The Collectors' Auction with Silver & Jewellery
on Thursday 17th September 2020

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1.      A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery- One Tray £10-15
2.      A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Buffer, two "Silver Plated" bottle coasters, an ornate bottle stopper, etc, A small collection of pens (4) including Parker, etc, two pocket knives, scissors, chains, etc. £20-30
3.      A Selection of Modern Ethnic Style Costume Bead Necklaces, bracelets, bangles:- One Tray £10-15
4.      A Decorative Plated Three Piece Tea Set, together with another plated set, large twin handled sugar bowl, etc. £25-40
5.      A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Celtic Style and Other Costume Jewellery:- One Tray £10-15
6.      A Piece of Cigar Memorabilia, containing various examples, including Castella, Panama and King Edward. A small selection of gent's cufflinks, a boxed pen and key ring, and a small collection of souvenir spoons, etc:- One Tray £15-20
7.      A Selection of Diamante and Other Costume Jewellery, including a diamante belt, bangles, earrings etc,:- One Tray £10-15
8.      Decorative Plated Lidded Entree Dish, of shaped design with gadrooned edge, two plated swing handled baskets, a pair of plated on copper candlesticks, 31.5cm high, novelty miniature model cello (damages) dog ornaments, etc. £20-30
9.      A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Necklaces, bangles, bracelets and earrings, etc:- One Tray £10-15
10.     Assorted Coins, a XIX Century Ladies fob watch; case stamped "0.935"; Lladro geisha design vase, salt, egg cup, further vase, etc:- One Tray £20-30
10A.    A Small Collection of Celtic and Other Style Brooches:- One Tray £10-15
11.     A Tall Hallmarked Silver Vase, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1910, of plain flared form with pierced border, on circular spreading base (base weighted), 22.8cm high; together with a plated twin branch candelabrum, a small twin handled trophy cup dated "1953-4", bottle coasters, swing handled dish etc. £20-40
12.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, further napkin ring, decorative plated three piece bachelors tea set, toast rack, salts, pair of dwarf candlesticks, etc:- One Tray £25-40
13.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Gilt Coloured and Diamante Style Costume Jewellery, including brooches, ornate necklace, bracelet, earrings, etc:- One Tray £10-20
14.     A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, in a fitted case; together with a decorative plated five piece tea set, etc:- One Tray £20-40
15.     A Mixed Lot of Modern Costume Jewellery Beads, necklaces and bracelets, including jewellery tree stand:- One Tray £5-15
15A.    A Collection of Assorted Costume Brooches, including oval shell carved cameo, Limoges ceramic panel, Celtic style, etc:- One Tray £20-30
16.     An Art Deco Plated Three Piece Tea Set, plated ewers, etc:- One Tray £25-40
17.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Modern Gilt Coloured and Bead Costume Jewellery:- One Tray £10-15
18.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, early XX Century Rodgers "Cutler's to His Majesty" knives with ivory handles coffee bean coffee spoons, hallmarked silver and other souvenir teaspoons, etc £20-40
19.     A Collection of Ornate Diamante Costume Jewellery, including brooches, rings, necklaces, etc:- One Tray £15-25
20.     Gent's Engine Turned Cufflinks, hallmarked silver handled button hooks, novelty spade server, "Sonny Sunglow" spoon, Art Deco powder compact, charm pendants on original card, hardstone handle button hooks, etc:- One Tray £20-30
21.     A Mixed Lot of Costume Jewellery, including vintage micromosaic panel bracelet, a modernist pendant, plastic elephant bracelet, diamante necklace, shell scent bottle, dress rings, etc:- One Tray £25-40
22.     A Decorative Oval Twin Handled Plated Tray, of pierced design; together with a circular plated tray, a rectangular example with pierced gallery, a semi reeded tea kettle on burner stand and and engine turned cigarette box. (5) £25-40
23.     A Viners Alpha Plate Four Piece Tea Set, each with gadrooned edge and paw feet; together with a Viners Alpha Plate and twin handled tray, with gadrooned border and loop handles, raised on four ball and claw feet. (5) £30-50
25.     A Handsome c.Late XIX Century Electroplated Three Piece Tea Set, each of circular pedestal form, allover detailed in relief, with flowerheads and leaf scrolls. (3) £50-90
26.     A Quantity of Empty Jewellery Boxes and Pouches:- One Tray £10-20
27.     Assorted Plated Ware, including large gilt twin handled tray, asparagus dish, swing handled dish, glass lined serving dish, WMF style glass lined planter, sugar caster, cutlery, dish stand etc £30-50
28.     A Selection of Ethnic Costume Necklaces, beads, bangles, and bracelets, etc:- One Tray £10-15
29.     A Selection of Costume Bead Necklaces, bracelets, and bangles, etc:- One Tray £10-15
30.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Ethnic Style Costume Jewellery:- One Tray £10-15
31.     A Tray Lot of Ladies Jewellery Rolls, purses, etc. £5-10
32.     Plated Ware, large crackle glass pitcher, corks, condiment bottles, Royal Worcester teapot etc:- One Box £10-20
33.     A Collection of Assorted Plated Tea/Coffee Pots, including highly decorative HET & Co plated water jug, etc (missing finials):- One Box £50-70
34.     A Mixed Lot of Modern Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bracelets, drop earrings, fancy chains, together with gent's cufflinks, etc, all contained in a floral box. £10-20
35.     A Selection of Modern Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Police, Sekonda, Dany, Citizen, Lorus, Bosch, etc, all contained in a floral box. £15-25
36.     A Selection of Modern Multi-Colour Costume Jewellery, including bracelets, bead necklaces and other ornate bead necklaces:- One Tray £10-15
37.     A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Demitasse/Coffee Spoons, initialled; hallmarked silver souvenir/collectors spoons, plated ladle, basting spoon, forks, sugar tongs, hallmarked silver child's spoon and fork, etc, contained in an oak canteen case, with fitted interior and lift out tray, overall width 47cm. £50-70
37A.    An Openwork Set Bar Brooch, stamped "9ct"; Limoges ceramic panel brooches, bead necklaces, pendants on chains, etc:- One Tray £20-40
38.     'Sipelia" Table Knives in Fitted Case, tea knives, assorted spoons (cased), early XX Century ivory handled meat knife and fork, with carved shield details, ivory handled tea knives:- One Box £25-40
39.     A Selection of Modern Costume Jewellery, including gilt coloured bangles, bracelets and fancy chains, other modern costume jewellery, diamante hair ornaments, and a large box containing further bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles, etc. £15-20
40.     WITHDRAWN - A c.Early XX Century Ivory Aide Memoire, with dragonfly and floral spray detail, musical and other vintage powder compacts, etc:- One Tray £25-30
41.     Swarovski: A Bunch of Grapes Brooch, boxed, a miniature Swarovski present/gift ornament, boxed, a heart shape amber colour pendant on chain, similar earstuds, together with a small selection of costume jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklace, other bead necklace, floral style brooches, Celtic and other brooches, two ladies wristwatches, and a ladies jewellery box:- One Tray £30-50
42.     A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Tea Knives, together with boxed sets of pastry forks, dessert/fruit knives and forks, cake slice, etc. £15-25
43.     A Selection of Modern Bead Necklaces, chains, bracelets, bangles, etc:- One Tray £10-15
44.     A Hallmarked Silver Trinket Box, shaped and pierced, a decorative pair of grape scissors in original fitted case, pair of plated candlesticks, flared vase, glass knife rests, openwork vase (lacking liner), sugar caster, twin handled tray, entree dish, etc. £25-40
45.     A Selection of Modern Costume Bead Necklaces, including imitation pearl bead necklaces and others:- One Tray £10-15
46.     A Decorative L&Co Plated Four Piece Tea Set, each of sinuous form, raised on four feet; an EPNS swing handled basket and a small pedestal pierced dish:- One Tray £20-30
47.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Brooches, including Cameo style, Marcasite, Czechoslovakian style, novelty, floral, etc:- One Tray £20-30
48.     "South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire Centre N.C.U" Medallion, engraved "25 Miles" "Road Championship" "Third" "F. Wagstaff" "May 27th 1922", another two similar, a "Sheffield Central C.C" enamel medallion, engraved "Club 50 Mile" "F. Wagstaff" "3rd Fastest Act.T.2-38-21" "June 7th 1925", stamped "Fattorini & Sons" "Bradford", further gilt coloured medallion style pendants, chains, gent's cufflinks, two enamel "GPO" pin/badges, two gent's vintage style wristwatches, etc:- One Tray £20-30
48A.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Heart Shape Ring, (later glued imitation pearl to top); a decorative filigree panel necklace, of graduated flowerhead design; a filigree panel bracelet, imitation pearl necklace, drop earrings, costume brooches, etc:- One Tray £30-50
49.     A JD & S Plated Egg Coddler, with removable burner to base, novelty Mappin & Webb egg shape cruet, condiment stand and cased set of twelve plated fish knives and forks. £30-50
50.     Rotary; A Modern Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and dot markers, the circular case with inset bezel, to panel style bracelet, boxed, a similar Accurist ladies wristwatch, with interchangeable straps (2) and plain bezel, boxed, together with four ladies wristwatches, including Rotary, Timex, Imado, etc. (8) £30-50
51.     A Stylish Elkington & Co Plated Three Piece Tea Set, gilt lined; together with a hallmarked silver mounted glass scent spray bottle, a hallmarked silver napkin ring, mother of pearl handled preserve spoon, cruet items, etc:- One Tray £20-40
52.     A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, each of plain form with reeded detail, on circular base (weighted) 16.5cm high; together with a Mappin & Webb plated Art Deco three piece tea set; an Art Deco hot water jug,hallmarked silver and other spoons:- One Tray £30-50
53.     Modern "925" Pendant and Earrings, further pendant and earrings, bead necklaces, costume chains, etc:- One Tray £20-30
54.     A Set of Twelve JGGS Plated Kings Pattern Teaspoons, in original fitted case with matching sugar tongs, together with assorted Fiddle pattern teaspoons, etc. £20-30
55.     A Selection of Modern Ornate Costume Necklaces, including large flowers, puffed heart, panel style, beads etc:- One Tray £10-20
56.     A Conway Stewart Fountain Pen, with "14ct Gold" nib, in original box, with Conway Stewart guarantee, another two similar Conway Stewart fountain pens, a Sheaffer propelling ball point pen, stamped "Gold Electroplated" three pairs of gilt coloured gent's cufflinks, a gent's Oris wristwatch, in Oris fitted box, three pocket knives, and a gilt coloured tie pin:- One Tray £20-40
57.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklaces, gilt coloured chains, pendants, rings, clip earrings, etc, two micromosaic brooches, an openwork filigree style pendant etc, A Tissot gent's wristwatch, two further wristwatches, and a Stratton ladies compact:- One Tray £20-40
58.     Spectacles, pince-nez, cases, Arts & Crafts style trinket box, sleeve bands, cheroot holder, sweetheart aeroplane bar brooch, niello gent's ring, soviet stamped 925 mark, "Minden Branch C.E.T.S 1887" medallion pendant, etc:- One Tray £20-40
58A.    Assorted Costume Brooches, including "Past Times" "Doves" brooch (stamped "925") etc:- One Tray £10-20
59.     Assorted Lades and Gent's Wristwatches, including retro Exactus automatic, Roamer, Bienne DeLuxe, Seiko automatic (watch head/no strap) 7005-2000, Montine etc. £15-25
60.     A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Bead Necklaces and Bracelets, etc:- One Tray £5-10
61.     A Collection of Assorted Souvenir Teaspoons, including an Arts and Crafts, style spoon with cabochon highlight, enamel, etc; a plated coffee pot (crested). A cased set of six hallmarked silver handled tea knives. (3) £15-25
62.     A Matched Hallmarked Silver Baby's Pusher and Spoon, in original fitted case; together with a wooden cased set of six plated fish knives and forks with matching servers. (2) £15-25
63.     A Large Plated on Copper Punch Bowl, with shaped gadrooned edge and lion mask and ring handles, raised on circular base, 32cm diameter; together with a decorative plated ladle, a circular pierced salve and cruet stand. £30-50
64.     A WMF Style Pedestal Dish Centrepiece, the shaped clear glass circular dish loose fitted on textured support and tapering stem, on circular spreading base, overall height 31.5cm. £15-25
65.     A Stylish Pairpoint Plated Three Piece Coffee Set, of geometric style, initialled "P", complete with matching tray (33.7cm width over handles) (coffee pot lid hinge broken). (4) £25-40
