Medals & Militaria Auction
on Thursday 9th August 2018

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460.    A Mid XX Century Wooden Shield, with royal coat of arms decoration, made for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. 15-25
'White Lightning', print, graphite signed by artist, limited edition 360 of 750, framed,
96.5 x 65.5cm. 20-40
'A Green Hill Far Away', print, limited edition 416 of 850, with several crew signatures, framed,
97.5 x 64.5cm. 30-50
'Nine-O-Nine', print, graphite signed by artist, framed,
86 x 67cm. 20-40
464.    Spitfires in Flight, print, framed, 95 x 65cm. 10-20
465.    Two Framed Prints Depicting Mid XIX Century Military Figures. 20-30
Outward Bound Lancaster, print, framed,
98.5 x 79.5cm. 20-40
Operation Nimrod, 5th May 1980 (Iranian Embassy Siege), graphite signed by artist, framed. 20-30
'Anniversary', depicting Concorde with historic aircraft, print, framed,
75.5 x 65.5cm.
Another, Concorde, print, framed,
48 x 35cm. (2) 15-20
'Enemy Coast Ahead', graphite signed by artist and ten WWII associated R.A.F crew including Bill Reid, Jack Goldie, Ken Chamberlain, Jack Calder, among others, framed. 30-50
'Home James and Don't Spare The Horses', print, graphite signed by artist, framed,
91 x 71cm. 20-40
'Airborne', print, framed,
62 x 48cm.
Another, After Barry G. Price, 'Hunters' F (GA) MK9, print, framed,
59 x 48.5cm. (2) 15-20
'London Guard', graphite signed by artist and Flight Lieutenant Ronald Smyth DFC, framed. 20-40
'Spitfire', signed by Douglas Bader and Johnnie Johnson; plus 'Hurricane', graphite signed by Bob Stanford Tuck and 'Lancaster' graphite signed by Leonard Cheshire, all framed/faded. (3) 20-30
'Striking Back - Typhoons, Normandy July 1944', print, graphite signed by artist, Squadron Leader Stark and Wing Commander Beamont, limited edition 588 of 650, framed,
81.5 x 74cm. 30-50
473.    A WWII Era Poster Entitled "Together", depicting Soldiers of the Empire marching under a Union Jack, signs of having being folded, framed. A hard to find item. 300-500
'Desert Storm', military aircraft, signed by three crew members, print, framed,
67 x 51.5cm. 15-20
Late XX Century Military Transport Aircraft, print, framed,
87 x 55cm. 15-20
'Final Briefing', print, graphite signed by artist, framed,
71 x 55cm. 20-40
Canberra T.17A, WD955 'EM' signed by aircrew members, print, framed,
54.5 x 40cm.
478.    A Quantity of British Military Cap Badges, all restrikes, mounted in two frames. 20-40
479.    A Mid 1930's Educational German Poster, showing the cutaway of a British Submarine by A. Pichlers Witwe and Sohn, Wien and entitiled "Durchfchnitt Durch Ein Unterfeeboot (Englfch), black and white, on board, 90 x 64cms. 50-80
480.     ER II No.2 Dress Jacket, to a Major, with ribbon bar, to Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket to a Lieutenant Royal Signals; ERII No.2 dress jacket with ribbon bar to the R.E.M.E with sleeve badges, Commando noted; ERII No.2 dress jacket to the Royal Artillery with ribbon bar and sleeve badges; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket and trousers in the R.E.M.E. One collar badge missing. (5) 30-50
481.    Three Queen Elizabeth R.A.F Uniforms; A WRAF Officers No.1 tunic and skirt; OA No.1 tunic and trousers; OA tunic and trousers, plus a zip up tunic and RAF great coat. 25-40
482.    ER II No.2 Dress Jacket and Trousers, to a Major in the Royal Army Medical Corps with ribbon bar; late XX Century No. 2 dress jacket and trousers; late XX Century No. 2 dress jacket; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket and trousers with ribbon bar chevrons on both sleeves. (4) 30-50
483.    Four Mid XX Century and Later British Police Tunics, all Queen's Elizabeth II, two to the rank of Sergeant. 20-40
484.    Two Military Overcoats, one khaki with Royal Marine buttons and one Royal Navy blue. 15-25
485.    Three Queen Elizabeth II Ministry of Defence Guards Service Tunics, including a Prison Officers uniform comprising tunic and trousers. 15-25
486.    A Leather Fur Lined Jacket, bearing label type B-3, UR contract 822103, LC 22054, Aviation Co. 30-50
487.    George VI Brown Military PVC Jerkin Dated 1955, large size, with label on the inside. Excellent condition. 30-50
488.    A Modern Russian Military Overcoat, with associated badges, 15-25
489.    A Mid XX Century U.S. Jacket, with Sergeants stripes and wrong tunic buttons; mid XX Century U.S. jacket with 82nd Airborne insignia; mid XX Century U.S. jacket with Sergeants stripes and one U.S. Infantry Division cloth badge on left sleeve and ribbon bar; mid XX Century U.S. Officers jacket with winged metal badge and ribbon bar. (4) 25-40
490.    A Late XX Century No.1 Dress Jacket, with medal ribbons and cloth crown badge on right sleeve; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket, trousers, shirt and tie to a captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket to a Lieutenant; Queen's Royal Lancers; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket with ribbon bar. (5) 30-50
491.    A XX Century Royal Navy Vice Admirals White Blazer, Trousers and Belt, with cord epaulettes and dress cords and pin back badges. 30-50
492.    A Late XX Century No.2 Dress Jacket, to a Lieutenant with ribbon bar; mid to late XX Century No.2 dress jacket and shirt and trousers to Lieutenant Colonel with ribbon bar including M.I.D Oakleaf; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket, trousers and beret to a Major with ribbon bar and lanyard and Para wings; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket and trousers. (4) 25-40
493.    A Mid XX Century Coldstream Guards Red Tunic, George V Royal Engineers red tunic with Sergeants stripes; ERII Drummers red tunic (Guards); George V Grenadier Guards red tunic. 40-60
494.    Six Late XX Century British Army Tunics - No. 2 Dress, five other ranks with buttons, some insignia and medal ribbons, one officers. 25-40
495.    Four Late XX Century Police Tunics, one German, two Canadian, all with buttons and insignia and one other. 20-40
496.    A Late XX Century Scots Guards Tunic, Trousers Shirt and Tie, No. 2 dress, with insignia and ribbon bar; five late XX Century Army tunics all to Guardsmen. 30-50
497.    A Late XX Century Air Training Corps Tunic, with cloth insignia and lanyards, size 38, with A.T.C. metal buttons; late XX Century Northumberland universities Air Squadron tunic; Late XX Century University of Liverpool Air Squadron tunic and belt; Late XX Century East Midlands Universities Air Squadron tunic and Late XX Century Air Training Corps tunic. (5) 20-40
498.    Six Late XX Century British Army Tunics - No. 2 Dress, all with collar badges and insignia etc, Airborne noted. 25-40
499.    Late XX Century United States Navy Female Officer's Tunic and Skirt, with one rank epaulette; late XX Century U.S. Army jacket; late XX Century U.S. Army jacket with Anzio cloth badge, ribbon bars, Marksman's metal badge, Corporal's stripes. 20-40
500.    A Replica Nazi Officers Tunic and Breeches, with all insignia and badges including "Adolf Hitler" cuff title and black leather belt with steel buckle. 25-40
501.    Late XX Century Enniskillin Officer's No. 2 Dress Jacket and Trousers, with ribbon bar and insignia; a late XX Century Royal Engineers Sergeants No. 2 Dress jacket, trousers and stable belt; a late XX Century Captain's tunic and trousers, No. 2 Dress, with ribbon bar and all insignia. 30-50
502.    Late XX Century No. 2 Dress Tunic, with medal ribbons and divisional embroidered badge on sleeve; late XX Century No. 2 dress jacket, with one collar badge "The Queen's Regiment"; late XX Century police tunic; late XX Century No. 1 dress tunic and trousers with medal ribbon and Coldstream Guards collar badges. 20-40
503.    A Late XX Century Black Tunic, no insignia, possibly police; late XX Century Private's No. 1 dress tunic, Coldstream Guards, with ribbon bar; mid XX Century Corporal's No. 1 tunic Royal Signals collar badges; late XX Century Lance Corporal's No.1 dress tunic with Royal Signals collar badges. 20-40
504.    Two Late XX Century Red Tunics, army style by Academy Costumes. 30-50
505.    Late XX Century Sergeant's No.2 Dress Jacket, with medal ribbon and Ordnance collar badges; late XX Century Private's No. 2 dress and jacket with ribbon bar; late XX Century Private's No. 2 dress jacket with Divisional cloth badge on sleeve; late XX Century Private's No. 2 dress jacket and trousers and belt. (4) 25-40
