Antiques & Collectables Auction
on Friday 1st March 2019

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1001.   Richard Ward in Memory of Sheffield Cinemas, Sheffield Public Houses, closing times as they were then and what's there now. Sheffield Blitz by Paul License, street names of Sheffield. Peter Harvey - Douglas Lamb, A Pub on Every corner, other books on Sheffield:- One Box £20-40
1002.   Hornsea 'Contrast' Table Pottery, of forty pieces, piggy banks, dolls commemorative tea set, jugs, etc:-Two Boxes £20-40
1003.   After Hassan D Yashmich, pair of colour prints Middle Eastern riverside scene with camels and riders, 25 x 45cm, two sepia prints. (4) £15-20
1004.   Blackberry Playbook Tablet, home DVD creator, Sony Walkman, sunglasses, Nokia phone, Alba DVD player, Ninetendo Wii, etc, (all untested sold for parts only):- Two Boxes
1005.   Chrome Backed Gents Travelling Set, in leather case, Wardonia shaving set, purses, flasks, etc:- In a case by Finnigans of Manchester (handle damage). £20-30
1006.   Film Preview, Picture Show, Film Parade, The Great Movie, Stars - The Golden Years, other film annuals mainly 1950's but 40's noted:- One Box together with A Bessie Pease Gutmann 'Happy Dreams' Colour Print, 25.5 x 37.5cm. £10-20
1007.   A Blue and White Delft Coffee Service, pewter bowl, plated dish, walking sticks:- One Box £10-15
1008.   Leonardo Collection 'Gamekeeper', resin model hunting dogs, on plinths, dog themed cabinet, plates, model pheasants, etc:- One Tray and a stoneware flagon. (2) £15-25
1009.   R. Birmingham, Pastel of a Farmhouse, (on verso Primroses in Bank at Watergate, near Looe/Cornwall) signed lower right, together with one other picture by R. Birmingham, together with prints-map. (8) £10-20
1010.   Star Wars - 3 Episode I Action Figures, (Obi-Wan, Battle Droid and Watto) and a Star Wars electronic Darth Vader (all boxed). (4) £20-40
1011.   Merrythought Golden Plush Bear, plastic girl dolls, vintage ice skates, L.P's, 45rpms, Sheffield Wednesday programmes, badge, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1012.   Brexton 1950's Travelling Bottle/Drinks Set and Hamper Box. (2) £10-20
1013.   The 'Chad Valley' Bagatelle, and a small quantity of diecast vehicles. (2) £15-20
1014.   Worcester 'Evesham' Table Ware, decanter, glassware, fish jug, etc:- One Box £15-30
1015.   EKCO Thermovent Space Heater having bakelite frontage, a Walmer electric fire, both collectors items; sold for parts only. (2) £5-10
1016.   A Bankers Desk Lamp, and a reproduction Art Nouveau figural desk lamp (2) - untested: sold for parts only. £20-30
1017.   Pressed Glass Jugs, pressed glass, hors d'oeuvre dish, jelly mould, etc:- One Box £5-10
1018.   Stones Pint Glasses, Peroni glasses, Magners pint glasses:- Three Boxes £5-10
1019.   LP's - to include 1970's compilations, Tom Paxton, Jazz, M.O.R, Supremes, Paul Simon etc:- Three Boxes £10-15
1020.   Vintage Linen, doilies, pillow cases etc, in a wicker basket. £20-30
1021.   A Set of Six Royal Brierley Lead Crystal wines, knopped stems on star patterned bases, crystal decanter, vase, Royal Brierley art glass vase, etc:- One Box £15-20
1022.   Woods 'Beryl' Teaware, in Jasmine and Pale Green:- One Box £10-20
1023.   A Slide Projector, Leitz Pradovit CA 2502, together with a quantity of slides, (untested sold for parts only) £20-40
1024.   Meat Plates, pottery, glassware etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1025.   A Burago 'Diamonds' Rolls-Royce Camargue (boxed) - damages. £10-20
1026.   Instamatic and Digital Camera's, camera accessories, filters, film etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1027.   Cased Gun Cleaning Kit, horse brasses, Victorian copper tankard, hardwood box and cover, copper horn, trinket boxes, etc, £15-25
1028.   A XIX Century Copper Kettle, XIX Century copper warming pan, bellows, bed warmer, barometer, brass figure of a coal miner, Kodak camera,etc:- One Box - plus one box of 78 records:- Two Boxes £25-30
1029.   A Record Work Bench Vice. £20-30
1030.   Assorted Plated Ware, including three bottle stand (lacking bottles), bottle coasters, cased fish knives and forks, card tray, etc:- One Box £20-30
1031.   Quax Mono Unicycle, 'Only One But Fun'. £10-20
1032.   A Collection of Over 100 LP's, to include Bill Haley, Rock n Roll, Disco, Donna Summer, Supremes, Barry White, Abba, Now Compilations etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1033.   Wicker Baskets, wicker paper bins. £10-15
1034.   Taube Lapin Ladies Jacket, Constance Murray 'Real Fur' Coat, House of Che Che black acrylic coat, one other, stole, Japanese wig, bag. £20-30
1035.   Gray's 2814 Dinner Service, of approximately twenty-four pieces, Satsuma vases, Mason's, Carlton Ware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1036.   Vulcan Countess Child's Sewing Machine, sheet music, jigsaws, Ladybird books, American comics, etc:- One Box - Subbuteo 1980's football set, 'Napoleon' galleon. £15-30
1037.   A History of Sheffield, David Hay Sheffield memories, images of Sheffield, other books etc, relating to Sheffield :- One Box £15-20
1038.   Langley Stoneware Table Ware, of thirty nine pieces, scales and weight, Doulton stoneware bed warmer, glass vases, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
1039.   Dolls, Souvenir Dolls, etc; from different parts of the world:- One Box £5-10
1040.   Wicker Rectangular Shaped Baskets.(8) £10-20
1041.   A Good Selection of Art, History, Biograph Literature:- Three Boxes £15-25
1042.   Oil Lamp, scales and weights, garden syringes, cowbell, Cheshire Lines Rly reproduction sign, trivet stand, etc:- One Box and two canes with fox and horse insets to handle. £20-30
1043.   Frister and Rossmann Sewing Machine. £15-30
1044.   1970's Comics - A collection to include Captain America, Star Wars, Dave Devil, Spiderman, Justice League, Titans, Fantastic Four, Hulk Avengers etc (No 1 Star Wars weekly noted Feb 8th 1978):- Two Boxes £15-25
1045.   Bush Radio Type TR82C, carpet bowls, lawn green bowls, board skittles. £20-30
1046.   Minolta A5 Camera, Olympus OM10 camera, Macro Soligor MC No 184050, camera lens, B.E.H 450660 cased Binoculars, Ambico telescope 20-60x60 etc:- One Box £20-40
1047.   Horse Brasses on Leather Strap, brass bulldog, walking sticks etc:- One Box £10-15
1048.   An Early XX Century B.P. & Co Part Dinner Service, (approximately twenty four) including two tureens, three graduating meat plates; with graduating jugs, leaf moulded dish and jug and other ceramics:- Two Boxes £20-30
1049.   A Collection of LP's and 45rpm - artists to include Queen, Abba, Neil Diamond, The Police, Grease LP (with booklet), Roy Orbison, Hermans Hermits etc (two Lp cases and two boxes). (4) £15-30
1050.   A Collection of Biographies, Autobiographies and History Themed Literature:- Three Boxes £15-25
1051.   Two Michael Podesta (Graphic Design) Prints, South East Asian pictures etc, architectural prints, map. (12) £20-30
1052.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Cased Eight Day Wall Clock; oak cased barometer and other barometers. £15-25
1053.   Tea/Coffee/Sugar Tins, picture, butterfly, hangers, "VINTAGE" letters, oven gloves, large wooden tray, etc. £15-25
1054.   Sylvac Pottery Bamboo Posy '2740', vase '746', Falcon Ware basket, 'Grecian' vase, Art Deco plate, comport, etc:- One Box £15-30
1055.   A Collection of Assorted Vintage and Later Tins, including Huntley & Palmers, Parkinsons, West German, Thorne's, Rowntree, James Pascal, "The Kiosk" Harrogate Toffee, Gray Dunn & Co, etc. £20-30
1056.   Modern Cut Glass Vases, Barleylands glass vase, cut glass bowl, decanter etc:- One Box £10-15
1057.   Co-op Fifty Years Anniversary Oval Tray, pair of Norwegian pewter spill vases, brass desk inkwell, XIX Century pewter tankard, horseshoe, etc in suitcase. £15-30
1058.   Glassware, Willow Pattern plates, other ceramics, etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
1059.   Zenit TTL Olympics Camera, Canon EOS example, Panasonic camcorder, Vivitar 75-205mm 1:3.8 lens, Vivitar 28mm 1:2.8 lens, etc:- One Box £20-40
1060.   Twelve Wedgwood and Worcester Collectors Plates, Colclough, C Royal, Queen Anne and other tea ware:- One Box £15-25
1061.   Three Star Wars Episode I Interactive Talking Banks, 'Obi-Wan', 'Qui-Gon Jinn', 'Darth Maul' and related Dancing Jar Jar Binks (all boxed). (4) £20-40
1062.   Two West German Vases, (No.s 7640 included), Bretby twin handled vase, china thimbles, miniature character jugs, Goss canon crested ware, etc:- One Tray (4) £15-30
1063.   Edwardian Part Dinner Service, blue and white transfer print of classical swags, tea wares, novelty owl lamp vases, musical novelty decanter, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1064.   A Tub of Lego. £15-25
1065.   Novelty Teapots, Ringtons Coronation teapot and jug, jar and cover, vases, marbled light shade and other glassware:- Two Boxes £15-20
1066.   Remington Portable Typewriter (cased); together with one other Remington typewriter. (2) £10-15
1067.   Vintage Beer Mats, sea shell, bobbin rack, pewter tankards, jewellery drawers, slide rule, etc:- Two Boxes
1068.   A Quantity of LP's (over 120) varying genres Elvis, Glen Campbell, Procol Harum etc. £10-20
1069.   Thunderbirds Tracy Island Electronic Playset. £20-25
1070.   Tweedale's Directory of Sheffield Cutlery Manufactures 1740-2010, Cars from Sheffield Stephen Myers, The Cutting Edge. An Exhibition of Sheffield Tools at The Ruskin Callery, Peter Tuffrey Sheffield Pubs Landlords and Landladies, E.R Matheau-Raven. The Identification and Dating of Sheffield Electroplated Wares 1843-1943 (8). Wardonia Pewter catalogue (6) £20-30
1071.   A Collection of CD's, (REM, Echo Belly, Supergrass, etc), L.P's, Armed forces pennant, plastic knight figures, plastic kit (boxed), prints, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1072.   Pair of Wall Lights, quantity of Cherished Teddy Figures:- Two Boxes £15-25
1073.   Cased Cutlery, including pickle set, fish service, Aynsley, Staffordshire, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1074.   Records: Incantation, John Denver, Cliff Richard, Carpenters, Manhattan Transfer, etc:- six boxed sets including Shadows and Beach Boys:- Three Boxes £15-30
1075.   Two Burago 1/24 Scale Diecast Models, 'Ford AC Cobra' and 'Ferrari' F40; and a collection of Shell Sports car models (all boxed) £15-25
1076.   A 'Star' Pond Yacht, Binatone TV master game, Airfix plastic kit, Binatone TV game gun, Matchbuilder power boat etc:- One Box £10-20
1077.   Brandy and Other Drinking Glasses, lidded jar, vase, jug, etc:- One Box and copper covered box with brass clasp. £15-25
1078.   A Large Collection of LP's - Varying artists, including Madonna, Elvis, Tony Christie, Abba, Walker Brothers, Johnny Cash, Doobies etc:- Five Boxes and One Case (1) £20-40
1079.   Singer Electric Sewing Machine; two Angle Poise lamps, iron, battery charger (untested - sold for parts only), saws. £10-20
1080.   A XIX Century Painted Pine Box, with carrying handles. £20-30
1081.   A Record No. 4 Bench Vice. £10-20
1082.   A Late XIX Century Singer Sewing Machine; together with a Little Wanzer sewing machine. (2) £10-15
1083.   Over Twenty Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear', including Y-2, Y-3, Y-5 etc, boxed and other loose diecast:- One Box £15-20
1084.   A Continental Porcelain Fifty Two Pieces Tea and Dinner Service, further tureens, candelabra's, oxidised novelty 'Knight' fireside companion:- Two Boxes £15-20
1085.   Approximately Twenty Nine Matchbox 'Models of Yesteryear', all boxed. £15-20
1086.   Birds of Prey Literature: Brown & Amadon 'Eagle Hawks, Falcons of the World' two volume cased set; Owls of the World, Birds of Great Britain, Falcons and Birds of Prey of the world etc:- One Box £15-25
1087.   Soup Spoons, dessert spoons, forks, other cutlery, Foley China "Starlight" by Hazel Thumpston etc:- One Tray £25-45
1088.   Honiton Ware, jug, Sylvac jug, Grindley ware, tureen etc:- One Tray £10-15
1089.   Elkington & Co Fish Knives and Forks, grapefruit spoons, Walker and Hall soup spoons, fish servers in four cases. £30-40
1090.   An Early Xx Century French Brass Cased Carriage Clock, white enamel dial, Roman numerals and a pair of plated three branch candelabra's. (3) £15-25
