Antiques & Collectables Auction on
Friday 15th February 2019

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400.    Limoges and Other Trinket Boxes, Royal Doulton 'Harmony' bell, pottery shoes etc:- One Tray £20-30
401.    A Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Tea Service, twenty three pieces:- One Tray £30-50
402.    Edinburgh Crystal Set of Six Whiskey ad Six Stem Wines, both boxed, plated dressing table set. £20-40
403.    Toby Jugs - Sylvac, Tony Wood, Shorter, Artone, Tony Wood tea pots, etc:- One Tray £15-25
404.    Italian Royal Crystal Rock Glass Figures of Dancers, glass cockerel, studio glass vases and other glassware:- One Tray £30-40
405.    Continental Floral Encrusted Bowl and Wall Pocket, Capo di Monte figure group of a lady and gentleman, etc:- One Tray £20-30
406.    Three Pottery Cats - 'Zack', 'Eddie', and 'Emily', Sylvac Donkey posy, Cooper Clayton, Doulton 'Winnie The Pooh', other ceramics. £15-30
407.    The Royal Collection Ceramics and Glassware, in original boxes, coinage:- One Tray £15-30
408.    Franz Porcelain Vase, in the form of Giraffe with her calf. £30-50
409.    An Anita Harris Art Pottery The Kilns Teardrop Vase, 30cm high. £90-110
410.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, painted with the 'Bassett-Lowke' pattern, 20.5cm high. £80-100
411.    Lorna Bailey - Devil Cat, 12.5cm high. £18-25
412.    Lorna Bailey - Muppet the Cat, 12.5cm high. £18-25
413.    Lorna Bailey - Marvin the Cat, 9.5cm high. £18-25
414.    Lorna Bailey - Miss Prim the Cat, 14cm high. £18-25
415.    Lorna Bailey - Honey the Cat, 11.5cm high. £18-25
416.    Continental Porcelain Figurine of Art Deco Lady Dancer on Black Oval Base, impressed 15509, 28.5cm high. £20-30
417.    Six Royal Doulton Character Jugs, three others:- One Tray £15-30
418.    Hornsea, Eastgate, Sylvac Ware, Swarovski squirrel (boxed), pottery Mickey Mouse money box stamped Walt Disney Productions, London. £20-30
419.    Portmeirion Botanic Garden Table Pottery, of forty pieces. £30-50
420.    A Royal Crown Derby Oval Meat Dish, foliate borders in the Imari palette, length 47cm, and an art glass and copper fish after Filip Ravert. (2) £20-40
421.    Baccarat, France Ashtray, etched to base, ten Swarovski type figures, etc:- One Tray £15-25
422.    Crown Devon 'Bacchus', 'Pluto and Procerpina', 'Circe' and other breakfast cups and saucers, etc:- One Tray £15-25
423.    Wedgwood Powder Blue Jasper Ware Boxes, ashtrays, vases, later deep blue jug:- One Tray £20-30
424.    Arthur Woods 'My Garden' Vase and 'Wild Flowers' Jug Vase, wall pockets, Shorter leaf dish, Continental figures of children:- One Tray £20-30
425.    Crown Devon Pottery 'Frigate in Full Sale', 'Regatta', tapestry 'Camelot' cup and saucers, Queen Elizabeth II Coronation dish, character jug. £15-30
426.    An Early XX Century Yellow and Opalescent Glass Vase, mottled light shade, carnival glass ware etc:- One Tray £15-30
427.    Assorted Plated Ware, including servers, pair of candlesticks, dishes, knife rests, posy, vase, three piece cruet, etc. £15-25
428.    Crown Devon Pottery Charger, featuring Pheasants, 'Conished Priory' cup and saucer, 1959 Shropshire mug. Marquis of Stafford beaker etc:- One Tray £15-30
429.    Ceramic Money Boxes - Border Fine Arts, Ringtons, Wade, Arthur Wood, Sylvac, etc. (13):- One Tray £20-30
430.    Two Female Head Wall Masks, Woods garden wall vase, Mason's 'Mandarin' vase, Woods flagon, USSR bird etc:- One Tray £20-30
431.    A Royal Doulton 'Christmas Morn' HN1992, Masons's Mandalay trinket box, clock, jug, sucrier ad a Heredities 'King Over The Water' (model (chip):- One Tray £20-30
432.    Eight Coalport Figurines, Angela, Debutantes Beth, Just For You and Gina, plus four others, plus boxes. £25-45
433.    Continental Candelabra, (damage), campagna urn, Austrian vase, Hammersley teapot, Whieldon tureen, etc:- One Tray and boxed plate. £20-40
434.    A Paul Cardew Design 'Large' Rocket Novelty Coffee Pot, of graduated orange and yellow ground 'CDSA 6', height 32cm and two smaller Cardew rocket coffee pots in yellow/orange and blue, 23cm. (3) £20-30
435.    Crown Devon 'Olde England' 'Shakespeare's Cottage', 'Ye Old Bell Inn Hurley', ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
436.    A Circa 1900 Twelve Setting China Tea Service, printed and painted decoration of flowers and foliage by Charles Waine and Co.:- One Tray £10-30
437.    A Quantity of Sylvac Pottery Ornaments, including Toadstool, Fauna, Pixie, Cat in Boot:- One Tray £15-30
438.    Lladro Pottery Figures, seated donkey and three geese. (4) £30-40
439.    Kowa 'Robin' and 'Pheasant', Russell Willis Triple Tawny Owlets, etc:- One Tray £15-30
440.    Machs Design Bust of King by D.H.Morton, trinket box, Langham rabbit, Bath bird, Caithness paperweight, etc:- One Tray £15-30
441.    Toby Jugs - Burlington, Wood, Carlton, etc (9):- One Tray £15-30
442.    A Stratton Compact, with blue channel set highlights, an Art Deco Zenette compact, powder bowl and pin cushion ladies, tapestry evening bag, fan with bone sticks and classical scene, boot hooks, pair Mirella miniature gilt, pearl and turquoise set candlesticks etc:- One Tray £40-60
443.    Sylvac Tan Terriers 19 x 12cm high. similar larger green example,(damaged) two others. £25-30
444.    Doulton Bunnykins Feeding Bowls, Mason's Mandalay fruit bowl, Beswick salad bowl (cracked) and servers, etc:- One Tray £15-30
445.    Royal Doulton Pretty Ladies Figure 'Christmas Celebration', Beswick Pekingese and Corgi, jug modelled as a bear, 'Rabbit' teapot:- One Tray £20-30
446.    Isle of Wight, Mdina, Caithness 'Nova' Millefiore and Other Glass Paperweights:- One Tray £20-30
447.    A Vintage Royal Copenhagen Aluminia Tanera Vase, designed by Berte Jessen, no. 207/2967 of tapering form with abstract floral design, Bjorn Wiinblad Wall Plate 'Bye-Bye' (August), two other pieces by the same designer etc:- One Tray £30-40
448.    Three Sad Eyed Sylvac Dogs, two rabbits. £15-30
449.     A Cranberry Glass Biscuit Barrel, jugs, powder bowl with clear frill etc;- One Tray £20-30
450.    Crown Devon 'Cornish Furry Dance', 'Helston Furry Dance', 'Widdicombe Fair', Dartmoor Hotel & Mary Jane themed ceramics:- One Tray £25-30
451.    Clarice Cliff Jam Pot, in the Celtic Harvest Style stamped '52A', 10.5cm diameter, Clarice Cliff 'My Garden' fanned vase, Clarice Cliff drainer. (3) £20-40
452.    Moorcroft Pottery 'Hibiscus' Pattern Dish, on green ground, impressed Moorcroft Made in England, 18.5cm diameter. £30-40
453.    Three Crown Devon Scottish Terrier Dogs, the largest 12cm high. £20-40
454.    A Burslem Pottery Grotesque Bird Figure 'Vincent the Vulture', inspired by the Martin Brothers, 27cm high. £200-240
455.    A Beswick Model of a Cantering Shire Horse, in white gloss with grey dapples, model no. 975. £30-40
456.    Three Hummel Figures, Adderley 'Chickadee', Doulton 'Parson Brown' Character jug, Brambly Hedge miniature jug and bowl, Aynsley bell:- One Tray £20-40
457.    Beswick 'Golden Eagle' Liquor Bottle, Kestrel Beneagles for Peter Thompson. (2) £15-30
458.    A Pair of Walker & Hall Pair of Squat Corinthian Column Style Candlesticks, a pair of plated vases, plated tankard, pressed glass cake stand, XIX Century decanter with a mushroom stopper:- One Tray £15-20
459.    A Beswick Model of a Connemara Pony 'Terese of Leam', model no. 1641, in grey; together with a Foal Grazing, in white (damaged). (2) £20-40
460.    A Blue Iridescent Glass Vase, of ovoid form with outcurved rim, with feathered butterfly wing design, plus three further pieces similarly decorated. (4) £40-60
461.    Royal Doulton 'The Mask Seller' Figurine HN 2103, Copeland Spode chamber pot, pair of Walker & Hall plated vases. £20-40
462.    A Portmeirion 'Phoenix' Coffee Set, of fourteen pieces including coffee pot. £30-40
463.    Crown Devon 'Sailors Farewell' 27.5cm diameter plate, two 20cm examples, two cups, two saucers. £15-30
464.    Wedgwood Blue Jasper Ware Biscuit Barrel, with plated mount and lid, Jackfield style cow creamer, pens, celery vase, Chatsworth House bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-30