506.    An ER II Captain's Tunic and Trousers, Sherwood Foresters/Army Cadet Force and leather Sam Browne; ER II Private's No. 2 jacket and trousers; ER II Lance Corporal's No. 2 jacket and trousers; ER II Private's No. 2 jacket; ER II Lance Corporal's No. 2 jacket and trousers, with wings insignia and medal ribbon. 30-50
507.    A Late XX Century Mess Jacket, Waistcoat and Trousers, to an Officer in The Sultan of Oman's Air Force. 20-40
508.    A George V Scottish Full Dress Red Tunic, General Service buttons. 30-50
509.    A Late XX Century Lieutenants Mess Dress Jacket and Trousers, to the Green Howards; late XX Century mess dress, jacket and trousers to Army Ordnance Corps; late XX Century mess dress jacket, trousers, waistcoat to South Notts Hussars. 30-50
510.    A Mid XX Century Fur Lined Flying Style Leather Jacket, no labels, number areas of repair. 30-50
511.    A Late XX Century U.S. Air Force Officers Flying Overall, with cloth badges including Geronimo noted; late XX Century U.S Marines blue tunic, no collar badges; late XX Century U.S jacket with Marine Corps buttons and one collar badge; mid XX Century U.S Colonels Blooson jacket and trousers; mid XX Century U.S Lieutenants Colonels jacket with rank on epaulettes, white metal wings badge. (5) 30-50
512.    A ERII Grenadiers Guards Red Tunic; ERII Coldstream Guards red tunic; ERII Scots Guards red tunic, ERII Irish Guards red tunic; ERII Welsh Guards red tunic. 50-80
513.    A Late XX Century No.2 Dress Jacket, no collar badges, cloth Royal Tank Regiment badge on right sleeve; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket with Rifle Brigade buttons; late XX Century No.1 dress jacket with N.C.O stripes on right sleeve. Also medal ribbons. Mid XX Century 1941 pattern A.T.S. jacket dated 1942; late XX Century No.2 dress jacket with King's Royal Hussars buttons. Also red No.1 dress trousers for the same regiment. (5) 25-40
514.    A Late XX Century Royal Marines No.1 Dress Jacket, Trousers and White Belt, with sniper badge on left sleeve. Also a ER II General Service medal with Northern Ireland bar to Marine D.A.Beveridge PO52748L Royal Marines pinned to the tunic. 40-60
515.    A Late XX Century British Private's No. 2 Dress Tunic, with ribbon bar and Royal Ordnance Corps collar badges; late XX Century Sergeants No. 2 dress jacket, Irish Guards, with ribbon bar; late XX Century Private's No. 2 dress jacket. Green Howards collar badges and lanyard; late XX Century Royal Artillery No. 2 dress jacket with embroidered cloth sleeve badges. (5) 30-50
516.    A George V Royal Engineers Red Tunic, with remains of label dated 1918. 40-60
517.    Late XX Century U.S. Airforce Tunic, Trousers and White Shirt, with impressive ribbon bars and "Air Force Space Command" cloth sleeve badge; late XX Century U.S. Airborne Troop Carrier with Sargeant's stripes and metal badge; late XX Century U.S. Army tunic with Divisional cloth badge and Sergeant's stripes; late XX Century U.S. Corporal's field jacket with Airborne insignia; late XX Century U.S. Junior Officer's field jacket with metal winged badge. (5) 25-40
518.    A Late XX Century Female R.A.F. Officers Tunic, with collar insignia and Wing Commanders Stripes; a late XX Century female R.A.F. Officers tunic No. 1 Dress with rank insignia and medal ribbon bar; a late XX Century R.A.F. Officers tunic with wings badge and Pilot Officers rank stripes; a George VI R.A.F. Officers tunic with brass buttons, ribbon bar and wings insignia and a Squadron Leaders stripes; a late XX Century R.A.F. Officers tunic with R.A.F. Volunteer Reserve wings and medal ribbon for D.F.C. and A.F.C. rank of Squadron Leader; a late XX Century R.A.F. Regiment Corporals tunic with all insignia and ribbon bar. (6) 30-40
519.    Late XX Century U.S. Lance Corporal's Tunic, with all buttons and insignia; late XX Century U.S. Sergeants tunic with all buttons and insignia, Combined Operations noted; late XX Century U.S. Officers tunic with all insignia and buttons etc; late XX Century U.S. Officers tunic with all insignia and buttons etc; late XX Century U.S. Officers tunic with all insignia and buttons, Armoured Corps noted. (5) 30-50
520.    A XX Century Police Cape, with collar badges and chain; a mid XX Century Police Greatcoat, Doncaster Police buttons noted. 20-40
521.    Post WWII Khaki Battledress Tunic, dated 1954, Royal Artillery, with cloth insignia and ribbon bar; post WWII khaki battledress tunic, dated 1955, Royal Commando with cloth insignia; post WWII khaki battledress tunic dated 1952, Royal Army Service Corps, Lance Corporal with cloth insignia; late XX Century khaki battledress tunic dated 1948, no insignia, single ribbon bar; late XX Century khaki battledress tuunic, no date, Sergeants, Lovat Scouts; late XX Century khaki battledress tunic, no date, Corporal Combined Operations insignia noted. (6) 30-50
522.    An ER II Policeman's Black Tunic and Trousers, complete with buttons and lapel badges; ER II Policeman's black tunic and trousers complete with buttons and lapel badges. 20-40
523.    An ER II Army Greatcoat, 19512 Pattern, with buttons; Another, similar, with Sergeants stripes, buttons missing. 15-25
524.    Two Side Drums, one stamped Thos. Dankins & Co, 205-207 City Road, 1916 and 'WD' arrow; plus another similar but unstamped, both with signs of later restoration. 30-50
525.    Three ER II Mess Dress Jackets. 20-30
526.    Two ER II Police Helmets, Humberside Police and Borough of Grimsby Police. 25-40
527.    A Late XX Century Russian Side Cap, covered in Russian badges, and collar, insignia mainly commemorative. 20-30
528.    Two ER II Police Helmets, Devon & Cornwall and Cleveland Constabularies. 25-40
529.    Replica German Third Reich "SS" Dagger with Engraved Blade. 20-40
530.    Replica German Third Reich Dagger, in its black leather scabbard with white metal fittings 20-40
531.    A Modern Reproduction of a C.S.A. Officers Cavalry Sabre, excellent blade engraved with C.S.A. and Confederate flag etc., in blued steel scabbard with brass mounts. 30-50
532.    Replica Sword (XVI Century - XVII Century Period). 20-40
533.    A Reproduction Basket Hilted Broadsword (Claymore), double edged blade, polished steel and pierced hilt with red leather padding, in it's leather covered scabbard and with black leather shoulder belt and frog. 30-50
534.    Replica Sword (XVI Century - XVII Century Period), replica left handed dagger (XVI Century - XVII Century period) one quillion damaged. 20-40
535.    Reproduction U.S. 1840 Cavalry Sabre, (called "The Wrist Breaker"), very good condition, in scabbard. 30-50
536.    A XVI Century Double Edged Sword 32" Blade of Medieval Style (possibly Victorian copy) 30-50
537.    A Reproduction Confederate States Officers Sword, blade stamped "India", gilt brass hilt with cypher "C.S.", in steel scabbard with brass scabbard. 30-50
538.    Replica Third Reich S.S Officers Dress Sword, in its black leather scabbard with white metal fittings. 20-40
539.    Replica Basket Hilted Scottish Broad Sword, in its black leather scabbard with brass fittings. 20-40
540.    Replica French Cuirassier Sword (Napoleonic Period). 30-50
541.    Replica British Heavy Cavalry Sword (Napoleonic Period). 30-50
542.    Five ER II Military Caps, all with cap badges including Royal Corps of Signals and Frontiersmen. 20-40
543.    A Mid XX Century Telescopic Gun Sight, Model 40; three leather and canvas small semi-automatic pistol holsters; a left hand leather shooting mitten and a leather ammo bandolier, possibly European. 20-40
544.    Five ER II Military Caps, all with cap insignia, including Royal Air Force and Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. 20-40
545.    A WWII and Later Marching Compass Mark 1, a Type P11 Compass, War Department marked, in wooden carrying box. 20-40
546.    Five ER II Military Caps, all with cap badges including Welsh Guards and Royal Tank Regiment. 20-40
547.    A Small Quantity of Military Reference Books. 10-25
548.    Four ER II Scottish Glencarries, with badges, six side caps, Royal Observer Corps (George VI) noted. 25-40
549.    A Small Quantity of Modern Military Themed Reference Books, WWI subjects noted. 10-20
