Medals & Militaria plus Military Figures Auction
on Thursday 27th July 2017

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1.      A Wooden Second World War Post Office Savings Bank Sign, 'Your Country Lend for Her Defence. 100cm high, 90cm wide. 50-80
2.      A Mid 1930's Educational German Poster, showing the cutaway of a British submarine, by A. Pichlers Witwe and Sohn, Wien, and entitled "Durchfchnitt Durch Ein Unterfeeboot (Englifch), black and white, on board, 90x64cms. 80-120
3.      After Russel Denny, "B17F Flying Fortress "Idiot's Delight"", colour print , framed, 32 x 82cm. 15-25
4.      After Ian Walton, "The Last Sunderland", colour print, framed, 47 x 65cm; together with two further smaller framed colour prints, including "Sunderland Mark 3" by I. Walton and "Catalina" by Jeremy Whitehouse. (3) 20-30
5.      A Silk Embroided Coat of Arms, Moto Reads, 'Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense- Firm', framed. 10-20
6.      After John Young- 'Memphis Bell', graphite signed by artist, framed. 15-25
7.      After John Young, "Guardian Of The Skies", colour print, graphite signed, framed, 37 x 56cm; together with another colour print after Keith Hill, "Signing Off", 1/750, graphite signed, framed, 36 x 55cm. (2) 20-40
8.      After Robert Taylor, "First Sighting", graphite signed reproduction framed print , , 25 x 35.5cm; together with S. Pickford, oil on canvas "Sunderland, Flying Boat. 201 SQU.", 1985, framed, 40.5 x 59.5cm, and two further framed colour prints depicting Sunderlands. (4) 20-40
9.      Print- Red Arrows Over The Mall in 2008, signed by pilots, framed. 15-25
10.     An Early XX Century Silk to 30th Battery Royal Field Artillery, framed. 20-40
11.     After Robert Taylor, "Lancaster", reproduction print in colours, graphite signed Norman Jackson, (VC), framed, 25 x 35cm; together with another colour print after John Young, "Old Sugar", graphite signed by the artist, framed, 37 x 56cm. (2) 20-30
12.     LOT WITHDRAWN - A 1949 RAF Sergeant Air Gunner Tunic, size 7, complete with medal ribbons, all buttons and cloth badges. 15-25
13.     A Mid XX Century R.A.F No. 1 Uniform Jacket, with G.S.M medal ribbon; Plus Worn R.A.F Forage Cap. (2) 10-20
14.     After Robert Taylor, 'A Time For Heroes' Spitfires of 234, squadron returning in 1940, graphite signed by artist, group caption Tom Dalton-Morgan DSO, DFC, OBE, wing commander Bob Doe, DSO, DFC, wing commander George Unwin DSO, DFM, framed, plus another print. 30-50
15.     After Ivan Berryman, "Wolf Hunt", 155/250,colour print, graphite signed by the artist and Charles Bawdon- SGT, FLT. Engineer 201 Squadron, Coastal Command, Pembroke Dock, with Noel Tatt Fine Arts blind stamp, framed, 25 x 43cm; together with another colour print after Keith Woodcock, "Wings Over Pembroke Dock" 404/505, graphite signed, framed, 36 x 55cm. (2) 15-25
16.     After 'SR Pepper- Somewhere In England', study of a flying fortress and crew, graphite signed by artist, framed. 15-25
17.     After Mark Postlethwaite- 'R6644, The Invisible Thread', Spitfire's over the Malvern Hills, graphite signed by artist and David S...M...?, framed. 15-25
18.     After Robert Taylor, "Memorial Flight",colour print, graphite signed by pilots Johnnie Johnson and Peter Townsend to lower margin, framed, 36.5 x 55.5cm. 25-40
19.     A Large Collection of British Medal Miniatures, all reproduction on two picture frames. 20-30
20.     Two Standing Second World War Cardboard Signs, 'In Your Money Lies' Victory' Post Office savings bank and 'Buy Defence Bonds for Victory', 76cm x 51cm and 38cm x 25cm respectively. 30-50
21.     A WWII Phillips MKV Military Roadster Bicycle, roller lever brakes front and rear, parcel rack, pump, two lamps and brooks sprung leather saddle. Often used for message running on military bases. 150-200
22.     A Second World War Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Uniform, with Sub Lieutenants epaulette's. Together with an overcoat with Lieutenants epaulette's, peaked cap, jumpers and other associated bits of kit. 50-100
23.     Two Late XX Century Military Jackets, eight American and a Civilian Airways jacket. 15-20
24.     A Third Reich Flag (Nazi), measuring 8ft x 4 ft 6ins, marked REICHSKNEGSFL, complete with Halyard. 150-250
25.     A Royal Navy White Ensign, 87 x 170cm, and a blue ensign with golden lion, 75cm by 130cm. 30-50
26.     A Large Quantity of White Metal and Plastic 'War Games' Style Figures, typically 25mm, Ancient armies including Romans, Vikings, Arabs, Elephant Army, mounted, sometimes loose, in two painted white wooden cabinets. 100-200
27.     Fourteen Military Themed Books, predominantly in hardback format including key (1993) Spitfire The History by Eric B. Morgan and Edward Shacklady, Air Life (1982) A History of De Havilland by C. Martin Sharp, Putnam 91995 Aircraft of The Royal Air Force Since 1918 by Owen Thetford. 15-25
28.     A Quantity of British Military Cloth Badges, RAF themes noted. Mainly modern. Plus three RAF related bumper badges. Unused.
29.     Seven Forage Caps with Badges, mainly modern. 15-25
30.     A Collection of Ten Hardback Volumes Macdonald- War Planes of the Second World War, by William Green including Fighters Volume One (1960), Bombers and Reconnaissance Aircraft Volume Seven (1967), together with Macdonald hardbacks Famous Bombers of the Second World War, Famous Fighter of The Second World War, both first and Second Series present by William Green. 15-25
31.     A Framed Collection of Sixty Five RAF Squadron Badges, 59cm x 53cm. 10-20
32.     A Quantity of Used Ordnance, sometimes decorated. 15-25
33.     A Collection of Eleven Putnam/ PBS Predominantly Military Aircraft Themed Hardback Books including Russian aircraft since 1940 by Jean Alexander (1975), German Aircraft of The Second World War by J.R.Smith and Anthony Kay (1975), aircraft of The Royal Air Force since 1918 by Owen Thetford (1976). 15-20
34.     Three Hardback Volumes of The Patton Papers, by Martin Blumenson published by Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, (1972) volume I 1885-1940, (1972) volume II, 1885-1940, (1974) volume II 1940-1945. 10-20
35.     Victorian Four into One Smelting Pot and XIX Century Powder Flask, by Bartram & Co (leather cover missing) with adjustable spout. 15-25
37.     A Large Quantity of Mid XX Century Often Official and Press Photographs of Naval Ships Around The World, nearly all with detailed annotation on the back. 20-40
38.     A Collection of Eight Books All United States Air Force Themes, (both hardback and paperback) including Haynes-The American Fighter, The Definitive Guide to American Fighter Aircraft from 1917 to the present, EN20 Angelucci with [Peter Bowers, Putnam (1976) United States navy aircraft since 1911, Gordon Swanborough and Peter H Bowers. 15-25
39.     Two Framed Military Cap Badge, Button and Cloth Patch Collections, including Royal Marines, Irish Rangers, S.A.S, Lancashire Fusiliers and Queens Lancers. 20-40
40.     HMS Conway Interest, A Framed Leather Crest, 54 x 58cms, three pieces of Crested Ware, an ashtray and two caldrons, two postcards, one signed by what is believed to be a number of six pupils.
*HMS Conway was a naval training school, based upon the former HMS Nile, 90 gun ship of The Line from 1876 to 1953 when she ran aground and broke her back. 100-120
41.     Four Hardback Books MacDonalds, PBS, Fighter Squadrons of the RAF and Their Aircraft, 1969 and 1976 editions by John Rawlings, Bomber Squadrons of the RAF and Their Aircraft 1965 and 1976 editions by Philip Moyes. 10-20
42.     Over Sixty R.A.F. Philatelic Flown Covers and Signed Covers, signatories include Richard Todd (Guy Gibson in the film Dambusters), Air Marshall Sir John Curtis, Brigadier R. J. N. Kelly, Wing Commander W. G. Wood O.B.E and Group Captain T. P. Gleave C.B.E. in a Royal Mail cover album. 20-40
43.     Nine Aircraft and Fighting Ships Reference Books, in both hardback and paperback formats, including Studio Editions Jane's Fighting Ships of World War II Foreward by Anthony Preston 91994), Sampson Low, Fighting Planes of The World edited by E.C.Talbot Booth, complied by Eric Sargent (circa 1930's), Jane's All The Worlds Aircraft 1961-62 complied and edited by John W.R.Taylor. 15-20
44.     Peakland Air Crashes by Pat Cunningham, three volumes in paperwork format, The North, The South, The Central area. 10-20
45.     A Collection of Books of Mainly 1500-1800 Military Interest, including "Prince Rupert The Last Cavalier" by Charles Spencer, "The Desperate Remedy" by Martin Stephen and "The Seven Years War" by Rupert Furmeaux, approximately thirty:- One Box 20-40
46.     A Gulf War British Army Javelin S-15 'Starburst' Laser Guided Surface To Air Missile Case, inner and outer #170031J, be assured its empty. 20-40
47.     A Collection of Ten Books, all Luftwaffe themed, including Putnam, Junkers Aircraft and engines 1913-1945, Antony L Kay, World Air Power Journal, Warplanes of The Luftwaffe- A complete guide to the combat aircraft of Hitler's Luftwaffe from 1939-1945. 15-25
48.     The American Civil War Strategy Game, boxed. 5-10
49.     Ten Submarine and U-Boat Themed Books, in both hardback and paperback format including Weidenfeld and Nicholson (1999) Hitler's U-Boat War The Hunted 1942-1945 by Clay Blair, pen and sword maritime (2008) Royal Navy submarines 1901 to the present day by Maurice Cocker. 15-25
50.     Five Airships Themed Books, borh hardback and softback including Macdonald and Jane's (1974) Airships, an illustrated history, Henry Beaubois and Carlo Demand, Weidenfeld and Nicorson (1994) reliving the era of The Great Airships- Hindenburg an illustrated history, text by Rick Archbold. 10-20
51.     A Collection of Twelve Flying Boat Themed Books, both hardbacks and paperback plus four other publications, books include Air Life (1986) PBY The Catalina Flying Boat by Roscoe Creed, Hale (1984) Boats of the Air an Illustrated History of Flying Boats, Seaplanes and Amphibians by David Wragg. 15-25
52.     A Collection of Books of Mainly Pre 1500 Military Interest, including "Richard III" by Anthony Cheetham, "Battlefield Yorkshire" by David Cooke, and Medieval Warefare" by Terence Wise, approximately forty:- One Box 20-40
53.     A Collection of Books on Military Uniform Throughout History, including "A History of The Uniforms of The British Army", by Cecil C.P Lawson, "European Military Uniforms, A Short History" by Paul Martin, and "Varnished Armies" by A.E Haswell Miller, approximately twenty five:- One Box 25-40
54.     A Quantity of Twelve Bore Shotgun Associated Items, including Browning gun case, cartridge belt, cleaning kits, Barbour thorn proof repair kit, two gun sleeves baseball style cap, cartridge bag.
