Toys, Live Steam & Railway Auction
on Friday 24th July 2020

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1001.   An Early XX Century Cast iron Railway Lineside Speed Indicator and Arrow, speed indicates '25'. Some signs of restoration and set in a later base, 150cm high. 80-150
1002.   A 1938 LMS Timetable for Bradford (Forster Square), in original wooden frame, signs of restoration to frame. 30-50
1003.   A Modern London Midland Platform Enamel Sign, including destinations, Walsall, Four Oaks, Lichfield, Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Longbridge, Redditch, 57 x 60cm. 25-40
1004.   A Modern London Midland 'Barnt Green' Station Totem, 35 x 115cm. 25-40
1005.   A 'Modern' London Midland Barnt Green Railway Platform Enamel Sign, with destinations to Birmingham, Worcester, Redditch, 80 x 180cm. 25-40
1006.   Three Original British Rail 'Winter Sports' Posters, c.1970's, creased, slight tears, plus a reproduction Flying Dutchman Poster. 20-40
1007.   Two Relatively Modern Railway Station Totems for 'Sherborne', one 120cm long and one 210cm long, both white background. 25-50
1008.   Six Pre-War Engineering Trade Catalogues. Babcock and Wilcox, Lincoln, Sydney Smith & Sons, Nottingham, Henry Walker, Newcastle, Frank Pearn & Co, Manchester, Hopkinsons, Huddersfield, Steam Gauge Manufacturing Co. Ltd, West Bromwich. 50-100
1009.   A 1930's Fabric Wall Hanging Map of 'London Midland and Scottish Railway', at it's connection, bottom bar damages 130cm x 100cm. 15-25
1010.   A 'Welch' Patent Bulls Eye Lamp, with lense and burner, plus a Kenyons Lamp. 25-40
1011.   An Interesting Collection of Vacuum Pressure Gauges (with Provenance), Brass Engine Plates and a Cast Metal Name Plate for E. Green and Son Ltd, Wakefield, all mounted on a 'wood' board 29 x 15 inches. 50-80
1012.   Volumes 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 13, 16 From the Regional History of Railways, by David and Charles, all with D/W. 20-40
1013.   A Quantity of Both Pre and Post War Railway Related Booklets and Associated Items, including Ian Allan, ABC Series, among others. 20-40
1014.   Four Pre-War Robey and Co Limited of Lincoln Original Catalogues, including List of Parts for Traction Engines and 'Drop Valve Winding Engines'; plus 'Robey Steam Engines' by P.J.M. Southworth. 50-100
1015.   An Aluminium Railway Car Park Sign, 50 x 23cm. 20-30
1016.   A Mid XX Century British Rail Western Region Railway Lamp, finished in white, burner and lenses intact. 20-40
1017.   A 'Midland Railway' Enamel Sign, (28cm x 15cm) Concerning Use of Fire Buckets, Derby Jan 1909, signs of restoration. 30-50
1018.   A Midland Region Railway Carriage Print, (faded) for Monsal Dale Viaduct, Derbyshire, in wooden frame with mounting holes. 20-40
1019.   A Collection of Adverts, many steam related, dated from the 1870's - 1920's, taken from The Engineer Magazine. 20-30
1020.   A Good Selection of Both Black and White Colour Photographs of British Trains, including steam, electric and diesel, many British Rail/Doncaster based. 20-40
1021.   A Quantity of Railway Related Books, including facsimile 1910 Bradshaws, Volumes 1-3 Great Central by George Dow, among others, one box. 30-50
1022.   Three Pressure Gauges, a Large Volt Meter by Erskine and an Industrial Stick Thermometer. 30-50
1023.   A Quantity of Mainly XIX Century Railway Literature and Books, including an 1865 Midland Railway Timetable, a 1911 Distances and Railway Junctions, an 1890 GNR Towns and Places, a Midland Railway 1912 List of Stations, The Midland Railway by F.S. Williams, among others. 40-80
1024.   A Quantity of Soft Back Books and Booklets, on the Railways, mainly UK related. 30-50
1025.   A Quantity of Soft Back Books and Booklets, on the Midland Region and LMS Railways. 20-40
1026.   A Good Selection of Books, relating to the Railways in The Midlands and LMS:- One Box 30-50
1027.   A Quantity of British Rail Literature, including timetables, photographs, tickets, among other items. 20-40
1028.   A Large Quantity of Books, all Railway related contained in three boxes. 30-50
1032.   A Mamod Live Steam Ref T.E.1A Steam Traction Engine, boxed, very good. Plus light steamed condition, complete with burner, steering rod, etc. Plus a Mamod Log Wagon, very good, but missing log load. 40-60
1033.   A Mamod Live Steam "Steam Wagon", unboxed, very good condition, appears light steamed only, finished in green with cream canopy and complete with burner. 40-60
1034.   A Wilesco D40 Live Steam Traction Engine, unboxed, in good condition, finished in blue and red, missing burner. 40-60
1035.   A Wilesco All Brass "Old Smokey" Live Steam Traction Engine, unboxed, good condition with burner. 40-60
1036.   An Early (1960's) Mamod TEI Traction Engine, unboxed, in very good condition, with burner but no canopy, finished in black with yellow wheels. 30-50
1037.   A Mamod TEIA Live Steam Traction Engine, unboxed, in very good light steamed condition, but missing its correct burner and "Scuttle". Plus a Mamod LWI Open Log Wagon (missng logs). 40-60
1038.   A Mamod Boxed SAI Live Steam Roadster, in excellent light steamed condition, complete with burner and steering rod, box fair. 60-100
1039.   A Mamod Ref SW1 "Live Steam" Steam Wagon, unboxed, excellent unfired condition, finished in green with cream canopy, mudguards, etc, complete with burner, steering rod and funnel. 50-80
1040.   A Mamod Ref SA1 Live Steam Roadster, unboxed, excellent unfired condition, missing burner and accessories. 40-60
1041.   A Mamod Boxed DVI 1905-1990 "Motor Transport Van", in very good, plus light fired condition, missing burner and accessories, box poor. 100-200
1042.   A Mamod S.R. 1A Live Steam Road Roller, Good, unboxed condition, appears lightly steamed only; complete with burner and steering rod 30-50
1043.   A Wilesco Ref D36 Live Steam "Old Smoky" Steam Roller; very good little steamed condition, complete with burner, funnel, spanner, etc - contained in original fair box with instructions,. 50-80
1044.   A Mamod Boxed TEI Live Steam Tractor, in good light steamed condition, complete with burner, steering rod and funnel, box fair. 40-60
1045.   Two Boxes of Hornby Ref G102 Track, for the 'Stephenson Rocket Live Steam Locomotive, each box contains twenty five foot of 3 inch gauge track, appears new/unused. 20-40
1046.   A Mamod Unboxed SRIA Live Steam "Roller", fair condition, missing burner and "Scuttle". Plus a small quantity of Mamod spares, wheels, burners, etc. 30-50
1047.   Three Boxes of Mamod Steam Railway Track. 20-40
1048.   A Hornby 3 Inch Gauge Live Steam Stephensons Rocket Train Set, appears complete and unused, contained in a very good box. 80-120
1049.   A Griffin and George Badged Mamod SE3 Live Steam Engine, 6 x 2 inch copper boiler connected to a two cylinder flywheel, mounted on a 9 x 10 inch, raised metal base, overall condition good, missing burner. 30-50
1050.   A Mamod SE3 Live Steam Engine, 6 x 2 inch copper boiler, connected to a twin cylinder flywheel and mounted on a 9 x 10 inch raised metal base, good condition. 30-50
1051.   Mamod SE2 Live Steam Engine, unboxed, very good, light steamed condition with burner. 25-40
1052.   An "S.E.L" Model Standard No. 1540 Live Steam Engine, 1.5 x 4 inch copper boiler, connected to a single cylinder and 1.75 inch flywheel finished in red, black, bright copper and mounted on a 5 inch square metal base, good unboxed condition, plus burner. 20-40
1053.   An Enthusiast Built Live Steam Engine, with a 1 x 4 inch copper boiler, connected to a single cylinder and 2 inch flywheel, mounted on a 7 x 8 inch wood base, playworn condition and missing burner. 20-40
1054.   A Mamod M.M.1 Live Steam Single Cylinder Steam Boiler, unboxed, appears test steamed only, complete with burner. 20-40
1055.   A Mamod Boxed SP2 Live Steam Engine, in unused condition, complete with burner and funnel, box fair. 40-60
1056.   A 'S.E.L' Standard No. 1540 Boxed Live Steam Plant, 1.5 x 4 inch copper boiler connected to a single cylinder and 1.75 inch flywheel. Finished in red, black, bright copper and mounted on a 5 inch square metal base, complete with burner, very good condition, box complete but poor. 40-60
1057.   A "Signalling Equipment" Live Steam Model "Major 1550" Twin Cylinder Steam Plant, complete with whistle, burner and mounted on a 5 x 6 inch base, overall V. Good, finished in bright metal black and green, unboxed. 30-50
1058.   A Mamod Minor 2 Live Steam Engine, unboxed, good condition, complete with burner. 20-40
1059.   A Wilesco Ref No. A385 Water Bowser, plus a Ref No. M60 Power Hack Saw, both in good boxes and appear unused. 30-50
