Antique & Fine Art Auction
on Friday 6th December 2019

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1001.   A Set of Six Mid XX Century Harlequin Hock Glasses, the multi-coloured bowls with cut decoration, raised on faceted stems and circular feet, 19cm high. (6) £60-80
1002.   A Late XX Century Henry Dean Glass Vase, of compressed oval form, the mottled green ground with a swirling design in mainly red, blue and white, etched signature to base, 17cm high. £25-30
1003.   An XVIII Century Wine Glass, the plain ogee bowl raised on a white enamel twist stem and circular foot, 14.5cm high; A Wine with Bell Bowl, raised on a white enamel twist stem and circular foot, 15cm high; A Further Wine, with tapered part fluted bowl raised on a white enamel stem and circular foot, 15cm high; Another, with bell bowl, raised on wrythen moulded, knopped stem and domed circular foot, 18cm high (all A/F). (4) £100-150
1004.   A René Lalique Frosted and Clear Glass 'Vases' Pattern Circular Plate, designed circa 1921, moulded mark 1921, 17cm diameter. £80-120
1005.   A René Lalique Frosted Glass 'Nefliers' Vase, of ovoid form with white metal mounts, designed circa 1923, moulded mark R. Lalique, 16.5cm high. £550-750
1006.   A Mid XX Century Heavy Cut Glass Punch Bowl, Cover and Ladle and Eleven Single Handled Cups, decorated with a starburst design within a crosshatch rim, 33cm high. (14) £30-50
1007.   An Early XX Century Claret Jug, the part fluted tapered cylindrical glass body cut with diamonds and ovals, the embossed silver mounts and handles stamped "925", 28cm high. £100-150
1008.   An Early XX Century Yellow Opaque Glass Pear Shaped Vase, with silver collar hallmarked for Chester 1908, 17cm high; A Pair of Art Nouveau Red Opaque Glass Cylindrical Vases, with wavy rims, applied with blue trailing decoration, 21cm high. (3) £20-30
1008A.  A Late XX Century Murano Glass 'U' Shaped Bowl, decorated in the 'Fantasia' manner with millefiore flowers against a green ground, signed Rossi, Murano, original label, 7.5cm high; Another, on a clear ground, 6cm high. (2) £70-100
1009.   A Set of Six Pall Mall Crystal 'Lady Hamilton' Pattern Wine Glasses, the bowls with scroll and lattice etching, on inverted baluster stems and circular feet.15.8cm high (6) £15-25
1010.   An Early XX Century Rene Lalique Glass Opalescent Circular Bowl, in the 'Asters' design of graduated bands of flowerheads, stencil mark R Lalique France, 13.5cm diameter. £80-120
1011.   A c.1960's Studio Glass Vase, with blue and red wrythen body and undulating rim, 29cm high; A Circular Mottled Glass Bowl, of fluted undulating form, 55cm diameter. (2) £20-30
1012.   A Pair of Early XIX Century 'Bristol' Blue Mallet Shaped Decanters and Stoppers, inscribed on gilt labels 'Whisky' and 'Brandy', 34cm high; An Amber Flashed Decanter and Stopper, decorated with fruiting vines, 33.5cm high. (6) £100-150
1013.   A René Lalique Opalescent Glass 'Poissons' Circular Bowl, model number 3263, designed circa 1921, moulded mark 'R. Lalique, France'. 20.5cm diameter. £250-350
1014.   An XVIII Century Liqueur Glass, with wrythen moulded 'U' shaped bowl and stem, upon a circular foot; Another, similar, a wine glass with white enamel twist stem, 12cm high, a green wine with tapered bowl, 13cm high, a rummer with moulded and etched bowl, 14cm high and thirteen other glasses. (A Lot) £50-80
1015.   A Late XX Century Thistle Shaped Cut Glass Decanter and Stopper, the silver collar hallmarked for Birmingham 1980, 32cm high. £30-50
1016.   A Pair of Murano Mid XX Century Venetian Carnival Figures, in ruby and amber costumes, upon circular bases, 37cm high. (2) £30-50
1017.    Geoffrey Baxter (1922 - 1995) for Whitefriars Glass 'Bamboo' Vase, of rectangular form, in Cinnamon colour, 21cm high. £50-70
1018.   Geoffrey Baxter (1922-1995) for Whitefriars; A Banjo Vase, designed in 1967, pattern number 9681, in willow colour, 31.5cm high. £400-600
1019.   Swarovski Crystal 'Tinkerbell', 2008, the first of a limited edition Disney series, in clear crystal with aurora borealis wings, 11.5cm high, with star plaque, in original box. £120-180
1020.   Swarovski Crystal Owls on a Branch, in clear glass with yellow eyes, perched on a frosted branch, 8cm high, in original box. £40-60
1021.   Swarovski Crystal Tiger Cub Sitting (1016678) and Tiger Cub Standing (1016677), part of the Endangered Wildlife Trilogy, in golden shine crystal, 5.3 and 5.1cm long, both in original boxes. (2) £80-120
1022.   Swarovski Crystal Tiger, the annual edition for 2010 and the third and final piece in The Endangered Wildlife trilogy, in golden faceted clear crystal, 18.5cm long, boxed with certificate; The Endangered Wildlife Plaque, boxed. (2) £120-150
1023.   Swarovski Crystal Gorillas, Mother and Cub, the second piece in The Endangered Wildlife trilogy, in black diamond crystal with jet eyes, 12.5 and 6.3cm high, boxed with certificate. £150-200
1024.   Swarovski Crystal Pandas, Mother and Cub, with frosted bamboo shoot, the first piece of the Endangered Wildlife Trilogy, 9.5 and 5.5cm high, boxed with certificate. £150-200
1025.   A Swarovski Crystal Siku Polar Bear, the Annual Edition for 2011, in moonlight crystal with jet eyes and nose, with iceberg plaque, 18cm long, in original box with certificate. £80-140
1026.   A Swarovski Crystal Gecko, limited edition piece, in light green; Chameleon with Crystal Chaton, and Alligator, (tail repaired), all in original boxes with certificates. (3) £60-100
1027.   Swarovski Crystal Dart Frog, in light blue, Mini Frog, from The Secret Garden theme group, Hedgehog and Squirrel (Long Ears), all in original boxes. (4) £60-90
1028.   Swarovski Crystal Lovlot Cow 'Pinky Mo', availabel only during 2007, designed by Edith Mair, 4.4cm long; Kris Bear on Skates, 5cm high and 'Kris Bear - I Love You', holding a pink heart, all in original boxes. (3) £80-120
1029.   Three Swarovski Crystal Happy Ducks 'Sunny Sam', with lifebelt, 'Sunny Steve', with surf board, sunglasses and shark tooth necklace and 'Punk Duck', with nose piercing, skull tattoo and spiked rubber collar, all designed by Verena Castelein, in original boxes. (3) £100-150
1030.   A Swarovski Crystal Dolphin on a Wave, model number 190365, part of the South Sea grouping, 9.8cm long; Sea Turtles Baby, a pair of baby turtles on coral, part of the Aquatic Worlds group, 9.5cm high, boxed with certificates. (2) £70-100
1031.   Swarovski Crystal Malachite Kingfishers, (6233323) a pair of Kingfishers perched on a matte crystal branch, from The Feathered Beauties collection, 9.7cm high; Owl Brown, (1003326), a golden teak crystal owl seated on a (detached) matte crystal branch, 9.7cm high, both in original boxes. (2) £60-80
1032.   Swarovski Crystal Memories - Salt and Pepper Mill, Balloons and Sparkling Wine Cooler and Flutes; Swarovski Crystal Small Sunflower, and two Shells (members Joining/Renewal gifts), all boxed. (6) £40-60
1033.   Swarovski Crystal 'Dumbo', the 2011 annual edition to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the release of the original film, in clear crystal with jonquil hat and orange collar, 10.5cm high, in original box. £70-100
1034.   Swarovski Crystal Bunch of Grapes, twenty-three faceted grapes on a rhodium stem with gold leaves, part of The Sparkling Fruit collection, 16.2cm long, boxed. £30-40
1035.   Swarovski Crystal - Butterfly on Leaf (182920), Four Leaf Clover, (212101), The Bee, (871895 (bee detached and wing detached but present) and 'Mini Train' (7471400), all in original boxes. (4) £60-90
1036.   Three Swarovski Crystal 'Snowflake' Ornaments, in champagne colour, all boxed. (3) £30-50
1037.   Swarovski Crystal Lovlots 'Woodpecker', (1036530) a limited edition piece, Kangaroo and Baby Joey, (181756), Mini Cat (010011), and Mini Owl, (010014), all in original boxes. (4) £60-80
1038.   Four Swarovski Crystal Christmas 'Snowflake' Ornaments, for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012, all boxed. (4) £50-80
1039.   Three Swarovski Crystal Window Ornaments, from The Endangered Wildlife trilogy, in water blue, bamboo green and earth brown, 5cm diameter; Swarovski Crystal Arctic Flower, a Members Joining/Renewal Gift for 2011 and two others, all boxed. (6) £60-80
1040.   Swarovski Crystal Models - Large Swan, Baby Penguins (Set of Three), Crab and Maritime Trio, Starfish, Conch and Shell with Pearl, all in original boxes; together with a quantity of display stands etc. £50-80
1041.   Four Rosenthal Porcelain Plates Designed by Pierro Fornasetti, printed in black with the 'Palladiana' pattern, gilt rims, 31cm diameter. (4) £200-300
1042.   A Mid XX Century Midwinter Stylecraft Part Coffee Service, designed by Terence Conran, fashion shape, in black with contrasting yellow highlights, comprising; coffee pot and cover, milk jug, sugar basin, six coffee cups and saucers. (16) £50-80
1043.   A Staffordshire Pottery Flatback, modelled as a couple seated holding a sheaf of corn beside a windmill, oval gilt lined base (restored), 25cm high, a flatback modelled as a couple beside a watermill, 24cm high, a flatback Fortune Teller and a religious flatback. (4) £40-60
1044.   A Wedgwood Late XIX Century Cane Ware Pottery Game Pie Dish and Cover, elaborately moulded with fruiting vine swags hung with game, the cover with a hare finial, impressed marks (cracked), 28.5cm long. £30-50
1045.   A Mid XX Century Palissy 'Madeleine' Pattern Harlequin Demitasse Service, highlighted in 22ct gold, comprising milk jug, sugar base, six coffee cups and saucers. (14) £20-30
1046.   A Staffordshire Pottery Figure Group, modelled as a Courting Couple, upon rocky mound, circular base, 17cm high, a Staffordshire figure of a musician, 17cm high, a Staffordshire figure of a male dancer, a violin by his side, 21cm high and another of a peasant. (4) £40-60
1047.   A Staffordshire Flatback, modelled as St Mark kneeling on rocks between two lions, oval gilt lined base, 28cm high; A Staffordshire Flatback, of a Highland Huntsman Holding a Rifle and Game, 30cm high; Another, of an elderly lady seated reading with a child, 19cm high. (3) £40-60
1048.   A Modern Wedgwood 'Ulander' Pattern Porcelain Part Dinner/Tea Set, decorated with mottled maroon bands within gilt borders, printed marks, comprising: oval platter, two vegetable tureens and covers, a cake plate, twenty-four plates (three sizes), gravy boat and stand, six soup bowls, six two handled soup bowls and four saucers (two broken), salad bowl, eight tea cups and saucers (one broken), milk jug, sugar bowl and an ashtray. £80-120
1049.   A Mid XIX Century Majolica Pottery Part Dessert Service, the basketwork borders moulded with foliage within brown rims and turquoise centres, comprising; two circular dishes on branch feet, 21.5cm diameter, an oval dish on branch feet 23.5cm long, six circular plates 23cm diameter. (9) £40-60
1050.   A Pair of Thomas Parr Staffordshire Figures, modelled as freshwater mussel pickers, each holding a large basket beside a stream, circular naturalistic moulded bases, 23.5 - 24.5cm high and a pair of Staffordshire figures, each gathering red berried foliage upon circular naturalistic moulded bases, 31cm high. (4) £220-280
1051.   Five Early XX Century Royal Dux Pottery Models of Elephants, in typical muted greens and brown with gilt highlights, unmarked, 8 - 26cm high. (5) £80-120
1052.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Crocus' pattern, impressed and painted marks, dated '97, 10.5cm high; A Small Moorcroft Ginger Jar and Cover, painted with yellow flowers, 11cm high. (3) £60-80
1053.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Circular Bowl and Cover, painted in the 'Fungi Mushroom Toadstool' pattern, impressed and painted marks, dated 14.11.13, 10.5cm diameter; A Moorcroft 'Claremont Revival Toadstool' Circular Dish, 11.5cm diameter. (2) £80-120
1054.   WITHDRAWN - A Pair of Early XX Century Continental Pottery Figures, modelled as a lady and gentleman, she holding a basket of flowers, he a basket of fish, each seated upon a stool, 44cm high. (A/f). (4) £100-200
1055.   A Mid XIX Century Mason's Patent Ironstone China Part Dinner Service, printed and overpainted with a chinoiserie river landscape with flowering shrubs and a fence, the borders with similar panels within dark blue ground, comprising: oval meat dish and twelve dinner plates, 26cm diameter, impressed marks. (13) £50-80
1056.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Charger, of circular form, painted by Sally Ward, signed, with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank with gilt rim, black mark, 42cm diameter.
