Antique & Fine Art Auction
on Friday 30th October 2020

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1001.   An XVIII Century Style Dessert Glass, the ogee bowl raised on white enamel twist stem and circular foot, 13.5cm high, an ale glass with etched bowl, 13cm high, two salts, a large wine glass with bucket shaped bowl and white enamel twist stem, 19cm high and another. (6) £40-50
1002.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; A 'Jack in the Pulpit' Irridescent White Glass Vase, on bulbous circular base, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield 4539, paper label, 31cm high. £70-90
1003.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; A Purple Iridescent Glass Lily Pad Paperweight, mounted with a hallmarked silver frog, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield, paper label, No 1253, 13.5cm diameter. £140-180
1004.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; A Clear Glass Clown's Head, with applied features and bright yellow hair, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield, paper label 01253 893020, 19.5cm high. £120-180
1005.   A French Frosted and Clear Glass Vase, of cylindrical form, moulded with stylised berries and flowers, the base with moulded mark Modelle Dep de R, Cogneville, 21cm high. £50-80
1006.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; A Purple Iridescent Glass Lily Pad Paperweight, mounted with a hallmarked silver frog, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield, paper label, No 1253, 11cm diameter. £140-180
1007.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; A Clear Iridescent Glass Circular Bowl, decorated with millefiori and trails, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield, 8180, paper label, 9.5cm diameter; A Ditchfield Pearl Iridescent Small Dish, etched mark Glasform, J. Ditchfield 7643, 18cm long. (2) £80-100
1008.   John Ditchfield for Glasform; An Apple and a Pear Green Iridescent Glass Paperweights, with hallmarked silver stalks and leaves, paper labels 01253 and 893020, 7.5cm and 8.5cm high. (2) £50-80
1009.   A Spherical Purple Iridescent Glass Paperweight, probably by John Ditchfield (unmarked), with applied and swirling decoration, 7.5cm high. £40-60
1010.   A Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars Glass 'TV' Vase, in pewter coloured textured glass, pattern 9677, 17.5cm high. £100-150
1011.   Adam Aaronson; A Studio Glass Vase, of flattened globular form with tall tapered neck, the lower section with a bronzed iridescent design over a deep blue ground, signed and dated 2002, 39.5cm high. £50-80
1012.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Bee Eaters', on metal branch, 29cm high. £200-300
1013.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Cockatoo - Red', on naturalistic wooden branch, 24.5cm high. £200-250
1014.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Macaw', on naturalistic wooden stand, 23.4cm high. £200-250
1015.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Toucan Black Diamond', on naturalistic wooden stand, 20.5cm high. £200-250
1016.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Green Rosella', on naturalistic wooden branch, 20.6cm high. £200-250
1017.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Hummingbird with Flower', on metal stand, 16cm high. £180-220
1018.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Roller Bird', on metal stand, 25cm wide. £200-250
1019.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Goulden Finches - Peridot', on metal branch, 12.6cm high. £250-300
1020.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture 'Kingfisher Couple', on metal branch, 22.5cm high. £150-200
1021.   A Swarovski Crystal Paradise Bird Sculpture ' Woodpeckers - Black Diamond,' on metal branch, 21.9cm high. £250-300
1022.   A Set of Six XVIII Century Style Wine Glasses, the bell bowls each etched with flowers and butterflies, raised upon white enamel twist stems and plain circular feet, 14cm high; A Set of Nine Dessert Glasses, the ovoid bowls etched with swags of roses and central initialled cartouches, raised on fluted stems and raised star cut bases, 13cm high. (15) £60-80
1023.   A Classical Roman Type Glass Vase, of tapered form, with moulded band to the neck, 15cm high; Three Unguentarium Vases, one of double form, 10 - 12cm high, a compressed globular vase with tapered neck, 15cm high, and a flint arrowhead. (6) £50-80
1024.   A Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars 'Basketweave' Slab Vase, in tangerine glass, 27cm high. £70-100
1026.   An Art Nouveau Glass Claret Jug, with pewter cover and base, pierced with stylised motifs, 30cm high; A Green Globular Fluted Glass Vase, 10cm high. (2) £40-60
1027.   A Heavy Mid XX Century Blue Overlay Glass Pedestal Bowl, raised on a faceted stem and stepped square base, cut in panels with fruiting vines between star motifs, 26cm high. £40-60
1028.   A Late XIX Century Table Suite of Glassware, each piece finely etched with trailing flowering foliage within wavy bands, comprising two decanters (no stoppers), claret jug, twelve finger bowls, eight tumblers, eight hock glasses, eleven champagne glasses, eight port glasses, ten claret glasses and seven sherry glasses, presented to Mr Lewis Chapman 1949 on his retirement from High Speed Steel Association. (67) £80-120
1029.   A Mid XX Century Val St Lambert Propeller Glass Vase, in graduated green and clear glass, engraved signature, 20.5cm high. £30-40
1030.   A Mid XX Century Val St Lambert Clear Glass Lamp Base, of twisted form, paper label and engraved signature, 66cm high. £30-40
1031.   A Geoffrey Baxter for Whitefriars 'Basket Weave' Rectangular Slab Vase, in cinnamon glass, designed by Geoffrey Baxter, pattern number 9667, 27cm high. £50-80
1034.   Royal Worcester 'A Royal Garden' Pattern Part Dinner/Tea Service, comprising six dinner plates, six soup plates, six side plates, six tea plates, cups and saucers, gravy boat and stand, milk jug and sugar bowl. (40) £100-200
1035.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Pot Pourri Jar and Cover, painted by A. Morris, signed, with fruit on a mossy bank, of baluster form, the pierced cover with minaret finials, black printed mark, 13cm high. £200-300
1036.   A Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern 1128 Porcelain Plate, date code for 1980, red printed mark, 27cm diameter; Another, in the same pattern, 21.5cm diameter and a table Lighter. (3) £50-70
1037.   A Pair of Royal Crown Derby Imari Pattern 1128 Porcelain Vases, of high shouldered form, red printed marks, date code for 1987, 11.5cm high. (2) £80-120
1038.   A Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Millennium Globe Clock, in Imari pattern 1128cm made for Sinclair's Sheffield, number 72 of a limited edition of 1000, raised on shaped square pedestal base, 18cm high. £200-250
1039.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Owl', gold stopper, 13cm long; A Further Two Paperweights, 'Duck', gold stopper and 'Turtle', silver stopper. (3) £40-80
1040.   A Mid XIX Century Copeland Parian Porcelain Figure Group, modelled as a young couple, he holds a birds nest with three chicks, on a oval base, impressed marks, 33cm high. £80-150
1041.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Circular Bowl, with a pierced rim, blush ivory basket work, ground moulded with foliage printed marks, shape No. 1004, date code 1895, 23cm diameter. £80-120
1042.   A Late XIX Century Continental Porcelain Plaque, painted with Christ surrounded by angels, contained in a fold-out elaborately decorated easel frame, 23cm high overall. £60-80
1043.   A Royal Crown Derby 'Zebra' Paperweight, gold stopper, date code for 2007, 17cm high; Another, 'Baby Zebra', gold stopper, date code for 2009, 13cm high. (2) £100-150
1044.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'The Nemean Lion', an exclusive edition of 750 for Connaught House, this is number 179, gold printed mark, date code for 2006, gold stopper, 14 cm high. £70-90
1045.   A Moorcroft Pottery Twin Handled Vase, painted in the 'Tiger Lily' design by Nicola Slaney, impressed and painted marks, 25.5cm high. £80-120
1046.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Polar Bear', gold stopper, date code for 2005, 10cm high; A Further Two, 'Polar Bear Cub (standing)', gold stopper, date code for 2007, and 'Polar Bear Cub (sitting)', gold stopper, date code for 2007. (3) £70-90
1047.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Giant Panda', gold stopper, date code for 2007, gold signed by Sue Fisher and dated 15.3.08, 11cm high; Another, 'Baby Panda', gold stopper, date code for 2009. (2) £50-70
1048.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Sumatran Tigress', gold stopper, date code for 2009, 19cm high; Another, 'Sumatran Tiger Cub', gold stopper, date code for 2009. (2) £80-120
1049.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Siberian Tiger', from The Designers Choice Collection, No. 616 of a limited edition of 750 exclusive to the Visitor Centre, gold stopper, date code for 2008, 13cm high. £70-100
1050.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight ' Lioness', a Signature edition of 950 for Goviers, gold stopper, date code for 2007, 18.5cm high; Another, 'Sleepy Lion Cub', also produced in a limited edition of 950, gold stopper, date code for 2007. (2) £80-120
1051.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Leopardess' a Signature edition of 950 for Goviers, gold stopper, date code for 2008, 14cm high; Another, 'Leopard Cub', also produced in a limited edition of 950, gold stopper, date code for 2008. (2) £80-120
1052.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Cheetah', gold stopper, date code for 2007,13cm high; Another, 'Baby Cheetah', gold signed by Sue Fisher and dated 10.08.07, gold stopper. (2) £80-120
1053.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Red Kite', silver stopper, date code for 2007, 17.5cm high; Another, 'Owlet', gold stopper, date code for 2008. (2) £60-80
1054.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Crocodile', gold stopper, date code for 2004, 16.5cm long. £40-60
1055.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Scottish Terrier', gold stopper, date code for 2006, 11cm high; Another, 'Scruff'', exclusively produced for the Collectors Guild, gold stopper, date code for 2007. (2) £40-60
1056.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Woodland Squirrel', gold stopper, date code for 2006, 11cm high; Another, 'Squirrel', silver stopper, date code for 2007. (2) £40-60
1057.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight, 'Woodland Badger', gold stopper, date code for 2007, gold signed by Sue Fisher and dated 15.03.08, 16cm long. £40-50
1058.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Chameleon', gold stopper, date code for 2003, 13.5cm long. £30-50
1059.   A Royal Crown Derby Paperweight 'Car', from The Treasures of Childhood Collection, no stopper, date code for 2005, 11cm long; Another, 'Penguin and Baby' silver stopper. (2) £40-60
1060.   A Border Finer Arts Figure Group 'Delivered Warm', a horse drawn baker's van, model no. B0040 by Ray Ayres, limited edition No. 1004/1500, with certificate, 36cm long, on wooden plinth. £100-130
1061.   A Moorcroft Pottery Ewer, painted in the 'Shimba Hills' Giraffe design, by Sian Leeper, No. 81/300, painted and impressed marks, 31cm high. £200-300
1062.   A Coalport Porcelain 'Batwing' Pattern Part Tea Service, printed and painted with floral sprays within dark blue and gilt borders, printed mark, comprising one bread and butter plate, one dessert plate, six side plates, small teapot and cover, sugar bowl, two milk jugs, six tea cups and saucers. (25) £70-100
1063.   A Shelley Porcelain 1930's Art Deco Part Tea Service, decorated with stylised flowers within silver lustre and blue bands, printed marks and painted C12307, comprising one bread and butter plate, muffin dish and cover, milk jug, sugar bowl, six tea cups (one in pieces), saucers and plates. (23) £60-80
1064.   A Troika Pottery Lamp Base, of rectangular form, designed by Alison Brigden, signed in monogram, with panels of geometric designs in blue, brown and white against a lighter brown ground, painted mark, 22cm high. £100-150
1065.   A Pair of Early XX Century Meissen Porcelain Figures 'Smell' and 'Touch', one modelled as a lady seated by a table smelling a flower, the other of a lady playing the piano, each upon a shaped square base, blue crossed swords marks and impressed E5127 and E1127, 12.5-13.5cm high. (2) £150-250
1066.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Feuillet Porcelain Bottles and Stoppers, of square form, painted in panels with female portraits with elaborate gilt grounds and swan feet, 24cm high (one A/f). (2) £50-80
1067.   Two Meissen Porcelain Miniature Models of an Owl and a Game Bird, 4.5cm high, (both having base chips); another of a duck, all circa XIX Century with blue crossed swords marks. (3) £60-90
1068.   A Wilkinson Ltd 'Clarice Cliff' Pottery Bowl, the pierced cover moulded and painted with a blue swallow, printed marks, 9.5cm diameter (A/f); A Royal Staffordshire 'Clarice Cliff' Magnolia Candle Holder, 13cm high. (2) £30-40
1069.   A Pair of Late XIX Century German Porcelain Figure Groups, modelled as gentlemen each with two hunting hounds, beside a tree stump vase upon a rocky encrusted oval base, crossed swords marks, 38cm high (A/f), (2) £200-300
1072.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Cased Set of Six Cabinet Cups and Saucers, the mustard yellow grounds with gilt and white beadwork borders (one cup in pieces), date code for 1923, and six silver gilt spoons, hallmarked for London 1924, the case with retailers label for R.L Rennison, Sunderland. £50-80
1073.   A Garniture of Three Wiltshaw & Robinson 'Carlton Ware' Pottery Vases, painted in multi-coloured enamels with Chinoiserie scenes of figures amongst pagodas in river landscapes, within powder blue grounds, the green iridescent interiors with gilt borders, printed marks, 27 - 28cm high. (3) £50-80
1074.   A Pair of Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Pottery Bottle Vases, the fluted globular bodies with tall cylindrical necks decorated in a mottled orange glaze, shape number 2T96, impressed marks, 18cm high. (2) £40-60
1075.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Pottery Bowl, of shallow circular form decorated in a mottled orange glaze with a spiral centre, shape number 8225, monogram for E.T. Radford, 23cm diameter. £30-50
1076.   A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian Pottery Vase, of three handled baluster form with outcurved neck decorated in a streaked turquoise glaze, shape number 253, impressed marks, 11cm high. £40-60
1077.   A Set of Eight Fornasetti 'Vini e Liquori' Coasters, Sherry, Madeira, Whiskey, Rhenish, Port, Rum, Brandy and Gin, each with a different design in black and white highlighted in gilt, 10cm diameter, in original box. £80-120
1078.   A Persian Style Pottery Vase, of ovoid form, the crackle ground painted in blue with birds amongst flowering shrubs, 18cm high. £50-80
