Specialist Collectable Toys Auction
on Friday 10th February 2017

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1.      Two Remote Control Gliders, one 160cms long with a wingspan of approximately 248cms, fitted with two acoms servos, receiver, small electric motor and tilt switch, wooden construction with plastic film covering on wings and tailplane, the other, wooden and foam construction, no radio gear, approximately 99cms long with a wingspan of 180cms, with a futaba challenger fp-tsn transmitter and one other. £30-50
2.      Over Twenty Lledo and Similar Diecast Models, and 8 Maisto diecast supercars, all boxed. £20-30
3.      A Quantity of Unchecked Boxed Plastic Military Kits by Airfix, Revell etc. With a large quantity of made kits and spares, for repair or great for diorama building. £20-40
4.      A Quantity of Model Railway Controllers / Accessories, including HTM/ Hornby Digital / Cobalt Re-Defining turnout, control among other items. All spares / repair. Contained in two boxes. £30-50
5.      Five Boxes of Built Largely 1:24th Scale Lorry Kits, and parts for spares/repairs, with a further six boxes of kit parts loose and on sprues. £30-50
6.      A Boxed Mamod TE1A Live Steam Traction Engine with Burner, back box, funnel and canopy. Missing pressure valve, box tatty. Together with a boxed Mamod #LW1 Lumber Wagon and a boxed Mamod #OW1 Open Wagon. Model has been steamed. £20-40
7.      A Boxed Hornby Three and a Half Inch Gauge Live Steam Stephenson's Rocket Train Set, appears complete and lightly steamed, with track and instructions, would benefit from a gentle clean. £80-120
8.      A Part Built 2" Scale Live Steam Model of a Late XIX Century Shand Mason Fire Pump, boiler in place, but missing pump. Although only part built, finish is to a very good standard. Based on a Edgar Westbury design and parts, Reeves based. Includes plans and instructions. £300-500
9.      A Boxed Mamod #SR1A Live Steam Roller, as new and un-steamed, with burner, funnel, solid fuel, lubrication oil and instructions. £30-50
10.     A 5 Inch Gauge Electric Locomotive, crudely based on an 0-6-0 Diesel Outline (although model only runs on four wheels). Battery powered, 24 inches long. £300-500
11.     A Mamod Live Steam #FE1 Edwardian Fire Engine, water level class version, the model has been steamed. £40-60
12.     A Boxed Wilesco #D40 'Old Smoky' Live Steam Traction Engine, blue/chrome/red/white with rubber tyres in very good condition, never steamed, with burner, instructions and parts still sealed in bags. £80-100
13.     A Mamod Live Stream #SA1 Roadmaster, six spoke wheel, no water level glass version, the model has been steamed. £20-40
14.     A Live Steam Model Steam Plant, consisting of a Stuart Turner D10 / compound twin cylinder marine engine with central horizontal gas boiler with pressure gauge, a Stuart boiler manual feed pump and another upright single cylinder engine with modifications in nice condition on wooden plinth measuring 40cms x 25cms. Model approximately 27cms tall to top of chimney. £300-500
15.     An L.A. Services Live Steam Kit Built 'Little Wonder' Hit and Miss Engine, based on The Amanco/Fairbanks engines. Bore 7/8 inch, stroke 11/2 inch, flywheel 4 inches. Auto inlet valve, working governor, wick lubricators, hopper cooling, water cooled cylinder head, with twin flywheels. Fitted on wooden base approximately 20cms x 15cms. Model 81/2inches in length and 101/2cms tall, with glow fuel ignition. £80-120
16.     A Polly Model Engineering Robinson Hot Air Engine Model, power cylinder 1 3/8 inch bore, 1 inch stroke, displacer cylinder 2 1/4 inch bore, 7/8 inch stroke, flywheel 4 5/8 inch with gas burner. Fitted on a wooden base, approximately 29cms x 12cms. Model stands approximately 24cms tall. £200-400
17.     A Live Steam Stuart Turner Victoria Horizontal Single Cylinder Mill Engine, with added governor. With a bore of one inch and stroke of two inches, flywheel seven inches. Double acting, slide valve and guide bar cross head, also fitted with drain cocks and displacement lubricator. Model showing good compression. Fitted on a wooden base, approximately 40cms x 22cms. Model length 15½ inches, width 6½ inches, height 71/8 inches. £200-400
18.     A 7 1/4 Inch Gauge Scratch Built Rolling Model of an Early XX Century Midland Railway Petroleum Tanker, Finished in grey on a black chassis. Approximately 32 inches long. £200-400
19.     A Boxed Mamod #TE1A Live Steam Traction Engine, model has been steamed, with burner, funnel, steering extension, leaflet and spare drive spring. £40-60
20.     A Boxed Mamod #FE1 Live Steam Fire Engine, ten spoke wheel version with boiler sight glass. Model appears to have been steamed once. With burner, solid fuel, lubrication oil, funnel and instructions. £80-120
21.     A Boxed Mamod T.E.1 Live Steam Traction Engine, complete with spirit burner, steering extensions and Mamod leaflet. Model has been steamed. £30-50
22.     A Vintage Stuart 504 Babcock Boiler, fitted with Stuart automatic boiler feed pump, on wooden base approximately 44cms x 27cms. Model stands approximately 35cms tall to top of chimney. £80-120
23.     An Interesting 'Scotch Yoke' Type, Dual Piston Live Steam Model Engine, made from machined brass and steel, each piston with a bore of approximately 3/4 inch and stroke approximately one inch, to a centrally mounted 4 inch flywheel. Fitted on a wooden base approximately 28cms x 12cms. Model stands approximately 51/2 inches tall. £150-250
24.     A Hornby Three and a Half Inch Gauge Rocket Coach, 'Liverpool Manchester', appears little used, some decal rub, but with spare decal sheet. £30-50
25.     A Live Steam Driven Stuart Turner Sirius Twin Cylinder Marine Engine, rigged as an electrical generator with dynamo. Earlier versions of this set up were used as generators for radio battery charging during WWII. Mounted on wooden base, approximately 37cms long and 21cms tall. £300-500
26.     A SE2 Mamod Stationary Steam Engine, playworn. £15-25
27.     A Hornby Three and a Half Inch Gauge Live Steam Stevenson's Rocket Model, it has been steamed and would benefit from a gentle clean. £60-80
28.     A Boxed Mamod TE 1A Live Steam Traction Engine, with canopy, burner, steering extension and funnel. Model has been lightly steamed once or twice. £50-80
29.     A 5 inch Gauge Live Steam Model of a GWR 2-4-0 Class 455 Metropolitan Tank, finished in green, fully detailed cab. Signs of steaming, 31 inches long. Finished to a good standard. No paper work or certificate. £1800-2500
30.     A 3 1/2 Inch Gauge Live Steam Model of a Great Western 'Hall' Class 4-6-0 and Tender, named 'Capel Dewi Hall', R/No. 6999. No paperwork or certificate. Finished to a good standard. Overall length 48 inches. £1500-1800
31.     A Mid XX Century Fibreglass and Wood Constructed Steam Powered Model Boat, fitted with a mamod style boiler to geared prop-shaft, approximately 84cms long with a beam of 24cms at widest point, in need of full restoration. £30-50
32.     A Mamod S.R.1 Steam Roller, with steering extension and poor box, in need of restoration. £20-40
33.     An Impressive Run of Meccano Magazines From 1949-1963, with some years missing otherwise complete as follows:- 1949, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, (one missing), 56, 57, 58, 59 (missing August), 60, 62 and 1963. All in binders. £40-60
34.     A Small Collection of Live Steam Modelling Parts, including two vertical boilers, a liquid fuel blow torch by Optimus Sweden, an Impeller pump and unfinished project. £30-50
35.     The Contents of a Live Steam Model Enthusiasts Workshop, including bearings, springs, engineering copper and brass pieces, grommets, copper, steel and brass stock and a good quantity of model engineer magazines 1950's-1970's:- Two Boxes £30-50
36.     A Loose Collection of Red/Green Meccano Parts, including electric motor, wheels, gears, beams, tubes, fasteners, etc. £20-40
37.     A Large Quantity of Meccano Magazines, from 1929 (bound) to 1970's. Two Boxes £80-150
38.     Seven Lima 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Tankers, including BP / Mobilgas / Texaco among others. All boxed. Plus loose box van and 'O' gauge Kennedy's House by Model Power. Boxed £50-80
39.     A Quantity of Mid XX Century Meccano, part in No.6 Set Box. Plus associated literature. All play worn. £20-40
40.     Twenty One Wood Grain Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, cars and commercials including STUTZ Bearcat, Lagonda, Rolls Royce, Crossley RAF Tender, Packard etc. £20-30
41.     Two Large Scale Tin Plate Commercial Vehicles, for restoration. A Tri-ang single deck green line 704 Bus and a Marx Tipper Lorry, £20-40
42.     Six Boxed Corgi Diecast Trams, including Portsmouth, Southampton, LCC, and Leeds 'Tramlines' and Queen Elizabeth II golden jubilee, together with a boxed E.F.E Leeds tram. £25-40
43.     Thirty Two Boxed Lledo 'Days Gone' Diecast Vintage Commercial Vehicles, all different including horse drawn omnibuses. £20-30
44.     Six 'G' Scale Wagons by Bachmann, and others. Including 'Rio Grande Refrigerator' / PRR Tanker among others. All unboxed. £30-50
45.     A Wood Constructed Radio Controlled Motor Boat, fitted with electric motor, sanwa receiver, two servo's, resistor type speed control and rechargeable battery, approximately 93 cms long with a beam of 27cms at widest point, rudder detached but present, good basis for restoration, with Futaba transmitter. £20-40
46.     A Scratch Built Wooden Radio Controlled Motor Boat, fitted with Futaba FP-RIOZJE receiver, Futaba steering servo and throttle servo to simple on and off switch, and receiver battery pack, no main battery or motor, together with Futaba attack-R transmitter, approximately 102cms long, with a beam of 40cms at widest point. £20-40
47.     A Circa 1960's Wooden Mulled Pond Yacht, by Bowman, Ridlington, Haisborough, Norfolk, with metal reel and rudder, 51 cms long, 52 cms from deck to top of mast. £30-50
48.     A Mid XX Century Wooden Hulled Model of a Sailing Gaffer, length 45cms with a beam of approximately 11cms at the widest point. Rudder and lead keel. In need of re-rigging. £20-40
49.     A Plastic Hulled Pond Yacht, approximately 50cms long, with a beam of 12cms at widest point, 67cms from deck to top of mast, fitted with two sanwa servo's, with an acoms transmitter, needs re-rigging. £20-40
50.     An Original Star Yacht MK1 'Endeavor 1', in cream with red detailing, wooden hull with metal reel. £15-25
51.     Two Wooden Hulled Pond Yachts, one 76cms long, with a beam of 18cms at widest point, and 85cms from deck to top of mast, fitted with two servo's and receiver, with futaba transmitter, deck cover in need of repair, the other a wooden hull 103cms long, 13cms wide, 124cms from deck to top of mast, in need of re-piecing. £20-40
52.     A Cased Model of A Flower Class Corvette WWII Anti Submarine Convoy Escort Ship, based on the revell plastic kit, very well built, with electronic speed controller and ruder servo fitted, needs receiver, battery and transmitter, 87cms long with some diagrams explaining infrastructure removal etc. £40-60
53.     Twenty Three Boxed Lledo Days Gone By and Trackside Die Cast Vintage Vehicles, all different including, #T11004 'Ireland' Four Lorry Set, Corgi trackside #DG198003 'Wynns' Set, Steam Lorry and Delivery Vans. £25-40
54.     A Large Quantity of Mainly Early Tri-ang 'OO' Eight Wheel Coaches, various liveries. All playworn. £20-40
55.     Five Boxed Lorries, two Nachod (CzechoSlavakia) Tin Plate 1:43rd scale Tatra 815 rally trucks, a Conrad 1:50th scale man German post box truck, ERTL Diecast diamond T 'Valvoline' tanker-money box, and Hong Kong made plastic 'Hess' fuel oils articulated tanker. £20-40
56.     A Large Quantity of Lego, predominantly space, including boxed sets, #6970, #6927, #6929 and #918, other sets in bags with instructions, bases, gear wheels and a small quantity of Meccano, sets are unchecked. £40-60
57.     Eleven Boxed and Cased Diecast and Plastic Models, on a nautical theme, including 1:1136 scale Diecast Titanic, P&O ferries, Lledo RNLI lifeboats and four different Brittany Ferries container lorries. £20-40
58.     Eleven Built And Painted Airfix Historical Figures Model Kits, including Henry VIII, Napoleon, Beefeater, Queen Elizabeth I etc. £15-25
59.     Twenty Eight Boxed Oxford Diecast, vintage commercial vans, all different, all cigarette branded. £20-40
60.     Fourteen Carded Action Figures, including eight Vivid Imaginations Space Precinct, (two Officer Orrin), Electronic Robo Cop, Buzz Lightyear, Hyper 9, Robo Tech and Noddy 'Mr Milko's Van'. £15-30
61.     Sixteen Boxed Corgi Collectors Club Diecast Vehicles, including vans, Mini's, and Yorkshire Rider Land Rover, with one loose van. £30-50
62.     Nine Carded Playmates Star Trek 'The Next Generation' Action Figures, together with one carded classic Star Trek Movie Series 'Hikaru Sulu, a carded Galoob die cast U.S.S. Enterprise and two further carded figures 'Highlander' and Sea Quest and loose Spok. Some bubbles becoming detached. £15-25
63.     Comics-Approximately 200 modern superhero titles. by DC, Marvel, Max, Dark horse and others, including Superman, Fantastic Four, The West Coast Avengers and Ragman some in plastic protectors. £20-40
64.     A Quantity of Boxed Carded and Loose Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo and others, including Monster Trucks, Tram, Commercials and cars. With some repetition. £20-30
65.     Comics- Approximately 250 modern superhero titles, mostly by Marvel, and others, including Thunderbolts, X Men Unlimited, Generation X and others, most in plastic protectors. £20-40
66.     Three Boxed Aurora AFX Slot Car Racing Sets GX4500, with two cars., GX1300 with two cars and GX2000, no cars. All unchecked for completeness, some damages, in need of some TLC boxes tatty. With two boxed cards, #1974 Ferrari 512M and GT Racing Car. £20-40
67.     A Quantity of Boxed Matchbox and Lledo Days Gone Diecast Vintage Vehicles, including land speed record cars, delivery vans and RAF Ground Crew Support Set, with some repetition. £15-25
68.     Comics- Over 250 modern superhero titles by DC, Dark Horse, Marvel. Epic and others, including Wolverine, Shadowpact, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Nightstalkers and others, most in plastic protectors. £20-40
69.     Over 190 Look and Learn And Ranger Comics 1965-1969, together with over 90 battle valiant and battle action comics 1977-1978, and the book 'when comics went to war' By Adam Riches:- Two Boxes £80-120
70.     Thirty Four Boxed Lledo Days Gone, and similar commercial vehicles, including delivery vans, buses, horse drawn drays and XIII Commonwealth Games Scotland 1986 three vehicle set. £20-40
71.     A Boxed MB Ship in a Bottle Kit, with a wooden Gypsy Caravan Kit, a wooden farm wagon kit, Cutty Sark part built plastic kit and a bag of thousands of match sticks (unused, the vendor has removed the heads. Two Boxes £10-20
72.     A Large Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, by all the major manufacturers in various scales. £20-40
73.     Comics- Over 250 modern superhero titles by DC, Dark Horse, Marvel, Epic and others, including Wolverine, Shadowpact, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Nightstalkers and others, most in plastic protectors. £20-40
74.     Fifteen Boxed Corgi Thornycroft Commercial Vehicles, all different including four London Buses, LNER Van (2), Lea and Perrins Van. With two boxed Ford Model T's. £20-40
75.     Over Thirty Window Boxed Lledo Days Gone Diecast Commercial Vehicles, all different including vans, beer lorries and tanker. £20-40
76.     Comics- Approximately 250 modern superhero titles by Dark Horse, Marvel, DC, Max, Icon and others, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Iron Man, The New Warriors, Superman and others, some in plastic protectors. £20-40
77.     Over Thirty Window Boxed Lledo Days Gone Die Cast Commercial Vehicles, all different including vans, beer lorries and buses. £20-40
78.     Fourteen Bubble Packed Varying Scales all Different Diecast and Plastic Lorries, including 'Staropramen', 'Budweiser Budvar', 'Langbrau' and 'Berliner Kindl'. £20-40
79.     A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, by all the major manufacturers in various scales. £30-50
