Medals & Militaria Sale on
Thursday 26th January 2017

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"Lancaster", print, graphite signed by Leonard Cheshire, framed. 15-25
'Adlertag, 15th August 1940', limited edition print, number 1009/1500, graphite signed by the artist, and Wing Commander Christopher Current DSO, DFC, Wing Commander Robert Dore DSO, DFC Wing Commander George Unwin DSO,DFC, Group Captain Frank R Corey CBE, DFC, AFC, DFM, Group Captain John Cunningham CBE, DSO, DFC, Group Captain W.Denis David, CBE, DFC, AFC, framed. 40-60
3.      An RAF Tunic and Trousers, No. 1 dress, size 38; another RAF tunic and trousers No. 1 dress, both with ER II Staybrite buttons. 15-25
"Spitfire", print, graphite signed by Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson, framed. 25-50
"Hurricane", print, graphite signed by R.R. Stanford Tuck, framed. 15-25
'Cloud Companions', limited edition print, number 108/1250 , graphite signed by the artist and Bill Reid, Roland Hammersley, Len Sumptor and four other WWII bomber air crew, framed. 30-50
7.      Late XX Century Army No. 2 Dress and Trousers, with Sergeants stripes. 15-25
8.      Late XX Century Royal Navy Midshipman's Jacket and Trousers. 15-25
9.      A Mid 1930's Educational German Poster, showing the cutaway of a British submarine. By A. Pichlers Witwe and Sohn, Wien. Entitled "Durchfchnitt Durch Ein Unterfeeboot (Englifch). Blacvk and white, on board. 90x64cms. 100-200
"Not My Turn To Die" commemorating the lucky escape of Lt. Col. Robert Johnson in his badly damaged 'Thunderbolt', graphite signed by the artist and Robert Johnson, framed and glazed. Together with a book, 'Thunderbolt' by Robert Johnson. 30-50
11.     A Late XX Century Royal Navy Duffle Coat, with hood, a King's Crown R.A.F. cap badge and two I.D. badges. 15-25
"Rocket Firing Typhoons at the Falaise Gap - Normandy 1944", print, graphite signed by Bill Beaumont, framed. 15-25
13.     A Framed Piece of Embroidery, depicting the badge of Yorks & Lancs Regiment. 10-20
14.     An Original Major R.M. Barnes Watercolour Painting of an Officer in the 2nd Bombay Light Cavalry, used as an illustration in his book "Military Uniforms of Britain and the Empire", a copy of which is included. 80-120
15.     A Late XX Century Royal Navy Officers Uniform, (Lieutenant Fleet Air arm), together with cap, tie, D/B jacket and trousers; Late XX Century R.N. Officers Mess dress uniform, jacket, two waistcoats, trousers and bow tie. 20-40
The Battle of Omduran 1898, lithographic print, in contemporary gilt frame. 20-40
17.     A Large Victorian Chromolithograph of Sir Colin Campbell at the Relief of Lucknow, in period frame. 50-80
19.     "Bismark", a large engraving, framed and glazed. 5-10
20.     A Part Set of Reproduction Roman Segmented Armour, in white metal and brass. 30-50
21.     Box of Military Interest Books, (twelve books). 10-20
22.     Two Post War Battle Dress Tunics, Lieutenant Rank, with collar badges and cloth badges - Royal Tank Regiment Post War No. 1 blue tunic with collar and cloth badges (Lieut.) and Post War No. 2 tunic with collar and cloth badges (Lieut.). Both Royal Tank Regiment. 20-30
23.     A Quantity of WWII Themed Books, including RAF, Army, Navy, Home Front and German. 20-30
24.     A Late XX century Fire Fighter's Helmet and Visor, with shoulder cape attached and a pair of fire retardant gloves. 20-40
25.     Three Late XX Century Steel Type Helmets; a British Kevlar helmet with camouflage cover; a West German steel helmet with removable inner helmet with camouflage cover and a further steel helmet with removable inner helmet. (3) 20-40
26.     A Mid XX Century Optical Device, with a War Department bagged tripod and an un-opened tin of Kodak 'Aerographic' film Class L-5-M. 20-40
27.     A Large Quantity of "Medal News" Monthly, spanning two decades, approx 250 copies and seven albums:- Five Boxes 20-30
28.     WWII Aircraft Recognition Books (2), a pair of magnifying spectacles; a carved wooden RAF plaque; a large wooden box ornately carved with dragons and with the badge of the Manchester Regiment to lid 20-30
29.     A Bundle of "Guns Review" From the 1960's to 1970's, two Bonhams Sale catalogues (1999 and 2001); a "Guns Illustrated" 2004; an old black powder Gun Digest (early 1970's); Flyderman's Guide to Antique American Firearms and Their Values (1994) 10-20
30.     Military Books, Prints and Newspapers and Gun Cleaning Equipment:- One Box 20-30
31.     A Late XX Century Collection of British Army Gas Masks, and similar; three army belts. 20-30
32.     A Large Collection of Military Related Ephemera, including cloth army badges, medal ribbon, cap badges, photographs, reference books etc. and a large white metal water polo runners-up medallion British Forces Cyprus, it box of issue. 20-30
33.     A Small Collection of De-Activated Ordnance, consisting of two 30mm cannon shells, a 30mm cannon shell inscribed 'Sgt. Gale 29th Command Royal Marines HMS Coventry Aden 1970', a 40mm cannon shell inscribed 'Falkland War 1981 Port Stanley presented to Ex Pat Ben Royal Marines'; together with six .303 bullets and clip. 20-40
34.     Royal Marines White Helmet, post WWII, no badge; a WWII Fire Watchers steel helmet, rusty and a WWII cycle/signalling lamp, rusty. 20-30
35.     A Cased Stereoscope Aerial Photograph Interpretation, multi-format L.1.A1. #6675-99-522-1772 R.P.I 46, 19710 R.A.R.D.E. lens system, with two lenses and eye cups. 30-50
36.     Twenty One Volume Set "The Old West" Books, by Time Life, brown leather covers. 20-30
37.     Modern Britains Set of Five Victoria Cross Indian Mutiny Figures, (boxed). No. 43093 (2), 43097, 43107 and 43095. 40-60
38.     A Modern Chain Mail Shirt, to wear with armour, large size. 15-25
39.     Modern Britains Royal Anglian Regiment, Limited Edition. Boxed. 20-40
40.     A Reproduction WWII German Cap, and later Forage cap. 15-25
41.     A Large Reproduction Nazi Flag, a reproduction Nazi armband and a large Union flag. 15-25
42.     Three WWII Medals, consisting of 1939/45 Star, Italy Star, War Medals, a medal box, a small leather stamp pouch, an R.A.F service book, an A.T.S release book, two I.D cards, a blood transfusion service booklet and two certificates dated 1951, and a cloth R.A.F wings badge. 20-40
43.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 8854 Union Cavalry (2). 30-50
44.     A White Metal Model of a Sopwith Camel, from the R.A.F. Museum with it's card specification; two Indian daggers, in scabbards and a commemorative porcelain tankard to the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Air Force. 20-30
45.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 17295 "Hold at all Cost" add-on set. No. 17245 "Hold at all Cost".