465.    Beaded Evening Bags, embroidered carte postales, books, hair combs etc:- One Tray £20-30
466.    Early XX Century Continental Bisque Pottery Spill Vases and Figures, pair Capo di Monte figures etc:- One Tray £15-25
467.    Three Crown Devon Perky Pup Dogs, orange & yellow mottled, the largest 17.5cm high. another of Woeful Willie (lacking eyes). (4) £30-50
468.    A Tudric Pewter Comport, (01303) with wooden open twist stem, on spreading base, a set of six Venetian glasses and matching decanter, Blackburn crested jug, crested swan, wall mask etc:- One Tray £20-40
470.    Mailing Lustre Jug Vase, Ellgreave Mr Pig money box, Shelley, Japan, Midwinter, other ceramics:- One Tray £15-30
471.    A Royal Crown Derby 'Royal Antoinette' Plate, commemorating a visit by Princess Margaret in aid of the NSPCC together with a luncheon invitation to the same event, three Crown Derby trinkets (all boxed) and two Aynsley trinkets. £20-30
472.    Rosenthal 'Classic Rose Collection' Pierced Circular Bowl, miniature tea set, Villa Collection Denmark jug and twin handled bowl, Jasperware clock garniture:- One Tray £20-30
473.    Homes & Edwards Butter Knives, other cutlery, bone cheroot holder, Paragon and other commemorative ware:- One Tray £15-25
474.    Caithness Ltd Edition Paperweights, 'Arctic Orchard', 'Starwatch Silver', Lilac Pool', 'Cauldron', 'Pebble', 'Reflections', 92, 93, 94 and 95. £30-50
475.    Belleek Jug and Vase, Maling posy boat (cracked), Nailsea glass smokers pipe, wall posy, animal condiments, etc:- One Tray £15-30
476.    A Lead Crystal Decanter, of pear form, sliced cut decoration, faceted stopper, three other decanters, jug, chrome oval photo frame etc. £15-20
477.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, painted with the 'Peacock Parade' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, 15.5cm high. £60-80
478.    A Lorna Bailey 'Fantasia Cottage' Horn Sugar Castor, released only during May and June 2005. £25-35
479.    A Lorna Bailey 'Porthill' Horn Sugar Castor, 16cm high. £25-35
480.    A Peggy Davies Artist Proof Character Jug - Paul McCartney, in Sgt. Pepper outfit by M. Jackson, 16.5cm high. £60-80
481.    A Lorna Bailey 'Steamer Bridge' Orb, released only July to October 2004 (Page 45 'The New Millennium' book), 16.5cm high £25-35
482.    A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Clarice Cliff The Artisan', limited edition 493/500, 21cm high. £70-90
483.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Adoration' (Of the Three Kings) pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, limited edition no. 4/25, shape 93/10, impressed and painted marks, 25cm high. £220-240
484.    Royal Doulton, 'The Old Balloon Seller' HN1315, Winston Churchill toby jug, Woetman Ricard 'Pot Seller' and London Crossing Sweeper. (4) £20-40
485.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Weeping Willow' pattern, designed by Helen Dale, limited edition no. 43/50, shape 216/8, impressed and painted marks, 19.5cm. £250-270
486.    A Moorcroft Vase, painted with the 'Lest We Forget' pattern, designed by Kerry Goodwin, numbered edition 16, shape 25/9, impressed and painted marks, 23cm high. £180-200
487.    Royal Doulton Character Jugs. 'The Poacher' D6429, 'Robin Hood' D6527 and 'Auld Mac'. (3) £20-30
488.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bramble Revisited' pattern designed by Alicia Amison, shape 104/6, 15cm high. £90-110
489.    A Moorcroft Pottery Twin Handled Vase, painted with the 'Forever England' pattern designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape, 375/7, impressed and painted marks, 18cm high. £160-180
490.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Welcome Home' pattern, designed by Paul Hilditch, limited edition 15/30, shape 189/8, impressed and painted marks, 20cm high. £280-300
491.    Royal Doulton Figurines, Emily, Christmas Day, Coalport Figurine "Congratulations". (Three Boxes) £15-20
492.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Bellahouston' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, shape 3/5, impressed and painted marks, 12.5cm high. £80-100
493.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted with the 'Brave Sir Robin' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 03/4, impressed and painted marks, 9.5cm high. £90-110
494.    Cut Glass Decanter, rose bowl, knife rests etc. and a Chinese famille verte tea set:- One Tray £20-30
495.    Wedgwood 'Blue Pacific' Dinner Ware, of approximately eighty seven pieces. £15-30
496.    Silver Topped Glass Tidy Jar, paperweights, glass tankard, stoneware, nursery cup and saucer, etc:- One Tray £20-30
497.    Blue and White Ironstone Chamberstick, photograph frames, Wallendorf porcelain figure of a ballerina, mid XX Century costume dolls, commemorative medallions etc:- One Tray £20-40
498.    Ladies Powder Compacts and Assorted Costume Brooches. £15-20
499.    Paperweights - Langham, Kerry, Heron and many others, boxes noted:- One Tray and Box. £20-30
500.    Adderley Simplicity Coffee Service, of fourteen pieces, other ceramics Sterling pendant, Sterling ring, Nacre bird brooch, buckles, Blue John pendant, other costume jewellery nurses lapel watch:- One Tray £15-25
501.    Crested Ware - Swan hair tidy, Botolph, Corona, Princess, Arcadian, Grafton and many others:- One Tray £15-30
502.    Assorted Plated Ware, including four piece hotel tea set, (initialled) sugar caster, mug, place mat etc:- One Tray £20-30
503.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, etc; including an imitation pearl necklace, Alpaca Mexico shell inset bangle, assorted earrings, including jewellery boxes:- One Tray £20-40
504.    A Hallmarked Silver Scent Bottle Stopper, plated ladle, sardine dish, christening mugs etc. on a rectangular twin handled tray together with a cased set of fish knives and forks. £20-40
505.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, cased fish knives and forks etc:- One Box £15-25
506.    A Plated Four Piece Tea Set, oval gallery tray, seven bar toast rack, assorted goblets, circular tray, pewter mugs, etc. £25-40
507.    "Community" Part Canteen of Plated Cutlery, cased set of coffee spoons etc. £15-25
508.    Three Dish Cake Stand, place mat set, candlestick centrepiece with posy, twin branch candelabrum, posy, twin handled tray, sugar caster, etc. £30-50
509.    Plated Ware, including lidded entree dishes, Aesthetic style salver, swing handled sugar basket, cutlery etc:- One Box £20-30
510.    A Retro Vintage Butler Part Canteen of Cutlery, with green plastic handles, in associated case. £30-50
511.    Electroplated Oval Galley Tray, circa 1900 copper planter, embroidered and damask sheets, handkerchiefs etc. £15-20
512.    Hotel Plate Four Piece Tea Service, Bennet & Heron and other cutlery, toast rack, chrome lighter cigarette case, 1871 nickel snuff box for Henry Broadley, etc. £15-30
513.    A Stuart Crystal 'Cascade' Pattern Rose Bowl, graduating vases, pin dish (all in original boxes):- One Tray £15-25
514.    Tribal Interest: Carved Lignum Vitae African wall masks, head and shoulder studies and full length figures:- One Tray £20-30
515.    A Pair of Noritake Hexagonal Vases, each featuring garden scene with figures and pagoda, twin gilt handles 18cm high (one cracked), Japanese coffee service, box etc:- One Tray £15-25
516.    An Art Deco Plated Tea Pot and Matching Lidded Sugar Bowl, of circular form on angular rim base; together with a hallmarked silver bachelor's tea pot (marks rubbed). (3) £30-50
517.    Cloisonné Plate and Miniature Vases, lacquer box with mother of pearl chinoiserie decoration, amethyst gem set wirework tree, Japanese pottery etc:- One Tray £20-30
518.    An Oval Mesh Meat Dome, with scroll loop handle, base 34.8cm wide. £30-50
519.    A Hallmarked Silver Twin Branch Three Light Candelabrum, B&Co, Birmingham 1972, detailed in relief with removable nozzles, (base weighted) 23.5cm high. £60-90
520.    A Hallmarked Silver Topped Cut Glass Globular Scent Bottle, Birmingham 1903. £50-70
520A.   A Hallmarked Silver Topped Cut Glass Scent Bottle, with screw top. £20-40
