The Collectors' Auction
including Sporting Memorabilia, Postcards, Militaria, Coins & Stamps
on Thursday 25th February 2021

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1.      A QEII Officers Mess Dress, including cap, tunic and trousers, No 2 tunic and cap to the rank of Captain with WWII and later medal ribbon, plus berets (UN noted) Sam Brown among associated items. 20-40
2.      An 1822 Pattern Royal Artillery Officers Sword, three bar hilt, etched blade, with original scabbard, tarnishing to blade, rust to scabbard. 40-60
2A.     An 1895 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword By A.G Parker and Co of Birmingham, decorated guard with Royal Insignia, etched blade, leather covered scabbard, tarnishing and pitting to blade. 50-80
3.      A XIX Century 'Cut Down' Percussion Musket of Middle Eastern Origin, inlaid woodwork, 96cm long. 30-50
4.      A XIX Century Marini Henry Socket Bayonet and Scabbard, fully stamped scabbard, 55cm blade, pitting to blade and split to scabbard. 40-60
5.      A XIX Century French Sabre Bayonet, dated 1869, some chips and rust spots to blade, dent to grip/spring holes, with scabbard, numbers do not match. 25-40
6.      A WWI American Bayonet by Remington, blade fully stamped, with original sheath. 30-50
7.      The Rusty Remnants of a WWII Era British Aircraft Control Panel, possibly Lancaster. 20-30
8.      A Very Large XXI Century Royal Navy White Ensign, similar to those flown on Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyers, fully coded and dated 2014, approximately 6.2 x 3.1 metres. 100-200
9.      Two Framed Photographs of BAE Nimrod, including 'Missile Firing'. 10-20
10.     A 1985 Danbury Mint Great Western Railway 150th Anniversary Medal, cased, a 1980 Great Railway Exposition Medal, cased and three other railway related Centenary items. 20-40
11.     The 14th (Hallamshire) Battalion York and Lancaster Regiment 1914-1919 by Capt D.P. Grant, (maps in folder noted). A small quantity of WWII era mess notes and programme mainly Sheffield based, among similar items. 20-40
12.     A Royal Mint Bronze 40th Anniversary End of WWII Medal, case, a Battle of Britain Commemorative Medal, cased, and Airborne Forces Golden Jubilee (1990) Medallion, cased. 20-40
13.     A 1937 Coronation Car Bumper Badge. 15-25
14.     Two Reproduction MBE's, a small quantity of WWI silks and a copy of 'Sheffield Blitz'. 15-25
15.     A Large Mid XX Century Royal Navy Brass Ships Bell, c. 10inches high plus bracket, stamped - 'HMS Luce Bell - 1946 with WD arrow, bell has cracked and been repaired.

*K427 - HMS Luce Bay was a Bay Class Frigate launched in 1945, cancelled and completed as survey vessel HMS Dalrymple in 1949, transferring to Portugal in 1966. 100-200
16.     A Mid XIX Century Percussion Six Barrelled 'Pepperbox' Revolving Pistol, by Manhattan F.A. MFG. Co. of New York, 3inch barrel/two piece walnut grip, significant wear and pitting to metal work. 80-150
17.     A WWII and Later Group of Six Medals, comprising War Medal, Defence Medal, 1939-45 Star, Burma Star, QEII Coronation Medal and Pakistan Independence Medal. to Captain W.R. Hodgeson, MBE lastly of Remount Depot, Mona. Lot also includes presentation flask and racking trophy to above. Note: MBE missing. 70-100
18.     An Unusual WWII and Later Group of Five Medals, comprising Defence Medal, War Medal, Royal Naval GSM with Mine sweeping 1945-51 Bar, General Service Medal with Malaya Clasp and QEII Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal to Captain R.T Cosgrove RASC, lot also includes miniatures, dog tags, warrants, release papers, certificate of service among other items.

* Records indicate Reginald Thomas Cosgrove was born on 24th March 1927 in Wellington, Somerset, son of John and Lavinia. He joined The Royal Navy, aged 17 on 28th December 1944 serving until 22nd January 1948 under The Service No KX737480.

A short period on Civvy Street saw him convicted of driving a bus without a license in 1949, before enlisting in The Royal Army Service Corps on 3rd January 1950 rising to the Rank of Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant by 1965, he saw service at home, Malaya and Singapore, during his time in Malaya he met and married Ethel Maud Games, a Military nurse in February 1953

He was commissioned Second Lieutenant, Royal Army Service Corps on 4th January 1965, making the rank of Captian by 1968. He died while still commissioned on 28th July 1970 at The Military Hospital, Westminster. 150-250
19.     A Metal 'Dog Tag' Style Bracelet, to 'Rfl G.H.Mills - 43491A Coy 1/16 London OWR/an ID Pendant made from a George V Coin, reading - 'H.Eyles 4519 13 Divn AVC, Mesopltamia'/an style ring/ a silver medallion - Yorkshire Cross County Association dated 11th March 1899. 20-30
20.     A WWI Casualty Group, comprising 1914-15 Star, War Medal, Victory Medal and Death 'Penny' to 3922 Pte Fred Bland, Yorks and Lancs Reg, No Star No 32149. 80-150
21.     A WWI and WWII Group of Three Medals, comprising War Medal and Victory Medal to 41324 Pte G.H.Mills, East Yorks Regiment and WWII Defence Medal to Mr G.H. Mills (in box of issue). Lot also includes ARP Badge and Misc. military buttons. 40-60
22.     A George VI Boxed Territorial Efficiency Medal to 4742987 Cpl L. Castle, Yorks and Lancs Regiment, plus an enamel National Service badge. 25-40
23.     A George VI India Service Medal and a Vietnam Campaign Medal. 15-25
24.     An Edward VII Africa General Service Medal, with Somaliland 1908-10 clasp, rim badly damaged - may have said - 'Ayres, LG.S to HMS Proserpine. 30-50
25.     A WWI War Medal to 123315 Gnr H.C. Gundill, RA, plus two RA badges, among other items. 20-30
26.     A WWI Medal Duo, comprising War Medal and Victory Medal to 219663 Dvr N. Allen, Royal Artillery, in box of issue, NB: Victory Medal not named. 25-40
27.     A Defective 1854 Crimea Medal - Hanger, maybe replaced and rim appears 'Skimmed' and unnamed. 20-40
28.     A WWII Set of Four Medals, comprising 1939-45 Star/France Germany Star/War Medal/Defence Medal, mounted as worn. 20-40
29.     A WWI War Medal to 24/950 Pte F Roseblade, West Riding Regt, plus Services Rended badge and associated shoulder badges. 25-40
32.     One Pound (Total Face Value) of Pre-1947 UK Silver Halfcrowns, six crown sized coins, incluidng Five Pounds 1996, three empty plastic boxes. 20-40
33.     A Small Quantity of Mainly British Base Metal Coins, including George III Halfpennies, Commemorative XX Century Crowns, Tokens, Ancient Coins, among others, all well circulated/damaged. 30-50
34.     Five Royal Mint Proof Sets Coinage of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 1970, 72, 74, 75 (x 2), 76. Plus Royal Mint Proof Sets 1976 Coinage of Tuvalu , 1974 Coinage for Central Bank Yemen, 1976 Coinage of The Republic of Botswana, 1971 Decimal Coinage to Gambia, all cased. Plus a Two Pound 1986 Commonwealth Games and a 1988 Bradford and Bingley Specimen Set. 40-60
35.     Nine 1960's and Later Sandhill Cases, Mainly GB Coinage, but 1979 Brunei noted. Plus 2011 World Coin catalogue. 20-30
36.     withdrawn - A Royal Mint High Gloss Three Coin Presentation Box, (empty) fifteen circulated banknotes (mainly Zimbabwe high denominations), a quantity of coins medallions including commemorative coins George V 1918 Shilling East Africa Fifty Cents, 1948, Five Pounds UK 2000, George V One Florin 1929. 25-40
37.     Three Plastic Sandhill Cases of GB Coinage, 1939/1944 and 1945. 20-40
38.     The Royal Mint 2008 United Kingdom Coinage, Royal Shield of Arms Emblems of Britain Silver Proof Coin Collections, accompanied by certificates, boxed. 80-100
39.     Two Hundred and Fifty Plus Overseas Circulated Banknotes, many countries represented, including Banque De France Vingt Francs 82056 B.12-2-1942 B, D2, Government of Hong Kong Ten Cents, AS618709. 30-50
40.     Five Westminster and Date Stamp Coin Presentations, including the new twelve sided One Pound Coin, date stamp issue 2017, Jane Austen Two Pounds Coin 2017 Commemorating Cover, The Snowman Fifty Pence Coin Cover. 25-40
41.     A Two Pound 'Dove of Peace', a quantity of UK Commemorative Crowns, a quantity of circulated UK and World, mainly base metal coins and a small quantity of XX Century World Banknotes. 20-30
42.     A Small Quantity of XIX Century British Coinage, including 1891 Silver Shilling, and 1890 Silver Florin. All well circulated/poor. Plus a quantity of British and world wide base metal coinage. 30-50
43.     A Westminster Edition 2017 Two Pounds Silver Britannia, Harry and Meghan Engagement Commemorating Coin Cover, Guernsey Silver Proof Five Pounds '200th Anniversary of The Birth of Queen Victoria', accompanied by certificate, boxed. 30-40
