Specialist Coins & Banknotes Auction
on Thursday 17th January 2019

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1.      An Interesting Collection of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, redeemable coins noted including two Euro coin (5); together with a quantity of G.B. 1980 Commemorative crowns. 20-40
2.      A Collection of Commemorative Medallions Sometimes Cased, including Royal Mint Jubilee Medallion 1977, Royal Mint Prince of Wales Investiture Medallion 1969 (2), The Opening of London Bridge 1973 (2), Eire Ten Shilling piece 1966, U.S. Half Dollar 1964, a cased Cook Islands two dollars coin 1973. 20-40
3.      Royal Mint Great Britain Coin Sets, 1970, 1971, 1977, 1978, together with six Royal Mint United Kingdom BU coin sets, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988. 30-50
4.      A Collection of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, including G.B. pre-decimal brass threepences, two shillings, French Cinco Centimos 1870, U.K. five pounds coin 1999, 2002, an interesting G.B. half penny 1978, white metal possible mis-strike. 20-40
5.      Royal Mint United Kingdom BU Coin Sets, 2003, 2004, 2005, Royal Mint UK pre-decimal coin collection of Queen Elizabeth II, 1996 BU 2 coin 'Euro 96', Royal Mint Millennium 2000 five pound coin BU, Euro coin set - first official issue of 1 Euro coins of the 12 Member States, cased Buckingham Palace commemorative medallion, two reproduction medals, boxed W Britain # 00089 Sentry box and Scots Guard. 30-50
6.      An Interesting Quantity of Medals, Token, etc worthy of a closer inspection. 30-50
7.      Seven Royal Mint Great Britain Coin Sets, 1976 - 1982. 25-50
8.      Seven Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 1983, 1985 (2), 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, accompanied by literature and presented in Royal Mint blue cases. 50-80
9.      A Collection of Numismatic Literature, including Greek coins and their values (Seaby) Vol 1, a catalogue of the Indian coins in the British Museum, J. Allen 1967, English Hammered Coinage by J.J. North, Vol 1, 1963. 20-40
10.     A George III 'Cartwheel' Two Pence Coin, 1797, edge/rim damage, scratches to obverse noted, U.K. five pounds coin 1999 (2), George IV threepence 1835, poor, G.B. pre-decimal base metal coins, Royal Mint Commonwealth Games Commemorative 2 Coin 1986, seven banknotes including Reichs banknote 100000 Mark (1923), Greek mint stamps. 20-40
11.     Six Royal Mint United Kingdom 'Blue Case', Proof Coin Sets, 1983 - 1988, nearly always accompanied by literature. 50-80
12.     A Quantity of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, predominantly post 1950's, sometimes presented in an album, redeemable coins noted, G.B. pre 1947 silver coins, including George V 1921 florin, Queen Victoria sixpence 1889, three junior stamp albums, over twenty circulated banknotes including Bank of England one pound (2), Banco De Mexico 50 pesos. 25-50
13.     A Collection of Numismatic Literature, including Greek, Semitic, Asiatic Coins and How to Read Them by Richard J. Plant, Dictionary of Roman Coins (Seaby), 1964, Greek Imperial Coins and Their Values, The Local Coinages of the Roman Empire, David R. Sear. 20-40
14.     A Quantity of XIX and XX Century Medallions, mainly bronze, 2 silver. 30-50
15.     A Quantity of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, including United States Mint 2008 Bald Eagle Proof Half Dollar coin, boxed, some redeemable coins noted, including 2 Euro, 1 Euro coins, commemorative crowns. 20-40
16.     Three Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 1988, 1989, 1990, accompanied by literature and presented in blue cases. 20-30
17.     A Quantity of Encapsulated Crown Sized Coins, many by the London Mint Office including defining moments of WWII, TDC one crown 2014, 1994 BU 2 coin commemorative label cover, Royal Mint BU 1987 1 coin, Royal Mint Commonwealth Games commemorative 2 coin 1986, together with a quantity of predominantly G.B. pre-decimal base metal coins. 25-50
18.     Four Crown Sized Commemorative Coins/Medals, including John Pinches silver proof Royal Wedding Medallion First Day Cover 1973, John F Kennedy commemorative medal, Royal Mint G.B. silver crown 1972, New Zealand One Dollar 1974, British Commonwealth Games, Christchurch. 25-50
19.     Royal Mint Proof Coin Set, 1986, Deluxe cased, missing literature, Royal Mint BU coin sets 1994, 1995, 2010. 20-40
20.     Four Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993, in presentation cases, accompanied by literature. 30-50
21.     Over Fifty Overseas Banknotes, all from circulation including United States One Dollar (series 1963A), Bank of China 1000 Yuan, s/n 160363 (1942), reserve Bank of Zimbabawe One Hundred Dollars s/n FA9238861, The Japanese Government One Dollar. 20-40
22.     Seven Royal Mint Great Britain Coin Sets, 1970-1975, 1982. 25-50
23.     Five Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 2002 (2), 2003, 2004, 2005, presented in Royal Mint red cases and accompanied by literature. 60-100
24.     A Quantity of G.B. and Overseas Coinage Predominantly Base Metal But Some Silver Coins Noted, including G.B. sixpences, shilling, U.S quarter dollar 1959, other interesting coins include George III halfpenny 1799, Canada 5 cents 1920, G.B. brass threepences, Italy 2 Centesimi 1861, ten Bank of England one pound banknotes including Somerset CS55 834128 - CS55 834131, page 49U 400450 - 49U 400454 (crisp condition - UNC) 25-40
25.     Five Royal Mint United Kingdom BU Coin Sets, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1998, noted: 1992/1993 duel dated EC fifty pence coin in the 1993 set. 50-80
26.     A Royal Mint United Kingdom 2008 BU Royal Shield of Arms Emblems of Britain Coin Collection, Royal Mint U.K. Proof Coin Sets, 1985, 1986, 1987, the 2009 UK Henry VIII 5 BU coin, The Royal Mint 2008 UK Olympic Games Handover Ceremony 2 coin, Commemorative Crowns. 35-50
27.     Approximately Thirty Five Banknotes, including George V Government of India one rupee, The Japanese Government one hundred rupees, redeemable banknotes 5 Euro, Bank of England five pounds (Salmon), Bank of Canada twenty dollars, United States of America five dollars. All banknotes are from circulation and may have faults including tears, damage, staining, folds. 30-50
28.     Gibralter 2008 Silver Five Pounds Coin, 'The Magna Carta', certified Contantius II Roman Empire coin certified by Westminster, G.B. Five Pounds coin 2007 'Diamond Wedding', Queen Elizabeth I Five Pounds commemorative coin cover, Westminster Robert Burns 250th anniversary Silver Two Pounds coin cover, edition limit 250. 30-50
29.     Royal Mint United Kingdom BU Coin Sets, 1999, 2000, 2002, Royal Mint UK 1953-2003 Coronation Anniversary coin collection, 1996 BU 2 coin 'Euro 96', one pound banknote, Somerset-Chief Cashier, UK five pounds coin 2000, U.S. half dollar 1964, George VI shilling 1939. 30-50
30.     Seven Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1998, 1999, presented in Royal Mint blue cases and accompanied by literature. 50-80
31.     Ten Royal Mint United Kingdom Coin Sets, 1970 (2), 1971, 1972, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982. 40-70
32.     A Collection of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, re-deemable coins noted including Five Deutsche Mark, nineteen banknotes to include Bank of England One Pound Note, Page-chief cashier, together with a small quantity of Silver Coins,1821 Half Crown (poor) Five Reichsmark 1935, two Reichsmark 1938, ancient Greek coin (base metal). all presented in a metal cash box (with key) 30-50
33.     Six Royal Mint United Kingdom 'Blue Case' Proof Coin Sets, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999, accompanied by literature. 50-80
34.     Three Modern Royal Mint Coin Paperweights, U.K, commemorative crowns, first coinage of The Kingdom of Lesotho 1979 proof set, cased three coin set 'crown pieces of Queen Elizabeth II' G.B. 1953 nine coin set 'Farthing - Half Crown' Royal Mint 'Mayflower' commemorative medals 1620 - 1970, 350th anniversary, cased, 1973 Bu cased fifty pence pieces, together with other numismatic oddments. 25-50
35.     An Interesting Collection of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, including G.B. pre-decimal, G.B. commemorative crowns, Swiss Francs,Norwegian Krone, eleven circulated banknotes, El Banco De Espana 1000 Pesetas banknote s/n D8278711, Madrid 29th November 1957. 20-40