1091.   Schoolboy Stamp Album, tea cards, matchboxes and covers, 1960's Radio Times:- One Box £10-20
1092.   Wilkinsons Honeyglaze Lidded Pot, Sarreguemines tobacco jar and cover, prawn cocktail dishes cabinet cups and saucers etc:- One Box £15-25
1093.   Asiatic Pheasant Meat Plate, eleven similar plates, floral egg cruet and comport. £15-30
1094.   Royal Crown Derby Jam Dish and Knife (boxed), early Victorian baby's cotton gowns, jasper trinket boxes, Chinese terracotta teapot with metal overlay etc:- One Tray £10-20
1095.   Turned Wooden Chess Pieces, bone dominoes, tiddlywinks, other games:- One Tray £15-30
1096.   A Montagnon Glazed Red Earthenware Faience Twelve Setting Coffee Service, stylized dot and cross decoration on a powder blue ground (twenty seven pieces). £10-20
1097.   A Selection of Assorted Costume Jewellery Beads and Necklaces, including rosary beads and boxed "Avon" costume jewellery, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1098.   An Art Deco Cornish Pewter Tea Service, of tapering circular form and geometric motif, ebonised finial and spur capped handle:- One Tray £10-20
1099.   Vitrometan (Poland) Cut Glass Decanter, glass condiments, dishes etc:- One Tray £10-20
1100.   Blue and White Willow Pattern Plates, Chinese style vases, etc:- One Box £5-10
1101.   Quantity of Glass Paperweights, including Adrian Sankey, Nigel Pain, glass clown (foot damaged):- One Tray £15-20
1102.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery:- One Tray £15-20
1103.   Fish Knives and Forks, salad servers, Dessert spoons etc: One Tray £15-20
1104.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including engine turned coffee pot, silver plated ewer, of plain baluster form, shaped oval tray, footed bowl, cruet set, etc:- One Box £30-40
1105.   Sylvac Pottery Shell Design Posy Holders (10); together with a shell example:- One Box £20-30
1106.   A Box of Assorted Costume Jewellery, etc. £15-20
1107.   Plated Ware, including Jugendstil style three light candle stand, pair of candlesticks, squirrel shell dish, claret jug mount, condiment stand (lacking bottles) etc:- One Tray £20-30
1108.   a Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles and fancy link necklaces:- One Tray £15-20
1109.   Cut Glass Pedestal Dish, (damages), glass vases of artificial flowers. £10-15
1110.   Sylvac Pottery White Shell Posy Holders, similar basket, vase and two tea canisters:- One Box £15-25
1111.   A Lubern Gilt and White Tea Set, other teaware with English country garden design, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1112.   A Tall Clear Glass Vase, green glass vase, artificial flowers in vases, picture:- One Tray £10-15
1113.   Crown Devon Pottery Charger, featuring Pheasants, 'Conished Priory' cup and saucer, 1959 Shropshire mug. Marquis of Stafford beaker etc:- One Tray £8-12
1114.    Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery including imitation pearl beads, brightly coloured bead necklaces, bracelets and bangles, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1115.   Horn Handled Carving Set, Mappin & Webb carriage clock, (two glass panels absent, paper knives, teapot, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1116.   Pink Tinted Pressed Glass Art Deco Decanter and Tots, ornamental figures, Bohemian condiments, dishes etc:- One Tray £10-15
1117.   Alfred Meakin 'Manchu' Tea Ware, of twenty one pieces, Sadler teapot, Bondware coffee set, Wade tortoises, etc:- One Box £15-30
1118.   A Pair of Creole Earrings, of ropetwist design stamped "375"; together with other earrings, a cameo style ring stamped "9ct" (damages), assorted costume jewellery, bangles, earrings, brooches, etc:- One Tray £30-50
1119.   Wedgwood Floral Hand Painted Teapot, two cups and saucers, circa 1900, later Wedgwood ware, Coalport, Worcester, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1120.   Horn Beakers, alabaster chamberstick, hardwood figures, resin Buddah, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1121.   Cut Glass Decanter, rose bowl, knife rests etc. and a Chinese famille verte tea set:- One Tray £10-20
1122.   Ordnance Survey Maps, Pathfinder guides, etc:- One Box £5-10
1123.   Mappin & Webb Rat Tail Dessert Spoons, etc, fish knife, forks etc:- One Tray £15-20
1124.   A Collection of Beer Mats, wine glasses (boxed), Wade tankard, Butlers canteen of cutlery:- One Box £10-15
1125.   A Collection of Disney Store Exclusive Commemorative Lithographs, including Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Winnie The Poo, Hercules, Oliver & Company etc: and a set of nine The Enchanted World: Time Life publications. £10-20
1126.   Chinon Cine Projector, Super 8 Movie Camera, Canon AE-1 and Hanimex cameras, flat iron, Ted Baker and Sekonda boxed watches, china plates. £15-25
1127.   1960's Children's Annuals and Weekly Periodicals - Eagle, Lion, Century 21, Buster, etc and a collection of 45rpms (picture discs noted) Meatloaf, etc:- One Box £15-20
1128.   Red Back Boots, hats, wicker ware, etc:- One Box plus two rugs. £15-25
1129.   Old Bottles, marmalade jars, lamps, etc:- Three Boxes £15-20
1130.   Shirley Frost Whirlow The Story of an Ancient Sheffield Hamlet, Pauline Shearstone, Gleadless from village to suburb, The Historical Archaeology of The Sheffield Cutlery and Tableware Industry 1750-1900 etc, and other books relating to Sheffield:- One Box £20-30
1131.   A Good Selection of Art, History, Novels and Other Literature:- Three Boxes £15-25
1132.   A Collection of The Sun Calendar's, in a suitcase. £10-15
1133.   Pictures, wall clock, guillotine, hedge cutter, (untested sold for parts only). £10-20
1134.   Golf Clubs, cricket bats, skateboard, pictures, cricket ball, etc. £10-20
1135.   Table Lamps, glassware, plaques, pictures, etc:- One Box - plus oval wall mirror. £15-25
1136.   In Excess of Four Hundred Modern Comics:- Two Boxes £30-50
1137.   In Excess of Four Hundred Modern Comics:- Two Boxes £30-50
1138.   Holland Cooper Ladies Jacket, Shearling coat, with fur collar and cuffs. (2) £10-20
1139.   Enamelled Bread Bin, mixing and wash bowls, demi johns, jardiniere, etc. £15-25
1140.   A Poole Delphis Pottery Plate, paintersd monogram, 26.5cm diameter (boxed). £30-50
1141.   Noritake 'Veona' Dinner Service, of approximately fifty-one pieces including:- two large and two small tureens, five graduated meat plates, (some with faults). £40-60
1142.   Quantity of Perfume Bottles, Vogue compact, fans, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1143.   Adams Jasperware Jardiniere, Royal Worcester dish, painted with fruit, signed T. Lockyer (damage), Wade Whisky bell, Sylvac vase. £10-20
1144.   Sylvac Pottery Tan Coloured, including a pair of wall pockets '2092', leaf salad and dip holder '2032', pair of oval posies '2044', jardiniere '2047:- Two Trays £20-40
1145.   New Hall "Hovis Cafe Ware, Macclesfield" tea service:- One Tray (17 pieces) £20-30
1146.   A 1930's Dressing Table Set, with green engine turned and chrome decoration, two EPBM tea pots of classical and bag form, loose cutlery, propelling pencil etc:- One Tray £15-20
1147.   Two Nao Models of Young Girls, a Lladro seated lady with bowl (damaged), pin cushion dolls etc:- One Tray £15-25
1148.   Portmeirion 'Magic City' Kitchen Storage Jar, Doulton 'Autumn Breezes' and Capodimonte figures, oriental bowl, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1149.   A Portmeirion 'Phoenix' Coffee Set, of fourteen pieces including coffee pot. £10-20
1150.   Royal Doulton "Archives" "Wuhan Vase", limited edition 42/250 (second quality?), boxed; Dartmouth pottery urn vase in green. (2) £20-40
1151.   A Spode 'Aegean' Shield Shaped Dish, Royal Doulton figure 'Make Believe' HN 2225, Wedgwood cameo inset 'Lord Mountbatten' paperweight, trinkets and a part child's tea set:- One Tray £30-40
1152.   A Franklin Mint American Bald Eagle 1987, or plinth, other resin and pottery model elephants, bird life, tiger, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1153.   Anita Harris 'Bald Eagle' Wildlife Figure, gold signed by Anita Harris, 24.5cm high. £70-90
1154.   A Large Resin Limited Edition Model Kestrel, with outspread wings on an oak branch, on moulded plinth, 48cm high, a Brooks and Bentley resin barn owl clock and a set of twelve Wedgwood 'Baby Owl series cabinet plates etc. £20-30
1155.   Anita Harris Prestige Stoneware Figure 'Large Grand Dragon', a Trial figure which went into a limited edition of 25, 34cm high. £240-260
1156.   Large Pendelfin 'Mother and Baby', 'Uncle Soames' and Mother Rabbit', twelve other Pendelfin figures and Fruit stand (damaged):- One Tray £30-40
1157.   Royal Doulton 'Sonnet' Tea For Two Set, Spode 'Italian' bowl, Titian Ware sandwich plate etc:- One Tray £15-20
1158.   Victoria China 'Submarine', desk stand, pair of XIX Century Austrian figures, souvenirs from D'Ypres blue white dish:- One Tray £20-30
1159.   Royal Doulton Vogue Collection 'Enchantment' Dinner Service, TC 1156, of approximately eight nine pieces. £20-40
1160.   Aynsley 'Cottage Garden' Vases and Trinkets, Royal Worcester commemorative cups and saucers, Minton trinket pot, Ilkley Fine Arts model of St John the Baptist Church, Dronfield:- One Tray £20-30
1161.   A Pair of Cut Glass Decanters, with elongated necks, Pentax ME Super camera and Tamron lens, dolls tea set, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1162.   Charlotte Rhead Tubelined Pottery Charger, 32cm diameter, three Doulton and one 'Melrose' plates. (5) £20-40
1163.   Royal Albert 'Memory Lane' Table Ware, of approximately sixty one pieces. £30-50
1164.   Decanters, cut glass stemware, whisky glasses, bowls, powder bowl, vase, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1165.   A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Kings Pattern Teaspoon; horn handled carving set (cased) and a wooden cutlery box containing various cutlery. £20-30
1166.   A Matched Willow Pattern Transfer Printed Toilet Jug and Bowl, a XIX Century earthenware toilet jug and bowl and a Carter Stabler Adams jug 'Grapes' design, (damage). (5) £20-30
1167.   Plate on Copper Rectangular Twin Handled Fish Platter, Entree Dish with a gadrooned border and a muffin dish. (3) £15-20
1168.   Assorted Plated Cutlery, including fiddle pattern sauce ladles, 'rat tail' soup spoons, sifter spoon, etc:- One Box £15-20
1169.   A Selection of Freshwater Pearl Necklaces and Earrings, including blue, brown and black; together with a marcasite set bracelet, to clasp fastener, marcasite set earrings, a stone set marcasite pendant and various other costume jewellery including a brooch, two bracelets, earrings and pendants etc:- One Tray £40-50
1170.   Four Piece Plated Tea Service, on butler cavalier tray, silver lodge medal, three others, micromosaic brooch, tiddlywinks by Chad Valley. £20-30
1172.   A T.W. Plated Three Piece Tea Set, detailed in relief with leaf scrolls, a plain bud vase, a pair of telescopic candlesticks and a hallmarked silver salt with blue glass liner. £25-40
1173.   A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on later expanding bracelet, a pair of three colour drop earrings, assorted costume brooches, imitation pearls, beads, wristwatches, St Christopher pendant, charm bracelet, etc:- One Tray. £30-50
1174.   A Denby Stoneware 'Westbury' Pattern Dinner Service, of approximately fifty-six pieces including coffee pot and lidded soup bowls. £30-50
1175.   XIX Century Lustre Ware, Continental ribbon plates and vase, XIX Century transfer printed jugs, water jug with pewter lid. £15-25
1176.   A Royal Doulton 'Pastorale' Six Setting China Tea Service, with matching teapot, milk and sugar, with fourteen various china napkin rings:- One Tray £20-30
1177.   Crystal D'Arques Model Peacock, on square stepped plinth, studio glass shell dish, decanter, novelty glass animals, paperweight, etc:- One Tray
1178.   A Royal Worcester 'Her Majasty Queen Elizabeth II' figurine 2007, boxed; Royal Doulton 'Pretty Ladies' Helen, and a Royal Dux figurine:- One Tray (3) £15-25
1179.   Imari Pattern Table Pottery, of thirty five pieces including two teapots. £20-40
1180.   Wedgwood, date plate, commemorative plates, ladies compacts, coronation brush. £5-10
1181.   Sylvac Pottery White Posy Surmounted by Budgie, wall pocket similar, dark green vases, swirl vase '1758', elephant:- One Tray £15-30