521.    A Modern Plated Four Piece Tea Set, each of plain baluster form with textured foliate capped handles; together with an Elkington silver plated oval twin handled tray. (5) £30-50
522.    A Pair of XIX Century Old Sheffield Plate Telescopic Candlesticks, the removable nozzles with gadrooned edge, each circular spreading base (weighted), height 23.3cm to 28cm. (2) £60-80
523.    A Modern Hallmarked Silver Mounted Plain Glass Decanter, Birmingham 2003, with plain glass stopper. £20-30
524.    A Large Hallmarked Silver Capstan Inkwell, Pearce & Sons Chester 1923 (mark rubbed) of plain tapering design, base 18cm diameter. £70-90
525.    RAOB Medallions, including "Presented to Bro. H. Bartram June 4 1918, on ribbon with "Attendance" bar; "Bro. Henry Bartram for Services Rendered Nov 12th 1918", etc. £20-30
526.    A Vintage Stewart Fountain Pen, with a 14ct gold knib, Swan self filler Mabie Todd Co Ltd fountain pen, with a 14ct gold knib. The De La Rue Pen, with a 14ct gold knib, and other fountain pens. £50-80
527.    A G.Ibberson Multi Blade Folding Pocket Knife, the mother of pearl scales bearing facsimile signature "Charles J Mitchell" and "Lord Mayor 1941-2" the reverse showing Sheffield Coat of Arms and "Sheffield"; together with another folding pocket knife, with hallmarked silver scales. (2) £30-50
528.    Two "Battle of Britain 1940" 2010 Five Pounds Coins, "Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother" 2000 Five Pounds coin, Millennium 2000 5 pounds coin, "Sir Ernest Shackleton 1874-1922" Two Pounds coin etc. £20-40
529.    A Pair of Provincial Halmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoons, William Rawlings Sobey, Exeter 1852, initialled; together with a pair of Peter & Annn Bateman hallmarked silver sugar tongs. (3) £30-50
530.    A Collection of Assorted Souvenir Tea/Coffee Spoons. £20-30
531.    A Hallmarked Silver and Pale Blue Enamel Circular Ladies Compact (lacking puff). £30-50
532.    A Set of Six Part Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoons, SP, possibly London 1820(?), initialled. (6) £20-30
533.    Two Hallmarked Silver Salts, (marks rubbed) a hallmarked silver pepperette and a cased set of six mother of pearl handled knives. £15-25
534.    Three Hallmarked Silver Spoons, a hallmarked silver napkin ring, cased set of six tea knives, scissor action servers etc. £15-25
535.    A Georgian Toddy Style Ladle, with lipped oval bowl and twisted handle, an egg topper, tea strainer etc. £20-30
536.    A Hallmarked Silver Spoon, Jackson & Fullerton, London 1901, with shell bowl and decorative handle; together with a pair of hallmarked silver napkin rings, F.W., B'ham 1928. (3) £20-30
537.    A Hallmarked Silver Spill Vase, with wide flared rim, on circular base (weighted); together with a hallmarked silver spoon, sugar tongs etc. (4) £20-30
538.    Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, together with a hallmarked silver oil lamp, of compressed circular form with loop handle, etc. £25-40
539.    Accurist Gent's Wristwatch, ladies wristwatches, "Best Dad in the World" cufflinks in "Father of the Bride" case, luggage labels, Golden Shred enamel badge etc. £10-20
540.    A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Bon Bon Dish, of heart shaped pierced design. £10-15
541.    A Hallmarked Silver Openwork Stand, fitted with three shaped glass bottles; together with a hallmarked silver scent bottle, allover detailed in relief. (2) £30-50
542.    A Hallmarked Silver and Mother of Pearl Single Blade Folding Fruit Knife, initialled; a pocket folding knife (damages) with mother of pearl scales, etc. (3) £20-30
543.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Crescent Decanter Labels, JEB, Sheffield 1880, "Whiskey" and "Gin"; together with a similar label "Brandy", stamped "Daniel Holy Wilkinson & Co" (all lacking chain suspension). (3) £20-40
544.    A Victorian Part Hallmarked Silver Gilt Masonic Medallion, "DEO REGI FRATRIBUS HONOR FIDELITAS BENOVELENTIA"; a "Shirley Lodge No 4978" enamel badge, suspending pendant "W.Bro N.R Smith. W.M. 1964, a hallmarked silver gilt Oddfellows "Manchester Unity" pendant, hallmarked silver medallion pendants etc, some cased:- One Tray £30-50
545.    Wristwatches, commemorative coins, scent bottle etc:- One Tray £10-15
546.    A Hallmarked Silver "James II" Spoon, FH Sheffield 1972, in original fitted case; together with two cased sets of teaspoons with matching tongs. (3) £30-50
547.    Five Assorted Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, (various makers and dates), a hallmarked silver handled button hook etc. £20-30
548.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Salts, together with matched pair of associated spoons. £20-30
549.    A Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Teaspoons, TCS, London 1829, together with another teaspoon, initialled; and a mustard spoon. £20-30
550.    I.XL George Wostenholm Folding Pocket Knife, a smaller Wostenholm multi blade, advertising examples, shield shape scales etc. £30-50
551.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Knife Rests, a pair of glass coasters, cased set of tea knives, maritime interest desk ink stand and pair of candlesticks (damage/incomplete) etc:- One Tray £20-30
552.    An Electroplated Oval Twin Handled Serving Tray, cast leaf and reeded handles, ribbon tie border, with engraved inscription, length 50cm. £20-40
553.    Plated Tea Wares, mugs etc. £15-25
554.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including wristwatches, boxed stone collection, rosary beads, pill box, glass table dish, 1899 half rupee swivel mounted, missing pin, etc; including jewellery box:- One Tray £15-20
555.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Bead Necklaces, a dress clip, etc:- One Tray £15-20
556.    P. Brothers E.P.N.S Cutlery,with pierced decoration horn handled carving knife and forks, pewter tankard, alarm clock. £15-20
557.    Four Middle Eastern Necklaces, of openwork design with bead detail, each in a plush lined fitted case with matching earrings, bracelet and dress ring. (4) £50-70
558.    An Arthur Price Dubarry Style Canteen of Plated Cutlery, in original fitted case. £50-80
559.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including two ladies wristwatches, enamel pins and brooches, etc, including jewellery box:- One Tray £20-30
560.    Assorted Plated Ware, including Mappin & Webb table gong, twin handled tray (damages), posy, lidded jug and sugar bowls, dishes, etc. £20-40
561.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including wine glass charms, clip on earrings, hardstone brooch and bead necklaces, etc:- One Tray £15-20
562.    A Plated Four Piece Tea Set, of plain design; together with a plated three piece tea set, a sugar scuttle and two pairs of hallmarked silver sugar tongs:- One Tray £20-40
563.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bangles, bead necklaces, earrings, charm bracelet, etc; a modern hardstone pendant, stamped "925", a boxed perfume bottle, including jewellery box:- One Tray £20-30
564.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Bangles and Bead Bracelets, including kit box. £10-20
565.    A Hallmarked Silver Sugar Bowl, with wavy cut edge; together with a hallmarked silver handled cake slice, a cased cruet set, hallmarked silver handled implements, grape scissors, etc. £30-50
566.    A Pair of Lorgnettes, with engine turned handle (damaged), another pair, etc. £30-50
567.    A Gent's Accurist Wristwatch, boxed, together with assorted vintage and modern wristwatches. £20-30
568.    An M&Co Electroplated Hors D' Oeuvres Serving Dish, with overhead handle; together with a two tier cake stand (lacking plates), a seven bar toast rack, two pairs of servers, two Kings pattern table spoons and a set of six fiddle and thread pattern table forks:- One Tray £20-40
569.    A White Metal Tea Caddy, of canted square tapering section, engraved decoration of birds amongst branches and foliage, stamped character marks and ZW to base, height 13cm, two silver hallmarked napkin rings and a further napkin ring. (4) £30-50
570.    A Matched Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, in a case; together with a set of tea knives and a cased set of fish knives and forks. (3) £20-30