66.     (Adrian) Gerald Benney; A Stylish Hallmarked Silver Tumbler, AGB, London 1974, of bark textured finish, gilt lined, 6.5cm high, 104 grams, in original Gerald Benney London red card box. £80-120
67.     A Hallmarked Silver Hip Flask, Sheffield 1922, with hinged top and removable base cup, together with a JD & S electroplated half covered hip flask. (2) £50-70
68.     A Hallmarked Silver Inkwell, of tapering form with domed hinged cover (lacking liner) base 9.8cm diameter (weighted). £30-50
69.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Capstan Style Inkwell, Joseph & Richard Griffin, Chester 1918, of plain design with hinged lid and clear glass liner (base weighted), base 7.8cm diameter. £20-40
70.     A Victorian Decorative Hallmarked Silver Christening Mug, London 1869, allover decorated and later inscribed "Anthony Wilma Fairbairns Feb 26th 1915", with scroll handle, overall height 10cm, 165 grams. £60-80
71.     A Hallmarked Silver Christening Mug, Messrs Hutton, Birmingham 1912, of tankard form with reeded detail and inscribed "Anthony Wilma Fairbairns from C.P. Fairbairns 27-3-1915", 8cm high, 160 grams. £50-70
72.     A Hallmarked Silver Bowl, (marks rubbed) "Tractor Ploughing Competition (open) at Freece Hall Weeton Nov 16th 1920 Presented by Mrs Miller Singleton Park won by Alfred Brade Aged 14", 16cm diameter (dents) 25 grams. £100-150
73.     A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Coffee Spoons, EV, Sheffield 1940, each with coffee bean finial, in original fitted case; together with a set of six EPNS coffee spoons with harlequin finial's and a set of six hallmarked silver handled tea knives, in a fitted case. (3) £20-40
74.     Five Hallmarked Silver Spoons, and one other, of various designs. (6) £15-25
75.     "Bedfordshire Eisteddfod" Hallmarked Silver Medallion Pendants, another hallmarked silver medallion pendant "Sir F Harrison's Challenge Cup", micromosaic ring, corkscrew, Acme City whistle, Royal commemorative and Churchill coins, teaspoons, etc. £25-40
76.     A Royal Mail Hallmarked Silver Handled Letter Opener, (stamped "925") together with hallmarked silver and other napkin rings, pair of decorative bonbon dishes, "Scotch" decanter label etc. £15-30
77.     A Hallmarked Silver Royal Commemorative Dish, JD&S, Sheffield 1977, "EIIR 1952-1977", with shaped edge, 12.7cm diameter, in original fitted case. £30-50
78.     WH&S Plated Lamp Base, converted to electricity/electrically untested) semi gadrooned on circular spreading base, 20.7cm high; a hallmarked silver Kings pattern table spoon, (decoration double struck) London 1834; a matched set of six hallmarked silver Old English Pattern teaspoons, initialled "C", Sheffield 1900-1901, a Continental table spoon. £40-60
79.     A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Vase, Sheffield 1905, with wide flared rim, on circular spreading base, 13cm high; together with a hallmarked silver footed cut glass vase, of flared form, on circular spreading base (base weighted), small Middle Eastern style vase, glass drops, etc. £40-60
80.     A Stylish Pair of Hallmarked Silver Three Handled Salts, J&C, Birmingham 1915, of plain geometric design. (2) £30-50
81.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, (dented); together with a hallmarked silver vesta case (damages) (2) £15-25
82.     A Large Hallmarked Silver Mounted Nail Buffer, SB, Birmingham 1921, engine turned, 15cm long; together with a smaller example, Birmingham 1922. (2) £20-40
83.     A Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard, John Round, Sheffield 1912, of pedestal form (base weighted) with scroll handle and clear glass liner, overall height 7.9cm; together with associated spoon. £15-20
84.     A Chester Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Jar, (marks rubbed) of plain cylindrical form, with large bun stopper, 10.5cm high; together with two smaller hallmarked silver mounted glass jars, each with plain hinged lid and internal stopper. (3) £40-60
85.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, William Henry Sparrow, Birmingham 1915, allover engraved with leaf scrolls (dented). £20-40
86.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigar Cutter, engine turned, (5.3cm long); an engine turned tooth pick and a decorative plated lighter, initialled "CMA". (3) £20-30
87.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, allover engine turned and monogrammed (dents); together with a smaller example (damages). (2) £20-30
88.     A Novelty Double Stamp Case, as a large envelope, allover leaf scroll engraved, stamped "Sterling Silver", with suspension loop, 4.2cm wide; together with a hallmarked silver chatelaine mirror, Crisford & Norris, Birmingham 1914. £20-40
89.     A Pair of Part Hallmarked Silver Sugar Nips, with scroll handles, initialled. £30-50
90.     A Hallmarked Silver Snuff Box, JG Ltd, Birmingham 1965, of antique style, shaped rectangular form, engine turned and initialled "EH", 5cm wide. £50-70
91.     A Late XIX Century Ivory Backed Small Purse, with calf and velvet lined pocketed interior, the case inscribed with initials and "Kissingen 19th Aug. 1881", with white metal frame. £25-40
92.     A Victorian Hallmarked Silver Bowl, James Wakely & Frank Wheeler, London 1891, allover decorated in relief with birds, flowerheads and leaf scrolls, 8.5cm diameter. £30-50
93.     A Highly Decorative Enamel Backed Three Piece Brush Set, each detailed with river scape scene, with boats on the water and mountain in the distance. (3) £70-100
94.     A Hallmarked Silver and Pique Work Hand Mirror, L&S, Birmingham 1926; together with a matching brush, Birmingham 1927. (2) £30-50
95.     A Victorian Glass Hip Flask, with plated removable base cup and hallmarked silver screw cap (possible London 1877). £20-30
96.     First War Medal to 96963 GNR, G.A Beck. R.A, (no ribbon); British Sea Anglers Society "Sterling Silver" medallion in fitted case; Hudson's Bay Company 1970 medallion, rouge pot, 1 Deutsch Mark medallion pendant, bar pin (inscribed) stamped "9c". £30-50
97.     A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, of curved form, leaf scroll engraved, together with a plated sovereign case (clasp damaged) a pocket compass, a hallmarked silver engine turned tooth pick, plated coasters, knife, modern grape scissors, commemorative coins,etc. £30-50
98.     A Middle Eastern Three Piece Cruet Set, allover detailed in relief with leaf scrolls, a similar spherical pepperette; a hallmarked silver pepperette and a Chester hallmarked oval lidded mustard with blue glass liner. £25-40
99.     A Hallmarked Silver Backed Hair Brush, a hallmarked silver backed hand mirror, a shoe horn, further brush (damages), etc:- One Tray £20-40
100.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1921; together with a cased set of six hallmarked silver coffee spoons, bright cut engraved with matching sugar tongs, Sheffield 1921. £25-40
101.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boats, CB&S, Sheffield 1922, each of plain form with flying scroll handle, raised on three pad feet, (total weight 275 grams). (2) £100-150
102.    A Dutch Pastry Server, with beaded handle, (stamped marks); together with a set of three hallmarked silver coffee spoons, a pair of hallmarked silver teaspoons, etc. £25-40
103.    A Matched Hallmarked Silver Backed Three Piece Dressing Table Set, allover decorated in relief; together with a hallmarked silver trinket port, of shaped circular form, the hinged lid with foliate decoration, raised on four feet (damages/loss) and a small hallmarked silver pill box, 2.9cm diameter. £40-60
104.    Rotary; A Hallmarked Silver Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line and dot markers, in oval case, to integral openwork inset link style bracelet, stamped "12182" to case back, in Rotary box, two further Rotary ladies wristwatches, both with inset bezel, to brick link bracelets, and a necklace and earring set, boxed. £40-60
105.    Rotary; A Hallmarked Silver Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and dot markers, in rectangular case, to integral alternate inset panel style bracelet, stamped "11510" to case back with matching bracelet, in Rotary box, including extra links. £40-60
106.    Hallmarked Silver Jewellery and Other Costume Jewellery, including two signet rings, two St Christopher pendants on chains, a plain wedding band ring, a Russian wedding style ring, a large cabochon set ring, belcher chains Religious pendants, further rings, gilt coloured curb link chain and other curb link chains, suspending T-bar pendants etc, "Filey", "Haddon Hall" and another "Silver" enamel charms, etc. One Tray £15-25
107.    Ingersoll Ltd Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, together with a Tissot automatic Seastar gent's wristwatch, a later expanding bracelet, Services Court gent's wristwatch on later expanding bracelet, modern ladies Gucci (1500) wristwatch, etc. (6) £50-70
108.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Ladies Fob Watch, (converted to a wristwatch) the gilt highlighted white dial with black Roman numerals, within decorative case (initialled) with applied lugs on a strap, (import marks for London 1908); together with two ladies wristwatches. (3) £15-20
109.    Kendal & Dent Fob Watch, inside case stamped "800"; a hallmarked silver ARP buttonhole badge, "Camell Laird & Co Ltd 1915 on War Service" buttonhole badge, South African 2½ Shillings as a brooch, "D.C Collins Newcastle St, London on War Service" badge etc. £20-30
110.    A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned dial with Arabic numerals (lacking perspex/glass), in plain circular case, to cord style strap (worn), an Art Deco style ladies wristwatch, the unsigned dial with Arabic numerals, in textured rectangular case, stamped "9 375", to cord style strap, another similar. £80-120
111.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the two toned dial with black Roman numerals, within plain case, Chester 1934, to integral 9ct gold expanding bracelet, in a H.L Brown & Son Ltd fitted case. £100-150
112.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the Lejon signed dial with Arabic numerals, on a strap; a 9ct gold "Precious Friend" pendant on chain. £30-50
113.    Rotary; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the cushion shape dial within shaped case, to later bracelet with 9ct gold clasp, in original rotary case. £80-120
114.    Omega; A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the signed white dial with "T.A Henn & Son Wolverhampton", with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement stamped "Omega Watch Co Swiss" and numbered "7901840", within plain case, Birmingham 1928, on a strap. £250-300
115.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, (lacking glass and hands), the movement with small diamond end stone, within plain case (damages), Birmingham 1835. £30-50
116.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hand), inside case back inscribed "William Bunting Hyde", within case with vacant cartouche, Chester 1891. £30-50
117.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial (lacking hands), within engine turned case, London 1872. £30-50
118.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the decorative dial with black Arabic numerals, within plain case (import marks for London 1923) on expanding bracelet, stamped "9ct". £100-150
119.    Raymond Weil Geneva; A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and date aperture, to later strap with original buckle, case back states "18k Gold Electroplated Water Resistant 10m 9143". £70-100
120.    A Decorative Ladies Fob Watch, to foliate engraved signed "Farringdon" dial, with Roman numerals, within foliate decorated case, stamped "18K", with detached bow. £250-350
121.    A.W.W. Co Waltham Mass; An Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement signed "AM Watch Co Waltham Mass" and numbered "7587830", within screw down front opening case, inside case back stamped "PAT.AUG.18.1885" "Coin 14263" and "Pioneer Waltham Mass"; together with a Thomas Russell & Son Gold Plated cased hunter pocketwatch. (2) £30-50
122.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Ladies Fob Watch, the foliate highlighted dial with Roman numerals, within foliate engraved and engine turned case, Birmingham 1881; together with another example (lacking glass), inside case stamped "0800". (2) £30-40
123.    A Continental Cased Ladies Fob Watch, the decorative gilt highlighted dial with black Roman numerals, movement stamped "Constimathey" within highly decorative case, inscribed "M.E. Frost", stamped "0.935"; together with a marcasite set ladies cocktail wristwatch, on cordette strap. (2) £30-50
124.    An Openface Pocketwatch, the white dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case, stamped "0.935"; together with another openface pocketwatch. (2) £30-50
125.    A Large Crucifix Pendant, other religious pieces, two pins displaying three coins, a large circular shell brooch, depicting head and shoulders, an Oriental dragon brooch, a child's "Sterling Silver" bangle (damages) and another bangle. £10-15
