Antiques & Collectables including Stamps Auction
with BBC's Bargain Hunt on
Friday 24th August 2018

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1001.   "Rolex" Metamec Electric Wall Clock, 20.5cm diameter, Smiths Bakelite cased mantel clock. (2) £20-40
1002.   Costume Beads, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1003.   A 1930's Painted Plaster Model of a Seated Alsatian, on naturalistic base, length 53cm. £10-15
1004.   China, glass, Basticks school jacket, etc:- One Box £15-25
1005.   Golfing Trophy Medallions, in cases of issue, spoons, toast rack, cigarette case, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1006.   A Tea Urn, with barge ware type decoration, rock samples, embroidered and sequined skull caps, lighters, music scores, photograph frames, etc; plus two crown wall hangings. (3) £15-30
1007.   Poole Hors d oeuvres Dish, mixing bowl, stone ware, mugs, Worcester plates, water jugs, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1008.   Railway World Magazines, trains, illustrated magazines, modern railway magazines etc:- One Box £5-10
1009.   Two Pairs of Brass Candlesticks, brass and copper oil lamps, reptile skin effect copper jug, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1010.   A Pottery Shire Horse and Wooden Romany Rose Caravan, with fitted interior. £30-40
1011.   Phoenix 1920's Tea Ware, Burleigh, Paragon and other ceramics:- One Box £15-20
1012.   A Brass Wall Mirror, brush set, fuel ration set, tins, magazines, prints, horse brasses etc:- One Box £15-25
1013.   A Collection of Shoe Posies and Shoes, three J & J Cash woven bird pictures etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1014.   A 1920's Amber Glass Jug and Bowl, XIX Century Blue and White jug and bowl, Wedgwood trinket box, Royal Copenhagen candlestick 1/23 07, jelly mould:- One Tray £15-20
1015.   A Colour Print of Pheasants, in a reproduction Victorian style heavy gilt frame, further framed prints, tile studies, oil studies, LP's and 45's (Beatles, Abba), etc. £15-20
1016.   Green Leaf, Dresden and XIX Century Octagonal Plates, hors d'oeuvres, coffee ware, teapot, (damage), etc:- One Tray £15-20
1017.   Perfume Bottles, Avon 'Tasha', 'Elegance', 'Little Kate', many others:- One Tray £15-20
1018.   World Coins, dominoes, modern porcelain doll, mechanical locomotive (boxed), prints, etc. £8-12
1019.   Ceramics, Wedgwood Jasperware, teapot, shoe rack, wristwatch, etc:- One Box £8-12
1020.   Records, Glen Campbell, Al Marcino, Andy Williams, Perry Como and other 33rpm's:- Two Boxes £10-20
1021.   Royal Albert 'Tranquility' Tea Ware, twenty six pieces (2nd quality) Royal Kent to match, etc:- One Box £15-25
1022.   Viners Profile Portugal Stainless Steel Cutlery, in canteen and loose, Yashica U Matic cine camera, opera glasses etc:- One Box £15-25
1023.   Oak Cased Fish Knives, forks, other cased cutlery:- One Box £20-30
1024.   Early XX Century Japanese Lacquer Boxes, African carving of a man holding a stick, etc:- One Box £10-20
1025.   An Oak Tea Barrel, plated cigarette case, German ewer, ceramics, silver jubilee art prints:- One Box £15-20
1026.   The Wilderness Catalogue 1934, The Jeweller & Metalworker 1906, 'Regent Plate', 'Garrard', 'Goldsmiths & Silversmiths', 'Pollards' and other catalogues, brochures. £20-40
1027.   A XIX Century Walnut Box, stand, globe, etc:- One Box £15-20
1028.   Glass Ware, cabinet plates, XIX Century stoneware bed warmer, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1029.   A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox and others. £10-20
1030.   Cameras - EOS 700 Canon, Fuji Film Fine Pix S5700. Thunderbirds 1992 ITC cylindrical radio. £15-30
1031.   Tools - Planes, clamps, drill bits, hammer, screwdrivers, etc:- Three Boxes. £15-20
1032.   Nut Crackers in the Form of a Dog, stoneware bottles, Spider Man comic, Beano comic, Victor comic, doilies, etc. £10-20
1033.   A Collection of Assorted Plated Ware, including swing handled dishes, tea wares, christening mug inscribed "1902", blue enamel salt and spoon, pepperette, twin handled tray, toast rack etc. £20-40
1034.   A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles, etc:- One Box £15-20
1035.   A Vintage Posher, galvanised buckets, two galvanised twin handled oval tubs, etc. £15-30
1036.   Max Sievert, monitor and other blow torches, hammers, picks, spanners, bucket, etc. (3) £10-20
1037.   Doulton The Romance 'Lisette' dinner ware of thirty eight pieces H5082, Royal Standard coffee ware, collectors plates, cutlery etc:- One box £20-30
1038.   A Quantity of DVD's, including Magnificent Seven, Porridge, Upstairs Downstairs, John Wayne, etc:- Three Boxes
1039.   Fishing Hooks, weights, door stop, doll, Battlestar Galactica toy:- One Box £5-10
1040.   Kitchen Ware Storage Jars, tureens, cutlery, glassware etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1041.   Ridgeways Blue Banded Dinner Ware, Indiantree, Grainger Worcester dessert plate, late Mayers Chatsworth blue and white oval meat plate, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1042.   Joyce Spurr (Sheffield Artist), Large Quantity of Original Artwork - watercolours, pastels, varying subjects, graphite sketch book of nudes. £15-30
1043.   Pendelfin: The Old School House, Picnic Island, Cobble Cottage and Shrimp Stand; together with thirty-two figures, including musicians, Scout, Victoria, Angelo, etc. £20-40
1044.   Wy Stamped Glass Vase, Manicure Set, Books, Pewter Vase, etc:- One box plus seascape print £15-20
1045.   Vintage Spong, Bolinder, and Other Cast Metal and Enamelled Mincers, bean slicer's, etc:- One Box £15-25
1046.   A 1930's Painted Plaster Alsatian, a Bosson's 'Romany' mask, model deer, hollow cast, oriental soldier, circular relief moulded wall plaques:- Two Boxes £10-15
1047.   Perfume Bottles, Avon 'Topaze', 'Sweet Honesty', 'Fragrance Hours', many others:- One Tray £15-20
1048.   Winston Churchill 'The Second World War' in six volumes, Churchill Anthology, Alexander I, Macarthur, Dennis Wheatley, Groucho and Me, other books:- Two Boxes £15-30
1049.   Poole Tea Set, model crane, trade cards, Polaroid camera, tools, money banks, snooker prints, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1050.   A Collection of Over 100 LP's, 1960's and later, to include Elvis, Rock, Stylistics, Boney M, Count Basie, M.O.R. etc:- Three Boxes £15-25
1051.   Joe Scarborough Signed 1989 Calendar, two Sheffield scene prints, Art Deco wall mirror. (4) £10-20
1052.   Wall Mirror, oil lamp, cutlery, box plane, storage boxes, tins, magazine rack, oak boot racks etc. (3) £15-25
1053.   XIX Century Derby Porcelain Figurine of Family on Goats Back, (damages), 15cm high, Stein, Cobridge Albion jug, (damages), etc:- One Tray £15-30
1054.   Royal Doulton Christmas Plates (1977 and 1978 boxed), pair Noritake vases, Japanese eggshell china continental spill vases, Lovatts jug and tea pot etc:- Two boxes £10-20
1055.   A 1960's Scalextric Set FJ31, with two cars boxed and a 1970's set No C547 'Superspeed' with two cars. Boxed £15-25
1056.   Lurpak Butter Dish, egg cups, boxed Avon toiletries, books, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1057.   Adams 'Brentwood' Tureen, Poole ginger jar, trinket set, Worcester 'Evesham' pot pourri, other ceramics, tall glass tan vase, cut glass ware etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1058.   A Japanese Tea Service, Sylvac Bowl with floral decoration, Denby part coffee service:- One Box £5-10
1059.   A XIX Century Gilded Brass Hanging Ceiling Light, with ribbon decoration, white glass shade. £15-25
1060.   DC and Image Comics, (Demon, The Nazz, Stormwatch noted), Thunderbirds HQ playset, diecast models, Mickey Mouse sign. £5-10
1061.   Bretby Jardiniere, decorated with Dutch girls and boys; together with a carved figure of a elephant. (2) £20-30
1062.   Glass Cake Stand, Wedgwood 'Westbury' coffee ware, Jasper trinket dishes, Indian plaques, etc:- One Box £15-20
1063.   Vintage Bottles, including mineral water, beer, chemists, inkwells, etc; (Sheffield, Oughtibridge, Halifax areas noted), stone ware jars and bottles etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1064.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Cased Singer Sewing Machine, no 4885607 / 1179807. £15-25
1065.   Joyce Spurr (Sheffield Artist), Large Quantity of Original Artwork, watercolours, pastels, etc; varying subjects - two drawers. £15-30
1066.   Frames, prints, etc:- One Box £5-10
1067.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including drinking glasses on tray, tea ware, pair of goblets, cutlery, egg cruet stand, pair of candlesticks, dishes, sugar scuttle, salt and pepperette, etc:- Two Boxes £30-50
1068.   Books - J.B. Priestly, Thackeray, Dickens, H.G. Wells and many others:- Three Boxes £15-30
1069.   Stonecraft Style Model Rabbits, Booths 'Countryside' coffee cans, saucer (damaged coffee pot), oriental elder, soup dishes, meat plate, mixing bowl, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1070.   Bosson & Legends Heads, pottery, torch, camera's, razor, loom, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1071.   Wade Genie Tea Pot, ashtrays, posies, mug, tankard, glass decanters, Palissy coffee pot, etc:- One Box £15-25
1072.   Hasbro Star Wars Episode 1 'Queen Amidala', Qui-Gon Jinn, Watch, Fun 4 All 'Blizzard of Ozz', Playmates Disney Princess, plus other toys. £15-30
1073.   LP's - A Collection of Over 130 LP's, to include Buddy Holly, Pentangle, Roy Orbison, Beach Boys, Four Aces, Bill Haley, Julie Rogers, Abba, M.O.R., classical interest also. £20-30
1074.   Vintage and Later Christmas Decorations, including christmas tree lamps, foil and paper decorations, vintage games including Scrabble, Monopoly etc; trade cards, Crown Green bowls, jack, cribbage board etc:- Two Boxes; together with a circa 1970's angle poise adjustable desk lamp, (detachable weighted base) - untested sold for parts only. £20-30
1075.   Lemonade Set with Yacht decoration, drinking glass vases, Burrwood spill vase, table ware, soups, Villeroy & Boch mug etc:- Two box £15-25
1076.   A XIX Century Footstool, pair of Jardiniere's XIX Century stoneware bed warmer, jelly moulds, XIX Century meat plate, ebonised dressing table ware including hand mirrors, etc:- One box £10-20
1077.   Six Rupert Annuals, Match and other football magazines:- One box £15-20
1078.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles, jewellery box, decorative modern enamel photograph frame, ceramic trinket pot, brooches, etc:- One Box £20-30
1079.   Quantity of Cutlery, boxes, tea pot, etc:- One Box £10-20
1080.   A Quantity of DVD's, including Lucy, Good Life, Highlander, Mrs Brown, The Whisky Trail etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
1081.   A Continental Carved Wooden Cuckoo Clock, twin weight driven, a pair of cast brass piano candle holders, chrome effect sailing ship, model elephant, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1082.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including shaped dish "Presented to Lieut A.E. & Mrs Bell by the Sunday School Teachers and Members of the C.E.M.S of St. Timothy's Church Crookes on the occasion of their marriage March 9th 1918"; a circular tray "Presented to C. John Bell Esq by the Directors of M.M.Bell & Sons Ltd in appreciation of his services to the company December 1988", a waiter "Presented to Mr & Mrs C. J. Bell on the occasion of their marriage July 7th 1951 by the Staff and Employees of Messrs M.M.Bell & Sons Ltd", entree dishes, tea ware, pair of goblets, etc:- One Box £30-50
1083.   A Bulbous Cut Glass Decanter, Tazzas, pressed glass bowls, etc:- One Box £15-20
1084.   Italian Pottery Model of Coach and Horses, Rolf Gerdes & Co., Hamburg ships clock, floral encrusted pottery basket, Tetley Teafolk etc:- One Tray £20-30
1085.   A Reproduction Twin Handle Blue and White Transfer Painted Planter, Chelsea Works 'Moorland' toilet jug, a limited edition Shepherd Neame brewery jug, sherry glasses, etc:- One Box £10-20
1086.   Adams China "Cries of London" Bowl, pair of XIX Century style Staffordshire dogs, Arthur Wood bowl:- One Tray £10-20
1087.   Perfume Bottles, Avon 'Field Flowers', 'Mixed Doubles', Candlestick cologne, many others:- One Tray £15-20
1088.   Perfume Bottles, Avon novelty examples, multi blade knife, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1089.   Norton Commando, badge, pens, playing cards, magnifying glass etc:- One Tray £10-20
1090.   Sadler Three Piece Tea Service, three Woods jugs, vases:- One Tray £15-25
1091.   Royal Albert Old Country Roses - six dinner and two desert plates (second quality), glassware, costume jewellery:- One Tray £20-30
1092.   A Lacquer Box, with raised decoration, buttons, watches, Chinese jewellery box etc:- One Tray £10-20
1093.   Handkerchief Vases, coloured glass storage jars, dressing table trays, Murano style exotic bird, egg crock etc:- One Box and One Tray. (2) £10-20
1094.   A XX Century Bone China Tea Service, with floral decoration, Shelley part dinner service "Ferndown" pattern. £5-10
1095.   Glass Fruit Bowl, XIX century meat plate, Majolica style basket, Royal Doulton dish, studio art mugs, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1096.   A Collection of Thimbles, three display racks and a wooden jewellery box. £10-15
1097.   Stafford 'Tea Rose' Coffee Ware, Collough teaware, 'Secret Ingredients', The Story of Fletchers Seven Bakeries, by Howard Hill, playing cards:- One Tray. £10-15
1098.   Seiko Quartz Gents Watch, cufflinks, buttons, hand mirror:- One Tray £10-15
1099.   Price Kensington Cat, Percy Pig, Adderley Posy, Wedgwood dish, other ceramics:- One Tray £15-20
1100.   Ladies XIX Century Fan (damages), other fans, ladies purses, leather photo frames:- One Box £10-20
1101.   Nut Crackers Resin Netsuke, ruler, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1102.   A XIX Century Copper Kettle, brass weights, pail etc, tea caddy, pottery collectors books. £15-30
1103.   Alabaster Vases, bowl, mineral eggs, Coalport 'Story Time' and other figures:- One Tray - plus Capodimonte and Portuguese. £15-25
1104.   A Dartington Decanter, trinket set, Babycham figure, Danbury Mint cottage, Ducal, vases etc:- One Tray £15-25
1105.   Six Babycham Glasses, a collection of matching 1950's glasses with green twist stems, commemorative glasses, stirrers. One tray £20-30
1106.   Perfume Bottles, Avon 'Hud', 'Tai Winds'. veteran car, siege canon, others (10):- One Tray £15-20
1107.   Brass Scales, XIX Century spelter figure of a child, pair of oriental boxes, quartz onyx clock, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1108.   Old Tupton Ware Vases, Langton ware pottery jug with hand painted decoration, Aynsley vase, plates, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1109.   Royal Doulton Falstaff Jug, Rd. No. 75/49, Continental pottery jug decorated with the figure of a man wearing a waistcoat, Hancock & Sons butter dish etc:- OneTray £10-15
1110.   A 1887 Jubilee Glass Plate, carnival glass, cased and loose cutlery, candelabra:- One Tray £15-20
1111.   Vintage Imitation Pearl Bead Necklaces, brooches, cufflinks, graduated necklace, etc. £15-20
1112.   Decanters, champagne and other glasses:- One Tray £15-25
1113.   Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1114.   Perfume Bottles, Avon 'Charisma', Stamp Decanter, 'Wild Country', many others. £15-20
1115.   A Quantity of Elephant Figures, in ebony, hardwood, resin, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1116.   Perfume Bottles, Avon 'Wild Country', 'Tai Winds', 'Moonwind', many others:- One Tray £15-20
1117.   Susie Cooper Bone China Coffee Pot, coffee cans, saucers, Limoges cabinet plates etc:- One Box £10-20
1118.   Two Mother of Pearl Shell Dishes, Doulton 'Ambassador' vase, a pair of Royal Vienna vases, Royal Albert, Hammersley, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1119.   Two Pen Boxes with Tambour Roll Tops, dominoes, tools, glass clown vase, model vehicles, Delft, programmes, deeds, dressing table ware etc:- One Box £20-40
