Antiques & Collectables Auction on
Friday 6th March 2020

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1.      Portmeirion 'Pomona' Pattern Pottery, large bread crocks, another smaller, vase, tureen, dinner plates,condiments, butter dish etc (thirty five pieces), plus rolling pin and jug in 'Botanic Garden' pattern. 50-80
2.      A Worcester First Period Bowl, painted with the Fisherman and Willow Pavilion, (chipped rim), a Royal Worcester 'Millennium' bowl and a Doulton Winston Churchill toby jug. (3) 20-40
3.      A Pair of XIX Century Figures, as a lady and gentleman, seated, she with a lamb, (damaged). (2) 20-30
4.      An Anita Harris Extra Large Model 'Hugo the Egyptian Cat', gold signed, 41.5cm high. 70-90
5.      A c.1970's Moorcroft Pottery Lamp Base, painted in the 'Clematis' pattern, label "Potter to the late Queen Mary" and impressed marks, 20.5cm high. 100-140
6.      A Set of Three Lorna Bailey Pussketeers Cats 'Purrthos', 'Pawthos' and Armeow' 60-70
7.      An Early to Mid XX Century Cut Glass Lamp, with mushroom shade, 38cm high. 20-40
8.      An Anita Harris Prestige 'Panda Havana' Vase, gold signed, 34.5cm high. 150-180
9.      Majolica Bread Plate, Torquay ware coffee pot, novelty watermill cruet, boiled egg holder in the form of a basket:- One Tray 20-30
10.     Susie Cooper 'Hyde Park' Pattern Bone China Teaware, comprising teapot, milk jug, seven tea plates, eleven saucers and eight cups:- One Tray 15-25
11.     Poole Scrafito Design Coffee ware, of fifteen pieces, five Doulton horse, knife:- One Tray 20-40
12.     Nine Royal Doulton Small Character Jugs, including Athos, Porthos, Aramis, Long John Silver, Henry VIII, plus a Ridgway example. 30-40
13.     A Doulton Burslem 'Nankin' Pedestal Bowl, mid XX Century lustre pottery teapot, sucrier etc:- One Tray 20-40
14.     An Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Dinner Service, comprising: two lidded tureens, eight dinner plates, eight side plates, six medium plates, coffee pot, six coffee cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl, salt and pepper, five egg cups. 70-90
15.     Wood and Sons The Charles Dickens Toby Jug Collection, by Franklin Mint (12), certificates noted:- One Tray 15-30
16.     An Edinburgh Crystal Circular Bowl, three cut glass vases and a quantity of sherry glasses, tumblers, etc. 20-30
17.     Crown Devon 'Bonnet' Wall Pocket, Sylvac vase, Shorter shell posy, Carlton Ware leaf bowl, Quimpet type jug, etc:- One Tray 20-30
18.     J.T Ryder (Sheffield Artist) 'Old Cottages, Park Hill Lane, Sheffield', oil on board signed lower right titled L.L. Mid XIX Century glass lemonade jug and five matching glasses. 30-50
19.     Royal Albert 'Lavender Rose' Pattern Dinner and Teaware, including six dinner plates, six tea plates eight cups and saucers:- One Tray 40-50
20.     A Royal Albert 'Old County Roses' Tea Service, comprising tea pot, milk jug and sugar basin, two cake plates, six tea plates, six cups, nine saucers and dish. 40-60
21.     Doulton 'Rebecca' HN4041, Coalport 'Stunning In Black', Worcester 'Ella', Lenox, two Danbury Mint and Coalport miniature, figurines and pair Royal Bay Vases:- One Tray (9) 30-40
22.     A Waterford Crystal Glass Clock, 18.5cm wide, two Stuart photograph frames, Doulton wine stopper. 20-30
23.     A Pair of Chinese Plates, decorated with monkeys, Cantonese plate, Chinese tea pot decorated with white metal mounts of a Chinese dragon etc:- One Tray 15-20
24.     A Pair of Chinese Turquoise Glazed Pottery Peacocks, hardwood stands, Staffordshire pottery model of a dog, white pottery pedestal bowl with applied water lily and duck decoration etc:- One Tray 20-30
25.     Gouda Pottery Jug, folding pocket knives, long brass shoe horn, vintage 'charm' bracelet, cameo style brooch, brass snuffer tray, trinket box etc:- One Tray. 20-30
26.     A Quantity of Costume Bracelets and Bangles, including imitation pearl bead bracelets, other ornate bead bracelets, ethnic style bangles, further bangles:- One Box 5-10
27.     A Japanese Tea Service, on a blue ground, spouts in the form of a dragons head, Royal Doulton plates decorated with dragon:- One Tray 15-20
28.     XIX Century Continental Porcelain Candelabra, converted to table lamp, blue 'Y' ark, white cherub able lamp on triform base, Chinese Celadon vase of hexagonal form, 34cm high. (3) 20-40
29.     Royal Doulton Figurine 'Ashley' HN3420 and 'Emma' HN3208, Beswick Nursery Rhyme figure, Leonardo and Francesca figurines; a collection of thimbles with display stand:- One Tray 15-25
30.     Two Beswick Pottery Sheep Dogs, numbered '453', 21cm high, a quantity of Wade Whimsies:- One Tray 30-50
31.     Ladies Scent Bottles, many with silver collars. 25-35
32.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'By Our Side' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 33/3, numbered 44, signed and impressed marks, 7.5cm high. 120-140
33.     Lorna Bailey - Marvin the Cat, 12.5cm high 25-30
34.     Beswick Beatrix Pottery Figures, Lady Mouse and Foxy Whiskered Gentleman (both gold back stamps), Mrs Tiggywinkle and Old Mr Brown (brown back stamps) and a Royal Doulton horse:- One Tray 20-40
35.     Royal Crown Derby 'Derby Posies' Tea Ware, of twenty six pieces. 20-40
36.     Vaseline Glass graduated Dishes, with opaque rims, fluted green glass table lamp base, paperweights and a quantity of miniature glass animals and birds:- One Tray 30-40
37.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Peacock Parade' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 32/5, impressed and painted marks, 10cm high. 70-90
38.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Pulsatilla' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 198/3, impressed and painted marks, 8.5cm high. 70-90
39.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Forever England' pattern designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 393/4, impressed and painted marks, 16cm high. 90-110
40.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Rennie Rose' (blue) pattern, designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 102/3, impressed and painted marks, 8.5cm high. 80-100
41.     Lorna Bailey - Shaggy the Cat, 13.5cm high 25-30
42.     Lorna Bailey - Tom and Jerry the Cat, 13cm high 25-30
43.     Lorna Bailey - Fluffy the Cat, 13cm high 25-30
44.     Lorna Bailey - Pikey the Cat, 12.5cm high 25-30
45.     Lorna Bailey - Bengo the Dog, 12cm high. 25-30
46.     Chinese Hardwood Figure of a Man and Dog, Chinese hardwood figure of a man sitting on a barrel and other Oriental hardwood figures. (6) 30-50
47.     A Royal Crown Derby Bone China Tea for Two Set, Pattern No 1963, decorated with blue and gilt flowers on a white ground; other teaware:- One Tray 30-40
48.     A Set of Four Lorna Bailey Beatle Caricature Teapots. (4) 100-140
49.     Wedgwood Jasperware Trinkets, in various colours:- One Tray 20-30
50.     Royal Doulton Figure "Autumn Breezes" H.N 1934, Royal Doulton jug of a Little Mester, together with four Coalport figures, Meryl, Sarah Jane, Catriona, Congratulations.(6) 20-40
51.     Allendale 'Ye Old English China' Tea for Two Set, a J & G part coffee set and a porcelain urn shaped vase:- One Tray 20-40
52.     A Dresden Porcelain Twin Handled Dish, Mason's Mandalay Hydra Jugs, and ring tree, ginger jar, pottery lidded box painted with birds etc:- One Tray 30-40
53.     Minton's Tea Service, pattern No. H3815 in blue and gilt: comprising two bread and butter plates, six each tea plates, cups and saucers, sugar bowl and milk jug. 30-50
54.     A Thurin Ware Stoneware Lustre Vase, with elongated neck, and streaked blue glaze, 'Lovers Tryst' figure group potted by Lily Markus, Mottram Pottery, a stoneware pot decorated in relief with panels etc:- One Tray 20-30
55.     A Part Suite of Stuart Crystal Stemware, engraved with fruiting vines raised on air twist stem and circular foot, comprising six champagne glasses, nine sherry glasses and four wine glasses. 40-60
56.     A Border Fine Arts Kingfisher on Branch, other bird figures, miniature Sylvac green bunny, jade sea lion, Royal Crown Derby Wren (beak chipped) etc:- One Tray 20-30
57.     Royal Copenhagen Maid and Geese No 528, pair of Copenhagen vases, Nao geese group, beaker:- One Tray 20-30
58.     A Caverswall Cabinet Limited Edition Plate 'Golden Summer', navy Wedgwood Jasperware clock, Spode 'Ark Royal' tankard, Royal Worcester Anniversary trinket pot etc:- One Tray 30-50
59.     XIX Century Basket, with floral encrustation, 30cm wide, CB233 dish, Meisson style lattice work bowl (damaged), Flight Barr and Barr small posy (cracked). 15-30
60.     An Isle of Wight Glass Vase, of oval cylindrical form in iridescent pink, a similar bird figure, Murano style lamp base and dish etc:- One Tray 25-35
61.     Twelve Minton Thimbles, on three tier stand and a further eleven. 20-30
62.     Three Lladro Figures of Winged Cherubs and a Seated Spaniel Dog. 20-30
