Antiques & Collectables Auction
on Friday 18th May 2018

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1.      Autographs - All unverified, Botham Willis, Engineer, Atherton, Benaud, Holding, C.Lloyd, Akram, Gatting, Pietersen, Vaughan and many others mainly black pen signed, cricket related, (approximately eighty). £15-30
2.      A Quantity of The Beezer, Whoopee, Buster Comics 1970 - 1980's. £5-10
3.      A Collection of Dandy, Beano Compilation Hardbacks. (14) £10-20
4.      A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Toys, games, packaging, including Victory, Hornby, empty Pain's Fireworks box, among others. £15-25
5.      A Small Quantity of Giles Annuals. £5-10
5A.     Ornithology and Wildlife Books, sketchbook of birds, Observers guide, Birds of the World, John Busby's Nature Drawings, Birdwatchers Diary, etc:- One Box £15-25
6.      Twenty Facsimile Hardback Copies of The Magnet, by Howard Baker Press 1970's. Frank Richards interest. £20-40
7.      Ten Facsimile Annuals Relating to 'The Broons' and 'OOR Wullie', including 1939 1st edition. £10-20
8.      The Folio Society - Over forty books, historical reference, humour and general interest, almost all in slipcases:- Two Boxes £15-20
9.      Eleven Facsimile Annuals Relating to 'The Broons' and OOR Wullie', some duplication noted. £10-20
10.     The Folio Society - Over forty books, historical reference and general interest, almost all in slipcases:- Two Boxes £20-30
11.     Nineteen Copies of 'OOR Wullie' and 'The Broons', 1980's - 2000's. £10-20
12.     Hardy [Thomas]: The Return of the Native, The Trumpet Major, Tess of the D'Urbevilles, Far From the Madding Crowd, The Mayor of Casterbridge and The Wessex Tales, The Folio Society, all in slipcases; plus over twenty other Folio Society books:- Two Boxes £20-30
12A.    A Quantity of Antique and Art Reference Books, clocks and watches, jewellery, English silver, shells, porcelain, etc:- One Box £15-25
13.     Howard Hubbard - Michaelangelo, The Folio Society; plus other historical reference and general interest editions:- Two Boxes £15-20
13A.    Antique Reference Books, Joan Jones Minton; John Booth The Art of Faberge; The Art of Perfume; Godden's English Porcelain, European Glass:- One Box £30-50
14.     A Quantity of Mainly Folio Society Books, many duplicated, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
14A.    Art History and Art Themed Books, Victorian Painting, Essential Monet, Hardy Landscapes, Venture Prints, Royal Artists, Essential Constable, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
15.     The Folio Society - Over thirty books, historical reference and general interest, almost all in slipcases:- One Box £20-30
16.     Monopoly (2), playing cards, football programmes, Peter Piper and other annuals, Antique guides, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
17.     The Folio Society - Over forty books, historical reference and general interest, almost all in slipcases:- Two Boxes £20-30
18.     An Album of First Day Covers and Unused Stamps. £5-10
19.     Thomas Hardy - The Wessex Tales, six volumes, The Folio Society, in slipcases; plus other general interest, historical reference etc:- One Box £20-30
20.     A Mason's Cheese Dish and Cover, trios, etc:- One Tray £20-30
21.     A Border Fine Arts Figure "Wait For Me", on wooden plinth, seven miniature Border Fine Arts figures and china retailers plaque, boxed Mason's and other thimbles:- One Tray £25-35
22.     Ten Early XX Century Etched Champagne Glasses, (matched), a further set of six, ten other drinking glasses. £20-40
23.     A Large Quantity of Wedgwood 'Kutani Crane' Tea and Dinner Wares, including tea and coffee pot, sauce and gravy boats, etc, (approximately eighty-four pieces). £70-100
24.     Two Mid XX Century Glass Ashtrays, six hock glasses, mug, trinket tray. £15-25
25.      Wedgwood 'Wild Strawberry' Eight Place Tea and Coffee Wares, (approximately thirty-eight pieces). £30-60
26.     Miles Mason Cups and Saucers, single cups, Davenport cup and saucer etc:- One Tray £20-30
27.     Masons 'Chartreuse' Ginger Jar, octagonal jug and seven plates, Royal Vistas vases:- One Tray £15-25
28.     Eighteen Mason's Christmas and Other Plates, some duplicates. £20-30
29.     Royal Doulton 'Bunnykins' Children's Pottery Table Ware, of fourteen pieces:- One Tray £15-25
30.     A Mid XX Century C.J. Mason Porcelain Sucrier, trio and cup and saucer and other later 'Tapestry' teaware:- One Tray £20-30
31.     Crown Devon 'Stockholm' Dessert Set and Tureen, Susie Cooper dessert set, pair of brass recumbent lions, porcelain cabinet plates with hand painted reserves, etc:- One Tray £20-40
32.     Three XIX Century Graduated Meat Plates, two square bowls and an Ashworth Hydra jug:- One Tray £20-40
33.     Scheurich, Amano and other German Vases, Hornsea fauna jug, Beswick zebra posy, Sylvac, Pendelfin, etc:- One Tray £15-25
34.     A Collection of Late XIX to Early XX Century Mason's Cups and Saucers, various patterns. £20-40
35.     An Ashworth Ironstone Tureen and Cover, similar stand, sauce boat and cream jug:- One Tray £20-30.
36.     A Bone China Plate, commemorating the 100th Football Association Challenge Cup Competition; Royal Worcester Lester Piggott 'The Derby Plate' and 'The Classics Plate' commemorating his retirement from racing, both no. 32/1000 and a Coalport plate similar and Spode 'Wimbledon Centenary plate (all boxed). (5) £15-25
37.     Noritake Early XX Century Tea Ware, of fifteen pieces, multicoloured:- One Tray. £20-40
38.     A Pair of XIX Century Ashworth Ironstone Oval Tureens and Covers; a Mason's sauce tureen, cover and stand:- One Tray £20-30
39.     Mason's Octagonal Comport, teapots, rectangular dish, etc:- One Tray £20-30
40.     Nine Mason's Ironstone Historic Plate Collection Plates; The Mason's Year of The Dragon plate and 'Siam' plate (all boxed with certificates). (11) £20-30
41.     Mason's Teaware, sauce tureen, etc:- One Tray £20-30
42.     A Matched Spode 'Provence' China Tea Service, with graduating meat plates, etc, (approximately thirty-two pieces). £20-30
43.     A XIX Century Ironstone Teapot and Sucrier, decorated with Chinoiserie landscapes; three other sucriers:- One Tray £20-30
44.     A XIX Spode Eathernware Toilet Basin, blue and white transfer print decoration of figures within a landscape, foliate borders (with damages and repairs) and a Royal Doulton crystal limited edition royal commemorative bowl 6/100 (boxed with certificate). (2) £15-30
45.     Pair of XIX Century Mallet Decanters (One cracked), cylinder and pressed glass examples. £15-25
46.     A Pair of Late XIX Century Green Glass Vases, with cream and black overlay to ovoid bodies, fluted necks, gilding to wide rims, 31.5cm high (chips). £30-50
47.     A Pair of Bulbous Faceted Decanters, bell shaped example, claret jug. £20-40
48.     Two Lladro Models, 'lady walking whilst reading a book' and a 'young girl carrying a pail of flowers. (2) £30-50
49.     Lladro Model of a 'Lady Walking with Girl Holding a Teddy bear, (1978-85). £40-60
50.     Lorna Bailey 'Chetwynd' Jug for Old Ellgrave Pottery,19cm high. £30-40
51.     Susie Cooper Pottery Vase, in salmon pink, with ropetwist base, impressed Susie Cooper reference J16?, 23cm tall. £20-40
52.     A Late XIX Century Ashworth Large Rectangular Meat Plate, with draining well, similar plates and a twin handled bowl. (4) £20-30
53.     An Ashworth Ironstone Part Dinner Service, in cream with gilt and blue border, comprising two lidded tureens, comport, fluted dish and various plates. £30-40
54.     A Pair of Mason's Blue and White Shaped Rectangular Dishes, flared bowl, meat plate, teapot:- One Tray £20-30
55.     A Pair of Mason's Ironstone Bon Bon Dishes, with gilt leaf scroll handles and two similar salad plates. £20-30
56.     A Mason's 'Prince of Wales' Pattern Ginger Jar and Cover, (boxed), similar plates and an 'Oriental' pattern teapot and jar and cover:- One Tray £30-40