*Specially commissioned John Sinclair original receipt dated 18/5/02 for £2495. £500-800
1057.   A Staffordshire Pottery Flatback, modelled as a lady holding a whip, upon a shaped oval gilt lined base, 31cm high, a pair of flatbacks modelled as a Highland couple, standing by tree stumps, 21 - 23cm high and another of a couple, she holding a flower and a book, 28cm high. (4) £50-80
1058.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Pattern 1128 Circular Plate, printed mark, date code for 1982, 21.5cm diameter; A Matching Tea Plate, date code for 1982, 15.5cm diameter and a collection of teawares to include; a breakfast cup and saucer, tea cup and saucer and a coffee cup and saucer. (8) £60-80
1059.   An Early XX Century Shelley Porcelain Part Tea Service, decorated in the 'Blue Spray' pattern, comprising; a bread and butter plate, teapot and cover, milk jug and sugar bowl, six teacups, saucers and plates. (23) £60-80
1059A.  Three Early Beswick Beatrix Potter Figures, Mr Jeremy Fisher, Hunca Munca and Cousin Ribby, all with gold backstamp. (3) £40-50
1060.   A Staffordshire Model of a Milkmaid and Cow Beside a Stream, she holds a pail, oval gilt lined base, 21cm high; A Similar Model of a Boy Beside a Cow, 17cm high; Another of a Boy Beside a Horse, 24cm high. (3) £30-40
1061.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Trinket Box and Cover, of rectangular form, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, date code for 1981, 9 x 10.5cm; Two Further Boxes and Covers, one oval, the other hexagonal. (6) £40-60
1062.   A 1930's Shelley Porcelain Part Coffee Service, decorated in the 'Melody' pattern with flowers against a mottled green ground, comprising; coffee pot and cover, sugar bowl, milk jug, six coffee cups and saucers, printed marks. (16) £30-50
1063.   A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Quill Holders, each in the form of a recumbent greyhound, upon dark blue gilt lined oval bases, 16cm long. (2) £25-35
1064.   A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Flatback Figures, modelled as Leopard Hunters, each on horseback, oval gilt lined bases, 28cm high. (2) £220-280
1065.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Pattern Paperweight, in the form of a Tortoise, gold stopper, 12cm long; A Two Handled Loving Cup, in Imari pattern 1125, date code for 1985, 7.5cm high and matching two bells, 12cm and 13.5cm high. (4) £30-50
1066.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Pattern 1128 Teapot and Cover, printed mark, date code for 1986, 15cm high; A Matching Milk Jug, date code for 1985, 10cm high. (3) £70-100
1067.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Two Handled Shaped Oval Dish, decorated in Imari pattern 1128, date code for 1983, 15.5cm long; A Matching Cake Slice and Pair of Salt and Pepper Pots. (4) £50-80
1068.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Pattern 1128 Fluted Baluster Form Vase, printed mark, date code for 1996, 18cm high; A Matching Hexagonal Vase, 11cm high and a globular vase with short neck, 10.5cm high. (3) £60-80
1069.   A White Star Line Fluted Oval Pottery Dish, red flag trademark to the centre within a turquoise, brown and ochre lapet leaf border and gilt rim, 20 x 25cm. £80-120
1070.   A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Rectangular Plaques, each painted by D. Fuller, signed, with ripening fruit on mossy woodland banks, black marks, framed, 11.5 x 17cm.
*Original receipt from Sinclairs dated 20/05/19 for £1170. £400-600
1071.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Lustre Pottery Vase, of baluster form, designed by Richard Joyce, signed in monogram, with a band of fruiting vines within a shaded blue/green ground and scroll and leaf borders, impressed and printed marks, 22.5cm high. £400-600
1072.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Lustre Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, designed by Walter Crane and Gordon Forsyth, signed in monogram, with scrolling flowers and foliage against a bronzed ground, impressed and printed marks, 27cm high. £400-600
1073.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Lustre Pottery Vase, of baluster form, designed by Richard Joyce and Walter Crane, signed in monogram, with a band of maidens dancing between trees, each holding a chained lantern against a dark blue ground, the shoulders and neck with alternating coloured bands, impressed and printed marks, 26.5cm high. £700-1000
1074.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Lustre Pottery Bowl, of circular form, designed by Walter Crane and William S. Mycock, signed in monogram, with a band of Heraldic lions on a maroon ground above flowerheads and hearts, impressed and printed marks, shape number 2469, 20cm diameter. £500-800
1075.   A Pilkingtons Royal Lancastrian Vase, of pear shape form with long cylindrical neck, designed by Annie Burton, signed in monogram, with scrolling foliage and flowerheads in green and silver lustre, shape number 2598, impressed and painted marks, 15cm high, (A/f). £50-80
1076.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Lustre Pottery Vase, of tapered form with spreading foot, designed by Walter Crane and Richard Joyce, signed in monogram, with fruiting vines and flowers against a dark blue ground, impressed and printed marks, shape number 3042, 19.5cm high. £400-600
1077.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Pottery Lustre Bowl, of circular form, the interior moulded as a flowerhead, the exterior in a maroon glaze with green foot, impressed marks, 13cm diameter. £50-80
1078.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Imari Pattern 1128 Two Handled Basket, of shaped rectangular footed form, printed marks, date code for 1978, 28cm long; A Royal Crown Derby Matching Tea Plate, 15.5cm diameter. (2) £350-450
1079.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase and Cover, of globular two handled form with mask terminals, raised on a stepped square base, painted by Ricketts, signed, with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, within gilt borders, shape number 2353, date code for 1922, 21cm high. (2) £200-300
1080.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Side Plate, painted by Freeman, signed, with ripening fruit against a mossy woodland bank, black printed mark, date code for 1958, 15.5cm diameter. £70-100
1081.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Vase, of lobed ovoid form, with blush ivory spreading neck and foot, painted by James Stinton, signed, with a pheasant in a wooded landscape, green printed mark, date code rubbed, 13.5cm high. £50-80
1082.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Pot Pourri Bowl and Pierced Cover, of lobed globular footed form, painted with ripening fruit on a mossy woodland bank, signed indistinctly, black mark, shape number H281, 11cm high. £80-120
1083.   A Victorian Salt Glazed Stoneware Novelty Tobacco Jar and Cover, base incised 'Cobler Head Burslem 1891', 15cm high, (A/f). £20-40
1084.   A Moorcroft Pottery Model of Peter the Pig, painted in the Temptation pattern of apples and blossom, impressed marks, 30cm long. £500-600
1085.   A Staffordshire Pottery Flatback, modelled as a lady and gentleman filling a jug from a well, central tree column and gilt lined base, another similar, a flatback modelled as a couple in a boat before two swans, 23cm high and another in the form of a girl standing on a bridge before a swan and a fox, 23cm high. (4) £40-60
1086.   A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff Bowl, of circular form with circular foot moulded with flowers and decorated in streaked cream/brown glazes, printed marks, 19cm diameter; Two Royal Doulton Character Jugs, 'Old Charley', 15.5cm high and 'Mine Host', 5.5cm high. (3) £30-40
1087.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Fluted Oval Dish, retailed by Tiffany and Co., New York, the centre painted with a grouse in a wooded landscape within a cream gilt decorated ground, date code for 1896 (restored), 18cm long. £50-80
1088.   Philip Chan; A Studio Raku Pottery Vase, with glazed turquoise textured ovoid body and narrow neck with outcurved rim, 14cm high; Another, similar in pale blue and a footed bowl with cream glazed craquelure band, 10cm high. (3) £20-30
1089.   A Pair of Early XX Century Miniature Ceramic Oval Plaques, painted with studies of dog's heads, indistinctly signed, framed and glazed, 2.5 x 3.5cm; A Pottery Flask, with white metal mounts and stopper, centrally decorated with a dog against a brown ground, inscribed "Whisky", 16.5cm high. (3) £40-60
1090.   A Royal Doulton Porcelain Part Tea and Dinner Service in the 'Lisette' Pattern, comprising; teapot and cover, eight dinner plates, one bread and butter plate, milk jug, sucrier and cover, six cereal bowls, six side plates six saucers and five tea cups, printed marks. £40-60
1091.   A Copelands China Cased Coffee Service, decorated with dark blue bands with gilt scrollwork and white beadwork, the cups contained in pierced silver holders with cherubs, hallmarked for London 1908, by Walker & Hall, the case with outer cover. £100-150
1092.   An Early XX Century Creamware Pierced Two Handled Basket on Stand, unmarked, possibly Leeds, 27.5cm long; A Mid XIX Century Green Pottery Tazza, moulded with fruiting vines and strawberry plants, 17cm high. (2) £30-40
1093.   A Late XIX Century Meissen Porcelain Figure of a Young Gentleman, a pigeon carrying a letter perched on his arm, a lamb beside tree stump on the rocky circular base, blue crossed swords mark, impressed and gilt numerals, 19cm high; A German Porcelain Figure of a Lady, in flowering robes; A Berlin Style Cabinet Cup and Saucer, decorated with portrait medallion within gilt and dark blue ground, beehive marks. (4) £60-80
1094.   A Potschappel Late XIX Century Porcelain Garniture, comprising a pair of candlesticks and a centrepiece bowl, each piece modelled with cherubs with central fish columns, upon naturalistic floral encrusted shaped square bases with gilt details, candlesticks 29.5cm high, centrepiece 30cm high (possibly replacement dish). (3) £100-150
1095.   A Collection of Nine Royal Worcester Unglazed Porcelain Models of Birds, to include; Great Tit, Chaffinch, Robin, Wood Warbler, Blue Tit, Marsh Tit, Goldcrest and Gold Finch, 4.5 - 12.5cm high. (9) £40-60
1096.   A Moorcroft Pottery Flambé Vase, of baluster form, painted in the 'Anemone' pattern, impressed and painted marks, 'Potter to H.M. The Queen', 8.5cm high. £60-80
1097.   A Moorcroft Pottery Flambé Vase, of globular form with mottled and shaded maroon glazes, impressed marks, 'Potter to H.M. The Queen', 1928-1936 signed in green, 22cm high. £150-250
1098.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Bowl and Cover, of circular form, painted in the 'Skipton' trial pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, impressed and painted marks, dated 4.6.14., 12cm diameter. (2) £80-120
1099.   A Pair of Royal Dux Early XX Century Pottery Figures of Peasants, she standing beside a turkey carrying a flask and a tambourine, he standing beside a dog and a lamb playing the pipes, both upon rocky fluted oval bases, pink triangle marks, shape number 385 and 386, 35cm high. (2) £60-80
1100.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of compressed globular form with short flared neck, painted in the 'Second Dawn Eventide' pattern, designed by William Moorcroft to celebrate the Centenary of the factory, impressed, painted marks, dated 2012, number 119, 10.5cm high. £60-80
1101.   A Beswick Pottery Advertising Dulux Model of a Seated Old English Sheepdog, it's paw resting upon a Dulux paint tin, printed mark, 32cm high. £150-200
1102.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Small Jar and Cover, of ovoid form painted in the 'Strawberry Thief' pattern on a dark blue ground, designed by Rachel Bishop, impressed and painted marks, dated 2012, 13.5cm high. £60-80
1103.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Peacock Parade' pattern designed by Nicola Slaney, impressed and painted marks, dated 2012, 9.5cm high. £40-60
1104.   A Royal Doulton Pottery Figure 'The Orange Lady', HN 1759 designed by L. Harradine, introduced 1936, withdrawn 1975, 22cm high; Another, 'Balloon Seller', HN 1315, 19.5cm high. (2) £40-60
1105.   A Pair of Early XX Century Aynsley Porcelain Trumpet Vases, raised on circular spreading feet, each painted with mountainous loch scenes, signed in monogram R.J.K., within alternating gilt decorated blue and ivory bands, printed marks, 18cm high, (one A/F). (2) £20-30
