Football Programmes & Sporting Memorabilia Auction on
Friday 20th April 2018

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601.    Speedway Programmes - Mildenhall 1975 First Match v. Scunthorpe, many other saints home and aways 1970's - 90's, etc. 1971 Silverstone and Nurburgring grand Prix, News of The World Games 1968, other sports programmes. £15-25
602.    Pietersen, Hussain, Beckham, Gascoigne and Langher Colour Prints, all mounted. £10-20
603.    A Quantity of Enamel Badges and Patches From the Eastern Bloc, circa 1960's 70's (non football), probably scholar, student related. to include FDJ, 19 Jahre DDR, Mokra-39, Shule 71, Funframpf. £20-40
604.    Golf: Ping Anser Putter, 'Karsten MFG Corp' 85068. Anderson & Son St Andrews special driver with hickory shaft. R. Forgan hickory shaft club. (3) £40-80
605.    Olympics. Rome 1960, Sports Programme Comitato Organizzatore single four fold guide. Olympiad 1960 book edited by the Italian State Tourist Department (cover tear). Five monthly bulletins. £15-20
606.    Fishing. Hardy of Alnwick line winder, with horn turner and brass mounts to softwood handle, stamped '4' by makers name. £50-70
606A.   Manchester united Programmes - 1968 European Cup Final, semis, three earlier rounds, 68-9 away at Exeter - F.A Cup, binder, many others, 2003 Charity Shield, Champions League Final at Old Trafford, etc £15-30
608.    Rugby Union 2003 World Cup, eight programmes including New Zealand v. Australia semi, 2004 Australia v. England, Scotland, 2001 Australia v. New Zealand plus others, 1998-9 cricket test, etc £15-30
609.    Rugby League Programmes Fifteen Yorkshire Cup, Premiership, John player, Regal Trophy, Amateur finals, 50 semis - tickets noted. £10-20
609A.   England Away Programmes - 2003 At Lichtenstein, 2004 at Austria, at Azerbaijan plus ticket, Atsrain and ticket, Sweden plus ticket, at Denmark plus ticket, 2005 v. Argentina at Geneva plus ticket, at Denmark, plus ticket, 2006 at Poland plus ticket, many others and home issues, free Lions, 2006 and 2014 Euro Programmes. £20-30
610.    A 1958 Commonwealth Games Booklet, (writing on cover). A 1943 Toronto Maple Leaf magazine, 1943 American football programmes Rutgers Athletic v. Lafayette, East Orange v. Nutley, 1935 Lancashire County and Manchester Cricket Club annual, Halifax Town embroidered blazer badge, mini cricket bats, other publications. £30-50
611.    Rugby Union. Wales homes 1956-96 mainly v. France; a quantity of Rugby Sevens issues. £15-30
612.    Great Britain Rugby League Programmes 1961-2007, approximately thirty-two and over fifty club issues from the 1960's. £15-30
613.    Cricket Menus - Sheffield Cricket Lovers Society, Abbeydale Sports Club, Cutlers Hall, Headingley, Bramall Lane, etc signatures noted, approximately sixty. £20-30
614.    Speedway: Thirty Three Enamelled Badges, to include Steve Lawson, Halifax Dukes, Stoke, Boston, Swindon, Mildenhall, Middlesbrough, eleven various pennants, books. £30-40
615.    Sheffield Wednesday Autographs 1966 F A Cup Final and 1935 Survivors, purportedly collected on balcony of the Town Hall after cup final loss to Everton. Programmes, newspapers. Thrust model bearing Richard Noble signature. Q.E.2 notepaper, etc. £20-30
616.    Wakefield Trinity 1960 Wembley Team Sheet, printed by Lindley of Wakefield and programme YOGI DEZ cartoon, newspaper etc.; a quantity of Castleford home issues. £15-30
617.    Autographs - All Unverified, Tiger Woods with memorabilia mania certificate of authenticity, Conteh, Thorne, Dott, Holding, D. Dale, P. Reid, A. Campbell, and many others mainly black pen signed, various sports, approximately forty five. £40-60
618.    Autographs - All Unverified 'Diego' '10' On mexico 86 Max Card, Radebe, Mclaren, Hunter, Harte, Beglin, Abramovich, Armfield, Viduka, E-Gray, Aldridge and many others all black pen signed, football related, approx 40. £40-80
619.    Autographs - All unverified, Botham Willis, Engineer, Atherton, Benaud, Holding, C.Lloyd, Akram, Gatting, Pietersen, Vaughan and many others mainly black pen signed, cricket related, (approx 80). £40-80
620.    Motorsports - Silverstone (Daily Express) International Trophy Programmes, 1963, 1969, 70, 71, 72, 75. 1963 programmes for Formula junior 14th September, racing cars 19th may, Bugatti Owners at portscott, Hutchinson 100 at Silverstone plus others. £30-50
621.    Halifax Rugby League. Seven Russ Annison player portrait prints, circa 1989, ten press photos of players in action. £15-25
622.    Cricket -The Times Newspaper M.C.C Number, 25th may 1937. £10-15
623.    Four Programmes at Stamford Bridge, Chelsea - A.A.A.'s Championships 1925, July 17/18; 1926 July 2/3; 1927 July 1st-4th; Athletic meeting by the West End Divisions Metropolitan Police 1925 July 4th. £150-200
624.    1958 European Championships in Athletics in Stockholm, programme for days 2 to 6 (5) £10-25
625.    Rugby League Challenge Cup Final Programmes, 1949 Bradford v. Halifax (sellotape spine) 52 (rusty staples) 53, 59 and song sheet. £15-25
626.    Hull F.C. Press Photos, match action 1960's to 70's including Boxall, Hancock, Salmon, Sullivan, Macklin, mainly Hull Daily Mail stamps, approximately thirty-two. £80-100
627.    Rugby League Challenge Cup Final Programmes, 1951-2 Bradford Northern v. New Zealand (2), 53-3 v. Australia, others at Odsall. 1953 knock out at Blackpool, Huddersfield v. Keighley, 1947 Speedway England v. Australia at West Ham. (16) £20-40
628.    'Boxing Series' Postcards Circa Early XX Century, to include Jem Mace, Curly Walker, Dai Roberts, Johnny Best, Nat Williams plus later Bruce Woodcock publicity card. £30-50
629.    1964 Irish Cup Final Programme Derry v. Glentoran, 54-5 Linfield v. Distillery, 57-8 Dundalk v. Shamrock, 59-60 Glentoran v. Ballyclare Comrades 64-5 Crusaders v. Linfield - City Cup, Shelbourne v. Belenses, 61-2 Northern Ireland v. Greece, etc(11). £10-15
630.    Rugby League-Wigan- Nike Player Shirt, circa 1995, bearing 'Energi' logo and many autographs in black marker pen, mounted glazed and framed. £15-25
631.    Paul Hart 'Buckingham's Racecourses of Britain' Coloured Prints, Sandown Park, Cheltenham, Ascot, Chester. Each 36.5 x 55.5cm, signed by artist. £50-80
632.    Four Daily Telegraph 1995 Rugby World Cup Card Sets, featuring the home nations. Mitchell fishing reel, Flectes non Frangas and other split cane rods. £15-30
633.    Boxing Smokin Joe Frazier Signed Everlast Left Handed Red Boxing Glove - Unverified, as a mounted display montage. Derby County size 5 football bearing many signatures. (2) £30-50
633A.   Mid XX Century Scrap Albums Containing Topical Times, cigarette and trade cards relative to football and cricket 1987 and 2003 F.A cup semi and tickets, etc:- One Box £15-25
634.    Cricket, Yorkshire year books, membership booklets, mini bats, 1939 Oxford v. Cambridge and other scorecards. Australia 1956 postcard, etc:- One Box £30-50