46.     Over Eighty Staybright and Re-Strike Military Badges. 30-50
47.     Three WWII Spike Bayonets, a Mark One, with cruciform blade, in a scabbard; a Mark Two, in a scabbard and Mark Two, no scabbard. (3) 30-50
48.     A Small Quantity of WWI Related Books, including Bradford Pals, RFC, Tanks etc. 15-25
49.     Modern Britains Pipes and Drums Black Watch, Limited Edition. Boxed. 20-40
50.     Four 2nd Half XX Century French Military Sights, all similar but different manufacturers, including BBT and Huet. 40-60
51.     A Nice Archive Collection of Able Royal Navy Seaman Jack Grisdale: A Sheffield man, he enlisted in 1942, his first ship being H.M.S Scylla, a cruiser which he joined at Scapa Flow. He did Russian convoy duty and also the "Med". Whilst on H.M.S Scylla Ordinary Seaman Grisdale took part in the sinking of a German Merchant Man on News Year's Day. He was a loader on one of the port guns. He also served on the Salerno landings and Normandy landings. His WWII medals are 1936/45 Star, Atlantic Star with France and Germany clasp and War medal. With many photographs, items of clothing, crossing the Arctic Circle certificate, lapel badges, St John certificate and badge, cloth and wire blazer badge, cloth souvenirs, seaman's house wife, 20mm shell case, cap tally and his history of service. 30-50
52.     A Pair of Field Binoculars, early XX Century by Ross, 'London War Department' stamped, with brass fittings; A Pair of Field Binoculars, early XX Century, by Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York, USA, in fitted leather case with owner's name "W.I. Gander" on front edge, the case with War Department stamp to lid; A Small Pair of Field Binoculars, early XX Century, by C.P. Georz, Berlin, stamped to front "2nd LT. S.B. Wood Q.O.O.H" , in fitted leather case. (3) 40-60
53.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 17103 "Clear the Way" add-on set. No. 17017 "Clear the Way". 30-50
54.     Five Modern Lead Figures Sets by Trophy Miniatures, No. WA58X Gordon Highlanders; No. WA15 Highland Mounted Officer; No. WA64 Gordons Piper and Drummer; WA 12 Gordon Standing Firing and Officer. All boxed, plus American Civil War Officer. 30-50
55.     A Quantity of Second Half XX Century Post Cards, mainly military aircraft related; plus a cigarette card album. 15-25
56.     A Quantity to WWII Magazines, and associated items. 10-20
57.     Modern Britains Sherwood Foresters Band, 1996 Collectors Club. Boxed. 30-50
58.     Modern Britains Lead Figures American Civil War, all as new boxed. No. 8877 General Lee (mounted), No. 17011 General Custer, No.17008 General Jeb Stuart, No. 17010 Joshua Chamberlain, No. 17007 General Stonewall Jackson, No. 17009 General U.S. Grant, No. 17006 General R.R. Lee. 30-50
59.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 17111 Confederate High Command. No. 17109 Confederate Drummer and Wounded Private. 20-40
60.     A Quantity of Pre- WWII Cigarette Cards, Wills- Military Motors; John Player-Uniforms of the TA (two missing); Carreras - History of Army Uniforms (five missing), Carreras - Naval Uniforms (one missing). 25-40
61.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 8876 Confederate Gun and Crew. 25-40
62.     Two WWII Brass Cap Badges, Pioneer Corps and Royal Marine Light Infantry, two boars head cloth division badges, a cloth sleeve badge, MT and winged wheel, a small hand held optical instrument, some paperwork and a small Russian lapel badge. 20-30
63.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 8884 Union Gatling Gun and Crew. No. 8883 Confederate Williams Machine Gun and Crew. 30-50
64.     A Small Interesting Wartime Collection : Two Queen Mary's Christmas 1914 tins, damaged. Brass trench art box with mounted East Yorkshire Regiment Badge and a pin tray inscribed "RAF". A wooden and silver tipped umbrella handle and four swagger stick handles Tank Regiment, Kings Royal Rifles, Royal Irish Rifles and another. 30-50
65.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 17295 "Hold at all Costs". No. 17436 20th Maine / 15th Alabama. 30-50
66.     Two Modern Lead Figure Sets by Regal Enterprises, No. 65d Confederate, twelve PDR Whitworth and set No. 50 U.S. Infantry Advancing, both boxed. 40-60
67.     Seven WWI Silk Postcards, four plastic cards, a WWI Defence Medal, Women's Land Army lapel badge, a R.A.M.C brass cap badge, four officers brass rank pips and three South Notts. Hussars collar badges; together with a civilian gas mask, dated 1939 (boxed). 20-40
68.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 8853 Confederate Cavalry (2). 30-50
69.     A Small Quantity of Ordnance and a WWI Six Pounder Shell Case. 15-25
70.     A West German Fighting Knife, in metal scabbard and two British WWII spike bayonets one with scabbard, both Mark II. 20-40
71.     Modern Britains Lead American Civil War Figures, all as new boxed. No. 17104 "Lone Star" Confederate add-on set. No. 17016 "Lone Star".
72.     A Quantity of Mid XX Century Ephemera, all with a military theme, including trade cards, postcards, cigarette cards among associated items. 20-40
73.     Two Fine Model Cannons, a 1:20 scale model of a twelve pounder gun from H.M.S Victory and a scale model of a sixty-eight pounder Cannon Royal from the Mary Rose. 50-80
74.     A Quantity of Sheffield and Rotherham Police Buttons, and associated items. 5-10
75.     A Franklin Mint Model of a Spitfire MKI, on stand. 20-30
76.     Modern Britains Life Guard Mounted Band, Limited Edition. Boxed. 20-40
77.     Modern Britains Band of the Royal Marines, Limited Edition. Boxed. 20-40
78.     An Interesting Album of Mainly R.A.F. Related First Day Covers, some signed, including Johnnie Johnson, Leonard Cheshire V.C, James Tait; together with photo and information cards. 20-40
79.     Modern Britains Queens Colour Squadron The Royal Air Force, 1997 Collectors Club Edition. Boxed. 30-50
80.     A WWII R.A.F. Air Sea Rescue Kite, as supplied in escape rafts, rare in its original tin of issue. 20-40
81.     An Interesting Archive - WWII to 1950's to Major K.G. Taylor Royal Corps of Signals, (a career soldier), two of his commission certificates and a letter confirming his rank of Major, a wallet with photographs, a large canvas map case with maps, a pair of gaiters, named kit bag, numerous Sergeants stripes, cap badges and cloth sleeve badges, two stable belts, two mess cummerbunds, No. 1 blue tunic with two pairs of trousers, battle dress tunic and belt, a pair of khaki shorts etc, all contained in his named military chest. 40-60
82.     A WWII Minneapolis-Honeywell Electrical Signal Corps Theodolite, PH-BF-33 with cine camera #80 Cuq17530 - Phila - 42, one lens marked G.P. Goerz Am. Opt. Co, New York E.F. 304mm F:5,763158. 50-80
83.     A Williamson Mnaufacturing Co. Ltd. Aircraft Survey Camera, marked with War Department arrows, W.M.C./R/10/67, gearbox Universal 14A/4249 serial #2537, cone 20 inch 14A/4252 serial #1505, magazine 1500 EXPS, 14A/4245 serial #2932, lens marked 20 inch F.6.3. VV182702 50-80
