The Household Auction
on Saturday 16th March 2019

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1001.   A Good Selection of Hand Chisels, Maples,and Morwood names noted:- One Box £30-50
1002.   'B.S.A.' and 'Ask For Shell' Metal Wall Signs. (2) £20-30
1003.   A Copper Pan with Iron Fall Handle, quantity of ceramics, glass ware Hornsea storage jars, Spanish painted terracotta figures:- Two Boxes £15-30
1004.   Crescent Collection Model Guns, books, flagon, tilley lamp, canteen cases, XIX Century Mahogany box, golf clubs etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
1005.   Two Albums of Dutch Postage Stamps and empty albums:- One Box £15-25
1006.   Four Vintage Bagatelle Boards, including an 'Olympic Games' model from the 1950's and an earlier animal/forest example. £30-40
1007.   A Quantity of Ceramic Bells:- One Box £15-20
1008.   A Collection of Chisels (varying makers), drill bits, axe head, brass furniture handles, large cast brass door handle etc:- Three Boxes £20-30
1009.   Records, smokers companion, Yorkshire Penny Bank, cutlery, stoneware jars, etc:- Two Boxes, Novelty Beer Glasses. £15-25
1010.   A Gilded Dressing Table Mirror; together with one other dressing table mirror. (2) £10-20
1011.   Two Mid XX Century Pressed Steel Toy Push Chairs. £20-30
1012.   A Wooden Four Tray Cigar Presentation Box, wooden cigar boxes, a wooden stringer instrument. £20-30
1013.   A Large Wooden Box of Vintage Meccano; plus a further smaller case. £15-30
1014.   Laura Ashley, and four other table/desk lamps, folding stool. £15-20
1015.   Two Painted Early XX Century Cast Iron Hoppers, a 'Memphis Belle', graphite signed limited edition print 14/50 after David Sankey, and three other prints. £15-20
1016.   Jimmy Vasser 1996 PPG Indy Car Champion, framed motor racing related montage. £20-30
1017.   Royal Doulton 'Mystique' Table China, of forty one pieces, three amber glass decanters, quantity or Wade Whimsies:- One Box £15-30
1018.   Hand Drills, G Clamps, further clamps and a Black & Decker Workmate work box with contents. (3) £20-30
1019.   Pedigree Baby Doll, brown plus teddy bear, quantity of 33 and 45 rpm records. £15-30
1020.   Caverswall, Wedgwood, Worcester, Poole and other plates:- One Box £15-25
1021.   A Quantity of Plastic Model Kits, by Airfix, Matchbox, others, spare parts, unchecked for completeness. £20-30
1022.   David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, Billy Joel, Stanger etc, forty five singles etc:- One Box £10-20
1023.   A Quantity of 1940's Mantel Clocks, (spares and repairs) and other mantel clocks:- Two Boxes £15-25
1024.   A Quantity of Pottery Plates, leaf wall pocket etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1025.   Three Mid XX Century Cased Picnic Sets by Sirram and Brexton, including enamel and ceramic sandwich boxes etc. £30-40
1026.   Vinyl - A Collection of 7", L.P. and 78rpms, to include Bill Haley, Drifters, Supremes, Venture, London Jazz, Eddie Cochran (Trfi-label), etc; great condition company sleeves (Brunswick, Decca, London, Stateside, Columbia, Oriole, etc):- One Box £10-20
1027.   Gents Travelling Set, wallpaper cutter, Pifco shoe shine boy:- One Box, Six Million Dollar Man Repair Station, Lego, etc. £15-25
1028.   Digihome 22L TV, reading lamp, standard lamp, aluminium steps etc. untested sold for parts only.
1029.   Five Pairs of Trainers, (Donnay, New Balance, etc) and two pairs of walking boots, (boxed) and a collection of wide brimmed hats - varying designs:- Two Boxes £15-25
1030.   Cricket Wisden's Almanacks, 1973, 78, 96. The Fight for The Ashes 1953 by Peter West, thirteen other cricket book and West Germany made best leather case cricket measure. £8-12
1031.   Cotton Polo Shirts, T-shirts, shirts, etc:- varying designs and sizes:- Two Boxes £10-20
1032.   Atlas Sound 15 Watts Wtist Speaker, Microphones and cables. £10-20
1033.   A Quantity of Children's Toys, including MB Big Trak, Boxer walkie talkies, New Bright Magic Mike robot, Star Wars plastic model space vehicles, DD Captain Scarlet playsuit. £20-30
1034.   A Quantity of Books and Sporting Literature, including Ian Wright (Arsenal and England) signed autobiography. £10-20
1035.   Five Boxes of Vintage Cameras, projectors, floodlights etc; plus two boxed projector screens. £20-40
1036.   Ceramics, glass ware etc:- Three Boxes £10-20
1037.   A Midwinter Tureen, Hornsea, Expressions Edenfield, Meakin, Aynsley, Beswick and other pottery/china:- Three Boxes £20-30
1038.   The Spirit's Flight, oval engraving, 64 x 56cm. A pair of Bessie Pease Gutmann colour prints. (3) £15-25
1039.   Table Lamp with Octagonal & Chrome Body on Hexagonal Base, Matalan example plus shades. £10-20
1040.   Two Modern Banjo Barometers, with inlay effect decoration, a penny farthing metal display stand and a green glass carboy. (4) £20-30
1041.   Oneida Cutlery, watches, brass ware, Beatles 'White Album', etc. in briefcase. £15-25
1042.   A Selection of Assorted Costume Jewellery Beads and Necklaces, including rosary beads and boxed "Avon" costume jewellery, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1043.   A 1970's Adman Grandstand 3600 Mk II Colour TV Game, (boxed), Rebound, framed Cabbage Patch trade cards, boxed Star Trek Action figures. £15-25
1044.   A Quantity of Linens, ceiling lights, wind lights, frames etc:- Three Boxes £15-30
1045.   A Chinese Made Model Chevrolet, Solido Ford V8, Burago Jaguar SS100. £20-40
1046.   A Quantity of Light Bulbs:- One Box. Case, iron, Nokia phone, clock etc. £30-50
1047.   High Vis Weather Proof Jacket, garden hose reel, hand riveter, screw driver and socket set, files, screwdrivers and other DIY tools. (2) £15-25
1048.   Play Off Final Tickets 2003, other tickets, Sheffield United programmes etc:- One Box £10-20
1049.   A Boxaling Gypsy Caravan Model Wooden Kit, Casdon toy hospital bed, Toyworks wooden toy fort Alamo, Meccano components. £20-30
1050.   A Halogen Flood Lamp, tray's, etc; Mappin and Webb bowl. £5-10
1051.   Graeme Baxter, 'Royal St George's', signed limited edition print, photo of the seventeenth hole at Hallowes Golf Club, a further print; together with an artists easel with telescopic legs, frames. £10-15
1052.   A Large Quantity of Vintage Sports Equipment, including three pairs of leather ski boots, wooden cricket stumps and bails, cricket bat etc; plus a pair of old wooden crutches. £20-30
1053.   A Quantity of Prints, games:- One Box. Tools in carry case, two walking canes. £20-30
1054.   A Quantity of Hornby "O" Gauge Model Railway, and associated items. £15-25
1055.   A Large Quantity of Costume Jewellery in case. £15-25
1056.   A Collection of Hand Planes, varying makers including Stanley, Rapier, Anant etc:- One Tray £15-30
1057.   Wood and Devon Toby Jugs, other ceramics, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
1058.   Arnold Machin for Wedgwood King and Queen, black basalt, in original box, Wedgwood jasper plates, bowl, Coty, Spode, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1059.   Tools - Planes: Bailey No 5½, Acorn, Rolson (No 4 boxed), Silverline and loose blades:- One Tray £20-30
1060.   A 1996 'Warner Bros Animation at' Tazmanian Devil, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck illustration (framed), 31 x 41cm, a 1970's PG Tips monkey, three related novelty egg cups and satchel. £15-25
1061.   A Merlin Enhanced Vision, model MRSDE20D/VS15138, LCD display, 19" sceen