634A.   2016 F.A Cup Final Manchester United V. Crystal Palace, hardback programmme, issue 2028/2300, two regular programmes, two scarves, two flags, two bags. £40-60
635.    Geoff Hurst Signed 'They Think It's All Over' Print, by Belairgallery, silver marker signed - unverified; four other England prints. (5) £15-25
636.    Cricket C.R. Cooper Signed Limited Edition Colour Prints, of Abbeydale Park, Sheffield and Queens Park, Chesterfield. £15-25
637.    Sheffield Wednesday. Three Sportmemorabilia signed limited edition prints of 1000, Chris Waddle, Mark Bright and John Sheridan scoring goals at Wembley. £30-40
638.    Sheffield United Home and Away Programmes, circa 2000-2009:- Three Boxes. £15-25
639.    Rotherham United Programmes, 2002 to 2007 to include friendlies, aways, reserves, neatly compiled in twelve folios:- Two Boxes. £20-30
640.    Charles Buchan, Shoot, Goal, Football Weekly, F.A news and other magazines, World Cup 66 noted:- One Box £15-25
641.    Sheffield United Programmes 1970's and 80's. Homes and Aways, large quantity, Friendlies noted:- Two Boxes £15-30
642.    Sheffield Wednesday. Montages - 1991 League Cup final, signed by Ron Atkinson. Boxing Day Massacre - Jack Charlton and Steel City Derby 2008-9. (3) £20-40
643.    Jocelyn Galsworthy, 'Darren Goughs Hat-Trick', limited edition colour print of 350, 38 x 50cm; Terry Gorman, 'Final Match at Bramall Lane', limited edition colour print of 250. Both graphite signed by artist. (2) £20-30
644.    Joe Scarborough, 'Scarborough Cricket Festival', limited edition colour print of 300, faded signature to margin, 38 x 45.5cm; large 'From the Hill' print (faded), signed by Don Bradman, scorecard print and another of early game. (4) £20-30
645.    Scunthorpe United Programmes 1974-5 to 2000's, large quantity:- Two Boxes. £10-15
646.    Rotherham United Six Cast Iron Seat Supports, from former stand at Millmoor, No1042SB; Rotherham Rugby Union, programmes to include away's, friendlies, tickets, team sheets, scoring sequence chats, etc 2002-2004, neatly contained in two folders. £15-30
647.    Sheffield United Match Advertising Posters 1990 Away At Timra, Kramfors, HBK, undated Newry City, Haarlem, Badger and Woodward testimonials, Tony Currie and Bill Dearden posters. £20-40
648.    Fishing. J.W. Young 'Trudex' reel in box; another, unboxed and 'The Invicta'; three un-named split cane rods, canvas bag. £30-50
649.    Sheffield United - Seven Various Prints of Bramall Lane, including B. Wilkinson, T Gorman, Andy Ramsdon. £15-25
650.    Sheffield United Clothing, shirts 'T' Shirts, official and unofficial - portugese blades, Malta 2009, etc:- two Boxes. £20-40
651.    Sheffield Wednesday. 2012 Promotion Montage - bearing many signatures; Chris Waddle and Paul Sturrock signed prints; Nilson and Sterland match action prints; Ramsden print of Hillsborough and signed print Star team group 1960, three others. (11) £30-50
652.    Sheffield United Memorabilia To Include Flashing Blade No 1, Newspapers, Champagne boxes:- One Box. £15-25
653.    Fishing. Hardy 'The Zenith' Reel (owner named), four earlier mahogany examples, keep net, split cane rod, two Bruce & Walker and one other rod. £40-60
654.    Sheffield Wednesday Approximately Sixty Lapel Badges, various publications of the Owls, rosettes, etc. £30-40
655.    Bradford City Directors Report and Accounts, 1980, 81, 82, scrapbook, programmes, F.A. Cup Finals, etc:- One Box £15-25
656.    League Reviews, Fanzines, Single Sheets, local to Sheffield programmes etc:- One Box. £15-30
657.    Grimsby Town Home Programmes 1961 - 2000's, Including 1973 Friendlies v. Coventry, Middlesborough. £20-30
658.    Sheffield United 1970's Programmes, including 72 at Workington, League Cup, at Coventry 71-2, 3rd march and 8th April.:- Two Boxes. £20-40
659.    Motor Racing. Ferrari. Fabric flag featuring horse logo below name, on yellow background within black and white check border, approximately 146 x 184cm. £100-200
660.    England Autographs - unverified. Fifteen signatures In black marker, on a white Umbro Home shirt. £15-20
661.    Sheffield United Home Shirts - 'H.F.S, 'Visit Malta', 'Laver', Capital One' and circa 1988 Umbro examples(5). £20-30
662.    Quantity of League And Non League Programmes, 1960's - 80's, many Barnsley, Everton Liverpool:- Two boxes £15-25
663.    Sheffield United Football Programmes, 2000's home and away's, friendly's, fanzines, books some of China:- Three Boxes £15-20
664.    Sheffield United - Handbooks, Hodgkinson, Dooley, Warnock Signed Books, many other publications relating to the blades:- One Box. £20-40
665.    League Club Programmes 1970's - 2000's:- Three Boxes. £15-30
666.    Nottingham Forest - City Ground Print; another of 'Greatest Ever Team'. (2) £10-15
667.    Scottish and Non League Programmes:- Two Boxes. £15-20
668.    Sheffield United Home Programmes 1967 - 77, large quantity:- One Box. £20-30
669.    Manchester United Programmes 1967-2000, including 67 Charity Shield, 85 Reserves v. Manchester City reserves, 78 Tom Wilson Benefit:- One Box £15-25
670.    Ferenc Puskas 'Captain of Hungary', 1955 Cassell & Co; Trevor Ford 'I Lead the Attack', 1957 - Tommy Lawton 'My Twenty Years of Soccer' 1955; Roy Paul 'A Red Dragon of Wales' 1956; 'Steppes to Wembley' 1956; World Cup 1958 - John Camkin, many other books mainly Soccer Book Club:- Two Boxes £15-30
671.    League Club Programmes 1970's - 2000's, many Leeds, Hull, Liverpool:- Two boxes. £15-30
672.    Rugby League Programmes, videos, First Day Covers:- One Box £15-25
673.    Fanzines, League Reviews, Charles Buchan's Monthly, and other publications:- two Boxes. £15-25
674.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1980's and 90's, approximatly 200:- One Box. £10-20
675.    Sheffield United Programmes 1965 - 2000's, large quantity:- Two Boxes. £15-25
676.    A Quantity of Football League Reviews, newspapers relating to Manchester City. £15-20
677.    Bolton, Bradford City, Leicester City, and other programmes:- One Box £15-25
678.    Manchester United Programmes, Books, Schmeichel Smugs, other clubs pennants, scarves, England programmes, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
679.    Luton Town Programmes, 53-4 v. Blackburn (Grubby), 57-8 v. All Star XI, others 55-59. League Club Programmes, 1970's to date teams N-Z; Peterborough United Programmes, mainly 1980's and 90's sets noticed:- Three Boxes £15-25
680.    Sheffield United Programmes, mainly 1970's Homes and Aways, large quantity, Friendlies noted:- Two Boxes £15-30
681.    Sunderland 1967-8 Programmes, twenty one home league issues and league cup v. Halifax, Leeds, F.a. Cup v. Norwich, Hurley testimonial and twenty five away's including at Darlington County Cup; Sunderland Home and Away Programmes 1980-85, many friendly's, single sheet, Isle of Man Festivals, etc:- One Box £15-25
682.    Sheffield United Home And Away Programmes, 1980's - large quantity:- Three Boxes. £20-30