84.     A Williamson Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Military Survey Camera, F.24 body type A, 14A/720 serial number 6031, lens marked 5 in F.4 #171915, F.24 magazine type A and gearbox type G, modifications C.52 and C.85. 40-80
85.     A Williamson Manufacturing Co. Ltd War Department Aircraft Survey Camera, body camera type F. 49 MK 2, 14A/4545 serial number 1175, optical unit six inch lens 14A/4544 serial number 1175, Ross of London wide angle survey lens #16756. 50-100
86.     A British Military Binocular Periscope, AFV Mark 1 FV 562263, serial number 20/64. 30-50
87.     A Small Hand Cranked Air Raid or Similar Siren, Home Office issue, mid XX Century or later period. 20-40
88.     A Mid XX Century Theodolite with Tripod, marked to RAF Squadron. 30-50
89.     A Mid XX Century British War Dept Aircraft Compass, Mk 4F Gyro; a War Dept Survey Beacon (glass damaged); a Monocular Mk 4 and one other item. 30-50
90.     A WWII Telescope Mount, marked T.S. 1941 #2143 V.D. 0428 identification AA Mark III. No lenses. 20-40
91.     A Mid XX Century Electrical Optical Sight, Type 6 Mark 2/1, O.S. 1946 G.A. LMK 203574/57. 30-50
92.     WWII Optical Instruments; a periscope, marked CXN 91135, two telescope sights parts marked #48X3L, Mk 1S, A.K. and S 1945 and #52 LC Mk 1S, A.K. and S 1944; together with a gimbled War Department compass. 30-50
93.     A Quantity of Mounted Military Prints, late XIX Century/early XX Century. (75) 30-50
94.     A Small Collection of XX Century Cap Badges, including 8th Battalion P.O.W. Yorkshire Regiment, South Lancashire Prince of Wales Volunteers, Yorks & Lancs, Durham Light Infantry, Royal Warwickshire etc, possible restrikes noted, some GPO buttons, an RAF Waddington cloth blazer badge and pin back lapel badge; two other blazer badges and three U.S. Airforce badges. 20-40
95.     Five Early XX Century Military Style Swagger Sticks, London Rifle Brigade, Shrewsbury Officer Training Corps, Royal Artillery and two others. 50-100
96.     A Boxed Nato Mount Prism Optical Instrument, British Aircraft Corp. (Op) Ltd. Guided Weapons Division, stock #4935-99-624-7265 service code J4N, serial number 32001. 30-50
97.     A Rare and Complete Set of Eighteen Editions of "Celebrities of the Army", with seventy-two large colour portraits of Boer War Generals and leaders. 40-60
98.     Five Early XX Century Military Style Swagger Sticks, two Royal Army Service Corps, London Rifle Volunteers, Gloucestershire Regiment, Church Lads Brigade. 50-100
99.     Nine WWII Period Pen and Ink Drawings of German Military Vehicles, with specifications and 'Vulnerability' Notes', possibly Home Guard training items. 20-40
100.    A Mid XX Century British Field Telephone, in wooden case. 20-30
101.    A Fine Early XX Century Telescope, (Power 3) by Ottway, with war department arrow and dated 1919, complete, in fitted box with accessories. 30-50
102.    A Superb Pair of Mid XX Century Binoculars, made for the U.S. Army Signal Corps by Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York, U.S.A., in leather case with compass mounted on lid, all in very good condition. 20-40
103.    A WWI Officer's Compass, dated 1917 Verniers patent. In brown leather pouch dated 1918, also the owners name written in ink on side. 30-50
104.    A Contemporary German Third Reich Desk Ornament, with eagle to top (the eagle has been broken off and attachment replaced by wire swastika), approximately 26cms high. 100-200
105.    A WWI Brass Instrument Steriliser, French manufacturer. 20-40
106.    A Large WWII Booklet of British Air Forces Illustrated, by the Illustrated London News, published in 1941, excellent condition. 20-40
107.    British Battleships From 'Warrior to Vanguard', by Oscar Parkes, 1956; plus a set of WWII Naval Recognition cards. 10-20
108.    A Swagger Stick, nicely engraved, Sergeant W. Birchell. 20-30
109.    A Pair of Early XX Century Field Binoculars, by Lemaire, Paris, in fitted leather case marked "G. Battle & Co. 1917"; A Pair of Early XX Century Field Binoculars, by L. Petit, Paris, War Department marked, in fitted leather case marked "John Bennett-Green"; A Pair of Early XX Century Field Binoculars, well used but marked "Service Binocular", in fitted leather case marked "J.B. Brooks & Co. Ltd. 1916" with War Department Arrow; A Pair of Early XX Century Field Binoculars, by Ross, London, the fitted leather case marked "Mark Cross Ltd, 1915". (4)
110.    Five Early XX Century Military Style Swagger Sticks: St. Bees O.T.C., Royal Welsh Fusilier's, Shrewsbury O.T.C., Durham Light Infantry and Church Lads Brigade. 50-100
111.    A Victorian Turned Woodeen Truncheon, with remnants of Royal Cypher, approximately 40cms long. 20-40
112.    A WWI Officers Compass, in brown leather pouch dated 1918. Verniers patent. 30-50
113.    A Hardwood Truncheon, (possibly Polish), lead filled. 60-80
114.    A Collection of Twenty WWI Silk Postcards, in plastic folders. 20-30
115.    A WWI British Officers Marching Compass, Verniers patent, in leather pouch. 50-60
116.    Five Early XX Century Military Style Swagger Sticks: Royal Flying Corps, Royal Air Force (2), Dorsetshire Regiment, Royal Army Medical Corps. 50-100
117.    A Good Pair of WWI Period Field Binoculars, by Ross, London, dated 1915, War Department marked, in leather case named to "W. Leslie Wilson Royal Field Artillery"; plus a good pair of WWI period field binoculars, War Department marked. 30-50
118.    A Brass Model of A WWI Tank, a 1915 On War Service Badge; St. John's Silver Medal to Stephen Watts; a 1797 Cartwheel Penny ;1891 Penistone Railway Silver Medallion to Mr. A.Watts. 20-40
119.    A Split George V Military Medal, formed into a lighter?. 30-50
120.    A Rare Honourable East India Company Officer's Brass Gorget, circa 1799. 450-550
121.    An Army Rifle Association Medallion, in solid silver, marked "A.R.A. Squadron Shield 'A' Squadron 1st" to rear, over 300grams in weight, in presentation case marked "B. Ninnes, Goldsmith, Hythe"; A London Irish Rifles E. Company Osborne Me4dal, won by Col. Sergeant W. Mathers 1906, in case. 120-180
122.    73rd Bengal Native Infantry Grenadier Company Officer's Wing Epaulette, c.1830-1857, a rare example. 200-300
123.    A Pair of Possibly German WWII Tinted Sun Goggles, with strap. 50-80
124.    A Military Stop Watch Timer by Heuer, on leather strap, with case, box and instructions, the back of case stamped 4-2/0110 62/2006. 80-150
125.    Autograph of Clementine Churchill to Reverse of 'Sheffield Wings For Victory' Letter, dated 1943. 20-40
126.    An Extraordinary Mid XX Century Autograph Book, signed by many of the military and political names connected with the Second World War including:- Wing Commander Guy Gibson (617 'The Dambuster' Squadron), Winston Churchill (Prime Minister), Clementine Churchill, Lord Alexander ( lst Lord of the Admiralty), Woolton (Minister of Food), William Contour ( Archbishop of Canterbury) Lady Edwina Mountbatten, Hugh Dalton (First Post-War Chancellor of the Exchequer) among many others.