1062.   A Mahogany Book Rest, Victorian Military crest envelope motifs, framed cigarette cards, Caxton's F.A. volumes (4), Cigarette & Brook Bond trade cards, 1950's children's annuals etc. (3) £15-20
1063.   A Collection of Boxed and Loose Diecast, including Corgi, Eddie Stobart themed, Days Gone, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
1064.   A Quantity of Playfair Cricket Annuals/Lancashire Cricket Year books and childrens annuals. £10-20
1065.   Classical Interest: A Collection of L.P's/Box Sets, to include SXL Series, Deutsche Grammophon, Archiv Production, etc (Decca stereo sets 360/565, HMV SLS 770, 774, 909, 757, etc:- Three Boxes £20-30
1066.   A Collection of Comics - 1970's and later to include Spiderman, Dennis the Menace, Robo Cop, E-Men, Avengers etc:- Four Boxes £30-50
1067.   DIY Tools and Accessories - screws, test meter, tool boxes, power devil, nails, Humbrol paints, locks, Stanley knives etc. £20-30
1068.   Meakin 'Maidstone & 'Crawford' Dinner Ware:- Two Boxes £15-30
1069.   A Tub of Lego Components, including figures, playworn. £20-30
1070.   A Camping Gaz 'Camping Chef' 5800W Two Ring Cooker and Grill, boxed. £10-20
1071.   Tools - saws, hole saws, files, moulding plane, collection of scissors. £20-30
1072.   Wisdens Cricket Almanacks, 1978 to 87, 89, 91. 92, 94 to 2011, 2013, 14, all hard back editions (33):- Two Boxes £10-20
1073.   Novelty Figural Table Lamp, (untested: sold for parts only), shoe trees, jewellery cabinet, twin handled amphora, pipe rack, chandelier with twelve white and tinted shades:- Two Boxes £15-25
1074.   Tools, S shaped hook, block planes, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
1075.   History of Britains Railways Julian Holland, Noel Mostert The Line Upon a Wind, The Great War at Sea 1793 - 1815, Gavin Fuller History of the World. Classical CD's etc:- Two Boxes £5-10
1076.   Several Pairs of Yellow Lined Curtains:- One Box £10-15
1077.   President 30 Day Wall Clock, DVD's, CD's, Records. £15-25
1078.   A Hamleys Noah's Ark, a Star yacht and other boating models, plus a box of children's books. £10-20
1079.   A Quantity of Plastic Model Figures, Animals, by Britains Deetail, Blue Box and other, playworn. £20-30
1080.   DIY Tools - Saw, files, hammers, spanners, boxed piston rings etc:- Three Boxes £10-15
1081.   Tools - Planes: Bailey No 4, No 4½, Whitmore No 4 (x 2), a further No 4 and loose blades:- One Tray £20-30
1082.   A Collection of Boxed Diecast, including Cameo, Lledo, Days Gone, Oxford diecast etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
1083.   A Quantity of Wooden Moulding Planes, block planes etc:- Two Boxes £20-40
1084.   A Large Terracotta Plant Pot; plus two other planters
1085.   Two Queen Anne Era Indentures (Circa 1711), a cased pair of Miranda 8 x 40 binoculars, metal wirework bun form bowl, cigarette case, bracelet:- One Tray £15-20
1086.   A Collection of Planes, including Stanley No 110, Guys No 1617, Surform, Stanley SB3 etc:- One Tray £20-30
1087.   A Quantity of Large Plant Pots, including 47cm diameter example. £20-40
1088.   Tools - William Marples Spirit Levels, vintage try squares, moulding planes, shears, gimbles, and a quantity of small tools:- Three Boxes £20-40
1089.   A Quantity of Plastic Toy Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Asahi, Zeon including stock car, motorcycle, highway hauler, boxed. £20-30
1090.   Hostess 'Rosalee' Tea Ware, other pottery, glass decanter (no stopper), basket etc. £10-20
1091.   A Quantity of Boxed Vehicles including limited editions, Lledo Railway Road Vehicles of the early 1900's, Bryant & May 'Brymay' (8); together with Denby 'Blackwell' storage jars, Hornsea coffee pot, jug and bowl cobblers last etc:- One Box £20-30
1092.   Forty Eight Matchbox 1-75's and Similar, in original Matchbox carry case, playworn. £20-30
1093.   Wall Pockets, vases, novelty condiments, dog money bank book ends etc. £15-25
1094.   A Box of Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi and others. £20-30
1095.   Drill Bits, screws, saws, reversible ratchet set, (boxed), webbing, chisels, etc:- One Box £15-25
1096.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including beads, bangles and fancy link necklaces:- One Box £10-20
1097.   Oil Lamps, Sadler tea service, brass jardiniere, tins etc:- One Box. A XIX Century Walker Hall copper brass bon-bon dish. £10-20
1098.   A Quantity of Plastic Toy Model Building Sets, by Lego, Hasbro, Pro-Builder, Philiform, unchecked. £20-30
1099.   Hammer, screwdrivers, pliers, quantity of screws, Screwfix titanium coated HSS drills, Shark saw pullsaw etc:- One Box. Cordless drill, sold for parts only, Black & Decker drill, sold for parts only £30-50
1100.   A Box of Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi and others. £20-30
1101.   Porcelain Tea and Dinner Ware, cake comports, jelly mould, Nutbrown rolling pin, storage jars etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1102.   A Quantity of Modern Children's Annuals and Comics, including The Victor Book For Boys 1973, The Beano Book 1983, Eagle Comic 1990, Blue Box plastic toys First Line troops set, UPC Lafatette 1:40th scale coach plastic kit (started), Hohner 1The Echo' mouth organ. £20-30
1103.   Model Animals, Doulton figurine, tool set, wall papering set etc:- One Box £10-20
1104.   A Collection of Ceramic, wooden and plastic dolls house furniture (loose and boxed). £15-25
1105.   A Box of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi, Matchbox and other, playworn. £20-30
1106.   DIY Tools - mixed collection, three boxes and a metal box. (4) £20-40
1107.   A Collection of Modern Action Man Figures, clothing, accessories, vehicles etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
1108.   A Quantity of Bedside Alarm Clocks, varying makers - Big Ben, Columbia, Federal, Westclox, Hippo, novelty themes etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1109.   Tools - two Bailey No.4 planes, spirit level, hammers, Tannoy hand held speaker:- Two Boxes £10-20
1110.   A Large Collection of 45rpm, 1960's - 80's varying genres, over 400:- Three Boxes (3) £20-40
1111.   Chinese Lanterns, curtains, Penalty Shoot Out. £15-20
1112.   A Quantity of Scalextric Accessories, including track, barriers, buildings, playworn:- Three Boxes £20-30
1113.   A Quantity of Ceramics, stoneware, soft toy dog, cutlery etc:- Three Boxes £15-20
1114.   A Box of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox and other, playworn. £20-30
1115.   A Quantity of Table Lamps, glass ware:- Two Boxes £15-25
1116.   Various Paraffin Lamps, loose glass chimney's, brass and copper jugs, ladles and other item:- Two Boxes £15-25
1117.   Shirts, T-shirts, jeans, fleece, trousers, etc:- One Case and One Box. (2) £10-20
1118.   Two Canon Sure Shots, lumix digital, film reels, Crown editor etc:- One Box £5-10
1119.   Teac Stereo CD Receiver, quantity of records, Specto projector in case. £20-30
1120.   Nine Pairs of Gents Shoes, Boots, etc, including golf shoes (boxed and loose). £15-25
1121.   Two Pairs of Kensington Red Lined Curtains:- One Box £10-15
1122.   A Quantity of Wallace and Gromit Plastic 'Air Freshener' Characters, Wesco Interactive AM/FM alarm clock, Buzz Light Year plastic figures, Wallace and Gromit plastic 'House' carry case, sometimes in original packaging. £20-30
