Stamps, Postcards & Other Cards Auction
on Thursday 6th August 2020

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1.      A Good Selection of Pre-War Cigarette Silks, by Phillips, Kensitas and others, themes including Flags, Kings and Queens, Butterflies and Moths. Many sizes noted from cigarette card to 'A4'. 40-80
2.      A Collection of Mint and Used World Stamps, mainly modern, in three albums and a small envelope. 20-35
A Large Box Containing Five Royal Mail Wooden Boxes, two hundred FDC G.B Presentation Packs, with a mint decimal value of 84. 45-60
4.      A Collection of GB and Isle of Man Presentation Packs FDC's and PHQ Cards, from 1970's to 1990's. 112 I0M covers with values to 2, 170 GB Covers including high values and GB decimal face of 10 25-35
5.      A Good Selection of Pre and Post War Trade Cards, by Ty-phoo, Clevedon Confectionary, Brooke Bond. Plus Pre-War cigarette cards and Schoolboy Stamp Albums. Presented in sets, part sets and odds. 30-50
6.      Three Picture Frames Housing Two Mulready Letter Sheets, to Sheffield four Queen Victoria covers and the Wartime stamps issued on Jersey and Guernsey. A total of six covers and eleven used stamps, mixed condition. 40-80
7.      Two Hundred GB FDC's, Mainly 1980's and 90's, in five cover albums, includes Commemoratives, Definitives, booklet panes with values to 10 Brittannia. 25-35
8.      A Quantity of Mainly Modern Trade Cards, presented as sets/part sets and odds. 20-40
9.      A Large Selection of Pre-War Cigarette and Trade Cards, by Fry's Cocoa, Players, Wills, Churchman, Gallaher and many others. Presented loose in sets, part sets and odds. 50-80
10.     A Quantity of Tea PG Tips and Brooke Bond, Sunlight Soap, Shell and Cigarette Cards, some in albums, including Kings and Queens of England. The Race into Space, etc, and two Giles cartoon books. 20-40
11.     A Box Containing a Good Quality Everest Stamp Album, unused with around one hundred leaves. Empty stock books and catalogues. Plus forty plus G.B FDC's from 1970's. 15-25
12.     An Interesting Collection of Phone Cards, in four ring binder albums and loose in a box, to include Isle of Man, BT, Oman, etc. 40-60
13.     A Carton of Stamps, in small tins and boxes, all World including G.B, many thousands to sort. 20-30
14.     A Carton Containing an Accumulation of Isle of Man Post Office News Publication and Mint and Used Stamps. PHQ cards and a few covers, hundreds of stamps with very high face value. 30-60
15.     A Carton of All World Stamps, on stockcards, in albums and boxes, a good variety with many hundreds to sort. 30-50
16.     Three Albums of Mid/Late XX Century Picture Postcards, depicting people in National/Traditional clothing with textile and lace detailing. 30-50
17.     Four Ring Binders of Mostly Used Commonwealth and World Stamps, plus a box of mint and used stamps in tins and packets with GB mint decimal stamps with a face value of over 50, many thousands to sort. 30-50
18.     A Comprehensive Collection of Maritime Themes Stamps and Covers, including Ships, Explorers and associated material in six albums. 30-60
19.     Five Albums of G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mint and used. Includes G.B Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II with values to 1 used and mint commemorative's. 30-60
20.     A Box With a Large Collection of Cinderella Material, large quantity and good variety, some adhesion in place, but most are fine, many thousand. 80-120
21.     A Large Box of Stamps, FDC's and Postal History, in seven albums and a packet, includes KEVI Air mail from Shetland to Gosport, Hants via Aberdeen, 1937 Coronation. A Windsor G.B. album with mint and used stamps from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth. A good selection of Commonwealth and World Stamps, a good sorter. 30-50
22.     A Collection of GB FDC's From 1969 to 1981, (185). plus a large plastic bag of GB mint stamps mainly pre-decimal in packets and a further bag containing used World stamps. 20-35
23.     Over Four Hundred GB QEII FDC's 2010 to 2018, including Commemoratives, Difinitives, miniature sheets and booklet panes. Excellent condition. 60-100
24.     An Accumulation of G.B and World Stamps, in three albums, two stockbooks and two tins. Noted 1938 Mauritius Set to 2R50 fine condition mint, unchecked for perf varieties. 25-40
25.     An Accumulation of Stamps, Mint and Used from GB, Commonwealth and World, in albums, a box file and tins, stamps from Queen Victoria to modern in generally good to fine condition; plus 180 First Day Covers from 1960's with some duplication. 30-50
26.     Two Mabel Lucie Attwell Picture Postcards, 'A Jolly Birthday' and 'Birthday Greeting', over two hundred other Birthday, Easter and Christmas Greetings postcards, Comic cards including 'Louis Wain' and Bamforth cards. 30-50
Four FDC Cover Albums Housing a Collection of Military Related FDC's, PHQ cards, plus flown covers some signed and Benham covers, over 300 items in good condition. 30-40
28.     A Box Containing Five Stamp Albums, of mainly used Commonwealth and World Stamps, including an old Lincoln album of Victoria Era World stamps, useful throughout, but mixed condition. 25-50
29.     A Collection of Falkland Island First Day Covers, in three albums, all in good condition, over 110 covers, mainly 1980's and 1990's. 25-40
30.     A Collection of GB Mint and Used Stamps and World Stamps, mint and used in twelve stockbooks and albums, many hundreds. 20-30