57.     An Early XIX Century Miles Mason Teapot, matching cups and saucers; a collection of Imari plates in various patterns:- One Tray £20-40
58.     Mason's Early XX Century Octagonal Bowl, decorated in blue and white with flowers and exotic birds, lion mask handles, other items similarly decorated:- One Tray £30-40
59.     Caithness Paperweights: Glamis Castle, limited edition No. 139/250; Royal Wedding Moonflower, No.1050/1500; Royal Birthday Moonflower, No. 341/750; Jubilee No. 37/500; Peace in Europe (50th Anniversary of V.E. Day 1995) No. 291/500, all boxed with certificates and The Year of the Viking 1980, No 221/500. (6) £30-50
60.     Mason's 'Brocade' Candlestick, plates, egg trinket; similar tea canister, dessert plates, etc:- One Tray £20-30
61.     A XIX Century Ashworth Imari Cups and Saucers, Mason's trio and comport, etc:- One Tray £30-40
62.     Three Ironstone China Teapots and Jug, with Chinoiserie decoration, similar sauce tureen, plates etc. £30-40
63.     Four Late XIX/Early XX Century Tureens, Covers and Stands, various patterns:- One Tray £30-50
64.     Ten Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Models, Mr Saltapple x 2, Primrose Woodmouse x 2, Lady Woodmouse x 2, Clover, Dusty and Baby, etc, all boxed:- One Tray £30-60
65.     Eight Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Models; including Lady Woodmouse, Dusty Dogwood, Pebble, Lord Woodmouse, Mrs Apple, etc, all boxed. £30-40
66.     Three Wedgwood Black Fine Jasperware Tri Colour 'Trophy Plates', (boxed with certificates). (3) £80-140
67.     Wedgwood Jasperware Plates - to include black basalt 'Infant Academy' (after J Reynolds 896/2500), 'Second Decade Christmas Plate' (1988), a 1978 blue and white Royal commemorative plate, and a limited edition 'Etruria Hall' plate 96/250 (all boxed with certificates). (4) £20-30
68.     Caithness Paperweights: Millennium Vision, limited edition No. 177; Millennium Fiesta No. 254/650 and Millennium Dancer No. 232/650, all boxed with certificates. (3) £20-40
69.     A Pair of Triangular Pottery Vases, painted with Shire horses at work, a pair of painted glass vases, Maling 'Brocade' dishes and an Art Deco tea for two set:- One Tray £30-40
70.     A Paragon China Plate, commemorating the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary, 1935, Mason's and Coalport limited edition bowls:- One Tray £30-40
71.     Caithness Paperweights: Arctic Night, limited edition No. 164/1500; Intruder No. 475/2000; Triad No. 316/1500; Life Force No. 20/750; Persephone No. 223/1000, all boxed with certificates. (5) £20-40
72.     An Early XIX Century Mason's Teapot and Sucrier, together with teacup and saucers; a tureen and cover:- One Tray £20-40
73.     An XVIII Century Leeds Creamware Teapot, with intertwined handles (damages), black glazed Jackfield type teapot with applied fruit decoration, an XIX Century red stoneware example, (5) etc:- One Tray £40-80
74.     A Collection of XIX Century and Later Trios, cups and saucers, etc:- One Tray £20-30
75.     A Large Early XX Century Mason's Hydra Jug, decorated with flowers and with serpent handle; Ironstone rectangular meat plate, teapot etc. £25-35
76.     An Ashworth Ironstone Tureen, Cover and Stand, in the Imari palette; two heart shaped bon bon dishes. (5) £30-40
77.     A Beswick Romeo and Juliet Wall Relief Moulded Plaque; six Aynsley 'The Fruits and Flowers of Somerset' plates and other floral collectors plates. £15-25
78.     A Holmgaard Smokey Glass Ashtray, of compressed circular form, 17.5 x 18cm, etched makers name and 26039? under base. Wedgwood and four other rabbits, Wedgwood faceted and ovoid paperweights:- One Tray £15-30
79.     Mason's Ironstone Teapot, meat plate, dish, jugs etc, all decorated in the Imari palette. £30-40
80.     A Collection of Early XX Century Mason's Ironstone China including meat plate, flared bowl, tureen stand, jug, etc:- One Tray £30-40
81.     Mason's 'Nabob' Tureen and Cover, with leaf finial, an Ashworth tureen and cover, large Hydra jug in the 'Blevedere' pattern and two smaller in the Strathmore and Formosa patterns:- One Tray £20-40
82.     A Majolica Shell Dish, (cracked), Brameld Jasper jug, XIX Century cottage jug, other ceramics:- One Tray £15-30
83.     An Ashworth Octagonal Bowl, decorated with white blossom against a blue cracked ice ground; a similar Mason's bowl, teaware and a cobalt blue urn and plate painted with butterflies and birds, with gilt highlights:- One Tray £30-40
84.     Isle of Wight Iridescent Scent Bottle with Stopper, 16.5cm overall. £15-25
85.     Royal Worcester Figurine 'Lady of Sherwood', no. 110/7500 and a Wedgwood figurine 'Tutankhamun'. (2) £30-40
86.     A Mid XX Century Mason's Bowl, decorated with gilt scrollwork on a deep blue ground inset with Chinoiserie panels; a similar plate. (2) £15-25
87.     A Royal Worcester Figure Queen Elizabeth I in Coronation Robes, CW 699; Royal Doulton 'The Young Victoria', HN 4475. (2) £30-40
88.     A Stoneware Pigeon Feeder; together with a stoneware water bowl. (2) £20-40
89.     Two Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'The Guardsman' D6755 and 'Beefeater' D6206, (both boxed) and a Goebel Ram. (3) £15-25
90.     An Early XX Century Art Deco Style Teapot, in the form of a racing car. £25-45
91.     The Spode Limited Edition Gloucestershire Regiment Plate, 312/500; Spode Battle of Britain 1940-1990 plate; Caverswall Falkland Islands plate and others including The Railway Museum, The London, Midland and Scottish Railway plate and 350 Years of the Postal Service etc. (7) £15-25
92.     A Mason's 'Yorkshire' Stag and Boar Hunting Relief Moulded Jug, two XIX Century Masons Hydra jugs, varying design, and a hot water jug:- One Tray £20-30
93.     A Collection of Christmas Plates, including Wedgwood Jasperware, Aynsley, Royal Grafton, Spode, Coalport, Royal Doulton and Royal Worcester. (22) £15-25
94.     A Pink Mottled Glass Ceiling Light, circa 1920's, another similar in yellow. (2) £15-30
95.     Sixteen Plates Commemorating Royal Special Occasions, including Royal Crown Derby, Royal Doulton, Mason's, Spode, Wedgwood, Aynsley and Coalport, most boxed with limited edition certificates. (16) £20-30
96.     A Ruby Glass Vase, of knopped flared form, fitted with prismatic drops; a pair of blue glass vases of square section and white enamel decoration vintage light shade, etc £15-25
97.     Royal Copenhagen St Marks Cathedral, Venice Bell, various commemorative and Christmas plates, Montreal Olympics, US Bi-Centenary (some boxed). (11) £15-25
98.     Meakin, Wood, Stone, Ashworth Meat Plates, Mason's and Other Table Plates:- One Box £20-40
99.     Ironstone Tureen and Cover, Ashworth and Mason's table plates:- One Box £20-30
100.    Two Early XX Century Mason's 'Vista' Chargers, a quantity of other blue and white pottery dinnerware, etc:- One Box £20-30
101.    Ashworth, Mason's and Other Table Plates. £20-40
102.    Four Copper Based Warming Plates, Ironstone pedestal tureen, Ashworth dessert comport, etc:- One Box £20-40
103.    Ashworth, Davenport, Mason's and Other Table Plates. £20-40
104.    Minton Bowl Commemorating the Octocentenary Charter Celebrations (Newcastle-Under-Lyme), no. 532/800 (cased); Coalport goblet for the Bristol 600 and other commemorative plates.9110 £15-25
105.    Ashworth, Mason's and Other Dinner Plates:- One Box £20-40
106.    Ashworth, Mason's 'Christmas Village' and Other Oval Meat Plates. £20-30
107.    Mason's, Ashworth, Wedgwood and Other Table Plates:- One Box £20-40
108.    Spode 'Italian Spode Design Circa 1816', black back stamp, dinner ware approximately fifty nine pieces in blue and white, including two tureens, coffee and teapots. £60-100
109.    Carlton Crested China Monkey and many others, Miniature cup and saucer, Spode trinket box, etc:- One Tray £15-30
110.    An Ashworth Ironstone Imari Meat Plate, with well; a similar sauce tureen, cover and stand and a shaped dish and jug. (4) £30-40.