550.    Five ER II Military Caps, all with cap badges, including Royal Green Jackets and Grenadier Guards. 20-40
551.    Ten Mid XX Century Sidecaps, assorted. 20-40
551A.   A Late XX Century Royal Navy Officer's Cap, Tropical White Trousers, Shorts and Jacket. 20-30
552.    A Large Quantity of American Police Related Cloth Patches, XX Century and later. 20-40
553.    A Post War European Steel military Helmet, a union jack and four mounted cap badges. 10-20
554.    A Collection of Books and Magazines, all relating to the Coldstream Guards, plus 'Military badge Collecting' by John Gaylor, badges of the British Army by F. Wilkinson. 20-40
555.    Five ER II Military Caps, all with cap badges including Royal Military Police and Royal Corps of Transport. 20-40
556.    Four Mid XX Century Sun/Pith Helmets, all khaki. 20-40
557.    A XIX Century Arab Dagger, with engraved blade with wooden hilt with engraved metal fittings, in its correct wood with white metal covered scabbard much engraved. Indian Bazzar made in Kukri with engraved blade in its wood and leather scabbard, Indian ornamental sword with brass hilt and guard, in its wooden scabbard. 20-40
558.    Large Quantity of Cap Badges XX Century Mounted on Card, mostly restrikes also some brass buttons mounted on card. 30-50
559.    Two ER II Police Helmets, West Midlands Police and Kent Constabulary. 25-40
560.    A WWII British Despatch Riders Helmet, liner dated 1942, liner replacement; another similar, but in cork, liner replaced. 30-50
561.    Two ER II Police Helmets, Hull City Police and Leeds City Police. 25-40
562.    A Large Ships Wheel, early XX Century, in hardwood with centre boss on brass. 25-50
562A.   Two WWII and Later U.S. Steel Helmets, both with liners. 20-30
563.    A Mid XX Century Milbro Scout Air Rifle; six books, all firearms related including Georgian Pistols by N. Dixon and Firearms by F. Wilkinson etc. 20-30
564.    Five ER II Military Caps, all with cap badges, including Royal Engineers and Frontiersmen noted. 20-40
565.    A German WWII Gas Mask Container, (with filters) and a food container dated 1944. 20-40
566.    Five Military Cap Badges, including 16th The Queen's Lancers and Royal Canadian Corps of Signals. 20-40
567.    Mid XX Century Small Collection of Buttons, Lapel Badges, Cloth Insignia all Military Themed, a brass bed/locker badge to M. Hawksworth Coldstream Guards, a brass oil bottle, a white metal statuete of a Coldstream Guardsman by Charles Stadden. A jam pot in the shape of a military drum (household division). two khaki berets, one with brass cap badge, Coldstream Guards two tea towels, military themes, and a badge poster among other items. 20-40
568.    Three Mid XX Century Khaki Sun/Pith Helmets, and another in white. 20-40
569.    Four ER II Military Caps, all with cap badges, including Queen's Own Yeomanry and Intelligence Corps. 20-40
570.    A Collection of German WWII Related Books, including 'U-Boat Operation of the Second World War Volume 1 by Kenneth Wynn and 'The Fall of The Reich' by Dr Duncan Anderson. 20-40
571.    A WWII Medal Pair, comprising Italy Star and War Medal, in box of issue; a pair of R.E.M.E. cloth shoulder titles, lanyard, a Christmas card dated 1940, a small selection of cap and lapel badges, an aluminium fork and spoon stamped with 'HMZ 36' and a German Third Reich Eagle. 30-50
572.    A Quantity of Military Interest Books, including 'The Luger Story' and 'Last Talons of the Eagle'. 10-20
572A.   Two Late XX Century British Kevlar Helmets, one with camo cover and an Armoured Vehicle Communications helmet. 20-30
573.    Late XX Century Two Sets of Khaki Webbing, one with 1913 bayonet cut down to a fighting knife, in its leather and metal scabbard, with leather frog. And also a civilian gas mask (British) in its cardboard box. 20-40
574.    A Collection of Military Reference Books, including 'Collectors Guide to British Army Campaign Medals by Robert W.D. Ball and 'Spinks Catalogue of British and Associated Orders, Decorations and Medals with Valuations' by E.C. Joslin. 20-40
575.    A Complete Set of One Hundred Napoleon at War White Metal Military Figures by Del Prado, all in original unopened bubble packaging, each figure accompanied by The Osprey Publishing Napoleon at War booklet. 80-120
576.    A Complete Set of One Hundred and Twenty White Metal Cavalry of Napoleonic Wars Military Mounted Figures, by Del Prado including trooper, Chasseurs De Nassau 1810 Grenadier 'A' Cheval Imperial Guard, 1810. Accompanied by the full set of booklets by Oprey publishing. 100-150
577.    A Collection of Nine Military Reference Books, including 'The Civil War' two volume set, 'The Franco-German War', Adams' Revolvers, Confederate Handguns, Winchester and three others on similar themes. 20-40
578.    German Military Third Reich: Two Gas Mask Containers, both with contents, two aluminium food containers and one other. 25-40
579.    A Collection of War Books, including 'Vietnam: The Decisive Battles' by John Pimlott and 'Royal Marine Commando' by James D. Ladd. 30-50
580.    Two Multi-Drawer 'Medal Collector' Cabinets. 20-40
581.    An Album of Fifty Plus Flown Covers, many signed including Wallis Autogyro Pilot: Flight Lieutenant B.A. Rowlands, RAF 11th September 1981, BAE Hawk T MK1 XX234, Wing Commander T.M. Webb, AFC, 15th August 1981, (some duplication noted). 20-40
582.    A Small Collection of Commemorative Medallions, (Victorian, Edward VII, George V, ER II and The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer); also two York & Lancs cap badges, a Notts & Derby cap badge and a Royal Army Ordnance Corps cap badge; an ER II Jubilee coin and a Charles and Diana coin. 20-40
583.    Third Reich Small Swastika Sleeve Armband, two reels of S.S. Cotton and three Third Reich tin badges, some replicas noted. 30-55
584.    An Album of Eighty Plus Flown Covers, many signed including No 72 Squadron RAF Commemorating the 55th Operational Anniversay of the Squadron 2nd March 1973 Pilots: Flt Lt J.Baker, Flt Lt P Woodward, No 57 Squadron RAF (Reflown Cover) 30th Anniversary of VE Day 8th May 1975 Capt: Sqn Ldr CCB Seymour. 30-50
585.    Three Ice Buckets, in the form of Regimental drums- The East Anglian Regiment, The Green Howards and The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. 20-30
586.    Late XX Century UN Medals, (9), and a UN beret badge, contained in a wooden display box. 20-40
587.    Military Airfields, by PSL, in ten hardback volumes 20-30
588.    Mid XX Century Small Collection of Oddments, including spent cartridge cases, lapel badges, cap badges, ARP badge, and a small wooden barrel made of teak from HMS Warspite, and a press photograph of the 1,000th Churchill Tank manufactured at Warren Lane Factory. a white metal dessert spoon stamped K.O.Y.L.I. 20-40
589.    British WWII Binoculars, circa 1944, 7 x 50, Bino Prism No. 5. 20-40
590.    A Small Quantity of Cap and Lapel Badges, often Police related plus a 1916 'On War Service' badge plus WWII War and Defence Medals. 25-40
591.    An Album of Fifty Plus Flown Covers, many signed including RAFA display Goodwood 25th August 1975 flown in Spitfire MK VB, AB 910 of the Battle of Britain Pilot: Wing Commander N.D. McEwan, RAF, Royal Navy Air Display Team, Biggin Hill Airfair 17th May 1975 Pilot: Commander D. Howard R.N, some duplication noted. 25-40
592.    A Mid XX Century British Army Marching Compass Mk.1, by T.G. Co. Ltd; plus cap badges and associated items. 20-30
593.    Twenty Years After - The Battlefields of 1914-18 Then and Now, edited by Maj. Gen. Sir Ernest Swinton, two volumes. 20-30
594.    An Album of Approximately Fifty Seven Flown Covers, many signed including No 43 Squadron RAF 34th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain Pilot: Flight Lieutenant T.H.S Nash, No 13 (PR) Squadron RAF, 60th Anniversary of the Formation of the Squadron 10th January 1975, Wing Commander J.B. Parkinson. 25-40
595.    A Set of Ten Price's Patent Candle Company Limited Trade Cards of Famous Battles, including - Battle of Plassey, Trafalgar, Balaklava, Nile etc. 20-40
596.    Six Large Early XX Century Silks, depicting Military figures and Royalty, contained in two frames. 15-25
597.    A XIX Century Indian Flintlock Jezial, tribal manufactured, interesting wall hanger. 20-40