683.    Rotherham United Programmes, 1997-2002 to include friendlies, away's, reserves, neatly displayed in folios;- Three Boxes. £20-30
684.    Sheffield United Home and Away Programmes 1990's, large quantity:- Two boxes. £20-30
685.    Sheffield Wednesday Postcards. Team groups of 1902-3, 03-04, 05-06, 21-2 and one other. (5) £30-50
686.    Sheffield Wednesday Postcards. To include Olive Grove featuring grandstand to distance. Hillsborough 1960's, 1988 team group, 'Britannia Passing' at Bramall Lane, etc. (8) £20-40
687.    Tickets Bradford City Home and Away, 1958-62 including 59-60 v. Everton F.A Cup (2) at Burmley F.A Cup (2), 61-2 at Arsenal F.A Cup, (2). (25) £20-40
688.    Chelsea Memorabilia. Two Railway Excursions 65-6 at West Brom, 64-5 F.A. Cup Semi v. Liverpool at Aston Villa. 59-60 and 71-2 handbooks. Tickets 64-5 at West Ham - F.A. Cup. 1963 or 68 v. Arsenal dated 30 September 7.30 (unused). 70-1 v. CSKA Sofia. 71-2 at Tottenham - League Cup Semi. Seven others. £20-40
689.    Sheffield United Season and Match Tickets. 1980's, 90's, earlier fixture cards, Sportsman Steward badges. £15-30
690.    Tickets. Mainly Football League Clubs, many Bradford City, England home, Germany v. South Africa 2009 etc. £20-30
691.    A Hallmarked Silver Medallion Pendant, detailed in relief to the front with a footballer, the reverse engraved "Winners of 6th Bde R.G.A. League Germany", Birmingham 1917. £10-20
692.    Chelsea Tickets. 66-7 at Huddersfield - F.A. Cup, 31st December (no year) at Sheffield Wednesday, 67-8 at Middlesbrough - League Cup (x 2), World Cup 66 12th July at Ayresome Park, Ruusia V. North Korea 16th July at Roker Park Russia V. Italy; together with others, match reports, penant etc. all stuck down in album. Four Chelsea Blue booklets. 1970 F.A. Cup final replay programme and pirate. Autographs. £50-100
693.    The following six lots have been consigned to auction by the family of George Brown.
Medals - 1923-4, 24-5, and 25-6, The Football League Championship Division One Winners Medals To George Brown of Huddersfield Town. All three in 9ct gold by Vaughton and Sons, bearing Birmingham hallmarks, '9', '375' and engraved with player name, club and year to back, suspension loop to top, all loosely attached to gold link chain.
On completion of their title win in 1926 Huddersfield Town became the first team to win the Football League for a third time in succession.
Capped by England and nicknamed 'Bomber', George Brown was born in the tiny mining village of Mickley, South Northumberland in 1903. He became a miner and played for Mickley juniors, his appearances for them had been noted by Huddersfield and the then manager Herbert Chapman travelled up to the north east to sign the 17 year old Brown up on professional forms.
George made the first team in 1921, playing at either centre forward or inside right, in the third of Huddersfield's championship winning seasons George netted 35 league goals, to equal the most ever scored by a Huddersfield player in a season, he had a great career at Huddersfield before transferring to Aston Villa for purportedly £5000 in 1929, then subsequently to Burnley in 1934, who paid £1400 for his services, then to Leeds in 1935 for £3100, in 1936 he moved to Darlington as player manager before retiring two years later to take over a pub in Birmingham. As the years passed George became paralysed, ultimately resulting in his death in 1949, a tragic end to a fine sportsman.
*Provenance as a historical memoir written by a member of the family, together with newspaper cuttings, Arsenal 1931 dinner invitation card for Brown as a runner up for Villa against Arsenal in the league campaign, photos of him in England kit, postcards of him at Huddersfield, many other interesting snippets.

Career Details - 1921-29 Huddersfield Town 213 appearances 142 goals / 1929-34 Aston Villa 116 appearances 79 goals / 1934-35 Burnley 35 appearances 24 goals / 1935-36 Leeds United 37 appearances 101 goals / 1936-38 Darlington 44 appearances 12 goals / 1926-32 England 9 Appearances 5 goals.
694.    England 1926 Itinerary For the Match V. Ireland At Anfield Liverpool, dated 20th October 1926, featuring eleven players and two reserves, headquarters at North Western Hotel, Liverpool (pin hole) £80-90
695.    England 1927 Itinerary For The Match V. Wales At Turf Moor Burnley, dated 28th november 1927, featuring eleven players and two reserves, headquarters at bull hotel, Burnley (pin hole) £60-90
696.    England 1929 Itinerary For The Match V. Scotland At Hampden Park, dated April 13th 1929, featuring eleven players and two reserves, headquarters the Central Hotel, Glasgow. (pin hole) £60-90
697.    England 1932 Itinerary For The Match V. Ireland At bloomfield Road Blackpool, dated 17th October 1932, featuring eleven players, two reserves, headquarters at Clifton Arms Hotel, Blackpool (pin hole). £50-80
698.    England 1926-7 Programme V. the Rest, trial match at Chelsea dated monday 17th January 1927 (rusty staples absent, pin hole, creased) £80-120
699.    Football Autographs - Jimmy Hagan, John Atyeo, Bobby Robson, johny Haynes, Noel Cantwell, Alick Jeffrey, Derek Dooley, Ray Wilson, Les Massie, Stanley Mathews, Leeds United 1956, many others 1950's in two period albums. £60-100
700.    Sheffield united badges, mainly enamelled including Foxhill Blades, London road Blades, Budapest 2009 (approx 64). £40-60
701.    Sheffield United badges, mainly enameled including - F.A Cup semi final 2003, Patrick Suffo, Burberry Blades, the Full Monty, Chesterfield Blades.(35) £20-40
702.    Foreign Football Club Badges, mainly enamelled examples, approx 75. £30-50
703.    Sheffield United Badges, many enameled including London Blades, headquarters branch, Handsworth Blades, (approx 80). £60-90
704.    Sheffield United many Enamelled Badges, Tony Currrie, Jimmy Hagan Supporters all over the world, (approx 42). £20-40
705.    Enamelled Football Badges, with original packaging, quantity of pride of the north badges, Esso coins etc. £20-30
706.    Sheffield United Mainly Enamelled Badges, featuring place name locations of blades, (approx 30). £20-40
707.    Sheffield United Badges, mainly enamelled, branch, supporters club, S.U DSC, Railway blades headquarters branch, BIFA, Moscow Blades, Dynamo kiev British Tour 72, oval F.A Cup semi final 1998, etc(12) £40-60
708.    Sheffield United Badges, many enamelled to include Loyal Supporter, the Blades the Bhoys, 2003 Worthington Cup Semi, London Blades 1998-99, (Approx 41) £30-40
709.    Sheffield United badges, many enamelled to include, 'Born in Sheffield', Eckington Blades, Tour of South Yorkshire 2001, Stone Island, (approx 56). £30-50
710.    Sheffield United Badges Commemorating United Games, v. various opposition (approx 63). £30-50
711.    Sheffield United Tin Badges, together with enamelled examples, razor blade, pendants (Approx 50). £30-50