111.    A Moorcroft Genesis Gold Leaf Jug, shape 139/12, number edition 43, signed by designer Vicky Lovatt. £180-200
112.    Royal Doulton Character Jug Earl Mountbatten of Burma, D 6944, and a smaller one King Edward VII, D 6923. (2) £20-30
113.    A Moorcroft Limousin Bulls Plaque, shape PLQ2, trial, 19.5 x 30cm. £160-180
114.    Poole Pottery Aegean Vase, of waisted form, on deep brown form, 40cm tall, on deep brown ground. £20-30
115.    Ten Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Models; to include Mr Saltapple, Mr Saltapple with basket, Wilfred Carries The Picnic, Mr Toadflax, Mrs Saltapple, etc, all boxed:- One Tray £30-60
116.    Copeland, Shelley and Other White Earthenware Moulds, stoneware mould with 'lion' to base:- One Tray £20-30
117.    A XIX Century Mason's Tea Service, including two bread and butter plates, milk jug, sugar basin and eleven teacups and saucers. £40-60
118.    Royal Copenhagen China Figurine of Downcast Girl, numbered 404, 17cm tall, VA Mottahedeh bowl, two George Jones 'Abbey' water jugs. £30-40
119.    The Spode Blue Room Collection - six dinner plates plus six mugs plus 'Geranium' cake plate, Italian Spode bowl. £20-30
120.    Burleigh Ware "Tuliptime" Pattern Tea-Service, of thirty seven pieces, two tablecloths decorated with tulips:- One Tray £30-50
121.    A Mason's Blue and White Willow Pattern Meat Plate, a twin handled comport and a sauce tureen. (4) £25-35
122.    Doulton 'The White Hart Inn At Southwalk' Jug, 'Auldmac' character jug, Gaffers plate, etc:- One Tray £20-30
123.    A Paragon China Loving Cup, to commemorate the wedding of Princess Anne to Mr Mark Phillips, no. 486/500; a Mason's Ironstone Prince of Wales Bruges Bowl, no. 4/100 and two commemorative plates and a Coalport cup. (5) £30-40
124.    A Caithness Glass Engraved Rose Bowl, commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, no. 68/250 (with certificate); other commemorative glass goblets including Durham Cathedral, Westminster Abbey and a Dartington Munich Olympics goblet:- One Tray £30-50
125.    Border Fine Arts Figure "A Long Day Ahead"; three others:- One Tray £25-40
126.    A XIX Century Ashworth Greek Figural Jugs, water jug, bowl, etc:- One Tray £30-40
127.    A XIX Century Ironstone Tea Service, comprising teapot, sucrier, jug, slop bowl, large cup and saucer, three sandwich plates and fifteen cups and saucers. £30-50
128.    Three Cantonese Famille Rose Plates, 24cm diameter, three other Chinese examples, yellow bordered character mark. £20-40
129.    Royal Copenhagen China Tea Ware, of twenty-nine pieces, decorated with basket of flowers and gilt border, 595/9076 to teapot. £40-80
130.    Caithness Spiral Twist Paperweight, one other, Davenport mustard, Falcon baby plate, four ale glasses with faceted stems:- One Tray £20-40
131.    A Wedgwood Pale Blue and White Jasper Medallion of The Prince of Wales, no. 2016/3000 (with certificate), loving cup, trinkets, plates and a National Savings Committee plaque of H.M. Queen Elizabeth II (framed):- One Tray £30-40
132.    A c.1930's Pottery 'Hunstman' Wall Plaque; Wedgwood Blythe Colour Works Ltd 'Shade' plate; ten Mason's plates in various patterns:- One Tray £30-40
133.    Crested China, including Shelley WWI cannon, Matlock Bath war memorial with soldiers on top, Cenotaphs, fishing basket etc, plus an Art Deco mask of a lady in costume all in a pine advertising box. £20-30
134.    A XIX Century Mason's Ironstone Drainer Dish and Tureen and Cover; together with a further tureen and cover:- One Tray £30-40
135.    Border Fine Arts Figure "10. O Clock Break", (with certificate) and three others:- One Tray £25-40
136.    A Japanese Imari Blue and White Charger, 35cm diameter, similar bowl (chipped), Continental stoneware ink bottle, pepperette, Wedgwood jug, etc. £15-30
137.    An Early XX Century Mason's Ironstone Octagonal Meat Dish, Ashworth plate, octagonal jug, teapots, etc. £20-40
138.    Royal Crown Derby Miniature Shopping Bear Born to Shop at Govier's approximately 9cm tall, together with Derby Dormouse paperweight, date code for 2008 (no stopper) 6.5cm tall, both boxed. £40-60
139.    A Mason's 'Siam' Octagonal Bowl, no. 55 /1000 (boxed), a plate in the same pattern and an Aynsley 'Imperial' pedestal plate. (3) £20-30
140.    Lorna Bailey Twin Art Deco Porter Figure for Old Ellgrave Pottery, 16cm high. £20-30
141.    Lorna Bailey Art Deco Style Vase, with protruding female mask above multicoloured band, 13cm high, Emilio James limited edition 'Royale Cascade' sugar and cream jug in the Art Deco style. (3) £20-40
142.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Queensland Koala' signed by Sue Rowe, with gold stopper, first quality, approximately 10.5cm tall, boxed. £20-40
143.    Mason's 'Decoupage' Flared Vase; together with two graduated jugs in the same pattern. (3) £20-40
144.    Royal Crown Derby Imari Teaware, including XIX Century mugs (some damages):- One Tray £20-30
145.    Luck and Flaw Novelty Teapot, in the form of the head of Margaret Thatcher 19cm high (crazing). £20-30
146.    A Early XX Century Mason's Tea For Two Set, with Chinoiserie decoration, other Mason's ware:- One Tray £25-35
147.    A Collection of Coalport, Royal Doulton and Other Commemorative Ware, mainly for Queen Elizabeth II:- One Tray £20-30
148.    Six Beswick Animal Models - walking brown bear, seal, calf, fox and two foals. (6) £20-30
149.    Three Mason's Ironstone 'Mandalay' Pattern Graduated Hydra Jugs, square and circular teapots, condiments, plates, etc. £30-40
150.    Willow Art Crested China Ripon Lifeboat, Tuscan workshop elephant, Willow Art Lincoln Helmet and many other pieces:- One Tray £15-30
151.    Eight Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Models; to include Lord Woodmouse, Shell, Mrs Apple, Dusty Dogwood, Primrose Picking Berries, etc, and a Brambly Hedge teacup and saucer (all boxed). (9):- One Tray £30-50
152.    Beswick Brown Racing Horse, with black mane and tail, pony (damaged), larger horse, Crown Derby ginger jar. £20-30
153.    A Cranberry Glass Vase, four cranberry glass wines, an Art Nouveau glass bowl with green drip effect border on plated stand, glass dome, Millefiori and other paperweights, etc:- One Tray £30-40
154.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins Limited Edition Teapots of the World; USA President, Geisha Girl, London City Gent and Aussie Explorer. (4) £20-40
155.    Carlton Ware 'Apple Blossom' Egg Cruet, sugar bowl and milk jug, preserve pot, Beswick leaf moulded salad dish and celery dish, Hummel lemon squeezer, etc:- One Tray £20-40
156.    A Mason's Ironstone Bowl Commemorating the Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Diana Spencer, a loving cup for the same occasion, a bowl commemorating the marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson and a Wedgwood cup:- One Tray £20-30
157.    Goss Crested China to include Dorothy Vernon pine cone, Thetford bag, Pennrith & Ponteland salt pots:- One Tray £20-30
158.    Ten Royal Doulton 'Brambly Hedge' Models; including Mrs Saltapple x 2, Primrose Woodmouse x 2, Lord Woodmouse, Mr Saltapple, etc, all boxed:- One Tray £30-60
159.    Border Fine Arts Figure Group, "Gathering In The Strays", on wooden plinth. £30-40
160.    A Mid XIX Century Part Tea Service, possibly C.J. Mason. £30-40
161.    Crested China - including 'Beighton' canon, 'Sheffield' Shrapnel Villa', 'Wallasey' battleship, 'Barnsley' goose and 'Rotherham' turkey:- One Tray £30-40
162.    Five Mason's Compton & Woodhouse Miniature Jugs; a collection of pottery factory display stands for Mason's, Coalport, Wedgwood, etc:- One Tray £30-40
163.    Royal Crown Derby Ark, date code for 2002; together with twin giraffes and twin zebras. £40-60
164.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweight, Honeybear, date code for 1997, with gold stopper, first quality approximately 10.5cm tall, boxed. £30-50
165.    Royal Crown Derby Old Imari 1128 Pattern Teapot, date code for 2016, 18.5cm high; together with four mugs, all second quality. £200-250
166.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Chameleon', date code for 2003, with gold stopper, first quality, approximately 9cm tall, boxed. £20-40
167.    A Royal Crown Derby Imari Plate, in the 1128 pattern; another in the 2451 pattern, an 'Olde Avesbury' plate and a Royal Crown Derby plaque. (4) £20-30
168.    A Moorcroft King Charles Spaniel Plaque, trial 16.6.17, 4.5cm square. £40-60
169.    Two Chinese Tea Bowls, decorated with temple lion and figures, 6cm tall (damages); similar saucer, brush pot, lipped jar, other oriental ceramics, fan with needlework floral decoration:- One Tray £20-40
170.    Arcadian Crested China 'Mr Punch' Scarborough and Carlton Ware 'Ye Jester Awake' Sheffield (2) £15-30
171.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweights - Puffin and Robin, gold stoppers (2) £30-50
172.    A XIX Century Mason's Ironstone Loving Cup, four 'Oak' goblets, cup and saucer and Fenton Stone Works beaker with serpent loop handle:- One Tray £30-40
173.    Cathiness Limited Edition Paperweight 'Dragonfly and Flower' No 30/500, another 'Fantasia' No 172/750 and 'Springtime' 460/750, others including Selkirk, Uredale, Granna etc:- and two Caithness Paperweights Collections Guides:- One Tray £40-50
174.    Arcadian Crested China. Pig, London, Cat Dog and other crated china:- One Tray £15-30
175.    A Mason's Part Dinner Service, decorated with flowers with green banded border, comprising two graduated meat plates, tureen, six dinner plates and two smaller plates. £15-25
176.    A XIX Century Ashworth Bros Rectangular Meat Plate; three hot water jugs in varying patterns. (4) £30-40
177.    Arcadian Crested China Cat, Carlton Bill Sykes dog, and other crested china:- One Tray £15-30
178.    Royal Doulton Disney Princesses 'Cinderella' DP1, Demons and Merveilles 'Winnie', 'Atchoum', 'Droopy', 'Mickey and Goofy' photo frame. £20-30
179.    A Rockingham China Figure of Beatrix Potter, no. 207 of a limited edition of 750; together with a Wedgwood Beatrix Potter plate, designed by John Holder for The National Trust, no. 409/1000 (boxed. (2) £20-30