1060.   An Early Mamod M.M.1 Live Steam Single Cylinder Steam Boiler, appears lightly steamed only and complete with it's burner and original poor box. 20-40
1061.   Six Mamod Unboxed Steam Plant Accessories, grinding wheels (2), tilt hammer, power press (2), etc. Overall very good condition. 30-50
1062.   Five Wilesco Steam Plant Accessories, two wheel grinder, circular saw, windmill, fairground ride, etc. Overall condition very good (unboxed). 40-60
1063.   A Horizontal Engine, driven by a electric motor, two 12v Electric Motors by Trix, a Line Shaft by Multum, a Beam Engine Kit by B.H. Enterprises, among associated items. 30-50
1064.   A Fleischmann Ref 135/2 "Live Steam" Steam Plant, 2 x 7 inch copper boiler connected to a single cylinder and three inch flywheel. Fitted with water and pressure gauges, whistle, etc, finished in bright metal, metallic green with "Brick Effect" to boiler and chimney, boiler powered by electricity, condition very good, overall size, 10 x 13 x 11 inch high. 50-80
1065.   A Substantial Early XX Century Vertical Live Steam Engine, probably by Marklin of Germany, single cylinder set to side of boiler, water glass, pressure gauge, burner, all intact, 40cm high. 250-400
1067.   A Quantity of Live Steam Spares, including a line shaft, small vertical engine, boilers among other items. 30-50
1068.   A Scratch Built Copper Boiler, overall length 16 inches. 30-50
1069.   A Model of a Horizontal Live Steam Engine, by Southworth Engines of Chesterfield, single cylinder of 1.5 inch stroke, disc crank, eccentric driver steam valve and 6 inch spoked flywheel. The model mounted on aluminium and wood base of 6 x 13 inch. 70-100
1070.   A "Home" Designed and Part Built Live Steam Example of a Steam Tractor, engineered chassis with a copper boiler, "Six Wick" burner, sight glass, pressure gauge and integral fuel tank, connected to two "Stuart 10v" vertical steam engines, further connected to various Mamod and other makes, flywheels, drive belts, road wheels, etc. As stated the model is unfinished but worthy of further inspection with a view to finishing and innovative machine, or sadly a rich source of spare parts. Overall dimension 15 x 7 x 10 inch high. 80-150
1071.   An Engineered Part Built 3 Inch Gauge Live Steam 2-4-0 Locomotive, silver soldered, copper boiler with sight glass etc, twin outside cylinders, 3 inch driving wheels, overall length 18 inch, no build information or boiler certificate. 80-150
1072.   The Following Three Lots Were All Built By Peter Southworth using Southworth Engines Chesterfield Based Kits. The Engines are from the 'Lincoln Series which are based on Robey's of Lincoln Slide Valve Engines. All are finished to a very high standard.

A Single Cylinder Horizontal Slide Valve Steam Engine, with 1 inch stroke, 6 inch flywheel and sat on an aluminium base c.11 x 6 inches. 150-250
1073.   A Twin Tandem Compound Horizontal Slide Valve Steam Engine, with 1 inch stroke, 7 inch 'grooved' flywheel, sat on an aluminium base c.16 x 6inches. 200-400
1074.   A Twin Cross Compound Horizontal Slide Valve Steam Engine, with 1 inch stroke, 7 inch centre mounted grooved flywheel, 1 inch stroke, sat on an aluminium base c.12 x 8 inches. 300-500
1075.   A Stuart No. 5A Vertical Steam Engine, with additional oil reserves, lubricator and pump. Plus marine shaft coupling 2 inch bore and 2inch stroke, well built, believed to have been used in a large steam launch. 800-1200
1076.   A Stirling Type Hot Air Engine, with single piston of one inch stroke connected to a 2.5 inch solid brass flywheel, supplied with separate fuel tank and burner, model finished in black and bright metal, overall dimension 10 x 3 x 4 inch, fair condition. 30-50
1077.   A Well Constructed Live Steam 2" Gauge Kit Built Gauge One Brass, Copper, Steel Model of a 4F Fowler (or similar) 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive, and Six Wheel Tender - the model is some 90/95% completed requiring mainly the fitting of small parts and/or paint, numbering, etc. The chassis with single inside cylinder, steps to cab, no brake; silver soldered copper boiler with "Two Wick" Burner, back head with pressure gauge and usual ancillary controls - the tender fitted with fuel and water tanks, manual water pump, steps, etc. The model currently finished in unpainted brass/copper, black to chassis and tender sides, overall length 21inch, no build information or paperwork. 100-200
1078.   A Mamod Type Live Steam "Steam Plant", with a 2 x 4.5 inch copper boiler and burner connected to a single cylinder and piston of half inch stroke, further connected to a two inch solid flywheel, mounted on a 6 x 8.5 inch wooden base, height 7 inch, overall finished in green and bright metal. fair condition. 30-50
1079.   A Small Quantity of Components From a Live Steam Modeller, locomotive body and boiler, hot air "Gulper" cylinder and piston, etc. 30-50
1080.   A Live Steam "Steam Plant", with a 2 x 8 inch copper boiler and burner connected to two separate single cylinder pistons and flywheels of 1.5 and 1.25 inch diameter. Finished in black and bright metal, mounted on a wooden base of 7.5 x 10.5 inch, height 8.5 inch, fair condition. 40-60
1081.   A Kit Built Live Steam 'O' Gauge 2-2-2 C.N.R (or similar) Steam Locomotive, and Four Wheel Tender - copper boiler within "Two Wick" burner and integral fuel tank - built to a good standard and finished in overall black and bright metal, twin outside cylinders connected to central driving wheels, overall length 12inch with display track. 50-80
1082.   A Stirling Type Hot Air Engine, with a single cylinder of one inch stroke/half inch bore connected by a overhead beam to a three inch flywheel and further 1.5 inch pulley wheel, finished in bright metal and mounted on a 6 x 12 inch wooden base, height eight inch. 30-50
1083.   A Well Engineered Stirling Type Hot Air Engine, connected by vertical piston of 1 inch, stroke to a 2.5 inch diameter flywheel. Model finished in bright metal and mounted on a wooden base of 6 x 12 inches, height 6.5inch, overall condition very good. 40-80
1084.   An Enthusiast Built Live Steam Engine, with a 2 x 5 inch copper boiler connected to a single cylinder and 1.5 inch flywheel, further connected to a generator providing power to an overhead light. Finished in green and brass finish and mounted on a 10 x 6 inch metal base. 20-40
1085.   A Stirling Type Hot Air Engine, connected to twin flywheels of two 2 inch diameter, overall size 5.5 inch square by 3 inch high, good condition, finished in bright metal and mounted on a wooden base - items missing burner. 30-50
1086.   A Model Two Stroke Petrol Engine, fitted with fuel tank, generator and two inch flywheel, mounted on a wooden base with an overall dimension of 3.5 x 5 x 6 inch high. An interesting model in dirty/poor condition, but worthy of further inspection. 20-40
1087.   A Single Cylinder Vertical Steam Engine, of 0.5 inch bore and one inch stroke, connected to a 2 inch flywheel, overall dimension 6 inch high, mounted on a 4 x 2.5 inch wooden base. 30-50
1088.   An Engineered Live Steam Brass/Steel Study/Example of an 'O' Gauge Four Wheel Tracked Chassis, fitted with a horizontal boiler, fuel tank and single wick burner, connected by twin cylinders to one set of wheels - the model finished in bright metal, overall dimension 7 x 2.5 x 5.5 inch. 30-50
1089.   An Engineered Live Steam brass Steel Study Example of an 'O' Gauge Four Wheel Tracked Chassis, fitted with a horizontal boiler, fuel tank and single wick burner, connected by twin cylinders to one set of wheels. The model appear 95% complete and finished in bright metal, overall dimension 7 x 2.5 x 5.5 inch. 30-50
1090.   An Engineered L.A.G Stirling Thermo Acoustic Engine, twin "Pyrex" tubes with stainless steel mesh, twin 1" stroke pistons connected to a 4" spoke brass flywheel, fitted brass burner, bright metal finish, overall size 11" long, 3" wide, 4 high. 30-50
1091.   A Well Engineered Charles Burrell and Sons One Inch Gauge Live Steam Showman's Road Traction Engine, coal fitted with hand pump, water and pressure gauges, whistle, dynamo and lighting, two speed gearing and a wealth of other detail and features. The engine is mounted as a static display on a wooden box of 26 x 12 x 5 inches, this base contains an electric motor etc, to operate the engine and lighting. Overall finished in red, yellow and bright metal brass, fitted with the name plate "Diana". Plus sign writing to to canopy "Thurstons Amusements". In addition a glass case "Cover" is supplied to give overall dimensions of 24 x 18 x 11 inches. There are no build details or boiler certificate. 1500-2000
1095.   A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, all boxed including CCO7811 - Ford Transit. 20-40