1123.   DIY Tools, saws, socket set, spanners, tile cutter, painted pine tool chest., etc. £20-30
1124.   Bull Head Bottle Openers, nutcrackers, etc:- One Box £10-15
1125.   A Quantity of Gent's Shorts, T-shirts, socks, underwear, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
1126.   A Sachs-Dolmar 100 Super Petrol Driven Chainsaw, with two stroke engine oil. £20-40
1127.   A Raleigh Volatile Ladies Mountain Bike, aluminium frame. £10-20
1128.   A Miller ZX-8000 Gents Mountain Bike, with Tamika shock system. £10-20
1129.   An Early XX Century Ewbank Cast Iron Mangle. £30-50
1130.   A Victorian Stripped Pine Two-Door Cupboard; and a pine two height open wall shelf. (2) £20-40
1131.   A Ryobi 25cc RPT Petrol Driven Strimmer.
1132.   An Early XX Century 'Table Top' Mangle, (concealed beneath) and a Singer sewing machine. (2) £20-30
1133.   A Vintage Pine Wheelbarrow. £20-40
1134.   A Homelite HL4545P Self Propelled Petrol Drive Lawn Mower, Mountfield 150cc engine and grass basket. £20-40
1135.   Gardenline Petrol Hedge Trimmer.
1136.   A Qualcast Concorde 32 Lawn Mower, 400w lawn raker, seed dispenser, (tested), B & D cordless screwdriver and jigsaw (sold for parts only untested).
1136A.  Four Jaguar Venus 19.5" Diameter Alloy Wheels, five nut, seven spoke, with 245/45 R18 100 v XL Nokian tyres. £100-120
1137.   A Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.
1138.   A Circa 1950's Kettler Exercise Bike. £10-20
1139.   A Karcher K2.65 Pressure Washer. £20-40
1140.   'The Boss' Hoover, Black & Decker Hedge Cutter, two pair of folding steps, standard lamp - untested sold for parts only. £15-20
1141.   Dyson Root Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner.
1142.   A Mountfield LSG2108 Bio Quiet Shredder; together with a pop up gazebo.
1143.   A Bosch Art 25 GSA Strimmer and a Bosch AHS 40-24 hedge cutter. (2)
1144.   A Beko A Class Six Drawer Freezer.
1145.   Invacare Alu Lite Lightweight Transit Wheelchair. £15-25
1146.   Forks, Shovel, Spades, etc; child's pogo stick. £10-15
1147.   A McCullock MB340 1400w Garden Shredder - Untested - Sold for Parts Only

1148.   A VonHaus 600w Electric Hedge Trimmer, with arm extender and a Flymo garden vac. (2)
1149.   Carpentry Tools - various chisels, saws, hammers, Stanley No.4 plane, rebate plane, scribe, rule, block hammer, etc - all contained in a modern pine tool chest and two boxes of window fittings. (3) £25-45
1150.   Dyson DC 59 Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner.
1151.   Little Yello Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner (boxed)
1152.   Dyson DC 22 Hoover, foot cyclone and core separator.
1153.   A Dyson D007 Vaccum Cleaner.
1154.   A Massage Chair; together with a chrome trolley with wooden top. £10-20
1155.   Roberts DAB Sound 66 Radio, Homi DVD - sold for parts only
1156.   Panasonic LCD TV Viera, model no TX-L32U10BA,plus remote.
1157.   A Bush 24" Flatscreen TV, with remote. (2)
1158.   Samsung TV, Model LE32A.
1159.   A Samsung 40" Flatscreen TV, model YE40 F6500 SBXXU. 3D full HD series 6 with glasses (boxed and manuals)
1160.   A Panasonic 24" LCD TV, model TX-24ASS10B - fitted for wall mounting, no stand.
1161.   A Panasonic 42 Flatscreen LCD TV, model TX-42AS5600B.
1162.   A Samsung 26" Flatscreen TV (no cable).
1163.   Golf: A Powakaddy Golf Bag, containing Ping G5 and G15 woods, Ping G5 zing putter, S2 Max irons, etc; some assoc club socks, an electric Powakaddy golf trolley a Macgregor trolley and a further Hippo golf bag.
1164.   A Veron Tutbury 'Cotswold Peony' Floral Printed Wash Basin and Toilet. £10-15
1165.   Paragon 'Belinda', Czech, Myott and Other Teaware:- Two Trays £15-25
1166.   A Coalport Plate, decorated in the Imari palette, a pair of early XX Century handpainted cabinet plates (one damaged), Royal Crown Derby circular trinket box and cover painted with rosebuds, Dresden trinket pot with dog finial, pair Staffordshire figures, each with sheep and a carnival glass bowl in the Peacock and Vine pattern:- One Tray £10-20
1167.   A Quantity of Alabaster Onyx Wares, including table lamp, trinket boxes, vases:- One Tray £20-40
1168.   Beswick Robin, Sylvac Dog, German Cat, other ceramics:- One Tray £15-30
1169.   A West German Scheurich Type Ceramic Jug Vase, impressed number 245-40, with angular handle and dot and linear decoration; together with Salisbury China teaware, cut glassware, Bells whisky bell, vases etc:- One Box £15-25
1170.   Lilliput Lane Models, clocks Russian dolls etc:- One Tray £15-20
1171.   Royal Worcester Evesham Tableware; coffee pot, eight cups and saucers, four beakers, seven tea plates, five larger plates, eight dessert bowls, butter dish, condiments, cake plates and various sectional and small dishes etc. £20-30
1172.   Crown Staffordshire China Bowl, with applied floral decoration continental, pastille burner, lily vase blue and white 'Windmill' wall plaque, faux pearls and diamanté necklace, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1173.   A Midwinter Chintz Cake Stand, Art Deco jug vase, German monk jug, Past Times egg etc:- One Tray £15-25
1174.   Limoges, Greek and other ceramics, blue glass liqueur decanter, five toys etc:- One Tray £15-20
1175.   Poole Aegean Vase, G.A Hart of Sheffield, studio vase, red earthenware model cow (base incised 'DH'), novelty condiments, USSR bear etc:- One Tray £15-25
1176.   Two Modern Pottery Dolls, Worcester pink and gilt dinnerware of twelve pieces, 'Abbey' meat plate. £20-30
1177.   Royal Worcester Evesham Tableware; four lidded tureens in various sizes, two gravy boats/stands, sauce boat, eight oval plates, eight small plates, eight bowls and various other serving dishes etc. £20-30
1178.   Hornsea 'Bronte' Storage Jars (flour, two sugar, tea, coffee, butter), other Hornsea pin dishes, condiments etc. £15-20
1179.   Lead Crystal Dressing Table Trays, powder bowls, coloured glass swan, friggers:- One Box £15-25
1180.   A Paragon 'Country Lane' China Tea and Dinner Service, of over fifty five pieces. £20-40
1181.   Hutschenreuther 'Chloe' Dinner Ware, of approximately sixty nine pieces £20-40
1182.   Cut Glass Pedestal Dish, a tall clear glass vase, artificial flowers in vases, picture:- One Tray £10-15
1183.   Ladies Scarves, Crown Devon soup bowls, a XIX Century tureen etc:- One Box £10-15
1184.   Myott, Meakin and Other Dinner and Teaware:- Two Boxes and a bread pancheon. £10-15
1185.   A Quantity of Loose Kings Pattern Plated Cutlery, K. Bright Ltd horn handled carving set (cased), other plated ware, Babycham glasses etc:- One Box £20-30