31.     A Collection of Covers, mainly Canada, United Nations and USA and G.B, mainly 1970's. A quantity of mint USA and G.B mainly pre decimal stamps mint in multiples and a selection of used stamps in plastic sleeves, good sorter. 40-60
32.     A Collection of 240 PHQ Cards Mint and GB and Channel Island FDC's and Presentation Packs, around 100 FDC's and 30 presentation packs in six albums. 20-30
33.     A Large Box Containing Empty Albums, FDC's and Postal History, from GB and World Stamps in packets and in album. Plus a few early XX Century postcards. 25-40
34.     A Quantity of Mint and Used G.B. Stamps, including a small amount of mint decimal face value. Plus two hundred and ten G.B. FDC's and a few Foreign covers. Plus catalogues and spare album pages. 30-40
35.     A Large Box of Mint and Used East Germany, West Germany, Third Reich and Modern German Stamps, plus world Cinderellas in eight albums/stockbooks and on album pages and Hagner leaves, stated cat 6000+. 60-100
36.     Thirteen Albums/Stockbooks, in a large box, includes mixed mint and used stamps from, Bahamas, Russia, Germany East, West, Third Reich, Bavaria and Danzig, stated cat over 5000. 80-120
37.     Four FDC Albums, housing over 220 GB FDC's from 1960's to 80's. Plus four albums of mint and used GB and European Stamps including German Third Reich, Czechoslovakia, a few hundred stamps. 30-50
38.     An Accumulation of GB and Foreign Stamps, used on and off paper in two boxes and bags, plus a small selection of cigarette cards. 25-35
39.     A Large Box of GB and World Stamps, on leaves, in stockbooks and albums, in tins and loose, mainly used on and off paper, thousands to sort. 20-30
40.     A Carton of Albums, Pages and FDC's, Celebrating The Mexico World Cup Competition 1970. Plus three GB Queen Victoria stamps, Penny Black, Penny Red and 6d embossed from Westminster. 25-40
41.     A Large Box With Ten Stockbooks, containing mint Russia Stamps. Plus stamps from South America, British Africa, Spain, Germany and Cinderella Issue, mixed mint and used. 60-80
42.     *****WITHDRAWN******
A Mixed Lot of Stamps, FDC's and bank notes, stamps mint and used GB and world in five albums and in packets, plus 32 in decimal mint stamps, two Penny Blacks and Penny Reds noted. 50-80
43.     A Collection of Commonwealth and World Stamps, in eight albums, noted Cook Islands 1932 set to 6d, 1938 Dominica to 1/-. European Countries including Austria, France, Germany, etc and a collection of old SG catalogues and magazines. 20-30
44.     A Carton Containing Five Albums of G.B, Commonwealth and World Stamps, and small tins and boxes of stamps. 20-30
45.     Four Ring Binders Housing a Predominately Used GB and World Collection of Stamps, Countries A-T many thousands, mixed condition but some fine. 20-30
46.     Four Albums of Mint and Used GB and World Stamps, including decimal GB with a face value of 60, plus QEII pre-decimal mint and used sets from 1961. 30-45
47.     A Collection of Over 250 PHQ Cards Mint in Four Albums, plus a mint collection of Channel Island and Isle of Man stamps from 1970's to 2000's, many hundreds including miniature sheets. 20-30
48.     Three Albums, of mainly used Stamps of the World, includes most European Countries and some Commonwealth, many hundreds to sort. 25-50
49.     A Carton Containing Ten Folders and Albums of Mint and Used World Stamps, most countries represented, many hundreds to sort. 20-30
50.     Three Cover Albums with Thematic Interest, includes Colorana silks of Kings and Queens of England. Franklin World Wildlife Fund and a number of locomotive stamps in a special album, good condition. 30-50
51.     A Collection of Railway Related Stamps Presentation Sheets and Cards, in three albums (Locomotive Philatelic). Plus a large envelope, plus an album of used cards depicting Kings and Queens of England. 30-40
52.     A Collection of Two Hundred G.B. FDC's, in two albums 1970's and 80's. Plus a further album of fifty covers in an album from Australia, Ireland from 1959, Jersey and USA. A total of two hundred and fifty covers, mixed condition. 25-35
53.     A Large Comprehensive Collection of Stamps, celebrating the Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer, in four albums. 30-60
54.     A Box Containing a Mixed Accumulation of Military and Flown Covers, with some signed signatories to include Wing Commander D Haywood O.B.E, Sqn Leader J. Daniels, Major Tom Duffy M.B.E, etc, WWII memorabilia, album supplement pages, Isle of Man presentation packs. 30-50
55.     A Carlton Containing Four Albums of Mint and Used GB and Commonwealth Stamps, from Queen Victoria to QEII with Australia, Canada, New Zealand stamps, etc, generally good condition. Plus 110 GB FDC's from 1960's and a tin of used World stamps. 30-40
56.     Five Albums Housing a Collection of Stamps, relating to events and members of the Royal Family, good condition throughout. 20-30
57.     A Collection of 266 Flown Covers, in four albums, some are signed including Red Arrows Aerobatic Team, plus two catalogues. 40-60
58.     A Collection of Over Three Hundred FDC's, plus a number of PHQ Cards from GB, plus thirty nine Channel Island FDC's, in seven albums, mainly 1980's to 2000 in good condition with commemorative and definitive's to 1. 35-50
59.     A Box Containing an Accumulation of GB and World Stamps in an Album, in packets and on album pages, plus a SG stamps of The World 1980, in good condition. 20-30
60.     An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Dog Interest, over four hundred cards, including Sheep dogs, greetings, comic etc, some photographs also noted. 30-50