712.    Football Club Stick Pins, mainly foreign sides, (over 90) £30-50
713.    A And B, C Football Cards 1960's Black, yellow and blue backs 70's green backs. £30-50
714.    Topical Times 91 Large And 20 Small Player portraits, neatly set out in club order, in album. £30-50
715.    Ardath Famous Footballers 1934 Carreras 1935 and 1936- Complete Sets, Barrat world beaters, players 1935-36 Association footballers, Hornimans's 'pets', Ogdens 'By the Roadside' Typhoo 'british birds and their eggs' many other trade cards. £30-40
716.    Newcastle United 1960's Homes V. Rangers, Feynord, Zaragoza, Sporting, Leeds, etc plus booklet, facismile autographs, trade cards, etc. £20-30
717.    Over Two Hundred Colour Photographs, bearing signatures, footballers in action circa 2000, larger Leeds United examples. £20-40
718.    Manchester United 1937 LMS Railway Excursion Bill For Manchester United V. Aston Villa Dated 20th November, LMS 1964 issues for stoke away and matches at Old Trafford (3) £30-50
719.    Football Railway Excursion Bills, 61-2 West Brom v. Chelsea, 1953 Sheffield united v. Birmingham City F.A Cup, dated 1993, 60-1 Everton v. West Brom, Bristol Rovers v. Charlton, 64-5 Sheffield Wednesday v. Nottingham Forest 64-5 football at the valley, Fratton Park, (7) £30-50
TyPhoo Tea Large Panel Football Cards, (39). £20-30
721.    TyPhoo Tea Large Panel Football Cards, (40). £20-30
722.    Football Trade Cards, to include A & B.C Bazooka turquoise backs, Leaf, Chix, Thomson, approximately three hundred in album; together with 'Great Stars of Football' mirror postcards, etc. £30-50
723.    Typhoo Large Format Team Cards (14), and player portraits (6), Barratt world beaters, Hornet, Sherman and many other cards. £30-40
724.    League And F.A Cup Winners Team Prints and Reprints (6), Blackburn 1883-4, Arsenal 1997-8, many with hand written team lineups. £20-40
725.    Yorkshire County Cricket Club Full Members Tickets, 1959 to 1985. (27); Ken Lee Sheffield Cricket Memorabilia, to include glass goblet, silver banded match ball for Sheffield United v. Collegiate, 1950 where he performed hat trick. Silver trophy S.T.C.L Division B. S.U.C.C, 1959 blazer badge. £20-30
726.    Sheffield United Trade Card Montage, two reproduction examples, 'Blades legends', print by D.J Walker.(4) £15-25
727.    'Young Britain' Favourite Cricketers (30), 1923 cricketers, Rover County cricketers, Major Drapkin, 'Australian and English Crickiters, Players, Ogdens, 'Greyhound', Racing (25), champion portfolio of sport, etc. £15-30
728.    Football Trade Cards, to include A & B.C 1960's Grey Backs, Chix, Typhoo, Barratt, Sweet Rule, Wizard, Anglo American. Eight Hull City programmes 1949-54, later Manchester United issues, etc. £30-40
729.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1970-80's. Mallory Park and other 1950's motor racing programmes, World Cup 66 information sheet, Tom Jones and other entertainment brochures, motoring and adult playing cards, large quantity of 'Show Parade' postcards. £20-30
730.    Rover 'This Years Top Footballers' (24), World Cup Footballers, wizard 'Football stars of 1959' (44), famous footballers' (24), hand coloured real photos, adventure large twin cards, Topical times panel portraits, Wills, etc. £20-40
731.    A & B C Football Cards, circa 1971, Sun 71-2 Soccer stamp album, Gallaher, Park Drive, Brooke Bond, Wills and many other trade cards, mainly non sporting. £30-40
732.    Sixteen Large Format Typhoo Team Cards, Soccer Bubble Gum, Sun, Wizard, Topical Times and other football cards:- One Box £20-30
733.    Panini Sticker Albums 87,88,89, appear to be complete. And incomplete 84,85,86,89 plus Mexico 86, Orbis World Cup 90, World Student games and Rugby programmes, other publications. £30-50
734.    1969 Fairs Cup Final At Newcastle, 63 European Cup Final, 65 cup winners cup final, other big match programmes, including F.A Cup finals, semis, internationals, foreign, advertising card for Ajax v, Monchengladbach. £20-40
735.    Pele Autograph. Unverified, blue marker signed on player print, 24.5 x 19.5cm. Paolo Di Canio signed limited edition print of 250. Chopper Harris signed print and Sheffield F.C. print. (4) £30-50
736.    Sheffield United Score draw Vintage Home Shirt, denim jacket featuring club name, 'Capital One' and 'Laver' home shirts.(4) £20-30
737.    Sheffield Telegraph Football Guides 1946-7 - 59-60 (9), Rothmans F.A yearbooks, many other football publications:- Two Boxes. £15-30
738.    Sheffield United Scarves, flags, Sheffield football - Hillsborough the truth, Ajax Scarf, etc:- One Box. £15-20
739.    World Cup Programmes, 1982, 2006, 2010, 66 final reprint, etc:- One Box £30-50
740.    Sheffield Wednesday. Diadora home shirt bearing Napoleons Casino logo and approximately sixteen signatures in black marker pen, mounted, glazed and framed. £30-50
741.    Liverpool. Adidas red home shirt bearing 'Best Wishes' signature, possibly Keegan. Sheffield Wednesday multi-signed souvenir ball. (2) £15-20
742.    Bewdley Town Shirt, child's examples for Leeds, England, Barcelona, Arsenal, Italy, Argentina, Match Attax cards - internationals. £15-30
743.    Cricket. Wisden Almanacks 1949, 79, 85, 01, 02, other publications. A.B. & C 1961 test series cards, Len Hutton bat, etc:- One Box £20-30
744.    Pottery mugs - Football Related, newspapers, beer mats, etc:- Two Boxes. £15-25
745.    Rotherham United Football League Team Sheets and Carbon Copy Sheets, 2000-2006, large quantity in two folders. Booklets, 200-01 to 03-04, 05-06, 07-08, youth and reserves 1999 - 2000 and three league cup booklets similar. Rotherham United Football League team Sheet Carbon Copy Booklets, 1983-4, 84-5, 87-8, 88-9,89-90 plus receipts and payment forms.(5) £20-40
746.    Cambridge United v. Lincoln 70-1 - United's First League Game x2, Hereford v. Wigan 71-2 - Hereford Senior Cup Final, League, Non-League, Scottish and other programmes:- One Box. £20-30
747.    F A Cup Finals, Semi's, League Cup Finals, Charity Shields and Other Big Match Programmes, Rothmans year books, annuals, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
748.    Match Attax Trading Cards by Topps. Championship edition 2011-12, 12-13, England 2012 - Marvel and Marvel Universe. Magic Box Shoot Out 2006-7, Panini Champions League 2009-10, Doctor Who Alien Armies, large quantity in twelve collector binders. £30-50
749.    Match Attax Trading Cards by Topps. 2007-08, 08-09, 09-10, 2011-12, 12-13, large quantity in twelve collector binders. £30-50
750.    Football Annuals, Programmes, Sheffield United related newspapers, etc:- One Case £10-20
751.    'Soccer Star' Magazines Large Quantity 1950's To 1970:- Two boxes. £30-50
752.    Match Attax Trading Cards by Topps. Together with Top Trumps, Panini, Pokemon etc, large quantity in five boxes. £30-50
753.    Sheffield United Programmes, to include 93 F.A. Cup Semi, 97 Play Off (with tickets), 60's issues. G.A.D.S. All Star XI v. Stan Mortensens XI at Stanley Park Oval. £15-20