63.     Halcyon Days Enamelled Boxes - University, Badger limited edition of 100, Gardeners, Queen Mother, plus Wedgwood trinket box, all boxed. (5) 40-60
64.     Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern 1128 Coffee Cups and Saucers, Imari 2451 pattern circular dish cup and saucer and a further cup and saucer. (9) 30-50
65.     A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Coaster, painted in the 'Sardines' pattern designed by Nicola Slaney, impressed and painted marks, 12cm diameter. 50-70
66.     A Moorcroft Pottery Ginger Jar and Cover, painted in the 'Pomegranate' pattern, designed by Emma Bossons, impressed and painted marks, 20.5cm high. 220-240
67.     Crown Derby Imari 1128 Pattern Plate, 21.5cm diameter, second quality, another 16cm diameter 1st quality, Chinese plate, featuring for figures to centre, foliage and birds, to border. (3) 20-40
68.     Royal Crown Derby Paperweights, modelled as a Turtle Dove, date code for 2000, Gold Stopper and Blue Tit, date code for 2006, gold stopper. (2) 30-40
69.     A Set of Three Beswick Hummingbird Wall Plaques (repair to beak of largest). (3) 30-50
70.     Four Royal Doulton Figures, "Tootless" H.N 1680, Dinky Do H.N 1873, Marie H.N 1370, Belle H.N. 2340 (4) 15-20
71.     A Whitefriars Knobbly Glass Vase, in ruby 17.5cm high, with paper label; a pink overlaid glass model of a flamingo. (2). 20-30
72.     Two Lladro Figures, Girl with Cat and Kittens and Girl in Nightdress and a Nao Cat. (3) 20-40
73.     A Royal Crown Derby 2001 Teddy Bear, having gilt stopper, gilt vase, Imari plates, cream jug, cups and saucers etc:- One Tray 20-40
74.     Royal Doulton Figurne 'Top 'O' The Hill' HN 1834, five etched wines, plated coffee pot Adderley posy:- One Tray 15-25
75.     Royal Copenhagen Miniature Figures 203 and 204, two Aynsley pigs and two bird bonbonniere. (6) 25-40
76.     A Venetian Candle Holder, with pink and white latticino canes to bowl and circular foot, a Vasart pink mottled bowl, a cut glass porron with plated mounts, a grey tinted cut glass vase with fold over rim and a ruby glass vase with raised decoration of water lilies, birds and flowers:- One Tray 50-80
77.     A Noritake Tea for Two set, comprising teapot, milk jug and sugar basin two cups and saucers, of angular form decorated with stylised branches and blossom, an ink pot and a Lladro pottery table lamp:- One Tray 20-40
78.     Two Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern 1128 Cups and Saucers, other cups and saucers, bone china basket, posy:- One Tray 20-30
79.     Royal Doulton Figurines 'Wistful' HN2396, 'Melanie' HN2271, 'Sandra' HN2275 and 'Top O' The Hill' HN1834. (4) 30-50
80.     Aynsley 'Cottage Gargen' Trinket Tray, dishes, lidded pot etc and a 'Clock of One Hundred Flowers' by Dawen Wang (lacking clock) 20-40
81.     Stuart Crystal Water Jug, six tumblers, three wine glasses and nine sherry glasses and a similar decanter:- One Tray 30-40
82.     Seventeen Royal Crown Derby Thimbles, including Imari, on two tier wooden display stand. 25-35
83.     Royal Doulton Figurines; The Bedtime Story, (damage), Cissie, HN1809, Wendy HN2109, Lily HN1753, Dinky Do HN1678 and Babie HN1679 and three floral posies. 30-50
84.     A Clews & Co Ltd Cameleon Ware Pottery Vase, the green mottled body moulded with fans and flowers, mottled green glass vase, Minton coasters, four Royal Brierley 'Fuschia' glasses, two Japanese plates:- One Tray. 20-30
85.     Coalport Figurine 'Star' No 8/250, Anna and Roaring Twenties Celia.(3) 20-30
86.     Chinese Table Top Lazy Susan, with glass circular revolving top on gilt and enameled stand, featuring dragon, exotic bird and Greek Key, 49.5cm diameter. 20-30
87.     Chinese Table Top Lazy Susan, with glass circular revolving top on gilt and enameled stand, featuring dragon, exotic bird and Greek Key, 49.5cm diameter. 20-30
88.     Bretby Clanta Vase, featuring sinuous dragon, impressed 2001, 55cm high, another 1998E. 15-30
89.     Svaja Contemporary Large Glass Vase, signed on base 43cms high. 30-50
90.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Bramble Revisited' pattern, designed by Alicia Amison, shape 370/6, impressed and painted marks, 16.5cm high. 120-140
91.     A Peggy Davies Figurine 'The Artisan', and artists original colourway 1/1 by M. Jackson, 22cm high. 75-95
92.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Golden Glee Crocus' pattern, designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 99/8, limited edition No. 17/40, signed and impressed to base, 20.5cm high. 130-150
93.     Anita Harris Model - Seated Westie Dog, 16cm high. 30-40
94.     A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the Hilliers Gardens 'Golden Shrine' pattern designed by Rachel Bishop, shape 104/6, impressed and painted marks, 15.5cm high. 120-140
95.     A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Marlene Dietrich', an artists original colourway 1/1 by M. Jackson, 23cm high. 75-95
96.     Moorcroft Pottery Vase, of ovoid form decorated with pink flower on cream ground, 18.5cm high, impressed makers mark. 50-60
97.     Royal Doulton Figurines: Belle HN 3703. Patricia HN 3365 and Lucy HN 3653. (3) 20-30
98.     A Border Fine Arts Figure Group 'Changing Times', a Classic Exclusive available to Society members during 2005, with certificate, on wooden plinth. 40-60
99.     Royal Copenhagen Milkmaid Feeding Cow No 779, 16cm high. 30-40
100.    A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Clarice Teatime', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 22.5cm high. 75-95
101.    After Houdon, A Pair of XX Century Parian Busts of a Boy and a Girl, on circular bases, impressed "Made in France". (2) 30-40
102.    A Royal Copenhagen Figure, No 4631, Girl with Cat. 30-40
103.    An Orrefors 'Orion' Glass Bowl, designed by Lars Hellsten, and a petalated vase, engraved to base paper labels. (2) 30-40
104.    Royal Doulton Figurines: Christmas Day, A Lady from Williamsburg HN 2228 and Southern Belle. (3) 20-30
105.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Anna Lily' pattern, designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 265/7, impressed and painted marks, 18.5cm high. 120-140
106.    Royal Doulton "The Balloon Man" H.N 1954, two Royal Doulton figures, "Miss Muffet" 1936, Bunny H.N 2214 20-40
107.    A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Tengu' pattern, designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 101/7, impressed and painted marks, 18cm high. 80-100
108.    Royal Doulton Figurines 'Silks and Ribbons' HN 2017 and 'Balloon Girl' HN 2818. 20-40
109.    1930's Oak Barley Twist Candlesticks, early XX Century truncheons, Juliana Collection figure of an Outlaw, miniature miners lamp, etc:- One Tray 20-30
110.    A Rabone Folding Joiners Ruler, Stanley and other rulers, wooden box, enamelled copper box, Viking desk buffalo paperweight, Fox's stainless steel letter opener etc:- One Tray 15-25
111.    An Art Deco Chrome Mirrored Tray, a red/chrome soda syphon, plus a boxed set of bar accessories with horses heads. 30-40
112.    "The Viscount Stamp Album De Luxe", containing mixed stamps, together with mixed loose stamps, etc, including "Britain's First Decimal Coins" commemorative wallet containing coins, and a "Battle of Hastings 1066" 2016 50 pence coin. 10-15
113.    A British Airways Concorde Mini World Atlas, in soft grey leather in unopened tissue and box of issue. 'Concorde' by Frederic Benaida and Michel Fraile, an embossed leather bound photograph album and a Cole Brothers leather cased spirit flasks. (3) 20-30
114.    Postcards, to include 'Hole of Horcum', 'King George V at Weymouth', 'The Winnats, Castleton', 'H.M.S Rodney', Kensitas Silks, American Letter/Bill holder, magnet, etc:- One Tray 15-30
115.    Golf Dunlop Sixty Five, eleven various golf balls in original wrappers and box. 10-20
116.    Football Stamps of The World, to include block of eight England Winners 1966 World Cup, Football Legends, Russia 1963 Olympics, first day covers, in album. 15-25
117.    A Collection of Badges, including five 'British Transport Travel', Butlins Filey 1966, silver hallmarked N.U.M long membership and two Institution of Locomotive Engineers, Victorian pinz-nez, globe, turned wooden fruit etc:- One Tray 30-40
118.    XIX Century Wallpaper Printing Blocks, seven varying designs. 20-40
119.    Quantity of Scissors, including Ragg, Stead of Sheffield, Chrom Germany:- One Tray 20-30
120.    XIX Century Style Shop Counter Bells:- One Tray 20-40
121.    Bausch and Lomb U.S. Navy Binoculars MKI, MOD2, No. 4035, 1941, cased. 20-40
122.    A Geode Cross Section, with miniature yellow metal figure group of gentleman panning for gold with two donkeys, other fossils, mineral pear etc, and a pair of gilt and alabaster clock ornaments:- One Tray 20-40
123.    Leather Cased Scissors, folding coat hangers, leather cased toilet set with bakelite brush holders, hand mirror, fans, magnifying glass, scent bottles, pair of miniature Chinese vases, etc:- One Tray 0-30