55.     An Extremely Interesting Collection of Twenty Nine Putnam Hardback Books, including, Boeing Aircraft since 1916 by Peter M Bowers (1989), English Electric Aircraft and Their Predecessors by Stephen Ranson and Robert Fairclough (1987), Fokker- The Creative Years By A R Weyl (1987), Gloster Aircraft since 1917 by Derek N James (1987), 30-50
56.     A Large Scale Radio Controlled Model, of a German World War II Dornier type aircraft, wooden construction with a wingspan of 152cm, and nose to tail 115cm, fitted with twin O.S engines, three Futaba servo's and receiver, no transmitter. 25-50
57.     A Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Diorama, depicting German and Russian tanks and Russian army truck amongst ruins, base measures 77cms x 22cms. 10-20
58.     Two Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Dioramas, one depicting a downed and wrecked Messerschmit aircraft with Kubelwagon and troops in attendance, the other a German half truck (missing front wheels), base measures 40 x 22cms and 32 x 29cms respectively. 10-20
59.     Two Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Dioramas, one depicting a Panzer tank at rest having running repairs, the other a tracked light gun and staff car and ruins, bases measure 43 x 21cms and 39 x 31cms respectively. 10-20
60.     Two Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Dioramas, one with American amoured troop carrier in rural setting, the other with a German light tracked gun carrier and ruined building, overall base measurement 42 x 26cms. 10-20
61.     A Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Diorama, depicting a destroyed bridge with American tank in the water, a military ambulance and jeep, base measures 46 x 36cms. 10-20
62.     Four Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Dioramas, an American Amphibious vehicle, a British fighter aircraft, a German armoured rail car, and a converted rail carriage. 10-20
63.     A Large Scale Kit Built Static Model Of An R.A.F Westland Lysander WWII Aircraft, very well built wood and film covered wings construction. The model does have a ceased Elow plug engine, Wingspan 152cm, nose to tail 88cm. ( These planes were famously used for night time landings in France on short runways, often in support of the resistance, with some incredible bravery by the pilots - as recounted in the book, 'We Landed By Moonlight' by Hugh Verity D.S.O and Bar D.F.C who's book accompanies this lot. 30-50
64.     A Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Diorama, depicting British troops and two vehicles halted at a railway crossing, base measures 54 x 23cms. 10-20
65.     A Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Diorama, depicting American troops at stable building with tracked armoured car, Jeep and field gun, base measures 47 x 27cms. 10-20
66.     A Large Scale Radio Control Model, of Wing Commander Douglas Bader's Spitfire W3185 DB, from which he baled out over France in 1941, wooden and foam construction with a wingspan of 156cm, and nose to tail 119cm, fitted with glow plug engine and fuel tank, no radio gear. 30-50
67.     A Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Diorama, depicting a bridge over a river with American tank and supply truck, base measures 66 x 2 4cms. 10-20
68.     A Highly Detailed and Very Well Built Second World War Diorama, depicting a German surrender amongst the ruins of a French village, base measures 25 x 33cms. 10-20
69.     Fifteen Hardbook Books From The Blandford Aviation Series, including The Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft in Colour Bombers 1914-19 Patrol and Reconnaissance, Kenneth Munson (1968), Civil Airliners, Kenneth Munson (1967), Private Aircraft Business and General Purpose, Kenneth Munson (1967). 15-25
70.     A Large Quantity of British Military Cap Badges and Similar, a large quantity of which are re-strikes. 30-50
71.     Three Hardback Volumes, Sail Planes, 1920-1945, 1945-1965, 1965-2000 by Martin Simons. 10-20
72.     The WH Smith Folio 'So Few' Dedicated to All Who Fought and One The Battle of Britain, published 1992, Rolls Royce Merlin engine piston ring inscribed Royal Air Force, as an ashtray, Firmin and Guant military brass buttons, 30mm shell case, Cornwall cap badge, R.A.F sweetheart badge and a Luncheon menu, 'Freedom of The Bogouch of Huddersfield' to Earl Beatty with signatories. 10-20
73.     A Collection of Eleven Military Themed Hardback Books, predominantly military badges, Insignia and uniforms including Military Badge Collecting Leo Cooper (1983) by John Gaylor Blandford (1973) Army Badges and Insignia Since 1945 Book One by Guido Rosignoli, plus two British Gallantry and Campaign Medals publications. 10-20
74.     A Pair of Folding Carved teak Book Ends, with plate, 'From The Teak of HMS Iron Duke, Admiral Jellicoes Flagship, Jutland 1916'. 15-25
75.     A Collection of Seven British Navy Themed Books, both hardback and paperback covering the period 1600 to early 1800's including Conway (1995) Nelson's Navy The Ships, Men and Organisation 1793-1815 by Brian Lavery, Chatham Publishing (2005) British Warships in the age of sail; 1793-1817, design construction, careers and fates by Rif Winfield. 10-20
76.     A Quantity of Ephemera, mainly WW II related including training manuals, booklets, programmes, trade cards among other items, sometimes reproduction. 20-40
An Interesting and Unusual Collection of Letters and Telegrams and Postcards, all dated 1943 and in Italian, most appear addressed to a Giuliana Petro and headed 'Alla Gentila Signomna', 'A Beautiful Lady'. Censor Mail noted, contained in three albums. 40-80
78.      Quantity of Books, mainly on WWII military history, number of German Eastern front and Belgium subjects noted. 20-40
79.     Thirteen Hardbook Books of Mainly Victorian Military Interest, including "The Frontier Ablaze!, by Michael Bartherp, "A History of The Dress of The British Soldier" by Lieut-Colonel John Lvard, and "Wellington's Regiments" by Ian Fletcher:- One Box 20-40
80.     A Quantity of Diecast and Plastic Kits, mainly on a WW II theme, by Corgi, Amor, Easy and others, all unboxed. 20-40
81.     A Collection of Books Mainly on WW I, including "World War I In Colour" by Charles Messenger, "The History of World War I In Photographs" by R Hamilton and "The First World War" by Hew Strachan, approximately sixty:- One Box 30-50
82.     A Quantity of Mainly 1:200 Scale, mainly white metal and plastic kit built, hand painted aircraft models WW I to cold war, eight figures together with a quantity of WWI and WWII aircraft fact cards. 50-100
83.     Over One Hundred and Twenty R.A.F. Philatelic Flown Covers, Royal Naval Cover and Brooklands Museum Covers. All with signatures including Wing Commander J.A. Ward, Bill Sparks D.S.M., SIr Hugh Mackenzie K.C.B., D.S.O and Bar D.S.C., Air Commodore M. G. Tomkins M.B.E, R. A. B. Leonard V. C. and Lord Lewin. In good order with various franking's and cachets.
