Vinyl Records & Music Ephemera Auction
on Friday 13th July 2018

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701.    Incredible String Band - four L.P's to include 'The 5000 Spirits or the Layers of The Onion' (1967, Electra, stereo A1/B2 matrix); The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (1968 Elektra textured label, mono EUK258, laminated sleeve, A1/B1 matrix, with scarce lyric inner); Wee Tam (1968 Elektra, A1/B1 matrix, laminated sleeve); and 'U' (1970 Elektra, stereo, dbl LP with lyric inner). (4) 30-50
702.    Pink Floyd LP's - Dark Side Of The Moon (the rare solid blue triangle label, no insert); Atom Heart Mother (unboxed EMI, Harvest), The Wall, Meddle (boxed EMI, Harvest) and Animals. (5) 40-60
703.    Rectum Records A1/B1 Punk etc. - The Haemorroids 'How Can I Love You' (very scarce Punk four track 7"), Crass Records - Shaved Women 'Reality Asylum' 7" picture sleeve; Energy 'Energized' (rare heavy metal rock, on BIPS Records, 1980 four track), Tupac vs Puffy remix, Shapeshifters 40-60
704.    A Great Collection of 23 (of 37) 1960's Century 21 Production Mini Albums, - No's 1 to 117, (including the scarce MA 106 Daleks and the rare MA115 115 Topo Gigio) 119-121, 130, 131 and 134; together with three Limited Edition related mini album's 'Thunderbirds', 'Cass Carnaby Five' and 'Joe 90' and 'Thunderbirds Are Go'! 7" (27) 50-100
705.    Rock LP's - Atomic Rooster 'In Hearing of ....', (Pegasus Peg 1, 1971), The Who 'Quadrophenia' and 'Face Dances'; Led Zeppelin 'II' (later pressing), Roger Daltrey 'Ride a Rock Horse', Deep Purple 'Made In Japan', Jack Bruce, The Nice:- One Box 20-40
706.    Madonna 'Justify My Love' Limited Edition 12" Picture Disc, Prince 1999 LP, U2 'Rattle and Hum' Madonna 'Like a Virgin', 'True Blue'; Talking Heads, Violent Femmes, Visage, Human League, Blondie, Queen, Meat Loaf etc 20-40
707.    Rock Interest:- A collection of over thirty five albums to include AC/DC, Wishbone Ash, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Deep Purple, Saxon, Genesis, Queen, Uriah Heep, Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, etc:- One Box 20-40
708.    Rolling Stones LP's - Beggars Banquet (Stereo), Out Of Our Heads, Aftermath, Gimme Shelter, Big Hits, High Tide, Stone Age, Get Stoned, Some Girls; together with two T-Rex Doubleback LP issues. 20-40
709.    Pink Floyd - Three great LP's to include 'Ummagumma (1969, stereo, dbl LP laminated gatefold, original inner, boxed EMI logo, A1/B2/A1/B3 matrix); Atom Heart Mother (1970, Harvest stereo, unboxed EMI logo, A1G/B1G matrix, original inner) and 'Meddle' (1971, Harvest, Stereo, boxed EMI logo A-1U/B-1U matrix, original inner). (3) 50-80
710.    Kevin Ayers, 'Joy Of A Toy' (Harvest, Stereo SHVL 763, laminated gatefold, unboxed EMI logo, A1/B1 matrix); Family 'Music In A Dolls House' (Reprise stereo), Picnic (Harvest compilations 1970, two LP laminated gatefold, no EMI logo) and 'El Pea' (Island, pink rim stereo). (4) 30-50
711.    Prog LP's - King Crimson 'In The Wake of Poseidon' (large 'i' logo AI/BI matrix), Jackson Heights 'Bump and Grind' (Vertigo 1Y/1 2Y/1 matrix); Juicy Lucy 'Get a Whiff a This'; Family 'Family Entertainment' and 'It's Only a Movie', ELP 's/t' (1970 pink rim), 'Tarkus, Pictures at an Exhibition'. 30-50
712.    A Great Collection of Mostly Soul 45rpm, including Dusty Springfield 'What's it Gonna Be' (Spanish picture sleeve), Willie Mitchel, Ronettes (promo), Sweet Inspirations, Dee Clark, Olympic Runners, Johnny Acey, Renita Cole, Jimmy Soul etc. (SPQR, Tamla, Moonglow, Parkway, Atlantic labels noted). One Box 35-50
713.    Five LP's, 'Pretty Things' same title LP (Fontana TL 5239, flipback sleeve, mono, 1965 1L/1 2L/1 matrix), Neil Young 'After The Goldrush', Genesis 'A Trick of the Tail', Simon and Garfunkel 'Wednesday Morning 3AM', and Genesis 'Live' (5) 50-60
714.    Rock/Metal Interest - a collection of LP's and 12" singles to include Kiss (Dynasty, Destroyer, Creatures Of The Night, Double Platinum), Iron Maiden (live and one Japanese issue; s/t, Killer, Maiden Japan, Piece Of Mind, Killers, etc), AC/DC, ZZ Top, Bowie, The Alarm 7" included, etc. 30-50
715.    Pink Floyd - Six LP's to include 'Dark Side of the Moon' (outlined triangle, two posters and two postcards within); The Wall, The Final Cut, Relics, Animals and Wish You Were Here. (6) 40-60
716.    Soul Interest - LP's and 45rpm, to include Tamla Motown's Gaye/Weston 'It Takes Two', Gladys Knight 'Nitty Gritty' and 'Everybody Needs Love', Temptations 'Hits', Four Tops 'On Top', Three Caps 'Cool Jerk', Royalettes, etc. Tamla and Atlantic 45's noted. 30-50
717.    Over Forty Circa 1966/67 Monkees Trade Cards, (black and white and colour examples noted) by 'Raybert Productions Inc. Trademark of Screen Gems Inc'. 10-20
718.    Led Zepellin Interest, Led Zepellin IV LP, a rare opportunity to obtain a very early UK press "stickered copy" of this 1971 iconic album (Atlantic red/plum label, stereo 2401012 A/3 B/3 matrix with Porky/Pecko Duck scratched into the run-outs), labels show to applied stickers 'Kinney Music Ltd' over the Peter Grant credit and 'Led Zepellin' sticker in the red section. 200-300
719.    Rock L.P's - Frank Zappa 'Hot Rats', Barclay James Harvest, Taste, Status Quo, Marillion, Wishbone Ash, Rolling Stones, Argent, Focus, Elton John, etc. 25-40
720.    Over 150 Singles Mostly 1960's - 80's, varying artists including, Beatles, Traffic, The Who, Status Quo Shaun 69, Rolling Stones, Queen, Scorpions, Kraftwerk, T-Rex, Yardbirds etc. 20-30
721.    Punk, Rock and Pop LP's, to include Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers', Sham 69 (Tell us the Truth), Sex Pistols (Never Mind - later issue), UK Decay, UK Subs, The Police, Plasmatics, Van Halen etc (many in very poor condition). One Box 20-30
722.    'Aretha In Paris' L.P (Atlantic Stereo), Ike and Tina Turner 'The World of' (two LP laminated gatefold), 'What You Hear is What You Get'; Kenny Clarke 'All Blues', Quo, Queen. 15-30
723.    A Large Collection of Over Four Hundred 45rpm's, mostly 1960/80's, various artists, Century 21 EP, 45 cases etc:- Four Boxes 20-40