180.    Masons Ironstone 'Regency' Pattern Graduated Hydra Jugs, oval plate, 'Strathmore' jar (lacking cover) and similar plates, etc:- One Tray £20-30
181.    Whitefriars Style Ships Decanter, whisky decanter, drinking glasses, etc:- One Box £20-30
182.    Three Mason's Ironstone 'Mandarin' Pattern Graduated Hydra Jugs, tureen and stand, trinkets, etc. £30-40
183.    A XIX Century Sunderland Type Lustre Jug, (damages), stoneware jam dish with plated lid, abstract jug, crumb brush, iron figural doorstop, etc:- One Tray £15-30
184.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweight Waxwing, date code for 1998, with gold stopper, first quality 8cm tall, boxed, together with Owl , with stopper, first quality, boxed. (2) £40-60
185.    An Ashworth Ironstone Plate, with Chinoiserie decoration; a Mason's Hydra jug and other items similarly decorated:- One Tray £30-50
186.    Brierley Studio Green Iridescent Glass Vase, of bulbous form, 17cm tall, a similar cylinder vase in blue possibly Isle of Wight, Wedgwood glass pig. £20-40
187.    Lorna Bailey 'D' Shaped Teapot, with black and white check and pink ball decoration, 18.5cm high, plus similar oval vase. £30-40
188.    Royal Doulton Figurines 'Hannah' HN3369 plus Autumn Breezes HN1934 (2) £20-40
189.    Royal Doulton Figurines 'Coralie' HN2307, Tender Moment' HN3303 (2) £20-30
190.    Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Vase, with fanned rim, XXXIX approximately 12cm tall, first quality. £20-40
191.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweight King Charles Spaniel, date code for 1993, with gold stopper, first quality, 9.5cm tall (boxed); together with Terrapin, 2000 with gold stopper first quality, boxed. (2) £50-70
192.    A Royal Doulton Football Supporters Character Jug, gold signed by Nigel Worthington, 14/9/93, in Sheffield Wednesday strip. £15-20
193.    Mdina Glass Spill Vase, with rounded corners to squared base, 18.5cm tall, a pair of glass posy holders having etched floral decoration to fanned tops. (3) £20-40
194.    XIX Century Blue and White Pottery Two Handled Loving Cup, with Willow pattern and name 'John Dawson 1825' to body, on circular pedestal base. £20-40
195.    A Moorcroft Ruby Red Vase, shape 80/6, 16.5cm high. £90-110
196.    Pair of Conical Glass Decanters, with silver collars, complete with stoppers, 19cm tall. £30-50
197.    A Crystal Glass Spirit Decanter, with silver collar and bulbous body, a whisky decanter with silver collar, both with stoppers. (2) £40-60
198.    Royal Crown Derby paperweight 'Debonair Bear', 1997 collectors guild, with gold stopper first quality 11.5cm tall, boxed. £25-40
199.    A Moorcroft Sorrow and Laughter Vase, shape 265/7, limited edition 6/60, signed by designer Nicola Slaney, 7.5cm high. £140-160
200.    A White Rose Vase, shape 55/2, 6cm high. £40-50
201.    A Moorcroft Brave Sir Robin Vase, shape 03/4, 9.5cm high. £70-90
202.    A Ruby Red Clock, shape CLI, 16cm high. £80-100
203.    'Made in Japan' Cloisonne Vase with blossom decoration on red ground 21 cm high (damaged). Caithness 'Humming Bird' green glass vase (2) £15-30
204.    A XIX Century Ashworth Ironstone Meat Plate, tureen and cover and a collection of plates in various patterns. £30-40
205.    Three Oriental Terracotta Teapots, three later novelty examples ginger jars, snuff bottle:- One Tray £20-40
206.    Wedgwood "Charnwood" Dinner Service, of approximately ninety-two pieces, including two tureens, two teapots. £40-80
207.    A XIX Century Vine Etched Bulbous Jug, with twist handle, 28.5cm high, (cracked), two similar goblets on hexagonal faceted stems, bell shaped bowl with classical decoration on ball feet. £30-50
208.    A Mason's Bandana Ware Jug, (Exhibition 1851), teapot, XIX Century Mason's jugs, teapot etc, on a large meat plate. £20-40
209.    Crown Derby XIX and XX Century Teaware, Coalport cabinet cup and saucer, tea bowls, etc:- (some damages) One Tray £20-40
210.    A Set of Four Spode China 'British Steam - The Years of Glory' Limited Edition Plates, (all boxed with certificates) and themed Coalport hand painted cabinet plates by Norman Lear featuring Haddon Hall and Chatsworth. £40-70
211.    Plated Three Piece Tea Set, tea pot stand, hallmarked silver coffee spoons and two pairs of candle snuffers and trays. £30-50
212.    A Mixed Lot of Plated Ware, including pair of lidded entree dishes, decorative pink glass lined swing handled dish, mugs, serving dish, Fiddle pattern forks, drum mustard, etc:- One Tray
213.    Mappin & Webb Plated Hors d'oeurves with glass dividers. three piece tea service, muffin dish, goblets, tankard etc:- One Tray £20-30
214.    A Pair of Mason's Ironstone Bulbous Table Lamp Bases, in the 'Brocade' pattern and a similar ginger jar and cover. (3) £15-25
215.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, cruet set, sugar shaker, bachelors tea pot, Dansk Forsolvningsanstalt Kobenhavn DANA DFA tea strainer etc:- One Tray £15-25
216.    Hantel Victorian Miniatures; to include black westie and bone, policeman, white rabbit, frog, prince, pierrot, cat and kittens, Noah's Ark, water fairy, etc, some boxed:- One Tray £50-80
217.    Chinese Rice Bowls, red glazed terracotta vase, glass vase, wall masks, etc:- One Tray £15-25
218.    Poole Pottery, 'Alignment of the Planets' Chargers, designed by Alan Clarke, featuring all nine planets - Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Earth, Saturn and Neptune, each 25cm diameter, a limited edition varying number of 500, with certificate and box. £180-270
219.    A XIX Century Mason's Ironstone Pedestal Bowl, with Chinoiserie scene panels on a blue ground, other Mason's ware including teapot, plates, etc:- One Tray £30-40
220.    Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Plate, (second quality), Abbeydale Chrysanthemum cup and saucer, XIX Century Hand Painted dessert dish, Noritake etc:- One Tray £15-30
221.    Hantel Victorian Miniatures - to include pumpkin, cow, frog on lily pad, rocking horse, cat and the fiddle, Humpty Dumpty, etc, some boxed:- One Tray £40-60
222.    Royal Doulton 'Biltmore' Dinner Ware, of approximately fifty-nine pieces, including teapot, eight dinner plates, two differing backstamps but all 1st quality. £40-60
223.    Crown Derby, Doulton, Hammersley and Other Cabinet Cups and Saucers:- One Tray £20-40
224.    A Suite of Stemware, the bowls engraved with stylised fruiting vines, including ten large wines, seven small wines, ten sherry and eight liqueur:- One Tray £30-40
225.    A Moorcroft Five Gold Rings Vase from the Twelve Days of Christmas Series, shape 62/4, 10.5cm high. £60-80
226.    A Moorcroft Rising Sun Vase, shape 102/5, number edition 30, signed by designer Vicky Lovatt, 13cm high. £120-140
227.    A Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos Vase, shape 92/6, 15.5cm high. £80-100
228.    Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Bronze Winged Parrot', date code for 2006, with gold stopper, first quality approximately 16cm tall, boxed. £50-70
229.    A Moorcroft Chocolate Cosmos Vase, shape 152/3, 12cm diameter. £60-80
230.    A Moorcroft Otley Bluebell Vase, shape 80/6, number edition 203, 16.5cm high. £90-110
231.    Peggy Davies Daydreamer Figurine, artist proof by Victoria Bourne modified by Andy Moss £80-100
232.    Peggy Davies Celebration Figurine, artist proof by Victoria Bourne, blue colourway (one off) £80-100
233.    Peggy Davies Clarice Centre Stage Figurine, artist proof by M Jackson. £80-100
234.    Lorna Bailey, Raffa the Cat, 14cm tall. £18-25
235.    Lorna Bailey, Queenie the Cat, 13cm tall £18-25
236.    Lorna Bailey, Tad the Cat, 12cm tall. £18-25
237.    Lorna Bailey, Hear No Evil the Cat, 14cm tall. £18-25
238.    Lorna Bailey, See No Evil the Cat, 13.5cm tall. £18-25
239.    Lorna Bailey, Speak No Evil the Cat, 14cm tall £18-25
240.    Royal Doulton Figurines 'Hope' HN 4097, L'Ambiteuse HN 3359 and Melody HN 4117. (3) £20-40
241.    Royal Doulton Character Jugs 'Robin Hood' D652 and Drake, Wedgewood Jasper Ware, biscuit barrel with painted rim and lid. £20-30
242.    Two Masons Octagonal Jugs, (one chipped), Doulton water jug featuring The Castle Inn, Marlborough. (3) £15-25
243.    A Twig Coral Necklace, butterfly pendant, "Mother" brooch etc. £15-25
244.    Costume Brooches, including micromosaic, ceramic posy, spider etch, pendants, pearl bead necklace etc. £15-25
245.    A Pearl Set Bar Brooch, horseshoe brooch (lacking pin), ring mount (damaged), chain, charm bracelet, etc. £20-40
246.    Butterfly and Other Costume Brooches, dress rings:- One Tray £10-20
247.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, diamanté, shell buckle, jewellery box, etc:- One Tray £20-30
248.    AJS Lily of the Valley Brooch, stamped "9ct"; together with a collection of assorted costume brooches, including filigree, marcasite, cameo style, etc. £15-25
249.    A Hallmarked Silver Bangle, of semi textured tapering finish; together with a pendent on chain, ladies wristwatch, bangle, imitation pearls, etc. £10-20
250.    A Collection of Assorted Dress Rings, including "925", "DQCZ", "Mexico", etc £20-30
251.    A Modern Princess Cut Single Stone Diamond Ring, four claw set, stamped "9k" "DIA""0.10". £50-80
252.    A Gent's 9ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone star set. £150-200
253.    A 9ct White Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the old brilliant cut stone six claw set. £150-200
254.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring; together with a gold band, applied to the front with an oval cameo, collet set. (2) £60-80
255.    A 9ct Gold Half Eternity Style Ring; together with a single stone dress ring and a sapphire and diamond three stone ring, both stamped "18ct & Plat". (3) £60-80
256.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, of Celtic style, oval collet set to the centre. £30-50
257.    A Modern Chain, stamped "750", of graduated rope twist design, with box link twist. £300-400
258.    A 9ct Gold Box Link Chain, suspending 9ct gold oval shell carved cameo pendant. £70-100
259.    An Art Nouveau Style Hardstone Inset Openwork Pendant, suspending circular collet set drop, indistinctly stamped . £20-30