84.     A Collection of Twenty One World War II British Bombers Themed Books, predominantly in hardback format including Viking (1985) The Bomber Command War Diaries an operational reference book, 1939-1945 by Martin Middlebrook and Chris Everitt, Arms and Armour (1997) Forgotten Bombers of The Royal Air Force by Ken Wixey. 15-25
85.     Mid XIX Century French Sabre Bayonet, markers name and date "1842" on back edge of blade with hilt, blade with rust pitting and a post WWII British webbing pouch containing assorted items of a possible medical association. 20-30
86.     A Collection of Sixteen Hardback Books, military aircraft themed (Harleywood/Aero Publishers) including Russian Civil and Military Aircraft 1884-1969, by Heinz J. Nowarra and G. R. Duval (1971), Reconnaissance and Bomber Aircraft of the 1914-1918 War complied by W. M. Lamberton (1962), Lancaster- The Story of a Famous Bomber, complied and written by Bruce Robertson (1967). 20-30
87.     A Collection of WWI and WWII Related Books, Autobiographies, Poetry and Radio Broadcasts, including C. H. Ward-Jackson 'No Bombs at All', wood engravings by Biro, pub. Sylvan Press; Guy Gibson 'Enemy Coast Ahead', first edition 1946, pub. Michael Joseph Ltd.; Johnnie Johnson "Wing Leader"; Raff & Anthony Armstrong 'More Nice Types' etc:- One Box 15-25
88.     A Collection of Twenty Four Osprey Combat Aircraft Paperbacks, including #33 B-29 Super Fortress Unites of World War II by Robert F Dorr (2002), #14 Halifax squadrons of World War II by Jon Lake (1999), #17 JU88 Kampfgeschwader on the Western Front by John Weal (2000). 30-50
89.     Thirteen Battleships Themed Books, in both hardback and paperback format including Arms and Armour (1998) Battleships of World War Two by M.J.Whitley, Conways revised and expanded (2008) Battleships, The Definitive Visual Reference to the Worlds all Big Gun Ships edited by Ian Sturton. 15-25
90.     A Quantity of Late XX Century Empemera Relating to RAF Wittering, a quantity of RAF wall plaques, a Canadian first aid kit among associated items. 20-30
91.     A Collection of Paperback Books of Mainly Victorian Military Interest, including "Osprey", "Men AT Arms", and "Campaign" series publishing's, approximately forty:- One Box 30-50
92.     A XIX Century Wooden Chest, strengthened, with initials H.V.B, KOSB- Kings Own Scottish Borders; 20-40
93.     A Collection of Books Concerning Historical Military Regiments, Throughout The World, including "The Yeomanry Regiments" by P.J.R. Mileham, "Regimental Nicknames and Traditions of The British Army" by Gale & Polden Limited, London and "The Territorial Rattalions" by Ray Westlake, approximately twenty five:- One Box 30-50
93A.    Three WWII Era Helmets, including one ARP Warden and another painted as Warden. 20-40
94.     A Collection of Books On The English Civil War, including "God's Fury, England's Fire" by Michael Braddick and "Yorkshire Sieges of The Civil Wars" by David Cooke, approximately eighty:- Two Boxes 30-50
95.     Two Boxed Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #5799 The Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding), #5800 The Green Howards (Alexandra Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment). 20-40
96.     Six Boxed W. Britain Redcoat's Model Figures, (54mm Classic Metal Soldiers), #43007 Grenadier Officer 1st Foot Guards 1755, #43009 Grenadier, British 1st Foot Guards 1775, #43047 Musketeer Foot Guards 1705, #47049 British Light Company Standing Firing 1754-1763, #44028 Drum Major 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards 1815, #43023 William Britain 2006 Event Exclusive Figure, Private, British 50th Regiment of Foot 1868. 20-40
97.     Three Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #00092 Pipes and Drums of the Scots Guards, #00126 Royal Scots Marching, #00127 The Highland Light Infantry. As new. Boxed. 25-40
98.     A Set of W. Britiain Model Figures, No.2310 The Lifeguards Mounted Band, as new boxed. 20-40
99.     Seven W.Britain Hand Painted Metal Figures, historic Royal palaces, Henry VIII and his six wives #40241-#40247, Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, Catherine Parr, all boxed and with original outer. 20-40
100.    A Britians Limited Edition (2000) Zulu War 'Rorkes Drift 1879' Diorama, no 653, complete with thirteen loose figures, boxed, with certificates. 100-150
101.    Five Window Boxed Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #7210 Scots Guards Drum and Bugle Set, #7249 Queens Colour Part Scots Guards, #7239 Gordon Highlander Officer Piper and four men, #7242 six Gordon Highlander Pipers, #7240 six Black Watch Pipers. 20-40
102.    Two Sets of W. Britiain Model Figures, 17295 Hold at All Costs- add on set, as new boxed. (2) 30-50
103.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures, No.2267 of 5000 The Royal Anglian Regiment. As new. Boxed. 20-40
104.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.0693 The Drums and Pipes of The 1st Battalion, The Gordon Highlanders. As new. Boxed. 20-40
105.    Three Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #00319 Hamley's Limited Edition No. 0143 of 1500, Royal Guard of Honour, The Queen's Company Grenadier Guards - 1899, (two figures missing including officer), #40214 Hamley's Ceremonial Special Edition Unfurling The Colour (Irish Guards). Plus marching figures in unassociated box 15-25
106.    A 1982 Set of Britain's Ceremonial Figures, boxed and two white metal military models of a Royal Marine and a paratrooper. 10-15
107.    A Boxed W. Britain 2011 Matte Club Figure, Zulu War #50028C British 24th Foot At-The-Ready, Bareheaded 1879. 20-40
108.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; The Queen's Colour Squadron, The Royal Air Force Regiment, Special Collectors Edition, 1997. As new. Boxed. 20-40
109.    Two Sets of W. Britiain Model Figures, 17110 Union Command Set- 69th Pennsylvania, and 17295 Hold At All Costs- Add-On Set, as new boxed. (2) 30-50
110.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.0754 The Regiment Band of The 1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders. As new. Boxed. 20-40
111.    Three Boxed Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #00128 King's Royal Rifle Corps, #00157 Band of the Life Guards, #8800 Coldstream Guards. 20-40
112.    Seven Single W. Britain Model Figures; No.40318 Drum major in state dress, No.40343 Henry V, No.8823 Pioneer-Fort Henry, No.5990 Betsy Ross, S.W.Adderly, Sergeant Major 1st Battalion, A William Britain Collectors Club exculsive edition, No.2605 Truncheon Jemadarm Regimental Quartermaster Sgt, part of The Queen Victoria Presentation set, plus No.3108 The Royal Marines three additional side drummers, as new boxed, (8) 30-50
113.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; The Lifeguards Mounted Band (set 2), No.2358 of 2500 sets, as new boxed. 20-40
114.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; The Honourable Artillery Company, No.1334 of 7000 sets, as new boxed. 20-40
115.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; The Royal Welsh Fusiliers, No,3287 of 6000 sets, as new boxed. 20-40
116.    Three Sets of W. Britiain Model Figures; 17435 20th Maine and 15th Alabama, 17436 20th Maine and 15th Alabama #2, and 17437 20th Maine and 15th Alabama #3, as new boxed. (3) 40-80
117.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.998 of 2500 'The Second Burma War', as new boxed. 20-40
118.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.1018 of 2500 The Pipes and Drums of The 1st Battalion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), as new boxed. 20-40
119.    Two Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, The Crimean War, The Charge of the Light Brigade 1854, #3109 The 8th Hussars, #3110 The 11th Hussars. As new. Boxed 20-40
120.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; Hamley's Limited Edition No.172 of 1000 Hussar Regiments of The British Army 1880-1914, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, as new boxed. 20-40
121.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; The Kings Own Royal Border Regiment, No.782 of 6000 sets, as new boxed. 20-40
122.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures, No.224 of 2500 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment), colour party and escort, as new boxed. 20-40
123.    Nine Window Boxed W. Britain Model Figures, Redcoats, #44041 Private, 24th Foot, #44030 Grenadier Officer, 1st Foot Guards, #47012 British Drummer, 15th Regiment of Foot, #44025 Drummer, 29th Regiment of Foot, #44017 Piper Gordon Highlanders (92nd), #44039 Musketeer, 1st Foot Guards, #47071 British Officer, 15th Regiment of Foot, #44024 NCO, 29th Regiment of Foot, #44010 Highlander - 72nd Regiment. 30-50
124.    A Boxed W. Britain Metal Figures Set #8899, Spanish American War 1898, complete with special collectors edition literature. 30-50
125.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures #00075 Scots Greys, as new. Boxed 15-25
126.    Ten Boxed W. Britain Model Figures, World War II Leaders, #00288 Omar Bradley, #17232 William F. "Bull" Halsey, #17234 George C. Marshall, #00285 Erwin Rommel, #00287 Georgi Zhukov, #00284 Dwight D. Eisenhower, #17233 Chester W. Nimitz, #00286 Douglas MacArthur, #17231 Bernard Montgomery, #17384 Charles De Gaulle. 20-40
127.    A Modern Boxed Good Soldiers Metal Figures Set, Camel Corps 1884. 20-40
128.    A Boxed Corgi 1:32 Scale Forward March Hand Painted Metal Figures, #CC59166 Battle of Trafalgar - The Death of Nelson. 40-80
129.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers (The 5th, 6th, 7th and 20th Regiments of Foot) No.2666 of 4000 sets, as new boxed. 20-40
130.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.0862 The Queen's Company Grenadier Guards-1899, as new boxed. 20-40
131.    Five Window Boxed W. Britain Model Figures, Royal Armouries, #40286 Henry VIII Mounted, #40287 Charles I, #40290 James II, #40285 Henry VIII, #40289 The Lion Armour, together with a boxed William Britain model figures, Knights of Agincourt #40239 Knights Dueling - Foot Sir John Grey v Comte De Vaudemont. All as new. 25-40
132.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.0330 The Regimental Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. As new. Boxed. 20-40
133.    A Boxed W. Britain Metal Figures Set #8813, The Dennis Britain set 13th Hussars and The Royal Fusiliers, with centenary collection literature. 30-50
134.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.0501 The Pipes and Drums of The 1st Battallion The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment). As new. Boxed. 20-40
134A.   Seven Window Boxed W. Britain Coldstream Guards Band Model Figures, #8306 Saxophone and Clarinet, #8307 Fife and Side Drum, #8308 Cymbals and Bass Drum, #8309 French Horn and Tenor Horn, #8312 Officer and Drum Major, together with two window boxed William Britain Bandsman model figures. 20-40
135.    Three Sets of W. Britiain Model Figures; 17295 Hold at All Costs, add-on set, as new boxed. (3) 30-50
136.    A Set of W. Britian Model Figures; No.00261 City Imperial Volunteers. As new. Boxed. 20-40
137.    Three Boxed W. Britain Model Figures, World War I, #50066C German 12th Regiment Grenadier at the Ready 1914, #50046C British Lewis Gunner Walking 1916-1917, #8921 Premier Series Officer on Motorcycle of the Machine Gun Service. 15-25
138.    Four Boxed Sets W. Britain Model Figures, Queen Victoria presenting Scots Guards with the State Colour, 15th September 1899, #00294 Scots Guards, Sgt. Shoulder Arms, Corporal and Private Present Arms, #5993 Scots Guards, Duke of Connaught, #40202 Scots Guards, Band Set, Tuba, Alto Saxophone, Piccolo. 25-40
139.    Two Boxed Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #5186 Welsh Guards with cloth flags (1986 Special Edition No. 39 of 5000), #5183 The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders 79th Foot (No. 2844 of 3000). 25-40