1120.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Cloisonné Enamel Buckle, colourfully decorated with flowers and butterflies to a green reverse, 8cm long. £20-30
1121.   Ladies Wristwatches, compact, hair combs, sunglasses, scent bottles, lighters, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1122.   A Set of Four Joseph Ridge (John Round & Son Ltd) Plated Salts, each of tapering circular form with stylised leaf detail, raised on three ball feet, complete with four spoons, in original fitted case. £40-80
1123.   Eleven Christine Howarth for 'The Leonardo Collection' Resin Figures, including Teddies, Sleigh Ride, Winter Pastime, Sleepy Kittens etc:- One Tray £10-20
1124.   An Art Deco Amber Glass Decanter and Stopper and Matching Tots, the decanter and stopper of hexagonal form, 33cm high overall, with eight square, canted tots. (9) £30-50
1125.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery:- One Box £10-15
1126.   Three Graduated 'Jolly Rover' Water Jugs, Rosina 1930's tea ware, Crown Derby trios:- One Tray £15-25
1127.   A Cut Glass Table Lamp, with a glass shade, Goss ware, 1920's green glass vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1128.   An Art Nouveau Jugendstil Hors D'oevres Stand, of sinuous design with stylised lattice detail and central loop handle, 48cm wide. £40-60
1129.   A A Car Badge, 6C2237, R.A.C badge, Matax aneroid barometer, pewter snuff box, etc:- Mappin Webb quartz clock:- One Tray £20-30
1130.   A Portmeirion 'Botanic Garden' Jug and Bowl, tea and coffee pot, planter, ladle and vase, and Royal Worcester 'Evesham' twin handled cooking pot and cover:- One Tray £20-40
1131.   Three Pine Stools, woven cane fishing basket, a pair of carpet beaters, and a wall mirror with bird and foliate carved border. (8) £20-30
1132.   BM Classics Guitar, C.D.s, two photographic enlargers. £10-15
1133.   Christmas Decorations, water jug, photograph frame etc:- One Box £5-10
1134.   Pure New Wool Crombie, Harris Tweed jacket. Moorbrook coat, etc. £10-20
1135.   A Collection of Over 150 LP's, 1960's and later, to include Stylistics, Mirielle Mathieu, Elvis, Simon and Garfunkel, Classic Rock, M.O.R. etc:- Four Boxes £15-25
1136.   An Italian Resin Christmas Nativity Figures:- One Box £15-30
1137.   Games, Pictures, Toys, Books, DVD's, etc:- Three Boxes £10-15
1138.   Wools, knitting accessories, linens, bag, etc: Two Boxes £15-25
1139.   A Wash Jug & Bowl, Wedgwood, Maddock and other plated ceramics, glass, bird scarer, etc:- One Box £10-15
1140.   Oxford Die Cast and Lledo box vehicles:- One box £20-30
1141.   Inkwells, cotton reels, mother of pearl shells, brass oil lamp, etc:- One Box £10-20
1142.   Royal Doulton 'Countess' Dinner Ware, of approximately fifty nine pieces, other by Churchill, commemorative plates. £30-40
1143.   Cut Glass Fruit Bowls, water jug, wine glasses, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1144.   A Scottish Hardstone Inset Brooch, oval moss agate cabochon set to the centre, within hardstone inset border (repair), stamped "Sterling Silver"; together with a hallmarked silver sword brooch, Birmingham 1932, stamped "IONA". (2) £20-30
1145.   A Haynes Vauxhall Victor FD Workshop Manual, Ford Corsair R.A.C manual, Haynes Hillman Hunter manual, etc:- One Box £5-10
1146.   A Set of Six Dwell Plastic Stacking Chairs, each one piece, in white with arched recess base. (6) £40-60
1147.   Royal Albert 'Silver Maple' Dinner and Tea Service, of approximately seventy seven pieces, gilt rim loss noted. £20-40
1148.   J. Rabone & Son Engineers Cylindrical Spirit Level, mounted on a rectangular iron base with smaller level to one end, 30.5cm long. £20-30
1149.   R & A Dresden Twelve Coffee Cups and Saucers, liqueur decanter, Aynsley posy, Derby pin tray etc:- One Tray £15-25
1150.   Two Aynsley, D Jones Spill Vases, Campana urn, (damaged), ginger jar, plates, trinket trays, etc, all with fruit design, some orchard gold:- One Tray £30-50
1151.   Ships Decanter, wine glasses, brandy glasses, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1152.   A 1930's Oak Dressing Stool, with salmon pink floral upholstery to dish seat, openwork carry handles to trestle supports united by stretcher. £20-30
1153.   A XIX Century Copeland Cabinet Plate, with a painted scene of (Lake of Brenne, France), Coalport plate painted with a loch scene, signed E.O. Ball; two further cabinet plates hand painted with flowers. (4) £50-80
1154.   XIX Century and Later Jelly Moulds, XIX turreted jelly mould, Shelley jelly mould, etc:- One Tray. £30-40
1155.   Royal Albert 'Silver Maple' Tea Ware of Twenty Pieces, including teapot, Royal Standard 'Camellia' coffee set, Aynsley 'Orchard Gold' plate. £20-30
1156.   Masons 'Mandally' Vase, Country Roses, trinket dish, etc:- One Tray. £15-20
1157.   Wedgwood ''Griffons' Dinner Service, of forty seven pieces silvered rim loss noted. £20-40
1158.   A XIX Century Derby Cup, Saucer, XIX Derby Iman pattern cup, saucer, XIX Staffordshire cottage, etc:- One Tray £25-45
1159.   Claret Jug, XIX Century mallet decanter, Waterford bon bon dish, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1160.   Murano Red Glass Table Lamp, with bubble inclusions, other paperweights, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1161.   A Moorcroft Pottery Plaque, in the 'Stargazer Lily' design by Vicky Lovatt, first quality, 24 x 20.5cm, framed. £150-180
1162.   A Lladro Figure of a Lady with Bovzoi Dog, number 4594, 39.3cm high. £30-50
1163.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Derngate' design by Emma Bossons, numbered edition 24, shape 161/11, first quality, impressed and painted marks, 30.5cm high. £160-200
1164.   A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, decorated in the 'Talwin' design by Nicola Slaney, first quality, impressed and painted marks, 16cm high. £130-150
1165.   A Lladro Figure, of a boy and dog, and a Lladro figure of a nun. (2) £30-50
1166.   A Murano Glass Table Lamp, with bubble inclusion; together with a pair of table lamps. (3) £20-30
1167.   Art Glass Free Form Bowl, with gilt rim, 54.5cm wide, Burlington character jug paperweight. (3) £15-30
1168.   A Victorian Style Dolls Pram, with turned wooden handle, scroll supports and iron base. £20-40
1169.   A Wedgwood Trinket Box, G.D.R continental candlesticks, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1170.   A French Studio Pottery Bowl, inscribed 'Atelea Anne J. Paul', painted with a bird, scroll and clef design to interior, 20cm diameter. £15-30
1171.   A Set of Five Wade Pigs; together with Noddy Boots by Enid Blyton:- One Tray £20-30
1172.   A Large Pair of XIX Century Blacksmiths Bellows, with iron nozzle, leather studded body, approximately 146cm in length. £50-70
1173.   Two 'Lladro Style' Figures of Young Ladies by D'Art and Tengrd, a Swarovski crystal rocking horse, (boxed with certificate), glass mantel clock, plated wine coaster and footed circular dish:- One Tray £15-25
1174.   A Paragon China Tea Service, all with floral decoration (twenty pieces:- One Tray £20-30
1175.   Wedgwood Jasperware, trinket box, vases, Arthur Wood vase, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1176.   A Pair of Carved Hardwood Oceanic Paddles, each with three graduated flowerheads to paddle, oval link body and three tine end, 141cm overall length. £30-50
1177.   Two Shufflebottom Signed Castle Plates, and two others similar; together with 1972 Duke of Windsor plate. (5) £10-20
1178.   A Twenty Piece XIX Century Part Dinner Service, comprising soup bowls, plates, tureens etc, white with green, gold edging, B7 Krautheim of Bavaria. £30-50
1179.   Sylvac Cat, Royal Worcester "Flat Mates" dog, "Ben" bunny rabbit, stamped 1026:- One Tray. £20-30
1180.   XIX Century Flight Barr Barr Vases, (damaged), Japanese tea service, XIX Century vases with hand painted floral decoration. £10-15
1181.   Cathiness Vase, pressed glass bowl, with plated twin candlesticks, etc:- One Tray. £10-20
1182.   Kaiser Porcelain "The Royal Silhouette Vase", boxed Shelley Coronation mug, George V and Mary Coronation biscuit barrel of King Edward, Queen Alexandra, with a plated handle and lid:- One Tray £25-45
1183.   T.G Green Cornish Ware Mixing Bowl, jug (cracked), rolling pin boy, Devon style salad Hors d'oeuvers, salt and pepper:- One Tray £15-25
1184.   A XIX Century Decanter, water jug, cake stand, cut glass basket etc:- One Tray £5-10
1185.   A Royal Standard 'Spring's Gift' Tea Ware, Shelly etc:- One Tray £15-25
1186.   A Royal Doulton "Rose Elegans" dinner, tea service, dinner plates, tureens, cups and saucers. £20-40
1187.   A Pair of Oak Barley Twist Candlesticks, Carlton ware bowl, Devon musical tankard, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1188.   Cut Glass Fruit Bowls, decanters, plated bowl, sundae dishes, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1189.   Six Aynsley China Model Elephants, teddy bear and pigs with watering can, vase, jars and covers - all in the Cottage Garden pattern:- One Tray £15-20
1190.   Sandland and Glass Biscuit Barrels, blue glass liqueur set, Honiton jug, salts, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1191.   Six Royal Albert Bone China Harlequin Trios, in pastel colours with floral decoration. £30-40
1192.   A Terracotta Pottery Garden Planter, in the form of a tree trunk, with four protruding apertures and pierced openings, approximately 48cm high. £30-50
1193.   A Moorcroft Pottery Plaque in 'The Golden Age of Steam' Design, designed by Paul Hilditch, limited edition 45/150, first quality, 22 x 45cm, framed. £500-550
1194.   A Hallmarked Silver Shoe Pin Cushion, A & LLd, Birmingham 1900, of Georgian style with central buckle (pin cushion deteriorated). £30-40
1195.   A Bernard Poitiers Art Glass Free Form Dish, 58.5cm wide, another with fold over end. (2) £30-50
1196.   A Sorrento Ware Wood Jewellery Casket, in the form of book-ends, having three inlaid swallows to hinged lid, secret lock, with key (lower end panel absent), 23cm wide. £30-40
1197.   Maling 'Rosine' Trinket Box, two dishes, Ducal butter dish, ceramic jugs, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1198.   A Carlton Ware Dish "Australia Design" XIX Century lustre jug, tureen etc:- One Tray £5-10
1199.   A 1930's Green Pressed Glass Table Centre, with maiden as centre piece, 21cm high. £20-30
1200.   A Late XIX Century Table Salt, the blue hardstone fluted oval bowl raised on a gilt metal foliate scroll footed base (bowl cracked and glued together), 6cm high. £20-30
1201.   A Royal Doulton Tea Service "Strathmore" Pattern, (twenty one pieces):- One Tray £20-30
1202.   Two Aynsley D. Jones Lidded Urns, of ovoid form the tallest 22cm high, two lidded jars, ginger jar and vase of hexagonal form, all with fruit design:- One Tray (6) £30-50
1203.   Wedgwood Jasper Ware Tea Service comprising teapot, sugar bowl, cream jug decorated with classical figures, cups and saucers, etc:- One Tray £50-100
1204.   A David Geenty 'On Parade' Figure, Heredities 'Single Racehorse' Fred Stone black stallion returns. £15-20
1205.   Wedgwood Yellow Glass Mantel Clock, paperweights, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1206.   Wadeheath Ware Wall Pocket, Arthur Wood "Astoria" lustre bowl, with floral decoration etc:- One Tray £10-15
1207.   Two Pink Tinted Freeform Glass Bowls, a similar vase and an opaque glass bowl with pink tinted wavy rim etc:- One Tray £20-30
1208.   An Empire 'Lilac Time' Coffee Service, pattern no 5198 comprising coffee pot, cream jug, sugar basin and six coffee cups and saucers. £30-50
1209.   Carlton Ware Octagonal Trinket Box, with Chinoiserie Decoration, hexagonal chamberstick's, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1210.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of extended ovoid form, painted with exotic plants and foliage against a shaded dark green ivory ground, impressed mark and painted artists monogram, boxed, 19cm high. £80-120
1211.   Royal Copenhagen Girl Holding a Doll 3539, Lladro sleeping child. £15-25
1212.   A Circa 1950's Murano Fish Aquarium Block Sculpture, in the style of Riccardo, Licata, with aventurine angel fish amongst reeds, 9.5cms high. £30-50
1213.   A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern Wall Plates; together with a Royal Crown Derby vase. (3) £20-40
1214.   A Mark Mathews Paperweight, of squat globular form, decorated with abstract white swirls on a green lustre body, rough pontil, etched signature to base. £20-30
1215.   Beswick Betrix Potter 'Hunca Munca' and 'Mrs Flopsy Bunny' with silvered back stamps, three brown back stamps examples and Goose 56-2 (6) £20-40
1216.   A Metal Model of a Newport Sloop, standing on a naturalistic coral base, limited edition 1/8, signed, 40cm high. £20-30
1217.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Lidded Jar, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Puriri Tree' pattern against an ivory and dark blue ground, impressed mark and painted artist monogram, in box, 15.5cm high. £80-120
1218.   An Arts & Crafts Copper Ceiling Light in the Glasgow School Manner, with spreading canopy, the blue and amethyst glass panels with Greek PHI overlay, 35cm high overall. £30-50
1219.   Six Aynsley Orchard Gold Coffee Cans and Saucers, N Brunt - bell, pair vases, hexagonal tooth pick holder, pin trays, pepperette. £30-50
1220.   David Anderson (Willy Winnaess); A Pair of Norwegian Enamel Clip Earrings, of stylised twin leaf design, highlighted in red, stamped "D-A 925S" "Sterling Silver"; together with a vintage costume pendant on chain as an articulated cowboy. £30-40
1221.   A Lladro Figure, of a girl with a cat, and girl with a dog, another of a donkey. (3) £30-50
1222.   A Moorcroft Pottery Plaque, decorated in the 'Sleeping Beauty' design by Vicky Lovatt, numbered edition 117, first quality, 29.5 x 19cm, framed. £250-280
1223.   A 1930's Blue Pressed Glass Table Centre, with rose frosted bowl, four cherubs support on octagonal base, reg No. 756470 £20-40
1224.   An Art Nouveau Style Fairy Brooch, of stylised design holding a flower, with inset highlights, stamped "925". £20-30
1225.   Chinese Nanking Cargo, a blue-white tea-bowl and saucer, with a Spinks receipt, pair of soapstone figures:- One Tray £30-50
1226.   King China Tea Service of Twenty One Pieces, Doulton figurine Lambing Time HN 1890 (chip to hat). One tray. £15-25
1227.   Early XX Century Liqueur Glass, with gilding to octagonal bowl, paperweight / lens, inkwell other glassware:- One Tray £15-30
1228.   A Late XX Century Cranberry Glass Oil Bottle, jug, vase and bowl. £30-40
1229.   Beswick Foal, Moorcroft bowl (cracked), Devon bowl and ladle, Carlton Weimar, Wade, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1230.   A Royal Doulton China Coffee Service, "Sonnet" pattern, twenty four pieces:- One Tray £20-40
1231.   Scent Bottles, Caithness paperweights, other paperweights, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1232.   A XIX Century Cranberry Glass Dish, water jug and tumblers, water jug, celery vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1233.   Continental Figures of Seated Ladies, with crinoline dresses, other continental figures, etc:- One Tray. £15-20
1234.   A Collection of Aynsley Cottage Garden Decorative China, vases, jar and cover, cup, pin dishes, shallow dishes etc:- One Tray £10-20
1235.   Three Losol 'Denman' Graduated Jugs, pair XIX Century Staffordshire dogs. £20-30
1236.   A Capo di Monte Tea and Coffee Set, moulded in relief with cherubs in garden settings highlighted and with gilt interiors, comprising tea pot, six tea cups and saucers, coffee pot and six coffee cups and saucers, sugar basins and milk jugs. £30-40
1237.   An Art Glass Free Form Bowl, 64cm wide, another of ribbed form. (2) £30-40
1238.   A Moorcroft Pottery Bowl, decorated in the 'Talwin' design by Nicola Slaney, first quality, impressed and painted marks, 28.5cm diameter. £180-220
1239.   Two Lladro Figure's, of a girl holding a lamb in her arms, and a girl holding a candle. (2) £20-40