260.    A 9ct Gold Cross Pendant, on a chain. £80-120
261.    A 9ct Gold Ring, of belt buckle design; together with a small Art Deco style bar brooch, stamped "MORAT". (2) £20-40
262.    Two 9ct Gold Signet Style Rings, a 9ct gold plain wedding band, two rings (cut), etc. (7) £100-150
263.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Heart Shape Pendant, on a chain, a star pendant on chain and a 9ct gold necklace with heart drop. £60-80
264.    XIX Century and Later Stickpins, including gold stone, engraved shield, anchor etc, two brooches. £20-40
265.    A Modern 9ct Gold Bracelet, of openwork design; together with four pairs of earrings. £60-80
266.    A Modern 9ct White Gold Teardrop Pendant, together with an amethyst set necklace, on chain, a two stone pendant, two tone amethyst set bar brooch etc. £20-40
267.    A 9ct Gold Ring, star set, together with a pair of drop earrings claw set, a Vertex wristwatch head (no strap/damaged), oval locket pendant etc. £30-50
268.    Two 9ct Gold Cross Pendants, on 9ct gold chain; together with another 9ct gold chain. £100-150
269.    A 9ct Gold Bangle, of bamboo design, hinged to snap clasp. £100-150
270.    A 9ct Gold Locket Pendant on a chain; together with an ace of hearts playing card pendant, and a hardstone pendant on a 9ct gold chain. £70-100
271.    A Vintage Colourless Paste Two Row Line Bracelet, of uniform design, to snap clasp. £10-20
272.    A 9ct Gold Plaited Necklace, of three colour design, a 9ct gold box link chain, etc (damages). £70-100
273.    A Modern Amber Coloured Bracelet, elasticated. £15-20
274.    A Modern Amber Coloured Bead Necklace, to screw clasp £15-25
275.    A Modern Amber Coloured Bead Necklace, of graduated design, to screw clasp. £30-50
276.    A Five Stone Ring, graduated claw set, a novelty handbag charm, polished tigers eye cabachons, classic female head pendant, etc. £20-30
277.    Kaz Anne Jewellery Necklace and Matching Bracelet, boxed. £20-30
278.    A Modern Amber Coloured Bracelet, elasticated. £15-20
279.    A Chester Hallmarked Silver Bangle, leaf scroll engraved to the front, hinged to snap clasp, together with a cross pendant stamped "375", on a chain, a charm bracelet, bangle etc. £20-40
280.    Modern Multi-Set and Other Pendants, collet and claw set, and a fringe style necklace. £20-40
281.    A 15ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the white dial with black and red Roman numerals within plain case (hinge broken), on later expanding bracelet. (2) £40-60
282.    An Art Deco Diamond Set Cocktail Wristwatch, the Tonneau shape dial with Arabic numerals, within diamond set case, inscribed "All Platinum" on a strap; together with a heart bar brooch, claw set to the centre, with pearl highlights, a further broach, a modern hunter cased pocketwatch, etc. £100-120
283.    Waltham U.S.A, A Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with a Black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, together with another openface pocketwatch and an openface fob watch. (3) £30-50
284.    A Waltham Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial. Together with an Elgin Openface Pocketwatch, and another, with fancy Albert link chain. (3) £30-50
285.    Elgin, A Gold Plated Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement signed "Elgin Natl Watch Co", within plain case. Together with a Waltham Hunter Pocketwatch, engine turned. (2) £40-60
286.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the Tissot signed dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, to textured bracelet. £30-50
287.    Chateau, A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, on later bracelet £40-60
288.    A Rolled Gold Cased Decorative Ladies Wristwatch, on integral tapering textured bracelet (lacking winder), together with a 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch, and another on a strap. (3) £30-50
289.    Two 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatches, (one lacking strap); Ingersoll gent's wristwatch, etc. £20-30
290.    MuDu,Redoubt, Avia, Helvetia and other Wristwatches. £15-20
291.    Gianni Sabatini, A Modern Automatic Gent's Wristwatch, with red and black rotating bezel and day/date aperture to the dial, in original box. £20-40
292.    Bentima Star; A 9ct Gold Cased Openface Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, and baton markers, on later strap; together with a vintage Montine gent's wristwatch and wristwatch head (no strap). (3) £40-60
293.    Accurist Premier Modern Gent's Wristwatch, vintage Dogma Prima Gent's Wristwatch, ladies wristwatches etc. £20-30
294.    Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Accurist, Rone, Rotary, Titan, Ingersoll, Montine etc. £15-25
295.    A Modern Amber Coloured Bead Necklace of graduated design, to screw clasp. £20-40
296.    A Modern Amber Coloured Two Tone Necklace, to screw clasp. £20-30
297.    A Modern Amber Coloured Panel Necklace, to screw clasp £20-40
298.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Seven Piece Cruet Set, JG Ltd Birmingham 1932, 1933 in original fitted case with associated spoons. £50-80
299.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Jug and Sugar Bowl, each with wavy cut edge, raised on three pad feet. (2) £25-40
300.    A Hallmarked Silver Condiment Stand, (marks rubbed) fitted with six (one missing), assorted bottles/jars, with high central handle, raised on four scroll pad feet. £80-120
301.    A Matched Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, HG&S Birmingham 1974, 1975 in a fitted case, another with engraved leaf design, together with a heavy gauge hallmarked silver napkin ring bearing feature hallmarks, initialled and another. £30-50
302.    A Hallmarked Silver Posy Bowl, of circular form with floral detail in relief, diameter 12.6cm, raised on black socle base. £40-60
303.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, (makers marks rubbed), Birmingham 1919, 16.8cm high, (2) £25-40
304.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Vases, (hallmarks rubbed) each with flared rim, on pedestal base (weighted). (2) £20-30
305.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Vases, Birmingham 1907, of openwork design (damaged) on circular spreading base, 12.5cm high (2) £20-40
306.    A Hallmarked Silver Dish, of circular form with twin loop handles, raised on circular spreading base; together with a hallmarked silver trumpet style vase (base weighted). (2) £80-120
307.    A Hallmarked Silver Mug, HA Sheffield 1938. of plain tapering cylindrical form, with reeded band and loop handle,initialled, 9.5cm high. £40-60
308.    A Hallmarked Silver Dish, JD&S, Sheffield 1948, of boat shape with scroll period decoration, 13.7cm wide. £20-30
309.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Dishes, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1942, each of circular form with pierced border, 12.4cm diameter (2) £40-60
310.    Two Decorative Rectangular Plated Swing Handled Basket Dishes, a matching hot water pot and teapot, asparagus dish, pedestal dish etc:- One Tray £30-50
311.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including earings, necklaces, flowerhead pendant, rings etc:- Two Trays. £15-25
312.    Plated Condiment Stands, fitted with glass bottles/jars, decorative rectangular dish etc:- One Tray £20-30
313.    Six Modern Brooches. £30-40
314.    A Motoring Trophy on Heavy Marble Base, an R.A.C presentation silver plated tray, two plated pin dishes, flash and a silver plated frame. £20-40
315.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, necklace stand, jewellery box, etc:- One Tray £10-20
316.    A Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Table Spoon, CL London 1846, initialled, together with three hallmarked silver coffee spoons, decorative set of eight plated teaspoons and tongs, cased set of spoons, dessert spoons, cake forks etc:- One Tray £20-40
317.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including "925" rings, 1943 Sicilia gents's ring, broaches, cufflinks, imitation pearls, beads, pendants on chains etc, contained in a jewellery box £20-40
318.    A pair of Victorian Scottish Hallmarked Silver Sugar Tongs, Glasgow 1872, a hallmarked silver folk, spoons, together with assorted plated cutlery, souvenir etc:- One Tray £20-40
319.    Costume Jewellery Brooches, including 'M', feather, floral sprays, imitation cameo, etc:- One Tray £15-25
320.    Vintage and Other Brooches, souvenir enamel Sydney brooch, rings, buttons, diamante, hair slide etc:- One Tray £15-25
321.    Hallmarked Silver Backed Hand Mirror, twin branch candelabrum, dwarf candlestick, EPNS ladies purse, coins, ladies shoe pin cushions etc:- One Tray £30-50
322.    Three Plated Trays, grape scissors, Mapin and Webb bowl, etc. £15-25
323.    Diamanté and Other Necklaces, bead necklaces, tiger's eye heart bracelet etc:- One Tray £15-25
324.    A Set of Four Decorative Plated Candlesticks, each with leaf scroll highlights in relief, 24.8cm high. (4) £30-50
325.    A Decorative Plated Samovar, with leaf scroll handles, raised on shaped square base with leaf scroll feet, 41cm high. £30-50
326.    A Highly Decorative 'Pelham Plate' Electroplated Dessert Server, fitted with cream jug, sugar bowl and two rose decorated porcelain plates. £30-50
327.    A pair of Hallmarked Silver Spoons, together with assorted plated cutlery, circular tray etc £15-20
328.    Leclere Four Piece Plated Tea Service, with aesthetic design; together with matching tray. £20-40
329.    A Hallmarked Silver Backed Mirror, of circular form detailed in relief, together with a trinket box, Stratton note pad, souvenir spoon etc:- One Tray £10-15
330.    Six Modern Brooches. £30-40
331.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, micromosaic panel bracelet, Jewelcraft brooch and necklace, brooches, etc:- One Tray £15-25
332.    A Collection of Vintage Retro Gent's Cufflinks, etc. £10-20
333.    Dixon's Four Piece Britania Metal Tea Service, vase, two toast racks:- One Tray £15-30
334.    Horn Handled Cheese Knife, cased and loose cutlery, turquoise glass scent bottle, cranberry dish:- One Tray £15-30