140.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.000157 The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. As new. Boxed. 20-40
141.    Two Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, The Crimean War, The Charge of the Light Brigade 1854, #3111 The 4th Light Dragoons, #8112 the 13th Light Dragoons. As new. Boxed
142.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.2972 of 7000 Seaforth Highlanders, The Ross-Shire Buffs Duke of Albany's, as new, boxed. 20-40
143.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.1363 of 2500 The Crimean War 'The Charge of The Light Brigade-1854'. As new. Boxed. 20-40
144.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.000103 of 7000 The Royal Marines, The 1955 Tercentenary Celebration of The British Colony of Jamaica. As new. Boxed. 20-40
145.    Seven Boxed W. Britain Model Figures, History of the British Army, Redcoats, #44003 Private, 29th Regiment of Foot, #43135 Private 64th Regiment of Foot, #43102 Grenadier NCO, #43014 W. Britain 2007 Event Exclusive Figure, Drummer, #43140 Private, 49th Regiment of Foot, #43024 Private, 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards, #44009 Fifer, 2nd (Coldstream) Foot Guards. 20-40
146.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No.1414 of 2500 The Life Guards Mounted Band, Set 1, as new boxed. 20-40
147.    A Set of W. Britain Model Figures; No. 001706 of 6000 The Parachute Regiment, The 1990 Celebration of The 50th Anniversary of The Para. As new. Boxed. 20-40
148.    Six Boxed W. Britain Redcoats and Bluecoats Model Figures, (54mm Classic Metal Soldiers), The French and Indian War, #47000 British Officer 15th Regiment of Foot, #43143 British Drummer 1st Foot Guards, #43145 Provincial Roger's Ranger, #47005 British Drum Major, 1st Foot Guards, #43018 British Fifer 1st Foot Guards, #43146 British Private 15th Regiment of Foot. 20-40
149.    A Boxed W. Britain Metal Figures Set #8872, Camel Corps of The Egyptian Army. 30-50
150.    Five Boxed W. Britain Model Figures, The American Revolution, #17448 Grenadier Company 23rd Foot Royal Welsh Fusilier's, #17350 Battle of Saratoga British 62nd Foot Command Set, #17281 British 52nd Regiment of Foot, #17163 Valley Forge American, #17236 American Minute Man. 30-50
151.    Two Window Boxed Sets of W. Britain Model Figures, #7202 Royal Marine Colour Party and Escort (ten models), Hamley's Edition Scots Guard Band. 20-40
152.    A XX Century Kris, with carved handle in wooden and brass scabbard. 25-50
153.    Second Half XX Century Fairburn Sykes Fighting Knife, in leather scabbard. 30-50
154.    A XX Century Katana, 56cm long, missing card cover to grip, missing scabbard. 30-50
155.    Middle Eastern Native Made Percussion Pistol, from various parts, engraved lock and barrel with carved stock, along with a small leather powder flask. 20-40
156.    Arab/ North African Late XIX Century Short Carbine Flintlock, mother of pearl inlay. 20-40
157.    Late XIX Century Swiss Schmidt Rubin Bayonet, made by Neu Hausen, excellent condition and in its black metal scabbard. 30-50
158.    WWI British S.M.L.E Bayonet, with quillion (rare) dated 1907 by Wilkinson, in its black leather scabbard, overall very good condition, need a gentle clean. 60-100
159.    WWI USA Remington 1917 Sword Bayonet, wooden grips with two grooves, black leather scabbard. 30-50
160.    WWI USA Bayonet, 1913 by Remington, wooden grips with two grooves, with black leather scabbard. 30-50
161.    WWI British S.M.L.E Bayonet, dated 1907 by Sanderson, in its black leather scabbard, overall good condition. 30-50
162.    WWII British Spike Bayonets, in scabbards (four), various marks. 20-40
163.    WWII Era Japanese Katana, 68cm long blade, cord covered fish skin grip, with decorated Pommel and cord, complete with leather bound brown scabbard. 250-350
164.    English 1831 Pattern General Officers Sword by Wilkinson of Sheffield, very good etched blade, standard grip, in correct brass scabbard, ivory grips, No 8756, which records indicate was issued in the 1850's. 200-400
165.    Late Victorian Naval Officers Sword by Walton of Gosport, double edged blade, twin fullered gilt wilt, folding guard, block leather scabbard. 80-120
166.    Victorian Infantry Officers Sword, with piped back edge, hilt damaged, including folding guard, overall poor. 30-50
167.    A Pair of XIX Century Triangular Blade Fencing Foils or Similar, blades approximately 87cm long, snakeskin grips missing wire, cast guards, probably Continental, inscription to top of blade. 40-80
168.    WWII British Spike Bayonets, in scabbards (four), various marks. 20-40
169.    XX Century Arab/ North African Jambiya, base metal decoration, with scabbard. 30-50
170.    Victorian Martini Henry Socket Bayonet, in its leather scabbard, the hilt with rust pitting, blade the same. 50-80
171.    Unknown Early XIX Century Socket Bayonet, with 16 1/2" heavy blade dirty overall, perhaps British. 30-50
172.    A Curved XX Century Middle Eastern of Similar Curved Dagger, with decorated grip and leather scabbard. 15-25
173.    Middle Eastern Native Made Percussion Musket, made up from various parts etc. 30-50
174.    Late XIX Century/ Early XX Century Heavy Walking Stick, embossed with owners name and "Royal Irish". 50-80
175.    A French Chassepot Bayonet, mid XIX Century with brass hilt and metal scabbard, good condition. 30-50
176.    LOT WITHDRAWN - Victorian Percussion Sporting Gun, approximately twelve bore, back action lock with engraving, action affected, with original ramrod, 27" barrel. 50-70
177.    Mid Victorian Sporting Gun, single barrel by M.Pieray, Drum and Nipple conversion from Flintlock, replacement ram rod. 40-60
178.    Mid XIX Century North African/ Arab Dervish Sword, poor condition, 34 inch blade with remnants of scabbard fittings. 25-40
50th Anniversary of Operation Overlord in The Style of a Fairburn Sykes Fighting Knife, plus another associated.
180.    British Post WWII No 7 Bayonet, 8" blade, hilt with slight damage, one screw jammed into resin plastic grips, plus post WW II No 5 bayonet, 8" blade dated 1947, good blade, wooden grips. 25-40
181.    A Reproduction German Hitler Youth Dagger. 20-30
182.    British Post WWII No 9 Bayonet, no scabbard with a British post WW II L1A1 Bayonet for the self loading rifle, in its black metal scabbard. 25-40
183.    British Post WWII No 7 Bayonet, and scabbard in good condition. 20-40
184.    Early XX Century North African Arab Dagger, in leather scabbard. 20-30
185.    A Post Second World War U.S. Army Bayonet, #U.S.M8A1 by Imperial with scabbard. 20-40
186.    1896 Pattern Swedish Mauser Bayonet, marked in a steel scabbard with later webbing. 40-60
187.    Third Reich K98 Bayonet, plastic grips, parketised blade, no scabbard, good condition. 25-40
188.    1957 Pattern Swiss "SIG" Bayonet, in its correct black scabbard. Excellent condition. Makers name F & W on blade. 15-25
189.    Third Reich Full Dress Parade Bayonet, by F.W.Holler, Solingham in good condition, the black metal scabbard, badly damaged, probably Fire Service. 25-40
190.    Third Reich Parade Bayonet by Eickhorn, Solingen grips missing, also Third Reich scabbard with leather front. 15-25
191.    A WWI American Remington Bayonet, shortened to a 22cm blade, in shortened and adapted scabbard. 10-20
192.    A Pair of Georgian Flintlock Pistols, (converted to percussion by Drum and Nipple in the XIX Century), by James Barbar 1722-1773, in working order but well repaired. 80-120
193.    Victorian Leather Shot Flask, with adjustable measure, the leather embossed with a mounted hunter and dog, good condition. 20-40
194.    A Brass and Copper XIX Century Powder Flask, by G & J W.Hanksley of Sheffield, Fawna decoration, blank cartouche. 20-40
195.    Late XVIII French Charleville Style Flintlock Musket, very good condition and working order, ramrod present. 300-500
196.    Large Victorian Gun Size Brass and Copper Powder Flask, no spring and adjustable measure ceased, and a Victorian small pistol flask in brass and copper non adjustable spout, working order. 30-50
197.    A XIX Century Shot Flask, stamped 'Improved Patent', leather covered. 15-25
198.    LOT WITHDRAWN - George III British Brown Bess Flintlock Musket, the lock engraved "Tower" and "GR" cypher" complete with bayonet and leather sling, in good condition and working order, ramrod present, marine issued. 400-600
199.    George III Brass Barrelled Blunderbus, lock engraved "Tower" and "GR" cypher, marked at Breach "HMS Africa". Probably a later addition. ( Later alterations may have been made in certain areas) 500-800
200.    An Album of Over One Hundred R.A.F. Escaping Society Flown Philatelic Covers, many signed and Limited Editions. Including Colditz, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Changi Singapore and Happy Valley Hong Kong Signatories include Wing Commander P. Walker, M.B.I.M, Sqn. Leader W. Wilson, Lt. Col. Th. Voudiklaris, Sqn. Leader N. Jazinski and Flt. Lt. G. Diggle. 1970's - late 1980's. 50-100
201.    An Album of Over One Hundred and Forty R.A.F Flown Philatelic Covers, a good number of which are R.A.F Escaping Committee Series. Many of the covers are signed, including Sqn. Leader W. Wilson, Sqn. Leader Sutea Somari R.R.A.F Wing Commander R. Sweatman, Sqn. Leader O. W. Upton, Wing Commander D. Ward and Sqn. Leader David Holliday. 50-100
202.    A British Military Binocular Periscope, A F V Mark/ F V 562263, serial number 20/64. 20-30
203.    A 6" Green Phosphor Cathode Ray Tube, designed during WW II for use with airborne radar, the tube marked VCR 97 10E/ 222D with war department arrow, contained in fitted case. 30-50
204.    A World War One Era Brass Field Sighting Telescope, by W.Watson and Son Ltd, stamped PATT G340 NP 18, in original wooden box. 30-50
205.    A Large Cordite Leather Covered Shell Carry Case, by "B.H. Ltd", No 58 III. 50-100
206.    A Mid XX Century RAF Bubble Sextant, MK IX, in bakelite case. 30-50
207.    A Quantity of Mainly Reproduction German Third Reich, similar campaign badges. 20-30
208.    A Bugle With 'Argyll And Sutherland', badge attached. 10-20
209.    WWII Military Propaganda Leaflets, one German, one English, both 1944, one refers to #'Robot Planes' ie the VI rockets, framed. 15-25
210.    WWII Steel Helmet Complete with Camo Netting, khaki finish complete with liner. 20-30
211.    A Leather Flying Helmet, in the style of World War One Flying Corps. 50-100
212.    A WWII Period RAF Rescue Kite, in original canister. 20-40
213.    A British WWII Sighting Telescope, reg no 10506. 15-25
215.    A WWI Period Trench Periscope By R & J Beck, Mark VIII No 6242 circa 1917, with wooden handle. 50-80
216.    A Pair of WWII Glasses, made to fit under a gas mask, in case with military booklets. 10-20
217.    Over One Hundred British and Commonwealth and World Cap Badges, mainly XX Century, includes some Polish badges, and American with a book, Badges of the Armed Services, the badges include South Wales borders, Lincolnshire Regiment, Tank Corps 17th Lancers. 200-400
218.    A World War II Type P8, Spitfire Hurricane Cockpit Compass #64521.H., small brass air ministry plaque ref #6A/0.726 to side, together with a post war mechanism limited Croydon Air Speed static and pilot pressure meter with war dept.arrow marking #6A/3147, 60 knots, and a working port/ starboard indicator torch. 30-50
219.    A Pair of Possibly German WWII Tinted Sun Goggles, with strap. 20-40
220.    A Large Quantity of Restricted Admiralty War Office Air Ministry Episcope Aircraft Recognition Cards, in very good condition in original box circa 1956 #22H/966, with amendment listings. 20-40
221.    WWII Service and Pay book to 4861546 Corporal Jack Fisher of the Leicesters, enlisted March 1940, died May 10th 1945. Plus a letter of condolence from the Chaplain, photographs etc.