1240.   A Pinder Bros Art Deco Plated Four Piece Tea Set, each of plain tapering octagonal form, on spreading base, stamped "M787" and "P5173". (4) £30-40
1241.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Talwin' design by Nicola Slaney, first quality, shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks, 11cm high. £90-110
1242.   A Restaurant Pine Novelty Carved as a Pig, wearing chef's uniform, standing upright on square base with canted corners (tail absent), 63cm high. £30-50
1243.   A Lladro Figure of a Young Girl Resting Beside a Tree Stump, with three geese, on naturalistic base, 26cm long. £40-50
1244.   A Hardwood Woodworkers Bench, with vice to end and side, all on a pine base, 66.5cm high. £30-50
1245.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Queens Choice' design by Emma Bossons, first quality, impressed and painted marks, 24cm high. £200-250
1246.   Aynsley Porcelain, a pair of bookends of Mr Pickwick and Mr Micawber. £20-40
1247.   A Caithness Hand Blown Ovoid Vase by Denis Mann, the golden flecked base and blue upper reflecting the sand and sky, wheel engraved with two seagulls, etched to base 'Gulls' and DMG '85; together with two further Caithness vases in amethyst. (3) £30-40
1248.   CWC; A Military Style Gent's Wristwatch, the signed black dial with white Arabic numerals and centre seconds, the case back stamped "6645-99" "5415317" and engraved "44598", on fabric strap. £20-30
1249.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Rennie Rose' (blue) design by Rachel Bishop, first quality, shape 75/10, impressed and painted marks, 27.5cm high. £150-180
1250.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Wynbunbury Moss' design by Kerry Goodwin, first quality, limited edition 10/15, shape 869/6, impressed and painted marks, 16cm high. £200-240
1251.   Two Lladro Figures of Young Children, in night dresses. (2) £15-20
1252.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Buchanan' design by Nicola Slaney, numbered edition 13, shape 159/10 first quality, impressed and painted marks, 25.5cm high. £100-140
1253.   Islamic Style Ewer, 23.5cm high and Burlington Art Deco vase, (cracked). (2) £10-20
1254.   A Lladro Figure of a Girl, sweeping leaves beside a lamp post. £40-60
1255.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Mischievous Mice' design by Kerry Goodwin, first quality, limited edition 16/25, shape 101/7, impressed and painted marks, 19cm high. £200-240
1256.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Forever England' design by Vicky Lovatt, first quality, shape 62/7, impressed and painted marks, 20.5cm high. £170-190
1257.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Bellahouston' design by Emma Bossons, first quality, shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks, 11cm high. £80-120
1258.   Six Modern Gent's Wristwatches, contained in a Constantin Weisz fitted watch case. £20-40
1259.   A Moorcroft Pottery Jug, decorated in the 'Rennie Rose' (blue) design by Rachel Bishop, first quality, impressed and painted marks, 18.5cm high. £100-120
1260.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Snowsong' design by Rachel Bishop, first quality, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. £80-120
1261.   A Victorian Mourning Ribbon Bracelet, with openwork initialled panel, highlighted in white enamel, together with a marcasite set and other brooches, fresh water pearl necklace compass etc, contained in a jewellery box. £30-50
1262.   A Moorcroft Pottery Jug, decorated in the 'Swan Song' design by Kerry Goodwin, first quality, numbered edition 29, impressed and painted marks, 18.5cm high. £100-130
1263.   A XIX Century Scrooge Decanter, with a silver collar; together with a ships decanter, with a silver collar. (2) £40-60
1264.   A Mid XX Century Bronze Figure of a Stylised Donkey, gilt highlights, unmarked, possibly Walter Bosse Hagenauer, 9cm high. £30-40
1265.   A Porcelain Trinket Box, painted with flowers on a green ground, gilt highlights. £25-45
1266.   A Miniature Lalique Perfume Bottle, with half moon shaped stopper, partial contents, 5cm high. £15-20
1267.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Modernity' design by Emma Bossons, first quality, shape 102/3, impressed and painted marks, 9.5cm high. £50-70
1268.   A Miniature Hallmarked Silver Mounted Freestanding Photograph Frame, London 1983, of Victorian style with twin rectangular apertures, 6.5cm high; together with a 9ct gold single stone pendant, oval collet set. (2) £30-40
1269.   Royal Doulton Figurine 'The Leisure Hour', (slight chip to book); Coalport Ladies of Fashion Figurine 'Barbara Ann' and 'Lady Alice'. (3) £35-45
1270.   A Royal Doulton "Balloon Lady" H.N 2935, XIX Century Horn Beaker, plated basket in the form of a shell, silver inkwell, (damaged). (4) £15-20
1271.   A Doulton Burslem Pepper Pot, with initials on base, E.W. (Emily Welch). £20-30
1272.   Ivar T. Holth; A Norwegian Openwork Brooch, highlighted in blue enamel, stamped "925S" "Sterling Silver". £40-60
1273.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, decorated in the 'Bellahouston' design by Emma Bossons, first quality, shape 3/4, impressed and painted marks,10cm high. £70-90
1274.   A Moorcroft Pottery Jug, decorated in the 'Cornish Heath' design by Vicky Lovatt, first quality, limited edition 26/40, impressed and painted marks, 18.5cm high. £130-150
1275.   A Modern Mount Royal Openface Pocketwatch, in original box with stand and chain; together with a modern gent's wristwatch commemorating 7th February 1996 New York to London 2hrs 52mins 59 seconds world record. (2) £30-50
1276.   Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, beads, etc:- One Box £10-15
1276A.  Citizen Eco Drive Red Crown WR 100 Gent's Wristwatch, ref: B612-SO87899; together with an Ocean Adventurer gent's wristwatch. (2) £40-60
1277.   Seiko, Citizen, Limit, Lanco and Other Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches. £15-25
1277A.  Sheaffer 12K G.F Twin Pen Set, Waterman pen, JPS lighter. £15-30
1278.   A Silver Tapering Spill Vase, of circular form on weighted base, Chester hallmark, two silver rimmed salts, white metal novelty spoons £20-40
1279.   An Art Deco Compact, with fitted interior for lipstick, powder, blush and comb; together with a Niello style rectangular cigarette/trinket box. (2) £10-20
1280.   Danbury Mint "The Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Watch", in original box; together with a modern Royal Navy gent's wristwatch, with concealed compass, in original box. (2) £20-40
1281.   Diamanté Open Heart Pendant, bracelets, cross earrings, beads, bangle, dress rings, etc, contained in a jewellery box. £15-25
1282.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted and Tortoiseshell Lidded Trinket Box, of oval form, raised on four legs; together with a hallmarked silver and tortoiseshell lidded glass tidy jar and pair of plated pots. (4) £40-60
1283.   Twelve Assorted Pocketwatch Dials/Movements, all with Roman numerals, some with seconds subsidiary dial (spares/repairs), (damages). £20-30
1284.   A Lemon Glass Faceted Bead Necklace, two long polished hardstone bead necklaces, clear glass faceted bead necklace, etc. £20-40
1285.   Accurist Gent's Wristwatch, ladies wristwatches, "Best Dad in the World" cufflinks in "Father of the Bride" case, luggage labels, Golden Shred enamel badge etc. £15-25
1286.   A Silver Plated Belt, with oval pierced foliate panels, two plated pierced belt centre pieces, beaded bag. £15-30
1287.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery including "Neiger Brothers" Glass Bead Necklaces, assorted brooches, costume watches etc. £10-20
1288.   A Norwegian Easy Chair by Soda Galvano, teak framed with adjustable action, green leather seat, back and arms, labelled under seat '6270 Brattvag Tlf Nr. 70 21 55 on five star base. £80-120
1289.   Costume Brooches, beads, earrings, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1290.   A XIX Century Cast Iron Ornament, of cruciform shape with triform terminals and all-over pierced work, in the ecclesiastical manner, 134cm high. £20-40
1291.   A Plated Bowl, bon-bon dish, early XX Century chrome table lamp, tea service:- One Tray £10-15
1292.   A Mid XX Century Straw Filled Seated Dog, well loved, with replacement ears and tail, with leather collar. £15-25
1293.   Vintage and Later Costume Jewellery, including brooches, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1294.   A Decorative Plated Footed Bonbon Dish, of hexagonal design, raised on openwork legs; together with a plated teapot, cruet set, goblet, hot water pot etc. £10-15
1295.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including fresh water pearls, brooches, beads, buttons, chains, rings, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1296.   A Chinese Cloisonné Bowl, with foliate and bird decoration on a deep red ground, 15.5cm diameter. £10-15
1297.   E.P. Dessert Spoons, serving spoons, sugar tongs, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1298.   Three Two Blade Folding Pocket Knives, including George Wostenholm, Rodgers, etc; together with a King George V and Queen Mary souvenir pocket knife, etc. (6) £30-50
1299.   Dunhill: A "Dunhill 70" Gold Plated "Barley" Effect Lighter, all over textured design, in original box with instruction booklet. £40-60
1300.   A Hallmarked Silver Wedgwood Cameo Circular Box, inset with three colour jasper portrait of George Washington to mark the bi-centennial 1776-1976, no 227/500 with certificate, Spode thimble, miniature, etc. £20-30
1301.   Elizabeth II 2002 Five Pounds Coin, Victoria 1889 Crown, 1977 commemorative coins, 1980 Isle of Man One Pound etc. £15-25
1302.   Dupont Gold and Silver Plated Cigarette Lighters, with all over textured decoration. (2) £40-60
1303.   A Schuco Scent Bottle, in the form of a jointed monkey, (12cms). £80-120
1304.   Eight Assorted Pocket and Fob Watch Dials/Movements, (damages); together with further movements (spares/repairs). £15-25
1305.   Ingersoll Nurse's Watch; together with a collection of assorted ladies pendant style watches. £20-40
1306.   Ingersoll Crown, Ardan, Grand Prix Super De luxe and Other Vintage Wristwatch Heads, (no straps). £15-20
1307.   A Collection of Assorted Openface Pocketwatches, including American Waltham Watch Co, Champion, Amida, Pinnacle, Stirling Quality, Jadtime, etc, (damages). £50-70
1308.   Twelve Assorted Pocketwatch Dials/Movements, all with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (spares/repairs), (damages). £20-30
1309.   *COLLECTED BACK 24/08/18*
Ebel; A 1187141 Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals, centre seconds and date aperture, to integral two tone wave bracelet (damaged), in original pouch. £150-200
1310.   Accurist, Seiko, Roamer, MuDu and Other Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches. £15-20
1311.   Zenith Acropolis; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed white dial with line markers and date aperture, to integral two tone bracelet, in original box with guarantee card dated 12.11.91; together with a Zenith Academy gent's wristwatch. (2) £40-60
1312.   Rotary; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, ref: GB00143/25, in rose gold colour, the signed dial with three subsidiary dials and date aperture, in original box with spare bracelet links. £40-60
1313.   A 9ct Gold Ladies Watch the White Enamel Dial with Black Roman Numerals, retailers name "Jays Brighton" to the dial, in original retailers box, engraved to the reverse with a stylised monogram and dated "25.9.15". £80-100
1314.   A Ladies 9ct Gold Wristwatch with Rolex Case and Movement, white enamel dial with Roman Numerals, lacking glass. £50-70
1315.   Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Writstwatch,the signed cushion dial with baton markers, to integral textured tapering bracelet. £80-120
1316.   Mondaine; A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and centre seconds, on later expanding bracelet. £20-30
1317.   Longines: A 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with gold baton markers, to a gold plated bracelet. The reverse of the case engraved "Whitbread & Co Ltd. Mrs M.E Beardshaw in Recognition of 35 Years Service". £80-100
1318.   Sekonda; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, ref: 3338, the black dial with centre seconds and date aperture; together with a gent's Sekonda 3350, in original box. (2) £30-50
1319.   Carronade ; A Modern Gold Plated Cased half hunter Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black and red Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case. £15-25
1320.   A Hallmarked Silver Capstan Style Ink Well, of plain circular form, base 8.6cm diameter. £20-30
1321.   A Hallmarked Silver Spill Vase, of plain tapering form with flared rim, together with two hallmarked silver pepperetts, a salt and a mustard (lacking lid). (5) £25-40
1322.   A Large Collection of Assorted Condiment Spoons, including decorative NC&Co salt spoon. £15-25
1323.   A Hallmarked Silver Engine Turned Pencil, "Yard-O-Led", a hallmarked silver topped glass scent bottle (damaged/lacking lid), a hallmarked silver lid, a Chester hallmarked silver case containing folding scissors, two thimbles and a stickpin. (7) £30-50
1324.   A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, Adie Bros, Birmingham, 1957, of rectangular form, allover engine turned, bearing Omega logo, 15.5cm wide. £30-50
1325.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Globular Cut Glass Bottle, with back top stopper; together with a novelty ashtray/vesta holder with applied pig. (2) £30-50
1326.   A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Tea Knives, with geometric detail, together with a set of six hallmarked silver coffee spoons, "Rolex Lugano" and other souvenir spoons, hallmarked silver sugar tongs etc. £30-50
1327.   A Hallmarked Silver Jug, Walker & Hall, of plain form with bead and reel border, raised on three hoof feet; together with a hallmarked silver handled cake slice. (2) £20-30
1328.   A Collection of Assorted Hallmarked Silver Medallion Pendants, including 'Hall-Dalwood shield G.Sissons 1917", "PSA", "ATC 1930-1 G.Stanley". £40-60
1329.   A Hallmarked Silver Seven Bar Toast Rack, HE Ltd, Sheffield 1914, of plain design, raised on four bun feet. £25-30
1330.   A Chester Hallmarked Silver Stamp Box, 1901 , with sloping glazed hinged lid, 3.8cm wide. £30-50
1331.   A Two Blade Folding Pocket Knife, with button hook, the hallmarked silver scales engine turned and engraved "W. Fletcher". £25-40
1331A.  A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Trinket Box, Walker & Hall, of circular form, the hinged lid detailed with engraved garland, plush lined, raised on three pad feet, 9.1cm wide. £40-60
1332.   A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, Birmingham 1919, of plain rounded rectangular form, initialled "RH". £15-25
1333.   A XIX Century Novelty Miniature Football, with screw end (possibly a pepperette) stamped "Rd No 203027". £30-50
1334.   A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Folding Fruit Knife; together with a pickle fork and a bottle coaster, bearing facsimile crest. £15-25
1335.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Coaster, inset with circular marquetry panel of a lady sitting, raised on three leaf capped paw feet, 6.9cm diameter. £50-70
1336.   A U.S.A 1921 Morgan Type Dollar, with applied scroll pendant loop; together with a curb link chain. £30-50
1337.   A Hallmarked Silver Waiter, JD&S, Sheffield 1962, "Presented to "Ting" Bell on the occasion of His 70th Birthday by his friends in the British Paper Box Federation, North Eastern Region, as a token of friendship and in recognition of his services to the Federation", 20.4cm diameter. £70-100
1338.   A Matched Set of Six Britannia Standard Silver Teaspoons, initialled with matching tongs, in a fitted case. £60-80
1339.   A Hallmarked Silver Dish, JD&S, Sheffield 1907, of navette shape with beaded edge and garland swag decoration, 16cm long. £30-50
