint and almost complete, including all phosphors and booklet panes. 150-250
291.    Small album of a Collection of G.B. Mini Sheets and Sheet Lets 1990 - 2015, good lot with high face prestige items all different with a face value of over 300. 140-180
292.    G.B. Victoria and Edward VII Government Department Overprints, including I.R. Official on 1D Lilacs mint and used, 6D grey plate 18 (five used) and Jubilee 6D S.G. L15 9018) mint. Army Official Jubilee 21/2D S.G. (044) mint, Govt. Parcels Jubilee 9D S.G. L28 (067) mint and one shilling green S.G. L29 (068) mint. With a superb 1878 Telegraph five shillings rose, plate 1 with clear Royal Exchange Glasgow C.D.S and further Edward VII overprints. Catalogue well over 1000 on two album leaves.
293.    United States "Union" Illustrated Cover Franked, with Scott #65 George Washington 3c Rose with Hopeville 10WA 1867 postmark, with letter inside written on "The Philipsburg Water Cure" Retreat for Invalids leaflet. 20-40
294.    GB Edward VII 1902-1910 Full Mint Set to One Shilling, with shades, duplicates and booklet pane; together with two further stock cards of used issues, various printings with Paquebot cancels on piece amongst interesting c.d.s. with notes.
295.    G.B. Stamps, George V Selection, on stockcards, including block cipher 1924 set mint, with controls, aniline scarlet Downey Heads used, Seahorses and eight mint 1924/25 Wembleys. 40-60
296.    G.B. Stamps- Eight George VI covers, either franked with 1937 Coronation or 1948 Silver Wedding (four with 1 value). 40-80
297.    Australia Stamps, George V 1918-1922 mint blocks, S.G. 56 D orange block of six, with very rough perf, top right selvedge block six very pale orange, 1919 S.G. 58, 1D black brown top left selvedge block of six, 1922 S.G. 57B, 1D red violet block of six, 1924 S.G. 78, 2D red brown pair, and others. Lovely group. 30-50
298.    Two Very Different and Interesting Covers, 1929 cover to Hamburg, franked with 1929 charity 10pf (2) and 15pf (2) tied by oval Danzig 5 Luftpost with two airmail and reg. labels, boxed cachet in red, and a 1930 first despatch by catapult plane cover, Brooklyn to England with S.S. Europa red box cachet, rare thing; together with an American WWII propaganda leaflet "5 Minutes to Twelve" with cartoon on rear. 20-40
299.    G.B. Stamps Victoria and Edward VII Departmental Official Overprints, Inland Revenue, Army, Admiralty, Govt. Parcels and the extremely rare Edward VII 1902 S.G. 087 "Board of Education" on shilling (fugitive fading), also 1902 S.G. 078 one shilling "Govt. Parcels" mint noted. 50-100
300.    Australia Stamps, 1932 Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge S.G. 141-144, 2D to 5/ good used, together with 1964-65 Birds S.G. 363-367 as U.M.M. pairs, the 3/5 Blue Wren being possibly S.G. 367A ordinary paper. 20-40
301.    Eight Interesting G.B. George V First Day and Other Covers, including photogravure 4d value on plain cover cancelled by Ligoniel, Belfast, CDS 2nd December 1935, First Day 18 March 1935 2d and 3d registered to Athens and other combinations. 20-40
302.    G.B. Stamps- A group of six Edward VIII and George VI First Day Covers, two of which are extraordinary, unique, hand-painted pen, ink and watercolours of The National Gallery and Buckingham Palace, the latter having Prince Edward Island Banff franking, the others being in very good condition, often N.Y. back stamps, and Windsor to the fore, superb, viewing recommended. 50-100
303.    GB Victoria Surface Printed Group on Stock Card, including 1876 S.G. 141 21/2d rosy mauve plate 4 inverted watermark mint, and one shilling orange brown plate 13 good used. A good lot.
304.    G.B. Stamps, 1959 De La Rue Castles high values, watermark multiple crowns set of four U.M.M. S.G. 595-598 with three control blocks of four S.G. 595, 2/6, 1A, 2A and 8A, S.G. 596 control block of four 2A, and S.G. 598, 1 control 1A black of two, high catalogue value. 50-100
305.    G.B. Stamps- An unusual registered cover bearing a block of four 1948 Silver Wedding 1, S.G. 494 to Zurich, Switzerland from Fenchurch St. London, slightly overpaid letter rate; 20-40
306.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria 1887-92 Jubilee Issue used set, duplicated including a good used S.G. 212 1 green K, C- few blunt perfs, nonetheless fair example of this expensive stamp. 80-120
307.    Australia Stamps 1937-49, almost complete set including high values to 1, lightly mounted mint with some blocks and good used high values, various printing, perfs and re-touches noted. 50-100
308.    Great Britain Stamps. George VI 1939-48, S.G. 476-478B 2/6-1, faultless set of six, U.M.M. well centred, with very good perfs, some with selvedge. Together with further M.N.H. S.G. 476A 2/6 green, S.G. 477, 5/red and S.G. 478B, 1 brown. Excellent. Cat. 500+. 200-250
309.    South Africa Stamps. A good group of errors - 1953 S.G. 145a 'Broken Knee' (2) bottom sheet pair, and block four, 1953 S.G. 144 1d marginal block of four, one stamp showing 'dot below 1953', 1953 Coronation S.G. 143 'mole on lip', 1952 S.G. 139 41/2d 'black signet ring', and 1952 S.G. 140 1/- brown 'bird on gun'. Rare items, l.m.m. 20-40
310.    G.B. Stamps- Eight very good covers, 1924 Wembley Air Mail Exhibition franked to Zurich, Switzerland, 1935 Silver Wedding as sets and singles- one lovely cover to Que Que, Southern Rhodesia, and one to 'Mitsui Bank Ltd. New York', purportedly carried aboard S.S. Aquitania. Lovely lot. 50-100
311.    Stamps: Malaya/Kedah 1950 Definitives L.M.M. S.G. 76-90, one cent- to $5 set of twenty-one good perfs, no toning, all most part O.G., mult script C.A., C.S.P., Sultan Badlishah on high values, very good group, high catalogue value. 20-40
312.    G.B. Stitched Stamp Booklets. A rare complete George VI 1942, 2/6 green cover 'Walters Palm Toffee' #177 S.G. BD17 light colours, 6 x 2d, 6 x 2d, 6 x d, cat. val. 800+, with complete George V, 1951, 5/ buff cover inland Christmas cards, S.G. BD 30 dark colours 18 x 2d, 6 x 2d, 6 x d, 1938 S.G. BD1A slot machine plain booklet with two panes of 1d brown with interleave, 1952 5/ buff S.G. BD31, both with just one pane of pale blue 1d. Two further empty booklets, and a 1965 QEII complete 2/- booklet. High cat. value. 150-200
313.    Australia Stamps, 1963-5 High Value Explorers set of 6 S.G. 355-360, 4/-2 unmounted mint with extra S.G. 358 and 359, all very good perfs, with corresponding fine used set with extras. 30-50
314.    Malta, G.B. Victoria Stamps Used Abroad, a good group 1857 "M"-A25, up to one shilling with a rare part cover Malta-New Zealand 1862-Sept 30th- arriving November 21st, (right in the middle of the Otago Gold Rush), one or two inverted watermarks noted. 30-50
315.    G.B. Stamps, thirty-three used two pence blues, including three 1840 S.G. 5 imperforate no white lines I, A, S, L, and I, I, with MX cancels and a fine used S.G. 45 pair. 50-100
316.    United States 1865 Large Format Newspaper and Periodicals Stamp Proofs on Thick Paper, Scott PR1-PR3 (as perforated stamps), two sets, 5c Washington (white border), 10c Franklin and 25c Franklin (orange red), mounted mint. 50-100
317.    Cyprus Stamps, Victoria to George VI on six stockcards, including 1880 S.G. 4, 4D sage green plate 16 M.M. (with marks), 1894 S.G. 40-48 PI-18PI M.M., 1902 S.G. 51-55 M.M., S.G. 60-66 M.M., George V 1912-23 nine values S.G. 86-98 M.M. to 18PI, and George VI 1938 S.G. 151-163 set of nineteen to 1 M.M. very nice group, catalogue value over 560. 100-150
318.    Stamps: Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika 1903 Q.V., one rupee S.G. 92b bright ultramarine, very lightly mounted mint, one or two blunt perfs otherwise very fine and scarce, cat. 550. 150-200
319.    Stamps: Japan 1916, S.G. 191 Proclamation of Prince Hirohito as Heir Apparent 10 sen blue top value, usual brownish gum, one short perf, scarce stamp. cat 950. 90-120
320.    G.B. Stamp, Queen Victoria 1891 S.G. 212 1 green, good used example with Guernsey cancellation, fresh with good perforations, L, C. 50-100
321.    Stamps: Great Britain 1880, 2/- brown plate 1 S.G. 121 used Liverpool cancel H.B. slight 'nik' top left side, cat. 800. 250-300
322.    Stamps: British Solomon Islands 1908, S.G. 8-17 set of small canoes, missing 2/6, lovely lightly mounted mint group, full set cat 200. 40-60
323.    Stamps: Hong Kong 1912-21 George V, S.G. 113, $2 carmine red and grey-black, m.m. wmk mca, lovely bright stamp with good perfs, cat 200. 60-80
324.    Stamps: North Borneo 1939 George VI, S.G. 317, $5 indigo and pale blue, gum lightly toned, mounted mint and fresh, cat 800. 200-250
325.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria 1840 two Penny Blacks, both four margin with good clear red MX cancels, O, C and M, J. 100-200
326.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria 1840 two Penny Blacks, both four margin with good clear red MX cancels K, C and K, G, the latter showing extensive plate repairs. 100-200
327.    Extraordinary and Unique G.B. 1966 (19th Sept) British Technology Issue S.G. 702 6d Red, Deep Blue and Orange, Jaguar "E" Type and Mini's. Missing orange "Dry Print" red and blue. Full gum on 179 multiple crowns paper, perf 15 x14. With normal for comparison.
