Football Programmes & Sporting Memorabilia Auction
on Friday 7th February 2020

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500.    Olympics - The 1960 Souvenir by Flagstaff, British O.A. Official Reports 1954, 68, 72. Open Golf Programmes 1996, 2000. Rugby Union World Cup Programmes 1995. Snooker and other sporting publications:- One Box 15-25
501.    Cricket Autographs, England and Australia circa 1993, including Stewart, Hussain, Smith, Gooch, Atherton, Waugh, Border, Taylor, all ink signed on a Martyn Moxon Benefit Bat. 20-30
502.    American Football Green Bay Packers Helmet, in yellow, on 'Doncaster Wildcats' base. 15-25
503.    'The Book of Cricket', to be completed in about fourteen sixpenny weekly parts, parts 2, 4 and 10, circa 1900, edited by C.B. Frey, each featuring images of Players in Action, Teams. 15-25
504.    Frank Bruno- Autographs. Ink signed (smudging) on a pair of red Lonsdale gloves, in display case; a signed copy of "Frank, Fighting Back" and publicity card (unverified). 20-30
505.    Cricket - Pre War Books, including Hammond, Cary, Macartney, De Selincourt, Nourse:- One Box 20-40
506.    Cricket - Terry Harrison signed coloured prints of Headingley and Scarborough 20 x 40cm. Lords Cricket Ground print by Alan Fearnley, bearing twelve pencil signatures, including Gower, Boycott, Emburey, Old, an early print of Yorkshire County Cricket team. 15-30
506A.   Ice Hockey, Sheffield Steelers, Black and Orange Topspeed Shirt, numbered 24 'Odelein', and enamelled badges, another '92 93' Sheffield Stallions number 17. A Russian example of 'Petron 16'. (4) 40-80
507.    Cricket: 'A Cricket Song' 1826, a framed card from the cricket match between Sheffield & Leicester v. Nottingham, played at Darnall, July 1826, showing innings in which Marsden scored 227 runs, with verse above, 21 x 16cm (water marks), signed Ltd Edition monochrome print of Geoff Boycott. 1968 Yorkshire v. Australians score card. 30-50
508.    Rugby League Challenge Cup Final Programmes, various from 1960 to 90 (twenty), five song sheets, twenty eight tickets. 20-30
509.    Cricket - press photographs, Gower, Foster, Lamb, Brearley, Atherton etc:- (24) 15-30
510.    Cricket World Record Second Wicket Stand Ltd Edition Print, of 125, signed by Jameson and Kanhai, Tom Dollery Benefit Fund programmes, photos, 1936 Warwickshire handbook, postcards, later programmes, etc. 10-20
511.    The 'Hurricane' Higgins Two Piece Cue, by Askrod, BCE Jimmy White cue, Riley cue. (3) 15-25
512.    Steve Doig 'Sweet Chariot' Limited Edition Colour Print, of 850 signed by artist, Jonathan Callard and Will Carling, 35.5 x 56.5cm; Karl Harris signed print, Autocourse Grand Prix Who's Who. (3) 15-30
513.    Anglo-American Sporting Club Menus, 1971 Frazier v. Ali, 1968 Brian Statham, 72 Eddie Hide Ron Barry and 1967 Fight of the Week. (5) 15-25
514.    Anglo-American Sporting Club, F.T.B.A Boxing Evening Menus 1975, signed by Joe Bugner, 1982 signed by David Broome and Stable Lads Boxing Association menus November 1971, 73 and 74. (5) 20-30
515.    Anglo-American Sporting Club Menu, Monday 17th March, 1975 in honour of Emlyn Hughes, ink signed by Emlyn, Joe Bugner, Mike Summernee, Joe Mercer, Kenneth Wostenholme and others. 20-30
516.    Autographs - John Charles, Chay Blyth, Arthur Dickinson Wright, Uffa Fox, Telly Savalas and others, ink signed on Anglo American Sporting Club Menus 1967 and 68 and Sporting Luncheon 1999 flier, certificate of authenticity noted, (all unverified), George Best Print. 30-50
517.    Cricket 1953 England v. Australia Scorecard For Headingley Test Match, (creased), 1948 and 1953 Australian Tour brochures, edited by A.W.Simpson, 1966 World Cup Tournament brochure and England v. Scotland 1973 Programme. (5) 10-15
518.    Cricket Autographs, Yorkshire, Essex and Kent circa 1983, including Boycott, Bairstow, Athey, East, Hardie, Lever, Benson, Dilley, Knott, Iqbal, Tavare. All ink signed on a Graham Johnson Benefit Batt. Also Derbyshire on a Crusader Bat. (2) 20-40
519.    Rugby League, Australia player autographs circa 2001 of nine players (unverified) black pen signed on an A.R.L class green home shirt. Australia and Great Britain twenty seven autographs (unverified) on a Bulldog, Rugby League Express half and half shirt; St Helens player autograph of eleven players (unverified) on a Y2K white home shirt an Asics GB Super League Oceania tour 1996 tracksuit top. (4) 30-50
520.    Cricket 'Hall of Fame' Limited Edition Print, of 300, produced by Dave Watson International, signed by Gooch, Botham, Gower Gatting and John Major, 60 x 43cm, A.P. Masters, Limited Edition colour print of 1000, Damon Hill, 1998. (2) 10-20
521.    Autographs - Lara, Gough, Vaughan, Dallaglio, Martin Johnson, Carson, Piggott and others - all black pen signed - unverified. (11) 30-40
522.    South Africa 1955 Cricket Autographs, including Jack Cheetham, Jackie McGlen, John Waite, Headley Keith, Hugh Tayfield and others, approximately sixteen signatures, blue ink signed on a Gunn & Moore County bat. 40-60
523.    Wisden Cricketers Almanacks, 1951, 52, 57, 66, 67 and 68, all hardbacks; together with soft back editions from 1959, 63, 64 and 65. (10) 20-40
524.    Figure Skating Ephemera, Horse Racing Jumps annuals, Captain Hitchcock, Peter Brush, Hunter Chasers 1972, Wisdens magazines and Doncaster Rovers 'Streetwise' home shirt, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
525.    Formula One Yearbook, 2002-03, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2007-08, 2008-09, Stuart McIntyre tribute to Ayrton Senna print, 42.5 x 59cm, three others. 20-30
526.    Speedway, 'Speedway World' October 1947, 'Speedway Gazette', 'Speedway Echo', 'Speedway Reporter magazines 1948 and 49, many issues in two albums. 30-50
527.    Bradford City 1951-52 Players Membership Card and Rule Book, inclusive of fixtures for first and second teams, in brown Morocco cover, Gradige of London 'Colin Cowdrey' bat, 'Cliffco' practice ball. (3) 15-25
528.    Cricket Autographs Circa Late 1940's, to include teams of Glamorgan, Surrey and Bedser Laker Twins, Fletcher on official club notepaper, Leicester, South Africa including Rowan, Lindsay, Nourse. Middlesex including Edrich, Compton. Warwick, Worcester, Hants Sussex, Northants, Kent, Essex, Lancs, Somerset, Notts, many others, many cut and stuck in a period album, three scrap books, score cards, Derbyshire 1947 souvenir many signatures etc. 40-60
529.    Leeds Rhinos Blue & Gold Patrick Home Shirt Bearing Tetley Logo, plus many signatures, mounted glazed and framed. 20-40
530.    Fishing: ABU Ambassadeur 6000, D.H. Harrison, Leeds Rim Fly and other reel, lures, hooks, flies, etc. 30-40
531.    Fishing Rods - Allcocks Billy Lane Match Rod, three sectional, Foster Bros 'The Perfect' three sectional, three others, Morritt's, Prince and two other reels. 30-50
532.    Rugby League. Rothman's Yearbooks, Open Rugby, The Leeds Rugby League Story, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
533.    Boxing 'Boxing News' Magazines and 'Boxers', including 1990's-2000's:- Two Boxes 15-25
534.    Boxing: A quantity of large books including Lennox, Ring Wars, A Pictorial History, Muhammad Ali:- Three Boxes 20-30
535.    Boxing 'The Ring' Magazine, large quantity 1970's-2000's:- Three Boxes 20-40
536.    Cricket Books. 'Swanton World of Cricket', Wisden 2001, Yorkshire C.C.C., other publications. 20-40
537.    Boxing Autographs - Muhammad Ali, Henry Cooper x 4, John Conteh x 2, Barry Mcguigan, Ricky Hatton, Carl Froch, Chris Eubank, David Haye, Herol Graham x 5, Clinton Woods, Brendan Ingle x 2, Frank Bruno and others, open ink signed on publicity cards, with personal notations (all unverified) approximately twenty three. 40-60
538.    Boxing Books, many autobiographies - Muhammad Ali, Ricky Hatton, Rocky Marciano, The Big Punchers, Joe Calzaghe, Hand of Stone, etc Boxed 15-25
539.    Cricket Books, to include Wars of The Roses, signed by Boycott, Hampshire, Mackintosh of Halifax, Appleyard and others, Johnny Wardle 'Happy Go Johnny' signed, Freddie Trueman and Colin Cowdrey signed books, Don Bradman The Art of Cricket, etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
540.    Wisden Cricketers Almanacks, 1970, 73, and 83 hardbacks; together with soft back editions from 1969, 71, 72, 74 to 82, 84 to 94. (26) 30-50