1340.   Two Decorative Folding Pocket/Penknives, one with button hook, both with shaped textured mother of pearl scales. (2) £20-40
1341.   A Hallmarked Silver Topped Cut Glass Scent Bottle, with pull off cover; together with a hallmarked silver lidded glass trinket pot, of elongated form with ribbon and reed boarder. (2) £30-50
1342.   A Gold Plated Lorgnette (Quizzing Glass), with handle designed as a "Heracles Knot"; together with a pair of pince-nez in leather case. £20-30
1343.   A Three Stone Diamond Ring, the graduated old cut stone rubover set between crossover shoulders, stamped "18ct". £80-100
1344.   A Five Stone Diamond Ring of Boat Shape, set throughout with graduated old cut stones; together with a 22ct Wedding Band (damage), a paste set ring stamped, "9ct Gold & Sil", a marcasite band ring etc. (6) £50-80
1345.   A Clogau Ring, of pierced leaf scroll design to the front, indistinctly stamped, in original box. £40-60
1346.   A Modern Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone (surface break/chip) six claw set, stamped "1.00" "750". £400-600
1347.   A 9ct Gold and Garnet Dress Ring set with Seed Pearls, comprising three graduated garnet stones claw set between pearl accents, scroll design to the gallery and shoulders, in original vintage box. £40-60
1348.   An 18ct Gold Emerald and Diamond Five Stone Ring, alternately set. £60-80
1349.   A Modern Dress Ring, claw set to the centre, with inset diamond highlights, stamped "9K" "DIA". £50-80
1350.   A Diamond Cluster Ring, of flower head design, claw set, stamped "750". £80-120
1351.   A Diamond Set Dress Ring, the heart shape panel star set to the centre with an old cut stone, stamped "18ct". £80-100
1352.   A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "375", together with a two stone ring (lacking one stone). (2) £30-50
1353.   A 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, claw set; together with an inset band, of textured design, stamped "9ct". (2) £40-50
1354.   Two Modern 9ct White Gold Dress Rings; together with three stone set rings stamped "925". (5) £30-50
1355.   A Modern 9ct Gold Three Stone Dress Ring, claw set; together with another 9ct gold ring, a three stone ring stamped "925" and another. (4) £30-50
1356.   A Solid Curb Link Bracelet, to heart shape padlock style clasp stamped "Silver". £20-30
1357.   A 9ct Gold Edwardian Style Open work Pendant, of scroll design with collet set highlights; together with a fancy link chain suspending pendant. £30-50
1358.   A Modern Necklace, of graduated open ware design, stamped "375". £30-50
1359.   A 9ct Gold Fancy Link Chain, suspending "Nan" pendant. £25-40
1360.   A 9ct Gold Ingot Pendant, on a chain. £30-50
1361.   A 9ct Gold Gate Link Style Bracelet, to heart shape padlock style clasp. £60-80
1362.   A Modern 9ct Gold Art Deco Style Pendant, oval collet rubover set to the centre, with claw set highlights below; together with pair of matching earrings. £50-70
1363.   A 9ct Gold Amethyst Dress Ring, a Smoky Quartz 9ct Gold Ring and a 9ct Gold Garnet Cluster Ring; together with two other multi-stone rings. (5) £70-100
1364.   A Modern Ruby Set Line Bracelet, of uniform design, gilt, stamped "925"; (with original clasp). £20-40
1365.   A Fancy Link Bracelet, suspending three larger pendants, each with applied cabochon highlights, to hook clasp indistinctly stamped "ITALY". £20-40
1366.   An Edwardian Peridot and Pearl Brooch in Original Box; together with a Quartz "Cairngorm" style Stickpin (boxed). £60-80
1367.   A 9ct Gold Victorian Swallow Brooch, of bar shaped design with sphere-shaped terminals; a 9ct Gold plain wedding band; together with a stickpin with chased terminal and a stickpin with "nugget" terminal. £40-60
1368.   A Pair of Modern 18ct White Gold Earstuds, of two tone design; together with a pair of 18ct gold earstuds of two tone design with inset highlights and a pair of 1855 four pence coin earrings. £70-100
1369.   A Sterling Silver Wedgwood Jasperware Pendant with Chain (Boxed); together with two similar Sterling Silver Wedgwood jasperware pendants (boxed); a Sterling Silver and Turquoise knot brooch together with a heart-shaped locket (boxed); a ring; a naval pin; a cameo costume brooch etc. £30-50
1370.   A Mixed Lot of Costume Jewellery and Watches; including a "LACO" Gold Plated Ladies Miniature Purse-sized Travel Clock; Two Ladies Gold Plated Costume Watches, a paste set ring, etc. £20-40
1371.   A Graduated Curb link Albert Chain, to swivel style clasp, suspending T-Bar and coin pendant, together with another curb link chain, suspending medallion pendant. (2) £30-50
1372.   A Modern Dress Ring, oval four claw set to the centre, between crossover shoulders, stamped "375"; together with a single stone ring, rectangular claw set, stamped "9ct". (2) £40-60
1373.   A Pair of Modern 9ct Gold Green Amethyst and Diamond Set Earrings, oval claw set below inset line surmount, complete with certificate. £20-40
1374.   A Modern 9ct Gold Green Amethyst and Diamond Set Dress Ring, complete with certificate. £30-50
1375.   A Modern 9ct Gold Diamond Set Ring, of crossover design, complete with certificate. £40-60
1376.   A 22ct Gold Wedding Ring; together with 9ct Rose Gold Wedding Band in a leather thimble box. £80-100
1377.   A Fancy Link Chain, suspending T-Bar, together with another chain, with double swivel style clasp and a single stone gents ring, and a pair of modern gent's cufflink's. £20-40
1379.   A 9ct Gold Bangle, engine turned. £30-50
1380.   A Hallmarked Silver Curb Link Identity Bracelet, "Anne", St Christopher pendants on chains, pink and marcasite set pendant, etc. £25-40
1381.   A Modern Necklace, stamped "375", together with "925" and other bangles, brooches, dress ring, charm and other pendants, graduated necklace, 9ct gold chain (damaged) etc. £30-50
1382.   A Victorian Bracelet, of wide geometric design, to concealed snap clasp. £20-30
1383.   Ruskin Style Ceramic Panel Brooches, Wedgwood Jasperware, earrings, banded agate brooch, jet brooch, etc. £20-40
1384.   A Double Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to hallmarked silver padlock clasp, suspending seven novelty charm pendants; together with a modern CZ set bangle stamped "925", a shell inset cuff bangle stamped "Mexico", an oak leaf brooch, etc. £15-25
1385.   A 9ct Gold Cameo Brooch depicting "The Three Graces", in rope edged surround; together with a pair of modern 9ct Gold and Cultured Pearl ear studs. £30-50
1386.   Twig Coral Necklaces, black bead necklace, buttons, fish pendant, etc. £20-40
1387.   A Modern 9ct White Gold Diamond Set Pendant, with certificate; together with a pair of Alexandrite earrings, a rubellite pendant and another. £30-50
1388.   A Fancy Link Albertina, with twisted T-bar, together with a marquisette set bracelet. (2) £20-30
1389.   A Graduated Curb Link Ablert Chain, to single swivel style clasp, suspending T-bar. £30-50
1390.   A Double Curb Link Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, and enamel souvenir shields. £20-30
1391.   Wedgwood Blue and White Jasperware Panel Pendant, souvenir brooch, cameo pendant/brooch, dress ring, etc, contained in a wooden trinket box. £15-20
1392.   A Hallmarked Silver Cross Shaped Medallion Pendant, with vacant circular centre; together with assorted "925" and other pendants and five dress rings, contained in a zipped travel case. £20-40
1393.   XIX Century Jet and Other Brooches, filigree panel earrings, vintage green necklace, tie slide, single strand pearl bead necklace, coral earrings, XIX Century oval shell cameo brooch with glazed locket verso, etc. £30-50
1394.   Cameo and Other Brooches, Maltese cross style pendant, claw set throughout, heart shape locket pendant, earrings, etc. £20-30
1395.   "925" Rings, a gilt single stone ring stamped "925", open heart bracelet, souvenir brooch, enamel coin, etc, contained in a painted wood jewellery box. £20-30
1396.   Medallion Pendant, inscribed "1906", CZ set pendants stamped "925", marcasite set brooch, stick pins, etc, contained in a jewellery box with embroidered lid. £15-20
1397.   Peruvian Coin Drop Earrings, micromosaic bar brooch, Eiffel Tower souvenir brooch, articulated teddy bear earrings and brooch, bell pendant, XIX Century snuff box, Finnish Kalevala Koru pendant, etc. £30-50
1398.   Costume Brooches, vintage bead necklaces, etc; together with a black travelling jewellery case. £15-20
1399.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including meat knives, fish servers, decorative fish knives and forks, fish servers, tea strainer, etc:- One Box £15-25
1400.   Butler & Wilson Owl Brooch, blue and white diamanté necklace, retro vintage clip earrings, bone china trinket pot, single stone dress ring, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1401.   A Plated Three Piece Tea Set, initialled "F&J.B"; together with an oval stand and a circular plated gallery tray, with floral decoration. (5) £20-40
1402.   A Large Collection of Assorted Wristwatch Movements, dials, pocketwatch glasses, six vintage gent's wristwatch heads (no straps), etc:- One Tray £30-50
1403.   Vintage and Later Costume Bead Necklaces, and trimmings:- One Tray £15-20
1404.   A Pair of Blue Flecked Glass Spill Vases, having silver rims 20cm high. Bohemia & Dartington paperweights, cutlery:- One tray £20-40
1405.   A XIX Century Presentation Trowel, with silver ferrule and ivorine handle (cased), a similar crumb scoop. (2) £15-30
1406.   Vintage Costume Charm Bracelets, faceted bead necklaces, diamanté bracelets, flowerhead bracelet, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1407.   A Large Hallmarked Silver Mounted Photograph Frame, DSS, Sheffield 1985, of plain rectangular design, on easel back, overall height 31cm. £40-60
1408.   Eight Modern Assorted Gent's Wristwatches, including Softtech, Landmark, Tavistock & Jones, etc, boxed. £20-40
1409.   Assorted Costume Jewellery, including panel bracelets, big cat necklace on display bust, brooches, earrings, beads, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1410.   A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches:- One Tray £15-20
1411.   A Collection of Assorted Dress Rings, in a glazed display case. £10-20
1412.   A Pair of Graduated Plated Sauce Boats, each with gadrooned edge and leaf capped flying scroll handle, on oval spreading base; together with a large plated sauce boat, with wavy cut edge and flying scroll handle, raised on three shell capped paw feet, a pair of plain sauce boats, initialled "B" and other, of modernist design. (6) £20-40
1413.   Bulova; A Modern 98A142 Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with three subsidiary dials, on original strap; together with an Earnshaw automatic gent's wristwatch and a Stauer octagonal case wristwatch in original box. (3) £40-60
1414.   Plated Basket, comport, sundaes:- One Tray £15-25
1415.   Grey Fresh Water Pearl Bead Necklaces, owl pendants, bangles, bracelets, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1416.   Beads, bangles, necklaces, etc, contained in a plush lidded box. £10-15
1417.   Arthur Price Canteen of Cutlery, '18-10', fifty six pieces. £30-40
1418.   Riviera, Limit, Astron, Eden and Modern Gold Plated Gent's Wristwatches, boxed. (6) £20-40
1419.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including modern CZ set necklace of scalloped design, stamped "925", bead necklaces, bracelet, pendants, jewellery box, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1419A.  An XVII Century Chinese Teapot, with floral decoration (damages), three piece plated tea service, E.P.B.M, teapot, pair of XIX Century painted glass vases, etc:- One Tray £25-45
1419B.  A Georgian Glass Oil Bottle, with hinged lid (damaged) and high reeded loop handle; together with a plated mounted purple glass cruet set on stand, a swing cruet set on stand, a swing handled sugar basket with pressed glass liner and a butter dish, on stand with swing handle. (4) £15-20
1419C.  A Hallmarked Silver Five Piece Cruet Set, comprising pair of salts, pair of pepperettes and a lidded mustard, each with wavy cut edge, raised on shell capped shell feet, with three spoons, in original fitted case, together with a circular plated tray, a cased set of cake forks etc. £30-50
1419D.  E & Co Large Plated Crumb Brush, letter rack, quantity of cutlery. £15-30
1419E.  Twelve Assorted Pocketwatch Dials/Movements, all with Roman numerals, some with seconds subsidiary dial (spares/repairs), (damages). £20-30
1419F.  A Collection of Assorted Albert and Other Chains. £30-50
1419G.  A Large Collection of Assorted Sugar Tongs, including fiddle pattern, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1419H.  A Matched Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Bachelor's Tea Set, jug and sugar bowl SWS, London 1887, (teapot marks rubbed) each of oval semi reeded form with gadrooned edge; together with a similar plated hot water pot. (4) £70-100
1419J.  A Churchill Mint Set of Six Wedgwood Jasperware Tricolour Teaspoons, in a fitted case (lacking paperwork). £60-80
1419K.  A Mother of Pearl and Steel Sewing Accessories Set, (boxed); a Mauchline ware tape measure holder (damaged), a silver fruit knife; a silver vesta case (damaged); a Chinese papier mache powder box; sovereign scales, etc. £20-30
1419L.  Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, chains, bangle, bracelets, rings, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1419M.  An EPNS Cigarette Style Box, inscribed inside "To Tony 13th March 1962 Ida and Bert", together with a plated jug, meat skewer, gilt apostle serving spoon, wine taster, hallmarked silver and other napkin rings etc. (8) £8-12
1420.   A Collection of First Day Covers in an Album, including a 1963 Red Cross set of stamps on a airmail cover to South Africa, to QEII Sixtieth Birthday 1986. Eighty mainly un-addressed covers. A nice clean lot. £40-70
1421.   An Interesting Collection of First Day Covers, mainly from Southern Africa including Venda Ciskei, South Africa, noted Bophuthatswana Mafeking 1985. Bechuanaland 1961 first day cover with full set of fourteen stamps over forty covers.
1422.   Two Great Britain Windsor Albums, sparsely filled from 1840 to 1980's with line engraved surface printed to Queen Elizabeth 60th Birthday albums and leaves in very good condition. £20-40
1423.   A Collection of Sixty Benham Great Britain Covers From Christmas 1996 Through to 2000, including definitive's, commemorative's and a coin cover of Princess Diana 1998 in a Royal Mail cover album. £25-40
1424.   A Box Containing Over Four Hundred Great Britain and Some New Zealand First Day Covers, including earlier Queen Elizabeth 1953 Coronation, 1963 Red Cross, 1963 Compac, etc. Some duplication with covers ranging from 1937 to 1980's. £20-30
1425.   A Nice Collection of GB First Day Covers, from Astronomy 2002 to Northern Ireland in a Royal Mail Album, good condition throughout. seventy two covers; A Further Collection of Sixty Two First Day Covers, in a Royal Mail album, from Princess Diana 1998 to the Bridges of London 2002, noted 1999 Princess Diana numismatic cover with £5 coin. A nice lot. £30-50
1426.   An Album of World Covers Some First Day with Many Air Mail Covers Present, noted Brazil and Argentina mainly 1970's, United States examined by Censor and a cover cancelled, 1907 and a few from Europe, over 100 covers. £25-50
1427.   An Album of One Hundred and Thirty Covers, postcards, postal stationery from around the world including New Zealand and The United States of America, Brazil, Ceylon, KUT, etc, many Airmail. £20-30
1428.   An Album of Eighty First Day and Commemorative Covers, flown covers some signed including Air Vice Marshal G C Cairns, most covers for Great Britain and all have British Forces postal service cancellations. £25-40
1429.   Over One Hundred Great Britain Flown Covers and Commemorative Covers, from 1971 to 1998, some signed and there are a number of interesting hand stamped marks including 'To Pay' and 'Flown in a Lightning', some duplication.
