Antiques & Collectables Auction on
Friday 27th November 2020

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1001.   Bell & Howell Sportster, Olympus IS-1000, Kodak and other cameras, accessories:- One Box £15-25
1002.   Hornsea 'Ebony' Dinner ware, of twenty eight pieces including two tureens. £15-25
1003.   Bancroft Classic, Collins, Seagull Library, The Girls Own Annual 1903, 1905 and other Children's and Royalty books:- Two Boxes and three prints. £15-25
1004.   Beswick '545' Vase and '125' Jug, Falcon posy hat, glass dish having cat handle, other glassware, ceramics. £15-30
1005.   Bossons Wall Masks, Carlton Ware coffee pot and sugar bowl, Mickey Mouse wall plaques, ginger jar, etc:- One Box £15-25
1006.   Olivetti Typewriter, Rank Hylite slide projector, mirror 60cm diameter, stool. (4) £15-30
1007.   A Mid XX Century Enamel Electric Fire, two Victorian carpet beaters etc:- One Box £20-30
1008.   Daisy Kingdom, Pedigree, Alberon, Rosebud and other dolls (some with faults):- Two Boxes. £20-40
1009.   Jewellery Display, cases, Art Deco style clock, umbrellas, three pictures. £15-30
1010.   Jemco Evening Bag, Jane Shilton and one other reptile skin bags, etc. (12) :- One Tray £20-40
1011.   Decanter, Dishes, Drinking Glasses, Bells, six x 50p pieces, etc:- One Box £10-20
1012.   Postcards and Snap Shop Photograph Packets, mainly European, two albums of first day covers, definitive's and regional. £15-30
1013.   78 RPM Records, Royalty Books, programmes, Wedgwood Unicorn Sauce Pots, ceramics, glassware, Pratt Ware pot lid, featuring Queen Victoria, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
1014.   Cinema Posters - 'The Ten Commandments' Paramount Re-Release staring Charlton Heston, Yul Bryner 73.5 x 98.5cm. 'A Hole in The Heart' United Artists starting Frank Sinatra, Edward G. Robins. (2) £20-40
1015.   Old Foley Storage Jars, Royal Doulton part tea service, wicker basket, wicket baskets in a stand. (3) One Box £10-20
1016.   Cinema Posters - 'Ben Hur' MGM, starring Charlton Heston, Jack Hawkins 76 x 101cmn printed by W.E Berry Ltd. 'Thunderbolt and Lightfoot' United Artists, staring Clint Eastwood and Jeff Bridges. (2) £20-40
1017.   Picquot Four Piece Tea Service, goblets, other metal wares, tins, A.A badge, etc:- One Box. £15-25
1018.   Candlesticks, model desk, horn birds, clocks (adapted):- One Box, bag, two fencing style swords. £15-30
1019.   Sindy and Other Dolls, Subbuteo (with faults), lawn green bowls, etc:- One Box £15-30
1020.   Globe Lamp by Rico, mirror, prints, warming pans, valet, darts, etc:- One Box £15-25
1021.   An Oak Regulator Wall Clock, two butterfly model montages by Sue Gorman. £15-20
1022.   K'nex Building Sets, to include Sonic Blizzard coaster, Hornet Swarm Duelling coaster, etc, eight in total. £15-25
1023.   Curtains - Good Quality Heavy Chenille Curtains, with a floral design on mustard ground, lined, 190cm long x 266cm wide (One Pair), 190cm long x 260cm wide (Single), 192cm long x 120cm wide (One Pair); together with a grey and beige check patterned heavy cotton curtain 230cm x 350cm (all sizes approximate). £30-50
1024.   Subbuteo OO Scale Boxed Team, Brazil (damages), Partick, Luton, accessories, quantity of Shoot magazines, Sutcliffe reprints, rug. £20-40
1025.   Glassware, ceramics (damages) Two Boxes, large glass bowl, light shade. £10-20
1026.   Glassware, ceramics, newspapers and die cast vehicles, Royalty related :-One Box £10-20
1027.   Chiltern Jug by Amce, Bretby cat (ears chipped) Oriental vases, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1028.   Bohemia, Silver Rose, Ravenhead, Brierley, Edinburgh crystal boxed glassware. £20-30
1029.   XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback Figures, approximately twenty three (damages):- Two Boxes £15-30
1030.   A Quantity of OO Gauge Railway Modelers Workshop Items, rolling stock switches, bogies, part kits, transfers, empty boxes. £15-20
1031.   A Crackle Effect Cream Pottery Buddha, £15-25
1032.   An Assorted Collection of Toys, Annuals, to include Barbie Dolls and accessories, Modern Star Wars plastic figures and space vehicles, Airfix motor racing track,Rupert annuals, (two tubs). £20-40
1033.   Edinburgh, Thomas Webb, Stuart and Other Glassware, mainly boxed:- One Box £15-25
1034.   A Quantity of LP's Predominantly Classical and Orchestral Genres, including A Midsummer Nights Dream, Warsaw Concerto, Tchaikovsky Symphony No 4, Serenades For Strings. One Box. £15-20
1035.   Pine Pedestal 73cm high, two lacquered Oriental panels. (3) £15-20
1036.   A Quantity of Board Games, Toys, to include Parker Games - Escape From Colditz, Chad Valley - Give a Show Projector, Ideal - Mousetrap Game, all unchecked for completeness. £15-25
1037.   Quantity of Tins, Royalty, Martins, Mackie's, Horner, etc:- One Box £15-25
1038.   Anton Peck - Five Prints, six London location examples. Bunty's annual. £5-10
1039.   A Quantitya of LP's Predominantly Easy Listening, Compilations, Orchestra, including Glen Campbell, the Style Council, B.A Robetson, Abba, Mike Oldfield, Jim Reeves, Andy Williams. Three Boxes. £25-40
1040.   Ceiling Lights, basket, drinking glasses, etc:- Two Boxes £15-25
1041.   Locospotters Annuals 1959 to 1962, Nock three volumes, A History of The L.M.S 1923-48, three volumes the Somerset and Dorset Railways in 1950's and 1960's, other railway related books. (24):- One Box £50-70
1042.   Books - Great Reads, British Sports Cars, 50 Years of The Formula One, The Library Shakespeare, Midpoint Press, Stephen King, J.K.Rowling, etc:- Three Boxes £10-15
1043.   Sewills of Liverpool Barograph, Luger, Prinzlux, Halina, Chinon and Italian binoculars:- One Box £20-40
1044.   The Sinatra Treasures by Charles Pignone, auction catalogues to include Sotherby's Elton John, Christies, Phillips:- One Box £15-30
1045.   Meccano - quantity in 'Meccano' boxes and leather case:- One Box £10-20
1046.   K.W Burton Signed Prints x 5, print, C.J Appleyard 'Spirites' prints. F.A Cup Final 2005, 2007 programmes, etc:- One Box. £15-25
1047.   Wicker Log Basket, three Scarborough theme prints. £15-20
1048.   Art Books - Essential Picasso, Pop Art, Impressionism, Sister Wendy's Grand Tour, many others:- Three Boxes £15-30
1049.   Sharp Car Radio Cassette Deck, Audioline radio cassette deck, Amerex car speakers:- One Box £10-15
1050.    Imari Pattern Pottery Tea and Tableware (damages):- One Box. £15-20
Silk Style Tasseled Rug, with symmetrical design on green ground, approximately 225 x 146cm, Bernard Cornwell books, place mats. £15-25
1052.   A Quantity of 'OO' Scale Model Railway by Tri-ang and Others, including rolling stock, track, accessories. £10-20
1053.   A Jardiniere, cabbage tureen, duck on nest, box of kitchen pottery. £15-20
1054.   A Collection of Fifty Plus 78's, to include The Student Prince (Colombia), Jack Hylton and His Orchestra (HMV), Maurice Chevalier Orchestra (HMV). £15-25
1055.   Four Mantle Clocks, (faults), quantity of clock works:- Two Boxes. £20-40
1056.   Ladies Costume Jewellery, beads, bracelets, bangles, etc:- Two Boxes £10-15
1057.   Ceiling Lights, Poole two tone dinner ware, Hornsea, etc:- Two Boxes. £15-25
1058.   A Quantity of LP's Predominantly Easy Listening and Compilations, to include Lena Martell, Saturday Night Fever, Orchestral, Jean Michel Jarre, James Last, plus some 45's. Two Boxes. £20-30
1059.   A Quantity of Playmobil Plastic Figures and Accessories, characters including Royalty, Farmer, Policeman, Cook, Medic, etc. £20-40
1060.   A Sanyo Model G-2311KL-2 Solid State Portable Music Centre, untested sold for parts only. £15-25
1061.   Border Fine Arts (4) and Doulton Birds (1), boxed, soda syphon, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
1062.   Carved Wood African Shield, oval form featuring figure, 99cm high, Ceremonial type spears, brass stair rods. £30-60
1063.   Snake Entwined Walking Stick, Greenmaster Lawn Green Bowls, Mettype Junior Typewriter, golf montage, drinks set. £20-30
1064.   Horse Racing Books, including Mark Todd, Lester Piggott, International Stallions and Studs. Epic Bike Rides Settle to Carlisle, many others. 'Cinema' 1937' Laughter, 'The Passing Show' magazines, etc:- Two Boxes £15-30
1065.   Arthur Wood and Swinnerton's Jugs, Torquay Motto ware, including teapots, etc:- One Box £15-25
1066.   Eichwald Equestrian Group, terracotta cockerel (damaged), Hannah Turner owl, Hibbert & Baughley Trio, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1067.   Worcester Locke & Co Bowl, with silver rim, raised floral decoration, Midwinter, Stylecraft cake stand, Sadler teapot:- One Tray £15-20
1068.   R. Venton and Other Breakfast Ware, approximately forty seven pieces, featuring fruit on yellow ground. £20-40
1069.   A XIX Century Copper Kettle, brass trivet, XIX Century copper jug, XIX Century brass iron, etc:- One Box £25-45
1070.   Royal Doulton 'Cornwall' Dinner ware, of approximately forty pieces. £20-30
1071.   Images of Art, Leonardo and Four Other Lady Figures, Russian bust of Lenin "4-3-80" on base, 14.5cm high. £20-30
1072.   Ayr Races Winners Presentation Glass Vase, other glassware:- One Box £15-30
1073.   Eichwald Posy Holder, Losol ware etc (damaged):- Two Boxes. £15-25