61.     A Mainly GB Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, from QV to 1970's and a range of FDC from 1960's and 70's plus stamps on and off paper in packet and tins. 20-30
62.     Two Albums Containing Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, including many of Sheffield and surrounding areas, Yorkshire, Coastal Towns, London, Actresses, Poem Cards, Greetings, Comic, etc. 80-100
63.     Eight Albums of Cigarette Cards, including Wills 'Air Raid Precautions, John Player, 'Birds and Their Young', etc; loose cigarette and tea cards, two First Day Covers and a quantity of Atlas Encyclopedia cards of Air Ships. 20-40
64.     An Accumulation of World Stamps, mainly used and mint on album leaves and in packets, plus a small quantity of GB and foreign base metal coinage. 20-30
65.     A Collection of GB Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of 20 including Collect British Stamps Smiler Sheet, 2000 Year Book. Plus QEII pre-decimal stamps mint and used commemorative's with some blocks of four. 20-30
66.     A FDC Album Housing a Collection of Mint GB Decimal Booklets and Presentation Packs, with a face value of over 50 plus forty FDC's and a small selection of postage due mint and on cover. 25-35
67.     An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album Containing Over Two Hundred Cards, including RMS Grampion wovan silk, Airship on Convoy Duty', 'Christmas and other greetings topographical views etc, four scrap books containing mainly mid XX Century and later topographical cards and books of mainly photographic autographed cards. 30-50
68.     An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Dog Interest, over three hundred and sixty cards, some with greetings, poems, Royal dogs etc. 30-50
69.     Two Binders of Hagner Leaves, containing a collection of mint G.B. Decimal stamps with a face value of over 175. Plus eleven G.B FDC's. 85-100
70.     A Collection of G.B. FDC's, mainly 1970's and 80's, includes diffinitives, commemorative's and high values to 10 Britannia, good condition throughout, three hundred and forty covers. 30-50
71.     A Collection of World Stamps, mint and used in an album, plastic bags and loose. Many hundreds to sort, condition generally good. 20-30
72.     A Selection of Both Pre and Post War Trade Cards, by Typhoo, Whitbread, Virginia among others. Often presented in sets. Plus a small quantity of telephone cards. 25-40
73.     An Albums and Over One Hundred and Twenty Loose Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include topographical views, Comic, Louis Wain, Luicie Mable Atwell, poem cards etc. 40-60
74.     Over Three Hundred G.B. First Day Covers, mainly 1960's, duplicated, in good condition. 15-30
75.     A Thematic Collection of Christmas Stamps and FDC's, plus stamps mainly mint from GB, Grenada, Austria, USA , etc. 20-30
76.     A Collection of GB Mint Stamps, in year packs with a face value of over 40. Plus a number of USA Mint Year sets and sheets including 1995 Legends of Hollywood SG3046 Marilyn Monroe sheet of twenty and 1976 Bicentenary of Revolution in sheet of fifty. 40-60
77.     A Quantity of Mainly Pre-War Cigarette Cards, both British and European including Wills, Phillips and others. Often presented in sets in loose leaf pages. 30-50
78.     A Collection of GB FDC's, from 1982 to 2010, over 240 covers including Commemoratives and Definitives to 5. Good Condition throughout. 40-80
79.     A Collection of GB Mint and Used Stamps, mainly used up to 1953 then mint to 1985, face value of decimal stamps over 40 in two albums. 20-30
80.     A Part Filled German Trade Card Album, plus a small quantity of British Pre-War Cigarette Albums. 20-40
Three Albums of All World Stamps, mainly modern used; plus four British banknotes including 10/- Forde Chief Cashier. 25-30
82.     Five Albums of World Stamps, used and mint including some G.B and Commonwealth, hundreds to sort. 10-20
83.     A Collection of Over One Hundred GB Decimal FDC's Plus Jersey FDC'S and USA FDC's, the earliest dated 2nd May 1932. 25-35
84.     A Vintage Postcard Album, nine Brooke Bond Tea Card Albums, loose cigarette cards, Victorian photographs, etc. 15-20
85.     A Packet of Modern Russian Stamps on stock Sheets, in a stockbook including early Russian States. Also a cover album with 42 items including several XIX Century covers. 30-45
86.     A French Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, in three volumes, includes Better Relief and Airs Sets. Duplication in places very extensive, also a 4th Volume of mint issues, a few 1000's with stated cat value approximately 6000. 250-350
87.     Over Four Hundred GB FDC's, from 2010 t 2018, both Commemoratives and Definitives, with values to 5. Very Godd condition throughout. 60-100
88.     GB and World Mint and Used Stamps, in albums, presentation packs, tins, envelopes and packets. Mainly from 1940's to modern but some earlier, many thousands to sort. 25-35
89.     An Interesting Lot of Colour Trials, for stamps of Grenadines of St. Vincent including Union Island and Bequia by format International Security Printers. 10-20
90.     A Carton Containing Two Stockbooks and a Shoe Box of Stamps in Packets, a few thousand to sort, no British Commonwealth. 20-30
91.     A Small Collection of Postal History Covers, from G.B and World mainly commercial mixed condition. Plus mainly used stamps including G.B. in packets and envelopes. 15-25