1430.   A Box of First Day and Commercial Covers, mainly G.B, but Channel Island War Time Covers from 1943, G.B covers 1970's to 2000 with a little duplication. Some with railway interest, one hundred and fifty covers and a small amount of decimal mint stamps face value over £30. £30-50
1431.   A Collection of Seventy Four Flown Great Britain Covers, many Signed Celebrating Notable Events Such as the John O Groats to Lands End Record, Signed Wing Commander Brady, formation of Bomber Command signatory E Cummings DFM. £30-50
1432.   An album 'Maritime England' Containing a Collection of Benham Covers, cards and Royal Mail first day covers depicting a total of over seventy items, showing some nice cancellation, noted House of Lords, Lloyds of London, Trafalgar Square London, etc. £40-60
1433.   A Box of Great Britain First Day and Flown Covers, Royal Air Force catalogue, post cards and photographs of aircraft, includes GB covers from 1979 and over one 110 flown covers some signed, signatures include Lord of Abbots-Hay and Major General Frost CB, ASO. An interesting lot with over 200 items. £50-100
1434.   Forty Flown GB Covers Celebrating Postal Transport Through the Ages, including foot, horse carriage etc, and Battle of Britain covers,many of the covers are signed and signatories include Squadron Leader J R Maitland, Group Captain J C Sprent. £20-40
1435.   An Album Containing Thirty Nine GB Flown Covers Celebrating The Lives of The Marshals of the Royal Air Force, all are signed with signatories including Air Commodore C W Bruce OBE, Group Captain N Bonner, Group Captain J R Day OBE. Nice clean lot. £30-50
1436.   A Commonwealth and World Mainly Mint Stamps, mostly modern but a few from George V, including Seychelles 1935 jubilee set mint. GVI Seychelles 1948 Silver Wedding mint and Gold Coast Silver Wedding mint, Queen Elizabeth Seychelles 1962 set of eighteen mint, also used Brazil, Egypt, Mexico etc. Some fine stamps. £30-50
1437.   A Collection of 150 G.B. First Day Covers from 1980 to 2000, includes definitives with values to £3 and booklet planes, regionals and commemoratives. Good clean lot with neatly typed address. £25-40
1438.   An Album of First Day Covers and Commemorative Covers from Great Britain, depicting military tatoo's and tournaments from 1968 with special hand stamp cancellations, also a range of GB covers with Field Post Office cancellations, over 100 items. £30-50
1439.   Two albums of Great Britain Flown Covers Celebrating the Aerobatic Teams and Air Shows and Special Events, over 85 covers some signed including the Entire Red Devil Parachute Team in 1977, The Red Indians Team of 1978, some duplication. £30-50
1440.   Four Special Albums, containing a comprehensive collection stamps and miniature sheets celebrating the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer virtually complete. £40-60
1441.   105 Great Britain First Day Covers, from 1969 through to 1982 including definitives and commemoratives. All with handwritten addresses. £30-50
1442.   A Stanley Gibbons Malvern First Day Cover Album, with sixty Great Britain FDC's from the 1990's. Includes commemoratives, booklet panes, machins G.B and regional definitives including £10 - Britannia; Eighty Great Britain First Day Covers, between 1973 and 1983. Includes commemoratives, regionals and G.B decimal definitives with values to £5. £30-50
1443.   Two New Stanley Gibbons Stamp and Cover Albums, in good condition. Retail price £50 plus. £10-20
1444.   Two First Day Cover Albums, with forty six Queen Elizabeth of mainly pre-decimal first day covers. Noted 1967 ten shilling times two, 1983 £1.30. A mixture of typed and handwritten addresses;Two Albums of Early/Late XX Century Picture Postcodes and Photographs, to include British and Continental topographical scenes, art cards, floral, birthday greetings, etc. £25-50
1445.   A Collection of 148 G.B. First Day Covers Between 1982 and 2000, neatly addressed in good condition both definitives with booklet planes, regionals and high values to £1.60 £25-40
1446.   Four Albums of Picture Postcards Containing Early to Mid XX Century Postcards of Ships, British and Foreign Views, including seaside towns such as Southport, Blackpool and Torquay, Louis Wain 'It's Real Fun', flowers, actors, etc. £40-60
1447.   Two First Day Cover Albums. one containing the Isle of Man in the 1970's, and other sixty G.B. first day covers from the 1980's and 90's, over 120 items. £20-30
1448.   A Simplex Stamp Album Housing a Mint and Used Collection of G.B. Stamps from Queen Victoria to Mainly Queen Elizabeth, a good selection of mint and used from 1953 to 1993 with definatives and commemorative sets. Face value of mint decimal stamps over £65. £30-50
1449.   A Quantity of Predominantly G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coinage, eleven banknotes, sometimes redeemable, plus other oddments. £20-30
1450.   A Royal Mail First Day Cover Album, containing sixty Great Britain FDC's between 1980 and 1985. Includes booklet panes, commemoratives, machin regionals and G.B £1.33; Sixty Great Britain First Day Covers, in an album. Between 1985 and 1990. Includes commemoratives, booklet planes, regional and G.B machins with values to £1.41, £1.50, £1.60. £30-50
1451.   A Collection of Sixty Eight Great Britain First Day Covers, in a Royal Mail cover album. Covers start from June 1995 Science Fiction to Weather 2007. Addresses neatly typed. The Christmas 1996 is included twice as one cover has the first class stamp applied upside down; A First Day Cover Album, containing fifty Great Britain first day covers, between 1979 and 1984. Noted the Wedgwood mixed denomination booklet pane and a Wedgwood booklet not complete. £20-30
1452.   A Collection of Approximately Eighty Six Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of Yorkshire interest, to include Scarborough, Whitby, as well as Sheffield, Leeds, Ilkey,etc; black and white and chromolithograph cards. £20-40
1453.   A Quantity of G.B. Commemorative Crowns, 1953 G.B. nine coin set, some silver coins noted, including G.B. sixpence, 1890 half crown (from circulation), 1862 one rupee India (drilled), G.B. 1990 five pounds coin, Southern Rhodesia crown 1953, 1937 King George VI coronation medal. £25-50
1454.   A Stock Book and Album, containing used and a few mint stamps of Greece. A good selection from 1901 to 1990's with many fine used many hundreds with slight duplication. £20-40
1455.   A Small Box With Over 100 G.B First Day Covers, mainly from the 1980's and 90's. Good condition neatly addressed. £20-40
1456.   A Box Containing a Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, in stock books and loose from Commonwealth and Rest of World, including Australia, Canada, Gibraltar, etc; some miniature sheets with thematic interest. A number of pre and post war cigarette and tea cards. £20-40
1457.   Two Albums of Great Britain Stamps and Covers, noted Channel Island Occupation Stamps on first day covers with Jersey 2d orange yellow, 2½d blue, 3d all on first day covers, mint and used Channel Islands, GB Regional's used, GB Machins used and on cover. Hundreds. £25-50
1458.   A Box Containing Stanley Gibbons, Queen Victoria and Four Kings Catalogues A King Edward VII Catalogue by A J Kirk, also an album of first day covers with Silver Jubilee 1977 cancelled on 10th May instead of Day of Issue 11th May. An envelope with mint and used Great Britain stamps. £30-50
1459.   A First Day Cover Album, containing over ninety first day covers, between 1989 and 1997 and a booklet of twenty 1st class stamps mint. Nice lot. £60-80
1460.   A Pre Decimal Great Britain Collection of Stamps of Queen Elizabeth II, includes mint and used sets of definitives and commemoratives and early first day covers, noted 1953 Coronation Cover, 1963 Paris postal conference, 1963 Life Boat conference. Good collection. £30-50
1461.   A Collection of First Day Covers and Presentation Packs in Album, included the Queens Golden Jubilee coin cover. First day covers between 2003 and 2006, the presentation packs include Golden Anniversary of the Introduction of Machin stamps including gold £1 stamp, Rugby World Cup 2015. Face value of mint stamps over £40. A good valuable lot. £70-90
1462.   A Box Containing Two Great Britain First Day Cover Albums, seventy covers. Noted Wedgwood 1983 with Stoke on Trent cancel. A Crown Agents album with stamps of St. Helena, Mauritius, etc. A book of pictorial views no front cover and a scrap book. £20-40
1463.   A Collection of Over One Hundred and Forty Raphael Tuck and Sons 'Oilette' Picture Postcards, to include Derbyshire Dales series, picturesque counties 'London' etc. £30-50
1464.   An Accumulation of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, on album leaves and Hagnar stock sheets.
1465.   An Album Housing a Collection of Over Sixty Five Presentation Packs from the Isle of Man, mainly 1980's commemorative stamps. Good clean presentation. £20-40
1466.   A Series of Great Britain Covers Commemorating a Variety of First Flights and Events, forty covers with the majority signed by the pilot or air crew, signatories include Group Captain Stear, Captain J E Ball Army Air Corps, Squadron Leader R, M Kerr, etc. £25-50
1467.   Forty Five Great Britain First Day Covers, between 1975 and 1994. Both definitive's and commemorative's and includes the Agatha Christie booklet plane of six 22p and two 33p stamps, greeting stamps and 1992 castle high value to £5. £20-40
1468.   An Ambassador First Day Cover Album, containing ninety six Great Britain first day covers between 1982 and 1990. With both definitive's and commemorative's. All with hand written addresses. £30-50
1469.   An Album of Fifty Four Great Britain First Day Covers, definitive and commemorative issues from 1974 to 1978 all with neatly typed addresses. £20-40
1470.   An Album Containing 'The Official Collection of Wildlife First Day Covers', one hundred and eighteen unaddressed covers depicting wildlife from across the world. £25-40
1471.   An Album of Mint and Used World Stamps, Covers and Booklets, etc, mainly used, noted early Austria, Canada including 1971 Souvenir pack, Gibraltar Queen Elizabeth II 1954 to 1/- mint. Also some thematic interest fish, flowers etc, hundreds. Worth inspection. £30-50
1472.   Forty Great Britain First Day Covers, from January 1992 to May 1995. Neatly typed addresses and includes definitives and commemoratives; A Collection of Forty Six Great Britain First Day Covers, between 1983 and 1989 with both definitives and commemoratives present. Neatly addressed envelopes in a Stanley Gibbons New Pioneer cover album. £20-30
1473.   A Collection of Over One Hundred First Day Covers, in an album from 1965 Communications to Philympia 1970 with values to £1. Plus a small collection of mint Guernsey and Alderney stamps. £20-40
1474.   A Choice 'Helmeted Britannia' Five Pounds Bank of England Banknote (Leslie Kenneth O'Brien) Number H50 736863. A selection of other G.B. banknotes by a variety of Chief Cashiers, comprising 2 x twenty pounds, a ten pounds, 8 x one pound (including Regional Issues) and 2 x ten shillings. £50-80
1475.   Two Stockbooks Containing a Mainly Used Collection of Stamps From Europe, including France and Colonies, Austria, Hungary, etc; together with Commonwealth stamps mainly early Queen Elizabeth II from Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius. £15-25
1476.   A Used Collection of G.B Stamps, from 1990 to 2002. Many fine used, includes Commemorative sets and definitive's to £5 castle and £10 Brittania mixed condition; A Small Collection of Used GB Stamps, from 2003-2005 mainly Commemorative sets. Mixed condition but some fine used. £25-40
1477.   Three Stock Books With a Great Britain Collection of Stamps, mint and used. Mainly Queen Elizabeth with commemorative sets, parts sheets, pre decimal castles to £1 and decimal machins to £2, Wildings to 1/6d in pairs. Regional definitive's. A nice lot unchecked for watermark and varieties. £20-40
1478.   Two Albums of Great Britain Covers and Cards Showing The Royal Engineers and Related Events, over seventy five items with many interesting cachets and cancellations from 1952. £20-40
1479.   A Collection of First Day Covers From 1979 - 1984, a total of eighty four covers with corresponding mint sets in two albums. £50-80
1480.   An Accumulation of Used World Stamps on Leaves in Packets, Envelopes and Loose, countries include Australia, Finland, Denmark, Brazil, Canada, China etc, mainly modern with some fine used. Many hundreds. £15-25
1481.   A Windsor Album, in excellent condition, containing a collection of G.B. mint and used stamps. Mainly QEII with values to £1 with many commemorative sets. Guernsey and Jersey 1969 sets to £1. Also a stock book of G.B. and Channel Island stamps and part sheets and FDC's in packets. £30-50
1482.   A Used Collection of GB Stamps, from 1970 to 1989. Includes Commemorative sets and definitive's to £5 fine used. Mixed condition but many fine. £20-40
1483.   Three Folders of Mainly Used But Some Mint Stamps of the Commonwealth, with Queen Victoria stamps from India, Ceylon, Canada and many George V and George VI present. Noted QEII Hong Kong 5g 717 fine used, Ireland £1 5sg. 550 fine used. £20-40
1484.   A Tower Stamp Album of Mainly Used World Stamps, noted 1913 Rhodesia to 2d, early Portugal, German inflation period stamps, France and Colonies, etc; many hundreds, some fine used. £20-40
1485.   A Mixed Collection of Mint Stamps and First Day Covers, includes Royal Wedding 1981 from crown agents and a few Benham silks. A small thematic collection of Bridges and Christmas stamps and a selection of first day covers from mainly Europe, around sixty covers. £15-25
1486.   A Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II Stamp and First Day Cover Collection, from Ulster 1971 to Christmas 1978 mainly commemoratives with each set with mint and used stamps and covers. £20-30
1487.   Sixty Great Britain First Day Covers, from 1976 to 1992. Neatly handwritten addresses with Yorkshire Post mark interest; A Collection of Fifty Four First Day Covers in an Album, between Christmas 1969 and Horses 1978, including early regional definitives. £20-30
1488.   A Collection of One Hundred and Sixty G.B First Day Covers From 1982 to 19993, with booklet panes, regional's and high values to £10 Britannia, nice clean lot. £30-50
1489.   A Malvern Cover Album, with Great Britain first day covers from 1969 to 1990. Noted 1971 decimal definitives with delayed by the Post Office strike cachet on two of the covers. Also included Guernsey first issue to £1. Over fifty covers; Fifty Great Britain First Day Covers, in a Stanley Gibbons New Pioneer cover album, between 1977 and 1982 handwritten addresses. Good condition. £20-30
1490.   A First Day Cover Album Containing Sixty Seven Great Britain First Day Covers, between 1966 and 1980. A further twenty seven covers from the Channel Islands, St. Helena, Isle of Man, etc; A Small Collection of Great Britain First Day Covers, (forty) between 1966 and 1979. Including regional definitives. Also two sets of mint Jersey 1982 postage dues and Guernsey 1977 and 1982 postage dues. £20-30
1491.   A Box of Mainly Post Office Headquarters Cards, in sets between 1987 and 2009 with some used and a little duplication, and an album of first day covers between 1965 and 1969. £25-50
1492.   A Box of Over 200 G.B. Guernsey and Isle of Man First Day Covers from 1973, most covers duplicated. £25-40
1493.   Two First Day Covers Albums With a Collection of Great Britain FDC's, between 1967 and 1988. Plus a few covers from Malta. A total of seventy covers in good overall condition; A Collection of Forty Eight Great Britain First Day Covers, between 16th June 1982 and 7th March 1989, with handwritten addresses. £20-30
1494.   A Box of Over 200 Mainly Guernsey and Isle of Man First Day Covers, unaddressed or neatly typed, some duplication from 1990's. £25-40
1495.   Four Scrap Books Containing Over 300 G.B. Covers, contains first day National Army museum, flown covers mainly from the 1970's with plenty of post mark interest. Some duplication. £20-40
1496.   A Box Containing G.B. Stamps, on and off paper mainly modern. A small collection of covers with Falklands and Bermuda 1937 Coronation noted. Two stamp albums and Stanley Gibbons Commonwealth catalogue of 1987 in good condition. £20-40
1497.   A Box of G.B. and Israel Covers, first day and commercially used, over 150 covers. £20-30
