Antique & Fine Art Sale on Friday 22nd September 2017

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400.    A Set of Nine Baccarat 1930's Wine Glasses, in the Hamilton pattern, the slice cut acid bowls raised on knopped hexagonal feet, one with etched mark, 12cm high. (9) £120-150
401.    An Art Deco Tcheco-Slovaquie Glass Scent Bottle and Stopper, of octagonal form, decorated with gilt and cut bands, 11cm high; An Amethyst Scent Bottle, of fan shape with star stopper, 13cm high; Four Others. (6) £50-80
402.    A Pair of XIX Century Wine Glasses, the bell shaped bowls raised on red and white enamel twist stems and circular feet, 15.5cm high; An XVIII Century Rummer, with etched foliate border and part fluted bowl raised on a circular foot, 12.5cm high; A Green Wine, with knopped stem and circular foot, 13cm high. (3) £50-80
403.    A Whitefriars Glass Vase, designed by Geoffrey Baxter of 'Drunken Bricklayer' form, in indigo, pattern no. 9672, 21cm high. £70-100
404.    An Early XIX Century Goblet, the square set bowl etched with hops and barley and raised on an air twist stem and circular foot, 16.5cm high; A Millefiore Paperweight, with multi-coloured canes against an orange ground, 6.5cm diameter. (2) £50-80
405.    An XVIII Century Wine Glass, the part fluted tapered bowl raised on air twist stem and circular foot, 18cm high. £30-40
406.    A XIX Century Wine Glass, the ogee bowl etched with a bird and flowers, raised on faceted stem and circular foot, 14cm high; A Pair of Similar Wine Glasses, with part fluted floral etched bowls and faceted stems and circular feet, 15cm high, and a liqueur glass etched with fruiting vines. (4) £70-100
407.    A Set of Nine Carr's of Sheffield Hand Cut Lead Crystal 'Swirl' Champagne Flutes, 27cm high (part boxed); A Matching Water Jug, 27.5cm high. (10) £150-200
408.    A 1930's Art Deco Glass Lemonade Set, the clear bodies etched with boats by a tropical island, black bases and handle, with a matching liqueur set, comprising jug 19.5cm high, ten beakers, a pair of decanters and stoppers 28.5cm high and eight liqueur glasses. (13) £40-60
409.    A Set of Three Art Nouveau Glass Vases, of fluted tapered form with outcurved wavy rim with green roundels, raised on circular feet, 11cm high. (3) £30-50
410.    A Pair of XIX Century Ruby Glass Vases, of baluster faceted form, decorated within dot and key pattern borders, 41cm high. (2) £100-150
411.    A Royal Brierley Glass Vase, of tapering form with wavy rim, designed by Keith Murray and etched with fish swimming amongst plant form, etched factory mark and signed indistinctly, 23cm high. £60-80
412.    An Early XX Century Irridescent Green Glass Inkwell in the Loetz Style, of squat circular form moulded with swirling feathers, hinged metal cover and mount, 13.2cm diameter. £40-70
413.    A Suite of Mid XX Century Webb Glassware, all etched with fruiting vines, the part fluted bowls raised on knopped stems and circular feet with dot decoration, etched mark, comprising decanter and stopper, ten goblets and ten sherry glasses. (21) £50-80
416.    A Goldscheider Pottery Figure, designed by Dakon, modelled as a lady in a dancing pose, wearing a pink dress and holding a yellow hat, black base, printed mark and artist signature, shape number 6949, paper label to the base, 29.5cm high. £60-80
417.    A Herend Porcelain Model of a Rooster, with green fish net body and multi-coloured feathers, on a shaped rectangular base, printed and impressed marks, shape number 5014, 24cm high; Another, in the form of a hen with an egg in it's mouth, a snake on the leaf shaped base, printed marks, shape number 5015, 18.5cm high. (2) £80-120
418.    An Early XIX Century Pearlware Plaque, printed in black with a portrait of John Wesley, in an oval panel and inscribed "Reverend John Wesley, MA, Aged 87", in a simulated ebony frame, 21 x 17cm. £70-100
419.    A Mid XIX Century Pearlware Tea Cup and Saucer, printed in black with central portraits of John Wesley, within borders of Centenary Hall, birds and scrolling foliage and flowers, inscribed "John Wesley MA, born at Epworth, June 17th 1703, died in London March 2nd 1791", the saucer with printed mark Centenary 113. (2) £25-30
420.    A Lorenz Hutschenreuther Art Deco Unglazed Porcelain Figure, "Sun Child" designed by Carl Tutter, modelled as a nude dancing lady upon a gold ball, printed mark, 21.5cm high. £100-150
421.    A Late XIX Century Berlin Style Porcelain Cabinet Plate, the centre decorated with Venus standing on a shell beside a cherub, within an elaborate tooled gilt panelled border, Beehive mark, pattern number 8692, 25cm diameter. £100-150
422.    A Late XIX Century Charles Field Haviland Limoges Dessert Service, printed and overpainted with birds amongst flowers, toadstools and butterflies within dark blue and gilt grounds, printed marks, comprising one high comport, one low comport and twelve plates. (14) £100-150
423.    A Late XIX Century A.S Fielding & Co 'Crown Devon' Pottery Jardiniére, painted by G. Cox, signed, with highland cattle in a mountainous landscape, gilt rims, printed marks, 20cm high. £50-80
424.    A Late XIX Century Derby Porcelain Tea Service, decorated in Imari pattern 383, with flowering trees and shrubs, date code for 1890, printed marks, comprising two bread and butter plates, 23cm diameter, sugar bowl, twelve tea plates, tea cups and saucers, together with matching later Royal Crown Derby teapot and cover, of fluted form. (42) £120-180
425.    A Mid XX Century Moorcroft Pottery Jardiniére, the 'U' shaped body painted in the coral Hibiscus pattern against a dark green ground, impressed marks, 'WM' signature and paper label, 22.5cm high. £80-120
426.    A 1930's Moorcroft Pottery Footed Bowl, painted in the Leaf and Berry pattern against a dark blue ground, impressed and painted marks to base, 20cm diameter. £80-120
427.    A Hartley Greens Leeds Pottery Creamware Plate to Commemorate the Coronation of George IV, Crowned July 19th 1821, printed in sepia with a crown flanked by flowers of the union, impressed mark, 22cm diameter; A Pair of Pearlware Plates, printed in purple with portraits of William IV and Queen Adelaide, both with floral borders, 14.5cm diameter. (3) £120-180
428.    A Pearlware Pottery Plate, printed in blue to commemorate the life of Princess Charlotte, November 26th 1817, within a moulded foliate border, 12cm diameter; A Further Pearlware Plate, printed in black with portraits of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, with a moulded and painted swag border, 18cm diameter; Another, to commemorate the life of the Duke of Wellington, within a moulded daisy border, 15.5cm diameter. (3) £120-180
429.    A Goodwin Bridgwood & Harris Pottery Jug to Commemorate the Death of George IV, printed in black with a portrait, Royal Coat of Arms and inscription, the borders with flowers of the union, printed mark, 13cm high; A Small Pearlware Mug, printed in black with a portrait of young Queen Victoria. (2)
430.    A Pearlware Pottery Plate, possibly Leeds pottery, printed in black with bust portraits of George IV and Charlotte and inscribed "A King Revered, a Queen Beloved, Long May They Live", with a geometric and floral border, 20cm diameter; A French Pottery Plate, printed in black with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert at the opening of the Great Exhibition, 1851, 21cm diameter. (2) £30-50
431.    A Sunderland Lustre Pearlware Pottery Jug, printed in sepia with a young portrait of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, within blue and pink lustre border 7.5cm high; A Pearlware Pottery Mug, printed in purple with portraits of King William IV and Queen Adelaide, 10cm high; Two Pearlware Blue and White Plates. (4) £40-60
432.    A Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer, in memorium of George III, January 29th 1820, printed in black with a tomb above a laurel wreath; A Two-Handled Vase, decorated with a portrait bust of Prince Albert; A Sunderland Lustre Tea Cup and Saucer, in memorium of Princess Charlotte; A Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee Plate, and four other pieces of commemorative wares. (10) £40-60
433.    A Royal Doulton Stoneware 'Chine' Ware Vase, of ovoid form, painted in shades of turquoise and white with flowerheads within blue, green and brown grounds, impressed marks, 35cm high; A Pair of Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vases, similarly decorated in shades of brown, turquoise, white and gilt within brown bands and red circular bases, impressed marks, 31.5cm high. (3) £60-80
434.    A Pair of Royal Doulton Pottery Plates, from the 'Gibson Girls' Series, entitled "Some Think That She Has Remained in Retirement", and "Mrs Diggs is Alarmed", within blue geometric borders, printed and impressed marks, 27cm diameter. (2) £20-30
435.    A Pair of Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Candlesticks, designed by Frank Butler, signed in monogram, with incised and moulded scrolling foliate decoration in shades of blue, green and brown, wooden columns and silver plated mounts, impressed marks, 20cm high. (2) £120-180
436.    A Pair of Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vases, of tapered form with outcurved necks, decorated in shades of blue, green and brown with flowers and foliage within scrolling foliate borders, impressed marks, 16.5cm high; A Pair of Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vases, the gilt ground applied with ivy leaves, scroll handles, impressed marks, 17cm high. (4) £40-60
437.    An Early XX Century Austrian Framed Porcelain Rectangular Plaque, polychrome painted with a Persian tribal warrior, signed and inscribed, "J. Zasche, Vienna", 35.5 x 17.5cm. £100-150
438.    A Mid XIX Century Treacle Glazed Stoneware Flask, modelled as a gentleman seated astride a barrel, holding a jug and a glass, 24cm high; A Further Stoneware Flask, of a seated gentleman holding a cane, with hat cover and another of a lady with metal stopper. (3) £50-80
439.    A Pair of Mid XIX Century Treacle Glazed Stoneware Window Stops, modelled in the form of mythological beasts, 12.5cm high; A Further Pair, with Bacchus masks, 14cm high; Eight Others. (12) £40-60
440.    A Late XIX Century Sévres Style Porcelain Cabinet Cup and Saucer, the cup painted with an XVIII Century couple, he playing the lute, in a landscape, the saucer with a spray of flowers, both in jewelled panels within pink and gilt jewelled grounds, psuedo Sévres marks. £100-150
441.    An Early 1950's Poole Pottery White Earthenware Carafe Vase, the blue and yellow stylised leaf design on alpine white glaze designed by Alfred Read, shape by Claude Smale and Guy Sydenham, painted by Gwen Haskin, printed factory mark, painted initials and impressed 691, 30cm high. £100-150
442.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of baluster form, painted in the Anemone pattern with pink and purple flowers against a dark blue ground, impressed mark and paper label, 13cm high. £50-80
443.    A Royal Doulton Porcelain Figure "Darling", HN1, circa 1913, modelled by C. Vyse. Sc., printed and hand written marks to base, 19.5cm high. £150-200
444.    A Foley 'Intarsio' Ware Pottery Vase, of two handled ovoid form, painted with a frieze of geese within stylised floral bands, printed mark, shape number 3165, 23cm high; A Royal Doulton Plate, decorated with a corn and poppy field, printed mark, 24cm diameter. (2) £50-80
445.    An Early XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Plate, painted in blue with flowering and fruiting foliage, 22cm diameter; Two Others, similarly decorated, and four rice bowls. (7) £30-40
446.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Prestige Vase, painted in the Flanders Field design with poppies and butterflies on a cream and dark blue ground, designed by Rachel Bishop, numbered edition 68, impressed and painted marks to base, 46cm high. £800-900
447.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of inverted baluster form, painted in the Bellahouston pattern with stylised roses on a black ground, designed by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks to base, 18cm high. £100-140
448.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of squat baluster form, painted in the Pure Innocence pattern with mauve flowers and leaves on a dark blue ground, designed by Rachel Bishop, limited edition number 46/50, signed, impressed and painted marks to base, 16cm high. £180-220
449.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of bulbous form with elongated neck, painted in the 'Trial' China Water pattern with narcissus flowers, later going into a limited edition of fifty, designed by Emma Bossons, dated 16.11.16, impressed and painted marks to base, 20cm high. £120-140
450.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of trumpet form, painted in the Coronation Day pattern commemorating the longest reign of Q.E.II, with pink floribunda roses and flags against Mount Everest in the background, numbered edition 67, signed, impressed and painted marks to base, 23.5cm high. £240-280
451.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Trial' Hydrangea pattern with oval panels of hydrangeas against a cream ground, designed by Vicky Lovatt, dated 22.8.17, impressed and painted marks to base, 13.5cm high £130-150
452.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of bulbous form, painted in the 'Trial' Grace and Pace pattern with Jaguar Racing Cars of the 1950's on a cream ground, later to be introduced in a numbered edition in 2017, designed by Kerry Goodwin, dated 18.2.16, impressed and painted marks to base, 16cm high. £240-280
453.    A XX Century French Ormolu-Mounted Porcelain Jardiniére, of octagonal section, blue and white painted and gilt with pendants of flowers and foliage between diaper borders, cast base, painted pseudo Sevres mark and inscribed "Modéle et Decoration Exclusive á la Main" to the underside, 41.5cm high. £200-300
454.    An Eric Ravilious for Wedgwood "Travel" Pattern Part Tea and Dinner Service, printed in black and overpainted in blue with vignettes of trains, hot air balloons, yachts and buses, all against a grey ground, comprising six dinner plates 25cm diameter, soup bowl 23cm diameter, one bread and butter plate 24cm diameter, six side plates 15cm diameter, six bowls 16cm diameter, six tea cups and saucers, printed and impressed marks. (32) £400-600
455.    A Pair of XIX Century Tin Glaze Jars and Covers, (finials missing), of ovoid form, painted in blue with panels of flowers and bamboo within a scrolling floral ground, artists monogram to base, 19cm high. (2) £100-150