541.    Horse Racing 'Parkinson Minor; four 1960's photos of the Steeple Chaser, trained by Mulhall and Pitt, the largest 36.5 x 29.5cm, two tinted photos of 'My Swanee', all owned by Lorna Napier. (6) 15-25
542.    Cricket, Books relating to The Ashes, including Don Bradman Farewell to Cricket, Ashes Triumphant 1954-5, Fight for The Ashes 1953:- One Box 15-25
543.    Cricket Books, including Wisden's, Larwood, Bowes, many Yorkshire related:- Two Boxes 15-30
544.    Speedway, 'Speedway World', 'Speedway Reporter', 'Speedway Gazette', 'Speedway Echo', 'Speedway News', 'Speedway Pictorial', 'Australian Speedway World', 'Speedway and Ice News', 'Speedway Star' magazines 1950 to 53, many issues in four albums. 30-50
545.    Speedway. Programmes - 1970's onwards, large quantity Rothman's Rugby books, etc:- Two Boxes 20-40
546.    Golf Dunlop Sixty Five, eleven various golf balls in original wrappers and box. 20-40
547.    Sheffield United Memorabilia, including 1960's 'Willie' hat, 1981 Junior Blades scarf, programmes, 'Old St. Andrews' ice bucket, wooden golf sign, table tennis, etc. 10-20
548.    Motor Sports Autographs, Nial Mackenzie, Bruce Anstey, Mike Hailwood (faded), John Cooper, each signed on related images, all unverified. (5) 20-40
549.    Fishing The Hardex Reel No. 1 Mk 1, by Hardy Bros of Alnwick, with instruction sheets and leatherette box. 50-70
550.    Autographs 1938-9 Everton Fourteen Ink Signatures, including: Joe Mercer, Ted Sagar, Bentham, Cook, Watson, Cooke-Trainer, 38-9 Preston North End Thirteen ink signatures, including Bill Shankley, George Mutch, Andy Beattie, Milne-Captain, 1938 Australian XI Cricketers including-Don Bradman, Walker, Barnes, Chipperfield. Each on sheets attached inside period album, Many others in there, Derbyshire 1936-7 Cricketers, 38-9 Derby County Footballers, Wolves facsimiles, etc. 200-250
551.    Autographs - Manchester United 1938-39, including Screen, Redwood, Craven, McKay. Chelsea 1938-39 including Woodley, James, Allen, Hanson, Leeds United including Heney, Edwards, Gadsby, Hodgson. Arsenal - Hapgood, Copping, Swinden, Compton, many others all pencil signed; together with cricketers - Bedser, Hutton, Edrich, Laker, etc, in ink, in period album. 50-100
552.    Autographs, mid 1950's teams including Newcastle United, Sunderland, York City, Workington, Tranmere, Port Vale, Bradford P.A, Barnsley and others, all in period album. 40-60
553.    Autographs - Michael Owen, Chris Waddle, Alex Ferguson, Harry Redknapp, Juninho, Kevin Keegan and many others, ink and pen signed (unverified):- Two Albums. 20-30
554.    Wisden Cricketers Almanacks, 1938, 1946, 47, 48, 49 and 50, all soft back editions. (6) 30-50
555.    Wisden's Cricketers Almanak 1897, thirty fourth edition, rebound in green hard back, others from 1904 and 1927, similar (3) 40-80
556.    Boxing - Johnny Cuthbert, Sheffield born Lightweight Boxer, 1920's-30 photograph mounted on wooden panel, freestanding, 36cm high, total fights -175. 15-30
557.    Two Football Association Travel Clocks, of disc form, another with raise dial, all bearing Three Lion Shield, 'Rapid', Spain, Jean Marc and Umbro Wristwatches. (7) 20-40
558.    Seven Football Association Wristwatches, each bearing Three Lion Shield, an F.A.I example. (8) 20-40
559.    Sporting Cap, featuring Lions Rampant and Three Corn Sheaf's within shield, '1901-2' to brim, '1903' to velvet panels, gold braid tassel and rim. W.W. AFC 1900-01 embroidered badge featuring owl labelled Kenning & Son, Manchester. (2) 20-40
560.    Medal 1934-35 Liverpool County F.A. Challenge Cup Runners Up Medal, in 9ct gold bearing hallmarks '9', '375' and Chester 1934 date mark. The front bearing Liver Bird crest, the obverse with wreath surrounding engraved competition details, 2.5cm diameter. 150-200
561.    1803 Horse Racing, York racecourse bronzed metal token, possibly for ground admission, of octagonal form, featuring Grandstand '1755 York, Renewed 1803', 4cm wide. 100-200
562.    Olympics Berlin 1936, porcelain bell still bank, 'Erzeugnis Per Porzellanstadt Selb, Bayer Ostmark' in green to base, the body featuring This German Eagle Clutching The Five Olympic Rings, Brandanberg Gate, the base rim stating '1-16 August 1936' Swastika Symbol, '11 Olympische Spiele, Berlin', 10cm high. 60-90
562A.   John Cameron, 'Association Football and How To Play It', Health and Strength Ltd, One Shilling Net, ninety six pages, Circa Edwardian Period. The Big Book of Football Champions 1960. 50-100
563.    Football Lapel and Stick Badges, mainly enamelled, approximately 400 from clubs of Argentina, Chile, Czech, Germany, Russia, Paraguay, Spain, Sweden and others. 100-200
564.    Football Badges, to include Nottingham Forest European Champions 1979, Reeves 'Manchester United Member' four ball examples, European, Chic, approximately 45. 20-40
565.    Horse Racing, Racegoers Club Badge by Fattorini, two full circle E 1989 badges by Lewis, four others. 10-20
566.    Football Stamps of The World, to include block of eight England Winners 1966 World Cup, Football Legends, Russia 1963 Olympics, first day covers, in album. 20-40
567.    Chelsea Tickets Home Games 1970's - 2011, approximately 47. Season ticket 85-6 & 2001-2, 1984 tea room and lounge passes. 30-40
568.    Chelsea Tickets Champions League, to include away's at Liverpool x 4, at Barcelona x 3, at Roma, at Fenerbache, at Cluj, at Valencia x 2, at Levski. (52) 30-40
569.    Chelsea Away Tickets, 1990's (14) and 2000's (46) 20-30
570.    Chelsea FA Cup Final Tickets, 1997, 2000, 09, 10, four semi's, 3 League Cup Finals, 3 away semi's, 1990 Z.D.S, 5 Charity Shields (20) 20-30
571.    Chelsea Away Tickets, 77-8 at Liverpool, 79-80 at Sunderland x 2, at Newcastle. 1980's (33) including at Grimsby 83-4 x 2, at Walsall 84-5, at Scarborough 89-90 x 2, eleven others undated. (48) 30-50
572.    Tickets League Cup Final, 1976, 81 x 2, 84 x 3, FA Cup Final 84. 80-1 Chesterfield v. Glasgow Rangers. Manchester United 83-4 v. Juventus. 78-9 v. Liverpool and away at Arsenal, many others (49) plus 80-1 Sheffield Wednesday season ticket booklet. 20-40
573.    Barratt & Bassett Football Cards, large quantity including larger format issues in green and blue albums and loose. 20-30
574.    A & B.C Football Card Sets, yellow back circa 1969 (102), black back 1967 Star Players (55), late 1950's (46), in orange album. 30-50
575.    A & B.C Football Cards, autograph black and white (65), orange back (76), twelve others, in blue album. 20-40
576.    Football Cards, 'Economy', 'Nabisco', 'Phillips', Ardath, Sunripe, Carreras, Typhoo, Champ, Match, Dandy Bubble Gum, etc, approximately two hundred and seventy in red album. 20-40
577.    Sports Card Sets, Churchman's 'Boxing Personalities' (50), Player's 'Tennis' (50), Thompson 'County Cricketers', Players 'Cricketers 1934', Radio Fun 'British Sports' Stars (20) and others in blue album. 30-40
578.    Cricket Cards, over four hundred, many reprints including A.T.Marks, County print, Texaco Trophy, Scanlens, John Brindley, Hobbypress, Keech, etc:- in a Nostalgia album. 20-40
579.    Topps Red Back Football Cards, circa 1976, 325 from 330 in mauve album. 30-40
580.    A & B.C Blue Back Football Cards, over two hundred, circa 1973, in black album. 30-40
581.    Football Card Sets, A & B.C Autographed Series (16), Nabisco (24), Cadet (50), Turf (50) Anglo World Cup 70 (48) and one card absent from each of Tiger Footballers of 1963 and Mirrorcard Soccer Sides in F.A. Premier album. 30-50
582.    Football Cards, over two hundred to include 'Turf' in twenty two original packets,, 'Leaf' 100 Years of Soccer Stars, Nabisco, Victor, Carreras, Mirrorcard, Anglo in blue album. 20-40
583.    A & B.C Football Cards, over two hundred late 1950's to late 1960's in red album. 30-50
584.    Cricket Cards, Barratt Test Cricketers by Swanton set of thirty five, Master New Zealand 1958 set of sixteen, Gallaghers Adventure, Ogden, De Reszke, A & B.C in England album. 20-40
585.    Cigarette Cards - Ogden's Pugilists in Action - set of fifty, State Express Sports Champions - set of fifty, Gallaher's Sporting Personalities - set of fifty, Wix, Wills, large format cards, Mars Olympic 1988 cards, etc in two albums. 30-50
586.    Cigarette Cards Horse Racing Themed - Player's Derby and Grand National Winners - set of fifty, Ogden's Derby Entrants - set of twenty five, Derby Entrants 1928 - set of fifty, Gallaher Famous Jockey's - set of forty eight, many others, one album. 30-50