598.    A XIX Century Percussion Sporting Gun, 291/2" long barrel action affected, wooden ramrod. 30-50
599.    A Reproduction 1866 Winchester Carbine, (Made in Spain) action affected. 30-50
600.    A Small Number of Cap Badges, Pin Badges and WWI Silk Postcards. 20-30
601.    An Album of Naval Covers, many signed by crew members, ships include H.M.S Montrose, H.M.S York, H.M.S Richmond, approximately one hundred covers (mainly late 1900's) 20-40
602.    Large Collection (Over 200) Military Cap Badges, many restrikes including Kings and Queens crowns, some U.S and Russian badges. 200-400
603.    An Album of Sixty Plus Flown Covers, many signed, including commemorating the First Flight of The Hawk,DMS Simpson OBE, Chief Test Pilot H.S.A.(Kingston) 21st August 1974, 40th Anniversay of the Battle of Britain 1940 - 1980 Pilot: Group Captain J.C. Sprent RAF, 20th September 1980. 25-40
604.    Large Quantity of Division and Formation Cloth Badges, presented in a file folder, XX Century mainly British but also some Canadian and American noted. Worthy of Closer Inspection. 60-100
605.    A Quantity of Early XX Century and Later Coronation and Similar Medals and Medallions. 20-30
606.    A WWI Period Pair of German Binoculars, stamped 'Ferngas 08' No. 51418', in original leather case. 20-40
607.    A Collection of Late XX Century Replica Medals, including Military Cross and Victoria Cross. 30-50
608.    An Album of Approximately Thirty Flown Covers, many signed including 60th Anniversary of the Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services (Quantas) Melbourne - Sydney B747-238B Captain David Legge, 70th Anniversary of the First Aeroplane Flight from London - Paris, Pilot J.E D, Army Aircorps 20-40
610.    A Boxed Shotgun Cleaning Kit by Milbro; plus another, boxed. 20-30
611.    A Large Tin of XX Century Military Brass and Staybrite Buttons, some mounted on cards. 25-40
612.    An Album of Approximately One Hundred Flown Covers, many signed including commemorating first flight of Zeppelin LZ1 Lake Constance 2nd July 1900, Wolfgang Von Zeppelin, The Formation of The Royal Flying Corps - Farnborough 13th March 1912 Brigadier R.P.D Folkes OBE ADC, 84th Anniversary of the Formation of the RAF 1st April 2002, The Right Honourable Geoffrey Hoon MP, Secretary of State for Defence. 30-50
613.    AN Album of Approximately Sixty Flown Covers, (Circa early 1970's) many signed including 50th Anniversary of the RAF College 5th February 1920 - 1970, RAF College Cranwell Pilot: Group Captain D.B. Craig OBE, ADC,MA, RAF, London - Sydney Air Race 17th December 1969 - 2nd January 1970 flown by Squadron Leader J.C. Waters RAF in Piper Aztec G.Arxf. 30-50
614.    George VI to ER II British Police Helmet Plates, (seventeen) including Gibraltar, seven police cap badges and a Traffic Warden cap badge for South Yorkshire. 40-60
615.    An Album of Approximately Sixty Flown Covers, many signed including No 1 (F) Squadron RAF 60th Anniversay of the Formation of the Squadron 13th May 1972 Pilot Flt Lt B.M Blackford RAF, No 511 Squadron RAF 30th Anniversary of Formation of the Squadron 10th October 1972, R.J. Hutchings Wing Commander OC511 Sqn. 25-50
616.    A Large Box of Cap Badges, buttons and shoulder titles, majority restrikes mainly XX Century. 30-50
617.    An Album of Eighty Five Plus RAF Station Covers, including Cranwell, Wittering Waddington, Northolt, Biggin Hill, many signed including Brize Norton 03/04/03 Air Vice Marshall K.D Filbert CBE, Hemswell 12/09/03, Squadron Leader Colin Rawlins OBE, DFC. 30-50
618.    An Album Containing Forty Nine Flown Covers, many signed including 25th Anniversary of the First Lift Off of the P.1127 21st October 1985, Pilot Mr H.E.Frick HC MRAeS, 50th Anniversary of RAF Pitreavie Castle, 1st September 1988, Air Marshall D.C.G Brook CBE, RAF. 25-40
620.    A Mid XX Century Carved RAF Wall Plaque, with Royal cypher of Kiwi - 20 Army Co-Operation Squadron - Royal Air Force - 'Facta Non Verba' (Deeds Not Words). 150-250
621.    A 1/18th Scale Model of a P38 'Lightening' - 'California Cutie', built up, with original box and figure. 20-30
622.    A XX Century Model of a XVII Century Siege Field Cannon. 20-40
623.    A Brass and Wooden Model of a Napoleonic Era Ships Cannon with Brass Plaque - 'To M.R.Chamberlain from Ordnance Staff Horwich SS'. 20-30
624.    A 1/18th? Scale Balsa Wood Model of an American P51 Mustang, made up, no engine. 20-30
625.    Edwardian Infantry Officers Dress Sword, Edward VII Cypher on hilt, retailed by D. Jones, Manchester, excellent engraved blade in all steel scabbard. 60-100
626.    A Victorian 1864 Cavalry Sword, by German manufacturer Weyersburg Kirschbaum, Solingham, excellent blade, steel hilt with "Maltese Cross" device and various Regimental markings, in it's correct steel scabbard. 60-100
627.    Victorian Rifles Officers Sword, pitting on all metalwork, engraved blade to Hampshire Rifles and bugle horn on one side and Royal cypher and crown on the other side, in steel scabbard, heavily pitted. 40-60
628.    A Victorian Cavalry Sword, presented to a Corporal William Jackson 1st West Yorkshire Yeomanry Cavalry Kiveton Troop 1867,for being the best swordsman in the troop, the heavily engraved blade with Royal cypher made by Reeves is badly pitted, in it's correct steel scabbard. 100-200
629.    A Reproduction Mid XIX Century French Naval Officers Sword, model of 1837 made at Klingenthal (engraved on back edge of blade) 27" long, in its black leather scabbard with brass fittings. 20-40
630.    Mid XIX Century French Artillery Sword, of Gladius pattern of 1831 in its black leather scabbard with brass fittings. 50-80
631.    A Reproduction XIX Century U.S. 1849 Cavalry Sabre, made by Ames & Co., Cabotville, three bar brass hilt, excellent blade, all steel scabbard, all good condition. 20-40
632.    A XIX Century European Sword, the gilt hilt with fouled anchor, Imperial Eagle and flags, bone grip, in black leather scabbard with gilt fittings. 50-80
633.    George V Royal Artillery Officers Sword, with 34" engraved blade with light rust pitting, maker Hawksworth, Sheffield, in its leather covered scabbard. 40-60
634.    XX Century Fencing Epee in its Canvas Cover. 10-20
635.    A Late XIX Century Officers Sword by W.K.&C. (German) with Plated Piped Back Blade, white metal guard/hilt with Imperial Eagle in its black painted steel scabbard. Very good condition. 80-150
636.    A Victorian 1831 General Officers Mameluke Sword, with "Proven" blade also much engraved and with Royal Cypher, gilt guard with sword and baton emblem and ivory grips, in its all brass scabbard. Excellent condition. 150-250
637.    George V Royal Naval Midshipsmans Dirk, 17" blued and gilt engraved blade with Royal cypher and fouled anchor in excellent condition, the fish skin and gilt wire grip with lions head hilt complete with sword knot in its lack leather scabbard with gilt fittings and owners initials J.F.C.T. 200-400
638.    A Victorian Cavalry Sword, (probably Royal Horse Guards Trooper), blade and hilt heavily pitted, no scabbard. 30-50
639.    A Late XVIII Century 1796 Light Cavalry Sword, very good blade "D" shape steel hilt/guard with old repair. 80-150
640.    A Reproduction Late XIX Century Dutch Klewang (Cutlas Style Sidearm), blued blade and steel hilt/guard with black handle. Good condition. 20-40
641.    A Victorian Light Infantry Officers Sword, with "Proved" blade engraved with bugle horn and foliage and Royal Cypher and steel hilt, all metalwork pitted. 40-60
642.    A Georgian Naval Cutlass, with Royal cypher on the 29" blade, the steel hilt and grip painted black. 40-60
643.    A Victorian Cutlass Bayonet, 263/4" slightly curved blade with German maker's mark "C.R. Kirschbaum, Solingen", made to fit the two band Enfield (1856). 60-100
644.    A German Third Reich Dress Sword, no scabbard, "D" shaped guard with minor pitting, good plated blade with minor scuffing. 30-50
645.    Late XIX Century Sword, possibly imperial German - no scabbard with brass guard, possibly cut down. 20-40
646.    A XIX Century Gurkha Kukri Knife, 21" heavy blade with wooden bone hilt, in wooden scabbard, replacement small knives. 20-40
647.    Mid XX Century Fairburn and Sykes Fighting Knife, made by William Rodgers, Sheffield, contained in its brown leather scabbard. 50-80
