Coins, Stamps, Postcards, Trade Cards & Banknotes Auction
on Thursday 29th June 2017

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1.      All World Stamps Mint and Used in Albums, loose leaves stockbooks and packets, late Victoria to late XX Century good general selection including a space filler penny black SG catalogue aerogrammes, and Brooke Bond tea cards. 20-40
2.      Three Frames With Card Mounts, for cigarette card display; together with an empty postcard album with sleeves. 10-20
3.      A Danbury Mint Never Circulated U.S State Quarters Display Case, six Danbury mint U.S state quarters sealed rolls, 2010 Arizona, 200 California 2010 Oregon, 2011 Pennsylvania, 2010 Arkansas, 2010 Wyoming (78 coins in total), 1925 quarter dollar, two further U.S coins, U.S Buffalo nickels collector panels PCS stamps and coins album five cent coins 1930, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, a PCS display case, a century of U.S silver coins. 20-40
4.      GB First Day Covers, approximately three hundred and fifty, typed, handwritten and blank addressee, 1969-1985, commemorative and definitive including Benham silks, prestige booklet panes, many more interesting cachets noted. 30-50
5.      Two Storage Boxes, containing G.B and all world base metal coinage individually sorted, sometimes by country and denomination. 15-30
6.      All World Stamps in Six Albums and Stockbooks. Mint and used mid-late XX Century. Good general collection often much duplicated, particularly Australia and Ireland. Australia 1963 used explorers up to 1 noted. With good thematics. 50-80
7.      France and Colonies Stamps, a good selection late XIX Century to mid XX Century on album leaves and loose off paper in clear wallets. Predominately used, with more mint material in colonies. 20-40
8.      A Mixed Accumulation of GB and All World Stamps, early to late XX Century including a SG 1924-74 pre-printed sparsely filled album, five albums of all world stamps, Austria, Europe, and French colonies noted, 1970's G.B F.D.C's approximately 15 in face value presentation packs and other philatelic oddments, with a small album, and two bundles of cigarette cards. 30-50
9.      A Quantity of All World Base Metal Coinage and Banknotes; together with a further quantity of G.B and Eire base metal coinage, one penny and half penny red rolls noted. 15-30
10.     A Useful All World Stamp Accumulation, early to late XX Century in stock books, loose in packets, and a schoolboy album, plenty of interest, particularly Sweden together with a pristine S.G.Royal album with leaves and other binders and empty album. 20-30
11.     G.B. First Day Covers 1960's-Late 2000's. Largely typed addressee, hundreds with some more interesting noted including George VI 1940, Botanical Congress, RNLI Conference, general anniversaries, EFTA, Dickens/Wordsworth, G.P.O, and ships. 20-40
12.     G.B First Day Covers, over 200, 1969-1980 typed, handwritten and blank with a few presentation packs, some more interesting and unusual items amongst them including 27 of a limited edition of 130, 1972 'Last Journey of Edward VIII Duke of Windsor' with Windsor cachet, in three albums. 40-60
13.     Approximately 200 Early Comic Postcards in a Modern Album. 80-120
14.     G.B, Commonwealth and All World Stamps, in three albums, stock book and loose oddments, Victoria late XX Century including and album of hand written G.B. First Day Covers from the 1970's - 1980's, a small animal thematic Collection, Hungary and the Royal Commonwealth Society London album of fifty two, Silver Jubilee 1977 covers. 20-40
15.     G.B and All World Stamps, in stock books and albums also loose, including first day covers, mint and used and good amount of Hawid mounts in a box file. 20-40
16.     A Large Quantity of Attractive Chromo-litho Cards, many hundreds, late XIX Century-mid XX Century, themes noted, Christmas, greetings, birds, flowers, birthday, inspection highly recommended. 30-50
17.     China Stamps. A very attractive accumulation in three neat albums. Comprising mint and used part sets for the 1940's-1990's. With a large quantity of 1980's-1990's first day covers, with some beautiful mini-sheets and blocks. 40-60
18.     G.B. Royal Mail Post Office Headquarters Cards, in full sets 1988-1996 in two full albums, with many more loose; together with an album of national postal museum cards. 20-40
19.     A Quantity of Royal Mail Counter Point of Sale Boards for Various Stamp Issues in the 1980's, with three albums of PHQ cards from a similar period and "Collect British Postmarks" Fifth Edition. 20-40
20.     All World Stamps Countries P-R in a Large Full, Well Laid Out Stockbook. Mint and used. Some very attractive material with some good part sets and thematics. Together with a stockbook of Japanese stamps mid-late XX century with some nice mint blocks and mini-sheets. And the 1974 Universal Postal Union Collection Album of mint stamps and mini sheets. 40-60
21.     Ten Benham and Royal Mint Commemorative Numismatic Coin Covers, including Battle of Britain, QEII 1953-2000 with crowns, Queen Victoria, New Millennium and 2012 Olympics and others, with 30 of redeemable 5 coins, together with year of the three kings 70th Anniversary Smiler Sheet First Class and Westminster Royal Album pages and mini sheets and Canadian and Hong Kong stamp oddments, P.H.Q. cards, stock cards and framed Penny Red and other Victorian covers (faded). 35-50
22.     G.B Kiloware On and Off Paper, predominantly modern machins, tens of thousands with un-franked noted, in four cartons. 30-50
22A.    A Fascinating Collection of Approximately 200 Postcards, early/mid XX Century. All the cards having moving eyes. In a very well filled modern album. 80-120
23.     All World Stamp Albums, very sparsely filled mint and used early to late XX Century, one or two bits of interest here and there, particularly Austria, inappropriately stored (damp) but stamps unaffected. 30-50
24.     Crowns: 1889 (F/GF but polished) and 1890 (F). A further 550 grammes of other silver coins; regularly pre-1947 GB. A cartwheel twopence, 1797, GF (but usual edge damage). Other coins and related items. 50-100
24A.    Channel Islands Stamps- A good quantity of albums, largely F.D.C's, with many loose including some GB and some philatelic literature, some more unusual GB presentation railway cachets noted. 20-40
25.     All World Stamps in a Full Album, and loose off paper in a tin, predominantly used with plenty of interest and one or two high values, including Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, G.B. Italy and Hungary, together with a further tin of G.B stamps on and off paper, and other oddments. 25-40
26.     Commonwealth Stamps Victoria to Late X Century, In eight albums mint and used with some good full and part sets. Particularly Australia, Canada, and New Zealand with a good selection of covers. 100-150
27.     Crowns: 1890 (F) and 1935 (GF). A halfcrown, 1836, F. Shillings: 1844 (GF) and 1897 (NF). A range of other coins, GB and foreign, silver and base metal. A low grade Breton 506 9 Deniers "Colonies Francoises". 50-100
28.     A Carton of All World Stamps, in three albums and two stockbooks, predominantly used mid to late XX Century, Canada, Australia, India and Norway noted with Australian F.D.CS, USA covers and some loose oddments. 20-40
29.     Approximately 160 G.B First day Covers, 1966-1988 typed and handwritten addressee, both commemorative and definitive, unusual pictorial covers noted, together with mint and used stamp issues; together with a further album of monarchy related numismatic covers one of which being the 1993 five pounds coin to commemorative the 40th anniversary of the coronation. 20-40
30.     G.B. First Day Covers. 115, in two albums. A bit different from the usual, in that they are all British Forces Postal Service or R.A.F. Philatelic Club, Bruggen Germany with Forces Post Office or Field Post Office cachets 20-40
31.     An Assortment of Base Metal Coins; regularly pre-decimal pennies and halfpennies. Sometimes the coins have been packeted by type. 15-30
32.     Philatelic Literature S.G. Stamps of The World 1985, America, Asia and Africa Speclialised 1966, Elizabethan, two reigns and simplified from a similar period, G.B. Concise 1998 and others, together with the Philatector Electric Watermark detector, together with a quantity of G.B and All World Stamp issues on and off paper on cover and in packets. 20-40
34.     Three Clean Sets of Larger Format Cigarette Cards by W.D. & H.O. Wills Ltd, comprising Butterflies and Moths (1938), Famous Authors (1939) and Old Inns (2nd Series) (1939). As part of an interesting array of cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards. 40-70
35.     G.B. Stamps, mint and used in an album, loose in packets and a box. The album Victoria to 1978 including a small amount of surface printed. Mint George V 1915 re-engraved 2/6 Seahorse, good 1934 George V, 1948 Silver Wedding 1 mint, thereafter Queen Elizabeth II usually as mint sets, including high value Machins. Also a large amount of mint issues 1960's-1980's in packets and envelopes as full sets. Good little lot. 50-100
36.     G.B Coinage Farthings- Florins sometimes as date runs, Queen Victoria- Queen Elizabeth II, displayed in a coin album, tin of G.B coinage and commemorative crowns, small tub of foreign coinage, two G.B coin presentation packs, 1970 Esso World Cup coin collection, framed modern U.S coin collection. 20-40
37.     All World and Commonwealth Stamps, in four large stock books. Predominately used mid to late XX Century with some earlier. Fastidiously arranged by Country with some duplication, some complete sets noted, with all countries therein well represented. 40-60
38.     A Large Accumulation of Channel islands (Jersey, Guernsey) Isle of Man, Gibraltar Mint Presentation Packs, and first day covers in ten albums, very good condition with some considerable face value, together with two further albums Jersey and Guernsey mint stamps, many in blocks, plus other oddments. 50-100
39.     All World and GB Stamps in Albums, loose leaves, and packets, early to late XX Century mint and used some interesting covers noted, a good sort. 30-50
40.     A Collection of Lower Denomination Base Metal GB Coinage, in an album. 20-30
41.     G.B First Day Covers, 190 from the 1960's-1980's, with one or two earlier, some more interesting and attractive than usual including, Battle of Britain, Post office Centenary in blocks of four, technology, birds and G.P.O history, largely hand written in three albums. 40-60
42.     An Accumulation of Pre and Post Decimal GB Coinage. Pennies (with variants) and halfpennies are abundant. Related items. 30-40
43.     G.B First Day Covers, many hundreds from Queen Elizabeth Coronation 1953 to 1985, commemorative and definitive in virtually a complete run, many choicer and more interesting covers, including 1960 S.G 619/620 letter office, 1960 S.G 61 Europe postal conference, 1963 red cross, 1963 compac phosphor and battle of Britain phosphor, also noted 1978 Leicester rocket mail covers and a parachute cover, in six albums with slip covers. 50-100
44.     U.S.A. and Canada Stamps in Two Full Well Organised Stockbooks. U.S.A. mid to late XX Century with a little earlier. Predominantly used commemorative's. Later issues mint often as sets and mini sheets. Canada from Victoria to late XX Century mint and used with some attractive material. 30-50
45.     A Quantity of GB Coins, regularly base metal florins and shillings. Other coins; redeemable German coinage noticed. Two cash boxes. 20-30
46.     G.B. and All World Stamps, used Machins and commemorative's as bundle ware and loose on and off paper. All World Stamps in an album mint and used with interest in Spain, Italy, Hungary, Germany, France, China and Austria amongst others, with a few cut-outs and other philatelic oddments. 20-40
47.     An Extensive and Attractive Collection of Coins of the World; offered in five albums. An excellent range of coins here with much silver (often crown sized), a lot worthy of close inspection. 250-450
48.     Commonwealth Stamps, four large very full stock books. Predominately used, Edward VII - QEII, fastidiously arranged by country with much duplication, with all Commonwealth Countries therein well represented. 40-60
49.     All World Stamps in Two Albums and Small Stockbook, one album being a high quality Plymouth with slipcase, good general content mint and used, together with another blank Plymouth album with slipcase, album pages, Hawid mounts and other philatelic oddments. 30-50
50.     Commonwealth Stamps, four large very full stock books, predominately used mid to late XX Century, fastidiously arranged by country with much duplication. Some full and many part sets with high values noted. Most countries well represented. 40-60
51.     All World Base Metal Coinage and Banknotes, in an interesting wooden box, three plastic sleeves of foreign coins U.S.A, Spain noted, a money savings box of mixed G.B and Channel Islands coinage; together with a small tub of G.B and Eire base metal coinage, presentation packs noted. 20-40
52.     A 1970 Proof Set, a 1951 proof crown, a quantity of other coins, regularly pre-decimal GB. Forty-two circulated foreign banknotes, mid to late XX Century. 15-30
53.     All World Stamps Sorted in Envelopes on Album Leaves, boxes and schoolboy albums. Thousands to sort through. 20-40
54.     A Quantity of Numismatic Reference Items, including bound copies of 'Coin Monthly' from the late 1960's. Trade coins. Stamps. 15-30
55.     G.B. Stamps, three large full stock books. Predominately used mid to late XX Century. Fastidiously arranged with much duplication. Commemorative many complete sets. With one other stock book. 30-50
56.     Approximately 10kgs Mixed GB and Foreign Coins, some of the foreign material is current or exchangeable. 50-100
57.     G.B. Stamps, four large stock books. Predominately used 1960's late XX Century. Fastidiously arranged with much duplication. Commemorative and Definitive's. High value Castles noted together with England Winners and Concorde full sheets. One page of George V 1922 Irish overprints. 40-60