1096.   A 'OO' Scale Peco Starter Track Set, (some items missing), a Hornby Track Pack (Complete), Hornby Viaduct, Hornby Elevated Pillars. Plus two Hornby Pullman Coaches, all boxed. 30-50
1097.   'G' Gauge an LGB Four Wheel Continental Post Car, two sets of points and two containers, (one damaged). 30-50
1098.   Nine American Outline 'HO' Coaches, by Bachmann, Rivarossi and others. Liveries include Sante Fe, Amtrak, all boxed. 25-40
1099.   A Large Quantity of Plastic Figures, by Crescent, Herald, Airfix and others, all playworn. 20-40
1100.   A Small Quantity of 'HO' Scale Continental Railway Carriages, by Liliput and others, including French and Swiss Liveries, playworn. 20-30
1101.   Ten Early 2000's Corgi James Bond Vehicles, including Aston Martin Vanquish, Jaguar XKR and Aston Martin DB5, all boxed. 30-50
1102.   A Quantity of Original (Circa 1980's) Ghostbusters Plastic Action Figures and Vehicles, including Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler, Elto 1, small parts may be missing. 30-50
1103.   Eight Military Themed Plastic Kits, by various makers, including 1/35 Russian Street by Miniart, 1/35 German Field Kitchen by Tamiya, 1/72 LCVP Landing Craft by Pegasus, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 30-50
1104.   Approximately Twenty Original He-Man Masters of The Universe Plastic Action Figures, playworn. 40-60
1105.   Five "OO" Scale Tri-ang and Similar Locomotives, including 0-6-0 Diesel Locomotive, among others, all spares/repair. 20-40
1106.   Ten 'HO' Scale Continental Wagons, by Jouef, Roco and others, all boxed. 25-40
1107.   A Quantity of 1:76th "OO" Scale and Model Commercial Vehicles, by Oxford, EFE and others, mainly loose. 20-40
1108.   Ten 'HO' Scale American Outline Railway Rolling Stock. 15-25
1109.   Twelve 'HO' Scale Continental Wagons, by Klein Model Bahn, Marklin and others, all boxed. 30-50
1110.   A Quantity of "OO" Scale Kit Built Rolling Stock, both metal and plastic playworn. 20-40
1111.   Six "OO" Scale Mark 2 British Rail Coaches and Two Mark 1 Sleeping Cars, all blue/grey by Hornby or Lima, all boxed. 20-40
1112.   Thirteen "HO" Scale American Outline Box Cars, all good. 20-40
1113.   A Days Gone Set BB1002 'Whitbread Brewery' and Van, appear unused, boxed. 15-25
1114.   Eighteen 4mm Scale Private Owner Open Wagons, mainly based on Slaters kits, all well built. 20-40
1115.   A Quantity of Boxed Lego, including No. 4728 Harry Potter and Lego System No. 6977, all unchecked. 20-40
1116.   A Quantity of "OO" Model Railway, by Hornby and others, including 4-6-0 'Albert Hall', track, line side accessories, all playworn. 20-40
1117.   A Quantity of Tonka Toys, all playworn. 15-25
1118.   A Large Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail Track, plus a small quantity of unassociated rolling stock, all playworn. 20-30
1119.   A Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox and Days Gone, all boxed. 20-40
1120.   A Quantity of 'OO' Model Railway, mainly by Tri-ang, including Locomotives and Lineside Accessories, all playworn, spares/repair. 20-40
1121.   A Scalextric TVR Challenge, comprising of three wrong cars, two Formula One and a Ford Cosworth, playworn. 15-25
1122.   A Quantity of 'OO' Model Railway Items by Trix, Tri-ang, Hornby Dublo, Merit, including track and lineside accessories. All playworn/Good, Sometimes Boxed. 20-40
1123.   Corgi Aviation Archive AA30010 Douglas C-47 101st Airbourne, plus four other diecast aircraft, all boxed. 20-40
1124.   A 1960's Scalextric Set GPI, comprising two Lotus cars/track etc, boxed, box poor. Plus a quantity of contemporary accessories, spare track, all playworn. 20-40
1125.   A Quantity of Hornby 'O' Gauge, including five four wheel coaches with repainted roofs, other rolling stock and a quantity of three rail track, all playworn. 30-50
1126.   Six Diecast and Plastic Model Commercial and Construction Vehicles, by Newray, Dickie, Cararama and other, variable scale sizes, boxed. 10-20
1127.   Eleven Hornby Dublo Mainly Three Rail Eight Wheel Coaches, mainly BR 'Blood and Custard', including two Gresley. All good/very good. Plus a quantity of three rail track. 30-50
1128.   A Quantity of Approximately Eleven "HO" Scale Continental Model Railway Plastic Kits, by Heljan, Preiser, Faller and others, including road crane, stations among others, all boxed, appear unstarted, however unchecked. 30-50
1129.   A Quantity of More Modern Diecast Vehicles, by Burago, Dinky, Cararama and others, all boxed. 20-40
1130.   Nine "HO" Scale Continental Model Railway Plastic Kits, by Kibri, including No.9450 Engine Shed, No. 9452 Roundhouse, No. 9492 Station, all boxed, appear unstarted, however unchecked. 30-50
1131.   A Large Quantity of Loose Lego. 30-50
1132.   The Hornby Companion Series, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 3a, 5, 6, 7, 8. Plus three other toy books. 30-50
1133.   Nine American 'O' Gauge Box Cars, Hoppers, etc, by Inter Mountain Railway Company and others, both made up and in kit form, all boxed. 40-60
1134.   A Quantity of Loose Lego. 20-40
1135.   A Large Quantity of Often More Modern Diecast Vehicles, by Solido/Corgi/Matchbox and others, all playworn. 20-40
1136.   Over Twenty American Outline 'HO' Pieces of Railway Rolling Stock, by Walthers, Con-Cor, Roundhouse and others, AHM Wrecking Crane noted, all boxed. 30-50
1137.   The Remnants of a mainly Tri-ang Based 'OO' Scale Model Railway Layout, including locomotive, Rolling Stock, Track among other items, playworn. 20-40
1138.   A Large Quantity of Loose Lego and Associated Product, mainly Bionicles related. 20-40
1139.   Ten American Outline 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Hoppers, Box Vans, etc, by Weaver Model, all boxed. 50-80
1140.   A quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail, including 0-6-2 N2 Tank, rolling stock, station, turntable, track, among other items, all playworn. 25-40
1141.   A Quantity of 1:76th "OO" Scale Model Buses, by EFE, Original Omnibus and others, plus a Corgi Tramlines Tram, all boxed. 30-50
1142.   Three Plastic Kits - two Lindberg, including Hawker Fury MKI and a 1:72nd Airfix Spitfire. All appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. Plus a Flying Fortress Quartz Alarm Clock, boxed. 20-40
1143.   Eleven Early 2000's Corgi James Bond Vehicles, including Space shuttle, Double Deck Bus and Toyota GT, all boxed. 35-50
1144.   A Quantity of Loose Lego, including figures. 20-40
1145.   A Quantity of Modern Diecast, by Corgi, Lledo, Burago and others, all boxed. 20-30
1146.   A Quantity of Approximately Thirteen plastic Model Railway Kits, all American HO Theme by Con-Cor, Walthers Cornerstone among others. Models include roundhouse, bridges,saw mill among others, all boxed, appear unstarted, however unchecked. 40-60
1147.   A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Three Rail Track. 10-20
1148.   A Large Quantity of Diecast Vehicles, by Corgi, Matchbox and others, all playworn. 20-40
1149.   Contents of a "OO"/"HO" Model Railway Workshop, including track, lineside accessories, locomotives, wagons, scenery among many other items contained in two boxes, all playworn. 40-80
1150.   A Quantity of Modern Toy Action Figures, by Hasbro, Playmates and other Thematics, include Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, mostly in original packaging. 25-40
1151.   Nine Weathered Hornby "OO" Scale Four Wheel Hoppers, playworn. 20-40
1152.   A Quantity of Mainly 1:76th "OO" Scale Diecast Vehicles, by Oxford, EFE and others, all commercial vehicle subjects, all boxed. 20-40
1153.   Two Hornby "OO" Scale 75 Ton Recovery Cranes and Associated Items, one red, one yellow, playworn. 15-25
1154.   Twelve 1:76th "OO" Scale Diecast Vehicles, by Oxford, all cased. 25-40
1155.   A Quantity of Post War Hornby Dublo Locomotive Tenders, mainly three rail including Duchess and A4 Class, good/playworn, sometimes boxed. 50-80
1156.   Seven Items of Post War Hornby 'O' Gauge, including No.50 Shell Tank Wagon and a No.50 Side Tipping Wagon, all boxed. 25-40
1157.   A Quantity of Lineside "OO" Scale Accessories, by Merit, Wills, Bachmann and others, often boxed. 20-40
1158.   Three "OO" Scale Tri-ang Steam Outline Locomotive, including 4-6-2 'Oliver Cromwell', all spares/repair. 20-40
1159.   A Quantity of Trix "OO" Spare Tenders, both four and six wheel, various liveries. 25-40
1160.   A Quantity of Hornby "OO" LIneside Buildings, including Trakmat Accessories Pack One and Country Station, all boxed, unchecked. 20-40
1161.   A Quantity of Tri-ang 'TT' Model Railway, including rolling stock and track, two 0-6-0 locomotives, damaged, all playworn.
