Two Day Antiques & Collectables Auction
with Silver, Jewellery & Watches
Internet Online Only on
Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd June 2020

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401.    2006 [YN06 KVC] Gilera Piaggio Stalker 50cc Motor Scooter, in red, 1 Previous Keeper, 6813 Miles, Service History, Key and V5 Present. £300-400
402.    2013 [YS13 VSJ] Hyundai i10 Active, 5-Door Hatchback in white, 1.3 Petrol Manual Gearbox, 10,721 Miles, MOT expires June 2020, Full Service History, 2 Keys and V5 present. £1200-1400
403.    Harrods 1999 Bear, Steiff Donkey and Polar Bear cub, ballooning model. £20-40
404.    Candle, Eiffel Tower Model, cutlery, Italian coffee ware, etc:- One Box £10-20
405.    Wade Nat west Pigs, including 'Sir Nathaniel' with blue bow tie, large pig with braces 'Nat West The Action Bank' to White T-shirt. A Carlton Hovis teapot, two others, Ringtons Jug:- One Box £30-60
406.    Pair of XIX Century 'Maria Bell' Octagonal Ruby Flash Glass Tots, Bavarian coffee service, Wedgwood trinkets, etc:- One Box £15-25
407.    Terry Gorman, 'Fitzalan Square', Sheffield, Ltd Edition colour print of 350, 35.5 x 44cm, two faded examples. (3) £15-30
408.    Silver Plated Comport, with glass liner, six similar, smaller, copper ware, handbags, etc:- One Box £15-25
409.    One Box of Framed Dry Flowers and Two Other Pictures, £10-15
410.    Jack Vettriano Print 'Mad Dogs'; together with books, blue white cheese dish, XIX Century part tea service, etc:- One Box £10-15
411.    Royal Worcester Evesham Meat Plates and Soup Dishes, other pottery; 'Invicta' cast iron fondue pan:- One Box, and a floral pottery toilet jug and bowl. (3) £15-20
412.    A Box of Vintage Games, golf, etc; plus a child's toy till. £15-25
413.    Royal Albert "Forget Me Not" Part Tea Service, kitchen scales, light shades, etc:- Two Boxes; together with a watercolour of a moorland scene, signed bottom right H. Wingete. £10-15
414.    Kingston Pottery Character Jugs, featuring English Monarch (10):- One Box £15-30
415.    Jardiniere, wash jug, cheese dish, other blue and white pottery:- One Box £15-25
416.    A Wooden Two Tier Cake Stand, painted wicker basket,pottery fruit wall bucket/sconce (damages), pair of plated candlesticks, oval lidded entree dish, coin covers etc. £15-20
417.    G.E Spotswood (Sheffield Artist) 'Canal Bridge' oil on board signed lower left, details verso 39.5 x 49.5cm. 'Winter in King Sterndale, Derbyshire", pastel, signed and dated 1975, and Surprise View water colour signed lower left (3) £15-20
418.    Eleven Wedgwood Jasperware Christmas Plates; six Mason's Ironstone Christmas Plates and two other commemorative's plates. £15-25
419.    Torvill and Dean Programme, Royalty publications, boxes, fish servers, commemorative ware, etc, in wicker case and box, £15-25
420.    Collectors Plates - Coalport, Doulton, Worcester, many boxed, etc:- One Box £15-25
421.    Brandy Glasses, wine glasses etc:- One Box £5-10
422.    Mid XX Century Continental Oval Pottery Tureen on Stand, dishes, Winton jug, Capodimonte figure, etc:- One Box £15-20
423.    Quantity of Glassware, Tuscan tea ware, Myott and other dinner ware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
424.    A Quantity of Collectable Tins, including three Fru-Grains, Sanatogen, etc. Plus original packaging with their contents. (salt, soap etc). £20-30
425.    Radford Vase, Ridgway coffee pot, glass fish, Colclough Ivy tea ware, Noritake and other ceramics, camera, model elephants:- One Box £15-25
426.    Quantity of Plates, glassware:- Two Boxes £10-15
427.    A Collection of Ladies Leather Handbags, needlework cottons, etc:- One Box. £10-20
428.    A Quantity of Table Lamps, wine rack, Monopoly and other games, basket, tripod etc:- Two Boxes £15-20
429.    A Copper Kettle, Duchess tea service, glass ware etc:- One Box £10-20
430.    A XIX Century Clock Barometer, dressing table swing mirror, Annie Tempest limited edition framed print, brass table lamp base:- One Box £15-20
431.    Chinese Style Table Lamps, on hardwood bases etc:- One Box £15-20
432.    Sony S-Master Music Centre, two speakers, Technika DVD player, Roberts radio (all untested sold for parts only); plus a small quantity of LP's and 45rpm records (classical & pop) £10-20
433.    Eagle Pro P60 Dynamic Microphone, Rode NT1-A ribbon microphone by Reslosound examples, Kyoto S200 tape recorder, guitar strap etc in two cases. £30-50
434.    St. Blaise Blazer, carved horn figure, pottery horse with barrels, model cottages, commemorative ware, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
435.    Carved Joined Hands Wall Plaque 'A.D.' Monogram, dolls tea set, glassware, ceramics, etc:- One Box £15-25
436.    Pearson's Stoneware Flagon, for Hey Brothers, Pontefract, stoneware jars, mixing bowl, etc:- One Box £15-25
437.    Rupert 1943 and 1969 Annuals, The New Adventures, other annuals, Sanyo fax Machine, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
438.    Quantity of Glassware, ceramics, plaques, umbrella, etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
439.    Enamelled Fountain, Art Deco taps, tools, levers, Hobbin foot, saw. £15-25
440.    China, glassware, decoupages etc:- Two Boxes £10-20
441.    Hayter and Stickland Winchester Jug, Burleigh and other character jugs, pottery and mineral animals, etc:- One Tray - plus a pottery garden seat as an elephant. £15-25
442.    Noritake 'Spring Meadow' and Gladsone tea ware:- One Box £15-25
443.    Leather Satchel, photos, lamps, place mats, pencils, etc:- One Box £15-25
444.    Tins, figures, beer mats, etc:- One Box £15-20
445.    Seba Female Bust 'A Winfield Product', 39cm high, Castella cigar display cabinet, 1970's Westclox wall clock. £20-40
446.    Giant GZL 15 12v-24v Battery Charger, tools; a Power Plus submersible water pump, POW 675. £15-25
447.    Cricket Books, D.V.D.s, autographs noted- Two Boxes £15-25
448.    A Quantity of Glassware, Hutchinsons pictorial History of The War:- Two Boxes £10-20
449.    Quantity of Maps, including O.S., books, George Best, Alex Ferguson, Mrs Beeton's, Whitaker's Almanacks, etc:- Three Boxes £15-20
450.    F.D Longden,Summer Flowers, watercolour; plus others by the same artist and an oil on canvas portrait of a young girl holding roses:- One Box + 2. (3) £15-20
451.    Continental Cast Iron mirror, console table and a wall hanging hat rack. £15-30
452.    Mirror in Carved Oak Frame, painted letter box and caddy. (3) £15-25
453.    La Ronde Projector, quantity of postcards. £10-15
454.    Collectors Plates, Spode Christmas 1970 to 1981 excluding 1978, Doulton Valentines Day. (6):- One Box £15-25
455.    Apex Plated Burner, of cylindrical form, Beswick dish, glass tazza's, garden spray:- One Tray £15-25
456.    A Large Heavy Woven Throw, with flowers on a dark cream ground and floral border. £15-20
457.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Dressing Table Mirror, oval frame on quatrefoil base; together with one other shield shaped dressing table mirror (some damage) (2) £10-20
458.    Everplay Extra Drum, quantity of drum sticks, brass cymbals, fitting, etc £30-50
459.    Quantity of C.D.'s, D.V.D's, Diecast vehicles:- Two Boxes £15-30
460.    Tins - Barnsley British Co-operative Society (4), Nuttall's Mintoes, CWS Biscuits, etc:- One Box £15-25
461.    A Lead Crystal Bowl, on gold plated twin handled stand, wine and other stem glasses, 'RCR' Opera' wine and sherry glasses, boxed. (3) £20-30
462.    A Large Quantity of Ty Beanies:- Two Boxes. £15-30
463.    Royal Doulton Little Master Museum Piece Character Jug D6819, musical character jug, Spode 'Christmas tree' vase, blue and white willow pattern bowl, tureens etc. £20-30
464.    Tin of Buttons, clippers, figurines, pottery, etc:- One Box £15-25
465.    An Imperial Typewriter, with wide carriage and full capital keys. (2) £20-30
466.    Quantity of Prints, dressing mirror:- One Box £15-20
467.    Tutbury Tankard, Bohemia vase, other glassware:- Two Boxes £15-20
468.    Postcards, Ringtons Tea Caddy, Shorter Toby jug, Veall and Tyzack tables knives, Aynsley bear, Regent Microscope, etc:- One Box - plus a Queen garden safe. £15-30
469.    Hulme 'Balmoral' and Grimwades Dinner ware, Toby jugs, trinket set other ceramics:- Two Boxes £15-25
470.    Marbles, chess, playing cards, roulette, other games, Living Shakespeare, Monopoly, etc. £20-30
471.    Murphy Type W612 Radio, table lamps, boomerang, prints, etc:- One Box £15-20
472.    L.P. Records, C.D's, DV.D's, sheet music, prints, etc:- Three Boxes £15-25
473.    Rectangular Shaped Wall Mirror with stylised figural pottery plaques to surround, together with an oval mirror. (2) £10-20
475.    XIX Century Pine Stool, galvanised bucket, tub, pine container. (4) £15-20
476.    Arcadian Crested Model of Bill Sykes Dog, Staffordshire Greyhound, Susie Cooper, Green Leaf and other plates, etc:- One Tray £20-30
477.    Royal Albert Early XX Century Tea Ware, of thirty six pieces, other tea ware, similar period:- One Tray £15-25
478.    Trentor 16 x 50 Binoculars, Tecnar and other binoculars, etc, in leather case. £15-20
479.    XIX Century Brass Spit Roast, tobacco jar, plant trough, copper pans, 'Beacon Finger Grip' coal tongs, pewter etc:- One Tray £20-30
480.    Matchbox Sherman Tank, Crescent, Lesney and other Diecast toys, microscope kit, etc:- One Tray £15-20
481.    Clocks, Paul Cardin teapot, Polaroid camera, adjustable book rack, etc:- One Box £15-30
482.    Quantity of Linens, including crochet work in Monarch case. £15-30
483.    Quantity of Tools, cutlery, knives, enamelled pail:- One Box £15-25
484.    A Worcester First Period Bowl, painted with the Fisherman and Willow Pavilion, (chipped rim), a Royal Worcester 'Millennium' bowl and a Doulton Winston Churchill toby jug. (3) £10-20
485.    Silver Ring, plated cigarette box, Ringtons tea caddy, figurine, Chinese artist set, plates, mini character jugs, etc:- One Tray £20-40
486.    Cut and Crystal Glassware, including baskets, vases:- One Tray £15-20
487.    Limoges China, trinkets, Poole Hors D'oeuvre, etc:- One Tray £15-20
488.    Losol Ware Pottery Basket, Noritake teaware, bisque figures of Red Riding Hood etc and a Sylvac vase:- One Tray £8-12
489.    Decanter, pair of streaked cylinder vases, shellfish, Coronation stand up model, etc:- One Tray £15-20
490.    A Quantity of Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles, earrings, hair ornaments, etc, including box. £10-20
491.    Aynsley 'Cottage Garden' China, of approximately sixteen pieces:- One Tray. £15-25
492.    Cased Cutlery, including Rodgers Stag handles carving set, Southern and Richardson, Turners, Turton, Mosley Knives:- One Box £30-50
493.    Diecast Vehicles, including Matchbox, Yesteryear, Maisto, Oxford, Solido, Majorette, approximately forty three:- Three Boxes £20-40
494.    Quantity of Drinking Glasses, one tray, six Webb lead crystal and six Bohemia crystal glasses in boxes. £15-30
495.    A Quantity of Resin Spaniel Dogs, mugs etc:- One Box £15-25
496.    Matchbox Superfast Mercedes Container Truck, Artic truck, many other Diecast vehicles, quantity of Meccano:- Two Boxes £20-30
497.    Colclough 'Ivy' Tea Ware, of approximately fifty six pieces, Winterling Ware, of seventeen pieces:- One Box £15-25
498.    Ruby Glass Decanter, XIX Century wine glass, powder bowls, etc:- One Tray £15-25
499.    Clarice Cliff Jug, (chipped), Sylvac and Maling Jugs, Noritake ware, etc:- One Tray £15-20
500.    A Quantity of Pottery Spaniel Dogs:- One Tray £15-20
501.    A XIX Century Box, 1920's oak mantel clock, Viewmaster, conch shell. £15-20
502.    Tools: Bailey No.5 and No.4 and Stanley No.110 Planes, Vice, Stanley Drill. £15-30
503.    Squirrel Nut Bowl, plated tankard, condiments, cutlery etc,in Mappin & Webb oak canteen. £15-30
504.    Kensington Ribbed Jug, Samford Kingfisher Jug, Sylvac Vase, etc:- One Tray £15-20
505.    Waterford Glass Clock, 'Windswept' tea ware, Crown Derby cream jug etc:- One Tray £15-25
506.    WMF Bowl, with glass liner, 20cm diameter, pewter tankards, silver topped tidy jar, pair of Daalderop vases, etc:- One Tray £20-40
507.    Volta Capodimonte Figure, Shorter shell vase, other pottery:- One Tray £10-20
508.    XIX Century Copper Pans, XIX copper kettle, early XX Century Aneroid barometer, musical box, etc:- One Box £15-20
509.    Large XIX Century Pottery Jug, 26cm high, Wedgwood and other paperweights, ceramics, carnival dishes, etc:- One Tray £15-30
510.    XIX Century Lacquered Box, mirror, Dixons shot measure, etc:- One Tray £15-25
511.    Early XX Century Ivory Needlework Holders, brass weights, tray. £20-30
512.    A XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback Figure, TG Green' mixing bowl and Wedgwood Jasperware jardiniere:- One Tray £30-40
513.    Mason's 'Ivory' jug, decorated in relief with dogs hunting stags and boar, Copeland jug, floral printed and painted plates, Meissen floral encrusted basket (damaged):- One Tray £20-30
514.    Two Decanters, ring stands, John Deacon paperweight with JHD cane and date 2007, jug etc:- One Tray £15-25
515.    A Black Painted Outdoor Lamp, in the form of a XIX Century gas lamp, with a wall mounting bracket. £30-50
516.    Collectors Plates, Adams fruit bowl, other ceramics:- Two Boxes £15-20
517.    A Pierced Brass Fender, folding fireguard and brass companion set. (3) £15-20