126.    A Victorian Style Jet Coloured Bar Brooch, of textured design, a similar Marcasite pendant, a singe strand of graduated beads, Art Deco style buckles, an enamel bar brooch of openwork design, with flowerhead centre, etc. £15-25
127.    An Oval Blue John Panel Brooch, collet set within openwork border, stamped "Silver", Marcasite and other rings, vintage buckle, hallmarked silver bangle, plastic floral bangle, Marcasite set brooches, imitation pearls, ladies wristwatch, etc:- One Tray £25-40
128.    A Small Selection of Costume Brooches, including; "Miracle Creation", floral,modern Celtic, a "York and Lancaster" circular pin, stamped "Silver Rim", etc. £15-20
129.    "925" Diamonique and Other Dress Rings, decorative "925" earrings, modern amber set rings and brooches, freshwater pearl cluster earrings, starburst pendant on chain, etc. £25-40
130.    A Collection of "925" and Other Pendants on Chains and Earrings, including diamanté imitation pearl, modern pendants and matching earrings, Celtic style hoop earrings, drops, cluster style, knots, half hoops, etc, including modern dress ring, stamped "925". £40-60
131.    A Flat Link Herringbone Style Chain, stamped "925", with matching bracelet another, similar stamped "925", two Figaro link bracelets, suspending puffed heart charms, stamped "925", another similar with belcher link and t-bar fastener, stamped "925", a modern charm style bracelet with Celtic panel style links, suspending dolphin charms, 'E', 'B', 'L' letters, etc, stamped "925", similar link chain, with dolphin pendant, stamped "925", a Celtic style chain, with claw set highlight, stamped "925", a modern panel bracelet, with star shape design, stamped "925", a box link chain with alternate bead detail, stamped "925", similar chain, suspending tower pendant, stamped "York", a circular openwork texture pendant, depicting "Pinewood House", stamped "925", on fine chain, and a modern cabochon pendant, stamped "925". £40-60
132.    A Vintage Opal and Marcasite Set Necklace, composed of three oval cabochon (black?) opals collet set within marcasite border, on fancy link chain; together with another vintage marcasite set necklace; costume brooch. £50-80
133.    A Single Strand Seed Pearl Bead Necklace, graduated, to plain clasp stamped "9ct", overall length 44cm, in a fitted case; together with a modern imitation pearl bead three row necklace. (2) £50-80
134.    A Large Curb Link Bracelet to T-Bar Fastening, with ornate cluster style centre, stamped "925", suspending a large puffed heart charm, engraved "Fabulous Friend", a Yorkshire Rose emblem, stamped "Silver", a key, etc, a wide brick link bracelet, stamped "925", a novelty key link bracelet, stamped "925". (3) £20-50
134A.   A Micromosaic Brooch of Floral Design, together with another similar circular micromosaic brooch (damages). £20-30
135.    A Modern Flat Link Figaro Chain, stamped "925", a flat link curb chain, stamped "925", and a double link chain, stamped "925", including a further three chains. (6) £20-40
136.    A Selection of 9ct Gold "375" and other Earrings, including imitation pearl, claw set earstuds etc. £180-220
137.    Jorgen Jensen: A Modernist Style Brooch, of rectangular design with textured finish, stamped "Pewter" "Handmade Denmark" "986", together with a feather style brooch, textured finish, stamped "925" "Foreign". £15-20
138.    A Pair of Decorative 9ct Gold Earrings, of openwork design, claw set highlight, seed pearl detail, suspending a single pearl, further similar 9ct gold "375" and other earrings, a modern 9ct gold dress ring, of openwork design, claw set centre, within a crossover inset border, a modern claw set pendant, on fine chain, and another pendant, collet set, within openwork border. £120-180
139.    Assorted Modern Ladies Earrings, including ornate drops, etc. £70-100
140.    A Wedgwood Jasperware Brooch, circular in design (damages), in Wedgwood box, together with a shell carved cameo brooch, collet set, within "9ct" openwork border, further two cameo style brooches. (4) £30-40
141.    A XIX Century Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, within engraved border, together with amethyst single stone brooch/pendant within seed pearl border (brooch alteration), a large glazed oval locket pendant, part chain, etc. £70-100
142.    A Modern 9ct Gold Oval Locket, of foliate design, on fine chain, stamped "9ct", together with three pairs of stud earrings (overall weight 7 grams). £80-120
143.    A 9ct Gold Cluster Style Pendant, with an oval claw set centre, within alternate claw set border, on fine chain, a 9ct gold cluster style pendant, of flowerhead design, claw set throughout, a pair of matching earrings, a pair of modern 9ct gold cluster earrings, of flowerhead design, and similar teardrop pendant, on fine chain. £80-120
144.    A Fine Flat Link Curb Chain, stamped "750" (7 grams), together with a modern teardrop pendant, stamped "375", on fine chain, and another, a modern 9ct gold heart shape pendant, claw set, on three fine chains (knotted), a 9ct gold Figaro link bracelet, with openwork inset panel, similar pendant on chain. £200-300
145.    A Figaro Link Chain, stamped "15" (7 grams), a heart stamped locket pendant, of foliate design, stamped "9ct Back & Front", and a "Rolled Gold" heart shape pendant. £150-200
146.    A Pair of 9ct Gold Gent's Cufflinks, oval engine turned panels to chain suspension, stamped "OP", a belcher link chain, stamped "9ct" (total weight 9 grams). £100-150
147.    A Small Selection of Various 9ct Gold and "375" Ladies Earrings. £150-200
148.    Assorted Modern Ladies Earrings, including collet set, within rope twist border, to post fitting, etc. £100-150
149.    An Edwardian Style Bar Brooch, of openwork design, collet set centre, a coral coloured brooch, of floral textured design, a jet coloured pendant, cabochon set, with etched flower, within rope twist border, a pendant with inset panel, between textured border stamped "R800", and a jet coloured heart shape pendant. (5) £30-40
150.    A 9ct Gold Box Link Chain, a plain bar brooch stamped 9ct another similar, a single Creole hoop earring, further chains. £80-120
151.    A 9ct Gold Cross Pendant, another similar, a 9ct gold "Isle of Wight" souvenir pendant, a Celtic style pendant, of openwork circular design, (lacking centre?). An ornate cross pendant, of textured design, stamped "585", and a circular pendant, with enamel jug/urn design, stamped "750". £100-150
152.    A 9ct Gold Gate Style Bracelet, with alternate cabochon highlights, in rope twist border, also suspending initial 'B' and a zeppelin/airship pendant/charm, a flat link bracelet, stamped "9KT". (2) £100-150
153.    A Two Row Ropetwist Chain, stamped "9c", suspending a 9ct gold cross pendant; a modern chain stamped "375", suspending a pendant, etc. £50-70
153A.   A 9ct Gold Three Stone Dress Ring, (finger size S), another three stone example (finger size N); a cluster dress ring, claw set, stamped "9ct" (total weight 6grams). (3) £70-100
154.    A Modern Alexandrite and Diamond Set Dress Ring, of crossover design, claw set throughout, stamped "750 18K".
*DFC Ltd (Ringwood) Insurance Valuation dated 11th December 2009 for £3420, stating Alexandrite weight 0.80 carat, diamond weight 0.12 carat. £250-300
155.    A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band Ring, (finger size S/T) (6.5 grams). £250-350
156.    A Hollow Curb Link Bracelet, stamped "9c", to heart shape padlock clasp stamped "9ct", suspending medallion pendant "W.W.L.B.C. Prescott Shield 1915", etc. (overall weight including non-gold elements 21g). £150-250
157.    A Vintage Engine Turned Bangle, stamped "15ct", (internal diameter 7cm) (19 grams) £400-450
158.    A Modern 9ct Gold Band Ring, with inset highlights, between textured finish, stamped "Dia" "05". (finger size R) ( 5 grams). £70-100
159.    A Modern 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, four claw centre within inset border, between wide star inset shoulders, (finger size L½) (2 grams), a modern 9ct gold dress ring, collet set centre, within inset textured setting and shoulders (finger size N) ( 3 grams). £70-100
160.    A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, rectangular collet set centre within rubover set shoulders (finger size N½) (2 grams), a 9ct gold alternate "CZ" set half eternity style ring, claw set, between plain shoulders (finger size N) (1 gram). £40-60
161.    A Victorian Style Dress Ring, with graduated inset highlights, within openwork setting, between textured shoulders (finger size O½) (2 grams), together with a single stone ring, claw set centre, within textured settings, between bifurcated shoulders (finger size P) (1.5 grams). £70-100
162.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Tie Pin, of textured design, with inset highlight. £30-50
163.    A Graduated Flat Link Curb Bracelet, stamped "375", to 9ct gold heart shape padlock clasp, suspending numerous novelty style charms, including; thimble, whistle, trumpet, etc, (total weight 35 grams). £450-550
164.    A 9ct Gold Signet Ring, rectangular panel, between textured shoulders (finger size P½) (3 grams), together with a cluster dress ring, of flowerhead design, between tapered shoulders, stamped "18ct" (finger size P½ (3 grams). £100-150
165.    A Middle Eastern Style Gent's Ring, the high rectangular panel with inset highlight, (finger size O) stamped "750"; together with a "Rolled Gold" plain band. (2) £100-150
166.    King George V Sovereign 1918, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £250-300
167.    Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign, 2018, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £250-300
168.    2017 Alderney Platinum Wedding Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £50-80
169.    2018 Alderney Coronation Jubilee Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £50-80
170.    2018 Alderney Coronation Jubilee Gold Proof Quarter Sovereign, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £50-80
171.    Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign, 2018, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £250-300
172.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2017, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £120-150
173.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2018, accompanied by Certificate of Authenticity. £120-150
174.    Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign 2005, (8.0g) £250-300
175.    Queen Victoria Sovereign 1862 (YH), (8.0g.) £260-300
176.    Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign 2016, (8.0g) £250-300
177.    Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign, 2017 (8.0g) £250-300
178.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2008 £120-150
179.    Queen Elizabeth II Sovereign 1979. £250-300
180.    The Quarter Sovereign 2016 Gold Proof Coin, Certified No 1204. £50-80
181.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2005 £120-150
182.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 1987 £120-150
183.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2000 £120-150
184.    The Quarter Sovereign 2017 Gold Proof Coin, Certified No 1625. £50-80
185.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2005 £120-150
186.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2005 £120-150
187.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2002 £120-150
188.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2002 £120-150
189.    Queen Elizabeth II Half Sovereign, 2002 £120-150
500.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Commerical Vehicle Brochures and Adverts, from Bedford, Thornycroft, AEC among others, plus and album of bus photographs. £20-30
500A.   A Quantity of 1970's and Later Car Brochures Relating to Renault, and a small number of Landrover brochures of a similar period. £20-30
501.    Over Forty 1930's Copies of 'The Magnet' Comic. £20-30
502.    A Quantity of 1980's/1990's Britains British Ceremonial Figures, including 'Famous Landmarks' 'Boxed', Scots Guards in poor box, among associated items. £20-40
503.    A Quantity of Mainly French Military Aircraft Photographs, in two albums and associated brochures. £15-25
504.    A Modern Steiff Teddy Bear '1907 Blond', 45cm high, with paperwork. £30-50
505.    A Modern Steiff Teddy Bear (2007) 'Old Black Bear', grey tipped with growler, 38cm high, with paperwork, £30-50
506.    A Modern Steiff Teddy Bear - 'Paul The Growling Bear', celebrating a 100 years of bears with growlers in 2008. 30cm, with paperwork. £20-40
507.    A Small Quantity of Solid Military Style Figures, including mounted mainly XIX Century themes. £15-25
508.    Two Boating Related Tins, including a 'Milady' 'Toffees'. Plus a mid XX Century pond yacht hull, without mast, 40cm long. £20-40
509.    A Sleek Wooden Pond Yacht, with full rigging and stand, 50cm long. £20-40
510.    A Large Mid XX Century Gold Plush Teddy Bear, jointed limbs and growler 77cm high. £40-60
511.    A Quantity of Mainly 1970's Dolls House Furniture and Accessories, some Lundby noted. £20-40