1079.   A Pair of French Porcelain Late XIX Century Cabinet Plates, the centres each painted by Leber, signed, with battle scenes entitled 'Henri IV et le Maréchal de Biron' and 'Mort de Connietable de Bourbon' within a dark blue and gilt flowerhead crosshatch border, printed marks S67, 24cm diameter. (2) £120-180
1080.   A Late XIX Century German Bisque Porcelain Figural Garniture, decorated in shades of blue and gilt, the central shell bowl raised on a scrolling oval base and applied with maiden and cherubs, 29.5cm high and a pair of figurines standing beside doves on clouds, 30cm high. (3) £100-150
1081.   A Copeland Parian Group of Terriers Rabbiting "Chasse Au Lapin" After P.J. Mene, on a raised oval base, impressed marks, 32cm long. £50-70
1082.   A XIX Century Bisque Pottery Figure Group, of a seated Regency courting couple, 31cm high (cherub wing absent) on oval ebonised stand, under glass dome, 41.5cm high, 35cm wide overall. £50-70
1083.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Ginger Jar and Cover, (in pieces), of ovoid form, painted by Sibley Lewis, signed, with ripening fruit on a moss and woodland bank, printed black mark shape No. 2826, 16.5cm high. £150-250
1084.   An Early XX Century Continental Delft Ware Trinket Box and Hinged Cover, painted in blue with landscape scenes and flowers, 6cm; Together With a French Porcelain Trinket Box, with hinged cover, painted with a chinoiserie scene; Together with Five Other Trinket Boxes, Chinese Enamel Dish and a Carved Shell. (9) £60-80
1085.   A XVIII Century Leeds Pottery Creamware Tankard, painted with enamels and floral sprays, 13cm; A XIX Century Pearlware Tankard, inscribed The Landlords Caution with verse, within black cartouche 9.5cm; A Further XIX Century Pearlware Tankard, with foliate band. (3) £80-120
1086.   An Early XIX Century Prattware Toby Jug, in typical form wearing a blue jacket, spotted waistcoat, yellow breaches, on an ochre sponged base, 12cm. £70-100
1087.   A Collection of Mainly English Tea Ware, some decorated in the chinoiserie style, including a Worcester Royal Lily pattern cup and saucer, Spode floral decorated cup, Newhall Jug, etc. (A Lot) £40-60
1088.   An Early XIX Century Walton Style Pearlware Figure of a Lady, holding a bow and arrow, upon rocky oval base, 18cm high; A XIX Century Green Glazed Pottery Figure of a Lady Holding a Lyre, on a stepped square base, 15cm high. (2) £50-80
1089.   A Mid XIX Century Pearlware Pottery Figure of Falstaff Holding a Shield and Sword, upon a square base; A XIX Century Pearlware Pottery Figure of a Lady Seated on Rocks, on rocky square base; A Further XIX Century Pearlware Pottery Figure Group of a Young Couple Beside a Stream, 28cm high. (3) £80-120
1090.   An Early XIX Century Pearlware Pottery Jug, of baluster form painted with flowers, 9.5cm high; An Early XIX Century Pearlware Drainer, with blue printed decoration, with five miniature plates; Together with Staffordshire Spill Holder, etc. (A Lot) £40-60
1091.   Three Early XIX Century Derby Porcelain Graduated Dishes, painted with named landscape scenes, within elaborate gilt borders, red crowned D marks to base; An Early XIX Century English Porcelain Teapot, Cover and Stand, a Sucrier and Cover and Teacup and Saucer, decorated with stylised blue gilt flowers on blue grounds. (10) £30-50
1092.   An XVIII Pearlware Sucrier and Cover, of shaped oval form, moulded and painted with swag decoration, foliage decoration, 14cm; Together with a Saltglaze Teapot and Cover, Newhall Teapot and Cover, Coughley Sparrow Beak Jug and two coffee pots and covers. (A Lot) £30-50
1093.   An Early XIX Century Pearlware Plate, with a daisy border, the centre printed in black with a lady by a lake, 20.5cm; Six Pearlware Blue and White plates, a XIX Century Pearlware Forget Me Not bowl, XIX Century Staffordshire Flatback. (A Lot) £30-50
1094.   Early XIX Century Pearlware Jug, inscribed James Wall and painted with enamels, with Chinese figures in gardens, 17cm high, two creamware poem jugs, a Leeds pottery oval bowl, Spode basket, tulip cup. (A Lot) £30-50
1095.   An A.G. Harley and Jones Early 1930's Pottery Vase, decorated with blooming flowers, a lady wearing a long dress and a cottage, printed mark, 24cm high. £20-40
1096.   A Moorcroft Pottery Vase, circa 1930's, of baluster form, in matt green glaze, impressed marks, stamped Moorcroft Made in England, 32cm high. £20-40
1097.   A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Figures, in the Kate Greenway style, in blush ivory glaze, decorated with flowers, boy with a drum on rocky tree stump bases, printed marks, shape No. 1593, date No. 1833, 20cm high. £100-150
1098.   A Pair of Royal Worcester Porcelain Figures, in the Kate Greenaway style, with blush ivory glazes, modelled as a boy and girl seated on stools, printed marks, date No. 1833, 9.5cm high. (2) £50-80
1099.   A Royal Worcester Porcelain Figure Group, in the Kate Greenaway style, with blush ivory glaze, modelled as two boys, one holding a book with inscribed motto, impressed J. Hadley, gilt mark, 10cm high. £60-80
1100.   Three Sampson Porcelain Dessert Plates, in the Worcester style, painted in panels with exotic birds and insects, within a blue ground, pseudo Worcester seal marks, two matching cups, saucers, and an early XIX Century Chinese tankard, painted with flowers in the famille rose pallete, 13.5cm. (8) £70-100
1101.   A XIX Century Shaped Rectangular Porcelain Dish, possibly Rockingham, the centre with painted with floral spray, blue border elaborately moulded in pink and with flowers and foliage, 34 x 29cm; A Shaped Jug, possibly Rockingham, painted in grey with seaweed and shells, 22cm high. (2) £50-80
1102.   A Pair of Early XX Century "Arnhem" Pottery Vases, of elongated baluster form, painted in muted tones with panels of orchids, within stylised border, one with printed marks M.13.178 with initials, 52cm high. (2) £200-300
1103.   An XVIII Century Dutch Delft Pottery Vase, shaped globular body with tapered bulbous neck and octagonal base, painted in blue with stylised birds, butterflies amongst flowering shrubs within geometric borders, (AF), 27cm high. £40-60
1104.   A Pearlware Pottery Model of a Stallion, probably Leeds Pottery c.1820-30, with black sponged decoration to his body and black mane, wearing a sage green saddle, standing with his head turned to the right, on a rectangular base with canted corners, painted with green sponged decoration, puce foliage and blue and black bands, 42.5cm high (damaged).

Footnote; These horses were traditionally made for shop display by dealers trading in horse equipment, foodstuffs and medicines. For a similar example see 'The Leeds Pottery 1770-1881' by John D. Griffin, Vol I, page 224. £1500-2500
1105.   An Early XX Century Haviland Limoges Porcelain Dessert Service, each piece painted by N. Edwards with flowers of Western Australia on an apricot ground within patterned borders, printed marks and named and signed on the reverse of each piece, comprising twelve plates, two low tazze and two two-handled dishes.

*Footnote: Presented to the vendor's great great grandfather William Campion who was Governor of Western Australia 1924-31, on the occasion of his retirement. Sold with presentation books. £100-150
1106.   A Commemorative Pottery Jug to Celebrate the Coronation of King William IV and Queen Adelaide, Sept. 8 1831, printed in purple with portraits between a crown and flowers, 17.5cm high (A/F), £30-50
1107.   A Collection of Mid XIX Century Copper Lustre Ware, including sucrier and cover applied with farmyard animals, 14cm; Together with Four Floral Decorated Jugs. (A Lot) £20-30
1109.   A XIX Century Cantonese Pottery Vase, painted in panels with warriors, scholars and other figures, on a floral ground, 45cm high. £80-120
1110.   An Early XX Century Canton Ivory Oval Plaque, carved in relief with figures on a balcony, 4.5cm long; Two Ivory Carved Concentric Balls, 3cm and 4cm diameter. (3) £40-60
1111.   An Early XX Century Canton Ivory Napkin Ring, carved in oval panels with figures amongst trees; an Indian carved ivory elephant, 5cm high, an ivory bangle, a Chinese dragon carved cigarette holder, brooches, dice. (A Lot) £50-70
1112.   A Late XIX Century Satsuma Pottery Koro, (lacking cover), of two-handled globular form raised on three short feet with grotesque masks, decorated in panels with flowering shrubs against a gilt geometric ground, 12cm high. £40-60
1113.   A Nanking Cargo Chinese Porcelain Tea Bowl and Saucer, the interior painted in an underglaze blue with flowering shrubs and bamboo within cross hatch borders, the exterior in cafe- au-lait glazes, bearing Christies label Lot 5247. £30-50
1114.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Chinese Pottery Ginger Jars, with carved hardwood covers and stands, painted in blue with flowering prunus within geometric borders, character marks to bases, 18cm high. (2) £70-100
1115.   A Pair of Japanese Late XIX Century Whist Markers, the rectangular wood decorated with gilt flowers, each with eight ivory pegs inset in the Shimbayama style, with insects and butterflies, 5 x 9.5cm; A Mid XIX Century Tortoiseshell Cased Magnifying Glass. (3) £80-120
1116.   An Early XX Century Japanese Satsuma Trinket Bowl and Cover, of circular footed form decorated with birds in flight amongst colourful shrubs, the base with wisteria, signed, 12.5cm diameter; A Miniature Satsuma Bowl, decorated with flowering branches and butterflies, signed, 6cm diameter. (3) £60-80
1117.   A Pair of Japanese Late XIX Century Bronze Vases, of two handled form, moulded in relief with birds perched on flowering shrubs, the handles in the form of mythological beasts, 24cm high. (2) (One A/F) £50-100
1118.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Lacquer Writing Box, the fold-out front with pull shut slope above a central drawer with raising back section with drawer end compartments. decorated with floral enamelled plaques, 31cm high (extended). £40-60
1119.   A Pair of Early/Mid XX Century Chinese White Metal Vases, of baluster form, engraved with birds perched amongst flowering shrubs and bamboo trees, signed to base, 24cm high. (2) £60-80
1120.   A Mid XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Part Tea/Coffee Service, painted in enamels with figures on terraces in panels within blue floral grounds, comprising milk jug and cover, teapot stand, jar and cover, saucer dish and circular cover, eight saucers, four tea bowls and five coffee cups. (24) £80-120
1121.   A Mid XIX Century Chinese Porcelain Part Tea Service, painted in enamels with a lady greeting a nobleman standing by a pony with a servant in a doorway, within iron red and gilt borders, comprising teapot and cover, saucer dish, milk jug and cover, three cups and two saucers, a miniature famille rose teapot and cover, a famille rose teacup and saucer, a teapot and cover painted with a figure holding a bird and a bowl. (17) £100-150
1122.   Four Chinese XVIII Century Octagonal Porcelain Plates, painted in the famille rose palette with quails amongst flowering shrubs and garden ornaments, 21.5cm diameter; Three Blue and White Octagonal Soup Bowls, painted in enamels with river landscapes, 22cm diameter. (7) £70-100
1123.   An Early XX Century Chinese Silk Kimono, (probably 1920's - 1930's) the figured puce silk fabric with black silk border finely embroidered with figures, pagodas and flowers, the cuff of the sleeves also with an embroidered panel of figures in garden settings, turquoise silk lining, 100cm long. £200-400
1124.   A Pair of Chinese Late XIX Century Pottery Baluster Vases, painted in blue with birds perched amongst chrysanthemums and butterflies, 43.5cm high. (2) £80-120
1125.   An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Vase, of double gourd form, painted in blue with scrolling flowers and foliage within geometric bands, 23cm high. £200-300
1126.   An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Klapmuts Bowl, of circular form with outcurved rim painted in blue with figures on terraces within a foliate border, six character mark to base, 22cm diameter (A/F); Hardwood stand. £100-150
1127.   An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Vase, of ovoid form, painted in blue with panels of river landscapes within a ground of birds and flowering shrubs, 22cm high (A/F); A Further Chinese Vase, of cylindrical form, painted in blue with mythological animals and birds, 24cm high (A/F), one with hardwood stand. (3) £100-150
1128.   An XVIII Century Chinese Porcelain Ginger Jar, (lacking cover), of ovoid form, painted in blue with figures amongst rocks in a mountainous river landscape, 21cm high, with hardwood stand and metal cover. £100-150
1129.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Sectional Ivory Okimono, carved as a gentleman seated cross-legged on a log, holding a tambourine beside a box with an Oni mask attached, 8cm high. £40-60
1130.   A Late XIX Century Japanese Ivory Okimono, carved as a gentleman wrestling a dragon, the circular base with a kettle, drinking cups etc, 11.5cm high (damages). £40-60
1131.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Japanese Sectional Ivory Figures, carved as peasants, one figure holding a drum and sticks, monkey by his feet, signed oval base, 17.5cm high, the other figure holding a backpack and a flask, 18cm, in original boxes. £60-80
1132.   A Chinese Mid XIX Century Pottery Vase, of tapered rectangular form, painted in the famille verte palette with scholars and other figures on terraces amongst rocks and trees, 38cm high (drilled for a lamp and neck reduced). £60-80
1135.   •AFTER ARTHUR DELANEY (1897-1987) *ARR
Manchester Tram Street Scene, limited edition print, signed in pencil left hand margin,
47 x 37cm. £30-50
1136.   •AFTER ARTHUR DELANEY (1897-1987) *ARR
Liverpool Tram Street Scene, limited edition print, signed in pencil left hand margin,
45 x 38.5cm. £30-50
Golden Eagle and Sparrowhawk, pair of coloured prints, published by A. Baird-Carter, both signed in pencil lower left margin,
25 x 17.5cm. (2) £80-100
1138.   G. COPELAND (Mid XIX Century English School)
The River and Building in Oxford and a French Chateau, pencil drawings a part inscription to verso,
20 x 17.5cm. (2) £30-50
1139.   •AFTER NOEL WOODWARD SPENCER (1900-1985) (Sheffield Artist) *ARR
Banner Cross Hall, Sheffield, etching, signed in pencil and inscribed "To J.A.S. Sands" with title,
12 x 22cm. £80-120
1142.   •TOM COATES (b.1941)*ARR
Lacing up, study of a seated lady lacing her boots, pastel and watercolour, signed in monogram bottom left,
22 x 30cm £150-250
1143.   LUCIEN POIGNANT (French 1905-1941)
Trees in a Mountain Scene, oil on board, signed and dated (19)27 bottom left,
37 x 45cm £250-350
1144.   •JOHN R. DAVIES (1899-1985) *ARR
North Mill, Midhurst Sussex, watercolour, signed lower left, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Oct 1992,
37 x 56cm. £50-80
1145.   •WILL MASON (Contemporary) *ARR
'Head and Demonic Hand', pastel, signed and dated 2000 lower right, bears Pastel Society Exhibition 2001 paper label verso with price of £690.