724.    LP's, Queen, Bob Dylan, The Who, Madonna, Status Quo, etc:- One Case. 10-20
725.    Rock Interest: A Collection of LP's to include Sammy Hagar, Rush, Blackjack, Blackfoot, Rockets, Status Quo, UFO, Electric Sun, Van Halen, Fohat, Argent, Whitesnake, Cold Chisel, etc. 20-40
726.    LP and 45's To Include Uriah Heep, Spyrogyra, Judas Priest, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Boney M (red vinyl), Eagles, Elvis, etc, together with two Bill Haley 78's (two LP cases and two box). 15-30
727.    Jazz/Blues Interest - A nice collection of 78's, LP's, EP's and 45's to include Sugar Chile Robinson, Pee Wee Hunt, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Earl Bostic, Betty Smith's Skiffle, Gerry Mulligan, Muddy Waters, Blues, Charlie Parker, Spike Jones, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
728.    Rock n Roll/County Interest, a nice selection of over eighty LPs to include Bill Haley, Cliff (Cliff, Listen to Cliff, Cliff Sings - all green Columbia), Shivelles, Ronnie Hawkins, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison etc:- One Box 30-50
729.    A Collection of LP's and 7" Singles, to include Talking Heads 'Naked', Stop- Making Sense', Little Creatures' 'True Stores', and Remain in Light', Talk Talk, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, This Mortal Coil(Filigree and Shadow two LP set with shrink foil), Cocteau Twins etc, two x Sound Garden 7" picture discs and other vinyl:- One LP case. 20-40
730.    Pioneers 'Long Shot' LP (Trojan TBL103A); 'The Jimmy Ruffin Way' LP (Tamla), Dobie Gray 'The In' Crowd, (Charger Records), 45rpm, David Bowie 'Heroes', 12" (white label Not For Sale copy), etc 20-40
731.    Buddy Holly and The Crickets - a nice collection of twenty-six 7" Coral and Vogue Coral Issues (including thirteen triangular centres) -'That'II Be The Day' noted; together with related re-issues, with Marty Wilde signed 7" copies, DOT/London label demo's, Ritchie Valens,String-a-Longs, Bob Luman, Jimmy Gilmer. 40-70
732.    Punk Interest - Sex Pistols LP 'Never Mind The Bo***cks' (A8/B5 matrix) eleven track rear sleeve, The Great Rock n Roll Swindle, The Biggest Blow A Punk Prayer by Ronnie Briggs (Pistols Bootleg) and Sex Pistols 'Spunk' (12" vinyl only), 'Gun Control' (Pistols sleeve only) and Jackson Browne's 'X-rated: Sounds of the 60's (rare bootleg 12" n.b vinyl only). 15-25
Oasis Interest, a nice collection of concert programmes related concert ticket stubs and loose ticket stubs circa 1997 - 2006, including Manchester G-Max '97, Wembley 2000, Finsbury 2002, City of Manchester Stadium; together with two unused French concert tickets 4th November 1997 and an exhibition programme 'Oasis Chasing The Sun 1993-97' and an unverified 'Bonehead' blue ink signed concert track list sheet. 100-120
734.    Coloured Vinyl/Picture Discs - To include The Courteeners 'That Kiss' 7" red vinyl set (with autographs); The Enemy 'You're Not Alone' (squared 7" single picture disc), Mansun Legacy EP (two 7" red vinyl); Living Colour, Fishbone and other vinyl. 15-20
735.    Jimi Hendrix 'Axis Bold As Love' LP, 1967, (Track stereo 613003 A1/B1 matrix, laminated flip Earnest J Day gatefold outer sleeve) - with the scarce 'lyric' insert with no tears, very clean example. 60-100
736.    45's to include, - Nirvana 'Rainbow Chaser', Peter Jay 'Can-Can' 62', Small Faces 'Tin Soldier' (p/s), Paper Dolls, Rolling Stones, The Who, Dusty Springfield, Tamla etc 10-20
737.    Late 60's / Early 70's Interest - Black Widow 'Sacrifice' (CBS, Stereo, 1970), Curved Air 'Second Album', Wishbone Ash 'Argus', Prelude 'How Long Is Forever' (Dawn, 1973), Chelsea Beige, Cross Country, Still Water, Roy Bailey (rare folk, Trailer LER 3021), etc. 25-45
738.    Dan Hill Sound Electronic No 4, 5 and 6, 'Music to Watch Girls By' and '66/33' (on RPM and CBS labels, together with James Bond 'Casino Royal' (RCA) and Thunderball (rare cover) etc (8) 20-40
739.    A Collection of LP's, to include David Bowie, Queen, Elton John (coloured vinyl), The Who, Budgie, Cream, Hollies, Donovan, Roger Waters, Ozzy Osbourne, Deep Purple, Free, etc. 30-50
740.    A Nice Collection of 45rpm and EP's, mostly 1960's-80's, to include Kinks, The Who (Ready Steady Who re-issue noted), Dave and Ansell Collins, Buzzcocks, Sex Pistols, Clash, Ian Dury, Cliff, Elvis, Manfred Mann, Tornadoes, Beach Boys etc:- One Box 25-45
741.    A B & O (Bang & Olufsen), BeoSound 9000 6 CD Changer with FM Radio Unit, a B&O vertical stand, B&O Beo four remote control, together with a pair of Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8000 Active 'pencil' speakers - no cables - (untested, sold for parts only). 200-400
742.    A Quad II Valve Amplifer (Serial No 18658), together with a Quad Type QC 11 Acoustical Control Unit (serial No 17745) , and a Quad f/m tuner, all housed in a circa 1960's Murphy 188 walnut cased concave floorstanding unit. (Untested, sold for parts only). 100-200
743.    A Beatles, 'Yellow Submarine' metal l wall plaque 70 x 50cm. 20-30
744.    Beatles/Stones Memorabilia - to include 'The Sensational Rolling Stones' souvenir concert programme (circa 1964); a further Stones concert programme showing further billed artists (Spencer Davis Group, Checkmates, The End) possibly 1965; Beatles book periodicals (14) including No. 1, 2, 3, 5 -10, 12-16, over fifty Beatles A + BC trade cards and 1965 and 1966 Pop Special booklets. 20-40
745.    Beatles Memorabilia- A Pair of 1960's Beatles Pottery Cups, printed 'The Beatles' with each band member profile picture and facsimile name, 'Broadhurst of Burslem' potteries makers mark to base. 15-25
746.    The Beatles: Please Please Me LP, the rare black/gold Parlophone label, mono PMC 1202, Parlophone Co. Ltd at start of perimeter, 1N/1N matrix endings, early 1GA/1GA, Mother Stampers, 2T tax coder, Dick James credits to side 1 tracks 1, 2, 6 and 7, poly lined Emitex inner sleeve, E.J. Day flipback front laminated outer sleeve with Angus McBean photo credit. 200-250
747.    A Rega RP78 Turntable, fitted with an RB202 tonearm (appears unused), with original box, polystyrene protectors and plastic cover, (untested, sold for parts only).