456.    A Carter, Stabler and Adams Red Earthenware Vase, of ovoid form, with short cylindrical neck, painted and designed by Truda Adams, with stylised birds, flowers and foliage between banded borders, impressed and painted marks, shape number 621/NT, 26.5cm high. £100-150
457.    An Amphora Pottery Vase, of two handled extended ovoid form, with a brightly coloured tube lined design of cranes amongst foliage, all within blue borders, impressed marks, 44.5cm high. £40-60
458.    A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of inverted baluster form, decorated in the Red Tulip pattern tubelined against a pink ground, painted by Marjorie Hill, painted 'WM' mark, 28cm high. £200-250
459.    A Mid XIX Century English Porcelain Part Dessert Service, each piece differently painted with a botanical study against a plain white ground, with moulded gilt rims, pattern number 6593/5, comprising one tall tazza (damaged), two low circular tazze, two rectangular tazze, four oval tazze, a footed bowl (lacking cover) and twenty-two plates. (32) £100-150
460.    A Bernard Moore Flambé Pottery Bowl, of circular form with outcurved rim, the interior decorated with a squirrel holding a nut, perched on a branch, within oak leaf and acorn border, the exterior with a similar border against a grey ground, signed, artists monogram probably for George Buttle, 20cm diameter. £80-120
461.    A Moorcroft Pottery Table Lamp, of ovoid form, painted in the Anemone pattern against a shaded blue/green ground, paper label and impressed marks, 21cm high. £70-100
462.    A Spode Copelands China Two-Handled Portland Vase and Matching Tall Footed Fluted Vase, decorated with a colourful design of exotic birds and peonies against a dark blue and gilt ground, printed marks, 17.5cm and 20cm high and a hardwood stand. (3) £40-60
463.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Wisteria' pattern against a dark blue ground, impressed marks, signed in blue, 16cm high. £60-80
464.    *WITHDRAWN* A Pair of Modern Royal Doulton Pottery Panya and Puning Snake Candlesticks, BA23 and BA24, decorated in flambé glaze and raised on circular bases, limited edition 84/250, printed marks, boxed with certificate, 26cm high. £100-150
465.    A Royal Dux Porcelain Model of a Boy Riding a Pony, raised on a rocky rectangular base, pink triangle mark and shape number 1989, 38cm high; Another, in the Royal Dux style, modelled as an Arab lady riding a pony, carrying a basket of fruit, 33cm high. (2) £50-80
466.    A Royal Dux Porcelain Model of a Lady Standing Beside Three Sheep, upon an oval base, pink triangle mark and shape number 2983, 25cm high; Another, a Retriever Holding a Hare in It's Mouth, 19cm high and a further figure in the Royal Dux style, modelled as a lady beside a goat and a basket, 29cm high, (all A/F). (3) £30-50
467.    A Pair of Royal Dux Porcelain Figures, modelled as female water carriers, each carrying large urns and wearing dark blue dresses, circular bases, pink triangle marks and shape 2265 and 2224, 21.5cm high. (2) £40-60
468.    A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Bowls, of circular form, designed by Peter Elvence to commemorate the Silver wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh, number 72 and 131 of a limited edition of 500, one with certificate, on hardwood stands, 26cm diameter. (2) £30-50
469.    A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Pottery Vase, of bottle form, designed by C.E. Cundall, signed in monogram, with a lustre design of fish swimming amongst seaweed in silver and maroon against a mottled blue ground, impressed mark, 20.5cm high (damaged); Another, designed by William Mycock, with a scale design in shades of green, maroon and silver lustre, 20.5cm high (damaged), (2) £80-120
470.    A Royal Dux Art Nouveau Porcelain Centrepiece Bowl, modelled as a maiden looking into a conch shell, a crab on the naturalistic base, pink triangle mark, shape number 2610, 26cm high. £50-80
471.    An XIX Century Bow Porcelain Figure of "Summer", the seated cupid raised upon a scrolling floral encrusted footed base, 13cm high. £250-300
472.    An XVIII Century Derby Porcelain Figure of a Shepherdess, standing, wearing a white blouse with yellow bodice, blue and gilt skirt and a pink hat, a lamb beside her, upon a gilt scrolled circular base, incised mark N 60, 13cm high. £120-180
473.    A Pair of 1930's Royal Doulton 'Kingsware' Pottery Tankards, moulded and painted with Crombie style golfers against treacle brown borders, printed marks, 14cm high. (2) £120-180
474.    A Set of Three 1930's Royal Doulton Pottery Tankards, moulded and painted with Crombie style golfers against light brown borders, printed marks, 14.5cm high. (3) £200-300
475.    A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Jug, applied with geometric bands in blue, cream and brown against a mottled green ground, impressed marks and dated 1884, 18.5cm high; A Large Mid XIX Century Pottery Copper Lustre Tankard, with central green band, 15cm high. (2) £30-40
476.    An Early XX Century Dresden Vase and Cover, of ovoid form, decorated and overpainted with alternating panels of XVIII Century figures in garden settings and floral sprays against a maroon ground, all with gilt scroll borders, printed marks, 55cm high. £120-180
477.    A Pair of Royal Dux Porcelain Figures, modelled as female musicians, each holding a lute and raised on circular bases, pink triangle marks and shape number 214, 24.5cm high; Two Further Royal Dux Figures, each with baskets, 25.5cm high. (4) £40-60
478.    A Doulton Lambeth Stoneware 'Chine' Ware Jardiniére, decorated with a central band of flowers heightened in turquoise and white within dark blue borders, impressed marks, 21cm high; A Matching Teapot and Cover, 15cm high, and a similar sugar bowl and a pair of Royal Doulton bottle vases decorated with a floral tubelined design, 30cm high. (5) £30-50
479.    An Art Nouveau Royal Dux Porcelain Centrepiece, modelled as a lady leaning against a shell shaped bowl,m raised on sinuous foliate stem, the shaped base with female masks, pink triangle mark and shape number 833, 62cm high. £200-300
480.    An Art Nouveau Royal Dux Porcelain Bowl, modelled as two ladies looking into floral decorated pond, pink triangle mark and shape number 1158, 16cm diameter; A Pair of Ernst Wahliss Classical Figures, he holding a scroll, she a fan, raised uopn square footed bases, printed marks. (3) £50-80
481.    A Locke & Co Worcester Porcelain Pot Pourri Bowl and Pierced Cover, of circular form, decorated in blush ivory, gilt and moulded with scrolling foliage and flutes, printed mark in green, 18.5cm diameter. £30-50
482.    A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Jar and Cover, of hexagonal form, decorated in Imari pattern 6299, date code for 1904, 11.5cm high. £60-80
483.    A Late XIX Century Pottery Part Dinner Service, by Burgess and Leigh, Burslem, in the Sydenham pattern, comprising two vegetable dishes and covers; two sauce tureens, covers and ladles; two sauce boats and stands, six oval serving dishes, in sizes; twelve dinner plates, twelve fish plates and twelve dessert plates. £40-60
484.    A Robert Wallace Martin, Fulham, Saltglazed Stoneware Salt, of circular form with metal rim, incised and painted with flowering foliage within a diamond moulded foot, incised marks, 6.5cm diameter. £30-50
485.    A Royal Worcester Porcelain Two Handled Vase and Cover, of globular footed form, painted with pink and yellow roses within gilt borders, date code for 1908, printed mark in green, JH (John Handley) monogram, 24cm high. £100-150
486.    A Late 1950's Poole White Earthenware Vase, of baluster form, painted with the contemporary PKT crosshatch design on alternating blue and white panels by Alfred Read, printed mark, impressed 337 and painters mark for Gwen Haskins, 25cm high. £80-120
489.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Ivory Bridge Carved with Five Monkeys, hardwood stand, 24cm long; A Japanese Ivory Netsuke, carved as an eagle, 3cm high; A Japanese Porcelain Miniature Satsuma Bowl, painted with chrysanthemums in shades of orange and pink, signed, 5cm diameter. (3) £50-80
490.    A Chinese Late XIX Century Porcelain Vase, of baluster form, painted in blue with birds, butterflies and flowers, 18.5cm high; A Chinese Circular Bowl, painted in blue with alternating panels of a boy holding a balloon and shrubs, 14cm diameter, a hardwood stand and a teabowl. (3) £30-50
491.    A Mid XX Century Japanese Porcelain Table Lamp, modelled as a Geisha holding a lantern and a fan, wearing a brightly coloured orange and green kimono decorated with gilt and enamelled flowers and birds, brass mounts and fitments, hardwood stand, 61cm high. £250-350
492.    An Early XX Century Japanese Woodcut Print, the seated lady wearing an elaborate black and green kimono decorated with phoenix and flowers, signed, framed and glazed, 28 x 19cms. £30-40
493.    An Early XX Century Chinese Plaque, carved in ivory with a lady holding a fan, on a hardstone ground, contained in an elaborate wooden frame decorated with figures in pagodas, 15 x 13cm overall. £30-50
494.    A Pair of Chinese Pottery Roof Tiles in the Tang Style, decorated in the famille verte palette and moulded as scholars, one holding a fan, the other a fruit, upon hardwood bases, 35 and 36cm high. £200-300
495.    A Pair of XX Century Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Vases and Covers, of shaped globular form, painted with flowers and foliage, 24cm high. £80-120
496.    A Modern Canton Famille Rose Charger, painted in multi-coloured enamels with panels of figures, flowers and butterflies, 45cm diameter. £40-60
497.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Pottery Charger, painted in blue with birds perched on flowering peony branches, amongst rock work and a fence, 61cm diameter. £70-100
498.    An Early XX Century Japanese Porcelain Low Stand, of rectangular form, painted in blue with geometric designs, 27cm x 40cm. £60-80
499.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Woodcut Print, the seated lady holding a scroll beside branches and a lantern, framed and glazed, 36 x 25cm. £30-40
500.    A Mid XX Century Chinese Porcelain Bowl, of circular form, painted in the Famille Rose palette with panels of figures on terraces alternating with flowers and butterflies, 33cm diameter. £40-60
501.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Ivory Shoe Horn, carved with two figures, 17.5cm high; A Japanese Ivory Figure, a lady holding a fan, 10.5cm high (head detached). (2) £30-40
502.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Grey Figured Silk Skirt, couched and embroidered with vases, flowers, fish bowl and other household decorative items to front and back panels between pleated sections with floral embroidery, on a linen waistband. £80-120
503.    ZHU BWEIMING (b.1948)
Farmhouse with Figure and Poultry, limited edition colour print, signed, inscribed in Chinese, dated 1990 and numbered 4/50 lower edge,
44.5 x 44.5cm. £30-50
504.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Porcelain Bowl, of circular form, painted in the Imari palette with panels of figures, garden scenes and fish, within elaborate borders and central floral medallion, 26.5cm diameter. £30-50
505.    A Mid XIX Century Papier Maché Sewing Box, of two handled shaped rectangular form, raised on claw feet, decorated in gilt with chinoiserie scenes of figures on terraces within floral and butterfly borders, the hinged top opening to reveal a lift-out tray containing Chinese carved ivory sewing requisites above a single drawer, 14.5 x 32cm. £60-80
506.    An Early XX Century Japanese Cloisonné Enamel Vase and Cover, with dog of fo finial, the ovoid blue ground decorated with flowering shrubs, 21cm high, on a hardwood stand. (2) £50-80
507.    A Large Modern Japanese Cloisonné Enamel Vase, of baluster form, decorated with flowering shrubs, fish and scrollwork within a maroon ground, 51cm high, on a hardwood stand. (2) £100-150
508.    A XIX Century Chinese Bronze Censer, of compressed oval form with loop handles, raised on three feet, the base inscribed with calligraphy, 12cm diameter; Another, a later example, 7cm diameter. (2) £100-150
509.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Carved Model of Two Boys Upon a Recumbent Buffalo, upon a pierced stand, 43cm long. £50-80
510.    A XIX Century Chinese Pottery Vase, of pear shape, painted in panels with figures in garden settings within a panelled and foliate border, 25cm high; Another, of baluster form, a lizard entwined around the neck, painted in blue with phoenix and flowers, 29cm high. (2) £100-150
511.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar and Cover, of ovoid form, painted in blue and white with branches of flowering prunus within a dash border, four character mark to base, 25cm high. £160-200
512.    A Chinese Jizhou Pottery Bowl, of conical form, the interior decorated in streaky brown/green glaze, the exterior in a treacle glaze, 14.5cm diameter. £100-150
513.    A Circa 1920's Chinese Silk Robe, in midnight blue with centre front opening, finely embroidered with peonies, peach branches, insects and butterflies, the bell shaped sleeves with cream border embroidered with figures in garden scenes, green figured silk lining, 96cm long. £80-120
514.    An Early XX Century Chinese Mah Jong Set, contained in a leather bound case, the fall front revealing five trays of bamboo and bone tiles, scoring tallies and a rule book. £70-100
515.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Ivory Figure, carved as a scholar holding a scroll and standing beside a small pagoda upon a tree stump, signed in a red seal, 19cm high. £100-150
516.    A Late XIX Century Japanese Pottery Vase, of double gourd form, the shaped circular and fan shaped panels painted in black with foliage, the multi-coloured banded ground with geometric designs, 21.5cm high. £50-80
519.    •AFTER JOHN LAVIERS WHEATLEY (1892-1955) (Sheffield Artist)
Portrait of a Woman, seated in a chair, half length, etching,
28.5 X 24.5cm. £20-30
520.    •AFTER PETER BROOK (1927-2009)
Empty Pennine Farm, limited edition reproduction printed in colours, signed in pencil lower right and numbered 145/300 lower left,
42 x 51cm. £70-100
Station Approach, reproduction printed in colours, signed in pencil in the margin, Hibbert Brothers label verso,
42.5 x 51.5cm. £1000-1500