1074.   Alfred Meakin Tea Dinner Service, "Country Life" pattern; together with Newhall part tea service "Hovis Cafe Ware":- One Box £20-30
1075.   Maiden's Prayer, Japan Musical Jewel Box, Art Deco walnut box, six others. £15-25
1076.   An Early 1970's Corgi Rockets Clover Leaf Special and Associated Diecast Model Vehicles, together with a quantity of Subbuteo table soccer items, all unchecked, playworn. £20-30
1077.   A Quantity of Early XX Century Porcelain Items, including urns, etc. £20-40
1078.   Eight 'Treasures of The Earth' Mineral Displays. £15-25
1079.   A XIX Century Masons Ironstone Jug, (damage), a XIX Century pedestal dish (damage), a XIX Century Sandland gravy boat, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1080.   Nao Swan, Italian figurines, Lurpak toast rack, scent bottle, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1081.   Five 'Trent' Whisky Water Jugs, Golden Shred Jugs, and chipped Robertson's mug:- One Tray £15-25
1082.   A Japanese Bartender 'TN' Trade Mark, Jolly money box tin plate clockwork tram, Dinky Royal Mail van etc:- One Tray. £30-40
1083.   Chinon, Boots Pacer Swift Ajax, Super zenith and Boots binoculars. £15-30
1084.   A Pair of XX Century Staffordshire Spaniel dogs, XIX Century damaged examples:- One Box £15-30
1085.   Speedway Scarves, Birmingham T Shirts, lanyards, keyrings, photo's, etc:- One Box £10-20
1086.   45 RPM Records, Beatles 'Twist & Shout' TTCE 762 Picture Cover, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Beach Boys, Turtles, Supremes, etc approximately twenty two, Russ Teddy Bears. £15-30
1087.   A Quantity of Diecast and Similar Vehicles. £5-10
1088.   Shaw & Fsher Plated Teapot, candelabra, wall lights, ceramic, etc:- Two Boxes. £20-40
1089.   Royal Doulton 'Will O' The Wisp' Dinner Service, of twenty six pieces. £20-40
1090.   Sunderland Lustre Pedestal Bowl, (damaged), wash bowl, 1960's elongated fish, other ceramics, glassware:- One Box £15-20
1091.   Wisdens Almanack 1953, football books, many novels, printed by Nelson, Shaw, Collins, Nisbet, Sampson Low, etc:- Two Boxes £20-30
1092.   Myott Dinner Ware, biscuit barrel and Burleigh sandwich set, etc:- One Box £15-20
1093.   Mappin Webb Ltd Ladies Handbag, black shawl, hats etc, in a hat box. £15-20
1094.   Vintage Tins, including Anvil Toffee, Huntley & Palmer Post Box, Mazzawatte Tea. (6) £20-30
1095.   Leaf Blower Black and Decker,Sovereign Hedge Trimmer and a Florabest Chainsaw, (untested:- sold for parts only). (3)
1096.   Wedgwood Trinket Box, pin tray, gilt tea service with a Swiss flag, Doulton plates, XIX Century glass vase with painted floral decoration:- One Box £10-15
1097.   Lancashire Cricket Year Books 1970-2003, varying dates, Playfair annuals, Biggles Flies Again, Blackies Famous Books, Cronin, Adventures in Two Worlds, etc:- Three Boxes £15-30
1098.   Two Remington Typewriters, with faults. £15-20
1099.   Martins of London Ladies Fur Coat. £15-25
1100.   Traditional Electric Fire. £15-25
1101.   Qualcast Petrol Lawnmower; together with a Flymo Lawnmower (untested:- sold for parts only). (2)
1102.   A Ships Decanter, ship in bottle glass fish, swan bowls, paperweights:- One Tray £15-25
1103.   Three Turquoise Glass Vases, of ovoid form, with green entwined decoration, 27cm high. £15-30
1104.   Beswick Fox & Trout, (damages), Marbelette figures, boot posies, etc:- One Tray. £15-25
1105.   Doulton Expressions 'Strawberry Fayre' Dinner Ware, of approximately sixty two pieces. £20-40
1106.   A XIX Century English Pottery Part Dessert Service, of ten pieces, comprising 20cm high comport, four shallow comports and five plates with green flowers and bouquets and raised leaf rims. £30-50
1107.   Aynsley (6) and Paragon (2) cups and saucers:- One Tray £20-30
1108.   Vintage German Qist, Burmantofts chamber stick, studio pottery:- One Tray £20-30
1109.   Ye Daintee Ladyee Teapot, ringstands, piano babies, white glass powder bowl with cover featuring young girl, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1110.   Campagna Style Glass Vase, Waterford 'Archive' vase, XIX Century tea pot having applied lilac figures, numbered 3446 (base crack), etc:- One Tray £15-30
1111.   Royal Worcester 'A Royal Garden' Pattern Part Dinner/Tea Service, comprising six dinner plates, six soup plates, six side plates, six tea plates, cups and saucers, gravy boat and stand, milk jug and sugar bowl. (40) £50-100
1112.   Tunstall Jasper Ware Tobacco Jar, Wedgwood Jasper and other ceramics:- One Tray £20-30
1113.   A Moorcroft Pottery Square Plaque, painted in the 'Hattie' design by Rachel Bishop, impressed and painted marks, 14.5cm square. £80-90
1114.   A XIX Century Part Dinner Service, decorated with floral decoration, with meat plates, dinner plates, tureens, (with damage). £40-60
1115.   Spode, Wedgwood, Noritake, etc. miniatures:- One Tray. £15-30
1116.   A Pair of Murano Lavorazions Posy Vases, Orrefors ashtray (scratched). Poole Aegean style jardinette numbered 72, Wedgwood & Doulton baby ceramics:- One Tray. £20-40
1117.   Venetian Glass Duck, Friggers, Dartington Paperweight:- One Tray £15-25
1118.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; A Clear Glass Clown's Head, with applied features and bright yellow hair, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield, paper label 01253 893020, 19.5cm high. £60-90
1119.   An Anita Harris Large Trojan Dragonfly (lustre wings) Vase, 17cm high. £90-110
1120.   Astra Ware 'MH' (Minton Hollins) Iridescent Streaked Lustre Vase, 37cm high. £20-40
1121.   Troika Cylindrical Vase, featuring three horizontal bands of circles in brown & white to matt body, marked under base 'Troika St Ives England' and 'SV' monogram - for Sylvia Vallence, 37cm high crazing to white glazed interior. £100-200
1122.   Adam Aaronson; A Studio Glass Vase, of flattened globular form with tall tapered neck, the lower section with a bronzed iridescent design over a deep blue ground, signed and dated 2002, 39.5cm high. £20-40
1123.   Four Ruby Glass Vases, of ovoid form 27cm high. £15-30
1124.   XIX Century Sunderland Lustre Wall Plaque (Thou God Seest Me); together with a pair of XIX Century woolwork tapestries of dogs and with framed lace doyly. (4) £30-50
1125.   A Heavy Mid XX Century Blue Overlay Glass Pedestal Bowl, raised on a faceted stem and stepped square base, cut in panels with fruiting vines between star motifs, 26cm high. £20-30
1126.   Scent Bottles (15) :- One Tray £15-30
1127.   Wedgwood 'Eastern Flowers' (twelve), XIX Century cups and saucers:- One Tray £15-30
1128.   A Stoneware Tobacco Jar Advertising 'Ogden's Impi Twist', with lid 16.5cm high, Spode 'Meadow Glory' ware 'Bonnie' Norwegian plate. £20-40
1129.   1920's Amber Glass, water jug and tumblers, cut glass water jugs and other glass ware, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1130.   Copeland Spode Blue & White Willow Pattern Tea Ware, of nineteen pieces, Westley coffee ware :-One Tray £20-30
1131.   1920's Pale Blue Frosted Glass Bowl, decorated with flower, ebony dressing table set, pressed glass, etc:- One Tray £10-20
1132.   Continental Table Centrepiece Base, featuring three winged cherubs, cross swords mark under base, 22cm high, Italian, Schutz and other figures, Leeds crested box, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1133.   Edinburgh Crystal Bowls, Stuart Decanter, other glassware, oval tray. £15-30
1134.   Oriental Chinese Blue and white Pottery Lidded Jar, 6cm high, Bretby pottery bowl, commemorative and other china, pencil holder:- One tray £15-30
1135.   Losol 'Pomona' Dinner Ware, of twenty five pieces in blue & white. £20-40
1136.   Three Amethyst Twist Design Glass Cylinder Vases, 35cm high. £15-30
1137.   Phoenix 'Syrian' Art Deco Ginger Jar, (cracked) Italian Art Deco ashtray, studio pottery cases:- One Tray £25-40
1138.   Speckled Glass Vases, elliptical blue glass vase, monochrome black and white quatrefoil example, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1139.   Masons Ironstone XIX Century pair of Tureens, (one damaged); together with a XIX Century Masons octagonal bowl, with Chinese decoration. (3) £20-40
1140.   Royal Doulton 'Desire' Bulbous Vase, 47cm high, green glass vase with flared rim, heavy glass vase. (3) £15-30
1141.   XIX Century Meat Plates, ribbon plates, pair of XIX Century Staffordshire dogs:- One Tray £10-15
1142.   Val St. Lambert Glass Candlestick, of hexagonal form, 24cm high, Edinburgh squat vase, circular display block. £15-25
1143.   Four Blue Twist Design Glass Cylinder Vases, 35cm high. £20-30
1144.   Two Sylvac Terrier Dogs, 778504 - 1209, 28.5cm high, another smaller, Royal Lancastrian shallow bowl. £30-50
1145.   A Pair Doulton Lambeth Silicon Vases, 14.5cm high, Wood 'Chinese Rose' jug. (3) £15-25
1146.   Pair of Turquoise Glass Bottle Vases, 30cm high, double gourd vase in grey, green wavy glass ornament, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1147.   Shelley Tea Dessert Service, with floral decoration, thirty three pieces:- One Tray £50-100
1148.   Murrina (Venezia) and Three Other Glass Paperweights, two decanters, Belleek cream jug:- One Tray £15-30
1149.   Royal Brierley - twelve various lead crystal drinking glasses, boxed in pairs. £15-30