518.    Two Wooden Pet Carry Boxes, quantity of terracotta plant pots. £15-25
519.    A Bassani Pottery Stick Stand, two waste paper bins and jardiniere stand. (4) £15-20
520.    A Wedgwood Cornucopia Dinner Service, of eighty four pieces including tea pot. £80-120
521.    A Pair of Early XX Century Green Jasperware Pottery Circular Plaques, moulded in relief with classical scenes of chariots, mounted in velvet and gilt frames, 15cm diameter. (2) £15-25
522.    A Cut Glass Decanter and Six Matching Wine Glasses, two further decanters and carafes:- One Tray £20-30
523.    Crested Ware Animals and Sea Creatures, including Botolph Dolphin, Willow Art Pig, Florentine Camel, Victoria Owl:- One Tray (17) £20-30
524.    Harry Wheatcroft, Paragon and Royal Standard Tea Ware, Royal Albert, Doulton etc:- One Tray £15-25
525.    A Millennium Loving Cup and Plate, Aynsley limited edition Urn, Worcester Golden Jubilee bowl, other commemorative China. £15-25
526.    Three Sets of Three Flying Birds, plus one other:- One Tray £20-40
527.    Late XIX Century Hand Painted Continental Pottery Charger, featuring Pre-Raphaelite lady, 37.5cm diameter (rim chip), sponge work plate with wavy rim. (2) £20-30
528.    Sylvac Gondola Shaped Bowl, green rabbits, Poole pottery preserve pot and flower trough, B&G Denmark Lofoten vase:- One Tray £20-30
529.    Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Pattern Plates, 27cm diameter, both second quality. £20-40
530.    A Mettlach Villeroy & Boch Pate Sur Pate Porcelain Plaque, of a classical female in robes, impressed marks verso, in gilt frame, 19.5cm x 14cm. £30-40
531.    A Moorcroft Pottery Square Plaque, painted in the 'Balmoral' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, No. 17, signed, impressed and painted marks, 14.5cm square. £90-110
532.    Lorna Bailey - Humbug the Cat, 17.5cm high. £20-30
533.    Lorna Bailey - Butterfly the Cat, 12.5cm high. £20-30
534.    Lorna Bailey - Raffa the Cat, 14cm high. £20-30
535.    Lorna Bailey - Arnold (Schwarzenegger) the Cat, 12.5cm high. £20-30
536.    Lorna Bailey - Albert the Cat, 12.5cm high. £20-30
537.    A Murano Glass Abstract Twist Figure, multi colour internal, paper label 36cm high. £30-40
538.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Snow Song' pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 32/5, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. £70-90
539.    An Anita Harris Rare Pottery Bengal Tiger Figure, signed in silver, 39.5cm long. £200-220
540.    Twenty Miniature Collectors Cloisonné Trinket Boxes, on a pagoda shaped wooden display stand. £80-140
541.    A Moorcroft Pottery Clock, painted in the Rennie Rose' (blue) pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, impressed and painted marks, 18cm high. £90-110
542.    The Set of Six Caverswall China Christmas Plates, 1978-83 depicting Charles Dickens scenes, each designed by John Ball and produced in a limited edition of 1000, all boxed with certificates. (6) £20-40
543.    Edinburgh Crystal Ice Bucket, Block jug, Waterford Decanter, Thomas Webb bulbous decanter etc:- One Tray £30-50
544.    Spode Royal Windsor Dinner Ware, of approximately forty four pieces. £40-60
545.    Wedgwood Hunting Jug, Doulton dishes, Carlton jam pot, Beswick foal, character jugs, ashtrays, etc:- Two Trays £15-25
546.    Wedgwood 'Tapestry' Coffee Pot, sucrier, etc; Worcester 'Moments' figurine, etc:- One Tray £15-20
547.    Diamond Cut Glass Tumblers, champagne flutes and other cut glasses:- One Tray £10-20
548.    Continental Terracotta Accordion Player, Beswick Highland Horse (damages), Pauline Stone Figurine, plates, etc:- One Tray £15-25
549.    Aynsley Floral Spray Table China, of approximately seventy eight pieces, with ribbed light blue border and gilt rim,. £40-80
550.    Early XX Century Floral Tea Service, of thirty two pieces, I.C.U chamber pot having twin handles. £20-30
551.    Beswick Walt Disney Child's Tea Set, fifteen pieces, including Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse teapot, Vulcan Junior Child's sewing machine:- One Trya £20-30
552.    An Anita Harris Prestige American Boxer Dog, 46cm high. £200-220
553.    A Moorcroft Prestige Vase, painted in the 'Roof Top Paradise' pattern, designed by Paul Hilditch, shape 93/12, signed, impressed and painted marks, 51cm high. £800-900
554.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'California Dreams' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, limited edition No. 22/30, shape 120/16, signed, impressed and painted marks, 41cm high. £360-380
555.    A Very Tall 1970's Orange Glass Posy Vase, 100cm high. £10-20
556.    Crested Ware, to include Middlesbrough Footballer, Victoria Welsh Hat, Clifton Barrel, Podmore Mary Queen of Scots Chair, Shelley Ancient Saxon Vase, approximately thirty four:- One Tray £20-30
557.    Cauldon Blue and White Octagonal Bowl, Wellington Trio, etc:- One Tray £15-30
558.    Falcon Ware Posy Bowl, Sylvac dish, decorated with rabbits, XIX Century case with cats inside the vase, Continental bowl, decorated with flowers:- One Tray £15-20
559.    Art Deco Shell Light, Austrian crystal decanter, one other, glassware:- One Tray £20-30
560.    A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring ''PA + S'' Sheffield 1926 surmounted by a cat and dog inscribed ''J D W L July 1st 1930'', plated tea strainer and stand, hors d'oeuvre's dish, trays, two hallmarked silver teaspoons:- One Tray £20-40
561.    Limoges Plates, miniature tea service, Artoria enamelled trinket boxes featuring dogs:- One Tray £20-30
562.    Three Sets of Three Graduated Flying Birds, plus one other:- One Tray £20-40
563.    Royal Doulton Bunnykin Figurines - Catherine of Aragon DB 306, Henry VIII DB 305, Easter Treat Bunnykins DB 289, Flamenco Bunnykins DB 256, Basketball Bunnykins DB 262, Chef DB 379 (6) plus boxes:- One Tray £35-50
564.    Wedgwood Bird Paperweight, USSR rabbit, green pottery cat, 20.5cm high, etc:- One Tray £20-40
565.    XIX Century Staffordshire Blue-White Willow Pattern Plates, bowls, side plates. (14) £20-30
566.    Beswick Pottery Set of Three Graduated Flying Ducks, 661/1 /2 and /3 (tail repair to two smallest) three by Keele Street. £20-40
567.    A Pair of Stuart Crystal 'Cascade' Candlesticks, the stem engraved with fuschia flowers, a similar bowl, a pair of Dartington Swarovski Crystal set toasting flutes and a similar vase:- One Tray £20-30
568.    Royal Doulton Bunnykin Figurines, Christening Day Girl DB 327, Wedding Day DB 287, Baby's First Outing RDB 7, Eskimo DB275, Little Ballerinna DB 426 (5), plus boxes:- One Tray £35-50
569.    Malachite Ashtray and Egg, Worcester trinket boxes, etc:- One Tray £15-25
570.    Dolls Tea Set, Willow art crested terrier, Worcester vase, etc:- One Tray £15-30
571.    Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Yours Forever' HN 3354, 'Alexandra' HN 3286, 'Take Me Home' HN 3662. (3) £30-40
572.    A Horse Shoe in the Form of an Inkwell, with plaque "Alice aged 24". Minton "Marlow" pattern part tea service etc:- One Tray £15-20
573.    Wedgwood Black Jasper Ware Shallow Bowl, blue and white trinket box, Piccadilly Circus tankard, Crown Derby 'Olde Avesbury' octagonal bowl, etc:- One Tray £20-30
574.    A Suite of Royal Brierley Cut Glassware, including thirteen large wine glasses, five small wine glasses and thirteen sherry glasses, ten tumblers, seventeen small sherry,:- One Tray £30-50
575.    Beswick Spaniel Dogs, Welsh dog and Teddy in cushion, two others. £15-30
576.    Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Pattern Plate, with wavy rim 22cm diameter, two plates 16cm diameter, small dish, cup and saucer, all first quality. (6) £40-60
577.    XIX Century Pale Pink Tinted Bowl, with green frilled rim and foot, Murano style glass dolphin, Bristol blue eye bath, piano babies, hallmarked silver holder etc:- One Tray £20-30
578.    Spode 'Battle of Britain' Vase, limited edition of 250, Royal Worcester Royal Mint Jubilee rectangular tray, both boxed. (2) £15-25
579.    A Selkirk Glass Paperweight, The Red planet, etched mark to base. £20-30
580.    Royal Crown Derby 1128 Imari Pattern Plates, 22cm diameter all first quality (3) £40-60
581.    Pair of Blue and White China Cow Creamers, each featuring cottage scene, 15.5cm long, XIX Century tea cup and saucer, (cracked). £15-30
582.    P.Platt Hand Painted Royal Worcester Cabinet Plates, featuring fruit, within wavy gilt border, 15cm diameter. £60-100
583.    Royal Crown Derby 'Osborne' Tea Service, in rust red and gilt:- One Tray £30-40
584.    Wedgwood Joan Pyman Figure of Queen and Child, (damaged), Doulton Omar Khayyam HN2247, Canterbury Pilgrims, sugar bowl and jug:- One Tray £20-30
585.    A Seguso Murano; a floral paperweight with pink and blue petals, etched signature to base £20-30
586.    An Art Deco Arrers Opalescent Glass Bowl, with a design of hazelnuts and leaves, moulded makers mark 'Arrers, Made in France, 24cm diameter. £20-30
587.    Royal Crown Derby Oval Wavy Dish, in the 1128 Imari pattern 14cm wide, first quality, second quality plate 26.5cm diameter, trinket box and two circular dishes. £40-60
588.    Military Crested Ware - Arcadian Cenotaph, airship, canon, range, Carlton British Mine Sweeper (cracked) Corona Plane (no propellor), grenade. (7) £20-40
589.    Romeby Sweden Paperweight, Stuart, Tipperary and Waterford clocks etc:- One Tray £20-30
590.    Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Ninette' HN 2379, 'Joy' HN 4054, 'Patricia' HN 3365. (3) £30-40
591.    Gladstone Fruit Pattern Tea Service, of twenty one pieces, Coalport figurines, dwelling:- One Tray £15-25
592.    A Moorcroft Plate 1998, 689/750 decorated with berries and flowers, date in the middle of the plate, 22cm wide. £40-60
593.    A Ronald Stennett Willson Sheringham Two Tier Candestick, in amethyst, two Sandringham candlesticks in amethyst and blue, a c.1970 Webb handkercheif vase in white overlaid with red, etched mark, and an Art Deco pink glass decanter and tot:- One Tray £20-30
594.    Goss Crested China, including Norwegian horse, sack bottle, Cornish pasty, twenty four pieces. £20-30
595.    Pair of Cut Glass Candlesticks, shoe posies, fruit bowl, salts, etc:- One Tray £15-25
596.    Royal Doulton Disney Showcase Figures, 'Peter Pan' Pan 1 'Wendy' Pan 5, 'Tinker Bell' Pan 2 (damaged) & 'Heading for Skull Rock' Pan 7, all boxed with certificates. (4) £40-60
597.    Wedgwood 'Jamestown' Tea Ware, of twenty six pieces. £15-25
598.    A Moorcroft Pottery Rectangular Plaque, painted in the 'Prepare to Scramble' pattern, designed by Paul Hilditch, No. 340, signed, impressed and painted marks, 18.5 x 39cm. £280-300
599.    Edinburgh Crystal Ice Bucket, decanters, oil bottle etc:- One Tray £15-30
600.    Continental China Brown Dog 167/3, two Poole dolphins, Limoges china:- One Tray £20-40
601.    Caverswall 'Romany' Plates, Saucer, (damaged), cup, beaker and vase, bread plate:- One Tray £25-40
602.    Three Mason's Patent Ironstone China Hydra Jugs, with serpent handles and decorated in the Imari palette with floral designs, printed marks, 9 - 16cm high; A Pair of Mason's Mugs, similarly decorated, an Amherst Japan jug and a Real Stone China jug. (7) £15-25
603.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Sweetmess' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 159/10, dated 4.7.18, impressed and painted marks, 25cm high. £120-140
604.    A Peggy Davies Figurine 'La Chick', an aritists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 24cm high. £70-90
605.    An Anita Harris Pottery Peacock Figure, gold signed, 27.5cm high. £60-70
606.    Two Royal Doulton Figures 'The Balloon Man' HN1954, 'The Old Balloon Seller' HN 1315 (2) £30-50
607.    An Anita Harris Pottery Koala Bear Figure, 14.5cm high. £30-40
608.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Rennie Rose' (blue) pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape M1/6, impressed and painted marks, 15.5cm high. £100-120
609.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Phoebe Summer' pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 402/4, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. £90-110
610.    A Cut Glass Decanter and Stopper, of rectangular form, with shaped silver collar, hallmarked for Sheffield 1934 by Walker & Hall, 24cm high (stopper damaged). £15-25
611.    A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Lidded Pot, painted in the 'Chasuble' pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 401/5, limited edition No. 7/50, signed, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. £160-180
612.    A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Celebration', an arists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 28cm high. £70-90
613.    A Coalport Figurine, 'Time' limited edition of 2500. £40-60
614.    Royal Doulton Figure 'Sir Winston Churchill' HN3067. £20-40
615.    Coalport Figurine 'Lorna', from Literary Heroines Series, limited edition of 2500. £30-40
616.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Anna Lily' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 32/5, impressed and [painted marks, 12.5cm diameter. £90-110
617.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'December Dream' pattern, shape 93/12, dated 27.2/19, impressed and painted marks, 30.5cm high. £180-210
618.    An Anita Harris Stoneware Model of a Snail, 23cm long. £60-70