512.    Three Original Pelham Puppets, including harder to find 'Magician'. £30-50
513.    Two Late XIX Century Boys Annuals,'Deeds of Daring on Land and Sea', and 'True as Steel', condition very good. £15-25
514.    Four Original Britains Lead Figures in 'Picture Pack', one mounted and three foot, including No 915B officer marching, drawn sword and No 1268B Cpl Major, full dress, mounted, all very good, boxed. £25-40
515.    A Good Sized Wooden Hulled Pond Yacht 'Godiva', with full sails and rigging, hull 64cm long, overall height 76cm with stand. £30-50
516.    A Quantity of Farm Toys by Britains and Others, two Star Trek figures among other items. £20-40
517.    A Quantity of 1960/70's Toys and Games, including 'Pastry Maker', all appear unused/unopened. £20-40
518.    Two Mid XX Century Jointed Teddy Bears, and a doll, one Teddy with music box, well loved. £20-40
519.    A 1960's/1970's Battery Operated Japanese Toy Dog, with moving tail and ears. £15-25
520.    Two Mid XX Century Toy 'Playtime' Drapery Stores, both unused but showing some signs of age/storage. £20-40
521.    A Mid XX Century Dolls House by Tri-ang, single opening front, mock Tudor design, 48cm wide, 41cm high, 28cm deep. £20-40
522.    A Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Knodding Monkey, with moving eyes and mouth nursing a baby with a bottle,majority of original flock finish missing. £70-100
523.    A Mid XX Century Clockwork Bear, 24cm high, and probably of Japanese origin, a mid XX Century tin pale depicting Mickey Mouse, a clockwork bird among similar items. £30-50
524.    A Quantity of Mainly Mid XX Century Money Boxes, including tinplate 'Treasure Island' book, First National Bank of Chicago towel among others. £25-40
525.    A Quantity of 2nd Half XX Century and Reproduction Money Boxes. £20-40
526.    A Mid XX Century Porcelain Figure of Little Red Riding Hood, 15cm high. £20-30
527.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Clockwork Elephant, Jumbo by Moko. £30-50
528.    A Solid Brass Cast of 'Mr Punch', probably first half XX Century, and detached from some from of base, possibly a car mascot? tip of hat broken off 13cm high. £40-60
529.    A Cast Inkwell in The Form of An Arab Sat on a Kneeling Camel, 9cm long. £20-40
530.    An Early XX Century Felt Doll on a Try-cycle, wearing fur trimmed winter outfit, 34cm/32cm long. £100-200
531.    A 1960's Plastic Clockwork Caterpillar, 35cm long, possibly by Cragston. £20-40
532.    A Cast Metal Figure of a Sitting 'Collie' Style Dog, tip of ear broken in the style of a car mascot. £20-40
533.    An Original Mid XX Century 'Say McVities' Advertising Tin Sign, featuring a family with a parrot, made by Metal Box Company 48cm x 38cm. £50-80
534.    An Early/Mid XX Century Soft Doll of an 'Eskimo' Style Figure, with 'Leatherette Pointed Boots', and felt face, well loved 38cm high. £20-40
535.    A Mid XX Century Black and White Teddy Bear, well loved. £5-10
536.    An Original 'Greensmiths Derby Dog Biscuits' Car Advertising Sign, depicting a circus scent, presented in a later frame. £60-100
537.    A Pelham Puppet SM4 - MacBoozle, strings knotted, boxed. £20-40
538.    Pelham Puppet 'Dougal' from Magic Roundabout, boxed. £30-50
539.    A Mid XX Century Fashion Doll, boxed 43cm high, plus three peg dolls with porcelain heads. £20-40
540.    Two Mid XX Century SL Type Pelham Puppets, one Gypsy and another similar, both boxed. £20-40
541.    A Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Glazed 'Cheavins' Saludor Safe Water Filter, with lid but missing tap 45cm high. £80-120
542.    A Charlie Bears 'William' V Limited Edition, 50cm high. £30-50
543.    A Mid XX Century Tinplate Washing Machine by Chad Valley, boxed. Plus a small toy vacuum cleaner. £15-25
544.    A Mid XX Century 'Gene Autry' Guitar, with automatic chord player. Appears little used, in original box, 80cm long. £60-100
545.    A Mid XX Century Pressed Steel Tri-ang Puff Puff Train, missing a wheel and buffer. £20-40
546.    A Mid XX Century Large Scale Toy Lawnmower, by Codeg. £20-30
547.    An Early XX Century Card Advertising Sign for Crawfords Biscuits, depicting an eagle, framed 52cm x 70cm £200-400
548.    A Late XIX Century Card Advertising Sign for Jacobs Cream Crackers, depicting A Lady by The Sea, framed, signs of damage £40-60
549.    Two Early XX Century Cracker Boxes (Empty), including 'Punch and Judy' crackers. £20-40
550.    A Collection of Coins and Commemorative Medallions, including The Royal Mint Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 1977, Shell Great Britons Collection Album, Cleveland Historic Campaign Medals 1793-1945. £20-30
551.    A Thornton Pickard Special Ruby Reflex Camera, with Taylor Hobson Cooke Anastigmat No 211699 6¼" series XI photographic F3.5 lens, presented in original case and accompanied by accessories to include Thornton Pickard - Beck symmetrical lens, filters, lens holder. £50-80
552.    Three Mid XX Century Soft Toys by Farnell and Others, a teddy, lamb and baby panda. £15-25
553.    A Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Berneval Cigarette Coloured Poster, possibly a trade carton lid, in late frame for display. £120-180
554.    A Collection of Early XX Century and Later Items, including gramophone needle tins, wood Lloyds cigarette box, shoe button hook, among other items. £20-40
555.    A WWII Era Sentimental Embroidered Panel, finely worked in India, with a figure of a Peacock in silver metallic thread on a purple felt ground and surrounded by the words "To My Dearest Mother From Your Dearest Son 1945", 83 x 83cm £30-40
556.    A Brass Bowl with Lid in the Style of The Beatles Apple. £15-25
557.    An Original Huntley and Palmer Biscuit Tin, in the form of a 'Strapped Set of Eight Books'. £50-80
558.    An Original Early XX Century Peak Freans Coconut Shies Tin/Game, game components in tin, but missing two coconuts, hard to find £80-150
559.    An Early XX Century Biscuit Tin for Huntley and Palmers, in the form of a suitcase, 21cm wide, 5cm high, 15cm deep. £30-50
560.    An Original Macfarlane Lang and Co Biscuit Tin, in the form of a Violin case, appears complete 325cm long. £100-150
561.    Two Early XX Century Tins, A Lyons Custard Powder and a Huntley and Palmers sample tin. £20-30
562.    An Early XX Century French Tin, with carrying handle with images depicting The Nursery Rhyme. £30-50
563.    An Original 'Victory Linseed Liquorice Lodge' Tin, in the form of A Garden Summerhouse, original hinged roof in tact, 24cm high £100-200
564.    An Original 'Victory Linseed Liquorice' Tin, in the form of a Church, original roof in tact 32cm long, 27cm high to top of tower. £300-500
565.    An Early XX Century Picture Building Block Set, with each of the six views making up a form of transport, including motor car, omnibus, aeroplane, airship, papers in tact to all cubes, boxed restoration to box hinge. £150-250
566.    A Late XIX Century Picture Building Blocks Set, with all pictures depicting cotemporary British Army and Naval themes, often with a Far Eastern story, all cube papers appear in tact, boxed. £100-150
570.    A St Helena 1908 SG to 10 Shilling Fine Used, with part registered, post mark, slightly washed, cat value £325. £25-30
571.    A Small Pocket Book Housing a Small Collection of Danish West Indies Stamps, mostly good condition, twenty eight stamps with high cat value. £25-40
572.    Four WWI Silk Postcards, each with decorative borders 'Sincere Friendship', 'To Wish You Good Luck', 'Souvenir de Belgique', and 'God be With You Till We Meet Again', together with a box containing Edwardian and later cards, letter cards packs etc. £20-30
573.    Five Junior Albums Containing Mint and Mainly Used GB and World Stamps, plus GB stamps mint and used stamps in packets, mint face value over £22. £15-25
574.    A Duplicated Collection of Pre Decimal and Decimal Presentation Packs, and FDC's eighty six presentation packs and over 200 FDC's £20-30
575.    Three Large Stockbooks Housing Mint and Used Collection of Guernsey Stamps, from regional issue, good condition throughout. £20-30
576.    An Interesting Lot of Covers Relating to Transport, includes Railways and Paquet Boat interest, plus Scottish post bus post cards. £20-30
577.    A Collection of World Used Stamps in Three Albums, to 1960's plus two small containers of used stamps and GB mint prentation packs with mint decimal face value of over £27 £20-30
578.    A Mixed Collection of Eire Postal History Mainly 1970's, forty GB Decimal presentation packs with a face value of £20, and a small selection of Army related and flown covers. £25-40
579.    A Collection of Stitched GB Booklets Pre Decimal and Decimal, many hundred in very good condition. £40-60
580.    Forty Four PG Tips and Brooke Bond Books of Tea Cards, themes include 'Wild Birds of Britain', 'Bristol Butterflies', etc. £10-20
581.    Four Stockbooks of Mainly Used Foreign Stamps, includes Germany mainly modern, Egypt, Kuwait, Iran etc, plus a mixed collection of Commonwealth stamps, a few thousand to sort. £25-35
582.    A Collection of 120 GB First Day Covers, from 1964 Forth Road Bridge, very mixed condition. £15-20
583.    Eighteen Books of Cigarette Cards Mainly Wills and John Players, themes include 'Railway Engines', 'Garden Hints', 'Wild Flowers' etc, two part filled albums, loose cards, Murrays price guide 1984, clear album pages etc. £20-30
584.    Three Large Stockbooks of Commonwealth Stamps, mainly used from Mauritius Queen Victoria to modern, St Helena 1948 Silver Wedding set, Jamaica from KGS, Barbados 1948 Silver Wedding set, Barbados badge of colony issue to 5/-, etc, condition mixed but useful pickings throughout. £50-90
585.    A Duplicated Collection of GB Decimal Presentation Packs, with a face value of over £73, plus a selection of collectors packs unopened. £40-50
586.    A Cardboard Box Containing a Collection of Mint Miniature Sheets and Booklets from British Commonwealth and World, and a plastic container with a collection of sheets and part sheets of GB and Ireland stamps. £25-40
587.    Three Albums of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include Reinthal and Newman glamour cards 'Love Lyrics', Question', Absence Cannot Hearts Divide, Royalty, British and Continental topographical scenes (some Yorkshire) and a small quantity of photographs. £40-60
588.    An Accumulation of GB Queen Elizabeth II Pre Decimal Blocks of Commemorative's, decimal stamps with a face value of £34 and a range of loose trade cards, FDC's and a small stamp album. £30-50
589.    A Large Quantity of 1970's and Later Picture Postcards, in four albums and loose, mainly of British and Continental views, some animals also noted, £20-30
590.    A Mixed Collection of FDC's and Stamps from GB, Cyprus, Mauritius, Tanzania, USA and Zambia, includes 2004 Brunel commemorative coin cover and 2006 classic locomotive coin cover, S4 FDC's and fourteen set of mint stamps. £20-30
591.    A Large Collection of Jersey Stamps and FDC's from Regional Issue, includes mint and used, and a small selection of presentation packs. £20-40
592.    An Album and Quantity of Loose Mainly 1970's and Later Picture Postcards, to include animals, birds, Disney, glitter cards, costume etc. £15-25
593.    A Carton with Six Stockbooks Housing a Commonwealth and World Collection of Mainly Used Stamps, includes Australia and States from Queen Victoria to modern with some miniature sheets, Cyprus including 1948 Silver Wedding £1 fine used Hong Kong, Malta etc, good selection with better stamps throughout. £30-40
594.    Two Binders of Mint and Used GB and World Stamps, and two albums relating to The Military and the other various 613 FDC's £20-30
595.    250 GB FDC's 1980's to 2008, mainly in very good condition, high face value £45-60
596.    A Comprehensive Mint and Used Collection of Australia and States Stamps from 1854 to Modern, includes New South Wales to 1 shilling, Queensland to 1 shilling, Victoria to 1 shilling condition mixed. Then a range of early Roo's to 2 shilling mainly good used, 1918 part set to 1 shilling 4 penny then fine mint and used to 1990's many hundreds in 9 well filled albums. £200-400
597.    A Large Carton of World Stamps and Covers, in presentation packs and in stockbooks plus world covers, good selection including Tuvalu mint stamps. £20-30
598.    A Mixed Collection of GB FDC's From 1968, some flown and signed GB booklets and presentation packs, with a face value of £35 and an album of mint stamps from Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, and Gibraltar, 220 covers. £35-50
599.    A Junior Collection of Stamps, in albums and on paper in a plastic bag. £10-15
600.    A Collection of Stamps Celebrating QEII, in three albums. An album of mainly used stamps of Canada from 1859, and a accumulation of modern Commonwealth stamps in a box. £50-80
601.    A Large Collection of GB PHQ Cards, flown covers FDC's and a few earlier Queen Victoria covers, including imperf Penny Red on cover. £30-40
602.    Cinderella Stamps for All Periods, in twelve and one Small stockbooks, a huge quantity of publicity, revenue and propaganda stamps, some with gum adhesion but mostly fine, thousands of stamps. £70-100