Three Albums Housing Over 220 Covers and Cards with a Military Theme, including flown covers some signed, very good condition throughout. 20-30
93.     Two Schoolboy Stamp Albums of World Mint and Used Stamps, all reigns, some better; plus a collection of Commemorative Crowns. 20-30
94.     A Collection of Aldernay Stamps and Presentation Packs From 1983-2004, mainly unmounted mint. Look complete in fine condition. Plus a album celebrating Life of The Queen Mother. 60-100
95.     An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album of over Seventy Photographs and Cards, of mainly topographical British and Continental views including London, Brussells etc, and a box of several hundred mainly mid XX Century picture postcards of topographical views. 20-30
96.     Three Cover Albums of Flown Covers Many Signed, including Signatories The Red Arrows Squadron, Group Captain Cooper, Vice Admiral Sir Desmond Cassidi KCB, Captain Grys, Squadron Leader B R Hoskins, etc over 180 covers. 20-30
A Carton Containing a GB Collection of First Day Covers and Presentation Packs, with a face value of 15; plus a few Jersey presentation packs. 20-30
98.     Twenty Four Sets/Part Sets of Trade and Cigarette Cards, by John Player, Bridgewater Biscuits, Sunlight Soap, Will, Players, among others. Themes include Aircraft, Birds, Fire Fighting, Motorcars, Flowers, among many others, present in modern loose leaf sheets. 60-100
99.     A Shoe Box Containing a Few Thousand Commonwealth Stamps, mint and used from Queen Victoria to KGVI, unchecked for watermark and perforations. 50-80
100.    An Album of Over One Hundred and eighty Early XX Century Picture Postcards, including Topographical View, some Continental, Greetings, Animals, Poem Cards, Advertising, etc. 40-60
101.    The 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Miniature Sheets on Cover, unaddressed, in excellent condition, complete sets. 30-50
102.    A Collection of Mint and Used GB Stamps in Two Albums, includes QV Jubilee, KG5 to 10/- Seahorse, KG6 19396 to 1 and QEII to modern, face value of decimal mint stamps 20. 40-60
103.    Two Junior Albums, containing a range of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, mainly used. 15-25
104.    A Quantity of Both Pre and Post War Cigarette Trade Cards, by Wills, Caramac, Ardath and others. Presented as sets/part sets and odds. 25-40
105.    Thousands of World Stamp, including Commonwealth in packets, mainly used from 1930's to modern, on and off paper. 20-30
106.    A Box of Approximately Four Hundred Early Mid XX Century Picture Postcards of British and World Wide Topographical Scenes, some of Sheffield noted, greetings, comic including Donald McGill, flowers etc. 30-50
107.    Three Albums WWF Thirty Years Medallion Covers, slip cases. 10-20
108.    Four Albums of Modern Trade Cards, mainly presented as sets in four albums. 20-40
109.    Twenty Three Sets of Pre-War Cigarette Cards, by Gallaher, Senior Service, Wills, Westminster, Ardath. Themes include Butterflies, Film, Stage, Dogs, Railway, among others, all presented in modern loose leaf sheets. 70-100
110.    Two Albums of Over Two Hundred Picture Postcards and Photographs, to include early to mid XX Century comic, topographical views some of Yorkshire interest, greetings and Chinese people and views. 40-60
111.    A Carton Containing Three Albums of Mint and Used Mainly G.B. and World Stamps, with very little after 1952. Plus a specialised Zumstein Catalogue of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. 20-30
112.    Three Albums of GB Presentation Packs, with decimal face value of over 80. 35-50
113.    Over Two Hundred GB First Day Covers, 1966 to 1983 in three albums, good condition mostly with hand written addresses. Plus Esso Football Club Badge, collection complete. 30-40
114.    An Album of Over One Hundred and Seventy Five Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of topographical views, to include many of Devon and Cornwall, London, Yorkshire and Foreign cards, also noted; together with a box of several hundred 1960/1970's. 40-60
115.    Two Albums of Over Two Hundred Thirty Picture Postcards, the first album containing mainly early XX Century cards 'Opening of The Mersey Tunnel', topographical scenes many of Leeds, greetings, floral etc, the other of foreign topographical scenes. (2) 30-50
116.    A Carton of Junior Stamp Albums, containing GB, Commonwealth and Rest of World Stamps, eight albums 100's of stamps mint and used. 20-30
117.    A Collection of Over Two Hundred and Ninety Early XX Century Poem Cards, mainly printed by Bamforth and Co Ltd, some of WWI interest, including 'Onward Christian Soldiers', 'Little Grey Home - the West' and Dont Forget Mignonette. 20-30
118.    A Carton Containing a Simplex Album of G.B. and Commonwealth Stamps, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, mint and used. Plus some unused air letters. A small album of stamps from Ceylon, Argentina and Austria, also a shoe box of G.B. covers many with special commemorative cancellations in mixed condition. 30-50
119.    An Attractive Greenland Collection of First Day Covers, in five albums. Good degree of completion for the period 1972 to 2003. Stated cat value of stamps of stamps alone over 1000. 140-180
120.    A Small Box Containing a Stamp Album of Used G.B. Commonwealth and Foreign Stamps, plus a plastic folder of World stamps, noted KGVI Festival (not FDC) 15-20
121.    A Large Collection of PHQ Cards. 10-20