571.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including brooches, enamel badges, earrings, etc:- One Tray £20-30
572.    A Set of Six Art Nouveau Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, E.L. over T, Sheffield 1905, in original fitted case with matching sugar tongs; together with a wooden case containing assorted fish knives and forks. £25-30
573.    A Plated Three Piece Tea Set, the teapot engraved "Loyal Dartmouth Lodge No. 429 I.O.O.F.M.U, Presented to P.P.G.M. Geo. S. Eyre as a token of esteem for 21 years faithful service to the lodge, Almondbury March 19th 1910"; two "Chateau De Meursault" wine taster, "Ford" car badge and assorted cigarette lighters. £20-30
574.    An Early XIX Century Electroplated Three Piece Tea Set, embossed Rococo decoration, ebonised finial and spurr capped handle, and a coffee pot with internal filter, a circular footed fruit basket, pierced border with lobed rim, bead and foliate cast swing handle, and an open wire work oval basket:- One Tray £20-30
575.    A Large XIX Century Oval Twin Handled Tray, Toleware style, with gallery edge, overall width over handles 90cm. £100-150
576.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including highly decorative four piece tea set, butter dish, oval lidded entree dish, sugar scuttle, tea pots etc:- One Box £30-50
577.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including boxed sets:- One Box £20-40
578.    Four Modern Plastic Brooches. £20-30
579.    A Modern Hardstone Panel Bracelet, stamped "925"; together with a modern hardstone necklet. (2) £30-50
580.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearls, ornate brooches, clip on earrings and three vintage style rings. £15-20
581.    A Selection of "Mexico 925" and "Alpaca Mexico" Shell Inset Jewellery, including bangle, earrings, ring. £20-30
582.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including hardstone pendant, vintage brooch, pendant on chains, bangle, etc. £15-20
583.    Four Modern Plastic Brooches. £20-30
584.    A 9ct Gold Curb Link Bracelet, a pair of ball stud earrings and trace chain; together with a mixed lot of assorted costume jewellery and wristwatches:- One Tray £30-50
585.    A Long Single Strand Graduated Ivory Bead Necklace, a carved and pierced pendant, carved rose pendant etc £25-30
586.    Cameo Brooch, pendants, brooches, stick pins, etc:- in oak box. £15-25
587.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, of fan design, with openwork shoulders, claw set; together with a 9ct gold cluster dress ring, claw set to the centre. (2) £60-80
588.    A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, channel set throughout. £30-50
589.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, collet set to centre, between tapered crossover shoulders, stamped "18ct". £60-80
590.    An 18ct Gold Cluster Ring, claw set throughout; together with a 9ct gold stone set dress ring, claw set throughout, between patterned shoulders. (2) £120-140
591.    A Modern 18ct Gold Dress Ring, oval semi suspension set to the centre, between stone set shoulders. £100-150
592.    A Large 9ct Gold Stone Set Cluster Ring, oval collet rubover set to the centre, within claw set border. £80-100
593.    A Single Stone Ring, rectangular four claw set to the centre, between tapered shoulders, stamped "18ct". £50-80
594.    A Modern Cluster Dress Ring, claw set to the centre within illusion border, between tapered shoulders, indistinctly stamped. £50-70
595.    An 18ct Gold Stone Set Ring, alternately claw set; together with an 18ct gold three stone ring, set in Victorian style scroll mount. (2) £100-200
596.    A 9ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, oval four claw set to the centre, within claw set border, between textured shoulders; together with a modern diamond set cluster ring, set throughout with brilliant cut stones, stamped "18ct". (2) £100-150
597.    A Modern Stone Set Cluster Ring, claw set to the centre within illusion border, stamped "14K". £50-70
598.    A Modernist 9ct Gold Dress Ring, of abstract design, high four claw set to the centre, (damaged). £40-60
599.    A Single Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stone illusion set, between knife edge shoulders, stamped "Platinum"; together with a five stone diamond ring, stamped "18ct". (2) £80-120
600.    A 9ct Gold Signet Ring, indistinctly engraved "R.B", together with a 9ct gold band ring, star inset to centre (2) £50-80
601.    A Modern 18ct White Gold Seven Stone Diamond Set Half Eternity Style Ring, channel set, stamped "DIA 0.25". £80-120
602.    A Modern Princess Cut Diamond Set Ring, collet rubover set to the centre with four uniform stones, between channel set brilliant cut diamond shoulders, stamped "18"K "1.00". £400-500
603.    A Polished Green Hardstone Pendant, stamped "14K", on a chain stamped "9K". £40-60
604.    A Fancy Link Negligee Style Necklace, suspending two tear drops, clasp indistinctly stamped. £50-70
605.    *WITHDRAWN
A 9ct Gold Fancy Link Chain. £150-200
606.    A Modern QVC 14ct Gold Diamond Set Pendant, of teardrop shape, set throughout with brilliant cut stones. £80-120
607.    A Masonic "Orb" Pendant, opening to form a cross, stamped "PAT2639½". £80-100
608.    A Modern Ruby and Diamond Set Bow Brooch, stamped "375". £70-100
609.    A Multi Set Spray Brooch, rectangular, oval and circular set, indistinctly stamped "9ct"(?); together with a 'Craft' costume brooch. (2) £100-150
610.    A 9ct Gold Plain Wedding Band; together with a 9ct gold stone set ring, oval collet set with ropetwist detail, with similar earrings, a 9ct gold wishbone ring, four other rings, a 9ct gold stone set bar brooch, of openwork design. £150-200
611.    A Pair of Modern Long Line Earrings, with faceted bead detail; together with a pair of teardrop earrings, stamped "9K". (2) £20-30
612.    A Three Stone Ring, diamond set to the centre; together with two stick pins. (3) £40-60
613.    A Stone Set Bar Brooch, of openwork scroll design, indistinctly stamped, in a fitted case. £50-60
614.    A 9ct Gold Curb Link Bracelet, suspending religious pendant, charm and safety chain, a 9ct gold openwork bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp and another. (3) £200-250
615.    An Edwardian Openwork Pendant/Brooch, collet set to centre and drop, with seed pearl highlights, on removable bail (lacking brooch pin), on a fine chain. £80-100
616.    Ivar Holt; A Norwegian Enamel Panel Bracelet, of openwork design detailed with flower heads on white ground, to snap clasp, stamped "925 S Sterling Norway". £80-120
617.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, suspending assorted charms; together with further charms on part chain. £25-40
618.    A Curb Link Bracelet, with heart shape padlock clasp, suspending pram, slipper etc; together with another. (2) £25-40
619.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock style clasp; suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, including pram, globe, 21 key, rabbit etc. £25-40
620.    A Double Curb Link Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants together with another with hallmarked silver heart shape padlock clasp. (2) £20-40
621.    A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, including fan, banknote in cylindrical case, Holy Bible, cuckoo clock, bunch of keys, handbag etc. £25-40
622.    A Victorian Brooch, with bead and rope twist detail with glazed locket back verso, stamped "15ct"; together with a stick pin, of circular design, with bead edge, stamped "15ct"; and a bow brooch, stamped "9ct", suspending later chain circular locket pendant. (3) £70-100
623.    A Victorian Diamond Set Bar Brooch, of foliate design, stamped "15ct"; together with a stick pin, diamond set oval highlight, stamped "15ct", further Victorian brooch with locket back. (3) £70-100
624.    A Modern Honora "Ming" Pearl Pendant, stamped "925", on a fine chain, together with a pair of Honora "Ming" pearl earnings and a modern pearl bracelet. £60-80