44.     A Westminster Issue Jane Austen Ten Pounds Banknote, date stamp presentation, S/N CA17 010862 (Victoria Cleland-Chief Cashier); together with the first and last circulation 1 coin, date stamp set, both boxed. 25-40
45.     Two 1994 Royal Mint United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection, with D-Day Fifty Pence, sealed and a 1986 Royal Mint UK Proof Coin Collection in blue case. 25-40
46.     Four Royal Mint Silver Proof Coins, a William and Kate Wedding 2011 Silver Crown, a 1991 One Pound, 1992 Twin Ten Pence Coin Set, 1990 Piedfort Five Pence, all cased with certificates. 30-50
47.     A Collection of Predominately Overseas Base Metal Coins, many countries represented, to include Latvia One Lats 1924, US Quarter Dollar 2007 'Idaho', some redeemable noted, United States of America One Dollar Banknote. (2) 25-40
48.     WITHDRAWN - A Selection of Commonwealth and USA XX Century Coins, including Liberty Dollars (1922 noted), 1937 and 1938 Australian Crowns, 1949 New Zealand Crown, 1949 Canadian One Dollar, plus four 'Hammered' Cit Coins. 30-50
49.     Four Royal Mint Silver Proof Coins, 1988? One Pound, 1990 One Pound, 1994 D-Day Fifty Pence, 1989 Two Pounds Two Coin Set. All cased with paperwork. 40-60
50.     A Westminster Presentation The First Polymer Twenty Pounds Banknote, date stamp issue, UK 2020 JMW Turner Banknote, S/N CA31 384246 (Sarah John-Chief cashier) edition limited 2500, accompanied by certificate of authenticity, boxed. 30-50
51.     Four Royal Mint Silver Proof Coins, 1989 One Pound, 1991 Silver Pound, 1986 Commonwealth Games Two Pound, 1985 Piedfort Twenty Pence. All cased with paperwork. 30-50
52.     A Small Quantity of British and World Coinage, silver and base metal including 1934 Liberty Dollar, George III 1773 d, 1939 2 Guilda Coin, 1959 Canadian Dollar, among others, circulated. 20-40
53.     A Beijing Olympics 2008 Flower Shaped Mascots Commemorative Medallion, accompanied by literature, boxed. 10-20
54.     Six Copy Trial Coins, including Fifty Pence Kew Gardens. 20-30
55.     A Royal Mint 1993 United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection, with Fifty Pence, sealed. 20-40
56.     A Royal Mint 1993 United Kingdom Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection, with Fifty Pence, sealed. 20-40
57.     Six Roman Coins, (unverified) to include Probus, 276-282, Antoninianus. 20-30
58.     A Collection of Great Britain Pre-1947 Circulated Silver Coins, assorted denominations, including One Shilling 1866, Sixpence 1920, Four Pence 1838. 30-50
59.     A Small Quantity of Ten XVII/XVIII and XIX Century Tokens, including 1794 Berkhampstead Lace Manufacturers, 1652 Armies of Bristol, 1811 Newark One Penny, 1812 Cornish Penny, among others. 30-50
60.     A Small Quantity of Mainly World Silver Base Coins, including 1885 Rupee and 1941 Rupee, circulated. 20-30
61.     Old English Hammered Coins, to include Shilling - Philip and Mary? poor - lacking most detail, Charles I Threepence (drilled), Henry VIII Groat, poor. 30-50
62.     A 1594 Elizabeth I Sixpence, obverse crowned bust of Queen Elizabeth I, rose behind head to right, legend around quartered shield of arms, 2.8grams. 30-50
63.     Two Queen Victoria Elizabeth One Shillings, (4.6g), poor - lacking most portrait detail, (4.3g) edge inscription mostly missing, William III Shilling 169?, detail flat (5.5g). 30-50
64.     Edward I (1272-1307) Silver Penny, (1.4g), presented within a Coincraft folder. 30-50
65.     Two Queen Victoria Silver Crowns, 1889 (JH), 1897 (VH). 30-50
66.     George IV Crown 1822, Queen Victoria Crown 1887, (JH). 30-50
67.     George III Shilling 1817, 1820, George IV Shilling 1826, Queen Victoria Shilling 1887, George III Sixpence 1819. 25-40
68.     United States Silver Dollar 1921, George V Crown 1935. 25-40
69.     Two Queen Victoria Silver Crowns, 1890 (JH), 1892 (VH). 30-50
70.     Five Commemorative Coins/Medallions, including Royal Mint Silver Jubilee Medallion Elizabeth II, Silver Wedding medallion (Pinches - 1972) Edward 'Duke of Windsor medallion (Pinches - 1972), mostly cased. 25-40
71.     The Royal Mint Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother 80th Birthday Commemorative Crown Seven Coin Set, including Guernsey 25 pence 1980, FDC 25 pence 1980, accompanied by literature, cased. 50-70
72.     A 1978 Jamaica Twenty Five Dollars Proof Silver Coin '25th Anniversary of The Coronation', accompanied by literature, cased. 35-50
73.     Five Crown Sized Coins, to include Caymen Islands 1983 $10 proof silver coin, Jamaica 1983 $10 proof silver coin, a Pobjoy Mint The South Atlantic Coronation Crowns set (three coins), accompanied by literature, cased. 25-40
74.     A Set of Commemorative Coins by John Pinches - London Commemorating The Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales 1st July 1969, 1/- 2/- 2/6 and a crown piece No 914 of 2000, together with a commemorative medal by John Pinches - London 'The Investiture of Prince Charles', cased. 30-50
75.     A Spink Margaret Thatcher Commemorative Bronze Medallion 'Visit to The Falklands Islands 1983', together with a King Edward Diamond Jubilee Investiture 1911 - 1971 twin medallion set, accompanied by literature, cased. 20-40
76.     Three Silver Proof Commemorative Coins, to include The Turks and Caicos Islands 20 crowns coins 1976, 1977, a Franklin Mint official bicentennial medal HM Queen Elizabeth II United States bicentennial visit July 1976. 30-50
77.     A States of Jersey Sterling Silver Coin Frosted Proof Set 1983. 20-30
78.     An Interesting Album of Early XX Century Postcards, to include over one hundred and eighty cards of Regiment, Battle Scenes, War and other Ships and Topographical Scenes, mainly of Southern Seaside Towns. 50-80
79.     Three Albums of Over One Hundred and Sixty Early Mid XX Century Comic Picture Postcard, to include Donald McGill, Fred Spurgin, Tom Browne, many published by Bamforth and Co. 50-80
80.     An Early XX Century Picture Postcard Album, containing over two hundred and thirty cards, of varying genres, including Greetings, Cats, Religious, Comic, Highland Cattle, etc and a postcard album. 30-50
81.     A Collection of Approximately One Hundred and Ninety Three Early XX Century - 1970's Topographical Picture Postcards, to include 'York Minster', Lincoln Cathedral, Scarborough and Continental Views. 20-40
82.     Three Albums of Approximately One Hundred and Forty Eight Early XX Century Picture Postcards, mainly of Topographical Views, also Greetings and Children's Illustrations noted, to include many of Yorkshire interest, Hull, Harrogate, Grimsby, etc. 60-90
83.     Over Eighty Early XX Century and Later Mainly Topographical or History Postcards of Derbyshire, Valentine Series and Similar, Buxton, Bakewell, Ashwood Dale noted, contained in an album. 30-50
84.     Thirty Three Louis Wain Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of cats in humorous pursuits to include 'Our Football Match', 'Catching It', 'Fortune Teller', etc, some published by Raphael Tuck and Sons. 40-60
85.     A Collection of Approximately Two Hundred and Ninety Early XX Century Picture Postcards, of varying genres, to include Royalty, Birthday and other Greetings, Actresses, Animals, Servicemen, Religious, Warships, etc. 30-50
86.     A Box of Over Two Hundred and Fifty Early XX Century - 1970's Picture Postcards, of varying topics, including Topographical (some Yorkshire noted), a WWI Silk Birthday Greetings Card, poem cards, Snowdon Train, Trams, etc. 30-40
87.     Three Albums of One Hundred and Eighty Picture Postcards, from the early XX Century to include Greetings, Topographical some of Yorkshire Coastal Towns, Poem Cards and Photographic Card some of Football Teams noted. 50-80
88.     An Album of Over Two Hundred and Twenty Early XX Century Photographic Picture Postcards, of steam and other ships, to include HMS Boadicea, HMS Fearless, HMS Talbot II, postally unused. 60-80
89.     An Album of Approximately Fifty Five Early XX Century Picture Postcards, mainly of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire interest, also some Greetings Cards, Actresses, etc, to include 'Ruskin's Museum Sheffield, Hathersage to Sheffield over Cupola, Millers Dale, etc. 40-60
90.     Over One Hundred Early XX Century and Later Postcards, very eclectic collection, mainly of British origin, good Sheffield theme including Ecclesall 1907 Primrose Cake 1907, 1909 Sheffield may Day, Sheffield Weekly Political Cartoons. 40-60
91.     A Collection of GB QEII Mint and Used Definitives, Commemoratives and High Values, from 1953 to around 1968 in three albums, very well presented. Plus over forty FDC's from the same period. 25-50