587.    Cigarette Cards Cricket Themed - Cricket 1926 by Ogdens - set of fifty and Second Series - set of fifty, caricatures by RIP - set of fifty, Wills 1928 - set of fifty, Players 1930 - set of fifty, Phillips Famous Cricketers - set of thirty two and others, one album. 30-50
588.    Cigarette Cards, Football Themed - Gallaher Footballers in Action - set of fifty, Player Footballers 1928 - set of fifty and Second Series 51 to 75, Typhoo Teams - set of twenty five, Mitcham Foods Footballers - set of twenty five, etc in album. 30-50
589.    Cigarette Cards, Football themed - Ogden's AFC Nicknames - set of fifty, Players Association Cup Winners - set of fifty. Churchman's Footballers - Series 1st and 2nd - sets of fifty, Ogden's Captain - set of forty four, Carreras Famous Footballers (48). Football caricatures by Mac - set of fifty, etc in album. 30-50
590.    A. B & C Football Cards, 1968-9 Series 1 - 1 to 54, but No. 3 absent, 67-8 'Star Players' set of 55, three programmes, newspaper. 20-30
591.    Football Cards, Football 79/80, Special '79, Soccer 81, Panini Football 79 Stickers, Argentina 78, Topps 76-7, etc:- One Box 25-40
592.    A & B C Football Cards, eighteen black back circa 1960, thirty two turquoise back circa 1962 Gallahers 'Famous Jockey', 'Sporting Personalities' and other cigarette cards. 20-30
593.    Snooker Cues BCE 'Ronnie O'Sullivan', Jimmy White', and one other, plus Riley, Dunlop junior tennis racket 'And 1' match shoes
594.    Fishing. DHH Three Piece Split Can Road, Foster Bros 'The Manifold' and 'The England', Barfleet. Five later examples, landing nets etc. 30-50
595.    Football Cards, 'Pro Set', Topps Stadium Club, Fans Selection, Merlin 'Ultimate', Panini 'Gold', Futera, etc, large quantity in green album and box. 20-30
596.    Sun 3D Album 1972-73, Topps Match Attax, 2001-02 Wizards, Mirror 88, and many unopened packets, including Merlin Premier League 04, Title Race 2001-02, Merlin Stickers, Butt Ugly Martians. 20-40
597.    Wrestling Photos, (9) featuring Bobby Barnes, Julian Morice, Billy Robinson, 'Zebra Kid', Joe Murphy and others. Daily Star Football Cards, Panini 85, 86, 87, Mirror stickers, etc. 15-30
598.    Esso FA Cup Coins, 1970 World Cup Coins, Shell 'Me in Flight', 'Historic Cars', Squelchers, Kellog's Euro 96 virtual video slides, plated ashtray as a football:- One Box 15-30
599.    Gordon Banks Two Autographs, as part of a framed montage related to the former England Goalkeeper. Another of Jack Charlton in similar display - unverified. (2) 30-50
600.    Wayne Rooney Autograph, black pen signed - unverified on an Umbro white home shirt, mounted, glazed and framed, spall memorabilia certificate to back. 30-50
601.    Football Cards, 'Magic Box', 'Fans Selection', 'Match Attax', 'Promatch', 'Premier Gold' and many others from the 1990's:- One Box 20-30
602.    Panini Football 78 (Complete), 79, 80 & 87 (nearly filled), Mirror soccer 88, three Orbis albums, Panini Europa 80 (sparse) plus loose stickers. 30-50
603.    Menus: Abbeydale Golf Club 1961, House of Commons, The Old Stoic Society 1957, 67 and 79. Sports Club of The Year (Sheffield 1983) and others. Trump 'Make America Great Again' Flag. Various photos, frames, other ephemera. 15-30
604.    Liverpool Programmes 1970's-90's. two modern Anfield signs. Quantity of Chesterfield programmes, FA cup Finals, etc 15-25
605.    Soccer Picture Bubble Gum Album 1958-59, complete. 2001 Play Off Final Programme. 15-20
606.    Burnley Team Photograph, circa 1990's bearing twenty three signatures to mount including Eyres, Brass, Winstanley, Celtic autograph of Jackie McNamara under image, Dion Dublin and Stanislav Varga items similar. Tottenham 1968-9 compliment sheets bearing facsimile autographs. 20-30
607.    Football Cards - Panini 92, ProSet 1990-91, Topps Stadium Club Cards, FKI 81, Shooting Stars, Promatch, Sun Football Swap Cards, Daily Mirror 88 Stickers, Panini Football League 1995, Sun Stickers, etc, large quantity. 30-50
608.    Leeds United Programmes 1965 to 1994, including European issues v. Kilmarnock, Celtic, Rapid, Lyn, Oslo, Hannover, Setubal, away at Liverpool. F.A. Cup Semi's, 68 League Cup Final, Barnsley, Wigan Homes, etc. 15-25
609.    Don Russ Sets of Baseball Cards 'Diamond Kings', Don Russ 90, etc in album, Hostess 1988 set of 24, O Pee Chee, etc. NFL Fact Pack for L.A.Rams and Denver Broncos Official Encyclopedia of Baseball. 20-30
610.    Barcelona Autographs - Unverified, twelve black pen signatures including Villa on a Nike Home Shirt, bearing 'Quatar Foundation' Logo, mounted, glazed and framed. 40-60
611.    Ossie Ardiles, Black Pen Autograph - unverified, on the front of an Argentina Adidas Home Shirt, mounted, glazed and framed. 30-50
612.    Testimonial Programmes 1960-2000, approximately 120, autographs noted:- One Box 20-30
613.    Autographs - Beckham, Ronaldo (Brazil), Beckenbauer x 2, Di Stefano x 3 in montage, Keane - all black pen signed on player image - unverified. (6) 30-40
614.    Geoff Hurst Black Pen Signed Autograph, on a red England long sleeve shirt 'The Old Fashioned' labelled with 'Star-Sign' C of A as a framed montage. 30-50
615.    North West & North Midlands Club Programmes, 1970's to date:- Two Boxes 15-30
616.    Big Match Programmes 1978-2011, to include F.A. Cup Finals and Semi's, Charity Shields, England, Champions League:- One Box 20-30
617.    Plakalbum 1971-1972, approximately two thirds complete, Ace Football Pool Game, Lawn Tennis and Badminton magazines from the 1920's and 30's (32), Purnell Star Team No.1 1970 Manchester United, world Cup 1966 scrap album. Pennant, signed Sheffield Wednesday Ball, etc:- One Box 20-40
618.    Midlands & London Club Programmes, 1970's to date:- One Box 15-25
619.    Leeds United Programmes Many Homes 1994-2004, but earlier testimonials, away's, West Riding Cup - over one hundred and fifty:- One Box 15-30
620.    Sheffield Wednesday Approximately 120 Away Programmes, 2 x League Cup Finals, 3 various F.A. Cup Semi's. 15-25
621.    Big Match, Friendly, Testimonial, European and Other Programmes, large quantity:- One Box 30-50
622.    Chelsea Home Programmes, 1974-98 including 78-9 v. Moscow Dynamo, New York Cosmos, Fulham and Anglo Scottish, 79-80 friendlies L.A Aztecs, Atletico Madrid, China XI, Stoke - single sheet. 80-1 v. DS79, 84-5 v. Glasgow Rangers, large quantity, sets noticed:- One Box 20-40
623.    Cricket - Mounted book prints of XIX Century players, including Fry, Spoff, Daft, Lockwood. (40) 20-30
624.    International Anthem Ball as The World Cup, Golf Tiddlywinks, Scrumdown, Mechanical Derby, Les Sports Golf, World Cup Masterfile in two albums. 15-30
625.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes 1989-95, over 150:- One Box 15-25
626.    Big Match Programmes, including England home and away's F.A.Cup Finals, semi's, League Cup, F.A. Trophy, Scottish, etc:- One Box 20-40
627.    Promatch Collectable Football Cards, The Premiership and World Cup '98 Collection, ten unopened boxes full, one other opened box and loose packets. 30-50
628.    Bradford City Memorabilia, including City Gent Fanzines, tickets, programmes, football history told through newspaper headings:- One Box 15-30
629.    Rugby League Sixty Various Programmes, Speedway, 1986 American Bowl, 72 x Charles Buchan's magazines and others:- One Box 20-30
630.    1970 and 80's Programmes, over 200 including Chelsea away's:- One Box 15-30
631.    Chesterfield Programmes, mainly 1970's and 80's including Anglo Scottish Cup Final v. Notts County home and away, earlier Rounds v. Bury, Rangers, Sheffield United, earlier Chester programmes, including 1969 Welsh Cup Semi at Hereford, Port Vale programmes from the 1990's and 2000's:- One Box 20-40
632.    1960's Soccer Star Magazines, Football annuals, first day covers, coin medallions, Gordon Banks autograph, Rugby programmes, league reviews, other ephemera:- Two Boxes 20-40
633.    Pennants - Chelsea x 2, Espana 82 x 2, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao, Betis, Deporvito, etc. (14) 20-30
634.    Yorkshire & Northern Club Programmes, 1970's to date - Two Boxes. 15-30
635.    Southern & Western Club Programmes, 1970's to date:- One Box 15-30
636.    Goal, Striker, The Game, other football magazines, quantity of books including West Bromwich Albion, Jackie Milburn's Newcastle United scrapbook:- Two Boxes 15-25
637.    Cricket, Scorecards, signed programmes, pottery mugs, DVD's, prints etc:- Two Boxes 15-30