80.     A Very Large Quantity of Items from a Model Railway Engineers Workshop, including scenery / line side buildings / rolling stock / locomotive parts / DVD's / large quantity of aggregate. Contained in seven boxes, 'OO' related. £70-100
81.     A Quantity of Mid XX Century Meccano, beams, sheets, wheels, cogs etc, with Hornby 'O' gauge tunnel and signal (poor). Playworn. £15-25
82.     Eight Window Boxed Hasbro 1990's Action Men, including Scuba Diver, Doctor X, Ninja Warrior and Mission Extreme. Together with five Hasbro 1990's G.I. Joe figures, including Destro, Storn Shadow. All unchecked for completeness. £30-50
83.     Twelve Boxed and Bubble Pack Vehicle Models, of varying scales by Solido, Miva, Shuco and others. Including Limited Edition Double Decker Bus modified by Louaine Motorbus Models, Leeds (code 3). Miva Czech 1:43rd scale #02 1939 Aero 50 Sodomka (open). Together with Schuco Mercedes-Benz L319 'Berliner Morgenpost'. £25-40
84.     A Boxed Chad Valley Soccer Game-Unchecked For Completeness, with other boxed tin plate and plastic toys, including Locomotive, table top yacht, Airfix projector, roller coaster, Eligor diecast fire engine and a speedboat. £20-40
85.     A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail, including a 4-6-2 'Duchess of Montrose' (no tender) / 0-6-2 N2 tank/rolling stock. All play worn. Plus a boxed Wrenn wagon. £25-40
86.     Thirty Eight Boxed Diecast Vintage Vehicles, including seven matchbox models of Yesteryear, ten Lledo Coco-Cola commercials, seven Lledo Budweiser commercials and fourteen Corgi cameo commercials. £20-40
87.     A Scalextric Speed Challenge Set, contains two TVR cars and and extra Subaru, play worn. Boxed with track etc. £20-30
88.     Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different Yorkshire region, including Leyland, Bristol and AEC, Hebble, West Riding, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, Wigan etc. £30-50
89.     Twenty Four Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all commercials, nearly all different. £20-40
90.     A Quantity of Post War Hornby Dublo Three Rail, including rolling stock and track plus associated items. Many items boxed. £40-60
91.     Thirty Boxed Lledo 'Days Gone' Diecast Vintage Buses, nearly all different, including AEC, Bristol and Karrier. £20-40
92.     Fifteen James Bond Collection Diecast Cars, Part Works by Fabbri, with magazines, vehicles in cases, some cracked. £30-50
93.     Twenty Three Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, cars and commercials, including delivery vans, fire engine, Bentley, Rolls Royce and tram. £20-30
94.     Fifteen James Bond Collection Diecast Cars, Part Works by Fabbri, with magazines, vehicles in cases, some cracked. £30-50
95.     Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different including, Bristol, AEC and Routemaster, Blackpool, Southdown, Hull, East Kent, London etc. £30-50
96.     Fifteen James Bond Collection Diecast Cars, Part Works by Fabbri, with magazines, vehicles in cases, some cracked. £30-50
97.     Eleven Boxed Corgi Double Decker Buses, with some repetition, with a boxed EFE London Bus. A Tuk Tuk and other models. £20-40
98.     A Good Quantity of Marklin HO Gauge Track, boxed and loose -straights, curves and turnouts. Together with four boxed Marklin HO gauge Goods Wagons, a cased Trix HO München 'Nichtraucher' Carriage and a boxed Ibertren HO Low Wagon with load. £30-50
99.     Thirteen Boxed Diecast Vehicles by Corgi, Lledo, Cararama and others. Including Corgi #97002 AEC Regent Bus 'Sheffield', #96991 Thornycroft Bus and #36706 closed tram - both Sheffield, Lorries and Fire Brigade Land Rover. £25-40
100.    Six Boxed Special Edition Models of Yesteryear, #YS-39 passenger coach and horses 1820, #YS-43 Busch self propelled fire engine 1905, #YS-9 leyland cub fire engine TK.7, 1936, #Y-38 Rolls Royce armoured car 1920, #Y-16 Scania-vabis post bus, and #Y10 A and C trollybus 'diddler' 1934. £30-50
101.    Two Boxed Matchbox Playsets, #PS.2 Beach-Head Assault, and #PK-1001, 1:32nd scale counter attack, unchecked for completeness but both contain a lot of parts, boxes tatty. £20-40
102.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R672 Industrial Freight Train Set, includes 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive, five Goods Wagons, Track and Controller. Unchecked for completeness, box tatty. Together with #R499 Railway Bridge, #R530, three Pylons Kit, three boxed Goods Wagons and loose track. £20-40
103.    A Large Quantity of Action Figures, including Ghostbusters, He-Man, Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Scarlett, Thunderbirds, Action Force with some vehicles, The A Team and Star-Com. All with some accessories. £25-40
104.    Seven Boxed Corgi 1:64th Scale Diecast Superhavlers, Volvo's, Scania's, Renaults, including Lotus Sport, P & O, Silentnight and Woolworths; together with a cased Oxford diecast 1:76th scale Scania 'A.Campbell'. £20-40
105.    An Original Empire Strikes Back Imperial Attack Base Playset, with a Dagobah action playset and a Turret and Probot playset, all missing a number of parts/discoloured; together with a boxed Justoys 1983 Star Wars 'Bend-Ems' four figure set and six other carded Bend Ems figures-two Admiral Akbar, two Tusken Raiders, Han Solo and Emporers Royal Guard. £20-40
106.    A Boxed Scalextric Porsche Power Race Car Set, with two cars (one missing windscreen), track, controllers, barriers and P.S.U. £20-40
107.    Fourteen Window Boxed German Schabak 1:43rd Scale Diecast Vehicles, including VW Transporter Pick Up, Mercedes SL, Porsche Carrera 2 and VW Polo Coupe. £30-50
108.    A Good Quantity of Hornby Dublo Track, buffer stops, points, turntable, level crossing and footbridge. Playworn. £20-40
109.    Contents of a 'OO' Gauge Railway Modellers Workshop, including track, buildings, scenery and various lineside accessories. £25-40
110.    Four Window Boxed Solido 1:17/18th Scale Ford 1936 Delivery Vans, code 3 'Old Baily Strong Bitter', 'Becks', 'Pepsi-Cola' and Perrier. £20-40
111.    Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different, including Bristol, AEC, and Daimler, London, Dundee, South Wales, West Yorkshire etc. £30-50
112.    A Boxed Burago Bugatti Type 59 (1934), with a hallmark Williams Renault FW14 Formula One Car, other Corgi models and Vanguards. £20-30
113.    Three Boxed Kit Form 1:24th Scale Resin Truck Part Kits, including cabs and skip loader kit, with five skips and part built loader. All unchecked. £20-30
114.    A Good Quantity of Hornby Dublo Rolling Stock, including twenty carriages in various liveries, tankers, covered wagons, cable wagons, bogies and brick trucks. with eleven signals and three water pumps. £50-100
115.    Thirteen Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different, including Daimler, Bristol, Alexander and AEC, Bournmouth, South Wales, Hong-Kong, Bury, Edinburgh etc. £30-50
116.    Twenty Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, largely commercials, all different including one three vehicle gift set. £20-40
117.    A Boxeo Corgi Eddie Stobart Gift Set, with lorry and video, together with boxed Corgi
#59592 ERF Curtainside trailer, #C1238 boxed Seddon Atkinson 'Mars', #11GG boxed Mercedes tanker, 'Guinness' and boxed EFE 1:76th scale Atkinson box van 'wells drinks'. £20-40
118.    The Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, connoisseurs collection of six cars in presentation mahogany box with key and certificate, together with the matchbox 1982 five vehicle gift set, a three vehicle gift set, #y-27, 1922 Foden 'C' type steam wagon and trailer, and a full Avon 'fast lane' trans am after shave bottle, something no man should be without. £20-40
119.    Four Modern 'Decorators Piece' Tin Plate Vehicles, a Showman's Traction Engine, two tractors and an old Jaloppy. £20-30
120.    A Boxed Formula One Scalextric #C.853 Silverstone Racing Set, with PSU, two controllers, two Formula One Cars (damaged) and track unchecked for completeness. With a box of cars. Boxed Scalextric #C.391 Ferrari GTO (box tatty), boxed Scalextric #C.144 Team Lancia (box tatty), Scalextric Jaguar Le Mans, Scalextric Porsche Racing Le Mans. Four model cards for spares/repairs, instructions and paperwork and a box of Scalextric track and barriers. £30-50
121.    A Quantity of Playworn Diecast Vehicles, by all the major manufacturers. Including Matchbox 1.75's in a carry case. Aircraft, commercials and motorbikes. £20-40
122.    A Post War Hornby '0' Gauge, M1 0-4-0 locomotive and ender, clockwork boxed, plus rolling stock/track among associated items, mainly boxed. £30-50
123.    Six Boxed Corgi Commercial Vehicle Gift Sets, #D94/1 Whitbread lorry and van, #97751 Bass lorry and van #c90 Ford vans, #c88 transport through the ages, a #c89 60 years of transport three vehicle set, and #R2499G transport of the 30's. £20-40
124.    Twenty Three Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, commercials, race cars, sports cars, all different. £20-40
125.    Twenty Four Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all commercials, nearly all different. £20-40
126.    Eleven Boxed Corgi and E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different including four Routemaster set, Southdown set, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham etc. £30-50
127.    A Collection of Toy Collecting Literature, including modern D.T.C.A journals, Fleischmann, Marklin, Mainline and other catalogues, press cuttings in files, auction catalogues, and 1990's classic toy magazines. £20-40
128.    Two Boxed Radio Control Vehicles, A Taiyo Typhoon hovercraft, with transmitter and instructions, and a Taiyo Edge UFX rotary aircraft with vertical take off and landing, with transmitter, instructions and D.V.D. £20-40
129.    A Quantity of 'OO' scale Model Railway by Hornby, and others. Including 0-4-0 Diesel Locomotive / rolling stock / track / lineside accessories, among other items. All playworn. £25-40
130.    A Quantity of Matchbox 1-75's And Similar, over 80, all playworn. £20-40
131.    Five Boxed Corgi Fire Engine Models, #97356 The Nottinghamshire AEC Pump Escape Fire Engine, #22001 West Yorkshire FB AEC Turntable Ladder, #97386 AEC Ladder Bristol, #CC10305 AEC Merryweather one hundred foot Turntable Ladder Hereford and Worcester Fire Brigade, #21802 Hong Kong Fire Engine. All with certificates together with a Corgi bubble pack #CC10310 AEC Turntable Ladder Wiltshire Fire Brigade with certificate and a boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear Special Edition YS-9 1936 Leyland 'Cub' Fire Engine FK-7. £40-60
132.    Seven Boxed Corgi 1:64th Scale Diecast Superhavlers, Volvo's, Scania's, DAF and ERF, including Preston's of Potto, Pollocks, Ken Abram and Blue Circle, together with a cased Oxford Diecast 1:76th scale Scania L.E.Jones Limited. £20-40
133.    Twenty Three Assorted Carded Action Figures, including X-Toys 'Wild Wild West' (4), Galoob 'Men in Black' 1997 (6), Kenner 'Batman Forever' 1995 (3), Kenner 'Legends of Batman' (4) and other Batman series including animated series Robin, with Japanese over-stickers- bubble detaching from card, as are some others. £20-40
134.    A Large Quantity of Original Action Men, including many heads, limbs, feet hands etc. Playworn. £50-70
135.    Nine Window Boxed 1:64th Scale Diecast Models, six by American Highway Legends and three by Hartoy. Including the Great American Brewery Collection Drawbar Trailer Unit 'Dixie Beer', Mack 'Schafer Fine Beer' and Ford F-7 Tractor Double Axle Trailer 'Dixie Home'. £25-40
136.    An Original Boxed Palitoy Action Man Training Tower, missing barbed wire, mess kit, water bottle, camp stove, knife, fork, spoon and leaflet. Box with cut out. £15-25
137.    Two Boxed Matchbox Playsets, #PS-1 container port, and PS-3 seakings harbour, unchecked for completeness but both contain a lot of parts, boxes tatty; together with two window window boxed matchbox Sea Kings-HK309 submarine and #K307 helicopter carrier. £20-30
138.    Twelve Boxed Eligor Diecast Commercial Vehicles, all different, with five cased Solido commercial vehicles and a Bugatti Royale. £20-40
139.    Four Tin Plate Toys, a battery operated 'Space Patrol 3 U.F.O., missing a wheel. A vintage car, a clockwork tiger shooting target and a Mettoy Jack in the Box. £20-30
140.    An Action Man Armoured Car with Two Figures, One Eagle Eyes, with a quantity of equipment including clothing, weapons, ski's, boots, oxygen tanks and Grenadier Guardsman. £30-50
141.    Seven Window Boxed American High Way Legends 1:64th Scale Diecast Trucks, all different including 'Purina Do Chow', 'Indian Motorcycles', 'Spalding' and 'Hershey's'. Three window boxed Coca-Cola brand Die Cast Trucks. All different including GMC T-70 Truck 'Coco-Cola' and Mack Model BM 'Refresh Yourself! Drink Coca-Cola'. £20-40
142.    A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky/Corgi/Matchbox, among others, TV related noted, all playworn. £25-40
143.    A Quantity of OO/HO Model Railway, including a 4-6-2 'Duchess of Sutherland' by Hornby. A Lima Train Set and associated items. All play worn. £25-40
144.    Twelve Boxed 1:76th/OO Scale Diecast Lorries, by EFE, Herpa, Oxford diecast and Lledo, with a small quantity of loose. £30-50
145.    A Large Quantity of Early 'OO' Scale Tri-ang Four Wheel, and eight wheel rolling stock. All playworn. £20-40
146.    Over Thirty Window Boxed Lledo Days Gone Die Cast Commercial Vehicles, all different including vans, horse drawn vehicles, buses and brewery lorries. £20-40
147.    A Quantity of 7mm / 4mm and Similar Gauge Spares / Unused Accessories, by Peco / Wills / Kean / Coopercraft / Ratio among others. Mainly bagged / unused. £30-50
148.    Fifteen James Bond Collection Diecast Cars, Part Works by Fabbri, with magazines, vehicles in cases, some cracked. £30-50
149.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge Rolling Items, including track, points, and lineside accessories:- Two Boxes £20-40
150.    Eight Boxed Construction Sets, construction #20 helicopter, #c07 Tipper lorry, #c40 electric gantry crane, #c01, #04 electric set, #14 dockside crane, similar in scope to Meccano, together with two further sets including Philips #1250 compact mechanical engineer, all un-checked for completeness, but certainly a lot of parts there. £20-40
151.    Approximately 440 Copies of The Victor Comic 1966-1982:- Two Boxes £80-120
152.    Eleven Bubble Pack and Boxed 1:76th Scale Diecast and Plastic Lorries, all different, including 'Kulmbacher', 'Brinkhoff's', 'Staropramen' and 'Budweiser Budvar'. £20-30
153.    A Quantity of Corgi Classic/Original Omnibuses and Four Lledo, including Bedford Val-'Wallace Arnold', all boxed. £30-50
154.    A Quantity of 'OO' Gauge Railway Items by Tri-ang, Mainline, Lima and others, including rolling stock, track, building, figures and lineside accessories. Two Boxes £20-40
155.    Twenty Five Boxed Diecast Models, of varying scales by Schabak, Lledo, Corgi and others including Schabak #1085 1:43rd scale Ford Fiesta XR2i and Schabak #1001 1:43rd scale VW Jetter. Oxford Die Cast 'RMS Titanic', 'Players Navy Cut' and 'Ark Royal'. Lledo Models of Days Gone 'White Star Steamship Co. Ltd'. Together with the Millennium Dome Die Cast Replica. £20-40
156.    Twenty Four Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all different bar two, twelve cars and twelve commercials including steam wagons. £20-40
157.    Eleven Boxed Corgi 1:43rd Thornycroft Brewery Lorries, all different,, including Double Diamond, Carlsberg, Taunton Cider etc. With three boxed Renault Lorries - Artois, Jules Goulard and Courvoisier and two boxed AEC 508 forward control five ton cab over lorries £20-40
158.    A Quantity of Loose Diecast Vehicles By Corgi, Matchbox, Eligor, Lledo and others, largely commercials and buses not playworn. £20-30
159.    Twelve EFE/Original Omnibus '00' Scale Buses and Trams, all with a Yorkshire theme, all boxed. £30-50
160.    Thirteen Window Boxed German Schabak 1:43rd Scale Diecast Vehicles, including VW Caravelle 'Polizei', Audi V8 DTM, VW Golf 'ADAC' and VW Golf GTI with two boxed German Schabak 1:43rd scale Ford Escort Ghia and Ford Orion Ghia. £30-50
161.    Twenty Two Original Dinky and Corgi Lorry Chassis, including Big Bedford, Leyland Comets, Berliet, Foden and Guy. All playworn/painted/cut-shut, together with nine backs. £40-60