335.    Vintage and Other Bead Necklaces, including amber coloured, fresh water peal etc:- One Tray £15-20
336.    Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, a hallmarked silver coffee spoon, further cased sets of spoons, glass fruit bowl, salad servers, etc:- One Tray £20-40
337.    XIX Century and Later Brooches, page marker, buttons etc, contained in an old jewellery box. £30-50
338.    Pair of Overpainted Oval Miniatures of Ladies in brass frame 7.5 x 6cm. £15-25
339.    A Cased 'SUNWATCH' dated 1922 with original instruction book. £40-60
340.    A Rifle Bar Broach, "Coldstream Guards", gent's cufflinks, commemorative badge, Northumberland Fusilier's badge (lacking pin), pocketwatch keys. £20-30
341.    A Hallmarked Silver Card Case, HM Birmingham 1903, of planished finish, detailed in relief with leaf scrolls. £40-60
342.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Box, (marks rubbed) of rectangular form, allover detailed in relief, 12.9cm long. £30-50
343.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Bright Cut Teaspoons, William Eley and William Fearn, London 1796, together with a set of six hallmarked Fiddle pattern teaspoons, initialled. (12) £20-40
344.    A 9ct Gold Back & Front Art Deco Style Locket, two silver rimmed salts, silver thimbles, silver brooches, identity tags, medallion, etc. £40-60
345.    A Miniature Fountain Pen, '14 KT' nib, engine turned case stamped 'STERLING', length 6.4cm, and a cased cheroot holder. (2) £15-25
346.    A Large Novelty Pig Pin Cushion, 11cm long; together with a novelty chick pin cushion, 4.5cm high and a XIX Century cut steel clamp. (3) £40-60
346A.   A Pair of Decorative Opera Glasses, with Aesthetic style decoration (one glass lens damaged). £15-20
347.    A Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Jar, a miniature hallmarked silver photograph frame, on easel back, 8.6cm high, rectangular lidded pot, etc. (4) £20-30
348.    Hantel Victorian Miniatures; to include 'le Cirque Miniscule de Hantel' (boxed), Cat and Fiddle, Three Bears, Golly, Clown, Alice and mad Hatter, Prince Charming,etc - Some Boxed:- One tray £50-80
348A.   A Pair of Ladles, each of hand hammered finish; together with a twin spout Kings Pattern ladle. (3) £15-25
349.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, in a fitted case, together with another set, of Art Deco style, in a fitted case (2) £20-30
350.    Victorian Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Handled Knife, with engraved decoration, hallmarked silver teaspoons, a hand mirror, a magnifying glass,rattle, etc
351.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver and Enamel Commemorative Coffee Spoons, in original fitted case "1910-1935", together with a set of six hallmarked silver coffee bean knop coffee spoons (2) £20-30
352.    A Set of Six Tea Spoons, in a fitted box, together with a lighter, detailed as an ace of spade playing card and a XIX Century sliding pencil (3) £20-40
353.    Elizabeth II & Prince Philip Silver Wedding Anniversary 1947-1972 Hallmarked Silver Spoon, in fitted case. together with a hallmarked silver caddy spoon, with leaf shaped bowl, Rotorua N.Z souvenir spoon, Queen Victoria souvenir spoon etc. (6) £30-50
354.    A Victorian Mother of Pearl Backed Ladies Dance Partner Note Book with Pencil, plus a mother of pearl three blade penknife. £20-30
355.    Hallmarked Silver Fish Knife Blades (lacking handles), fork tines, plated spoons, Maple Leaf enamelled pin dish etc:- One Tray £70-100
356.    A Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock, a small Ansonia bedside clock dated patent for 1884 marked 'BEE' to base with unusual rear wind up mechanism, plus two watches. £30-40
357.    A Collection of 'Silks' and Cigarette Cards, including a full set of Black Cat 'School Emblems' Players 'Cycling.' £15-25
358.    A Large Quantity (Approximately Fifty Plus) 1937 Royal Commemorative Badges and Stickpins, some on cards. £20-30
359.    Souvenir and Other Teaspoons, including hallmarked silver Roman style spoon, "Rolex", enamel etc. £15-25
360.    XIX Century Walnut Ladies Work box, containing Alpaca Mexico cat brooch, tortoiseshell backed cigar cutter, badges coins etc. £30-50
361.    An Early XX Century Silver Hallmarked Hand Brush, a silver napkin ring (boxed), thimble and mustard spoon stamped 'Afghan Silver'. £15-20
362.    A Circular Card Tray; together with an Israeli lidded pot, a hallmarked silver lid, Polish tot and a filigree dish. (5) £20-30
363.    A Quantity of Hantel Victorian Miniatures', including march hare, alpha blocks, cot, little dog, snowman, doormouse and teapot, spoon, `etc:- One Tray £40-60
364.    A Hobnail Glass Scent Bottle, with embossed collar, 1887 crown, coin key rings, mustard pot, etc. £15-25
365.    The 1976 John Pinches Christmas Spoon, in silver by Peter Jackson (cased), pair of silver napkin rings, engine turned and engraved 'Mum' and 'Dad'. (3) £20-40
366.    Two African Hardwood Chiefs Chairs, with carved backs depicting animals. (2) £30-50
367.    Picquot Ware Four Piece Tea Set, plated oval tray, spoons, brass bell etc. £20-40
368.    Viners Love Story Stainless Steel Cutlery, (boxed) seven piece place set, fruit spoons, pastry forks, table spoons, etc:- One Box £40-80
369.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, necklaces, pendants, imitation pearls, wristwatches, bracelets, etc:- Two Trays £20-30
370.    Cameras - Zeiss Ikon, Goldix, Comet etc, accessories, white metal carry case. £20-30
371.    A Pair of Circa 1900 Gilt Spelter Industry and Circa 1900 Bellows, leather polisher, engraved brass door plate etc:- One Tray £20-30
372.    A Pair of Brass Tavern Candlesticks, 31.5cm high, two other pairs:- One Tray £20-40
373.    XIX Century Writing Slope, with brass escutheon and blank name plate. £20-30
374.    A Large Wall Clock, as a pocket watch. £15-30
375.    A Continental Five Branch Chandelier, having pear shape floret and faceted lustre drops, with large spherical example to base. £40-60
376.    An Electroplated Pepperette, teapot, hot water jug, cased coffee spoons (eleven of twelve spoons and tongs), mustard, tea strainer, etc:- One Tray £15-25
377.    C. Bros Plated Lidded Jug, with antler handle, an oval tray, preserve pot, hallmarked silver topped cut glass bottle, mugs, glass plate on stand, cake forks, teaspoons etc. £30-50
378.    Lighters, silver handled cake knife, cutlery including mother of pearl handled examples. £20-30
379.    A Plated Four Piece Tea Set, on oval twin handled plated tray, boxed cruet set, pair of spill vases, twin branch candelabrum, etc. £20-30
380.    Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Montine, Sekonda, Rotary, Avia, Accurist etc:- One Tray. £20-30
381.    Plated Tea Wares, trays, muffin dish, cruet items etc. £20-30
382.    Pair of Plated Campaign Shaped Jardieres, with gadrooned lower bodies, Dixons cigarette box, hexagonal tray, other plated wares:- One Tray £20-30
383.    1970's Viners "Studio" Design Stainless Steel Cutlery, designed by Gerald Benney, 44 pieces, on a fitted board. £20-40
384.    A Quantity of Vintage Christmas Baubles, mini crackers, tinsel decorations, etc. £20-40
385.    A Continental Five Branch Chandelier, with all over beadwork decoration, faceted and lustre drops. £40-60
386.    Festival of Britain 1951 Tie Clip, Butlins Filey 1960 and other badges, Tortoiseshell, Joseph Sankey brass planter, desk calendar, brass Dickens figures etc:- One Tray £20-30
387.    Fab Ice Lolly Metal Wall Sign, 70 x 50cm. £20-40
388.    The Leica Way, Leica manual 1935, other related books. Tamron f=95-205mm lens, accessories, tripod, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
389.    Waterloo Water Type Gas Pressure Fire Extinguisher, type D.B.2, made in 1962 £30-40
390.    Photographic Interest, a Circa 1930's Corfield Magic Lantern with Slide, a box containing plates and collectable books, plus a wooden drawer containing boxed lenses, meters, plates, etc. £20-40
391.    Motoring Interest - Eleven Original 1950's Posters for Shell Petrol, mostly guides to the countryside with metal top and bottom frames. £15-30
392.    Cameras - Petri, Konica, Riken, Fujica AX-3 Lenses Unitor f=28mm, Tamron f=300mm, plus accessories etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
393.    Vintage Christmas Baubles and Decorations:- One Box £20-30
394.    Wittner Metronome, four pairs of binoculars, including Helios, Maxlo:- One Tray £15-25
395.    A XIX Century Sampler, Marianne Fawcett, 1837, approximately 20 x 23cm, another by Alice Stanley Cooke 1868. (2) £40-60
396.    An Oak Tray, Rabone tape, whistle, penknife, postage stamps box in Tunbridge Ware, brass snuff box, etc. £20-40
397.    A Brass Mortar and Pestle, copper lidded pan, mould, Garnett tankard, jardiniere, other copper wares, fan. £20-30
398.    Early XX Century Olive Wood Desk Stand, with glass wells and single drawer, brass scales and weights. £20-40
399.    A XIX Century Brass and Leather Two Fold Telescope. £30-50
400.    A Quantity of WWII Era Gout Issue Instructional Posters, 'Use Only Boiled Water', printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Greycaine Ltd, Watford and London S1-420 (over fifty). £20-40
401.    Tohyoh Binoculars, camera, spirit flask as a pair of binoculars, tins. £15-25
402.    XIX Century Mahogany Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form (one foot loose) 26.5cm wide. £20-30
403.    A Quantity of Vintage Christmas Baubles, tree light bulbs, etc. (6) £20-40
404.    An Interesting Selection of Bill Jones Sound Advice/Motivational Cards, including "It's the Pull Together that Wins!", "Gossip benefits no one!", "Courtesy! Costs Nothing But The Effort", and "Don't Resent Being Told", etc, fifty-one in total all dated 1928, contained in original "Bill Jones" sleeve. £30-50
405.    Kitchenalia; pestle and mortar, stoneware moulds, copper 'Milk' measures, butter pats, graters, etc:- One Tray £20-30
406.    An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Tray, with wavy gallery and brass handles. £20-30