638.    Mansfield Town Programmes, Home and Away's to Date, including friendlies, Auto Windscreens, Freight Rover, Autoglass, 1990 County Cup Final v. Nottingham Forest:- One Box 15-30
639.    Goal Magazines, (approximately 110), Football Monthly (35). Orbis Football Collection and World Cup 90. 20-30
640.    Champions League Final Programmes 2008-09, 2006 World Cup Tournament Programmes in German and English, League Cup and F.A Cup Finals, Charity Shield, Euro 96 final, Scotland aways, team sheets, quantity of tickets, 'T' shirts, Captains arm bands etc. 20-40
641.    Snooker. Early XX Century tin cased Snooker cue, mainly ash with mahogany chevrons. 20-40
642.    Fishing - Farlow four sectional cane rod, Kassnar beach caster rod, FIWA, D.A.M and others, reels to include Mitchell 486, 410, ABM 506, mahogany and brass example, bag, etc. 20-40
643.    Richard Hadlee 'Last Wicket in Test Cricket' Print, 31 x 53cm, signed to back with personal notation. Linford Christie signed print-unverified. Players Cricketers 1934 set of 50 frames. (3) 15-30
644.    Autographs Manchester Evening News Montages, including Schmeichel, Dewi Morris, Jack Simmons and others World Cup '94 and 'Victory' prints, bearing signatures, all unverified. (4) 15-30
645.    Boxing Autographs, Mike Tyson black ink signed on image, another Ricky Hatton, unverified. (2) 20-40
646.    Pixsportique Ltd Edition Colour Print of Ronaldo of Brazil, holding aloft The World Cup, image 28 x 18.5cm, pencil signed. Brazil montage ink signed by Romario a signed print of Roberto Carlos, unverified. (3) 30-50
647.    Athletics Autographs, Bolt and Farrah, silver ink signed on image of pair celebrating success, Sebastian Coe; together with Rugby's Martin Johnson, all unverified. (3) 20-40
648.    Chelsea Autographs, twelve black pen signatures - unverified on an Umbro white away shirt bearing 'Fly Emirates' logo, mounted, glazed and framed. 40-60
649.    Big Blue Tube Legends Series Coloured Print of Stuart Pearce, 32 x 51cm, ink signed. West Ham 1980 Cup Final montage signed by Brooking and Bonds, unverified. (2) 30-50
650.    Stanley Matthews Coloured Print, by Michael Dudash, featuring The Wizard of Dribble, ltd edition of 650, 59.5 x 44.5cm, pencil signed by player and arttst. 30-50
651.    Manchester United Autographs - Unverified, ten black pen signatures including Rooney, Brown, on the front of a Nike White Away Shirt, bearing 'AON' Logo, mounted, glazed and framed. 40-60
652.    Smokin' Joe Frazier Montage, featuring Everlast red left hand boxing glove black pen signed and image of him squaring up to Muhammad Ali, framed overall 94 x 61cm. 70-100
653.    Manchester United Autographs, Ferdinand and Silvestre ink signed on a montage. Individuals of Kanchelskis, Cole, Pallister, Kearne, Poborsky, all unverified. (6) 30-50
654.    Paul Ince Autograph, ink signed on the back of a number 8 Manchester United Home Shirt, framed, Arsenal Nike Red Home Shirt, bearing Fly Emirates logo, signed, unverified. (2) 30-50
655.    Skiing Pair of Vintage Cross Country Ski's, by Schuster, bearing label 'Asmu, Sporthaus, Schuster, Munchen', stamped '2814'; together with bamboo hand poles. 80-120
656.    Olympics - An Iraq Official Tracksuit, bearing Olympic Rings and Iraqi flag to front of green and black top with 'Iraq' to back, black bottoms to match, in polyester. 20-40
657.    Matt Targett, Southampton Adidas Home Shirt, bearing 'Veho' logo, Premier League arm patches and number '33' under Name, black pen signed by approximately eighteen - unverified. 20-40
658.    A Chelsea Umbro Away Shirt XXL, Circa 1995, in grey with orange flashes, bearing Coors logo and many in signatures. 40-60
658A.   Stirling Moss, 'Jaguar x J13' Coloured Print By John Francis, signed by artist, Stirling Moss and Norman Dewis. 15-20
659.    Snooker. Thurston & Co, London Snooker rest with markers name to brass fittings, together with long cue. A tin cased two piece cue by B.C.E 20-40
660.    Fishing, Wilco Wilcolite Fly Landing Net, with wooden frame, extending slide action and turned handle. 15-25
661.    Manchester United Home Programmes 1970's-2000's, Treble Season, Champions League, European Competition, Friendly, Yearbook, etc, approximately 256. 15-30
662.    Manchester United Programmes, Official Magazines, Books, etc, fourteen Liverpool Home Programmes from 1963 to 64:- One Box 15-20
663.    Manchester United Programmes. 58-9 v. Manchester City. 60-1 v. Tottenham, 68-9 v. Estudiantes, 1991 Cup Winners Cup Final. 85 FA Cup Final, many others 1959 to date, menus, supporters year book 79-80:- One Box 20-40
664.    Bradford City Programmes 1979-2008, approximately 280 homes and 133 away's:- Two Boxes 20-40
665.    Bradford City Programmes 1990-2008, over 330 Homes and 65 away's:- Two Boxes 20-40
666.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 2000-2016 including 2009-10 v. Notts County - 16th January postponed, 2012-13 League Cup Final & Semi. Play offs. Large quantity in eight files. 20-40
667.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 1999-2008 including premiership seasons, 2003 v. Coleraine/Aberdeen/Swansea - friendly. 2004 Jacobs Test. 2007-8 v. Rotherham 15th December postponed. Large quantity, season tickets noted, in nine files. 30-50
668.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 1989-99 including 89-90 v. Lincoln & Huddersfield - Yorkshire & Humberside Cup, DNEPR - friendly , 90-1 v. Red Star - friendly. Scarborough, Halifax, Grimsby Yorkshire & Humberside Cup, Huddersfield - Leyland DAF. 91-2 v. Valladolid - friendly, Huddersfield - W.R.C, Hartlepool - Autoglass. 92-3 v. Halifax - W.R.C 93-4 v. Doncaster, Barnsley, Halifax - Yorkshire Electricity Cup 94-5 v. Sheffield United - friendly. 95-6 v. Lincoln, Doncaster - Yorkshire Electricity Cup Manchester United & Feyenoord friendlies, Carlisle - Windscreens 97 -8 v. Preston, Halifax, Derby - friendlies. Large quantity, season tickets noted, in ten files. 30-50
669.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 1981-2 thirty issues including v. Rotherham - friendly, Torquay 21st March team sheet. Sheffield United - friendly. 82-3 twenty eight issues including v. Halifax - League Trophy, Manchester United - League Cup, Mansfield - F.A Cup Replay Cardiff - 16th February, Chesterfield 26th February, Lincoln - 12th March - Brentford 19th March, Preston - 4th April. Millwall 16th April, Bournemouth 30th April. 83-4 twenty six issues including v. Huddersfield W.R Cup, Bolton, Hull. Hartlepool - Members Cup. 84-5 thirty issues including v. Leeds, Halifax - W.R.C, Scunthorpe, Mansfield - Freight Rover. 85-6 twenty one issues including v. Manchester United - friendly. Charlton and Fulham supplements. 86-7 thirty issues including v. Leeds and Huddersfield - W.R Cup, Sunderland - Members Cup. 87-8 thirty issues including v.Halifax - W.R.C 88-9 thirty four issues including v. Sheffield United and Doncaster - Yorks & Humberside Cup. Chelsea -Simod Cup, Lincoln - Hillsborough Fund, in eight files. 30-50
670.    Notts County Programmes From the 2000's, Oldham Reserves v. Manchester United Reserves 1995, Non-League, Football League and other programmes:- Two Boxes 20-30
671.    Sheffield Wednesday and Bolton Wanderers Programmes, Team Sheets, Turkey v. Ireland 1990, Speedtrax Game, etc:- One Box 10-20
672.    Football Annuals, 'World Soccer', 'Goal' and others magazines, programmes, Yorkshire Post Monday Sports Supplements, etc:- Two Boxes 15-25
673.    Rugby League Kiwis Tour 1951-52 and 1955 Souvenir Iestyn Harris, signed autobiography, annuals, quantity of programmes including Internationals, County Championship Club, etc:- Two Boxes 20-30
674.    Boxing. Everlast Red Right Hand Boxing Glove signed by nine players - significant fading, mounted and framed by Sportizus, with laminated details including Ali, Bowe, Lewis. 30-50
675.    Decade of Champions Book, by Reeves and Robinson Cricket First Day Covers, Subbuteo, etc. 15-25
676.    'Rugby League Express' Magazines, large quantity 1990's 'Rugby League Weekend' twenty three issues:- One Box 15-30
677.    Formula One Posters - Monza '97 For Campar 95 x 64cm, thirteen Renault Internet, 'Rothmans Williams Renault Komatsu', Peugeot similar size five smaller, F1 Images Book by Amaduzzi, two others, 1996 Portugal Grand Prix Short signed Damon Hill and others - both framed, four Burago model cars. 15-30