625.    A XIX Century Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting the Goddess Hebe (lacking pin), together with a shell carved cameo brooch/pendant, three bar brooches, flat link chain, etc. £70-100
626.    A Victorian Brooch of Aesthetic Design, together with a two colour panel bracelet depicting scenery; Norwegian Solje style brooch, a large brooch of openwork floral design (lacking pin), vintage earrings, screw fitting, bead necklet, buckle. £30-40
627.    A Long Modernist Style Necklace, RP, London 1990, the uniform curb link chain suspending polished oval and large textured panel; together with matching oval panel clip earrings. £40-60
628.    A Modern 9ct Gold Bar Brooch, with claw set cluster highlight; together with a pair of 9ct gold pearl earrings, with rope edge border, a modern collet set (doublet?) opal pendant, a floral spray costume brooch, and a pair of wire drop earrings (stone missing). £80-120
629.    A 9ct Gold Hardstone Inset Swivel Fob Pendant, on a belcher link chain Indistinctly stamped; together with a circular locket on chain and another belcher link chain. £150-200
630.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Ring, oval cabochon set to the centre; together with a 9ct gold signet style ring, a 9ct gold serpent style ring, three pendants, chains. £120-160
631.    A Chester Hallmarked "15ct" Gold Bar Brooch, with seed pearl highlights; together with another "15ct"gold Chester hallmarked bar brooch, diamond set highlights, with bead and rope twist details, and a stick pin, of flower head design, stamped "15ct". (3) £70-100
632.    "Canada Dollar Detroit De Davis Strait 1587-1987" Commemorative Coin, etc. £10-15
633.    A Shamrock Style Bar Brooch, with seed pearl and turquoise highlights, stamped "15ct"; together with a further bar brooch, buckle style, stamped "HC & Co 9c", a cameo brooch/pendant, depicting female profile, stamped "375", and another cameo style brooch, collet set, stamped "9ct". (4) £70-100
634.    A 9ct Gold Box Link Chain, suspending a modern 9ct gold pendant, claw set throughout; together with a hardstone set oval panel necklet, stamped "Trifari", a long fancy link chain, a shell carved cameo brooch, depicting female profile, two ornate stick pins, a vintage bracelet of openwork design, with bar fastening and heart pendant. £80-100
635.    A Large Modern Openwork Heart Pendant, hinged with smaller heart inside, on long chain, together with matching earrings;"925 CZ", "925", "925 DQCZ" and other modern earrings, together with a modern single stone dress ring, multi claw set, stamped "925". £50-60
636.    The Northern Goldsmith's Company Newcastle on Tyne Openface Pocketwatch, a ladies fob watch, threepence coin brooch, chains, child's bracelet, etc. £20-40
637.    ALFAJR Modern Gent's Digital Wristwatch, ref WS-06 B, in original box with booklet and spare bracelet links. £20-30
639.    Longines: A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and date aperture (movement unseen) within stainless steel case, engraved to back "D.A. Irvine 25 Years Service Pennwalt Ltd 28.01.82", on later strap in original box, including booklets. £100-150
640.    Arugo; A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, line markers and centre seconds, case back stamped "Diamond Tooled Tropicalized", on a later strap, in associated case. £20-40
641.    Roamer; A Military Style Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and centre seconds, case back stamped "Brevete Swiss Made 215999 180459", on a strap. £40-60
642.    A Georgian Pair Case Pocketwatch, the (damaged) dial with black Roman numerals, the movement signed "Haley & Milner London"; together with two hallmarked silver cased openface pocketwatches, one with decorative engraved dial and another pocketwatch, within engine turned case stamped "K18" (glass loose). (4) £100-150
643.    Silver Cased Pocket Watch, oval silver locket with thistle to front, scent bottle. (2) £30-40
644.    A 9ct Gold "Ancient Order of Foresters" Medallion Pendant, highlighted in enamel, inscribed to the reverse "Presented to Bro.E. Williams P.D.C.R (?) in appreciation of Services Rendered to the Bristol United District A.O.F (?) 1927, suspended on ribbon with horn shape brooch stamped "9ct"; together with "East Yorkshire" and " Hampshire" bar brooches. £70-100
645.    A Silver Cased Pocket watch, Waltham gold plated pocket watch (one hand absent). (2) £30-50
646.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial (damages) with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, with engine turned case, vacant cartouche, with a key. £30-50
647.    Accurist; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers to integral panel link bracelet, with safety chain; together with a Timor 9ct gold cased wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals within plain case, to integral geometric link bracelet; together with a further ladies wristwatch. (3) £100-200
648.    Tissot; A Modern Gent's Ballade Wristwatch, the textured signed dial with Roman numeral, line markers, centre seconds and date aperture, case back stamped "C277/377W", on a later strap. £20-40
649.    Avia; A 9ct Gold Cased Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and line markers, with seconds subsidiary dial, case back engraved "Presented to Frank Fisher by the Hudds & District Non-Political Billiards Ass. & Friends, in Appreciation of 11 Years As Secretary, Nov 1949", on a strap. £80-100
650.    Omega; A Seamaster Quartz Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals, line markers and centre seconds, to integral textured bi-colour bracelet (movement unseen). £40-60
650A.   A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the Hefik signed dial with Arabic numerals and line markers, within plain case, on a strap; together with a single stone bar brooch, (damages) stamped "9ct". (2) £30-50
651.    Omega; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladymatic Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, centre seconds and date aperture, the movement stamped "Omega Watch Co", within plain case; together with a Moeris ladies wristwatch head (no strap), inside case stamped "18K 0.750". (2) £70-100
652.    Omega; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch Head, (no strap) the signed dial with line markers, the movement stamped "Omega Watch Co Seventeen 17 Jewels", within plain case. £40-60
653.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on rolled gold openwork bracelet. £30-50
654.    A Mappin & Webb Prince's Plate Trophy Cup, "Sheffield Ornithological Society Yorkshire Canary Challenge Cup", raised on black socle base with applied shields, overall height 31cm. £20-40
655.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Rimmed Cut Glass Vases, each of shaped design, 24cm high. (2) £40-60
656.    A Hallmarked Silver Mug, Adie Bros, Birmingham 1951, of plain bluster form, monogrammed and dated "1929-1954". £60-80
657.    A Pair of Edwardian Silver Vases, Birmingham 1908, by Cornelius Desormeaux Sanders and James Francis Shepherd, of tapering cylindrical form, flared rim, on circular spreading foot, height 14cm (weighted). (2) £40-60
658.    A Hallmarked Silver Tea Pot, Messrs Hutton, London 1900, of oval semi reeded form, bearing presentation inscription "I.O.O.F.M.U Philanthripic Lodge No 1693 Preston District Presented to Bro. Reuben Counsell as a token of esteem and in appreciation of his services as Acting Trustee for 25 years May 11th 1918" £120-150
659.    A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Sugar Bowl/Caddy, Messrs Hutton, London 1902 of oval semi reeded form. £40-50
660.    A Set of Six Chinese Bowls, detailed with figures, flying crane etc, each on plain rim base (stamped character marks). (6) £70-100
660A.   A Hallmarked Silver Topped Cut Glass Globular Scent Bottle, (marks indistinct) the pull off cover detailed in relief with winged cherub heads. £50-70
661.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, (marks indistinct) with wavy cut edge and flying scroll handle, raised on three pad feet, initialled "T" over "EA". £25-40