1162.   Nine "OO" Scale Commercial Vehicles, by EFE and others, all boxed. 20-40
1163.   A Quantity of "OO" Scale Wagons, various makers, playworn. 20-40
1164.   Six Original Airfix Plastic Kits, two Evening Star, two Prairie Tank, two City of Truro, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 30-50
1165.   Five 'HO' Scale Swiss Rail Coaches, by Roco and Fleischmann. 20-30
1166.   Eight 'N' Gauge Model Railway Plastic Kits, mainly by Heltan, all of a Continental Design, all boxed, appear unstarted but not checked. 30-50
1167.   Five 1:76th Scale Diecast Lorries, by Oxford, all articulated, Eddie Stobart and boxed. 20-40
1168.   Eleven American Outline 'HO' Rolling Stock Plastic Kits, by Walthers, all boxed, unstarted. 25-40
1169.   A Quantity of Loose Diecast Vehicles, by Lledo, Atlas, Corgi and others. 20-40
1170.   Eight American Outline 'HO' Freight Cars, etc, by E & C Shops, all boxed. 15-25
1171.   Six Tri-ang "OO" Scale 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive, all playworn. 25-40
1172.   Two Tri-ang "OO" Scale Two Car DMU's, both playworn. 25-40
1173.   Seventeen Plastic Kits, by Airfix, Novo and Matchbox, including RAF Emergency Set, Opel Blitz, Westland Lysander, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 20-40
1174.   A Quantity of "OO" Spare Locomotive Tenders, by Hornby and others,playworn. 25-40
1175.   Three "OO" Scale Diesel Locomotives, a Class 37 by Lima, a Class 55 by Lima and a Network South East DMU by Hornby, all spares/repair. 20-40
1176.   Fifteen Boxes of Airfix "OO" Scale Figures, including American Cowboys, Indians, WWI Themes, Arabs among others, all boxed, some painted, playworn, unchecked. 30-50
1177.   Six "OO" Scale Pullman Coaches, by Hornby, three boxed. 30-50
1178.   A Quantity of Post War and Later Toy and Model Railway Catalogues and Associated Items, for Trix, Hornby Dublo, Basset-Lowke and others. 20-40
1179.   A Quantity of "OO" Spare Locomotive Tenders, by Hornby and others,playworn. 25-40
1180.   A Quantity of Airfix 'OO' Scale Figures, including Waterloo/WWI and WWII themes, nine sets boxed, rest loose, often painted/all playowrn. 25-40
1181.   Five Hornby "OO" Boxed Pieces of Rolling Stock, including a 75 Ton Crane, Weathered 100 Ton Tank Wagon/Car Transporter, all boxed. 25-40
1182.   A "OO" Scale Intercity Train, by Hornby, comprising Class 91 Power Car/Dummy Car and two coaches, playworn. 20-30
1183.   A Quantity of Loose Modern Diecast, by Corgi, Matchbox and others, good, playworn. 20-40
1184.   A Quantity of "OO" Scale Four Wheel Railway Wagons, by various makers, playworn. 20-40
1185.   A Quantity of Mainly 'N' Gauge Continental Style Lineside Model Kits, by Faller and others, all in original boxes, however unchecked, plus three sets of boxed lineside figures. 30-50
1186.   Fifteen 1:76th "OO" Scale Model Vehicles, by Classix, cars and commercial, all boxed. 25-40
1187.   Series of Modern Action Figures and Associated Items, mainly Gerry Anderson related including Joe 90 and Captain Scarlet, playworn. 20-40
1188.   A Five Car Hornby "OO" Scale Virgin trains Pendelino - 'Virgin Star', comprising Power Car/Dummy Car and three Coaches, playworn. 25-40
1189.   A Quantity of 1:76th "OO" Scale Diecast Vehicles, by Oxford, Corgi and others, all boxed, including Landrover set of five. 25-40
1190.   A Small Quantity of Tri-ang 'OO' Railway, including 4-6-2 'Britannia' and six coaches, playworn. 20-40
1191.   Nine American Outline 'HO' Wagons, by Varney, all boxed. 15-25
1192.   A Quantity of 1/32 Airfix and Matchbox Plastic Figures, including Modern British Infantry, British Paratroopers, US Paratroopers, sometimes boxed, some painted, playworn, unchecked. 20-40
1193.   A Small Quantity of Pre-War "OO" Scale Trix Items, including three LMS coaches, all fair/good. 20-30
1194.   A Small Quantity of Diecast Military Tanks and Vehicles, including a Tiger Tank by Solido. 20-40
1195.   Three 'HO' Scale American Diesel Outline Locomotives, by Athean and others, including SW1000 Union Pacific, playworn. 20-30
1196.   Seven Re-Issue Dinky Toys by Norev, including Bedford 'Kodak' Van and Triumph TR2 Sports, all boxed. 25-40
1197.   A Quantity of "OO" Gauge Diesel Outline Locomotives and Parts, including a Class '55' Deltic by Bachmann and a Dapol Cleaning Car, all spares/repair. 30-50
1198.   A Large Quantity of 7mm Fine Scale Model Railway Coach Wagon Wheels. 20-40
1199.   A 1:32nd Scale Diecast Model Ford 550 Excavator No. 161 by NZG Modelle, (Germany), slight chipping to paintwork noted, small parts may be missing, original box. 20-40
1200.   A Quantity of 'N' Gauge Model Railway Locomotive and Rolling Stock, including UK/Continental and American, sometimes boxed, playworn and spares/repair. 25-40
1201.   Twelve Boxes of Airfix "OO" Scale Figures, all with Battle of Waterloo theme, all boxed, some painted, playworn, unchecked. 25-40
1202.   A Quantity of Hornby/Tri-ang "OO" Scale Car Transporters and Associated Vehicles, all playworn. 20-40
1203.   Twelve Boxes of Airfix "OO" Figures, plus Coastal Defence and Gun Emplacement, all WWII theme, all boxed, some painted, playworn, unchecked. 25-40
1204.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century Vehicles, by Dinky, Corgi and others, all playworn, sometimes repainted including a Guy 'Spratts' Lorry. 25-40
1205.   Thirteen 1:76/"OO" Scale Model Vehicles by Oxford, all boxed. 20-40
1206.   Five "OO" Gauge Steam Outline Tender Locomotives, by Dapol, Airfix, Lima, including 4-6-0 'B1' 'Liverpool', all spares/repair. 25-40
1207.   Five Continental "HO" Locomotives Diesel and Electric Outline, by Roco and others, all spares/repair. 25-40
1208.   Three Pre-War GWR Jigsaws, Beau Nash's Bath, King George V (Locomotive), Henley Bridge, all boxed, unchecked. 20-30
1209.   A Quantity of "HO"/"OO" Railway Trackside Accessories, many shipping containers. Plus people and vehicles, often playworn. 20-40
1210.   Seventen Pieceworks Diecast Aircraft, all in packaging. 30-50
1211.   Two Items of Hornby Dublo 2-Rail. No. 5020 Goods Depot and No. 4620 Breakdown Crane (two jacks missing). Both appear used but Good. Boxed. 20-40
1212.   Four Hornby Dublo 3 Rail Accessories. D1 Level Crossing, D1 Footbridge, D1 Through Station, TPO Mail Van Set. All Good Boxed. 20-40
1213.   A Quantity of "OO" Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock, by Hornby, Lima and others, including five steam outline tank locomotives, all playworn. 40-60
1214.   Eight 'N' Gauge Pennsylvania Four Bay Hoppers, by Con-Cor, all boxed. 20-40
1215.   Eight 'O'/Gauge 7mm Four Wheel Wagons, kit based, small parts may be missing, damaged. 25-40
1216.   A Quantity of Small Scale Diecast Vehicles, by EFSI/Matchbox and others, good, playworn/ 20-40
1217.   A Quantity of Mainly 1980's Action Figures, including A-Team, Castle Greyskull, Action Force, Master of The Universe, among others, all playworn. 30-50
1218.   A Small Quantity of American Steam Outline 'HO' Scale Locomotives and Tenders, all spares/repairs. 25-40