328.    Australia Stamps, 1937-49 S.G. 177 10 shilling dull purple U.M.M. block of four, cat 50+ as singles. 30-60
329.    German Empire Stamps, 1872 "Arms" L.M.M. with some toning, including S.G. 6, two Groschen, S.G. 2, 1/3 Groschen, and two S.G. 8, one Kreuzer, catalogue value 4,800+. 100-150
330.    Stamps: Berlin Western Sectors 1949 Bicentenary of Goethe S.G. B61-B63, set of three L.M.M. and S.G. B64-B67 ovpts. set of four U.M., catalogue value 800. 120-150
331.    G.B. Stamp, Queen Victoria 1840 Penny Black, mint, lightly mounted, large part original gum, very close three margins P, E, intense black, very "crisp" appearance. 500-1000
332.    Great Britain Q.V. 1887 'Jubilee Issue' Extraordinary Un-Listed Error. S.G. 201, 2d purple on blue 'blot on nose', M.M. with original gum, fine perfs. Quite possibly unique. 100-200
333.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria 1840 two Penny Blacks, both four margin with good clear red MX cancels, P, G, and P, F. 100-200
334.    Stamps: Malta 1925 George VI, s.g. 140 1 black and bright carmine, m.s. upright wmk, a fine used example, with corner Valetta c.d.s with excellent perfs and colour. A very rare stamp as fine used, cat 325. 100-140
335.    Stamps: Sierra Leone 1933 George V, S.G. 178, 5/- black and purple 'Elephant', l.m.m. with original gum and fine perfs. cat 160. 60-90
336.    Stamps: Gold Coast 1913-21 George V, S.G. 84, 20/- top value wmk mult crown CA u.m.m. fine condition, cat 170. 70-100
337.    Stamps: Trinidad and Tobago 1921-1922 George V, S.G. 215 1 green and bright rose, a fine l.m.m. well centred example, wmk multi script CA, cat 180. 50-80
338.    Stamps: Malayan States - Kelatan 1937-40, S.G. 53 l.m.m. $2 Sultan Ismail, a couple of 'nibbled perfs' nonetheless very fresh with full gum and hard to find, cat 375. 120-160
339.    Stamps: Ireland Ovpt 1922 George V, 10/- seahorse, Bradbury Wilkinson with central guide dot, fine lightly m.m., showing crudely etched left hand frame lines, off centre with good perfs, cat 190. A very good example. 70-90
340.    Stamps: Great Britian 1870, S.G. 49 plate 9 bantam average used but fair, actually plate 9, not 6, or 19 as so often occurs, cat 850. 80-120
341.    Stamps: India 1912-13 George VI, S.G. 096, 25rupee 'Service' official ovpt. single star wmk., very lightly mounted mint, excellent perfs, cat 350. 100-140
342.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria 1840 two Penny Blacks, both four margin with red MX cancels, F, L and L, B- on piece. 100-200
343.    Stamps: Canada 1897 Queen Victoria Jubilee 'Double Head', S.G. 136 $1 Lake, m.m. with thin visible on reverse, however attractive stamp with fair perfs at a very reasonable estimate. 40-60
344.    Stamps: Bechuanaland Protectorate 1913-24 George V E.B. sea horses, S.G. 88/89, 2/6, 5/- Bradbury Wilkinson printings, very fine lightly mounted mint, with great perfs, cat 200. 60-80
345.    Stamps: Bermuda 1918-22 George V, S.G. 54, 10/- green and carmine, wmk mca, a very fine u.m.m. example excellent perfs, cat 180. 60-80
346.    Stamps: Gambia 1847 Queen Victoria, S.G. 7, 6d imperf. m.m., four good margins with original gum, crown cc wmk, cat 350. 80-120
347.    Stamps: Indian States - Chamba ovpt, George VI 1938, S.G. 99, 25 rupees top value, u.m.m., usual lightly toned gum, good perfs with selvedge, attractive bright stamp, cat 350. 120-140
348.    Stamps: Great Britain, George V, S.G. 357S, 1d bright scarlet u.m.m. imperf pair, ovpt type 26 'specimen' wmk, Royal cypher, Fine. 40-60
349.    Stamps: Montserrat 1880 Queen Victoria, S.G. 4, 21/2d red-brown, wmk crown cc, very fresh, lightly mounted mint, good perfs, choice item, cat 250. 50-80
350.    Confederate States of America, 1861 cover franked with Scott #1, Jefferson Davies 5c green to Buckingham County Virginia New Canton P.O. Robert E. Lee's army marched through here on their way to surrender at Appomattox . 30-50
351.    Stamps: Canada 1897 Queen Victoria 1897 Jubilee 'Double Head', S.G. 135 50c bright blue, l.m.m. and Fine, cat. 200. 50-80
352.    Stamps: Barbados 1947 George VI, S.G. 264 EB, 1d ovpt on 2d cartmine with broken 'n's variety, perf 131/2 x 13, good original gum, u.m.m., cat 200. 90-110
353.    Australia Stamps, 1932 Opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge S.G. 141-143 2D-5 shillings and S.G. 144 2D scarlet W15, lovely set lightly mounted mint, catalogue value 450+. 50-100
354.    Great Britain George V 1929 S.G. 438 The Iconic 1 Black, M.M. with a few blunt perfs and slight toning, nonetheless a pleasing example. 100-200
355.    Australia Stamps, 1932 "Roos" S.G. 135, 5 shilling grey and yellow (die II), U.M.M. pair, catalogue value 150+ as singles. 40-80
356.    A Penny Black on Sheffield Addressed Letter Dated 1840. 10-20
356A.   Luxembourg Stamps, 1951 "L 'Europe Unie" set of six, V.L.M.M. with corresponding set fine used, excellent perfs on both sets, catalogue value 600+. 100-120
356B.   Australia Stamps, 1949 S.G. 224B, 10 shilling purple U.M.M. block of ten, catalogue value 20+ as singles. 40-80
357.    United States 1865-1875 Large Format Newspaper and Periodical Stamps Proofs on Thin Paper, all dark bluish green, Scott PR1-PR3, as perforated stamps, 5c Washington, 10c Franklin, and 25c Lincoln, mounted mint. 30-50
358.    Great Britain Stamps. A lovely group of L.M.M. Q.V. Penny Reds. L.M.M. strip of three S.G. 7 printed from black plates, Q, D-Q, F, damage to lower left corner, nonetheless extremely fresh and all good margins. Later large Crown WMK issues including strip of three, with intense inking. 150-250
359.    G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria and Edward VII high values, S.G. 178 (3), 180 and 183, with corresponding Edward VII set to S.G. 206, 1 dull blue green, most with rather heavy "Guernsey" cancels. 100-200
360.    British Post Office in Siam (Bangkok), 1882-5 Watermark. Crown C.C., S.G. 6 and 9, Straits Settlements type 1 ovpts. fine used, with S.G. 14, 20, and 21 WMK Crown C.A. all type 1 ovpts., and S.G. 14 with clear Singapore post mark, and S.G. 15 mint. Rare lot. 30-50
361.    1841 Imprimatur Penny Red, A,B four margins with marginal inscription ex 'Royal Collection'.