754.    Liverpool Football Club Home and Away Football Shirts, non match worn, to include two Candy, seven Carlsberg and two Crown Paints examples. 'Genuine Piece of the Kop' with certificate, season ticket booklets 1991-2, 2-3, 4-5, 5-6, 6-7, 98-9 to 2003-04, mug, programme, etc. £30-50
755.    Sheffield United Quantity of V.H.S Tapes, Dvd's, featuring blades match action. £10-20
756.    Joe Scarborough, signed colour print 'The Millers A Day To Remember', 38x47cm, Ronnie Moore Print, team photo, two folios of Rotherham and district ephemera. £20-30
757.    Rotherham United programmes 1990-97, to include friendlies, aways, reserves, neatly compiled in folios:- Three Boxes £20-30
758.    Charles Buchan's Football Monthly, Soccer Star, Goal and other football magazines, annuals, programmes, etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
759.    Sheffield United - Quantity of Prints:- One Box. £15-20
760.    Sheffield United Home and Away Programmes, circa 2009-2015:- Two Boxes £20-30
761.    Football Books Including Caxton 'Association football', 1960 x4 volumes, Rothmans Players Records, Joe Mercer, Bobby Robson, etc:- Two Boxes. £15-25
762.    Sheffield United Player Prints, including Fjortoft (signed), Currie, Hockey, Wharton(9). £15-25
763.    World Cup Memorabilia 1966. Two sets each of four coloured prints by M.R. Barton, 28 x 42.5cm. £15-25
764.    England Programmes 51-2 Austria Plus ticket, v. Scotland 63,65,69 each with ticket, plus others 1952-79, neatley displayed in album. £20-40
765.    1985 European Cup Final Programme, 1982 Sportinews edition, 84-5 Austria Memphis v. liverpool, 65-6 Kilmarnock, v. Real Madrid, F.A Cup Finals, Semis, League Cup Finals, England, big match:- One Box £20-40
766.    1966 World Cup Final Programme, England v. West Germany together with tournament brochure. £30-40
767.    1966 World Cup Final Programme. England v. West Germany, cover scuffs and tear; together with match ticket for the South Stand (torn) and Greetings telegram to Captain Bobby Moore and England Team at Ramsay Royal Garden Hotel. £80-120
768.    1946 At Huddersfield England V. Holland Sixteen Page Programme, dated 27th November 1946 (rusty staple, ink scores to centre pages), with match details. £200-300
769.    1935 F.A. Cup Final Programme. Sheffield Wednesday v. West Bromwich Albion (tear to spine, creased). £80-120
770.    1949 F.A Cup Semi Final Wolves v. Manchester United, dated 26th march, at Hillsborough (rust mark, replaced staples), with match details. £40-60
771.    A 1948 F.A Cup Semi Final Manchester United v. Derby County Programme, for the game at Hillsborough (ink writing back page). £30-50
772.    Manchester United F.A CUp Semi Finals, programme and ticket from 1962,65,70, 76, programme from 64, 70 replay, 77. £20-40
773.    1948 F.A Cup Semi Final At Hillsborough, Derby County V. Manchester United, programme and ticket together with match details. £40-60
774.    1946 F.A Cup Semi Final At Hillsborough, Derby County V. Birmingham City, programme together with match details. £30-40
775.    1954 F.A. Cup Final Programme. Preston v. West Bromwich. 1967 ticket. 53-4 Birmingham v. Rotherham. 54-5 Chelsea Reserves v. Birmingham Reserves, and others 1956-63. (19) £20-40
776.    F.A Cup Final Programmes, all with laminated covers 1947,48,49,51,52,56,62,63,64,65,66,67,68. £30-50
777.    European Cup Final Programmes 1968, (pin hole), 76,78, F.A Cup finals, Semis, Leeds, Manchester united plus other big match, reprints, etc :- One Box. £20-40
778.    F.A Cup Final Programmes 1956, 58 (torn), 59 to 78. 82 to 87, many score on face, (no replays)(28). £30-50
779.    F.A Cup Semi Final Programmes 1960-92 Including Villa Park, 66, 86 both with tickets, hillsborough 72,73,81 each with ticket, approx 23. £20-40
780.    F.A Cup Semi Finals At Hillsborough Programmes, 1951,52,55,56,57, 59, with match details, neatly displayed in an album. £40-60
781.    1954 F.A. Cup Final. West Brom v. Preston - Two Programmes From the Game, three England homes from the same year, 64 and 67 F.A. Cup Semis, Sheffield United 'Together To The First' bearing many signatures, 54 v. Esbjerg, 59 at Worcester - F.A Cup, Hagan Testimonial, 1947 Great Britain v. Europe at Hampden (poor) and others. Cricket publications. (21) £30-50
782.    F.A Cup Final Programmes 1955 (punch holes), 58.62,66,68,69,70,70 replay, 71,72,73,81, 81 replay, 82. £20-40
783.    F A Cup Final Programmes, 1962, 64, 67, 77, 79, 81 other big match and Wembley 2007 opening medal and badge collections. £15-25
784.    F.A Cup Final Programmes, 1962 With Ticket,63,64,65,66 with ticket, 67, 68,69,70, 70 replay, 71,72,73 all with match details. £20-40
785.    F.A Cup Final Programmes 1966, 67, 70, 72, 60 Maine Road Semi, 56-7 Blackpool v. Manchester united, testimonials, etc (15) £20-30
786.    Sheffield Wednesday 1966 F.A Cup, programme from all matches, tickets from final and semi v. Chelsea, photos from the final, pres cuttings, etc, neatly displayed in an album. £20-40
787.    Big Match Programmes To Include 1960's F.A Cup Finals and Semi's, Charity Shields, League Cup, (Approx 40). £20-40
788.    Apoel v. Chelsea 2009, Linfield v. Liverpool 1996, Bohemians v. Manchester United 1981, other British v. Foreign opposition programmes. (25) £15-20
789.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1993 F.A Cup Final, final replay, semi, 93 and 91 league cup finals, programme and ticket from each game, together with press cuttings relating to the games, neatly displayed in two albums. £20-40
790.    1943 Football League War Cup Final (North) Sheffield Wednesday V. Blackpool, dated 8th may 1943 (crude restoration to this four page issue) with match details. £200-300
791.    1961 League Cup Final Programme, Rotherham United V. Aston Villa, at Millmoor, dated August 22nd (Score to face, rusty staple, base water mark). £60-80
792.    1921-2 Aston Villa v. Preston North End Programme, (no cover, ex-binder). £10-15
793.    Burnley Programmes, 51-2 v. Manchester United, Blackpool, Wolves. (3) £20-40
794.    1955 Amateur Cup Semi at Belle Vue - Bishop Auckland V. Wycombe, 49-50 Sheffield United V. Preston, 50-1 Chelsea V. Portsmouth, 56-7 Leeds v. Birmingham, other 1950's Issues (10). £20-30
795.    Ipswich Town 1947-8 Programme V. Q.P.R, Everton 46-7 v. Blackburn, with match details (2) £30-40
796.    Mansfield Town 48-9 Programme v. Crewe, 48-9 and 50-1 v. Barrow (3) £30-40
797.    1951-2 Dudley V. Notts County - Friendly. 52-3 Tooting v. Dulwich - Surrey Cup Semi at Wimbledon. 1960 Barcelona v. Real Zaragoza - La Liga Cup Final. 60-1 Manchester United v. Exeter - League Cup. 62-3 Third Lanark v. Clyde. 64-5 Barry v. Hereford. 59-60 Wolves v. Barcelona and pirate (both punch holes). 63 European Cup Final and song sheet. 67 London Five-a-Side and other programmes. (29) £40-60