1186.   A Quantity of Prints, shares certificate, map, needlework, Pollyanna Pickering print etc:- One Box £15-20
1187.   Mid XX Century Mantel Clocks - Metamec, Westclox, etc:- One Box £10-15
1188.   Four Coalport China Dwellings, 'The Fisherman's Cottage', 'Park Folly', 'Red House' and 'Keepers Cottage', Melbaware 'Punch' character jug, Royal Albert 'Jeremy Fisher' and a collection of over thirty Royal commemorative china pieces:- One Box £45-55
1189.   A Quantity of Modern Children's Toys, including Postman Pat humming top, Ahi battery operated travelling monkey, boxed. £20-30
1190.   A XIX Mahogany Century Tea Caddy, tankards, wall plaques, cutlery, punch scrap album etc:- One Box £15-30
1191.   A Quantity of Plastic Model Aircraft and Vehicle Toys, including gyro copter, playworn. £20-30
1192.   Doctor Who Action Game, Mighty Metro Scalextric, Etch A Sketch, Track etc. £15-30
1193.   A Quantity of Modern Trade Cards, by Topps, Panini and other including Pokemon, Bundesliga Football, Star Trek. £20-30
1194.   Chinese Remote Control Model Daleks, three large and two small:- One Box £15-30
1195.   Buddy L, Digger Tonka cement mixer, tipper trucks, dominoes, minibrix, scrabble. £20-30
1196.   A Collection of Soundtrack and Female Artist L.P.'s, varying titles and artists to include Peggy Lee, Carly Simon, Diana Ross, Dionne Warwick; Amadeus OST, A Room With a View, etc: Two Boxes £20-30
1197.   A Painted Wooden Noah's Ark, with animals, other farmyard animals, shack model, small ironing board etc:- One Box £10-20
1198.   Brixham Pottery Coffee Wares, vases, posies, condiments, egg cups and other pottery. £10-20
1199.   A Quantity of Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Dinnerwares, of appoximately twenty-eight pieces (tureens, flan dishes noted). £20-30
1200.   An Eggshell Porcelain Six Setting Tea Service, enamel decoration of flying dragons, and Geisher image to cup base, and a model military gentleman:- One Tray £5-10
1201.   A Grosvenor China Six Setting Tea Service, pattern 9030, Milano Millefori, painted glass bottle, set of six Crown Devon plates, Victorian glass dish etc:- One Tray £15-25
1202.   Soaps, perfumes, toiletries. Place mats etc:- One Box £15-20
1203.   Over Seventy Crested China Models, including vases, teapots, puzzle jug, shoes, condiments, etc; varying makers:- One Box £40-50
1204.   Six Brierley Sundaes, and stemmed Champagnes, other glass ware, biscuit jar etc:- One Tray £15-30
1205.   Cilibri Table Lighters, glass paperweights, The Wallace Automatic Cigarette Case, pipe, etc:- One Tray £10-30
1206.   New Hall "Hovis Cafe Ware, Macclesfield" tea service:- One Tray (17 pieces) £10-20
1207.   Royal Doulton 'Sonnet' Tea For Two Set, Spode 'Italian' bowl, Titian Ware sandwich plate etc:- One Tray £8-12
1208.   Aynsley Cups & Saucers, Crown Derby, Doulton 'Little Nell' pin trays, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1209.   Adderley, Canary, Hornsea, Price, Sandland and Other Mid XX Century Ceramics:- One Tray £15-25
1210.   Two Sadler Wall Pockets, five continental pottery figures:- One Tray £8-12
1211.   Minton, Aynsley China Pin Dishes, trays, condiment set, Paragon 'Michelle' part tea service:- One Tray £10-15
1212.   Royal Doulton 'The Lawyer' Character Jug D6498, smaller 'The Guardian' D6772, John Barleycorn jug, Sandland, Hummel, Mason's, Artone and other examples. (15) £10-20
1213.   A Crown Devon Blush Ivory Dressing Table Trinket Set on Rectangular Tray, Minton plate, other china:- One Tray £15-20
1214.   Waterford Crystal Glass Mantle Clock, Imari bowls, cut glass tankard etc:- One Tray £5-10
1215.   Soup Spoons, teaspoons, salad servers, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1216.   Silver Hallmarked Cocktail Spoons, Mason's Ironstone Mandalay ginger jar, safety razor, slide rule, brass cow bell, etc:- One Box £15-20
1217.   Royal Albert 'Masquerade' Tea Ware, of twenty one pieces, Wedgwood 'Charnwood' vase etc:- One Tray £15-20
1218.   XX Century Water Jugs, glasses, Vaseline glass bowl etc:- One Tray £10-20
1219.   Bruno Merli Girl on Swing Resin Figure, Bisque Regency Beau 34cm high, two Italian figures, Coalport, Derby and other ceramics:- One Tray £20-30
1220.   Chinese Blue and White Pottery Bowl, the exterior featuring figures in garden scenes within lattice work border, 26cm diameter. £20-30
1221.   A Collection of Limoges Cabinet Trinkets, Royal Worcester 'Evesham' and 'Arden' dinnerware:- One Tray £20-30
1222.   Aynsley Wild Tudor and Cottage Garden China:- One Tray, Indian Tree and other ceramics, sugar scoop, etc:- One Box. (2) £15-25
1223.   A Ships Decanter, Thomas Webb fruit bowl, Tudor plate, other glass ware:- One Box £15-30
1224.   Leonardo, Regency Fine Arts, With You Always, Doulton and other figurines:- OneTray £20-40
1225.   Royal Worcester Evesham Tableware; three graduated rectangular serving dishes, three oval vegetable dishes, seven lidded tureens in various sizes, jug, flan dishes, souffle and ramekins. £20-30
1226.   Capodimonte, and other Italian figurines (8):- One Tray £15-30
1227.   Five Modern Pottery Table Lamps, varying designs (one shade) £15-25
1228.   Mobile Phones - Samsung, Nokia, Sony etc. TomTom sat nav etc:- One Box £15-30
1229.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Ladies Wristwatches, etc. £10-20
1230.   Fishing, Browning Backfire II 830 FD Reel; together with a bakelite fishing reel. (2) £8-12
1231.   Apple iPhone 5S 16GB Smartphone (white), in box with plug but no USB lead or headphones

1232.   9ct Gold Fine Chain and Others, costume jewellery, rings etc. £15-30
1233.   Sekonda and Other Watches, coins, costume jewellery etc £15-20
1234.   F.K.S Mexico 70 Football Sticker Album, approximately forty five absent. £10-15
1235.   Gents Watches, pen knives, compass etc. £5-10
1236.   Mascot Tapestry Powder Compact, (boxed), Ingersoll stop watch, Crown Devon milk and sugar, Victorian glass baskets, Pendelfin figures, thimbles etc:- One Box and a Tray. (2) £10-20
1237.   Costume Jewellery - necklaces, bangles, brooches, wristwatches, etc:- One Box £20-30
1238.   Lewis, 'Spitfire Study' watercolour, signed 35.5 x 44cm, another church study, Woodland oil, two prints. (5) £15-20
1239.   A Quantity of Children's Games and Toys, including Airfix flight Deck, Ranetta plastic model boat, Ideal Mouse Trap, unchecked. £20-30
1240.   Various Prints, photograph frames, oil study, assorted literature, planter, dinner wares, etc :- Three Boxes £15-25