522.    •AFTER ARTHUR DELANEY (1927-1987)
The Park Gates, reproduction printed in colours, signed in pencil by the artist, blindstamp,
35 x 51.5cm;
Another; Albert Square, Manchester, limited edition no. 167/250,
42 x 47.5cm. (2) £60-100
523.    •AFTER GREGORIO PRIETO MUNOZ (1897-1992)
Pleasure Gardens with Figures, lithograph, signed within the plate and numbered 3/15 in pencil lower right corner,
55.5 x 43cm;
Fourteen Other Prints, by various hands, all unframed. (15) £40-70
Girl with a Fan by Candlelight, etching, signed in pencil,
17 x 13cm. £40-60
525.    •RICHARD BEER (b.1928)
Brazenoze, limited edition aquatint, signed in pencil, titled and numbered 100/100,
73 x 55.5cm. £50-80
526.    •AFTER JOE SCARBOROUGH (b.1938) (Sheffield Artist)
The First Tram, hand coloured, signed limited edition screen print, number 2/100 £50-80
527.    •GRAHAM VIVIAN SUTHERLAND (1903-1980)
Life in Wood (1979), limited edition coloured lithograph, signed lower right, numbered 90/90 and with blindstamp lower left,
47.5 x 58cm. £250-300
528.    •FREDERICK LAWSON (1888-1968)
High Bridge, Lincoln, April 29th 1929, pencil and crayon, signed and inscribed lower right,
27.5 x 24.5cm. £70-100
Hunting in the Park, reproduction printed in colours, signed in pencil by the artist, blindstamp,
47 x 61cm. £100-150
Station Approach, reproduction printed in colours, signed in pencil in the margin, Fine Art Trade Guild blindstamp,
43 x 53cms. £1000-1500
531.    •AFTER BRIAN SHIELDS (BRAAQ) (1951-1997)
Busy Beach Scene with Punch and Judy Man, artist's proof, reproduction printed in colours, signed in pencil,
28.5 x 33.5cm;
Three Other Signed Reproductions, after the same hand. (4) £120-180
534.    •FRED LAWSON (1888-1968)
Gypsy Caravan on a Country Lane, pencil and watercolour, signed lower right,
24 x 26cm. £50-80
535.    •FRED LAWSON (1888-1968)
Trees in Autumn Landscape, pencil and watercolour, signed lower right,
34 x 30cm. £50-80
536.    •JAMES BOLSOVER LEE (Early XX Century) (Sheffield Artist)
Cottages at Conisburgh, watercolour, signed lower left,
28 x 33.5cm. £20-30
537.    •GEORGE HAMILTON CONSTANTINE (1878-1967) (Sheffield Artist)
Near Dore, Derbyshire, watercolour, signed and inscribed lower left,
23.5 x 30cm. £150-250
538.    •JOHN HIRAM GREENSMITH (b.1932)
Conway, watercolour, signed lower left,
20.5 x 28cm. £40-60
539.    •WILLIAM RALPH E. GOODRICH (1887-1955) (Sheffield Artist)
Cottages at Rivelin, watercolour, signed lower left,
23.5 x 34.5cm. £20-30
540.    ALWYN H. HOLLAND (Late XIX/Early XX Century) (Sheffield Artist)
Church Street, Sheffield, watercolour heightened with bodycolour, signed lower left,
73 x 48.5cms;
An Architect's drawing for the same buildings on Church Street,
29 x 41cm. (2) £250-350
541.    •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996)
Brunswick Street, Whitby, pen and ink and watercolour,
36 x 46cm. £60-100
542.    •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996)
Study of a Church, gouache on board,
35.5 x 45cm. £40-60
543.    •W. TURNER (British School, XX Century)
A Cottage Garden, with children playing and women at a fence, watercolour, signed lower right,
18.5 x 23.5cm. £30-50
544.    •ALEXANDER MOLYNEUX STANNARD (1875/85-1975)
Driven Sheep on a Country Lane, watercolour, signed lower left,
25 x 17.5cm. £30-50
545.    DAVID COX (1783-1859)
Canal Lock with Cottages and Angler, signed and dated 1849 lower left, watercolour heightened with bodycolour and scratching out,
37 x 52cm. £1000-1500
546.    CHARLES EDWARD WILSON (1854-1941)
Feeding the Chicks, watercolour, signed and dated 1905 lower right,
54 x 36cm. £600-1000
547.    CHARLES EDWARD WILSON (1854-1941)
The Pensive Shepherdess, watercolour, signed and dated 1901 lower left,
52 x 35cm. £600-1000
548.    •MICHAEL MURFIN (b.1954)
Jonah, gouache, signed lower right, signed, titled and dated 1992 on a label verso,
46 x 28.5cm. £100-150
549.    •MICHAEL MURFIN (b.1954)
Haystack, 1984, acrylic, signed and dated (19)84 lower right,
25.5 x 40.5cm. £100-150
550.    •PETER KELLY (b.1931)
An Amsterdam Vista, with the Barbizon Palace Hotel, watercolour, signed lower left,
51.5 x 71.5cm. £200-300
Abstract with a Vase, watercolour and pencil on paper, inscribed and signed,
35 x 25cm;
Another; Sunglasses, a rough proof inscribed 'Tum' and signed; together with related photographs, exhibition invitation etc. £100-150
552.    •DOUGLAS HOUZEN PINDER (1886-1949)
Egyptian Scene with Camels, watercolour, signed lower right, 15 x 27.5cm;
Another, similar (a pair); and a further watercolour, seascape, signed D. Russell. (3)
553.    PHILIP NAVIASKY (1894-1983)
Life Study, female nude, crayon,
42 x 25.5cm;
Three Others; similar studies. (4)
*Provenance: By repute these studies came from the artist's sketchbook. £150-250
554.    •SAMUEL FENTON (b.1923)
The Players, watercolour, signed lower left,
37 x 23.5cm. £60-100
555.    •MALCOLM WHITTAKER (b.1937)
Woman with Two Dogs, pencil and watercolour heightened with bodycolour, signed lower right,
20.5 x 28cm. £60-100
556.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
The Cathedral, Sheffield 1937, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)85 lower edge,
24 x 38cm. £100-150
557.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Ranmoor Inn, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
24.5 x 38cm. £120-180
558.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Old Coles Corner, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
24.5 x 38cm. £120-180
559.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Fitzalan Square, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)85 lower edge,
24.5 x 38cm. £120-180
560.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
High Street, Sheffield, c.1937, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)87 lower edge,
24.5 x 38cm. £150-200
561.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
The Waggon and Horses, Millhouses, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
21.5 x 36.5cm. £100-150
562.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Wicker Arches, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
22 x 39cm. £100-150
563.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Sheffield Midland Station, c.1938, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)87 lower edge,
24 x 38cm. £120-180
564.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Barkers Pool, c.1939, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)85 lower edge,
24.5 x 38cm. £120-180
565.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Button Lane, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)87 lower edge,
24.5 x 39cm. £150-200
566.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Pinstone Street, Sheffield, c.1939, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)85 lower edge,
24.5 x 38cm. £120-150
567.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
The Royal Hospital, Sheffield 1948, watercolour, signed, inscribed lower edge,
24.5 x 37.5cm. £100-150
568.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Exchange Street, c.1936, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
23 x 39cm. £120-180
569.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
23 x 38.5cm. £100-150
570.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Waingate - Lady's Bridge, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)87 lower edge,
24 x 38cm. £150-250
571.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Piper Cottages - 1880, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)84 lower edge,
24.5 x 38.5cm. £100-150
572.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
Landsdowne, London Road (1935), watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)86 lower edge,
23.5 x 37.5cm. £150-200
573.    •TERRY GORMAN (b.1935) (Sheffield Artist)
High St.,c.1937, watercolour, signed, inscribed and dated (19)85 lower edge,
23.5 x 37.5cm. £120-180
574.    •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (1924-1996) (Sheffield Artist)
"Mi Cousin Fred Lives Up That Lane O'er Yonder, Nar 'e Can Paint!", signed twice lower edge, pen and ink,
19.5 x 14cm. £70-100
575.    •NORMAN WILKINSON (1878-1971)
Long Pool, River Spey, signed with initials lower left, watercolour heightened with bodycolour and gum arabic,
13.5 x 18.5cm. £80-120
576.    WILLIAM JAMES MULLER (1812-1845)
An Italian Calvary, watercolour, signed with initials lower left,
15.5 x 21.5cm
*Provenance: Inscribed verso, "from Mr. Johnson's sale, New Bond Street, 1912". £150-250
577.    EDMUND MORISON (1835-1900)
Cattle by a River Bank, watercolour, initialled and dated (18)97;
25 x 46cm. £70-100
578.    JEAN M. SALTFLEET (1861-1941) (Sheffield Artist)
Portrait of Lucy (Allen), mixed media, signed and indistinctly dated lower right, titled on a label verso,
51.5 x 35cm. £400-600
579.    WILLIAM HENRY PIGGOTT (1810/35-1901)
Haddon Hall, watercolour, signed and titled lower right,
34.5 x 48.5cm. £80-120
580.    CHARLES EDWARD BENTLEY (Act.1886-1902)
Welsh Fishing Village, watercolour, signed lower left,
69.5 x 44cm. £100-150
581.    BERNARD WALTER EVANS (1848-1922)
Welsh Landscape, with river in the foreground and mountains beyond, watercolour heightened with bodycolour, signed lower right,
36 x 51cm. £100-150
582.    •TOM ANDERTON (1894-1956)
Gypsy Horses, watercolour, signed lower left,
14 x 21.5cm. £30-50
583.    GEORGE ROBERT LEWIS (1782-1871)
Saint's Feast Day, figures in Continental dress picnicking in a park, watercolour, signed lower right,
18.5 x 26cm. £80-120
584.    ATTRIBUTED TO DAVID COX (1783-1859)
Landscape with Donkey beside Monumental Stone, watercolour,
11 x 14.5cm. £40-70
585.    GEORGE GOODWIN KILBURNE (1863-1928)
Portrait of a Red-Haired Woman, seated, her left arm resting on a table, pencil and watercolour, signed lower right,
32 x 24.5cm. £70-100
586.    TOM SYKES (British School, XX Century)
Rural Landscape, with a farmhouse beside a river, watercolour, signed lower left,
39 x 53.5cm. £50-80
587.    ROGER INMAN (British School, XX Century)
Study of a Border Terrier, pastel, signed and dated (19)63 lower right,
31.5 x 38.5cm. £30-50
588.    •ERNEST WILLIAM HASLEHURST (1866-1949)
Extensive Estuary Landscape, watercolour, signed lower left,
34 x 52cm. £70-100
589.    W*** J*** C*** (British School, XX Century)
Tuscan Landscape, watercolour, signed with initials lower right,
24.5 x 34.5cm. £30-50
590.    FOLLOWER OF DAVID COX (1783-1859)
A Panoramic Estuary Landscape with Figures, watercolour,
22.5 x 40.5cm. £50-80
591.    A*** R*** G*** (British School, Late XIX Century)
mountain Landscape, watercolour, signed with initials and dated 1887 lower left,
25.5 x 36cm. £40-70
592.    •ALAN KIRKPATRICK (b.1929)
Welsh Harbour Scene with Beached Boats, watercolour heightened with bodycolour. signed and dated 1993 lower right,
41 x 51cm. £100-150
593.    BRITISH SCHOOL (Early XX Century)
The Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool Street, London, watercolour,
74 x 61cm. £100-150
594.    •JOHN ERNEST AITKEN (1881-1957)
The Venetian Lagoon at Dawn, watercolour on textured paper, signed lower left,
24 x 31.5cm. £200-300
595.    •JOHN ERNEST AITKEN (1881-1957)
Scottish East Coast Harbour with Fishing Boats, watercolour, signed lower right,
49.5 x 33.5cm. £300-400
596.    JAMES ROBERTSON MILLER (1880-1912)
Dinant on the Meuse, watercolour, signed lower left,
17.5 x 26.5cm. £300-400
597.    •JAMES WALTER GOZZARD (1888-1950)
Rural Landscape with Figures on a Track, watercolour, signed lower right,
34.5 x 44.5cm. £200-300
598.    HERBERT MOXON COOK (b.1844, fl.1868-1920) and BASIL BRADLEY (1842-1904)
Evening in Sannox Glen, Arran, watercolour, signed, inscribed 'sheep by Basil Bradley',
33 x 46cm. £150-200
599.    THOMAS TAYLOR IRELAND (fl.1880-1927)
Giants of the Forest, watercolour,
35 x 52cm. £50-80
600.    •WILLIAM RALPH E. GOODRICK (1887-1956) (Sheffield Artist)
Offerton Hall, Nr. Hathersage, watercolour, signed and dated 1907 lower right,
45 x 31cm;
Two Others, by the same hand, Clough Fields, Manchester Rd
43 x 21cm;
Archway before a farmyard,
25 x 32cm. (3) £60-80
601.    GEORGE FALL (1845-1925)
Cathedral Durham, watercolour, signed lower left,
20 x 24.5cm;
Another, Cathedral of Ripon, a pair. (2) £120-180
A Figure Before a Cottage in a Country Lane, watercolour, signed lower left,
24 x 34cm;
Another, a pair. (2) £100-150
A Shepherd Driving Sheep in a Country Lane, watercolour, signed lower left,
36 x 62cm;
Another, A Girl with Chickens Before a Cottage, a pair. (2) £120-180
604.    THOMAS BUSH HARDY (1842-1897)
Fishing Boats Before a Harbour, watercolour, signed and dated 1895 lower left,
24 x 33.5cm. £70-100
605.    •EDWARD STAMP (British School, XX-XXI Century)
Hedge Laying, January, watercolour, signed and dated 1976, and signed and inscribed verso,
37.5 x 56.5cm. £60-100
606.    •ANTONY PEARCE (British School, XX-XXI Century)
Snowy Landscape with Bare Trees, watercolour, signed lower left,
25.5 x 35.5cm. £30-50
607.    •CHARLES PIGGOTT (1863-1949)
Sheep in a Mountainous Wooded Landscape, watercolour, signed lower left,
38 x 74cm. £50-80
Boats in Whitby Harbour with Abbey and Cottages Beyond, watercolour, bears signature and inscription "From C. Napier Hemy to Lord Leighton, Xmas 1890",
37 x 66cm. £300-500
610.    BRITISH SCHOOL (Early XX Century)
Bluebell woods with Children Playing, oil on board,
25.5 x 32cm;
Another; A Family Group Portrait, oil sketch on board (damages),
56 x 65cm. (2) £50-80
611.    RALPH RUEBEN STUBBS (1820-1880)
Coastal Scene with Shipwrecked Boat, oil on paper, signed and dated 1861 lower right,
19.5 x 29.5cm. £80-120
612.    AUSTIN WINTERBOTTOM (British School, XIX/XX Century)
A Village Scene in Winter, oil on canvas, signed lower right, signed verso,
51 x 61cm. £250-350
613.    •*REGINALD GRANGE BRUNDRIT (1883-1960)
"Morning Haze", river landscape in the Yorkshire Dales, oil on canvas, signed lower right, titled on a label verso,
77 x 102cms, carved giltwood frame. £500-800
614.    BRITISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Romantic Portrait of an Italianate Nobleman, oil on canvas laid down, oval,
67 x 51.5cm. £100-150
615.    •PHILIP NAVIASKY (1894-1983)
"Brenda", Portrait of a Young Woman, head and shoulders, oil on canvas, signed upper right,
51 x 40.5cm. £200-300
Mariners at the Water's Edge, oil on canvas,
69 x 58cm. £150-250
617.    BRITISH SCHOOL (Late XIX Century)
Portrait of a Woman, bust length, oil on canvas,
40.5 x 30.5cm. £40-60
Study of a Fisher Boy wearing a Red Cap, oil on panel,
29.5 x 25cm. £60-100
619.    •JAKE ATTREE (b.1950)
Dunstanburgh Castle, oil on panel,
59 x 83cm.