58.     A Range of Coins; regularly base metal GB. Modern crowns are abundant. 20-30
59.     Approximately Ninety GB and Commonwealth First Day Covers, 1965-2001, typed and handwritten addressee, Royal Mail postal museum cards, some Channel Island interest, across two presentation albums. 15-30
60.     G.B. Stamps, four large very full stock books. Predominately used, 1950's - late XX Century. Fastidiously arranged with much duplication. Commemorative and Definitive's. Large quantity of 1980's high value castles noted. 40-60
61.     A Quantity of GB Coins, pre and post decimal. Pre-decimal pennies and modern five pence coins are abundant. Foreign silver coins and related items. 30-40
62.     A Box File Containing Fifty-Four G.B. F.D.C.'s 1969-73. Somalian F.D.C.'s and postal issue information. Various world wide covers and The Booth catalogue "Collect GB First Day Covers" 29th edition. 30-35
63.     A Mixed Accumulation of Items Consisting of Over Thirty Cigarette and Tea Card Booklets, loose on paper. All World mid-late XX Century stamps in boxes, mid-late XX Century picture postcards including Second World War Belgian bomb damaged ruins and an as new blank with album leaves 'Devon' peg fitting stamp album with slipcase. 30-50
64.     A Large Tub of Unsorted GB and All World Charity Kiloware, good amount of NVI noted and a small amount of GB stamps in presentation packs. 20-40
65.     G.B First Day Covers, a large quantity 1950's-1980's commemorative and definitive in four albums, typed and hand written, some better more unusual covers amongst them, together with four empty albums with sleeves. 30-50
66.     Philatelic Literature. Stanley Gibbons British Commonwealth Vol 1 and 2 1997. S.G. Stamps of the World A-J, 1989, Great Britain Concise 1992, Collect British Stamps and Stamp Collectors Guide to Europe. Together with two tubs of loose and off paper all world stamps. 15-30
67.     Europe Stamps, in nine stock books/albums. Predominately used mid to late XX Century. A good selection of German, Swedish, Davish, Romanian stamps. Including approximately seventy First Day Covers from a variety of European Nations, Italian mini sheets noted. 20-40
68.     An Accumulation of Victorian/ Edwardian Greetings and Sentimental Cards, some very attractive chromo-litho printings, ideal for decoupage. 30-50
69.     The Westminster 40th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth Collection of Stamps and Numismatic Covers, with the 80th Birthday of The Queen Mother Collection. Together with The Westminster Maritime Heritage Collection of World Stamps and Miniature Sheets. 20-40
70.     Sheffield and It's Environs Social History, An Interesting Accumulation of Receipts and Letter Cards, Victorian and later, usually stamped of fiscally used, items relating to The Duke of Norfolk (Earl of Arundel) and local businesses e.g. J.T.Hoge 'Motor Charabanc Proprietor' and 'William Foster and Son, Juvenile Clothiers and Outfitters'. Fascinating. 20-40
71.     Portuguese Colonies in Africa, a Very Interesting Accumulation of Stamps in Three Stockbooks, and a sparse album, much duplicated early XX Century to late XX Century, very good material for Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea, Zambia, Madeira, Azores, Mozambique, Nyassa, every colony represented to a greater or lesser degree, mint and used; together with the book 'Through Angola, a Coming Country', Colonel Statham, 1922. 50-80
72.     Channel Islands and Isle of Man Stamps in Two Stockbooks, predominantly used mid-late XX Century, mint and mini sheets noted Jersey, Guernsey, Alderny, Lundy, Isle of Man, together with two albums containing approximately one hundred F.D.C Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, 1971-1986 plus a further album of thirty plus isle of man post office authority presentation packs 1978-1983. 20-40
73.     A Large Array of Circulated Foreign Banknotes. The lot contains current notes and others which are redeemable. Much of interest here. A lot worthy of careful viewing. 100-200
74.     The Stamps of Russia, a large accumulation mint and used 1949-1989. In full album with a large quantity off paper in wallets. Very attractive with a lot of complete sets and mini-sheets. 30-50
75.     G.B. and Channel Islands First Day Covers 1970's to Early 2000's. Commemorative and definitive. Many hundreds, largely typed addressee. In two trays. 30-50
76.     Several Hundred RAF Flown Covers, and 75th Anniversary of R.A.F., 60th Anniversary of The Battle of Britain, Aviation Heritage, numismatic covers and 100 Years of Aviation. Some with signitories. In seven Westminster albums, in very good order. 50-100
77.     A Good Accumulation of Base Metal Foreign Coins; near European countries are abundant and some of the coins in this lot are current or redeemable. Foreign banknotes. 50-70
78.     G.B First Day Covers, many hundreds 1970's-1990's loose and in albums with one or two earlier commemorative and definitive typed and handwritten addressee, many more interesting covers, worth a rummage. 30-50
79.     G.B. Stamps, five large stock books. Predominately used, 1960's - late XX Century. Fastidiously arranged with much duplication. Commemorative and Definitive's, some George V noted. 30-50
80.     Approximately Fifty-Four 1981 Crowns, a further good quantity of pre-decimal coins of mixed denominations; halfpenny to half crown. 40-70
81.     An Eclectic Stamp Accumulation, including G.B. and word first day covers, U.S.A. year books 1983-1986 with stamps and mounts to affix, Stanley Gibbons Charles and Diana Wedding album, Silver Jubilee stamp album, loose stamps, album pages and other oddments. 20-40
82.     G.B First Day Covers, many hundreds 1965 Churchill to 1998, a nearly complete run, nearly all typed addressee, some earlier ones hand written and nearly all with ordinary and phosphor pairs where appropriate, in very good clean condition in six Royal Mail cover albums. 100-200
83.     All World Stamps, in nine stock books/albums. Predominately used mid to late XX Century. Many countries represented including Russia, Italy, Cuba. Some F.D.C.'s noted alongside German, Greek, Russian mini sheets. 20-40
84.     A Range of Postcards and Greetings Cards, in a damaged contemporary album, sentimental sulyeits abound, other postcards, stamps. 20-30
85.     Commonwealth and G.B Stamps, in stockbooks, stockcards, sorted in packets P.H.Q cards etc, mint and used mid to late XX Century in a carton. 20-40
86.     An All World Carton, with four large folders mint and used with strength in USA and Canada. 20-40
87.     G.B Kiloware, many thousands on and off paper in tubs and packets in a tea chest. 30-50
88.     An All World Stamp Accumulation In Albums, stock books and folders, early Sweden noted. 20-40
89.     G.B Kiloware, many thousands predominantly modern machins, on paper in a large sack. 20-40
90.     All World Stamps in Albums, loose in tubs and on cover- particularly George VI Malaya, with some literature- S.G specialised three Kings amongst them, with some approval books, the albums have some age to them and there is plenty of interests. 30-50
91.     All World Stamps, a large accumulation mint and used in two stockbooks (Romania and League/United Nations) and sorted off paper in several clear wallets. Early to mid XX Century including Japan, Greece, China, Turkey, Egypt, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal and Arab States. A good sort. One crate. 40-60
92.     A Varied Carton of Stamp Material, including 66 G.B presentation packs 1979-87 in an album, G.B G.B F.D.C album 1980-89, Czechoslovakia used collection on album leaves, a high quality Schaubek pre-printed with mounts empty G.B album, F.D.C's and 1960-70 GB mint blocks in box. 20-40
93.     All World Stamps, loose in tubs and packets. predominantly mid-late XX century, together with blank albums, stockbooks and other oddments in a large carton. 30-50
94.     A 1970 Proof Set, a collection of some fifty-five high grade halfpennies; 1930's to 1960's, in an album. A sixpence, 1887, attractively gilded in six colours. Other coins, including coin sets. 40-60
95.     A Varied Carton of Stamp Material, including a George VI-V mint and used Commonwealth album, a stockbook of mint G.B gutter pairs 1973-1980, a Norway cover album, schoolboy albums, and loose stamps in boxes. 20-40
96.     Two Very Full Well Presented Commonwealth and All World Stamp Albums. Predominantly mid-late XX Century with some good earlier, material, mint and used on Prinz stock pages. Fiji, Finland, France, East and West Germany, Gold Coast Including 1938 George VI S.G. 120A-132 set of thirteen, L.M.M., Ghana, Grenada, Hungary, extensive India and states, including court fees and fiscals, Iran, Israel, K.U.T. and Jamaica, amongst much of interest. 50-100
97.     A Random Assortment of Base Metal Coins, regularly pre-decimal GB. Other items. 10-15
98.     Mint GB Stamps, in five albums, 1953-1987 as sets and presentation packs often as blocks with selvage and gutter pairs, in very good condition with a face value in excess of 440. 200-250
99.     Commonwealth Stamps, four large stock books. Predominately used mid to late XX Century with some earlier George V noted. Fastidiously arranged by Country with some duplication. Commemorative and Definitive's with all Commonwealth countries therein well represented. 40-60
100.    A Quantity of Cigarette and Non Tobacco Cards, sometimes bundled by type. 20-40
101.    Two Westminster Albums, containing coin sets of the first twelve Eurozone countries, pre 2002 individual country coin sets, 2002 individual country Euro coin sets in blister packs, four royal mint and Westminster coin packs including 1953-2003 G.B Coronation Anniversary collection, a royal mint King George VI ten coin collection farthing-half crown (silver noted), other oddments including philatelic numismatic covers, UK face value 6, Euro face value 46. 30-50
102.    Channel Islands Stamps. Five full well presented albums of predominantly mint issues usually as complete sets. 1970's-1990's including Alderney, Isle of Man, Guernsey and Jersey- with war time issues, presentation packs and oddments on stock cards. 40-60
103.    In Excess of 3.9kg of One Penny and Half Penny Coins, Queen Victoria-Queen Elizabeth II, a small tub of all world base metal coinage. 15-20
104.    Channel Islands Stamps, predominantly Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, mint issues 1974 onwards in seven albums including a good quantity of presentation packs. 20-40
105.    A Very Good Full Commonwealth Stamp Album. Predominantly mid-late XX Century with some earlier mint and used, well presented on Prinz stock pages. Including Aden 1939 S.G. 16-27 set of thirteen lightly mounted mint, 1949 Silver Wedding 10R L.M.M., and 1953 Queen Elizabeth II S.G. 48-72 set of twenty-five with varieties L.M.M., Kathiri State 1942 S.G. 1-11 set of eleven L.M.M., and similar set for Shihr and Mukalla, extensive Gibraltar including 1953 S.G. 145-158 set of fourteen L.M.M., with good Hong Kong, Malta and Singapore. 70-100
106.    Over Seventy Edwardian to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards and Real Photo Cards Depicting the Peoples of the World with a Strong Social History Theme. Including eleven hand tinted Japanese Geisha cards, French street scenes, Roumania, Russia, India, Ceylon and G.B. street scenes. Interesting lot. 60-90
107.    Liechtenstein Stamps, a virtually complete mint run of issues 1979-1991 in a high quality lighthouse album with mounts, includes official philatelic service F.D.C's. 25-40
108.    Two Edwardian Picture Postcard and Real Photocard Albums. Covering a variety of themes including topographical and street scenes of Sheffield and its environs, Yorkshire and Derbyshire, Charlie Chaplin, sentimental, greetings and comic. 50-100
109.    Approximately 120 Benham 'Silks' Covers, including royal themes, railway, butterflies, birds, fishing and others, in presentation albums, together with an interesting album of Finland first day covers 1940's-1950's. 20-30
110.    An Unusual Collection of The Stamps of Transkei, South Africa. In a well laid out stockbook. From first issue 1976-1994. Virtually a complete run of mint and corresponding used sets. Really very attractive and not something you see everyday and off course this short lived "experiment" no longer exists. Good lot. 30-50
111.    In Excess of One Pound (total face value) of pre-1947 Silver Coins, (often pre-1920's); sometimes as jewellery. Other coins. Related items. 20-30
112.    115 Royal Mail First Day Covers, in two albums, typed addressee, 1985-1997, Michaela Strachan signature noted. 25-40
113.    A Quantity of Cigarette Cards From The Major Manufacturers, in packets, loose and in sets, themes noted John Player and Son The Kings and Queens of England 1066-1935, Senior Service The Bridges of Britain, Ardath Tobacco world views; together with a Schaubek stamp album all Argentina 1876-1960 mint and used. 20-40
114.    G.B. and All World Stamps, in stockbooks, album and loose in packets. Victoria to late XX Century mint and used, including 1955 Waterlow Castles S.G. 536-539 WMK S.T. Edwards Crown Set mounted mint (cat 220+), and Transvaal 1885 set mint to one shilling, and 1894 set mint complete. Later mint pre-decimal issues often as blocks. 30-50
115.    G.B and All World Stamp Accumulation, F.D.C's mint and used on stockcards and loose off paper in a box with a few P.H.Q cards some degree of face value mint G.B issues. 20-40
116.    All World Stamps Mint and Used Victoria-Late XX Century. In small albums and loose off paper in packets and tubs. Some good material, particularly European countries. G.B. George V 1934 Waterlow re-engraved 10 shilling Seahorse S.G. 452 (N.75) mounted mint noted, with framed Coronation 1937 three pences and stamp set. 30-50
117.    Forty Two and a Half Pence, (total face value) of pre-1920 silver coins. Twenty three silver threepences. A range of other coins. Related items. 20-40