678.    Leeds United. 1990-91 Bound Album of Home Programmes, Howard Wilkinson Admiral waterproof training trousers, quantity of books relating to the club including Breedon. 20-40
679.    Leeds United Programmes, 58-9 v. Aston Villa (page absent) many other homes 1966-94 including v. Zaragoza, Lyn Oslo, Ferencvaros, Celtic, Dresden, Sporta Prague, Setubal, Carl Zeiss Jena, two 65 FA Cup Final song sheets, super Leeds booklet. 20-40
680.    Don Revie Print by Paul Trevillion, pen signed by ten players including Eddie Gray, Harvey, Giles, Hunter, Clarke. Buchan's magazine print of John Charles, ink signed, programmes, Typhoo cards, Premier League pen. 15-25
681.    Leeds United Home Programmes, 1968-69 twenty nine issues including v. Ferencvaros, Dozsa, Hannover, Napoli, Liege 1969-70 twenty eight issues including v. Manchester City-Charity Shield. Oslo, Ferencvaros, Leige, Celtic, 1970-71 twenty issues including, Sarpsborg, Dresden, Prague, Setubal, Liverpool-Fairs Cup, Juventus, 1971-72 v. Lierse, Huddersfield-West Riding Cup 1972-73 thirty two issues including v. Ankaragucu, Jena, Bucharest, Hajduk. (all tokens absent). 20-30
682.    Leeds United Home Programmes, 1973-74 twenty issues including v. Bradford City-Friendly, Halifax-West Riding Cup, Stromsgodset, Hibernian, Setubal, 1974-75 thirty issues including v. Zurich, Dozsa, Anderlecht, Barcelona, one hundred others 1975- 92. 15-30
683.    Leeds United Away Programmes, 1970 F A Cup Final and three Semi's, 1996 League Cup Final, 1970 Pirate at Sutton, 1977 F A Cup Semi, 1977-78 at Rochdale League Cup and others, approximately seventy five and others with detached covers. 20-30
684.    Huddersfield Town Programmes, 1955-6 v. Cardiff, 1956-7 away at West Ham, at Orient, 1957-8 at Blackburn, 1959-60 v. West Ham - FA Cup, 1968-9 v. Leeds - West Riding Cup at Bradford, 1961-2 Reserves v. Burnley Reserves, 1962-3 Reserves at Blackburn Reserves and others 1958-80, approximately 79. 20-40
685.    Leeds United Away Programmes, 1970-71 at Halifax-West Riding Cup, Liverpool-Fairs Cup Semi, 1971-72 F A Cup Final and Semi, 1972-73 v. Norwich at Villa Park, F A Cup Final and Semi, 1973-74 at Huddersfield August 18th and April 30th. Both west Riding Cup and others 1970-74. 20-30
686.    Leeds United Away Programmes, 67-8 at Hibernian - Fairs Cup, Derby League Cup Semi and Final, F.A Cup Semi, 69-70 F.A Cup at Sutton - Nicholls souvenir, Swindon, Semi, both replays, Final and replay and others 67-70. 20-30
687.    Leeds United Away Programmes, 1974-75 including v. Bayern Munich - European Cup Final, Huddersfield League Cup. (26) 20-40
688.    Leeds United Home Programmes, 1965-66 seventeen issues including v. Torino, Zaragoza 27th April, 11th May, 1966-67 twenty issues including v. Valencia, Bologna, Kilmarnock (all tokens absent) 1967-68 thirty five issues, including Zagreb, Spora, Partizan, Hibernian, Glasgow Rangers +T.V issue, Dundee. 20-30
689.    1973 Cup Winners Cup Final Programme, Leeds United v. A C Milan, in Kaftanzogilion, Greece, dated 16th May 1973. 80-100
690.    Leeds United Away Programmes, 1966-67 at Kimarnock-Fairs Cup Semi v. Chelsea F.A. Cup semi, 1960-61 at Middlesbrough, 1965 F A Cup Final and others 1963-66. (11)
691.    Halifax Town Home Programmes, 1960-61 twenty one issues, 1961-22 twenty two issues including v. Leeds United-West Riding Cup, Belgrade-Friendly (all opponents ink written to face), (some duplication). 20-40
692.    Halifax Town 1959-60 Programme 1959-60 v. Norwich City, dated 9th January 1960. 20-30
693.    Halifax Town 1963-64 Programme v. Norwich City - League Cup, dated 27th November 1963. 15-25
694.    Halifax Town Home Programmes, 1963-64 twenty one issues, including v. Bradford P.A. - West Riding Cup, 1962-63 v. Carlisle, 1964-5 v. York, autographs noticed. 20-40
695.    Halifax Town Home Programmes, 1958-59 v. Notts County, (writing on page). 1959-60 v. Accrington, Bournemouth, Newport, Port Vale, QPR, Swindon, Wrexham, York. (9) 20-30
696.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes 1969-70, v. Brentford, Colchester, Darlington, Newport, Notts County, Crewe, Southend, Workington, Wrexham, York. (10) 20-40
697.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes 1970-1, v. South Shields, Matlock, Macclesfield, Kirby, Witton, 71-2 five issues, 1972-3 eight issues. (18) 20-30
698.    Bradford Pack Avenue Home Programmes 1973-4, seven issues to include Final League Match v. Great Harwood. 20-40
699.    Bradford Park Avenue Home 1948-9 Season Action Reprint Photographs, three at Manchester United one at Chester and one v. Tottenham, each approximately 15 x 23cm. 20-30
700.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes, 1960-61 v. Peterborough, 1961-62 and 1962-63 (x 2) West Riding Cup v. Halifax. Bradford City 1959-60 v. Bournemouth, Rochdale. (15) 15-25
701.    1967 Huddersfield Town v. Bradford City Programme, West Riding Cup, 70-1 Newcastle v. Bolton - Friendly. Leeds and Bradford City Reserves issues. (12) 15-30
702.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes 1959-60 to 1962-63, including 60-1 v. Peterborough, Accrington, 61-2 v. Lugano. (42) 20-40
703.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes 1963-64 to 1965-66, including 64-5 and 65-6 v. Bradford City, 65-6 v. Halifax - League Cup, Slovan Bratislava - Friendly. (41) 20-40
704.    Bradford Park Avenue Home Programmes 1966-7 to 1968-9, including 66-7 v. Huddersfield - West Riding Cup, 68-9 v. Bradford City - League and West Riding Cup. (60) 20-40
705.    1967 Charity Shield Manchester United v. Tottenham Programme and Starkey Pirate, Huddersfield, Burnley and Chesterfield Homes and Others, approximately seventy. 15-30
706.    Manchester United Programmes, 1968 European Cup Final, other European, Australian Tour 1967, 2003 League Cup Final, seven 1958-9 issues, Bobby Charlton Testimonial, etc approximately 64 (some tokens absent). 20-40
707.    Manchester United Programmes, 1963 FA Cup Final, 1963-4 at Tottenham - E.C.W.C. Pirates for 1958-9 at Tottenham, 1963-4 at Sunderland and others, George Best and Denis Law pennants. (16) 20-30
708.    Manchester United Autographs, Cantona, Schmeichel, Cole, Sheringham, Stiles ink signed on images all unverified. (5) 20-40
709.    Hearts v. Manchester United Programme, from The 1960 Tour, played in Vancouver, Canada on May 28th. 15-30
710.    1957-58 Manchester United v. Sheffield Wednesday Programme, dated 19th February, United Team blank, token intact. 80-100
711.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 56-7 v. Derby, Airdrieonians - friendly, 59-60 v. Coventry, 60-1 v. Grimsby, Halifax, Colchester 61-2 six issues, 62-3 two issues, 63-4 five issues, forty others 64 to 67. (59) 30-50
712.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 1967-8 twenty six issues including F.C Twente, Huddersfield - West Riding Cup, 68-9 twenty nine issues including v. Rotherham - 4th January, Swansea - 12th February supplement, Sheffield Wednesday (ink dated 24th March) 69-70 twenty nine issues including v. Tottenham - F.A Cup. (84) 20-40
713.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 1970-1 twenty six issues including v. Huddersfield - West Riding Cup, 71-2 twenty five issues, 72-3 twenty eight issues including v. Manchester City - friendly, v. Hereford. 73-4 twenty five issues including v. Barnsley - F.A. Cup replay, Hartlepool - 6th March, Swansea - 20th March, 74-5 twenty three issues including v. Huddersfield - West Riding Cup Final, Tranmere - friendly. 75-6 eighteen issues including v. Southampton F.A. Cup - Newport 3rd May. (145) 30-50
714.    Bradford City Home Programmes, 1976-7 twenty eight issues including 76-7 v. Workington, Huddersfield - West Riding Cup, Southampton - Cancer Appeal. 77-8 twenty one issues including v. Leeds - West Riding Cup, Tranmere - supplements, 78-9 thirty one issues including v. Bolton - friendly, Zambia - friendly, Wigan - 7th May supplement, Halifax and Huddersfield - West Riding Cup. 79-80 twenty nine issues including v. Alloa, West Brom - friendlies, Leeds - West Riding Cup Final, 80-1 twenty eight issues including v. West Brom - friendly, Liverpool - League Cup, Huddersfield- West Riding Cup. (141) 20-30
715.    Bradford City Programmes 1966 to 70, seventy one homes and thirteen away's. 20-30
716.    Sheffield United Programmes, 60-1 v. Middlesbrough, 61-2 v. Blackburn and other home and away's '86 Panini album:- Two Boxes 15-20