36.     A Quantity of Scales and Weights, including 3 coin scales in Japanned boxes, 3 apothecary scales, box for folding scale. 60-100
37.     A United States One Dollar Coin 1922, Canada one dollar coin 1958, coin mount and chain, reproduction coins by Westair; together with other numismatic oddments. 20-30
38.     A Cased Silver Jubilee (Queen Elizabeth II) Commemorative Medal, First Day Cover July 9th 1970, incorporating The United Nations World Youth Assembly Commemorative Silver Proof Medal, two cased tower mint commemorative coins. 20-40
39.     A Quantity of Predominately G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coins, all from circulation, Espana Diez Centimos 1877, G.B. Halfcrown 1932, G.B. Florin 1932, Royal Mint 2009 UK Shield of the Royal Arms 1 BU coin, Royal Mint 2007 Diamond Wedding crown. 20-40
40.     A Grand Collection of RMB Currencies of The Peoples Republic of China, presented in a book format and includes the first set of Renminbi 100 Yuan banknotes (1949), the second set of Renminbi five Yuan banknote (1962), the third set of Renminbi ten Yuan banknote (1966), accompanied by the collection certificate, one of 2000 limited edition sets, with a National Unity price of 12.8 thousand Yuan (RMB), presented within a premium briefcase, 'Zhonghua Renmin Gongheguo'. 120-200
41.     In Excess of Fifty Overseas Circulated Banknotes, including Central Bank of Ceylon Ten Rupees (1951), Italy Ten Lira, Algeria Cinq Francs (1940), Reichbanknote 1000 Marks (Berlin, April 1910). 20-40
42.     Eight Royal Mint United Kingdom Coin Sets, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, all cased. 25-40
43.     A Quantity of Predominantly G.B. Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coins, two wooden coin collector boxes with trays for farthings, two shillings, coin collectors folder Great Britain pennies 1926 - 1967 (incomplete), Whitman folder Great Britain shillings 1983 - date (incomplete), Rowntree Coronation medal H.M King Edward VIII, 1937,Reichsbanknote 100 million marks, 1923, Bank of Malta two Liri banknote. 20-40
44.     A Collection of Banknotes Often Redeemable, including ten Deutsch Marks, Central Bank of Ireland Twenty Pounds, United States of America One Dollar, together with a quantity G.B. stamp booklets, (one album) 50-100
45.     Ten Coin Collectors Album Refill Packs, all branded W H Smith including #CCR8 3 large coin leaves, #CCR7 3 medium coin leaves, # CCR6 3 small coin leaves. A sparsely populated coin album mainly G.B 2p, 1p coins, but some foreign noted, coins of England and the United Kingdom 45th Edition Standard Catalogue of British Coins (Spink) 2010. 10-20
46.     A Quantity of Overseas and G.B Base Metal Coins, all from circulation including commemorative crowns, (mounted example noted), Ceylon five cents 1890, four banknotes including United States ten dollars, some silver coins noted, include 1 Krona (Sweden) 1949, half price India 1945. 25-40
47.     A Collection of Numismatic Literature, including Roman coins and their values (Spink) Vols 1, 11, 111, the banknote yearbook (3rd edition) Token Publishing, Schwer Price Guide to XVIII Century Tokens. 20-30
48.     Coins: India Post Independence, quantity and Pakistan, mostly EF. 30-60
49.     George VI and Elizabeth Coronation Medals, plus visit of Prince Philip to USA 1966, 20 pieces, silver and bronze, VF-EF. 50-70
50.     A Danbury Mint Twelve Ingot Set, The Arms of H.R.H. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, struck in sterling silver, ingots, are presented in a wooden fitted case, accompanied by literature and original receipts. 40-60
51.     A Modern Coin Collectors Cabinet, comprising of eleven drawers, with inner coin trays, measuring 41cm across, 47.5cm tall, 30.5cm deep. 25-50
52.     A Cased United Kingdom Specimen Coin Set, (ten coins) five shillings to farthing, presented in a fitted case, together with four U.K. pre-decimal coin sets including Farewell to the S.D.system. 25-40
53.     Edward VII 1902 Coronation Official Medal, bronze with 28 other unofficial medals for his reign (29 pieces) VF and better. 80-120
54.     A Quantity of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins, all from circulation. Eight banknotes including United States one dollar, G.B. Peter Rabbit fifty pence coin, 2016, a cased Manchester 2002 XVII Royal Mint commemorative medal. 10-20
55.     Six Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 1983 - 1988, all blue boxes, accompanied by literature. 50-80
56.     A Collection of G.B. Commemorative Crowns, Pre-Decimal Base Metal Coins, a small quantity of G.B. pre-decimal silver coins, including Shillings 1922, 1945, Queen Victoria Farthings 1848, 1898,George V Farthing 1918 (a pleasing coin), one Quarter Anna India 1879, 1970 coinage of Great Britain set. 20-30
57.     A John Pinches The Treasures of Pompeii Proof Medallion Set, (12 medals) bronze with gold plating including Woman Gambling, The Dancing Satyr, accompanied certificate of authenticity and literature, all presented in a wooden box. 25-50
58.     Two Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Sets, 2000, 2001, both accompanied by literature. 35-60
59.     A Collection of British Coins, including enamelled coins, silver and bronze, fine to extremely fine. 50-70
60.     A Collection of G.B. and Overseas Base Metal Coins Many Pre-Decimal G.B. Noted, together with a small quantity of G.B. pre-1947 Silver Coins, Half Crowns, Florins, Sixpences, Re-deemable, Euro Coins, two Bank of England Ten Shillings Banknotes (FForde - Chief Cashier), Queen Victoria Farthing 1891 20-40
61.     Bank of England 'First Run' Five Pounds Banknote, DN01 428966, chief cashier - Somerset, high grade. 80-120
62.     Bank of England 'First Run' Fifty Pounds Banknote', A01 004126 chief cashier - Kentfield, high grade. 90-130
63.     Bank of England 'First Run' Fifty Pounds Banknote. A01 715955, Chief Cashier - Somerset, high grade. 90-130
64.     Bank of England 'First Run' Twenty Pounds Banknote, 01A 302513, chief cashier - Somerset, high grade. 70-120
65.     Bank of England 'First Run' Ten Pounds Banknote, DD01 000319, chief cashier, Kentfield, high grade. 30-50
66.     Twenty One Bank of England Banknotes Chief Cashiers Noted, include Hollom, Fforde, Page, Somerset, seven banknotes consecutive run noted J. Page ES67 566188 - ES67566194, crisp condition. 30-50
67.     Fourteen Bank of England Banknotes, L.K. O'Brien Chief Cashier, some consecutive runs noted including H67K 624213 - HK67K 624216, crisp condition. 40-70
68.     Twenty Eight Bank of England Ten Shillings Banknotes Chief Cashiers Noted, include O'Brien Beale, Fforde, Hollom, including Beale 24A 743860, 0772 206318, 0382 685825, U96Z 476022, K662 079364,088Z 674842, Leslie O'Brien U58Y 236653, U40Y 948254, T523Y 669673, S65Y 411761, H56Z 543105, Z24X 375715, S65Y 961281, Jasper Hollom O2B 277262 - O2B 277264, all banknotes with serial numbers detailed are in crisp almost unc. condition 70-120
69.     Four Government of Ceylon Banknotes; ten Rupees, 7th May 1946, J41 491586, five Rupees,19th September 1942, G12 125233 (poor), one Rupee, 1st March 1949, B6 748669, all banknotes are from circulation, much folded with staining and other faults. 20-40
70.     A Royal Bank of Scotland Five Pounds Banknote, 1st March 1943, William Whyte (Cashier and General Manager) F1116 No. 3053, circulated banknote, faults include folds, staining, pen writing to rear of banknote. 20-40
71.     Two Bank of England Banknotes, ten pounds banknote, Page (Chief Cashier) B66 716285, five pounds banknote, Hollom (Chief Cashier) H93 732754, minor faults noted. 20-40
72.     A Bank of England White Five Pounds Banknote, P.S. Beale (Chief Cashier) P25 061770, London 19 December 1949, circulated banknote, faults noted include folds, staining, pen writing to rear of banknote. 40-70
73.     A Circulated Bank of England White Five Pounds Banknote, L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) Z38 025462, London 4 April 1955, folds and minor staining noted. 40-70
74.     A Bank of England White Five Pounds Banknote, K.O. Peppiatt (Chief Cashier) J33 027622, London 31 May 1945, circulated note with staining, folds, small tear noted. 40-70
75.     Banque De La Martinique Cinq Francs, Cabasson 293, L.199, red and white, value at centre and at each corner, male and female head at centre with a border of flora and fauna. 30-50