1150.   Capodimonte Oval Table Centre, Japanese biscuit barrel, Nao figure group, Shelley jug, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1151.   Royal Albert Coffee Service, of fifteen pieces, green lower bodies, gilt bands on cream grounds '1309' to cups:- One Tray. £20-40
1152.   Coalport Green Gilt and Floral Trio, seven other pieces in cobalt blue, Copeland hand painted roses plates and one other. £20-40
1153.   Three Lladro Geese, (one chipped) plus box. Mirete Angles, Casades, Nao. (8):- One Tray £10-20
1154.   Holmegaard Green Glass Shallow Wavy Dish, 40cm wide and ovoid vase (both signed); two Wedgwood and other bird paperweights. £20-30
1155.   Royal Copenhagen Faiance Bowl, circa 1970, No. 439/3178, 25cm diameter, Pearsons of Chesterfield Scraffito Vase, Gustavsberg Dish. £30-50
1156.   Burleigh Ware 1920's Tea Service, with gilt black, green, yellow bands and flowers to handles, (one cup missing), (twenty pieces):- One Tray £25-45
1157.   Radford Vase, Devon Fielding 'Killarney' tankard with musical facility, Winton 'Lakeland' tree trunk posy, Burleigh shell posy, Shorter tea pot, dish :-One Tray £20-40
1158.   Whitefriars Pair of Deep Blue Bulbous Posy Vases, applied labels 9471, 6.5cm high, Webb Shakespeare tumbler, Art Deco green glass candlestick, iridescent glass vases, etc:- One Tray £30-50
1159.   A Beswick Brown Foal 12.5cm high and grey mottled foal, two Empire 'Players' ashtrays, Shelley vase :-One Tray £20-30
1160.   Royal Copenhagen Vase and Oval Dish, Bing & Grondahl bulbous (repaired) and ovoid vases, pin tray. £10-25
1161.   A Moorcroft Pottery Rectangular Plaque, painted in 'The Gathering' design by Helen Dale, No. 93, signed, impressed and painted marks, 32.5 x 22.5cm. £200-240
1162.   A Spherical Purple Iridescent Glass Paperweight, probably by John Ditchfield (unmarked), with applied and swirling decoration, 7.5cm high. £20-30
1163.   A Pair of Small Moorcroft Pottery Vases, painted in the 'Clematis' pattern on blue grounds, 7cm high, both impressed Moorcroft Made in England. (2) £60-90
1164.   A Troika Blue Painted Glazed Teapot, featuring blue circles to matt body, cane loop handle, marked under base 'Troika St Ives' and JB monogram John Bedding, 17cm diameter excluding spout, crazing to white glazed interior, chip to inner of spout. £40-80
1165.   A Clarice Cliff Lotus Pattern Biscuit Barrel, (chips to lid) 16cm high. £40-60
1166.   A Red Sea Crystal and Gilt Metal Figure of a Middle Eastern Man Seated on a Camel, with a bird of prey perched on his arm, the saddle with faceted drops, 25cm high. £40-60
1167.   Paragon 'Narcissus' Tea Ware, of thirty six pieces on yellow ground with gilt highlights. £30-50
1168.   A XIX Century Glass Dump, of ovoid form, featuring bubble inclusions, 11.5cm high. £15-30
1169.   A Beswick Palomino Horse, two Beswick foals, Geebell pussycat and pottery lamb. (5) £30-40
1170.   A Moorcroft Pottery Circular Bowl, painted in the 'Torch Ginger' design by Vicky Lovatt, shape 620/9, limited edition 28/50, signed, impressed and painted marks, 22.5cm diameter. £260-280
1171.   Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars, pair of ruby glass vases, each with circular rim and double Greek key motif to each rectangular face, labelled 9815, 10.5cm high. £40-80
1172.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Circular Bowl, with a pierced rim, blush ivory basket work, ground moulded with foliage printed marks, shape No. 1004, date code 1895, 23cm diameter. £40-60
1173.   A Moorcroft Pottery Bulbous Vase, painted in the 'Clematis' pattern, 7cm high, paper label under base; together with 'Pomegranate' pattern small bowl, signed under base, 8cm diameter. (2) £50-80
1174.   Val St. Lambert Green Tinted Shallow Glass Dish, 56 x 17cm, Two Mdina Vases, Orefors Vase, signed E. Gordon. £20-40
1175.   Royal Crown Derby 'Dauphin' Dinner Ware, comprising 6 x 27mm diameter plates, 6 x soups, sucrier and cream jug (all first quality) £20-40
1176.   A Nao Pottery Figure Group of Seated Courting Couple, stamped 'NU' 30 cm wide. £15-20
1177.   Art Deco Black & Clear Glass Scent Bottle, other scent bottles (chips noted), stoppers:- One Tray £15-30
1178.   Royal Doulton Figurines 'The Coachman' HN2282, 'Autumn Breezes' HN1934, Beswick 'Tony Weller' character Jug. (4) £20-30
1179.   Poole Pottery: Mid XX Century Six Sectional Hors d'euvres, four dolphins, cylinder vase, Aegean style raised dish:- One Tray £20-30
1180.   Whitefriars - '50 STG' Spill Vases, 13cm high, 9591 waisted vase, 9644 dish, crystal bell (boxed), 201 back vase, etc:- One Tray £40-70
1181.   Kage Verkstad Swedish Pottery Bowl, bearing label, 21cm diameter, Carltonware powder bowl, oval glass vase with bubble inclusions, pair of 1930's garniture urns:- One Tray £20-40
1182.   XIX Century Decanter, glass flutes, bottles, etc:- One Tray £15-30
1183.   Royal Stafford 1930's Floral Tea Service, of twenty eight pieces, having gilt rims and green centre panels. £20-40
1184.   Scent Bottles/Atomisers (14):- One Tray £15-30
1185.   U.S Constitution Jug, featuring Commodore Bainbridge and the 'Java' (crazed), tea pot in the form of a crown. Poole pottery, flagon:- One Tray. £20-30
1186.    XIX Century and Later Staffordshire Figures, Shorter Toby jug, piano baby, etc. One Tray, £15-25
1187.   Royal Worcester Pair of Posy Displays, each white floral on green leaf base, 8cm diameter, Beswick Babycham type fawn, Staffordshire dogs, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1188.   A Pair of Ovoid Bodied Decanters, pair of late XIX Century vine etched drinking glasses, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1189.   Clover Snow White and Seven Dwarfs Toast Rack and Beauty and The Beast Butter Dish, Chef tea pot, Lurpak toast rack and butter dish:- One Tray. £15-25
1190.   A Mid XIX Century Copeland Parian Porcelain Figure Group, modelled as a young couple, he holds a birds nest with three chicks, on a oval base, impressed marks, 33cm high. £40-80
1191.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Kingsborough Garden' pattern designed by Emma Bossons, shape 102/7, No. 27, signed, impressed and painted marks, 17.5cm high. £100-120
1192.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'RMS Ooty' pattern designed by Nicola Slaney, limited edition No. 13/30, shape 23/8, signed, impressed and painted marks, 20cm high. £180-200
1193.   Moore XIX Century Table Centre, with ovoid bowl, supported by three winged cherubs, on triform base, featuring Greek key, 19.5cm high. £30-50
1194.   Doulton Lambeth Stoneware Vase, stamped E.S. (possibly Eliza Simmance) featuring birds and butterfly amongst bamboo, on blue ground, 27cm high. £20-40
1195.   Zeleznybrod Glass Figure of Surgeon, 19.5cm high, Murano glass angel, a Venetian example and a candlestick. (3) £20-40
1196.   An Anita Harris Multicoloured Owl Figure, 18cm high. £40-50
1197.   A Pair of XIX Century Cranberry Glass Spill Vases, with Mary Gregory style figures to ovoid body, 29cm high. £20-40
1198.   A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Teatime', an artists original colourway 1/1 by Victoria Bourne, 21cm high. £70-90
1199.   Whitefriars Amethyst Bark Design Glass Cylindrical Vase, 19cm high, 8cm diameter. £30-50
1200.   Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Clematis' pattern on deep blue ground, 15cm high. £60-90
1201.   Doulton Lambeth, Pair of Stoneware Water Jugs, for Thomas Wallis of Holborn Circus, commemorating sixty years of Queen Victoria's Reign, 18.5cm high. £30-50
1202.   Rye Pottery Figure of Elderly Couple Sat on a Bench, 20cm high; Continental figure of Napoleon impressed 11398. (2) £20-30
1203.   A Pair of Royal Doulton Stoneware Vases, 'E.A.G 1877' impressed under base, 20cm high (one chipped), a similar ewer. £15-30
1204.   A Pair of Victorian Tobacco Jars, modelled as and old lady and gentleman seated, (repair to base of gents chair). £40-60
1205.   A Peggy Davies Figurine 'Nostalgia', an artists original colourway by M. Jackson, 25cm high. £70-90
1206.   Two Whitefriars Bucket Shaped Gold Amber Glass Vases, with internal horizontal optic ribbing, 20cm high. (2) £20-40
1207.   An Anita Harris Large Eagle Wildlife Figure, gold signed, 24.5cm high. £50-70
1208.   An Anita Harris Rare Large Christmas Reindeer Figure, gold signed, 32cm high. £70-90
1209.   Three Italian Lamp Bases, as exotic bird and ladies. £5-10
1210.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'Forever England' pattern designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 3/8, dated 29.11.19, impressed and painted marks, 20cm high. £180-200
1211.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Anna Lily' pattern designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 102/7, impressed and painted marks, 17.5cm high. £120-140
1212.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Three French Hens' pattern from The Twelve Days of Christmas series designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 7/3, 9.5cm high. £50-60
1213.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Snowball Battle' pattern designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 198/3, impressed and painted marks, 8cm high. £60-70