*The Autographs were collected by Mrs R.G. Housley MBE, who was chair of the War Time Sheffield Saving Sub Committee, a Conservative Party Activist and active member of the WRVS and Mother's Union. 500-1000
127.    A Rare and Interesting Battle of Britain 25th Anniversary First Day Cover, dated 1965 and signed by many of the RAF pilots including:- Johnnie Johnson, David Cox, Tom Gleave, Paddy Barthop (The Great Escape), Douglas Bader and many others; together with some paper cuttings. 25-40
128.    A WWI Wooden Trench Club, (with lead insert"), head of club studded with boot studs, could well be British. 60-100
129.    A Single Owner Collection of Military Cap Badges and Similar, in excess of four hundred and fifty including:- Army Air Corp, King's Dragoon Guards, Artists Rifles, Mine Clearance Service, Machine Gun Corps, Ghurka Rifles, Welsh Guards, Fife and Forfar Yeomanry and many more, some restrike's noted, many contained in three glass cases. Worthy of further viewing. 1000-1500
130.    A 6" Green Phosphor Cathode Ray Tube, designed during WWII for use with airborne radar, the tube marked VCR 97 10E/222 D and W.D. arrow, contained in fitted wooden case. The whole very rare in this condition. 40-60
131.    A Cased WWII Barr and Stroud Rangefinder, type F.T. 37 # A.P.10080, base 1 M.O #42227, supplied by the Admiralty, with some webbing harness, in purpose built wooden box, approximately 110cms in length. 50-80
131A.   A WWI Period Ryland & Son Ltd, Brass Cased Artillery Sighting Telescope, stamped "Telescope G.S. X8" and dated 1918, tripod base, telescope length 52.5cms. 120-150
132.    A Cased WWII Research Enterprises (Canada), by Arrangement with Barr and Stroud, Rangefinder, #AP 10080, base 1 meter #CAN 296, 1943, with instruction book and some parts, in purpose built wooden box, approximately 110cms in length/ 50-80
133.    R.C.B.S. Reloading Dies for 045 Long Colt, with shell holder and a Lyman double cavity .45 bullet mould with handles. 20-40
134.    A Collection of Books on Firearms and Arms and Armour. (10) 20-40
135.    A Set of Lee Reloading Dies, including shell holder, one hundred cast and lubed bulles; thirty seven 11mm (.43) once used cases for the 0.43 Mauser rifle (black powder) 71/84 model. 30-50
136.    Twelve Brand New .577/.450 Martini Henry Cases, (Bertram Brass). 20-30
137.    SAECO Bullet Mould .40/70, sharps straight. 10-20
138.    Simplex Reloading Dies 030/30 Winchester, with shell holder. 10-20
139.    Lyman Reloading Dies for 50/70 Government, with shell holder. 20-30
140.    N.D.F.S. Reloading Dies, 12.7 x 44 for the Remington Rolling Block Black Powder Rifle with shell holder. 10-20
141.    A Collection of Books on Shooting and Firearms, (8). 20-30
142.    .44 Semi Wad Cutter (Gang Bullet Mould x six). 20-30
143.    Lee Bullet Mould .54, with handles, a set of handles by Lyman and a set of wood grips.
144.    Lyman Bullet Mould .577 Minie, with base plug and handles and A Lee .577 bullet mould with handles. 20-40
145.    A Late XIX Century Indian Percussion Musket, large smooth bore barrel, Enfield type percussion lock, brass barrel bands, basic sights. 40-60
146.    A Victorian Small Box Lock Percussion Pocket Pistol, engraved breech, nipple missing, action affected. 40-60
147.    Brass Interior Nameplate "SS/HMS Invicta", in the form of a railway totem, approximately 29cms long.
*Built in 1939 for Southern Railways 'Invicta was commandeered to Admiralty for the Royal Navy from 1939-45 and used as a troop carrier, including carrying 7th Canadian Infantry Brigade during 'Overlord'. After the war she served with British Rail and Sealink until scrapped in 1972. 200-300
148.    A Queen Anne Style Flintlock Reproduction Pistol, with turn off barrel, breach fitted. 40-60
149.    A Late XVII Century Early XX Century Small Close Quarters Cannon, cast 64cms overall length, 5cms calibre, bearing George III cypher.
150.    A WWI German Leather Helmet, possibly artillery, battlefield pick up, no helmet plate, some damage. 40-60
151.    A Mid XX Century Spanish Steel Helmet, (German Style) painted in olive drab, with webbing chin strap. 30-50
152.    A WWII British Steel Helmet, as issued to Civil Defence Forces, painted white with large "W" painted in black on front and back, no liner, but good condition. 20-30
153.    A Late XIX Century Prussian "Garde Du Corps" Cavalry Parade Helmet", in white metal and brass with eagle badge on front, makers name C.E.Junker, stamped inside, well used with some damage. 80-150
154.    An Early XX Century French Firemans Helmet, in white metal and brass finish, helmet plate loose. 40-60
155.    A WWI German Steel Helmet, in good condition and with original paint, with later Nazi eagle transfer on left side and later liner. 80-120
156.    A George V Officers Dress Sword, by Robert Mole, plated hilt with Royal Cypher, rust pitting, blade engraved, again with very minor pitting, in leather scabbard with slight damage. 40-60
157.    A Victorian Royal Artillery Officers Sword, circa 1850, highly engraved clean blade 33" long, named to "3rd Durham Artillery Volunteers", retailed by "W.W. White, Frances Street, Woolwich..", part wire binding missing from hilt, in steel scabbard. 80-120
158.    A Post 1786 Infantry Officers Sword, with spadroon type hilt, the 321/2", slender blade with engraving on both sides, minor rusting, Another, a late XVIII Century small sword with triangular fullered blade and wooden grip, part missing, the blade with minor rust pitting, 25 1/2" long. (2) 60-100
159.    A C.1850's French "Gladius" Pattern Sword, with 19" double edged blade, maker "Jean", with brass hilt. 40-60
160.    A Mid XIX French Sabre, with 32" curved blade, light rust and pitting, brass hilt with wire binding missing from wooden grip, in steel scabbard, with two suspension rings, 50-80
161.    An Early XX Century Royal Artillery Officers Sword, with George V cypher and engraving, with steel hilt, the blade much rutted and pitted, in field service leather covered scabbard. 20-40
162.    A 1796 Light Cavalry Sword, 321/2" blade heavily rusted, steel hilt, wire binding missing; A Steel Scabbard For a Cavalry Sabre. (2) 30-50
163.    A British 1821 Light Cavalry Sword, 35" blade, slight discolouration and edge knocked, three bar steel hilt, wire binding missing. 30-50
164.    A North African? Long Dagger, wavy steel blade with brass and bone hilt in wooden scabbard. 20-40
165.    A XX Century Zulu Style Stabbing Spear, blade and tang in steel with minor rust discolouration and cleaning, leather thong binding to wooden shaft. 30-50
166.    A Magnificent Indo-Persian Sabre, early to mid XIX Century, in black leather scabbard with silver mounts, the blade with much rust pitting, some gilt engraving. Worthy of some careful restoration. 50-80
167.    A Mid XX Century British No. 5 Bayonet and Scabbard, and another, nationality unknown. 20-40
167A.   XX Century Indian Style Dagger, with brass handle and scabbard. 20-40
168.    A Pair of Ghurka Knives, in leather scabbards, one with wooden grip, one with horn? grip. 25-40
169.    A XIX Century Kyhber Knife, with white metal mounts (engraved), blade with rust pitting, but very sharp. 50-80
170.    A Malayan Kris, possibly early XX Century, with 14" wavy blade, of traditional style, hardwood scabbard and hilt with white metal mounts. 40-80
171.    A Spanish Mauser Model of 1893 Bayonet, blade over polished and with minor rust, leather scabbard damaged. 30-50
172.    A 1930's German Third Reich RLB /National Air Defence League Dagger, probably mark two, with Swastika to star burst on grip, blade etched Kronick, Ernst Eric White, Solingen. 200-400
173.    A Late XIX/ Early XX Century German Mauser Bayonet, wood grips, blade good condition, in metal scabbard. 30-50
174.    A Spanish Mauser Model of 1893 Bayonet Blade, damaged, leather scabbard badly damaged. 20-40