124.    John Cameron, 'Association Football and How To Play It', Health and Strength Ltd, One Shilling Net, ninety six pages, Circa Edwardian Period. The Big Book of Football Champions 1960. 30-50
125.    A Collection of Magnifying Glasses etc:- One Tray 15-25
126.    XIX Century Brass Candlesticks, (two pairs) brass pestle and mortar, brass 'Fly' vesta case and strike, Lovatts 'Players Please' stoneware water jug, fishing reel, etc:- One Tray 20-30
127.    'The Book of Cricket', to be completed in about fourteen sixpenny weekly parts, parts 2, 4 and 10, circa 1900, edited by C.B. Frey, each featuring images of Players in Action, Teams. 8-12
128.    A Chinese Brass Temple Bell, in carved hardwood frame featuring four glass to animals, 42.5cm high. 20-40
129.    Seven Miniatures, flowers in vases, watercolours, framed. (7) 20-40
130.    Owen Dowell Still Life of Vase of Flowers, oil, monogram lower right, 15 x 12cm. 40-60
131.    Folding Ruler, pen nibs, small pottery pipe, whistle in holder, lighter keys, etc:- One Tray 20-30
132.    Two Amethyst Type Mineral Specimens, 16 x 12cm long. 15-25
133.    Sheffield Made Guitar Steels, Flora Macdonald sewing needles, tuning forks, James Barber Razor, pen knives, etc:- One Tray 20-30
134.    Seven Irish Silver Medallions Relating to Hurling. Osmiroid, Onoto, Parker and other pens. A Biland military compass (glass damaged), cufflinks, snuff box, freestanding crucifix, modern face sculpture bearing signature 'Picasso' on rectangular base 27cm high. 50-80
135.    A Circa 1950's Mappin & Webb Ltd Elliott Mantel Clock, the square dial with silvered chapter ring and Roman numerals, a Tempo Fugit mantel clock, a pair of late XIX Century brass candlesticks and an Art Nouveau style brass photograph frame:- One Tray 30-40
136.    Indian Heavily Carved Hardwood Writing Slope, 34.5cm wide, Morocco covered jewel casket. (2) 20-30
137.    Quantity of Coinage, to include approximately thirty five silver threepences, George III cartwheel penny, Ralph Heaton, Birmingham mint token, farthings:- One Box 20-40
138.    Paragon Universal Safety Razor Blades, in twenty one original packets and box. Knockout Blades by Cartledge approximately forty packets in two boxes. 30-50
139.    A Turkish Oil Lamp, rectangular carved box, continental carving of houses, pottery bowl:- One Tray 20-30
140.    Three WWII Medals, including 39-45 Star and Africa Star, six point pips, store keeping manual, new chart of the British Isles by Richardson, etc. 20-40
141.    Cedric Mallabey, 'Flowers of Wood and Meadow', album of 56 watercolour's,approximately 7.5 x 11.5cm for Martin Lucas Ltd. 15-30
142.    International Film and Television Festival of New York, bronze medal in case, quantity of coinage mainly pre-decimal, detectors finds noticed. 20-30
143.    Canon AE1 Camera, having 1984 Olympic Games lens and other Canon and Tokina lens. 30-50
144.    XIX Century Rosewood Box, with brass mounts and fall inset handle to lid, 28.5cm wide. 30-40
145.    Landrover Binoculars, 12 x 25cm incorporating compass 12cm long also Olympus Camedia Zoom Camera C.50 with case and charger. Plus five data cards. 20-30
146.    Railway - 35mm colour slides relating to England and Scotland, 1970's/80's, including locomotives and stations, approximately 400. 20-40
147.    Early XX Century Album of Sketch and Verse, XIX Century photo album containing period images, stamps in albums and loose. 20-40
148.    A XX Century Japanese Carved Bamboo Cylindrical Vase, decorated with Samari soldiers, Oriental bowl-cover decorated with gilt decoration etc:- One Tray 20-30
149.    A Tray of Collectable Vintage Advertising Items, including tins, dishes, shop wrapping paper, etc. 15-25
150.    A XIX Century Malacca Walking Stick, with a horn handle; together with another XIX Century walking stick and one other; Kelly's Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham 1973. (4) 30-50
151.    Subbuteo Wolves and England Teams, scoreboard, T.V gantry, goal nets, etc, "American Bricks". 20-40
152.    Stamps - Blocks of Maroc, French. World issues in albums, photographs, diaries etc, in case. 20-40
153.    1930's Wooden Yacht Table Lamp, XIX Century mahogany tea caddy, oak book trough, pair of alabaster temple lions:- One Tray. 20-30
154.    An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Mantel Clock with circular dial and Arabic numerals; together with a c.1960's mantel clock (Smiths). (2) 15-25
155.    Fishing Rods - Archer and Son Three Sectional, two others similar, another Edgar Sealey 'Blue Match'. (4) 20-40
156.    Stamps - G.B 1951 Festival High Value Set, Castles, Definitive's, World, in three albums and loose, first day covers's etc:- One Box 20-30
157.    Voigtlander Vito B, Kodak No. A127 and Brownie camera's, accessories. 20-30
158.    Colour Slides, medium format 120mm - Austria, Cyprus, Netherlands streets, buildings, featured approximately 240 all with locations noted. 20-40
159.    Two Albums and a Stockbook of G.B and Commonwealth Stamps, from Queen Victoria. Plus G.B mint decimal stamps with face value of 7.50 and a Stanley Gibbons 1940 simplified stamp catalogue. 15-25
160.    A Pair of Spelter Figures of a Blacksmith and a Steelworker. (2) 30-50
161.    Carl Zeiss 50mm F1.4 Planar T Camera Lens, Sirius 28 - 70mm F; 3,5-4 lens, both boxed. (2) 30-40
162.    Comitti of London Balloon Clock, with Wedgwood cameo inset, 26cm high. 40-50
163.    A Gilded Metal Cased Carriage Style Clock, having eight day movement, bell strike, black Roman numerals to white inset panels, 23cm high. An early XIX Century brass wire magazine rack on stepped oak base and bun feet. (2) 20-40
164.    A XX Century LEJEUNE (England) Chrome Car Mascot, of a Pheasant game bird. 30-50
165.    A XIX Century Parquetry Crib Board, in the form of a triangle. 30-40
166.    A British Coal Mining Company Wales UK, brass miners lamp. 20-30
167.    Swinburne & Co, Teddington, No. 748 Electrical Motor, of cylindrical form, having ten screw fittings to wide base, 24cm high, A.T.M. Co Ltd II 5141 1919 cylindrical implement. 15-30
168.    Ayrton, Saunders & Co of Liverpool Brass Scales Class B to Weigh 2oz, having single drawer to mahogany base, 26cm wide. 15-25
169.    A Tiffany Style Table Lamp. 30-40
170.    Oxidised Copper Desk Stand, as a WWII Aeroplane, on oval smokers base, 14.5cm high. 20-40
171.    A XX Century Ebonised Style Bracket Clock, (Tempus Fugit) with a silvered chapter ring with Roman numerals; together with a 1940's oak mantel clock. (2) 15-25
172.    Fishing Rods - Allcocks Billy Lane Match Rod, three sectional, Foster Bros 'The Perfect' three sectional, three others, Morritt's, Prince and two other reels. 15-25
173.    Cello, The Stentor Student Two, 105cm long. Plus The Stentor Student One, 105cm long in blue canvas carrying case. 40-80
174.    Railway - Great Western and First Great Western Original Railway Station Posters, including timetables and special train service information, approximately twenty. 20-40
175.    Oak Demilune Cased Canteen of Martin Hall & Co Sheffield Cutlery. 20-30
176.    Railway - 35mm slides, mounted and unmounted many hundreds. 20-40
177.    Canteen of Cutlery, plated sugar baskets, napkin rings, mother or pearl card case, etc. 15-25
178.    Lawn Green Bowls - B.1.B.C Official 72 96 in Lignum Vitae, numbered 1 to 4, in carry case, Ankra ladies wristwatch. 20-40
179.    Oak Tray, with cut corners, handled gallery and plain plated name plaque, 53cm wide. 15-20
180.    Smith Sectric Bakelite Cased Art Deco Clock, Metamec retro mantel clock, "Rhyhm" vintage pedestal clock, Junghans astra quartz mantel clock, etc:- One Tray 20-40
181.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Rimmed Glass Salts, a plated three piece tea set, openwork vase, swing handled basket, bread board, mug etc:- One Box 20-30
182.    Oriental Ceramic Wall Plaque, featuring exotic birds, amongst foliage, within yellow floral border, approximately 36 x 23cm, framed. 20-30
183.    A Modern Wall Hanging Barometer/Hygrometer/Thermometer, of antique style, boxed. 20-40
184.    Parnall & Sons Ltd Early XIX Century Oak Based Shop Scales with Marble Top, brass and pottery trays, 52cm wide, The Aloliver Meat Press No 56. (2) 40-60
185.    A Framed Triumph Poster 'The Best Motorcycle in the World', (Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd, Meriden Works, Allesley Coventry England). 20-40
186.    A Circa 1950's 'Sirrah' Picnic Case, containing six place setting, bakelite sandwich boxes, condiments, vacuum flask (two replacement vacuum flasks). 30-40
187.    Fishing Rods - Tom Pickering Tri Cast and Trophy, Daiwa x 3, Ron Gyles x 2, Conolon 1000 and one other. 30-50
188.    A Silver Plated on Copper Four Piece Plated Tea Set, of plain design with gadrooned edge, a hotel ware four piece tea set, a decorative plated tray, oval dish, etc. 25-40