66 x 30cm. £60-80
1146.   •WALTER HORSWELL (1911-1997) *ARR
Yorkshire Dales Bridge Scene, with sheep on left and figures on right riverbank, signed lower left,
48 x 73.8cm. £30-50
1147.   •WALTER HORSWELL (1911-1997) *ARR
Yorkshire Dales Bridge Scene, with distant church and figure by house on left, signed lower left,
49 x 74cm. £40-60
1148.   HENRY KING TAYLOR (1799-1869)
Choppy Sea with a Rocky Shoreline, watercolour, signed and dated 1865 lower right,
29 x 46.5cm. £100-150
1149.   •BARBARA MITCHELL (Sheffield Artist, XX Century) *ARR
Field Mice Amongst Corn and Poppies, watercolour, signed lower right
47 x 19cm. £25-35
1150.   •BARBARA MITCHELL (Sheffield Artist, XX Century) *ARR
An Otter and a Lizard Amongst Rock and Buttercups, watercolour, signed lower right,
35 x 47cm. £25-35
1151.   BASIL BRADLEY (1842-1904)
Three Dogs in a Moorland Setting, watercolour, signed lower left, bears 'Hibbert Brothers' label verso,
53 x 37cm. £100-150
1152.   BASIL NIGHTINGALE (1864-1940)
'Whoosoop' Hunting Scene, pastel, watercolour and charcoal, inscribed, signed and dated 1915 top left,
28 x 37.5cm. £70-100
1153.   WILLIAM HENRY PIGGOTT (Sheffield Artist 1835-1901)
Windmill, Derbyshire and Wastdale Head Cumberland, watercolours, a pair, titled and signed lower left (18)86,
34 x 50cm. (2) £80-120
1154.   •TOM BROWN (1933-2017) *ARR
Seddon Street - Figures in a Terraced Street with Corner Shop and Flower Stall, pastel, signed lower right, bears Hibbert Bros label verso,
24 x 33cm. £70-100
1155.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
XVIII Century Hunting Scene, watercolour, signed indistinctly lower left and dated 1870,
24.5 x 34cm. £50-80
1156.   CHARLES PIGGOTT (Sheffield Artist, 1863-1940)
Moorland Landscapes, watercolours, a pair, signed lower left and right,
29 x 19cm. (2) £50-80
1159.   •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996) *ARR
Workshop Interior, with man at work by fireplace, oil on canvas, signed lower left,
43.5 x 53.5cm. £300-400
1160.   •MANNER OF PAUL HENRY (1877-1958) *ARR
Rocky Seascape, oil on board, signed lower left,
11 x 15cm. £100-150
1161.   •DON McKINLEY (1929-2017) *ARR
Girl in a Cafe, oil on canvas, unsigned, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Nov 96,
36 x 34.5cm. £100-150
1162.   •MICHAEL WOOD (b.1959) *ARR
Girl in White, pastel, signed and dated '89 lower right, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. June 1989,
29 x 26cm. £50-80
1163.   •GEORGE SPAFFORD (1921-2003) *ARR
White and Blue Boat, acrylic, signed in monogram lower right, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Dec 2000.
23 x 36cm. £70-100
1164.   EDGAR WOOD (1860-1935)
Italian Village, pastel, signed and dated (19)27 lower left, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, ex Collection of Joan Marcel,
23 x 29cm. £150-200
1165.   •MICHAEL WOOD (b.1959) *ARR
Trees in Autumn, pastel, signed lower left, bears 'The Tib Lane Gallery' label verso, Exh. Dec 1990,
36 x 39cm. £50-70
1166.   •ANNE FRANCOISE COULOUMY (French, B.1961) *ARR
'Still Life' Nature Morte au Cendrier Ronce, oil on canvas, signed lower right and titled verso.
33 x 24cm £70-100
1167.   ENGLISH SCHOOL (XIX Century)
Portrait of a Cavalier, oil on canvas, unsigned,
51 x 41cm. £50-80
Two Gentlemen Drinking in an Interior Setting, oil on canvas, signed indistinctly lower right,
17 x 22cm. £50-80
Study of Birds and Poultry, in wooded landscape, a pair of oils on boards, signed in monogram M.E. lower left,
25 x 32cm (2) £40-60
Country Gentleman Mounted on a White Horse, before a cottage and river, oil on board, signed in monogram M.E. lower left,
24 x 32cm £30-50
1171.   HORST BAUMGART (German, b.1932)
Figures Skating on a Lake before a Country House and Horses on a Snowy Path, oil on canvas, signed lower left,
48 x 98cm. £70-100
1172.   •STUART WALTON (Leeds Artist, b.1934) *ARR
West Yorkshire Street Scene, probably Leeds, featuring traditional red brick terrace houses on curved incline with gas lamp on corner, signed and dated 1974 lower right,
32 x 44.5cm £400-600
Portrait of a Racehorse 'Swiftfire Champion 1827', oil on canvas, signed and titled lower edge,
44 x 60cm. £100-150
1174.   •PETER HOLLOWAY (Derbyshire Artist, XX Century) *ARR
Nucleus, oil on board, artist label verso,
91.5cm x 60cm. £60-80
1175.   N. E. EDWARDS (English School, Early XX Century)
Highland Cattle in a Mountainous Landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1914 lower right,
24cm x 34cm

1176.   F. K. BIRCH (English School, Early XX Century)
Sheep in a Country Landscape, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1914 lower left,
24cm x 34cm £50-70
1177.   AFTER ALBERT EDELFELT (1854-1905)
At Sea, oil on canvas, signed lower right,
88 x 81cm. £200-300
1178.   •GEORGE CUNNINGHAM (Sheffield Artist, 1924-1996) *ARR
House in a Moorland Landscape with Sheep in Foreground, oil on panel, signed lower centre, bears 'Hibbert Brother's label verso,
12 x 17cm. £100-150
1181.   A Robert Thompson Mouseman Oak Bread Board, of rectangular form with canted corners, carved mouse signature, 30 x 24.5cm. £80-120
1182.   A Robert Thompson Mouseman Oak Bread Board, of rectangular form with canted corners, carved mouse signature, 30 x 24.5cm. £80-120
1183.   A Robert Thompson Mouseman Oak Bread Board, of rectangular form with canted corners, carved mouse signature, 30 x 24.5cm. £80-120
1184.   A Robert Thompson Mouseman Oak Bread Board, of rectangular form with canted corners, carved mouse signature, 30 x 24.5cm. £80-120
1185.   An Early XIX Century Burr Walnut Crossbanded Tea Caddy, with copper ring handle to the lid, the interior with two lift-out compartments, 21cm long, 13cm wide,12cm high; A Set of Dominoes in a Mahogany Box. (2) £40-60
1186.   A Mid XIX Century Rosewood and Brass Bound Dressing Table/Writing Box, the central brass plaque inscribed "Elizabeth Wilkinson Hull 1859", the part fitted interior with six containers/inkwells with plated lids, 30 x 24 x 16cm. £50-80
1187.   A XIX Century Indian Hardwood Sewing Box, of rectangular form raised on paw feet, elaborately carved in relief with mythological animals and scrolling foliage, with velvet lined inner lid, the fitted interior with nine lidded compartments, 27 x 12cm. £100-150
1188.   An Early XX Century Anglo Tibetan Hardwood Rectangular Box, with hinged cover carved in relief with a stylised dragon, the base with crocodiles, 30cm. £40-60
1189.   Robert Thompson Mouseman Double Pipe Stand/Ashtray, of rectangular form with carved mouse signature to centre and frieze to the sides, 10 x 12.5cm. £50-80
1190.   A XIX Century Tunbridge Ware Rectangular Shaped Box, with marquetry cube decoration, within micromosaic bands, velvet lined to interior, 25 x10cm; A XIX Century Bone Decorated Walnut Scent Bottle Box, (bottles missing). (2) £70-100
1191.   A George III Mahogany Inlaid Serpentine Shaped Knife Box, the hinged lid enclosing a fitted interior, 36.5cm high. £80-120
1192.   A 1920's Miniature Mahogany Model of the 'Rutland Cutlery Table', designed by Mr B. Turton Greaves and made by Mr W. Moore, Sheffield 1925, the shaped rectangular table with three drawers and raised on cabriole legs, 10cm high, 7cm deep, 11cm wide. £30-50
1193.   An Early XX Century Hardwood Khanaya Lal Briz, Hoashiarpur Vizagapatan Anglo Indian Vanity Box, with brass bound corners and inlay in bone with an elaborate floral design, the interior with mirror and compartments, label to base, 31cm wide. £200-300
1193A.  A XIX Century Specimen Cabinet, with fall front concealing three drawers with period oxidized copper handles, 53cm wide, with key, together with contents including police rubber bullets, mother of pearl shells, watch straps. £60-90
1194.   An Austrian White Metal and Enamel Early XIX Century Vinaigrette, of egg form, painted with courting couples in a wooded landscape, the interior with pierced grille, 3.5cm long. £100-150
1195.   A Cold Painted Cast Iron Moneybox, modelled in the form of a lion beside a tree with two monkeys, mounted on a rocky base, 32.5cm high. £200-300
1196.   A Cold Painted Cast Iron Moneybox, modelled in the form of a bucking mule, beside a boy holding a stick on an oval base, with inscription on base Always Did 'Spise, a Mule, 23cm long. £100-150
1197.   A Cold Painted Cast Iron Moneybox, titled 'Organ Bank', mounted by a monkey with moveable arms, between two dancing figures, turning handle to side, shaped plinth base, 19cm. £200-300
1198.   A Late XIX Century Gilt Metal Two Handled Bowl, cast in relief with cherubs and flowers, upon scrolling feet, lift-out liner, 59cm long. £70-100
1199.   After Barbier, French XIX Century Bronze Model of Three Cherubs, one cherub playing a shell, another with arms outstretched, upon a circular base, with inscribed name and No. 2329, 19cm. £200-300
1200.   A Pair of Mid XIX Century French Bronze Busts, modelled in the form of cherubs, mounted on a stepped rouge marble bases, 16cm. (2) £100-150
1201.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Spelter Models of Dancing Cherubs, on turned circular wooden bases, 15cm high; A Bronze Figure of a Goddess, 13cm high. (3) £40-60
1202.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Bronzed Classical Busts, on circular socles and raised on fluted columns and square footed bases, 27cm high. (2) £40-60
1203.   A Vintage Enamelled Wall Sign 'Board of Trade Labour Exchange, for Sheffield Locations East Parade, Attercliffe Road and Brightside Lane', the centre featuring George V crest in red within pointed sun surround, 46 x 30.5cm. £200-300
1204.   A Pair of Mid XX Century French Ormolu Three Branch Candelabra, with foliate scroll branches, raised on elaborate pierced shaped square bases, 32cm. (2) £150-250
1205.   A Pair of XIX Century Gilt Metal Two Handled Bowls and Covers, with cherub finials moulded in relief with fruiting vines on circular, 21.5cm high. £60-80
1206.   Stan Shaw (Sheffield); Six Bladed Pocket Knife, antler scales and silver nickel bolsters with foliate etching, intricate workback to all blades and spine, Congress knife 15cm long (closed), 32cm long (open). £600-800
1207.   A Pocket Knife, stamped H. Rodgers & Son to blade, to include corkscrew, screwdriver and hook, ivory scales inscribed "From Aug; Fred; Thistletwayte 1884", nickel silver bolster to one end of knife, two small implements at the other end (tweezers and pick), 18cm (closed), 32cm (open). £300-400
1208.   A Mappin Brothers of Sheffield, Queens Cutlery Works Dagger, antler handle with double edged blade, fleur-de-lys style shape nickel bolster with nameplate, 22cm long, leather sheath with nickel silver fittings. £300-400
1209.   A Multi-Tool Pocket Knife (Horseman's Knife), with nine tools (one blade broken), nickel silver scales, engraved to scale "C.W.H.B. 25th November 1891", 12cm (closed), 21cm (open). £100-150