175.    A Late XIX / Early XX Century Mauser Bayonet, 15" blade in excellent condition, in black painted steel scabbard marked "No.12" to hilt. 40-60
176.    A Mauser Sword Bayonet 1871, period regimentally marked and dated 1875, made by P.D. Luneschloss and CIE, Solingen, in black leather scabbard with brass fittings. Very good condition. 80-120
177.    An Indian Mutiny Period Officer's Sword, fitted with a 1796 cavalry blade, in red velvet scabbard (velvet replaced). 50-80
178.    A Late XIX / Early XX Century Court Sword, with engraved triangular slender blade with retailer's name "Pearce & Son", Conduit Street, London, the steel hilt facet cut, in black leather scabbard with steel mounts. 80-150
179.    French Napolenic Currasiers Sword Dated 1811, 38" blade double fullared by Klingenthal, and proof marks, brass hilt, wire missing from wooden grip, steel scabbard. 200-400
180.    A Late XIX Century Continental Officers Sword, with 33" double edged blade, surface pitting, the gilt hilt with three branch guard and sword knot, in black leather scabbard with brass mounts. 40-60
181.    A Victorian Presentation Sword, to W.Fitzhenry, 3/60 rifles, 1867, 321/2" blade by Wilkinson, steel hilt (gold plated), blade dull, minor discolouration, in nickel plated scabbard, which may be replacement. 50-80
182.    A French Gras Bayonet, dated 1879, "T" section blade with makers name the blade with minor rust pitting, in black metal scabbard. 25-40
183.    An 1874 French Gras Bayonet to Fit the 1874 Gras Rifle, dated 1876 and with manufacturers' name, the "T" selection blade in very good condition, black painted scabbard with slight rust pitting. 30-50
184.    A Pair of French Sword Bayonets, 1842 pattern, no scabbard, brass hilt 22 1/4" blade, makers name and date on back edge; An 1866 Chassepot Sword Bayonet no makers name, brass hilt 22 1/4" blade, with very minor discolouration, in metal scabbard, repainted in black. (2) 30-50
185.    An East India Company Officer's Short Sword, with ivory hilt and traces of blue and gilt, engraved blade with trophies, C.1790. 200-300
186.    A George V Royal Navy Midshipman's Dirk, engraved blade, minor rust pitting, in black leather scabbard with gilt fittings, gilt hilt with part of sword knot remaining. 100-150
187.    A Dutch Beaumont Navy Sword Bayonet, model of 1873, dated 1875, made by P. Stevens, Maastricht, brass hilt, steel scabbard, excellent condition, very rare, approximately one thousand made. 80-120
188.    A WWI Bayonet for the P1914 Rifle, made by Remington 1913, the blade with light rusting and stamped with makers name, wooden grips with two grooves, in black leather and metal mounted scabbard. 30-50
189.    A French 1866 Chassepot Bayonet, light pitting on the blade, brass hilt, dated 1870 with makers name on back of blade, in black painted metal scabbard. 20-40
190.    A French Gras Bayonet, dated 1879, with makers name on back of blade, light pitting on the blade, wood and brass hilt, in blued steel scabbard with light pitting. 30-50
191.    A WWI British 1907 Bayonet by Sanderson, fine pitting to blade, in brown leather scabbard with metal fittings. Good condition overall. 30-50
192.    A North African Dagger, in brown leather scabbard. 15-25
193.    An Arab Style Traditional Dagger, with curved 81/2" long blade, wooden grips with metal mounts, in steel engraved wooden scabbard. 30-50
194.    An Early XX Century Mauser Bayonet, by Hackman & Co. for foreign issue, excellent blade, in black painted metal scabbard. 30-50
195.    A Victorian Lee Metford Bayonet, dated 1892, by Wilkinson, double edged blade with W.D. mark, in black leather scabbard, with metal mounts. 30-50
196.    An Early XX Century German Mauser Bayonet, with long 15" blade, in black painted steel scabbard. 40-60
197.    A WWI Turkish Mauser Bayonet, minor rusting on blade, in black leather and brass mounted scabbard. 30-50
198.    An 1895 Lee Metford Bayonet, with wood grips, the blade stamped "VR" "95" and with "WD" arrow", black leather scabbard with metal mounts, excellent condition. 40-60
199.    An Early XX Century Ghurka Knife, in wood and leather scabbard, with skinning knives. 60-70
199A.   A Boxed Order of the British Empire, plus two miniatures to Guy Chandos Harcourt Esquire Consul General, with many warrants for various countries including U.S.A., Italy etc. 80-120
200.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 63837 Private J.J. Smith, 4th Canadian Infantry, with paperwork, photograph and photograph of his grave. Also with photograph of his commanding officer and his grave. 20-30
201.    Four Victorian Copies of Medals. 15-25
202.    WWII Group of Four, consisting of 1939/45 Star, Atlantic Star, Italy Star, War Medals. Vendor attributes to Chief Petty Officer S.A. Kerslake, Royal Navy Patrol Service; together with photographs and three Russian Medals and a cloth blazer badge.
*The seaman served on the Atlantic convoys including P.O. 17, QP14 and J.W.51B. Later he volunteered for special duties on board P.T. boats and M.T.B's off North Africa. 50-80
203.    A WWI and Later Group of Six Medals, consisting of 14/15 Star, War, Victory (with bronze M.I.D oak leaf) George V Coronation 1911, Volunteer Force Long Service Medal and Volunteer Officers Decoration, mounted in a glazed frame with full set of miniatures and with paper cuttings. To Captain and QM W.N. Broomhead. 200-300
204.    A WWI Medal Pair, comprising War and Victory medals to 205444 Private F. Mackender West Riding Regiment, with two brass wound stripes, an X-Ray of his wounded arm and two fibre dog tags; together with fragile paperwork and photograph. 30-50
205.    Five WWII Medals, consisting of two 1939/45 Stars, Africa Star with North Africa 1942-43 clasp, Defence and War Medals; together with a WWII British Army gas mask. 20-40
206.    A WWI Bronze Death Plaque, mounted in a carved wooden wreath, to John Vickers. 40-60
207.    A XIX Century Turkish Order of the Medjidie, in gold, silver and enamel, as awarded to British Officers, in it's later fitted case. 200-250
208.    A WWI Victory Medal, to G-58013 Private E. Waghorn, Middlesex Regiment K.I.A., with paperwork and burial details. 15-25
209.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 13898 Private T.W. Barrow, Machine Gun Corps. 15-25
210.    A Civil Defence Long Service Medal, cased, with paperwork dated 1962, to Mr. F.G. Baxter, Nunts Park, Coventry. 15-25
211.    A Small Collection of Medals and Badges: A WWII 39/45 Star; St. John Medal; WWI War Medal (name erased); RAF shoulder badge; Air Training Corps cap badge Northumberland Fusilier's; two Railway badges and others and a Morse key. 20-30
212.    A Victorian, Edward VII and George VI Group of Three, consisting of Queen's South Africa with Belfast, Laing's Nek and Defence of Ladysmith clasps; a King's South Africa Medal with South Africa 1901 and South Africa 1902 clasps and a George V Imperial Service Medal (silver), all named to 5607 Private D. Grant, Gordon Highlanders; together with a large photograph depicting Yorkshire Hussars machine gun competition team. 200-300
213.    A Small Collection of Enamel and Other Badges, including R.A.F., Royal Corps of Signals, Army Ordnance Corp., R.A.S.C. Association, silver A.R.P and others; together with a silver regimental spoon. 30-50
214.    A WWII Atlantic Star, copy Aircrew Europe Star, WWI Victory Medal (name erased), a Pakistani Jumuriat Medal, a WWII Greek War Medal, an R.A.O.B. Orphanage Medal, a Chernobyl Medal, four modern Swiss Medals and a QEII Diamond Jubilee Medal (Boxed). 30-50
215.    A WWI Victory Medal, to M25070 H. Gawthorp E.R.A.4 Royal Navy; together with three postcards. 15-25
216.    A Mid XX Century George VI Medal Duo, consisting 39/45 War Medal and General Service Medal 1918-62, to Private T.Bentley Royal Army Ordnance Corps, with Palestine 1945-48 clasp, with boxes of issue. 30-50