1214.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Eight Maids a Milking' pattern from The Twelve Days of Christmas series designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 102/3, 9cm high. £70-80
1215.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Eleven Pipers Piping' pattern from The Twelve Days of Christmas series designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 146/3, 8cm high. £90-110
1216.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Snow Angel' pattern designed by Helen Dale, shape 3/5, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. £90-110
1217.   An Anita Harris Figure of an Afghan Hound, gold signed, 15cm high. £30-40
1218.   An Anita Harris Figure of a Kingfisher, gold signed, 16.5cm high. £40-50
1219.   Four Nao Figurines of Girls. £20-40
1220.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Grassmoor Bluebell' pattern designed by Nicola Slaney, No. 96, shape 3/5, signed, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. £130-150
1221.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'Timeless' pattern designed by Emma Bossons, shape 3/5, dated 19.12.19, impressed and painted marks, 13.5cm high. £100-120
1222.   A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Figures, in the Kate Greenway style, in blush ivory glaze, decorated with flowers, boy with a drum on rocky tree stump bases, printed marks, shape No. 1593, date No. 1833, 20cm high. £50-80
1223.   A Royal Copenhagen Model of A Stag, No 756 (1975-1979); together with a Royal Copenhagen Pekingese, No 1776 (1969-1974). (2) £40-60
1224.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Star of Bethlehem' (Three Wise Men) pattern designed by Vicky Lovatt, limited edition No. 16/50, shape 93/10, signed, impressed and painted marks, 25.5cm high. £220-240
1225.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Queens Choice' pattern designed by Emma Bossons, shape 98/8, impressed and painted marks, 20.5cm high. £150-170
1226.   A Lorna Bailey Pottery Charger, painted with 'The Wolstanton Marsh' pattern, limited edition No 1/75, released Feb 2004, with certificate, 34.5cm diameter. £90-110
1227.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'Penny Black' pattern designed by Vicky Lovatt, shape 520/5, dated 29.11/19, impressed and painted marks, 12.5vm diameter. £130-150
1228.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Folley Mill' pattern designed by Kerry Goodwin, No. 96, shape 32/5, signed, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. £200-240
1229.   Glass Snow White, 10cm high and Seven Dwarf Figures. £15-25
1230.   A Moorcroft Pottery 'Candy Cane' Tazza/Cake Stand, designed by Emma Bossons, 22.5cm diameter. £90-110
1231.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the trial 'Home For Christmas' pattern, shape 3/5, dated 11.8.17, impressed and painted marks, 13cm high. £90-110
1232.   Wade Tom & Jerry, four Disney dogs and rabbit. £15-30
1233.   An Anita Harris Rare Large Tiger Figure, gold signed, 40cm long. £200-220
1234.   Lorna Bailey Figurine of 1930's Girl, walking at brisk pace, 2/2, 21.5cm high, factory sale day 31.03.07. £30-50
1235.   W Moorcroft Vase, with a yellow green ground, Hibiscus style flowers, paper label to base. W Moorcroft Potter to Queen Mary. 13.5cm high. £60-90
1236.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, painted in the 'Twenty Winters' pattern designed by Nicola Slaney, shape 72/6, impressed and painted marks, 15.5cm high. £100-120
1237.   A Moorcroft Pottery Plate, painted in the 'Twelve Days of Christmas' pattern designed by Kerry Goodwin, shape 85/10, impressed and painted marks, 28cm diameter. £220-240
1238.   USSR Tiger Cub and Leopard Cub, Panda, other animals and figures:- One Tray £15-30
1239.   Sheffield By Candlelight Set, LMS mug, Festival of Britain tea pot, Pendelfin, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1240.   A Large Collection of Porcelain Thimbles, in a display case, including Windsor Safari Park, Bicton Park Devon, Paignton, further souvenir thimbles, others depicting birds, etc, Commemorative thimbles including Concorde 101, Anne Boleyn, etc; together with an Abel Morrall thimble and more similar of various sizes. £10-15
1241.   Quantity of Costume Jewellery, watch, silver bracelet and charms. £15-25
1242.   Six Stuart Crystal Pedestal Sundae Glasses, two of which are unopened boxes. £50-60
1243.   Goebel Walt Disney Minnie Mouse Figure, Chinese figurines, alarm clock, 8mm films:- One Tray £15-20
1244.   A Bowie Knife by George Wostenholm, stag handle, 25cm blade 37.5cm full length, in a leather sheath with 'Drifter' embossed on the front. £80-100
1245.   A Pocket Knife/Large Pruner, presented to 'The Small Holder' embossed on blade, by Wylie and Co, overall length 26cm, stag handle. £60-80
1246.   A Pocket Knife/Pruner, by Saynor of Sheffield, brass flat bottom to one end, stag handle 12cm closed. £60-80
1247.   A Pocket Knife/Military Jack Knife, by J Rodgers and Sons, 'Crows Foot' stamped on marlin spike 12.5cm closed with lanyard ring; plus one other Jack Knife by Allen & Sons, same size, horn handle, with lanyard ring.(2) £60-80
1248.   Pocket Knives by A Wright of Sheffield, one with polished horn scales with workback on blades and spine, one other with stag handle workback to one blade and spine, also one copper penknife stamp on wooden base. (3) £60-80
1249.   A Pocket Knife, in brass one blade stamped N 6 Sheffield Steel, with 'Abolone" scales 7cm long closed, also a two bladed G. Ibberson & Co knife 9.5cm long closed. £50-70
1250.   Pocket Knife, by Turner & Co, Cutler to The Queen, encore stamped on both blades, stag handle 9cm long closed, also a small pistol grip Joseph Rodgers & Sons, single blade knife, stag handle 8.5cm long closed. £70-90
1251.   A Pocket Knife, three blades with silver bolsters, marked "925", commemorating The Year 2000 with small steel sharpener, boxed. £70-90
1252.   Three Pocket Knives -Small Horseman's Knife - Western Works Sheffield, Jack knife by Harrison Brothers, Sheffield and one other. (3) £50-70
1253.   A Pocket Knife/Hosemans Knife by Richardson's of Edinburgh, Rosebery embossed on one blade, three working blades plus four utility blades, also tweezers and pick, folded length 12cm £80-100
1254.   A Multi Blade Knife by Waser, seven in total, corkscrew, spike hook etc, all housed in a tortoiseshell body with possible silver inlay, brass bolsters 10cm closed. £60-80
1255.   A Pocket Knife, by Southern & Richardsons Sheffield 12cm long closed, horn handled one blade knife by Wragg 10.5cm long closed, and a four multi blade by Burton 9.5cm long closed, (3) £80-100
1256.   A Mother of Pearl Fruit Knife, incorporating silver blade and silver fork, silver bolsters to one end and work back on spine, dated 1893, 8cm long closed. £70-100
1257.   A Pocket Knife, in the shape of a Ladies Shoe with polished bone scales, two blades 7.5cm closed. £30-50
1258.   J Nowill of Sheffield. Cutlery Campaign Three Piece Set, circa 1900 featuring cork screw/knife, fork and spoon, each folding,in Morocco case. £50-80
1259.   Coins; Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Five Pounds (1900-2000); Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Five Pounds (1900-2002); History of the Royal Air force Five Pounds 2008; Churchill commemorative crowns (1965), 1977 commemorative coins Tencentenary of the Bill of Rights Two Pounds (1689-1989); a hallmarked silver medallion pendant, Hendon & District Football League medallion pendant (missing suspension loop/damaged), etc. £20-30
1260.   A Boxed Set of Six Commemorative Ships That Made History Coins. £20-40
1261.   A Small Collection of Round Pound Coins (14), including two London 2010 and Belfast 2010, etc. £18-30
1262.   A 9ct Gold Cross Charm Pendant, a kidney bean charm pendant stamped "9ct", a small whistle, Royal Air Force Association badges, turned wood lidded pot, 1966 Halliday's (Antiques) correspondence, etc. £30-50
1263.   A Victorian Blonde Tortoise Shell Trinket Box. £60-70
1264.   Six Fountain Pens, including Parker (3), Waterman's Osmiroid and Lonway Stewart, all with stamped "14ct Gold" nibs. £50-60
1265.   Three Parker Ball Point Pens; together with a pencil. (4) £10-20
1266.   Mont Blanc Meisterstuck (No 146) Fountain Pen, with 14K nib (named/personalised); vintage Mont Blanc gold plated fountain pen (nib stamped "585") " Cogasco S.A" personalised; a Sheaffer USA Sterling Silver fountain Pen with 14K 585 nib; vintage Sheaffer US 12K G.F fountain pen with 14K 585 nib, further Sheaffer pens, et :- One Tray. £200-300
1267.   Pwllheli Vesta Case, Conway 'Dinkie 550' including pen having 14K nib, Meerschaum pipe bowl as a lady. Silver handled fruit knife. Hestenes Norway spoon. LMS badge, etc :- One Tray £20-40
1268.   Six Hallmarked Teaspoons, 1897 continental silver spoons, stamped 925, sugar tongs, silver pusher. £20-30
1269.   Derbyshire Blue John Bowl, 3cm high, 7.5cm diameter, signed by Steve Beckett, No 83, 11th May 1987. £100-200
1270.   A Silver Pocket Watch, (lacking glass), Ingersoll pocket watch Bentima, Sekonda, Timex, Fero and other wrist watches in casket. £20-30
1271.   Gold Leaf Warranted English Manufacture, approximately ten sheets. £15-25
