The Household Auction on
Saturday 7th March 2020

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Lots subject to normal VAT rules are marked in the text-only catalogue with double 'at' characters (@@) to indicate a VAT inclusive rate of 5%.
Lots marked in the text-only catalogue with a bullet character () are subject to the Artist's Resale Right Scheme.
Lots marked in the text-only catalogue with a small tilde character () are subject to the CITES Agreement.

1001.   Angle Poise Lamp, walking canes, fire irons, cylindrical tin box:- One Box with a brass fender. 15-30
1002.   Breweriana, Bass water jug, Toby Jug, Senior Service water jug, beer mats, ashtrays, Guinness wine cooler, etc. 15-20
1003.   Three Frameless Wall Mirrors. 15-25
1004.   Stoneware Storage Jars, together with a wicker basket:- One Box 10-20
1005.   Silver Plated Teaware, oil lamp (lacking chimney), balance scales:- One Box; together with a gilt framed oval bevelled mirror and an oak framed print 'In Pensive Mood'. (3) 20-30
1006.   Pottery Figures or Birds, figures of Japanese ladies etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
1007.   Flags, White Ensign, 255 x 125cm, also England and America, some hand held ones:- One Box 25-30
1008.   A Star Wars Computer Gift Set, Kylo Ren model, Dan Dare 1989 calendar, other publications, Top Trumps, Talking Teacher model kits etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
1009.   A Great Western Railway Company Mirror, Cadbury Mirror, Pears Soap, other mirrors. (4) 15-20
1010.   Sickle, padlocks, rulers, dolls pram, cutlery, etc:- One Box and a Pye Radio. 15-20
1011.   A Box of Artists Paints and Materials, a quantity of art related books:- One Box and a Winsor and Newton folding easel and another. 20-30
1012.   Denby 'Chevron' Grill Plates and Serving Dishes, Arabia Finland (various patterns) etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
1013.   After John O'Gilby, Oxford to Cambridge, reprint map, 34 x 41cm, similar 'Ireland Described', Paul Henry, mountain landscape print. (3) 10-20
1014.   Three Stylish Modern "London Clock" White Wall Clock, each with pendulum, boxed; "London Clock" glass wall clock, 40cm diameter (boxed); novelty "TEA" cup and saucer wall clock, etc. (7) 30-50
1015.   Table Lamps, jewellery cases, shredder:- One Box - including Atsonea Flowerpiece Screen Oil Painting (damage). 15-25
1016.   Kitchenware, including Invicta griddle, Tefal Wok, Le Creuset pan, Screwfull, cutlery, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
1017.   Quantity of Wall Light and Table Lamps:- One Box 15-20
1018.   Pottery Figures, gilt teaware, trinkets etc:- Three Boxes. 10-20
1019.   Oriental and Other Pottery Figures, Crown Ming Teaware (boxed), glassware etc:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1020.   A 20 Meter Roll of 1960's Vintage Cotton Fabric, with a design of yellow poppies on a cream ground. 15-25
1021.   China, glassware, metalware, display stand, etc. 10-20
1022.   Pottery Blue Vases with Gold Birds, with pottery landex clock and flowered wheel barrow centre piece etc, together with pottery vases 29cm high, table centre piece fruit decoration, green glass dimpled vase 30cm etc:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1023.   ''Car'' Radio Boxed, oil lamp with amber coloured shade, chrome fire companion set, Thornes toffee tin, bellows, brass candlesticks etc. 10-15
1024.   Stanley Hand Drills, other tools, Hobbin foot, cutlery, napkin rings:- One Box 15-20
1025.   Millers Guides, Lyle price guide 1994, four Times Post Albums, etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
1026.   Moulding Planes, Rebate plane, etc:- One Box 25-45
1027.   Rapier 500 Plane, Record No. 4 x 3, Marples marking gauge, many other tools:- Two Boxes 20-40
1028.   Knitting Needles, sewing patterns, cottons, buttons, etc:- in wicker basket. 20-30
1029.   Enid Blyton's Nature Lover's Book, first edition 1944 War Economy Standard, pub. Evans Brothers Ltd, London, 160 Drawings by Donia Nachshen and colour plates by Noel Hopking, 1950's Film Revue Books, Red Letter Art Edition Holy Bible, other children's books:- One Box 10-20
1030.   Johnson's Dinner Ware, Midwinter teaware, figurines, Beswick salad dish, WWF, Leonardo figures, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1031.   Six Pottery Table Lamps:- One Box 15-20
1032.   Roberts Radio, C.D.'s, jewellery boxes, playing cards. 15-25
1033.   Mappin & Webb, Gladwin R.D.C Presentation Salvers, tea bowl (cracked), Alfaro Fruit Centre, three jardinieries. 15-25
1034.   A Fibre Optic Santa and Reindeer Over Roof Tops, display cabinet:- One Box 5-10
1035.   Holcroft Iron Pans, petrol can, camping heaters, etc:- in two wooden crates. 15-25
1036.   Three Modern Mantel Clocks, boxed; a "London Clock" clock and a modern "London Clock" digital glass clock. (5) 30-50
1037.   Matchbox, Lledo Cars, box of draughts, other games etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
1038.   A Red B.T. Telephone (Tele 8746 D) B.T. Vanguard Tele 400/AR serial no. 91181051699, Saisho Telephone, B.T Duet Tele 5046AR. 8-12
1039.   Vitry Ware Vase and Planters, table pottery, fans, cottages, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1040.   Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in wood frame, 70 x 98cm, print, needlework and firescreen. (4) 10-20
1041.   Jackson Woodmans Axe, plus one other, Lynx saw, Eclipse saw, chains, glassware, bred crock, etc 15-30
1042.   Various Brass and Iron Light Fittings, (ceiling and wall) bathroom fittings curio cabinet and two pine wall shelves. (4) 5-10
1043.   Kelly's Directory of Sheffield & Rotherham 1948, other books, Taylor Hobson x 50 eye piece 112/814-66 alignment telescope, pond heater, Nintendo, Sphinx chess voyager, etc:- One Box 20-40
1044.   Singer Sewing Machine, Sharp 10P-35 portable music centre, Samsonite briefcase. 10-20
1045.   Apex Silver Plated Table Heater, two glass cakestands, a copper spray, etc:- One Box 20-40
1046.   Glove, microscope, jigsaw puzzles, Nintendo DS, etc:- One Box 15-25
1047.   Quantity of Pottery, glassware, cutlery, pans, studio vase:- Four Boxes 15-25
1048.   33rpm Records, including Jethro Tull, Heaven 17, Supertramp, quantity of D.V.D's, Imperial Typewriter:- Two Boxes 15-20
1049.   A Gilt Rectangular Shaped Wall Mirror, together with one other mahogany mirror. (2) 10-20
1050.   A Quantity of Ladies and Gents Clothing, including gents evening suit, cream jacket, fur gilets, etc. (6) plus a suitcase. 20-30
1051.   Four Ashton Drake Porcelain Dolls, (one boxed), soft teddy bear and duck, dolls armchair:- One Box 10-15
1052.   Denby Powder Blue Pottery Hornsea Cat Salt and Pepper designed by John Clappison, Hornsea pottery, vases, ornaments, glassware etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
1053.   Charpente Classic Pooh Bookends, (two sets) and a photograph frame. (3) 20-30
1054.   Chinese Style Rice Bowls, together with a box of pottery animals etc:- Two Boxes 5-10
1055.   A "London Clock" Antique Style Mantel Clock, boxed; together with an Art Deco style wall clock with elongated pendulum (boxed); and another clock. (3) 40-60
1056.   Christmas Decorations, candles, light shades, wicker basket. 15-25
1057.   Records, Singles and L.P's, Ace of Base, Mike Oldfield, Roy Orbison, Disco US, etc:- Three Boxes 10-15
1058.   Cigarette Cards, two World Cup folios, a large vintage, Blackpool proof postcards, etc:- One Box 15-25
1059.   Royal Doulton Cut Glass Decanter and Six Wine Glasses, other cut and plain glass stemware, vases etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1060.   Tor Q Socket Set. 30-50
1061.   Marshall 15 DFX Speaker and Amp, Bosch drill, untested: sold for parts only. 15-30
1062.   Three Boxes of C.D's, including Indie, Chart, Radiohead, Keane, Eminem, New Order. 20-40
1063.   A Quantity of Books. mainly on collecting themes. 10-20
1064.   W. Marples & Sons, Sheffield, Brass Spirit Level, spray gun, hammers, spanners, moulding planes, drills, tenon saw etc:- Two Boxes 30-50
1065.   A Large Quantity of Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. 10-15
1066.   Beneres Brass Jardiniere, other brassware, Shelley baby plate, beaker, blotter, Hilsen Gunnar Brekke dishes, etc:- One Box 15-25