798.    1950's Programmes, to include Leicester, Brentford, Boston United, 60-1 Bristol Rovers v. Leeds, (many punch holes). (24) £20-30
799.    Bradford Park Avenue, Manchester United, Accrington, Halifax and Other Northern Club Programmes, Football league v. Irish League at Blackburn 1959 plus ticket. Blackpool Reserves v. Aston Villa Reserves 51-2 v. Liverpool Reserves 58-9, etc. (Approximately 50) £30-50
800.    1950's Programmes 58-9 Newport v. Accrington 55-6 Arsenal v. Bedford - F.A Cup, 57-8 West Ham v. Fulham, Blackburn, etc (many Faults)(Approx 44). £20-40
801.    1950's Programmes 53-4 Peterborough v. Scunthorpe Reserves, 58-9 West Brom Reserves v. Sheffield United Reserves, 59-60 Aston Villa v. Rapid Vienna, etc(many faults), (Approx 44). £20-30
802.    Hartlepool 66-7 v. Sheffield Wednesday - Friendly, 65-6 v. Gateshead County Cup, Darlington 59-60 v. Chester, Barrow. Sunderland 58-9 v. Scunthorpe. Newcastle 54-5 v. Manchester City (punch holes) - City autographs, 59-60 v. Torpedo, Middlesborough 58-9, 59-60, 60-61, 61-2 v, Scunthorpe, other north east club programmes (faults noted)(Approx 55). £20-30
803.    59-60 Halifax v. Mansfield, Coventry v. Accrington, Chelsea v. Bradford F.A Cup, 60-1 Chelsea v. Tottenham, Southampton v. Newport - league cup, Peterborough v. Portsmouth - friendly, Cardiff v. biel, 61-2 Gateshead v. Workington - F.A Cup, Barnsley v. Southport- League Cup, other 1960's programmes (Approx 74). £15-25
804.    Two 1959 F.A Cup Final Programmes, Fulham, Arsenal, Chelsea and other Southern/Midlands Programmes. 58-9 West Brom Reserves v. Manchester United Reserves, etc. (Approximately 50) £30-40
805.    Grimsby Town Home Programmes 48-9 v. Sheffield Wednesday (selotape), 53-4 v. Bradford P.A (Grubby) and others 57-61 including four page issue v. Scunthorpe - County Cup Final, Swindon, Reserves v. Sunderland Reserves.(21) £20-30
806.    1960's programmes 1965 Arthur Rowley Testimonial I.C. XI V. Ex Wolves Stars XI, 64-5 Shrewsbury v Spartak, Wellington - County Cup, 63-4 Aston Villa v. Barnsley - League Cup, other midlands area homes (many Rusty Staples), (approx 80) £30-50
807.    Ex-League Club Programmes, to include 51-2 Stockport v. Crewe, 1977 Workington's last home and away games, Aldershot, Halifax, Southport, etc:- Two Folders. £20-30
808.    1960's Programmes Tottenham 60-1 v. Blackpool, Sunderland - F.A Cup plus aways at Wolves, Nottingham Forest, 61-2 v. Benfica 63-4 West Ham v. Leicester - League Cup Semi, other London club homes (some Rusty Staples). (Approx 80). £30-40
809.    1960's Programmes 60-1 Rochdale v,Scunthorpe - League Cup, Accrington. Bolton, v. Grimsby - League cup .59-60 Accrington v. Grimsby, 66-7 Oldham v. Sofia XI, 61-2, 64-5, 65-6 Tranmere Reserves v. Ellesmere Port Town, (many rusty staples) (Approx 140), other northern clubs. £30-50
810.    Ex-league, Pre-league Club Programmes, including Barrow, Halifax, York, Maidstone, Southport, Hereford - first league game, Scarborough, Workington (many rusty staples)(Approx 130) £40-60
811.    1958 F.A Cup Semi at Maine Road, 1957 Durban Programme, England Representative, 2006 Uefa Cup Final, plus Middlesborough, away at Feynord, 1963,78 and 79 European Cup Finals, Leeds united aways, etc. £20-40
812.    Leeds United Programmes 1968-74, including 68-9 v. Hannover, Dozsa, many aways, 1955-6 Schools Northumberland v. Yorkshire. Bradford v. Glasgow. 56-7 Greenwich v. Harrogate. £15-25
813.    1970 F.A Cup Final Replay, plus semi and replay programmes 72 F.A cup final, Leeds and Manchester United issues, Preston homes including 72-3 cards v. Birmingham, Kilmarnock and many others, £20-30
814.    1960's Programmes; 62-3 Ipswich v. Floriana, 66--7 Portsmouth v. Stoke - Single Sheet Friendly, 60-1 Swansea v. Scunthorpe, Cardiff v. Grasshoppers, 68-9 Newport v. Scunthorpe plus rearranged 24th Feb (some rusty staples) :- One Box. £20-40
815.    Leeds United - Sixteen Scrapbooks From the Late 1960's - 70's, containing match tickets, trading cards, newspaper match reports and images, player publicity cards, letter from the club, etc. £40-80
816.    Leeds United Programes 1970's and 80's, tickets noted:- One Box. £15-25
817.    Leeds United - Hardboard Tray, circa 1970, featuring club crest and facsimile autographs; together with a quantity of programmes 1971-74 and Letter from club and facsimile autograph sheet. £15-30
818.    Leeds United Programmes, 51-2 v. Chelsea (cover tear), 58-9 and 59-60 v. Manchester United , 60-1 Blackpool - League Cup and others 58-60. (13) £20-30
819.    Leeds United Programmes, 53-4 v. Huddersfield Town - West Riding Cup Final, 58-9 v. Djurgardens - friendly. Both four page issues. (2) £20-30
820.    1971 Cup Winners Cup Final Programme. Chelsea v. Real Madrid, in Athens, dated 19-5-71. £80-120
821.    Chelsea 1954-5 Home Programmes. Twelve issues from the Championship season including:- v. Arsenal, Tottenham, Sheffield Wednesday and reprint (some rusty staples). (13) £30-40
822.    Chelsea Programmes 54-5 v. Sheffield Wednesday and others, 55-90's, Fanzines, Bridge News, etc:- One Box. £15-25
823.    Chelsea Youth Cup Home Programmes. 57-8 v. Wolves - Final, Southampton. 59-60 v. Aston Villa. 60-1 v. Everton - Final, Arsenal - Semi, Ipswich, (some number to face). (6) £20-40
824.    Chelsea Home Programmes, 58-9 v. Birmingham, 59-60 v. Bradford - F.A Cup, 65-6 v Barcelona, Milan, 66-7 v. Real Madrid. Many others 65-67 including tickets, 65-6 v. West Ham, Nottingham Forest. £20-30
825.    Autographs - Nat Lofthouse, Jimmy Hagan, Stanley Matthews, Tommy Lawton, Stan Cullis, Bert Sproston, kenny Dalglish, Wally Ardon and others signed on card/image approx 25 - Unverified. £30-50
826.    Soccer Heroes Print Roger Hunt (signed), Michael Owen signed montage, certificate of authentication to back. (2) £15-25
827.    Liverpool v. British Clubs in Europe, home and away issue from each of 70-1 v. Hibs, Leeds, 72-3 v. Tottenham. 75-6 v. Hibs, 76-7 v. Crusaders; together with friendly's v. Hibs 57-8 and away 56-7 at Edinburgh Select 51-2 (poor many tears), 60-1 v. Nantes - Friendship Cup. (14) £20-40
828.    Liverpool Friendly's Abroad, 88-9 v. Atletico Madrid and Real Sociedad at Estadio De Riazor, 78-9 at Schalke, 84 at Dortmund, KR Leikskra, Charleroi, 86 at Lanslaget, 87 at Bayern Munich, Dronshoj, Val 'Enga, Aalborg, Bayer Leverkuson, 90 at Lillestrom, 92 at Tromso and others and yearbooks 85-6 to 89-90. (28) £40-80
829.    Liverpool Programmes, 1964 Charity Shield v. West Ham (score on face), 54-5 at Watford, 56-7 at Brighton, 70-1 at Preston, 67-8 at Hamburg - two issues, one dated 8th August, the other 8th/11th August. European Fairs Cup homes, League Cup, etc. (19) £30-50
830.    Liverpool in Europe Programmes, home and away issues from each of 66-7 v. Ajax, 67-8 v. Malmo (away punch holes), 73-4 v. Jeunesse D'ecsh, 81-2 v. C.S.K.A; together with 64-5 v. Koln at Anfield and replay at Rotterdam. (10) £60-90