118.    Over 140 Very Attractive Meissner and Buch Edwardian Chromo-litho Art Picture Postcards. Including "Junge Fraun", "Jung Holland", "Emaille Series", Continental views, Art Nouveau flora greetings cards, and views of Surrey. Viewing recommended. 70-100
119.    Approximately 120 Absolutely Beautiful Art Nouveau, Japanese and Other Picture Postcards. Edwardian to Mid XX Century. Some lovely chromo-lithos by M.M. Vienne and Misch and Stock- artists noted M. Munk, P. Ebner, Wichera, and Raphael Kirchner, with Japanese wood-cuts and chromo-lithos including Formosa Oolong Tea and Hakubunkwan and further A+C Black, D.E.G. Woodward and other sketches of London and Oxford. Viewing highly recommended. 100-200
120.    Eighty Seven and a Half Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre 1920 Silver Coins. A USA half dollar, 1945, F. A range of other coins almost always pre-decimal pennies, well circulated 1918 one penny 'H'eaton mint mark noted and half pennies. 30-40
121.    G.B Mint Stamps, predominantly in Royal Mail presentation packs, 1978-1993 with a face value in excess of 45, contained in a nice mahogany box. 20-25
122.    Poland Stamps - In Three Full Albums Mint and Used, 1951 - 1995, Many complete sets and a large quantity of full and part sheets often cancelled to order, Great For Thematics. 50-80
123.    An Assortment of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers, sometimes in the manufacturers' albums. Other paper ephemera. 20-25
124.    G.B. Stamps, eight stock books mainly Machins with two stock books. Commemorative based, predominately used with much duplication. England Winners part sheet and mint stamps noted. 20-40
125.    A Mixed Accumulation of Postcards, Cigarette Cards, mid XX Century railway tickets, Woodseats Scout stamps, silks and other interesting paper ephemera. 20-30
126.    G.B. Stamps. An extensive much duplicated and well annotated Queen Elizabeth II Wilding collection. Predominantly used with booklet panes and coil strips. 20-40
127.    A Halfcrown, 1906, F. In excess of one pound and thirty five pence (total face value) of pre-1947 silver coins. A low grade Netherlands 21/2 Guilden, 1930, a range of other coins, coin jewellery, other items. 20-40
128.    Our Royal Sovereigns: Sixty-Nine Sterling Silver Medals, issued by the Danbury mint to mark the 1200th anniversary of the first coronation. attractively presented in a two drawer hardwood display case, with signed certification and literature, a cased set, the changing face of Britain's coinage by The London Mint Office. 70-100
129.    Commonwealth Stamps, A Very Good George VI Collection Mint and Used. Including Australia 1948 - 1950, S.G. 223 - 224D, Set fine used, Bermuda 1938 High Values, Indian States, Gold Coast, India, Middle East Forces overprints, South Africa, Rhodesia and more. High Catalogue Value 150-250
130.    All World Stamps in Four Albums, early-mid XX Century mint and used. One particular album with a very good Czechoslovakia Collection. Other countries of note include Germany and Austria. The albums are sometimes sparse but nonetheless plenty of interest. 40-60
131.    Commonwealth Stamps Royalty Interest. Queen Elizabeth II 60th Birthday Collection and 1986 Duke and Duchess of York Wedding; together with a further album of 1989-90 Royal Mail Exhibition Edinburgh cards and pictorial aerogrammes. 20-40
132.    All World Stamps, in twelve albums and a large quantity of album leaves, late XIX century to late XX century, good general interest, including a number of George V and George VI fiscally franked South African legal documents, including mortgages and share certificates. 30-50
133.    A Box of G.B Base Metal Coinage Queen Victoria-Queen Elizabeth II, a small box of foreign coinage, a small box G.B coinage, including commemorative crowns George VI-Queen Elizabeth II, tub of G.B coinage, two red one penny rolls noted. 20-40
134.    A Large Accumulation of Edwardian/George V Picture Postcards and Real Photographs, some Sheffield and British topographical interest, the majority being European towns and cities particularly Germany and France, with some U.S.A and ethnic cards noted; together with four Cunard Queen Elizabeth menu's and programs for 1963. 40-60
135.    All World Stamps A-Z Mint and Used, in three well organised albums. Plenty of interest with good China noted, and thematics. 20-40
136.    Two Large and Full All World Stockbooks. Mint and used predominantly mid-late XX Century. Neatly laid out with plenty of attractive material. Most countries well represented with one album having a particular emphasis on Australia and New Zealand. Excellent for thematics. 30-50
137.    G.B. Stamps in Three Albums and Very Full Stock Book, S.G. pre-printed albums volume one, two and three 1970-2004, very sparse but nonetheless expensive albums ideal for completion, together with a small stockbook, and small F.D.C. album. 20-40
138.    G.B. Stamps. In six albums and stockbooks. Victoria to late XX Century. One stockbook containing large amount of mint pre-decimal Queen Elizabeth II blocks and two blocks of sixty George VI 1941-42, 2d S.G. 489 light ultramarine, Wildings, Machins and commemoratives. Another album with some degree of annotated study of used Machins. 40-60
139.    Approximately Sixty Silver Threepences. Four modern base metal two pounds coins. Other coins, very occasionally silver. Related items. 30-40
140.    Approximately Eighty-Seven Early XX Century Comic Postcards. Multithematic. In a modern album. 30-40
141.    An Array of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers, silks are included, regularly arranged by type and accompanied by the vendors inventory. 30-50
142.    West Germany, Czechoslovakia and Eastern European Stamps, in two large stock books and two albums. 1872 to late XX Century, with a good amount of early States and Deutsches Reich Issues, Excellent Hitler era mint and used full and part sets, Danzig, Australia, Bosnia and French Colonies. 40-60
143.    Two Albums of Cigarette Cards By All Major Manufacturers, particular emphasis on sporting themes including football, boxing, cricket, speedway, including a good amount of Wills pirate Japanese cards, early aviation, Lyons maid famous cards, Zeppelins and battle ships noted. 40-80
144.    Westminster The History of World War II Sixty Seven First Day Covers, housed in two albums. All Republic of the Marshall Islands incluidng Sinking of the Bismarck May 27, 1941. 20-40
145.    Commonwealth Stamps, a large full stockbook of predominantly mint issues mid-late XX Century featuring a large number of blocks and mini sheets, very attractive thematics. 20-40
146.    G.B And Commonwealth Stamp Accumulation on Album Leaves, packets and stock cards, Victoria to late XX Century with some German World War 1, overprints 20-40
147.    A Quantity of Commemorative Crowns, Lord of The Rings six coin New Zealand Fifty cents presentation pack, base metal coinage, five coins Westminster Collection 1,000 Years of British Coinage, together with twelve two pound coins near all pre-1997. 15-30
148.    G.B And All World Stamps, Victoria to mid XX Century mint and used in five albums, including one album of good French colonies, U.S.A, India, Commonwealth, Germany, Canada and Australia, one or two used high values noted, G.B 1929 P.U.C 2 1/2D mint and others. 25-40
149.    R.A.F. Flown Covers, fifty-four various including First Flights, British Forces Postal Service Cachets, Red Arrows, and various stations. No signatories. 30-50
150.    Approximately 180 Early XX Century Postcards. Regularly the cards have humorous themes with animal interest subjects abound art. In a modern album. 70-100
151.    A Mint G.B Stamp Collection in Stockbook, 1940-1980, virtually a complete run of sets missing George VI high vals, and castles, commemorative and definitive with some blocks and strips and one or two minor errors. 20-40
152.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps in Presentation Packs, 1993-2012, good quantity of non value indicators with a face value in excess of 300. 150-170
153.    U.S.A Stamps, a large and full stockbook of mint and used issues early-late XX Century, much duplicated with some nice material. 20-40
154.    G.B Stamps- A small accumulation of oddments including two penny blacks, AE plate 6 and AK plate 7 used, DLR 10 shilling seahorse good used, and mint 1870 penny red plate 170, with other mint and used commemorative and definitive's. 60-100
155.    Approximately Two Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. A range of other coins and related items. Postcards and stamps. 20-40
156.    All World Stamps, in two albums mint and used, good general selection particularly Commonwealth countries Victoria to mid XX Century one or two high values noted including Bermuda, some good material for France, German States, Gibraltar, East Africa, Malta, Australian States, Malaysia and U.S.A. The second album with good Australia, Ceylon, G.B. including Penny Reds, Victoria to George VI including some high values used, Hong Kong and South Africa. 40-50
157.    Approximately 1000 Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers offered in a very well filled contemporary album, the cards are usually very clean and cover a range of subjects including British birds, butterflies, first aid, from plantation to smoker, garden life and ships' figure heads. 100-150
158.    Commonwealth First Day Covers, two albums containing one hundred and forty plus F.D.C (some duplication), including Sierra Leone Royal visit 1961, British Antarctic Territory Joint Services Expedition-Brabant Island 1984, together with The Independent members of the Commonwealth mint issues album circa 1983, two further stockbooks predominantly Commonwealth stamps mid-late XX Century. 30-50
159.    The Stamps of Czechoslovakia 1918 to Late XX Century, in two stockbooks mint and used. One album containing a much duplicated collection of early imperf and perf issues with a high degree of study annotated for plate flaws, postmarks etc. Interesting collection together with an S.G. specialised Czech Republic catalogue 7th edition 2012. 40-60
160.    Thirty Six Commemorative Crown and Five Pound BU Coins, predominantly British monarchy and in royal mint packing, a cased five pounds 2002 silver royal mint Golden Jubilee coin, a 1999 Guernsey silver five pounds coins- Winston Spencer Churchill, two commemorative medals. 30-50
161.    G.B. Wildings and Machins Stamps, five stock books. Predominately used, 1940's - late XX Century, much duplication, Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland stamps noted. 20-40
162.    Australia and New Zealand First Day Covers, three albums containing two hundred and thirty plus F.D.C.'s, some duplication noted. Mainly with no address designation, late 1970's - early 1990's. An attractive collection with a broad range of themes. 20-40
163.    Commonwealth Stamps Mint and Used in Three High Quality Plymouth Albums, (two with slipcases), plenty of interest particularly India and New Zealand, with two further schoolboy albums. 30-50
164.    A Bag Containing Eight Individual Midland Bank Bags of Pre-Decimal Pennies, tin of base metal G.B coinage George III-Queen Elizabeth II, a small tub of G.B base metal coinage, pre decimal presentation cases, commemorative crowns and red roll one pence 1971 coins noted. 20-40
165.    The Stamps of Persia/Iraq, early to late XX Century mint and used and an unusual collection of the stamps of North Korea in two stockbooks; together with a group of G.B. RAF Flown covers and All World oddments on stock cards and loose in packets. 30-50
166.    G.B. Stamps, three large very full stock books. Predominately used mid to late XX Century. Fastidiously arranged with much duplication. Commemorative and Definitive's. Many complete sets and high values noted with one other small stock book. 30-50
167.    An Accumulation of Vintage Coins, sometimes silver, in a Chubb & Son's cash box. Related items. 25-40
168.    G.B. First Day Covers, three albums containing two hundred and sixty plus F.D.C's (some duplication). Both typed and handwritten addressees, late 1950's - late 1990's, items noted, British Motor Cars 1982, high value definitive 1972. 20-40
169.    G.B. First Day Covers, six albums containing one hundred and eighty plus F.D.C's. Both typed and handwritten addressees, 1960's - late 1990's, some earlier including 13th May 1937, Channel Islands 10th May 1948, Charter Subscriber 22ct Gold stamp replica's noted. 30-50
170.    G.B. First Day Covers, six albums containing approximately two hundred and thirty F.D.C's. Both typed and handwritten addressees, 1953 - late 1980's. An attractive collection covering a variety of themes. Benham issues noted. 20-40
171.    All World First Day Covers, three albums containing one hundred and eighty plus F.D.C.'s, Tokelau, Kiribati, Grenadines well represented. A quantity being of Football interest - World Cup Mexico 1986, including Bobby Charlton signed F.D.C. 20-40
172.    All World Stamps, four albums. Predominately mint with some used, early 1970's - late 1980's, mainly featuring British Monarchy Events, Silver Wedding 1972, The Royal Wedding 1981. Together with one album containing 25th Anniversary Coronation QEII, mini sheets from Tuvalu, St. Vincent. Swiss F.D.C 1962 noted. 20-40
173.    All World and Commonwealth Stamps, in four large full stock books, predominantly used mid to late XX Century, fastidiously arranged by country with much duplication, some near complete sets, with all countries therein well represented. 40-60
174.    The Westminster Queen Mother 1900-2002 Numismatic Coin and Stamp Collection, in five albums. A large amount of Commonwealth coinage, and some redeemable 5 coins. All in pristine condition. 50-100
175.    Netherlands Stamps, an extensive collection in stockbook and album 1867 to 1970's mint and used much duplicated, including 1869 'arms' 1 cent green and 1 1/2 cent rose, mint and 1872-92, 25 cent lilac mint, interesting lot. 40-60
176.    Cigarette Cards. An interesting collection of cards in an album. Series noticed include Hignett Bros. & Co.'s Celebrated Old Inns (1925) and A.B.C. of Sport (1927), Jockeys and Owners' Colours (1927), Leaders of Men (1924) and Steeple Chase Trainers & Owners' Colours (1927) (all Ogdens Ltd.). 40-70