1067.   Two Boxes of Annuals and Books, including Superman, Star Wars, Beano, etc.
1068.   Recorder, fishing reels, cuckoo clock, chess, advertising boxes, mimosa compact, etc:- One Box 15-25
1069.   Crown Ducal Tulip Pattern Teaware, Paragon 'Belinda', Royal Worcester 'Evesham' tureens, Portmeirion, Arthur Woods wall pockets etc:- One Box and a Basket. 10-15
1070.   Twelve Danbury Mint Collectors Plates, from the 'Poetry of the Westie' collection (all boxed), a Coalport Steam Legends plate and two The Railway Children plates. 15-25
1071.   Plates to include Art Deco Galleon, Italian Spode, Disney, Copeland, Paragon Athena coffee ware etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1072.   Wax and Cosmetic Bottles, scales. 10-15
1073.   Whisky Glasses, vases, bowls etc, Murano style fish other glass ware: - Two Boxes. 5-10
1074.   Bradex Tutankhamun and Nefertiti Plates, others collectors plates, dog door stops, radio, etc:- One Box - Oak Fire Screen, GS Mitre Saw. 15-25
1075.   Buffy The Vampire Slayer Magazines, calendar, Angel diary, figures, official Spice Girls photo album:- One Box 15-20
1075A.  Two Sky Boxes and Remotes
1076.   A Quantity of Cook Ware, Bay ceramic planter, bread crock, cutlery, etc:- Three Boxes 10-15
1077.   D.V.D's, Kill Bill, Superman, Casino Royale, Dragon Fighter, etc:- Three Boxes 10-15
1078.   Bread Crock, ceramics, glassware, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1079.   Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming and Other Books:- Two Boxes 10-20
1080.   Master Pro 1200 Amp Jump Starter. 30-40
1081.   A Joiners Tool Box with Two Fitted Drawers, containing many tools, tennon saws, moulding planes, Spear & Jackson saws, Maples & Sons chisels, drills etc. 40-60
1082.   Cutlery, bread board, ram door stop, picture:- One Box 10-20
1083.   A Modern "London Clock" Westminster/Whittington Chime antique style Quartz wall clock, with pendulum, 69.5cm high, 30-50
1084.   A Quantity of Projector Slides, books, radio. 10-15
1085.   A Danger Sign, bicycle and car accessories, towing connector etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
1086.   A Large Quantity of Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Oven and To Table Pottery, including tureens, flan dishes, biscuit jar, serving dishes, flour dredger etc:- Two Boxes. 60-80
1087.   Pair of Alabaster Table Lamps, another pair by Rochamp, brass fox head door stop, glass vase:- One Tray 15-25
1088.   A Modern "London Clock" Westminster Chime/Ave Maria Antique Style quartz wall clock, with pendulum, 59.5cm high, boxed. 30-50
1089.   Plated Ware, glassware, clock etc:- One Box 10-20
1090.   Quantity of Plates, including Leeds, Wedgwood, Colclough, Observers and Beatrix Potter books, postcards, etc. 15-20
1091.   Praktica 8x25 and Other Binoculars, Nikon, Vivitar, Pocket Duo, Bilora Bella and other camera's:- One Box 15-20
1092.   A Large Quantity of Costume Jewellery, including bead necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings, earring, etc. 10-15
1093.   Smiths Mantel Clock, Bushnell Binoculars, camera's Dinky Alfa Romeo Diecast car and others:- Two Boxes 15-25
1094.   Turned Wooden Chess Set, playing cards, draughts, brush sets, evening bags, etc:- One Box 15-25
1095.   Plated Ware, coins, coin boxes, jewellery boxes, First Day Covers, empty stamp album, cutlery, etc:- One Box 15-20
1096.   Theatre Programmes, Funny Girl, GiGi etc, together with sheet music etc:- Two Boxes. 10-15
1097.   A Plated Posy Bowl, plated cigarette box, cut glass basket, pedestal bowl etc:- One Tray 10-20
1098.   Two Albums of World Mainly Modern Mint Stamps and Covers, on the theme of Composers with initials E to H and M to S fine condition throughout. 15-20
1099.   A J.B & Co Ltd Park Pewterware Three Piece Tea Set, of Art Deco style, a swing handled footed dish, assorted cutlery:- One Tray 8-12
1100.   A Cream Anvil Telephone, Prinz Binoculars, truncheon, Chillington Arpax Axe, Oliver's Revealer, Surgicon Box:- One Box 20-40
1101.   Eastgate Fauna, Rextable Piggy Banks, Coopercraft and Doulton horses, etc. 15-25
1102.   Large Tree Stump Moulded Vase, flapper picture etc:- One Box, with a bowl of lustre fruit and an 'Academy' classical centrepiece. (3) 10-20
1103.   Vases, display plates, Doulton bell etc, and a leaded effect light fitting:- One Box. 10-20
1104.   Oriental Imari Plates, table lamp, ginger jar, figure, vase etc:- One Box 15-25
1105.   A Wagner ex Perfect Flexio 525 Paint Sprayer, for masonry and textured paint, (boxed). 15-20
1106.   Bush Radio TR 82 D, Universal Avometer, C.D.'s, plates, pictures, chess, etc:- One Box 15-25
1107.   Energer 2000W Wallpaper Stripper, Bosch multipurpose tools and three Bosch drills (no batteries), untested sold for parts only.
1108.   Three Sets of Salter Electronic Salt and Pepper Mills. (3) 15-25
1109.   Maps, Ireland, Swansea, Iona, Austria, England, Scotland any more, also railway books, trains and trails, live steam, etc. 20-25
1110.   Pottery, Japanese egg shell, Noritake, Wellington china, decorative tile, Royal Doulton, Victoria ironstone, etc:- Three Boxes 10-15
1111.   Brassware, weight scales, tankards, letter racks, etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
1112.   Eight Corgi Vintage Glory, two Albion Lorry, Heavy Haulage Set and one other, all in damaged bxes. 40-80
1113.   Sorby Chisels, Garnock Bibby & Co Ruler, Ridgway Expansive Bit, many other woodworkers tools in wooden trunk.
1114.   Two Leather Bags, The Beatles 'All My Loving', Bill Haley 'Rock Around The Clock', Wallace & Gromit talking radio alarm clock, mirror plus case of cd's 15-25
1115.   Tenon Saw, chisels, screwdriver's Stanley plane, etc:- One Box 10-15
1116.   Cutlery and Cutlery Boxes, tankards, mirror:- Two Boxes and a tripod table in case (3). 10-20
1117.   E Garnett Orme 'Great Spotted Woodpecker' limited edition colour print of 230, signed .Pollyanna Pickering and other prints:- One Box 15-25
1118.   Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, 1912, signed copy of By George (George Cunningham), modern crime related and Bird Watching, other literature:- Two Boxes 10-20
1119.   Prints, books, stool, feathers, evening bags, etc:- in leather case and hat box. 15-25
1120.   Mirror, Frank Green Liverpool print, Chinese rugs, etc:- One Box 15-25
1121.   Tins, large quantity including - Fox's Glacier Mints, MacFarlane Biscuits, Woods Wine Biscuits:- Two Boxes 20-40
1122.   Minton Dishes, planters, teaware, pottery hen on nest, coasters etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
1123.   A XIX Century Holy Bible, mirror etc, together with a Chesworth chandelier:- Two Boxes 5-10
1124.   A Stanley No 80 Plane, tri-square, other wood works tools, hat stand, walking canes. 20-40
1125.   Two Early XX Century Stoneware Bottles, Walt & Ferguson Botanical Brewers, Rotherham, two early XX Century measures, pressed glass dressing table tray, pressed glass jug, thimbles etc:- One Box 15-20
1126.   Evolution Circular Saw, Bosch multi purpose tool, Erbauer 1100w reciprocating saw and Hitachi angle grinder. (4)
1127.   A Halfords Medium All Seasons Car Cover, mats and other motoring accessories. 15-25
1128.   Four Milk Churns, one 77cm, two 54cm and one 42cm approximately, plus one galvanised watering cand. (5) 20-30
1129.   Garden Ornaments in the Shape of an Obelisk, trees 86cm high on wooden planters, one other in a terracotta pot, 76cm high, one other in a small round terracotta pot. (4) 15-20
1130.   Westminster Teak Steamer Chairs. (2) 15-30
1131.   Garden Planters, ranging in various sizes 30cm, 32cm, 27cm, 21cm high. 15-20
1132.   Garden Ornaments, bird bath 61cm high, pair of small boot planters and an otter ornament (4) 15-25
1133.   Sealey Space Heater, together with a work platform and LED light etc.
1134.   Six Spotlights, on adjustable beams. 15-25
1135.   Seven Spotlights, on adjustable beams. 15-25
1136.   Logik Fridge Freezer.
1137.   A Pair of Metal Tubular Chairs, together with a pair of marble tops 50cm x 50cm. 10-20
1138.   Spear and Jackson Tree Lopper, garden tools. 15-20
1139.   Flymo Sprinter Mower, multi trim Flymo strimmer. Qualcast punch classic 35S and Bosch hedge trimmer, untested sold for parts only. (4) 20-25
1140.   A Quantity of Garden Tools, spades, shovels, hoe, tree loppers, garden fork, etc. 15-20
1140A.  Niceday Black Swivel Office Chair, on five star base. 1-20
1140B.  A John Lewis Washer
1140C.  A Beko Electric Cooker; untested sold for parts only.