189.    A White Naval Peaked Cap CT2A/3269, 'HMS Heron Cap'. Harrods 'Sandringham' Trilby, Dunn & Co Fedora, etc. 15-25
190.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Cutlery, including a mother of pearl handled three piece carving set (Geo. Wostenholm & Sons), pair of cut glass knife rests, steels, sugar tongs, glass salad servers etc. 20-30
191.    A Large Quantity of Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles, ring and earrings. 10-15
192.    Three Modern Dulwich Designs Wooden Jewellery Boxes, 14cm wide, boxed; together with a larger jewellery box, boxed. (4) 20-40
193.    A XIX Century Plated on Copper Coffee Pot, of baluster form on circular spreading base, a decoration plated teapot and matching jug with pierced decoration, pair of sauce boats, Art Nouveau style swing handled footed dish, pair of twin branch candelabra etc. 30-40
194.    Cricket Books. 'Swanton World of Cricket', Wisden 2001, Yorkshire C.C.C., other publications. 10-20
195.    A Large Box of Costume Jewellery, including ornate bead necklaces, imitation pearl bead necklaces, earrings, brooches, etc. 10-15
196.    Two Leather Gladstone Bags. 15-25
197.    London Clock Company Wall Mounted Clock and Matching Barometer, of ships style, boxed; a wall hanging clock/barometer on rectangular plaque (boxed); and a modern barometer. (3) 30-50
198.    Three Modern Mantel Clocks, boxed; together with a "London Clock" cream quartz mantel clcok, boxed. (4) 30-50
199.    After Yosuf Karsh 'Henry Moore' Lithograph, 30.5 x 23cm, Brylcreem advertisement from Picture Post 1949. 20-30
200.    Fishing: Brass Bound Cane Rod and Others, Atherton & Son of Sheffield keep net. 20-40
201.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Plated Ware, including three piece tea set, footed dishes, entree dish, shell butter dish, cruet, napkin rings, toast rack, twin handled tray, etc:- One Box 25-40
202.    Bus Timetables 1960's & 70's, including Eastern Scottish, Devon, Yorkshire Central (thirteen), approximately 550 x 35mm negatives. 20-40
203.    Sanyo Solid State Music Centre Model G 2615N, Grundig EW3, Yamaha RY10, quantity of microphones, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
204.    XIX Century Mahogany Pier Glass, 76.5cm overall height. 15-25
205.    Ivory Handled Mahogany Walking Cane, with silver collar, three other canes, yard rule. (5) 20-30
206.    Boosey & Hawkes Regent II Brass Instrument, possibly tuba, No 662-682153, 66cm long. 20-40
207.    Isabel Beatrice Mesham Signed Etching of a Continental Village Scene, signed bottom right, 35.5 x 25.5cm; together with one other print. (2) 15-20
208.    Minolta Dynax 500Si Camera, Zenit II. 20-30
209.    Pair of Antlers, approximately 99cm wide, (one point damaged), mounted on a wooden shield, dated 1969. 40-60
210.    Nine Various Brass Potato Weights 7lb to 4oz, some stamped Avery, four other weights. 25-45
211.    Colour Slides, medium format 120mm - London and area 1980's streets, buildings, features, approximately 250 all with locations noted. 20-40
212.    Early XX Century Oak Aneroid Barometer 'Tycos, with a circular dial, gadrooned edge. 20-30
213.    An Early XIX Century Burroughs Wellcome & Co, London Medicine Box, in a canvas holdall, used for explores, expeditions and Royalty. 40-80
214.    Pentax ME Super Camera, Zenit TTL Camera, Zenit EM Camera, Chinon CS Camera (4) 25-40
215.    Snooker. Thurston & Co, London Snooker rest with markers name to brass fittings, together with long cue. A tin cased two piece cue by B.C.E 15-30
216.    Railway Station Original Official Posters, including Network South East, British Rail, Western region, approximately fifty, in rolled up form. 30-50
217.    Smokin' Joe Frazier Montage, featuring Everlast red left hand boxing glove black pen signed and image of him squaring up to Muhammad Ali, framed overall 94 x 61cm. 40-60
218.    Fishing Rods, Milbro, Marco, Shimano and two other rods, Shakespeare 'Beaulite', 'Graflite', Daiwa, Mitchell and one other reel, wicker creel. 30-50
219.    An Afghanistan Herat Wool Runner, decorated figures and animals, tasstle ends, 205cm x 108cm. 40-60
220.    A Modern Pale Blue Jewellery Case, (boxed), a Dulwich Designs navy and tan leather jewellery case, boxed, mirrored butterfly jewellery stand. (3) 15-25
221.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles, etc, together with three boxes of "Treasures of The Earth" stone collections, and four novelty vintage style miniature ladies single shoes etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
222.    A Smiths Electric Wall Clock, in Bakelite casing, 37cm diameter. 20-40
223.    Art Deco Wall Mirror, with floral decoration to pink tinted side panels, 92cm high. 30-40
224.    Fishing Reels - Gypsy Dior, Mitchell 309, Milbro, ELO, Leeda and others. 20-40
225.    Five Chinese Wall Hanging Scrolls, circa mid XX Century, one boxed. (5) 15-30
226.    Formula One Yearbook, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2007-08, 2008-09, Stuart McIntyre tribute to Ayrton Senna print, 42.5 x 59cm, three others. 10-20
227.    Fishing Hardy 'Palakona, The Gold Medal' Three Sectional Split Cane Rod, with spare end section, in canvas bag. 30-50
228.    Early XX Century Oak Smokers Cabinet, with lead glazed and silver compartment holding repaired Adams Tobacco jar, 29.5cm wide. 30-40
229.    A George VI 'Teletetra Extinctuer' Fire Extinguisher, with Royal Cypher, wall mounting. 20-30
230.    A XIX Century Oil Lamp, with blue tint shade with floral decoration, glass funnel, glass well, with painted floral decoration (cracks to the well) on a stepped base, together with a XIX Century O.S.P candlesticks (plate badly rubbed) 20-40
231.    1930's Oak Four Drawer Office Table Top File, with brass loop handles, 38cm wide. 20-30
232.    Sankey Art Nouveau Brass Jug, candlestick, Islamic pin tray, etc:- One Tray 15-30
233.    A Pine Framed Leaded Glass Sign "Signs", 90cm wide, with handle - probably a travelling salesman item. 30-40
234.    Glass Drink Dispenser, brass oil lamp, having frosted shade. 15-25
235.    South Africa 1955 Cricket Autographs, including Jack Cheetham, Jackie McGlen, John Waite, Headley Keith, Hugh Tayfield and others, approximately sixteen signatures, blue ink signed on a Gunn & Moore County bat. 20-30
236.    A Lapis Globe, each country represented with a different mineral or semi precious stone, on metal stand, with certificate. 30-50
237.    A Terry Gorman 'Spirit of Sheffield' Colour Print, graphite signed, 38 x 47cm. A George Cunningham 'Fargate' limited edition colour print of 850 31 x 44.5cm. 15-30
238.    Three Modern Boxed Photograph Frames, a cased set of teaspoons, vintage Arthur Wood vase and a retro green telephone (786 GNA 80/4) 15-20
239.    A Students Brass Oil Lamp, (converted) with a green shade, glass funnel, on a circular base. 30-50
240.    A Vintage "Anglepoise" Table Lamp. 25-35
241.    A XIX Century Brass Log Bucket, with raised fruit decoration and lion mask handles. 30-50
242.    Three Modern Wall Hanging Barometer/Thermometers, of antique style, boxed. (3) 30-50
243.    Railway - Colour 35mm slides, approximately 400 to include UK blue diesels, USA, South Africa, Turkey, Syria steam locomotives:- One Box 20-40
244.    First Day Covers 1978-87 (approximately 189), U.S.A stamp collection in album and loose plus U.S postal service yearbooks. Eighteen 33rpm records including Queen, Mike Oldfield, Bob Marley. 20-40
245.    Bell and Howell Model 476 Projector, circa 1930's, in original case, quantity of discs including Charlie Chaplin 'Kife of The Party', 'The Waiter', 'Felix's Free Lunch. 30-50
246.    Fishes Flies in Fox Box, Steade Fast, Osprey, Greenwell and other cases. 20-40
247.    Dickens Works, sheet music, 1950's catering booklets, Sheffield publications, etc:- One Box 15-30
248.    Cameras - Polaroid 1000, Fuji Instax 100, Kodak Ektar, Canon, Nikon, Minolta Binoculars, etc:- One Box 15-25
249.    Fishing, wicker creel containing aluminium bait tins, Leeds, Platil, etc. 15-30
250.    Three Modern "London Clock" Mantel Clocks, tallest 24.8cm high, boxed. (3) 30-50
251.    Railway - Timetables, handbills, 1950's The Railway Observer, other publications, large quantity of railway photographs:- Two Boxes 30-50
252.    Pentax MG Camera, with a Cosina 28-210mm lens, Pentax SFX Camera with a Sigma 28-200mm lens. 25-40
253.    Tokina 80-200mm and Tamron 49mm Lenses, Agfamatic 3008 Camera, military canvas bag, accessories. 20-30
254.    Airline & Aviation - Twenty civil aircraft marking books, other related publications, large quantity of aeroplane photographs:- Two Boxes 20-40
255.    Figure Skating Ephemera, Horse Racing Jumps annuals, Captain Hitchcock, Peter Brush, Hunter Chasers 1972, Wisdens magazines and Doncaster Rovers 'Streetwise' home shirt, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
256.    16oz One Piece Snooker Cue, in metal case (no visible makers name) Webex ash baseball bat and one other. 15-25