662.    A Chinese Plate, of plain circular form with bamboo detail edge (stamped "ZEEWO"), 18.6cm diameter; A Chinese Pin Dish, inset to the centre, (stamped "NANKING"), 9cm diameter, and a Chinese cigarette case, inside hand inscribed character marks and stamped "ZEEWO". (3) £40-60
663.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Pocketwatch Desk Clock, of planished finish, initialled, fitted with a goliath style openface pocketwatch, the dial with bold black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial. £30-50
664.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigar Case, JW, Birmingham 1900, of plain finish, fitted for thee cigars, 13cm long. £40-60
665.    A Vintage "Asprey London" Ladies Travel Case, initialled "E.A.M", part fitted with two hallmarked silver backed brushes, two bottles; together with a folding pocket knife/ruler stamped "Asprey". £30-50
666.    A Hallmarked Silver Swing Handled Basket, (makers mark rubbed) Birmingham 1903 of scroll design, engraved "Presented to Charles Berry by the Staff & Workmen of Messrs Fraser & Chalmers, Erith, Kent as a token of Respect & Esteem 24th October 1906"; together with an electroplated swing handled dish. (2) £80-120
667.    Cut Glass Four Piece Cruet, (damages) mugs, lighters, oval photograph frame, pairs of salts, large brass spoon, cigarette cases, etc. £20-30
668.    Children's Literature: a collection of mid XX Century titles including The Bubbsey Twins, Secret Seven, Five Get Into Trouble, Just William, Jennings (first edition noted). £10-15
669.    High Strength Steel Cutting Bits for Lathe Working, Record and Stanley No 4 Planes:- One Box £10-15
670.    Tribal Interest: carved African hardwood wall mask, female head and shoulder study, globular bowl and cover, standing female holding vessel, hardstone female grinding etc:- One Tray £20-30
671.    Two African Carved Mineral Heads, amethyst based bird, hippo, malachite bird, etc:- One Tray £20-40
672.    A Carved African Hardwood Candlestick, as many figures, ashtray, etc:- One Tray £20-40
673.    Three Golf Dress Code Signs, in gold leaf. (3) £10-20
674.    Chinese Wooden Lantern, of hexagonal form, mantel clock, letter rack, etc:- One Box £15-30
675.    A Mid XX Century Roulette Wheel by Chad Valley, boxed and a quantity of magic tricks including rings. £25-40
676.    Two Pre WWII Construction Sets -'Lotto Tudor Bricks' and 'Kliptiko', both boxed/ £20-40
677.    Lesney, Matchbox, Corgi, Husky and other die cast vehicles (forty eight) in Matchbox carry case. £20-40
678.    Oscar Wilde 'De Profundus', a facsimile edition published by The British Library on the centenary of his death, limited edition no 142/495, blue cloth; together with a quantity of publications relating to Oscar Wilde:- One Box £10-20
679.    African Hardwood Busts, Indian figure, etc:- One Tray £20-30
680.    British Aircraft: A Collection of aircraft related reference books:- Two Boxes £10-20
681.    A Nintendo 64 Games Console (boxed) with one game. £30-50
682.    Assorted Plated Cutlery, including cased canteen, dessert servers, teaspoons, cased sets, etc:- One Box £20-40
683.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including mugs, candelabrum, toast rack, shell butter dish, cruet etc:- One Box £20-30
684.    Transport Publications - C.C. Hall, Sheffield, Transport, Kenneth Gandy, Sheffield Corporation Tramways, The Midland Line in Sheffield, West Riding Timetable of Passenger Transport Services 1948, 1963. The Railway Magazine 1937,. £30-40
685.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Tea Ware, including teapots, trays etc:- One Box £20-30
686.    Three Mid XX Century Teddy Bears, all jointed, probably English, well loved and a Mid XX Century 'Roddy' Style Doll, a composition doll. £20-40
687.    Cased Fish Knives and Forks, cased dessert set, lidded entree dishes, two sauce boats and two mugs:- One Box £20-30
688.    Fattorini & Sons of Bradford Oak Cased Mantel Clock, eight day movement, black Roman numerals to white ground, another similar on walnut. (2) £20-40
689.    An Early XX Century Ansonia Clock Co. of New York Walnut Cased Mantel Clock, with Roman numerals to cream chapter ring, eight day movement £20-30
690.    Dutch Wall Clock, with Delft face and lower panel, twin pear weights. £30-40
691.    A Pair of Early XX Century Spelter Model 'Marley' Horses, with figures on naturalistic bases, gilt highlights. A bronze effect limited edition equestrian head study, 10/200, mounted on a veined black squared marble plinth, overall 31.5cm high £25-40
692.    Brass Cased Ships Compass, with fleur de lys to north pointer, in oak box. £15-30
693.    XIX Century Marble & Slate Cased Mantel Clock, with Arabic numerals to cream chapter ring, eight day movements. £20-40
694.    A Walnut Cased Mantel Clock, with eight day movement, circa 1930's. £20-30
695.    XIX Century Slate Cased Mantel Clock, with applied brass masks and cherubs, gilt Roman numerals to black chapter ring, eight day movement. £20-40
696.    A Sword Stick, with blue floral decoration to lozenge shaped silvered blade 68.5cm long, with knopped wooden handle and sheath, 90cm overall length. £80-120
697.    Philip Harris of Birmingham Stick Barometer, in black lacquer, with chrome mounts, approximately 98cm high, in oak glazed wall display case. £40-60
698.    Sheffield Publications, including Peter Harvey Archive Photographs, Then and Now, One Great Workshop, Peter Machin Lost Sheffield, Terry Gorman, J. Ranns Pictures in colour of Wakefield, many others:- One Box £20-40
699.    Osborne Garrett Electric Meter, Pentax Asahi and other cameras, binoculars, etc:- One Box £15-20
700.    Grimms Fairy Tales, illus. Arthur Rackham, The Folio Society 2013, in slipcase; Hans Andersen;s Fairy Tales, illus. W. Heath Robinson, The Folio Society 2013, in slipcase; The Story of Alice, Robert Douglas Fairhurst and Lewis Carroll Photographs. (4) £10-20
701.    Two Battery Operated Plastic Toy Vehicles by Marx, comprising of four wheel drive hill climbing Lunar Scout (circa 1968), Krazy Tipper Car - remote controlled, (circa 1971), boxed. £20-40
702.    Modern Hornby Handbooks - 2005, 2007, 2010 to 2017 (10); Bachmann Branchline Catalogues 2007, 2009 and 2011 to 2018; three others:- One Box £20-40
703.    Wakefield and District Literature - Railways of Sheffield, railway themed, timetables, Canals of Yorkshire and other books, together with a small collection of Sheffield themed postcards etc. £15-25
704.    A Mid 1900's Boxed 'Olympic Games' Bagatelle by Louis Marx Toys, (most likely 1955's era) plus another earlier bagatelle depicting animal/forest scenes also with its original rare box marked 'Foreign'. (2) £40-50
705.    Sega Mega Drive Console, (boxed) and eight games. £20-40
706.    A Gold Plush Teddy Bear, circa mid XX Century with felt hands and feet, glass eyes, moveable joints, approximately 60cm high. £20-40
707.    Reproduction Sheffield Themed Postcards, Photographs, 1945/6 Fargate Cinema House programme; 100 years of Wakefield Trinity Rugby Club, 1938 LNER railway timetable, etc:- One Tray £15-25
708.    'Schuco' Wind Up Car, Monopoly, Casio VL-Tone, Batman Long Halloween Publication, two Diddy Men figures:- One Tray £15-30
709.    Transport Photographs, approximately 10 x 15cm, Castleford, Wakefield, Leeds, buses, trams, trains carriage, illuminated Sheffield tram, some 1950's, many reproductions (approximately 208). £40-80
710.    A XIX Century Walnut Work Box, with banded inlay, mother of pearl (escutcheon absent), W & T flour spatula. £15-30
711.    Gabriele Fahr-Becker 'Art Nouveau'; Arthur Clutton Brock 'William Morris'; Edward Lutyens Country Houses (Country Life); Paul Atterbury and Clive Wainwright 'Pugin'; plus three others related. (7) £20-30
712.    Plated Ware, including assorted cutlery, Arts & Crafts style pewter cruet, Art Deco toast rack etc. £20-40
713.    T & J Sanderson of Edinburgh Brass Cased Carriage Clock, with marble top and base, black Roman numerals to white enamel dial, barometer, iron tobacco jar, photo frames and binoculars, crib box:- One Tray £30-50
714.    Four Pre 1947 Crowns, other coinage, pen knife, mag lite torch, Red Arrows pen. £15-30