1210.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Glass Flasks Encased in Wicker Basketweave, the plated cover engraved "M.G. Hewat, 38 Highbury New Park", 19.5cm high; A Pair of Barleytwist Brass Candlesticks, on circular bases, 29cm high. (4) £30-50
1211.   An Early XX Century "QUIKTIL", in a mahogany case, five glass tubes, lift up top and pull out drawer, bearing label patent 26688656, 29 x 30cm. £60-100
1212.   An XVIII Century Mahogany Cased Sovereign Scale, with four weights, interior lid, bearing label Thomas Williams, London, 14.5cm. £30-50
1213.   Stan Shaw (Sheffield); Single Blade Pocket Knife, with stag scales, 9.5cm long closed, 17cm blade open. £200-300
1214.   Stan Shaw (Sheffield); Two Blade Pocket Knife, with stag scales, 10cm long closed, 17.5cm blade open. £250-350
1215.   Stan Shaw (Sheffield); Three Piece 'Royal Set' of Pocket Penknives, 'Prince George', 'Princess Margaret' and 'Queens', with one to three blades and mother of pearl scales, in a fitted presentation box, 7.8cm long closed, 10-12cm blades open. £250-350
1216.   A Victorinox 'Champion' Pocket Knife, with twelve blades/implements, horn scales, in original case and leaflet, 9cm closed. £40-60
1217.   A XIX Century Russian Enamel Plaque, painted in enamels with nine Apostles, with inscription verse, contained in a white metal frame with suspension loop, 5 x 4cm; An XVIII Century Carved Oval Snuff Box, with mounts, the hinged lid with Jesus on the Cross, 7 x 9cm and a white metal two handled bowl and cover, elaborately cast, 17cm long. (3) £70-100
1218.   A XIX Century Tortoiseshell and Mother of Pearl Tea Caddy, of shaped rectangular form, the lid with a white metal cartouche, interiors with two lidded compartments, velvet lining to lid on bun feet, 10 x 13cm. £200-300
1220.   A Cold Painted Bronze Model of a Snipe, in the Bergmann style, mounted on a mineral base, 14.5cm high. £70-100
1221.   An Interesting Collection of Four Early-Mid XX Century Algerian White Metal Medallions, presented to M. Rigollet from Algerian Commission Des Valeurs De Douane, all cased 1911-54; 'Chamber De Commerce De Dunkerque' 1939 Medallion, cased; a Medalle D'Honneur Archidiocose D'Alger, with ribbon, cased and a shield shaped medallion on suspension chain inscribed to "Monsieur Leon Rigollet Consul De Pologne' etc, cased. £400-600
1222.   An XVIII Century Enamelled Candlestick on Copper, painted with flowers against a white ground, the turned column on a moulded shaped circular base, 25cm high (A/F). £40-60
1223.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Lead Models of a Nodding Dog and a Cat, each playing a musical instrument in the manner of Bergmann, 7-8cm high. (2) £30-50
1224.   A Pair of Early XIX Century Portrait Miniatures, painted on ivory, with a lady and a gentleman head and shoulders, she wearing a blue dress, he a brown jacket, 10 x 8.5cm, framed and glazed. (2) £50-70
1225.   A Late XIX Century Inuit Carved Ivory Handle, of curved form, the three sides incised with Whaling and Hunting scenes, two pierced holes at either end, 30cm long. £50-100
1226.   A XIX Century Miniature Painted on Ivory, with a portrait of a gentleman wearing a blue jacket, in a gilt metal and black stained easel frame; A Daguerreotype of a Gentleman, in a leather case. (2) £30-50
1227.   A XIX Century Portrait Miniature Painted on Ivory, (cracked), with a Regency lady, silk border and brass hanging frame, 4.5 x 3cm, cased; A Silhouette of a Gentleman, in a winged white shirt and black jacket, framed, 9 x 7cm; Another, a portrait miniature on paper, of a lady, framed, 7 x 6cm. (3) £50-80
1228.   A Pair of Late XIX Century Oval Portrait Miniatures Painted on Ivory, of ladies, one with a white and ochre dress and laurel wreath headdress, brass mounts and black stained wooden frames, 8 x 6.5cm. (2) £70-100
1229.   A Pair of Mid XIX Century Oval Cork Pictures, carved in relief, one of 'Badelsberg Castle', the other of a Country House before a lake and a windmill, framed and glazed, 13 x 16cm. (2) £70-100
1230.   A Pair of Victorian Wax Circular Hanging Plaques, moulded with Queen Victoria on horseback, the reverse with her seated on the throne beside attendants, inscription to rim 15.5cm. (2) £30-50
1231.   A Sangorski & Sutcliffe Early XX Century Blotter/Document Binder, the red and green leather cover elaborately tooled in gold and inset with mother of pearl and semi-precious stones, the centre with the Star of India crest 'Heaven's Light Our Guide', the interior with silk to one side and a blotter to the other, makers mark to inside bottom edge, 40.5 x 26cm. £60-100
1232.   A 1930's Art Deco Desk Standish, the polished black glass base with a central pen holder, a pair of inkwells with matching covers, a pen rest to the front, 16 x 26cm. £30-50
1233.   A Mid XIX Century Oval Miniature, painted on porcelain of a young lady with jewelled tiara, mounted in a yellow metal pendant mount. £50-80
1234.   A Late XIX Century Carved Bone Chess Set, one side natural, the other stained red, 3 - 8.5cm high and a part set of similar design. £50-100
1235.   Sutton & Sons, Reading, England An Oak Framed Display of Dried Grasses, each bearing labels, featuring Latin names with makers label to mount, 48.5cm x 80cm. £100-200
1236.   A XIX Century Enamel Patch Box, the lid with a scene of Ramsgate Harbour, with mirror interior to lid, 3.5cm; Together With One Other XVIII Century Enamel Patch Box, the lid with inscription "Tho absent not forgotten", with mirror interior, 3cm. (2) £80-120
1237.   A XIX Century Sword Stick, in black thorn casing, blade 71cm, overall length 89cm, blade etched with motif reading 'Peace With Honour' other side 'Defence Not Defiance' concealed opening button on handle. £60-100
1238.   A Mid XIX Century Oval Portrait Miniature, painted on paper of Eleanor Princess of Austria (1498-1558), contained in a mahogany hanging frame, 4.5 x 3.5cm. £30-50
1239.   'Canteens in Industry' - Barkers (Contractors Limited); A scrap book containing newspaper cuttings, photographs, brochures, menus etc from the 1940's - 50's, including Lockhart Smith & Co, opening ceremony New Esso Refinery Fawley, Peter Merchant Limited etc., red cloth binding. £50-70
1240.   An Early XX Century Mah-Jong Set, contained in a five drawer hardwood carry case decorated with mountain scenes, with lift-out front and swing handles containing bone and bamboo tiles, sticks and counters, together with instruction booklet produced by Chad Valley. £60-80
1241.   A Cased Taxidermy Barn Owl, Kingfisher and Duck, among foliage and branches, 39 x 44cm. £80-120
1242.   Taxidermy - A Polar Bear (Ursus Maritimus), in standing pose with open mouth, it's head turned to the right, 120cm high. £400-600
1243.    A Mid XX Century Taxidermy Trout, mounted within a glazed display case, inscribed in gilt "Trout, 3lbs Caught by A. Wright at Ambergate 22nd May 1949", 26 x 59cm. £60-80
1244.   A Taxidermy Leopard Flat Skin Rug, leather lined, 130cm. £30-50
1245.   A Child's Rocking Horse, Special Millennium Limited Edition to mark Year 2007, serial number 139 of 200, having horse hair to mane and tail brass fittings, leather harness and saddle, 149cm long. £200-300
1246.   A Late XIX Century Sword Stick, having quetrefoil blade, ivory and silver wavy reeded handle, in bamboo scabbard with ivory tip, 90.5cm long overall; A Walking Stick, with stag handle having peterite stone inset. (2) £60-90
1251.   An Early XIX Century Needlework Sampler, worked by Harriet Stevens, April 1823, with alphabet, verse and vases of flowers within a floral border, framed and glazed, 41 x 30.5cm. £70-100
1252.   An Early XIX Century Alphabet Sampler, worked by Sarah Reeves, 1812, worked in cross stitch with central verse and flowers within a wavy and floral border, framed and glazed, 31 x 31cm. £40-60
1253.   A Mid XVIII Century Embroidery, worked by Diana Gaslins, 1702, in various stitches, with a bouquet of flowers tied with a turquoise ribbon, within a wavy border of flowers and foliage framed and glazed, 36 x 33cm. £50-80
1254.   A Mid XIX Century Woolwork Sampler, worked by Priscilla Slater, 1848, with a country house with a large tree above, surrounded by baskets and sprays of flowers, within a wavy flowerhead border, framed and glazed, 38 x 38cm. £50-80
1255.   A Mid XIX Century Woolwork Sampler, worked by Hannah Wylde, aged 10, 1867, with motto, country scene, shepherd, houses, animals and birds etc., all within a red and white floral border, framed and glazed, 54.5 x 53.5cm. £60-90
1256.   A Mid XIX Century Alphabet Sampler, worked by Rachel Carr, 1860, with vases of flowers, figures and birds between geometric band, framed and glazed, 38 x 39.5cm. £30-50
1257.   An Early XIX Century Sampler, worked by Mary Duke, aged 10, 1801, with central verse, fruiting shrubs, trees, vases of flowers, animals and birds within a wavy floral border, framed and glazed, 53 x 41cm. £50-80
1258.   A Mid XIX Century Sampler, worked by Frances Topliss, aged 12, 1852, with verse, flowers and animals within a wavy border, framed and glazed, 44.5 x 42cm. £50-80
1259.   A Mid XIX Century Sampler, worked by Emma Lint, aged 11, 1852, Grenoside School, with verse, a scene depicting Adam and Eve and bibilical inscription, flowers, animals and figures etc., within a wavy floral border, framed and glazed, 55 x 56cm. £60-90
1260.   A Mid XIX Century Woolwork Tapestry, worked by Emma Brown, 1846, with buildings, flowers, birds and butterflies, within a border of roses, framed and glazed, 57 x 57cm. £70-100
1261.   A Mid XIX Century Sampler, worked by Harriet Woods, aged 10, Wyverstones School February 1846, with alphabet, numbers and verse, framed and glazed, 23 x 20cm; An Alphabet Sampler, worked by Hannah Dixon, June 1836, framed and glazed, 23 x 19cm; Another, dated 1878. (3) £60-90
1262.   A Mid XX Century Machine Woven Tapestry, depicting XVIII Century Courtiers in a Italianate landscape, framed and glazed, 90 x 206cm And Another, depicting an Italian Harbour Scene with figures on the shoreline. (2) £50-100
1263.   A XIX Century Needlework Sampler, mounted in a fire screen, worked with a red brick house, birds, flowers and a poem, 78cm high. £50-100
1265.   An Early XX Century White Glass Ceiling Light, of wavy globular form, screw suspending from brass fitting, 22cm diameter. A cut and frosted glass example, wider. (2) £30-50
1266.   A Mid XX Century Brass Two Tier Hanging Chandelier, the upper section with five sconces, the lower section with twelve, all hung with clear glass prismatic drops, 55cm high. £80-120
1267.   A Mid XX Century Clear Glass Hanging Chandelier, with twelve sconces, the upper section with scrolling flutes, all hung with heavy prismatic drops, 68cm. £80-120
1268.   A Brass Early XX Century Oil Lamp, (converted to an electric table lamp), the Corinthian column raised on a stepped square base with clear cut glass reservoir and tassled shade, 84cm high. £60-80
1269.   A Continental XX Century Glass Ceiling Light, with four fluted branches, with painted cranberry glass sconces, with prismatic drops, 67cm high.