257.    Fishing, Wilco Wilcolite Fly Landing Net, with wooden frame, extending slide action and turned handle. 10-20
258.    Skiing Pair of Vintage Cross Country Ski's, by Schuster, bearing label 'Asmu, Sporthaus, Schuster, Munchen', stamped '2814'; together with bamboo hand poles. 40-60
259.    A Small Selection of Various Jewellery Boxes, etc 10-15
260.    Alex McAdam (Scottish Artist) "The Leaning Amsterdam 1987" and "Amsterdam 1987" - "Amsterdam Saturday Night and Sunday Morning...", framed as one and glazed; framed picture of a gentleman's meeting, seated at a table. (2) 15-20
261.    F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) Still Life Foxgloves, Oil on Canvas, 45 x 34.5cm, initialled, three others similar. (4) 20-30
262.    Seven Reprints, featuring Madagasca, Gulf of Oman, Pindari War, 20.5 x 35m. 20-40
263.    F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) ''Interior' Oil on Boards, 49.5 x 39cm, (label verso), another similar. Soldiers Chapel, Sheffield Cathedral, Watercolour, 44 x 36cm, indistinctly signed. (3) 15-30
264.    In The Manner of William Watson, Lahinch, County Clare, oil painting, 19.5 x 29cm, details verso. 40-60
265.    G.E Spotswood (Sheffield Artist) 'Canal Bridge' oil on board signed lower left, details verso 39.5 x 49.5cm. 'Winter in King Sterndale, Derbyshire", pastel, signed and dated 1975, and Surprise View water colour signed lower left (3) 30-40
266.    Pollyanna Pickering (Sheffield Artist), study of an Afghan Hound, mixed media, 59.5 x 29cm, signed lower right. 40-60
267.    S,M. Litten 'An Italian Boat at Sunrise', limited edition etching of 75, graphite signed, 25 x 30cm. Lewis Stant 'Bredon' etching graphite signed 20 x 35cm (2) 15-25
268.    F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) 'Dahlia', Watercolour, 38 x 43cm, signed lower right, (details verso), two others similar. (3) 20-40
269.    A John Dean 81 A.R.M.S (Dales Landscape Paintings), of hills in the background, barn in foreground with sheep, signed bottom right 44 x 49cm. 30-50
270.    A Pair of XIX Century Style Prints of Sailing Ships, in gilt frames, 11.5 x 16.5cm. A still life of fruit, oil on board. (3) 20-30
271.    A George Cunningham 'The Moor' Limited Edition Print of 500, signed 32 x 43.5cm,'By George' book with personal notation. 20-40
272.    F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) 'Pink Stripes', Watercolour, 30 x 25.5cm, (details verso), two others similar. (3) 20-40
273.    William Highfield (Sheffield Artist), Rivelin Valley, oil on canvas, signed lower left, details verso (cracking) 24 x 34cm 15-30
274.    Miles Sharpe, Oil on Canvas, of a Church in background, cottages, trees in the foreground, by river, signed lower right, 39 x 49cm. 30-40
275.    Edward Billin (Sheffield Artist), countryside scene with distant buildings, oil on board, signed lower right, 39 x 49cm. 20-40
276.    English School, Study of White Birds Nesting, Watecolour, 40.5 x 51cm. 20-40
277.    L. Carlisle, Tranquil Moorland Scene, with heather in foreground and mountains to distance, pair gouache, 9.5 x 17.5cm, signed lower right. 20-40
278.    Eric Gregory (Sheffield Artist) 'Porter Clough, Winter Sun', and 'Wood Cliff from Clough Lane', pair of watercolours 27 x 37.5cm. 20-30
279.    In The Manner of Harry Kernoff, Portrait Study of a Gentleman, oil on canvas, 40 x 30cm, signed top right, T.H, Posy Ring, watercolour, oval 28 x 21.5cm and lakeland print. (3) 20-40
280.    Attributed to John McCombs (B. 1943) 'The Gypsy', Mixed Media Abstract Study, 8 x 6.5cm, details verso, early engraving of Edmund Hall 1557. (2) 50-90
281.    A XIX Century School, Still Life Study of Fruit, Wine and Jug, oil on board 29 x 54.5cm. 50-80
282.    John Shooter, Romeo and Juliet's Balcony in Verona, watercolour, signed lower left 48 x 29.5cm. a similar Italian scene landscape size. (2) 20-40
283.    A.A. Pair of Bird Studies, mixed media, 25 x 17.5cm, both monogrammed. 15-30
284.    Jean Woodhead, Ringinglow Watercolour, 24 x 35.5cm, signed lower right. 15-25
285.    F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) Filey, Yorks, Watercolour, 24.5 x 35cm, label verso, three still life watercolour's. (4) 15-20
286.    B.M.S Coastal Study with Lighthouse in Foreground, oil on canvas, 16.5 x 24cm, initialled and dated 1894, another of remote church scene. (2) 20-40
287.    T. Tenant, countryside scene with fishergirls on log, oil on board, signed lower left, 59.5 x 90cm 15-25
288.    Attributed to Lady Mason 'Auntie......' Watercolour, 35 x 24.5cm, monogrammed F.M. (details verso), E. Wigmore, E. Jagger, still life, oil on board. (4) 20-30
289.    A Late XX Century School, Still Life of Fruit, oil on canvas, indistinctly signed, 37 x 27cm. Pair of modern miniatures of ladies in gilt frames. (3) 15-25
290.    Sun Flowers in Glass Jar, Oil on Canvas, 45.5 x 35cm, 'By Mrs Saltfleet' verso, two others similar. (3) 20-40
291.    XIX Century English School, Study of Horse, Dog and and Figures on a Country Track, Watercolour, 24 x 36cm, another of tranquil coastal scene. (2) 20-40
292.    F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) 'Floral Panel', Oil on Canvas, 50 x 60cm, label verso, two other oils similar. (3) 20-40
293.    F.W. Hattersley? Isolated cottage with figures on track outside, mountains in distance, watercolour, signed and dated '91, 10.5 x 31.5cm. A pair of fashion prints in single frame (2) 15-30
294.    A George Cunningham 'Pinstone Street' Limited Edition Colour Print, of 500 32 x 43.5cm. another 'Fulwood Village' both blind backstamped. (2) 20-30
295.    Stillings, Scene Outside Hillsborough, for record attendance v. Barnsley, 1923, oil on board, 77 x 104cm, signed and dated '82. 40-80
296.    John Wheatley, Study of a Gentleman, Pencil and Watercolour, 69 x 49cm, signed lower right. 20-40
297.    H.M. Bateman, Colour Prints, including 'Very well Meant'. ' The Umpire Who Wasn't Looking', 'The Guardsman Who Dropped It', 25 x 36.5cm, two others faded and two other examples. (7) 40-60
298.    A Large Collection of Sea Charts, of Scandinavia, approaches to K Benhauven, published by Admiralty New Editions 1975, entrance tot he Gulf of Finland plans on the North Coast of Morocco, Mediterranean Sea, Libya Tolmeta to Salum, plans on the Coast of Libya, Mediterranean France South Coast and other Nautical charts. 50-100
299.    An Art Deco Style Modern Wall Clock, "London Clock", boxed; together with a vintage style black quartz mantel clock, boxed. (2) 30-50
300.    A Selection of Costume Brooches, including ornate floral sprays, cameo style, butterflies, Marcasite, etc, together with jewellery box:- One Tray 20-30
301.    A Selection of Costume Brooches, including "Miracle" Celtic style, others similar, floral style, Cameo design etc:- One Tray 20-30
302.    Commemorative Coins, other coins, gent's cufflinks a Queen Victoria Commemorative "Diamond Jubilee" Cross, a pen knife, a small collection of lighters, including diplomat, comic, Mosda, etc, spectacles etc, spoons, etc:- One Tray 15-25
303.    Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, including Sekonda, Eterna-Matic, Accurist, Seiko etc:- One Tray 20-30
304.    A Wedgwood Jasperware Pendant on Chain, a small selection of ladies compacts, small trinket boxes, rosary beads, religious pendants, Celtic style pendants, etc. A par of amber coloured clip earrings, further earrings, loose beads and buttons, sewing interest etc, together with a jewellery box:- One Tray 20-30
305.    A Balance Lock Necklace, two jet coloured bead necklaces, similar pendant, another bead necklace, a bar brooch, of flower head design, a Fleur-De-Lys style bar brooch, suspending locket pendant, another locket, a miniature gilt coloured "New testament", another pendant, and a Victorian Malachite heart pendant etc:- One Tray 30-50
306.    A Hallmarked Silver Blue John Dress Ring, oval collet set, between bifurcated shoulders, another similar with rope twist border, stamped "925", further "925" and other rings, a large belcher link chain, stamped "925", further chains, a shell pendant on chain, a circular locket stamped silver, a cameo style pendant, various drop earrings, necklaces, pendants, etc:- One Tray 20-40
307.    A Selection of Gilt Coloured Costume Jewellery, including ornate panel style bracelets, bangles, necklaces and rings, including jewellery box:- One Tray 10-15
308.    Butler and Realm Ring Watches, gold on silver cuff links, Sekonda, Waltham, Omega and other wristwatches, costume jewellery etc:- One Box 20-40
309.    Three Pewter Mugs, souvenir teaspoons, sleeve band, cross pendant, Butlins Clacton 1966 enamel badge, glass trinket dish, etc. 10-20
310.    Seiko, Sekonda, Tissot, Citizen, Ridgeford and other Wristwatches. 20-30
311.    A Selection of Costume Jewellery, including faceted bead necklaces, a similar "Butler & Wilson" flower head bracelet, together with a small selection of ornate diamante and other necklaces, drop earrings and bracelets etc:- One Tray 15-25