162.    A Complete Set of Twenty Three Boxed Atlas Editions 1:76th Scale Diecast, 'Greatest Show on Earth' Showman's and Circus Vehicles. Most still sealed with a box of twenty three certificates, key ring, set of coasters and cleaning brush. £60-100
163.    Three Boxed Corgi American La France Aerial Ladder Fire Trucks, #97387 Aerial Ladder Truck Denver Fire Department with certificate. #97398 Aerial Ladder Truck Jersey City with certificate. #97320 Aerial Ladder Truck. £30-50
164.    Over Thirty Diecast Model Aircraft, Part Works 'Fighter Aircraft Collection, mainly sealed with magazines, in two boxes. £40-60
165.    Three Boxed Spectrum by Bachmann Large 'G' scale U.S. Outline Goods Wagons, #88299 'LS' Low Side Gondola, painted, unlettered (brown). #88296 'LS' Low Side Gondola 'Pacific Coast' and #8896 Two Bay Steel Hopper, Midwest Quarry and Mining, in black. £40-60
166.    Two Boxed Hornby 'OO' Scale Cast Resin Steam Locomotives, with tenders. #03586 Class 03, 4-6-2 Flying Scotman 4472 in LNER green, #03587, Class A4, 4-6-2 Mallard 4462 in LNER blue, on wooden plinths. £10-20
167.    Six 1:10th Scale Highly Detailed Diecast Harley Davidson Motorcycles, all with moving parts. In need of a gentle clean. £20-40
168.    Six Boxed Japanese 1:60th Scale Diecast Lorries By Tomica and Shinsei, including
#052 Hino articulated tanker 'Texaco', 'Shinsei #643 Peterbilt articulated tanker 'Union 79', Mitsubishi Fuso tanker 'shell' and GMC tanker 'Union' 76. £30-50
169.    Two Boxed Spectrum by Bachmann Large 'G' Scale U.S. Outline Goods Wagons, #88695 'LS' Box Car with Murphy Roof 'Colorado and Southern' and #88494 'LS' Frameless Tanker Gramps 88169. Together with a box L.G.B., 'G' scale Cable Drum Wagon and Two Bachmann 'G' scale Trackside Worker Figures. £40-60
170.    Ten Boxed Atlas Editions 1:43rd Scale Tour De France Diecast Support Vehicles, with one loose Norev 1:43rd scale Peugeot 604 'Tour De France' and two boxed Abrex Tour De France Skoda Cars. £30-50
171.    Two Framed Cased Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, 'exploded' models, limited edition
#08775 Yorkshire steam wagon 1:54th scale, 'Victoria Corn Mills, Sheffield' and limited edition #00415 Leyland Titan TDI double decker bus, 1:54th scale 'Swan Fountpens'. £20-40
172.    A Perspex Display Cabinet, 32cms (H) x 31cms (D) x 66cms (W). One or two light marks. £15-25
173.    Two Boxed Italeri Plastic Model, 1:24th Scale Truck Kits, #743 Scania R144L, appears complete with parts sealed in bags, with instructions. #3850 Scania R620 Atelier, appear complete with some parts sealed in bags with instructions. Buyer needs to assure themselves of completeness. £20-40
174.    A Boxed Universal Hobbies #UH2640U 1:16th Diecast Fordson Power Major Tractor. £30-50
175.    A Boxed Modelzone Limited Edition Brushed Steel Massey Ferguson #MF135 Tractor, with original outer box. £30-50
176.    A Boxed Road Signature #20038 1:18th Scale Diecast 1914 Ford Model T Fire Engine, with real wood ladder and 24k gold plated coin. £20-30
177.    A Boxed ERTL #33156X 1:10th Scale Diecast Harley-Davidson 2004 Road King Classic Motorcycle. £15-25
178.    A 1/12th Scale Diecast Model of A 1956 Volkswagen Samba Bus, by Sun Star, boxed. £60-100
179.    A Hornby 'OO' Scale Train Set, made up of 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' and four coaches, play worn. Boxed, box poor. £20-40
180.    Fifteen Boxed and Loose Diecast and Plastic Lorries, other vehicles in varying scales by Lledo, Majorette, Norev, Corgi and others. Including M.A.N. Bus 'KLM Motor Coach Co.', Volvo Articulated Container Lorry 'Truckline' and Skoda Favorit 136L. £20-40
181.    A Quantity of Matchbox and Hot Wheels Die Cast Car and Race Track, including forty eight play worn cars in carry case, Models of Yesteryear and boxed Matchbox Superfast. £20-30
182.    Fifteen Window Boxed German Schabak 1:43rd Scale Diecast Vehicles, including BMW ZI, VW Caravelle 'Lufthansa', BMW M5 and Audi 90 Rallye. £30-50
183.    Three Matchbox Collectibles 1:50th Scale Mack Articulated Container Trucks, boxed 'The Celebration of the New Millennium', in polystyrene 'Coca-Cola' and loose 'Harley Davidson Motor Cycles'. Together with two loose Uniross Lorries. £20-40
183A.   Over 230 Lion Comics 1969-1974, comprising Lion and Thunder 9144), Lion and Eagle (40), and Lion (52). All numbers approximate. £80-120
184.    Over 210 Tiger Comics 1966-1970, comprising Tiger and Hurricane 9163), Tiger and Jag (41), and Tiger (14). All numbers approximate; together with approximately two hundred Warlord comics 1974-1986; a Viz 1985-86 annual and oddments:- Two Boxes £80-120
185.    A Large Quantity of Boxed and Carded Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox, Corgi, Lledo, ERTL and others, including novelty items, helicopters, and confectionary tins:- Two Boxes £20-40
186.    Fifteen Boxed EFE and Corgi, 1:76th Scale Buses, twelve of which are various Sheffield Buses, including Bedford OB, Leyland Atlantean, Leyland TD1 and Alexander Y-Type. £40-60
187.    A Quantity of Super Hero Comics From the 1980's -1990's, including Lighting Comics 'Hellina' #1 Limited Edition of 2500, Eagle, 2000 AD, Iron Man and Captain America. £20-30
188.    A Hornby 'O' Gauge 0-4-0 Locomotive, clockwork, plus coaches and track. All play worn. £20-40
189.    Two Unusual Home Made Wooden Radio Control Boats, both fitted with receivers, servo's, resistor type speed control and electric motors, approximately 42 and 35cms respectively, together with an electric powered dingy, and a boxed victory industries R.A.F vosper crash tender, all in need of restoration, with two sanwa and one hi-tec transmitters. £20-40
190.    Twenty Four Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all commercials, nearly all different. £20-40
191.    Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different including, Bristol, Leyland, Bedford OB, and Mercedes, Liverpool, Brighton, Kent, Manchester etc. £30-50
192.    Twenty Four Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all commercials, nearly all different £20-40
193.    Thirty Two Boxed Lledo 'Days Gone' Diecast Vintage Buses and Commercial Vehicles, all different. £20-30
194.    Six Boxed Corgi Commercial Vehicle Gift Sets, #D52/1 two Charrington lorries, #997742 two John Smith lorries, #c88 transport through the ages, Corgi Weetabix collection, #R9501 transport of the 30's and #R25006 Bryant and May model T vans. £20-40
195.    A Subbuteo Continental Club Edition Table Top Football Game, with pitch, goals, one complete team and other loose players and accessories. Together with a Parker 'Escape From Colditz' Board Game and a Merit Lt. General Sir Brian Horrock's 'Combat' Board Game, both unchecked for completeness. £15-25
196.    Sixteen Boxed Lledo 'Days Gone' Diecast Buses and Commercial Vehicle Sets, including V.E Day, post office telephones, classic buses and northern diaries sets, some repetition. £20-30
197.    Thirty Four Boxed Oxford Diecast Vintage Commercial Vehicles, delivery vans and buses, some repetition. £20-30
198.    Twelve Boxed Code 3 Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, all commercials including Doncaster Yesteryear collectors group on Yorkshire steam wagon, Tadcaster, Wards and John Smiths beer lorries, Balby Ashmount WMC, and other drinks related Ford model 7 and Talbot vans. £20-30
199.    Seven Corgi Classic and Similar Buses and Coaches, including Leyland Atlantean/ Guy Arab among others, all with a Yorkshire theme, all boxed. £30-50
200.    Over Twenty Five 'OO' Scale Four Wheel Railway Wagons by Hornby, Bachmann and others. All playworn. £30-50
201.    Eleven Carded Action Figures, three carded Dick Tracey die cast cars. Including the Mask, Iron Man, Robotech, Ultra Force, King Arthur, Hercules and Pocahontas. £15-25
202.    Six Boxed Lledo 1:64th Scale Vanguards, all different commercial vehicles including Leyland Comet Box Van 'Bass'. Commer Flatbed 'John Smith's' and boxed 1:43rd scale Vanguards 'Whitbread' Service Van Set. All with certificates where appropriate and number plate stickers. £20-40
203.    A Quantity of 'OO' Model Vehicles by Oxford, among others. Playworn, some boxed. £20-30
204.    Six Boxed Corgi 1:64th Scale Diecast Superhavlers, Scania's, Volvo's and ERF, including James Irlam and Sons, C.S.Lewis, Pickfords, and Macfarlane, with a boxed Corgi 1:76th scale #cc18102 Scania R series Topline fridge-"Scott Trawlers". £20-40
205.    A Small Quantity of 'OO' Gauge Railway Rolling Stock, including boxed Hornby 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive 'Sir Dinadan' #795 in southern green. A boxed Airfix 'OO' gauge #54100-6. A1A-A1A Class 31/4 Diesel Locomotive in B.R. blue. A boxed Tr-ang Hornby operating mail coach set. A boxed Hornby #R439 B.R Coach MK 3. open second and a quantity of Tr-ang #R480 straight track. £30-50
206.    Eleven Boxed Czech HO Scale Igra Plastic Lineside Lorry Models, including Elf, 'Budweiser Budvar' and 'Stahl'. Boxed German HO scale Albedo Plastic Lineside Lorry 'Bayern-Brau' also including. Boxed HO scale Intertrans 148 #512201 Mann P and O Trans European Curtain Sider Lorry. £30-50
207.    Four Boxed American PEM 1:60th Scale Diecast Mack Articulated Container Trucks, #M751507 'Georgia-Pacific' and #C71502 'Diet Coke'. £30-50
208.    Seven Carded Action Figures, including Spawn-Burnt, Spawn Grave Digger and Al Simmons, Dark Water-Bloth, X-Men Cyclops, Mortal Combat-Liu Kang, Stingray Troy Tempest and Dungeons and Dragons Melf. Together with a sealed box of Topps Batman Returns Gum Movie photo cards. Some figures detaching from cards. £15-25
209.    A Quantity of Original Diecast Toys, by Dinky, Corgi and Spot-On, amongst others. All playworn. £40-60
210.    Seven 'OO' Gauge Southern Region Railway Carriages, by Graham Farish, Lima and Tri-ang. £20-40
211.    Four Boxed Double Decker Buses by Budgie and Dinky, Dinky #289 Routemaster Bus 'Ssschweppes' red body, blue-green logo on white transfers, chrome spun hubs repainted red. Model good, box fair with small tears to flap. Dinky #289 Routemaster Bus 'Visit Blackpool 200 and Dinky #289 Routemaster Bus 'Visit Madame Tussauds'. Budgie #236 Routemaster Bus 'Golden Jubilee of London Transport 1933-1983 Special Golden Edition. Box good. £25-40
212.    Twenty Four 'OO' Gauge Railway Goods Wagons, Tri-ang, Hornby, Mainline and Graham Farish. Including coal wagons, containers, brake vans, tanker and track cleaning car. £25-40
213.    A Set of Four Cased EFSI (Holland) 1:76th Scale Diecast, Boua Futura Code 1 coaches with certificates 'Collins', 'Welsh's', 'Laver', and 'Mayne' with two others, 'The Kinks Ferry' and 'Warrens Holidays'; together with three unusual SDV Model (Czech) 1:87th (Ho) scale plastic lorry kits. £20-40
214.    Toy Collecting Literature Seven Books, The Collector's All Colour Guide to Toy Trains an International Survey of Trains and Railway Accessories, from 1880 to the present day by Ron McCrindell, Dinky Toys from 1934-1980 Collector's Guide compiled by Jack Wilson, Siku Catalogue 1991 by Wilfried Raschke/Manfred Weise, Solido Toys Variation and Price Guide by Dr. Edward Force, Toy Price Guide English and French Dinky Toys, History of British Dinky Toys 1934-1964 by Cecil Gibson and Collecting Dinky Toys by Mike Richardson. Three Railway magazines together with seven reproduction 1950's Dinky Toys Catalogue. £20-40
215.    Thirteen Boxed HO and OO Scale Railway Lineside Vehicles by Herpa, Lledo, Wiking and others. Including Berliner Double Decker Bus, Tanker 'Aral', Draw Bar Trailer Unit 'Maisel's Weissl' and Foden S21 Tanker 'National Benzole'. £25-40
216.    A Boxed Dapol 'OO' Gauge Coal Wagon, with three weathered Bachmann Box Vans, a Hornby Brake Van, three other Dapol Coal Wagons and Bogie with a Peco Turnout Switch. £20-40
217.    Four Boxed and Cased Gilbow 1:1750 Scale White Star Line Cruise Ships, #E10001 RMS Titanic, #E10002 RMS Brittanic (hospital livery), #E10003 RMS Olympic, and #E10005 RMS Olympic (Wartime Livery). £20-40
218.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later 'OO' Scale Line Side Accessories, by Crescent/Master Models/Merit among others. Many signals noted. £30-50
219.    Three Boxed And Two Loose ERTL Diecast, 1913 model T delivery vans with locking money banks, three of which are code 'Mansfield Ales'. £15-25
220.    An NZG #277 Diecast J.C.B 3CX Excavator loader, together with a boxed #EGIA Hong Kong manufactured friction drive black plastic London tax. £20-40
221.    A Quantity of Hornby 'OO' Scale Thomas The Tank Engine, including four locomotives - Thomas / Percy / Diesel / Toby plus rolling stock and similar items. £40-60
222.    A Hornby 'OO' Hymek Locomotive, three blue and grey British Rail Coaches. Playworn. £15-25
223.    A Small Quantity of 'OO' Scale Railway Wagons by Hornby, Bachmann and others. Including yellow breakdown crane and Tilcon hopper. Playworn. £25-40
224.    Sixteen Hornby 'OO' Scale Nickel Railway Points, all little used. Various sizes. £30-50
225.    Instructions Booklet Literature And Catalogues, by Meccano, Tri-ang, Hornby Dublo, Lionel, Scalextric, Schuco and others, circa 1950's-1960's. £20-40
226.    A Boxed Tri-Ang Hornby OO Gauge #R152, 0-6-0 class 08 diesel shunter in BR green #D3035; together with a Lima gauge class 55 diesel electric locomotive 'Meld' in BR green #D9003, and a Lima OO gauge Class 47 diesel electric locomotive 'Aviemore Centre' in civil engineer grey/green livery #47976. £25-40
227.    Fifteen Boxed 1:76th Scale Lledo Diecast, and plastic Promovers articulated lorries, all different including code 3, and limited edition. £25-40
228.    Fourteen Cased Paul's Model Art 1:43rd Scale Mini champs Formula One Race Cars, Benetton, B.M.W Sauber, Williams, Jaguar, Toyota, Mclaren, Arrows, etc. Together with a boxed Williams pit crew set and three boxed drivers. Also comes with Alexander Wurtz's Budget Car Rental Card/not signed. £40-60
229.    A Quantity of Original Regular Wheel Matchbox 1-75's and Similar, all playworn. £20-30
230.    Fifteen Tri-ang Hornby and Hornby Railways Catalogues 1969-1988, (not consecutive). Lima Railways Catalogue 1983/84 British Edition, Fleischmann 75 Catalogue Edition 75/76, Hornby 'OO scale Model Railways Catalogue 44th Edition 1998, Toy Price Guide Hornby Trains and The Complete Guide to Lima Model Railways 1978/79 British Edition. £20-40
231.    Twenty Two 'OO' Gauge Railway Wagons, by Tri-ang and Hornby. Including tankers, open wagons and containers. £25-40
232.    Six Boxed Lledo 1:64th Scale Vanguards, all different commercial vehicles including Commer Dropside 'Flowers Bitter', Thames Trader Dropside 'Truman's' and Bedford 'S' 'Police Control Van'. Boxed 1:43rd scale Vanguards Corgi Drive Time Austin Allegro 'Tundra'. All with certificates where appropriate and number plate stickers. £20-40
233.    Four Carded Aliens Figures By Kenner, Flying Queen, Scorpion Alien, Alien vs Predator, and Lava Planet Predator, together with carded Trendmasters Independence Day Alien Ultimate Commander, carded Kenner Jurasic Park series II Ian Malcolm, and sealed in box Lindberg Jurassic Park Hadrosaurus model kit. £15-25
234.    A Quantity of White Metal and Brass Etched 'OO' Gauge Railway Kits, including part finished projects and locomotives, wagon chassis, bogies, wheels and detail parts by various small manufacturers. £20-40
235.    Two Boxed Italeri Plastic Model 1:24th Scale Truck Kits, #735 Volvo FH16 Globetrotter, appears complete with instructions and #736 Scania T143 M500 Streamline, appears complete, with some parts sealed in bags, chassis just started with instructions. Buyer needs to assure themselves of completeness. £20-40
236.    Fourteen Cased Paul's Model Art 1:43rd Scale Mini Champs Formula One Race Cars, Red Bull, Williams, Mclaren, Lotus, Renault, Honda, Minardi, etc. Together with two different boxed Mclaren pit crews and two boxed driver figures. £40-60
237.    A Quantity of 1970's/1980's Mainly Corgi and Matchbox Diecast Vehicles, all military related. All playworn. £20-30
238.    A Quantity of Play Worn Original Dinky and Britains Diecast Vehicles, including horse box, Merryweather Marquis Fire Tender, Howitzer and field gun with a spot-on 1:42nd scale Fiat Multipla. £30-50