831.    Liverpool in Non-European Destination Programmes, 1989 Dubai Cup v. Celtic, circa 1986 Dubai Super Cup v. Celtic, 1991 Caltex Cup v. Arsenal in Singapore, 1984 Royal Swazi Sun Soccer Challenge v. Tottenham at Somhlolu Stadium. (4) £30-60
832.    1944-5 Chesterfield V. Liverpool Programme League North Cup, dated 28th April 1945 (writing on face), with match details. £20-30
833.    A Liverpool 1951 Festival of Britain Programme for Game v. Saarbrucken, dated 9th May 1951 (staples absent). £30-50
834.    Derby County v. Manchester United Programmes, 1948-9 and 49-50. (2) £30-50
835.    Hull City Programmes, v. Japan 1971, Reserves v. Stockton 67 -8. Four Tiger magazines 1949-50, rosette. £15-20
836.    Hull City Home Programmes 56-7 v. Stoke, 59-60 v, Bury, Brighton, Cardiff, Scunthorpe, 57-8 v. Scunthorpe 61-2 v. Bradford p.A, Halifax, 62-3 Reserves v. Bradford City Reserves, others 1960 - 70 (some with faults)(48) £20-30
837.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes 1965-68, including Finney Testimonial (x 2), 67-8 Reserves v. Chesterfield, Bradford P.A. Reserves. Scrapbook containing photos. 1966 F.A. Cup Final and song sheet. £20-30
838.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes 53-4 V. Plymouth, 54-5 v. Derby, Notts County, Birmingham, Lincoln, Leeds, Aston Villa, F.A Cup, Luton 55-6 v. Leicester, Bury, Spandauer - friendly, Rotherham - County Cup, Tottenham - F.A Cup 56-7 v. Liverpool, Nineteen later home and away issues. £20-30
839.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes. 44-5 v. Sheffield Wednesday, dated 3rd February, 51-2 v. Notts County, 52-3 v. Lincoln, 52-3 and 53-4 v. International XI. Bill Shankley autograph noted. £15-30
840.    Rotherham United Single Sheet Programmes, 1944-5 v. Barnsley dated 2nd April, 45-6 v. Carlisle. (2) £30-50
841.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 52-3 v. Gateshead, Rochdale (poor), 57-8 v. Darlington and others` 1960-66. (Approximately 26) £20-40
842.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes, 1969-70 full set of twenty-three league matches, including last game v. Scunthorpe. £100-120
843.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes, 1967-8 twenty-one issues, 68-9 eleven issues. £20-40
844.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes, as non League club, 70-1 sixteen issues, 71-2 twelve issues, 72-3 seventeen issues. £20-40
845.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes, 1973-4, ten issues including:- v. Great Harwood - May 2nd, last match before club folded. £20-30
846.    Bradford Park Avenue Team Group Prints, 1933-34 and 1934-35. £10-20
847.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 51-2 v. Sheffield Wednesday, Bradford City - both F.A Cup, Bradford City -League. Another poor issue, Oldham. (5) £30-50
848.    Bradford Park Avenue 1969-70 Programmes. Thirteen homes including v. Cardiff City - Friendly and Away at Hartlepool. (14) £30-40
849.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 1958-9 - nineteen home issues including v. Gateshead, Crystal Palace away's at Shrewsbury, Port Vale, Gateshead F.A. Cup. (22) £20-40
850.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 1959-60 - nine home issues including v. Scarborough F.A Cup and Away's at Southport. Chelsea F.A. Cup, Darlington, Oldham. (13) £15-25
851.    Bradford Park Avenue Programmes, 1960-1 thirty five home issues (duplication) including v. Peterborough, Accrington and Away at York and Reserves at Doncaster. (37) £20-40
852.    Bradford Park Avenue Away Programmes, 1948-9 at Lincoln City, Fulham, 49-50 at Tottenham. (3) £20-30
853.    1944-5 F.A XI v. The Army at Bradford, four page programme dated 9th December 1944, R.A.F v. Scotland at Hillsborough dated 25th November 1944 9both torn on creases) (2) £20-30
854.    Bradford City Programmes, 51-2 v. Bradford Park Avenue, Carlisle F.A Cup 56-7 v. Accrington, Hull 57-8 v. Bradford Park Avenue, Huddersfield homes 50-1 v. Bolton 51-2 v. Tottenham, Sunderland, 60-1 v. Wolves F.A Cup. (9) £20-30
855.    Bradford City Programmes, 1958-9 v. Halifax - West Riding Cup Final, Claret & Amber v. Blue and White Practice both single card issues, twenty eight other home and away's. £40-60
856.    Bradford City Programmes, 1959 - 60 including at Preston, Burnley, v. Everton all F.A Cup, Reserves v. Lincoln Reserves. (31) £30-50
857.    Bradford City Programmes, 1960-1, including Amber v. Blue - Practice v. Bradford Park Avenue - West Riding Cup Semi. Both single card issues, nine others. £20-30
858.    Bradford City Programmes, 61-2 including v. Aston Villa - League Cup (2), Bradford Park Avenue - Bradford Championship 62-3 v. Gateshead - F.A. Cup, 61-2 Reserves v. Grimsby Reserves. (11) £15-25
859.    Bradford City Away Programmes, including overseas games at Almhults, Savsjo, Vilans, Portadown, Finn Harps, 1980's to date. (25) £15-25
860.    Halifax Town Home Programmes, one from every season 1957-8 to 2007-8. £20-30
861.    Bobby Moore, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst, Jim Sanderson, Ken brown, other West Ham Autographs, ink signed on card - Unverified, west Ham v. Chesterfield match action press photo. 19cm x 24cm £20-40
862.    Sheffield United Abroad Programmes, to include 1985 at Tulsa Roughnecks, 1969 at De Graafschap (grubby), 1994 single sheet at Piacenza. (11) £20-30
863.    Sheffield United In Europe Programmes, 73-4 at W.S.V, 71-2 at Twente, 73 at Utrecht, 2006 at Den Haag, 90 at HBK, IFK Timra, Haarlem Jeugdtournooi Tournaments, etc. £30-50
864.    Sheffield United Single Sheet/Four Page Programmes, including 1970 at Swansea, 79 at Notts County, 82 v. Birmingham, Grimsby, Manchester City, 86 at Blackburn - full members and ticket. £20-40
865.    Sheffield United Reserves Programme, 1909-10 v. Gainsborough Reserves (ex binder, pages loose), 53-4 1st Team v. Wolves (cover mark). (2) £20-30
866.    Sheffield United Programmes. In the County Cup v. Sheffield Wednesday 1962, 75, 76, v. Rotherham 76, 77. Anglo Scottish v. Notts County, Middlesbrough, Newcastle 86 Friendly v. Seville. £20-30
867.    Sheffield United Programmes 1946-7 V. Blackpool, Liverpool, Derby, Norrköping, with match details (4). £30-40
868.    Sheffield United Programmes 1946-7 V. Charlton, Middlesborough, Sunderland, Norrköping, (4). £30-40
869.    Gornik Zabrze v. Sheffield United Programme Dated 22 Lipca (July) 1974. £20-30
870.    Gornik Zabrze v. Sheffield United Programme Dated 22 Lipca (July) 1974. £20-30
871.    Sheffield United Programmes 1945-6 V. Blackburn 6th April, Bury 30th March, Preston 1st December, plus match details. (2) £30-50
872.    Pogon Szczecin v. Sheffield United Programme, dated 20/7/1974. £20-30
873.    Sheffield United Programmes 1945-6 V. Manchester City 20th April, Middlesborough 12th January, with match details (2). £20-40
874.    Sheffield United 1960's Home and Away Programmes, including 61 F.A cup semi at Leicester:- One Box. £20-30