1140D.  A Zanussi Freezer.
1140E.  A John Lewis Fridge.
1140F.  A Stihl BG 86C Leaf Blower.
1140G.  Garden Hose Pipe, Wilkinson Sword Lawn Edgers, other garden tools.
1141.   Tools, saws, hammers, g clamps, hacksaw rasp, spirit levels, braces, engineers vice axe, micrometre, aluminium steps etc. 20-30
1142.   Extending Ladders
1143.   Skiing - Atomic Arc, Sondre Telemark, Peltonen Cosmic and other skies, with bindings, poles. 20-40
1144.   Quantity of Picture Frames and Two Prints. 10-20
1145.   John Lewis Washing Machine.
1146.   Zanussi Electrolux Drier.
1147.   Sony Bravia 22 BX Television and Remote, LG Television and remote. (2)
1148.   Samsung White Framed 22 4W Televison and Remote.
1149.   Curry's Table Top Freezer.
1149A.  An LG Television, digital DV 3, screen 93 x 53cm, with remote, lead and manual.
1150.   A Becko Black Fridge Freezer.
1151.   Titan 400W Dirty Water Pump, together with a Eneger 1220W paddle mixer (untested sold for parts only)
1152.   Two Early XX Century Oval Shaped Mirrors, with bevelled glass. 15-20
1153.   Hoover 2000 W Upright Cleaner.
1154.   G Tech 22 x Ram plus SW22 cleaners. (2)
1155.   A Reebok Exercise Bike. 5-10
1156.   A Large German Hard Shell Suitcase. 10-20
1157.   A Large 'American Tourister' Hard Shell Suitcase. 20-30
1158.   Various Tools, including Clarke nail gun Erbauer sander, safety harness etc:- One Box
1159.   Middle Eastern Hamadan Wool Rug, allover geometric motifs on cream lozenge centre and claret ground, 160 x 100cm. 15-25
1160.   Double Bed, having Courts Ohio Mattress. 20-40
1161.   Double Bed, having Vi sprung mattress and headboard. 20-40
1162.   Panasonic TX32 Television and Skybox.
1163.   Two "Massive" Adjustable Standard Reading Lamps. (2)
1164.   Shooting Stick, umbrella's, rug, paper bin. 10-20
1165.   Kirsty Jayne Dinner Ware, of forty pieces, five D Day plates. 20-30
1166.   Susie Cooper 'Keystone' Tea Ware, of eighteen pieces. Spelter figure of athlete, pair of plated birds:- One Tray 15-30
1167.   Asiatic Pheasant Tureens and Sauce Boat, cranberry glass bowls and bell, Doulton and Cruse and Company plates, German figure, Pratts Italian Pottery chamberstick:- One Tray 20-30
1168.   Modern Meissen Pin Tray, collectors plates, Jerna cockerel, Bunnykins porridge bowl, muccini pottery vase, crystal ferris wheel and church etc:- One Tray. 15-25
1169.   Cut Glass Vase, Fruit Bowls, Sundae Glasses, brandy and whisky glasses:- One Tray 10-20
1170.   Duchess June Bouquet Table Ware, of thirty seven pieces, Albert 'New Romance' teapot, Paragon trinket box:- One Tray 15-25
1171.   Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Plates and Trinket Pot, Wade Viking ship and Whimsy, Wedgwood Jasperware trinkets, novelty piano teapot, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1172.   Meakin Studio Pottery, twenty five plates, two tureens, coffee pot, sugar and milk, two jugs, and another bowl, six teacups, five coffee cups, one meat plate. 25-30
1173.   Stoneglazed Studio Pottery Bowl, impressed A N Watson, other studio pottery, Highbank porcelain ginger jar and cover. R figures, lustre pottery jug etc:- One Tray 20-30
1174.   Coalport 'Burma Star Plate' No. 560/2500, boxed with certificate, other collectors plates from the 'Heroes of The Sky' etc plates, horn handled and other penknives, aeroplane clock etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1175.   Wade Whisky Water Jug, Denby plates, Nymr and larger teapot, flagons:- One Tray 15-25
1176.   Mailing Lustre Bowl, XIX Century Davenport Plate, (Queen Hotel Le Grand), XIX Century Dish, commemorative ware:- One Tray 15-20
1177.   Collectors Thimbles, including Sterling Silver, Wedgwood, Caverswall, Spode, Chelsea, Royal Albert, a thimble display stand, under dome, two Hummel figures, a Friedel figure, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1178.   A Wedgwood and Barlaston of Etruria White Urn Vase, a Wedgwood 'Classic Garden' heart shape dish. (2) 10-15
1179.   Royal Doulton Valentine Plates, from 1976-1985, Spode Christmas plates, Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge four seasons plates, Lyceum Theatre Sheffield limited edition plate 803/1000 etc:- One Tray 10-15
1180.   Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' Table Ware, of approximately fourteen piece, including coffee pot. Masons lamp, Winkle Pheasant dinner plates:- One Box 15-30
1181.   China Model Horses, (Melba etc), Staffordshire figures, other collectable items:- Two Trays 15-25
1182.   A Limogue Porcelain Dish, with a pierced border, floral decoration ATS silk handkerchief, folding needle box, Crucifix etc, together with ladies dressing table set. 25-35
1183.   Royal Worcester 'Royal Garden' Dinner Ware, of forty four pieces and damaged teapot and two tureens lacking lids. 30-50
1184.   A Pair of Japanese Figural Vases, Doulton and Coalport Figurines, blue and white measuring jug, Country Artist bird sculptures, etc:- One Tray 10-20
1185.   Wedgwood Blue Jasperware Pedestal Bowl, Poole hors d'ouvres dish, Norwegian Figgjo Turi Flint bottle jug etc:- One Tray 20-30
1186.   Miniatures, glass biscuit barrel with a plated lid, toast rack etc- One Tray 5-10
1187.   Beswick 'Palm Tree' Vase, designed by Albert Hallam, shape number 1067 Oriental pottery Sylvac Yorkshire Terrier, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1188.   A Large Quantity of Royal Worcester 'Evesham' Dinner Ware, segmented dish (boxed) tea pot etc. 30-50
1189.   Sea Charts - 'Newhaven to Calais' published London 27th October 1967, "Greece - Albania 4th January 1991, Entrance To The River Humber - 1983-1984, other sea charts:- One Box 10-20
1190.   Tea Pots, plates, table lamp etc:- Two Boxes 10-15
1191.   Deans Rag Book First Club Edition Bear 'George' No 461/3000, a quantity of traditional ladies headscarves, perfume bottles Jonghans electronic clock - One Tray and textile Art scene 'Inspired by Chesterfield Canal II' by Pat Roberts. 20-30
1192.   Cut Glass Vases, Basket, Cornucopia, etc, fruit bowl:- One Tray 15-25
1193.   Two Glass Decanters, ceramic bowls, Monk egg holder, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1194.   A Large Quantity of Tools - spanners, twin leg puller,Kasama socket one spanner set, pliers, hammer etc 20-40
1195.   Olympics - The 1960 Souvenir by Flagstaff, British O.A. Official Reports 1954, 68, 72. Open Golf Programmes 1996, 2000. Rugby Union World Cup Programmes 1995. Snooker and other sporting publications; 'Rugby League Express' Magazines, large quantity 1990's 'Rugby League Weekend' twenty three issues:- Two Boxes 15-25
1196.   Jigsaws and Games, Battle of Sexes, Outreach, Beatles Photomosaics, Lego Duplo, Senior Moments, Box of Shocks, Bargain Hunt, etc:- Three Boxes 10-15
1197.   A Selection of Mid XX Century Dolls, including Rosebud Wonder Baby, Made in England, playworn, in worn box and original leaflet, Vinyl bride doll, boxed damaged, and one other doll. A teenage doll dressed in fifties clothing, three smaller dolls, Rapunzel doll, Story of Doll Collecting leaflet, empty Pedigree doll box. Plus La Famille French Bella Dolls, including Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister and Baby, all playworn, one with arms detached. 40-50