748.    Prog Rock LP's Atomic Rooster 'Death Walks Behind You', Family 'Anyway....'; Wishbone Ash 'Argus'; The Nice 'Ars Longa Vita Brevis'; and Uriah Heep 'Very 'eavy'. 20-40
749.    Pink Floyd 'The Wall' Two LP, The Who's 'Quadrophenia', and 'Who's Next', Cream 'Best Of', Rolling Stones 'Still Life' and 'Tattoo You', Focus, 'Mother', Genesis, 'Three Side Live' and 'Abacus'. 20-40
750.    'In Mod We Trust', a metal wall sign 70 x 50cm 25-30
751.    The Beatles: Two Rarer 'Red' Parlophone Releases 'Love ME Do' (R4949) and 'Please Please Me' (R4983); further Beatles 4's, Duane Eddy 'Twangy EP', Nashville Teens, etc. 10-20
752.    Beatles Interest - A nice collection to include 'Another Beatles Christmas Record' flexidisc, 'Revolver' (scarce E.J.Day outer sleeve showing Dr Robert Credit ),Twist and Shout EP, White Album (side opening 4 x -1 matrix endings), Sgt Pepper, Abbey Road, Rubber Soul, Beatles 1967-70 two LP 'blue vinyl' set, Let It Be, Please Please Me etc. 40-60
753.    Jimi Hendrix Interest - A nice collection of eight albums to include 'Electric Ladyland' (Polydor), Concerts, Nine to the Universe, Legends of Rock, More Experience, Cry of Love, In The Beginning etc. and a Hendrix 45rpm. 50-70
754.    Ten Led Zeppelin LP's - including I, II, III, IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, In Through the Outdoor, Coda, Presence and Song Remains the Same, together with Jimmy Page's Outrider LP (11) (Mostly later pressings) 50-80
755.    Rock / Prog Interest - Pop Revolution 'From The Underground' LP (CBS Stereo multispash vinyl), Taste 'Isle of Wight' (Polydor), Yes' Tales from topographic oceans', King Crimson 'Earth Bound', Faust ' The Faust Tapes'. 25-35
756.    Three TV Century 21 Thunderbirds Mini Albums, Pam Nestor 12" (Yellow Vinyl), Bootzilla 12" (Special Limited Edition), Michael Jackson LP's, Weather Report, Gordon Lightfoot, Laura Nyro, etc. 15-20
757.    The Beatles 'Revolver LP 1966, (Yellow Parlophone Stereo, rarer -1/-1 mix, 'Doctor' Robert on label, Garrod and Lofthouse Patents Pending Sleeve, KT tax code); 'Sgt Pepper' LP 1967 (Wide spine, smoke inner sleeve, with insert -1/-1 matrix), together with further LP's 'Rubber Soul (loud cut ), Beatles for Sale, Help etc, and a collection of related 45's 40-60
758.    Beatles Interest - a collection to include over ten LP's and 45rpm's - Revolver, Sgt Pepper, Beatles Live two LP set, For Sale etc. 20-40
759.    The Beatles 'A Hard Days Night' 1964 Film Poster, (n.b. trimmed top and bottom and Wilfred Bramble image cut out), 21 x 39.5" (53.5 x 100.5cm); together with a collection of over 30 A and BC Beatles gum cards (stuck within an album), etc. 50-100
760.    Beatles For Sale LP, yellow Parlophone stereo PCS 3062 YEX 142-1/143-1 matrix endings; Hey Jude 7" picture sleeve (Spanish copy). (2) 20-25
761.    Beach Boys, 'Wild Honey' LP (mono 1967, rainbow capitol), Bill Haley 'Rock Around the Clock' EP, Star Wars, Jeff Beck, Bob and Marcia. 10-15
762.    LP's, Queen 'Sheer Heart Attack', Queen', The Jam 'Gift', 'Sound Affects', Dire Straits '1st LP', Santana 1st (6) 20-30
763.    Queen Interest - 12 LP's to include '1st', II, Sheer Heart Attack, Jazz, News of the World, A Day at the Races, Live Killers, The Game etc. (12) 25-40
764.    1980's/90's LPs and 45rpm's, to include Madonna, Micheal Jackson, Kraftwerk, U2, Stranglers, Clash, Talk Talk, etc (one case plus one) 20-40
765.    A Rare Bang and Olufsen BMS BioMic Stereo 'Ribbon' Microphone, with ball swivel and stand; together with a Bang and Olufsen Beocord 2000 reel to reel tape recorder, manuals and a quantity of reel to reel tapes, (untested, sold for parts only). (3)
766.    A Selection of 45rpm's, to include Style Council, Kylie, Humble Pie, Motowns (Italian pressing), Beatles Christmas disc (sleeve only) etc. all in a 45rpm case. 10-20
767.    Late 50's / Early 60's LP's - a nice collection to include Elvis, Gene Pitney, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith, Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Platters, Duane Eddy, etc; together with five Bill Haley and The Comets 78rpm's. 40-70
768.    A Collection of Over 100 45rpm's, including Bill Wither's 'Use Me' (promo), Smiling Hard 'Fire to the Galleon (rare UK funk on Survival label), Mighty Sparrow, Neil Young, Statler Brothers, Imperials, Herbie Hancock, Joni James etc: One Box 10-20
769.    Techno/Acid/Dance Interest - A collection of over fifty 12" singles to include Mr Fingers, Arrested Development, S' Express, Slow Bongo Floyd, Soul II Soul, De La Soul, Bomb The Bass, Brand New Heavies etc. - Note: many white label/promo's also noted:- One Box 20-40
770.    A Collection of LP's, 45's and EP's to include X-Ray Spex, T-Rex, Alex Harvey, Queen, Manfred Mann (Up the Junction), Elvis, John Lennon, Little Feat, Golden Earring, Beatles, Atlantic and Tamla label noted together with the scarce Dusty Springfield 12" promo disco single 'That's the Kind of Love'. 30-50
771.    Pink Floyd 'Meddle' LP (boxed EMI), 'Dark Side of the Moon' (with poster), A nice pair, Deep Purple 'Burn', 10cc ZZ Top, The Police etc, together with 45's/EP's - The Beatles, Small Faces, The Big Three, The Who, Kinks etc:- One Box 25-35
772.    LP's and 12" Singles, to include U2, Dire Straits, INXS, Queen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys etc:- One Case 15-25
773.    Acid/Techno/Dance 12" - An interesting collection of over fifty 12" singles to include Urban Soul, Rozalla, If, Young M.C., Coldcut, Esperanto, Alyson Williams, Unique 3, St. Ettienne, Gino Latino etc:- Two Boxes 30-50
774.    Buddy Holly Interest: A nice collection of Buddy Holly LP's to include 'Reminiscing' (Coral, mono), 'Showcase' (Coral, mono), Holly In The Hills (Coral, mono), 'Buddy Holly', (Coral, mono LVA 9085), 'The Buddy Holly Story', etc; together with retrospective L.P.'s 'Greatest Hits', Giant, That'II Be The Day, Holly's House, etc. 30-60
775.    Beatles and Solo Works Interest, a collection to include 45rpms (Ain't She Sweet 45 on Atco and Hello Goodby on Capitol noted), EP's, and LP's (with The Beatles, Rarities, Blue and Red compilations etc), together with bootleg and other dvd's, cd's etc -f.n with a signed 'Pete Best' black and white reproduction photograph (unverified). 20-40
776.    Gordon Giltrap - 3 Track Ltd Edition 12" Picture Disc, and LP's to include Blind Faith, The Hollies 'Would You Believe (Parlophone 1966), Cream, Troggs 'Mixed Bag' (1968 Page One), Long John Baldry, Manfred Mann, Zager and Evans, Sue compilation, etc. 20-30
777.    Jazz Interest - a collection of LP's (including Blue Note label) to include Satchmo 'Plays King Oliver (White Audio Fidelity label), Billie and Dede Pierce, Duke Ellington, High Spirits, Left Bank Bearcats, Scobey and Clancy, Jazz at Preservation Hall volumes etc. 15-25