1241.   Wedgwood 'Pennine' Dinnerware, of twenty-five pieces:- One Tray £15-25
1242.   Stoneware Hot Water Bottle, resin figures, horn, field glasses etc:- One Box and two Oriental vases. (3) £10-20
1243.   Three Circa 1930's Hammered Pewter Twin Handled Trays, pewter tankards, teapot, jugs, pepperette, etc. £10-20
1244.   Oak Biscuit Barrels, tea canisters, cloisonne dish, horn miniature occasional table, condiments, beaker, chair etc. £15-20
1245.   A Pair of Electroplated Three Branch Candelabra, scrolled arms and cast borders, loose cutlery, Viners tankards, plated sauce boats, condiments, etc:- One Box £15-20
1246.   Tools, Rabone Chesterman ruler, first alert lamp, etc:- One Box £15-20
1247.   Nurami Coffee Ware of Twenty One Pieces, Johnson Bros 'Eternal Beau' dinner ware:- Two Boxes £15-30
1248.   Six Boxed Retro Technology Toys, including Tandy Robie Junior, Computrain Bar Code System. £20-30
1249.   Meccano 5Me, Jagerndorfer Cable Car, Hornby 'O' gauge clockwork train, Chad Valley Sliderama, eight train theme plates. £20-30
1250.   A Bull Worker X5 Fitness Exerciser, Casio Songbank Keyboard, Salter bathroom scales, trombone case. £20-30
1251.   J. David Aliehamas Prints, Day, watercolour of a Stile etc. (4) £5-10
1252.   A Brown Leather Masonic Case, one other case and a ladies bag. (3) £5-10
1253.   D.M Hinchcliffe 'Pygmy Owl', watercolour 6 x 8.5cm,. Vettriano, Wendy Mills and other prints. £15-30
1254.   Schlitz Beer x three card signs from 1991, 35 x 56cm. Modern Rimmel's and Pietromarchi prints. (5) £15-30
1255.   Vintage Children's Annuals, including Radio Fun, Buffalo Bill, Radio and Hollywood reviews etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
1256.   Wisdens Cricket Almanacks, 1950, 53,74, 76 to 80, 82 to 85, 88 to 92, 94 to 97, 99, 2001, 03 to 06 plus many duplicates, all linen backed yellow covers. (47) Three boxes. £15-30
1257.   A Quantity of DVD's/PC Games, etc - modern titles noted:- Three Boxes £15-25
1258.   A Painted Jardiniere Stand, painted ladder, together with a two fold screen. (3) £10-20
1259.   A Singer Sewing Machine, dolls, cots & wicker cradles. £20-30
1260.   Eight Eagle Annuals, (No 1. 2 x No 2, 3,4. 5, 7 noted), Popeye, Girls annuals, Marvel bound periodicals etc:- Two Boxes (4) £20-30
1261.   Two Battery Operated Plastic Toy Vehicles by Marx, comprising a four wheel drive hill climbing Lunar Scout (1968) and a Krazy Tipper Car, both boxed. (2) £20-30
1262.   Pelham Puppet 'Horse', 'Big Shot' bagatelle, The Visible Woman, Magic Robot, Driving Test, Roulette etc. £15-25
1263.   Carved Wooden Elderly Figures, Jesus Christ, musicians, pottery oriental figures, hollow cast monk, glazed earthenware Henry VIII etc. £15-25
1264.   Coachline Sheffield Bus Rolls Framed: Prince of Wales Road, Wisewood, Loxley, Shiregreen, Wincobank, Standon Road, Upwell Street, Sandstone Road, together with one other framed bus roll. (2) £15-20
1265.   Two Model Boats, Galleon Flamenco 1593 and Clipper. (2) £15-20
1266.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Dolls. £20-30
1267.   Mirage Golf Craft Ash Two-Piece Snooker Cue; two other snooker cues, pool cue and three golf clubs. (7) £15-20
1268.   Wisden Cricket Magazines and Others, a large quantity:- Four Boxes £10-20
1269.   A Quantity of Linens, towels, etc in basket and box. £15-25
1270.   An Original Notice Dated May 14th 1947 For "Firth Brown Tools Ltd, Sheffield", concerning Whitsuntide Holiday arrangements (framed); plus another similar, dated 1955, in a clip frame. £20-30
1271.   A Pair of Art Nouveau Vases, (damage), Shuttlecocks, pair of child's cloggs, copper half round planter:- One Box £10-20
1272.   A Quantity of (Circa 1970's) Lego Components. £20-30
1273.   A 1930's Oak Framed Rectangular Wall Mirror, moulded border, canted corners; a pair of open spiral twist oak candlesticks and a warming pan. (4) £20-30
1274.   Folding Clothes Rail and Tailors Dummy. £15-30
1275.   A Mannequin, on a tripod base. £10-15
1276.   A Quantity of Lego, including boxed Banana Balance, Frog Rush, Technic:- One Box £20-40
1277.   Patriot Games, Downton Abbey, Planet Earth and other DVD's £10-15
1278.   Two 1970's Style Ceiling Hanging Lamps. £10-20
1279.   A Plated Gadrooned Teapot, Early Century hot water jug, carnival glass ware, Amethyst conical glass vase, tumblers, spill vase:- On Tray £15-30
1280.   Forty Eight Matchbox 1-75's and Similar, in original Matchbox carry cases, playworn. (2) £20-30
1280A.  A Brass Fire Screen, in the Arts and Crafts manner, 38cm wide, a Marks and Spencer Table Lamp. (2) £15-30
1282.   A Danbury Mint 'We Will Remember Them' Figure, Lenox Great Castle, coinage, camera etc:- One Tray £15-25
1283.   An Oxidised Copper Model of Archilles Mounting His War Chariot, Alabaster and other mineral wares:- One Tray £20-30
1284.   Four 1930's/40's Oak Cases Mantel Clocks, including a Smith's Enfield example. (4) £20-30
1285.   A Collection of Reproduction and Wall Hanging Flintlock Pistols, two powder horns and two revolver/pistols:- One Box £20-40
1286.   Images of War Books, Challenger 2, The British Main Battle Tank, Images of War Book Axis Tanks of WWII, other images of War books, The Story of The Spitfire by Ken Delve, Richard Overy A History of War in 100 Battles, other Military books:- On Box £10-20
1287.   Various Clocks - Travelling, alarm, Noddy, etc:- One Box £10-15
1288.   A XIX Century Brass Bell, Bacons motoring and cycling road map, England & Wales, copper coffee pot, stamp album etc:- One Tray £10-20
1289.   Five 1940's Oak and Mahogany Mantel Clocks, varying designs. £20-30
1290.   Royal Crown Derby Imari Hedgehog, date code for 1986, Beswick spaniel, Wade Whimsies, miniature crested tea set, coronation coach and horses:- One Tray £10-20
1291.   Team England Rugby World Cup 2003 Book, signed by M. Catt, M. Tindall and one other, together with a photo of England Rugby World Cup Winners 2003. £5-10
1292.   A Cast Brass Sundial, a reproduction seal stone carving, boxed with China dish of wax and stand, a hardwood bangle with mother of pearl inset, and another hardwood box. £15-20
1293.   Cigarette and Trade Cards, loose and mounted in albums - Military, Film Stars, Dogs and Royal themes noted, embroidered silk handkerchiefs etc:- One Tray £8-12
1294.   Eight Cut Throat Razors and Cases, old brushes, vintage tins etc.:- One Box and One Tray £20-30
1295.   An Early XX Century Brass Jam Pan, an enamel twin handled pan. (2) £10-20
1296.   A Collection of Kitsch 1960's/70's Wall and Alarm Clocks, by Metamec, Rhythm, Tokyo Toke etc:- One Box £20-40