1106.   An Early XIX Century Pearlware Figure of a Huntsman, holding a rifle, his dog beside him, on the rocky naturalistic circular base with bocage background, 18cm high. £50-80
1107.   A Pair of Early XX Century Zsolnay Pecs Pottery Vases, of waisted cylindrical form, raised on circular feet, decorated with scrolling foliage, fruit and flowers highlighted in gilt, against a cream ground, blue printed marks, impressed 725, 24.5cm high. (2) £30-50
1108.   A Wedgwood Pottery Model of a Polar Bear, designed by John Skeaping, in matt white glaze, printed mark, 16.5cm high. £40-60
1109.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Campbell Island Daisy' trial pattern from the Visions of New Zealand series, designed by Vicky Lovatt, impressed and painted marks, dated 24.3.14, 14cm high. £80-120
1110.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, painted in the 'Gentian' pattern designed by Philip Gibson, impressed and painted marks, dated '99, 145 of a limited edition of 500, 10.5cm high; A Moorcroft Vase, painted in the 'Queens Choice' pattern, 9.5cm high. (2) £70-100
1111.   A Moore Late XIX Century Porcelain Model of a Cherub, holding a flowering cactus bowl, upon an oval base with gilt key pattern band, printed marks, 17cm high. £40-60
1112.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of tapered foot form, painted in the 'Lovelock' pattern, designed by Kerry Goodwin, impressed and painted marks, dated 2011, 15.5cm high. £70-100
1113.   A Corbridge Pottery Vase, of cylindrical form, painted with boots and a watering can before cottages and flowers, impressed and painted marks, dated '99, number 3 of a limited edition of 100, 10.5cm high. £20-40
1114.   A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Vases, modelled by James Hadley, the pear shaped bodies with frilled rims, painted with pink and yellow roses within moulded borders, date code for 1907, printed marks, 16cm high. (2) £70-100
1115.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of baluster form, painted in the 'Eventide Winter' pattern designed by Vicky Lovatt, dated 2013, impressed and painted marks, number 26, 8.5cm high. £50-70
1116.   A Modern Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of baluster form, painted in the 'Courting Birds' trial pattern designed by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks, dated 15.11.13, 9.5cm high. £50-70
1117.   A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Wally Dogs, each with iron red patches, 19cm high; A Similar Pair, 16cm high; A Further Pair, with shredded clay decoration, 15cm high. (6) £50-60
1118.   A Pair of Staffordshire Pottery Wally Dogs, of typical form, decorated with green patches, pink lustre details, 32cm high. (2) £25-35
1119.   Six Halcyon Days Enamel Oval Trinket Boxes, each with proverb/motto to hinged lid, 5 x 4cm, another smaller example 4.5 x 3.5cm. (7) £40-60
1120.   Nine Halcyon Days Enamel 'Love Token' Oval Trinket Boxes, each with sentimental words to hinged lid, 5 x 4cm. (9) £50-80
1121.   Two Halcyon Days Enamel Millennium 2000 Time Capsule Trinket Boxes, limited edition No. 368/5000 and No. 830, each 6cm diameter, in presentation boxes. (2) £20-30
1122.   A Bilston & Battersea Enamel Circular Trinket Pot, the lid decorated with a basket of flowers, 5.5cm diameter; Six Others, mainly with floral designs to lids, 4.5cm diameter. (7) £40-60
1123.   A Pair of Late XIX Century French Porcelain Vases, of tapered form with wavy rims and black bird handles, decorated in panels with ladies in interior settings, the reverses with floral sprays against a pink ground, 33.5cm high (A/F). (2) £40-60
1124.   A Large Moorcroft Pottery Floor Vase, of baluster form, painted in the 'Anemone' pattern against a dark blue ground, impressed and painted marks, dated 6.8.92, 66.5cm high. £700-1000
1125.   A Large Moorcroft Pottery Floor Vase, of baluster form, painted in the 'Anemone' pattern against a dark blue ground, impressed and painted marks, 66.5cm high. £700-1000
1126.   A Late XIX Century Chinese Canton Famille Rose Vase, of baluster form, with applied kylin and lizard handles, painted in enamels with panels of figures on terraces within elaborate ground of birds, flowers, fruit and insects, 58.5cm high, on hardwood stand. £200-300
1127.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Large Pottery Vase, of elongated pear shape with frilled neck, painted in panels with figures on terraces in landscape scenes, within a ground of exotic birds and flowers, 77cm high, (A/F). £60-80
1128.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Chinese Vase and Covers, with Dog of Fo finials, the baluster bodies decorated in blue with flowering prunus on a cracked ice ground, 31cm high; A Matching Cylindrical Vase, 31.5cm high and a Chinese two-handled hexagonal form vase painted with a dragon amongst flowering shrubs, 20cm high. (6) £50-80
1129.   An Early XX Century Japanese Satsuma Tea Service, decorated with birds perched in pink blossom trees, signed, with gilt borders, comprising: teapot and cover, milk jug and sucrier and cover, twelve side plates. eleven tea cups and saucers. £60-80
1130.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Chinese Canton Famille Rose Vases, of baluster form applied with Kylin and Dogs of Fo, painted in panels with figures on terraces, flowers and butterflies within an elaborate scrolling floral and butterfly ground, 43cm high. (2) £150-250
1131.   A Samson Porcelain Armorial Sparrow Beak Jug, painted with colourful flowers, 8cm high; A Japanese Imari Rectangular Vase, 15cm high, a Chinese Mandarin savar and a similar coffee can, a ginger jar and cover and an Imari bowl. (7) £30-40
1132.   An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Shaped Oval Blue and White Dish, painted with exotic birds amongst flowering shrubs within a border of butterflies and flowers, 29cm long; A Similar Canted Rectangular Dish, 19cm long, a Canton famille rose sleeve vase, 23.5cm high and a blue and white Chinese porter mug, 13.5cm high. (4) £50-80
1133.   A Good Quality Japanese Late XIX Century Satsuma Vase, of cylindrical form with out curved neck, painted in alternating panels of Geishas in river landscapes and exotic birds and flowers within a ground of objects and flowers, signed, 24.5cm high. £80-120
1134.   A Pair of Japanese Late XIX Century Pottery Vases, of ovoid form, painted in panels with birds of prey perched on tree stumps amongst flowering shrubs, all within an elaborate patterned grounds, 29cm high, (one A/F). (2) £50-70
1135.   Fifteen Late XIX Century Chinese Watercolours on Rice Paper, colourfully depicting processional scenes with musicians, lanterns, banner and flag bearers and carriage bearers, five framed, various sizes. (15) £150-200
1136.   A Pair of Modern Chinese Cloisonné Vases and Covers, each of double gourd form, with ornate gilt handles, decorated in panels with birds and butterflies amongst prunus and chrysanthemums within scrolling and flowerhead ground, 23.5cm high, on hardwood stands. (8) £80-120
1137.   A Jade Pendant, of oval form carved with a Kylin and grapes, on a knotted and beaded cord, 7cm long. £20-30
1138.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Ivory Circular Box and Screw Cover, carved with heads of monkeys, tigers and elephants, 9.5cm diameter. £40-60
1139.   An Early XX Century African Ivory Model Carved as a Crocodile, with open mouth and black painted eyes, 38cm long. £50-80
1140.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Ivory, carved as a Sage standing upon a crane, beside a tree stump, on a rocky oval base, 23.5cm high, hardwood stand. £80-120
1141.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Sectional Ivory Figure, carved as a gentleman holding a pair of scissors, upon an oval base, 14.5cm high; Another, of a Sage, 14cm high, hardwood stand. (2) £40-60
1142.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Bone Sword, the grip and scabbard carved with figures on terraces, in panels, 75cm long. £60-80
1143.   A Pair of Early XX Century Chinese Silk Sleeve Panels, embroidered with butterflies and flowers against a purple ground, 48 x 14cm, framed and glazed; A Chinese Silk Embroidery, worked with flowers and insects, 26 x 23cm, framed and glazed; another with figures on horseback, a sleeve panel and a woven river scene. (6) £80-120
1144.   An Early XX Century Oak Glove Box, the lift-off lid applied with Japanese Menuki, 30cm long. £25-35
1145.   A Pair of Modern Chinese Cloisonné Vases, of baluster form with shaped necks elaborately decorated with black, white and green flowers within red scrollwork and geometric borders, hardwood stands, 21cm high. (4) £30-40
1146.   A Japanese Bronzed Koro and Cover, with finial in the form of a seated gentleman and a large lobster, the compressed globular body raised on three short feet and shaped triangular base, 23cm high; Another, with Dog of Fo with ball finial, cast with birds and flowers, 20cm high and a pierced jar and cover with mythological beast finial upon a rock, 20cm high. (6) £30-50
1147.   An Early XX Century Chinese Hardwood Box, of rectangular form, with two short drawers and folding drop down legs, elaborately carved with dragons amongst flower and character symbols, 40 x 63cm. £40-60
1148.   An Early XX Century Chinese Silk Sleeve Panel, embroidered in shades of blue and gold thread with a dragonfly and scrolling flowers and foliage; Another, worked with figures in a garden setting. (2) £20-30
1149.   A Mid XX Century Japanese NCO's Shingunto, type 95, stamped "KoKura Arsenal/Ijima Sword Company", blade stamped 34932, pitting to blade, complete with saya. £100-150
1150.   A WWII Era Japanese Officers Shingunto, menuki and merugi intact, missing seppa, signed tang, with leather covered saya. £400-600
1151.   A WWII Era Japanese Officers Shingunto Gendaito, 1944 pattern, signed 'Chikugu Ju Muto Yuki Hiro', matching numbers on spacers Hamon - Suguha with Ko-Choji Midare, complete with saya, re-wrapped ito and polished blade. £800-1000
1152.   A Japanese Edo Period Tanto, unsigned, suri 0.6cm, fuchi kashira of crane design, polished blade, kozuka signed Mito School, with certificate. £400-600
1153.   A Japanese Tachi Tsuba, mokko shape, unsigned, Edo period, shakudo bird and tree design, in wooden box. £100-150
1154.   A Japanese Katana Sukashi Tsuba, unsigned, waves, boat, fishing net and leaf design. £100-150
1155.   A Japanese Tanto Tsuba, brass, unsigned, hawk and pine tree design. £100-150
1156.   A Mid XX Century Japanese Naval Shingunto Tsuka, complete with menuki. £60-80
1157.   A Quantity of Japanese Katana and Similar Parts, a re-coated saya, a wakizashi size tsuka, manuki set, five habaki, fuchi and kashira. £50-80
1158.   A XIX Century Percussion 'Holster' Pistol, with drum and nipple conversion from Flintlock Birmingham proof marks, replacement ram rod, overall length 28cm. £50-80
1159.   Remnants of a XIX Century Single Barrel Percussion Muzzle Loading Hunting/Sporting Gun. £20-30
1160.   A WWII Casualty Group of Three Medals, comprising War Medal, Africa Star and 1939-45 Star to Fireman J.Hogan, Naval Auxiliary Personnel. Lot also includes box of issue and condolence slip.

* Records indicate John Hogan died shortly after a U-Boat attack on HMS Malines, a converted Convoy Escort on 22nd July 1942, aged 27, near Egypt. Although not sunk HMS Malines was forced to beach. £50-80
1161.   A WWII Casualty Group of Four Medals, comprising War Medal, Italy Star, 1939-45 Star and Africa Star, to Flying Officer J.C.M. Booth. Lot includes box of issue and condolence slip.

* Records indicate Flying Officer John Charles Mortimer from Sheffield was killed during the battle for Malta on 21 March 1942. £50-80
1162.   Ten Assorted German Imperial Medals, mainly WWI era, Austria and Hungary interest noted. £50-80
1163.   A WWII Casualty Group of Three Medals, comprising War Medal, Burma Star, 1939-45 Star to 3244654 Rifleman G.A. Stammers, 1st Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Lot includes box of issues and condolence slip.

*Records indicate George Arthur Stammers, from Leeds, was killed on 30 March 1942, aged 26 during the Burma Campaign and the Japanese Invasion. £50-80
1164.   A WWI Casualty Group of Four Medals, comprising War Medal, Atlantic Star, France Germany Star and 1939-45 Star. To LT/KX98620 Chief Engine Man F.H. Stephenson, Royal Navy. Lot includes box of issue and condolence slip.