362.    GB Victoria 1883-84 Fine Used High Values, S.G. 175 two shilling six, S.G. 176 five shillings, Devonshire St., c.d.s.., S.G 183 ten shilling ultramarine and S.G. 212 1 green with clear Newcastle C.D.S.; with three others, two on piece, with notes.
363.    GB George V 1929 U.P.U. Congress Full Set, fine used including S.G. 438 1 black.
364.    United States 1873 Dept. of Justice Officials, Scott 025-034 (as perforated) proof set of ten on card 1c-90c purple, mounted mint. 30-50
365.    Great Britain George V 1929 U.P.U S.G. 434-438, lower values mounted mint The 1, 'The Most Beautiful Stamp Ever' U.M.M. right marginal with full gum and superb perfs. Viewing highly recommended. 400-800
366.    G.B. Queen Victoria 1887-92 "Jubilee" Set, mounted mint to 1 shilling green, a few blunt perfs otherwise an attractive set. 50-100
367.    Australia Stamps, 1937-49 S.G. 176, 5 shilling claret U.M.M. block of ten, catalogue value 25+ as singles. 40-80
368.    Australia Stamps, 1929 "Roos" S.G. 107, 108 and 110 with 1931-36, S.G. 1365-1385 optd. specimen set of three, all lightly mounted mint. 30-50
369.    United States 1873 War Department Officials, Scott 083-093 (as perforated) proof set of eleven on card 1c-90c brown, mounted mint. 30-50
370.    United States 1873 Dept. of The Interior Officials, Scott 015-024 (as perforated) proof set of ten on card, 1c-90c vermillion, mounted mint. 30-50
371.    United States 1865-1875 Large Format Newspaper and Periodicals Stamps, one set Scott PR1-PR3 (as perforated stamps) on thick paper 5c blue, 10c blue green and 25c orange red, the other set Scott PR5-PR7 (as perforated stamps) on card 5c blue, 10c blue green and 25c dark carmine, mounted mint. 50-100
371A.   United States 1881-1895 Newspaper Stamp Proofs on Card, full set of twenty-five Scott PR9-PR32 and 1c, absolutely beautiful, prepared as presentation sets 1879, 1882, 1890, 1893 and 1894, lightly mounted mint lovely condition, one or two with slight toning, 1c-$60. 100-200
372.    Australia Stamps, 1937-49 S.G. 176, 5 shilling claret U.M.M. block of ten, some slight toning to rear, catalogue value 25+ as singles. 40-80
373.    Australia Stamps, 1946 S.G. J7, 5 shilling claret L.M.M. block of four, British Commonwealth Occupation Force (Japan) overprints, catalogue value 130+ as singles. 50-100
374.    A Group of Mint and Used 1870 Bantams, including plate 4, 11 mint, plate 20 pair mint, plate 4 D,Q, on piece with scarce Dublin Zoo late 186 duplex cancel MY.30.73 and plate 3 bearing Copestake Grampton mark to rear, amongst others, with some notes.
375.    United States 1873 Executive Officials, Scott 010-014 (as perforated) proof set of five (x2) on card 1c-10c carmine, mounted mint. 30-50
376.    Australia Stamps, 1913 mint lightly mounted "Roos", S.G. 1, D green die 1, S.G. 2, 1D red die 1 block of four, with die II, 1D, 2D, 2D, and 4D. 40-60
377.    United States 1873 Treasury Officials, Scott 072-082 (as perforated) proof set of eleven on card 1c-90c mounted mint. 30-50
378.    G.B. Stamps, eight Penny Blacks, all red MX cancel, various plates, two just four margin. 80-120
379.    G.B. Stamps, 1929, ninth U.P.U. Postal Congress London, duplicated set of four S.G. 434-437 L.M.M. with good used S.G. 438 1 black, one or two blunt perfs, otherwise attractive, together with a selection of used lower values. 150-300
380.    G.B. Stamps, 1929, 9th Postal Union Congress S.G. 434-438, D-1 black, used, the 1 being very fine with a couple of blunt perfs, and very faint cancel. 100-200
381.    G.B. Stamps, 1929 9th Postal Union Congress S.G. 434-437, D-2D mounted mint with S.G. 438, 1 black used- heavy cancel but nonetheless attractive example of this iconic stamp. 40-80
382.    Luxembourg Stamps, a very good set of three 1956 Europa M.N.H. perfect perfs, iconic design by Gonzague. Catalogue value 700. 110-150
383.    A Hidalgo Express Cover-San Juan De Los Llanos, dated March 22nd 1897 to Veracruz, with pre-printed 5c stamp and 10c black stamp, carried by messenger. 20-40
384.    United States 1873 Dept. of The Interior Officials, Scott 015-024 (as perforated) proof set of ten on card, 1c-90c vermillion, mounted mint. 30-50
385.    United States 1873 State Department Officials, Scott 057-071 (as perforated) proof set of fifteen on card, 1c-$20 dark green (and black $ issues) with an extra 15c and 30c, mounted mint. 40-60
386.    United States 1873 Agriculture Officials, Scott 01-09 (as perforated) proof set of nine on card 1c-30c yellow, mounted mint. 30-50
387.    United States 1873 Navy Dept. Officials, Scott 035-045 (as perforated) proof set of eleven on card, 1c-90c ultramarine, mounted mint. 30-50
388.    G.B. Stamps, a group of nine full and part covers including 1859 S.G. 66, four pence pair on cover to Holland, 1843 two pence blue, reds and 1924 Wembley post card. 20-40
388A.   United States Confederate Cover Franked, with Scott #2 Thomas Jefferson 10c light blue with clear crystal springs, Mississippi 1862 post mark. 30-50
389.    U.S.A. Unionist Stamp Covers, 1862 bearing a part 3c Washington pink, an East Bush Creek cover dated 1864 containing an 1868 letter, and a piece featuring Don Carlos Buell, a flawed Major General of The Unionist Party. 20-40
389A.   United States 1873 Post Office Dept. Official Stamps, Scott 047-056 (as perforated) proof set of ten on card 1c-90c black mounted mint; together with 1879 postage dues Scott J1-J9 proof set of seven on card 1c-50c brown, mounted mint. 40-60
390.    Stamps QEII 1955-1963 Castles, 5 u/m sets on a Hagner card including both 1955 and 1958 Waterlow and De la Rue printings SG 536-9 and 536a-539a plus SG 595-8, 595a-598a. Fine u/m and cat value 1050 plus, quality material. 100-200
391.    Stamps - Leipzig Fair Collection, well presented collection in plastic display packets for Leipzig fair stamps. With covers, large blocks and related material from zones, Reich and East Germany. 20-30
392.    Stamps G.B. King George V, A Splendid Collection of Specialised Mint KGV with Downey Heads, 1912 Royal Cypher wmk study with identified shades (these alone cat 900 plus), 1924 Block Cypher Set, 1934 set, Wembley's, etc. A very clean quality lot. Further ranges of KG6 and QEII including graphite's and early phosphors. Specialised viewing recommended. 100-200
393.    G.B. Mulready Envelope Dated March 9th 1842 to Andover, together with ten 1830's pre-paid part covers, and an accumulation sorted in packets of used Victoria Jubilees, Edward VII and George V issues, sometimes on piece as blocks. 30-50
394.    A Useful Small Collection of G.B George VI on four Hagner Sheets, unmounted mint. With 1948 Silver Wedding 1 value in a block of four, plus two singles (cat 240 in total), SG 512 1 value, 1937 set except d. Also some control blocks and commens with 1948 Olympics in blocks of four. 40-80
395.    A Small Collection of Mint G.B George V on Two Hagners, with 1924 and 1925 Wembley pairs both fine u/m, 1911 Downey Head d u/m block of 6, 1924 block cypher controls to 1S M/M, 1934 set U/M, 1935 Jubilee controls and others. Clean lot of George V material. 50-80