1272.   Tower, Mercer of St Albans, and one other walnut cased mantle clocks. (3) £15-30
1273.   A Heavy Brass Cased Carriage Clock, having Rotherham's English movement, Tempora, Smiths and Kundo examples. (4) £20-30
1274.   A Large Quantity of Cutlery, cased and loose:- One Box £15-30
1275.   A Circa 1950's/60's White Bakelite Wall Clock, with original electric movement by Smiths, 35.5cm diameter overall. £30-40
1276.   Garrard, Tower and One Other Oak Cased Mantle Clock, circa 1930's having Westminster chimes movement. (3) £20-40
1277.   Joseph Rodgers Three Piece Plated Tea Service, with associated shaped salver. £15-30
1278.   Irena Lead Crystal Ships Decanter, Samobor and two others. (4) £15-25
1279.   Enfield Royal, Walker & Hall, Hamer's of Preston Oak Cased Mantle Clocks, circa 1930's, having Westminster chimes movement. (3) £20-40
1280.   A Pair of XIX Century Plated Candlesticks, (converted to table lamps) decorated with foliage decoration. (2) £30-50
1281.   A Pair of XIX Century O.S.P. Candlesticks, plated condiment set, plated salvers and engraved jugs, XIX Century bone glove stretchers. £20-40
1282.   Elliott Walnut Cased Mantle Clock, having curved ends, two Smiths eight day clocks. (3) £20-40
1283.   A XIX Century Mahogany Cased Circular Wall Clock, with Roman numerals to white dial, movement present but converted to battery, 41.5cm diameter. £20-40
1284.   Pair of Danesby Ware Bourne Denby Pottery Book Ends as Terrier Dogs (damages), Tiffany style lamp, lazy Susan, comport:- One Tray £20-40
1285.   Three Smiths Bureau Oak Cased Eight Day Clocks, Garrard eight day seven jewels oak cased mantle clock. (4) £20-40
1286.   Silver Caddy Spoon, Sheffield hallmark, another plated, beadwork and other cutlery:- One Tray £20-40
1287.   Enfield & Norland Walnut Cased Mantle Clocks, circa 1930's having Westminster chimes movement. (2) £20-50
1288.   Enrique Linares, ES Propiedad, No. 52, Gesso Architectural Study Panel, decorated with arabesque and geometric patterns, with calligraphic panels, oak framed, 54 x 43.5cm overall. £180-260
1289.   After C. Valton, Pair of Bronzed Spelter Figures, each as a racehorse with jockey, on oval plinth and ebonised base, 33.5cm and 31cm high, both 19cn wde overall, (some damage). £60-90
1290.   A Horses Whip, (end clipped) with silvered handle having Bulls Head finial. £15-20
1291.   A Pair of Victorian Wax Circular Hanging Plaques, moulded with Queen Victoria on horseback, the reverse with her seated on the throne beside attendants, inscription to rim 15.5cm. (2) £15-25
1292.   Brass Box, with enamelled bands, Cloisonné vases, alabaster ashtray, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1293.   A Japanese Porcelain Revolving Lazy Susan, five sectional, fully marked, 35cm diameter. £40-50
1294.   Two XIX Century Chinese teapots, one other with floral decoration. £20-30
1295.   Oriental Pair of Cloisonné Vases, of ovoid form, circa early XIX Century each with chrysanthemum and bird in flight silver wire work on copper lustre ground, 18cm high, (bruising). £60-100
1296.   Oriental Bisque Pottery Teapot, with applied and raised butterflies, oval stamp by green foliage under base, Satsuma vase, coffee ware, etc:- One Tray £20-50
1297.   Opera Glasses, a pair of vintage glasses, dispensing opticians Theodore Hamblin Ltd, 296 Glossop Road, Sheffield, plated cigarette case etc. Oriental soapstone figure etc. Continental Majolica style wall pocket:- One Tray. £20-40
1298.   A Victorian Era Octagonal Lacquered Jewellery Box, with inner tray and lower drawer. red and gold painted oriental scenes to all eight sides; plus two locks and key, 13.5cm high. £60-80
1299.   S.S Mauritania Mediterranean Cruise 1923 Management American Express Travel Department Brochure. E.G Long 'Magdalen Bridge & Tower', pen & ink signed and dated '53 27 x 16.5cm. (2) £15-30
1300.   Fairbairns Book of Crests of The Families of Great Britain and Ireland, two volumes, 4th edition 1892, rebound. (2) £100-150
1301.   The Form and Order in The Coronation of Their Majesties King Edward - Queen Alexandra in the Abbey Church St Peter, Westminster 26th June 1902, programmes, The Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and The Coronation of Their Majesties King George VI and Queen Elizabeth:- One Tray £40-60
1302.   XIX Century Rosewood Sarcophagus Shaped Tea Caddy, on bun feet, 23.5cm wide, pair of oak barley twists candlesticks, adjustable book trough with camel ends. £20-40
1303.   A XVII Century R. Morden Map of Shropshire, 37 x 42cm. £40-60
1304.   An Original Circa 1930's Advertising Poster, mounted on card, for a London Company - 'Widdell Bros', who produced advertising posters for companies of that era (shows examples for Mazawattee Tea, Gas Showrooms, Andrews Liver Salts etc), 55 x 38cm £30-40
1305.   A Late XX Century Advertising Tin Sign for "Grape Nuts Cereal", with card backing and fold support, 60.5cm high. £20-30
1306.   A c.1930's Stanley G Turnstile, Holborn London 7801 Brass Theodolite, in a mahogany box, engraved on barrel (Stanley G Turnstile Holborn London). £80-120
1307.   A XIX Century Boxwood Powder Vessel, with holes to the top, screw action turned base, 12cm high. £20-30
1308.   The Balmoral Album, photograph album circa late XIX Century with musical facility to back, the front having gilt tooled image of Castle on leather. £30-50
1309.   A XIX Century Leather Powder Flask, (G & J.W Hawksley Sheffield), together with one other XIX Century powder flask. (2) £40-60
1310.   Rev J. C Atkinson British Birds, Eggs and Nests, together with Med's Motto or Little by Little. (2) £10-20
1311.   A Framed Signed Black and White Photograph of Queen Mary, 12 x 8cm. £80-120
1312.   Brookes & Adams Carpet Bowls, in fitted wooden case with instructions. £15-20
1313.   A Victorian Oak Sewing Box, with brass cartouche dated 1857, internal tray, silk lined with a small amount of sewing implements etc(lock and key). £30-40
1314.   A XVII Eboracensis Map of West Riding of Yorkshire, 27.5 x 33.5cm; together with a XIX Century print, "A Little Child Shall Lead Them". (2) £50-100
1315.   A XIX Century Ebonized Writing Slope, with mother of pearl and nacre inlaid decoration, 35cm wide (with faults). £30-50
1316.   A XIX Century Sycamore Bowl, with a scratched rim. £30-50
1317.   A XIX Century Sycamore Bowl, 12cm high, with severed base. £30-50
1318.   E.R Watts & Son Ltd, 123 Camberwell Road, London, No 15462 Theodolite, in a mahogany box. £60-100
1319.   An Early XX Century Brass Surveyors Instrument, with adjustable stand, together with a brass lens (2) 45cm high, £30-50
1320.   Forestville Red Painted Tin Cased Wall Clock, 39cm diameter. Anstey Wilson sunburst wall clock having Burma teak extremities. (2) £50-70
1321.   An Original 1960's Bush Portable Radio, type TR 82D. £20-30
1322.   'Napoleon' Paris, Librairie Hachette, Portfolio of Photographs, The Warner Company, Casteel 'Running of The Bulls, other books. (9) £15-30
1323.   Pole Position Scalextric and Accessory Set. £20-40
1324.   Two Gerrard Tower, plus one other Oak Cased Eight day Mantle Clocks, circa 1930's. (4) £20-40
1325.   Baden Powell on Camp Visit, Ceylonese lamp, Halifax Rover Moot 1931, other Boy Scout photos from the 1920's and 30's. Personal, bear pits, Alps mountain tops and many others in period album. £30-50
1326.   A Small Vintage Leather Case, 40cm wide; plus a similar period leather tube holder, 13cm diameter. (2) £20-30
1327.   'Anderson's Fairy Tales' Treasure Trove Series, S.J.B black glazed teapot, Drayton Manor Pratt Ware pot lid, stoneware jar, glass scent bottle, light shade, brass chamberstick:- One Tray - plus Amefa canteen of cutlery, carving set, bread knife. £20-40
1328.   A Late XIX Century Oak Cased Mantle Clock, probably Bavarian with soldier automation behind door to upper section 'GHSF' eight day movement on turned legs, 31cm wide. £150-250
1329.   A Vintage Wooden Travel Case, 54cm wide, with many later travel labels plus lock and key. £20-30
1330.   A Chinese Violin and Accessories in case. Blessing of USA Flute, 88515 & B101 stamped to main body, cased. (2) £30-50
1331.   A Black Forest Style Bear Chopping Wood, jewellery box as a radiogram, clock etc:- One Tray £15-30
1332.   Replica Pistol, Khaki covered water canister, razors, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1333.   An Oak Jewel Coffer with Musical Facility, 1953 Coronation box, shoe last, etc:- One Tray. £15-20
1334.   A Japanese Black Lacquer Box, photographs of Sheffield, toast rack etc:- One Tray. £10-15
1335.   A Mid XX Century Felt 'Pinocchio' Doll, approx 57cm high; plus a similar period child's bedside lamp with period shade depicting squirrel and rabbit illustrations. (2) £30-40
1336.   A Leica IIIG Rangefinder Camera, chrome, Serial No 881887 (1957) with Summitar F=5cm 1:2 lens No 796125, Canon Screwmount 35mm F1.8 lens No 10187 original leather case, Leica literature, camera bag. £300-500
1337.   Gay Venture Stamp Album, two further albums containing used stamps, including more used stamps, a small collection of Natwest World Savers Medals together with a variety of miniature historical type figures (possible chess pieces 32) £5-10