603.    A Collection of GB and World Covers, in mixed condition 1930's to 1980's, a small collection of GB Queen Victoria from 1d Penny Black, and a selection of other Countries, in packets and on album leaves, plus a junior World album. £40-50
604.    A Collection of Channel Islands and Isle of Man Presentation Packs and FDC's, a nice selection with little duplication in good condition. £30-40
605.    A Large Box Housing a Compressive Mint and Used Collection of German Stamps and Covers, in seven stockbooks and four albums and a packet, includes German States and Third Reich, West Germany 1952-1999, occupation and revenues, Third Reich covers, and reproductions of Graf Zepplin stamps, huge catalogue value with good condition. £200-400
606.    A Large Box of Mint and Used Mainly German and German States Stamps, includes Latvia, Lituania, Third Reich, West Germany and Berlin, also Cinderella stamps, huge cat value with many thousands to sort. £200-300
607.    A Large Quantity of Cinderella Stamps, in ten medium stockbooks, all periods of revenue, poster, publicity and propaganda, thousands of stamps mostly fine but some with gum adhesion. £60-100
608.    A Carton of World Stamps in Seven Stockbooks, Countries include USA Russia, Switzerland, Sweden,Japan, South America's etc, mixed condition but useful, many hundreds mint and used. £40-60
609.    A Mainly Used Collection of European Stamps, mainly modern but some older, in six stockbooks, includes Belgium, France and French Colonies, Italy etc, thousands to sort. £20-30
610.    A Carton Holding Five Stockbooks of Mainly Used Foreign Stamps from Europe, French, Indonesia, Netherlands, etc, and Commonwealth countries Hong Kong, Australia, Canada, good selection with better stamps noted. £25-30
611.    A Carton Containing an Accumulation of Isle of Man Post Office News Publication and Mint and Used Stamps. PHQ cards and a few covers, hundreds of stamps with very high face value. £20-40
612.    Three Large and Five Small FDC, all with pages, no covers. £15-20
613.    Twenty First Day Cover Albums, with pages, in good condition, no covers. £20-30
614.    Twelve Large FDC Albums, complete with pages in good condition, no stamps. £20-30
615.    An Album of GB Mint and Used Stamps From 1960 P.O. Saving to 1969 Ghandi, then a range of world stamps including Iran, Russia, USA etc. £20-30
616.    An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, mainly comic such as Mabel Lucie Attwell topographical views, many of Yorkshire and Derbyshire interest, Scarborough, Hull, Chatsworth, Chesterfield etc. £30-50
617.    A Mainly Used Collection of Denmark Stamps, from earliest issues to 2017, very high catalogue value, mixed condition but some fine, hundreds. £25-35
618.    A Small Collection of King Edward VIII Stamps, some overprinted for use in Morocco including control blocks and Queen Elizabeth II Morocco agencies centenary over print 1857-1957, plus Queen Victoria 2d blues. £35-60
619.    An Extensive Collection of French Stamps From 1850's to 1980's, in two large albums, many hundreds mainly used. £30-50
620.    An Album of Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include poem cards, greetings, advertising, Royalty etc. £20-30
621.    A Large Collection of India Stamps from Early Queen Victoria Issues to 2000, mainly used but one stock book has mint collection from 1930's, three stock books, hundreds of stamps. £30-50
622.    Three Albums of 1960's and Later Picture Postcards of Transport Interest, to include steam trains, buses, planes, barges, helicopters, cars etc. (3) £30-50
623.    An Album of Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include greetings, glamour, actresses, poem cards etc. £30-40
624.    Two Stockbooks of Commonwealth Mainly Used Stamps from African Countries, including Cape of Good Hope, Natal, Somaliland with 1938 values to 1 Rupee fine used, South Africa, Southern Rhodesia, Nigeria etc, plus a small collection of Pacific Islands noted 1939 British Soloman Islands to 10 shillings fine used, many high values throughout. £40-60
625.    A Mainly Mint Extensive Collection of Spanish Colony Stamps, covering all areas, including Spanish Sahara, plus some early Cuba and Peurto Rico. £30-40
626.    Two Album's of Brooke Bond Tea Cards, themes include freshwater fish, wild birds in Britain, History of Aviation etc. (2) £20-40
627.    Three Albums of Cigarette Cards, to include Senior Service, John Player, Wills etc, themes include 'Our King and Queen', and sights of Britain. £40-60
628.    Four Stockbooks Containing a Mainly Used Collection of Swiss Stamps, from early's to modern, mixed condition but some useful stamps, a few thousand to sort. £25-35
629.    A Collection of Stamps, mainly mint pre decimal Queen Elizabeth II loose and in packets. £15-20
630.    An Album of Gallaher Ltd Cigarette Cards, themes include 'Wild Flowers', My Favourite Part' and 'Aeroplanes' and an album of cigarette and tea cards, many by W D and H O, Wills including 'Life in The Royal Navy, and Railway equipment. £20-40
631.    A Collection of 1960's and Later Topographical Picture Postcards, in three albums, mainly British, Edinburgh, London, Cornwall etc. (3) £20-30
632.    A Comprehensive Collection of Luxemburg Stamps, mint and used in two large albums, also includes some early postal stationary post cards, good lot with high cat value. £50-70
633.    Two Albums of Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include greetings, animals flowers etc. (2) £30-40
634.    A General Collection of Norway Stamps, with main value in early issues, plus a small selection of Icelandic stamps. £20-30
635.    Two Stockbooks of Iceland Stamps, mainly used from early to modern, good selection in good condition. £20-30
636.    A Large Stockbook of Mainly Used Stamps from India, and mixed Commonwealth and World, noted India SG138 and SG142 both very fine used, around 1500 stamps to sort. £20-30
637.    Over 150 WWI Related Postcards, both colour and black and white all contained in an early XX Century postcard album, about 50/50 loose, stuck in. £30-50
638.    A Lincoln Stamp Album, with a mainly used collection of World stamps from Queen Victoria with very little after 1930, mixed condition but some fine. £20-30
639.    Three Albums of Mainly Used World Stamps, including many low value King George VI Commonwealth some fine, mainly from 1910 to 1953 but some earlier GB Victorian and K Edward 7 in mixed condition. £20-30
645.    After Gerald Coulson Print - 'Lancaster Talking Off', framed. £20-30
646.    After M A Kinnear Print - 'Enemy Coast Ahead', graphite signed by artist and ten RAF crew including Bill Reid, Jack Calder, Nicky Ross, Denis Woolley, Ken Chamberlain among others. £30-50
647.    Six Various Framed Prints of Lancaster Bombers. £20-40
649.    After Gordon Beecham Print - 'Naafi Break', graphite signed by artist, framed. £20-30
650.    After Robert Taylor Print - 'Crewing Up', graphite signed by artist and Arthur T Harris, RAF, framed. £20-30
651.    After John Larder Print - 'Operation Chastise', graphite signed by artist, framed. £15-25
652.    A Large British Military Print - 'All That Was Left of Them', in damaged frame. £15-25
653.    Approximately Ninety Commando War Stores in Pictures Comics, assorted editions in the ranges 1400-1599. £30-50
654.    Approximately One Hundred and Thirty Commando War Stores in Pictures Comics, editions appear to be in the 1000 - 1999 number range. £40-70
655.    Approximately One Hundred and Thirty Commando War Stories in Pictures Comics, assorted editions below 5000. £40-70
656.    Approximately Ninety Commando War Stories in Picture Comics, appearing to be in the 1700-1799 number range. £30-50
657.    Over Eighty Del Prado Foot Figures from The Napoleonic War Range, all in original packaging with magazines. £50-80
658.    Approximately Sixty Five Early Commando War Stores in Pictures Comics, to be numbered below 1000. £20-40
659.    Twelve 'Royal Hampshire' of Similar Military Figurines, boxed 12cm high. £20-40
660.    A Collection of Over Sixty Military Themed First Day Covers, flown covers, PHQ cards sometimes signed, including Tom Sopwith, The Red Arrows Team 1990, (one album) £50-100
661.    A Quantity of Modern Hip Flasks, hunting themes noted. £20-30
662.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Ten Predominantly Military Themed Flown Covers, First Day Covers PHQ cards, sometimes signed including Admiral Sir Fredrick Parham GBE, KCB, DSO, in command HMS Belfast 1942-44, (two albums) £30-50
663.    Over Thirty Del Prado Military Figures from The Cavalry of The Napoleonic War Series, all loose with magazines. £30-50
664.    A Cased Type 22/Lynx HMA MK8 Helicopter Flying Course Calculator, (2010 edition). £20-30
665.    A Small Quantity of Cigarette Silks with a Military theme, a set of twenty five Chairman cigarettes - 'War Pictures', plus ten Odd Taddy Admirals Generals. £30-50
666.    Three First Day/Flown Covers All With a Douglas Bader Theme, including First Day Cover dated 29th May 1968 signed by Douglas Bader, RAF Coltishall Official First Day Cover dated 11th September 1990 signed by Lady Bader. £40-70
667.    A WWII Period RAF Navigators Badge, RAF Air Crew lecture notes, observers planisphere of star navigation, a map of Middle East dated March 1944. £25-30
668.    A Collection of Over Eighty Predominantly Military Themed Flown Covers, First Day Covers, many signed including Richard Todd who played Wing Commander Guy Gibson in the Film Dambusters, Group Captain James Tait DSO, DFC, ADC, Officer Commanding 617 Squadron 1944-45 (one album) £30-50
669.    A Quantity of Mid XX Century Lead and Similar Figures, by WenDal, Timpo and others, all of a military theme, playworn. £20-40
670.    A Collection of Seven Military Themes Covers, signed by Flight Lieutenant W. Reid (VC), Group Captain Leonard Cheshire (VC), Flight Lieutenant John Cruickshank (VC). £30-40
671.    Remnants of a Antler Horn Black Powder Flask, a reproduction powder flask and some drilled shell cases all XX Century. £20-30
672.    A Collection of Approximately Seventy Predominantly Military Themed Flown Covers, First Day Covers, sometimes signed including Brigadier Peter Young, 40th Anniversary of The Dieppe Raid, (One Album) £20-30
673.    Over Sixty Packets of 1:72nd Scale Military Figures, by Del Prado from The Relive Waterloo Series, plus magazines. £40-80
674.    Six Mid XX Century and Later Military Caps and Hats, Royal Navy, Russian noted. £20-40
675.    A WWII Set of Five Medals, comprising 1939/45 Star, Africa Star with 1st Army Bar, Italy Star, Defense Medal, War Medal with MID Oak Leaf to 2599848 Corporal E Stafford, Royal Corps of Signals, lot also include MID certificate dated 23/5/46 and cap badge. £40-60
676.    A Print of HMS Sheffield (D80) Presented to The City of Sheffield, framed plus a small number of books with a Military theme. £10-20
677.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Forty Predominantly Military Themed Covers Sometimes Signed, including Lord Hunter of Newington - Doctor to Field Marshall Montgomery (two albums) £30-50
678.    Two WWII Period British Helmets, one repainted black with letter W. £30-50
679.    Ten 4½" Stadden Military Figures, all XIX Century themes, British or French, fully painted and high quality. £50-100
680.    A Modern Diorama of a WWII RAF Scene, comprising a Sterling MKIII Bomber and loading crew by Diverse Images Ltd, in original box. £20-40
681.    Four Capo di Monte Napoleonic Military Figures, by B Marli, and another by Del Giglia. (5) £60-80
682.    An 1860 Pattern German Dragoon Picklebaube, overall appears original, except inner leather chin strap, replaced. £500-700
683.    A Michael J Sutty China Figure of 'Lord Nelson 1805', from the Heroes of the World series, limited edition No 131/500, 37cm high, with certificate. £70-100
684.    A Michael J Sutty China Figure of 'Officer 20th Foot 1855', from the period uniforms of the British Army series, limited edition 205/250, 21.5cm high with certificate. £40-60
685.    Two XIX Century Powder Flasks, both with hunting scenes, springs to both, no obvious makers marks. £40-60
686.    A Michael J Sutty China Figure of 'General Bonaparte 1798', from the Heroes of the World series limited edition No 62/250, 38cm high with certificate. £70-100
687.    A Michael J Sutty China Figure of Pikeman The Honorable Artillery Company from the City of London Collection, limited edition No 78/250, 24cm high, with certificate. £40-60
688.    A WWI Era Royal Flying Corps Mark II 259 Pattern Flight Compass with Suspension Frame. Stamped on The Viewing Frame 'Patt 259 a Mark II No 748, with original additional electric bulb holder in pine stamped box. £100-200
689.    A Set of Twenty Original 1901 Taddys 'Boer Leaders'. £30-60
690.    Two XIX Century Powder Flasks, with impressed hunting themes, both with springs, no obvious makers marks. £30-50
691.    A Commemorative Plate to Squadron Leader K.G Chamberlain, DFC, RAF RO from 367 (South Sheffield) Squadron ATC; plus associated print 'Our First Reply' after Chris Golds, inscribed to the same on his retirement on 28 March 1986. £20-40