312.    Vintage and Later Diamente Costume Jewellery, including necklaces, earrings etc. 15-25
312A.   A Decorative John Turton Plated Four Piece Tea Set, with bird of prey finials, an oval plated gallery tray. (5) 30-50
313.    A Quantity of Ladies Wristwatches, including Spirit, Pulsar, Sekonda, Avia, Fossil etc:- One Tray 10-15
314.    Dulwich Designs Mauve Leather Jewellery Boxes, a jewellery case, purple and silver fabric covered jewellery box (boxed). (4) 20-40
315.    A Small Selection of Vintage and Later Costume Brooches, including Czechoslovakian style floral brooch, further diamante floral spray brooches, including gilt coloured pins and bar brooches etc:- One Tray 15-20
316.    Buler: A Vintage Style Gent's Wristwatch, the rectangular signed dial with block markers, and day/date aperture, to bracelet (lacking pin), together with further gent's wristwatches, including Sekonda, Olympus, Montine, etc, also including a modern "Ingersoll Triumph" pocket watch, and other pocket watch parts etc. 30-50
317.    A Coral Coloured Bead Necklace, to fastener, stamped "750", a rope twist necklace, "925", another chain, stamped "925", a Figaro link necklace, a decorative ingot style pendant stamped "St Valentines Day 1977", "Silver 925/1000", a hardstone inset ring collet set, within textured border and bifurcated shoulders, stamped "Silver", another ring, claw set centre allover textured finish stamped "925", together with a selection of costume jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklaces, gilt coloured necklaces and bracelets, an ornate diamante tiger head necklace, a similar elephant brooch, further brooches, pins,etc, rings, two modern choker style necklaces, similar earstuds, and two ladies wristwatches, including Ingersoll and Excalibur:- One Tray 20-30
318.    A Collection of Vintage and Later Wristwatches, including Montine, Limit, Timex, Sekonda, Everite, Rotary, Ingersoll, etc, also including a Smiths nurses fob watch. 15-25
319.    A Selection of Vintage and Later Ornate Diamente and Marcasite Set Costume Jewellery, including brooches, dress clips, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, a bangle, and a claw set tiara:- One Tray 20-40
320.    Vintage and Later Costume Bead Necklaces, including faceted jet coloured bead necklaces, similar bead necklaces, a two stand graduated bead necklace, stamped "Made in Western Germany" to fastener etc:- One Tray 30-50
321.    A Single Strand Pearl Bead Necklace, imitation pearls, diamente necklace, heart pendant, Peter Rabbit badge, enamel butterfly brooches, etc:- One Tray 20-30
322.    XVIII Pewter Plates, including Thomas Giffin, James Dixon, meat plate, two warming plates, tankards, candlesticks. (19) 30-50
323.    Silver Hardstone Inset Brooch, modern bracelet, costume jewellery. 15-25
324.    A Quantity of Ladies Wristwatches, including Citron,Solo, Pia, Lorus, Timex etc:- One Tray 10-15
325.    Vintage and Later Costume Bead Necklaces, including faceted jet coloured bead necklaces, faceted amber coloured and similar bead necklaces, a panel style bracelet, of floral design, an alternate claw set necklace, etc:- One Tray 30-50
326.    A Varied Collection of Vintage and Later Costume Jewellery, including a Victorian style oval brooch, cabochon centre, double claw set, within textured border, further brooches, imitation pearl bead necklaces, other bead necklaces, pendants and chains, etc, clip earrings, ladies wristwatches, including boxes:- One Tray 20-30
327.    A Selection of Ladies and Children's Wristwatches, including Next, Morgan, Limit, Little Tix, IEG, etc, together with a ladies "Superoma" fob watch, of flower head design, a gent's Next wristwatch, further gent's wristwatches:- One Tray 10-15
328.    Two XVIII Century Pewter Plates, 24cm diameter, bearing touchmarks and monogram, two other larger and dish, four Tambornino dishes, glass bottomed tankard, ladle. 30-50
329.    A Freshwater Pearl Bead Necklace, similar bracelet, further costume bead necklaces, three bangles, two panel style bracelets, a pair of gent's racing car cufflinks, stamped "SJC Pewter", three rings, drop earrings, etc, including two jewellery boxes:- One Tray 15-20
331.    A Selection of Costume Brooches, including modern material flower head brooches, further floral spray pieces, cameo style, etc, together with various enamel pins, including "Olympic Games 1960", "National Hospital Service Reserve", "Treasurer ", "Secretary", etc:- One Tray 20-25
332.    Dubarry Pattern Canteen of Plated Cutlery, pewter and other mugs, plated salver, cruet set, bottle coasters, Hukin & Heath basket, etc. 30-50
333.    Picquot Ware, four piece tea-coffee service, on a matching tray. 20-40
334.    Three Dulwich Designs Cream and Black Leather Jewellery Rolls, (boxed); a Dulwich Designs jewellery case (boxed), etc. (5) 25-40
335.    Five Modern Dulwich Designs Black Leather Jewellery Cases, (boxed). (5) 20-40
336.    A Vintage "Celtic Beehive" Four Piece Tea Set; together with a plated tray. (5) 20-30
337.    A Large Dulwich Designs Burgundy Leather Jewellery Case, 32.5cm wide, with attached House of Fraser price tag 130.00, boxed. 30-50
338.    A Selection of Modern "925" and Other Costume Jewellery, including textured bangles (2), a large heart pendant on chain, further pendants on chains, a small selection of sliding bead charms, various stud earrings etc, including boxes:- One Tray 15-20
339.    Meerschaum and Amber Cigar Holder, cheroot holders, agate seal holder, Mother of Pearl fruit knife with silver hallmarked blade, magnifying compass:- One Tray 30-40
340.    A Collection of Fountain and Other Pens, including Waterman, Schaeffer , Parker etc, an oval plate on copper tray. 20-30
341.    A Modern Hallmarked Silver Mounted Miniature Easel Back Clock, a two blade folding knife with hallmarked silver scales, on identity bracelet. (3) 20-30
342.    A Silver Bon Bon Dish with Pierced Design, Birmingham, 9cm diameter. Georgian silver spoon, mother of pearl fruit knife having silver blade, open twist button hook in case. 30-50
343.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Case, leaf scroll engraved and initialled "JCW". 20-40
344.    A XIX Century Canton Ivory Trinket Pot, carved with figures in garden settings, a pair of miniature bone binoculars. (2) 30-40
345.    F.C. Thornton, 'Senora Maria Paz and Christina', miniature watercolour, 7 x 5.5cm. 40-80
346.    Set of Six "LeNM" "830s" Teaspoons "Bergen"; a pair of hallmarked silver spur sugar tongs (initials). (7) 30-40
347.    Birmingham & District Amateur Gymnastic Association Enamel Medallion Pendants, "Staniforth Hall Ladies Athletic Club" hallmarked silver brooch (lacking pin) "Presented by W. DARBY 1925", etc. 15-20
348.    A Hallmarked Silver Trinket Box, of oval form raised on four tapering legs. 30-50
349.    An Art Deco Style Matched Hallmarked Silver Three Piece Cruet Set; together with another, of rectangular design. 40-60
350.    A Hallmarked Silver Cigarette Box, of rectangular form, allover engine turned (damaged). 20-40
351.    A Hallmarked silver Cigarette Box, of plain rectangular form, monogrammed. 20-40
352.    Three Silver Pushers, three spoons, two forks, cigarette case, mother of pearl handled desserts knife and fork. 30-50
353.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, in a fitted case, a hallmarked silver bon bon dish. commemorating Queen Victoria 1837-1897, of open work design, a hallmarked silver thimble, another similar, together with three pieces of "Silver Plate" and "EPNS". 25-35
354.    A Small Circular Hallmarked Silver Photograph Frame, on easel back; novelty model duck ornament (hallmarked silver filled) and a novelty wrapped sweet pill box. (3) 20-40
355.    A Modern Broadway & Co Hallmarked Silver Mounted Bottle Coaster, with turned wood base and inset disc, 9.3cm diameter. 20-30
356.    A Jet Coloured Pin, with carved fruit design, another similar a panel style bracelet a pair of jet coloured drop earrings with inset highlights, a ladies fob watch (damages), a miniature vintage purse containing hair ornaments, etc, and a framed quote "The Innermost". 20-25
357.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, (damages) in a fitted case; a three piece cruet. 20-30
358.    A Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Teaspoons, of Art Deco style, with matching tongs, in original fitted case; together with a set of six hallmarked silver coffee spoons, each with mother of pearl finial, in a fitted case. (2) 30-50
359.    A Hallmarked Silver Baby's Pusher and Spoon, in original fitted case; a pair of Victorian hallmarked silver fiddle pattern sugar tongs and a spoon. 20-30
360.    A Hallmarked Silver Baked Hand Mirror, decorative hallmarked silver lidded glass dressing table jars, a hallmarked silver handled button hook, etc:- One Tray 30-50
361.    A Small Hallmarked Silver Backed Brush, engine turned, a hallmarked silver vase (damaged) a hallmarked silver shell dish with glass liner, decorative tongs etc 20-40