1338.   Rolex Oyster Perpetual Catalogue, Price List 2001, together with a book on walking sticks by Alfredo Lamberti. (2) £10-15
1339.   Gallagher Ltd Cigarette cards, army badges, trains of the world, famous film scenes and other cigarette cards; together with a pair of binoculars (Vendorama 10 x 50 no. 68812) in a brown leather case. £20-30
1340.   A William Marples & Sons Ltd, Sheffield, illustrated catalogue 1938 edition. £30-50
1341.   Postcards, to include Mabel Lucie Attwell, Satirical, Sentimental, Embroidered, Kit Forres. £20-30
1342.   XIX Century Brass Chamber Candlestick, XIX Century pewter tankards, XIX Century pewter inkwell, etc:- One Tray £15-20
1343.   Two Volumes of The Sheffield Assay Office Register 1911, together with the History of Sheffield Plate by Frederick Bradbury 1983. (3) £30-50
1344.   Sissi Remolcador Remote Control Ship, boxed, Chinese made Captain Scarlett vehicle and figures, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1345.   Robertson's Figures, ten bandsman and one lollypop man, Butlins badges, first day covers, Alan Ball and Nicholas Parsons autographs - unverified, Hutton Benefit scoreboard, etc. £20-40
1346.   A Pair of Oval Shaped Contemporary Golf Display Plaques, showing vintage golf clubs and balls, 33.5cm high. £30-40
1347.   An Illustrated Mappin & Webb Catalogue, together with an illustrated Walker Hall Ltd, Sheffield catalogue. (2) £50-100
1348.   Badges, key rings, medallions, tokens, etc:- One Tray £15-25
1349.   An Illustrated Catalogue of James Dixon & Sons, Cornish Place, Sheffield. £100-150
1350.   Geoffrey Wilson (1910-2010), "Blyton Carr Lincolnshire" oil on board, initialled bottom left 18.54 x 26cm,; together with Christmas cards from the artist and a catalogue 'Exhibition and sale of paintings by Geoffrey Wilson' and a letter from the artist. £50-100
1351.   Early XX Century Jewel Casket, with inset carry handle and inner tray, 25.5cm wide. £15-30
1352.   Three XIX Century Turned Treen Circular Boxes. £25-45
1353.   A Asahi Pentax K1000 35mm Film Camera, Chinon 28-50mm F3.5-4.5 lens, PMC super paragon 135mm F2.8 lens (boxed), Suoer Paragon Automatic 2X tele converter (boxed), instruction booklet. £40-70
1354.   XVII Century Indentures on Velum, His Majesty's Speech, printed by Thomas Brettell, other paper ephemera. £20-40
1355.   John S Piercy. The History of Retford 1828, together with F. White Co History Directory and Gazette of the County, and of The Town and County of The Town Nottingham. (2) £40-80
1356.   Two Lamp & Limelight of Hockley Miners Lamps, plus two miniature examples:- One Tray. £20-30
1357.   T.L Smith Two German Made Cut Throat Razors, in a leather case. A.A. Badge, together with 45 singles Beatles Twist and Shout, I Want To Hold Your Hand, The Beatles No 1, She Loves You, other 45 singles. One Box. £15-25
1358.   A Canon AE-1 35mm Film Camera, (shutter not firing), Canon 50mm F1.4 lens, Canon FD 28mm F2.8 lens, (boxed), instruction booklet. £40-70
1359.   Barbola Mirror, playing cards, pin cushion doll, scent sprays, bisque nude maiden, etc:- One Tray £20-30
1360.   Grundig Accessory for TK5 GCM3 Microphone, binoculars, exposure meter, magnifying glass, etc:- One Tray. £15-30
1361.   Shute [Neville]: In The Wet, first published 1953, William Heineman with dust jacket, Thompson: [Seton] Wild Animals I have Known, Nutt: [David] 1904, Ollivant: [Alfred] Own Bob 1925, Sewell: [Anna] Black Beauty with illustrations by Cecil Aldin, Jarrolds, Cripps: [W.J] Old English Plate, 1881, Kipling: [Rudyard] Just So Stories, 1910 . (6) £30-50
1362.   Butter Moulds, boxed, early XX Century Ivory napkin rings and sewing pail, the lid having turning finial to reveal numbers, desk stand. £30-50
1363.   Ladies Purses & Evening Bags, including sequined, braid, faux tortoiseshell. (10) £20-30
1364.   A Pathescope 9.5mm Cine Projector, circa 1930's film reels, etc. £30-40
1365.   Harpole Pearl Farm Pearl Shell, painted with geese in flight scene signed and dated '78. Smokers pipes in case. Smiths mantle clock, Bakelite shaving stick holder, etc:- One Tray £20-40
1366.   Festival of Britain Record, Pleasure Gardens Programme, theatre programmes, greeting cards, stamps, including Japanese in folder, other paper ephemera. £25-30
1367.   Three Albums of Beer Bottle Labels, Saffron Brewery Tiddley Vicar, Ushers, Charles Wells, King & Barnes, Hook Norton, Shepherd, Neame and others etc. £10-15
1368.   A Large Collection of Facsimile Editions from The Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, The Bodley Head, London, twenty six, in slipcases; Fungus The Bogeyman pop up book, Kestrel, Hamish Hamilton issues Maurice Sendak, Ron Brooks, Edward Bawden and other illustrators:- Two Boxes £40-60
1369.   Bacons Ruby Map of London Suburbs, three Royal Mail First Day Covers, theatre programmes from 1950's London Theatres, newspaper cartoons of Hitler during WWII, postcards Panama-Pacific International Exposition 1915 souvenir guide:- One Box £20-40
1370.   Enfield, Clarion and One Other Oak Cased Mantle Clocks, circa 1930's having Westminster chimes movement. (3) £20-40
1371.   Canteen of Stainless Steel Cutlery, ebony dressing table set, jewellery boxes. £15-30
1372.   A Large Quantity of Used Postage Stamps, aeroplane photographs, U.S.A craft on runways and in flight. £20-40
1373.   A XIX Century Brass Bound Mahogany Box, with campaign handles, 45.5cm wide (damaged). £20-30
1374.   A Circa Late 1960's Arnold Palmer Golf Game, in original box. £20-30
1375.   Early XX Century Ivory Religous Figure, the lower body opening up in the Triptych manner, to reveal figural scenes, on circular ebonised base, 23cm high overall. £50-100
1376.   An Art Deco Style Contemporary Aluminium Model of a Vintage Car, 33.5cm wide. £20-30
1377.   A Small Contemporary Banker's Lamp, with green glass shade, 23cm high with shade down, approximately 57cm high. £20-30
1378.   Miners Lamp, Hailwood & Ackroyd of Morley, type O.I.B, 27cm high with handle down. £20-30
1379.   Stoneware Tobacco Jar, named G.Lawrence 1909, to naturalistic base, the lid featuring acorn finial, 13.5cm high, (chipped), pair of metal marblette finish candlesticks. £20-30
1380.   A Shakespeare Pro Power Beachcaster Fishing Rod. £10-15
1381.   A Late XX Century Ironstone Jug and Bowl, smaller jug, jardiniere. £15-20
1382.   A XIX Century Copper Kettle and Pan, brass jam pot, dinner gong, etc:- One Tray. £15-30
1383.   Glass Circular Dome, 48cm high, 18.5cm diameter. £20-40
1384.   A Victorian Copper and Brass Table Urn, with inscription dated 1903, 45cm high. £30-40
1385.   A Continental Bracket Clock and Bracket, XVIII Century and later, clock works by Louis Simon, Geneve, circular brass/enamel dial with Roman numerals, Arabic seconds, double fusee movement, with engraved back plate and cherub finial, contained in a later green painted and oak ormolu mounted case and matching wall bracket, key and pendulum present, clock 59cm high, bracket 30cm, high. £200-300
1386.   A Large Welsh Vintage Flag (52" x 26") on Pole with Finials, (probably ex-nautical). £15-25
1387.   Am Early XX Century Mantel Clock, with an enamel dial, (D), Mercury pendulum, stamped on back plate, R & C Paris London. £40-60
1388.   A Late XIX Century Black Slate Mantel Clock, with column supports, circular enamel base, plinth base. £20-40
1389.   Seth Thomas of Plymouth Hollow, red lacquered cased mantle clock 41.5cm, high, another with damaged pane, one other. (3) £20-30
1390.   A XIX Century Door Stop, together with a bronzed candlestick on a hexagonal base, with paw feet.(2) £20-40
1391.   Stamps - Nine Mint Presentation Packs, and high values up to £6. Britannia ace stamp album, Regional definitive's, sheet of British £1 - £5 and three ten pounds. £20-30
1392.   Olympics. G.B. Diving Team Signatures - Tom Daly, Sarah Barrow and Tonia Crouch, black marker signed (unverified) on a 2012 GB white shirt. A similar blue vest and O.B.S. cap. £15-25
1393.   An Early XX Century Wall Clock, in walnut casing the dial featuring cross arrows trade mark, approximately 60cm high. £15-30
1394.   A Small Bank of Four Office Filing Drawers, brass pulls lettered 'Advance' to each, 39cm wide. £20-30
1395.   Ladies Fur Coat, wallpaper trimmers, hair clippers, curling tongs, etc. £15-20
1396.   Miscellaneous Vintage Ephemera, including seven 1950's Sheffield Wednesday away programmes, postcards including school photographs, Sheffield leather wallet etc. on a bakelite tray £20-30
1397.   ECCD UCL30 SR Suntour Electric Bicycle, with Tranz and power box. £100-200
1397A.  WILLIAM HENRY PIGGOTT (Sheffield Artist 1835-1901), Windmill, Derbyshire and Wastdale Head Cumberland, watercolours, a pair, titled and signed lower left (18)86,
34 x 50cm. (2) £40-60
1398.   A Mid XX Century Oval Brass Mirror, gilt mirror, pine mirror. (3) £10-15
1399.   A Chinese Watercolour, glazed and framed 38cm x 57cm, with a "Great Wall" embroidery glazed and framed 36cm x 58cm, plus two framed elongated mirrors. £10-15
1400.   Rectangular Bevelled Wall Mirror, in gilt frame, 88.5 x 63cm overall, Hans Heysen colour print. (2) £15-20
1401.   Ballet Dancer Scenes, limited edition of 250 colour prints, each indistinctly signed to border, 61 x 52cm. (2) £30-50