778.    Rock Lp's - A collection to include Ted Nugent, (Weekend Warriors, Gonzo!, Intensities in 10 Cities etc, Motorhead, Saxon, Whitesnake, Boston, Edgar winter, etc, and a collection of 45rpms. 20-40
779.    A Nice Collection of 45's and 12" Singles. mostly 80's/90's - M People, Bangles, Texas, MC Hammer, Erasure, George Michael etc (over 200) - 7 x 45rpm cases (7) 20-40
780.    US Country LP's - an interesting collection to include Merle Haggard and The Stranglers (Mama Tried, I'm A Lonesome Fugitive, Pride In What I Am, Sing Me Back Home, etc), Jerry Lee Lewis (I-40) noted), Ed Bruce, Charley Pride, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, etc - Imports noted. 30-50
781.    LP's and 45's, Jimi Hendrix 'Birth of Success' LP (MFP 1970), Reggae Party, 'Blooblo' (funk drum breaks, contour 1973), Elton John 'Live 17.11.70' LP (Pickwick), folk interest, sounds orchestral, Queen etc:- One Box 15-25
782.    Jazz Interest, to include Kenton 'Album 5' 12" album acetate 'Sfax Series' (Cannonball Addeley and Clifton Brown popular jazz series, Brian Auger, Gene Norman, Roland Kirk, Oscar Peterson, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman etc, together with a six disc folio by 'The Ted Needham Quintet' recorded at Curtis Recording Studios March 19th 1952 'Talent Label' 15-30
783.    A Collection of LP's, Roxy Music, Kate Bush, ELO, Paul Young, Billy Joel, Michael Jackson etc, and over 120 45's - Jimmy Cliff, CCR, Monkees, Faces, Eric Burdon, Easy Beats, Symbols, Styx etc:- One Box 20-40
784.    A Scarce Collection of Twelve BBC 78rpm Acetates (Mostly Dated Late 1940's / Early 1950s), to include the 'Summer Journey' programme and the Spanish programme with Basque music, together with three folders of Spanish themed 78rpm (Cholita, Virrey, Sono Radio, Spanish odeon and Columbia labels noted):- One Box 20-30
785.    Bluegrass Interest - An Interesting Collection of Over 150 Lp's To Include Cliff Waldron, Dixie Pals, Ted Lumdy, and the Southern Boys, The Seldown Scene, Earl Taylor, Boone Creek, Paul Adkins, Red Allen, Church Brothers, etc (on scarce labels, Rounder Sugarhill, Towa, Vetco, Webco, Rebel records, etc) :- Two Boxes. 30-60
786.    A Collection of Over Three Hundred 45rpm's (1950's-80's), Madonna, Genesis, Pop, Rock n Roll etc:- Two Boxes 30-50
787.    A Collection of LP's and 7" Singles, to include Wings, Kinks, Tamla Motown label, Small Faces, Neil Young, Squeeze etc. 15-25
788.    A Pair of B & O (Bang & Olufson) Beovox 5000 Mk 1 Teak Case Floor Standing Loudspeakers, HT5000 Type 6206, No's 64183 and 64188, (untested, sold for parts only). (2) 50-100
789.    The Beatles and Solo - 'For Sale' LP 1964, mono 3N/3N matrix, 'Rubber Soul' mono 1965 -4/-4 matrix, McCartney first LP 1970 3U/4U matrix, Lennon 'Imagine' and Beatles Hits EP. (5) 10-20
790.    Soul Interest: A collection of over thirty five 45 R.P.M's - Tamla, Atlantic, London, Probe, Wand labels noted and a small collection of Soul themed L.P.'s (Four Tops, Supremes, Compilations). 15-30
791.    Concert Programmes - Kinks/ Herd/ Gary Walker and The Rain etc (18th April '68); The Marquee Show Manfred Mann/Yardbirds/ Mark Leeman 5 etc. (Nov '65); Small Faces/Orbison/ Paul and Barry Ryan etc. (March '67), Gerry and the Pacemakers, Orbison etc; together with 1960's Beatles postcards, theatre programmes etc:- One Case 15-20
792.    LP's to include Four Tops 'Nature Planned It', Love Forever Changes' (later pressing), T-Rex 'Bolan Boogie', Four Seasons, Depeche Mode, U2, ZZ Top, Meatloaf, Janis Joplin, Hendrex etc, 20-40
793.    Late 60's/Early 70's Folk LP's - Michael Chapman 'Millstone Grit' (Deram), stereo SML 1105 P-IW/P-IW matrix); Tir Na Nog 's/t' (1971, Chrysalis stereo ILPS-9153 A-1U/B-1U matrix), 'Strong In The Sun' (CHR 1047), 'A Tear and a Smile' (CHR 1006); Gryphon 's/t' (transatlantic TRA 262). 20-40
794.    Black Sabbath 'Master of Reality' LP (Vertigo 6360 050 box cover, no poster); together with six Deep Purple LP's: In Rock, Who Do We Think We Are, Made in Europe, 24 Carat Purple, five b211, and Burn, Thin Lizzy and Status Quo also noted. 30-50
795.    Reggae Interest - A nice collection of over fifty 7" singles, mostly 1970's/80's - artists to include Black Uhuru, Ernest Wilson Lloyd and Devon, John Shop, Harry J. Allstar, Roots Radics, Radiks, Sound Dimension, Toots, The Eternals, Pablove Black etc( 1 studio, Taxi, Crab, Black Solidarity, Massive, Volcano, Observers, Roots Vibration labels noted):- One Box 30-50
796.    LP's, to Include Ginger Bakers Airforce 'Free Kings', Queen II, Alice Cooper 'Killer' 10-20
797.    Soul and Northern Soul, a collection to include Barbara Mills 'Queen of Fools' (Hickory), Frankie Valli 'You're Ready Now' (Smash), Judy Street 'What' (Grapevine), Tony Clarke, Roy 'C', Re Exciters - together with a good selection of Tamla Motown, Stateside 45rpm (over 60). 40-60
798.    Blues/Jazz LP's, Jimmy Witherspoon 'At The Monterey Jazz Festival' (Hi Fi Jazz), Pablo live 177 jam session, J.A.T.P in Tokyo (Verve), jam sessions # 1 and # 3 (Verve), J.A.T.P 1975 (Pablo), etc. 15-25
799.    Jazz/Blues LP's, a nice collection to include Dizzy Gillespie 'New Wave' (Phillips Stereo), Coleman Hawkins 'Good Old Broadway', Wilbur De Paris 'plays Cole Porter' (Atlantic), Ida Cox with the Coleman Hawkins Quintet, Big Bill Broonzy, James Rushing Esq etc, together with three silver rim Stereo Columbia LP's - Sharkey Bonano, Ken Colyer and Acker Bilk (15) - in a Decca LP Case. 20-40
800.    A Nice Collection of 1980's/90's Rock 12" and 45rpm Singles, including Europe 'Rock The Night'(gold vinyl), Def Leppard, Kiss, Poison, Queen etc. 20-30
801.    Ten LP's to Include Beatles 'Revolver', Magical Mystery Tour', Sgt Peppers (wide spine with inserts). The Faces, Joe Cocker, Bob Dylan etc, Beatles EP and 45's also noted. 20-30
802.    Fifteen LP's - to include ZZ Top, Tres Hombres', Eliminator, Recycler, Hawkwind's Sonic Attack, Road Hawks, Wishbone Ash, Focus, The Nice, Black Sabbath, Axe Attack compilation, etc. (15) 30-50
803.    Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers 'Got to Get you into our Life' LP (1967, Mono, Yellow Parlophone -1/-1 matrix); Alan Price Set 'The Price to Play' LP (1966, mono, grooved red Decca), and The Action 'Shadows and Reflections' 7" (3) 20-30
804.    History of the Bonzo's, Atomic Rooster 'Home to Roost', The Best of Curved Air, The Free Story, Procol Harum double back 'A Whiter Shade/A Salty Dog, Cream 'Live at the Fillmoore, Neil Young 'After the Goldrush', Phil Spector. 25-40
805.    Elvis Interest, a nice collection to include LP's cabinet plates, t-shirts, mugs, 45rpms photographic prints, VHS tapes etc. 15-25