*Provenance: Purchased from the artist. £150-200
620.    A DUCAR (Late XIX Century)
Woodland scene, Bavaria, oil on board, signed lower right,
21 x 30cm. £100-150
621.    COLIN GRAEME ROE (1858-1910)
Study of a Horse and Hound at a Loose Box Door, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904 lower left,
51.5 x 41cm. £200-300
622.    COLIN GRAEME ROE (1858-1910)
Study of a Pair of Spaniels amongst Reeds, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1904 lower right,
30.5 x 25.5cm;
Another, Pair of Pointers in a Moorland Setting (a pair). (2) £250-350
623.    •LARRY FEATHER (British School, Late XX Century)
Plague Cottages and Church, Eyam, signed lower right, acrylic on board,
30.5 x 40.5cm. £80-120
Landing Stage at Utrecht, oil on panel, signed lower left, titled on a label verso,
25.5 x 47cm;
Another; a pair. (2) £250-350
625.    •JOE SCARBOROUGH (b.1938) (Sheffield Artist)
At the Coalface, oil on canvas, signed and dated (19)73 lower left,
61.5 x 61.5cm. £1500-2000
626.    ROBERT TUSON (British School, XX Century)
Still Life Study, lilies, shells and fishing net, oil on board, signed lower right,
50.5 x 61.5cm. £60-100
627.    ROBERT TUSON (British School, XX Century)
"The Alcove", still life study with witch's ball, porcelain vase, rose and bible, oil on board, signed lower right, titled on a label verso,
40.5 x 30cm £40-70
628.    BRITISH SCHOOL (Late XIX Century)
Stone Bridge over a Stream, oil on board,
15.5 x 10.5cm. £30-50
629.    •PETER BERRISFORD (b.1932)
Continental Village Roofscape, oil on board, signed lower right,
61 x 91cm. £70-100
630.    •EDWIN LADELL (1914-1970)
Clare Bridge, Cambridge, with figures in punts, oil on canvas, bears signature in pencil and title verso,
63.5 x 76.5cm.
631.    •PETER SZUMOWSKI (1954-2017) (Sheffield Artist)
"Sunday Best", signed lower left, acrylic on canvas,
81 x 122cm.
*Provenance: With Hibbert Brothers label verso. £600-1000
632.    •JEAN LE GREC (1935-1990)
Female Nude, oil on canvas, signed and dated (19)63 lower left,
54 x 65cm. £200-300
633.    ABEL HOLD (1815-1896)
Birds Nest by a Log, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1869,
25 x 30cm. £200-300
634.    •BRIAN SHIELDS (BRAAQ) (1951-1997)
A Winter Day in the Park, oil on canvas, signed "braaq" lower left,
40.5 x 51cm
635.    •BRIAN SHIELDS (BRAAQ) (1951-1997)
"Go Ed, Gerrim Gobbed", oil on canvas, signed "braaq" and inscribed "Ann" lower left, signed and titled on the stretcher verso,
46 x 61cm;
A Pencil Sketch, for the painting, signed "braaq" lower left,
16.5 x 22.5cm. (2) £5000-8000
636.    •NEIL SPILMAN (b.1951)
Spring Landscape with Pheasants, oil on canvas, signed lower left and dated (19)94,
51 x 76cm. £100-150
637.    •DAVID MORGAN (b.1964)
Cattle in a Landscape, oil on canvas, signed lower left,
46 x 61cm. £150-250
638.    •CLIVE MADGWICK (1934-2005)
Winter Golf, oil on canvas, signed lower right, dated 2003 verso,
40.5 x 61cm.
639.    •NEIL SPILMAN (b.1951)
African Elephants below Kilimanjaro, oil on panel, signed lower left,
25.5 x 46cm. £70-100
Study of a Dog and Cat, oil sketch on copper,
5.1 x 7cm
Note: The copper panel inscribed verso "Bought at Mrs. McKenzie's sale, sister to Sir Edwin Landseer, supposed painted by him". £100-150
Chiaroscuro half length portrait of a young woman holding a lamp, decollete, oil on panel, printed circular stamp to the reverse,
57.5 x 41cm. £200-300
644.    BOWEN (EMAN)
An Accurate Map of the County of York Divided by It's Ridings, hand coloured map, framed and glazed,
57 x 74cm. £70-100
West Riding of Yorkshire, hand coloured map, framed and glazed,
34 x 41cm. £30-50
The North Riding of Yorkshire, map,
38 x 43cm;
Another; The East Riding of Yorkshire, map,
38 x 43cm. (2) £30-50
Britannia Saxonica, map,
44 x 39cm;
Great Britain and Ireland, map
16.5 x 12cm;
Two Others, of England and Wales. (4) £40-60
648.    CAREY (JOHN)
Part of the West Riding of Yorkshire, hand coloured map,
26.5 x 21cm;
Seven Other Maps, of West Yorkshire and It's Towns. (8) £30-50
649.    AFTER CHRISTOPHER SAXTON (Act.1540-1610)
Eboracensis: West Riding, XVIII Century engraved map, later hand-coloured,
26.5 x 31cm. £80-120
650.    OGOLBY (JOHN)
A Road Map From London to Rye in Sussex,
29 x 45cm;
Another, London to Lands End, hand coloured,
33 x 48cm. (2) £30-40
651.    CARY (JOHN)
Buckinghamshire Divided into Hundreds, 1801, hand coloured map,
53 x 48cm;
Another, Handii Sumptibus Henrici, 1632, Port of Lincolnshire, hand coloured map,
43 x 55cm. (2) £40-60
652.    MALL (H)
A Map of Nottinghamshire, hand coloured,
35 x 23cm;
Map of the County of Cambridge, 1834, hand coloured and five other maps. (7) £50-80
An Accurate Map of Buckinghamshire, hand coloured,
71 x 51cm;
Map of Cambridge,
29 x 33cm; Four Others. (6) £50-80
655.    Bray [William]: A Sketch of a Tour into Derbyshire and Yorkshire, second edition, printed for B. White, Fleet Street, 1783, marbled board and calf; Melmoth [William]:The Letters of Marcus Tellius Cicero, printed for R. Dodsley, Pall Mall, 1753, vols I and III and Melmoth [William]: The Letters of Pliny the Consul, printed for R & J Dodsley, Pall Mall, 1707, vols I and II. (5) £70-100
656.    Jane Austen Six Volume Set, colour illustrations by C.E. Brock, first editions dated 1907-1909, pub. J.M. Dent & Co., London, in publishers de-luxe gilt decorated velum binding, (Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion), each with twenty-four colour plates, top edges gilt, others uncut. (6) £250-350
657.    Milne [A.A.]: Now We Are Six, first edition 1927, illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard, published Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, deluxe blue calf and gilt binding. £50-80
658.    Fleming [Ian]: You Only Live Twice, printed by Ebenezer Baylis & Son Ltd., first edition 1964, dustwrapper; On Her Majesty's Secret Service, second impression April 1963; The Spy Who Loved Me, second impression 1962; Amis [Kingsley]: The James Bond Dossier, first edition, 1965; Deighton [Len]: Funeral in Berlin; Markham [ Robert]: Colonel Sun. (6) £40-60
659.    Malcolm C. Salaman; Modern Masters of Etching, a series of thirteen books published by The Studio, 44 Leicester Square, London, 1924, to include:- Whistler, Goya, Lumsden etc, blue board bindings. (13) £30-50
660.    Sherer [M]: Recollections of the Peninsula, printed by Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, Paternoster Row, 1823, marble boards, rebound calf spine. £50-80
661.    Potter [Francis B.D.]: An Interpretation of the Number 666, printed by Leonard Lichfield, Oxford 1642, first edition, 214pp, bookplate of William Legge, half calf and marbled boards, some pages with losses and worm holes. £200-300
662.    Monsieur Duquesne: A New Voyage to the East Indies in the Years 1690 and 1691, being a full description of the Isles of Maldives, Cocos, Andamans and the Isle of Ascension, and all the Forts and Garrisons now in possession of the French, with an account of the customs, manners and habits of the Indians, printed for Daniel Dring at the Harrow and Crown near St. Dunstan's Church in Fleet Street, 1696, first edition in English, five engraved plates and a fold-out map (map of India missing), rebound calf. £400-600
663.    Gordon [Thomas]: A Cordial for Low Spirits: Being a Collection of Curious Tracts, printed and sold by R. Griffiths at the Duncaid in St. Paul's Churchyard, 1718, rebound marbled boards and calf, first page with losses. £40-60
664.    Felibien Des Avaux [Jean-Francois]: Les Plans et les Descriptions de Deux des plus Belles Maison de Campagne de Pline Le Consul, printed by Chés David Mortier, Libraire dans Le Strand, á 'Enfeigne d'Erafme, 1707, five fold-out plans, rebound marbled boards and calf. £120-180
665.    Mackenzie [Alexander Slidell]: A Year in Spain by a Young American, vols I and II, published by John Murray, London 1831, tooled gilt calf. £30-50
666.    Delpino [Joseph Giral]: New Spanish Grammar or the Elements of the Spanish Language, printed for F. Wingrave, London, 1800, calf binding; Caamano [Juan Angel] : Gramatica General, printed by D.José del Collado, Madrid 1822, marble board; De Capmany [Don Antonio] : Arte De Traducir El Idioma Francés Al Castellano, Madrid 1776, board and calf spine. (3) £60-80
667.    Perez de Hyta: Guerras Civiles De Granada, published by Imprenta de D. Leon Amarita, Madrid 1833, marble board and calf; Un Soldado Viejo Natural de Borja 'Ropavejeros Anticuarios y Collectionistas', Madrid 1890, marbled board and calf; Historia Del Emperador Carlos VI, tomo II, published by Juan de San Martin, Madrid, 1742, rebound. (3) £60-80
668.    Caldecott [R]: Picture Books, The Milkmaid, The Babes in the Wood, The Great Panjandrum Himself, Mrs Mary Blaize, The Queen of Hearts and Three Jovial Huntsmen; The Hey Diddle Diddle Picture Book and Picture Book No. 4, all pub. Frederick Warne & Co. Six Children's Books Published by The Society for Promoting Christian Knowldege, by Juliana Horatia Ewing (b. Ecclesfield, Sheffield, daughter of Rev. Alfred Gatty) - The Story of a Short Life (illus. Gordon Browne), Lob by the Fire (illus. Ralph Caldecott), Six to Sixteen (illus. Mrs Allingham), The Peace Egg (illus. Gordon Browne), Daddy Darwin's Dovecote (illus. Randolph Caldecott); Beatrice Cresswell The Royal Progress of King Pepito (illus. Kate Greenaway), conditions vary. £50-80
669.    The Rhinegold and the Valkyrie, by Richard Wagner, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham, pub. London, William Heineman, new impression 1914, with thirty-four tipped in tissue guarded colour plates, gilt tooled pictorial tan cloth; Philpotts [Eden]: A Dish of Apples, illus. Arthur Rackham, pub. London, Hodder & Stoughton, circa 1921, three tipped in tissue guarded colour illustrations and seven black and white, lavender decorated cloth, dj. (2) £60-80
670.    Sackville [Lady Margaret]: The Dream-Pedlar, colour illustrations by Florence Anderson, pub. Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton Kent & Co., 1914 first edition, decorated blue cloth; Basile [Giambattista]: Stories from the Pentemerone, illus. Warwick Goble, pub. Macmillan & Co., 1911 first edition, tissue guarded colour illustrations, gilt tooled pictorial red cloth; Asquith [Lady Cynthia]: The Children's Cargo, contributors include A.A. Milne, Walter de la Mare etc., pub. Eyre & Spottiswood, tipped in colour illustrations, buff cloth; Aldin [Cecil]: Jerry the Story of an Exmoor Pony, illus. Cecil Aldin (1933 third impression); The Pied Piper, illus. Margaret Tarrant. (5) £50-80
671.    Dulac [Edmund]: Picture Book for the French Red Cross, 8vo, pub. for the Daily Telegraph by Hodder & Stoughton, 1915, nineteen tipped in colour plates, yellow cloth; Stories from the Arabian Nights, retold by Laurence Housman, with drawing by Edmund Dulac, pub. Hodder & Stoughton, 1911, twelve colour illustrations; Malcolm [Fiona]: My Fairyland, illus. Florence Anderson, pub. George Harrap & Co., 1917; The Rubaiyat of Omar Kayyam. (4) £30-50
672.    March Hares and Their Friends, by T.A. and illus. by the author, pub., Dean & Son Ltd., circa 1892 for the author, landscape large vo. illustrated pictorial boards; How They Went to School, by S. Rosamond Praeger, illustrated by the author, pub. Blackie & Son, London, Glasgow and Dublin, circa 1903; Carroll [Lewis]: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, illus. John Tenniel, pub. Macmillan & Co., 1886 (78th thousand), red cloth; Through the Looking Glass, People' Edition (47th thousand), green pictorial cloth and uniform with this edition The Story of Sylvie and Bruno, 1904; Alice Through the Looking Glass, illus. Harry Rowntree, pub. Thomas Nelson & Sons, eight tipped in colour plates; The Swiss Family Robinson, illus. Florence Maplestone, 1891. (7) £30-50
673.    Shakespeare's Comedy As You Like It, Illustrated by Hugh Thomson, pub. Hodder & Stoughton, sixteen tipped in colour plates with tissue guards; The Merry Wives of Windsor, A Comedy by William Shakespeare, illus. J. Finnemore and F.L. Emanuel, pub. Raphael Tuck & Sons, No. 1533, blue and brown gilt toole boards; Durack [Mary and Elizabeth]: All-About, the Story of a Black Community on Argyle Station, Lamberley, pub. The Bulletin, 252 George St. Sydney, 1935 (second impression); Coward [T.A.]: Birds and Their Young, illus. Roland Green, pub. Gay Hancock Ltd., 1923, green cloth. (4) £20-40
674.    Anthony [Gordon]: Russian Ballet Camera Studies by Gordon Anthony, pub. London, Geoffrey Bles, 1939 first edition, tipped in plates, half blue cloth; The Sleeping Princess, Camera Studies by Gordon Anthony, pub.George Routledge & Son Ltd, 1940; Brahms [Caryl]: Robert Helpmann Choreographer, illus. Tunbridge-Sedgwick, pub. B.T. Batsford Ltd., 1943 first edition; plus five others related and a collection of photographic postcards, two featuring and signed by Robert Helpmann in Hamlet and a Sadlers Wells theatre ticket for a c.1940's production also signed by Robert Helpmann, the choreographer. £20-40
675.    Hoover [Herbert Clark] and Hoover [Lou Henry] trans: Georgius Agricola de Re Metallica, pub. The Mining Magazine, London 1912, numbered 00173 to the title page, vellum. £100-150
676.    Dugdale [Thomas]: Curiosities of Great Britain, England and Wales Delineated, pub. L. Tallis, London, Edinburgh and Dublin, vols 1-9, numerous illustrations and fold-out map, brown cloth; Woodward [H.B.]: Stanfords Geological Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland, fourth edition. (10) £60-80