619.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Wayside Rambler' pattern designed by Rachel Bishop, No. 19, shape 402/4, signed, impressed and painted marks, 10.5cm high. £120-140
620.    Coalport Figurine, 'Star' limited edition of 250, for Sinclairs. £30-40
621.    A Peggy Davies Erotic Figurine 'Megan', an artist original colourway 1/1 by M. Jackson, 21.5cm high. £90-110
622.    A Moorcorft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bramble Revisited' pattern, designed by Alicia Amison, shape M1/6, impressed and painted marks, 15.5cm high. £100-120
623.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'Field Dog' (Black Spaniel) pattern, designed by Kerry Goodwin, No. 75, shape 200/8, signed, painted and impressed marks, 20cm high. £160-180
624.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Snow Song' pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 7/7, impressed and painted mark, 18.5cm high. £90-110
625.    Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form decorated with pink flower on cream ground, 18.5cm high, impressed makers mark. £10-20
626.    Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Susan' HN 4532, 'Elizabeth' HN 4426, 'Happy Birthday' HN 4528. (3) £30-40
627.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Chocolate Cosmos' pattern designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 152/3, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter £60-70
628.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Twenty Winters' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 226/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. £70-90
629.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'Spring Lamb' pattern, shape 914/4, dated 12.3.19, impressed and painted marks, 11cm high. £120-140
630.    Coalport Figurines, 'Summer Romance', 'Pretty in Pink' and one other. (3) £20-40
631.    A Pair of XIX Century Figures, as a lady and gentleman, seated, she with a lamb, (damaged). (2) £10-20
632.    Arcadian Crested Ware - Despatch Rider, model of tank, and of armoured car. (3) £20-40
633.    Royal Crown Derby 'Cavalier King Charles Spaniel', 2003, 'Puppy' 2000., (2) £20-40
634.    Royal Crown Derby Scottish Teddy - Fraser, 2002, plus Imari type drum 5cm diameter. £20-40
635.    A Moorcroft Pottery Ginger Jar, painted in the '1901' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, limited edition No. 21/50, signed, impressed and painted marks, 11cm high. £120-140
636.    Royal Doulton Figurines, 'Birthday Girl' HN 3423, 'Sit' HN 3123 and 'Innocence' HN 3730. (3) £20-30
637.    Six Halcyon Days Enamel Trinket Boxes, each with Romantic text and verse, various sizes, all boxed. (6) £30-50
638.    Seven Halcyon Days and Staffordshire Enamels Circular Lidded Trinket Boxes, each with motto or verse to lid, various sizes 2.5cm -4.5cm diameter, all boxed. (7) £40-60
639.    A Crummles Enamel Oval Lidded Trinket Box, painted with Roses and Happy Birthday, a similar circular trinket box and six others with motto's and verse (two unboxed). (8) £30-50
640.    Seven Halcyon Days Miniature Enamel Pill Boxes - 'Good Luck', 'Que Sera Sera', 'May You Be Happy Always', 'Pour Toi', 'Keep In Touch', 'Merci', and 'Thank You', each 2.9cm diameter, all boxed. (7) £30-40
641.    A Halcyon Days Circular Enamel Trinket Box, 'The Travel Box', limited edition No. 110/1000 and 'Works of Art', limited edition No.959/1000 (both boxed); a Staffordshire Enamels trinket box painted with London Landmarks, another for Allied Dunbar 'Madrid 1992' and one other. (5) £40-60
642.    A Crummles Enamel Circular Lidded Trinket Box, painted with Henry VIII, limited edition No. 59/950, 6cm diameter (unboxed); a Halcyon Days rectangular trinket box painted with the Palace of Westminster with Westminster Bridge and a quote by William Dunbar to inner lid, 5cm diameter and another with 'The Swan at Streatley' (both boxed), two other musical themed enamel trinket boxes. £50-70
643.    Six Staffordshire Enamels Enamel Trinket Boxes, including an oval 'Butterfly' box and a circular 'Flowers From Shakespeare' box (two unboxed. (6) £30-50
644.    Four Halcyon Days Enamel Boxes, a similar Worcester enamel box, Royal Crown Derby porcelain Imari trinket box and miniature enamel box and others. £40-50
645.    Five Halcyon Days Teddy Bear Themed Enamel Trinket Boxes, including 'Golfing Teddy' and 'Tennis Teddy', all 3cm diameter; plus two similar by Staffordshire Enamels, all boxed. (7) £30-50
646.    Two Ian Marshall Collection for Staffordshire Enamels Oval Lidded Trinket Boxes, each painted with a Jester and Harlequin and with theatrical quotations to inner lid, 6.2cm wide (both boxed); a Harlequin and Pierrot circular trinket box (for Allied Dunbar Cruise 1989) (unboxed) and a further trinket box painted with polo players, 5.5cm high, 4.5cm diameter (boxed). (4) £40-60
647.    Two Staffordshire Enamels Trinket Boxes, each painted with sailing boat and regatta scenes, 5.5cm high, 4.5cm diameter (one boxed); a further oval trinket box with masted ship and rowing boat entering harbour, 5.3cm wide and an 'Amazing Animals Tropical Fish' enamel trinket box. (4) £60-90
648.    Two Halcyon Days Beatrix Potter Themed Enamel Boxes, two Crummles Walt Disney trinket boxes, a Staffordshire Enamels Winnie the Pooh enamel box, all boxed and an unboxed 'Sweet Shop' trinket box.(6) £30-50
649.    Six Halcyon Days Enamel Circular Trinket Boxes, each with Romantic/Sentimental verse, 2.5 - 3.5cm diameter; a Bilston & Battersea box similar, all boxed; plus two unboxed examples. (9) £30-50
650.    Six Enamel Wildlife Themed Trinket Boxes, including Bilston & Battersea oval 'Snow Leopard' box, 5.2cm long, circular 'Emperor Penguins', 4.5cm diameter and 'Monkeys', 3cm diameter; a Staffordshire Enamels tall enamel box 'Ape', 3cm diameter, 'Elephant' and 'Penguin and Baby', all boxed. (6) £50-80
651.    A Staffordshire Enamels Circular Floral Enamel Trinket Box, by Ian Marshall for The Metropolitan Opera, 4.5cm diameter; another from The Manchester Art Gallery collection, 3.2cm diameter (both boxed); six others, various sizes by Crummles, Alastor etc. (8) £30-50
652.    A Moorcroft Oval Enamel Trinket Box, handpainted with The Moorcroft Bottle Kilns, painted to the underside 'Trial 24.07.03', 6.2 x 5cm; another, painted with a rabbit in a naturalistic setting, 3.5cm diameter, both in presentation boxes. (2) £70-100
653.    Six Crummles Circular Miniature Enamel Boxes, each from The Twelve Days of Christmas - 5 Gold Rings, 6 Geese Laying, 7 Swans Swimming, 8 Maids Milking, 11 Pipers Piping and 12 Drummers Drumming, all unboxed. (6) £20-30
654.    A Moorcroft Circular Enamel Trinket Box, handpainted with 'Eve's Garden', limited edition No. 84/100, 8cm diameter, initialled and numbered to the underside, with certificate, in presentation box. £70-100
655.    A Halcyon Days Oval Enamel Trinket Box, painted with Lily of the Valley (boxed), a circular trinket box painted with pansies (unboxed), a rectangular Staffordshire Enamels trinket box, limited edition No. 66/100, painted with a basket of flowers and signed C. Higham, unboxed; a tall circular Kingsley Enamels trinket box painted with Iris and a similar Crummles box. (5) £40-60
656.    A Moorcroft Enamel Trinket Box, the hinged lid handpainted with Iris, 7 x 4.5cm. in presentation box. £50-80
657.    A Halcyon Days Circular Enamel Box, handpainted with 'Jesus Enters Jerusalem', limited edition No. 244/1000, 4.5cm high, 7cm diameter, in presentation box; another 'Old Testament King David' with biblical scenes, limited edition No. 199/1000, 4.5cm high, 7cm diameter, unboxed. (2) £40-60
658.    Nine Circular Enamel Trinket Boxes, by Crummles, Halcyon Days and Staffordshire Enamels, all painted with Teddy Bears (all unboxed). (9) £40-50
659.    A Moorcroft Circular Enamel Trinket Pot, the hinged lid painted with Hellebores, 5.6cm diameter, in presentation box. £50-70
660.    A Moorcroft Circular Enamel Trinket Box, the hinged lid painted with Autumn Berries, 4.2cm diameter, in presentation box. £40-60
661.    Eight Staffordshire Enamels Oval Trinket Boxes, each painted and with romantic verse, all 5.3cm long, all unboxed. (8) £35-60
662.    Seven Halcyon Days Enamel Trinket Boxes, each painted with scenes and song titles, including 'I Need You to Turn To' (in aid of Elton John's Aids Foundation) 3.5 x 5cm, 'It's Nice to Go Trav'ling', 4.2cm diameter and five others, each 3cm diameter; a similar Marshall Enamels telephone box 'I Just Called to Say I Love You', all unboxed. (8) £50-80
663.    A Robert Thompson "Mouseman" Oak Ashtray. £60-80
664.    Quantity of Arcadian and Carlton Crested Ware China, including Jester, Grandfather Clock, Beehive, Manx Cottage, approximately thirty six:- One Tray £20-40
665.    Richard Guyatt Wedgwood Mug, other commemorative mugs, etc:- One Tray £15-20
666.    German Pottery Candelabra, circa 1930's, with three candle holders, twin supports, on orange wavy base, numbered 32.5cm wide, two Murano style Witches Balls, approximately 18cm diameter. (3) £20-40
667.    Bill Glover, Studio Pottery Vase, of elliptical form, 29.5cm high, W.Kemp 2011 vase in the Troika manner, Keith Murray tankard (cracked), Concetta and Studio plates. (5) £20-30
668.    A Pair of Glass Whisky Decanters on carry tray, another pair. £20-30
669.    The Set of Twelve 'Children's Stories' Collectors Plates, depicting Hans Christian Anderson's Stories, 1971-1983, eight boxed. (12) £20-30
670.    A Murano Glass Irridescent Freeform Bowl, paper label, a white overlaid multicoloured glass bowl, a dolphin figure and three swan miniatures:- One Tray £20-30
671.    An Art Deco Clock Garniture, the multi-colour marble and onyx case mounted at each end with speltre seated naked females, the octagonal face with brass dial with Arabic numerals, clock 48cm long, key and pendulum present. £30-50
672.    Kershaw Eight 20 Penguin Camera, Agfa Optima II 1:2 5/45 Camera, Agfa Rapid Camera, Etc:- One Tray £10-15
673.    Oriental, pottery charger, ginger jar, rice bowls etc:- One Box £15-25
674.    Two Large Satsuma Pottery Twin Handled Vases, decorated with Geishas in landscape settings, a similar urn and cover and various plaster and pottery figures, Art Pottery Thelwell Figure, bookends. (4) £20-40
675.    A Japanese Bulbous Shaped Vase, on a pale green ground decorated with Storks (with impressed mark on base), boxed. £30-50
676.    A Pair of XIX Century Chinese Rice Paper Pictures, of a man and woman in traditional dress 11 x 7cms. £20-40
677.    A Pair of Kutani Gourd Shaped Vases, decorated with birds amongst foliage in iron red and highlighted with gilt, a pair similar plates, pin tray, mini tea pot, Chinese brass bowl on pierced wooden stand:- One Tray £30-40
678.    African Carved Hardwood Bust, 16cm high, grotesque mask, trinket boxes, etc:- One Tray £20-30
679.    An Indonesian Carved Figure of a Boy, with impressed name on base KlungKung Bali, together with oil on board of a Chinese junk boat. (2) £15-20
680.    A XIX Century Imari Pattern Plates, dish, ribbon plates, match holder, Teak of H.M.S Iron Duke Admiral Jellicoe's Flagship Jutland 1916,etc:- One Tray £10-15
681.    Oriental Satsuma Pottery Vase, decorated with butterflies and chrysanthemums, 47cm high (damaged), two Kutani vases, pair vases, XIX Century Toby jug (lid damaged). £15-25
682.    Chinese Cloisonné Trinket Pot, featuring sinuous dragon, on black ground, 6cm diameter, fruit bowl 24.5cm diameter, napkin rings, bowls, etc:- One Tray £20-40
683.    An Early XIX Century Sampler, with inscription and name "Mary Glover wrought this in her levent year 1816" 42cms x 28cms. £50-100
684.    A Tin 'Michelin' Tyre Services Sign, 20cm wide. Plus another 'Scotland for Fine Golf'. £15-25
685.    A XX Century Mahogany Brass Bound Bottle Tray, with carrying handle. £30-50
686.    A Boomerang, in hardwood, having 9ct gold presentation mount "Sydney 20.9.28", 49cm wide. £30-50
687.    Beadwork Hanging Panel, decorated with elephants. £15-20
688.    Advertising Enamelled Finger Plate for Van Houten's Cocoa, a tin plate example for St Bruno. £15-30
689.    An Oak Jewel Casket as a Coffer, with musical facility by Tallent of Oxford Street, 19.5cm wide. Art Nouveau beaten trinket box with domed top, having riveted border on angular feet (one damaged) (2) £15-25
690.    Leaded Glass Window Light, featuring lady in factory, possibly on loom, 62 x 48.5cm, in pine frame. £30-60
691.    A Cast Metal Armillary Sundial. £30-50
692.    Reuge Music Sainte Croix, playing XVIII Century variation on a Thxmx of Paganini three parts S. Rachmaninov in glass case having gilt Dolphin feet, 23.5cm wide. £40-80
693.    A Dowler Patent XIX Century Coppered Corkscrew, with brass spiral twist mechanism and turned bone barrel handle, overall fully extended (brush damage), 25.5cm overall. £40-80
694.    Ebonised Cane, with ivory handle, (chipped) and silver ferrule and one other. (2) £15-30
695.    George Potter and Co, Aldershot copper and brass bugle, large brass fly ashtray, other, metalware, brass apple bottle opener:- One Tray £15-25
696.    An Art Nouveau Style Bust of a Young Girl, with flowers in her hair, on circular socle base, 56cm high. £30-40
697.    A XIX Century Oil Lamp, glass funnel, glass well, with painted floral decoration (cracks to the well) on a stepped base, together with a XIX Century O.S.P candlesticks (plate badly rubbed) £20-40