1297.   1960's Smiths, Metamec Mantel Clocks, Bentima 8-Day mantel clock etc:- One Box £10-20
1298.   An Oak Galley Tray, oak cutlery canteen (box only), Roberts radio, book rest etc £15-25
1299.   Art Deco Era Mantel and Wall Clocks, including oak starburst, bakelite, onyx example noted:- One Box £20-30
1300.   Books, Relating to Sheffield - Remember Sheffield 1950's 60's 70's Heeley and Thereabouts, Sheffield Emergency City, Grants of Sheffield Steel by Geoffrey Tweedale, The Joy of Sheff. (A New Exhibition by artist Peter Mckee ordnance survey maps. £20-30
1301.   Two Mid XX Century German Walnut Cased Mantel Clocks. (2) £10-20
1302.   Schoolboy Stamp Albums, mid 70's/80's 1st day covers in two albums, trade cards. £10-20
1303.   A Glove Puppet, pewter ware, tin, print, three cans etc:- One Box £20-30
1304.   A 1960' Walnut Elliott Mantel Clock, Smiths mantel clock, Metamec clock, other clocks:- One Box £10-20
1305.   A Box of Diecast Model Vehicles, by Dinky, Matchbox, Corgi and others, playworn. £20-30
1306.   A Quantity of Framed Advertisements, prints, photographs, all Range Rover themed. £20-30
1307.   An Interesting Collection of Vintage Papers/Comics, including Beano, Wham!, Buzzer etc (1930's 40's onwards), Radio Times, 1930's Magnet Magazines, V.E Day paper, gilt typeset paper etc:- One Box £20-30
1308.   Three Micro Scalextric, Scalextric Inner City Speed, Scalextric Continental sports cars, Autocraft Road Monster, Chad Valley construction play set. (7) £20-40
1309.   Graham Carver, James Hussey signed prints and others. £15-20
1310.   A Quantity of 1970's and later West German Pottery Vases, planters, wall pocket, jugs etc. £20-30
1311.   A Tiffany Style Table Lamp, 46cm high. £20-40
1312.   A 1930's Style Oak Cases Mantel Clock, rectangular silvered dial, Roman numerals, and another Art Deco mantel clock. (2) £20-40
1313.   A Circa 1900 Junghans Mantel Clock, carved arched hood within turned finial, half turned pilaster strips, plinth base. £15-25
1314.   A 1930's Walnut Mantel Clock, Arabic numerals and an oak cased mantel clock. (2) £20-30
1315.   Post Office Scales, serial number 17684. £10-15
1316.   1940's Oak Mantel Clock, 1930's John D. Francis Ltd and four other clocks. (6) £20-30
1317.   Pottery Figure of Buddah, with all-over turquoise glazing, 38.5cm high. £30-40
1318.   A Victorian Brass Paraffin Lamp with Reflector, a further lamp with moulded white glass shade, and two Art Nouveau decorated copper jugs. (4) £20-30
1319.   An Early XX Century Oak Cased Mantel Clock, with a silver dial, with brass and oak columns, Bentina mantel clock, Enfield eight day mantel clock, and one other mantel clock. (4) £15-20
1320.   An Iron Base Lamp Circa 1900, with white glass well, Art Deco style table lamp as a semi clad lady. (2) £20-40
1321.   Three Fire Buckets. £10-15
1322.   A Pair or Circa 1900 Spelter Figures of Industry, raised on ebonised socles (damaged) (2) £20-30
1323.   Three Galvanised Watering Cans, without the tops, galvanised jug and a copper posher. (5) £10-15
1324.   A Quantity of Aero Modellers Plans, model ship kit (started), unchecked:- Two Boxes £20-30
1325.   A Large Collection of 45rpms, mostly 1960's - 80's, over 300:- Two Boxes (2) £20-30
1326.   Time Life 'The Story of Great Music', twenty-two box sets (with selected associated booklets), five Time Life 'Swing Era' box sets; Classical Interest HMV ALP 10189, 33CX 1049, LXT2821 etc. £20-40
1327.   A Large Collection of 45rpms,mostly 1960's - 80's, over 300:- Two Boxes (2) £20-30
1328.   A Quantity of Linens, in a leather case and a box of soaps. £15-25
1329.   A Quantity of Modern HO/OO Scale Model Railway, Rolling Stock, Accessories, by Hornby, Rivarossi and other, playworn. £20-30
1330.   Fishing: Reels - Bakelite 'ELO' Mitchell 301 & 304, floats, sea hooks etc in wicker box, unnamed rods. £30-50
1331.   A Grit Stone Garden Trough, 56 x 36 x 23cm. £20-40
1332.   A 1940's Oak Cased Wall Clock, with a silvered dial, glazed door. £15-20
1333.   A XX Century Gesso Standard Lamp, with spiral decoration, carved fruit to base (damaged), together with a half build model boat. (2) £5-10
1334.   Square Shaped Coffee Table, with a glass top, teak ends with undershelf; together with a floor standing Indonesian vase, with a flared top, bulbous body, on a square base (2) £20-40
1335.   An Early XX Century Walnut Cased Singer Sewing Machine. £15-20
1336.   An Early XX Century Oak Domed Cased Singer Sewing Machine. £15-20
1337.   Six Travelling Cases, leather noted. £20-40
1339.   An Onyx and Brass Standard Lamp, a brass standard lamp, a pair of brass table lamps and one other (all with shades) (5) - all untested sold for parts only. £15-25
1340.   Bisley Ten Drawer Chest. £20-40
1341.   Bisley Five Drawer Chest. £10-20
1342.   An Early XX Century Oxidized Copper Adjustable Standard Lamp, on triform base. £20-40
1343.   A Wooden Sewing Box and Contents. £20-30
1344.   Two Circa 1900's Folding Tubular Framed Prams, including "Allwin' and Cumfifolda (2) £20-30
1345.   Seven Vintage Wooden Storage Boxes - advertising print noted on many. (7) £10-20
1346.   Two Wm Stones Ltd Wine, Spirit Merchants, Pack Horse Yard, Huddersfield Stoneware Bottles. (2) £15-20
1347.   Israeli Made Worsted Acrylic Pile 'Solomon' Rug for Debenhams, multi coloured floral decoration with blue narrow border 250 x 350cm. £20-30
1348.   A Middle Eastern Tassled Wool Rug, with five Quadrilateral motifs to centre, with all over geometric decoration, approximately 196 x 120cm £20-40
1349.   A Persian Style Silk Rug, with floral decoration, tassel ends. £20-30
1350.   Two Bus Rolls:- Leeds, Wakefield and Bradford, together with one other framed bus roll. (3) £10-15
1351.   A Gilded Rectangular Wall Mirror, with shell and 'C' scroll decoration. £20-30
1352.   A Late XIX Century Over Mantel Mirror, moulded frame with flattened arch, a brass framed bevelled glass hall mirror with associated brushes (loose) (4) £15-25
1353.   Four Large Colour Prints, including Terrance Cuneo, Alexander McLean. £15-20
1354.   Eight Hunting Room Interior Prints, in gilt frames. £10-20
1355.   Sheffield Themed Prints, to including signed limited edition Sheffield England 1967 after Barrie Pearson, Peter Owen Jones, coloured photographic prints, railway themed; and 'Ladies of The Rovers' after Stuart McIntyre (with Liz Dawn and Jean Alexander unverified signatures) (7) £10-15
1356.   A.S. Forrest, Figures with Handkerchief in Garden, watercolour, signed lower left, 17.5 x 14cm. G.A Sydenham 'Mr Pickwick' watercolour signed and dated '43 18.5 x 13.5cm. £15-30