217.    A WWII Medal Group of Six, 1939/45 Star, France and Germany Star, Africa Star with 8th Army clasp, Italy Star, Defence and War medals, to Mr. N. Hallam, Sheffield, with box of issue. 25-40
218.    A Quantity of Damaged, Renamed, Copy and Skimmed Medals, items should be viewed with caution. 50-100
219.    A WWI War Medal, to 134461 Sapper J.A. Clark, Royal Engineers, with paperwork. 15-25
220.    A WWII Group of Seven, consisting of 39/45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, France and Germany Star, War, Defence and India Service Medal. 25-40
221.    A WWI War Medal, to L-4268 Driver H.W. Rennie, Royal Artillery; an ERII 1977 Jubliee coin; a photograph of a family group and two French silk postcards. 15-25
222.    An Interesting Family Group of Medals to the MacTavish Family; A WWI War Medal to PAYR. LT. G.M.H. MacTavish R.N.V.R (no ribbon); A WWII Pair - Defence and War Medals to G. MacTavish, in box of issue; A WWII Trio - 39/45 Star, Atlantic Star and War Medal to W.A. Macintosh, in box of issue; A WWII 39/45 Star and War Medal and two Red Cross Medals, one named to 36855 L. MacTavish, in boxes of issue; together with two ribbon bars, a Silver ARP lapel badge, a miniature group of five medals, two Naval buttons and two sea cadet badges. 50-80
223.    A WWI War Medal, to 276364 Corporal W. Tustin, Durham Light Infantry. 15-25
224.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 55421 Private W. Williams, Royal Welsh Fusilier's, with paperwork of burial details. 15-25
225.    A WWII Medal Quartet, comprising War and Defence Medals, 1939-45 Star and Africa Star, named to W. Cliffe of Sheffield, boxed. 20-30
226.    A WWII Group of Six Medals, consisting of 1939/45 War Medal, Africa Star (8th Army clasp), Italy Star, Defence, and War Medals and Territorial Efficiency Medal to 2076783 Corporal J.E.Russell Royal Engineers, with small amount of paperwork. 20-40
227.    A Reproduction Queen's Korea Medal; A reproduction George V Military Medal; An Army Temperance Medal for India 1897; A Shooting Medal and another medal; A Reproduction New Zealand Medal. 20-40
228.    WWII Africa Stars, 39/45 Star, 39/45 War Medal, a miniature medal and 1914-1918 Victory Medal and a WWI War Service lapel badge. 20-40
229.    A George V Indian Meritorious Service Medal, named to a native; A George V Indian Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal named to a native; A George V Indian Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, post independence, named to a native; A George V Indian General Service with North West Frontier 1908 clasp, named to a native in the Camel corps. A George V Indian General Service Medal with North West Frontier 1908 clasp (in bronze), named to a native. (5) (Some may be renamed or copies).
230.    A WWI George V Victory Medal, to 19569 Private W.Geaaghty South Wales Borderers. 15-25
231.    A WWI War Medal, to 14057 Gunner P. Harvey, Royal Artillery, with facsimile paper work. 10-20
232.    A WWI Group of Four, consisting of 14/15 Star, War, Victory (with bronze M.I.D. oak leaf) and Territorial Efficiency Medal to Q.Master and Hon. Lieut. W.D. Jamieson, 1/6th Battalion Notts & Derbys Regiment, with M.I.D. certificate mounted, with his set of miniatures, in a glazed frame; together with three shooting medals; A modern reprint A History of the 1/6th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters 1914-18 by Captain W.D. Jamieson. With photo and facsimile paper cuttings. 150-250
233.    A Small Quantity of Cap Badges, buttons and aircraft postcards. 5-10
234.    A National Service Medal, in box of issue, a pair of cloth Captain's rank insignia, a pair of cloth R.A.M.C shoulder titles, a Scottish cap badge, buttons and rank pips, a cloth blazer badge and leather strap. 20-40
235.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, to 1942 Sgt. W.L. Robertson, Gordon Highlanders with his bronze death plaque and paperwork; An old pair of (damaged) binoculars; An old three draw telescope, mainly brass. 70-100
236.    A Victorian India Medal, with clasps Tirah 1897-98 and Punjab Frontier 1897-98 to Lieut. E.N. Davis 3rd Infantry, Hyderabad Contingent. 220-280
237.    A George V India General Service Medal, with North West Frontier 1930-31 clasp, to 10020 Sep. Dhani Ram, 2-10 Baluch Regiment. 20-40
238.    A WWII Pair, consisting of British War Medal and a Africa Service Medal, to 118178 V.H. Ratcliff. 20-40
239.    A Victorian Afghanistan Medal, clasp Ahmed Khel to 5816 Gunner B. Mulholland 6/11th Brigade Royal Artillery. 220-250
240.    A WWI Medal Trio, comprising 1914-15 Star, War and Victory Medals to Sapper E. Hardwick, Royal Engineers, with a small brooch and an empty Princess Alice tin. 30-50
241.    A Victorian India Medal, with clasp Punjab Frontier 1897-7 to 3104 Corporal A. Plume Royal West Kent Regiment. 160-200
242.    A WWI War Medal, to 9422 Private C. Turner, Royal West Kent Regiment; WWI War Medal to 20354 Private A. Morrison, Kings Own Scottish Borderers; WWI War Medal to 5390 Private J. Layne, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry (suspension ring broken). 25-40
243.    A Victorian India Medal, with clasp Punjab Frontier 1897-8 to 2665 Private T. Varey Royal West Kent Regiment. 160-200
244.    A George V 1911 Delhi Durbar Medal, un-named as issued. 100-120
245.    A Mid XX Century United Nations Korea Medal, plus a United Nations Peace Medal. 20-40
246.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 310390 Leading Stoker B.F. Walker, Royal Navy. 30-50
247.    A Victorian India Medal, with "Relief of Chitral 1895" clasp, named to a native. 30-50
248.    A WWI Duo, consisting of War Medal and Victory Medal to 65960 Private E.R. Kent, Northumberland Fusilier's; plus demob paper. 30-50
249.    A WWI - WWII Trio, consisting of 67809 Gunner F. Channell WWI War and Victory Royal Artillery, plus WWII Defence Medal mounted as worn. 20-40
250.    A Small Collection of Nine Medals and Badges: A WWI Victory Medal to 127993 Private F. Russell, Machine Gun Corps; a Pakistan Independence Medal, named to a native; a Prussian/Austrian Medal; three pin back badges, two George V 25th Anniversary Medals; plus one other. 20-40
251.    A WWI War Medal, to 40610 Private N. Parsons, Somerset Light Infantry; WWI War Medal to 1875 Corporal L.J. Macdonald, Worcestershire Regiment; WWI War Medal to 252480 Private J. Worthington, Manchester Regiment. 30-50
252.    A Victorian Indian Mutiny Medal, with clasp "Central India" to Lieut C.E. Stack 1st Bombay Lancers, with a small amount of paperwork. 300-400
253.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 57846 Private H. Mooney, Yorkshire Regiment, with ribbon bar and set of miniatures. 30-50
254.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 14489 Corporal J.R. Bolus, Royal Artillery. 25-40
255.    A Victorian Afghanistan Medal, to Lieut. T.W.L Stansfield 14/9th Brigade Royal Artillery, with extensive paperwork. 300-400
256.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 127084 Private C.W. Bower, Machine Gun Corps; together with an Edward VII Coronation Medal. 30-50
257.    WWII George VI Medal Trio, consisting of Italy Star and two War Medals; A copy General Service Medal with Canal Zone clasp and an Indian Medal, in box of issue and a small pin back brooch, A Modern U.S. Combat Award and a horseshoe stick pin. 20-40
258.    A WWI War Medal, to P.S. 3328 Acting Sergeant H.L. Hummerston, Middlesex Regiment; WWI War Medal to 130553 Private C. Jackson, Machine Gun Corps. 20-40
259.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medal to 55837 Sapper F. Hodges, Royal Engineers. 25-40
260.    Italian Order of the Crown Commanders Neck Badge, in gold, silver and enamel. 60-100
261.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 116038 Private R.D. Carter, Machine Gun Corps. 25-40
262.    A WWI War Medal, to C.3-1560 J Grier, Leading Seaman Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve; WWI Victory Medal to 30571 Private H. Smithson, East Yorkshire Regiment; WWI Victory Medal to 200582 Private J. James, Royal Lancashire Regiment. 30-50