362.    Assorted Gent's Enamel and Other Cufflinks, including vintage RAF, novelty terriers, horse and rider, etc; tie slides/clips, etc. 20-40
363.    A Highly Decorative Set of Six Hallmarked Silver Handled Fruit/Knives, in original fitted case; together with a set of six hallmarked silver apostle teaspoons, in a fitted case. (2) 25-40
364.    Vintage Costume Waist Buckles, diamante brooches, etc 20-30
365.    A Hallmarked Silver Money Clip, boxed. A vintage miles counter/pedometer West Germany, opera glasses (damages), a cheroot with hallmarked silver detail, cased, a stamp case, another gilt case, a "Pyramid Puzzle" in box, a cased fork and spoon etc:- One Tray 20-30
366.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings, an openwork example, on EPNS cigarette case, a hallmarked silver vesta form lighter, hallmarked silver push and spoon, mother or pearl handled hallmarked silver caddy spoon, etc:- One Tray 30-50
367.    A Selection of Gent's Wristwatches, including Animal, Sekonda, Pierre Cardin, Adidas etc:- One Tray 10-15
367A.   A Decorative Glass Decanter, with hallmarked silver collar and shaped stopper, a pressed glass and plated mounted claret jug, etc, on a circular galleried plated tray. (4) 25-40
368.    A Selection of Modern Costume Jewellery, including a dainty Pandora bracelet, stamped "S925" "ALE", with two bead like sliding charms, a wide Celtic style bangle, of plaited design, stamped "925", another bangle, a hallmarked silver ingot pendant, on chain, another smaller hallmarked silver ingot pendant, with foliate edge and reverse, also on chain, a small selection of imitation pearl bead necklaces, etc, further costume pendants on chains and bead necklaces, two brooches, a novelty cord necklace,suspending "Heinz Baked Beans" style beads, two ladies wristwatches, including Daniel Wellington etc:- One Tray 30-50
369.    A Selection of Modern Ornate Costume Jewellery, including large heart shape pendants on chains, cameo style pendant, similar brooch, a wide panel style bracelet, with flower head decoration, further diamante style bracelets, rings and ornate necklaces:- One Tray 10-15
370.    Vintage and Later Costume Jewellery, including bracelets, pendants, diamante bracelets, marcasite set wristwatch dress rings, dress clips, etc:- One tray 20-30
371.    A Selection of Modern Costume Jewellery, including ornate bead necklaces, bracelets, drop earrings, panel style bracelets, brooches, etc, including vanity style case:- One tray 10-15
372.    Vintage Shell Carved Cameo Panel Bracelet, with filigree spacers, "925" and other earrings, vintage costume brooches, etc:- One Tray 20-40
373.    A Selection of Vintage and Later Gilt Coloured Costume Jewellery, including a "Miracle" panel style bracelet, with large oval claw set panels, further similar bracelets and necklaces, floral brooches, bangles, various earrings, hair ornaments, etc:- One Tray 30-50
374.    EPBM Four Piece Tea Service, oak biscuit barrel, goblets, cutlery, other plated wares:- One Tray 20-30
375.    Two Bottle Condiment Stand, stoppered glass bottles, three piece plated cruet, small glass alt and pepper pots, elongated rectangular twin handled tray, etc. 15-25
376.    A Modern Freshwater Pearl Bead Necklace, further imitation pearl bead necklaces, similar earrings, gilt coloured costume jewellery, rings, bead necklaces, bracelets, etc, including a "1977" "The Queens Silver Jubilee" souvenir/commemorative jewellery box, other boxes:- One Tray 10-15
377.    Assorted Costume Jewellery, including "Mother" brooch, imitation pearls, bead and other necklaces, chains etc:- One Tray 20-40
378.    A Czechoslovakian Style Brooch, together with further diamante ornate brooches, earrings, hair ornaments, etc:- One Tray 10-15
379.    A Modern Bangle Stamped "925"; Middle Eastern Necklace and Earrings, cake forks and spoons, Kings pattern sugar tongs, earrings, bracelet, etc. 20-40
380.    A Highly Decorative Electroplated Tea Pot, allover foliate decorated, a modern boxed set of six dog knife rests, cased apostle teaspoons, Thailand key rings, vintage "Weneropolis Egyptian Blend" Wooden box:-One Box 10-20
381.    A Victorian Hardstone Brooch, marcasite set panel ring, oval cameo brooch, St Christopher pendant on chain, etc:- One Tray 20-30
382.    A Selection of Costume Brooches, including floral sprays, cameo style 'Miracle' Celtic style:- One Tray 20-30
383.    Modern Amber Coloured Bracelet, vintage and other bead necklaces, "Mother" and other brooches, etc:- One Tray 10-20
384.    Assorted Plated Ware, including Mappin & Webb Plated Twin Handled Tray, XIX Century plated on copper caddy, salver, decorative glass tots on tray, condiment stand (lacking handle/jars/bottles), Three piece tea set, dish, boxed fish knives and forks, etc. 40-60
385.    A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklaces, other bead necklaces, bracelets etc:- One Tray 10-15
386.    Gents Wristwatches, to include Rostini, Rotary, Seiko, Next, Limit. 20-40
387.    A Decorative Plated Three Piece Tea Set; together with a large oval twin handled Victorian Style plated tray, overall width over handles 75.5cm. (4) 40-60
388.    Watches: Oulm Adventurer, G-Shock, Zeon Tech, SWC Pro Dive and two Pure Radio's. 20-40
389.    A Modern Long Single Strand Polished Jade Colour Bead Necklace, modern multi faceted bead necklace and another. (3) 20-40
390.    A XIX Century Breakfast Warming Server, with twisted screw off handle, 23.7cm wide; A Matching Hallmarked Silver Lidded Mustard and Salt, with matching spoons. 30-40
391.    Costume Jewellery, including wristwatches, rings, earrings, necklaces, in a creamy jewel case with key. 40-50
392.    A Pair of Novelty Italian Swan Salts, with hinged openwork wings; a shaped dish and a hallmarked silver spoon. (4) 20-30
393.    A Hallmarked Silver Sauce Boat, with decorative border, raised on three hoof feet. 25-30
394.    A Hallmarked Silver Mounted Glass Vase, of baluster form, foliate detailed; an antique style EPNS mounted photograph frame, on plush easel back. (2) 20-30
395.    A Set of Silver Handled Dessert Knives and Forks, in Mappin & Webb case, circa 1915. 40-60
396.    A Pair of Hallmarked Silver Backed Brushes, engine turned, one "Hamish Much Love Audrey", the other "JDWL 18.11.71" with matching comb in original fitted case. 20-30
397.    A Silver Hallmarked Barrel Shaped Cigarette Dispenser, London 1929, with engine turned decoration, initialled and with presentation inscription to "Henry Collingwood Kaye by his colleagues at Midland Bank Ltd ....28th Feb 1933", a silver hallmarked napkin ring and a half leather covered spirit flask. 30-40
398.    A "Broadway" Hallmarked Silver Backed Three Piece Dining Table Set, engine turned, in original fitted case with associated hallmarked silver backed comb. 50-80
399.    A Vintage Style Bar Brooch, with horse shoe detail, stamped "9ct", in a fitted case, a hallmarked silver oval locket pendant, of foliate design, a wide bangle part foliate design to snap clasp and safety chain, stamped "1/5 9ct", "Metal Core"(?), together with a further decorative bead necklace, another etc. 40-60
400.    Victorian Style Fringe Necklace, modern earrings, dress ring, openwork brooch, square bangle, etc. 20-40
401.    Freshwater Pearl Bead Bracelet, similar ornate necklaces (2), a modern amber coloured brooch, a rectangular pendant, stamped "925", similar pendant, a modern drop pendant, of bark effect, stamped "925", on fine chain, a large bead style bracelet, stamped "925", another similar. 10-20
402.    Two Modern Hallmarked Silver Napkin Holders; a collection of thimbles. 20-30
403.    A Vintage Octagonal Ladies Compact, initialled (damages), hallmark worn, a large pearl set marcasite flower brooch, stamped "925", another brooch and a claw set alternate necklace. 20-30
404.    A Small Selection of Czechoslovakia Style Brooches including butterflies, etc, together with similar ornate costume rings, miniature perfume bottles, with embroidered details, an imitation pearl bead necklaces, with alternate flower head panels, a similar bar brooch of flower head design, etc 15-25
405.    A Large Circular Shell Inset Brooch/Pendant, stamped "ALPACA", a pair of modern style earrings, stamped "MEXICO" "925", a Celtic style bead necklace, alternate freshwater pearl detail, suspending oval collet set pendant, with rope twist detail, stamped "Sterling", an ethnic style bangle, a modernist style brooch, textured finish,stamped "925" Silver", and three pairs of earrings. 20-30
406.    A Small Selection of "375" and Other Ladies Earrings. 60-100
407.    A Curb Link Bracelet, (damages/incomplete) muff/guard chain and an "Athletic Union Football League" hallmarked silver pendant, coin cufflinks. 30-50
408.    A Fancy Graduated Three Strand Necklace, with alternate seed pearl highlights, stamped "9ct", including a swivel style fastener.