76.     In Excess of Fifty Circulated Overseas Banknotes, including Reserve Bank of India two rupees, Singapore two dollars. 20-30
77.     A Royal Bank of Scotland Twenty Pounds Banknote Commemorating The 100th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother , QETQM0000641, Royal Mint Golden Jubilee commemorative cover, (stamp, crown and banknote), twenty six Bank of England one pound banknotes, Somerset - chief cashier, some runs noted including, CN69 439335 - CN69 439344, CZ61 848655 - CZ61 848664, two Bank of England one pound banknotes, page - chief cashier. 80-100
78.     A Collection of Eleven Bank of England Banknotes, including five pounds (Page-Chief Cashier) 47E 963500, one pound (Peppiatt-Chief Cashier) E19E 697299, one pound (Beale - Chief Cashier) E46C 974380, ten shillings (O'Brien-Chief Cashier), most banknotes have been circulated and may have been folded, stained , G.B. pre-1947 silver coins including Florins 1921, 1928, 1929. 25-50
79.     Ten Scottish Banknotes, comprising of the Bank of Scotland five pounds banknote G3042 No. 8291 1st December 1952, three The British Linen Bank banknotes M/3 110368 15/4/1960, M/4 915826 25/1/1966, Y/4609848 29/2/1968, Three Bank of Scotland banknotes YO431338 28/8/1958, AO880448 16/11/1961, A/Z 0251031 3/3/1967, three The Royal Bank of Scotland one pound banknotes AE670977 3/1/1955, AF 434761 1/4/1955, CU 394480 1/6/1967, faults include folds, stains. 30-60
80.     A Collection of Six Bank of England Banknotes, comprising of three one pound banknotes, (Beale) U77C 691303, (Peppiatt) 275 757428, (Catterns) W59 848989, three ten shilling banknotes, (Catterns) 777 338255, (Peppiatt) 26X 644028, (Beale) 0462Z 692133. All banknotes are from circulation faults noted include folds, staining. 30-50
81.     A Collection of Six Bank of England Banknotes, comprising of three five pounds banknotes, (Fforde) TS1 694949, (Page) 83C 849648, (O'Brien) H90 813815, two one pound banknotes (Mahon) C83 231151, (Catterns) U36 864132, faults noted include folds, staining. 40-70
82.     A Collection of Six Bank of England Banknotes, all K.O. Peppiatt (Chief Cashier) comprising of four one pound banknotes XO7A 354142, X76A 525727, B26E 277621, 90Y 813257, two ten shillings banknotes B78 123749, B82D 188591. All banknotes are from circulation faults noted include folds, stains. 20-40
83.     Six Bank of England Banknotes, all from circulation and of differing grades: five pounds L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) A15 319437, five pounds L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) J15 210281, one pound L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) Z11K 723021, one pound L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) Y26J 823428, ten shillings L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) J54Y 007271, ten shilling L.K.O'Brien (Chief Cashier) 56A 007823. 30-60
84.     A Royal Mint United Kingdom Fifty Pence Coin Proof Collection, 40th Anniversary (1969-2009), comprising of sixteen proof commemorative 50p coins, including 2009 Kew Gardens coin, all displayed within The Royal Mint Official Presentation, accompanied by literature. 200-300
85.     A Royal Mint United Kingdom 100 Fine Silver Coin, Big Ben - Heartbeat of the Nation, encapsulated within a Royal Mint Presentation pack. 60-100
86.     Three Royal Mint - The George and the Dragon 2013 United Kingdom 20 Fine Silver Coins, all encapsulated within original packaging. 30-50
87.     A Royal Mint United Kingdom 2010 Proof Coin Set, (13 coins) including London one pound coin, Florence Nightingale two pounds coin, cased, missing literature. 25-50
88.     A Royal Mint 1992 Proof Coin Set (Nine Coins), including 1992/1993 dual dated EC fifty pence coin, presented in original 'Blue' case of issue, accompanied by literature. 30-60
89.     A Royal Mint United Kingdom 2011 Proof Coin Set, (14 coins) including Edinburgh one pound coin, King James Bible two pounds coin, accompanied by literature, cased. 40-70
90.     A Royal Mint United Kingdom Proof Coin Set, 1992, deluxe blue case, 1992/1993 dual dated EC fifty pence coin noted, accompanied by literature. 30-50
91.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2), presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
92.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2), presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
93.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2) presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
94.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2), presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
95.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2), presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
96.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2), presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
97.     Olympic Games Proof Silver Coin Set, Montreal 1976, 10 Dollars (2), 5 Dollars (2), presented in a fitted wood and leather box with certificate. 25-40
98.     A Royal Mint 1977 Silver Jubilee Elizabeth II Medallion, two Royal Mint silver proof commemorative crowns both 1977, all cased. 25-40
99.     The Royal Mint 2008 UK Queen Elizabeth I 5 Silver Proof Coin, certified, 2008 UK Olympic Games Handover Ceremony Silver Proof 2 coin, Gibraltar silver five pounds, 2012, Tristan Da Cunha 2012 The Christmas double crown, all boxed. 40-70
100.    Four Silver Crown Sized Coins/Medallions, including 1978 Commonwealth of the Bahamas ten dollars, Seychelles 25 Rupees 1977, MCC Test Cricket medallion England v Australia 1877 - 1977 (tarnished), all cased. 30-50
101.    Five Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II 1977 Silver Jubilee Commemorative Silver Proof Coins, comprising of Gibraltar twenty five pence, St Helena twenty five pence, Guernsey twenty five pence, Jersey twenty five pence, Tristan Da Cunha twenty five pence, all cased 30-50
102.    Four Cased Royal Mint United Kingdom Silver Proof Commemorative Crowns, 1972, 1977 (2), 1981, accompanied by literature. 30-50
103.    Five Modern Silver Coins, including Canada one dollar 1977, 1978, Cook Islands two dollars 1973 (2), Falkland Islands fifty pence 1977, all cased. 25-50
104.    Four Cased Silver Crown Sized Coins, including Guernsey twenty five pence, 1972, Pobjoy 'Tynwald' Washington Crown, 1976, Isle of Man twenty five pence,1972. 30-50
105.    Six Encapsulated Coins, including Guernsey 2010 five pounds 'Battle of Britain 1940' (2), silver five pounds 2012, Jersey 2010 George and the Dragon five pounds coin, G.B. silver commemorative crowns 1977, 1981. 30-50
106.    A Cased Jersey 2009 Five Pounds Silver Proof Piedfort Coin, 'King Henry VIII' certified, United States Morgan Silver Dollar, 1889, certified, a cased 2008 BU Silver Canadian Dollar Coin, certified. 35-70
107.    Five Encapsulated Coins, including United States Silver Eagle, 1993 one dollar, three G.B. silver commemorative coins 1972, 1977, 1980, Battle of Britain 75th Anniversary Medallion (1940 - 2015), 9ct gold 'Emergency one pound banknote' charm. 30-50
108.    A Cased Westminster 2008 Cook Islands Twenty Five Dollars Silver 5oz Coin, accompanied by certificate of authenticity. 60-80
109.    A Cased Danbury Mint Pair of Silver Jubilee Commemorative Silver Ingots, two British Virgin Islands proof coin sets 1973 accompanied by literature , cased. 30-50
110.    Canada Silver Dollar, 1977 50 cents, 1942-1945-1943-1944-1951-1952-1953-1958-1959-1962, 10 in total, ranging from good fine to very fine. Dollars 1937-1966-1967-1973. 25-50
111.    Drei Mark 1912 (F), Napoleon III Empire Francais 50 Cent, 1864 (A), G.B. Five Pounds coins 1988, 2002, 2005, Gibraltar five pounds coin, 2006. Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee medallion. 25-40
112.    Four Cased Royal Mint United Kingdom Silver Proof Commemorative Crowns, 1972, 1977, 1980, 1981, accompanied by literature. 30-50
113.    Three Royal Mint Silver Proof One Pound Coins, 1987, 1988 (Piedfort), 1988, all cased and accompanied by literature. 20-40
114.    Two Barbados Proof Coin Sets, struck by the Franklin mint 1973, 1976 accompanied by literature, cased. 25-50
115.    Four Cased Silver Crown Sized Coins, including U.K 1980 Queen Mother commemorative crown, Mauritius twenty five Rupees, 1977, Guernsey twenty five pence, 1978 'Royal Visit'. 30-50