698.    The Cutlery Trades, by G.I.H.Lloyd 1913, The Company of Cutlers in Hallamshire in the County of York 1966-78, Sheffield Cutlery Manufacturers Association Buyers Guide 1962, Sheffield Steel, K.C. Barraclough, Sheffield Its Story and its Achievements by Mary Watson 1948, etc:- One Box £15-20
699.    A Vintage Wall Mirror, with an arched top, with side panels with etched flowers, 92 x 61cm, together with a gilt circular mirror. (2) £30-50
700.    Universal Iron Bound Oak Barrel, 36cm high, oak book trough, mini table, 'Shut the Box' game. £20-40
701.    A Carved and Painted Small Child's Wooden Rocking Horse, 70cm high. £20-30
702.    Paolo Soprani Castelfidardo Italia Accordion, with blue marbelette casing, in black carry case. £30-50
703.    Persian Style Wood Rug, with central motif with tassel ends, 145cm x 92cms. £20-40
704.    Cairncross Art Deco Walnut Cased Grandmother Clock, with Westminster Chimes movement, 145cm high. £30-50
705.    Quantity of Walking Sticks, pottery stick stand. £20-40
706.    Ercol Plate Rack. £10-20
707.    A XIX Century Black Painted Cast Iron Stick/Umbrella Stand, with drip tray. £30-50
707A.   A Bakers Shop/Tea Room Diorama, complete with shop fittings, confectionary counter, table and chairs and three dolls house dolls, in a wooden framed perspex case. £20-40
708.    Winsor and Newton Artists Easel. £15-25
709.    Continental Gilded Three Branch Wall Light, with C scroll decoration with glass drops. £20-40
710.    A XIX Century Black Painted Cast Iron Stick/Stand, with drip tray. £30-50
711.    Art Deco Bevelled Wall Mirror, with rectangular centre panel flanked by graduated coloured strips, 92cm high. £40-60
712.    A Brass Dolls Bed Circa 1900, with tubular canopy and rails to head and footboard, wood and wire spring interior 69.5cm high, 32cm wide, 61cm long, together with Rosebud and four other dolls, two gold plush teddies and rag doll, plus blankets. £50-100
713.    A XIX Century Vienna Wall Clock, with an applied pediment with turned finial's, plaster figure of a horse, circular dial with Arabic numerals. £25-45
714.    XIX Century Mahogany Circular Footstool, with inlaid band, beadwork top and porcelain feet, 27.5cm diameter. £15-30
715.    Pair of Hessian Travel Trunks, having leather corner mounts and handles. £15-30
716.    A Continental Style Wall Plaque, of cherubs in a gilt frame. £20-40
717.    A XIX Century Ash and Elm Child's Commode Rocking Chair with rail supports, seat with a circular hole on rockers. £15-25
718.    Mid XX Century Dolls House, 69cm wide, with furnishings, another smaller Roddy and two other dolls. £15-30
719.    Firth Brown Centenary 1837-1937, Firth Brown This Brochure of Welcome is issued on the occasion of the visit of the Master Cutler and his Guests April 8th 1954, W.L.Marrison Ltd Catalogue, Cannings Handbook on Electroplating, etc 4th edition 1911, A History of George Jowitt & Sons Ltd, Sheffield 1966, etc:- One Box £20-40
720.    Five Black Metal Deed Boxes, in various sizes. (5) £20-30
721.    A Circa 1960's Paddington Bear, plus an Edwardian nursery rug, £30-40
722.    1970's Electric Guitar, with maroon perspex finger board, black body, chrome fittings, ivorine pegs. £20-40
723.    Railway: Three London Midland and Scottish Working Time Tables 1937, LMS Magazine May 1939, Locomotive Journals, Driver's Manuals, rule book, other railway ephemera, quantity of G.B and World Stamps in albums and loose:- One Box £30-50
724.    Three Early XX Century Walking Sticks. £10-15
725.    A Pair of XX Century Oriental Embroideries on Silk, worked as vases of flowers; another of three pre Raphaelite ladies in a garden setting, plus one other. (4) £20-30
726.    Sheffield Telegraph and Other Historic Newspapers, to include War years, Richmond Park estate postcards 1911. Caudle & Co minute book, other paper ephemera:- One Box £20-30
727.    Railway: British Railways Working Time Tables 1970's and 1980's for Freight Trains, Mandatory Trains, Passenger Trains, etc approximately forty five:- One Box £30-50
728.    Kundo and Schatz Clocks, under domes, eight day mantel clock, watches, coins, Treen box, Cloisonné cigarette box, etc:- One Tray £20-40
729.    XIX Century Brass Ladle's Shire Horse Brass, brass, plume, with belts, chamber candlestick, etc; paperweight with bubble inclusions:- One Tray £20-30
730.    Over Seven Hundred and Fifty Gallaher Cigarette Cards, many others in sets and loose, B.D.V Heraldic Series Crests, etc. £20-40
731.    A Leather Bound Holy Bible, with Old and New Testaments, by The Rev John Eadie D.D. LLD, with colour plates. £20-40
732.    A Collection of GB FDC's and an Album of Mint and Used GB and World Stamps. £15-20
733.    Pigeon Clocks - Skymaster Ghost and A.T.C, both cased. £15-30
734.    Sheffield Bus Destination Signs Circa Mid XX Century, including 'Owlerton', Wadsley Bridge', 'Hunters Bar', City via Shoreham St & LMS Station', Hawke Street, varying size. (27) £40-60
735.    Sheffield Bus Destination Signs Circa Mid XX Century, including 'LMS Station', Pitsmoor via Saville St', 'Sheffield Lane Top', 'Ecclesall, City via Hunters Bar'. 'City', varying sizes. (28) £40-60
736.    A Quantity of Fifty Pence Pieces, other coinage, five pound note. £10-15
737.    A Silver and Enamel Buffalo Medal 1917, a large quantity of souvenir spoons, five pound and other coins, 1851 exhibition meal, brass shell cases:- One Tray £25-40
738.    Two Early XX Century Chinese Dolls, in silk embroided costume. £30-50
739.    Hall's State Toffee Tin, with inkwell interior, Burdall's Gravy, Faulder's Coca and other smaller tins. £20-30
740.    Twin Salts Bottle, carved wooden Chinese figures, rush light, pottery cat, bone and ebony dominoes set of fifty five nine spot, owl, etc:- One Tray £20-40
741.    S.T.Dupoint Gilt Metal Cigarette Lighter, 3916 C.R Tiki lightweight combination case, full automatic lighter in croc calfskin effect, Ronson electronic lighter, etc:- One Tray £20-40
742.    Chesterman Rules, unique slide rule, geometry set, magnifiers, etc:- One Tray £15-30
743.    Reuge Music Sainte Croix, playing Fantaisie Impromptu F Chopin on a comb, in a domed case 14.5cm wide. £40-80
744.    A XIX Century Blotter, with a carved and turned knob, with two hinged compartments for stamps, 15cms wide. £20-30
745.    A c.1912 Autograph Book, with many watercolours, pen and ink sketches, calf binding. £30-40
746.    Reuge Music Sainte Croix, playing Mademoiselle De Paris in circular box, cigars, clocks, terrestrial globe, etc:- One Tray £20-30
747.    Reuge Music Sainte Croix, playing Clair De Lune, C. Debussy and four others on a comb, numbered 19224, the detached lid featuring musical instruments 28.5cm wide. £40-80
748.    Seven One Pound Banknotes, quantity of pre and post decimal coinage. £10-20
749.    Approximately Forty Three Brass and Copper Temperance Society Membership Tokens, dating from 1891 up to the 1940's. £30-40
750.    Reuge Music Sainte Croix, playing Tristesse, F. Chopin on a comb, the case featuring violin and vase, 21cm wide. £40-80
751.    An Interesting Collection of Coins, to include Royal Mint Benjamin Bunny fifty pence coin pack, Bank of England five pounds banknote (Page - Chief Cashier) 'Duke of Wellington', low mintage 1946 G.B. threepence, pre-decimal pennies, halfpennies presented in Bank issue red cardboard tubes. £25-40
752.    Lacquered Floral Decorated Four Piece Dressing Table Set, similar nutcrackers. £15-25
753.    Melvill Co.'s Commercial Directory of Sheffield, Rotherham and the Neighbour 1859; together with a Programme University of Sheffield Visit of His Majesty King Edward VII and Her Majesty Queen Alexandra July 12th 1905 to open the new building at Sheffield University. £40-60
754.    A Junior Stamp Album of Used GB and World Stamps. £10-20
755.    Early 1900's Chemist's Bottles and Smaller Perfume Bottles (seventeen items). £50-60
756.    A Victorian Doctors Strong Box, inscribed Dr David Allen and contents including a boxed Surgeon's knife, instrument stand, etc. £30-40
757.    Register of Trade Marks of The Cutlers Company Sheffield 1919, Register of Trade Marks of the Cutlers Company Sheffield 1953, Industries of Sheffield and District (Iron, Steel, and Allied Trades) 1905. (3) £40-80
758.    Penknife Book, Tweedale Second Edition, to include most of Sheffield Little Mesters. £40-55
759.    Ten Cigarette Card Sets, including Gallaher's 'Army Badges', 'British Birds', Wills 'Railway Locomotives', 'Flower Culture in Pots', 'Railway Engines', 'Wonders of the Past':- One Folder £20-30
760.    R Van Ruyckevelt St Denis Bramble Sculpture A109, on marble base, shell posy, Taylor and Bligh brass quartz carriage clock, Siemen's and Halske cine camera 16mm films, in leather case etc:- One Tray £20-40
761.    Beano Comic Library, comics including No.1 1982, approximately sixty. £15-30
762.    A Large Quantity of Coloured Magic Lantern Slide in Box, a set of eight nursery rhyme slides, plus smaller examples. £20-40
763.    British Airways "Concord" Grey Leather Wallets, containing silver hallmarked photograph frame,Concorde stamped on frame, playing cards, key rings, menu etc. £30-50
764.    Hawksworth, Eyre & Co. Ltd Catalogue, (Sheffield Manufacturers of Sterling Silver and High Class Electroplated Goods (works office showrooms 52-62 Rockingham Street Sheffield). £30-50
765.    A Meccano Outfit No 5. £15-25
766.    XIX Century Painting on Porcelain of Mother and Child, 13 x 9.5cm, XIX Century print "Cottage Children" pair of Le Blond prints (faded), XIX Century oval Parian Ware miniature of a child. £30-40
767.    Five 1950's 'William' Books, all with dust covers. Plus four 'Buffalo Bill' paperbacks, etc. £20-30
768.    Continental Gilded Three Branch Wall Light, with glass drops; together with one other, two branch wall light. £20-40
769.    A 'Golden Shred' Marmalade Golly Figure, 58cm high. £20-30
770.    Crested Ware, to include Victoria Swan, Savoy, Corona, Success Pewter tea ware:- One Box £15-25
771.    Advertising Ashtrays, Bristol Pottery, for Watneys Red Barrel, Crown Devon 'Long John' Seton Martell Cognac, Wade Bells, Jubilee Stout, etc. (7) £20-30
772.    L.M. Ericsson & Co, Sweden, Magneto cradle telephone, 'Press this while Speaking' to receiver. £50-80
773.    A 'John Hill of Ashton' Shop Biscuit Tin, plus a vintage sweet jar with bakelite lid and two later lemonade bottles (labels). £20-30
774.    Mahogany Cased Elliott Mantel Clock, with gilt spandrels and silvered dial, 12.5cm overall width. £20-40
775.    A Victorian Roles Patent Self Pouring Teapot, manufactured by James Dixon & Co Sheffield. £25-35
776.    A British Coal Mining Company Wales UK, brass miners lamp. £20-30
777.    Two Tortoiseshell Photograph Frames, a rectangular shaped frame, and a photograph frame in the form of a yacht. (2) £20-40
778.    An Early XIX Century John Buchanan Bros Chocolate Tin, modelled as a two drawer bow front chest of drawers, 22cm wide, another tin modelled as a tin hat box with leather fastener inscribed Bluebird Toffees. £20-30
779.    A Marble Art Deco Mantle Clock, surmounted by a metal Alsation Dog, 30.5cm wide. £20-30
780.    Art Deco Style Table Lamp, as a nude lady, arms aloft holding glass shade. £20-40
781.    A XIX Century Walnut Writing Box, with brass escutcheon and name plate, Morocco slope twin glass wells, 40cm wide. £30-40
782.    A Pair of Early XIX Century Spelter Figures, fisherman and fishergirl, on ebonized circular bases, approximately 52cm high. £30-50
783.    A Terrestrial Mineral Globe in Brass Stand, 30cm diameter overall. £20-30
784.    Angle Poise Lamp, stamped 'Supreme British Made 1018', to iron base, XIX Century pine box, with elongated with iron hinges and loop fastener, 37.5cm wide. (2) £20-40
785.    Avery and Other Weighing Scales and Weight, tongue press. £20-30
786.    A XIX Century Two Gallon Copper Jug, with a later brass tap together with one other copper jug. (2) £20-40
787.    Two Pearson's of Chesterfield Stoneware Flagons, stamped '1954', both with lids, 42cm high, another by Barker lacking shade. (3) £20-40
788.    A Meteorite C32207 Cooper Brass Dual Masthead Ships Light, 59cms high. £50-100
789.    Early XX Century Iron Based Oil Lamp, with painted turquoise well. £20-40
790.    Samsung, Kodak, Voigtlander Vitoret 'D' and other cameras in leather case. £15-25
791.    A Box of Vintage Crocheted Doilies:- One Box £15-20
792.    A Gents Black Bowler Hat, retailed by C. Galtry & Son, Malton, a red fez with black tassel, a curly lamb Russian style hat and a Chinese blue cap with red star badge. £15-25
793.    Salts Bottles, Avocado dishes, slides, Davidson of London and other Doctors/Opticians equipment, painted eggs. £15-25
794.    XIX Century Brass Jam Pan, with iron loop handle, 32.5cm diameter, brass saucepan. £15-25
795.    A Late XIX Century Postmans Clock, with a pink and white dial, with brass weights, pendulum. £20-40
796.    XIX Century Copper Coat Helmet, jug and two kettles. £20-30
797.    A Gent's Leather Travel Case, fitted with five silver topped jars, (1937 Sheffield), brushes, mirror, etc. £50-70
798.    Tablecloths, linens, parasol, etc:- In Case £15-30
Mill Pool, St Jean du Cole, colour reproduction print, limited edition 358/850, blindstamp,
54 x 70cm. £15-20
800.    •E.R (Dick) STURGEON (1920-1999) *ARR
Langport Bridge, print, signed in pencil in the margin,
34 x 46cm.