648.    Late XX Century Bowie Knife, 10" blade by J.Nowill, Sheffield, heavy staghorn grips, the blade engraved with makers name etc, in its tan leather scabbard with leg ties. 60-100
649.    Late XX Century Bowie Knife, 10" blade by F.W James, Sheffield, heavy stag horn grips, the blade engraved with mottoes and the title "The Hunters Companion", in its black basket weave scabbard and the name"Col James Bowie" on the front face. 60-100
650.    Late XX Century Bowie Knife, 13" blade of huge proportions and engraved on both sides with makers "J.Elliott of Sheffield" and owners name "J.C Matthews 1980" in its multi coloured leather scabbard, hand tooled. 60-100
651.    An Early XIX Century Hunting Dirk, much engraved with Boar hunting scene and also trophies of arms, possibly continental, with white metal fittings, hilt damaged, in its brown leather scabbard with metal fittings, and knife and fork. 80-150
652.    A XIX Century Hunting Dirk Made from a U.S. Socket Bayonet , with brass and bone hilt in its brown leather scabbard, also a small hunting dagger with wood and white metal hilt in its black leather scabbard with white metal fittings. 40-60
653.    An Early XX Century American Sword Bayonet, by Remington and dated 1917, wooden grips with two grooves, in green leather covered scabbard and brown leather frog, very good condition. 40-60
654.    Mid XX Century German Third Reich Dress Bayonet in its Black Metal Scabbard, probably fireman. 20-40
655.    A Dress Dagger in the Style of a German 'SS' Dagger, however the emblem to black wooden grip is in the form of 'SA' and eagle is raised up from grip, with scabbard. 50-100
656.    A Reproduction by Mil-Tec WWI U.S. M3 Fighting Knife, dated 1943 on blade, light rust on tip of blade, in it's correct leather scabbard dated 1943. 60-100
657.    Mid XX Century Swiss SIG Bayonet 1957 Pattern, in its black scabbard. 10-20
658.    A Mid XX Century Fairburn Sykes Fighting Knife, grip stamped with War Department Arrow and "B", in leather scabbard. 70-100
659.    Late XX Century Bowie Knife, 10" blade by J. Nowill, Sheffield, heavy staghorn grips, the blade engraved with makers name etc, in its tan leather scabbard with leg ties. 60-100
660.    Second Half XX Century Fairburn and Sykes Fighting Knife, made by William Rodgers, Sheffield. 20-40
661.    A Mid XX Century German Fighting Knife, made by Gottlieb Hammesfahr, Solingen Foche, in steel scabbard. 20-40
662.    A George V Royal Navy Midshipman's Dirk, 18" double edged engraved blade with fouled anchor, Royal cypher and initials "E.B.", the blade with rust damage, with black leather sword belt with fouled anchor motif, gilt hilt with white fishskin grip and also with it's sword knot, in black leather scabbard and with waterproof canvas cover. 70-100
663.    German Third Reich Bolt Cutters, with wooden handles, dated 1942, with makers name "GYR" and Waffen stamp, circa 63cm long. 100-200
664.    A Mid XX Century Single Draw British Military Telescope by Ross, London, pattern 373B, No. 90172, with 'WD' arrow. 20-30
665.    A Mid XX Century Diana Air Rifle, Model 15, light pitting on metalwork, working order, Diana logo on breach. 15-25
666.    WWII Hatchet, Made by Plumb U.S.A dated 1945, WWII A.R.P shovel, with red painted handle and marked A.R.P in white paint. 30-50
667.    Three Early XX Century Swagger Sticks, Royal Artillery, 14th Regiment and 117th Regiment, possibly Indian Army. 20-40
669.    A 1920's/1930's Photograph Album, mainly based on the Canton, Shanghai area of China, much social history, with an emphases on punishment including executions. 20-40
670.    A Very Large Quantity of Cap Badges, including brass, white metal and Staybrite; also King and Queen crowns, restrikes noted. 60-100
671.    A Quantity of Cap Badges, mainly Scottish Regiments, restrikes noted. 40-60
672.    British Blue Ensign, 68" x 35". 20-40
673.    A Mid XX Century U.S. Stars and Stripes Flag, 4' x 6', maker's name 'Bulldog'. 30-50
674.    A Japanese Flag, possibly mid XX Century, 40 x 27", leather reinforced on two corners. 30-50
675.    WWII Third Reich Kriegsmarine Flag 37" x 54", Marked Kiel, Reichskriegsflg 1941. 100-150
676.    German Third Reich Period Gas Mask Case and Part Contents. 20-40
677.    A WWII Period German Helmet, replacement liner and chin strap. 20-40
678.    A Replica German Third Reich Afrika Corps Trophelm and Sand Goggles. 25-40
679.    A Model of a WWII German U-Boat - No. U107, the hull made of wood, removeable superstructure to access electric motor, circa 120cm long, with stand. 50-80
680.    A WWII German Helmet, rapainted in Afrika Corps colours with one modern decal and replacement liner. 20-40
681.    A Mid XX Century Alabaster Bust of a Stylised WWII German Soldier, looking to left. 50-80
682.    Four Replica German Third Reich Military Caps, all with insignia. 25-40
683.    A XIX Century Martini Henry (obsolete calibre) Carbine, action blocked, no ramrod, bore heavily pitted. 200-400
684.    A XIX Century Remington Rolling Block (obsolete calibre) Rifle, heavily pitted overall, action affected, with ramrod. 100-200
685.    *WITHDRAWN* A XIX Century Martini Henry (obsolete calibre) Short Rifle, 22 calibre but barrel blocked, made by Greener, Birmingham, breach plate engraved, no ramrod, metalwork pitted. 150-250
686.    *WITHDRAWN* A XIX Century Martini Henry Rifle (obsolete calibre), by Westley Richards & Co. for the ZAR (South Africa), converted to 22 by Bonehill of Birmingham, barrel blocked and with a leather sling by Parker Hale, pitting to metalwork. 200-400
687.    *WITHDRAWN* A XIX Century Martini Henry (obsolete calibre) Rifle, breach and barrel blocked, Indian issue, with white webbing sling. 60-100
688.    A XIX Century Martini Henry 450/577 (obsolete calibre) Rifle, barrel and breach blocked, damage to small of butt, light rust to barrel, original ramrod. 100-150
689.    Late XVIII Flintlock Holster Pistol, possibly Eastern European, action affected, ramrod missing. 40-60
690.    Late XVIII Century Flintlock Holster Pistol, engraved steel barrel and lock, also engraved brass furniture, signs of some repair 100-150
691.    A XIX Century Enfield Musketoon, dated 1858, Tower and VR Cypher, incorrect ramrod and smoothbore, all metalwork pitted. 60-100
692.    A Reproduction Flintlock Blunderbuss, all steel barrel, very good condition, minor rust on all steelwork. 50-80
693.    Mid XIX Century Percussion Muff Pistol, by Parr of London, action affected. 30-50
694.    Early XX Century Webley & Scott Mark I Air Pistol, wooden grips, GB Patent No. 219872, 0.177 calibre. 80-120
695.    A XIX Century Brown Bess Musket, India pattern, dated 1817 on lock, also trace of cypher, good condition, with ramrod. 200-400
696.    A Possible Reproduction of a XIX Century Enfield Three Band Musket, name on lock and also Royal crown, Enfield logo stamped on butt, working order including ramrod. 40-60
697.    A XIX Century Werndl Model 1867 (obsolete calibre) Rifle, (Austrian manufacture) barrel blocked, with ramrod. 100-200
698.    A XIX Century French 1874 Gras Rifle (obsolete calibre), working action, barrel blocked, St. Etienne maker. 150-250
699.    Mid XIX Century Enfield Type Two Band Musket, made up from parts, lock plate has Royal Cypher and "Enfield", with 1853 socket bayonet heavily pitted. 60-100
700.    Late XVIII Century Pair of Flintlock Queen Anne Style Pistols, screw off cannon barrels, lock engraved and makers name "J. Dunscumb", with inlaid silver wire on grip and owners initials on heel of butt. Proof marks to barrel. 300-500
701.    Mid XIX Century Percussion Overcoat Pistol, manstopper calibre, with captive ramrod, engraved barrel and lock plate, checkered grip 100-200
702.    Late XVIII Century Flintlock Muff Pistol, screw off barrel, hidden trigger, lock engraved "J & W Richards, London". Action affected. 80-120
703.    Mid XIX Century Percusssion Muff Pistol, screw off barrel, engraved lock plate, top of hammer and safety catch, with checkered butt. 100-200
704.    Mid XIX Century Percussion Pocket Overcoat Pistol, screw off barrel, hidden trigger, checkered butt with flat end. 100-200
705.    A Mid XIX Century Double Barreled Percussion Pistol, possibly a Howdah pistol, browned barrels hammers and locks in white metal with engraving. 150-250