407.    Mauve Streaked Glazed Pottery, female Oriental head on oval base, 33cm tall. £30-40
408.    A Carved Bark Offering Plate, straw and hardwood boxes, darning mushroom etc:- One Tray £20-30
409.    Brass Piano Sconces, panel waist buckles, elasticated belts, corkscrew, napkin ring, needles etc:- One Tray £15-20
410.    'CWS Soap & Candle Works, Irlam' Aluminium Candle Box, of circular form with recess to lid, 14.5cm diameter, white and amber glass candle stands, two vesta cases, lighthouse compass novelty:- One tray £20-30
411.    Horn Handled and Other Penknives, cheroot holder in case, pince-nez in case, Salter balance scales, Rabone folding ruler, day pipe etc:- One Tray £20-40
412.    A Quantity of 1960's AB+C, Primrose Confectionary, Cadet sweet trade cards (mostly part sets) Battle cards, Batman, Legend of Custer, Civil War News, Danger Man, High Chaparral, Dr Who, Stingray, Z Cars, etc. £20-40
413.    Two Leather Covered Glass Hip Flasks, one with removable base cup, wine funnel (damaged) and a large plated bottle coaster. £20-30
414.    Bakelite Desk Blotter and Stand, (damaged), desk bell, oak table centre with chrome nude maiden supports, clock, coinage etc:- One Tray £15-30
415.    A Collection of Assorted Thimbles, in a display case, compacts, Ronson lighters, trinket box, scent bottle etc:- One Tray £15-25
416.    A Vintage H.A.C Goliath Repeater Desk Clock, together with a Military Issue pocket stopwatch, John Player "British Aviation" cards, vintage gents's wristwatch, cutthroat razor, caddy spoon etc:- One Tray £30-50
417.    A XIX Century Silver Fruit Knife, Sheffield hallmark, other penknives, coins, Allied military currency, ten Lira note. £15-20
418.    A Cream Pottery Rectangular Box, advertising 'The Balkan Sobrainie Cigarettes", a mid XIX Century English Earthenware plate made for the Russian firm of Trachtenburg Panthes and decorated with palaces, a similar plate for St Petersburg; a rectangular tile with a Renaissance lady picking fruit:- One Tray £30-40
419.    Button Hooks, brush and comb (damaged) fan, etc:- One Tray £15-25
420.    Two Packs of Circular Playing Cards By Waddingtons, featuring 'Rio Rita', Ideal radio Talkie Musical. £15-20
421.    Wilkinson Seven Day Razor Set, featuring seven day of the week blades and brass fittings in morrocco case marked "Wilkinson, Pall Mall" £20-40
422.    A Chester Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the "Improved Patent" dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hand); together with plated spoons, coins, etc; contained in a brown carry case. £20-40
423.    Walker and Hall Barometer, having thermometer to barley twist cased neck, SB barometer. (2) £15-20
424.    A Collection of Assorted Pen/Pocket Knives, corkscrew, butter knives, button hooks etc:- One Tray. £20-30
425.    Advertising Interest - A 'Wild Woodbine' cigarette mirror, a 1928 Denby Dale pie plate and two OXO mugs. £20-40
426.    Crib Board, ink pens, high compact, lighter, etc:- One Tray £15-25
427.    Gent's Cufflinks, coins, St John Ambulance pendant, pocket/penknives etc:- One Tray £10-20
428.    A Walnut Extending Book Trough, with pierced brass ends and stamped 'Betjemann's Self Closing Book Slide' to brass hinges, 30.5cm wide closed. £20-30
429.    A Marble Based Art Deco Desk Lamp, surrounded by dog in spelter, 37.5cm in length. £20-30
430.    A 'Grained' Earthenware Spittoon, a collection of seashells, manicure set, etc:- One Tray £20-30
431.    A Pair of Oak 'Book' Bookends, an Otis King revolving calculator, cut-throat razors etc: One Tray £20-40
432.    Oriental Cloisonné Charger, featuring insects and exotic birds within three shaped turquoise panels and floral border 30cm diameter; Prattware (repaired) pot lid, treacle glaze Toby jug. (3) £20-40
433.    A Brass School Bell, plus a boxed doubles set of Victorian ebony and bone dominoes (fifty five). £20-40
434.    Small Collectable's, including a brass desk calendar, two oxidized copper, six letters, tortoiseshell, Mother of Pearl guitar, letter openers, etc:- £20-30
435.    A Late 1800's Album of Pictures and Photographs from Around the World, the twelve parts all contained in a decorative cover of a maiden with camera pointing at the globe. £30-40
436.    An Oak Extending Book Trough, with pierced sides, 63.5cm open, another similar smaller. £30-50
437.    A XIX Century Ebonised Walking Stick, with a silver engraved top. £15-20
438.    A Steel and Mahogany Infill Plane, stamped C. B. Nixon. £15-30
439.    An Ebonised Handled Magnifying Glass, whirl chips to glass interior border, carved wooden nutcracker as an old maid. (2) £20-40
440.    Williamson Ticket Printer for Tramways, Omnibus, Railways, Steamboats, Ashton Under Lyne, Serial No. 9681. £20-30
441.    XIX Century Mahogany Workbox, with mother of pearl escucheons, cottons, needles, tape measures, mushroom, etc. £20-30
442.    A North African Spelter Figure of a Mans Head and Shoulders in Robes, on a geometric base. £30-50
443.    Turquoise Streaked Glazed Pottery, female Oriental head on oval base, 33cm tall. £30-40
444.    An African Ironwood Carving Bust of a Girl and a Bearded Man; together with a jar and cover, carved figures, (4), (from the country of Malawi). £20-40
445.    A Carved Hardwood Black Forest Style figure Group of Eagle Surmounting Stag, on oval base, 52.5cm high, (damaged). £20-30
446.    An Art Deco Marble Cased Mantel Clock, with French Marti eight day movement, silvered dial, on marble plinth base, surmounted by spelter lady by deer, 63cm wide (damages). £30-50
447.    A Marble Based Art Deco Mantel Ornament, featuring two spelter dogs, 45cm in length. £30-50
448.    Early XX Century Inlaid Oak Cased Mantle Clock, on plinth base and brass ball feet. £20-30
449.    A London Clock Company Brass Cased Carriage Clock, Roman numerals, clear bevelled glass surround, swing carrying handle. £20-40
450.    J. Lancaster & Sons Mahogany and Brass Bellows Camera; together with plates. £80-120
451.    Amati kraslice Czech Made Flugle brass Instrument, numbered 596795, in soft case. £30-50
452.    An Ebonised Five Sectional Clarinet, Crampon & Cie Buffet A. Paris, with silvered mounts, in case. £15-25
453.    Kodak No 2 Hawkette Bakerlite Camera, with a folding telescope lens, (with case). £10-15
454.    Miranda MS1 Camera With Zoom Lens 1:4:5 F=80- 200mm and 1=2.8 F 135mm example, etc. £15-30
455.    A Late XIX/Early XX Century Plate Camera, an unopened box of Imperial Fine Grain Ordinary plates; a Wollensak Opt Co lens; together with The British Journal Photographic Almanac 1956. £20-30
456.    "East Sussex County Council Penalty for Litter £100" Cast Metal Sign, probably mid XX Century, 53cm tall £40-60
457.    Bell & Howell 8 x 40 Extra Wide Angle Binoculars, Zeiss Ikon Nettar-Anastigmat 167.7F = 105cm in leather case. Kodak Instamatic camera, tripod etc. £30-40
458.    An Early 1900's 'Peter Pan' Portable 78 R.P.M. Record Player, (all parts fit into the small portable case). £80-120
459.    World War II Kite, in yellow cylindrical tin, Zeiss Ikon Ikoflex and Olympus camera, Eccles miners lamp. £20-40
460.    A XIX Century Three Drawer Brass Telescope, stitched leather casing and cap ends, 1950's brass shell case and an early XX Century brass car horn (brass body only). (3) £20-40
461.    Two Duckhams Oil Cans; plus two M.G Badges. £20-30
462.    An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Mantel Clock, with enamel dial, with Roman numerals; together with a early XX Century Swedish android barometer "H. SAMSON STOCKHOLM". (2) £30-50
463.    A Lead Crystal Table Lamp and Shade, cobalt blue on a clear glass with star patterned and flash cut decoration. £15-25
464.    A French Eight Day Mantel Clock, circa 1900, with gong strike, gilt Roman numerals, lion mask handles and vase finial to onyx/alabaster case, 32cm high. £50-80
465.    A Circa Mid XX Century Counter Top Sweet Shop Display Tray, 59cm wide. £20-30
466.    Taxidermy - Woodpecker in Display Case 37.5 x 27.5 cm. Stoat (2) £20-40
467.    Brass Oil Lamp with Floral Globular Shade, on oak circular stepped base, an Aladdin example (2) £30-40
468.    A XIX Century 'French' Black Slate Mantel Clock, "Pissot Nantes" on dial, with a finial top, lion mask handles, black dial with gilt Roman numerals, with cast paw feet "F PLAZCLLE NANTES" 1690" on back plate. £30-50
469.    Early XX Century Pine Cased Bracket Clock, with German movement, Westminster chimes, slow / fast and chime / silent subsidiary dials to silvered dial, 43.5cm tall. £40-60
470.    A XIX Century French Gilded Wall Clock, with ribbon decoration, white enamel dial with painted flower swag decoration, (number 9162 on back plate). £30-50
471.    Balance Scales, in glazed display case labelled J. Preston Sheffield; together with cased weights. £20-30
472.    1930's/40's Plaster Figure of Girl with Dog, 48.5cm high; lion head water feature. (2) £20-40
473.    A XIX Century Brass Oil Lamp, with cranberry glass shade. £30-50
474.    Worcester Ware Metal Egg Stand, with sixteen apertures, cake tin, shaving mirror on oak base. £20-30
475.    Whitefriars Sundaes (6), in original box, two decanters, drinking glasses:- One Box £20-40
476.    Cameras- Werra 1, mat, Paxette, Kodak, Ensign, Olbia plus others:- Two Boxes £20-30
477.    Whitefriars Fruit Set, Sundae, Lemonade set, etc:- One Box
478.    An Art Deco Shell Ceiling Light, in frosted glass and chrome. £30-40
479.    Tin Badges including Marc Bolan, Gold Top Milk, Puma, Thames Water, Atari, and many others, many 1970's/80's:- One Box £20-40
480.    Cameras - Fujica STX-1, ST705. Kowa SE lens - Pentacon 2.8/135 etc - One Box £20-30
481.    Early XX Century Oil Lamp, with clear glass well and later painted base. Mahogany candlestick converted to a lamp (2) £15-30
482.    Cameras - Minolta sle101, srt100x, sr7. Pentax me super, Spotmatic sp500. Lenses - Kennex 1:2.8 f=135mm Vivitar 70-210mm 1:4.5, Chinon 1:3.5 f=200mm, Pentax 200mm 1:4 75-150mm, etc:- One Box £20-30
483.    Quantity of reproduction posters, mainly war related £20-30
484.    Cameras - Miranda Sendorex, Mamiya ZE, Canon, Lenses -Soligor f2.5/3.5 f=35-70mm Miranda 1:3.5 f=13.5cm, etc, in silvered carry case. £20-30