122.    Two Albums of Benham Covers, British PO FDC's and an album of covers flown by Royal flight while members of the Royal Family were aboard, Signatories including Wing Commander Schofield, Group Captain P G Pinney, Wing Commander Beresford, etc between 1989 and 1991. 40-60
123.    A GB Decimal Collection of Stamps, in pairs with a face value of over 520 in three albums and a few booklets in a packet. 260-300
124.    A Collection of Mint and Used Saarand East German Stamps, mainly in sets in a green stockbook. Plus a collection of over one hundred and seventy commercial covers. 20-40
125.    A Box of Over Four Hundred Picture Postcards Mainly 1950 - 80's, of British and World Wide topographical scenes, animals, nostalgia, birds etc. 15-25
126.    A Carton of Stamps in Small Boxes, Albums and Envelopes, from GB, Commonwealth and World, many hundreds to sort. 20-40
127.    One Hundred and Ten GB, Ascension and St Helena FDC's, including Ascencion 1976 bird to 2 plus a few miniature sheets mint, including Ascencion MS 191, nice variety, good condition throughout. 20-30
128.    An Accumulation of Mint and Used Stamps, of Isle of Man, Guernsey, Jersey, Aldernay, Canada, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, etc; good condition throughout. 30-40
129.    Fifty Wills Cigarette Card Albums, to include 'Safety First', 'Radio Celebrities Second Series', 'Air Raid Precautions', 'Garden Flowers', etc. 20-40
130.    A Collection of Over Eighty Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of topographical interests, many of Scarborough including comic Raphael Tuck and Sons Oilette Cards, other Yorkshire Towns, Weston Super Mare, etc, and a postcard album. 30-50
131.    A Collection of GB First Day Covers From 1964 Opening of Forth Road Bridge, around 140 cover plus a small amount of pre-decimal mint stamps. 15-25
132.    An Accumulation of Mainly Used Stamps, in four albums. Plus a collection of G.B FDC's, mainly 1970's and a selection of Commercial covers in mixed condition. 20-30
133.    A Collection of GB FDC's From 1965 to 2006, three hundred covers in good condition includes 10 Brittannia. 40-60
134.    Two Albums of Over Two Hundred and Eighty Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of Bristol and Continental topographical views including Yorkshire Stately Homes, Scarborough, London, Blackpool etc. 40-60
135.    Twenty Sets of Pre-War Cigarette Cards, by Wills/John Player and Ogden. Various themes including Pottery, Roses, Military, Arms of Universities, among others, presented in modern loose leaf sheets. 60-100
136.    A Carton Containing a Comprehensive Collection of Ireland Stamps, from 1940's, with some high catalogue items Mint. 30-60
137.    A Carton Containing Mint and Used Stamps, in albums, notebooks, packets and tins, all world. 20-30
138.    A Collection of GB and World Stamps, mint and mainly used in eight albums, includes 1938 Coronation Omnibus issue in Special Album mint. GB Queen Victoria line engraved used and Jubilee to 4 mint and then used to 1/-. KG5 P.V.C including d K29 control block of four mint and 2d mint block of four. 30-40
139.    An Album of Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Various Subjects, including Christmas and other greetings, flowers, actresses, British and European topographical views some of Sheffield noted, over two hundred and sixty cards. 30-50
140.    Two Albums and Year Packs of Mint Faroe Island Stamps, From 1975 to 2004, included year packs from 1980 x 3, then from 1985 to 2003. A comprehensive collection in fine condition, looks to be complete. 50-100
141.    A Box of Several Hundred Picture Postcards, mainly of transport interest 1960/1970's to include steam trains, buses, barges, Falklands War, Royalty also noted.
142.    Two Stamp Albums of Mint and Used G.B Stamps, from sparse selection of Queen Victoria to queen Elizabeth, mixed condition but some useful. Plus a cover album of mainly decimal FDC's and presentation packs. 30-60
143.    An Empty Royal Mail Presentation Pack Album and a Light House GB Hingless Album, 1987-1993, virtually empty, but excellent condition. 15-20
144.    Three Albums of Flown Covers Many Signed, many are First Flights of Commercial Airlines including Dan Air, Aurigny Air Services, Air Anglia, Logan Air, British Caledonian, Air UK, Britannia, Brymon Airways, etc, around 250 covers. 40-60
145.    A Carton of GB and World Stamps, in two albums and envelopes, GB from QV to QEII mint and used with a small amount of decimal face value, many hundreds to sort. 20-30
146.    An Interesting Collection of Over Two Hundred Picture Postcards, in three albums, depicting 'Trachten', 'Regional Costume', including Austria, France, Hungary, Germany, etc. 40-60
147.    A Collection of Over One Hundred FDC's, from 1964 Bridges to 1970's and a quantity of decimal and pre-decimal presentation packs and 1967 to 1968 Collectors Packs. 30-50
148.    Two Lighthouse Hingeless GB Albums of Mint Stamps 1952-1986, around 50% completion and 2000-2007 containing only a small collection of Guernsey stamps. Albums in excellent condition. 40-60
149.    A Collection of GB, Commonwealth and World Stamps, in albums and boxes, includes a album of 1946 Victory Stamps virtually compete and a sparse QEII album. 20-30
150.    A Collection of GB Queen Elizabeth II Pre-Decimal FDC's, includes two 1953 Coronation covers and a further number of Commemorative covers. Two Investiture 1969 covers , one on Ffestiniog Railway envelope cancelled Caernarvon. Good condition throughout. 30-40