1357.   A Pair of XIX Century Style Signed Limited Edition Prints, views of Falmouth, signed in pencil Colin C. Nunn; together with Rodin prints. (4) £15-20
1358.   Joe Scarborough Print 'Evening Papers at Hillsborough Corner', Brian Edwards prints, Brian Edwards books on Peak District Villages Dore, Totley, Brookfield Manor; together with one other print. £10-15
1359.   Harry Champions, Any Old Iron, Miss Annabelle Lee Land of Hope and Glory Framed Music Sheets; together with unframed music sheets, Chad Valley dool, etc:- One Box £10-20
1360.   K. Benton, Still Life Study of Fruit, Jug, Bowl and Wine, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 60 x 90cm. £20-40
1361.   A Collection of Coloured Prints, including equestrian interest, Yorkshire Relish, aviation, country map, Ashley Jackson, etc. £8-12
1362.   After Besse Pease Gutmann 'A Little Bit of Heaven', colour print, further print of Mother and Children, and framed cigarette cards 'Regimental Colours'. (3) £10-20
1363.   A Sepia Print, 'Innocence' 32.5 x 25cm. Four Religious prints. (5) £15-25
1364.   English School, Early XX Century Study of A Girl Looking over Fence, oil on board 30.5 x 20.5 £15-25
1365.   Circleef? Continental Oil on Canvas, of fishing boats, signed lower left; togther with two other oil canvases of fishing boats, by Santes and H. Sopena. (3) £20-40
1366.   English School, Late XIX Century Study of a Boy Catching a Ball, oil on board, signed indistinctly. Early XX Century Lakeland scene, Gouache 16 x 26.5cm. Oil on board, school scene. (3) £20-40
1367.   A Collection of Prints, framed A & BC Film Star Trade Cards, cigarette cards, dog studies, Egyptian souvenir papyrus studios etc. £10-15
1368.   The 'Marlborough' Design Rolls of Wallpaper, still life prints published by J. Lyons & Co:- One Box £10-20
1369.   After Luis Rousseau, 'Seabird's Playground' and 'Golden Glints' , pair of colour prints 25 x 37.5cm. £10-20
1370.   Liz Taylor, 'St Anns Alley' limited edition print of 150, signed, 33.5 x 18cm. Mildred Smith, 'York Bootham Bar', pencil drawing, Parisian scene print, three floral prints. (6) £15-30
1371.   A Signed Framed Photograph of Jack Charlton, plus XIX Century mirror with painted flowers. £5-10
1372.   Oil on Canvas Spanish Hillside House, signed lower right, Maria oil on canvas, of a three lined road; together with other pictures. (6) £10-20
1373.   A Decorative Pub Advertising Mirror for "Glen Grant Whisky" in pine frame, 63.5 x 89cm. £20-30
1374.   A Gilt Rectangular Shaped Mirror, 1930's rectangular mirror and an oval mirror. (3) £10-15
1375.   Two Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirrors, in gilt frames. £15-20
1376.   A Gilded Wall Mirror, with 'C' scroll decoration. £15-20
1377.   A Pewter Fronted Picture of a Galleon, 58.5 x 49cm, circular bevelled wall mirror in beaten frame. £15-30
1378.   A Walnut Style Chest of Drawers, with six long drawers, on bracket feet. £30-50
1379.   XIX Century and Later Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, the top with astragal doors, bureau with a fall front, fitted interior, three long drawers, (top a later addition). £10-15
1380.   A Brown Leather Pouffe.
1381.   Cream Fabric Covered Two Seater Settee. £15-20
1382.   Beige Fabric Covered Two Seater Settee. £10-20
1383.   A Cream Leather Stressless Chair, together with a footstool- Untested Sold for Parts Only. £50-80
1384.   A Modern Pine Bed Frame, width 4' 6", with arched head, foot and latts. £10-20
1385.   Four Folding Conservatory Chairs, with blue striped material. £10-15
1386.   Shabby Chic Painted French Wardrobe, with a stepped cornice, panelled doors, two small drawers, on bracket feet. £50-70
1387.   An Ercol 'Gina' Style Reclining Two Seater Settee; together with a footstool on a quarterfoil base, design No. 1082. £30-50
1388.   A Set of Four Early XX Century Walnut Salon Chairs, with pierced splat upholsted seats, on turned legs. £15-20
1389.   An Early XIX Century Oak Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, together with an oak corner stand on barley twist legs.(2) £15-20
1390.   A Blue Painted Bookcase, together with a pair of bedside cupboards. (3) £5-10
1391.   A XX Century Oak Lined Fold Wardrobe, together with a matching dressing table. £30-40
1392.   An Edwardian Beech Piano Stool, and wall rack. (2) £15-30
1393.   A Pair of Mahogany Bookcases, with three fixed shelves on plinth bases. £10-15
1394.   A XX Century Display Cabinet, with glazed doors, on cabriole legs, pad feet. £5-10
1395.   Younger Furniture Display Cabinet, with glazed doors, three top drawers, over cupboard doors, on bracket feet. £10-15
1396.   A Mahogany Style Chest of Drawers, with five long drawers, together with a pair of mahogany bedside cabinets. (3) £10-15
1397.   An Oak Cased Granddaughter Clock, eight day, silvered dial, Arabic numerals. £15-25
1398.   A 1930's Oak Book Cabinet, with glazed and panelled doors,concealing adjustable shelves on twin ball and stepped feet 91.5cm wide. £40-60
1399.   Cream Painted Dresser, slender drop leaf table, two stools. (4) £20-40
1400.   A 1920's Mahogany Three Piece Lounge Suite, with vase central splat to Bergeres back and sides, rounded arm rests on stepped feet. £5-10
1401.   A Mahogany Corner Display Cabinet, octagonal drinks cabinet and wine table. (3) £15-30
1402.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Occasional Table, magazine rack, four drawer drum table. (3) £15-30
1403.   A Green Painted Oval Topped Coffee Table. £10-15
1404.   A Modern Pine Three Height Chest of Drawers, serpentine top, moulded edge. £15-25
1405.   A George III Mahogany Hanging Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, crossbanded with three interiors shelves. £20-30
1405A.  A Pine Bookcase, with four open shelves, on a plinth base. £20-30
1406.   An Oak Firescreen, with a woolwork panel; together with one other firescreen; and a mahogany magazine rack. (3) £10-20
1407.   Reprodux Mahogany Bookcase, with two adjustable shelves. £15-20
1408.   A Chinese Style Hardwood Coffee Table, with a carved top, single drawer. £15-20
1409.   A Mahogany Circular Coffee Table, together with a mahogany display cabinet. (2) £10-15
1410.   A G-Plan Style Sideboard, top with three cupboards, over drawers and a fall front cupboard door, on tapering circular legs. £20-40
1411.   An Oak Needlework Table and Stool. (2) £15-30
1412.   A Chest of Seven White Fronted Drawers, 100cm wide. £10-20