* Records indicate Francis Herbert Stephenson, from Leeds was killed on 5th July 1944, when HMS Ganilly an armoured trawler was sunk by German submarine U-390 off Utah Beach with the loss of forty officers and men, four others survived the attack. £50-80
1165.   Ten Assorted German Imperial Medals, mainly WWI era, Bavarian Long Service, Austria-Hungarian Long Service noted. £50-80
1166.   Eight Assorted German Imperial Medals, mainly WWI era, including Friedrich August Cross, Long Service medals and Bavarian Bravery cross. £50-80
1167.   A German Imperial Three Medal Group, including Bavarian Bravery Cross, Prussian Bravery Medal and a further medal, all in original cases. £80-120
1168.   Eight Assorted German Imperial Medals, mainly WWI era, including Baden Soldiers Cross and Long Service Crosses. £40-60
1169.   A German Imperial Three Medal Group, Bavarian Bravery Cross, in bronze and silver with States Long Service, all in original cases. £80-120
1170.   Nine Assorted German Imperial Medals, mainly WWI era, including an enamelled Red Cross Order, Bavarian Red Cross. £50-80
1171.   A Quantity of Reproduction German Third Reich Badges. £30-50
1172.   A Quantity of Over Thirty Mainly Contemporary Imperial German Postcards, the majority having a military theme. £20-40
1173.   A German Imperial Four Medal Iron Cross Group, including Friedrich August Cross for Bravery, with ribbon, mounted as worn, in original fitted case. £80-120
1174.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Bavarian Bravery Cross, mounted as worn. £50-80
1175.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Six Medal Group, Austria - Hungarian noted, including Hanseatic Cross, mounted as worn. £80-120
1176.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Five Medals, Jubilee Medal noted, mounted as worn. £50-80
1177.   A German Imperial WWI Era and Later Iron Cross Group of Five Medals, including Third Reich Long Service Cross, mounted as worn. £60-100
1178.   A German Imperial WWI Era and Later Iron Cross Group of Five Medals, including Third Reich Long Service and Luetschutz Medal, mounted as worn. £80-120
1179.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Five Medal Group, including Silesia Medal, mounted as worn. £60-100
1180.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, Bavarian Bronze Bravery Cross noted, mounted as worn. £50-80
1181.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Four Medal Group, Bravery Cross noted, mounted as worn. £50-80
1182.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Five Medals, Veterans interest noted, mounted as worn. £50-80
1183.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, Merenth Silver Bravery Cross noted, mounted as worn. £80-120
1184.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, Saxony region noted, mounted as worn. £40-60
1185.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Bavarian Bravery Awards, mounted as worn. £50-80
1186.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Four Medal Group, Long Service noted, mounted as worn. £50-80
1187.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Gold Prussian Long Service Medal, mounted as worn. £40-60
1188.   A German Imperial WWI Era and Later Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Third Reich Long Service Cross, mounted as worn. £50-80
1189.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Long Service Cross and Medal, mounted as worn. £40-60
1190.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, Austria-Hungary Bravery Cross Gold noted, mounted as worn. £60-100
1191.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Five Medals, including Prussian Long Service, mounted as worn. £50-80
1192.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, Austria, Hungary, interest noted, mounted as worn. £50-80
1193.   A German Imperial WWI Era Group of Four Medals, Austria-Hungary Theme noted, mounted as worn. £25-40
1194.   A German Imperial WWI Era Group of Four Medals, including Frederich August Cross and Long Service, mounted as worn. £50-80
1195.   A German Imperial WWI Era Group of Five Medals, Prussian Themes noted, including Jubilee, mounted as worn. £40-60
1196.   A German Imperial WWI Era Group of Four Medals, including Bronze Bavarian Bravery Cross and Long Service Medal, mounted as worn. £40-60
1197.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Bronze Bavarian Bravery Cross, mounted as worn. £40-60
1198.   A German Imperial WWI Era Iron Cross Group of Four Medals, including Frederich August Medal and Long Service Cross, mounted as worn. £60-100
1199.   A Reproduction Imperial German Officers Pickelhaube. £20-40
1200.   A Reproduction Imperial German Pickelhaube. £20-40
1201.   In Excess of Fifty Original German Imperial Medal Ribbon Bars. £40-60
1202.   A Modern Pith Helmet and Fez. £20-30
1203.   Three Reproduction German Third Reich Forage Caps, with badges and a reproduction Third Reich cap. £20-40
1204.   In Excess of Thirty Original German Imperial Medal Ribbon Bars. £25-40
1205.   In Excess of Fifty Original German Imperial Medal Ribbon Bars. £40-60
1206.   A Reproduction Imperial German Pickehaube, missing badge. £20-40
1207.   In Excess of Fifty Original German Imperial Medal Ribbon Bars. £40-60
1208.   A Quantity of Reproduction German Imperial and Similar Medals. £20-40
1209.   A Reproduction German WWII Style Tunic and Cap, with badge. £20-40
1210.   Six Late XIX Century White Enamel Wine Labels on Metal Chains, inscribed "Rhum", "Kirsch", "Anisette", "Cognac", "Cassis" and "Chartreuse", 3.5cm long. (6) £30-50
1211.   An Early XX Century Mauchline Ware Pocketwatch Holder, decorated with a view of Hawes, the rectangular box with sloping hinged lid, 9 x 7.5cm. £25-30
1212.   A Late XIX Century H.P. Aylward, Manchester Lacquered Brass Compensated Pocket Barometer, with suspension hook, in a fitted leather case, 4.5cm diameter. £40-60
1213.   A Parker 61 Fountain Pen, with hood shaped nib and a matching pencil, a similar Parker grey and yellow metal fountain pen and a Parker Vacumatic fountain pen with 14K nib and a Shaeffer self filling fountain pen. (5) £30-50
1214.   A Bronze 1897 Medallion to Commemorate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, with central portrait, the reverse with the fifty shields of the empire, 7.5cm diameter, cased; A Thomas Henry Huxley 1825-1895 Bronze Medallion, 6.2cm diameter, cased, a silver crown, a 2000 five pound coin and two Kenya cloth badges. (6) £50-80
1215.   A Mid XIX Century Gambier, Paris Enamelled Clay Pipe, in the form of a Jester with white ruffled collar, impressed mark, 6cm long; Two Gambier Pipes, in the form of ladies with long earrings, a clay pipe in the form of Bacchus, a horses head pipe and five others. (10) £60-80
1216.   A Mid XIX Century Meerschaum Pipe, carved in the form of a lady walking a dog, lacking mouthpiece, 9.5cm long, cased, and six clay pipes including a French soldier, hand holding flowers, tree face etc. (7) £30-50
1217.   A Mid XIX Century Enamelled Clay Pipe, in the form of a Middle Eastern gentleman with long beard, impressed 'Jacob 948', 9.5cm long; An Enamelled Clay Pipe, in the form of a gentleman wearing a turban, a clay pipe in the form of a skull and six others. (9) £60-80
1218.   An Eastern White Metal Trinket Box, of oval form, the cover inset with a green hardstone, 3.5cm long; A Rectangular Box, with pink enamel floral decorated lid, the base inscribed 'Silver', 7.5cm long. (2) £30-50
1219.   A Fan to Commemorate the Centenary of Philadelphia International Exhibition 1786/1876, with wooden guards and sticks. (A/f) £60-80
1220.   A Collection of Twenty-Seven Vintage Fountain Pens, Ballpoint Pens and Pencils, many with marbled casings, including; a blue marbled fountain pen, the nib inscribed "Conway 14ct Gold", a Burnham blue/grey marbled pencil, a Parker green marbled fountain pen, the nib inscribed "Duofold 14K pen", etc. £30-50
1221.   A Late XIX Century Brass Cheroot Cutter, of rectangular form, a door opens to reveal a seated figure, suspension hook, 3cm high; A Further Cheroot Cutter, with mother of pearl inset. (2) £20-30
1222.   A French Pewter WWI Desk Stand, inscribed "Camp De Sissonne" , the scroll rectangular base modelled in the form of a helmet to the cover of the inkwell and a tank to the pen well, 13cm wide. £25-35
1223.   ANGUS McBEAN (1904-1990)
A Black and White Photographic Portrait of Josephine Dodds, signed in pencil on mount, Angus McBean, London,
21 x 16cm. £20-30
1225.   A Leica IIIA Rangefinder Camera, chrome, serial number 218962, 1936, Elmar 5cm f3.5 lens with cap, original leather case, Ernst Leitz Wetzlar Summar 5cm f2 lens, serial number 324615, accompanied by a laminated paper note stamped by HM Customs & Excise dated 23rd April 1937 stating producton of this Leica camera at a station prior to leaving for Paris. £150-250
1226.   A Cased Leica M2 Rangefinder 35mm Camera, serial number 989303, Ernst Leitz gmbh Wetzler Elmar f=5cm 1:3.5 lens NR. 1335978, Ernst Leitz gmbh Wetzler Summaron f=3.5cm 1:3.5 lens, NR. 1640244, lens hood, Leica Meter MC (Metrawatt A.G. Nurnberg), cased Weston Master II exposure meter. £400-700
1227.   A Late XIX Century Walking Stick, with carved ivory handle and yellow metal mounts, 89cm long; A Fluted Walking Stick, possibly Hippopotamus skin, 88cm long. (2) £50-80.
1228.   A Copeland Mid XIX Century Parian Campana Shaped Urn and Cover, with cherub and cornucopia finial, the cylindrical body with fruiting vine handles and moulded with putti upon an elaborate circular foot and shaped square base, 40cm high. £120-180
1229.   An Early XX Century Parian Bust of Lord Burton, impressed mark H and L, Sculpt by A. Willis, Stoke on Trent, Feb 25th 1909, 19cm high. £20-30
1230.   A Mid XIX Century Parian Porcelain Figure of a Scantilly Clad Maiden, resting on a large rock before bullrushes, a garland of flowers in her hair, unmarked, 42cm high. £50-80
1231.   A Late XIX Century Composition Marble of The Infant Hercules and The Serpent, upon an oval base decorated with the twelve labours of Hercules, 54cm high. £400-600
1232.   A Mid XIX Century White Marble Figure of a Classical Female, standing, her lower body draped in a flowing cloth, rectangular base, 67cm high. £120-180
1233.   Personalised / Private Dateless Vehicle Registration Plate "33 BYL", currently held on retention certificate, transfer fee has been paid.
* Note: The lot includes a letter of authority for the DVLA to transfer to the successful purchaser. £2000-2500
1234.   A Six Drawer Collector's Cabinet, each drawer with glass top, 42cm high, 38cm wide, 23cm deep. £30-50
1235.   An Early XX Century Bronze Urn, of campana form with lion ring handles and decorated with swags of flowers and applied with putti, raised on a square base, 67cm high. £180-220
1236.   An Early XX Century Indian Table, the central top raised on turned column support and tripod feet, elaborately inlaid in bone with birds, potted shrubs and scrolling foliage, 49cm diameter; A Similar Mirror, with tambour guard. (2) £30-50
1237.   An Early XX Century Indian Hardwood Box, of rectangular form, elaborately carved with a central ram and other animals, some climbing in trees, interior division slats missing, 20 x 31cm. £30-50
1238.   An Early XX Century Indian Folding Hardwood Table, the square top and pierced supports carved with fruiting vines, 50cm square. £40-60
1239.   A Mid/Late XX Century Indian Brass Elephant, with trunk up and wearing a bell around it's neck, and elaborately decorated jhool, 41cm long. £30-50
1240.   An Early XX Century African Knobkerrie, with beadwork collar, 73cm long; An African Axe, with carved handle and cast geometric decoration, 65cm long. (2) £40-60
1241.   An Early XX Century African Carved Wooden Circular Bowl, supported by lady wearing a striped skirt and bra upon a circular foot, 38cm high £25-35
1242.   Taxidermy; A Leopard (Panthera Pardus) Flat Skin Rug, with cushioned flat head with outstretched limbs, backed onto a maroon felt backing material, 95cm long. £200-300
1243.   Medical Interest; A Quantity of Early to Mid XX Century Surgical Instruments, to include; sterilising unit, forceps, syringes, scissors, white metal surgeons table etc; together with medical examination certificates for Mary C. Roberts 1893 and John Thompson Rowling 1945. (A Lot) £60-80
1244.   A Late XIX Century Speltre Model of a Recumbent Lion, mounted on a white marble base, 20cm long; A Speltre Model of an Egyptian Sphinx, mounted on a rouge marble base, 20cm long; Another, unmounted and model of a Scarab Beetle, 7cm long. (4) £40-60
1245.   A Late XIX Century White Metal Turkish Mirror, of shaped circular form with scrolling foliate and flowerhead decoration, 24cm diameter and a white metal dish embossed with exotic birds and flowers, 26cm diameter. (2) £60-80
1246.   A Late XIX Century Gilt Metal Chalice, the 'U' shaped bowl cast with a classical scene, raised on a stem of mythological beasts and circular foot, 26.5cm high; A Black Marble Ink Standish, the bronzed inkwells with Egyptian style Anubis finials, 39cm long. (2) £40-60
1247.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Bronze Candlesticks, modelled as owls, the sconces in the form of thistles, raised on rectangular bases, 14cm high.(2) £60-80
1248.   An Early XX Century Leather Stationary Case, the purple interior with compartments labelled paid, unpaid, answered, unanswered and cheque book, also blotter, inkwell etc, white metal locks inscribed "English Lever", 23 x 35.5cm. £50-100
1249.   An XVIII Century Pewter Dish by John Jupe, London, of plain circular form with outcurved rim, touch marks, 30cm diameter; A Pair of Pewter Plates, each inscribed with the letter 'K', 24cm diameter and three pewter tankards, 10cm to 11cm high. (6) £50-70
1250.   An Early XX Century Norfolk Hide Attaché Case, with white metal locks, impressed "Guaranteed Solid Leather, Patent No 134403", 27 x 39cm. £200-300
1251.   A Jaguar Car Mascot, in Chrome Metal, 19cm long; A Glass Model of a Jaguar Car 17.5cm long. (2) £40-50
1252.   An Early XX Century Bronze Model of a Shire Horse, rectangular base, 11cm long; A Bronze Model of a Greyhound, 19cm long and three other castings of dogs. (5) £150-200
1253.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form, the interior with two lidded compartments and central cranberry glass mixing bowl, 31 x 16cm. £40-60