1182.   Wedgwood 'Mirabelle' Table China, of twenty four pieces, including fruit bowl, Paragon pale green mottled china tea ware of twenty six pieces with gilt borders. £20-40
1183.   A Pair of Capodimonte Figurines, both in classical dress, (with crown over letter N on base); together with a pair of Capodimonte figures. (4) £25-35
1184.   Masons Ironstone Advertising Plaque, plastic Royal Worcester sign, Aynsley, Minton, etc. £15-20
1185.   A Royal Copenhagen Fajance Mug, dated 1971 and inset with silver '925S' disc to base, Will Young Runnaford Pottery figure group (damaged), a Carlton Ware model of a Morris car, pewter tankards and a model of a Terracotta Soldier:- One Tray £20-40
1186.   A Coalport Cake Plate and Slice, Art Deco fruit set, Doulton Series Ware dishes, cut glass vase, Wedgwood 'Clementine' coffee cups and saucers:- One Tray £20-30
1187.   Shelley 'Wild Flowers' China Tea Service, of twenty pieces:- One Tray £40-60
1188.   Poole Style Plate, with abstract design, initialled 'B' to base. £20-30
1189.   A Maling Bowl, decorated with the 'Peony Rose' pattern with claret thumbprint base, and a similar trumpet vase. (2) £15-20
1190.   Burslem Pottery Grotesque Bird Figure "The Bailiff" (From the Courthouse) (Trial), inspired by the Martin Brothers, detachable head, 27cm high. £200-240
1191.   A Pair of Capodimonte Style Figurines, in classical dress both holding baskets, (with crown over letter N on base); together with a Capodimonte group of a man playing the flute. £20-30
1192.   A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Lidded Pot, painted with the 'Breden Hill' pattern, limited edition no.25/50, designed by Vicky Lovatt, impressed and painted marks, 13cm diameter. £180-200
1193.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Anna Lily' patter, designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 55/3, impressed and painted marks, 7.5cm high. £60-80
1194.   Burslem Pottery Grotesque Bird Figure "Mrs Boris the Gangsters Moll", inspired by the Martin Brothers, detachable head, 19cm high. £140-160
1195.   Royal Doulton Bunnykins Figures - Dodgem Bunnykins, DB249 limited edition no. 1726/2500, and On Line Bunnykins, DB238, limited edition no. 1406/2500, both with certificates. (2) £20-30
1196.   A Carved Shell Cameo of a Gentleman Profile and a pair of bisque porcelain knelt figures. (3) £5-15
1197.   Noritake Art Deco Coffee Service, of fifteen pieces, with green band, cream and white ground with gilt highlights. £20-30
1198.   Two Continental Figure Groups; together with a Capodimonte figure, (with crown over letter N on base) and porcelain flower. (4) £20-30
1199.   Royal Doulton 'The Lawyer' Character Jug D6498, smaller 'The Guardian' D6772, John Barleycorn jug, Sandland, Hummel, Mason's, Artone and other examples. (15) £20-40
1200.   An Early XX Century Royal Doulton Stoneware Jug, with upper band of moulded motifs on a blue mottled ground, a Fenton green carnival glass footed bowl moulded with the Stag and Holly pattern on three spat feet, a 1930's H.J Wood tapered jug vase painted with hollyhocks and a Bohemian porcelain pedestal vase by Josef Riedl with classical decoration. (4) £30-40
1201.   A Waterford Glass Clock, (inscribed on base), carnival glass bowl, other glassware. £10-15
1202.   A Clarice Cliff Preserve Pot and Cover, decorated with the Crocus pattern to textured body (chip to rim of lid), a Vintage Art Deco style Zenobia 'Gardenia' talc shaker, Delcroft Ware wall pocket and jug vase. £30-40
1203.   Five Nao Model Swans and Ducks, varying design:- One Tray £15-25
1204.   Sylvac Pottery Green Yacht Posy '1394', jardinieres, '675' vases, yellow leaf vase '2456', black wall pocket '2195', etc:- One Tray £20-30
1205.   Doulton Slaters Patent Jug, pottery pig, plates:- One Tray £10-15
1206.   A Coalport Plate, decorated in the Imari palette, a pair of early XX Century handpainted cabinet plates (one damaged), Royal Crown Derby circular trinket box and cover painted with rosebuds, Dresden trinket pot with dog finial, pair Staffordshire figures, each with sheep and a carnival glass bowl in the Peacock and Vine pattern:- One Tray £20-40
1207.   Portmeirion 'Magic City' Thirteen Piece Coffee Service, including coffee pot, Midwinter 'Riverside' fifteen piece set:- One Tray £20-40
1208.   Arthur Wood and Other Pearl Lustre Vase, two glass Murano clowns, three Cascades figures, B & G cat, elephant, two 'Homemaker' dishes, (some damages):- One Tray £20-40
1209.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, brooches, etc; together with a shell box, a novelty nut bottle, a fish games marker, a spider stick pin, a bar brooch, novelty pendants of cat and frog design etc:- One Tray £20-30
1210.    Venetian Amethyst Glass Decanter, with silvered overlay scenes of Venice, and five matching tots, smoked glass pedestal dish, Royal Crown Derby, Dresden and other trinkets etc:- One Tray £20-40
1211.   A Collection of China and Other Thimbles, including Mason's, Spode, Caverswall, Wedgwood, Hammersley and Worcester, together with a hanging wall display stand:- One Tray £20-30
1212.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Kingsborough Gardens' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 75/10, impressed and painted marks, 17cm high. £120-140
1213.   A Kevin Francis Original Artist Proof Toby Jug 'William Moorcroft'. 23cm high. £65-80
1214.   A Moorcroft Pottery Ginger Jar and Cover, painted with the 'Bellahouston' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 769/6, impressed and painted marks, 16cm high. £110-130
1215.   A Pair of Green Glass Ewers, with white floral and gilt overlay, 29cm high. £15-25
1216.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Queens Choice' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 869/6, impressed and painted marks, 16cm high. £150-180
1217.   Royal Doulton Figurine 'Autumn Breezes', HN 1933 (lavender jacket and hat, green skirt), green printed and painted marks, and 'Fragrance', HN 2334. (2) £20-30
1218.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Pasque Flower' pattern, designed by Philip Gibson, shape 80/12, impressed and painted marks, 31cm high. £160-180
1219.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Snow Song' pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 32/5, impressed and painted marks, 10cm high. £80-120
1220.   German Porcelain Pot Pourri, with fourteen circular apertures to cover, painted courting scene panels to cuboid upper body with suspending wreaths on urn base, having gilt highlights, blue crossed sword impressed 766, 44, printed 16, 25.5cm high (firing crack) £40-80
1221.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Galanthus' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 75/10, impressed and painted marks, 27cm high. £160-180
1222.   A Moorcroft Macintyre Burslem Pouring Jug, decorated in the 'Aurelian' pattern, brown factory stamp to base. £30-40
1223.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bluebell Harmony' pattern, designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 200/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. £30-40
1224.   Royal Doulton Figurine 'Autumn Breezes', HN1911 (green jacket, black hat, pink/blue skirt) and 'Southern Belle' HN 2229. (2) £20-30
1225.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Stargazer Lily' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, number 114, shape 117/9, impressed and painted marks, 23cm high. £200-220
1226.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Forever England' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 41/4, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. £130-150
1227.   A Late XIX Century Samson Style Tyg, painted with floral sprays and highlighted in gilt (restoration). £20-30
1228.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bellahouston' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks, 10cm high. £80-120
1229.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bellahouston' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 226/9, impressed and painted marks, 22cm high. £120-140
1230.   Three Royal Doulton Figures, The Balloon Man HN1954, Balloon Boy HN2934, The Mask Seller HN2103. (3) £40-60
1231.   Royal Doulton Five Character Jugs, Old Salt D6651, Izaack Walton D6404, Lobster Man D6617, Neptune D6548, Captain Ahab D6500. £25-35
1232.   A Selection of Ladies and Gents Wristwatches, including, Rado, Sekonda, Seiko, Cambio (on later strap), Lorus, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1233.   Fossil; Ladies Wristwatch, with extra links, booklet included, boxed; together with a mixed lot of ladies, gents and children's wristwatches:- One Tray £20-30
1234.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including Victorian Scottish Hardstone brooch (damaged) beads, chains, openwork bangle, further brooches, Rosary beads, imitation pearls etc; contained in a jewellery box. £30-50
1235.   A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, with suspending charms; together with a rope link necklace, stamped "925", two similar style bracelets, a circular locket, of foliate design, on chain, another locket, modern costume jewellery brooches and rings, four pairs of wire drop earrings, necklaces and other charm bracelets, etc:- One Tray £25-40
1236.   Lorna Bailey - Steptoe the Cat, 15cm high. £18-25
1237.   Lorna Bailey - Bubbles the Cat, 13cm high. £18-25
1238.   Lorna Bailey - Busy Bee the Cat, 12cm high. £18-25
1239.   Lorna Bailey - Andy the Cat, 17cm high. £18-25
1240.   Lorna Bailey - Bengo the Dog, 12cm long. £18-25
1241.   Lorna Bailey - Shaggy the Cat, 13cm high. £18-25
1242.   Lorna Bailey - Marvin the Cat, 10cm high. £18-25
1243.   Lorna Bailey - Dozey the Dog, 12.5cm long. £18-25
1244.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery including brooches, earrings and bead necklaces etc:- One Tray £20-30
1245.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Ladies Wristwatches, etc. £20-30
1246.   A XIX Century Micromosaic Panel Brooch, depicting birds drinking from a bowl, a single stone ring, oval collet rubover set, (stamped "STG"), a gilt filigree brooch of openwork design, further brooches, bead necklaces, etc. £40-60
1247.   A Quantity of Pre Decimal Nickel Half Crowns, commemorative crowns etc:- One Box £15-25
1248.   An Edwards & Sons Green Leather Folding Photograph Frame, with oval aperture; together with a gilt tooled green leather case. (2) £20-30
1249.   Bernex; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, to integral expanding bracelet; together with two further ladies wristwatches, a modern hardstone necklet, bracelet and earring set, various costume jewellery beads and bracelets etc:- One Tray £30-50
1250.   Max Factor; A Vintage Compact and Lipstick Set, in original box; together with further makeup pieces, implements, compacts, a collapsible tumbler in case and four napkin rings of various designs:- One Tray £20-30
1251.   An Early XX Century Pocket Watch, case stamped 800, novelty hardwood tape measure, schoolboy stamp album, silver hallmarked fruit knife, cigarette case etc:- £20-40
1252.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including a panel bracelet, depicting scenery, amber coloured beads, a flower head design bracelet, imitation pearls, fancy link necklaces, earrings, rings, tie slides, brooches, bangles, etc, including jewellery boxes:- One Tray £25-40
1253.   Assorted Costume Jewellery, including pendants, beads, imitation pearls, bangles, earrings, dress ring, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1254.   Two Part Canteens of Kings Pattern Cutlery, in fitted cases. (2) £50-70
1255.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including hair slides, vintage brooches, miniature ladies purses, beads and earrings, etc, contained in a jewellery box:- One Tray £20-30
1256.   An Afternoon Tea Cased Set, comprising set of six tea knives, six teaspoons and pair of fiddle pattern sugar tongs; together with a cased pair of nut crackers, plated tea wares, assorted cutlery, etc. £30-50
1257.   A Large Jewellery Box, containing assorted costume jewellery; including vintage and later brooches, imitation pearl beads and other bead necklaces, hair slides, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1258.   A Quantity of Predominately G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coins, some pre 1947 silver noted. £5-8