396.    GB Covers- A very good collection in album sleeves. Including George VI 1940 'Double Heads' full set F.D.C., Victory, 1925 Wembley postcard. 1943 registered George VI and d 1929 P.U.C. (x2), 1935 George V Jubilees, 1948 Silver Weddings, four pictorial 1950 London stamp ex covers, and 1948 Olympic Games. Together with a full set of seventy-two mint 1937 Coronation Regalia souvenirs Cinderellas as six sheets of twelve in original envelopes. 80-120
397.    An Array of Postcards, very regularly early XX Century and usually having a Liverpool interest. 40-60
398.    An Extensive Collection of XX Century Postcards in Three Quality Albums. Nostalgia reprints are included. 30-50
399.    Wrekin College, Foxlydiate and St. Stephen's Church (Both Redditch) as Part of a Collection of Some 50 Vintage Postcards. 20-30
400.    A Very Attractive and Clean Collection of Some 307 Early XX Century Postcards, in a contemporary album. Cards depicting near European sights are abundant. 70-90
401.    Comic and Glamour Sentimental Cards and WWI Interest, as part of an attractive collection of some 248 vintage postcards in two contemporary albums. 75-100
402.    An Interesting Array of Stamps and Stamp Covers from the WWII Era. Germany and Eastern European. 20-30
403.    Forty-Nine Gale and Polden Early XX Century Military Postcards, together with a small quantity of cigarette cards including large format. 20-40
404.    First World War Silks (6), amongst an interesting group of postcards and real photographs, including Swiss chromo lithos's, Everest Indian runner, and small British village views. 20-40
405.    A Multithematic Assortment of Postcards. Often early XX Century. 20-40
406.    Blackawton, Skipton Sands (American Monument) and The Ruined Village (Hallsands). All as part of an interesting array of approximately 97 regularly early XX Century postcards which all have a Devon interest. 20-40
407.    Approximately 230 Vintage Greetings Cards. 20-40
408.    A Multithematic Collection of Some 200 Vintage Postcards, in a contemporary album. 40-70
409.    An Interesting and Varied Sheffield Centre Postcard Accumulation, early to mid XX Century real photo-cards, chromo-lithos and a few nostalgia reprints. Busy street scenes, private and municipal buildings and parks. Some unusual cards. 50-100
410.    Over 100 Early to Late XX Century Picture Postcards, largely Yorkshire area, Wakefield, Pocklington, Saltburn, Middlesborough and further a field Kilconquhar for example. Some good early real photo cards, one or two nostalgia reprints, amongst some choice items. 40-60
411.    Over 120 Sheffield and Its Environs Picture Postcards, a broad and interesting collection, from Edward VIII colour chromo-lithos, to classic 1970's views of Fargate fountain, the markets and the Moor. Some nostalgia reprints and some cracking cards. 40-60
412.    Brookes Ltd; Four Advertising Post Cards From 1913 and 1920, Grimsby Lifeboat Crew, Sidmouth Flood (1952), Votty and Bowydd Quarries and Whale captured at Selby, April 1st 1905. Eight further early XX Century postcards. An unposted Post Office Jubilee envelope (with insert), 1890. A Golden Album of film stars. 30-40
413.    A Very Interesting Large Original Photograph 'Sheffield and Neighbourhood' Album, all pictures printed circa 1881 from plates taken by the photographer Laurence Peacock of Gell Street. An incredible archive including pages of images of the Sheffield Flood 1864, Roche Abbey, Beauchief, Broomhall, Porter Brook, Rivelin, Stanage Pole, Prince of Wales 'Arches' cemeteries, Wharncliffe, Western Park, Botanical Gardens (interiors and exterior), Endcliffe and Brincliffe and much more beside. Unique record. 800-1000
414.    Approximately Thirty Nine Good Cigarette Card Oddments, by E & W Anstie Ltd., P.J. Carroll & Co., Cohen Weenen & Co., Cope Bros. & Co. Ltd., C.W.S. and others. 30-40
415.    Blundellsands Railway Station, Cammel Lands Yard (Birkenhead), Claughton Firs (Birkenhead) and Four-Car Electric Train. 24 Further Good Postcards; regularly early XX Century and almost always having a Liverpool interest. 30-50
416.    Pearson Road (Birkenhead), Police Band, St. Aidan's RFC (Birkenhead), North Shore Milks (Two Cards) and Victoria Road (Litherland). 20 Further Good Postcards; regularly early XX Century and often having a Liverpool interest. 20-40
417.    Crosby Road, Laurel Grove, South Road, Worcester Avenue and Waterloo Railway Disaster (1903) (Three Cards). Approximately 35 Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Waterloo (Liverpool) interest. 60-90
418.    Seaforth (Two Views), Seaforth Barracks, Crosby Road (Two Views), Seaforth Road (Three Views) and Seaforth and Litherland Constitutional Club Ltd. Six Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Seaforth (Liverpool) interest. 20-40
419.    Bowersdale Park, Pensionnat Du Sacre Coeur De Marie, Seaforth, Seaforth Barracks and Seaforth Shore. 15 Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Seaforth (Liverpool) interest. 30-50
420.    Bowersdale Park, Express Bowling Cup 1922 at Potter's Barn, Potters Barn Crosby, Seaforth Barracks and Seaforth Road. 15 Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Seaforth (Liverpool) interest. 30-50
421.    Rawson Road, Sandy Road, Seaforth (1905?), Seaforth Sands and Star of the Sea. 15 Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Seaforth (Liverpool) interest. 30-50
422.    Birkenhead School of Art, Christ Church Kensington, L & N. W. Three Horse Break and M. D. & H. B. Sports Event (Four Cards). A Further Seven Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Liverpool interest. 20-30
423.    Convent S.H.M Seafield (Five Cards), Cook's Road and Moor Lane. Three Further Good Early/Mid XX Century Postcards, all having a Gt. Crosby (Liverpool) interest. 15-30
424.    Seven Early XX Century Advertising Cards. 15-20
425.    Crosby Road, Fir Road, Galloway Road, Oxford Drive, Sandheys Avenue and Waterloo Operatic Society (Three Cards). 15 Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Waterloo (Liverpool) interest. 30-50
426.    Essex Road School and Shipping Interest as Part of a Small Collection of 22 Good Early XX Century Postcards. 20-30
427.    A Small Number of Near European Postcards and Photographs, regularly French. Photographs depicting the Expositions Universelle of 1878 and 1889 are included in the lot. 20-30
427A.   A Quantity of Silk Cigarette Cards. Offered packeted by type. 20-30
428.    Knowsley Road, Peace Service and Victory March (1918). 22 Further Good Early XX Century Postcards, all having a Bottle (Liverpool) interest. 30-50
429.    Approximately 36 Photographs and Postcards, regularly having a Liverpool Railways interest. (Do note that several of these cards are nostalgia reprints.) 15-20
430.    Approximately Ninety Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards and Real Photo Cards, all Sheffield and it's Environs, more unusual city centre scenes and some rare outlying streets, Murray Road, Greystones, Newman Road, Wincobank, Banner Cross, Gibraltar Street, multiple cards of Wharncliffe War Hospital/Wadsley Asylum, Rivelin Vallery and Wyming Brook, amongst much more, viewing recommended. 80-120