692.    A Late XIX Century Swagger Stick, to 3rd Gloucester Volunteers. £20-40
693.    A Victorian Brass Clinometer, by W.H Harling, London, stamped 1888 with War Department arrow, in original wooden fitted case. £30-50
694.    Two XIX Century Powder Flasks, with impressed decoration, plus one later XX Century powder flask. £30-50
695.    A WWI Era Two Draw Telescope by Ryland and Son Ltd, London, stamped Tel. F.A Mk V dated 1917, with War Department arrow, leather casing in tact, complete with original tripod. £60-100
696.    Three XIX Century Powder Flasks, two decorated with eagles and one plain, all with springs but two broken, plus two modern pistol powder flasks. £30-50
697.    A WWII Defense Medal, a small quantity of badges, sometime WWII and German related, a quantity of Military buttons. £20-40
698.    Two XIX Century Powder Flasks, both by Hawksley, one basket weave, one fluted design, both missing springs. £30-50
699.    An Early XIX Century Flintlock Brass Barrelled Holster Pistol, signs of later restoration, missing ramrod, lock plate marked 'Nock' which is probably unlikely, overall length 40cm. £40-60
700.    An Early XIX Century Flintlock Holster Pistol, lock plate marked Tower GR, barrel proof marked, ramrod missing 39cm long. £60-100
701.    A Mid XIX Century Double Barrel Percussion Shot Gun by W Greene of London, Damascus barrels, engraved lock plates and dolphin hammers, overall length 114cm £400-500
702.    A Mid XIX Century Sporting Style Percussion Musket, smooth bore, minor decoration to lock plate, hammer and stock, overall length 128cm. £50-80
703.    A Reproduction of a Mid XX Century Percussion Musket. £100-120
704.    A Well Made Modern Replica of a Double Barrel Flintlock Pistol, overall length 23cm £30-50
705.    A XIX Century Percussion Holster Pistol with Octagonal Barrel, no marks and signs of later adaptation, overall length 32cm £30-50
706.    An Early XIX Century Flintlock Holster Pistol, swivel ramrod, significant signs of ware and later XIX Century adaptations, overall length 38cm. £40-60
707.    A XIX Century French Cavalry Sabre, by WRK of Germany, proof mark to top of blade, blade 88cm long, some chipping and wear to blade, missing scabbard. £30-50
708.    A Mid XIX Century Rifle Brigade/Light Infantry Officers Sword, in correct nickel plated scabbard, significant signs of wear to all areas. £40-60
709.    A Mid XIX Century Probably Continental Practise Fencing Foil, with typical oversized guard, blade snapped at tip and signs of war to all areas. £30-50
710.    A XX Century Middle Eastern Jambiya, with white metal mounts and wooden handle, plus a 'Tourist' kukri in decorated sheath. £20-30
711.    A Mid XX Century Kukri, horn handle with skinning knives in sheath. £20-40
712.    A Reproduction Fiarbairn Sykes Style Fighting Knife, in leather sheath. £20-40
713.    A Reproduction Fairbairn Sykes Style Fighting Knife, in leather sheath. £20-40
714.    A Reproduction Fiarbairn Sykes Style Fighting Knife, in leather sheath. £20-40
715.    A Reproduction Fairbairn Sykes Style Fighting Knife, in leather sheath. £20-40
716.    A Small 'Bowie' Style Knife, by Nortons of Sheffield, blade length 15.5cm £20-40
717.    A Late XIX Century/Early XX Century Austrian Mauser Bayonet, spring catch working, complete with steel sheath. £30-50
718.    A 1907 Pattern British WWI Era Bayonet with Correct Scabbard, spring lock works, blade chrome plated. £30-50
719.    A WWII Era German Third Reich Luftwaffe Officers Sword, blade stamped WKC Solingen, with scabbard and original frog, sword knot possible later replacement. £500-600
720.    A WWII Era German Third Reich NSKK Dagger, with correct black scabbard, blade stamped for P D Luneschloss. £200-300
721.    A WWII Era German Third Reich 1st Pattern Lutfwaffe Officers Dagger, blade stamped SMF Solingen, with original scabbard, damage to leather noted, Portapee possible later replacement. £300-400
722.    A Collection of GB Pre Stamp Entries and Later Envelopes with Much Local Interest, from 1813 to 1888, some relating to Edward Pease of Frickley Hall near Doncaster who is said to be the Farther of The English Railway, over sixty items with interesting cancels, hand stamps and mileage marks, mixed condition, plus a book 'The Diaries of Edward Pease'. £180-250
723.    A Victorian British Army Majors Dress Uniform, comprising Red Tunic with buttons, two pairs of trousers, sword belt with 'unattached' buckle and a number of sashes, all contained in a 'Japaned' tin, in poor condition. £100-200
724.    An Early XIX Century Child's/Cadets British Military Style Red Tail Coat, with braided high collar and decoration, buttons in tact. £50-80
725.    A Private Collection of Approximately 350 British and Similar Military Cap Badges, Scottish and Irish Regiments noted, some re strikes noted, however worthy of further and full inspection. £800-1000
726.    Six XIX Century Shot and Powder Flasks, made up of four undecorated powder flasks, and two more by Sykes and one by Hawksley, all with damages. £60-100
727.    A Late Georgian/Early Victorian British Army Royal Artillery Helmet Plate, a Cross Belt, plate to the 95th foot, a pair of 'Small' spurs amoung other items. £100-200
728.    A Collection of Georgian/Early Victorian Items Relating to The British Army 66th Foot, including shoulder belt plate, foul weather cover and badge for bell top Shako, dress epaulets, in Japaned tin. £200-400
729.    A German WWII Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe Wristwatch by Stabilia, 'Unzerbrechlich' (unbreakable), black face, with inner sealed hand dial, rear of case stamped '8656' on later strap. £200-300
730.    Jaeger Le Coultre; A Vintage Military Pocketwatch, with black dial, subsidiary second dial, lume numbers 3,9 and 12, military arrow G.S. Tip and 229625 X X to back. £60-80
731.    A Mid XX Century British Military Watch by Moeris, signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, case stamped with WD Arrow - '57638', '2648575'. £80-120
732.    A Japanese Tachi Tsuba, Mokko Shape, unsigned, Edo period, Shakudo bird and tree design, in wooden box. £60-80
733.    A Japanese Tanto Tsuba, brass, unsigned, Hawk and Pinetree design. £60-80
734.    A Japanese Katana Sukashi Tsuba, unsigned, waves beat, fishing net and leaf design. £60-80
735.    A Small Collection of WWII Period German Military Cloth Badges and a Pin Badge. £20-40
736.    A Quantity of Reproduction German 3rd Reich Medals and Medallions. £30-50
737.    A WWII Era German Third Reich Iron Cross, 2nd class, a Third Reich Merit Cross, two Silver ARP badges and a silver buffalo jewel, cased. £40-60
738.    Queen Elizabeth II Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to Constable Frank Street, in box of issue, together with The 'Honorary Testimonial of The Humane Society' dated October 1964 in Recognition of Saving a Lady From Drowning off North Bay Promenade, Scarborough.

*Constable Frank Street served in The West Riding Constabulary. £30-50
739.    The Most Excellent Order of The British Empire, in case of issue and Chairman's Medallion for National Housing and Town Planning Council, both relieved to have belonged to J.W Serland, OBE, LLD, JP. £50-80
740.    A Service Medal of The Order of St John, to 31048 Sgt Maj T Allsopp Yorkshire St Johns Ambulance Brigade 1944, damaged suspender. £15-25
741.    The Service Medal of The Order of St John, with six bars to Sister A Sunderland, Hebden Bridge, in case of issue. £20-40
742.    An Order of St John, with ribbon in associated case. £30-50
743.    A WWII Medal Quartet, comprising War Medal, Defense Medal, 1939-45 Star and Burma Star to 10672785 Pte. A Garforth, RAOC The lot also includes a war time Japanese Katana, in poor condition, with authority letter to Pte Garforth to bring home, military records and other ephemera, cigarette case, all contained in a wooden box belonging to a A C Garforth with a key and dog tag, interesting lot worthy of inspection.

* Records indicate Alan Garforth was born on 12th November 1922 in Sheffield. He attended school in Hillsborough and worked as a clerk before being called up on 4th December 1941. He served in the ROAC and served time in the Far East before being discharged from The Army on 22nd October 1946. £100-200
744.    A WWI War Medal, to 61398 Pte J.C. Roberts, Northumberland Fusiliers, plus a small number of unrelated badges. £20-30
745.    A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War and Victory Medals to 47881 Pte C.W Tindall, Yorkshire Regiment, plus associated cap badges and other items. £30-50
746.    A WWI Medal Trio, comprising 1914-16 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal to 54-070347 Pte M Calder, Army Service Corp, mounted as worn. £40-60
747.    A WWII Casualty Medal Trio, comprising War Medal, Africa Star and 1939/45 Star, to Flying Officer W. Derbyshire, in box of issue with condolences slip.

*Records indicate Walter Derbyshire, of Lancashire was with 500 Squadron when he died on 30th June 1943, aged 20. He is remembered at Le Petit Lac Cemetery. £50-80
748.    A WWII Medal Duo, comprising War and Defence Medal, an ATS Diary to a Pte Franklin and an interesting letter home dated 18/6/1942 about time in service from W/110152 Pte M. Franklin, 11th Anti Aircraft Signal Corps.

*Records indicate Margaret Franklin, of Warwick enrolled into the ATS on 29th November 1941. £30-50
749.    A WWII And Later Group of Four Medals, comprising War Medal, Burma Star, 1939-45 Star and Territorial Medal for Efficient Service to 2051976 Gnr E Dobney, Royal Artillery, with WWII issue slip. £60-80
750.    A WWII and Later Group of Five Medals, comprising War Medal, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, Italy Star and Territorial Efficient Service Medal to 2052941 Sgt J.T Coney, Royal Artillery with WWII issue slip. £70-80
751.    A WWII and Later Group of Four, comprising War Medal, Italy Star, 1939-45 Star and Territorial Efficient Service Medal to Private H.A Pitman, Royal Artillery, with WWII issue slip. £60-80
752.    A WWII Medal Quartet, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, France Germany Star in box of issue to Mr J W Sterland from Sheffield, plus a German Merit Cross with swords. £30-50
753.    A WWII Casualty Group of Three Medals, comprising War Medal, France Germany Star, 1939-45 Star to Lieut M B Horley, with condolence slip.

*Records indicate Montague Bernard Horley, Royal Tank Regiment died 6th June 1944 and is remembered at The Bayeux War Cemetery £50-70
754.    Three WWI Victory Medals, to 12118 Pte W. H Darby, East Yorks Reg, 54-093340 Pte B. Lawson, Army Service Corps, 103051 Pte G.W Bryan, Durham Light Infantry. £30-50
755.    A WWII Medal Quartet, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star and French Germany Star, in box of issue to 124510 A. Crossley Royal Army Service Corps, lot also includes dog tags, cap badges, cloth badges, press cuttings.

*Mr Albert Crossley of Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire was married to Vera. £30-50
756.    A WWI/WWII Medal Quartet of Military and Police Medals, comprising a WWI duo of War and Victory medal to Gunner 167795 Gunner A. E Smith, Royal Artillery, plus WWII Defense Medal and Faithful Service Special Constabulary Medal to Sergeant Albert Smith, lot also includes related letters.

*Records indicate Albert Smith was a Sheffield man and served in The 9th Corps Heavy Artillery in WWI. £30-50
757.    A WWII Medal Group of Four, comprising MBE (Civil), 1914-15 Star, War Medal and Bi-Lingual Victory Medal, MID Oak Leaf to Captain F.J Bagshaw, South African Forces, plus facsimile photograph.

*Records indicate Francis John Bagshaw, first served as a Trouper in Roberts Horse in Matabeleland and Mashonaland 1896-1898 and later in The South African Constabulary, he was commissioned Lieutenant in October 1914, making Captain in The 6th Regiment, 5th Mounted Brigade in October 1916

He transferred to The Political Department in September 1916 he ended his career as political commissioner for Tanganyika and retired in 1937. He died in Rhodes in 1953.

MID gazetted 6th August 1918. MBE gazetted 27th June 1919. £400-600
758.    A Gallantry Group of Six Medals, comprising of Military Cross, WWI War MID Oak Leaf, War and Victory Medals, Indian General Service Medal with Afghanistan NWF 1919 Bar, WWII War and Defense Medals to Captain Tudor Evans, ASC and later RAF mounted as worn.

*Records indicate Captain Evans was gazetted for his Military Cross on 5th February 1918 for Mesopotamia, gazetted for his MID on 5th June 1919 for Mesopotamia. In WWII Captain Evans became Pilot Officer 8th July 1940, and Flying Officer 26th March 1941. £900-1100
759.    A 1930's/WWII Group of Four Medals, comprising Indian General Service Medal, with 1935 North West Frontier Bar, War Medal, 1939-45 Star, Burma Star, to 4744350 Lance Corporal W.H Raynor, Duke of Wellington Regiment. Lot also includes Service Book, Certificate of Service, three photograph albums mainly relating to Life and Service in India etc before The War, some graphic photographs, among other items, worthy of full inspection.