151.    Three Stamp Albums of Mainly Used Stamps of Canada, from Queen Victoria to 1940's, USA, etc, and Hong Kong FDC's from 1967 to 1982. Plus three plastic bags of World stamps, mainly off cover, many thousands to sort. 20-30
152.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing over four hundred and fifty cards and some photographs of Topographical, Foreign and British Views, Comic including Donald McGill, Greetings, WWI Silk, Poem Cards, etc. 50-80
153.    An Album of Mainly Mid XX Century Dog Interest, postcards, cards, scraps, stamps, first day covers, leaflets etc, and a small quantity of modern railway and Sheffield postcards. 20-30
154.    Four Albums of Modern Trade Cards, mainly presented as sets in four albums. 20-40
155.    An Interesting Album of Transport Interest, including postcards of battle and cruise ships, White Star Line menus, railway cards including 'GR Station Woodhouse', 'Rainhill Bridge' etc. 30-50
156.    An Interesting Collection of Over Three Hundred Picture Postcards, in three albums, depicting mainly German speaking 'Trachten', 'Regional Costume', including Bayern, Schwarzwald, Berlin, etc. 40-60
157.    Three Albums of Covers Celebrating The Royal Engineers, many signed with signatories, General GB Sinclair, General Sir William Jackson KCB, Major General C P Campbell, Lieutenant Colonel RE Black DSO, etc over 100 covers/ 20-30
158.    An Album of Seventy Seven Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Topographical Interest, including many of the East Coast such as view from Pier, Bridlington, Spa, Scarborough, Floral Halt, Alexandra Gardens, Scarborough, etc. 25-35
159.    Three WWI Silk Postcards, 'Souvenir de France', 'God Be With You Till We Meet Again' and 'To My Dear Friend' three Raphael Tuck and Sons 'Oilette' 'The Game of Golf cards, Comic Cat Cards, 'Giving The Girls a Treat', 'The First Lesson', etc by Violet Roberts and thirty five other postcards including Comic, Art, Actors, etc. 25-35
159A.   Twenty Four Early XX Century Picture Postcards of Derbyshire Interest, including Chatsworth, Haddon Hall, Baslow, Monsal, etc; mainly photographic sepia images. 20-30
160.    Thirteen WWI Silk Postcards, some with insert flaps with original cards, embroidered with flags of the Allies, 'Swallows', Sent with Love' etc. 25-35
161.    Twenty Two WWI Silk Postcards, with moulded borders, including 'Souvenir From France', 'Royal Engineers With Love' and 'Sweet Remembrance', eighteen topographical postcards, a book of Jersey postcard and a 1920/30's autograph album. 40-60
162.    Fourteen WWI Silk Postcards, including 'Happy Christmas', 'Jacks is Marching', 'Good Luck', etc. 25-35
163.    Twenty Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include 'Hathersage Station' (x2), 'Flying Machine', 'HMS Queen Elizabeth Southern Railway', 'School Class 4-4-0', etc. 20-30
164.    A Collection of Five Hundred Early XX Century and Later Topographical Picture Postcards, of British and Worldwide Views including Blackpool, Matlock, London, etc. 40-60
165.    A Collection of Over One Hundred and Thirty Five Picture Postcards, of Comic, Animal, Floral, etc, and a small quantity of Greetings cards. 25-35
166.    Over One Hundred and Thirty mainly Early XX Century Topographical Picture Postcards, of Yorkshire interest including, Ilkey, Bolton Abbey, Sheffield. 30-50
167.    Over One Hundred Early XX Century Picture Postcard, of Sheffield interest, including 'Engine Sheds, Millhouses', 'Chesterfield Road Road, Woodseats', 'Rivelin Valley', etc; together with seventy Derbyshire postcards. 20-30
168.    An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing over one hundred topographical postcards, including many of Sheffield and Derbyshire 'Fulwood Church', 'Parish Church, Matlock', etc, Bridlington, Filey and Huddersfield also noted. 20-30
169.    An Album of Over One Hundred and Ninety Early XX Century Picture Postcards, to include comic such as Donald McGill, Mabel Lucie Attwell, Animals, Greeting, Royalty, etc. 40-60
170.    An Album of Over One Hundred and Twenty Mainly Mid XX Century and Earlier Comic Postcards, including Donald McGill and Mabel Lucie Attwell, also greetings and actresses noted. 25-35
171.    A Collection of Over Five Hundred Mainly Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of topographical views including many of Yorkshire Seaside Towns, Wales, London, etc, all noted, Saltburn, Tranway, S.S.Orama Orient Line to Australia, etc. 30-50
172.    A Collection of Approximately One Hundred Early-Mid XX Century Picture Postcards, contained in four albums to include: Comic, Actresses, Greetings, Continental British Topographical Scenes including 'The Water Chute, Blackpool', 'Chatsworth', 'Beach and Bathing Houses Bournemouth', etc. 25-35
173.    Over One Hundred and Seventy Mainly Mid XX Century Topographical Picture Postcards, of historical houses, seaside views etc, a small quantity of tea cards and twenty eight stereoscope cards, some of Sheffield interest. 15-25
174.    A Good Quality Lighthouse Hingeless Album, with mint stamps of Jersey from 1941 to 1999 virtually complete. 40-60
175.    A Collection of Mint Stamps and Miniature Sheets, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Falkland Islands, Guernsey, etc. Plus a few covers with railway interest on sixty Hagner leaves, good condition throughout. 30-50
176.    A Good Quality Lighthouse Hingeless Album, with mint Guernsey stamps and miniature sheets from 1941 to 1999, virtually complete in excellent condition. 40-60