431.    Over Thirty Picture Postcards and Real Photo-Cards, early to late XX Century, largely featuring Staithes and Marske by the Sea and the Cleveland Area. Some rare street and harbour side scenes. 20-40
432.    A Kuit Ltd. 'Types of Beauty' Rare Cigarette Card. Very good condition. 30-50
433.    Twelve Rare Early to Mid XX Century Sheffield Centric Postcards, two Judges 'Sheffield at Work' real photographs of men and boys with long tongs (crucible pot shifters); and six artist E. F. Skinner cards of the internal workings of Cammel Laird 1917-18, printed with passed by censor. Together with a very rare 1907 Amalgamated Society of Railway Servant (A.S.R.S.) Orphan Fund Procession at Normanton real photo card. Superb social history. 50-100
434.    Twenty Four Largely Early More Unusual Sheffield Real Photo Postcards. Rare views of Archer Lane, Brincliffe, Wadsley Bridge, Chesterfield Road, Leppings Lane, (as dirt track) and Great Central Railway Station (Victoria, Wicker). Also a lovely advertorial card for the Ted Shelton, Theatre Tavern, Arundel Street. 40-60
435.    Germany 1930's Pre-Paid Letter Cards and Fieldposts, some appear to relate to the Hitler youth. 20-40
436.    Approximately 428 Postcards, in a modern album, very early regularly the cards are early XX Century but nostalgia reprints are present. Multi thematic and much of interest here. Royalty cards (including overseas royals) are abundant. 70-120
437.    A Bank of England Dollar, 1804, GF/NVF. 100-150
438.    A United States Silver Trade Dollar, 1877, F but plugged. 50-80
439.    A Crown, 1673, NF. 50-80
440.    A Germany Prussia Dem Besten Schutzen Medal. 30-50
441.    A Crown, 1902, GF, but tarnished and with eks. 20-30
442.    An Indian Rupee, 1942, VF. Sixpences: 1916, 1918 and 1919 (VF to EF). 15-30
443.    Halfcrowns: 1916 (VF/GVF) and 1941 (VF). A crown, 1897, NVF. A USA dollar, 1881, EF. 70-100
444.    Halfcrowns: 1887 (GF), 1889 (NVF), 1914 (NVF), 1916 (NVF) and 1917 (NEF/NVF). 40-70
445.    Halfcrowns: 1845 (GF), 1876 (F), 1877 (GF, 1881 (F/GF) and 1886 (F/GF). 70-120
446.    A Halfcrown, 1688, poor, a sixpence, 1887, NVF, an Italian 5 lira, 1870, F, an Indian one quarter rupee, 1840, attractive NVF/VF. 70-100
447.    Silver Medals, for Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, Edward VII Coronation, George V Coronation and Silver Jubilee and George VI Coronation. All medal have been polished. 50-100
448.    Approximately 126g of Mixed Silver Coins. Almost always GB and very regularly pre 1900. The coins are usually worn and/or damaged. 30-50
449.    A Cased Maundy Set 1902. 70-100
450.    A Saxony 2 Marks, 1907, NVF. A Palestine 50 mils, 1935, F/GF. A further 73g of assorted overseas silver coins. 25-40
451.    Halfcrowns: 1849, 1874, 1885, 1889, 1890 and 1906. All NF/F. 30-50
452.    A Halfcrown, 1818, NF/F, a Florin, 1887, enamelled in five colours (ex brooch). A South African Kruger halfcrown, 1896, F. 20-40
453.    Eire Coins, comprising a key date 1930 halfcrown (F), a 1928 florin (F), and a 1941 shilling (VF/GVF but tarnished). 20-40
454.    USA Coins. A 3 cents, 1853, NF. A cent, 1800, GF. A cent, 1863, F. 30-40
455.    A Sixpence, 1887, VF/GVF. A four pence, 1844, F/GF. A French 5 Francs, 1834, NF/F. A Falkland Islands crown, 2007, VF. A South African Kruger halfcrown, 1897, as a brooch. 30-40
456.    Crowns: 1890, 1893, 1895 and 1897. All are fine. 30-50
457.    A Halfpenny Token, 1799, Montrose Lunatic Hospital, NF/F. 15-20
458.    An Alexander The Great (336-323 BC) Silver Drachm. Very strong portrait. 70-120
459.    A Brass Threepence, 1951. EF/GEF with good lustre. Despite minor staining a rare coin in this grade. 20-40
460.    A Low Grade William III Crown, inscribed on its reverse "J. W. born August 25th 1800, The Gift of His Grandmother E. W". Interesting item! 20-30
461.    A Crown, 1819 LIX, attractive NEF. 200-300
462.    Crowns: 1937 (GF) and 1960 (n.unc; polished die). Halfcrowns 1877 (NF), 1887 (F) and 1930 (F). Florins 1945 (pair, both NVF/VF). Farthings: 1956 (pair, both unc with lustre). Other coins including Roman. 30-40
463.    An Interesting Array of Canadian Coins and Tokens. Better items noticed. A lot which could reward careful viewing. 70-100
464.    Crowns: 1892 and 1897, (both are fine). A Double Florin, 1887, F. A halfcrown, 19743, NVF. A USA half dollar 1853, F. A Palestine 50 Mils, 1939, F/GF. A Further 76g of mixed silver coins of the World. 40-60
465.    USA Dollars 1921 (NVF) and 1927 (F), a 1942 half dollar, F. Seventeen further USA coins, sometimes silver. 40-70
466.    Three Pounds Thirty Seven and a Half Pence, (total face value) of pre 1947 silver coins. A further sixty five and a half pence (total face value) of pre 1920 silver coins, forty three silver threepences. Approximately 31g of assorted foreign silver coins. 50-80
467.    A USA Dollar, 1880, F, and half dollar, 1911, NF/F. Both as part of a collection of mixed denomination silver coins from the USA. (The coins weigh a total of approximately 325g.) 100-150
468.    A Crown, 1935, F/GF. Halfcrowns: 1892 (poor), 1917 (F) and 1942 (NVF). A sixpence, 1928, GF/NVF. 8 x 1937 pennies; all high grade with lustre. 10 x silver threepences. Five further silver coins. 20-40
469.    Two Pounds Sixty Seven and Half Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. Ninety pence (total face value) of pre-1920 silver coins. 50-70
470.    Three Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 40-60
471.    Pennies: 1806, 1807, 1831 and 1854 (4 over 3?), all NF. A penny 1950, GF. Halfpennies: 1733, 1806, 1854, 1864 and 1902 (NF to GF). Farthings: 1719, 1754, 1837, and 1806 (pair of this date) (NF to F). Four fractional farthings. 40-70
472.    Halfcrowns: 1916 (GF/NVF), 1928 (GF/NVF), 1930 (F), 1931 (F), 1934 (F) and 1953 (VF), Ten further silver coins. 20-40
473.    Two Pounds and Forty Pence (Total Face Value of) Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 30-50
474.    A Crown, 1892, GF. A double florin, 1890, F. A shilling, 1857, F (but dirty). A sixpence, 1891, NF. A fourpence, 1878, attractive GVF. A threepence, 1889, NF. A silver twopence, 1841, NVF. A three halfpence, 1843, F. A silver penny, 1882, NVF. 70-120
475.    Three Pounds and Thirty Five Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 30-50
476.    Five Pounds and Twenty Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-Decimal Australian Silver Coins. 60-100
477.    One Pound and Fifteen Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. A further 49g of mixed silver coins, GB and foreign. 20-30
478.    48 Silver Threepences, regularly low grade and/or damaged. Two cartwheel twopences, 1797, poor to NF. A farthing, 1734, NF, Seven further pre 1911 farthings. A half farthing, 1844, F. 20-40
479.    Approximately 600g of Assorted Silver Coins from the Old Commonwealth. Better South African issues are included. 170-220