92.     A Collection of FDC's and Exhibition Covers, including National Stamp Exhibition 1950, over one hundred and twenty five covers, plus a small selection of Queen Elizabeth mint Wildings, includes Millennium. 20-30
93.     A Collection of G.B First Day Covers from 1967 - 1974, plus a few foreign covers from Australia, New Zealand etc, a total of fifty covers, also includes a Wedgewood plate. 10-20
94.     A Collection of G.B First Day Covers, PHQ Cards and Postcards, in seven binders, nice selection from 1967 to modern a few hundred items in good condition. 25-40
95.     A Collection of Jersey Mint Stamps, from 1970 to modern in three stockbooks, plus a selection of over one hundred FDC's. 60-90
96.     A World Collection of Stamps, in albums and on leaves, including Iran from 1907 fine used, Hungary from 1904 fine used, Russia, etc. Plus a few world covers. 25-40
97.     Two Hundred and Seventy GB FDC's From Pre Decimal to 2019, mainly Commemoratives, including miniature sheets, good condition throughout. 35-50
99.     A Carton of GB and World Stamps and Covers, in boxes, stockbooks and albums, also included GB mint decimal presentation packs with a face value of over 16, many hundreds to sort. 20-30
100.    A Collection of Commonwealth and GB Stamps, mint and used. Plus a few French, includes Edward VII used, George V to one shilling, Queen Elizabeth to ten shillings. Plus a few GB decimal stitched booklets from 1974. 25-40
101.    A Carton of British Commonwealth and World Stamps, in packets, envelopes, tin and small boxes, many thousands to sort, noted George V Fiji Lizewood Islands, mostly used. 30-40
102.    Two Hundred and Fifty FDC's From Pre Decimal to 2012, mainly Commemoratives, but noted 1992 Castles set, condition generally good to fine. 30-40
103.    An Accumulation of World Stamps, including GB and Commonwealth, mainly used in packets. Plus a small selection of New Zealand FDC's, mainly 70's and 80's, mixed condition, fifty covers and a few thousand stamps to sort. 30-40
104.    Five Hundred and Fifty GB FDC's From 1970's to 2018, mainly Commemoratives, including miniature sheets, a little duplication, generally good condition throughout. 70-100
105.    A Box Containing Quantity of FDC's, Presentation Packs, Used Envelopes, Commercial Covers, etc. 40-60
106.    Six Albums of World Stamps, with most countries represented, includes European Countries and their Colony's, North and South America, Africa and Asia, mostly from 1920's to 1960's, noted George VI Trinidad and Tobago to $4.80 fine used, Hong Kong George VI Five Dollars and 1948 10/- Silver Wedding fine used, many hundreds of stamps, mint and used. 50-80
107.    A Box Containing Large Quantity of Loose World Stamps, in packet and envelopes. 20-40
109.    A Collection of GB Presentation Packs, with a face value of 135, plus a quantity of FDC's in two albums, also a Junior Album of World Stamps. 70-80
110.    A Collection of World and GB Stamps, loose and in albums, includes George V photoset mint and values to 2/6d used, George VI values to 10/- mint and used, Queen Elizabeth pre decimal mint commens and decimal with face value 10+, World stamps in a stockbook and in a tin and small box. 30-40
111.    A Large Box Containing Thousands of Used Stamps, from UK and around the World, presented loose and in albums, good sorter. 40-60
112.    A Large Box of Stamps, from UK and around the World, Channel Islands noted, presented loose and in albums, new and used, plus PHQ Cards and FDC's. 40-60
113.    A Box Containing Mainly XX Century Stamps, from UK and around the World, including 1948 Silver Wedding, stamps loose, presentation packs, stock cards, good sorter. 40-60
114.    A Collection of Mint GB Stamps, from 1970's in albums and on stockcards, includes presentation packs and 1984 year book, face value of mint stamps 110+. 50-70
115.    A Box Containing Mainly Used Stamps, in folder, loose, boxes, stockbook, from UK and around the World. Plus small quantity of FDC's and presentation packs. 40-60
116.    A Box Containing Ten Stamp Albums, including 'The Commonwealth Collection of FDC's, other FDC's, loose World and UK stamps. 40-60
117.    A Carton of Seven Albums, housing a accumulation of GB Royalty FDC's and Coin Covers, Royal Wedding Covers, Flown Covers, two Unicef albums of covers, a tribute to John Paul II and an album of GB stamps. 25-35
118.    A Box Containing Sixteen Stamp Albums, UK, Commonwealth, World. 40-60
119.    A Collection of GB FDC's 1980's to 2005, (230), plus a collection of mint GB presentation packs with a total face value over 130. 60-90
120.    A Collection of Five Albums of Stamps Celebrating Royalty Events, including Silver Jubilee, Silver wedding and Marriage of Charles and Diana. Plus a few Guernsey presentation packs and World stamps, also GB Year Books 1984 and 1985. 20-40
121.    Six Binders Containing a Collection of GB Mint Stamps and Corresponding FDC's, face value of decimal stamps 125. Plus a number of loose presentation packs, mainly 1970's and 80's. 80-100
122.    A World Collection of Stamps, in four albums and two envelopes of used, includes GB George V Seahorses to 10/- used and 1924 Wemblys mint, George VI 10/- dark blue fine used, condition generally fine. 50-80
123.    A Carton of GB and World Stamps, on and off paper. 20-30
124.    A Large Accumulation of Queen Elizabeth GB Used Stamps, sorted into envelopes, mainly decimal, but a few earlier, many thousands. 40-60
125.    A Large Collection of GB PHQ Cards, many hundreds, all mint condition. 30-60
126.    A Carton of Mainly Used Africa Stamps, mainly modern nine packets and small boxes, noted 5 part sheets of KUT SG131 (10 x 8) mint with minimum cat of 120, nice lot with better values, many thousands. 30-50
127.    A Box of mainly Used World Stamps, in two albums, a GB collection of FDC's with values to 5 and stamps in packets and tins, generally fine. 25-40
128.    A Carton Containing Over Two Hundred FDC's, mainly from 1970's and 80's. Plus eight empty FDC Albums in good condition. 20-30
130.    A Large Heavy Box of GB and world Mint and Used Stamps, in packets, tins, albums and loose and a few covers, many thousands to sort with a good variety of stamps. 30-40
131.    A Carton Containing Fourteen Stockbooks and Albums, of mainly used GB, Commonwealth and World stamps, many hundreds to sort. 30-40
132.    A Large Box Containing Quantity of Mint and Used Stamps, from around the World in albums, envelopes, loose. 40-60
133.    Four Binders Containing a Collection of GB FDC's From 1966-80's, plus a small selection of GB presentation packs, with a total face value of over 60, one hundred and seventy covers. 30-50
134.    A Carton of World and GB stamps, in albums, in envelopes and packets, many thousands to sort. 20-30
135.    A Large Carton Containing a Mixed Lot of GB FDC's, PHQ Cards, Cigarette and Trade Cards, in books and loose, many thousands of items. 30-40
136.    A Box of GB Used Stamps, in packets, tins and albums, plus a few FDC's, many thousand of stamps, mostly sorted into envelopes. 25-35
137.    A Carton Containing a Collection of Jersey Presentation Packs From 1972, Commonwealth Covers, including Northern Rhodesia 1935 silver Jubilee Set on cover, GB and world stamps in albums and in packets, also included a Utile Stamp Album, unused in good condition. 30-40
138.    A Carton Containing a Collection of Isle of Man Covers, including some coin covers, Commonwealth and World stamps in packets and envelopes, many thousands to sort. 30-40
139.    A Good Quality Simplex Album Housing a Mainly Commonwealth Collection of Stamps, mint and used, included Queen Victoria Mauritius, Bahamas, George V War Tax Stamps, Barbados SG238a 2/6d, fine used, Nigeria 1948 Silver wedding 5/- used, nice condition throughout, with good variety. 60-80
140.    An Accumulation of Queen Elizabeth GB Used Stamps, in envelopes. Plus a small amount of mint pre decimal stamps, many hundreds to sort. 20-30
141.    A Senator Album of Mainly Commonwealth Stamps, including India from 1882 to 1977, sparse but some nicely used with 1895 high values to 5R. Also K.U.T from Edward VII to modern. Plus stamps of France and Monaco. 30-40
142.    An Albany Stamp Album, housing a mint and used collection of GB stamps from Queen Victoria, line engraved to 1982, both definitives and commemorative's with a good degree of completion from 1970. 60-80
143.    Two Stamp Albums of World Stamps, used, includes most European Countries, but included George VI Commonwealth issues for Dominica, Malaya, etc. Good selection with many fine used stamps. Plus two packs of album pages unused. 30-50