706.    A Mid XIX Century Percussion Pistol, man stopper calibre, captive ramrod,Damascus barrel, engraved lock, with makers name "Moore & Co,", checkered grip. 150-250
707.    An Early XIX Century British Flintlock "Lancer" Pistol, with 9" barrel, manstopper smooth bore with swivel ramrod, lock with lion engraving, brass fittings with lanyard ring at base of butt, the butt repaired and stamped M388. 300-500
708.    A WWI 1914 - 1915 Star, to 1319 Driver C.Fletcher, Royal Field Artillery, and another 1914-1915 Star 637 SJT Holmes APC 20-40
709.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals To M2-182775 Sgt W. Whittingham Army Service Corps 25-40
710.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 52221 Private R. Bainbridge West Yorkshire Regiment, with original paperwork, WWI Victory Medal to 3-10424 Private L.Cornell Northamptonshire Regiment (K.I.A first day of battle of Loos 25/9/15), with paperwork. 25-40
711.    Three WWI War Medals, 235561 Private T.A Atchison, York and Lancs, Regiment 21788 Private S. Chadfield, West Riding Regiment, 38543 Acting Corporal J. Paxton Royal Engineers, and a George VI 39/45 War Medal. 30-50
712.    Two WWII Defence Medals and Three War Medals, a "Churchill" crown, A 30 Corps commemorative medallion, a cloth Pioneer Corps shoulder title, a commemorative medal celebrating Princess Elisabeth's wedding to Lieut. Mountbatten. 20-40
713.    A WWI Trio, comprising War Medal, Victory Medal and Special Constabulary medals to 122623 Gunner, A Titterton Royal Artillery. 30-50
714.    WWII Group of Five Medals, comprising 39/45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star, War and Defence medals. 20-40
715.    Two WWI Victory Medals, to 3995 Sapper Fateh Ali 3rd Sappers and Miners, 204193 Private E.F. Nicholas Worcestershire Regiment. 20-30
716.    A WWI War Medal, to 187270 W. Carrol Able Seaman Royal Navy, WWI Victory Medal to K-38245 R. Ellis Stoker - Royal Navy. 20-40
717.    A WWII Medal Quartet, made up of war medal, defence medal, 1939-1945 Star and Burma Star, plus a Queen Elizabeth II Special Constabulary Faithful Service Medal to Jack Heap. 20-40
718.    A WWI and Later Medal Trio, comprising 1914 Mons Star, Victory Medal and Imperial Service Medal to 7094 Pte George Beach, 1st Devonshire Regiment. 40-60
719.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to 39552 Private W. Hocking York And Lancs Regiment. 30-50
720.    Two WWII German/Italian Medals, no ribbons, for the North African campaign. 20-30
721.    WWI War Medal, to 33250 Private A.Smith Lincolnshire Regiment. 15-25
722.    An Early XX Century Trio of Items Relating to The Metropolitan Police, comprising cap badge, Long Service Medal and framed and glazed photograph, believed to belong to Mr. George Rigden. 20-40
723.    A George VI Imperial Service Medal, to Louie Holt, mounted as worn. 20-30
724.    A WWII Group of Five Medals, comprising 39/45 Star, Africa Star, France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medals, mounted as worn; a GVI Royal Engineers brass cap badge, three ribbon brooches and a GV Coronation Medal. 25-40
725.    A WWI Medal Pair, comprising War Medal and Victory Medal to 86002 Pte A.P. Blackburn Chester Regiment; plus cap badge and later items. 30-50
726.    A WWI Pair of Medals, comprising War and Victory Medals to 24481 Pte W.B. Reynolds Yorks & Lancs; plus a George V Coronation medallion. 30-50
727.    A WWII and Later Group of Four Medals, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star and Territorial Efficient Service Medal to 2031037 Pte S.C. Huttley, Royal Military Police. 30-50
728.    ER II Imperial Service Medal, to William Tyrer, with 4th year bar, in box of issue. 20-30
729.    A WWI War Medal, to 189818 Spr E.V. Nobbs, Royal Engineers; plus a 1914 Christmas tin. 15-25
730.    A George V Pair of Medals, comprising War and Victory Medals to DM2 075567 Private F. D. Gunby Army Service Corps. 25-40
731.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to DM2 - 164079 Private J. Bevitt Army Service Corps, 20-40
732.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 87257 Gunner A.W. Upton Royal Artillery (with paperwork), WWI Victory Medal to 105504 F.Newton Royal Artillery, WWI War Medal to 145927 Gunner T. Harrison Royal Artillery. 20-40
733.    A Queen Elizabeth II General Service Medal, to 24165843 Lance Corporal P. Jackson, Royal Signals with Northern Ireland Bar. 30-50
734.    WWI Victory Medals, to SE - 15056 Sjt T.W. Crowe Army Veterinary Corps, 46323 Private J.E Wrathnall West Yorkshire Regiment and 25089 Private A Gates, West Riding Regiment. 30-50
735.    WWI Victory Medals (3), to 45838 Private H. Forester Yorkshire Regiment, 107882 2.A.M, J.W. Butler, Royal Air Force and 39310 Private W. Fullwood, South Staffordshire Regiment. 30-50
736.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to 2841 Acting Corporal B. Freeman Royal Army Medical Corps, plus an unnamed 1914 Star. 25-40
737.    A WWI Pair of Medals, to 37007 Sgt J Barnett, South Lancashire Regiment. 30-50
738.    A WWI Pair of Medals, comprising War and Victory Medals, to 353700 Pte W.Field York and Lancs Regiment, with paperwork. 30-50
739.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to 204603 Acting Corporal A.E J Coulter, Royal West Kent Regiment. 30-50
740.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 14311 Corporal T.H Senior West Riding Regiment (with paperwork), WWI Victory Medal to 4676 Private J. Colburn West Yorkshire Regiment, WWI Victory Medal to 5-1683 Private W.Bradley West Riding Regiment. 30-50
741.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to 29407 Private C.A Johnson West Riding Regiment. 30-50
742.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to 3449 Private A.W Cox Monmouth Regiment. 30-50
743.    A WWI War Medal (14-18), to 3-9316 Private H. Lee West Yorkshire Regiment, suspension ring missing; GVI 39/45 War Medal, no ribbon. 15-25
744.    A WWI War Medal, to 10-15731 Private S. Archer York and Lancs Regiment, WWI Victory Medal to 203384 Private S. Archer Yorkshire and Lancashire Regiment, WWI Victory Medal to 203384 Private A.J Hickman, Hampshire Regiment, three damaged war medals, a ribbon brooch, a replica 14 star. 25-40
745.    An Interesting Early XX Century Miniature Medal Group of Eight Medals, comprising The Most Honourable Order of the Bath (gold), 14/15 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal, 1911 Coronation Medal, Order of the Crown of Italy,Greece's Order of the Redeemer (silver), Messina Earthquake Commemorative Medal (silver), mounted as worn. 100-200
746.    A WWI War Medal, to 106331 Cpl J. Hand, RAF. 15-25
747.    A Late XX Century National Service Medal, in box if issue. R.A.F. Bomber Command Medal and miniature, in box of issue. A Women's Voluntary Service Medal. An ER II 25th Anniversary Medal and Operational Services Medal. 20-40
748.    A Set of Six Late XX Century South African Medals, including General Service, Good Service (20 etc., mounted as worn. 20-40
749.    Six Miniature ER II Medals, court mounted as worn, including General Service Medal, Long Service and UN Kosovo. 20-40
750.    A WWI Trio of Medals, comprising 39/45 Star, France and Germany Star and War Medals, in box of issue, with paperwork to Mr J. Saniforth, Sheffield. 20-30
751.    A WWI Medal Trio, comprising 1914/15 Star, War Medal and Victory Medal to 37 Pte R. Bostock, Army Cycling Corps. 40-60
752.    Eight ER II Miniature Medals, including two Afghanistan medals and ribbon brooch damaged. 20-30
753.    Five George VI Miniature Medals. 15-25
754.    A George VI to ER II Miniature Medal Group of Seven Medals, including U.N. Medal for Korea and Queen's Korea Medal. 20-40
755.    A WWI Victory Medal, to Corporal J. Mitchell Notts & Derbys Regiment, in box of issue. 15-25
756.    Nine Late XX Century Shooting Medals, mainly Regular Army Skill at Arms, Bisley. 20-30
757.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War and Victory Medal to 21483 Pte A. Squires Yorks & Lancs; plus a WWI silk handkerchief and two postcards. 30-50
758.    A WWI Gallantry Group of Three Medals, comprising Military Medal, War Medal and Victory Medal to 54866 Pte W. Smith, Notts & Derby (Sherwood Foresters) Regiment; plus a sweetheart badge in the form of a fouled anchor.