1198.   Bass, Tempus Fugit, Minster and Other Clocks, W H Smith cassette, radios, gun cleaning rods, etc:- One Box 15-30
1199.   Plastic Farm Animals, figures, McDonald's, Crescent and other collectibles, Rubik cube:- Two Boxes 15-25
1200.   Sony Dream Machine, camera, lamps, iron, fan, etc; all untested: sold for parts only.
1201.   Linens, tea cosies, prints, costume jewellery, Doulton Tiger, (cracked), glassware, thimbles, books, etc:- One Box and Case 15-25
1202.   Lilliput Lane Models, including St Lawerence Church, Flower Seller, Stockwell Tenement, Moreton Manor and Wight Cottage (all boxed), five others, an amber glass 1930's dressing table set, Wedgwood jasperware, etc:- One Box 15-25
1203.   Wedgwood 'Lichfield' Tea Ware, of twenty one pieces, Wedgwood 'Sunflower' dishes, mirror, tureen, Arthur Wood posy basket, etc:- One Box 15-25
1204.   Three Leonardo Clown Figures, Cascades figures and others similar, clock etc:- One Box. 10-20
1205.   Crown Royal and Other Teaware, vases, trinket pots etc:- One Box 10-20
1206.   A c.1950's Tuscan Plant Floral Part Tea Set, pattern no. 7661A, Noritake coffee ware, Wedgwood Jasperware plate, Royal Albert and Spode cups and saucers:- One Tray 20-40
1207.   Mason's 'Regency' Tureen and Cover, Tea pot and muffin dish, Victorian green glass decanter painted with lily of the valley, Quimper charger and pierced dish, plated ware and a wooden miniature wheelbarrow. 25-35
1208.   Cut Glass Claret Jug, with plated mounts, eight cut glass napkin rings (boxed) wine and whisky glasses etc:- One Tray 20-30
1209.   Eight Wedgwood 'Waterways by Moonlight' Collectors Plates and four Royal Creamware 'The Floral Gift' plates, Aynsley photo frame:- One Tray. 5-10
1210.   Mason's Pottery 'Mandalay' Clock, Beswick Sairey Gamp tea pot, novelty tea pot, Ballantyne's black watch Pipe major figure, model pigs, Doulton 'Endeavor' plate etc:- One Tray 20-30
1211.   Six Coalport Collectors Plates From The Frosty Mornings Series, Poole pottery model of an Afghan hound, pottery sheep, cows etc:- One Tray. 15-20
1212.   Carlton Manchester Crested Military Figure, possibly WWI, pair bisque figures, plated wares, Babycham glasses, etc:- One Tray 20-40
1213.   A Matched Pair of Hose St Pottery Urns and Covers, painted with fruit on a thumbprint ground, other similar Hose St Pottery. (5) 15-20
1214.   A Pair of Old Foley 'Eastern Glory' Twin Handled Vases, Beswick 'Cottage' teapot and sugar basin, Waterford horse and jockey figure, Chance Glass handkerchief vase, etc:- One Tray. 20-30
1215.   Johnson Brothers Coffee Can and Saucer:- made especially for The Empire State Building, New York. Gilded plaster cherubs, Limogue shell dish etc:- One Tray 10-15
1216.   Beswick 'Old Mr Brown' and two other Beswick Owls, and many other owl figures in a variety of material including crystal, pottery, brass, etc; and a Trifari owl brooch:- One Tray 20-30
1217.   Glass Paperweight, with bubble glass inclusions and other glass paperweights, etc:- One Tray 10-15
1218.   Royal Doulton Character Jugs, The Poacher D6429 and a Maling Chintz jug for Ringtons. (2) 10-20
1219.   A Pair of Pressed Glass Vases, cut glass vases, cut glass bowl, cut glass decanter. (8) 5-10
1220.   Spode 'Italian' Square Bowl, Arthur Woods jug vase, William Bennet Art Deco cake plate, XIX Century jug etc:- One Tray 20-30
1221.   Goebel Budgerigars, Leonardo Figurines, Wedgwood American Sporting Dog Sepia Plate Cocker Spaniel other collectors plates:- One Tray 15-25
1222.   A Queen Anne Bone China Tea Service, other teaware including Wedgwood, Crown Staffordshire, Tuscan, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1223.   1970's Vintage Thomas (Rosenthal) Flammfest Dinnerware:- comprising:- seven lidded tureens (various sizes), five serving dishes, three lidded sauce boats, seven boxed twin handled dishes, open single handled pan and six smaller similar, eight each dinner, dessert and tea plates, six soup bowls and saucers, eight cups and saucers and meat plate, five ramekins, two jugs, coffee and tea pots, two milk jugs and a further teapot, milk and sugar. 30-50
1224.   A Pair of Staffordshire Type Spaniels, Italian pottery old English Sheepdog, square dish and glass cheese plate:- One Box 15-20
1225.   XIX Century Style Glass Decanters, with engraved decoration:- One Tray 20-40
1226.   Denby 'Arabesque' Pottery: Three Coffee Pots, eleven small plates, nine medium plates, thirteen tea cups and nineteen saucers. 30-40
1227.   A Mixed Lot of Assorted Costume Jewellery, including imitation pearl bead necklaces, other bead necklaces, bracelets, bangles etc:- One Tray 10-15
1228.    One Modern Jointed Teddy Bear, with The Teddy Bear Orphanage Adoption Certificate, Zeus a German Bear with grey squirrel fur, clipped snout, ultra suede paws, approximately 38cm high.