1259.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Gents Cufflinks, shirt buttons and tie slides; together with various coins, stamps, etc. £15-20
1260.   Two XIX Century Miniature Dolls House Dolls, in original clothing; together with a button hook set, with needles, etc; in original fitted case. £20-30
1261.   A Selection of Penknives, including miniature single blade folding knife with enamel scale (damage). £20-30
1262.   A Novelty Cigarette Lighter, with "John Player & Sons" Miniature Cigarette Box; together with an assortment of coins, a wood effect pen, a "Kings Court Kyrenia North Cyprus" key ring. £10-15
1263.   A Combination Vest/Coin Holder, a hallmarked silver handles button hook, a filter straw, plated jug and sugar bowl, tongs, caddy, pair of pepperettes, gents cufflinks etc. £20-25
1264.   A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Paten, Richard Pierce & George Burrows II, London 1841, with engraved decoration, 6.2cm diameter; together with a hallmarked silver vase, with flared rim (base weighted). (2) £20-40
1265.   A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Caster, of plain design with pierced top; together with a hallmarked silver vase and an engine turned napkin ring initialled "J.E.T.". (3) £50-70
1266.   A XX Century Miniature, depicting a head and shoulders portrait of a lady wearing a pearl necklace stamped "Moseley - England" to frame; XIX Century ivory double sided photo frame and a further miniature photo frame. £20-30
1267.   A Cased Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, a set of six hallmarked silver demi tasse spoons, a single spoon in fitted case, two pairs of hallmarked silver sugar tongs, a baby's pusher and spoon etc. £40-60
1268.   An Electroplated Chatelaine, the five fancy link drops suspending notepad, thimble in a pail, scissors etc; together with a hallmarked silver cheroot holder case. £30-50
1269.   A Collection of Hallmarked Silver and Other Thimbles, including 'Dorcas', 'Sterling Silver' etc. (7) £20-30
1270.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, each with ribbon tied swag detail, on spreading square base, (weighted) with removable nozzles. (2) £40-60
1271.   Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, cigarette case, decorative vesta case, match book set of six teaspoons (initialled HGC for Hillsborough Golf Club) etc. £20-30
1272.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Sugar Tongs, Peter & William Bateman, with foliate decoration, a hallmarked silver teaspoon, 1935 'Rockinghorse' Crown, "Port" decanter label, sliding pencil, etc. £25-40
1273.   A Chester Hallmarked Silver Trinket box, with shell inset detail, raised on four feet; two small tortoiseshell trinket boxes, a bone vesta with applied initial 'K', a shell box and a miniature hallmarked silver teapot and associated tray. (7) £25-35
1274.   A Silver Hallmarked Three Matched Condiment Set. £15-20
1275.   A Miniature Hallmarked Silver Mounted Photograph Frame, the circular aperture within square frame on easel style back; a hallmarked silver handled button hook and a Taylor's Eye Witness two blade folding pocket knife, with mother of pearl scales. (3) £20-30
1276.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Desk Clock, Cornelius Desormeaux Sanders & James Francis Hollings Shepherd, Birmingham 1913, the circular white enamel dial with black Arabic numerals and centre seconds, within engine turned frame on wooden easel back; together with a "Emu Brand Standphast Goldoid" ashtray. £30-50
1277.   Assorted Costume Jewellery, including Art Deco ladies cocktail wristwatch, "Alpaca Mexico" and other earrings, pendants, dress ring. £15-20
1278.   Drop Earrings on Hook Fittings, costume earrings, glass locket pendant with pearl highlights, a hallmarked silver thimble, dress rings, imitation pearls, etc. £40-60
1279.   A Ladies Graduated Amber Colour Bead Necklet, (string broken). £50-100
1280.   A Modern Hardstone Panel Bracelet, stamped "925"; together with a modern hardstone necklet. (2) £20-30
1281.   A Hallmarked Silver Necklet, of two-tone twist design, to clasp fastener, together with an amber coloured necklet, collet set, a modern hardstone set necklet stamped "925", a fancy link I.D. bracelet, silver Celtic style oval brooch with stone set highlights, stick pin fastening stamped "E.J.D. Dublin 1999" and three pairs of earrings:- One Tray £30-50
1282.   A Pair of Ladies Drop Earrings, of foliate design, with seed pearl highlights; together with a shell carved cameo style brooch, depicting the female form, a large panel bracelet, depicting the male form in different scenes, a stick pin, a bow brooch, suspending Blackpool Tower scene, a vintage ladies ring, flower head design, with seed pearl highlights, two pairs of vintage earrings, bar brooch, locket, coral twig necklet, cufflinks:- One Tray £25-40
1283.   A Hallmarked Silver Curb Link Bracelet, to heart shape padlock fastener, with suspending charms, including a Cookoo Clock, a Tankard, a carriage etc; together with a hallmarked silver curb link bracelet, with vacant I.D panel, to clasp fastener. (2) £20-40
1284.   A Hallmarked Silver Curb Link Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending various charms; together with a hallmarked silver rope chain, a stone set decorative pendant on chain, a bangle, a hardstone oval cabochon set brooch. £25-40
1285.   A Pair of Turquoise Set Drop Earrings, split claw set on chain suspensions, ladies wristwatches, costume jewellery, vintage fan in box etc:- One Tray £40-60
1286.   A Plain Wedding Band, stamped "750"; a plain band with inset stone, indistinctly stamped "750", a four piece 'puzzle' ring and two dress rings. (5) £100-150
1287.   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, with inset shoulders; together with a XIX Century stone set ring, with seed pearl highlights, stamped "9ct", a two stone ring, claw set throughout, between crossover shoulders. (4) £50-80
1288.   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, of three row design, claw set throughout, with channel set highlights. £40-60
1289.   A Modern 9ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, collet rubover set, with channel set highlights. £70-100
1290.   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, four claw set to the centre, within claw set highlights between textured shoulders; together with a five stone ring, claw set throughout and a 9ct gold dress ring. (3) £50-70
1291.   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Cluster Ring, claw set throughout, with tapered shoulders; together with a 9ct gold cluster ring of flowerhead design, claw set throughout, a large 9ct gold cluster ring, claw set throughout (stone missing). (3) £80-120
1292.   A Modern 18ct Gold Inset Band Ring; together with a cluster dress ring, circular cabochon set to the centre, within claw set border and two dress rings. (4) £100-200
1293.   An 18ct Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone illusion set, between plain tapering shoulders. £150-180
1294.   A 14ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, claw set throughout, with twist shoulders; together with a 14ct gold stone set ring, alternate claw set highlights. (2) £100-150
1295.   A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone between plain shoulders, indistinctly stamped. £100-150
1296.   Two 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Bands; together with an 18ct gold patterned wedding band. £150-200
1297.   An 18ct Gold Diamond Set Dress Ring, illusion set, between tapered shoulders; together with a similar illusion set ring stamped "18ct Plat". £50-70
1298.   A Large Sapphire and Diamond Five Stone Ring, alternately set with three graduated old cut diamonds indistinctly stamped. £300-500
1299.   A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, of geometric design, channel set throughout, in openwork setting. £80-120
1300.   A Modern 9ct Gold Three Row Dress Ring, with inset highlights between claw set border. £50-70
1301.   An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring, oval claw set to the centre, within claw set border of uniform brilliant cut diamonds. £100-150
1302.   A Modern 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, oval claw set to the centre, within illusion set border. £50-70
1303.   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Ring, of three row claw set centre, within stone set shoulders. £100-120
1304.   A 9ct Gold Inset Band Ring, of crossover design. £60-80
1305.   A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, circular cabochon set to the centre, between textured shoulders. £70-100
1306.   A 9ct Gold Single Stone Dress Ring, semi set, between openwork textured shoulders. £60-80
1307.   A 9ct Gold Four Stone Dress Ring, channel set, between textured shoulders. £40-60
1308.   A 9ct Gold Buckle Style Ring, with semi set stone to centre. £70-100
1309.   A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, semi set stone to centre, between textured shoulders. £80-120
1310.   A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, circular cabochon set, with textures front and shoulder. £70-100
1311.   A Stone Set Dress Ring, claw set to centre, with illusion border, between tapered shoulders, stamped "18ct". £40-60
1312.   A 9ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring; together with a 9ct gold ring, with hardstone centre, and stone set highlight, with similar ring, stamped "10K". £100-200
1313.   A Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring, alternate set, claw set throughout, between textured shoulders, stamped "18ct & PT". £100-200
1314.   A 9ct Gold Diamond Set Cluster Ring, of flowerhead design, claw set throughout with uniform single cut stones; together with a 9ct gold diamond set dress ring, graduated claw set, and a 9ct gold single stone ring, illusion set. (3) £100-150
1315.   A Single Stone Bar Brooch, on knife edge bar, a scroll bar brooch with heart detail and a cross pendant on chain etc. £60-90
1316.   Carl Brumberg Hansen; A Vintage Scandinavian Panel Bracelet, of openwork design, stamped "CBH" "830S". £40-60
1317.   A 9ct Gold Sliding Pencil, with suspension loop. £50-70
1318.   A Novetly Gramophone Charm Pendant, stamped "750", on a fine chain. £100-150
1319.   A 9ct Gold Belcher Link Chain. £150-200
1320.   A Sliding Pencil, stamped "9ct", with suspension loop. £30-50
1321.   A Victorian Bar Brooch, with ropetwist detail, stamped "15 .625"; together with another bar brooch, of floral and scroll design, stamped "9c". £50-70
1322.   A 9ct Gold Curb Link Chain. £80-100
1323.   A 9ct Gold Stone Set Pendant, of openwork flowerhead design, four claw set to centre; together with a stone set ring, claw set between tapered shoulders, indistinctly marked "18ct" and two pairs of earrings stamped "925". £80-120
1324.   An 1887 Shilling, swivelling within circular brooch mount. £20-30
1325.   A Pair of 9ct Gold Stud Earrings; together with a pair of three strand drop earrings. £20-40
1326.   A 9ct Gold Bangle, of engraved foliate design; together with a 9ct gold flat link bracelet. £80-120
1327.   A XIX Century Locket Bar Brooch, of shaped stepped circular design, flowerhead to the centre, fitted case. £20-40
1328.   A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, collet set within ropetwist detail; together with a pair of drop earrings, of geometric openwork design, a stone set dress ring, etc. £50-80
1329.   A Curb Link Bracelet, to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp; a fine chain with tigers eye bead. £100-150
1330.   A 9ct White Gold Stone Set Pendant, on fine chain. £60-100
1331.   A 9ct Gold Ropetwist Bracelet; together with another, a 9ct gold four piece puzzle ring, heart shaped locket pendants, etc. £100-140
1332.   A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, with inset oval panel; together with another, with initialled panel between openwork scroll shoulders, indistinctly stamped, a plain cross pendant, stamped "375", a 9ct gold cluster ring (lacking centre stone), four costume jewellery dress rings, contained in jewellery box. £60-80