116.    Miscellaneous World Coins, Switzerland 5 France 1925B and 1952B, Peru 1 Sol 1923, Austria Maria Theresa Thaler 1780 x 2 (restrikes), plus other in cigarette tin (39 in lot) some silver, fine to extremely fine. 40-60
117.    Four Cased Commemorative Medallions, including Royal Mint medal struck in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II (tarnished), The Opening of London Bridge medallion, 16th March 1973 (2) 25-50
118.    Four Cased Silver Crown Sized Coins/Medallions, including Pobjoy crown medal commemorating The Inagural Flight of Concorde London - Singapore December 1977, Lord Mayor of London medallion 1976 - 1977. 30-50
119.    George V 1911 Coronation Medal Bronze by B. Mackenna, with other Coronation and 1935 Jubilee medals in base metal, 21 pieces mostly VF and better. 60-80
120.    Four Cased Silver Crown Sized Coins/Medallions, including Garrard Wimbledon 1877 - 1977 Centenary medallion, Isle of Man one crown 1977, all accompanied by literature. 30-50
121.    Seven Modern Silver Coins, including Pobjoy Isle of Man one pound (3 coin set), Gibralter twenty five new pence, 1972, Bermuda one dollar 1972, sometimes accompanied by literature, all cased 25-50
122.    Great Britain, 1951, George VI, Festival of Britain Ten Coin Set, crown - farthing, presented in original red case of issue. 40-70
123.    Royal Mint Queen Elizabeth II 1953 Coronation Specimen Proof Set, (ten coins) five shillings - farthing presented in original red case of issue. 50-80
124.    1829 Maundy Set George IV, unc, toned. 100-150
125.    Hong Kong Silver 10 Cents, 1868 in good fine toned, 1885 in near very fine 1898 in very fine condition, 1894 in near fine condition, 1900 in fine to FVF, 1890 in near very fine, 1902 in very good condition, 1 cent 1877 in good fine, 1 cent 1863 in N/VF, 1 cent 1919 V/F with lustre. All toned in old collection condition. 20-30
126.    British Victorian Shillings 1884, in very fine condition 1865 Die 56 in near fine condition both cabinet toned. 30-40
127.    British Florins (6) 1887, in near very fine condition, 1894 in fine 1896 in fine, 1893 fine, 1912 George V 1911. 30-40
128.    British Silver Florins (4), 1902, 1905 (fine), 1906, 1907, in good to fine condition 1906 date is worn but readable, fine and better. 30-50
129.    Victoria Half Crowns 1891, 1887, both in near very fine condition, nice old toned cabinet. 20-50
130.    British George IV Shilling 1826, in fine condition pleasing tone. George III Shilling 1817 in near very fine condition. Victoria 1896 Shilling signs of cleaning, near fine 1894, ex cleaned near fine. George IV 1825 Shilling near fine (circulated) 30-40
131.    British Silver Sixpences, Edward VII 1903, 1907, 1909, 1910 from good to near EF plus 32 from George V to George VI, several higher grades have been noted, toned lot with EF coins observed. 20-30
132.    British Victorian Floirins, 1898, 1901 1899,1897 (better) 1895, 1900 all in near fine condition signs of cleaning on same. 30-50
133.    British Silver Strait Settlements 1904, in near very fine condition good detail 1907 in near very fine 1920 in good fine all toned in old collection condition, all dollars. 20-40
134.    British Sixpences, William IV , George III and IV, 1831, 1825, 1835, 1834, 1824, 1818, 1837, nice toned coins higher grades noted. 30-50
135.    Six United States One Dime Coins, 1843, 1868, 1873 (2), 1875,1882, all from circulation and of differing grades. 20-30
136.    William IV Halfcrowns, 1834, in near very fine condition, nice tone, 1835 in near fine condition, both with old cabinet tone. 20-40
137.    British Silver Sixpences, 1818 -1819 - 1821 -1826 -1879 - 1883 - 1884 - 1887 - 1888 - 1897 - 1897, from near fine to near EF, toned from an old collection. 20-30
138.    George IV Halfcrown 1829, in near very fine condition nice tone. George III Halfcrown 1817, again in near very fine condition. 30-50
139.    British Gothic Florins XXIII, in near very fine condition with edge nicks, pleasing tone: in near fine, again old cabinet tone. 30-40
140.    Hong Kong Silver Coin 10 Cents, 1866 in good fine, 1899 in v/good, 1895 in good fine, 1901 in good fine, 1883 in good fine, 1905 1 cent, 1876 one cent traces of lustre 1924 1 cent 1933, 1934. 20-30
141.    George IV Halfcrowns 1823 - 1821, both in near very fine condition old cabinet tone 30-40
142.    British Shillings Edward VII, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1910, all in good fine condition, hair line visible, old collection toning. 20-30
143.    Victoria Halfcrowns 1894, 1900, both very fine old collection toned, 30-50
144.    British Victorian Sixpences, 1886, 1842, 1856, 1898, 1900, 1887, 1899, 1890, some higher grades noted, nice tone's 30-50
145.    British Silver Hong Kong 50 Cents 1905, in toned good fine condition very clear detail. 20-40
146.    Victoria Halfcrown 1874, in good fine condition 1889 (very fine). nice old tone.
147.    Queen Victoria Shillings Jubilee Head to Veiled Head, 1887-1891-1893-1895-1898-1900-1899, all in good fine. 20-30
148.    Queen Victoria Half Crown 1885, in near very fine condition, three shillings, 1861 in very fine condition, 1883 in good fine and 1841 again in good fine condition, toned from old collection. 30-50
149.    Queen Anne Silver Crown, 'E Mint', illegible date, poor. 20-40
150.    A United States Silver Peace Dollar Coin, 1922; together with a French 5 Francs Coin, 1876 'A'. 20-40
151.    1804 5 Shilling Trade Dollar George III, in fine condition. 100-150
152.    British Silver Double Florin, 1890 in near fine, 1849 Half crown, in very good condition, good detail visible, both toned. 20-30
153.    Four Queen Victoria 1890 Silver Crowns, all from circulation. 40-60
154.    Three Queen Victoria Silver Crowns, 1890, 1891, 1896, all from circulation. 25-40
155.    Canada Silver Coins, 1929 50 cent, 1917 25 cents 1872 in good fine toned condition 1882-1900 in fair to fine, 1902-1903-1907-1909. All in fair to very good but again pleasing tone. 20-30
156.    A Victorian Shilling 1872, die 85, good fine old cabinet tone, 1897 shilling, near fine. 30-50
157.    1817 George III Bull Head Halfcrown, near EF condition only slight wear to raised points. 40-60
158.    A Victorian Shilling 1878, die 11 very fine possibly cleaned but now toned, 1889 shilling good very fine. 30-50
159.    A Shilling 1758 George II, in fine condition, old collection toned, good details. 30-50
160.    Hong Kong Silver 5 Cents, 1872 (NF), 1900 (NF), 1889 (NF), 1891 (NF), 1885 (NF), 1890. Hong Kong One Cents 1925, 1879, 1926, 1875, 1901 40% lustre. 20-30
161.    British Victorian Farthings Higher Grade Coins Noted, lustre showing on same all toned with good detail, forty coins in total. 20-30
162.    A Queen Victoria Double Florin, 1890 (JH), Queen Victoria one penny, 1859 (YH), seven silver G.B. threepences. 20-40
163.    British Victorian Farthings, 1850, 1847, 1840, 1845, 1857, 1845, 1853, 1839, 1854, 1858, 1848, all toned in fine plus condition. 20-30
164.    Hong Kong Silver 20 Cents 1887, in near fine condition toned, 1 cent 1866 in very fine with traces of lustre 1881 near fine 1905 VF with traces of lustre, 1903 Again lustre toned, from old collection. 20-30
165.    British Early Farthings, 1823, 1831, 1799, 1830, 1828, 1826, 1821, 1807, 1822, 1806, 1837. 20-30
166.    George IV Half Crown, 1826, Queen Victoria Crowns, 1889, 1893. 20-40
167.    British Shilling 1911 to 1919, from fine to EF, 1916-1914-1911-1915 stand out. 30-50
168.    British Victoria Crown 1892, in very fine condition, nice old collection tone, 1899 in near fine with nice clear portrait, pleasing tone. 20-40
169.    British George V Florins X (6), 1913-14-15-16-17-18, from fine to good very fine condition. 30-50
170.    Canada New Brunswick Nova Scotia Coins, 10 cents of N.B. noted 1864 in good fine N/VF, toned condition. Newfoundland 10 cents 1917, Nova Scotia penny token 1856 in near fine, pleasing coin with half penny 1840-1843 noted, all toned. 20-30
171.    British Shillings x 17, all different dates, coins VF to EF condition 1928. 20-30
172.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 G.B. Silver Half Crowns, all from circulation. 40-70
173.    British Empire South Africa Silver and Bronze Coins, 6 silver crowns, 8 halfcrowns. 7 florins, 14 shillings, eight 6d, approximately twenty 3d, large number of bronze halfpennies and farthings.