715.    Greer [Germaine]: The Boy, Thames & Hudson, London 2003, first edition, signed by the author; Shunga, Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art (The British Museum), Romantique, Erotic Art of the Early XIX Century and Dreams of Spring, Erotic Art in China, both published by the Pepin Press. (4) £20-30
716.    C. A & A 'Genuine Alabaster' Chess Set, with matching board, (boxed). £20-30
717.    Four Circa Early 1970's Pelham Puppets: witch, school master, girl, boy - all in solid yellow boxes. £20-40
718.    Alice In Wonderland Chess Set, Kibro Microscope, Prisoner of War cigarette case, razor, etc:- One Tray £15-30
719.    A Silver Plated Tug of War Figure Group W.H & S bearing kit mark, 9cm long, Pytram Johnnie Walker figure, three advertising ashtray, oak coffin housing dagger:- One Tray £20-40
720.    Three Cantonese Famille Rose Plates, 24cm diameter, three other Chinese examples, yellow bordered character mark. £20-40
721.    Two Mid XX Century Tinplate Clockwork Armoured Cars, one German, one Japanese. £30-50
722.    Transport Photographs, approximately 10 x 15cm, some 1950's Sheffield trams, trains, station, buses, Wakefield locations, approximately two hundred many reproductions noted. £40-80
723.    Rowntree, Thornes and Other Tins, 'Rinso', 'Fairy', 'Oxydol' products, Wills Gold Flake ashtray. Shorty's lighter other advertising wares:- One Box £15-25
723A.   1950's Tram Photos, approximately 8 x 6cm, Sheffield, Rotherham and South Yorkshire (approximately 103), eight others larger, quantity of sixty transport related slides. £40-80
724.    Cigarette Cards, Gallaher, Player's, Wills, De Reszke etc:- One Box. £15-20
725.    Hilger & Watts Clinometer, Richer & Co. geometry set, Swift, Hanimex binoculars, etc:- One Tray £20-30
726.    Canon EOS 350D Digital Camera, Canon EOS 1000F camera. (2) £30-50
727.    A Reproduction Coco-Cola Cast Iron 'Sprite Boy' Novelty Money Bank. £20-30
728.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Solitaire Board, spelter athlete, toilet roll holders, book ends:- One Tray £20-30
729.    Mineral Cased Mantel Barometer for Shortland, pair of field binoculars MK.V SP.L 46158, Chinese and Japanese brass ware, etc:- One Tray £20-30
730.    A Mid 1900's Set of Sixteen Toy Soldiers by Crescent Toys, in original box; an advertising draughts board for Masons Hats Manchester - London, etc; a Thornes tin containing part sets of cigarette cards, other small tin:- One Tray £30-50
731.    Two Leather Backed Cash Ledges, by Jenkinson & Marshall, Sheffield. £10-20
732.    A Quantity of Marbles, military badges, etc. £15-25
733.    A Vintage Egg Topper, of scissor action, together with a corkscrew, a trinket box of foliate design, a glass dressing table tray, a novelty brass desk compass, and a "Plasta" Bakelite tray:- One Tray £20-30
734.    History of the Great Western Railway, 1833-1947, vols 1-3, E.T. MacDermot, revised by C.R. Clinker, London Ian Allen 1964, red cloth; eight other railway related books including:- The Great Eastern Railway, The Great Northern Railway, The Callander and Oban Railway, The West Highland Railway, The Royal Deeside Line, The Highland Railway. £20-40
735.    A Quantity of XX Century Postal Games, including an empty box for early XX Century 'Royal Mail, 1950's toy post office and a wooden Bundespost lorry. £30-50
736.    A Military Cyma Pocket Watch G.S.T.P T 19144, silver cased pocketwatch cases, pocketwatch spares, wristwatches etc:- One Box £15-30
737.    Blackburn & Burnley Copper Ashtray, brass pheasant door stops, horse brasses, etc:- One Tray £15-25
738.    Dunlop Foot Pump, Braime's oil can, RAC badge, oak candlesticks, duck head figure:- One Tray £15-25
739.    Oak Biscuit Barrel, with plated lid and swing handle, brass candlesticks and vases, plated ware etc:- One Tray £15-25
740.    Metal Cash Box, scissors, smokers pipes, press, knives, turned wooden urn etc:- One Tray £15-30
741.    Postcards: Trio of Trams at Crich, Stocks at Eyam, Heath Old Hall, Haddon Hall, Bowling Green Longley Park, High Street, 'Evening', Town Hall, Fargate and many other Sheffield scenes and many others, well filled in a shoe box. £30-50
742.    A Square Shaped Barbola Mirror, with ribbon and rose detail border; together with two oval portrait prints in ornate brass frames. £30-40
743.    Bottle Stoppers, tea strainer on dish, "The Mo-it" peeler, grape scissors, brass dished plate etc. £15-25
744.    'In The Service of the Nation', pub for the National Fire Service Benevolent Fund by Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd 1944', Instructions for Drivers of Industrial Locomotives pub Andrew Barclay & Sons Co. Ltd, Caledonia Works, (copyright), Instructions Manual for BSA Model 1951, Ariel The Modern Motor Cycle Owners Guide 1957-59 and other motor and train related booklets:- One Box £15-25
745.    Oak Smokers Companion, circa early XX Century with plated mounts, domed upper compartment over two drawers, amber cheroot holder with gold ferrule, ashtray, XIX Century mahogany tea caddy. (2) £30-50
746.    A Victorian Leather Bible, with brass clasp and edging, car badges, small bank safes, flask, jewellery, scissors, etc. £20-30
747.    Prinzflex Super TTL Camera, (No 702945); modern gold plated cased openface pocketwatch, vintage pendant watch etc (damages). £20-30
748.    Over Twenty Five Sheffield Clarion Ramblers Handbooks: (circa 1940's-60's). £40-60
749.    Two Dinky Figure Sets, No. 53 Passengers and No. 51 Station Staff, boxed. £20-40
750.    A Pair of Chinese Bronzed Metal Supports, possibly for table screen, each as an entwined dragon wrapped around pole on circular base 46cm high. £40-60
751.    Domino's compass, torch, cufflinks, Viceroy dry shaver, etc:- One Tray £10-20
752.    A Dunne and Co Black Silk Top Hat, (boxed) 15.5cm ear to ear; and a braille set. (2) £20-30
753.    An Early XX Century Oak Salad Bowl with plated rim and pottery lining, pair of salad servers. £15-30
754.    A Pair of Victorian Ladies Leather Boots, marked "Fortnum & Mason Ltd Piccadilly. W.". £30-40
755.    A Victorian Copper Tea/Hot Water Urn, and a Middle Eastern pierced and decorated mirror stand. (2) £30-50
756.    A Patinated Cast Metal Model of Two Playful Birds, on a branch and naturalistic base, inscribed Chanhomme 1850, length 16cm and a brass bell with trident handle. (2) £20-40
757.    Hiatt Best Chromed Metal Handcuffs, with key; turned wooden truncheon, 37cm long.
760.    Chinese Pottery Buddah Figure with Five Offspring in Attendance, 24cm high, oval stamp under base. £15-30
761.    Pair of Satsuma Pottery Vases, each decorated with four warriors and maiden, 37.5cm high. £20-40
762.    A Walnut Cased Elliott Mantle Clock, for Burrell of Sheffield. £30-50
763.    A Collection of Goodyear, Dunlop and Mintex Calendars, mostly 1980's/90's; together with a Spice Girls group shot cut out and 'Spice World' tour poster. £20-40
764.    Selmer 'Console' Four Piece Ebonised Clarinet, with nickel mounts, approximately 68cm long, cased. £20-40
765.    Enamelled Kitchen Wall Tidy, probably French, with blue checks on a white background, welled base, ladle and sifter to upper bar. £20-30
766.    A Star Birkenhead 'Endeavour II' Yacht MK3 (boxed). £20-30
767.    A Voightlander Camera, Orient Line playing cards, eight day travelling clock, Aston & Co buttons, Ronson lighter, brass Gondola, Lamb & Son 'Alice' box etc:- One Tray £20-30
768.    A Triumph Portable Gramaphone, with blue mottled card covering. Bing Crosby, Al Jolson, Jimmy Young, Les Paul, Gracie Fields and other 78rpm records, three nursery records. £20-30
769.    A Cast Brass Oil Lamp Base and Reservoir as a Corinthian Column, a further brass and porcelain oil lamp base, frosted pink shade, white metal candle snuffers etc:- One Tray £20-40
770.    A Fry's Chocolate Enamelled Wall Sign, featuring five boys heads, on white ground within blue boarder, 37.5 x 50.5cm. £30-50
771.    An Early 1900's Folk Art Butler's Card Tray Stand, 84cm high. £30-40
772.    A Mid XX Century Oak Bank Teller's Station, with slope front desk behind a removable glass sign marked/etched 'PAY' slotting in above front window, 63cm wide. £50-70
773.    Advertising, Hudson's Soap cast iron 'Drink Puppy Drink' water bowl 39cm wide. £30-40