1271.   A Late XIX Century Swiss Musical Box, the shaped rectangular rosewood case with inlaid floral band to the lid, with pinned cylinder and steel comb playing five tunes, the interior with painted panel "Geneve et Le Mont-Blanc", 70 x 34 x 20cm. £500-700
1271A.  An Early XX Century G. Bechstein Upright Piano, in ebonized case, 52053, 150cm long, 116cm high. £100-200
1272.   An Early XX Century W. Watson & Sons Ltd Brass and Black Lacquered Metal Microscope, with lens and accessories, makers mark, model No. 11598, 29cm high, contained in a mahogany carrying case. £70-100
1273.   Thomas Armstrong & Brothers, Manchester and Liverpool Brass Astronomical Telescope, with subsidiary sight, upon brass and metal tripod base, with accessories, in a fitted wooden case, stamped maker's mark, 98cm long. £100-200
1274.   A Late XIX Century Brass Microscope, (incomplete), with lenses, slides and accessories, in a fitted mahogany and brass bound case with drawer. £40-60
1275.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Five Dial Barometer, with hydrometer, temperature gauge, butlers mirror, 30.5cm dial and level, inscribed "A. Stoppani, Doncaster", 123cm high. £100-200
1276.   An Early XX Century Reynolds and Branson Ltd., Leeds Barograph, with brass frame and drum nickel plated bellows, silvered barometer chapter ring, contained in a bevelled glass cabinet with single drawer, 22 x 36cm. £100-150
1277.   A XIX Century Coromandel Cased Drawing Instruments Set, with white metal mounts, with lift out tray. £50-80
1278.   XIX Century Drawing Instruments Set, contained in a red leather case, bearing printed label, A.G.Thornton, Manchester. £30-50
1279.   A XX Century George IV Style Gesso Wall Mirror, with shell 'C' scroll decoration, 118 x 70cm. £60-100
1280.   An Art Nouveau Beaten Copper Wall Mirror, of rectangular form with curved top, inset with Ruskin style turquoise medallions, with moulded ribbons and floral swag, 67.5 x 39.5cm. £70-100
1281.   Fleming: [Ian] James Bond Books, including The Spy Who Loved Me, From Russia With Love, Live and Let Die and eight other issues by Jonathan Cape/Book Club, Rendle: [William] Old Southwark and its People 1878 and Inns of Old Southwark 1888. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe Edwin J Bretts edition, Kelly & Co printed. (14) £60-80
1282.   Cunninghame [Graham R.B.]: The Dream of The Magi, Limited Edition of 280, ink signed by the author, Rodeo, Progress, His People, Notes on The District of Monteith for Tourists and Others, containing map and others, all by the author. (30) £50-100
1283.   Tolkien [J.R.R.]: The Lord of the Rings, pub. by George Allen and Unwin Ltd, London, DeLuxe edition fifth impression 1976, two fold-out maps, black cloth binding, presentation box; Tolkien [J.R.R.]: The Hobbit, pub. by George Allen and Unwin Ltd, London, DeLuxe edition 1976, black cloth binding, presentation box. (2) £70-100
1284.   Dawson [Lucy]: Dogs Rough and Smooth, pub by Collins, London 1937, first edition, dustwrapper (torn), cloth binding. £25-35
1285.   Bond: [Michael] A Bear Called Paddington, illustrated first edition book, published by Collins 1958, featuring drawings by Peggy Fortnum, dust cover present. £200-300
1286.   Milne: [A.A] The House at Pooh Corner, first edition 1928 with illustrations by Ernest H. Shepherd, published by Methuen & Co, another in poor condition; Now We Are Six, first edition 1927. (3) £30-50
1287.   Shute: [Neville] In The Wet, first published 1953, William Heineman with dust jacket, Thompson: [Seton] Wild Animals I have Known, Nutt: [David] 1904, Ollivant: [Alfred] Own Bob 1925, Sewell: [Anna] Black Beauty with illustrations by Cecil Aldin, Jarrolds, Cripps: [W.J] Old English Plate, 1881, Kipling: [Rudyard] Just So Stories, 1910 . (6) £30-50
1288.   Graham: [Kenneth] The Golden Age, reprinted in November 1928, The Wind in The Willows 1922, Barrie: [J.M] Peter and Wendy illustrated by F.D.Bedford, Hodder and Stroughton, Jackson: [ Alice.F] Little Nell Grimm's Fairy Tales, illustrated by Noel Pocock, (title page part absent), Betjeman and Blyton issues. (7) £40-60
1289.   Fleming [Ian]: You Only Live Twice, published by Jonathan Cape Ltd., first edition 1964, black cloth boards, dustjacket. £60-80
1290.   Fleming [Ian]: On Her Majesty's Secret Service, published by Jonathan Cape Ltd., first edition 1963, brown cloth boards, dustjacket. £60-80
1291.   Bronte [Charlotte]: Jane Eyre, An Autobiography by Currier Bell, London, Smith, Elder and Co., 1850, fourth edition, without adverts at the front and rear, rebound. £70-100
1292.   McShane [Stanley]: Bitter River Ranch, pub by Ivor Nicholson and Watson Ltd., London, first edition 1937; Emerson [L.W.] : Bronco Blood, pub by Ward Lock & Co Ltd., London, first edition 1943; Johns [Captain W.E.]: Sky High, and fourteen other boys and sci-fi novels. (17) £30-50
1293.   Winterson [Jeanette]: Orange are Not the Only Fruit, pub by Pandora, 1990 two vols; Burgess [Anthony]: You've Had Your Time, pub by Heinnemann, London, 1990, signed, and eleven other works including McEwan [Ian]: 'Atonement', Rickman [Phil]: 'Midwinter of the Spirit', etc. (13) £40-60
1294.   Thomas [Dylan]: Early One Morning, pub by J.M. Dent and Sons Ltd, first edition 1954; Sherriff [R.C.]: and Bartlett [Vernon]: Journeys End, pub by Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1930; Joyce [James]: Ulysses, and fourteen other works including novels, sport, children', etc. (17) £40-60
1295.   Royalty Interest; A Facsimile Letter From Queen Elizabeth II, on Buckingham Palace notepaper regarding food parcels, at the time of her marriage. £20-30
1296.   An Interesting Collection of Thirteen Press Photographs, Daily Mail, Daily Sketch noted, some dated 1963, mainly of Royalty including carriage processions, weddings, balls etc; together with a Beatles photograph and three restaurant menus, two signed by Sean Connery and Paul Newman. (Unverified) £50-80
1297.   Royalty Interest; A Facsimile Letter, dated 1918, from King George V, handwritten, 39325 - Pte Bennett A.A., 1st E. Yorks.(unverified). £20-30
1298.   A Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy Autographed Photograph, framed, the reverse with label stating that it was signed on their visit to Sheffield Empire Theatre, 8.5 x 14cm. (unverified). £200-300
1299.   John W.D Nantgarw Porcelain, assisted by Dr. S.John and B.A. Williams, first published in 1948, R.H.Johns Ltd Newport, Mon, England, King William Chelsea Porcelain, Benn Brothers 1922, Hodgson, Mrs Willoughby, Old English China, Bell & Sons 1913. (3) £30-50
1300.   Bemrose: [William], Bow Chelsea and Derby Porcelain, Bemrose & Sons 1898, Blacker: [J.F] Nineteenth Century English Ceramic Art, Stanley: [Paul], Macquois: [Percy] The Plate Collectors Guide, Murphy: [John] 1908 other pottery, porcelain and collectors books. (15) £30-50
1301.   A c.1960's Tan Wool Dress and Matching Coat, labelled "Holden Fashions", the coat with cream mink collar and gilt buttons; a dark brown 'Blackglama' mink jacket. (2) £20-40
1302.   A Beige Mink Stole, matching Mitzi Lorenz mink trimmed hat, fox fur tippet and cream fox scarf. £20-40
1303.   A Black Leather Radley Handbag, a Jane Shilton beige leather handbag, a pair of Ralph Lauren flat 'Ballerina' style shoes (size 8B) etc. £15-25
1304.   A Full Length Mid Brown Mink Coat, wrap over style, retailers label for "Joseph Fox Furriers", 108cm long. £30-50
1305.   A Three-quarter Length Cream Mink Jacket, wrap over style with shawl collar, 87cm long. £30-50
1306.   A Cream Mink Bolero Evening Jacket, with elbow length sleeves and collar, 34cm long; together with three mink hats. £20-40
1307.   A c.1960's "Annelle" Cream Lace Wedding Dress, with roll collar, full length sleeves and full skirt with tiered net hem; together with a full length fur coat. (2) £15-25
1308.   A 1930's Wedding Dress, in cream and silver, with full length sleeves, button back and belted diamond detail to waist, with integral train, in a "Norma Chester Manteau Gowns and Millinery " box with postal date 22 August 1939. £20-30
1309.   A 1920's Black Lace Dropped Waist Dress, a pink tiered net sleeveless cocktail dress and other 1920's/30's dresses, dressing gowns etc. (7) £50-80
1310.   Circa 1920's Fabric and Ladies Underwear, christening gowns, fabric remnants, mink hat, etc. £20-30
1311.   A Short Fox Fur Jacket, collarless, 70cm long. £20-40
1312.   A c.1980's Vintage Liberty Slip Dress, in floral print chiffon with shoestring straps (size 14); a Chloe mid length pale blue abstract print bias cut dress with frill to neckline and a modern Ghirani Strok black knee length dress. (3) £80-100
1313.   A Doreé Model Amethyst Chiffon Cocktail Dress, with strapless rushed bodice to tiered flounced skirt, a tangerine organza cocktail dress with sweetheart neckline to ruched bodice and full skirt with rosette detail, both approx. size 8 -10. (2) £30-50
1314.   A c.1960's Salmon Pink Organza Full Length Evening Gown, with shoestring straps to pleated bodice and full skirt; a later eau de nil knee length occasion dress with crystal bead detail and a Condici pale blue dress (size 12) with gathered side panels and attached jacket. (3) £20-30
1315.   A Brown Mink Stole, Fox Fur Tippet, and Short Fur Jacket; together with a heavy brocade kaftan (large) and fur hats. (A Lot) £20-30
1317.   Three Pairs of Ladies Designer Shoes; Gucci black leather strap sandals, Costume National beige leather wedge sandals and Casadei beige leather stiletto heeled court shoes with gold metal block detail to front (all size 5½ - 6). (3) £80-100
1318.   Vintage Chanel No 5 Eau de Cologne, bottle 10.5cm high. £30-40
1319.   A Burberry Black Quilted Leather Hobo Style Tote Bag, with white metal logo and buckle detail, two inner pockets, twin flat handles and shoulder strap, 39cm high, 42cm wide; a vintage Byblos silver mesh handbag, Jamin Peuch raffia bag with faux horn ring handles, a Russell & Bromley tan leather handbag and a Hoss Beaded bag. (5) £180-220
1321.   Wine - Beaujolais Villages 1970, bottles numbered 035120, 034806, 030989, 034819, 4 bottles. £70-100
1322.   Wine - Campi Ravdii Vino Spanna 1964; Creme de Vanille, Mateus, Iron Maiden Robinson's Beer, Cider Flagon, Three Bells Commemorative "Bells", (smallest empty), Rose Hip, (2), All in wooden Advocaat crate. £10-30
1323.   Champagne Cider de Luxe 1964. £15-20
1324.   Wine - Lupe-Cholet & Co. 1955, two bottles. £50-100
1325.   Wine - 1973 Petit Chablis Pierre Ponnelle. £20-40
1326.   Wines - Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Moet & Chandon Champagne, Launois Pere & Fils 1973 Vintage Champagne, German and other Wines. (12) £20-40
1328.   Whisky - Johnnie Walker 15 Year Old Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 43% Vol.; The English Whisky Co. Chapter 6 Classic Malt Whisky, 70cl, 46% Vol., boxed. (2) £20-40
1329.   Whisky - Ancnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Peter Arkle Limited Edition, 70cl, 46% Vol., boxed; Scapa Single Malt Scotch Whisky Orkney Isles Aged 14 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol. (2) £20-40
1330.   Whisky - Bell's Commemorative "Bell" Decanters, including, Christmas 1995, boxed; Christmas 1996, boxed, Marriage of Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, Birth of Princess Eugenie, Christmas 1995, Another. (6) £20-40
1331.   An Assortment of Novelty Jugs, Birds, Animals and Flagons, mostly empty, including Beneagles, Whyte & Mackay, The Spirit of Scotland Books Set; Plus Signatory Vintage Tins, 1989 Mortlach and 1988 Linkwood Miniatures, 5cl, 43% Vol. (1 Tray) £15-30
1332.   Whisky Miniatures - including, Glenfarclas, Oban, Grants, Glen Turret, Benromach, Delnabo, Loch Lomand, Ferrercaine, Bells, Auchentoshan, J&B, Blairathol, Ardbeg, Tandhu, Jura, etc. (1 tray) £30-50
1333.   Whisky Miniatures - including, Speyside, Loch Ness, Haig, Isla (clear), Glenkinchie, Glen Rothes, Bruichladdich, Tobermory, Scapa, Cluny, Lagavulin, Glengoyne, etc. (1 tray) £30-50
1334.   Nineteen Boxed Whisky Miniatures - including Gordon & Macphail, Connoisseures Choice Dallas Dhu 1972, Macallan 10 Years Old, House of Lords, Glen Garioch, Ben Nevis, Knockando, Signatory 1977 Islay Port Ellen, Glen Rothes, Glen Gordon, Strathisla, Balblair, Rosebank, Glenlivet 1977 Cask, Cragganmore 1976 Cask, Highland Park 1983 Cask. (19) £40-60
1335.   Twenty-One Boxed Whisky Miniatures - including Clan Campbell, Bowmore, Aberfeldy, Edradour, McClelland's, Inchmurrin, Royal Brackla 1978, Laphroaig, Benromach, Glenfarclas, Clynelish 1980, Tomatin, Bruichladdich 1979, Bunnahabain, etc £40-60