239.    Eight Boxed Lledo 1:64th Scale Vanguards, all different commercial vehicles including Bedford 'S', Leyland Comet Tanker, Commer Flatbed and Ford Thames Trader Van. All with certificates where appropriate and number plate stickers. £20-40
240.    Ten Boxed Czech HO Scale Igra Plastic Lineside Lorry Models, plus three others including 'Metrostav', 'Popilka', 'Pilsner Urqell' and 'Mrazirny'. £30-50
241.    Twelve 'OO' Gauge Railway Carriages by Hornby, Lima, Graham Farish and Tri-ang. All Great Western livery including two Pullmans. £30-50
242.    Five 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives by Tri-ang and Hornby. Tri-ang 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' #46201 with tender in BR green. 0-4-0 Tank Logo (2) in blue and green. 0-6-0 Tank Loco #47606 in BR black and Hornby 0-6-0 Saddle Tank Loco #8751 in G.W.R. green. £25-40
243.    Twelve Carded Star Wars Figures, five of which are green back P.O.T.F., two Power of the Jedi, episode one flashback photo Luke and Leia, Expanded Universe Kyle Katarn and two Attack of the Clones - Toda and Obi-Wan Kenobi. £20-40
244.    Eight Boxed Lledo 1:64th Scale Vanguards, all different commercial vehicles including Bedford 'S' 'Surf', Karrier Dropside 'Corona' and Thames Trader 'Milk'. All with certificates where appropriate and number plate stickers. £20-40
245.    Garbage Pail Kids Cards, 159 from Series 1A and B, 1985/86 including 1A Nasty Nick,, 1B Evil Eddie, 8A Adam Bomb and 8B Blasted Billy with some repetition. One or two with pen names on back. Together with a 1999 Pokemon Series 1 Sticker Album, with a few stickers. £30-50
246.    Three Unopened Boxed Lego Sets, #70805 The Lego Movies 'Trash Chomper', #60075 Lego City Tipper Truck and Crane Grab and #42011 Lego Technic Race Car. Together with an unopened Meccano #6023682 Evolution Quad Bike Set. £20-40
247.    Twelve Boxed Czech HO Scale Igra Plastic Lineside Lorry Models, including 'Pilsner Urquell', 'Budweiser Budvar', 'Gambrinus' and others. £30-50
248.    A 1969 Tri-ang #R555C 'OO' Gauge Diesel Inter-City Pullman Locomotive, #W60097 with carriage, #W60747 and dummy locomotive #W60097. Together with a Hornby 'OO' gauge #R157 class 101 DMU BO-BO three car diesel electric locomotive, with carriage and dummy loco, in BR green #M79079. £25-40
249.    Eleven Boxed Czech HO Scale Igra Plastic Lineside Vehicles, including Articulated Lorry 'Pilsner Urquell', Skoda Pick-up and Skoda Police Car. Two boxed HO Scale Permot Plastic Skoda Lorries and three other lineside vehicle models with three sealed packs Czech HO scale Igra Lineside Road Signs. £30-50
250.    Nine Wrenn 'OO' Gauge Goods Wagons, including horse box, hopper wagon and guard van. Together with eight Hornby Dublo wagons, tankers and cable drum, some damages. £30-50
251.    A Small Quantity of Subutteo Items, including two boxed teams Derby? and Blackburn Rovers?, boxed F.A. Cup, TV tower, nets, corner flags, scoreboards, balls, ref's and pitch. £15-25
252.    A Small Quantity of Boxed and Loose OO Gauge Rolling Stock, including two boxed Lima Grand Europe Express coaches, a boxed Wrenn Pullman, Tri-ang chlorine tank wagon, two other Lima and Tri-ang coaches, open wagons, and boxed Hornby #R296 track cleaning car. £20-40
253.    Four Boxed Corgi 1:50th Scale Diecast Lorries, #cc11702 Invincible tanker 'Regent'- limited edition 2000, #21201 AEC truck 'Mackintosh's' with figure, #3035 Thames Trader '1977 Collectors Club' #56203 Diamond T semi-tanker 'Supertest' together with a boxed Corgi 1:60th scale #59539 ERF curtainside 'R.G Basset and Sons. £25-40
254.    A Radio Control Converted Pin Tail Drake Duck Decoy, fitted with electric motor, resistor type speed control, steering servo and receiver, with two chicks in tow and stand, and acoms Techniplus transmitter. £20-40
255.    Fifteen Corgi Original Omnibus 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses and Lorries, all different in good condition. £25-40
256.    Twelve 'OO' Gauge Railway Carriages and Freight Cars, by Tri-ang and Hornby. Including BR Inter-City Canadian Observation Car, car transport and Blood and Custards. £20-40
257.    Seven Boxed Hornby Dublo Lineside Accessories, #D1 Through Station, #D1 Island Platform good with original inner, #D1 Signal Cabin, #D1 Level Crossing, #D1 Footbridge, #D3 Junction Signal and two water pumps (wrong box). £30-50
258.    The Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R1056 'The Boxed Set', contains #R2321, 4-6-0 class 5MT Steam Locomotive and Tender #45455, three B.R. maroon composite and brake coaches, controller, P.S.U., track and instructions. Appears unused. £80-100
259.    Two Bayko Sets, a No. 1 'Plimpton' in red box and set 2 x converting set in early blue box. Both unchecked. Boxed £20-40
260.    A Boxed Post War Hornby '0' Gauge, #101 clockwork tank Locomotive passenger train set in LMS maroon with loco, three carriages and track. £30-50
261.    A Boxed Tri-ang Minic #M.1524 Motorways Set, with all original inners, track, controllers and two Jaguar cards (some small damage, missing rear pins), two straights missing. £25-40
262.    A Boxed Hornby Dublo #EDP12 Passenger Train Set, with 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender 'Duchess of Montrose' #46232 in B.R. Green and two carriages with track. Playworn. £30-50
263.    A Boxed Tri-ang Hornby OO Gauge #R644A, Inter City train set, note the Locomotive is a #R758 class 35 Hymek, with three coaches with operating lights. £20-40
264.    A Boxed Hornby Dublo #EDG-17, 0-6-2 Tank Locomotive, four wagons and eight pieces of curved track playworn, box tatty. £25-40
265.    A Boxed Bayko #4 Building Set, appears complete with parts in good clean condition, with photocopied instruction book, reproduction box. £20-40
266.    A Boxed Timpo Frontier Town, with six buildings, figures, horses, cacti and large floor plan; together with a boxed Timpo Wild West set. £40-60
267.    A Boxed Britains Limited Edition (2000) Zulu War 'Rorke's Drfit 1879 Diorama #0653, complete with thirteen loose figures and others attached to model, with certificate. £100-150
268.    A 'OO' Scale Three Car DMU by Lima, in British Rail Green. Including power car. Buffers changed. £20-30
269.    Diecast Collecting Literature, 'collecting matchbox diecast toys, the first forty years'-Kevin McGimpsey and Stewart ORR, 'British Diecasts'-G.M.N Thompsonn, Ramsey's guide-fourth edition, two models of Yesteryear files, and three matchbox 1987 catalogues. (Note-from a smokers home) £15-25
270.    Two Boxed Siku 1:55th Scale Diecast Lorries, one #3110 very unsual Volvo 12 fuel tanker 'Aral' possible pre-production model with multiple screwed tractor unit, the other #3424 Iveco articulated container truck 'Hapag-Lloyd. £20-40
271.    Two Boxed Lion Toys 1:50th Scale Diecast Articulated DAF 2800 Lorries, #59 rare 'British Caledonian' opens the route to Saudi Arabia 1985 (#3 of only seventy five), with certificate and #59 'Woodpecker Cider'. £30-50
272.    Eight Boxed Lledo 1:64th Scale Vanguards, all different commercial vehicles including British Road Services and BRS Parcel Services Delivery Vans Set, Ken Thomas Haulage Set, Ford Thames Trader 'Sainsburys' and Bedford 'S' 'Pickfords'. All with certificates where appropriate and number plate stickers. £20-40
273.    Nine 'OO' Eight Wheel Coaches, by Lima and others. Mainly LMS and British Rail maroon. All playworn. £20-40
274.    Two White Metal Partially Built 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives, one with what appears to be parts to finish, with a partially built Airfix Evening Star kit, with brass chassis parts and one other loco. £25-40
275.    Ten Boxed Plastic Military Model Kits by Airfix, Matchbox and Hasegawa. Including aircraft, tanks, half track, missile launcher and trucks. Unchecked. £30-50
276.    Nine Boxed Matchbox Collectibles Diecast Vintage Vehicles, all different including Yorkshire Steam Wagon, Aveling and Porter Steam Roller, 1940 Ford Pick Up and 1929 Morris Light Van. All with certificates. £30-50
277.    Eight Boxed Lledo 1:64th Scale Vanguards, all different commercial vehicles including Ford Thames Trader 'Lucozade', Commer Boxback 'Green Shield Stamps', Bedford 'S' 'Cement Marketing' and Ford Thames Trader Van 'Atora'. All with certificates where appropriate and number plate stickers. £20-40
278.    Three Boxed Matchbox Special Edition Models of Yesteryear, #YS-16, 1929 Scammell 100 ton truck trailer with G and R class E, 2-4-0 locomotive #Y21 1894 aveling-porter steam roller, and y-12 1829 Stephensons Rocket. £25-40
279.    An Original Corgi Toys Landrover And Horse Trailer, in light brown, with horse, unboxed, plus a 1950's large Lesney Coronation coach (Queen only) boxed, box poor. £25-40
280.    A Hornby 'OO' 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman', three teak Gresley Coaches, Station and associated items. All playworn. £30-50
281.    Six Boxed Airfix Collectors Series 54mm French Cuirassier Plastic Constructions Kits, with another 2nd Royal North British Dragoon. Together with an Airfix 1:6th scale twelve inch human skeleton plastic kit and a box of Airfix Africa Korps Soldiers. All very grubby and unchecked. £30-50
282.    Nine Boxed and Carded Corgi and Matchbox Die Cast Vehicles, including a boxed Corgi #158 Lotus Climax F1, carded Corgi Juniors cards poor/torn and four Matchbox Convoy Series Articulated Lorries. £20-30
283.    An Assortment of Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge Steam and Diesel Locomotives, with Goods Wagons, Snow Plough, Mail Coach etc. (For spares/repairs). £30-50
284.    Two Corgi 'Sheffield Trams', Corgi Sheffield AEC Regent/EFE fishermans friend set among similar items, all boxed. £20-30
285.    Three 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives, with two associated tenders, Tri-ang 4-6-2 Warship Class 'Biggin Hill' #34057, Tri-ang #R259 Britannia Class 4-6-2 #70000 and Hornby Tri-ang 4-6-2, Gresley Class A3 Flying Scotsman. Playworn. £20-40
286.    Approximately Twenty Five Meccano Instruction Books 1950's-1990's, including #1-6, Eletrikit and gear mechanisms with some duplication. £20-40
287.    A Quantity of 'OO' and HO Model Railway, by Hornby and others. Including locomotives/rolling stock/line side accessories/track among other items. All play worn, some boxed. £30-50
288.    A Pre-War Lines Bros Tri-ang Pressed Steel Open Back Lorry, missing one wheel, others requiring attention. Together with a clockwork tin plate Greenline Bus. Missing front axle assembly. A steel and wood constructed toy six shooter and a friction drive tin plate space ship. £20-40
289.    Five Hornby and Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders, 4-6-2 Mallard in LNER blue, 4-6-0 Hall Class in BR green, 4-6-0 Class 5 in LMS black, 4-6-2 Princess Class in BR maroon and one other. All playworn. £30-50
290.    Fourteen Hornby / Hornby Tri-ang / Tri-ang Eight Wheel Coaches, including Pullmans / LNER / British Rail 'Blood and Custard'. All playworn. £25-40
291.    Nine Boxed Matchbox Collectibles Diecast Vintage Vehicles, all different including 1922 Foden Steam Wagon, 1918 Atkinson Steam Wagon, 1922 AEC Omnibus and 1920 Mack AC. All with certificates. £30-50
292.    Fifteen White Metal Commercial Vehicle Kits, by Springside, Westward, Langley and B.W. Models. Lorries, Tractors and Bus. all unchecked for completeness. £50-80
293.    An Assortment of Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives and Tenders. (For spares/repairs). £30-50
294.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox, Lledo and others. Largely commercials including Corgi Bedford Pantechnicon, Omnibus, Morris Traveller and Del Boy's Van. £20-30
295.    Seven Boxed Diecast Models by Corgi, Creative Master and Gilbow. Including Corgi 1:50th scale #33101 Dennis Lancet Coach 'Smiths of Reading', Creative Master 1:76th scale #1017 Transbus ALX400 Bodied Trident. Gilbow EFE 1:76th scale #20902 Leyland PS1 Tiger Windover 'Hebble' and #19806 Daimler CVG6 'Halifax'. All with certificates and plastic parts where appropriate. £25-40
296.    A Quantity of Matchbox and Other Diecast Commercial Vehicles, Tankers, Fire Engines, Cement Mixers etc:- All playworn. £25-40
297.    Five Boxed Czech HO Scale Igra Plastic Lineside Lorry Models, including 'Staropramen', 'Budweiser Budvar' and 'Gambrinus'. Two boxed American HO scale Con-Cur Plastic Lineside Truck models including Tractor and Box Trailer 'US Mail' and three others together with boxed 1:76th scale Albedo Plastic Articulated Lorry Deutsche Brauereien. £30-50
298.    Three Tri-ang #R59 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives, all 2-6-2 Standard Class BR lined black. Together with a Tri-ang #R56, 4-6-4 Locomotive, #R52, 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive and #R252/254, 0-4-0 Shunter. All playworn. £40-60
299.    A Tri-Ang Blue Pullman Power Car and Centre Coach, plus four Tri-ang Transcontinental coaches, all playworn. £20-40
300.    Twenty Five Boxes of Arnold N Gauge Track, not always as labelled, but all full, including straights, radius, electric points, crossovers and turn outs. £20-40
301.    Four Tri-ang 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives, with three associated tenders. All 4-6-2 princess Class. All play worn, one with plunger pick up. £25-40
302.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R2882 S and DJR, class 3F 0-6-0 Tank Engine #24, together with a Hornby #R2590 class 08 Diesel Shunter #08528 'Liverpool St Station Pilot' in BR blue/yellow. A Hornby #R2676 class 06 Shunter #06003 in BR blue and a Bachmann #30-041 'OO' gauge 0-6-0 Industrial Diesel Shunter '2' Charlie', DCC fitted and weathered. £30-50
303.    Two Boxed Plastic Meccano Conversion Sets, #300X and #200X. Some parts still sealed in bags, with rare Bevel gears and worm gear. £20-30
304.    Seven 'O' Gauge Tin Plate and Wooden Railway Signals, a water pump and two tin plate Platform Shelters. £20-30
305.    A Boxed Tri-ang #R850 4-6-2 Flying Scotsman with Tender, #4472 in LNER green, together with a boxed Lima #205154W Carriage (detached bogie) and Tri-ang #R332 G.W.R. Composite Coach. £20-40
306.    A Qauntity of Playworn Dinky and Corgi Diecast Vehicles, including Priestman Shovel, #351 UFO Interceptor, Corgi Karrier 'Lucozade' and Dinky Foden Dump Truck amongst others. £30-50
307.    A 1960's Meccano Guild Membership Letter / Badge, with three associated letters. Plus a 1960's No. 0A Meccano Set and a No. 0. Both boxed and a boxed No.1 clockwork motor. £20-40
308.    Four 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives With Tenders, for spares/restoration, Hornby #R065 BR 2-10-0 Evening Star with white metal detailing started, Hornby 'OO'' #R857 BR 2-6-0 Ivatt Class 2, Hornby #R150, 4-6-0, 7476 NE and Tri-ang 'OO' #259, 4-6-2 in weathered black. £25-40
309.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo, and 'OO' scale Trix eight wheel coaches. Including Royal Mail / British Rail 'Blood and Custard'. All playworn. £20-40
310.    A Quantity of Diecast By Dinky, Corgi/Matchbox. 1950's and later. All playworn. £30-50
311.    A Boxed Spectrum by Bachmann HO Scale #86001 American Outline GE Dash 8-40CW Diesel Locomotive, in raw grey plastic for painting, with two spare cabs, small parts and instructions. Together with a Rivarossi American Outline 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive #102 and Tender 'Indiana Harbour Belt R.R'. £20-40
312.    Five Scalextric Racing Cars for spares repair. #C357 Track Burner, #C133 Wolf (2), #C124 Track Ace and MM/C54 Lotus, with controllers, pit lane crew figures, spare wheels and tyres, brushes and banking supports. £20-30
313.    A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Two Rail Coaches, both Eastern and Western region. All playworn. A repainted Dublo plastic station building. £20-30
314.    A Collection of 9mm Gauge Railway Rolling Stock, including a Hammant and Morgan F.S.2, 0-6-0 Locomotive, Continental Outline Carriages, Hopper Wagons and Plank Wagons. Playworn. £30-40
315.    Fifteen Corgi Original Omnibus 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different in good condition. £25-40
316.    Six Boxed 1:76th '00' Scale Diecast Lorries, by LledoTrackside and E.F.E all different, including AEC Mammoth, Scammel, Handyman, AEC Ergomatic, and Bedford TK. £20-30
317.    Two Post War Clockwork Locomotives, #1 and #30 with four pieces of rolling stock and tender, all playworn for spares/repair.