Another, A Sailor's Tale, coloured print, limited edition 316/850, signed in pencil in the margin, blindstamp,
48 x 69cm. (2) £10-20
801.    A David Hockney Art Print of Mountains, framed, 46 x 70, together with one other print of Pavaillion-Des-Kundk Allerhochsten-Hoffes Architext Otto Wagner. (2) £15-20
802.    Michael Stoker, 'A Bird Flying Over The Roof' Artists Proof Lithograph, 49.5 x 38.5cm, graphite signed and titled to border, another 'Summer Vines', 44.5 x 32.5, graphite signed and titled to border. Stoke designed one of the College Building for Clare College, Cambridge. (2) £40-80
803.    Vernon Long (British XX Century), Country House and Outhouses with Large Field in Foreground, watercolour, 28 x 54.5cm, signed and dated 1973; Philip Pimlott 'This Farmer' etching, 35 x 22.5cm. £20-40
804.    W. Turner Oil, Hunting Scene with Lady on Horseback with hounds, oil on canvas, signed bottom right, 32 x 42cm. £30-50
805.    Ann Everitt, (Local Artist) 'Meditation' Mixed Media, 33.5 x 20cm, signed lower left, details verso. £30-50
806.    English School, Rural Study with Horse and Cart, Figures by Riverside, Oil on Board, 20.8 x 28cm. £20-40
807.    Helen Bradley 'Our Christmas Ducks'' Colour Print, limited edition of 850, 38.4 x 49cm, graphite signed, blind backstamp. £15-30
808.    E. Jenkinson, Daffodils, oil on canvas, unsigned (label on verso), 44 x 65cm. £30-50
809.    C. Ashmore Sheffield Artist Two Early XX Century Watercolour, of a river and country scene, signed bottom right and left handside 17 x 24cms. (2) £20-40
810.    D.R. Bailey, Winter Scene, oil on board, 8.5 x 13.5cm, signed lower left, English School, mountain landscape watercolour, 11.5 x 25cm, initialled J.R. (2) £15-30
811.    W. Lowe, Watercolour of Wardsend Viaduct (Herries Road, Sheffield), of a steam engine on the viaduct, children fishing in a pond, name on verso, 9 x 14cms £30-40
812.    XIX Century Continental School, Study of a Lady Wearing Headscarf, oil on board, oval, 17 x 13cm. £20-40
813.    •WITHDRAWN - George Cunningham (Sheffield Artist) (ARR) 'Diggin In' Watercolour, 20 x 13.5cm, signed lower right, title to Hibbert Bros. label verso; together with 'More George' book by the artist. (2) £460-550
814.    J.B., Boy Fishing in a River, oil on board, initials, bottom right, 24 x 34cm. £30-50
815.    A Pair of XIX Century Botanical Watercolours of a Geranium Striatum and an Iris, framed , unsigned. (2) £20-30
816.    Laurent? French Impressionist Oil on Board, of a street scene, signed bottom right, 39 x 50cm. £30-50
817.    Theresa Sylvester Standard (1898-1947), Garden Path with Flowering Borders, watercolour, signed lower left, 51 x 35cm £80-120
818.    Attributed to John McCombs (B. 1943) 'The Gypsy', Mixed Media Abstract Study, 8 x 6.5cm, details verso, early engraving of Edmund Hall 1557. (2) £25-45
819.    Michael Stoker 'Grape Picking, Nandy' Ltd Edition to border, another 'Nandy Cornfield' artists proof lithograph, 20 x 25cm. (2) £30-50
820.    Pears Coloured Print, after W.Coleman, looking into the Goldfish Bowl, 70.5 x 33.5cm. £10-20
821.    After Phil Weston, Pair of Sepia Countryside Prints, in gilt frames, frames 56 x 67cm overall. £15-20
822.    Helen Bradley 'Gathering Holly' Colour Print, limited edition of 850, 29 x 37.5cm, graphite signed, blind backstamp. Another 'Light So Gently into the Silent Night', 27 x 37cm, graphite signed, blind backstamp. (2) £20-40
823.    Bermard French Impressionist Oil, on board painting of a street scene, signed bottom right, 49 x 39cm. £30-50
824.    GORDON ARTHUR MEADOWS (1866-1937)
S. Maria della Salute and San Giorgio Venice, oils on canvas, signed Arthur Gordon lower right and dated 1903,
24 x 34cm. (2) £200-300
825.    A Continental Oil on Canvas of a Chapel on a Hillside, Cugnon Semois on verso, unsigned, 49 x 49cm. £40-60
826.    Barry Cooper, The Wicker Arches, Sheffield, watercolour, 25 x 35cm, signed lower right, Picasso 'Las Meninas' Barcelona poster print. (2) £20-40
827.    Helen Bradley 'We Met in the Park' Colour Print, 30.5 x 50.5cm, graphite signed, blind backstamp. £20-30
828.    Oil on Canvas Still Life of Daffodils in a Vase; together with three other pictures. £15-20
829.    Continental School, study of a Religious window panel, watercolour 49.5 x 31cm. Map of Cumbria after John Blaeu. (2) £15-20
830.    Derek McQueen, 'Porthmeor' Pastel and Watercolour, 27 x 32cm, signed lower right, Gillian Ayling 'St Ives Bay' Oil on Canvas, 30 x22.5cm, details verso. (2) £30-50
831.    Margaret Macgill, Mohawk Village Craft Fair, watercolour, 22.5 x 32.5cm, signed and dated 1999, P.F.James Village Church Watercolour, 35.5 x 50.5cm, signed lower right. £15-25
832.    Kosman, Impressionist French Street Scene, oil on canvas, 19 x 24cm; a pair of XIX Century engravings and one other. (4) £20-30
833.    C. Ashmore Sheffield Artist Two Watercolours, of a farmer in pony and trap and a moorland scene with stream, signed bottom right and left, 24.5 x 34; together with an oil on board of a oak tree, (3) £20-30
834.    Sydney Smith 1898 Oil on Canvas, of fishing boats, signed bottom right, pair of A.E.Gill 1915 of sailing boats and a watercolour of a snow scene in Poole. (4) £10-20
835.    Still Life of Fruit, still life of flowers in vase and one other, still life of fruit. (3) £15-20
836.    Ken Burrows (British XX Century) Tree Stumps with Vivid Orange Sky, oil on board, details verso 18.5 x 13.4cm £40-60
837.    C. Ashmore (Sheffield Artist) Farm Track with Lady by Gate watercolour, signed lower left, 23.5 x 33.5cm, Le Blond & Baxter prints. (3) £15-25
838.    Miles Sharpe, Oil on Canvas, of a Church in background, cottages, trees in the foreground, by river, signed lower right, 39 x 49cm. £15-20
839.    Helen Bradley 'Ah Dear Emily' Colour Print, 30 x 24.5cm, another 'Oh Just Look' colour print, 30 x 24.5cm both graphite signed, blind backstamp (2) £20-40
840.    A XIX Century School, Still Life Flower Studies, pair of oils on canvas, 37 x 26.5cm £20-40
841.    L.Duval, Lake Scene with Hills in the Background, watercolour, signed lower left, 25 x 50cms. £10-20
842.    Yoshipa Watercolour of a River Scene With Houses, in the foreground and background, signed bottom left, Yamanoi? Watercolour of a country track and the sea in the background, signed bottom right, Hurshi? Watercolour of a cottage by a river signed bottom left. K Seki watercolour of a river scene, signed bottom right. (4) £15-20
843.    Sepia Prints, also two other prints (4) £5-10
844.    Terry Gorman Coloured Prints, 'Fargate', 'Landsdowne Picture Palace', 'Chapel Walk', 'Hunters Bar', 'Pinstone St', 15.5 x 24cm, each graphite signed to mount. (5) £20-30
845.    A Classical Style Giltwood Mirror, with egg and dart pediment, dentil cornice, column supports with foliate detail. £30-50
846.    Helen Bradley 'Four Seasons' Colour Prints, 22.5 x 30cm, each graphite signed, blind backstamp. (4) £20-40
847.    W.Russell Flint, four framed prints. (4) £15-20
848.    Terry Gorman, 'Telegraph and Star' and 'Victoria Station' Coloured Prints, both graphite signed, Joe Scarborough 'Crookes Junction' Ltd Edition Colour Print of 500 and one other. (4) £15-30
849.    James Naughton, Man on a Plough, oil; T.Farmer watercolour, Mezzotint print by Will Henderson, Mrs. W Hope. £10-15
850.    S.Buckley 'Cartmel, Market Cross' Ltd Edition Colour Print, of 500, 31.5 x 40.5cm, graphite signed and St. Peters Church Sheffield Lithograph, two other prints. (4) £15-20
851.    Early XX Century Single Brass Bed, arched top rails, with rail supports. £15-20
852.    Arts & Crafts Copper Fire Hood, beaten and riveted of vase shape, 111cm high. £40-80
853.    A Mid XX Century Gilt Metal and Glass Chandelier, with six branches, the shaped frame hung with blue and clear prismatic drops, 65cm high. £50-100
854.    Mid XX Century Glass Chandelier, with many faceted drops, suspending from eight branches. £30-50
855.    Early XX Century Mahogany Display Cabinet, with dome top, twin astragal doors, on splayed legs, 76cm wide. £50-80
856.    Early XX Century Music Cabinet, with Arts and Crafts oxidised copper handles to five fall front drawers, 51cm wide. £30-50
857.    Ansonia Wall Clock, circa 1900, with black Roman numerals, to white circular dial, within octagonal casing, eight day movement. £30-50
858.    A Persian Kashan Tassled Wool Rug, with multi coloured flowers on rust ground, cream floral border 248 x 201cms. £30-50
859.    A XIX Century Pine Cabinet, with one long drawer, over twin panelled cupboard doors, shaped apron, stile feet, 131cms x 87cms high. £40-60
860.    A Middle Eastern Wood Tassled Rug, with all over geometric motifs, square and octagonal centre panels on cream and red ground (faded) 195 x 180cm together with two smaller traditional wool rugs. (3) £15-20
861.    An Edwardian Mahogany Cabinet, on castors, four top drawers with brass decorative handles above a two door cupboard, 55cm wide. £40-60
862.    A XX Century Mahogany Pier Glass, with Prince of Wales feathers. £15-20
863.    Pair of 1920's Mahogany Carver Chairs, with splat backs. £20-40
864.    XIX Century Mahogany Armchair, with a hooped back, upholstered back and seat, shaped arms, on reeded legs. £30-50
865.    A XX Century Black Lacquer Grandmother Clock, with arched hood, silvered dial with Roman numerals inscribed "H.L. Brown & Son Ltd, London", on plinth base, decorated all-over in gilt with Chinese figures, 132cm high. £80-120
866.    Early XX Century Stained Walnut Framed Chaise Longue with maroon button back upholstery. £30-50
867.    Early XX Century Mahogany Wall Hanging Cabinet, with a single shelf, cupboard doors; together with oak, pine wall shelves. (2) £15-20
868.    Five Islamic Woolwork Prayer Rugs, with tassel ends. £20-40
869.    A XIX Century Two Seater Settee, on turned forefront legs. £30-50
870.    A Pair of XIX Century Walnut Chairs, with carved top rails of flowers, on cabriole legs; together with one other walnut chair. (3) £15-20
871.    1920's Oak Rail Back Carver Chair, two bedroom chairs. (3) £20-30
872.    XX Century Walnut Pier Glass, a arched top, with shell decoration, base of mirror with a brushing slide, 100cms wide. £30-50
873.    A XIX Century Mahogany Pine Chest of Drawers, top with brass corners, four small drawers on plinth base 52cms x 94cms £30-50
874.    A Japanese 'Elvis The King' Slot Machine, produced by Net, 81cm high, with key. £80-100
875.    Fishing Rods - Steelhead Pro, Shakespeare Purist Spin, Deluxe Travel Fly, another with front drag reel, Fuji. (5) £15-30
876.    Pine Wall Shelves, with shaped sides, two shelves 121cms x 74cms £25-45
877.    Oval Shaped Mirror, gilt decoration bevelled glass, together with oval shaped gilt mirror (2). £15-20
878.    Early XX Century Walnut Dressing Table, with central mirror, two small drawers, one long drawer on turned legs. £10-20
879.    G Plan Teak Lounge Four Drawer Sideboard, curved end section with upper shelved compartment. £20-40
880.    A Pair of XIX Century Pine Pedestal Chest of Drawers, with five small inverted brass handles, with a plywood top 50cmx x 85cms. £50-100
881.    Three Matching Continental Gilded Three Branch Wall Lights, with glass drops. (3) £30-50
882.    XX Century Gilt Pier Glass, with 'C' scroll and foliate decoration, 127 cms high. £30-50
883.    A XIX Century Chesterfield Settee, on turned feet, pot castors, 200 x 65cm high. £30-50
884.    Wood Rug, with central motif, blue border with floral decoration tassel ends, 160cms x 96cms, together with one other wool rug with a red ground floral decoration, tassel ends, 160cms x 84cms £20-40
885.    XVIII Century and Later Oak Plate Rack, with a stepped pediment, two shelves with plate rails. £20-40
886.    Two Wood Bound Hessian Trunks, with brass fittings. £20-30
887.    Teak Bureau, fall front cabinet and extending dining table. £20-30
888.    Early XX Century Mahogany Glazed Corner Cupboard, with blind fret decoration, glazed astragal door, one internal shelf. £20-40
889.    An Oak Drop Leaf Table. £10-12
890.    A XIX Century Pine Blanket Box, with hinged lid, carrying handles, plinth base 88cms x 40cms. £30-50
891.    A Pine Blanket Box, with a hinged lid, on stile feet, 78cms x 55cms £30-50
892.    XIX Century Satin Walnut Dressing Table, with central mirror, chest, three long drawers, on bracket feet. £10-15
893.    Old Charm Oak Hall Wardrobe, 79cm wide. £20-30
894.    XIX Century Mahogany Chiffonier, with barley twist supports, to shaped upper shelf, serpentine drawer over cupboard doors, 104cm wide. £20-40
895.    Early XX Century Light Oak Dressing Table, having oval mirror and three graduated drawers, 91cm wide. £15-30
896.    An Oak Nest of Tables, with a small sofa table, with lyre supports, and a pine rack (3) £15-20
897.    1930's Oak Bow Front Sideboard, with ribbed frontage to twin drawers, 140cm wide. £15-25
897A.   An Early XX Century Oval Shaped Gilt Mirror, with reeded decoration,and bevelled glass. £10-20
898.    A XIX Century Pedestal Table, with a rectangular shaped top, turned pedestal on cabriole legs, together with a 1920's oak table on barley twist supports. (2) £20-30
899.    Early XX Century Ebonised Plant Table, carved in the Liberty manner, of hexagonal form, 77cm high, Chinese brass topped table on oak base. (2) £30-60
900.    1920's Mahogany Circular topped Occasional Table, with blind fretwork carving and pierced 'X' stretcher, 75.5cm diameter. £30-50
901.    Stuart Jones, stool with an upholstered leather top on cabriole legs. £10-20
902.    Early XX Century Wing Armchair, in pale blue velvet, on mahogany cabriole legs. £20-30
903.    Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Octagonal Shaped Table, on cabriole legs, with undershelf. £25-45
904.    Early XX Century Mahogany Salon Chair, with a carved pierced top rail, upholstered back, arms, seat on shaped legs. £30-40
905.    Five Ercol Hoop Back Dining Chairs, with spindle supports and 'H' stretchers. (5) £20-40
906.    Oak Occasional Table, with oval top, 77.5cm wide and Sutherland table. (2) £15-25
907.    Pine Wall Hanging, 1920's oak stool with barley twist rails; together with a magazine rack. (3) £10-15
908.    Early XX Century Oak Drop Leaf Table, on turned and block supports; together with an oak two tier table and a XIX Century kitchen chair. £15-20
909.    Mahogany Coffee Table, tea trolley, oak stool. (3) £15-20
910.    XIX Century Rosewood Nursing Chair, with a Gothic style top rail, on barley twist supports; together with one other chair. (2) £15-20
911.    A Set of XX Century Four Ash Elm Wheel Back Chairs, with a hooped back, rail supports on turned legs, united by 'H' stretchers; together with a Windsor Chair with a hooped back, wheel back splat, rail supports on turned legs, united by a 'H' stretcher. £80-120
912.    XIX Century Walnut Loo Table, with symmetrical motifs and fruitwood inlay to oval top 132 x 98cm, on carved base having four swept legs. £40-60
913.    1920's Oak Drop Leaf Table, on reeded legs; together with five oak dining chairs, with rail supports, drop in seats, tapering legs. (6) £15-20
914.    An XIX Century Oak and Mahogany Pedestal Table, with octagonal top, turned mahogany pedestal on swept legs £30-50
915.    An XVIII Century and Later Joined Oak Gateleg Table, with oval top, on turned and block supports united by stretchers, 72cm high, 151cm wide. £30-50
916.    A Set of Six XIX Century Style Ash and Elm Ladder Back Chairs, with rushed seats, on turned legs united by stretchers. (6) £50-80