144.    A Good Quality Senator Album, with a GB collection of mint and used stamps, from 1982 to 1987, with a good level of completion, the a collection of Eire stamps from 1922 to 1972, nice condition with many fine used stamps, many hundreds. 40-60
145.    A Collection of Prestige and Counter Booklets, with a face value of over 330. 160-190
146.    The Ideal Postage Stamp Album Volume 11 1915-1930, noted 1929 Roo Set fine used, Gold Coast 1928 Set to 5/-, Malta 1930 Set complete, Nigeria 1921-30 values to 5/- Straits Settlement 1925-29 values to $5. Plus Foreign Countries from 1915 including China, Dutch, Indies, Finland, etc. mainly used stamps and sparse, bit some high value material. 200-300
147.    An Accumulation of Queen Elizabeth GB Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 580, many NVI. 270-320
148.    A Mainly Used Collection of East German Stamps, from early issues with high catalogue value to 1988 many very fine used. 30-50
149.    A Reconstruction of 1858 GB Penny Red Plate 93 Complete. 240 stamps in Good to Fine Used condition. 200-400
150.    A Stockbook of Mint and Used Stamps of 1938 mint values to 1 and used to 5/- mainly fine, cat value over 300. 20-40
151.    A Sixty Four Page Stockbook With a Comprehensive Egypt Collection of Stamps and Postal History, includes British Forces in Egypt, officials, express letter stamps, postage dues etc, mainly very fine used but a little mint, excellent condition throughout, many hundreds of items. 20-40
152.    A Sixty Four Page Stockbook of Stamps of Poland 1961 - 1981, mostly fine used of C.T.O, over 1000 items in excellent condition. 20-30
153.    A Collection of India Stamps, used, in packets for sorting, all reigns with many fine used, thousands to sort. 20-40
154.    A George VI Collection of Commonwealth Stamps From a Number of Countries, mainly used in a large stockbook, includes Barbados, Bermuda, Canada, India, Gibraltar, Jamaica etc, mainly low values but includes 1938 Fiji to 5/- very fine used, duplication throughout, unchecked for shades/perforation many hundreds. 20-40
155.    The Ideal Postage Stamp Album Volume 1 to 1914, housing a used collection of stamps. Plus a few mint, Bahamas 1882, One Penny mint pair, Canada from 1859, Cape of Good Hope from 1853, Gold Coast from 1875, GB line engraved from 1840 and surface printed to 5/-, Edward VII to 5/- and George V to 10/- x 3. India 1882 including Queen Victoria and Edward VII to 5R, Sudan from 1897, Transvaal from 1895, then Foreign Countries including China from 1878, etc. A few thousand stamps in generally in good condition. 500-800
156.    A Accumulation of Queen Elizabeth GB Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 500+, many NVI. 230-280
157.    A Collection of 1931 South West Africa Stamps UMM, in blocks and pairs, includes SG 74-80 in blocks of twenty six, SG 81 in block of eleven, SG 82 block of four and SG 83 vertical pair. Plus part sheets of 1949 UPU, catalogue value over 650, good condition. 65-100
158.    Two Binders of GB Mint and Used Decimal Stamps, face value of mint decimal over 230, also Jersey and Malta modern commems, mint, noted 10 Britannia. 110-140
159.    An Accumulation of Mint GB Queen Elizabeth Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 340 many NVI. 160-190
160.    Three Albums of World Stamps, including Commonwealth and World, mint and used, noted Nigeria George V 1936 full set tot 1, used and George VI to 5/- (vertical pair) FU, Gold Coast George VI to 10/- FU. a number of George V Silver Jubilee sets and singles. 60-90
161.    An Accumulation of Queen Elizabeth GB Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 620, many NVI. 300-360
162.    A Album of Mint and Used GB Stamps, from George V Photo Set to 1986, good condition throughout and includes George VI high values used 10/-, both shades. 30-40
163.    An Accumulation of Queen Elizabeth GB Mint Decimal Stamps, with a face value of over 540, many NVI. 260-300
164.    A Collection of USA Year Packs and Books, from 1970's and 80's, included 1987 Wildlife Set, complete on cover and mint, nice lot. 30-50
165.    A Commonwealth and GB Collection of Stamps, in two binders, from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth, includes Australia and States, India, Mauritius, Swaziland, etc, no high values, but good condition throughout. 40-60
166.    An Accumulation of GB Mint Decimal Presentation Packs, plus corresponding PHQ cards, total face value of stamps. 115. 60-80
167.    Four Binders of Mainly Mint GB Decimal Stamps and Pre Decimal Stamps, decimal face value 420+. 210-240
168.    A Small Selection of Stamps From Travancore, including SG 2, 71 SG08 and 090. Plus Travancore-Cochin SG 5. Also South Africa 1961 Top Values SG 196 -197 fine, used, total cat value 100. 10-20
169.    USA: A Collection of Mint and Used Stamps, 1918 Air SG A 546 Mint and 1901 Scott 300-305. Good to fine used, total cat 200. 20-40
170.    Canada: A Queen Victoria Mint Collection of Stamps, 1897-98, including SG 101, 123, 124, 126, 142, 145, 150, 155, 159, 160, 167 and 172. Good condition with cat value of 280. 20-40
171.    Canada Queen Victoria Fine Used 1868 SGS6ba Pale Yellow IC, imperf, cat 900. 60-100
172.    Canada: A Range of Queen Victorian Stamps, including SG 401 - 406 mint, SG 150, 158, 163 and 165 fine used and New Brunswick SG 7 and 15 mint, cat 180. 30-50
173.    Canada 1908 Mint Stamps SG 188-195, cat 375. 40-60
174.    Tasmania Queen Victoria Stamps, SG20 and 23, fine used, but poor margins, cat value 1100. 50-80
175.    GB Officials: A Fine Collection of Queen Victoria and King Edward VII, including Inland Revenue, Office of Works Government Parcels, Admiralty and Army. Included Government Parcels 1d with dot varieties, Army with broken L varieties, KE7 Office of Works with broken O on 2d. An interesting and valuable lot with cat value of 8000 plus. Fifty five stamps. 650-900
176.    Canada: Queen Victoria Mixed Mint and Used Stamps, SG 141, 143 mint, 144 mint, 145 mint, 146 mint and 147 with cat value of 165. 15-25
177.    Canada 1927 12 Cents Blue, SG 170 mint and a small collection of Air Post including SG 274, 310, 313, 318, 355, 371, 399, 400 and 407, total cat 100. 15-25
178.    USA 1861 12 cent SG 65, good used. 5-10
179.    Hong Kong 1901 30C SG 61, lightly mounted mint. 5-10
180.    GB 46th Parliamentary Conference, block of nine with margin and sheet No. 5-10
181.    GB King George V 1913 Waterlow 5/- Red Seahorse, good used. 15-30
182.    GB Queen Victoria 1887 4d Green and Red Govt Parcels Overprint Used. 10-20
183.    GB Queen Victoria 1870 4d Plate 12, mint, short perfs top left. 20-40
184.    GB 1874 1/- Plate 9 SG 150, mounted mint but creased, fresh. 30-50
185.    GB Queen Victoria 10d Pale Red Brown SG 113, sound used. 15-30
186.    GB 1880 1/- Orange Brown SG 151, fine used with nice postmark, nick at top. 40-60
187.    GB Queen Victoria SG 147 6d Grey PL17, light mounted mint, very fresh. 80-120
188.    GB Queen Victoria 1883 6d on 6d Lilac SG 162, mint small hinge remainder. 50-80
189.    GB SG 41 'SH' 1d Red Mint. 15-25
190.    GB 1855 SG 40 1d Red Stars Block of Eighteen Mint, short perfs at bottom and gum toning on reverse. 60-120
191.    GB 1855 SG 40 1d Red Stars (2), lightly hinged mint. 10-20
192.    GB 1858 SG 43 PLT Block of Nine, top perfs missing, mint no gum. 20-40
193.    GB Queen Victoria 1840 2d Blue SG 5, three quarter margin with well centred Maltese Cross, fine used. 80-100
194.    GB An 1841 Three Margin 2d Blue Tied to Cover with Numeral 10 (Edmonton). 50-80
195.    GB Queen Victoria 1d Black on Cover Tied With Black Maltese Cross, four good margins and circular date stamp on reverse. 80-120
196.    GB A Collection of King George VI High Values, 1939-48, includes SG 476 (2) mint and SG 476a (3) mint. SG 477 mint, SG 478 dark blue block of four and 478b mint. 50-100
197.    Cape of Good Hope 1858 SG 5a, SG 7, SG 8, SG 19 and SG19a, used, close margins, high cat. 50-80
198.    Nyasaland 1903 Mint Set, values to 10/-, overprinted specimen. Good fresh appearance, mint. 30-60
199.    GB Queen Victoria 1883 SG 183a 10/-, pale ultramarine, fine used. 80-120
200.    France. A Collection of Early Stamps, including 1862-63 SG 87, 90 and 100. SG 104, SG 116, SG 119b, SG 140 and SG 187 etc. Nice neat clean lot. 10-30
201.    France. A Nice Collection of Early Imperfs and Perfs, including 1849 SG 17, SG 50a, SG 54, sg 64, SG 71a, SG 89, SG 91, SG 98 etc, ten items. Nice lot. 25-50
202.    France. A Neat Selection of Good to Fine Used Stamps From 1876, forty items plus 1891 Monaco SG 14, fine used. 25-50
203.    Germany and German States. Hamburg used 1859 SG 8, Bavaria SG 049 type 1 mounted mint and Germany 1874 SG 29 and SG 30, fine used.