*Corporal Jack Fisher was killed along with twelve colleagues and five German POW in an explosion in an ammunition dump in Holland where the Germans were disarmed. 20-40
222.    A Swagger Stick, together with a small collection of early XX Century badges and buttons etc. in a cash tin. 10-20
223.    A Collection of Eight British Military Aircraft Guages, Clock and Compass, including short and mason spitfire boost gauge mk.111m; Smith's Lancaster engine speed indicator, Negretti clock and Sestrel Gimballed compass. 50-100
223A.   Two Military Aiguillettes, one Naval, one Army. 30-40
224.    Approximately Two Hundred British Military Cap Badges and Similar, many different regiments with some re-strikes noted. 100-200
225.    A 1923 'L' Album De La Guerre', a Picture History of World War One, wear to cover. 15-25
226.    A British Edwardian Blue Cloth Officers Helmet To The Royal Irish Constabulary, with silver mounts and cap badge in its tin case, named to J. E. Holmes ESQ R.I.C, and a small bronze lapel badge, Ulster Volunteer Force. 200-400
227.    Early XX Century French Brass Fireman's Helmet, complete with leather liner. 40-60
228.    A WWI Medal Duo, Comprising War and Victory Medal to Second Lieutenant Charles Roberts; together with his Eleventh Royal Fusiliers uniform - currently with two cuff pips - lieutenant, although shadows of three -captain; war medal and Victory medal ribbon, Welsh Fusiliers, forage cap, other caps, belts, canteen, helmet, water bottle, camp bed, missing boots, dinner suit, plus photos and other items.
229.    A WWI Era Leather Flying Style Jacket, with collar. Double buttoning front. No labels. 80-150
230.    A Mid XX Century Mark I Compass, by T.G.Co with WD arrow. 15-25
231.    A Dinky Ensign Class Aircraft, shadow camouflage, fully restored. 20-30
A Pair of WWII Desert Goggles, by Wilson of America. In original case. 60-100
233.    A WWI Period 'Ingersol Wrist' Watch, white numerals to black face with inner seconds dial, style often refereed to as 'Ingersol Midget' but clearly states 'wrist' to face, unstamped to rear of case. 70-100
234.    A Gold Trench Style Watch, with white face, gold coloured numerals and inner second hand face. 80-120
235.    A White Metal Trench Style Watch, with white face, gold coloured numbers, and inner second hand face, face marked......., London. 30-50
236.    A Late XX Century C.W.C Wristwatch, with war department arrow, stamped WIO/6645-99, 5415317, 76076, 91. 20-40
237.    Lemania; A 'Dirty Dozen' Military Issue Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the case back stamped "Q2555" "W.W.W." "4159" "4059", lug stamped "637", on later expanding strap. 100-200
238.    Lowenthal; A c.1940's Mono Rattrapante Chronograph Gent's Wristwatch Head, the signed black dial with Roman and Arabic numerals and two subsidiary dials, within plain case (lacking strap); Together with A WWI Style Gent's Wristwatch, within cushion shape case, stamped "0.935", on part strap. (2) 60-80
239.    A British Military Fob Watch, white metal stamped GS/TP 064456 with war department arrow and a stop watch with large war department arrow- stamped 36031. 20-40
240.    Mid XX Century Fairburn-Sykes Fighting Knife, its correct leather scabbard. 80-120
241.    A Mid XX Century German Civilian 'Deutsche Heurmacut' Arm Band, black on yellow. 20-40
242.    A WWI Soldiers Notebook, to Private C. P. Wagner Tank Corps, Palestine, with photo of troopship and a silver A.R.P lapel badge. 20-40
243.    A Fairburn Sykes WWII Fighting Commando Dagger, brass hilt some rusting to blade, leather scabbard, damaged. 30-50
244.    A WW II Era Fairbairn Sykes Commando Fighting Dagger, mark 2, brass knulled grip, cross gaurd stamped with war department arrow and B2, double edged blade 16cm long, with leather sheath. 240-280
245.    A German WWII Third Reich Kriegsmarine Parade Dagger, by Eufhorster, Solingen superb engraved blade with correct troddel with gilt scabbard with hangers. 200-400
246.    An American Civil War Period - 1860's Cased Ambrotype Photograph, of a young union cavalry sergeant. 1:9th plate size, being 5cm x 6.5cm. He is holding a Smith and Weston Revolver. The embossed case has unfortunately lost its spine. With three accompanying enlarged photographs. 100-200
247.    A Small Collection of Early to Mid XX Century Cap Badges (26), including 10th Royal Hussars, Loyal North Lancashire, The Buffs, 4th Royal Irish Dragon Guards, Tank Regiment etc. 60-100
248.    A Boer War Era Tea Cup and Saucer, by Foley, transfer printed with military theme. 65-75
249.    Five Modern Porcelain Military Figurines, Napoleonic period. 25-30
250.    An Early XX Century Postcard Album, containing many cards relating to WWI including silks, comic and photos. 30-50
251.    Two Military Histories The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry "1755 to 1914", One History of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry in the Great War 1914-1918, and a History of the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry 1919-1942, and a booklet the Battle of Stamford Bridge. 30-50
252.    British WWII Medals, comprising of 1939/ 45 star, France and Germany star, War and Defence medals in box of issue named MR.C.H. Gordon, Sheffield, with aluminium name tag, with two interesting personal letters to a Miss Hannah Gordon from a U.S.Serviceman dated 1943, a tank badge, a pen knife and Sheffield transport staybrite badges and buttons. 25-40
253.    Two Wooden Truncheons, one early XX Century turned wooden with leather strap and one later with cord strap. 20-40
254.    A Quantity of Mainly WWII Period Military and Associated Items, including cloth badges, German surrender flyers, currency, ration tin, buttons etc, eight army related noted. 20-40
255.    A WWI Boosey & Co Military Bugle, dated 1916 with war department arrow. 15-25
256.    WWII Hand Lamp Dated 1942, made by T.E.Bladen, complete and in good condition with blackout cover and War Dept arrow. 20-30
257.    A Cordite Shell Carry Case, with leather handle and coat of arms. 100-120
258.    A WWII Period Steel Helmet, 'Police' with lining and strap. 20-40
259.    A 1914 Christmas Princess Mary Tin, with cigarette packets (some contents) and Christmas card addressed to able Seaman J. W. Smith Royal Navy Volunteer Reserves aboard H.M.S. Thunderer which fought in the battle of Jutland. Together with his Hawkes and Co., Piccadilly, collar box with collars and firmin buttons and an earlier tin hat box inscribed E. P. Smith. 30-50
260.    A Fascinating First World War Archive, relating to Sheffield man Private Ernest Gray of the Royal Army Medical Corps, who served abroad H.M.S Mauritania, includes detailed diaries of time spent in Mons, Egypt, and France, postcards, real photographs, silks, his Mauritania permanent pass, army medical service arm band and other interesting ephemera, viewing highly recommended. 30-50