1229.   Jewellery Box, brooches, rings, compacts, earrings, large quantity of designer rings, in different colours. Plus one small box of rings. (3) 20-25
1230.   Wedgwood Peter Rabbit Child's Tea For Two Set, of nine pieces. 15-20
1232.   A Small Quantity of Mixed Coinage, including pre-decimal, foreign, Reichsbanknote, etc. 10-20
1233.   Costume Jewellery, bracelet, ear studs, bangles, neck chains, small figural display stand, compact, beads, etc:- One Box and small basket, (2) 15-25
1234.   Pen Knives - Richards, Wade and Butcher military, etc, corkscrews, coinage, pen:- One Tray 15-30
1235.   Assorted Costume Bead Necklace, vintage and later costume earrings, SOS talisman etc. 20-40
1236.   Stoneware Mortar & Pestle, copper funnel, candle stand, tastevin. 15-25
1237.   Car Hubcaps:- Peugeot, Honda etc:- One Box 15-20
1238.   EPNS Cutlery, pierced boat shaped bowl, toast rack, strap watch, cased tea knives and dessert spoons, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1239.   A Plated Heavy Four Piece Tea Service, Falstaff three piece tea service, two trays etc. 15-30
1240.   Harrison Bros & Howson Carving Set, James Dixon Table Knives, (cased), loose cutlery. 15-25
1241.   A Pair of Teak Circular Framed Wall Mirrors, 39.5cm diameter, an oval gilt framed wall mirror. (3) 15-30
1242.   Olivetti Letter A 32 Typewriter in carry case. 10-15
1243.   Wade Figures 'Newark' and 'Travelling Badger', pair vine etched decanters, other glassware, oak desk inkwell, schoolboy stamp album, Commemorative QEII coins, Tay Pottery Cottages, a quantity of Royal Observer Corps Episcope Silhouette I.D. Cards:- One Box 20-30
1244.   Cut and Pressed Glassware, including tazza's, carnival glass vases, dessert sets, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1245.   A XIX Century Blue and White Ornithology Wash Jug, Wood's Indian tree vase, Doulton, Willow, and other ceramics:- Two Boxes 15-25
1246.   An Alpine Scene, watercolour indistinctly signed 19.5 x 48cm. J. Burrows 'Snowdonia' signed print. S Garforth print, plus one other. (4) 15-20
1247.   F1 Collectors Magazines:- Five Boxes 10-20
1248.   Cricket, Books relating to The Ashes, including Don Bradman Farewell to Cricket, Ashes Triumphant 1954-5, Fight for The Ashes 1953, Cricket Books, including Wisden's, Larwood, Bowes, many Yorkshire related:- Three Boxes 15-25
1249.   Kellogs Plate, doll, storage jars, ceramics, glass wares etc:- Two Boxes. two prints, Jetface Scooter by Kelo. 10-15
1250.   Dolls House, plus one other to be erected from magazine publications, quantity of costume dolls depicting various countries:- Two Boxes 10-15
1251.   Wish Bone Ash Lp's Twin Barrel's Burning, Herp Albert, Dire Straits, Brothers in Arms etc:- Two Boxes and a case of records. 10-15
1252.   Cut and Pressed Glassware, including pedestal cake plates, decanters, vases, etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1253.   Leonardo Plates, Leonardo letter rack etc:- One Box 5-10
1254.   Hornsea Pottery: various patterns including Safron, Bronte, Heirloom (two colours) and a small quantity of Hornsea 'Contrast' teaware including teapot, jugs, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
1255.   Linen and Lace Tablecloths, Barometer, kitchen clock, leather desk stationary wooden bowl etc in a suitcase, plus a quantity of prints and watercolours. (2) 15-25
1256.   A Carved African Chess Set, in a carved box, brass oil lamp, brass mortar etc:- One Box 15-20
1257.   Japanese Vases, pair Beneres brass urns with covers, resin maiden, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1258.   Chinese Needlework Panel, featuring two birds amongst foliage, 31.5 x 54cm. 15-30
1259.   Dependable Service Spark Plugs Wall Sign. 15-20
1260.   Tribal Masks, Busts, Club and Wind Chimes, etc. 15-20
1261.   Joanna Trollope: Other Peoples Children signed copy, English Country Houses by Christopher Hussey, 2 vols, other architectural reference and general interest books:- Two Boxes 10-20
1262.   Viners 'Splayds' (boxed) epns teapot, tray etc, figure group of 'The Three Graces', Astral quartz mantel clock, decanter, orchestral 78 records, Thackray medical instrument (cased) etc:- One Box with large brass tray. (2) 15-25
1263.   A Pottery Figure Head-Shoulders of a Budha, together with one other Budha. (2) 20-30
1264.   Stools Ceramic in the Shape of Elephants. (2) 10-20
1265.   A Resin Chess Set, featuring classical pieces and wooden board. 20-40
1266.   Edwardian Inland Mahogany Oval Tray, with scalloped galery and brass handles, 73cm wide (damages). 15-30
1267.   A XX Century Oak Wall Hanging Cupboard, with panelled door, together with a ship wheel with a brass centre. (2) 15-20
1268.   A Ship's Decanter, a pair of Japanese clogs, a black case of 78 records, and a XIX Century rosewood foot stool. (4) 20-30
1269.   Large Pottery Jardiniere, on stand, red marble effect, approximately 49cm diameter. 15-25
1271.   A Gents Wool Prince of Wales Check Three Piece Suit, a similar navy pin stripe three piece suit, a ladies plaid ankle length kilt, two Chinese embroidered dressing gowns, mink scarf and fur trim: Two Boxes 15-20
1272.   Fleetline Suitcase, wools, knitting needles. 10-20
1273.   Walnut Canteen of Cutlery, tankards, pig door stop, roaster, etc:- in wicker basket. 20-30
1274.   Dunlop Golf Bag, containing Ryder clubs, balls. 10-20
1275.   Pictures, Tennis rackets, Busy Body puncture repair kit, jigsaw, etc:- One Box - with a Doncaster enamelled sign. 15-20
1276.   Folding Dressing Mirror, three others, wall clock. 15-25
1277.   Teddy Bears, Fergus the Fisherman, Disney Pooh, TY, Peeko, Cuddle Wit, Snowden, etc:- Two Boxes - Plus one large bear 85cm. 20-25
1278.   Toys, plastic figures, tanks, racing cars, super truck, dolls, Docks twenty eight pieces, Fireman Fudge, Tiny Toon Adventures, quantity of other plastic figures:- Three Boxes 20-25
1279.   Wild Frontier Deluxe Playset, Combat Copter, Lego go Glow, Disney Dalek other games, toys etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
1280.   Wedgwood Jasper Pin Tray, Staffordshire 'Wentworth' tea ware, wristwatch, empty watch boxes, cat bowls, etc:- Two Boxes 15-20
1281.   One Box of Military Books:- History of World War I, World War II by Ronald Heiferman etc, together with a folder print of a Naval Ship, USS Yorktown (CV10), Military excercises. (2) 10-15
1282.   Needlework Accessories; including silks, cottons, patterns, knitting needles, etc; an early XX Century plush teddy bear (very well loved and lacking ears. (3) 20-30
1283.   Transformers, Muscle Men, mid XX Century doll, cigarette cars, Batmobile, binoculars, etc:- Two Boxes
1284.   Commodore Vic 20, Armstrad CX4000 Console, Barcode Battler, Dingbats:- One Box
1285.   Walnut Plant Table, oak drop leaf coffee table, bedroom chair. 10-20
1286.   A Pair of White Painted Metal Framed Oval Mirrors, with gilt highlights, 75cm high overall. 20-40
1287.   Trade Cards - Pokemon, Topps Footballers, etc:- One Box. plus two framed collections. 15-30
1288.   A George Cunningham 'Match of The Day' colour print. Terry Gorman 'Spirit of Sheffield' signed. Harold Thornton 'Wind in /The Trees' etching, signed, other prints, plates Mitzi Lorenz Hat, pewter tea pot etc:- One Box 15-25
1289.   Glassware, Collectors plates, tureens, meat plates, floral posies:- Two Boxes and a boxed set of six Rockingham Crystal wine glasses. (3) 20-30
1290.   Four Ashton Drake Porcelain Dolls: It's Time for Bed Pooh', 'You Need a Hug Pooh', Alexandra and Gracie, all boxed with certificates; plus a chair. (5) 20-30
1291.   A Quantity of Colour Prints, including French scenes signed. British Railways labeled Marquetry picture etc:- Two Boxes 10-20
1292.   Sindy: A Selection of Boxed Furniture, including chest of drawers, bedside table dressing table and stool, bed and bedclothes, washbasin unit, bath and wardrobe, please note some parts may be missing and/or damaged. 30-40
1293.   Large Advertising Mirror 'Tetley Fine Ales', in ebonised frame, 150cm wide. 30-50
1294.   A Kay, London Bagatelle, with balls. 15-25
1295.   Mid XX Century Oil on Canvas, remote cottages, 39 x 49cm, signed lower left, five prints. (6) 15-20