204.    France 1903 25c Blue SG 318, mint. 15-30
205.    Germany 1951 West German Set of Sixteen, fine used, and 1950 DDR good to fine used set less 16pf. 15-25
206.    German States (Brunswick), SG 7, SG 8 and SG 17, good margins, fine. 20-40
207.    West Berlin 1949 Overprints in Red Set to 2 Marks, fine used, fourteen items. Nice lot 25-50
208.    Baden. SG 33 and SG 34, fine used with neat circular cancellations '8' and '3'. 15-30
209.    France. A Nice Selection of Early Imperfs, lightly used with mainly good margins and cancels. Cat 500. 60-90
210.    Alsace and Lorraine 1870 SG 3 and SG 4, with points up both mint, fine. 50-80
211.    French Colonies 1871 SG 12 2c, mint but thinned. Cat 350. 30-60
212.    Bayern SG 28, 29 and 32, imperf with clear cancels. Nice lot. 60-120
213.    Bayern SG 143-145 and SG 147, all type 1, there is a hole top right in 50pf. 30-50
214.    France 1871 80c Mint SG 209, thin at top right. 80-120
215.    France. A Collection of 1853 Napoleons, including SG 42 (2), sg 44, sg 70 (3), all with light clear postmarks. Cat 420. 30-50
216.    An Album of Netherlands Stamps, mixed mint and used from 1897-1940, around three hundred stamps, good to fine. 20-30
217.    GB Queen Victoria Officials, SG 05, SG03, SG 013, SG 017, SG 033, SG 065, SG 067, SG 068, good to fine used, some heavy cancels. 15-40
218.    GB Three Decimal Presentation Packs, composers, entertainers and artists. 5-10
219.    K.U.T. Three First Day Covers with SG 167-180 to 1, with some blocks of four. 10-20
220.    Falkland Island Dependencies 1954-62 10/- SG G39, mint. 5-15
221.    USA Airmail Stamps, UMM in marginal blocks of four or six, includes SG 628, 646, 649, 652, 653, 684, 685 and 686, on album leaves. 35-80
222.    Rhodesia Queen Elizabeth SG 375 (4) Used and SG 383 (4) Mint, and 1976 Butterfly currency change; plus Basutoland SG 58-67 set of 5/- mixed mint and used. 10-20
223.    Belgium 1949 Locomotive Parcel Post Stamps, set to 40F, fine used. 5-15
224.    Jamaica Opened By Censor Cover With King George VI SG 128 and SG 139 (3), very good condition. 5-15
225.    GB Queen Victoria 1841 SG 13 2d, blue postmark No. 20 for Greenwich, fine used. 10-20
226.    GB King Edward VII 9d SG 250 and 1/- SG 257, good to fine used. 10-20
227.    GB Queen Victoria 1883 6d, dull green overprinted Govt Parcels, SG 062. 50-100
228.    GB Queen Victoria 1883 SG 063 9d, dull green Govt Parcels, overprint, fine used. 40-80
229.    GB King Edward VII Admiralty Official Overprint SG 0112, 3d, dull purple and yellow, good used, heavy cancel. 15-40
230.    Queen Victoria Govt Parcels Overprint, SG 064 1/- orange and brown plate 13, used. 10-30
231.    Tasmania 1865 SG 27, used, and SG 28 mint. Cat 200. 20-30
232.    GB Queen Victoria 1841 2d Blue, SG 13 with Greenwich postmark (20), FU. 15-30
233.    GB King Edward VII De La Rue 9d SG 250 and 1/- SG 59, fine used. 10-20
234.    GB Queen Victoria Govt Parcels on 1/- SG 068 and 1/- SG 072. 20-50
235.    GB Queen Victoria Govt Parcels Overprint on 4d SG 071 and 1/- SG 072, heavy cancels. 10-30
236.    GB Queen Victoria 1862 6d Overprinted I.R. Official SG 04, used. 10-20
237.    South Africa Queen Elizabeth SG 196 and SG 197, two of each, good used. 10-15
238.    Gold Coast King Edward VII 1902 10/- SG 47, mint, fresh. 10-20
239.    Bahamas 1863 4d SG 27X, wmk reversed mint, nice example. 50-100
240.    Nigeria Two Stitched Booklets, SG SB8 with stitching on right and left. 10-20
241.    Swaziland, 1889, SG 1-6, mixed mint and used, mostly fine. 10-20
242.    Morocco Agencies King Edward VII 5/- SG 38, LMM. 15-40
243.    Nigeria King George VI 1938 5/- SG 59, perf 13 x 11 mint. 10-25
244.    Northern Rhodesia 1925 Green and Black 10/- SG 016, mint. 10-25
245.    Ireland 1922 Collection of Overprints, includes Dollard SG 1-7 less SG 3. Thom printing SG 10, 12, 14 and SG 47, mixed mint and used. 5-15
246.    Canada. Selection of used stamps including SGB 17 block of fifteen FU. SG 330 (6) FU. SG 301 block of five FU, twenty-eight items. 20-30
247.    Australia 1963-65. SG 357 marginal block of four VFU. 10-25
248.    Australia 1918 5/- SG 42, fine used, unchecked for shade. 10-20
249.    Australia 1932 5/- Blue Green SG 143, good used. 15-30
250.    Australia 1913 SG I-10, good to fine used. Eight values with catalogue value of 190+, unchecked for shades. 15-30
251.    Falkland Islands Dependencies Queen Elizabeth 1963, 1 South Georgia SG 15 and 10/- Dependencies 1954 10/- SG G39, both mint. 15-30
252.    GB King George VI Silver Wedding 1948 Corner Block of Four, mint. 35-45
253.    Australia 1913 5d SG 8 FU, nice stamp with good cancellation. 5-10
254.    Queen Victoria 1d Red Plates SG 43 (12), mixed plates, all mint. 30-50
255.    GB King Edward VII De La Rue Mint 2d, 6d and 9d, unchecked for shade; plus Board of Education SG 083, good used. 20-40
256.    New Zealand 1989 - 99 Selection of Stamps, includes SG 253 mint, SG 256 mint and used and SG 269 mint good to fine condition, four items.
257.    Falkland Islands. King George VI 5/- SG 161 and Queen Elizabeth 1 SG 207, both mint. 20-40
258.    Falkland Islands. Queen Victoria 1/- SG 38 plus King George V SG 65, SG 123 and SG 124, all mint. 30-70
259.    Tasmania Queen Victoria. SG 41 used and SG 41 imperf mint, good to fine. 25-40
260.    A Small Selection of King George V Mint and Used Stamps From 1912-24, unchecked for shades. 5-10
261.    GB Queen Victoria SG 117 1865, plate 7 fine used with No 89 for W. District Office, fine used, plus. 1883 SG 187, 189 (blunt top left corner) and 190, all mint. 50-80
262.    GB Queen Elizabeth Regional Scotland 9d, two phospher bands. SG 54 block of four imperforate margins. 10-25
263.    GB Queen Victoria, a small selection of line engraved 1d stamps imperf and perf, mint and used, includes PL100 and 190 mint, nice selection of ten items, generally fine. 20-40
264.    GB Queen Victoria Selection, SG 201 pair used, SG 197 (2), SG 213 mint, SG 210, SG213 and SG 065 used, good to fine. 30-40
265.    GB Queen Victoria 6d SG 208, mint and SG 066 Govt Parcels overprinted specimen, rare, no dot under 'T'. 60-100
266.    GB King Edward VII 9d and 1/- SG 250 and 257, fine used. 10-20
267.    GB King Edward VII SG 307, 309 and 312, all good to fine used. 15-30
268.    GB King Edward VII SG 307, 309, and 312, good to fine used. 15-30
269.    GB King Edward VII 2/6d and 5/-, good to fine used. 30-50
270.    GB King Edward VII 2/6 and 5/-, good to fine used. 30-50
271.    GB King Edward VII 2/6d and 5/-, good to fine used. 30-50
272.    GB Queen Victoria 1873 8d Orange SG 156, with hexagonal cancel, used fine. 25-50
273.    GB Queen Victoria 1870 SG 48 (3) Used, and SG 48 plate 12 mint. 15-30
274.    GB Queen Victoria 1841 1d Red (shades) (5), SG 8 imperf on blued paper with nice margins, used, mainly fine. 15-40
275.    GB Queen Victoria 1883 SG 190 and SG 191, good used ,1873 SG 150 and SG 197 good used, the SG 150 is perfined VS and CO. 50-90
276.    GB Queen Victoria 1887 Short Set to 1/-, good to fine used, some heavy cancels. 20-40
277.    GB King Edward VII 1902 Short Set Used to 1/-, unchecked for printers; plus 10/- Consular Service stamp used. 20-40
278.    GB King George VI 1949 High Values, SG 273 - 275, overprinted Tangier umm and 10/- ultramarine overprinted Kuwait 10R on 10/- SG 73A and Bahrain SG 60A. 40-60
279.    South Africa. Queen Elizabeth SG 196 (3) and SG 197 (3), all good to fine used. 10-20
280.    GB Queen Victoria "Govt Parcels", SG 069, SG 065 (2), SG 070, SG 066, SG 067 (2) and SG 072. 30-60
281.    GB Queen Victoria Penny Red Plates SG 43 Mint Selection, plate 79, 102, 158, 176, 177, 191, 203, 209. 40-60