261.    A Set of Great War Stereo Picture Cards, in original box.
262.    A Quantity if Reproduction Medal Miniatures. 15-25
263.    'Scenes ET Episodes De La Guerre De 1870-71'. 10-15
264.    A Late Victorian Officers/ Major Red Tunic, with silver bullion and Leicester Regiment collar badge, silver buttons, missing one epaulette otherwise very good condition. 80-120
265.    American Civil War Period, early 1860's collection of forty three graphically illustrated letter headers and notelets, many with hand written notes, fervent union imagery-pre Statue of Liberty so some odd pseudo Brittania's, viewing highly recommended. 50-100
266.    A WW II Era RAF Mess or Similar Wall Clock, round face 35cm diameter, black Roman numerals and RAF crown and wreath clearly snowing on face. 300-400
267.    Fascinating United States Civil War Era Unionist Paper Ephemera, from the early 1860's, graphically headed letters, including references to the attack on Fort Sumpter, 'The Union Tree', John Alexander McClernand-Union General and democrat politician in Illinois, Major General George Brinton McClellan-General in Chief and other 'Patriotic' banners, all with interesting hand written letters (10), superb historical documents. 50-100
268.    A Quantity of WWI And Later Flag Day Pin Badges and Flags, military charities noted. 30-50
269.    Tin Box with a Varied Amount of Lapel Badges, enamel badges, some military cap badges and brass buttons. 30-50
270.    Regimental History of The 16th The Queens Lancers, by Henry Grahem, also with a handwritten letter by Lieut. Pearson, a participant in the Battle of Aliwal, Sikh Wars, 1846, describing his part in the action. 20-40
271.    A Brass Porthole, stamped 'Rainhill' and '113800' in working order, 40cm diameter. 50-80
272.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Dinky Aircraft, some repainted, including Empire Flying Boat. 20-30
273.    An Extraordinary Collection of Approximately Thirty Coloured and Black and White Cartoons, from WWI France, mainly trench related, mounted on brown paper. 200-300
274.    A Second World War Czech Bohmish Waffembrik 'Donkey Ears' Binoculars, manufactured in Prague, marked CZ88, 1996, SF 14 S.G, H/6460 and further marked H6400 on later wooden plinth. 200-400
275.    A Pair of WWII Japanese Imperial Naval 'Crows Nest' Binoculars by Nikko, two plates intact, including Nikko No. 406, 20 x 3, lenses intact, rice cover (for absorption purposes) intact, some minor external pieces missing, no signs of restoration; on unassociated tripod. Very hard to find. 2000-3000
276.    Two Framed Collections of British Military Cap Badges, some re-strikes noted. 20-30
277.    A Quantity of WWI Related Ephemera, including postcards, booklets, certificates, newspapers, sometimes reproduction. 20-40
278.    An Album of Over One Hundred and Sixty R.A.F. Series Flown Philatelic Covers, many signed and Limited Editions. Including Air Commodore R.K. Orrock, D.F.C, A.D.C, MBIM, Sqn Leader W. McEachern, D.F.C, D.F.M, Wing Commander G. E. Ord, Sqn Leader G. R. Philips, Field Marshall Lord Harding and Wing Commander W. H. Bonner. Early-mid 1970's. 50-100
279.    An Album of Over One Hundred and Thirty R.A.F. Flown Philatelic Covers, test Pilots and Bomber Command many of which are signed. Including Vulcan, Sopwith Camel, Vickers Valiant, Sea Harrier, Spitfire etc, Signatories include, Sqn. Leader Michael Lawrence, Colonel Ivan Weaver, Sqn. Leader W. A. Wainwright, Capt. Konrad S. Gruce U.A.A.F, Colonel Markraf and Sqn. Leader T.E. Lloyd. 50-100
280.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 62969 PTE H.Clarke, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 15-25
281.    George V WWI Duo Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 3547 Gunner E.B. White Royal Artillery. 20-30
282.    George V WWI Duo, consisting of War (suspender missing) and Victory medals, to: 22485 Private J.E. Belk Yorkshire Light Infantry. 20-40
283.    George V WWI War and Victory Medals, to: 30184 Private J. Cotton Yorks and Lancs Regiment. 30-50
284.    George V WWI Duo, of War and Victory medals, to 26667 private F.Fidler Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
285.    A WWI War Medal to 3/3382 PTE.C.Steade, Yorks Light Infantry, plus an 1889 crown, a damaged WW II defence and war medals. 20-30
286.    George V WWI Medal Pair Consisting of War and Victory medal, to K.47391, J.T.Farrier STO.1 Royal Navy. 25-40
287.    George V WWI Duo Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 301724 Private R.M. Dey, Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders. 30-50
288.    George V Three WWI War Medals, to: 11625 Private W.H. Rostron Lancashire Fusiliers and 18128 private F.S. Hollis Royal Lancashire Regiment, and 242012 Private J.W. Smalley Royal Lancashire Regiment, (some facsimile paperwork). 30-50
289.    George V WWI Duo Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 3034 Sapper M. Grimsey Royal Engineers. 20-40
290.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to: 4077 Private J.W. Lorriman West Yorkshire Regiment, 200247 Private C. Kirby Yorks Private W.W. Adams York and Lancs Regiment, with a "York and Lancaster BI" metal cap badge. 30-50
291.    A Victorian Volunteer Long Service Medal, unamed. 20-40
292.    George V War and Victory Medals, to 21865 J.J.Holt East Lancs Regiment. 25-40
293.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to: 26034 Private J. Parsons Yorkshire Light Infantry, 26580 Private A. Bailey Royal Air Force, 3928 Private J. Thompson, Kings Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
294.    George V Three WWI Victory Medals, to: 268951 Private L.Power, Liverpool Regiment, 40470 Private S.C.Bullock Royal Warwickshire Regiment, 27553 Private T.Cotton South Wales borders. 30-50
295.    Two George V WWI Victory Medals, to: 474244 Private G.Kitchener 4 6 Canadian Infantry, and 42036 Private H.D.J.Haywood Norfolk Regiment. 20-40
296.    A WWI Medal Duo, made up of War medal and Victory medal to 9-7752 PTG W Swift Durham Light Infantry. 30-50
297.    George V - Two WWI Victory Medals, to: 43453 Private J.T. Young West Yorkshire Regiment and T4-059873 Driver T. Service Army Service Corps. 25-40
298.    A WWII Medal Quartet, made up of War Medal, with oak leaf, Defence Medal, Africa Star and 1939-45 Star. Plus R.A.F Sergeants jacket with medal bar. Hand written note states Sergeant J.W. Jephson, R.A.F 1936 - 1947
299.    George V WWI War Medal, to: 102753 Gunner P.Symons Royal Artillery, also his R.A.Cap badge. 10-20
300.    George V WWI Pair Consisting War and Victory Medals, to 40698 Pioneer L.Simmons Royal Engineers, with much facsimile paperwork. 20-30
301.    A Quantity of Reproduction Medals, and associated items. 15-25
302.    George V WWI Victory Medal, to: 31828 Private J.E.Holmes West Riding Regiment, (with much facsimile paperwork). 15-25
303.    Four George V WWI Victory Medals, to: 28517 Private G. French the Queens Regiment, 4385 Private A.E. Davies Gloucester Regiment, 232303 G.B. Lowden Royal Artillery, 36725 C. Dix Royal Artillery. 30-50
304.    George V WWI Victory Medal, to: 63837 Private J.J. Smith 4-Canadian Infantry, (with much facsimile paperwork). 15-25
305.    George V WWI Three War Medals, to: 23627 Private A. Pugh King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 201830 Gunner A. E. Edge Royal Artillery, 75406 Driuer T. Gill Royal Artillery. 30-50
306.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/ 15 Star, War and Victory medals to: 55-9241 Private G.W. Perkins Army Service Corps. 30-50
307.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Police and Fire Enamel Badges, including West Riding Special Constable, AFS and NFS. 20-30
308.    A WWII Bradford Home Guard Efficiency Badge, two TA badges, a Home Guard enamel badge and an ATS badge. 20-30
309.    A George VI General Service Medal, to 22340480, Private K.Fox, Kings Own Light Infantry. 30-50
310.    George V WWI War and Victory Medals, to: 96893 Gunner T.Balmforth Royal Artillery; WW II Defence and War medal. A Naval Cap tally, and an Italian WW II medal. 25-40
311.    George V WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 62545 Private A. Horne York and Lancs Regiment with facsimile paperwork. 30-50
312.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to: L-5362 Gunner H. Henderson Royal Artillery, 45838 Private H. Foster Yorkshire Regiment, 3490 5JT.J. J. Coultas King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
313.    George V WWI War and Victory Medals, to: 231359 Gunner E.Watson Royal Artillery. 20-30
314.    Six Silver and One Metal WW II ARP Badges and an ARP Whistle. 25-40
315.    George V WWII Group of Four, consisting of 39/45 Medal, Atlantic Star, War and Defence medals. 15-25
316.    British WWI Victory Medal, to 9847 Private C Whitelock Royal North Lancashire Regiment, two imperial service pin back badges and a A.R.P lapel badges. 25-40
317.    George V WWI Three Medals, to: 20583 1 A. M. D. Knox Royal Air Force, 10-15731 Private S. Archer York and Lancs Regiment, and 19352 Private J. Parker York and Lancs Regiment. 30-50
318.    George V WWI Three War Medals, to: 41251 Private R.J. Scamp Rifle Brigade, 268552 Private J. Lowe West Riding Regiment, 311492 Gunner F. Skipsey Royal Artillery, with fibre dog tag. 30-50
319.    Pair of Boer War Miniatures, consisting of Queen's South Africa Medal with "Transvaal", Orange Free State, Relief of Mafeking, Cape Colony clasps, King's South Africa medal with South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902 clasps, mounted as worn. 15-25
320.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals to: M2-049480 Private R.J.Bunyan Army Service Corps, mounted as worn. 30-50
321.    George V WWI Victory Medal, to: 21592 Private F. Smith Essex Regiment with medal envelope. 15-25
322.    British WWII Medals, consisting of 1939/ 45 star, Africa star, Italy star, war and defence medals, in box of issue and a ribbon brooch, box to Mr A.A. Thorpe, Sheffield. 15-25
323.    George V WWI, - Two War Medals, to: 13025 H.G.Willis Middlesex Regiment and 207608 Private H.Cledhill Rifle Brigade with facimile paperwork, and a Victory Medal to: 51766 Private H.E.Adams Suffolk Regiment. 25-40
324.    Small Collection of Badges etc, consisting of silver A.R.P lapel badge, pin back "For Services Rendered" badge, Derbyshire shield lapel badge, Edward VIII Coronation medal and a George V Jubilee medal. 20-40
325.    George V WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory medals to 49357 Private A.F.Davies South Wales borders. 40-60
326.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to: 466307 Sapper T.R.Bell Royal Engineers; 023834 Private H.W.Caddy Army Ordnance Corps; 162637 Sapper E.W.Garner Royal Engineers. 25-30
327.    George V WWI - Two War Medals, to: 84504.3A.M T.Ratcliffe Royal Air Force and 7377 D.A.A.Bundock 2 HD Royal Naval Reserve, and a Victory Medal to: G-12098 Private P.Friday Royal West Kent Regiment. 30-50
328.    George V WWI 1914 Star, to: T.21913 Driver E.F. Dunaway Army Service Corps, and 14/15 Star to: K.26105 F. Lewis STO.2 Royal Navy. 20-30
329.    George V WWII Pacific Stars, (two) one with Burma clasp an Italy Star and a Africa Star. 15-25
330.    George V WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory medals to 13254 Private T. Sheard Yorkshire Light Infantry complete with miniatures. 40-60
331.    Two George V WWI War Medals, to: K.40351 H. Bell Stoker 1 Royal Navy, and F.25715 G. Coutts A.M.2, Royal Naval Air Service. 30-50
332.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals to: T3-029427 Driver E. A. Hodges Army Service Corps. 30-50
333.    George V WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory medals to: 626490 Private W.Taylor labour corps. 30-50
334.    Queen Elisabeth II Imperial Service Medal, named to: James Hooley Speare in box of issue. 15-25
335.    Queen Elizabeth II General Service Medal, with Northern Ireland Bar, to: 24414844 Private M. Gillard Queens Regiment. 30-50
336.    George V WWI War Medal, to: 23955 Private C. Marcer Grenadier Guards, killed in action 25/9/16, with paperwork. 20-30
337.    Early XX Century Silver St John Ambulance Brigade Medal, dated 1929 to A/SIS M. Lumden, Wembley, in case of issue. 20-30
338.    George V WWI Pair Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 86201 Gunner G. Stedman Royal Artillery, (with facsimile paperwork). 20-30
339.    George V WWI War Medal, to 120028 Private J.W. Craig Machine Gun Corps (suspender remounted) with facsimile paperwork.