1498.   A Collection of Over One Hundred and Eighty GB First Day Covers, in two albums from 1983-2002 £30-50
1499.   A Collection of Stamps From Countries N-Z Mainly Used Some Fine, included Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden etc. Many hundreds; A Collection of Stamps on Leaves From Countries N-Z Mainly Used But Some Mint, including New Zealand, Norway, Persia, Russia, South Australia, Spain, Switzerland, etc. Hundreds mixed condition some fine. £25-40
1500.   A Large Quantity Post War Trade Cards, mainly part sets and odds by Black Cat, Brooke Bond, Hornimans Tea, Cadet Sweets, among others, many subjects covered. £15-25
1501.   A Mixed Collection of Isle of Man and Guernsey First Day Covers Between 1981 and 2000 in Very Good Condition. Neatly typed addresses, both definitives and commemoratives with values to £5. 125 covers. £20-40
1502.   Three Albums of Commonwealth Stamps Celebrating Royal Events, including The Life and Times of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, The Anniversary of the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and Queen Mother's 90th Birthday. £20-30
1503.   A Collection of Over 160 Covers and a Few Cards from Around The World, G.B. first day covers to 1994 D D Landings and some House of Commons covers. Also New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Finland etc. Varied and interesting lot. £15-25
1504.   A Collection of 125 First Day Covers from Guernsey and the Isle of Man, neatly addressed and in good clean condition from 1981 to 2000, good lot with values to £5. £20-40
1505.   A Small Collection of G.B. Stamps on Paper, a few day first day covers and a small album of world wide stamps. £10-20
1506.   A Collection of G.B First Day Covers From 1971 to 1982 in Three Albums, good condition with definitive's and commemorative's, regional's, etc, nice clean lot one hundred and fifty covers. £30-50
1507.   A Collection of Over 130 G.B, Channel Island and Isle of Man First Day Covers, with regionals commemorative and definitives to £1.30, also a small range of coinage including two 1971 proof sets of decimal coins. £20-40
1508.   A Collection of Forty Great Britain First Day Covers, from September 1988 to November 1991. Neatly typed addresses, good condition. £15-25
1509.   Three Albums Containing a Collection of Commonwealth First Day Covers, including Anniversary of Queens Coronation. Mainly modern with some thematic interest, birds, animals, flowers, etc. £20-40
1510.   Two Special Albums, containing World Wildlife Fund Covers and World Stamps, depicting various animals, birds, reptiles, etc. Interesting lot. £20-40
1511.   A Postcard Album Containing Early XX Century Picture Postcards, including sentimental flowers, comic, birthday and christmas greetings etc, approximately one hundred and sixty cards. £30-50
1512.   Two Stock Books, containing stamps of Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, etc. Stamps mainly used. £15-20
1513.   A Quantity of G.B Pre-Decimal and Overseas Coinage, 1912 'H' penny noted. £10-20
1514.   A Collection of Approximately Forty Five Picture Postcards, of Yorkshire interest, mainly early XX Century to include Scarborough Lighthouse and fishing boat, Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds, Oxford Street, Guiseley etc. £15-25
1515.   Two Stamp Stock Books, holding a mint and used collection of the Soviet Union from the 1960's and 70's. Some good sets with thematic interest throughout. Also a few Nigeria stamps including values from 1935 Silver Jubilee mint and 1937 Coronation mint. £20-30
1516.   Two Stamp Albums and a Small Stock Book, containing a collection of G.B and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used. Noted King George V Gold Coast including a number of 1935 Silver Jubilee. £20-40
1517.   A Box Containing Royal Mail Year Packs, 1985-87 and 89-1991 complete with stamps. A stock book with GB and World stamps used. Over one hundred commercial GB cover and stamps. Mainly on paper in packets. Face value of mint stamps over £46. £20-40
1518.   Nine Royal Mint G.B. Annual Coin Sets, 1970, 1972, 1974(2), 1975,1977, 1978(2), 1980. £30-50
1519.   Folkes (Martin) 'Table of English Silver and Gold Coins', printed by the Society of Antiquaries, London 1764, reprinted edition, with fold out chart, tooled leather binding. Slight foxing. £20-40
1520.   A Collection of First Day Covers From Species at Risk, 1986 to Christmas 2002. Over eighty covers in a FDC album. £60-80
1521.   A Postcard Album, containing mainly early XX Century picture postcards, including topographical views many of Sheffield, Crookes Valley, Spooners Wheels, Ruskin Museum as well as Post Office cards, etc. £30-50
1522.   A Postcard Album Containing Early to Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, of many topographical scenes of Sheffield, Derbyshire and the Continent; together with Christmas and Easter greetings, fairies, comic, etc. £20-40
1523.   Over Seventy Great Britain Flown Covers on Hagner Leaves in a RAF Museum Binder, from Folklore 1981 to Dogs 1991, all appear to be signed, signatories include Wing Commander Leeds, Wing Commander Hingham, Air Commandor Delafield etc and all are celebrating events related to the RAF. £40-60
1524.   An Album Containing Fifty Five Great British Flown Covers Depicting Aerobatic Teams at Various Air Displays and Events, including the Battle of Britain Open Day Finningley 1976, most of the covers are signed some by the whole flying team. £30-50
1525.   An Album of First Day Covers From the Isle Of Man, Barbados, Bermuda, etc, plus India Army postal service covers depicting military figures, cancelled with some interesting hand stamps, over fifty covers some Benham and two Isle of Man presentation packs. £20-40
1526.   A Well Filled Simplex Stamp Album Housing a Collection of Used Stamps from Australia, France and New Zealand Mainly from the 1960's to 1980's, mixed condition throughout but there are some fine used. Many hundreds; A Simplex Stamp Album Containing a World Wide Collection of Used Stamps, includes Germany inflation period and Third Reich, D.D.R. India from Queen Victoria to Independence. Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika few George VI to 1/-. Also Japan, Monaco, Italy, Yugoslavia, Good range mixed condition but some fine hundreds. £25-40
1527.   A Quantity of Predominantly G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coinage, five overseas banknotes all from circulation. £10-15
1528.   A Collection of Cigarette Cards, in both sets and part sets from 1910-1930's, mainly Players, Ogdens, Lambert & Butler, including motor cars series 1-3, Aviation 1915, Motor Cycles 1923, Curious Bears among many others, contained in two albums. £20-40
1529.   A Quantity of G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coinage, all from circulation. £15-25
1530.   A GB Mint and Used Stamp Collection, with stamps from Queen Victoria through to Queen Elizabeth II. Noted 1913-34 Bradbury Wilkinson Seahorse CDS used. GVI to 2/6d. 1952 Queen Elizabeth II Wildings and commemoratives mint and used and machin high values to £5. £20-30
1531.   An Interesting Collection of Predominantly G.B. Pre-Decimal Coins, commemorative crowns, many Britains first decimal coin sets, The Coinage of Great Britain 1967 six coin set, loose stamps including Festival of Britain 1951 2½d, plus other oddments, including WWII Defence Medal (broken), Birmingham Work house threepence 1813 'holed'. £25-40
1532.   A Special Album "The Commonwealth Collection", containing mint stamps of the various member countries, a Limited Edition neatly presented. £20-30
1533.   A Stock Book, containing stamps with and used from Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and various Commonwealth Countries. From early 1900's to 1940's. Also G.B decimal mint stamps with a face value of over £40. £25-40
1534.   A Quantity of Predominantly G.B. Pre 1947 Silver Coins, all from circulation including florins/two shillings, sixpences, threepences, 1846 fourpence. £20-40
1535.   A Newfoundland Fifty Cents, 1907, F and a Strait Settlements fifty cents, 1902, F. £20-40
1536.   A 1946 Threepence (Dodecagonal), Half Crowns 1954 and 1958, all from circulation. £10-20
1536A.  Shillings: 1940Sc (VF) and 1946E (VF); Sixpences: 1910, 1916, 1918, 1934, 1936, 1937, 1943 and 1950 (NF to GF). A silver fourpence, 1872 EF (but minor obverse scratching). £25-40
1536B.  Three Queen Victoria Silver Crowns, 1889 (JH), 1890 (JH), 1893 (OH), all from circulation. £25-40
1537.   A George II Half Crown, 1746, Lima below bust. £50-80
1538.   A George III 1800 Silver Maundy 1d Coin, George V, 1935 half crown, South Africa 2½ shillings 1896, Portugal five escudos, 1947, Straits Settlements 1926, ten cents. £25-40
1539.   Three Historic Counties of England Silver medallions, 1974, Devon, Suffolk, Kent. £25-40
1540.   A Gold Half Sovereign, George V, 1911. £70-100
1541.   A Half Sovereign, George V, 1914. £70-100
1542.   A Gold Half Sovereign, George V, 1913. £70-100
1543.   A Barbados Ten Dollars Gold Coin, 1995, 'proof like' - Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. £90-120
1544.   A Gold Austrian One Ducat Coin, 1915. £80-120
1545.   Six High Grade Bank of England Banknotes Comprising a George Malcolm Gill Twenty Pounds (Number 34U 932757), a John Brangwyn page ten pounds (number S63 068 007), a conservative pair of Andrew John Bailey ten pounds (number EA18 741175 and EA18 741176) and a conservative pair of Christopher Salmon ten pounds (number KE11 821628 and KE11 821629). £40-60
1546.   A Collection of Higher Grade Bank of England Banknotes by a Variety of Chief Cashiers, comprising 5 x five pounds, 3 x one pound and 1 x ten shillings. A National Commercial Bank of Scotland one pound banknote, 1/11/61, number C039721. Three further higher grade Scottish banknotes. £20-40
1547.   A Quantity of Predominantly G.B. Pre-1947 Silver Coins, all from circulation including two shillings, shillings, sixpences, threepences (some pre-1920 G.B. silver coins noted), Austria ¼ florin 1860 'V', plus a pair of cufflinks. £25-50
1548.   A Quantity of Silver Coins, including A Queen Victoria Silver Crown, 1899 (OH), a sixpence 1887 (JH), George III shilling 1816, East India Company ¼ rupee 1840, all from circulation with variable grading. £25-40
1549.   Seventeen Silver Half Crowns All From Circulation and of Differing Grades, 1878, 1883, 1887, 1889, 1894, 1899, 1900 (2), 1920 (3), 1921 (4), 1929, 1932. £30-50
1550.   Persian Pottery Vase, with leaf decoration to turquoise bulbous body (damaged) and wooden stand, 35cm high 27.5cm wide £20-40
1551.   Pair of Japanese Pottery Vases, with chrysanthemum decoration to cylindrical bodies, 24cm high, early oriental hexagonal dish, (damaged), conical bottle and six tots with bamboo decoration, Satsuma miniatures, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1552.   A Kaiser 'Belvedere' Porcelain Vase, designed by K Nossek and decorated in panels with landscape scenes with a gilt decorated ground, 68cm high. £20-30
1553.   An African Headrest on Four Supports, on a rectangular base, together with a possible Maori Mask? with black painted geometric and swirl decoration. (2) £20-40
1554.   Pink Pottery Garden Seat, of hexagonal form, with Greek key and floral decoration, 41cm high. £20-30
1555.   A Pear's Soap 'Matchless for the Complexion' Enamel Wall Clock, of square form, Arabic numerals (adapted for battery), 29cm diameter. £30-50
1556.   Pair of Cloisonné Vases, 23.5cm high and bowl, ginger jar, Japanese metal pot pourri, glove box, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1557.   A Chinese Style Hors d'oeuvre Dishes, on a swivel base, together with a Chinese style blue and white bowl and Chinese Imari bowl, (damaged). (3) £10-15
1558.   An Art Nouveau Oil Lamp, with naturalistic decoration to oxidized copper base, stamped J.H & Co Ltd in yellow and cream glass well, yellow rimmed frosted glass shade. £60-90
1559.   A Dunn & Co Black Bowler Hat, Amelone 10 x 50 field glasses. £15-25
1560.   Microscope - Spencer, Buffalo USA, black lacquer and brass, numbered 51817, agents label H.E Angus & Co London - in cut mahogany case. £20-40
1561.   Chevalier Opera Glasses, with compass between lenses, rope twist bordered wall barometer. £15-30
1562.   Webley Junior, 177 Air Pistol With Pellets. £60-80
1563.   A Brass Ships Bell, circa early to mid XX Century, having impressed number '669', 26cm diameter, rope twist pull to iron clapper, all suspended in wooden trestle stand. £80-120
1564.   A Smiths Astral Ships Wall Clock, in cylindrical brass casing on mahogany backing. £20-30
1565.   An E.G. Riley Ltd, Snooker Board. £30-50
1566.   An Early XX Century Oil Lamp, with brass Corinthian column on stepped base, Cranberry glass well and shade. £40-60
1567.   A Victorian Blue Glass Witches Ball, 24cm diameter, (with chain). £30-50
1568.   Lacquered Brass Microscope, on 'Y' shaped iron cradle, with lens and slides in mahogany case, no visible makers name. £30-50
1569.   A XIX Walnut Brass Bound Writing Box, with a leather scriver, fitted interior. £25-45
1570.   A Phillips Challenge Globe on stand, 44cm high. £20-40
1571.   A 1966 'Illumina' World Globe, on metal stand by Purvell & Sons Ltd London, approximately 55mm high overall. £40-60
1571A.  Amethyst and Other Mineral Specimens, with metal model mining workers, in display case. £20-40
1572.   Ten Original Dandy Annuals, all 1950's £20-40
1573.   Merrythought Gold Plush Teddy Bear, with felt hands, approximately 53cm high. £20-30
1574.   A Circa 1980's Onyx Telephone, made in Italy - the 'Padua' model for B.T. £30-40
1575.   A Small Early XX Century Hide Suitcase, initialled E.N.F, containing linen napkins, etc. £50-70
1576.   Nine Facsimile Billy Bunter and Associated Hard Back Facsimile Annuals, Frank Richards interest. £15-25
1577.   Steiff Gold Plush Teddy Bear, with black stitch nose, felt hand and feet, 000201 to label. £30-50
1578.   A Mahogany Dome Topped Wall Display Cabinet, with two inner shelves 66cm high x 57.5cm wide. £20-30
1579.   Concrete Tortoise and Dog Ornament, plus Elephant £10-15
1580.   A XIX Century Browns Holy Bible Old New Testaments, by the late Rev John Brown with colour plates, together with Coronation King Edward VII 1902, also The Illustrated London Record of the Glorious Reign of Queen Victoria 1837-1901. (3) £10-20
1581.   Oak Tray, Indian tray, Rabone tape, boxes, brass vesta, whistle, etc. £15-25
1582.   Christy's London Black Silk Top Hat for Brill, Leeds; 'The Zephyrus' bowler hat, ladies hats, fur. £30-40
1583.   Vintage Fendi Sunglasses, purse, trinket box, abacus paperweight, dominoes, ribbon, shell, trinket dish, hallmarked silver mounted napkin rings, etc:- One Tray £30-40
1584.   A Brass Columnar Table Lamp Base, on stepped squared base, with shade, a Victorian style Librasco set of scales with brass weights, and an oak cased mantel clock in the form of a long case clock:- One Tray £15-30
1585.   A Dansette Senator Record Player, having Monarch turn table. £20-30
1586.   Boosey & Hawkes Saxophone, numbered 768335 with accessories in case. £50-70
1587.   Early XX Century Brass Magazine Rack, on splayed legs. £30-50
1588.   A XIX Century Oak Table top Book Press, with a turned handle, single drawer. £50-100
1589.   A 19th Century Rosewood Mandolin, with boxwood stringing to pot belly back, (no makers name) (damaged). £20-40
1590.   Eight Peg Dolls, silver plated gallery tray, Buxton prints, etc:- One Box £15-20
1591.   An XX Century Oak Magazine Stand, with a carrying handle, three dividers, shaped sides. £20-30
1592.   A Large Quantity of Vintage Postcards - two 'London types' noted, plus black/white photographic, etc. £15-20
1593.   A XIX Century Oil Painting of a Seated Gentleman, in a rosewood frame; together with two other prints. £25-40
1594.   The Studio Volume 61, quantity of prints from the Divine Comedy of Dante. £15-20
1595.   Wade Whisky Bells, balance scale, cutlery, medals, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1596.   1920's Oak Mantel Clock, Elkington plated mug, plated trophy etc:- One Tray £10-15
1597.    H.L.Brown & Son Oak Cased Mantel Clock; together with two other quartz clocks. (3) £15-20