1219.   Over Twenty 'N' Gauge American Outline Tankers, Freight Cars, Low Loaders, among others, by Bachmann, Atlas, etc, all boxed. 40-60
1220.   A Hornby "OO" Scale 0-6-0 S7 Class GWR Pannier Tank, repainted black, boxed. Plus two Hornby GWR Clerestory Coaches, boxed. 20-30
1221.   Fifteen Original Airfix Mineral Wagon Plastic Kits, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 25-40
1222.   A Quantity of "OO" Points and Slips, all playworn. 20-40
1223.   Six 1:72nd Scale Plastic Kits, by Keilcraft and Holes, all Road Transport related, plus two others, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 20-40
1224.   Nine "HO" Scale Railway Coaches, by Jouef of France, including Swiss 'SBB' and French SNCF and Pullman liveries, all playworn, boxed. 30-50
1225.   A Quantity of Hornby Dublo Buffers/'Small' Track/Signals, among associated items, occasionally boxed, all playworn. 20-40
1226.   Seventeen Original Airfix Plastic Kits, two Bake Van, seven Esso Tank Wagon and eight Cattle Wagon, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 30-50
1227.   Sixteen 1:76th "OO" Scale Diecast Buses, by EFE and others, all loose. 20-40
1228.   Ten 'N' Gauge American Outline Box Cars and Similar, by Con-Cor and others, all appear good, boxed. 30-50
1229.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century 'OO'/4mm Gauge Rolling Stock and Associated Items, overall good. 20-40
1230.   A Quantity of 1:76th "OO" Scale or Similar Diecast Vehicles, by Oxford and others, all loose. 20-40
1231.   In Excess of Thirty Five Plastic Model Marvel Herocux Super Heroes and Villains, by Wizkids, unboxed. 15-25
1232.   A Quantity of "OO" Scale Model Railway Lineside Accessories, including signals/vehicles, station items among others, various makers, all playworn. 20-40
1233.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later Diecast Vehicles, by Dinky/Matchbox and others. Plus four toy catalogues, all playworn. 20-40
1234.   Three 'HO' Scale American Diesel Outline Locomotives, by Atlas and others, Sante Fe and Delaware and Hudson, playworn. 20-30
1235.   A Hornby Dublo Three Rail 4-6-2 Standard Tank, plus a quantity of rolling stock and associated items, all playworn. 25-40
1236.   Seven Diecast Model Plant Machinery Vehicles, by Joal and similar including Caterpillar Hydraulic Excavator 225, Wheel Tractor Scraper CAT631D, small parts may be missing and/or damaged, mostly without boxes. 30-50
1237.   Twelve 1:76th "OO" Scale Model Vehicles, by Trackside and Base Toys, all in original packaging, all commercial vehicles. 25-40
1238.   A Quantity of 'OO' Scale Hornby Model Railway, including 0-6-0 LBSC Tank (missing motor) and ten wagons, playworn. 20-40
1239.   Two Diecast Model Plant Machinery Vehicles by NZG Modelle and Other, JCB 3C II, Bomag BW200 Tandem Roller, (boxed), slight chipping to paintwork, boxed. 25-40
1240.   A Quantity of More Modern 10cm Action Figures, various themes, playworn. 20-30
1241.   Three Corgi and One Joal Articulated Lorries, playworn. 15-25
1242.   A Quantity of 'OO' Model Railway by Tri-ang, including 4-6-2 'Spam Can', Coaches, Searchlight Wagon, among other items, all playworn, spares/repair. 25-40
1243.   A Britains #9843 Diecast and Plastic Model Winget 2007 Cement Mixer Set, (boxed), plus unboxed Britains Model JCB, Winget Cement Mixer, workman and wheelbarrow. 25-40
1244.   An 'OO' Scale 4-2-2 'Great Western Lord of The Isles' Locomotive and Tender, with two Clerestory GWR Coaches by Tri-ang, all appear good, boxed. 30-50
1245.   A Quantity of Hornby 3-Rail Wagons, including D1 'Esso' Tanker, all Good/Good Plus. Often Boxed. 25-40
1246.   Five Diecast Model Railway Plant Machinery Vehicles, by Shinsei, Joal, Conrad, NZG Modelle, Yonezawa Toys, including Komatsu B355A Bulldozer, NZG JCB 3C II, all displaying sings of damage, missing parts. 20-40
1247.   A Quantity of 1970's and Later Toy Guns, by Crescent, Lone Star and other, including Crescent Colt, Lone Star, Cisco Kid, playworn. 20-40
1248.   Approximately Fifteen Circa 1990's Diecast Model Batman Themed Vehicles and Figures, by Ertl, Kenner, mostly carded buster packs, including Batwing, Batgirl on the Batcycle, Batmobile. 25-40
1249.   Hornby 'OO' Scale 4-4-0 Compound Locomotive, Tender, two Coaches and Royal Mail Coach, all playworn. 25-40
1250.   A Hornby Dublo Tractor, regular wheel, Matchbox 1:75's, among associated items, all playworn. 30-50
1251.   A Hornby 'OO' Scale 4-6-2 A4 Locomotive - 'Seagull', in LNER blue, tender drive, tender missing one wheel, boxed. Plus Hornby Breakdown Crane, boxed. 30-50
1252.   A Small Number of Original Corgi Vehicles, including silver wheel Batmobile and Green Hornet Black Beauty, all playworn, good. 30-50
1253.   A Quantity of Post War Hornby 'O' Gauge, comprising a No. 501 Clockwork 0-4-0 Locomotive and Tender and four Wagons, playworn. 25-40
1254.   Three Modern Tinplate Toys, a Zeppelin Airship by Schylling and two tinplate garages, all boxed. 20-30
1255.   A Hornby Post War 'O' Gauge 0-4-0 Clockwork Locomotive, LMS. Plus two No. 50 Wagons, all playworn. 20-40
1256.   A Quantity of Tri-ang 'OO' Model Railway Items, mainly Rolling Stock, including R128 - Operating Helicopter Car, R343-4 Rocket Launcher, R249 - Exploding Car among others. All playworn, some parts maybe missing, all boxed. 25-40
1257.   Five 1980's Diecast Vehicles, by Matchbox and Corgi, including James Bond 2CV 'For Your Eyes Only', all boxed, boxes sometimes damaged. 20-40
1258.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century Diecast Toys, by Moko, Benbras, Charbens among others, all playworn. 30-50
1259.   A Quantity of "HO" Scale American Outline Locomotives, by Athern and others, all Diesel Outline, all spares/repair. 25-40
1260.   Seven Diecast Model Vehicles, by Brumm, Vitesse among others, all racing cars including Ferrari Dino 246 GT, Giro D'Talia, all boxed. 20-40
1261.   Twelve "OO" Scale British Rail Blue/Grey Coaches, by Hornby, Tri-ang, including Mark 2's and HST125, all playworn. 25-40
1262.   An "HO" Scale F7A Power Locomotive and Power Car, plus five coaches by Athean, finished in Union Pacific yellow, R/No. 1480, all boxed. 30-50
1263.   Six 'N' Gauge 'Rheingold' Coaches, by Lima, finished in yellow/maroon, all boxed. 20-40
1264.   Five Original Airfix Plastic Kits, two BR Mogul, three 0-4-0 Saddle Tank, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 25-40
1265.   Seven "OO" Scale Kit Built LMS Coaches, often Ratio based, small parts may be missing. 20-30
1266.   An "HO" Scale 'Golden West' Train Set, by Tyco, comprising '1890' Locomotive and Tender and six pieces of rolling stock, all boxed in outer box. 25-40
1267.   Five Plastic Kits, 1:72nd Messerschmitt BF109G by Academy, 1/200 Avro Vulcan by Cyber Hobby, Focke-Wolfe 190 by Tamiya, Avro Shackleton by Revell, 1/48 Tornado by Italeri, all appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked. 25-40