Three Victory Medals, to:5435 Private H. Robinson King's own Yorkshire Light Infantry (with facsimile paperwork) ;38660 Private Drummond West Riding Regiment, with facsimile paperwork; 97214 Sapper J. Hardyway Royal Engineers. 40-60
340.    British WWII War And Defence Medals, in box of issue named to J. Bingham Sheffield, Also a WWI War Medal, badly defaced. 15-25
341.    George V WWI Pair, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 22448 Private E. Daniels Royal Warwickshire Regiment, suspender removed from war medal. 25-40
342.    George V WWI Medal Pair, Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 5838 Private J. Murray Yorkshire Regiment. 30-50
343.    George V WWI War Medal, to K.45823 G.R Mills STO.1 Royal Navy. 15-25
344.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to 4505 Gunner A.Hill Royal Artillery, 3443 BMBR F.Brown Royal Artillery, and 9174 Corporal E.Shearing Northumberland Fusiliers, (with some facsimile paperwork). 25-40
345.    George V WWI Officers Pair, to: 2nd Lieut G.F. White Royal Engineers, with much facsimile paperwork. 40-60
346.    A United States of America Purple Heart Medal, 'For Military Merit'. 15-20
347.    George V WWI Medal Duo, consisting of War and Victory medals to: 17766 Private E.A. Lloyd East Surrey Regiment. 30-50
348.    George V WWI Three Medals, consisting of 14/15 Star, to: 18049 Private H. Brayford East Yorkshire Regiment, 14/ 18 Star to J22732 R. Slater Ordinary Seaman Royal Navy and Victory Medal to 82599 Private T. Bell Royal Army Medical Corps. 30-50
349.    George V WWI Duo, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 105974 Private G.D. Lumsden Machine Gun Corps. 30-50
350.    George V WWI Victory medals (Three), to: 4084 Private F. W. Langford Royal Lancaster Regiment, 325167 Private J. Lockyer West Yorkshire Regiment, 38642 Private J. Holden York and Lancs Regiment (some facsimile paperwork). 30-50
351.    George V WWI Three War Medals, to: 12958 Acting Corporal I. Sanderson Yorkshire Regiment (with paperwork) facsimile, 200833 Private J.Turnbull Northumberland Fusilier's, 1882 Sapper Karam Illahi I-Sappers and Miners. 40-60
352.    George V Three WWI Victory Medals, to: 25064 Private F. Matthews Yorkshire Light Infantry, C.23445 Private R. G. Sargent Army Ordance Corps, 14806 Corporal H. Charlesworth West Yorkshire Regiment. 30-50
353.    British WWI Victory Medals, Comprising R-365942 Private E.E. Johnson A.S.C. 14-253809 Driver B. Stead A.S.C. 29623 Private H. White Yorkshire Light Infantry 17031 Private W. Black Royal Scots, And a WWI War Medal, To 12703 Private L. Lawley Nottingham and Derbyshire Regiment also a small photograph of a WWI Soldier 40-60
354.    George V WWI War Medal, to 137971 Sapper E. Sable Royal Engineers with Facsimile paperwork, and Victory medal to 27833 Private S. Bradbury Royal Lancaster Regiment (with facsimile paperwork). 20-40
355.    A Victorian India General Service Medal, suspender removed, mounted as a brooch to: 121 Private J.Downs Hampshire Regiment. Suspender and Burma Clasp 1875-7 present, a small silver cross badge 'Hendon Education Committee' dated 1912. 40-60
356.    George V WWI Duo, consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 36725 Gunner C. Dix Royal Artillery. 20-40
357.    A George V WWI War Medal To: 79509 BMBR, E.Simmons Royal Artillery, George V WWII War medal in box of issue, to A.C. Frakes of Hendon, A Royal Artillery brass cap badge, a R.G.A. collar title in brass ER II commemorative medal. 20-40
358.    George V WWI War Medal, to 2503 Private J. Burns Royal Highlanders, with facsimile paperwork. 15-25
359.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals, to: M2-104827 Private W.E. Wrathall Army Service Corps. 40-60
360.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals to: 20767 Private M.T.Thompson Scottish Rifles. 50-80
361.    George V WWI War Medal, to: Private F. Foley 4th South African Infantry, and a Victory medal to: 1707 Private Murry (name part erased) Royal Army Medical Corps. 30-50
362.    George V WWI War Medals (Three), to: 33094 Private M. Jordan East Yorkshire Regiment (suspender broken); 305796 Corporal H. Pitt Royal Warwickshire Regiment; 87977 Private T. W. Haird Machine Gun Corps (some facsimile paperwork). 30-50
363.    A Quantity of WWII Medals- Africa Star, 1939-45 star, Atlantic Star, two Defence medal, War Medal, Burma Star plus two cap badge. 25-40
364.    George V WWI Three War Medals, to: 55477 Private G.W.A. Warf 16- London Regiment, 46419 Private A.J. Simmons Rifle Brigade 6468 Driver T.Smith Royal Artillery. 30-50
365.    A Queen Victoria South African Medal, with three bars Drifontein, Model River, Belmont to 2080 Private A Jackson, Coldstream Guards. 80-150
366.    George V WWI Three War Medals, to: 181593 Gunner J.V. Symons Royal Artillery, G.51720 Private W.C. Cook Middlesex Regiment 267150 Gunner R.H. Small Royal Artillery. 30-50
367.    George V WWI War Medal, to Sargent J Carr S.A.V.R. 15-25
368.    A WWI Medal Pair of War and Victory Medals, to 201884 Private William E Benn, Yorks and Lancs Regiment with original paperwork, a Sheffield man. 40-60
369.    George V WWI Pair consisting of War and Victory medals, to: WR-40519 Pioneer E. Westwood Royal Engineers. 20-30
370.    George V WWI Four Victory Medals, to: 257909 Pioneer D. Williams Royal Engineers, 54-234471 Private A. Routley Army Service Corps, 3-1570 Private C.P. Taylor Yorkshire Light Infantry, 53799 Gunner W. Moss Royal Artillery (with facsimile paperwork). 35-50
371.    George V WWI Pair Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to: 30506 Private W.H. Weightman Yorkshire Regiment. 30-50
372.    An Order of St.John Service Medal, with Queen Victoria Jubilee 1887, and King George V and Queen Mary Coronation 1911 commemorative medals. 15-25
373.    Victorian Queen's South Africa Medal, (no clasp) to: 4902 Private W.Laws Durham Light Infantry. 50-80
374.    George V WWI War and Victory Medals, to: 204561 Private J.W. Thornton Yorks and Lancs Regiment. 30-50
375.    A WWI War Medal, to 28173 PTE C G Price, machine gun corp. 15-20
376.    A WWI War Medal, to 1728 PTE B, Simpson, Royal Munster Fusiliers plus another medal. 15-25
377.    A WWII Medal Quartet, consisting of War Medal, Defence Medal. 1939-45 star, France Germany Star, with box of issue, box named to Mr G. Hurstwick of Sheffield. 25-40
378.    British WWII Group of Four Medals, comprising 39/45 star, Africa Star, War and Defence medal with "First Army" clasp, all unofficially named to gunner W. Waring Royal Artillery. In box of issue named to Mrs V. Waring Arthur Road Sheffield. 20-40
379.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to: 62663 Private T.H. Turner York and Lancs Regiment, 81398 Private F.J. Kingsford The Queens Regiment and 60191 Private T.M. Jaques York and Lancs Regiment. 30-50
380.    George V WWI Duo, Consisting of War and Victory Medals to: 22949 Sapper R.W. Conibear Royal Engineers. 20-40
381.    Six WW II Medals, war medal, defence medal, 1939-45 star, Africa star, Italy star, France Germany Star. 20-40
382.    A World War Two Medal Group of Six, war medal, defence medal, 1939-45 star, Burma Star, Africa Star, and France/ Germany Star. 20-30
383.    George V WWI War and Victory Medals, to: 82797 Private A.A. Jackson Durham Light Infantry. 30-50
384.    A WWI Pair Comprising War Medal and Victory Medal, to G-39800 Private A.W.Hayden, Middlesex Regiment. 30-50
385.    A WWI Medal Duo, made up of War Medal, and Victory medal to 4147 Sgt G. Bridge, Royal Artillery. 20-30
386.    George V WWI Duo, consisting of War and Victory, to: 53174 Private A. Drayton Yorkshire Light Infantry. 30-50
387.    Four George V WWI War Medals, comprising: 184010 Driver S.A.Curtis Royal Artillery, 1137162 Pioneer C.G.Cotton Royal Engineers, 120186 Pioneer J.Mcglyn Royal Engineers, 11988 Private E.Smith Royal Warwickshire Regiment (suspension ring missing). 30-50
388.    British WWII Medals Consisting Of 39/45 Burma Star And War medal, in box of issue to Mr Gordan Grey, Sheffield and two small cloth sleeve badges. 10-20
389.    A WWII Medal Quartet, comprising Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45 star, France Germany Star, with box of issue to Mr. S. Smith of Sheffield, plus two cloth badges. 20-30
390.    WWII Third Reich Medals, consisting of Russian Front medal, War Merit medal and a German/ Italy medal for Africa campaign. 20-30
391.    British WWI Pair Comprising of War and Victory Medals, To 38020 Private W.L. Nicholson Royal Scots. 30-50
392.    George V WWI War and Victory Medals, to: 102570 BMBR J. Garlick Royal Artillery. 20-30
393.    George V WWI Pair Consisting of War and Victory Medals, 14275 Gunner R.B.Symons Royal Artillery, also a 1914 brass Christmas box, (with much facsimile paperwork). 25-40
394.    Believed To Be A Family Group of WWII Medals, a WWII trio made up of War Medal, Pacific Star and 1939/ 45 star, in box of issue to Mr A.J.Stenton, 89, Dalewood road, Sheffield. Plus a WWII war medal in box of issue to Mrs.K.Stenton, 68, Busheywood Road, Dore. 30-50
395.    Queen Elizabeth II General Service Medals, with Malaya bar to 23006693 PTE M Roberts, East Yorkshire plus a 1939/ 45 star. 30-50
396.    George V Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, to: 3802 Private C. Newton Duke of Wellington Regiment. 30-50
397.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, to: 4807 Private F.W. Farmer Royal Fusiliers (war medal name erased) with very nice 1914 Christmas box. 30-50
397A.   A WWI Duo, made up of War and Victory medals to 48218 Pte. W. Gudgen West Yorkshire Regiment with some WWI era photographs, silks and discharge certificate. 30-50
398.    George V WWI War Medal, to: 47946 Private W. E. Smith West Yorkshire Regiment, Private Smith transferred to The Northumberland Fusilier's (Tyneside Irish) and was killed 5/6/17, with facsimile paperwork. 15-25
399.    British WWI Trio Medal, comprising 14/15 star, war and victory medals to 2261 E.Bartholomew York and Lancs regiment, also his death plaque, he died 10/7/1915 and he is remembered on the Menin Gate memorial. He was from Tinsley, Sheffield, with paperwork. 100-150
400.    British WWI Pair Consisting of War and Victory Medals, to 41322 Private A.F. Howes, Rifle Bridgate also his WW II defence medal, with paperwork and a newspaper cutting announcing his death by road accident, also his sons medals consisting of his national service medal with clasps, Royal Air Force and Germany 1948-49, and his B.A.D.R Berlin airlift medal with five small photographs and other paperwork including his service and release book to A.C.1 R.D. Howes. 40-60
401.    A 1914-18 First World War Medal, to officer Griffith Hughes with Victory medal miniature in Princes Mary Christmas tin. 30-50
402.    George V WWI Three Victory Medals, to: 500215 Private G.W. Puddick Royal Army Medical Corps, J-22732 R. Slater A.B.Royal Navy, GS52545 H.E. Sumpton Royal Fusiliers (damaged), and a George V WWI War Medal, to: 1-205142 Private H. Runham The Queen's Regiment. 40-60
403.    A WWI Medal Duo Comprising War Medal, and Victory medal to 201236 CPL A. Sanderson, Yorks and Lancs Regiment. 30-50
404.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising war medal and victory medal to 201556 CPL, J.F Smith, Yorks and Lancs. 30-50
405.    George V Two WWI War Medals, to: 45117 1 A.M. B.L.Sparkles Royal Air Force, and GS-1 3624 Private J.H.R.Steers 3-Dragoon Guards (with Facsimile paper work). 25-40
406.    A WWI Medal Duo, made up of war medal and peace medal to 201438 PTE S. Woodward Yorks and Lancashire Reg, plus a coronation medallion. 30-50
407.    George V WW I Duo, consisting of War and Victory, to: 191050 D.A.F. Mouerley D.H.Royal Navy. 30-50
408.    A George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals to: 18822 Private A.S.Sutton Wiltshire Regiment, mounted as worn with his silver "For Services Rendered" badge, with paperwork, his discharge certificate, he was wounded and captured as there is a letter from the George V welcoming him back home in 1918, he also served in the home guard 1940-1942. 60-100
409.    An Extremely Interesting and Extensive Family Archive, covering the period 1914 to the 1950's, including WWI Medal Trio, to 14171 GNR D.F. Evans, Royal Artillery, made up of 1914-15 Star, War Medal, Peace Medal, photographs, Ancient Order of Foresters sash and badge, legal documents, sweetheart jewellery, a large amount of ephemera and a Union Jack; WWII Women's Land Army Archive, Armbands, Ties etc. to Mrs.Violet Whitney (maiden name Evans), Mrs Whitney was Mr Evans daughter, documentation suggests Mrs Whitney married into the farming family she worked for during the war based in Petworth, Sussex, (worthy of further inspection). 120-180
410.    A XX Century Family Group of Medals, consisting of:- A WWI and Later Quartet, made up of War and Victory Medal, to 66995 PTE Thomas Albert Hannaford, Durham Light Infantry plus a WWII Defence medal and named Queen Elizabeth Imperial Service medal.