*William Henry Raynor, a Sheffield man was born in 1911 and started his working life as a labourer. Mr Raynor initially enlisted in The Yorks and Lancs TA in November 1930, he enlisted as a regular in The Duke of Wellingtons on 11th February 1931, serving first in India until 1938 Mr Raynor joined the BEF on 24th September 1939, Being evaluated on 1st June 1940 from Dunkirk. He returned to India in September 1941 and was taken prisoner by the Japanese in Burma in February 1942 probably at the battle of Sittang Bridge. The Dukes at this time were associated with the Chindits. Surviving for over three years before release in June 1945, being discharged on the ground of ill health and fitness in March 1946 giving a total service of 15 years 29 days. £200-300
760.    A WWI War Medal to 2416 Pte A Drake, Army Cycling Corps. £15-25
765.    Manchester United Autographs - Unverified, ten black pen signatures including Rooney, Brown, on the front of a Nike White Away Shirt, bearing 'AON' Logo, mounted, glazed and framed. £30-50
765A.   Russian Pennants, including Spartak Moscow v. Liverpool 1992. C.S.K.A v. Glasgow Rangers 1992. v. Barcelona 1992 other matches and club only issues (19), selection of scarves, wool and beanie hats. £20-40
766.    Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1959 to 1965 (7). Yorkshire C.C,C annuals 1961-66. Neville Cardus, Pelham, Warner and others.. £20-30
767.    Two Royal Worcester Plates Featuring Lester Piggott, Doulton example '/Willie Carson' and character jug D6877. Kinglsey enamel paperweight. £15-30
768.    Stanley Matthews Coloured Print, by Michael Dudash, featuring The Wizard of Dribble, ltd edition of 650, 59.5 x 44.5cm, pencil signed by player and artist. £20-40
769.    Halifax Town. Vandanel blue home shirt bearing Nationwide logo and many signatures in black ink, glazed and framed. £20-30
770.    Vanity Fair, Spy, Cricket Prints, 'Monkey' and 'Sammy' lithographed 1891 and 92, unframed 31.5 x 18.5cm (2) £20-30
771.    Referees Ephemera - British shirt badge featuring emblems from all four nations. Sheffield & Hallmshire 1950's guides, fixtures & officials lists, appointment cards, examination appointments, F. A. rule changes, letter from clubs, Football league handbook 1951-2. Hand written book featuring career match details 1951-55. £40-80
772.    Ricky Hatton. Black pen autogrpah, unverified, on a Lonsdale White left hand boxing glove. Six photos of Ricky in the practice ring. £15-25
773.    Wedgwood Plates, 'Manchester United Centenary Year 1978', limited edition 750 and 1989 Ryder Cup, limited edition of 1000. £15-30
774.    Blackburn Rovers. Grey away shirt, viewable from the back, featuring Premier League Lions to 'Number 10', Dickov, signed by Paul Dickov with notation to Charlie, mounted, glazed and framed. £20-30
775.    Carsons's Best. Pete Deighton limited edition colour print ot 850, signed by artist and Willie Carson, 38 x 48cm. Malcom Coward and John Worsdale signed prints, plus two others. (5) £20-40
775A.   Ice Hockey - Valeri Kharlamov replica shirt from The Russian Great tragically killed in a car crash at the age of 33. Quantity of programmes, tickets. Moscow 79 and 86 enameled badges. £20-40
776.    Jason Leonard Autograph, black marker signed (unverified) on a Cotton Traders England T-shirt. £15-30
777.    Football Related Newspapers, including Daily Mail and Express Munich air disaster, Sheffield Star Wednesday Champions 1959, England 66, Sheffield Cup Derby 1960. £20-40
778.    Olympics. G.B. Diving Team Signatures - Tom Daly, Sarah Barrow and Tonia Crouch, black marker signed (unverified) on a 2012 GB white shirt. A similar blue vest and O.B.S. cap. £20-40
779.    Speedway Programmes, Grand Prix and World Cup, Post 2000, approximately 110:- One Box £15-30
780.    Rugby League Programmes - large quantity including Cup Finals, Testimonials, many Wigan 1954-90's Two Boxes. £20-40
781.    Rugby League Programmes, many Leeds, Big Match, Challenge Cup Semi's, Fartown and year books, etc:- One Box £15-30
782.    Cricket - Lancashire Yearbooks 1990's and 2000's, magazines, programmes, other sporting publications Topps football and baseball cards etc:- One Box £20-30
783.    Charles Buchan's Football Monthly Magazines 1951-73, large quantity:- Three Boxes £50-80
784.    Wisden Cricket Monthly, other cricket and football magazines, 'The Ring', Sheffield Wednesday programmes, Tottenham mug, etc:- Two Boxes. £20-40
785.    Charles Buchan's Football Monthly Magazines, complete year runs, 1963, 64, 65, 69, 70. 70, 71 and 72 £30-50
785A.   Russian Programmes, to include Rotor v. Manchester United 1995. 1991 Kiev v. Benfica 1992 Torpedo v. Real Madrid. 1993 Locomotiv v. Juventus. Russian Cup Final C.S.K.A v. Torpedo 93 and 95 Dynamo Moscow v. Rotor, 1998 UEFA Cup semi Spartak. Inter Milan, 2000 Ukraine v. Russia plus ticket. Testimonials. 1996 euros in Russian and English, supporters magazines, cards other publications, many with vendors details relating to goods. £20-40
786.    Baseball - First Edition Collector Series Cards, Topps 1983 & 1982 in uncut sheets of 121 and 132 (6) £20-40
787.    Speedway, Scarves, Birmingham T Shirts, lanyards, keyrings, photo's, etc:- One Box £15-30
788.    Speedway Programmes, many Coventry 1960's-80's, big match, club, international, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
789.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1990's to date, large quantity:- Three Boxes. £15-30
790.    Speedway Programmes, Post 1980's Ice Speedway noted, large quantity:- Three Boxes £15-30
791.    Cricket - Eyre Knit Pure Wool Yorkshire Matchworn Sweater, purportedly for Barrie Leadbeater, having yellow, dark and light blue bands. £20-40
792.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1956-7 v. Wolves, 1960's-90's issues and other clubs, Panini 2008 Euro album appears to be complete, etc:- One Box £20-30
793.    David Beckham. Black pen autograph, unverified, on an Umbro Exo Skeleton England left boot, in glazed display case. £80-120
794.    Manchester United Programmes, 2007 F.A. Cup Final, Law, Moran and Stepney testimonials. 56-7 v. West Brom (punched hole) plus others 1960 to date, approximately seventy. £15-30
795.    'Sheffield United Official Centenary History' by Denis Clareborough, programmes incl 1993 F.A Cup semi and tickets, executive ties. Dennis Dickens and R Butcher signed T.T photographs, etc:- One Box and Sheffield United print. £15-25
795A.   1992 Torpedo Moscow v. Manchester United, 1991 Torpedo Russia Cup Final v. C.S.K.A v. Roma. 1994 Spartak Moscow v. P.S.G Bayern Munich plus ticket, Dynamo Kiev. A programme pennant and enamelled badge from each game. 1992 C.I.S v England, Dynamo Moscow v. Torino. 1991 CCCP v. Italy, 1994 Dynamo Moscow v. Real Madrid, Spartak Moscow v. Barcelona. 1995 Russia v. Scotland. A programme and pennant from each game. £20-40
796.    Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1944, with limp cloth cover. £40-60
797.    Wisden Cricketers Almanack 1946, with limp cloth cover. £20-30
798.    Wisden's Cricketers Almanack 1921, (later spine, grubby). £20-30
799.    Sheffield United Programmes - large quantity 1970's to 93 County Cup, Testimonial, minor cups noted. always including, at Tulsa Roughnecks 1985, etc:- Three Boxes £20-40
800.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, at Manchester United 56-7, reserves 58-9, 60-1, 65-6 at Manchester City reserves 60-1 (tokens absent), other issues, approximately thirty. £15-30
801.    Sunderland Away Programmes from The 1960's, approximately sixty. £20-40
802.    Olympics London 2012 Medals Ceremony Tray, maroon lettering, blue ink signed by the Brownlee Brothers, Ltd Edition 9/12, 46 x 38cm; together with four related five pound coins. £80-120
803.    The Triumph Photograph Albums 1st Div, 2nd Div (Covers Absent) 3rd Div N & S, Scottish. Shermans teams, famous footballers cards, Eagle, Victor, Topical Times, etc. £30-50
804.    Manchester United Programmes 1970's and 80's, newspapers, There's Only One
U-NI-TED, etc, Match Attax, Top Trumps cards, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
805.    Sheffield Speedway Tigers Car Badge, 9cm diameter enamel lapel badge, plaque and scarf. Autographs including Les Dawson, Ken Dodd, Nicholas Parsons, Brian Poole and Chip Hawkes, unverified, fruit knife. £30-40
806.    Famous Footballers 1895-1896, edited by C.W.Alcock and Rowland Hill, published by Hudson and Kearns and News of the World containing many images of teams and individual players of Football and Rugby from the period. £80-120
807.    Topical Times Large Slender Footballer Cards, (forty four), Team Group cards by Sport (eighteen):- Three Albums £15-30
808.    B.D.V Silks of Rugby Colours, including Broughton Rangers, Batley, Bradford Northern, Yorkshire County (approximately twenty), together with Pinnace and Players cards. £15-30
809.    Fifty Years of English Cup Finals, annual, 1935 Football Stars Today - Sheffield Telegraph, Sunday Chronical and other annuals from 1950's and 60's £20-40
810.    A & B.C Turquoise Back 'Make A Photo' Football Cards, approximately 166. £40-80
810A.   Speedway Badges - mainly 1970's to include Boston, Weymouth, Teeside, Edinburgh, Wolves, Hull, Canterbury, Arnie Haley Testimonial, Riders Benevolent Fund, World Speedway Final 1975-78, approximately sixty eight. £50-70
811.    `Tickets 1961 F. A. Cup Semi at Leeds, Sheffield Wednesday v. Leeds 5/- F. A. Cup 3rd Round. 1959 Sheffield United v. Norwich. Hillsborough F.A Cup semi, etc. (7) £20-30
812.    A & B. C Pink Back 'Quiz' Football Cards, approximately seventy six. £40-80
813.    Medal - Huddersfield Town, 1909 Huddersfield & District Football Association Medal, in 9ct gold, bearing Huddersfield crest to front, hallmarks to back, engraved 'Cup Winners 1909 Huddersfield Town'. £300-400
814.    Enamelled Badges, to include supporters clubs of Blackpool, Leeds United, Carlisle, Birmingham, Rotherham, Huddersfield, Bournmouth, Bristol City. (29) £50-80
814A.   Medal Derbyshire Football Association, in 9ct gold and enamel, runner up 1938-39, unnamed, with case. £40-60
814B.   Medals, W.M.D.L Senior Champions 1918-19, W and D.C.C 1923 'W. Neal', both hallmarked 9ct gold, one case. (2) £50-80
814C.   Medals, Chesterfield & District League Scarsdale Division R.U. 1948, Derbyshire Football Association 'Medal Compt Winners', both in silver enamel. (2) £15-30
815.    A & B.C Black Back 'Magic Answer' Football Cards, approximately eight two, Bazooka red backs approximately fifty one (album marks) £30-50
816.    Speedway Enamelled Badges, to include supporters clubs of West Ham, Shelbourne, Newcastle, Cradley Heath, Glasgow, Exeter, Poole, Plymouth, Wolves, Long Eaton, Edinburgh, Swindon, Wembley, Sheffield badge and four year bars (approximately thirty five), several autographs in album. £70-100
817.    Autographs - Arsenal to include Compton, Bastin, Hapgood. Sunderland - Carter, Connor, Hastings, Gallacher. Bolton, Falkirk, Sheffield Wednesday - Nibloe, Hooper, Wilkinson, Huddersfield - Hesford, Beech, McAllister, all in pencil. Cricket Yorkshire XI 1937 including Verity, Wood, Leyland in ink, many others in period album £60-100
817A.   Fishing: Small Brass Reel, no visible makers stamp, the circular side plates 4cm diameter, cylindrical wooden winding handle present. £10-20
818.    Football Cards - Barratt's Football Teams, pre war. Caricatures by photograph, autographed series A & B.C, Val, John Sinclair, Ardath, Tiger, etc. £40-80
819.    Enamelled Badges - Sheffield United to include SU D.S.C, Reeves, Coffer, Firmin, AEW, Gladman and Narman. (14) £30-50
820.    Manchester United Tickets in The F. A Cup. 1949 semi final and 1961 at Sheffield Wednesday plus Stretford End 3/6 issue, Saturday 20th ?. (3) £40-60
821.    An Alf Ramsey Autograph, blue ink signed on a World Cup 1996 first day cover, franked 1st June 1966. £30-50
822.    A & B.C Cricket Cards 1961 Test Series, approximately 116. Flags of The World. (9), three cricket postcards etc. £30-50
823.    Leeds United - International Tournament Medallion 16-7 - 1994, at The Shah Alam Stadium, Malaysia, featuring Dundee United, Bayern Munich Flamengo, Australia Olyroos, Selangor and Leeds United, 4cm diameter. Two Sweden 92 enamel badges featuring eight of The Competing Countries including Yugoslavia (replaced by Denmark) (3) £20-40