177.    Approximately 300 G.B. First Day Covers 1960's-1970's, typed, handwritten and sometimes blank addressee. Both commemorative and definitive. Many more interesting and unusual covers noted with lesser seen cachets and many phosphors. Including 1963 Nature Week (phosphors), The Battle of Britain (phosphors), 25th Anniversary First Day Cover (phosphors), 1967 Flowers, 1966 World Cup, 1965 Lister, many unusual covers by Philart. Together with further schoolboy albums containing philatelic oddments and in excess of 20 face value mint stamps noted. Viewing highly recommended. 40-60
178.    G.B. Presentation Packs, three albums containing one hundred plus presentation packs, 1996-2005, high value and N.V.I. stamps noted with a total face value in excess of 310. 150-170
179.    A Lovely Collection of Victorian/ Edwardian Greeting Cards, and cut outs in an album and in stock pages, including Raphael Tuck Christmas horses, floral tributes and Scottish and Continental engravings, viewing recommended. 30-50
180.    A Munten and Landen Coin Presentation Album, which includes sets of European coins from the pre-Euro era, a tin of all world base metal coinage, a tub of modern mixed G.B and Eire coins, small box of G.B coinage in plastic sleeves, three coin presentation packs including completed Whitman folder G.B halfpennies 1937-1963. 20-40
181.    French Colonies in West Africa, A Predominantly Mint Stockbook, 1906- late XX Century with particularly good Mauritania, together with an album of mint Niger issues 1921-1940, a little sparse nonetheless, so nice sets. 20-40
182.    Commonwealth Stamps in a Large Stockbook, Queen Victoria to late XX Century. Good interest in Australian states, Mauritius, Malaya, India and states and much more. 25-40
183.    Legendary Aircraft of World War II Marshall Islands, twenty four, ten dollar brass coin collection, attractively displayed in a Westminster fitted case. with literature. 50-80
184.    Two Large Albums of The Queen Mother Related Covers. One Westminster numismatic and other covers- Commonwealth celebrating her 100th Birthday, with a large amount of crown sized coins. The other Benham covers and mini sheets. 20-40
185.    G.B Kiloware, many thousands on and off paper, in a large tea chest, sorted in tubs. 30-50
186.    G.B Stamps George V-George VI, mint and predominantly used with much duplication with some good full and part sets, colour variations, some used high value 'arms', 1937-47 S.C.462-475 set mint, with a large quantity of postal stationary cut outs and postage dues, overprints and fiscally used regularly sorted by watermark. 30-50
187.    A Cased Sheffield Interest Medal (Sheffield Assay Office). A quantity of mixed coins, occasionally silver. British and foreign banknotes. 20-40
188.    Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Stamps Of India and G.B. with over prints. Mint and used George VI - Queen Elisabeth II, some choice items including Qatar 1957 S.G. 15A, 10R on 10 shillings type II Over Print, mint in a stock book 40-60
189.    Commonwealth Stamps- Two large full albums housing a mint collection centred around the early years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, many good full and part sets and high values, including Malaysia, Nigeria, Montserrat, Mauritius, Pitcairn Islands, Caribbean Islands, Pakistan, Malta, K.U.T, Malawi and Samoa, with a good quantity of GB counter booklets, postage dues and older used Commonwealth material on album leaves. 60-120
190.    Sheffield Interest Picture Postcards Edwardian-Late XX Century, over 100 including real photo cards of the celebration steel works arches for The Royal Visit 1905, decorated coronation trams 1911, parks, vibrant street scenes, municipal and private buildings, etc, one or two nostalgia re-prints. Some nice cards. 30-50
191.    The Stamps of Cyprus from 1881 Onwards, mint and used, good Victoria, Edward and George V, much duplicated, the harder to find 1938 George VI 3/4 PI and 2 1/2PI mint noted with many used examples. 50-100
192.    China 1949 Stamp Sheet of 100 Liner, Train and Airplane. 20 00 brown overprint 50 yuan, together with Czechoslovakia Stamps, mint and used 1919-late XX Century. Good amount of imperf 1919 issues mint in blocks up to 1000 Halero's (possibly re-prints). 15-30
193.    Australian States Stamps, fastidiously arranged in a stock book with some good material mint and used, particularly Western Australia 1884-1902 'Swans' mint, Queensland Chalon heads, and new South Wales diadems good used, nice little lot. 30-50
194.    U.S.A Stamps, two very good stockbooks, 1847-1882 Presidents used, a good selection, 1893 Columbian Exposition, Chicago in numbers used, airmails, parcel posts, post dues and tax stamps, the second stock book being entirely mint including 1882 S.G.217, 1C blue mint, F283 special postal delivery 10c blue and much more very attractive material, nice lot. 50-100
195.    G.B Stamps, Queen Victoria To Pre Decimal Queen Elizabeth II on Album Pages And An Album, very good selection of two pence blues imperf and perf, surface printed issues including high values and officials, A large quantity of penny reds, Jubilees and George VI high values, Queen Elizabeth II issues largely as mint blocks of four. Together with a blank S.C. Windsor Pre-printed album 150-200
196.    An Extensive Collection of Forty All World Coin Presentation Packs, circa 1990's-2000, including The Royal Australian mint year 2000 six coin proof set, PR China currency, European community coin collection, plus a cased Royal Australian mint 1995 one dollar sterling silver proof coin. 25-50
197.    Forty-Four Silver Threepences and Twelve Pre-1947 Sixpences, as part of a collection of lower denomination GB coins. In an album. 20-40
198.    French Colonies Stamps, an accumulation in stock book and three albums, mint and used early-late XX Century, most out-posts well represented with some nice full and part sets. 25-40
199.    Beauties, Physical Culture and Stars of Stage and Screen as Part of an Interesting Collection of Some Ninety-Two Early XX Century Postcards. In a modern album. Trade cards and other items. 40-60
200.    The Stamps of Malta 1956 - Late XX Century, Predominantly used, cancelled to order including 1956 S.E. 266 - 282 set of 17 good used, and 1973 S.E. 486 - 500A, Set of 15, Good Used. High Catalogue Value. 30-50
201.    Twenty One Royal Mint and Westminster BU Coin Presentation and Philatelic Packs, fifty pence, one pound, two pounds coin denominations with a face value of 30, items noted Westminster six coin fifty pence collection including the dual dated EC coin, 1999 Scottish one pound coin. 30-70
202.    197 Picture Postcards Edwardian to Mid XX Century on a Circus and Early Performers Theme. Strongmen, elephants, clowns, Tom Thumb, giants, magicians and Freak Shows amongst much of interest. Some nostalgia re-prints noted. Together with another album of twenty-one nostalgia re-print cards on a similar theme- giant children, bearded ladies, con-joined twins, The Aztec Girls, etc. 200-400
203.    Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Extensive Collection, mint and used from Edwardian onward, much duplicated with some interesting George VI covers, later material, Queen Elizabeth II onwards, often mint. 20-40
204.    A Collection of Banknotes of the World. The collection includes GB banknotes having a face value of twenty-five pounds and a range of foreign notes often of WWII vintage. Conditions various. In an album. 40-60
205.    The Westminster R.A.F. 75th Anniversary and Aviation Heritage Collection. Worldwide stamps on cover and numismatic covers in six albums with pre-printed annotation. Including signed covers by Jon Nichol and John Peters- shot down in the First Gulf War, and held prisoner for forty-seven days. 50-100
206.    Spain Stamps - Mid XX Century In A Stock book, All mint with some good full and part sets. 20-40
207.    A Very good Stockbook of The Stamps of Pre-Union South Africa and The Bahamas, C.O.G.H used from 1880 including 1902 S.G 70-78 set used and a good selection of duty stamps, natal with a good selection of chalon heads, including mint overprints, Edward VII mint and part set, mint including 2/6 and 41 and Orange River State, Bahamas mint and used from 1901, including George VI 1938 part set mint to S.G.155, one shilling, 1948 set to 1 mint, landfall of Columbus overprints, and more. 40-60
208.    An Interesting Extended Collection of Postcards, very regularly early XX Century, mathematic, themes included Beauties, children interest and sentimental cards, in a contemporary album. 100-150
209.    Commonwealth Stamps, early to late XX Century mint and used on stock cards and in packets, some good mint George VI material 1938 Grenada mint to one shilling duplicated, Australia, South Africa, and much else of interest. 20-40
210.    A Collection of Sixty-One Halfcrowns from Circulation. Fifty-seven of the coins are pre-1947 (including many pre-1920 examples). Offered in three album pages. 100-200
211.    Nine Royal Mint and Westminster BU Coin Presentation Packs and Sets, including the 1993 wedding coin collection, 2008 Royal mint royal shield of arms coin collection, royal mint all change for 2009 set. 20-40
212.    A Very Good Stockbook of Malaysia (Largely Johore), North Borneo and Gilbert and Ellice Islands, mint and used, Johore from late XIX Century with nice used part sets and Kelantan overprints, 1949 issues fine used up to $5, North Borneo including 1904 S.G 156 and 157, 4 cents overprints on five and ten dollars mint, and other good material, Gilbert and Ellice Islands including George VI 1939 S.G 43-54, 1/2D-5 shillings mint set of twelve, huge catalogue value. 150-200
213.    Approximately 180 Early XX Century Comic Postcards Almost Always Having a Children Interest. In a modern album. 70-120
214.    Four Postcard Albums Edwardian to Mid XX Century, with a comic and sentimental greetings theme, Raphael Tucks, Photocrom and Medici Society noted with some good artists including Charles Richardson, Margaret Tempest and Molly Brett. 30-50
215.    Commonwealth Stamps in a Large Stockbook- Queen Victoria to Late XX Century. Some interesting material noted including Australia 1963 Explorers S.G. 359 good used, Australian States, Straits Settlements S.G. 210, $1 fine used and pre-union South Africa. 25-40
216.    A Very Good Stockbook of Canada and Newfoundland Stamps, mint and used Queen Victoria to 1940's, fastidiously laid out, with some very good high cat value material, including 1859 S.G.42, Jaques Cartier 17c bue fine used, 1868-90 S.G.61c dull grey purple 15c mint fair, 1897 S.G.128 deep blue 5c double head mint and 1930 S.G.56 special delivery 20c, amongst other duplicated material, with more equally good Newfoundland, viewing recommended. 100-120
217.    Five Royal Mint Deluxe Red Leather Cased Proof Sets: 1995 to 1999. A cased Royal Mint Year 2000 Extensive Proof Coin Set (case damaged). (6) 50-70
218.    France Stamps, a pristine mounted mint collection on album leaves, very well annotated. 10-20
219.    Commonwealth Stamps A-Z George VI To Late XX Century, predominantly mint with some very good full and part sets including Aden and States, Ascension, Bahamas with 1948 S.G.195 silver wedding I green, Barbados, British Honduras with 1938 S.G 150-161 set og twelve to five dollars, and 1948 silver wedding five dollars, Falkland Island Dependencies, Gambia 1938 S.G 150-161 set of 16 and silver wedding 1, Gibraltar 1938 S.G 1210131 set of 14, Malta, Monsterat, Nyasaland, Sierra Leone, South Africa and more, viewing recommended. 150-250
220.    Malay States Stamps, two large full stock books chronologically arranged mint and used, often annotated with some very good much duplicated material, Victoria to 1970's with a huge catalogue value, very good straits settlements, federated Malay states and individual states. 80-120
221.    In Excess of Forty-Seven Pounds (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 500-700
222.    Australia Stamps, a large stockbook mint and used mid-early XXI Century, much duplicated and meticulously arranged with some very attractive material. 20-40
223.    Gibraltar Stamps, a very good accumulation neatly arranged chronologically from 1886 to the late 1955's, extensive George V used with very high catalogue value, including a couple of covers to Colonel J.E.Nixon- Spain O.B.E, with good mint and used George VI, new constitution ovpts, and Queen Elizabeth II, good lot. 50-100
224.    The Stamps of Malta 1885-2000's- mint and used, including 1886 S.G.30 five shilling-rose mint, 1899 S.G.31 (2), and S.G.33 mint, good mint and used Edward VII and George V, 1938 George VI set of 21 mint, overprints and later issues often mint, nice collection. 50-100
225.    G.B Stamps - An Eclectic Album of Mint Issues, Edward VII to Pre-Decimal Queen Elizabeth II, a good number of controls and shades, coil stamps, booklet panes and Wildings, blocks with watermark variations. Viewing Recommended. 120-160
226.    Commonwealth Stamps, a half filled stockbook with some good Australia including Queensland Chalon heads to five shillings used, Western Australia swans, good selection of roos mint and used yup to 2 black and rose with good clear cancels, and a good quantity of George V official stamps-- Perfins and overprints, with early Bahamas, Barbados and Bermuda thereafter rather sparse. 30-50
227.    Commonwealth Stamps, two large full albums housing a mint collection centred around the early years of Queen Elizabeth II's reign many good full and part sets and high values, including Antigua, Bermuda, Catman Islands, K.U.T, Ghana, Grenada, Malaya, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Dominica Antarctic territory and Bahamas to name a few, viewing recommended. 50-100