480.    A 'Cinderella' Six Coin Set, crown to threepence, for King Edward VIII, dated 1936. 20-30
481.    Fourteen Pounds and Sixty Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 170-250
482.    Approximately 100g of Mixed Silver Coins. 20-40
483.    Two Pounds Forty Two and a Half Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 60-100
484.    Halfcrowns: 1929 (GF), 1937 (VF), 1944 (VF but stained) and 1945 (NVF. Shillings: 1887 (GF), 1899 (GF), 1916 (F/GF) and 1923 (GF/NVF some toning). A sixpence, 1911, GF. 30-50
485.    Crowns: 1893 (NF), 1900 (F) and 1937 (NVF), three silver threepences. A low grade cartwheel penny, 1797. 30-40
486.    A Crown, 1897, F. Halfcrowns: 1888 (F but polished), 1891 (NF), 1893 (NF) and 1922 (NF/F). Six worn/damaged Victorian shillings. A USA half dollar, 1944, F. A Ghana ten shillings, 1958, F. Other coins. 30-50
487.    A Collection of the Coins of the USA, silver and base metal. Indian Head cents are abundant. 30-40
488.    Thirteen Pre-1947 Halfcrowns (all George VI). High grade coins. 40-70
489.    Approximately 122 Silver Threepences, fifteen pre-1947 florins, other silver coins. 50-80
490.    A 1951 Proof Crown, (not boxed), halfcrowns 1896. 1898 and 1900 (all NF). Florins 1895 and 1918 (pair of this date), (all NF), seven silver threepence. A further fifty five pence (total face value) of worn pre-1920 silver coins. 30-50
491.    A French Silver 5 Francs, 1873, GF. A New Zealand halfcrown, 1937, F/GF. Nineteen further coins which, regularly, are silver. 30-60
492.    One Pound and Seventy Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, from circulation. Other coins (occasionally silver). 30-50
493.    Approximately 110g Mixed Silver Coins, GB and foreign. 30-50
494.    Approximately 143g of Mixed Foreign Silver Coins. 20-30
495.    A 202g of Mixed Silver Coins, almost always foreign. 40-60
496.    An Edward VII Florin, 1902, holed. One pound forty two and half pence (total face value) of other pre-1947 silver coins. 20-40
497.    USA Half Dollars: 1917, 1943 and 1956. Seven further USA coins; sometimes silver. 20-25
498.    A Crown, 1887, toned NVF/VF. A 1953 plastic set of coins. 16 x silver threepences. A USA cent, 1842, NF. Eleven further coins; almost always silver. 30-40
499.    Seven Pre-1947 Halfcrowns and Four Pre-1947 Florins. All George VI and regularly in the higher grades. 30-50
500.    Crowns: 1890 (F), 1896 (GF) and 1937 (pair, both NVF). 30-40
501.    Florins: 1896 (GF but polished?), 1916 (GEF), 1918 (GF/F) and 1920 (GF/NVF), 1930 (F), 1933 (NVF/VF) and 1936 (GVF). 40-70
502.    A Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Medal, 1897, this is the bronze version by T. Brock, in case of issue. Three further large size medals; regularly French and often having an agricultural interest. 20-40
503.    Thirteen Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 200-300
504.    Approximately 338g (gross weight) of Mixed Foreign Coins. Almost always overseas issues. Several better coins noticed. 60-100
505.    A Nine Coin Proof Set,1950. 40-70
506.    Four Royal Mint Royal Mail Encapsulated Two Pounds Coin Commemorative Numismatic First Day Covers, including Charles Dickens (2012), King James Bible (2011), Underground (2013),Charles Darwin (2009). 30-50
507.    A Cartwheel Penny, 1797, GF but usual edge damage. A halfpenny, 1923, GVF w/l. A halfpenny, 1843, NF. A quantity of other coins regularly base metal GB. Related items. 20-30
508.    GB Proof Sets (All Red Cases): 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1997. 50-80
509.    The Sheffield Coin Collection, seven crown sized coins in Carrs of Sheffield fitted case of issue. Accompanied by literature. 15-30
510.    Arrange of Base Metal Coinage Regularly Mid to Late XX Century, coins from the Isle of Man (including coin sets) are common place. 15-30
511.    GB Proof Sets (All Red Cases): 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2003. 40-70
512.    An Assortment of Vintage Coins of the World, very occasionally silver. This lot might reward careful viewing. 40-70
513.    A Halfcrown, 1914, F (but plugged). Sixty five pence (total face value) of other pre-1947 silver coins. Other coins. Fourteen heavily circulated one pound banknotes and six heavily circulated ten shilling banknotes. 40-50
514.    An Assortment of Base Metal Coins, regularly, but not exclusively GB. Often lower grade but some nice bits-and-pieces here. 30-40
515.    A Quantity of GB and Foreign Coins, very occasionally silver. Some of the foreign coins are exchangeable. 20-30
516.    A Cartwheel Penny, 1797, F/GF. Ten Euros in coin. Four silver coins. A presentation USA Two Dollar banknote. 15-30
517.    Pennies: 1864 (F) and 1879 (F/GF). An Eire halfcrown, 1928, F. A damaged British War Medal, 1914-1920. Other coins. Foreign banknotes. 20-40
518.    25.55 Euros in Coin. A quantity of Canada and USA currency coins. 20-40
519.    A Netherlands Antilles Silver Proof 25 Guilden, 1973. Five further coins; often crown sized and sometimes proof quality. A selection of other coins and related items. All in a small cash box. 30-50
520.    17 Maltese Lira in Circulated Banknotes; the three notes are all from 1967. A small quantity of foreign coins. 20-30
521.    The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ten Dollars Banknote, 31st March 1981, number G70 776105. Crisp but vertical folds and minor staining. A Norway 100 Kroner banknote, 1995, number 6201 298416. Crisp but vertical folds. 20 further banknotes, GB and foreign. 20-40
522.    A Halfcrown, 1897, VF. A shilling, 1891, GF. Forty farthings. 20-40
523.    11 x Modern Base Metal Two Pound Coins, 20 x modern base metal one pound coins and 25 x modern base metal fifty pence coins. A penny, 1951, NVF (but some verdigris). All as part of a collection of the coins of GB. In an album. 60-100
524.    A 1951 Proof Crown, a quantity of vintage base metal coins, G.B and Foreign. 15-20
525.    2.00Kg of Mixed Foreign Coins. Earlier dates noticed. 20-40
526.    Fifty-Five Commemorating Crown Sized Coins, G.B., Channel Islands, Cook Islands and other including Guernsey 2009 five pounds coin '100 Years of Naval Aviation', Gibraltar 2009 'Henry VIII' one crown, Isle of Man 1980 'Winter Olympics Lake Placid' one crown. All contained within two Westminster coin presentation cases. 40-60
527.    Ten Royal Mint Royal Mail Encapsulated Fifty Pence Coin Commemorative Numismatic First Day Covers, including WWF, Benjamin Britten, 150th Anniversary of the Victoria Cross. 40-60
528.    An Assortment of Coins, Silver and Base Metal, and Regularly from the Old Commonwealth. Much of interest here. 30-50
529.    GB Proof Sets (All Blue Cases): 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986 and 1987. 30-50
530.    1.70Kg of Usually Foreign Coins. Earlier dates noticed. 20-40
531.    An Attractive Collection of Vintage Foreign Coins, in a (damaged) album. Many of the coins are silver and near European countries (especially Germany) are well represented. 100-150