1254.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Games Box, of rectangular form, the lid with brass plaque of three playing cards within a shaped cartouche, the blue silk lined interior with a fitted tray containing a brass cribbage board and playing cards, key present, 15.5 x 25.5cm. £40-60
1255.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood Tea Caddy, of sarcophagus form raised on bun feet, the interior with two caddies and central compartment, 35cm long. £50-80
1256.   A Late XIX Century Walnut Tea Caddy, of rectangular form, the interior with two lidded compartments, 14.5 x 20cm. £30-50
1257.   A Kapa Cloth Beater, Polynesian, of four sided tapered form, one plain, the others with plain lines, 37.5cm long. £100-200
1258.   An Early XX Century Addometer Mechanical Calculator, stamped "Taylor's, 74 Chancery Lane, London", in original case, 30cm long. £25-35
1259.   A Late Victorian Bamboo Sword Stick, the steel blade stamped "Solingen", 89cm long. £50-100
1260.   A Stanley Fuller Calculator, with mahogany handle and top with brass attachments, in original case with labels, mounting bracket, serial number 578327, 43.5cm long. £100-200
1261.   A Cast White Metal Figural Pedestal Centrepiece, the frosted bowl supported by a central figure in period costume with outspread arms, on a circular foot with cast cartouche and three cherubic and acanthus leaf feet, 34.5cm high. ***SHADE DAMAGED** £50-80
1262.   A Modern Gluck Barograph, contained in a mahogany bevelled glass case with single drawer, key wind cylinder, recording stylus and vacuum cylinder, 36cm long. £120-180
1263.   A Late XIX Century R & J Beck, London Lacquered Brass Microscope, model No. 17362, on a 'Y' shaped base, with seven various eye pieces, lenses and slides, all contained in a mahogany case, 27cm high. £100-150
1264.   A Late XIX Century Leather Bound Half Moon Shaped Photograph Album, with embossed decoration, period photographs and brass clasp, 36 x 18.5cm. £30-50
1265.   A Down Bros Ltd Skull, in original two section box; An Early XX Century Mahogany Box, with lift-out compartmented tray containing surgical needles and a cased set of microscope slides. £50-80
1266.   A Late XIX Century Glass Dome, on a black painted wooden circular base, 58cm high. £20-30
1267.   A Modern 'Castrol Motor Oil' Advertising Metal Wall Sign, bowed centre, 40 x 60cm. £30-40
1268.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Japanese Bronze Candlesticks, the central slender columns entwined with foliage and each raised on three leopard feet, 29.5cm high; A Further Pair of Candlesticks, the reeded columns raised on three hoof feet, 30cm high. (4) £60-80
A Bronze Model of a Crouching Nude, signed to the underside, 12cm long. £60-80
1270.   An Early XX Century Bronze Model of a Rearing Horse, mounted on a marble base, 25.5cm high. £80-120
1271.   A Jaguar Car Mascot, in chrome metal on oval stepped wooden base, 19.5cm long. £40-50
1272.   An Early XX Century Rosewood Veneer Cigar Box, of cylindrical form with domed hexagonal top section, the brass finial moving to reveal twelve cigar holders, ormolu mounts to circular base, 25cm high. £60-80
1273.   A Late XIX Century Bronze Figure of a Classical Gentleman on Horse, upon a shaped rectangular plinth base, 26cm high. £120-180
1274.   AFTER PIERRE-JULES MENE (1810-1879)
A Bronze Model of a Standing Greyhound, upon a shaped rectangular base, signed, 35cm high. £300-500
1275.   Mouseman - A Robert Thompson of Kilburn Oak Book Trough, with carved mouse signature, 45cm long. £180-220
1276.   An Early XX Century Bronze Study of a Hound's Head, unsigned, mounted on an alabaster base and stepped wooden base, 27cm high. £150-250
1277.   VICTOR DE HAEN (1866-1934)
A Bronze Model of a Dutch Gentleman, smoking a pipe and wearing an open necked shirt, breeches, clogs and a flat cap, seated on a large rock, upon a naturalistic base, signed, 27cm high. £100-150
1278.   An Adam Rouilly and Co Early XX Century Half Skeleton, in original pine crate with stencilled makers name. £200-300
1279.   A Copper Mast Head Streaming Ships Light, brass fitments, blue tinted glass, 38cm high including top handle: fitted for electricity, untested: sold for parts only. £120-150
1280.   An Early XX Century Leather Surgeons Case, containing clamps, instruments, scissors, gown, gloves, etc, label for "Dr G.W. Wright of Totley, Sheffield". £20-30
1281.   Moto-Lita Wooden Rim Steering Wheel, featuring Smiths car clock 160-715 to centre, 38cm diameter. £80-100
1282.   A Hardwood Painted Folding Table Base, an Indian lacquer box and cover, two Indian pictures in ornate frames, two photograph frame and two pen desk stands etc. £20-30
1283.   Black Bakelite Anvil Telephone, stamped G.P.O No 164 to receiver. £20-30
1284.   A Pair of Odeon Arrow Head' Hall Wall Lights, metallic frames with perspex shades, circa 1980's, 115cm high, 100cm wide. (2) £60-90
1285.   Three Odeon 'Arrow Head' Hall Wall Lights, metallic frames with perspex shades, circa 1980's, 115cm high, 100cm wide. (2) £90-120
1286.   A Modern Chrome Six Branch Candelabra, each suspended with glass swags and having moulded drip pans hung with prismatic drops, 56cm wide. £40-60
1287.   A Late XIX Century White Painted Cast Iron Stick Stand, the shaped back plate decorated with foliage, double division and lift-out drip tray, 70cm high. £30-50
1288.   A Late XIX Century Metal Standard Lamp, elaborately cast with scrolling foliage and shell motifs upon a tripod base, 43cm high. £40-60
1289.   A Scratch Built Children's Two Seater Rocking Car, in the form of a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost, 70cm high, 178cm long. £180-200
1290.   A Late XIX Century Standing Oil Lamp, (converted to electricity), the brass and cast iron part fluted column raised on elaborate foliate scroll tripod base, with pierced casing for the cut glass reservoir, 53cm high. £70-100
1291.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Inlaid Table Top Cabinet, of rectangular form on plinth base, the double doors opening to reveal three drawers, 35 x 26.5 x 17cm. £40-80
1292.   A Late Victorian Walnut and Mahogany Stationary Table Top Cabinet, the sloping doors opening to reveal a perpetual calendar, compartments, writing slab and book stand, 36cm high. £70-100
1293.   A Small Quantity of Early XX Century Games, including Dick Turpin's Ride to York, two games boxed. £20-40
1294.   A Mid XX Century Four Piece Tinplate 'Circus' Caravan, by Demster Toys, comprising caravan, closed van and two open wagons, each piece approximately 35cm long, three boxed. £60-100
1295.   A Modern Handmade Fandangles Ornamental Miniature Rocking Horse, modelled as a Berkshire dapple horse on a tulip wood stand, with certificate and box (rrp £495), 41cm high, 47cm long. £120-180
1296.   A Modern Handmade Fandangles Ornamental Miniature Rocking Horse, modelled as Buckingham horse on a walnut stand, with certificate and box (RRP £495), 41cm high, 47cm long. £120-180
1297.   A Modern Wooden Rocking Horse, with brown plaited tail, carved mane and saddle, upon a trestle rocker frame supported by double columns and plinth base, 117cm long, 105cm high. £200-300
1298.   A Mid XX Century Wooden Rocking Horse, painted in dapple grey, leather saddle and light brown tail, on a cradle rocker, 114cm long, 81cm high. £200-300
1299.   A Modern Wooden Rocking Horse by Off Your Rocker Toys and Crafts, the marquetry body with grey mane, string tail, brown leather saddle and tack, upon a trestle rocker frame supported by double baluster columns and plinth base, outer protective cover, original receipt dated 2nd June 1990 for £706, 157cm long, 138cm high. £200-300
1300.   A XIX Century Rosewood Writing Slope, with brass border inset decoration and escutcheon, twin ink bottles to fitted interior, 50.5cm wide. £30-50
1301.   •GUIDO ODIERNA (Italian, 1913-1991) *ARR
Breaking Waves Under a Turbulent Sky, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
59 x 90cm. £200-300
1302.   •CECILY ENGLEFIELD (Early XX Century Book Illustrator) *ARR
Children Seated on a Hay Cart Pulled by Two Shire Horses, led by an elderly gentleman, watercolour, signed lower left,
27 x 24cm. £20-30
Calle De Fuea, oil on board, unsigned, bears Hewson and Forster label verso,
18 x 14cm. £70-100
1304.   WILLIAM OLIVER (Fl.1867-1882)
Portrait of a Gypsy Girl Holding a Pack of Cards in a Wooden Landscape, oil on canvas (relined), signed and dated 1878 lower right,
52 x 41cm. £200-300
1305.   •FREDERICK DONALD BLAKE (1908-1997) *ARR
Houses in a Wooded Landscape, watercolour, pen and ink, signed lower right,
16 x 45cm. £50-70
1306.   •KENNETH STEEL (1906-1973)*ARR
Oxley Park, Stocksbridge, watercolour, signed lower edge,
58 x 84cm.
*Believed to have been commissioned by The British Steel Corporation £250-350
1307.   •JOHN LIVESEY (1926-1990) *ARR
Pot Plants in a Greenhouse, gouache, signed lower left,
42.5 x 50cm. £70-100
1308.   •PRUDENCE TURNER (1930-2007) *ARR
Loch Near Ardgour Hills, oil on canvas, signed bottom right,
49 x 59cm.
*Original receipt from Victoria Galleries, Scarborough 1983. £150-200
1309.   •PRUDENCE TURNER (1930-2007) *ARR
Loch Leven, oil on canvas, signed bottom right,
49 x 59cm
*Original receipt from Victoria Galleries, Scarborough 1983. £150-200
Huddersfield, print, signed in pencil lower right margin, Fine Art Trade Guild blindstamp from an edition of 850,
45 x 56cm. £2000-3000
1311.   •PETER COULTHARD (b.1949) *ARR
Sunlight on Stanage Edge, Derbyshire, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
49 x 74cm
*Original receipt from Peter Simmonite Fine Art dated 20/11/01 for £2250. £150-250
1312.   •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996) *ARR
Sheffield Wednesday's Stadium, Hillsborough, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
62 x 75cm. £500-700
1313.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (Late XVIII/Early XIX Century)
A Portrait of a Gentleman, oil on canvas, unsigned, patches to back,
49 x 40cm. £50-80
1314.   •PETER KOTKA (b.1951) *ARR
'Just Good Friends?', still life with wine bottles and glasses, oil on panel, signed lower right, bears Wildgoose Gallery and The Davie Gallery labels verso,
60 x 49cm. £300-500
1315.   •PETER KOTKA (b.1951) *ARR
'Foiled Again', still life with wine bottle and glass, oil on panel, signed lower right, bears Wildgoose Gallery and The Davie Gallery labels verso,
59 x 43.5cm. £300-500
1316.   F.V. O. WAL (XX Century)
Still Life Study with Stoneware, Plums and Casket, oil on panel, signed lower right, bears Wildgoose label verso and price £3300,
48.5 x 58.5cm. £200-400
1317.   •JOSE MANUEL REYES (Spanish, b.1963) *ARR
Still Life of Lemons Hung by String, oil on board, signed lower right,
44.5 x 37cm. £700-1000
1318.   •JOSE MANUEL REYES (Spanish, b.1963) *ARR
Still Life of Red Grapes Hung by String, oil on board, signed lower right,
44.5 x 36.5cm. £600-800
1319.   •PETER SZUMOWSKI (1954-2016, Sheffield Artist) *ARR
Abstract composition 1996, acrylic on canvas, unsigned,
77 x 76cm.
*Used by the Bridgeman Art Library on the front of their Image-In leaflet in 1996. £300-500
1320.   A Late XIX Century Crystoleum, depicting an XVIII Century courting couple in an interior setting, ornate frame, 30 x 22cm. £20-30
1321.   •REX NORMAN PRESTON (b.1948) *ARR
Sunlight, Great Coum From Whernside, Cumbria, oil on canvas, signed lower left, bears Granby Galleries label verso,
44 x 59cm.
*Original receipt dated 14/09/02 for £3500. £120-180
1322.   •AFTER ELYSE ASHE LORD (1900-1971) *ARR
Hardstone Plant No. 1 and Hardstone Plant No. 2 (a pair), drypoint etchings, each 22 of a limited edition of 100, signed in pencil in the margins, bears The Horner Galleries labels verso,
23 x 22.5cm. (2) £80-120
1323.   HARRY BINGHAM NEILSON (1861-1941)
Study of Golden Miller, watercolour, signed lower right, titled lower edge,
28 x 23cm.
*Golden Miller was a thoroughbred racehorse (1927-1957). He was the most successful Cheltenham Gold Cup winning horse ever, winning five consecutive times between 1932 -1936. In 1934 he won the United Kingdom's premier races - Cheltenham Gold Cup and the Grand National.
. £150-250
1324.   •GEORGE HAMILTON CONSTANTINE (Sheffield Artist, 1878-1969) *ARR
Run Ashore, Scarborough, watercolour, signed and titled lower left,
31.5 x 65cm. £300-500
1325.   •CHARLES BEATSON (Sheffield Artist, 1864-1949)
Portrait of Dorothy Vernon holding an ivory cane in a panelled room, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1930 lower left and verso,
99 x 61cm. £200-300
1326.   ATTRIBUTED TO REX WHISTLER (1905-1944)
The Vegetable Delivery Man, pen and ink, unsigned, bears Chris Beetles label verso and BP Advertising Collection,
45 x 10cm £70-100
1327.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Figure on Horseback Before a Church in a Wooded Landscape, oil on panel, unsigned, inscribed indistinctly verso,
11 x 15cm. £30-50
1328.   •REX NORMAN PRESTON (b.1948) *ARR
Packhorse Bridge, Snowdonia in Winter, oil on canvas, signed lower right, bears Granby Galleries label verso,
24.5 x 19cm.
*Original receipt dated 22/09/04 for £465. £60-80
1329.   •HARRY EPWORTH ALLEN (1894-1958) *ARR
'Chantrey's Birthplace, Jordanthorpe, woodblock, signed in pencil in the margin and numbered 5/25,
17 x 20.5cm. £30-50
San Pedro de Banchi, Genoa, watercolour, signed, titled and dated 1883 to separate mount, in a period gilt wood and papier maché vine and heart motif frame,
40 x 31.5cm. £80-120
1331.   FRANK ROUSSE (Fl. 1895 -1917)
Winter Morning, figures on a beach with fishing boats, watercolour, signed lower left,
17.5 x 24.5cm. £50-80
1332.   ALFRED RICH (1856-1921)
In Sussex, watercolour, signed lower right, bears Arthur Ackermann and Son Ltd, New Bond Street, London label verso,
24 x 40cm. £25-35
1333.   CARLETON GRANT (1860-1930)
Sheep and Cattle by a River Amongst Farm Buildings, watercolour, signed lower right,
35 x 54cm. £100-150
1334.   •ANDRÉ HOULLIER (French, 1909-1975) *ARR
Coastal Scene, oil on canvas, signed lower right and verso,
46 x 56cm. £120-180
1335.   FRANK SALTFLEET (1860-1937)
Whitby, watercolour, signed lower right,
24 x 33cm. £200-300
1336.   WEIR BEWIN (English School, Early XX Century)
A Smile of Nature, a vase of summer flowers, oil on board, signed lower edge, titled, labelled verso,
18 x 27.5cm. £40-60
1337.   •TREVOR NEAL (Sheffield Artist, b.1947) *ARR
Bot. Gardens Cap Martin, France, oil on canvas laid on board, signed in monogram and dated 1991 lower right, artist stamp verso,
23 x 33cm
*Original receipt from Peter Simmonite Fine Art dated 18/5/02 for £400. £50-70
On the Scheldt, watercolour, unsigned,
25 x 45cm.