228.    A Very good Stockbook of The Stamps of Gold Coast and Nigeria, Gold Coast from 1902 including S.G.40, 2D mint, 1918 part set mint to 5 shillings, 1935 silver Jubilee set mint, George VI 1938 S.G 120-131, 1/2D-51, 1948 set 1/2D to 10 shillings set of twelve mint, 1948 silver wedding ten shillings mint and Ghana Independence overprints, Niger coast including 1894 'Victoria' to one shilling mint and oil rivers ovpts, Victoria Jubilee overprints mint, 1936 George V part set mint to one shilling, 1938 George VI part set mint to one shilling three pence then further predominantly mint issues to 1966, huge catalogue value. 80-120
229.    Commonwealth Stamps - A Very Good mint Accumulation, George V, George VI and a small amount of Queen Elisabeth II, a good number of high values for Leeward Islands, Gambia, Solomon Islands, North Borneo, ST. Kitts Nevis, Malta, Cayman Islands, Falklands, and Middle East Forces outposts, Good Lot. 150-200
230.    Approximately One Hundred Early XX Century Comic Postcards. The cards sometimes celebrate UK coastal resorts. 30-40
231.    A Very Good Stockbook of The Stamps of Antigua, Cayman Islands, Trinidad and Tobago and Bechuanaland Protectorate, Antigua from 1903 including S.G.40, five shillings mint, 1908-17 S.G 98-109 set of twelve mint, U.P.U and 1948 silver wedding, Cayman Islands 1935 part set, including S.G 107 ten shillings fine used, 1938 part set mint, 1950 S.G 135-147 mint set (missing five shillings) with a page of Victorian to Georgian Bechuanaland overprints mint and used, viewing recommended, huge catalogue value. 150-200
232.    A Good All World Early to Mid XX Century Stamp Album, predominantly mint with some fine material including an almost complete run of the stamps of Norfolk Island 1947-1971 full sets of of 1947 S.G. 1-12A, 1953 S.G. 13-18, 1960 S.G. 24-36, 1960 overprints, 1962 fish, 1967 ships, and 1970 birds. Further good material for North Borneo, Papua New Guinea, Spain, Switzerland and more. Nice lot. 40-60
233.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps in Presentation Packs, 1994-2016, good quantity of non value indicators with a face value in excess of 420. 210-230
234.    The Stamps of Samoa and the Gilbert and Ellis Islands, mint and used in a well organised stock book, some good early Samoa 1886-1900 mint issues including provisional government overprints, Gilbert and Ellis with good mint George V and VI including three 1935 silver Jubilee sets and 1939 S.G 43-53 two shilling six. 30-50
235.    The History of The United States Silver Coin Collection, in a franklin mint album, items noted 1884 Morgan silver dollar, 1923 peace silver dollar. 70-120
236.    An Array of Stamps From The Old GB Commonwealth, regularly mid XX Century, offered mint (usually unmounted), in a SG album. 15-30
237.    An Unusual Collection of Some 190 Comic Postcards Regularly from the WWI Era. Nautical subjects are commonplace but propaganda and other themes noticed. In a modern album. 70-120
238.    A Small Stock Book of The Stamps of Bahrain and Papua New Guinea, predominantly mint with some very good material, Queen Elizabeth II overprints, including 1955 castles, and 1964 S.G.128-138 five Naye Paise- ten rupees, Papua with a good selection of mint 'Junks' including air mail overprints and 1952 S.G.14 and 15 fine used, amongst others, high catalogue value. 40-60
239.    Eight Replica Coins, offered as a glazed display. A Marshall Islands 10 dollars as a glazed display. 8-10
240.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps Presentation Packs, 1992-2007, some non value indicators with a face value in excess of 300. 150-170
240A.   Three Full Well Presented Commonwealth and All World Stamp Albums. Predominantly mid to late XX Century with some earlier. Mint and used on Prinz stock pages. Including Algeria, Congo, French colonies, African Republics, large amount of Russia and Spain, Caribbean Islands, Sierra Leone "maps", South Africa and much more. Very good thematics. 40-60
241.    Commonwealth Stamps, particularly African Nations, including a number of mint and full sheets 1957 Ghana Independence issues including Gold Coast S.G. 170 overprinted with ,much duplicated late XX century mint and used issues- good for thematics. 20-40
242.    A Varied Philatelic Accumulation of G.B First Day Covers, world Victorian postal stationary, 1937 Coronation omnibus covers, pre-paid cut outs, 1960's presentation packs, and one or two autographed covers, Bill Beumont and Ron Greenwood noted. 30-50
243.    South Africa Stamps, a large full stockbook mint and used mid-late XX Century, much duplicated and meticulously arranged. 20-40
244.    G.B and All World First Day Covers in Two Albums, including R.A.F flown covers, 1983 Royal Scots with British Forces postal service cachet, 1948 Sudan first legislative assembly cover, 1962 Cape Canaveral first orbital flight, John Glenn and 1978 Royal Houses of Europe. 25-40
245.    Commonwealth Stamps, four large very full stock books. Predominately used, Queen Victoria - late XX Century. Fastidiously arranged by Country and with much duplication. Both Commemorative and Definitive's, with all Commonwealth Countries therein well represented. 40-60
246.    G.B and All World First Day Covers, largely on a Royal theme with many from the Silver Jubilee 1977, and often autographed by Lord Lieutenants and Mayors from various towns and cities during the Queens Royal visits, in three albums. 20-40
247.    An Interesting and Varied Picture Postcard and Real Photocard Accumulation, in an album and loose. Including transport themes 1910-1960 with First World War tanks, American lorries, vintage cars "Mercedes Benz" "300 SL" III "Carrera Panamericana Mexico 1952". With one or two pleasant Edwardian Art Nouveau and Continental chromo-lithos, and 1976 I.P.M. postcard catalogue. 20-40
248.    All World Stamps, four large stock books. Predominately used mid to late XX Century, with some earlier, arranged by Country with some duplication. Most countries therein well represented. 40-60
249.    Commonwealth Stamps in a Large Full Stockbook. All British Africa with some good material, Zanzibar, including 1948 Silver Wedding 10 shillings mint and Jamhuri overprints, Rhodesia, Kenya, Nyasaland 1938 S.G. 140, 2/6 fine used, with all other countries well represented. Predominantly mid XX Century with good thematics. 50-100
250.    G.B. Presentation Packs, four albums containing one hundred plus packs, 1971-1993 with a total face value in excess of 125. 40-60
251.    G.B. Stamps- A Largely Mint Queen Elizabeth II Pre Decimal Album, commemorative and definitive as complete sets to 1970 with some George VI mint sets and a few Penny Reds, and George V, including 1929 P.U.C. to 2d mint. With another album of thematics and Channel Islands. 20-40
252.    Art on Postcards, an attractive array of some 390 early XX Century postcards and greeting cards, offered in two quality albums, generally good, clean cards despite occasional foxing, large amount of Misch and Co. 70-120
253.    Jersey Stamps, a complete mint collection to 1978 in a high quality pre-printed with mounts lighthouse album, including the 1941-1943 occupation issues with examples printed on newsprint, with a packet of unmounted duplicates. 20-40
254.    An Interesting G.B. Stamp Accumulation on Prinz Stock Cards, predominantly used Victoria-George VI. Including spacefiller Penny Black and one other (poor) on 1841 cover, Penny Reds on cover, one black plate black MX, Jubilees, Edward VII, George V, including 1924 and 1925 mint pairs, George VI high value "Arms" set used, 1948 Silver Wedding 1 mint, Morocco, Tangier and Bahrain overprints, including George VI 1935-7 high values 2/6 and 5/1 mint. Together with a part cover with three two pence blues attached, and three First World War silks. 40-60
255.    Over 300 Topographical Picture Postcards, Edwardian-Mid XX Century British and European towns and cities, street scenes, municipal and private buildings in two full albums. 30-50
256.    All World Stamps . Late XIX to early XX Century, Some choice items including German colonies 'Yachts', Japan, Dutch East Indies, U.S.A, Botswana and Latvia. Prdominentley used with some re-prints. 40-60
257.    Seven Royal Mint Proof Sets: 1977 (plastic case cracked and outer envelope holes), 1978, 1979 (outer envelope torn), 1980, 1981, 1982. A 1983 proof set in blue leatherette case. 20-30
258.    Monaco Stamps Mint and Used Chronologically Arranged, late XIX Century- late XX Century, some nice Prince Charles III and Prince Albert issues amongst much of interest, including a number of higher cataloguing 1933 Prince Louis II issues. 30-50
259.    A George III Silver Sixpence, 1821, F. A 1978 Isle of Man one pound coin (Virenium). A Whitman coin folder containing farthings 1936-1952, complete sets including obverses. A Sandhill complete set of brass threepences, 1953-1967. Fourteen pounds and fifty pence (total face value) of higher grade decimal coinage (usually exchangeable. Related items. 50-70
260.    One Hundred and Forty Plus Postcards in Two Albums, early to mid XX Century, local themes noted from the Edwardian period, Ecclesall Church, Fargate, maritime, UK coastal landmarks amongst others. 20-40
261.    Commonwealth Stamps - A Good Early Accumulation, Victoria - George VI mint and used. Many choice items, particularly Ceylon, British Bechuanaland, Gold Coast, and British Honduras. 40-60
262.    G.B First Day Covers From George VI Coronation to the 1960's, with some earlier including 1890 Universal Penny Postage Jubilee. Some very nice covers. Largely handwritten including Botanical Congress, Forth Road Bridge, P.O. Tower, Robert Burns, World Cup 66, technology, Hastings, G.P.O. and T.U.C. One or two interesting postcards, and Royal Mail Special Stamps Yearbooks 1984-1985, with mint stamps therein. 30-50
263.    A Large Edwardian/George V Picture Postcard and Pearl Photocard Album, largely British topographical views, including street scenes, sentimental subjects, social history, municipal and private buildings, and a couple of nice Barcombe Railway Station cards; together with a tub of loose similar and ten First World War silks. 50-100
264.    China Stamps- A very attractive group of mini sheets and sets from the 1990's to early 2000's. Some on China National Philatelic Corporation cards with holograms, including 1998 Wu-Yin year, 1991 Year of the Sheep, 1990 Asian Games, 2000 Wild Animals, and used 1940's-1960's, on album leaves; together with a small amount of G.B. Victorian fiscal issues. 30-50
265.    Spanish Pesetas Banknotes Thirteen-Thousand Pesetas, in total, including rhe 5000 Pesetas Christopher Columbus banknote with a redeemable value in excess of fifty pounds, a small quantity of foreign base metal coinage, a small quantity of GB base metal coinage, commemorative crown, four Royal mint Natwest world savers medals, together with GB mint stamps with a total face value in excess of forty pounds. 40-80
266.    The Stamps of Switzerland in Four Stockbooks, late XIX Century to late XX Century, one book entirely po-juvente issues, one entirely mint, with 1983-1985 yearbooks, 30-50
267.    Malaysia Stamps, a fine mint collection in a stockbook mid XX Century 2000's, many complete sets and some mini-sheets, with further mint issues, often as blocks of four on album sheets, and an album of mint and used issues from the same period. 20-40
268.    A Full Much Duplicated G.B. Stockbook of Hagner Pages, mint and used 1950's-1960's with large quantities of Wildings and Machins including a page of graphite lines varieties, and mint and used commemorative's; Ten Royal Mail Similar Sheets Produced in Limited Editions by Benham. Neatly cancelled with relevant cachets, including Australian centenaries, Bangkok, Christmas, Year of the Horse, etc. 2013-2014. In Royal Mail album with slipcase; A Rare 1973 Village Churches First Day Cover, bearing festival of Berkswell cachet. Some creasing; G.B. P.H.Q Cards. 1973 Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference 8p #3 with stamp and F.D.I. cachet, and 1974 Medieval Warriors 10p #7D with misplaced (raised) gold head, no stamp. 25-40
269.    In Excess of 5kg British and Foreign Coins, a very occasional better coin noticed. Banknotes. Reference material. 30-40
270.    Two Large and Very Full Well Presented Commonwealth and All World Albums. Predominantly mid-late XX Century with some earlier. Mint and used on Prinz stock pages. Good material for Lesotho, Liberia, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Mozambique, Norway, Vietnam, Tuvalu, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Switzerland, and Trinidad and Tobago, amongst much other interest. 40-60
271.    Over 150 Flown R.A.F. Covers G.B. and World from the 1970's, Escaping Society, various air shows and anniversaries; together with two reference files and loose reference material. 30-50
272.    University Rag 1922, and a range of nostalgia interest cards depicting views in Sheffield (by Sheffield City Libraries), all as part of collections of early to mid XX Century postcards in two contemporary albums, stamps and other collectibles. 20-40
273.    A Pair of Low Grade Victorian Half Crowns, a quantity of other GB coins; almost always base metal. 15-20
274.    All World Stamps in Three Albums and Sorted Off Paper in Packets. Predominantly mid-late XX Century. Most countries well represented. Very good for thematics. 20-40
275.    Derbyshire Interest Postcards, over 280 Edwardian to mid XX Century cards, and real photos, largely topographical views, including Eyam, Bakewell, Buxton, Middleton Dale, Hathersage, Castleton, and Stanage Edge. 50-80
276.    A Large Tubs of Base Metal G.B Coinage Queen Victoria-Queen Elizabeth II, a small tin of all world modern base metal coinage, together with a small tub foreign base metal coinage, and eleven well circulated banknotes. 20-40
277.    G.B and Cape of Good Hope Stamps, in a stock book, G.B largely mint 1960's-1980's commemorative and definitive with some blocks and traffic lights, C.O.G.H Victorian and Edward VII used with one or two other oddments, together with a sparse Stanley Gibbons pre-painted Canada album 1980-1999. 20-30
278.    Sixty-Seven High Grade Churchill Crowns. A 1953 year type set of coins; Sandhill cased. A Canada silver dollar 1966, tarnished GVF. Mixed base metal English and foreign coins. Banknotes. 20-40