174.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Florin/Two Shillings, all from circulation and of differing grades. 40-70
175.    In Excess of One Hundred and Twenty G.B. Pre-1947 Silver Coins, Queen Victoria, Edward VII noted, all from circulation and of differing grades. 30-50
176.    In Excess of SIx Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Shillings and Sixpences, all from circulation and of differing grades. 60-90
177.    Canada Silver Dollars, 1951-1953-1959-1963-1965-1964-1976-1971 and British Caledonian 1958. All in fine condition from old collection toned. 25-40
178.    Three Pounds Twenty Five Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Half Crowns, all from circulation and of differing grades. 30-50
179.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre - 1947 G.B. Silver Half Crowns, all from circulation, 1916, 1895, noted. 40-70
180.    In Excess of Three Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Half Crowns, all from circulation and of differing grades, 1895 noted. 30-50
181.    British Empire Coins of East Africa, 7 silver shilling, 1920 florin, eight 50 cents and a later quantity of base metal and bronze coins. 20-30
182.    British Pennies 1797 Cartwheel Two Pence, in fair condition, good detail 1858 Penny in near fine 1892-1885-1876 H 1860-1866. All collectable grade lower end of near fine to very good 1934-1936-1937-1940 lustre. Halfpenny 1937 near EF traces of lustre 1854-1857. 20-30
183.    A Quantity of G.B. and Overseas Silver Coins, all from circulation including George III crown, 1819 (poor - edge damage), Queen Victoria half crown 1887, South Africa two shillings, 1895, worn, with applied leaf scroll
surmount, together with a quantity of predominantly G.B. base metal coins, 1987 Isle of Man fifty pence coin 'Thorny Croft Bus' noted. 30-50
184.    British Empire Silver Coins of The Straits Settlements, 50 cents 1907, two 1920-1921, 20 cents x 5 1894 noted, 10 cents x 10 1896-1899, 1894 noted x 9 5 cents 1898 noted.North Borneo copper 1889 noted along with lots of Victoria 1 cents, all toned. 20-40
185.    British Empire Coins, large quantity of Australia pennies George the V and VI, States of Jersey, several Victoria 1851-1861 noted higher grades, Jamaica 1871 penny. 20-30
186.    Mauritius One Rupee 1934, in near very fine condition, 1959 in good fine, 1934 half rupee in near fine, 3 10 cents 1889, 1897,1886,1877. Plus a quantity of base metal and copper coins of Victoria, George V. All toned from n/fine to good VF. 25-40
187.    In Excess of Three Pounds Fifty Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver florins/two shillings, shillings, all from circulation. 30-50
188.    In Excess of Three Pounds Fifty Pence (Total Face Value) of G.B. Pre-1947 Silver Coins, all from circulation including florins, shillings, sixpences. 30-50
189.    Three Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre 1947 G.B. Silver Half Crowns, all from circulation. 30-50
190.    In Excess of Four Pounds Seventy Five Pence, (total face value) of pre-1947 silver halfcrowns, all from circulation. 40-70
191.    Queen Victoria Crown 1891 (JH), Queen Victoria half crown 1897 (VH), Edward VII half crown, 1904, together with one pound (total face value) of pre 1930 silver G.B. florins, 1888, 1918, 1920 noted. 30-50
192.    In Excess of One Pound Seventy Pence (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 G.B. Silver Coins, all from circulation including florins, shillings, sixpences, threepences, some pre-1920 dates noted. 20-40
193.    In Excess of Three Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Silver Half Crowns, and Florins, all from circulation. 30-50
194.    Lot of Miscellaneous Coin Weights, Bullion Weights from Charles I Onwards, mostly brass, mostly fine (61 pieces). 40-60
195.    Four Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 G.B. Silver Half Crowns, all from circulation. 40-70
196.    Five United States Morgan Silver One Dollar Coins, 1889 (2), 1896, 1898, 1902 (O) 50-80
197.    A Quantity of Predominantly Silver G.B. Pre-Decimal Coins, all from circulation including George IV shilling, 1829, 3d 1912, 1916, together with a five row bangle with suspended sixpence keepsakes bearing engraved names, a mounted United States half dollar 1968, mounted three pence coins, 1909, 1922, 1938, George III half penny 1806. 25-40
198.    Canada Silver 25 Cents x 11, 1911, 1919, 1917, 1920 noted, 10 cents approximately 29, 1893, 1874, 1864, 1899, 1900, 1901, 1882, 1883, approximately 28 Victoria Edward VII and George V noted higher grades noted. 20-30
199.    Silver Victoria and Edward Newfoundland 50 Cents, 1898-1899-1900-1908-1911, New Brunswick copper pennies and halfpennies. All fine to near fine collectable condition toned from an old collection. 20-30
200.    Three Great Britain Crowns, Queen Victoria 1900 (VH), George VI 1937, 1951, Queen Victoria One Penny 1853, rim/edge damage noted. 20-30
201.    New Zealand Coins, Silver Crown 1949, 4 halfcrowns, 2 florins, 3 shillings. Large number of coins several higher grade coins noted, toned from an old collection. 20-30
202.    Victoria 1897 Diamond Jubilee Medals, large size silver and bronze, with other unofficial 1887 and 1897 medals and badges (21 pieces) VF and better. 100-150
203.    A Queen Victoria Crown, 1892 (JH), together with an interesting collection of predominantly G.B. pre-decimal coins, including 1936 Shilling,1936 Sixpence, 1896 Threepence, 1862 Farthing, Australia 1942 Sixpence, 1935 five cents straits settlements. 25-50
204.    A Quantity of G.B. Pre-Decimal 1947 Silver Coins, including half crowns, 1892, 1921, 1922, 1923, 1938, 1944, 1945, florins 1920, 1924, 1930, 1931, sixpence Queen Victoria 1875, most coins from circulation and of differing grades, two shillings 1945 (higher grade noted). 20-30
205.    Newfoundland 20 Cents, 1899-1912 25 cents,1917 10 cents, 1894-1941-1903-1864 New Brunswick 10 cents, plus copper 10 cents 1865-1873-1890 in fine to near fine condition, pleasing tone from an old collection. 20-30
206.    A Napoleon III Five Francs Coin 1867, OBV: Laurete head, with applied brooch fitting , a United States Morgan silver dollar, 1881 (0), loose set in pendant mount with chain. 25-50
207.    Double Florin 1890, Queen Victoria crown, 1892, George VI, 1937. 20-40
208.    German Empire 1914, General Otto Von Emmich Medallion, together with a quantity of predominantly G.B. pre-decimal coins, including George III Farthing 1806, George V Shilling 1922. 20-40
209.    An Interesting Small Collection of Coins, including Bank of Upper Canada one penny token 1854, half rupee India 1944, Australia one shilling 1935, South Africa one shilling 1942, Canada 25 cents 1942. 15-25
210.    Six Pounds (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 Florins/Two Shillings, all from circulation and of differing grades; together with a 1949 two shillings coin. 60-90
211.    A Silver Proof Coin Set, by John Pinches (Medallists) Ltd, Betjeman's Bygone Britain thirty six silver proof crown sized coins, including Trent Station, Derbyshire, Oriental Baths, Leeds, The Colosseum Regents Park, in original blue presentation case. 280-400
212.    British Halfpenny Tokens, Wainfleet 1793 1795 Bakers token, 1795 boot & shoe manufacture London. 1794 John Horn Tooke, Newgate Prison, The Lyceum, The Strand London, all toned from very good to near very fine from an old collection. 20-30
213.    British Tokens Sixpences: Industry leads to Honour:- 1794 Kings and Constitution:- 1794. Success to the Bay Trade:- Thames Canal 1794 South Shields coal trade:- toned old collection. 20-30
214.    British Halfpenny Tokens, 1793 Sudbury:- Plough & Sail:- Beccles Church 1795:- 1795 Bungay:- 1793 Shrewsbury Salop Wollon:- R Campin Norwich Haberdasher 1794:- Michael Aspseys:- all are toned from near fine to very fine. 20-30
215.    Three Arab Byzantine, copies of Byzantine Follis, early 7th Century, copper F. 20-30
216.    British Tokens 1791 Leeds (Very Fine) Glasgow, Mail Coach Office, 1795 for general convenience, John Wilkinson 1795, York Minster & Castle, all tones fair to very fine. 20-40
217.    British Tokens, Half Penny (6) prosperity to Old England 1792, success to The City of Norwich, 1794 Bath token. M Lamb & Sons Bath 1794, I Holloway Drapers, Alfred the Great, all cabinet toned. 30-50
218.    British Halfpenny Tokens, Worm Lozenges:- 1794 Fowlers London 1795:- 1795 for purifying water London, Issac Newton 1.79, toned old collection condition. 20-30
219.    British Tokens Half Penny (7), Warwickshire 1791 - 1792, Coventry 1791 Ship 1793 East India House 1793, Yorkshire Payable in Sheffield 1792, 1793 Birmingham Copper. 30-40
220.    British Tokens, Norwich 1793 (Lustre), Clarkes Norwich, 1794, Bullens Norwich, 1792, Norfolk & Norwich penny, Norwich Castle Norwich 1793 (lustre) Barracks Queens Bays noted, old cabinet tone. 30-50
221.    British Half Penny Tokens, prosperity to Old England Library Angel Hill Bury, payable at Rachams 1791 Loom Debtors in Goal 1794 Chichester Half Penny all cabinet toned in good fine condition. 20-30
222.    British Halfpenny Tokens, Charing Cross London, Stage Coach payable in London, 1795 Sise Lane Commons King Lords Kelly's light Harness:- 1795 Printer of the People, 1795 foundling Fields; all from an old collection toned. 20-30
223.    British Halfpenny Tokens, 1789 Ketley Coalbrook Handel:- Manchester 1793 x two, Duke of Lancaster. Spalding 1794. Basil Burchell Long Acre Lung Worms:- toned from very good to near very fine. 20-30
224.    British Halfpenny Tokens, 1795 Sir Issac Newton Freedom of Man, Francis Shackleton, London, 1794. T Hardy 1794. George Prince of Wales Penny, 1794 Freedom of France, Penny of Norwich, all coins toned grade from very good to near very fine. 20-30
225.    19th-20th Century Tokens, Co-op, etc, Yorkshire interest, 1817 Leeds, Goole, Sheffield, Ripon, Hull noted, interesting items, 15 items. 15-30
226.    British Half Penny Tokens, Hereford C Honiatts 1794:- Southampton 1791 - 1796 promissory penny George & Dragon Canterbury 1794. Benenden 1794 toned from fine to very fine. 20-30
227.    British Tokens Halfpenny Sussex 1794, Hops Forever Flourish 1797 Canterbury token 1795. Portsea 1794. 1792 Penny Duke of Lancaster Braintree & Bocking near fine to very fine. 20-30