1336.   A Collection of 36 Whisky Miniatures and Whisky Books, plus Chivas Regal 1993 Coronation £5 Coin. £20-40
1337.   Whisky - Chivas Brothers Royal Salute 21 Years Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., velvet bag; Aberfeldy Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed; Usquaebach The Grand Whisky Of The Highlands Blended Scotch Whisky, 750ml, 86d proof, in flagon, boxed. (3) £30-40
1338.   Whisky - Dimple Fine Old Original De Luxe Scotch Whisky 15 Years Old, 70cl, 40% Vol.; Something Special De Luxe Scotch Whisky Hill Thomson & Co., 70cl, 40% Vol. (2) £20-40
1339.   Whisky - Old St. Andrews Scotch Whisky Clubhouse, golfball style bottle, 700ml, 40% Vol., boxed; The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky Highland Decanter, gilded with 24 carat gold, Wade porcelain bottle, 70cl, 40% Vol.; Grand Old Part Real Antique And Rare Old De Luxe Scotch Whisky, 375ml, 43d; Bunnahabhain Single Islay Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 35cl, 40% Vol.; Highland Park Single Malt Orkney Islands Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 35cl, 40% Vol.; The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky, Royal Doulton, Matthew Gloag & Son Limited Grouse liquor bottle, (cork stopper broken), 75cl, 43% Vol. (6) £20-40
1340.   Whisky - Rutherford's Commemorative Flagon, 18.75cl; Bell's Commemorative "Bell" Decanters, boxed. (One possibly cork broken off and selotaped back on, the other sealed but feels light). £5-15
1341.   Miniatures - Two Boxes of Assorted Spirit, Liqueur and Novelty Miniatures, including whiskies. £20-40
1342.   Whisky - Six Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, including limited editions, for Christmas 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2005 & 2006, 70cl, 40% Vol. all boxed. (6) £20-40
1343.   Whisky - Six Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, including five for Christmas's 1992, 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2007 plus Celebrating 100 Years Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, 70cl, 40% Vol. all boxed. (6) £20-40
1344.   Whisky - Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, for Christmas's 1990 & 2004, Prince of Wales 50th Birthday, 18.75cl, 43% Vol., Old St Andrews Presentation Pack Celebrating 500 Years of Scotch Whisky Barrel, McGibbon's Special Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky in ceramic golf club decanter, 700ml, 43% Vol. all boxed. (6) £20-40
1345.   Whisky - Bell's Millennium 2000 Water Of Life Aged 8 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol. commemorative boxed; Bell's Very Rare Scotch Whisky Royal Reserve Aged 21 Years, 75cl, 43% Vol., boxed. (2) £40-60
1346.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve Aged 18 Years, in ceramic decanter, 750ml, 43% Vol, boxed; Johnnie Walker Black Label Extra Sepecial Aged 12 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed. (2) £20-40
1347.   Whisky - Six Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, including for Christmas's 1993, 1994, 1995 & 2003 plus Golden Wedding of The Queen and The Duke Of Edinburgh and Limited Edition Golden Wedding Decanter, , 70cl, 40% Vol. all boxed. (6)
1348.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Pure Malt Scotch Whisky Limited Centenary Edition, a rare limited bottling of Glenfiddich that was bottled on Christmas Day 1986 to celebrate 100 years of the distillery, number 871 of 12,000 bottles released, 750ml, 43% Vol., commemorative boxed. £40-60
1349.   Whisky - The Famous Grouse, Highland Decanter, 70cl, 40% Vol., Royal Doulton Grouse Decanter, 75cl, 43% Vol., Gold Reserve Deluxe Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 700ml, 40% Vol., all boxed. (3) £20-40
1350.   Whisky - Cardhu Malt Scotch Whisky Matured 12 Years, 750ml, 43% Vol., Bunnahabhain Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, boxed, Speyside Pure Malt Scotch Whisky 8 Years Old, boxed. (3) £20-40
1351.   Whisky - Canadian Club Classic Aged 12 Years, Glen Kella Manx Whiskey, Greenwich Meridian 2000, Prince Of Wales Oak Aged Welsh Malt Whisky 12 Years Old, House Of Lords Scotch Whisky 8 Years Old. (5) £20-40
1352.   Whisky - The Original Dimple De Luxe Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old, 37.5cl, 43% Vol., boxed; The Original Dimple De Luxe Scotch Whisky 15 Years Old, 70cl, 43% Vol., boxed; Johnnie Walker Swing Blended Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol, boxed; Crown Royal Fine De Luxe Blended Canadian Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., bag and box. (4) £20-40
1353.   Whisky - Johnnie Walker Red Label, 70d proof, White Horse Americas Cup, 75cl, 40% Vol., The King Of Scotts Aged 17 Years, Celtic Spirit Co Malt Whisky, 50cl, 'Burberrys' 12 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky, Royal Stewart 12 Years Old De Luxe, 75cl, 40% Vol., Medley USA Bourbon Kentucky. (7) £30-50
1354.   Whisky - Benmore Special Reserve Scotch whisky, 75cl, Stewarts Cream Of Barley, 70d proof, 75.7cl, Glasgow European City Of Culture 1990 Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., Premiers 15 Years Old Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., Scottish Leader Supreme Blended Scotch Whisky Aged Over 15 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol., Old Pulteney Row To The Pole 2011 Limited Edition, 35cl, 40% Vol. (6) £20-40
1355.   Whisky - Six Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, including for Christmas's 1989 & 1991, Year Of The Sheep, 90th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, Birth of Princess Eugenie, Extra Special Decanter, all boxed. (6) £20-40
1356.   Whisky - Clan Campbell The Noble Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 75cl, 40% Vol.; Glenfiddich Pure Malt Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol. Both in commemorative tins. (2) £20-40
1357.   Whisky - Old Nobility Scotch Whisky Over 12 Years Old, 0.7l, 40% Vol., VAT 69 Reserve De Luxe Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., The Gordon Highlanders Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., The original Oldbury Sheep Dip 8 Year Old Pure Malt Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol. (4) £20-40
1358.   Whisky - Tobemory The Malt Scotch Whisky From The Isle Of Mull, 75cl, 40% Vol., Grant's Royal Finest Scotch Whisky, 70d proof, Clynelish Finest Highland Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old, 75.7cl, 70d proof, Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Flagon, 750ml, 40% Vol. (4) £30-50
1359.   Whisky - The Balvenie Highland Malt Scotch Whisky Founders Reserve, 75cl, 40% Vol., Glengoyne Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 17 Years, 75cl, 43% Vol., boxed. (2) £30-50
1360.   Whisky - Auchentoshan Pure Malt Scotch Whisky 12 years Old, 75cl, 40% Vol., Highland Park Malt Scotch Whisky12 Years Old, 75cl, 70d proof, Oban Unblended Highland Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old, 75.7cl, 70d proof. (3) £30-50
1361.   Whisky - Glen Moray Single Highland Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old Historic Highland Regiments "The Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders", 75cl, 40% Vol., in commemorative tin, Glenfiddich Pure Malt Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., in commemorative tin. (2) £20-40
1362.   Whisky - John Haig & Co. Ltd. Dimple Old Blended Scotch Whisky, 26 2/3 Fl. Ozs., 70d proof together with larger example (26cm high), in mount. (2) £20-40
1363.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Pure Malt Scotch Whisky, 2 Litre, 40% Vol., in bottle with handle. £20-40
1364.   Whisky - Five Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, including 60th Birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Marriage of Prince Andrew, Birth of Princess beatrice, Two Other Examples. (5) £20-40
1365.   Whisky - Long John Finest Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., Passport Scotch Whisky, 70d proof, Lochnagar Single Malt Scotch Whisky 12 Years Old, 75cl, 40% Vol., Laird O'Logan De Luxe Scotch Whisky, 70d proof. (4) £20-40
1366.   Whisky - Teacher's Highland Cream Scotch Whisky, 1 litre, 40% Proof, Bell's Royal Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky 20 Years Old, 75.2cl, 75d proof, Johnnie Walker Red Label Old Scotch Whisky, 70d proof, The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky, 75.7cl, 70d proof. (4) £30-50
1367.   Whiskey - Old Canada Imported Canadian Whiskey, 710ml, 40% Vol., John Power & Son Irish Gold Label Whiskey, 750ml, 40% proof, Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 700ml, Uisge Baugh Blend rare Old Irish Whiskey Flagon. (4) £20-40
1368.   Whisky - Eight Bell's Commemorative Bell Decanters, of various sizes and commemorations, including Christmas and Royal. (8) £20-40
1369.   Whisky - Auchentoshan 18 Years Old Malt Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol. £30-50
1370.   Whisky - MacArthur's Select Scotch Whisky 8 Years Old, 70d proof, MacArthur's Select Scotch Whisky, 75.7cl, 70d proof, Whyte & Mackay Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky Ceramic Decanter, 75cl, 43% Vol., boxed, Bell's Old Scotch Whisky Extra Special Over 5 Years Old, No. 88218. (4)
1371.   Whisky - Black & White Special Blend Of Buchanan's Choice Old Scotch Whisky, 70d proof, Harrods V. O. H. Special Blend Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., Harrods Deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol. (3) £20-40
1372.   Whisky - Grant's Finest Scotch Whisky, 75.7cl, 70d proof, Mackinlay's Old Scotch Whisky, 75.7cl, 70d proof, Dufftown Glenlivet Pure Malt Scotch Whisky 8 Years Old, 75.7cl, 70d proof, William Lawson's Rare Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 70d proof. (4) £20-40
1373.   Whiskey - Beam's Pin-Bottle Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 6 Years Old, 700cc, 86 proof, Austin, Nichols & Co Wild Turkey Liquor Bottle Limited Edition Porcelain Wild Turkey & Poults No.6 1984, Glen kella White Manx Whiskey, 750ml, 40% Vol., Canadian Club Whiskey, 75.7cl, 70d proof. (4) £20-40
1374.   Whisky - White Heather Blended De Luxe Scotch Whisky, 75cl, Bowmore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Flagon 15 Years Old, 75cl, 40% Vol., Buchanan's De Luxe Finest Blended Scotch Whisky Flagon, 75cl, 43% Vol., Isle Of Jura Pure Malt Scotch Whisky8 years Old, 70d proof. (4) £20-40
1375.   Whisky - Chivas Brothers Royal Salute Blended Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., Cutty 12 Blended Scots Whisky, 700ml, 75d proof, Chivas Bothers Chivas Regal Blended Scotch Whisky, 75d proof, Dunhill Old Master Finest Scotch Whisky, 750ml, 43% Vol. (4) £20-40
1376.   Whisky - John Haig & Co Dimple Whisky, 70d proof, small size, John Haig & Co Gold Label Blended Scotch Whisky, 75cl, 40% Vol., Buchanan's Reserve Finest Blended Scotch Whisky, 75.7cl, 70d proof, Red Hackle Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky, aged in wood for 12 years, 75.7cl, 75d proof, Pinwinnie Royale Scotch Whisky, 75.7cl, 75d proof. (5) £20-40
1377.   Whisky - A Collection of 30+ Scottish & Other Miniatures, including Glayva Scotch Liqueur, Dimple, Glenmorangie, etc. £30-50
1378.   Whisky - Lagavulin Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 20 Years Bottled in 2020 Exclusive To Commemorate Feis Ile 2020, bottle number 1981 of 6000, 70cl, 54% Vol. £150-180
1379.   Whisky - Spey Single Malt Scotch Whisky 18 Years Old, limited release bottle number 99-00870, 20cl, 46% Vol., boxed; The Classic Malts Collection Coal Ila Aged 12 Years, Clynelish Aged 14 Years, Talisker Aged 10 Years, all 20cl, boxed. £30-50
1380.   Whisky - Loch Lomond Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years The Open Special Edition 1 of 3000 Bottles, distilled Dec 2007, bottled June 2020, 70cl, 46% Vol., boxed; Two Limited Edition Spirit Of The Open Glasses, boxed. £40-60
1381.   Whisky - Ardbeg Wee Beastie Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 5 Years Old, 70cl, 47.4% Vol. £20-40
1382.   Whisky - Big Peat Islay Blended Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 8 Years Feis Ile 2020 Limited Release 1 of 3000 Bottles, 700ml, 46% Vol. £20-40
1383.   Whisky - Aberfeldy Highland Malt Scotch Whisky 12 years Old, batch number 2905 limited bottling, 700ml, 40% Vol., boxed; Glenmorangie Highland Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 10 Years, 35cl, 40% Vol., boxed. (2) £30-50