1598.   R.F Mosley Knife, watches, barometer, razors, tie pin, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1599.   Siamese Carvings, Indian hardwood stand with elephant supports, tankard, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1600.   Enamel and Other Badges, coins, cufflinks, tie clips, bracelets, large medallion "Presented to Bro. W. Beamish, P.M. by the Officers & Members of Sons of William L.O.L 94 W.M 1970", etc. £15-20
1601.   French Made Clockwork Tin Plate Penguin, 9.5cm high, opera glasses, brass ware:- One Tray £15-25
1602.   Jadeite Bird Figure Groups, Vietnamese female bust on blackened metal, Argentinean boxes, white marble Greek bust, (damaged) etc:- One Tray £20-40
1603.   A Pair of Oak Candlesticks, trouser press, shoe horn, nut crackers, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1604.   Japanese Red Laqured Box, XIX Century mahogany tea caddy, penguin bookends, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1605.   Lead Farmyard Animals, black-white shades, Chinese hardwood stand etc:- One Tray £20-40
1606.   A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Backed Hand Mirror, a hallmarked silver and blue enamel backed brush (damaged), a rectangular dressing table tray, comb, trinket pot, etc:- One Tray £25-40
1607.   Down and Brothers Ltd Surgical Scissors, tweezers. etc. £25-45
1608.   Coins, enamel and other badges, keyring ashtray, "City and Guilds of London Institute Technological Examination" to Eric Chapman First Prize Wholesale Textile Distribution 1961, tie slides, cricket R.A.F medallion, vesta case, cufflinks, etc. £20-30
1609.   Tristram Shandy volume 3 & 4, T. Henshall, Dublin, H.L. Piozzi, anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson 1786 (2) £10-20
1610.   A Resin Model of A Veiled Lady, impressed A Filli Fivence on circular socle base. £30-40
1610A.  Turkey Rug Wool Gauge, tools, glove stretchers, scissors, etc:- on an oak rectangular shaped tray. £30-50
1611.   Tortoiseshell Lorgnettes, Westenholm razor, Parkin scalpel. £20-30
1612.   A Victorian Walnut Desk Stand, of rectangular section, rounded ends, with applied brass strap work and serpent twist handle, two blue glass ink wells. £20-30
1613.   A Pair of Arts And Crafts Beaten White Metal Candlesticks, of circular form, each with full length angular handle, riveted decoration to tapering handle, leaf terminal and cylindrical body, 26.5cm high, iron nutcracker as a dog, patent No. 273480. (3) £30-50
1614.   Eight Daguerrotype Family Prints, in rectangular frames, with gilt inserts, oval pinchbeck brooch. £20-40
1615.   A Georgian Lead Fire Insurance Plaque, with a coronet finial, showing a classical church No. 6JJ66, together with a XVIII Century brass grandfather clock face, dial with a silver chapter ring (Rich Stedman Godalming). (2) £30-50
1616.   A Bate London XIX Century Monocular, five sectional silver plated on brass and copper. £40-80
1617.   A Electric Rev Indicator MK IVB, circa mid XX Century for aeroplane, protruding letters 'A.M', 11.5cm long. £15-20
1618.   Tweedales Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufactures 1740-2013, revised and expanded second edition, 2017. £40-60
1619.   Religious Prints, books in miniature, Victorian valentine, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1620.   Casella of London Barograph, white painted metal casing, 35cm wide. £15-20
1621.   A US Army Folding Spade, in protective canvas case and a hand bell. (2) £15-20
1622.   A 1940's Smiths Oak Cased Eight Day Mantel Clock, an oak revolving cigarette dispenser, Wedgwood Jasperware dishes, Kings Pattern carving set with silver hallmarked handles (boxed). One tray £15-25
1623.   Dress Regulations For the Army 1911, Mackie and Co. R.F Gould Military Lodges 1732 - 1899, "So Many" RAF Bomber Command 1939 - 45, album of military interest, handwritten commentary XVII - XX Century. £20-40
1624.   Ladies Travelling Manicure Sets, gents travelling cases, etc:- One Box £20-30
1625.   Postcards, to include family portraits, comic, (Bamforth, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Tempest, Quip noted), topographical, etc. £10-20
1626.   A Quantity of Crowns Coins, two plated cigarette boxed, Schuco Mercedes 2.5 key ring, 007 Aston Martin, 1912 souvenir of Wakefield, Punch magazines cigarette cards etc:- One Tray £20-40
1627.   A XIX Century Mahogany Table Top Clamp, with a side wheel, together with book binders tools with wooden handles. £20-40
1628.   A Circa 1950's 'Tailor-Bird' Portable Sewing Machine. £15-30
1629.   A Pair Gilt Scroll Wall Shelves, carved wooden figure, lion (damaged):- One Tray - plus graduated elephants ornament. £15-25
1630.   A XIX Century Brass Bound Walnut Vanity Case, with fitted interior (lacking drawer), English Goldsmith's and their marks by Charles James Jackson, 1905, Rosewood box (with faults). (3) £15-25
1631.   An Oval White Metal Wall Plaque, circa 1900 heavily embossed with six cherubs, 9 x 16cm, framed two modern silhouettes, four Kenyan Batik prints. £20-40
1632.   Brass Post Office Scales, chess set, Kershaw binoculars, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1633.   Ebony Hand Mirrors, glove stretchers, brushes, shoe horn, etc:- One Box £15-20
1634.   A XIX Century Rosewood Box, containing wool, needles, etc; together with with a XIX century Chinese black lacquer sewing box, (rubbed). (2) £20-40
1635.   A 1950's Kitchen Timer, penknives, silver framed trinket jar, cutthroat razor, animal figures, tins, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1636.   County Seats of the Noblemen and Gentleman of Great Britain and Ireland, edited by the Rev F.D. Morris B.A William Mackenzie, 69 Ludgate Hill, six volumes. £50-100
1637.   Two Ranlite Bakelite Cigarette Box, another with green mottled lid, Parker 'Wunup' pocket case, stepped stand, Liberty style box, etc. £20-30
1637A.  Nautical Interest - Brass Ships Barometer; together with a vintage Roberts radio. (2) £20-30
1638.   Unesco World Art Series Books, with thirty two full pages of colour reproductions (7). eight Abrams art books. £15-25
1639.   An Early XX Century Oil Lamp, with garden wall design to iron base, stamped reg No. 370396, painted turquoise glass well. £20-40
1640.   African Hardwood Cylindrical Jar and Cover Heavily Carved, with figures amongst forest, 21cm high. Pair of XIX Century Staffordshire dogs. £20-30
1641.   Kaiser Miniature Walnut Long Case Clock, circa early XX Century, with Arabic numerals to silvered dial, 27.5cm high. £20-30
1642.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Bisque Figures, each in pastel shades impressed '2003' on wooden base, under glass domes, approximately 44cm high overall, (a dome damaged at base). £60-90
1643.   A Ferndale Colliery Brass Miners Lamp; together with other miners lamps. (5) £20-30
1644.   An Early XX Century Oil Lamp, with circular black glaze terracotta base and sixteen sided cranberry glass well. £30-50
1645.   Jaeger LeCoultre Eight Day Mantel Clock, with banjo movement, on stepped base 15.5cm high, 20cm wide overall, 354 under base. £100-200
1646.   An Early XX Century Viennese Alabaster Bust of a Lady, with hat, on octagonal stepped base, 19cm high.. £20-40
1647.   A 1920's Streaked Marble Desk Stand, with applied cast metal ink well and novelty bird ornament. £30-40
1648.   A XIX Black Slate Mantel Clock, with finial tops, circular dial on a plinth base. £20-30
1649.   A Pair of Circa 1900 Gilt Metal Clockside Twin Branch Candlesticks, with ribbon and wreath decoration on turned feet, 31.5cm high. £20-40
1650.   A Pair of Type 6 Brass Miners Lamps. £30-40
1651.   Brass Anniversary Mantel Clock, 'High Water', Low Water', to dial on circular oak base, under glass dome, 28cm high overall. £20-40
1652.   A Pair of French Spelter Table Lamps, "Faneuse Faucheur" with foundry mark on bases, with name inscribed on base GEO MAXIM. £40-60
1653.   Avery Scales with Brass Pans & Weights, jam pan with iron fall handle, hexagonal brass ceiling light, Narang pail. £20-30
1654.   An Early XX Centry Brass Circular Based Oil Lamp, with octagonal support to knulled glass well, ribbon frosted shade. £30-50
1655.   A Mid XX Century GPO 312F Black Bakelite Telephone, with slide tray and a 1970's Tele 2/722F telephone. (2) £20-40
1656.   A XIX Century Iron Doorstop, of a man smoking a pipe and a dog. £20-40
1657.   S. Beddall Designed and Handmade Copper Table Lamp, of tapering form; together with a pair of gilded brass two branch table lamps. (3) £20-40
1658.   A Cast Iron Log Basket, with turned wooden handle, on scroll feet. £10-15
1659.   A Vintage Red/White Road Lamp, (converted to electric). £15-20
1660.   A Townsend's Copper Jardiniere, in painted iron, three scroll stand, XIX Century copper kettle, brass trivet. £20-30
1661.   A XIX Century Gilt Metal Four Branch Candelabra, of naturalistic form, 49.5cm high to the centre. £30-50
1662.   Walking Sticks, umbrella, shoe horn, etc £10-15
1663.   1793 Pocket Dictionary by Thomas Nugent, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carol 1899, Holy Scriptures, Bach two volumes, other books:- One Box £20-40
1664.   An 'Alba' Record Player, circa 1950's, plus a similar period McMichael radio. £20-30
1665.   Scales to Weigh 2lb and Brass Weights, Westclox sunburst wall clock, fox fur, gloves, brooches:- One Box £15-30
1666.   Twenty Years After Major General Sir Ernest Swinton - Two Volumes, History of the Great European War - eight volumes, other books mainly war related:- Two Boxes £10-20
1667.   An Early XX Century Railway Lamp, (The Manufacturing & Railway Supplies Ltd, London sole owners of Manufacturers Welch Patent); together with one other Railway lamp, miners lamp. £10-20
1668.   Laura Ashley 100% Cotton Cloth, paisley style cloth, Sanderson cloth etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
1669.   A Grey Top Hat, by Dunn & Co, gloves, etc, in original card box. £20-30
1670.   Copper Coal Bucket, warming pan, horn, planter, kettle, brass log box, plaques, ladles etc. £20-30
1671.   City of Sheffield 1912 Map of Tramways, motorcar and omnibus routes, 74.5 x 124cm, Charles F. Wike City Surveyor to lower right. £20-40
1672.   Sutton Nichols, Map of Cambridgeshire circa 1700, sold by Abel Swale and John Churchill. £20-40
1673.   A Robert Morden XVIII Map, 'The North Riding of Yorkshire' hand coloured, sold by Abel Swale and John Churchill, 35.5 x 41.5cm. £20-40
1674.   Robert Morden, Map of The East Riding of Yorkshire, circa 1700, sold by Abel Swale and John Churchill. £20-40
1675.   Robert Morden, Map of Herefordshire circa 1700, hand coloured, sold by Abel Swale and John Churchill. £20-40
1676.   An Early XX Century Pink Tinted Ceiling Light, with lobed and floral decoration £20-30
1677.   Chrome Four Branch Ceiling Light, circa 1960's/70's, with four chrome hoops housing globular glass shades having red centre to star insets. £20-40
1678.   A Pair of Early XX Century Continental Oxidised Copper Plaques, featuring Fairy in Moon and Fairy conducting birds, 28 x 46.5cm £40-80
1679.   An Early XX Century Oak Aneroid Barometer, shaped top, with a carved flower, temperature gauge, porcelain barometer dial. £15-20
1680.   A XIX Century Cast Iron Stick Stand, with finial top, drip tray, stamped "A Kendrick - Sons, No 54", back of drip tray. £30-40
1681.   Composite Fountain of Maidens; together with three pieces of etched granite of an aeroplane, poodle and a lady. (4) £20-30
1682.   A Pair of Early XX Century Chimney Pots, of tapering cylindrical form, 68cm high and a chimney pot of rectangular section. (3) £20-40
1683.   A Pot Corbel, of scrolled form decorated with flower heads, foliage and acanthus leaf, length 57cm £15-25
1684.   A Pair of Concrete Compound Garden Urns, lobed and foliate decoration on squared bases, 67cm high. £30-50
1685.   Pinball Machine - A 1969 Williams Electronics inc 'Miss-O' Pinball Machine, angular pictorial artwork to the back glass, high score 9'999 a good opportunity to obtain a period Williams Electro - mechanical machine (electrically untested). £200-400
1686.   A Clark-Beatson Edinburgh Black Painted Trunk. £20-30
1687.   Three Fishing Rods, incorporating two feeders (Silstar X-Citer GR 3853 - 330 and a Leeda 11') and an Abu three section match rod. (3) £10-20
1688.   George VI Brown Military PVC Jerkin, dated 1955, large size, with label on the inside, excellent condition. £20-40
1689.   A Circa 1930's Canvas Hammock, plus two later vintage deckchairs with original striped canvas. (3) £40-50
1690.   Three Tin Handled Travel Trunks, fender and two cake stands. (6) £15-25
1691.   A 1950's Bird Cage, with original ladder, mirror, bell, etc. £15-25
1692.   A XIX Walnut Brass Bound Writing Box, with a leather scriver fitted interior, single drawer to base. £40-60
1693.   An Early XX Century Copper Coal Helmet and Shovel, with swing handle, a copper coal bin, and a hammered copper circular charger with foliate decoration, etc. £20-30
1694.   An Early 1900's Ceramic Laboratory Use Container, marked 'Pascall Engineering Co. Ltd, Gatwick Rd, Crawley Sussex', plus a circa 1930's "Quickmayk" vacuum freezer. £30-50
1695.   An Edwardian Oak Cutlery Cabinet, lift-up top, two drawers, campaign style side handles, Wellington chest front doors, blank cartouche. £40-60
1696.   Two Early XX Century Brass Jam Pans, and a further cooking pan. (3) £15-25
1697.   Art Deco Overmantel, with shaped bevelled border and floral decoration to tinted pink panels, 91cm high, 124cm wide. £30-50
1698.   A XX Century Oval Shaped Painted Gilt Wall Mirror, with cable decoration, bevelled mirror. £15-20
1699.   Georges Mercier French XIX Century, 'Days Work Done', after Jules Brenton, copyright 1889 by C. Klackener and G W H Ritchie, imp, 42.5 x 39.5cm, graphite signed by Mercier and Breton. £40-60
1700.   Art Deco Style Arched Wall Mirror, with segment bevelled border, 91.5cm high. £20-40
1701.   Robert Walker Macbeth, The Harvest Moon, sepia etching, published by Rob Dunthorne, 32 x 86cm, graphite signed lower left. £30-50
1702.   A Rectangular Bevelled Glass Overmantle, in gilt frame overall 100 x 13cm. £20-40
1703.   Isabel Blincow (Sheffield Artist) Fabric Picture of Tower Bridge; together with a watercolour of woodland scene, signed bottom right, (C. De Layarius One?). (2) £20-40
1704.   R. McGregor R.B.A 'When Calmness Comes at Eventide', watercolour, 36 x 52cm. £80-120
1705.   A C Greenhalgh Oil on Canvas, of a county scene of a gentleman walking a pony, signed lower left. £20-40
1706.   Georges Meis, Yellow Marrow, Santorini, coloured print, 27.5 x 38cm. £20-30
1707.   Edward S Billin (Sheffield Artist), Bramton Grange Bridge, Cumbria, oil on board, signed lower right, 21.5 x 29cm. £15-30
1708.   W. Cave Day, Children Playing on Beach with Deck Chairs in foreground, signed lower left 28.5 x 38.5. £30-50
1709.   George Hamilton Constantine (Sheffield Artist), net mender, figures and horse on foreshore, watercolour, signed lower left, 16 x 39cm. £60-90
1710.   A Trevor Neal (Sheffield Artist), 'Mauritius', oil on canvas, 18 x 38cm, monogrammed and dated 2008. £50-70
1711.   After Philip West, 'White Lightning', print, graphite signed by artist, limited edition 360 of 750, framed, 96.5 x 65.5cm. £10-20
1712.   Attributed to Joseph Nash, Ockwells, Berkshire, watercolour details verso. 15 x 16.5cm £20-30
1713.   Pauline Shearstone, The 199 steps at Whitby, watercolour, signed lower right, 21.5 x 24cm. £10-30
1714.   Norman Lloyd (1894 - 1983), Spring Trees Blossoming, oil on board, signed lower left, details verso, 32 x 39cm £30-50
1715.   Joseph Galia, Continental Scene with Gondolas in Foreground, Watercolour, 32 x 45cm, signed with 'Malta' lower right. £30-50
1716.   R. Schwarz, Still Life of Flowers in Vase, oil on board, signed lower left, 39 x 49.5cm. £15-30
1717.   Trevor Neal (Sheffield Artist), 'Mauritius' oil on canvas, 17.5 x 38cm, monogrammed and dated 2008. £50-70
1718.   David R Mason, The Windmill, Crosby 1973, oil on board, details verso, 28.5 x 36cm. £30-50
1719.   R. Davey, Parisian Street Scene, oil on board, signed lower left. 49.5 x 59cm £15-25
1720.   W.S Coleman, The Domino Players, oil on board, signed lower left, 53.5 x 36cm £15-30
1721.   Charles Pigott (Sheffield Artist), Woodland scene, watercolour signed lower left, 22 x 32.5cm £20-30
1722.   A Mid XIX Century Lithograph By Derby, historic view of Florence and the Arno, 37.5 x 55.5cm, after F. Piranesi 'Dimostraxioni Dell 'Emissario Del Lago Albani print, 29.5 x 62.5 cm. (2) £20-30
1723.   A Trevor Neal (Sheffield Artist), 'Langdales Top, Cumbria', oil on board, 23.5 x 33cm, monogrammed and dated 2008.