279.    Seven Royal Mint Proof Sets: 1984 and 1985 (blue leather cases) and 1986 to 1990 (deluxe red leather cases). (7) 40-60
280.    G.B. Stamps, Royal mail approximately one hundred and seventy First Day Covers, 1999-2012, typed addressee, Talents House or appropriate cachets predominately mini sheets, much duplication. In good clean condition. 30-50
281.    A Good All World Full Stamp Album Mint and Used, with some good full and part sets. Late XIX Century-Late XX Century mint and used. Particularly good Germany Deutsches Reich period mint, and states used, Gambia, G.B.- with some George VI high values used, Japan and more. Together with a further album of oddments, and a box of several hundred all world stamps on paper. 40-60
282.    Halfcrowns: 1885 (NF), 1904 (NF/F) and 1910 (F). A shilling, 1885, NF/F. A range of other UK coins, sometimes silver. Banknotes. 50-70
283.    Two All World Stamp Albums. Largely mint mid-late XX Century with some fine material as full and part sets. Including Afghanistan, Austria, Bahamas, Queen Elizabeth II 1965 set to two shilling six D, and others, British Guiana, China, Egypt, French colonies and Canada. 40-60
284.    A Tray of Commonwealth Stamp Material, mint and used sorted in packets, well worth a look. 20-30
285.    G.B. Stamps in an Album and on Album Pages. Mid-late XX Century. The album containing a very unusual collection of interesting receipts with fiscally used stamps attached from George V to Queen Elizabeth II. Including Sheffield Cemetery burial plots, crematorium, solicitors, funeral taxi service, house sales, department stores, and water rates. With one or two Victorian revenue stamps. 30-50
286.    Two Full, Well Organised Commonwealth and All World Stamp Albums. Predominantly mid-late XX Century with some earlier. Mint and used on Prinz stock pages. Including Antigua 1921 George V, S.G. 57-60, 1 shilling to 5 shilling L.M.M., with some George VI high values, and 1935 Silver Wedding set, L.M.M. good Ascension, Bahamas, George VI 1948 S.G. 178-193 set of Sixteen, L.M.M. and further part set to 10D as mint pairs. Good Queen Elizabeth II mint and used. Barbados 1938 S.G. 246-256A set of sixteen L.M.M. A further interest in Basutoland, Bermuda, Belgium, Bulgaria and many others. 40-60
287.    An Album of Cigarette Cards by the Major Manufacturers. The collection includes Derby Entrants 1928, Derby Entrants 1929 and Greyhound Racing (1927) (all Ogdens Ltd.). Three further sets of cards in the manufacturers' albums. 40-70
288.    A Quantity of Royal Mail Presentation Packs, both Commemorative and Definite (2005-2012), including mini sheets and a large quantity of non value indicator First and Second Class stamps. With a face value in excess of 310. 150-170
289.    Picture Postcards and Real Photocards, in four albums, Edwardian to late XX Century, a variety of subjects including music hall stars, sentimental greetings, comic, and social history portraits. 30-50
290.    Al World Stamps, late XIX Century to mid XX Century in two full albums, predominately used with a good general selection particularly U.S.A., Transvaal, Germany and France, with a fair space filler Penny black, amongst much of interest, with one or two better stamps on cards including U.S.A. 1957 S.G. 40c, 12 cent black with blunt perfs and G.B. 1948 Silver Wedding 1 mint. 30-50
291.    An Eclectic World Stamp Accumulation, including 1921-41 Treneganu $5 red, yellow and green fine used, two pence blues, 1928 Germany Craf Zeppelin S.G 445, G.B surface printed, large quantity of 1935 Jubilee omnibus issues and seahorses in approval books and a mint G.B 1970's stockbook. 30-50
292.    Fifty-Two Farthings. In excess of 9kg mixed GB coins; regularly pre-decimal pennies and half pennies. Other coins. 70.0 Kronor in Swedish banknotes. 20-30
293.    A Quantity of Royal Mail Presentation Packs, both Commemorative and Definite (2004-2008) including mini sheets and a large quantity of non value indicator First and Second Class stamps with a face value in excess of 320. 160-180
294.    A Range of Numismatic Oddments, including quantities of base metal crowns, sixpences and pennies. A smaller quantity of foreign coins. Related items. 20-40
295.    Album of G.B. Stamps (1953-1999), virtually a complete run, mainly commemorative mint with a face value in excess of 320. Together with a further album of predominately used issues and an interesting album of predominantly used stamps and mini sheets for Staffer, Gynhallow, Sanda, Gairsay, St. Kilda and other small British Isles. 160-200
296.    Three G.B. Stamp Albums, containing a good selection of both used and mint stamps 1937-2012, sometimes as complete sheets with a face value in excess of 180. Together with a further small stock book of mint and used G.B. and all world issue stamps late XIX Century-late XX Century. 90-110
297.    A Quantity of Cigarette Cards in Packets, tins and loose, including Kensitas silk flags, nice collection of J. Wix and Sons 'Henry' cards. Rover Warrior cards, Cavanders Camera Studies, John Player Cricketers, Wills Heraldic Signs, amongst other interest, condition variable. 20-40
298.    Pobjoy Set of Four Isle of Man Silver Proof Crowns to Commemorate the 1980 Olympics. A set of two commemorative medallions to commemorate the 1973 Royal Wedding. 3 x 1977 coin proof sets. 2 x sets of Isle of Man crowns to commemorate the 1980 Olympics. A 1975 Indian ten coin proof set. 50-80
299.    Portuguese India / Timor Stamps, an unusual much duplicated collection in a neat stock book, from 1886 to late XX Century, predominantly used with later issues mint. 20-40
300.    A Pair of 1952 Sixpences, both F/GF. Brass threepence: 1946 (two), 1949 (two), 1950 and 1951 (all from circulation). In excess of 500 base metal sixpences. A modern base metal five pounds coin. A damaged silver WWI British War Medal. Further coins and related items. 20-40
301.    Aviation, Horse Riding and Shipping Interest as Part of a Collection of Cigarette Cards, by the major manufacturers, in two modern albums, empty albums. 30-40
302.    G.B. Stamps, a good selection used off paper. Victoria to George V on stock cards and loose in wallets. Large quantity of Penny Reds and Jubilees, some two pence Blues and Seahorses. Excellent for plate reconstruction/shades, etc. 30-50
303.    Mint G.B. Stamps as Presentation Pack, 1986 year pack, Post Office Staff Christmas cards with blocks of twenty five sometimes N.V.I. first and 2nd class stamps and a stock book of mint sets 1971-1987 with a total face value 140. 60-90
304.    A Canadian 1976 Silver Olympic Commemorative Ten Dollars, a Canadian silver dollar, 1960, NVF. A French 20 Francs, 1938, NF/F, a modern base metal two pounds. A quantity of other coins, regularly GB and very occasionally silver. Canadian banknotes. 20-40
305.    A King George V Red Sandhill Cased Nine Coin Type Set Farthing-Crown, a King George VI green sandhill cased five coin part silver set 1946 sixpence-halfcrown, a King George VI part silver set threepence- halfcrown, a King George VI red sandhill cased complete set of silver threepence coins 1937-1944 inclusive, 1944 (F). 30-50
306.    G.B. Royal Mail Mint Stamps in Presentation Packs, 2000-2014, good quantity of non value indicators with a face value in excess of 300. 150-170
307.    A Small Quantity of GB and Foreign Coins. Foreign banknotes. A base metal sovereign case. Other items. 10-20
308.    116 Edwardian to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards and Real Photos, largely British topographical views, one or two more interesting cards including Louis Wain Cats (1), German raid on house at Wykeham, real photocards of Blyth, a Geisha, and Boxhill, with six embroidered greetings cards, and some sentimental and comic cards. 30-40
308A.   Approximately 120 Early Comic Postcards Almost Always Having an Ethnic Interest. Offered in a modern album. 70-120
309.    An Assortment of Base Metal Coinage and Related Items. 15-20
310.    Twenty Royal Mail Prestige Booklets, both Commemorative and Definite (2000-2012), including mini sheets and a large quantity of non value indicator First and Second Class stamps. With a face value in excess of 260. 130-150
310A.   A Multithematic Array of Some 162 Postcards. Regularly early XX Century. Sentimental and humorous subjects abound. In a modern album. 70-120
311.    Seventeen Circulated Banknotes. Regularly European issues and often mid XX Century. Other items. 30-40
312.    Two Picture Postcard Albums, early to mid XX Century, containing British topographical views comic and sentimental subjects. 20-40
313.    An Accumulation of European Stamps, late XIX Century-late XX Century, sorted in packets and on stock cards, plenty of interest and worth a look. 20-40
314.    A Kwang-Tung Province 20 Cents, GF, a Russian 10 Kopeks, 1877, GF, a range of other coins, regularly vintage and occasionally silver. An unresearched mid XIX Century commemorative shipping medal. 20-40
315.    Twenty Eight Cased Predominantly G.B Coin Sets, including a King George VI red sandhill cased ten coin type set farthing-half crown, five coin farthing set Queen Victoria-Queen Elizabeth II, a 1989 two pounds coin. 20-30
316.    Approximately One Hundred Early XX Century Postcards. Humorous subjects but many with a social history interest. In a modern album. 40-70
317.    Six Royal Mint BU Coin Sets, 1993-1998, the 1993 set includes the dual dated EC fifty pence coin. 30-50
318.    Five Royal Mint Proof Sets: 1972, 1973 (tarnished), 1974, 1975 and 1976, outer cases perfect. 20-30
319.    A Selection of Banknotes GB and Overseas, the overseas, notes include 9 Canadian dollars and 140 South African rand. 15-30
320.    Seventy-Five Postcards, predominantly Saltburn-By-The-Sea, depicting numerous views from this British seaside resort including Zetland hotel, The Catnab, Old Saltburn, The Italian Garden, plus many other local interest, including vibrant scenes, Saltburn pier, River Esk Viaduct, Edwardian to George V, some later; together with a book new series picturesque views of Bridlington and district published by Taylor's Drug Co. Ltd. 20-40
321.    A Cased Jubilee Mint Charles I 1625-1649 Silver Shilling, six encapsulated Danbury mint one penny coin sets Edward VII-QE2, The circulation coin set "England" with the official licensed medal for the 2010 Fifa world cup. 20-40
322.    Twelve Commemorative Crowns, mainly displayed in a Westminster coin case, including 2006 Queen Elizabeth II Eightieth Birthday Silver Proof Crown, Gibraltar 2006 five pounds coins, Eighty Glorious Years, 2006 Falkland Islands silver proof fifty pence coin, Birth of Prince William. Plus a quantity of certificates. 40-60
323.    Five Royal Mint Proof Sets: 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. All in deluxe red leather cases. 30-50
324.    Twenty Eight Royal Mail Second Class Post Office Counter Stamp Booklets, many of which are self adhesive together with twenty three Royal Mail, Worldwide, Europe and Airmail Post Office Counter Booklets, many of which are self adhesive, total face value in excess of 270. 140-160
325.    An Interesting Array of Tokens, white metal medals and related items. 20-40
326.    Half Crowns: 1889 and 1890 (both NF). A range of other coins; regularly base metal pre-decimal GB. A Sheffield Savings Bank (Trustee Savings Bank) money box (damaged) and other items. 20-30
327.    Twenty-Two Old Stamp Club Booklets. 10-15
328.    Twenty Two Royal Mint BU Coin Presentation and Philatelic Packs, one pound and two pounds coin denominations with a face value of 32, items noted 1999 Rugby World Cup BU 2 coin, 1998 one pound coin royal beasts philatelic numismatic cover. 30-70
329.    An Attractive Collection of Twenty-Four Crown Sized Proof Coins, almost all from Australia, offered in a Westminster presentation case with certification. 200-300
330.    Eighty Three Royal Mail First Class Post Office Counter Stamp Booklets, most of which are self adhesive. Total face value in excess of 400. 200-220
331.    A Crown, 1890, F. Halfcrowns: 1922, (tarnished NF) and 1939 (VF but heavily toned). Two modern five pounds coins. Other coins, occasionally silver. 20-40
332.    Guernsey 2011 Five Pounds Three Coin Silver Proof Land-Sea-Air 'A Tribute to The Armed Services' Set, attractively presented in a Westminster hardwood case. 30-60
333.    A Good Selection of Forty-Two Farthings, James I to QEII , key dates noted, 1674 Charles II (G/NF), 1741 George II (NF), 1886 Queen Victoria (high grade), three 1956 QE II (all high grade). A 1913 George V third farthing and a small tub of approximately one hundred and eighty farthings. 40-60
334.    The Complete Collection of Shillings. 1937 to 1960's in two Whitman folders. The coins are from circulation but some better coins are present and the collection includes all the English and Scottish variants. 20-30
335.    A Good Album of Edwardian and Later Derbyshire Interest Picture Postcards and Real Photo Cards, including Rowsley Mill, Calver, Chesterfield, Bamford, Froggatt Edge, Edale, Bakewell and Matlock. 70-100
336.    Almhouses (Wilshaw), Barnsley (Market Hill Post Office (Church Road, Northwood), Railway Station (York) and Top of Sheffield Road (Barnsley), Three Further Postcards. 30-40
337.    A Very Good Stockbook of The Stamps of Saar, commencing with 1920 Deutsche Reich overprints, 1932 Christmas charity set S.G159-167 mint (cat 380), mint S.G 156, fine used 1949 youth hostel pair (cat 280), 1950 S.G.288 'Stamp Day' mint, 1950 admission to council of Europe pair mint with further very good mint and used material until 1959, together with an A.G. specialised Germany catalogue 4th edition, huge catalogue value nearly 2000. 120-150
338.    World War II Aircraft Silver Coin Collection, twenty four crown sized silver proof coins, presented in a Westminster display case and accompanied by certification. 150-180
339.    A Royal Mint Seven Coin Proof Set, 1996. A Royal Mint 10 coin proof set, 1997, (red case). Both sets are accompanied by literature. 20-40
340.    In Excess of Fifty-Two Pounds (total face value) of Pre-1947 GB Silver Coins. 500-700