1402.   Dommersen, Boats in Tranquil Waters by Coast with Distant House, XX Century oil on board, 31.5 x 43.5cm. £20-40
1403.   A XVIII Oval Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Gentleman sporting a hat, unsigned, 54 x 43cm. £150-200
1404.   I. Cafieri, woodland Track with Cottage, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 59.5 x 89.5cm. £20-40
1405.   Paul McRae (North East Artist), Fisherman on River Bank with sheep at other side, oil on canvas, signed lower right, 49 x 74.5cm. £20-40
1406.   A Bartram Leigh, Still Life of Flowers in Vase, oil on canvas, signed lower left, 42.5 x 58cm £20-40
1407.   A Study of Two Seated Girls, watercolour, circa 1900, 15 x 10.5cm, two portrait prints, and a map of Boston. (4) £20-30
1408.   A Pair of Early XX Century Watercolours - East Retford Market Place, with West Retford Church and West Retford Church (unsigned) 8.5 x 13cm. (2) £20-40
1409.   Paul McRae (North East Artist), Figures by River with house in distance, oil on canvas, 49.5 x 74.5cm, signed lower left. £20-40
1410.   A Walls, Fishermen and Boats by Jetty, watercolour, signed and dated 1913, 31 x 50cm £20-30
1411.   John Lancaster (1913-1984), Still Life of Flowers, oil on canvas, signed bottom right and dated 1957, 49 x 39cm; together with a letter and photograph from the artist. £200-400
1412.   Elliott H. Marten (Scottish Artist Exhibited 1886-1901', 'The Arun at Southwoods' Watercolour. 35 x 26cm, signed lower left, details verso. £20-40
1413.   Peter Price, Fishing Boats in Harbour, watercolour, signed lower left, 30 x 34cm. £20-40
1414.   H.F Hancock, Figures on Beach by Moored Boats, watercolour, initialled and dated 1880, 31 x 52.5cm. £20-30
1415.   A Pair of Early XX Century Still Life Prints of Fruit. (2) £20-40
1416.   A Late XIX Early XX Century Oil on Canvas, of a country river scene, with cottage in foreground, signed bottom right, N.....II?, 39 x 59cm. £15-20
1417.   •MICHAEL WOOD (b.1959) *ARR, Trees in Autumn, pastel, signed lower left, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Dec 1990, 36 x 39cm. £30-50
1418.   A Victorian Framed Print of King George, in full regalia, oak framed 72.5 x 53.5cm overall; plus another of King Edward and Queen Alexandra (1911) produced for Collet's Clothier & Outfitter, The Arcade, Newark. (2) £30-40
1419.   After Stanley Royle, Three Prints of Sheffield:- Mayfield Valley, Wincobank and Crookes Valley Park, dated 1923, 39 x 50cm. (3) £50-100
1420.   Frances Furness, Busy Northern Street Scene in the manner of L.S Lowry, oil on board, signed and dated 1975, 29 x 47.5cm. Two Picasso prints. Two Sutcliffe type and Endcliffe Woods example. (6) £20-30
1421.   Early XX Century Watercolour, Man by River' ; W. Firth watercolour, print 'Elise at the Stream', other pictures; together with a tray. £10-20
1422.   Jean Saltfleet (Sheffield Artist 1861-1941), Still Life of Flowers in Jug, oil on board, signed vertically lower left, 37 x 19.5cm. £40-80
1423.   G.Heaton 'Time Together' Watercolour, 29.5 x 39cm, signed lower right, details verso, unnamed, mountain landscape watercolour, 25.5 x 35.5cm. £15-25
1424.   1930's Design Plan of St. Gregory's School, Cheltenham by Healing and Ovenbury, images 27 x 60cm, Bargeware Scene, colour print, signed. (2) £15-25
1425.   E.B.W, A Pair of Watercolours - Retford Market Place 1909 and Cannon Square, both signed with initials bottom right 26 x 42. (2) £40-60
1426.   A.... F..... Meadow with Foxgloves in Foreground, watercolour, signed indistinctly lower right, 25.5 x 37.5cm; unsigned bridge scene and oval still life. (3) £15-20
1427.   B Bauckham, Venetian Scene with Vessels in Tranquil Waters, watercolour, signed lower left, 22.5 x 32.5cm. £15-30
1428.   Gerald Sanville 1949 F.R.I.B.A Watercolour, of Grassington, Warfedale, signed bottom right, 24 x 33.5 ms. £15-25
1429.   •GEORGE SPAFFORD (1921-2003) *ARR, White and Blue Boat, acrylic, signed in monogram lower right, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Dec 2000. 23 x 36cm. £50-70
1430.   HENRY KING TAYLOR (1799-1869), Choppy Sea with a Rocky Shoreline, watercolour, signed and dated 1865 lower right, 29 x 46.5cm. £60-80
1431.   A 1920's Oak Octagonal Shaped Beadwork Mirror, with a bevelled glass; together with one other rectangular mirror, two framed pressed flowers. (4) £10-20
1432.   Mark Gibbons St. Canut, Exeter, Maritime Museum, watercolour, signed lower right, 18.5 x 27.5cm; another by the same hand, 'the River Avon', 26.5 by 36.5cm, signed and date 1980. (2) £15-30
1433.   Harley Crossley, 'The Yacht Club', oil on board, signed lower left, 30.5 x 60.5cm; Maurice Page, 'River Scene at Sunset', watercolour, signed and dated 1890, 30 x 45.5cm. (2) £20-40
1434.   'JS', Monceau Castle, Kent, watercolour, initialled indistinctly lower left, 15 x 33cm. £15-20
1435.   •MICHAEL WOOD (b.1959) *ARR, Girl in White, pastel, signed and dated '89 lower right, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. June 1989, 29 x 26cm. £30-50
1435A.  G. COPELAND (Mid XIX Century English School), The River and Building in Oxford and a French Chateau, pencil drawings a part inscription to verso, 20 x 17.5cm. (2) £15-25
1436.   Herbert Railton (Lancashire Artist 1857-1910), 'Clerkenwell Green', pen and ink drawing, 15.5 x 22.45cm signed and dated 1891. £20-40
1437.   •JOHN R. DAVIES (1899-1985) *ARR, North Mill, Midhurst Sussex, watercolour, signed lower left, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Oct 1992, 37 x 56cm. £30-50
1438.   A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Court Cupboard, the top with a stepped cornice two panelled cupboard doors, turned supports, base with arched panel doors on stile feet, 140 x 142 x 171cm £80-120
1439.   An Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Display Cabinet, with a applied pediment, twin astragel doors, two internal shelves on tapering legs, with under shelf, 93 x 195cm. £100-150
1440.   A XVIII Style Mahogany Wall Mirror, with fretwork decoration, 68cms. £15-25
1441.   An Early National Time Recorder Oak Factory Clocking-In Machine, working clock with original winding key and key to cabinet (clocking in and out mechanism removed), 118.5cm high. £70-120
1442.   Five Piece Garden Patio Set, white painted metal. circular form table with matching chairs. (5) £20-30
1443.   An XVIII Century Style Wing Chair, on cabriole legs, claw and ball feet, upholstered in brown floral pattern. £80-120
1444.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Washstand, apron with a brushing slide, with two small drawers, on chamfered legs, 72cm high. £15-20
1445.   A Small XVIII Century Mahogany Bow Fronted Corner Cupboard, with brass escutcheon, 31cm high. £20-40
1446.   A Late XX Century Advertising Mirror for "Peak Frean & Co's Celebrated London Biscuits" showing a lady with tin and a list of biscuit products, overall 49 x 59cm. £30-40
Chinese Wool Tasseled Rug, featuring vases of flowers and central wreath, on blue ground, 184 x 130cm, an Indian style carpet, 292 x 193cm. (2) £20-40
1448.   Rectangular Shaped Dressing Mirror, over a mahogany box, 153cm high. £15-20
1449.   A Small Oak Occasional Table, with oval top on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £30-50
1450.   A XIX Century Ash Elm Windsor Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat rail supports, on turned legs, united by a Crinoline stretcher. £150-200
1451.   A XIX Century Ash Elm Windsor Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat, rail supports on turned legs, united by a Crinoline stretcher. £150-200
1452.   A XIX Century Ash Elm Windsor Chair, with hooped back, pierced splat, rail supports, on turned legs, united by a Crinoline stretcher. £150-200
1453.   A XIX Century Ash Elm Windsor Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat, rail supports, on turned legs united by a Crinoline stretcher. £150-200
1454.   A XIX Century Ash Elm Windsor Chair, with a hooped back, pierced splat rail supports on turned legs, united by Crinoline stretcher. £150-200
1455.   1940's Walnut Sewing Box, with single drawers; together with a oval mirror. (2) £10-20
1456.   XIX Century Cast Iron Lamp post, with twin bulbous and quatrefoil shaped body, on square base, approximately 230cm high. £60-90
1457.   A Turkey Pattern Wool Carpet, circa 1920's, with blue and multicoloured motifs on red ground, 292 x 320cm, strengthened stitching to back in centre with 20cm, border tear near to it. £50-100
1458.   A Bentwood Hat Coat Stand, with five C scroll hooks, on splayed legs. £20-40
1459.   A Plaster Mannequin, on a mahogany pedestal base, 153cm high. £30-40
1460.   Early XX Century Oak Cased Wall Barometer, with thermometer to neck, oak three tier cakestand. £20-30
1461.   A XIX Century Mahogany Linen Press, the top with twin panelled doors, two internal shelves, base with two short, three long drawers, on bracket feet 112 cms wide. £20-40
1462.   A Victorian Cube Shaped Hat Box - canvas/leather with red silk lining, two brass triangular 'Featherlite' trade labels and brass lock and catches, 44.5cm wide. £40-60
1463.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Side Table, with a single drawer, square legs with under shelf, 64cm high. £15-20