1384.   Whisky - Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve Blended Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol. boxed. £20-40
1385.   Spirits - Johnnie Walker Red label, Vat 69, Ballantine's Finest Scotch Whisky, 1 litre, Kirsch, Bols, Other mixed bottles. (12) £20-40
1386.   Whisky - Specially Selected Lagavulin Pure Islay Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, White Horse Distillers Ltd., 75.7cl, 75d Proof. £200-400
1387.   Whisky - The Famous Grouse, 1 litre, 40% Vol.; Fine Single Malt English Whisky Norfolk Distilled, 70cl, 43% Vol.; John Haig & Co. Dimple, 70d Proof. (3) £20-40
1388.   Whisky - Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol. boxed; Glenmorangie Highland Malt Scotch Whisky 10 Years Old, 75cl, 40% Vol., boxed. (2) £20-30
1389.   Whisky - The Famous Grouse, 1 litre, 40% Vol.; Three Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky Aged 12 Years, 20cl, 40% Vol.; Glenmorangie Single Highland Scotch Whisky Miniature 18 Years Old, 5cl, 43% Vol. boxed; M&S 4 Miniature Bottles Of Whisky "The Connoisseur Whisky Tasting Experiance", all 5cl, 40% Vol., presentation boxed. (6) £20-40
1390.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Clan Sinclair Single Malt Scotch Whisky, 70cl, 40% Vol., presentation tin; Glenfiddich Malt Scotch Whisky, 1 litre, boxed. (2)
1391.   Whisky - Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky Miniatures Set, 12 Years, 15 Years & 18 Years, Blossom Hill 4 Wine Selection, in wooden case. £5-10
1394.   Champagne - Krug 1996, 750ml, 12% Vol., presentation boxed (some wear). £150-200
1395.   Champagne - Canard-Duchene, le Champagne Officiel du Bicentenaire de la Revolution Francaise, 750ml, 12% Vol., boxed, Charles Heidsieck Champagne Brut Reserve, 75cl, 12% Vol., Prince Laurent Brut Champagne, 750ml, 12% Vol., F. Dulac Demi Sec, 750ml, 10.5% Vol. (4) £20-40
1396.   Champagne - Dom Perignon Vintage 2000 Champagne, 750ml, 12.5% Vol., presentation boxed. £100-200
1397.   A Mixed Assortment of Spirits & Liqueurs - Including, Dow's and Taylor's Port, Martini, Metaxa, novelty, etc. (16) £20-40
1398.   A Mixed Assortment of Spirits & Liqueurs - Including, Lamb's rum, Noilly Prat, Taylor's port, Mirage, Sherry, Cassis, Cherry Brandy, Yorkshire Liqueur flagon, Madeira, Grenadine, etc. (16) £20-40
1399.   A Mixed Assortment of Spirits & Liqueurs - Including, Metaxa, Creme de Menthe, novelty, Napoleon brandy, Bell's "Bells", Cherry Brandy, etc. (16) £20-40
1400.   A Large Assortment of Miniatures - including spirits, liqueurs and novelty items, boxed, Royal Salute in Wade bottles, Chambord, whisky and brandy noted. £20-30
1401.   A Large Assortment of Miniatures - including spirits, liqueurs and novelty items, brandy, Tia Maria, vodka, gin, Cointreau, Drambuie, whisky, etc. (3 boxes) £30-50
1402.   Spirits - Grants Gin, Lamb's Navy Rum, Scottish Island Liqueur, Glenfiddich Malt Whisky Liqueur, Coffee Whisky Liqueur, Asbach Uralt Brandy, Grants & Other Vodka, Grants London Gin, Three Various Size Chambord, Two Sloe & Other Liqueurs, Harveys Bristol Cream. (16) £20-40
1403.   Spirits - Cossack Vodka Bear Novelty Bottle, Beneagles Scotch Whisky Golden Eagle Decanter, 26 2/3 Fl. Ozs., 70d proof, Irish Mist, Ireland's Legendary Liqueur novelty bottle, Lamb's Navy Rum Flagon, 750ml, 70% Vol., boxed, Bols 4 Bottle Decanter, Cherry brandy, Apricot brandy, Parfait Amour, Creme de Menthe. (4) £20-40
1404.   Spirits - Napoleon Brandy, Cherry Marnier, Harvey's Sherry, Vendermint Liqueur, Lamb's Navy Rum, Royal Celebration Ale. (6) £10-20
1405.   Spirits - British Navy Pusser's Rum, De Kuyper Orange Liqueur, Bardinet Napoleon Brandy, Swiss Chocolate Cherry Liqueur, Ale, Other Liqueur. (6) £10-20
1406.   Spirits - Prince Hubert Cognac, Saint-Vivant Armagnac, Cointreau, Sherry, British Navy Pusser's Rum, Grand Marnier. (6) £10-20
1407.   Mixed - Mandarin Napoleon, D.O.M. Benedictine, Grand Marnier, Dimple, Sherry, Kirsch, other spirits, etc. (14) £15-30
1408.   Spirits - D.O.M. Benedictine, two bottles, Drambuie, two small bottles, Jim Beam, Martini, White Swan French Brandy, Bols, Kirsch, Glenfiddich, other bottles. (12) £20-40
1409.   Spirits - Sandeman Porto Branco Aperitif, two bottles, Rum, Kirsberry, Cherry Brandy, Dubonnet, Bristol Cream, Wines, Port, Ouzo, other mixed bottles. (19) £20-40
1410.   Spirits - A Mixed Assortment of Spirit & Other Miniatures, Brandy, etc. £15-30
1411.   Mixed - 1972 Casa De La Reina Red Wine, Beefeater Gin, Pink Gin, Asti, Croft Original, Dubonnet, Glayva Liqueur, Assorted Wines. (12) £20-30
1412.   Mixed - Beefeater Gin (2), Gordons Gin, Croft Original, Glayva Liqueur (2), Wine (includinger German), Harveys Bristol Cream, Angostura Caribbean Rum Aged 5 Years, Noilly Prat Miniatures Boxed (9). (22) £20-30
1413.   Mixed - Angostura Bitters, Glenmorangie Miniature & Glass Set, Glayva Liqueur (4), Beefeater Gin (2), Creme de Framboise, Cockburns Port, Martini, Sloe Gin, Harveys Bristol Cream, Sherry and 23 Other Mixed Wines/Sizes. £20-30
1414.   Cognac - Martell V.S.O.P. Medaillon Old Fine Cognac, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed; Janneau Grand Armagnac VS, 700ml, 40% Vol., in case; Miguel Torres Imperial Brandy, 70cl, 40% Vol. (3) £20-40
1415.   Cognac - Hine Antique Tres Rare Fine Champagne Cognac, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed; Three Barrels V.S.O.P. Brandy, 70cl, 40% Vol. (2) £20-40
1416.   Cognac - Courvoisier Cognac V.S., 1 litre, 40% Vol.; Three Barrels V.S.O.P. Brandy, 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed. (2) £20-30
1417.   Cognac - Courvoisier V.S.O.P. Fine Champagne Liqueur Cognac, 680ml, 40% Vol., boxed; Rare Old French XO Brandy Aged 5 Years, 70cl, 40% Vol.; Otard XO Cognac Miniature. (3) £20-30
1418.   Cognac - Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac V.S.O.P. 24 Fl. Oz.; Remy Martin Fine Champagne Cognac V.S.O.P 70cl, 40% Vol., boxed; Casteja Armagnac V.S.O.P. Reserve Speciale, 700ml, 40d; Somerset Royal Cider Brandy, 35cl, 42% Vol., boxed; Napoleon Brandy V.S.O.P. Aged 3 Years, 20cl, 40% Vol. (5) £30-50
1421.   A Continental Bracket Clock and Bracket, XVIII Century and later, clock works by Louis Simon, Geneve, circular brass/enamel dial with Roman numerals, Arabic seconds, double fusee movement, with engraved back plate and cherub finial, contained in a later green painted and oak ormolu mounted case and matching wall bracket, key and pendulum present, clock 59cm high, bracket 30cm, high. £400-600
1422.   A XIX Century French Wall Clock, in gilt metal case, cast with flowers and scroll work, circular white enamel dial with black Roman numerals, back plate stamped C.V.Paris, X560564, also stamped Medaile D'Argent 1855, striking on a bell, key and pendulum present, (no back cover), 55cm high.
1423.   An Art Deco Spelter Mantel Clock, the central globular face with Arabic numerals, mounted on a wave with seagull above, upon a polished black oval base, 58cm long, key present. £70-100
1424.   A XIX Century Oak Cased Bracket Clock, with caddy top, bronzed finials, glazed door to silvered dial with Roman numerals, on plinth base with paw feet, stamped "Lenzkirch" and number 549058 to backplate, 27cm high. £200-300
1425.   An Early XX Century Brass Skeleton Clock, the white painted chapter ring with Roman numerals of typical scrolling form, fusee movement, oval plinth and base contained under a glass dome (A/F), key and pendulum present, 39cm high. £100-150
1426.   A Late XIX Century Mantel Clock, the carved stone rectangular case moulded in relief with figures and surmounted by heraldic crest and flowers, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, 37.5cm high. £50-80
1427.   An XVIII Century Red Walnut Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the brass dial with pierced spandrels inscribed 'Jean Gruchy, Jersey', Roman numerals, two subsidiary dials and date box, the hood with arched top and door with glass panels to each side, long trunk door, on a plinth base, 223cm high. £200-400
1428.   An XVIII Century Oak Eight-Day Longcase Clock, the (replaced) hood with stepped pediment and square door to brass dial with Roman and Arabic numerals, spandrels, face engraved with ship and foliate decoration, the crossbanded trunk with reeded pilasters on ogee feet, 200cm high. £100-200
1429.   An XVIII Century Oak Eight Day Longcase Clock, the hood with swan neck pediment and arched door to painted white dial with Roman numerals and two subsidiary dials, the trunk with reeded pilasters, on bracket feet, 216cm high. £150-200
1430.   An Early XVIII Century Oak Thirty Hour Longcase Clock, the brass dial inscribed "John Chamberlain, Hertford", with Roman numerals and single pointer, the hood with stepped cornice and arched long door, 191cm high (no weights). £300-500
1431.   An Early XVIII Century Oak Longcase Clock, Joseph Shepard, Sheffield, hood with embattled frieze, square door, column supports, with arched door and corner spandrels, on a plinth base, brass and silvered dial with Roman numerals, (restored), 198cm high. £200-400
1432.   A Mid XX Century French Repeater Brass Cased Carriage Clock, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, with fluted columns and carrying handle, the back plate engraved 'Paris', 12.5cm high. £60-80
1433.   An Early XX Century Timepiece, in a silver plated case, the circular glass dial with painted Arabic numerals supports on two columns on a rectangular base on ball feet, 26.5cm high. £30-50
1434.   A French Brass Cased Carriage Clock, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals, the back plate engraved 'D H. France' the top engraved 'April 9th 1847-97', 11cm high. £40-60
1435.   An Early XX Century French Repeater Carriage Clock, the brass case with Corinthian columns and bevelled glass panels, the white enamel dial with Roman numerals and inscribed "Examined by Gaydon and Son Norwood", the back plate engraved "E.G.L. Paris", 14cm high. £80-120
1436.   A c.XIX Century Desk Clock, the high domed brass case fitted to the interior with a Swiss pocketwatch movement, the white enamel dial with black and red Arabic numerals, the movement signed "Charvet a Carouge"(?), within border of rubover inset highlights, overall on turned brass pedestal base, key present, 23.7cm high. £70-100
1439.   A Large XIX Century Mahogany Display Cabinet, with stepped cornice, twin glazed doors with adjustable shelves, on a plinth base, 148cm wide, 228cm high. £100-150
1440.   A Set of Four XIX Century Yew and Elm Windsor Chairs, with pierced splats, on turned legs with crinoline stretchers (worm in seats). (4) £200-300
1441.   A Pair of XIX Century Yew Wood Chairs, with hooped backs, rail supports, pierced splats with turned draught centre, elm seats, on turned legs with crinoline stetchers. (2) £100-150
1442.   A XIX Century Mahogany Wellington Chest, with seven graduated drawers on a plinth base, 105cm high, 48.5cm wide. £150-200
1443.   A XIX Century Rosewood Stool, with upholstered top and shaped apron, on cabriole legs, 59cm high. £50-100
1444.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Marquetry Inlaid Pier Cabinet, with ormolu mounts and glazed door on a shaped plinth base, 81cm wide, 108cm high. £100-150
1445.   An XVIII Century Octagonal Shaped Brass Bound Wine Cooler, (on a later stand), 45 x 68cm. £50-100
1446.   XIX Century and Later Mahogany Window Seat, with rectangular top on lyre supports, carved cabriole legs and scroll feet, with central turned stretcher (top not original), 130cm long, 56cm high. £120-180
1447.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Spoon Back Nursing Chair, the tapestry back and seat with beadwork decoration, on turned legs. £50-100
1448.   A Late XVII/Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Gateleg Table, with oval top and single drawer, on turned and block supports united by stretchers, 142cm wide. £50-100
1449.   A XIX Century Inlaid Rosewood Chiffonier, with three-quarter gallery to crossbanded shelf, reeded supports and glass panel, the base with arched marquetry panels decorated with urns and foliage, on a plinth base, 125cm high, 92cm wide. £150-250
1450.   A XIX Century Regency Style Dining Table, with rectangular top, on turned legs with brass castors, 231 x 134cm. £100-200
1451.   A Late XIX Century Sutherland Table, with drop leaves and turned legs, 74cm high. £60-80
1452.   A Georgian Style Mahogany Bachelor's Chest, with four long drawers and brushing slide, canted blind fret corners, on bracket feet, 84cm high, 83cm wide.