774.    A Tiffany Style Table Lamp. £15-20
775.    An Imperial Typewriter, Facit calculating machine and one other. (3) £30-50
776.    A XIX Century Copper Tea Urn, with twin iron carry handles and brass tap. £20-30
777.    Stained Lead Glass: A pair of strip panels of geometric design with tulip head motifs, 43 x 23cm; two arched examples and a foliate strip panel. (5) £30-50
778.    A Large 'Philip's 18inch Terrestrial Globe' - brass frame on wooden stand - (slight repair noted). £40-80
779.    Verity's 'Limit Vintage Electric Fan. £20-30
780.    Oertling Balance Scales, Bakelite cased weights, all in display case. £20-30
781.    A Victorian Bench Labelling Machine, marked 'Addressall-Adressing-system' to one side and brass plaque 'Made in Cambridge, Mass. USA' to other. £50-70
782.    A Three Step Pine Advertising Ladder, marked 'Sunlight' luxury Bathing and 'Bathing Soaps' to steps. £40-50
783.    A Collection of Books Relating to The Steam Trains of South Africa;together with ten photograph albums containing photographs of South African steam trains:- Two Boxes £20-40
784.    Agfa Optima II Prontomator Camera, Kodak Coloursnap 35 camera, Vivitar 35ES camera, Macro No. 802590 auto zoom lens, Asahi Pentax camera, Auto Promura f=135mm:- One Box £25-50
785.    B Haak: The Golden Age, Dutch Painters of the Seventeenth Century, pub. 1984 Thames & Hudson, dj; together with eleven others including Dutch Painting 1600-1800 (Seymour Slive), Vermeer and the Delft School (Walter Liedtke) , Flemish and Dutch Painting and The Fifteenth Century Netherlands School. £10-20
786.    Pirelli Calendars, a collection of sixteen to include 1984 - 1993 inclusive (duplicates noted) £40-60
787.    British Rail Regional Timetables, 1970's - 2000's; plus a quantity of railway related magazines and booklets etc:- Three Boxes £20-30
788.    Mark Girouard 'Elizabethan Architecture', pub. Yale, signed copy; Megan Aldrich 'Gothic Revival' and other related reference books:- One Box £10-20
789.    The Railway Observer: Thirty-two bound volumes 1960's - 1980's:- Two Boxes £20-40
790.    The National Gallery Illustrated Catalogue, complied by Christopher Baker and Tom Henry; two volumes of the 'Dictionary of British Art'; Atkinson Grimshaw: Painter of Moonlight, edited by Jane Sellars; Oil Paintings in Public Ownership in North Yorkshire and West Yorkshire and Leeds etc:- One Box £30-50
791.    Film Preview, Picture Show, Film Parade, The Great Movie, Stars - The Golden Years, other film annuals mainly 1950's but 40's noted:- One Box £20-40
792.    Wakefield and Environs: a nice collection of literature to include Bygone Wakefield, The Five Towns, Pageant brochure, All In Good Time, Not So Merry Memories Wakefield, etc:- One Box £30-50
793.    A Large Quantity of 1990's - 2000's British Rail Passenger Timetables, magazines and railway related books:- Three Boxes £20-40
794.    A Green Satin Embroidered Eiderdown, central scrolled and foliate oval motifs with borders 153 x 131cm, English and Continental linens, embroidered trolley clothes covers; together with two walking sticks and a shooting stick. £20-40
795.    An Early 1900's 'Jaques' Croquet Set, in a pine box - appears to be complete. £70-90
796.    Masters of the Everyday, Dutch Artists in the Age of Vermeer, The Age of Van Eyck 1430-1530, The Northern Renaissance Durer to Holbein and several books on Caspar David Friedrich:- Two Boxes £20-40
797.    An Italian Straw Boater, two waist coats, Garstin Green canvas covered suit. £20-30
798.    After William Fisk 'King Charles at Westminster Hall' Engraving, 58 x 87cm, in gilt frame, another 'Trial of Thomas, Earl of Strafford'. (2) £40-80
799.    Terence Cuneo, Express Engine at Tyseley, colour print, five unframed prints/posters. £15-20
800.    E. Earp, Shipping in Tranquil Waters, with distant mountains, watercolour, 23.5 x 50.5cm, signed lower left. £15-30
801.    Peter Owen Jones, 'In Town Yesterday', ltd edition colour print, pencil signed, P.O. Jones, 40 x 53cm. £20-40
802.    J. Burns, Figure in Boat on Tranquil Rural River, oil on canvas, 28.5 x 38cm, signed lower right, two earlier examples. (3) £15-25
803.    M. Robinson, '.... Ashover', pencil/graphite drawing, 33 x 49.5cm, signed lower left, a similar continental boating scene. (2) £15-30
804.    George Cunningham 'High Street', ltd edition colour print, of 250, signed Eric Bottomley, 30 x 41.5cm; The Wicker Archers, Sheffield, signed colour print. (2) £20-40
805.    Panoramic Landscape With Cattle Watering in Foreground, oil on canvas, circa 1900, 40 x 59.5cm, another boating scene. (2) £15-25
806.    A Bessie Pease Gutmann 'Happy Dreams' Colour Print, 25.5 x 37.5cm. £15-30
807.    An Oriental Neddlework Picture of Exotic Birds in Blossom Tree, 70.5 x 33cm. Large Venetian scene tapestry 48 x 146cm. £20-30
808.    Ralph Johnson (Newcastle Artist) 1896 - 1980, Northeast Coastal Harbour Scene With Distant Town, signed and dated 1979, 23 x 38.5cm £30-40
809.    Deborah Walker, 'Last Light Trent and Mersey', mixed media, monogram lower right, details verso. £20-30
810.    Peter Owen Jones, 'Cole's Corner', ltd edition colour print of 500, pencil signed, P.O.Jones, 40.5 x 53cm. £20-40
811.    A C.Stenton 1978, oil on board, The Horse Tram, signed lower right (Sheffield Artist) 60 x 45cm (Accepted for display in the Graves Gallery - The Sheffield Art Gallery). £25-45
812.    W. Baker, Three Shipping Boats, beached with figures in foreground, watercolour signed and dated 1901, 43 x 78cm. £30-50
813.    Read Wallace, Country Cottages Watercolour, 24.5 x 34.5cm, signed lower left, T.M. John's, Coastal Scene, watercolour, signed lower left, another watercolour of country house. (3) £15-30
814.    Coloured Print, Ibex by Palm Tree, 89.5 x 31.5cm, in oak frame. £15-25
815.    W Baker, Shipping Boat, beached with figures in foreground, signed lower left , 35.5 x 56.5cm £20-40
816.    Robert Ritchie (Newcastle Artist), 'Harthope Burn' oil on board 21.5 x 29cm 'Snow on the Banks, Fontburn' and one other, all signed.(3) £50-80
817.    E. Burley, Middle Eastern Scenes, featuring palm trees, camels, figures, buildings and ruins by sea, pair of gouaches, oval 39 x 49cm, signed lower right. £15-25
818.    After Lionel Ellis, 'July Splendour', colour print, 59.5 x 49.5cm. £15-20
819.    A Mid XX Century Arched Bridge Scene, oil on boards, 43.5 x 59cm. £15-25
820.    Charles Pigott (Sheffield Artist) 'Ringinglow Moor' and 'Burbage Moor', pair of watercolour's, 23 x 32cm, signed. £50-80
821.    Ralph Johnson (Newcastle Artist) 1896 - 1980, 'Grange in Barrowdale', watercolour, signed lower left, 22 x 28.5 cm, another Derwent Water from Castle Head, signed lower right, 24 x 32.5cm. (2) £30-50
822.    E. Sharland, 'Rheims', 'Winchester', 'Rouen', 'Gloucester', 'Amiens', Coloured Etchings, 40 x 22cm, all graphite signed to margin. (5) £20-30
823.    Still Life of Flowers in Vase, oil on canvas, 43 x 34cm, Sheffield City Galleries label verso with dates from 1974 to 90. An earlier example featuring example featuring pineapples and peach. (2) £20-40
824.    Ralph Johnson (Newcastle Artist) 1896 - 1980, Newbiggin Farm, Lanchester, signed and dated 1969 24 x 34cm, another Farmyard scene, signed lower right, 24 x 33.5cm. (2) £40-60
825.    Peter Owen Jones, 'Sheffield North Junction', colour print, pencil signed, P.O. Jones, 40.5 x 55.5cm. £20-40
826.    M. Potter, Cattle Watering by Riverside, oil on canvas, 39 x 59cm, signed lower left. £15-30
827.    Ralph Johnson (Newcastle Artist) 1896 - 1980, 'Courtyard George Inn', watercolour signed lower left, 16cm square; another, 'Blacksmiths Cottage, Hamsterley', signed lower right. (2) £30-50
828.    E. Morgan Study of a Young Girl Wearing Red Dress, oil on canvas, 42 x 25cm, signed lower right, Kaiser Woodland River Landscape, oil on panel, 29 x 39cm, signed lower left. (2) £20-30
829.    Ralph Johnson (Newcastle Artist) 1896 - 1980, 'Grange in Barrowdale', watercolour, signed lower right, 25.5 x 38cm; another scene similar, signed lower left. (2) £30-50
830.    Peter Owen Jones, 'Winter Tram Scene' Sheffield, colour print, 40 x 53cm, (dropped, signed under mount). £20-40