177.    A Lighthouse Hingeless Album of Jersey Mint Stamps 1999-2006, good level of completion to 2004. 30-50
179.    A Collection of M.C.C and T.C.C.B. Covers, in a special album celebrating the Bi-Centennial of England/Australia Cricket. 15-20
180.    An Album of Mint GB Stamps From QV to QEII, noted QV Jubilee to 1/- green and carmine, KEVII to 10d, KG5 to 1/-. Plus Wembley and Jubilee issue, KG VI 1939 to 1 and 1951 to 1. QEII pre-decimal and decimal stamps with values to 1. Decimal face over 100. some gum adhesion to pages. 80-120
181.    An Album of Mint Commonwealth Stamps on Hagner Leaves, countries include Gibraltar, Faroe Islands Guernsey and Aldernay, Samoa, Montserrat, B.I.O.T, Falklands, etc. Plus a small amount of GB decimal with a face value of 10 mainly 1980's. 40-60
182.    A Well Filled Strand Stamp Album of G.B and World Stamps, used from the XIX and Early XX Century, includes Queen Victoria selection of G.B with eight five Penny Reds. A good selection of Bavaria and Germany, etc, many hundreds to sort, noted Queen Victoria 1887 Jubilee Halfpenny Orange SG 197 in block of twenty four. 30-50
183.    A Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps, on Lighthouse album leaves from Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Egypt. An album of used GB from 1940's and collection of safety match covers. 15-20
184.    Two Well Filled Stamp Albums, from Queen Victoria to 1930's, used, includes G.B to 2/6d and 5/- Seahorses, France and Colonies, Germany, Austria, etc. Many hundreds in mixed condition but some fine. 20-40
185.    A Large Stockbook, well filled with mint GB Commemorative stamps, between 1935 KGS Silver Jubilee and 1990's. Face value of decimal stamps over 30, over 1000 stamps some duplication. 20-30
186.    An Album of Mint and Used Stamps of Ascension, from 1922 with Queen Elizabeth values to 2, St Helena Stamps, from 1968 to 1977 with values to 2 and Tristan Da Cunha 1972 to 1977. 40-60
187.    A G.B. Collection of Sampd and Unused Postal Stationary From the Reign of QEII, includes mint decimal stamps with face value of over 50. Plus decimal Castles used to 3. 25-30
188.    A Sixty-Four Page Stock Book with a Collection of Mint Gibraltar Stamps From 1886 to Modern, Good condition throughout, very high catalogue value. 80-120
189.    A Binder of Russian, Czechoslovakian and Hungarian Stamps, mainly used, from 1950-1980, some earlier. 25-40
190.    A Collection of GB Commonwealth and World Stamps, mainly used, from Queen Victoria, surface printed to 1940's, many hundreds some fine used, useful. 40-60
191.    An Interesting Cover Album and GB Commonwealth and World Covers, including Ascension from 1971 definitive's to 1 to 1977. St Helena 1971-77 with 1971 and 1976 definitive's to 1. 20-40
A Stanley Gibbons 22 Ring Binder, containing a GB Mint and Used collection from four margin Penny Black to 1971, with a Fair Used 5/- Seahorse and King Edward VI high values. 50-80
193.    A Collection of Mainly Used GB, German and World Stamps on Leaves, GB with values from Ed VI duplicated to Q. Elizabeth high values to 5. 20-30
194.    A Collection of Mainly Mint Stamps of G.B, from 1960's to 1990's on stock cards. Face value of mint decimal stamps 31. 25-40
195.    A Carton of Australia Mint Stamps, in a large stock book and two large FDC albums with covers from King George VI to modern. 30-40
196.    A Stockbook of Russian/Soviet Stamps, mainly used/CTO to 1980's good selection with little duplication, good condition. 20-40
197.    Two Lighthouse Stockbooks, Gibraltar, Jersey, Falkland Islands, Isle of Man, Guernsey stamps from 1990's. Includes sets of commemorative's, diffinitive and miniature sheets. A few hundred in excellent condition. 25-35
198.    An Accumulation of World Stamps, including some Commonwealth mint and used on stock cards. A wide selection, many hundreds to sort. 30-50
199.    A Small Album of Mint and Used San Marino Stamps, from 1950's. Plus Southern Rhodesia 1947 Victory Set in corner blocks of eight. 10-15
200.    A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps of St Helena, Falkland Islands and Ascension Island, includes 1934 St Helena part set to 1/- Mint and 1968 to 1 Fine Used, includes a few miniature sheets, a good variety and good condition throughout, on Hagner leaves. 50-80
201.    A Small Album of Mint and Used G.B. Stamps, Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, overprinted for use in Morocco, Levant and Gulf States. Also Bechuanaland and Oil Rivers, high catalogue value (1250+), excellent condition. 70-100
202.    East Germany Album, with a mint collection including most of the better sets and miniature sheets, some adhesion in places, (may remove with care). The China Friendship Set is tuck down and excluded from stated cat value, cat 2500+. 100-150
203.    An Album of GB Mint and Used Stamps From 1960 P.O. Saving to 1969 Ghandi, then a range of world stamps including Iran, Russia, USA etc. 20-30
204.    An Accumulation on Stock Cards of G.B and Commonwealth stamps, mint and used includes Gold Coast 1948 Silver Wedding 10/-, G.B 1935 Jubilee Set mint, GVI 1951 high values, good sorter. 20-30
205.    A Stock Book of Mint Decimal G.B. Stamps, with a face value of over 270 in sets from 1992 to 2004. 130-160
206.    An Album of Eight G.B. First Day Covers, from 1946 Victory to 1976 Christmas. 10-20
207.    A Collection of Stamps and Covers from Commonwealth and Mainly Europe and Russia, include 1945 Russia War Medal stamps, and some pre revolution. Queen Elizabeth II Bahamas Set 1d-1 used stamps of Denmark and Netherlands plus Switzerland SG405-13 mint. 25-40