341.    Eight Commemorative Crown Sized Coins, presented in a twelve pocket Westminster display case, made up of five Jersey/ Guernsey diamond jubilee 2012 fifty pence coins, Guernsey five pounds coin 2011 The Royal British Legion (poppy), Guernsey 2011 five pounds coin- 40th anniversary of decimalisation, a cook Islands one dollar 2011 Piedfort coin, QE2 diamond jubilee. 40-60
342.    A 1951 Proof Crown. A small quantity of other coins. Twelve facsimile Roman coins as two displays. 10-15
343.    Bare Village, Christening of Earl Fitzwilliam's Heir at Wentworth (Feb 11 1911), Doncaster (Spot Bro'), Judges Terrace (East Grimstead), Milsom Street (Bath), Post Office (Aldershot) and Vernon Park Military Hospital (Stockport), eleven further early (twenty postcards). 20-40
344.    Five Royal Mint BU Coin Sets 1988-1992, the 1992 set includes the dual dated EC fifty pence coin. 30-50
345.    An Interesting Array of G.B. Coinage Silver and Base Metal. Items of note include 1908 half crown (F), 1910 half crown (F/GF), 1825 shilling (F), 1787 sixpence (NVF), 1914 sixpence (VF), 1853 penny (F/GF), 1835 farthing (F/GF). All as part of a collection. Pre 1920 silver coinage with a face value of approximately 1, pre 1947 silver coinage with a face value of approximately 8.00. Viewing highly recommended. 100-150
346.    Aircraft of The World Silver Coin Collection, twelve crown sized silver proof coins presented in a Westminster display case accompanied by certificates, a 1998 Guernsey one pound silver proof coin. 70-100
347.    A Collection of Circulated Silver Threepences, 1902 to 1944 (inclusive) in a Whitman folder. The collection is nearly complete but the 1927 coin is missing. 30-40
348.    G.B. Mint Stamps Full Set of London 2012 Olympic Games, (sixes), full set of London 2012 Paralympic Games, ten First Class Stamps booklet, all N.V.I. with a total face value in excess of 160. 70-100
349.    Ten G.B Blue Cased Silver Proof One Pound Coins, 1994-2000, 2003, 2004, 2006, all with royal mint certificates. 60-90
350.    In Excess of 5.7kg of GB Base Metal Coinage, post 1946, sixpences to halfcrown. 30-50
351.    Cigarette Cards. An extensive collection of cigarette and non-tobacco trade cards by the major manufacturers. In an album. The collection includes cards from the famous Dirt-Track Riders (1929) and Jockeys 1930 Series (both by Ogdens Ltd). Beatles interest also noted. 30-50
352.    Crowns: 1892 (F), 1937 (VF but Polished), 1951 proof not boxed, 1960 (GVF) New York Exhibition?, a full set of blue sandhill cased silver George V threepence coins 1911-1936, key dates noted. 30-40
353.    A Cased 2015 Jubilee Mint Queen Elizabeth II Longest-Reining Monarch, silver proof three coin set, five pounds, two pounds, one pound, Tristan Dea Cunha, n encapsulated 2015 silver proof two pounds coin struck to the same diameter of a five pounds crown, the battle of Waterloo 1815, with certification, a Jubilee mint Queen Elizabeth II 1953 coronation coin, and commemorative stamp set, Waterloo 200; five bronze medals in presentation folder, six commemorative crowns. 30-50
354.    Ten Royal Mint BU Coin Sets, 1999-2008, the 1999 set being of particular note. 50-80
355.    An Attractive Collection of Twenty-One U.S Silver Eagles, one dollar, half dollar silver coins, presented in a Westminster 'official coins of the United States of America', display case accompanied with certification. 120-170
356.    Five Silver Half Dollars, as part of a collection of twenty-one circulated vintage USA coins. 20-40
357.    Halfcrowns: 1906 (NF), 1909 (F) and 1910 (NF). Shillings: 1839 (NF/F) and 1887 (F/GF). Twenty-seven silver threepences. 20-40
358.    Shillings: 1663 (NF), 1723 (F), 1758 (F), 1826 (NF), 1874 (F), 1887 (F/GF) and 1946 (VF/GVF. 40-70
359.    A Roman Silver Denarius Faustina 140 A.D. Roman silver denarius Hadrian 117-138 A.D. Roman silver denarius Julia Domna 193-211 A.D. Three other Roman silver coins and a further ten base metal Roman coins. 50-80
360.    Seven Queen Victoria Old Head Shillings; NF to GF. 20-30
361.    A Crown, 1821, as a brooch. A quantity of other coins regularly earlier date GB copper. Tokens. 40-70
362.    A Halfcrown, 1826, NF/F. Florins: 1887 (four coins, GF to (polished) NVF) and 1898 (F). Three further pre-1920 florins. 60-80
363.    A Henry VIII Silver Groat. Elizabeth I silver half groat. Elizabeth I silver three farthings. A further seventeen hammered silver coins from the Tudor era and earlier to Charles II. Viewing highly recommended. 100-150
364.    British Silver Trade Dollars: 1899 (VF) and 1930 (NVF/VF). 60-80
365.    British Silver Trade Dollars: 1895 (GF/NVF) and 1908 (NVF). 60-80
366.    Crowns: 1889 (NF), 1893 (NF/F) and 1898 (NF/F). 30-40
367.    A United States Silver Trade Dollar, 1877, F. 120-150
368.    Twenty-Nine Pre-1947 Shillings; nine of the coins are pre-1920. All from circulation. 20-30
369.    Thirty-Nine Vintage Foreign Coins; sometimes silver. 20-30
370.    Twenty-Four Queen Victoria Shillings; Young Head and Jubilee Head. Poor to GF. 40-70
371.    Approximately Two Hundred and Ninety Silver Threepences. Higher grade coins noticed. 100-150
372.    Six Halfcrowns and Twenty-Two Sixpences. All pre-1920. 30-60
373.    Twenty-Six Pre-1920 Shillings. Eighteen of the coins are pre-1911. Conditions various. 20-40
374.    A Silver Threepence, 1928, GF. Fifty-four further silver threepences. 20-30
375.    A Halfcrown, 1817, ex brooch. A USA half dollar, 1943, F. A Swiss 2 francs, 1937, F. A range of other coins, sometimes silver. 30-40
376.    A Queen Anne Shilling, 1711, NF. Seven further coins. 40-70
377.    Halfcrowns: 1842, 1844, 1875, 1881, 1884 (two coins), 1885, 1887 (YH, two coins) and 1897. Poor to Fine. 40-70
378.    One Pound and Twenty Pence (total face value) of Assorted Pre-1920 Silver Coins. 20-40
379.    Two Pounds and Eighty Five Pence, (total face value) (308g) of pre-1947 silver coins. 40-70
380.    Sixteen Pre-Victoria Shillings; NF to NVF. 40-70
381.    The Coins of Eire, a 1966 eight coin year type set, halfcrown to farthing. Attractive uncirculated in plastic presentation wallet. A florin, 1916, NVF/VF. A shilling, 1915, NVF. A sixpence, 1911, NVF/VF, five other silver coins. 20-40
382.    Eire Coins, comprising a key date 1930 halfcrown (F), a 1928 florin (F), and a 1941 shilling (VF/GVF but tarnished). 30-40
383.    Approximately 130 Silver Threepences. 40-60
384.    Eight Pounds and Fifty Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre 1947 Silver Coins. 100-140
385.    In Excess of Nine Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 100-150
386.    Four Pounds Sixty Two and a Half Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 40-70
387.    Four Pounds and Thirty Pence, (total face value) of pre 1947 silver coins. 40-70
388.    Six Pounds, Thirty Seven and a Half Pence, (total face value), of pre 1947 silver coins. 60-100
389.    Sixteen Fifty Pence Coins. A range of other base metal coinage, usually GB, other items. 20-30
390.    Seventy-Five Pre-1947 Florins. 70-120
391.    Approximately Four Pounds (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. Other coins, occasionally silver. 40-70
392.    Four 1951 Proof Crowns, (often boxed but boxes sometimes damaged). Twenty-four silver threepences. 56 grammes of other silver. 20-30
393.    A Crown, 1890, F. A halfcrown, 1891, F/GF. Other coins, sometimes silver content. 15-25
394.    Three Pounds (Total Face Value), of pre-1947 silver coins. 30-50
395.    Approximately Thirty-Nine Pre-1920 Sixpences. An attractive lot with a range of better coins. Well worth careful viewing. 80-140
396.    In Excess of Nine Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 100-140
397.    One Hundred and Twenty-Two Pre-1947 Silver Threepences, from circulation. 30-40
398.    Approximately Three Hundred Silver Threepences. Higher grade coins and better dates noticed. 100-150
399.    Sixteen Queen Victoria Halfcrowns, Poor to Fine. 50-80
400.    An Unresearched Coin of Maximilian I Duke of Bavaria (1598-1651). The coin is dated 1618. Other coins. 40-60
401.    Sixpences: 1946 (VF/GVF) and 1952 (three coins, all F/GF). Brass threepences: 1946 (two coins, F and GF) and 1949 (F). A 1953 plastic set of coins (plastic undamaged). A pre-1947 florin. 15-25
402.    Approximately 233 Silver Threepences. Some good coins here including key dates and earlier issues. 100-150
403.    An Attractive Collection of Nineteen Base Metal Tokens. Some local interest. 70-120
404.    A Range of Coins, GB and Foreign. Very occasionally silver. Earlier coins noticed. Associated items. 20-30
405.    An Assortment of Base Metal Coins; mainly earlier GB copper. Related items. 30-50
406.    In Excess of Eleven Pounds (total face value) of Post-1946 Halfcrowns, Florins, Shillings and Sixpences. A partially completed Whitman 1902-1936 folder containing fifteen George V sixpences. 15-25
407.    Crowns: 1890 (F) and 1937 (VF but polished). A double florin, 1889, NVF but polished. Thirty-three further coins. 20-40
408.    Fourteen Queen Victoria Shillings and Nine King Edward VII Shillings. Conditions various. 40-60
409.    Approximately Four Pounds (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins. 40-70
410.    Approximately Six Pound and Thirty Pence (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Coins, an occasional higher grade coin noticed. 60-90
411.    Twenty-Seven Silver Threepences. Three high grade modern two pounds coins. A small quantity of Swiss currency coins. Other coins, occasionally silver. Penny red stamps. 15-20
412.    Five Pounds (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Florins. 50-70
413.    In Excess of Eight Pounds (total face value) of Pre-1947 Silver Shillings. 80-120
414.    An Assortment of Mixed GB Coins; silver and base metal. Earlier copper coins noticed. 20-25
415.    Crowns: 1889 (F), 1935 (pair, both GF) and 1951 (proof). A double florin, NVF. A half crown, 1890, NF. 30-50
416.    A Cased Two Ounce 1993 Australian Kookaburra Coin, Perth mint certificated, four United States silver eagle coins, 1991, 2000, Perth mint the Millennium, 2009, a 1999 Guernsey silver proof one pound coin- The Prince Edward and Miss Sophie Rhys-Jones. 90-120
417.    A Cased Machin Sterling Silver Medallion, 'the Machin Head- an Icon in The Making', in a Royal mail presentation box, a cased Royal mint 2007 diamond wedding silver proof crown five pounds, total sterling silver weight 125g. 40-60
418.    Sixty-Four Pre-1947 Halfcrowns. 70-120
419.    Five G.B Cased Silver Proof Coins, 1996 two pounds coin- a celebration of football, 1997 two coins, 1997-1998 two pounds- two coin set, 1997 fifty pence coin, all with royal mint certificates. 50-80
420.    Six Cased Royal Mint Silver Proof Coins, one pound coins 2005 Wales-Menai Bridge, fifty pence coin 2006 The Heroic Arts, two pounds coin 2005 The End of WWI, two pound coin 2004 Steam Locomotive, The Victoria Cross Twin Set fifty pence coins 2006. 50-80
421.    Nine G.B Silver Britannia Two Pounds Coins, 1998, 1999, 2002 x 2, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, a 2002 US silver eagle coin (tarnished), all coins encapsulated predominantly in royal mint packs. 100-150
422.    Four Silver Britannia 2 Coins, encapsulated 1998, 2003, Royal Mint Presentation Pack 2004, 2005 presented on The Royal Wedding Commemorative cover. 40-60
423.    A Franklin Mint Cased Discovery of America 500th Anniversary Coin and Stamp Collectors Set, a 1982 cased Mary Rose four coin set hallmarked silver (pre production), a cased silver medal commemorating the 80th birthday of the Queen mother, a cased gold plated silver medal commemorating the 1981 royal wedding. 20-40
424.    The United Kingdom Millennium Thirteen Coin Silver Collection. The set includes Maundy money. As issued and accompanied by literature. 100-150
425.    A Cased 2016 Canada Silver Maple Leaf Five Coin Reverse Proof Premium Set, one dollar- five dollar. 80-120
426.    A German Medal, in silver by Hans Von der Pult (1590-1653). The medal is dated 1624. The subject is obscure but possibly relates to an Imperial victory during the Thirty Years' War. The medal, as is usual with Von der Pult's works is weakly struck. The medal is accompanied by extensive documentation. 50-100
427.    A Silver Twopence, 1743, F/GF. A Silver penny, 1743, F/GF. Five further coins, regularly near European silver. 50-70
428.    Crowns: 1890, 1893, 1935 (pair) and 1937; F to NVF. A double florin, 1887, GF (but polished). 40-70
429.    Twelve Edward VII Shillings; poor to GF. 20-40
430.    Halfcrowns: 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909 (two coins) and 1910. NF/F. 30-50
431.    Halfcrowns: 1914, 1918 (two coins), 1925 (two coins) and 1930 (three coins). NF to NVF. 20-40
432.    Thirteen Hammered Coins: usually carefully researched by the vendor. A lot worthy of careful viewing. 70-120
433.    A Collection of Sixteen USA Silver Dollars. Conditions various but some stunning coins are included in the lot. 150-250
434.    Key Date Silver Threepences, comprising 1928 (six coins), 1930 (twelve coins), 1942 (six coins), 1943 (six coins) and 1944 (two coins). Circulated conditions (but the 1944 coins are better than usual). 20-40
435.    An Australian Crown, 1937, VF. A British silver trade dollar, 1902, VF. A USA silver dollar, 1884, attractive EF/GEF. A Marie Theresia Thaler (restrike). 50-80
436.    Four Circulated Half-Crown Coins, 1883, 1892, 1896, 1920, four (pre 1947), shillings, four (pre 1947), three pence coins. 15-20
437.    A British West Africa Shilling, 1913, EF. An Egyptian 10 piastres, 1917, F. An Indian Rupee, 1862, F. An East Africa shilling, 1944, GVF. A further 71g of coins; almost always silver. 40-60
438.    A Lower Grade Chinese Junk Dollar, an Austrian silver 500 Schillings (1980) and a silver 100 Schillings (1976). 40-70
439.    Eight US Quarter Dollar Silver Coins, 1909-1964, three Italian 500 Lira 835 silver coins. 15-20
440.    Crowns: 1844 (poor), 1845 (poor), 1892 (F but edge bumps), 1898 (F) and 1937 (VF). Halfcrowns: 1893 (NF), and 1896 (NF). A florin, 1888, F. Shillings: 1819 (GVF but polished), 1895 (GF), 1944E (GVF) and 1945 Sc (NVF). A sixpence, 1945, GVF. 60-90