485.    A Mid XIX Century Unframed Sampler, with inner border with horses, and name Sussana Gillot Horton lees 1847.
486.    A XX Century Violin, two piece back, internal label reading 'Skylark' brand, made in the Peoples Republic of China, cased with bow. £25-40
487.    An 'Eterna By Getzen USA' Cornet Brass Instrument, numbered G03095, with mother of pearl buttons; together with Curry and and other mouthpiece, in case. £80-100
488.    A Lindo FL10-050-290 Three Piece Chrome Flute, cased. £20-40
489.    Humidor, tea caddy, coffee grinder, footwarmer, inlaid box, train prints, etc. £20-40
490.    A Revanati Italia Piano Accordian £30-50
491.    A Pair of Art Deco Pink Glass Shell Wall Lamps, plus a spare shade, other lamps and shades, etc:- One Box £30-50
492.    Cameras - Mamiya nc100 S, msx500, 500 tl Voigtlander Vito CL, Vito B plus others, accessories, etc::- Two Boxes £20-30
494.    Cameras - Koroll 24, Canon, Contax, Halina, Canon Flash Gun, Russian field glasses, etc:- One Box £15-25
495.    Cameras - Minolta 7000, Dynax 500si, Edixa Flex Lenses, Hoya 58mm, Tamron 1:3.8 80-210mm, quantity of accessories:- Two Boxes £20-30
496.    Turkish Kelim Tasseled Rug, with two bands of seven central geometric panels, multicoloured 230 x 138cm, a claret and amber striped Morrocan blanket on salmon pink ground. £20-40
497.    Two Middle Eastern Camel Bags, and baby carrier. £20-40
498.    Paul Hart, 'Buckingham's Racecourses of Britain' coloured prints, Sandown Park, Cheltenham, Ascot, Chester, each 36.5 x 55.5cm, signed by artist. £20-40
G. Baxter, 'Lake Lucerne', print, 25 x 36.5cm, Will Henderson, Jessie Gurbar, Russell Flint and Stevenson samples. (5) £20-30
500.    George Cunningham, Signed Limited Edition Print of Ranmoor, 92 of 500, signed lower right. £25-35
501.    George Cunningham, Signed Limited Edition Print of Norfolk Street, 168 of 500, signed lower right.
502.    John Jones (Rotherham Artist), Sheffield, oil on canvas, 40 x 50cm, signed lower right. £10-20
503.    Mary Mac (Sheffield Artist), Village Scene Watercolour, signed lower right and dated, 30 x 39.5cm, A. M Randall 'Earth Folk, watercolour, signed lower right, Will Outhwaite, woodland river scene, signed lower left. (3) £15-25
Carol Moor (Glasgow Artist), Kitchen Utensils, pastel, 47 x 62.5cm, signed lower right; unframed oil of fisherman indistinctly signed, dated '74. (2) £15-30
505.    George Cunningham (Sheffield Artist), 'The Moorhead', limited edition colour print of 250, 30 x 41.5cm, graphite signed to mount. £20-30
506.    Chris Chapman, 'Tewkesbury', pastel, 28 x 38cm, signed lower right, J. E. Griffiths, Tudor houses by river, watercolour, M. White loch scene. (3) £15-25
507.    Ashley Jackson, Black Clouds Over Remote Farmhouse, limited edition colour print of 250, 39.5 x 54cm, graphite signed to margin, black marker signed to back. £30-50
508.    Ashley Jackson, 'Coming Home Before the Rain', limited edition colour print of 250, 41 x 64.5cm, graphite signed to margin, black marker signed to back. £30-50
509.    Ashley Jackson, Remote Farmhouse in Winter Time, limited edition colour print of 300, 28 x 46.5cm, graphite signed to margin, black marker signed to back. £30-50
510.    GMII Giel (?) Oil on Board of Peonies and Canna, signed lower right, 59.5 x 48cm. £30-50
511.    R. Orton, Still Life of Fruit with Bottles and Jug, oil on board, 35.5 x 45.5cm, signed lower left; another similar. (2) £15-25
512.    Chris Slater (Rotherham Artist), Venice, oil on board, 12 x 17cm, and larger coastal and river scenes. (3) £15-30
513.    Elizabeth Bairstow, Morning Glory, watercolour, 28 x 38.5cm, signed and dated 1987 lower left, B. Ellis, pansies, watercolour, 36 x 52.5cm. (2) £15-30
514.    After Raphael Kiechner Watercolour of "Ma Marraine" Spr.F.S Simpson December 1917. £30-50
515.    Shaw, Village Rooftops, watercolour, 35.5 x 55cm, signed and dated '42 lower right; David Wilson 'Deltic' print. (2) £15-25
516.    A XIX Century Chinese Silk Tapestry Panel, with figures and floral decoration, together with a XIX Century etching, signed lower right, GA-Y-- with gallery label on verso, (Thos, Agnew and Sons London - Liverpool Manchester, in a gesso frame with C scroll decoration. £20-30
517.    M. Cumming, Woodland Stream Watercolour, 45.5 x 23.5cm, signed lower right. £15-25
518.    Chris Slater (Rotherham Artist), York Street Scene, oil on board, 30 x 24.5cm, another smaller bridge over water. (4) £15-30
519.    Chris Slater (Rotherham Artist), Barges, Coastal Mountain Scenes, etc, oil paintings, the largest 19 x 29cm. (6) £20-40
520.    A XX Century Still Life of Flowers, oil on canvas, 63 x 52.5cm. £20-30
521.    George Cunningham, Signed Limited Edition Print of Millhouses, 103 of 500, signed lower right; together with a Terry Gorman, place mats of Sheffield, City of Sheffield magazine. (4)
522.    Andrea Hellyar (Border Fine Arts Artist), Winter Feeding, limited edition colour print, signed, 36 x 52.5cm; two other unsigned examples. (3) £20-40
523.    Peter Owen Jones, Sheffield North Junction, coloured print, slipped in frame. £15-20
524.     Silk Picture of Lady with a Wrinkled Face, together with a watercolour of a Cavalry uniform. (2) £15-20
525.    Thomas G. Hill, Still Life of Flowers, oil on canvas, 29 x 39cm; MLC, Cornfield, oil on board; Joe Scarborough 'The Crucible Theatre' limited edition print of 500, ink signed. £20-40
526.    Chris Slater (Rotherham Artist), Beach Scenes and Sunset Coastal and Meadow, four oil paintings, approximately 14 x 18cm. (4) £15-30
527.    Attributed to John Jones (Rotherham Artist) Little Bit of Bull, acrylic on board, 43 x 60.5cm. £10-20
528.    K.J. Hill (Rotherham Artist), Collie Dogs Head Study, oil painting, signed and dated 2001, 30 x 40.5cm; similar prints by Pollyanna Pickering and Jack Kirk. (3) £20-40
529.    Robert. W. Amick, 'Phantom Canyon', colour print, 35 x 75.5cm. £15-30