*Receipt from Smiths the Rink dated 01/02/05 for £715. £100-150
1453.   A Good Quality Mid XX Century Walnut Dining Room Suite, with foliate carved borders and cabriole legs, comprising; a shaped rectangular sideboard with three drawers flanked by two cupboards, an extending dining table, four dining chairs and two others similar and a nest of tables. (9) £400-600
1454.   A XIX Century Rosewood Serpentine Shaped Card Table, with fold-over top and baize interior, the shaped frieze with applied decoration, on tapering circular base with 'C' scroll cabriole legs, 99cm wide. £80-120
1455.   A Set of Eight William IV Mahogany Dining Chairs, with central rail, upholstered seats on turned and reeded legs. (8) £150-250
1456.   A Late XIX/Early XX Century Bentwood Hat and Coat Stand, with finial top, eight 'S' shaped coat hooks on a quatrefoil base, 206cm high. £100-200
1457.   A Howard & Sons of London XIX Century Mahogany Double Sided Specimen Cabinet, (originally from The British Museum), with exterior panelled doors to interior with one hundred and sixty graduated drawers with glass tops, bearing label "Howard & Sons Ltd., 25, 26, 27 Berners St. London. W", 130cm wide, 159cm high, 90cm deep. £1200-1500
1458.    A Mid XVIII Century Red Walnut Tea Table, with fold-over top, single drawer, on cabriole legs and pad feet, 72cm high, 85cm wide. £100-200
1459.   A Late XIX Century Mahogany Pedestal Desk, with crossbanded top and leather scriver, three drawers, the twin pedestals each with panelled door on plinth bases (altered), 80cm high, 115cm wide. £60-100
1460.   An Early XX Century Two Seater Settee, with shaped arms, on tapering legs, upholstered in a green striped fabric, 138cm wide. £50-100
1461.   An Art Nouveau Mahogany Display Cabinet, with shaped gallery over leaded glazed doors, the gallery, apron and twin lower doors all inlaid with copper, satinwood and other woods as stylised floral motifs, 108cm wide. £200-300
1462.   A XIX Century Ash Linen Press, with stepped pediment, twin panelled upper doors concealing four sliding trays, over three graduated long drawers and plinth base, 130cm wide. £200-300
1463.   A Small Oak Chest on Stand, the top with moulded edge over twin panelled doors, eight internal drawers, above four small drawers, raised on cabriole legs with pad feet, 45cm wide, 90cm high. £120-180
1464.   A Pair of XVII Century and Later Joined Oak Chairs, with flat top rails, turned finials, arched panel backs and solid seats on turned and block supports united by stretchers. (2) £150-200
1465.   A XIX Century Child's Ash and Elm Rocking Chair, with pierced splat, rail supports, turned arms, on turned supports, and rockers. £80-120
1466.   An Early XX Century Oak Linen Press, Heal & Sons stamped to the lock, with a stepped cornice, twin panelled doors, three internal shelves, base with a long drawer, on circular tapering supports on bun feet, with H stretcher, 93 x 154cm. £100-150
1467.   A Robert Thompson 'Mouseman' Oak Open Bookcase, with four adjustable shelves, raised upstand. solid ends and panelled back, carved mouse signature, 83cm x 25cm x 122cm. £500-700
1468.   A Robert Thompson 'Mouseman' Oak Standard Lamp, with octagonal column on stepped base, carved mouse signature, together with a cream shade, 138cm high. £200-300
1469.   A Robert Thompson 'Mouseman' Oak Book Trough, with carved mouse signature, 45.5cm long. £70-100
1470.   A 'Yorkshire Critters' Style Oak Open Bookcase, with four fixed shelves, stepped sides, each carved with rose medallions, 83 x 38 x 137cm. £200-300
1471.   A Set of Six Mahogany Hepplewhite Revival Dining Chairs, the shield backs with pierced splat, stuff over seats on chamfered legs with 'H' stretchers. (6) £100-150
1472.   A Set of Four Late XIX Century Mahogany Chairs, the shaped top rail with swag decoration, rail supports, stuff over seats, on tapering moulded legs. (4) £50-100
1473.   An Early XIX Century Rosewood Breakfast Table, with rectangular crossbanded top, lyre supports, on shaped legs. £200-300
1474.   A XIX Century Ebonised Breakfront Credenza, with inlaid decoration, glazed doors, ormolu mounts, on a plinth base, 149cm wide, 98cm high. £50-100
1475.   A Set of Six George III Style Mahogany Dining Chairs, each with pierced splat back, on square supports, united by H' stretcher (some damage). (6) £100-200
1476.   A Late XVIII Century Oak Chest, with two small and three long graduated drawers, having brass swan neck handles on ogee feet, 79.5cm high, 86cm wide (top split). £100-200
1477.   A Pair of XIX Century Walnut Framed Nursing Chairs, each with pokerwork and scroll carved cresting, serpentine front, on squat cabriole legs terminating on ceramic castors, upholstered in gold button back upholstery. (2) £150-250
1478.   An XVIII Century and Later Mahogany Wine Cooler, with crossbanded top and fascia, with leaded lower interior, on tapering legs and brass castors, 67.5cm high, 44.5cm wide, 36.5cm deep. £100-150
1479.   An XVIII Century and Later Walnut and Pine Chest, with two small and three long graduated drawers with brass swan neck handles on bracket feet, 77cm high, 82.5cm wide. £100-150
1480.   A Late XVII Century Oak Coffer, top with moulded edge over twin panelled front, on stile feet (with restoration), 67cm high, 103cm wide. £80-120
1481.   An XVIII Century Mahogany 'D' End Dining Table, on moulded and chamfered legs (with central leaf) (with restoration), 73cm high, 188cm long. £80-100
1482.   A Globe Wernicke Oak Six Tier Bookcase, with dentil cornice, column supports and panelled sides, the base with a single drawer, (bearing label), 178cm high, 90cm wide. £200-300
1483.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Wainscot Chair, with a shaped top rail, panelled back, shaped arms, solid seat, on turned and block supports, united by stretchers. £150-200
1484.   A Pair of XIX Century Regency Armchairs, with shaped top rails, scroll shaped arms, drop in seats, on sabre legs, (restored). (2) £80-120
1485.   An XVIII Century Mahogany Bureau, with fall front to fitted interior, four long drawers on ogee feet, 96cm wide. £60-100
1486.   An Early XIX Century Mahogany Book Cabinet with Secretaire Chest of Drawers, with dentil cornice and astragal glazed doors to top, cross banded fall front drawer to fitted interior, three long drawers, on bracket feet, 113cm wide. £80-100
1487.   A Set of Four William IV Mahogany Dining Chairs, with pierced rail, 'C' scroll decoration, drop-in seats on turned and reeded legs. (4) £40-80
1488.   An Early XX Century Mahogany Revolving Bookcase, with square top, shelves with rail supports, 49cm wide, 81cm high. £60-80
1489.   A Mahogany Wall Hanging Display Cabinet, the shaped top with gilt decoration, glazed door, the base with carved 'C' scroll decoration, 60cm wide, 48cm high. £30-50
1490.   A XIX Century Continental Walnut Pedestal Table, the square top with marquetry inlaid central panel depicting a girl carrying basket of birds, raised on turned pedestal and shaped legs, 60cm wide. £50-100
1491.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Coffer, with four lozenge panels to top over panelled base, on stile feet, the sides with cast handles, 68cm high, 172cm wide. £200-300
1492.   A Mid XVIII Century Joined Oak Side Table, with two piece top, baton ends and single drawer, on cabriole legs, 70cm high, 79cm wide. £100-200
1493.   An Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Dresser Base, the top with moulded edge over two single drawers, on turned and block front legs, 78cm high, 145cm wide. £300-400
1494.   A Late XVII / Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Gateleg Table, with oval top and single drawer on turned and block supports, 126cm wide. £100-150
1495.   An XVIII Century Joined Oak Drop Leaf Table, raised on cabriole legs with pad feet. £50-100
1496.   A XIX Century Mahogany Easy Chair, with hooped back and shaped arms, upholstered in button back red leather with stud detail, serpentine front rail, on cabriole legs. £60-100
1497.   A XIX Century Rosewood Sofa Table, with drop leaves and two drawers, on lyre supports, centre rail, on claw feet, 130cm wide. £100-200
1498.   A George VI Coronation Limed Oak Stool, stamped "B. North & Son, West Wycombe" to stretcher, 46 wide, 47cm high. £80-120
1499.   An Early XX Century Walnut Bedside Cupboard, with a low back, panelled door, on plinth base, 45cm wide. £30-50
1500.   A XIX Century Style Painted Satinwood Demi-Lune Table, with central with floral decoration and foliate border, egg and dart frieze, on turned and reeded legs, 83cm high, 132.5cm wide. £200-400
1501.   A Late XVII Century Joined Oak Wainscot Chair, the top rail and panel back with lozenge decoration, shaped arms, solid seat, on turned and block supports united by stretchers (front stretcher replaced). £150-200
1502.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Settle, the top rail with carved lotus over five panel back, solid seat, on turned and block supports united by stretchers, 105cm high, 135cm wide. £200-300
1503.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Moulded Front Cabinet, with single drawer over twin moulded front cupboard doors and panelled sides, on bun feet, 93cm high, 107cm wide. £200-300
1504.   A XIX Century Ash and Elm Windsor Chair, with hooped back, rail supports and splat with star decoration, on turned legs united by 'H' stretchers. £150-200
1505.   A Set of Five (One Carver and Four Single) Ash and Elm Windsor Chairs, with hooped backs, spindle supports, shaped splats with star decoration, on turned legs with 'H' stretchers. (5) £300-400
1506.   A XVII Century Oak Bible Box, the fall front with book ledge and scratched on initials "I.M. 1622", carved rosette frieze, 28cm high, 73cm wide. £100-200
1507.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Rapier Chest, the top with bail hinges, moulded edge, base with with carved lotus decoration, iron lock plate, shaped feet, 45cm high, 107cm wide. £100-200
1508.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Rapier Chest, the top with iron strapwork, the base with carved lozenge decoration, iron lock plate, on plate shaped feet, 47cm high, 88cm wide. £150-200
1509.   An Early XVIII Century Joined Oak Drop Leaf Table, with oval top on turned and block supports, shaped base and feet. £100-200
1510.   A XVII Century Joined Oak Refectory Table, with rectangular plank top, baton ends, the base with turned and block supports united by stretchers (with restoration and old woodworm), 78cm high, 168cm long. £250-300
1511.   A George III Mahogany Two-Seater Settee, on tapering legs with foliate carving, united by stretchers, upholstered in a floral patterned cream damask fabric, 142cm wide. £200-400
1512.   An Early XX Century Oak Filing Cabinet, with low back, tambour front concealing nine internal shelves, on plinth base, 49cm wide, 104cm high. £100-200
1513.   A Mahogany Stick Stand, with turned finial, bronzed circular rail on turned stand and circular base with drip tray, on bun feet, 61cm high. £40-60
1514.   An Early XIX Century Oak Side Table, with two small and one long drawer, on square legs, 73cm wide. £40-80
1515.   A XIX Century and Later Carved Oak Court Cupboard, the top with scalloped frieze, carved panels, carved and block supports, the base with carved panel doors, on paw feet, 141cm wide. £100-150
1516.   A XIX Century Mahogany Gout Stool, with leather upholstered back and seat, on turned legs, 45cm wide. £30-50
1517.   A Late XVIII Century Demi-Lune Tea Table, the fold-over top with boxwood inlay, on tapering legs, 45cm wide. £50-100
1518.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Hepplewhite Elbow Chair, with shield back, carved guilloche decoration, reeded rail supports, upholstered seat, on turned and reeded front legs. £200-300
1519.   A Late XVIII Century Mahogany Demi-Lune Tea Table, the fold-over top with boxwood stringing, on tapering legs, 91 x 73cm. £50-100
1520.   An Early XX Century Johnson and Appleyards Ltd Oak Wardrobe, the top with half round back, the twin doors each with four carved panels, on bracket feet, with four brass hooks and internal mirror, bearing label, 202cm high, 115cm wide. £60-100
1521.   XIX Century Style Walnut Games/Sewing Table, with fold over top with chess/backgammon board, single drawer, tapering basket on turned supports and carved cabriole legs united by a turned stretcher, 63cm wide, 79cm high. £60-120
1522.   An XVIII Century Lowboy, the rectangular top with moulded edge, three small drawers, shaped apron, on cabriole legs, 82cm wide. £80-120
1523.   A Mid XIX Century Walnut Davenport, with a pierced three-quarter gallery, fitted interior, shaped fall with four graduated drawers and four dummy drawers, on carved cabriole supports, plinth base and bun feet, 55cm wide. £200-300