263.    A Victorian India General Service Medal, with clasp "Burma 1885-7" to Corporal B.R.O. North 2nd Liverpool Regiment, with copy of roll. 150-200
264.    A Victorian Queen's South Africa Medal, with four clasps - South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902, Orange Free State and Cape Colony to 3280 Sergeant T. Hallchurch 5th Dragoon Guards, with paperwork. 80-120
265.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 12681 Driver S McElroy, Royal Artillery. 20-30
266.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medal to 55944 IAM J.H. Hall, Royal Air Force. 40-60
267.    A WWI War Medal, to 38688 Private F.J. Bradley, Hampshire Regiment; WWI War Medal to 39409 Private A. Jeff, East Yorkshire Regiment; WWI War Medal to 63022 Private F. Harrop, West Yorkshire Regiment (with paperwork). 30-50
268.    A Victorian Queen's South Africa Medal, with two clasps - Transvaal and Orange Free State to 4983 Private L. Roberts 18th Hussars, with paperwork. 100-120
269.    A Victorian India General Service Medal, with clasp Northwest Frontier to Ensign C.B. Norman 2nd Punjab Infantry, with extensive paperwork. 200-250
270.    WWI George V War Medal, to 13671 Private C. Cross, Lincolnshire Regiment. 15-25
271.    A Quantity of Medal Ribbons; George VI Pakistan Medal; Women's Land Army Badge and 1939-45 Star, among associated items. 20-40
272.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 11499 Corporal H. Ackroyd, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; WWI Victory Medal to 21744 Private W. Shaw, West Riding Regiment; WWI Victory Medal to 200934 Private J.T. Blankhorn, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. (3) 25-40
273.    A Victorian Afghanistan Medal, with clasp Ali Musjid to 2559 Private J. Toole 51st Regiment (K.O.Y.L.I.), with paperwork. 280-320
274.    WWI Group of Four Medals, comprising Military Medal, 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 56008 Gunner S. Yates 62nd Battery Royal Field Artillery, the Military Medal was for service in Salonika; with large history file. 450-550
275.    A WWI War Medal, to 3928 Private J. Thompson, Kings own Yorkshire Light Infantry; WWI War Medal to 53283 Private F. Parkinson, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; WWI War Medal to 44314 Private F.W. Collicott, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
276.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 161043 Gunner W. Jones, Royal Artillery; WWI Victory Medal to 28315 Gunner D. Phillips, Royal Artillery; WWI Victory Medal to 38688 Private F.J. Bradley, Hampshire Reigment. (3) 25-40
277.    A WWI War Medal, to 25147 Private C. Smith, Northamptonshire Regiment; WWI War Medal t 50232 Private J. Brown, South Yorkshire Regiment; WWI War Medal to 4917 Private E. Clarke, Royal Lancashire Regiment. 30-50
278.    A Victorian Queen's South Africa Medal, with three clasps - Transvaal, Orange Free State and Cape Colony to 5292 Corporal R. Ward 1st Essex Regiment, with paperwork. 85-120
279.    A Victorian Pair, consisting of India Medal with clasp "Punjab Frontier 1897-98" and Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps Cape Colony and Orange Free State to 3649 Private J. Marsden 2nd King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, with paperwork. 250-300
280.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 73816 Private W. Edwards, Machine Gun Corps; WWI Victory Medal to M-205943 Private E.G. Artus, Army service Corps; WWI Victory Medal to 3770 Corporal A. Ransom, 12-London Regiment. (3) 25-40
281.    A Nazi Third Reich Wound Badge, Mothers Cross, no ribbon, Russian Front Medal, no ribbon and a cap eagle in white metal. 30-50
282.    A Nazi Third Reich Minesweepers Breast Badge, with pin back, in gilt and white metal. 40-60
283.    A WWII Third Reich (Nazi) German National Sports Badge, pin missing. 20-40
284.    WWI German Iron Cross, 2nd class, with modern ribbon. 30-50
285.    A WW1 George V Trio, 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, to Private 11133 J. Moss Cheshire Regiment, mounted as worn; together with a Church Lads Brigade medal with five date clasps. 30-50
286.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to 51836 Private L. North, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
287.    A WWI George V Trio, consisting of 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, to 15263 Private A. Smith Coldstream Guards. 40-60
288.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to T.S. 3128 R.H. Bailey T.R. Royal Naval Reserve with ribbon bar. 40-60
289.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 3-3687 Private A. Sharman, Yorks and Lancs. 25-40
290.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 22816 Private W.E. Parkinson, East Yorks Regiment; WWI Victory Medal to 205274 G. Featherson, East Yorkshire Regiment; WWI Victory Medal to 30932 Private W.E. Worsley, East Yorkshire Regiment. (3) 25-40
291.    A WWI War Medal, to 202076 Private W. Lamb, West Riding Regiment; WWI War Medal to 12958 Acting Corporal I. Sanderson, Yorkshire Regiment; WWI War Medal to 40746 Private G.H. Yalland, Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
292.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 203020 Private J. Henderson, Liverpool Regiment. 15-25
293.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals 48737 Private J.W. Chadwick, Leicestershire Regiment. 30-50
294.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 9575 Acting Corporal R. Handford, Lincolnshire Regiment; WWI Victory Medal to SE-26635 Private S.R. Gale, Army Veterinary Corps. (2) 20-40
295.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 51895 Private E.T. Mumford, Kings's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 25-40
296.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 023658 Private C.R. Moul, Army Ordnance Corps; WWI Victory Medal to 8541 Private E.C. Batten, Middlesex Regiment (with paperwork); WWI Victory Medal to 37330 Private G.W. Sherwood. Yorkshire Light Infantry. 25-30
297.    A WWI Victory Medal, European, unnamed. 15-25
298.    *WITHDRAWN*
A WWI War Medal, to 181593 Gunner J.V. Symons, Royal Artillery; WWI War Medal to 22949 Sapper R.W. Conibear, Royal Engineers; WWI War Medal to 267150 Gunner R.H. Small, Royal Artillery. 20-30
299.    *WITHDRAWN*
A WWI Victory Medal, to 3928 Private J. Thompson, King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry; WWI Victory Medal to 22949 Sapper R.W. Conibear, Royal Engineers; WWI Victory Medal to 26034 Private J. Parsons, Yorkshire Light Infantry. (3) 20-30
300.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 19000 Private A.H. Lee, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 25-40
301.    A Victorian Board of Trade Medallion, for attendance at a wreck. 50-80
302.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 1836 Private S. Patrick, Royal Army Medical Corps. Killed in action 28.09.17 with paperwork and burial records. 15-25
303.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, to K4691 F. Locke Leading Stoker Royal Navy, together with his Certificate of Service, printed on vellum. 40-80
304.    An 1853 South Africa Medal, to Private James Burkinshaw 45th Regiment, Present 2nd Kaffir War 1846-47 and 3rd Kaffir War 1851-52-53, missing suspension bar. 70-100
305.    A WWI War Medal, name almost erased; WWI War Medal to MI-7150 Sergeant E. Price, Army Service Corps. 15-25
306.    Victorian South Africa Medal, to J.A.S Fox, lst Battalion Rifle Brigade, at some time converted to a brooch, and then converted back again. 50-80
307.    A Victorian Turkish Crimea Medal, British issue, un-named. 110-130
308.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 44036 Private T. Harman, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry with paperwork. 30-50