1333.   An Edwardian Openwork Brooch, collet set to the centre, with seed pearl highlights. £30-50.
1334.   A Single Stone Dress Ring, rectangular claw set between textured shoulders, stamped "9ct Gold". £30-40
1335.   A Modern Platinum Princess Cut Single Stone Diamond Ring, four claw set, between plain shoulders.
*Beaverbrooks certificate dated 11 June 2004 states carat weight 0.27carat, clarity SI I, colour G. £350-400
1336.   A Modern 9ct Gold necklet. £150-200
1337.   A 9ct Rose Gold Graduated Curb Link Albert Chain, with swivel style clasp, suspending 9ct rose gold T-bar £250-350
1338.   A Rolled Gold Oval Locket Pendant, leaf engrave, on a fancy link chain stamped "375"; together with a ropetwist chain bracelet, three charm pendants and a heart padlock clasp. £60-80
1339.   A 9ct Gold Torque Style Bangle, of plain design. £50-70
1340.   A Modern Pearl and Diamond Set Dress Ring, of crossover design, indistinctly stamped "14K"; a single pearl dress ring with diamond set openwork shoulders, a single strand uniform pearl bead necklace, a pair of ear studs and a pendant. £150-200
1341.   An Amethyst Single Stone Brooch, oval claw set within openwork border stamped "9ct"; a XIX Century hardstone panel brooch, a cabochon inset necklace, of openwork design, cameo style brooch etc. £40-60
1342.   Two 9ct Gold Bracelets; together with a 9ct gold box link bracelet and four pairs of drop earrings, etc. £40-60
1343.   A Hallmarked Silver Graduated Curb Link Albert Chain, suspending two hallmarked silver medallion pendants, a guard/muff chain and cufflinks. £20-40
1344.   A c.Early XX Century Faux Tortoiseshell Graduated Carved Panel Bracelet, of openwork design, with applied cameo detail to locking clasp, together with as graduated crystal bead necklace and a vintage Parker 'Denney' fountain pen with 14K nib and brown tortoiseshell case. (3) £20-40
1345.   Smiths Imperial; A Vintage Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with dagger and line markers, to integral geometric link bracelet; together with a "Pinnacle" ladies wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and line markers to integral openwork design bracelet, stamped "375", a vintage ladies wristwatch, the unsigned dial with Arabic markers to integral textured openwork bracelet, with two further ladies wristwatches. (5) £100-120
1346.   An Amethyst and Diamond Set Brooch, oval set to the centre within rose cut diamond chip border; together with a pair of modern stone set earrings, dress rings, pendant on chain, costume brooches etc. £100-200
1347.   A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, with Arabic numerals, to integral expanding bracelet, in fitted cases; together with a 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch head (lacking strap). (2) £100-120
1348.   A Hallmarked Silver Cased Fob Watch, the foliate highlighted dial with black Roman numerals, the movement stamped "C. Mathey", within foliate engraved case. £20-40
1349.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Gents Wristwatches, including watch heads, two "Roger Lascelles" quartz alarm clock, cufflinks, tie slide, etc. £20-30
1350.   A Vintage Military Style Openface Pocketwatch (damages), together with a goliath openface pocketwatch (damages). £20-40
1351.   Omega; A Vintage Gold Plated Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, the movement stamped "Omega Watch Co. Swiss" and numbered 13827333, within plain case to two row snake link bracelet, in original box. £40-60
1352.   A Medallion Pendant, initialled "HGC" for (Hillsborough Sheffield Golf Club) engraved "1947 2nd Class E.V. Eborall", stamped "9ct"; a hardstone inset, seal fob pendant and a Royal Life Savings medallion. (3) £40-60
1353.   Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Quartz Wristwatch, on fancy link bracelet; an Accurist 9ct gold cased ladies wristwatch and an Art Deco ladies cocktail wristwatch. (3) £30-50
1354.   Rotary; A 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch, the oblong signed dial with Arabic numerals, to integral expanding bracelet. £50-80
1355.   Omega: A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and centre seconds, the movement stamped "Omega Swiss Seventeen 17 Jewels", inside case back numbered "14714-61-SC", within plain case on a later strap. £200-300
1356.   A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial (damages) with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, with engine turned case, vacant cartouche, with a key. £20-40
1357.   A Rolled Gold Openface Pocketwatch, the "Grosvenor" signed dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial. £20-40
1358.   A Ladies Fob Watch, the white dial with Roman numerals and foliate design (lacking hand), within engraved case, including two keys. £20-30
1359.   A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the J.G Graves signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case; A smaller hallmarked silver cased openface pocketwatch, the engine turned case (worn) with vacant cartouche. (2) £30-50
1360.   Sovereign; A 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch, the oval signed dial with line markers, to integral openwork textured bracelet, with extra links.
*Original guarantee dated 26.01.00 purchase receipt and price £325.00. £60-100
1361.   Cased Cutlery, plated condiment stand, pewter teapot, plated vase, teaspoons. £30-50
1362.   Plated Ware, including lidded muffin dishes, bread board, a Bunting Langdon & Co decorative plated dish detaled with fruiting vines, a seven bar toast rack, egg cup, three piece cruet, spoons etc:- One Tray £25-40
1363.   A 9ct Gold Dress Ring, alternative stone set, claw set throughout, between tapered shoulders; together with a bracelet, of openwork design, stamped "375" to fastener (damages), a vintage ring, stamped "9ct Shank" (stones missing) a modern oval stone set ring, claw set, with geometric border, a collection of costume jewellery, including brooches, necklaces, rings etc, a set of silver plated spoons with applied plaques depicting Henry VIII and his wives, including jewellery box:- One Tray £60-80
1364.   A Part Canteen of King's Pattern Plated Cutlery, (thirty nine pieces); together with a Christofle hallmarked silver spoon (import marks):- One Tray £30-50
1365.   A Selection of Imitation Pearl Bead Necklaces and Earrings, contained in boxes:- One Tray £20-30
1366.   Plated Teaware, including teapot engraved "To George Sidney Jennings from James Dixon & Sons Ltd in Appreciation of 56 Years Service 1888-1944", a circular plated tray "To Fay & John 6th October 1962 from Mum and Dad Circuit with All Best Wishes", etc. £20-30
1367.   Rosary Beads, '375' chain, Egyptian Revival bracelet, costume jewellery, watches, etc:- In casket and three drawer chest. £20-40
1368.   A Plated Three Piece Tea Set, the teapot engraved "Loyal Dartmouth Lodge No. 429 I.O.O.F.M.U, Presented to P.P.G.M. Geo. S. Eyre as a token of esteem for 21 years faithful service to the lodge, Almondbury March 19th 1910"; two "Chateau De Meursault" wine taster, "Ford" car badge and assorted cigarette lighters. £15-25
1369.   A Wooden Cased Set of Twelve Fish Knives and Forks, initialled; together with a three light twin branch candelabrum. (2) £15-25
1370.   A Plated Three Piece Tea Service; teapot, cream jug, sugar bowl, sugar spoon. £10-20
1371.   A Set of Six Coffee Spoons, stamped "R.U.B.90", a hallmarked silver handled button hook, souvenir and other spoons, sugar tongs, sifter spoons, etc:-One Tray £15-25
1372.   Quantity of Cuff Links, including Elta watch, 9ct on silver, two wristwatches, brooches, buttons, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1373.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including floral brooches, earrings and chains:- One Tray £20-30
1374.   A Cameo EPNS Four Piece Tea Set, each of semi gadrooned form with leaf capped angular loop handles; together with a teapot, engraved "Presented to R.G. Spafford Esq by the Employees of Imperial Works Sheffield on the Occasion of his Marriage Feb 4th 1925":- One Tray £30-50
1375.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including, brooches, enamel badges, "Alpaca Mexico" shell inset drop earrings, other earrings, rings and bracelets, with jewellery boxes:- One Tray £20-30
1376.   A United Cutlers Dubarry Style Part Canteen of Plated Cutlery, of twenty four pieces:- One Tray £20-30
1377.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery Brooches, including:- Arts & Crafts style, micromosaic, stone set floral etc. with a vintage bag. £20-30
1378.   E.P.N.S Four Piece Tea-Coffee Service, with gadrooned decoration, cutlery etc:- One Tray £30-50
1379.   Plated Footed Dishes, bottle coaster, swing handled dish, trays, cruet, Walker & Hall studio style cruet, sugar caster, cutlery, etc. £30-50
1380.   A Pierced Blanc de Chine Fish Vase, pair celadon style dishes, large terracotta vase, Japanese vase (damaged) and one other:- One Tray £30-40
1381.   A Collection of Oriental Items, including metal censer, brass and pottery tea kettles, Cloisonne scent bottle, pair of enamelled circular dishes, soapstone carving of a mythological beast. £30-40
1382.   A Pair of Cloisonné Ovoid Vases, profusely decorated with fish and butterflies on yellow ground, 28.5 high, (drilled) plus bases. £30-60
1383.   A Set of Three Chinese Graduated Pottery Ducks. £10-15
1384.   Chinese Blue and White Pottery Bowl, the exterior featuring figures in garden scenes within lattice work border, 26cm diameter. £30-40
1385.   Carved Soapstone Trinket Pots, posy vases, jadeite animals, seal, rearing horse, elephants, pottery ginger jar and cover, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1386.   An Early XX Century Oak Wall Hanging of St George. £15-20
1387.   A Chinese Fine Embroidered Depiction of a Male and Female Lion, 40 x 53, in an ebonised oak frame. £25-30
1388.   Chinese Imari Pattern Bowl, green hardstone figures, of a Buddha, tortoise, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1389.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Chinese Cylindrical Vases, decorated in the Famille Vert palette with dragons and mythological creatures; an early XX Century Japanese Vase and Cover, decorated with warriors on a crackle ground, with wooden stand. £30-40