917.    Early XX Century Wall Hanging Cabinet; together with one other cabinet and a oak pine wall shelf. (3) £10-15
918.    A XIX Century Mahogany Demi Lune Table, with carved border on tapering block support, 125cm wide. £15-30
919.    XIX Century Mahogany Footstool, with a woolwork top, on circular feet. £20-30
920.    XVIII Century Style Oak Drop Leaf Table, on turned and block supports.
921.    Oak Side Table, with single drawer, having knulled decoration on turned and block supports, 74cm wide. £20-40
922.    G Plan Nest of Three Teak Coffee Tables, having rectangular tops, platform supports united by curved stretchers, 56cm wide. £20-40
923.    XIX Century Ebonised Footstool, on sabre legs; together with an oak footstool with upholstered top turned legs. (2) £15-20
924.    XIX Century Mahogany Sideboard Base, with a moulded edge, two small drawers, over twin panelled cupboard doors, on a plinth base, 99 x 90cm. £30-40
925.    A XIX Century Mahogany Fold Over Tea Table, with curved corners and turned legs, 88cm wide. £20-40
926.    XIX Century Painted Pine Wall Hanging Bookshelves, with graduated shelves. £20-30
927.    XIX Century and Later Oak Chest, with leaf and petal carving to top and fascia, 84cm wide. £20-40
928.    A XIX Century Pine Chest of Drawers, with two short drawers, three long drawers, on a plinth base, 101cms x 75cms £30-50
929.    An Early XX Century Oak Rectangular Shaped Stool, with upholstered top, on cup cover supports, paw feet 92cms x 36cms £20-40
930.    A XIX Century Dutch Oak Frisian Tail Wall Clock, with arched pediment over painted white dial with Roman numerals, brass spandrels, pierced supports, brass mount to base of clock, 128cm high. £80-120
931.    A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Demi-Lune Tea Table, with baized interior, on tapering legs and spade feet, 84cm wide. £30-50
932.    A XIX Century Elm-Ash Stool, XIX Century milking stool, and one other stool with a carved top. (3) £20-30
933.    XIX Century Walnut Canterbury, with turned supports, single drawer on turned legs. £30-40
934.    McIntosh Teak Sideboard, with twin louvre type doors and right flight of three drawers, 170cm wide. £40-80
935.    XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk, with a crossbanded top, leather inset, pedestals with three small drawers on bracket feet. £50-100
936.    A G Plan Fresco Nest of Teak Coffee Tables, one large and two small. £40-60
937.    Art Deco Walnut Sideboard, with single drawer over cupboard doors, 110cm wide. £20-40
938.    A Late XIX Century Spinning Chair, with a painted back, with vase and floral decoration. £25-45
939.    A XIX Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Chest of Drawers, with small drawers, two long on bracket feet. £40-60
940.    Edwardian Walnut Piano Stool, with W.I.Tickhill tapestry top. £15-25
941.    A Set of Four XIX Century Mahogany Balloon Back Dining Chairs, each with carved lower bar and turned legs. £40-80
942.    A XIX Century Ash Chair with low back rail supports, shaped arms on turned legs, united stretchers, (damaged), together with a XIX Century chair. (2) £15-20
943.    Slender Hardwood Chest of Ten Drawers, 40cm wide. £20-40
944.    A XIX Century Pine Wardrobe, with a stepped pediment mirror door, on bracket feet. £20-30
945.    A XX Century Oak Hall Wardrobe, with linen fold panelled door, 178cm high x 80cm wide. £10-20
946.    Walnut Freestanding Corner Cabinet. £10-20
947.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the circular brass dial with Roman numerals and two subsidiary dials inscribed "Hill Sheffield", hood with arched pediment (no door), trunk with long door and reeded pilasters, the base with canted corners and applied moulding, on ogee feet. £60-100
948.    An XVIII Century Mahogany Pedestal Table, with circular top, on turned pedestal and cabriole legs on pad feet, 74cm high, 79cm long. £30-50
949.    Early XX Century Ash Rectangular Shaped Occasional Table, frieze with turned spindles on turned and block supports. £30-50
951.    XIX Century Mahogany Freestanding Display Cabinet, with acanthus leaf capped side pillars franking glazed doors over larger lower doors, 117cm wide. £50-100
952.    A XX Century William IV Mahogany Rectangular Shaped Stool, with a drop in seat, on turned reeded legs, together with a XIX Century stool with wool bead work top of floral decoration, on turned legs. (2) £30-50
953.    XIX Century Mahogany Bow Front Chest, of two short and three long drawers, having turned handles, 105cm wide. £50-80
954.    Early XX Century Plant Table, with floral carving to square top and undershelf 70.5cm high. A 1920's folding three tier cake stand. £20-40
955.    XIX Century Ash and Elm Captains Chair, with pad arms, spindle back, turned legs, double stretchers. £40-60
956.    An Early XIX Century Mahogany and Oak Longcase Clock, the white dial with Roman numerals and two subsidiary dials, inscribed "Wm Helliwell, Leeds", with swan neck pediment, turned supports, the trunk with small shaped door, canted corners, shaped apron to base with bracket feet, £60-100
957.    An Early XX Century Mahogany Sewing Table, with hinged lids, fitted interior, on tapering legs, with under shelf. £30-50
958.    A Set of Four Circa 1940's Canteen Stackable Chairs. £40-50
959.    A Mid XIX Century Walnut Nursing Chair, with pierced top rail with 'C' scroll decoration and upholstered seat, on carved cabriole legs. £15-25
960.    A Teak Coffee Table, with a tile top, windmill decoration, together with a coffee table with a glass top (2) £15-20
1001.   Six Modern Assorted Wall Clocks boxed. (6) £15-20
1002.   Assorted Plated Ware, including a hallmarked silver napkin ring, a pair of hallmarked silver salt spoons, assorted cased and loose plated cutlery, teapots, salt and pepper, mug, etc:- One Box £20-40
1003.   Modern Digital Clocks, mirror frame clock (boxed):- One Box £10-20
1004.   Ecclesiastical and Other Pewter, a pewter caddy and dish; assorted plated ware, including small rectangular entree dish, crested with motto "Non Inferiora", grape scissors, coffee pot (damaged), toast rack, bottle coaster, etc. £30-50
1005.   Modern Retro/Vintage Style Bedside Clocks, (boxed):- One Tray £10-15
1006.   Plated Ware, including cased coffee spoons, pair of knife rests, tea set, etc:- One Box £15-25
1007.   Four Modern "London Clock" Mantle Clocks, boxed; a modern wall clock, boxed. (5) £15-25
1007A.  A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, in a fitted case; boxed fish knives and forks, crumb scoop, sugar tongs, etc. £15-25
1008.   Assorted Hallmarked Silver Backed Brushes and Hand Mirrors, (damages) a wooden hand mirror, lidded glass trinket pot and a hallmarked silver candlestick:- One Tray £40-60
1009.   Three Plated Entree Dishes, footed dishes, a swing handled footed dish, bottle holder, etc. £40-60
1010.   Three Multi Ring Jewellery Boxes, (empty); a Dulwich Designs genuine leather jewellery roll (empty) and a quantity of empty jewellery pouches :- One Tray £15-25
1011.   Assorted Plated Ware, including circular and oval trays, four piece tea set, matching footed teapot and jug, swing handled dishes:- One Box £20-40
1012.   Modern Digital Clocks, (boxed), etc:- One Box £10-20
1013.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including decorative twin handled dish, oval trays, chamber sticks, swing handled dish, four flute epergne, etc:- One Box £20-40
1014.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bangles, bracelets, bead necklaces, earrings, pendants on chains and rings,etc, together with assorted modern wristwatches,including a Swatch Pop wristwatch head only, a Lego Friends girls wristwatch, further wristwatches, etc. £15-20
1015.   A Modern Oval Wall Clock, of antique style, boxed, together with a pocketwatch style wall clock and another. (3) £30-50
1016.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated ware, including wine cooler, mugs, sauce boat on stand, etc:- One Box £25-40
1017.   "21" and "40" Birthday Photograph Frames, Christening photograph frames, etc:- One Box £15-25
1018.   Two Modern Black Jewellery Boxes, (boxed), baby's plated mug, novelty cupcake money box, christening scroll holders, baby's cutlery set, egg cup, etc. £15-25
1019.   Assorted Plated Tea Ware, decorative three piece tea set, of tapered design; three circular plated trays. £30-50
1020.   A Plated Four Piece Tea Set, a tea kettle on burner stand, a large oval twin handled tray, a bachelor's three piece tea set:- One Box £30-50
1021.   A XIX Century Plated on Copper Swing Handled Basket, of rounded rectangular form, crested and initialled; oval swing handled dish (hinge damaged); decorative pierced dishes; pairs of entree dishes etc. £30-50
1022.   Assorted Plated Ware, including three piece tea set, souvenir spoons, pair of candelabra, mugs, 'entree dish' butter dish, goblets, vases, etc. £25-40
1023.   "London Clock" Modern Clocks, (boxed) digital alarm clocks:- One Tray £10-20
1024.   Two Modern Circular Wall Clocks, boxed, clock/photograph frame, wooden framed clocks, etc, boxed. £15-25
1025.   "Pink Heart Designs" Jewellery Boxes (boxed):- One Box £15-25
1026.   London Clock Company and Larkfield Modern Wall Clocks, boxed (4) £15-20
1027.   A Hallmarked Silver Mug, Sheffield 1966, of plain form with scroll handle; a plated ewer/pitcher (foot damages), large oval twin handled tray. (3) £70-100
1028.   A London Clock Company Vintage Style Mantel Clock, boxed; together with two London Clock Company glass mantel clocks (boxed). (3) £20-30
1029.   A Modern Dulwich Designs Jewellery Case; together with another jewellery box and three cream examples. (5) £15-25
1030.   Large Continental Style Pierced Dish/Centrepiece, with figural detail, plated punch bowl, goblets, compania form wire cooler etc:- One Box £15-25
1031.   Six Modern Mantel Clocks, boxed:- One Tray £20-30
1032.   Two Modern Pink Jewellery Boxes, (boxed) a scroll jewellery stand with butterfly and flowerhead detail; a modern oval trinket pot and a fabric covered jewellery box. £15-20
1033.   A Modern "London Clock Company" Wall Clock, (boxed); three modern wall clocks, boxed. (4) £30-50
1034.   Assorted Plated Ware, including rectangular entree dish, tea wares, etc:- One Box £15-25
1035.   Gent's Black Leather Jewel/Watch Case, (boxed) clocks, penguin glass paperweight, jewellery box jewellery stand (boxed):- One Box £15-25
1036.   Assorted Plated Ware, including tea wares, pierced dish, sauce boat etc:- One Box £15-25
1037.   Five Modern Wall Clocks boxed. (5) £10-20
1038.   A Hallmarked Silver Accurist Ladies Marcasite Set Cocktail Style Wristwatch, in box, similar style drop earrings, further ladies wristwatches, including Montine, Rotary, etc; an open faced pocketwatch, a small selection of ornate costume brooches, earrings, etc; together with a hallmarked silver spoon and including two jewellery boxes:- One Tray £30-40
1039.   Modern Gent's Hip Flasks, boxed:- One Tray £15-20
1040.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklaces, other bead necklaces, drop earrings, bangles, bracelets, etc. A small selection of ladies wristwatches:- One Tray £15-20
1041.   Modern Mantel/Bedside Clocks, (boxed):- One Tray £15-20
1042.   Four Modern Dulwich Designs 4" x 6" Leather Photograph Fames, boxed; a gent's black leather jewel/watch case (boxed). (5) £15-25
1043.   A Selection of Costume Brooches, including cameo style, foliate and floral inspired, Diamanté, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1044.   "The Juliana Collection" Scent Bottles, (boxed), and a glass scent bottle:- One Tray £20-30
1045.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including ornate brooches, vintage style and later bead necklaces, fancy link chains, a modernist style bangle and matching ring various earrings, etc £15-20
1046.   Modern Dulwich Designs Jewellery Cases, (boxed) together with a sparkled jewellery box (5) £15-25
1047.   A Set of Six Danish Enamel Coffee Spoons, stamped "Sterling 925S", together with assorted plated cutlery, tea strainer, toast rack, leaf dish, three piece inset set, etc:- One Tray £25-40
1048.   A Selection of Ethnic and Other Costume earrings, including a pair of large circular dome clip on earrings, with part rope twist and textured border, stamped "925" "Mexico":- One Tray £15-25
1049.   Razors in Fitted Cases, clock in case, novelty hip flask, calculator, etc. £10-20
1050.   A Selection of Ornate Diamanté Style Costume Earrings, including drops, earstuds and clip on earrings:- One Tray £15-25
1051.   Six Novelty Enamel Christmas Trinket Boxes, including stockings and a wrapped present, (boxed):- One Tray £20-30
1052.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklaces, other modern bead necklace, clip earrings, further earstuds, ladies and gent's wristwatches, brooches, etc:- One Tray £10-15
1053.   A Decorative Glass Salt and Pepper, each etched glass bottle with hallmarked silver top, "Rolex" souvenir spoons, three piece cruet set, circular plated tray, money box, canteen of plated cutlery, etc. £50-80
1054.   Three Modern "London Clock Company" Glass Framed Clocks, boxed. £15-25
1055.    Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including ornate bead necklaces, wide decorative bangles, large fancy earrings and modern necklace, including brooches, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1056.   A Modern Dulwich Designs Green Leather Jewellery Box, (boxed), a black jewellery box with three drawers (boxed) and another. (3) £15-25
1057.   A Large Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Earrings, including clip on earrings, earstuds, drops, etc. £10-15
1058.   "Bareilly Horse Show 1937 Presented by R.H. Williamson Esqr C.I.E.I.C.S Best Horse in the show" Trophy Cup, a socle base; vintage insulated tea pot with jug, sugar bowl and matching tray, etc £10-15
1059.   A Selection of Costume Jewellery, including various bead necklaces, ornate floral necklaces, etc, a small selection of rings, a modern sliding charm bracelet, other panel style bracelets, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1060.   A Selection of Modern Costume Jewellery, including a novelty tap measure bracelet, further ornate bracelets and bangles, a diamante collarette style necklace, other similar necklaces, pendants on chains, rings etc:- One Tray £10-15
1061.   A Dressing Table Scent Bottle, with stoppers; an early XX Century ladies purse (lacking handle), an enamelled dish and an decorative musical trinket box. (4) £15-25
1062.   Freestanding Clock/Photograph Frame, modern "London Clock Company" clocks (boxed). £15-25
1063.   Pulsar: A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, date aperture, to bracelet, in Pulsar box, with guarantee dated "5th Dec 2013", another gent's wristwatch, the signed "JWBenson"(?) "London" dial with line markers, to expanding bracelet; together with a modern child's wristwatch, with novelty teddy bear head, to expanding bracelet. (3) £30-50
1064.   A Small Collection of Vintage and Later Ladies and Gent's Wristwatch, including Oris, Lorus, Sekonda, Seiko etc, including two fob style nurses watches, and similar on a chain. £15-25
1065.   Five Modern Mantel Clocks boxed:- One Tray £20-30
1066.   Six Modern Dulwich Designs 4" x 6" Leather Photograph Frames, boxed (6) £15-25
1067.   A Silver Plated Three Branch Candelabrum, with reeded arms, on circular spreading base a Joseph Rodgers & Sons five piece carving set "Cutlers to His Majesty", in original fitted case, etc. (3) £25-40
1068.   Six Modern Dulwich Designs 4" x 6" Leather Photograph Frames boxed. (6) £15-25
1069.   A Silver Plated Five Stem Epergne, base stamped 'Maple & Co London'. £15-25
1070.   Kayserzinn Pewter, further pewter, candelabrum, pair of pipe rests, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1071.   Assorted Plated Ware, including ewer, glass bowl, three piece tea set, pewter teapot, footed dishes, "North Kent Rubber Co Ltd London" paperknife, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1072.   A XIX Century Twelve Setting Tea Set, in burgundy, cream and gilt, on a white ground; together with a plated oval swing handled dish and a circular plated tray. £20-40
1073.   Five Modern Glass Mantel Clocks, boxed, a clock/thermometer, boxed. (6) £20-40
1074.   A Selection of Costume Brooches, including ornate floral inspired, Diamanté, foliate, feline, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1075.   A Large Twin Handled Plated Tray, with gadrooned border and twin leaf scroll loop handles, raised on four leaf feet, bearing armorial crest and motto "Sub Cruce Salus"; together with a gallery style tray, meat knives, bell, assorted cutlery. £20-40
1076.   A Hallmarked Silver Oval Blue John Pendant, on belcher link chain, on ornate faceted tear drop pendant, on fine chain, a crucifix on chain, a modern pendent stamped "MEX950", another pendant on chain stamped "925", a St Christopher pendant stamped "Silver", a hallmarked silver textured cross pendant, two brooches an imitation pearl bead necklace, two further necklaces etc, together with a small selection of Ladies wristwatches, including, Smiths, Summit, Rio, Limit Timex, Corvette, etc, including boxes:- One Tray £20-40