318.    A Boxed Modern Britains Cast Metal D-Day Landings Operation Overload Set, (ten figures with five badges) together with a boxed Army supply company bunker diorama. £20-30
319.    A Tri-ang Tinplate Six Wheel Circus Cage Lorry, approximately 60cms long. Rusting to body work and wear to decals. £20-30
320.    An Original 1960's Scalextric Competition Car Series Race Car Part Set, with Jaguar D Type Car in red, two controllers, track, bridge supports, barriers, paperwork and track clips. Box tatty with no inner. £20-30
321.    A Tri-ang Tinplate Six Wheel Circus Cage Lorry, approximately 60cms long. Rusting to body work and wear to decals. £20-30
322.    Four Boxed Military Model Kit, a kit form services 1:24th scale resin cast KFS TQ-223, Bedford RL 4 ton GS Truck and Bedford OXD body base conversion kit. Casadio 1:48th all metal Focke Wulf 190 A8 and a Hobby Boss 1:35th scale Land Rover defender 110 hard top. All unchecked for completeness. £30-50
323.    A Large Quantity of Timpo and Britains Plastic Cowboys and Indians, with a bag of accessories, two Timpo stable buildings and two Timpo barns (unchecked). Including eyes right Civil War. £40-80
324.    A 1970's Subbuteo International Edition Table Rugby Set, unchecked for completeness but does contain four complete boxed teams. #R5 New Zealand, #R2 England, #R4 Ireland and #R1 Australia. With a loose hand painted Welsh team, match score recorder, #R217 ten line flags, a scrummer, three kickers, two posts (one with damage) and pitch. £25-40
325.    A Quantity of Britains Guardsman and Bandsmen, with two boxes of Airfix 1:32nd scale soldiers British Commands and Infantry Support Group (some painted) and a small collection of pin badges. £20-40
326.    Three Boxed Modern Britains Cast Metal Soldier Sets, #8821 The Princess Charlotte of Wales 5th Dragoon Guards (four figures on horseback), #8856 Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (six figures) and #8800 Coldstream Guards (six figures). All as new. £20-40
327.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail Set No. EDG17, comprising 0-6-2 N2 locomotive R/No. 69567 in matt black with four wagons and track. Boxed, plus a small quantity of associated items. £30-50
328.    Eight Window Boxed Norev 1:43rd Scale Diecast Tour De France Support Vehicles, all different. Including Fiat Ulysse 'Banania', Peugeot 807 'Haribo' and Citroen C3 Pluriel 'Laughing Cow'. Together with two further Norev 1:43rd scale models Citroen C3 Pluriel 'Eurotyre' and Volkswagen new Beetle Cabriolet 'Credit Lyonais'. £50-100
329.    A Quantity 7mm / 'O' Gauge Items, workshop spares for line side accessories / rolling stock / Peco track among associated items. Plus an unmade Gramodels resin F4 Char Tank. £30-50
330.    Boxed Jemsa Pond Yacht #673, Spanish manufacture, circa 1960's, very good condition with little use, appears complete but unchecked. £10-20
331.    A 1920's Bing '0' Gauge Tinplate Station, candle lite, fully restored to a high standard, plus a German '0' gauge tinplate goods shed (reprinted) plus two other tinplate '0' gauge items. £70-100
332.    Twelve Boxed Corgi 1:50th Scale Chipperfields Circus Vehicles and Sets, all models as new with posters and small parts as appropriate, together with two boxed Chipperfields circus figures sets, six in each, and four modern boxed matchbox mould Lesney vintage vehicles. £100-200
333.    Six 1/18th Scale Diecast Cars, all James Bond related including Autoart Toyota 2000/Autoart Lotus Espirit Turbo/Joyride DB5/Autoart BMW Z8. All Unboxed. £100-150
334.    A Collection of Original and Modern Star Wars Toys, including Rebel transport vehicles, solid bell and Taun Taun, Hoth Wampa, Imperial Speeder bike, Lukes Speeder and other oddments, together with a Walkers collectors S.W trilogy tazo book, Merlin collectors cards and a quantity of Thunderbirds and Captain Carlett figures and vehicles. £20-40
335.    Boxed Late Hornby Minic Ships, 1:2000th scale #M905 Quayside Complete Set appears unused. Minic Ship #M704 SS United States and #M703 RMS Queen Mary. £20-30
336.    A Boxed Solido #663 Diecast and Plastic Circus Caravan Set, five various lorries with cages and trailer, six bandsmen figures and clown figure. Missing three others and 'Decorative' boards. Together with circus set #660 with vehicles appears incomplete. £40-60
337.    A Boxed Hornby Thomas The Tank Engine Passenger Electric Train Set, with Locomotive, two carriages, P.S.U, controller, track and power clip, missing one straight, box and Poly liner a little tatty. £15-25
338.    Three Boxed Emhar 1:24th Scale Bedford 'OSB', SWB 'O' Series five ton Recovery Truck plastic model kits. At least one, possibly two appear complete, the other for parts. Buyer needs to assure themselves of completeness. £20-30
339.    Five Boxed Modern Britains Cast Metal Soldier Sets, #5295 The Lifeguards mounted band set two (six figures on horseback), #8829 The Second Lifeguards (four figures on horseback), #7235 Blackwatch Highlanders (six Figures), #7210 Scots Guards drum and bugle (four figures) and #7225 Queens Silver Jubilee (six figures). All figures as new one or two boxes a little tatty. £30-50
340.    An Original 1960's Scalextric Grand Prix Series Race Car Set, appears complete with two Lotus Cars, track, barriers, controllers, bridge support, straw bales and literature. Box tatty with original inner. £30-50
341.    Two Boxed Italeri Plastic Model, 1:24th Scale Truck Kits, #780 Scania T142M, Australian Road Runner, appears complete with instructions and #736 Scania T143 M500 Streamline, appears complete with instructions. Chassis and engine block started. Buyer should assure themselves of completeness. £20-40
342.    A Boxed Cherilea Toys German Army Motorcycle and Side Car, missing machine gun, box tatty. £15-25
343.    A Boxed Bachmann 'OO' Gauge #32-479 Class 40 Diesel Locomotive, #40169 in BR blue, DCC ready. £25-40
344.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R2553 Duchess Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender #46237 'City of Bristol', in B.R. blue. Appears un-used. DCC ready. £30-50
345.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R2441 NRM 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' Steam Locomotive and Tender #4472, in LNER green. Appears in-used. DCC ready. £30-50
346.    A Boxed Timpo 'Prairie Rocket' Great Train Hold-Up Set, comprising battery operated locomotive, carriage and caboose, with an oval of track and figures, box tatty. £25-40
347.    A Boxed Joal 1:50th Scale Diecast Volvo Fhiz, articulated cement tanker 'Euro Champ' promotional model for Heidelberger Cement; together with a Gama large scale Dicast and plastic #4294 Colani designed Shell supertanker. £20-40
348.    A Boxed Hornby OO Gauge #R313, 4-6-2 steam locomotive and tender 'Golden Eagle' in LNER green #4482. £30-50
349.    A Boxed Hornby OO Gauge #R373, 2-10-0 steam locomotive and tender 'Evening Star' in BR green #92220. £20-40
350.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R1064 Mallard Express Electric train Set, appears complete and unused with locomotive and tender, four carriages, track, controller, P.S.U., track mat, instructions and Hornby #R8125 DVD guide. Together with a boxed Hornby #R8017 track pack C. £40-60
351.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R1030 Radio Controlled Double Train Set, appears little, if ever used. Missing four points, with instructions. Includes 2 trains/rolling stock/control system etc. £30-50
352.    A Large Loose Accumulation of Pre-War 'New Series' Bayko, including cappings, windows, bricks, rods, roofs, turrets and arches. Believed to well exceed a #5 outfit having several mottled green bases, with some plans. £100-120
353.    A Quantity of 1950's Red and Green Meccano, including 620R Electric Motor boxed / gears / picture tins. Among many other items. All play worn. All contained in a wooden box. £40-60
354.    A 1950's Bayko Shop Display Cabinet, housing many parts, windows, bricks, rods, roofs, bases, domes, turrets, arch's, spans, steps etc. Box a little tatty. £150-200
355.    A Large Cabinet of 1950's Red and Green Meccano, including circular parts, gears, plates, beams, girders, wheels, etc., with #10 instruction book. £100-150
355A.   A Boxed Circa 1962 Meccano-Bayko Set #15, a very late set, the largest Meccano produced. Believed complete, although a buyer should assure themselves of this. With original inners, instructions and leaflets. £100-120
356.    A 1970's Matchbox Play Set 'Railway Goods Yard', majority of contents including vehicles appear in tact, although play worn and small pieces may be missing . Boxed plus a 1960's 'Scalextric Roar' 7inch record in sleeve. £20-30
357.    A Boxed Tri-ang #RV 280, 'Big Big Train' appears complete with diesel Locomotive, two carriages and points, some corrosion in battery compartment. box poor. Playworn. £20-40
358.    A Loose Accumulation of 1950's Bayko Parts, including domes, pinnacles, turrets, doors and unusual coloured bases. £50-70
359.    An Accumulation of Meccano Clockwork and Electric Motors and SP3 Live Steam Engine, including boxed #E020, 20 volt motor, #1 reversing clockwork motor and a compartmentalised box of tools, etc. £50-70
360.    A Wooden Box Containing a Large Quantity of Meccano, both pre-post war. Playworn. £30-50
361.    A Matchbox Motorway 'Switch Track' Set M.3. with two unboxed cars. Playworn. £15-25
362.    A Mid 1960's Action man Space Capsule. Appears unbroken. Boxed. Box poor. With instruction leaflet. £30-50
363.    A Boxed Sanchis (Spain) #285, battery operated concorde, plastic construction in two tone green, with Air France decals, no corrosion in battery compartment, box very poor, together with a boxed Sanchis #272 Lotus 72 world champion formula, one car-emerson fittipaldi, no corrosion in battery compartment. £25-40
364.    Five Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge Skaledale Railway Line Side Buildings, - R9679 Traction Shed, #R8798 Skaledale East Station, #R9781 Village Hall. #R8725 Ruins Castle Walling. Together with a boxed Hornby #R179 Grand Suspension Bridge (missing the four small top arches). £30-50
365.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R2405 Class A1 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender #1470 'Great Northern', in LNER green. Appears un-used. DCC ready. £30-50
366.    A Boxed Bachmann 'OO' Gauge 4-6-0 Jubilee Class Steam Locomotive and Tender, professionally repainted and detailed in LMS maroon #5742 'Connaught'. £20-40
367.    Four Boxed Hornby Dublo Pullman Railway Cars, #4036 2nd class (2) and #4037 brake/2nd (2) with one other loose 'car No. 74'. £20-40
368.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R2083, class 5, 4-6-0 steam locomotive and tender in LMS black #5241. £20-40
369.    A Boxed Dinky Way Road System Set, with four vehicles, card roads, twenty road signs with un-used stickers and four traffic lights. £30-50
370.    Four Hornby Dublo Wagons, boxed #4680 black 'Esso' Tank Wagon, model good, box good. Boxed #DI Red Oil Tank Wagon Esso logo 'Royal Daylight Paraffin'. Slight tear on box and worn corners. Unboxed playworn Red Oil Tank Wagon 'Royal Daylight' and boxed #D2 High Sided Coal Wagon. Slight tear on box and rubbing. £20-30
371.    Two HO Gauge Continental Outline Steam Locomotive, Klein Modellbahn, Deutsche Bundesbahn 4-6-4 tank locomotive and Piko Deutsche Reichsbahn 0-4-0 #553784 locomotive and tender. £15-25
372.    A Large Quantity of Mid XX Century Lead Figures, by Britains / Johillco / Timpo / Crescent among others. All playworn. £30-50
373.    Boxed Matchbox Crash Game 1970, four matchbox cars one with minor chipping, appears complete although unchecked. £20-30
374.    Spot-on Policemen With Their Stands, circa 1960's, approximately 50 figures. £25-40
375.    Three Boxed and Two Loose N Gauge Railway Carriages by Lima, including Pullmans and Golden Arrows. £15-25
376.    Two Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotive, with tenders 2x #R859 BR4-6-0 'Black five class in LMS Black'. £25-40
377.    A Hornby OO Gauge #R859 Class 5, 4-6-0 steam locomotive and tender in LMS black #5241, with a mainline OO Gauge T3 class, 4-4-0 steam locomotive and tender in LMS maroon #563. £20-40
378.    Boxed Late Hornby Minic Ships, 1:2000th scale #M904 Fleet Anchorage Set. Unused, missing one lighthouse. Minic Ship #M743 USS Missouri. £20-30