1296.   Middle Eastern Wool Tassel Runner, with six blue and five green central motifs on beige ground, allover floral decoration, 312 x 74cm. 20-40
1297.   Scalextric, Merit, Eckon and other model railway items, model fort. 15-25
1298.   A Large Collection of Later XX Century Vintage Leather and other Handbags and Evening Bags:- One Box and Vanity Case. 20-30
1299.   A Pair of Chinese Wool Tasseled Rugs, having floral decoration on deep blue grounds. 92 x 62cm 15-25
1300.   Two Chinese Wool Tassel Rugs, with floral decoration on green ground. 15-20
1301.   Pottery Jardiniere's, blue and white tureens, plates vases, ginger jar, etc:- Three Boxes 10-15
1302.   The Boys Book of Soccer 1967-1968, cassettes, Abba - Super Trouper, Wings - Venus & Mars, golf balls, walking stick, camera stand:- One Box 5-10
1303.   Records - Beatles 1967-70, Status Quo If You Can't Stand The Heat, The Buddy Holly Story box set, Cliff Richards, Blondie, Gary Glitter, Candi Statton and many other 33 and 45 rpm's:- Two Boxes 15-30
1304.   Diecast Vehicles - Corgi London Routemaster Buses, Austin London Taxi, Ford Transit Rescue Van, etc:- One Box 15-25
1305.   Mini Sewing Machine, Japanned tin box, cash tin, tools:- One Box 15-30
1306.   Three Albums of Theatre Programmes, from The Globe, photograph and postcard signed by Les Dennis, adverts etc:- One Box 10-20
1307.   Postcards: Bridlington, Scarborough, Albany New York, Gibraltar, Bridge Edale, etc. 10-20
1308.   Car Hubcaps:- Mercedes, Ford, Vauxhall etc:- One Box 15-20
1309.   Panasonic KX-TGH264 Multi Telephone Set; a Lexmark T650H31E ink cartridge. (2) 10-20
1310.   The Complete Pirelli Calendar Book, Pirelli Calendar Classics etc:- One Box 5-10
1311.   Pathe Motocamera, three Hermagis Paris Lenses, etc in leather case, pewter tankard and plate, Matchbox Yesteryear Diecast vehicles, boxes noted. 15-30
1312.   A Collection of Local Stamps, from New Atlantis in sheets and part sheets. 15-20
1313.   Libra Cast Iron Scales and Weights, T G Green jug XIX Century copper kettle, brass candle snuffers etc: One Tray 10-20
1314.   A Pottery Figure '6.A.M', stamped R & L to back of base, 'Forging Ahead' Works magazine of Daniel Doncaster & Sons, Sheffield dated May 1920, Programme of the Funeral of Queen Victoria Saturday Feb 2nd 1901, travel inkwell in the form of a log, Bluebird chocolate tin, shells, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1315.   Rabone and Chesterman Leather Cased Tape Measures, technical drawing rulers etc, sellotape dispenser:- One Tray 10-20
1316.   Silver and Enamel Hair Brush and Oval Teapot Stand, Shorltand barometer, powder compacts, pen nibs, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1317.   Viewmaster Slides, Colibri "Monogas 21" lighter, Ronson gas lighter, students microscope, oak box, pocket balance etc:- One Tray 10-15
1318.   A Set of Three Brown and Sharp Micrometers, in fitted case, plus a set of gauge/calibration blocks, by Mitutoyo in fitted case. 20-40
1319.   Oak Tray, Metronome, nut bowl, letter scales, skates, etc. 15-25
1320.   Sheffield Wednesday 1964-65 Season Ticket, for the North Stand, brass bell, magnifying glass, etc:- One Tray 15-25
1321.   Wooden Truncheon, brass desk stand as a plane, The Open Road book, spectacles, gentleman's travelling set, etc. 15-25
1322.   A Large Quantity of Original Circa 1930's to 1950's Spirit Bottle Labels (one tray) including Hawkers, Polar Brand, Pease of Darlington, Strathfillian. 10-20
1323.   Photographs of L.N.E.R Steam Engines, photographs of old coaches etc. 15-20
1324.   Zenith 10x50 Binoculars, Fuji, Agfa, Panasonic and Olympus Cameras. 15-25
1325.   Harry Potter Wand, Ben 10 DVD's, Jenoptem 7 x 50 Binoculars, small child's feeding set. 15-25
1326.   A Painted Wooden Playing Card Box, cribbage board, embossed leather topped counter box, etc:- One Tray 15-20
1327.   Seven 'The Avalon Hill Game Company' Bookcase Games and others, including Dune, Game of The Heroic Age, King Maker, Source of The Nile, Football Strategy, Rail Baron, Legends of Robin Hood, (unchecked for completeness) (7). 30-50
1328.   Corgi Classics, Guy Invincible, Eddie Stobbart, Rio and other Diecast vehicles, all in damaged boxes. (17) 40-80
1329.   Vintage Musical Models, including windmill, car, etc, plus binoculars, camera and two way radio/intercom:- One Box 15-20
1330.   A Large Quantity of Vintage Dressmaking and Knitting Patterns, mainly 1950's-70, some later theatrical costume patterns. 20-40
1331.   A XIX Century Yoke, together with turned wooden candlesticks etc:- One Tray 10-15
1332.   A 1970's Period World Globe, made for 'Readers Digest' with raised decoration. 10-20
1333.   A Pair of Pottery Flying Pigs. (2) 20-40
1334.   Pair of Oak Barley Twist Candlesticks, 30cm high, Tecnar 8 x 40 Binoculars, radio, clocks, etc:- One Tray 20-30
1335.   A Bisque Head Doll, with sleepy eyes, open mouth with teeth, probably of German origin, full jointed composition body, 49cm high. 20-30
1336.   Three Sadler Graduated Jugs, with gilt decoration, decorated with flowers. (3)
1337.   Esso Petrol Can, cash box. (2) 15-20
1338.   Quantity of Walking Sticks, umbrellas. 20-30
1339.   Fishing Cosh, non toxic shot, casters, leads, etc in carry case, nets and umbrellas. 15-30
1340.   Eight SLR Film Camera Bodies. 25-45
1341.   A Pine Cased Wall Clock, cream anvil telephone, a Betacom example as a golf club bag, Ilford camera etc:- One Box 15-25
1342.   Corgi Royal Wedding State Landau, Eileen dolls, Telegran, tin plate crane etc:- One Box 15-25
1343.   1950's Glass Lemonade Set, Wedgwood Edward VIII Coronation beaker, teaware, amber glass light fitting fish knives and forks in oak canteen, one box; together with an oak ivory, perpetual desk calendars, cake slice, etc. (2) 20-30
1344.   A Walnut Cased Radio by United, circa mid XX Century having Bakelite tuning knobs. 10-15
1345.   Quantity of Brass Table Lamps:- One Box 15-25
1346.   Damask Linen and Lace Tablecloths, embroidery and other table linen, leather covers, tea cosy covers, etc:- One Box 20-30
1347.   1920 and Later Postcards, together with three albums of postcards of Norwich, Great Yarmouth, pairs etc:- One Box 15-20
1348.   A Box of Various Tools, including Titan cutting tool, tap and die set, gas vent covers, breathing apparatus etc:- Two Boxes. 15-25
1349.   Mother of Pearl Nautilus Shell, fish wall plaque, elephant soap dish, glass vases, etc. 10-15
1350.   Robert Morden, XVIII Century Map of Nottinghamshire, 33 x 40.5cm (torn, quantity of auction catalogues, books. 15-30
1351.   A Ladies Fur Coat, ladies purses etc:- One Box 5-10
1352.   A Quantity of Original "OO" Scale Tri-ang Model Railway, including locomotives and rolling stock. 20-40
1353.   Penhaligons 'Christmas Scented Treasury of Verse in Slipcase, Winston Churchill a History of the English Speaking Peoples vols 1-4, Percy A Scholes, The Mirror of Music vol 1 and 2 and other general interest books:- Two Boxes 10-20
1354.   Four Signed Limited Edition Coloured Prints, plus 4 larger prints. 15-25
1355.   Circular Sunburst Wall Mirror, 81cm diameter a rectangular mirror. (2) 10-20
1356.   Jane Robinson, Tethered Dogs, colour print, signed, 25 x 37.5cm. D.Melbourne, Lakeland scene, oil on board, signed and dated 82. Five tapestries, prints. 10-30
1357.   Four Frameless Wall Mirrors. 15-25
1358.   Mahogany Break Fronted Hi Fi Cabinet, with a fall front drawer, cupboard door, flanking cupboard doors, on bracket feet. 20-40
1359.   Four XIX Style Century Hunting Prints, together with a photograph of Sydney Opera House. (5) 5-10
1360.   A Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt frame 108 x 77cm. 20-40
1361.   Sooilse? A Contemporary Oil on Canvas, limited edition signed print of sunflowers; together with two other prints. 15-20
1362.   Pine Box, armour crate, wicker basket, violin bow. 15-25
1363.   A XIX Century Oak Pew, with Fleur De Lys carved ends and planked back, approximately 233cm wide. 80-120
1364.   Walter Lodge, 'A Brush with The Past' a view of Ecclesfield Church, in the year 1820, oil on board, signed lower right, 48 x 74.5cm. 20-30