806.    A Good Selection of 1980's/90 LP's/12" Singles - varying artists to include Magnapop, Incandescence, All, Christians, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Forget-Me-Nots, etc. 20-30
807.    A Collection of LP's, to Include Hawkwind 'In Search of Space', The Nice 'Five Bridges', Meat Loaf, Supremes, Jimi Hendrix, Stomu Yamash'ta 'Floating Music (Pink 'i' Island) etc, together with an obscure 78rpm 'Prescott 1946 Hill Climb', Columbia white label 'Le Paradiso' etc:- One Box 15-25
808.    1980's/90's LP's and 12" Singles, to include Knebworth Festival, A-Ha, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Genesis, Dusty Springfield etc, and a selection of cd's (three cases and one box) (4) 15-25
809.    A Large Collection of Mostly Dance/Rave/Acid/ Jazz/Indie/Pop 12" Singles, mainly late 1980's/early 90's to include Stone Roses, Jamiroquai, Happy Mondays, Charlatans, Talkin' Loud label etc - fn, numerous white label/DJ Promo use only issues noted (conditions vary):- Six Boxes 30-50
810.    A Quantity of 45rpm and EP's, mostly 1960's to 1980's to include Donovan, Hollies, Bad Manners, Georgie Fame, Locomotive, Simon Dee's 'Flair', Phil Mclean, Rob Court, etc, many company sleeves:- One Box 20-40
811.    Rock n Roll Interest: A nice collection of LP's, 45's, etc to include Buddy Holly, Everley Brothers, Elvis Presley, Bobby Vee, Norman Petty and The Fireballs, Teddy Bears, Joe Brown, etc; together with further 45's, L.P.'s, concert brochures, Elvis' death in newsprint, etc. 15-25
812.    Folk Interest - A good collection of LP's to include 7 Steeleye Span (Hark The Village Wait, Below The Salt, Parcel of Rogues, etc), Strawbs 'Grave New World', Lindisfarne, Jethro Tull, Renaissance Pogues, Spyrogyra, East of Eden, etc. 30-50
813.    A Pair of Celestion 15 Teak Cased Speakers, a Sony PS-LX205 turntable, Sony Amp (Ta-AX205), tuner (ST-JX205L), a cassette deck, and a Sony PS-T1S turntable with Technics tonearm and a Sta on 500 MKII cartridge, (untested, sold for parts only). 20-40
814.    Soul/Reggae and Other Vinyl, a mixed collection to include Derrick Morgan 'Moon Hop' (Crab), Upsetter All Stars 'Handy-Cap' (Trojan TR-616B), Roy 'C' 'Shotgun Wedding' (Black Hawk), numerous Tamla Motown, Stax, Chess labels also noted - all together with Small Faces, Bad Company, Kinks, Batman LP (Stateside 1966 Mono - poor sleeve) etc:- One Box and One Case. (2) 30-40
815.    A Japanese E. Chopet EP-100 Evans/Analogue Echo Delaying Unit (For Voice and Guitar), together with a four piece Technics music system incorporating an SU-810 amp, two cd players and a tuner, (untested, sold for parts only). (5) 20-40
816.    A Collection of Approximately Twenty 80's/90's Indie LP's, including Rocking Birds 'R' Us, Captain America, Loop Guru, Jaqcues Loussier, The Jennifers, The Badgeman, Silverfish, Unrest, Red Moon Joe, Junk Yard, Passing Clouds etc. 20-40
817.    A Collection of Over 350 45rpm (1960's/80's, including Hollies, Bee Gees, Marmalade, Madonna, Elvis etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
818.    US Rock - A selection of over forty LP's to include Ry Cooder, Frank Zappa, Santana, Captain Beefheart, Joe Walsh, Journey etc:- One Box 40-60
819.    A Technics Quartz SL-Q2 Direct Drive Automatic Turntable, fitted with an A & R Cambridge cartridge, a Technics Quartz ST-S31L stereo tuner, and a Technics SU-X120 PXS stereo amplifier, (untested, sold for parts only). (3) 30-50
820.    A Collection of 1980's/90 Indie/Rap/Rave/Dance Related LP's/12" Releases - White labels and Promo's noted - to include 49er's, Richard Traviss, Boo Yaa, D.J. Professor, Little Brother, Love Tempo, Rosemary, Skyscraper, Daddy Rich, XC-NN etc. 20-30
821.    A Collection of LP's and 45's to Include, Queen, McCartney, Beatles, Cliff Richard (Move It and Living Doll 7"), Honeycombs, Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra, (Capitol Stereo LP's). 15-25
822.    A Collection of LP's to Include, Uriah Heep '... Very Heavy', Nazareth 'Expect No Mercy', Status Quo, Black Sabbath 'Vol 4' and 'Never Say Die', Rolling Stones, April Wine, Magnum, Camal, Bob Dylan, John Mayall etc. 30-50
823.    45's and 12" Singles, to include Ninah Cherry, Take That, Kylie, Pogues, 808 State, World Cup Themes etc:- One Case. 15-20
824.    A Mixed Collection, to include LP's and 45's (The Rationals, The Casino's, 1968 TCB Motown soundtrack noted), 2014 Record Guide, signed music scores and photograph print (unverified) etc:- One Box 15-25
825.    A Mixed Lot of LP's/45 R.P.M's - Stranglers, Def Leppard 45's, Ok, UK, Saxon, Quo picture disc, P.I.L, Television, Models, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
826.    80's/90's Interest, LP's, 12" and 7" singles to include Madonna, Michael Jackson, ABC promo's, coloured vinyl and picture discs noted, Dammed, Inxs, Depesch Mode, Billy Idol etc:- One Box 25-45
827.    Folk Interest - A Collection of LP's to include Fairport Convention, (Babbacombe Lee with insert, live, Rising For The Moon, etc), Jethro Tull, Albion Band, Strawhead, Steeleye Span, Peter Bond etc; together with further L.P.'s - Beach Boys, Susan Vega, ELO, Compliations. 30-40
828.    1950's and Later Jazz Interest - A collection of LP's and 78's to include Gerry Mulligan, Lionel Hampton (Live!, 1966 Fontana), Coleman Hawkins, Ramsay Lewis, June Christy, Dakota Staton, Ella Fitzgerald, Stan Kenton etc; together with a nice collection of nine 1950's record label catalogues (Parlophone, Columbia, Decca, Capitol noted):- Two Boxes 15-25
829.    LP and 45rpm's, to include The Faces 'Ooh La La' LP, Beatles 1962-66, Elvis, Buddy Holly, Dawn etc; 45's, Pink Floyd, Police, Beatles, Queen, Blondie etc:- On Box
830.    A Collection Of LP's and 45's, to Include Booker T ('... and Priscilla'), The Who (Who's Next, Rarities), Stones, Peter Gabriel, 80's dance, humour, reggae also noted:- Two Boxes. 15-25
831.    A Nice Collection of Jazz 78rpm, including Miles Davis, Art Tatum, Garry Mulligan, Count Basie, Lee Konitz, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Peterson, George Shearing, Charlie Parker etc, labels to include Vogue, (x fifteen), jazz Parade, Columbia, Melodisc, Esquire etc, together with an Ed Barton's Spacemen 'Poinciana' 78rpm acetate (poor condition). One Box 15-30
832.    A Technics CH700 Six Piece Music System, including amp tuner, cd sound processor and speakers, (untested, sold for parts only). 30-50
833.    A Collection of LP's to Include, The Beatles 'with The Beatles' (Mono, Jobete Credit on 'Money', 'Gotta' on sleeve and label), 'For Sale' and 'Help' (both stereo copies), Hard Day's Night, and Rubber Soul; 'Sparrow' (s/t Calypsoes RCA) LP, Foundations, compilations etc - One LP case. 20-40