Portrait of a Gentleman Holding a Pipe, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
75 x 62cm. £80-120
1340.   •SONIA LAWSON (b.1934) *ARR
Girl in Blue Smock Holding a Bowl of Apples, watercolour, signed lower right and verso, 25cm high,
Figures Hugging, watercolour and ink, signed in monogram lower right and in full verso,
15 x 18.5cm. (2) £80-120
1341.   •GEORGE HAMILTON CONSTANTINE (Sheffield Artist, 1878-1969) *ARR
May House Farm, watercolour, signed lower left,
25 x 35cm. £200-300
1342.   ANTOINETTA BRANDEIS (Czech/Italian, 1848-1926)
Doges Palace (Palazzio Ducale), Venice, oil on panel, signed lower right, bears Willis Hudson and Co, label verso,
24 x 15cm. £2000-3000
1343.   DAVID WILSHAW (Slade School of Art))
Untitled, abstract, organic pigments and pva,
51 x 231cm.
*Given to the vendor by the artist in the early 1970's, David Wilshaw was the Principal of Cleveland College of Art and Design 1998-2010. £70-100
1344.   An Early/Mid XIX Century Oval Silk and Embroidered Picture, of an elderly gentleman holding a staff beside a girl on a terrace before a large tree, framed and glazed, 30 x 36cm. £50-80
1345.   Robert Morden; A Late XVII Century Map
'Britannia Saxonica' engraved by John Sturt,
41 x 43cm, framed and glazed. £20-30
1346.   Fleming [Ian]: The Spy Who Loved Me, first edition 1962, pub by Jonahan Cape, issued by The Book Club, dustwrapper and four others 'For Your Eyes Only', 'Thunderball', 'Dr No' and 'From Russia With Love'. (4) £70-100
1347.   A Collection of Eleven Artworks for the Book 'The Flying Doctors' by R.E. Hicks, each with page notations and titles, two sizes. (11)
*The Flying Doctor books were written by Michael Noonan and illustrated by R.E. Hicks, published by Hodder & Stoughton Ltd in the early 1960's. £100-200
1348.   An Interesting Collection of George Cunningham Ephemera, to include; greetings cards, passport, will, photographs, book, etc. £20-30
1349.   Betjeman [John]: First and Last Loves, first edition 1952, pub by John Murray, illustrated by John Piper, dustwrapper, and seven other works by the author, 'Ghastly Good Taste', 1970, 'Continual Dew', facsimile re-issue 1977, 'Mount Zion or In Touch with the Infinite', 1975, 'Wantage Poems', first edition 1966, 'Summoned By Bells', illus Edward Ardizzone, first edition 1962. (8) £20-30
1350.   The Coronation Album, published by The Collector's Book Club, London MCML111, number 19 of a limited edition in this form of 52 copies, including all commemorative stamps issued and all coins of the new reign; gold South African £1 and £½ gold coins noted, signed by the Most Hon. The Marquis of Aberdeen, blue leather binding. £600-800
1351.   Betjeman [John]: An Oxford University Chest, first edition 1938, pub by John Miles, Amen Corner, London EC 4, marbled boards. £25-35
1352.   Railway Interest; Halligan's Illustrated World: A Portfolio of Photographic Views of the Worlds' Columbian Exposition, edited by John McGovern, pub. by The Jewell N. Halligan Company 1894, cloth boards; A Further Book, A Record of the Transportation Exhibits at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, by James Dredge, cloth boards. (2) £60-80
1353.   Betjeman [John]: Old Lights For New Chancels, Topographical and Amatory Verses, proof copy, first edition 1940, pub by John Murray, Albermarle Street, sold by Maggs in 2007 for £120, together with accompanying email stating that no more than 10 copies would have been produced in this form. £25-35
1354.   Betjeman [John]: High and Low, first edition 1966, pub by John Murray, Albermarle Street, dustwrapper; Betjeman [John]: A Few Late Chrysanthemums, first edition 1954, pub by John Murray, Albermarle Street, dustwrapper and Betjeman [John]: A Nip in the Air, first edition 1974, pub by John Murray. (3) £30-40
1355.   Betjeman [John]: Poems in the Porch, first edition 1954, pub by SPCK London, book plate for John Sparrow (Academic Warden of All Saints College, Oxford, book collector and barrister), paperback. £15-25
1356.   A Collection of Over Thirty Mainly Poetry Books by John Betjeman, to include; Collected Poems, The John Betjeman Hymn Book, Poem, The Best of Betjeman, Six Betjeman Songs, related ephemera etc. £15-25
1357.   A Collection of Over Sixty-Five Late XIX/Early XX Century Share Certificates, mainly of Railway interest, Engineering, Slate Works etc. also noted. £30-40
1358.   A Collection of Nineteen Books About John Betjeman and His Works, to include; Hillier [Bevis]: John Betjeman 'New Fame, New Love', Hillier [Bevis]: 'The Bonus of Laughter'', Lycett Green[Candida] (daughter of John Betjeman): 'Letters' Vol I and Vol II and 'Coming Home An Anthology of Prose', Wilson [A.N.]:' Betjeman', hardback and paperback, Hillier [Bevis]: 'John Betjeman', Gammond [Peter]: 'The Little Book of Betjeman' and 'Lovely Bits of Old England - Selected Writings from the Telegraph' etc. (19) £20-30
1359.   A Collection of Twenty-Five Books by John Betjeman on Architecture, Churches, Towns, Stations etc, to include; In Praise of Churches, Victorian and Edwardian Oxford from Old Photographs, Victorian and Edwardian London from Old Photographs, Vintage London, London's Historic Railway Stations, A Pictorial History of English Architecture, John Betjeman on Trains, Betjeman's Lincolnshire etc. (25) £20-30
1360.   A Late 1930's Wedding Dress, in oyster satin, bias cut with small train, the bodice and wrist length sleeves decorated with bugle beads, with veil and orange blossom style head-dress (with three studio photographs of the bride and groom and a newspaper dated June 3rd 1939 with an article about the wedding); a later baby's lace embroidered christening gown. £50-100
1361.   A Mulberry Full Length Black Velvet Evening Coat, by Roger Saul, with faux fur collar, wrap over style with belt, back vent (size 10), 147cm long. £30-50
1362.   A Mid XX Century Vintage Fur Coat, full length with turned back cuffs, 112cm long; two late XX Century dresses and a Country Casuals evening dress. (4) £20-30
1363.   A Mid XX Century Lace Wedding Dress, with fitted waist and three-quarter length sleeves, small train, a further wedding dress and a 1960's lurex cocktail dress. (3) £20-30
1364.   A Shaded Light Brown Ladies Coney Fur Full Length Coat, slightly fitted with rever collar, 118cm long; A Coney Fur Jacket, in mid brown, 70cm long. (2) £25-30
1365.   A c.1940's, Fur Jacket, 'A' line shape with bell shaped sleeves, 80cm long. £20-30
1366.   A Jaeger Black Angora Coat, ankle length, concealed fastening(size 44), 135cm long; a Jaeger grey wool and cashmere double breasted ankle length coat with contrast collar (size 14), 139cm long; a camel Feminella wool cashmere and angora full length double breasted coat and a vintage Jaeger grey wool Cossack style coat with frog fastening (size 10). (4) £30-50
1367.   A Ladies Full Length Squirrel Fur Coat, in chocolate brown, 105cm long and a matching fur stole. (2) £30-40
1368.   Jean Muir: A Collection of Outfits, including a black full length wool/alpaca coat with toggle fastening (size 18), a brown textured wool two piece casual trouser suit (size 18), two pairs of wool crepe trousers and a similar pair in cream. (5) £20-40
1369.   Two Sahara Chenille Jackets, size S/M, two Sulu jackets, two boiled wool coats by Fenn, Wright & Manson and East, and an M & S purple velvet frock coat style jacket (size10). (7) £20-30
1370.   An 'Emba' American Beige Mink Jacket, with collar and split cuff detail, 64cm long; Another similar, with gathered cuffs, 62cm long and a vintage fur coat (poor condition). (3) £40-60
1371.   A Ladies Jaeger Suede Jacket, double breasted (size 18), a Basler tan 'Sheepskin' style jacket (size 44), a Basler red wool duffel style coat (size 46), Four Seasons rain coat. (4) £20-30
1372.   A Gents Pure Wool Scottish Kilt and Jacket, retailers label for MacNaughtons of Pitlochry, comprising a grey wool Argyll jacket, a plaid kilt in green, blue and black, black leather dress sporran with sealskin front and tassles and Celtic button, a tie, black leather belt and two pairs of cream wool stockings, £30-50
1373.   A c.1960's Ladies White Mink Coat, the pelts laid in a horizontal design, slightly fitted waist, 79cm long. £70-90
1374.   A Ladies White Female Mink Evening Jacket, the pelts with a 'diamond' effect, side splits and half back belt, decorative button detail to hook fastening, retailers label for 'Franklin's of Leicester', 57cm long £40-60
1375.   A c.1960's Ladies White Mink Coat, the pelts laid in a chevron pattern, shawl collar and hook fastening, 91cm long. £70-90
1376.   A Ladies Vintage Chinchilla Fur Jacket, with stand-up collar and 'A' line shape, 72cm long. £30-40
1377.   A Dark Beige Mink Coat, of wrap over design with front pockets and buttoned half belt detail to back, with a matching beret style hat. (2) £60-80
1378.   A Beige Mink Bolero Style Cocktail Jacket, the pelts laid horizontally, wide collar and elbow length sleeves, openwork gilt button detail to hook fastening. £30-50
1379.   A c.1950's Squirrel Fur Coat, full length with shawl collar; A Similar Stole. (2)
*Proceeds to go to South Yorkshire Community Foundation (Flood Victims). £15-25
1380.   A Ladies Henry Cotton Wool Tweed Jacket, size 42, 77cm long. £10-20
1381.   A c.1970's Vintage Ladies Black Leather Coat, with fur collar, cuffs and hem, fitted at the waist with a belt, cm long. £20-30
1382.   A Ladies c1950's Vintage Ocelot Coat, of 'A' line shape with shawl collar and turned back bell shaped sleeves, retailers label for 'Mde Bailey-Styles, 14 Broad Pavement, Chesterfield', 91cm long. £40-80
1383.   A 1920's Flapper Style Black Silk and Lace Dress, the sleeveless yolk and drop waist inset with horizontal bands of lace, with applied silk rose detail to neck, 102cm long; Four Further Dresses, of a similar vintage, including cream silk and lace, black lace long sleeved dress and two full length voile dresses in pink and green. (5) £70-100
1384.   A c.1940's/1950's Vintage Opera Coat, in an oyster fabric with white mink collar, three large textured mother of pearl buttons, silk lining, 104cm long; A Black Beaver Lamb Coat, 106cm long. (2) £30-50
1385.   *WITHDRAWN
A Vintage Full Length Fur Coat, wrap over style with shawl collar and deep turned back cuffs, 103cm long. £20-30
1386.   A Ladies Full Length Dark Brown Squirrel Fur Coat, 106cm long, and a further similar coat, 102cm long. (2) £20-30
1387.   A Three-quarter Length Shaded Brown Mink Coat, with an unusual 'patchwork' appearance, 73cm long; A Vintage c.1940's Red Squirrel Full Length Coat, 101cm long. (2) £40-60
1388.   A Victorian Black Wool Embroidered Mourning Cape, a navy wool frock coat, six various mourning skirts and underskirts and two later silk blouses £40-60
1389.   A Ladies Red Fox Fur Jacket, collarless style, waist length, cm long, with matching hat. (2) £40-60
1390.   A Grey Mink Cocktail Jacket, the pelts laid horizontally, elbow length sleeves, 45cm long. £30-50
1391.   A Ladies White Female Mink Cocktail Jacket, with shawl collar, bracelet length sleeves and three diamanté button fastenings to front, 58cm long. £40-60
1392.   A Cream Mink Capelet/Stole, with collar. £20-40
1393.   A Vintage Brown Tipped Pale Grey Fox Fur Wrap. £20-30
1394.   A Vintage Black Alligator Skin Handbag. £10-15
1395.   Ten Pairs of Vintage and Modern Sunglasses, including Emporia Armani, Kenneth Cole, Fossil, Dolce & Gabbana, Ray-Ban etc. (10) £30-40