677.    Cary [John]: Cary's Traveller's Companion, or a Delineation of the Turnpike Roads of England and Wales, printed for G and J Cary Engravers, 86 St. James Street, 1824, with forty engraved and coloured county maps and one folding map, marbled boards and brown calf. £60-80
679.    The Peep Show, All the Fun of the Fair, a sketch book of risque watercolours, circa 1930's to 1950's, themes include seaside humour and interior scenes, twenty-seven pages. £100-150
680.    A Collection of Vanity Fair Publications and Chromolithograph Prints, 1893, including fifty caricatures by artists including Spy, Quiz, Ape etc. of politicians, lawyers, sportsmen, scientists, actors, authors and aristocracy, all loose-detached. £100-150
681.    Nightingale [Florence]: Notes on Nursing, London, Harrison (The Rights of Translation Reserved), pub. circa 1860, with advertisements for the Foreign Office List and Burke's Peerage for 1860 to front endpaper, publishers green/black pebbled cloth, gilt lettering, spine and some pages loose and taped. £20-40
682.    Bourke [Myles]: Badoli the Ox, pub. Howard B. Timmins & George Allen and Unwin Ltd., llus. Stella Bailey, de-luxe edition number 48/225 copies signed by the author and the illustrator, half tan calfboards, twelve tipped in colour illustrations with tissue guards; The Memoirs of a Lady of Quality, being Lady Van's Memoirs, illus. Vera Willoughby, pub. London, Peter Davies, 1925, number 399/550 copies, rough cut pages; Brangwyn [Frank]: The Bridge, a Chapter in the History of Building, 1926 first edition, pub. John Lane, The Bodley Head, untrimmed pages, tan cloth; plus three others. (6) £40-80
683.    Barrie [J.M.]: Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens, illus. Arthur Rackham, Folio Society, 2004; The Arabian Nights, illus. E.J. Detmold, Folio Society 1999; East of the Sun West of the Moon, illus. Kay Nielson, Folio Society 2000, all in slipcases. (3) £40-70
684.    Hansi [L'Oncle]: L'Histoire D'Alsace, (in French), pub. H. Floury, Paris 1913, one of a limited edition of fifty copies on Chinese paper, folio, 99pp, numerous colour illustrations, pictorial blue cloth (faded and spine loose); Rabier [Benjamin]: Cadet Paquet, pub. F. Juven, Paris (in French), rebound by Knell & Sons circa 1900, gilt tooled tan watered silk effect binding; A Fairy Garland, being fairy tales from The Old Friend, illus. Edmund Dulac, pub. London, Cassell & Co., 1928 blue cloth. (3) £40-80
685.    Butler [Colonel Sir W.F. K.C.B.]: Campaign of the Cataracts, Being a Personal Narrative of The Great Nile Expedition of 1884-5, pub. London, Sampson Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington, 1887, first edition, illus. by Lady Butler, folding map of the Nile from the Mediterranean to the Equitorial Lakes present, rebound half calf; Parry [Judge Edward Abbott: The Seven Lamps of Advocacy, pub. T. Fisher Unwin Ltd, 1923, half blue marbled boards. (2) £50-70
686.    The History of Conisborough Castle, with Glimpses of Ivanhoe-Land, compiled by Henry Ecroyd Smith, printed for the subscriber, Robert White, Worksop, 1887, one of 150 copied printed, original red cloth; Tomlinson [John]: The Level of Hatfield Chace and Parts Adjacent, pub. John Tomlinson, Doncaster, original green cloth; Wainwright [John]: Yorkshire, an Historical and Topographical Introduction to a Knowledge of the Ancient State of the Wapentake, of Strafford and Tickhill, pub. John Blackwell, Sheffield, 1829, rebound half calf and marbled boards; The History & Antiquities of Thorne, with some account of the drainage of Hatfield Chace, pub. J. Mason, Thorne, 1874, green cloth; two Ordnance Survey fold-out linen maps of Snaith & Goole and Doncaster and one other. (7) £100-150
687.    Dunston [G., M.I.M.E]: The Rivers of Axholme, with a History of the Navigable Rivers and Canals of the District, pub. A. Brown & Sons, London, 1909, four fold-out maps and plans, portrait frontis, green cloth; Bogg [Edmund]: The Old Kingdom of Elmet and the Ainsty of York, 1902, green cloth; Wilkinson [J]: Worthies, Families and Celebrities of Barnsley and District, first series, pub., Bemrose & Sons, London, gilt and black lined to red cloth; Rev. W. Parker Stamper (Vicar): Youlgrave, a Derbyshire Village, pub 1902, and a Collins Railway & Telegraph Map of Derbyshire. (5) £70-100
690.    A Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Oak Bread Board, of canted rectangular form, with carved mouse signature, 30 x 25cm. £60-80
691.    A Victorian Walnut Inlaid Dome Topped Tea Caddy, with lidded compartments to the interior. £70-100
692.    An Early XX Century Oak and Silver Plated Tantalus, the mounts inscribed "Walker & Hall, Sheffield, The Only Hold Fast Patent", containing three cut glass spirit decanters and stoppers, with key, 32 x 38cm. £100-150
693.    A Mid XIX Century Amboyna Wood Glove Box, of rectangular form with canted corners, the cover inlaid with mother of pearl decoration, the interior with a blue silk lining and fall front, containing a set of dominoes. £60-80
694.    A Regency Rosewood Work Box, of sarcophagus form, with brass lion mask handles, lined interior, raised on lyre support with swept legs and brass castors. £200-300
695.    A Mid XIX Century Coromandel Tea Caddy, of rectangular form with domed cover opening to reveal two covered compartments, applied ropetwist decoration and central blue Jasperware plaque, 16cm high, 22.5cm long. £70-100
696.    A Pair of Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Oak Bookends, with carved mouse signature, 15cms high. (2) £100-150
697.    A Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Carved Oak Owl, carved standing, holding a mouse in it's talon, on a rockwork base, 32cm high. £500-800
698.    A Mid-Late XIX Century Coromandel Writing Slope, with pierced brass mounts, the hinged cover enclosing a fitted interior, with two ink wells and compartments above a velvet lined slope, with gilt tooling and greek key border, 35.5cm long. £100-200
699.    A Late XIX Century Oak Oval Wall Hanging Crest, carved with a fawn above a coronet, all within a beadwork and scolling border, 43 x 36cm. £70-100
700.    A Makonde (Tanzania) Carved Hardwood Ancestral Figure Columnar Group, XX Century, 82cm high. £40-70
701.    A Mid XIX Century Rosewood Work Box, with central mother of pearl panel, the interior with lift-out tray containing bobbins, thimbles, button hook and other needlework accessories, 12.5 x 30 x 22.5cm. £40-60
702.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany and Satinwood Inlaid Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, raised on bun feet, opening to reveal two lidded compartments and central vacant compartment, brass lion mask ring handles to each side, 16 x 29cm. £60-80
703.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Dressing Table Box, the hinged lid with central mother of pearl shield enclosing a fitted interior with silver plated mounted glass jars and bottles, single drawer below. £70-100
704.    A Mid XIX Century Work Box, lacquered and painted with white flowers between faux marbled bands, opening to reveal a fitted tray containing sewing accessories, including bobbins, pincushions etc. £50-80
705.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form with brass inlay and turned handles, raised on bun feet, opening to reveal two lidded compartments between a central cut glass mixing bowl, 17 x 34cm; A Truncheon, stamped CP and a crown, 37cm long; A Pair of Wooden Vases, of baluster form, with frilled rims, raised on circular feet, 17cm high. (4) £60-80
706.    A Late XIX Century Bamboo Horse Measuring Cane, with interior boxwood measure, marked in metres and hands, with fold-out brass arm, the handle of knobbled bulbous form, 96.5cm long; An Umbrella Walking Cane, 88cm long. (2) £50-80
707.    An Early XX Century Sword Stick, in a wooden scabbard with silver plated mounts, 97cm long overall; A Cane, opening to reveal a glass flask, the copper cap containing a glass goblet, 89.5cm long. (2) £50-80
708.    An Early XX Century Carved Dog's Head Walking Stick, with inset glass eyes, 89cm long. £50-80
709.    A Pair of Late XIX Century Spelter Urns and Covers, with brass liners, the shaped circular bowls each with three handles also forming the feet, upon circular bases, elaborately decorated with flowers and foliage and raised on square footed marble bases, 40cm high. (2) £50-80
710.    A Late XIX Century Copper Log Bucket, hand hammered and riveted, of tapered cylindrical form with outcurved rim, 53cm diameter. £60-80
711.    A Sudanese Triple Dagger, the blades stamped with geometric decoration, the central example with carved wood grip, the flanking examples with animal horn grips, all within a crocodile skin covered sheath, XX Century, 33.5cm overall. £40-70
712.    CIRCLE OF FRANS FRANCKEN (1581-1642)
Crucifiction of Christ, oil on copper,
19.5 x 16cm. £300-500
713.    A Cast Aluminium Car Mascot Style Jaguar, stamped "D P Carter, Pontefract", 42cm long. £30-50
714.    An Arts & Crafts Enamel Plaque, of rectangular form, depicting a fantasy castle and rainbow in an apple tree with guarding dragon at its base, examination label to reverse, 18.2 x 6.1cm. £50-80
715.    An Indo-Persian Brass Bowl, of circular form decorated with script, knot work and scrolling bands, 14cm diameter. £40-60
716.    An Omani Khanjar, with shaped twin edge blade, with elaborately decorated white metal grip, conforming scabbard, XX Century. £70-100
717.    A Cossack Khanjali, with straight, twin-edged, triple fullered blade, ornamental white metal grip and conforming scabbard, XX Century. £200-400
718.    A Berber Dagger, with curved twin edge blade, white metal-mounted wood grip, conforming scabbard, XX Century; A Kukri-Style Knife, with white metal-mounted polished wood grip, conforming scabbard. (2) £50-80
719.    A North Indian Damascus Dagger, with curved twin edge blade, the bidri ware grip with elephant head pommel, conforming scabbard, XX Century; Another, with horse head terminals. (2) £80-120
720.    A Modern Tibetan Phurba Dagger, decorated with hardstone inlay, enamelling and gilding, 36cm overall; A Gilded Resin Buddah Figure, 11.5cm high; A Persian White Metal-Mounted Pottery Circular Bowl and Cover, 16.5cm diameter. (3) £40-70
721.    A Late XIX Century Indian Ivory Calling Card Case, of rectangular form, with hinged cover, the central panels pierced and carved with geometric designs, 8.5 x 4.5cm. £50-80
722.    A Blue John Specimen, on canted and ebonised square base. £40-70
723.    A Mid XIX Century Doll, a wax face and shoulder fashion doll, with glass eyes, blonde styled wig, stuffed fabric body with porcelain detailed lower arms and legs, dressed in what appears to be original clothing of silk gown and lace underclothes, 43cm high. £200-400
724.    A Reproduction Sculptures Art Studio Marble Bust "The Veiled Lady", after a Copeland original designed by Raphaelle Monti, upon a circular socle base, impressed marks and medallion to the base, 36cm high. £80-120
725.    A Large Amethyst Geode, with richly coloured crystals, 49cm high. £50-80
726.    A Pair of Persian Pottery Tiles, of rectangular form, painted in shades of mainly green, pink and blue with birds perched on flowering shrubs, 33.5 x 24cm; A Persian Blue and White Dish, painted with an archer shooting birds, 29cm diameter. (3) £120-180
727.    A Late XIX Century Small Blue John Bowl, of circular form, 5cm diameter. £80-120
728.    A Victorian Photograph and Carte-de Visite Album, with painted, gilt and abalone shell inlaid black papier maché covers, brass clasp, 30.5 x 24cm. £60-100
729.    A Collection of Thirteen Victorian Ambrotype Portrait Photographs, some cased (damages). £40-70
730.    A Victorian Tortoiseshell and Ivory Mounted Rectangular Visiting Card Case; Another, an ivorine and wire latticed example. (2) £30-50
731.    A XIX Century Leather Fire Bucket, of barrel form, with swing handle and canvas interior, centrally decorated with a Coat of Arms, 37cm high. £50-80
732.    ETHEL W. ROBERTS (Sheffield Artist)
Venus de Medici, plaster figure, signed titled and inscribed "Sheffield 1913" to the base rim, 73cm high. £70-100
733.    A XIX Century Continental Oval Miniature Portrait of a Gentleman, plush lined leather case; a leather cased Daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman; two cased ambrotypes and a cased pair of cabinet card portraits. (5) £100-150
734.    A Pair of Mid XX Century Papier Maché Carousel Horses, with brightly painted features and saddles, raised on tapered columns, metal foot rests and bases, 92cm high, 73cm long (damages). (2) £80-120
735.    A Modern Reconstituted Amber Figure of a Dolphin, 29cm long; Another, modelled as a horse, 30cm high. (2) £60-100
736.    An Early XIX Century Oval Potrait Miniature, depicting a gentleman, half length, wearing a white stock and blue coat, 6.2 x 4.8cm; Another, circular example, the reverse bearing label "S. Betts, Artist" 5cm diameter; and two other early XX Century examples, one depicting Admiral Lord Nelson. (4) £120-180
737.    A 1960's - 1970's Italian Chrome Floor Lamp, in the manner of Guzzini, with a rise and fall amber plastic shade, 163cm high. £70-100
738.    A Queen Elizabeth II Police Medal Trio, made up of Police Long Service and Good Conduct medals, Queen's Golden Jubilee medal and Queen's Diamond Jubilee medal 2012, to Detective Sergeant 4676 Stuart Smith, West Yorkshire Police, mounted as worn, with boxes; plus newspaper cuttings, summary of Sergeant Smith's Commendations, facsimile paperwork, Crimewatch DVD, letter of thanks and a signed copy of "Wicked Beyond Belief" by Michael Bilton. A unique and fascinating lot.