1390.   A Set of Brass Scales, on a mahogany base, with a single drawer 'The British Drug Houses Ltd, London', with weights. £15-20
1391.   A XIX Century Rosewood Ladies Travelling Vanity Box, with mother or pearl eschucheon, glass bottles (some damage) and sectioned interior, 28cm wide. £20-40
1392.   The Red Arrows 1989 Hawk T. 1A XX264, limited edition print, signed by nine pilots; Aynsley S.A.S plate, military helmet. £15-20
1393.   Boer War Era Flag of Union Jack, with 'Pretoria Bobs' image of cavalryman to centre, 47 x 60cm. £10-20
1394.   Black Bakelite Anvil Telephone, FWR 65/2 under GPO PL36 234 No. 164 to receiver. £20-40
1395.   A Cast Iron Counter Bell, in the form of a Tortoise. £20-30
1396.   A XIX Century Mahogany work Box, with birds eye maple cross banded decoration, with inner tray. £20-30
1397.   A Pair of Middle Eastern White Metal Horses, on rectangular wooden base. (2) £20-40
1398.   An Early XX Century Oak Cased Eight Day Mantel Clock, of architectural form, silvered dial, Arabic numerals flanked by fluted half columns, with pendulum and key, and a circular oak cased barometer with deep relief foliate carved border. (2) £20-40
1399.   Breweriana Whitbread Double Sided Black and Gold Pub Sign, (Whitbread PLC) showing a deer's head and barley hops, 92cm width x 59cm high. £40-60
1400.   Semens of London Black Anvil Telephone (drawer absent); red G.P.O. Batch telephone and a quantity of apostle spoons. £20-30
1401.   A XIX Century Rosewood Writing Slope, brass corner protectors and inset, with engraved dedication, gilt tooled scriver and a further XIX Century rosewood workbox. (2) £20-40
1402.   A XIX Century German Walnut Mantel Clock , the pediment with turned finials, glazed door to circular dial, on a shaped base with gilded brass mounts. £30-50
1403.   Early XX Century Oak Communion Box, with a brass carrying handle panelled door, with a cross. £30-50
1404.   A History of Hallamshire, by Joseph Hunter, a new enlarged edition by The Rev Alfred Gatty, 1869 £20-30
1405.   Four Vintage Agricultural Field Tools. £30-40
1406.   Twenty Four Large Scale Maps, pre-war to included Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Notts. £20-40
1407.   An Oak Wool Winder, height 106cm. £20-40
1408.   Three Coca Cola Pump Covers. £15-20
1409.   Millers Sewing Machine No. 19, circa 1900, postal scales. (2) £20-40
1410.   A Large Union Jack, 270 x 120cm, good condition; another smaller version. (2) £50-70
1411.   Simon and Halbig Pottery Headed Doll, stamped 1909 baby doll and Elizabethan figural doll. (3) £20-40
1412.   A Mid XX Century Jointed Rosebud Doll, with jointed knees, 40cm high in original box. £40-60
1413.   Five Mid XX Century Railway Carriage Prints After Kenneth Steel, L.R. Squirrell, John Bee, (River Wharfe Ilkley, Stamford Lincs, River Allen Durham) - two in glazed oak frames. (5) £20-40
1414.   A Bisque Headed German Boy Doll, possibly Heubach, fixed eyes and closed mouth, jointed composition body c.36cm high, later knitted clothes. £60-90
1415.   A c.1940's Composition Boy Doll, together with a Schutz Marke black celluloid boy doll with glass eyes (one foot missing); bone manicure items and paperknife. £20-30
1416.   An Edwardian Oak Cutlery Box, converted into a collector's box with two drawers and blank shield cartouche. £20-30
1417.   Russian Dolls, photographs, postcards, labels, goblets, clock, wicker case, etc. £10-20
1418.   Three Post War German and English Girl Dolls (two plastic, one pot), including a walking black girl doll, 55cm and smaller. £40-60
1419.   Records - Buddy Holly, Carpenters, Queen, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Eagles and many others; plus singles:- One Box £15-20
1420.   McCall 1937 Needlework Catalogue, 1970's car magazines, hand coloured Haddon Hall engraving, 1937 commemorative miniature truncheon, copper purse, 1940's wall mask '366' etc:- One Box £15-20
1421.   Royal Doulton Character Jug 'Lobster Man', D6617, Capo di Monte figure group 'The Chair Repairer', Royal Doulton jug, cork picture etc:- One Tray £10-20
1422.   Hallowes Golf Club Competition Box; together with an oak wall hanging magazine rack. (2) £15-20
1423.   A 1912 Country House Sweeper Vac, by the Pnuematic Co. Ltd. Boston. £40-50
1424.   Chess Set, carpet bowls, Frederick Reynolds Sheffield cut throat razor, doilies, child's wheelbarrow. (2) £10-15
1425.   Three Framed Newspapers:- Sheffield Telegraph February 16th 1952, 'The Strike is Over', Daily Mirror, February 16th 'The Farewell', The Sheffield Independant 1897; together with a framed illustrated Special Memorial Issue February 23rd 1952. (4) £10-15
1426.   A c.1940's Chil-Daw Adjustable Dressmaker's Dummy. £80-120
1427.   A Early XX Century Winsor & Newton Picture Easel. £40-50
1428.   Picture Memories, by J.R. Wrigley: Sheffield in 1970's a Walkley camera an Ecclesfield camera, Hillsborough camera etc. A History of Gleadless Pauline Shearstone, Grenoside, a brief historical survey by Chris Morley 1999 and other books relating to Sheffield. £20-30
1429.   A Quantity of Ordnance Survey Maps, George V to mid XX Century linen backed; Michelin Guides etc:- One Box £15-25
1430.   A Three Piece Pistol Handled Carving Set, plated cutlery, Junior stamp album, WWII collectors pictures, sunglasses, fan, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1431.   St Georges Church Sheffield 1825-1925. JAS. E Furniss, three volumes The History of The City of Sheffield, Politics, Society, Images. George Cunningham 1924-1996 etc, other books on Sheffield:- One Box £20-30
1432.   A Pentax Fitted Camera Case With Pentax Lens; Pentax -110 1:2.8 70mm, Pentax - 110 1:2.8 50mm and Pentax - 110 25:5mm lens. £20-40
1433.   Weights in Mahogany Box, morse code tapper, bottles, cutlery, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1434.   Stopwatch, blotter, Record anvil, fountain pens, ink, miniature spanners, etc:- One Tray £8-12
1435.   A 1930's Oak Cased Eight Day Mantel Clock, silvered chapter ring, Garrard movement and two other mantel clocks(3):- One Tray £15-25
1436.   Transport Photographs, approximately 10 x 15cm, some 1950's Sheffield trams, trains, station, buses, Wakefield locations, Castleford, Wakefield, Leeds, buses, trams, trains carriage, illuminated Sheffield tram, some 1950's, many reproductions (approximately 408). £20-40
1437.   A Tony Wood Relief Moulded Tavern Jug, ladies black bead evening bag, letter opener, plated tankard china vases, sewing kit, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1438.   A Collection of China Thimbles, souvenir tea spoons, and pin badges:- One Tray £15-25
1439.   A Carved Bone Chess Set, in a Salmon & Gluckstein's 'Dandy Firth' Cigarettes tin, other vintage tins and games including 'P.M', Buxton O.S. linen backed map, bakelite boxed shaver, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1440.   A Jar of Coins and Banknotes, albums of cigarette cards, loose stamps:- One Tray £10-15
1441.   An Electroplated Three Branch Candelabra, oak and chrome biscuit barrel, swing handle, Jackfield type teapot and a pint moulded glass paraffin lamp shade:- One Tray £20-40
1442.   Fujica ST 605 N Camera, Paragon 1:56 f=300mm lens, other photographic equipment, Sportsvue 3 x 30 glasses:- One Tray £15-20
1443.   A Quantity of British Mid XX Century Tinplate Railway, including a clockwork locomotive, station, rolling stock among other items. £20-40
1444.   The Voyage Sewing Necessair, turned wooden thread and needle holder (lacking thimble), a small collection of early to mid XX Century postcards, including humorous, topographical etc, ironwork sculpture, brass candlestick etc:- One Tray £25-35
1445.   Bird in Gilded Cage Automaton, with Sankyo Japan movement, 16cm wide, students microscope, lighter, Frans Schmidt & Haensch of Berlin XIX Century spectroscope in fitted case, spiggots, Pye radio, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1446.   Twenty-Three Vintage Colour Slides, fairy stories etc, Steiff duck, unused EMI record tokens for Woolworth's:- One Tray £20-30
1447.   Gilt Metal and Ivory Opera Glasses, probably French, circa 1900, Army and Navy field glasses in leather case, plated teaspoons. £20-40
1448.   Victorian and Later Commemorative Medallions, St John Ambulance Medal, sporting medallion, tokens etc. £15-25
1449.   Elastolin German Three Composition Soldiers, another one similar. £10-20
1450.   A Pair of XIX Century Painted Tin Tea Caddies, of cylinder form with painted ladies heads, McFarlane Lang & Co Ltd biscuit tin, in the form of a piece of bark, axe on the lid etc:- One Tray £20-30
1451.   Antique Style Pewter Lidded Tankard, with scroll handle, Rembrandt pewter coffee pot, cameo pewter mug, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1452.   Miniature Shaving Kit, 78rpm, cases with needles, lighters, micrometer, ice lolly sticks, darts, pen set, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1453.   A XIX Century Servants Bell, XIX Apothecary bottle Syr: Aromat, XIX Century cast iron miniature fireplace. £20-30
1454.   Magnifying Glasses, to include horn and faceted glass handled examples, 2 x 11.5cm diameter lenses:- One Tray £15-30
1455.   Vintage Cameras; Kodak Brownie 'Cresta' Bakelite Camera, Ensign camera and Bell & Howell Autoset cine camera. (3) £10-20
1456.   Fourteen Early XX Century Baedeker Handbooks for Travellers, all red cloth, conditions vary. £20-40
1457.   Thomas The Tank Engine: Henry The Green Engine, Toby the Tram Engine, Gordon the Big Engine, Edward the Blue Engine, four little engines, Percy the Small Engine (all 1st editions), three later editions also noted; Pilgrims Progress, two schoolboy stamp albums, etc:- In a small leather case. £25-40
1458.   "The League of Ovaltiney's" Souvenir Badge, including other medals; together with multi blade knives and other folding pocket knives, cigars, clay pipe, shoe horn, geometry instruments, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1459.   Five Various Shark Jaws, 37cm diameter and smaller. (5) £20-30