*Records indicated that Wilfred Smith was a Sheffield man serving with the 10th Battalion who was gazetted on 14th May 1919 for his Military Medal. 200-400
759.    A George VI General Service Medal with Palestine 1945-48 Bar, to 2262692 LAC W.F. Clark, RAF, with Coronation Medal, both in boxes of issue with covering RAF letter. 40-60
760.    A George V, George VI and ER II Group of Eight Miniature Medals, comprising 14/18 War and Victory Medals, WWI 39/45 Star, Africa Star, 8th Army Clasp, Italy Star, War Medal with M.I.D. Bronze Star, Defence Medal, ER II Territorial Efficiency decoration, mounted as worn, in leather case. 25-40
761.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War and Victory Medals to 6387 Pte C.D. Reaney, West Yorkshire Regiment, believed to be Leeds Rifles; plus shoulder title, cap badge and personal items. 50-80
762.    A WWII Set of Eight Medals, comprising Defence Medal, War Medal with Oak Leaf, 1939/45 Star, France Germany Star, 1937 Coronation Medal, Efficiency Medal dated 1944 with Territorial Bar and two Long Service bars, a Belgium Military Knight of the Order of Leopold (silver) (missing one centre), Belgium Croix Guerre, both with palm leaves, mounted as worn; plus a full set of miniatures, presented as worn. No indication to recipient. 120-180
763.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War Medal and Victory Medal, to 12-558 Sgt J.S. Wood, Yorks & Lancs Regiment; plus two Yorks & Lancs Sheffield shoulder badges, cap badges and associated items; a 12th Battalion 'Sheffield Pal'. 60-100
764.    A WWI Pair, comprising War and Victory Medals to 245129 Driver A.G Cliffe Royal Artillery. 20-40
765.    A WWI Trio of Victory Medals, to 26034 Private J. Parsons, Yorkshire Light Infantry 4076, Private J.W. Gade Lincolnshire Regiment and Private C. Richardson York and Lancs Regiment, (no ribbon). 30-50
766.    An Early XX Century Lusitania Medal, in box of issue; a WWI 1914/15 Star to 76755 Driver A.C. McEwan Royal Engineers, no ribbon. 20-40
767.    A WWI Trio, comprising 1914/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 16013 Private W. Leadbeater Gloucestershire Regiment. 40-60
768.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War and Victory medals to 200811 Dvr W.Ives, Royal Artillery. 25-40
769.    Two Buffalo Jewels, Coronation Medallion and associated items. 20-40
770.    WWI Pair of Medals, consisting of war and victory medals to 5301 Private C.A Rudrum, Northamptonshire Regiment. WWII war medal and France and Germany star. A Pair of silver cufflinks and a BB lapel badge. 30-50
771.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 785 GNR T.A.Cooper, Royal Artillery plus two WWII War Medals and a Defense medal. 20-40
772.    A WWII Medal Duo, comprising Defence Medal and War Medal, a gold 'Blue Circle Group of Companies' lapel badge and two badges. 20-40
773.    A WWI and Later Group of Five Medals, comprising 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals, Territorial Force Efficiency Medal and GVI Defence Medal to 200135 Corporal J. Ibbotson York & Lancs Regiment. 50-80
774.    A WWI War Medal, to 24173 Pte A. Greenwood, West Riding Regiment and Victory Medal to Ratcliffe?. 20-40
775.    A WWII Medal Quartet, comprising War Medal, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star and Italy Star, in box of issue to Mr Walter Clarke, of Huddersfield, T/209164, the lot includes postcards and service book 25-40
776.    A Bevin Boy Medal, to Bernard E. Collins, Silverwood Colliery; A WWII War and Defence Medal plus a quantity of Coronation and similar medallions. 20-40
777.    A Set of Five Late XX Century Long Service/Commemorative Indian Medals, mounted as worn. 20-40
778.    A WWI Medal Trio, comprising 1914 Mons Star, War Medal and Victory Medal to 3-2507 Pte E. Riley, 2nd Yorks & Lancs Regiment; plus two cap badges, contained in a christmas tin 40-60
779.    George V WWI War Medal to 7094 Private G. Beach, Devonshire Regiment, WWI Victory Medal to 106331 Corporal J.W. Hand RAF, WWI On War Service pin back badge. Early XX Century Medallion to the Territorial Army Rifle Association in box of issue. 30-50
780.    A WWI War Medal, to 6082 Private J.R. Williams Welsh Regiment, with paperwork, WWI War Medal to 84369 Driver C. E Elflett Royal Engineers WWI War Medal to 37822 Private S.W. Burton Royal Warwickshire Regiment. 30-50
781.    A WWII Miniature Group of Five Medals, including Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Crew Star, mounted as worn. 25-40
782.    A Victorian Queens South Africa Medal, with clasps "Cape Colony", "Orange Free State", "South Africa 1901" to 967 Private G. Gregory Bedfordshire Regiment. A 1914/15 Star to 123490 Pioneer G. Gregory Royal Engineers. 80-120
783.    A Group of WWII Medals, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, France Germany Star, 1939-45 Star, Pacific Star, Burma Star, Africa Star, Italy Star and Air Crew Star (Air Crew possible restrike); plus two reproduction medals. 40-60
784.    Six WWII and Later Miniature Medals, mounted as worn, one later replacement. 20-30
785.    A Small Collection of Six Mid XX Century Sporting Medallions, two brass cap badges, three brass shoulder titles, and two others. 20-30
786.    AnEdward VII and George V Pair, comprising Army Long Service and Good Conduct to Sgt Major A. Jenkins, 2nd B.B & C J.R.VR. Rifles and 1911 Delhi Durbar Medal to same. 50-100
787.    A George VI Imperial Service Medal, to Sydney Robert Crook and a George V Coronation Medal, both mounted. 15-25
788.    A WWII German Third Reich Iron Cross, 2nd Class and a small quantity of early XX Century and later threepences. 30-50
789.    Imperial Germany - Three Awards, Iron Cross Second Class, Cross of Honour 1914-18 and Hanseatic Cross in box of issue; also a small lapel ribbon, possibly reproduction. 30-50
790.    A WWI 14/15 Star, to P.O. 15959 Private B. Keal Royal Marine Light Infantry; WWI 14/15 Star to 54-043783 Private W.S. Phillips Army Service Corps; German Third Reich War Merit Cross with swords; a RAF button, two gilt crown badges and a St John's Ambulance badge. 30-50
791.    A Third Reich Iron Cross Second Class, with ribbon. 30-50
792.    An Imperial German Iron Cross First Class, (dated 1914) in associated box. 40-60
793.    Circa Twenty-Five German Third Reich Rally Party Winter Relief Tinnies and Badges, mainly 1930's. 50-80
794.    A German Third Reich N.S.D.A.P. Long Service Cross for Fifteen Years Service, no ribbon. 20-30
795.    A WWI German Imperial Iron Cross, 2nd Class; plus a white metal 'pill box' and a Third Reich tin badge. 25-40
796.    A Cased Bronze Medal in Commemoration of the Raising of the City of London Imperial Volunteers and Their Service in South Africa 1899-1900, OBV Heralds are shown with trumpets calling up volunteers, the central figure represents The City of London, armed giving The Freedom to a Departing C.I.V, REV. The Radiant Sun of the British Empire Shines Behind a Hill which is surmounted by a tall staff flying the Union Jack and C.I.V. Flag. 100-200
797.    A WWI Trio of Medals, comprising 14/15 Star, War and Victory Medals to 2077 Gunner E. Phillips Royal Field Artillery, mounted in glazed frame, with paperwork. 30-50
798.    A WWI Pair of Medals, comprising War and Victory Medals to 71818 Private S.C. Bird Devonshire Regiment, mounted in glazed frame, with paperwork. 30-50
799.    A WWI Trio of Medals, comprising 14/18 Star, War and Victory Medals to 21551 Private H. Barker Yorkshire Light Infantry, mounted in glazed frame, with paperwork. 40-60