*A career police officer, Detective Sergeant 4676 Stuart Smith was one of the key officers in the hunt for John Humble ('Wearside Jack', the Yorkshire Ripper hoaxer). Not only did D.S. Smith arrest Humble after a DNA identification in 2005, but he led the following interviews that led to his confession. The story is told in full in the book which accompanies the lot and in an episode of Crimewatch in 2009. £220-280
742.    A XIX Century Lever-Wind Musical Box, with 131/8" cylinder, concealed bells and drum, the frame numbered 493, (mechanism damaged), enclosed by a hinged, glazed cover, walnut case (damaged), 53cm wide overall. £100-150
743.    A Walnut Cased Cabinet Polyphon, with a coin operated mechanism playing 50cm discs, the case with a shaped cresting over a serpentine platform, arched glazed door, carved and fretted Art Nouveau scrolls over, fluted quarter columns to the angles, the base section with a panelled flap front enclosing a collection of eleven discs, overall 233cm high, 82cm wide. £2800-3200
744.    A Columbia Disc Graphophone, the square oak base with pillars to the angles and moulded borders, handle to the rear, cast horn support, unmarked reproducer, witch's hat horn with winding handle, the base 33cm wide; with small quantity of records. £550-650
745.    A Late Victorian Model 4B Upright Metal Framed Straight Strung Piano, by John Broadwood & Sons, London, frame no. 66939, in a marquetry-inlaid rosewood case.
Note: This item is accompanied by a letter from the manufacturer stating that the piano was initially made for Queen Victoria in 1891. £50-80
746.    A Violin, one-piece back, length 143/16", inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, mother of pearl mounted pegs, internally labelled "Repaired by H. Pickard, Rose and Crown Yard, Briggate, Leeds, Sept. 1858" (considerable damages and old repairs), with two nickel mounted bows, fitted case. £150-200
747.    A Violin, two-piece back, length 145/16 in, inlaid purfling, ebony fingerboard, rosewood pegs, with nickel mounted bow, fitted case. £50-80
748.    A German Lowendall Violin, labelled "Louis Lowendall, fecit Dresden, Anno 1884", the scroll stamped "Lowendall's Imperial Violin Stradivarius, one piece back length 35cm, cased; Together with a Bow, stamped "Fr. Zollfrank". £200-300
749.    A Violin, two-piece back, length 141/8", inlaid purfling, ebony finger board, mother of pearl mounted ebony pegs, internally with printed label inscribed "AM Excelsior, Copy of Joseph Guarnerius especially made in Germany", with nickel mounted bow, hard case; together with a selection of violin accessories and violin related costume jewellery. £100-150
750.    A Violin, two-piece back, length 1315/16", inlaid purfling, branded "Duke, London" below the button, ebony fingerboard, gilt metal mounted rosewood pegs, with nickel mounted bow, hard case. £150-250
751.    A Violin, one-piece back, length 137/8 in, inlaid purfling, ebony finger board, rosewood pegs, internally with handwritten label "John E. Watts, Ashover, 1989", with silver mounted bow, stamped Penzel, fitted hard case (handle faulty). £300-500
753.    A Late XIX Century Industrial Thermometer, 0-360°C, the steel shaft with brass upper section opening to reveal the thermometer, hanging hook to the top, 98cm long. £100-150
754.    A Victorian Exhibition Quality Ebony and Brass Mounted Set Square, the blued blade inscribed centrally "Robert Marples, Manufacturer, Hermitage Works, Sheffield" within a scrolling foliate and mask-decorated band, 92.5cm wide overall. £300-400
755.    A 1934 Leica III 35mm Rangefinder Camera, black, manufactured by Ernst Leitz Wetzler serial number 148348, Summar F=5cm 1:2 lens serial number 217560 manufactured by Ernst Leitz Wetzler, rubbing to top plate, accompanied by a brown leather camera case. £200-300
756.    A XIX Century Brass Reflector Telescope, the barrel with side adjuster, detachable end cover, tripod support, 35.5cm long overall. £100-200
758.    An Early XIX Century Embroidered Map of The World According to The Latest Discoveries, 1800, the corners worked in black with vignettes of the continents, on a cream silk ground, 38 x 72cm, in heavy gilt frame. £70-100
759.    An Early XX Century Embroidered Silk Picture, centrally with stylised foliage, the ornamental border incorporating inscription "With Time and Myself There are Two of Us", examination submission label verso named to N.C. Porteous and dated 1909, 25.5 x 25cm; Another Picture. (2) £60-100
760.    An Early XX Century Wool Carpet, with central floral elongated motif in the Indian manner, on a pink ground, with multi-coloured floral border (border cuts), approximately 548 x 382cm. £50-100
761.    A Vintage Jean Paul Gaultier Femme Silk Dress, shirtwaist style flaring at the hem, printed with a design of swallows and other birds and flowers on a green and gold ground, GB size 10.
*Originally purchased at the Chateau de la Messardiére Palace and Spa, St. Tropez, with original box. £150-170
762.    A Full Length Coney Fur Coat; a coney fur jacket and a faux fur coat. (3) £10-20
763.    A c.1920's Black Bear Skin Jacket, collarless with gilt metal clasp featuring a Roman centurion in a chariot; A Full Length Fur Coat (repairs needed). (2) £15-20
764.    A Three--quarter Length Fur Coat, possibly fox/wolf, with shawl collar, 82cm long; a Walsh's of Sheffield short fur jacket and one other. (3) £30-40
765.    A "Trefriw" Red Wool Throw, a black velvet stole. (2) £10-20
766.    A Light Beige Mink Evening Stole, with five tail tassles to each end. £20-30
767.    A c.1960's/1970's Dress and Jacket Outfit, by Diana Warren, Blackpool, in lime green, the dress with contrasting print sleeves to pleated skirt and matching short sleeve jacket with navy top stitch detail. £15-20
768.    A c.1970's Vintage Gents Dark Blue Velvet Pinstripe Suit, single breasted jacket with deep revers and single back vent, the bell bottom trousers 66cm circumference and 112cm long. £10-20
769.    A 1950's Ladies Housecoat, wrap-over style in green satin with mauve and cream flowers, bow fastening to neck and waist, 146cm long. £20-30
770.    An 'Emba' Natural Blue-Grey Mink Jacket, with rever collar and back half belt, 70cm long, retailers label for Joseph Fox Furriers, Sheffield. £60-90
771.    A Beige Mink Cocktail Jacket, with three-quarter length sleeves, collar and three decorative buttons to front, caramel satin lining, 49cm long; Another, a brown mink jacket, 68cm long. (2) £30-60
772.    A Ladies Black Suede Ankle Length Coat, trapeze style, with leather collar and cuffs, 130cm long; An Escada Classic Double Breasted Wool and Angora Coat, with navy velvet collar, half belt loop to back, 137cm long (size 38. (2) £50-80
773.    Four c.1970's Vintage "Kanga" by Dale Tryon Dresses, and a two-piece outfit similar. (5) £50-80
774.    A c.1980's Vintage Diane Freis Beaded Floral Chiffon Dress, with elasticated waist and asymmetric tiered skirt, 142cm long; Dino Valiano Silk Printed Three Piece Outfit, size 38; Louis Féraud Cream Silk Blouse, size 14, two Escada blouses and four day dresses. (9) £40-60
775.    Jan Valvelden Smock Dress, in violet wool crepe with embroidered floral detail to bib bodice; Jaeger Black Wool Crepe Three-quarter Length Evening Coat, with sequin decoration and a Jaeger navy dress and blouson jacket, Jobis cream blazer, Max Mara eau-de-nil silk wrap blouse, Umberto Ginocchietti openweave jacket and an Escada knitted jacket. (7) £30-50
776.    A 1970's Vintage Outfit, comprising a white/grey coney fur coat, a handknitted red dress and white leather platform sole over the knee boots (size 4). (3) £20-30
777.    Circa 1940's Day Dresses, unlined wool coat, wool suit, blouse etc. £40-60
778.    A Victorian Two Piece Wedding Dress, in pale blue taffeta, the full skirt with split cream lace trimmed peplum to front and train to back, the conforming bodice with button front and bow trimmed three quarter sleeves with cream pleated lining detail; A Further Contemporary Outfit, in dark green with velvet trim, labelled "William Gray & Company, Preston, Costumes, Textiles and Millinery", together with a tan day skirt. £80-120
779.    A Collection of Victorian Mourning Attire, including a full skirt with pleated hem detail, jet beaded capes, blouses etc. £30-50
780.    A Full Length Light Brown Musquash Coat, rounded collar, hook fastening and half belt to back, 115cm long. £30-40
783.    A Circa 1920's Wedding Headdress, with wax flowers and leaves on twin bands; bonnets, velvet handbags, black beaded velvet capelet and a small amount of lace trim. £20-30
784.    A Fox Fur Cape, with velvet lining, ermine and other fur collars and stoles, three pairs of leather gloves and further pair in rabbit fur. £30-40
785.    Mitzi Lorenz, Le-Wite, Sunson and Other Vintage Hats, Canadian fur and sheepskin hats. £20-40
786.    Black Beaded and Sequin Flapper Style Dress, by After Six by Ronald Joyce, size 16 (small), a Murek model multi-coloured sequin long sleeved top (L), Frank Usher and other tops. (5) £30-60
787.    A Collection of Vintage Handbags, straw baskets, crochet etc. £20-40
788.    A c.1960's Whiting & Davis Co. Gold Mesh Evening Bag and Matching Purse, boxed; further gold and silver mesh, diamanté evening bags, brown suede clutch and black pleated silk bags. £30-40
789.    A c. 1920's Tapestry Evening Bag, with metal frame inset with green and black hardstones, later tapestry evening bags, a sealskin handbag, a fur handbag and a black ostrich feather fan. £20-30
790.    A Pair of Edwardian Gentleman's Stitched Black Leather Riding Boots, with wooden boot trees. £80-120
791.    A Liberty of London Silk Scarf, with peacocks, cranes and parrots, etc, among prunus and foliage on a red ground, 66 x 66cm. £30-40
792.    Designer Handbag; believed to be an early 1970's Chanel 2-55 double flap quilted handbag, in purple leather, with gilt metal CC logo closure and interlinked chain handle, 26cm wide.