1724.   R. Mariam, Mediterranean Coastal Scene, oil on board, signed lower right, 49.5 x 58.5cm. £15-25
1725.   A Pair of J.W. Gozzard Countryside Prints, and Turner Venetian scene. (3) £10-20
1726.   English School, Richmond North Yorkshire, watercolour signed indistinctly lower right. 34 x 48cm. £30-50
1727.   In The Manner of Stanley Royle, Castle Ruins by the Coast, oil on board, 23.5 x 39.5cm, with snow capped mountain in distance. £50-100
1728.   B. J. Phillips, Moored Boats in Tranquil Waters, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 34.5 x 49.5cm. £20-40
1729.   Mike, Cubist Abstract Study of Female, signed lower right, 61.5 x 50cm. £15-30
1730.   A Stained Glass Panel of a Galleon, gilt wall mirror, two needlework pictures and two prints. £10-15
1731.   Trevor Neal (Sheffield Artist), 'Tuscany, Italy, oil on canvas,12 x 43.5cm, graphite signed and dated 2005 to mount. £50-70
1732.   M.C.A Coastal Scene, Watercolour, 16 x 24cm, monogrammed and dated 1901, two unsigned watercolours pastoral and bleached boat scenes. (3) £15-30
1733.   Martin Leeman, 'Trixie' limited edition etching signed and dated '78' XIX Century colour print of Cockerel entitled 'WAR' (2) £15-30
1734.   J. Hughes Clayton, Flower Picking in the Garden, watercolour, signed lower left 23 x 17.5cm £20-40
1735.   A Mid 1930's Educational German Poster, showing the cutaway of a British Submarine by A. Pichlers Witwe and Sohn, Wien and entitiled "Durchfchnitt Durch Ein Unterfeeboot (Englfch), black and white, on board, 90 x 64cms. £40-60
1736.   W.E Mayer F.R.S.A 'Marshland & Landscape' Watercolour, signed lower left, details verso, 19.5 x 30.5cm. £20-30
1737.   Edward S Billin (Sheffield Artist) Farmhouse and Yard Scene, watercolour signed lower right 35 x 44cm. £20-30
1738.   Mark Huskinson, Colour Print 'And the Claret Slipped Down Like Silk Knickers', graphite signed to mount, 29 x 19cm. £20-40
1739.   After T.DC Lempicka, Young Lady with Gloves, coloured print, 63 x 48cm. £30-50
1740.   George H Griffith's, View of Whitby Swing Bridge from the Marine, Watercolour, 33.5 x 24cm signed lower left and one other oil. (2) £20-30
1741.   A M Pratt Oil on Board, Still Life of Flowers "Summer Bouquet", signed lower right, Elizabeth Mills watercolour, Sheffield Winter, signed lower right, and a map of Sheffield. (3) £10-15
1742.   Attrributed to Brigitte Brondum-Nielson, (Born in Copenhagen) Teapots Study, watercolour signed indistinctly lower left details verso, 25.5 x 23.5cm. £30-50
1743.   A C Greenhalgh Oil on Canvas, of a fishing boat in a choppy sea, signed lower left. £20-40
1744.   Chinese Wall Mirror, in gilt wooden frame decorated with Greek key and scrolling. £20-40
1745.   Early XX Century Mirror, two gilt mirrors and other mirror. (4) £20-30
1746.   A Middle Eastern Tassled Wool Rug, circa early to mid XX Century with allover geometric decoration, approximately 174 x 132cm £20-40
1747.   A Middle Eastern Wool Rug, circa early to mid XX Century, with floral motifs to blue ground within geometric border, 144 x 127cm £20-40
1748.   Middle Eastern Tasseled Wool Rug, heavily decorated with musician and wine drinkers in exotic garden within a blue border featuring animals, 162 x 108cm £30-60
1749.   A XX Century Barrett & Robinson London Mahogany Cased Piano. £30-50
1750.   A Mahogany Bookcase, with three shelves reeded sides, on a stepped plinth base. £30-50
1751.   A 1920's Oak Fireplace, with a stepped pediment, three panelled back, on column supports, block feet. £30-50
1752.   A XIX Century Ash-Elm Elbow Chair, with a pierced splat, shaped arms, turned legs, united by a H stretcher. £25-45
1753.   A White Swivel Chair, on a circular chrome base. £50-100
1754.   Two Ercol Armchairs, with upholsted backs, arms and seats. £40-60
1755.   An Ercol Three Seater Settee, shaped arms, splayed legs. £100-150
1756.   A XX Century Oak Bookcase, with low back, four shelves. £20-30
1757.   A Mid XX Century White Painted Kitchen Cupboard, with glazed sliding doors, fall front over cupboard doors. £20-30
1758.   A XIX Century White Painted Cast Iron Pub Table, with the name (Geo. Allinson-Sons, Furnishes, Sheffield) on under shelf. £50-80
1759.   A XIX Century Nursing Chair, hooped back, caned back panel and seat, turned legs on rockers. £10-20
1760.   A Stag Wardrobe, with twin doors with hanging space, and shelves, square legs. £15-20
1761.   A Dresser, with three open shelves, folding top, panelled doors, on a plinth base. £20-40
1762.   A Stag Wardrobe, with five small drawers, single door, with hanging space, together with a bedside chest with four small drawers. (2) £15-20
1763.   An Early XX Century Oak Bookcase, with glazed doors, internal shelves. £10-20
1764.   Mid XX Century Oak Sectional Bookcase, with glass sliding doors; together with a oak bookcase. (2) £15-30
1765.   A Stag Wardrobe, with twin doors, on square legs. £10-20
1766.   A Hardwood Wardrobe, with panelled doors, two long drawers on stile feet. £10-20
1767.   A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, four long drawers on bun feet. £100-150
1768.   A XX Century Mahogany Cheval Mirror, with finial tops tapering supports, rectangular mirror, on cabriole legs. (2) £30-40
1769.   A XIX Century Mahogany Oval Shaped Occasional Table, top with a moulded edge, turned support, cabriole legs. £30-50
1770.   A XVII Century Style Oak Moulded Front Chest of Drawers, with four graduated drawers on style feet. £50-100
1771.   1960's Teak Chest of Drawers, with six small drawers. £30-50
1772.   A Stag Chest of Drawers, with moulded edge, five small drawers, on square legs. £20-30
1773.   A 1920's Mahogany Revolving Bookcase, coffee table, with silk panel top with floral decoration underneath a glass top, open shelves on pad feet. £30-50
1774.   A Victorian Painted Pine Three Height Chest of Drawers, (later base and part stripped). £15-30
1775.   A Mahogany Microscope Case Circa XX Century, with upright sliding glazed door, 48.5cm high x 51cm wide. £20-40
1776.   A Stag Dressing Table, with four small drawers, over four long drawers, on square legs, together with a stool. (2) £15-20
1777.   A Mahogany Bookcase, with a single drawer on bracket feet. £10-20
1778.   A Mahogany Bookcase, with a single drawer, on bracket feet. £10-20
1779.   1920's Oak Display Cabinet, with pokerwork vine carving to row back and top, twin lead astragal glazed doors, on heavy cup and cover supports united by stretcher, 92cm wide, (pane damaged, lock absent). £40-60
1780.   An Ercol Bookcase, open shelves, on square legs. £20-30
1781.   A XX Century Mahogany Display Cabinet, with a shaped low back, glazed astragal doors, on cabriole legs, claw and ball feet. £30-50
1782.   An Oak Top Rectangular Shaped Table, with brown insert on square legs. £10-20
1783.   A 1920's Oak Armchair, with a leatherette back shaped arms drop in seat, turned legs. £10-20
1784.   A Late XIX Century Oak Hall Chair, top rail with a broken pediment, turned rail supports, solid seats on turned fore front legs. £15-20
1785.   A XX Century Mahogany Cocktail Cabinet, with a glazed top, two small drawers, cupboard doors on cabriole legs, pad feet. £20-40
1785A.  An Edwardian Music Stool, with turned supports, turned legs. £5-10
1786.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Buffet, top with two small drawers over turned supports, base with twin panelled doors, on turned feet. £15-20
1787.   A 1960's Teak Circular Coffee Table, with a glass top, shaped supports. £30-50
1788.   An Ercol Cabinet, with a fall front twin cupboards, over two small drawers, on castors £50-100
1789.   A Duet Piano Stool, with upholstered top, together with another piano stool, on cabriole legs, pad feet. (2) £10-20
1790.   Four Ercol Style Chairs, together with a drop leaf table. £30-50
1791.   An Ercol Cabinet, with a fall front, twin cupboards, doors over two small drawers, on castors. £50-100
1792.   An Early XX Century Child's American Rocking Chair, with moquette upholstered back and seat, turned frame with rail supports, on rockers. £20-40
1793.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Three Tier Folding Cake Stand, having circular dishes. £15-25
1794.   An Edwardian Mahogany Washstand, with a marble back and top, cupboard doors, on tapering legs. £20-40
1795.   A Pair of Mahogany Bedside Chests, with four small drawers on bracket feet. £30-50
1796.   An Ercol Sideboard, with three doors, over two small drawers. £60-100
1797.   A 1960's Teak Nest of Tables; together with a rectangular shaped coffee table, with a tiled top. £25-45
1798.   Oak Blanket Box, with hinged lid, on bracket feet. £30-50
1799.   A XX Century Set of Four Queen Ann Style Mahogany Dining Chairs; together with a mahogany elbow chair. £20-30
1800.   A XX Century Walnut Card Table, with a swivel top, baize interior, on cabriole legs, pad feet; together with a square shaped table with a chess board top. (2) £20-40
1801.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, on tapering legs, spade feet. (damaged) £10-20
1802.   A Mahogany Hall Table; together with a pair of bedroom chairs. (3) £10-20
1803.   A XVIII Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, three long drawers, on bracket feet. £50-100
1804.   A XX Century Walnut Bureau, with a fall front, fitted interior, three long drawers, cabriole legs. £30-50
1805.   An E.G. Riley Ltd, Early XX Century Oak Snooker Table - Dining Table, on cabriole legs, (A5625). £150-200
1806.   A Waring & Gillows Early XX Century Mahogany Oval Shaped Wind Out Dining Table, on tapering legs, spade feet, (with two leaves); together with six mahogany sabre leg dining chairs. (7) £100-150
1807.   A 1920's Oak Rectangular Shaped Stool, with a wool work floral top, on square legs. £20-40
1808.   A Mid to Late XVIII Century Oak Pad Foot Table, with drop leaves, shaped apron on pad feet, £100-200
1809.   An Early XIX Century Oak Settle, with a five paneled back, mahogany cross band, shaped arms, turned forefront legs. £100-150
1810.   A XIX Century Mahogany and Pine Framed Pub Bench, raised back, shaped ends, 146cm long x 110 cm high. £20-40
1811.   Early XX Century Rosewood Occasional Table, with a hexagonal top, inlaid lozenge decoration, on turned and block supports, with under tier. £30-50
1812.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Occasional Table, with a moulded edge undertier, with spindle supports on swept legs. £30-50
1813.   A XIX Century Mahogany Sideboard, with a crossbanded top with two long drawers over two smaller drawers on tapering legs. £20-30
1814.   A XX Century Mahogany Sideboard, with a low back, bow fronted central drawer, with flanking drawers, over panelled cupboard doors, on cabriole legs pad feet. £30-50
1815.   Two XIX Century Milking Stools, in oak and elm, 41cm and smaller. £20-40
1816.   A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, three long drawers, on bracket feet. £100-150
1817.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, three long drawers, with boxwood stringing on bracket feet. £100-200
1818.   An XVIII Oak Bird Cage Pedestal Table, with a circular top, turned pedestal on cabriole legs. £40-80
1819.   A Set of Six XX Century Ladder Back Chairs, with rushed seats on cabriole legs, (one arm - five single chairs). £30-50
1820.   A Mid XIX Century a Set of Four Mahogany Dining Chairs, with a 'C' scroll top rail, upholstered back and seat, serpentine front rail, on forefront cabriole legs. £80-120
1821.   A Set of Five Early XIX Century Mahogany Dining Chairs (one carver and four single), with rectangular top rail, ropetwist centre, upholstered seats, on turned forefront legs. (5) £30-50
1822.   A Late XVIII - Early XIX Century Oak/Mahogany Thirty Hour White Dial Grandfather Clock, hood with a broken pediment, circular glazed door, pillar supports, cross banded door, half round pilasters, inlaid base, circular white dial, with Roman numerals. £60-100
1823.   A Red Swivel Chair, on a circular chrome base. £50-100
1824.   A Leather Office Swivel Chair, with low back, and button back decoration, pad arms and seat, on shaped and reeded legs. £50-100
1825.   Two Ercol Armchairs, with upholsted backs, arms and seats. £40-60
1826.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Armchair, with a shaped top rail, upholstered back and seat, on cabriole legs. £15-25
1827.   A XIX Century Rocking Chair, with a upholstered back and seat, shaped arms, serpentine front rail, on cabriole legs on rockers. £30-50
1828.   A 1920's Oak Musical Grandmother Clock, with a arched hood, glazed astragal door, panelled base, on bracket feet, with arched silver dial, Roman numerals. £60-80
1829.   An XVIII Chinese Black Lacquer Six Fold Screen, decorated with dragons and foliage. £50-100
1830.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with an octagonal shaped top, single drawer, turned pedestal, quarter fold base on scroll feet. £100-150
1831.   A XX Century Mahogany Piano Stool, with a upholstered seat, two fall front drawers, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £25-45
1832.   Hopkinson London Mahogany Cased Baby Grand Piano. £100-200
1833.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Inlaid Two Tier Watnot, bow fronted ends, with gilded brass galleries on turned supports, single drawer on turned feet. £60-100
1834.   A Stool with a Upholsted Top, frieze with knulled decoration on turned legs, united by strechers. £20-40