717.    Sheffield United Programmes 2003-4 in Two Albums, 88 at Scarborough - Y&H Cup Final, friendlies, 82 promotion booklet, 2008 ticket at Helmond Sport, another 2011 for Masters, Balloons 2017 Champions etc:- One Box. Neil Collins signed poster. 20-30
718.    Sheffield United Home and Away Programmes, including 1965-6 away at Barnsley - County Cup and others, League reviews. 10-20
719.    Sheffield United Programmes 1970 to Date, to include away at Pogon 1974, Texaco Cup and Watney Cup Games, United v. Supporters at the Ball In Stadium:- One Box 20-30
720.    Sheffield United Official Team Sheets, to include Premier League, Youth Cup U-23;s, Academy, U-18's, reserves,U-21's, mainly 2000's, away's noted. large quantity in two folders. 20-40
721.    Terry Gorman 'Beautiful Bramall Lane' Colour Print, baring many signatures including Henry Spackman, Hartfield. 15-25
722.    Sheffield United 2008-09 Black Le Coq Sportif Away Shirt, worn by Steven Quinn, during the pre season tour of Holland and Belgium, bearing '14' Football League number to back and 'China Earthquake Appeal' to front. Sheffield United Letter of Authenticity accompanies this lot. 40-60
723.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1957-8 six homes, 1958-9 eighteen homes including v. Hibernian, four away's, 1959-60 twenty homes including v. Lucerne, Sheffield Wednesday - County Cup and FA Cup, Scunthorpe away. (49) 20-40
724.    Sheffield United Programmes 1960-89, including 1961 F.A Cup semi and both replays, away at D.W .S Amsterdam. 1957-8 supporters club year book, approximately forty one. 20-40
725.    Sheffield United Away Programmes in Poland v. Pogon, dated 20.07.1974, v. Row Rybnik dated 27th July 1974. (2) 20-30
726.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1946-7 v. Bolton (torn), 1949-50 v. Swansea, 1953-4 v. Huddersfield, 1954-5 at Leicester. (4) 20-30
727.    Sheffield United Away Programmes in Poland v. Pogon, dated 20.07.1974, 1985 Tournament in Bochum, featuring Sheffield, Ajax, Innsbruck and other teams. (2) 20-30
728.    Sheffield United Programmes, 1955-6 v. Barrow - FA Cup, Chelsea, Wolves 2nd May, 1956-7 at Huddersfield FA Cup, 1958 v. Rotherham and others 1955-58. (17) 20-40
729.    1953-4 Programmes, Halifax v. Cardiff - F.A Cup. Port Vale v. Grimsby, York v. Tranmere. Southport v. Port Vale. Hartlepool v. Northampton - F.A Cup replay. (5) 30-50
730.    Scunthorpe United Programmes, 1950-1 v. Hartlepool, 1952-3 v. Port Vale, away at Bradford City 1950-1 and 1953-4 at Rochdale 1952-3. (5) 20-40
731.    Barnsley Home Programmes, 1954-55 v. Carlisle, Chester, 1955-56 v. Sheffield United - County Cup, All Stars XI - Friendly, Blackburn, Bristol Rovers, Hull, Lincoln, Nottingham Forest, Plymouth, Sheffield Wednesday, 1956-57 v. All Stars XI - Friendly, Blackburn, Bristol City, Bury, Doncaster, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Lincoln, Nottingham Forest, Port Vale, Swansea. (22) 30-50
732.    Barnsley Programmes 1959-69, including 1960-61 v. Leicester Home and Away - F A Cup, 1961-62 v. Morton - Friendly 1962-63 v. Everton - F A Cup approximately fifty nine. 20-30
733.    Barnsley Home Programmes 1957-58, v, Barnsley and District F.A. Arsenal - Friendly's, Blackburn Rovers, Cardiff, Doncaster, Grimsby, Huddersfield, Ipswich, Lincoln, Notts County, Orient, Middlesbrough, Rotherham, Sheffield United, Stoke, Swansea, 1958-59 fifteen issues, including v. Sheffield United,, Sheffield Wednesday. (32) 20-40
734.    Notts County Programmes, 57-8 v. Charlton, Doncaster 59-60 v. Walsall, Darlington, Oldham, 62-3 v. Port Vale - floodlight opening, many others 1960-92. 15-30
735.    Nottingham Forest Programmes, 1961 & 67 County Cup Finals v. Notts County (both grubby), plus 68, 70 & 74 issues, others 1964 - 84 including Testimonial, European, Friendlies Super Cup, many 77-8 issues. 20-40
736.    A.C.Milan Autographs, including Baresi, Maldini, Di Canio, Capello, Savicevic, Boban, ink signed on a squad print of The Great 1980's/90's Team 2008 Fifa World Player Gala Print signed by Xavi, Messi, Ronaldo, Torres and Oscar, all unverified. (2) 30-50
737.    Sheffield Wednesday 1951-52 Greeting and Good Wishes Christmas Card. Soccer Star, programmes, publications- one box. 10-15
738.    Sheffield Wednesday Diadora Size 5 Ball, bearing many signatures, on plinth, Sheffield United 2001 montage bearing signatures including Curle, Devlin, Murphy, Montgomery. 20-40
739.    Sheffield Wednesday Two 1950's Photographs of Derek Dooley, the smallest 8 x 6cm which is ink signed, twenty two large photographs of players from the 1990's. 20-30
740.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1949-50 v. Leicester, (grubby), 1956-7 v. Zagreb, 1959-60 v. Torpedo, 55 Dooley Trust Fund, etc. (23) 20-30
741.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1949-50 v. Blackburn, Chesterfield, Tottenham (score on face), away at Coventry (writing on face) at Sheffield United, 1952-53 at Liverpool, 1954-55 v. Manchester United, at Burnley, 1955-56 v. Bury, 1956-57 v. Birmingham. (10) 20-30
742.    Sheffield Wednesday Home Programmes, 1945-46 v. Bury, 1946-47 v. Manchester City, 1947-48 v. West Brom, 1948-49 v. Coventry, Plymouth (some with faults). (5) 20-40
743.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1980's and 90's signatures noted, 89-90 team sheet v. Manchester United, England v. Denmark 1988 ticket, etc:- One box 10-20
744.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1993 F.A. Cup Final, Final Replay and Semi - 91 and 93 League Cup Finals, 66 F.A. Cup Final and others and signed ball. 20-30
745.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 1946-7 v. Barrow. 51-2 v. Buxton - FA Cup, 61-2 v. Grimsby - League Cup. Accrington and others 58-63. (3) (some with faults) 20-40
746.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 1963-67 including 64-5 v. Scarborough, Huddersfield - both FA Cup Rotherham - County Cup semi replay, 65-6 v. Wormatia Worms, Nottingham Forest - friendlies, Rotherham - County Cup 66-7 v. Liverpool - memorial (approximately 113) 20-40
747.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 1971-73 including 71-2 v. Manchester City, Rotherham, Cowdenbeath - friendlies 72-3 v. Hereford. Stoke - friendly. Six handbooks, 65-9 promotional brochure, quantity of photographs etc. 20-40
748.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 1967-71 including 67-8 v. Sheffield United - County Cup, Rotherham - friendly 68-9 v. Barnsley 29th October, Rotherham - both County Cup, Bremen - friendly Sheffield United - County Cup Final, 69-70 v. Lazio, Dallas - friendlies, Rotherham - County Cup. 70-1 Arsenal, Burnley, Leeds - friendlies. Barnsley - County Cup, many autographs noted. (approximately 113) 20-40
749.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 1950-51 away at Preston, at Rotherham, 1952-53 at Arsenal - FA Cup at Hull, 1953-54 at Leeds, at Sunderland, at Nottingham Forest, at Notts County 1954-5 v. Aston Villa - FA Cup. Sheffield Wednesday - County Cup, 1955-6 v. Tottenham - FA Cup and others. (17) 40-60
750.    Doncaster Rovers Programmes, 1973-2004 including 75-6 v. Manchester United friendly, 83-4 v. Leeds - friendly large quantity:- One Box 20-40
751.    Rotherham United Programmes, 1963-82 large quantity of home issues:- One Box 20-30
752.    1960's Programmes, including Newcastle home and away's, Halifax and Manchester City Homes Hull and Doncaster homes from the 1950's, etc, over 200:- One Box 20-40
753.    Liverpool Programmes, 1978 - 84 FA Cup Finals. 61-2 v. Rotherham. 65-6 v. Liege, Juventus 63-4 v. Port Vale - FA Cup , many others 69-91. club magazines. Liverpool Schools Cup Final menu 1963:- One Box 15-30
754.    Chelsea Ephemera, to include Metro Blue Santa hat, flag, rosettes, books, Christmas cards, scrapbook, Bridge news, cigarette case, cushion covers:- One Box 20-30
755.    1989 Hillsborough FA Cup Semi Final Programme, 1979-80 Ajax v. Nottingham Forest, 1972 Pele at Hillsborough 1966 World Cup Tournament Brochure, cup finals, England and others, (approximately 36). 15-25
756.    1965 League Cup Semi-Final Programme Chelsea v. Leicester City, at Stamford Bridge, quantity of Friendly programmes including Fulham Whites v. Blues 1964, Fulham v. Chelsea 1970. (20) 30-40
757.    1945-6 Q.P.R v. Southend Programme. for 3rd Division South Cup (rust marks). 46-7 Brentford v. Grimsby. 50-1 Manchester United v. Charlton (poor), 52-3 Bury v. Lincoln. Notts County v. Swansea (5) 20-40