Condition Report: The exterior leather is faded, interior very fresh, hardware appears good. £500-800
793.    Early XIX Century Handmade Lace Collar, silk chemise, evening scarf, wool paisley and other shawls, linen etc. £20-30
794.    An Early XX Century Spanish Silk Chiffon Christening Dress, extensively embroidered with floral sprays and horseshoe motifs to scalloped hem, with lace bonnet, a c.1920's knitted and crocheted christening gown and cape and a large collection of Spanish baby and childrens clothing, in a suitcase. £30-60
795.    A c.1920's Spanish Civil Engineers Dress Uniform, comprising navy wool tail coat with gold metal braid to collar and cuffs, trousers, cream waistcoat and braces, with detachable braided epaulette's and buttons; A Black Velvet hat and Purple Feather Hat Plume, in fitted box marked 'Tapo'. £40-60
796.    A Collection of Exquisite Early to Mid XX Century Spanish Children's Fancy Dress Costumes, in velvet, silk and wool with matching shoes. £40-60
797.    A Volupté (USA) Gilt Metal Compact Carry-All, with lipstick, powder and cigarette compartments and mirror, mesh handle; a black satin clutch evening bag, detailed with gilt metal bird within floral sprays, internally with powder, lipstick and cigarette compartments and a vintage Art Deco Vanity Evening Bag by Charmeuse, France, with multiple inner compartments for make up, cigarettes and comb. (3) £60-80
798.    A Brown Leather Snakeskin Effect Handbag, beaded sequin evening bag, a pair of beige wool spats, umbrella, fox fur and other collars and a squirrel fur jacket. £30-40
799.    A Mid XX Century Vintage Combination Case with Compact, with mottled green case incorporating cigarette lighter, gilt floral detailed compact, in original box. £30-40
800.    An Ostrich Feather Mourning Fan, a white ostrich feather fan with faux tortoiseshell sticks, a painted feather fan and other fans, a claret sequin evening purse, fur stole, ermine and mink scarves etc. £20-40
801.    Early XX Century Lace Passementerie, scarf, silk florentine patterned tassled shawl, beaded and sequin trim. £20-30
802.    A Full Length Light Brown Mink Coat, hook fastenings, 106cm long. £40-60
803.    A Light Brown Mink Capelet, with stand-up collar, retailers label "S.A. Turvey, Sheffield"; two dark brown mink hats and a further light brown hat with diamanté trim. (4) £20-30
804.    Late XIX Century Cotton and Lace Bonnets, a 1920's silk chemise, gloves, buttoned gaitors etc. £20-40
805.    A XIX Century Cotton Lawn Christening Gown, embroidered with lily of the valley flowers and openwork bird detail, a pin tucked and embroidered cotton christening gown and other childrens attire including a cream wool embroidered christening cape and 1950's pink wool bonnet and trousers. £30-40
806.    A Gent's Pure Black Fur Felt Trilby Hat, label for "Olney", size 75/8". £15-20
807.    A Reuge Ste-Croix Ladies Musical Compact/Cigarette Case, with push-button mirrored powder compact and winder to upper section and cigarette compact beneath, the blue and black case with gilt Art Deco design, the swiss movement playing Auld Lang Syne, 10cm long. £30-40
808.    Baccarat; An Ecli-Pfeuille Metallic Leather Evening Purse, fold-over style with cabochon fastening and slim double strand shoulder strap, complete with dust cover, in original box.
*Sinclairs (Sheffield) price label £317. £60-80
809.    A Collection of Vintage Ladies Scarves, including Liberty of London, Christian Dior, Jaeger, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Fischbacher and a cream pashmina by The Cashmere Company. £50-80
810.    A G.P.O. Pendulum Wall Clock, in a mahogany case, the enamel dial with Roman numerals marked G.P.O., brass bezel, eight day chain fusee movement, 53cm diameter. £200-300
811.    A G.P.O. Double Sided Pendulum Wall Clock, in an oak case, enamel dial with Roman numerals and marked G.P.O. and EVIII (this cypher for Edward VIII was only used from 10th January 1936 until his abdication on 20th Decmber 1936), eight day chain fusee movement, 38cm diameter. £200-300
812.    A G.P.O. Pendulum Wall Clock, in a mahogany case, the enamel dial with Roman numerals and marked G.P.O. and ERII, eight day fusee movement, 38cm diameter. £150-200
813.    Garrard - Le Coultre for Asprey, mantel clock, with chromed metal frame and square glass dial, numbered 948 to the movement case, 12cm high. £150-200
814.    A Regency Mantel Clock, the associated four pillar movement with circular white enamel dial, indistinctly signed, Roman numerals, brass-inlaid, figured mahogany case, twin brass ring handles with embossed backplates, bun feet, 32cm high. £100-150
815.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the silvered dial signed "John Cummins, Banff", with Roman numerals and three subsidiary dials, the hood with broken pediment, arched door and circular columns with brass capitals, arched, inlaid trunk door and base, 205cm high. £350-450
816.    An Early XVIII Century Thirty-Hour Longcase Clock, by Adam Cleak, Bridport, the engraved silvered dial with Roman numerals and single pointer, hood with stepped cornice to square glazed door, trunk with twin pillars, stepped plinth base, 194cm high. £200-300
817.    A Late XVIII Century Oak Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the brass dial signed "William Rutherford, Hawick" with foliate engraved decoration, Roman numerals and two subsidiary dials, the hood with swan neck pediment and column supports, arched trunk door to base with bracket feet, 210cm high. £350-450
818.    An XVIII Century Painted Pine Longcase Clock, the square brass dial with figural spandrels, inscribed Thos. Andrews, No. 60, the chapter ring with Roman numerals, date subsidiary dial, the hood with stepped pediment to square door with column supports, shaped trunk door on bracket feet, 202cm high.
819.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the circular scroll engraved brass dial signed John Steel, with Roman numerals and steel pointers, the hood with swan neck pediment and knulled frieze with brass 'Strong/Silent' plaque (not working), the trunk with half round pilasters, base with bracket feet, 205cm high. £300-500
820.    An Oak Cased Thirty-Hour Longcase Clock, the XVIII Century brass dial signed John Liscomb?, silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals and subsidiary dial, within later (circa late XX Century) case, the hood with stepped pediment, blind fret to frieze and columns with brass capitals, the trunk door with applied panel, on bun feet, 196cm high. £200-300
821.    A Modern French Carriage Clock, the petite sonnerie movement striking on a coiled gong, the white enamel dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, inscribed "L'Epee, Saint-Suzanne, France", in brass framed gorge case surmounted by a folding handle, 15cm high, with key. £150-250
822.    A XIX Century Mahogany Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the white dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary minute dial inscribed Thos. Robinson, Sheffield, the hood with swan neck pediment, arched door and turned column supports, inlaid trunk door with half round pilasters on bracket feet, 234cm high. £100-200
823.    An XVIII Century Oak and Mahogany Thirty-Hour Longcase Clock, the white dial painted with batwing spandrels and rose and inscribed S. Gachlochs, Stanfree, swan neck pediment to square door with turned column supports, crossbanded trunk door with canted corners on bracket feet, 213cm high. £100-200
823A.   An Early XIX Century Oak Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the white dial with Roman numerals, two subsidiary dials and painted with spandrels, inscribed Wm. Laing-Duffto..? (faded), the hood with swan neck pediment over arched door with column supports (one missing), the trunk with shaped inlaid door, on bracket feet, 203cm high. £100-200
823B.   A Large Concrete Garden Trough, of rectangular form, featuring urns and foliage, 38cm high, 117cm wide, 38cm deep, on twin pedestals 40cm high. £50-80
823C.   A Stone Garden Trough, of rectangular form, 17cm high, 107cm wide, 53cm deep. £50-80
823D.   A Stone garden Trough, of rectangular form, 16cm high, 122cm wide, 60.5cm wide. £50-80
823E.   A Pair of Concrete Garden Figures of Reclining Horses, approximately 59cm high, 84cm wide (damages). £50-70
823F.   A Concrete Garden Bench, having stepped lunar seat on twin lion supports and stepped pedestals, approximately 166cm wide. £30-50
824.    A XVII Century Joined Oak Blanket Box, with twin panels to the hinged lid, the base with carved frieze over twin panelled base, on stile ends, 53cm high, 84cm wide. £100-200
825.    A Mid-Late XVIII Century Mahogany Bureau, with fall front, stepped interior and long drawer over two short and two long drawers, brass side handles, on bracket feet, 104cm high, 91cm wide. £100-200
826.    A XIX Century Mahogany Coaching Table, fold-over action, shaped legs with turned stretchers, 69cm high, 87cm wide. £50-100
827.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with moulded edge and three long drawers on bracket feet (originally a commode), 74cm high, 73cm wide. £30-40
828.    An Early XX Century Inlaid Mahogany Desk, the kidney shaped crossbanded top inset with leather scriver, with swag and floral inlay to central drawer and flanking pedestal graduated drawers, all on tapering legs and spade feet, 74cm high, 130cm wide. £400-600
829.    A Late XIX Century Inlaid Rosewood Envelope Card Table, with swivel top, folding leaves, baized interior with guinea wells and single drawer on tapering legs with undershelf, bearing retailers label for "T. Simpson & Sons, Halifax", 73cm high, 56cm wide. £100-150
830.    An Early XVIII Century Walnut Chest on Chest, stepped cornice over two short and three long upper drawers, the base with two long drawers and canted corners, on bracket feet, 155cm high, 105cm wide. £400-600
831.    A XIX Century Small Bow Front Corner Cupboard, with inlaid door and internal shelves, 67cm high. £20-40
832.    A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Front Chest of Drawers, with crossbanded top over two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 90cm high, 88cm wide. £100-150
833.    An XVIII Century Style Mahogany Stool, with drop-in seat on cabriole legs with pad feet. £30-50
834.    A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Front Chest of Drawers, with moulded edge, brushing slide and three long drawers on bracket feet, 91cm high, 107cm wide. £150-250
835.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with crossbanded top, four long drawers, on bracket feet, 105cm high, 100cm wide. £100-150
836.    A Set of Four Late XIX Century Rosewood Salon Chairs, with shaped top rail and foliate carving to central splat, upholstered seats, on tapering legs with spade feet, with all-over bone inlay. £100-150
837.    A XIX Century Rosewood Three Tier Whatnot, with turned finials, turned and block supports and single drawer, on turned feet, 132cm high, 46cm wide. £200-300