1365.   Desmond Fallon 'The Classics' Limited Edition Colour Print of 850, graphite signed, 49.5 x 75.5cm, two others. (3) 15-25
1366.   G Chughati. A Pair of Oils on Board, of a bearded Indian Gentleman, signed bottom right and left, 49 x 39cms. (2) 30-45
1367.   Motoring Drawings in Chalk of 1920's Style Racing Cars, in various stages, only one framed, signed Edward Mason. (3) 15-25
1368.   After Jack Vettriano, two coloured prints for the Portland Gallery 58 x 48cm, 48 x 61cm 20-40
1369.   A 1907 Framed Silk of a Horsewomen, with riding crop, 56cms square, a "Schoolboys Friend" annual proof painting, a small red/gold picture plus a contemporary 'Circles' mirror. 15-25
1370.   Four Original Framed Watercolours, all of a nautical theme, Harold Croucher/Ray Smith among artists. 20-30
1371.   Donald C Bayley (Gloucester Artist), Sunset, oil on board, signed lower left, 29.5 x 59.5cm and another, Beverstone Castle, oil on board, signed lower left, 29 x 90cm. (2) 15-30
1372.   After Shirley Trevena, Continental Church Scenes, pair of prints, 36.5cm, after Roy Perry 'To Halve The Match' colour print. (3) 15-25
1373.   Hollywood Icons Print of Geoff Hurst's Last Goal in the 1966 World Cup Final, after W.B. Wollen 'The Rugby Match' print. (2) 10-20
1374.   A Pair of XIX Century Style Prints of Pheasants, in gilt frames 19 x 24cm. 20-30
1375.   D.Bridle a Pair of Oils of The Cutty Sark, Sovereign singed bottom right, watercolour of Filey Brigg, Graham Herbert print, of a canoe, Kevin Walsh print, Lone Patrol, one other print Ocean Point. (2) 10-15
1376.   Six Vanity Fair Spy Prints, 'Hydropathy', The Champion Roberts', Statesman No. 64, Statesman No. 69, Statesman No. 56, He Might be a Champion if there was a Championship. 15-20
1377.   C.M. Kirkham 'Dent Head Viaduct' Watercolour, 20.5 x 26cm, signed lower right, Gillian Bathmaker, 'Bergerac' Watercolour, 26.5 x 18.5cm, details verso, various prints, marquetry panel, oak barometer. (8) 15-25
1378.   A XIX Century Framed Silk Print, of a lady sitting at her desk, reading a letter. 15-25
1379.   D.Cartwright, Watercolour Rural Bridge Scene, framed and glazed; Pat Newtown "Peaches", framed and glazed, Robert Houston Autumn Birches signed coloured print; St. Clair Marston 'Afternoon Tuscany' colour print, framed and glazed. (4) 10-20
1380.   J. Cary XIX Century Map of Berkshire, published as the Acts Directs Sept I 1787, print of Carrow Bridge, Norwich and one other picture. (3) 10-15
1381.   Benjamin Smith, Horse and Cart on Country Track, Watercolour, 28.5 x 39cm, signed lower right, quantity of prints. (9) 15-25
1382.   F.D. Longden (Sheffield Artist) Still Life Studies, Pastel Drawings, 36 x 24.5cm, (one initialled) two similar watercolour's. (5) 15-20
1383.   Oval Bevelled Wall Mirror, in silver plates frame, 49cm wide, frameless rectangular mirror with canted corners. 20-40
1384.   A Set of Three Woodland Scene Watercolours, possibly by Owen 14.5 x 6cm, three larger prints. 15-25
1385.   Penny, Beach Scene with three distant figures, mixed media, 42 x 65cm, signed lower right, Joseph Appleyard meadow scene with flowering trees in foreground, oil on board 34.5 x 50cm, signed lower right, E.M.W cattle watering, coloured print, 25 x 46cm. (3) 15-25
1386.   An Early XX Century Oak Smokers Cabinet, glazed doors, two small drawers, mixing bowl, together with an oak aneroid barometer (dial cracked) 15-20
1387.   A Yew Wood Batchelors Chest of Drawers, with a fold over top, four long drawers, on bracket feet. 30-50
1388.   A Gilt Framed Rectangular Bevelled Mirror, 75 x 44cm. 15-25
1389.   1930's Oak Grandmother Clock, with Westminster Chimes/silent, fast/slow, movement, 128cm high. 20-40
1390.   Three Fluorescent Light Fittings. 15-20
1391.   Four Panelled Folding Screen, with fixed scraps of early to mid XX Century Ladies. 15-30
1392.   A Walnut Easy Armchair, in the colonial manner with strapwork and acanthus leaf carving, fluted legs, upholstered in green leatherette. 30-60
1393.   A Gemstone Globe on Stand. 40-60
1394.   Bronzed Circular Topped Plant Stand, with pierced galley on bamboo effect folding base. 20-40
1395.   Computer Desk and Office Swivel Chair.
1396.   Samung TV on Stand, Denon music system with speakers.
1397.   Walnut Bedside Cupboard, with 'Herringbone' inlay, single drawer over door, 54.5cm wide. 20-30
1398.   Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Armchair, with lattice work back on ring turned legs, XIX Century balloon back single chair on cabriole legs. (2) 30-50
1399.   Gilt Arch Framed Wall Mirror, 108cm high, another oval. (2) 15-30
1400.   Walnut Freestanding Corner Cabinet. 20-30
1401.   Leisuregrow Wicker Four Piece Patio Suite. 20-40
1402.   Middle Eastern Wool Tassel Rug, with floral decoration on salmon pink coloured, another smaller having five central medallions. (2) 10-30
1403.   Stuart Jones Foot Stool, demilune side table by Simpson and Norfolk. (2) 15-30
1404.   Mid XX Century Walnut Chest of Drawers, with a crossbanded top, five long drawers on cabriole legs. 20-30
1405.   Hemingway of Huddersfield Lather Suitcase, another by Bennett. (2) 20-40
1406.   A 1920's Oak Rectangular Shaped Mirror, with beadwork decoration and bevelled glass., 10-20
1407.   XIX Century Tool Chest, containing woodworkers tools, many moulding planes, Spoke shave, Tenon saw, block plane, levers, fishing reel. 50-80
1408.   Oak Double Corner Cupboard, with a leaded door, two internal shelves, panelled cupboard door, on bracket feet. 20-30
1409.   Lightwood Freestanding Bookcase, with four central fixed shelves, 77cm wide. 30-50
1410.   Younger Pine Dresser, with twin glazed doors to shelve rack, on three drawer base, having four cupboard doors, 169cm wide. 30-50
1411.   XIX Century Satin Walnut Dressing Table, with central mirror, chest, three long drawers, on bracket feet. 20-30
1412.   A XIX Century Painted Pine Chest, of two small and two long drawers, having turned handles and feet, 90cm wide. 40-60
1413.   Two XIX Century Tin Trunks. 20-30
1414.   Ercol Plate rack, pine rectangular shaped kitchen table, on trestle supports. (2) 15-20
1415.   Embossed Brass Covered Log Box, with galvanised liner, wall plaque, copper jug, (3) 15-25
1416.   An Early XIX Century Edwardian Walnut Music Stool, with upholsted top, together with a pair of XX Century bedroom chairs. (3) 10-20
1417.   A Pine Chest of Drawers, with three drawers, blanket box and clothes horse. 15-20
1418.   Jaycee Wardrobe with Twin Drawers, canted corners and lower inner drawer. 20-40
1419.   Victoria Ducal Pine Dresser, the rack with an arched pediment, two shelves the base, with three drawers over three cupboard doors, on bun feet.q 20-40
1420.   A Set of Three XIX Century Walnut Salon Chairs, with shaped top rails, upholstered seats, on turned and reeded legs together with a XX Century oak double corner cupboard, with leaded glass doors, over twin panelled doors. (4) 5-10
1421.   Octagonal Wall Mirror, two spears, sword. 10-20
1422.   Grey Painted Open Shelf Unit, 76.5cm wide, 10-20
1423.   A Lloyd Loom Nursing Chair, and 1980's black coffee table and early XX Century mahogany occasional table; An African Carved Hardwood Chair, with elephant, deer to high back. Top Rank ambulance chair. (5) 15-25
1424.   A XIX Century Mahogany Table, with a circular top, bulbous pedestal, on a trefoil base. 15-30
1425.   Two XIX Century Painted Stools, together with two other stools. (4) 15-20
1426.   Carved Wooden Rocking Horse, 86cm high. 30-50
1427.   Circular Topped Extending Kitchen Table and Four Ladder Back Chairs. (5) 5-10
1428.   Two Wicker Patio Chairs and Table, white painted seat with linen compartment. (4) 15-25
1429.   Iron Hames, bits, horses straps, lather collar, saddle, harness, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
1430.   White Painted Two Drawer Table, tea trolley, piano stool. (3) 15-25
1431.   Mahogany Filing Cabinet, top with a red leather scriver, two drawers, on bracket feet. 10-15
1432.   Elongated Stool and 1930's Stool. (2) 15-25
1433.   Mahogany Serpentine Shaped Sideboard, with a crossbanded top, two central drawers flanking cupboards, on tapering legs. 15-20