1077.   Plated Ware, including tea ware, entree dish, mug, jugs, circular plated tray, etc:- One Tray £25-30
1078.   Two Modern Canteens of Dubarry Style Plated Cutlery, each in fitted case, boxed cake slicer, boxed knives and forks. £50-100
1079.   A Hallmarked Silver Vesta Case, leaf engraved, a decorative sliding pencil, a hallmarked silver mounted photograph frame (damages), cased fish knives and forks, pair of egg cups, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1080.   A Decorative Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, HF, Sheffield 1905, each of shaped oval design, 10.5cm high (bases weighted) a glass dish on square plated stand, a cut glass salt and a sectional glass dish. £50-70
1081.   Assorted Modern Earrings and Necklaces, in gift boxes:- One Tray £20-30
1082.   A Selection of Costume Brooches, including Celtic style,. floral and floral sprays, cameo style, Diamanté and similar, animals, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1084.   A Collection of Assorted Hallmarked Sliver Handled Button Hooks, (varying lengths) together with glove stretchers and button hooks:- One Tray £30-50
1085.   Wedgwood Blue and White Jasperware Biscuit Barrel, cranberry glass sugar sifter, twin pickle jar stand, six bottle condiment stand, glass salts, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1086.   A Hallmarked Silver Backed Three Piece Dressing Table Set, (mirror cracked) allover engine turned,; 1940's Maurice Speed Film Review books, Statton "Fonopad Junior", leather cased travelling bottles:- One Tray £30-50
1087.   Czechoslovakian Style Brooches, other ornate brooches, a shell inset trinket box, stamped "Mexico", another trinket box with Caithness glass style detail; together with a small selection of scarab beetle style costume jewellery, including an ornate brooch and two rings, another ring, with cabochon highlights, an oriental style ring, with ornate inset dragon(?) centre, within decorative border stamped "925", a similar style brooch and an ornate necklace, including case. £30-50
1088.   A Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, earrings:- One Tray £10-20
1089.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Decorative Scent Bottle, with hand painted decoration; together with two pairs of plated candlesticks. £20-30
1090.   Novelty Money Boxes "My first tooth My first curl" novelty trains (boxed) etc:- One Tray £15-20
1091.   A "Hughes's Pocket Balance", three folding pen knifes, a folding cut throat razor, three Union Jack flags, an assortment of commemorative coins and other coins, vintage bottles, boxed tubes, a propelling pencil, a whistle, wax sticks, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1092.   A Vintage Picquot Ware Four Piece Tea Set, complete with matching tray; a modern ice bucket. £20-40
1093.   Meerschaum Pipe, featuring lion, with case, other case, cheroot holder, tots, gin label. £20-30
1094.   Widecombe Pottery Swing Handle Biscuit Barrel, Picquot tea pot, novelty glass drum preserve pot, cased cutlery, cruet stand pewter etc:- One Tray £10-20
1095.   A Czechoslovakian Style Buckle, with two similar brooches; together with further ornate brooches, a modern fob watch, souvenir pins/badges, a gilt coloured panel style bracelet, a bangle; together with a small selection of diamanté costume jewellery, including drop earrings, bracelets, bangles, a modern ladies wristwatch, etc:- One Tray £20-25
1096.   An Early XX Century ''GG + SS'' Twelve Piece Fish Service with mother of pearl handles, in oak case. £20-30
1097.   Asprey; A Modern Wooden Case, the fitted interior with central clock; a vintage brown brief/travelling case. (2) £20-40
1098.   A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Three Branch Epergne Centrepiece, MB Ltd, London of tapering cylindrical form with wide flared pierced edge, the three leaf capped scroll branches suspending three swing handled openwork baskets, 25.5cm high. £150-200
1099.   A Viners Plated Four Piece Tea Set, each with detailed band and lidded sugar bowl. £15-20
1100.   A Brass Figure of a Coal Miner, leaning on a pick axe, holding a lamp, 31cm high. £30-50
1101.   A XIX Century Plated on Copper Table Centrepiece/Epergne, the high single flared glass flute above scroll hooks and cut glass dish, raised on reeded triform base on ball feet, overall height approximately 65cm. £50-80
1102.   A Collection of Assorted "925" and Other Dress Rings; in a display tray. £20-40
1103.   A Modern Flowerhead Drop Necklace, on fine chain, an openwork bracelet, a filigree pendant/necklace, on openwork brooch stamped "925", a vintage moss agate rectangular panel brooch, etc. £20-40
1104.   A Hallmarked Silver Nurse's Style Waist Buckle, of openwork scroll design, bead necklaces, an oval shell carved cameo brooch and similar earrings, a hallmarked silver oval disc pendant, etc. £40-60
1105.   An Imitation Pearl Bead Necklace, (damages); together with a graduated faceted bead necklace. (2) £10-15
1106.   A Vintage Micromosaic Brooch, of flowerhead design, (with losses), a shell carved cameo style brooch, claw set, within open work border, stamped "9ct RG", another similar, a horseshoe mother of pearl and fox gilt brooch, an inset lizard brooch, a shell carved leaf pin/brooch, a Victorian style gilt open work link style knot pin/brooch, of textured design, a circular brooch, with allover graduated cabochon highlights, two vintage style rings and a cameo style ring, etc. £30-50
1107.   A Single Strand Necklace, of graduated faceted amber coloured beads. £50-70
1108.   A Single Strand Necklace of Fresh Water Pearl Beads, another of differing colour, with similar stud earrings, other earstuds, a cluster dress ring, stamped "925, another ring, claw set between open work setting and shoulders, stamped "Sterling", (out of shape), a novelty hedgehog charm/pendant, a novelty "In Emergency Break Glass" charm (damages); together with two gilt coloured ornate pendants on chains, another chain and a band ring. £20-30
1109.   A Coral Coloured Twig Style Necklace, a jet coloured faceted bead necklace and an oval shell carved cameo style panel only, depicting female profile. £20-30
1110.   A Collection of Various Ladies Earstuds, Drop Earrings and Clip Earrings, etc, including "14ct.rg" and "9ct". £20-30
1111.   An Amber Bead Necklace, of graduated geometric design, a similar pendant, stamped "925", on snake link chain, an oval collet set hardstone pendant, stamped "925", on cord style chain, stamped "silver"; together with further costume jewellery, including three ornate brooches, two pendants, an alternate bead necklace, with similar modern ladies wristwatches. £70-90
1112.   A Georgian Style Cut Steel Shoe Buckle, an Art Deco ladies cocktail watch head (no strap), expanding and other bangles etc. £10-20
1113.   A Victorian Locket Style Brooch, of circular design, with vacant verso, a hallmarked silver bangle, with part foliate panel, another bangle, with shell inset centre, between open work design, stamped "Mexico", with similar drop earrings, "Mex" "Alpaca", a pair of leaf design clip earrings, stamped "Sterling Silver" another single clip earring, of similar leaf design, stamped "Silver", three ornate dress clips, fine chains, various earstuds etc. £20-30
1114.   A Selection f Vintage and Later Bead Necklaces, including graduated faceted, Diamanté panel style, alternate bead designs, etc; together with three imitation pearl bead brooches, of leaf design and a cluster style panel bracelet:- One Tray £25-50
1115.   "1995 Silver Jubilee 25th National Day" Commemorative Ingot/Panel, stamped "925", in case. £20-40
1116.   A Charm Bracelet, suspending assorted charm pendants, including pig, trumpet, pail, piano, gypsy caravan, teapot, bunch of keys, fish, genie lamp, bells, etc. £25-40
1117.   A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending assorted charm pendants; together with another. (2) £25-40
1118.   A Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, including carriage, dog, dragon, St. Christopher, ship, bible, etc; together with another example suspending numerous charm pendants, including enamel souvenir shields, etc. (2) £40-60
1119.   A Curb Link Charm Bracelet, to heart shape padlock clasp, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, including long eared rabbit, vintage motor car, lantern, boot, football, church, message in a bottle, bible, horsehoe, etc. £30-50
1120.   A Charm Bracelet, suspending numerous novelty charm pendants, including taxi cab, British Passport, ewer, '21' key, enamel souvenir shields, spinning wheel, etc. £25-40
1121.   A Norwegian Enamel Brooch, of feather design, the red enamel inset within gilt coloured border, stamped "Norway Sterling 925S", an enamel little imp(?) bar brooch (with losses), stamped "Sterling Silver". (2) £30-50
1122.   A Large Novelty Gilt Pendant, as a doll, of openwork design with inset highlights. £30-50
1123.   An Oval Locket Pendant, allover floral design, stamped "9ct Back & Front", on belcher link chain, stamped "9ct" to clasp, a vintage locket style pendant an ornate shell panel, with oval collet set centre, within rope twist and claw set border, and a gilt coloured pencil. £30-50
1124.   A 9ct Gold Flat Link Curb Chain. £100-150
1125.   A 9ct Gold Flat Link Curb Chain. £150-250
1126.   A 9ct Gold Curb Link Charm Bracelet, with heart shape padlock clasp, engraved with "From HR to EK". £200-250
1127.   An Edwardian Style Bangle, alternately set to the front, hinged to snap clasp (indistinctly stamped); Together with a Victorian Scarf Clip. (2) £50-70
1128.   A Collection of Assorted Novelty Charm Pendants, including faceted bead coffee pot, teapot, stork, old boot, harp, ballet slippers, cat, anchor, etc. £30-50
1129.   Child's Bangles, a two row bracelet with 'X' detail (stamped "925"), ropetwist chain, plaited bracelet, "Thailand Sterling" bracelet, etc. £30-40
1130.   A Hallmarked Silver Ingot Pendant, on a chain; together with assorted coin and enamel shield charm pendants, etc. £25-40
1131.   A Cross Pendant on Chain, dress rings, Scandinavian style log pendant, vintage souvenir panel bracelet, earrings, etc. £20-30
1132.   A Hallmarked Silver Caithness Glass Style Dress Ring; together with hallmarked silver "925", hardstone inset dress tings and similar. (12) £30-50
1133.   A Hallmarked Silver Caithness Glass Style Dress Ring; together with further "Silver", "925" and other modern dress rings. (12) £25-40
1134.   A Selection of Modern "925" and Other dress Rings. (16) £15-25
1135.   A Selection of Modern Chunky Dress Rings, including "Silver", "925", etc. (15) £20-40
1136.   Uno: A Ladies Vintage Style Dress Watch, the rectangular signed dial with line markers, to integral bark effect bracelet, in original box with guarantee dated 23-10-79, Bulova: A Gent's wristwatch, the circular signed dial with line markers, and date aperture, to leather strap, in Bulova box. (2) £50-70
1137.   Swistar Matching Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, in original box. £15-25
1138.   Emporio Armani: A Modern Ladies Wristwatch, the rectangular dial to two tone bracelet, in original box. £20-30
1139.   Rotary: A Ladies 9ct Gold Cased Dress Watch, the circular signed dial with line markers, to 9ct gold brick link bracelet, another similar, with oval signed dial, both in a Rotary box. £150-170
1140.   Rotary; A Vintage 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on later expanding bracelet; A Vintage Bulova ladies wristwatch, with inset highlights, on later expanding bracelet. (2) £30-50
1141.   Sicura Elegance: A Modernist Ladies Wristwatch, the rectangular signed dial, with off centre line markers, with raised perspex/glass to tapered leather strap. £50-70
1142.   An American "Coin Silver" Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the dial with black Roman numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, the movement stamped "HOME WATCH CO" "BOSTON MASS",within plain case; initialed (damages). £20-40
1143.   Rotary: A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and date aperture, case back stamped "9k Gold", to later leather strap. £40-60
1144.   A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned white dial with Arabic numerals, in textured circular case to expanding panel style bracelet, stamped "9ct". £150-250
1145.   Raymond Weil Geneva: A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals and date aperture, to later strap with original buckle, case back states "18k Gold Electroplated Water Resistant 10m 9143". £100-150
1146.   A Chester Hallmark 9ct Gold Case Ladies Tudor Wristwatch Head, a similar Longines, stamped "375", and a Hamilton wristwatch head, stamped "£14K" "0.585" (3) £150-250
1147.   A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the unsigned white dial with Arabic numerals, in textured circular case, to later expanding bracelet, together with an ornate ladies fob watch, the unsigned dial with Roman numerals and foliate detail, in allover engine turned case (missing bow) stamped "K9". (2) £80-120
1148.   Seiko Sportsmatic Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with centre seconds and day/date aperture, on a strap. £30-50
1149.   A Vintage Ladies Wristwatch Head, case stamped "Rolex" "375", and another similar. (2) £150-200
1150.   Omega: A Vintage Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals, in Art Deco style case, stamped "Omega" "Fab-Suisse" "Swiss Made" to case inside, to later expanding bracelet. £20-30
1151.   A Ladies Wristwatch Head Only, the unsigned dial with Arabic numerals, within plain case, stamped "9 375" to case inside. £30-50
1152.   A Continental Cased Openface Chronograph Pocketwatch, within engine turned case, stamped "0,935"; A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, on a strap. (2) £40-60
1153.   Octo: A Ladies Wristwatch the signed dial with Roman numerals and dot markers, domed perspex/glass, in Art Deco style case, stamped "18K" "0.750", to later expanding bracelet, another ladies wristwatch, the unsigned circular dial with Arabic numerals, lacking perspex/glass, in plain case, stamped "0.585" "14K", to later gilt coloured textured bracelet, together with assorted costume dress rings, ladies wristwatches, vintage locket, etc:- One Tray £120-180
1154.   A Military Gala Eruchsicher Wasser Dicht German Wristwatch, in the style of a officers WWII watch, with Stahlboden D1987H on the reverse if the watch. £100-150
1155.   Watches, three mechanical, to include Pensa Antimagnetic, Henri Sandoz, Faure Leuba. Plus a quantity of watch straps, movements and an Ingersoll watch with stainless bracelet. £15-25
1156.   Omega; A DeVille 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, within plain case, on a strap; a vintage Rotary gent's wristwatch, ladies Rotary watch, etc. (4) £150-250
1157.   Renis: A 9ct Gold Cased Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, line markers and date aperture, in plain case, to "R.Gold Front" expanding bracelet, together with a Derrick wristwatch, a Smiths empire pocket watch etc. £60-100
1158.   A Masonic Ball Pendant, opening to form a cross (stamped "9ct & Sil"), together with a wristwatch (part strap), vintage marcasite set costume brooches, chain etc. £50-70
1159.   Vertex Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, on later expanding bracelet, a Tissot ladies wristwatch, etc. (4) £15-25
1160.   A Small Selection of Ladies Wristwatches, including Oris, Zenith, Perfex, Sekonda, Pulsar, etc; together with a gents Rotary wristwatches, including boxes:- One Tray £20-25
1161.   An Oval Blue John Panel Brooch, claw set, (damages), another brooch, of leaf design, with frosted finish, and enamel peacock pendant, on fine chain, two further panel style pendants and a chain. £20-40
1162.   A Pair of 9ct Gold Creole Style Earrings, another pair similar, a pair of modern cluster earstuds, stamped "9ct", a pair of dainty earstuds of flower head design, including boxes. (4) £30-50
1163.   A Modern 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, of flower head design between open work textured shoulders, together with an half eternity style ring, with alternate claw set highlights, between textured border, in a heart shape box. (2) £40-60
1164.   An 18ct Gold Wide Plain Wedding Band; together with an 18ct gold three stone ring, alternatively set. (2) £150-200
1165.   A 15ct Gold Opal Set Ring, circular collet rubover set to the centre, between tapering inset shoulders, in an old E.S.Poser & Sons (Nottingham) ring box. £70-100
1166.   A Large 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, claw set throughout, between tapered shoulders, a 9ct gold wishbone rings, with claw set highlights. (2) £80-120