1268.   Two Sets of Post War Bayko No.3 and No.3X, both unchecked, boxed/playworn. 20-30
1269.   A Scalextric Sports Set No. 31, comprising a blue Javelin and orange Electra Cars, good, boxed. 20-40
1270.   A Mid XX Century Tri-ang 'Y' Fort, boxed, plus a quantity of plastic guards by Crescent and a quantity of playworn lead animals. 20-30
1271.   An Airfix 1:130 Scale Kit of The Cutty Sark, boxed, appear unstarted with instructions, unchecked. 10-20
1272.   A "OO" Scale 'Tri-ang Set 'RO', comprising 4-6-2 'Princess Elizabeth' and two coaches, etc, playworn, boxed. 20-40
1273.   A Bandai 'Steam Traction Engine' Plastic Kit, boxed with instructions/started. 20-30
1274.   A Subbuteo Table Cricket, boxed and two Pelham Puppets. 15-25
1275.   A Post War Bayko No.3 Set/1960's Meccano No.5 Set/1970's Meccano No.3 Set, all boxed, unchecked, playworn. 20-40
1276.   Two Hornby "OO" Train Sets, an 0-4-0 Great Western Set with four wagons and Local Freight Set with three wagons, playworn, both sets boxed. 25-40
1277.   A 1960's Scalextric Set No. GK-1, "Go Kart", made up of two go karts, track, paperwork, etc. Both karts damaged, boxed, damage to lid sides. 30-50
1278.   A Star Force 'Electronic Space Battle', by Grandstand, appears used in poor box. 10-20
1279.   An Audiotronic 'Robocop' Figure, by Orion, as new, boxed. 20-40
1280.   In Excess of Forty (Circa 1980's) Amstrad CPC464 Cassette Format Games, including Eagles Nest, Dragon Ninja, Dan Dare, Titanic Blinky. 20-40
1281.   Twenty Three Original Star War Trilogy Plastic Figures, including Chewbacca, Darth Vader, occasionally with weapons, all loose. 40-60
1282.   Hornby Dublo 2-Rail Wagons, including No. 4315 Horse Box (B.R.), with horses but one door detached. No. 4665 - Saxa Salt; plus No. 5050 - Signals. Mainly Good Plus. All Boxed. 25-40
1283.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century Mainly Dinky Diecast Vehicles, all military themed, including No. 660 Tank Transport and tank, one repaint noted, otherwise all playworn, good. 50-80
1284.   Amstrad 64K Colour Personal Computer CPC464, CTM 644 colour monitor, gaming joystick, user instructions, cassette format games, crack to cassette desk clear plastic section noted, untested. 50-100
1285.   Approximately Forty (Circa 1980's) Amstrad CPC464 Cassette Format Games, including Gremlins 2, Power Drift, Ghostbusters. 20-40
1286.   Two 1:24th Scale Plastic Kits, a Tamiya Toyota Celica and an Opel Blitz S3T both appear unstarted, boxed with instructions, however unchecked, crushing to Revell box. 20-30
1287.   Minic Motorway Trackside and Other Accessories, including Motel (in wrong box), No, 1802 Service Bay, Bungalow, three in original boxes, all unchecked. 40-60
1288.   A Quantity of Matchbox 1:75's, both regular wheel and Whizzwheel, all playworn, good, plus a Matchbox Kingsize Tractor and Low Loader. 30-50
1289.   Five Hornby Dublo 8-Wheel Coaches. No. 4050 1/2nd Western Region, No. 4036 Pullman Car 2nd Class, No. 4037 Pullman Car Brake 2nd, No. 4035 Pullman Car Aries, D20 Composite Restaurant Car - B.R.. All Very Good Plus/Excellent. Boxed. 30-50
1290.   A Second Half XX Century Model of a Pre-War Mercedes Convertible, perhaps 1:10 scale? Overall length 38cm, originally well made, now an ideal restoration project. 30-50
1291.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century Diecast Vehicles by Dinky, including No. 178 Plymouth Plaza, all playworn, good. 50-80
1292.   Four "HO" Scale Union Pacific Coaches, finished in grey by Rivarossi, all boxed and appear very good. 20-40
1293.   Five Scratchbuilt Gauge 'I' Narrow Gauge Four Wheel Trucks, all 'BVR' livery, overall good. 30-50
1294.   A 'G' Scale Bachmann Big Hauliers Eight wheel Baggage Car, boxed. 15-25
1295.   An LGB 'G' Gauge Unboxed 0-4-0 Continental Outline Steam Tank Locomotive, R/No. 995001. Plus an LGS Suburban Coach and Lowside Wagon, all appear good. 50-80
1296.   Two 1950's Pressed Steel Cranes, by Tri-ang, playworn. 20-40
1297.   A 'G' Scale 'Union Pacific' Diesel Locomotive Running No. 718, with smoke, sound, appears little used, finished in yellow/grey. 50-80
1298.   A 1:29th G Scale Alco R-3 Diesel Locomotive by Aristocrat Trains, appears little used, boxed, New York Central livery. 100-150
1299.   A 'G' Scale Rio Grand 100B D+RGW Twin Diesel Outline Locomotive, comprising locomotive and slave engine, finish in orange/black, some signs of use. 60-100
1300.   Two Kit Built 'O' Gauge American 'Chicago North Western' Coaches, by Walthers. 25-40
1301.   LGB 'G' Gauge Ref: 98425 Freight/Goods Starter Set, USA Outline 0-4-0 Steam Locomotive "Otto". Plus two wagons, track, etc. boxes, very good. 80-120
1302.   Two Lima 'O' Gauge LMS Eight Wheel Coaches, one missing transfers, both boxed 20-40
1303.   Two 'G' Scale Big Hauler Wagons, by Bachmann, both eight wheel skeleton log cars with logs No. 98490, both boxed. 25-40
1304.   Two 'O' Gauge/7mm Kit Built Southern Coaches, both in need of restoration. Plus another kit built BR 'Blood and Custard' MR Coach. 30-50
1305.   Two Darstead 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Tankers, Castrol - no couplings and Shell - damaged bogies, both boxed. 20-40
1306.   A Quantity of 'G' Scale Lineside Figures. 15-25
1307.   Two Lima 'O' Gauge Great Western Eight Wheel Coaches, both boxed, missing couplings. 20-40
1308.   A "OO" Scale Class 46 Diesel Electric 'Ixion', finished in green, R/No. D172, appears unused in Bachmann presentation case. 50-80
1309.   Two Bachmann 'G' Scale 'Big Hauler' Wagons, a Union Pacific Freight Car in yellow and a New York Central Box Car, both boxed. 25-40
1310.   Three Darstead 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Tankers, Milk - damaged paint work, bogies detached, no wheels, BP - no bogies/Castroll - no bogies, all boxed. 25-40
1311.   A Hornby Dublo Set EDP11 - Passenger Train 'Silver King' 3- Rail, comprising 4-6-2 A4 'Silver King', tender, two coaches, track, overall condition Good Plus/Very Good. Boxed, some inserts missing, tears to lid and corners. 30-50
1312.   Two Wrenn "OO"Locomotives, a 4-6-2 'City of Stoke On Trent' with tender and 4-6-2 West Country (no tender), both spares/repair. 20-40
1313.   Three Darstead 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Tankers, United Glasses with bogies detached and missing wheels, Golden Fleece with damaged/detached bogies/ ICI with no bogies or couplings, all boxed. 25-40
1314.   A "OO" Gauge Kit Built LMS (Ex MR) Johnson Single, originally 'K''s Kits, in need of some restoration. 20-40
1315.   An "HO" Scale Three Car Electric DMU by Roco, DB livery in orange and grey No. BR 420/421, centre car pantographs intact, signs of use, boxed. 30-50
1316.   Three Toy Collectors Books, Space Adventure Collectables, Collectable Male Action Figures, Marx Action Figures. 10-20
1317.   Three Post War Hornby Dublo 2-6-4 Standard Tanks, all spares/repair. 20-40
1318.   An "HO" Scale Diesel G 1700BB - 'Cargo', livery by Piko, appears little used, boxed. 20-30