1460.   A Quantity of Railway Related Books, British Rail Rule Book 1950; Cooks Continental Timetable - August 1939 and modern European Rail Timetables and a Corgi model train:- One Box £15-25
1461.   Citizen 21 Jewel Automatic Gents Wristwatch, other wristwatches, re decimal coinage, BR tickets, railway film strips, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1462.   A Sword Stick, having oriental hieroglyphics to brass casing, Rolls razor, quantity of stamps, loose and in album. £20-40
1463.   Theatre Royal (Sheffield) programmes, portraits of The Cutlers Hall, written and illustrated by Pauline Shearstone, Sheffield Empire programmes etc:- One Box £15-20
1464.   A Kern Geometry Set, (cased), and a novelty cast brass dog nut cracker. (2) £15-20
1465.   Two Bisque Headed Character Dolls, head stamped Germany C, 23cm high. Plus a composition headed doll to cloth body and porcelain limbs. £40-60
1466.   A Quantity of Vintage Chemist Bottles, Jars, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1467.   Matthew Henry Vol III Family Bible, with black and white engravings. £10-15
1468.   A Collection of Early XX Century and Later Postcards, WWI silks, village scenes, portraits coastal etc, in albums and loose. £20-30
1469.   A Group of Collectable Tins, including 'VIctory V', Seidlitz, Black Cat etc. (8); plus a CWS cut-out theatre and puzzle:- One Tray £30-40
1470.   An HMV Art Deco Electric Heater, modelled as an Odeon style speaker. £30-40
1471.   Six Mid XX Century Wire and Cloth Dolls, including bull fighters with bull. £20-40
1472.   A c.1930's Art Deco Figural Display of Two Grey Metal Alsation Dogs, on a black marble plinth, with signature 'M. Font', 69cm long. £60-80
1473.   Two Reproduction Phrenology Heads, printed L.N Fowler,26cm and smaller,and a palmistry hand. (3) £20-40
1474.   An Early XX Century Oak Desk Stand, hinged slope front, paper rack, twin ink well, and pen well, all with brass spandrels. £30-40
1475.   A XIX Century Walnut Ebonised Mantel Clock, with circular enamel dial, on a plinth base. £30-50
1476.   A Bamboo Brush Pot, cylindrical form with deep relief carved decoration of figures within a tree lined landscape, height 29cm. £20-30
1477.   A XIX Century Ice Cutter, with ebonised handle, on a rectangular shaped base. £15-20
1478.   A XIX Century Style Miniature Chest of Drawers, with a moulded edge, three drawers, turned supports on turned feet. £20-30
1479.   An Early XX Century Oak Cased Mantel Clock, arched top; boxwood stringing flanked by brass columns, white enamel dial, Roman numerals, French movement. £20-30
1480.   XIX Century Brass Scales, mahogany Apothecary Scales on a mahogany stand with drawer, (with weights). £25-35
1481.   A Late XIX Century German Vase, decorated with figures, with impressed triangle mark on base, together with a XIX Century Spelter figure. (2) £10-20
1482.   A Hollow Cast Brass Seated Monkey, 25.5cm high. £20-30
1483.   Corona '3' Typewriter, Graton N.Y. USA. £20-30
1484.   A XIX Century Walnut Brass Bound Writing Slope, with drawers and fitted interior, but no scriver, escucheon absent, 55.5cm wide. £20-40
1485.   Avery Scales, weights, pharmacy bottles. £15-20
1486.   An Early XX Century "Continental" Black Typewriter. £15-20
1487.   A Copper Helmet Shaped Log Bucket. £15-20
1488.   An Early XX Century "Bar Lock" (1925) Nottingham - England Black Typewriter. £20-40
1489.   Gestetners "The Neo Cyclostyle" Duplicating Box; together with a Hounsfield Extensometer Type K120. (2) £20-30
1490.   XIX Century Scales, Day Millward Ltd, London, Birmingham; together with one other print of scales. (2) £20-30
1491.   A Reproduction Figural Table Lamp, with seated girl holding a bird with boy kneeling beside, socle moulded 'Confidence', twin frosted foliate shades - untested sold for parts only. £25-40
1492.   A XX Century Remington Noiseless Typewriter. £15-20
1493.   An Early XX Century "Royal" Black Typewriter. £10-20
1494.   Postcards, plastic coin set, maps, sketch and verse albums, ration book ephemera in file and mustard box. £20-40
1495.   Optical Interest: Four Cased Field Binoculars, including Visionary 12 x 50, Optomex 7 x 50, Hanimex 10 x 50, Mark Scheffel 35 x 50; camera lenses Sigma zoom f=100 - 200mm, Centon 28-70mm Takumar a zoom 28-80mm , etc:- One Box £30-50
1496.   A Pietro Italia Piano Accordion, (damages) - cased and an early XX Century zither. (2) £15-25
1497.   Walsh's of Sheffield and Other Fur Ladies Hats, ermine stole in box, Victor Segall and other ladies fur coats, cases. £20-40
1498.   Vintage Handy Gram Record Player. £10-15
1499.   A Black Metal Weather Vane, with brass letters and decorative blacksmith figure. £20-40
1500.   An Ornate Hanging Ceiling Oil Lamp, with weighted baluster, pierced support to red glass shade. £30-60
1501.   A Pair of Gold Patterned Lined Curtains, approximately 86" long, 47" wide. £5-10
1502.   A Middle Eastern Wool Rug, with three rows, each of fifteen guls on deep red ground 194 x 122cm, a tassled rug (fading). (2) £30-50
1503.   A Late XIX Century Painted Tin Truck, with carrying handles. £10-15
1504.   A XIX Century Push-a-Long Seeder, with twin incurved cast iron rollers, and a vintage twin wheel pull-a-ling plough(?) £30-50
1505.   A XIX Century Stone Scroll Garden Ornament, with ropetwist and tassle carving, 45 x 34 x 24cm. £50-100
1506.   An Early XX Century Floor Standing Knife Sharpener, gritstone wheel, with turning handle, body cast 'Cannon'. £30-50
1507.   A Victorian Cast Iron Framed Floor Standing Mangle, by R.C.Co Ltd, Patent No 14591, wooden rollers and drip tray. £50-80
1508.   Woven Cane Mobile Shopping Basket, pair of brass andirons, fire grate and back plates, oak fender, firescreen. £15-25
1509.   Vintage Farming: two vintage hay forks/rakes and a hay fork (head only). (3) £15-25
1510.   An Early XX Century Table Top Free Standing Mangle, green enamel cover. £20-40
1510A.  Fishing Three Piece Rod, Matsuba and earlier reel, snooker cues by Woolsey's of Scunthorpe in tin case and Olympus. £15-30
1511.   A Mid XX Century Tin Lined Kitchen Utility Cupboard, twin frieze drawers over cupboard doors. £15-25
1512.   A Victorian 'Orchestral Organette', with a quantity of original music rolls in original tin container. £40-60
1513.   Marble Crucifix, on square base, 22cm, slender vase, stone urn, stone stand, iron six pointed plant holder, one other. (6) £40-60
1514.   XIX Century Carved Stone Finial, of ovoid form, having scroll and leaf decoration, 34cm high. £20-40
1515.   Two Marble Garden Urns, the largest 31cm high, with swag carving. £30-50
1516.   Italian Marble Figure of Praying Angel, on rectangular plinth. £40-60
1517.   An Oak Cased Singer Sewing Machine, and a Jones cased sewing machine. (2) £15-25
1518.   A Bronzed Standard Lamp, with Tiffany style shade. £30-50
1519.   Two Wall Display Cabinets. £5-10
1520.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Three Tier Cake Stand, together with a brass jardiniere on stand. (2) £20-40
1521.   A Mid XX Century Oak Bank Teller's Station, with slope front desk behind a removable glass sign marked/etched 'PAY' slotting in above front window, 63cm wide. £40-60
1522.   A Mannequin on a Chrome Adjustable Circular Stand, covered with paperback titles. £30-50
1523.   A Wooden Model "Bona Venture - 1569" Ship, painted in colour, mounted on a stand - within a glazed display case 58 x 63 x 32cm £20-30
1524.   A Reproduction Tiffany Style Table Lamp and coloured glass shade and a pair of Laura Ashley brass standard lamps. (3) - untested sold for parts only. £15-25
1525.   Taxidermy. Pheasant and Owl in XIX Century Glazed Case (masking tape to border) 42cm high x 70.5 wide x 18.5 deep. £40-60
1526.   A XX Century Rectangular Shaped Advertising Mirror, with inscription "Phone 201 Hylda Miss A. Hawdin Ladies Hairdresser & Beauty Specialist, Cemetery Road, Dronfield. Also a Selection of Gowns, Underwear and Hosiery". £30-50
1527.   A Shaped Rectangular Bevelled Mirror, with decorative gilt moulding, an oval gilt framed bevelled mirror. (2) £10-15
1528.   Gipsy Wall Mirror, painted with butterfly and flowers, Indian hardwood folding table, having bone inlay. (2) £20-40
1529.   Picture on Fabric, African Figure Study 66 x 52cm. K Baggaley 'Monsal Head' limited edition colour print of 450, signed, 24.5 x 36cm. £10-20
1530.   A Gilt Framed Rectangular Wall Mirror, another in floral frame. (2) £10-20
1531.   G. Vernon Stokes, Labrador Dogs with Dead Game, limited edition etching of seventy five, 23.5 x 28.5cm, pencil signed to border. £40-60
1532.   A Bevelled Pentagonal Overmantle, in light oak frame. £10-20
1533.   A Modern Fabric Panel Picture, in white frame. £5-10
1534.   A Large Rectangular Wall Mirror, bevelled plate in moulded gilt effect frame, 87 x 115cm and a colour print of a moorland scene. (2) £15-25
1535.   After Montague Dawson: 'The Tall Ship - Clipper Kaisow', colour print, graphite signed and blind stamped lower margin, in gilt effect moulded frame 51 x 73cm £20-30
1536.   Two Rectangular Wall Mirrors. £15-20
1537.   After William Fisk 'King Charles at Westminster Hall', engraving, 58 x 87cm, in gilt frame, another 'Trial of Thomas, Earl of Strafford'. (2) £15-30
1538.   After Ben Maile 'Badger', 'Blackcock', 'Osprey' and 'Otter' Coloured Prints, each approximately 40 x 27.5cm, signed by artist and Angus Ogilvy, blind backstamp. (4) £20-40
1539.   Harold Clayton 'Birth of Spring', colour print, 55.5 x 65.5cm, pencil signed to mount, blind bank stamp; together with a Van Gogh print. (2 £10-15
1540.   Basil Hadley (Australian Artist b.1940 -) Untitled Abstract Composition, oil on board (possibly 1960's), 39 x 99cm. £30-40
1541.   David Shepherd 'The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer' Ltd Edition Print, of nine hundred and fifty, 45.5 x 55.5cm, signed D.J. Freeman 'Memories of Sandown' colour print, signed. (2) £20-40
1542.   Anthony Osler (B1938) Boats on Tranquil Waters at Sunset, watercolour, 9 x 26.5cm, signed lower left, another of a windmill scene. £20-40
1543.   C. Whymper, Pheasant Shooting Party, Watercolour, 16.5 x 26cm, signed lower right. £30-50