A WWII and Later Quartet, made up of War Medal, Atlantic Star, 1939/45 Star and Civilian OBE, believed to be to Albert Hannaford, Thomas Hannaford's son.
WWII War Medal, to WAAF CPL Olive Watson, in box of issue (name mispelt) along with service book and letters, and related items, Olive Watson was Albert Hannaford's wife. 100-200
411.    A WWI Trio, comprising 14/15 Star, War, Victory with bronze mention in dispatches clasp to 2nd Lieut J.E. Eccles Durham Light Infantry, also D.L.I cap badge and officers rank pip. 80-120
412.    WWII German Third Reich Infantry Assault Badge, (Swastika erased). 20-40
413.    A German Third Reich Blockade Runner Badge, stamped 'Richard Felix', Sablonz to rear. 65-75
414.    A German Third Reich Lufwaffe Glider Pilots Badge. 70-90
415.    A German Third Reich National Sports Badge, pin missing. 10-20
416.    Third Reich Blockade Runners' Breast Badge, awarded to crews of merchant ships who successfully breached the blockade 50-80
417.    A 1930's German Police Tin Cap Badge, and another associated cap badge. 20-40
418.    WWII Third Reich Russian Front Medals, (two) 1941/ 42. 20-30
419.    WWI Imperial German Duo, consisting of Iron Cross Second Class and a Hanseatic Cross from Hamburg, mounted as worn. 40-60
420.    WWI Imperial German Iron Cross Second Class. 20-40
421.    WWII German Third Reich Hitler Youth Pin, (two) and a N.S.D.A.P party lapel badge. 25-40
422.    WWII German Third Reich Iron Cross First Class, pin back. 30-50
423.    WWII Third Reich Wound Badge, in "silver". 20-30
424.    German Third Reich WWII Period Luftwaffe Ground Combat Badge, for three assaults by Luftwaffe ground troops, no makers mark. 50-80
425.    A WWII Nazi Wehrmacht Twelve Year Long Service Medal, (no ribbon). 10-20
426.    WWII Third Reich High Seas Fleet War Badge, FO stamped to rear. 40-60
427.    WWII German Third Reich 25 Year Service Medal, in box of issue. 20-30
428.    WWII German Third Reich Gold Mothers Cross, (in box of issue) and the same in bronze.(No Box) 30-50
429.    WWI Imperial German Iron Cross Second Class, with ribbon. 20-40
430.    WWII German Third Reich Iron Cross Second Class, with ribbon. 20-40
431.    A WWI Medal Trio, made up of 1914 'Mons' Star, War Medal and Victory Medal, all medals to J. Palmer, Star to 9076, Kings Own Scottish Borderers. Others to 106059, AMJ, RAF.

* We have been advised, records seem to indicate Mr. Palmer from Dumfries was injured on 8th June 1916, and was transferred to RAF on 29/8/1917. 180-220
432.    A WWI Medal Duo of War and Victory Medals to 12-108 Pte A. E. Fyffe, York and Lancs, Sheffield 'Pals' Battalion, plus regimental badges, services rendered badge and 1918 silver medallion, a copy of 'The Sheffield City Battalion', facsimile paperwork and newspaper cuttings, records Indicate Albert Edward Fyffe, a Sheffield man volunteered in September 1914 joining his local 'Pals' Battalion at the age of 19 on the first day of the Battalion's call up as his low number indicates, records also indicate PTE fyffe was a prisoner of war, captured in July 1918 and repatriated in December 1918. A survivor in a Battalion that was devastated on the first day of the Somme. 500-600
433.    George V WWI Pair to 17519 Private P.W. Harradine Suffolk Regiment, With Bronze Death Plaque, in glazed frame, also believed to be the same family, George VI WWII France and Germany Star and war medal with named box of issue, complete with a resin dog tag, two cloth divisional shoulder titles and another to W.P. Harradine. 80-120
434.    Victorian Crimea Medal, with Sebastopol clasp to: B.Armstrong Bombr, 1st Battalion Royal Artillery. 80-120
435.    A WW1 Medal Trio, comprising 1914/15 star, war medal and victory medal to 6975 PTE C. Freeman, Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 40-60
436.    George V WWI Trio, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals to: 23375 Private G.H.White Yorkshire light infantry with ribbon brooch, (14/15 star scroll erased). 40-60
437.    An Unusual Set of Six WW I/ WWII Medals, comprising OBE (military), 1914-1915 star, war medal, Victory medal, WW II war and defence medals, with full set of miniatures, to A/ADTR W.Saunders Queen Mary's Army Axillary corps. 1914/15 Star reads M. Saunders V.A.D 200-300
438.    George V-George VI WWI and WWII Group of Five, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals and GV I WW II War and Defence medals to: 105402 Private C.H. Roberts King's own Scottish borders, mounted as worn. 60-100
439.    George V WWI Group of Four, consisting of Royal Naval Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct medal, 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals, to: D2293 R. Bimson Seaman Royal Naval Reserve, mounted as worn, a George V WWI trio of miniatures consisting of 14/15 Star, war and Victory medals, mounted as worn. 60-100
440.    A WWI Medal Trio, made up of 1914 Mons Star, with dated bar, War Medal and Victory Medal to PTE F. Bridges, Somerset Light Infantry No.7449; plus 'Old Contemptables' badge. 50-80
441.    Victorian Queen's South Africa Medal, with "Wittebergan" "Transvaal" and "Cape Colony" clasps with a King's South Africa medal with South Africa 1902, South Africa 1901 clasps name partly erased, to West Yorkshire Regiment, and a WWI trio comprising 1914 star, war and victory medals to 3-2101 T.Sergeant J. Frost Yorkshire light infantry, believed to be mentioned in despatches. 200-250
442.    British Korean War Duo, consisting of ER II Korea medal to 21187890 Sapper M France Royal Engineers and united nations medal, both in box of issues, along with a small medallion named to same, also issue envelope from the Medal Office Droitwich. 100-200
443.    A Queen Elizabeth II Medal Pair, comprising of General Service Medal, with South Arabia and Radfan bar and RAF long service and good conduct medal to SGT J.B. Goodwin No.5023936, RAF, both with boxes of issue. 70-100
444.    A Significant and Interesting Family WW I/ WW II Naval Medal Group, comprising:

1) WW I Medal Trio, made up of 1914 and 1915 Star, War medal and Victory medal to 8837, Gunner Randolph Edmond Burke, Royal Marines, with box off issue and original RIII, believed to be father of John Frederick Burke.

2) WW I and Later Set of Six Medals, comprising War Medal, 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Africa Star, Naval General Service record with Yangtze 1949 bar to JX151345 AB John Frederick Burke, Royal Navy, plus original service records and paperwork, photographs, diaries, passes, telegrams among associated items,. plus later Malta cross Anniversary medal, Arctic Campaign medal and Buffalo jewel.

* Born in 1921 in Houghton-Le-Spring, John Frederick Burked enlisted in the Royal Navy in 1936, trading as a gunner. In his sixteen years service he was involved in some of the most iconic naval engagements of the period. Including serving on HMS Sheffield at the sinking of The Bismarck, protecting arctic convoys, supporting Malta in 1942 and most iconically serving on HMS London on 21 April 1949 as he steamed up to the Yangtze river in an attempt to rescue HMS Amethyst, but forced to turn back after sustained Chinese Artillery fire, inflicted significant damage.

The lot includes HMS London cap tally and telegram home dated 22 April 1949 stating 'Jack' (John) was safe on board London. 800-1200