532.    A Collection of Twenty-Three Often Vintage Coins of the World, in a coin library. Regularly the coins are crown sized and many are silver. 120-170
533.    Approximately Five Pounds and Eighty Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, as part of an attractive collection of almost always GB coins. Pre and post-decimal and offered in two partially filled coin albums. The coins in this lot are regularly in the higher grades. 100-170
534.    Four Pounds and Seventy Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, a quantity of other coins, regularly but not exclusively G.B. 70-120
535.    GB Proof Sets (All Red Cases): 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. 50-80
536.    GB Proof Sets: 1970 and 1971. Twenty five silver threepences. Pennies: 1950 (GF) and 1953 (pair, both are fine). A badge, "30 Membership Years National Union of Railwaymen"; in box of issue. A King George V's Silver Jubilee medal (1935); Sheffield interest in H. L. Brown & Sons box of issue. Other items. 20-40
537.    Thirty Three Commemorative Crown Sized Coins, by Royal Mint, Westminster Collection, Jubilee Mint, including 2012 Winston Churchill five pounds proof coin, 1780 Austria Maria Theresa (Thaler) restrike silver coin. All contained within two presentation boxes. 40-60
538.    An Attractive Array of the Coins of the USA, half dollar to cent, in a Seaby's coin library. Much of interest here and a lot which could reward careful viewing. 100-170
539.    Ten Modern UK Commemorative Crowns, all offered in presentation packs. 50-80
540.    2.50Kg of Mixed GB and Foreign Coins. Sixpences are abundant. 20-40
541.    United Kingdom Uncirculated Coin Collection for 1983, 1984 (two sets for this year), 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992 including dual dated EC fifty pence coin, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2002 and 2003. A coin map. 100-150
542.    Eight Royal Mint Royal Mail Encapsulated Two Pounds Coin Commemorative Numismatic First Day Covers, including The Great War (2014), Florence Nightingale (2010), Robert Burns (2009). 25-40
543.    GB Proof Sets: 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977 (no outer), 1980, 1981 and 1982. 40-60
544.    A Quantity of Crown Sized Coins, other coins. An uncirculated Page Ten Pounds Banknote number C14720267. 20-30
545.    GB Proof Sets (All Red Cases): 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993. 50-90
546.    QEII's 80th Birthday Six Crown Sized Coins, (including proofs) to celebrate the event. In fitted casket and accompanied by literature. 30-50
547.    A Cased 2016 Royal Mint UK Proof Coin Set - Collector Edition. "The Last Round One Pound Coin" noted. Accompanied by literature and certification. 80-120
548.    A Cased 2015 Royal Mint UK Proof Eight Coin Set. Accompanied by literature. 40-60
549.    A Cased 2015 Royal Mint UK Proof Collector Edition Coin Set, accompanied by literature. 50-80
550.    A Cased 2014 Royal Mint UK Proof Coin Set - Collector Edition. Accompanied by literature and certification. 80-120
551.    A Cased 2013 Royal Mint UK Proof Coin Set - Collector Edition. Accompanied by literature. 50-80
552.    A Circulated 2009 Kew Garden Fifty Pence Coin, A Kew Gardens fifty pence coin marked on truncation IRB copy. A circulated 2011 Olympic Judo fifty pence coin. All encapsulated. 60-80
553.    A Complete Royal Mint London 2012 Fifty Pence Coin Sports Collector Album, all twenty nine coins present together with the completer medallion. 70-120
554.    The 2000 Time Capsule Coin Collection. 30-50
555.    A 2010 Royal Mint BU Twelve Coin Set, including The London and Belfast (cities) one pound. 20-40
556.    A 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games Royal Mint Philatelic Two Pounds Four Coin Set, featuring the four Home Nations coins No. 02597. 60-100
557.    A Cased 2011 Royal Mint UK Proof Fourteen Coin Set. Edinburgh one pound coin noted, accompanied by literature. 70-120
558.    Four Cased Royal Mint 5 Silver Proof Coins, including 2008 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales 5 silver proof coin, 1996 H. M. Queen Elizabeth II 70th Birthday 5 silver proof coin. All certificated. 50-70
559.    A 1992 Royal Mint Brilliant Uncirculated Nine Coin Pack, includes the 1992/1993 dual dated EC fifty pence coin. 30-50
560.    A Cased 2009 Royal Mint UK Proof Twelve Coin Set. 2009 fifty pence coin Kew Gardens noted within this set. Literature present. 150-200
561.    Two Silver Proof Piedfort One Pound Coins, 1999, 2000 (encapsulated), a silver proof two pound coin Bejing 2008, London 2012 Handover (encapsulated), other modern base metal coinage including proofs. 40-70
562.    Six Boxed Royal Mint Silver Proof Coins, including 1994 Piedfort one pound coin, 2009 Shield of the Royal Arms one pound coin, 1995 Welsh Dragon one pound coin, 1997 two pound coin, 2001 Marconi two pound coin, 1982 Piedfort twenty pence coin. All certificated. 50-80
563.    4 x 1977 Silver Proof Crowns and 2 x Guernsey Silver Proof Crowns. All of the coins in this lot are in their Royal Mint cases of issue and accompanied by literature. 40-70
564.    Five U.S. Silver One Dollar Coins, including Morgan dollars 1889 (2), 1921, 1995 Liberty one ounce silver dollar, 2007 R.M.S. Titanic one ounce silver 'picture' dollar, plus other U.S. coinage totalling $2.75. 40-60
565.    A USA Silver Eagle, 2014, BV USA Half dollars dated 1986 and 1992. An 25 Euro (1997), a French 20 Euro (1997), a Hungarian 100 Forint, 1982. 20-40
566.    Six Silver Britannia One Ounce Two Pounds Coins, 2003-2008, all encapsulated. 60-90
567.    Silver Proof Crowns: 2 x 1977, 2002 and 2006. All as issued and accompanied by literature. 40-70
568.    A Silver Proof Crown, 1977 and a Silver One Pound Coin, 2003, both in Royal Mint boxes of issue. A Guernsey silver proof crown, 1999. Eleven high grade Somerset one pound banknotes. 30-40
569.    A Pair of the 1978 Commonwealth of the Bahamas Two Dollar Silver Coins. Both offered in their cases of issue. 50-70
570.    An Uncirculated Silver Britannia Two Pounds Coin, 1998. Silver proof crowns dated 1980 and 1981. Both boxed as issued and accompanied by literature. 30-50
571.    Five Silver Britannia One Ounce Two Pounds Coins, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, (all encapsulated). 50-80
572.    A Guernsey 2012 Silver Proof Five Pounds and a Jersey 2011 silver proof five pounds. Both accompanied by literature. 20-40
573.    Eleven Attractive Crown Sized Replica ('Cinderella') coins. 30-40
574.    A Cased 1990 Silver Proof Five Pence Two Coin Set, a cased Jersey silver proof Piedfort 1982 twenty pence coin. 15-25
575.    The Heraldic Beasts (London Mint Office) Four Coin Silver Crown Set 2013, presented in a casket and accompanying literature. 40-60
576.    Seven Silver Britannia One Ounce Two Pounds Coins, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (2), 2014, all encapsulated. 70-100
577.    Six Australian Kookaburra One Ounce Silver One Dollar Coins, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, all encapsulated. 50-80