228.    British Halfpenny Tokens, 1795 France Lois:- Prince of Wales:- 1795 Great Portland Street, 1795 Carter 32 Jermyn Street, London. Rochdale 1791, all fine to good very fine toned from old collection. 20-30
229.    British Half Penny Dover 1794 Cinque Ports, Token:- 1794 Kent Romney Marsh, 1794, Appledore Kent 1794 Kent The Wooden Wall of Old England, all toned in fine to very fine old collection condition 20-30
230.    British Halfpenny Tokens, Rule Britannia, Hull, Lowerstoft, Kent, near to fine, ten coins, toned from an old collection. 20-30
231.    British Half Penny Token, Ipswich payable at Conder 1794, 1793 Great Lane Norwich, 1795 G Guess 1795 Bury George Prince of Wales 1794, 1795 Bristol 1795 Suffolk, all near fine cabinet tone, very fine 20-40
232.    British Half Penny Tokens, East India House 1792 Sandwich Ship:- Liverpool 1792, 1791 Duke of Lancaster Feversham 1794 Cinque Port, all toned good fine to very fine. 20-30
233.    British Half Penny Tokens, Newgate Prison 1795, Ridgway & Holt 1795, Princess of Wales 1795, The Wooden Walls of Old England 1795 London Corresponding Society:- 1794, Lackington:- 1794, George Jobson banker, toned fine to good very fine 20-30
234.    British Halfpenny Tokens, 1792 London & Middlesex slavery & oppression cease through the world 1795 Fear God 1795, Princess of Wales actor very good to near very fine toned from and old collection. 20-30
235.    British Tokens Doncaster 1812, Sheffield Roscoe Place, Sheffield Buttons, Hull , 11 coins in total, interesting lot. 20-40
236.    Lot of British XVIII and XIX Century Copper Tokens, 51 pieces. 80-100
237.    British Tokens Half Penny, Birmingham 1793 - 1792, John Howard, John Wilkinson 1792 - 1793, Birmingham Mining Company 1799 Coventry, all toned with good details (fine) and better. 20-40
238.    British Half Penny Tokens (5) 1793 Leek, 1792 Yarmouth Harkins Bristol, Loyal Suffolk, Yeomanry 1794, success to the Plough. 20-40
239.    British Half Penny Tokens (5) Bungay Jacobs Castle 1794, 1794 Publico 1791 Leeds 1793 East India 1795 Coventry (very fine). 20-30
240.    British Halfpenny, Portsmouth 1797 1794, Portsmouth & Chichester:- Chester 1794, Chesham 1794 Earl Howe, 1790 Macclesfield 1789, 1794 Penryn volunteers, Berkhamsted 1794, from near fine to good vary fair toned from an old collection. 20-30
241.    Greek Bronze Coins Macedon Ptolemaic Seleukids X 8 Coins, all toned. 20-30
242.    Greek Bronze Coins Arados Thessaly Seleukids-Macedon, noted, all toned, X6. 20-30
243.    Four Roman IV Century Follis Diocletian Good Detail Maximianus Roma Seated in Six Columned Temple; also four columned temple Roma presenting globe to Emperor, also Galerius mint of Antioch. 30-50
244.    Six Roman IV Century Antoniniani and AE4 Diocletian Maxmiminus II Licinius I, very fair overall. 20-30
245.    Augustus Roman as Struck After his Death, SC between winged thunderbolt, corrosion noted. 20-40
246.    Roman Follis Maximianus Follis Aequitas Standing Holding Scales and Cornucopia, large module good detail, very fine. 20-30
247.    Roman Coin, Nero in the Form of Juno Doors Closed. 40-60
248.    Roman Silver Denarius Julia Domna, wife of Septimius Severus, in near very fine condition, Follis of Constantius I Crania Popvli Romani. A little wearing struck in Ext but otherwise a strong VF. Another Gunio Moneta of Alexandria in near very fine, Follis of Gaerius mint of Alexandria in a strong very fine. All toned from an old collection, pleasing to the eye. 20-30
249.    Roman Bronze Coins Follis of Diocletian Gunio Populi Romani, in near very fine condition Moneta, N/R very fine Constantius in near very fine Galorious small module mint of Sisicus. Toned from an old collection. 20-30
250.    Eight Roman Antoniniani Late III Century Probus noted Temple with six coloums Carinus both Emperor and Ceasar, nice group of coins some good grades. 25-40
251.    Nine Byzantine Follis Justin II Nicomedia Year III - Leo the Wise, Constans II Phocas Follis XX , mint of Antioch plus Pentinumium and later, toned. 20-40
252.    Five Byzantine Follis:- Justinian year 30 Antioch mint, Constantinople Tibarius mint Cyzicus Nicomedia, all coins are toned. 20-40
253.    Eight Byzantine Follis, XI, XII and XIII Contrary Aspen Trachy, Constantine X , anonymous follis class B, toned from old collection. 20-40
254.    Roman (10 pieces) Herennius Etruscus Honorius Phillip I Antoninus, with elephant noted, Gordian III Sestertius, Gratian AE2, large module Follis Constantine. All toned from old collection, 8 bronze, 2 base silver. 30-40
255.    Fifteen Roman Bronze Coins Crispus, Constans Valontinius, Domitian Dupondius (needs cleaning) maximinus - maximinus sestertius - Gratian:- some better coins noted London mint, toned and old, collection condition. 25-40
256.    Fifteen Roman Bronze Coins Crispius, Constantine The Great; Constantius , Antonininus plus Dupendius Maximinus, Carinus Probus, Licinus:- London mint noted, good grades. 25-40
257.    Roman Silver Donarius Plated Trajan, Republican plus a Siliqua of the Trier mint early bronze as 16 bronze coins, good coins noted several Emperors, Augustus bronze coin along with a Greek Imperial coin toned from an old collection. 25-40
258.    Twenty Roman Bronze Coins, Tetradracm of Hadrian Eygpt:- Constantius Crispus various Emperors, some better grades were noted, London mint. 25-40
259.    Armenian Coins Crusader Period Leven I AE Silver Tank, in NF to GF condition, plus bronze form same period, interesting lot. 20-40
260.    Roman Bronze Coins, Follis of Alexandria Galeria Valeria, in good fine to very fine Folls of Maxentius. six columned Temple & Venus standing, Constantius I Moneta St Ncr from near fine to EF, from an old collection toned. 20-30
261.    Five Roman IV Century Antoniniani Diocletian Maximinus, various types noted Diocletian Mars, nice grade for type. 20-30
262.    Pathia, Gotarzes I Silver Dracham 95-90 BC, extremely fine, dark toning, Selwood 33-4, Rhagae mint. 30-50
263.    Roman 4th Centaury Bronze, Constantine Trier mint, Probus Constantius noted in near good, fine condition. 20-30
264.    Parthia Vologases III Silver Dracham 102-107 AD, (good very fine) with 2 coppers and 3 copper Drachma better (6) fine and better. 20-40
265.    Constantius II as Caesar 324-337, large Moduele Follis 30cm Genio Pop Rom mint of Trier in very fine condition. 20-40
266.    Nine Roman Antoninianus III Century Avreliavs Large Module Noted, Postimus, Saloninus, some base metal but good silvering on several. 25-50
267.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century Postimus, Florianus, Valerian II Struck After His Death, Postimus, Tacitus Severus, base and silver metals mostly very fine or better. 40-50
268.    Twelve Roman Antoniniani III Century, volusian Nice Silver Content, Phillip I, Herennia Etruscilla, Otacilla Severa, various metal choice coins noted., fine, very fine. 70-120
269.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century Philip II Goat Gallienus Panther, noted Philip I, Volusian good silver; base metal, nice choice coins. 50-70
270.    India Sultunates of Bengal and Delhi Silver, various ruler. (17) 100-150
271.    India, East India Company and Native States, 11 silver, 31 base metal including Bengal Presidency rupee and pice VF, 20 Madras Presidency , 4 temple tokens L3 Hindu and 1 Sikh), overall condition fine to extremely fine. 70-120
272.    Group of British Lead Tokens XVII - XIX Centuries (86). 30-60
273.    Ten Roman Antoniniani III Century Philip I Temple, good silver Trajan Decius, Trebanianus Gallus Philip II, good silver, Gallienus - Otacilia Severa:- silvered nice and clear, plus good quality base metal. 40-60
274.    India Mughal Empire, including Akbar rupee (3) Shah Jehan rupee and other rulers 7 silver, 5 copper, 1 temple token (13 pieces total) F-GF. 50-80
275.    Greek Bronze and Silver Coins, from the 5th to 2nd Century BC, City of Thasos Macedonia, noted 13 coins in total need to be further studied. 20-30
276.    India, 79 Medieval Jitala, silver and billon. 50-70
277.    Roman Bronze Coins, of the 3rd and 4th Century there are 2 base metal silver Ants, some interesting coins, 21 coins. 30-50
278.    Roman Bronze Coins, from 3rd and 4th Centaury Maximinus Follis, Probus Constantius noted, 12 coins 2 Byzantine coins, a late Billan Trachy 12th century and an early Pentanummium 14 coins in total. 20-30
279.    India 28 Silver Rupees, native states,Mughal Sikh, F-VF. 120-150
280.    Nine Roman Denarii, noted Emperors Domitian, Hadrain Geta, Septimius Severus, full silver to debased issues. 50-80
281.    Five Roman Denarii, noted Marcus Aurelius:- Sevarus Alexander:- Faustina Caracalla, toned with good silver content, F to VF. 50-80
282.    Five Roman IV Century Antoniniani, Diocletian, Maximianus Hercules Stg, various legends high grade for issue, Follis of Alexandrian Galerius small module, good high grade coins noted. 25-35
283.    Three Roman Antoniniani Base Medal, all of Probus Emperor on horseback, six columned temple stack of arms, EF toned silvered. 30-50
284.    Four Roman Denarii Sabina, Trajan, Antoninus,, Pius, including Nerva Fortuna, old collection cabinet toned. 60-80
285.    Four Roman Republican, Donarius Head of Roma, Dioscuri Roma CN. LVC, trio at side of bust, toned (VF), Head of Roma Biga ClovII (NVF), Head of Roma Victory in Quadriga X M.TVLLI (F), Head of Roma LABEO to (F) side Quadriga Q. FAB I, cabinet toned old collection. 80-120
286.    Five Silver Drachms Sasanian Kings of Persia, middle period, various Kings in fine condition. 60-80
287.    Five (4) Silver Drachm Sasanian Kings of Persia, early period various rulers noted, in fine condition, I Arab Sassanian chipped. 30-50
288.    Five Silver Drachm Sasanian Kings of Persia, early period various rulers noted including Shapuri, in fine condition good silver. 60-80
289.    Five Roman Coins Ants of Probus, the following reverses noted, Concordia, Emperor on Horseback:- Invicto holding two standard:- SAL in Quadriga:- Jupiter standing old cabinet toned in higher grades. 30-50
290.    Ten Roman Denarii Vespasian Antaninus Pius Septtimus Severus Noted, base metal issue, along with Antoniniaus of Caracalla, fair to very fine and better. 50-80