758.    1962 Cup Winners Cup Final Programme, Atletico Madrid v. Florentina. 61-2 Dukla Prague v. Tottenham. European Cup games including Eintracht Frankfurt 59-60 issues. 63 Final 61-2 Partizan v. Juventus, Standard v. Haka etc. (18) 30-50
759.    1961 Ireland v. Czechoslovakia Programme, Drumcondra 61-2 v. Nurnberg, 62-3 v. Bayern Munich, 1952 F.A.I Cup semi Dundalk v. Waterford. Glasgow v. Sheffield circa 1958, Irish FA XI v. British Army 1960. Scotland homes 1960-62, London Combination, away in Holland 8 Maart 1961 etc. (17) 30-50
760.    Gornik Zabrze v. Tottenham Hotspur 1961 Programme, from The European Cup, game in Poland, dated 13th September 1961. 80-120
761.    1961 Fairs Cup Final Birmingham v. Roma Programme, from 1st leg game at St. Andrews, 1962 FA Cup Final, Tottenham 1960-1 away at Aston Villa - FA Cup. 1962-3 Dunfermline v. Valencia, Hillborough FA Cup Semi, English v. Foreign Club and other issues. (16) 20-30
762.    Red Star v. Wolves 1959 Programme, from The European Cup Game in Belgrade, dated 2nd November. 30-50
763.    Real Madrid Programmes 1962, European Cup Final v. Benfica, away semi at Standard Liege plus 1960 game at Gothenburg. (3) 20-40
764.    54-5 Programmes, York v. Barnsley. 55-6 Swansea v. Stoke, Chelsea v. Manchester United - 3rd March. Bristol Rovers v. Plymouth, others 56 and 57 (9) 15-25
765.    Charlton's F.A Cup Winners, by Farleigh Press, Football Stars No.12, 1951-2 Sheffield Wednesday v. West Ham programme, Taddy Football Cards. 15-25
766.    Arsenal 1933-34 Reserves Programme, v. Southend Reserves, Arsenal League Champions, 1947-48 Players souvenir brochure by Photeck Publicity Ltd. (2) 20-30
767.    A.S Monaco v. Glasgow Rangers 1961 Programme, from the game in Monaco dated 5th September. 30-40
768.    1962 &1963 European Cup Final Programmes, 61-2 Partizan v. Juventus. Hamburg 60-1 v. Barcelona, young boys 62-3 v. Real Madrid. Feyenoord Eintracht Frankfurt, Nurnberg homes, 61-2 Dukla Prague v. Tottenham, etc. (18) 20-40
769.    'International Soccer' Programmes, from USA circa 1960. Kilmarnock v. Bangu, Glenavon, Nice, Americans v. Bayern Munich, Glenavon. Red Star v. Rapid, Portugal S.C v. Bangu. Norrkoping v. Red Star/Portugal S.C v. Sampdoria (8) 80-120
770.    1961-2 Programmes, including Notts County v. England XI, Workington v. Tranmere, Rotherham v. Leeds - 12th January, F.A Cup Final.(31) 20-30
771.    58-9 Programmes, including West Brom v. Bilbao. Halifax v. Norwich. Norwich v. Luton F.A Cup semi final replay 59-60 Workington v. Bradford. Southampton v. Workington F.A Cup, approximately twenty eight. 30-40
772.    1962-3 Programmes, including Oxford United v. Barrow. Sheffield Wednesday v. Santos. 1961 F.A Cup Final, 1961 D.W.S V. Sheffield United, dated 3rd May etc. (15) 20-30
773.    League Cup Programmes, 60-1 Rotherham v. Portsmouth, Norwich v. Oldham, Ipswich v. Barnsley, Southampton v. Newport & 61-2 Sunderland v. Hull. Peterborough United 60-1 programmes v. Leicester, Nottingham Forest, Portsmouth, away's at Accrington, Aston Villa 59-60 away at Walsall. (11) 20-40
774.    Tottenham Hotspur Programmes, 1958-63 including 60-1 v. Chelsea, Nottingham Forest, London Boys v. Manchester Boys. 61-2 v. Dukla Prague home and away. 61 and 62 F.A Cup Finals. (10) 20-30
775.    1952-3 Birmingham v. Sheffield United, 1953-4 Yorkshire Boys v. Lancashire Boys, Brentford v. Hull - FA Cup Replay - both at Doncaster 1954-5 Wolves v. Arsenal - FA Cup, 1955-6 Manchester United v. Huddersfield, 1956-7 Manchester City v. Manchester United, Huddersfield v. Doncaster and others 1953-57. (20) 30-50
776.    1960's Programmes, including 1962-3 Oxford v. York, Halifax v. Swindon - many autographs, 1959-60 Middlesbrough v. Liverpool, Rugby, Ace album of Football Stars, etc. 20-30
777.    Sixteen 1958-9 Programmes, including Gateshead v. Bradford - FA Cup and away at Crewe. Nineteen 1959-60 issues including Accrington v. Q.P.R, Dundalk v. Drumcondra, Shamrock v. Nice, Manchester United v. Real Madrid, six 1960-1 issues. (41) 30-40
778.    1946 Leicester Boys v. Stockton Boys School Final Four Page Programme; three 1973-4 Ferranti Thistle homes, 74-5 Ross County v. Falkirk, England aways, 1956 Russia 'B' v. West Germany 'B'. 20-40
778A.   Arsenal 1954-5 v. Spartak, 1958-9 v. Rangers. Wolves 1954-5 v. Spartak, 1955-56 Moscow, 1959-60 v. Vorwaerts. Sunderland 1957-8 v. Juventus - bearing signatures Charles, Sivori, etc. other English v. Foreign team programmes. (10) 20-40
779.    1960-1 Programmes, Middlesborough,Bradford, Halifax, Newport, Barrow, Wrexham etc, approximately 100. 30-50
780.    Nine League Cup Final Programmes, three semi's six Wembley Charity Shields, ten F.A. Trophy Finals. 15-25
781.    International Programmes, 1957 Brazil v. Portugal 59 Brazil v. Chile x 2. 61 Holland v. Mexico. Sweden v. Switzerland. six German homes 1959-63 two Austria homes, three Scandinavian. (17) 30-50
782.    1946-7 Crystal Palace v. Brighton Programme, 1959 FA Cup Final, 1959-60 Halifax v. Coventry, Bradford City other 1950's issues. (19) 20-40
783.    1960's Programmes North West & North Midlands Clubs, including 1963 Stoke v. Benifica, Real Madrid. Everton 65-6 v. Nurenberg, 66-7 v. Aalborg. Southport 68-9 v. Prague. many Leicester (approximately 124) 20-40
784.    1960's Midlands & London Club Programmes, including 1961-2 Arsenal v. Ipswich, 58-9 Birmingham v. Leeds 53-4 Bristol Rovers v. Doncaster, two reserves issues (approximately 123) 20-40
785.    Leeds United 1958-59, v. Wolves, 1960's programmes including 1968 F A Cup Final, Motor Racing Mallory Park and Caldwell Park 1965, Croft Autoframe 1966 and 67. 1973 Church Fenton Air Display, Bobby Vee 1964 programme and ticket at City Hall, Sheffield, facsimile cricket autograph, etc. 20-30
786.    'Famous Footballers' Black and White Portrait and Team Prints, from 1895 the book including England and Scotland Football Teams, Irish Rugby, Sheffield Wednesday, Newcastle, Corinthians. 20-40
787.    1953-4 Huddersfield v. Arsenal, 1954-5 Sheffield Wednesday v. Hastings - FA Cup, Scottish League v. Irish League, 1955-6 Liverpool v. Leicester, Peterborough v. Huddersfield - friendly. Nine 1957-8 programmes. (14) 20-30
788.    1960's Southern & Western Club Programmes, including 1962-3, Peterborough v. Tottenham - friendly, 64-5 Torquay v. Tottenham - FA Cup. Cardiff v. Swansea - Welsh Cup semi (60) 20-40
789.    1960's Programmes Yorkshire & Northern Clubs, including 62-3 Middlesborough v. Leeds. 68-9 Barnsley v. Sheffield United - County Cup Final. 63-4 Scunthorpe v. Leeds. (approximately 108) 20-40
790.    Chelsea, Official Commemorative Share Certificate, dated October 2003; together with letter to contributor from Ken Bates. 10-20
791.    Chelsea 1990's Away Programmes, including 97-8 at Tromso - friendly. 90 Z.D.S Cup final, 1998 & 2007 League Cup Finals, 97 Charity Shield, 94 FA Cup Final. autographs in album include, Petrescu, Vialli, Hughes, Le Saux, Zola, Di Matteo, Flo, Poyet. 20-30
792.    1955 Amateur Cup Semi Final Programme, Bishop Auckland v. Wycombe at Doncaster (page absent), 1958-9 Bishop Auckland v. Crook - N.L. Semi, signatures noted. 1958-9 Malvern v. Quarry Bank, Boston v. Bedford, Wycome v. Barnet, Halesowen v. West Bromwich Albion 'A'. circa 1959 Guildford City v. Chelsea - friendly and other non league issues. (13) 20-40
793.    Chelsea - fourteen colour photographs of late 1970's players including Swain, Lewington (both signed), Harris, Wilkins Brothers, Bonetti, Wicks, Droy. 20-30
794.    Chelsea, 5 x 1980's Football combination team sheets, testimonials, pirate, full members, friendly and newspaper type programmes, handbooks, photographs etc. 15-30
795.    Non League Programmes, including Guilford v. Chelsea 59-60. Kettering v. Swansea 62-3 (friendlies), Goole v. Halifax 55-6 F.A Cup. 60-1 Hallam v. Leytonstone - Amateur Cup replay. 54-5 Burton v. Banbury. Clapton, Sheppey, Ford Sports, Erith & Belvedere plus others 1950 & 60's. (24) 40-60
796.    Chelsea Home Programmes, 54-5 v. Manchester City. 57-8 v. Preston. 63-4 v. M.T.K, 65-6 v. Wiener. 70-1 v. Salonika, Sofia, Bruges. 71-2 v. Hautcharage and many others 1962-74. 20-40
797.    Chelsea 1960's Away Programmes (32), 1970's aways (72) including 71 at Manchester City - Cup Winners Cup Semi, 77 at Orn, Malmo, 78 at Voss , Gillingham, 79 at Wimbledon, Weymouth. 20-40