1167.   A Gent's Modern Three Row Diamond Set Ring, of uniform design channel set, stamped "750".
*George (Sheffield) Insurance Valuation dated 12.11.01 for £3,000. £300-400
1168.   A Three Stone Diamond Ring, claw set; together with an eternity band and a diamond set. (3) £150-200
1169.   A Modern Two Colour Band Ring, with inset highlight, stamped "Titan". £40-50
1170.   An Ankh Style Dress Ring, of two colour design with inset highlights, together with similar pendant. £40-60
1171.   A Modern 9ct Gold Stone Set Dress Ring, a marquise centre, within inset crossover border and shoulders, a 9ct gold gent's signet ring with rectangular panel, and textured shoulders, and a novelty jug charm/pendant. £80-120
1172.   A 22ct Gold Plain Wedding Band. £80-120
1173.   A Modern 18ct Gold Diamond Set Crossover Dress Ring. £100-150
1174.   A 22ct Gold Wedding Band Ring. £60-80
1175.   A 22ct Gold Wide Wedding Band Ring. £100-150
1176.   A Delicate 9ct Gold Dress Ring, of open work design, with claw set highlights, together with two further dress rings with claw set rectangular centres, between textured shoulders. (3) £60-90
1177.   A 9ct Gold Rose Gold Dress Ring, of open work Celtic design, with collet set centre, between bifurcated shoulders, another similar. (2) £50-80
1178.   Pandora Flowerhead Band, stamped "S925 ALE 58"; a Scottish hallmarked silver band; a half eternity band ("925"). (3) £20-30
1179.   A Vintage 9ct Gold Cocktail Brooch, of abstract openwork design, with claw set highlights. £100-150
1180.   A Sliver Hallmarked Pocketwatch Stamped "925", with a yellow metal Albert chain, together with a Duke Railway Timekeeper Pocketwatch, Made in Austria. (2) £40-60
1181.   A Faceted Belcher Link Graduated Albert Chain, suspending T-bar stamped "9ct", to double swivel style clasps. £100-150
1182.   Three Vintage 9ct Gold and another Ladies Wristwatch Heads Only, including Tudor, Omega and Marvin etc. (4) £180-220
1183.   Omega: A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch Head, the signed dial with Arabic numerals, another Omega wristwatch head, together with an Omega ladies wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, to panel style bracelet, stamped "Rolled gold". (3) £60-100
1184.   A 9ct Gold Modern Pendant, of elongated open work design, with inset highlight, a pair of modern earstuds, of scroll design, stamped "375", another pair of earstuds, of flower head design claw set centre, stamped "375", together with fine chains (knotted), and a wishbone pendant, stamped "375", two further pairs of earstuds. £70-100
1185.   An Edwardian Style Bar Brooch, of openwork design, with seed pearl highlights, (damages), a 9ct gold rope link chain. (2) £80-120
1186.   A Pair of 9ct Gold 'SwivLink Gent's Cufflinks, the part engine turned and oval panels on hinged bar backs. £60-80
1187.   A Small Selection of "375" and Other Earstuds, Creole Hoops and Drops. £60-80
1188.   A Victorian Style Bar Brooch, of open work design, pearl set, with stone set highlights, a cabochon collet set stock pin, a stick pin, with fox head detail, two further modern pins. (5) £40-50
1189.   A R.A.F Wings Brooch, stamped "9ct", (3.2cm); in Edwardian seed pearl set swallow bar brooch; a single stone opal set stickpin, a locket back brooch, etc. £60-80
1190.   A Collection of Vintage Style and Later Ladies Wristwatches, including Omega, Pilot, Bulova etc, a gent's Timex wristwatch, another wristwatch, together with a "Dulwich Designs" "Genuine Leather" wristwatch box, etc. £50-70
1191.   A Decorative Box Containing a Pair of Lorgnettes, scissors, three commemorative "Churchill" coins, two commemorative style medals "To Commemorate The Coronation of King Edward VIII at Westminster Abbey", another similar, "To Commemorate The Silver Jubilee of King George V, and Queen Mary May 6th 1937" a Shoe horn, three magnifiers, a cased travel razor, a folding pen knife, etc. £15-25
1192.   A Hallmarked Silver Napkin Ring, with textured edge finish, initialled, another similar, of plain design, also initialled, a hallmarked sliver collared toilet jar a hallmarked silver thimble, three miniature picture frames, a hallmarked silver enamel pin, "NSP" "Loyal Service", hat pins etc. £15-20
1193.   1887 Victorian Coin, converted to a brooch, Churchill commemorative coins; together with collection of further assorted coins. £10-20
1194.   A Filigree Cross Brooch/Pendant, an owl brooch (stamped "925"), trinket box (hinge damaged); a miniature hallmarked silver and pava shell candlestick (damaged), gent's wristwatch, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1195.   A Hat Pin Stand; together with assorted pins, a Celtic pin brooch and two hallmarked silver handled button hooks. £20-40
1196.   A Decorative Cut Glass Scent Bottle, with faceted stopper and hallmarked silver collar. £25-40
1197.   A Hallmarked Silver Topped Globular Cut Glass Scent Bottle; together with further dressing table jars/bottles, etc, (damages). £30-50
1198.   A Modern Oval Photograph Frame, (indistinctly stamped); a glass coaster, the mount stamped "Sterling"; a hallmarked silver engine turned pencil; a hallmarked silver engine turned lighter. (4) £25-40
1199.   A Hallmarked Silver Ladies Purse, of shaped design (interior poor) initialled "LGH", a chain suspension with finger ring; a match book cover. (2) £30-50
1200.   A Mesh Link Ladies evening Bag, with chain link handle; together with another, with foliate decorated frame. (2) £25-40
1201.   A Small Selection of Vintage and Later Gent's Cufflinks, a fob style pendant, on ribbon with swivel style clasp. £10-20
1202.   A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, allover engine turned; together with a plated vase, with frilled edge, medallion pendants, seed pearl set bar brooch (lacking pin), diamanté waist buckle, etc. £30-50
1203.   A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Boxes, one rectangular, one circular, allover engine turned, initialled "S"; together with a larger matching example, (plush lined) initialled "S". (3) £60-80
1204.   A Modern Hallmarked Silver Tooth Fairy Pot, as a fairy seated on a toadstool. £20-30
1205.   A Hallmarked Silver Mug, James Dixon & Sons, of plain tapering cylindrical form, in original fitted case. £25-40
1206.   Two Modern Hallmarked Silver Napkin Holders; a collection of thimbles. £10-15
1207.   A Modern Pen Pot, the mounts of shaped design, detailed in relief (stamped "925"); a modern letter holder, of textured design (stamped "925"); a modern desk calendar (stamped indistinctly). (3) £25-40
1208.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Desk Calendar; together with a hallmarked silver stamp box, the hinged lid with triple stamp aperture, on ball feet (damaged). (2) £30-40
1209.   A Hallarked Silver Cigarette Case, allover engine turned finish, initialled "AS", a similar hallmarked silver match book cover, a vintage style desk calendar, a hallmarked silver propelling pencil, allover engine turned finish, engraved "A Smyth", two further similar pencils, and a fountain pen. £20-40
1210.   A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, allover engine turned, another example, plain and monogrammed, etc. (3) £40-60
1211.   An Enamelled Cigarette Case, depicting castle river scene, of rectangular form, the gilt lined interior inscribed "With Love From Viva" and stamped "Gold Cased", with strap, 8.5cm. £50-80
1212.   A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Desk Clock, "Miss B.M. Hinchliff, A Memento of Nearly 7 Years Faithful Service, Armitage Sykes & Hinchliffe Dec 1919", 12.3cm high (dented). £30-50
1213.   A Miniature Hallmarked Silver Model of a Dog, seated, of textured finish, Sheffield 1977, 5.3cm high. £40-60
1214.   A Hallmarked Silver Sovereign Case, of hammered finish (hinge broken). £25-40
1215.   A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, allover engraved; together with two smaller hallmarked silver cigarette cases, one allover engine turned. (3) £60-80
1216.   A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, "F.A.Bosvile April 5th 1932 from T.B.Bosvile", 17.2cm wide (damages). £25-40
1217.   A Modern Cut Glass Decanter, with hallmarked Silver Stopper as A Stag, G&Sns, London 1991, overall height 33cm, with a hallmarked silver "Glenfiddich Pure Malt Scotch Whisky" label. £60-100
1218.   A Collection of Assorted Hallmarked Silver Topped Glass Dressing Table Jars, scent bottles, a plated topped cut glass flask, etc. £30-50
1219.   A Hallmarked Silver sauce Boat, with gadrooned edge and shell capped hoof feet; a hallmarked silver muffineer, an open salt, etc; (damages). £70-100
1220.   A Hallmarked Silver Salt, of navette shape geometric pierced, raised on four tapering feet, with blue lass liner; a hallmarked silver lidded mustard and matching salt (lines damaged). (3) £40-60
1221.   A XIX Century Plated Oval Basket, with gadrooned edge, on bun feet; together with assorted hallmarked silver topped and other glass travelling jars. £30-50
1222.   A Small Hallmarked Silver Handle, (marks rubbed) with twisted handle; a Scottish hallmarked silver ladle, PS, Edinburgh 1827; initialled "800" stamped XIX Century knife and fork. £20-40
1223.   Hallmarked Silver and Other Napkin Rings; together with four hallmarked silver salts. £25-40
1224.   A Hallmarked Silver Rimmed Glass Vase; together with two glass jars (one lacking stopper). (3) £20-40
1225.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Salt Spoons; together with further assorted hallmarked silver spoons. £30-50
1226.   A Set f Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, FH, Sheffield 1963; a pair of Apostle type teaspoons, (stamped marks); a hallmarked silver fiddle pattern tablespoon. £40-60
1227.   A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, each with polished green hardstone handle and textured figural details to the bowls, in a fitted case; a set of five hallmarked silver handled tea knives (damages) in a case fitted for six. (2) £25-40
1228.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, leaf engraved and initialled; a hallmarked silver egg cup, decorative button hook and shoe horn. £25-40
1229.   A Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet Set, each of plain tapering form, with blue glass liners. £25-40
1230.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Salts, each of boat shape, reeded with twin angular loop handles, complete with matching spoons, in original fitted case. £25-35
1231.   Three Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings; together with two further napkin rings and two decanter labels "Whiskey" and "Gin" (lacking chains). £20-30
1232.   A Hallmarked Silver Candlestick, (damages/marks indistinct), high (base weighted); a small hallmarked silver jug; lidded pot. (3) £30-50
1233.   An Art Deco Britannia Standard Hallmarked silver Twin Handled Dish, Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co Ltd, London 1935, initialled "AC", overall width over handles 15cm. £40-60
1234.   A Novelty Cheese Mouse, stamped "925"; a decorative pair of grape scissors; a pair of sugar nips and an EPNS egg topper. (4) £20-40
1235.   A Decorative Dish, of shaped design, allover detailed in relief; together with another example, detailed with exotic birds. (2) £30-50
1236.   A Decorative Pair of Hallmarked Silver Fish Services, Mappin & Webb, Sheffield 1918, of geometric pierced design. (2) £60-90
1237.   A Hallmarked Silver Case, of rectangular form allover leaf scroll engraved, initialled, the leather lined interior with stamp pockets, (9.3cm long (including hinged loop). £25-40
1238.   A Middle Eastern Trinket/Snuff Box, of rectangular form, allover detailed in relief, stamped "925", 7.6cm wide. £20-40
1239.   A Hallmarked Silver Case, allover internally and externally engine turned, with engraved thumbpiece, 8.1cm wide. £25-40
1240.   A Hallmarked Silver Drum Mustard, Robert & David Hennell, London 1800, of plain design with blue glass lines; together with a decorative hallmarked silver lidded mustard, (marks part obscured by poor repair) allover detailed in relief raised on four ball feet, with clear glass liner. (2) £80-120
1241.   A Decorative Hallmarked Silver Pin/Bonbon Dish, of pierced textured design; a foliate and engine turned pot (stamped marks); a decorative pepperette with clear glass liner; a hallmarked silver handled shoe horn;a thimble, tc. £20-30
1242.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Candlesticks, JD&S, Sheffield 1968, of Georgian style, with removable nozzles, 18.8cm high. (2) £100-150
1243.   A Highly Decorative Middle Eastern Lidded Box, of circular form, allover detailed in relief, base 10.2cm diameter; Together with Another Example, detailed in relief with exotic animals. (2) £70-100
1244.   A Hallmarked Silver Trumpet Vase, on removable coiled base, overall height 17cm; A Hallmarked Silver Dwarf Candlestick, with reeded decoration (base weighted). (2) £60-80
1245.   Hallmarked Silver Backed Brushes, a hallmarked silver mounted nail buffer, on Art Deco powder compact, shaped tray, etc. £25-40
1246.   A Set of Six Victorian Hallmarked Silver Fiddle Pattern Spoons, initialled. (6) £40-60
1247.   A Matched Pair of Hallmarked Silver Berry Spoons, London 1809, 1811, later decorated and initialled; together with a sifter spoon, London 1805, later decorated and pierced, initialled. (3) £40-60
1248.   Four Assorted Hallmarked Silver Sauce Ladles, initialled and crested, a part set of plated fiddle pattern table forks (crested worn), vintage knives, grape scissors, etc:- One Tray £60-80
1249.   A Set of Twelve Mother of Pearl Handled Fruit/Dessert Knives and Forks, blades stamped "WH&SA"; A Pair of decorative mother or pearl handled pickle knives. £20-40
1250.   Assorted Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, a cased set of six hallmarked silver handled tea knives, a further knife, a hallmarked silver fork, etc. £25-40
1251.   A Hallmarked Silver Berry Spoon, later decorated; a hallmarked silver caddy spoon. (2) £30-50
1252.   A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Pistol Handled Table Knives, Sheffield 1987; together with a smaller matched set of six knives. (12) £70-100
1253.   A Set of Four Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Table Spoons, initialled; a matched pair of hallmarked silver soup spoons, initialled. £80-120
1254.   A Set of Five Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, a set of three hallmarked silver teaspoons and a pair of hallmarked silver larger spoons, (initialled). (10) £25-40
1255.   A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Fish Knives and Forks, Messrs Hutton, Sheffield 1935, (stamped Silver Jubilee mark. (12) £100-200
1256.   A Hallmarked Silver Table Spoon, (possibly Glasgow 1786) initialled "TW EW 1799"; a hallmarked silver fiddle pattern tablespoon; a hallmarked silver fiddle pattern sifter spoon (crested), etc. £60-80
1257.   A Set of Three Irish Hallmarked Silver Forks, crested; a pair of hallmarked silver fiddle pattern table forks, a set of three smaller forks, etc. (9) £100-150
1258.   A Decorative Continental Beaker, foliate and leaf scroll derailed in relief, 7.7cm high, stamped marks; a highly decorative plated card tray, initialled, a circular pot (initialled), caddy spoon. £30-50
1259.   A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Old English Pattern Basting Spoons, Hannah Northcote, London 1798, initialled, 31cm long; together with a plated fiddle pattern basting spoons. (3) £70-100
1260.   A Hallmarked Silver Backed Four Piece Dressing Table Set, all detailed in relief (comb teeth damaged); a decoration plated three piece dressing table set:- One Tray £30-50