1396.   A Collection of Victorian and Edwardian Passementerie and Lace Trim, including lace underleeves, cuffs, collars, chemisette, tapework cape, bridal lace cap, bonnets etc. £30-50
1397.   Four Mid XX Century Classic Style Handbags; Mappin & Webb brown lizard and a similar handbag in black lizard, a Czarina beige grained leather and a Jane Shilton brown patent leather handbag. (4) £50-80
1398.   An Early XX Century Rayon Shawl, embroidered with pink carnations, 80 x 80cm plus long fringed border, a black silk embroidered apron, a black silk blouse, two pairs of knitted stockings in cream and black, beadwork panels. £30-40
1399.   A Large Collection of Victorian/Edwardian and Later Undergarments and Nightdresses, including petticoats, pantaloons, aprons, nightshirts, baby's gowns etc. in a suitcase. £30-40
1400.   A c.1940's Cream Rayon Day Dress, the bodice with sweetheart neckline, button front and short sleeves, embroidered with flowers highlighted with pearl beads, fitted waist and flared skirt; An Early XX Century Cream Silk Christening Gown, the bodice and hem inset with lace panels, and two further baby's dresses. (4) £20-40
1401.   An Ackery London Black Leather Classic Handbag, a brown lizard skin handbag with chain, Radley blue leather handbag, Michael Kors cream leather and logo canvas bag, Modalu clutch; a pair of gents black leather Loake 'Kempton' shoes (size 8F) and a pair of ladies Hobbs court shoes. £30-50
1402.   A Vintage Dark Brown Fur Shrug, two lighter fur stoles and a dark brown mink hat. (4) £30-40
1403.   A Jaeger Leather Shoulder Bag, three further leather handbags, a collection of velvet and other scarves, a fringed shawl and a David Nieper velvet jacket. £20-30
1404.   A Pair of Classic Cardy Knitted Ugg Boots, in beige (size 6½), Converse maroon leather unisex sneakers with faux fur lining, (size 39), two pairs of Jessica Simpson ankle strap stiletto shoes, Nine West red patent wedges and a pair of boots. (6) £20-30
1405.   A Special Occasion Brown Velvet Hat by Walter Wright, a Nigel Rayment straw hat, Jaeger straw hat, two traditional Panama hats and one other. £10-20
1406.   A c.1900 Small Child's Dress and Cape, the hand stitched burgundy wool dress trimmed with red velvet and entirely lined in an earlier cotton fabric, the matching velvet cape trimmed with cream lace; an embroidered wool cape, with drawstring to form the hood. (3) £30-50
1407.   Three Vintage Georgina von Etzdorf Reversable Velvet Scarves, two others similar. (5) £30-40
1408.   A Cream Mink Turban Style Hat, various other fur and faux fur hats, collars etc:- One Box £20-40
1409.   Three Modern Designer Handbags; An Emporio Armani grey varnished effect tote, with embossed logo, zip closure, Calvin Klein twin handled bag and a black canvas Ralph Lauren bag, a Carvela purse. (4) £20-30
1410.   A Gucci Monogram Canvas Tote, with braw leather trim and web handles (one side of one of the handles requires re-attaching), 40cm high, 37cm wide. £50-70
1411.   A Vintage Rochas Paris Gladstone Bag, in monogrammed fabric with black leather trim, brass fittings with key, 35.5cm long, 17.5cm wide, 28cm high. £30-40
1412.   Mulberry; A Large Del Rey Leather Handbag, in yellow, with twist lock closure to gold tone hardware, dual rolled leather handles, detachable clochette with key ring, padlock, 34cm wide, 27cm high, 16cm deep, with dustbag and retailers paper carrier bag. £500-550
1413.   Dior; A Vintage Black Logo Print Shoulder Bag, with black leather strap and zip closure to top; A Black Patent Croc Effect Handbag, with dual shoulder strap and rigid loop handle with gilt metal detail. (2) £40-60
1414.   A Sackville Model Evening Bag, with gilt frame and chain handle, a vintage Elizabeth Arden vanity case, with various contents and further Helena Rubinstein cream leather vanity case. (3) £20-40
1415.   Burberry; A Black Canvas and Leather Tote, with outer pockets, twin handles and gunmetal hardware, with dust cover. £70-100
1416.   Fabergé Grace de Monaco Perfume and Atomiser, in a handcrafted flacon and stopper by Compeignie des Crystalleries de St Louis, with certificate numbered 315, in fitted case. £150-200
1417.   A Christian Dior Brown Leather Handbag, of envelope style with gilt 'CD' clasp, flat strap, 18cm high, 26cm wide. £30-50
1418.   A Pair of Chloe Sunglasses, in case. £15-20
1419.   An Early XX Century Beadwork Miser's Purse, depicting a dog and geometric patterns, dated 1913, a beadwork spectacles case, a leather needlecase and contents, an Indian black velvet evening bag detailed with gilt metal thread and inset with multi-coloured hardstones, etc. £20-30
1420.   Gucci; A Pair of Ladies Black Patent Leather Pumps, with bow detail and low stiletto heel, size 37½ (appear unworn), in protective covers. £40-60
1421.   Gucci; A Pair of Ladies Black 'GG' Canvas Buckle Pumps, 4.5cm stacked heel, embossed log buckle, size 37½C, with protective covers. £40-70
1422.   Gucci; A Pair of Ladies Black Leather Loafers, gilt horse bit detail, size 37½C,with protective covers. £40-60
1423.   Gucci; A Pair of Ladies Brown Leather Signature Logo Toe Post Sandals, block heel, leather sole, size 37C and a further pair of black canvas tow post sandals with silver logo detail, low heel, size 37C, in protective covers. (2 pairs) £50-70
1424.   Spirit of the Andes; A Large Collection of Alpaca Wool Separates, including cardigans, sweaters, skirt etc. (19 pieces). £20-40
1425.   Cognac - Courvoisier Collection Erte "Vendanges" Edition No. 2, limited edition, bottle number E4161, 750ml, 40% Vol., boxed. £220-320
1426.   Bourbon - Blanton'sThe Original Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey, "This Bourbon whiskey dumped on 6-19-18 from Barrel No. 571, stored in Warehouse H on Rick No. 52 Individually selected, filtered and bottled by hand at 93 Proof". Registered bottle No. 29. With horse and jockey top. 70cl, 46.5% Vol. Boxed. £20-40
1427.   Wine - Sassicaia 1992 Tenuta San Guido, 750ml, 12.5% Vol. £70-100
1428.   Port - Delaforce 1987 Late Bottled Vintage Port, 75cl, 20% Vol.; Krohn Porto Ambassadeur, 37.5cl, 20% Vol. (2) £20-40
1429.   Wine - Chateau Rauzan-Segla Grand Cru Classe Margaux 2012, 750ml, 13.5% Vol.; Alion Ribera Del Duero 2010, label bearing number 111709, 75cl, 14.5% Vol.; Louis Jadot Aloxe-Corton 2010, 75cl, 13% Vol. (3) £20-40
1430.   Cognac - Croizet Grande Reserve Vintage Cognac 1914, (seal degraded and bottle losses). £70-90
1431.   Port - Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 1984 Magnum, bottle number 490305, 150cl, 20% Vol. In wooden case. £40-60
1432.   Cognac - La Fontaine De La Pouyade Bassac Grand Fine Champagne Cognac Premier Cru, together with booklet for bottle number S2221. £50-70
1433.   Cognac - N. Barriasson & Co. Grand Champagne Cognac 1918 £300-500
1434.   Cognac - Grande Champagne Des Heritiers Cognac 1906, naturel, shipped and bottled in 1967, Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd. £400-500
1435.   Cognac - Barnett & Fils Fine Champagne Cognac 1893 Vintage. £80-120
1436.   Cognac - Barnett & Fils Fine Champagne Cognac 1893 Vintage. £80-120
1437.   Whisky - Old Angus Blended Scotch Whisky Liqueur, Train & McIntyre Ltd. £150-250
1438.   Port - Taylor's Late Bottled Vintage Port 1984 Magnum, bottle number 490392, 150cl, 20% Vol. In wooden case. £40-60
1439.   Port - Warre & Co's 1947 Vintage Port, two bottles, one with wax seal broken/degraded and bottle loss. (2) £50-100
1440.   Cognac - Grande Champagne Des Heritiers Cognac 1906, naturel, shipped and bottled in 1967, Berry Bros. & Rudd Ltd. £400-500
1441.   Wine - Chateau Liot Barsac 1970, shipped and bottled by John Harvey & Sons, Bristol. £15-30
1442.   Unidentified Bottle - Handwritten Label bearing Voisin, possibly Cognac.
1443.   Cognac - N. Barriasson & Co. Grand Champagne Cognac 1918 £300-500
1444.   Champagne - Moet & Chandon, 75cl, 12% Vol., boxed; Two Bell's Scotch Miniatures, 5cl, 40% Vol. (3) £10-20
1445.   Spirits - Gordon's Dry Gin, Hennessy V.S.O.P. Fine Champagne Cognac, Harveys Madeira Malmsey, in carton. (3) £20-30
1446.   Spirits - Southern Comfort, 1.136l, 50% Vol. £10-20
1447.   Whisky - Bell's Old Scotch Whisky Extra Special, bottle number 85041, 4.5 litre, 40% Vol. (label bears handwritten date "22nd April 1989".) £40-60
1448.   Cognac - Chateau de Montifaud Heritage Maurice Vallet Cognac, 700ml, 42% Vol. (bottle only without glass stopper or box.) £200-300
1449.   Ephemera - Bowmore Islay Single Malt Wooden Display Stand, with five green baize lined 8cm diameter recesses, 53cm long overall, 13cm deep, 14.5cm high. £10-30
1450.   Spirits - Bols Ballerina Bottle, Gold liqueur, the decanter features a dancing ballerina to the tune of Le Bleu Danube, produced in the Netherlands from 1957-1978, 0,50L, 30% Vol. £20-40
1451.   Port - Cockburn's 1963 Vintage Port. £40-60
1451A.  Port - Cockburn's 1963 Vintage Port. £40-60
1451B.  Port - Cockburn's 1963 Vintage Port. £40-60
1452.   Wine - Cos D'Estournel 1970, Saint-Esteph, 12 bottles, in original wooden case. £120-180
1453.   Wines - Chateau Gruaud Larose 1966, Grand Cru Classe, Saint-Julien, six bottles, (very poor original cardboard box accompanies the Lot). (6) £180-220
1454.   Wines - Chateau De Saite Gemme 2008, Haut-Medoc, 750ml, 13% Vol.; Chateau Lalande Borie 1993, Saint-Julien Bordeaux, 750ml, 12.5% Vol, two bottles; Chateau Chauvin 2006 Grand Cru Classe, Saint-Emilion, 75cl, 13% Vol.; Chateau Tour Du Haut Moulin 2007, Haut Medoc Cru Bourgeois, 750ml, 12.5% Vol; Two Other Red Wines, boxed. (7) £60-80
1455.   Wine - Chateau Talbot 1967, Grand Cru Classe Medoc Saint-Julien, twelve bottles, in original cardboard box in poor condition. (12) £120-180
1456.   A Large Mixed Assortment - including Mead, Bols, Kummel, Gin, Moet & Chandon, Jonge Bokma, Pernod, Apricot Liquor, Dubonnet, Rocjer Express, Aniseed Brandy, Veterano, Chartreuse, etc. (30) £30-50
1457.   A Mid XX Century Forty-Eight Button Concertina, with pierced rosewood ends, five section bellow, serial number 46656, in original box. £60-80
1458.   A Set of Twelve Whitechapel Bell Foundry Musical Handbells, each with tooled leather handles stamped with makers mark and musical note, one bell inscribed "1570-1970 Quarter Centenary Year"; together with a receipt dated 7th January 1970, and related literature. (12) £100-150
1459.   A Swiss Late XIX Century Musical Box, playing a choice of ten airs, pinned brass cylinder and steel comb with three bells, the wooden case with applied, printed and handwritten tune sheet to the lid, 26 x 45cm. £30-50
1460.   A Silver Plated Trumpet, inscribed "Henry Riley and Sons Ltd., Conhill Model Class B", in original carrying case with two mouthpieces and other fitments, 31cm long; A Bugle, inscribed "Desson and Co, London", in fitted wooden box, 63cm long, with instruction manual and autograph books etc. (2) £40-60
1461.   A Besson and Co. Rosewood Piccolo, with white metal keys, in fitted case; A Ruddall Carte and Co. Flute, model number 2965 and another flute, both contained in a fitted box with ornate brass handle. (2) £80-120
1462.   A Ruddall, Carte and Co 1867 Patent Rosewood Flute, with white metal keys, cleaning rod, maker's stamp and model number 2277, in fitted case.
*Sold with a receipt dated 22.2.1919 stating it was second hand and sold for £18.