409.    A Graduated Curb Link Albert Chain, button hooks, gent's cufflinks, further chains, etc. 20-30
410.    Links London: A Modern Hallmarked Silver Bangle, of open work design, together with a similar modern circular two row choker style necklace, suspending alternate charm style pendants, and fine belcher link details to T-Bar fastener, with matching bracelet, another bracelet of belcher link design, suspending novelty whale pendant/charm, including box and pouches. 20-30
411.    Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, Victorian bar brooch, filigree butterfly, sleeve bands, Charles Horner hallmarked silver bangle, rings, clip earrings, key rings etc. 15-25
412.    A Three Stone Diamond Ring, collet rubover set between crossover shoulders; A Single Stone Diamond Ring, claw set between crossover shoulders, stamped "15pts DIA" "750". (2) 100-200
413.    A 9ct Gold Gypsy Style Ring, star set; An 18ct Gold Sapphire and Diamond Ring, rubover set throughout. (2) 80-120
414.    A Single Stone Dress Ring, claw set; and eternity band, inset throughout; a three stone ring. (3) 50-100
415.    A 9ct Gold Signet Ring, oval panel initialled, to plain shoulders, a Chester hallmarked 9ct gold novelty key pendant/charm. 30-50
416.    A 9ct Gold Single Stone Dress Ring. 15-25
417.    A 22ct Gold Narrow Wedding Band Ring. 50-70
418.    A 9ct Gold Plain Signet Ring, another similar of a larger size, stamped "9ct" (damages). (2) 40-60
419.    An Art Deco Style Dress Ring, with inset graduated highlights, stamped "18ct & PT", a keeper style ring (worn), between open work shoulders, stamped "18".(2) 100-150
420.    An 18ct Gold Stone Set Cluster Dress Ring, of modernist style, within bifurcated shoulders. 180-220
421.    A Modern 9ct Gold Dress Ring, collet set centre, within openwork textured border. 40-60
422.    A 22ct Gold Wedding Band Ring. 100-150
423.    A Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Cluster Dress Ring, claw set throughout (stone missing), between ornate inset shoulders. 100-150
424.    A Modern 9ct Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring, the brilliant cut stones claw set, between plain shoulders, stamped ".25 DIA", together with an 18ct gold illusion set diamond ring, between tapered shoulders, stamped "DIA ".(2) 80-120
425.    A 9ct Gold Gent's Signet Ring, with part textured panel, another 9ct gold gent's signet ring, with plain panel to tiered shoulders. 80-120
426.    A 9ct Gold Patterned Wedding Band Ring, together with two 9ct plain wedding band rings, 30-50
427.    An Illusion Set Dress Ring, graduated heart shape setting, within textured shoulders, another similar, and a full eternity style ring, stamped "9ct". (3) 80-100
428.    A Three Stone Ring, claw set throughout, between tapered shoulders. 50-100
429.    A Plain Wide Wedding Band Ring. 150-200
430.    A Modern 9ct Gold Inset Dress Ring, of open work twist design, a 9ct gold narrow plain wedding band ring and two similar full eternity style rings. (4) 80-120
431.    A Sapphire and Diamond Three Stone Ring, rubover set (shank thin); together with a two row ring, between openwork shoulders. (2) 100-150
432.    A Ruby and Diamond Ring, graduated claw set, indistinctly stamped. 100-150
433.    A Decorative Marcasite Pendant, with collet set centre, a similar bar brooch, with heart shape centre, and Marcasite open work detail, A Rennie McKintosh style bar brooch, of open work design, stamped "925", similar drop earrings, a bar brooch, collet set centre, of open work foliate design, A Celtic style bangle, a Claddagh style ring further earrings. A panel style bracelet of collet set design, with chain connections, (lacking fastener):- One Tray 20-30
434.    A 9ct Gold (Possibly Chester?) Seed Pearl Bar Brooch, with swallow and foliate detail (damages), a Victorian style Cameo brooch, depicting female form, with open work border, another similar, an "EIIR" "Coronation June 2nd 1953 bone China Cameo style brooch, a circular pin/brooch, a cabachon centre, with gilt coloured three crown textured detail, and a similar foliate border, stamped "Sporrong & Co" "Stockholm", a gilt coloured heart shape locket style brooch/pin, two rectangular brooches, with collet set centres, and open work borders, another similar pendant, with inset highlight, and ornate border, a cross pendant, further bar brooches, a ring etc. 25-35
435.    A 9ct Gold Art Deco Style Bracelet, with alternate engine turned and open work panels. 80-120
436.    A Belcher Link Bracelet, stamped "9.375", another bracelet, stamped "375", a modern 9ct gold pear shape pendant, collet set twist rope twist border, together with detached expanding wristwatch bracelet (two pieces), stamped "9.375". 100-150
437.    A Modern 9ct Gold Two Row Bracelet (Damages), a 9ct gold dress ring, stamped "CZ". 60-100
438.    A 9ct Gold Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, collet set; an oval cameo pendant on a chain. 30-50
439.    A Tree Pendant on Chain, (stamped "750"), a diamond set pendant, a pair of teardrop stud earrings and matching pendant, a green hardstone pendant and a Victorian locket back brooch. 50-100
440.    A Faceted Belcher Link Graduated Albert Chain, suspending T-bar stamped "9ct", to double swivel style clasps. 100-150
441.    A Modern 9ct White Gold Heart Shape Locket Pendant, with inset highlights, and textured details, on fine chain, another similar 9ct gold oval locket pendant, with Celtic design, reverse states: "A Best Friend is Like a 4 Leaf Clover Hard to Find and Lucky to Have", also on fine chain. 60-80
442.    Loose Chain Links, (stamped "375"), enamel "British Railwaymens Touring Club" badge, ladies vintage wristwatch head (no strap), Edwardian style brooch, etc. 20-30
443.    A Victorian Oval Hardstone Panel Brooch, a circular bog oak type brooch, Irish style, a curb style bracelet, stamped "18ct Rolled Gold", a Victorian style gilt coloured bangle, of openwork design, with alternate inset highlights, another brooch, depicting a bunch of grapes, a jet coloured hat pin and a pair of drop earrings. 20-40
444.    A Georgian Style Cut Steel Shoe Buckle, an Art Deco ladies cocktail watch head (no strap), expanding and other bangles etc. 10-20
445.    Medal 1934-35 Liverpool County F.A. Challenge Cup Runners Up Medal, in 9ct gold bearing hallmarks '9', '375' and Chester 1934 date mark. The front bearing Liver Bird crest, the obverse with wreath surrounding engraved competition details, 2.5cm diameter. 100-150
446.    A Modern Cluster Drop Pendant, on 9ct gold chain, further chain, ropetwist earrings. 50-100
447.    A 9ct Gold Ingot Style Pendant, on chain, stamped "9ct". 280-300
448.    A Wedding Band Ring, all over textured finish, stamped "18ct"; together with a Victorian style dress ring, with graduated cabochon highlights, within wide textured shoulders, stamped "10" (damages). 80-120
449.    A Graduated Rope Twist Necklace, stamped "9K". 60-80
450.    An Oval Shell Carved Cameo Brooch, depicting female profile, between openwork shoulders; a small knife edge bar brooch. (2) 40-60
451.    A Pair of Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Gent's Cufflinks, the geometric engine turned panel to chain suspension. 60-100
452.    Rotary: A 9ct Gold Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers, to openwork panel style bracelet. 100-150
453.    A Pair of Chester Hallmarked 9ct Gold Gent's Cufflinks, the oval panel initialled, with arrow design, to alternate panel, to chain suspension. 100-150
454.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Leda Vintage Wristwatch, on an openwork bracelet; a hallmarked silver cased ladies wristwatch (import marks) on a strap. (20 30-50
455.    A Decorative Part Hallmarked Silver Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the white gold with black and red Roman numerals within green enamel bezel, bearing import marks for London 1912, on an expanding bracelet; together with another example, (bracelet broken). (2) 20-40
456.    A Hallmarked Silver Sovereign Case, of plain design. 30-50
457.    An Ornate Edwardian Style Pendant, of openwork design, with collet set highlights, stamped "9ct", on box link chain, stamped "9K", 60-100
458.    Omega: A Vintage Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals, in Art Deco style case, stamped "Omega" "Fab-Suisse" "Swiss Made" to case inside, to later expanding bracelet. 30-50
459.    Modern Farrari Gent's Wristwatch, case back numbered "SF.", in original box; Stuhrling modern gent's wristwatch, in original box. (2) 30-50
460.    Tissot: A Modern Ladies Wristwatch, the mother of pearl dial with line markers and date aperture, to two colour bracelet, including original box and booklets, guarantee card dated 28.08.2018 40-60
461.    Longines; A Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with black Roman numerals, the case back engraved "Presented to H. A Warren by Wilkinsons Furniture Limited 42 Years Service", on a strap, in original box. 150-200
462.    Emporio Armani: A Modern Ladies Wristwatch, the rectangular dial to two tone bracelet, in original box. 30-40
463.    A Victorian Style Gilt Coloured Oval Locket Pendant, with rectangular centre detail, a "MOTHER" bar brooch, A Royce ladies wristwatch, with open work bracelet, another similar, a Rego fob watch, on chain, another similar Eurastyle, (lacking chain) 20-30
464.    Eurastyle; A Vintage Gold Plated Cased Openface Pocketwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within engine turned case. 20-40
465.    Omega; A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and centre seconds, the movement stamped "Omega Watch Co" and numbered "28322400", inside case back numbered "131.019SP", on a strap. 80-120
466.    A Small Selection of Ladies Wristwatches, including Rotary, Citron, Sekonda, Limit, etc. 5-15
467.    A Hallmarked Silver Cased Openface Pocketwatch; together with a decorative fob watch with italic Roman numerals, curb link part chains, Victorian hardstone brooch, locket pendant, etc. 30-50
468.    Modern Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk WR200 Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with subsidiary dials and digital displays, in original box with spare bracelet links. 30-50
469.    Rotary: A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and date aperture, to integral expanding bracelet, in rotary box. 20-25
470.    W.M Pyke & Sons Ltd Birkenhead; A Gold Plated Cased Hunter Pocketwatch, the signed dial with black Arabic numerals and seconds subsidiary dial, within plain case, together with a chain. 30-50
471.    Avia Vintage Ladies Wristwatch, the case back stamped "0.375", on later expanding bracelet; further ladies wristwatches, including "Rolled Gold" cased etc (damages). 20-40
472.    Sekonda: A Vintage Style Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and date aperture together with a Ruhla gent's wristwatch, the signed dial with Roman numerals, to Timex bracelet, and an Envoy wristwatch. (3) 10-20
473.    A Set of Six Chester Hallmarked Silver Napkin Rings; together with another napkin ring and a modern Rotary gents wristwatch. 20-30
474.    Tissot: A 9ct Gold Case Ladies Wristwatch, the signed dial with Arabic numerals and dagger markers, to integral gate style bracelet, stamped "Rolled Gold", in a fitted case. 30-50
475.    Omega; A Vintage Electronic F300 Hz Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with black markers,centre seconds and date aperture (movement unseen), on a later strap. 100-200
476.    A c.1970's "Sheffield Instalite" Jump Hour Gent's Wristwatch, on a later strap. 25-40
477.    HEMA: A Vintage c.1960's Diver's Style Wristwatch, the signed black dial with dagger markers, centre seconds and two subsidiary dials, (movement unseen) case back stamped "20ATM", on a later expanding bracelet. 100-200
478.    Seiko Sportsmatic Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with centre seconds and day/date aperture, on a strap. 50-80
479.    Assorted Ladies and Gent's Wristwatches, "Combat" openface pocketwatch. 15-20
480.    A 9ct Gold Cased Ladies Wristwatch, the white dial with black and blue Arabic numerals (glass cracked), within plain case, on expanding bracelet stamped "9ct", with clasp; together with a ladies wristwatch head (damages). (2) 100-200
481.    Two Imitation Pearl Bead Necklaces, a modern Rotary ladies fob watch, of all over foliate design on chain, a heart shape locket pendant, with textured finish, stamped "9ct" "Back & Front", on chain, together with a gent's Ingersoll wristwatch, including boxes. 10-20
482.    Citizen Blue Angels Gents Wristwatch, Jet' hip flask. 20-30
483.    Omega; A Vintage Gent's Wristwatch, the signed dial with line markers and centre seconds, (movement unseen) on a strap, in an Omega box. 70-100
484.    Accurist; A Modern Gent's Wristwatch, the signed black dial with dot markers, centre seconds and date aperture, case back numbered "MB653B", in original box. 20-40