309.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 196966 Gunner F. Vittie, Royal Artillery. 15-25
310.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory medals to 43989 Driver M. Gallagher Royal Artillery. 15-25
311.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to K.44706 J. Hutchinson, Stoker 1 Royal Navy. 25-40
312.    A WWI War Medal, to 31264 Private F. Revis, Yorkshire Regiment; WWI War Medal to 17884 Private J.W. Jephsom, York and Lancs Regiment; WWI War Medal to 40691 Private W. Vaughan, West Yorkshire Regiment, with box of issue. 30-50
313.    A WWI War Medal, to 85792 Private S. Sharpe, Machine Gun Corps; WWI War Medal to 2871 Sapper F.E. Harlow, Royal Engineers; WWI War Medal to M2-080070 Private S. J. Kirk, Army Service Corps. (3) 25-40
314.    A WWI Duo, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 78486 Private A.A. Bushell, Royal Army Medical Corps; together with a Miners Tally "NCB Brodsworth". 25-40
315.    A Victorian Turkish Crimea Medal, (unnamed) no ribbon; A Victorian Crimea Medal, with "Sebastopol" clasp (unnamed); A Victorian Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to Gunner B. Clarke, 1st Brigade Royal Artillery; A large brass pin back badge Sheffield and Hallam Veterans Guild - this guild was formed to support Crimea and Indian Mutiny veterans in the 1890's and early XX Century. 200-400
316.    A Victorian Silver Medallion to the 14th King's Hussars, with many battle honours up to South Africa 1900 - 1902. 50-80
317.    A Victorian Queen's South Africa Medal, to 7564 Private L.Hall, Yorkshire Light Infantry; together with a small pocket bible which was presented to Private Hall in Malta. 50-80
318.    A WWI George V Duo, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to J65054 C.E Ballard A.B.R.N. mounted as worn. 25-40
319.    A WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals to 24541 Private F Potter, Army Veterinary Corps., with paperwork. 30-50
320.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 11401 Private F. Simpson, Yorkshire Light Infantry. 15-25
321.    A WWI Trio, consisting of 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 9496 Acting Corporal W. Hebden, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, later Machine Gun Corp., with paperwork. 40-60
322.    A WWII George VI Medal Pair, consisting of 1939/45 Star, War Medal to John Charles Brayshaw, R.A.F, believed killed 17th June 1940 on active service; together with his christening mug. 20-40
323.    A 1950 Korea Medal, to 19107641 Private H. Dale, Black Watch; A United Nations Korea Medal, suspended as worn plus red cap hackle. 100-200
324.    A WWI George V Medal Duo, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to 41969 Private C.Crossland East Yorkshire Regiment; A General Service Medal 1918-62 with Iraq clasp, renamed to Private Crossland, with ribbon brooch. 30-50
325.    A WWII Elizabeth II Group of Four Medals, consisting of WWII Defence Medal, War Medal, ER II Coronation, George VI RAF Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, to Flying Officer F. Alderton R.A.F. 50-80
326.    A WWI and WWII Group of Four Medals, consisting of Military Medal, War Medal, Victory Medal and WWII Defence Medal, mounted as worn, to 281312 Sergeant A. Fox, 217 Lancashire Fusilier's. 200-400
327.    An Historically Important Group of Seven World War II Medals to Squadron Leader Sydney Clayton, RAF; Comprising DSO, DFC and Bar, DFM, Air Crew Star, 1929-45 Star, Defence Medal and War Medal, Plus Minatures.
As one half of '...the most famous bombing team in the RAF..' Sq Leader Clayton survived 145 operational flights as a navigator and pilot with 107 Squadron, 105 Squadron and 464 Squadron, flying mainly Blenheims and De Havilland Mosquitoes. The Lot also includes over one hundred photographs, including operational photographs, telegrams, letters including those from Air Marshall Harris and press cuttings, a picture presented by De Havilland on his 100th mission, presentation silver cigarette case, commemorative autograph book marking his farewell from the RAF, a letter of gratitude and cuff-links from the Danish Resistance among other items. A unique and outstanding lot.
NB: There is no flying log or service record present. 10000-15000
327A.   (Continuation of description of lot 327); Squadron Leader Sydney Clayton, DSO, DFC and Bar, DFM;
Sydney Clayton was born in Dilworth, near Longridge, Lancashire in March 1916. He was educated at the local school before taking a technical scholarship at Preston College. He held various jobs before the outbreak of war, including that of a commercial traveller selling cheese for a local company, before signing up for the RAF in May 1939. Although ambitious to be a pilot, pilot training was oversubscribed, therefore he turned his talents to training as a navigator. Qualifying in 1940, his first operational unit was 107 Squadron flying the Blenheim Light Bombers, mainly on daylight raids. In total Clayton flew seventy-two operational sorties in the Blenheim, many with another World War Two pilot bomber ace, Wing Commander Roy Ralston, resulting in the awarding of a Distinguished Flying Medal in spring 1941 for completing sixty sorties and promotion to Flying Officer. Following a period on instructional duties with No17 OTU, the formation of the first De Havilland Mosquito Squadrons in early 1942 saw Clayton return to active duty with 105 Squadron. His first operational flight was on July 11th 1942, with a low level bombing raid on the submarine base at Flensburg. Badly damaged by flack the plane was forced to 'belly land' at 160 mph on it's return. On October 21st 1942, while crossing the Dutch coast, Claytons Mosquito was attacked by two German Focke Wulfe 109's. Following a fifteen minute encounter, the Mosquito escaped. For his role as navigator in this encounter Clayton was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross, with the citation recalling his courage, initiative and devotion. Then on December 9th 1942 Clayton was navigator in another infamous bombing raid when, along with pilot Roy Ralston, they trapped a German train while in a tunnel near Paris. Clayton continued to fly both high and low level raids until March 1943, often with his constant companion Roy Ralston as his pilot, hitting communication and logistical targets, including the Renault Aero Works at Le Mans. Then on 1st April 1943, the RAF's 25th birthday, a low level raid on the Trier Railway engine repair depot, was to be Clayton's 100th operational sortie and last as a navigator. A Distinguished Service Order followed, with many plaudits including Air Marshall Sir Arthur Harris and De Havilland themselves. It was now that Clayton's original ambition was to be fulfilled, and pilot training began. By May 1944 he was flying Mosquito's solo, with his first flight being remembered for having had to land on one engine after a technical failure. With Pilot wings gained, Clayton was posted to 464 Squadron RAAF and began flying Mosquito's operationally on 26th August 1944. It was shortly afterwards, that on 31 October 1944 in a daylight raid, Clayton was involved in one of his most memorable raids with the raid on the Gestapo Headquarters in Aarhus, Copenhagen in support of the Danish Resistance. For this act he received a pair of 'Royal' cufflinks from the Resistance and it formed part of the citation for a Bar to his Distinguished Flying Cross. Having completed 145 operational flights, 100 as a navigator and 45 as a pilot. VE day came on the 8th May 1945 and a return to civilian life saw Sydney Clayton back in Lancashire running an hotel and a newsagents, before joining the Civil Service in 1971. Sydney Clayton died in tragic circumstances at home in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire in 1976, survived by his wife Margie.

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