834.    A Collection of LP's, 7 and 12" Singles, to include Madonna 'Into the Groove' picture disc; Frankie picture disc, Police and Squeeze coloured vinyl, two tone related (Specials, Selecter) Madness and Bad Manners LP's, etc, (untested, sold for parts only):- One Box 20-30
835.    A Collection of LP's and 45RPM to Include, Commodores, Meat Loaf, Spencer Davis, Beach Boys, Michael Jackson, Drifters, Marmalade etc:- One Box and one single's case.(2) 15-25
836.    A Collection of LP's 45rpm's and 78's to include Police, Blondie Magic (on Bullseye), Gladys Knight, The Beat, Sham 69, Madness, Tommy Steele, Johnny Cash, Billy Cotton 78rpm Test Pressing (4) 20-30
837.    A Large Collection of Record Collector Magazines, Record Collector Price Guides and Folders Containing Reference Material:- Three Boxes, together with 'Family Entertainment' LP (Reprise 3 colour steamboat), White Album photo cards and Beatles monthly booklets, etc 20-30
838.    Over Three Hundred 45rpm's Mostly 1980's Artists, including Meat Loaf, D-Ream, Soul II Soul, Take That, Erasure etc, together with LP's and 12" singles (T-Rex noted). (8) 20-40
839.    Blues/Jazz Interest, a collection of LP's, 10" and 7" records to include Satchmo, BB King, Lionel Hampton, Emmett Berry, Chris Barber, Bunk Johnson, 'Wild' Bill Davis etc:- One Box 10-20
840.    Over Seventy LP's - Varying artists to include the Beatles, Coleman Hawkins, Stylistics, Drifters, Alex Welsh, Simply Red, Madness, 2nd Vision, Madonna etc:- One Box and LP Case. (2) 20-40
841.    Classical Interest - Over forty box sets including labels Decca, EMI, Deutsche Grammophon, Vox, Argo etc. - Beethoven Edition noted; together with Joseph Hayden fifteen LP set of keyboard sonata's (Orpheus OP-H101-15) and other classical records. 30-60
842.    A Collection of LP's, to include Dire Straits (1st, Communique, Making Moves, Alchemy, Brothers In Arms), Blue band 'Bootleg' and 'Brand Loyalty', Kate Bush, Blondie, Wire, U2, Tourists, Damned, Talking Heads, Stranglers, Nothing Hillbillies, etc. 30-50
843.    David Bowie, 'The Man Who Sold The World' LP 'Dress Cover' of this iconic album - note carefully (this LP is believed to be a late 1970's repress, possibly Japan?) - black/grey mercury label, stamped matrix numbers 6338041-1Y-A/6338041-2Y-B (R) 1971 at 3'oclock on label,cross hatched textured outer sleeve, Bowie's foot goes to edge of LP sleeve. 30-40
844.    LP's and 45's, to include Aretha Franklin 'Now' LP (Atlantic plum mono); Chris Farlowe 'Hits EP' (Immediate), Beatles LP's 'Please Please Me' and 'With The Beatles'; Dusty Springfield, Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles, Buddy Holly & Crickets EP's etc:- One Box 15-30
845.    Rolling Stones - A nice collection of nine LP.'s to include High Tide Big Hits (green Decca, stereo TXS.101 6D/6D matrix), Through The Past Darkly, Goats Head Soup, Some Girls, Tattoo You, Emotional Rescue, in concert, etc. (9) 25-40
846.    Caravan 'In The Land of Grey and Pink LP, Deram stereo SDL-R1, gatefold, 1971 1D/1D matrix endings; Cream 'Disraeli Gears' LP (1968, Reaction, Stereo 594003 A1/B1 matrix, fully laminated sleeve); and Jimi Hendrix Band of Gypsys' LP (3) 60-80
847.    Punk Interest - The Clash 'Combat Rock' LP (Promo with poster), Undertones 'Positive Touch', 'New Wave' Vertigo compilation, Rubella Ballet; Clash 'Sandinista' (three LP demo with insert), The Gymslips 'Rocking with the Renees (LP with Promo text sheets), Ian Dury; and 'Urgh!' (AM Promo compilation two LP set) etc. 30-50
848.    Led Zepellin II LP, (Atlantic red/plum label, lemon song credit, stereo), Houses Of The Holy, In Through The Out Door; The Who 'Quadrophenia', Hendrix 'The Cry of Love', Who/Hendrix 'Back Track 3' and Cream 'Wheels of Fire', etc. 30-50
849.    A Nice Collection of 1960's/70's 7"/EP's - varying genres including Psyche, Soul, Rock 'n' Roll, Blues, Beat etc - artists to include The Big Three, Mar-key's, Inez Foxx, The Meters, Kingsmen, Betty Wright (including promo), Miracles, Stones, Beatles, Yardbirds etc:- One Box 25-40
850.    Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin - Ten LP's to include The Wall, Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, Final Cut etc; together with Led Zeppelin II, III, Houses of the Holy and Physical Graffiti. 40-70
851.    Buddy Holly Interest: A collection of LP's, mostly later retrospective's, bootlegs, sessions, etc to include - 'In Person Vol 2', Nashville Sessions, Voices of the Crickets, Rave On, Artistry On Guitar, his undubbed versions, Something Old, Live!, Somethin' Else, Western and Bop, etc. 30-60
852.    US Psyche - The Seeds 'Future' (Vocation 1967, mono 1B/2B matrix), The Stooges 'Funhouse' (Elektra stereo), Iggy and The Stooges 'Raw Power', Love 'for Sail', 'Reel to Reel', 'Masters' and 'Love' later re-issues noted), Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix 'Axis': Bold As Love (re-issue). 40-70
853.    Vertigo - Ian Carr's Nucleus 'Solar Plexus' LP, 1971, Vertigo small swirl, 1Y/2 2Y/1 matrix endings, gatefold. 60-70
854.    Vertigo - Ian Carr's Nucleus 'We'll Talk About it Later' LP, 1971, Vertigo large swirl, 1Y/1 2Y/1 matrix, swirl inner sleeve) clean copy of this gatefold classic jazz rock fusion LP. 80-100
855.    Vertigo LP's, Three Classic Vertigo releases Juicy Lucy LP (large swirl 1Y/1 2Y/2 matrix, swirl inner); Magna Cata 'Seasons LP (large swirl 1Y/1 2Y/2 Matrix, swirl inner) and Gentle Giant 'Octopus' LP (spaceship vertigo, 1Y/1 2Y/1 matrix, import sticker on cover (3) 80-100
856.    Joy Division 'Still', (1981, UK Press 2LP gatefold), and two Goon LP's. (3) 10-15
857.    A Collection of Interesting LP's, to include Butthole Surfers, God, Moonflowers, Beaster, A Tent, The Beyond, Cypress, Fenn etc. (press text sheets noted within). 20-40
858.    Soul Interest - A Collection of LP's and 45 rpms to include Marvin Gaye, Aretha, Temptations, Show Stoppers, Four Tops, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Bobby Hebb etc (Tamla, Soul City, Atlantic, London labels notes):- One Box 25-40
859.    A Nice Selection of Over 100 78rpm's (Rock 'n' Roll well represented), to include Buddy Holly, Zodiacs, Bill Haley, Everley Brothers, Big Bopper, Voxpoppers, Frankie Lyman, Gale Storm, Crickets, Elvis, Diamond, Jackie Wilson, Tommy Steele,Little Richard, Chuck Bewrry etc:- Two Boxes 50-80
860.    Rock 'n' Roll Interest - A great collection of concert memorabilia to include rare Bill Haley and His Comets 1957 European Tour concert souvenir programme (comet swirl cover in blue); together with two associated Doncater Gaumont ticket stubs (dated Thursday March 7th) Block 13 T37/38, and a Bill Haley 1 shilling Rock 'n' Roll Stage Show souvenir programme; together with Cliff Richard Concert programme, flyer and two ticket stubs for the Doncaster Gaumont (dated Sunday 29th November 1959), further 1950's photo's etc. including Dickie Valentine interest.