379.    Four 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives and Chassis, by Tri-ang and Hornby with two tenders for spares/repairs. £20-40
380.    Two Boxed Tri-ang Hornby OO Gauge Steam Locomotives With Tenders, 4-6-2 'Flying Scotsman' in LNER green #4472, and #R259 S, 4-6-2 'Britanna' in BR green R/No #70000 both playworn to a greater or lesser degree. £30-50
381.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Including War Time Lead Ships / Aircraft / Street Furniture by Chad Valley / Dinky and others. All playworn. £20-30
382.    Two Hornby Dublo Two Rail Pullman Coaches, two No. 4037 brake 2nd. Both boxed. One converted coupling. £15-25
383.    An Arnold Rapido N Gauge 2-6-2 Steam Locomotive Deutsche Bundesbahn 023-040-9, with a selection of rolling stock by Bachmann, Lima and others. £15-25
384.    Two Boxed Hornby OO Gauge Steam Locomotives, #R862, class M7 0-4-4T in BR Black #3011, and #R165, 0-6-0PT in Great Western Green (funnel detached but present). #2783 £25-40
385.    Three 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders, Bachmann 4-6-0 Patriot Class, 'Bangor' #45523 in BR green. Hornby 4-6-0 Black Five Class #45192 in BR black and Hornby 4-6-0 Hall Class, 'Kneller Hall #5934 in G.W.R. green. £40-60
386.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Commercial Vehicles, #1153 Priestman Boom Crane with crab, orange/red with black rubber tracks, #1142 Holmes Wrecker Recovery Vehicle with Ford Tilt Cab. Both models fair with chipping to raised edges, boxes with crushing/tape repairs/broken cellophane. £20-40
387.    A Boxed Original Corgi Gift Set #23 Chipperfields Circus, with Land Rover, international crane truck, circus animal cage with lion and another with two polar bears, Bedford tractor unit with two giraffe's and platform trailer with elephant in crate. Chipping and rubbing to raised edges. Box poor. £60-80
388.    2 Boxed Hornby Dublo Rolling Stock Sets, #4620 Breakdown Crane with trucks and four screw jacks and #32099 T.P.O. Mail van set with operating Royal Mail coach, lineside apparatus and mail sacks. Both models and boxes good. £20-40
389.    A Quantity of Tri-ang Minic Waterline Ships (Twenty), all British including H.M.S.Albion, H.M.S van guard, H.M.S Devonshire, H.M.S Blackpool etc, with four break waters, eight quaysides, four buildings storage tanks and crane. £30-50
390.    A Boxed Brawa HO Gauge #0711 Deutsche Bundesbahn Triebwagen Talent BR 643, three car electric set. DCC fitted. Small coupling parts at both ends of central carriage have snapped off. £30-50
391.    A Boxed Tri-ang OO Gauge #R563 Bolster Wagon, with three Ford vans, model box goods with original inner; together with a boxed #R385 operating crane truck and match truck N.B this is the assemble pack version and is built, box inner is poor. £20-30
392.    A Keyser Model Kits 'OO' Gauge, white metal and brass 0-6-0 Saddle Tank kit. The Model has been started with parts for completion, unchecked. £10-20
393.    Three Boxed Original Corgi Cars #338 Chevrolet SS 350 Camaro, metallic yellow body, red interior, black roof, die cast details wheels, jeweled sliding head lamps (2) and #388 Mercedes-Benz C111, orange body, black interior. All models very good, boxes grubby. £30-50
394.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Whizz Wheels, #389 Reliant Bond Bug 700ES in orange, model good with one tiny chip and #303 Roger Clark's three litre V6 Ford Capri, white black body, black interior, R.N.73, collapsed rear suspension, model a little grubby, both boxes similarly. £30-50
395.    A Quantity of Original Matchbox 1-75's and Majors, including No.1 Major BP Petrol Tanker (missing transfers)/No.5 Massey Ferguson '780'/No.51 Trailer with barrels. All boxed. Crushing to boxes with some flaps missing. £30-50
396.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Lead Figures, all military or cowboy related, includes guards in winter dress / pilots / navy among others. All playworn. £25-40
397.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 4-6-2 Coronation Class Steam Locomotive and Tender 'Duchess of Montrose', #46232 in BR green with a rake of three carriages. Playworn. £25-40
398.    A Small Quantity of Meccano-Dublo Dinky Vehicles and Signs, including #062 Singer Roadster, #066 Bedford Flat Truck, #065 Morris Pick-up (2) and #064 Austin Lorry (2). All play worn, some re-paint. £25-40
399.    A Boxed Graham Farish N Gauge #1605, 2-6-0 Prairie Tank Steam Locomotive in BR green, with three boxed #3512 covered hopper wagons 'Blue circle', two boxed #3505 covered hopper wagons 'BR' and a loose LMS Brake Van. £30-50
400.    A Boxed Original Corgi #266 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flying Car, model fair with some minor chips and all four figures. Box inner with crushing, broken cellophane. £30-50
401.    A Small Quantity of 'OO' Station and Line Side Accessories, by Lilliput / Matchbox among others. Playworn. £20-40
402.    Two Boxed Original Dinky Diecast Cars, #133 Ford Cortina; pale lime body, red interior, spun hubs, jeweled front and rear lights, with paint touch-ups, and #136 Vauxhall Viva, off white body, red interior, spun hubs, chipping to raised edges, discolouration to roof, boxes with tears/crushing/repairs. £20-40
403.    Four Boxed Arnold N Gauge Deutsche Bundesbahn Trains Europe Express Carriages. £15-25
404.    Two Boxed Original French Dinky #24A, Chrysler New Yorker 1955 Diecast cars, one red body, ivory interior, the other light metallic blue body, ivory interior, both with plated hubs (some rustling), with rubbing and chipping to raised edges, boxed poor (one #520). £30-50
405.    A Small Quantity of Mid XX Century Lead Figures, including a Sacul Mickey Mouse / Britains Ferrier/ Bakers among others. All playworn. £15-25
406.    Two Boxed Bachmann 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives, #31-635 Class 64XX, 0-6-0 Pannier Tank Engine #6407 in GWR green and #32-127, Class 45XX, 2-6-2 Tank Engine #4550 in GWR green. £30-50
407.    A Quantity of 1960's Britians Plastic Floral Miniature Garden Accessories, greenhouse, pond, fences, swing couches, plants, trees etc, with leaflet. £25-40
408.    A Boxed Atlas Railroad N Gauge #4800 American GP-7 Diesel Electric Locomotive 'The Rock 4513', with a boxed Bachmann N Gauge #AA53 wide vision Caboose. Locomotive needs a gentle clean (or it's weathered!). £20-30
409.    Two 'OO' Gauge Diesel Electric Locomotives, Lima class 50 'Eagle' #50043 in BR blue and yellow and Tri-ang #R357 class 31 in BR green. Playworn. £20-30
410.    Two Boxed Original Dinky and Corgi Diecast Cars, Dinky #263 Superior Criterion Ambulance, dull white body, white interior, unusual spun hubs, two attendants, patient and stretcher, model very good, minor rubbing to one side flash, box missing part of flap and Corgi #153 Proteus-Campbell-Bluebird record car, blue body, U.K and U.S flags on nose, aluminium hubs, rubbing/paint loss to top of wheel guards, box poor. £20-40
411.    Two Boxed Bachmann 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives, #32-232 Class 3F, 0-6-0 Jinty #47500 in BR black late crest and #31-635 class 8750 0-6-0 Pannier tank engine #9635 in GWR green. £30-50
412.    Two White Metal Kit Built 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders, 4-6-0 'Leander' #5690 in LMS maroon and 0-6-0, #456 in Southern black. £25-40
413.    A Graham Farish N Gauge 0-4-0 Tank Locomotive, #16389 in LMS maroon with two carriages by Lima and Trix. £20-40
414.    Five 'OO' Gauge Diesel Locomotives, Lima Class 55 'Meld' #D9003 in BR Green, Tri-ang #R357 Class 31, #D5572 in BR green, Canadian National Locomotive #4008, 0-4-0 Shunter #TR.20071 and #R152 Class 08, 0-6-0 Diesel Shunter #D3035 in BR blue. £30-50
415.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R3044-30-265 A-I-A Diesel Electric Locomotive, DCC fitted with sound / lights, 31 402 after market weathering, together with a boxed Hornby #R2420 BR class 31 A-I-A diesel electric locomotive #D5512 in BR green. DCC fitted crack on body shell, bogie loose, crack on roof, lights one end only. £20-30
416.    A Graham Farish N Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, in GWR green (needs attention), with sixteen goods wagon including car transporters, coal wagons, brake vans, etc by various manufacturers. £30-50
417.    Twelve Boxed Original Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, #Y1-4, #Y7 (2), #Y9, #Y11, #Y13, #Y14 (2) and Y16. All Models good, boxes from poor/missing flaps/tape repairs to good. Together with three further M.O.Y. pink/yellow window boxed models-#Y2, #Y3 and #Y8. £30-50
418.    A Collection of Britains Plastic Trees, with bases, foliage and four boxes. £15-25
419.    A Wrenn 'OO' Gauge Castle Class 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender, 'Kingswear Castle' #5015 in Great Western green, with Mallard body shell. £20-40
420.    A Boxed Roco HO Gauge #63560 Deutsche Bundesbahn BR145 007-1 Electric Locomotive, in cargo red livery with twin operating pantograph's, instructions and small parts. £20-40
421.    A Fleischmann HO Gauge SNCB/NMBS Belgian Class 204 Diesel Locomotive #204006. £15-25
422.    Two Boxed 'OO' HO Gauge Diesel Electric Locomotives, JOUEF #R8913 class 40 'Mauritania' D211 in BR green and Lima #20 5105M W G class 55 'Meld' in BR. £20-30
423.    Boxed Schuco #5553, battery powered electric boat Samara II, circa 1960's appears unused, slight corrosion on battery compartment. £20-30
424.    A Quantity of Britains Plastic Garden, including flower beds, pond, shed, fencing, paving, trees, lawnmower, hose reel etc. £30-50
425.    Hornby Dublo Plastic Two Rail Lineside Buildings, through station and platform, Goods Yard with crane and four Dublo Dinky models. All playworn. £20-30
426.    Two Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotive, with tenders. #R309 BR Class A4, 4-6-2 'Mallard' in repainted LNER black 4468 and #R053 LNER 4-6-0, class B17 repainted black 2853 'Huddersfield Town'. £30-50
427.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Lead Animals, all zoo related by Britains, Timpo and others, all playworn. £25-40
428.    A Large Quantity of Hollow Cast Wendal Soldiers, with a number of guards bandsmen, including rare Bugler figures and Salvation Army Bandsmen. All very grubby or with corrosion and in need of a good clean. £50-100
429.    An Accumulation of Britian's and Other Plastic and Diecast Figures and Accessories, including Eskimo's, Karate, space and western themes. £20-40
430.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge #R2698 BR Class 101 Three Car Diesel Multiple Unit Pack, DCC ready. £30-50
431.    A Lionel Lines 'O' Gauge 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender, Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad #8616 in black. £20-40
432.    A 1950's/1960's Wooden Built Motor Boat, with motor, 42cms long. Plus a boxed ripmax motor and five Matchbox diecast toys. £20-30
433.    Boxed Modern Schuco #1230, battery powered and clockwork old timer Renault 1911 Voiturette, appears unused, box very good with key and instructions. £20-30
434.    An Immediate Post War British Tinplate Saloon by Chad Valley, clockwork, blue. Overall good except roof replaced? / repainted. £40-60
435.    A Wells Tinplate Rolls Royce, blue/cream. Clockwork, signs of some restoration including replacement driver/repainted roof/touched in boot. £40-60
436.    A Mid XX Century Tin Plate National Benzole Tanker Lorry by Mettoy, with considerable rust marks. £20-40
437.    Boxed French Maccano 20 Volt Electric Motor, 'Meccano Paris', post war. Box in good condition. £20-30
438.    A Lima 'O' Gauge BR Class 02 Diesel Hydraulic Shunter, in BR blue #D2852. £15-25
439.    A Boxed Circa 1960's Russian Tin Plate Clockwork Toboggan Toy, 47 cms long in good working order with two Toboggans and key. £25-40
440.    1950's Morestone Series Articlulated Car Carrier, playworn, missing back ramp, boxed, box tatty. Hard to find. £30-50
441.    A 1960's Selcol New Sound Guitar, with Beatles to front, including John, Paul, Ringo and George. Small version, approximately 58cms. £30-50
442.    A Hornby-Dublo, no.2221, 4-6-0 Locomotive and tender 'Cardiff Castle', in British rail green. Two Rail. Playworn. £20-40
443.    A Mid XX Century Crescent Lead Set, 'Royal Air Force', including 8 figures/ 3 planes, planes fatigued. In original box with backing card.