282.    Queen Victoria 1880 SG 164, SG 166, SG 169, SG 170 (fourteen dots) and SG 168 fine used. 30-50
283.    GB Queen Victioria SG 104 Pl 6, SG 109 Pl 9, SG 109 Pl 8. 20-40
284.    GB King Edward Officials, SG 048, GS 049, SG 050, SG 076, SG 077 (2), used. 40-70
285.    GB Queen Victoria SG 5, poor margins with black Maltese Cross and SG 14 three margin example. 60-100
286.    GB Queen Victoria 1841 2d Blue Pair SG 14, with clear 138 cancel, fair margins. 15-30
287.    GB King Edward Officials, SG 076, SG 077, SG 050 used. 30-50
288.    GB Queen Victoria 1862 SG 90, with '92' in oval cancel, fine used. 20-40
289.    GB 1998 Princess Diana Presentation Pack (Welsh), cat 70. 15-20
290.    GB Queen Victoria Army and Govt Parcels Officials, SG 041 (2), SG 042, SG 043, SG 044, SG 065, SG 066 (2), SG 067 (2). 45-60
291.    GB Queen Victoria "Govt Parcels Officials", SG 070, SG 071, SG 066, SG 067 (2), SG 068. Some heavy cancels but high cat. 110-150
292.    GB Edward VII Officials, SG 020, SG 021 (2), SG 083, SG 084, SG 0101, SG 0102. 20-35
293.    GB Queen Victoria "I.R Officials", SG 03 (2), SG 04 (2), SG 05, SG 013 (2), SG 014, SG 017, GS 018. 60-80
294.    GB Queen Victoria "Army Official" SG 041, SG 042, SG 043 (9), including block of eight mint and SG 044mint. 20-40
295.    GB Queen Elizabeth II 1963 Red Cross, with phospher bands SG 642-644, unmounted mint. 15-25
296.    GB 1948 Silver Wedding 1 SG 494, marginal block of six mint. 60-80
297.    GB 1948 Silver Wedding 1 SG 494, marginal block of four mint. 35-45
298.    GB 1948 Silver Wedding 1 SG 494, block of four mint. 35-45
299.    Queen Victoria SG24 1d Red (2). Perf 14 wmk small crown 20-30
300.    GB King Edward VII 1939 Set 476-478, all values umm except 10/- light blue mm. Cat 425. 150-200
311.    Cricket - 1950's Wisden Almanack and Yorkshire C.C.C annual, empire scoring book, 1930's Yorkshire C.C.C postcard, Terry Gorman print of Bramall Lane, etc, in case. 15-20
312.    Autographs, Tom Finney, Bobby Smith, Stan Bowles, Peter Shilton, Jimmy Greaves, Cliff Jones, each black pen signed on a magazine print and framed, unverified. (6) 30-50
313.    Tom Finney 'Splash' Stamford Bridge Plate, black pen signed. Marcus Trescothick signed Gunn & Moore mini bat montage. Bill Beaumont and Dickie Bird signed books, all unverified. (4) 20-40
314.    Bradford Bulls Bloggs Home Shirt, bearing JCT 600 logo and seventeen ink signatures, mounted on Tetleys Super League card. 20-30
315.    Typhoo Large Format Football Team Cards, sixteen plus four players. (20) 20-30
316.    Sheffield Wednesday 1991 Trade Cards Framed, (faded), videos, clothing, flag, fanzines, newspapers, other publications:- Two Boxes 20-30
317.    Sheffield United, Le Coq Sportif Home Shirt, circa 2001, bearing approximately eighteen ink signatures including Kevin Davies, Kevin Blackwell, Paul Devlin. 30-50
318.    Football Ephemera, to include 1940's Annuals, Liverpool and Manchester City Handbooks from the 1980's, Emlyn Hughes Testimonial, autographs, FA Cup 1953 Annual, Fanzines, Popplewell Ground Safety Report 1985, Supporters Clubs Newsletters, etc, lots to work through:- One Box 20-30
319.    Charles Buchan and Goal Magazines, approximately 58. 15-20
320.    FA Cup Final Programmes, 1968, 69, 1974 plus ticket, 76, 77, 83 plus Replay 86, Semi's, England and other Internationals, 2003 Champions League Final, other big match, 1953 Ruby League Cup Final, approximately fifty. 20-40
321.    Dewsbury Rams Samurai Rugby League Shirt Sponsored by Eric France Scrap Metal Merchants, the mount bearing many signatures, glazed and framed. 15-25
322.    Manchester United Ephemera, over two hundred predominately home programmes, including 1967 v. Olympic XI, Second Division Season, League Cup, Friendly, European, First Edition Supporters Year Book 1972, 'United' and other magazines, newspapers relating to big games, etc. 20-40
323.    European Club Programmes, Feyenoord, Vejle, Sparta Rotterdam, Scandinavian obscure teams, etc, 1950's onwards, approximately one hundred and twenty. 20-40
324.    F.A. News, Charles Buchan's, Goal, Leeds United and other magazines. One Box. 10-20
325.    Manchester United - Matt Busby End of an Era brochure, dinner menu and ticket, other publications, 1980's open top bus photograph, etc. 15-20
326.    Panini Euro Football 1976-7 Sticker Album, over half full. Athletic News 1944-45. Star Footballers of 1925 Part 2, programmes, annuals, etc. 15-25
327.    England V. Denmark 1958 World Cup Qualifier at Wolves, Glasgow v. Sheffield 1956 at Shawfield, England v. Young England 1954 at Arsenal, many other programmes, approximately two hundred. 20-30
328.    The Cup Romance of Newcastle United, Football League Club Programmes, Oldham, Brighton, Aston Villa, etc, 1950's to date, approximately two hundred. 20-30
329.    Charles Buchan Football Monthly Magazines, various issues October 1951 onwards, three signed 'Sincerely Yours Charles Buchan' later 'Striker' and 'Shoot', approximately fifty. 20-40
330.    World Cup 1978, 82 and 98 Programmes, Champions League, England, League Cup Semi's, other Big Match, approximately 250. One Box. 30-50
331.    Everton Home Programmes 1960's-80's, League and Cup Issues, approximately two hundred. 20-30
332.    1997 UEFA Cup Final Programme Inter Milan v. Schalke. F.A. Cup Semi and Replay Chesterfield v. Middlesborough. 88-9 Dresden v. Aberdeen. 1992 and 96 Euro programmes. Champions League. 1996 Autoglass final, many other issues, team sheets including Doncaster v. Arsenal 2005 League Cup. Tickets. 20-40
333.    World Cup and European Championship Programmes, quantity of team sheets from 2002 World Cup, 2000 Euros, Free Lions, stamps, etc:- One Box 30-50
334.    F.A Cup - Finals, Semi's, 1980 Euros, 82 World Cup, Belgium v. Ireland 1996, Free Lions, etc, approximately 140. One Box. 20-40
335.    Leeds United Ex-Players Association Menu, 1979 at Ladbrooke Greyhound Stadium, with invite card, autographs of Yorath, Jones, Harvey on cards and John Charles on print, unverified. 20-40
336.    Football Themed Autographed First Day Covers. Including World Cup 1966 Bobby and Jack Charlton, Gordon Banks, Nobby Stiles, Jimmy Greaves. Others signed by Keegan, Martin Peters, Geoff Hurst. (12) 40-60
337.    Football Themed Stamps and First Day Covers, including World Cup 1966 and 1970, Top Trumps. 20-30
338.    Cricket Autographs: Mike Denness, Devon Malcolm, Graeme Hick, Phillip De Freitas, Peter Willey, David Lloyd, Ian Bell, Darren Gough, Bob Willis and many others, black marker signed, predominately on players images (all unverified) in two albums. 40-80
339.    Pinnace Cabinet Photo Cards, circa 1920's, predominately Yorkshire Clubs, including Huddersfield Town and N.U, Sheffield United and Wednesday, Barnsley, Bradford City and Park Avenue, Hull City, Leeds United, Rotherham County, over one hundred and fifteen in Godfrey Phillips Album. 50-80
340.    1934 Sedgefield Official Race Card, for Wednesday 9th May 1934. 20-30
341.    1960 Fairs Cup Final Programme Birmingham City v. Barcelona, 1963-4 Aston Villa v. Barnsley League Cup, other Midland Club Issues. (13) 15-20
342.    Cricket. Scorecards 1948 Yorkshire v. Australians. Four 1950's and 55 v. South Africa. 1947 The Star South Africa souvenir. Ian Hutton booklet. Sheffield Speedway 1979 press release and programmes, etc. 20-30
343.    Jackie Stewart Montage, featuring signed image of hil wearing tartan tie, together with tie; Emlyn Hughes autograph with image of him in England strip above, framed, 52 x 35cm overall. (2) 20-40
344.    Sheffield United Programmes, 59-60 Away at Huddersfield, 61-2 v. Eintracht, 63-4 Under 23's v. England Youth, other Northern Club issues, approximately 82. 20-40