861.    Jazz Interest, over seventy LP's to include Christ Blount, Barney Kessel, Dick Cary, Lionel Hampton, Arnett Nelson etc:- One Box 20-40
862.    US/UK Singer Songwriters - LP's to include James Taylor, Neil Young (After The Goldrush) Zuma, Comes A Time, Hawks and Dives, etc, Al Stewart (Orange, Love Chronicles, Zero She Flies, etc). 20-410
863.    A Collection of Twenty Five LP's, to Include, Doobie Brothers, Allman brothers, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Lindisfarne, Fleetwood Mac, ELO, Joe Walsh, The Sweet, etc:- One Box. 30-40
864.    Jazz LP's, a nice collection to include Wynton Kelly 'Kelly at Midnight (joy, 1966 stereo), Donald Byrd 'Up with .... (verve). Cannonball Addeley Qunitet ' San Fransisco' (Riverside), Thelonious Monk, Pal Joey, Red Norvo Trio, The Gifted Ones, Clark Terry, Sonny Stitt and Benny Green etc (13) 25-40
865.    A Collection of LP's, to include Beatles red and blue compilations, 10cc, Fleetwood Mac, Mike Oldfield, Steve Winwood, Taj Mahal, ELO, etc. 20-40
866.    An Interesting Selection of 12"/10" Vinyl, including 'V' Destroy all Monsters (green vinyl), Native Europe 'Searching For An Orchestration' (1983 Electronic), Blurt 'In Berlin'; Ballistic Kisses, Delta, The Monochrome Set, Mute Drivers, The Pastels 'Truckload of Trouble' 1983-86, Michael Brook, Small 23, Supreme Vagabond Craftsmen etc. 30-50
867.    Classical Interest - UK 1st issue classical album - Janacek Quartet 'Dvorak: String Quartets in F Major, Op 96 & D Minor, Op 34' Decca SXL 6103 EDI Stereo WBg, 'Original Recording By' at 11 0 Clock and other classical LP's. 20-30
868.    LP's, to Include Boomtown Rats, Blondie, Elvis Costello, Queen, Thin Lizzy, Police, etc. 10-20
869.    1960's EP's and Elvis Interest, a nice collection to include Chubby Checker, Buddy Holly, Cougars, Duane Eddy, Everley Brothers, Fats Domino, Cilla, Heinz etc together with Jailhouse Rock, Tickle Me, Love Me Tender, A Touch of Gold etc:- (over 50):- One Box 20-40
870.    Elvis LP's, over fifty to include Live 68 (Japanese pressing),Ltd 12" picture disc 'Jail House Rock', Sun Years, Rock n Roll No 2, for Every One, soundtracks, compilations, box sets etc:- One Box 20-40
871.    An Interesting Collection of 1960's/70 LP's, to include Atomic Rooster, Joni Mitchell, Beatles,Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan (33 textured orange labels), Beach Boys, Dionne Warwick, John Lennon, Status Quo etc, over 54 LP's:- One Box 40-60
872.    Reggae Interest - A nice collection of singles and LP's (mostly 1970's/80's) - to include artists Mutabaraka, Upsetters, Burning Spear, Barry Brown, Michegin and Smiley, Lee Scratch Perry, Greensleeves 12" singles noted, Bunny Wailer, D-Roy, Reggae Disco also well represented:- Two Boxes 30-50
873.    Jazz Interest - A selection of LP's to include Herbie Hancock (Headhunter, Village Life, Man-Child, V.S.O.P., Secrets etc.), Ronnie Laws, Weather Report (6 LP's), Mahavishnu Orchestra (5 LP's), Stanley Clarke, Crusaders etc:- One Box 30-50
874.    A Systemdek XII Turntable Serial No 206641, fitted with a Linn Basik Plus tonearm, boxed with instruction manual. 100-150
875.    Prince and The New Power Generation, (two LP set Promo copy); Gene 'Olympian' (with lyric booklet and card), Whiteout 12", JTQ 'Live' (with Promo sheet), The High, Definition of Sound, Threnology, Salad, Corduroy, Dead Kennedy's, Cranberries etc. (further promo slips also noted). 25-45
876.    A Collection of LP's, to include Rolling Stones 'It's Only Rock 'n' Roll', Spirit, Holger Czukay, Hans Joachim, Bob Marley, Kevin Coyne, Danny Thompson and Whatever, Colin Newman, Tim Buckley, Tangerine Dream etc. 30-50
877.    US Interest - a collection of LP's to include The Beach Boys 'Surfin USA', and 'All Summer Long' (both Rainbow Capitol labels), Simon and Garfunkel, Eagles, The Band, Captain Beefheart, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane, Lynard Skynard, etc. 20-40
878.    Folk Interest - A nice collection of LP's to include Richard and Linda Thompson 'I Want to See The Bright Lights', 'First Light', 'Shoot Out The Lights', and Van Morrison 'Beautiful Vision', Astral Weeks (later issues), Enlightenment, etc, Al Stewart, Pentangle, John Fahey, Cat Stevens, Gerry Rafferty, Morris On, Ralph McTell 'Spiral Staircase' (Transatlantic TRA 177), Joni Mitchell 'Ladies of the Canyon', etc. 30-50
879.    A Nice Collection of LP's, to include Rolling Stones 'Rock 'n' Rolling Stones' (Export, Stereo), Out of Our Heads (Re-issue), High Tide, Rolled Gold, Get Stoned etc; three Queen LPs, Saxon, Rainbow, Ozzy Osbourne, Scorpions and Whitesnake interest also noted. 40-60
880.    Audio, A Leak Stereo 30 plus Serial Number Z/70315, a fantavox SR-544, Ferguson 3047B turntable, Connoisseur turntable, pair of Sonnet speakers, VEC-2000 audio effects console etc, (untested, sold for parts only). 20-40
881.    A Pair of Carlsbro Sound Equipment 60 Watt Speakers, a Carlsbro Maulin 1042 amp, a Roland Digital Studio Workstation VS-840, a Foster DE-I 20 bit multi effect dual processor and other accessories. (Untested, sold for parts only). 20-30
882.    A Mixed Collection of LP's, including compilations (60's, Reggae, Motown, Rock n Roll themes noted); together with Eurythmics, Cowboy Junkies, Tina Turner, Elvis Costello, Pretenders, Otis Redding, Chris Rea, Bob Marley, etc. 20-40
883.    A Small Collection of Madness 7" Singles, picture discs included, mirrors and other memorabilia. 10-20
884.    A Collection of LP's and 45rpm's, to include Talking Heads, Bob Dylan, Sensational Alex Harvey, 'Death Wish' and 'Cruising' O.S.T's, Joe Cocker! (two LP on Fly), Neil Young, Dire Straights, JJ Cale. 30-50
885.    Soul 70's/80's Interest, over forty mixed LP's including Temptations, Supremes, Charlie and Inez Foxx, Johnny Nash, Drifters, Four Tops, ELP,Cult, Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Beastie Boys etc:- One Box 25-40
886.    Irish Related, LP's to include Dubliners (Transatlantic and Major Minor labels noted), Dubliner white label 'Test Pressing', Pogues, Chieftans, Rebel Songs etc - a Dubliners 1968 tour programme and ticket stub for the Sheffield City Hall also noted. 15-25
887.    A Nice Collection of Indie LP's/12" Singles, to include Power of Dreams, The Soft Parade, Hoover, Nova Mob, Voivod, Dedicated compilation, Mara, That Petrol Emotion et. (press text sheet noted within). 25-40
888.    US Interest - A Collection to include Ry Copder (Chicken Skin Music) Crossroads OST, The Band, Canned Heat, CCR, Hooters, George Thorogood, Tom Paxton, Tom Petty, Little Feat, etc. 30-50
889.    An Interesting Collection of Mostly Rock and Roll Themed LP's, including 'The Crickets' (Liberty, mono), 'The Chirping Crickets', Bobby Vee Meets The Crickets (Liberty, mono), The Crickets 'Back In Style', Big Bopper, Mike Berry, Sonny Curtis, etc - all LP covers bearing single and multiple signature/autographs - (all unverified the buyer must satisfy themselves of authenticity before bidding on the lot). 25-45
890.    Blue Interest - A good selection of LP's to include Slim Harpo, Soul of BB King, Sonny Boy Williamson, Blind Willie McTell, Slim Harpo Authentic R & B (Stateside), Another Saturday Night compilation (oval), J.B. Hutto, Jesse Fuller and other LP's:- One Box 25-40
891.    Little Angels - A nice collection of LP's, 12" singles (promo's noted), 12" and 7" picture discs, box set, 'film tin' limited edition set etc; and a selection of Metal vinyl - Tesla, Screaming Jets, Sepultura etc. 20-30
892.    Elvis - A Collection of Over Thirty Five Elvis LP's, including Flaming Start, Rock n Roll, Golden Records Volume 2, Almost In Love, A Date with Elvis, Rock n Roll, No. 2, etc (re issues/later pressing's noted) and an Elvis Album cover book:- One Box 15-25