NB: Some of these figures also offered in Dan Dare Set. £50-80
444.    A Collection Of Britain's Plastic Figures and Accessories, largely on a Wild West theme. £15-25
445.    Four Toy Collectors Books, 'The Great Book of Dinky Toys' by Mike and Sue Richardson, 'Horny Dublo Trains' by Michael Foster, 'Tri-ang Railways' by Pat Hammond and 'Dinky Toys and Modelled Miniatures' by Mike and Sue Richardson, all bar the first with clear protectors and all in very good condition. £20-40
446.    A Boxed Airfix #54055-7 'OO' Gauge BR Diesel Mixed Freight Train Set, as new condition, comprises A1A-A1A Class 31/1 Diesel Locomotive in green, two goods vans and Lowmac. With track and speed control. £20-40
447.    A Quantity of Britains Diecast Military Toys and Lead Soldiers, (some damages) including an anti-aircraft gun (slight damage to one 'leg'). £30-50
448.    Seven Circa 1970's Diecast Cap Guns, including a pair of Lone Star 'Captain Cutlass' double barrelled flintlock pistols. A pair of Lone Star 'Steve Larralee' pistols, two further six guns and a DCMT 'Papermatic' cap less automatic pistol. All in need of a good clean. £20-40
449.    Two Window Boxed Dinky Diecast Fire Tenders, #263 Airport Fire Rescue Tender and #266 E.R.F. Fire Tender. £30-50
450.    A Boxed Bachmann 'OO' Gauge Class 159 Diesel Multiple Unit Three Car Set, includes #31-512 powered coach in South West Trains livery. £35-50
451.    A Bachmann 'OO' Cambrian Coast Express Set, comprising a 4-6-0 Manor Class locomotive and three Western Region coaches. Plus two further Western Region coaches, but missing 2-6-0 locomotive and one coach. In wooden case with paperwork. £60-80
452.    A Quantity of Tri-ang Hornby OO Gauge Lineside Accessories, not always what it says on the box and unchecked stations, platforms, depot crane, vehicles, people, coal office, engine sheds and signal boxes etc. £30-50
453.    A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 2-6-4 Steam Locomotive #80054, in BR with fifteen goods wagons and restaurant car. £30-50
454.    A Boxed Airfix #54054-4 'OO' Gauge Inter City Train Set, as new condition, comprises A1A-A1A Class 31/4 Diesel Locomotive, two carriages, track and controller. £20-40
455.    Two Boxed Corgi 1:76th Scale Millenium Collection Diecast Vehicles, #43710 Q1 trolleybus and #80107 Fowler BG super lion showmans engine, both models chromed, in presentation box with limited edition medallions. £20-40
456.    A Boxed Marx Toys 'Thunderbolt' Plastic Western Range Horse, 'The Perfect Mount for Johnny West', box tatty. £15-25
457.    A Boxed Hornby 'OO' Gauge 'R698 BR Three Car Diesel Multiple Unit Pack, contains #R700 motor brake composite (powered), #701 motor composite and #R699 trailer second. £25-40
458.    A Boxed As New Corgi #cc99155 Eddie Stobart Limited Edition Three Scania Truck Set, #1746 of 3,500 with small parts and certificate. £30-50
459.    Two Boxed Corgi 1:50th Scale Diecast Lorries, #CC12211 Scania Curtainside 'Facan and Whalley Ltd' and #CC12416 Volvo FM Globetrotter Curtainside 'Jefferies of Otley'. Both with certificates and small parts. £30-50
460.    Two Plastic Cased Corgi 1:50th Scale Diecast Tanker Lorries, #75301 Leyland DAF Tanker 'Q8' with Corgi and #75104 ERF Tanker 'Esso'. £20-40
461.    Two Boxed Corgi 1:50th Scale Diecast Lorries, #CC12708 ERF ECS Petrol Tanker 'Jet' and #US52909 Diamond T 620 'Budweiser Clydesdales'. Both with certificates and small parts. £30-50
462.    Two Boxed Corgi 1:50th Scale Diecast Tanker Lorries, #76201 M.A.N. Tanker 'Aral', in German packaging and #75302 Leyland DAF Petrol Tanker 'Jet'. Both with certificates and small parts. £30-50
463.    Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different, Yorkshire region, including Bedford OB, AEC, Regent, Leyland and Bristol, West Yorks, York Hallifax, Hebble, Doncaster etc. £30-50
464.    Six Boxed Corgi Diecast Commercial Vehicles, including #CC11509 AEC MKV eight wheel Platform Lorry 'Nuttall', #CC20304 Garret Traction Engine, #CC10806 Foden S21, six wheel Platform Lorry 'Richard Johnson' and #US52309 Mack B Box Van 'Moose Head'. £30-50
465.    Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different including, Leyland and Harrington, Birmingham, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Bolton, Newcastle etc. £30-50
466.    Sixteen Boxed Matchbox Dinky Collection Die Cast Vehicles, including #DY-S10, 1950 Mercedes-Benz Omnibus type 0-3500, Triumph Dolomite, American Outline Saloons, Land Rover and Jaguar 'E' Type. £20-40
467.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose Diecast Commercial Vehicles, by Corgi, Lledo, Oxford Diecast, Matchbox etc, including Corgi D-Day, and grocery store (2), gift sets, Lledo classic buses, military vehicles etc. £20-30
468.    Twenty Three Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, largely commercials, all different, including delivery vans, tankers and fire engines. £20-40
469.    Seventeen Original Matchbox Red/Purple/Yellow Boxed Models of Yesteryear, including #Y12 Thomas Fly About, #Y-8 Stutz, #Y-16 Mercedes SS Coupé and Y-6 Cadillac. Together with Ramsey's Diecast Guide 11th Edition. £30-50
470.    Eleven Boxed E.F.E. 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different Yorkshire region, including Plaxton, Alexander, Bristol and Leyland, West Riding, Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford etc. £30-50
471.    A Quantity of Boxed and Loose Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Brumm and others, including Thornycroft trucks, Bentley 1928, Morgan and Mercedes models. £20-40
472.    Thirteen Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, from various era's. Cars and commercials all different. Together with a boxed Matchbox #K9 Fire Tender, small chips to raised edges, un-punched box. £25-40
473.    Sixteen Boxed Matchbox Models of Yesteryear, cars and commercials including delivery vans, Auburn, Mercedes, Bugatti and AEC omnibus. £20-30
474.    Fifteen Window Boxed Lledo Cargo Kings and Promovers 1:76th Scale Articulated Trucks, all different including Volco 'Hoverspeed', Volvo '7UP', Kenworth 'Lledo Internet Launch' and Volvo 'Goodyear'. £30-50
475.    Eleven Boxed E.F.E 1:76th Scale Diecast Buses, all different including, Leyland, Bedford and Harrington, Birmingham, East Midland, Sunderland, Salford, Portsmouth etc. £30-50
476.    Five Boxed Matchbox Collectibles and Yesteryear Die Cast Vehicles, including 1948 Budweiser Diamond T Tractor Trailer, 1886 London Omnibus and three fire engines. £25-40
477.    A Boxed Sovereign Super Sports T.V. Games Console, (aerial cord deteriorated), with a classic Amstrad ALT-286 Lap Top Computer, a Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC with manuals. £15-25
478.    Five Boxed Radio Control Vehicles, all playworn untested. Elecon Peterbilt Car Carrier, Nikko 1:10th scale Dune Buggy, Corgi Polytronic TII, Optim Gulf GTI Turbo and a Badai Space Commander. £30-50
479.    A Quantity of Mainly Hornby 'OO' Track, appears little used. No points. £20-40
480.    Forty Five Boxed Oxford Diecast Vintage Commercial Vehicles, buses, vans and military vehicles, some repetition. £20-40
481.    The Contents of a OO Gauge Railway Modelers Workshop, including kits (both sealed and started) rolling stock, scenery, buildings and other oddments. £20-30
482.    A Boxed Revell 1:25th Scale Mercedes 1450 LS Plastic Model Kit, possibly complete with some parts sealed in bags, no instructions (downloadable). With two Revell 1:24th scale Mercedes Benz DLK 23-12, both near fully built and painted and parts and instructions. £20-30
483.    A Large Quantity of Airfix/Mego Micronauts Space Vehicles, circa late 1970's including Terraphant, Photon Sled, Star Searcher, Battle Cruiser, Hornetroid, Crater Cruncher and others. Together with bags of parts and a boxed Micropolis Microrail City (box tatty). All unchecked for completeness. Several Micronauts catalogues and instruction booklets. Four Boxes £50-100
484.    A Boxed Tri-ang RAX Train Set, 4-6-2 Princess Elizabeth Steam Locomotive and Tender, with two carriages only. Together with a boxed #R52, 0-6-0 class 3F Tank Locomotive (black). A boxed R.16 Brake Van, a boxed R#628 Buffet Car, crimson and cream and three loose goods wagons. £20-40
485.    A Boxed Futaba Medallion 'M' Series #FP-2GS Two Channel Radio Control Transmitter, with receiver, two servo's and battery box. Together with a circa 1960's Frog 150 mark Two Model Aircraft Glow Engine. A Bassett Lowke Clockwork Motor, wooden model boat hull approximately 50cms long, a small fuel tank, control line and small quantity of modelling magazines and plans. £30-40
486.    An Original British Broadcasting Corporation Acorn Electron Microcomputer, with data recorder. £15-25
487.    A Boxed Sinclair Spectrum 48K Personal Computer, with leads, joystick interface and joystick, instruction manuals and fifteen games cassettes, including Rambo, Black Hawk, Peter Pack Rat and Sinbad. £20-40
488.    A Nintendo Wii Gaming Console, with two controllers and eighteen game discs. Including Sonic and the Secret Rings, Sam and Max, Disney Up, Mario and Sonic 2012 and Samba De Amigo. All with instruction books except Sonic Rings. £20-30
489.    An Original MB Electronics 'Bigtrak', programmable roving vehicle. £15-25
490.    A Ninetendo DSI Portable Gaming Console, with two camera's and touch screen in matt black, with a boxed DS Lite in pink, six boxed and one loose games and carry cases. Including Professor Layton Pandora's Box, Mystery Stories, Hollywood Crimes and Combat Giants Dragons. Both power up. £20-40
491.    Three Nintendo DS Lite Portable Gaming Consoles, in white, one missing front slot cover. All power up. With five games including Peppa Pig, more Brain Training, My Sims racing, classic games and Timmy Time. Together with carry case. £20-40
492.    A Boxed Sega Saturn Games Console 1994, in good clean condition with controller, all leads, Sega Flash volume one disc and four games, Resident Evil, Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter Two, and World Wide Soccer 97. £40-60
493.    A Boxed Sinclair #MTVIB Microvision 'Pocket' T.V., with carry holster and instructions. £15-30
494.    Three Nintendo DS Lite Portable Gaming Consoles, one red and two pink, both missing stylus. Together with four boxed and two loose games, including Club Penguin, Scrabble, More Brain Training and Cooking Mama. With carry case. £20-40
495.    A Tomy Astro Blaster Hand Held Computer Game, some corrosion to battery compartment, cracked screen. With a Nintendo Game Boy, missing screen cover. £5-10
496.    Three Nintendo DS Lite Portable Gaming Consoles, in silver, two missing stylus. All power up, with five boxed games and two loose, including Jewel quest, More Brain Training and Nintendogs. With two carry cases. £20-40
497.    A Boxed ZX Spectrum +2 128 Computer, 'James Bond 007' action pack. Includes computer, P.S.U, leads, light gun, audio mission cassette, game cassette and instruction book. Missing passport and printed mission documents. £30-50
498.    A Boxed Hasbro Star Wars Power of The Jedi, B-Wing Fighter with Sullustan Pilot, 2001. £30-50
499.    A Boxed Chad Valley 1965 Dr. Who 'Give a Show' Slide Projector, with sixteen colour slide stories. No bulb, with some glued repair to battery box. Inner box with tape repairs. £30-50
500.    Eleven Original Star Wars E.S.B And R.O.T.J Figures, OBI-WAN KENOBI (white hair, no saber or cape), Greedo, 4-Lom (no cape or armour), Admiral Ackbar (2), BIB Fortuna (2, no cape or belt), Leia Boush (no helmet, Weequay, Nikto, and Prune face (no cape). No Weapons. £20-30
501.    Eight Star Wars Bootleg Power of the Forge Carded Figures, all on Luke Skywalker cards. Han Solo Hoth OB1-Wan Kenobi, Storm Trooper, Chewbacca, Yoda Luke X-Wing, Luke Grappling Hook and Darth Vader (bubble detached). £30-50
502.    A Boxed Schleich Smurfs Mushroom House, appears complete. £10-20
503.    Two Boxed Star Wars Power of The Force Electronic Toys, by Kenner 1995 X-Wing Fighter and Rebel Snowspeeder, both complete. £20-40
504.    A Boxed Star Wars Electronic Millennium Falcon, by Kenner 1995. £30-50
505.    Forty Five Modern (1990's) Star Wars Action Figures, all different, nearly all with weapons and accessories. £40-60
506.    Boxed Eldon Battery Operated Computer Truck 1970, very good condition and with little use, three directional signs. £10-20
507.    Five Original Star Wars Twelve Back Cards by Palitoy 1977, Tusken Raider, C-3PO, R2-D2, and Chewbacca (2). All with tears/names cut out. With two original Star Wars twenty back cards by Palitoy 1977. Death Star Droid and RS-D4 both with tears/names cut out. Three Empire Strikes Back, thirty back cards, OB1-Wan Kenobi, Rebel Soldier (Hoth), both with tears/names cut out, Leia Orcana Bespin Gown, with tears un-punched and name present and two E.S.B., forty five back cards, Walrus Man and Jowa but with tears/cut outs. Together with seven figures. P.O.T.F., A-Wing Pilot, Lando Calrissian, EV-9D9 (missing arms) and R.O.T.J., Ewoks Wicket Warwick, Teebo, Logray and Chief Chippa. £30-50
508.    A Boxed Action Man SAS Beached Attack Set, with assault craft, outboard motor, survival tent, sig rifle (missing sights), life jacket and aldis lamp. Missing sextant and entrenching tool. £15-25
509.    Two Boxed Star Wars Power of The Force Toys, by Kenner 1995, Lukes T-16 Skyhopper and Imperial Tie Fighter, both complete. £20-40
510.    A Boxed Original Palitoy Star Wars E.S.D. Slave 1 Boba Fett's Spaceship, missing rear ramp and 'Frozen' Han Solo, box with damage. Together with seventeen original figures - Han Solo (big head), C-3PO, Darth Vader (no saber), Chewbacca, Obi-Won Kenobi (with saber). RS-D4, Death Star Droid, Gonk Droid (with grommet), FX-7, iG-88, Hoth Storm Trooper (pen marks), Luke Bespin (brown hair), Rebel Soldier, Yoda, Dengar (2) 2-1B and At-AT Commander. All without weapons except one Dengar and would benefit from a clean. £30-50
511.    An Original Star Wars Millennium Falcon, by Kenner 1979, complete with all often mis-placed parts including light saber training set, good clean better than average condition. £50-70
512.    A Boxed Spin Master, Disney Tron Legacy, Sam Flynn playset. Figure lights up with moving 'projected' face. £15-25
513.    Three Boxed Kenner 1997 Star Wars Power of The Force Playsets, Ronto and Jawa, Dewback and Sandtrooper, and Jabba The Hutt with Han Solo. £20-40
514.    Two Boxed Star Wars Toys, Kenner 1996 A-Wing Fighter with Pilot, and Hasbro 1999 Y-Wing Fighter with Rebel Alliance pilot. £30-50
515.    An Original Star Wars Return of The Jedi Ewok Village Play Set, missing one rail, one platform support, spit assembly and throne, together with instructions and nine Ewoks-Logray (3, one with staff, Teebo (2, one with Headress and Horn, Wicket Warwick (no staff), Paploo (no headress or staff) and Chief Chirpa (2, one with headress). £40-60
516.    Twenty One Original Palitoy Action Man, Space Ranger carded space arms. Comprised of five different types with some repetition. £15-25
517.    Seven Star Wars Power of the Forge Carded Figures, including rare Luke Skywalker X-Wing, Short Saber Long Tray and Luke Dagobah Short Saber Long Tray. With Luke X-Wing Short Saber, on Tri-Logo card, Luke X-Wing Long Saber, Han Solo Hoth and Yoda by Kenner 1995-1996. £30-50
518.    An Original Star Wars Return of The Jedi #71310 Carded Ewok Teebo Figure, by Kenner 1984 on 79 back card, bubble yellowed with crack on top right corner, card very good in protective star case. £60-100
518A.   Original Star Wars Paper Ephemera, including 1978 Letraset Action Transfers card #1 Kidnap of Princess Leia to #9 Rebel Air Base. Transfers are applied with some foxing/creasing, pictures are not coloured in. Together with two Palitoy 1981 Boba Fett Empire Strikes Back Bounty Hunter Capture Logs, unused, some foxing, A Return of the Jedi Poster, poor, and three original S.W., E.S.B and R.O.T.J. postcards. £20-40
519.    A Superb Original Palitoy Star Wars Carded C-P3O, 1977, twelve back, un-punched card in very good condition with wholesalers sticker, bubble very clear with one slight ding on top, card is signed in gold pen by Anthony Daniels who played the character in the original trilogy, card is in a U.K.G. acrylic protective case. £1000-1500