1434.   Brass Fender in the Art Nouveau manner, having wavy top rail, 126cm overall width.
1435.   Mahogany Filing Cabinet, top with a green leather scriver, two drawers, on bracket feet. 10-15
1436.   XX Century Oak Box, on barley twist and block supports, united by stretchers. 20-30
1437.   Boissigny Sideboard, with three rail small and two banks, each of drawers, 144cm wide. 20-30
1438.   Oak Drop Leaf Table, oak wine table and a XIX Century salon chair. (3) 10-15
1439.   Bookcase and Nest of Tables. 10-20
1440.   A Pair of Folding Kitchen Bar Stools. 5-10
1441.   A Reproduction Mahogany Fire Screen, converting into a table, with floral tapestry inset and a stag mahogany magazine rack. (2) 20-30
1442.   A XIX Century Oak Tripod Table and Coffee Table. 15-25
1443.   XIX Century Style Mahogany Four Tier What-Not, mahogany nest of tables. (2) 10-20
1444.   Wharfedale Linton Receiver plus Two Speakers, Sony cassette deck, cd, Pioneer turntable. 20-40
1445.   Pair of Early XX Century Walnut Dining Chairs, with spindle supports to carved cresting, on turned legs, firescreen with needlework panel. (3) 15-20
1446.   Occasional Coffee Table, with Bergeres undershelf. 15-20
1447.   Lamps, pair in black/grey with bulbous base tapering to shade, 73cm high. Plus one other terracotta lamp with cream shade, 62cm high with a spare shade. (4) 15-25
1447A.  XIX Century Mahogany Wind Out Table, top with a moulded edge, on turned and reeded legs, with a extra leaf. 10-20
1448.   A Pine Drop Leaf Pedestal Table, on swept legs; together with four Ducal pine chairs, with rail books, upholstered seats on turned legs. (5) 20-40
1449.   A Pine Rectangular Shaped Dining Tale on Square Legs, together with sox rush seated kitchen chairs. (7) 40-60
1450.   XIX Century Style Mahogany Canterbury, with single on turned and block supports; together with a mahogany wine table. (2) 25-45
1451.   Lightwood Coffee Table, 120cm wide. 15-30
1452.   Lightwood Dining Table, 120cm wide and four ladder back chairs. 20-40
1453.   Oak Rectangular Shaped Coffee Table, on trestle supports, centre rail. 20-40
1454.   Lamps, pair in blue with gold borders on wooden bases 65cm overall with cream shades. Plus one other blue lamp with brass base and grey/gold shade, 65cm overall. (3) 15-25
1455.   XX Century Mahogany Rectangular Serpentine Shaped Coffee Table, on splayed legs. 10-20
1456.   Walnut Television Cabinet, with a fall front, on bracket feet. 10-20
1457.   Mid to Late XX Century Spinning Wheel, 83cm high, a bobbin stand. 30-60
1458.   A Coffee Table of Naturalistic Form, with tree trunk top on tapering legs 118cm wide. 15-30
1459.   Wood and Hessian Covered Travelling Trunk, with inner tray. 15-30
1460.   Pine Circular Topped Breakfast Table, on tripod legs and four associated chairs. 30-50
1461.   Tonan, Martin Ballendat, Italian Concept Side Chair, mid to late XX Century, with splayed chrome legs and makers moulded stamp to orange seat. 30-50
1462.   Yew Wood Circular Topped Dining Table, on four swept legs. 20-40
1463.   Troeds Kontiki, Yngve Ekstrom Set of Four 1960's Danish Teak Dining Chairs, each with black faux leather dish seat and makers stamp under. 60-100
1464.   Late XIX Century Ash Chair, with a upholstered back and seat, shaped arms, on turned legs, united by stretchers; together with a early XX Century single chair, with a pierced spalt. (2) 20-40
1465.   Pair of Queen Anne Style Salon Armchairs, upholstered in a cream damask. 20-30
1466.   A Kitchen Table, with an ebonised top on tubular legs. 5-10
1467.   A Set of Six Grey Painted Chairs, with curved slatted backs. 10-20
1468.   A Scandinavian Teak Draw Leaf Dining Table, with end stretchers to tapering tubular legs, 160cm wide when closed, 260 open. 40-80
1469.   Set of Four XIX Century Walnut Salon Chairs, having rose carved cresting, re-upholstered in a cream damask. 50-80
1470.   A Pair of Mahogany Dining Chairs, together with an oak single chair with leather back and seat. (3) 5-10
1471.   Oak Side Table, with a singe drawer, trestle supports; together with an oak chair, with a cane back, drop in seat, on turned and block supports. (2) 20-30
1472.   Turquoise Floral Easy Chair. 15-25
1473.   A Pair of Upholstered Wing Chairs, on cabriole legs. 20-40
1474.   Middle Eastern Abadeh Wool Tassel Rug, with vases, birds, lambs and other motifs to hexagonal central salmon pink ground within floral border, 201 x 150cm. 20-40
1475.   Middle Eastern Wool Rug, with cream central motif on scarlet ground, allover floral decoration and border, 203 x 134cm. 20-40
1476.   Black and White Fleck Large Settee.
1477.   Edwardian Walnut Chaise Lounge, having spindle back, turned legs, re-upholstered in a grey fabric, including button back back rest. 40-80
1478.   Reindeer Skin Rugs, 115 x 84cm and 130 x 105cm. 15-25
1479.   XX Century Oak Monks Bench, the back with linen fold decoration, shaped arms, hinged seat, panelled base, on bun feet. 50-80
1480.   Pair of Early XX Century Walnut Stools, of circular form having tapestry tops and cabriole legs, approximately 35cm diameter. 20-30
1481.   A Yew Wood Chest of Drawers, with a crossbanded top, two small drawers, three long drawers, reeded sides, on bracket feet. 25-45
1482.   A XIX Century Ash-Elm Child's Commode Rocking Chair with rail supports, seat with a circular hole on rockers. 30-50
1483.   A Yew Wood Bureau, with a crossbanded fall, fitted interior, four long drawers, on bracket feet. 15-20
1484.   A XIX Century Pine Dresser, the shaped back with applied fruit decoration, C scroll decoration, break fronted base, with three small drawers, flanking cupboard doors on ball feet. 150-200
1485.   XVIII Century Style Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with a crossbanded top, two short drawers, three long drawers, on bracket feet. 40-60
1486.   XIX Century Walnut Cloud Shape Footstool, with bub feet, a circular example. 20-40
1487.   1920's Walnut Stool, with carved knees to cabriole legs. 20-40
1488.   Single Drawer Side Table, on turned legs and pad feet, 75cm wide. 20-40
1489.   Continental Display Unit, with nine convex glass panels, 80.5cm wide. 15-25
1490.   A Set of Four Ash Chapel Chairs, with rail supports, book rests, round legs, with H stretchers, plus two kitchen stools. (6) 30-50
1491.   Black and White Fleck Two Seater Settee and Easy Chair. (2)
1492.   A XIX Century Hessian Covered Travelling Trunk, glass circular topped table with silvered decoration on three ebonized legs. (2) 15-25
1493.   A 12 Meter Bolt of Silk Cotton Dark Gold Embossed Velvet Upholstery Fabric. 20-40
1494.   An Early Bridge Table, together with a pine rack. (2) 5-10
1495.   XIX Century Travel Chest, with brass corner mounts and name 'T. Walker' to front, 79cm wide. 15-25
1496.   Walnut Sofa Table, with twin drawers and dummy drawers, 132cm wide, flaps lid (damages). 15-20
1497.   Mahogany Serpentine Fronted Bedside Chest, of four draw, 49cm wide. 20-40
1498.   A XIX Century Mahogany Washstand, with a low back decorated with flowers, marble top, single drawer, turned legs. 15-20
1499.   A Pair of Gilt and Bronze Pottery Oriental Style Table Lamps, on pierced base; another similar (3) 10-20
1500.   1940's Oak Cased Wall Clock, with a circular dial, Arabic numbers, glazed door. 20-40
1501.   An Edwardian Inlaid Mahogany Double Corner Cupboard, the top with a glazed astragal door, three internal shelves, base with a panelled door on a plinth base, 216cms high. 20-30
1502.   Early XX Century Oak Bureau Bookcase, the top with twin leaded glazed doors, bureau with a fall front, three long drawers on bracket feet. 30-50
1503.   1920's Oak Occasional Table, with a oval top on barley twist supports; together with an early XX Century oak hall chair. (2) 20-30
1504.   XIX Century Carved Oak Occasional Table, with a rectangular carved top, shaped apron, on turned and block supports. 20-30
1505.   Oak Nest of Tables, with rectangular tops, on turned and block supports. 20-40
1506.   Early XX Century Walnut Dressing Table, with central mirror, two small drawers, one long drawer on turned legs. 30-50
1507.   Italian Style Brass Single Case and Stick Stand. 30-50
1508.   Chinese Style Hardwood Stand, with a rouge marble inset on cabriole legs. 20-30
1509.   Walnut Two Door Cabinet, with three lower drawers, 63cm wide. 20-40