291.    Eight Roman Denarii, and one Antoninianus of plus Septimius Severus Greta, Carracalla, very fine plus.
292.    Roman Antoniniani x 5 Gordian III 238-244AD, various reverses, noted high silver content on 3 of the coins. All good, fine. 30-50
293.    Parthia II Silver Dracham, various rulers (3) very fine. 50-70
294.    Elizabeth I Half Groat 1602 Initial Mark 2; James I half groat no date plus Rose farthing, cut down sixpence two Roman coins, fine overall. 25-50
295.    Roman Antoniniani x 5 Gordian III 238-244AD, various reverses, several high silver content, good fine, cabinet tone. 30-50
296.    Roman Silver Donarius Geta, Elagabalus, Ant, Hadrian Donarius Sevarus Alexander Commodus, noted all with old collection toning. 50-80
297.    Roman Antoniniani x 5 Gordian III 238-244, various reverses, two high silver contact, old collection tone. 30-50
298.    Philip I Silver Antoninianus Scares Reverse, COSIII on Column and Elephant walking guided by driver. Felicitas - imps in laurel wreath, all coins good very fine with toned and pleasing finish. 30-50
299.    Eight Roman Silver Denarii, plus Antoninianus of Caracalla, noted along with contemporary forgery of Geta 50-80
300.    Roman Antonaniniani X5 Philip I Gordian III, noted, various reverses including Emperor on horseback. 30-50
301.    Nine Roman Silver Denarii Antoniniani Pius Struck After His Death, Septimus Sevorus, Caracalla noted, interesting group. 70-100
302.    Philip I Roman Ants, Dear Standing Antelopes Lion Ramulus & Remus, She Wolf, all toned in very fine to near EF condition toned with good detail. 30-50
303.    Parthia, Silver Dracham, various Nilera (3), very fine or better. 50-70
304.    Parthia, Osroes II and Phraates IV, plus another silver (3), very fine. 50-70
305.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century Philip I Noted, Valerian Trajan Decius: Gallieius She Wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, silver and base metal. 30-50
306.    Lot of Chinese Bronze Coins From Zhou to Yuan, period including AN Yang spade, ant nose money I chin round coin 5 Pan-Liang plus 7 Wuzhou and 5 others. 50-70
307.    Greek Silver Coins Island of Erectria Baktrian Greek Apollonia and a Greek Double Dracham of Antiochos VII. 30-40
308.    Arab Governors of Tabaristan half dirham x 6, silver; plus Hephthalite and another imitation silver dirhams (8). 50-70
309.    Greek Ptolemaic Kingdom, two bronze Greek cities, two silver Tetradrachm. 25-50
310.    Islamic Coins, Abbasid and Fatimid silver dirhams, 16 pieces, plus 3 copper fals 1 Samanid, multiple dirham (20 in lot). 50-70
311.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century, Tacitus, Postumus, Salonina, Severina Fides and Sol facing Averlianus, several higher grade noted. 30-50
312.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century, Postumus, Tacitus, Aurelian, Valerian, Salonina, Temple noted several high grade coins noted. 25-50
313.    Indo Greek, Indoscythian and Kushan Small Collection Silver, Base Silver and Bronze, (13 silver, 14 bronze - 27 in total) fine - very fine. 50-100
314.    India, Medieval and Islamic India Small Collection, Base Silver and Bronze, including Sultans of Delhi, Sultans of Malwa (63), fine - very fine. 50-70
315.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century, Tacitus, Salonina. Postumus, Claudius, Gothicus, Quintillus noted more base metal. 25-50
316.    Two Roman Antoniniani Galionus, two victories holding SC before palm tree, Caracalla Antoninianius D bust, full flan with dark cabinet tone, good very fine. 40-60
317.    Roman Antoniniani x 5 Philip I 224-249, various reverse 4 standards. 30-50
318.    Greek Silver Coins Achaea, Lucania Alexandar The Great, mounted. 20-30
319.    Parthia Mithradates II Silver Dracham Selwood 26, near extremely fine, toned. 30-60
320.    Parthia Mithradates II Silver Dracham Selwood 27, near very fine. 20-30
321.    Greek Seleucid, old cabinet tone, Tetradrachm base silver. 15-30
322.    Greek Silver Tetradracham Head of Athena, owl on reverse late, 3-4, small flan for design. 25-40
323.    Ptolemaic Empire Egypt Alexandria Ptolemy XI 80 BC, pleasing tone from old collection, Tetradraciam. 50-80
324.    Roman - 3rd to 4th Century Coins Faustina, as in near from condition - Magnentius Trier mint 2 silver Ant's pf Gordian III Philip II, nice tone good silver Constantine The Great SPQR 3 military standards in very fine condition plus another Constantine and Licinius Follis. 30-60
325.    Roman Dearii Gordian III 238-244, Emperor on horseback, Diana noted, old collection tone. All in good fine condition. 30-50
326.    Quantity of Medieval Islamic Dirham and multiple dirhams Ilkhanid, etc fine and better. 30-60
327.    China Hsien Feng, Honan 100 Cash, Kiangsi 50 Cash, Bronze Coins. 50-100
328.    Parthia Base Silver Tetradrachiam Vologases IV 147-141 AD, King on Throne, pleasing tone, from old collection, GF. 40-60
329.    Ireland John Silver Penny, Roberd on Dive (Dublin) sun and moon type, NVF. 40-60
330.    Roman Siliqua X 3 Honorius, in near fine condition, Julian II in very fine condition, one in near fine condition, pleasing tone. 50-80
331.    India, East India Company Rupee 1840, dividend legend EF; quarter rupee 1840 VF; 2 Annas 1841 EF; 2 Annas 1841 VF, 2 x rupees VF, EF (6). 70-120
332.    Greek Tetradrachiam of Alexander The Great, in very fine condition, very pleasing old collection tone. 80-120
333.    China Lot of 4 Ming and Ming Rebel Bronze Multiple Cash. 50-70
334.    Italian States Venice Grosso Hammud Coin, in fine condition poor, strike to below figures but good details. 20-40
335.    Parthia Mithridates I Helmet Type, 171-138 BC Silver Drachma, Selwood 10-10, good fine to very fine. 40-60
336.    Anglo Saxon Silver Sceat Porcupine Type, toned with good detail. 30-50
337.    Persia Parthian Silver Dracham King Osroes II 190 AD, in good fine to very fine. 20-30
338.    Greek Tetradrachiam Seleucid Kingdom of Syria Antiochus, in fine condition, good detail visible Jupiter standing. 30-50
339.    Greek Ptolomy IX Silver Tetradrachiam Egypt Alexandria Ptolemaic Empire, Paphos mint very fine. 50-80
340.    Parthia Base Silver Tetradrham Vologases IV, King on Throne, old cabinet tone. 20-40
341.    Greek Celtic Imitation of Greek Silver Tetradrahiam of Alexandra The Great, head of Herakles in lion mane. Zeus seated on reverse 2nd and 3rd century in good fine condition. 40-50
342.    Ten Roman Antoniniani III Century Philip I, Philip II Valorian I Gallionus, Trajan Decius, high silver content, choice coins amongst. 50-80
343.    India A Collection of Silver and Bronze Ancient and Medieval Coins, including a bent bar/base silver, punch marked silver coins, and medieval base pale gold coin of Kashmir (51) fine to very fine. 50-70
344.    Ten Roman Antoniniani III Century Philip I Trajan Decius, Gallienus Stack of Ants, Philip I & Philip II riding side by side, Philip II Goat walking, high silver content, plus more base metal, choice group. 50-80
345.    Europe Medieval Silver Hammered Coins, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Italy, etc fine overall (26). 30-60
346.    Nine Roman Antoniniani III Century Aurelian 'Sol' Concordia Claudius Gothicus Eagle, Valerian II Gallienus Contaur holding bow. 50-80
347.    Greek and Other Ancient Coins, including Persian Silver Sigolos, Euboea Silver Hemidrachm Rhodes silver, Hemidrachm Roman Judea bronzes x 2, fine to very fine (26 pieces of which 7 silver). 50-100
348.    Eight Roman Antoniniani III Century Valerian II Tactus, Salonina Postumus, seen several high grades:- noted reverses. 40-70
349.    Greek Silver Coins City of Cherronesos, Byzantian and a Syrian Double Dracham, (corrosion over face). 70-120
350.    Collection of Islamic Medieval Coins, silver and bronze, including Timurid, Jalerid, Mamluks of Egypt, fine to very fine and better 60 silver, 18 copper or base metal (78 pieces), 2 trays in lot. 80-120