520.    An Original Star Wars Return of The Jedi #38210 Carded Chewbacca Figure, by Kenner 1983 on 77 back card, bubble with slight yellowing and cracking to top, card good with minor creasing. £60-100
521.    An Original Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back #131165 Carded 4-Lom Figure, by Palitoy 1982, on 45 back card, bubble reasonably clear with split down right hand side, card good with minor crease. £60-100
522.    An Original Star Wars Return of the Jedi #71240 carded 8D8 Droid, on un-punched 79 back card by Kenner 1984. Bubble intact but slightly yellowed, starting to lift from card which has creases/water damage. £50-100
523.    A Rare Original Star Wars French Carded Jawa Figure, Meccano #263827 on 34 back card, which interestingly shows the vinyl cape Jawa version card, with mild creasing, bubble clear with slight corner bends. £100-200
524.    Fifteen Original Star Wars 1977/79 C.M.F.G.I And C.P.G Figures, Chewbacca (2) one with green limbs, OBI-WAN KENOBI (2) one no cape, both no saber, Darth Vader 9no cape or saber), Stormtropper, Tusken Raider (solid tubes), Greedo, Death Star Droid, Luke X-wing pilot (3), Gonk Droid with Grommet) and Boba Fett (2). All without weapons. £40-60
525.    Sixteen Airfix/Mego Micronauts 9cms Action Figures, circa late 1970's orange (4), yellow (5), blue (3), clear (4). Various body packs together with two Micronauts Action Figures (blue) detached arms (present) and a bag of connectors and Baron Karza Airfix/Mego Micronauts 16cms Action Figure. £50-100
526.    Eighteen Original Star Wars Return of The Jedi Figures, Admiral Akbar (discoloured), Lando Skiff (no helmet), Nien Nunb, Biker Scout, Royal Guard (no cape), Gammorean Guard (3, one with axe, General Madine (with staff), Luke Jedi (no cape), Rebel Commando (2), Ree-Yees, Squid Head (2, one no belt or skirt, 8D8 (2) and the Emporer with staff, together with 1984 P.O.T.F Han Solo (no carbonite). £40-60
527.    Thirty Two Original Star Wars Empire Strikes Back Figures, Bossk FX7 (2), one with broken arm, Han Hoth (2 different face/leg colours), I.G.88 (2, one with weapons), stormtrooper (2, one discoloured), Lando (with weapon, no cape), Luke Bespin, Dengar, Han Bespin, Lobot, Ugnaught, AT-AT Driver (2, one discoloured), Leia Hoth, Imperial Commander, Rebel Commander (2), 21B, General Veers (4), cloud car pilot (3), 4-Lom, and Zuckuss (2), together with a Darth Vader E.S.B figure carry case. £60-100
528.    Eight Original 1960's Scalextric Catalogues, 2nd, 3rd, 4th (2), 5th, 6th (2) and 10th edition. Together with a second edition racing circuits plans. £30-50
529.    Three Boxed Original Corgi Vehicles, #1127 Simon Snorkel Fire Engine with figures, #464 Commer Police Van with flashing light, dark metallic blue. Window bars, spun hubs and #251 Hillman Imp, metallic lube body, yellow interior, luggage, spun hubs. Together with #447 Walls Ice cream Van and #241 Chrysler Ghia L64, metallic blue body, red interior, spun hubs. All models very grubby in need of a good clean, boxes poor. £30-50
530.    A Post War Hornby '0' Gauge, no.101 0-4-0 tank locomotive, clockwork, finished in LMS Lively, plus 2 x 4 wheel wagons. All Boxed. £30-50
531.    Ten Circa 1930's-1940's Meccano Instruction Books, #6 (6), #7/8 (3) and #9 with model building certificate of merit dated 1939. £20-30
532.    A Quantity of 1950's Dinky and Corgi Toys, including a 2nd type Foden Tanker/No.971 Coles Crane, boxed/Leyland Comet. All Playworn. £50-80
533.    Eleven Boxed Matchbox 1.75's, including #30 Beach Buggy. #33 Lamborghini Miura P400 and #8 Wildcat Dragster. Models fair with some chipping, boxes fair to poor missing flaps etc. £30-50
534.    Two Empty Boxes, a Palitoy 1983 Tri-Logo Star Wars Return of the Jedi One-Man Sail Skiff Vehicle, Spanish manufacture. A Palitoy Action Man Special Operations SAS Commander. English manufacture. £15-25
535.    Seven Matchbox Speed Kings, including K-39 -'Milligans Mill'/K-44 - 'Bazooka'/K-52 Datsun 240Z. All boxed. Some wear to boxes. £50-80
536.    Sixteen Original Corgi Diecast Vehicles, including Carrimore Car Transporter, V.W. Toblerone Van, James Bond Toyota 2000 GT. and Hillman Hunter Rally Car, 'Golden Jacks'. All Playworn. £40-60
537.    Eleven Boxed and Bagged Plastic Model Kits, including sealed Airfix Bloodhound Missile, half track (2) and Matilda Tank. Prairie Tank Locomotive, Cooper Craft Bedford Lorries and Pontoon Bridge. All unchecked. £25-40
538.    A Quantity of 1950's Dinky Toys, including a 1st type Foden in two tone blue, among others. All playworn. £40-60
539.    Three Boxed Modern Britains Cast Metal Soldier Sets, #5189 the 22nd Cheshire Regiment (ten figures), #8827 The 16th County of London 'The Westminsters' (six figures) and #8809 'The Gloucestershire Regiment' (six figures). All as new. £25-40
540.    A Quantity of 1960's Corgi Chipperfield Items, including Booking Office/International Crane/Bedford Giraffe Lorry. All playworn. £30-50
541.    A Boxed Pre-War Carded TSL Shooting Set, with pistol and plunger type protective-rubber perished, and paper target, made in England, with a carded ,Marx miniature cap firing saddle rifle. £15-25
542.    Four Boxed Spot-on Tri-ang Arkitex Building Sets, oo/ho scale, junior set D, still sealed, set E, still sealed and set D all with instructions, with a further collection of parts in a set E box. £20-40
543.    A Collection of Pre-War Meccano Tins and Boxes, with some later 'Skegex' Exhibitor Badges and re-print paper labels and Meccano flag (re-touched). £40-60
544.    A Boxed Dinky #285 Merryweather Marquis Fire tender, with hose. A Dinky Shado U.F.O. Interceptor missing missile. A Corgi 'Kojak's' Buick, missing Kojak and gun hand and a Corgi three litre Ford Capri G.T., in luminous orange. All play worn to a greater or lesser degree. £30-50
545.    Toy Collecting Literature, five books and Lone Star Toy Company Publication. The Minic Book by Peter Bartok, Spot-on Die Cast Models by Tri-ang. A catalogue and collectors guide by Graham Thompson. Budgie Models including Morestone and Modern Products by Robert Newson, Lion Car 1956-1981 by Hans Tobbe, Anne Th.Vd.Veldl, Rene Boswinkel. The Art of Hornby Sixty Years of Model Railway Literature compiled by Richard Lines and Lone Star, The Toy Company and Its Model Cars. Nearly all with clear plastic dust protectors. £30-50
546.    A Quantity of Tri-ang Hornby OO Gauge 'Battle Space' Rolling Stock, including a boxed #R341K anti aircraft searchlight wagon (missing commandos). A boxed #R248 medical corps ambulance car, #R242 catapult plane launcher, #R213 Assualt Tank transporter (missing one missile), #R242 red arrow bomb transporter, and #R128 helicopter transporter (missing helicopter). £30-50
547.    Five Mid XX Century Disney Related Toys, a wooden Chad Valley Donald and Pluto pull along (arms detached but present), another Chad Valley Donald rocking pull along, a bendy Mickey, a rubber 'Mickey's air mail plane, and soft Minnie (distressed). £30-50
548.    A Boxed Pre-War Britians #120A Cast Metal Cowboys Set, (dismounted) with nine figures (two headless) with set #74 Regiments of All Nations Royal Welch fusilier's (6 figures, one armless, no goat), set #2071 Royal Marines (6 figures, three missing arms) and a further set of highlanders (6 figures, three missing arms) together with box oddments- all boxes poor. All Playworn. £30-50
549.    A Quantity of Playworn Military Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky, Britains and others. Artillery, trucks, planes, etc. £40-60
550.    An A.M. Bartram? Dan Dare Rocket Rocket Builder Collection of Parts, with a Pre-War Dinky Builder Castle and a Johnson and Powell 'Prince William' Railway Truck. £30-50
551.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Chipperfields Gift Sets, #19 Land Rover with elephant and cage on trailer. Model very grubby, trailer missing one axle and #1130 Circus Horse Transporter with four horses. Model with chipping in need of a good clean. Boxes very poor. £20-40
552.    A Bassett Lowke Archive of Catalogues, press photos and leaflets 1940's-1960's, with the model railway handbook tenth edition. £20-40
553.    A Quantity of Play Worn, Dinky and Corgi Vehicles, including Horse Box, Land Rovers, Triumph Heralds and ERF Lorry. £30-50
554.    A Collection of Ten 1920's Meccano Instruction Books, various sets and combinations from #1-#7. £25-40
555.    A Boxed Tr-ang OO Gauge #R155 Diesel Electric Locomotive, in good box with original inners and instructions, together with a boxed Tri-ang #R341 Searchlight Wagon, #R349 boxed Bogie Chlorine Tank Wagon 'Murgatroyds' and a boxed #R123 Horse Box. £30-50
556.    Three Original Matchbox King Size, K-22 Dodge Charger/K-24 - Miura /K-10 - Pipe Truck. All boxed. some wear to models and boxes. £20-40
557.    Five Original Scalextric Racing Cars Boxed, #MM/C.68 Aston Martin in red, R.N.6, missing rear lights, pick-ups and front bumpers. #MM/C.57 Aston Martin in two tone green/red, R.N.2, missing pick-ups and motor, with box. #MM/EI Lister Jaguar in green, R.N.2 with lights, missing pick-ups and motor, #MM/C.61 Porsche, repainted, missing pick-ups and motors and Cooper Race Car in red, R.N.15. Together with two #MM/BI Typhoon Motorcycle Side Cars, both with missing rider parts and two empty boxes. #MM/C.63 Lotus RE and #C.74 Austin Healey 3000. £40-60
558.    Two Original Boxed Scalextric Racing Cars, #MM/C.57 Aston Martin in green, R.N.13, box fair with inner and instructions and #MM/EI Lister Jaguar in green, R.N.13 (stickers torn). Box fair with original inner. £40-60
559.    Six Boxed Complete 1970's Subbuteo Rugby Teams, #R13 Wigan, #R20 Leeds, #R26 Doncaster, #R22 Dewsbury, #R21 Huddersfield and #R27 Barbarians. With a loose set of fifteen #RIO Halifax'. £30-50
560.    Two Original Boxed Scalextric Racing Cars, #MM/C.56 Lister Jaguar in yellow, R.N.3 (one sticker missing) box fair with inner and #MM/EI Lister Jaguar in green, R.N.12 with electric head and tail lights. Box with no inner. £40-60
561.    Two Boxed White Metal 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders, LMS class 5, 4-6-0 in black #45041 and Wills Finecast LMS '4F' 0-6-0 Fowler Goods. £30-50
562.    A Boxed Original Britain's #1877 Diecast Beetle Lorry, with driver and removable hood, some chipping to raised edges, one end of front bumper missing. £40-60
563.    A Boxed Kato N Gauge #176-8903 Canadian Pacific Diesel Electric Locomotive GE ES44AC "Gevo". £20-40
564.    A Boxed Graham Farish N Gauge Class 4P 4-4-0 Steam Locomotive and Tender, in LMS maroon #1111. £20-40
565.    A Boxed Graham Farish N Gauge Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 Steam Locomotive and Tender 'Belgian Marine' , #21C17 in southern green. £30-50
566.    A Boxed Graham Farish N Gauge #1814, 4-6-2 Duchess Class Steam Locomotive and tender 'King George VI' in BR green #46244. £30-50
567.    A Boxed Graham Farish N Gauge #1655, 2-6-4 Standard Tank Steam Locomotive in BR lined black #80064. £20-40
568.    A Boxed Roco N Gauge #02166A Swiss Rail, RE4/4 Epoch IV Electric Locomotive, with operating pantographs and instructions. £20-40
569.    A Boxed Original Dinky #531 Leyland Comet Lorry, with stake body. Dark blue cab and chassis, brown back, light blue ridged hubs, spare wheel. Rubbing and chipping to raised edges, rust spots on back. Blue box with small tear and staining. £20-40
570.    An Interesting Group of Five Narrow Gauge (14mm) Railway Models, all kit built or highly re-detailed proprietary models. Including Rail Lorry #7 'Valerie', 0-4-2 Porter #18 'Cleopatra', Flying Dutchman 0-4-0 #2 'The Girls' and two un-powered coaches. £50-100
571.    A Boxed Original Corgi #74 Ford 5000 Super Major Tractor, with hydraulic scoop. Blue/yellow with grey plastic hubs, no figure. Together with a boxed #71 Wheel Controlled Tandem Disc Harrow. Both models fair with minor chipping, both boxes with crushing/missing cellophane. £20-40
572.    A Boxed Hornby Dublo #3231 Three Rail 0-6-0 Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive, in BR green. Box with splits/tape. £30-50
573.    An Interesting Group of Six Narrow Gauge (14mm) Railway Models, all kit built or highly re-detailed proprietary models. Including Rail Bus #10 'Isabella', Four Wheel Diesel number #4 'Lightning', Inspection Speeder #6 Hanbury and Bachmann Porter 0-4-0 #3 Greenbrier and Big Run Lumber Co. Steam Locomotive. £50-100
574.    Two White Metal and Brass Knit Built 'OO' Gauge Steam Locomotives with Tenders, 4-6-0 in BR green #45561 with motorised tender and a 4-6-2, in bare metal. £30-50
575.    Original Matchbox Garage MG/a, yellow base service station and showroom. Appears complete and unbroken. Boxed, wear to box. Plus a loose accessory pack No.1 of Esso Pumps and sign. £40-60
576.    A Boxed Original Corgi #261 James Bond Aston Martin D.B.5, gold body and metal roof, red interior, wire wheels, James at the wheel, two baddies, envelope (opened) secret instructions and self adhesive stickers. Model very good, all mechanisms working fine. Box and inner very good with minor corner rubs. £100-150
577.    A Boxed Pathfinder Models White Metal 1:43rd Scale, #P.F.M.3 Bristol 401 1952 in red. Model very good one or two chips to body work. Beige box with small tear and marking. £15-25
578.    Two Boxed Original Corgi Whizz Wheels #163 Santa Pod 'Glow Worm' Ford Capri Dragsters, white blue body, red chassis, cast detail wheels. Models very good, boxes a little grubby. £30-50
579.    A Boxed Original Corgi, #233 Hienkel economy car, pink body, red interior, one or two minor chips, box with crushing, tears, together with #155 Lotus Climax racing car, British racing green, yellow stripes, R.N.1, blue helmet. £20-40
580.    A Boxed Original Corgi #321 Monte Carlo B.M.C. Mini Cooper S, 'Monte Carlo Winner' flash stickers on box. Red body, white roof, red interior, spun hubs, jeweled headlights R.N.52 and Monte Carlo AJB 44B, decals, no spotlight on roof. Model good, slight roof rub, missing on tyre, box a little grubby/small tears. £50-80
581.    A Boxed Original Corgi #483 Dodge 'Kew Fargo' Tipper Lorry, cream cab, metallic grey chassis, blue tipper, red interior, spun hubs. Model good, one or two tiny chips, would benefit from a gentle clean. Box a little grubby with pencil marks. £25-40
582.    Two Boxed Original Matchbox Cars, #32 E-Type Jaguar in metallic red, and #25 Voltswagon Beetle in light metallic blue, both models good boxes a little tatty. £20-40
583.    A Boxed Original Corgi Gift Set #13 Fordson Power Major Tractor, including four furrow plough. Blue body, orange plastic hubs, brown driver figure. Box grubby with tears, original inner, packing piece and instructions. Wear to box. £70-100
584.    'Moko' Lesney No.6 'Quarry Truck', very good, boxed. Plus Lesney Accessory Pack No. 5 'Home Stores'. Very good, boxed, tape mark to box. £20-40
585.    A Boxed Original Dinky #841 Foden Fourteen Ton Tanker 'Mobilgas', red body, red hubs, rubbing/chipping to raised edges and decals box a little grubby with replacement lower half. £50-70
586.    A Boxed Original Dinky #901 Foden Diesel Eight Wheel Wagon, fawn back, red cab and chassis, red hubs. Minor rubbing/chips to raised edges. Red paint touch-ups to cab roof and fuel tank. Box fair with corner rubs. £65-80
587.    A Boxed Hornby Dublo #3232 Three Rail Co-Co Diesel Electric Locomotive, in BR green. Box with splits/tape repairs. £25-40
588.    A Boxed Tri-ang Wrenn OO/HO #W2212, Sir Nigel Cresley 4-6-2 steam locomotive and tender in LNER blue livery, model in near mint and little used-if at all, with instruction manual, box very good with original packing pieces, tender coupling, hook damaged, but present. £40-60
589.    A Boxed Hornby-Dublo #2221, 4-6-0 Steam Locomotive and tender 'Cardiff Castle' #4075 in bright green, very good condition, box good with original inner and packaging rings. Two Rail. £30-50
590.    A Marklin Z Gauge Deutsche Bundesbahn Electric Locomotive, with tanker and low plank wagon, together with a buffer stop. £20-40
591.    Hornby Dublo Immediate Post-War Playworn Tanker Wagons, green 'Power Ethyl' with hand motif and buff 'Esso'. £20-40
592.    A Boxed Tri-ang Spot-on #110/4, 4000 gallon auto petrol tanker 'Shell BP', 1:42nd scale A.E.C.Major '8', yellow cab, white/yellow tank, grey chassis/catwalk, model very good but with considerable re-painting/restoration, outer box good with replacement inner and original owners club leaflet. £100-200