1319.   A Tri-ang "OO" 4-6-2 'Princess Royal', finished in gloss maroon, with 'Matt' maroon tender, boxed. 10-20
1320.   Bachman 'OO' Scale J72 Class Locomotive, BR finish, R/No. 69023, boxed. 15-25
1321.   Two Hornby Dublo/Wrenn Diesel Locomotives, Class 08 0-6-0 and Class 20 Bo-Bo, both spares/repair. 20-40
1322.   Twelve Reproduction Hornby 'O' Gauge Station Figures. 20-30
1323.   A Hornby "OO" Scale No. 262 BR Coronation Class 'Duchess of Atholl', in BR green, boxed. 20-40
1324.   Twelve Reproduction Hornby 'O' Gauge Station Figures. 20-30
1325.   Approximately Twenty Hornby Dublo Double Arm Electric Signals, all showing signs of wear. 30-50
1326.   Nine Original Star Wars Trilogy Plastic Toy Figures, including Jawa (cloth cape, ionization blaster), Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Outfit (Jedi cloak, blue light saber, General Madine (Rebel Battle Staff) Bib Fortuna (Battle Staff), Lando Calrissian (grey vinyl cape, Bespin Blaster), Wicket W. Warrior (wicket spear), bidder to assure themselves of authenticity of all weapons and accessories. 50-80
1327.   A Diecast Model of a Scania CN112 Bus by NZG, plus a model of a commercial four wheel trailer by Nacoral. 20-40
1328.   Two Diesel 'OO' Scale Locomotives, a Class 47 by Lima, boxed and an 0-6-0 Diesel D8 Shunter, both BR blue. 25-40
1329.   A 'N' Gauge Train Set, by Graham Farish, comprising a Class 33 Locomotive and Rolling Stock, track etc, boxed. 30-50
1330.   A 1:35th Scale Diecast Model JCB 807 Excavator, No. 141 by NZG Modelle, (Germany), boxed, slight chipping to paintwork noted. 30-50
1331.   Twelve Reproduction Hornby 'O' Gauge Station Figures. 20-30
1332.   Two 'OO' Scale Western Diesel Locomotives, by Lima, both maroon, boxed, playworn. 25-40
1333.   Two "OO" Scale Class 08 0-6-0 Diesel Locomotives, by Hornby including an 'Anglia' livery. 20-40
1334.   An 'HO' Scale Model of an Electric Locomotive Ee 3/3 0-6-0, by Rivarossi, appears little used, boxed. 20-40
1335.   Three Post War Hornby Dublo 0-6-2 N2 Tanks, LNER, LMS, BR, all spares/repair. 20-40
1336.   A "OO" Scale Class '55' Pacer Train - 'Northern Spirit, unboxed. 15-25
1337.   Twelve Reproduction Hornby 'O' Gauge Station Figures. 20-30
1338.   Two Post War Hornby Dublo Three Rail 0-6-2 N2 Locomotive, one LMS black, R/No/ 6917, one LNER black R/No. 9596, both playworn, some signs of restoration. 20-40
1339.   A Quantity of 1980's and Later Enamel and Pin Badges, all railway related. 20-30
1340.   Two Corgi 'Code 3 Silent Night' Lorries, by Arthur Garnett, an Austen Luton and Bedford Pantechnicon. 20-30
1341.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century and Later 'OO'/'O' Gauge 'Station Hoardings' and Similar, by Crescent among others, mainly original, sometimes restored. 20-40
1342.   A Bachmann "OO" Scale 2-6-2 V3, in LNER green, R/No. 7684, boxed. 25-40
1343.   Two "OO" Scale Diesel Outline Locomotives, a Class 20 by Lima and a Class 25 by Hornby, both British Rail blue, unboxed. 20-40
1344.   Two Diecast Model Plant Machinery Vehicles, to include 1:50th Scale Volvo BM 4400, 1:20th Scale Bomag BW90SL Twin Roller, chipping to paintwork noted, small parts may be missing, boxed. 40-60
1345.   Four Matchbox 1:75's, a No. 44 Regular Wheel Refridgerator Truck, No. 56 Superfast BMC 1800 Pininfarnia, No. 62 Superfast Mercury Cougar, No. 12 Superfast Setra Coach, all boxed. Models good plus/very good, all Superfast, boxes poor. 20-40
1346.   Two Liliput 'HO' Scale DB German Railways DE1002 Diesel Locomotives, one BASF orange, one Tegernsee Bahn blue, both spares/repair, boxed. 20-40
1347.   Three Diesel 'OO' Scale Locomotives, a Class S6, Class S8 and a GWR Rail Car, all spares/repair. 25-40
1348.   A Diecast Model JCB 3CII by NZG odelle, slight chipping noted, boxed but tatty. 20-40
1349.   Two "OO" Scale Diesel Outline Locomotives, by Lima, a Class 60 - 'Transrail' and a Class 37 - 'Railfreight', both playworn. 20-40
1350.   Twelve Reproduction Hornby Trains 'Station Hoardings'. 20-40
1351.   Twelve Reproduction Hornby 'O' Gauge Station Figures. 20-30
1352.   Eleven "OO" Scale Four and Eight Wheel Items of Rolling Stock, mainly kits based and well built. 20-40
1353.   A Quantity of Immediate Post War Dinky Toys, including a Sunbeam Talbot and Military items. Plus a 1960's Dinky MGB with driver, all fair/good, one repainted. 30-50
1354.   An 'HO' Model Locomotive of an Eight Wheel Electric German Railways Be 4/4 EDT-103, by Liliput, boxed. 20-30
1355.   A Bachmann "OO" Scale 2-6-2 'Ivatt Tank' finished in British Rail black, appears re-numbered and DCC fitted. 20-40
1356.   Seven 1970's and Later Matchbox 1:75's Superfast, including No. 42 Tyre Fryer, No. 40 Guildsman in pink, No. 51 Citreon SM in dark tan. All models good plus/very good, all boxed, some crushing to some boxes. 25-40
1357.   A 1:32nd Scale Diecast Model Ford 550 Excavator No. 161 by NZG Modelle, (Germany), slight chipping to paintwork noted, original box. 25-40
1358.   A 1960's Scalextric K/1 Go-Kart, appears used but unbroken, boxed. Plus a 1960 Scalextric leaflet and catalogue No. 2,4,7. 40-60
1359.   Three Darstead 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Pool Tankers, missing bogies, one bogie detached/damaged, one with Slaters wheels and upside down coupling, all boxed. 25-40
1360.   A Hornby "OO" Scale Class 47 Diesel Locomotive - 'Pride of Shrewsbury', plus two eight wheel coaches, all in Virgin livery, playworn. 25-40
1361.   A Set of 1930's Mazda Mickey Mouse Lights, by The British Thompson-Houston Co. Ltd, boxed. 25-50
1362.   An Immediate Post War Hornby Dublo Three Rail Train Set, in LMS livery, comprising 0-6-2 locomotive and three wagons, track, boxed, playworn, brown cover to box lid, damp damage to box base and locomotive. 25-40
1363.   Three 1960's Original Painted Head Action Men and One Later Flock Haired, some hands missing, replaced, quantity of Quarter Master Stores, all playworn. 80-120
1364.   A Quantity of 'OO'/'HO' Scale Lineside Electric Lamps, by Trix and Brawa, sometimes boxed. 20-40
1365.   Two 1960's Plastic Friction Drive Vehicles. a make of Hong Kong London Taxi, small crack to roof, boxed, damage to box. Plus a London Double Decker Bus, no obvious damage, boxed, two end flaps missing. 25-40
1366.   Two Lima "OO" Scale Diesel Outline Locomotives, a Class 37 in British Rail yellow/grey and a Class 20 in British Rail blue, both boxed, playworn. 20-40
1367.   The Armoured Horse 'Valiant', by Marx, horse appears unbroken/armour unchecked, but saddle appears painted red, boxed. 20-30
1368.   Two Minic Motorway Trackside Buildings, No. 1803 - Bus Garage, No. 1804 Fire Station, both boxed, unchecked. 30-50
1369.   Hornby "OO" Scale No. R313 LNER 4-6-2 A4 'Golden Eagle', boxed tender drive appears little used. 30-50
1370.   A Peco 'N' Gauge Track Starter Set, boxed. 10-20
1371.   Two Hornby Dublo Three Rail Locomotives, a 4-6-2 standard tank R/No. 80054 and a 0-6-2 NR LMS Tank R/No. 6917, both playworn. 25-40