838.    A XIX Century Rosewood Nursing Chair, with upholstered back and seat, on cabriole legs. £40-80.
839.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Side Table, with moulded edge and long drawer over two short drawers, on square legs, 73cm high, 82cm wide. £50-100
840.    A XIX Century Walnut Stool, with upholstered seat, on cabriole legs, 43cm high, 45cm wide. £30-50
841.    A Set of Eight Mahogany Hepplewhite Style Dining Chairs, comprising six single and two carver chairs, with shield backs, pierced splats and drop-in seats, on square legs united by stretchers. £50-100
842.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Demi-Lune Card Table, with crossbanded fold-over top, baized interior, on tapering legs (repaired), 75cm high, 98cm wide. £50-100
843.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Writing Table, with drop leaves, two single and two dummy drawers, on turned legs, 74cm high, 100cm wide. £100-150
844.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Triple Top Tea/Writing Table, the rectangular top inset with leather scriver, pop-up interior with drawers, pigeon holes and reading lectern, on pad feet, 78cm high, 84cm wide. £400-600
845.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Sofa Table, with drop leaves, two single and two dummy drawers, on turned and reeded supports with swept legs united by an 'H' stretcher, 72cm high, 155cm wide. £300-500
846.    An XVIII Century Oak Lowboy, the top with moulded edge and one long and two short drawers, on cabriole legs, 67cm high, 81cm wide. £150-200
847.    A XIX Century Rosewood Drum Table, with crossbanded circular top inset with green leather scriver, eight drawers, on hexagonal pedestal and swept legs, 72cm high, 219cm wide. £400-600
848.    A XIX Century Style Mahogany Dining Table, with 'D' shaped ends to central leaf, on twin turned pedestals, swept and reeded legs, (with one extra leaf), 72cm high, 112cm wide, 219cm long fully extended. £50-100
849.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Card Table, with rectangular crossbanded top, baized interior, inlaid frieze, on shaped supports with swept legs united by a stretcher (repaired). £100-200
850.    A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chairs, each with carved shell backs and solid seats, on turned legs. £80-120
851.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Inlaid Sewing Table, with octagonal shaped top with marquetry inlay, tapering pedestal, on carved cabriole legs, 72cm high. £60-100
852.    An Early XX Century Oak Filing Cabinet, with tambour front over nine internal shelves, panelled sides, plinth base, 116cm high, 49cm wide. £80-120
853.    A Late XIX Century Rosewood Envelope Card Table, the four hinged leaves with marquetry urn inlay, baized interior, guinea wells, small drawer, on tapering legs with under shelf, 73cm high, 55cm wide. £100-200
854.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the top with boxwood stringing, fitted with three long drawers, bracket feet, 87cm high, 77cm wide. £200-300
855.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with serpentine shaped top drawer over three further drawers, on bun feet, 79cm high, 91cm wide. £150-250
856.    A XIX Century Mahogany Washstand, with marble top, two short drawers on turned and reeded legs, 73cm high, 106cm wide. £50-100
857.    A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with octagonal shaped top, turned pedestal on quatrefoil base, carved scroll feet, 72cm high, 46cm wide. £100-150
858.    A XIX Century Beidermeier Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the top with moulded edge, fitted with four long drawers, canted corners, with applied decoration, on shaped feet, 108cm high, 102cm wide. £150-200
859.    A Late XVII Century Oak Coffer, the hinged lid with moulded edge, twin recessed panel front fascia, on stile ends (some later alterations), 61cm high, 95cm long. £100-200
860.    A XIX Century Walnut Sewing Table, with octagonal hinged top with moulded edge, fitted interior, on tapering column with three carved outswept supports, 70cm high, 46cm wide. £70-100
861.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chair, with shaped fretwork back inset with upholstered panel, upholstered seat on turned legs united by an 'H' stretcher. £40-80
862.    A Late XIX Century Art Nouveau Mahogany and Rosewood Salon Suite, comprising a two-seater salon seat with upholstered back and seat, shaped arms and arm supports inlaid with stylised flowers on tapering front legs; a matching arm chair and four single chairs. £300-400
863.    A Late XIX Century Art Nouveau Mahogany and Rosewood Occasional Table, the shaped top with moulded edge, front supports inlaid with stylised flowers, united by an undershelf and supported by brackets, 73cm high, 76cm wide. £150-250
864.    An Edwardian Inlaid Bow Fronted Music Cabinet, with shaped low back, quartered and crossbanded top, single drawer, over cupboard doors with internal shelves, on tapering legs and spade feet, inlaid with ribbon and foliate decoration, 120cm high, 74cm wide. £200-300
865.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Reading Chair, with 'S' shaped carved pediment, upholstered canopy, sides and seat, shaped arms, brass fitting for reading slope and candlestick sconce. £200-300
866.    A XIX Century Rosewood Serpentine Shaped Sideboard, the top with moulded edge, three small drawers over three glazed cupboard doors, each end with carved 'C' scroll decoration, on a plinth base, bearing manufacturer's label "J. Manuel, 89 Devonshire St., Sheffield", 91cm high, 163cm wide. £250-350
867.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Corner Cupboard, with a stepped cornice, glazed astragal door, four internal shelves, on shaped bracket feet,182cm high. £50-100
868.    A Robert 'Mouseman' Thompson Oak Coffee Table, the rectangular top with hexagonal legs joined by an 'H' stretcher, carved mouse signature, 36.5 x 91cm. £200-300
869.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Chinese Hardwood Chair, the back inset with porcelain panels decorated with bats, solid seat, shaped frieze, raised on square shaped legs united by stretchers. £150-250
870.    A XIX Century Yew Wood Windsor Chair, with hooped back and pierced splat, the elm seat stamped "Spencer", on turned legs with crinoline stretcher. £100-200
871.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with hooped back, rail supports and pierced splat on turned legs united by a crinoline stretcher. £100-150
872.    A XVII Century Joined Oak Blanket Box, the top with moulded edge and carved frieze, twin panelled front carved "M.W. 1663", lower drawer, on carved stile supports, 67cm high, 105cm wide. £150-200
873.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Sewing/Work Table, the hinged lid with canted corners, fitted and compartmentalised interior, mother-of-pearl escutcheon, incurved base with fluted decoration, all on incurved tripod base with scroll feet. £70-100
874.    A 1920's Walnut Dining Table, the oval top with moulded edge, on twin pedestals, 80cms high, 74cm wide; Eight Matching Dining Chairs, six single and two carver, with cream leatherette seats, on tapering legs. £200-300
875.    A Burr Walnut Sideboard, with stepped top, moulded edge, three central drawers flanked by cupboards, on plinth base, 98cm high, 52cm wide; A Matching Cabinet, with long drawer over twin cupboard doors, on block feet, 92cm high, 107cm wide. (2) £150-200
876.    A XIX Century Oak Gothic Chair, with trefoil carved broken pediment to panelled back, shaped arms with open sides, solid seat, on octagonal legs. £120-180
877.    A XX Century Globe Wernicke Style Sectional Bookcase, five height, on a plinth base, 178cm high, 87cm wide. £250-350
878.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, with stepped pediment, astragal glazed doors (two panes damaged), over fall front, fitted interior, three graduated drawers and bracket footed base, approximately 225cm high, 134cm wide. £100-150
879.    An Early XX Century Walnut Three Piece Single Caned Bergére Suite, with scroll shaped top rails, shaped splat, caned back and sides, upholstered seats, on squat cabriole legs with claw and ball feet. £150-200
880.    A XVI - XVII Century Small Joined Oak Strong Box, the twin panelled top with iron straps, the base with triple locking device, twin panels and side ring handles, all-over strapwork, 40cm high, 70cm wide.
881.    An XVIII Century Mahogany and Brass Bound Cellaret, of hexagonal form with twin brass handles, raised on tapering legs (later stand, no key), 68cm high, 48cm wide. £80-150
882.    Knut Hesterberg for Ronald Schmitt; A 1960's "Space Age" Aluminium and Glass Table, the circular top on twin shaped supports, the top 76cm diameter, 78cm high. £200-300
883.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, fitted with two short and three long drawers, bracket feet, 104cm high, 109cm wide. £100-150
884.    A George III Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the rectangular top with moulded edge, over three long graduating drawers, brass drop handles, bracket feet, 89cm high, 110cm wide. £100-150
885.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Card Table, the serpentine front with a carved edge of flower heads, scrolling foliate detailing to the frieze and leaf carved edges, on chamfered line and bead moulded legs, green baize lined, 73cm high, 88cm wide, 43cm deep. £150-250
886.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the rectangular top with moulded edge, fitted with two short and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 84cm high, 90cm wide. £80-120
887.    A XIX Century Mahogany Bookcase, with stepped cornice, double glazed doors to four internal shelves, the base with twin panelled doors on a plinth base, 236cm high, 132cm wide. £350-550
888.    An Early-Mid XVIII Century Oak Bureau, with a fall front, stepped interior, well above two small and two long drawers, on bracket feet, 99cm high, 90.5cm wide. £100-150
889.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chiffonier, with shaped 'C' scroll back, gadrooned frieze drawer above twin panelled doors, plinth base on bun feet. £150-200
890.    An Edwardian Mahogany Kidney Shaped Occasional Table, with moulded edge, marquetry inlay, on tapering legs, with under tier, 67cm high, 59cm wide. £30-50
891.    A Set of Eight William IV Mahogany Dining Chairs, comprising two carvers and six single, each with rectangular top rail and drop-in seat, on turned front legs. £300-400
892.    A XIX Century Mahogany Dining Table, the oval top with moulded edge, half round pedestal supports, shaped feet, with four leaves, 74cm high, 299cm long. £400-600
893.    A Late XIX Century Chinese Hardwood Stand, with rouge marble inset, pierced and carved decoration, cabriole legs united by an under tier (damages), 61cm high, 28cm wide. £40-60
894.    An Early XIX Century Regency Mahogany Work Table, with crossbanded top, two small drawers over basket, on turned legs, 74cm high, 55cm wide. £150-250
895.    An Early XX Century Continental Walnut Desk, the rectangular top with moulded edge, central drawer to flanking drawers, carved and reeded legs, 72cm high, 130cm wide. £100-150
896.    A Set of Six Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs, with shaped top rail, carved centre rail and drop-in seats, on sabre legs. £100-200
897.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Triple Wardrobe, with stepped cornice, central rectangular shaped mirror and flanking panelled doors, the base with two drawers on bracket feet, bearing label "Allen Appleyard Artistic Furnishings, Renshaw St. and Bold St., Liverpool", 203cm high, 194cm wide. £150-200
898.    A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chairs, the backs with 'C' scroll decoration, serpentine shaped seat, on turned forefront legs. £80-120
899.    A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Blanket Box, the top and front each with four panels, two internal candle drawers, on stile feet, 57cm high, 142cm wide. £100-200
900.    A Nigel Griffiths Oak Dresser Base, with three top drawers over three panelled cupboard doors, on bracket feet, labelled "Hand made by Nigel Griffiths, The Old Cheese Factory, Grangemill, Derbyshire", 82cm high, 175cm wide. £150-250
901.    A Nigel Griffiths Oak Gateleg Table, with oval top, double gate action, central trestle supports united by a stretcher, labelled "Hand made by Nigel Griffiths, The Old Cheese Factory, Grangemill, Derbyshire", 138cm wide. £200-300
902.    A Set of Eight Nigel Griffiths Stick Back Dining Chairs, the hide seats with button decoration, on turned and block supports, the central rail with knulled decoration, all labelled "Hand made by Nigel Griffiths, The Old Cheese Factory, Grangemill, Derbyshire". (8)
903.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Armchair, with arched top rail, upholstered back and seat, scroll shaped arms and reeded shaped front legs united by an 'H' stretcher. £40-60
904.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany Sideboard, the crossbanded top with boxwood stringing, two small drawers, on tapering legs, 86cm high, 117cm wide. £100-150
905.    An XVIII Century and Later Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular dished top, turned pedestal, on cabriole legs and pad feet, 68cm high, 53cm wide. £40-80
906.    A Late XVIII Century Bow Fronted Sideboard, the crossbanded top with boxwood stringing, central drawer, flanking cupboard doors, on tapering legs and spade feet. £300-400
907.    A XIX Century Marble Pedestal, squared top over tapering cylindrical column, with cast ormolu foliate mounts, on stepped squared base and lion paw feet, overall height 112.5cm. £150-200
908.    A William IV Rosewood Sewing Table/Work Box, crossbanded rectangular top, fitted with single frieze drawer having mother of pearl escutcheon, all on geometric pedestal and incurved platform base, squat bun feet, (the drop box with later upholstered cover), height 75cm, depth 38cm, width 45cm.
909.    A Pair of XX Century American Walnut Armchairs, the red leather backs and seats with stud decoration, shaped scroll arms, carved frieze, on turned and block supports united by 'H' stretchers. £80-120
910.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Fold-Over Tea Table, the shaped top with moulded edge, baized interior, on a turned and carved pedestal and cabriole legs. £150-250
911.    A XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Stool, with rectangular top, carved frieze, on turned and block supports united by stretchers, 55cm high, 56cm wide. £60-100
912.    A XIX Century Mahogany Four-Fold Screen, with red velvet panels, 136cm high. £80-120
913.    An Early XX Century Walnut Metamorphic Chair/Library Steps, the folding design with four treads. £80-100
914.    An Art Nouveau Inlaid Mahogany Magazine Rack, with pierced circular decoration, three divisions, on swept supports, 96cm high, 36cm wide. £80-120
915.    A Set of Six Mid XIX Century Mahogany Dining Chairs, with shaped top rail and upholstered seat, on turned forefront legs (worm to rails). £100-200
916.    A Set of Six Mid XIX Century Rosewood Chairs, the top rail with 'C' scroll decoration, carved and arched centre rail, upholstered seats, on cabriole legs (worm in rails). £100-200
917.    A XIX Century Mahogany Biedermeier Secretaire Chest, the top with moulded edge, fall front drawer with fitted interior over three long drawers, canted corners, on small shaped feet, 103cm high, 105cm wide. £150-200
918.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, fitted with two short and three long drawers, on ogee feet, 73cm high, 76cm wide. £60-100
919.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Sideboard, fitted with two central drawers between flanking cupboards, reeded sides, on tapering legs, 91cm high, 229cm wide. £100-200
920.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Mirror Back Sideboard, the mirror with applied scroll decoration between finials, the base with moulded edge, three central drawers over four panelled cupboard doors, on a plinth base, 178cm high, 198cm wide. £250-350
921.    A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Wind-Out Dining Table, the top with moulded edge, raised on turned and carved legs with brass castors, with three leaves, 324cm wide. £500-800
922.    A Late XIX Century Oak Hall Wardrobe, with panelled doors inlaid with marquetry foliate scroll decoration, reeded sides and pierced brackets on stile feet, with label "Johnson-Appleyard, Sheffield", 205cm high, 200cm wide. £200-300
923.    An Edwardian Inlaid Three Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising breakfront wardrobe with swag deocrated central door between flanking mirrored doors, three internal drawers, on plinth base, 204cm high, 205cm wide, a marble backed washstand with cupboard and two long drawers, on tapering legs, 80cm high, 118cm wide and a dressing table with central oval shaped mirror, flanking jewel drawers and two small drawers over a long drawer, on tapering legs, 209cm high, 205cm wide. £250-300
924.    An Art Nouveau Oak Bench, with stylised flower pierced splat, shaped arms, solid seat with moulded edge, on shaped legs, 93cm high, 107cm wide. £150-200
925.    A Mid XIX Century Oak Wind-Out Table, the top with moulded edge, on turned and reeded legs (with two additional leaves), 74cm high, 252cm wide. £300-500
926.    A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the top with moulded edge, two small drawers over three long drawers, on bracket feet, 104cm high, 124cm wide. £100-200
928.    A XIX Century Mahogany Library Table, with rectangular shaped top, two single and two dummy drawers, on barley twist supports and scroll shaped feet, 76cm high, 95cm wide. £150-200
929.    An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Corner Display Cabinet, with stepped pediment, twin glazed doors to two internal shelves, corner brackets, tapering legs with spade feet, 164cm high, 73cm wide. £100-200
930.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Display Cabinet, with stepped pediment, central concave section with astragal glazed door over bow front cupboard with painted ribbon and swag detail, flanking glazed cupboards, on tapering legs with spade feet, 172cm high, 115cm wide. £180-250
931.    A XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Stool, the top with moulded edge, on turned and block supports united by stretchers, 45cm high, 51cm wide. £50-100
932.    An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Writing Desk, with low back, crossbanded top and green leather sciver, four drawers, on tapering legs with brass castors, 84cm high, 122cm wide. £40-80