1463.   A Mid XIX Century Twelve Air Musical Box, in walnut inlaid case, steel comb, brass drum and three bells, printed tune sheet to interior lid, 42cm long, 26cm wide. £200-300
1464.   An Early XX Century Junghans Lacquered Brass Plato Ticket Clock, with two sets of tickets in a glazed cylindrical case with three turned pillars, mounted on stand with four fluted columns and raised on bun feet, 16.5cm high. £100-150
1465.   A French Porcelain Cased Mantel Clock, the rococco style case raised upon a rectangular scrolling plinth base, the green ground with gilt decoration and panels painted with flowers, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, the movement striking on a bell, stamped "Brevetel, Paris", 42cm high. £200-300
1466.   An Edwardian Mahogany Bracket Clock, with dome case, kidney and batwing decoration, stepped base, twin brass carry handles, eight day movement, black Roman numerals to white enamel dial, 38cm high. £30-50
1467.   A Japy Freres and Co. Arts & Crafts Style Oak Cased Mantle Clock, carved with basketweave, crosshatch and flowerheads, the enamel dial painted with blue flowers and Arabic numerals, key and pendulum present. £40-60
1468.   A Mid XX Century Brass Skeleton Clock, the silvered chapter ring with black Roman numerals, fusee movement striking on a bell, on a black plinth base and under a glass dome, key present, 44cm high. £120-180
1469.   A XX Century Congreve Rolling Ball Clock, the silvered case with a central dial with Arabic numerals flanked by two subsidiary dials, sliding runway (balls missing), the case with triangular pediment mounted with classical busts upon four tapered columns on a stepped base and ball feet, 35 x 53cm. £300-500
1470.   A Cartier Easel Alarm Clock, with an outer marble effect frme, the white dial with Roman numerals, inscribed "Cartier, Paris Swiss Made", the back signed and numbered 7509 22360, 9cm high. £60-80
1471.   A Late XIX Century German Carved Oak Eight-Day Longcase Clock, with carved shaped pediment, the hood relief carved with scolling foliage, circular dial with Arabic numerals, back plate inscribed "S.K. Rodium Gong", the gadrooned base with carved panel above stepped base on bracket feet, 237cm high. £150-200
1472.   A Late XVIII/Early XIX Century Oak and Mahogany Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the hood with swan neck pediment, arched door to painted white dial with date aperture, the trunk with crossbanded door and base, on bracket feet, 206cm high. £80-100
1473.   An XVIII Century Oak and Mahogany Longcase Clock, the hood with swan neck pediment, arched door and column supports, eight day movement, moon face white dial with Roman numerals, minute dial and date aperture (name faded), trunk with crossbanded shaped door, reeded pilasters, the base with applied panel (lacking feet). £100-200
1474.   A XIX Century Rosewood Chiffonier, with two upper shelves, gilded brass columns and mirror back, the base with twin doors with pleated salmon pink slubbed fabric panels, on a plinth base, 135cm high, 74cm wide. £150-250
1475.   A Late XIX Century French Kingwood Ladies Writing Desk, with a three-quarter gallery, marquetry floral panels to top, fall sides and apron, fitted interior, on cabriole legs with ormolu mounts, 92cm high, 66cm wide. £180-200
1476.   An Early XX Century Oak Hall Stand, with applied arched pediment, central bevelled glass mirror over shelf and glove drawer, on turned and block supports, the undershelf with drip trays, 226cm high, 116cm wide. £100-150
1477.   A Late XIX Century Brass Church Lectern, the elaborately pierced slope raised on a part fluted central column, with scroll and foliate decoration and raised on a tripod base with paw feet, 162cm high. £200-300
1478.   An Early to Mid XVIII Century Joined Oak Dresser, the rack with stepped cornice and three open shelves over base with three drawers, shaped apron on shaped supports, 200cm high, 167cm long. £300-500
1479.   An Edwardian Inlaid Jardiniere Stand, on swept legs with undershelf, 96cm high. £40-60
1480.   A Pair of XIX Century Mahogany Hall Chairs, with circular backs applied with shields, solid seats, shaped apron, on turned and reeded legs. (2) £50-80
1481.   A XX Century Mirror, with 'C' scroll carving and pierced top, 108 x 66cm. £40-60
1482.   An Edwardian Inlaid Music Cabinet, with four hinged fall front drawers, on tapering legs with undershelf, 92cm high, 53cm wide. £30-50
1483.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with a stepped cornice, inlaid sides and three internal shelves, 98cm high. £40-60
1484.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Corner Cupboard, with shaped gallery, glazed astragal door, on tapering legs with spade feet and undershelf, 160cm high. £30-50
1485.   An Edwardian Inlaid Display Cabinet, with low back, glazed door and sides to two internal shelves, on tapering legs with spade feet, 181cm high, 56cm wide. £50-100
1486.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bureau Bookcase, with a stepped cornice, upper glazed astragal doors over fall front with fitted interior, over two short and three long drawers, on claw and ball feet, 206cm high, 120cm wide. £80-120
1487.   A Hexagonal Shaped Glass Shop Display Cabinet, with central support, ten glass shelves (one damaged), four spotlights, "Coalport" impressed in frieze, 210cm high £50-100
1488.   An Early XX Century Chinese Chippendale Style Mahogany Cabinet, with stepped cornice, glazed astragal door, blind fret sides, on square supports, 123cm high, 78cm wide. £40-80
1489.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Display Cabinet, with a low back, gadrooned edge, twin panelled cupboard doors flanking glazed astragal doors, on small cabriole legs with claw and ball feet, 136cm high, 152cm wide. £60-100
1490.   Early XX Century Gentleman's Walnut Compactum Wardrobe, having stepped pediment, twin arch panelled doors, fitted interior including fibre pressed suitcase, on plinth base. 111cm wide. £40-80
1491.   A XX Century French Style Walnut Wardrobe, with glazed astragal doors, fitted interior with shelves, slides and small drawer, on small cabriole legs, 189cm high, 139cm wide. £20-40
1492.   A XX Century French Style Walnut Wardrobe, with glazed astragal doors, interior with hanging, drawers and slides, on small cabriole legs, 189cm high, wide.
1493.   A Mahogany Pembroke Table, with single drawer and dummy drawer to rear, on turned supports, swept legs (damaged), 71cm high, 69.5cm wide. £30-50
1494.   An Edwardian Inlaid Music Cabinet, with three-quarter gallery, three hinged drawers over panelled doors, on tapering legs with spade feet, 98cm high, 53cm wide. £30-40
1495.   A XIX Century French Ebonised Sewing Table, the hinged lid with brass inlay, fitted interior with mirror, on cabriole legs with ormolu mounts, 7cm high, 59cm wide. £40-60
1496.   An Edwardian Mahogany Elbow Chair, the high back with satinwood inlay, upholstered back panel and seat, on tapering legs. £20-40
1497.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Cake Stand, the top with shaped moulded edge, each side with a hinged fall front with baized dish, pierced Art Nouveau heart detail, on splayed legs with undershelf, 72cm high, 38cm wide. £40-60
1498.   A XIX Century Rosewood Armchair, with upholstered back, seat and arm pads, on turned front legs. £80-120
1499.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Sofa Table, with drop leaves, single drawer with ebonised inlay, dummy drawer to rear, shaped supports, on swept legs united by a stretcher, 73cm high, 114cm wide. £100-200
1500.   A XIX Century Walnut Inlaid Sewing Table, the top with 'C' scroll marquetry inlay, ebonised moulded edge over single drawer, with tapering basket, on turned legs united by stretchers (veneer loss to top), 72cm high, 64cm wide. £40-60
1501.   An XVIII Century Style Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the moulded top over four long drawers, on bracket feet, 77cm high, 71cm £80-120
1502.   An Ealry XIX Century Ash and Elm Childs Spindle Back Rocking Chair, with shaped arms and rushed seat on rockers. £60-80
1503.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with crossbanded top, two small and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 108cm high, 112cm wide. £80-120
1504.   Alan Grainger (Acornman); An Octagonal Shaped Oak Coffee Table, with adzed top, shaped supports on quatrefoil base, 46cm high, 49cm wide. £100-150
1505.   A William IV Mahogany Pedestal Sideboard, the shaped back with scroll decoration, crossbanded top over three cushion drawers, on flanking pedestals with reeded columns, panelled doors on bun feet, 116cm high, 183cm wide. £80-100
1506.   An XVIII Century Bureau, with fall front and fitted interior over two short and three long drawers, on bracket feet, 105cm high, 101cm long. £50-100
1507.   An Early XX Century Walnut Bookcase, with reeded sides, three shelves, on a plinth base, 113cm high, 91cm wide. £40-60
1508.   A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Drop Leaf Table, with oval top, single drawer, on bobbin and block supports united by stretchers, 75cm high, 168cm long. £100-200
1509.   A Harlequin Set of Eight Early XIX Century Ash and Elm Spindle Back Chairs, (six single, two carvers) with turned spindles and rush seats, on ball feet united by stretchers. (8) £100-200
1510.   A Pair of XX Century Mahogany Carver Chairs, with caned backs, upholstered seats on reeded tapering legs. (2) £30-50
1511.   A XIX Century Walnut Nursing Chair, upholstered back and seat, shaped sides, on cabriole legs. £50-100
1512.   A XIX Century Style Painted Aluminium Garden Seat, modelled with oak branches and acorns. £50-100
1513.   An Early XX Century Walnut Three Piece Salon Suite, comprising chaise longue with button back upholstery, on turned and reeded legs and two armchairs with pierced and carved splats, on shaped turned legs. (3) £80-120
1514.   A XX Century Mahogany Twin Pedestal Dining Table, with oval top, reeded side, turned pedestal on splayed reeded legs, 73cm high, 246cm wide. £50-100
1515.   A Set of Six Early XIX Century Regency Mahogany Dining Chairs, two carver and four single, with turned top rail, 'X' stretcher back and upholstered seats, on turned legs. (6) £80-120
1516.   A Set of Six XIX Century Mahogany Chairs, with centre rails, upholstered seats, on turned front legs. (6) £80-120
1517.   A Pair of Early XX Century Inlaid Mahogany Rosewood Salon Chairs, the central splats with floral inlaid decoration, shaped arms, upholstered seats, on shaped legs. (2) £30-50
1518.   A XIX Century Walnut Stool, with upholstered top and shaped apron, on barley twist supports, 49cm high, 50cm wide. £30-50
1519.   A Mid XIX Century Mahogany Wind-Out Table, with oval top, moulded edge, on turned legs (two centre leaves), 74cm high, 224.5cm wide. £200-300
1520.   An Early XX Century Walnut Pedestal Desk, with crossbanded top over three drawers, twin pedestals with three drawers on plinth bases, 153cm wide. £100-150
1521.   An Edwardian Mahogany Davenport, the upper section with low back, hinged lid to fitted interior, sloping fall with insert, four single drawers and four dummy drawers, 90cm high, 53cm wide. £60-100
1522.   A XIX Century Fold-Over Card Table, with crossbanded top, baized interior, on turned legs, 76cm high, 92cm wide. £80-120
1523.   A XIX Century Walnut Inlaid Davenport, with leather inset sloping top, fitted interior, four single drawers, four dummy drawers, on circular feet, 82cm high, 56cm wide. £60-100
1524.   A XIX Century Style Mahogany Fold-Over Card Table, with crossbanded top and frieze, baized interior, on swept legs, 79cm high, 85cm wide. £40-80
1525.   A Late XVII Century Oak Coffer, with three panelled base, on stile feet, 70cm high, 137cm wide. £40-80
1526.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Coffer, with moulded top over four panelled base and reeded decoration on stile feet, 62cm high, 125cm long. £60-100
1527.   A XIX Century Walnut Cabinet, with twin glazed doors, column supports, on later cabriole legs, 96cm high, 93cm wide. £40-60
1528.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Side Table, the frieze with knulled decoration, single drawer, on tapering legs and spade feet, 78cm high, 98cm wide. £40-60
1529.   An Edwardian Mahogany Canterbury, with turned finials and rail supports, on castors, 37cm high, 49cm wide. £20-30
1530.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, the top with moulded edge over two short and three long drawers, reeded pillars, on bracket feet, 80cm high, 110cm wide. £100-200
1531.   An XVIII Century Satinwood Serpentine Shaped Commode, the top with marquetry vase and foliate inlay, crossbanded edge over four long drawers with foliate marquetry inlay, canted corners and shaped sides, on bracket feet, 85cm high, 137cm wide. £1200-1500
1532.   A XIX Century Walnut Serpentine Canterbury, with finial tops, pierced fretwork supports, single drawer, on turned bulbous feet, 49cm high, 54cm wide. £60-100
1533.   A XIX Century Walnut Pedestal Desk, with crossbanded top inset with leather sciver, three top drawers and each flanking pedestal with three drawers, ebonised moulding, canted sides on a plinth base, 77cm high, 130cm wide. £200-300
1534.   A XIX Century Ecclesiastical Carved Oak Stand, with four branches supports by brackets, on turned pedestal and quatrefoil base, 200cm high. £50-100
1535.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Jardiniere Stand, with acanthus frieze, cluster column supports, swept legs united by 'S' scroll stretchers, (with Carlton Ware bowl), 49cm high. £40-60
1536.   An Early XX Century Walnut Triple Wardrobe, with stepped cornice, gadrooned frieze, two central panelled doors with urn decoration, over open section with mirror, above drawers, flanked by mirrored doors, on a plinth base, 222cm high, 190cm wide. £100-150
1537.   An Ecclesiastical Stone Octagonal Font, on oak stand, with shaped supports, quatrefoil base, 93cm high. £50-100
1538.   A Late XIX Century French Kingwood Vernis Martin Breakfronted Vitrine, the frieze with foliate ormolu mounts, bevelled glass doors and sides with ormolu ribbons and musical instruments, the base and sides painted in panels, on cabriole legs with paw feet, 158cm high, 112cm wide. £500-800
1539.   A Set of Four Late XIX Century Rosewood Inlaid Salon Chairs, with shaped top rail, pierced splat and upholstered seats, on turned front legs. (4) £40-80
1540.   A Mid XIX Century Breakfront Credenza, with inlaid frieze, glazed cupboard doors with ormolu mounts, on plinth base, 105cm high, 153cm wide. £150-200
1541.   A XIX Century Ebonised Ladies Sewing Table, with hinged flaps, decorated with oval panels painted with cherubs, fitted interior, single drawer, on tapering legs united by 'X' stretcher, 72cm high, 42.5cm wide. £80-120