441.    An Attractive Cased 1907 Maundy Set of Coins. All the coins are bright uncirculated. 70-120
442.    A British Silver Trade Dollar, 1898, GF. 30-50
443.    A King William IV Groat, 1836; VF/GVF. A pair of silver Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee medals (T. Brock); both are the 25mm version. 20-40
444.    Silver Threepences: 1893 (Jubilee Head, pair) and 1927. NF to GF. 30-50
445.    A William III Crown, 1696, NF. 40-60
446.    A Lower Grade King Charles II Crown, 1664. 50-100
447.    A Lower Grade Charles II Crown, 1679. 50-100
448.    A 1902 Crown. Attractive VF. 70-120
449.    A Pair of 1844 Crowns, NF/F. 40-70
450.    Crowns: 1819 (pair) and 1821; NF/F. 30-50
451.    A Shilling, 1906. NF, A Kruger half crown, 1894, NF/F, A further 63g of worn silver coins regularly pre-1920 silver. A pair of silver thimbles. A silver cufflink. 20-40
452.    A Crown, 1888, NF/F (but edge damage). Shillings: 1887 (three coins), all F but one is ex-mount, and 1906 (F). Three further silver coins. 20-30
453.    Double Florins: 1887 and 1889 (four of this date), NF/F. 50-80
454.    Crowns: 1821, 1891, 1893, 1895, 1897 and 1898, NF/F (but sometimes polished). A low grade pre-Victoria crown. 70-120
455.    A Pair of 1935 Crowns, NVF/VF and VF. Halfcrowns: 1836 (NF/F but holed), 1896 (NF), 1919 (F) and 1950 (VF). 20-30
456.    Crowns: 1821 (VG), 1845 (NF), 1888 (GF), 1890 (F) and 1894 (F). A damaged WWI silver British medal. 50-80
457.    Silver Threepences: 1902, 1913, 1915, 1916, 1917, 1921 and 1936. All in the higher grades. A silver twopence, 1922, GVF. Silver pennies, 1800 (F) and 1845 (GF). 40-70
458.    Crowns: 1935 (NVF) and 1951, (proof, not boxed), a French silver 5 Francs, 1876, F, a Canadian dollar, 1864-1964, GF. Shillings: 1696 (NF but bent) and 1868 (NF/F), a further 178g of mixed silver coins of the world. 40-60
459.    The 1992 British Presidency of Europe Commemorative Fifty Pence Piece, (only 109, 000 minted). Un-circulated and encapsulated on a first day cover with Downing Street cachet. 20-40
460.    Four Royal Mint One Pound Coin BU First Day Covers, The City of Edinburgh 2011, The City of London 2010, The City of Cardiff 2011, The City of Belfast 2010. 60-100
461.    A 2002 Commonwealth Games Two Pounds Four Coin Set, encapsulated within a royal mint folder. 30-50
462.    A 2009 Royal Mint Brilliant Uncirculated Eleven Coin Set, including the Kew Garden fifty pence coin. 100-200
463.    Shillings: 1816 (NVF) and 1902 (NVF but some surface marks). Eight further pre-1920 shillings. 20-30
464.    A Queen Mary Groat, 1553-54. M.M pomegranate, creased but a strong strike. 40-60
465.    A William II Halfcrown, 1697, NF. 20-30
466.    Shillings: 1719 (poor), 1723 (NF), 1745 (LIMA, NF) and 1758 (NF). 30-50
467.    Halfcrowns: 1835 and 1836 (three coins). NF to F. 30-40
468.    A Commonwealth Shilling, 1653. An acceptable example of this classic coin. 250-400
469.    A Silver Fourpence, 1907, VF/GVF. A silver threepence, 1763, NVF. A silver twopence, 1772, F. 30-50
470.    A King Charles II Halfcrown, 1671, NF. 30-50
471.    Shillings: 1758 (attractive EF) and 1787 (two coins, GF and NVF). 60-90
472.    Sixpences: 1757 (NF), 1758 (NF), and 1787 (F). An Edward I silver farthing (London 1278), poor. 20-40
473.    A Younge and Deakin One Shilling Sheffield Token, 1811, NF/F. A York silver token, 1811, NF/F. 20-30
474.    A William and Mary Halfcrown, 1689, NF. 40-70
475.    Groats: 1683 (F) and 1836 (NVF/VF). 20-40
476.    A Sixpence, 1696, F. Four further lower grade William III sixpences. 30-50
477.    Three Queen Anne Sixpences; all are dated 1711 and fine. 30-50
478.    A Queen Anne Halfcrown, 1709, NF. 20-40
479.    A 1937 King George VI Fifteen Coin Specimen Proof Set; Crown to Maundy Penny. A silver threehalfpence, 1843, Fine. 200-250
480.    G.B Penny Black Stamp Encapsulated Ex Westminster Folio Corner Letters, K,G just four margin with clear, red mx. 30-50
481.    A 2009 Kew Gardens Fifty Pence Brilliant Uncirculated Coin, encapsulated within a royal mint folder. 50-100
482.    A Bank of England White Five Pounds Note, Leslie Kenneth O'Brien Chief Cashier. Number B 95 A 072572. An attractive note with very few faults. 50-100
483.    A Bank of England White Five Pounds Note, Leslie Kenneth O'Brien Chief Cashier. Number B 95 A 072569. An attractive note with very few faults. 50-100
484.    A Government of Ceylon Five Rupee Banknote, Colombo, 1st October 1925. Number B58 76872. Much folded and other faults, but a rare banknote. 40-70
485.    A Bank of England White Five Pounds Banknote, percival Spencer Beale chief cashier, U66 065405, circulated note with folds, staining and writing. 30-50
486.    Approximately Seventy One Germany Reichs Banknotes. 50,000 mark denominations. Regularly Series A. The notes usually are crisp but all are stained. 20-40
487.    Twenty-Two Irish Punts, six Cyprus pounds and sixteen Maltese Lira. All in banknotes. 40-70
488.    A Vintage Base Metal Coin Case to Hold Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, Shillings, Sixpences and Silver Threepences. Four low grade Page banknotes. 15-20
489.    One Hundred and Twenty Pre-Euro German, Five Hundred and Ninety Pre-Euro Austrian Schillings and Four Thousand Pre-Euro Spanish Pesetas. All in banknotes. 50-80
490.    Nineteen Circulated Banknotes from the Old British Commonwealth. 20-40
491.    Approximately Fifty-One Pounds (total face value) of GB (including regional issues) of Banknotes. The lot is made up of a variety of different issues but many of the notes are heavily circulated and/or damaged. 30-40
492.    High Grade Bank of England Banknotes, comprising a John Brangwyn Page five pounds (number A584 851987) and a consecutive trio of Page one pound notes (numbers HR 26 348787 to HR 26 348789) (inclusive). 15-20
496.    Banknotes, comprising a Ceylon One Rupee (4th August 1943), an Egyptian One Pound (Cairo, 15th July 1942) and a West African Currency Board Ten Shillings (Lagos, 29th November 1948), conditions various. 30-50
497.    Five European Banknotes; often current or exchangeable. 20-30
498.    Fifty-Two USA Dollars and Nineteen Canadian Dollars in Banknotes. 30-50
499.    Cyprus Ten Lira, five Lira and one Lira banknotes (all 1997). A quantity of other overseas banknotes, almost always lower grade. 20-40
500.    Hong Kong Banknotes, comprising a pair of Chartered Bank 10 Dollars (1st June 1975 and 1st January 1977) and a Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation 10 Dollars (31st March 1983). Conditions various. 20-40
501.    A Bank of England Peppiatt Lilac Ten Shillings Banknote, number L36D 874175. A further ten UK banknotes (including regional issues) having a total face value of sixty five pounds. 80-100
502.    Nine Mauve Bank of England Ten Shillings Notes: Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt Chief Cashier. Conditions various. 40-70
503.    Two Bank of England One Pound Banknotes, John Brangwyn Page Chief Cashier, numbers HW77 613987 and HZ27179762. Further banknotes comprising, five x five pounds, four x one pound and two x ten shillings. The notes are almost always higher grade and consecutive notes noticed. 40-50
504.    Twelve Bank of England Circulated Banknotes, two blue pepaitt one pound notes, two green peppiatt one pound notes, One Peppiat ten Shillings banknote, Three L.K.O'Brien helmeted Britannia five pounds banknotes (A48 931393 noted), one L.K.O'Brien ten shillings banknotes, John B Page chief cashier ten pounds banknote, five pounds banknote, one pound banknote. 40-60
505.    Circulated Isle of Man Banknotes, comprising 2 x ten shillings (A 284977) and A 451306), 2 x fifty new pence (083938 and 110145) and 2 x one pound (B 436602 and F 705764). Seven further banknotes; all Bank of England. 15-20
506.    A Consecutive Run of Twenty-Two Page Bank of England 1 Banknotes, numbers BS80 409803 to BS80 409824. 35-50
507.    An Accumulation of Thirty Six British and Regional Banknotes, condition is generally good including five bank of England consecutive one pound notes chief cashier David Somerset DX57 560686- DX57 560690 (very lightly creased), a 1984 Falklands one pound banknote circulated AO93581, Bank of Scotland ten pounds banknote 1974 A142791, Bank of Scotland five pounds, banknote 1969 D0234256, occasionally redeemable. 50-100
508.    A Circulated John Brangwyn Page Bank of England Five Pounds Note, number E49 811761. The note has a dramatic reverse error. 20-40
509.    A Pair of Choice and Consecutive John Brangwyn Page Bank of England Five Pounds Banknotes, numbers BN 64 107329 and BN 64 107330. Seven further banknotes. 50-100
510.    Bank of England Circulated Five pounds Banknotes, (series C) featuring full body depiction of Britannia seated chief cashiers Hollom, Fforde and Page noted, a total face value of eighty-five pounds. 80-100
511.    Bank of England Banknotes, comprising a Hollom Ten Pounds and a pair of O.Brien 'Helmeted Britannia' five pounds. Conditions various. 30-40
512.    Six Bank of England Blue One Pound Banknotes; Kenneth Oswald Peppiatt Chief Cashier. Conditions various. 20-30
513.    Eight Higher Grade Bank of England Ten Pound Banknotes, including four conservative Somerset notes, AR50 068924 to AR50 068927 (inclusive) and three consecutive Gill notes, DT17 018996 to DT17 018998 (inclusive). 120-150
514.    A Half Sovereign, 1905, F. 100-110
515.    A Sovereign, 1982, n.unc. 180-220
516.    A Sovereign, 1914, VF/GVF. 180-200
517.    A Queen Victoria Shield Back Sovereign, 1849, F. 300-350
518.    A Sovereign, 1913, VF (but minor ek). 180-200
519.    A Sovereign, 1980, F/GF. 180-220
520.    A Sovereign, 1901, GF. 180-220
521.    A Half Sovereign, 1913, NVF/VF. 90-110
522.    A Half Sovereign, 1902, F. 80-120
523.    A Sovereign, 1912. In hard fixed pendant mount. 170-200
524.    A Sovereign 1907, F. 200-220
525.    A King George III Farthing, 1799; pleasing EF/GEF with lustre. A King George IV farthing, 1826, GVF/NEF. A high grade William IV commemorative medal. 30-50
526.    A 2001 Gold Half Sovereign. 90-110
527.    A Half Sovereign, 1910, F/GF. 90-110
528.    A Half Guinea, 1802, GF. 80-120
529.    An Austria Gold 10 Corona 1912 (restrike), Unc. 120-150
530.    A Riddle Heathershaw Half-Sovereign (ten shilling) Banknote, number B18 470856, circulated and with folds but still crisp, a classic banknote. 200-400
531.    A Cased and Encapsulated Royal Mint Proof Sovereign 2015. 180-220
532.    A Sovereign, 2012. box of issue and accompanied by certificate. 180-240
533.    A Half Sovereign, 2012. box of issue and accompanied by certificate. 90-110
534.    A Sovereign, 2012. box of issue and accompanied by certificate. 180-240
535.    A Half Sovereign, 2012. B.U. in box of issue and accompanied by certificate. 90-110
536.    A 1996 Gold Proof Half Sovereign Certificated No 0873, encapsulated and presented in a blue box. 90-110
537.    A 2012 UK Diamond Jubilee Gold Proof Sovereign. As issued and accompanied by certificate and other literature.
538.    A 2013 'Vivat Regina' Proof Sovereign. As issued and accompanied by certificate. 200-270
539.    A Sovereign, 1925, VF/GVF. Boxed and accompanied by literature. 180-220
540.    The UK London 2012 Gold Proof Two Pounds Coin. As issued and accompanied by literature. 400-600
541.    A 2013 Sovereign. As issued and accompanied by literature. 200-240
542.    An Oliver Cromwell Halfcrown, 1658. A pleasing coin F/GF (but flan crack). Strong portrait. 600-900
543.    The Royal Mint Kew Gardens 250th Anniversary 2009 Fifty Pence Coin, BU, encapsulated on Royal Mail cover. 100-150
544.    A 1922 10 (Series E) Banknote, rare early serial number AOI 002888, chief cashier G.E.A Kentfield attractively presented as a Royal Mint commemorative set with two silver proof ten pence coins 1992, certificated number 0419 of 1000 sets. 50-100
545.    A Turks and Carcos Bernard L. Montgomery 100 Crowns, 1994. The coin weighs 5 ounces and is struck in 0.999 silver. Accompanied by literature. 50-80
546.    A 2006 Four Coin Maundy Set. As issued and accompanied by literature.
547.    The Queen's Diamond Jubilee UK Silver Five Ounce Coin. As issued and accompanied by certificate and other literature. 70-120
548.    The Heraldry of the Coronation Coin Set, Jersey, 2013. As issued and accompanied by certificate and other literature. 70-120
550.    A 1953-2013 Guernsey Coronation Jubilee Five Pounds. As issued and accompanied by certificate. A Canada seven coin proof set, 1979. As issued. 30-50
552.    The Jersey 2013 Coronation Jubilee Silver Five Ounce Coin. As issued and accompanied by certificate and other literature. 70-120
553.    A Sovereign, 2000, BU, offered as a Benham Specialist sovereign cover. 180-220
554.    A Sovereign, 1900, NVF, offered as a Benham Specialist sovereign cover. 180-220
555.    R.A.F. 80th Anniversary Guernsey 1998 25 Gold Proof Coin Ounce Encapsulated on First Day Cover; together with 1998 RAF 1 silver proof encapsulated commemorative coin cover. 180-220
556.    A Cased and Encapsulated Guernsey 800th Anniversary of The Magna Carta, gold proof 1 coin, 7.98G, limited edition certificated one of 495. 180-220
557.    The Victoria Cross (1856-2006) United Kingdom Gold Proof Fifty Pence Coins. Two coin set, accompanied by certificates of authenticity. Further documentation. Other coins. 700-1000
558.    The 1987 United Kingdom Three Coin Gold Proof Set; two pounds, sovereign and half sovereign. As issued and accompanied by certificate. 700-1000
559.    The 2013 Four Coin Proof Sovereign Collection. Double sovereign, sovereign, half sovereign and quarter sovereign. As issued and accompanied by certificate and other literature. 700-1000
560.    A Four Coin Gold Proof Set, 1937, five pounds, two pounds, full and half sovereigns. In undamaged Royal Mint case. Near Uncirculated; occasional imperfections. 6000-7000
561.    A Four Coin Gold Proof Set, 1937, five pounds, two pounds, full and half sovereigns. In Royal Mint case with minor stains. Near Uncirculated but some tarnishing to coins on obverse. 6000-7000