800.    A Victorian/WWI Miniature Medal Group of Medals, comprising East and West Africa Medal, Queens South Africa Medal, WWI Star (later replacement), WWI War Medal, WWI Victory Medal, Royal Naval Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, mounted as worn. 30-50
801.    A WWI Victory Medal, to 5730 A Seaman J. Joyce Royal Naval Reserve, with facsimile photo of his ship H.M.S Goliath, which was sunk in the Dardanelles 13/15/15, with paperwork, killed in sinking. 20-30
802.    Third Reich Civilian Gilt Buttons, (7), all RZM etc marked to rear. 20-40
803.    WWI Bronze Death Plaque, to 7548 Pte Joseph Lee, East Lancashire Regiment, with paperwork. 40-60
804.    A Hamilton British Military Issue Wristwatch, 'WD' arrow to case and face, the case stamped "6B-91010000 H 1426", with leather strap; plus Waltham British Military fob watch (a/f). 80-150
805.    A XX Century Wrist Compass, with black leather wrist strap, War Department arrow on reverse, Ref. No. 6B/2593. 20-30
806.    A WWII and Later Group of Seven Medals, comprising 1939/45 Star, Africa Star, France and Germany Star, Defence and War Medals, Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Regular Army bar) and General Service Medal 1918-62 with Palestine bar to T/44367 Warrant Officer Class II A Watson Royal Army Service Corps, includes mention in despatches Oak Leaf and 8th Army bar with M.I.D. citation (dated 1947); also a commendation from General B.L. Montgomery dated 1st June 1944, an officers commission (Lieutenant Quartermaster Land Forces) dated 28th December 1948 and ribbon brooch and a small lapel badge. Worthy of further investigation. 100-200
807.    WWII - ERII Royal Naval Petty Officers Cap, WWII War Medal in box of issue, a ERII Korea medal to MX593142 W.Steel A/REA (Engineering), in box of issue. ERII Imperial Service Medal to William Steel, in box of issue. Two ERII Armed Forces Veteran lapel badges, in boxes of issue. 80-120
808.    An Interesting Set of Three Groups of Medals to Family Jackson, the first group comprises WWI Victory and War Medals to 2-202450 Private F. Jackson, Army Service Corps; plus a 1927 Life Saving Society Award of Merit to same. The second group, a WWII Quartet, comprises War Medal, Africa Star and 1939-45 Star self named to 135403 F.S. Jackson and an Africa Service Medal to same; plus a South African Police Service Medal to 10466 Det. Constable Jackson and a 1953 Coronation Medal to Capt. F.S. Jackson. Group three comprises a George VI Faithful Service Special Constabulary Medal and Long Service bar to George M. Jackson; plus a Barnsley Swimming Club gold medal and two Butchers Association pendants to same.
*It is believed the groups represent father and two sons. 150-250
809.    WWI Trio of Medals, consisting of 14/15 Star, War and Victory medals to 200591 Corporal E. Jones, Royal Welch Fusilier's, mounted in glazed frame with letter from the record office, plus WWI bronze death plaque to Edward Jones mounted in glazed frame with original cardboard envelope also with memorial letter. 100-200
810.    An Interesting Set of Father and Son Medal Groups, with supporting provenance, comprising WWI Medal trio consisting 1914 Mons Star, War and Victory medals to 8505 Pte W.Bennet, 2nd Yorkshire and Lancs, with rose and 'On War Service' badge, and WWII medal trio made up of War Medal, Burma Star, (with Pacific bar), and 1939/45 Star to Able Seaman JX567894 H. Bennet, Royal Navy; plus a large quantity of provenance relating to H. Bennet's career including service records, newspaper cuttings, photographs, service books, amongST many other items.
*Father and Son, Wilfred Bennett and Horace Bennet were from Dronfield near Sheffield, records indicate that Horace joined the Royal Navy in July 1943 at the age of 18, coming from the a job in the railways and L.M.S. After initial training Mr Bennet served on various ships including H.M.S Kedah and HMS Assegai and spent time in South America, MR Bennet was released in December 1946, returning to work on the railways. 100-200
811.    A Collection of Papal Civil Awards, including a Medal of The Order of St. Gregory, cased and a suite for The Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, all cased. 80-150
812.    A Family Group of Three Sets of Medals, comprising:- 1) WWI Duo, comprising War and Victory Medals to 269259 J. Crossley, West Riding Regiment; plus two named Order of Buffalo jewels. 2) WWII and Later Group, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal and 1939-45 Territorial Efficiency Service Medal to 897176 Sjt D. Crossley Royal Artillery, in box of issue plus service book and photographs. 3) WWII Medal Trio, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal and France/Germany Star to F.W. Crossley; plus a photograph album from the 1945 Rendsbury Military Gymkhana.
*James Crossley is believed to be the father of of Douglas Crossley and F.W. Crossley, a family from Bridge Street, Huddersfield. 150-250
813.    An Extraordinary WWII RAF Bomber Command Medal Quartet and Associated Items, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, Air Crew Star and 1939-45 Star with bars to 1097775 Flying Officer Leslie Pulfrey. The lot also includes Flying Log, No. 2 tunic and a remarkable detailed personal war time biography of Flying Officer Pulfrey written by his nephew Mr. J. Pinguey. A unique lot.
*Son of John and Florrie Pulfrey, Leslie Pulfrey was a Sheffield man, born on 24th September 1914 who had joined the local Constabulary before the war. After training in 1942 he passed into the RAF on 28th September 1942 as a bomb aimer and joined 103 Squadron flying Lancasters out of Elsham Wolds, flying twenty-three operations. After receiving his commission in August 1943 and further OTV training he joined 550 Squadron at North Killingholme, again in Lancasters.
On the night of 16th/17th June 1944 whilst returning from a raid on the oil refinery at Sterkrade in Germany, Lancaster ME840 BQ-V was attacked and shot down by a German Night Fighter over Aalten in Holland. Only one crew member survived the attack, Flight Engineer Roy Kay. Flying Officer Pulfrey's body was found by a local farmer, Mr Eerden, wrapped in a parachute as if it had failed to open, however Flight Officer Pulfrey also appeared to have bullet wounds to his neck. He is buried, along with his crew, at Wisch Varsseveld Cemetery.
In later life the family of Flying Officer Pulfrey and Mr Eerden went on to establish a great friendship and create a detailed memoir to him. As a final postscript, in 2004 four F-16 Fighters from the Royal Netherlands Airforce flew over the village of Aalten to mark the 70th Anniversary of the death of Flying Officer Pulfrey and his comrades. 800-1200
814.    A WWII Royal Navy Medal Trio and Associated Items, comprising War Medal, Burma Star with Pacific bar, 1939-45 Star with miniatures, to Lieutenant Derek John Stapley, Royal Navy, the lot also includes cap badge, buttons, training records, photographs, newspaper cuttings, gold cufflinks, silver cigarette case and a significant archive of letters to and from home, mainly covering the far east theatre, including a letter home written on 15th August 1945, VJ Day, from HMS Glory. A lot worthy of full inspection.
*Derek John Stapley was born on November 1926 and joined the Royal Navy in 1944 as a Cadet and Midshipman, passing out as an Officer in 1948. Records indicate that he served aboard a number of ships including HMS Venerable and HMS Amethyst. However, most notably he was aboard HMS Glory, a Colossus Class Aircraft Carrier on 3rd September 1945 when Lt/General Vernon Sturdee accepted the regional Japanese surrender from Lt/General Hitoshi Imamura. 200-400