1413.   A Morris Furniture Company Light Oak Sideboard, fitted with two banks, of three drawers, central cupboard doors. £20-40
1414.   A Modern Pine Nest of Tables, pine pedestal, a pair of pine spice racks and a toilet mirror. £20-30
1415.   A Woven Cane Chest of Four Drawers, two small over two long, in white and a pine glazed cabinet. (2) £15-25
1415A.  An Oak Rectangular Shaped Refectory Table, on cup cover supports, central stretcher.. £20-30
1416.   A Pair of Patio Chairs, oak coffee table, painted table, and cake stand. (5) £20-40
1417.   An Oak Rectangular Shaped Dining Table, with shaped supports. £5-10
1418.   A 1920's Walnut Display Cabinet, with a low back, glazed doors, on carved cabriole legs. £30-40
1419.   An XVIII Elm Armchair, with pierced splat drop in seat, on square legs, together with two children's chairs. (3) £10-15
1420.   A Pine Rectangular Kitchen Table, on black painted turned legs, together with four ebonised kitchen chairs with X stretcher back. £40-60
1421.   Ercol Dining Suite - rectangular shaped table (with extra leaf) on shaped legs together with four chairs, (two arms, two single chairs) with a swan splat, on circular legs with H stretches. £100-150
1422.   A Pair of Oak Rectangular Shaped Coffee Tables, on trestle ends, central stretches. (2) £10-15
1423.   Edwardian Walnut Chest, of two short and two long drawers. £20-30
1424.   Ercol Oval Topped Coffee Table, with spindle undershelf. £30-50
1425.   An Oak Display Cabinet, with twin lead glazed doors on turned and block supports, 96.5cm wide. £15-30
1426.   A Set of Four Grey Painted Chairs. £5-10
1427.   A 1960's Formica Sideboard, with curved end cupboards on tapering legs, 182cm wide. £15-30
1428.   A Pair of Walnut Style Bedside Chests, with drawers on bracket feet. (2) £20-30
1429.   A Mahogany Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, on cabriole legs. £10-15
1430.   A Walnut Sewing Table, with a hinged lid, single drawer, together with an Ercol style, trolley. (2) £10-20
1431.   A 1920's Oak Barley Twist Table, together with an oak drop leaf table. (2) £10-20
1432.   A Mid XX Century Cased Bush Radiogram, with a Garrard turntable. £10-15
1433.   An Edwardian Mahogany Toilet Mirror, shield plate on shaped support, above a frieze of three small drawers, boxwood stringing, bone handles. £15-25
1434.   A Stag Style Dressing Table, with a central mirror, side mirrors, three top drawers. £10-20
1435.   Ercol Hoop Back Single Chair. £10-15
1436.   A XX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the top with a low back, two short drawers, three long drawers, on bracket feet. £20-40
1437.   A 1930's Oak Cabinet, with four panelled cupboard doors on barley twist legs. £10-20
1438.   A XX Century Walnut Nest of Tables, with glass tops, on cabriole legs. £10-15
1439.   An Early XX Century Walnut Chest of Drawers, with a low back two short drawers, two long drawers on tapering legs. £10-20
1440.   A XIX Century Painted Pine Blanket Box, with a hinged lid on a plinth base. £20-30
1441.   A XIX Century Mahogany Washstand, with a marble top, central drawer, two dummy drawers, on shaped supports, central stretcher with roundels. £30-50
1442.   An Oak Drop Leaf Gate Leg Table, on turned and block supports. £15-25
1443.   A Cream and Diamond Pattered Fabric Two Seater Settee, easy chair and footstool. £20-40
1444.   A Pair of Armchairs, in a striped upholstery. £5-10
1445.   Ercol Spindle Back Rocking Chair; a similar easy chair. £20-40
1446.   A Stressless Style Chair, together with a footstool. (2) £30-50
1447.   A 1920's Ash Armchair, with a hooped back, upholstered arms and seat, together with an oak three drawer pedestal. (2) £10-15
1448.   An Edwardian Mahogany Revolving Bookcase, with inlaid top, rail supports, open shelves. (damaged) £30-50
1449.   Italian Style Drinks Trolley. £20-30
1450.   A Dark Ercol Set of Six Dining Chairs, with arched top rail, turned supports, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers, (two elbow chairs, four single chairs). £15-20
1451.   An Oak Sideboard, with three top drawers, over panelled cupboard doors. £10-15
1452.   A Lloyd Loom Style Bombe Shaped Chest of Drawers, with six small drawers. £30-50
1453.   Ercol Comb Back Rocking Chair. £15-30
1454.   A Mahogany Pedestal Desk, with a cross banded top, green leather sciver, twin pedestals on bracket feet. £30-40
1455.   A Light Brown Leather Three Seater Settee.
1456.   A Set of Six (Four Single, Two Carver), Late XX Century Queen Anne Style Dining Chairs. £20-40
1457.   A Set of Six Bent Cane Patio Chars, with lattice work backs. £15-20
1458.   A Standard Lamp and Oak Two Drawers Side Table. (2) £15-30
1459.   An Edwardian Oval Topped Mahogany Occasional Table, oak rocking chair. (2) £20-30
1460.   Yew Wood Double Corner Cupboard, with a glazed door, over a cupboard door, on bracket feet. £5-10
1461.   A XIX Century French Pine Wardrobe, with gadrooned top, twin panelled doors, on small turned feet. £30-50
1462.   A Willis & Gambier Blanket Chest, rug, plant table. £15-25
1463.   Ercol Freestanding Corner Cabinet, with open shaped shelves over panelled door, 183cm high, labelled. £20-40
1464.   An Early XX Century Walnut Centre Table, on carved cabriole legs, with undershelf, together with an oak coffee table. (2) £10-15
1465.   A XX Century Oak Cabinet, with twin panelled doors, on turned and block supports. £15-20
1466.   A Stag Mahogany Display Cabinet, with twin glazed doors, over panelled doors 96cm wide. £30-50
1467.   An Early XX Century Oak Music Stand, with adjustable top, on a quatrefoil base; together with a XIX Century ebonised bedroom chair and an Edwardian chair. £15-20
1468.   A XIX Century Style Mahogany Canterbury, with two drawers on turned legs. £10-20
1469.   An Onyx Topped Italian Coffee Table, on gilt metal base. £15-30
1470.   A Shabby Chic Painted Dresser, with a stepped cornice, with open shelves, twin arched panel doors, base with a moulded edge, over two drawers, drawers on cup cover supports with pot board. £60-80
1471.   A 1920's Footstool, with rectangular upholstered top, knulled decoration, on bun feet. £10-20
1472.   A XX Century Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Chest of Drawers, with a crossband top, four drawers on bracket feet. £20-40
1473.   Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Window Table, with a circular top, shaped legs with under shelf, together with other Edwardian occasional table. (2) £20-30
1474.   A XX Century Oak Hall stand, with a central mirror, glove drawer, under shelf with drip tray. £30-50