208.    An Album of Israel Stamps, mint and on cover between 1987 and 1889, includes miniature sheets, MS 1036, MS 1048, MS 1075. Looks to be complete, fine lot. 30-50
209.    A British Commonwealth Mint and Used Dealers Stock, in a Hagner binder, includes Falklands and Hong Kong, price to sell at 600. 100-150
210.    A Mainly Mint Collection of Commonwealth Stamps, in sets and part set, includes mostly KG6 with values to 10/-, noted Falkland Islands SG 160 2/6d, Malta Independence 1948 set, some gum adhesion but useful throughout, a few hundred. 40-60
211.    An Extensive East German Stamp Collection, in two albums and a large stockbook. The stockbook covers the period 1949 to 1989 with mint and used sets and sixty miniature sheets (2000 + stamps). The two albums cover the period 1962 to 1976 and appears almost complete. The albums alone cat 1100+, three volume, 1000's. 250-350
212.    A Switzerland - Pro Juventute Collection of Stamps, mint and used in a a large stockbook, mainly sets from 1913 to 2012 with a good degree of completion, stated catalogue value 1850. 90-140
213.    A Collecta Stamp Album, well filled with Commonwealth stamps from A - Z, mainly used many fine, noted Ascencion 1976 birds, fine used to 1, many hundreds. 20-30
214.    An Accumulation of Mainly Used Stamps of Netherlands 1990-2012, and a few earlier First Day Covers. 15-20
215.    A Binder Containing GB Mint Commemorative Stamps From 1924 Wembley Set to 1960's, pre-decimal castles in blocks to 1, machin definitive's to 1/9d in control blocks and Wildings to 1/6d. GB Regionals in blocks with values to 26p. A small collection of Commonwealth Stamps with GVI to 1/-. Also a collection of USA Famous Americans Stamps 1940. 40-60
216.    A Collection of Isle of Man Stamps From 1958 Regionals to 1983, mixed Mint and Used, in a Simplex album. Very Good condition throughout. 20-30
217.    A Lighthouse Hingeless Album Containing a Collection of Mint Isle of Man Stamps from 1971 to 1999, including miniature sheets with a high level of completion. 40-60
217A.   A Collection of Tristan Da Cunha Mint Stamps, Definitives and Commemoratives from 1954 to 2017, with values to 5, Excellent condition, mounted in an album. 80-120
218.    Two Schaubek Albums of Russian and a Soviet Stamps to 1964, a good level of completion, excellent condition. 30-60
219.    A Collection of Covers Celebrating 1940 Stamp Centenary with Special Hand Stamps, plus other covers from 1950 depicting stamp exhibition hand stamps and celebrating issue of Penny Black, interesting lot. 40-80
219A.   An Album of Mint Ascension Island Stamps, from 1953 to 2017, includes 1956 set to 10/-, 1963 set to 1, excellent condition throughout. 80-120
220.    A Stamp Album of St Helena Mint Stamps, from 1953 to 2014, Commemoratives and Definitives, includes 1953 to 10/-, 1968 set to 1 and 1971 to 1, excellent condition throughout. 80-120
221.    A Stockbook of Early French Stamps 1849-1900, a duplicated study of Ceres, Napoleons and Peace and Commerce. Also some postage dues. Commences with a good range of 1849-52 Napoleons. Mixed condition, but stated cat value is 13000+, many hundreds. 250-400
222.    An Album of Mint Falkand Island Stamps From 1938-1991, including 1938 Set to 1 with some shades, Silver Wedding Set, 1952 Set to 1, 1960 Set to 1, etc. All in excellent condition. 200-300
223.    A Cyprus Collection of QV to QEII Stamps, in a large stockbook, with some duplication and higher values. some post mark interest. some high values with Fiscal Cancels, excluded from stated cat value of 3500+. 300-400
224.    A French Collection of Stamps 1968 to 97, a very extensive collection in a sixty four page stockbook, with duplication of commems and definitives, very high vat, few thousand. 100-150
225.    A New Age Album of Mint QEII Stamps, from countries N to V, includes 1956 Malta Set to 1, 1963 Mauritus to 1, Montserat 1953 to $4.80, Norfolk Island 1953 to 5/-, Nyasaland 1953 Set to 20/-, St Helena 1953 Set to 10/-, etc, good condition throughout. 200-300
226.    A New Age Album of Mint QEII Stamps, from Countries A to M, included Ascension 1953 Set, Australia 1963-65 Set, Bahamas 1954 to 5/- and 1964 to 1, Bechuanaland 1955 Set, etc, excellent condtion. 200-400
227.    A Mint KGVI Collection, in a well filled album with many full sets and values to 1. Many Silver Wedding Sets, etc. Excellent lot with perf varieties for many sets. 350-500
228.    A Russian Collection of Stamps 1940's to 1960's, in full sheets, includes SG 1884 ZR Airs in U.M. sheet of two hundred, although other sheets are mainly F.V cancelled to order. Good Thematic interest, including Sports Sets, War Orders and Medals to 10R in sheets and Leniw, stated cat around 6000. 200-300
229.    QV 4d Grey Brown with Large Coloured Corner Letters, crown watermark, both plates mounted mint. 50-100
230.    A Reconstruction of 1858 GB Penny Red Plate 93 Complete. 240 stamps in Good to Fine Used condition. 200-400
231.    A Fine Four Margin Penny Black and Four Margin 2d Blue, both watermark, small crown. 60-100
232.    A Mulready 1d Envelope Posted Dec 27 1840 in Cambridge to Holt Norfolk, nice item. 40-50
233.    A Collection of GB Queen Victoria Penny Red Stamps, mixed condition, some Fine, fifty-five items. 40-80
234.    A Queen Victoria Set of Jubilee Stamps 1887, plus the 1/- Green and Carmine SG 214, all mounted mint. 40-60
235.    A Mulready Envelope Used Montrose to Edinburgh March 1841, good condition. 100-200