798.    Chelsea 1980's Away - including 79-80 at Norwich - Norfolk Invitation Cup, Telford - friendly, 80-1 at Wimbledon, Dundee United, Raith, Hearts, Norwich, Millwall, Brentford - all friendlies. 81-2 at Wrexham - 3 games, 85-6 at Enfield - friendly, Charlton, West Brom - full members. 89 at Scarborough - League Cup. 20-40
799.    Autographs - Matt Busby, George Eastham, Charlie Hurley, Denis Law, Ron Springett, Jimmy Nicholson, Peter McParland, Mel and John Charles, Les Massie, Nobby Lawton and many others, ink signed in seven football annuals from the 1960's, other publications. 40-60
800.    1960-1 Accrington v. Darlington, 76-7 Workington v. Doncaster, other ex-league programmes. Scottish 1960's-90's. World Cup 78 programme. Testimonials, non-league, etc. 20-30
801.    Autographs Large Quantity, including Blanchflower, Norman-Tottenham, John and Mel Charles, Ivor Allchurch - Wales, Newman-Plymouth, Barnsley, Bradford City, Stoke, Newcastle, Huddersfield, Yeats, Moran, A'Court-Liverpool, mainly ink signed on magazine prints in four scrap albums. 50-100
802.    Athletics & Olympian Autographs - Steve Redgrave x 2, Matthew Pinsent, Tom Daley x 2, Roger Bannister x 2, Seb Coe, Mo Farah, Linford Christie x 2, Daley Thompson, Kriss Akabusi, Fatima Whitbread, Victoria Pendleton, Bradley Wiggins, Eddie The Eagle, Torvill & Dean plus others, often ink signed on publicity cards, some personal notations (all unverified) approximately fifty seven. 40-60
803.    Autographs - Murray Walker, Nasser Hussain, Kirsty Gallacher, Gabby Logan, Andy Gray, Dickie Davis and other Sports Presenters often ink/pen signed on publicity cards, approximately twenty five, unverified. 20-40
804.    Manchester United Autographs, including Herd, Setters, Charlton. Gregg, Giles, Cantwell, Law, Quixall, other clubs players, including Swan, Springett, Megson - Sheffield Wednesday, Hodginson, Coldwell - United, Trautmann, Hannah - Man City, Armfield - Blackpool, mainly ink signed on magazine prints, in scrap album. 40-60
805.    Autographs - Ted Drake, Bert Williams, Stan Mortensen, Stanley Matthews, Manchester City Legends, Alick Jeffrey, Barnsley and many other unverified on prints and programmes, XXV Superbowl and other programmes. 20-30
806.    Autographs - Zola, Vialli, Nesta, Keegan, Hunt, Henry, Gullit, Currie, Bergkamp, Adams and others - all black pen signed on images of players - unverified. (21) 30-50
807.    England, Eleven Autographs, from the 1966 World Cup Squad, black pen signed on a later flag, Beckham and others on another flag (all unverified). (2) 10-20
808.    Leeds United Autographs, including Johanneson, Bremner, Charlton, Hair, Storrie, Bell, Revie, Giles and other Players Clubs, including Hurely, Anderson, Clough - Sunderland, Ashman - Norwich, Paine - mainly Southampton, mainly ink signed on magazine prints in Soccer scrap book. 40-60
809.    Autographs - Manchester United, to include Alex Ferguson, Bathez, Beckham, Charlton, Giggs, Ince, Law, Robson, Veron, Wilkins. A;; black pen signed on image player - unverified. (20) 40-60
810.    England 2019-20 v. Bulgaria Six Programmes, two match tickets, two Royal Box table tickets, menu, four team sheets, v. Montenegro two programmes, four team sheets, menu, two itineraries, two Royal Box passes, two tickets, U'21's v. Kosovo two programmes, two tickets, two boardroom passes, two team sheets. 20-40
811.    Coloured Photographs, including Vinnie Jones, Alan Brazil, Harry Kewell, Thierry Henry, England, etc. 20-30
812.    1979 European Cup Final Programme & 80 Forest at Ajax Semi, 1981 Ipswich v. Alkmaar U.E.F.A Final, 1st leg plus 75 away at Feyenoord. 1977 Widzew v. Manchester City. Bohemians v. Newcastle, 1965 Cup Winners Cup Final, 81 Anglo Scottish Cup Final at Chesterfield. 1974 Plymouth v. Manchester City - League Cup semi. Charity Shields, foreign, other big match. 20-40
813.    2019 F.A. Community Shield Liverpool v. Manchester City, three programmes, two Wembley Suite Match tickets, menu, five team sheets, two Barnsley programmes. 20-30
814.    England 1970 World Cup Montage, signed by Hurst, Banks and Peters. Twenty signatures on a red England 2000's away shirt (all unverified). (2) 20-40
815.    Autographs England Players, Jack Charlton, Banks, Wilson, Cohen, Stiles, signed on mount of sixty six winners print. Individuals of Beckham, Owen, Gasgoigne, Hurst, Lineker, Rooney, Stiles. All black pens signed on images - unverified. (8) 40-60
816.    Frank Beckenbauer Black Pen Autograph, on image of him in action, 15.5 x 10cm, unverified. 10-20
817.    FA Cup Semi Final Programmes, 1951 Birmingham V. Blackpool, 66 Chelsea v. Sheffield Wednesday plus Pirate plus many others 62 to 94. A Quantity of League Cup Final & semi final programmes:- Two Folders. 30-50
818.    1984 European Cup Final Programme Liverpool v. Roma, F.A. Cup Finals 1984, 83, 87, 89, 97 and 2000, Hillsborough 89 Semi and Replay, many others. 15-30
819.    FA Cup Final Programmes, 1959 (grubby) 61, 62 (writing on face) 63 (taped spine) 64, - 70, 70 replay, 72 to 85 including replays. 30-50
820.    England v. Germany Programmes 1954-2001, including away's 1978, 81, 2001. (22) 15-30
821.    England Tickets and Programmes 1970-96, approximately one hundred and twenty home programmes and forty five tickets; together with Mexico 1970 programme and James Vance ticket and travel application for, four folders. 30-50
822.    England Programmes, 1962-96 to include European Championships brochure 1980. World Cup programmes from 1966, 70 & 82. 1996 Euros - four groups, two quarter finals, semi & final issues - England representatives, song sheets, etc. 20-40
823.    England Programmes, 1968 Henry Delannay Champions in Italy, (water damage), away at Hungary 1999, at Norway 1981, quantity of homes from varying levels 1956-97, approximately 96. 20-30
824.    2019 F.A. Cup Final Manchester City v. Watford, official limited edition of 450, commemorative hard back programme, for the Royal Box Wembley Suite; together with match ticket, itinerary, menu, table ticket and three team sheets. 60-80
825.    2019 F.A. Cup Final Manchester City v. Watford, official limited edition of 450 commemorative hard back programme for the Royal Box Wembley Suite; together with match ticket, menu, table ticket and two team sheets. 60-80
826.    1954 World Cup Programme Germany v. Turkey, for the play off game in Zurich on 23rd June, Germany won 7-2 60-90
827.    1954 World Cup Programme Germany v. Turkey, for the play off game in Zurich on 23rd June, Germany won 7-2. 60-90
828.    Barcelona v. Real Madrid 1960 Programme, for the European Cup semi final dated 27th April 1960, together with Issue v. Zaragoza dated 16th April 1960 (corner cut). (2) 15-25
829.    England 1963 Player Autographs, Full Team v. Rest of the World, including Gordon Banks, Ray Wilson, Bobby Moore, Jimmy Greaves, Bobby Charlton, Jimmy Armfield. All blue ink signed on the team line ups in the programme from the match. 100-150
830.    Denmark 1955-6 V. England Programme, dated 2nd October 1955. 30-50
831.    1961 European Cup Final Programme, Benfica v. Barcelona, in Berne dated 31st May (rusty staples) 20-30
832.    1961 European Cup Final Programme, Benfica v. Barcelona, in Berne, dated 31st May (rusty staples) 20-30
833.    Yorkshire Boys Programmes, 1955-6 v. Lancashire at Bramall Lane, 1964-5 v. Northumberland at Clairville, 1956 Glasgow v. Sheffield and 1959 at Hillsborough. (4) 15-30
834.    Austria v. Scotland 1960 Programme, from The Game in Vienna dated 29th May, complete with team sheet. 20-30
835.    England Away Programmes, 1960 at Hungary, Luxemburg, 62 at Scotland. Three homes and 66 World Cup brochure (7) 20-30
836.    1953 Scottish League Cup Final Programme, (tape marks), 53-4 Falkirk v.Hibernian, Hamilton v. Aberdeen. 55-6 Albion v. Dundee United, Cowdenbeath v. Morton, others 1958-63. (35) 40-50
837.    Scotland v. England Programmes, 1948 and 1954, England Representative Games, 1954-5 East Fife v. Hibernian. (8) 20-30
838.    England Programmes, to include 1948-9 v. Scotland (Ross, Pirate) 1956-7 at Ireland, 1958-9 v. Wales at Villa,Scotland 1958-9 v. Germany, other internationals, Scotland v. Ireland 1954 Inter League. (25) 20-40
839.    Scottish Programmes, Cup Finals and Semi's, Internationals, League, European issues, Play Off Ticket 1999, Irish and Welsh items noted over one hundred, 1955 to date. 20-30