1372.   The 'Great Book of Britains by James Opie, Limited Edition Version, in presentation box with four lead figures, certificate, price guide and outer box. 50-80
1373.   A 'OO' Scale Airfix 'Dr X Adventure Train Set, comprising AIA-AIA Locomotive, Coach, two wagons, track and accessories, playworn, unchecked, boxed, hard to find, would benefit from a clean. 30-50
1374.   A 'OO' Scale Model of a 4-6-0 Locomotive and Tender, finished in BR black with R/No. 61009, Bachmann in presentation with ceritifcate. 30-50
1375.   A Set of 1930's Mazda Mickey Mouse Lights, by The British Thompson-Houston Co. Ltd, boxed. 25-50
1376.   A Hornby "OO" Scale 125 Three Car Train, yellow/blue, comprising power car, dummy, coach, playworn, in set base. 15-25
1377.   Two 1:35th Diecast Model Vehicles by NZG Modelle, (Germany), comprising of No. 142 JCB 418, No. 175 JCB 520, chipping to paintwork noted, small parts may be missing, unboxed. 20-40
1378.   An 'O' Gauge/7mm Model of a 4-4-0 LMS Locomotive and Tender, missing mechanism. 50-80
1379.   A Mid XX Century Clockwork Model of a Racing Boat by Bassett-Lowke, wooden hull, named 'Pride of Britain 1', finished in green/white, wear to paint, propellor damage, clockwork appears to function, hard to find especially boxed. 120-150
1380.   1970's Dinky Toys Set No. 784 - 'Goods Train', boxed, cracks to perspex lid. 15-25
1381.   Dinky Toys No. 651 Centurion Tank, overall fair, boxed, staining, pen marks to box. 15-25
1382.   A Mid XX Century Four Wheel Tinplate and Plastic 'Chain Flatbed' by Wells-Brimtoy, clockwork, 18cm long. 20-30
1383.   An Original Dinky Eight Wheel Leyland Octopus Tanker, repainted in 'Sweeteners For Industry Colours'. 35-50
1384.   Darstead 'O' Gauge Eight Wheel Tanker 'Esso', boxed. 20-40
1385.   A 'OO' Scale Model of a Midland Region 4-4-0 Compound and Tender, attached to wooden plinth with perspex cover. 20-40
1386.   A Mid XX Century Wooden Clockwork Boat, by Kellner, finished in white, 65cm long,screen intact and clockwork appears to function, boxed. 100-200
1387.   A Mid XX Century Tri-ang Pressed Steel Thames Trader Four Wheel Animal Truck, white cab/blue back, playworn. 25-40
1388.   A Quantity of Mainly 'O' Gauge/Gauge 1 White Metal Accessories, all Postal Service related. 20-40
1389.   A Quantity of 'O'/I Gauge Station, Park Benches, mid XX Century and later including Britains, often repainted. 20-40
1390.   A Quantity of Mid XX Century Plastic Tennis Players, probably cake decorations. Plus two original 'Halls Distemper' Promotional Stands, one damaged. 20-30
1391.   A Britains Lead Figure No. 2065 - H.M.Queen Elizabeth as Colonel-In-Chief The Grenadier Guards, on horse back, excellent, boxed. 20-30
1392.   A Quantity of Modern White Metal 'O' Gauge Churns and Luggage. 20-30
1393.   A Quantity of Reproduction Dinky AA/RAC/Police items, plus a modern RAC Call Box. 20-40
1394.   A Post War Set of Eight Lead Figures, by Britains, comprising seven Royal Marines marching at the slope and an officer. 25-40
1395.   An Original 1930's James S. Beeson Locomotive and Fittings Catalogue, twelve pages, hard to find. 25-50
1396.   An 'N' Gauge Minitrix DB Electric Locomotive, finished in red/cream, playworn, cased. 15-25
1397.   An 'N' Gauge 'Britannia' BR 'Morning Star', 4-6-2 with Tender, R/No. 70021, by Dapol, boxed.
1398.   An 'N' Gauge Two Car 'Central Trains' Diesel DMU, by Graham Farish, finished in two tone green, boxed, signs of wear to power car. 20-30
1399.   An 'HO' Scale DB German Railways BR103 109-5 Electric Locomotive, by Roco, appears very good, boxed. 30-50
1400.   Hornby Dublo No.3231 0-6-0 Diesel Electric Shunting Locomotive, 3-Rail, Ring Field Motor, overall Very Good, no obvious cracks to body, boxed with instructions. 40-60
1401.   Hornby Dublo No. EDL17 0-6-2 N2 Tank 3-Rail, R/No 69567, overall Good. Boxed, some damage to box lid, no instructions. 20-30
1402.   Three Regular Wheel Matchbox 1:75's, No. 37 Cattle Truck, No. 65 Claas Combine Harvester, No. 5 London Bus, 'Longlife', all good plus, boxed. 20-40
1403.   Two Matchbox 1:75's, No. 24 - Hydraulic Excavator, black wheels. Plus No. 48 Trailer with sports boat, both very good plus/excellent, boxed. 20-40
1404.   Three Matchbox Superfast, No. 67 Hot Rocker in green, No. 48 Dodge Dumper Truck in yellow/blue and No. 20 Lamborghini Mazal, wide wheels in pink. All models very good. all boxed. 20-40
1405.   Moko Lesney No. 16 - Transport Trailer, overall very good, plus except chip to tow hook, boxed. 15-25
1406.   Matchbox Superfast No. 10 - Pipe Truck, orange/narrow wheels, very good plus, excellent, boxed, crushing to box. 10-20
1407.   Moko Lesney No. 12 - Land Rover, overall very good, plus except chip to drivers head, boxed. 15-25
1408.   Moko Lesney No. 14 - Ambulance, overall very good, three small chips noted to edges, boxed. 15-25
1409.   Two Early Matchbox Yesteryears, No. Y-3 'E-Class Tram Car' and No. Y-9 'Fowler Showman's Engine', both very good plus/excellent, boxed, some staining, crushing to boxes. 20-40
1410.   Two French Dinky No. 823 - 'Cuisine Roulante, overall very good, but missing stack, boxed, rubbing, staining, crushing to box. Plus No. 80A 'Panhard Armoured Car', overall very good, boxed, box poor. 30-50
1411.   Three Dinky Toys, No. 673 - Scout Car, No. 641 Army One Ton cargo Truck, No. 674 - Austin Champ. All good plus, all boxed, boxes poor, damaged, flaps missing. 25-40
1412.   Two Early Matchbox Yesteryears, No. Y-3 'E-Class Tram Car' and No. Y-9 'Fowler Showman's Engine', both very good plus/excellent, boxed, some staining, crushing to boxes. 20-40
1413.   French Dinky No. 814 - Armoured Car - 'AML Panhard', overall very good, missing aerial, boxed. 20-30
1414.   Dinky Toys No. 53 Passengers (missing one figure) and No. 51 Station Staff. All Good. Both sets boxed. 20-40
1415.   A Set of Post War Hornby Trains 'Station Hoardings', boxed. 30-50
1416.   A Set of Post War Hornby Trains 'Station Hoardings', boxed. 30-50
1417.   Dinky Toys No, 715 - Bristol 173 Helicopter, overall good plus, some rubbing to side transfers, minor rust to blades, boxed, staining, small tears to flap, insert intact. 20-30
1418.   Dinky Toys No. 752 - Goods Yard Crane, overall good plus, chipping to edges, boxed, some crushing, staining to box, no box inserts. 20-30
1419.   Dinky Toys No. 269 - Motorway Police Car, overall good plus, minor chipping, however broken aerial, boxed, slight wear to box. 20-40
1420.   Dinky Toys No. 622 - Ten Ton Army Truck, overall good plus/very good. 25-40
1421.   Dinky Toys No. 622 - Ten Ton Army Truck, overall good plus, some chipping, boxed, rubbing/minor staining to box. 20-40
1422.   Dinky Toys No. 651 - Centurion Tank, overall fair plus, chipping to many areas, boxed, staining to box. 20-30
1423.   Dinky Toys No. 660 - Tank Transporter, overall good plus/very good, significant chipping to ramps, boxed, rubbing/staining to box, two box inserts intact. 30-50