875.    Sheffield United Programmes In Britain:- One Box. £20-30
876.    Manchester United Programmes 1963 F.A Cup Final, 71-2 v. Arsenal at Anfield, 62-3 at Wolves, 68 European Cup Final reprint, 69 semi, 72-3 reserves at Sheffield United Reserves, Tickets Home and Away v. the Blades, etc. £10-20
877.    Leeds United v. Sheffield United Programmes, tickets, reserves, plus signed Mick Jones Book. Chelsea ticket and team shet for match at Bramall Lane 1999.etc. £15-20
878.    Sheffield United 'Who's Who', 'The Biography', 'A Complete Record', 'Head to Head' and many others blades related:- One Box. £15-25
879.    Sheffield United Reserves Programmes, mainly 1990's, 2000's, but at Huddersfield 72.3, v. Aston Villa 66-7, large quantity:- One Box £30-50
880.    Sheffield United Memorabilia, to include Year Books, pennants, rosettes, Star Soccer Chart, Trevor Hockey poster. £30-50
881.    Sheffield United Programmes. 54-5 v. Tottenham, 56-7 v. Rotherham, 58-9 v. Bela Vista and many others 1958-69. £20-40
882.    Sheffield United programmes in Britain 1990's to Date, mainly always single sheets noted:- One Box. £30-50
883.    Sheffield United Youth programmes, v. Bristol City 72-3 Cup Semi Final - both legs, many team sheets, U.21's, U.18's. £20-40
884.    1965 Sheffield F.C. Annual Dinner Menu, signed by Eric Taylor and many others. £15-25
885.    Sheffield and Hallamshire County F. A Programmes, 47-8 away at West Riding, 50-1 v. Lincolnshire F.A (2) £20-30
886.    1959-60 Hallam v. Crook Town - Amateur Cup Single Sheet Programme at Hillsborough, six Wednesday Reserves issues 1956-61. Wednesday and United Homes, 66 F.A. Cup Final, 69 Hillsborough Semi and others. £20-30
887.    AT Hillsborough Programmes 1944-5 R.A.F V. Scotland And Ticket, England 'B' 1950 v. Switzerland, 55 v. Germany, 56 England u.23 V. Scotland, 51, Football League v. Scottish league, displayed in album. £30-50
888.    1928-9 Sheffield Wednesday. Firth Stainless bread knife featuring "The Wednesday League Champions" to blade (the ivorine handle lacking some blue piping). 34-5 programme v. Grimsby (poor). 51-2 v. West Ham. 53-4 v. Bolton - F.A. Cup. £20-40
889.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Team Photo 19x24cm, Derek Dooley Photo Plus Autograph, trust fund programmes, two Hoyland branch dinner and dance menus bearing signatures. £20-40
890.    Sheffield Wednesday Topical Times, Pinnace, Ogdens, Sinclair, Ardarth and other trade cards, Autographs, 1966 F.A cup final programme signed by Ray Wilson, newspaper cuttings, Jackie Robinson story etc. £30-50
891.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1956-60 Including V. Manchester United 56-7, 57-8 plus F.A Cup away reprint, 59-60 away FA cup semi, approx 33 neatly displayed with match details in album. £20-40
892.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1953-56 Including V. Sheffield United 53-4, all four league and F.A Cup issues, 54-5 home and away, 53-4 F.A cup V. Chesterfield, Everton, Bolton plus ticket, Preston - semi, 55-6 v. Rotherham home and away, approx 24 neatly displayed with match details in album. £30-40
893.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1950-53 Including 50-1 V. Derby, 51-2 V. Sheffield United, Leeds, 52-3 V. Chelsea, Manchester United, approx 36, neatly displayed with match details in album. £60-90
894.    A Sheffield Wednesday Glass Tankard, etched with 1983-4 squad signatures. £8-12
895.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1948-9 v. Leicester single shet, 49-50 v. Sheffield United County Cup. £30-50
896.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1966-70 Including 68-9 V. Leeds F.A Cup Plus Ticket, 66-7 at Chelsea F.A Cup plus ticket, at Norwich - F.A Cup and ticket, 69-70 V. Scunthorpe - F.A cup plus tickets, approximately 78, neatly displayed with match details in two albums. £20-40
897.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1960-66 Including, 60-1 v. Burnley, F.A Cup and Ticket, Tottenham, Manchester United 60-1 F.A Cup, 61-2 Home and F.A Cup away, 62-3, 64-5 home and away, 65-6 approx ninety displayed with match details in four albums. £30-50
898.    1934-5 Sheffield Wednesday v. Stoke City Programme, dated 25th August 1934, with match details. £30-50
899.    1934-5 Sheffield Wednesday V. Grimsby Town Programme, dated 4th May 1935, with match details. £20-40
900.    1938-9 Sheffield Wednesday V. Sheffield United F.A Cup Dated 4th March 1939, (tape to inner spine), with match details. £50-70
901.    1939-40 Sheffield Wednesday V. Plymouth Argyle Programme Dated 2nd September 1939, last match before suspension of league due to the outbreak of war, with match details. £80-120
902.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programme V. Manchester United, 27th April, with match details. £30-40
903.    Sheffield Wednesday 1946-7 Programmes V. Plymouth, Fulham, Chesterfield, Bradford Park Avenue, Burnley, Swansea, West Brom, Bury, Everton - F.A Cup, Tottenham, Newcastle, Manchester City, with match details (12). £40-60
904.    Sheffield Wednesday programmes 1947-8 V. Newcastle, West Ham, Coventry, 48-9 V. Grimsby, Southampton (faults), away at Leeds United (grubby) with match details (6). £20-40
905.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1949-50 V. Leicester, Cardiff, Chesterfield, Sheffield United, Q.P.R, Bradford Park Avenue, Preston Leeds, Tottenham, away at Sheffield United, with match details. £30-50
906.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, V. Foreign opposition, Santos 62-3, 71-2 plus ticket, 57-8 v. Juventus, 61-2 v. Roma, Barcelona plus others 1955-65, approx sixteen with match details. £30-40
907.    1944-5 Sheffield Wednesday Programmes V. Doncaster 10th February, Bradford Park Avenue 21st April, away at Chesterfield, League north Cup, 14th April (writing on face), with match details (3). £50-70
908.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Middlesbrough 22nd September, Newcastle 4th may , with match details, (2) £30-40
909.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Grimsby 20th October, York F.A Cup 26th January with match details (2) £20-40
910.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Chesterfield 16th February, Stoke 13th October, with match details (2)
911.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Bradford Park Avenue 26th December, Sheffield United 15th September, with match details (2). £20-40
912.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Blackburn 15th December, Burnley 19th January, with match details (2). £20-40
913.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Blackpool 10th November, Preston 13th April, with match details (2). £20-40
914.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programmes V. Liverpool 17th November, Bury 8th December, with match details (2). £30-40
915.    Sheffield Wednesday 1945-6 Programme V. Leeds United, 23rd April, with match details. £30-40