893.    A Large Collection of Jaz/Blue 78rpm's, many varied artist including Coleman Hawkins, Gene Krupa, Runny Berigan's Blue Boys, Honeydrippers, Artie Shaw, Jelly Roll Martin, Bessie Smith, Adrian and his Tap Room Gang, Mugsy Spanier, Louis Armstrong etc - interesting labels to include Melodisc, King Jazz, Signature, Vogue, Vocalion, Tempo, London Jazz etc (Sidney Bechet white label also noted) Three Boxes 30-50
894.    A Marshall Model 8040 Valvestate Guitar Amplifier, (boxed), and a Marshall Mod 5501 solid state amplifier. (Untested, sold for parts only). (2) 20-30
895.    A Collection of Over Three Hundred and Fifty 45 rpm's, circa 1960's - 80's including U2, Prince, Depeche Mode, Human League, ZZ Top, Toy Dolls, etc:- (Three Boxes); together with a collection of over twenty five L.P.'s - Eagles, Elvis, Beach Boys, Rock n Roll, Compilations noted:- Four Boxes 30-50
896.    Blondie LP's, Blondie, Plastic Letters, Parallel Lines and Eat To The Beat, together with The Chad Mitchell Trio, Beach Boys 'Close Up', Bill Blacks Combo, Bobby Gentry and other LP's/45's:- One Box 10-20
897.    Punk/Psyche Fuzz Interest - A nice collection to include Serious Drinking 'Revolution Starts At Closing Time', The Primevals, Fuzztones, Scars, Blame The Messenger by The Wooden Birds (Rough Trade), Hybrid (v/a LP), The Vibes, Fleshtones, Tav Falco, etc. 20-40
898.    Bee Gees '1st' LP (Polydor Stereo), Bee Gees 'Idea' LP, Funkadelic 'One Nation Under a Groove', Stones 'Black and Blue', Soul Direction (Direction Comp), Grapefruit 'Around' (Dunhall Stereo), Danny Kirwan 'Second Chapter' and other items Four Tops EP, Thin Lizzy, Sex Pistols etc:- One Box 25-45
899.    An Interesting Collection of Approximately Twenty Obscure 80's/90's Indie LP's, including Poison Idea, Truman's Water, Cloud Nine, Bleach, Crunt, Les Thugs, I Love You, Jo Cang, Shiva Effect, Archers of Loaf, The Nightblooms etc. 30-50
900.    LP's to include Cream 'Goodbye', Herb Ellis and Charlie Byrd, Stevie Wonder, Richard Thompson, Beatles, ZZ Top, Santana, Mission, Jeff Beck etc:- One Box 15-25
901.    Red House Painters 'Down Colourful Hill', (a 1992 highly collectable 12" mini album 4AD CAD 2014); Mark Lanegan 'Whiskey for The Holy Ghost' (LP 1993 with insert); Poison Idea 'Feel the Darkness' LP (SOL 25, with Promo text sheet); and Stuart A. Staples 'Lucky Dog Recordings' LP 2005 (Tindersticks related). (4) 40-60
902.    A Collection of LP's, to include Thin Lizzy, The Grassroots, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley. Bee Gees, Dusty Springfield, Bobbie Gentry, Sensational Alex Harvey etc. 25-40
903.    LP's to Include, Colosseum 'Daughter of Time' (Vertigo, 1970), The Nice 'Ars Longa Vita Brevis' (Immediate), Jethro Tull 'Aqua Lung', Terry Reid 'same title' (Columbia), Rolling Stones 'Goats Head Soup' and 'Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out', Deep Purple 'Book of Taleisyn' (US Tetragrammatron records issue). 20-40
904.    Audio - A Technics Four Section SL-HD301 Music System, including amp, tuner, cd player and cassette deck; with a Denon UD-M31 cd receiver, Denon DRR-M31 cassette deck and a pair of Denon mission SCM51 speakers. (Untested, sold for parts only). (8) 20-50
905.    Prog LP's, Yes 'Drama', Tormato Fragile (with insert), The Yes Album, Close to the Edge and Going For the One, ELP's Pictures At An Exhibition, Works Vols 1 and 2, Mike Oldfield Ommadawn:- One Box 30-50
906.    Blues Interest - A selection of LP.'s to include John Mayal, Eric Burdon, Cream, John Lee Hooker, Taste, Robert Plant, Fleetwood Mac, compilations, etc. 20-40
907.    A Good Selection of 1980's/90's Indie LP's/12" Singles, to include Southernaires, The Ordinaires, Power of Dreams, Kitchens of Distinction, Creaming Jesus, Senseless Things, Summerhill, Blake Babies etc. (press release notes noted). 25-40
908.    LP's to Include, The Hollies 'Sing Hollies' (Yellow Parlophone PCS 7092), 'Sing Dylan' and Greatest Hits (both Yellow Parlophone), Rolling Stone 'High Tide' (green decca), The Who, Four Tops, ELO, Four Seasons, Thin Lizzy, Blondie etc. (15) 20-40
909.    A Nice Collection of Twenty LP's, (mostly 1980's/90's), to include Colourblind James and The Death Valley Boys, Me, Red Exposure, Giraffes In Flames, Hermine, YMO, Buy Contortions, Television Personalities, Swamp Children etc (Promo's/Not for Sale issues noted). 20-40
910.    Pop Memorabilia, Rock annuals. 1960's pop periodical, books of the stars, c1980 and later record collector magazines, posters, eight tracks, vinyl auction catalogues, music scores, autobiographies etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
911.    Rock 'n' Roll 78's - 'All Shook Up' (Pop 359), Jailhouse Rock and Teddy Bear (RCA), Crickets, Buddy Holly (Heartbeat, Peggy Sue), Everley Brothers, Tommy Steele, Little Richard etc:- One Case 15-25
912.    A Sugden A48II Integrated Stereo Amplifier, (serial number A-48-7007) and a Sugden T48II stereo tuner (serial number T48-1617). (Untested, sold for parts only). (2) 60-80
913.    1990's/00's Dance/Pop, to include Killers, Fat Boy Slim, Dido, Paul Van Dyck, Dirty Vegas, Faithless, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, Daft Punk etc etc, white labels well presented:- One Box 25-45
914.    Rock And Pop Interest - A Selection of LP's and 45's, to include Led Zeppelin II, Deep Purple, ELP, Lovin Spoonful, (Daydream' Pye International 1966 NPL), Yes (Topographic, Yes Album, Close to the Edge), Steve Miller, Tony Mcphee, N.K.O.T.B., Fleetwood, etc:- One Box 20-40
915.    UK/US Folk Interest - A collection of approximately twenty LP's to include Fairport Convention '1st' (Polydor), Unhalfbricking (Island large 'i' stereo): Leige and Lief (Island large 'i' stereo): Richard and Linda Thompson, Bob Dylan (4), The Band, Joni Mitchell (6), Steeley Dan and Neil Young (5). 40-60
916.    John Lennon LP's, a nice collection of eleven albums including Plastic Ono Band (1970), Rock n Roll, Walls and Bridges,Unfinished Dialogue, Shaved Fish, Sometime In New York City etc;- One LP Case. 20-40
917.    A Mission MM7 Port Music Stacking System, comprising integrated amplifier, tuner, CD player and cassette deck, together with a pair of Mission 77/1 type 2 way reflex speakers, (untested, sold for parts only). 30-50
918.    UK Blues Rock LP's - Rolling Stones 'Let It Bleed' LP (Mono), Sticky Fingers (coc 59100 with photo card and poster), Exile on Main Street (no inners), Beggars Banquet (Stereo), Get Yer Ya Ya's Out etc; together with New York Dolls '1st' (Standard 1973 6338270), Jeff Beck and two Taste LP's. 40-60
919.    Jimi Hendrix Interest - A collection of LP's and 45rpm, including 'Are You Experienced' and 'Axis: Bold as Love' (both Polydor), Live Experience 1967/68 (Bootleg), In The West, The Cry of Love etc. 30-50
920.    Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland Two-LP, (Track, 1968, Stereo, rarer large gatefold sleeve photo's and blue text) and Band of Gypsy's rarer 'Puppet' sleeve. (2) 30-60
921.    A Large Collection of over 450 4" Singles 1960's-80's), to include Freda Payne (gold vinyl), Manfred Mann, Adam Ant, CCR, T-Rex, Spandau etc (Tamla and Soul also noted) Two Boxes and Two Cases (4) 30-50
922.    Punk Interest - LP's, to include - Crass Records' Penis Envy 'What Vision Is Left .....', Bulls**t Detector, Sex Pistols/Sid Vicious 'Drugs Kill', P.I.L., Stranglers, Jam, Damned, etc. 25-45
923.    A Logitech Z-5500 Digital Home Theatre Surround Sound Speaker System. (Untested, sold for parts only). 40-60
924.    A Sony Six Piece Music Stacking System Incorporating a TA-S2 Amplifier, ST-21 tuner, CPD-S1 CD player, TC-S1 cassette deck and a pair of SS-NX1 speakers. (Untested, sold for parts only). 20-40