345.    Topical Times Panel Portraits, fifteen coloured, sixty-one black and white, five triple, large Ken Willingham. 30-50
346.    1946 F.A Cup Semi-Final Programme, at Hillsborough, Derby County v. Birmingham. 15-25
347.    Newcastle F.A. Cup Semi Final Programmes, at Hillsborough - 1952 v. Blackburn, 55 v. York. (2) 20-30
348.    Birmingham City FA Cup Semi Final Programmes, at Hillsborough - 1956 v. Sunderland (back page absent), 1957 v. Manchester United - Sheffield Wednesday autograph to cover. (2) 15-25
349.    1949 F.A. Cup Final Programme, Leicester City v. Wolves. 25-35
350.    1950 F.A Cup Final Programme, Arsenal v. Liverpool. 20-30
351.    1951 F.A. Cup Final Programme. Blackpool v. Newcastle, together with Hillsborough Semi. (2) 20-30
352.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes, 1956 Birmingham v. Manchester City, 1957 Aston Villa v. Manchester United, 1977 to 87, (no replays), 89. 20-40
353.    Tottenham Hotspur 1931-2 Programme v. Chesterfield, dated February 13th 1932, four page issue. 80-90
354.    Tottenham Hotspur 1933-4 Programme v. Derby County, dated November 25th 1933, four page issue. 80-90
355.    Tottenham Hotspur 1933-4 Programme v. Sheffield United, dated December 30th 1933, four page issue. 80-90
356.    Tottenham Hotspur 1933-4 Programme v. Sheffield Wednesday, dated April 28th 1934, four page issue. 80-90
357.    Tottenham Hotspur 1938-9 Programme v. Newcastle United, dated September 17th, 1938, four page issue. 80-90
358.    Tottenham Hotspur 1938-9 Programme v. West Ham United, dated October 29th 1938, four page issue. 80-90
359.    Tottenham Hotspur 1938-9 Programme v. Blackburn Rovers, dated February 25th 1939, four page issue. 80-90
360.    World Cup 1966 Scrapbook, Hornet Score Book, World Cup Willie Badge, programme of matches, tournament brochures, etc. 20-30
361.    World Cup 1966 Tickets For Eighth Final Games at Hillsborough, July 12th West Germany v. Switzerland, July 15th Switzerland v. Spain, July 19th Argentina v. Switzerland; together with tournament brochure. 30-50
362.    F.A. Cup Final Programmes. 1967, 68, 69, 73, 82 and Replay. Fourteen Semi's, League Cup Finals, England, 1966 World Cup Tournament, League issues mainly 1960's, aprox 85. 20-40
363.    Wales Programmes. 55-6 v. England, Ireland. Cardiff City 1955-6 nine issues including v. Chelsea, Manchester United, 56-7 v. Burnley, (some score on face). (12) 20-30
364.    Medals: Sheffield and Hallamshire F.A. Junior Challenge Cup Runners Up, in silver and enamel, awarded to R. Edwards, Birmingham 1947 hallmark, Hampton Sport Club, 1949-50, Dicker Cup W & Rye Cup R.U, both 1934. (4) 20-40
365.    Medals: ATS Boys 1936 Cross County, 1937 480yds Hurdles Relay, Anti Aircraft Command Athletics 120yds Hurdles, High Jump 5 AA GP Sports 1946 and others, (7) 20-40
366.    Tottenham Hotspur 1950-1 Autographs - Ten Signatures, including - Duquemin, Ditchburn, Willis, Withers, Bennett, Medley, Burgess. All ink signed on the inside page of a 1951 F.A. Cup Final Programme, 1971 F.A. Cup Semi Programme at Hillsborough. (2) 40-60
367.    1965 Hillsborough F.A. Cup Semi Programme, Tickets and Four Song Sheets, Plymouth v. Leeds 63-4, other Semi's, England, Non-League, Tottenham Reserves, other programmes, etc. 20-30
368.    Leeds United Programmes. 71-2 v. Arsenal, Tottenham, F.A. Cup Semi v. Birmingham, each with ticket. 72 F.A. Cup Final, 70 Semi, Fairs Cup Final v. Juventus. 72-3 v. Carl Zeiss, Ankaragucu signed Hunter and Charlton; others 1963-73, approx. 40. 20-30
369.    A & B.C Football Cards, eighty four green back, circa 1969, forty orange back, circa 1970, seventeen yellow back, circa 1968, (some ink marked). 30-50
370.    1954 Charity Shield Programme. Wolves v. West Brom, dated September29th, 1954 (ink team changes, slightly grubby). 40-60
371.    Tottenham 1947-8 v. Newcastle. Chelsea 53-4 v. Liverpool (score on face). Wolves 54-5 v. Manchester United, West Brom, Cardiff, Manchester City. Barnsley 60-1 v. Leicester. F.A. Cup Final Programmes 1964, 68, 71 to 75. 20-30
372.    Sheffield United Programmes, including 1970-1 Reserves v. Aston Villa, Bolton. Doncaster Rovers 72-3 at Hereford, 69-70 v. Dallas. 71-2 v. Manchester City. Sheffield Wednesday issues, etc, approx 70. 20-40
373.    World Cup Stamps, including Block of Eighteen England winners, Joe Johnson, Danny La Rue autographs, etc. 15-20
374.    Scottish Programmes, including Third Lanark v. Celtic 63-4, Dundee United v. Rangers 61-2 v. Third Lanark 62-3, international. (16) 15-30
375.    Football League v. Scottish League 1950 at Ayresome Park, Scottish League v. League of Ireland 1954 at Shawfield, Scottish National Programmes, etc, approximately thirty five. 20-30
376.    Non-League Programmes, mainly 1980's, including Boston United, Maidstone, Northwich, Matlock, Weymouth, Yeovil, over one hundred and twenty. 20-30
377.    Manchester United Programmes, to include F.A. Cup Finals 1958 (spine tear), 83. 1995 Semi and Replay. 1968 European Cup Final. Membership Packs 2012-13, 13-14, 16-17. Books. Esso Football Badges (complete). World Cup Stamps. 20-30
378.    Hornet, New Hotspur, Victor and Other Trade Cards, in wallets, Lion Sports Stars. 20-30
379.    Bruce Willis Autograph, on an image of him in 'Sixth Sense' Universal A.A. certificate verso. Lennox Lewis montage featuring signed image of him with ticket for bout v. Razor Ruddock, 31st October 1992. (2) 20-40
380.    Scotland Programmes v. England, 1952, 60, 62, 66, Away 1959, v. Poland, Italy 1965, v. Brazil, Ireland 1966, approximately thirty six. 20-30
381.    George Best Autograph, Black Ink Signed on the cover of a 1998 Manchester United Programme v. Barnsley, Denis Law autograph on the cover from a Striker Magazine, unverified. (2) 30-40
382.    1952 F.A. Cup Final Silk Handkerchief, featuring image of Wembley and 'Arsenal v. Newcastle' to centre, surrounded by previous finals with images of footballers, approximately 41 x 44cm, two small holes. 20-40
383.    F.A.XI v. The Army 1954. Three International Representative games and 64 F.A Cup Semi Final games at Hillsborough. Sheffield Soccer Fan vol. 1 No. 1. 1975 Sheffield Boys v. Manchester Boys at Bramall Lane, etc. 15-30
384.    1945-6 Sheffield United v. Huddersfield Town Programme, dated 7th January 1946 (tear, pin hole). 1951-2 Barnsley v. Sheffield Wednesday and 1957 Sheffield F.C. Centenary History. 20-30
385.    Rotherham United Programmes. 1953-4 v. Leeds United (x 2), Nottingham Forest, 55-6 v. Bristol Rovers, Middlesbrough. (5) 20-30
386.    1961 League Cup Final Programme, Rotherham United v Aston Villa at Millmoor, together with Semi v Shrewsbury (both creased). (2) 40-60
387.    Sheffield United. A Complete Record by Denis Clareborough & Andrew Kirkham, signed by Carl Asaba and ?. Nobby Stiles autograph, ink signed on a reprint programme of Manchester United v. Benfica 1968 European Cup Final programme (unverified). 20-30
388.    Sheffield United Programmes. 52-3 v. Notts County, at Huddersfield, 53-4 v. Bolton, Huddersfield, Tottenham, Wolves, 55-6 v. Portsmouth, Preston, 56-7 v. Leeds - Testimonial, Nottingham Forest. Part issue v. Rotherham 1943-4. 20-30
389.    Sheffield United Home Programmes 1960-64, quantity many scores on face, including 61-2 League Cup. Blackpool, Fulham, Newcastle, Portsmouth, some aways:- Four Folders 20-30
390.    1899 F.A. Cup Semi-Final, Liverpool v. Sheffield United, paper napkin featuring teams in black Liverpool - Storerer to Cox. United - Foulkes (Foulke) to Priest, within printed border decorated with oriental images, overall 39cm square.