351.    Ten Roman Antoniniani III Century Philip II, Philip I Gallienus Victory on Globe , stack of arms between two captives Octacilla Severa, good silvered coins noted, mostly very fine. 60-80
352.    William IV 1834 Shilling, very fine slight wear to hair but toned with traces of lustre. 30-50
353.    Queen Victoria Godless Gothic Florin 1849, in fine condition to approaching very fine, pleasing tone. 30-50
354.    Queen Anne 1709 Shilling, in good fine condition old cabinet tone. 30-50
355.    George I Shilling 1723, in near very fine condition, old cabinet, tone, pleasing patina. 60-90
356.    George II Shilling 1745 "Lima", near very fine condition, old cabinet tone. 50-80
357.    George III Shilling 1787, old cabinet tone, good fine to near very fine. 15-25
358.    Queen Victoria 1839 Shilling, good fine/near very fine toned with very good detail, old cabinet condition. 30-50
359.    George II Shilling 1741, in near very fine condition, old cabinet tone and patina. 50-80
360.    William III Sixpences, nice old collection tone, 1697 B and G mint noted both in fine condition. 20-30
361.    George II Shilling 1741, in good fine, old collection tone. 50-80
362.    William III 1700 Shilling, very fine condition, pleasing old cabinet tone. 200-300
363.    George II 1750 Shilling, very fine, nice old cabinet tone, very well detailed. 40-70
364.    Queen Anne Sixpence X 2, in fair condition 1708 E mint mark, old collection tone. 20-30
365.    Queen Anne Sixpence 1703 Vigo, in good fine condition, 1711 in near fine condition, both with a pleasing tone. 50-80
366.    Charles II Shilling 1668, in near fine condition with pleasing tone from old collection. 50-80
367.    George III Sixpences (2) 1787 - X 2, both in very fine condition with old collection toning. 25-40
368.    George II Shilling, 1739, very fine to near very fine, old collection tone. 50-80
369.    George I Shilling 1720, in very fine condition, good details, old collection tone. 50-80
370.    Queen Anne Shilling 1712, in good fine to near very fine condition, old cabinet tone. 40-70
371.    George II Shillings 1756, in near very fine condition, old cabinet tone. 30-50
372.    Queen Anne Shilling 'Vigo' 1702, in good fine condition, pleasing tone, from an old collection, well detailed. 80-120
373.    A Queen Anne Shilling 1708, near fine pleasant tone, with good detail to the reverse. 40-50
374.    William III Sixpence, in good fine condition, clear detail a little wear to raised areas old collection tone. 25-40
375.    A Queen Victoria Gothic Florin XX10, in near fine condition XX4 in fine good detail wear to the leading edges, X61 bear very fine wear to leading edge, pleasing tone from old cabinet tone. 30-60
376.    Queen Anne Half Crown, in good condition, AD Edinburgh mint mark 1708. 70-100
377.    William The Third Shilling 1697, in very fine condition, good old cabinet tone. 40-70
378.    George III Shilling 1787, in near very fine condition, pleasing old cabinet tone. 20-30
379.    William III Halfcrown in good very fine condition, 1698. 150-200
380.    1819 George III Crown, in EF, condition toned, dig to cheek, slight edge knock top, choice coin, edge date 59. 100-150
381.    A Charles II Sixpence 1681, near very fine good detail, a little wear to the hair line, very pleasing tone from old collection. 60-80
382.    1703 Anne Halfcrown Vigo, in good fine condition, nice clear date and Vigo old cabinet tone. 100-200
383.    Queen Anne Halfcrown, 1707 E Mint in near fine condition, edge damage to above head, and scratches to the reverse, old toned condition. 15-25
384.    George II Sixpence 1737, in fine condition , pleasing tone 1758 in good fine condition, both in old collection condition. 30-50
385.    William III Sixpence 1697, in near fine condition, pleasant old collection tone. 20-40
386.    William and Mary Halfcrown 1689, in good fine condition, very nice cabinet tone. 80-120
387.    George II Half Crown Lima, in good very fine, toned, very good detail, clear date and Lima markings. 70-120
388.    Philip and Mary Testoon 1555, good detail, nice choice coin, (Spink 2501). 180-300
389.    Queen Mary I 24mm Groat, crack in flan below bust otherwise a strong portrait with good detail, nice old collection tone. 50-80
390.    A William III Half Crown 1701, near fine condition clear date toned from old collection.
391.    Charles I Half Crown Parliament Issue, in very good condition, mark to rear of horse and on the reverse, old cabinet tone. 15-25
392.    James I Shilling, T Scratch to side of bust, but good detail toned and old cabinet condition. 50-80
393.    Charles I Shilling, clipped in only fair condition but details are visible, plus XIII Century penny, again clipped good detail. 20-30
394.    Queen Elizabeth Shilling, hand mint mark, in near fine condition old cabinet tone clear legends, (fine) 30-50
395.    Edward VI Silver Shilling, in fine condition, cabinet tone. 80-120
396.    James I Silver Shilling, later bust in good very fine, condition lovely tone. 150-250
397.    Europe Medieval Coins, including Russia (3) Frankish Greece (2) Bishops of Valence (1) Normans of Sicily (1) Armenia Hetoumn Zebel Tram. Mainly silver/base silver fine - very fine. 50-70
398.    Charles I Parliament Halfcrown, king on horseback, slight wear to kings head, triangle mint, CHRI/STOAV/SPICE/REGNO, cabinet toned. 150-200
399.    James I Halfcrown, toned, fine good, detail of horse and king thistle mint mark. 200-300
400.    Charles I Silver Shilling, lions mint mark, York mint, later type, nice tone, NVF. 200-300
401.    Henry 8th Groat, 25mm crack to flan in fair condition toned with all the details visible nice coin. 30-50
402.    Henry II Silver Short Cross Pennies x 3, fine to very fine. 40-60
403.    William The Conqueror Silver Pays Penny 1066-1087 BMC8, weakly struck F. 80-150
404.    Anglo Saxon Cnut Penny, in very fine condition, pleasing old cabinet tone, peck marks on reverse Winchester Mint. 150-200
405.    Crusader Coins Duchy of Athens Frankish Greece, III Century all in fine toned condition interesting lot. 20-40
406.    Henry I Silver Penny, quatrefoil fleurie type (Spink) 1276, fine for issue, off struck. 50-100
407.    Henry III Silver Short Cross Penny; Henry III long cross penny, Edward I silver penny x 3, London and Canterbury and York Mints; cut halfpenny, (5) 40-60
408.    Richard I Short Cross Penny 1189-1199, class 4A, old cabinet tone, plus HUE.ON.EVER. 60-80
409.    Edward The Confessor Silver Penny, helmet type London (1059-62) good fine on LVDND BMCXI, ex Seaby VF. 150-200
410.    Four Half Crowns, Tristan Da Cunha, 2009 (2), 2012 (2), encapsulated, boxed. 25-40
410A.   Elizabeth II Fiji Columbus Santa Maria 10 Dollars Gold Coin, 2006, in capsule; Elizabeth II Canada 1 Dollar Gold Coin, 1998, in capsule. (2) 20-40
411.    Five Half Crowns, Tristan Da Cunha, 2009 (4), 2012, all encapsulated. 35-50
412.    Queen Victoria Half Sovereign, 1898. 80-120
413.    Queen Victoria Half Sovereign, 1899. 80-120
414.    Edward VII Sovereign, 1908. 175-210
415.    Edward VII Sovereign, 1907. 170-210
416.    Vittorio Emanuele III (1900 -1946) Italy, gold 20 Lira, 1923 'R'. 150-250
417.    Roman Gold Earring Fragment, with South India Medieval gold Fanam and Pagoda, Vijay Nagar 15th Century. 100-150
418.    Gold Byzantine Hyperpyron Bust of Virgin Andronicus II and Michael, in good fine condition, weak strike to centre figures, toned. 100-150
419.    Islam Unmayyad Gold Dinar, fine. 100-150
420.    India, Sultans of Delhi, gold stater medieval, very fine. 100-150
421.    India Ashrati Gold (?Akbar), GF, plus Fanam gold South India (2 pieces). 40-60
422.    India, East India Company Madras, 3 Swami Pagoda gold, EF. 100-150
423.    Islam, Gold Dinar, fine. 100-150
424.    India Rathors of Kanauj Gold Dinar, Govinda Chandra, 1114-54 AD, GF. 100-150