1464.   Beige Floral High Chair - Footstool.
1465.   Edwardian Mahogany Inlaid Mantel Clock, with an oval dial; together with a XIX Century Mantel Clock. (2) £20-40
1466.   Arts & Crafts Oak Sideboard, with low back, period oxidised handles to twin drawers, over cupboard doors, with reeded sides, 152cm wide. £30-50
1467.   A Victorian Pine Chest of Two Short over Three Long Drawers, 58cm wide, 56.5cm high. £60-100
1468.   An Early XX Century Heavy Quality Leather Suitcase, with interior label for 'Hemingway Bags, Leather Goods, Trunks Huddersfield', and remnants of 'White Star Line' labels, 62cm wide. £20-40
1469.   1920's Walnut Art Deco Style Display Cabinet, with a low back, corner open shelves, glazed doors, bowed cupboard doors, 119cm wide. £40-60
1470.   Early XX Century Mahogany Bookcase, with a stepped cornice, open shelves, blind fret, side on cabriole legs. £20-40
1471.   Early XX Century Mahogany Glazed Display Cabinet, with a low back, gadrooned edge, glazed doors, on cabriole legs, 120cm wide. £30-50
1472.   Early XX Century Light Oak Wardrobe, with a oval mirror, long drawer, plinth base, 198cm high. £10-20
1473.   A 1930's Limed Oak Dressing Table, and bed ends. £10-20
1474.   1920's Oak Leather Three Piece Suite, with shaped arms, cup cover supports. £10-20
1475.   1920's Oak Display Cabinet, with glazed doors, on cup cover supports, 105cm wide. £15-20
1476.   A Pair of Early XX Century Beech Parlour Chairs and Matching Armchair, each with pierced splay back on splayed feet. (3) £20-40
1477.   A Lloyd Loom Lusty Armchair, together with a laundry basket (both with labels). (2) £25-35
1478.   Oak Nest of Tables, with knurled decoration, together with a mahogany nest of tables. (2) £10-20
1479.   XIX Century Mahogany Commode, with pull out base, having turned legs, complete with pottery liner. £15-20
1480.   An Early XX Century Chiild's Metamorphic High Chair, splitting into a baby walker and a sprung low chair. £50-80
1481.   A XIX Century Mahogany Chest of Drawers, with cross banded top, four long drawers, with boxwood inlay on ogee feet, 92 x 85. £100-200
1482.   A Titchmarsh & Goodwin Oak Magazine Rack, with a rectangular top, on trestle supports (bearing label). £30-40
1483.   An Early XX Century Heavy Quality Leather Suitcase, with interior label for 'J. Bennet of Huddersfield' and 'P & O Cruise' label, 67cm wide. £20-40
1484.   Early XX Century Empire Display Cabinet Base, with a low back, carved frieze, glazed astragel doors, on cabriole legs, 105cms wide. £20-40
1485.   Early XX Century Mahogany Sideboard, with a low back, two top drawers, over cupboard doors, on cabriole legs, claw ball feet. £10-15
1486.   'A' Trade Mark Early XX Century Mantel Clock, in ebonized case 52.5cm high overall, another in angular topped case, another with 'A' shaped top, attention needed. (3) £20-30
1487.   Early XX Century Mahogany Window Table, shaped top, tapering legs; together with a oak blanket box. (2) £20-30
1488.   Early XX Century Light Oak Dressing Table, with a oval mirror, two small drawers, two long drawers, on turned supports, 92cm wide. £15-20
1489.   A Black Painted Miniature Longcase Clock, with a white dial, glazed door, with books and Staffordshire dogs, shaped base, together with a repro mahogany long case clock with a brass dial, glazed trunk door, on bracket feet (damaged). (2) £20-40
1490.   Metal Travelling Trunk. £15-30
1491.   Heavy Oak Refectory Dining Table, with trestle ends, 182 x 79.5cm; together with six (four single two carvers), ladder back chairs, stamped E.K. (7) £30-50
1492.   A XX Century Persian Style Wool Rug, with a central lozenge tassel ends, 152cm x 113cm. £30-50
1493.   A Set of Eight (six single and two carver) Hardwood Dining Chairs, in the Chinese manner, each with carved Greek key to splat back; together with matching extending dining table. (9) £30-50
1493A.  Early XX Century Oak Office Swivel Chair, with a low back, shaped arms, solid seat, on four shaped supports. £40-60
1494.   A Mid XIX Century Burr Walnut Sutherland Table, drop leaves with boxwood stringing, on turned and reeded supports, scroll feet, 70cm high. £120-180
1494A.  A XVIII Mahogany Pedestal Table, with a circular top, turned pedestal on cabriole legs, pad feet. £30-50
1495.   A Circa 1960's/70's Tinplate Football Flipper Game, complete with tinplate footballers and original box. £15-25
1496.   A Nest of Hardwood Nest of Tables, with carved borders. £10-20
1497.   An Oak Coffee Table with a circular top,turned pedestal on quatrefoil base, 46cm wide x 47cm high. £30-50
1498.   A XIX Century Mahogany Tilt Top Table, rectangular, with snap action, on turned pedestal and tripod legs, 72cm high when closed. £20-40
1499.   A Victorian Blue Silk Lined Top Hat Travel Case, 35cm wide, with top leather/brass handle and brass lock; together with a similar period silk top hat, size 71/8 (large). £60-100
1500.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, single drawer on tapering legs. £15-20
1501.   An Early XX Century Circular Leather Hat Case, 27.5cm high, gold silk lined interior, sturdy leather handle and lock, with various travel labels including Cunard. £60-100
1502.   A Late XVIII Continental Pine Oak Kitchen Refectory Table, with a plank top drawers to either end, on chamfered legs, united by a 'H' stretcher, 180cm w x 77cm h. £300-500
1503.   A Late XVII Early XVIII Oak Blanket Box, with a hinged lid, iron lock plate, single drawer on turned feet. £60-100
1504.   Ercol Nest of Three Blonde Pebble Top Coffee Tables, on splayed legs, the largest 65cm wide. £100-200
1505.   Ercol Style Oval Topped Drop Leaf Dining Table, on splayed legs 125 x 113cm. A pair of comb back chairs, similar. (3) £50-100
1506.   A 1940's WWII Period Air Raid Precaution Engineers Pine Tool Box, with side handles, original paint and lettering, 87cm wide, 45.5cm deep, 32cm high. £20-30
1507.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Sewing Table, with a hinged lid, on cabriole legs. £10-15
1508.   Ercol Four Blonde Hoop Back Dining Chairs, with rail spindles, on splayed legs, each baring silvered disc label. £80-120
1509.   A War Department Green Canvas De-Mobilization Suitcase, dated 1970 and arrow, 73cm wide. £20-40
1510.   George III Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, single drawer on tapering legs. £30-50
1511.   A Late XVII Joined Oak Blanket Box, with a four panelled top, knulled frieze, four panelled base on stile supports, 150cm wide. £200-400
1512.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Serpintine Shaped Dressing Chest of Drawers, with a cross banded top, four long drawers, top drawer with a brushing slide, over fitted compartments, on bracket feet, 89cm wide. £300-500
1513.   A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Coffer Box, with a three panelled top, iron lock plate, base with twin arch panels on stile feet, 119cm wide. £100-150
1514.   A XVIII Century Oak Coffer, with four panelled top, half wheel carving over three panels to fascia, 125cm wide. £80-120
1515.   An Oak Coffee Table, with circular top, turned pedestal on quatrefoil base, 46cm x 47cm. £30-50
1516.   A XIX Century Elm Cutters Stool, on three ringed legs, 54cm high. £50-100
1517.   A XIX Century Elm Cutters Stool, on three legs, 45cm high. £40-60
1518.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pembrooke Table, with drop leaves, single drawer on tapering legs, 72cm high. £30-50
1519.   Ercol Sideboard, with oval handles to three cupboard doors, over twin drawers 129.5cm, wide. £120-180
1520.   A Robert Thompson "Mouseman" Oak Three Legged Stool, with a shaped seat on octagonal legs, 36cm high £200-250
1521.   A.H McIntosh of Kirkcaldy, Teak Sideboard, circa 1970 with lipped handles to bank of three left drawers and end fall door, flanking central cupboard doors, having circular handles, bearing label 213.5cm wide. £200-300
1522.    XIX Century Mahogany Wall Hanging Shelves, with turned supports, three shelves, 56cm w x 47cm high. £20-30
1523.   A Large Circa Mid XX Century Wall Mounted Leather Model of a Rhinosaurus Head, in contemporary style, 53.5cm deep. £60-100
1524.   Dark Oak Dresser, in the Titchmarsh and Goodwin manner, with two pigeon holed drawers to planked rack, the base having three drawers and pot board united by turned and block supports, 138cm wide. £100-200
1525.   Mahogany Coffee table, with curved corners to rectangular top, on lyre supports, 91cm wide. £15-30
1526.   A XIX Century Mahogany Sewing Table, with drop leaves, two small drawers, over a basket, on turned legs, 70cm high. £100-150
1527.   A XIX Century Mahogany Pembroke Table, with drop leaves, two small drawers, two dummy drawers to rear, on turned legs, 66cm high. £30-50
1528.   Early XIX Century Oak Bureau Bookcase, with mahogany cross banding, dental cornice, astragal glazed doors, fall front, pigeon hole fitted interior, over two small and three long graduated drawers, on bracket feet, 96.5cm wide. £80-120
1529.   An Oak Display Case, with glazed door 72 x 52. £30-40
1530.   A XIX Century Inlaid Mahogany Banjo Wall Barometer, with swan neck top, Dominic Gugen of Boston to level, dial, thermometer and dry damp dial above. £40-60
1531.   A White Painted Table Top Display Case, with slope front, 91 x 64cm. £40-50
1532.   An Edwardian Nest of Tables with cross banded tops, on square turned legs. £20-40
1533.   An XVIII Century Style Oak Dresser, the top with a stepped cornice to three open shelves with hooks, the base with three small drawers, arched friezes, on turned supports with pot board, 154cm wide x 204cm high. £200-250
1534.   A XIX Century Yew-Elm Chair, with a hooped pierced splats with draught centres, on turned legs, crinoline stretcher. £40-60
1535.   An Early XIX Century Ash Elm Ladder Back Chair, with shaped arms, rushed seat, on turned legs, united by stretchers. £50-100
1536.   Two Corner Wall Shelves. £10-20
1537.   Art Deco Mirror, with fanned blue and amber glass strips, 73.5cm wide. £20-40
1538.   Furse Vintage Theatre/School Lamp, in oval metal frame, on tripod support, approximately 130cm high. £30-40