*Sheffield United were victorious 1-0 in a second replay, after 2-2 and 4-4 draws and an abandoned match due to darkness and crowd trouble, with Liverpool leading 1-0. 150-250
391.    Derek Dooley, Signed Letter on Sheffield Wednesday Official Notepaper, relating to attendance of a local meeting, June 1971, Ronnie Glavin signed montage, unverified, Terry Gorman and Jimmy Hagan prints. (4) 20-30
392.    Sheffield Wednesday 1966 Memorabilia, to include Owls Forever linen towel, Coloroll paper bag, Daily Express card hat, two pennants, scrapbook. 20-30
393.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, from 1969 - 2000's large quantity, mainly homes, Anglo Italian and other cups, testimonial, etc:- Two Boxes. 20-30
394.    Sheffield Wednesday Pairs of Programmes, at Wembly League Cup Final 1991 & 93, 1993 FA Cup final, final Replay and Semi. (10) 20-40
395.    Sheffield Wednesday Books, including A History From 1907, Steve Ellis, Keith Farnsworth, 'Hillsborough Encyclopedia', 'The Wednesday Boys', etc :- Two Books 20-30
396.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes from the 1960's, including 60-1 v Tottenham, 65-6 at Northampton, 1966 FA Cup Final and Semi, testimonials, foreign opposition (some with faults), approximately 148. 30-50
397.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, including 1993 F.A. Cup Final and Semi. 1991 and 93 League Cup Finals, Fanzines, tickets, newspapers, 1977 Directors Report, other publications. 15-25
398.    Sheffield Wednesday 'The Boys of '66' Print, ink signed by nine players. Home and Away programmes. Worthington Springett and M. Smith testimonials, team sheets, 1986 F.A. Cup Semi Final and other tickets, etc, signatures noted. 30-40
399.    Sheffield Wednesday Mugs, Large Badges, Rosette, Wallet, Rattle, Patch, etc. 15-20
400.    Sheffield Wednesday Puma Home Shirt and Orange Away Shirt, both bearing Sanderson logo, size L. (2) 20-40
401.    Sheffield Wednesday 1950-1 Away Programmes, at Manchester United, Tottenham. Together with 51-2 at Barnsley. (3) 20-30
402.    Sheffield United v. Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1949-50 and 1951-52. 20-30
403.    Sheffield Wednesday 1949-50 Away Programmes, at West Ham (ink numbers to cover), Chesterfield, Hull. (3) 30-50
404.    Leicester City 1944-5 v. Sheffield Wednesday, single sheet programme dated April 2nd 1945 (grubby). 20-30
405.    Sheffield Wednesday 1951-2 Away Programmes, at Barnsley, Doncaster, Leeds, Notts County, Rotherham. (5) 30-40
406.    1935-6 Sheffield Wednesday v. Leeds United Programme, dated 29th February 1936 (spine tears, creased, slightly grubby). 80-120
407.    1934-5 Sheffield Wednesday v. Grimsby Town Programme, dated 4th May 1935, featuring four page F.A Cup success to centre (spine tape). 20-40
408.    Sheffield Wednesday 1943-4 Programmes, v. Mansfield Town, Notts County - November 20th (both trimmed), v. Nottingham Forest (ink names and score to face. (3) 20-40
409.    Sheffield Wednesday 1946-7 Programmes, v. Fulham, Chesterfield, Southampton, and Reserves v. Manchester United Reserves. (4) 30-50
410.    Sheffield Wednesday 1947-8 Programmes, v. Birmingham, Brentford, Chesterfield, Coventry, Luton, West Brom. (6) 20-40
411.    Sheffield Wednesday 1947-8 Programmes, v. Barnsley 6th September - League and 8th May - County Cup. (2) 20-30
412.    Sheffield Wednesday 1948-9 Programmes, v. Leeds United (grubby), Blackburn, Bradford Park Avenue, Lincoln. (4) 30-50
413.    Sheffield Wednesday 1948-9 Programmes, v. Blackburn, Brentford, Bury, Coventry, Grimsby, Lincoln, Plymouth, QPR, Tottenham, West Brom. (10) 30-50
414.    Sheffield Wednesday Reserves 1948-9 Programmes Programmes, v. Reserves of Aston Villa, Blackburn, Burnley, Liverpool, Stoke. (5) 20-30
415.    Sheffield Wednesday 1949-50 Programmes, v. Leeds United, Tottenham, Barnsley, Bradford Park Avenue, Sheffield United - County Cup Final (score on face). (5) 30-50
416.    Sheffield Wednesday 1949-50 Programmes, v. Bury, Cardiff, Coventry, Grimsby, Preston, QPR, Southampton, Tottenham. (8) 40-60
417.    Sheffield Wednesday 1950-51 Programmes, v. Arsenal (score on face), Bolton, Chelsea/Manchester United - joint issue, Fulham, Everton, Portsmouth, Sunderland, Tottenham, Sheffield United - County Cup. (9) 30-50
418.    Sheffield Wednesday 1950-51 Programmes, v. Aston Villa, Blackpool, Bolton, Chelsea/Manchester United - joint issue, Derby, Everton (x 2), Fulham, Huddersfield, Stoke, Sunderland, West Brom, Sheffield United - County Cup (some scores on face). (13) 50-70
419.    Sheffield Wednesday Reserves Programmes 1950-51, v. Reserves of Everton, Huddersfield, Preston, Sheffield United. v. West Brom Reserves 50-1 and 49-50. (6) 20-40
420.    Sheffield Wednesday 1951-2 Programmes, v. Southampton/Birmingham, Everton/Nottingham Forest - joint issues, Bury, Blackburn, Brentford, Cardiff, Coventry, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Notts County, Rotherham, Sheffield United. (14) 50-70
421.    Sheffield Wednesday 1951-2 Programmes, v. Barnsley, Blackburn, Bury, Doncaster, Hull, Leeds, Notts County, QPR, Rotherham, Sheffield United, Southampton/Birmingham - joint issue. (12) 40-60
422.    Sheffield Wednesday 1952-3 Programmes, v. Aston Villa, Blackpool - League and Cup, Bolton, Burnley (x 2), Cardiff, Charlton (x 2), Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City (cover tear), Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Stoke, Tottenham. (16) 40-60
423.    Sheffield Wednesday 1953-4 Programmes, eighteen league issues and F.A Cup Semi-Final and earlier rounds v. Bolton, Chesterfield, Sheffield United. (22) 40-60
424.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes 1953-56, including v. Sheffield United 53-4 League and Cup, 54-5, 55-6 v. Leeds, Vasas, Lincoln (some score on face). (18) 20-30
425.    Sheffield Wednesday Juniors 1956-7, v. West Ham Juniors - Youth Cup Semi, first team v. Zagreb, six others. (8) 20-40
426.    Sheffield Wednesday Away Programmes, at Arsenal 1952-3 (taped spine) and 53-4, 52-3 at Aston Villa (taped spine), 53-4 at Blackpool (x 2), Huddersfield, Sheffield United - F.A. Cup, 55-6 at Leicester, Swansea, 56-7 at Preston. (10) 20-40
427.    Sheffield Wednesday. Five News Chronicle Pocket Portraits. 1966 F.A. Cup Final and Semi programmes, Testimonial and other issues from the 1960's, handbooks, etc. 15-30
428.    Sheffield Wednesday Programmes, 1946-7 v Preston F.A Cup 52-3 away at Derby 55-6 v Vasas, Lincoln, 56-7 v Newcastle, 57-8 v Juventus, 59-60 Away at Sheffield United - County Cup and FA Cup, FA Cup semi at Main Road (10) 20-30
429.    Sheffield Wednesday. Daily Telegraph sepia team print 1928-29. Another similar period and 1939 card of David Russell. 15-30
430.    1944 R.A.F. v. Scotland, four page programme at Hillsborough, for War Charities. 20-40
431.    R.A.F. v. Scotland 1944 War Charities Programme, at Hillsborough, dated 25th November (creased). 20-30
432.    Sheffield Wednesday. Photograph of 1950's team group, 16 x 21cm. Programme for cricket match at Parkhead C.C., circa 1948 featuring Wednesday footballers. (2) 20-40
433.    Sheffield Wednesday Tickets, 1991 & 93 League Cup Final, 1993 FA Cup Final, Final Replay and Semi (two of each), together with 83 cup semi, 1991 1st day cover etc. 20-30
434.    Sheffield Wednesday Tickets, 1966 FA Cup Semi at Villa (2), 66 at Blackburn, 66-7 at Chelsea, 1960 Semi at Maine Rd, 57 v Juventus. (6) 20-30
435.    Sheffield Wednesday 1935 Wembley Jubilee Year Enamelled Button Hole Badge, 2.5cm diameter. 40-80
436.    Sheffield Wednesday Enamelled Badges, to include Supporters Club x 2, 'I Don't Give a Hoot', 'It's Easy'. (8) 20-30
437.    Sheffield Wednesday Tin Badges, including last match on the uncovered Kop, Boxing Day Massacre, plus others. 15-30
438.    Sheffield Wednesday Enamelled Badges, Stick Pins, etc:- approximately 104. 50-100