578.    Six Silver One Ounce Coins, including three Chinese pandas 2010, 2011, 2014, three Mexican silver liberated 1982, 1990, 2009, all encapsulated. 50-80
579.    Two Cased Isle of Man Silver Proof One Pound Coins (Pobjoy Mint), 1978, 1979, both tarnished. 10-25
580.    Five Australian Kookaburra, Koala, Kangaroo Silver (One Ounce) One Dollar Coins, including 1993 kangaroo, 2009 Koala, 2014 Kookaburra, all encapsulated. 40-60
581.    A Cased Royal Mint London 2012 Four Coin Silver Proof Set, including 2009 silver proof 5 coin, 2010 silver proof 5 coin, 2011 silver proof 5 coin, London 2012 Olympic 5 silver proof coin. All certificated. 80-120
582.    Five Silver Britannia 1oz Two Pound Silver Coins, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2016. 70-120
583.    Seven Canadian One Ounce Five Dollars Silver Coins, including 2011 bear, 2010 maple leaf, all encapsulated. 70-100
584.    Three Crown Sized Five Pounds Coins, including Guernsey 2010 'Battle of Britain 1940', Tuvalu 1993 20 dollars coin 'HMS Royalist', Jersey 2008 five pounds coin 'George and The Dragon', Jersey 2010 two pounds coin 'Battle of Britain 1940', a sealed Royal Mint George and The Dragon 20 silver coin, redeemable GB coinage with a face value of 16.55. 40-60
585.    A Barry & Nephews 185 South Africa Remainder 5 Pounds Banknote, Pristine "The firm Barry & Nephews traded by ship all along the East Coast from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth and from Port Beaufort up the Breede River to Malgas. With no banking facilities at hand Barry & Nephews issued their own private paper money which was freely negotiable". 100-200
586.    17 x Bank of England One Pound Banknotes. All are John Brangwyn Page and regularly in the higher grades (but with occasionally faults). A German 20 marks banknote. 20-30
587.    Four High Grade 2006 Ulster Bank Five Pounds Banknotes all Depicting George Best. Numbers GB 350879, GB 350880, GB 350882 and GB 350883. 30-50
588.    6 x Northern Bank Five Pounds Banknotes, conditions various. Circulated Bank of England banknotes comprising a ten pounds, a five pounds, 5 x one pounds and 2 x ten shillings. Various Chief Cashiers. 60-90
589.    A Low Grade Isle of Man Bank Limited One Pound Banknote, Douglas 4th February 1938, number XZ 2249. 20-40
590.    105 Pre-Euro German Marks in Banknotes, 2000 pre-Euro Spanish Pesetas in banknotes. 30-50
591.    240 Pre-Euro Austrian Shillings in Banknotes. 20 Swiss Francs in banknotes. 305 Malaysian Ringgits in banknotes. 40-70
592.    140 South African Rand in Banknotes. 25 UAE Dirhams in banknotes. 4 Malta Lire. 25 Pounds in GB banknotes (Regional Issues are included). 5 Punts in an Irish banknote. 30-40
593.    Three Consecutive Gill Five Pounds Banknotes, numbers SDII 423452 to SDII 423454. Faults, ten further banknotes, GB and foreign. 20-30
594.    An Eire Ten Shillings, 1966, n.unc. Twenty-three foreign banknotes, regularly higher grade. 15-30
595.    An Interesting Receipt for Two Shillings and Sixpence Issued by The London Friendly Union, (of 71 Leaderhall St.) "to benefit the Cabinet Makers' Trade Society" 24th March 1842. 20-40
596.    A Complete Battle of Waterloo 200th Anniversary Medallion Collection, including The Duke of Wellington 14 carat gold medal, proof, 7grams. 70-120
597.    A Crown, 1818 (LVIII), attractive GVF/NEF despite minor staining. 200-300
598.    A 1758 Spanish Escudo, obverse: depicts the profile of Ferdinand VI DG, reverse: crowned arms Hispaniarum Rex. 30-50
599.    A Republic of Futoria 1999 Krooker Metalor Gold Coin, an Austria Ducat, 1915, restrike. 120-150
600.    A Half Sovereign, 1915, NVF. 80-100
601.    A Half Sovereign, 1907, F. 80-100
602.    A Half Sovereign, 1913, NVF. 80-100
603.    A Half Sovereign, 1910, fine but dirty. 80-100
604.    A Half Sovereign, 1914, GVF. 90-120
605.    A Half Sovereign, 1912, F/GF. 90-120
606.    A Shields Back Half Sovereign, 1890, NVF. 90-120
607.    A Half Sovereign, 1911, NVF/VF (but minor staining). 80-100
608.    A Half Sovereign, 1900, GF. 80-100
609.    A Proof Half Sovereign, 1980. As issued. 90-120
610.    A Proof Half Sovereign, 1980. As issued and accompanied by literature. 90-130
611.    A Half Sovereign, 1864 (shield back), F. 120-140
612.    A Proof Half Sovereign, 1980. As issued and accompanied by literature. 90-130
613.    A 1928 USA Quarter Eagle, (two and a half dollars), NVF/VF. 300-500
614.    An Alderney Gold Proof One Pound 2005, accompanied by literature. 30-50
615.    A Half Sovereign 1900 F/GF, other coins. 90-120
616.    *WITHDRAWN*
A Proof Half Sovereign, 1979. 90-120
617.    A Sovereign, 1976, Unc. 180-200
618.    A Sovereign, 1976, N. Unc. 180-200
619.    A Sovereign, 1974, N. Unc. 180-200
620.    A Sovereign, 1968, Unc. 180-200
621.    A Sovereign, 1914, NVF. 180-200
622.    A Sovereign, 1911, NVF. 180-200
623.    A Sovereign, 1913, GF/NVF. 180-200
624.    A Sovereign, 1907, fine but dirty. 180-200
625.    A Sovereign, 1911, GF. 180-200
626.    A Sovereign, 1900, GF. 180-200
627.    A Sovereign, 1900, GF/NVF. 180-200
628.    A Sovereign, 1913, GF. 180-200
629.    A Sovereign, 1900, F. 180-200
630.    A Sovereign, 1900, GF/NVF. 180-200
631.    A Sovereign, 1900, NVF. 180-200
632.    A Sovereign, 1896, GF. 180-200
633.    A Sovereign, 1820, NF, but ex-mount and other faults. 275-320
634.    A Sovereign, 1914, NVF. 180-200
635.    A Sovereign, 1899, F/GF. 180-200
636.    A Sovereign, 1900, NVF/VF. 180-200
637.    A Sovereign, 1900, GF. 180-200
638.    A Sovereign, 1896, GF/NVF. 180-200
639.    A Sovereign, 1958, unc. 180-200
640.    A Sovereign, 1860 (shield back), GF. 240-260
641.    A Sovereign, 1872, GF. 240-250
642.    A USA Half Eagle, (five dollars), 1881, GF. 275-300
643.    A Sovereign, 1893 (OH), GF. 240-260
644.    A Sovereign, 1893 (JH), NVF. 240-260
645.    A USA Half Eagle, (five dollars), 1886, GF/NVF. 275-300
646.    A 1900 USA Half Eagle, (five dollars), F/GF. 275-300
647.    A Sovereign, 1920, GF/NVF (but minor staining). 240-260
648.    A USA Half Eagle, (five dollars), 1906 (Denver), VF. 500-600
649.    A Sovereign, 1890, NVF. 240-260
650.    A Sovereign, 1885, NVF/VF. 240-260
651.    A Sovereign, 1861 (shield back), F. 240-260
652.    A Sovereign, 1872, F/GF (but minor spotting). 240-260
653.    A Sovereign, 1906, GF (but minor staining). 240-260
654.    A Sovereign, 1862 (shield back) F/GF (but minor staining). 240-260
655.    A Sovereign, 1896, NVF. 240-260
656.    A Sovereign, 1891, NVF. 240-260
657.    A Five Pounds, 1911, NVF. A pleasing example of this classic coin. 3000-3500
658.    An Austria 4 Ducats, 1915, restrike, offered in a loose fitting pendant mount (marked "9ct"). 300-400
659.    A Mexico 50 Pesos, 1946, offered in a pendant mount on a curb chain (marked 9K). 800-1000
660.    An 1887 Eleven Coin Specimen Set, five pounds to silver threepence. The gold is NVF to GVF, the silver, generally, is better. The five pounds has very minor edge damage. The case is acceptable but slight rubbing. 3000-5000