1544.   Hikito, Parisian Street Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 24 x 19cm, Rosemary Harrison still life of roses, oil, signed 19 x 14cm. (27) £20-30
1545.   P. Sandee, Seaside Scenes, pair of oil on canvas, 20 x 25cm signs, Old Brampton and Leyburn prints. (4) £10-20
1546.   I. Cafieri Woodland River Scene, oil on canvas, 59.5 x 90cm, singed lower right, another by Des Poules. (2) £20-40
1547.   Julie Hall (Sheffield Artist) 'Watching Rhino', acrylic, 36.5cm square, signed. £20-40
1548.   Walter Duncan (1848-1932) Horses and Drover on Country Track, watercolour, 18 x 24.5cm, signed lower right. £20-30
1549.   R. Willis, Country Cottage Scene, oil on canvas, 49.5 x 39cm, signed lower right, a similar wooded river scene. (2) £20-30
1550.   'G.H' View of Durham Cathedral with River in Foreground, 31.5 x 42.5cm, signed and dated 1991, pair of prints City of Durham and Carlisle. (3) £15-30
1551.   B. Balmer, Rocky Seascape with Distant Lighthouse, oil on board, 40.5 x 73.5cm, signed and dated 1984, another smaller 'Cornwall'. (2) £15-30
1552.   J. Hughes Clayton (1891-1929) Girl Picking Flowers by Country Cottage, watercolour, 23.5 x 17.5cm, signed lower right. £10-20
1553.   After L. Boilly Pair of Dentistry Themed Prints, 24.5 x 18.5cm, sinking of the Bismarck prints, in oval frame. (3) £15-20
1554.   Ron Davidson, North Eastern Montage, 26 x 39.5, signed, seven other pictures. £15-25
1555.   B. Balmer, 'Holy Island', signed and dated 1991, 24 x 29cm; two others similar. (3) £15-30
1556.   E.W Charlton etching of The Old Harbour, Whitby. J.B. Lee etching of "Old Bridge Ashopton". (2) £10-15
1557.   A Terry Gorman, signed limited edition 316/450 print of Fitzalan Square, together with two Terry Gorman prints of Trams, and four prints by Rick £15-20
1558.   Loneibem?, Boars on River, Continental, oil on canvas, signed top right. £30-50
1559.   Ken Ferguson, 'Homeward Bound' and 'One Man's Waste', artists proof print, approximately 20 x 35cm, signed and dated 79. £15-30
1560.   D Sherrin (British) 'On The Gare, Ipswich', watercolour, signed cover left 26 x 63cm, titled verso, painted moulded frame. £30-50
1561.   June Lethbridge (Isles of Scilly Artist) Bay Scene Study, 44.5 x 29.5cm, signed and dated 1995, another similar, choppy coastal seas. (2) £20-30
1562.   B. Balmer Five Original Artworks, including Tunstall Village. £15-20
1563.   Terence Cuneo 'Raising the Regiment' Ltd Edition Colour Print , of six hundred, 36.5 X 46.5cm, signed. £15-20
1564.   A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt frame, approximately 92 x 116cm £20-30
1565.   A 1930's Oak Freestanding Bookcase, housing fifteen Charles Dickens books, Louis Wolff & Co. print after A. Schroder. £20-40
1566.   John Lewis, Colorado, Brazil, Four Piece Lounge Suite, comprising settee, two easy chairs, and foot stool. (4) £50-100
1567.   Yew Wood Slender Chest of Four Drawers, on splayed legs, 42cm wide. £30-50
1568.   A XIX Century Teak Reclining Plantation Chair, with a caned back and seat, turned spindles, dish shaped arms, on turned forefront legs. £50-80
1569.   A Victorian Pine Washouse Table, with two drawers, on turned legs. £40-50
1570.   An Early XX Century Walnut Music Cabinet, with mirrored back, four pull out drawers over twin cupboard doors. £30-60
1571.   Yew Wood Double Corner Cupboard, with a glazed door, over a cupboard door, on bracket feet. £5-10
1572.   A Pair of Armchairs, in a striped upholstery. £5-10
1573.   A Stag Light Wood Wardrobe with Full Length Mirror to Left Side, a similar dressing table with lift up mirror, left flight of three drawers, later dressing stool. £20-40
1574.   Late XIX Century Satin Walnut Dressing Table, with swing mirror, two jewel drawers, over two drawers and right side cupboard, on turned legs, 118cm wide. £30-50
1575.   A Painted Pine Dresser, with four drawers to planked rack over two drawer and two cupboard doors, 129.5cm wide. £30-50
1576.   XIX Century and Later Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, the top with astragal doors, bureau with a fall front, fitted interior, three long drawers, (top a later addition). £20-30
1577.   Ercol Dresser, with waterfall rack above, 216cm wide. £10-20
1578.   A 1920's Mahogany Three Piece Lounge Suite, with vase central splat to Bergeres back and sides, rounded arm rests on stepped feet. £15-30
1579.   A Painted Four Heights Chest of Drawers and a Matching Bedside Cupboard. (2) £10-20
1580.   A Painted Delft Rack, magazine rack, table, fire screen, mini dresser, rattan shelf tidy. (6) £10-20
1581.   Osmi Zola Predosa Pair of High Chairs, two Lloyd Loom Linen Baskets, another later. (5) £15-25
1582.   A Mahogany Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, on chamfered legs, 'C' scroll brackets, with 'X' shaped stretcher. £5-10
1583.   A Large Square Footstool, with floral upholstered top on turned legs, approximately 96cm wide. £30-50
1584.   A Continental Painted Three Tier Table, with shaped shelves on cabriole supports, 98.5cm wide. £30-50
1585.   An Oak Two Piece Bedroom Suite, comprising five heights chest of drawers and a three heights converted chest, cast metal drop handles. (2) £20-30
1586.   A Hardwood Chinese Coffee Table, with rectangular top, pierced apron on squat cabriole legs 130cm wide, toilet mirror with single cushion drawer. (2) £20-40
1587.   A Green Painted Oval Topped Coffee Table. £15-25
1588.   An Unusual Early XX Century Folding Rocking Chair, with rose carved cresting. £20-30
1589.   1930's Oak Sideboard, with demi lune mirror back over twin drawers and carved panel doors; a pair of folding steps. (2 £15-30
1590.   Rupert Griffiths of Brailsford Oak Rectangular Topped Dining Table, with tapering trestle supports united by single stretcher 161 cm wide, set of four spindle back chairs each with knurled top rail. £60-90
1591.   A Set of Four Ercol High Hoop Comb Back Dining Chairs, with rail spindles on splayed legs. An Ercol drop leaf table with 'X'' stretcher uniting splayed legs. (5) £80-120
1592.   An Ercol Dining Table, together with six (four single and two carvers) rail back chairs.(7) £10-20
1593.   Square Shaped Coffee Table, with a glass top, teak ends with undershelf. £20-40
1594.   Set of Four Ercol Style Dining Chairs, with Fleur De Lys backs on splayed legs. £20-40
1595.   A XIX Century Child's Ash and Elm Country Open Armchair, bar back, turned spindles, shaped seat and a further stained ash and elm country open armchair. (2) £30-50
1596.   An Oval Topped Mahogany Pedestal Table, on four swept legs. £15-25
1597.   A Pair of XIX Century Walnut Salon Chairs, with a pierced central rail, upholsted seats, on cabriole legs. (2) £10-15
1598.   A 1930's Oak Bureau, with fall front, fitted interior, over three drawers in bracket feet. £10-20
1599.   A XIX Century Pine Tool Box, with carrying handles, plinth base; together with one other painted tool box.
1600.   A set of Four Oak Armchairs, with studded leather backs and upholstered seats, on square legs with central stretchers. £15-20
1601.   Pair of Stag Bedside Cupboards. £15-25
1602.   Early XX Century Matched Set of Seven Chairs, with upholstered back and seats on turned legs. £5-10
1603.   Ercol Extending Draw Leaf Dining Table, with 'D' ends on cruciform base, labelled. £30-50
1604.   A Late XX Century Lowboy Chest of Two Drawers, on cabriole legs, 76.5cm wide, similar wine table. (2) £20-40
1605.   Stag Elongated Chest of Eight Drawers, 156.5cm wide. £30-50
1606.   Ercol Nest of Three Coffee Tables, with rounded corners to rectangular tops on openwork supports, labelled. £30-50
1607.   Walnut Sofa Table, with 'D' ended fall flaps, single and faux drawers, on shaped supports. £20-40
1608.   A XX Century Oak Bookcase, with a low back glazed astragal doors on bun feet. £30-40
1609.   An Oak Side Table, with rectangular top, single drawer, on turned and block supports 82cm wide. £30-50
1610.   A XIX Century Style French Side Table, with serpentine front on cabriole legs, 89cm wide. £20-40
1611.   A Set of Nine Early XX Century Oak Chairs, with upholstered back, drop-in seats, on turned and block supports; two other chairs. (11) £30-40
1612.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Bow Front Sideboard, with poker work carving to panelled doors and drawers, 152cm wide. £30-50
1613.   Walnut Demi Lune Fronted Drinks Cabinet, with single door, squat cabriole legs, having ball and claw feet, 106cm wide. £40-60
1614.   Rupert Griffiths of Brailsford Long Oak Sideboard, with end serpentine drawers, straight central drawer with knulled decoration, over fall front and end cupboards 167.5cm wide. £60-90
1615.   A XIX Century Mahogany Duchess Washstand, with wavy galleryover twin drawers, pierced supports united by shaped stretcher 106cm wide £40-60
1616.   Nine Drawer Office Desk, with scriver insets to rectangular, top on twin pedesals, 122.5cm wide. £20-40
1617.   Ercol Freestanding Corner Cabinet, with open shaped shelves over panelled door, 183cm high, labelled. £40-80
1618.   Mahogany Four High Library Steps, on turned supports, on castors. £30-50
1619.   Late XIX Century Satin Walnut Double Wardrobe, with stepped pediment, mirrored centre door, pokerwork carved inset panels, over two drawer base, approximately 158cm wide. £40-80
1620.   A Pair of Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Single Chairs, high rail back and spade feet to tapering legs, £15-20
1621.   Ercol Display Cabinet, with twin glazed door over twin panelled doors, 101cm wide, labelled. £50-80
1622.   A XIX Century Mahogany Storage Cupboard, with twin doors, scroll mouldings, on plinth base, 126cm wide. £20-40
1623.   A Pair of Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Bedroom Chairs, with pierced splat back on splayed feet and a XIX Century footstool. (3) £20-30
1624.   A XX Century Hardwood Torchere, dished circular top, over ropetwist column, shaped tripod legs. £15-25
1625.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Salon Chair, with latticework splats. £20-30
1626.   Rupert Griffiths of Brailsford Oak Delft Wall Rack, with knurled upper rail of twin shelves united by shaped ends 167.5cm wide £40-80