824.    Speedway Badges, mainly Jaybea Designs, including King's Lynn Legends, British Grand Prix 2019 Drew Kemp, Sheffield Speedway 90 Years, Cradley Heath Supporters Club, approximately seventy two. £40-60
824A.   Russian Enamelled Badges, featuring clubs including BakuVolga Iver, Minsk, Tula Arsenal, Zenit, C.S.K.A Spartak Moscow. (67), together with U.S.S.R Champions and U.S.S.R cup holders examples. (24), all neatly presented on cards and in packets (91) £30-60
825.    A & B.C Orange Back Cards (48), peel-off transfers, Victor, Hotspur, Trebor 'Zip' Bubble Gum, V.C Heroes, cigarette cards, etc. £20-40
826.    Sheffield United Tickets - 73-4 v. Chelsea x three, Manchester United and two away, Leeds x two, plus 74-5, 73-4 v. Liverpool, two away 74-5, Latham Testimonial 83 & 86 F.A. Cup semis for Sheffield Wednesday, 78 Scottish Cup Final, etc, approximately 80 £40-60
827.    A & BC Cards Footballers. Yellow Back (23) Flags (25) Planes (approx 98), Chix, tea cards and others. £30-50
828.    Sheffield United Programmes 1970's-90's, mainly homes Division 4 Championship booklet, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
829.    Sheffield United 1949-50 Programmes v. Blackburn, Leicester, Sheffield Wednesday, Tottenham. (4) £30-50
830.    Sheffield United 1950-1 Programmes v. Brentford, Cardiff, Doncaster, Gateshead - F.A Cup (grubby), Hull, Southampton, West Ham. (7) £50-80
831.    Sheffield United 1951-2 Programmes v. Blackburn, Notts County, Q.P.R, Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton. (5) £40-60
832.    Sheffield United 1952-3 Programmes v. Doncaster, Everton, Huddersfield, Hull,Nottingham Forest. (5) £30-40
833.    Sheffield United 1953-4 Programmes v. Arsenal, Cardiff, Manchester City, Portsmouth, West Brom, plus friendlies v. Clyde, Hibernian, Rotherham (8) £30-40
834.    Sheffield United 1954-5 Programmes v. Everton, Leicester, Manchester City, Sheffield Wednesday, Portsmouth (four page issue) plus friendlies v. Esbjerg, Dundee, Grazer Sportklub. (8) £20-40
835.    Sheffield United 1954-5 Programme v. Chelsea. £15-30
836.    Sheffield United 1955-6 Programmes, eleven issues including v. Wolves, 2nd May £20-40
837.    Sheffield United 1956-7 Programmes, seventeen issues including v. Leeds United - friendly, 26th January (writing on cover). £20-40
838.    Sheffield United 1957-8 Programmes, eighteen issues plus 58-9 eighteen issues. (36) £20-40
839.    Sheffield United 1956-60 Programmes, fifteen issues and 60-1 twenty one issues including F.A Cup semi. (36) £20-40
840.    Paul Stancliffe, Sheffield United Umbro Shirt Circa 1990, bearing Laver logo and ink signed personal notation to front. No '5' to back together with testimonial year benefit brochure and tie. £50-100
841.    Peter Watson 'Bramall Lane' Limited Edition Colour Print of 500, pencil signed, 34 x 55.5cm, another by Terry Gorman 'Memory Lane'. (2) £20-40
842.    Sheffield United 1954-5 v. Sheffield Wednesday, Hagan Testimonial. Lions Club circa 1960, United Reserves v. Coventry Reserves, 6th Nov. many other programmes. F.A Cup ticket v. Cardiff 15th Jan 72. £15-25
843.    Ireland v. Great Britain - Olympic Preliminary, league of Ireland v. Olympic Probable XI, five various Irish club programmes all circa 1960. Chelmsford v. Q.P.R, reserves v. Gorleston, Sheffield Boys v. Manchester Boys at Bramall Lane, University Games, etc. (14) £15-30
844.    Sheffield United Away Programmes 1948-9, at Everton, Birmingham City 49-50 at Hull. (3) £30-40
845.    Sheffield United 2008-09 Black Le Coq Sportif Away Shirt, worn by Steven Quinn, during the pre season tour of Holland and Belgium, bearing '14' Football League number to back and 'China Earthquake Appeal' to front. Sheffield United Letter of Authenticity accompanies this lot. £20-40
846.    Sheffield United, quantity of mainly home programmes from the 1960's:- One Box £20-30
847.    59-60 Liverpool v. Everton - Floodlit Cup, Chelsea v. Bilbao. Gateshead v. Gillingham, 60-1 Tottenham v. Cardiff, Hartlepool v. Crewe and other programmes 1959-61. (46) £40-60
848.    52-3 Hull v. Everton. 55-6 Ipswich Aways at Norwich, Southend. 57-8 Chesterfield v. Gateshead 58-9 Peterborough v. Spurs 'A' - E.C.L. Cup Final, other programmes 1954-59 (26) £30-50
849.    Rotherham United 1954 County Cup Final Programme v. Sheffield United, dated 8th May 1954. 54-5 v. Stoke. 56-7 v. Notts County. 60-1 v. Liverpool. 71-2 v. Frickley - F.A Cup, etc. (43) £30-50
850.    1942-3 Nottingham Forest v. Lincoln City Programme, dated 27th February 1942. 1946-7 Brentford v. Preston. 1949-50 Chelsea v. Burnley (some faults). (3) £20-40
851.    1947-8 Programmes, Bury v. Chesterfield, West Brom v. Bury, Brentford v. Doncaster, Exeter v. Torquay (all rusty staples). (4) £40-60
852.    1948-9 Programmes, West Ham v. Tottenham (rusty mark), Chelsea v. Burnley (2) £20-40
853.    1948-9 Programmes, Rotherham v. Bradford City, Lincoln v. Coventry (score on face), QPR v. Barnsley . (3) £30-50
854.    1948-9 Programmes, Southampton v. Blackburn, Manchester City away at Stoke, Newcastle (all rusty staples). (3) £30-40
855.    1948-9 Programmes, Newcastle v. Manchester City, Luton v. Chesterfield, 1949-50 Burnley v. Huddersfield x 2, Wolves v. Stoke, Sheffield United, England v. Scotland amateur at Hull. (7) plus part issues. £30-50
856.    1951 Walton and Hersham v. Bishop Auckland Programme, for the Amateur Cup Replay Game on 3rd March, (cream colour issue). £15-25
857.    Blackpool Programmes 1947-8 v. Stoke, 48-9 v. Sheffield United, 50-1 v. Aston Villa (scuffed cover). (3) £40-60
858.    Sunderland Programmes, 56-7 v. Tottenham, aways 50-1 at Sheffield Wednesday, 51-2 at Hull, 55-6 at Newcastle - FA Cup. £20-30
859.    Manchester City Reserves Programmes, 1955-6 v. Blackpool, West Brom, Barnsley, Preston (tokens absent) twenty six others 1959-71 with tokens present. (3) £20-40
860.    1958 Charity Shield Bolton v. Wolves, 62-3 Middlesborough v. Rotherham. 72-3 Torquay v. Manchester United. Cup Semi Finals, etc. £15-30
861.    Cardiff City 1952-3 v. Blackpool, Hull City 57-8 v. Southport, Chesterfield, Millwall 54-5 v. Aldershot, Northampton, other 1950's programmes. (30) £20-40
862.    Wales v. UK 1969. F.A Cup Finals 1972 to 85 including replays, several semi's, club issues Milk Race, Stoke Mandeville games, Shoot booklets, etc. £15-30
863.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, mainly 1980's including 83 FA Cup Semi and ticket:- One Box £5-10
864.    Sheffield Wednesday Autographs, circa 1990-91, to include Ron Atkinson, Carlton Palmer, Lawrie Madden, David Hirst, Nogel Pearson, all ink signed, (unverified) on a '32' '5' ball. £15-28
865.    Sheffield Wednesday 1960's Programmes, incl 1966 F.A Cup Final plus song sheet. 1963 v. Shrewsbury - F.A Cup Replay, 1966-7 reserves v. reserves of Liverpool, West Brom. £20-40
866.    England Programmes 1955-6 v. Scotland at Hillsborough plus Ticket. 'B' International v. Germany. 1953 v. Scotland 1966 and 86 World Cup programmes. (10). £15-25
867.    England 1966 Autographs, Hunt, Hurst and Peters, blue marker signed, (unverified) on a black and white Final print, 16.5 x 23.5cm. £15-30
868.    England Autographs, eight including Paul Gascoigne, Nat Lofthouse, Kevin Keegan, Bobby Charlton, Tom Finney, black marker signed (unverified) on a white England shirt by Toffs. £30-50
869.    1935-6 England v. Scotland Programme, dated April 4th 1936 (rusty staples). £30-50
870.    1946-7 England v. Holland Programme at Huddersfield, dated November 27th 1946, (cover loose, rusty staple). £60-100
871.    1950 F. A Cup Final Programme Arsenal v. Liverpool, (rusty staples) 1959 final and Forest semi with ticket. £30-40
872.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes, 1951 Blackpool v. Newcastle, 54 Preston v. West Brom. (2) £30-40
873.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes, 1955, 56, 57, 58 and 59. (5) £30-40
874.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes, 1960 to 1969 (10). Together with official photo and press cutting. £20-40
875.    1935 F.A. Cup Final Programme Sheffield Wednesday v. West Bromwich Albion, (creases to cover, staining to inner upper spine). £80-100
876.    1948 F. A. Cup Semi Final Derby County v. Manchester United Programmes, one with covers detached, the other with stains, (2) £30-50
877.    Sheffield Wednesday Away Programmes, 1947-8 at Birmingham, 49-50 at Chesterfield, at Barnsley (grubby) 50-1 at Aston Villa, Derby, Huddersfield. (6) £30-50
878.    1938 Sheffield Wednesday v. Sheffield United Football League Jubilee Programme. £40-60
879.    Sheffield Wednesday 1949-50 Programmes v. Bradford Park Avenue, Bury, Leeds (grubby), Plymouth, Tottenham. (5) £30-50
880.    Sheffield Wednesday 1949-50 Programmes v. Barnsley, Coventry, Brentford, Preston x 2, Sheffield United - County Cup Final. (6) £50-70
881.    Sheffield Wednesday Away Programmes 1947-8, at Nottingham Forest, The Spire-ites issue at Chesterfield. (2) £30-40
882.    European Cup Final Programmes, 1963, 68, 76, 79 F.A Cup Finals 1963, 76 to 79. England homes, etc. (26) £20-30
883.    Neutral Games at Hillsborough Programmes - F.A Cup Semis 1956 plus Ticket, 63 x 2, 64,67. Sheffield V Glasgow 1955, 59. Sheffield v. Wimbledon 1950. etc. (9) £20-40
884.    Sheffield Wednesday 1952-3 Programmes v. Doncaster- County Cup, Liverpool, Manchester United, Middlesborogh, Portsmouth, Sunderland, West Brom. (7) £30-50
885.    Sheffield Wednesday 1953-4 Programmes v. Manchester City, Bolton - League and Cup, Newcastle, Preston. 1954-5 v. Bolton, Huddersfield, Leicester, Manchester United, Rotherham - County Cup, Sunderland. (11) £30-40
886.    Sheffield Wednesday 1955-6 Programmes, thirteen issues including v. Newcastle - F.A. Cup, Sheffield United - County Cup. £20-40
887.    Sheffield Wednesday 1956-7 Programmes, nineteen issues including v. Leeds, Manchester United, Juniors v. West Ham jrs - youth cup semi. £20-40
888.    Sheffield Wednesday 1957-8 Programmes, seventeen issues incl v. Manchester United, Leeds, Juventus. £20-40
889.    Sheffield Wednesday 1958-9 Programmes, twenty one issues incl v. Barnsley. £15-30
890.    Sheffield Wednesday 1959-60 Programmes, twenty one issues incl F.A Cup Semi 1960-1 twenty nine issues incl v. Leeds, Burnley, Manchester United plus pirate - all F.A Cup, Tbilisi - friendly. (50) £20-30
891.    Sheffield Wednesday Away Programmes 1951-2 at Hull, Coventry, Bury, others 1950's and 60's (48) £30-50
892.    Sheffield Wednesday 'The Romance of The Wednesday' Book, by Richard Sparling 1926, Referees reminder card for game v. Thorncliffe Rec on 8th October. The Star, Telegraph and other team group prints 1920's to 50's, etc £30-50
893.    Sheffield Wednesday Cup Souvenir Blotter, featuring cup winners 1935-5 to cover. £20-40
894.    1937-38 Sheffield Wednesday v. Sheffield United Programme, dated 16th October 1937 (quarter of back page absent). £40-60
895.    1937-8 Chesterfield v. Sheffield Wednesday Programme, dated August 28th 1937. £80-120
896.    Sheffield Wednesday 1951-2 Programmes v. Brentford, Bury, Everton/Forest joint issue, Leicester, Notts County, Sheffield United - County Cup, Swansea. (7) £30-50
897.    Sheffield Wednesday 1950-1 Programmes v. Charlton, Liverpool, Middlesborough, Sheffield United - County Cup, Sunderland, West Brom (6) £30-50
898.    1947-8 Blackpool v. Leeds United Programme, from the F.A Cup game, dated 10th January 1948, (rusty staple, ink name to top). £20-40
899.    Leeds United v. Sheffield Wednesday 1947-8 Programme, dated 8th November 1947 (Grubby). £30-50
900.    Leeds United Programmes 1948-9 v. Sheffield Wednesday, Lincoln City (both rusty staple). (2) £40-60
901.    Leeds United Programme 51-2 v. Sheffield Wednesday, (rusty staple) 58-9 v. Chelsea. Fairs Cup Final v. Zagreb, F.A Cup Semi's 1965. 70 replay x 2nd replay 72 and 77. 1959 Reserves v. Barnsley Res. etc. (3) £20-40
902.    Leeds United 59-60 v. Luton, 61-2 away at Derby. 61-2 Watford v. Peterborough, 64-5 Bradford City v. Crewe, other 1960's programmes. (60) £30-40
903.    Huddersfield Town Programmes, 1946-7 v. Grimsby, Middlesborough, 47-8 v. Chelsea, Arsenal, Burnley, Preston, 50-1 v. Chelsea. (7) £30-50
904.    Huddersfield Town Programmes v. Chelsea, 1962-3 and 1966-7 FA Cup, 1960-1 v. Halifax - West Riding Cup, 1963-4 v. Leeds, others 1961-66, approximately eighty. £30-50